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vol. TI. .NM2.302.
ti-rkky muara an abut to wiiinu wwi
?rnhy rr.-'M or.'-ri ??TH! irish land bill?
Tho Tuikis.li Governm-nt is making fictive
preparations to de fend with an army tho tcr
r;tort claimed by Greece. Tho European
l'envcis hiivt* not y< t di tennincd to dispatch
ft licet into tlie Me-litc-nanean to force'r ni key
to Mirrender the territory. Opposition to the
hill providing for compensation to evicted
tenants in Ireland, it il announced, will bo
continued hy the Conservative party in thc
House of Commons. Thc RuaiM anny, un?
der General .-dc oho li fl', is proiiariiiK for an at?
tack upen the Tekke-T ureonians.
London, Tuesday, .Tuly 2o. 1880.
A dispatch from Constantinople to Thc Tbsmtgfkl
" Kxfcnsiv.- pfepraMoaa are- making ia ca-<e ol war
vith (ire-t-ce. Troops, artillery ami ammunition ure
lu-iuBscut to Sa loni ca. Volo and Prevt-sa. Orders
hiivt- beea telegravhei to tho proviuces that ie
ciiitf -hull ho collected and forsv.irdod to tho sev?
eral dc;>ois svith all available speed. The Albanians
ure UniR SOOOBMged ko prepare tor rt-Histance, and
ure Wnii- supiilied with anns and ammunition. All
this entails expenditure, which the hopelessly
g tiikiupt (invt-rninent cnn ill afford ; hut tho Miu
idlirnf rinaiice linds himself, for tho itioincDt. in
coiniiarativcly cany circnin.stani-.s, for he receives
daily the proceed! of the sheep tax, which this year
ainmiiits, tn ?1,000,000, a fifth of which has boen
given to Galatia bankers on account, and it ia
assured that ?200,000 will bo left la the provinces
for pret-siuir wants. If this calculation is correct,
ttie Ciovt 'I'liintiit will have over ?500,000 for mili
lur\' preparations."
Auo'.bci dispatch to The Times abo 6avs: "All
that ran he said at proooiit with anythinir liko cer
t.untv is that to th:- military demonstration nf the
Greeks, backed merely by t.m mural support of
Europe, tiie Turks wili never yield. They are fairly
convinced that they tau easily repel any regular
(.'nek force, and it is thought that tho Albanian
Jtaslii-l-.izourks can easily destroy tho irregular
fur. e.-.''
The Vienna correspondent of The Daily _\de_g-gk
Bays : " 1 MB i.ble to i-taU- positively that no formal
propositions for a naval engagement in Turkish
watem kai yet been .aade. 'ihe Powell have merely
beea sounded ob tbe subject, Austria and Germany
ure ss illina to participate in BOeb n c\,?itioiistration.''
A tlisi-atcl. from Bartie to Thc jinns says : " It is
stated ou pood authority tliat several Germ aa
c-tlic l's.'l tin- ireiu-ral slafl. who are ready to go to
Constantinople to reorganhte the military institu?
tions of Turkey, will leave the German seri ice, but
will be allowed to resume their pr.-.-ent rank alter
jk ifoniiinu their task iu Tukey. The adair will bc
arranged quite privately, bo that tba German Got*
tiiiiiunt \sill take do responsibility whatever."
A iii.-patch to Tai Raw* from Berlin Bava: "'I'he
7.i?;Zoittmgdeclares ihut tbe reposts of vigorous
measures proposed by tbe POwen against tbo Porte,
t au agreement for a joint naval (Iciuoii.-tia
tiOB in Turkish waters, arc uieio brag and idle
A dispatch from St. Petersham to Th* Daily
Slniiiloril ?ms? : " 1 be Inlier ti of tireccc lias pone to
< upenbageu, where tbs Kum of Greece will meet
her. Tbe Kinara visit to thia capital ia aunottneed
for political reasons. '
A Bt, Petersburg dispatch to The Times says:
" The Russian Government baa given an onler for
tbe toiis-e true lien of four torpodo-boata ha Knsiand."
A dispatch to The Tim- from Vii-itiui sass : "lin*
Albanian League baa reaolved to employ 150.04*0
]. astra ot its revenue for the fortification ot Met*
lora, 120,000 pun-ties ior the fortification of
li. stes.1, and 60,000 piustrcs lor the fortification of
In the Honse of Lords this evening Carl Gran?
ville, Foreign Becretary, replying to n qnestiou,
?aid that tbo application ol the Porte for Herman
officers to assist In tbe reorganisation of .Turkish
finanoee was made five montha age, and thal tbe
?Herman Government had aasnied England (hat
Germany cordially acta with thc Eorvpeao concert.
London, Tum-Iay, July 20.1S30.
Ihe Muming Por-t says it understands tiiat the
Earl of Listowel, Liberal, baa realgned the post of
Lord-in-Waiting to tbe Queen, owing to the atti
tutle-of llie <i .vt rum n! with respect to tbe (Jom
peaaatioo fat Disturbance In Ireiaad hill.
Ai a consultation of Conservatives, yesterday, it
was determined to renew the onpo-itioii to thc co.ii
peti-atmn bill in the House of Commons un the
iiiiu inti (or a third leading.
Mr. Parnell hus accepted the preeidency of n
Movement for complete amnesty for Irish political
lathe Honae ol C -notions last night, tbe Irish
Belief bill passed through tbe Committee of tbe
Whole. Mi. Nolan's clause autinuizinif l^ana to
railway aud otber companies, to tmau ea (-1 eanala
(inti to" riser and harbor commissioners, waa added
lo thc bill.
Loanoa, lu."-ii-x-. Ju > so. 18 JO.
A Berlin dispatch tee The lietel tbft i " Tho
li.ci ti.ni un- B wallas Oeneral sk..unit' ia fortifying
l ikewa tbat he Intends te make tt the oentieof his
c,s-in'Km', nud not ii-ttiki-i.tr; probably became tke
louie Iroin Telok,ril.ir t'> tBeOsok ie-pr ih very i-xti-tiile-d.
MBfoiiae it aeessaaiy to jiost niore tliau G.ooO mea mi
Hm various steppes to ptotec-t tlie linesc.f eommuntea
tion. mi tiiat only u,ooo men could bc seat te tko real
tt?mi iMSlS."
