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A cn awn np visiT.?i:*i at Mi'.Ni.t) pa uk?no rrn
Ltc ixtirnniov pROMia~p ok -ives?moil
THAN Pilaf Y Lil.I .S ntltNINll.
Tb** unauthoi(zed announcement that Thomas A.
Edison'seleetric li_ht* would be publicly exhibited
at Menlo Park, N. J., drew scores of persons
lo Hint place last evening. Ihe crowd
that for wv ri al hours thronged tbe labora
tory Bud the several ? orkshops, nnd plie<]
the Htti'iii'itnt* villi rinmnerablo questions' wiri
composed cl.icttj* of men w io W818 u;tcr"dcd ***?
redly or indirectly in tiie BttCeaaB <>f the lights, nm
Bler, ... penii-nrof"*tai< mal scientilic men who wera
fairl., running over wit ii more or less useful knowl
edge,and curious spec! Iton wlio seemed to lie anxious
to acquaint themselves wit- the mysteries of the
new illuminator. Marv ladies were nrcsent. anti
several nhl-la'shioiied wasons brought loads of funn?
er* nnd their families from the neighboring count) y
towna. Ann.nc the -Witta] hundred that were
piesent were ex-Kecrctarv Robeson, General Carse,
Hartley C.mu.li.-ll, the. ant hoi- of " Fairfax,"
J. W. Dyer, Augustus Howitt ll and Daniel D. I*.
Farson of I'liiliitlelphin: H. J. Aniold and Edward
Randolph of Macon, (ieorgio, anti NV. c. Mi ickier
of Peoria. Illinois. The moat of the visitors who
rugisteicd their names were from different patts ot
the country, from Nen-Rrunswick to Illinois.
Comparatively few were from New-York.
Until ft p. m. the weather was so disagreeable
that all remained within the shops examining the
lights and tho machines hy which Um various por?
tions were mnde. The new-comers always gathered
around the electric street lamps, anti their exprt-s
sioos of astonishment vv. t loud ami f rennet]t. The
lights were steady and tmwerful, and did not throw
the Hharply-ileiiiieil shadows tbat are seen from gas
Among those who were interested in examining
the lights in the building wss a cloth manufacturer
of Pennsylvania, who bad come Itt see what arrange?
ments he could make for supplying his
mill with several hundreds of these burners.
He said that at present tbere was grear
danger that the inflammable material would
take fire from lighting tho gas jets. Ibis
danger he wanted to avoid. There were others, too,
who wcro visiting Mr. Edison" on similar
errands. Throughout the evening the work?
men were kept busy explaining thc several
elements that go to make up the electric light sys?
tem to curious crowds of spectators. Mr. Edison
himself was continually surrounded hy n dozen or
fifteen people, two or three of whom were generally
questioning him at oner*.
To a Triucnk reporter Mr. Ellison said thst the
announcement that he intended to give a public ex?
hibition of his lights at Menlo Park last evening
was mian!hornett, '1 here were between fifty and
sixty lights burning then. He should keep increas?
ing this niiiuiiei daily, ns rapidly as was
practicable, and in fivo weeks he boped that lie
wonld have SOO lights buming. Ile disclaimed any
intention of giving any formal exhibition. Ho
should increase the number of the lights us fast aa
he could increase- his facilities for generating the
Last evening four privato bou-.es, those tif Mr.
Ellison, Chailes Batchelor, Mrs. Jot.lau, and P. H.
Upton ,were illuminated by the new light, and be
side tbe lights in Ihe workshops there were aliout
fifteen attest lamps burning. The most of the vis?
itors returned to New-York on the ?i i>. ta, train, OT
contiuued on their way to Philadelphia.
Tuc new lamp vv'iieli brou*ht together the crowd
of visitors last uiiiht is an entirely different affair
from thc oitl on.* with which Mr. Edison has
been experimenting for a year. It consists of
a slender pencil of caroon, in.nie lucan
deaeent in a varmint ni a small glass
globe. The e.irb'.m is in Ihe lot in ol a
liorveahoe ami is made ot paper rttrboniged by
being subjected to intense heat in a retort. The
light ot ono iras jet is obtained fruin each lamp. Mr.
Ellison believes it to be a satisfactory lain]*, and
claims to have now attained the success for which
he ha.i so KNlg been striving.
THE M-tttttt-B Ot' A n:.\NSYl.v ima BAND ARU-STKIj
The pn'iice of this city received Information Mon*
day fra n Philadelphia that several members of a
gang of burglars, which have been operating on an
extensive sc.ilc in 151.ur, I.anea-lu and Pei ks Coun?
ties, Penn., had led lo tin* city. Descriptions of the
men, given by three member* of the gang arrested in
Philadelphia on Monday, ai companied the informa?
tion. Detect! rea Von Ctfrichtcn and emuming, .if the
Central Office, were jut upon tl.e, case, and on
Tuesday morning -nc ceded in arresting two ot the
gang oh (Jill ni li-, t., ni air lite Mattery, they
weie arraigned eforc Justice Biaby, at thc Jeffer?
son Market I'olit e Court yesterday, anti ockuowh
?siping theil i m.nc hon willi the gang, were given
Into the custody ol the District-Attorney of Lain
watter Count*. 1 Vim., and Detective Joim Denbard,
of Heading, a ho had come to thia city tn aid in the
search. Tiie lunns ot the pnaoncraweraAugnat
Lehr.alias "Younger Haussmier,"and Frederick
liii'iiiiili, better known aa ?? Cnl?-cracking Pietl.''
Om- was a somewhat desperate-looking m.-ui,
age about thirty live and tbe nlber was au inoiieii
sive .ipjiearmg youth, age about twenty, 'lhcy
wi re taken to Pending yesterday afternoon.
Detective Denbard, ol Rratlinr, bad warrants for
the mo) on a number ol aenotw charges. Ile slated
ye-tcrdav that the gang hud been in existence foi over
six m.mt hs, mid nuinbti ed about twenty mi n, mostly
der?ians ami known in Pennsylvania as " lieui
loeks," a name given to turnips born abroad, lie
wild that several of the gang have been officers in
tiie Prussian Army. Until witlun a lew weeks
they have successfully eluded the police.
anti have committed a large number of masked
burglaries iu the above-nattM*d counties, in which
nia'.iv bonnes hart be. n violently liri.ken .into aud
much property bas been carried ol'. The "I'.b"- Itali
Empoiuiin." jr lurg.* variety store at Pine Hall, Lau
CMtei Couniy, was broken into and a large nuautity
of jewelry and othct valuables were st (deo. 1 rom Ihe
residence ot Mis. Amanda Ladd, i>l Heading, niiv? -:
ware to the value nf nearly a thousand dollars was
stolen. '1 he house of Daniel Reese, of <) dalliance,
'iowiiahip, Berke County, wias entered by battering
down ;i rear door, thc bnrglat* takina* away Beery
Ihiug of value that the building contained. In man v
of thc opeiati-iiis ot tliis .1,inn" liantl, the occupants
ol the robbed houses were found on the following
moiniiig bouud aud gagged. 1 he gang was tinnily
broken up by thc arrest of then leader, the second
in command, and another member, in Pniladclphia.
Two others are nuder arrest at Heading, and it was
ascertauird yesterday that another known as Joseph
Bachiiian. alias " Kratz bandi thc .Sciatch-bi tish/'
isat present serving a term in the penitentiary for
grand larceny committetl in Ibis city two weeks
The Staten Island bribery investigation ia dc
?reloping a duplex character, with continually eott?
-kiting phases. Proceeding-1 'tonk plato yesterday
at Stapleton, before Justin- Kassner, ami mean?
while a counter-investigation ?v.i 7 going on before
Justice Johnson, at Port Richmond.
At Stapleton TfeOBB?I lluinphrey. Editor of The
Richmond Canty Sentinel, appeared in court, hut
tbe counsel expected from New-York by the iirnse
cution did not arrive, and Humphrey refused to tes?
tify nntil he had received a s-ibptena made out in
the pi oi*. i legal form. As Justice Kassner's term of
office expired at midnight, thc exainiTiatiou was
transferred to the court ul Justice Garrett, where it
will be reopened ou Tuesday upon new utrlduvits of
?Sftiune! H. Prick.
At Port Hiehmond the trial of Henry Ainslie, the
binni sailor who waa alleged to have testified
fore Justice Kiissner recently that hell
nipnev lor Ins vote from W. W. CorHe
was arrested for penury ou the compJflH of Cor?
bett, was begun before Justice Johnson. Ainslie
swore that be never had tea-bed that Corbett of?
fered him money, and that it was not true. To?
morrow Oliver B. .Fiske, the new Member of \
sembiy. ex-JasticelKassaer and others will be ex?
amined. I ~
Tbe Alden.cu yestertlay, on motion of George
Hull, passed thc resolution granting a franchise
to the Chambers Street Crosstown lim!way, over
tbe veto of Mayo^Joorer, by the following vote :
Yeas?Aldermen Burns. Carroll, Cavanagh, Finck,
Foster, George Hall. Robert Hall. Houghton, Hyatt,
Ket mn, Kenney, Kiernan, Hatter, Sheila, Slevin,
fc'.v wan and Strack- 17. .
