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riiuxr.ii nv mi ws ,,y moi.kun anaaniFic
Al'I'VlltilC-4 C.llKsT MEP 1AKK1 IN A VAM I.
Menlo Park, thc- lntlt- village nt which Mr.
T. A. KtliMiti hus established Ins gimps, ia
now partially lighted ni night with electric
lampe, of a new pattern, ctiu**roet*-tj within
tin- laat I wo or three week*. Tue ahoi*a n!
Mr. Kill-in, thne dweliiu.s, aud Ihe street
lamps along two ot titree r-nuls are sn'iph d
with this n, .-| light, tlio tot'il number of lights
benin a.* I ir forty-five ; and new laitiio* ur*
bciaff linnie so as to iticr-as" t!ie number in
n few Wt??ka lo about hOO. One of tie
lumps dow in ilse has boen light il, day ami
ni-lit, fur about seventeen .lavs, 'lue fol ht -ra
have" leen used .ibinit two weeks.
For tin- first time. Mr. Edison allowa Hiv
peneml public to inspect a lump of his in?
vention in actual nae, uni! thea, mw lights
atVJ fie I-. exhibited every iluv, Iiiirc numbera
of p.-t*ii!i- guiug out Ui .Menlo l'mk every
uttenji.oii :????_. eveniii- lo see them. Tiny nie
lighted tinily nm) put on public exhibition in
order lo develop defect* lind subject them to
the pmcli.'ul test ol every tiny use in onler to
diM-over it they really are what they seem to
be toy the inventor?it solution ol' the
problem of household Illumination by uieuue
of electricity.
The lamps are constructed on an obi piin
eiplt, which inventor, have been trying to
util. ? lor about forty years, and which Mr.
William E. Sawyer of tina eitv especially
lina l*e-n Uboriajf, diligently for the laat
two <*r three ycart to re ihzr. A piece ol car?
bon iiitnulii'tMl into au electric rircuit, mid
niaile incandesce-t in a vacuum, is the whole
pnnciiilf. Flit* secret of Mr. Ellison's nppa
rent BUCCeaa is that he haa been aide to
obtain un almost perfect vncnum, tuc bctd ever
known, and to seal un his Lmp in a way
which po.sitivi-ly and absolutely foibida tho
reentrance of tilt* air. The del'e. ts ol the
Limp atv not vet fully understood, but it i
lu iii- subjected to a rigoroue test, . .-mtl it>
weak pointe will soon he known, ii it has any.
The steps which led up to the preaenl inven?
tion are lnteteatinr>, nm! will extduin tiie
principle on windi the lamp is founded helter
than iii*y Hamal description.
THK I.Allnl:- OT KIM', KOW, s.tVtYlK ANli l MstiN
? .ur. ifi'iNtM Lamp thuown aai.-r?a
Ll (KY ai'OOKBIHlX, uliltlNin uv aciU'IM,
roLLowcti cr with bxi.ugv am> 1x11:1.
Lllil'M l\
Hie main i?l,a of thc- new Ellison lamp wa*
1 howgill of about forty y.-us a.-u. Au American
elect ru mu hr Ilia name of K ng attcmiitcl lu
utiliz it in 1M5. He invented a lamp wherein a
glass a,-...e was employed fruin wiiicli the ail lind
been 1 _liau?led with an air nmnp. Inside nf it wm
placed a lone nf earimil or platinum, introduced
into an elcctm-circuit, and made iucandottem by
means of a strong cimeut. Mr. King gave tin-nus
couip.v'ius iii America ? meal shock. His invention
was regarded aa "an t.tif utiiiuite discovery." lb
took it io Knalandand crealeila annsation there
also i,u a abort time. Hu miali] havi
revobitcuiM I Ihe li^'iti :^r of dwellings willi it
could h have maim um.I a i&ood vacuum* when
a carbon'..acer was u ed, 1* contd he have reine
lated hi* runrrnr, when platinum waa employed.
Baeonhl du neither, and bia light p.*ts->cd mit ii
existence ia Ibe ronnw <>f a very f> ,. yearn,
I>e Chaney, a Frenchman, tonk up ile- idea in
1857aad congratulated tha world |>roiiiptly in a
public manlier on the success nf h.s efforts but, hr
mude a lailure of it after a.!, and accomplish) 1!
notlntik'. He bad thc same trouble as Kin..
Latt.ily t'\,? mea aameil landygnine and K'.nn,
have tal* 11 np tho iii a 111 Ituadi. They havt
prnduceti a lamp ia wiiicli ent.nnt i* used in a
vacuum, and have ancreeib-d, wnUiu twu
01 three years, in introducion il int.i s-t.-ial Euro
peau warehouses and shops. The carbons hutu out
in ? dav or tem and the lamps have to be replaced,
but tiie licht is sn pure, sirona and steady, and il
is so absolutely tree from fnine* or products of
combustion, that il isprelerred t?i ans in certain
?etablishmenta. It is co Hy, h iwever, and ha*
never t ame mle general use.
Two or three ye ns bk*i Mt. \V. K. Sawyer, of thu
city, tun., up tim idea, and last year he begau P
exhibit, ai ins little shep on Walker-,t.. i
lamp very tmicii superior to anything everbe'ori
protliici-il. Mr. Sitvi.r employeda ttraicht g!a
IiiIm , about a l""t hmm and two niches in diameter
erased at Hie npprr ? nd, und .dh ?'. at th,- other int.
a hrs ss luise. Al hr^t a slemlei pencil nf tar ...n nt
inch hui-'.lu nt i ito Ihe ft rm ul n horseshoe.and In li
between tarn stunt pieces "f ear-on, was used, tin
part nf the kima being suppnri.il on heavy coila u
cooper, which conducted ihe cuni nt. Aftci
ward a straight pened of rarlnui, hal
au nu a lona. held between two lari
piece ol c ttl. 1 1. w.,s Ca.ji'n.l il. Toe mb
waa tilled with nit rosen gai mid -?? i'i* I. Dy lue.m
of u fwiscbof Mr. Sawyers own ii t/.-ntinn, Ihe eui
rent ot cii'ciii, ify wai reauL.t --I in qnnnt.ti
lind til" li_ht could he tm ie tl u-> aad lin WU exw 11
like i-as. The halli wai i*pnl to lour n
live gue jets, and was us pure, niel low an
brilliant as Ibe sunshine, which i, reseuibli il. 11
light prodoeed hy mis lamp waa fit fur any dwell
I UK. and lt elicited t.uch great ,ltle:e.t that Mr. lins
WiL'iill''. li and othw gentlemen of high stan im
formed a comp.,ny to simply Ur. .'?i wy er with ttl
mears require.', to an on wit ii his experiments. I li
drawbacks of thc lamp wore, liisf, that it was larg
anti tl imi-y ir.,d not a desirable addition to thc Itu
niture of a tasteful apartment, and. semndly, tha
the carbons could not alwats be depended upm
The lannis would stow warm, and i
cooling thc scaling material would frequent!
crack, admitting the air. and prouiptl
bum ni- the carbon tho nest lime it wi
lighted, lt was found very ditlicult to vet nd t
every Iraee of oxygen. 80 lon* nu any rc mat net
mixed with the nitrogen, it was impossible to pn
rent the combustion of the carbon. Frequently :
was found that tbere waa enough air left 10 tli
carbon to destroy it in a short ti inc It may be sai
that Mr. Sawyer has cqptinued m's experimcui
diligent lr, nod is still going on with them at tl
preeent time, fie haa anew lamp now, which 1
guarantee.-, to burn 600 hours, bnt he baa not hiv
?hie to produce a perfect vacuum in bis glass gio)
yet. or to exclude the oxygen completely from b
Mr. Edison took up the problem of tbe elcctr
light a little over h year ago. Liko Sawyer, I
made nae from Ihe beginning of the well-known la
of Ohm for tbe subdivision of tbe electric curreu
la paaaing a current from a heavy main wire to
number of equal branches, the current ta exact
?undivided according to the nember of branch*
Mr. Edison aaw tbat be could divide tbe power
bia current sufheieutly to maintain any number
small lights, 10,000or any other Bamber, 00 one ci
cult, provided that a good hamp could bp made
grce ont the light.
He triad tbe experirae-t first of Deluge wire
hardened platinum. The startling announooiaei
nude in bia behalf, in September, a year ago, th
ha had solved tbe whole prc -..lom wita his platinu
lamp, ia wdi remembered. In spite of that a
nonncemaau Mr. Ed?ou baa never been abie
?.tillite the ide* ot a platinum burner, either lu
vacuum or aay other way- He tried tbe expel
mont of encloalcg tba platinum in
glaaa globe la a vacuum, and found it eeo
oateaL Tba radiation of heat from the I
aaadeeoent wira waa lem in a vacuum tbi
ta Um open alt, and tba energy af tl
currant waa therefore tared for the pnrpoaea
lia**. Bat that did aeteb-mte tho fatal oateata
htahama. against which he has atraggWd in va
One trouble was that the current could not be so
siicd-t-.fuiiv regulated aa to maka the lamp answer
for pract cal every dav use. Mr. Edison nsed 17
lent of wro in the coil which served aa a burner
liv tieco'iiing incandescent. There was a constant
t-nieticv of 11.>- enrrent to form a voltaic arc Borne
wiicie in tbe length til tho coil between its uojaceiit
uara. Whenever tue arc fm nie.I, tbe coil melted,
and aw av Wen i fie lamp. Mr. Edison tried to men
laic thia inc, noeaeeui wire, and eau.loved nue and
oilier anbali ancea for .In. ptiruose. It was all in
ar. MiIiki.i tndiei'. the whole problem of a
nula, lamp I ruin a in maand different pointe ot view,
aiidri-MHt.il i .1Ji soi,, ol eiv|ic: iincnts with dillci
ent kinds of materials, following up every euggee
iion eng. riv and nnlefatigaolv, his li-aftli more
t.iai ..ii.-,- o-in.'oa lae omni of breaking tlown in
c. * ij i ? ,.i di* unremitting ciloris. Complete
- ic -- cou in i Hiv chined tn.- phiioeoa icr and his
a-si a , hi.wevei, and it can well be iiuauinett
.v tri i|ii" at 11 a state ol c.oiiii-ii'to despair reigned
al M .1 . l.t.*. ll is nell Known lb.il Mr. Eildon
\mis .ii |,,n , extremely dej Cted. Ile was, ap?
parent i>, on toe wrong track.
I.I. MAKI - A MW Iil'1'AllTfI.I-.
l.a-i Fad Mr. Edison resolved Intent thc capabili
IM-aol c.iiii i.i. Ile Wished lo know wnat could he
done wini tait malena!, and tu ascertain ns much
annul it, it least, aa any oilier inventor was
likely i". ll" was seated one dav before a lot
o. lauipolack uni tai, used iii thc manu?
facture ol soire Ol the parts ot liis
t.l. p.o.ne. li. di mg sonic of tbe material beiween
li).* lingo.a ao found he could draw it ont Into a
Hire ni. a ul i lu looa caine min dis mimi, why no;
make ,i carl, ni i In.-ad lor a burner for a lamp T 'lins
suggestion started linn oil 'oil tbe series of recent
expert men ? a, winch bus led to the production of ibe
, am ps wicca are to-day illuminating MeuloPark.