Ttie (,. maa inilliury im>tr." discuss tbe couBeoueiic is
tliat a ss.ir agataal Cluua would have on th- ltiiltiary po
?l::ou ot lt'iit.!,) lu l_;irei|io. The C_tiica>>laii army lias
betti itlwuvit reKiinletl ns ttie real reserve of tho Uiiro
|sea army. The Asiatic iiruiy ls gailtsoaed over a large
expanse- Bf territory, itt (.riler to Loll various Wild tribes
Inchck. li tenn ? ten NI only employ ? serv small por
tiui; o( tb ik tinny agalubt a Inre-itrri foe. anti it wouhl ba
tabs impossible to earrj eu a war ss Uh Ch. na with thu
atm. .m.it.,
A dispatch t rom Bt, Peter-tnt rp tn 27ir Stn mimd s , vs :
Bbonld the dispute with Ckiaa not lead lo war, it ia
?sty possible that ike I.uviian llrut may ao to Corea,
it'wutd which ike BusbIsbs look wltkleuama syea rae
pu-,"i.. urgi- itt iiiini-xRt im. ihe areal Importsaeeof
X ma mi a basil ior privateer warfare, tin- only HuDsian
?ssfsa ac HUM EasLnd, is suflieii-ui to svairaul the uu
the buiticLiril'i Ur-rlln aigp:ctch Bays tbs Ciar baa
the unusual iiep of ssnijuKti letter te Admiral
I-*--s-i! t.x\ Niiloctoe lioi>c that he will bato occa
gositodistingulsk luinself at the keadof tke Pacific
?Jft. aim tn (he Margins Tseng wlil flud il uioic
Ciaiiuii io Ko ui St. rc-tc-rsburK.
WiMitLi nos i A\ir, Taaidej. Tai j 20. i?80.
There is good liifht to-day, hut with vnri
?b'eand uutfiiuiu wiuds. In Ihe coiiiietltloti foi the
Any __R_ ?? A-ssoelaUoii Cup, Brown a id 0 Si I Uh. (ll tbe
*"? Bean lesa, faeb shut In two iiouiinatioiiit. Urown
*?*d<-1,0 -..nj 4u 8ud (iCrrlbb49 mid 4%. Baker, of tbe
*:-?ll-li ti am. made Ag. In lbseeBBBBl for the -'.Irtbui "
Pr'ti*, oat ol a iiotsiiilc 50 Brown made 49 and Gcrri-ili
As BMIeh ea tatariay BBBt Will begin at an carly
*<>^'^, SBskakty at lo a. m., and two reagan w'H h. shot
*'- 9rtOTti lu ut lt.
BrownV stii.ut|iiK thia morutnjf comprisei 32 bull?
'in'ih h.'? V*:fr'' ,nftd', "'"-lost without a bre-ik.
I'.wLtwi 1. 1V Utt"" Association Cup coametltlon. Hal
bmt* in ili,r' ?' iUe li?Blw'i "'?".. benn tl.-tj Biow))'h
Uire* 1,7,, M"1;"-' ?*?? tbe bigiitsi (t.-saiblc. uud mali.iu
Uie nli.,, "v'',* lut,|re? extra idiots. Halford, during
?ere-", iu ltH,h * "h,HAir-u. mutt- J6 uud llanttr, who
snSvI ,., ',' ?' tuHte,,t r"r tbe "Aitfcar " prise, -_> nw
?me ?r".i, *"*'*'? iu tU<' eotupetmoe foi the "Arthur"
?3 iiycievi7*(:"r?1 w, thc kuiii.i psssikkFcsket i7
?&t*wt^.,nUt':.V'ftlli'1*,t K.-aUocntor Argyll Vol
???, won the " Queen'. Ptbgmf His Been wau 74.
t"k KugDER of madame ikobelbfp.
? r LBBBOB, Tuesdar. July iii), 18^0.
* tonstautinoplo di.<,,.u<-h t0 The Daily Tele
ttu_n*aT*' " lh' Ku!"i'h" J-*ftalBOueaol,wkemut
oixiir. i<U rul hltob,:k,fl,'? ni.tii.i Mg ksraueagaats
lerru* ? '" W"y to ?*????? ??u ?' -?'? Bulgarian
ThTairt *^'a"M,,u,,4!<, by'""' Montetie^rlns."
Nniedii^re^UInp "f G,-,ierul Bkoiiclcff, sboaccom
f naw.ii r'?hk0,"1,'ff'ww,w?,,"<1cd, but tucccs-de.l
Bg^SBtOwsSl-!-'Pgg"'U? ?*_"?' he elciioilticcd l-ub
um*io.x._. Uti had oct u a Irtuucut si-it/jt at
Madam.* SlcobelcffV Owtatls fled to the mountains, bnt
wss esntnrsd by cavalry. He Baa sines committed sat
ettie. Ill* Montenegrin Becntnpllres.liis l>r..ther and
several of lils friends, were alio arrested. Thc motive
for the crime, a \* fwpposc-d, was robbery, ns Madame
Sknbpleil ? m..ney and (iriirtuu-iits w.-re nol f'.und when
tho pnliOL- arrived at tho scene of ibo murder
London, Ti.csi'av. Julv 20,1R30.
The limes in its financial article this murn?
ini; aaya : *' Al b lute iii,-,-tinc ol the sh.irc-t alden <-f tbs
French Cable Compmiy, .M. i" .uy.-r yue-tu-r, tha |.r--i
cteiit nt tue eosspaay, saul the Dbeetots ked reserve d te
ni'ere le ike tariff of a frants 50 centimes. Bs saM hs
doubted lhal lbs EagUsk Companies would long ks able
to etrrv oa tke competition at ike alxpeany rate) ikal
tue demand for telegraph communication bat been
steadily increasing, and that tliere ssas work lor nil tke
exuttnjr companies, ike alsreetors.be said, svouid not
modify (tie ptnsOBI rate witlmut serious reasons."
Lomxm, Taesday, Jaly 90.1S9Q.
A dispitch from Paris to The Times Bays:
"Thc Minister of Justice has lamed a tirrtil.ir ei_.|oinin_r
htssubordinates te avoid all appeeraaes cf official u>
terveulton In t.ie Impending departmental coun-ul e-lcc
t U'li?.." lt also mya: ''Tbs VBsnetscsn nuns svho keep
tko Orpkansge at Barpevllle, la tke diocese of Holstons.
bav- solicited the uutborlzatiou jirescnbt-d by the de?
