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Anthony Tiollop"- who recently paUUVfl
a nn.ill volmnrDii ??v-nr. Ie mlil to he engaged on a
?ncre i laborsle work, with Cicero for Hie *uh|cct.
" M.itric MwttM (??h>rc Melutlii's" is I il
?. aj*| pu tore book, rrcenily published bf <?. W, l*rle
too A Co., of ?rhu h llie enormous aale of l.l.t.OOO copies
1* NliruiK ri'|Mii'tcd.
At a recent nnrtiiin sale in Opnova ft com?
plete c-iIUftloii wt Punch wan puiihsscd by a dealer
Inm Naples for B?t. and a copy of the Jon rout dV?
jjaaai aVaa, at latfj voiamc?. f? baaed IBtA Among ati
beedH Hie AhthM Hanfe at 1809 went for ?2i, and INM
of I a l*aatata?*i "Coatee el Weatfljea en Vrra," the
edition mi the lYruiicre-i.em ,aux. for ?!?<?.
A (icnnati Italy who lives in itot.injren is
translating lnt.> In r Battta language the unvcls or K. I*.
1. Through H'-hcalih Mr. line ha.? been obilated to in
foim lin> publishers, Insul. Mead A Co.. that he will not
la)aaa> to flnlah In tin.c for the present season his new
novel, ? Without a Hon e." The same pt'lilishers aiso
tin I that thev cannot c iniplete for the holidays the ed).
lion which tiny have had some time in baud of Welt?
mann'* " ll'.st uy nf Painting " Thev have Mlcceedt d.
howivcr. in gelling out at an early date Mr. Ho''? edi
Irea mi Maberlv'a - Pi Im Collector," aud a vcty hand
tone' Hie. iisctul book it Is.
Kciilci-h haw alnailv Imm'II leiniiiilctl tlifat
last Thursdiy was tfet eighty fnuith birthday of Mr.
t'srljle. Serii.nor A Wei ford have |nst received the
new " Carlyle Birthday H.iok" in wti'cii, under date of
December 4. occurs this extract from the essay on
(Socthe: ?? He appears to us a* a per?ou of that deep
rnd<>? no ut and Kilted vision, of that experience also
aud sympifhy in the ways of all wen, which qualify
him to stand forth not only its the literary ornament,
but in many rrspcits too a? the teacher tnul exemplar
of In* age." Tue compiler at the end of ihe hook
attataaatfellowafrea MHereee"i "Here rtna l iythcat
wide reaadaaa "f ours are to terminate, i aai aorty for
It : tnere ?\ a? p|.-i? "re tor Hi" ill this lm?ine-s."
The Million of the Baaagl lad Sonnet* of
Dimke? ire, will, h Krauel? Turner Palgravo prepared
for Maemilian A C .. * d, t atb en 1 a half airo. has Ih-cu
added to the (. ihtcn Treasury Scries, of which it Is the
newest volume. Mr. I*algrave, with due reverein c. Las
peaaed in* ptefaae tat] laaaataa aa aba po<'in* at the end.
aaa* wmt at the hatjaaataaal taa votaaaa faata re. ho
*ay?, very lew men whose great no* s I* so oaatploaiMtt
and In pen.ll thai their writing* iiave unt uned a in e
tr?iptive tu-ht to appeal eeatary after eaatarr wttboal
taa Mtiallli "f an latrodeetloa by other band*, ll iner,
1'irtil. Haute. Mliton and BBahi--peare " llioveil th oilgh
ibe aaaa la a fciaa irtaaaph aad a taa a ptefaee aaaaat
ptaaasaa hi at hi tor.- i hem."
Mr. Bjtaaanla. in Ins Msi wliea of ilie Orcck
I\s*t? " (Hatper A Brothers), regard* it as a "sign of a
return to le al!hi crit'ci-iu " that scholars bcrin to an"
mil that Ho uer's llind may he one poaiB and no
mere patchwork of h.tlisd? and tiiinor epics?the woib of
a singlepaat waeaarreyad l < wtattea aaaa ani-t tad
tJaaaafJafrd with its unity. There is BO dltBcnlty, be
tats, tu taaaodtaa to the Hind a Ibbb genealogy through
BBhtaadaataad aow lecgotict pooate, bai >>f one thing
tatte at ao Bombt, rial thai a gnat trttti gate ita pre*
aai fatal to the cpte. aad tbal all lh* erat?idea nmlcol
lateiiii Btttatitl v. ith watch ha taHehed it werear
na?fi d hj luu a ith a rtea to the < Baal be had ?ct out to
A 'willili edition of Lcwc-'s "Life of
tioelh, " ha? ).i?t app, .tied ri the (orlllllll lanijliak'e.
The translator In tili? edition b ,s made BtOOl thefn ;h
HdhaBaal Whtahl th- paatftw years bus is , ii shed on
tcvcrsl periods nf the poei's career, amoni: which is some
fi i ?Ii information almut 1 lie la-; nf lioetl.i '? loV. s?I'll ike
vou hii..m, tLe Uoln iuiau lady?who is still alive,
tioetlie m- t he! in Knri pasi hevetity-thn-e years
of atre. and her b-iiiiiy so unprcssi,] hitu that he asked
bi r tin n t., In come Ins wife, lint BBB yaaag ladvion*
?hadod haah taa dtBBteaet of year* wa* too groat even
for in r to Marry t he prince of < .e: man Matt, and accord,
haaip dtcllaod tab propaaak Oeatht taaacat tin aBalr
K aeemt, a very lattroetlaa one, and is said to bare re
l'.ai l.i d that " Iffl >nd iiiIl'HI make a BBai miutT play ol it;
an eld unt ie who hrtaa Bat abtat tea aaaataaaiaty.
l ieiii rii k Wi iltiiotc, WBtaM " Stuflies in
BwhJRBh Art " hoc a at e. it <i Bapaltt m Baalaad to the
reputation he had alreudy made as a cut e, baa puo
lishetl a BaWToBaataaa art called "The Masters of
Oenre Paiiitm?;" (S rihner Si Welfoid) in which the
llrikitip point 1* made that QaBN patatlag lias flour
lehod most in compact, settled and liik'hly civilized
tocletles, ami at tunes when uitn's mintls were little
dlstiacietl either by pnlith a! inoieiiieiits or relii/ioiis
BapBBBtaaaa Haahhattaa haatBaaia aaaaeiy of Holland,
lu w iiieji lien re reached it* perfection at a time wheu
Internal tronMe wa* well over for the S'ate ; also the
?' staid ami aahH world of mwg earlier Oorires," and the
lianler society til FiHiice. " lite society "I 108 toaH aud
theeapttal waleh taa wtthdollaat the art of iheOeare
piiinttr oieupyiua it-'- i with Ihraittmtiaaflf und loan
inm-." It. ill. ie Kit,.lot.,ni in Ki am c wan the death of
tSetire paint Inc. for then " BBBttlp WSt scattered, ex
aawatt BHtaatrt a era K"nu and Ari was called upon to
be bei tile."
ABh8B\| tkd leltiis wkfek Lord Ilyroii WffOBl
to Ir.euds lu Knglaud during his tl'-t tour abroad, one
dati d at A.hciiS in eTotaatBar, lBla\aad aot given by
NaBBBswaa raaaatd pahatMBad tor the urst time, lie
bad left K' el.itid soon ai'er the "Eni;h?h Hards" came
out. und on his return htataBBI with huu the first two
Saabta nf MChJlda BUaraal.M In this letter be sayt:
?' My w.ii*s BN llkal] to li.ae a powcrtul eflcct with a
Tctitfeance, as I hear nf divers iricry p"ople whom it |?
prop.-r I Mould shoot a: by way of satisfaction,
lie It so. The same impulse .hich made 'Oiho
o wurrior' will make me one also. My do?
mestic bBBJn haaBBj tiioieovir, aaaaaBarably deranged.
mv appetite lor truveliinc ptwftt ?eil satiated
wuli m> iate p, it aiiiniiioiis, my various hup-.'*
ha that wtartd alatoal eztlact. aod aoi very brilliant m
the ie xt, 1 trust I -h ill ifo thtoil.'h Hie process with a
eredttab'e nmjfroid, aad aot diagraca a line of rut
tbro.it urn , ?:, i-" UoaUadat to the fin t that he 1*
haopilv mil imrn d." mm in Bpeaklog of tin- mnr
rlaire of lu* fin ml Iiiuiy, ??,v? n? will never feratve
loiiirlinony " lor BaYteg suoilcd such an excellent
BtMBOtOC. fiyron tntl imt maiiird until hve rears
later. Ti.. death of his m dl.er occurred Just uftcr be
raaahod lhii.-laml.iiud while lie was on hie way from
London to .VeWstead.
Tkfl reissue ley Caulinal Xt winan of the
"Lvra Apiistoiica'* (E P. Ion ton A Co.) which ho first
published tu.ire lhaa forty years ujjo. calls to mind the
peculiar circiimstances under w hich Ii was w ritten, as
relaied by him lu tie' "Apoloi l.i." I'iscouraced at the
condition aj IBB < hun h of Euk'land, ami anxious for ita
future ?o tu.it be felt "th. re was need of a second
reformation." h- and Hk haul Hurrel! Kroude had i;one
to the south ol Europe for chaturc and reflection. While
in Home BbajT BSgaaB ha arttla tii. se pnems nmi to send
then to England fm ouMication. From a Homer eblcb
th<\ iKivKiwcd of Ilm,si n tin y chose as a motto the
WetaYi of Aciiille* on his return to battle. " Yoo
shall know I tie d.ileieme now tliat I ubi
tia'-k agada." Vaargaaa praoaodtd Iraai Koine to
fulcrum, aud was taken ill on the way. His servant
faaadhJaaattttuaaaa davon hit had taMdng bitterly,
nnd asked w hat ?u- the BAtttr. lie i mild i.nlv aaswi r :
MIBoTt a wink to do in Kaafaad." He waa,aoaaya,
BCh :??; In g ' home. At last Be got off on aa i?latUja boat
bound for Marseille.--, m d jt wa. then that he wrote the
tumoiiH Ilm s m tin boUi attBBi haBhaaaaaji
laatdi k ii lit 1.tcht. amid the encir. luij? gloom,
la ad Tl.ou n.< my '.
The niabt is dark, aud I um far from home,
la-ad 1 hou me on '.
The new edllilloii of " The l.v ta" has a hew preface.in
WStcB the Cardinal mi' Iba "I.viit" ami Hie ?? Ira.-I?
foi the Times" had u coiiimou onj.-cf, that of " eufi.icin<
what thaaadhaa*cooetderedta be hpaaiidtt ti I'riiu:
Uta CStiaaUaalcj ut ? time ooaa iiapalaalplta. dun
trim ?, dis< Iplhae. usaife? ami spirit Bttaaad in the leaatb
and hreudlh of the Auttlicsti ('"inmiiii'.ni (,, weil
ahtb foraotioa.M Of IB 170 pocBa la ?b aataaaoaahaai
lap tBtiaa BIB bj New man. Eroude w rote only eich'
About titty arc hy John Kable,
IN (tu IJnbiiiuiionB.
CMIAl;l.k> dTcKens' PAWeOR album.
J a ualoue HeitAay lioeh 'I i.e liunn t aim l-aibu? ci the
X>ir*:ens IPustislioDs. 1. e.-ant (jnsitn. gl'50
o. ?/. CAiiLt ui.n a Cu. e Uookatero,
Madison square. New.Vurx
Also, the liest ?e'. ctl"i nf fhrUtuias t ar .* In the i It)
~ K. TiLTON'd SEW book. ~
]. TflOl' and I, ALyticol Life, wan ntbi-r BatBtB By
TIIEi'MiBE TILTON. 1 v .1. 1 Jine. i!o h. BjM ?",?', f 1 76.