Wini,-roi inc lite lampblack and tar between his
lingers, it occurred to hun tHut a tillea ,
made ni ti.is stud, in nu small uml ol callion, would
oiler a limn resistance to the p .Beatie ol the electric
carroni. A ii gu ic.sist.im-> is what Mr. Edison hes
always been striving alter, and never hvlore Peen
abie to get, A lest was made ni Ibe nw- ide*.
Every tidna was in Ml. Edison's favor. In
Hie nisi ol ce, ho had obtained lue valuable sar
vices ol an ex reniely eompelen gla s-nlut-. er rom
the ci h-., ra ic ti t; osier far tm j ia Europe, ami ibis
man tv as .bl I Iv prod mi ii u % hiss glob.** and t ii lies ot
all sizes and shapes required in tue different expel .
mcutstil inc inventor, and sealing them up with
In* tito w -pipe in s, nh h,.i uer as absolutely to ex?
clude tn- uiii.si.lv air.. i'"i- pro ming a vacuum a
complicated primo had been obtaine'l.ol the kind
invcuied by Crooke, improved by Sprcngel,
and furl ?<-r mini ti-il by Mr. Edison, rom
I ns ii ,, u.a-.s lu ,i . lim Ugh whb-ll i.i. i, my wa?
in .de lo li ... ! i s pi np pr . I.-s tn a trias, jr i ul..
a vac iii .i i..ii >-t ii rf-, t, T.uilii..nth pail ol I bl?
air cl lu- j nj ,. si i.-iieii.-il t ml it ls renuced to
Mu- lour; li sat-- o) mailer, and produces,
Wllei MB eleerie clll'lclll ls pl- st-d t ill'i'tl -'Il lt, I he
radium plieiiom ua now au uiiiversally utlrarting
al ten 11 n ii ij- s i.ai'ii tv,ii d. I'.iis vacuutu
un mil t i x... i un.'::!, r witn thc ile tuc Itghl lias
j evi-r bc< n aide t> pr v>l ate in alica per.eel iou as Mr.
, I. IIMIII, o: ??> i|tli"-i? ? I tv.: nl.\ -live lu HI ll :i--' lime be inc;
I al mal i* n*i|uiriil, when lie I ore loriylive launs
j mcii- r.i|iir-il. Finally, tiie I" ir euii'se of ex
? pu Moots with thi platinum lamp had I aug hi Mr.
Edison a Ho.a-.md valua de fae'.-, uhitdi he could
I- mm io lieu tn t lie t-sting n. Hie new idea, ll r
of I Hem wa- thal pla tim iii wins could he p, iii i -il j
W lied I
nm lt.
Having i
?.all ;n Hil
I.un;,iii o !.
I i .las
\t ii,
i Ile ta w il
W lill
how v.
un igy,
, md
wi 1.
III if
c I. i:-.
ne '? tn
lan n
ill:.". lt
the air
li Hi,
???:, ,,
bo i'
in an ii ni in i" and
I,-..' . .' ,i marti I"
did 1" lier Utan lin
imt <i m; ? t-p to i a ?
fe, liv. iii val!?.??- i
and lin ie ??..> iroid
Mr. Edison the
thought .-I !?
Mr. Eui
?. Tin
is ??: l
il.I tia'
< rbonize
Lui' , ungi
mild liol ' ?' lill ,i y
I nf (bread and st' ? -. i lie
n.e.ed Icy ii-il-e. :,.' ;1 ll i
sU'-jceiiiig l!."iii i i : .,.? ini
: ICC. Til' * c tri) ,||V 'lt: t
lampblack ? ,i !'?'a -, Hui
lesired stau-lar.!, They ??, rt
s;et"s. The 'iii.v w ;s ion ;
de in ul hei wu , .
, two ol' Ihle, iv k
pap.-r, w bidi s ni ile if
tesl ed 11, -
,1 lb
' ' sain" li.' '? ai ti read, but i- nf a closer 1 -tuic
| IH clipped "'i' a sl< lider thread ol paper, earb iuiit i
11 it, | rn ii ml ? a lamp between wires of platimun
I exhausted iii ? mr, ???ab il t;"- lamp,
.piaiities ol the new urrangeun li!.
, I The new ld-a v ,i!;-d v. ly Well, fl
' lind tests l?r iv. 1,', and led In a a
tbe experiment. Hi isioMi.i.ird v
1 ; tbeeiirb.uis. Tin* "burners** were ?
1 , form of sh oder h-usi--di? ? ?,
I. ?Dir, and I bey were eari.onized li,
* i tweeti sheets id tissue pap -i. <
plates of ? \-' in' ", and sid j i ;.
in the fur ni ??-. Slr.in,'.- t >
bollixed pap. r did lint Come f
| brittle, I ley .nae out perfeetli
1 He Xl bl'?SO iamb -> lh.it lin i I
; >n ai iv? stim. hi before breaking.
rc|H'iit:oii ni
:.s um d t" tn il."
lamped ont in tho
ii'ioii a-i inch
being pla, ? I t*e
lil tupi'd betti cen
.1 I ? gi.itt heat
relate, lim car?
ani l!it" furnace
V eu rb nti3! d, mit
mill b- pulled mn
'1 Pey were ll it'd
I in g.ob il lb-it ls to Ml", tn I ?'< about ll Vi itu bes long
', andi..o inches Ihr?ui_b, willi a longish bulb at tis
nop rend) caictully made, exhausted cudaeal.-d,
the ili-licate plat ilium wires carry,nc the currenl
..,? iti tr al-o can fully sealed in i lie pian-* w hero Ihev
! pu*scd throurli ih?* gla*s< The lamp-, lim* in-i*ie
woik-d well. Hav nf ter dav parsed bv, and lie lamp
though r.. p: bgited marly all I lie I line, si lilt ld om
inagnih.ciiil.. The ni teni ion of everybody in tin
hIioii w.ia now Icily loiisoii, ami a stale ol f*-?-ii*:_
I mi ni reigned al M-*:ii? I*.irk win 11 an hanlll lie
,1..., i b-1, anti liiiisl L-e bil l?? Ihe un ig.tt limn n|
the re ni i.
Ml. lei ? ? '.: ll ,1 bl* ,'is . I .mts WP rc ft ?< "11-l'eil
1 and x lr.ld bey mid dem -nj Mon, .mil lo-duv,
, noa thal tues" I rup* ol earn >ne_.;d |i iii -r, seale,! Ill
? a vacuum, s-ciii to tlc -tn t I li ave solve.I ibo
: problem <?! lin' electric lighting <> dwelling-! al
last, lli.-le ai.' none in the whole '.vide World. Who
' have heard ol it, so completely astounded hv it a.
; Mc. Edison. Mr lt-ticlielur, Mr. I'pton, and Hu.
1 oilier people i'i tbe shops at Menlo i'aik. They
i have iieier dreamed tnat their long months
and yean ol fa ini work could b? ended
m tins way. anrnptly, and aluiosl hv n
accident. Ibe amidsiiiic*? of it lakea awi,
their >reat-. li ls irue, taut lime mav
develop nub. ol. ed-for defects in*, he new lystera, but
the nett Style of limp has tow boen tested rigor
oudy tm more than two weeks, ami it has as vet
shawn m. lat.il weakness, ninl it seems to them a
practical lamp. 'I hov have seer, so many promising
experiments en,I fl In ii pt ly in disaster thal ll,cv can
scarcely re.iliac their preaeul mod In I..
Mr. Edison is not content to stop when he is, and
he is etea now preparing tu usc a different paj*er
burner from that in thc horseshoe form. Ile lisa,
within a lew days past, carbonized some
Bristol-board burners iu ihe form of very
slender rinirs. He hopes that these will give a
more brilliant light. The horseshoe, burner hus a
rw-istanee of inn ol.'iis, and gives lbs light of one
gas-burmr. Mr. Edison wishes to secure a resist?
ance of COO ohms. If ho c.%^o that he will bc
content?for a few days at least. A lump with a
burner in the form of a nug wus tried on Tuesday,
and certainly was much moro biilliint than the
It has becu found that ten of the new style cf
lamps can bc maintained in the shops by the expen?
diture of ene boran power. In practice, eight, net, can
bemaintained. Someof the energy of thc enrrent will
be lost In the conducting wires. The lamps glee n
brilliant, pure, mellow light, equal tu that of a gas
burner. The lamps are about four..inches long,
small and delicate, and comely enough for use in
any aparfena, They can be retnovod from s
chandelier as readily asa glass stopper from a bottle,
and bv thc same mn lum. Tbe current is turned on
sud efl' bv the i.impb- means of turniugAlittb- hut
tun. Ha- i,m v.. are simplicity itself in mein ot con?
struct iou and eau be mad*.* fur 25 cents a piece.
A few of tha Inuit* which have been in use th*1
longest iu the Menlo I'ark laboratory appear to he a
little duller than tbe others. Time will tell what
this is due to.
Tbe coat of electric lighting by this system is not
yet known, of cotnse. It la all ao new that uo ex?
periments have been made. An experiment ia soon
to he made by carrying wires rinwn to the village of
Hah way, lour miles from Meale Park, and lighttna
dwellings down (bare, ia order lo determine trim
loaa td newer thats ia In cendietln. tbe oumul
over large arena, and also io es*landa tbe oast ol
maia and dlstribatiag wires. The latentlM U te
put np SOO Ugh*, ao as ta employ tho full
strength ot aha BO bor**n?w*.* engine whian
dnves tbe generatora. All safir.ates of trna
lamp bo eau lintot large areas Crow a eentral
For les* cost than gris, lint the plan' required is very
?xpensive and nothing Jet hus btvn proved about
Ins un oort ant question.
ms virvs in iiroAP.n td mn PiucricaMUTT or
tub niw unison lamp.
Mi. W. E. Sawyer, of Ko. 78 Walker-*!., in
tins ci;v. abu baa linnie lunn .md careful reasarehsa into
Hie I'liiiic-in ot lbs Bl?stria lamp, was fiann) at int nfrire
reste 'laj i.iisdy rugaaed ia the perfect wa ol a new in
rewtlUB richened mr iiliiiniintilen. Ile il very inuoti
llitcrcleil ni tia- ties cai ms ot Slr. EllMM, ami WM
ipili.- willing lo t-xpri it- au np natl in regard thetelo.
He saul:
" Til- public lin. reeelved fmni Menin Part tbe follow
lng punitive aser'rtioni: tl) Timi Mr. Edison*! ben
lamp con-:.', o I a bot i or of eui ion mIniiii
niit-liiilf inches lm. c, emin m il ii pla! oniiii Iii lld ?? i v,
liena ta ally sc.il cit. la .1 gla?* globe lunn tv Illili tlc
has brea emanated. (-?) Ital ibe h,*iedi>ie, cimsisiu -
ot citriaiiiueii bristol board, bi mi tunah mul ll Bible nu
lt cnn be twisted neatly half wa] ronna wit boat break?
ing. (3.1 Tint tba borsrs-or ul rai b.ne nat geo i .'inn
pr sent tn Hie alone, will i..-t i . uni. nar) li feline , ila
it lia. already beep run over lim luau-* v it I,mit -ult nar
deterioration, (ti Tu.it iii.- light from eaea lamp If
ab ac . ij mn lo au mal in irv gas iel, ur say len ar lw< ive
randles. (S | rust ne ttynatau nmebln. known caa gea
? rate siiftli ii ut eli cirn Itt tn de.ttnr one ni Mr. l-:.|i-.?i.>
li, .rs. -lim .. tfl.) I'..t in,- raia p..int ol mtv ;,nt ii/e ni
tb ? new lin.ni ia ll* higli rcM-ntim?1 lo OtiBM, In.r.
