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One of the largest estate* now in contest
-pett-re Unrrogate Cslvln U that of t?e late Patrica
nickie, a city contractor, who died la 1874 His fortune,
estimated to be worth from fl.000,000 to #2,000,000,
uss unequally divided between the different
members of bia fe*""**- One of ms daughters
st tbe tim- of his d?ath was io sn insane asylum, where
she mad been seBUned sines 1*71. When lt wss pro?
posed to hw* a oooimlttfB sppomted to care for hs*,
sud itiut tho contesfmiaUt Pe carried on, the Court sp
pclnicd a lawyer to mslntslu ber rlntita. Tbe conse?
quence of the laves! Igstlon thst followed was that the
atienfTs Jury declared her sane, aud shu waa released
from ooBfliieineui. Tbe csso sttrsctt-d sttention be
eaoeeof the wealth ol tbs fautl' and tbs singular cir
eas?atanc>s under wme'i Miss Dicl'lo had been kept lo
tiie aartaflsa nv her brothers sm: ??? te-?.
The contestant* ot u.e will base their contest upon
allegation* cf the testator's Insanity Tile trial bsa
been resumed In the Son'gate's C'omt. having s-iven
Wiiy to other causes for ?ix un ul a*. Lizzie V. Mulie-i,
the. first witness yesterday*'ftl:ed lu beiiut. of the pro
.. poBsnts. testittefl thur slie Hud worked as u srrvaut in
tho family of Mr. Mckie, mn! never illseuvered snv
diffleultv between linn sud lils daughter, Mrs. Terrell.
J t'. Scoor, president of tBe Peoria sn.I Warsaw Rvll
roul testified Hint he Had lived nett door to Mr. Dickie,
al Nu. 3 West Thlrty-smhtu-st. Wlieu His witness had
nieehanlca working on In* roo' Mr. DlcVte complslned
of thain. At one time the witn. sa inund Mr. tickle
elovatug children wHh u whip and took him much eu
cited iuti> hisuwuaa, lim the witness tltd uot. reinem
tier any more extraonlluary conduct on the purl of Mr.
At th? Tombs Police Court yesterday, before
Justice Morgun. Wollum Poster, eugmcfr, sae forty
years, of No. 44o Wost Fifty-thlcd-st., sud Charles
Lowe,porter, see thirty-five yesrs, of No. 45 Dclauccy
st., were charged by William Chick, of Cheek &
Iii oilier, manuf oturers of cotton foods at No. 479 snd
4t*l Broomo-st,, with thc larceny of fourpieces of Silesia*
cloth and ono piece of browujuan, allot thc value of
$29, while in the employment of tho complainants.?
lu tbe past six months, the complainants any they have
scutamed losses to tho amount of $3,000 hy hsvlt>?
gooda etoleu. It waa noticed thst the thefts usually oc?
curred on Saturdays, when the store was clust-i!. latteiy
sums vigilance was exercised, id .rn cxtu-es* w??
named Hernani Kreldenret.cn, at No. 119 Lewis-nt-, yes?
terday saw Foster band a baa contalnttiK tse pieces nf
tilt nias sod brown Jean to a-uian who eweajSBU. Foster
rl..nns be cot the roods from bowe, sn 1 1/iwe sss/ rts
they were stolen ob the solicitation ot Foster, to itspoaa
of for their mutual advautx?i?
It is a!-o alleged Hist sAarire package vt a* observed tn
trai-s!t after it uad bet-ri exorassed by Foster to cia wita
at le.liara, uearNcs/KscheUC A warrant was issued
.tor tue search pf Plaster's pet mapcut home at fulham,
and IHiectirss Fogal ly aud Huudy proceeded to exe?
cute lt.
Officer White, of thc Fifty-niuth Street Sta?
tion House, touud Xhncias Mahon, ago too, of No. SO'J
East Blxty-third-st., and Thomas Maloney, agc ten. of
Nu 212 East Sixty-it..ni-?t., intoxicated in the street
op Tue-du.v night Whoo they beoumo sober, In tbe
Station House, they said they had got drunk on 10
cents' worth af liquor, which they had BUWBuaei In a
bucket-shop "uoar where they live. Efforts were ninde
by tho police,at tbe suggestion of Jn-tlce smith, In the
Kdty seven iii Street Court, to find the suire in which
the boys uud Isiu.-ht the liquor, hut failed, and the boys
were remanded to await inquiries by Offlci r Onardt.
Philip Kudolpb, sire fourteen, and IO I wand Stevenson,
sc-- ti usn, hot ii liviusr st No. 4J7 K ,M r.uirteentc-si..
w. re c-tugbt yesterday In the apartassuu of Theodore
Knmzmann, OT No. 427 Hast Fifteenth-*!., into winch
nicy had broken tor the purpose of r>ht>toc them. While
Kui.tiuijtin wss endeavoring to boin Stevenson, the lat?
ter blt lum lil the Wrist, Inflicting a .-ever* wound. Boto
bovs were arrested liv su officer, aud were held for trial
in the Yorkville Police Court.
Officer Chianti, of the Society for the Prc
r- niton of Cruelty to Children, sppeared iu tbe Jefferson
Market Police Oonrt this morning as a rc present an ve of
the society ia the following four eases where children
were mased:
John Pksaley was arrested Tuesday ma-ht on Mercer
Bt. With bim were hts two children arru 2 uml 4 years,
half clothed and bait starved. Fie Bl ey hud no bo me,
sud his wife waa In an Insane asylum. Justino Bixbv
?eui him to tho workhouse, aud oousig-r- -J the children
to tu.- euro of tho eecle.lv.
Msry Allen was found lying drunk In the s'reet with a
six weeks' oidlutaut lu her arms, dbe *-&? sent to Black?
well's Island for three months.
William McNear, see ten, found begging In his Pure
feet, was sent to 1be Juvenile Asylum; and NeNou
Hi un sae nine, found ervin* od the stet** ol the KU
vated railway stat ion, ead sarina- be would he neaten if
lu returned hums S'lUiout a aertala sum ol uioucy, sus
bold for exauiiuatton.
Andrew L. Boberta and Valentine Gleason
In 1875 were arrested under charges of a conspiracy by
which Dearly a mUliou of dollars of 1 orari d bonds
had beea thrown upon the market. They wcre
not oouvlcted. but civil aciiuaa were Ussr
and nearly f 100,000 ol latani property found on deposit
was seised. Ia January, .876, the New-York Guaranty
sud Indemnity Company recovered against them a Jud*
niest for $$1,015 35. Tboy had been arrested on an
e-dor granted upon the complaint and were held under
the execution which was Issued lu December, 1877.
Tbe superior Court. General Term, affirmed the Judg
ti itu of the Court below i but lt was reversed and a ne w
trial ordered ky tko Onurt of Appeals on Dcoem
ber 6, 1870. A mottaa waa made oetore J ml ge Speir
to har- tbs BBlaananu dlscbsrged. He dscided yesterday
thst tuey could sot Be dlsehsr?md wide thc order of ar
rest reasstwed.
James G. Hughes was arrested yesterday nt
No. 200 Fast Tw*vry-4rrat-?t hythe District-Attorney's
of.,'-era on the charge of eabcsahBg the funds ot Will
Ism K-liy, a minor. Hugues was appointed, In Octo?
ber, 1871, guardian of tua child woo, is now only ten
yean ola, sad who lives wita bis aunt, Cathsrine Rand,
n statw-U?iap?anr?. It ls allotted thst Hughes has col?
lected $3,92912 on a life Insurance policy of the ix y's
f a thaw sot $1,8X1 27 pension money, one-third of which
tbe abIM ls entitled to as Be has two brothers. He has
also eailseted $$$ every quarter fer a tong time, all of
> ulcb wannan to the boy. Catharine Rand says the
rb'ld has never received as j thing from Hughes except
at we articles of clothing valued at $30. Justice Otter
boura bein Hufnestwr trial ia default of $1,000 had.
Andrew Cassasa, an Italian, calif d at the
United States DUtriet-AUaroey's office, and th? office of
theBeeresBentlee yesterday, and oSrred two assistants
$1,000 tf tuey would stop all criminal proceedings
against Giovanni Guerrtae. of No. 33 Bax Mi -at.. vim
waa stressed last week for pssstng eenutsrfeit coln.
The Issi luana et the aaa surprised tbs assists nts. He
wss arrested, snd Commlsatourr Shields held him lu
$U.6UO bail, lie la an Interpreter, and is shout twenty
eight years eld.
The report of the referee) arranting to George
Mliarin sBaolnte divorce from bis wiro Matt-caret wai?
ler was conflrinwd by Justioe Dinoun* in the Supreste
Court, "Special Term, yeeterday.
In tbe ault of James W. Smith, assignee of
tbe bankrupt firm of Lugra ve A Otu, agdinst H. B. Claf
lia and othatrs, Judge Ornate has rendered a tie. isiou m
favor of the deXeadaaU. He said he could not see any
principle en which the Isl] ceuld bo tustaiued upon
the evidence. '
The Surrogate dnrtns; the year
took action upon 902 wills offered for prob,
three ?ilia were ooatested; teattmoag^MrfPnea ls 50
cases; 4 wills were rejected; SjnauaJRamltted to pro
nate, aad tbe remainder are nrflfrwattug; 1400 lettsts
ef BdmlaUtratiori mtrt^mMm. and 6,500 motions
"rt. grantvd. TjaHhamegste has tiel i court ff,r
tbehavsr.ucof e<?m^H K Jib data- for the bea
motions, etc., passeampam by alas was 11 ,oou.
Dorina? tbe yeaf 1879 there were 119 cases
arva** at the OeneA Term of the Roperier Coart; 714
euasea wees tried; 7J92 motions were beard and do
eisioua renderedlaapHI orders were eutered, aut 1,030
furehrueis wer.-Alurallisd. In tbe C?urt of Oaumuaa
Fleas, bA9 casefwere heard at Oeneral Trial Tenn ? 'SM
caaea ware tnevfat jan tr tal urtu ; au oases wert tried
at the equity flarm; 16,223 orders were srauted at
^?wbers;/iu|rroeBls were rendered ls 41 dlverso ai -
uou, ; tbsusmes of 2H persons weie chaiigeo ; 2AM
***"'"??'" "'r aturslired, and there ame LOS scUouuie*
jmnieDi easies.
T,,e B^d ol Aldermen, In December, 1S73,
Creeled tMpsHn mi sumner uf Fublle W.irks to regulate,
*r"'le *jP*** Oue-anudreti-aiid.tweBty-thtnl.sL hy
f * \B^!l*l*n ft,id u,M*rUl'" hc 0x< ,1 "Pori by Wai.
Afw-rtn?|irt had bein ,],,,.,-, Elw.nd Colcgrovc ned
ala^?KlSK.,,;aT,;,'??,,1,|,l,,,UH, th* ^"l'">oe (..un,
BmTawOi?is%X*!iU,lUi' MBysmiJUiBwhleh vt. re
K^,*'.w.7:,iWI ',"" arrouml that D\t chacfei t -.,
was^t^oJsC^*0. ^ dow b* cuuu*' ?? i""' '-laira
J?^usts^. sud a dec.siou of tb.- Court, ai Ocueiul
^w*M*y *>ma yewerdsy sustained tte Judjimtu;.
^^isvJ?*<ffi*f^--BX Jiidge Van Vorst.
s? SW?2Lwwi*<nfl0 ?*4"' *" 'ii-toiuisiiu
J.^fV'fmy-ajetsree's rajsirt ronCraied.
bjbi el drvseee ls fsvar cf
Br j soars Western H.-aa, Jssm agu Srwssasey-Jtstmn sav
olen with easts to eba e tils e sst, sse si ewer*" Sara.
Br Judge txmebsc.-Mbller agt M Biter, la the aaaUarof
atiillet?Granted. Ot rag agt Hows Hes memoranda**.
Uv j migs l*-vreBo?-Blaea sgt. Boagere?Tate susana hs s
meela) terni order. E> e-har.it sgt Oebnater-Motion denied,
with SO costa to ailtls the event Tbe Mechanics' and
Traders' JtaUoaal Baas sgt the Maror, ste., and others?
BvJuCs* Sedgwick.? Sherman etsi. sgt. Kane et al.?