?. Mr. sWINBCBNt: * BBW BOOtY, a study of shake
ajBham By ai/;i.i:non chaim.es .swinbi c.xe. i ral
X'imo, c.t.tb extra, gilt tnp, $1 fff,
3. Tili: PEEPBUoW. A haadaouie vuliune ef amusrment
and inatruttton for the ronng. lllattrated. 1vol. I to. p;c
tare board, I Hi
R. WOIi-fillNGTON,
7ft0 Bteadway. w. T.
Mm;i?'\ h.\hi..\ni>> m.w hook.
. A TaUt with Motheis about Donghtare, by the author
Of " Cvnanion eenae u tin- lluuaeUold." ?i.
U W. L'abektob a co.*B Bookstore,
Ma.llaonaajua'e. New Vork.
Also, tbe best selsrtlon of Christmas ( am* in the tlty.
WeB.SIEKS (JkkAT Sl'ee? 111
ONE I.AROK voi.mr.
M" "A(.ir Mul HK|{ (.onsK MELoiilEs.
Thetuunleet i htln'a Picture Toy Book ever seen
O. Bf. CABLBTON a CD'S H rf.k.'oie, '
Madleon square, Nnw York
a s >. the best Uon ? f fhrtstuias r aid* lu tLe city.
4\J every eevriptlon sultal.:* for magaz.ne, books, do
Eaow? a pu lvbukan, i^a? aiu*<i??y.
For Bovs and Younsr Men?Citv.
2\ ra ten toI weary private leaaaBB B?asbJieoatae. laaiaa
ll.ltt hear Ics-uns ll?l!| : li-pl's I"?'. It.i tu , '.'17 W.st ? "t.
?HlMhi)', Ol j Yl.lt It. oni.DsMlTll. __
it81ne88 writing guaranteed.?
K llDies*. ?-rini|< i't unit tremlillinr It nurd "tit : baafe.
ki.plnjj laoaht lit in'tu ?11 v ttav or eveninc. 1 jiiI t-H ?i tun*
. +1 ?.-. k \. l'"| III V It's COM M Kill I AI. i OLI.KOK.
1.1IKI llroadway._ _
?J id .ramping aiul trcinhMinr tr nn.il mit. !;<? kkt>< pttiK
tannin luariic illv iliii or ev.t.lnc. ladles' wrltintr class, tl
?.. . ? DOLIlrlAK s ( iiMMi.HtiAL l'Ol.nKila; J.1H3
Itrnuilwar. _ ______
itniveWsTty grammar school." n?.
v l.tsl liri..i.lHav. l.f.it l.'il ?I. Primary, commercial anil
rlssiilial Urpaitun t>ta. HoiillY A AK IN. Piiuclpala,
For Younc I_*aies? City.
IN Ini/lisli, Klin. Ii ami Oilman Boarding
x V ami liai BeBeol for v.um? lit dies. West l.im Institut?,
Ni w lluv. ii, i t. Mr.. s. I.. I'AUV, I'iiii. send ter i m iliar.
211 W BP 1 ISl II kt. ??
|'m,n> i, i . v. il at tm Mire, l or ad..res* MISS FKAZKR
at Klitdrrgartrn._
Mil Weal Mttajt., Nrw York._
ADA ME MEARS'S Engliab, Preneh and
unman Beaidsaa hu Day Beaeeljef vomit indn?.
tat Madtooa arawj Vwk. lavaeeaiaeef wresiv kmtares
in naaaawillaaaaataaca >n Kniiur. bar. 7.a: 11 rilaeb.
\\ IS8 Jaudon'a Boardiua and Day School for
ItI Yaaaa lartBiatad LittleGirls, leyeTtd in tin Madison.
nr.. hi 4sts a tut MtbaaBkJ eiilatired arc.iliiiu. ilMtlon*: r>"
paras s? st. it; aeparatem-pai ttn.-nt tor ret y yeaae sesaBatw,
K?TGER'8 FEMALE COlsLEGE, 1>*7. 489
Mti-.ivr.- Kortr-nrat yearbaalaa BeBt*sab< t M, Appal
rswtsclssstiee tffd aaa sao. Special adTsabtres for ciassio
i i m imune (inn..-; aim i, uinMr, i>m ml liia: and ilra? Hilf. Haa
Araiiiuiir liepanneut. Boarders .Kii.iuioiiai.il. li>'\: s.
I?. ItVlilTIAI.D. I?. I>.. rie.l.leiif
rriir. MISSES GRAHAM (aucceasora t<? the
1 M.kK.Hi.iii , ? r.l i.-tiprti tli.-tr I.N'iLlsll and FRKNCII
BOA RHINO in..i DAY si in .1. ioi S"l'_o LADIKM ea
I P KB DAY, Mil KM BRH ? . at No. 1 Mh.JVr. Tbl? s. h....|.
established la 1818, mutual. * tin-rsr.-ful na'tiunr BM ilmr
ottgh taswa Baa na en ry atpattasaal tm vMM it h*? bBRtrte
beam ao ftTurably kaowa._,
si: Hi QUARTERLY.?Board Bnd tuition;
&*J\f no citrus; uai.Bttorta. J.WK-"\ fKAlAI?
M.M I N a It A . .Mil K.i't i ?.'<?! Ii i:
For Both Boxes?Cits*.
;|| it M A0180R.AVK..B*U taUat,
u, s i i n,s, sin. . iii DR. 1 HATJVJBI it.
PRIENDS' SEMINARY. East 16th-#r. and
I_RaMicrforeVplare. BBNJ. smu ii. \ si., Prlaclpal
UARTRN NaSIrTtai alane,aeatrtaet taa Aea4?
raty. CkUdrra rraa :i la . natu vt mtt nattraa. Hftaol
l.i ink trout MO to l'i, .Hui 1 to.i. ?
I ni. ii,..1. t. mi-. raaaaRabAe. P. o. omta\aVia? Kew-Yerk.
?*I ilonaerty Mad.aelle N. iPortBileali and \*?*
K.itlo ? in .;, n t: .-ii Ii. in ii Hou rilii.v vim u.iy >-i i.im.I. -77
Maoiaaa*i re.. <?< raei ii iB-ata Brpf.1H7M,
.11 i a BY i i as - i ? tar Beyeaad Olrla Iraai tttrra !<? tea
rears ofit, aa Hem ins ry tor Klpiirrjrarlr-M Tasehsra, ??! Prof.
JOHN KltAUBaad Bra KBAU8 Botri PK, 7 Baal SSoask,
?_l lie Palette.'j_
kZ? Baaldll s aad D.iv s. Ii..i.| f.-r Yonnr I'.irilea *nil Clillrtrrr,.
21 auJ ?.'.? W.-hi BBdaM , bet, Broad?sy l>d ."-tli ?ve.. ff. V.
Bar. i in i.|.i?jti; i i:v ?..<;. LUD.. Rector,
THE Missi s MASfN" mi,: if. oen their Kn-r
M. \Mi iiml I ren. Ii n-ii.?.! for roui t sales tad i all lien on
\t reu? si!?>. i leteaei l. at SBH 1.? stugioa tri
Art Schools?New-York City.
Will rcePlre j.nplla btpaMBBg ilarulwiipe, flower*, still l ie
i I n a aad ileioiatli.il . at lu r ?Hollo. "T.n Hella," No. \n K??t
:t Lbastm eat aar Atb-aTe* bagMalag Oetabat i.
p.. ten i i is: Mi. D, Baattaa>sB1 sir. WUBaai HuaTt, sir.
jallies m. Halt. Mr. A. f, Helle?..
For Eoth Sexes?Brooklyn.
1IRS. I.. JERNEGAN BO WEN In- reramed
u? I bar ssainas 1b aattn aacl fnnlaa lainaagea i aapeeJal it
1.11inn paiit t.i piipiiH tiaikw.ii.i in i.nniish lirsnrliiai Kot
tui tin r aaittaann apply at 119 (IIa bra wL, south nroatt] u.
For Bovs and Yountr Men?Countrjs.
lezandei Inrditnte. Militarj Boarding School,
Mint. Plains, n. v. raaalaaj.u. it. wifciJa. Pa, D
HOVs ami YOUNG MEN privately fitted for
collrre. OsattttMaed ?r rrjertr?! rat.itliiate? roacbadL
Baaiaiarer Wtater. khartbrtdae, kla.ss. k. UOtYafAMX.
|>oV.s nxider SIXTEEN, Yonkera, N. V.
It Tboroujrhteaetttaci kUsdearei i->? rati ?
latabMsblBllliTj BKNJA-IIB MAttOlf.
V.' v.?Propertv. *inr..i o.i. Rill for U wooka, nn.-na
Dee. B. A.M.. m. tur latulunue. Prof. J. T. K?l?ar.ts. H.!>.. Praa.
V7 Tl "I K, New Haven. Cet_k, Oeneral Kussel '? flobenl
Praparaioijf teeaUeaa, scieatia. seboala at baataaaa nor.
sasa ptiysif al irslnlns br aUlitaiy dalllbta. araiBBsilft. A a.
Ample i iip.,rin ii lu fur alaletjeaamea, rowing. <te.
?FAMILY Bad DAY SCHOOL.?New-Bntitin,
-!? < 'onu.- Hesittirsl to niTe llmroiifrli In-ll u. iIon and till
tarata u iuu.na i.utuiat at raatbk AAabjaas D. n. t'lbti",
<-.?!. r, Maa. f. ii. MKII'Al.r, A. M.. KUpe;l!il<iHti-tiL
JITTLE BOYS.?Special a<lvantac< <: lowei
J rate? : Heat?lini: seiiiKil l..r K..ys i sublistie i 1 *?.*._. h.
mason, Youkers, N. Y._
\1T. Plenaonl lust.?Prixate claasca for boys,
atl Amtierst. M <s?. estal.. lnoi. H. r. NABU.A. M.. Prm
I hi-iiil for lllustrat.Hl iilly paire ein ulai.
I iil> KTEI . l ti u.
Ctvfl f npiuecrinp, c beuii?trv. riasm - and EajrUali di rn ? -
inataiiM CBsaaelTBAXX UTATT, i n . i.
For Youn_- Ladies?Country.
Ja Ma ble beet rank i baa eeleetle tad artsawstary Deaan
sasata, aad aaaarlar a.t?-s.iia?.-i> in aiaals ami sri . ter?a 'and
Hate. A du? ta> Bar, A. w.cow] kh ia 1>, Mia -a, n. v.
1 N.-xt sesaasa beajUSJ si-pirmiiei In
?2R0VE HAI.I.. New-Haven, Conn.?MIm
ri02td POB womkn. Tbesereatti exaailBaitaaanil
bsaMWaMaaatty,MayBa. lsn.-, laCaubrtdae. New.Yur?.
Pliilso^.pins ami Ciiu iimati. Por total ajBtl'ss arlil ..-.s Heere,
tsry ni new-York laseall ' auattteBMI Kact ?Jjtli-st..New Vork.
at I Bt II? ?11, .rn yaun:: is.lie-t 'i arrvtown ou-tlu ? II udaon,
1 "It rOVMti LADIKS,
BlltfJ mm;, n. v.
Ahi if ni niid Mi di-ni laaapsaaaa Panflnt, Music ami the
?-. , ?-.* .,!. I...i ..ratorr aial Appkr.itii?.
_Rct. V. 1). RICK, Prlnrliiil.
WILSON COLLEGE for Young Latdiea,
i bamberaburg. i'enn.?Fall BWf opeasBeptetlBer IB
Kiit raisbaiBttaaaawas .miss a. r. OOOlaaaUuU Cady nbi_
? " Mass.. ?ni lie-in its terty-Bftb itIukii Tiar T-nrsdiy
Septem tier ii. Fur nii.it mal Inn apply to Sllsa a. K, CA BT En
or ii. A. I'OBll. eso.. Norton. Mass.