.rc t.iliei stolemt , *. int Hu- fursgmng rover Hie
ground pre!lt ilmreiiiul,. Having, dunner Har twal lbrec
yens, linnie ile' lim.-t r.i'.p a Ie -i ri * nf r\p<-ruiriil.
r.'-|M-. Ino; el- i Itu il.-,,Hue nt ttl . il nee thal have
prill.:ii.ly ever ln-*-i, mule. I kui ? n.?*. ? ?! |. speak pn*i
lively i, lmu i many point* lual 1" I li". ?? n. li un iar.nl ubi)
purl ia.'v I,.uni a i \ il li lin ai cl ni.i a* em un, ci li n.
or els i ? i reel wli ur lin 1) wri li. ."
"I'll t. lien." a-Ucl Hie 11 |- ? r i ?'. " nh t i- tea r n |. ii
iiiioni the usc nt 11 iii,,i in na i i.i iiuetiui! " li ? lM
" 'j in- n-c ni pl itinnni t- a hoM. r for lb, .a ut
e nlmn co-.,.ncna ." i. "ni.-ii Mi Nswyer, **l< lalal In ll,.
tl i'. t -li iii t o' ii 11 mp, t.nd..ii uni. ul Iiiil'ii Bretton
l,ni ii lb- ll.eau.lt *f. lil i ir li a. un I"' eli,, ?!.??. cl. 'rn t il?
l-cut.>a i li tl iii ii vtiiii- i.e ,t lb*' rai.i,illirie, wita
ll. il limn. Ill fol tn tin pe.ill, .' c.illirie, ami ill. ll
.tivc- plat ? ?? .ti, un ul rapi ,: . 1... i.? ,
i. .1 am ii" I ii. I lian m ., e i i ,ii it.-i )-. i,, il* ii ..
*||.I|C*. alni ll ec; e. vi, l ',,!? nil I,, CullUI'Ctl.i.l I
Iii.cindc.cciit cir!*., i wini I * Ih.IiI n i. li weld thc
iwntngi-lliei rm-I liavi limn li* Ile-' cl.imp.uk itu
lu.rsc-: u.e ID tarli nile . I a -,i i ,\ ? I lil ?; I le I li, ii mi, I
IIUIII I si ti a li-- r-.i I'ld ll ildi' * I'i lint li vd rn cn vimy,
prrfi-ral.'y pine ? ire n I; rlti di, ia rm in.- in a tm rent
ul >-|. ti UT' . mi ll, a lin lens, i.e. :, Un.de ilitcii*elt
llli'illl.le-ceal. Will |i l-ill VinIt'll.-,, lb.' ? Il I.- ile"i III
|,..*."'. Ill ' lit ll inri a ???. na >i? ii ii I Ile eil hon I" li -.',,?
j. >s teil. Iii"-i ra i I ' . al III.Ill nf i lilac' of Mu?
llets- ;... ,i :,; ,. -:. ??-. i .,- ,v,: i , >.< p- m ci in .;
i il" ll.ii - -nbi .' 1 I'I aa . lt ?'? ? .... I I Ililli .ll
tia | l|.|?,
" Mi I. U-, ll'- pa*, r e. ll".ll |, ll i lou.er tlnil
Velll <, Ml *?aVt Vi i ;'
" Ye*, mid win -i :i - nelli nf Pu I 1 eui i n-idui tor of
.,IU .aiH i"I'll I- I ce' i .1, 'll" CU! relit CW III" Inllger lie
lll,ll?'irr lilt U ???!. bl ' 111* I.I I.r I ll,' -l/e I- la in
Clca-e Hil l.i'lal.'l.' -'ll,, .i III, rle,. I , ll... ,..,,
li" ll, lill" I" nive ill II.,' t|?, '. ?.' -I', ? , v , , ItolU '? ' i.
JJflll Cilll'lli
" What tl>> voil lin..,,, iii k>.i.i ul n bon valina Mr.
Kill mn i luplol ?- ( '
- 'la.- il.ii.. r, 1, ird.-r iud mm '., , i. t]u ,? i
linn. Hie ti.ii.-aer it i? and lue mi dural.:.- Iii., lanie,
r.-r Hli' rc i>..ii timi Hi win I ai Han ni lb.-1,.? -?-?:t dial
v.-rr ar'.mn ahlcb produce* .-i,'. m, lui -,- v >.
Hutt ut lb. III."Ill" ur IM. li l a r- lit ll.e e.,- a,,;,, UH.lime
to-i Ve! I I.mullel I'I ..li ll-el VI.ital...a. |w-l mc... ill
I. lu di.rili ' mid di-'' t..;late He- . ii , ti, I ',,? , na, i
tut , ? : ,, bc tam ra 'li -? it , i n .....,.-. v , i iiinil* |*
ll el.lt a ?? I .ur I.ii 1;.,,' ? I! a - i up. ul pi t mu li, i
a titi" pi lilli ? i ,' ? ll Ih ' ir 'lin,, le 1 Ml I.,.Ve I il >.r
lilt liv : , ? , ion !'!?. ot Ipi I ? i, I ? '? .-tri, ell la a' ?!
il- III I lin inver ? ul wt Lilli.- lr Inti .'? ? 1 , . -, I. u i 1 . ', v
., :. , . ii..,,;.a - . : , i ii.I ? ,. ? . i-i :
ii mn be pu i 'i.-d il.-'. \ ? . ,-,,.. ,t
!?? 'I I Ills '., . 4?e' hs. ,',!ll ll I ' I P I , I ll"
? rder iii il . ? i. ii : u > u ? .. di poa .1
l.v r'", fl '1 1, ' ,,, ; *? I . " I ? 1 ? -er' 1 11
l.i.li ; e. I 111' lu -I at! (I.irl.i.ll j ?/ H Pl ,?,,?, ;
, Ii a - ,.,.'? ? 1 lm , . . i 1 V, I. ?. . ,,
nnd I'i" -c 'ii 1 1' ' ! . ' ^ iv r ali I ititi..'
lice .-li:il ' 1. ; .;. iii" a ?! . ,'I ie,,I; h ii- il.nie. Mr.
lah-ol '-?,'' lu . ?;?? ? ! . le. 1 . -- . ,a 1. .. ,1 . r il.
I. ill 111 al Us ' I ' . ? :- . '. ' ' ' , ll ' . . 1
Hint 111- !? ' I el eil 1. ,, I. -il k-h Illili fl ll.iii Illili ll (-.III
be I ,v :-'? ll il i- 11 . 11 il. ,. .. \ : 1.mil n 1 iking, I*
. ;i ai '.. erllle lu I In lied cul rn 1 ni IM elm ....
? : ,lei ? ? I fr |.r..itir.al Uv 1 in!>? ? - a,;: : at 11 h *v ni|i
I ii, Hlie-1 I 1 elli 11 wilina char.',..il, ,t*e.| nv ai ::?;-,,,mi
e 11 initi /.me i'i .,??,'?;?? i' ?:,. - 1 . -? a -, "1 ?. ,?
mini',"i af li ai" Viii* I- -?)'?- a' li a 'i M., pi, -e.. , t
I" tan ninl 1. li.nulti 11. Iii pri.rl - i-i 's Hie ??? 'nen r
Illili III lill .'in -1 '? r. "f m.- mt"...... n. m-l i-V, ll I he
l|?w.?,'.' u?t i.-. li iriii_pr>' ? il. lurer 1 ir.? Wld
: . 1 ., - : , I ? - li 1 nil..: '! eic ll 1 11
II Al .1 |, 'I ia .1'. ?- \ lag ii '' !?; -.: 1 ? . hap. I '1
cami,e. In.1 tn _|SI bun*; h. \ ..iv , 1, ? ir.t
a.ul 11 wu:!.. 1, 1 . giving a h.hi ni I ur J
? l.i d'"-. -') liniir* f. \' 1 White h..,!, Pglu 1 cia ?.,-?
:, in mr*, a \i tnt ,: ? ..it ??.?'? ? , ,.. ,. arti 1 .
tu-' ,"I ll i- 1 ?'? li '?' S|,|,.ar li" td lin 'Un, illili Kite.
alight ol '.'."i ur lin in -.u ch 11 d, cs, Jo 1. .1 ulniiii*. ?r
rvcll li ?<- lian 1 Ililli.He. "'.-HIT.-.-, jilli" Ih 11 isellaic
teiv 1.ipi" lui b.< cuiifeUtsptl'iii latins n >? . li
? t.i'.ll r ia. s.,1',1, ..III,, le nen.I,,, .;, ii-r.t. I.fr
Tbe Israel Iii.mn. Ill inure mr i'll n-i|iiir.-il. ii.
I 11.-i rilli- c "li fe- m. r>- carrel,1 tupi ml "
' H., va. I I ,'lik Hi ,1 'I le" .1 -li ?. l.i,. i|? ul '
Po ll,pm il l.v un a ,,!""' ll liaI --..I len uieri -e in lb"
atreuuib ul H,r rurrenl I"
" \\ 11 -, 11 , .iii ni i? li ,1 IiIlIi t I" '. la ;i|.d, ?, . I? . '
r- pi,, a Mr. si ? t i-i . '-lion ii ?? the ni".' ? Invar il. y rm.
l.in-01 .lis.nt. i>i.ii... the ciiiImiii. If M.. KIlMiii ua,.
0 ly hrtlig he , 1 rein Inc.--a-t ,'m lill nf lu. laue.
.11 id." lt 'ililli oiir "f 11.1 111 ic will rn- -ai'iri-.-il ?,' tte
Ili-.IIII.Illl llilll'lli'l III v. In. .1 lt We ,|i-,ii,,,, ii; l\;i.li
1 nee h \* drrou ?ttuted Ibat, wit.ca tra miiaidr l.i.I-,
the les. I'i" r sa,, a, ce ul un elicit I.cull, Which Iii
,- ll.lc- Iii- rc- .I ii.il III" vine- nf III ? ll,.ulli. I
that i-l Hi- I lian- i.nis..'e .,1 p. ii... ii .,
ile pott r required fa itTeii.! ?? , !,. The
.iii.n.^eii .a ; nf Mr. I. Iisiim's lum ?-in ii,,1,111,1 piri ut
* 1 us lu li .a iii rx :?? ted 1 ,-?-".. 1, e ti;,, 1 ,,. 1,1 .?
na.1 "'. >i| - ifl'.l-.' rna - ll /;il'.|..il*. In nc
min.' -J..", 1.11 ic 1 - in 1 s 1 n/i.-.raloi. Iii" ii-i'iiii w ll 1 c
inti ii iii ii -,|....i ? ut ll iy 1:1 ?"iles,,u-l ir: v lu mull pl
..... id 11 k" 11. .?!? tu.1 1. -i-i.11 ?,,:':? ;: 1 .,?,*.
illeilll lill I), re,: lilla' un lui u-'tot cu: r> ll t eui
I \i.Iglvr vlolci.l a.iuckn tu thou-wiri ...-In n . .?? .
j llellt loUl'tl tue coo.I'll lor-., .ill I n lim?l i'i.m'I.i Hu I i
I ul lill' Illa! il tt Ti". i'll ll ll I -- lamp- III ,a ? . ? ,
' more lu multi ol, : .. 1 1'.-. / ?? ? nm- a ? t,- ..-?? 1 le itiul w ?