Judgment for deft adanu with coate ; see unlulnn.
fly Judge Hpen.?Hat I.sway agt. ftnrsell et sl.-See mem
orandnm. Hoars sui Miller? Order tor Inspection of the
books etc., BS i;r tii'e-1. PnderMl] nat. Nlebulirls?al-Rel
ere.'s resort eotiflt med tad Judgment of foreclosure and sale
ordered. U>revrtal eat. McDonald -Order dearing appll
cstion with -tld imus of motion. Kbbets set. Bigelow?Order
lem mg motion te vacate etc. Keogh agt Leveoeon et al.?
Order ot aui'atiiution Htsnueraon agt. Havaxe? OMer va
catmc anhpeetta. Weinmans art. Pilger et si.?Undertaking
sptiroved. 'i owns ml sgt. Townsend? Reference orderod.
Quinn act Van reit?Order signed. Kuma sst Broderick .
Bins-ri agt HoTvhsr; Berner agt Fowler, t.'ray agt. tbe
Mayor etc.; Dangles sift Mtiriran; Antisiaon agt Oowan?
Orama granted. New Yolk Uoarautv ard IrdeuiDlty Com
naur set Gleason ?* a!_ifotlou denioVl witn ousts
t'omisoti Pleat?Speria! Terni? Bv Judge Van Hoe
sen.? Hogan art. Hinom- ott orri- aramco, siamnm' Bank
ur SsvIdkm act. HealUt?Foreclosure sod aaie ordered, sua'i
agt. Kens.iier -I'isiii approved. In re application nf liam
burut-r-Jiidnmsut of IstBeasaars and sale oraered. In re ac
countmg ol siQilivau- IsSsessonlered. Hlnolt sir*. Kellly: ii.iu
Jijfm.i. i ia.01 ii,un aud oilier* i Wsllaoe nat Newman; lu
es peiition ot i .oat-.t-i c : Stell., r ari. y mi<1v ; Kaufman agt.
Kouap: In ra assessment ot Hage i lian li sal. Griffon ; In re
apidtcatioii of m ui'iiiit : steiner sst. Motxty; Anderson art.
Mooly; Hank tor suv lags art. Vates-Auiilivatloaa granted.
In feariouutina of Hatshurgrr-jApnihauuii rrMiitcd. K ti
ertson art tten-Chcr; In re assignment ot luerte ff; Hslhen
SL-t Bal I ly? ti ra ? ted. houoius agt Bvrue?see memoran?
dum. _ _
Tbxnton, N. J., Dec. 31.?In a match nt
flftv hirds e-ieh. twet fy-one ysrds rise, elrhiy yardi
boundary,fur#50 a side here jreaterdav. between w.
Pl.. lok :.ud (t. Urey, thc lui ter was v letotioua. (Score. 3'J
to 34.
Asm ky Park, X. J., Deo^*".-?The marks
mun'K silver baduts at rifle ahuetMflKetu to-tiav it 100'
yunis, was won by Mr, Greening, who sioirii 41 poiut*.
Bayonne City, n. J., Dec. 31.?Tba return
mulch ai tifty bilda, twenty-five yards, Luug Islaud
rules, between Mr. aVMUutere* et Newark, and De I* ur,
of Brooklyn, was shot heref0-day. ThesneaWUgwai
verv close, aud rc-u.ti tl in favor of Sommers. Score, 30
to 33. _
Yokahama, Per. 13.?Mr. Crawford, an
Americ.in cueiueer, tslls for Hie tnltetl Hutcs r.ith this
mail, lie ls auliiur Bsd lo moke complete purchases of
aleck gsa] matet tal* for t.t; American rullwsy lu Teas,
lo extend fruin tbe veal ?"i-lds IB the Interior through
tie eitv af s.ip.iero, the capital <>f Vero, to ii norton
lae northwestern rossi, a diMsuce et fltiv-ihree. miles
There sraa uiueli oppoBltloB fioiu Korup! an specula lt. rs
lo coull linn this work to Amerii BB hands, hut thc
cheapness nf the eeutracf*, eouibined with sowed tvnrk
iiuiii-iup iu the early sieges ol the UBdertakiug,cou
quent; strenuous rival effort*.
Kcvt-YoBR, WV dueidar, Dec. 31,1>?7!?
The t illovTiii'.' Kales were .'id I at tba E.\
CBuuge sait-crnom HHiari
fifi .Mm T. netti.
1 6-storv brick btilldlbsVith Int Stu I '7 Houston lt
? i., 'n,ri Ii . et t ni v-liv -t, lot Ka.BxT4.8j Joltuauil
LouUS Kltttr.S10,:2j
Pu Iii'"* .V. mum.
1 3-story Bete*" dwelling with NH, No ifSfl Hast 1"- th?
ai, u s. ItiS ft w of - 1 ave, lol -ilx'.i.'.l I; NY How
sty Pira las ca. MOO
lin J.'iihaia l lia,,;".
1 plot of laud s a Sprint .1, Muck tr nt I l >Vot th amt
Pteesect aves. IM.oa7ftxiUVxso.ei m A J Ljae* . l.coo
i:*:t t'KCr.n RSA1. KBTArK TKASt'r'KKS
??ta ku -rv
Clientle* Min, fe 34, Carstsll 1 Ofsraiaa an.I wile to
J Ilruiiisier, sievuior. ctr. $10,000
Isslstiwy ss No 48,25x100. M ug it an* eehmedn to
Sophia ffiw.22,000
Mali-oii-ave, s ? esr lOJtn-si 4" > i.hi.I 1; ,'i.I ll Will
ex, refeiee. io ll M Mille . g-iSlUiBB, Str. 6.000
Coniine-ce-M, I s, I^its Ne* 11 s au l Ilia 5; xijUiliTeK.
ular; R KKnoeblei-ttisuiiili K'< .Jr . 8,soo
Gtli-ave rn ?, .0 ft s of ISUil-at, ?1X79; A John ?*. re
teiee. to I'auiln t A .VorrhB.? 3,utio
Oihiive. sacor umit-st lotixWi.lli nJ ll >v,lit?i,
referee, nit! M Ulll-r snd ??!? ther. eTe-iitorv. etc. 10.r>t>u
Sthave vt a,IWft n of IJSttis., JiMixIfttOsoJ Hara.
dion an I vite lo Nspel**^ J llsis?-s.3'.'.ooo
m. ave. s w cor05th st IOOslOd.5; James I .vlitrheil
"an-i vtltetti Wm PI'sraoDS ai.a snii'ier. 5,500
7s'th.st, ss, Jtiifl e of HU Bte. lt.HHr-'.?. s-aia'j K
HiiutiiiKiou .idi\ liusisiiid lo Kuat ll. r/f; . 4.'."-'
7rUh-staa Wl.sfieiaJHdavb. 1X4B103.2; .-arah l;
Huntington and hushanfl to Jeunln Kora. 4,.1ihi
l(i:?il-i.t ll *? i-ISI ll W tif Htt.-aTe. '.' IliUl.l", i !.' e J
Heilly io Kate R Mu.sell . . 2,iOO
Satin-|.ro|>'nv Jane C st hh -siLgt : and hustiund to
tdiverj Slunaell. . 1?V,0
Hame property ; Oliver J Munsril and witt, to 1 'Lom ns
J Reilly . 2.r,oo
74th.st. n a. Uni f i e ot '.ntti are 123x102.'.! .and also s
sT.'itJt-sl. lot! ft .-til lOUU-.ive, iOxlOJ.J ; Aim In H
Wilbsux et al exeonUrs. etc to Knietlne A Wilder l.'i.S'o
Ol at i-i aa, l'.Vi lt w of i-t ave, WlSlUUSi Marr sk hn.t
ami unhand tn Charlot tu Marks . l?.',50o
4:,tii st, ns, Kkiffe of Otb-avr, 10x100.5) OssrgeW
USU I to A .rrl'A'ie fuUer. lh,u,Mi
37th.st, n s, <75 fl e of Sihave. S3.CXUB.V; Atnov Tuck
10 lilies Tues Fn-oeh 1
(t kl ?U sa. luofi eel td ave. 3U(IIS\8% 3 k. Hollier
lsnd referee, to tiie i.rii.ian--^viiies Hank 4,0!ni
1^4lL-st,sa, Viki ft e?f .M'l.ave. lOOlBAUt Hrarv fit
mu -ii . ?i:o i.i.leiiu U 1'eiistney .lu.ii"
eotti-al. ns,-.".Ott eui'J.J.ave. 25x08: W I, Flnttley
referee, to the Nee-'V ork Ute luauraace f^mpsny l n.Ti"
With st. ii s, *i'i ft oof .a nvs. W.'ixUs; l ti kVUsaag rW
ri-ee, to 11k- Nt-w York Mfa .'cauraiice CotuiJittiv . ld.tKki
107th st it, Uki fi e uf '.','l-av-e. 108x100.11; Wm stu
U-r ana wile Ut C Lui gltena . .1
72dat. na. l.7(>lt wot vto^ve. 7ti io.'.'.'i J iiTUig-nnm
kl, I wile in 1 otitss- lier'n-rr .4?,eso
14jsat.as.MsawolBc-tlevsnl. HKliWO.li; WUUsm
lt Wariin and wife to W -.ii ll J'lek-nu. 4,100
42d-at, s a, 105 lt w tsf Jd ave, VGxHS.U , Michael Ual
laghertoJno I. Hrewaler. 1
iOUt-Hve. n e eur et (Hth st, tun ? "roust, ra.tuix
iii. oiJ.'m, Ja. wu I'uoiieit au.l aile tu lou XS it
rspelltan Bnlailns Co.. (limited).l!S,SOo
117th st. a s. 476 fl e of lt hare I S.2x?4. IO | Ixnilsa J.
Van Zaskuk m narah W Wiusai . 3,&0o
OSd-st, n r, 1 16.7*4 ft '"I lOtlt ave 10.7>?xlOO.S ;
Charts* r'Umiltce ki Chris-.o|iher II Ksoxh_ . -10.000
63d.fl, u I. IOU fl cot lnili ave, iii 7',illKi... .eimile*
KO allic* to Ohrlatoiihi-rn Keo^h.10,000
Attnrnev -st, e a 50 ft U Of Kristine si. Hoi iu , Joseph
Koiilrr. etc to Oer?oa Kreiger., ... J
WlIIU-aTe, e a Go ft u of 144th?t lOOxlOO . Ilenrretts
V Iisrveav sud others ta Ino Callen. ;?? ivsi
Green-stes, lot No 18,115x100) Margaret ti SJasSB
aud ul hs rs to Richard II Howne . 'JO.ooo
34th st* a. Its ft w of lat ave. WxJfB.'a j ts W Mal
coaiS. referee, to ibrGeruiunla Ute iDsurniM-eCu.. it,000
?4thUl,atkins ft wot lat ave.33x88.0) B W lUl.umli,
retenta U. the ucniuuil* Life timm ancv lo. O.tSMI
45th-at, a a 7 ft e ol ul svr. 'Juxluii. J , C V lllgxius,
releree,Ui H WsHer vte'ib. 2,K(
eiat-st.st, i'l-it e of Matllaonave, leiM'. .; W A
Boyd,referee, toiienrr ii Mieama.. ... lC.tKM)
Hlthst a s, IOU ll1* tte of isl-uVe. GUxlOUi Uaiilo
BjSaUUi and wife to thurles linter 18,000
Union*ve, at-twrelllouitvau-td Umu, illexilGJxilvti
XSlxtaSl i naries Hitter lo vmrtlr Hthnliz. ID,OOO
Clstat, s a. ifj fi w of ItUivs, 08X10851 Mary
< sihiiltsuad buahaud tn Unifiolts Marka. 12,.
