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actoh'h i.ikk.
John Brougham died yesterday a few
rniiiuti s after noon in Ins liome, nt No. CC
East Ninth-st. He lind been in ill liealth for i
long time, and his death has bern expocter
on almost tiny day within a month. An ac?
count of his life and last illness is givei
herewith. ^
Mr. Brougham died at IS minutes past 1? oVloclt
fasserday nftertioon. Titers were present during
his last momenta Franklin Banca and Thomas P.
Measlier, with Miss Laura Phillipp and Miss Anna
Delano, l.otli of whom hnve taken care oi Mr.
Bioughaiii during his illness. Mr. Brougham V
health Imo boen failing for over a year owing In
chronic _*-mt and Bright's disease. 11** wenl out
for the last t'liio on April 20, and on May 3
his troubles aasomed so Berious a form
that he lscanii' confined to Ins bcd. Al?
though his sufferings at times wore great,
ho was almost uniformly cheerful m the presence ol
the mu ny friends who visited him. At tun s within
the past monta Mr. Brough mi bad bren so low that
his death was hourly expeettjd, and yet, owing to ti
?wonderfully Strong coustitution, he wonld ralli?
nga!!!, and in so marked a de_fr*e that on one or two
occa"i"ti** bis physicians ezpreased hopes of his
tettiUB up as-'.iin. H.* began to sink rapidly on Sat?
urday evening, however, overcome by a partial
stupor. Tor twenty-four hours previous to hi>
death he was unable to spca"-, though apparently
recognising those about his bedside. Hia death
occurred without a struggle and ss il hewereaink*
ing Into a deep sleep.
In the opinion of some of bis friends Mr. Brough?
am's nl'it ss was aggravated by the disappointment
lie felt at the failure of his plans las; Winter to
bring out liis recently written play "Home i.'ule."
He was weak and ill tit the time, and as he had
strong hopes of its success his disappointment was
keen. During bia Illness Mr. Brougham's comfort
?was secure I by the kindness and personal attention
of Lester .Vallack, John McCullough, Theodore
Moss and others. Tho physicians wbo attended
him wera* Dis. l>tiackeni>os, Murray and Gillette.
lt is understood tbat the dead actor leaves ne rel i*
tives in this country. As it was hi-* speeinl r.*qii. si
thut his funeral sbonld be conducted iu n s inn ,*
luatiner, and without display, the serviri - will
{probably be held at the house. Xe, 60 Eas! Nintb-it.,
on Wednesday. Hie burial will take place in Mr.
Piongliain's lot in Oreenwo d.
The Lotos Clnb. of which Mr. Brougham wus a*.
ex-presnient, and one cf th*.* oldest members, ic-ld a
faiteeial meeting yesterday afternoon to take action
upou his death. Koah Brooks presided, with
Ibomas W. Knox as secretary. Resolutions were
idopted expressing the club's sense ol bereavement,
nnd eulogizing tue dead man's character. A com?
mittee of the club will Ix* appointed to attend the
funeral. A meeting of the New-York members ol
the Theta Delta Chi fraternity, a College secret
Bociety, of which Mr. Brougham w-ai an honorary
memlier. wi'l be held at the St. Denis Hotel an hour
before the funeral, for the purpo.-e of atteudiug thc
services in a body.
Those who havo known and loved John
.Brougham? and of him truly it may be .-.aid,
"none knew him but to love him "?? slioul 1 bi
grateful that his earthly pilgrimage is over. Fora
long time he had been in sickness and sorrow. The
malady from which he suffered was very painful,
and it was incurable, li* waa more than sevent*
years of ago; he bad seen uiauy of his friends dion
away; lie had outlived his ones brilliant popularity
with tho public; he was, without being aware Sd it.
losing hts intellectual vi nor; and the circum?
stances of his fortune were such a** constantly
preyed upoa his mimi. He still labored with his
pm. and he still nourished plan** fair the fm ure; bul
these labors were mostly frustrate-! by the Weak?
ness of ago. and these plans were mostly of au
lmpracticnble character, aud destined to disappoint
ment. There seemed to ba notbinc left for bim but
trouble, and, therefore, the heart.-, to Whom he was
endeared should find their comfort in tin* thou .-'it
that his toil-worn, sensitive, suffering sj.in. is now
beyond thc reach of earthly care and pain.
?' Alive-twe would li ve c! utu'cl t is 'ot?
We weuld not siiatsn it now."
Thelifeof John Brougham, notable :or many
things, lias been especially remarkable for two
qualities-its brilliancy and Ita goodness. Fifty
"roam i-f lt hu paaasfl upon fhn ntagii i and, both ns
actor and author, his inllnonce always tended to
gladden and sweeten the hum in experience ol which
h** was a part. The reason of this was that, li tc . ol
the actor and author there was a true ma;.. II: s
heart waa I argo, warm and charitable j his mind
was eager, hopeful, chtciful. aud actively t rcutivo;
bis iustincts were virtuous and kindly; his tet.iper
ament wtis gentle; autl his const, ler it iou for others
-?which extended to fha humblest of living crta
tnres. was thoughtful of thc most minnie |*oint of
delicacy, found excuse for every faull, and gave
forgiveness for almost every wrong?sprang from
the spontaneous desire that everybody sbonld be
happy. His thoughts, and v* rv often his talk?hi
familiar conversations that we have had wit.i him,
for many and many a year?dwelt upon the groat
disparity of conditions in society, the straggles aud
Bufferings of the poor, and the relation of evil to the
Infirmities of human nature. Ho did not live for
himself alone, but he was profoundly und practical ly
Interested in others; and this feeling, a* potent aa
lt was nannine, animated all bis life, colored all his
work, and s > commended him to tin* lespousivo
Sympathy aud good will ol his gan .ration thal
his narnu, on every lip, was tho name of a friend.
In his writings aa in his acting?though he was
stronger and moro versatile as au anther than ns un
actor?the characteristic quality was n sort of oil
hand dash and glittering merriment, a couiming*
ling of binti', breezy humor with winning manli?
ness. The atmosphere of his works was always
tbat of sincerity, but it neva r bad tho insipidity ol
strenuous goodness. He was highly intellectual,
and at times poetic and romantic; but he was I.u
mau mid he was gay. aud he loved to saturate life
With the Celtic sparkle. His rich, rolling voice, willi
a touch of the brotnio in it, sounds in all ho wrote,
and his happy, infectious laogbter, for all who r<>
call bis acting, will ring on in memory as long as
they shall live. The aeons a-id variety of his labors
was vory great. He threw hims If with the keenest
Best int.* tho passing moment; he dreaded no task ;
he shunned no emergency; he attempted allsorts
of composition, to which either bis agile fat cy
Impelled him, or which the need of th hour ex?
acted: ami, while he was not equally suceessfn]
in every lino of literature or every wal!, of tim
Stage, he produced a surprising quantity of sterling
dramatic work, and ho act-ed uiauy aod diversified
parts, in a most admirable manner. During tbe Hrsi
twenty years of his life?which were p::-, ad in and
around the city of Dublin, where he w;is b irn, May
P. 1K10?he wits provided with auiplo opportuni?
ties nf liberal edticatiin : mid theso .i ? improved,
acqniriugknowledge, however, as ho oaee saul of
himself, rather by aOsorption than application ; aid
Bli hislife he wasari*aler.ini a stul'a.if; so that
bis labor* wore based on a solid foundation of ---ood
menial discipline In other wonts, se ? us a scholar j
and tbe operations ot his nonius, however impulsive
?ud erratic they SanMiiaMa may have been, wero
?Usually guided and restrained by that knowledge of
the intellectual field, and I hat sense of proportion
?nd harmony, of fitness aud of taste, which only
scholar-hip can give.
He began lifo asa student of surgery, and for
eighteen months walked the Peter Srroot Hospital;
bus a sudden stroke of adversity deprived him of
all prospect of the fortum* to wbieh bo had been
bora, aad threw bim upon his owu resources, and he
tbereupoB went np to Loudon, and by chance bo
Dame au actor. This was the merest accident; for.
Wheo qaite destitute of money, he hmt u_t<*red him
nelf as a private in tb* Rast India Company's ser
Tioe, aad had onlv been restrained from enlisting
by the recruiting officer?a total stranger, but a kind
old man?who gave him a guinea, and urged him to
seek some other and litter employment. A chance
encounter with an old acquaintance, within a fow
hours after this incident occurred, led to his en?
gagement at what was then the Tottenham Street
Theatre, af forward the Prince of Wales'-*, in Lon?
don ; and there, in July, lS'AO. acting six charac?
ters in the old play of ?' Tom and .lei iv,''
he began that splendid professional career wbieh
death has dosed, and which now is ouly a memory.
In lt-S'Il he was a member of tho company organised
by Madame Vestris for thc London Olympie, and
bis Dane appears >n the cast of "Olympic Bevels "
{"Mart, Mr. Brougham"! in the first full bill issued
by that oneo famous manager. From the Olympie
he mado professional tripe into tho provinces, and
played all sorts of parts. His lirst play was written
at thil t;me. nnd was a burlesque, prepared tor
William E. Barton, who then was acting in London,
at the Pavilion Theatre, lt waa well received, and
its success encouraged the young author to addi?
tional eti'ort-. When Madams Vestris removed from
tuc Olympie to C.-vent Garden, Brougham followed
her I hither, and thorn ho remained as long us
Vestris and Charles Mathews wero at the head of
Ibo establishment: and it was while there that ht*
co-labored with Dion Boncicault, in writing the
comedy of "Loudon Assurance.*'
In 1840 be became manager of ths London Ly?
ceum, which he conducted tinting several Sn miner
seasons, nnd he wrote for production at this time,
" Life in the ('!?inls." '-Love's Livery," ?"Enthu?
siasm,-- " Tom rhumb the Seeond," and, in conjunc?
tion with Mark Lomon. " Iii" Demon Gift."