I lua.Uilieh ii* il vv uh] mei.-...- Hie ciihI'.-i sui ;. ?li..rl
circuitesfln^ul.biii. i,i'..,- in mi r ?.i-.c, > , 1,.
Chi! i'e pl'.'ICIIeal llll'l - nf ! 'V I , ?' ? ' ,im , ."
Ul'hsii.s i.i 1 1 1. n ,. i'Rt 1 vi 1 is.
[I'l'liU \" 11 ? ? -t A"il I" i-'t. 1 -I iVI ur I III 1. v
KlN'r.<er.iN. X. V? I Ve. UH. -I lc iidden c ,b|
ari;,. .a r ni 1 "?? we li ? fl ? ? ? - 1 ? ? ,
this p. ini nrtli mid tor som,- .11-...in 1 -muli. Navu- 1
tmii cl,1-1 il ilaire ulirupin limn in n ? nul>.i..t nu n ri
P'-ei il. Hu- algal lm,- i:. 11 - p., 1 i,. ; t ,.\ ,?
nun nc al .1 ti w at.111 ul inp , an lo I., ai fi 1
lille, weir Ht III il 1 tc ? ? ? t ,'1 ?> ; .
Influence* of .*?uiidiy Imfm? ?? . . . .. :, n,n,i ,,;
fl.allin: ci.ifl ut.1 wiall 1 ipi.ii I.r*
Hnpcrlnti'iidi'iit liruiiel.uf tb" Knick , kn f'uiu
piny, nnd ulli r ii e .?.;,, 11.. 1, iv ,?',, . 1 1, ..,, | , r., t
111/ pi'ilitnltiTy arrangnnienis lu malia Ht ,, mi tlmr m ij
li, lo*r vt Inn lia 'cr has stfalued a proper th-cki.e**
From tin-pol tn nmth lin. operation .f "aiskma mi
luinil." lu front nt th.- vurlmi- Inui-r* wa. began Ht'ur
day, ibe icc iiciuu fruin two ui liuro luelle. Hack tim
muming. Al tblspuiut theli-e was v.-rj nm cb uml un
.ten in tiiicki.es-, una some ludgaieal lu seleetleu wai
mu usssry
T'.ie rn "nnmi 1 crnp e itlrnil nil slims tbe river Issi
year Ima proved In exec-, of thr seasna's detu.itid. am
il ta estimated H1.1t neal lt ..ln-tliird nf Dir um,nun ?avri
is-ml un lanai. Killin-lion-c* latte ll"l beril upim ,1 a
il,I, ttl tuft. The inupluy turill nf Inhnr Iii Inn vrsini- w il
Hill* be lllMti-ll.illy illili.inslli-d. A Patt li'W llull.r* luivi
1.1 cuti.H'iic;rU, how..vcr, anil if thc wciitlicr rcuuilii
j fiipii'ou* a liraT*,- crop will ?galu lin heuser]. The ap
pl i.i,it* for gathering now In ute here are ao perfect tb.
two weik.nl fiiviitalile Weather will fill every house 01
the river. Kitteeii years air.) it i.u.k-.11 Winter to il
Fair WSgr* Will bc paid hr al! lim emu panie* ut tb
ni... t Ibis fi ur, ami tliun all .trike, will br tibTlHtr.
Mulley Mimii.li ba. been um,lr l,y Hie cuiup-Uie. Hie pj
scs.ou lu j j) tbe men well.
KKWPOKI, R. I., Jan. 1.?Ex-Mayor Bedion
of thia cltr, a member of nu honored Knlrkerbocki
family, ls now cngaired lu wrliliiK a pier. He li Hie lcm
Ing member of the ip ll, vue Dram illa Club, of Hil- cit:
whose mernie r.Inp la ultu??i Wholly nmdr np ot Humnu
Mr. Louis 1* Lorll.ard, Mr. T. A. tUveaaerer, Mr. WI
ll.m Oothoot and Mrs. Harriet N. I'niul. uti el New Yuri
bl.ve r-nted cittsges hen- for tbe aeusou nt 1 - m.
Two caatno entrrt.ilnnu uta bsve taken pince durit,
tte past week.
The Hin-lnu cn mm 11 tm- lia* not aa yet nw.ldrd a bulli
Ing euntract. Tic bola ure all in New-Ynnt, and wein t
be opened the istter Batt ot lan ween. TL - local Milli
en were given au oppottuuitr (o figure on thc Job, bi
lt tn nut believed that they bato secured Hu- taite.
I I'liiK gerna.ly uudui.luod that ibe cuuiraol will t
awarded te s New-Ytuk bundor. Il ls expected Un
some of tbe builulugs will be read/ fur use during ti
coailug sea,011.
LlenteBaat B. B. Bradford, U. S. lt., who recently r
turned oa tbe ?dlance from a three rears'ci ulie, bi
be*a ordered to the torpedo at anon lu Hil* harbor aa a
tnstruotor ia slectricUy, relieving Lieutenant Wssbbui
aTsyuard. wao haa aaa- ordersd to tbs Te-aeee.*.
OapUJs BeeAetetn Slis-taaa. of tbe .Mamet P"
demee. et t-o ?T_iki?*r Uss. is reported ie be aertotu
lil at _? ftema ia Warre*, near tula ulace. Be -has lot
beenka*waneemaWewiilaommanlar ol steamer! pl
T_t tteaasan-rtatalaoa rrevldecce are bi lue r
|at_*adMt-UiwlaawAUr(aa-oont of money li to 1
Ik rs twt difflcuH to Abd bmh with n in
Uttto ttra*e|aaro_. who paries -ii heed nuder tl
e:ot-M BBdrtagai "Saw flay bm down to iierp. pt
?twptiKcrnrNipn kntki malt.
ICjtren* frnm hu Swell al the _ mquel a' ttneh lat' on De?
cember 1*. (n honor nf Th.una* Biyt.y l+ttrr'n return.
I have had huialreds ol invitations to visit the
United Stale*, and 1 regret very mich tlia in pant
years an opoorttmiiv aunntaffu dial nw so I hst I
bihiIiI .rat fy -,4*1 wishi'N Only withiu the laat three
or foin mon Uh -I I bini, it waa toward Ibe end of
July?1 reeeivi,1 a ii,'isl cniirt-iitti and kind letter
..oin the PrcHul-nl nt the I'lntetl State... Having
lieard s.une iiitaor tnat I tva.* about tn visit tbe
cotintiy over windi ln> pee ? de* ii. fniei Magistrate,
lie titi mr lb-luinor Hi ii-k ni" if I caiuc lo thc
state to take np my residence nt lui. benet?at tba
White Hott?e, in WaabinBlou?ande.u.sider myself
his gu st I lien- Ho lie -j a ? I -hnillil he aide tn remalli
In that eily. Well, I waa obliged to writ* bin ?
letter win. li gave tee distress, I mav say, almost to
write it. 1 tt sn obliged lo ile, line an invitation so
l.iiiil ni liith and anil hi honorable to me, front cir?
cumstances winch I iice.l not here detei : but one
.linn.' 1 mat .av atul a.Unit ?that whatever was the
almost insatiable appetite 1 hail fir travelling forty
yeal - ago, now. when man v years have paafled over,
I feel as if 1 had no spirit or raterpriee Ut make a
long -e:i voviigc nnd io meet Hie eve.i-menf (for it
w ould lu- treat excitement) nf :|ie w. > i . st lue li j
mu ii-suicii I won,.1 neel erith mi Ibe fur side ot
lin- Ai lum ie. lion ever, I In.pr you v I! I liv.-?a-.1
lliop.fiiendsot mine in tu>- United states will
believe- timi I an sensible of their kindiwaa, tbel
1 antin le il fully, and that I I eera! that
it pie .. i ...il ant lille, anti 1 tear for the finnie,
linn- ls v.-iy little chance of ny laing aide tu ar
. , pt th ? gi ncr his invite' inns tt huh I Itel have lor
Wallie.I lo ne. Hut now lhere is ainu her feelinir,
p.i oap-, pref aleut aiiioua us?I eon fess thai I do
uni hillie mit?iiuti t li .i i la :i feelinir of envy that
?Mir I c. rec lcd |e|ili-s, nt it ive ami ll lend has enjoy eil
this ct ind i \i urMini, I hil he lia. seen wkat he has
-ren. nnd thal for iny-clt, perhaps, and mr mort
ol Mm certainly, we arr inri rver likely to partake
? a tba saut!' advantage* NV r hear a greai deal abonl
th.- meal euiintrt ihal he has been paasiug aoiue
i lr ic muni bs in. Hui, ai i.r ali we have ueanl, 1 be?
lieve, if I lie I filth were Known, lt would be found
th . we knew ver? li" i le a,nutt if.
i ni i,ni Aii'-i rn t .irn:i -.
I vt a* reading the other dav a very interesting
I ...ik pllldlsliell liv OIIC of I lin most cmiueut melt
vv lin have ever minimal 1 he Senate ol the I'lillml
St..le? I ineau the Jaie fl,arl sSillulier- tv|,,i Int .h..
II ||) |i.il. waa ."sen.'lol lui' I ll" Stall" nf .Ma.-s.lellll
ih-IIs. ll la a booh ea.hil " I'i ip:..tic Vo.ce.-," ami
i pal p il- Iii iii vc -, m n-t li, i ir prophetic willi te md
tn 'hr gi.-a' rn-.- ul tia- I' it -I Male-, nilli lining
hack tn :i teri enrij |*einil?jon will la- mu pi is.-n
win lt I lc ll you Ilia! I noes Inn k to t li mt: tillie lie
I re t," lillie wi'i'll l! e I'llltl il Mute-. Wl'IT lllScot -
c. e.1. Ilea.,, lu one of Hie opotiiu. pussae.-* ..I li.
n! ii.il ; ,i. ii, si ? \, i', ol Am ? ic a ny Ctillstoplier
t 'iliim. ii- is -in- i,'.c ii- -: ev. ni in -i-ealar li,-.:... \,
; anti I nc! ir va ii von coa.e toex : tome ll you aili ilaire
I wiih linn io nial opinion, lim even wi.cn America
' \. :- lin Mu.\vn, illuminati"!,?Hie illuminati.I
! fi-liill- Illili 'I I""'tl t ?pleti'.t. d thc dis, ai ti-iy ot a
I ennuin Iii. cr.nuI.ur .i'd vui.tlic.sa ol Wlllcll. |HT
i Laps, al tlial tiu-c, -. ir. i y .mt.u could tlleaiu
m. Nut . in Hi- Kline lillie honk Mr. Sumner
I lia* given ll* tun 1.1 li.ree p.,ss,ie- Wine!; 1 vm!I
: ii ut in \ .nt. < inc I- liini I !n wilting- "I ii very
I . rI"i.r lied K?u.an, who lived a.if tue (mn ol the
A. s:|r Tau,?thal ttl,nhl lu- ab ul l.lnn v. n
ii.ic in.- ni-covi iy nt Amer icu?anti tn ii he sa vs:
lli.-re siiu.l imi.e a time in later years w'hen tin
i.m--hal relax I noir chain, mid a vant coin inul
ml a Pilot rhall flml new wm Ids, no inuit'
I. n-i longer earth's ia,mai- "- . | in ,.
? ':'!"?
la- m u
el, -.lt
mulei st,,ml
ll;-' >\el lilli1
ol !.:;ii,|,e.
