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sfsj PfJLCORAI. H'.ilfllin inWKIIK WHO K.MAPK
t.\it;o\?a notAiu.K i.isr or thk ciiy's
W Al.TllV UU *HO "fiWFAlt OFF" TIIMTl a<
f, S.VXH m" o:< rj.on uiY which tin: i an- i \.
mart fwom tmxxttox iuaibwb. inhuimim,
II. 11 ??TKAT.ons |>1' Till: CMul AI. AM? DKsTCBT
?fffllTtrr* ok THE TAX LAWK
Below tlio first instalment of pcYeral
Ihousinii names of prominent New-Yorker*
wj,o, bfiRf ass-ssed ?PO* th* ir pt rsnnal prop?
erty, have shown to the satisfaction of the
Tax Commissioners, that, under the provisions
the iiiiincmiis ami conflicting; laws of thi?
ll hj and Nation, they do not 1? -jrriliy owe
gay jMTsonal tax. This list will he continued
bj Hibtt oiictit iMtVM of Ti;k. Tkiiu \i: uptil
r??,jil?lcd; and wi'l thi n lip followed hy the
,,f tho taxpayer* who accept the -s
vent us just and pay what is demanded.
phikii'mi mi?n\ nn mmmis <>r tamnc.
ajut i-i mi: am> rrnsovAi. i>i:ui'i nrv?
am? WllllOl t ni l ! ON TH I'll! PAltl sttCAPR
payrkri ox nan prartniAt rowwiwifisii.
Tinier the laws of the Stale of New-York the
issessnic.it and taxation of |'fsm,a) proper! v me
nnder u very dilten nt svlnn frmn that employed
in usx^siiu: real estate, und it happen * t hat the hur
cVn of taxation falls largely on realty, while por
MMialtv in a great measure escapee. The basis< t
Bs.essnu nt in real esinte is s() fixed and di finite
that an equitahle assessment is possible. More
r.ver. thr> possession of real estate cannot
bj eono-al ??!, since the Register's boohs ol
i!e?da reveal both the own -rsbip and probable
vain" of ?11 real estate, Personal proper! v on t hp
rtl.iv haml < annul he assessed upon ?in* thing like a
fcaewi or lix?-d value. It is half " guess work."
It is easy ajap to rom-oul tin poreeesion of it. since
m>' rVOB the tnv-sathcror can enter one's house tn
ranke inventor) of one'i ?ll'ects, or compel dis
lasreri <<f one's business nfttirs and l?ook?. Hut.
fin flier, the liws which do not exempt real estate
df individuals in any particular, do exempt per
t.o.il property for a dozen or more cansc*. The
cbii f eh" pm af personal property thus exempt are
as follows:
!. f ii-ign capital of ngeiits here.
II. Foreign vessels.
III. Mo k of iucoi ;>orat?d mpanies lialdc for
taxation on their capital.
IV. Prodarta ai other States sohl her-?, if the
proceeds are relui ned to other Stales.
V Honds.
VI. Mori cages.
VII, Proanaeory antra,
VIII. Bow da. moriL'.ices nnd notes af non-r?si
deate eeal to thia State for eaUeetl m,
IX. Capital luTeatad in loans In other states
ttpoa sceuntns held hy noti-resident
\. Tinted States bonds.
\ l. Untied Stated Tien.- urv notes.
Ml. National bank shares.
Mil. Propeitv of pne?ts and ministers to the
value ol SI ..-old.
X'V. Savings deaoaite due depositors.
XV. A'ciinnila!ions for Um bucht of insured
pereaai ia Ufa laaaraaee companies.
It will he seen tliat niativof the persons in the
lit below escape the assessment under some one or
ntote of these manv cl iuses of the laws. They are
at p"tfeet liberty, morally as well as legally, to
claim exemption, as the laws now stand : and it is
primarily the laws which are at fault m fiiruisliing
so man v loopholes for ess-ape.
1 hen appears to l?e tin impression that some de?
gree of odium attaches to the fact of "swearing
off" o.h-'s personal tax. as if implies concealment
pi the truth nnd deception of the Tax ('om?
ni >ssion'>rs. Such is nof the fact. Il is ihe general
opinion of the present Commissioners that the
('?inn of exemption is not really put for?
ward iu as many cases as the laws author
i. I and that many conscientious men
pay large assessments when tliey could legally
claim that, though ow..ing the personalty assessed,
HsV) ar- legally nn taxable upon it. The ease of the
Hea, William E. Podge is cited ns an illustration.!
II was assessed on $.?00,000, which largely ex- !
et sded his personal property, but he voluntarily
paid on $.>0.000. though puttinp, forward, merely
as a matter of record, that he whs wholly and
pajallj ixetnpt from nnv nAscssment what
i\.r. WMliam H. Vanderhilt pays this year
d:i f.MKl.OOO of personal property, which he
doubtless owns in hors.ss, palatines, furniture and
:>thei personalty, hut the Commissioners recognize
thtit if he chose haftaaaat eat tae Itajal construction
if the law he would he wholly exempt. Doubtless
the lists to follow will show numerous other, though
i t each (.daring illustrations ai the inconsistencies
sf 1 tie tax laws as they now htand unreformcd.
S ii?! <??? TIIK KlfMPKVI AM? non-KKMIO nt TAX
1AYI KS A^sys^ni poaj PI I.sONAL FstftfIIMT
? xf.MP1 IIY l\w.
Vooir. daaaaaPaaA Excuse.
llal&V. $50(Ki Real est ate mortgated
Abbot 11*. r. BOOf No t? i sonal property
Aeaost m . 4O00 Pehu aaeead paraaaal
Ais I W.H.. estate
ot .Ina HaxUr.. *>oisi Ih al e'.t:i!r rnorfgaged
A bell F. A. 3000 No personal property
A . rn It. fJ. 7M?0 It e m'gaire j debts tx'd per
A liata, P. h"oo Debt* exceed per proa
Abraham H. 3(?<S1 Hoards ; debts exceed |?er
Abreats X . 2500 Debts czeeed aar peep
AckermanF. 8500 Debts exceed per prep
A kirrumi. ?:.?'"? Has no j ersonal i?n?nerty
Arkecxaaa,B. 8.. 1?k?o Nop p; swore In to $1000
Aeki riiian. John. TKmsi No persoual property
Aekerson. Oeo. F. 4< ihi Is lu California
AdalrJsmes. I'iin? No persMial property
A . ui .(;.,:.?. If. U000 No iM-rsonsltv
A la ns Philip. COO No p p: lu '78 swore to ??<'<.o
Adam? R. W. 8000 Nobaelaeni no per prop
Ailams Seih.. 4<HH> No peisonal property
A 'inns Wm. Jr.. buiHJ No business ; no p*W prop
A,!'?! i. .uu Mora) No beadaen ; re mortgaged
AOler Moses . 'JiHXI O? es r e mortgage M -JOiSi
a. : loiisTBsaa.. "jooo Qwearaaaaransteajdaaaj
Aggiieirge J ... :ti?'io lieiitsexoeedperpeap
Agaee Oaraeltaa. hwOd fm petaaaal piapartv
AflieW C. R. TaaMI (lues I-c mortgage s>3."iOO0
Alm ii. Mimiicc . "."gsi (iwes r e mortgage atsooti
y rens Henry 4(mhi No 1ms ; owes r e m'g i>;io00
A) ri I.? Renn j.. sitsj Debt- I lOeed |s r prop; swore
in '71 to iM'K)
Anken John. 2500 Debts exceed per prop
attaea John w 19000 Debta sxeeed per prop
/;.,r, F ... aiMSl Delit? e v..Til per prop
AI bora l?onuie 1* ltKHsO Owes ical estate mm tgage
AlburttaE. K_ SOOO Dteeh'd frmu b'g'cy Dec *79 ;
luru'r sister's ; no per prop
AldamaM de... 2.VHX> No |nr t?rop : no business
A Oi i Henrv \t i'iksi No busin-Ksj uo Per Map
Aidrich staeaeer. 5000 Real eeleteaMrta?dtfMOW
lleeMtstael ? r>'s>o Ire paraaaal pnpsrty
Ab xander Ad'lph 2000 I mee boalaeai oa bor capltul
Alexander Aairet 4'mi Re peneaal praperty
Aicxaudei Jati.es. linno s>y\( iir?. he is i ol worth t?l
Alexand.r Joseph nooo No personal pi eperty
Alexarnier J. D... S5O0 Mealeetate asortaiured
Alexander M. 1? . - ?? " R . 1 ? ftale u.oilg s, 1*?200
Alexander Max H J*sio So pereeaal preparty
A ker Henry. WOO Reel eetete mortgasted
Ali.in Kols-it. 5000 Resides la Florida
Allan A H 6000 Uebta exeaed per prep
Alien A. Ii"!. "-0OU No pei.a l-'- l"^)
Allen Cb.n les M .. ."MJoO No biisun ss. rl es niorl ltMPJO
Allen Ciaru ex est AH debts din- i s in I'lovld'nee
AoeaKdwBj. ... 7-*ooo r. l, ae per prep la r.jt.