Naya? Aldermen -lott. Jacobus, Morris, Verley
and Robert*?5.
Ihe ojiiuit*u of the Corporation Counsel that the
Board nad no authority to grant auch a franchise
was hoi ic zanied by tbe Aldermen.
The Mayor nominated Allen Campbell for Com
mwsiottci ot Public Works, for the four year* be?
ginning December 2U, 1S7D ami it was laid on the
table, A veto of the resolut nu exteuding the fran?
chise of tbe Forty-second l tieet Railway was laid
over under the rules. John H. Crimes and J. H.
McCarthy were confirmed City Marshals.
The close of tbe year 1879 sees tbe completion of
the work of inspecting the tenement-bouses of Ibis
etty, begun last Summer, which was tully described
in Tun TttiacM- at the time. Since August
22,060 tenements hare been Inspected, suiveyed
nnd minutely described in tbe booka of the in
efectors, With plana and measurement* tbat in
'einde tba dhaaoaleaa of raotat, area of yards, and
with sxhaastlTs figures concerning the number
Af inmates, with their location In the house, ano'
Vs?ny other Important data. All this iolor-iatioa is
amw being entered in ledgers; and wbwu these are
completed, the Bo_rd of Health will have for easy
reference all the facts concerning every tenement
house in thc city. Beside this, important tables
of statistics are being prepared, giving the
number of front and of rear tenements in each ward ;
Ihe number occupied by 4, H. 12, 10, 20 or more
families; tbe whole nntnhcrof persons occupying
them; the statistics of the ventilation for inside
sleeping-rooms; of the sanitary condition ol
houses; of sew.-r connection with closet*; and the
number of tenements occupying 50, 00 and up to
loonier cent of the lot on which tbey stand. Tiie
completion ot these tallies will make an important
contribution to the statistical information aboal
tbe city.
KLCCTKD HY Titi: tamviany aidkhmin. Toni Till* lt
The Aldermen yesterday elected Frederick Smyth,
Recorder, to ra ceedJohn K. Hackett. Alderman
Roberts moved that each Alderman name his choice
for Recorder. The result of tho vote was: Fred?
erick Smyth, 1ft; Daniel G. Rollins, 0; John R.
Fellows, 1 ; T. E C. Eeelesine, 1; John G. Hyatt, 1.
Mr. Smyth was therefore declared elected Re?
corder until his successor is elected by the people
next November. Ho received the votes of the nine
Tammany Aldermen and those of Aldermen Kier
nau. Kenney, Hyatt andStrack, Aiiti-Taininany. Tbe
Republicans all voted for Assistant District-Attor?
ney Rollins, while Aldermen Mott, Hand 't n and
Robert Hall, Anti-Tammany, each gaven .iineu
tary vote to Messrs. Pet h sine, Fellow- n Hyatt,
It wai generally believed yesterday ' 'limning
S. I lcd I uni would be elected, as bc h;. <? red three
Anti-Tammanv votes and wi i own to
be the second choice of the '"animany
Aldermen, but Mr. Smyth's friend* e'an early
in the morning to visit the \i.. -Tammany
Aldermen, ayd soon'secured the i ace* .ii., number of
votes. There is no political signitii ance in the re?
sult, except that the Anti-Tammany Aldermen en?
deavored to trade oft'votes to .he Republicans for
Mr. Rollins in return for votes to confirm t'ommis
sioncr Campbell or some other Anti-Tammany nom?
inee, and failing in this they were willing to aid
their Tammany opponents to'.pile thc Republicans.
Some of the Anti-Tammany lead, rs outside ot the
Board were nundi incensed a tho Anti-Tammany
Aldermen who voted for Mr. S'livth.
Mi. Smyth was sworn in a^ Recorder yesterday
afternoon. He ls fifty-seven yours of age. and vt.is
boin in the County o' Galway, Ireland. He came
to this city at an early age, and served in the
others of a Dumber of well-known lawyers. He hus
long been identified with Tammany Hall, und wits
nominated for Recorder and defeated bv Mr.
Hackett in 1*7*. In 1S7S In mn f..r District
Attorney agni alt Mr. Phelps, and was again bailly
defeated. Past year be w;i> the Tammany nominee
for Common Plea* Judge, anti ag un antlered defeat.
Mr. Smyth's election w.is a peisiinnl triumph for
Mi. Kelly.
The Brooklyn Presbytery in October was invited
by the pastor and people of the Brooklyn Taber?
nacle to hold its next meeting m that church-. The
invitation was accepted by a vote nearly unanimous.
At a special meeting of the Presbytery December
__, it vvas determined thal the next m, etina be held
in tiie Classon Avenue Church, lin- i lim iii hus no
pastor, the Ker. Pr. Duryea having gone tu Ihe Cen?
tral Congrcgat tonal Church in Huston. Neither the
church ie?r Dr. Duryea took any pai I in the proceed
ing* before thc Presbytery ni reference to Mr. lal
ni ;i ge.
On Saturday the st ?.ion of the C;>s*ihi Avenue
Churchunceremoniously voleti th. t it would Im>
inadvisable to have b i.ling ol' ihe Presbytery
therein. The offlrem of thu church say thal it bus
kept ont of thc I nm hie ?*,. far, and ns ii ts trialling
a pastor it prelera ti* take nu decided attitinle'iii i lie
matter. *
Edward P. Loomis, n member nf Ihe sc* ion. said
to a rniut'NK reporter Insl evening thai the action
of the session vv;is tu c, si i|t|. in e o' a ludo li mi the
clerk of the Presbyter' -.latina: thal it desired lo
meet with the Church." Tue aiitwcrseutwaslb.il
the members of thc church wnnld pref11 lu bavi the
I'lc-Jiv lei y wall nnfii llicv h ?! a pu tor, u ie a iln-j
wiiui.l j.-ivi> ii a hearty welcome.
Manager Dale, of thc luman Mcainship Line,
received yesterday a copy nf iii'- sjieetiicMtions ii i
the new ste;iin,-hip City ol Rome, for which
a contract has been awarded tr, the Har?
row Shipbuilding Company, and which is
intend' tl to I"- the flues! ami the larges!
ocean steamship arina!, eveepiitig Ihe IJ real
Pastern, Mic is io be of nikkin n- iiicH*iirciiicii|
and to he cnnsll neted ot steel in.un the tiilnlur
or double bottom system, with two )n||.
_-itmlimil bulkheads through Hie lintier and eu
pine spaces, and eleven transverse bulklii mi-. Thc
dimensions are In he .itu feel in hugill
on tba keel 51HI f.'.-t long over all,
52 feel bc;!ui itml :ia-h leei il. :t.i from
Ike main deck. She will have lour non mast*,
three tunnels, three paji - nf iiivertcil din cl -.ti ;;??::
compound rni/iiie*, . ightabn:l? r* mid fnily-cabl
I n maces. Willi BU ? s* ininti d s|?eiil of 1 *t 'i I: iinfs ail
Lour, having a power of M.ftOIJ horses. I be salomi,
ililli Stateroom-, ilH' to lie I lix ll Tl" ni si V llliislieil.
lhere will be accommodations for-UUsaloon uud
eyer a thousand steerage passengers.
New-York saw one of Ihe most disagreeable kind
nf Winter tlays .yesterday. The tlaik, dense clomls
that seemad almost lo sink down upon the honse
tons in the carly muming, brought with them a
storm of snow Ibat began to tall heavily about in
o'clock. Ibis continued in.til about 1 o'clock,
win n the snow gradually changed into rain.
Hus failing in rn drizzle throughout the
afternoon changed Ihe snow on the pavements and
walls into "slu-h."' There was not enough snow
io seriously impede the street-cars or stui:.-, hui
enough to make walking v. ry uncomfortable, I i,
teii.'eratii.e fell in the even ins Bini i he -ky le. -inc
clear. The rain that had fallen on tb.- now, freer.
mg on I lie pavements, made them ev, ',-dingly slit*
pery, ami in pinora covered them wi h the smooth
est'coatings of icc
The storm centre was in lue lover hike region,
nnd ita hurt beal Western limit was Detroit, Ai.
Albany the snow fell lo a depth of four unh**;
further West it rained and was wanner. There was
a heavy snow fa.l in different pan- ol New-England.