I til" Us t . ,
o r.pr. will .,
l-l.ind mi
.\. t unit I.
p IS-. IL'- . dill
I ,,
W I ol
v t i, nie
111* I if
thu pm try "i
|Y ti sin ? " ? 1 ' ne gre ilexl "f the Ita iu'i |na-i ?,
j Ile s.n - : " lue dayl u",I hanging Willi Miugctj
! -'? ,? , pcrciiai.ee lu gunine ii the <-\|*ci lani cv.-, m
| lar-oil nal.tit il woiltl reiio't-.'' lhere Bas un
; mill, it iou t ital a cl vv ji.l were greai land, mid a
' ;,. .1 vv ; hi H. lu- il .cuter, d. ile ;|, la .::,j | li,
? to iii ii,ino, arr very ii-trr.-sliiig limitations, ami
sim., thal Hine was n the tininl ol itiegi-iints . nj
I ii, Ibe n11ml i-f Hie noel ,t ;.ring ni gt. iii Hiing.',
(..cine. [i'l...'i>.j 1 i ..:,., i ipi i y I.e. ..m.- 1 ., |.
I , ,ii .ian- UV iii ainu h.' Illell, I Ile I'll lt HI ll Was Iii -
niau ii. .un: a new World llpln-areil J and I lllllik
in.ii Hine i" m.in,ug tait ,. equal to ibat gre.il
i,is. i.\ i ry i.nd Ilia I,al iMti.in-li Mr. I',i,.i t,
tn.-..pie,' >i i'm Am.-rn-in p...-:*, lately dead, -a.
.n ..:, im ;o " 1 he 1' isl ':
1-..I' 111 I ai le: Iii I' -kt nw ll
11 il i lll| res ell III -.Hu -s ilul glMHM.
Ami I Hunk if ??? ex i.ic all th. ** old empire*?
I Itu-A*-] ., , the llabyintiiiiii. Hie Parthian, or Itu
j l.'oln ali. ol if ". c co a,e to a:. o' her ' .Ul" a id a ti din i
j place, nilli I'S i lil l in- I lu c.np. I.- ol lu ill, uud I hi lia,
? a 1 u ,< can,' lo a linni lu ..I. i il tiinc ai,ii re. ail lae
j tall ol a a i lil Uullll? ll tte ,o Iv III lilli OW ll [lu e al
I ? l'i ai g 'Wt i n| il,- Ktupire ol ICiissia?il wc
|.Hi|, ii 11, I r.ncli K-\..Int iou. willi its va.t rcetiii.
'? ?11 tv ,.,, al l.I i-ivvii ni ,., ne ut in
! i i,i,iii. ll v., li.ok al ila Val clepiic nvcr all til.
Mill ld, ill a , nf Wli.i ii W. , III I I. llith- ls. i ? il. ail
l?r,i iii,,, H.. ?. air.- I tin K v.. - a.?l I a dm. I. alt. i
ali. thal I , iv i* induing in all I beac. tr:uiM.n linus ul
hi. lui i abu lt. i?r rael nen. ind t.,r p, i inaiietii c, i ,m
II e. i pal,- v. ii inc graiul, iii I bal i lu ir is io the ilia
II--.. tv nf I lie Vinci mali I .-lit IU, III b) t'llli st ophel
I'..Inui ii-. ?'hccre.1 1 s.-y America, which i
ii. wa vs tn .1. i .lund lo mean S-Tih A lurnea nnd tin
I Ulled -.1 ile., oilier I Ililli th il pot I li "i "I .1 v ii i" , I*
st.Il ii ? ulr ,l ?". Ihe I.' '..-n- i Tr itt, ilia' il
nunn.il Hoio il a.t.ii,,i.i tominion ... I . - vj-;
;. .poi. ii ,.
Pi ll I lil .v.
\:\..i ? , in puinl mn n ie "i Ino il ? ; - ? i.,,-.>
I be-e I ti-' d *s, an- tt i ich we a rr uni t i Inrgi :. I
si,lill ll like III -peilK In \ ol ol lt " s./e. I I. Wi?
lli ? ii* \| '-mil.ure wc sp, a iv rn in. let' "iinl
/i\, vi iv ll, ile ide, i ol ila' ll .Ii.sci.c-. ,.|
I i an bardi* mil, ,<ui uml- I st.'ititi
tt a' t ll e
I III l-l V
Ma-ka. v I
-. Th.
o Ireill
, oil
'. III.
I' '
i li
l lu
I "lld ll
I.- i ...,;,
ii tv ii- 1.1,awn,
',\ lllfil .- lilli Vela V a-l l-l H I, lp
il lillee lllllil"I! - III -ipi Ile llnle , l :
i e -lilt il- ii i genni ,1 strm lill UH
I- nun i mole ai,1.ila, lia gra/.llig. uml tl
pm i in ? be n.r n nun'ailinn* ami r.-eky, it
,1 uni very ii. .el |..i itgrietiiturc ul any
a knott tatt I ta oe is coiisideri ,| a
? .iiini rv io I. .top -ii i. a ci cut deal bi -
Ibis . .iinll v ; In.I ile 1 ulled Mates
I , ? - ll 'ii',', ll Willi 111 j
I.e lu il V, ll Vt.-111.I
Vu 'iii, .uni I went
Hi un i mid Ireland.
I Ibm your cnn
I.HI.I III ill.ll lal I ll
?lit. I mies as big a
,iil 11.em. I here is
\t ill "iV-n: ill ll "|s|
w iii -ny it?thal wa
i li
: '. ' '. 1 .
.lt Murn?
tn,', .
.inui.du u
a "Ml 1 ,
>iii,ir> i ' ?
lia'. . .. i:
lie hell- W
v ont'.al-- l
nave ..a-i coininea tu 1'aiiail.,, iii Australia, in India
a ii, i in .-"lilli Ali a ii - liol a. lt I, a ii vt - ye! how in nc h.
;l.,i, :l lei ami . In el-.,' Cut you ti.ll.sl r. cullie! all
iln-.-e teriiluric.* in I ,niuia, ia Australia, iu India
iimi in soni h Africa, uro licit ti. r ni men nor money
nor m regard to ibu revenue any .treiiglh in the
people ot the l.'olt.-d Kli.irdi-lil. (lu Hie contrary.
ihe, arc cnntinii.illy draw mg I rom our revenue anil
o,i .uri',.., 11 lint, lu ai. j I in nf n. when i
am ("iiupuriiig the I err i H-n' ot tin I*.lin 1 Kiugiloiu
willi the I lilted Mates, 1 um conti! i' i. lat nell lo
tnai which contributes to the mai'iiai levciiue of
t >. country nf wini h 1 Bin speaking.
pin min >s.
If you look al the unip of the I'lil'i ?! Slat", vin
will tind at the extreme isouth Ibe Slate ul lc\:i*t,
vt linn was at onu nm.i a pall nf Hu- Kenullin ul
M.'XICO. Mllirteipu-llt ly il Ina .line lillie IN nilen!. Illili
w.-i nun annexed tu thu American I ullin. Tbeta
hus been sonic discussion aa tu vtnei ber it ts a iloni'
ul: e plain In gu. All I know is ih.it it is very hot
th.-re, :iiul a gcuileuiiiti with whom 1 am acquainted
went taara to see whether his huhs could settle
there, hm he came rather faster than he went, for
he haul if he had si as ed lunch lunger he would
have i.lay isl there fnrnvcr. However il ih a wonder?
ful .Si ito li i ibo producing ot eat I lo and cotton, ami
thc MM) ot lae Mimic Mal.- of 1'exns, which is uuly
mm ni tba Matmnt tim I'nmn, ts271,000 square
milrs. Now, cnn.nlnr _7i,inu) miles. Austria haa
univ '_' Hi.UHi), tictuiitiiy Ima unit 212,000, Trance has
_t)4,i*OU, thc L'uiletl Kingdom luis 120,000. Therefore
ono stiiglu State lu the American Lbmn? Texas?is
ueTc iliim t u ice using" BB Urea l Britain aud Ire?
land together. But there ure three oilier Mat's
grouter tina Urea! Bimini and Ireland nulled, anti
tbere are three other.?Arizona, Nevada UM Col?
orado?with lit),OOO si'intrcj Millen each, which ls
little less thai) l,real I'ntuin ami Ireland togrthcr,
and you will lind there arc, alter all these, eleven
'I ern torlea or Htatea. eneh of which is greater, not
than (lieut Britain and Irolsnd, hut greater than
Kn gland nntl Wales. Well, from the statistical ac
cumits fruin which I have la_eu tbe.-e tigurvs I lind
lt is .tuted positively that 'lexus can afford
12,000,(*00 acres ot lani to grow 12,000.000 hales
ot cotton, winch ts ai.ont equal le)the whole pro
dnclion and cijiisutnptiun nf entioneach veal over
i lin <v hole _!ul>e. *-u 1 hope thal wu slmllhavi-a
aupply of cotton ut fair priers, und thal nome
day or oilier wc may have in respect ot
that mom piosperonit tun. s thnn wo have
bud durum the lust two or three years.
|(Jheera.| Now, then, this country I am discussing
has uni) hmn acoiinti v tu a eenuin sense for one
linn,ire. yean. Due huiulnd years ago lt consisted
ot thirteen small colonies, Uepondenl upon thia
country, lis popuhuiun now has reached to
CU.UOU.UOO. which ia nearly ba,for shout half more
than tba whole population of (in at Britalu and
Ireland at this day. 1 have no doubt there uro
.cons In this room who, before, they liva to
the ame I hare sttarne'l to, will liva to sea the day
whou the population ot the United Elates will be
more than double what it now is, sud that lt will
pan 100,000.000 of people, ICheen.) Mow all tba
eoonthaa in Europe ada to tbe population of tba
Unitedhtatea. lt ia not tbe natural increase ot theil
popolatlon which grows at thia rate. From
evvy Bat* ?* ?ux?pa then ar* stream
nf "emigration or lmmigratton flowuuj it>
war4 Auisri-va, and nuoh of that %_r_*ei
from the fooUtbnasa of Eoropaaa people mut
E-roj-ean g iverniiieiits?lehcersj-all needless ex
n, tiilitnr-. all _nneeeeaa_* aud griudmg taxation,
every harsh amt net-dh-as i?w, foreign policy which
is foolUb or wicked, and eostlv luws which bind up
tho tanti end cause Hu- great bulk ot thc population
to be uhsolutcly divorced Iron it. (Clieera.)
