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DK. I Kasm rs DARWIN.
? IM.l l.'K IMMtJH in IHK iiihnp1- ai1ii lt'8
xi UM.Y K'n. tni n ?<><i\<-rv<'i.rTu>v a? >m
IMIION AM> Uli: ?ItlVlYAL Of IHK Uli?.?.?
tMmX) AM? OB. Ji'IINX N.
In the regions of the intelligence nien nre
bccoanug rautdly co*m ipoltBBBi I>i1cr? Mlm$A lancuige
m l ra c a? !?? urdary lltir?. in maltet* of learning an<l
?pfeulaii.ni im toile r amount lo min'ii. (lern.au v mm
predated the best criticism of shikespeare! France the
BUM Msterj t?f Euglisu literature*, ami a Dutchman
witMa a hMtarp mt Kreuch Manrtwa Im BagPeB read?
er*, an I trnie'.ale* lor thcio Tau:- ami M?llere. Ko II I?
at "!'.'; i" ' i :n ma'ters of science aim. tVnat I? called
'? njrlMM " BM obtained more converts and accused
more d *cu?*:ou In Germany i'iun in England, or eveu
lu Am. ro Bi and while It can hardly br a HBTfBtM to
scientific un ii, to a layman It aecros o.ld enough UMI 11
BTBBBM Bad lo a (Icrni iu writer to take up the task of
showing?for the first time with clearness ami ex'isml
ivene**?that I > aeoBsl Icrable degree ti e speculation*
which have made I'haile* Iiat win famous weieIn an
imperfect nod dislolntrd way Mltelbaled by bl* grand
fattier. Dr. ?tBBBiBS fPBIBfBi IBM Btallnguubed poet.
pliy?lc:an and naturalist of a rcntur) ago. students ol
?neue 'or several yens I aw understood that to some
extent Uns was the mm BbSMJ has made eeitaiu quo
tsilnn* from Dr. Darwin's imw unite torg.'tteu books:
fJBaCBM I).it win hluistif b is referred to his grand
falic:'* l>. nk In the o;>c-..lug page* ut hl* "<?flg n of
Pjiec.e* " and ?jai.iin Lut ei. an Eu.l.?a writer of note
at home, he* < alb d attention lo the Mlncldence* In his
more recetiilv imldi.ticd ?? r.voiiiflon Ohl SEI) New."
Bu' the?i ipiotatiou* hate done scant Jnsiire to tbe 111
terc?t ol the Mi'jMt. n.e tit in. hi writer has none
n. ..ii furfh-r. I.s?: 1.-bunny la ,<^t Kr u-? contribut?
ed to a iK-rliMltral culled A'os.aos an article with the
tillo ?? A t'.ialribi'.iioii tn tbe ll..si..rv i f lim Descent
lucoi ,." Which Charles Darwin ba? had translated into
Eiigllt.li, and, atlei ad Hug a prclinituury notice hluisell
of about the siiiu li '.glh. he pMpublished b ull articles
It. a raMliu v. ii . 0 he nauie.* " 1'bc l.Me of l.iasiuus Dar?
win " (?Vri:?iier A WslNlrfj tu many people the coo?
len la ot toe book will lieu rovatatMB.
llcrr Krause observed i nil he was let to write In*
gMgjrBj MmtattawMsv.pasenae m IBs second page of
the '<> rtgta Bf tBBBk ?": "It i* MfPMUS bow largely
my gtandfa.'ii r, Hr E-asunn PBIBlB. anticipated Ihe
view ? oi f e: r.ou ou* grounds of OptBMSOl I. .man k lu
bl* "/MMflSBI " pablislie.l In ITi' l." Krause could no
t.on no light M IkBBBkB M rro u tl ruiaii literature, nnd
hence procured the work* ol Erasmus liarwlo, publl?hed
?BtBtj BPBiBOtp rears upt, sod prahably nuTer smce
MprtntSd. that he might siti.iy Ihcm himself. "Almost
every single work of the younger Darw In." says Krause.
? may be paralleled Oy ai i ist I oBBpter III toe works
ot BB) BBaSBBMt IBB tiivsttiy of BStOdltr. adaplalun
nud ptoi.elivc a:ruiucno lit- o. animals ami pi oils;
sexual >. lt et on. ui.?ecii\or us plants ? ? ? are lo be
foU'id jilt a iv BMBBOSad in the wrilm-s of the elder
I>atw ii." OaaMM,Bl MBtBMM gBMBWrcl Ihe verte?
bral nature of the skull, the Idea of Vegetable metatnor
pBaass, aud sBasrag Mal IM mt? rmaxtl .ir> lame e?i?t?si
mii'-in. |M MppOOOi IBBBBOS of w hich bail been re
goded us a sTBMBSPM clc.nly aeparatlus nein from
animals ; bill he wns lot g in getting receguitlon. und
Klause holds that tbero was a similarity
lu tbe conceptions if the universe put forth
Bf biiu BBS] Dr. l).iiv>ln, VfSJtB VM In BBBl
BMpOOlS ns great as their BMd to gi\e ut
teiaine to thi m iu VSfM Tor D.'rwiu In his time was]
a jss t ot einlliene.', if not renown, and ;is .1 tl.t oruer in
fe.euce was inure BVBgBOd at than BBTMBsl.r listened to,
and it SSOBM IBM n '! aattlCBM MB ksBPP iu's books came
Into iiotit c M ! :tils. iUspaattMB un 1.1u v i hange. Uf
his iHietn, " The Teaipb- of Nature." The /.Vfaftiin;*
jBBBfW wTala tBMI " If hi* lame be destined in any.
Ihing Is ouilive the faafsMO <>l a*m <1 >y. t is en his merit
a* a ]>oet iluit It la likely to n st ; and hi* reveries In
MBMMBB1 PMBbM M BCBM chance of being saved
BMM oMPl m PM Bf BaThSg ticrii 'BMItBM
10 Immortal Terse.'" ?bvbBBJI IBs lines lu
which be predicted tne locomotive nud the
railway Itaiu MBBBBBl tbe oi ly SBM BBBM a busy
Worltl ha* le'liciiiliered. fMTWM l-ro'cssed IBM Be
w lot- ]> ? try io gpj ISMBM Tin d.sigu of " The l>o
iHtile QaPSt i ?. " hi* Chi. f poem, l.e adnntied to be " to
en!l?t BBBpMalMa notier IBS BaBBM of leieuce, and to
bad Ir.s\o; tries from the 100001 analogies hieb dress
out tbe'lusgery of pie'tiy f<> ibe stri. ter ones which
form the IBMOBtBBPloBsl of iddlosophy." In a note to
this poem be speaks a.' "the suidlme allegory of Eros or
DMBM LOTS pMBBBlBg UM woild from tbe Eng of Right
n* It floated in Cleio*." Hut h s great prose work Is
afier BN IBBBBok m wh'ch hi., fame re*t*. Hercnly
live psBM ago it h..d it w MB P PBBitMfl id Enr >pe. Tue
pot in* had tiei u translated into trench, Itallur and Per
MSPMSS. I us was rt nderetl Inlo UarBMU and Pal? y in
BsBwVMaral tPpatBgy*1 b^mpm m* bmbbmbbi ?t it.
11 Was I'al.)'* suct. ss.lt Is said. WhMB Isd |0 the
lo.l.rt thatMH ujoii I>*1 win's bunk. Moleover Dar?
win ilie I IBS yea" In will, h 1*..I(m "s Uonk was pBpfBBBfB.
In Ih. " Zooiiouiiii." while MBMlttBg en tbe grent Sin 1
laitly In the MnMtBMOl UM ?arm Ii ooilc 1 annuals.
Jiarwln ask.- the tolion mg MFtktag queation :
Would It os too Bali to hBBBBM IBM IB Ihe great
leugih of tiui" siuic il.e carm began |o exl*!?perhaps
millions of agM baton IBs eomnteueemeui of ihe h.*
IMJ of ii.an*.in I; woii'tl it la loe hold lo UBBgMM that
? II w*na blooded MlMala Mtoarista fioin nee living
flla incut, w hit the Great Viral CBaM endu d w lib uiu
BMllty. w :th Ih^ power or BNtUrtag new p*rts BtMaded
with saa arapaaMtttSi aireefed hp Irrifsttsas. sruss
IMBSj vii ii.ou?, und ssaaelatMas. aal inns paoassslag
thi fiicu iy of loutii uiug to liuiin ve ; ItSaWBiBBSf*
Mtaailvlt.v, and b) delivering luo." Imnrov uueuts by
generi'tloiis in Iis posterity world without tad t
Man is ihe doctrine of evolution as Dr. Darn oi saw It
with the light hehud.a-.dll should hi MM? UUUA
that he ]uil'li?be.| his work MMM years Is-for.
Lonarck's " Phllosoidile Z.^ilogitiue " had apiieur.-d.
Hi* pOSOSi "The Temple of .Nature," which was al*e
written ? veral years before tbe " rhiiosophie Zisil .
pique" appeal Lani BgajHahM aller his dc.tlh, < outaii I
the following piopbetie passag s :
Vrc.in.i' life beneath the ?h ?r. i ?>* wave*
W;., i.oin and nursed iu oc. an's iiearlf caves;
J itbt ft rats uiiuui*. BBSOta br spheiie gn?s#,
MnTS hi IBS leuil, or flares llie w.it By mau ;
'l kernt, a* tnesteslTS peat ranoas iiIuom.
N i\ powers acquire, t.nn lurg. r buihs aasuMOl
B) BOMS louullcss BMBM 01 vegct illou spring.