Detective Schmitt berger of tho Twenty-ninth
Precinct was charged yesterday before tbe Police
Commissioners by Isaac O. Boyce.ailivorce lawyer,'
with dogging Mr. Royce oneevnnhMj last week on
Sixth-ave. anti charging hun willi being a thief
named Clark. Mr. Boyce declared excitedly that
il he had had a pistol on the occasion, he woura un?
hesitatingly have shot the officer, who was in
ciliaen's clothes. The detective admitted having
followed Mr. Boyce but proved by witnesses thal
bs looketl sn miieh like a forger tunned Clark, tor
whom he was looking, thal he conceived it lo be his
tluty to ascertain bis identity. A few other cases
were beaid.
The gram trade of the Produce Exchange had
another animated discussion yesterday over
the coital system, and most of its members
dechued then determination not to go
into thc new year with lt. A committee_BJ|
annointed to confer with the Uoan! of .ManilldraIn
the hope of oblaiufng relief. IjJHPib?.orted that
mi tin- lower Hour lalo was Ht'ihfmmmn in by thc loo
bounds, and oil by the Kallon,?Hwlthstaudiog tho
ntloppou of the ccnr,il,i-jid that there had been a
combined effort to foran the gram trade into adopt?
ing th a syateinj
Wasiiingtox, Dec. 31. ? Three montlis'
leave of absence hus been grunted to Lieut, nant-?an?
tral Sheridan, with penulssloti lo travel beyond the
limits of tbe Putted State*, fur the benet! of .da i.enltb.
During General Sheridan's absence fruin i,i . eumina nC
tbe usual reports ami return* will cout aile Iii be scut,
as heretofore, tu bli headquarters ut (.'bli tgi ; ut i-iich
ns nelli hither action will be seut Un >?? ?, isnernl
Hlit-nn.ui at WasblDgtoti. Whcu time ia tn.. . .ie
CoiDnisiidiiigGenerals of Hie Denni tc tats, c ioi|,. li
the military division ot .\!i.?u,, ? may correspond
directly willi General Sbetman t .?? u*h thc Aillutaiit
General of tbe Army; at tbe lame tune sending copies
of tin- eorrespvndeneB to ino Divistut Headqiurlcta ul
By dlieeiliin of thc President, Coln: I Hewart Vsti
Vliet, Assistant Quartermaster-?onersi, win linnea tue
temporary absence of iii in.Min i-ij. nr.ik1' i . .Mcix?,
act aaQiiartertiianter-Gaueral. ?,?
The have of abaeiiet* Kraaled to second Lieutenant
William Lasater,16tb Infantry, ia extended five iin.ntlii
A geueral ennri-niiirtiiil bas been antMiinteil to meet itt
Jt-flt r*on Barracks, Mo., on Jauuary 6, ]H*to, or us soon
after aa practicable, for tiler trial of eucu pnaoueia us
may ba brought before it. The roi,11-.iiiirt.nl will ba
cotnpoaetl ol tbe folloaving.offlri.rs: l.li-uienunt-( ulont I
J, F. Wade, 10th Cuvslry; Fir*t I.ieuleniiut <'. G. Oor
ilnii, Afb t'uvclty ; Secotul 1.1' men.mt Leighton Finley,
iota Cavalry: B.-cotid Lieutenant M. I*. Parker, 9tb
Ca ra i ry uud First Lieutenant Charles Morton, .'id Cav?
alry, ile: laat mrutl'i.'iaii ofloer wll sot sa Jud go
Washington", Dec. 31.-Lieutenant J.T. sul?
livan ia ordered to sneolal dutr In tbe Bareas vt Xava
ration, an. Cadet Engineer W. B. Bogga to rpeelal duty
at Wilmington. Del.
Tbe United states ship Nlpale left Norfolk yesterday
evening for Bf. Thoma* and Venesueis.
The Tallanoosa lett Washington yesterday on ber trip
to New-York snd Bolton.
McivTOfiMrnv, Ala.. Dec. 31.?Tba Hon. George
fc Houston. United .States Senator 'rom this State,
du I at his home at Athens at 9 o'clock this mom?
ma, lb" news lins caused much sorrow here, and
all tl. I a pit ol otu ces have been closed out of re?
spect to ioBenator/amemory. OovernorCohtfnd
many prominent citizens will go to Athens to attend
the funeral services on Friday.
v ?-nisoTON, Dec. 31.?Senators Morgan. (Ala.)
Eaton, Conn.) Allison, (Iowa) and Blair, (N. II.)81
a committee on behalf of the Senate left herc to
nitrht for Alabama to attend tbe funeral of the late
Senator Houston of that State. They arc accom?
panied by a similar committee from the House con?
sisting of Representative! Herndon, Shelley and
Herbert of Alabama. Culberson of Texas and
Thomas of Illinois. The committee? are attended
hy Sergeant-.it-Arins Bright of thc Senate and C. C.
Lindsay of Alabama._
George Smith Houston was born iii William?
son ('mint v. Tenn., January 17, 1811. Wken quite
young he removed to Alabama Here be received hi*
education in a public school. Studying law, be waa
mlinlttcd rn Mic lint'and began practice In Llme.itone
County. After aerviee as a member of the Mate?egta
intiirc, h<? was sleeted ?* a Democrat to thc xxviith
Congress on a general ticket sbe was reelected to tbe
XXVflftb, XXlXt!) nnd XXXth Congresses. He de?
clined a reelection to tho XXXIa** Congress, bot Waa
elected as a I'nion Democrat to tho "XXXIId without
opposition, us ho was also to the XXXIVth, XXXVtli
and XXXVIth. In 1801, Alabama hiving SC BB Jed, he
resigned bi* seat. In lsd.'* he wa* elected to the Uulti il
States Senate, but he wa* not allowed to take his stilt.
He wa* an un-ucce*~diil candidate foi the United States
Senate in 1-tiT ; WBS a delegate IO tbe National Union
Convention tn Philadelphia in I anti; and be waa Gov?
ernor of Ataluma trow 1>7-1 to 1*70. He wa* reelected
in 1876 fm-tlc term eliding In 1*70 j uml waa elected
to me Ciiiii-ii Plate* -BBBte la tbat year for tbe term
tailing in i-**-"i. _
rm: count .ioannis.
One of Ide best Known character- of tho
Metropolis ba* passed mi av. George Joues.lietterknown
a* the Conni Joannes, died on Tuesday nt
tue Weal sile Hotel. fl,' va* boru lu Eng?
land, in 1-10. (if los ra-ly life little l?
kum- Bowen's " History of tie American Hia^e ??
state. at be made bis ursl appearance aa an actor la
Ibis el, v ai Hie aid Federal Sircet Theatre in Boston.
In 1831 b ppeared In Pblladelpbla at IbeCbeatnui
turret Theatre ss Pierre in "Venice Preserved." A
little later be plat ed vu iou* *-hake*| ..neill clint .ictera
at tbe Walnut street Theatre, ile seem* lo bare been
well i-i reived, for in t long afterward he wa* invited by
Thomas llmiiblin. tli'-n the lexie of the liowei v Tin aire
In Mn* eily, to accent .in encasement, i'll" Bowery
Tbrstre waa I ben in ii* prime. Tiie elder Booth, for?
res! and other al sra appeared lhere, and "Oldlnnrr."
n* it waa known, divided with the Para- Theatre
tbe patronage ol ibe belter ela-.* ot New-Yorker*.
Tbe Invitation waa accepted. Jones snreecded William
lt. Illake vilio bul lu- ii i ina.-el I'V Ihe I.ark Theatre.
The young actor Isdeseriiiwl ut this tinie a-i being i .\
lelaliri.Jl g.,ul lookl!..,'. tail, Well fllt'lK I, lilli cl. ililli
in tm.ni,ct uml iuld.i--. Ile ai .in ind a* th- I'i ince
in Keg Henry IV.." Mr. ll.iiulilin Inmii_ //?.'*>/*?r.
He wuk sn.-, i--fol, nnd aiton Ivecaliif n favorite .villi
Kiar Side null. -u-. i Ile remall.rd at Ihe BnWt | fel
lillee Se.l*ll'.l.*. Ile ll'-'i vs rote il.il adapt' ll - V. I al play.-,
tine ot iii se, i..e puiil j induction* ni Jinn ? ul i Jon s
Phillipa, cul ni d. ?? riie Cv it Kje." si-ems to have had
fiiir aiieeeas. iv lille playing Hus I Itgaceilietlt ni the
linwert June* wan. oin Xi-v.-Yeir'* i t?.':. ? a; j.. : I :.i .
lia- el. li ! ll nib. Till' pl3) Wa i " Um li ml III.," li..nfl
l'i\':i: Hie iVi'llr; and .Ioma I.e.', ,'?? tl. Um,ll, ! id
i? ii drinking tn.ly, atilt . - M.. play pi -
lm;,il in.ni- liiiprc*M-d willi ti.e Imvii-i tiiai
ill- V.?a |.. lie Un- hilt'.; .il .1 111 Ihe ..-I ;?? ',
in.nl with i \e:ieni' nt, he uti ached f.'.i'? ??.!?,' with
the illino*! furv, linlj the cuni i.ra.'.- ni Jun i ninl
hi* excellent * ti nd an au dup aavr I him li mn bi lin; rut
duwil by tin- mad kliii;. Wa te tuna Ina oppol'iiuilv
Jone* ii;-ii i,a.I bia ,iut.i?oiil.i, uni ;>,:.? lum tut!