Henry at, n a. lot BeSiS.8SX8l.8l J Kutti, n-ft-ree, to
tleorge Urahaoi. 8,'J00
llatst * s, list ft w ol loth ave, ?5X?8.V: 1 I' Howell
S-1 c tu itihn Mnler. j.'i ii
gib st, ss. 4i4fteo( Ave n, 'J! ux'.iT.U. 1-iU-r Herr
iiuuu sud wile to Jsioh UU'-.-r., ... 7,500
Mn ave. e a, C6.S It n nf l?0tbat, 1?.Rx7.'i; M rgaret
I McKeaehineUi Phebe B Wtodart.. 12,000
ayiU-at, us, JAnftsof luth-sve, 85a88.0l Ida A tar?
ter, executrix, and O'bera lo Mary ll Corlis. 7,750
7'Jd-at e.. Wkifi wot iiti ave. ,V>i lui'."J; Isaac Meit
ger ats! wlfeto Msrgaret . rawford. 13,000
v.<8ih -? , n s. SSOftsof Willis ave. tv a a of lTOth st,
SOx8dU; .1.lim Mi ' 'uro v and wife Md ullin* to
Charita ll Ackerman (?jInterest). 2,lKr<
Barns properly, Mary V Murpi.y aut others to Charles
11 Vcktrrmsn -. 1
70Ui ai, ti ? to n h 7'.'d ? t, w ot Uack ol .New-Yurk t \u
Ural au 1 Hudson Uiver lt lt i o, neross I Xl li ave io
Uml tm Hiv -r i ii. rm: Bnlkhe*d one ; Jo on Hot.
? lest! awl wtbera io william H Vanila-i-nit.l?i',.;:'i'.
Pams juopery Ci r'le.la lt. I ntl- ? m..i otlit-r- ls same. 1
litili-ave, e ? from O/'Ui Vi SMhsl alane d7th-si tn
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h t ti x Irregular ; also W a Hitb-avn o exterior
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Hudson Uiver irs, U*lo to (.Um st anti also a ?
ltira --r nf 1 ililiuve un i lilith st 7 lota: Hebert
Marlay aud wiie lo W ill la ai H Vabderniit, ouu
half interest . . 77,501
ttsn><- peop-rts ; Martha A M. ? 'iiIiohkIi ano nihers tn
same, one tiaif ntereai ... .... . TT.580
maa',>a Itann ut r^tti ve, mi.asino.5x iitcku
Mr; Robert Ma. lav am: wilie to William ll Van.
t.erliiu. 8 300
33d ?t, a a. USO w of i'd ave i> ,xtls.'l; also w * 3d ave,
74.0*4 ft n Of XUstVaU, lH.lOVI',.', I 1 -, vllteRillar i
also a a X8th ar. 180 ftw of Metre, 4ux1im.ii, imd
also w a SI ave.74.0?, fi u?f 2H(ti ?t,'.'4
psc Cewesstal. mMiuuie iiiniin
a * rornf 1 Ittliat, 'Ji.'J'oi'iixlaixirr-s-iilss
a* g Manlu io W'liiiaiii A \t i.e.'nek .. _^"^1.8?0
L. sw rt, roi llUlh-St HHDllxi,Uti VValltm-aVB
sr ; sud ale) 1! otliel lom in ..ld Vi ard, I ?
HairfaaUoUit ? Ot Vs ia it Knsier. . Trnat
138tii-at, n set SOB y WUAui ave, to s-avsf ISOlIvsr, SOx
Ki?U c Mot ntliy. gsuuslUta, Ure, te Charles li
AiVinnan. 1,000
lilith -t. ti a of 105 w ot .au ve. 'joins. 1 l A ll Alker
lefrien to tbe ff tr*-York Boweiy Fire InauiauceCo G.OOO
Ul I l -'Uti .1 .'Ililli* \ ,'. ?
Applet* n. F U to th- Unitml Xttti-s Tinst OHIBBBBJ. S
a liHth-at. wof tun ave, 'j mortgagtia. 3 veurs, loial 117,'XK)
Bough. Mary toll Hu), na 18th at, tr ot 7th.ave, 5 <
yeais., '1.000
Bowne, rt tl to Margaret O Morre sud .net o r. No ls
1. reine st, .Iv.ar-. 12.000
Caspar, Israel and wife tn Max Han/igei, m 7,at sr, e
ul Tl ava. 1 sam lieges. H Biimiiia T uni. L50Q
Crswfoiti. Marsarei ami another io 1 Melsgsr, a sof
72d ?'. u ol Mt 1.-?. 1 yi ar. . ... 17,1 j-j
Cullen, J and wife le Mary A Ile. s,., e * Willis ave. n
of lUlhat 1 year. . . l.&OO
DBS***, J .uni wiri: lo ll J Andrus, W S Efitel St. Iel
He88,8years.. . ;,oo
Henton, H H and sift-to th- fieneral synou of ke
tonrwICbtiri h Ul Ahleriia, i- ? 1.111 ure. 11 .171 '1 si.
I veer.^. 4.OOO
DIcri). J aud wife lo lannie Mayir ch Uleeekti st.u
uti iitfiii.i, .',irsr?;. . 7,;|!J0
liolii.n-ig. t, sii.I vif* to ti Well, Ito IMA ia-til- st; :i
years......... . . '.'..IfRi
aUBwsSI Isaot-lla H and another to Murali M bcudJor.
n * t'it!-*t sof liro^U-v.iv, Jieais. i',0 0
ll lilli. X ig,l.tl;'ti4 uni 0 b- is 1.1 fleur, 1 Mill i.il lieu.
isecim ld Ni*, loik, s s Jlal-si, w ot emavr, i
fltuit .'..ii .-,....? a:?, |. -^,. O.MMI
Ki-.-cli l! Ilaiinsltet.it: KeMhllsBeTger, 11 1 BBd st,
*of itilb-aTe. il asavtrsatsa i've..,., ion.;. !,.. 11
Kin hon., VV lliielmlu* hi.,1 hustiai'd lo l.l..ui, u s of
J.I ?i. w -i a vi ii. Iiutsimeiii*. l,i"0
MeCMavgey, t< artrirai ieksi i? P. il CBalunsa and
min as. dusters, aa ftoth st. wot tttli I ? e, i ve irs.. SO.OOt!
M .lae 1. (.eu k-t K si..1 nh* ,a io lbs 1 'ulled Matti
'lr.isl t'iiiii|utuv No 17 1.if tn ti- -|.:.: i.. ? ,in-. .... 6,Ot.
JiUTr.tv. Joseph ksd suv tu Wllliaui M lasses, * a el
II Jill st, w ol titi ave li months . 4,000
Ofit'l'ujau, C I-" aril wife to Jtisn Ia uuiuaer. 1 n 1 .n.u,
etc.. K088 Coentiea Klip, .1 years. 10,000
Onssiibsiia, Mary sad hiubaud le the Washington
Life Insttfauiecompany, .'-o 40 ?ai*t bOib-st, S
yesia. 10,000
Perseus. William P ami others to lie few-York Ufa
insurance coapany, a w our 4th a ve aad SI thai,
lyear.;. ss.otai
Same ls J Ia MI Maali, saaie property, 8 mest hs. 5,t*jfi
PbIUim, Augnais ui Kugsula mars aaa ethsra, w s
7tfi-svs. 11 ol H'Jttst. 4 vssra. .,. 4,000
PlQCksev, J W to H Uugrlob. s s 194th st, e of Sig
BsiS^YhoaaasV'ta'd'i'Ma 7r0<M)
Ptasve Syeare. 1,850 I
llS??st?l*^orWIya\ts8MssjLcr, wa VU ays. sst I
Seurat, aaa...TT.^......, 2.000 I
*0B?rt, T tai wtfj U tts ****** JJ* terna*
Sek ? eeeft gJavlM^to^SaTetaesMr aaafesCa.' "iv
_ ear MMMtSlmaX) 4 55K. 7,000
Shook, n n to J H Thompson, s a Chamber a at tel
nsgxa, syusra.73!._..!?..... *ooo
Htss-ns, h k and wife to J H St wnw; t-a?t*c. ate, S s
Slatat, e et Maatisoa-are, Seiw-rsg**. 8 years.
total. 1?,000
Taylor.ValertaaBdhasbsadtotbe n i erv Lass BBS
Trust Company. No si West HU. iit, SHyears.... 8,000
Thurston, Anula f: and bnaband to Ut Women'* Pris,
Association and Home, s # littra et,sot nth-eve, x
mortgages; 3 years, total. 13.800
Same to Ramsntha Washburn, n s K'Sm-st, e of flta
ava, 8years. S.OOO
Tiffany, L and wife to the Mmnal fj*e Inee-anre
Oorapsny, s w cor Hoe sad i.von at etd. 4 ti eke,
l'/year*. I OOO
Wher'ook William A to J K Mullan, w s Hth-...a,sof
114th st, 3 yeats.*.?.. _. 11,500
a vertn. J O sud another to C R Westbrook, adminis?
trator, eto... .
Averill, J tito J O Averill * (Xi.
Bank fnrSavlnratoT f J (iotidard and others, tras
tees, etc.a.?13 f**'
Hame nu li Averill. 8,140
Casley. fl io William Ricken . 500
Chainller, V sji anvilu r. executnra. etc, to the Young
Men's Christian Association . ? 1
Harlson. C A toJ KtinedK executor, etti. 6,051
sam' and another tnutfrse, et., to N rt HlmpkiDS. Jr,
amt others, trust res.f.... ... 80,000
O.rbtir.H IsO li K,. th . 1
Hame, t> aadsaatber exasrwiavra. ste, to Jessie Clara 8,500
James. Ii W, exeeiit -. eUv, to F L James..... S,00o
Kainu to same. fl.ooo
Rasia to asms. ;. *,t*ai
Hams t<i same..?. 6.1100
Haine to same. ii.tstsi
Kleher. A IoMTiisSh. 3,500
i Itfle, ,f .1 ami iinollier to M.trrst t j" latrine . 1
Ml.ler, William nu H Wnriou ,. ^e1" "
Tteiiner. Ailolpli ti rUiAO lt I'.elmer. -V<"?
Vnli.n Mme -avltigs Institution to ll T Cnrtla. V.(KS)
WriKht. lienjamln tn Kilen si 1.ninth. MBU
Citn Ural Ct9tate foi Gale.
PAST 9:iI)-ST.~ NEAR 4TH-AVE.?SnUnhln
I-J 'or builder, li'ole, each *.s0'K>. Kl 1.ANO 48 WHIT?
ISH. .'1 .".. 1 !.ii,.it. st. _
I^OK SALE <ir pxrliBnar.?Flats und apnrt
. meit nouses lu best ntrt of ihe t Itv. mr counter property
amltHsli. J. si ANM-ITIK. .1 I nie lt._.
I.> LOTS, ineltuling full trout Easterly
M. atV Boulevard, llHsnd lHttista.. foi ss'ecbeap. no YU,
BB premises.
Orooltinit Real Cstate ior Qalc.
Jj bm stet ii 1 hus fm -H.'tHi: easy terni'. Ul LAM'A
Wilt Tl BM, -1 perVmnti -t.
IjX)*, KALE or LEASE fur Mannfaetorlea,
1 ii. 11.1 i.i WoiltH, Se.?Utecfcs ut lots, mth bu kin-ti
tinter tun.t, on Nmitaui 11 ?-,?*, s<l|ninuia New Y..lie alni
lin*.kiwi. . K. A. YOlfJttl. Karine, r. Ar..
?jo Kiel ati:c.|ila.-c.
Connlr]) Nrcarrtn tor fair anti (to Crt,
IT ORANGE, N. .1. (iioi^lilMiihooti MiH-ciiilt.v).
S\ ? l'io;.i"!i 'ut si--ami I. IO all rarefies; gt est nar.
cami. HflWAHIi H. HAMILTON, I'?j 1'.rn st., N. v.
LMlH SAI.K.?'JC.tt i.rns. Iirick tlwollinB. 180
1 nt i?i 1 nlMvat tl. Iiiisji'?- in .linbiT: |>*ii vt hil,- . *< in
sn se\ iviintr. "-1 ale Bl Mtaararr, Aptly tot' f. HnAtl,
S, Iieiiet |?df. S. V.
VFW 1>V\ ELI.INi.s ai Laurel Hill. L. 1..
a.* lor .I i- er to nt very tar j steam or haras ism, Ar.
lt, a. TOUUU, '.'o KsebsBgs place.
(?RANGE, N, ?'.?HtiiiM-s and Country >iv*t-s
* lt. 111 sim for salt-, urn nt Vnrirti; also, fa rin? alni luiilaV
rs* lots nt vt W'.v l.l.l. Hllus . J4a liroadw.tv. Kooma,
?uni Cotfltc io vjsriiangt:.