Ami bit BtBtM realms ol tin, aad fe t. aud w.ng.
Imperious uiau, who rut s the basPJal crowd,
Oi In. gi.Mge, reason, and r. tl -etlou luntid,
Witt binw erect who acorn* the earthy ?oJ.
A"d slyit s himself Ihe UBagC of hi* (,o 1,
At tU fniin rBBiaMBtaOl form and MOM
Au embryou point or ma roscopie MB
ShfIS ir.- ui.iuv i|il >tutloii* lu Herr Krauso's essay
Wblrh bearou the yuimgei Dirwlu's avorlln theories of
liatuc'il M'lcctiou, Hie struggle for existence and the
?BtTtval of the Iiitest. Tu esc pBMtMBS are u.ked:
?' Were a 1 the ammonia' de?lroyi tl w In n the continents
were r.ilred 1 or tlo some geti.-ra of animals perish by
MB hMSBMlBg i?owcr of their euemies t or do they sttli
reside at Inaei esslblo dept..s in the seat or do some
animals change their foiijs gradually mid b-rouie
new genera f He sjMeiks ui "some up] un atlv vm less
cr Incomplete appOBSBBMS M ftsals aad animals v. Inch
???ein to show Ihev have gr.tdil.illT undergone changes
ftoui their oi ciu.l stale," and mentions stamen-, with?
out anthers, and Bt] <es without stigma*, ids > the rudi?
ment* of wing*of some im.? et*,t I e paps of male animals,
aud Imp* rfectlv formed toes in swlae. Tljeii he refers to
?RBBMffl VPBM s MB " innrss ot having In n long process
o' lime tiuderaone change* lu Mi.ce putt* ?f tn, irbislle*
VBMh May BBBl bicu i lfccied lu accomiuodato them
to new sail of procuring BMW food." Krause observes
that BflflBB already bad rcgaided the radlnieutary
organ* bsmm hat In UM same wuy, but t lint " he bad hf
no means perceived WttfeC^MlMSBMSM theisdntas
evidence iu favor-of tbe theory of descent." Cbarlr*
Dsrwin, in bis ppaUgsBBBIf notice, cites from hi*
graiidfatl.ei'a works certain pa?.a?e* which
he says sre "interesting as forecasting the
grecres* of modern thniight." Tee grandfather MJfBi
"the stronger locomotive antinal* devour the w.*aker
one* without mercy. Much Is the condition of organic
BBMral whose first last uiigh; be impressed In Ihe
?words 'eat or lie eaten,* and which would a*cm to lie
one great slaughter house, one universal si. ne of r?
p.icity and injustice." U.> thru a?k* "WBBtfl shall we
find a ueasrolenl idea to console us anildat so much ap
jiareiit unseiy t" and continues: " Hesels of prey more
BBaBpi i atch aud conquer the at-d and luflrtu, and tbe
young ore* ait defended by their parents. Hy this con
finance more pleasurable sensation exists iu tho word,
old org mirations arc transmuted Into the young
oue?, death cutiiiP so properly lie called positive evil as
tbe teruiiuaiiou of good." He concludes that all the
? Ilata of !!ie World "u it InoliUtilelit* of the pust f. Hetty
Of orgnii'z'd nature ! atiO eons< quet.tly of tbe beuevo
Irnce ui the In-ity 1" In tho following gaSBMM theorioa
tfaf) characo rutic of D.itwinlsra will be found:
When we think over the creut cbasges Introdmed
loto y.tiloiu ..i.l.i....- hy arfeMMl or MiMSaillSl cultl
vstioti, us In horse* which we bare exeicl*e<| for the
dffcr. ui parrMBM of strength or swi flues*, in earning
buril.cn? or lu tunning BMM! or In dog* wnlch bare
bet u i ultlvulcd for strength aud i outage u* Ihe bull?
dog ; or for scuteuess of the tense of smell ss the hound
Cud spaniel; or for the swiftness of bis feet as the grey
oitbd- oi for bis swimming lu water or for drawing
snow->iedge- as Ibe rough haired dugs of Ibe North, aud
add In there the gr "ut rbnrigrt of shtipe an 1 color which
we dal > see proilueed In smaller animals Irom our do
BrastteatlM of them ss rabbit* or pigeons; or from the
difference of donates and even of seasons, ss the sheep
?f waimcr climates are covered with nair Instead of
aool.aud the hare* and partrhUes <>f the latitudes which
are kmp bay. ad snow heeomt whits during tha Winter
in"' I'm, (Mid to fn *e the various 'l,i'i i>? produced ta
ttie forms of mankind by their rnny modes iif exrsT'lon
or by the daraaai i oeeoatoaed ay laity bnhit? of lite, both
of whti !i BeCOBH hi redltary ?tut not through BMBJI gen?
eration* tfcaaa wbolabor at tin- uuvti, the oar or tho
loom, hi veli aa Hume fat oar>y sedan ehalt*
or these ? Im have lien, educated to dance lli'oli tin rope
?M disilt gnlalnd b> the *ilinj?h of their Maiba. ? ? ?
A a-ieai w.uiI of ot.o part of the animal vtoiln has run
slated In the ili atrc tor the exclusive possession of the
female*, nml rhe male* lutyr ai i|iilreil wea|Miua tocoiiili.it
enelio'ber tor H ia purp.?*?' a* the very thick eliii lit?
likakaca" ataa?? on the shoulder of m hear It a defence
otil> Mgutnat tiiiimil* nt hl? ov n apecu-a w ho at rise oli
IWiaeli opward,aac an hia taaaaa for ottir purposes
except to tiefend lilinst-lf. n* he ia not naturally a CHrnlv
oroit? animal. So the bOTBOOf the Mag are ihiup to
off. nft hi* adversary, aal are braaebee' for the parpOM
of pal I Plat or rfafarriaa the thruala at horn* altnllar to
hia own, unit have, lb' r. lore. I" '-li formed for liie par
poai al coataattUta otiici tie at foi tut exclaalvepoaoet
sinn of the females,who an obs-rved,like ibe lndlc* n the
time tl ratratrr. ta atttad lae ear ot tae eletee. ihe
Mr<|? ft bleb ih Hot i arty fapd t" t'le I voting, iilul do Hol
therefoie ma: t v. are nrm-U with spur* for the purpoae
of flat 1;11iitr for tin- exclusive pos?es?:ou of the female*,
aa cock* and aa ilia, It laMrtaai that these weapons are
no' pro vnieii ler their defrn-e again*! other adver?nrie*.
t?ccnu?- tl.c funnies of hl? ?pcclc? lire without this at
?or, Iae laaljwBtaat ifcUeeetMtaaMaarai the male*
-i ? mt t.. be 'aal tl i trroaaaal and ineat uetivo aa total
should i'to;i.orate Ibe r|K'etc?, wltleii abould lliencc be
MaM improved.
Iiaaat give* an oxir.ii't ln-arwg direi t y on the
Batata of area in ihi? Darwta ipaalfi ol patflafaptatn
who " seem to mi.i?;in* akat uiiiiiKinil uro?c from one
family of taatikujiaa ?H kaakaaf the HedtterraaeaPi
?ho aceldealaliy aad teeraed to bm the aMaetee
pot licit,at tlint .?trotig PMMM which constitutes the
: bali of the tliuini' ttul IfBWBtba. point t>f lt to me t tho
pomt* Uta taxi r*; wbleb < oonaoo aap fc' y? ia Bel:
aaal tii it tals ajaak gradually teaieaoesl in*;???? Um Balk
pad a tiviiy la eaeaoaaiTa poaeratloaai ami by lata
tatpcOTwa MM of the MaM of toiic'a that iiion
aOfa a>'|tt:ied clear Idea* and gradually becine
?tea." ?taowbtfla Dr. Darwin limit at tin
ettfftaaftooappareatJylabeea faculties wiiicti peanut
u;i::i.a'-tir'tu; wi'.ii tin in Into t lie we rid. He doc* not
iktak Ii aoaileifal ikai lliej auan peeeeaee*1 wit n titc
fu< tilt} of swimming. " for they learn to swim In ihe
?gc." Th ? tre uli.iii of fear posohly ran bo reftrretl
Mek to**tae eaitl tOivoeiaa of the net-born mfatit,"
v,. ptap to Hie Irot Irritation of Hie l.iiiyni.;! BlaBBl by
Mill alt, aatl laa fat lau ot tbe beamy ot aaftalallaa
MaM aatl of roiifl.il -ur'-tci-s to "i lie pleasure ol lire III si
noiii ishmeiit derived fro at tba aeft aad gen 11 > loauoed
?alairaol breast ** it mm king on ikeiMUowMok aaek?
l>: g I... I.r* arc treat r > Rive, he any*: ?' He8M this st'nile
ttaftaa our ii.- i< aaiectatrrl vttli peatleptoaaarMi
it i- \ artttle iu knien? nml papplee ? aaa taey are pjjjed
v Ith nml fickle I, mm mm pal I IcII'itU Marita the liuiiiiii
re itur. s." rnrnttmitj in- Mfara ttie aiaMjpjg ot the mils
af aMataaaaaal taa perrtaa of cnt.a to cert nn atave-,
in.nt* wiiii ii tiiey aupMre vhUoMk^UaajBi cits part aj
draa laa m taclr artata, vklea reMaibk ? laaii Maaat
of aaoklaaa auu ibus ?? become* their laiiKuago of plena
Many inrercytinir pailWIllail of 1>- DaTtflB, tbe BMB(
..re u'iV.'ll l.y Iii? l'; ali l-o.: ill the " p.i I. i:'e 'I'V notice."