? !??-?". While the Iheatrt ta'.. v lill thc |i',ii|illt? ul He
..nilli lie.?. ? ho Ul]...-i .1 iii. i v. ? : e \. .'i,.|| a i..:i
aili -ii ate. I rotiili.il.
Wini.-ai ti..- i: ,v., ry. Julie* ninri'"-I Mi! mhi Tupping.
tb" i!.. ililli. I '?! a pl un.: la ni I lill . I ' (l.i* ell) . 1 :.i \
li .lt- ? .1 iinrhfi i -. Av..io i nd i ii I : ? . Mr-.
Jone* wa* a fan u 'i i ?, nial p:..t. .1 :, ? ?? ? v ? :..i year*
at Ihe I lu vt i rv and fiuitli tm Tin nu ? in I
elly and In . ti., t ilii.* in tee 1'iiii. .1 ? i iii -.
Their married lift tva* nut liaVl'V. Inmivit, and r. r- - r
:i f,w v ar- Ihey .-.. >pai ale.I,ll .? i. ,.. , , nil t?>l I ie, . li . 1
i.-n Cur thia ri iiaoa Iii after Uh I hi dalli hiern dbl liol
reroaulz*-their fat ber. Avonlu, thens talent d neire**,
refused to aii|.i*i.it ber lather win li be no, .ul al I bi
Ac.idi Hiv ol Mum,' lei une I, (tnt ul,Iv a li a tear* awi.
After leaving tl.i* Bower) Jone* pUynl ru-aceuiciit*
In Boatou and other i Hie*. In 1 ?:t*# he tra ? unmacer ,,f
tin- Marah Ml 1 bea I rc in i:. tim.I. Va , mu i .i'i, i ward
nt Hie Ava,n 'lucine, Norfolk. In 1-11 he Held lu
I'nglsnd and delivered a acth - ul le lure* un Hie Hilde.
He al*o wrote and pnbliabiit seveml bock* nit play*
These include,i " A ll lalor) nf Ami. ni Ann i lea aol nm
tu th- lima of Columbi]*." " 1'rnvlna- the tdeir.lty ol
Ibe Aiiorlginea with the Tynan* nod I-t i. it. -.." ?? r. -
I lltllvell. a Tl.lC, alt." ? ll e l.le ol lull. I ll lilli l-l :., "
ninl" Tbe l-'iral mm''.n Shake -;,c.ue." H, n't-1 v. .nd*
triivi -Ucl over lim,i p. , railing nil niluleaa ?i.ri ol i!.. lt
M a- v, lille III lu miali. I lia I lu- , la lin, , I lo ti ive lei e He, I
l'ln ane ii f the anijll Merril, m potent lilia I Le lilli- of
t ni nt Palatine, .-,*;, reward fm litemr.t uh rn.
i in liN rellim to i In* cit nt rv In- ai..- ii linn led to the
lair in Boston, Ile linnie luina. >|| ?,, ..lou tunta, howi ver,
Lt ii .-ni ol Ihe \ .n nut ri pelt) -un-, be bruen nuii'-t
Vail ll- pe:--oli?. Milt un Mellon Waa I,ililli aiiil 111*1 IlIIU
fr nari airy, with Mn-ul'i-ci ol bating nun d'.t-.n i-d.
He linne to tin* city in I MIHI, and aaa mluntied i,, ti.,
bar. There waa *iunc ililli,ally over bli title,
winch aa* aetlle! li) Hie ( mini aigidim lue call ot
uttiiini'V" aa ?? licirp. Julies, Conni .In.ii ne* " hi nee
lieu lune Mir (ullin ha* bren it lanolin Usu rr mi tie
street, ii Mu- eninta uml un tbe stage. He ha*ap?
pealed orcaaiouaill in tiie emt* tn ilia eaparlt) ol ?
I., wt cr d. li ullin* bl-eln nt.8ut on Ibm* m-t aalou* In*
efluii* wera- in vari ii.lv provorativn ul hilarity on Mic
firt ul the apeetalora, and for a lons time na?t n?.
lildii* bBVe am.alli) aim-It-licit tile lulim'.. u.,i
monde.I pern da. Tue laat Mme ilie ta,nut appeared ne?
ilin- ibr emit* tun in un effort lo prevent Mr.
s-iiliciii fi mn playing Ibe ''Crushed Trage?
dian." on tie ground thal lt waa a earles
ime of bimseli uml relrnlaled to hiing .bin imo
conti'ui|ii. li." luiiiit on aeveial ueraetnna appeared
iilioti the sises nf late v.-ir*. Ills llial lippi annice waa
ill Mle AcmLim of Miali aonii niter lie came lu le (rom
I loaf on. nu lin- :.ie?-ion lie playi-.i Hamlet, a lavontr
character. I'll i li.na.ii. er vt ,,a uniijiie of nu kind, and
I hf Herald lr* d in* ? ii. ru in serb a man ncr iii nt ? bc
r.nini ia ifan a ann lor hurl sealnal Mun paper, la) uk
In* itsniaan al ? BIii.inju. Later be apfirarrd
ut Ninl"'-. Mic 11 .elim I beat re in We. t fourteen lb* L,
mid ut Ive wura. Illa Hiulletii ps were a.wiv* littire lint
they wen-i uiii|i,,*? il ut Mu-ionium-eln-* tvliu bad aslB
ered to miike k|,i,ri nf Ibe old mini. Throughout a alortu
of yell* alni hoot lui;* Ihef'oiiut bore blmaril witbdbi
mt), mid ai timi- ideaiii-i wuii t lie i. nugi throne '.'? bare
aniiin cnliMi'eladnu lor the )otllii( Woman Who Mljk,
ported bim. >?
Kin mine tune pa* t Ihe familiar figure clad In Ku ty
hliick ba* mil been .-cen ur.mud lin- conita. Il" h laTe-en
in liad hen l th fm- acvtir.il .xuaal'i'-i i'i. I ''redline k A. 1'ut
iiiiiu, wini i.a, 1.1ii>WB Mit* rVmi.t t..i iiiuii. Minn tlilrtj
years, aUcndcu bira tn hiaaj last lilnea*. He wa*
ninaed by bia BtOtead, Mi** A vi,mu PalrbaBka,
and IiIh last day* were made aa roiufuna?
ble aa po*-nble. Tiie pbraietan, when llr.-t called, wa* or
tiie ?pinion Unit the patient lind not lom to live, uml an
Informed bim. Tin- Count replied iiiut he ara* not armin
lo die, but preferred to live long en. ugh to irlve in* nro
te_e un uHaurcd poalllon mi tba at nee. He bini lireu uf
lered au e ,^,n emt nt ny a inannyi i lu (lils i-ltv, lifter the
holiilay*. mid Hud boiled to make a Knott deal of money.
On Mommy ka waa brighter, sud wlsbed to gel up, but
tbai pbyeteian forbade lt. On Tneedar utorniug ba waa
not au weil, but Mu ra waa aotblng ulai mina tn Iii* aytnp
tom*. 1U\ I'ntlinn- aald thal lie vtoiiIiI call again In Ibe
evening, nut at .*:!)i) p.m. reeeived Intelligence ol hm
dint h.
Ito def Bite arrangements have Vet been made for the
funeral. Tbe outr surviving relative of the tlead man,
an fur aa 'a know ii. Id bia \ onagri t daughter. Mr*, iii,li?
ney. In-, v itiin i ima written to ber ai t'auor,'dae, imt
ba* received no reply. Meanwhile the budy ka in tee
care et Jame* lien), Mu- aeatoB "f Hie Kev. Dr. Bel
lowe's i.'htircb. If I",--il,ie. I lu luiier.il will In-held nu
.liullin.v S, from the Hey. Hr. IftfUghtoa'l " Little
Church Around the Comer."
BoeTON, Du. 'A 1.?Aflditioniil tiela ill of tin
sliootlng ol Mis. Ward hy bt-rdaugbler, jresteidajf Binrn
mg. affonl uo Idea of tbe existence of au> motive vt b ut-J,
ever for timi ml. Tiie girl waa Visited ut the police
?taltoa laat night, audVrpt bitterly over her Mtuutiqps
and cipre.-hi tl the Bloat Sincere aile in,n inf her un,tl,cf.
'Un- tl iclltla nf Mic yoilllK WUttWU lia-e|t I lia t lt lu li I
have been a rum- where areal nervuu* cirlt,-incut made
ber entirely Irreapo?,-uble I or tbe ucl, even ll it win
cunnii it ted by hil.