His American career began in I***!., when, as Tim
Mimer, in " The Irish Lion," he came forward at
the old Park Theatre, in this city. I hose days, be
saul, were " the palmy days of light houses and
heavy ga-.-liill-.'' A starring tour of the country
followed, and, incidentally, the comedian lost all
his earnings, while endeavoring, aboard ol a Missis?
sippi River ste imbnat, tn learn oui' national ?_: itm*
of "draw-poker." A little later ho was employed
in Burton's company, in New-York, and for Burton
he wrote " linn shy's Wedding," " Tiie Confidence
M.in." - Timi Cn*-ar de Bassoon," " Vanity 1*' .ir."
" Tho Irish V mkee," " Benjainiu Franklin." " All's
l-'.-.ir in Love,'' " Tne Irish Emigrant," ami a play
on "Dombey aud Son." Still later he managed
Niblo's Garden, producing there his fairy talc
railed "Home," aud the play of " AmbroseGer?
main," written for Mlle. Blas**, i'n 1)-ct'lither 'Jil,
1830, he opened Brougham's Lyceum, ni Broad?
way, near tbe southwest corner**! Brnoiue-st.; und
while there lie wrote "The World's l'.i;i," "!?'m
m.-..-' ?? Tm >i?iriT ot Air.'1 '* How at tin- Lvc mi."
n .'.I- u mi ti/, i ti. >n of " David Coppt. li, ?!?]." nud a uv a
v rsionof" fhe Actress of Padua"?tbs hillel for
t liiirlotteCu*>bm:in. The demolition of the building
in xi to Ins ti. aire, however, in ide it appear :o be
nii.-ifi, ami si In- burrilicss, which had lie.iin well,
was -seriously injured ; and be al vats said thal the
ni ?--dealing ufa pr. tended friend took that prop?
erty out ol bis hands and left Iiini burdened with
debt?all of which, however, he miI>m quent ly paid.
In theatrical management he was always unfor?
tunate?partly 1 cc.iiiM' he always at ltd from j? ni
c iple a uti nevil in in expediency, pm tl" '"'* au** he
would not consider the cupric*?..t public taste, and
partly because be was gentle aud yielding in i?a*
From tbs Lyceum?which afterwards ? e ,,m ?
Wallack's Theatre, and so remained lill 1U0U-? lie
weal to tbe Bowery 'July 7,1S5U1, where be re?
vived "King John," wiih sii|*orb scenery by
Hilliard, aod with a cast that included Edwin L.
Davenport, Mrs. Daveuport. William Wheatley, J.
15. Howe, and KateReifrnolda; bill tlnstliil nol su -
teed ; iiml be th. n wrote and product d a large num?
ber of Bowery dramas, ninon.** winch wen* " Thc
Pirates of the Mississippi," "The Ked Mar-k,"
baaed on a current tala culled " The Gun-Maker of
Mu-cn\v,"?"Orion,the Coll H"it*r," "Toni and
Jerry in America," and "Ihe Miller of New
Jersey." He then accepted employment in Wallaek'
ct: n na ny, and, for " tin* veteiiin's" t heal re, wi ute
"The Game of Love," a version ol "Bleak IIo.i*?**."
"My Cousin German," "A Decided Ca?*e,.rile
? lame of h t'-." tin. fiiiiiinis bm|i*si|i](t of
"Pocahontas," "Neptune's I?? ? f. ?. ?. r. * * * * I ...?., ? nnd
Mulder,' " Romance and Reality," "lite Unlmc
I'.issi.tn." and " Waving With lu.."* after several
seasons at Wallack's he rejoined Burton?then at
the M *:r i-iii't'i : Theatre, formerly Tripler Hall,
and latterly the Winter Garden, In Broadway,
opposite to Bood-at.?and tint Im pro?
duced Ins burle-que of "Columbus," "lins
H.>us:! to 1): Sold," and several othel
plays, lu September, 1800, he wen! to Kngland,
where he remained live year-. While there he
?adapted from tim French, for Mr. Feebler. " Th?
Duke's Mot to" a:i*l " Bel Dem'ino," timi wrote,
for Miss Herbert, dramatic versions <f "Lady
Audley \s Secret " and " Ouly A Clotl." Il.u-*,
??trot.' " While There's Life 1 here's Hope.'' tn led ul
iiu* Strand] "Tbe Might of Righi," acted al
A tlty'.*-; "TheOdden Dream," produced al Mun?
ch Mei ; the words of three operas.?" bian>-h? do
Severs," "Tire* Demon Lovers,'1 ami " Jin* Hilde
ot Venice"?r-cvcr.t! songs illitl jo ?*:i s. .'iiiil several
pieces of music, one ol which. "The li > t.-t.-l ? ,k
Polka." -ul>-et| i. inly bec,line wry popular. Iii.
con edy of "Flaying with Fire" was prudi.I al
the l'nrn cs-a'o lin*, ure, mid he himself acted lhere,
and ano tit thc Lyceum. His reappearance i:.
America was .If et. d on Or!..mr ito, 180(1, at the
Winter Garden Theatre, and be has remained in
thi-, country cv. r since. Hu acted in a round of
parts, at tbat time, beginning with Dr. santge, nnd
continuing with Fvcrglore, iu Ins own "Flies iii tbe
Web,"Powhatan, CoAnmhna, and Me8hane\ iu "Tbe
Nervous Man and the Mau of N't rte;" and he wound
up ihe eugageiaeut, which tatted tbreu mouths,
with his drama of "O'Donnell's Mission," in which
lu- acted llouir'ak ff Donnell.
In February, 1807, a new piece by Brougham,
entitled " Hie Christian Martyrs," tvas produced
tit Barnum's Museum, aud in May of the sams year
he filled a brief engagement al tbe Olympic, ap?
pearing as O'Donnell, Captain Cuttle, Miiatrbr, and
Powhatan. In tho following Auini-i he mum
played theie, and nt the same time his drama Of
?"Li'.tie Nell and tho Marchioness,' written for
Lotta, was brought out nt Wal lad: Vs Theatre
(August l-l, isr.7'. In the Hummer of I HO!*) ho pro?
duced, at ih<- Walnut, in Philadelphia, " ile.iris ;
or, 1 be Serpents nf Society," ami on June 8. Ill thal
year, he brought forward, at Wallack's Theatre, Ins
melodrama ol " I'he Lottery of Life," and himself
ii<t-il the ellie! part. This had a run of nine Weeks.
in December, that veer, bi** play ol " The Kmerald
Kinif." written for Barney Williams, was (trounced
ut tiie Broadway 1 heal re? Wallack's old I,on-,,?
winch Williams then managed. On January
25,1860. he opened Brouirham's Theatre, on thc
site of what is now the Madison Square Theatre,
with a comedy by himself, called " B**tier Late
llwii) Never"?in which he acted Major forgos
tfNhangkaea*t--anti "The Dramatic heview tor
IWHk." Hesubs.'(|iietitiv pr.xiu.e.l un adaptation
called "Irish Slew," uml his capital bur
le*a(jue, :n which lio used to act Shyloik.i-n
ti tied, "linen Ado About a Merchant ol Venice."
Tnie theatre waa taken ..ut. ot bis bunds by tht
owner, un* not oi ions James Flak, jr.. wbo behaved
in a dishonest, tyrannical, and brutal mann' r,
and, on April ll. Brougham closed his seimon, with a
performance ul "Hi*. Lani Legs.** Du ihe Itha
splendid banquet in bis honor was given ai lin.
Astor Hoiihe, ni .1 on May 1 ?*? he received a farewell
ben* lit?prforniaiii cs being given at the t lieut re
whicii ns ii*>w ila vi i Iv'.s, iii Fourteenth-.*!., ami
al .\il>l''> Ourdell. The attempt l>> esliiolish
Brougham's 1 beatie was Ins limn elim I in nianagi -
menl. Since Ihal lime ho lins been foiiiicclt-.l *.\ Hi
various -,ii'. companies, bul eli. Hi willi Daly's
?'beatie and with Wallack's, Among his i uer
works mav b* mentioned "The t'ed Lucht," in
which be neted tit Wallack's'Theatre, June ti, 1k7i>.
" Mun.io's Luck," produced st the same
b.ulric, "JohnGarth," given nt Wulla* k's,I) ? i mis r
12.1871, and "The Lny i>t France," bro tm ht on*.