Re aaa aa mi If laatpaiaata relonaer. i. mt ko/Me
aaj Mctaitea kai been i tart aal m this t earn try or in
Oteal Brltata ko bad tot a wiM esaMple ta kla aeijta
kan lu that iariafl aiaaj team he never touch' il ale .hoi
?adOraajt form, aad it u poallively Maertod afktai that
ka dlaiiafcikoa t-> ? aaatakaa extent ibe ivaettM of artak
ratraaMaa] laaaoeti/ol the county in whtei in lived.
lie karateVed alao in tbe Mab.ndU as a dajf ol rest, tin a
MftalBatandajr k ciiauccii totro iatotao kitekeaoi in*
ii aaa, wkore aa foaaal an old pa4 talikfal ataid Mrvaol
cbuiiiitii;. Oa itskini; why slio ciurued ou a
Siiml y, i.hc r. plied that slie liud nlwuvs done
no. aa he liked to have fTMk butter '.vety morn
itur. To this lie rcjolti'-il, "Vis. I io, tun
aovef aaata ab at a aa a Baader.*1 it *o bappaaod tbat
oa taofattavlafidap Do. Darwta <ii-?t. ilia fame a* a
pkyattlaa oao ostaajaJvoi Saw pa m. heard at btpj
IfctaOUfk a iatly attiokad to iko QaMBi aad to kot he Mid:
?? \V..y BOM not l>r. ir.irw In come !?? InTfBtttfB 1 He ahall
kB mv puvriiiiuti if be MMM "?repeating it over ami
ui. r a.? Iva? hi-ui nun r. Hut I>r. Ii.tr? .ii ami iila wife
iitcreed that they UiMlkcd London life too ln'K'li to Uet
on the HiiaTiti'stion. a gnatlaMBi in laa laat itane of ooa>
MOapt lea once BOOM to hU kOBM and Hittd t " I Hin MOM
Irmii Lomlon to c msull vt'i:, as lb.- meatcnl |iliV?lclan iu
Ih ? woi Id. to h ur from > ou if Ikon is any hope in my
caacilkuoa that my lite kafMB BBOaatfcread, but
while there Is lift there may ho kOPOi 1* oi tkO Uliuost
importune.- fur me to aetfle my worldly aflaira Ittnncdi
atel> ; therefore I tru?t that you wlil not OOwetVe m?-,
but teil me without aOallattaBB your chiiiIiiI opinion."
Alter making rii exaiulmitiou Dr. Darwin told him he
waa sorry to *ay there wut uo hone. The gentleman
paused a moment ami then asked how long he could live.
" Perhaps a fortnight," MapMBBBf Dr. Darwin. Selling
Dr. Darwin's hand the man then said : " Thank you,
i doctor. I thank you ; my mind is mttistled ; I now know
there Is no hope, for me." " lint as you come trom Lon?
don," urged Dr. Darwin, " why did pea not conatili Dr.
I Warren, so e. It hiatcd u phyaictnu I" The reply was Ibis:
I "Aia-! ik?'H'r. I urn Dr. Warren." Iu a week or two
' afterward Dr. Warren died.
>f tap apHoaa MBl BWMMttva savings of Ins are given.
Writing of InbcrttBBM in disease lie remarked that " a*
many families become gradually extinct bv hereditary
diseases, u? by scrofula, consumption, epilepsy, mania. It
is often basardoai to many uu hurts*, us she ia not un
frc'iuuit.y tbe last of a diseased fuuiily." Iu his time,
when tha cu?tt>m to bury people in church
yaidt iustc.'id of remcterlet s*ill survived unl
vcraully, he advised that " there shoiil 1 b*>
no burial places lu churcbt s or in ctiurrhyunls, where
the m.iiiuuieitta of departed sinners iboulder Ood'a altar,
but pro|ier burial grounds should be conseernted out of
towns." Throughout his III? he was Interested In
luechanleul Invention, and he left n huirc comtuon-]ilaro
hook full of Sketches nud tin-ones. There was
little, however, that he completed except a boriaoatal
wiudmill for grinding flint a, which succeeded aud was
put to use hy Wedgwood. He made a " speaking lini
chine"at a time when sp-aklng-tubea were probably
unknown, nt any rate lu the country, and the telephone
had never been dreutnt-d of. For tbla machine he In
ventral a phonetic alphabet hy means of which the voice,
when tbe lips were gradually closed, had " a most plain
[ live tour." Au auiustug BaaoBOia Is told of the machine.
He had a tube fiom his study to his kitchen, wheie it
! opened near the flic-place. One day while a oountry
mau sat by the ttO the doctor called from his study, " f
want amne coals." Tho man it is suld. Instantly fled
from the bouse, being dout'ly ularuicd, since the tloctor
r. .d a reputation amouir the country people of being a
j suit of magician. II s definition of a tool was " a man
I who never tried rii experiment in hit life." Certainly
some of Dr. Daiwiu's experiments got hlin Into personal
ttoalee. II-once made a carriage. It is a.ild. with the
front seat so fur forward tbat tbe centrifugal force
pitched lilm out of It W.uile playing with guupjader,
Ht school, it cxi'iodcd an I f ive him Baerioaa injury.
Again, hut v, lu Hier from an experiment is not disfincUy
statwl, be broke his knei -.ap, tin l while tlilniig one day
with his brothers they pal hint Into ti bag with hia feel
hauling out. an 1 thus tdiuded ho walked Into a river
aud wa.s nearly drew to d.
Dr. Darwlu made, the acquaintance of Itoiiasenu
while K< BMMO one day was in ltts cave on
a terrace ut Wootiou Hail lu Btelaucboly con
tem plat ion, and afterward ootTOMMtded with btm.
LoiisM au disliked luU-rruptlo.ia, ns Dr. Darwin well
knew from t.hat he hud beard, nnd accordingly
he tanntered by th?? cave tuat day while minutely i-x
aaBPBM a loWOI aud thus drew foith the " telf-tauajht
iurldel." Dr DarwtB lived In l.lchtleld, the BBtlve place
ot Dr. Johnson, tint he rarely saw Johnson in iiis visits
lo that place. The two tin ti teem to have diall<ted each
other cordially. Certainly Dr. Darwin had no love for
(be Icxicogtapher, us appears from the following eta Ma
which be wrote:
?? F**M UafaleM famed two ginnt critics come,
'firtable, \e Poata ! in ar them 1 ' IV. I*o. Ftint I*
Hy Mcward'a arm tne man- led llcaumoiit lik-tl.
And aWtaMOJ Knuds pour Shaktspeare'a bones Bjt
I ui ad."
Dr. Dai wlu e.vinpathtzcd with the cau?e of (he Amerl
cun co'ouica. lu Ociober. 17WJ, be writes to \\>
wie id : "I hope Dr. Franklin will live to see peace,
tu see America recline under her own vine utul flg-tree.
turning bcr sword* Into plmigbsharcs," etc. Mi*a
tsewnrd's "Lite af Dr. Darwin" is aeverely mtttk ?008,
I n- i uhllcatlon H il waa " iinforttniute." Certain parts
ot It are " ubt'iinlely ful?e," and one of Iis atiili-tuctit* It
an "uufotinded calumny." Mr. Darwin concludes that
tai otuv jMiaa.lde i xpliLiatlon why Miss S-waul, who
bad been on intimate terms many years wuh the D.u
wtua, should write so ? bitterly " almut bit grandfafhrr.
Is tbat "she hui wlshr-d lo marry him after the deatti
of his llrat wife und before his second martiu,;o." Mr.
Darwta pi Hits a letter which teudt to eoiithta this
theory. _____________
Tlie relaaue with au Introiluction, t-tc, by
Mr. Stoddard of Dr. Domn's "AnuaJs of tho Btasje"
gives an upportunlty to n call a ata.ry of CJ ilti. ihe nctor,
tbat Is quite worthy of Lin:. Bciw t-en (j'l.u and Otabop
B at but ion there waa a friendship, and one dny wkile
tbe ?ltbop wm urgulug wuh a good deal uf warmth for
royal prerogative Quin broke In with the Word?: "Bimro
me, mv Lard, I um a Ueinibllcan, aud pei bup? I even
tblbk ti. ? excciltiou of Charles I ialyl.lt? - luallfttal."
" liy what l.i? t" Imju rrd Ihn iiiahop." " fly ail tho laws
bo has left," said 0,uiu. t^itln was then asked to remem?
ber ibal ii...t i ol tun rntlelites died Violent deaths. " I
would not advise your l udahlp to make nse of tbat In?
fi ii at e, aald mhui. " for if 1 aai rot mlatakeu, that wm
tb* eaae with lue Twelve Apoatles."
Comt of Aiclip*) (to Mr. Mackonochio) ;
" You sib suspended, sir." Mr. Mackonocble (in t'uutt
ef Arches/1 " You be banded I"?(.Funny koika.
The Atlantic lor this month devotes n lurc/o
spare In Dietary < ritirlsm, commenting ou several Mf
mods. smJ among tbrtn"Tbe Earned Trilb-r," the
authorship (if a i Ich ha* been no augaciousty ssrrlbcd U
Mr Iinwcli* by ih teens who MM **x- tbiougk a uilll
atone with tbeir eyea ?but. Of this remarkaiile atory,
wiilcb baa been received wllh M great favor by tbe
public, it la said that tbe writer " ueeibi only experience
mid a mure uesurrd nud Independent counuand of her
capabilities to be highly agrersble" "Hbe mow s wllh
au accelerated but always circumspect MPJ to an end
win; h we tjefOMU boih morally til nnd poetically
lust, and we lay her book aalde full of the candid wiah
.o meet her h?:?Iii at no i cry dUtant day." Tbe princi?
ple of " Equulliy ' la made I lie subject ol a graver dis?
cussion lhau la usual In tho pages of a Mugasinr, the
wilier arriving at the coiu lui-loii thai " tin quality ap?
pear* to he i.u ilivine i i-ici j it tdWtkPI has existed ; and
ill our them let aud a i.rlort ep? MJtPjMtM will not
chimge the nature of things. Ew u luci|uallly of coiidl
tlnn is the bas s of progress, the Ineeniive lo exertion."