Al iiDanlelR_ 2i?o,KJ No bit si nets, btlg, uo per prop
s fas tea. 5ooo Re hsMdneee,line with elaten
no penM nl property
Allen Franklin_ 5000 No bus; no i* r property
AU, u Frederich... - oni R ?.w?!-; d. bis?x.-d per prop
Alien Henty . 1000 Sweanearaeeeaatatfcaaaa
Ad.-u Henry A.'... 6iHM> No iM-reon?I property
Ai .n H. Wilder... i:0OO Real eetaie morig e'^oooo
Ala u A Dam for , ,
ii capital of Di.d Feh.4, is, moiieydiwu
H. \ Kel.i 1. 20?s>0 lor l.elis
Aden Johu. K-?o?? Inbts exe, 11i per prop
a 1 ii j. t .... laoiK? Psdled *781 ae per prof
Ali.iRM ... I00.i lli.kipr 1?*7k, no per prop
Aleop Willi??.... 2.MIO Debts exceed per pi op
Abt.niir.' L. J _ ?OC0 No business; uo 1 er prop
a..;. ,,- ?. 1: .... l.VHi R. e. mt tgd SsSOOO; debts and
b.'Sf 1 c ac i il per prop
/ itiuHM r a. R_ daoa Rn af aav., mm per prephna
All mat el Mayer.. - 0.o Real eslste 1.1. 11-..^. d
Anda rx Mo?-?.... 2&o0 ' aiikrtlpl I no per prop
Amtston F.H. .. . Msm Re baa f r. e. morrgd fooooo
? bui J. K .MS"! Debts ? xci?ed pe; prop
Aa v Wi ll.,p. p .. ho o Debtaexeera per proa
Anderson Audw . 2SOO llonids; 11 ? ?tute mt^d f 5000
Aaderaoac.U -Vino Ro personal property
Ai. n.,.U( F 25oO No pir^mal or?'|?erly
See si sue C k r}< ou in n..ii.iriui.ii.ii*20oono
Auner.on John... ltsss? lx-bv t \ |H.r p.op; owus r. e.
a . ..i.J ( . li.le'o luv di d I:. C. H. l'i'ilds
aaderssw T^otaaa i'^Ht !i n Mnpt; 11 s i.o i < i prop
aAvseiaue ?ftlliaas? Aooo Ne biisiisrao; failed In lt?79 :
uo i elsiiU.il pl'opei;>
iti reeaOtto_ fiOOO No eap lavealcdi lures lur
I: >n?e ; no p>?r prop
Ahihe . Jobu P. DAXrO No ' 1 - ; | 1 oji tin 1 tgd ; di hts
rxeeed personalty
Andrew* Calw. L. 5000 Debts 1 Xceed per prop
Aadtewe laaae C, Tooo Re bee; brether seelsfe la lira
And.i wf Jau.t a F SOOO Doee t u.? ou bei cap; uo p p
A'i .1 .? Mli. s M .. 3000 No |m isotiiit pro|?erty
An?.il 1.1,1,1,. U Ma HI Mortgi.ge'l
tVai raaaQ. bOOO I ailed iu 'TO. was discharged
ib '7 l. Has nn |is>r prop
Ans?).-Ia>. nsrd . 8OO0 No business. Noiierprop
a isai'o R. 7.VK1 Reuioted ro Riooklyn
Aa'i.oii lalw^rd. 0b7SO Ko pei?onul pro|a 1 >
Same. Atteegmtnt
AnthouK.. eft.He
Knill.? Anthou. PSOO
Antl'ott L\. estate
mmn Ant lion, 0000
Ainti.in 8. A. 7M1?
Anthony II. T... 10000
Anthony J. 1. MM
tntboaj R c... knhhi
A n i hoti v M. 3O0O
Angar W. mo
Bp tap I. h. &?.aaj
A Pplcl.y Charles.. r.OOO
Apph ton Dankt. 7M0O
Afpl. ion p, i:_ ;,oimi
Archibald L'. R... moo
Ardcti ?. D. 3000
Arena ()t lo, est-it*
of A N l.uiniuiii
Estate divided r>ec '78. Rwore
In '7R f\?0O
E*t?t<. luv. ?teil In V. S. bonds
1? e. mortgaged. Debts ex?
ceed pet -oiml property
No p< mmol ptopctn ; "swore
In Tfl 810,000
Debts ( Xcrc 1 i crsmnlty
No personal propeitv
It. e. mortgaged $1 "i.ooO
Money invested In fj, 8, bonds
.Not keeping bouse. No per?
sonal Iv
Owns II. r. Debts exceed
personal properly
It.-c. inorigag, d.*."i0.000
It. e. niorl eneeil.
No nor prep; swore In '7m
LiTl d hi Euzahclh. N. J., for
7 years.
Arnihripder c...
A i HM \ (1.
Armsi "ong 1,. w.
Ariiliein Lewis.
111 Nil I
Deb(? ox Ort il per prop
Aiga.lw.il. 71KKJ It. s'd. - ui Berlin. Gn ctilake
> (V. Wit,
ll e. miartgswtj 101.000
DobH exceed per prop
It. e. mortgaged $22.(100
Owns r. |1(,|?iB U. c. mort?
gaged i, l-I.ihhi
Debts exceed per prop. R e
111. 11 tilse.i.
Lives with bis falber. No
p iHiiiiul property.
Arnold T>. T. MM Judgments exceed per prop
Anw hl K. f., et
nl a*. ( state
J. f. Arnold
Arnold R. O. mom
Arnold C. II. h?hH)
Arnold v B. oooo
Arnold Isidor.
Arnold J. Ii. V
Arnold W. h. 8000
Asel,, J.
Amu S. A.
AthteM Wm. U.
Ashley i 'bes i'
501 io
Aahton John. m0u
A ?In 11 s.n II l'etel .
Asten Win p.
Ast.o? Pelts.
Atkinson J. M_
im ui
Ml <i
Atkinson Wm. V. 54 00
Al'n 1 II. Y. m00
AtweodT. 0. bm0
Ailb I?. .'illini
Aaebincl ssHuga youou
est.ile Hugh
Auelilnclo??.... l?fiOO
A Hi I-hu. Ii I l.lVid.. .V !(ki
Am rbaeb .1 ?. 4000
August K J. 5000
Per proo of estate dls
litbasi d
No pers< mil proa rt v.
No peg SODA] property
Debts exrred uersausl prop
art]; real estate BMitgaged
I.'Vc i with nullt; l pet p oo
I?, bl? exceed per piopcitv
Lives Panama ] no personal
pre party sees
R.ankrupt; Bo pet properly
No Vi itonal property
Deli's exceed ;? r ptolH'ltJ"
Owe?; nai eslt'te linn; en:
j(aHMi;.\ve|e in 7s |<. .fKhill
Ro mis; debts SXCOl d pot prop
No basl ?> ?iis U S bonds & v
No busuiess; falb d ill 'Tf; u
pels, ii ,i property
No personal property
No per oaal pt petty
Is insolvent ; no pal prop
No business ; no per plop
Money ii, ve.slcd U 8 bonds
August Godfrey.
August Jacob....
A aid Hubert.
Austin .lames.
Austin G. 4<>Oo
A Tory ii A.
Ayltag 'i .ms., ii.
/ rtward .1 maet..
Acres II D.
41 ii ii i
lb'i n i
Ayrcs rhlnrcy... 3000
B iheoek John....
BatNMM k BaatM d.
Laib. Adolph.
R?ch Albert....
i. icu 1 las.
Baak J a sous.
Bseharaeh Isaac,
r i bei seh n< i'n.
Baebaraeb Max..
B icbmaa A. J?
Baehmaa A. I*....
Bai Linau B t.j. J
Baehmao Jos-ph.
ltackus Cbas. C...
204 MM
4.1 Ml
;nii o
Baekus Mau.-rr M :>oi?ii
Lacon nackler 1?. 3000
Badgley J. D. 5000
Baer Leopold. ltxay
Raliretiburg Jobu
BaUay Cuas. D...
Bailey Edward H
Ballet Edmund..
Bal v I. wls.
Bam Robert B
Bahrd Wm I. b"Oo
Baiz Josepu L
Baker Abner. oOOO
Baker Bowman C. 4'.000
Baker Charles.
Baker Kduiui d 8.
Bakl I George F..
Raker (?? orge M..
Baker J. Byron...
Baker John ?. 30O0
Baldwin Adam ?. C000
Baldwin Frank. .
BaMvpj 9. ii. 6000
Raid win O. V. N.
Baldwla J 0.
Baldwin v\ illiain.
Baluwiu Win. Jr..
Ball A. P..M.D.. 3<XK)
Ball Frank z. ?Jl'o
fds 10
Q 00
Ball J allies M.
BmIIiu Jacob.
Balliu Willlum
Baaeker Aidert h
Banekr David C.
Ban Be Id Fred's...
Bantteld Qeotge..
Bangs Blttah K..
Bung? 1^-muel B..
Bunks Henry 0?,
Batinermaiui W. 0
Bathey Gabriel II
I: ii in/ur Thos. J..
Barbour Wm. D..