I*.'eur er Ki. Ih7'.', al Roolb's theatre, hv Miss
H-len letind**, wm, acted Joan ol Arc. Many .tears
a;r > Bioilglinm ^flited u bright poper tu this nty
called Tao Lantern, and he publish*; d two collec?
tion-..it his nu-i-i-lL. neons wn lings, entitled "A
Haskel of Chips " and " 1 bc Banaby Papers." On
January 17. 1H7H, he received a testimonial benefit,
at tho Academy of Music, ut wbieh the sum of
$10,:i(M> was received; nnd this fund?alter pay.
neut ol the incidental expenses?was sol Med on
Lim, in tin* y__m_ of au annuity, which he has since
received, hui which expired with his death. It was
thought that be would live tor many years, nnd tho
desire mid design of his tn- ods, in rh** arraogt*mf-*nt
then inude, was to insure his ptoi-ectiou from wahi,
in his old age. II** begun, some time iuro, the com
p< sn nm ot an " Antobtoirraphy," at the earnest
solicitation ol a friend, hut this icinnins ui.fliiish.-d
Hw last work was a drama, entitled ?? Hunft Rule '?
in whioh lie treated the aspects ol jfolitioal and so- i
coil affairs in Ireland. !;:
The recital of theo** ;a**s ls IndmaMva o( the lu
ti i
nrrent of his career, the enormous vitality anti
idustry bv which it whs marked, and the snecesi
rith which it was crowned. Actors, more tlnm
mst of the persons who live bv their labors in thc
palms nf arr, are neessartly affected by the immo?
late influences of their time. Their characters, in
ther words, are, to a cntt-rid-erable extent, bent and
louided by public opinion and caprice. They feel
lie necessity of the instant response ; nnd. 00*
"-?ardingly, they ate not dow to maka- thai direct ap?
es] in which very "ftcn there i? more of impulse
lian of jmL'tneiit, the tinsel of artifie- rather than
lie pure gold of art. Brougham, like many of hjs
an temporaries, nc..-mi/.si lins neeeasity : but, bis
tierny ol feeling, his sturdineaa of character, his
?uolar-likfl taste, and his intense loyalty to the
igher principles nnd best ideals of art. were all
unbilled in antagonism to worldly prudence ami
xpeiliency : and, all through the story i.f his life.
ia easy to trace, not merely a roving, drifting,
irele s disposition?the light-hearted lired*
?ssne s and yielding amiability of Goldsmith,
'bom, in nome ways, hs much resembled
ut the resolute bent ot a mimi thu spontaneously
i sis ted on going its own waj and tu Hilling its own
iws. There waa, indeed, in his intellectual exi**t*
., no continuity of movement toward a definite
ral, clearly dctiucd, and seen alni off. Hut lu* WHS
.rn to I." a tn tn <>| I?T * ? r -, a poetic :iti.-t and a wit.
nd he could not, except m Hu* most titful manner,
.ko lo- tue flinn Ins circumstances. His experience,
nietoie, was of len that ol ct'iitlicl with prevailing
utions, and, toward the last, of considerable spirit
nl discontent and bitterness.
I'll.* fuel that fortune always, sooner or later.
ipped throuch liis lingers war*, doubtless, chielly
?cn I .a l >l i* to bia buoy a ni Hiberninn reck lea-mess ot
ie ordinary precautions ot prudence, and to his
?eilb-ss trust tn int.le*ly. Ile adapted "The
nke's Mut io '" tor l't eiiii-r. ter instance, .ind it had
ir'ost pros|*emtts career itt Loudon; but, all thal he
rerreccived tor his work ti tion it tva* a It-ox nf cigar*:
ni uiin I i.i-i-.ic I ions ni Hus kind Ins whole business
ireer wits spangled. But, .t eu witb a harder tein
?rainent, lie won 1,1 ?-! ill hnve ,u ? n :ii odds with the
?.ict ie.il spirit of hm time, ll" had ornrinality as n
tin, even nnire than :,.-, ,1 writer, and be was often
dreamer in the midst of a battle. Thone of his
niles in which he hiinsi ll' look the m?***t delight,
id iii which thc student will hercitier dis-rrn the
ital of the man. are Hie liurle**(|iic o' " Columbus,"
ie blank-verse driilun ol "The Lily t?f
rance," and tbe comedy of ".'lavina with
ire.'' They are full ul delicate Ihoiiuht, ul
ie: le SUCKcStioll. of sweet-) em pei eil silt iff. ol ' "it
iii].Lu ive pl.ilosophy, and ol putin**, ll** nilen
ii.-e to appear to oe, in u mild anti >l ; nt wav.
ihe rai.im', ionin_t Irishiiiun'; he u.,-. in fact,
it Illili.' ol' Hie kllld. lilli a pell*) Vi* mora 1st, *'l poetic
vainer, a delicate, sensitive geiitlemaii, as frank
id I Kines i as ii cn lil, and ri- gentle ns a woman,
lils rank ann.m. uciois ii would be ditlieiiil to
Klgu. Ile excelli'ii in buniol ?allier I han in pal hos
sentiment, ami was, probably, tit Ins h.-.-t in the
;.'it --ton nf eie lienil\ eleen I in chill Ucl rr. Antong
e parts that i> til always li vi in uiemorv,
iii 11 u nt. Ins miine, aiv cutout, in " Money." lo ,mri
'? ? *'. ni " Jnlui ll ill,'' Sir Lui ii ? t *' ,
" Hie i.'iv,.!-." ( itttL, Mir i il; ; I ii oi a '-.o'liiiii't;,
"Ai i iii -.v iii':.' r. ,"/.'<:; , ,i i 'I. ml at As i.i.in, *.*."
? iri, in "lin Sei inti.*. Family,"
ul tfCullitgbiin in " His I .asl Legs," iii. ntiiinal
ir !-, iI.im., vi.r.rr, ;;:i.i brilliant > iii these paris,
, re \ i . -nu : ',-., elli, i ? ito their KIHI it
mt: ? h; l't* mild I* j*.?* mis or nm mt*
ionsly droll; in* wa* ut*v**r t*>>* .tu insianl out t?f
p-tatrta pieuire; and li** *.|Nike tue laui'iinire v*. ii lt
lieiMii.s p.nHy. Ile lin*. niven an nm let - ainouiil
ni' ti ure; 11 ha. done nu lt inn; he goo*-, lo lu *
ave in i lu* in I.n *-*. -I tears :i xi honor**; Ins works
iii live aliei him, iii lin iisatie '.. tnt* *-t:iL*e mid
e admiral iou ol I ,..? i uhl.i : I < is hom ??Iv uiui
? ?pl;, i ii ni ,* *,.; ;, ul li will i ?? a very long time hi -
re tiny one who ev?*i i.i ie e. li in can spe.iS v. it bout
i! 'lune nt .I ,.',ii :>i lignum.
I \i;i.Vt I 1,1. Tu I'.i.ol (i.lAM.
Tile fi.ln.u lim ii-il.ii . in .!.:., I i <h,.Ii.iii. M i.s r, .ul l.j I'm
t:. *f. Mr. '.. :* : uti \\ l
Hie lit- I lui Vi ? t .uh, J mir -I un .* lu.
Ill ? , |.llll . ll. 1 Ul I ill
ill I'M i-f .Inn. I lt Wil l't* lt* . I e. vi w Itli H |ii t ||!| ,l un*I
lil. I .,,1, I, *; u- [? i, : ( ll.i . ,1...iu !,,ttl Iiiini Ol Uki IIHJ H-S-l
? Jun! uiui ,.,
If buds by hope* nf-".pring are hie ind,
i hat si ip heiiealli I be iud).
Ami I h.u i- by * urning j*?.t n < at* ?--. d,
Willi li tn i In , .i mly ii,,*, ,
On li. Ids tv',ii ,? Ki -ie rle.un,
Ann li tn.ol'- nhanir.s l>- bloom,
Tu-iiuy -min fun.i, ni lu i 'ii- .im.
Ik glad willi t.i'i i.'i-. '. Ilr.ui ..t nu.
To-day, o'er miles a:nl milt *> ol
lieiieal 'i i lie jt ? iiini ?
W ifh ni.'i n?T li r**.' alni iii i*I*1 t
I he liannrretl ?*. md** ? li.ill i nu.
loii.. (.real watus Miall tamp aud reel,
Alni el i'll theil 'III*- .* "I l*i itu,
\\ llb lill-- lo It-el ht ? un tig I. '-I
I hal in ai H i.ie ??? and r. i lu un .
l'.ir. lu that, loved ami h?n ?????I here?
O'.il b-i ss Ins -lit el I.t i
(?'ii m..ni ii io.,ii, i.n iii.,ii. syear,
1 be ll'* ,t ol joy bs - sh* I.
I ll ll.lt til
I o,:,- back in bo* , i,
Ami, tinghi wiih ail th.' il i ts ot miilh,
boils ie mn-w.i; ,1 o'ei lui main.
All. Well li my Wt (Kim an.l Wat . n lu _-:i_. ,
Alni llo\t.*J *. Uli.l si I'M HOS li-jo'i r,
And tiiai ..'.. i* ? ? . ? .i i ... u;..
thi ni m. gu
F*?r io* iliutt - o nk? ui.i i" - uni pim c,
\\ ll IO*' I, Ul llfa ll O! ill ,
Mini*- ii.ii ku. - ni "*!? li
< t. ... . h. ,\ in ., i li,.
ile come , '..n all the ro>.
I;,, ml t. iiiitu'? ii,i. ,
ii , t-??no* ? ti ? . :ii .ni i nit n outfits
(): i;iti,'iii* ''. \ ::. :i ti
Wli. ' 111 I. i'i il ? , . |, ? ?, li?
ll, lal '? I I' I UO !? III ..
Tm Iii ipr * .. i, ' . .,,,:i,
Ol dry fl e ni;? mn's :? ,.r.
Wileri' Imi , !, id ... .. , . villot'. toss
ll bil1 lill Mt hw ,? I!
Wil , Ul *." I I'll '*' "I i'f*
Oi ii.', :.ioi ol rov ;
His Lt ni e lite, I hal bl - ni-... i rown,
ll li ne no eli iIht i in i'i:n ;
Alni '???' lioiior iiianii ' ,, , ieuown,
\\ hen now tte uoi.oi n,in 1
Ambit inti'.- i lois, crow uni I.
I t-ii'1,11, iv :ue un.-ima ind ;
1 heil Hui meld ? me m i minno i ri ij,
m i.-s\ ii ti ' In* common g.nd,
lini, nillo monarchs ol t ne henri
Are linn li ? il.lunn .il giyeu :
Ami i .it i' vi ho en..' ibis in-i lei part
Ai. am iio;e I fa*-: ou Heat en,
\ m.
Grief maa; ,| ind i|, ni m the eye,
A ul -lieut .tn thi lip.
\\ nen, poised bettt is ? I he sea ai.d I ky,
Li. ps 'lit" ii i in* lao ing ship :
Bill theli '? "tn* i billin In ? in .ii I lo lu op,
A ni liol I his. niisl .ii nun
He'll ti ni im I 'ti It-oyuiid Hie deep
Like thut in- leaves behind 1
.So. to Hu* breast, old Ocean laka
1 his Ino, ii< i o! our -mil !