The luipt i ou UMMliouiinea Farms of the West." goes
A varie.v of iMpMlSOl aSMM froM peisonnl SBBBrPB*
lion in regard to the piacliial i fleets of the system ol
i a mi lug on a gigutitie scale. Tho wilier tffJtBBJ thnt
those who l.ave gou ? into the MMUMM of wlieat growing
on this system, making use of Ihe BOM improved
iiiacbiueiy and of elMSf lahur. are u aking colossal
fottunes i hat, on UM oilier hauu. Ihe small
farmers, whe depo nd mainly ou their own lalxir,
with small cspitai MM MM MOOMtMrPi do not
make a <omfortaiile nit-..stenre,but are running ??? pfptf
?Mli. Mil inu-t go i; iwn, upon a hUtPM ndiietion in
the price oi agrlcuituinl produris. "The large develop?
ment ol the tenant s.t el'Ui of farming Is nil evil of the
grt IsMPI magnitude. UMtra 1* nol one redceu.ing le.ituie
lu the whole system It A.iieric.t, mid ll Is In cveiy wuv
IMPM HIM Eurojic." Mi. limit White's article MtBf
?? Mahtti ol ICn/;ll*u Lie," contains many spilglnly tic
sei i;ii.ve pi-teg I. all nf which are ainu.li.g. and some
oftheiuvel) dlod. V.r. Wh.lc's I.'.ullsll experience* do
MtHMtohave l n ..p, i. JhlMWlUl any lively udmlru
tlon of the neb BBMOOratBl aueieiy of modern Xcv.-Yoik.
"i'r bil-ly 1. no oth r ;> are sue e the world b g .n." he
itluaiks, "BM lb- I'Wel of gold been so offen
sc. n iu Ihe swim's snout as In New-York.
N'-w-Yurk, with the OtMtMOtS of Ihe ?BOM soil
cty iu Ihe world, has really nothing whieu MOJ k
lightly call? d a Micii i) ; neeuii c, nol being a cap.iai or
even a MtttOjlShSi ot billig IM tclitlc of any interest,
piiliticul, literary, atttstfPi or even i-ocial, oiher than a
i O..IUICIYMI jptorpst.it has boom lo ??? merely a plsoe for
the ippi i.y gelllBg and the spi cd.? r i pending ?'i MMl >
lue Irsi t wo chapters oi Mr.llo * i ! s's new *t?iy, "'Ihe
PodlsOOTOrod Country," atnke ott Into a new IBM
loun led on Hie my-lern I < f the OStMl Py I hones* nnd
i oi rout sptrltMlltilT) iucn.ioe.i-, i.ui epeatng a n id
fM the tint studies of d.aiacicr width f i-1 inMpOMltOt
uu element in the OhMM of his lOtloM O.lvcr Wei.il. \\
lie.i.e .? conti ihutc* a tVSOfe l>ociu on " The 1'oailllg Age,*'
uu I tu r. in MOthM by WuitUer, en t it k-d, " H. Martin's
In addition to the sei ml llcilons which lire looked for
wilb so much miercsi by the i c.ulcis oi ffprpi /?, I lie pres?
ent n u in be i Continus attl*SO?TS pip. I* on "Oil Hal*
Innere and n> MorMOBtO," " lue Isms of 1 uriy Yens
Ago," represented by Theodora Parker. Or. ChMalapi
L tmuud ti'.iiu.y, BylTMtor 'Tnhntit. i.ylia Maria Oh lid.
aad steers, the sketches of wmou sppMf M hate ban
la trod octal foe the sake or tu-ir poBtdaHs. with vMsh
more oriels lull liful, the article is Illustrated, rntln-r
Hum lor any si'cciul ?Ii,loth nut .? lu tb> Ir position, " ibe
Shepherds of Colorado. " Compulsory BttaaattM in
Braaklya." und " Fe i d luund de L ssipsas Miuisier to
11 MM In 1S4P." The lliustiiitions, us usuul, ale nol uulj
highly appropriate hut iidmlraidy execun d.
kci ibntr has IBS BSBBl \uiieiy oi mJXm iMs pajiera,
among w inch mny be noted " Voiiug Ai lists' Liie lu
New-York," UrMttBttd ?Uli i ti-'ii>Vifgs of pletiirc* by
in.-tn ims of Ihe PalMMJBBtP ClUb, "The Acudlaus of
Uuiisuinn," "A llcvoiuliouury ('ongressiiiiin on tiorsc
hack," " Bl traits iroiu the Journal of Henry J. Ray?
mond." " The Acadluns " is au luirresilug paper, pre
?Mttap some uovui details wltn regard lo me descend
antsoi the exiles fr.uu Aeadie, who are celebrated by
l.origiel.ow in " Kvaiigei.ne," and wuo were among the
earner permanent sMSMm of IsSMBMMi Ihoapb bbs
term is frcijuciiii.v applied to all the huuibler classes of
Fiincll origin IhroUsoonl the Slate. The Acudluns, as
descniiisl by thu wi it. r, an; ?tili a peculiar und remark
able people, oltM retutnine the character und mod? or
living ut lllty or a bu iurcil yens ago. Tut Ir language Is
' Kremh corrupt el Into a patois, especially In settlements
I remote from ibe puidic highways of commerce. The
most thrifty of then keep luelr piucis In good order,
raising small crops, of corn, cotton, tohseco, pen?. ami
potatoes, and MgBltad rice, lr the ted Is ."avoi
able. The lives of these people from gen
ernllon lo g. neiutlou, are u mere repetition of the
same n.uud of stpjBli ploMBUMI aad easy work. Halls
ate attended by yeaac aM aid M both sexes, t..ids and
<eno, buTM no c - and cock tlgut? arc proper for tbe DJOSI
respectable oltUMB. No woiuuu, how ever, I. ever pres?
ent at the inst twoMtertataaMBta. taaday, after mass.
Is devoted lo p.ea-ure. Every luuilly uial.i s or receives
visits. A collauun in the morumg is ii.d>peu.-aii)e,
Whether Ihe guests ale lew or uiany. P.iucakes won
Ulolassts or boaaPi MO handed round. If such dainties
are U'jl at baud, IWOSI potBloM aieused Instesd. Coflee
. Is always sei ved. 1 he Aeatllali WO mm Is 0B| ricinus und
quick teuipeied, yet amiable and warm-beat ted. Her
utigt . is soon (xpeutied, aud frankly de plot ed. What
ever else she may ue, she Is u.w aj's wouiamy, and, wnu
rare enct p.lons, virtuous. The uiodcru Evangclllie hss
discarded the picturesque Norman cap and turtle of blue,
and for grand toilet wears a daiuty p nu ur Mas sun-bou
i net ou her oopastllsl head, while au Iniiluu rube wuh
closely-fllUug bodtoOBBd long flowing skirts adorns her
I blue, graceful form. Among the oilier articles In the
number, .Mr. E. K. Hoe's piiper on " ettuwhcrrl? ? " will
be tound OMttMaUy iusliuciivc, wuh numerous Ulnstra
tlons of tbe rlpr DtBll taken h*0M Mtlfl und diuwu at
tuelr actual sue; Mr. J. II. MaftJTMM eoutributes a
valuable article on the " L'uiitd States Life Saviog ser?
vice," and Mr. WlllMM0. OBSBrak treats itiielllgciitiy ot
" AjBOrMM Aims Md Aiuuiuuliiou." Mr. K U. 8tod
BBfBTs sinking poem is uu echo of the " has " unu a re?
flection of human life.
Ihr S?rth Awtriran opens with an exhaustive paper
on " 'lue Inn nice.one Canal," by Count dc Ia-om ps; Mr.
1'iaueis Turkman comes MMS more to thi charge, sin?
gle-handed against five MalWBtt antagonists on tbe
"Wouiau QaaotMB|n Mr. PrOBBS continues bis prophetic,
wall on the supr? inHc> of " Koiiiiiiomii and the Irish
Race in the United states;" u critical estimate otHaiute
Heiive, by Henry J une-,jr..c\ luces a IhorOBgh study of
ibe great PraaoP uHie, witn a Seep lusighi Into his
peculiar tnethoils and Ihe value of his achievements;
Professor Wmchell has a powerful ami opportune esssy
ou the "Mctiiphislcs of trlencc;" 31r. C'uthbcrt Mills
furnishes i he second pan of the " I'eriliahi In e ol 1'olil
leal Forces ;" und Mr. H H. Htoiblard contributes un
SMhorsitl paper on " Ine Light of Asia," and other re?
cent jsmiiis.
