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ether ladies of Plymouth Church, stating ?11 the
circumstance? of the various adulteries, and about
the same time she had written a letter to the same
linpo: i to certain members of Plymouth Chnrch,
BBBBnhty the sime persons. This letter he could
not iuiiiish. and ho said it waa of such a confi?
dential character that it was not likely to be pul>
lished. At the same time, or about that time, he
had rect-ired a prirute letter from Mrs. Tilton, but
lie ? ?nil not think of publishing it. Tl/e document
given now to the public was all he was authorized
to publish.
" Mr. Wheuaaa, deee aal Mr. TUtoa know of this
" Emphatically not. Mr. Tilton says truly
when he states that ho has not miule ov< r
turc* for a reconciliation with his wilt, I wish
yon would stale this positively."
i: parten wen dispatched m every dinettes to
obtain evidence which would throw lijrht on the
document and the i ircr.nistnii'es under which it
was win i ?ii. Meal aenana with when the reporten
Marrereed apean et tha statement as either lueredible
or bogus. Few considered it at first as anything ? BM
than a lingering remnant of April Fool's Day, mid
When assured of its genuine cliaiaelei. either BBhed
" \\ hut's it worth!" or, " Wjio will believe it T"
Sonn referred to tli?' ?talements whtefa havaheen
industriously efarenlated that Mr, Tilton had baM
vi-iima his wile, ami added, " ibis oamaa of his
inllinnec over her." 'I ben were bu who w; ve iii
pose I lo consider it in the serious character in w hi li
it appeared to the reporters.
iNir.iiYiiw w nn s. D. MOBRI&
As a Trim rareferterenaaed Fulton Ferry about
4 o'clock, he encountered Bamnd IX Mama, the
former counsel of Mr. Tilton in the suit Bgatuel Mr.
Beerher in 1873. lie v.l.-taken into the earring.
which the reporter occupied and shown a printed
copy ot the Malenden, m b?tm abore. On baaag
told, aa preliininary t<> its reading, thai Mrs. Tilton
hud made a BBBS&nteU, Mr. Mol '.is ext laiuied :
"My Sndl another!''
Ha wanectdenlry a rery umch aamaedamn, He
e?ke?i the naerter to nad it a aeeaad time before he
could comprehend itsmeaninc. l*?>r BtTetal minutes
lie ..it Basing vacantly Into spree apparently with?
out seciiig anything an<l without heeding the sug?
gestion afane reaorter, thai be aaceaed almoal
touiid-d as any one would 1?- if ignorant of th -
?' \\ heeler t Whe.-li-r ? " sind Mr. Morris, after B
wbil". "Y's! I aand ke ateel him at ItlMw? haene
?when he was arraiitringalmut tlie property. He is a
friend of the family, ami, if he says it, it is so, sure
Mr. Morris was slipping OB* into legal reveries again
adanntaaaaal bin?i, for the expreaatoo of his face
grew harder every moment, when the reiiorrer
Bann I h ? with m inquiry ast?> bis opinion of the
inatf? r. Then he Baske :
' \ ??! " sai?l he, "No. 1 think 1 bad better not
talk now. When 1 got through with this Blatter 1 ,
tried to dismiss it from my Bttnd, for it
had been a burden then lar over a year. I
I toted to tarant it m much as i eenld -
when it was ever, eteawed the rubbish of the ?
la-- from mv adaeeto attewaae to attend tonn
bataneas. I have no d< sir?'1" refresh ray memory in
regard to its details now. Kol I think I had better i
say Bothine now until 1 have th"!i-.rl!t it all ?ivr-r in I
my nu ai. It is eii.iiilv unexpected to ne," he ex?
lain I. "I have not seen Mrs. lilioii HUM si\
aontbs aeo,and then only by chance ma street- |
car. Tbeoden I hare nol teen at all sin?-?- las!
Bnanaer badete h*' went to Europe."
?? il ivv will it Bfleet th?' old suit ? If is hard to
tell. 1 ban no ni.-a what the i licet may be. iT.e
euit waa never ended, ymi know : ir may be taken
upanj moment or not. ta tha Jury diaagreed.it
Bunplj remained undecided and peiidjng. But what
thta confession may cause it ia sot poasible for any
BaM i i anticipate.
"Win. doy.>u think." was takcd, "of Mrs. Tll
BBB*a BtateaaaatMbeortegnpeathe mmm it now
Btandt '"
?' \ - I ?eld before, when the caso ended I end? it
ored to dismiss it limn my mind. Bui -Mrs. Tilton
luv m,ul? >?> many statements and s > many di i iala,
bo many charge??, and withdrawn them so often,
that 1 don't consider thai any i lung she may now
My will be of the slightest importance?certainly
not in court."
The neat Bocean eneonatend was Benjemla P.
Tracy, who it will be nmembend wu pn
among Mr. Bateheraiconnaellon during the famous
trial. He was entirely non-committal, and amuaed
bimseif ay interviewing the inttrvicwer at full
length. Having tiTialatd full details of all
the nnarter knew and surmised ho M-.id
ba had Bathing to say. The eonfc don
was no*, he ad?led, a surprise to bun, for lie had
heard of, though h? had not seen, th.-i?-tt< r scuta
mouth previous te certain atemben of 1 lymoutb
Canilh. He was certain the gen? ral statenient of
Mrs. ! iltou could have no force 'ti ai oui i of justice,
und did nol think, in view of the man? statements
ehe ba?l pnUhamd, and some of which siie Innl SWOI B
ta, thai anr new ciiiitrary statement by her vvuiial
bo i r? dited by the public.
At the residence of Mrs. Morse, the mother of
Mrs. I1 !tou, where the latter is living, no informa
tiou could be obtained hud eTBCdag, The door
WM si sin opened a few inches, m far
as n chain and bait would permit. One
of Theodore TUton'a aoua then Baked therlaitor's
BRaad. I'lion being ilitnrmeil thill he ?le-,red to
tee Mr?. M?>rs?', he anannndad the Inquirer's basineae.
When tulil that it rai Tnini m reporter who de
aired tu BM her ? onceriiing Mk Til ton's letter, the
lad promptly said. " Mrs. Morse has mi information
to impart to the press.'' a sharp yoicc tram tha
top ?if the stuns th.'ii called out, "Clonthe door,"
and the command was obeyed.
? gentleman who was prominently conne? ted
with th? defence in the Heeeher suit, on being shown
0 proof slip ot the letter, nfter reading it carefully,
Wttbenl evincing any surprise, looked up and said,
"WattIa On being aaked hisopiuiouof it, he at
brst declined to express any, but ?mbsequeutly re?
marked that Mr. Heecher's frieiids had expected
aotnetbing of the kind for some time. As to the
atateuii'iit of Mr. Wheeler, to whom tho letter was
?dilre-wed, that Theodor? Tilton did not know of it?
existence, the gentleman remarked with a smile,
" That would lie the way he would go to work !"
"Frequently during the Winter," said ho, "Mr.
Bee? lnr has been applied to for money to aid Mrs.
Tilton?the roqnest, or demand, not t<< hincally com?
ing bom her, uor purporting to bu made ?uli her
knowledge ot consent, but as f?>r her benefit. This
demand was accompanied by threats, ami intima?
tions that if it waa not met, ' something would turn
" Mr. Tilton's influence over his wife is very great,"
this gentleman continued, "and she cannot, reset it
l'b? ? liililrcn have urged her retan ; she is in jxn.r
heilt h, ami for soin?'tun?- has talked wildly, llora
the tima she iKTiiutteil til tun to bare an man riew
with her alone, she was a lo.-t wi-man; she cannot
i | BttBowmj Mr. I'* tehcr'a friends have had no
couri.b mi- in her Icon that time."
In biter Mrs. TUtoa is earn to have written to
Beata atemben of Plymouth Chinch, sume time ago,
the gei tleinan declared waa strictly confidential,
ami ? uiilil not lie divulged.
' I : ? lepoitu," he said, " to the effect that there
had been attempt*at reconciliation between, and
reunion of, Mr. I'ilton and bis wife, and which were
M emphatically denied bj Mr .Marat in Mis. Til
ton'? pretence, were known to the defence
t i be su batant rally tine. Mrs. Tillou Ira* for
eome time past received money and other
presents <d enrama kinds from her baebend,
ami hae been in theaame house with him, and ha
Mniif ? nie .ig?? completed arraagemeuta for beraell
and il.?- children to board dunug the coming sum?
mer at Warwick. Orange County, in this State. Borne
of the BBB? rs reparles! thai tha rl Uto i's wen to live
in Ki indii ? * Image, .V J., with the
Count) of Orange, iu tin-St.tt?-.-'
Tu? explanation of the matter, tha gentleman
thought. WM that Mrs. Til too waa imane, and not
ctions. 11? r son Balpfa had
finally kmt?aeadhlanMhi tier on that account. Car
rail Lad adhered to bia mother all along, ami it
: i cuver them now with
di-ifiiv?'. Mr. lilton iiiniMlf firegnently
duela 1 that Mrs. Mona WM insane, and
it would m>t b? atroagi ifiaaauUj rania the family,
Bud all??ted thi daughter. As to her reracil
admitted in a Witer to Mr. Uouhon, in April, 1872.
thai it ?as "apa s?? d imnaaa*hility far her to tell
th? troth. ' Il ?vus iupuBniUr lueatTmate how many
times she bad in.ule ?i ?' i nut mum."
In connection with the present "confession " the
i thought the fellewinc extrae' would
?st mg. I he tirst is a copy of an original
uiH-uio? nt in Mrs. Tilton's h?m . d th?
record ls fiom an afBduvit ora in i own tignaian :
A CAltO.
' -llowtnir affl?* itK was prensn?! by me and pUced
In tn<- UmimI.-i ol ouuita* 1 ui eiitts.'tuti'iii ul ?u op|Mii'tiiuliy
m lit 11 ta com t. Aul un siicli ol'i'Oi lUii?ly liuviii?.'