For Both Sexes?Country.
Boys ami GIRLS educated in ? Family
Bdseeti uiiiier iioui.- iiiuiieiici?, ateaWaai saeeets; (.-leal
rlarsams. a.i..n?a iiev. j. u. iiacukldob. a. m..
Powiiki. Vatasaafc_
."...I.?Beat ami latgesl ball.ntij( in the stats, ln.tr ir:ton
tl.nti UKl . Until ssies. Teil <le|iarttneuts. Klflh rear ..|.ens
Kepli-mlier ... i?L".'a per y. ar. I'aUiuKUoS lies. lisr. (ji-.a
Ii. VI 111 TN IY. 1?. L>_ Ptesi.lent.
qhambersburg (IVnn.) ACADEMY.
Patents dcslnnt a seh.s.l le.th -oort BBiaBBap wl'l p'.sas?
leuuire into Hie tin rite of Uns on
' J. a. SHI .1UKI.lt, Pb. I).. Prinripal.
nBGARMO INSTITUTE, Rhrnebock, N . y..
fits for t'ollette or fur business. For t atalogiie and par
tiriilars aJitress the rriucinal.
_ja.MK8 M. DrGARMU. Pb. D._
I Baalltbi lai'iii, llBBB ami lirean lessons; terms BMaV
erst.-, ma it v tt. OOODMAIt. Ballsbiiiy Mills. OtaaceUaL,
,S. Y._ _
a miisstii in NfjW.Yurk, a ?. ek iM.anl. wastonr. t U'i ??!
Sin Ike iiiaiforta of a I'oauiiy tmuif, acbnUr* rss-eivoa luolu
ri'atar. iluilm the Summer's vacation. Fur partiou.sra aup.r
to Bra 11 ('. MONKLL Maniitsaet, L. i.
JANUARY ?_'.?Niw euMBBi bib ffirtnoil at
Claverack lolleae an.l Ifu.l.-oa Kiver Institute, a teBaal
ot !? 1st rank, ?heie i ms ure Utoroiuybl) Blted lui col lere tad
ini?:ii<?- a fi ii nsliet ? r-araa f..r inrtr. IBaHar. AIAiNZU
FLACK, Ph. i>.. Prasldeat,CltTtracb. N. v.
1T1 i'.,|).oMvil> I'enn.: fA? per f|u?rter. atudsios pre
parrd for buaineaa. Vsie or Harrard j ur.f ela.s pr..f. ?..ir?.
J. HH0K1 LJIXIK, a. um rttostAaal
1" ion. snsa \ I niintr. N i.. reo|H>na Kepteml.er n for
Dialea anil females; etestxliualy heallnv. e.i.ueul a-i.v. n
an nt ami ( hti.tisii taBBeaeea ; timr. n-h ta nt for snr aM
le#e or fur bualurts; BUOOayear; sen 1 for cstal'iiciie i reter
?n i.id ?tuli nt* J. Fla vi-1 Mi Ore i.i^i?; Jude? Julia A.
Blair. Jersey city. av. b. hTKVKXm. A. M._
PARENTS tri ailing a ?ret-i'laaa BOARDING
1 bC'UOOL l-ii tiifir il?ii|;litera, h< luellke tad NBaTddL
please address lor liicalar?. M. A. P . Lock Baa Si. Maw
Mliford. ceaa. _
penn1ngt0n SEMINARY, Tboa. M inion.
M. I>. I'.. Kenn It (Mi N. .!.. Ji.r ki.l'i ?ete.. We eacelln
Lraltliluliii ss. i.iii.ei a n.r, iliac.olibe, lliuroucb teaehisc
I . ine (nmiorts aiul mone.uie i harass_
?W?B iiiMOKE COLLEGE, mm PhiladeJ
\ ' ,i Under care of irwinds Ban setna tdaUltad sr.d
reefive the same ilfKtiwa. <-.ill<-?e Ooafwat??SltaMeaL -sVi.-b
tiOc. I ualish, Noiaial Depuriui< nl. Fif naratorr and Mn Isi
e.-b. i"i partliillais a.l.li?-?. KlilVAKli II M *'.!! I
iTfeidriit. swarthmore. In iawar, i -u, l'.-un.
CEVVARDIN8TI1 I I E.-A Female s, ,,,,^7
i ' stel li'-ys- lli'h s.-boot 't ??> IJoardln? ^eh(K) ? iitider.H, ?
manakftueiit B-mKIS ?.-ar ; uui.li at; 1 modrra lautriiareasr.
tra. Addlesa Her III..MIV A. HAI.i.oW, A. ITlliol iSi
Klurlda, iirapue Cuuiiiy. N. Y. _[_.' **
st s professor's ftuiilT at Bettin. Oeruisny, Kngl.ab and
French spokf n. For uartiiulara aildreaa 111 DuLl'll aoKU
rtKK. lUH-kiHle. Coon.
\ ]? r qnaruT; itorkianti i om-gp, .Nvai k,
03\j\r s y. both setts, opens its wuitrr satatoa laa. t
haini tor oataiogwa. w. U. ba.v.m- i i n, a M.
perqnRrU-r; RiM-kland ('ollege, Nyatk,
A PPARATU8 nid rUBNITIIBE of all kinds
/\ fol iili.Mil?, iii ikIi ml-", eullegos vnl halle . send fur eata
Mm n , k c it.PRATT .tin. I4taa4 144OmItt?MUT,
tava 5chool?.
V ALE Law Srliool.? ReKOJBf eourse, 2 rcira:
1 Oi tnualai oiirse (for degree of IM'-ka 2veara Kalltar.a.
HHl|>l irr A.:.lies? I'mf. W AVI.AM) NewHav?n.Ot
IDannna ^.a?fm.e?
LI.EN iHiDWiiKTirs
. bchool i ob DAJtona
Si-mi for i irrnlars.
?nil latt.n es? .im f<n f I. A. Sl_. Tribune orbce._
4 LL wAiitfnfr TEACHERS, School*,or PnpOa,
J\ BddreM 'Am. r Kdurjilmi.il I'nion."7U7 lioadw.iy. S. ? ?
ALADY ilojdre.? n position In a family a*
bartrartren; arqnireneata, higher Rngllah hnnehee,
iliank ? in mum. . Addreaa PBKCKPTBItBjH, mallow E._
APOREIGN GRADUATE wants a situation
a* aawfeaanr la . laaalna aad MAara laaaaayea. ? It bar id
a eoUege or private huaili vita levee front refereaan m
one plsre. Andrea? llr. E. X. ii., Tilbuiie ''Wee._
AREFINED, eximriooced nml energetic 1 idy
aaaBea a aaatthM of iru-' aa i ooe< v. .-? ar, b*fr*a eenpao
kaaoreanaao astroetieaafyooagel.lldreai lefereocn <\
? i,?na 4, AddrreeMleaL.B. JB* OaravaB, no* si, OraaB*
t'nuii v. N. Y. _ _
AGENCY f?r r^H??Ts and TEACHERS.
fatr>micrti ami i. mart .( mm Iba Indlaaedontert 1' ?'
rOwafry. Kamille*, i-elicois and Oatlegn promptly prowlol
withaiioen.ir taaebara, grtinatreof heal Amenaar an ' Par
rtra ecu tear* Head Bar eiteolar. T. COTE8WORTU "im:E
NBt, DOMESTIC Kl ilium;, cur. Broadwayand Uth-at
,'i an EN try latrodocpo to eaBnea ?rine.li mil ra mil I et
npenet ptoateaant. pmetpels. tootof aata, toteea and ns
? in. -s ?tun ti i v department of Inarnct!oo.reeonnM udagood
aohoola la pareaia, rail eaereaVtrrm Mleall.j. voi nu.
Aii.rri.'iiii ami i i.reimi Teacher^ Areoey, tM i'm to torn ire
UE8T TEA'ilERS. Am.-Mian nml FcTOtSTi.
i rnniptiv provided i n families, s. in nls, eel! egos, l W.
si iii UMKl'lf'.KN. m i n?t Mlli-f, aetrotory Ata.iiinn
Bebeni laatliate niahBahod is;..
li lint. Ill liilin. in i.l . I ..ill. , A. All iii i. M. 1.1.1'
TRKI. IBS We?i fMasel . el Cntnmbta I a ? wo na Uea. Tie
Sen,., lot n.el i'listnr si. Cod's. P :p isotn 1.. \. ur - ,m ??? -fu
lead lag ra laanllea al ? ealtb a ad raltare.
PRIVATE IJ>S<?N.- in(TitaiTira, alaoFnnrh
I mi i !'ni.'ii-ii. Teat In nlaia (ran Xeaara, itaaart Banner.
a. it. Weiaatre Hun l' a OaaAllng aad alaera .v.f.'i m
TRAC1IEP, Mux J'?. Tribune(rfllee._
rpi:.\('IIKi:s aupnlird to achoola ami familifa
I wiiheoteKsrni Mlei ii.iuirv h i i i < ?.I. BUUOA
rniuiinoiis Giaitk'O- J cmaics
J\ uh'k i KIllt'EE Wil t. BE BEt-KIVKDATTHKHP
TOWS OiTICEB No. i.'2:i?? Brocdwtr,eornei Phirtj Irtl
ft., or BBII West Tweaty-lBirdatL, eorart Elchin its
Ka M Baal Peart mill l? cornrr r*r ? ennre, 7i*1
iliml a\e.,e.ir. Kailv ??? . mi'. ?i. ..i i IATU.RM OEl'lt'E
Nr.. 'l.*2?l Third-ave.. But IBie-bttM 1: I lw< tanrtl ?(
iJlai Icni Savings liai.it IJ.n .iing). up to < ,-. in., at rtgaai
i t in rin. ? _
4 COMPETENT ?liwaatnnker wilh fro -
a? if e? would bko a few atnre cnaloaiere i aaaaal f the
day. Aiiilr. s OliKM-SMAEEK. N?. .1" i Ui-eye.
.'1 fei l,, in in? beteli red ill otben aim w>nl :.I i
I la, < rll ai rt ul gtrit tad a oatea ; i..r i ity or eonntrj . ?... <
io sioi the limes t alea aaefui j.r girl ttal aaree*, At.i ? -<?
raa'ebelp. PUOTiCHTaNT UOBE hUUBAC. lBI0th-ave.
luurtii aeaae tbara IOtt st. _
\YOUNG polorpd irirl woaltl like ? bRob*
Ihm sea. i.-id's antat et to do i ghl taatabarwi ih. full
oratMirrae No. :t ?ib-avo _
AI" Mrs. K?ll.\'s. 1.18 Wist Uth-at, corner
atharre-eaaht faandaf U tapp'y or mile adleaMlt
htb> i "t!i ?'ho oh.- ?n i Prat aal .in. f'?r attar tapaeltjr i tea*
ten a.'i in . omn i dad 1 eie . i atttod ; " ''eii by m ill receive
limn hau-aiii nii.i.'ii aocbargeaati tattta
YO?NG SWEDE, only a fewweeka in the
aaaairr. oaatta a place bi a private famiiv : kt boaeet,
eatiaraed trilling to aiaae blatten graorallf useful, i.... i
?dBreat TH EoixiHE. Um Kaai lath-at._
Af THE LAlJlEh' BLTREAU (Swediah),US
Baal i am s'., is loa ad th ? hrst of feat by help,?.? edleb.
i-1 each, Hwiaa Oeratao, a a re'.lable Proi ainai holuai-..'i
naiems: BrahJ ami feina'.'. 51 lie. AUTRIDA KKbTBObl,
pii pro tre??.