NlNroMl'Oni'i.vXA.?(Sui felted willi exeeag ol
" i inti ii.iii," l*i i i. hu v uni Hts I rb m.a are trow gidug In
for cxticun- aunt,limy.) l'rlitabr : " I roaaldah the
wunl* of 'Little. Hopocp ' treeheb. luvelnih, iiii-l moro,
atiiitlie than aoythmg ehelley evah wrote|" Miiittua-'
ton: "Quite ao. Aud Hcbubcrt ncvah eompeaeg uuy
Milnif quite ao preclooa aa tbe tune." (i'ric* to hutu lt.)
C'norut: " How supreme f? (Punch.
Vicarious Gbhebositt.-Tho New Uovcr
MM I " H.voiiaawa poor mau statvlna iii ihealrret,
wuttldn'l vu kiveblin some Ol your punine,', lonni,vt"
Tommy : " I'd give bim tome ol youri, Mu* Smith!"?
Fifth Arenue i7etVi-Don M. Dickinson, of Detroit
ana Profeaaor de J anon, of West Point.St. NUholat Ko
t>l-Kx-Oovrrnor J. B, Pane, of Verrnrrat.HturUran
i/t_f?-Wl_am W. Wright, of Geneva, M. Y.
Black kid gloves are more in favor for eveninf
wear than they were last Winter.
Pretty new fans have Rnssia leather sticks anil
are of satin, band painted, in unique designs.
Among the newest breakfast caps is the mob cap,
which is almost exactly liko the mob cap worn by
the French peasants.
William Morgan, Police Court Clerk at ttic
Tombs fer the past six years, has been transferred tc
Jefferson Market Court.
Professor Proctor will lecture before the Teachers
Aasoeiation Saturday at 2 p. m.. in Steinway Hall,
on " The Lifo and Deuth of a World.
The shoemakers in the emplov of diflfcrent whole?
sale s^oo mai.ifacturers, at a meeetiug yesterday,
resolved to demand au advance of wagon ol 15 poi
Corporation ConnRel Whitney sent nn opinion tn
the Il,*?k Commissioners yesterday iu support of
the city's ownership of the pier at Sixty-first-st.,
East Kiver.
Tulle embroidered with pearl heads il th" novelty
usetl for the full pufBug that fills tiie pompadour
corsage when it is not desirable to ii vo the neck
It *er>.ns absnrd t" pay $.1 for a pair of slippers
ami *?C for tbe bows with which to ornament them.
Hut tins is what liiuics must do if they desire hand?
some slippers.
The New-York Aquarium will be extensively al?
tered, and Stickney, Melville A- Hamilton's Im?
perial Parisian Ciieus will occupy it after Monday,
January 12,
I.ipman Frank, of No. 702 First-ave., while nrsc
tlsing with a nile In bil yard yesterday, accident?
ally shot George Poller, of No. 827 l'iist-ave., in
the leg. Tho wound is not dangerous.
Ihe steamship City of Washington arrived .vph
. ferd ay from Havana having made the passage in
three day*, four hours and fifty-seven uiiniiteB,
which is the quickest Winter passage on record.
Tilt I'onea Indians are still in New-York and will
hold another public meeting next week, probably in
Chickenng Hull Monday evening. Subscriptions
ure still being received hy Ueorge \V. Smith, the
treasurer ol the fund.
John J. McLaren, treasurer of the 7th Regiment
Fair, states that the returns from the various com?
panies show thal the total net receipts are
.*l.'l,"i,,'!."!), which wiW be doubtless increased by
further returns trom other departments ol the fair
to 9140.000.
Thomas Costigan, Supervisor of The City Record,
reports tho operations nt liis bureau ns follow*:
A moil n i expended in IH70 in supplying all tho de
pa 11 tuon ts, bureaus, em n ls and i dbe in Is nf thc City
<; * i \ i -1 ii ni t-i 11 with necessary printing, Idank hooks
ninl stationery. $103,000 j Hame iu 1*7*. *, i:i:.1.i(M*.
At Kniter 4 Hi.d's uptown concert hall, in Twen?
ty tliini-st., this evening, a new programme, Intro?
ducing several recent compositions hy humpcm
composers, will lie performed liv il largely increased
nreliestra under Rudolph Ilia!, and Levy will play
a number ot new pieces un the cornet willi rana*
The follow ing i^ a comparative statemcuf ol cuees
of cnnfagioua disease reported to thc Hoard ,.f
werie Tvphoiil s.attiet *t|*tnal men- Mph small
rmliuR liver, leter, ingitla Meanie*. I mila em.
I-ic '-'0 ... t I'J I UTI .-,;
ih-c. ???;.ii ti o ava it
Ihe stockholders of the Continental Telegraph
ti'i i, pa nv vest ci i lav elect ed lite following tim ct ors:
.lames I., shaw,. I. c.. Cns-. C. II. Midd let on. Andrew
Urns* aiid J. Merrilf Shaw, Ii whs stated nt the
meet mg t lint tillie a> ld il i< ma I wires ate I ni ic put up
ip ni the pules between lins city and Philadelphia,
and tli.it a duplicate lue is neilla const meted to I he
sa:,a- ni V hy a ililli Teni rollie, A si I-wire lille he
tween Washington, llallimori* and I'hiladelphia is
alan hiuldlii-, ll has lireu deeideil In extend the
euiiipany's lines to Illiston as -nun bm Ihe line to
\V il.tllgloll is completed.
Iii iii'enrdiiiiee willi Immetiiorial rust.mi, to-day
vvill lu-l.'iti;elv oliserved in the^iiikioa- "i cnlls iii
Mn,m.Un. Most ot lill |,,n,lie ? llaials ?n| receive
I i ir llieil I* :if their olhees, .in! lm nu. iiurpnae
ti,.- j ii'ii,, I. iiiii ufa wil' ii. kepi ipi-n. Many ol
tli il. lu", ii; li ul tiie city tv ll lie al hollie to ace
II i tr frond-. Ilcnrv Ward It-edit ? may lie called
iipuli al hi* resilience, No. l_| Ctdiiuiliia Heights,
h iu,-,., Hie hours ,-f 11 .",. m. ntul ?: p. m. 'I he !<? v,
I 'I. Millie, Ihe I'i \ . Mr. I lim.:',- ililli oilier* Will lie
a linnie. A leW lllllllsll ls le, ct Ve al till' Mt lillies III
Hu i ? hurt-lies.
s iniiary lii-|c-.:.'r Tracy ft ported lo the Health
Hm ,Im I inlay on Ihe -aiiiiury t <<i.ilttiiiti of iin
ep.-rntoiV iu-iiii :n (lu- Wi .tern I'tiiou lliiildmi.'.
Ur, S. ll. Mus.- hiid e. tn!'!.mu -I tli.it the ventilation
i h ul, mid Ih it v, i , nuii.v ul Ihe three hundred
i , Hula MIllliT limn eeielir.il I rouble*. 11|.'I r.ie.l
li pull* Mut the in,eil. vviii.:: uceilpii* l|... entire
re Vellf ll 'Inly, .lilli ei'tltllli* nt'. I L'lHl.IMM) ei:l|, r,e|
ul .ri -p ii ??. tv -ih a 11.? i_ 111 ol ?_?:: let. Im lr lil v ii ;.
on* i ulises lite mit lid un: place of iiiosl if tin vi
pilled air III th" bili hil ii ii. Ile aurlie*!* the lend inn
ul Ihe i I- valet shalt * l-l tile Iu|l ul the I. Ill hill. L?. ii I l-l
lt system ol air sh,Mts with up, nu tr- lliliuiuh III-'
wal'-. I'lie rep-il I wa- referred Iii Hu- uttonuy of
Hu ll ia ld f H ad mu
I.Uni.kl -YN
Mr*. Margaret Weatherby, an nhl huh 'lm is
' uhili di langi I, iii-- I,- a in --ina,' ir-i.i: lu , i. ?.
;.l Nu. Iii |i.,\--t.. sn,,, M..-.ia..
The li'ii'liif Police and l'.\, l-e Vnterd.iy vu I
lu lelire I'ultee C:lpf;|tl| Joel Mllltn ol thc Kahili
I'M cia. I III his ., u li I, Ipli-Sl aft el I Wen ly )c.i|s M r
I'nslmailer M. I., er will appoint I. un* Wtehc
*ll|H-riHleuilelit ol the I'n-cviit Mafiuii, lu lill tin
v ai aiuv eiiti-ed in t lie 1" .-t -1 ? ? r 11 l'i-tri,-i Si al mn hy
tin- ie-ia.-natiuii ill (.'.dun. 1 I \ M. .littles.
('(lionel Kidney C. W.!. lbs nev* Collector of
I," Venue, tue k ISI--I'-. -lull ul ld* i lin e I ll t , ,i| I I-st
cchtordav afternoon, itt.-i ihe linaine** ol tie dav
,-. i- eutiiliiih.l. Ile t,, I, Hi, Hath ,,f uiii ,? hefoie
Judge iJetieilli t III Si h "fork.