Mauuii), Tuesday, July '^0,1880.
An official dispatch from Manila says tho
ooasssjasaces of thc raesot sartfcgaaks svcio as
disastrous) in the provinces of tho Island of Luzon as
in tbo town of Manila. The inhabitants of tho latfer
place were panic-stricken. The nulli irltles ure OOiag
ali iu their power to alleviate the distress.
London. Tuesday, July 20,1380.
Or. Tanner's fast excites considerable curiosity here.
The villiers copy lons accsuuts of the case from thc
latest Hew-York Joarnala
Adlspateb te HU WbmB from Home says tlmltallHii
Senate has approved the bill for the abolition of the wrist
tax. Without dlBOBtaloa, by a vote- of Cn to ll.
lite Sttnilartl in its financial article this mot niue says
" Argetitiuc aeearttles rose yest,-rda)'ou the ieet ipi nf
tclerr ima annouac nit the ateady pacification of the Be
Tlie Official Oacelte publishes an order In council pcr
mttttns animals from tho United BtSteste l>e trnns
shi]t|tetl iu ibo lyne for Ibo forstga animals' ss Inn ral
Houth Shields.
A Parts dispatch to Thc Times says : " The Marquis
ie Bays* who fitted out the Ckaederuagor to take emi?
grants to New-Ireland, kai titted out issn mora veesela
svhlt-h luise both s.nled sslth Spanish smlgraatS Io the
same il'stinallon."
A (lisp-.teh f rom Capetown states that In the SBSDBltllj
the C'llonlal M cietary auimunecd that 6onic BasBtDS ou
suirt-nd -tinif their ari.is wi rs attacked tiy le, tile lla-u
n,s. Btcps have beea taken te burnie thu sxeoatloaoi
(l.e Disarmament act.
Paws, July 20? The village of Remus. In tho Enga
(liii.-, has been bullied dosvu. Ninety-eight houses nert
(ler.tltl.Sl d.
l.n Liu.c, July 20.?Tbree young wrunen, emigrants
from the North of Irelamt ss im urns e-1 rt ec ii tis- en a
steamer, are dangerously Ul, siifl'crltijf from an at'iit k of
small-pox. Tm y ar>- ni tlie- .Manu.- Hospital.
Franklin, Ont., July 10.?A very severs storm of hall
a anil rain prevailed here yesterday, destroying the ct ops
to a areal extent to tbe western part af the town-skip.
1 l.t hall fell to a depth of BSVSB Inch.-a.
Hiv rsLSQBAFB T,> tuc Titnu'\i:.|
Washington, Juno 20.?A Statement has heeii
issued bea thc Ifrcasuiy Department to-day show*
ing In detail tbe refunding transactions^ and
tho rc-luction of Interest therefrom under
tho nets of July ll, 1^70, and Janu?
ary 20, ifici, frc-tu which it annean
that tho total amount of bonds refunded waa
91,399,847,800, making an aituual saving in the in?
terest charge nf (19,900,883, of which imonnt
814.280,403 ariees irom transactions siaee March
1, 1877. The total annual iutcrest charge tit the
present time upon tho refunded honda ia
Thc statement shows In addition that there have
been bonds sold for resumption purposes since
Ul : tl 1, Iis77. aim tinting to 800,000.4 00, thc in?
terest upon which amounts to $3,026,000. Tins
latter sum represents tbe anana] coal of toe coin
reserve held ."r tbe security ol circulation.
ihe net annual saving through resumption and
refunding operations since .Mardi 1, 1877, is
910,383,483. In addition tn thc booda n [erred lo
thcie Were issued In 1878. to replace coin usediu
payment of the Halifax award, 4 ncr cents of 1807
amounting to 90,600,000.
Washington. July 20.?TI10 testimony in the
Narragansett Investigation having developed t!i"
fact that the reese! was, fur thc sake of economy,
running svith less than her full complement of offl
ccis, attention is called to tho met thal
since she was inspected Inst January a
nesv form of certificate of Inspection
baa been adopted bv the Department, containing
blank spaces to be filled with thennmben ol per
sims of each rank required by lass to beemploj <1
inion steamboats. Hereafter, therefore, the on ni 1 -
of a veasel will be directly responsible for anv dis?
aster which occurs l.y r.-iistui ol there bl lng an in
suiiiciciit niiiiihiT of officers or men on the boat,
Washington, Jnly 20.?Colonel John Bay, A
?jtetant Becretary "f stale, said to-day tbal the
United Male.? had intimated its wiHingnee. to
accede to the proposed Egyptian commission of
liquidation, if it ia necessary to 11.-* oreantsatiou.
W nen 8< dietary Kvarts returns, this will ho lonou*
lated in an ofiicial manner.
Washington, July 20.?The following dig*
patehea h ivs i.ee-.i received al Ike BTat DepartaBeat from
Benoni Batch, and dated Beats iv, N. .m.. July 13.
Tue late I news ls tkat tke kostUei kavs taken many
?horses fruin thc ranches nt ar Chihuahua, i-'.t itu.ii,.
(tri,umi timi eily lu .1 1 Irt-uit ol about thirty Billen.
An.nit. an old Iodise fighter, wno has tiny vgm ss itu
Lim, sus - most of UM hostiles are fons mi , - 1 tuthweal
of Oalijo*, and tbe same distance nmih of Chibsubna.
They go imo Qalltua to trad*-. They ere aol kinma.- peo?
ple. I think they still cross below l*altm:ii).|l ive ludlnns
cr.,ase 1 '-a J ny ??? Captain Biinkerhoff u looklag for
them Irom ll 1'a.o.
Another dispatch MTS :
Thc lateit iiifi.nn.iiH.il just received nader date of tho
I'Axii hist, fryiu Maxies ns tort liil-s, Texas, is tkat tue
hostiles are lo ike mountaini In Mexico, akoul 100 .mles
west ol Eagle Springs, Tsxas. 'Jline liuudreti kgc
Intend to attack tli( ui almut ihe l.'iin n,st. our troops
have been unformed and ordered to be on the alert,
Danvili.k, Vu., July 20.?A storm of wind,
Lan an-i rain visited this rsgtoa yesterdayBfteraeea,
and wns follosveil lost Bight abo'it mtdnlgkl b> ano!Inr.
tho sourest kuown in this section for yeela, Tiie
thunder and llghtBtBg were le-.-rilic-, tho ss iud ssas a tor
nailo. sod tho ram fell In torreuts. Tao crops are
greatly Injured, and tho liver, already risen severn!
feet, ls still rising.
