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W* **&*?& IN COURT.
. a rcw^rnsTiONs of law submitted. .
has submitted to tbe
il Couit of Muiut> Kouie of Qm
^^?riwcs rsw>K>sED nv MB
rolNT raw'd MWW
Tl RM.
Governor Oarcclon
'np/ernc Judi
jaestious of law proposed by Mr. Morrill,
foe questions b.ive not bern made public, but
they are said to cover the main points
BUSgesmd by Mr. Morrill. The question of
the time MM Governor Garcelon's term ex?
pires is* exciting interest in Washington.
Senator Carpenter declares that under a strict
construction of tho Maine Constitution be
must vacate bis office at noon to-day.
Augusta. Dee. 31.?In response to Mr. Morrill's
letter, Governor Uarcelon sent to the Supreme
Court this Afternoon certain questions of law relat?
ing to the counting of thc^^pction retnrns. The
hnestions, it is said, cover tbT essential points of
Mr. MoTrill'a letter, bat they will i ot bemnde pub?
lic At present No farther correspondence wm had
with Mr. Morrill aa to the ms. ter of the Governor's
communication to the coi.rt ' Mr. Gould, the Gov?
ernor's legal adviser, says *he Cotstitution autbor
Itesooly the submission ot'questions of law to thc
court, And not of fact* For this reason, it is said
lome of Mr. Morrill's proposed questions wens
omitted from the Governor's communication.
) >fb]
tua militia ornc/fs promise to odey the gov
Ard'STA, Me., ii.)ee. 31.?The military officers
immoued from mngor bad an interview with tho
^Governor to-day jr- reference to an inquiry cone ern
tag the calling ol' of the militia companies should
they be neededAf^he officers promised to obey the
orders of the Gjernor as lone as he is in office. The
Governor spokBb strong lan image in opposition to
calling out mi Vary companies.
A 81
ELLSWORf. Me., Dec. 31.?At the indignation
meeting hm- last night ex-Congressman Hale, a
Representtfive elect, referring to thc manner, in
which tbwelection returns were canvassed, said :
"It is a gitAntic and appalling conspiracy to seize
the goveiaueut of Mame, and it does not mean to
stop untinhe electoral vote in 1880 iseither secured
totbeDf uocrats or tainted so that it cannot be
couutccM Concerning the rumors that the Kepub
licans imoncled to resort to arms. Mr. Hale denied
that thfre wu any foundation tor the rumors. Cou
tiuuin#his speech, he said;
Jmei. (tb'Fuslonlst*), while thpy howl n/rain*?
v.oiciw. arc with malice arorrtboucht inciting lt. ti
)i utnBunsueccJuful violence, to" which lit? > tan fhnc
tlieisMe. and yet bold their plunder and booty. Tin y
\< ltldf npun the kilowa moderation, forbearance
rat ism ot the Rcpubllean party?
forbd/rauee and moderation which have i ccu shown
ult tfrougb this vlllany, euell forbearance and moder
i^were never shown before by men under llkt<
ctnfltaQStauccs. How much turi her will they dare to imI
Il (wes no vision of tho seer lb sketch the last t.ccne.
J je tirst Wednesday of Januarv thc people ni Maine
[wont to "assemble io the Capitol afIto Siute, al
iitU, to williwa the KanKurnMui of the (iov
erfueu: which shall hold tho power for the year
cove. This year lt ls all chanced; the
bt|idiojc is barricaded; the Montgomery Guard*
it and its cucru.es; armed men stand at
li dfmr with Huts in their mind*, and the citizen ls
^ultiated from the assemblage. Men are startled at
a picture iuiJ doubt th.?i lt will over be seen.
uur.yea two, weeks wol should have doubteit lt; now i
Mt that snob la thc cup which will he presented to
I am lu favor of peace. I want lt kc m. 1 want n
ire and peaceable emergence from 'be situation, from
e tinners which beeta as. I yet hope for and expert
though I bim.I not dwell upou thc wai' bv winch lt
.in be brought about. Let uh hope for that, lons foe
-that, pray t'jr that. Ddt ye eu:ht meu who alt us dc
'IptU, I walu you not to go to.) tar In your experiment
i p ii the fcrbearanoo and moderation of tue citizens
ot the Suite of Alaine.
Washington, Dec. 31.-A new and possi?
bly s vital question of the Maine contro?
versy is now exciting great interest in Wash?
ington. It la thist "When does Governor
Garcelon's term of office expire f Tho Gov?
ernor is known as a great stickler for the lotter
bf the Constitution, and it is no more than fair
that being such, lie shoulu be required to al>id# by
all of its provisions. Section 2 of Article 5, Part 1,
of the Constitution of kaine says: " The Governor
?ball be elected by the qualified electors, and shall
bold his offioe one year, from the first Wednesday
of January in each year." 'lb* first Wednesday of
January, 1870, was also the first day of January.
It is asserted, therefore, that Governor Garcelon's
tenn of office expires to-morrow noon, and that any
exercise by him of the functions of Governor after
that hour would bo a usurpation of authority.
A T ki bu ve correspondent to-day called upou Sen?
ator Carpenter and asked his opinion of the mean?
ing of tko provision of the Maine Constitution
quoted above. After bearing it read. Senator Car?
penter said: "There eau be nothing plainer than
that under a proper construction of the language of
the Constitution, Governor Garee.)on cannot exer?
cise any authority whatever aa Governor one hour
after the expiration of one year from the 1st of last
By Tiiaawl ?t iMftaa Carpenter, the correspond?
ent then read the provisions ot um Constitution re^
lating to tba manner of niling a vacancy tn the
office of Governor, atc After deliberate considera?
tion of tba several provisions, 8enator Carpenter
?aid! "There ia no avoidingithe conclusion that
during the next six daya Maine will be without
either a Governor or a Legislature. The
Council will be powerless to do anything,
because that body cannot act except in conj uric
"with the Governor, and there will be n
dab Of course, the framers of tba CMatitution
.did not intend that such a^op|fl0bncy as this
ahoold arise ; but they did aPpnvide against it.
HU very strange that ibgxJB not. for in case of
an invasion o*
without any antb
imagine bow snob
intelligent com mu
On being asked
xrameraof the Ma
Present case,
* 1 am aura I
lt would ba a
friend, t?
and admin
State is left entirely
tent to act. I cannot
waa committed in an
t effect this negleot of tba
Constitution will have in the
t Carpenter replied, smiling:
not tell; but lt seems to me that
plan for Mr. Blaine, as tiext
the helm during the interregnum
tbe affairs of state."
ve Neal, of Ohio, on being asked to
opiniou; said t
? Court of t)hlo has decided a sim i
in tbe eaae of oar Judges. The
e. aa fixed by the Constitu?
tive years. The term of the
began on the aeeond Monday
The question waa raised by the At
* on a writ of quo warran to, and the
decided that tue terms of tbe Judges
five years, no more and no leas. I
>r Qaroelon must go."
ba no House ot Representatives In
Boon to-morrow until noon next Wed*
no Senate to be called together, there
Carpentar says, no way by
Gubernatorial eflee aaa ha filled.