The friends nf sh.nil Hinman M. Riley pr> ?ent< il
lum willi a fine budge valued ni ? l.iMMl t. ii 'rda,.
The present at inti -p-e- h tv a* made hi J ml yo Henry
A. Miiure. nu! tva-f-paie'ed tn h\- Hie Sherill', A
lalee till tull -I' lil public i llii'i l's and lawyer* Wele
lui sent.
The Hoard ni Police and Kgcise has ,,i,h ml a re
ilia lum of salaries ai.niling ni all tu ft'.Oth*, uml
all.-.-tiiiis thirteen eh-iks in fa.' I h'pai tun tits, Mle
Superintendentwll'oliee, telegrayh, the Kn* tele?
graph "I ? ratnra, two lim men ami teni Inn let i: i-| -,-.
t,.r-. Hi.- uiii-ratui*, who li.ive hen receiving fl,2UO
Hie leiluced tu *,!>UI).
The nen* at reel railroad corporation, known bb the
du. nj,,,int, I'rospecf Turk und (ireeiiwiMMl Ccui
eli iv line, Tuesday elertedC I.'. Talbut, president ;
ll. \V. Wilson, treasurer, and ti. (J. Herman, sc re?
ta,y. The mute is I ruin the ferries al Ureenpoint
ave. inst the entrance to Prospect Park lo (.reen
winni t'einetiTV. aud is eight miles long. The Iniilil
ii k' of th* ronu vvill brgiU soon, it is expected.
The fiiiicra! service of Park Commissioner stephen
llavi.e.-, waa held yesterday in the Washington
St lilt Methodist KpiiK-opal Cliuirli. The pastor, the
Kev. Dr. I). <). Ferris, and the Rev. Mr timid-ell, ut
the Niw-Yi lt Avenue.Church, conducted the ser
vice*. Ihe pall-bearers wen- J. S. T. Sir.inchon,
.li,lm |\ Kilfe, Julm Sherry, s. i,. Iluated, Daniel
Chauncey, Wineheafer Ilrittnn, .1. Minti, ll and c.
J. Iicrgeti. The burial was tt (ire,-nwomi Cemetery.
At the annual meeting Of tiie New Jersey Mission
and I'mt Society, ii. hi Tnesday night, the Kev.
l>r. French waa elected president; V.C. VanHvpen.
rll'i'-lilCSldellt ; C. lt. *'l," liM'li. *re;is|_B_5_iid Julm
C. Bichar_*,*H'ciei ny.
A Jersey Citynolieeniii'i .vhs startled by hearing
eries for help at 2:iii? a. m. yesterday, near Ilaiinf
|ui!-si|inirc. Ile found three men, om-of tv hom, who
eave his name as Anthony L. (idler, a hroker at No,
07 Wull-.st., New-York, saul his two companions
had attempted to mah* him give up his money and
Ins walch by preset ng loaded revolvers jtt hi
lieail. lie, however, refused to make uny churgeti,
and no arrests were made, %
The Roman Catholic .Seminary collect inn for
lhTl). in tbe diocese of Newark, reached (.1,0-9 51.
George Yost, a lunatic, escaped from the Asylum
on Tuesday ni-lit. Ycsterdav morning he presented
liiinself at a house in Sussex-ave., drenched to tb*
akin. lu his wanderings ho hud fallen into the
Morna canal. Ile was taken to the hospital.
It is expected that more than i '?<> clergymen, in
cluditiR several llishops, will !>e present at the cou*
serration of Hishop-elect Thonuu A. -tnrhey, winch
takes pl ne January 8, at (Juice Church, lt is un
derattMfd that Itishop Williams, of Connecticut, will
lie the consecrator, and llisliopsHeymour. of Snrinn
tieltl, ntul Scarliuruugh, ni New-Jersey the Breaent
ei. i he sermon will lie preached hy Bishop Little
julio, ol I.oiik Island.
Wfihiaw ki a.-Julm Hurkley, Ibe captain nf n
canal-l-"iil, iiu'.v lying nt Wc.-liavvkcn, Btteuipted to
murder h's wife Tuesday nigh) by shooting her, but
Ihe pistul missed lire. Buckley, who was very
iii uni., lied lo NeW-York, aller bealing his wife.
Mi,-.mi.vin.-The late decision ni the United
states Supreme Court ii?.iiii-i the Township ul
1'iitiipli'li. l'assnie County, Ott a SUit Ciiriietl up to
thin tHiin-t involving the legality ol lite honda leaned
by tim township for tbe benefit of the Montclair
Kailroad, Involves Montclair. Township uliout
i.0N(i JSf.A'Nl).
1*0X0 bLAXO CITY?K. J. Woolsey, of Astoiia,
one of thc largest owners ol property, both real and
personal, lu Long Island City has, for several years
past, ou technical ground*, declined to pay taxes,
Ou Tuesday evening City Treasurer John H.
Morris made, a seizure of a large amount
of personal property on Mr. Woolsey'a pre?
mises, including horses, carrisges, stock, utensils,
eic, aud yesterday ne posted notices in variona
Juhlle places, of a sale to take olaee on the 7th of
annary. It is understood that Mr. Woolsey's
arrearages amount to nearly fl0,000.
Whitb Plains.?James C. Courter, the new
Sheriff of Westchester County, will aasume tbe
duties of bis office at noon to-day, with tbe follow?
ing subordinates: Henry B. r ord, ueputy sheriff
and jailor; John Duflv, deputy jailor: John Ken?
nedy, bookkeeper; aud Feter P. 8. Miller, clerk.
Ban rises. 7:2.11 San aata. 4-43 I-"Ur* favU l-n.lli.
Maau rUi-H.... 8:59 I Moon noatk*. 2:31 I ataau'* ana, ilaya, lt)
man statis ro-sir-A. a.
Bandy Hook..111:10 i Gov. latani!..10:48; Hall Oats. 0:17
? i ,11 TV'VTIH TO OAT?e. M.
Banrtr Hook..10:31 i Our. I?lanrl.. 11:12 I Halt -Jaie. 0:35
New-York. Dec. 31.
We ?lvebelow the bamber of arrival* ot vessel* from torelitn
rniititiic* at this port for. tho nimitli ol December, iltatln
aiilshinit their das* and nationality. .Thia lanie la compiled
from the booka of the Government. Kept at the barge office hy
Mr. Alfrctl Mabie, hoarding officer i
Sir*. Ship*. Rrka Bria*. Sch*. ToUl
AmerlcaD. 1^ 1W it kl ?1 1?2
Ilrltiah. Ol M bl 30 40 257
Norwegian. .> 8.1 3 .. 05
Italian. . 1 . 4tl 3 ..60
OeimaD. ll M 20 I ?? 44
Austrian. 2 I'J . Il
Dutch. li a 1 6
French. 2 4 .. 8
spanish. 2 ..tl 1 I
Hclrun. ."i . .. 6
Swedish. 2 3.. d
Darnall. i .... 1 3
I'nituffiitw. 1 2 .. 3
Hayli.-n. 12 3
Russian. ll.... I
Argentine. 1 .. .. ?? 1
Costs Rican. 1 .. 1
Venezuelan. J .. 1
Total 1870.Til*. ~70 iii Tl iii 67*8
Total 1878.108 32 161 li2 112 476
Total 1877.ina M 140 6ft 70 412
Total 1*7(1.... 84 22 118 81 75 380
Theiiunibtn of at rival* frnni domestic ports wa* aa fellow*:
stra. Ship*. Urk*. Brls*. Sch*. Total.
-astern nona.24 i l 8 ti97 731
SootheiqporU.112 1 3 7 03 216
Total[1870....iff ~~2 ~4 "li 790 947
Total 1H78.107 i 3 j 736 880
Total 1877.1'.'4 8 7 7 Olfl 1,001
The nnmber of arrival* from f oretan port* for tbe rear just
r'nscd. a* ciitcreil upon thc (.nvcrniiicnt hooks at the B.ir^e
otllcc, by Mr. Alfred Mabie. Hoarding Officer, htaafoilowai
sir*. Ship*, Ark*. Rrtp*. Sch*. Total. 1878.