Bui hour Wui. II.. 9000
No peiaaaal property
Boards j bo pi r prop
Beattft ? ({'i"eii? ( etintr
Does bnsuisss oa espltal hoe*
rowed from fstna ra tnetbor
BeamtrgrdPAOM1 swore m
*78 to siouo
N" business; live? Wllh C' lld
ret trhe support idm
No pttaoaal ptppi rty
B nl est its mortgaged
No personal property
No personal property
Debts exceed per m op
Lives in Berget., N J
No pet tonal prop* ny
No? solvent; debts exceed per?
sonal propel tv
Ri al estate tnortg'ed 840000)
debts lu excess of l>ei pio,i
No buidness; r. c. mortg'd
faded in '75 , no pers prep
steal estate mortgaged
No bu: : no |>er mop; Call
dr. p support I.im
D lit* exceed personal prep
Real isiate mortgaged
Red tStatt mortg'd; d. Ms
BXeeed personal properly
Ro psi seaal ptapei iv
Ri ai estate Daongated
Failed '7">; debts tx'd per prop
No pel.soi.al properly
No pertoaal property
B let In Cai.; bo per nu.p
Failed "78 ; no pi fsons] prop
He basinets; mo. y in Guv
bom:.-.; dcidn ex'il per prop
Not solvent; debts exceed
personal property
No business ; r. s. mortgaged;
owns bank note slock
No iHisonul propel ty
No 1 ri pr ip: swore '7S pi000
lit ui estate Biertpaped
Owns bank and Insurance
stock ; debts ex'd pel prop
Debts exceed all property
Baal estate no engaged
1:. c. mi 1 tg*d ; failed in *7fl
Clerk Will mother: failed '78
No paranal pesnsetp
&iHMj Resides in Bteofl] n
No business : baokl upt
Money InteetM ta Gee bonds;
No petaoaal property
No personal property
Is insolvent ; no per prop
Money invested in stocks;
debts exceed per prop
No personal property
Is bankrupt; ,0 per prop
Borrowed ospitaf| debta ex?
ceed per prop
No pet-,.nai property
3oOO Boards; losses and debts ez
taad personal property
Bo pei pro pert] ; lives with
father, who supports hltn
Real estate 11101 Igagcd
Debts exceed rer prop
No personal ppMptftp
I'm 1 mi- furnlsUes capital ;
no |m>rsonui property
Beel estuie mortguged
No personal properly
Di a exceed per prop
Resides lil BOatl 11
Borrowed eapital 1 no per
souul jiroperiy
Money invested In D. P. bonds
No personal property
Beel estate mortguged
Real estate mot tpeaetf
>o p 'lMiiial property
Ro personal property
No pottnaal property
Deet batlaets borrowed capi
tul; debts exceed per prop
No persoasl property
Insolvent ; no per prop
B nowed capital Iroin father;
m personal property
Boards; bebts exceed pcr
?1 ? vi 11 1
Barcalow B G ..
Barker Charles (>
Baikcr Win. Jsy.
Barkley Robert D
Rarlilie Archibald
Barlow Ptaeele C
Barlow ?. L. M...
Bagaard ciias. w.
Barnard Horace
Barnard Philip...
Ball ewall Morris
Barney A. W.
Barney Henrietta
est. A.J. Barney
8m ?
5t N III
Rarowsky Thos.n 4000
Bu 1 ctt uearfs G 0000
Barring** Jonnii ?500
Barren Joba 0? 0,000
Barroa .' C ot al
est Tbu'a Bai l ou GtayOO
Barry James. 3000
Barrv Jmiiios. moo
Barry James W... ggoo
Barrv John J. rOO
Barth Augustus... 2000
Baitbolow J. M.C. 5000
Bartlett Chas. F..
Bnrtleti Oltft A.II.
Bartlett Friuiklm.
But Celt John K...
Burton George D..
Burton JCdw. W... 8000
Burueh .lorepb K. 1: ?? ?('
Bassm Flunk P... IKMRI
B isatl ?" '"-so 20O4J4)
BissellJohn. 3000
Baeslold Alice et
his cslalo K, D.
BiiSitolO. 6000
Ras Ian Louie. pooo
Riitobelder Ben.F. 5000
rjatehel ler Charles
N. est Isaac
B. Beteheller...
Rules .l imes T..
soiiai praptrty
Heul es.ale mortgaged
Beddes Brooklyn
Baal estats Biortjraped
No business; debts exceed
IHisonul property
Ro business ; no per prop
Debts e\.it i*?r prep
Betitlet sad votes al Glen
( ?vc ; resides bnlf the ytnr
In country ; debts exceed
personal property
No business ; DO per prop
Debt! 1 x^ei d p'-r prop
No pet tonal pre party
v> p reeaal property
Owus R. i;.; no per prop
Money Invested In stocks;
real estate mortgaged
No personal property
Bi ai estate mortgaged
.No personal property
Resides ut 'lurrytown
Exr's discharged and cat di?
vided since May. 1U78
Bi n, mi mortgam rj
No personal pi uperty
No ptrtoaeJ prooei ty
lie'.is Dxoeaa ik-i- property
Real est mort lyUOOO
Res Orange, N J 1 part'r fur?
nishes eap'i; debts ex p pr
Rt prrsoiutl property
Resides 011 Maten Island
Owns N Y sitin sl'k ; no p pr
No bus, met With lOSSs s, eto
o wns B K?tk AOvt bis, lives
with tath, il, bis ex p piop
No pcrs. 11 a 1 property
No personal property
No busiuess, no |u r prop
No business, no pet prop
Boarding ; no iier property
Bates Martin.Jr..
Bates Roberts....
DsilersesU ?Tee. f.
l.-.l (Ml
?' ?" "
Bauer Jacob....
Baasr SeBgman.
Beam lleimuii..
Baum L vl. fOQO
U.inti.sriii Abra'm. bmp
Baumaon Albert.. 4<>(o
Baaasaaa Lasters] 4j00
Hauiiicisit r Frcdk 8isH)
Baumgaiteii J. L. l'HUJ
Baum garten M.H. 8000
Banmearl n, M il. 8000
BuurWm. 0. 6,><M'
Bailer Bu hard ... OUOO
2 OO
Bayard K la srd
Baler PlSaPk 1
Bayci laiieur...
Bsylls Daniel B.
Baav b Ei hralm.
Beach Miles.
Baaaltstoa A. N tttWOO
Beadlt ' ion U ll- --.<?<?>
Beaks Ja?. A. G. .VKW
Beak Oeorge w?. lesWO
1., al'. Ja- II. Jr.. 3<HKI
ibiiui Pa tat si... 3000
Beat Isaac. 8O00
Beard Irs i' ? :t"""
Beardsloy D.N... 5*shj
Brains Jo?epk II. 6ts>0
Be a le John. 4"?*>
Bock with Arthur. 5oo0
Beck with L. F? 3'?'"
Bed. d William .. 3000
Bedford F.. estate
A.oeii Bsiford 8000
Bedio.dG.t*. 7500
Bedford H M. 4??Hi
B. t be Wm. Wade 3000
Bel lasoltd Jan 1. D>79, es?
aiiit'd to 880844 88; debts
exceed by about r, 11000
No (ap'I itiv 111 bus ; m. a pr
Borrowed cap'li debts ex p p
Estate divided
Reslib d In Ei rope four years
Ha i" 1 soaal pt uperty
Owes cbatttl iuorlguge
Living in apartmenu 1 debit
1 xeeed pertoaal piopcrty
Nu pel SOaal propel I v
Insolveni; no per prop'ty
Ro pt isonal proiK-ity
Debts exceed per property
No bus]nest; 110 pcrpiopcrtr
Beal estate mortgaged
r. ui estats BsortpTtl $11000
Rr.il estate murtgaiccd
No business, no pen prop
Borrowed can'l; no p prop
Debta exceed per property
Beul SStStS luortg\l ?115000
Boards; owns tttfhI b?s
met with losses; BP p prop
Debts exceed per pt open v
Real t state moitg'd $12000
No parson al property
No |m r onnl property
Ri spies Newark: bor'd eap'l
Lives with pureiits; r. 0.
muri gaged PLUNK)
R. e. mortgaged 8120.000
Kcal estate uiortaatroU
No personal prorerty
r. e. msrleagsd I84L0OO
Re persoual property
It. e. mortguged.
No business; no per prop
No pitseeai property
No personal pmpei ty
Resides lu Biboklyu
11 nts exceed pci propeny
inb.sexceed perpfeparty
Ui bit sxeetd pei property
Debts exoeed per property
N . p isoiiul piopt rly
Debts cxeased per property
No per prop; Itsa mt test In
r.ndivided est of his father
No personal pmperty
Same. AtitMtmtnt.
Beeknuin Abtn... 6000
IkVt'klliHIl <'. \V.. L'?lMI
Beekrjea <{? rard. 10000
? >?<<? kill ill) J l?. H. 1<MIIH>
Heeklllltll Will. M. 3IMH?
lli-pjra Robert_ 3000
lieuri iik Hi nrv J. MOO
Belcher JauicaH. .Mam
Beiden Henry.Jr. 5(mmi
Bel MM Wllli.uu.. der MM?
Ki'lknnp Jaa. O... 4000
BellC M. :t.
RllClnrk. 34NHJ
Uell George. 4000
Bell JiiLura a. 1000
Hell J unit a M_ 5ooo
Mi ll James W_ MOO
Bell .1. W. 9000
it< ii John !?. .-,.?.<>
Bell Lewaea B... ?j?imi
Bell Loeia k. 8000
Bell Walton P_ 5000
Ih II WHIhim. 5(>0(>
Hi lion! Cher lee.. 2500
Belloai Loan J Jr 3000
Bel love, Prunest
W, (i. 5000
Bead, Oath. a_ 1o,mm>
Bend. George H..