\YorXli LADY waiiN t-iiiiviiif.' ur envil
opes utBhrael ai haata, MO Weal Mth rt
p?MPANION, be. ?n an Aiucricnu lad* as
v.' rtmaaolaa to a partial bjva'M.or chlal'Bcoaipaaloi?,ta
??-i?- in Hie eure of llirni i er paeltkNI ns a?l-lant in etalMNI
rayeton dtt urelerred; Beel city retatraca Aadreaal*.
i, Ti ibbbi i punt i other, I.2M Bread way.
/ HKiK.?I'v an exceilciil Srotch woman; i
V, it c< > i riaik at every breachi eie Us teeni?. aeb. game,
p.iuUi v, Ae., in snpetier ityle j aJeo vaeelteoi baser and aaa.
irv ooukvf rip nt uot . ? ii t ui i nui.il.. Call at 211? 6th a. e.
i oar IKUi-et.
C'???K. ? By i neelalilt :.? ? 11 vnv rapahlc
J Preli itea I waoaui aa toed alata eant aal da tan nl
no waehllM I ell tHaal < uj Iwheretaa. tbl Waal Bethat^
rear, room ft _
(HX)K.?A competent woman to cook, waah
J and iruu; Itagaed hateri call latttaaet. na Waal
44tb si.
(MDOK.- Ercolleul run]., in a private fnmih
/ ttiu aaAecetaaaaall kliMteat m-?t?. aans*< htiaA Ac.t
baa 'he very !..-i ttu refrtcaee. i'l-a i audrrsa . xri:
KIENC'RD, careof Advertising OBlcc aus Woet .'.at st.
/mi<iK.?A Srotch Proteatanl woman a- ti;-;
?bmaeehiaaaeerve ahnen tu partlee labteti jrb |
expert at baking pasutea, and all klaAt id doeaert i bnt. If
refeienee*. ('ad at 1S1 K si 18.1-fct._
CiMiK.?My a btcadv, romiielent woman, who
Is a geadaaaB iaevery brcacb; bothBieal anlp ^' ",
in 'ker i exeellenl aoni* biead. '>i enlte, a a.) a .11. .. the eaai a
waalnag If Tetii re i itaei ant obho i.... i.rdieg-bouee: c
r. i. s. i.. i ai lira. KKliLi HM M > M litb si., eataar
Btbstve. _
(HH lK.?I irat-claaa German cook : nndpratamla
J tO kladeofeookiagi htatetty nfeTtaaaai ?uiiuthavr.,
ueal -a.: si., liral Uuur.
(XX)K.<?Scotch Proteatnnt rook and latm
J ilre??. ? Uli mnicliter 1 ; j-enr. e|.l fur dkttaherwwrh Biel
lonadtaBeni toaefali trillgoferataail nbtry,aeabiaaeU
I.erred tu hlmn waoeaj twai raforaneea, Aennee >l . Bei
IIa. Tnlraan i pt iwa (HBeei I,aaa Bieoaoaj
(mhiK.?llv an American Proteotanl woman.
j agaaAjraar^ with beet reeianaaeadatlnaa i is aa txeet
Ii-Iii e eat, full el satires at t Alll'KN rKU'H, IM I,II. ave..
near 9th st._
(HX)K??By u capable American Proteatanl
J Wtna ? : meal*, sunns, t.ri-a'5. bl- nits, rake. |atH ??. .!<???
?ert* Ac: furiiivnr rnimiri : lias btel ui referracca At
the Pltot-EM'AM H?ht A Btl BKA U, l" till, ave, -1 ilisits
above 10th-?t._
CooK ANT) LAUNDRESS.?1.4*16 Broad
wsv.neai ^iitb st.?iiv twoaiBiara(Eoglbtk PntaataaiaK
aaa aa aot4 caah aaa axaaBtoaa i k,ms'> rdotvam i IhoaUnr.
lately la.i'le-I, l<. as.ist uiel tuali^ beraehl g. ie ial.y u?. lul;
tt a ? * *? i ? n Bath an ni>j., i i.s a goad haata.
pOOK, WASH ami IRON.?By a Germnn
gM i eaa atek. ?a-.li aad Iraa aicelyi elty or eaaatri
good rrfcrencea. Caa be teen at the PKOrEei ANT IIOmK
BVBEAC, l as i.th ave. 4tb in.use above tela-at
pO?K, WASHING, IRONING, \r.?iw two
v> Piwhaataai gtitx, in any or o>sbbiii aak i ooaraeteal
eaaaihetnaMaad waltresa ot avaaral beoorwork, ami mi.
0 ark li lee it lugetiier: or will go separate; bey nave several
\eir?'r> file!. At tin I'I'.'ii; S'l A \T HtiM E 1.1' UEA i',
1 ;.s inh ava.ii >h baaaa ai>..ve l.'tii ?i.
pHAMBERWORK.dte.?A u\r\ to do ctiam
berwnik nma waltUtr, arwaaM i!" f nraaaworl in a small
pltvate hMUip i Oll'ing anil ein ylnu ; t,ty rt lei rm e. i al.
day* 300 Etat lOlb-et, grocerj .store.
CUAMBERM?ID. - A n i| rctahle Tf?iup
woman as chanberanl I a d ilalu ttwtag, nn.l assist in
irui.ing. Apply 'J1S West .IStli st._
pHAMBERMAID, fuv?Ba a tidy Welsh ?irl;
V./ a aeat> oanpeteat chanhtiaiald aad waltrtati hdli able
t? do the eel I re up .tali s work ami as-ist ?Uli waablttg If ile
sire.i; i xt-i ;ir-1 citv radtttaei s ; a gbrl af eta .i\ kal a.., aba
u.-sires a tteady bulnt- , tiiy or eouutry , -;..' t th av. i.i.ii
1 at bat._
IHAMBKRMA1D.?By a fli^-cla-j rirL who
j tharooablr aoe^eretaaaa Uta attaahtaaad the ean of
i.iii .ism.n- 'in mtnie. i an sew nieep. auo is uf a cart pit anal
Bti a Ith a. 00-' ?ah ave., hatwaaa lata ami lath Ha.
pHAMBERMAID au-l W A ITREi- 8.? Bl ?n
\y Kagltsb Protaataat rir'. very laapeetahla ami wrfl
leiMTiilii-nded : i,.|iipeteO' III .-ithei eat.[\ a-. liaiubernialil
or aailian i Bin aadantaada aii abuai riui.ireo. awiutii
avc, neat if.'a. sU _
a ildy, bright, young girl, lot epy or eaaarryi ran 4a any
kiadofhotitewoilt. aad begeneiailr uaefr' ?? ?-? -
?mmI fereai es. ai the PROTEs i an i
las ?;ib ate. tear door* frota |i th-et.
ly uaefal It* km wi
v BEAMHTRBHM, Bv ? Pntmaal girl, fur alt? or
COnBtry: ?.Min.' mid >>Mlclnu dbtposlllnn ; iru i.1 ril. ren. es
Atlba PBOTEMTABT UOili Bit HEAD, las Btavata 4
door- a's.ve Itdh-st._ ''
DHI'SSM AKi;i{.?An irjrporioiircd dres-mak' r
and nta rator BBM Wheeler A Wllsun niai bine wlslu-s
work l>v iht .lav or with in laaatUn i cuts sn.. nis ., ;,,>? and
tin:.trim's dreasia, and all family aewing. Address MO ssj.
M.\kkb. uox aa, rnbaae Uptowa oBk >?. l.-.as Broadwn,
ORESSMAKER.-All ex|ierienred liti s- umker
W 'Uld like a few atM* eng.igeilienis by the ,j.? nr ,rrk .
Is a lust naea fe ler and trtnunor; also a gcaal hand at in iklng
t.v-.r ? ressea leim, ino'l. late. A.l.lii'S? M. 11, UoX bt I lib
une I'utoaii i ttlie, I.-.' - liritadwav.
LMRS1'-CLA88 COLORED 111.1.1 \~^iTcli ~iTrt
I .k.. ii, ?barnabla, araihreeeee, isundrtase*, geoenl
housew,users, wa.ler uien. Ac: city and etiuotrp. Ordert by
nn.ll uioiiinl.v altemlrd i?: b lius reasonable imi'ltlY
MKNi "l i i? ;.. Ill \s.s: .-.aim.. Barn dour* watt if
LTUST i LASS8ERVANm-EoBllah.Fr?rieh.
1 Swr-tish. and all olhei natlonalttlea, constantly to be
found at Una office vsriut les for a few first i las? itioka ami
i liariiberinai.il. Apply liuiutsilateir. 1.H67 iiroaUaat' ma
Acer Borth ut 3 laid._ ^"
nO?SEWORKER.- By a neat, tidy, intclli
gent ronng Prateataal ?Irl ; will be aent-raily u?eful la
a ft art n in any eapaa uy , eaa to ?-"".i eaaabxg, ami m * ?.?,ii
w.-lm ami I.out r, alii give best nl r. i oniTneielsiiiii ?
wage* nmiUrate. Can be iron at .No S60 Olli aye.. ucai aaa
?t, Crit floor._ 1
I I0U8EW0BK, &c.-Fienrli girl for |,OUM..
nOUSKWoKK:-A Scotch anrr,~a"iila~miTl
?eure, who thoroughly nmleritan.il all kind* nl hntise
bind dotiae, mclaillue luilk aud balter.audis kind tocml.Iren
<au taki a place at on. e , ?Ity nr country ; b??i refnennr*'
would lite a cuniiaut boate. Call at MB UU ava. bear lstb
Situation* t?untci)---fcmaiea.
nOU8RKKKrF.lt.-llr a rmti-Ktsint woinnn
?? imuaekeeper V> so lii-?IM '?'1*. <>r any other I'frtiC
position ; it. inn fin I hi. mum- unite an object than high wagt *
A?hlres*\V. M. IV. VS Prmiiiili k ?t____
HOUSEKEEPER, <?r liiK'ti-rcHini. hotel or m
?tltatloii, in city or rvmrtnr. by ? isastaftsbli ?? - ' ja
UidV. with bMl tefrreme* | i .-??..nable wages only eip.-. n it.
Apply at CAHPKNTKK's*, His. ?Iii nr., nrarflth at._
WAITRK-s -By ? neat, tidy Protestant girl, with
good ifalannaulaUian. who la aa exeeUenl io?k, a alee
washer and Ironrr: als-> a rood rhsinhernial.i and waltres.;
fdtV M country. Apply lit OABPaUf TBB*8, 108 lilhav.-,
near Kh ?t._
IACE GOODS made to order ; also iIoIIh
J .ir..-.*.-.! ? th ladies'n ?afarials . lay hour*-* ftttel up i
?luv. a rlranrd. 7 rent* prr pair : larea. feathers ai d hair
gn-*ls .loin, m lust hty'.. ss!l lith ,iv.., flr-t tt.-t, Mr -. m. It.
BURK K____
IAIT.NDHKSS.-Mv a tirsf-olns-. Innndriss;
J rah pufT. fluete and polish . tliirili a an- h< r apwrlaltttwa
dorn linen l.eaiititull v : lanclve two rears' rrfrrenreefreBB
liei la.l place. Call at BOT iah avc.lict to ea IMA and 86?-?t?.
IAUNDRR88.?WHah I'i..testat t from an rle
J res a poaltlaa at ft rat rlfl?a liiumln-aa ; Is thomuctily
raw .-nt In all r. apt rta : has references trotn tlrst fan,II es.
\.i i. s m. j.. l ot M,Trtkt-m Dplaaa Oatoa, IttM Baaaa
IAl'N'DRESS.?A hiiindres' wishes to take
J iu la.hi-a" ami _c ill- men's at family washing at her own
home; r?s*l reference*. Call for one weeS, :t_f Ka?t .*>lthat.