.* , ^L *? '"rf**1* *?? the
af the Conegtetioa is * abm abell
true that it is the intent of the Constitution and
laws of Maine that a majority of tue qualified
voters in each Legislative Dwtnet of the State
shall decide who shall represent them at Augustu.
This manifest intent the Governor and his Council
have set at naught bv their strict adherence In the
lefter nf the Const nut io,- and law, in MUN of
their spirit.
Republicans in Washington expect to tee their
friends in Maine take advantage of this new feat?
ure of tho situation, and hold Governor Garcelon
responsible as a usurper aud insurrectionist if he
undertakes to exercise any of the functions ot the
Exeeutivo of the Htate after nt>on to-morrow. It
has been suggested that the President of the Senate,
who is ii Ropublican, ho sworn in to-morrow to
servo until next Wednesday, and that lie
dispute with Governor* Garcelon tho right
to the place. If ho should do so there
might possibly arise a ase within tho next few
days aud before tho meeting of tbe Legislature of
Maine for tbe interference of the President of the
United Slates in suppressing an insurrection against
the ulleged constituted authorities of tho State.
Then Mr. Hayes would have to decide, first, whether
the trouble was of such a serious and threatening
character aa to warrant or justify his interference,
and, secondly, which side l.e would assist. His
decision in such a case would be ti un I. and could
not be questioned. If the President of rile United
States decided tli;.t tho President of the Senate was
the lawful Governor, that act would make him so.
It is not, of coulee, to be supposed that the Presi?
dent of tbe United States would make any decision
which would not be sustained by the Coustitutiou
and laws of the State.
The Administration here, while lt. has expressed
the opinion tbut tho people of Maine would settle
their troubles themselves, has at tbe same time
beeu looking up tho constitutional pro?
vidions in regard to casca like the present, aud
tbe law passed in pursuance of them, as well as the
precedents and legal interpretations, and hus caused
them tobe codi tied tor use. It bas been suggested
to-day that it was in anticipation ot just such a
contingency asis new likely to arise that this ex?
amination bas been made, and that whatever the
President may do, if be is called upon to set. he will
be able to do without much delay, lt IsconfidentK'
expected herc that them will be interesting nowa
fiom Mame within the next two days.
The first and only Constitution of Maine was
ratified by ihe people tn 1820. Knee thea several amend
menu have been ratified by the people, nut no new Con?
stitution has been adopted. In the original Constitu?
tion, tertian I of Article I., Part 1st, reads an follows :
" Tho Governor shall be elected by the qualified electors,
and shall bold bis office for one year, from the tiru
Wednesday of January In each year." The first Wednes?
day In January was at that time, as now, the time Axed
for thc meeting of the Legislature. In 1840 the follow?
ing amendment to the Constitution was rallied : " The
annual meeting of thc Legislative shall he on the second
Wednesday of May In each year ; and the Governor ? id
other State officers elected for the political year com.
mencing on the first Wednesday of January, In the
year of our I/ord 1849, shall 1. dd their
ode? 'iii the second Wednesday ot Mav, In the year of
our Ixird l&4eV In ls)!il th^sv provisions were an
milled by I he adoption of the follow mc iiiiiemliiieut :
"The annual meeting ot rtio legislature shall lie ott
the flr;i Wednesday of January In eneh year;and
the Iii .vernor and other Slate officers elected
for the political year commencing on the
second Wedin sdav of May. in the year ol our Loni ls-M.
shall hold their office* tilt the flr?t Wcdicsd.-, of Jan?
uary, lu tho vear of our Lord ls.'.u" Tbe Invariable
practice in Mane has been to have lac > nvcrnor'a tenn
.ootiuuc nulli thc Close of thc political y ac.
San Francisco, Dec 31.?A telegram on
behalf af t':e Democrats of Han Krui eiSCO was sent to
Governor <J?rcclon, of Maine, to-day, Indorsing hi?
action In togaed IO th. recent election. The MgaalMl s
to the dlspelcl Include no prominent men of the Doiuo
ctnUc parly, t
XE W y j: Airs nit Lr j io.\.
[GCMttAL ritl.ss MM.Urn.|
WaaaiXUTOX, Dec. 111.?President Hayes, Mr*.
Hayes, and rim Vice-President Will hold a reception
?t tba Executive Man-ion on New Years Day, ac?
cording to tbe following programme:
At ll a. in.?Tho members of tho Cabinet mil tbe
.Dl^lo'l.MlU' Cojbk. ..,v ? *??
Al ll:lo ft. m.?The CbteMofttlee and Associate Jub?
ilees of the Supreme Cudrl 'jf lbs United Mtafi -
At 11:110 a m.?Senators and Representatives lg Con*
meas, tho J ml wes of toe Court ul Claims. Ito O mi.i-.
khmer*of tuc District of folumlri.-t. the JadnsoTihc
Supreme Coon ol the District ul Columbia, rx-meubeni
or the Cabinet, uml ex-Miulsiers ot the dilled linties.
At 19 m.?Tlic officers of tho Army and Navy.
At l-:30 p, m.?The Secretary of tim Pmitbennlsu In
nutucon, tho Commissioner of Agi ? iiitme, Ute Assuj.
t.iU.>.ecrctiries Ol mo DeourttncuU, tho A-,m-i?uI 1'ost
inpstcnt-CcniTal, the Sollcltor-Ut neral, tho Assist.mt
Arioruey-Oeuoial. the Hup*rtutcudt ut of the Coast Sur?
vey, and thc beads of Bureaus of tho several Depart?
At 12:4:> p. m.?The Associated BoMiera of th" Wnr nf
ISIS, the Associated Veterans ot tbe War of 1840, tte
members of the Olde-t Inhabitants' Assoclaltou of thc
District of Columbia, uud tho Grand Army of the Re?
At l p. m.? Reception of citizens. which will termi?
nate at il p. m. _ _
Baltimore, Dte, 31.?There was no business
done ut the dm aud Hour Exchange today. The
5th QggiTbl band murc'iedln ; ??pecebes were made by
many prominent members aud all the National songs
were rtudered. Wit u Ihe hour for closing came it pio
cession of about GOO members was formed, aud headed
bv the band marched to and around the ute selected lor
the new btilidlu* of the Coin and Hoar Lichange,
nearly opposito tbs Post Office. There was nothing
done in any of thc markets.
Tho close of tho year was marked by no
formal ceremonies at the atocb Exchange, but (luring
the last half hour of busiuess the brokers seemed latent
only ona frolic. Whatevet their Interest In stocks
might have been, they showed clearly a disposition to
" bull " tbe business of tnelr hatters. Tne Erle group
was the plaeo of greatest danger, and even time-worn
' tiles" that looked as If they had had a long aeqaatov
ance with tho floor of tho Exchange were not sar*
there. The glossier tho hr.:, however, the greater fun it
seemed to soe lt flying through the air to fall at u<t
under tbe feet of thebrokms. A minute or two belate
the close of business Nil fasts wore lemove.t?it few,
perhaps. vdu?*arUy? - d applause end cuveis muiked
the Brat sound of thc gong
In thet b"-nee of tiny tum*, like business, after lunth
hour tbe nembers of the Cotton Exebange gave them?
selves up to tun. From 1 to 3 o'clock they amused
themselves lu cutting Jokes, making mock dealings,
and throwing wet towels and balls of paper, which coin
pletely demolished several silk bau, uud dampened the
ardor of others.