Bender, Caarlee.. 5000
Beudhette, Dirtd 8500
Bwidlnger. Cbna. '_ois?
Beodow, Cherlee. yiai.i
la m dh t. Mux 8.. SOOO
B nedlct, Batonjr. 8000
Booed let, E. Cor.. 75oj
No business : no per property
Debta exceed per pioix'i ty
Reel ret etc awitgaaed
Real i state mortgaged
No personal propiTir
Real Mtate mortgaged
No iwrronul property
Borrowed eep'l irem brother
i>. hti exeeea jx-r property
No heetnetei money invented
in Qereimm ' ? n?ii
Itenl MtStC mortgaged
Ow us Gov boud? ; r e inorlg/d
R. ?I i Kl;. to no. i by aged
II :.l i tale mortgaged
Dubia uti red pw property
Debts cii eed per pioperty
1)' bta i Toned per property
Debts cxi eed per proi*-t I y
lte.il estate mortgaged
I > 1 : i \e? oil per pi oin-1 ty
Boards i no per property
Money lav'u tn C. 8. bonds
ana real Ml; no pay pr. p
Dehtl exceed per property
Hoard*; debts exceed per pro
lichte exeeed per property
Beaedlet, Kras. c. 4000
It. nl.iuilu, I't. H. 10000
BeaJaMlaV t\ J... 5000
BaadaMba, Jos. R. MOO
Renner. Clius. H..
Itraaet, John a..
Bei net, Orr, 0...
501 ?<?
Hennef, Charles..
Bennett, Or a A ,
lb un.it, Henry 8.
B iniett,IiviiirP. 5OO0
Peaaett, JJaeeb... 0000
B jnnett, Willtaav. uooo
Bcuson.Cbus. II..
Rruson, fellas I)..
Hcnsusan, Joseph
Hera*. Anr?tst.
l.i ? (er, Kiuiitiliel.
Hrrger, Mary a.
Berth. Henry_
Bei laai r. Baa B>
B 1 liner, If. nry..
berliner, Mareen.
]:. I mann. Jeeeb,.
BerBiaghauJI .1.
lbrmoiid, Morris.
I- raaekL diaries
Hei mud Joseph...
Bernard L.
2.1 Kl
r.i> ro
Bernhard Joseph.. l.OlM)
Hernheim Julius..
Bcmhuiui Morris.
Rernlielmer J. 4,000
Fulled ; no persornl property
Beal ? 1 tute mortgaged
Debts i x. >. .1 pi r peep
No per oual pr.MMTty
No personal praperty
Heal OBtalC mortgaged
Hoarding; no per pi op
.\o paraaaal pioperty
Debt 1 eto super prop
Owns R. R. stocks aud Oov
boiids; debts exceed per.
son 1! property
R-al estate mortgaged
Beal estato mortgng' d
Losses nid 1I1 Ids exeeed per?
sonal propet tv
Borrowed eepltal from moth?
er; no personal property
No Jm imii al pronto ty
No bu<diics>; no per prop
n s wife owna brrasoBosn far.
akarej aa oeHcolsbhi debts
due him; uo per prepert 1
1?. htS 1 get ' il per properly
liebt* exceed per property
Wife awea boa Behold imn!
tarai aa wi isnaal property
D ins and JadgMeaM exceed
personal prop, rty
Real estate Mortgaged
Losses and leal csinie mort?
gage exceed per property
Beards; no capital invest, d
iu baslBOOS] 110 per prop
Berrowed capital; debts ex
ceid 1 ersoii.il p' ..p. r;v
Failed; no 1? rsonnl property
No personal properly
Ro eeitaeMJ supported by
hls wife
No peraoasJ projrerty
Money mv s.cd 111 leai (state;
bo pet ?eaal properly
No paraea il preperl v
Dents exceed per property
Debts ex'-i cd pet properly
No bnsh?CSSl no per prop
V 1 p. r Deal property
No p. 1 sooal properly
Real' 1 ate u or teased.
Hoards; no eaplfal mves'ed
lu baslneeai no par prop
No bnsMMi diTits exeeed
personai preperly
Hi sin, in e Jain.dcn, Queens
(11 j pays lax ti eto
RebaaiaeMi ae per prep
Debts exeeed per prop
(larnltare haTeiidi to wife 1
borimved capital from
I. t In i : no p. r pi op
Bernstein. A..
Rcrnstcin I....
H-nlaii, J. 8.000
Berry, a...
Berry Jas. P.
Ueiry Richard....
Rertrlln-J A Co...
Hcrtholf J. O.
Rernlielmer M. E. ].ri,ooo Robuemeee; nn i aith losses
Bernbeiaterfl. 4,000 Ro pereonel propirty
Berahola J. a. fi.msi R*a-flit*arWrswafO
licruholx L F. 000 No 111 prop ; icceiVi s money
from father
3,(M)0 woe owns fureltarej debts
i sen d person .1 propirty
.t.oo'i No personal property
No personal prop-rly
No pereoeel propel iy
Failed '77 ; no p. r prep
Ovvns bank stock; 110 personal
Owes nnirnDMC
Boards I n> tntsiness; no per?
sonal property
No bastni shj resides Fiiertb,
Bavai ta
1 .fiiV) Owes rea I estate morfe, eto
Debts exceed per prop
Borrowed oapVl fi'm tirother
Hoards; debts exceed per
somil pioperty
No p. rsonnl property
Wife owns furniture; bor?
rowed mi pi ml
Re peranaal property
Debts cxci 1 d |s-r prop
Debts exceed per prop
1,000 Owas Oer beads; debta ex?
eeed personal property
Rorrowed capital ; debta cx
Mad personal iiropei ty
Hebt? eveccd per prop
Debts exeeed per prop
No business; debts exceed
pi : s mal property
No business; uo pcrsl prop'y
Insolvent] r. e. m. rtgaged
Insolvent 1 110 tters'al prop'ty
Debts exeeed pers'ai prop'ty
Owes Judgments
Resides fjoBBee*l ; no capital
Real Mtate bmmI gaged
RobaaUMMl r. e. inortgared
Money Invested in i. ?
b.-nds; swore '7rt ifli.-sox)
Real esiHte mortgng. il
Real estate morig.igid
Debts exceed pcrs'l property
No personal pioperty
Ho parsoaal property
Resid-H lu Oruoge, N. J,
No per8onul prop. 1 ty
!:? - ein 11. nry. 4,000
Rest Win. J..
RestoffA. 8,000
Rettmati, 1. 5,200
Rettuiau M. A.... 4,<si0
Battasaa f-am'l J. 2,5r.o
Betts Gerard. 8,000
Hibus fsaniuel. 4,ODO
Blbby Henry. 3 0 "O
Hick Henry. 4.000
HleleChasF. 2.500
Riele Edward c
Rlermann S. 3,000
Ripelow P. II_ 3000
Higi-low P J. 7.?11O
lii^. low Wm. A.. 73.UOO
Hilde race R.
Rill Charles K..
Hillings I. V. SOOO
B 0* Haiilel. sWOO
Hliiuham w. 5<>O0
ll'.rrlnger And. O.
Blrehall Nathan.,
mrciiett Br?then
Hud C R.1 < I' <to
Oliver w. Bird..
Irlril O. 5000
Bird H. SOoo
Hirdaall Wm. i. .
Blm?BsThan B. n.
Riscbotl William.
Hlsphnm William
Hlssell Oeorge II
Si KM)
51 00
Hlss.dl John. 6O00
BLsah ks Baaiarl,
llittrell Jacob...
lilxby Frai els M.
Black John. ioimhi
Blscb Poring M.. 2OO0
MaekhurstC.il.. 3500
Biauchard Chrls'n 2500
Hlamhat.l B'oi.W. 7.r.i>m?
Bluiichard V W.. 3<o00
Bhiiiehard WM... 5000
Blankenburg A.C. I."
Hiiuikruun, B. J.. 8000
Blatchford b. A.. 400.1
Blath Deary. 8000
Blatt Oeorge F.F. -I""1'
blau Max. :i 1?)
Bleeeker A. J.... D ?00
Bleeson Ewd. J... :tois?
Blew James B.... 2000
Rilss channcey 8. 3000
Bliss George. 6000
Bliss. R'd.iri. 4000
BImw Wlllium R.. Hsaiij
Hllss. William .'<!.. I.I
Rilven Chas. 8000
Rlock Herman... 2500
Bloedaeed W. 5000
Bloom Nathaniel Khioo
Bleonser Bdw.... 3'?oo
Bloolllllelll .lllO J. 4<HSI
Bloomtlcld E?, hissi
BlutnGotcbo. 2500
Blnnie Frederick, 4000
DlamelhalCbasR 8000
Bluiiietlial Jacob. 25(h)
Blnuetaal lamis. 2500
Bluioetbal Walter 2.".oo
Rlunienthal J and
Bhimcnrt Jacob..
Blaiufju' 1 nn: ...
Blan r. B. >'.