?aua (rt*',n, and afB'Iavlis t>?-v-lv tal>(? hi ,iiik li en imli
)lah< u scaHiKt me, 1 aow ilesin- to pub! iii imi m m>
own vmdhmRoa ' u Tiltob.
, n Tlieolore Tilton agt. Ileary
U?rd i?e*>clier. < kivu, County of Kluge.
KUbhIm-iIi B. 1 iIIiid, being duly a?om, suya as follows :
K!i mai ni tin i barges mad?- l>y
Bder Nod Prtee, ss puhiistied In The TWSCBB oh June j
? i in uih.laTit closes aa follows :|
>u, i aecane lu IU? prureucc of Almighty j
(foil that I am absolutely Innocent of alltbenff
charged against Bee with relation to Henry i
licet her. excepting that under the influence of my
lmn I, which I found li linposwiblc to resist so loii|
isnrsisted in lirhig with liim, I hate i
charge* against Mr. B-eeher which were
Hodintlr.lv unfonndi'I, lied wl.leh my husband 1
to be fsUe. And I declare that I left my bin
voluntarily, sod without any solicitation 01
ducetneiit from any person, sad especially
out nnv soMe+tstlon or Migwrstton on the
of Mr. ftsrrkor. bat, so rar ai I bave am Imowl
or Information ef bis ?Iowa, contrary to iha nasa
Mr. Basekar. And I Uul so heeanss I bast fourni i?
experlenes thai the oui* resuit or my l?n? endear
serve tny husiund m as thut 1 kepi ni.vs.Mt In hi.? pe
and that it was bnposslBJc for me, so ?Bag as I lived
htm, to resist hi* demsnda,or 10 speak the truth*
he required meto dcnv It. In/AtrTH K.TllTi
Boers to besara me, tins i
lutudaj of June, is?.'* 1
A. Ml Cl ? .
Jadgasf thi < a* ? s*arl al Brooktya.
8. V. WHITE LA (-MS.
S.V. White wan IssmdaAbia residen i
Coluiiilim Hni-iht*. He BBBBjhatl when Mrs. 1,it
i-onfessiun was shown In in. "1 knew it would e
that iviiv," lie said; "il ?BBBBtaf a dramatic dt
opinent that lias been in l?repara;ion fur some t:
dram?ticas everything is, I believe, that 90
from Mrs. Tiltoii's BBM of the lioiise. It was a
ofth.it dniina that 1 BB Twin NK should he Bad
enlly li(*d to, and the hints as lo the real slat?
affairsanoukl be thrown out from oilier papen
knew that morning wbofl I'm: l'uir.i ni: published
lii icint indict ion. that Mr. Till on badbeeneugBf
hoard at Warwick : that she had been up th
that he (Tilton) had been at her hmi-c late at ni
and early in t he in.num..' : had stayed I hero in I
during the night. It WOB all ai land d. Ano!
pail ol the drainalie develo|?nient was in them
ti rs Mis. Tilton has In en \\ nt ;iil'. 1 rather fus;
Mrs. Anna Field got un.'. Mrs, Bobarl Rayan
or Raymond's aaother, g*t another, ;
several others have been written to. It was wi
Ing the plot out a it li the piaster effect. Mr. H ?< <
his been cognisant ol the matter ri
along, and that it was Bearing a se ne?
understand that a persistent demand has Ik
made for roonet ou mm front Mrs, Mane's si
theniother-iii.iaw m tlie piece. Bal be h... tal
re notice oi it? further than i<> refuse to]
any inouei.
' Conai?eringMrs.Tiltou's wln.le career dm
these yeura, oni rannol help reaching the com
sionihatthe is morally irresponsible. Why il w
only tbo other day sbe said to a woman I km
pointing to the figures on li:" carpet: 'See,' tb
-in of adultery aad there ts the sin ol lyii
1 have i"i n guilty of both "f them. 1 am i
champion Inn : il you want any lying done c m ?
nie." Was ihere ever suco a combination
wickedness us this bus keen, and In that atj
ich utter disregard of troth aud di ? u
How c m t bis et ? i c ?me t i rest I Tliej will i
allow it to ; thai would deprive ' 1 ? ? r. - : * ol all
dramatic prtmilnorrce, and would never do. I:
charity, as far as Mrs. lilt mi is concerned to (??
t> d I lu r ni ni unsound.'
Mr. White poiuted i" Mm, TiUon's sworn affix
vit. published ou JaneU5, 1&75. wherein abe i
elsres " befon Almighty iimi," all th ? ???ones in t
ei.lation about the hot, II. mv Ward II
herself utterly I . and pi ads iiiahilitj to ait 1
herself when dthIct her bnsband's inflnenre, " H
is under that influence again," be said, "and i
comedy bus begun ani
Mr. Robert Raymond was verj il!. Rosslter Ra
mm.d had frone out of town forth.- week. In ?
.--,.. r to a request for a cooTeraation wit]
niond, word wassent I bal i ? i '..??! not leavi I
bedside of her husband, The letter from Mra.T
ton " is not Inn" waa the answer, and the 1..
saked to I? excaaed from . thiugabout i
Mrs, Anna M. Field, who was reported to be I
recipient ol the "conidoutial" (eUei from Mi
lilton, U confined to ber room al her real
H -i., Brooklyn, with a broken limb, i
a fall some days ago. 8he .sent down word bj h
husband that ih- only letter she bad received fro
Mrs. Tilton woo two days before, i m in., ing sbo
her health. Tlie find she had heard ol the prese
on ? ? by meana o? the printed
uished by a n [?orb r.
Mr. Augustus Storm, prominent in Mr. Beechei
ration, read the confession witbaaamua
anille. "Now," he said, "I don't believe Uns ai
more than I believe thai the moon is made ol gm
I know this, and 1 kn?\> it lon|
Mrs. Moma bj a little anear, dght-headed m li..
and it woaJd bo atmnaa if the daughter abonkl i,
ha\e Something oil lie same peculiarn v. 1 have le SI
that talk floetin g around for some tune just, and
hu\e siso understood that an i Hurt was being mat
to * Mort money from Mr. Beecber. Of my on
n r ..'?.ii knowledge I e.i'i only aay that you can
believe Mrs. Tilton under any rirennrat Hues."
The Rev. Samuel B. HalUday, assistant?]
Plj mouth Church, talked re idily about the math
?a-t iMiiiliK. He had ?ecu the letter oi ?
!1 - aid :
"I am not the least enrpriaed at thia developm?
of the scandal, 1 sabl bubm nsnntbs ago, whoa
heard that Mr. Tillen had gone to see hi-, wife wit
her consent, thai BOW WS Bight lOOk ! :
ginning of the end. It WM to be expected that tin
poor weak inatrunfent would give forth ant m.i
that might BB wished under the < irci::n .tarn .
I Bava heard, and probably there i, i
doubt, thai a month ago Mrs. Tilton dl
write a letter to Mis. Field, in which abe professe
to give dat.s and places. She has wi'ldn moi
than one h! ter. it is said, t'eilainiv sin has uritte
Mich a letter to bei daughter Florence, non ,
Europe. Mr. Boacbei and some members of th
ehurcb knew of thk letter of facts and dal
tbey will not besarpnsod er mnch disturbed at thl
Last one. When 1 heard it, was oat, 1 thought i
waa ccitainlv the beat eardthat could have bee
played for Mr. Beacbar. The Brahmas of tbs atari
ment will be a knock-down argument, a Mou in
tween the ( yes lor ceil.un person?, who have un
kan? ? bast *bal to believe. It is susceptible ol oui
one explanation'?one which naturally wid be "?vi?
to any act of such a pool i ra/.v person, who is putl
in the hands ul her liu-diaud whenever be Is wit
" Look at her course from the beginning," eontln
tied Mi. lialliday; " n is at least auch es destroy
her weight ae a witnem for either side, Awormu
always in kind sjinpathy with Bar past or, uiuhi th
influence ol dmigning persona, makes c?rtala borrl
ble statomente which ara need by those same pei
sons lor lbs purpose of tilling somebody s ne<
For a tune that purpoos is successfully carried out
tint finally, when the real object hi perceived and th
course is quickly stopped, then the aaena fk
Signing Onaa make the alluil puidic, still fnr the u!|.
riorpiiipose of lil I mi/ somebody's Bocketa. Wba
(loen the poet creature do naxtf Shocked beymn
description at the effect of what sh ? had done nn.ii
evil influenc?e, the woman ackasvwladgea m tin
most publie manner ber falsehoods. Then ala
goce further and ssndbnaes to the ehareh and Hie:
the prerence of her luisliand in tenor, knowing hei
weakness. For four yearn aba maintains her posi
tion, denying rumor atler riiiuor ol ooncili
ation, evi n allot she uclually had written aubetan
tially what waaalleged, Flnanj she publishers lettei
full of general Kpeeil.cation?-, denying again tin
truth of her four years' eourse. What docs it all
prove! 1 hat she ?a a weak, in-ane Woman. Ilci
statement on any aobject is wart?llasa, and that's all
there Mahout it.
"'Ibe church may or may not take any action in
the in.liter. What the etlci t Will he upon I hire
people whose prejudices have led them to take
strong positions, llki?well?yes?lo take strong |mi
sitioim, l can't nay, 1 know what Influence tins let?
ter would exert upon any iunst. He Would not have
tin-. Ill ton as a witness lor his side ol the eaaofsM
anything. I suppose, ss tar as 1 think anything
about it, thai Mrs. i ilion will live with her husband
In a boum-only afeV doors from thai aMBpksd by
Mra. Morse reeidea a gentleman? wall known in thbi
iity. whose family ig OB visiting tenus with Mi .