Carlislk, roniL, July 20.-A terrine raimtorm oc?
curred hero lasl night, the water running four feet deep
in ihe roads aud many houses being flooded. Tho crops
11.1 in nc a injured. Many callie wen, killed by light?
WOS-B-UBBBj IMm., July 20.--TUC storm this morn
hM was very severs m ?ceespceh Vewasbtp.eB thu
low.re.i.,' of Luzerne County. A brick church Wits
ileuioiisiied, tveo barns were blowu down, crops dt
mtiluiied, roads blocked, uud railioud trains sUniped for
llAitiiisiK no. Penn., July ????- Advices from \ nrlc and
C iimlM-il.ii.'l e;ouuli.ss re-l.olt tl?il (U uti.rm l?SC Stahl
was uuufcuiillv Bevets iii these loeaiitlee, Near Mcmimis
lo?i. tue ban. of J. 1.. Hyde ssas ?????*. .ft,1'!;_ '!?".??
und. with lisconu-iiU, was dostroyi-a. AtlMlsburs its
ci ace to tohseco ami otbe.ro.oiis by hall svas tory
un au At vailois placet lu Cuii.li. il-nl Cou:it> a 111:111
ber of cattle* tv>;ie Allied bv IIMltlllllg. . . _. ....
IsiiiM.iKK, Jul-, -jo. -A f. 11M1.1 rsm stoi in vi- 'i.t
ibis, city itiirt Us vicinity between miduUlit and UuyMitht
hisnomiuK The rsio fell ta torreala [or mers ti.an
? h,.uri it'.'ouip.n.ocl by thnml'i ami llgbtalBg. Hev
.rt..,cetio. sot lae city utu? inuuuated, aad persons
g'dfn m [btu hou.BBOUlli.. Un. s of ti.verc-l st.. ..ms
winch uss- through the city. The damaga wan ooas^
ti ur !. nu several pisces wen straek w llgbtslagi Um
malts of ss lucie, liowovcr. ?cio uoi serious. A Sitings
feature of the gtortn was the destruction of hundreds of
English sparrows whi.-li bsd nesls in tbo public squares,
lue min fall was .'I to niches.
thi. PROHIBITION candidate.
I'DiniAND, Mc. July 80. Oatmeal Neal Dosv has
written bletter accepting tho nomination for the
Prestdeaey by the National Prohibitory party.
After eommentiog ai m.un- length on the evils of
the .innot traffic inul the ri .-potability ol I bs I'io
hihitory movcinent, he cnmlinl.-1 as follows :
1 eonsidei Uk- objects of thi- Prohibitionieteofthia
conntry to be of supreme importance to tim Inter
i-i- nt tin- Nati,m ami tin- people. Aside from its
bearing np 'ti tim moral ami religions svclfaro ol the
I- mil'-, I consider the snnpiMsloO of the liquor
trame io be an obied nf farareater political Impor?
tance thun ans- Other now claim.iur the attention of
the country. My lifo haa been largely devoted to
the keoomolishmeni of tbat purpose, Perhaps] mny
hs,-in eemj dearcel bopesin relation to it realized,
at leust in thu*, mv n\vu Btate, Mut however that
my be, in the tutors as m the past, 1 shall keep that
ol.ji-tt in view.
while 1 sincerely wish that the choler of a candi
elate hv rio Cleveland Convention had fallen upon
some other than myself, I accept the nomination
willingly, being sore that it will provo to ho the
humbie beginning of a triumphant encl.
inv TiiiKiiitAi-ii Tn Tin: timbi'nk.)
Washington, July 'JO.?Hm Idea has lately*gonn
nut that Attorney-General Devens lsludisefent,Ib
MOM degree, with regard to tho nppoint
im-iit nf deputy marshals nnd tho execution
of (he Election laws, 'I his is wholly
incorrect. Ho will do all that BBB legally he dime
te execute the Election lasvte. Altin,null there in no
money to pay tim deputy marshal^ Judge Devens
belli vis they svill havo valid claims against tho
(joverninent for their services.
(N(t>N ?MILTING ol' TBB BTATB Cl ?M Ml 1*1 KI .
The Democratic Slate Committee will meet at
noon tO-day at the St. Janies Hotel. It is (steaded
to utan th.-- cam pat gu at once, If thc assertion of
(icm ral Lester 15. Faulkner, the chairman, eau he
trusted. He closes his call for the Bunding with the
Napoleonic sentences: "Victory awaits us. Let
the campaign begin."
One of the requtsitea for a Democratic victory is
harmony, and lins la by no means attained, nor i.- it
likely tn be at present. Tbs elive branch held forth
hv Tammany Hall bas been lather Insultingly n>
ji itel!, and th- tmi -i|,ellie is that Tammany, in
self-defence, must nos-,- liiaiie :i stmng light. Mud
one of its hail is s i-terdiy: "I do imt think
that tho Democratic party of this state cm tret along
without tbe aid of Tammany Hail and tho anti
Tilden party throughout tho Btate, It maj- suit
tome interested leaders In Irring Hall. John Fox.
Hubert O. Thompson) Maurice J. Cower, and a fnsv
ottMBMN willing to seo the iSi.-i'i-.imperilled rather
than give up what they laney to bo the ad van alo?
of Irvine Hall over Tammany Hall in the matter of
spoils. Hu( they will see, when the' campaign is
elided, ss! it n mistake they h.'.vo inaelc. Tntutmi 11v
Hail will go inure than 111111 wav to secure harmony,
inn it (iocs noi propose to submit tamely to hoing
un libbed, lt will light for its political rights to tbe
'Ilic Stato Committee will iirohahly determine
whether a state Convention shall ia- held to nomi?
nate ;i sneccosor to Chief Judge Sanford li. Church
or whether tim candidate shall bo named bv tim
Btate Committee. Judgo Kap.illo, now a member
of the Court, ls likely te receivo tho Democratic
nomination. Ho ls popular with both wings ertha
party, bnt whether or nottho antl-Tildcn faction
woulil support him if iio wero first Binned in tho
field by the Tilden State Committee isa question
s-, hu li cannot ho answered until tiio Kelly State
Committee masai in saratoga on Friday.