Hoak Hcniy. 8500
Boak J. C. 2imm)
No bus.; debts ex'd p'l pr'i'y
Owes r. e. mortgage 10,000
R. e. mortgaged >?8,0O0
Owes real estste uioitgagn
Real estate uiortgug'd BSXSOO
Heal estate PH rtca'd f 12 <>0O
Debts exeeed m-rsonal prop'y
Debts exceed personal prop'y
Beektoe In Yonker?.
Ilehls exceed iM-rsoual prop'y
Noii-residcut; uo bus. here
No personal property
No personal property
v., pi raonal j rep :ty
Debts excr sd pers'l pron'rty
Real Mtate mortg'd !Si7,''oo
De'iis exeeed tiers'l property
No personal property
R c. morgaged tO.OOO, aud
otio r debta,
No husluess: noners'l pron'y
It. e. nioriit'd niiil other dents
Real eaten aioraaa*ad
Re haalaeea} ae pel prop
Real estate im rtg'ii fi 12,000.
No personal projicrty
Iuaolveiit : no per pi op
Besides Bkln ; r. e, mortet]
Hollowed cupilnl; uo per prop
K estate ; BO pcr-olial prop
Real estate mortgaged
]?? lit- exceed personal prop
Borrow red cap; na per prop
Renewed cup; no per prop
Real est anxrt and other dents
No personal property
A Minor
Borrowed cap ; debts exceed
personal property
IO ii
Bonrdman Andw. 5000
DuaidMMi Pum'i.. :i'M>o
Boch Iaionuid. CoO
Boek Louis. 1000
Bookhorn cints. i?
Bookhoru Fred'k..
Rralaerd Clarence
Biay J< seph W
Brodle Brothers..
Bardel James....
Boidenlitiuior W..
Bodine A. W. 8000
Bod tae M. 3000
Rocker Leo. 8500
BogardusJoa. 8000
BoKui t O. M. 5OO0
Ro^artV. D. 3000
11 nt A. (,. 4IKM)
Bogdl l K. C. 3OO0
Bovert E. T. 10000
Bogei t Juo. (J.... 0000
Bur a O P. 8000
Buhdc Charles U. 5000
Bohn Henry. 8000
Boliu Johu. 40oo
Bolle? E. L.. 1(>000
Rnlton J. P. 3000
Boud George W.. :t.
Rouk William ?..
lioudy aUehaeL.,
Rontecou A. T ...
Beokasaa Jacob..
Booruer L. B.
Hooksraver H.W.
Rollei mau C..
Room Frederick, loooo
Booth It. W. 40O0
booth W.A.estate
of J. A. Edgar.. 120000
Boremskv Kni-ene BOM
Boiliboe/t J A (Sou 1kmnj
i3osiwickt<.ii. rviKsa
Hough.ob Ed 11.. 2500
How den AbX. 8000
Bowles BenJ. L... 2500
Bowski Max. 250U
Botd Edward A.. lK'OO
Ih.yd Gcorire. 4oo0
Bord John M .... 8008
Bowl J. M. bouO
ilo)d J. 8 et. al.
aal J. L. Dannat 4'Jinj0
Bradford Oeo, P.. lOOO
Bradley ? L. 80<m)
Bradley Tboe. J.. 0800
Hrsdshaw Ocurtfe 5oOO
Brady Alfred. I'Mmsi
Hrady James. 5008
Hi a. iu Henry. loooo
Braluard James.. 40oo
8000 Debta exeeed par prep
8000 1' bla ' \' d per prop
No personal proprrt.v
No basin ess; no p. r prep
No paraaaal pi operty
Looses and debta exV. rd per*
aoual proiierty
Resides l oiighkeepslc ; pays
t.ix then
Real eat ate niortg-ared
No paaaaaal property
Lor st and debt s exeeed per?
sonal pro|?criy
N'a bUalUeSS ; no per prop
Ho on ilneM : no per prop
Hoards; no assets
Paib d : debts exceed prop
Money Inn ited Ii D 8, b rada
No personal property
laves with sou, no b.ilnnce In
bank, no debts due him
N" personal proiauiy
Debts i xi eed |m-i property
K. i eat t, amrtaaaed
Debta exeeed pat property
Money invested In In*., bank,
und R.R. stocks,real estate,
Gov'i h'ds.swore '7H IpjOOO
No pi raoBel property
lb ui i atata mortgaged
No bus.L. ss.owns R.R.storks.
debt? exceed Per. properly
ResidesHtaten lylaud
Real estate mortga-red
No personal property
Borrowed capitiil, debts ex?
ceed personal pioperty
No personal property
Deotaexeeed per property
No business, debts exceed
persuinil property
II i, I. . i" rsoual property
Ri .,! ? -ist- mortgsged
Owtis ass and railway stocks
Debts exceed per property
Debt* exceed |a?r property
Reel etat,- inorigu^ed
No per'niial property
Reel estnt" mortaaged
Chattel Btotlgaaa, aud other
debta exreeil per projicrty
Real estiii.- n ortg'.l SosOOOO
Reulcstaie moitgaeed
50l m i
R-'Sldcnt of P.ngirwe.el, N. J.,
uo residence In N. Y. ( ity
Debta exeeed i-? r ?? .n?. pmp
Real cstule inortgaged
1? |,|. i x.-.- -d |,i-rs..i,ul liroji
No pi r prop lu 8.11I0
Reul estate luol tgsgi d *4000
iaaalraai; aa pereaaa] prop
No per prop iu excess debts
Real estate uioi tgnged tfs'.ioo
Ou situry; no panaaal pr' p
Losses exceed panongl plop
Debts excel d personal |>Iop
]>:.ite di Irihutct
Debts i aeeed p< rsounl prop
R >al estate mur,caged
No i erscBal pn ifriy
Real estate awtrfgaged
Baal csinte ui"r(g'.g, ,1
Real estste morlgnged
H ul i stale moitg.:ged
No huo. debta ex'd ps-r prop
.Vam*. Atttitmrnt. Freute.
Braln.ird Ja*. F.. 30(K) On stilarv; debt* ex'd perprop
8000 Debts um il per prop
8OD0 Debts exceed personal prop
8800 Real e tale mor'g'd *1??00
3noo No !?< iKoiial property
Hr ilnml <icn. W.
Br null r? Julia*..
Brandon (ie<>rgc.
Uriinilt Iii ii v <!
Ur.inlgun .1.. est.
Jaitii-a la-ary...
Rra?ahik'ton J. D.
Bramd rf II. J...
Bmr.v r iinrle?_ SIikmi Hebt? und loa'* ?x'd per prop
Brenden Win. (;.. 'j.'ato Debts execed personal prop
Bred'Erneu. 5(hm) R ai e<t ite mortpage
Breuiian Owt n \V. H*kmi RjBtMeal M Staftn Island
alner Nov -tu it, 1*7*
if?Iff la>ui?. 30IK) Real eslulc innrtg'u $111000
3iaa? in Msexceed net property
hihmi Owei Mutigste
5(Mai No personal property
490X1 Loaned and lost in excess of
pci .. i ii property
?000 Debt - < need personal prop
3imhi Fin nit ure belong* to wife; no
iM-rsounl property
idWs ??: '"
Brrslln De mil
Brewer llctirv K.
Browetltr B. I_
Una John I' : ?
tateof I'.A.Bh I
Brice John.
Brickie i David..
Brleu Henry_
Rrlgg? George...
id Ign Id MM w.
Br gft N rviti...
Bnean lfn?.!?....
Brill Charles I...
BrPI * Moi ri?_
Hritioii B hl I'..
Bntton Hextet H.
Uro id way t.i.. w.
Broil Iternlieii'..
BuHlek Chatlo-..
Bredeh Potcenee
Brokbahne Wax..
Bromhiisf Uro..
Br earner R**ery .
Brook) i B It tu
rt Alf. Broi fc s, 13000
Break* Bern hard
Broi ks i hu?. H..
Braaks U M.
Brook* E. c.
Biixii,* George,...
Brooks If. f. est.
Ettoha Brook'..
Br. oka Jane*._
Brooke John A...
Hm k- Joke E...
Bruoki Jokn I ...
?Jot ill
Hot Ml
KG ?
3< mi
51n m?
It Irs i*xreed |?cr property
Hi lda exceed |mt PTOpel tV
B Ida exceed per proi ertv
K. al i -late mnrlg'd 819000
No pereeeel ptepsrty
Bob - exeei d per property
Du ere ? treed pei properiy
Failed 1 ?70: no in r properly
Debttexooed per property
Hobeeiarosi no pei ptot*aity
Be ii ett tie tsortg/d $4:1000
Hchte e.X"i i d |K-I property
Bo poreanel properly
Bebt* exceed pet property
Di inn ex. ted per property
Insolvent ; no i>er property
Caplltl lorni-lo tl im !?!oiin l
keel es tu 11 uinrig.ttrd
i: n: tata t DMrtpeired
Debts exceed per propi rty
Ra ptteeael prepteij
Rotate dltalid
Hehl? exeead |n-r prapti I t
Baakrnpt j ee per property
No business , re-ldellt Hi e
Beul elate mot Ik'.i $2<a.o
No i'ii-u:i ss ; no per prop
Noihing inxalde for Is.711
B c mortgaged 888000
No part >aoI prop rip
Detttt as -ceil a t p on -i ty
It e ator ira8eas)81.00O
Brooki Niedi. ?imm? Mopereeeelprepett]
BrooKs Hasan ? *t.