IU'S'Dl.T.ss.?Mv a rtrrmaj Proteatanl air]
J for rl:y or mutiny i tinitrrstanils ilolnir up ladies'ami
. dleVea'i at iwrateataaad si allBSBia'a Lhasa la But olaaa
atyts I Is w illi'iir i?ido nthi r wots also If re<|une?l. Call at
'itti (Ith- v. e.. near I Mb at. _
NURSE.?By a rcapectable imman, who has
Ii ?veit man] jraafata aaeh of berfdareai la aaerVei
tiers, .-im In luff . Mnir. It up Ol Iii? hellle, aid Ink' full
eh.iff,1 of III. m. Ca* ba seen at MM lithave. bet. I.lh.iiid
.tiih-is. _
Nl'l.'SE.?Ms a I'i ? > tani iT'-mli mil; U
*a I afr-1 ti it He with ekln n irarisra them ta apeak
Preuch la a few months i taken care of ihe*r wardrobe, mi is
t!i t ...i-:ily v.il-.ai le aronad ti.l:r.n ? ail atJA? QU 121*4
KRKNCM HCKKA I , lW- nth ate . tart. :'. .th ami :<t:th st<.
SELECT BorranN. Swedish. En n. h. Entrliah,
and (.erinaii. fef ail i apa* li es, nia Ii- Bad trWJI ?.?!!> ' i
emit ti v. at i._'.i; Bioolway botwrea :t 1 -f ..id l-d-rta.
MRIMsKOLO A I'i ?IMI s (loruiei ly loa K si 37tk at)
SEAMSTRESS &<.--\ ^?anistross. nntW
?t mils ffrwaaai ihm. und all klada al family ?cwim? also
Biaehliic, would aa oat dt tu ilay ar week, or area Id laka a
p. in i ent elaee a- aea aatrea ?. rtty or ? tMatry. Maaaa bbu
at Mil M eel .t.s- at. _
W \>lil\i.. \.-.?A n si i H.ilile aroninn
TT wisia ti to co I-..t i.v tin->:.iv wanhiuc ami itoiiluror
kmiaaajleaail .-. arahl atat r aatk. Mrs. II KM.AN. .' 0 > '
Brc m nan Bui r. t? irk raaaa.
ftttaWtlonf CLni:iico--flliiu's.
t p roWN OKFK'BM, ?... l.'aMNBraadway.aar.Tblrl Irsl
?:.. ar SfBR West ; aeaty talrd t.. miner fcafrtitii irjy
No. '.ft l.a-t I o.i: i. , in I. . . oner Uwlaa swuara, 7<iV
nurd4iTa- . .a i ..ni - n alb a. at Uta o \ iti.'-At orrii 'at
No. SI*U.w] i h..in-... ar.?' i' linadrwil at..; rwaBiy^*wirUiak.
it: i .i i Karinsa baab UabVliaa1 up to i p. m.. at raialai
aabrafataa. _____
\ I'nsi rKiN WANTED l?\ a rounir man.
. _ ffi Bl BUUUtl] ?!'!" ii . . !? 'eli' e and e ? r . lie : ff sal
|. BJiil. i| ?? I I.; u; ? f . I- l.l liti. o. make h ?u-..-I1 lien, at!.
nart? ht renee aad setai o i.iinabe.1 j salary a*objecti
_j.y ir roanlrr, Ado ess ANXIBTY, Bai AK,Trlbaa? Up
tottii "Pi> ??. i,'sm Li adwar._
< OES ! I.EM A N arho haa jtt-t anld out Ins
.A ,,r.i. want a to urai ir- a sliaaUoa for bla ? bmn;
be n a t.' -i e.avs in in In en ty reajeel: ti ferrate of ih. ?? it,
i slioi uddtessJAAIKh. al Jar. wrifbl s haraaaa stara, :;u
?It . rive._ _
1?V \ idl 'NC MAN Cis years of a-c), a L'ood
I? aenmsi usd aeeiamlaBi work at aaythmjr ibat will pay
i nus a ri ? i >i take su late'eal tu eiepioyer*? bastarsai
?.... f.iratau dr?t elasa n fare ices -i? t < i baracter ata Adaraaa
I Ii It., inbuilt- I p'oniiMllirr. l.'.MM Biitaitway._
(mi\( mm AN.?By a rlr*t-etaaa r^hirbmaii;
j aadefafaada bss w?rfc MbseaaeblT i baat of etiy reft
..as Ad..it -su i ii i ,i mi. ... ,. i. I, ,io .. bei wicu s.A aud
KSd-st i. _
|"M> ACH MAN and GROOM.?By a aober,
\j so al,, r<.-I eeta'i!.'man us i ...e l,i, au and irrooin ; jUder*
Btansls but uaslBesa prrtertlr t alabl y ars" rtty latcreareai
eoaaln not<.11". AddressJ. I? Bat Ml, t riLiim Cp
town otiice, |,.3h Rrasdway._
? MiACIIMAN AND GROOM.?Enst-ela-s ni.tii
V> wUImm a steady alaea i U aebrr. pracUeal ?i.d ra table
? nfr ami riaerlenrea ether; nndrrsisads lai-> k_aiae?ala
rrery inapect i beat wtareatea. Addreasot BBll bb T. -CaVD
DKJf.M tllMrva. _
GARDEN I K ami rSKITI..?My an Knclisli
? I I'ia|i atatil married mm. e<-1 4'.' feaia, ome ahlM] | is
fnily i.imp.i.m in .11 bnaeaea of nntswaaaj, giaoubaaas,
rrapei lea, at iidiiiir. pi iusla#t out deal Baa ? r< ami ? <? ratablesi
sis.-' is a aaed cuaraanwi irililaa aaalabibnacs Ih-si reeesa
Biniidatksns. App:> at t'ARPKWTS It s, ins bfb a\> .. bear
I IslayalM'satteavdaat sadralett Isar icar?' firstda?s
.h i. AjMresa aitcnuam',Trtbaaa DptawaOal??,
l.'jds Braadwayi_
KlTCHEN\V?RK.-R -|ii't f.ilil?' Danish man
it kl i nwart ib a batet, Mt EastBta-at., faartb Bear,
Bat k. _ _ _
PORTER and USEFUL MAN for rtty or
1 rwuauy.?'Byaatea ? rt lab.e, taatpataia taaaa aura, at
a iv ?in?tu su i an i aili..?ei. i an lie act it ai the pit' 11 Ra*
TAXI IlOAlK ncUKA?, 13i ttb if*, btaitb baaaa above
W A Ii KR and s 11 It V A NT.?My a vory rc
I t IpectabSB roiorad Dtan, With liest ret. ri lue? : will til
BB e : ?? ..? ?: i.iat.liy. Ap| Ir at 1' a KI'KN I K It's, \OM
Btb-tw . ?n"ir !iih s|. _
W Al I EIt.-Mv i WeM.iitaii <v!hi tlioroiivhTv
* t . ; ?.. la his baslr la, snd refers fa presant euiploy er
ss to ranablNt tea; n. ? ? t. retoitry. '"si ar a4>
nr.- 0 \ I 11..':, .at. nt Mr. I aril.irt n. ;t.io 4 i Ii it ve.
ItVAITER. A Frencbman, who aneaka
tt Kaauaa, sea arha a rapsUe table waliar i wflaap ta
i.i kB hhnai ;i mar) il, tad is ? n.i:i? to accept ni'sl. rate ?au'es;
wonla i.?- ready loraa raaafi aieni.
n'AI TER.?As traitoi in a private faaiily by
at ipabls Btaa, Well lefaaaaweaaaa. tail or addraai
WIl.t.lA If, Ml e.ill,on st.
?ki;j Uanteo.
i PTOWN OKPICKM, No l.'ASSBras . ... .u. l iuity nrst,
i' in attN \Vi?t Twewty-P.lrd.se rear _.trbtu*a*4_
No. fl'f l ast j nurtee'iith si., torur laaManara 7<f0
i hnh . t?l ear. Part) ? >rntb ?i.: at th ? llaii-.B-IorPle'Ps
No '.. js| rhirdsBTa_ oor.Oao-kaadrc 1 il twssily foullhat
iBarb n >.n,ii..? i sak Bull Uaa . up to i j. m, ai legiitar
c?icr -??r._
AGENTS, pi ile or ii tnale. in >eil new frame
f.i, ili., i-:i ,n illy .ni ?.,.ii.1. SHoVK, l.-Jad
I GENTS W \ N I ED.?[asdic/ mid (tentlcmcn
1\ laeaavasa f"t " IJfs sad Trrues of a'llllaaj UeyrtUaa
rl-i.n." (Rherboeks, l'IIAlti.Kii UHBW.V Muirav-st.
\.MERICAS Bien und trotnen nader 28 de
aji Ian to study Biedtrtaa may Ii ml Barai aide and pi..lit
aide aSBBMSyaSral in ii ?iiliil.il mm. Addle.s ii KA I.'l'li. V\\
lawaTrlbaaeO-tea, No. |,v8nBroadwsy._
ANTED.?An EiikIisIhii.iii ", Nintli nl
t t trelaad, unmar'led Bretel ii .1. a? i o ,. Linau and cronm,
in i i,/.ai ? in. .n.J.. Bsasi lb?iioa?aly a-Hiursiaad rare el
im? -a. . snd hate B"Od receraaieudatkMis; wa.es flSper
in.nn J. Bud baard ; a sassi n an will llml tins an excellent plat e.
Addi i. -, " ? .." i i ibiine I'flit e.
(Siiroiifiiit ?\?iicrtiociiu-iurj.
" By - ?Hsasaga aaaw ledaa at baa aataral. ?.? i n n est?
era taeoperstkais af dlfet4loa lud uuUluaa, aad By at intal
BppticaUoaof the nun ara>a*rtAsa ?i wall salai tu i cucim. dr.
BtfipS I Bs provided our Bfiwklaal istilae sritb a debt.. dy lac.
ore., beveraga, srblck may .aw us maay baarydaetar'salibi,
It is bf 'he judicious it?e of SUCtl articles of dial tli.it S e ... .Ii
lelawa iiini ne ?lailaali;* built up until sir eis enaujf'i to i miO
? miv > ii.l.in y |o d.s. use 11 innir..Is ol sulitln BUUadaSS u-*
baauaaarooua as twady ta attack whaiaeat laara is . aaaa
aai?- a e suty e-eajai waay ? ta'ai ikaB by aaopisaa in .. ??
a ell tm mi. ,1 " iih ears nl.ssl and a pranerly uou.iab?dtra.u_'
?iciTii n i vice (laaatts
Itadk -lepiy srlth baUlaf water or mila.
Hold only in paekBjss iBBBbnl Ibaai
JAMIStl BPF? st CO.,
llomienpathir I'tiemlals,
4b i hreauiieedie st., aud 17u I'icoa.llllr,
lawakai B-Mpaas*.
j?aniunut _Vohces.
r^HlilSTOGIVE ri?ricE: TUl on tn :.i!,
1 day ot fJeeaasber. a. i?. 187B, a MTarraai in Baakntutcr
was kawasd acaiusi lbs ostnto uf AI ItTt? i?. THUMP
mi.'?, ol itieCitv ol Neo.Volk in UM County o' .n.-v. Verb
and state of New.York, wi.o nas tteru a.llmtced a bank
rapt on his own petition; that the payment of any
tit ma and BallTary of Uf prop, rtv h sit-Ufa to su.ii
ti.inl.ru, t to him or fur l.ls use. and the traust, r of any
prapertyby blav aretorautdea b? law, laal a atcoiiuao|
the erediuwa of Ute said bankrapt. tu prom l?eu* debts aad
bssbitsaaoas or mure aatajaaas ot ins esiat.., win be bead
at a i inn I ot lUn.i.ipt. y. I? be haldea at So. 7 He. mail?
s'., iii the city of .N.-w-Voik, bafara Jamea K. Dwlabt, saq..