At tbe Custom Honse many of the beads of depart?
ments at the close of business called upon Collect r
Merritt. Seasonable compliments were Interchanged
and congratulations at the successful working of ma by
change* In tho service, lutroduoed w ll Inn the year, were
general. ???_??^,??_?
Washington, Dec 31.?Senator Cameron, of tbe
i National Republican Committee, issued, to-day, thc
''fallowing call i
A National Convention of the Republican party will
weet st Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 2d day oi June
next, at 12 o'clock noon, for the nomination of
candidates to ba supported for,President aud Vlco
President at the next election. Republicans and
all who will co-operate with them in supporting
the nominee* of the pauy are Invited tu choose two
delegates from each Congressional District, four at
large from each State, two from each Territory, and
two from the District of Columbia to represent them lu
the convention. J. D. Cahbiion, Chairman.
Tuoe. B. Kkooh, Secretary.
Chairman Cameron also gives notice of tbe ap?
pointment of tbe Hon. C. J. Killey, of Missouri, the
lion. Joo. C. New, of Indiana, and tho
Hon. Powell Clayton, of Arkansv to be
members of tbe sub-committee ot the Na?
tional Committee appointed by thu* body to
take charge of tbe Convention hall. Thc resolution
authorizing tbe appointment of this sub-commit tee
provides that the Chairman and Secretary of tbe
National Committee shall also be of its member?
Baltimore, Dat, .31.?The Fire. Inspector
baa compiled the damage* br Ares In ttftt city for the
year 1879. Tbe wnole'auruber of Urea was 289, In?
curring dsna?KesMgrer??ng $186,584 61. Tbe wboie
loseiafeve Insurance will not exceed SS0.0O0. Durtnn
tbe year 8fi persona were barned by coal oil, of which 6
Chattaxoooa, Tenn., Doe. 31.?The finish
tag abet, planing mill and blacksmith shop
af the Wesson Oar Warka was named at
1> eJeleek io-aight. ina leas will reach 1*0,000
Insured for $29,000 In the Hamburg, of Bremen, the
Continental, of New-York, tho Laucathire and a French
corporation unknown.
A fire occurred laBt night ia Bluxome & Co.'s
fancy goods store, at No. 339 8ixth-ave., caused by a de
?fectlve flue. Although the flames were extinguished in
a verv short time. the. stock was damaged to tho extent
ofiflO.OOO. ________??___?
Cincinnati, Dee. 31.?The Cincinnati Gatctte
lor the past thrue months has been enguged lu a per?
sistent warfaro with thc Immoral variety shows,
Him.hiv amusements In geucr.il. the gambling
fraternity, and more especially the corrupt po?
lice Hanan* BMat of this city. Its course, al?
though without effect in the beginning, Anally
bogan to tell, and. with doubly Increased effect when
Mi Commercial swung Into line on tho questions of
gambling and police affairs. The goneral public feeling
was brought Into sympathy with the press, and a de?
termination was fell that thc incoming year must wit?
ness an uprooting of the ofllcials who had been so dam?
aging to public morals.
Yesterday The Gaselte published, under the head of
" Blood Money," what a recently raided gambler has to
say about it lo au Interview with thc proprietor of a
keno den whose place was raided upon by the patrol?
men last Saturday night. This gambier, by name Arty
Duffy, a bo-oiu filend ot Eph Holland, said
that tho wurst places In the city had
escaped attention because, they submitted quietly to
extortion In the bauds of the controlling powers. Ills
own royalty wns 100 a month, und he paid lt regularly
until last month, when ho declined to submit to the
blackmailing process any longer. He stated that he
knew the motiey went to a police ofllccr. Bueb was tbe
article In substance.
Yesterday afternoon threo rough fellows assaulted
Duffy and Holland and gave them a terrible histing.
Hi.li.uni was cut on thc neck, while Duffy was knocked
down and brutally kicked. This occurred near the In?
tersection of Fourth and Vlne-sts., as prominent a pince
in Cincinnati as thc corner ot Urouuw*y and Fulton
sts. is in New-York. No arrests were made, although
the streets were blocked with people.
At 11:30 a.in today, asWtlchard Smith, Editor of
Thc aa:fiir, was about leaving his uflii'e to go "on
'Change," a policeman npucitreri an I notified him (hst
he was n prisoner on a wurrum sworn to by tue
Chief of Police, ?reoslUg him of libel The officer
politely acceded to a request to go with him
lu search of a bondninau, and accompanied
Mr. Smith lethe Merchants'Exchange. There the Hon.
Benjamin Egglesioa joined the pair ami tin- three went
to thc Central station at once. Mr. (Suiilh was duly
registered on Ihe -tainui house slate, responding t.> Ins
banu , agc alni occupation, the same ss any oilier arts*
\s ithln a very few minutes hr was released on his own
iccoLiiiz :i e- to ippoir in the Police Court on Friday
morning, tbe "d mox.mo. to answer Ri thc charge of
libel, me order lor ats release wu* gtveu bj telephone
a nsiLiiUJU srm ii stopped.
lltol lill .
Int TELEGRAM! TO Till-. THir.txi:.!
Wasimm.ion, Dec. 31.?Ex-Governor Ilui.t.
of Colorado, Is here 1.Miking aller Ihe Interestsof tin;
Denver anti Rio Ulandc Railroad Company. The survey
oaWne route of thal road south ol A niuo-1 extends
across snarrow neel; ot the cte Reservation Ofteen
niles wide and fi vcr.il bundled miles long, liv the
term- ot tiie treaty nub tim liles, known ns the lit m.ot
Ticaty, wagon roads have toefl constructed across thll
territory for the eonviulcuee of tbe settlers lo tbe Ban
.luau country. While in New-York city, a few dav* aga.
negotiating for the parch iso ol roiling stock fer tbe rood,
Q irrrnoi Hunt received a notification iii tn tlc Indian
Department thal the survey must be susi end' i. He at
onie caine to Washington tu sec ubjl va-, wi eng.
Today he lean.ed Cut dispatches had been sen: to thc
CommtM o:t> r of in i j., n A ti airs i barging lull actions of
the treaty upon Governor Hun.'s Dart, These di
jmuin** ?it? sspnaa by u pew whom Clove awes ire?
had discharged from ms service fer Incapacity, un
learning the tim state ot the rase, and af ur eon*uita>
Hon with becrctsrr (tenure, Mt llsrtaeni a dispatch to
thc indian Ag' ul St Lo* 1'tDos, d,reeling him lo ario*
thewotk to goon. In lb< nionttBie Uiivcrimr limit
sow President Haves ami reminded btu that ??) the
terms ot the lirnnot Pie ni. r<.ad-,*iec starr I lin
touveninnesi ot SjeSttOM l.viug li mr tb* wt?r>s Uon,
sholl1.1 be roastructcd ob such n servstlona.