5t 11
1000 >
.r;t 00
But is IP take.
Brock- T11 on as.,
Brook? ttlldum F.
1, nonis Dar d....
Broiiin. e lb a> II.
Brower John.
Blown Albeit R..
Brown Bsrthalmw
B'own Charles B.
Brow.1 Clseaeets..
Brown 1) npln no
Brow 11 lie t it A..
BroWs Edward r.
Brewa k iwuni j.
Bi nw ti IMw it d ,T.
for Bit wife.
Brown BdWM B..
Brawt im.
Brown Jiitee*_
Brown James...
Brot n Jt be II...
Brow 11 .lohn j_
1:. iv 11 Jeteps R..
B 0 n Roses P...
Brown Blcbnrd A.
lies den' of Stanford,Conn
lien! cstale inorf$ 2*.iH)0
Bee 1 sr .ite mertgegi I
n.. p. 1 s mal propel iy
Ro p 1 sonal pr petty
Owes uior' tagM
Real estate 1 BMrtgagee anil
debts txei e I par property
."iiiisi n 11 peraeeal ptaporty
B0O0 No pat prop j a 1 tudeut
iioOo Banarapt; ae per property
DOO0 Beel tsMte isortpaped
?iisa) He pertoaal isreportp
ii'iini Rea) estate BBsntsnured
lOtsiO Borr .wed eepttil from fa?
lber : debts cxe'd pet prop
?8 11 Nop.p; swore l.i?t yr to f 1300
100 10 Hoosaeei sweo r e Mortp
I 000 it si ratete 1.tasn d
;intsi p . parson ii prepi rty
?Bkki Mei a Ith losses; r e mot tir
8000 Dt bts ? treed pi 1 prepetty
8000 R e tnorliftl MM OtVet debts
8000 p. rsonal prepi 1 i.v
2.>(>0 Debts !?), [? .1 |i< rsoual prop
fiiiixi rip nis exceed personal prop
Brown Wtn. A. Jr. 1<"im> Losses nnd tlebt" ? xe'd p p
Brnwa, fcf. B. 2500
Bl SU in', TtKMBSS. 3" '??
lil lice, j110. M. ljiJlHJ
Bruce, 8. D.
Breee, Wm. M...
Rl'tickbaiter, Oeo.
Brappentan, c. P.
lit lien, (leo. 11....
B U'lian, F. F...
Brnmley. \v. H ...
Braaseea, Ueo...
Brash, Louis......
Brash, B tori C...
Bryan, Joint _
B i< liaii.iu, II. C
Ilticlininn, It..
Book, A. II.
Bin k, Leander...
BOek. Lewis.
Baekboat, A. T..
Buek.nallaui, I'..
Bnel lnphaniyJ.il.
Bin Hand, A. J....
Buckley, Wm. F..
2 at a)
?..".i si
B. c. ?iioriK.inc'l 810000
Heids i xeced pet prop
Basadeal of pMaetei pays
tuxes liiere; tuet with losses
Ileld.s exceed per prop
n. is txei i d p ? prep
B. e. moi tKiis'ed *l"is 0
It.m irtiraifed 1,2*000
Ra bast at ??? no i?t prop
No perteael prapei if
No capital ; DO per prop
23IK) No personal pro|?eriy
8?O0 No personal properly
Bull J. R... 4IMK)
Bull Wm. II. 5000
Bollard Wm. E.. 8000
Btilioiiuinti D II. 4 ' <?
Burdick L N.
Burdkk N I.
Bnri II Rand'ph
Bursfsraf O. A...
Bnraoyne Theo..
Link Howard...
Burke J. M..,
Buikliisliaw W. 0
imii) Insolvent; no per prop
fiOUtl Hebls exee 'il per prop
800 ? No i srsonal property
5000 Beef lent of Toaaert
iiimmi Beat estate mortgaged
5000 Fade i; no pet prop
8500 Reperaenal peepertp
400Q B- al estate mortcaged
AOO0 Insolvent: Uopcrprop
8000 No p. rsotial property
8000 No business; uopcrprop
4000 No basinets, debts exceed
pei etael property
50 10 No pet sons! prtMete
Budd.Jno.r. S?00 Real estate nottenned
BuffumJoshmi... 7?<i0 Ho business; debts exceed
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Bulklrv Lucius D 6000 lb bts exceed per pr..p
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2300 Real estate mortgaged $0000
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liurton F. V. boot) Resnlcni of N'- wburg, N. Y.
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BusbOeaW. 8000 In liquidation
Busliuell M. iditM) On siilury ; no per prop
Busing Win. 300O Debts exceed per pMf
BukIiIi k John J.. 8000 No personal property
Bnssell F. F. 8000 Debts exceed per prop
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Buxloh v L. fuMS) Reel rstats nrottaaped
Buxton Wm. U... bois) R-al esiate mortg'd $20.000
Byrne Edward F. 2.''<jo R il e-tate mortgaged 83,000
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Csesar Brothers.. 8000 Ropsrronal property
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Celdwell .1 W. 2.3.10 R e m -rtg ami o'her debts
CslebMM. 8AO0 B t motte and other debts
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eslute mortgaged $12000
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5oOO No bus; no prop; lives with son
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Bi al estute mortg'd $H3ooO
1300 Lives at BrietaDurg, R. .1;
swore In '7tj to 81000 under
misappreheaaloa; wa.nut
worth imything
Campion J. 6000(No btmnors; debts exceed
> peraoual property
) Estate dlsliltuled .September
2500j 87,1878
3<?ia> Fulled 1S77; no per prop
30OO Not worth $1 ov.r d.i.;.
2000 Real estate mortgage plo.OOo
1500f Llxftt with mother i no per
j sonal property
Cannon J. E. 3000 No lie rsoual property
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Cetdoet A. H. 8500 Ho pereoael property
Cardoia M. B. 25001 LtTOl with parents; no pcr
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Carry E. L. 10000 (Rial estate mortgage 18000.
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Cariile, H. D. 15(KK) No per prop : lulled lu '73
( n il Samuel rt... MO0O Insolvent; no per prop
( nriioehaii J. M.. IKKK) Real estate mortgaged
Carpenter A. T.. loooo Bestdent of Broomyn
Carpenter E. 1'... ?OOO Resident Mlltou Ferry, N. Y.;
no business In tnisctty
Carpenter I. V... lonoo Jun partner | Iu't for services
Carpenter J. E... 5000 Boards; no per prop
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en. .lames i. 50O0 Money latetted in ins stocks
Can J. F. 1000 W Mi ni of Ytinkers
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Csmabell Robert. 20000
Campbell Win. W.
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Carter IL C. 10OO
Carter R K. 808 I
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Owes mortg and other debts
No buaineaa ; luv'd lu 0ef*l
bonds; dxbtsex per prop
rents f 11 house ; uo pur pro
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Real cedit? mortgaged
I'uih tl lu '70 ; no |>er projiertv
Mudcut; boards ; uo per pto
8O0O Fs'ate divided lu 1S7?
5000 Real ' ktatt inortgaged
8.V " F.til'd Pi '7s ; no |?er prop.-i iv
OO00 No ii.sii.css ; owns r ( 1 losses
_i.1pi del.U ex pti prop i 1
A UF.AI Y ??.</. CLAIM.
COLUMBC81 Ind., Dec. '_'."?. ?Auntlier heav.i
"Morgan raid" claiutaasi>?ou loiwarded Ihn week *? the
rWcieury of War to be fil.d for payment. Ii was by the
Ohls sad Mississippi llailttad for #Hi.400, and Is I..C
bicoml largest claim In existence.
Till YKAlt <?F II0B8,
From the time of tbeflfs/anlntkrn of flic Anicri
run Anti-Sluvry Society ia lSH'l. to tlie end of tlio
following year, tho anti-slavery agitation prcw
moie and nmre intciis;-. until ut last it arrc-ted tlie
attention of tin* whole country. 'I lie Liberator
in Unstop, ::"(! Lmanripntor in New-York had
each cnlaiL" I ils circulation. I hr Sea-York l.tnii
ftlltt, under the editorship ut the Kev. Joshua
Lcavill, was Toing tho cause good service in the
; lacesasoel anderthe influence of the revivals of
thai period, w liile a small ihiiuIht of ntln.r papers
in dil.'cn tit parts of tim coiin'ry were fr.cndl.v to
ilie nioveiiii'iit. 'I'lie Ameriean Society was sending
out ijs agents ami sealt. i ing its tracts and other
publications broadcast through the I ml. Anti
. I.iwry sin ii tips were spiiuging up on every side;
ministen here ami ihere ventured to prearh iigninsl
slavery, and then were inuvi'iu-uts in s.i|ip< ol the
eeelesiast leal lushes t lint see.m d to pr.nitre a favor?
able e'i.iiu'e in the a?tillli!e of (lie c-!iurr-lie*. Tie re
were siens ol an ert'o: I M MM part ti the Metho?
dists ol Ncw-Fdigl mil to htcik ! oc silence so loiiir
impuseil t?v tile 1'inleis of thai church. Hitherto
all tMW 11 to ei u-.1t t In tie'. MOS. eme'il had not only
proved tiiistu eem fill, bat oc(.rally aided in Linning
the excitement, tin- South was full ol rage and
fury, and tho .->p?.i,'sti I sl.iVTV at the North
weie gri.wiii.r more and inure rMkloM and unscru?
pulous. I'll - air was lull of misrepresentations of
tip principles ami dssiflM of the Abolitionists, wh >
were pelted hy tba pinalaieij pvaai everywhere
with the most odious cpitheta, nth as " fanatii V
"di.so:,'iiiiz'i -," " ?Bratganial ton ist-,"' " trailers."