I^Xt'llANCr.-Snnii' vtrvilosii.'il.U' BROOK?
IE l.VN HllnlVN -MiNK llU'KI.I I Mis, Ul SSUUllelO
Miler, lor etiiin ry ie',.1'tue or fBtBm, J." HO VT 4% SO X, 29
I kW NEK IKON MINE woiilil rsi-hana* for
s f real estate; essa ba***. Address ISON, 1'iu.t utter box
(Hfccm Stcamcra.
-f\ i'tilt ?<; Ki;s-liivv \ IND LIVKHPOflK
univ Trsiisallasiit' Maa salas lae amm:h tv ri.AO
Railing every Ibar-Uv trum Phlltdeipltla, .uni sven Wed
ne-.1st trum I.iv. i i..,u.
l.t'Hli i i.l\ 1.-Al I I'.hay Jin. : I'J noaa.
Ballina eTsrjr lu saga alternately frvaa Ch'Ia4-lahls sni
>. w.Yorfc, laniiing pi??eritf, rs within a tr* noun- noe ot tba.
Inusirtaut points e| Bterealnn the I'li'itlln-itL
>ei rat ia ol puossre uno "th-r intoruialion apslr t>
I'K r? lt vt KIO il 1 A miss, iieusral Asents,
SOT Walnut at |-liradei|ih'a. . il HJhswIwsv, Xi ?? V.i-k
? Juli N Mt lit.NAI.I). Va-eiu. ? Mailerv--.laer. Ne* York.
Maaifiv>rot.an? nisss) Nn 4'.' v-irrti Rtv^r f.?t nf \("*taa>*8
Travelers liv 1 als Ines void both ttsnsit br Baglish nil
war anti tbadUemnforui af eroaaina tn* Channel ui .i ainaU
FUAV 1. Tnititli,.VV.-ln.?lir. Jan 7 ip ni
t'AN Mil i ton. ii rt ram t I.,,,. ... i .,;
AMI"-I'4fl it. I .una AeBBeanVsr. Kr li. 4. 11 ?, tn
C*eei.edt*?n on i ted , Ufoassia,as r*ri*. in annsim* .m ul
t.nl ls- \<K l.r.itiA.N. Aenil. Mas. ka IVnalwvr
fOM l|l KKNo'l'tlWN AMi LIVKItfi'OL,
..... ... LaaVTla* I-ist IB V h li-t ot Krna al.
^^^'lMt.^u.n i-.-n.v v. j? , .; n ?? ,. m
"II.VAliA.Tl 'KM i A V. Jan -.'ll ll 10 a. m
VV l~lilVs|\.Il K-HAY.J ii. ?.?:..-. .1 . a in
MONTA- A. tr sha v. fra ii. loans, aa
UiOMIN'i.Tl liShtl, I,.|V Ul .-, ... ,u
CW Th ss*, atea mira ?rs fmitl nf run, tn wm-r lichl rom
PsrimetiU. si tl air run.', e-t s.ii, i-r^rf reenlait* tu make
tiie lia-aai/f at ri,-. Ho- At,a.m.- st.'li .air ti..' i, -,, ...Mr Sa*
MtL-MMa-jawsa. SSliakisjS rseas. MrjVtBgJfajSB, istaau, *ml
nnrarv" alan eii,*n*no~t snearemt. s-e-?nifisss sngrsLsts i avl
eaeh steaiTM-r. Tin. itateinoa.a ar* all lpg* r derk, ilia* man
Ina those gpsO-at et ail luxton s al ara. savtecl vetmlaii ,u
an I iia-M.
CABIN I'AsiAdK um riinliiiir tn atate reoiBL aa'ai *sOa..,i
tloo. l.M KUM KUI a IK. ?ttt; KTKKHAOK, at tarrataa
Ul'Kll'U Nu- .U liiilMl.'WAI.
WU,MAVIS ,? ill tn\
1 Mimi ll ii I. lt MAN UaiYU
..... '"l 'THAMI'Ti.N AMI HllK d KN.
MAIN .sat., ian. .'I I mil \\ i.lti.i.l:. sat .irn. 17
Wrosi ll -ai..Ia . ll.l lins vf -i tau.'Jl
ItA'IT..- np I'Axsvf.p; from NKW HiltK ttistiVrilAVIi'.
t.o^-^^ .. ''ON, ll AV UK lill Blil HIS.
riBSTCABIR . snail skis sdiaHIN.1WJ
,,.. PTir.llVOK. 430.
i.siitrnrleketa at regscedrates. Prepaid staprase eertlS.
cate-t. f.n?.
BtSXJsgS lat '?'? ts to all lintot* tn tbe Fr.iith ,.f riijr'.?i?l, ?.ln
or I.Kit ns tt. tn.. VI liownus linen.
,-itiA,MlT.1JM,,,-',",."r,t "mll"U1?,, Lia* for I'LYMUL'TU.
t ll i itlif it l.i, an.I Li a M UL lill.
HIRI'KU .Jan. IhikI.I.EKT.Jan. Io
vvKslI'llAMA . i;ui. M' l.r.-siMi. lan ?'
KKleeof uaassae tn M?m.nifh. ta.ndiiB. f'herhtiarg HamT
burs', and all ifiut* lu KnglSBd. siuitlsiiil and Wa'es Kir*t
c.iltui. cold, fleil, Hectiaif Csbln, nold, 4UO; siptriMrr no
reary.aiili. f. B liil'UAKI) A 0?>AH. Han. 1'aj.a Aa*t.
KL'NlIAI'.l.T.v. ii. 01Hr.,ad*ay,.s7iWoCb
O.-nrra, Ar uta 111 BlvafaJ st., New-Ysik
SH ni K-la* aieaoisra of iu.* lau, iak? |,,ei,|fBasl
Maurv s lame ni ii,? ai aa .<-aa.n.a ul ibu ri-ar.
MKI'IHI.!.-.Tliri: HAY Jaa. B, 2 p ni
?!Il ll S5Stv?Ht .TUr.aUA Y.Jan, ll. ti ao a in
OTT OF BBt'SHKLS.lIiriUOlAY. Inn I.S. u,
CITY OF il -i I tKM. Iii Ult HAY. J li itt, ti .li a. ua
?._._ From Pier S7. N. lt.. fool ot (."harlin,, *t.
t.AUIN, ((io. gad ann aloa Rt lura UeUsta ou favor**,,,
o nu*.
HTKKKAUK. SJH. lu aft* st U.-a.-.i ratas*.
SuUaon*. sute risMMS, ? ?? ekuu ami b*'li ronni* a?iiiabllis
ll,e*i atsaie "tadn nut o?rey eal tie. ab-i-o nr Hie*
JOHN li. HAl.K. AanuL ll StsiM rlmaiiVav. N. V.
Viitionnl Eiiii'.?Prom (new, I'ior U'.i, North R.
i., ^7".". ?".'''? yl ,KS ?-i'?'WN Aili ItV'I.MFOOL.
THRCit.KKN .lan. 1 7 ll- a. ml IfKI.VKHA Jan it Sa rn
___- -FuH Li in Hi LS (Vaetena Us-kai-,_.
rnJS -. ? Jil"L: 7 ' ?-"??'P. ni. i U lil.J a K .Iso 1 1. T ? i?
(shin, gao to 87<i.eiirisiicr: aloeiars. saei. nn.tts trom 11
unwaM nan I at very low rales. Cms Ma* 'a o*Ces, sst. Di
ann , .1 rtii?dw.iv. K. W. J. ll f Hst. Mansirer.
ii'er,i:o.!':"^;rri tSZTtKLS&r**** ?i *?? -?????
.'.AM 1 Anti ol. I I. MA. taut, roots. HW . ..,
t ITYOFVMtAt III '.. t.apt. Vans.ce....\y^' "/JS ' j
lAi't-oniniisixii'iiia ti, snrpa-aart). Fur Irsisht rn >. isaacs soul ats
le vULLIAMKCLVfiU ft , u.. s?. JJu^^yP
'-* v lAr?hJsla>f,^ ? agavaisls ii,tv?na.
rm. r. i. -tv, Pl,, SmfTttTuTa u ev.
tVi V uv *i.u,,\. ...' 0>" <"?V?"a only)....Tn,.r .. Jan. S
?vf $ ,IUV''* "u n*'""1 *le?1,y,,.s-xs-JJaja. 10
?t'lTY nvtli iv, Vll-JuV?'4 "u" J,0k ,co' "'? 'aa -'
?t TY UP Af KX LV ?& '??"?? ",IV> T?"""?- '?B- -il
-Mi ai s a , a A->,".l'At Hsvaua ami via,,,,, sal 8*8.7
JzSHS,---,-^Vii^'^^ar'i.!; o
V. AI.I..\A.M,,'i. a- HUSO*. S.s. ill uml ll.! HtToatfway
* Kiulmir lr. ni Pul font Caual-at . Nortb Pt?,.r
!ZZ? flV*l,,.2w,? T2 Mn&VAo"r 1 nam*.
eiiajioMtn., i I.Y t'i. ?a'nnUv, Jsii lo e. un
j- rom nsn I ram 1st i io Ja.'eiit and Cb na
W.10.,. |,U,. IiV-'I--|m-.k1 ..' st,t -,7v. Feb 7 noon.
iriiu H*" *rmll'*',,'<> ?? Honolulu, New./.eaiami sud A nv
"?lei-, mi u.er IimiI ol ( ans .at.. Nsrtii lllvar
tJ^*t,^*".'!'"?!".'Ti,,,''4 '?M*N K"gN<'fHCtt, <4\Nl?Wli'tt
I1A si.nn iiii',:,"!^' NKWZKAI.AMI. AUHTIIA
LIA, Mil III AMhltlCAV, t'K'i'TlllL AMKItll'AS sn,I
MKS 11)4N POUTM. ' vr->4ttv^ ? "-'in-A* BBS
I--tin nita or informatiau la regsr* I* routes amdy to Uta
Psassaster issBsHsisst, .>'e. Uul Kr-isds-sr ??!.">
a. i.mKvvai.u u'j ,? , ,,AV
ilenersl I'ssaenger Agent mi|s>nniea.imt.
Ml sBBmrs les vs ?'o'* pier, aili. Pavoaia Fni-'r. lersag-jitr
'"? ',.AL ? ?? l?-.t?a.u. .ay. Jsu. I
ipi"" it ? >.i, ,j.;n :..
1st Cabin. 8W-g7a tn (ah.ii, tl a?fAu mrereiti. ?ia
JUSt it a i.v. i. ,v , ... ...7 ?,??,, taViiliaua st.. rTrigsi A.'H.
IsV.MUMHUa, 60 11.... iwsr.oeasrai PaasMga a..ui.
rafn-, ' K, -.'"?,?f*mcraof lms i.lae tats tho Una lb.ut*
.Td??UmXrd v'..v.'r^MaUry' l' E -N- ?" ^ ?????????
iHiWJf5,}. *i,L 'arBsil.hs*.faa.a.na. ?
u .'.i.^' Cfl,,:- ,il??,1*1l .NauuMay. JaS. lo. 1/ n. m
Ma.'.f\^"' *'? '? PT1.Hstoruv.Js.t. iT.Vs ut
'i liesa aie*,Brr? are uniform in slse sad uniurpaaseg ia ap
soliilBrenta, rbs fliluon ntateruotna, Hmnkios an-i BatV
rusussairtapstcrUaiuidsaios. Wh?retke assas sad ossusa sra
least ferr, aflerilug a degree of ouufurl hiUierto vi"usitt'i
W. Ageau
JL8 lasatu Hew-Yo* troxt ???? et Disk ran ss sad Cart
*> V.?>JBaBjBj8J8J JJsJjBSJ ?r*vj \? ffatT*, ll aCuawUaWt*, \ ^*^Tlw*Wm*^L,
and the Koota rallmaa ears tresa flaJUsssss l*> Sawark.
Okie, rm*t>nrgaml crrkSMrn
1p.m. for Waanitigta* ana th* West, milman ears froaa
Jvew-rorx fe Beitlnicre and Wsshlnirson, maitlnx fi,.** eon
sa ra* ssh fer Ultabors, ClavdSHatt, Indianan*!!*. LaaUasrUle
aaa Ht, taral*. Thrones Pullman ears Bslumore to Cineln.