The djajmtch sent by Mr. Hayl only peraslu tbe sur?
vey lo to on, luit i'.ci Ides milhit:g us tn the right of tuc
company tu roast ruc) Hs road, (inventor Hunt I* of
opiulou thal tlieie Will bc BO s- rlous delay on this SCUTC,
DEXTER, Cul., Dec. 31.?Tbe (inuit Court
to-day announce l ti decision in opru court lu tuc . ou
tesl between the I Mt, \ er and Rio Cit amie Railroad Com?
pany ami tin-Atc:.:-..ii ami Topeka Railroad Cowpony
over ihe nomination of tbe (ii-aud Cannu ot thc arkansas,
This ease hus cleated n deep feeling here, and hag at
(ratted much public attention, Tbe Coon decides taut
thc lease and extemporaneous papets executed at Roe
fan ta October, 1*7*, have no relation to, and do not
uftcet, this OOOUoVersy ; and, t beret di r, tbs mandate . of
the t ... I'd Mutes Sunn-mo Court, uiitUe ia-'d April, ud
(udgliu: tho Denver and Rle Urande Company to have
prior right to msc and build Hs load lu thc cafton, munt
be enforced.
The Duart decides that tho Atchlsou Cimpany most
deliver to the Denver aud Kio Qrande Company the en?
tire linc with railroad ea .t, from the mouth of the
canon to the Mouth Arkansas River, tltlv-slx u.ih s, on
being paid the actual cost of construction; u tommi*
stoner to report snell cost.
Then If tho Atcluson company wishes to build lt must
build on the ..til -r ?ldc of the river lu narrow places, or
by penile! line Bdlaeeut. Thc formitl decrees ure yet
to lie pi.]... red tis ti tlc lim- from tho Kout li Aukausas
River lo I.eadviili , sixty miles. The present guided
hue ls awarded to Un- AlcbDon Coinii.uiv. Thc
topograpbv of mat country admit* of the easy eoustruo
li.in nf oilier Illus.
Tba Denver Company has tiled hs petition to pay or
deposit ninney to cover the cost at once, and lian Im?
mediate t .sM'ssiim atven lt, so tfeat it maj goon and
iitnsii lu line to Leadville.
St. Pail, Minn., Dec 31.?A tlirottgli tx
preos train en the Iowa and Minnesota Division or thc
Chicago, Milwaukee ami .St. lVul Railroad vat two
hours lute thia furcnoou. On roaching Mandetta Jun;-j
rion, near taja etty, und while i nuning at ti high rate at
tilMCd en aa awbaukmeut, three niutlicj, ItMuUdlug a
sleeping esr, lett Rte truck.
Thc sleeping-car rolled down thc embankment to thc
river, adUtuticu of sixty feel, but thc full was somewhat
bruton by thc itack of tho Sioux City loud half-way
dawn the descent Tko ear waa smashed to pieces. The
hx pasaeBgirs who were lu it were tul.cn ont insensible,
bm all ute ulive, though acriuindy ln)uicd. Nu
one forward of ihe sleeptng-ear was hurt.
Tho accident was caused by ? broken rall.
The following is a list oi those Injured, iii y wen
taken to .Minneapolis : Mrs. Prior, wife of Bflperlateud
ent Prior, ol tin" Milwaukee and EL Peal Katlway, of
Minneapolis, Injured on the heat), bark and ?indi ; Dr. O.
A. Menari, ul Winona, badly Injured later
nully i Edward Blood, proprietor ot Bi, Janies
Hotel. Reading, sligh'lf bruised about the bead j
Mia. Riood, ?iie ol Edward Blood, sertouetj injured,
sud supposed ut Hist lo have lieeii killed; tile Kev.'
Mr. Cowdi rv, of Minneapolis, sligntiv hurt ; Professor
H. h. Whitney, of Hhuttneg Peaool, Farihault, foot
crushed, probably so badly us to necessitate utuputa
llou. _ _ ?
HfPSON. N. Y., Dei. Ul.-J.noes Uiiuimingn was
?rri ^.tisi at Valatieyesterday, charged ?ltii rnidiciy vt Ko-iii
l-nwual vt ma believed thal ins airest will Kail to thu ul*
.. i\ i ii of a lurgn g or: ot burgluis.
'MIK lilli (, I KU CAME KN UKI).
KAUO'), 1>. 1., Dec. Ul.?Ill tbe llrugier case to?
day, the Jury after half un lii.iir's dabkSt allua tie J' I.-; ii f i ? .-ti
S verdict of'not guilt}," u Illili wss receive.I v. dh gi eta ap?
plause, tirnnal Miles ateI all i entt.it d dr.t-Lim.
Piiii.arki.piiia, Dec 81.?William Donahue and
Tliomas Mares were strnck i.v a tram eu the riiii.iu.i.iid*
mid Keadlu* Hallru-il, west nt iin.u.. ai , I..-i nn-iit. wt,ile lc.
lurulng ftuui t hi lr Work, and butti nen luauuily killed.
RaREISRVRR* Pcuu., lice. HI.?The Oovrnor to?
day i-am-d S warrant autiim ,/.uif Hie Sheriff of I'blUllclphla
to traDsIrr to the Nsw J ersev aulharltlea Design J'ukuiug,
wte murdered an oystenasD In limden recently.
Pun.AiiKLPiiiA, Dec. 31.?In the inquiry regarding
jtasu Mssban, tbejnry rendered a verdict that abe came to
her death from vtoiance-fractarft of tbe sknll-tbs rsiuit of
MMpuabeddown stairs by ber husband. Tho Utter was
eota milled ut srtaoa.
fuccaaaruL coitCEALMXitT op asx.
BANCiaoo, Dec. 31.?A person known for
Rte past twenty-are rears as Ohsrbn Parkhant, wk* has Ud
tE?Weofs??^wlH^f?rsi?lfsT?efdoniuj this tuns io call
IseoiivdUl Uwl a%?4Ar. oe*r WsA*eoru%, whs* libyan.
kneira lat fae int Ems ibet (hs decesm trasewoaua.
"var*. t, -,. t ^ . ... ?
All is bustle and, excitement nt Albany in
view of the change in the. State -Government
whJeft goes into effect to-day.: The canvass
foi Speaker 1ms . already, begun. / Several
prominent politicians 'arc'at.tlic'Capital.- The
Deportments nrc ready to transact business.
Gen;? 'tor Robinson.-has cancelled Hie charges
prffRrred against Register Loew. Governor
Ci,iie,ll has not named his. Secretary yet.
Albany, Dec. 31,?Every tram that" arrived to?
day brought prominent politicians, ofilctvliolders.
and members of the new Legislature. Still the
total number of arrivals was not very large
and tbe corridors of tho groat hotels were
not as crowded w.lh strangers to-night as lind been
anticipated. Tv. of the incoming State ollicers
arrived?Lieutenant-Govcrnor Hoskins and Attor
aey-Gsneial Ward. Tho others. Controller Wads?
worth, Trcusurer Wendell and .Secretary of State
Carr, have been et their offices for several days
past, informing themselves about their coming
dutici. Tho members of Governor ?Cornell's stuff
di rushed here to-day, und during tho evening
behl a fraternal meeting of nu informal character
with the members of (iovcruor Robinson's stud'
in tho corridor of the Dc! van House. lu
ino throng, were the I'ayuinster-licneral. Hoys
radt. General Lloyd Aapinwnll, Cngineer-ta-Chief;
Jtult;c-Advocate General Russell, Inspector-General
barnes, ami thc aides-de-camp, Colonels Mott. Var
hub and Watson. Aumin? thc United States officer!
who arrived Wt*M Collector Merritt, Special Treas?
ury Agent Curds and Murshal l'ayii, of New-York.