"Jaowhlrn.1* ** IwoandlarhM." " oat threeta." M iaaV
dels'?Ihe latter tetiil Ii. ing illleeted especially
Sjataaj those irhM were so boU as to deny that UN
Bible .sa.iei.oni d slavery. 1 Iiis tide of aiuise, issu?
ing hot.i politleal ami icligioiis journals of wide in
flnetic*, had a pawt-rfnl etttai upon the lower
stl.it u in of so -nt y in the ell MM olid towns, and
indeed iu smaller places as well. Anti-slavery ineoi -
ings were often interrtt 'ted, and in some instances
braked ap by neons | end instead af aaaslaanttaf
tbaaa oatrapae, p<>pu laraewapapen apo*eejuved f?>r
tin 111. tiilowing tin-lilain -nol upon those who at*
gaiiixed ami to k part iu them, hut upon tho Abo?
litionists, who, it WM allege 1, p.Tsiste I in jlaoiaj
iug a subject with which they had no right t> it,
lenneildle. The enemies of tlp-calls.i fli)|ieared to
be mull r th" ill It'simi that it could btj CTBSbad <ni*
by asrmeatioti and violence; that the men who had
undertaken the abolition of slavery were so wanting
in courage that they would fl y from the liold M MTV
their property and their persons troin harm, 'these
men had somehow contrived to read the lessons of
hisluiy backwards, imagining that the way to stop
a conflagration was to pour oil upon tho tlames!
Such was the state of things at the IstdJIUIllagof
the year l is.t.", wbieb has often be.-n deeeribedaa
picei.iiiieiitly the " mob year" in the history of the
cause. True tba pin-duvcty mobs licit Ipt begM
nor ended within that j'ear, b it they were more
numerous then than at any previous or subseipieiit
time. Tho social, ecclesiastical n-id cnminercial
pressure brought to boai upon leading Atjulilinnisis
during that year was tremendous. Arthur Tuppan,
cspocially, was beset by leading tin roipna* and
moneyed men, presidents ot banks and insurance
companies, and by influential mcinb-rs of the
churches, who besought him, bv his regard for his
public ami private reputation, as well as for Ills
business intercuts, to resign the rflh e of President
af the American Anti-Slaver}* Society and withdraw
himself from the agitation, " You ask me," he said
in reply, "to betray mv principles, to be false to
God and buiiNiinty. I will be hanged drat P The
BaTi Banne!J. May, wh?esitting aaoatlrt platforn
at tbo anuivi rsary of the American Anti-sl .y. iy
Society in 183.*?, was called to the door by a paitu-r
in one nf tho most prominent inercanlilo houses in
New-York who said to him, "Mr. May, we arc not
such fools as not to know that slavery is n great
evil, n great wrong. Hut it was. mean ted to by tin
founders of our republic. It was provided for in
the Constitution of onr Union. A grcut portiouof
tbo propertv of the Southerners is invested under its
sanction; und the business of the North as well as
the South has become mljiisaa-1 to it. I In re uro
millions upon millions of dollawrduc from Southern?
ers to the merchants and mechanics of New-York
nlotie, the payment of which would be jeopardized
by any rupture between tho North und the
SoikIi. Wo cannot afford, sir, to let yon
and your associates succeed in your endeavor to
overthrow slavery. It is not a matter of principle
with usi it Is n matter of business necessity. We
cannot afford to let you succeed ; and I have eellod
you out to l.-t yon know, nnd to let your fellow-la?
borers know, that we <)?? not mean to allow pop to
succeed. We mean, sir," said he with increased
emphasis,?" we mean, sir, to put you Almlii km iota
down?by fair means if we can, by foul means if
we must." [Mr. May's " Kecollcetlons," p. 27,
Beyond all doubt, this merchant expressed tho
feelings and purposes of Ids class. Tho virus of
slavery ut thut day poured In a strong
tide through every uvcuuo of coinmerco be?
tween tho North und tho South. North?
ern men, many of them prouiiuent ia the
church and liber ?1 contributors to benevolent socie?
ties, took security for debts owed tlu-m nt tin?
smith in the ship-? of mortgages upon the "slaves
and souls of men," and in caso of foreclosure, sold
the human chattels and put the pftSOeeda In their
pockets, with as little feurof censure as they w ould
have experienced in selling so many sheep or swino.
In many instances such men occupied the most el?
igible pews in churches, and frowucd upon minis?
ters if they even dared to pray in public for the
slaves. In Northern colleges tho whoii power of
faculties and trustees WM exacted to prevent agita?
tion among tho students. In some of these col leges
were bodies of Southern young men, who Btood
ready to display the " manners of the plantation"
upon such of their fellow-students as dared to
whisper a word against tho divinity of slavery,
rublisucrs at tho North, in reprinting Lnglish
books, erased from their paean tip- pa-sages likely
to give offcticn to tbo trailkkois iu human flesh.
Even the American Trait Bot ety and tba Metho?
dist Book Concern engrtged iu this work of
mutilation, and hardly had the grace to be ashamed
of it when they wore exposed. At the very time
when slavery wus thus obtruding Itself into every
Noitiiein ltiter.-rtt and relation, ilcnuiii'ling of us the
meanest of all services iu its bohalf, we were told
that it was none of our business, and that tbe
discussion of tho subject was nothing less than
treason against the (Jovcinniciit.
Tbe rpiritof the South at this titns is indicated in
the following paragraph from Tht jftsaaaead \\ h>g,
one of the most rvspcctablu and influential journals
of that section:
LM the bc*J haaiaa nt fie North beware. Let them
not feel too much security in tiu-ir homes, or imagine
that they who throw tnhfeBde, ultliouuh from, us they
think, so safe a dlstu., vv.ll he pernillte.l to eseapo
with impunity. There nro thousands now animated
with a spirit to brave every danger to briug these felons
to Justice on ihe soil or the Poutheiu (States, whose
women und children they ban dared to endanger by
their hed-concocted tdota. We have feared that la?aa>
ern exasperation would seire mune of the prime eouspir
a tors in their very beds, aud drag them to meet the pun
Ishment drte thetr offence*. We tear It no longer. We
hope li BMPJJM so, and our applause aa one uiau shall
follow tho successful enterprise.
Tht Columbia (S. C.) lelcreope uttered its-lf thus:
l.*t ns declare, through the public lonrnals of ?ur
country, that tbe ipicstlou or sl..v.-M Is not mid rhall
not be open to discussion-mat tbe very moment any
private Individual attempts to lecture us upon it* evils
nnd Immorality, la tbe same momeut his lougue shall
be rut out aud east upon Ihe duughlll.
It WM not blaM the gajfWeldai of the South wbo
w.-ro meditating Scheines of \engeatice; the clergy
were hiked v. itb the same evil spirit
"Let your cuiissaiici. said the Bev. liiomas P.
Witherspoon, of Alabama, iu a lettei to thecditorof
yVie Aiaoiteip.iho . " di re to cross the Potomac, nnd
I cannot proMlM vou lhat voui fute will be less
than Hamun's. Then beware bow yoa goad an in?
sult, d hut uiagnaniuioiis people, to deed t of despera?
them" l?he Abolitionists^, said the I'ev.
WiUlan s. PlaauMrr, D. I?. of Kn hmoud. " under
atuud that tbev Will be caught il tbev come among
us, and the) will take good care to keep out of out
way. If ihe \b .lit i,mists will aet tbe country iu a
blaze, it in hut fair that they should icceivethe
[ first warming of the lite."
"At the approa? fling statt d meeting of the Pres?
bytery," an:d the K?v. Kohrrf N. Anderson, 1>. J).,
writing to tl-.p S.-aioi ? of tin- l'resbvt? rian churches
of Hanover Vn,, "I i!e- ign to ?fl?r a pre?
amble mid string of resolution* on the subject
of tbe treasonable and obominnbly wi< kmi interfer?
ence of the .Northern arid Ka-frrn fanatics, with our
political and mil right-, our property, and our
domestic rom erin. If tlieie be any stray ?out of a,
minister among 31.11, ti.inled with tbe Mmai-'jouiid
principles 1 f al-olitioiiisiii, h t liim be ferreted out,
silenced, excommunicated, and left to tin- public to
dispose of in other WpPPbJ."
" If yon M isb lo educate the slaves," said the Ffev.
.1. ('. I'o-iell (Metliodist 1, of >oin Ii < arolina. writing
to the Ree. LAI Rd*/ Sundcjlatid, of New-l i rk. "I will
tell you how to ra<se tl,. money without editing/ion's
il atchman. Yon end eid Artbtu lappan eeeee out
to the .South this Winter, and flcy will reise a hsPft*
dred thousand doliais tor you. New-Orleans Hself
will la- pledged for it."
Dating this same year twenty thousand dollars
reward wr * otleied in Ncw-( irlcuns for the seizure
of Arthur 'lappan, ami ten thousand dollars in
some <d her nla? e for that of the l.'c v. An n? A. I'helps.