The BtttsMS of greutest p.uicral Interest In the cum n(
BBKbei of 7Ae Intcrnutl'iHul lire " Kuis-u?," by 1'hiiip
UuuuM ton, MPraBOls l.iehrr (TMlMtr. iff), by Professor
J. (1. Ii uutseidi. " Willliim < ohoett, by Henry < shot
Lodge, und "William l-. w Clifford," i?y Joba
liske. Ibe services of the late Or. Lieber to political
science and IntrrMtMMl luw nro hrbfly, but eleaiiy
selfonh; Mr. Lodge tit ufsot the brawny, and some?
times, brutal SgeOMSM of English hflMsalty. William
CobiM it, withJaatappPMMtlMi and theeharaeteraad
MtMUtts accomplishment'! of the lute I'rofessor t lltlord
arc c iiisldcred Witt aflittiouate sympathy and wise
compr. h. nslvcuess In Mr. F.sko's ailiuiiuble und Highly
mieresiiDg paper.
Ihr UuyaAne vf IflMliMM Ilittory, am< tig other lui
MtftMt iOMMfiBta.MBtBltM Ihu copy or a manuscript
coriftsponiictice MtVBM Josnth i^uiiiey, Jaied (sparks,
and Colonel He Jatmn T.tUinadge, relating to Benedict
Arnold acd Major Andre.
CM llarrarit PrpUUr !s tbe title of a new monthly
Magazine published ut (.'ambridye. Max., cuiituin
lug Vulversity loielllgence, ?MsMBBtMM from
lbs Il.irvnrd professors, and srtnl.s reluiiug
lo educutiou, but mil uuder tbe direction ot
tho cftlrcrs of the coli ige. 'lue Bist l.u;: her
Is of ronslde; aid > Itd?rcst lo Harvunl etudtiates aud
student*, and has some valuable pupeis fioiu Dp, A. 1>.
I'caoody, I'rnlessor Cnarles F. Iiuubar, Mr. Justin
Wiusor. and others.
WOMAN TUE HTKONOr.R. A Novit, litre no Stil n
f. Puiusai saoas. >v ' ?
The anonymous author of this story eviuccs
more spfliude m depleting certain exccpliouul pLases of
Alueileau life than 111 the selection of Incldeuit t.i t t*e>
construction of a p ot. He shows <^jusl fumlllunrv with
th- peculiar ?ociul features of the State of Ohio, and tne
Cliy of New-York, bedwecu which Ihe BMpMjMBt or ih?
narrative Is divided, uLd wb'.cb furnish in fulr proitor
L'ous the scenes aud ehsruelers Whloh It alms toIBM>
i . ate. The persona*? ? of the plot no duubt snudow furth
certain remarkable spsoMSOM of Atuerluaa biiwao na?
ture ; but Uiry are carttaiure* of lift forwbleh ihej were
probably Intended by the witter; they are ?kelcbesl
with a bold and vigorous buud, tbutigb their Individual
attractions are not prese nted u: sti%ng relief. The wiltrr
possesses a vein of lively satire ; be bns the art mt for?
cibly presenting both tbe comic and the re puUlre pjpNjpJ
ot life i sud from the fusaulal snd business sxperieDee?
of the laut ten years he derives obundsnt matetiala for
the excreta.) of MM pointed sarcasm. Hla descriptive
power I? nleive Hie common stamp, and If not always
applied to the most enticing scenes, randy MM to ho
hrUliant and effective. The stoiy Is founded. I? a gr> at
deirree. on the convulsions of financial life, the throes
and agonies of Wall (street, and the disastrous etisessnd
crushes which |icrlnitlt'ally devastate American hearth
and homes. A typical cxamolo tl New-York life Is Intro"
dured In the early part of the narrative in the father of
twoof the prominent ynnn* people.Mr. James firnridin, a
sTcutleinau of rhe ennd old Knickerbocker rare, livlmr tn
the pi Imllive fashionable quiirior between FotirteaetaV
sr. ami Hlcccker. He was not arcttr cd pp n h..nt M banker
but lnlo riled from Ms father it luigr fortune, which he
had 111 v. sted in bond and mot Ig ige on real csiate. H<
collld lleV.-r tie pel-muled to vary this lor n of tPVC-l"
mour, so that alien Hie chance of values took place
duriutt- the wnr. he found himself MMawta pauper in
stead of a inllliouulrii. Ho w.is com;icllcd to give up uu?
ca-ti ige, diaml*, his body servant, retrench the hixurh I
of bis tublc, and ill tact adopt a new stl le of living atto?
irethi r. This had Inspired him with an Intense dl?_u?t
for financial nlTalrs. and u profound dialikc to persoua
cn-wcid In commercial putsuits. He was opposed, of
eojr?e, to the pretensions ol a young Wall Street o-sva
IW who had sol b tied the baud of his daughter, and thus
conns to play an Important pail in the plot. After the
change of sooiio from New-York to the Intel lor of Ohio,
Ittsj story trow* PJPn anim..t'-d. and rupldlv converse*
toward n focus of powerful interest, tnoiish with Int'e
cither of poetry or roinane. in its detail*. Fiom this
time, tlmiiiTh dealing with some of the most foiblddtng
form?< of ! uin: n character, It a?siimes an aspect of un
Rriafaknble moral sicuifle nice, beguiling the render Into
the study of ethical pi?Inciplc* and the teach!Pfl of eco?
nomical science under the veil of n sensational novel.
MO.NS. ||y W?. M. TAit.ok. D.H. Hio. up. MM. A. f.
Ann-iiiin/: ,t rson.
Tin- dtaeotursBI in tin's volume, like the? OtM
from wi.ich !t tnkes it? naiiie. tire, for the mo t pint, of
a practical and Aet otion.il character, althoagti Wa<1 tap
on a solid hams of religt-iii d' Clrine. In ticntli.,; the
?i iij eis selected by the p . o li' i lie takes |or ciauicd a
large body of thcoi, t'l -al principles, which ar. apull.'il
and i nduced in their rclaitou to spiritual experleBCC
and to the ilutlcs and JtaaipllPP of life, ra ln r than mi'
Btdtted tea rigid analysts and exhaustive discos: ion. Dl(
Tavlor I? singularly mi'ipv In the illustration of what
would mtdeemed P) m lav ?po.-.dative irnlh ; he never
disdains Rl opportune anecdote or n stuge?tivc example
flam leal Hfl win ii It conn s in his way ; aad MM i ar: Ci?
llers ol Ms iii.pi als as. weil ,n the .'nice ol his arguments
Is suited to Make a I'ro.'o.iu.i iiuprcssiuii on the le.igious
tense of his hearers ami r e l. is.
ll.M.i' liiii'i' i n pj v i Ufa lit POPtXLABBCTEXCBr
Beeoad s. ii Rotted in Hana Lei-.?., mo., pp. 4,.?.
Beetea, Betas * l.aurmt.
Tlir pt|J is 00_priflOd ill (axil Volume linvc
evl leiitlv been sei-c-e.l w Ph n view to their practical
oil 'i y ns wi II ii? the r ai leu title value. They include
arilcles by 1'rofessor Tyn tnli, ffiPfpaplll Hallour S ew
ai t. rr.ife-s ir Oelke. Ppefaeeer A?n OfftaTi OBd PlBffeaMP
Jaeeph Ian ermg of II .rvtird I'lilvcrsli y, and otln r cml
uci.t stn tiiliic wi n ..?, w h.i'i, if not among the most
elaborate productions of their respective sutbors, ate
I lie In 1 mit. d fin gc.it nil reading. Among 1h<- topi, s ti
lending curt cut Interest are " The Telephone " and " The
r.u iiocraiih," of which a copious and Im 11 i x|>o.<lt.oii
\- jin-sei:ted 11 PpofaWMr F. J. Garl.ilt. I'rofi ssor A-ti
Orny treuis of the " (iruwih "f Trees." anil I'rofejoer
I.oV' iiiigor ?? ?"? u.p.ntlietle Vibrations as Lxhlldled iu
Ordinary Machinery."
A iii-vv t'llilinn of Wtlls's \dlnrnl Pkflo$
oohy. by DaVtd A. W. Iis. edited by Worthingl'di C
Font, Is issued bv Ivison A- I'ompanv. It has been
Ihoi-ougiily revised, w ith correetiousnnd additions in uc
rordatice with the p-cgress of sclentiflc research, and
while it retains the t sscutial features which have given
it a high pi ice among popular manuals, will be wel?
comed tn Its present in.pmvtd fmtn by teachers and
privute students as u valuable aid to sclent I tic Instruc?
Tin? Bittorm of ihr Kim Ueuni??, lit Id at Lynio,
Conn., July 10, ls7S, eOBtaiBd several interesting
hio*rupnii* atdistinguished members of tie faatttTi
Blaatratiap their mi fleet In Hie c.iuso of educntioit, re
'Uluu. and liei-i vidtinl liisllttitloiis. The pamphlet
preaenis the record of in atieleut family tree, renowned
ta tba Banale af Maeeach Beetle ami lattaasetteat, aad
wiii. h d.m home fair am! goodly fruits for liouur ami Use
throug'iout the Nation.
[vatoti It f'n. In v.- published Jf*m Word
Analytli, \iv WUUatB PWlBtOa, founded on t n- aullior's
forim r lext-bfsafe of iMatlaf name, mid modelled Oh the
same (ilnn, witii u lain BBtaOBI of additional prnttlcnl
matter. It haa arovt d a valaaate text-book In tue hands
of Jii lii'iieis tench'r<, ind me BBnlrloaa made In the
preeeat term ?I I enhance it- unity.
Ken Pnbiiuinons
i M ERICA N K INDK ROARTES M A (; A 7. \ N!?:.
- % ! ."'tu To. liin.o House.
kmii.y M COR, IU lor, ami tvlglnatorof aaewSYSTEM
and MA ik It i AI., whieii are re.egt.lxcl us T1IK HK-T
wherever known._
< II HOMO ILTHOfJ ttArilLlr by L. PltANO * cn.