BaUaaS ba Itotass.
HMM) o. m. lUilv, for Washington, the South sad West, PaU
?BBBUiBsrsftoxa Ktw-Tork to Batttmors and Waaattnxv**,
makingeloseconnection* fer Chicago, t'Inctnnau. indianapo?
lis. Louisville, BC Lenta, Cohjtnlma, mtshtirg, the SevrU) sad
rvoathweat. Through Palisua esra treat Baltimore ie Clacla
natl, connect* at Wa*4rhsgt?D with train* tor Lynchburg.
Florida, NawOrleana sad the Bout h._
For through Ucket* please cvtil at^BforapiwiT'* "flies, 81.1
Urned way,Nev*. York, ead at licXstoSVts*, toot of LortlanJt
and Hestjrvs**e*.sts. and nene*. Jersey cttv.
Perrr BtaUon ra New.York, foot of l.tberry st.
Ferry Btaflon ut Brooklyn, foot of Fnimn-stj Jewell's Wkart
Commencing Oct. (J, 1*71*.?Train* leavo New. York, foot of
- ?,- t.liierty-st aa follows :
B30 a. tn.-ror Kirmtmrton. Faisrnn. Belvidere, Sfant-b
< bunk, ranuqaa, wiikeabarre. Rlaalxa. Ac. Connects at
Junction with f>.,L. sud W. IU K
S;4? a. ni. - For Ht?b Brides Rraneh. Keaton, nerrlenurx.
Manch Chtfnk, Tupia,,,,*. Wilkaabarre, Scranton. Wil llama
port, Ar, ^
10.30 a m. and4-Tl0p. m.? Fer wean rnileand Kiemlnxtna,
1 p. m.- Kor llenilnctoD, Ksajnn, Msur'i Chunk. Tauiaaua,
Wiin-abarre. fscraiiten. Tnnknannock, Tamaiius, Haselton.
Headinx. Fottavlile. Marriaburx, Ae.
4:00 p. ia.-For ll leo Bridge Branch. Easton, Belvidere and
Maneh I'l.nuk.
5:1.0 p. H., dally. ?F?r Keaton, Allentown and Harr'aburg,
Elmira. 4a Conan ts at Junction for l)? L. and W. H, R.
7-40 p m.-Kui Ka*i"U.
For trains tn lneal points see time tablet at stations.
8IJ.N.)AYTIlAINM-Uaventti,-4ft a. m., l'ip, m. fir Bonnd
Frook and inter mediate stations sid at i.lu p. va. for Huston,
Allentown. Itaaduur and llarrisburK.
Pouts of the " ilriaiklyu and Kr.e Annex " make connection
at jer-ee i ny .-stan,m. to and from Llrookiyn aud Kris Depot.
Jersey ("1 yr.
NEW-YORK ar*. i.oncThraxch DIVISION.
I eave New. York, foot of Mh.-rtyaf.. for perth Amlsiv,
South Anvhor. Itel Hun*, lama! Branch- Occas Orevs, Ay.,
8 1ft. Ililli a. m.. 1:18 ?. kif p. a*.
uta** eouncttien u> and from KK.YPOKT at alatawea Sta?
J Cnntiertitin. fa-sve foot of Llberty-st. for Friction at
f-:l.'.. ll 46 a. m., 4, .1 IS p. m.
Leave TewYnrk. foot Liberty ?t . C. R, ft nf N T.:
silfia.m.-Fnr Ksrniiua-dsli-, TSBM Uiver, Harm n it ami ln
t. rnu-til.ite slattoris.
1:15s. rn ? For Toms Uiver, Vineland, all stall t.s to Bay
Mile AMI FOK Al I.ANTIC I'll .'.
ino n. tu ?For Fsnninxiiaie. atvBM Uiver. Bamecat, Tuck.
iftmiii K. lt. an.i l'biladi Ipuiai.
1 1 \ II.
Hoi-Mi nut ii,K BOVTK.
Foll TRBnTtrjf asl phi I v liv l.l'Hf K
heeet .Ni-wVlii trsi .tatum e. iu lu of s. J , (sit. of ub
?m st, fur Pmllatfeiphia.
lor al.iUnu corner Mnlh ami tireen.*t?. st 7-4n.H-.iMi. ll 15
n. tn. 1 3n, I HO. ;, il,.. 7:1... i.'p. m. Un sum Uv s at -.4'. a.
m.; ."'.SO, Vi p. m.
Pur station comer Third and Berk* its. at 0:30. (k?J0, 11!". ,
a. rn ,i Jr.to, .i so. 4:tsi, .-iito. 715 p. m. On Munday al His
a. ni i .'.iltti p. m. i
Fur Treat PU. Warren and Tinker sis., fl;-"?i. Tl',, 0:00, 1115
a. m.i i:.tu, . 40 asm. :..:t i, 7:13,11 p. in. un miiou-iv <- i,
a. m :.". .io p tu
i-etumiDX trsins will le*ve l'lilladolf.lua for New York
Fmni stnlion Phd* anti KesdtBst Ililli, ail. e.Miir Nlnih and
Or-eu-hta. st 7:.l?f, ultu a.m.; l.rlO. ito*. .t:Hj. ;,.ln, 7 ll
I'.'r. ni un sundat sat-*.30a. aa.; '. :tO. |-j o ru.
Fi nm 'I hlnl unil il.rksati. at 7:4.\ a'ju. I Ta. ni . 1:30. .'??-'?
5..tn, ll;4 J, 1115 ;i. rn un Sonil.tr at n.'.'.'. s. isa.; 4.HO p. m.
?Lennie I'm luau cat* attaih-'f
From Tiriittm, Warien and , leker.Sla.?IjiO (sseepl i
dag i, 11:10, r-:> i. lti.l.vs. ra i I 3i '.;:?"? 4Ij -i : i g. U.::i, BsM
ii. m. fa MiinUy- l.W. i':l is. rn ; ttl ' 1>. m .
Cnnnertlen I* mn.le at Jersey t ?r Minion nv ferry t-? and
from Ruaikivusun "Bri' lu-tiot'' at Jersri i.'itjr,
?lit kel* for sale at foot ni l.therty st.. Noa, ntl. 401 914
?J7 Uinatlwar, a'the priariMi l.oi'i*. .Nt*, il gad 4 court
-t.anil Anii.-a ufof.'.les'll's Whart. irriiikiyn
Xetv-Tsrk Transf-rt'-mpaJiv IfcHlda l.xpi -s-) si.1 cali far
Stidclitcit bm |-a -r freni hatel 0| t??! let r>- tn .lestlnaflon Ali
lteai mn can be mule nt OW Itrsastaay, 7.'tu SiXtB-aTs,
? es V erk, and I ' uni! *t.. hrooklva. and iln-sanin- i--.t-e lu
nnne.tlomwltn tUe lieu 1 -lei'le ne sim la* Islesrspb.
II I'. HA lilt' IN. i.eu. l*SSB. Agent
LMiR.BR!IM;EPORT anil till points ur X*u>
I xsiiiek aaa Uoavsatordc Ksilroatb, '?tasnier* leave Calk
stine ulta iFUW ii."., S. H.I 'Uilt a! I l:i-)0*. di. sail Si M p. m.
l-'.lle |..'.t el tit.,;, lu nli\ .,i:,,r lentil.
li AKHANnRMKNT OF I'.f-M-.MiK.t a ItAi:-". M ir -li
SO, 1HT?. I.i-sve itt- o i root ni CoitUii lt .uni la-li,.--' -t
i.tO u. ra fur Ki-t,... Bstklslitiii AUenlswa, Reasjqf
>!amii' blink, liar.rion. Mabnnoy t Hy, Asl,;*ud Wilkes,
latne, -it..nli-n astt Tuiil.bsi:i>ii> a.
H..ni n, m.. Nit-bt K\pu-aa. .lallr f..i Ksaton. I'? tn .-In m
Allrnton. Mani b I buns, vv-llkr-baite. KIn,.n. Ilhses,
(leneva, Aulintn. lt.-rh. aler. BurT.no, Niagara Fal sin..1 rle'
Wast. Pnili..*ii alt-i piiiK co*, bes aunt'!.ul
K-.K' I" hAVHK Http't sti'Ui ns r.
General lUstfru Office, coi uri Cl.tm li amt i ???rtiTiiiiM ?is.
CHAS ll CMMMINti-. Agent.
JEW-HAVEN, HA RI KORO. *Vr.-Kb rv, #1.
st. sm-1* ltat-s rn k aili, daily >-'uiUit\, rsveplcsll t..r
Nevi Hafen si .1 sn-i 11 ti. m.. ?? rr eetlns -vlt'i r-vt's
vkw-vohk rEsnni, and iirnsox
Ix lttvr.lt U vII.UllAU.?Ciminiencinij' Pec H. 1h7J. !
th ron sb ti sins sill lease uruna! t enirsl i?;k>i
- ii" a. si., \v i-att-rn un.i Northern Mitres*, rn llorhe*ter. M.
Albans sml Mot.ti eal. vii -.araini-a. wi. h draa ins rrota eur.. I
lu-.tua. m., i klesa.i aii'l Wisu-m l.ijirrss. Irawtna ronni
tat* lol laSBdaigilS. lim li.eiei luid llafialu.
ll is a.m.. l.ii.rts* lo All?nv and Troy, w.lb cot.aectlos*
to I" Ilea, -ara:, sa HU ns fa.,- ant Itnll .;,.|
4aaip m.. Aibauv asd I roy K\i.rrss
6 ii p st., fi la-'iu Fxptssa. daily, wltb sleeMng rir* for
Bl. U-uts riiantnr tbe.si?n ,rerv it.iv m tie- "e. k . stan sleep.
los cara for Hs as le. I.....i*nl lntr.Mt, and lor Moa treal, ex.
lept'.riit -i rn1ai SlghC V* ??? alora.
7; n Ik m.. lift l-.ii.nt.fn- Mon treal, I '? hi s;.-r. and I'nrn
mr. vin ilenrva. slrepim rari to 'linera. Hts ht aler, and
Ui.rtre??i. vis >L V!li*ji% I
sHu il in . I'JclBr ' tpr.-s ital'T. With a|pM.|p(r rsrs to
ht rs-nar. ii . liol, r Kiairsr, 1's.K llnffaln. i levi'iaaiL Io- (
letta, l> tro't anti Cb rase.
ll i?i p. nv. Mpht Ktpreaa. alts ale. ping cars to Albany ]
ii.lt fa' on sale it Nos. XS] and 4!'t nt?t tsar, uni st ,
Wi stroll's i tpn-'a "tlii-ea. ll I'aia i,.?..-. uni vs.', ana nsw'
i:?,,, ,,, Vr? Y.,i 4. anti .iii i vt s.i.u.i t.. . ." . Bu-.kl. ii.
ti li. UKi'.KHi'., t.t-ii si t*sa*v*ager Agsas.
M. lane aud 1'niie.l tiates Mail boiite (inurni aler ynr.
Ill, IH7U. lian.* -,e?v? Nsw V. ork VU, iM-tliims**, ann f.irlisn.lt
Mn et Krtrie- sa foll.ues
Ktnresa fur lianlabnrv. fitukntr. the W*a? and S.,nh,
? un l nil. i an Falass cara *'' " n.?', 'J a. rn . tl and SJ > p. oi.
daily. r
yin wnliamapori, lot .haven, t'orev au.I Krui at H JO p. m.,
cotuiertiiifc' ai I nre? fur I,li,stu e. r- lum eu I SIIWatsT Ma*
Oil KeS'oui. Wuliaiiispoi-t ami [ascktuvea, .1 a. m.
lt?u imne, Wa?hlnrleti ami lin- t^.titli. ?' l.tnitted Waeb.
i ltici?u I lpi.-u' ul i'itiiis.iii I'.tiini t sis, dailv. .ii-.Mil shu.
day. IO a. in . arrive WaaBtUgtaa I 1'.' n n.. Keaular at Ul
i san BdM s. an . 1. 4 anu lu y. m. i.. ,.. ld p. m
Ksareaa f..r w,-*t iniibslripiiia, i .'<>. ; ,ui. >- 2.\ i?, (io,
llantrdl. U s. m. 1, .s .III. I, 4:4H, ,-| 0. T Ul, s:.Sl and IU B, ni. 1
i Minilav. 4 .'.tl ami ll a. iii . .',, Il, 7 SW, n .lu ate! iij p m. rj.r.. i
(rt.eil aOd Set' lld e.asa. 7 HU ll. Bl.