Ve v, iuds, be gentle i ? >r Ills s;ike ;
Ve billows, smoothly roll ;
And thou, -ni Ireland, ci.en and fair,
Across the \t aters w int,
Htrelch lui: , Htroug arm "f loving caro.
Ami gu .ni thy fa von I e child!
And >t heftier b ,ck to u- ho dnlt,
()r pn-s Ley omi our \ iew,
Win I"* lift?'? ffle-tl.ll lin.mn.mm lift
Tin lr p. ala', above lim him
done ! whose gracious will.
Through ull our tn ut il lr.:,
Tin* sacred blessing leaves ns still,
1 o love?and liol torgol,
lie championship gunin lief ween thc Prov
ie. un I tin Cl lengn dub I'i . . i; j., y ..
I'.V, tv..ri v, ? i lu : ., fm nu ,. . i* -, Uf * . , 7 j , ]
e e lie,-!* championship i.mi,* i, iw*en tin- liu:
It ii m.tl III- 1*11 "ir- Im poling mn. , i*. i.,.*. i u.,
?fd nt ll nit,Vt T. .V. tl., t M.-I tl.i,. r, ll', il ii tiff. ,|.*.
ul III l> il 1 ;, .nil li li.li, I.t ll i-e T- it: tl i . 1
,e .im.-lt i Mitii tn ? Clue.H.,ali iiml Ali,tiny cltitt*.
.imi.v, S. Y., .?.'?:, rt::o , 't.i* won by tue t..iui.*r
i, by it snore >?! 7 l 5.
('oi.liHioN IN mi: KAW lilVKH.
In* <? it a m.1 r:m Tarantella nnd the steam
it Marv eame In e ii ueur Pier No, HT, i:..-t
r, of.-'il il.l.V . V ll' ._?. e i l.ll I 'll ,l*,*,i| -??l:?
?nunn null. I*'.' e. ie*. Ill ( t .t.f.N'u 105 W st Tlnrtj
ii'i-s'., was un iii- iniil.'. i ima wil i ., i ,* .i
? imi. ii t y ?? " <?',-? ?'! nm uri. v, n* nm
Wt- .ion i* I" Hie j t lit.
day or two aim as H colored bout lil.u*!-. was
'Illa.' .1 lilli', il nit. ll '.il . t,i, Ui ii'il, ,i,,. Un picli'll
lie llimpiaf I el.'.li f tttil t i* . Ill tel .,1. I l, 1, ili,ii
- oie ill ,1 n -I - I Im :t lort I. ll. lit* w.n* lilli lt
. , *' \V it in,..'. k< eil mut. ll' . lu LIV- .il..i, " I |,i
itnrted out, but stoni-c I ,:t Hm ito?r, iiirued h.ick
atki il fo- proprieior, " Hu *. ? n rt -i Vui I" M pur
? III U bl 'a, I- lid ill 1 *0 C HU alli I 'lt ill klUUIp, , f.l I
ll lie Citi-i'l lin. (nix .uni ii-I, il lill, or Upi.? o
lt on Hie -Lt ir uiui '? iii xi iiu.e ii sein'aii -*sk*you
ii m.iidIi |iui j^iii 'on "i.f iiiu'ii mv box."*
chool leucher, to little boy wboae fatlicr is
in m?" .Nt.w, .lolnuiy, ii j, .ur liiinei' ..it u barrel i.i
altet i i,ilium.fia lolly (.-au,mia, un.j on.-'uurik ul il
a out, how itin ii >- gallon i does Int lo:--I" JoliUtll ?
? don't lose non.*. Hi* tills lt un iigiiln right oil."?
Iveston Br r.s.
West Point, Juno 7.?Tho day hero has
baas in iTi-ct. Tin- air ls fresh, and a ctol brsesa blows
gently around the sh.tiiy verandas, serving occasionally
to reveal an exirem?'!y pretty foot heneatli a (town of
inii-liii or some oilier lljrbl .dry co-ittiuie. The members
of lite flr.-t class nm lins ufieriiooii tit kl ts jr ndvantage of
tire '?.Mitur.lay afteruooii prlvile-,'.; until 0:30," which
luis i-e ii grant..*.) to tin to. and whleh -.'ives them
tbs frc limn of thc hotel wileri) their talcs of
love mid war are listened to with equal plcuanre nnd
approbation. At ?/??! Point, ii* elsewhere, doubtless,
the prospect*****; hero has man** fair worshippers, und
for Hie tune lid ni: Hut civilian ls st a sad discount. The
yinni-* men who have their lieutenants' coinmis-lniis
almost wit btu their grasp arc looking anxloual** forward
toii.e ball on Thursday night. Oeaeral BUermaa will
doubtless he In altendsnOS, since ll ls dei tiled that he is
to come to West Point on tliat >tt-y.
Hie examinations of the llr>?t tin* graduating class
were finished today, nnd to-morrow Ihe members of tbe
second class Will begin thc drem! ordeal. Whittaker,
who ls a member of tbis class, will protmtuy i*e exsm
ineil on WtiUie-dii.t. Thi*! f tri calls to mimi u iroud story
that has been going tue rounds of the Post,
.un! Milich h.is tim etl lnliell iiniu.senielit. l'.c
centy two coiiiiiryiiifii strolled lido Hie exatiii
11 ai,'ii loom where Major Mordecai, who, lt
win ne remembered, wa* thc president of tbe Whittaker
Conn nf Inquiry, wa** questioning tim memhers of the
first class a* to their koowledgs of ordnance, the laws
that govern the flight of prqjeetllee, ete. The country?
men -nt in** two limns tn open-mouthediiiiiszeiiieiit. On
nuning out, one nt them mul to an nilli er: " I* this Hie
winnall!-.- Conri 1" Tho affect noon lbs ofllesr was very
.-, iou**, uni for a lime it wu* thought that he would
11 ive a -iiolit of ap..* lt \, or a Hi ai, the least H> great
care, however, bis lift was saved,
lu thc binary win re tim cxinitmitlons are im ld sit tbe
l'i.nr<l of Visitors, two of ivnotn am appointed by tlte
s, nut*, n.r - ny t !?? lin' ia..' ot Kepreseiilntlvos and tb*1
lt *! ?*, tim Pr. -I le;, I. Tne full limn.I 101, ,,-(4 Of Hell
1 1 ni Rollen P-itlcr-uin, of Penn*) Iviinm ; Oem Ml Btew*
ni; Vi a V!i,*i, IT. .**. A.i ?;? nt mi .linne- <i mil Wilson, <>t
New-Y*>rk; Col??nel Thoms* L. Preston, of Virginia;
f.i,iiml Killin..ns c:.trk. ol Net York; Cornelius A.i I*
tuan, ol (lino; J. 1'. li ilou, ul Minnesota?-ali app.uoted hy
1 . *1 ni Haves; *-? uulor-t iii urge r. 1: lnutt.tl-, 0; V r*
uni ',.11 i. .1 ,i,i ;. o. Ai h-n 11-ns, ..lit! R, nu ?,.|.|; ?
nt. W. H. "??ellon. ..tCativt 1..I. I'. Philip*, ..I MiKKOilii,
i'd William Mt ko,i.., |r.. ..i Ohio. Mr. .t.Kiiilc*. luis
not v> I urrlv .1, ti.-.'l Mr. K.ilafi !i uhf* Wc Pulu'. Tin*
? \ itlllmi limit, tn ip, v v.a I* nu t i* rr ? ,1 lui p.plc of or.I
lir.nee. 'I ii-1 .it et- ure -nt n -ul | 1 li ti li,eli Uley IX
lt 1*.1 IiV llie.lllll Ol dr.lttll ,'- "ll I ll' I,, :n 1. ii lil l-l -.
? 'ik iri tilt* of ?? pin iiiu: rejector!* ?*." ul me " r ??
lilli*.cu itt ol |>. n 1.1- ili-loitii.il.'' .11 1 ol 11 itioin-uinl .uni
mn* nilli 1 ie. Ililli .1 ,1 lit,. ., Illa- hi^n. r lu il minni I ?-.
\ 1 Hiev 1 I'u.iit 1 nin like -tr - ? ? . " .1
r-ji,tillite wllltotll a uno'.111, nial iii,|i.ifit y willi
i .* lr u. , ai I*, tu; -1 I* rs
.- of Mn ir .1 .
limn - 1. r-, tile, --ii walci.iiiif tb., fiivorltes mil ru j
ipii *.11.11- 1 nt ot ii.-- un xi,1.iiu* es mum 1-. 1
1 ? ,1 ul tb*' el e I.n eft drill, Idell 1 1 Ul ,,t
.", ll.i ll.i-nf 1 rn .i'll itiet ! i-,:i*tl mr lillie i| 1.111.:-in ,111 1
In,iii, ti .1- inu.-i 1 lt 'm. -?|iit . Tui I..I I Uri , i*- la. lui- ell
??, in it 1,.,.,,. th-1 inn 11, iiciiis- * be " .,',
? a.1 , 1 fr..**'. '.* ii, the 1 ?* una. uiintii 11 t.i thc
in.rtbWi nt, in* iii.', if ,- .ii?n.: 1:.imi ..,,,.. lilia
? \ a.* ill *.\ .