Lhe following Senators baTearrivetl: Rockwell, of
Gfeu'sFalls; Martha,of Kings: Jacobs, ol Kings;
Fowler, of Klogatoo, mid Itraman, of Coboco.
The two candidates fur Clerk ol' thc Sen.ite-John
W. Vroouian, of Herkimer, ami If. W. Gliddon, of
Orleans?who were present this afternoon, had few
Republican Senators to petition !or rapport.
It is already evident that the thief mattel of in?
tel, gt to every one in tbe organization
of thc Lexialaturo will be th- clinic of
a Speaker of tho Aaaambly, I his was the
lenin subject of conversation in Ute bot*! orndora,
tn-night, although there were fi w nu athen if tho
Legislature lo listen. Four candidates mr Speaker
arrived dillina the dav?General (Seorte ll.
Sharpe, ot lister; Hernial Jame. W. Unsted,
of Rockland; Charles s. Raker, ol Monroe, and
Archibald Ken nady, of Livingston, lhere was
already present in the Mtv another candidate,
Chalice K. Skinner, ol Jeffi-rsiou. I wo oilier i aii<;i
?J/te*. Thomas (?- Alvord, of Onondaga, and
-il. W. leny, of Washington, are yet absent.
Among these seven min the ninety-one vote- .,f thc
M'-pilblicaii incliiliers Will he iliviileil. 'Hie Mino.>| t
given To .Mes,rs. Baker niel Kenuadv is ii.it yet
evident ; Messrs. Alvon! and Te, r\ have nu |e;no
sitiC.tlvcs hole yet to'.peak for Un in, stthiit their
isisitioti in the couicst cannu) safely bo del ci
uiiind. ? (lim rals Sharpe a.el liualed me eon
liin nt nf success; it is the opinion of the
ainltitnde to?uigbt that these two men ure the lead?
ing candidates lor Speaker, and that Mr. Skinner
m.iv have siiOirit-ut vote- pu dged to him tn hold Tin
h.ila.ne of power lie tween them, General
Sharpe's ptirti??ii? wer* In the majority to
light, ami they ciHitndk-d Ilia seutitiielil of
tho hotels, in bia favr, hal thrt?was un oapor*
t ii ii 11V tu. teflt the chinns linnie ill behn JI of tile j
several candidate*. Tho following lilli ii men |
.ne the fpuly members <>l Hie Assembly yd i
in Hie city ; !>'< ins und I'litliiil, nt fayitgi, j
Auditen bf Broome, Uoraliue. nf Herkimer,
? ;>k- r rn' "Monroe, \ .atiiiin of New-York, Uraly ot
"Oiit-ioa, r. -li'-u i-f ?-.iiuvler, tints i-f 'lomt-kins,
Uh;upc ol" l.'li.te:, \\ ron ol killie*, Ki tinedy of I.iv
mir-toii, i a nu .i t-'e oj Kings, ilu-ii il i>; Buckland,
8En I cr ?.f ,J,ii. -i-i.ti. #
iiifstic.iutoi politician* who will support thc
rev? ral candidate* Inr Speaker has nheatly beauii
lo ll'iw m. Amoila the politiciana of lias das- n lin
arrived lo-dav Wen- J. ll. Wntieii, Kdllor ol Ih,
Cvmmereial .1..Y.1.?.,.?.-. ul Bndulo, U. II. .-urr.-i,
('minty lreasiirei ni Kr le Cornily, ex-t'onareasman
Davy, ol Mi.niiie County, .lacon M. I'ntteraoii jr.,
uud Michael eregan, uf.Ncw-York, rx-Asaeuiblymau
lim leiirii, of Whiteh til, um! ox-Cungreasmnu ;i\n."u;,
Ol VYiishlliiftim loiiiits.
Deiuoerntic politicians of prominence visited flnv
ernoi KobiBsou lo-tlay, namely, Henry lt. tilden
and Lester llradoer Faulkner, chairman of thc D.-m
ocratieSlate Committee. Mr. Faulkner huntly ci
preiejcd hts Inp.- that t Jo vert Mir Uareelnn, ol .Mame,
would maintain the position that he bad
taken in refusing lo tiise certificates of
election to many Republican members ni ihe Legis?
lature on tbe ground of defects in ihe election re?
turns, Hr. Faulkner waa nf the opinion that Gov
ci nm (inri.Inti was righi in decliuing as lu- mip
posetl, to ask the opinion of the Supremo Court ot
tbe State about the matter.
closing incidents;
imo* nu: EEot*iJtEcn?BEaro?Ti*nEf op ma mmonk. |
AluaN VnDec. DI.?lt han bern snow itiRfoHtidl dav;
und Governor-elect Cornell, as he passed Utroogh
the little pat li ubotit the Old Capitol on his way to
pay a friendly visit to Governor Rollinson, must
have tboaghl as ho looked at the leadens great
trees, the whirling snow Hakes, and expanse of
snow, that the elli had a most becomingly midwin?
ter look. Beyond thia visit the Uorernof-elect did
lit tie of note during the day. Most of tbe members
ol his military stall'ailivetl ami were heartily wel?
comed by him. Mr. Cornell baa berti fortunate in
the sch ct ion of this stuff: it being con posed inuinly
of tall and portly nun.
'1 he Important office of Secretary to the Governor
has not been lilied. It la stated that Mr. Cornell
desires to have a y tung, capable, ami energetic
lawyer fut this posit nm, ami liaaoffered thc place to
several mon of tola etatup, but that (hey have nil
dtdu.cd it on the ground tliut tho salary of the
office waa not sn fcrcat us their present income,
lor ii fortnight to come, at least, tho (lor?
ant tau tin without the assistance of a
?etary. Governor Robinson is reported to have
said that, as the remit ot his three years'experionco
in the office, he wjiuld adviso Me. Cornell to retain
some of tho clerks in the Executive Department, in
order that bad blunders might be avoided in the
transaction of its intricate affairs. No appoint?
ments in the department have yet been made by
Hr. Cornell, although it ls reported Dwight Law
renee will receive tho appointment of Military Sec?
(jo vernor Robinson to-day dismissed the charges
brought agaioal KegvUer Loew, of New-York, by
the Kai Association of that city, The chartres were
mada dilling tba nust Winter and early in the
Spring, tbe Governor announced that he would sus?
pend judgment on them, promises of reformation)
in tho conduct of tho affairs ot the office having
been made. Thii was considered hy the public a
practical dismissal of the sbargea, Doubtless to re?
move all chance of Governor Cornell troubling him?
self with an examination of tba charges. Governor
Robinson appended tho following memorandum to
the pipers to-tlav :
All thc conditions upon widen the ehargoa In Hits mut
ter were suspended navlag Beea fulir u:ni faithfully
complied wita, and there .>? nu nu re.ison io apprehend
unv ilepnrturc from tin ai li matter, tue -^.l elmrgu* aro
Le re liv til on t ?-e. I.