Tilton. He sa:d:
"i'ur some time Mm. Tilton has shown evi
?ancea of a weak intellect, her comlu. t ai
limes BBBBJ very si tange. BBB would fre
BjmmtryaH for a full half hour without snving any?
thing, snd then suddenly she would Bprugfrom her
iMer a few incoherent words and rush from
iha mum tka other oaaaaeeaa hin? hax beenkaawn
taerj Mtaarl) in tMaasdat ?fa cheerful conversa?
tion, without being able m expiara the canse for it.
Mi-, Tilton is regarded by the neighbors, a bo are at
all Intimate with Mm launl.v, as a woman with a
?ely weak iniud, und capable ol making a i oi.i
oi rotracliOB twaatj limcsa day, with a 1 ill ?o urg?
i? c.
"('of sewaml w.??*ks we have her.nl of this thrent
ened confession, hut when a few da vs ago aba BU
tboriaed such an emphatic denial in Tin. I Bint bb,
We all tlioiiL'Iil that lh it wus the end of tl g atorv.
liar lad cotifession indi, atea, apparently, Umi al Ibe
vi rj lima aha so stoutly denied that aba had written
or anthoi i/cd a coiilc-siou, she had made a coiii. >
sion, and was only waiting for a propitious uioUiout
to make it public
?? i m e\.uis ad the past few month'..'' this geatie
mnn coutinu ?1, " BSTVe k d me to h- I i
rangements for a reconctrlBtkm between TTieodore
Till, n and bis wifi bave been completed. He fre?
quently sent a caniage 1<> Mis. Btome'a house for his
ig them on Vat'S-ave., two oi lliiee
hhx'ks away, and, alter a drive of seveial
hours, tlie hoys would n-iuru alone. On one
occasion Mi. iilton drove back to t!ie house,
hut be did not alight. He has sent Mra.
Tilton money on several occasions. Once be sent
her a check for $30, which ?as cashed hy a store
keeper near the honse. Mrs, Tilton went to War?
wick, notwithstanding Mrs, Morse's denial, and the
sons are my authority for tke statement that *hn
engaged rooms there fm the Summer, and that upon
Mr. liltou's return from Fnrope in August, with his
daughters, the family will be reunited.''
This gentleman akin referred t? the acove an fine
front st.K.p of Mrs. Mors"'s re-iileiic a week ni??,
wh.n Mrs. Ilona braucht Mrs. Tilton from the
house before the neighbors, anil called over an old
gentleman to ?nteitaiu Mn. 'lilton, t<? aJlaj
Suspicion arising out of the published te
count of a promised reeon? ilintioii. Mra,
Mom??, be claimed, had always appeal ?d
to be Utterly oppose?! to a reconciliation,
at times denouncing Mr. I ilion with great si -verity.
The r.-con? ilintion and letter ot ciinfaamon. thia gen?
tleman believes, baye been brought ahmt by Mrs.
Tiltou's brother. Mr. Kb liar is. and her cui-in, Mr.
Wheeler, to nimm she wrote the letter.
F.x-lristriet-Attoruev Winchester lint ton read
Mrs. Tiltou's eoa?teastea bust evening, :uid then mid
to a Tkiutxi: reporter:
"It is very Mirjirisiiii', even if tins'? last state?
ments of Mrs. i ilion are tin?', that she should now
stultify In-rs'-lf ?fter so many months of
peace, during which the publia has hoped
that the scindai was never to lie revivad.
It la now too late let these slateaaeum
to ?h? much harm to Mr. I'.eei her, and Mi?.'I'Mion Las
aireadv contradicted herself loo often. Although
Mrs. Tilton will prove her*eU te be guilty etner*
jury by Bwaurtea te ana Ihhag and then
publicly denying it, aha does aol thus pul
keraetf In danger of being convicted iti
court. Mra Tilton, during the rleecber-Tiltea trial.
made aaworu alatemeul that she was Inneoentoi
the charg a aaraiiial bei irhichabe now confeseos to
l>? tine Bat if sbfl should maka m?h to the truth
of this 1 tal . t lid nol he convicted <?f
perjury i n tin-ground lb.it she swore at different
. h to directly i ?meut -, In an a< I Ion
foT i" i i of i he ? tab ment? mu -t be pror? d to
he falso, and the trouble in thia rarowonldbetn
know v. hi? h ni i he sworn atatatucnta a as fa!.- ? and
which .\a um-."
A Bl I ? IN i li K TBADR win. it is : v tT
l\i? INTBBI i.
lii-i'M tros i" ..? i.m: eoaaa ponoBxrot rua ranrcaicl
WxanixoTox, tpril 14. Some time agoanappli
ration for dran iack on exported cigan asserted to
bare been mob from Imported tob?ceo cameap
from K?'\ W -:. and has raised ? question whli h i?
very interesting both to the tnda and tha Govern?
ment. The application f"r drawback was made
under a ml ipprebensiou of the facts. Tbeappli
i into anppoaed il waacuatomarj to grunt the draw
beck under Hcction 3,010 oi the Beviai I statut.-?,
which reads es follow s :
i ?? al awed onall rttelcs wholly Bwanfae
tured ot '"?i, mi wl.'i'ii I'niii - heve
?Bid. Wl l'iiv, li-ie!t i?|iial III iiliiiiuiit l<? lie
nutj Maid mi ii< li i . it? i ...1-, ,.n,l m? more, lo I ?
r-LTiit itiMin a. -ii .tl in- prescribed by
tin- >. i . i t il l of lili i I e p I i ? i,i i II,.
amount ul si ? ? -, be
i .1 fur the u.e ol the United Htatne by the ?
?i s pa] ni-- web ill iwb.ii k- reap ?? III '-?-..
To the astonish m al <>f the applicants who bad
? of exporting ? I
I ' ? t'i.m a draw
h . The ma::.-i um refi n 1 ! i the Ni w-York
,i House fur a report as to the unal mode
?il proci 'nie, bul nobody could
give any information on the subject, becaaaa ne
sm li question b i ai anted.
Mr.Blake,Collector of Int nul Revenue, va an
plied t", and n '" Straiten A
si ? ni;: s. of I'? arl- :.. who bave aiiice faul ?ugual '
port? I to England tin? -quarters <>f n mil
li'ui of rigen made In New-Tork. Them
gentbiuien, when applied to, wen aarurited,
and said that if auch application wen grunted
there could be no poaaible in ana "f determining
Wh?-' ,'-.1 or do
meet ic material, nnlesa they wen cul ont i
!. Th v added that t:
of euch a drawback would tempi ordinarily b
mann! ? lie the (.??v. rnmeul oat "l
revi nue, end tha 1 ruin tii?- li gitimate
trade fin manufacturing cigars for export.
xi bupartanf waa t'm matter, that Mr. Stniton
? to Washington t?i bm arbal ??? at bo la
about it. He saw tb.' Treueurj ofltciala and Com?
mittee on Ways i i Means, He told th in be used
huge quantities of imp rted tobai o in the manu
facture ol the o.xls be is eioorl ir, bul be b i
n? v. i asked loi i di i ? ' u ! . He advoca! ?I tin ? ?
tablisbment of bonded cigai factories, when im
p'ii i 11 i??1' i- n can ' ? ade into cigars exclusively
port without px ? : ''ot v on tie mal
but i ne si manner against
allowi e U upon au) cigars ol ordinary
home manufacture thai ai in foreigu
countries, on the ground thai it arould k ?i m
lian? Is w hi? Il W. ?n Id i lest luv lion? st I oi -.1 ni -s
I he I reamiry <<? i muera of the ?
end Means Coma ?1 t?> be atronglj ro?
il witb the juuttee ni Mi. su i ton's rrnsoning,
and wiU give the mattet earn at en t ion. Iba In?
ternal Ueveuue Hill aoon t?> oa reported from tha
committee contains a section eetabliabiag bonded
cigar fa? torn- for manufacturing ??.ais (ram im
it tobacco without payment ??( nut? noon the
material. Mr. 8traiton aa3's that to paaatbal i
prohibit the application of t!>- general drawback
clause to home-iuadi cigars mil sel matters right,
and do Justice to the trade and the Government.
Some time ago a strong movement eras made i ? ?
? i.- ? i s exclu
fur th ol manufactured tobacco int<
for export The matter was referred by the Com
1 mittee on Ways und Means to tau Oommmatonar of
' Internal Revenue to dnw a bflL Thia waa aeul !??
the committee, bnl -?une of tbeprominent Virginia
manufacturers made so much opposition td it that
tin committ< ? decided not t?> entertain the proposi?
tion at aD. ___________________
Wabiiikqtox, April 15??The following ofl
r. i . B lib i ?. i it from iluty at the Mllitaij llUdlBllJ
BtWeal Mat, Aagaat 98, 1878: Harm AbbB. Oaraucr,
i Aiiv<iiie ; surgeon B. J. D. Irwte; OBptatu O. If.
groat. Corps of Bngtaeeni Plrat-Llaateaaat A. it. Bue*
tcii. Oreaaam DrpartateMj Hrat TJMtmtBl C. g. Pal
tray, Carpe of Baglaeeia? Piral Ltcateuaat A. R. Wood,
1th CBVUlTJ ; lud I.i? at? na nt (?. II. Ij.ivi?, Ctli C.ivulrv ;
? C, a. Paste v. :iii Ariiii?i> ? Beeaad
I.ii Bteaaal W. B BTyatt, tuii lafantm Hemuul Mat
uutaatWaTlaee alott, 8t> lufaatry, cantata k. D.Ball
loth Tiifuiitry, win be n lloved Bovember I, l 7s rin
roglasBUtal eeteata win baa tin u raapeetlva aanmamae,
anil the othci ?itllii'is ?ill rauott to their risimii
Bepartmeuta. bteterOaidam tall rellava MajorTheui
I". Hair us Judge Ailv.s ule of ih? DepaitBsl Bl "f Dafeolu,
?ho,M betae relieved, will report for duty to the
Commanding General ?>f the Military Division of the
'I in- following nnmpd nfnVoM sre onlereil to ilnty nt
tin' miliarjr Academy, Augu?! ?W; Maim- o. N. Laeber,
Judge Advocate; BurgeoB P.C. Alexander, Corps of En
glnei-r*: l-'ir-t l.i< nieiuint Fnc Kerglniul, Corpa of l'm;i
aeera ; First-Lien tenaal J?iin's b?abwaU, |r., iinluMiiee
I>? part in?'nt ; I 'lent 1,'i'iitt nan! I '. ('. Mm i Isini, nui ('sv
airy; Bscoad-LlenteaaBl Bobarl Dbbbb, Ol h Cavalry ;
s i- ini i.ieiiti'iiHiit J. T. ileiii-v i-iitt, ial Artillery; Boc
Olid liMtMtBt J P. Weiser, l-i Artillery.