I'amils, sere manned hy iimtul?.|? ..? 1, ,?
sml -ia tai mi e.. i-h, n Uniter Uie c 1.1 i.iiinl ul
1 III U.i lull* I . Il.ell. ll li. I' uni ii 1 , ,*:,
nil .li?tiim wiiit** il'**-i, w -re ui . .-it L-nii. Itt binti
.??., it .itt,,t.* m.< batter*, were .ni-i* red iliiuiit*.ii.l? ni
:,* 1 it,,. ., itu I idmg tie Im rd oft
: n I jin tc -"M. ll.i- '*.nt* 1* ? tel lin* nul ? Hump
.* ;? 11 ,! nu th- gr,!* - In i.f nh the ' if ? III
wiii.li ti ihe Urina willi er**ai Inlet ? t Co.otiel
I.non,un t lurk, nf nm New York 7m Kciriineiit, v. .0
Hinted In*''- i'-iluv, s.is ii'ii..tig Hie -ptit.i
1 -. it, ?, 1 . n|t 1 .? 1 tu*.-o , from this ih,mt I- very
1*1 ..11 ilul. Nra leugeu'i ls -.*. n niue .uni**, nislant, sud
w Lin 111- .mi ut va 11 Iii ,if;. tali iimliiiiils and otuer r ter
cruft were 1,1..vin..- <>t 1 1 ir:.1.? be river.
\ ? , . .if ,*i toilr: me Iii*. .1, until ibe - un- is
I r?*, I pr ' r,t 'I .1 'll Upi lill. ?! 1 I'.' l.uie . A
linn -, * in iit.i',1 litllot* ie raliflin a-- t:,, ,
ti 1 nm,k* ihrough iii* mr. Only a lew
fiuleil U lui thc tatt:. I, nnu U.e i-\ fit 1 ti *, 1- 1 1 -
1 1 1 k lt I 1" o eof III- iliil. thc liri Iii,nt
., , -titi.-',' I e p|. mi, I lannis o : : e 1 ut d*
!? iiii.i.- hy lue e ? ol n.i, ,
. . , ii, unit,.ni i> 1.11 m.nh* ii guy uud
.ui* 1 ii.,ii,|'-**ii. : .? -:ii,.i;,i wbo wus -I,,,' al Ulah*
I i ,. i 11 .
.11 ... li r ea. 1 1 ti .* t'i ititin*.'Whi : ik**r I ? f .? -
ti i; iii tue i.-irricks nm! cy in mis. um .ur.uk i
ts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I ill. Al, ll) a'H. M.
a v i-er !? ? r 1 CTION if i'll I- in *> t W-Ji v.- v 1 v
: 1.
Kit* Hank, X.J., Ju:ie 7.?I! *? a m.* worm !
me . Mi ?
M**r ?' ". "cv. *'i ., "i dlctiiwn ..t"l i ni n's
i I itt Il.e mv.ig n of I , . lt ttT)
I ? i i. i- : I ' 'i :? . ? ?- , *,. ?,I
r .;.,.' i 1 -. i ? .- i . , .
Pl i*, - a Urml
li * ' . ll Hil' ttS lt. I. lill - j
I lt |'|
. I
i . .* - I '? . .:..
?A .i* lil*f li . Mi*. I '.. ? i
l'l t'ei un ,.;,.
I ?
|...II '., |
* 111 III lill
' ?? VVfil
I , ??
I. VV l'il> l*N l."M- I rt I. ', M>.
C. i.i I...I. i him. I-. r.. Jillie 7.?Till rav
.i.iiii it ailinn
lui Hu- I.I . d. .?? i vc I. us
,,, mi i*n ii I ? ..in ? inf- tin i n i.
A ' "ITU ' ' KOLI *. \ l.'OAH ot.I".
fiiAi.'i.i.- ms, S. C. June 7.? I In- Suvaiin li
i I , Undio.| '.n ,? nu to .In, fur
.-?:;, tn, -.'i'ii. Tlte pm eli;,! r au lt. C. Plant, hi r
i:,, lum.Iii ,|il ... I he . ru i,; \ tl* I .
ll.l" rmi i .'ii 1*1.1 t tn i ninii.iii ; rlii- il
tn if i. um 'I Hie |.iii fun-.* ino nea |. Vi* I |. li.I. r.nil < ,1
1,1 i ...* nun*
..li neille nf bond hoi li r* ? li ? I .m.! t Hie t ni?
ta ni/ -I a ii , uups ty ?? ii h a ?? tpn ni
-l.lf'li Ol .-."ll ll I, I il ill, ni. I ll, , ,, ..
- rn w rte i* r m.- i-. ur: il it. pi . t. I* i hum
i o i 'il. W.T. Wallers, il. V. S-.\.-r, it. ll limw
t .i.<;. tt.-ii.iii. user, .n.i A, I-', lt,h.?n-i. Mr. Plum
ititi I- piCKitlciii of thc c.iiiip'iut. Inc rn ttl wi : lie pa!
; :. f i *l,,|,.i i 'i pll ir .ill i t. li' OH -lill , i| ll*)* ll, I i ,
wiih th tully com niel lol of ii.- r-t il I v.
li, J,ii I,-,.,mill,*, wbleb lu mitt bel . ..,, ., *, , iltoi*
v. nt. will estithlisb a cohsi lim rr?in l*'.-.i |,*..i i,. New
pollen r POI! Tilt" i;(.M>ii.ii.!>i:i;-i.
Cn1.1 mui.'S, Ga., .Inn* 7.?A s;i'.i,l di ],;i*'*'i
fro .o e.il,,i. Al i., io I'hr F.nnuirerSun .:? ? -?
,'tunii m. ,'ii I Mein >bi Ila ma ', runntug i- ty m.j ?
fr ni '.', hh i )'? Omi lani r, was e i. tl this morn ?
ul rei ll. I'll.ii -c. M . n: Y.omg nliil ll. W. ? i
New-York, tor*} -lil.Com. li w.n. l,.iu-_hi tm tin li,uti
h.int. i-."
A Viler. I | UV El..
Richmond, Juno 7.?Warrant* were is-iiicd
i.it '. tu** ir ? ' E. C. Kiain, i: iltur ot Tht Whig,
uni of Unl.ii.fi Thoma* Hlnlln, ,.n ,f ts-fioVi n
Vtil.i.nn iHinllh, i.n lin cb..i ii ni enguginu Iii ii iiiini':
? ph li. Wn .iee*., .,11-11,? ik nuns rn.' The Whig,
t il (ie iel'..I \V. II. P.ivii" for .nun- a*, s.-i* m!
rim meeting imkp .f \.?.?*.,i *v niorniiii* near thi<<
!iiy. ii.iiio-ti on if tri..und ,1,-re Hm fut, M Curly.
M..nt.-.ii 'I , !? , UTiil leter I years lia***, ii ,u.i lf|. a;
h ? Hi-' hie, i :? ' p.n i i's bail lukin ? , tl', ri nit ie
??uti.* t.' ih- .* inti, -i-i l ;? ii _- tne linn, mul fracturing Mm
I.'i- iu'i'to.,-. i'.n ?',,?? uni ia -aViii), but uni e n i :*
?red .lu ,:'inn . Tiie (turf-so!* were *ery*'il on l'l am
? '?''*, hill Kl ; :, i r* e ndiini r* moval,
? ..as parnell, IV I ci wai tir:.steu Out stib-tcqueu lt
i ? n * l '"I" '? ill. i oiollt I lt lint ll ,,i ; ;,. , -,,: y
lilt ? imi 11 mi "i. * 'i tl. Hi- n ii ,i it* ? thai fhet mle ..i
o niki i.n ? fm.-I- rn* i'.n',inn.... 'iiinif,,. mr iin.i ii*
mn , in ii ' in lit ,'? ?*.,, e.i upi nari il iii The I hip I mi
I" iill" " I'll : ill I'll '111 I," III WblCll f f , lll|. I I
t'ocM iv.litre party, mciuding c-c-u >v.-riiurHml li
Mit il,*.,,, un , ,|.
Till: HUE UHCOllD.
Cl Ni IV. A 11, .Tillie 7. --A r.ii-e: il I , /'/,. Cnnioirn -''ill
ima 1.imii, olin', *,;i'. i : " I'miiiK a tud.-ni wind
? iori, t i-.lny, a ciiai'iu :,.ai .\L.:iu t Cu. y, m Nun
?.fia Cuuiitv, wa* b.ovvn down, tbe roof lalliugoii
be congregation. Tweu'y persmis '.vere injured ;
lil.- of tilt*.ll famllv. Ntl |i l-tieril.tri ol' tllO CUtUS
ronli ? can be oliHiitti I in-night."
Cnn aco. .lune 7.?Yestenlay Mm larm
iniicrvoi Kiull in-i /.-iit-v A Co.,oa tb* Moria Brunch,
vu- tm. in-I. A itti'.-k of Um , ie I I- tun valued al
173 coo wai .1 loyeti.anil tim building and niacbluery
tfi-a* itniiitii.'i il iii Hi- extent tit $75,1)00. Tiie uinimni
tl insiiriifiee I- unknown, hut lt i.-t umlcrstood that lt
? ill tiver lire eii'ire li sa
UoNTtUAL, June 7.?Tito uutiuul nieeting of
the Bank of Montreal directors and stockholders wss
held tu-ilny. The .'Utcudnnco was very large, aud front
Interest was manifested. Tbe president and gener
mitnaa-er entered into elaborate explanations, nut i
oncmiragement was held out for increased dividends I
tbe future._
Newport, K. I., June 7.?The State Lcgislatui
will meet in this city to-morrow for the purpose (
electing a Unifejd States Senator to succeed Oenen
Ambrose E. Burnside. Many of the members ai
rived to-niaht. It ia confidently expected ths
General Burnside will ou the lirst ballot have
majority nf thi ty votes, and will thus be his ow
successor. Th<*re are several other aspirants fe
the position, but none of them have strength.
General Burnside will bo here to-morrow. Thre
members of tbe Legislature are delegates to th
Chicago Convention, and as they will not be likel
to be heio in timo to vote for Senator, Gcnertj
Burnside will have three votes less tl.an he woul
have had if tho Convention had adjourued on Satin
day. Tho Legislature will uot be session mor
flinn three days.
A int'tiiber of the XLVIitli Congress, tbrc
Judges of ihe tm;,renie Court, members ot the LcgW.ilur
and several local officers were to bc cbo.ieu in Orego
restsrday. The Itepublfcan an J Deinocntt,estate ticket
nie us iollows:
Republican. Democratic.