Kd.it? J hj Dr, J. VOB PAUU. I ruuslated b> 0. ('. I'Xiimns.
PatlOtw iU I > #VO.
ROLli BV UOOKstpi.l.ius.
1!. W. BOfTO * CO..
No. .', H.nknisn ST , New.York.
M<Jl I'll KUNStNOIO.', fTITf'tf.
A book ronrain.rtr full lint, ut Ilona In UM Bealfe Kensington
tsiiicii sent hy nail to anv tddreaseeraealntof prlce,ftOoeata.
It - w. TIL ruv * Co., Piibl'sm rs, boa ion.
V> LOJIOOM qrapric
Lach lull of
ar. n sb ria.lv.
PbUCB. :>n i t.vTs LACH. POSTPAID,
The deaiaad has bean to tanaeata for the chrlebaaa No nf
Ike LOMltON ORAPHiU that the tiu'.llsriera have bet a com
paiksfta ratara tka money fur uu.i.uo copies which t. -,- ,i.
uiiabl. in near/.
Near!] Ill u.o l.nsltsh Alnianars aad Annuals and Cbll
drei,'. \'oliimes I i the new year have also arrive i aiid can t>o
ohtaiurd at
Ha ?i? t N .?tlN-sUC Altl..
and at the I PTE RNA I 'ONA L NEWU COM PANT, formerly
the Wlllmer .t lloceia .New? C'ompsny. HI lleekiiinn sr.. New
Yo-s. Oakatrtptlias iweajrae Ha ell farsigi pnb icatioiis.
D1AUIi:>. 1880, nil siyi'-s, ExpeFae BooC
Dali* Joinn.iL. rirst-rlSas Statin.en, lllanK LiaiLa.
Novell.es tu HoBdaJ UoiWls.
4.* M... '
Ali PL II & BROTHERS, New-York,
it Iii IB11 THIS DATi
Slit Ji'HN A Novel. Hv the Autt or of " Anne tiysarf.'
atta\ Paper, 15 cents (No. lol lu the Franklin Square lab
LA tBatl taWVM
IB, Ponns Quixote. BpJaaBa Md'aithy . lj
IWi. N. ll-i'n sndoffthesttiga. ity Ilee H. Ilutton. |f
07. yuiiolr* of Madame de lteuitiK.it. 1802.1 SOS. Psrt I. 10
Oil. .-v.c! Nelly. My Heart's Delight. Ily Jaoies Itleo
Slid Waller Heaalit.. ]0
IBB Tka Minister t ircxuu Hv J. It. O FIansgan. 15
fa~ Sent by mall, postage j re; aid. to ony part of the t'nlted
Btatai aa leeeipt ef the prtea
Willi the folluwiua cartoohs i
ptu.it k uoMMiaaiOKPJur r.t i iu-.k
" Make It Next!
PTJCKt I'llftlsi'MAS TltLK. Ete.
Heady to iaf aad for sale evrrywhere.
ill Ujekuiau ?I., KoevYaek.
? ' .- ? i.
Tor BOTI bxq Younir. Men?Citv.
The be?t IU>.<-t > etiler I'a-tar 1 a Lustaena Cclleare Is
MONI'AY. J Nl'AUVA. M,.eeTd sdvautairaa wli; t-e gl\-a
to tboae who i nier mi ibci dar Theaaaoa bi opea 'I ?
hxa the Hididaj ?v eck. ead the PriasMpal will aee sa, a, aval It
all wbo rail._ a. a. PACKAKH. Pnaapal.
IU 1.(81 hroatlway. n?ai tvd si.? 1'ilmary. lomtuerclal and
rlataleal naprrrir? nts. IIl? I.HV Jk AKIN, Piinclpals.
For Youne Laaies?Citv.
AN Kiistli.-h, KtPiuh and (iuinan Bpaaklllll
ttiid Bckeel for vonn? ladles, l\ eat ?stid Institute
New Haven, Ct,_Mrs, s. M CA OY. Prin. ?-and lor etrcuiar.
?id h bb i irrKsBT.
Paptl* lecriri c at ?nv tlaie. 1 i'l' or liier.-?, Miss Ki;a/| |j
at Klnrlcrgnriei-._
MADAME siEARB'S Engliiih, Fiwdoh ami
1*1 liiiavsu Beatdma ?uc Day Paaeoifoi voaaftadh
Mtrt...u a.e, New Vrrk. Thecnur.c of aerkli Ici Inrra
tu Freoch win f.>uiii,rB. o on Fildav. Nov. 7, al lliu'ilut k.
C.?HURBAN SEMINARY fm Yon?g Ladlea?
(j Poa'ou sve. and lO'ih sr. Kaautifnt tftaaueai PMeouBk
tattriieil'iD. uio.lriate prkra. Hot. LLW1.N Juli.N -iuN,
1'ilnclpal. _____
For Both Bexea?City.
American UodorjrarteTi Korwal School. _3
Ea?t HjksOtiF. M. coi, PHn -N. w ,1: aaet alii hem a
HU r the Uo!i.la)a Ltaaoua tuoi..ii?h aa.l piaa'.lcal.
DR. !sAr\ KI R's BCHOOL of LANGD u.Ks,
Si b M AIJlls.'N ,, VK .N-ar f.-.i at.
B. ML B1IIEN, taccesaoi to OIL L HA I! Vlllk,
Fo- Both Bexee?Cite.
friUKNDS' SEMINARY, KfH I6tb-st, and
Kiiihcrfnrd place. IM.St -mum. A m.. Prlcclpil.
*M TJk H V ( I ABB RH t?.r Bm?and oirl* from thr.ctnien
veai.niit, ami Beielnary fur Kliu'errnrtcn Tcicher.. <>t Prof.
Jt.liv k HACK hu i Mr*. KltA t *i BOF.ITK. 7 Ksst '-"Jost..
"Tht PsJelir."_
Rni.i'.Rs female colleo::. i -t. w
f?lli.*Te.- Forir-first f rar buirlii? xepteoiber'?'-l. AJJfO>
rsatf ClsStlfetl VVil all" Y-M. Special mK:iiil?r>i f"t c.a-?ic
11 iilwnMi imbissi atau. utumi ?hPwIIm?in?", inc. n?*
Arti'rtiiir |i?|.?rtlueiii. Ii.urU.r? at ...|iini<*latisl. Iter. M.
r?. lii'nciiAun. u. o.. rioident._
CT. john s SCHOOL.
Il'iaiilli ? and l'?v HcIhm'I for Y'mipc l-.ile. ans i'MMren.
MtPABATl I'l l Aiti mi ST TO? TOUNO hOYJl
'.i km Hi Writ ??"it if , bet. Iiroa.ia.iv im .Mb ?ve., V T.
l;.\. IHKoIioKk lltVIMl. I.I-P.. Iterlor.
Art Schools- New-York Cify.
will receive |.it|iii. in )>iiitifiiiir 0aas_mJs)mi flower., mm life
rblna mi .fi-roTnllcni. at bSrSlBlho. 'Tin' Hi IIa," Sr. Is lUmX
Wik at., aattaar it, era. u.aintiiii? October L
r. It 1.1 ...- i Mr. J>. Iliuitinal .ti, Mr. Will.aiu Hart, Mr.
Janus M Halt .Mi. A. F BstsBWS,
For Both Sexes?Brooklyn.
\II!s. L. JKRNEOAN BOW! N In- ratnmcd
i*l ear lassoes hi arasV sad foreign nn.m*?v*: esnsslslss.
ImttMa mM |e pupils backward m Eagbsh braaeaes. i "i
fartherpsrUcBsiri sfptj si 111 CllaBm si, mbm iirooit.yu.
For Bovs und Younor Men?Country.
1< xnnder Institute. Military Board111 g Sc 11 ool,
v. hit.- riabj*. N. Y. Principal, o. n. wn.i.ts. Ph. D
flOYS ami YOUNG MEN priratel? iiti*-*l for
I* sonem ceedlttanssi bc t*i*et*?\ rsiatioatsa co?<h.d.
Mumm r or Wlala r. Slarkbrfatce, U???. T. HOFPMANK.
V' Y.?Properly. +lii.">.?01. Ii.p lor 14 ?Seal BM. opes*
tX . :>. A.l.l" hm lue rsUassjrno Prot I. T. Edward?, I? n. Pre*.
VV TITI', Nan Huven, i'.?nn.. ileneral Kuascll's iSchoot
Pi. I i:ii.. i v tacollsse, SSlentltle Kelmo:* or business. Tlior
otuJiphymealiraislnn by uuiits'y drtPBut? eyjeMsMtp Ac.
A inj. i opportunity lor ainleOc games. ro-ii>a\ Ac.
LW.Mil.V pnd DAY PCHO?L^Xew-BntaiD,
1 Cen.- Deslgaed legres itioinugti IssUnetisa sad out
lore to ii Hooted nansei si mu h? AdsMviw m. camp,
Pilacrsat _
1 Uesspslsad InaUtate, l one ii-lunt_
n!(;iii. \M) MILITARY ACADEMY. Wor
oanter, Ma?a. f. B. M btoa_P, a. m., ?? ui>< ilnt-n ieut
..ti. .Prspsnitsri loYalaColeae: WtaferI ra
b.-Klim Jnn. tlf tri'?t rf. llnitv Winten Pres. t. D Woolaey.
Prot. T. a. l lia. li i . H < k t ittle .. a. c. I v linn* IT. f
Bhueon E. HhI '- n. I Ii W Rtafce, K?eU>r,W. L Oasblnc,
IriTLE BOYS.?SnecUil kdvpntppeii j lower
J rufe? i PeardlneHi boo] foi H"Vh e*tahi:nl.ed ls.va U.
mamon, ^ oaksrs. .n. y.