Baci?terl aa lue utli da| of Jauuaij, a. h. is.so, u i
o ciock p. in. LOU IM F, PAYN.
i. s afafabal. at KaaaaaAer. Baatfeara Dntml of Baw-Yark.
Lost and Xoiini).
YORK Tin lit' v k .viir hk BBCBIVBD ATTHB
DP-TOWS OKFICKH, No. l.'.ajs lir.m.tway, cor. rblftf
BlSt >*m or BeSJ \..-.t i weiity third st., cor. KlKiiUi-avo.
No. 0"i Ksat Pourleeuth at., corner Cnloi Maara
760 Ililril sve., cor. i m ti i nitli st. at Die lltltLKM
?' i i il i . N... vi.'A*?i T.nr.1 are., aar, ftaa baarlrad aad
tweuty toutia st. iiunero sarlnaa llauk Uuil.|iui:i, up la 8?
Bi- ? luaalsi o !i< 11 bum
IOst.- Baak book No. '.?....isf, ..i th,- t;77
J Uisn Saving. Hank. The llnd.-r Is rroue.l. d to leave it
at tli li.ui. Il rot laaaaBl re.ior. .1 tuforo tl.o l?t ot |ie
fasaibar, lo7li, sppiicatluu will be uisue to the bauk lor a uew
Jtf Cream.
UONbl Mb!RR i NDKBRTaNi) nils,
AND KNuW 11 Id
a.tn YOU wu.i. DB! Nim iikk.
Dcpou, io.. tin avc.. 1 js-i itrus.lwsy, sud Ii Ctuthsra sl
New ^olk; ib? rill to U .t.. IfiKikljU.
1 MUNI* ft CO., ft* 37 Pars row, Now York, proprietors
BfaeaUBu Aiuertcau , 34 year*' etprrleuce aa S..IU in,ia
of Hau-nu. Used book on Paieois. with lull dlrectlous aud
adv.en, seul ttea.
<?ltean Steamers.
im LIVERPOOL. Duly 'I ransailaniic L. BOd? IM
AMERICAN Fl,Ad. sailin ? evert I It ?:-??? -k . I <
ilfl|tliia. and every Weilnesday from I.I vrrim.il. Extra s.n!l ig?
sil. iiiair Wedanriey?. (iiini 1'idladrlphla, ?It. reale >.i! ir
d?y? Irmii I.Wfriiiail
OHM, Tllt'RsDAY. Dec. II.S?. m.
Hailing every I" d?>a alternately Imm PBHadshjbla nn1
Ni w York, landing passengers within a few hours Mile of lue
Ii.ii hi tin. I Is .lilts (if interest mi tin-1 ontim-iit t
MBDRRLA N l>. HAl UKDAY. i" ??? It,B. a. m.
lor retia of iiiaift unit other infounation apply to
PKl'Kll WHfi.it i a niiNs, Oeaeral Agaott.
.107 Walnut s!.. I'liil.uli-.pliia. .'..' limaon. at, Now.York.
JOHN MrlinNAI.D. Agent. H Battery i.lai ?. Nu? York.
Tier of ( nuiiiaiiy (new) No. 4'.' North Hirer, foot of Worein st
1 ruveilcr? hv'thts line avoid both transit by Knglish rail?
way and tit* discomfort* of r.roaalng tbe rhaam'l lu a small
i a nil a D" it. ?auaiiiT.Wodanlay. Baa. IB, '.' p. m.
AMRRIUUR. B. iiuitla.Wednioder, i? . .4. 9 a, m.
kuan' R Trum lie. Wedm-siiav. Jan 7 I p to.
ikeck?iiiaa a. radii broaaata, of Parti la amooaio loeaax.
LOITIB DB BKBIAN. Am .it N >?. llroadwar.
/U'lON I.I Nr..
\M i Nil! i. HTATB* MAIL ftTKAMF.RS,
Leaving 1'ier (a. N. i< laal ol Ktaa at,
NEVADA.Tl KmIIAY. Der. I?. 7 10?. m
WYOMIRO . Tt RMOAY. la ?i 11 i m
fc*- IBeeestamenare mutt mt mo, at wateraUahi een.
partim nta, ni-il an-liinilsheil witu iwri rei|uialta !?> Make
llie i .n ..n i- ui'io.s ihr Atlantic Is'tb sale aim agreeable, bav
lue halb Moat, smoking a num. ilrawing loom, piano and
library al-<> einem ne.-.l surgeon, s'ewaideaa ?n,l i atarar M
i ai li si,am, r. I he stettnoma are all up' i nh-i k. Ilms nisiir
tag those grrsmtaol of ail luxuries at tea. pocfeetraaUlawiea
ami light.
? \m ; PARMAOB laecerdiae to ?teteroom), ??????. i-aand
aino. i.n i Kiiw i i ia i k. *ni; -ii ki.AOK. at tewratoa,
oKrH k. S)-VJ BROADw \\.
BOTH i..? Iim etaaomn of ihn Line take Lieutenant
M inry'a Lane re ites at ail sea* i s >>f ibe y, ir.
I I I v OP BUUHHKLH. ? ' bs HAY. luv. It. I n m,
< I IV or BERLIK.HAI OR DAY, Dee. aft Mam
Rk t -1 * at i. I ? .saI'UBDav. Jan. ;i. I a. m.
< ITY OP N KW VoliK .BATCRDAY. lag. IB, i p.m.
Proai Ptei a7. v it.. iom of < barltaa ?'.
OABIH, pBft ?s.i auilflmi. lieiuni BaBata "ii favorable
IsTKKB V<ii:. ?-'?. Drafts at lowest rite?.
?jaluiiai. state loon*, aa nWiug and i?na monis imi.i.aip?
'1 |u -?? Bleaaters da not earn rattb. sheep ?r p.^?.
joIPNtl. DALE, Agoul 31 and .la Broadway. N.Jr._
DOR AT. as?i. Dec i!| NBCKAB.sat.. Dee. 27
ItII I.I .n.-at. Dee. BB| MAIN , sat, i.u.. .)
HTEERAOK, s '.o.
Kttarattckataatreataeednice, Prafohl ?it-rra?i> reran
i ali -. (.in.
ateerage tickets to ad points m lha * mil of Kagiaad, aia,
OELRK'HM it ''!?., - lto? ii HI iii een.
? Amilian Parket coapenr'a Uaa In PLYhlOUTM,
( Iii II BOl ltd ami ll.VM lit BO.
s i KVIA.Dee. 11 I PR'RI * .Dec. 2.?
Wll LAND. _Dee. 's HERDER . .-Jan. I
Hau? a* paaoafi to Plr?soath. i :"-. CherhaarK Saaa
bur/, and all pMBla la EBgland. MeotUad and Wales I llrst
i ftbio. gold, ?f!"0; si.oiid Cabin. giittoaOi steerage, i ar
rCBCV.iOO, ? II. I'd IIAKDA il 'A-.'.'i. !'as*. Aa't.
Ri NHAitl'I'.v i <?.. It.,ij.l t iy. No.v York.
a erai \goals Hi Broadat.. Maw.York. _____
?j li.se first ri.iss sieamdii|is a ill regaisrly at :i p. in. from
I in.No. a, Kortk RiTer. m lot lows i
i i i of VERA < itUtV Oapt. VaaaMM.BTaA. Doa. 10
MANTIAOODEC'tfBA. rapt Feate .fat. Dee,
. trconoiodathme ui sorpeaeed). For freight nl pasnsaapaljr
to a ii.i 1AM P.CEYDCACOH N i M BtoaJwap.
LABfTON BROS. Ageatela Uevana. _______
IN a. 8. IJ N K. aiaani rs ? m ? Mi r No, K s. p.. at a p. m.
FOH HAVA a hi .ii.i i.
AND \ hi RA i Bl /., '. I A ii V. ANA
Calling at progreeo, Campeehe ?mi Froatan.
CITY "r N hW-YORX.Samt.lav. Der. la
?( 11 v i.v ,\ tsllINOTON i Karaoa oailrj rhai a. Doa. id
?t ITY OF AI KXAMDRIA .-atinl.t He.. '.'7
? Ml A1 a a la CA It i K. ?s.MALI. PA BLR ?KBViCT
BtramanwtllleaveNewaOrkraaa, t'tr Ik. aad laa '..fur
Van Cnut via Hagaad. rampteo, ?nu Toiaaa, connecting
with Htcaamefar Havana, New.votk.
F. ALEXANDER a HONK, Re*. 31 and i.l ilroadway.
1 Hal ng Irr.? War foot Canal st . North RlTW.
Hteaaiahipl DJ'., Wcdaeadap, Daa 10.aaea.
i oi>ne,'ili.g t. r i < titiar and .smith Am i n a and Mexica
I r-in San I rum I?Ca to Jnpan and ChlM
Bleamefclg ( I I V OF POElO, fatunlav. Dee. '-'7, noon.
11"in Bon Kian. :seo la Hoaetalu. Newdfnelaed aud aos
troll., i
Bteaaaafent AU8TB tLl t. Naadajr. Dee.la, tmon.
for freiaht er geaeral mferaMtloo. agaly at tompany's
i Bl e, ?>U pMf font Bl t'aiial-st., Noitn lllver. . ?
Paaaeaaen lerwarded to BAR FrtAMCORJO. ? INDWIOII
I I t. aoUTII ami .H AN, OXNTBAt, AMKBD AN and
MEXICAN ?''?Bis.
FoC ink. it n information in rrgaid to r juIi ? apply to lue
Pa ??' tiger liepartiuenl, No. '.'67 Iti'.adaay.
o. r.BKW lt_, EL J. BIT.I.AY.
lieiicral l'aaeenger Agent. _ ouperiBleiideaL_
li Steamers leave Co?, l'ier. adl l'?v, ,i. i l-rrn . Ierser0.tr
,i me ltA.4 ."_" dap. Dec til|
?,fV,_v . W ,slnes.lat. In .. ?l.
i?tC?t>in. *ti.'i-+70. Jii l aMn. tt.', t.'.o. -t.-.-rag-, t-'tl.
Ii. i.'A/.aCX. Oeneral Ageui. i!7 south William ?l
FORI ii. BD\ i. a i... '.'7 aootaWil tarn n., FMahi a<m.
la w . MOBHia, .^o Breed war. Ueoeral Paaaaga AgeuL
Mi l Ii ! i ?e steaiui rs of tins lane lake the : . .<? Boiita
ittaaiairadid by Lieot. Mamy, c. s. n., aahalh Maaatwaai
ai,.I l one tr.ird t in ages.
Bill I IN NIC, i apt. Herrr.Bat I?e. la. 6 a. Bs,
.\D.il A l li . i ap . Jrnmugs.Iloirsilair Daa is. II a. in,
uebm a Me. cspt. Keine dr.aaiaidar. Dee. vT. p. m.
FROM iui. W_ITKBTAR DOCK, FOOT w. loi'lt
Than sieann rs are unifonn In size and iin?iin'as-e.| |a a?
aelatatea'a Tha Baloaa atataneaM, ?-iii..kiiig ani natu
reooMara placedamld?hlpa. ohaniha aahta ami aaariaa are
? ? -i U t. aCardiag a dagna ?f matact ktiaana aaaiia ut da
at ?e i.
It At i s._>;i'?oii. ??>?. ??dand fllW. -teerage. *Js. lUluro
Urkt ie mi favoranle terms.
These strain, rs i any neither rattle, sheep nor ptga>
For iiisnertiou of plaua and other informatioii apply a* the
raonany*? oaaeee, Ma jt lltaaaaaj. Boo Vertt,w 140 Wat
liul-st . l'liiia.lrlpliia. B. J. IXihrrla, Ageui.
storuonnioti Xotites.