Kaavae* fm- I'luladeipuai via i ?imleu . Jo a in ard 4 p. m., '
*ie?-p4 !-un,!s.
uoa's of "Hraaxlgn Asnei" ess nari Wl?h aJI tbrouch '
tralnsst Jersri-i Ur. atTor-tine a "P's-'ly and attract lisa aler I
It'I HisHiklyn irsveL . ?
Ti ians Arrive Kr'si Piiisbtinr. "-u.% Innis, m. lu III rv ,
aa rtsJiy. and ti:4'i a. "t.. 1 in p av. Baily sscaat Msmslav Kr-.-i |
Vt n?hiuyton ,n.l llalilinore. ?:'.() a.-ii. J a Mi. 1 ,1 . lu I" p. ,
si. eaiiitlay. i :-iOa aa. Ftom Fbila.lelo>iks, ?*'. . 'U.--, e si,
lt li', lulu, ll Lin*, n. . -J. i'. ju. 4 Hu 4:.'i ' ii -ti. - uti anti nm ?
p. av -un.lat ,100, 'UV " ..' lu. tu ll:-ul a tu, li .!.?.
lO-.lOp. ni _
Ticket fiBaXVa. :.i? ami Ul i Hr..*rtwaf, Sn. 1 As.or House
antll.a.tof l'eab:oi?.s anil I .at...io! -i?. No. 4 Court st, ,um| j
lti,?.kl> ii Annes Iieoou inot of Fnlloa st.. llnskli n. Nu*. 114, '
1 lu and 1 is lintis n -at., Ilnl.oketi l)a|i..t. I. r-.-v fit.. Kail. '
rrabt Tlrsel Her. No. N Hallen -l-l*, e. Ihe Nrw York
I i .nsti-r foii.paiiy sal' call f?r au 11 kit a tntgaairt- 'rom but. in
allil | ' *!? elli
,l(A>K lll'i.MHOV. I P. TA ll Vf HU,
un,i iai Maunciir. Cib'i l*aa*eas.-r Agrst.
tu K old > at a ii ii>iii u k i ii A.Nntuoi. r i.isa
bsJ *?e,i
M'.W VuKa Aiiiv I'll! L V Htl.l'lli A.
Suiten ll.ji.iisi. I raina earh wty ila'.!", lilia) i>,n(? t,
I'liUadrli.hla. two in New-Vurk.
LeubU' Trsrk. ttie n.ost unproved Raillsnieat. aud tho
ia.t.-i "lime lousia Iso l sith absolute asl' t|.
. . ._ "ii and after Nov. ?. W9.
Mpn-sa rrain, lasve ,\>w Vork r|a Isahroaaes aul Cart,
. an 7 so u 1??"tst''eel Fem--* a* IBUwBTSl
4 MK 7:31k. H:aO, ti ilniiiuiitMi , n ?. rn ; 1, .1 a.". 4. I.lu. J, ,;.
7 .m. s .ai and lu p. m *nnanr ? :io ami li a. m.: u. u. 7 ai.
hi^l au.ilon. n, fxtasjss Uaiua leave New Muk astir ex.
j-rpt tuinlay al 7 (Os. ni. u I n m. riiii'ilm Ihretlgh via
?t teuton ami < Hlnilen.
Hunts nf -llri-o.. ir n Anne\" rimmel with nil fbr muh ir.iins
Jj Jr'"'vI iUlX- aSr.,rdlns s sae, dy sud due. i ttmuafer lor
tammin*:, trans liar* Weal I'luiati- Iphia Ixial, a jo.
", 7, 7-?i. M, situ tnt! ii*, tn | i.ttoiteii r.aprrsa, 1 :to p
J:4?. J..I, stat), 7 aaa Vu- a, m. tm isuaii'ia.t, 1 attn, a -j,)
? hi ami s-.io a. m.: 4, 7:ui p au. Leavre FBI iileipti* v ui
___u ? a. ni nu a:.'.0ti. ia., daily i xieptrtiiotiav.
Tlei*:! Office*?Nos. A.ll saul lilli ljggjilway. .Vu.
Himas atut loot ef I u'?lo ti?
ti ant! ku Haju'ifiir, .v'l. i Asfm.
? I., ai.d Btaiailjn AUaexlleput.fi*B*sf l^UlsUi-sl., ?faxjtrfgj
tin*. 114. Uti .ntl lil Umlwn.-t., Henokaat lMBSt, Jersey
City. Kmlarant Ticket uxlce, No. 8 Battery placa.
inot ral ii.iuaaei. l-eu'i I assen a t. As't,
X na* kifown a* tim NKW-YORK. LAKE'ERIa ami
WI?TKI!N ItAII.RfiAP. Arrsnsement of tralna, tsking
effect II . 1. iHTji
fl s. m. Cincinnati and Chlraa-n Oar Impress. Drawing,
rn.mi tn,thea to linffaliiand nuspt-nalun lirtilffe.
ti p. m. IlatJIr) Vast M. latins Hypta-aa, srrtnagSI ituffnlo
Ma in., rontueilnL-*nli las. traills tal the West auJ aaatb
an-!. I'ullman's beat Hiawius'-nsini H.eeplaK Coaubn* to
7. p. ii. ilia'lvi raeliio Rxaraxa fur ibo Wet SK-eplua
I'm. li ? tlitoiiRti ttl Uuftiilo, Nu?/-*i,t l-nlLs, fluciu
nail and Clucait'ti srllbuut cUanae; also Hotel Hluing usia to
i lin ifi.
7 p. m. ? .migraut I ruin tor tho Wraf.
Traine nave i Lanil.t-r* latrael In tait. Sew.York, fur
Jtestai ?.. <i I i. SH' l i:l(l a. m.; it-.lit, l:.0, fl.-.'j. li: III,'7.;l.I
p. m.. sin1. i'J ,'il.in k!ii Sit.inlsj-ma-lils only, istindavs, 9:IS
a. in. 6:liu p. iu.
Iliithv-rtiiril stet Pa.saio, fl. ??*>, lu, lil-Jf) B. m. .tho
Hi:; ii*, m. train ii"iit at Kuiherfoid i'ark outv un Soadsyai, '
13 BOOB. 1:4 J,?, ebB. 4:4U VI", a ?<>. ?:I0, t.an, a, lu ,,/,?., |
l'j miiitiia-h!. .sundays, ti, H..UI, 1U:JU a m.. it.i, ti.iio p.m.
?"."a'.r.rsim.'^Hi^. Tau . *10, I* WM. ||jy g ?,. |? .? I
1 I.'., .'. .1 III. .'.ir,it. I Ju. 1:40, ... .".:10. .1 :-Jo :.. tu. Billi, c |... 7, I
7:.ttl, s. top. I", SWI I- Utl.lnlKil'. ? ala uys, o, M.I0, Uili,
1U:!0 a m.. l.l'>. ??: i", "? I'- "'?? an-l I-tu.rn,I kt _
Miffem, ll, 7 5ii.-!it:.''ia. m.. I 4... ;i..?o. .1. rt |t>, . P- m., 1J
miilnjrht. >ni.d?ys. 0, t.MK lOGMI ?. m., lags, Baau, 7 f m.,
unil llml.1iii??iL . ,,
Waiwli-k ,-',i) *. Si., 4.-I'1 P. Bl.
.Nos lan it' nd I'nmwau, 7 it), I a. m.. MM, 4:J0p. m. Hail
Hoiidonf ai,'" Kinfrstmi. 0 a er, 11:30 st m. Hundiiys, S:30a
"'v.orbt'B, tl. Vi'i). '?. lujaa, ltl-.1;:Kl, itVi), 1-30, 7 v. m. -Hun.
i!?ya, li, Sal", W;-U a. in..n .'bl, 7 pt lu,,. '
Mi.iiiietowo, 7:,0,.?. .Oixl a.m.. 130. 4:30, 7 p. m. 8un
?Uti s e.*', 1": ll a. m , I' 3". 7 B, m. TBS ll ?. 01. and 4:110 p.
m. train conn, ct wiu*iNe.W- l*atfe and UewagB Midlajid Rail
,%*orUnrv^W',J.";"'\'l'"1'*:^, tf. 7 p. m. Siindari,
eui lui'aaaani , '', ?-.id aod 7 p. ra.
"n,\T*-tLZu\ a'? J.iilat. u uart er ot and qa irter after each
hunr f?maTSt-lt a. ".. to iii45> m-. aart at iu:Jb ami 114* p. ai.
Wl&^tt&t?tt\\ttT?. atfnH
*?"- "^^N^n*^' 9^ rtartavia; waw.Toxfc
NORTH ERaN ^13^4*^0? NEW-JERSEy.
Tr.ln* ie?v* I** FMR^asi. 2f??*?J?Bl?*SV sad StjaeA,
^i-?,-', Ve#ttLW\ ?*? ^ kx. 4.8?. kg
aaauer. 'r^ Bt JtmrTSmi J?aat? Aga, anXeti
^ ?*? ' si* ii i ia.!? i ? a; I 'I " ?'
terJi'iw.LorsUsa. ata-Aax, fr ase****., ?*T^_
ll&JFSPI. ****** *w>as*a, sUaavsra OLD COMMIT aaa
If ETWi-OKT leave Rsv-York nally, ex milts*- Bsaaaga. at
4diu a. ag (roes Plat SK Moria. Kl ver, f cast af M array-et. ism
Brooklrn, i*8U p> bl; Jersey uti. 4*80 g. aw, Tts Aaaex.
m 1 TO B0ST05
,J7,?/"a"*I,t "tesmers MA88ACBTj8rrTS and RHOOK
1SLAN 1> leave Pier 33 North Uiver (root nf J*y*t.) at 4.XO
p. rn, daily. KXUK PT BUN DA VU.
Bpeciai tn*t-ciaea limited UcXeta gooa only lat 'ha trip for
walch they are issued" r?th boat said ural*, aa specified on Um
Use of each Uokat) sahl va* tia* lin* from OUw-fork ta Bastes
Huteroors* and ticket* aeeared at Maa. SSS. S87. 730 sod
041; rirnadway. at Metropniitaa sad FUth Avenue Hotels.
Mew.York, and st 388 vVajthlngton.at., Brooklyn. Tstkstsscs
also sold a: ail principal hotels aaa tickei-onVb* and at ottoas
sf Westcott ExpressCo.
PROVIDENCE LINE for freight on lr.
Steamer* fcl?etra ana Oelst** leave Pier x?, North River
?(foot of Warrenst.). daily, axcept Sunday*, at 4 p. m., for
rr<iv;denc^iiii'?ru Freest via either Un* uieu atlowest rate*.
I. UT. Filkims, D.a. BAUCOCK.
Ora. I'm*. A sent rtealde.st.
l'?oaro and nooma
Weat Sida.
PARTIES sarTcrintr from mental or nervous
di..e:i*i>s cab ilnd good board and proper at tent loo ina
private family. Ad.ire.s hX'-Hlu EN <:.-.. Tribune Uptown
Offlre, 1,8X8 broadway._? _
SECOND ami third-story rooms, with bonni,
for reatlemen a-,il wires ; also Bingle ronna t house
?iiti-rtr flrst etas* i reference required. M We.it Waahliiston.
at] para_
r|V>" LET.?Willi hoard, in tire lurga double
I honan ('0 foot front), Ne. 245 Wast titbit., a mnsuift
n ut suite of i-iiini wita or without nrtvato tauie -, other and
sliigli- ro.bui for Kcnllenien j reft-reiit-es._^^
ril-ST., 01 WEST.?Two sqitare. ame
hall room, asvesssl floor, wan board for parties desiring
tbe cnrnfona of a refined homet _
"WEST 22l)-rtT.-Larsre backroom to let
sailboard. Open Ara. Heft reina-*.