Ami-ncan. 18h 203 433 4HA 1,1692.414 2,437
ilntl-h.l.OM Viii) 720 lilli 3K4 2,81)4.2,4119
Norwegian. 1 ot l.uno 43 .. 1.130 i"25
Ita.tan. 3 3 407 87 ftw) ?J7
Herman. l'JO 81 2.S1: 13 45!) 4H
Austrian. B 2 HI ll .. fag 248
Kmich. 40 117 ft ..? 82 79
Swedish. fi li.". Il .. 7'l Ol
Hutch. ... 35 4 il lt B9 36
lit I1rln.11. .'.'.I ll Ul 48
spanish. in 2 III ll! M 62 HS
Hani**!. 20 4 4 ..117 27
Ilnvli 11. 17 IU 36 M
I'm tilga ,e. tl 8 12 1 27 21)
Raaalan 1 3 12 ld 15
Vi'liiviu lui ... li 6 0
I "na ta Rican. ....4.42
Mrslraa. .... 3 14 4
Arif. -iitlnc. 2 . 2 3
Xii .il.irfii.lli. .. 1 .. 1 1
Braxiliaa . .. 1 1 l
Total 1870.. I,SUI nat 3,234 I.U23 I.44H S.077
Total 1S78. 1,3m f.402.1110 1.(121 1.628 7.348
Ti.lui ls77 1.074 3K02.2M 1,07C. 1.4.11 0.244
Total ls70 . '.'7^ H:ni 1,870 1.0.12 1,180 j.7:il
Tin 1 ejitui.-c nrrival* fur Hie same iieriml were a* followi:
rash i.n roam
Htra *t)IM. Ilrk*. Urn*, sch*.Total.
1870 . J7() Hi 4.1 fi! ??..-,*:*> u.f'.ci
IS7H. 263* 0 20 I'll 7.M3 s.:c.';t
1-7?. 27u 23 64 ~i 0.210 O.UGG
-??? tlllllN |. RTA
1-7'.1.0,(1 la 46 ll J 171. S.iMI
l*<7* . . .!,(?'-> ;i io ic 2,ii?2 3,400 1
1-77. ? :,e77 12 21 111 2,32D 3.116
sn 11 ct min UTlni,**tnn, Ficc I wood, >t.ivar nail, to tii-o Verier.
-;i I...U- ni-,. Malli tl.Wi -t r11tot.Va.H1 nhl linii.lnlotiSaf".
SH P,alie,-I I'I.lit. IMllM.ll I',,1:1.1. 1,1 Will 1' I l\ilc .t: I .
Ml Nick, Hallett, ll.,-;,, I. to ii F IHBMKk.
-tr Ki. .mini. Ulan c. portland, bi J V Anna
-Inn li.lui I' li. rn ..f I 'h. ,in i-t, mi. J?r Inn. Lamina flee. 1 (
ria Ila?ipleii Road*, iii ha I?tl tu -imw .V. l;-trk.? anclaurnl j
lu i irarrsrn i r?n tor vEriri *,
ship Hat te .*uri, tiuinlciai'B, Dilatol 42 days, la ballast to i
i |-i lnai ,v I'u,
Mup Neptune (tier). Merer, Bremen in dav*, willi eld rails I
and impiv harre!* to order; ve?*ei to ma*tt r.
Hark Han*(Nihi. i:itck*ru. Hull31 day*, v.,:'.. cid Iron to !
ntil ri. *?H lo Hannan:1. lac . - ii. li, SrrlliS >V I'i*.
Ililli Iles Nar, I, ri! I" II. I'el'" nl.iiii ll ,;,i; S ? til " ll lt ll
aad c. "|,iv barrrl* r.. iiriti i t. ... i lo flinch, i.-'n iii,,,
lliu lai|/:i, Ml.li, I'll nh, I Urta owl i.l .UJ *. nih i all I
te el,Tel \l-?"l I tli-,,,,1 ..VII ll ,V I e.
Itara "alatia i?f M Jahn. N n. tndrr-?, Hourn 26aars, I
ii ii li ne, ima I., i-i .I. i. t c -i 1 '.. -ca ion ell lip-.
lUtk Maai.ti* 1-siVMjti'i (Non. suii-ii-.jti. Hull 3c dara, ia
Nalia.! tn 1 iin.li. I.av.- ? . ,..
ii.uk Ni,un.i ..n.ii ,'. Maihii-arn. Hubllt-ui .7 day*. ,a ballast j
t,, is, ii ii.,t:i, lli.yiaen, I'lrkenna .vi o.
H.ii k l 1 wi,miev ,ot r a:-', ,r , . sp-ia i, Havre 2s itaya, IB
li.ill.i*! tn I I Windi, v ? i ii,
Hark ll.iro-.ie l'i*i..-MJ Itali. Vemrsen, H '.' t,. rat, i a;- ? ?!??
\'it.ii * ... day*, in nulla*! tu hiuiiaiu, i.eic-.:,, I'I. ., hi.i;
ow!_?^r__,i?^ShJM*r <0' MiiattolBBia). ftfeetaaa, Vow.
Ja-a-VSi-.!_t.l_,,wi-r Hi ?"___? tosrtleTri-Sna
_5? l^r-SZ-'tf ?*7 * .M' *?"?? a?ol__itsilr oo.ittsd. "
_ff_SJr?K__i,tay (of WiBtlsor. W tt). Corbett,lVri__bu_
W*?**! w'?* "B-r to or Oar: ve_wl to c W H*rt**, "??"-??
k_5_c8",r- Wu,,taor' ? * 1-,u~??i*
o.^t?np^_S^i>0M.,,"Ra-'. ????.???* ??
to^ io4rt2r,.U'Y0UB& L?-?b???. M 8, 13 dsy*. with pata.
wehr Bil-er Heel* (ol Ellsworth!. My Tran, Sam.-in* Bar IB
d^ wita gna_ow Wilson _ _aaaf:nri^ToVar?a-si
j?. _2 3?h I00 la,e lor Insertion Ia au? Kent, st ra Cltr
of Washington from Havana, Oeo W ClyaVirow *__Uara_
and Albermarle from Lewes. ? vu-riwww,
*K!L,lh__-a!__-1 I*4nuJr Ho?*. ?'*??. NW; vert I0?T.
At City Island, arning, N_; thick. \ * ?*aST
o. ?. - lflWs*f-L
._?_X*K_! ,1Jr>.,aIland, farndon. Henderson Uro*: Callfor
_?_lc_&i-!_n__-_f< Henderson aroa; City of Rich
Sff___ii__^*_!__**rt Tl? Maaensiowu, John (1 Dale:
Tb? Queen (Br, Alltreo. LlTetwol, FW j Hurst; 8UU ot
He.-iiSV'mnl*(?r',e',eS*rt' ul??f0-. Anatln Baldwin A Cos
York, Quick, New-Orleana, Bogert A Morgan: tatt ol Calula ?
Iras. Mckerspn. savannah, Geo Yougei Charlealnn. Berry.
Charleaton, J W QulnUrd A Oo; Hattenut. Mallett. Weat
Point, Old Oouiln.on Ha Co, fctariha ?teven*, ( banre, Balti?
more, etti, r s Krem*; Narra*, Hallett, Boston, H V Inmock
sniiis Victoria, Bagley, jr. Bo-bay aadCsleutu. R W t am.
eron ift Co* Daunting ? Br), Harris, Liverpool, Snow A Bar?
ge**: Vari),oat. Manson, Ban Francisco, MM A Oo; Har
veeter, Rurwortb, Kan Francisco. Robert B Van Vleck: Mar*
I. Moue. Held. Bombay. DeOioot A Peek.
Ii ,rk* Giuseppe (Ual I, d'Abonda de Lucel. Ltaboo. Fnnrb
Rd) e it Cn; Florida i Nor). Cianssen, Cork for omer*,Benham,
Boyeaen, Pickering _ Co- Pasquale AJIlla. Pinto, Oeneva *
John CHeag-ir; Hlnapoy (Bri, Hansen, Singapore, Benaan)"
Boyeaen. Pickering _ Co; Marie Kier), Brnninier, llremeo,
Th. 'i Hager: -ealto (Amii, Pavirilcli, Cork tor order*, sioco
Tied A co. st Jean Baptiate (Fr) Hamal. Bella ltle, Haaaon,
straehle A Oo: Armonia (Ital), Fedale, Olbnlt?r for orders,
Funcli, Kdye A Co; Dochesa (Br), Robt aeon, Alexandria,
Fnnch. Kdye - Co: Edward May, Johnson. AoJter. Jars, fur
order*. Vernon H Brawn A Co.
Brina Cora (Br). Carty. Cienfosgoa, flea-mall Bros: Para
(Br), Li paett, Cardenas. P I Neviua _- float Ela (Portl.Lelcn,
Rio li randella Bul, Oelrichs A Co; Tarlta, Tracey. Sagas la
(irande, slmnaoo, clapp A Co.
s.-iirs I Ir.ile Lee, Peterson, Port-au Prince. Brett, bon A Cot
Olive Cnaley, Hutchinson, Nuevltas, Miller A Houghton; H
n ,iim?s, James. Norfolk, W It Van Bruat; o C Alkea. Tones,
Mumford, staniford Mfg- Co, Hugh Roas ilin, Miller, Parr*
boro, P I Nanua A Bon; Oeo K Hatch. Mnrphy. Boston, J H
Wlncheater -Co; siarnght, Blake, JarksoD-lle, Oeo H.
suulie, W H li au, tis*, Jacksonville. Warien hay.