, The Guvirnur, iii reply to a-i inquiry to-day,
stated that he had not pardoned "Jot" l ol.urn, who
liak.tlie picturesque uliaiof "tho mau-, aler," A
few mouthe. u((0 au upplieatiuil was made to tho
SJonreraor for Cobum's pardon, and the chief plea
Was t hut tl ie man had fallen ott thirty pounds lu
weight. (Jovernor Robinson issuid to liuve pi italy
smiled when he reSeDed this point in tho pet it nm.ami
tu have said," il wouldn't hurt the state any, 1 think,
if Coburn should lose thirty pounds more." Dm um
the past two months the (Jovernor is said to have
pariioned fifteen persons. Usually Governors open
wide the floodgates of their compassion to
prisoners at the end of their terms. This course
may be a relaxation from tbe strain ol guarding
themselves for months before against sp
peals to their sympathies by friends of
convicts. These persons, many of them
women, are very persistent In their attempt*
to aaoure paidona. On* weah during, tba
past Summer foifr women waAted in the Gf^WnorVi
ante-room determined to see him; although they
has I been asenred that their petition bad beep oare
fnlly examined, and that their prayers could not be
granted. Finally the cfrrka artful iy inforn;ed theni
of the theettwheh ^rai i^a**?tre*ap ? RAntY-tlto
days.'. Reaching thesBgecirtlve Mansion he rawene
four wonieii-leafed in Ats steps, he gainedjitio' nr-i
tenor of tho Mansion Jiy a back door, rested for a
while arid thoh' wout.out info the garden
at, the-side of the honae* to take a walk.
There the shouts of some small boys in tho street
apprised tho four .women ou.the .front steps that
their vii^iprrrtu witliTn rwh."Thiji^oJdly walked
into the garden aud soon frntton^oiedtne Governor
and compelled him to listen to what thev had to
kW. However, their effort was useless ; be did not
JjglP to their prayer and release their friends.
"Tho change nf administrations is useful in secur
ffig a thorough sfcrrftinyfdf'tbe^tate's .'^flairs. The
present chango ba's brought about lin amusing dis?
covery. Opye'rnor-elect Cornell 'applied' for
derails * of| the bnilding of 'the' 'new
Capitol * for his message, to Canal Auditor
8cTm*yler, or.c of the Capitol Commissioners; Mr.'
Schuyler at once sept fiirtf a^siateiriVnt^'of tbVcost
of tlie Capitol up to 1&7D, and tho amount expended
on it fh'eprase'nt.year. Mr. Cornelly in rep Iv said that
t icrc m u st boooain dsscropan ey between the accounts
of tlie Capitol Commissioners and the Governor's, as
de Governor in his annual message for 1870 bsd
stated tbe cost of. the CaoUoL would bo a.certain
a mount; and the Commuwioners baa acknowledged
spending over $ftOt)#&0 'tho. present, year, while
tjtatrng- tho-cost, of the GamtojLta he-a
certain sum up to 1R7P. If the total given by the
Governor were compared with that of -tlirf'Coairata7
sinners, however, Mr.- Cornell said, ? ii. wanhUaeeiu
that the Cotiiiuittsioiiers bad spent only, $250,0p0,
instead ' of $1)00,000 the ". promt year.,
Auditor Schuyler, upon (Bretni ? investi?
gation, found that ever siueo 1874 it bini
been the custom of thc Capitol Commissioners to
exclude the sum nf f0o6,000 expended iii the pur?
chase, of lands from the annual report on thc cost of
the capitol. However, tbisdid not deceive the people,
as the Governor showed bv the Controller's books the
actual amount expended for the building. At the
Anal meeting of tito New Capitol Commissioners,
on Tuesday, tho Superintendent of the Capi?
tol. Mr. Eaton, was directed to hereafter
in.Iiule this ummiui in his annual statement
as to tho expenditures for the building. Un?
doubtedly the obi Capitol Commissioners bad no
otberdeaigu lu suppreasjngnsention of fl)is$030,000
than to lessen in the eyeSwrthe people tho amount
the new Capitol was costing the State. There was
a good deal of Averse criticism in 1874 regarding
thc cost of tim si ni ci ure, ami'tho separnttou
of the cost of the building lrom the cost of the laud
upmi which it rests, with other outside expenses,
was nt> doubt tlmnaht tobe a legitimate method of
diminishing the opposition to further expenditures
? m the building.
The trial "I John Halliard, ex-president, Pr.
Tlmtniis C. (fCallaghan, Ibo president. Jamel \V.
Doueliiti, ihe secretary, aud Asseinblyman-elect
shit ran. Adam J. Di lt mai and Jeremiah C.
>'??. t-'iie-,?. members of thc Executive Committee of
(In-Mt chaine*'aud Laborers' Ravings Hank of Jer?
sey City, on an indictment charging them with
having t-mispir1 <i to cheat and defraud .thu- 4rposi
tors nf the hank. Hided yesterday, it 11 of tile defen?
dant.-, h.-iii'.' found guilty. The charge of Judie Gar
itt -m. which ans wry short, waa con Angil entirely
to the Si.'te lawa regarding conspiracy, lie said in
his charge:
lu 11 in. i n .1 lav,-, cfinsprrsV y is a cotnhln it lon of two or
mote person* by some concocted action to accomplish
st.iin- illinium or uidanmO purpose, or to sct-onipfuui
?ema i-.u-Dcs. i o' in Trsi-if crinminl or unlawful by
. i .nun.i. >>?unlawful lucilia. These terms are used bc
diuse many ac s an- unlawful which ure mt ptinlf.mille
hy uolieiiie nt tu other puoilc pro-.ccuti.ui, mri y-.-t n
ciiBllilliallOB hy liii-ii.ln is to du them ls au 111:1.iwilli
cons pi racy, mid punish.idle by liuticttueut. I'ueseure
tin i ,i<i - n here Hume criminal purpose ie Intended to bc
,o i-otupllslivd. . ?
I lure wt re three counts in the indictment. 'Ute
lils: was 'o: concealing tbe ?ittr* cTin^imi of the j
h.'Tik a-d allowing mouey to be received on de
po-:t when thc defendants knew the bank was lu
Mihent; I lie -c. m..I charged the name oin nee.-, ami
also alleged that the defendants falsely pretended
to divers per>oiis that tho bank was solvent,
ami pabli.,1.. ; nott, cs lo that effect in the
papers; tho third combines both of the
first two. Judge Gartetson can-fully recited the
charges inatle in the indictment, ami said the
counts were correctly drawn, und could stand as
stated. Ile :il o said if tho directors and otliccrs of
rio- bank knew it was insolvent tiny hail no right
to keep thc matter secret from tho public, especially
if they knew tbe depositors would Bot bc paid in
full. Winn they knew thai they bad no right to
continue bosincea, and to agree to maintain tho
cretin ol the bank and induce depositors
to place tin ir money thero by concealing
this condition ol affairs, by making false state?
ments as to the hank's soundness, by continuing"
business as usual, by receiving lunney with t.he
knowledge that every cont paid kn lost its shara of
the value of tho deficiency, waa a criminal con
?piracy us timmi iu tin- indictment.