Jtidaet (.lum H. Waldo. *f Jaine-. 1* Kellj
of the \ W. P. Lorri. *} 1'. V. Finn.
Supreme Court, (li. U. Watson. JnUnBennett.
XL l lilli Cimi/'i-.H. C. Ueurge. * John Wlateakei
? HefinttiiiiiiliMl. t Present Ctilnf.JtiRtlce. t A member c
tin* Juili.-iuiy mi twluty years.
Tn.- lu?i Legislature wai Hmocratle hy fl mnjorlti
on Joint oullol. Tho succt s-or of Senator Lu i'uyett.
Grover (bim.) will tteehosen by ibn Legtslstura to bt
elected iii 1 *->-_.. Iii recent years ihe Mate has voted ai
follows :
Hen. r>-m. Oreen. Tnfnl. Mut
Ibid..fiovemnr..Ki.ItL! 1(1201 1,117 33,710 '.OOO
1-7-..- eie,uiy..l(i.:::i:i Kidl'J 1,447 33,822 ""litil I*
1S7-4..)' ii r.--...I.. .V.i;i li. T 1 1 1,1-al ;i;i,.,_?? {1,101 D
l-7ii..l,i.snit-iit..l."..J('tI 14.111) 610110,870 547 K
1 -T(i..? ..ii-.'i.-.-- .. !.">.:; 17 14.23H .... .tti.h.jfl l.H.-s ll
1-71...;.>v i',nr. 0,103 9.713 tOA'Ai 2oAoa r"..-,(tl)
1* ?,?_'..i'n.-I !''nt. ll.>*lt) 7,730 .... VJ,ol'A .1,0-1*1'.
t lu..i tu indi m. : Pluralities.
I ifWIIINA ll '.X OF I III (?tMHIUTI'-i Kill TH K Pi.'K-I
|>! \( T '?! I'd- D TO (?! M ItU. OnN'Ztl VA.
Havana, Judo H.?Thc Euftlisb diail stcamei
fi..in Vei i' rus brings liewa from ibe C t.i of M. xu-u u\
io Mat 30. The leading politicians have held u grand
e neus of ntl parties opiM-slas General Gonn* 1. s for tu.
i'i ? ul mt. - fiait - Vn.I irte .imi Z-itoueoOH ami Oeaeral
JP j,.i *?. :,* |I .-'itt. It I-jil ntl Otc Hint tau Ilinv.ruifUl
alli untie sit ibu oppositlon clements on General Mejia
i . .-*f m.ni-, er Central Katlroiwl Company, bev inf
Imii tin ii- i* omi-moii h e i'ci iyitlllei.il nt lion lor til*
mcI i.t tm* cut f? Leon, bare i*eirun work witb hOf,
li borer.*. Tba- privi ? 'Ut- ol building branches n> i.n
l- . ll Dei ni iitld t.m Kl ? (inti' te liver wi I iluulitle**
,, .i ,* i i. ? oi ? tin-, mi o' ?'.'? year, ll -vu uti ii rv
lunn upi*, ired iu tin Brat* "i Colima ?*u .Mm 1**.
i i i nu nuer ul l> pii.ii-. term -1 as a timmi .lui v li
|iii|i( (...i et h.,r !? i hi, ,'t Vf i.?('nu. ff r His heiigiuas ol
Jillie I.i-i, nus neel..re I useil t>> be tritiioui jurisdiction
ii on lb. <|n -in.', (i ttl ruor Terni not navitiif vifi.ttefl
ii CiiuslltUtlon, but baviug comm.tied au oriliiiiiiy
el!'* in .
I ic restoration of diplomatic relaH ms witb Fiance la
adi! h ult, *. nr it*. J ,,,? Slate o' (*. I* return ll.IS ColllrlTeil
,,liol,ill ell /..li-lnp lll'i.l, I'.c-.ill-lit l'l'/. Ullil ti' nil il
(iou*, ii* /.. Coii.ti'-* has I'.i.ino. i/ .1 : tie ex* rutivc 'luiitu
Hiet (??-s lo contract lol the construction of railroad,
nu Un is tu.it ..: the railroad from i'm Ina tc
Mu( limn..-. _
I'i U.I TIC'S IN IM.AYl.l.'S AND tjElLMDN-**.
li, I . 1:1 Ml ri IO CtlUi'Nl l-t.MIICM. 1.VI..MS I.N
SKMMi-NS AM. I'lt.tYi-K**.
Kalis Hilttervd iii every seat in I'lviiioiith
( ,ii i, on .-uiui iy murun.-*. Mi. ite.-eimr preai li ? i upon
col.tcil.llutf for Hie fall tl. Tu Warri tim end of hit sit
ii.ou be made tim luliowiug political allusions I ffo are
no w entering on.' uf tue cyclones ol our polities ?.mell
ti.nee in f*?Ur yeats, riny ar.' never nt j* thel
i.ul. lu te nniii nf our (i v itiin *ut there is pru
v s nu m. iii ? ft. :i iv,r-il dlseu s mi. anil mi *t* In four
ye irs un- w h,,m N" a, tn s .lions -ii. We arc on the eve
,,f tbla iii im-ii 'Xi erinn;, nud -.bali hive .11 ?au?
lt i nf vi,.ip, i ntl m. We sbail bare ettit-reratioos of
I Imi ii*.'ii ami riliniaatl.'US " :t t restilt-s will i.o iii?
.t.r.-c.i uml -tut ?meni ,.,, ,,| sorts Will bc twisted In tro?
ll* :.t he if. Christian men and women will sweat.nmi ibe
ji .,*.* ii, ti ,t ?,' ?,i inn if su >wii. Aseuruing to tbe ex*
i,in|..i !? tiie k ,**, i t* s1 al have men contending fnr
tm- p i:.iii f: i ,i '. i io.i- meeka, is,iceni <? icst and tor
i.ti ,*. IKi imt soi .tt, ml. Tbere is no plenary in*
uni." ii.- for ru ?1 'a In -.'tinea. Mea sat c.ut politics
. I hey Will li .ve no:.e ol it. Noone
:, _ a i.'.-i.t io t fi'"iii. Tbe Ik* mg bum bete bind* toe
!., |.e| ii. Hi Julias of i i.t./ u, md tile ii,ita wi..i
* ii i I., t'i n ? it. I,.* i?be io sn au, c io ism
, h. ,.. Wi ,*.t .,:; ti .ie..I tn ii it*'* n v lee
? f of mm. -ti uti--. 1! I
,, I. .loii-i ur undi ul .i '? ti *.--.
\. -:?.'.': !.. ? i',,,.f iii r-* ipithy wii'in 1-,i : n ire
? ? ? ?. tn ( I: k. ir lot- for , in f mi ry und
a i.-im lp.n urge us. tben hui ( tirisi anti" incl
ii ,' tn dimmed.
Mint i<o li ir for the cuunfrv, It will come out of the
unit i,nf nf M:.; :_l* - I) I ire, lcd by
i ? :. I ia, lil ii* 'ii*ii till ri- ni** pi hlr.us lo
ticre.a I if-ii,i- to tm .?., h > vt v.. :? :, sro
i i.i if tint wit ni iiiiib.i
' ? . (.Il :,.:? a
u hu .ter ft inp ifbv, n nob t u i u itv, .,
lt 1 nil.'' - III ii :?! ,'a'l ? ie in ti
[ it m' rose in n In o m. >' whom itv i m point nut is ex
mp ii ? t ? "Ul a ullin ti : i'; it we ri.I rn-' r-r.-r ba k t*i
ullin mid Plutarch,hut cm st/, i _.*_ at nu*
, . itiii m.ii "riles ev* iy ., hi
lu idi ?. .* ii .*.' p n, rr nt lbs i-'lftli Avenue llli.il.it
until ott .-licit mor.mu t.e K*-t. Ur. Armit.
t ii - ii ?? l-l iii upi n i ie poll I.'.i, problem*)oi
t.i. iked du l lor Ibe ea itnple ol (Ut)
ill.iTof I i - i ? in.lr* , tv li *, 111 I I.f linlli ot gloom SUil
i-li.iily up .ii Divine dd mri Kunluuce; and'
.. ? thc ucl nf tin* M.frtyr President, w.'i ?, tsbei he
ms leaving bi hom to fUMUtue the ar<ln*>u<* dulls o
i,,* ('luci M.ii*|a*trscy of th** R**piiiitic, uttered aa n,?
nrt'.ng words t<> bis nolaiibors the -lupe request,
I'rnv tni m,.'1 "When," amiiiiuiii the pei ir muer,
II ,'i ,??:;.iii ,? W eli il mini ? .-ll 'll lie obt'tnii to pr S III
D the people fer tbeir votes, rifiur il Ina tim burmouiout
? ni f ni thc ( i?i Vern lon, ami. above all, may it bc _'.,>
iii il r. Ku--if! I If. Bellows, lu thc p.urili Unitarian
Impel, at Onc*!iundre(t-aiii1*iweufy-eigbt-si? near
? mth-avc. alluded tu tbs Chicano Convention, when
|.".ikiiu iipui tbe -u!i|nt of *' Mt ii-ui,!s tmt.Mfii..