Several other Northern Abo!itioni?ts were honored
in a similar way, and lite |ppj of |mgam utum burned
fiercely. In ?laich. 1KI."?, the Noycs Academy in
Canaan, N. II., was opened tor the n option of
pupil- without distinction of color. The wh"le
State was thereby thrown into a IggpJ pppj motion.
Th< S'nr-HamB*kirt I'a'riut at Cm.cord, and many
other ptii?eis, teeeeal Irem creek u> areek with the
most vulgar uttaeks upon lbs* school and its man?
agers, until, 011 the 101 Ii of August, a git a: body of
tlie Inhabitants ot i'naaen sadthe b igiibonng
towns assembled logetl er, ami, weh a team of one
hundred yoke of ezen,dragged the school building
f rom its luniidetlono and left it on the highway, a
useless ruin. The l. adef of th'* pjob wee t apspjpep
of tin- L'ongregatioaal t unten m Canaan, The out
rage w as regarded with eool ludifierenee, if not
with approbation, by the great body of cit leans in
all that regfoa.
In Hi.- 1.1 dst of tin psroet at spa of tins pei led! the
AbolitiouAis were cheered by ? lie int dlsRonsM that a
distinguished slaveholder, Mr.Jan.es (I. Hiri >?>?, had
espoused tin ir cause, and givap freed uu lo his slaves.
He was a native of Kentucky, bill tor some years
had bi?en a distinirui-liod meniber <d the bgg at
ll'intsville, Ala. II ? had f ir several years been the
agent of t!ie Coloaiz.itan Rapiety PJ PJ RpPleex
Western Stales. A- early us IsliJ be no t The dore
D. Weld al t ho house of the Rev. i)r. Vllep.ol Hunts
ville.nnd in conversing Pith bint WPS led into a closer
examination of the moral character gj slavery.
The final result wa> I convict it n in his mind of tho
sinfulncss 1 f sl.ivholiiing, and of his perp duty to
emancipate his slaves. lb- thereupon summoned]
them all into his presence, a. ktiowh dg, d Ih wrong
that be had done thetti in befslfai then in Imndape,
ami tinnoiinced that ho had ezeostaed deeds of
emancipation for e ich and all of tip 111, and that
henceforth they would In- free, He offered to
retain them all in hi* service a>ul to pay Them wages,
if they should eVetPt M remain pith him. The
negroes, instead of proceeding :ir once, a 1 eoeordbtR
to the current pro alaptty theory they ought to
have done, to cnt Mr, Blftrey/i throal end bam Me
house over Ins head, gratefully took BP the "shovel
and (he hoe," and went 1? work for him with right
good will. Naturally encaurh, Mr. Binief was
received witn open arms by the Abolitionists.
Wherever he was ninioiii.ed to s|M-,iiv enwdJi
tloeked to hear him. As \\r. May says: " H ? was
inildyet Arm, caution < yet pot afraid toopeak tho
whole truth, candid but not twee promising, earefaj
not to exaggerate in aught, ami couallv careful not
to concede or extenuate" Hut Hoc!hern svmpa
thizers with slavery, (hough they could not charge
him with sny violence Of fanaticism, and though
they coubl not deny thai he was a CO let, di.-ntlied
ami cultured gentleman ami Christian, liked him
not a whit better tbaa they did Mr. UerHsoeh The
title of detract.on against (he anti-slavery causa
was not diminished or softened in the least by his
appearance among us. Indeed, 1*0 w.i* the object of
peculiar ho red, Decease, hav ing lived In the South
from his birth, he wns able to throw I tl *0 I af light
Upon the workings of the slave |J Item, and thus to
show tho folly Bird abeaudity af ell the defencee
made of It by its apologist* and supp PtsMB,
The American Anti-Slavery Society, sum after
its formation, adopted tho practice of sending ite
most important publications?those ctpcchlly
which explained its principles aud designs -to lend*
iuceitizens at the Smth. 1 his would laths' to hi.vo
been required oa the score of principle us well as
courtesy. Seeking the abolition of slaveiy, not by
external force, luit by appeals to the reason and
judgment as well as the conscience of the masters,
the Abolitionists desired nothing so much as to
have their movements fi oroiigiily understood at
the South. They would glui'lv have sent thither liv?
Ing egente, to meal the holders of slaves, and. If
possible, persuade them, not only for tbeil own
peace of mind, but as a means of ad van. ing their
pecuniary interests, to give freedom to their bond?
men, lu the beginning, indeed, it was their ho|ie
that tho Southern people would shortly become
reasonable enough te permit, if not to invite, tho
presence of such agents. Meanwhile, t he least 1 hat
they could do was to aetid their puhlicul u ns to men
srhoee nemee wen fopadyla pabnc dai emsnls or
obtained from private sources. This they ?lid
openly, availing themselves of the p >-lal *? rvice of,
the United M ites. Not one of then doriiinente was
over addressed by them to a slave. To him. indeed,
they had nothing to say, sum i.treat him never
to attempt to redress his wioni,-s by violence, but
to wait patiently for his chains to be" broken by
" Tlie mild arms of Truth Bad I.ove.
Made uiUbty through the lolug Oed."
In the Summer of ISRR, large psnPAtittse fitmwkm
slaveiy puldicatioiis were sent thnuigh the mails
to citizens of the South, from the aiiti-slavciy othce
in New-Vork. A tremendous excitement in that
putt of the country was the cons? ?luenee. If. in?
deed, the Society had furnished every sla\<> with it
hawie-knife, and advised him to cut his. muster's
throat therewith at the earliest possible moment,
the rage of tho South could hardly have bc.-u
greater than it was. The documents were pro?
nounced incendiary, and though they were ad?
dressed exclusively to white men, and generally to
the foremost slaveholders, it .Il\ assumed, at
the North us well as at the South, that they ajepp
intended lo excite an insurrection and deluge the
South in blood! Fresh torrents of mteswagBOePj*
tat ion and abuse were I hereupon heaped iijmiu tho
heads ot the Alxdi ionists, whose voices of explan?
ation and protest were drowned in a worse than
Niagara roar of calumny. In Charleston. 011 tho
29th ot July, the post-.-llice was broken epoa by a
mob, and the iiuti-slavitv puhlicul ions that had sc
cumulated therein, and w hu h tho postmaster hud
obligingly icft in a pile for I he coin cnieiice of tho
rioters, were taken out and burned in ihe presence
of mi exultant crowd, shortly altei ward a public
meeting was held to deitotim e the " incciidariee* of
the North, ami to complete the work of the mob by
(circling out and punishing any Abolitionist, or
friend of Aholitioinsis, w li > might happen to he in
the etty. " Iiin m~Ttmg" epea ra CsWaiseea
( mute/-in its report, " tlie ch rcy of all deiioiiuna
ti.uis attended iu a body, lending their aauiiiou
to the proceedings, aud adding by their presence to
the impressive character ot the scene." John (J.
Whittle! was moved to embalm this impressive
seeuc for tho bcuutit of coming gt netaiioiis, in a
poem entitled " Ch ru al Oppressors," a few stuuzsa
of which are here copied :?
Ju-t (iodl ami theseure they
W ho minister al Ihiue altar. Hod of Rhfbl'
Men who their band?, with prsyer and blc.-?ing, laf
Ou Israel's Ark of ligbt!
Wbs: 1 preach and kidnap men!
dive thanks, aud rob Tliy own afflicted poor I
Talk of Tnv aimlous liberty, and thru
Hull bald tbe captive's dour I
Pilate an I Bared friends!
Chief priests and ruler-, as of old. combine!
Just Ood aud holy! Is that chinch, which leu.Is
Hircm-tu to tho fpoiler, 1 blue I
How long, O 1/ord, how long
-halt such a priesthood baiter tru'h away,
Aud, In Thy name, for mi.hery ami wiotig
At Thy own altars prsy I
W . e to the priesthood I woo
To all ivIiims bars 1? with the price of blood!
Perverting, daikcmt g, ebangiug as they go,
The searchiug truth* of Q >d.
'lheir glory aud their might
snailpcnsb; and their \erv names shall b.v
Vile before all the people, luihe light
Of a world's li'jei ty I
The postmaster at Charleston took the re-pou ,i
bility of lefusiug t? deliver anti-sla\ery publica?
I Hons until he should receive instructions froin
W'tshington. Thn Hosttnaster-Oeiieral, Arnos Keu?
dull, a man of New-England birth, told Ma suboi.
dinale that IS had ** SS lesml nut lion I v to . \ | ,.]n
newspap ts iroui the mail, nor to prohibit then car.
rtugoor dchv. iy on uccount of their character or
tendency, real or suprmee.l." lla\ing made this
admiasiou, he proceedesl to any: " Wo owe an
obligation to the law s, but a higher one to the com?
mutinies in which we live; and if tho former be
permitted to destroy the latter, it is patriotism to
disregard them. Kntertaming these views, I can?
not sanction, and will nut coudemn the aiep rou
MVP taken." The senders at a higher law easily
discovered a lower ono w hen it was 111 rtraisry fog
tho accomplishment of their evil designs. V sit.
masters generally at the South followed the exam?
ple set them at t hai lesion, and this action ou tbeil
part was wide'y romuieuded at tbe Nouh.

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