In the divorce suit of Mary A. Maciliinalil
agataat .lames v ibBm hl, in Ige Denebuc has genii i
:? ml,mt's motion to transfer the trial to i ??
County,aa?BM ?raut??l the wife if'AK? counsel tie ami
BBS u week alimony.
Kuiina L.OarrWrBm begun nfuit by natataa,beleg
uiuier sgc, for u Uastted divoroa lfee raferoa faundBa
tar fever, bul CateMa Hee Datyrefuareto aeo8i_ ala
report,M the groend th.M the aetaof vloleneaalleced
rent mi h? r own te-tllii<>iiy, sml her veracity lias [?",.?
aff? cruall) aaaailed.
? ibeth riiiifi l. fourteen rears old, ?anted William
Th'ifci iii-emiiiier ?ii, is?7, mu? now aakaa alvoree ?m
ttaeroautaof hin rBHdullties last Pehraary. jmiuc
I li mu?: in-, in Siinrelii? I'miit, ( liuliilicr-, lifi-ri? d the ea.-e,
. .., tu l'ivil? ri? k VV. Lbbw.
I i . ?Hi! lor llinileil ?li'.iiree of Vislill f MlttablllgBI
ft!f?hist Oliver II. Hddeberger tras before Cbiel JaatTce
i Corn mon Pleas, Rneclal Term, yeaterdar. eu s
motion to i ?it-rirtti the r.-f.-i??> '- reportai Iba plalntUPi
favor, 11 ?? |.!a unit and defendant wen marrbut _
Is.'.-j, hi <i have twoehildreB, now ol ul-c. The pluntlff
ahargaa bm bawaaad ? nh ahaada?lagber tu L87_ i;mi,
taveaosaa ? referee awarded bar ?-i
'?m iuv and 8900coousel fee. Afli-r n?uue ?ti?ciu?
?lou the ui'ili'.ii vi.ir a-ijini. iii-d ii ii ( 11 to-iiKirrow.
An btqneet was held mat erening by Coroner
t raaa,of Hebokeu,apea the nnnatae of the nakuewa
man fourni mi tti* Hull? Perry Boni aom Outtraherg, n
\?eek,. ... Vtie Jury rendered a rotate! iii.t
the n. in's death waa raused bf bis owe hands.
A few evening? since, b father and daaghter
, ?Lt.---., weld aiBtuallrreealllng laaideuts
of the latt.r's ehflubood. "I sbafl never forget," said
Iheyirtins- U?lv, '? liyw y??n t"ok me out ?if cluireh one
Mil.n ?iii. ?. ?n I v?m uiHiut tin?-?- yean <?i<i, aad I'mnsii.-a
n.i i i jl.iylmr In DBoetlu?. I ran reinember tbe Ui
of that peach-tree switch to this dar." "Ter? si
?." said Hie father; " I don't reeotleel tin u
eumatunee nt sil." " Ah. well, pnjin, yon were at the
? itlu i ? lid of the ewIt? h?"? [Hmper's Drawer.
" Hi y, 'lonimy," aaid a fivc-ycar-nhl urchin
to another ta the streut, ?? we'n moved tatoabonac tin ?
call tint?, 'ii yiT don't nsve 1er ?t< up stjlrs tont rule eg m
tha ventilator, 'n inetlior sends sll ths w?ialila' to the
fourni?.! j."? | liueluu touiuenjal Uullvlla.
XLVth CONGRESS?lid Ses.sk
rsUBATU OTBB ink in.air wkmuiuai.
BKXA1 ll... Washington. April l.~. 1K7H
In tbc fesMrt*, to-day, Mr. KKRXAN (Dei
N.Y.l preaentcrl n'snlntton? of the New-York I.e;.'ii
tan-tc v..rliis' the passage, of a law to secure equity
tiio rate? of iretgut on bbbbsbJb. transported Bi aaaaa
aasrtera, m gsavsm unjust discrimination tlierelu,(
Referred to tIm- Committee on Cotnincrcej also a reso
Bans of the sunn* bed* reiiioustratiag agaiust the tra
1er of tbaTffsgnrfag Barvteoi aim rsssBaBamsef i
Iliitlalo Beard of Trade reiiinustrutiug against a
ekmUP In I lie ilinv BI wheat and flour : also resolution
Ike Bow-York Praduea Kxekasajs m to the most siaaB
ineiiioit of NpreaaaSag the e\|M>riB of Ann
SSa produce; lavartag file passage of a h
ii.lia lOS American cifi/cn-i to baj foreign siii
f??!? Ami i li ;m traue, and agalnat mbsidtse to parti?1
steamakin une?, except enek h Baa] baasi
eai rj tog tb ? pnhlts malls.
Mr. EATOX (Deas..(Ama.)preseatad a petition oft
president el Tale College, lir. Woetsey, ra-president
Huit institut?u ?. the Mayor and i ,1111011 Coanoll ol Ne
11..ven, fini *. ai nais clue s, in relation (lo the alleg
improper arrest of lleiih.miii Nines, tad pra.ving III
ine matter may be a?a.olred lata, Boatered m the CM
, i tb Ji di ai *.
M . i n'.KI.IMi (B n.. N. Y.I pre.ca.'cil i petition
? men afBew-Yorb City, opposing the repeal
Iks Bankrupt law, and favoring Um appointment ?l
commission lo Inquire late tue expediency ol ami udli
thai law. Laid ea the table, the i>?u not being b.iu
tbe -. n uo,
BB? HUB, ii''
i. uni rasotaahmi sssmtatswsmeedaadseaareed
Bi Mr. McDOXALD <i>,-m., imi.i. byreaaeet-To?
i*, ni/,' the Nation il It H\.;n < ompaiiy of tbe I ,.,
Beferml to the (.'onimlttae on Bath ?
H) .'ll.l- Xl'i.i.V i' i l?p.. i 'a I.) A i i. mete lined to II
tl lull n.", oi i" e the Coo un'i" e "ii Militan A it'm
sutlierlatas Ibe President to appoint .lane
: . : l.ei.e; i! ,ii the !? tired I: , ol tl e 1 Nile . HI r
oui all ifl r tbe eu u ting ( lain
it in lien thereof a pro via ton authorising t!
at to place ?m IB? : ? Iren list of tbe aran ? ? ir
number ot otm-ara :. .ui.i ?ma lbs full rank hele tif ih
?,\ t.. n mus i n il out oi the scrvtee. Am tangtkaaenanu
Wer? Hie l.'lliiwn . : '..-i i i.n- I . g. (?ranl. .lohn A. 1?
... N. 1 . i ink ?. B. !?'. Huiler,
i:, min. -,ii . ,t ,; : \ i igau, Carl Sch?rt, .
m, Jauu - SOU Ids, j. a. QarnM Id, < ku
. .t. D, ("X and -oiue ?ftren or eight??
o: in !?*>?' ?.. i?ffl ? in tlie lai ar. R ferred loti
I ei.un,,|. e on Militar) at!'.n?. la i xpiamiti'iii of Ir
nid be boa ?vamiaert ti
i-.ni- of M,.- n nffl a a-rvcil lo tl
oar n ?? and
aal tu that "i ?;? n r il vi li Ida,
. red to Um Committee o
Mllil n |
BOLLIX" iRep..X u Aresolntion requitln
? '??li la'lillai 111'' -, to coll-i.iel and lepol
i i ti e senate i '?? pi uvbald* * i* el of anj skaan*
In tue tariff law* affecting toe mannl storing budustrli
oi tue roui ry. \. <?? it to,
i. i . .n ? ? ?. . ? : : . i 'an ? nthortsrag resins
companies to coustruct and nwHiialn tel graph Uni r.
i umncrctal purpi a*?, ami to secure lo !..'? Uoverninei
..? n Ultnrjr, pastal and el
I4N '. 1.' i ..-I !.. lie ! .Illllllllee ?I, K :
fi* Vlr. Ill UN si III. (U p.. R. I >. I I.I.I t" . I
rei.ilm,' to ta
t nureoi ., Referred to lie* Committee u
thi .1 i I,
A iiirn '. i ol m! i of I'm al and minor Importance wer
? - "n-.
in i:l POBO AS A i:i aiTI'iV r.
Mr, DEBSPORD (Dem . w\ v.i.? called \\v the resell
I "ii su l unit teil I.? ? liiii, o , tbs -' ; tot March. l< ipirln
thoComn ? I Baace tail past tbe House bill ton
R ima ems bel wltbln ons a si le, ti
get her with ti:, bob, li mid tin bUlpasaei
tbl 111-' DOM ly II'. I BOfl tune II..i
ii should r . ? re tba ,.? im ? I tas ?-! aaxe
I he ?-;? let Ol t'l 1-VI
' v Br. --!:? i mac. was ..a IWOBt)
four hours ;i,'ui ibe tiuir of IU Introduction : .ret tai
prcsci . i?n Inc.in.. In Are montos, could no
iep..i i to the aerate meiner itshoald bow he rar* de?
or not ll srgui .1 thai there ba ? is ? i a h ady i ?