Fixakcb di raaiaaai, t
B0BBAI roa TBB t'OUaCTrOX op TAXBa /
No. a*j chanhon. i. .>n? toaa. i *i, ,t>~j. >
V(H I? E i?? i AX-PA. ERS.?ALL PI K
La moisn w im itAVai i.kiiiiiai ro pav THatia
TAXkO FOR IHK YEAR two ?re aeivO] aetiaea ?? iw
quired by i.tv to pay Iba same to the ueei Irorof faxea, at lila
aflha en et balan loa ist,.t i maai>. : aao.
oaa per eaai win be eattaatad aa all taxr-t paid be
f..e the lfttti .tar of Daaanhar, nataatj I p<r cent
on all taxes paid on and after Ilia' date, and Utter eel
at II." rale of 2 per rent p- r animni. eonpoted from
the ^7tb >.f (ii tni.er last iihe day aa erhiek tha aaaan
in. in reBa and aranaata wer.' dativeaod to tba Kocelverk
mi ...I taxi -1. ... ut.l. g unpaid on ami aft. r tho i-ald l?t day of
Jau.iaiy. 1880.
Nu aaeoaf win ba laaMvad after - a^ahnt p. m. OnM
In,in x friilii ? a. in. to V p. i i
Beesten of Taxes.
(TojjartneroiHD Xoutes.
v< i I'li'K.?I Im copartnarahip beretofore rx
11 laiii^ lu I?it u II. C. WILLIAMS and I!. D. sKINNER,
under the no. I H. C. W1LI.IAMB A Cfk. Is this day .11?.
anlveti by motaal eoaaaat, Mr. akiaaet 11 lirtag tut i etrOBx, if.
C. Williams n ill .. i I up tue business, using the unue nl tue
mm In ll'i'ililMiinu.
Ii. c. W ILlIAMB bai neaatatad ?Hb bhaaaM khan k r
wiliiaM"., and ihatr business hs Hankeis gad Brokers,
-aid be enittaaad under ibe same BCM . of H. C.
WILLIAM's A Co., at same jdai'.'. Wail st.. Ne*.\ urk.
Dac 171871, H. C WILLIAMa a CO.
ome? or 1.1.no a Mi kk?n. i
is Wai: o., RBW'Yoaa, Dec. i. 187a. 1
HPHE UNDERSIGNED liavp tiiia itaj forropd
1 a i < parti.. rsln|i for tin- t'.ttea.-ti.'i. it t !:.? .it" t .? s.l.'.tiss
of a general COMBRaMM busini is IB Kailwsy -tiH .sainl Bond?
ami i.i.M iniiieiit and Mlsi ellaiieiuis Sei arlnee.
10bkph P. LI <>YD,
Member nf N. y. s?io.k Ext bange.
P. C. KINOSLAND. O. P. LLOYD-spetaal.
?nemeeo (Zlhances.
4 NV LADY oi-GENTLEMAN tttTina;M.000
i\ tahtvannlaahaant%eoeaeaafat aatabNahn aodaan
pn lug over vai p. r oaol anuuailv tin ajaatteriji isiyiuniun,
wnh an ahootalB aaear.tp for moiuy iuvibIkI, addrtsa
win i HROP, Tri ban diiivtv
ara TP >N, wldrli will revolutionise ti e heating Bad bgbtleg
of tsaiktmg? and running nl si. am eutn. e-. is ready luC IBUO
ifnetn in here, llie m,.?t nail aXamlUBtloa eottciled. Arm
Unnau .a rharat'trr, wim lias or Baa ii.llin uee capital, t an
havaau oppul iiinitt svblom oileied in r, all/.. a I,utulle. 1'riu
etpalaaal) addreaa, PaACTICAL TrthnnolBco.
iUaroie uno Slate XUantel*.
a t Oratea opeu Wooti Furee, Plaster ceatmi
atataed Olaaa, Doura Wladaiwa BBada, Ar., *e.
Largest aaaavtanal ami lowest prleaa. Call an i examine.
Blt.Vlil.KY A i t l(ltli:tt, Si and M !>? I it.
_?raleo and Xenoers.
Tbelargrst manufacturers of low and half low Oratea for
cither b?rd or softcoal, with ditmping H shaking attaeli
ni. nl. biasa nnru I in plates, uiib amareua and basset
grati s f?r anotl files ; brass Kendels, l ire Sela and I'oal lloj*
ul ?attQM? ?n.l Hindern .1. ? gl,?, u i...Ii -a,e ami retail.
Ratmialra ?Min )?? Iiilll.Ii-r?,t'tuilisi lorsaud architects.
ja.-. OOBOVRP a cm . Md ?ml MoOaaalots N. Y.
waniifacturvit by
111 Klimmst,
.M.in 1 for THE ORXRRRAT KD "WOoiu.N ? DBB)C
H.ni. DBB KB FOR H ?' m K UaH.
tionoeo nn? ttoome CUanted.
AGENTLEMAN of bmrbo la dBoiroao of
aeeurlug a Br?t etaaa lurtilsbrd bouse to hire until May
?rat n. it, and fer such a oue ?? will be suitable he a ill pay
from |7%0 to tl.tsNi per inoulli. Aildrras. slating arrange
Bient of rooai?, b II LUDLOW ,t CO., a Plae-st
WANTED?To purchaae or leaae. aix or ei_h!
lot* ?ontii nf 4P? si., between lllb aud Madiion ar. r
JOHN B. COLEB a CO., Vi ,H iiroadwa).
Nf:TV Yohk. Saturday. Dir. 6. Ifff,
File fallowilf aal?* were held at tin- F._.
rbaage Paletreea todae
I . . . "* A. If. Mi,lt*r a> Vn.
1 ?ai.< rr brown atone dwe'llng with Int. No lit vVe.t
45th .t. n a. ? n ri w ?f 5th lot III 10X4 ite
baaaa l?Mi)rani...?35,17?
, . ..... ?? K. II. l.uil'ow at Co.
I frame'.mid.n* v: u 4 Inl* o a Kwl ]".fh st. ron.
rniigiiiraarn lo mot. ?t, 2*3 ri ,. ?t latera, earn
lot 2 i.<M.|i . i.crmsi la life Iii? i o. 11.000
... Ww AT A". Um m nun.
- 4 Morv orlrh hnlldings wit', lol. No 72 Kldrldgr st.
a a, .-.j ft a of omni at. lot 2'.xs7.H ? Ji,? lianall.. 10.000
, ? It u A J. mm Bar ^ - /
1 . alorr frans limitr with lot, No 2,o7s) -.? ire ? a
corof l-rifi .t. lot'.'-, o imott,-Lonor-o . ?..3.4
? . . .sr?o a- M*,n.
2 lot.,, a M.tf >r. Mi f. w of ( nrtland ave. Morn
aama , f f Itriigman. . j^ooc
tra tob? ?irr
Ooerr? sf, \o? M .,i,t M ? Max A M?ller to vVsidn K
Knllei ami II..? Merchant.' I,..urn .e (??,;. .in ?I
Norolk ?f, .No .7 , v. :,, A lloj.l. referee, lo J r B.,w
,. ,un. ?.500
< aamweeat. . a. lota Noa Iis ?ml i!!'. ftoi.V.? lrreg.
iil..r K 0 Hale, referee, to Unland K Knottier . 10 inn)
C.llf..I, i, ., \m 3.i7 ft oof ron. or ave, VKiS^xtT.d:
faaaBkOaaru bm abt?te a raetaOttrr 1,571
flli ira . a ear at loOtlt st Mi . I ?.'no . Auguons I?
{Qf?ll Mal another, exr. niora. etr to < omella
Vi li Oman. . 24 out)
t>xin?toii ave. e .. l!".2 fl n of 7?5lh ?t. l7x7o jmm
K M? i dm aloI wife lo Augustus I, I., in Ion. 11,000
27th st No 12* east; Helen M (.ial.ho.nl au.t husband
to Kllcn ? Ilium.1 n i- i
A lib ?t. . .. IftO ft w of lit are.'.'5x100.5; N II Tamer,
n f. nr. loj V TanpHii (? hain'erlalii i. e o. ?j
T71 B a. 15.1.4 ft w nl Madtaon av-, lii.Htlir. 2 ;
(lara f. Wa'ter arid huabanit to Anna K Uaatlaa 37 J00
132d-at, n a, 20<i ft a of Mb are, l7.x'.Hll. i has W
l.avtoD aU'l wife to John M 1'lD? kn< r 17 500
Mia -t. ti V."."..7 ft a- of 51 h ill1, 21.5x100 5 ; Irving
t ai ls to John C Whuier . 1
U'.tb ?'. n s, i2."> fteof 2d.ve. 5"xl0O.5; ?i.derlck
Itn.i' and a fe to oho Livingston 7 750
l.iHthst. a ., HNifi wnl H'th-av.-. MllMi a'... d a.
l.Mliat. 150 fteof llthave. 50x10.1.10. n .,
J'?ih to - a l.'ieuh st. .'.is, fl w of IfNb-Tt l..o
I.'' o i and al.o w ?. loth ave, 75 ft s IMlih at. >0t
hni; ?VII i.. onar.1. refere". lo otto K I isher .
Old Paal Read tS4lb Want . arrea; caihenue t;
I.lies an I ha*band to llnrrall llotfiuaii- .. \
Harne awpartr. llnrrall Hoffinan to W lllatu O '.lbs >
1st ave, w s, 100 il s of 70th st, 5N..lx'.i3xlrtegu.ar; Ja?
cob J lb s. n.t.'ln and wife to M Kr Irr. 30.000
Hire-i er st. .N'(i'.45: II K IlSTlr?. Jr, IH< trf. la 1 Uat
Herr. 10.550
Nth ave, s a cor 124th .1, 2.'..2xlO< Harth t ? Walter,
rxorutnx. etr, la Kutdirin a M < onm I2.*t)0
fllh are, w a. M 2 fl sof 12lth-sr. re .Hxlrt ?; Annie A
Ateol-and tin.bund to Kllpliemla e l oflil) h,2iN)
fl7tli ?i. ii ?. Mfl w of Madison ave. B0xl<KI,5; Vt illian
II He Ton -t au.t sife to t'.ernaid Maldaaaj 100,'.WO
Nolli-.l, ... ltd m . ,.? 1-i...m , j ox !? js.ob i. Ho
aaaatl la and wife la Morr ?K. I<r. IH.OOO
Min, ?t. s . |o,s Nim II. :tj, :i:i a ad :(4. 10w.109.tj j
J !(<?. nafi In and wife to W Kc. I>T .. .&??<><}
4Cth sf. i, s. ,.2N.7 Itw of 5:h ave, _i.5xH?> 5. Joliu
\t heeler to Irving Karls. l3,iNg)
M.i UNIM i? vi'ittr.* t . ;?
Andrew. J | to Itlaa I? atiilp w and other., n sCfutn.
I^rs af. w of l enlrr al. ,'. rear.. .
Aylward. I and ? i'e to Adrialde I. I'ai O.a. Mil sf,
w .d 1 Ith ave. :? v. ar. .
lief ta Al la A Bad wlb*la the New York Utk la
surjiiee ( .anpaoy. n . V'.'d-?l.
*.' 0
<-.' ? I
Itr.eti.h Marr K HnC F Klrblaad aad ataara, tr?s?
te, s, etc, s ? 10th ?t, e of 4th ave. i yen.