Among tim rumors thataro floatingnuout in Polit?
ical circles is oue that tim Republican Btate Com*
n.ittco mt. nds to nominate the preeent Chief Judge',
< barlee J. Folger, appointed hy Governor Cornell
to lill the vacancy until it can bo lilied at tin- ap?
proaching election, and that his opponent will he
Judge Uapallo. If these nominations were ma,lo
thore would be no possibility of the elevation ni a
stranger over the beads ed! toe present members ni
tbe Court of Appeals. Leading Bepnblicans say
that th'-idea is a very gum! om*, but as tin- Republi?
can Hiate Commit tee will not meet tor two Ot tin..
wi oks jet. upcculalious on its action aro rather pic
Letters ot good-cbeer coiitiuiio to ht- reoeived
daily at thc headquarters of tim Republican Btate
Committee. Tbe greeter number esk tor campaign
documents, and many of tin- writers announce that
they ni'- abont t<> gel up clubs f-.r Tm: Ti.-iium..
'ilic visitors sven- more UBmerOBS than usual yrs
tirdas-. Among those wbo called from otber Btatea
were Atinriiev-'i'iiei.il Di rena and c. K. Chase, of
Washington :' !?*. C. (mit, ..f Pensacola. Fia., Fred?
erick W. Holts, ot Mt. Vernon, Ky.; Julius J. Katey,
nf Brattleboro, Vt.: J, N. Stickney, of Rockville,
Ciinii.; .('.lin M. s. williams,ol Cambridge, Mas3.;
ex-Judge .1. S. 1 lioinpsoii. tn' Los Angeles, i lal.
o. C. Moore, Editor .of The Natkuo (N. H.) Tele
erupt, writea to .Mat null Jewell, chairman of tit.
National Republican Committee: ."Has jul' long
nd voca ted tho policy cf exchanging Northern and
?Southern speakers, as calculated tn uproot prt-fu
lillis, (o make ihe contcstof parties one of reason
and not of passion, and to place the union of thoee
M.iii- on ju-, ami enduring foundations, 1 here
ss itlijieiidcr int seri ices t,> iii ? National ' 'ommittet
for auy two woe ka except t im laid t n " in ihe month
of September aud October, in any Southern repre?
sentative district ivborc iii. Republicans bave any
chance nf ss inning."
William E. Chandler says that Mr. Moore is " a
practical amt supt i ior sneaker, \* lm is beginning to
Lavs a national reputation as such.'
Ex-.Tuilgc J. S. Thompson, ol' Los Angeles,
Cat, wasons of tbs Medora at ihe Republicen Head*
qusrten resterday. ii.' haa beea preataeal in tho
Wm liiiis-tiie-n's tmis't-iii-iit iii Bo at bern california. Bs
vt,ii-ti fm Bx-Oovsmer Bejrnoor lu i-(is sad for Kn
QorernorTUdea in i>-T.?. 'lins year, however,ha will
vote for tho Republican BBBdldatS, Ho taluks
I'.ilifortna ls rinse, but willi the noeSO
-ary atimunt of sst.rte it i-tin be carri.d for the
Itcpubllc-.in th l.et. Ito failure of the WorliiiiL'tneii's
movement, lu- says, hi ? oom plicated tho politic tl prob?
lem son* w hst. i ie Greenosck movement ls very w. ttx
in ( .illloii.l.i. WBal i- m'ib tl ts th.- iils'i'in n.iiiini iif
polities! iii i umeills null s|n stkilii: hy SOBM Of 'iii ni -t
i oro oratora. Peunior Biotas is especially in de?
mand. Half a dossa speeches hybla aoatd awskaa la
It'll ne eutluislasui alOBB the I'm i lie Coast.
l'uiULASD, Mc, July 20.?A met ding ol thc
Repunllcan Mate < Bmmlttss was hsM bees tonight,
tl)" linn. J.min IA. Minim pMBldlsg, lin- BBmpalgB will
opeu August l. _
Wilmington, N. C., July 20.?William P.
Ci.i.atUy, (nit .tor al CastoaBsat this pert, waa aemt
nuted ut ,-iiniiisLie today as BspnbHsan candulaU) for
OoBgressltom the Third Osagrsssteaal Dlsctlrt.
BnUXOnKLD, 111.. July 20.?Thc Ki'puhli
e-iiiis iif in-' X I I'h District to-day nominated isaac S.
Morton fur OongfSSS.
New Oiili.anil La., July BO.?TBS BBB. O.B. Hooker
mln.it. 'I foe OMBgnas to day hy Hit Democrats of
tue Filia jun- insippi Disir.ct._
? ??
Nonroi k. Vu.. July 580.?Benntor Johnston, chair?
man ot the Terbiown Osutsuaiai Osmmltiss, ass raln-u t
msrtlnsol di" i?bSOMlttCM ?t bxygWO Hotel, old Vuint.
Virginia, on liirm.my. luiy .7.
changing BIS in rn Of l.mioh.
Columbo*. Ohio, July uo.- Qi I beti <?. ra/jSnper
Inlriidtiil ul lin. ->l?ie InsUttili'Hi tor (hr Inut ntnl liiiinl) In
tiiii cit/, rssigasd today, san mci pied ihs snHsmtsaiSBsy
Of H BlIUlli_Ll Ul.ltltllll-'li III lilllie" I.'I UL
BAVB9 yincd nen Hie.
Ni w-ponr. Julv lit) ?>o. n after the sffimcr Old
Colony taft New-Vsrh l"*t tincl.t nu ani.ii.iwn matt Jump" t
us, il.e..ird. 'Ihe aletiiuei **- v.,,-.,-. ,t. ? boat oma ..uri, |
und tm- lunn ISSSBSS 1" l?" SBBBlSS SMS tho alwin waa
ICl Usn.Mi, Vii.. .luiV ll' ll..It-ins ff l'..ht
i,i *i-r Km lira liSTe. aBl'txA I" "mk" good lbs dell, in-, j In
11? a.'ceiuui Li asea ob iiinmUi. winch -Mil avert sortmiasl
pruSS-Utlos. I h- l'cial offlcu l. uow In I'dargo of J-H-BMBU
t'o-luia-ter ii"1 l't'
Kin Fi a ? it". .J"l> 2? l'"' Cliambur of Con i
_..., t/.,l?) ad.-i.te-'l n MOhiUon asBlBS lbs Cslltsrsls fem
_] V-mu. oelwV" lu -i^i i--i'\ 'J"--r-" -*i'i""i "?;'
ei;roai.-.'tliew...k of ti.e Unite* I -Ut-? fr..*.si.hle)iil aad
tfiMicrsBt Kal .^i.'-va weat of IDe lOOlli MitrluIaD, aud fur s
\___t.ibu snj ot tt* cossi trow csllfomls to Aissks.