' t'n .iiieii.v for tbs purpose oi thensmmptlni
? ' ie | ?. i y in- iii.s I
.', up In thetr vault i i more th m tbe ia?
h quln - ..a al
... i. lie L' ive notice I a ite t,
BORRII I r ?? . \ ! I, niatrmaB - ' I
(' ima 1 t" hj tin 8( Bator 11 '?i.i
\\.?i Virginia woo ?? reported **.iii amend'
i... m? t" mol? -?a. The Be n im I Mr. Hereford) i
the ?log tba jo lalo a hole, and kepi ana
lurloua uarklng foratioj laaihij oi iv.o alter th?
agu? i ? : ? . ,i ? . , d M epi up i,
lug all the -iniiui'i. I'.'iii.-i ? dr. Heirfontj
dul nui know Hi..i -i. p..
Isaf, Before anj action
don tie bill to repeal the Hpeele Resumption Ael
pO) un uta i,
nui the country.
? '?. . the Benale bll sp
..... .?
? i
l?. ||)l '. I" I .i,| n for- f!. ? s mu,. ?
nu 'ii of la. a ? n.m!- . ne. i. -In i man m r> Kant to cam
P i i.- i i Lie De pal tmi i.l of Dakot . in
. n.- liai a i o 'i the i.? are i eo ilrrd lo |.
(iiiieiet that it !>? oioii d ana lw on tn? table,
vi-.. ? ?er, i i;,i,.. ?in? i,, i,, ral oi in. krmj aastxi
i In res ird to ? .M. . u
m <?.lera. Kil.ri.il to tin' ciiiulinll < on in. ,i,i. ?
A ftaii a.
BABBBI Pf LAW m ri tl.
mo sing boor having explmd ttmBaaawtaaBaasd
consid?ration of ttoaaBatsasat ?ssalsi ta, belag the Ben
an bill to repeal tas Bsnkrapl laiw. ,
i. oraaa in favor of the re?
(l ui. lia asista IM ? maJoiKr ol tba tmericau pcopl?
,1,. ;r tlie repeal ol tlie bunkrunl law, aa.l tUal
? :vuiu- m f'.rrs i-|miiI K'-f'Tr'H'; to the ?ill ,.f
i: |? of Beatuekj low
ll.-l I II. I (1 1, III ! o ?.o!, ill ,.l ?. "I ??! I..I l'i Vi? I',l< III. K.ili
! I . -?- '?' I ting of l "-ni,. ? to cm -
". , I.ill lie WMM vote fi.f
ti,, mil, ira uns thai i. migal m sa? rorporatlon
test ami fair in III dealings aHh tin
i i,,i. ; ;? ? bare eomi snoogk
(,, kii.'i i,e ir own baa i sal was eonclualve
?Aim lom. il ? bad no o aim thai ikaald ih?' repeat ol
the i >u us i ni mdtted i" a nawutar vu i
malei '< no 1U rr peal weald ho oTerwarbming.
Mi. IN'. A I.l." ( I :??)? . Kan.i '.mi be was mu prepared
i,,, a i i rote on tuts subject. EtsshoabJ mack pr?ter to
?n, the a, ' .nue.11,.i than i" see Ba total repeal, n.
moved it. ' Ike pending b il be reeowmttted to Iks <"ui
mlttee ou lbs Judiciary, *,.;j laatracUMM lo report
ameudmeuis to th? pre? ut law.
Mr. kt.i.NvN iK.iu.. B. Y.) opposed tbs mottoa to
lee .I iiTii t, He! < v ?>re I I IC lep. ,i| of tile ! il* I' li 1 upr LSW,
Mi. a/llTTB d> in, M'l.) also oppaaed thsamtlonof
Mr. Ina.??I- tu i.eoiiii.iit Hie lull.
Mr. CiiNKI.IN!, (Rep., N. Y.) mid that tin? SXiktlBg
Ba ikrupl Law i? ?u h sa ail as eommercicl na'ions
bare adopted aad in.iiniaiu, ?!. It aeeka to eataMtaa aad
gITa i il ?i lo Hie prim i]ne ot eqaalltl. al iniparil.ilrii.liis
amoug en -in i r -. He reierrsd 10 the g<?< grapima hunts
? u oui cou. i:\ a. being a iii?iidv.mi.?:. t ? me proper ea
iori i meal ot tba am. ami suiii men lat tel thai the bank
rapt rat ? In Un.it lint bi ap?rales at>oa a limited
area i Bgl iad wukwai ike twelve count! iei \\a.<s aas
u little ess alea tlcill tlie .S'ale ot Niw-YiT:..
1 wi in \ four iiilllttui people liiiutliit that territory. Ibe
,, aanaIbnrs i. sasan is astral, stake, bol m our couuui
mu. n linn? is n i|ini? a. Bo ?en wo cumr m incut.? a
iiatiknipi law lu u.n ty- ibrfa tota tea ol thai Uaioa, aaaratty
populated, great impedimenta ara emtaoatataa. He
in rred to bas sctlaa at the New-Yui k l?saaa?atars, sad
be?sidke woinii sever rote agtunsi tba dealrs of iho
Bute wblek honors bias wttb a seat on ini* aaaviaad,
nun ton , he ti :t boaad to rats ta the repeal el the law,
though tf the awtlun ot Ska gaastat brass Kaasas (.Mr.
Iiigalin) skoald prevail sad Un* repeal ne paatpwned, ba,
ms uieiui.er or tin? somm?tes, nould
n. glad to sdaresi blmsell lo remsdytag obkwtlons new
cxi*nuii igitin ?! iba law.
Tba motion ot Mr. lugail* to recommit the till was re
lei teil.
' Mr. MATTHEWS fRep., Ohio) said be favored a wise
beakrept law, bai ba Sad mu lalah the eraatrv bad ma*
?on to lie proud ot lia ilatesiiianslilp on tins luLUet lie
thought a proper baakrupl las eould be mslntatned, sod
tliai oar legaSlatloB m ': bs -o ?leiieil us to avoid tlie,
p...mil cu?n,.i lu.m lime to time, lie ulllHrew the
amemlmeni luonutted by him ban week) und ?aid ba
Would ullow tho >otu to ha taken ou the repeal of thu
The question then be'-agen tho psaaageofths bill to
rep si ike Bankrupt Law, ll ass passed "\ a rots ol ;i7
veas to ? aaya, tbs najs being: Mr. Allison (Hep.,
lows), Mr. Urn i-lile (Uep,R. 1.), McMillan (Bep.. Mian.),
Mr. Aiilli'.li) (Ken., H. L), Mr. Couuvel (Rep., i'la.l, Ml.
Miiiiul.rs (Bep*. N
Vr. CUriattaney (Bep., Mich.). Mr. Thnrnmn (Hem ,
oiiin), nil Br. io, Ki .-ii (iieiu., m...?, who wouiii have
roh i in tin- atiuiiuiiive, wats salina v.nii Mr. Uavi?
du,i.. Ill ). Mr. Matthews (Rep., Oak*).and Mr. Wuuioui
(Rea., Mum.), who weald have voted ni the lug allie.
ih hut is sa uncoiuiitiou.il repeal of tin? Bankrupt
i.a ., u n mg provided, however, that such repeal shall,
m no m oner, invalidate or ettacl say ease In bank
lilptrv Undiluted ami pen,dug in any court prior to tlie
daj v? if n ine act ?nail take effect, bul Ikates ta all
inch pendlus case? aud all future ptoeoashBga taaiam,
tbe acia repealed shall continue in mil (nice und ?ffnet
until iiu- same eBall be rniiv disponed of ib the same
uiuuner us If said act? bail not hSBB repealed.
Mlsi'lJ.I.AN'l.n ft,
Tin Senitc hill to MtanttSS i In? coimti uctieii of a nar?
row gau.ife rauroni from Ilisiuarck to thu blue!. Hill?
WS? pained.
HuhieipteiitlT Mr. KAT<)N (Ii.tn., Conn.) entered a mo?
tion to reeeasadsc the rate kj nhtai ita- inii wa? passed.
Mr. TELLES (Bap., CoL) called ap the amante MB te
Incorpor?t, the Nal i.nuil PieiUe Kailioad BBd Telegraph
cmiii'iiM, i, i.iuie i hy ibe Cummitiee ua Baibroads on
ike --tii "t Msreh la '?
r.ii aawBdmonta wen* ?uiim?ied, and, peadlng
u>n, tbc fartkat eeaabmrathai bI tue bin wu? poav
poned until w-anuraw.
Messrs. liiuiue, wimioin aad n.s'it wen apaatated
m. ion :r? or the eoafareiMS sommuiee oa the ?eaciencjr
Api.ioiirialion Hill.
Mr. A.NlltoNY (Rep., R. I.) rutiiintteil a resolution
that on Wednesdaj uext.al 1 o'clock p. m., the Beasts
ntll pressed to ceastdsr btlbi on the mlendar, and eon
tnuii- such cousider.iiioii frmn da*, to day '.III the same
shall ba BS tliroii^n with, and each b'-iuiior
shall ba em,.I. d m speak once on SBJ hill, not s rosad Ing
i '. r uiiiiii'.i i*. Laid ?ver until to-morrow.
The Sonata ilou.ou iimiiuu of Mr. ALLISON, went
Into exeeuure seestoBt oadat 0 o'clock, wheu tuo doors
?a ote reopened, u.ij janied. ?
In lui; House to-day, under tbe cull of the
Smies, tlip following bills were intioduci d and referred :
Hy Mr. KRY1. n'..?p., Me.i?h* r-sjaael To aravaal and
uulili aronca to ciiihlieu la ilte In?inct ot Columbia.
hi Mr. WAIT (lap.. Connd- Ibo rtsolutluus ut tbe
t.eneral Asscmldv of CotiBectirirt asking foranap
prlarion for the continusnee of tea works in progree
tlie Bew-I.oadnu Navy Yard. _
It-Mr. hflECOOK (Rep., K. Y.)?by reipiest?To n
lattth" appointment of (naptiilna in the Army.