MT. PlenMDl Inet.?Private rliifwa for Iwiva,
Ainior-i. Mass_ estab. into. h. <\ Pang.A. ML, PM
Band lot illusiratml flitjr-iMnra clrsalar.
I i H s.BTEI . Peiat,
Civil eni'lneir.Bsr, rlieniiorv, cia?iue. ati.l Rnpllih : degrees
coaferreS tWoael IHEO. I1YA IT. PresM
I TtJTK oaeaa aeal wssssa Janaary A. rieparaimn for
llarvsoi. Yale hb4 ..t.'ier roiieges, or lei baslaess. Bssl nioral
irslnius Address f^r circa lira akmau.vac a BOwk,
filmi Ipala _
For Tountr Lndiei ?Country.
Koi yoosa Lodlea PlfisilsH. Msss
i vt im in lerdns Jauuarj ... Poarj sad Kasllsb, $110.
PLMIR? FEM?LKCiiLXEGE^A coileo? "f
bj the blfbestrsast hss sslsstls sad laspsisissy Ussiiil
bm .ii*. Hi'': saiisf lai adrsataass in masts unit ?rt; ixnni m nl
Bist? Address Kev. i W. COWj?BBl Ol U, KlashB, K. T.
(V .\ i ?t .1 iias ?" fflsi SspioaibST lo._
1R0VE HALL New-Haren, Conn.?Miss
WILSON COLLEGE tor Yoans Lsvlict,
( Ii iiol.er.loir?. I'ca.i.?Ka'l term open, septetnio-r li.
Par cstaloBoes sddress Miss A. P. OOP Pa?XL, Lady priu'L
ff Mum., ? Hl becln II? fortv-llltli school year Tharsdsy,
Septem bei 11 Por Iniormsuenspplr la Miss a. k c akii.i.
orll. A. CiUU ero.. Nortou. m
For Both 8exe3?Country.
O0Y8 and GIRLS pdacappa id ? Family
IP tscti'Mi), ui.-'i r Lome iiiUiiem is , rn -.letit ?.r > ; u.I
rstsrsBBSt. A?Vress Rsv. j. m. BAUHBJ.noR, a. m ,
I'owusJ. VsrmoaL_
J N. I.?net ?nrt Urs.?t bcilatn? In tUo Mt.to. In.tro. noa
tbi'iourb. both sex?s Ten depsrtiucnts. Kifth rear opons
N-iiteuitei i".. s-'^J5 uer rear, i.uiosuos use. Usv-oUO.
H, V. HI I N h Y. D. I .. Prraiilenu
PsrsatadesfaBtpassbssl both Kood and ci*.ip win pietss
ll'Ulill c into the niettls ?'f Uns on".
H J. H. SI1UB UCCBL PBj n.. I'rljelpsl._
DbGARMO INSTITUTE, Klilnebeck, N. x.,
fit. for eoiiejre ot f'.r husiiiMs. l or ratalnxue ami par
tti nluis s.ldu.a the l'riucliisl.
J I i.cll?h. Ij.H.i, I'liiii'i mid i.rirsn lessor*, tenus moil
? r.lie. MAld o ..OOl'max. M*ll.?bur> Mills, i>c*uae I'u.,
8. Y. _
A mUsstrom Nsw-York,S6awssk board. wj.:nn?. ui'm
at C tlie ii'Bifort* of * c.'iiniry hoiue; scholar* roeeiv-es niorfv
Bl '? i are iluuus Ihe s-uiniuer. Tscatlou. For p*rUsuiars ?ppiy
loalrs Ii. U M'J.VKLL. MauhasseL L.L
JANUARY 2.?New elapjei are toraad tl
t i.ivetsrk Ooitoasaad Badsoa bitsc Instliute. ascoooi
ol hlgii Bulk. K lieve I*") * are thoroiishly no. .1 lor collciro mid
Im.-,to ?*. a f II i oles. course |..r girl*, 'l'?e K? v. alonzo
PLA< K, Ph. I?.. President, Claveraek. X. Y._
? I i.io onlvllle, renn.; per aasrtsTi s'tidruts urs
\isrtd isi husiin.-.*. \ sieor Hsrrarl. iir.t cus? prmmsBora
/.BHOBTXIDOP. a. m.. Prim io?i _
JVs Ion. Su-s^x < oiinly, M. J.. reopcui >cpt< in'i'r !l for
male? stnl females; (.xceedlugly healttir. BSSslleal govern
no nt and Christian influences; thorough to lit for any ro|.
leire or for business; <*ltiMi a year . seud fir SmBaSgaai refer
Ii bM studealS: J. Flav.l MiOee. LL.?.; Judge Joiia A.
Bbdr. Jerse; i Ity. a.-a BTMVPJsB, A. M. _
mIEWARD INSTITUTE.?A Female Seminary
fj and H").' High scbisd. Two Iioanltng Schools aaBsrsa I
icanigciu' i't ?>t0il ii i esr : music and modern ISDirusgesof.
tia. Address Her. IIEHHi A. HA BLOW, A. hU, Prtnolpsi.
Klorhls, nrsime t'onoly, N. Y. _
phla- Cnder cireof tneuds itotn sexes adoilttet, sr. I
recetVi 'he same degre-'S, College Coar?es-.'l isslca . -?elen.
Uflc. RagBSB, Normal Department, PrSparalOl r and Model
Cchoels. For particular* address KHWAKO H. MAOII.I.,
Pr?sident, ??warthiuoro. Delaware (.o, Psaa,
0 I Cft FER school YEAR.?Board and
v tuition for ehOArea i OraapsMoaaBBa. Address
Box .IB, Soutli tjiange, N. J. _
H?A per quarter) Roeklaod CollestP, Nyack,
';?'/'' K.Y7ibothssassi sanasIisWlaiersoialnnTan ?'>
head Bs sslangss w, 11. BANMIBTEM. A. AI.
APPARATUS and l URNITURE of nil kinds
foi .choo.a, academic, colleges snd halls i SSad for cats
Mpaa B ? KKP, 1'HA 11 A CO. UJsu.1 III Orau'l st., N Y.
t'uuj ?ciioalo.
\r ALE Law ScliBsl.?Regular ronrse, v. yeara;
OratlSSlS i onise i'.ii ili pree of d.O. L.L 'J vests. Fall lernt,
spusBspt ih. Addrsaa in of. wayi.a.vd Mew-Harsa.Oi
DjiiciiiQ ^Araocmics
BsM for circulara.
i'oaro ttud ?no:tu
West Si a*.
PARTIES PoReting from rneatB] or DerTOtu
SBSSSSO* cau Hud jroo'i lu.ard sad M rape I SMssWas m a
pi.Mite lauiily. Ait.lre ? KX I'KI'.IKMK, TrlLiuio Up'ottu
i it'Yr, i v ih itro alway._
np? LET.?WUh board. In the large doable
I boats I 0fSot fl*ml), Ns. M8 w.-.i Uth si., a magnta
oral salts <d rvesas wlia or whheat yrtrau table i stBsi aud
siujtlc rsoam 'or ptsBissmsa i n fereni ea
V I TO s7 A WEEKc^Sinpi.? family
<\f -? rassaswilli beard) tsbieboard asi tr?nstentt. sdsy:
hsMin.' "Ih. t lo I. - v.. o.i. ,?tg y ..t mi ??'.?-..?. hruce oor
remarkably low rar... CLAhBNCW UOTBL, li CUatea
],l...,-.fr? dooi? Item lll'.Silwny.
?>':) nod 3d-story roorna, with board, for bbb<
rm? itemaa sad wise* i sbm atapss rosam i imlareasa rsaBBrssV
j \\. s?. M as- |nginn-h'|iiarc.
? " ?satPrstaass, sa Balte oc separatsly i Briests Bibb a
boardI ai-oiiuul BUi.uy ..puei 1. o-o lo." two; haiiil-aj.mily
I ITH-STy WEST, No. 250.-tVirge, front
1 LW ?ecuiil f .h.r :. i?. j i? i hail r- om en suite or single ,
also tsbia bosrtt._
nWEST 10TH-8TM Dow Sth-ave.?Hand
-.'.'i.-lv BtrBBShsd l i.e nl so.all loom*; SS | H
hoard si iiior,. talc |.nrra fur lanilllns auJ gem u nion ; trau
?lent, $1 p. r day. _____
East 3it*j.
nut l" ild. li.idso newiv |jrui?!in>l lh:nuglimit,
p. i uiacetit oul> i rclcicoLtfs gl\eu aud icijulici. j-j Kast
3M1; st_ __ _
v; BOnMS Or i clii.i hou*.', good l.s siiou. ;,:m 7th tvu,
ovposlie lloesmoru Hotel._
4 i RAST is I li-; r.?Neatlj furniabedrootma
?-? I I" I i '.'.lh piUu.e Fieuch family : unali rale pners ,
retereu. e? i vi'lisiige.1.
CUintcv flcooita.
WALDO HOUSE. WaMo, n?.?Highest au.l
healthle.t poltu ua Florida. Klrat c:assai-i...nni..J iImli
son uuslrr*!* pilccs. Hotel opeu Dec. 1. Apply to H. A.
Cruwah. proeris-or._
MHHAltY TAni.K ' 111lOKt'AHKS, ao,
niiBiit*. Psrad i'v
t o. ski.i.i \v,
111 Pultou-.u
agent for TnK cf.i.rbiiatf.d - wootom " H-flk.