TBA DBSBOUO AT Qt'AnA.vi i\i'_.-i"WLV ntkamino
ll' Till: DAY ?AN'CIIC)|;|.|) Al I B i S IX -TIIIKD-ST.
in ran bobtb bivbb?coynmog 01 nm
Tin* obelisk wuh brought to this port yester?
day Kati iy l>y thc steamship Pcsnong. which
i- iiiiihoicd in Hm North River. In thc hold
thc liinimlilli in ftuiiiel in good conilili'iit, Iii fil?
ly held in place by many heavy braces.
Thc vim age was interrupted only by einc*
accident?a broken shaft. Thin fortunately
wns enaily replaced. Details ol the voyage,
gi related to ? Tbibi rm reporter by Com?
mander (Min inge, nre given herewith.
Tim si- -iiut-liip Deteoog linne to aiichor in Qunr
.?i.iitint. yesterday morning at abont half-past 2
(.'clock. Tin* thy was then cloudy, ami before
du s bleak n slow and drizzling rain was
f.illinir. Ahout C. o'clock tho weather cleared.
Four other steamers were also laying at anchor
there, the Titania, which hail ju-t como from ('ulm;
the Castilian, (ron Rolland] the Rew-Orieens, from
Ness'?Orleeaa. aad tim City of Charleston, trom
Charleeton, Thc Health OfleenP tog passed from
oin- to another of these in rapid raoeessioo, and in a
few minute* they all steamed bp tba harbor, lear*
ing tho Desiouir nlone. Sho reniained at
her anchorage until h:ilf-past 8 o'clock, Everybody
onboard w tis sve 11. Tho run to tbe etty waa slow,
the Dcssoug only making nh.uit tbree knots un
hour. At .t few minutes before ll sim anchored In
tho North Kiver off Twenty-third-st.. where elie
mainland during tho rest of thu day.
Tho vessel was visited in tho afternoon hy
hetween forty and fifty persons, one or two WOBMA
among them. Tho descent to the hold whero tho
obelisk is stored, is somewhat difficult, and the
feminine RBeetS did ) >t seem to take kindly to it.
Tho Dessoug ls sn iron steamer of 1,1(10 tons dur?
den. Hbo waa built in England and sold to tho
Egyptian Govern incut, by which .sin- was need ns a
mail hoat in Hie service to Constantinople aud thc
Ked .Sea. Bbs ia about '-.'n'J feet. long, li 8
feet hcain and 2(1 feet in death of bold. Slio
earlies two masts, ls ship-rigged and painted black.
?She was porehased from tbs Egyptian Government
by Commander Gorringa forn reasonable sam, snd
hus been lound admirably suited to ths work of
conveying tbe obelisk t<? this oonntry. Though
not a particularly fast vessel, her average
.-peed being only eight or Linc ki,otu an hour,
th.- Deaaoagiao- annean] strength, the iron plates
npiii her sides being Ihrce-qnartcw of an inch la
lim knee*. An American flag limited at her peak,
a turkish flag Bl her main.
Moat of the risitOfl apparently expected to se:*
the obelisk looming up on thc deck. Oa tbe con?
trary, it is only iltur a descent of two Hight* of
stairs that the monolith enn ba .seen, lt is in tbe
forward bold of tin- steamship, held In poeition by
countless timber* and resting on steel and wooden
litmus. lu tiie Iml.l ait lie the large stones which
compose the base, while between decka Ira the
hincks on which they reeled. Tbe weight of the
Dbehakie 190tone. Ii is 7i? feel rn length, 8 feel
minnie ut the lui-c, titnl ."> Beet A inelu-s square Bl t he
top. It occupies b spaee ia the bold of tho reese]
70 feet long
The Dessougleft Alexandria on Juno 12. (.'om?
ma ik'ui' <?' ningi- told the story of tho voyage toa
I'iuiu'm* n porter yesterday ns follows!
M After we left Alexandria, we hud strong bend
winds iiL'iiin i us. nntil we reached Gibraltar, whieh
isa* on Juno 99. While there we reeelved
i gu ut number <>f visitors of all claseea. Lord
Napier, the Governor-General of Gibraltar, and ins
itafl. and ni arly ail thc ladies of tbe Harrison come
un board. Tbey all went down into tbe hold?not
t v.ry easy taak for tho ladies?and
ucsmtned the obelisk. Loni Ripon, sslm
waa at Gibraltar on bia way home frotnlodia. also
called on na. 'lin yali seemed surprised that ss.
had beea so inecessfal, and vs ere very hearty
in tin ir congratulation. Two euaineers rrom
l'riestc al*1.) called to sim .:.-. Tbeweatbei waa
very good after that, with tbe exception of one
day, when we weie shoot forty-eigbl Imuis' snil
from Gibralter. Thc Fourth of July eras cele?
brated in a quiet way, tbat ia, by Bring off our can
*? The next day, Monday, when sse irere half way
lOTOSS the nc-un, t lie thafl i-f mir aft eugine broke.
Luckily we had extra shafts aboard. I porehased
the vc?el nnd nil her contents, ont when
tho former oaraera fonnd ont about these
tatra shafts they objected. Flowerer, I per
lUaded them t'l let nu- luise them. Wc
lay-to quietly then for six days repairing thia
-huit, during s? iiiii. tiine we were fortunate enough
to have L-ot-il weather. If tbe shaft ? ?!' our forward
?rogine bad been broken instead of the efl engine
wc eonld lmve kepi on. July 0, tbe day
itt'-r we ni"! svitn this accident, we were
spoken by ths Austrian bark Rettnno,
nf Persagno, nnd wo gave the Captain the fol?
lowing note, n bich he promts ti to leave ai Gibral?
tar i
Tu the lloiiuctihlr s. rn tart nf the S'anj :
,-i. nu,, i 1) .-MOUg with .?-?? '.i-l. bruk? crank Shaft Ju'v
II, 1'iiitutlc 117, louttit nie 17. Spare sh ut la tielug Rited.