Mr. Hillcroft, the eminent American historian, has
hil it im future tune in his admirable hiatnry. He
naya : " 1 hu biston of tho colonization of North
America is the .tater? of the erina of Europe"
[cheers]?and I would say now that tho liiamrv ufa
Hinside.able portion of tile rapid growth of thc pop?
ulation in tin" I'ni ted States is ii history of the lollies
ami thc crimes of thc governments nt humpe in our
tune. [Cheers,] In Uussia, for example, where among
tither Ireeilnms hey have md yet learned of the
Ireeilnin ol opinion in religious matters, thc intoler?
ance ni nm Chnrca and Government of Kassia has
An veil large liam hen of thc population?notably a
tami iH'ucein) sect, Mennonites?within the lust live
years to settle hi the United .States. Hie military
system and thc intolerable exact luna- tin military
exactions?of the F.uipireof limns ny are constantly
Inviiig irrt-at numbers of Hermans to emigrate to
Amer,ca. in this country the Isml monopoly which
I have spoken nt, which constai tty tends fodiminish
the population occupying the soil lu < Heat Britain -
th at monopoly which hy and by must fail?[cheers]?
has iniil ur elect of Uri vtag vast ann ben?of winch
we have noaecttrate return?af people and taunlies
tn America ,,tci iba co ionics, who would otherwise
have remained forever industriously and, 1 hope,
happily ut home. IHear, hear.] Hat then I mav
ie Baked?tor there are certain people who to-innr
mw ur next dav will say what is the object ot
slier,-hrs icrrrlv intriiil.il not .oily to draw a grand
mclure of tin- I'a ned Slate., but an Kimi uti: naiion
millie other aide ol the Atlantic?we have a right
to consider lt anett?hut it will be said. What hus
tins great Ballon done I All nations who are not
heine starved lu d'-ath increase in population, and
it nure is a great lulim ir. tn other conn tries tue
population mas well liei-oma great?hut whnt has
it .Inn. T Well, lt baa dove a good many oeoeider*
ai) ti I hun:*,. 1 saw, tue other day 1 think, in un
Am. ncin newspaper, that they nad built wubin
tuc last -Itv yean not len IBM eighty thousand
mile..of railway, traversing utmost the whole of
that va*t iioiiitnuin. [.beer*-] Well, what else have
tbey d nu l i dev have, during thc lu.t twenty
years, maila Ibe most tremendous effort thal any
nat hui ever did make tu overthrow that gigantic
ami ilitolernble evil?the crtme of slavery.
[Cheers,| And 1 mav tell you that slavery in tue
l a,ini Mates waa nut tbe u__priuff of republican
mst ai ul iniis. li wua lhere in cohn,nil ami in monar?
chical limes. ;iiui it wa* during the time iii George
III. thai, When the eulalie- and ibe Untied Males
would h:iv aiNiiUhed tue slave trade, the English
tioyeiiiiiu ni loin iii-thai abolition and eotifiuuNt
toe Mule. .Nntv. in that sU-eRle they have SIM*
cn ii "1 iii gi t in.' lr. ciioiii tu lour nullen Hearnes
sud lia-.i .le.-cciiil.int.- mt. vcr; tiny have given
freedom lo a i.uinn. i vt nit li 1 woli'l al tempt H. cal
.in ile, amt 'loy iiiive tlmie il at uti enormous cost of
in...?l mid nt treasure, .uni in tin- lining ol it they
hay,' I-in lt up a v. ry lar.c public debt?a delil sn
large ihai um t |M-,*p,c m ilti-coun,rj ilunigbt that
il, \ mn uni, ni,.hi mi., bul lt Um UiVt r Ull.Uipi
in lao . lilli '.. hill Late i ...-?, il,,ti. I
AITI.lt Till. W Ml.
Tiie ii a,in- ni the war tvaauVei hej iliidiandoi] t i*.-ir
Illili I.'*, I tll'.l I I .:' lil ?' ill'" -I- .'lill. V 1,1 ta.se llie|I
rev. nie. iln-y began :o pay ntl theil d.-ht, ami in thir?
teen ?r tmirieetiyears they have pain off mure r:,,m
ll.Mi.niMi.tnMiu thai'Icht. [t'n.ers.l Hy improving
their eli ul hy lins u.ciu-, tmy cn bnr
|,,',t ni' "i ?? cheaply, iiad h:r,,- luna ii
ilui ? 'I Hu1 inn.ii.I lilleiesl pa;, ali,ti \.\
Ibe *."\ ,'i nm. ,,i lu lim-. a I," ha. e ;. ui
monet Ip im l.-t-than _l*v.HiiO.UHi) a y.ai. We,I,
1 kim'.! ih :c in av l-e lamp.e la Ibis eoillitr.t tt .m
will ?ty it is i \ ? rv p...li-,i Hung tur a goveriitnenl
;,. p ii ,,lt , e it?n ls like, a- .-,,ii .- .oily na- ,s;i:,|, ;l
Ve.t .ali, ll la.Ul njtltlg til il Vi IJ" Pt lilli' ll ,1. ill
Hi..', lin- |,?i. -li ii aa silonhl ,. iVC iiiiiu il lu ... , e ii*
am hep: iii in. .. [I. night, r ami . In ct.v] I c
I'lillcil Mi 'i - I aile 'a... i I lt -e , ,,ul-"'. :r > I lt uk
111 liol.ig Iii i! they lilVe l.tllghl ll e|e.it le s.i i ; . ali
h ;??? ? and '" ?? I m iel coil..Hu il, i. i cai ']
?a..d I..ey hate .nu i ru I it ire in,in,ii. y. iiicu
wen e iel a.ucii iii Kui.'j e. anil iimic in K u'1-.id
I Ililli lill Wt he. I- C..-. UN tu .:,.:( I e tVoltl I lp). I
w as ic v iiiii. -'im k iii t ii ? i-."-I .. ., Iv i
tii lil w llb a I'i lie fun v .1 -at nm I i ail with ii.
her Wi.<?e uni.e I ut o i li"t in l ?'. I. il lie i- i*', c vi?
la al mall ol hii.it.i! > aad 1.linWiciikiC. anil be aa. ?,??
. ,| .. I ,i ; :,,... ii iii p . ii u.i I .?;., . inc . i. .;, ..
I ? up ,..?'... i i p I. ? ai , .Vi.:-, : .,,.'
ti'l'V Mi.eb ? ,. .... ,1 .,1 ! lie >.-..:-. He ,..(.,
I. . li ipi! i ? n li.al ni .1 Iv i -
m ia,a : i.i >! " shii','1 he ii.ked, ** ha. made i e
chung, i Wi. .. . -? ii ' > : v ,. . i an! lu, la-en .
ill thc I ,.;-:?.-. Itu i .) I ..'?- ;??. p . bc
.11 ., " ...\ pj.-I.' ..ll''...'. i)l) -.. ile .'.; .
leen VI ii . , il OiiVc I li.li nd theil i>.| li,. - '
lil I lie l-.fnin! ! Ol ? In.imii;.,)! II. || ,;;i ,,| ?,, ? . t" :
lie ..ti.I, " ? ie ??-, , i.al tn v i.i * ;i .i neal nf I
I.??-,'' .lilli .a,, .it- ,-'....,? 11,1. Te I'M III tel.IHg I
Hm a 4'~si ii iii ?'. l-.e lc ot ???;..? timi lin.ct. I*-*, cl tuc j
IVIsill-il.|?"olH, 'he - . ?:, '?;.'..,1 IV ill on-rr ve I
Iii. .'. .. iv; ', - in I v, '.. wi- ?>. [i ii i r..| Ai d -a j
i e li ul ' ? inc i > : lie i.pi ;??., i!.. . lp. lia. tu wt
With let'.ul I" iii', nit 'I eli i, a at.,. ;-, '? \ ami ]
il.-linn rai u it.si 111.1 uni- tt i ie err,Ulmus, uni. lu- iuu ,
aha urtnnert tla'iii tar vie wk much \vi?ei ami nette..
I li . i minti > I a:u talking iii out d..Icc* a gp-ui Ural
Holli Hie cnilllt I c* ul Lill ope. I ?:, ; ? i-, li , lion it, a j
eil.H ..Ile. h'-tttl'i-U lill" I lill,"ll Stat".- ililli
i nene cuiiiii in-in Ku rope, wita the I'XccpMo'.i ai
france. 1 lui difli-i m b, .'i_ a re,*ui*Ui.
A tar. I IA- |.
M r. I'.-; *. I - it ? hr unit -aw 11 UT ill tink. Il mell lil
the I infill Ma'' '? tau bi dui ii< I nv lue t.mpemr
i..ni.: iii r ami c..eei.| or Kulpie s, ni Jm,i .-, i.r
ta, i. el , ol Iii,; -li..lot io. al pll icc. i.inl ;.. ..
[. le ? l-.l 1 ll - ll gil ll -ll ill,( S. Ill i ,.,,; Ul ;,,, ,
i ii gli'.H, ill.lt i-fi li W' -'i - Tv -il. -.., . t |.',|< . ; i
arti- not lo Ih- t..und tu ibat count rt ; .,. ?? |. .. ,,| I
hate tm U.'lini III.ll a I,c- lin-ii a,e llltci iifrltt
enough ann min ,i cm J.li i ? -u-til'i a gov
ri ,iiu. nt lise . al !,..? i..,\ in lin- t ai
i, . .-- .ii , i u ugh ii., r. iii.it ne iu minni
pal iii'll lal- ?l'i a ; i , lei, uti ia," A hole , ',. gay .
S-t 1,1.1 III IS i .? I Hal I* eli Uh il I ' 1 ile I I lil UV i nilli
ilrtlcr. 'Il al, h. ill! | 1 III.nk iniil.ie -an'
i iiai i ii' ?. han io m.i ai ie-.. [i mi rs.|
, u-ic . i" p. rv.m.* a "?? i m ie io il: s
i. mil ry lii? a < "i m.Hiv, I. bi <1 kn-.-,..
' I , SUI, IIB, ll, illili p. 1 li.l,.- ii, lighted
,.i lin.i Ima I iv I i, i- ar,- io He
si en .i. 1 al il.inp , il t\ itii -...nie ol ihe Kill -
pi .III I at ."' ? - i 1,1,1 il, .'ilia . ., .1 (lat .il ... lided I heil'
kile. 1 aim. III ll milli.ill o'. Ill.'ll?I ia-l ll nt i ate a
Inti ? ..t .nail i m m\ -live i mi.atul men. it ii- ma
maintain ,1 lm n.c pm ,.?..-.- ..| war aluna i
[cant 1.1, i.-I' i- it |oiiiilai..t"l f.-r t..e pulp,
. i supples.mi/ ii' ? .t, at .-. [fm ci ..j Alni yi I
I her i- im 'omi ii iii the wield viuich h, nmie lin i
\.ic-p. ? i.mugumu iiii* alola' tu .ii lb,'
i mini -tait*, and lucie .s i.nut rt Where,nu tim
tv Ho.e, I ei.lttsall lift ter Ul.ev,-il ;,uti pi.C..I
?a ?!? ci, iii ly ("ainu, ii .. Annih?-r thin_? in
nbii . Iiici tin r iioiu uh rn ll, i- Oat lliev hate
a mus t,.i ; n al tiejii -. | ',.,?. i -. | \\ asuiuu inn,
th Ins, i:ii'?l I'i '..,,iii,,, ii a;.i',| Iliim l i Inti' i,,i
p.mi ia. Inanes. "Lom.nial I rent icu n yell
1.1,, .,- Ililli ii 11.Iii' as i nu e ;| na . , Uh .1,1
countries." I net lint e lint li" .ow ni III. a.lt na I,
nu .o much ns i should ilk,* j bul willi regard t"
[ii III e il Iii Ul les. Ul lin- Ul HU, I l.t V hate lui in wed
his aiivii'c: ami j, i i i>-- nt,- Hun i. no country
willi tv linn all uiiua i ol.ni. i us ale tn, it tl ,c nil Iv ni
? hiKlllouieiit than tile I'm!? d Ktat.'S. [1'beera.j
liles I..tie nu ll.-ll.-ps in Iniil .-scliale. [Laugh!, r.l
1 linvi' un coull! lucre tue pi 'Pie in tins conni ty wno
cniniuisi rule their po.'I nm in tnat respect, nut I
don't. |l.aiialiH'i anti cheer.-.| 1 hey have not coii
sirncieii a in.u'iiine, itin.Htiy pelt t ir al uml partly re
lig.otis, iu vviitca inc Slain bolsters up reli.um nu
thc ,,,million that religion will bolster up Hie St ;iic,
ll,,;, have yul no favored KovoruineUI C un n ii or
urgiuii/alioii which lends lo thc crimea ot wollare ba
and statcslucll, Hitlicllolietl liv the slllilllnleil VOico
nf (.ml, au appmval, ami by which the voice nt
<'bristi-anity is iicttiuruiizetl and degraded. [Uueera.|
1 have said al*-u Unit they have nu land monopoly
uml nu ayaiem o', law wuicu is Intmided iouiaiuia.ii
grcut lauulicn in tho possession of vast eat ates.