P.Pl I I h- Poll uomb I'mi-i
?XT? and I ?in. , ?? .d? for 41. A. II, Tribune Office
4 LL wanting TEACHERS, rtohoofc ?r iNTpTi?T
./? teidn-? "Amer. Edaeafleeal Uelea."787 Broadway,*. Y;
AS (iOVKRNKsS.?Rv a vouinr la?lv roni
pct.-nt t? teach r.mioioti Knrll?h l.r i'o hca and Piano
al i? French an<l O'rtnsn. AoVreaa Ml? M K \v KUH, Norm'
siupfou. Maas._
AGENC ribr'^.???I ?ad r E AC HERS.
/tllri.m. 'tl an l tn>t'>nr,i by lh? lr.nl,?? r.liuxUnr* aftHA
n.nnlry I an< I i-a, ?S hoola _,?f , ?||.r... |.r>ifnptlT pifrndsd
? Ith aupii i n l-.K UT4. rral iat. a of Imai I r < an and Fop,
? i.ii co?leif-a. Pen i lor circular. T. COTBtWOKTM wINt./_.
SV.\. DoVE-TIC rlFIEPINO. r..r. Rraadway Bed I4ft?<
/? At.V.Si \ MtwdaeMB) ??,.?,!, ,n,| f.-iii,?,
MtMfMf pnuiaeora, ptmcpel*. aa-aai.o.i?..? and gar.
? im-aa?.. mr rv.-ir department of n>- i. e.. . ,?;? .
Kboota to parent*, i'ail ouoraddiea* d.?? .'!. j Yot'Su,
American an.t Knr.-irn Teacher a' Aaem i. '..: t nion aeaar*
BEST TEACHKRS. Am. man ami t\wim,
j.r. n.pM ? r. v :..i f ,i fmrn ?? ?,-i.,?.|.. ,..r..ea. J V/
m 11. f.Nil.l il"l..\. ,t>l.*at Min-;, BecreUrj Anv-rioaa
school laatitei*. earahtiahed is.f..
/joverness.?a poanjr lady. we? i-.iinT
va eared, ile. Ii ? > a i <>d. Ion ?? ?ov? nie?? iiur ry rovarm-aa,
oi con.|ii ii I. 'Ii in a tv . ia > at,Al> i il tavo-aai y, of aiipertnl?-tid.
iripr H e housekeeping , fc...i,.,io.- .... re an ntject than loKh
?ajiy .-' .?. II. V.. Til buna oac.
T^EACHERsi aupplied ?<? MhooU and faiiiiliTi"
? without Ciarre Miaa PLORBM a. Ii _L Kir to As
riOW At HCl'.CAF. :l. friion Mpum._
Amnsc rte:i!%.
iFademV of music.
/a LABT XI.Hi at Iba Ol?RA ami of ihr mtrhprip
TI<i>. loXIOHT .Friday) dec. Jti ?:... I'm miiouof Mo?
r. 11 - opeia,
II. PI 11 TO MAO 11 I.
Tain I no, airunr Run. In Papagcno >|g ?r I). I Piienre ; "ars*
tin. Men iiehriiia. Hararaala alpaaa Moatii Mi. k
i.or I'.lrialdlul. I lie (ieui - Mile, l.obt.ti. M I.-. Al'.ona. Mum
l.shlerhr; l.e Tre li.mlrnlle?Ml..- -c, ..i Mile. Martini,
M i?? a i.ijio I, > arc Fapag-yia, Mile. Ia:trinia Marilr.ei; Pa,
niln. Mile. AI-?in. Valli rla. an.l a-ti.il .u. o le, MOM Maria
Mai laaea
FAREWELL MATINKK, to Multll iW. Dee .7. 187!).
Fuu?r, -Icimr f .ci.panliit, M? ;.l '?-..i.i,m-rnor D<>|
I'uon te ? Valentino, t? irte.r (lalaaal i atebel, Mlla. Aaaa* lxno?a
Canri Martha, Mil-, lattilache. an.l MaiKinilij, Mtlo. Alwiua
Valierta. t live open irnm 0 ml .v ____________
K'IMIi I as illl 17. I V IUI I. \ Ml.
Mrlltft ? i'hrl tuisi and sit rlc .t'.'
Mondav. I>e,-.'."? BAKTI.KV I'AMPltKM/ta to * plar of
** PA I UFA \
?aaueaah*arawatl ur ui.i.l .f.i ki-icuxe.
laut I.Ki tp uk,
Prafaaaar i". \V rfj>POItn
fllvca l.ia -i lHo.lldlv lllll-ll ile.l l.rttirn
? ROJf M."
TtCRJCTM, MC'S.tTOi ..i n ? ItaM _
1,licit.oe : Hl.i.'lMay. helwe.-', Mik a ..t Itat-at*.
POtlftTH v i? r.H
An e?tahll?h ?!anecaaa, CLINTON Hai.i,
tri sayrf? Ca allay THE tT MTKOtaVT?
MaMnae* We4aaaaaj Mat aatartlay. _
i iii: I DMA- PfM kPORB,
AairiTon hi Iba Baal aj Theaaw aver I't'inlalita.
crowih'.i? not st'.s to skk mr. mc< ci.mjcoh.
THKATBB lif i.i.o with the BUTMOI nnooKl.YR.
Ihurvl iv Al.rri.iaiu arid Mptht tl'Iirtatiiiajii -Til e Ol.AU>
r ?. roB.
Frulav Breataa?BBI PUt. the Pa I of l arquin.
fear.mluv MaUiieo -llii.M.V.M '<>'..
?a'tiiday Xlirhi -JACK ca Li:.
vy MMalJCTITIA L. PHITHCR.....Sopran?
Adici-o -t. 111 aaatapi M,aaa .. . hi, kfkino hai.l
and st H V HERTH'i*, ?Ii aloaa^aara.
ALY'S(New) THEA I RK. BMw*j ?: 30tk-ft.
r.couly theatre wider (he 'oanaaern -ut ol
N.I 1?
N > n
A frr a BBB II A
AA RR A A It 11 II a a
A A IKK a A f. Kit II a a III
AAA U r A a A II 11 H aa a N NN
A k h R A A Mill II A A M MM
IN N II 000 H II tt FIT
INN 1IO O H It f
NN II 000 II It 1 3
and at the Matll It <
T0*MOBROW. at B KKW i ?. 11, s PAY, at ?.
john T. F<HU> . . .. I^.ace nnd Manar-r
Lact muht? of h. m.a. PtNArortl.
. i \.i 'i -r I Ii- |,er?ou?l a.ieoi vt ?..n ot
W. R. TllLBKHT AND A THI'lt Mi l i.IVAN.
\.\*\ MATINKK on SATl'ltTAY a J.
NOTP'K- i hk PIRATES OF PKN/ANi'E. 'hoenllret
new aril niuniai aar) ?iiuiuatic opi-ra aj iha t( "l HOH AN1>
I OMPOaRB |>I' PINAPtlHB mil iw praitaead for the Aral
limn on WKDNESDiY BVENINO. 1?.- iwaarr ?1. Seat*
?-cured ?i II? I treat ie for Ihla ami X I.N i U ELK._
NAVERLY'S ? UK AJ 'RE. 1 Uii-at. \ Ott-BTB.
J. II. li AVI lit v.I'i..:>ti'...r ant Maaa.ae
laA? I i WO Wl.hKM
of Mr Hartley Caaaptl ill aCaaaalf Drama.
which baa to ba wit .drawn tu cat.ai >|ueucc of prevtoua ea>
gafeuiuula, while atlll pbi-lug to
Holiday, Jan. ft, return oi the (real .. 11.? lion.
THE lofltlsl's IX THE I't U.MAN I'A LACK CAB.
Ft. prwtor and Man iit.-r .Mr. j. II. IIA Vi.RLT
LOUIS Al.Dltlt'll ar.d i: it A iii. Ks I PA tl-l.til;
In Uartley t amiibell ? rreateal Aiuer.cati play,
M\ 1'AitrxEit.
Inli-rpreteil by tha MMM ?tipcrb r?lar t'ompany with wh'cli
tr achl v-d au e'ectr i-.ina r-aa ai tha I'nion Haaaia I hcatri\
PJBat. uenr tttb-are.
Itmt nial a Craud tn.-bcatra and Ui? ?ror.d'agi .-alcit coraat
MX PAY.i lio.AS.Yt it" 1'l.EASh RACE
l or tha
Amerlcau Internattonul
OHaMFIonsiiip BKLT 01 THI wonr.p.
The tuo't excM % i ..niest eyer WMaaaaaa on Ihla ? MatlBMt
Thtltv coiilru>l.1lilS still nil the Hack. Wttl. Hie scyeli M_Mtl
Mphttti? :o?|>. rataty for tirat place, each ot which will m ike
o\ ei ftuu uu ta
Mus.'- by the Ilcut Ilrotticra' celebrated t'ornet Band.
A'Uu.asiou BOt
_D. E. ho>f. Manager.^
V EW-YORK AQUARIUM. B'wayi 80th-Bt
iv I'v. ry afternoon ai.d eventng,
DNCLE tXlM'H CAIIIN. snowing
aadept. i.-d bv Mr, llairtett He. cbci >towe.
ADMI>SI.).n ONLY -'5 PEN Ts.
RAT. IRK I SOCIETY. Hteinwaj Hall.
P.-. I.. l A MItosCH . Conductor
his Friday, Aft. tnia.n. Per. Vii, nt I o'clock Public Rehearsal,
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nil. m Baai am.
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