Probable detention icu dsys nntil repsln ure coinpletcet
Will try to keep between paraUeu :t7 aod 37:30.
Lil l li:* SM QOBBIXOB.
"She was bound for Constantinople, hut she
promised to atop at Gibraltnr to telegraph the iu
fietin.iti .ti. Bbe hus probabl] not reached thero
" Row uni. h did the accident delay you f
"Ai..mt s's en or eight daya In all We were re?
markably fortunate to bave such -food weatber
ss lui.-ss-,- were making our repairs. Uf course we
could In-se worked if tbe weatber hud been rough,
hm it would have been ni great disadvantage."
" What of the reel of sour roves ? ."'
" i here is nothing t" say. We bad g od weather,
bnt we oame along rather slowly. We ian iu close
to Fire Uland, so thal we could be sen and our
friend would know that we were nol lo-t."
?? Did you meei svitii munta opposition lu Egypt V '
" ie- ; 1 ilise ii.'ui ii Braal deal. We had to over?
come opposition from nearly every quarter, A
mi in i>< r of (syrians niece even formed a seem league
t" i. -ni- the obelisk. Tins xy.i* diacoven .1, how?
ever, mid tin- Government soon pot an end lo it.''
" Wus nol Mahomet l. wiiis favorable to you t"
" Ve-, bul in- was sorry Ibat hi- father bad ever
given tlie obelisks away. Yet. as In- had given hts
word, he believed in fulfilling his luther's promise."
" ll" v iinl tho English treal you I"
" 1 did not nave wiv lntich trouble with them.
The Ss nuns undoubtedly gave us tbs most eaase
for anxiety."
" Too huve had a grout many obotacleo throsvn
in your way. haven't you'"
It hus been nothing bu1 obstacles from the day
v.i' arrived at Alexandria, tor Instance^wa had a
gr. ;it tune svith tin- Insurance men. First, they
demanded 25 per cent, bot finally came down to -
per cent, after the ship and ths method nf stowing
it- ? argo bim i.nixamiued by experts."
" Whet no von Intend to do now T"
" 1 shall be i.i'i .ini.-.t al the Custom House this
afternoon. After that I shall pay oil my
men. To-morrow ne shall probably begin sst-rk
bs removing tho smaller stones whieh make
up the pedestal, aad tbs Ifaaonle emblems.
In two m tin ce- dava, I hope, we shall be nady tot
work on the obelisk. We will theo tako the Dee
song to ihe Fast Uiver to tho tlty docks. Caissons
will be built, and. when the steamet ls on tho dry
doi ks, tho ot)t:lisk will be removed to
scows, tim.,iuh an opening In tha side of tho vessel,
theo landed nml rolled to Central Park. Tho
method employed ia tho name ouo wo used in
" How inii< h money have yon expended BO fart"
'? Well, $86,000 i uo, 987,000. I >n seeond thought
I think ii will be even more than that. It svill bo
nearer right to aa) 900,000."
" Rave thu im.i '?" -i>*iiii vrnir own money, oa bas
nari nf Mr. Vanderbilt's Jiou.doo been advuncod
to voil T"
"Every OSal paid out I ? fur luis emile out of mv
pocket. Timi :. HMi.Do.) Isn't to be pall until tho
obelisk is in Cen ir il 1 uti.."
l.n iiletnit-Cnininiiiiilt'i' Gorriimc, of the United
?States Navy, ia a mun about Corty years old, appar?
ently, livo feet sloven memo m heiabt,
haVelBg a flunk and open manner. 1 lo?
ot Inr Quaama wero ns follows! Fust ott
ccr, John Hine; second oiliccr, James Cowell ;
chief engineer. John McIntyre; second engineer,
John Mia-iii third engineer, Angus Mcinnes, lu
addition to these there wero four quartermasters,
two boatswains, ooeeerpenter, two stewaida,swelre
Bremen, twelve seamen, issn cooks and three wait?
er-. There were live passengers on board?Lieuten?
ant Reston Bhtoodcr, I', s. N., who accompanied
CommanderGorrinaeaa a coworker In tho enter
juise; Francis Price, of Oleo Cove, who
(inn obarae of tho iron work (bf tho
Phoenix Company, of Trenton, N. J.; Henry
1 ..-ivies, e>f Noank, ( otiii., the superintendent of the
carpenter work at Alexandria) David M. shirk, of
Philadelphia, a friend ol Command ir Oorringe; and
un Ameneaii who sv.i- in Alexandria al ths time tho
steamer started, gad wbo wanted to try a long sou
To the Editor of Thc Tr th une.
Silt: I agreo entirely with the suggestion
tn lui. Tiuiu.nl thal it woiihl bc a serious t).umIt-r to
pnt the Kuy pt ian obelisk anywhere wl'.hln the encl. BBSS
of (Vtitr.il I'urk. The i>r?))er plico fer lt ls tn the Plaza
nt tin- Fiffli-.-ive. BStraaSB te tbs Park. It lie true,as you
lay, thal a meoetlth of this character hal no proper
pillie upon hu eminence. Tn such a situation lt would
rearmbleatossbeaona monument, anti as such it would
bc ode11-Iye. to correct taste aiul uo.iA fueliu...
Wo shall do well to fellow lu tnis respect thc correct
example set liy tho French people In placing tho obelisk
nf Luzon svltliln the Pine'.- iii; la Concorde. Here
people can se,- it, umi no one is obliged to ask upon
whose grave steads this MOBS eplri*.
I ilnceislr h.uki the Park Commissioners will tooan*
shier mis matter. COatral Paru should atTord no r?*tiu/
place for works of this sen t. Us rural diameter is al
r..nly Barred by struetun-s that huve no richi to he
there, nml mir elitsena siu-uhl eui milli protest against
ui.y itiril.i r violence being done to lin!) noble pleasure
ground. Very resi'i-ctfiillv, 8. II. Walls.