. uni tin: ni: tim (eek, be sud ii j.'rent strum? e
ns been go'ugou between men of ihe tame pobileal
? rill. I'tiev ut Inti one tl It .. very Inr^-e tie)* rec. by
.ii .*i, *rni'oiis ,,f ii m. n it ? perNotuii iiiittin*, .tml um by
i.y gre it principle. K. gardiag thelattei ns.,f vety little
ifould, they si. ni to he I in lided With tin* oi,|, o ir les*,,
itfii-e i American klee, Ibat whatever aetlu'i imy be
iken, everytMuir *a111 turn ont well in the end. Kui,-d
rs?u.il amt.itioii tbey strive solely af ter power,
ti holli regard to .my principle cou. erue*!. llowdlOei
nl n Hld ne tln> -.ni elaile If linne men wire
1,1.1 h tn great Curifetlaa prlnoiples, iud
mght to uni; ii '* lilli. Ii such .tire Ilia c i-e,
ail rneu live I univ iu lue pursaoueeof ariud lucas,
nen we < ul i sty timi tm* Kingdom ol il, iv. n 1, ,d
ne. t.i- i- inn ihe vu,u dream ot au Ideal i?i, imt i ,.*
nu couvlciioii timi .? ln'it lie* truth* et-Iconsshall lie
I'licvctl in ii. f.iltifiti y I- any titi, iiiott tl sin .uni,?
i luciii.c, then, n.il ii i n.i then, em we Mund Urmly
mm tm- siroug ?.'rnami ot au Indttbftsbie religious
iii lt v, T.I) W it raluinge, Pi bis opening prayer
ii *- md n , i i.n 'i ?! in i' ti.e i tm rent lou niiniit n
iii n 'i.'.t m i< st. an.l ih.it indy Hist man migUi come tn
!? I'f.i!., il fi li Ti i.v tt un sin ititi ll.Ve (iori Billi iil
nm , h., :,*-t .it erertl ni tin- _*n nt Nation.
o ihe Editor a i I li i: ie ii it ne.
But: 'Mi** New-York Stato Temperance 80
II. ly, nit.uni/ ll lu iSii'.l anti Un ni , Jilllt tl III I-li.".. 11,IS
rr mgeri to hi ld *i series ol Tempera 1 ct Coufeienrt s In
iffcreni i*nrt*J ol ibis Wale 1 tbe Ural of , jem will h.* al
jraloga. August 1 lo .">. Tts ministers ol Mew-York
nd Brooklyn will he requested to preneb ti "U|/naaee
nm.11* lu their respeftlve ctiurehtnon.*?niid,i3, I) pea*.
, i-:.. a r-iv'fii Days'Cou! rue will foib.ti in Cooper
11 tm, Ut u 111.11 lim pl 1.1101:1 lil li mi .'lance orgUIUt.i
i.iih will eaeb nave nae day. The olhecrs of tbiss?*oi*
v ii,-iiii. 11,ni*,-t entirely muiMiers ut Hw Hum, cl, it is
. L.H, il . n l.i.n ,* lt fill,ttl.itu* ill*) ll Ulll.'ll l-UIU'i'U Hill
11- ??f.*.?..,ei. tv. 'lint yours, EuJoHsaoa,
Sen imi', .Mnv -7, ii-so. Cur. bec.
A Kt'iitlciiiiin culled proft's.sionally 011 n
roiultl in I'livnlciiill .uni couplilliii-il ol a tout looa of
*,,|,*iii. "I'll just git e yon 11 tittie tonie to talcs bi*
,re ilniiii"-." ititiu thu doctor. "Oh. I'm ull right (us
. 1ti: iiiiim-r. li's ufuir dinner timi l suil'er h 1 uiuoii."
While llinliiij) .Aino-i wus uriHidm**: over a
miff 1. nt I* iii lue 1V1 si a member heguu 11 linnie ngalust
nlversitio**, education, ete., thuuking Ood that he bsd
tout beeu corrupted byooutaol wltb 11 college. Aller
imi'. din,: thus tor u lew mu,illus thu Ilisuop Intel*
ipted lilui wltb the question l ??!),> I uml. Minmi mit
na -brothel' thmiks bod for lils l?iiiiinniD |" "Well.
es," Wus tim mistioi l " you cnn put lt ut thitt way ll
on want tn." '? Well, all I bava to nay," said the
iiihop. lu lils swent, mu.it-?_ tone-, ?? l. that the brother
us a Kiuat deal to thank Uod tor,"
ta '
Mayor Cooper yesterday flied bia return to
the wilt of prohibition retraining bim from pro-ssedlnf
witb the Investigation of the ebarses against Henry J,
Dudley, as Superintendent of Publio Buildings. Tao
nomination of Thomas H. McAvoy to the position held
by Mr. Dudley and the refusal of the Board of Alder,
men to ratify tbe nomination ara sot forth. The Msy or
avers further tbat tbe " conduct of the Department ot
Huiidins**- nnder tbe superintendency of ths said Henry
J. Dudley lias been for a long time, and now ts, tbe .nb.
Jeot of severe crMolstn and oornplalnt on the Dart of
many citizens aud of the publio preis of this elly ; and
s'Tloits charges of misconduct, therein have been made.*'
The Mayor says tbat under the oirenmstanoes be eaased
tue eli urges to bc preferred against Mr. Dudley, In orue*
to make full Inquiry Into the facts of tbe ease.
Thc FTe comtuiMloiieri held a short meeting yecter*
iln.v mornine, and tiassrd a resolution asking Jndgo
Puller to modify bin reeent writ of prohibition, that they
iiiicht appoint an Inspector of Bnlldlncs. A resolution
was passeal also to appoint William F. Findlay aa thou
counsel. _
Ansrelo Corretta beat bis wife on April 8,
The woman dieri a few days later, and tbe Coroner*
Jmy found tbat sbe came to ber deaib from the blows
alvon herby ber iiusbnnd, but tbat death was accele*
ra'ed by habits of Inr-empertnee. IntbeCoart nf Qen
ern I i-.esf.mnit yesterday Corretta pleaded guilty to
niiimdiim-iitcr in tbe fourth demree, and was senteueed
to State Prison for two years.
John II. Emerick was appointed a Superin?
tendent of ToleirraDhy in tho Fire Department In July,
1874, and in .J.tiimry, 1880, bo was removed by reso
lntiouof thc iire forum I-m inners. He brourfbt certlo*
mri prnceeiliiifc-) before Justice Beaeb, In tbe Hupreme
Court, Special Terni, claiming that bn waa ettber a bead
o: ii imtv i i or n clerk In a it.rpirtinotit, and therefore
coulil not be removed except for cause shown. Junien
IJefach decid-d venter-lay that tbe charter of 1873 gave
no power to the Board nf Aldermen to creat- bureaus,
unit I imf th refore the position held by Mr. Einerlek
was nor the bead of a bureau, ueitber was he a derk,for
a clerk maa a person employed io resister the account.
or t: .uisiieimus of bis department. Tbe writ, therefore,
?rae tlismis-ctl. _
Albany, June 7.?In the Court of Appeals?
pi.-' t, tm- Hon. Cnarlcs J. Folger, C. J., and asnocl
.v. ??tbs follow lui? business was done:
>f>. t'n ?william T. Tiiomps'jn and another, respontlents,
_.-i I.. Isaak of Orill'b Nm tb America, appellant.?Aririiod.
.*,,,. ?.' ti -tjtie M. rreaton, appeiifu.t, art- Urlon Oanoung
m. , linn. ie_.|ia,i.ai.-nis.-Areu?s1. So. Til.?Hsvld Carr and
hi i. lin. r.-.,'.i..lents ugt. Klien Breeee and another, appel*
1, ,. ?iiruil
T),.< foiinwiri-/ la ihe dny cilen-lar fnr ToMdar, Jnne 8t
Nv*, titi. A.sa, li.. tm, iAi). tad, tit, 'iii.
Nilpie,)'- r-mrl?Chamber*?Uv Judire Donohue.
Cl <i ..vt. 'Is. -Order -T-uled. Coon art. Coon ? Sash tax,
.Niuli; tb.; l'ii,,*.l.*, eli-.. -.1. KHibger.?Cramed.
Iijr'.'.nl*.-.- Tb*- fen-il,* ex rel. Kmerick aat. thc Board of Kirs
Con.lui*?ion<Hr* : Monvn aat. li.lveu eta -: Goodwin uut. At?
hol . ; in..ill-iu'. ii tatt .te; In tito maticr ot the rectiTfte
? iipof ihe Nn:t-si.i>l Trust Cuiiipiiiv.-tipliium*-. M humid,
er. ant other*, airt. Traev and otheis.- Findingi wirued.
?un onuur a-.'t. Newcomb ?Kliitiiujra settled.
'?i rem i-i ?ort I-nv Jtidcr Van Brunt?Weyersbaoaer et sL
%gt. i-iiiie .,!.-c.i-easttlad.
Ctr* .t?J'urt III?Br Juago Beach.?Kvaua et at. aat, Um
Bul. var Ice and Lumber Comp my.?Seitled.
.xupirinrCourt?Suirial Term?C'hiei-Jnstice Curtis.
? -ic ut .-rt. ucminnr-Motion denied with r.*sts to plaintiff:
>...nun. In Hie tuatterof thc petltio- of Mtrappinan ete,
?Prayerof peiltoocfs deale.il seenu-nmraiiiiuni. **tnipp
ti,ai, ct ul Ht Miller e' aL?Moilun denied : ace opinion. Wy.
Dian si*i. Hie NaU na. Broadway Bauii etsi.?Judgment toi
p ur nfl; bi Hitit*-*!, to be Biihinitted on five dav'a notice ; ns
opinion. Mc Hurray airt. thc Mayor. ct<'., ct al.-M' Inn denied
mil bout conto, Hugo -t aat. the Chicago, eic., Kailroatl tout*
l-.ii.t.- Ulm i '"i 'couinii-.**iuu Ui'dillet airt. Ha/.ani eta,.?
inlet t,n icinlHitiir iilcti r 'nrtatueiit alBrtned. hveratl asl
-i ni ding.?order*-*! on jntii* ca end.tr. Halrl agi. XVtlth;
\s cal, airt. takiiimore.-Ordeia nf .iineoutlnnancc. Bi dlnw et al
airt. Levy el al. Kelt r. in ? ord. re.!. Puds art. William*);
Vo.k, i.iii.' ?!_". boaraf t m-lCen agt. Koeculinur; A nun! rons
airt -liiitlii. r . XX alki-r nut. ,-rpein.i.r ; ii',mi ant. Welau : Wel.h
Bat. -killmore ; Muiisc.l a-ft. t'lOod ; ('ummuig- sgt. Hughes.