Hie Counsel (or the defence tonk exceptions (o all
the charges excepting the clerical rentals of the
law mid tho indictment. Ino exceptiooa were al?
lowed by J utigi- ii :n i et sim aim noted. Thc jury
waa mit less than an hour mid returned with u ve?
dict of guilty Hgniust all six ot the defendants.
At the request ol cx-Seuator Abbott the jurors
were polled. After they had heen discharged, be at
oiiee gave notice of a motion for a new trial, ami the
aruument will be heard in a lew days. The verdict
was a surprise to many, as lt was thought that
Messrs. Rbioewn, .sweeney .ami l'lttmar ut least
would he acquitted.
Thc Hoard of Estimate and Apportionment
paased but aleut tba final estimates for tho city Uer
ernmml foi l ??-??. Tho total antouat appropriated is
.s-j.s.ir.'.'.i'.il gs, exclusive ol Ihe estimated revenues of
the Ueneral Fund applicants to tho reduction of taxa?
tion. There la an lacreaso ifl the amount appropriated
over that for larool R39 >"~>i 7s\ which la amie ap ol
new appropriations for un erodion ot buildings uud
other noniuses, as follows:
Expenses oa city tesl estate.? v>,s,ooo
seventh Kefuineiit nt-w armory fund . )5,ocu
Furniture and nature* Sewagtajl to 7lh Keet. V.>4.SnO
i Uiiii- limier spacial act. IP.'J'JU
Ntrenirtheiilua Hie Croton atpi liu-t. 1. oom
Lavin* croton mains lu .NiiietTiinr.l-t,, etc . 110,000
irma- t.'rot m pipe* (formerly paid troui eily bonds), vt.-.n.noo
aupply fo--V44tli Ward. 1 vf,.loo
.1 Southern Boulevard_. . r.'uoj
agjgflnfirepairing aid waite in Central
sidouo* t'djnWnnVi:. r.s. ooo
New buildlurt1 ni MSitun nt >.f Public Charities
?nd <''irreetM?...?K|ln?.. ... 7'J.VJO
li,-iesUyli of WiismSatnnBsfi hy iit-aitli Heat.I lu.n,
Kur steam tiiara, aeowa, BM flflflRlaBal apparatus for
denni"*- *tr?-vl*.a. 1S3.000
|ur repair* U) lire cuclne tUMBBM. VJU.OOO
Kirctlun expense* of lrt/V*. the appropriation being
luaufflclont on account sf th* new apportionment.. -1 .H' 0
Reductions have been made ta the appropriation for
interest in tbs city debt ot S330.S34; State taxes,
*l7t?,7il0 2d,aud other Items.
Koiiowiutf is u comparative statement af the appropri?
ations made for Um > eur td7t), tue appropriation* asked
forby tho departments, aud tho appropriations mado
foe the rear 18*0: _
a ii|.r.111 ria 1 Apnropna
OBJKC-n*. I Uons kW [tania a,ked tit.n, wade
_1H7H. I tm I ?
Thet oniiuou limned
The MaviirtltV.
Pep't/d Finance....
Ettate Ultes..
Int. on t-llv "lent.
Ilrdpi'n ot 1 Itt dent.
Amoru* aaa omi
Ketil-. I' 1 es la fore
Law nepailiiJent
Ilt-n't of I amie Wk?]
Dept Purdie. PWSR
Deo t Itiblle UuUtls
Drp'l mime Cu*, ii'",
and Correction. ..
lli-altli l>en?itiiient..
Police Uep't (iiroper)[
lin latreel 1 I' .m's.
Un- Department....
Deu't Uies and ss
aessmenis .
Boird ol KOniiatlon
tolleae City N.V....
AdT't, prlntlns-, etc..
inlitiu, City Couru
Do judiciary...
Coroner'e fee*.... ...
Bherira fee*.
fcviseilon expense*
Various tnsUtutloos
Ded'ot MUmat'd rt*
general Mud
t -a asy*?l J
' The St. Peterib'orR li
a teles-re tn from Tashkend* t
of tho AfptTaa Birders, Re* ate
3?Jcer Sucre Alt, and hi*
.ban. aeeotn/paoVd by.a^t of slfbt persona ?*>?*
sd from cRul after tbe, tl?tHta? whleb Bfeeajed
lensaki Roberta' entry lott tao oltj and aoiieited ?as
^isti^rlsiir^uOra^^^ ?* **?
battle of Char-AsMUi AuoDg^anrrMssrVe faausd b/Jne
Bririgh at Cabul was,aoud laafflbed;' Predated tefek
MnlWet fftr VaaaOdV serVlcdVW tte Russia* Oovtra
obtained leaved PPtaTraiaRvVtlbd
fled rtom^crajj^^^sj^ngmjl ni *, . *.% "-J
TtlE t\tWllRa?>Ct-lR?LA^pyVl? I
? T^H/yn4 institnterj hytlVi ?
borough, tp^Jhe relief ot
now amounts*" , to . ^9,300.
adjntor, - dt tbe *' Archbishop
acsobwledirlDa'1 (od'"' receipt ot
We Church** of Cardinal
(and, says tanvpo
wltb tue" approao!
srstehi of rem
. t. ??
. s a-.-iiX8US!
1gaiA.ARJA*'?g? ? ?
p a*/^1Janlfll1B*"-lR
- . ?? i * i ?trmJ*<rTa*rw
. A Bejifer. dispatch from.ffi
says Madrid loiters/s'scriba tao j pop
*aln tf I***: ciftlcal.rAn^hUf>*- ll
Between Ounoral tMs 'CaF-1*-^
^rt^^nd*ns\utij7v5?t re,
rsxre Senators sod MeinIsr*
tics, the Oovemnivii' rcfui
speclsl pnvlleucs claimed
Loxuon. Wednesday, Dee. 81,1879.
Mr. Mnskelyne, oi the Mineral Department
of thc British Museum, writes te Th* Tim** thal altar a
thorough test ot tho no-colled " ebrystalllied fern* af
carbon " obtained by James Maclear, of tbe 8t. Hoi lox
Chemical Works, who supposed be bad dlacoverad a
process of makin* diamonds, be (Mr. Mnakelyne) baa no
be.ttatlou In det larina that they are nut dlauiuutls at all,
but consist of some compound of silica.
Ma mun, Wedaesday, Dec. 3Y, 1979. '
Gonzales, the would-be-assassin bf Kin jj* Ak .
pbonso, wno bsd bara lying In watt about ibo'door ol*
tbe royal palace, firedfrbm* corner of the sentry-box.
G..azalea did Bot make ranch resistance on being ar*
rc-'? ii, aud tho fe-uartU bad to protect bini trom tbe via*
leuce of tbe crowd.
? . \m Lon nos. Thursday. Jan. 1,1880.
The North British Railway Company bag
decided that at the next meet In* of the bourd Immediate)
sit-ps will be taken to rebuild tbe Tay Bridge.