TO 47 A WEEK.-Sinsrle or family
rooms with hoard ; tallie non rd f:\ ; transient $1 per
d tr ; havina other lintel* wt-but largely at wholesale, henee
our ntuatkably tow raf ls. ( LABENCt HOTEL, lill Umina
place, a tew doora frum Broadway.
East Si iv
4T TiO IRVING-PLACE. - Elegantly fur
at a i,I-'..si risnns for ir.-in .t-m-n ; references.
LA FA YE I TE-I'LACE.?Privatu family
liOi.-i i a [aw rooms, nu suite aud stuirJe, jual vacated :
lanie iMiiinntee,! first elaa*.
I ?{ ~ J.EXIXGTOX-AVE., roriier 20tn-at.
I *f*w Knuitli -tory enrn-r room, with flraf ria-??rct-ii,mo
i. ' i ne < for nae or lau k. ul..-int ii , bouse anni table nrst-i las*,
reit-ii-ure*. _
?) i'i V. xST 11* TH ST.?Itiiiw IronT room,
sss-'-.isB' s-outfu ru exposure ; evi ry cot. venison* ; also bail
roiai, with iion-t, location uuenap lonaule i trim* uiotl
Board and Rooms Wanted.
HARLEM.?Purt t.f |iri*ate linnse* wanted for
fainllt of two ; r.f, n-aee*. Adore** t. muli A M. .N. V.
WANTED.?A junior imtl larg* sVUHlronaa
w.tb boaid inr a iiitlv ,idi( two ihl'dn:i in a prirsie
familyWBSreba olln-r other le wilna are akin iden n,era
git cn itnu n-i) i.i, a Int allon niii-l ls-bet."-. , ,t"tb amt 3'i li?
ef a ii Uh ami ,"Ui aves. Addie** M.. Lox JJ1, 'tribute lp
lovtn i.lucc. 1,'J:.1 t.i a I .t a,.
BunatloiM U)antei)--i'cmaie6.
.1 Y'lilk. I i'.IIU.NK WI LL UK UfeXllUVKU Al' Iii* UP
TOWN OKFICKH, Nu. I .'it* Hfoatlway. cor. Thirtv.firal-*W
Sf Nu. HMS West I wenly tlnrtiJit., ruiner Klalitb ave,,
No M Kata] Koiirtm-nth-Ht.. inner rirmi minme, 7H8 Taint,
ave. os*. KtMly.m-veutb.al.: al me HAHbl'M OFFICK. Na
'J,.'M Hunt aviv,, ear, t me.hundred and tweuty-fourth-st,
illui lem .sa vi ox* Bank Huiuiiug). up lo S p m., st tegul*/
i> Out rales.
a* f'-t f .ni 'nea. titrtel:i sid all others wini ? ant irtsal rrlla
1 |. rlell sar real Tiri* ami .?nuvti, for rlty or ctsuitry . was?si
to st ir the limes nlfi u*ef li vnt.ug atrls anti nurses."Ar. a'so
ie ? |.e n 1 lt .Tr>r.\NT UllUK BfKhlAU. iSSdthava
to li bouse above l?*lh al. _
\' 'MAN. uftii Inuiug ber own baby, three
? ao.i. wt.hea it l.nbv tn wet lintis st her v?s reel
ilrnt "Hal .'4 s Wist 4711. St.
pOLOUEli HELP FlMLNlsiIEIi.-rookaT
\ ara,lera, rb. inls nnalls, nils fnr general In i s-work,
tsibi. i-irlnitera. Af., at tiie < OLOKblO Mlrt- ? :.138
Ul al .,"!'. st. _ _
C'di >K ?-- V r<?|ii itu ole rolored vrufnan, us
y rl'Tii . liss e.h.k is tn sxrwtlSBt baker: \ivjx city rsfer
? ii. ea IU Vt, ,| _? :h ,i_. top Un .r.
CMMlK.?By a Piuft stunt wtiin..ti a$ cook, in
/ pt- t-ef.in ti-: uni! I-faa I* al! kn s rvl ? ood rooinx:
ia ,n ti.-, lieut iw.kir stan disserts ; i-tty ? r cti.try ; willing
l.ittitiilalu ? i.linn;. iiii-m-i i.tinu.iblo cuy refriincc given.
:t.,; vi a-t 'j.vtii st, iaii.lv a.ot*
('(iiiK.?Thoroiiirhlv coniriefcnt nt every re
sp it BXBcrl ar a,I ki ids of umps, moa!*, caa** and
,,.,r.- -v..|l,t,ii e tv ref. ti-ui'se. Aitutvsa V. A., Adrer
Jr lb. iii tUaW, 'J.' Etttl ia,lisa._
1iHlI>T*CLAJW >U'K Mj'IuSE opin to en
,-atreu eira from the Iisthi aili iitsnmsinideal bv pbyal
[tansand latin-*. Mts. IjOIKJK, Ultl Weat 4?Ttli-*t, pttUSUl
ituii.-wr'a. _ _ _
Il i iCSEWllBK, fcc?- Ry a romru't^itwomiin;
1 ntiv lind .f dornestte w.irk. br Me '".y "r woek j mn be
? cn ot I..i tittil ruuius , ian bo weil i.-cnn.ujoi.ilril. ,3" Sec
Nl'RSE.?Sittiiition WHntetl by a Protestant
- t.ni ni; wisnau ?s ttiaronelily reliahl'r Infaul'a Narae, ia
brlBS np on Lottie, seen al pri ,-itit t uipinv els', lld Ka?t
'.'Titi st.
\VASHING.?A respectable Ftriielt wulow
I' li.iv .i t iii * BfsVaXtUsg tudu bom* or &> out by Uic ilay.
ej.i Jduve.
Sitnations tOautco?itLuca
i I'.TOtVXtiKFICKs. Ne l.'WS Broadway,cer. Thirty lirrt.
?i . or ,I0*? WVst iwniit I'niil st., corner Kirhm-?ve.;
Sn, Wi lust I ?' uMi enih st.. turner V alon s.-iuan-. 789
I ninl ave., i-er. Koriy ssvet'Ui.X.: al tbe ll A III.KM ilFFK'K.
>'o 't.'iHt I bu.I -ave., cur. ?ins-ii muire 1 ?nd-fwealyfotiriS st.
,ll:u.cs* savwsa Usuk Kaildausi, up (ti ? p. m. al re^altu
ofhee ?"??
('OArHMAN.?Bf a yonutf mnn as rxtarlitnan;
Si>t ilaaaief.rtn.es. Attdrt-s* J. kV, Hoi HS, Trtbuae
l|ilo?ii oflli i\ 1 .'a.'s Itioadwat'._
COACHMAN illili ti ROOM? A first-c'uss
raarfesSau and frtawn sant* a sltnatbsi in a private
'Sui 1. i-eielit tears'int ll'ft IBBBIS l Single, sober, trnstwor
tn tua e, m-r.illy Useful, tailor ail Ires* COACH]MAN, 14,')
West .1 d st.
fOArilMAN .mil BROOM.- IV. a Proteatanl
\~J '. rinan, inuirie.1 vomit mm ti. .1* stands bia bu-lues*
lui'it-rj rssptsi .luctiy .?ilK-ranti is Panis-, mete snit ear-fnl
lillie- willing an olituliiKi ili*< il ra >-,| in t-.n-i q-i i ? e ??!
a-ent,ennui ir vniir np horses ; hialiesi tra .mmtis's AdurtSS
lt. I., taui lo-., i i iijuui- l,inns u nm. ?-, l.'.'.i.s iiiii.uaat.
/coachman and GROOM.?B/ as reapect
\ / able yo mu stan. su*gl>, wis' i>i a s'tnattoD *s private
ioai limanor khsiiii ; 7 yranf hesttjly IsfilBBCa Call or ad
illesa Ca Vt rat Hill st.. pl'ivS's Kialiie. _
/COACHMAN* AND GROOM? Protestant Gt-r
V man Mlslo-s a situation : mulei -ian :s ht* bus,noa* tn
eur :--i ? il-stnitly sstaar ami r-Uai.is. sate aud careful
driver, wi Ina* an i o'.Ilpily- i lillie st It-ai.iuou-.aia. Addrt-s*
K. niUvV. 4BB'.'I ave.
(To OJiiom il .Sag Concern
NOTUTv.?Thc iiftnition of TM'tsnns eliiiintni;
auy iii?tTi-i la sar landa in tin* l ou?uv ls cs inl tu tho
fn. low ii. i ians, -t fot.fi-. tm- y\V of 1*;.i, niiriid -au
ula,narri' to protldo .or the flua, aeltit-aieot of certain nanua
to laud ':
i'i \ 1 si: ll I - A3 rlalma of title* to Inn I a.ta'nx uttd?r any
i.mt nut intired uno beJare iUc I'dh of in lober, lH74,*whicn
lisvi not iilienlv lutes a.iA'iilttotl to the il asye ntentlnned
t ,,tui:iL-s:..n i Lanita t '-,riiiii?si. li' fol ll, v. ati;:atl. n, sb.-.ll
w,i inn a.x m..ottia fn.to that,i,sj*s*arciweni or iota aralBaaee
ie .snliuililed to mo ituoMi ru. -..nouv i i omin.s-i-.u i., ,?i i, r
?li,il tltei BIA] lief il'v luvi-sligsleri .-nat rq . 'a, I..' atljiis .? t,
a-.il suv rljltn wbiih ta not sn aiibmlnel Vitals thesai'.p
r. isl ol six ni..lillis alt.1.1 lie Inn.! lolia'.,: ano slull li.tvo no faro
itu- Ooveruor in council shall alto intocnnslilerittlou
tl,- n .mi jjgty reii-a ot tin-1' ainnl i-io-i vi lil, h baa cot
di ali vjdJBm^mr-- tin- isisalnx of Inls or-linacce, am)
"? *? HHIbmIh Interestavl a eerllscate nreler fe
build of tb* CterUW |^a.i'iuir;l. i-aubt* lyme Hie drdaauu tipoti .
allcll rt P'lrt, aud ihslTaaWc tho |.nri^rt ni nv. -v -,nii IrCltuq
to Lt- imliltslied by i.ott?*ltt iUe Itoy 'I Oaaette. hverv stu
norn -i- -li ii- apeciiy overy PatSBBfaS vt bom lu , ons q, , :hj j
snr.it tl-eisioB any Cr am Oraat af tts laada ai tiacstion r'
la- .mihi..ie limier the inovlaWina ol Uilsoedioai.ee.