We have conferrt*d u|hiu taeaa taaallica great ihjIih
cal powers, whicli may bo used?ami have neeu al?
most always ust-u?in papuaillaa to the true rights
uud interests ami freedom nf Um people. [CheefB.]
1 'ney huve uot preferred?as wo havo preferred in
lui. counir.V?lo maintain a thousand areal
houses aad great properties wli-n wa might
have had in,inleeds of thinisanus of comfortable aud
happy botncett.ad* to adorn thu land. [Cheers.] 1
spoke uf France as a republic aa thu United btatea
ia a republic, lt you have read history ami oouaid
eieil il you will Hud that Um Wilts ami extrava?
gances nf Louis XIV., atul thc profligacy of his suc?
cessors, hud thc t,mn, lalo ut of Un: French Unpubltc,
and you will rind tbat the lolly, the tyranny nf
Ueorjta 111. uml his .Ministers, and tho perverse ob?
stinacy of i hen- majority in 1'arlia mc nt, laid tho
tu ni, dallon ut tue Nutt li American K.-i ablic. ["Iltur,
hear!") 1 wonder whether il occurs ever to the
crow nett heads ot Kui ope to thtuk what will be?
come of tho policy they are now pursuing. Every?
where government atuiies eat up tbe comturta ot
tbe people, and everywhere military exacnous are
bocumiiig muru uud uioreuuoudurable?everywhere
menaces, acta of warfare, c-travagiince ami grow?
ing debt, these things ornate discontent, invite
lii-nnier and make Insurrection almost certain?if
it be imt absolutely ueooasarv?and lay thc founda?
tion of i a u,lam,-ut al chuim.es in Nt ute.-., such us we
bnvu witnessed in France and America.
BUITALO, N. Y., Jun. 1.?Michael Maher,
Birect OeBaWlBBhiBiJl lilli! 1. bas been arrested ona war?
rant sworn out br Ueurgt* W. Miami, tba present D?p
uty Street Comatlssloner, who ousrgss Maber wita ilie
gsl voting st the last election. Ile, as alleged, veted In
canada in 1807,1868 aud 1869. aud iwbre at tue Ult
niectinu tbat ha lived la UiiA-o sintw into". He wit!
bato au examination on the Sta ot january.
MOB- RjrV-HUE ntOM 1_J?N_S8KE.
NiJ-rrxLLB, Tenn., Jan. 1.?William Wood
eeck. United Mataa Bavaeaa OBUeator lor tala disuiot
eelieetsd fioi.iM lg dan_f December, sa luoreass o
|S9,(d*. 80 9*mt Ua seats meath laat year. Tha taoreaa
tar tfca aaat abt aaeaiks t*t*M tee corraspoaAlag atoatb
what people say.
iVXui, IAT_ 0F AN _"*_* A
p. Aitmt o/ ?a? Som> em lies, la Chico,
?So Tr.b.i.r Ip.
Ouray is smart, good and holiest ? mm *b_
sacgs7t8hSA__, 2SS
erie will be, bil fruin l^-a 0? || ' !'2
oii,i,ii.ainn iii HeuUen-co. bnt Aspsmt hi _ __! _
blackgusrs.mid wi-tr-e. Ouray NMnSS|_T eau Tver!
and every urtitle of property taara trim tAus^ua
Hors, h money and cb.ibmg even, ^tm (.^e,tV^r?i
??wes tbe I te* enough to make them ''???-?-_i_-t if Vi!,.
w.t. pani. 1 bey now nae them if '-'tm.QrJA&t io un
ntilyol ess.iKO pery. ar. They m. iiuu^iKS
gu I y Imiittint; not trying to puni*b the i<,ur?__eriot
Meeker ami party, tut ait- try ti. tn defraud (BE In*
ti bus el ti eli nind. mid Juki tii,,? tn m the <>?*<?? naw_t
I r luin tu my agency tn-umriow,
J/'i.ty Lal' .,.,,, ki Ci.,-ir,??J..un.al.
Popular liberty lias its tliruat cut in lilierty
loviug Ncw-Ki giaiiti ny Hi, ?aip<lot a down fca.t doc?
tor, aoil unthill* oat tue hunt- mal ibe InUiiite JaaUre or
liea-eu will overtake bim mjihI, between tbi- slid ihe
future suiijeclion o. lue titaie ot _t_u,o tn lu* dicaloi
abip. if ne is bruten euou_ii to continue thia kind nf
wurk. Tbere is but nm- nong that wnnid meet the ea*>e
with pan**) Just iee. ami tb.t woold be the short shrift
of Hil* man vt n ba stout curd nan one nt the elm* of
Augusts. ? * ? Mr. Blaine, don't sabmit; u uren up at
lin- head nf your croWU Ul tuc li noe nf I he del randed peo
plc and iii m.ml the luiiuciliaic aluin uti "ii uf the trantin.
Iriiily obtained mitt*. Torre are name* nns.-ivlu-a ind
rmurm. improperly wgued io. very aiaie of the Union
at every election. Tue. prcvmlitiK t u.tum ta to -wertmu
who tu.- ii.-oi.le iii'rij.lrsl io \a.tr for, and tUe oniI?aion
of a ii,ulillu iuiii.il I.* uot regarded a- a penal error. Th v.
tbe Republicans bad a mann ny of tim l.e?i.-unite U ?'c
yond doubt.
Senator bay ird, ina Lrtter to (Innrge ff. Tuif'S. of Vattimre.
Although in my judgment it was unwise
Slid ile. n*.lier, lo thc illgliilV ililli ch.illicit r ni ,? k'H'.'lt
n.iv i-i iiuirnt like our owu thu* io pledge lu .peela!
.eve mies tor the pay turn i ol Ha obitiiimu*, yet tbe tact
n m.iiiiK?it wa* tiiitit", aud, brina doun by the elected
SgWBI. Of Hie Unyr.iiliiriit, we Citiiiiot I1..W ilLown i r
1411,iii'y li. Hovtt \er unwise wc limy conmdiT lt tbat
Ul iHti'i ihe petty lil finuge of thc lii'V.-riiineiil ih 1 laud
hy 11., tm .lin a s mi im|H,ii* si,ouiil lie payable "In
1 o.r" and sot apart tnat coin asa .uecisi lund " ie
pur thc inii-rrst and create hu ai,mi.I sinkiua fund tn
;,'i>- Hie prim- pal nf tbe Nation?I ilrti|,*and expressly
drnl, ,1 power io tm lr tssu>-. el rre.Miiry m.tes to pay
such luu-rot, or suci, thine* on Maperte, yet the Hit
rrinuuis?tlicv dl.l no. Tue re-ni is thai we,., cit.xena
of tbe <tiivenimeni, which I- " uol lor 11 day, hut tor ail
Hmo," il* *r hop.-, piusl keep thcee plr.lKr.. inviolate, III
triter mut lu spirit,
Btm Mer, >n Itt. l.ouU ,' n.t MflKi','."! Ini tr ru v.
It was uni ii-eitn..- by iino-e waled near nm
thal I -v.pt l.kr a child w-ui -.,..k.m, ,? au ..ir.sii.l
strains, aaa* a Inmii Hm, I n-u,.?,,,,,.?;, ,i a. my , mir
imitncr'. favorite. 1 Tell IS tUtuuu I wa* li, iii* wariest
ii,.tv,,ril aud , ii ?"ard to i?e realms et ''ic, uni filmy. And
sn at,sm bi d tut* I mal ara a I raeoeerrd n y arlf-yasaea*
Mimi I imiler-toi u H..,, Mr. Mundt bail born preach nu
-,'iur inn . I iisii in ii attentively to ike . rnaw,every
ex ia i -ainu, ev ci > _-i- -i net ami Hie .oaly doctrine ut,, nd
ii lins neut eu-ii rn ijeiiiu.t i.lmn-l m.me me envy tun
mun anil ariah linn I vt ii* a M. -edt. ami I um, de up my
in.nd mat iiciieeli.i I,i 1 avouhl .ve ii pine, ? mer .uni
belier lilt', so init v.a.ru tue time caine to -nakr off Un,
mi.ri..1 edi I lu kilt he enabled to l,iok ba. a
upon a well- nt-tu life an i lorward with a ii> ut
rmi i,I h-,|.e. ? * ? I batr giv?a .way mine
li. all s-J.iiiMi.Otl* I., ca ll,. * " ? If ..I' tbat lari several
ii .i - I have im mi ni ung luorc >>v le-s ; ti tra ti, since
I'i. III ol 1*171 ('lp to uliii',1 tlinr I nil itsnl-r life). I
mi iml Hunk I v?? tit t . lien willi a auber, l.r.tiu ; mil
In uk liol!, I alu -"'iel' lint ail n.I.a,I In remain ni
ur.ag t a lest ,f Hil life, ? * * I ...we rea.ta-d tor
Hw vi tr* ni -lice.-?lon *}I On.) ,i-r WM-if ami exp u-c,
... I.e ail'! ,. i.i , Hnie I I. ?' InWe.l III -lief to *o nome
ti Itt, ; bal 1 :, n lt .a ap ol Ina.
/, / . ',, ? < '.o'. -i,.T ii :r ?? -,,?',
?ir it.
,?,','. H. ci
I did ind ujrrve witn ail that waa dum ; but
. ? In', i ' ? i ..t .
AN INHHl'r.Mir.M Of'iMo.V
' ' i //. ti "e av. i i lnel.enipe.lit :~r.. Inieerlem.
firaul could probably bot cany liuliiina. As
ll .- . ,,i-l ,l..i k*i.,*.1, fsp.-cl lil e i allaidaie ."I tar ili-lllo
c i's : i. won '1 -l.llnl lm .m.... Vt '?? bul ,e a li-i ul il *tl .le
i, -ii ne re*;, et-, ci min ,:i, ir inc unisl V, ,e ,I I,, -cu?
ll n W, - an.I ll,, lu i, l'l|.-.l!ll|,ililli.-I * len, j.i au*.