Montreal, Doc. 31.?Tbe new Political
Economy Club formed, tn Montreal now Includes eighty
un tubers. The club wi.I meet on ci a in nilli, when a de
Onto on some Io.ul lag topic of interest to tbe country
wfll taanptBOB.lt beana understood, however, tnat all
?tempera must spcitk m-curdlng to their convictions. Mr.
RbRpas, one of thc members of tbe oouiinittee, states
tint the Hist question discussed would doubtless be that
of it commercial treaty between Canada and the United
-: ti s, vt rnch will, in all probability, bring up for dla*
euaafcm questloiut of ludcpendenco, auuexatiou and con
federation with tho iintish Empire.
ToitosTO. Doc. 31.? The Hail, a leadtntt conservative
naper, suya ta day In sn editorial on Canadian lade*
l*inlei,ee : " With u* tin- sensational story tl,tl tbere ls
ii with ..ima.I feeRna in favor of annexation, or even of
nideji-ndtTico, strikes thone wno mad it us b.z.tire.lf not
.ib-tiitl. Toe ho-iile mcasureit by wlinh American
kiatesmeo boged to coerce the Dominion I uta cloee relsv
lions wit!: thc L'i..'oii h.ive produced a uiaiu- mcally Op
Yokohama, Dec. 13.?Tho Japanese pro
in.-as for treaty r.-i ;-|.>u whl.-li have so frequently
iH-e.i revived and ubautioued within the last few days
as to throw general doubt over the Government's In
eu Hons, are now brought forward with fresh elgnsof
activity. TIM administrative vlcor sbflan in the For
elga Department linea tao nccewlon of tl,e new Min
later, Inouve Kim u. Inspires tbe hope ,,f definite action
atlast. Moro Ai.non, Kuvoy to England, rimes the
Japanese pian of rearrangement, for tiie Inspection ot
Kuropeau Cabin. t?, tv-, before announced. There ls no
suiTKes'lon of a ahaage in the present ext ru terrltorla
condiiious. Tbe exclusive rlicbt to tin-coast trade ia
positively demanded.
An energetic minority tn tbe Mlul.-try urired the Im?
mediate rosumptlou of complete and entire control over
the ciistoius tariff. This was opposed ny the majority,
under tho apprehension of a forcible opposition by
Great Britain aud other commercial powers, would
compromise the scliemo if it was adopted. Tbe Jap
nt.e.f iu i jjjn-e to a further tariff treaty for a Axed
Tenn of years, alter wh..-h ull power ot?t duties will re?
vert t<> Japan. Meanwhile the tarifl will be raised to au
averai^* equivalent of 1 j per cent ad valorem; the low
eat Import duty lit S per cent, and the blithest SO.
i in-flinting rate i? 6 per oent ad valorem. There ls
eoBatderabte Irritation union's-AmericHus here over tbe
obvious discrimination favoring English imports. This
dlscrimiiiHtion is t-it to bo ungracious, in view of tbe
fi i n.'.ship often manifested toward Japan by the United
London, Wednesday, Dec. 31,1879.
Ailjufnit R.traboff, who becume famous daring the
i:u-soT.ii-itish war us the commander of tbe Vesta, an
ola Kusaian merchant vessel turned Into a gunboat. In
which he defeutcd a Turkish Ironclad after a rive hours'
tight off Kmtemlie, in July. 1877, bas bi cu court mae.
Haled mid dlstnl?sed from tbe service, for tn iking usa of
i h.ul ting language lu reference to the .Mim-i ry of Ma?
li ne.
A dispatch from Britta, to The Fall Hall Cosette sayi:
tf (he Count do Ht. Valllcr persists lu his tlet-rmlnatioa
to resign tbe French Mission to Berlin. M. Challemel
I u ..ur will pr-ihitbiv siicceod titra. It ls uudeistocd that
the Km pe i or William will confer the order of the Black
I.aglo upou tho Cnuiit de 8t. Valllcr. This ls a distinction
rarely bestowed upon a foreigner not of lt..yal blood.
The British ship Alex. McKentle, Captain Homewood,
from New-York December 4 for Autwcrpt, which waa
yeaterduy reported stntnded near Osend, ha* become a
total loss. Tu,; crew were saved.
Tho London correspondent of The Manchetter fRflJBP
fen ssys t There seems to be grouud for the belief that
a dissolution or rm-liamnnt will occur as soon as tbe
budget aud other urgent bills shall have been disposed
of?probably soon after R tster.
|qm??Y|a.Col., Dec. HI.?General Hatch saul party'
grrtveaawlaUiaii Creek to-day.
Montrrai- Dec. 31.?Tbe Catholic elerey bara
issued ? caul snVlug Ihe ladle* of WODtreal Bot to a?t nu be?
fore their visitors to-norrow.
Ottawa, Dec SI.?The weather coBttBiiea very
cold. The thenuotnftor ta '20s below Zero baie, and S8S belsar
at Korkliffe, on tho I'pt er ottawa
Mobii.k, Ala., Dec. 81.?The Mystic Paireants of
Muolle passed off tn night with ffrest attceesa aud brilliancy.
The weather was beautiful, though warm.
Ottawa. Dec. 31.?It is understood that the Lien.
teuAut-GoTernorsblp ot tbe Northwttat Territories will as
sbolishbd st tbe approaching eesalon et Parliament.
Hii-Tic-c Dee. 31.?Tbe directors of the ilostnn.
Ho nie Tunnel and Wratern Hailroad yesterday eleeted rraa
crick L. Ame* president, la place of Central Wm. L. Bart
Mi is rm *t, Dec. 31.? Tho customs receipt* of thia
oort for lHTOshow sn Increase of a8J8.0X9 nver 1878. Th*
na nm revenue receipts the same period show * ri ar ros ss *j
Qi'kbft; Dec. 31.?A deputation of workman
wai.nlon uieHon. H. L.Laugevia. Mlniatei of Pnblle Works,
in aolicitauon ot work lor ihe winier. Ur. Lang evin p rn nasas
Ut give U>? ?Ppe*I bi* coualusrsiton.
Month kal. Dec. 31.?A writ ot injunction re?
attaining lb* Board of Mansgeoitnt ot the Teuiporamtee
fund of ihe Presbyterian Charon ta Canada fr.mi aimiuUter
Inu annniUe*. ha* been quashed hy Jostlce J? tte. Notice of
appeal waa given.
PiiiLAf>nLiniA. Dee, 31.?An nive.univ and ap*
nraisewicut<itthe prop?rtysf aiaePaeker. Ut* of Phlladot.
nhl*, wa* i^uay BJ*d wi U tao ****** ir ot Wip*. lt ai**e a
laatJ afVfnjKlf, incladiaa steeaa sad bonds amouaii**; vs
ClNCrNNATt. Dee. 81.?John Butcher, sr., ,
?ter af U* Newport frewsry. Newport, Ky., raado aa
laiiut towart" Jeno R. HoO|rs tor the betMiU or h.
Ula llabUlUe* stnount to #44,0001 tts asasta wi
i^aiyfeltasiiiaea. Hlsok^aOiWs aaa saosu/ ta

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