Tlv Mi WII.M8 (Hem., If. Y.)-A bill reel tro* the r
approach of apeetl pagmctas, dlrecttuit the Presiden
n ,?ke a |.iit?lic and solemn pruclainiitlon that It ta
Ann ?i? tiriiim.'irtiui or ('?marens t? enai i no further l
aleetlag th? eurreney or finance, until ap?ele parmi
Rhali hnv-c hern nctiiatly resumed, mid autlnirtztng
Beeretary of the Treasury to prepare l per eenl bona
liio denominations of fSO, |S0 and glOO, pavaiil?
standard rota at the expiration of forty vean?, te he
chaofsable at no less tliun its face value Into Cm
s?teles legal-lender noten.
llv Mr. COX (I).ru.. M. Y.l-liy request? To prcv
the desecration or the I'niti ?t Status Hag.
Bv Mr. KIMVIKI.I. (Ii-.-ii; . Md.l?To provide a mode
trying and determining] or the Banreme Court ol
Ciiiied State?, the title m tlie President and Vice-Pr
dent of tbe United Htalen to ibctrrespective offices wl
their eleeiioii to such ?jtlii <s i<t denied by out bl' III
M?ate? ot tlie Union.
Mr. o__arta_B onuatcn to its Baasnaata to
By Mr. BnTajrg (liini., Md.)-Tbe resotnttcn of I
Maryland Legislature n on? BBUJ the Instilen rial <;u
At the end of the me??Bg of this resolution Mr. OA
l'll.l.li iki'o.. (Un. i rulata in?' gnaathm of eonmderati?
eta ta tea meepttau el Btaaaeatetl
Hid mutter bad beta settled by aathatlti afOaugm
tin ui'.l'inty of th? Mouse could refuae to receive it.
Th SPEAKER?There In no cocal teiaCtou aafeta tar
Mr. ?.AI'.l-'iK LU??It is to he re? erred to a coininin
tar eniiMiii i-,.a.
Th SI'IAKI.'K-Under flic rules of the Boa ?, II
not allow.-.I tar aoBstdanstlou.
Mr. < ; AI : l" 11: i : > it is my only method of objecting
the cnnsidi milan ol the paper at tnht iteua it Itwa
brought mm th.- Honae and ofl red tar action, we eau
i ? te the question ol ib. Now it is put
trata lor action, and my only way of ralatug the qm
Una ?if r.iii.nl. lalniii I? M i.lii-i-l lo il ? riitcreiiee.
Mr, ? OX (licin.. .V Y ? road Bula ISO of the iioiu
which provfdea thai hills Introduced during tha mor
lui tour ii- referred frith? ni debato.
Mr. <?Ai:rii:i.!i (Bap.,Obi? |?Toa Ilmine is always tl
rontrollerot lb own bcaln ia. Por Instance, lia b
e introduced tu aubvertthe G<nrenirneut, tl
Honea eomd relaaa tontea That right the Uou*c u
iii-v i-r gil i ii BWai .
.Mr >!.!!II.\-(Hin .'la i In such a case a? thn
?a in n any bill la tatiudueta tato tta House, the gui tab
lion may in raised by anybody, and it asay I
rejected ?m tt? Brsi reading. That teaea pneeeenm i
tu?- ?|ii? ? u?ii of rufen t.
Mi. COX (Dem., M. Y.)?Ve motloa to reject ?an t
made. Tha Wares tavoaense rights left, wbea Hi?
pr.'-a nt resolutions, we are bound to receive them. 11
right nf p itti?>n ?m tin- part ?>r i ii<- etaple and Brotes
???i.ia', mideiumot taaeeogand. Ticgeatleflum froi
ii .i.i.? (Mr. Stephens) spsakaof aom?- tufllami liter
nl.,111 wi rui nit-li M '" !. I ?la BU ure of li
i.ne to widen h<- ratera, hut, m tela peculiar aton?a
hour, tue Speaker has bo altoruativa exsspt to ?ulna
the nuemlon ni refereuee.
Mr. II \-M.1,1. ai-.... K.;-. In t?i know If
Is not competent for the Rouse to Osada to what con
n.ifi.-.- nn; In.I in ?v li?- totem d.
The ?I'K vKKi: it is. Bad tiiut is a? fur s* the Hou?
ha? ever ?one,
Mi. ii.v-ivi.i.l. (Regs.Kaaaaa)?It that taae,isltnc
coBipen m 'i>r in?- iiou.se to ?I. atoe Unit it shag not roil
at ml f
The -ft: IKgR?That weald ne nn Inftingemenl ol tli
indu idu ii rigola </f s memta r m nia capacity ol Beprt
M'l'l if ! V ?-.
Mr. OLIVER (K p., I ruta?Tta tlr?t reading of a Mil
for tal.uktlou, sud,if o| position l>u made, tue
be ri |ected.
i n -i i.AKEB?Thl? m not a Mil it i- a eouununlcf
non fro in a tltats Legislators.
Mr. OUV?H (Bap., Iowa)?Would not the same rul
Bita? |
fba WE UCEB -The Chair tbtakatbal a rala m.ale i
?i lui:-. Is BOl coui; ;?'..en IVC SBOU Ji ! ?? ? ?n i>l .n'
eiiiiiaiiiiii? ; II?.ns iroiii State l.-ni'latili'ii; thoscaicin
troducsd h ?le a ?tare or bm bum
Mr. OLIVElt (B p., Io ntlemau from Vew
York (Mr. Cox) takes tlie position that the question o
r,-i. i inn c inii.ii be ?-men.nu- d m regard tu uuy MB.
Mr. ' OX 11> m., .v. V.; -in t..? last Congress, uuiotioi
waa asada by a gentleman from iBdmaa ?o refecl ieei
:. a.-.- to the currency , bul tea HpaBba
decided that B couhl ant he iua?le douuglUe uioruinj
sl'I'AKKK?The Chair thlim? that this Is no
analogous to ? hill at ail. Tills is a oommumeattaa fron
daturo,embraced within ih?.-ii^ht of pcii
Mr. SPRINGER (Dun.. 111.) ?I.-I; d to read Section t
n. tbe nil! Incorporating the Electoral Commis
Mr. i.Kv'.vN (l>?m., re?as)- I object le debate.
i -i'i Al.l.::? 'la?-1 iirtir te?nas tli.it tins is In th?
natun : ord.id thinks tea subject to?
un I khi n nt i! ..in- i-i i- tii-? in 11-i en i o a petal nt ord? r.
-I'KIN'.l.l; ,-Di in., lll.l T.i.-ii rea.I 8 ?? BuUd "1 the
-..n Cu. ? !? n bill, u in?, ii i". \ ei- i that not l.n.?
ta tbe act ?ball be held to tanpatr or aflset the r.
auy person to i it the title of I . Iceland elect
?a!, il ai. . I'D ._..-?
Nr. U ABFIEL li (Rep.. Ohio)?I demand a voto on the
ipi<-,.mu ot rcferenc? i ey? isaudnaya.
Mr.TUOMPUOB |U.|., Peim.)?If il he m order 1 move
that tin.? m? iiinii.ii .uni ail aceoumaugleg pap ra as
d committee of fltteea a_u_bara, to ba
appMuted by the Speaker, I make that BMtlea let tbli
re.isi.n. thai In appointing that committee I have tall
c.'iitiili'iice tl r roftWaH ?:?<? will faithfully
peiiui'ui his ?oiii aie and important dutr, aad the com
iii., ..-?? m? i.utrucied will bsvc tea coaBduaoa ?
House und will command iUo reaped oi iho whole
i uuntry.
Mr. O'NEILL (Bop., l'.-nai-i bone my eslsemsd cot
sill? indrau bla motion to refer
lbb>pBi?ertea s?-h ? t committee m Blteen,
uiotlou gives ii'if.ni i.uiee te tta sat bye ot which, ta nay
upiuiun, is iii.iutiiu tu tbe Uousa ami la designed !??
i :n ibi couutry upon the settled gaesilou ol
tue iV'-i.ii 'mal title.
Mr. i ii.i\ i.i: ill. ;?.. Iowa)?Tbe roaolntlou lanal?wra
|ietiti..ii n i a m. m .i. ii. n ,i-ki n iiiuiiK of Ceagraaa.
it is simply a miiiiii atii'ii timt tu- Marytand Lsnishiiun
l the -ilhlect.
Mr. ,-i'i,i.m.i;h (i?i in, ni.? I bope that th-.
m. u t." m Iowa ..iii not ?lu ta ? to Lentalateras ot .-tat?--?,
?Ah.it kind ol a pi tltlou the? shall si mi to i ougri
la tbe iinniiiee ni siat?? toaeadtBem to Congrao?, and
... i. i . i ? cil m B Na|M i".lui lualiuer.
ma llnl SK.'s Kllllir III ItKJK? r.
Mr. OAHFIELO (Sep., Oblo] taabrttaaa the ri?tit of
th ? Heum i" say e bathar j. paper shall he raaerta to a
comiuittoe or aol : :t it i ? boI io r>-i rrisJ thcu it matatoa
upon tea table ot the Bo
Mr. CONGES (Kty., Mich.) iteaumded that the bwoob
ibould be put
. -i ; lAi.i: The riiairthiiiKs thnt that to eat the
proper motion, 'ihm pegar lian a nuhi to a raferauee.
Mr. BAB KB (Bop., Mass )?Tua Hauae haa the rlghl to
sa\ whethi r tbe revoluti >a should ???? conaidered nr not,
Huppose ? n -niiiiioii .should ta pre earned deuauueta ,r aa
Kailty of a crtasa, tta amatar ce any etoer memii^r of
the Hulls?'. 1< ||?. lion-,? OOWUM li? d tu reeeive sucll a
I? NiiluluiU I If a leeolutloll ili-iioiliiciUK tlicl't.
should in- proaautad, in the Bouaa oMmed i?> receive it I
I leineinhci, when on in-, ?mill ul certain opiiilotis pro
luiuneedby Danta) Wi aster, a petttloa torowlngoMoqny
?m in.? aaate and ebaracter v? as presented to tha Legiauv
ture of Ms??:ichu?ettH, und the l.-eiiilature rightful, v re
Iiisid to Ii-ci-iVi- II All that I ilesne in tiiMt the II ai-e
? lilil? tuve a ris'ht t?i say ?tietber the presuol r?solution
sha I be ci-ii-iiienii or not. On that question?the rijfh'
lo consider?the B lUsesaouM never under any ciroum
staneea auneadar lia pdvttam, fur it la eat wbleh um?
ut any tune s Beet the honor and character, not ouly of
lilt- BOUSB, but of ever? uieiiilier of It.