\1I.-Aiy person fs. aili; iiim-eif **?rtwy*tl by ?sy sueh
,lr. is:o i W...V, .t'tl'ln iw* nioiilb?iiftar lb* pilbllCttl.-o "I I tie
said i.iitlet. tr if ab-eut from tbe Colony, int bin ail um nt li a
tilt Testier, nu sept, a ot tulon XS Ibo i-nven.oi. seiu,,*- I'TtU
Hu- grounds ol lits oli.i'i-tl-n to the ile laion, and ptayiug ibat
tin-maller may be reli-ai-d.
viii.-aiiv pi issalaaliBsfclsxaaataaBT eviiibyai'yderisti.a
nf Un- iiov-i'uoi In Council, riven before tho pa-slnp ot ihi*
or.linaiiee, U|.ou any report of hu said ronimiaaton, may
vt ul.tu tim months aftt-r the passtns of thia ordli.auee. or Cf
aost-tit Hom thet.ulooy, witnlu *iv ramith* ther.-aft.-i, pre*-, t
* eelm..tl tn Hie linvi inor. aettlnir tuitli lite gtouaiU cf lu*
oLteriimi io Un- di-c.aiuu, sud pntj iiij: Uiat the SagataX may be
XX .-'if anv person rlatisssnr land* snertfl.-dIn any netlcs
Plibibined satan ihe suth scctbio or th ? Tout* Stein u of Ui.s
tinliuauie orany estate or lutenist therein, ir soy nsirttusu
or ei.ouoibianca tltert Sli oa BS waa itu! suv njiitist-t or 11 au*,
ai nun al , co tin- ld h'tuy of ilcioVr. !MTl. no brina- it tr.tits
-i linn nruhiidta'd by Ordinance Mn, Vlnf l->7S. ?r nu amuuint
ol any uinrtvarr orriiciinibraiice aco/dml b< toro the it'fb day
otiM-inbrr larja,Ivtauar iluouxh any luteutled sraotee ?t
?ach lam's'. wb?ie 'be ian li nd (tan iv, er tim pcraoiis claim
inn I" nave snib B**rt|a?s or >n aiinlit.iiu ? Indorsetl nu tho
i iu tv ii iiruutaicilissaiisiiid vrliJi tbe m.ltir ol piiontv or
otlasrwlae ssaelliedbt tbe tiny, inor lu Council, nntlei "cr
tu'.u X of il.s Ural Prnptiriy urdiu.uics ol IM'U, ?ucli pur-ou
in ar Wilbla two uionibs ln.ni Ibo | nbll, at mn ol lb* nette*
brr. tnl.elor* meinioiieil. I-slaW wltb Hie li.y,?tnr of Tillos a
taviaiprobibiUna Ihaiarae wi tin: mienJa-.l Kraut, eltiaernl.
tnVretha -r SbxBSB thesraatlsi mao* *nb)ect ta ilmi laiiuuf
ALI* bufJlajsaJlaaTn ah-ll be In the same fi rm and sholl
have tc aasMaaVcl and*. *Jlb4 daslk within al irann-ia in
Ctn satin-way a* ueailr n* nw Be,** csve.il* lo-tjrcl amter
tiie Ilea1 rroiSHtf 0la*a*xataat 1878.BBB tl.,-Oovsriiorshall
issue all attfiti gr ABM un l ordtu-such Illaara ni ut- thereon as
beeome uistessiry in cousei|aouoa of sb/ Una. UMann-nc last
ni*v un siteu by the t-nnrcuis t ouit in tin matti i, or if auy
sn-li raven br willi lra*o hs Bare* irut bi-iweeB the perta-a.
ibotioverumniiiy Issac Ihe InttaledRritiii rn -ucb lonu anal
w ith such Eaarassxaats a* will carrv oat ?acii SKrseaueat.
'" ,*] UilAJiLJi'4 Mll'CHKuL.
L * Conimur?lorierof ramla
Lands Offlce. Fyi. 18th October. 187*.
DU lawsw lb
i\TANTED.?aUioriiiaUon of thu heirs of Cap
TT t*m JAhtKH KM ITH, aereassd; a Norwegian ey
birtln who cause from canst ?ua*kt ia Uvuepaal snd N*w
York 'tivwnrxsin 1840 and 1H4? i was marneo* io ?*??
v?h toa* lflsiTwiMuao, and tavM tu CtUUan.l* tu a mail
ateinit-r ta lrtAO, la*vtn? s aita sau Iw* ava* who, it er***,
n.^'aeirci *&?Xm,\> theta aaTWUjafo av, e4Mr*.U?ai atti
Brwrs of kh*trlaaattly. B. ?rrRrLLKR,
* wia?uilxataukf af taa ana** mt Jeremie* ***e*mA,
AvaxTrnVbi^ile^oetJa- et a>-4t*y.
a. BVKRY Bvoiuoata. au
*._ a***-.-. ^KiW** PaWtANCB.
The opera produced under t&e personal super*!**-of Ute
Author and composer.
Beat* aecurwi at Theatre two bimi la BU iBaas
J. H. havkuly. Preorteiera^nssaayar T_|
Of Mr. Bartley (??mpbciri In7^en*ely~*il7lIsifal Blair
, ? THfc Tl A LUCY SLAVE. "*?
willi Messrs. FRANK EVaNK J. J. SULLIVAN, Mts*
mauok OBANOEn 'ind by eee'sentof a. M. Pida^BaaT
tVUS* S&'_-&2,n ?"? priueJjsklcharaeter*.
I'run He tor and Manager .Kr J. H. HAVaTlALY.
neil BUKOKas as the WILOW REBjDTTtB Jr^rTBtV
LKtlM V. VALRY'S ,1- K.I/;CKH| afaaTaUaaliaa^ tSs
ul. brat-.! lu- ii. i rr FAi'EKS. aossortoa bv s etsxtbaax al
superior exc-llcnce. aawaieu try a ct-tvaay ax
Had Dial's Grand onJieetr* aad ta* s-orid's grestest texuat
J. LBvy. . a
Boxes ran bo aecured at vie-ler * Wilson* Parlor* sag
Onil.1 Koona*, 3 Great Jones-t - , ?*?
V EW-YORK AQlJARfrj,i B'way ? 35th-?t.
Js ? Every afternoon and eventnx.
-r,r.l\?y,LS Tulr8 CABIN. Mowing
aa depicted by Ur*. HarrUtt BaecaarBUwa .
Situ Francisco Minstrels!. . I Ooeru
. E HAHDBArK FAMILY. ) Broadway
"Thu villain at ill sursued her." I iii i?taiv
Tilt-, alvll.s \HE OCT TO-DAY.
Matinee NKW_YEAB8 DAY, at 2. Meat**-vnres.
TAN DARI) THEATRE. B'wy and 33d-at.
Last week ol PKINCF.fsH TOTO,
Mr. A. M.PALMER.Sol* laaXBBa Sad Mr fer
Third Month
(73d to HOth Usms)
Tiie funniest pasy ever produced tn New.York.
In prenamion, a new play by elgar fawcett, emited
WALLACK'a. * Oi>eiis7:30: betrina at 8.
ff Proprietor aud Masaa-rr.Mr LK-tTER WALLACE,,
will appear sere for a Uni: tt-d period la a splendid
a il -sAl'l I'.DAY MATINEE. 1:30,
wiU l* pr?<**ai ted itoidaaa) lae *-aiUO*_ say el
other caarectera by Messrs. JOHN GILBERT, HARRY*
E. EDWIN, Mia* ada l>YA-. Mme. POXISI, Mhksea
,'. Mr. W:il].vk's serle* of reiireaeittatlons wilt he gi-rext
Id tbe following order : .
M iMJAV, JANCAKY \fors t. Nlatitt and ona!
only, Harden'* A SCRAP OF PAPER.
MONDAY. JAN. 18l tar Tata* Nights only. RoXskltavsu'S
THURSDAY, JaN. Ti, for Turee Nights sad ewe MbbjbjBjl
M sturry* MY AV* EUI. I.A U.
Mt JTDA Y, J A N. 26, for Six Nla-hta and one Marine*, Foots
aad Matlia?a*a THE UAR.
,*. Seats usu now be eecurtxl (ur any ot the above pe*.
??? i*u? laities will be (fl vee of the rsuroducUoa at
olo Heads and young hearts,
recently received here willi socti maaiiavt favor.
nlv, Martino a A wrap ur rArts.
MONDAY JAN. ix, tor Wa akghss sad on* Mstlaea aaly.
Conartntrema Notice*.
NEW YOBX. December Si, 18TB.
dilii'.iii F.t*. i-avetbu dav t.-nsadae**^rt*jer*8gpxfBistl
lbs fr ai haaaw4U JBANNtlTdidltlEBI.EB, wb*> Watt a8a**Xa*ff
the maaiiit*. tor.- -.f Kio* vs atcli t'.-sea at then raetory, 12 asst
44 -tate ai , Biooklyu. N. V. OBtoe. X0 MsslSB aUBa N. Y.
Tbe puant-rahlp bert-tufor* eabtUnaT and-lihown as A. A.
JEAN NO? di CO., oMBrmssd ?? a. A. JEANNOT, T. V.
LIN li KM e Vi. li, oxplra* thia day bv its owti iimltatlsa. Twa
nmlern.Bed haveexclx tvrciH.irtJ aadavtliontt tsxaOeaad
iou, ct ail ott atasama cjuia* iJ ii t Uu Brui. JEANNOT 48
8UIKRI.KK. 20 Maiden laue, W. t._
The ll Ul af JOHNY. HENUY. CCHRANACO. MthMlwar
d.s.uive.1 by uiu.ua. couaeut T^?^^ "i'gaji,
The nnaemlgiiiti have thia nay lonnetl aeoTtartnersBlf ass**
ttre^yl*?'f^*G??,' F. HENRY A CO.. SXkd sr* aloa* MtMS>
lied to lodcct ail ouUtsudUix dtbu aud aiga in itamawlasa,
,(lHN K- itlia^HT,
Na 21 told N*. 8> CaaB*i(?-iaUkee. Near YarE Dec vt7,1B78. n
DiSf-OLU J ION.-TIip oopurtAcniiip IwrFtiv.
(?11111 listing under Ihe Arm name of MAKER, PRATT
B co... th., day atiasutYU. by .1. ow. M^-i|^AKBR>
New-York, Dec. 31.1?79.
The nnd. rUruea have tat* day foraaed a osa*i isteaBfa
untie" t^ehniTnaui* Ot aAUElL PtlATT A ell. SBd^
husau^olUelatehmwUlleS^sdj^ ^^
New Yorjt. Jan. 1. IPAQ._
MK. CLEMENT -SHARP lita Una <lay beeri
sdu.itu.1 aikxitaerlaaarta. n0IU8Tp!R *? ^
New Tor*. Deo.-Bl. 18T9._ |
MR7 EZWA CL FITCH ia aduiitt?d a partner
in our brm tioui this date. ^^w?? .
Januaty 1, ltwa R0B81N8 et APPLETON. _
MR. 1. Fa. BRAGDONia a pnrtnrir in our flm
(loni lld* data KIMBALL, HOWELL**CO.
Jin. V IM8,_
MK. VV. "B. POST haa an intpreat ut ooi>
ixl nuaiiiOHs n-..-u Ult* data. HOWARD A CO.
JttF.uaiyi ls;t(t.__.
NOTICE-*Mi. Tboinna Maitland ?ud Mr.
0?orc.' 1 BBfsfl. who barn hithert* bald our power af at
torn, y, ate tilt day admitted to au ixtareet iu our tMUioeea,
aud tv,., hereafter a-gu the Bfigfo^ pHF_M ag tja
^New York, Jan. 1.1 *8aV___
?Mas8xt_ilS HHRKBY GIVEN that Mr. Edwia_>
AW TpTa^aMb- wk.se pl*, eui resitiest* ?? at Mau.i-Ulr, M. J?
tafl_*B7aVu??dasaP-^^-r Jr-j._WITT ^^
--? **
Coat and aft
TOWN OFFICEU, No. l.USS BwMway.otiiw*JJuartyJ"??
?t. *r au?* Wost 1'w.aty th.H-sc, eorner Mtttatmu
Na tV East lonrtrenUj-sl. oamar KVBrj^*2ff?tw?1t'T|r
Third ave., oar. F..rty-aev*?tlis**.i a* th* HARLEM OFTICI*,
Na. ?g.-A-vJ Thnvl-aves. sax. Ooe,huoih:i)0.*Bd.kw*uiy fraftEat.
(Harlemsavings Baas UmUdUig). nu to S a. ra..** rag*Lar
ttl. t? ratau .
IO?Ti?Bu-l. book No. 847871, issued hr
J thiMiirnisn aavlBaa Bena In thsCliy of Ni w-Y?*x Bj
Hat Moiitouna Fraaea Ursnkau t'atasnatuiausrs V'snrt*,. Tha
Uudt-i 1* isutteslad kadellxi r lt at the Rani, lt nd lastnred Ba.
r,,i,. th.- ts. ?f t-ah-naty, lSBti.arpilcauaa wdi So raaue tu Usa
beak ter_* uew book._ . ?___
LIMTs- lUuk" book No. 95,986 ol the Ger?
man ssvluga Bank. T..e duder la rMnewtad ta l?*?ra is
attuJunaa ir not fouud or rewttuvsl befor* ta* ai af De
". oila-r, lifTO, sppluiaUsn wUl he BkaaS Bf ta* baas U* * new
ooak.^ '_._ _,
LOST.-Ba.k Book No. Iit847. Jd?wed by
ih* oerxaan kUtrtugs Bajik, In, Us Olly af .New.YarE, j
t nurte. A. PBhd*. KBla ?**^.?*&A^*'IB?L
ia miuaekan w J^ivev U.to ow Itaa*.. H aetrvatoi^ajfora
theT tu d*y of tfsuusrjr, WM ssslieaUsa witt B8_888 axlJa*
Bank fur a new nuuk.
?)*# &*m!t*.

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