Oavi., Aiin K atid ItilsbMiid to Maiv i ( ..u.t.ilit. e ?
la-xli. 't?.n av.'.s of lO.'ilh st. 2 mortgno ?. .1 lie ti'ha
total . 7,000
Famuli., s || n. r ami l. M-i'iha. h. n?l'i;M d.wof
.d .ve, 1 year... . ll.iiaj
Oaariet, Maua L la Eliza A Bert-lid. ? i 23d .t. w of
tiih ave. 1 >. ar. 1,500
lilies. V. ir.au. li aid wife Ins Duma!'. i Id I'ni-t Koad
(over 30 acre.), ?< year* . . 50,000
Herr. Rllae a?4 baabaad ta li irlaar, ft a Ml UaaM<
er at. I yeara.. .. 3,5o0
Jeaaa, \ n aad atfetatr u WbatJav.a a Tltb-atj w
of'J.l av, 1 in u.tlis . 1500
k> in r. M ml w ' ? ?.. Wnl.am i-olsaie . sT'it'i.t, a
of 2i|.?ve, 2 lu..|'i! i.es. 2 veals, t.ilal . l.OsO
Mil OoL -.nail I aim J. l,n, her busbaiid. to < halle?
M iii/|'?Ii. aiiiT. s a l'.lih-sl, w of id are, IBaaafJM .. r>,4 0
R8BM la r*?r<l .1 tri r.s s tilth at. w of ito ave. u in, n.ha fj.4?nl
Baawe ta Hla*aa Haiulg, a ? MtbrBt. w of ,i.lm>, 6
motilli.. . 6.40<
Mnldoaa ? la Wii.tam h Oe Km.-i, u 117lb it, B of
Ma :l-.,ii av., 0 m.uilh* . 0.000
Stun'. IM ml wife to AM.le f lln-t.a.l No. ais)
Mau,.",i sve .11 I .'H \|..nt<?? si i n.ir. . "?? 1
Trraey, i homas K au.t wile to < aiolu.e 1' \\ l.itl.h'k,
BBllltb >t. a of W?ni.on ave, 3 wars. 5.000
Wilson. H and wile to I'brbe IN Bl -all. n s .'sib st. w
of lat ave. M days. . 6.500
Wiirthinaiiti, Augusta W and hualiand to Col. man
Iteni-d i f and oilier., Nos I'd! and 101 lioerck at,
liiHtalim uta. 1,500
III < Ol.I,I D A-Mi.NMKN'ls Of M'dtin.lnl.-.
Angcii. aaaaaa u to aataa a i;e.tneid. ti
Babrock. h o au.'. another to Kvoiena F Hyou. MM
BalfiB-M-k r. P ta i an.Hue llaiaa. KMB
Breeae, Augusta K. in,-tee ate, la KlBM L I.awr. ui o. 7. .40
l.andinau. Bs? lo William I'emuth. 4.000
Plan. J Maud another, trustees, rtc. to Wiiham II
(lebhsid. ex. cutor, etc. !
Rai.Tg, '? H to M Knoedler. 2.000
same to same. 11.5'0
I.e., . A Is tad another, executors. BIC, to I >iTgii?>n 15.01.0
stuyv. saiit.Amelia tu F sohiiuh.rdt and auoth. i.tius
tees. . 4,000
Vnlted stat. s Tni?t C 'mp .ny *o W Bu.ld. I'J.inhI
Wlnatow, W k fo a lain er. ?
fUU 0B0BD i.l asks.
ticrmnn Kvangrln ai I.uthersn rhnri li of Pt Matthew
to f ne i atpavers' t entral liaum.tti e bank fl.sir of
No ItO Bd-aT?L 4 years, at annual rent ,.f. 1700
Handln, K It to i.iui. s P llyan, s e . or 1 lib ave and
l..ni st. 2 xli'O. 21 rear., at annual rent of. 240
llau.llev. Marr lit?J P llyan.es. Ilth ave, j.t ft a of
lOth.st, 2:txIO", 21 veara. at annual rent of. 210
??itn tifitl (E-Iiue i'or 0?flt.
x\ ave.. m ar 34th at., 24.5x05; wilt be aeld \>-ry low to
close au eataie.
_MORRIS B. BARR A TO , 72 Wut ?4lb-?f.
A.?FOR BALE.?Tlii> ettnpMM i;ii)iii?'t-iin
lsh.dand fre..-ihnI, four-O t i. i leh -t...,p. brown ston?
trout booae, Im i.< t 9 mci oa froi.t :,. i e t,.: la daatfe dot. loo
feei), ?Hu ca. tlxtnres ; between .'.Hi a:.d M.tdlson aves : No.
22 Past ti.'kt.at.; foi $i0,)NJ0. JOHN 1). CK1MMINS. No.
1.037 .bl ave._
5 lot. mi Kir?t ?ve. and J07th ?t. ?? ?5.500.
3 lots 143d .t Bear Kotiievar.l. uttt.Uil.
1 lot 114th St., mar th ave . f.t.'lOO
3 tiew Lous*., teuud f..r ???. 0 . .1. Ii. I'll ' f" eon
_W. H WKI.I.s, H7 l.thertyn.
F"OR SAEE.?The Brit rjjkfj font-simj Utk
slirfip, browu stone house. -27 West 4.','l .t , ill io. !??*
HHl; walnut tiulsh: tear ltr?a?1w?t . nearly BaW| iu gisst
ordt r: all loiproTcuien's. Apply oo the pr.iuisca.
CX)R BALE i t LEA8E.?Thaffw-frtory sforo?,
J li: liifTati.l 241 Piarl .t, botweeu Paltaa aad /?hn. M l?y
197(eet Apply lo uEOUuK i.. DAMP>.iN, .hi liroadway,
loom 13. _
t\)R BALE.?Nok. 20 and 93 East 63il-?t.,
batwaaa Madison and 5th ives., I-t.nv brown aloue
liori.es. rr..lv for ... . iipao. \ : .; '. i. .1 hv days' wora : t<*
location, slyie ?ml size, the chsapr-t ott. red. .vppl> on Hal
prem -es.artoJoHN 1>. fill \l 1N -, 1,037 3d 4TB, _%
? U!TH-ST., tti'.it Sth-ave.. :{ itraj ajaj btJl
?" I ?>-. 001 IPth-at. bear 8th-avi , 3 alorr and baa. ??. ?
IStb-tt, 7t:i and *tti ave.. 3 ?'.>rv and has.
3 tb sL, Hih and !'ih ave.. j stmr Kinr. bas
Also |< ase'iold pioprrty. i i rins easv
OKU W M I IU Kit, 9M West 23.1 at
OTH-AVB. Mid 92D-8T.-P.il front for
sale. Ill I.A .SD A WHI1 I.Nii. 5 li. ? kuian-st._
.> LeOTS, iiii'liidinir full front Kastirly
? lliiiilevard, 113 and 114th sla.. foi sale .'heap. BOYI?
brooliinn Btai (fstatr /or Sale.
BEY E01S IN BROOKLYN, an\w!,. n i , tr
Hie line of the e.levate.1 railroad mow tmlid.iigi at Bat
low pii.eoi B2INJ each, ami you ?\ ill doiilde voiir mom v i? ?
year; the i.ri.lwe and ths elevate.! road eeajatet .. ??,.-?
beaiihv i?.rt inns of Brooklyn are PaBBMtwd aiv'eaibieM
sotn st . New York. uy now ; dun't wait. M :. i.M' 4
9/HlTlNO.I l.eeainan sl_
CH)R BALE.?Brotrn Btona Ivobm In Brook*
JT Ivn. goott locatlou ; 14 roeuia, sin. '.'oxtt'x 10 i: pnee
M..IO0, but little cash Apply 41.1 vv'e.i 4.id -t., Nt w York.
Conittnj iPropcrtn tor Gale and <To tiet.
AT ORANGE, N. J. (neifhborhood spe. itlnV
/rt - l'lopertv for sale and reef : all varieties; greal bar
sain.. KI > W A It 1 > P. HA 411,loN. 1 Si pair st.. N. V. _
|?0R SALE.? A erJVntCT seat of BS ksfTM in
X the I . autlful village of ilenrva . situation rxcrileBti
good binldtiigs and aniiu'anre of fruit, a rare .-lioi.-s for ?
..-nl ? ii ..ii desiriint a i ouutry houie. Apply lo i.Kitltll'B.
batITU. tieueTB. N. Y._.
CH)R RENT, fiiriii-lu d or iinliiiiiislit'il, a Yerr
A deMiablc lu'ii-e of ten rootualn LbM >n: ave. Newark, 5.
J.: location'-erectly healt'iy ; house UM.li.st n mni iu hari
vvoast, built thf.-e vests aao ; has all iiiiHl. ru ionvi nleuCOli
lot T.'iv.i'O tb abada mm* trait; would sail .. iiir.c-i
teui iin?ler..te Address II. H . I.?. k lot 1 ill. s. a ark. N.J.
I^OR SALE.-Oni- of thp liest fatan In llie
natn.'.' Couutr, contattiing ?tHuit 2(m> r>-? of ppidMUTa
I. nit. well wa'i ret, wt'h | entv "f llnilw-r stsi fl' ?f. l.i-slMtl *?
lugs, eat sislin* iN on I nge mane;,hi house, vt .m-ri ?. b.'S*
?ta''l.", rat n ice house. ,tr. i ne firru is faUt <taj kad wita
Boraia cows, afeMiaa aat.l voung sf.s k. ami all n. . e??arv lino
lug laiplBBi?ta laa beat of IJatti klad. rbt?Una, wttbaa
the a' ovo ?,. BlbBBBB pnip. i ty. Will be .old oa aa Baa) l r*?*
or Baataaaaed lot luipiove.i city property, ou ac. uunt ol ta#
i i I in ?t mm aa a. t
Also Hell .ur.a ot gool ItlulMT !an.l in t'e siuir t. sD l?t
Sale i r i xi hal.gr, a lib or wllboul the tiliii. Per BBttBtOaal
mj"1>1" j. ROMAIN; MOTfft
I.'.'ho Bread way.^
tX)K SALE. A ta\r, well irnprovrd t*rn K
JT IfiOarirs. ?eil ?us,ii|i.ssr.t. nrlghlH.rti.s.l not i X?'filedIB
the st ?te . chuix h aud s.ii.H.'.a ..... in tamoj l aianon*"*
north ami east in sight, and furuiahiBa a .ash ?.ara< t "*
everything a farmer iujv talse. Kur pH..-an i tetrad .'!? r?wa
II. M MINoll. l.oviugt.b. MoUIUtr f. uuii. HI._.
\i:\v D\\ KLLING it Unrei Hill for ?>?
1? .a-toletv.rt li-w , at. an. "i h.us-cir? . tare 5 cent*
_R. A. Yol'NO, 20 I x. lial s< pl??*,
ORANGE, N. j. Holls,? bjbaI Country Sujjf
to In aim loi sale, agr.-al aarletv. al^o.larw.aadM??
?rglits. I1I.A1 KWKLI. BROW.. 24.1 Broad wxy,
1 rhgibelots with t>u khea.|rd wain I.out. f I ?aTUBast
dw.lin.gs, etc., sauir dlstaucr fr-lu litt Hail 11. n3d ?t.
H. a. x 0VMU, au kiaebai er paa?
(Tun Dropertn <lo Cel.
T\) LE I .?l liiid-stiiiy 11out jpmmul
1 laratabod gaa. are, lor grailoajea voly. AsyO
Weal 51 arat. _
TH) LEASE.?Tbc nre-etory buildiuit kn??J
I aa Not 1,3. 5 and 7 Rowsry aad Mas. 2,4."*^ , aa
ion st li.i |..ito inais app > to It. .'lull I IB Kit. " " *?'_
lieul (f elate lo if icliaiige. ,_.
I tu BXCbaajra fnc aa? ..r nur.- ?bot.? tin..- atuiv ? "*t
tdaaa, brown at.a>. *. < km is, l.ng., ??? HV J O Hv"
at bON, 25 k.aasan-.t

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