Mr. COX i.iciu.. g. v.i l Bder tee rule, pettttona, like
ail other nattera coming up lu the morning hour ?if
vi mil i], uiii?f Be re ferrad wit hont ?lehnte. Iba nue ha?
lux-ii ever uiiei piel. ?1 lu BMBB thai a unanimous remic-t
h> tin- u..use for the transaction of hnalnoes other than
tta itaaroueeend prtattag ?>f nui? und joint rrootatlona
i.iuuol Ik< eutertam ?1 n> Iba BgeaBue. 'the rule is ex
nrasa, and i? unchanged ami unchangeable. Ho far us
the right of petition u roneernad. tern hi m ?me sense a
memorial frost a auverehra Bteta, the ?tate of Maryland.
It Is m dei-oiiius ti'iins. It ?'times lui e at a |ietitloii under
the drat amendment to the constitution?tat right of
tbe people to petition for a retire** of grievance?. It is
not for me to argua ?hut tie- grievance in thin case ta,
beeaum t ti?> nutter baa to'?> referred without debate,
1 hele 1H inilv one i|iie.slloil to lie <" ill.- Iileied i a the matter,
the ipn-.stion of n fen nee ami prmttag. Ttagauttoaaaa
fnuii Massachusetts i? forgettmg the old traditions of
m? party ou tue nullt of petition. I wunt to remind
Bita ih.it when the Qiuaoy Adam* petition, tue
petition for the dissolution of the Coton, vas presented
In Ih? House from tie Btatt of MunsuvhiiM-tt?,
?antlaaan on tha other aids Badartoek to bavuM na
tiimi. am! thai n waa oppoaed ou thi Democratic aide
or the House : hut tta nulit Bl petition ha? hen vlmli
oattab] time by raaeau end bypatrtotlsin in tin? case,
there taa lmger right than lbs ordteary riRht of pett
ti.ui. it la tee right of a sovereign Brate to present Its
Blevunese, and tno aUte of Murylaud has douu so in
this memorial.
naraaaa craouia na bmbti ob the axicaa.
Mr. BT___?_8 (Oam..Ga.) -In pyrt, 1 agnt with the
Kent loin .m from Maaaaehouetta iMr. Benka),
ntul nlso with tho ?.'?'iitli-imui fnun OBtt (Mr.
(i.irflelii), as well as with the Chair ; hut il
hold Btal It l? anajuaaasumbtt as parliamentary
law In all Itodieiithut, whan any mutter is presented, the
aueeUon may be mi*?-.i, shall it, or ?hall it uot, be cea*
Hitler, tl I The lint Rule, under which tlu> gentleman
?roiu Mui.aehuselts BTgUSS, pit seuls a totally dlflen lit
nueition. That relates to our oiilin.iry Im-luu-v
Thai relates to whciln-r wi vili act 1MB u
now. But an tortor to ell thai stand? tue gsaeral perlta
ni. nturv principle thai every dellboraUvs body, when
aii> matter is presented to u, basa right to nay: MWa
wilt not r ?'five it; we will not eut? i tain (taut i.? the
word), or we re|eet it " i he .. i ttlua which ?he gentle?
man iroiii Ohio (Mr. (iui'tieiii) raises, l* suai valent i*?>
that, u-hi.'h im that " We r.J.ct it," that "The Bouse
will not autsetata it." Tliat h nUo what tae gentleman
from Masaacbnsetta (Mr. Han?.-) means by what he
claims ander the list Knie.
Mr. liAS'kJS dti'p.. Ma?.)-Mr punition is that Knie
130 In regard to reeeivliuc re*ol.aa from Slate Lcgis
laturea. appointa a time when tbsyahaO h?< ta onTer.
The ifKiiil. .nan tlinn Mai ?1.nul (Mr. Hwanu) has pre.
sunicd a resolution from t at Btate, audit i* m the huBda
of the dpi aki-r. Then the Bouai hasth? riKht to ?ay wt.e b
ar it will receive tt or sot, aad al that precise aroment
the oiiji? lion Is nimle to ils rn-eptlou. U I* luipos.,
Mr. Speaker, that anj Individual or taypubltabodj can
have the right to present here anything whurh ne or tt
tl. -,n ?, imhpeiitli ntly of the will ot tlie H.iu?e to ncclve
it. The petitions to wbleh the gentlemen from ?.;
und New-York (.M'-s-r-, Mepbens andOox)hava referred,
were petitions im iiMiied in a pcopi-r miiiincr umtar tho
Consiltutlou. Thin is uot a pi. ii.ou. im* isa resolu?
tion by a Btats Legtsl itore, u thia ? isa then is Bathing
? bleb Him-!-* u* to rsosive thi? reselanan.
Mr. si i.i'iii-;ns (n. di uniitamaa from
Mas niiui.li* certainly did uot uuderatand. lie aad I
douu! diaanii-e. I *,iy tlui H is tin) nghl of every par
liamaniarj bmlT at Ina nailutlrn. alisa a ?im-i>iiou i*
prca nted, whether a mcmotlal, a petition, or uuj thing
i'.ac, t?l SjV whether It will receive It Of not.
Mr. lUMwd (liep., Mne.--.)?1 did uol unuoi'slaud you
in that way.
Mi BTEPIIRga (Dem., i.i ?-Certainly, that limy po
?m,.u. Hut 1 uuiU rslooil the ?fcutleuiau from Mussa
riiu?. tt* to raise lb? urn stlou ol consid?ration nndur the
41st Huh', uinl 1 any Huit iln* ?|uc*tiuu should bo n
i^UCal.OU ot euuriuUiuiiait.
Mr. BANKS (Her/?, Mnssd-Vcry well, I ss.ient to
proposition. *'
Mr. STLPBEirS-Tbst 41st Rule ?Imply ?.,
? will we net upon the matter now t" nut the ni?*
really to be raised In thin case I *, " Will the Houm*
teifmn tlds resolution or will ?t refect it I" iff.
right of the House to say to-day whether it will r*iP(
or not. That is tho fundamental principle of all uai
mentar; law. All thisdU*caaa-toa in year? gore W
lated to this question about picsentatlou. It waa
right of tba peiltiotier to have th? iielitlon presen
luit the i-.nest.iou was as to ?he ?tut*, of tbs lion?? to
celve H. Tlie grand right of the House to reject a t
Ban ue\er was denied. That rarl tosses tej? ?
ciple or law to rais. u motion as to the i
rejection of u paper liss nerer been touched
our rules. That underlie? our ralea i
rules sre sil mandad npon It. No ?tehtwrai
bod] could exist without that right. Justas you wo
turn out a man obtruding himself ?it row door, as
lia\e n right to reject a iietltion. It la tbe right of -,
osgnaamahm. of ?aM-praaartfaa. Hut it assaM bswfc
sad patriotically exercised The grand sBatskeofUj
who contended at'.:.n?f the jhiIIcv or petition bash
(Recovered wheB It ?as too late. Tue great right of
American people to petition is now settled, I mi|,,k
without aasaUaa from soy rianrter. Now tbe House
do) luis tl,r ! Ight lo is li ct ihls uieiiiiiri.il froSS the S|
of Miu> ''ni ?r n sees tit. Bat to M wtsa to de as I i
?list I < ?ught not a Htate of the Union to Im re a hear
berel Ou?ht uot this memorial to l>~ reten,,| t,,..,',.,
mBteel Tins cnuutrv will say ?* Ye<," and It will b.
great srror it this ii.ut-e ?in,aid cay " No."
Mr. ( <>\ ii?, ui . N. v.) If the gentleman will revi
rule on that ?tibt:?,?t he * IB rlnd that ?hat Is not the eu
the rule suvs that hills may Intro a motion i? i.J, ,?, ?
upon them, but not memorials. Under the I
a Slate, like an Individual, has the rural to >?BB
inn iiu lloiuu* baa a right ta d?termine the mode t
time at whlcti petirtons shall be recelt ed.