?I .pl.Tt. ri .l.lfii.
Common I'Uii*?General Term?Bv I'rcsiding-Juilire
c. v. Dary and judges Van Bnint. I.aneinore, J. F. Dityand
\ au Ila *e"cu.? lue People, eic. aft. -A'alUmr and auotner.?
Modell -.ranted. Tieuiever a^t. Turngulat ? .Mminn grauUrd.
I , People, i tc, sat, Bcil'y ute) an.tiber. -Moilun arauted.
'lin- I'ii,|t .*. itt., inri, mliigni anti another. -Motion tr ra ut vd,
1 im .n. ? Vniia .Nut mia! i.t change Han. aat. Jones etal.
l;> n*. irntiieut mil. rea f?r the purpose nf intnxla.inK cvrttUcaU
ot corp rantin ? >! t to pia,mill*). Ar i.o ul a***. .Mien.-Motion .le
?ni", m.iii t1" . "'-t-iit nmlmn I.e..*,. i airt. ss under.?Appila:*
timi .Ifin.il with ?"?Htc.t-'t-nf motii'ii. Hnlomoii ngt. b erulvld.
?Mntion demou wUh SID ant* ot roulton. New berner sgt.
('.iiiiiiuel - -ntmiidcuk-tl with rio t'l.-ii-i'l uo'inu. uarr ton
a.i -ioniiey.-Molten e.tm.I with -flot l-H-t. K.liy ngi. U.e
Ancient. ?nu r of ll.berman*?Jiiilirmvut attlniivl with couta;
Linn,mi 1> Van limul, J. Byan ucl. Maa .factntera'abJ
.tl. ii'ii.nit-i' li.uila'.?Jiuiinncnt aiflnu'-d ?itb coatei oiilnlon bv
1 iitTi-mnri*. J. if Unit act. ililli.) -Juilttnivutafllrme*ii witb
t i-i- . npiii,en ny, J. F. Dj i, I. Iiiiki-r-tou anuot-era sst.
Hi rn.iai iiiu! oilier*.-t)r,!e: ? iifflmicil with coats; opinion ny
\'un liiii,,:. J. oe iwau ah I .tiners awi* Hubert* and anolbei.
?.i,.,.ifii.e..t ulliuiiiiti ttuh I'.i.tt.-. opiiiiou by Van Brant, J.
Block ag*. Mew*?Jul un ni iifflriintl with cont*.: oiiiuino by
l.niit) ni.ru. J. t.t.tuik Mt- Linell and another.? Juilfpniut
in I-, ii. iu upn.11 ,,itiLf.-.l with toals lo tin* apuvliaiit toablita
timi tem ; pi., mt by Vau Brant. J. .Neaiia, etc.. .urt. Buaa*
m :. -i fit ( "I Un- (icueia, iiini. Mani i Court, itversril and
Jinl.ti, nt nf medal Temi urBrmd with coat*: optiiloB by
lm iiiiini,. J. Mfhtilkou at. I. C. ii nor, eli-?Ju,/tuen I re
ii'i.i* i. new ir'iil lar.ltieit with costs to abide the event: Oplo*
iou nt Van Brunt. J. sh.eek ant. laUuiiiii -Juilxment rs'
ter-.-: liitf ti i.il ur.'., ri.'. with coat*, matilde (he event. opln*
iou liv liSireiuiir... J I iilwiintr art. (.'rowell.-J u.l|tai.Dt re?
ta i.-i il. in ia ir..il_.'i;i'ii,n willi coat, tn appel aut to abide tba
ea.*, i i ..pinion by Van Brum. J Itu Mayor, etc. nat. Ilysa
nu il . ii I i< j.? J ii.if.uit. ii t nlin Hf il with i ont*, aud onier re*
vt .-.ni w.t.? i.-1'i i ..-i> anil iiisuiu.?iiueiita; opinion by J. F.
lei, .1 i mr itu! ni ttl.cr a.->. Tbumifatnii.?Jtidijintiit nio.ll
ti I ..-,-a.it, il ii, i>|,liuni, ; mi I, wu bv Van Bruut J. the Pa*
t.l,. ..lau .-.lean .-nipt olitp.i.ir S.S. Toel, etc.?urtlerfi tt OO
,,v, r . 'i . an,I tluast .I, 1-T-, allli m.,; aud thc ortltT of
tlai *_> rt-vct-rd .md .? new r fernilee or.lere.l unlr.*a Uetend
imi ,eii.-.ii ,.*. i ? u ni dui .illili re uri ti.i* .uiui,ini i,I t'., ir
claim tn lb ..im -|?cili, il ,n lb, auilet ta\iui(; opimou br l*ar
rei" le. J.I'pe.i.vnk agt ll'tp! i :.-.itr- uiui ..tit. ra.?J u.lg*
i; iii .,, ?V( ??! - i>. ll 'i'i. -h.. les I,. W. Mraba n.t Unenl
li* ppi ii .ania .nil.'ui al ttii.i f,*.!-.; Ju.linueiit * laii.iiaaiiig tue
c. uirla i t i- fra. *>t William HoppoaaitcS rovtiso*! Withco?ti
t b?li Hi f tent ai ii .ase icniill.a.1 io tiie lefereo to Uko
a.i'* -I rte ' If ni en mit net tt < eu ulm a: il thc ?* tain I lil i ulm. mn
bj \.in I..1 -I-,, *,iii| J. I. I'ult.jj. Mi K.i un airt. -aw-V'rlt
lei i. sud Untlaoo River u-itom Cuinpauy.? Juilcuifiit
nnii in-tia ; ?(?.iiini bjr J. F. lt tly. Maul .._.. tba
New x-t.. in: ai.ill.iun, etc., Kmlr .ul. uii.-ai'y.-.IiutL'*
, ii i. v. r*..i. mot * mai li.iiiI..' WilbeO-ta to appiri.iUit to
H< ,1 tl iii i.f nplm.in by Van Uiunt. J. IleucU n.t. Kn MO
?Ai irui'-'i! un.*med an.l oibersi ouiumn by J. *?'. Ifu.y. J.
J,\ ... !,n oi ?. ?' nt. r i.Ilu tm ti Wllu coat* | opii.ii.u bv Van
lui,' nu,a i..i. r, iiiife, ll. Arnoil ast. ('.ark.?Juliann i.t
mi.. , , at.iii .u.,-1 up, blue by Lui ii au-rc, J. '.'.i [, uii ag.,
iii ? i ma 'ii. -JutignMOl wiib e.i-n-a, oi-tniun by Van Brui.tami
I. m..re. JJ. ile.-'in in .v i'n. aict. i.'iiyii e.? Jimnmeiil
rev .-.ii, in <t i'la fun r.tl M.tti cualH to appellant toai/ide
:i ti :. upi ui In Van .'i.iii ..ml Lill it.ii.ie, jj. ji.il.u
. t ii..- Minor ?ic. - ,,,ur at,i t-.atniiiiitret.T. crcvi.iK.'it with
ll. i l-l,,IIB I intra nt il Jilli I p.Ill,,li bl \ ail Ll Ullt. J.
: .. i er.-'lui ni. foi'rear*/.intent iieuicl an.i mn
ii.ii rn t ?-*t., ?? ,n nt ft ord : granted : i),,.m*;i liv Va*. I.i u.il,
J. a.:'am sal. 1.1*ima.'.?J iiilgine.it leveiacd, rn"* trial
ii ;? . i,-t-in .inuit t be event; aitiiii tar vaa I iut,i
.i. iud t i r. .li. ?Jmla'ii.ciii -cv. ract', uetr irml uni'lill
M ,, - la. abide I be "Tent; nDini'.ii by \ an H>>ci>cu, J. Tim
I. ??: *. et ?.. a t. Moora nt. I atmli-i.?AppirciUnn sranti-.l.
I, in t. in.- Maim. ei. .-ui.iertiOiiyinir ii,ml,tn io ta.ate
ie,.- ifi* ailinn.il w.jicisi.-i ami uiBbur*K-in. ms ;
I,, nie I, Vau Hr 11. J.
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I RIAL raBM? Paris I-C. P, Daly. C. j.-^'oartououas* ll
o.ui- *oa '.bin. 'J.VS7,9390,1U13. 9591. 9611). titi, 14.'1,
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1 7*?. 1715. 1740. 1777. 1 .-c.. IWO.
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4384. u..i?, 4I'.)1. 4419, 449S, Sar**. 4399. 49SS, 4411. Mil
i.i4.4:ilo. 4073. 3441. ___ . ._^
?*KNSttAU nKMiotrs?I'ast 1?C-*w1nK. J?The Pe.ii'.e _e\
Williiiui H. Davis. Henry Hoaaoll. Joan Dsvldaos. MeUkmt
C'ouni.ey, Jidiu c'irr??n. sr.iutl larocoy ; JuUn MuMau.i. lair*
eeuv lr.no tho neri-oo ; Adt.lal.lo Chasaoroy. rocOtfLns aloUxs
au-jil-a; 1.1 Uc Brainy, p-lat larcuay.
I'art ll-Hilder-.leeire. -I.-The Peopla a?T. FmaniK
1'oliiiea, JlahutV* Brown, AuaelomiteUo,.? ooiutta MMait aa
hillery; lame*-tleatl.rtpo. D-Milel jfCoaaor. JotmJA*>
Olynu. Tbotnaa Beuatdy, bniKlary ; Samuel Carlet. wIMM-a
Ken uod-', larutuiy troui tue person.

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