T.ONDON, Ore 31.-Ship Alex MeKenrle (Br>. Capt Home?
wood, from Now-Vors Dec- 4 for Antwerp, before reported off
Huugenes*. I* now reported stranded near Otter.iT, ana win
apparently bc lost.
i.iv-FBrooi. Dec 31.-Ar?atr Euclid (Br), from N'sir-York.
failed slr oho for Philadelphia.
QiKKsarows. unc 3i.-Arr atr Kaltenr (Dr) from Fer
I an,Una. '
balled ?tr Cltr of uin??,,|., from Liverpool for Nt w-York.
trlovit.i.B. Dec 31.?Arra? Anchoria. from New York for
Hamjii un, Dec 31?Arr str Wieland, from N Yon vj
LoSOOB. Dec 31.?8alled 23d Inst, Oranfos, Ebenezer (Capt
Horensen); 28th inst, Oerlmtd. Hie latter for NewVora: HOtb
inst. Cont.nental- Ruav Bee, lioromba, thc latter for Ty be.;
31st Inst, Mario, for Boston:
arr 27th lust, HJelmeu, Rachele; 28th Init. Agnes. (Cant
itiiKi'i. Bedford. Nathaniel. Violette; 20th lint. .Naja, Edith
Troop, california iCapt Hlooui). Annot Lyle, Ja ob. Wild
ll'inttr: 3'ith inst, Anna (Capt Keiwerta), Carl limo-. Cr.
br.mi, Kemrmi-r, Natloual Kugie, George sholten, l .ur (Capt
Zachailarsi-ti), Abd el-Kader, LiglU ol the Age- Little
Wright, nina. 3l8t mit. cic-t-ntina S, -elwyn. tuoTattar at
for Later Ship yew*. If ant), *** FifVi Mffcl
[ABeuncementa. j
W is cn v. st ri t's llrroraospntTEi
Will cure Ojusumpliuu, Cough, _rsaSBi|lS. l*o*i:itf. A0.
Ax l'\i:iv.\L_i.i? T.i vc, REMEDY,
1'HII.t.lrs' "l'tl.ATAIll.K'C"U l.ltFU GIU ill Alllli.lMGon olia
I'm,"din* Ni i ul TIM-. Bent m. .li. lue lot . oBsmiipti.iii. i Stat I.
tiouaadsciuiuiuiMiini'ttiM. AUaraagttUt uetje*. il i'i_tt st.
Love rules tiie court, tlio ram i- gtrnVt,
Hut Cn* we nu,I wini, cl ure |.
That s.,/.,.|,cm alone ..,.: il, *
Tiie lUsSllMg le.-lli ann ruby uyea,
'lli.it lend a nni.ilci) half lint charms
That nm hc-i tu lier ;av. r's ai uii.
nati_er abrad siifii.illed hy a roticll i- .nvertt'il
willi ll tl) I'S HuM Vd* HiiKHIi,! NH ANDI I,' <(! drugflitl.
I'i ki. a Too IH Al iib Hii.d'-. iurn in one nunuu.
ft I'K.'.li.t IK ' Ul N NEK SKIS HomCOr::I.A.NH, MfN.
IU.N. WhlHlWllOh. .Vc
A'sn.a -'""?l tati.ti -of FANCY UOOD*. ?-'ll .'de fat
At Low mea-. u M _BVJC|>IOE( g60 j)!.,..,mVAY.
N'KHVOrs DEBILITY, Impotent*,WeAknrH
of Hie i nu uno! ii .11-1.1:1 iii, .Vc. *iie.'.l,.v .nil. ilutll*'
cured I,\ \V I Nfit I-.- I'I-. lt, ?-? s,'il ll'IC 1'll.L I a* t? t t
l* ?..--. are IK-Jitllv sjllicii it. I'la.e.l-l tier bot. S:*. iugo.. li.
-? i.,l n,r uren ti. I'lcpir.-d ny WflNCtt?4T-K o* ^'*^
Ciieiic.sK, SB lolui-at.. Now. Yara.
STKICTEKE, laipoteaee Md !>!??*??? at tht
. i,cn i -t..ve.>ri!.tn*r.Hi ?:..- 111-... i ? li'y ? ir ? I ilMflS
,. I SOO ii to 7. HK.NttV A.iiAMi:i.s.U.H..il:.. . '-u 'i-t.
Thirtieth* Annual Statement of the
Tor Hie Ve.ir ending December 31, 1S79.
? ii. at l Si I'i ci i,t Atm iii
^ nra stair .tau ' ,i?? i
lia ll.ll -e et -> lill 11,1 l.t
i um* n.-.iit lu aitame.
mtv lm :.i|- c 1 | "Hu ,e* i re?i mil .1
ii, 1 relit* .11. I iii. |. te-, -uti .1 .ni .ut I, t ?
. ?.,- inlaid, |MiiitJ 1 ei.ti ra...
Itv liotut* and mortem;
*1.P23 8;4 54
fl.nl I.?T7 nfl I liv fiiited Mat.- .uni Ni tv York City and
r. i'i. ni county sod other beads. 3,071.333 5f>
. . .,. IV bl Rv icil e?u;c . .. 1.1..'"(I CO
f ,r ' l.'v ij..htu tunk*. M'.':<6 15
.*,. .it i"i li'? ci-h ni lifflie . ,!1*< 03
.t..i,l '.'1 ' liv ;,-aii*i>u ii.i.ii-h'*. . 101 IK'b 87
?T.'.l-i 00 liv 1 ail I. .mi *?cui^d liv I". >.'allum, 11 r stock*,
ai,,I liiu.d*. and iiii'itauiie*. |Ti',.Ct6 CS
(1, - ,...e !?l Rr lacuna- due I'V a tl'll ta, seined. 1 ?< " ll M>
liv lUtrreal accrued. Il.?t'.d I'i
liv dctcir.d pte_iiuBit,lesa 1" uer cent for ?ol
lection . . C7.iol OO
liv ere?ilUSM In cour?e of collection, lc** in ter
Ketti. 15.317 ll
Tctal.?i,9>3,avi ?i
t ii m.* k nm.
I-*ae N Cl.eli *,
1 linton '?!.' .it,
H'm ll Ill-lira,
Jeieiiii.iii I' KoMmou.
llcinv tv, lord,
l-itir.ii ?. Vu. Winkle,
\\ A, ' 'ic'i ii Hi nen.-11.,
1 liem.*- 1.ai.liner.
Jbathau ? liravs*,
1> Iv. ;?.--? 1..1 . r,
.lam-, linell.
ll. k. Thurber,
r. Van V'oikrnbnrgn,
hew.iii' li Aiuniiduwn,
J 11.11.- ca'l-.n Jr..
I ll 1'i-rkin*, Jr..
J ci.11 A. Livinitaton,
ll. liryc. Hull ei t,
Jaim* I'.. I'luiu,
(leoreeu. William*.
\ ulhouy Wail*, h.
(il.ve: P. B'lel,
tirrr;: ? W. I', rklts,
Atm, rs. Hilliard-.,
1 umtliv II. Uu.au.in,
llrl.lv I.. Claiip.
I .,: . 1 I Hu. f.ii.an.
1.1* VanVolkcnbtuub,
Lhaile* P. Fuieigt).
JAMES BU ELL, President.
alta I'retidrntol the t-rortTEB8'nad TR a DCM' national Hank.
C. P. FUALEICiII, s. n.rai.v. T. II. MtOSNAN, Superint?.'ink'\
GEO. II. BURFORD, Actuary.
A. WHEELWKll.il T. A - t Secretary. CHAS. H. MILLER, CASHIER.
A. II. BUCK, Med. Director.
Grand, Square and Upright
WITH tiltEATE**T POW,-!!."
I ittli-:..?'im<\ cor. I6(h-?t.
IT\ a apcciallj In ilenti r Mi) W, 4jth g'., near Cth ave
? Manufai tiller of
i, ah nie.- Hatter sa, Mime I* uud Kineriiuenlal Wura,
No*. 12(1 and IVS Pallon aud*7 Na??au -n*.. New York.
PIPER, ter
Solo Anent* for the United States and ''ativla, ta Rraver-at,
N. Y , and 44 .st. sacre-iaem-st., Montreal.
OTIS -KOTU-UH *V Co.* 3?S hxveaebj. N.T.
be for aale at tue -adina;
eera snd Wine Dealer*. .
('-arlee Otuet. New-> ark
Absolutely Pure,
Base from 0 rape Cream Tsrt ar RoaMkraprr's farorite li. >I^Sltf&t'^JA?MrSUXrfi
.nririlcl.t nekv hurlDread*, orlunn lona na.iry. can,be?a en br ,1^PU"^'J^,,| o^fJU-WBis, t-ile and atti
_dl?eatlbl. loo... IT- The rich -">"?#;r_Ak^ "*'" ^^ ^

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