THK si'i;.\KKR-T.ie Chair desires to say, as the g
! lem?n from .Ma.ssachu.se ti? (Mr. IiauK>? relies on R
41 in behalf of bis dee la ration o? right
Mr. UANK.S (Hep., Mass.)?No. air ; my ponido? is tl
under Rule 130 the right is exhausted when the St;
bSS been called. If Me House tUBBtVUB ft petition, in
oilier pmcceiiingN take place as to its di**|M>aitton. I
if. ?is the gentleman from Georgia Las ausweeted, I
Ilnnae refnne to re* erre II, or If the House reject It.tti
tin -e further proceedings an* impended
I be si>KAK.ER?The Chair understands the gentleie
Irom Massachusetts to claim the right which the n,,i
had ta V'V whether It would BOBsUdeT the i|ueatlnii, a
the gentleman from MtehkgBB (Mr. Conger? r* 1. i ,.1
Hui.' 11 as establishing that right. Tbe Chali
tin- gentlemen from Oeortga (Mr. ntcphens) In thi- [?art
uiar, that that rule (locsiuot eovdi Bitscase. That ru
wbleb ?as aatei lor to l.ale Hill, lifer? to'lie i ,ii-,l,,
tion of a subject in the manner of proceeding to Its d
lieattloo. The gpiiflemnu from (issirgta, however, mat
a line of dlannsiiea batweea the right b
and tbe rh.'iit to reeeh i. Now, under Rule N
190, which di;-? 'T ? the Chale ns to the manner of nr
oedore, eommnntcattoos of this charnetas tram Ma
Legiatatares are authorized to be received to the mor
ing lir.ur, on Monday ; and the rule provides how th<
sliall I**- dtapeeod eft It says ih.it the,- shall bepr
seuted * for reference sadprtaUug.n The Chair tuai
that the inherent rlgbt, ?llmled to bv the gentlenu
kfOSB Oesrgta, in every legislative sod) , i-, fid.>- realas
i?) ike bod) m ease it ?hail refus?.? in refer its petttta
A motion to refine to refer U, in the nplnlc
of the Chair, equivalent to a motion to r
fil.se to native. At all ?vents Um eject
se. The gvntli man trom MsasoekasoU
hMsd perhaps lu mi > men.Oils of the Hou-e loi ce.. tin
lue subject of Has nottttoa has already gone toll
Judiciary Committee by a bill Introduced by saotbi
niemlier from Marvlauri (Mr. Kimuicll) and referred t
that committed, and tb it that hill preceil.a tins m< tin
rial from the Stute Legislature of Maryland, TM? cou
monte alten troai the s tata Ue gaatotnre M s
(mu; on a subject of vast liiipuriaiici?, ami .! i- St ,
that it ahould receive due deliberation. The Chan
therefore, thinks that the rule properly omvldea for It
'reference. The gentleman from Ma-hsaciium-tts uurte
took to prove hy s suppositions caes tkal a eomamalo
tien might toast In ncre which waa di-respectful to .tb
House, which charged a member of BBS (SBUM **i<J
crime or anntung of that sort; bet the Chair will n
mind the gentleman from M.???? ichn-etTsthat this ism
-a? h a ca ?a, ami that he might attempt to e?tabn>a saj
course of reasoning by a simile of that kind. lierei-i
respectful communication, The nilc provides tor it
r?f?ren?a, and the t'bair thinks that a vote shouhlb
taken oa its rafawco. in Use has of thought ot to
gentleman from Qeorgta [Mr, Stephens) the ?hoi
weald think that a reiusal to refer would bo equivalen
to a reiusal in receive,
Mr. C< 'X ( Hep., ( ?ha.)?While T agre? wlfh the rule I
state! le, the Bpsakar. I de Bol agree aith th'
tm?aker abenl ou? .-uect dowing from it. I behave tba
Uii.l. a that rule, when a memorial or petitiou Una,
from the Clerk's desk, Ike ri?_-tir ol the petitioner la fall;
accomplished. Ii BO member nhoaM then make any nu
tion uh.U' v.-r In respect to it.it would ?Imply go on tb
Cable Of the Mm?", and afterward It eon id lie considere
Lance with the rules. I utoh, tkarafera,te k
understood m sa* rtlng that, when a petliioa or mem*
i tul Is n ad. arrrr rraprrt trhtrh rfir petittoaec eau m
Corta fully aven,ami basa any action ton
iii.i i lur the ilou-e acts ou it oue way oi uuotbi r, IsJUl
as r. sped ml.
Mr. BASKS (Rep., Mass.)-All tkat is required bf tb
m?a i? that Ule States ?u.ili he called up.
Mr. IIKNDEE (Rep., Vt.) culled for tho regular onle
o? business.
The srr.AKF.R stated that, under the standing ruti
which amigas the third M ?day in the month after!
o'clock to business of the Iiistrtct of Columbia, tbs
- mail now be taken up, and the pendu-** fBBl
Bob would uave to gS over for the prcseut.
the Banm thaa praeaeda i la eeosnahnnMteu of ?ubsum
of the District of Colum'.i.a, the I'rst bill taken up beta]
the bill lo pr"\ Ida a p imane ut form of government fui
lin [>;-nict. The bill provides that on the third afonde]
m Api i. 1 I7S, there shall lie elected or appoint I thn i
persons as Commissioner? of tbe Dtsirlct of Columbia
wh'i shall exercise all the powers and authority, Witt
?crtaln exception?, now vested In tbe Cotuuiiissloner?.
)ne of tlie commissioners Is to be an officer of the Kn
gtaeet Corps of the army, with a lineal rank above rap
um, who i-to lie detailed by the President for thre<
ream, aad ?a to reeelvs no barther campealefloa Ibas
Ills regular army pay. The second commissioner 1? to lx
: in tu*? ii"iuM*of gepreseamtlves. and tu? tiunl
is to lx") elected hy tho tfteliite. iheir term? m?.
to h?? tor one and two ve,is, to be determined I
and their successor? ore to he elestad for three jream
The lloiise aad Senate Commissioner* must have ima
actual residents of the District for ten year*. There ll
to be a counei!. consisting of twenty-four memliera,
each of whom must own pro|*ert> iu tb*; District of His
assessed valuation of at hast $3,000, and have been S
peri'i.incnt re-idetit of the Di.-li let for five rears. No
nrnm trhn htrhls rial ander tbe l'uited ttUtasi Ihl
District tiovernmeat, or is interested in sny<
witn either for ?ork iu the District, Is to I?? eligible.
The annual estimate,-aie to be pre?, nie.l to Col
and, to theevteiit to which iheyahsal be approveft
Congres? Is to appropriate one-hall and the other hslt
Is to be collected from taxation on property saber luaa
that of the Uatted Mat.s, the ram af torsttaa
no; to exceed 14 per cent on real aud
licrsonal estate.
Mr. BJaAUAJf (Dem.. Tex.) moved to fix the propor?
tions which tlie Ooveenmeat and District are each to as
?ameat 40 per eeal for the r-iited ?totea audoopst
cent for the District. Rejected by a large majority.
Mr. MANN A (Hep.. Ind.) mored an amendment pr>
vldiug that nothing in tbe bill shall ever be so construed
as to (siiuniit th<? Oovernuieut t* the payment of His
principal of those bend.-. Agreed to.
Without disposing af Mr. Ldeu's motion to Strike ant,
the further euusidenttiou of tbe bill was postponed tul
Mr. I'UILUPS (Rep.. Kan.) made an Ineffectual effort
to call up for action the bill which (bist Monday) Mr.
liutli r moved topa?? under a siistienslou of the rulc
ln relation to fractional currenc>? the Committee on
Hanking and Curreiu v having votel in favor ol lln- Mil
The SPEAKKH decided tbe business iu order to be ths
uiitlnished business of the morning hour?toe dlsisiiitlon
of tbe remtaUona of the Maryland Leglalatiiie. Alter
disposing of that, tin? call <>f Mates for bills and loin*
resolutions would still ret with the Htate ot Maryland,
and then tlie other states would have to be called bef?te
Mr. In tier's motion to ?impend ths rules and pas? bit
hllll could here icbcd.
I ?ie IIoum? then, at ii o'clock, tnok n?ee?s till 7.M, the
e\ emin.' ?casion to be for debata ou the tariff.
There were not adosen members present when ths
?auna ami this eveniug for debate upou the Tariff Bill,
with Mr, Covert (Dem., N. Y.i in tbs chair.
Mr. M* ??ItNLl.Y <Kcp., O.'uo) opoosod to? bill from ?
high sen** of duty ; a duty imposed oy the strong con?
viction be entertained, after examination of Ha several
features, that should tbe measure become a Iaw.lt Would
be nothing short of a public calamity. It might l*c of
tuilMirarv adriintage toa Terv limited number of the
people ; but uo oue could fail to ilaesSU that tie.-ira.Is
or tariff reform would produce, still luttber bu?lue?s
depri asion.
Tho uext apeecbea In opposition to the bill were
made by Mr Uildges (Iviu., lVnu.), Mr. K\au* l I'.ep .
Penad, Mr. Baeoa (thrp., B. T.J and Mr. Brewer
?Hep.. Mh b.), alter which, al 10-.05 o'clock, the liuiiwi
adjourucd. ^^>?B????*?*aB>a*a*aB*?*sa?l
Tin: vouwm
L0ME8 HYTHK I!'?.M)-ST. FIRi:.
Robbing & Appleton, a? afrenta of the Aniorl?
can Wateh Company, sued the People'? Fire ln?u*:ince
C .mpany In the United mates Circuit Court, to NW
Jersey, for s loss growing out of tbe Rond-st. fire. Keb
bins A Appleton had $30,000 of lusuraacs on merchan?
dise, their own or on commission. The American \N sB?
Company nad a similar insuraiice to the uuiount of
isO.ouo. T?o less of tbe company was tUed at r>.",.AsJ,
and thut of tiie jilaiiititr? at nti.ooo. Tlie watch com???'!'
received on nu app* rtinnnient M t.ooo. and the iiucstloa
in tuis suit was bow tar the remainder could be pant out
Ol B i.bius A Applctou'a iusuruiicoa. Under flu cirirgi
Of Judge JOBBT. NiX..n, the Jury found for the plaliitiBl
for f LOT:* 7j. There are three othi r suits Bgataet ?dbe?
idinnalitas pvuUiug, iu which tho aaue iiu??uou* srt
A meeting of the uicuibera of tba btf
opposed to the new Code, has been called for gggt P? ?**
to-day, lu the i*upr?uie Court, (?entrai Term Kooui.
Jtidice (jilbeit, in Hrooklvn, yesterday, re?
serv ti bis decision lu the application of the counsel of
Mary I.. Hoes for aoomialsslou in lunacy In the casse*
Jacob S. Jaekaoa, a deaf and bllad m.a, wao o\*u? re*?
cm ii.? in HiooKiyn. Mr?. Hoas Is Jack-son's motuer.
In Um uvtiuii of the Brooklyn Life Insimule?
Coinpany against ex-Cougrossmau Boidu?ou sud other?!
a asstJeu am male, yesterday, fur a decn'o of '"f^"'"?"
ure of mortkaiie? on Mr. Uobiasoa's proparty la Ba*S>
L. 1. Judge Uiibori icier ved his deeision.
The habana corpus pro*>}t;ding-a ou bcbul? of

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