I .ie Cl V nf 111,il.ltl.-I',-l's I- ,'ll ul lin ll . gu al I'tlic.i.u
ia! 'i.ii V. Willi -tim.'.' K-- Ililli ill li' neill , Wile
a ii a i aol vu ?? hw Urie limier anv e re'im-la..i-e?, nm
.-, | ? -i .,:?-. vv. wen | .. cd .a ,.mi ol wm lulc.gB
.r.I,a.i -::.' v. i. _
H'OUI'.N tali Vin '\'..
. Ill P. .1',- 0 ?! i: Me. . ll t j e- , ,'. ? e.r.
We lum1 tn t gained siifliii^.' p. i .-.? ;my?
V. Pie. Kill W C. .e .-ll ll.-.l a IT' e.l. III.ill ,llllt)| lill- of
, , n,,i runic i im ,.ii i'i" ? . l'..c : c n..,l -.v _eet-ia>
... r .??..' 'li ?.'. . ? 1 ? " laen - iv ?<'*.
; .dt.il.cen |.illili.' .ruthi 'tit. lid tile W Uni' '.- I' .1
^ - ti a-.-, , , i. set ni, A--11.: mt a lu lue liifl.a.ut
.? , n Lill - an IV.,, i.'.s i' ii,,, ruin'? m-^.. iBf
|| ii-. 1 , '? Wi ni ill's Nili.'C.il "I,.--li,.' a.. >?'. I .., ai.ll
. i,, nev 'I ul ol ?-? iai/ il IS. are ihe l'-llla ni I e.
education which I I-1,,-.-e. aiv,iuu>ii.|..'.: hy ilia women
-..IV.:.-!-. Y.iii i, a. ul I i. ii I 'hi-, 'no, l-.e upeuliig
ol iii roi leg"'*, liol,- ,,n,l er,, pantons lo aniiiea a*
i,,ii11 luaal icsiil'a ,,t na ;iaii Hon. me la-Hen t ut
*.t'luk i..I.e ?' lin- uml a"?* .na linn wul lalmmats
bj ... ,. lt IB ml, -c tieaTThe S lo e lual.
TV. O Milt i Vt'.Y vtKS.
rel i.ret.t.r,inrt ? '?? J l:. \o.u.g* utier te J%* Mia
i,' . a /-...
I li-ve ul Wilts luiil iii av. r-inii tn Napoleon
l,i iu,.. ..uni:',. When 1 Was la Imuiuura ne
Pian. Imperial tv a- lliei', DH I VHne ' t,e IbiMNrbt lt
un. lit In- ole i* .nt (or tin- I ? i: Ililli. I 'i"i 'Int ??', - ,.-.
Pm i .. ,1 ii'-' .. i i.i see bim Braal alWalamilv. Of
celine Hm ii:'. Kwp^tei wa* a areal reoW-, mu erne at
t.-- ams ... in i un i cilia nen IB aiMoTV. (Iii- I. ,,r
.lii'iitirj k.1 I do m.' m' . ' .' eiinu. i: ji. iii n
, ,| ?-| ,. Il, ala - .! 1 ame li . ttl* Dian SI <!-, and
.iiarlit inc -<i '.. ni- lei a ? tn.sotr> tngruify
Ht nil I lin ll 'think l".y ir'lil'ls call ct
, ?!- H ll. 't. T'l Ililli N.I..nicoll Vt us Wllisf
I hm. th. h. .1- Un e... . .i i ir m> ni Ainriict amt lib
a erin.ii-ii.i: ns iTi.i'ir-.
Vr lid ire, , u-l. e. o' i I.r I,. ,l,a ,,,,'? all *i<4 lien- 'Ol' ?|
If e.. mg.
1 will not go so Jar :.s lu suv what I MK*.
i.e.ei ill Alli" ll. Mil l-i'-.i. '? ci HV.Ibal pill;..I- v? rle tllS
llVentlOII ef Ihe i' til; bill Ila 1 ol tims i mi.- ,lt rx.
\ ;i:s-".l I* lim to ne cublU',1. l-rlbto'd, c ntl .'il ni a
' tn,i nu ir.. n.ix a I-..!?. aa. v. nu. ni-nii.i, anti
! a nr.,-. a.,, k-t.n >i ia fm I, a , lll.tl o' i .tn, c- a-*
mi .... ii .id -. i- rmi ,i .- iii. a .at r ihle pa III ai fur uv
i .- mai . a 11 \i'< - - ? i ? t ? .m. ?? ?'! te M>ul
M i.-t, :.a H nt ,.', i,, ., r> .ch. i tn a m.I lils beaters rm
1,11'! ? s. *>.nd liv. In; a ^e, ni 1 . .If. - nu -.mic I teo
I _-|i a' il ?.:>.ia, or ? ?-. c rm n !?? ve >?. .!?? a ?i :scrn tine,
, ..'i pa. ? t ev-ii a c a ?-. mai .lillie-: Bnt winn rprak
. III. to the ..HI'S Ol Ult'll. n ? ? , "i- ia cn tli.n tile Wlmiil
j pei*..u et tie , real 'ec Imui-l "i . t.-ili|e hi I i ? emu C4.U
non.iir ib<-1 Si i : ii n-, lc t.,a'.. i t -m.-; i-iuj.J?iir, tatm r
j il mal il ii ' ii a tl ? e.
I m: ivi'H'xi. yankiii:.
1 /V? ? *?;.'?-', ,'"?? lt I. I ll ." ' '1' ''a Areer S '
Kn il mil ?-? ?? io. lt ?eu '?? j.
'lin- Van kee Ins lat ti wceu-cd ul niiik'tig
? |,:r ii .j '. .'. Hal bl li ?<!. i ?? i.,.- ? -' n ties ol n -
I , a..i . i. r I ii -m. ail ??? irwin I- in.nv i . pur-.'.il.
M ,,, \ i? |, Li ii a ii <? ',-. It .- a ? fer aub win li ta
; jlfl grea' Wrlrfutit. ll >? colic, lill' tied Ila.. ie hi i t
fa i mc use. Hui v: mt ?!? i ?? ic! ni ii Hai.e r ilt.pi..ii'
aiin.il-' the Yankee*. I.Ike I'i ' On ii bia ilea of Illa
in inisp,e**, ami that wno bim m an* activity rtcMty
itireeied, It mr hm ;.i-,-..-r- .*- ul hims*"! ami lbs t.i.
II tn. ans exe.-Urti.e . a. h ..i lt, k.lul. lil Ibeolngv ?t
means t'liuitiiiitf ami Keeeher mm S.mpMtn ; tn tnntf
mci cc I'i ul'ody sud Cnttiu ; ia us . Camile uud 1.vails ;
,n poetry, luiiigft'lliivv ..an Hit un' uml |*e*Nrll aol
Whinier; ia .ta'e.ui.iu.liip. I. iic.in ami mimin-r uml
I'liunill. I [ ipiiliiii-i 1 a.,.i *-tn .mi; ni anil-, liritut |.i.
:? nu-,) mal -melin in un! Sue:., l au a-nt Tuonias. linn
In mi-ni. nut ll'Xinir as tn ui.-ilmds ann I, rll.e in re
s.mn e. tin-I vpn hI Yink-r-.i tWntay M tile muli ?> le,
mott t!i;.!i sae! Ber, put, bassall la aesaei witu nu tu ai
aaa ?________?___?_??_-_
"J G REA T SA ll SI' 1 HER."
from Tk* AVtrm (Jg.'*.. ? Mnttttt.
It is not otlen wi' call the ittttiitinn <>f lie
publicitii. in lue proap-rlu. nf mtv t?- baliriU The ?-t?a
of ir*r irreiilr.t ot AuieriCin puirn i -, fMl N?w Voil
1 lilia sk. is an . xiepiian. Tils Tkibims 1* bi all .?iU
Iii i, pcMtriiiutivt- Aiutn ...tn iiew.|.M|H"i', c-.uipli-le ni .11
its depaitmenta? *e dou'l care abut eiltfiun ycu
order, wbethel' lt tie thrt Dully. Hstnl-Wrekly ol
Wocklv. Tine TRint'MK h.u tckular coirrsuniiit
cuts at nil tbe mast important polities! and (wm
uiereisl centre, in lee wnrtd. Hs readers represent nm
cultured people of our Nation, ami wc are rrj il ed lat
know tiley wnre never more numerous. But read TllB
1 kim; m.'it priMpeciii.. ci*, w hr rr iriven. Tum ducuoirut
ia a nun rxpusuluii u. the uieiit* of nie creal ucw.i'-per
-bleb waa fountit?d by Horace Hie Icy. UiiI.t
Hie editorship of Whitelaw Heal, 1 uk Tu nu sa
i*, euiphaticiitly i-peasinc, tbe most vii nc ama
tmllf.cai newspaper ou Hu. t'ouilueut. lt i. Stalwart
Republican to the core. Pmbaiily no American new?
pai>er aocom illaaed more for the alon.,n* KrpeMirea
nany iu-ui Tin. Tbibunk during tbe campaiau of VtJtJ
rta,I ut i vi-rv isintu eleen ai w.i.t-u lm* br,u belt! slice.
lt wi,*. The This' se mut unn-rtbed tho cipher tele
zr tm* wrtbu lain nare tbe fi-.itluleat .ml rm rapt work
of the Tildeultea st tbe last cum|HUi;u. Erery penmu
who intends to keep cmnplete'y posted on iwluieul,
scientific literary, artistic, ..nd aiuleultural au'Je.i*?
In -hen, everytliinu th*A will make a newspup.i attrac
live and useful lor lbs scholar, ibu workiuamsn. tba
tanner, and id tbs boo^huld should take this ur. ut
newspaper. Tue Nbw-Yobk .|iibink u-nrs rare pieaul
um* to tis patrons tor tbe or_t"year, which we trust th*
AJiegsniaus will take advantage nf, and thus rrp eni.ti
Uicir lit,ra. ic with one of tbe most Useful eocyciopa-dias
published lu tho Old or Nsw World. We Maa Cua_
liera'a. _
rr*m Th* SnHingUm (.V J.) Mnttrpru*.
The new departure bj Tua i 'um uti a in pub?
lishing- it ."unitity edition ia one ot tar teer bsat nu
piiiv*-inrni? made to that ttiorougbly able, efloirnt and.
enn-cienit'iu-i ODWipaper. Its (ame, established be Its
great founder, wboss memory tue satire fraternity of
ibo country veuentea, haa _ever dtnuusd; bat lt baa
baen left lox tbese mtor days, ami its prsseat uumage
meot, to Ult it np before a whole great people
as tba reoraaanutive of all that la poaaiale la lour
aslMm, tbs advooam ot rwrbt -nd iuatlee, tbs detsn-er
ot truth, aad Me stern monitor, pointing oat wrung amt
iBtqutty, polttteal and amnm crime, and dem-foglam ot
every snaae. It baa never bees a better paper than Ms
to-day. and tba MM of tu MiBday adittsa illa a
aistu.kmgmrreuea ta tbe jounuUstio aa?ar?naae?
New Tara. May lt liva aad Mjm aad mtaa ymwrn?
eons maala waat lt is m-day, tba tntalltaaat. vigUwit,
fear lesa Sb ae tba KaaabUaaa party and tba Mafia el
th* country. _
A man who had 965 Bioko tap M?__?"
celvadaueU wt|a?S8 saying: "Istoledt**^f*T^
Remona aawa at my ceaabaaMad I fend MM*W J
Wbcu ramorae aawa sgaln ru mod you mais aid
IBu-alu Kxpreaa.

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