New York.Axoy 20, ISM
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sip. : Your eiliiorial of this morning with
regard to the situ f ir tbs Bgypttaa obelisk, jast arrived,
SSO-BS to BBS eminently sensible, nnd should commend it?
self tothc P,irk('i)uiiiiissioners. The s.ttuatlou of the tsvo
-itnilsir niotioliths. uni- itt tin* piaco d'.) la Concorde. In
Puris, ami th" ot lier lu tho Fiann before Sidnt Peter's, In
P.eiu.e, suggests the npprt.ptlilt.-ness of plai'lnx ours in
Ute oentre ot tbe open space just Booth of tha fifth-are.
entrance to the Park, la preference to nay other plaoe.
England has placed her obelisk uti the Thames embank?
ment, wbere it ts dwarfed ami rendered Insignificant
br fee rarroundlngs. It is lo he boped that a mnulnr
error win aol in- nude here. a.
Union Lciii/ue f lui), Netc York, .Tilly 20, URO,
CmrAOO, July 20.?A Mullington, Iowa,
,1 ip i- lt -u.i ? thst fourteen prisoners cotitiiu-d in the
ile: derson County (lllumi-i Jail matlt: their escape Sun?
day iiiteniiioii. The Jailer took an nltei noon holiday,
leaving a yoiinif Bweds in (barge, and, on account of the
sxtreme lieut, allowing tbs prisoners the freedom td Um
Corridor. Abott -i o'clock tho prisoners called for a
bucket Of water. As the tloor was opened to pass the
bucket in. the Swede wus knocked down and the prison
ora escaped to tho woods nenr by. Anions the uumli'T
tims liberated svns Topi), tboBagetewn murderer, it
ss,is reported yesterday that two ol tho prisoners.
Tine's in il Curr sun, li.nl Leen n-csiptured. Large bodies
of armed men are scouting ths woods ann deuas auder
brush lURoundlna tte jail, In which the escaped tucu
might lil-le for muns- days svitl out detection.
a Pekin, iiiumls, d.snatcfa ssys tissii the prisoners con
tilietl III Ht' T.iZ- well ('clint'. .lull ,-t II r: to lin ir ItTSW
beds al 'A o'clock yesterday sfteroooo, wlih tbs bops
that thev would be taken from Jail and get a chanss to
, pe during the excitement Barnes, the tailer. Bart
j itiu' iii - keys in id- pocket, and being aoseal in a distant
i.n i | toe city, tbs Inmates wera forced lo endure the
-n nie- until his arrival. Tbej o irersd Hour beads with
pieces ut bedding and tay flat wi the goori abd so es?
caped suffocation, but were too exhausted to attempt
flight when help arrived.
I'eeiiit.ssi). .Mc., .Inly '_().? Joh a F. Kiclinwnd anti
Binn -ii M. Yoaton broke oui of thu I umb trland c..m.ty
Jail, at l'oitlii-.i.l, inst muli*, eaeapins by using lour
luis.- keys, lhere is no trace "i tin- ragitlves.
Habtfobd, Conn.. Jnly 20.?An aceiden! on
s.i ?:i. nt v.ti'i j Balirood (iii- _poratBg throw the
up fi- (flit I Oin from Baybrook fr.im ito truck on tiie
Dyke below the eltv. rna conductor,Julius n Itaoon.
wu- killed. 'Hie engineer, Praneli BUlimaa, hud hi., ribs
broken aad wm otherwise icverely lnjund. Plremss
William Blanton svns throwo from the tra dix BBdsc tho
cnai, nmi svns lintis. .1, bat t"s lojurlss sro aol tatiana.
Conductor Bacon svns in tin- caboose, nnd rustling out to
lite i I-, ic.-, wa* thrown forwsrd to tho ground, aad tbs
. heel* pawed iver liim. Be. waa between tiny nml
si.-.' v s'-ai s nhl, and left a Wife nn.I daughter m.-.is
bn ok. i h.- accident wns mused by the earelesunesa of
a ii ghi Watchman, wno felled io properly ad]unt ii
IflLPOBD, X. IL, July 20.?A slioek cans-tl
by i nt iirij elli-- Wess felt here tn 7 o'clock tins BVenina>
li cause ti bulldloKi lo tremble.
Contd..'i">K. N. H., July -Ju.?A sharp slmelt of Barth*
quake nas noticed hereabout 7 o'clock lo alghl Tho
notion was rapid nnd Southerly wltb sa eastern ten?
dency. The slioek liistctl several sccotltls, With a per
Ceplible WUad.
Mam ulsthr. N. IL. July 20.?An earthquake of con
.-i iel -ililli- Violence visile.1 tins city shortly before 7
o'clock. Dishes and pictures were shakes downto-nlghl
ut m.n.s places, lt una been the general topic of conver?
sation thia evening._
WabhixotoBi July 20.?Captain Howgate
haa roeetred a letter from Captain Pa mer itstlag tbal
the repairs npon tbe Gulnare are needy conn leted, and
th.ii Ut iy expected IO -nil froa Bt. Julius to-day fer the
Antic regions. Tbs engineer sad ssststaat, to who-e
csreleasneai and loefflclency tbs aeoldeul to the ma
eliiiiciv of ihe (iuln ir,-ssas nttriluitcn, tiiive beea dis
chargod and others employed to All their places. Lku
tettuui Drone bas J. med tas v.'-sci st Bl Johns.
Washington, July 20.?Thc Interior De?
partment - .n receipt of Infornistlon, which waa lain
before ins Cabinet, tbat Bpotted Tall, beeomlng dts
sati-iieii, had it-iuovi d his children irom the training
seltool, where they line! ln-.ti in-.it tn be educated ; and
that hts coarse hail led ts serious disapptoYsl ea tbs
part of tl),- rest of the tribe. Wbo ..rc anxious to lie ttli!
eiiiett, uni have appealed to the President to denote
Bpotted Xall uud appoint ? nea eblef for them.
HALIFAX* N. S., July IH.?The steamship
i'm--ini. from liverpool, rta 8t.Johaa._l. Wi. bas ar?
rived h,tc, .-:..- met several icebergs.
The si hollier I-.. QeodWia anise.1 here to-day from
Kable Uland willi 100 tons of non rads from tho wreck
of tba ship Bandolier.
ile Brtgaattas Oca os, ?which steered for Lowim- yes
tei'iliiy, took 12.780 oases Of lobsters valued at $03,000,
besides other cargo.
Thc i ol tl-hcry .mom 1 the coast of Capo Breton la re
p .11. I very good of late
Governor Frederick Smith, of New-Hampshire, ls In
(-T. Jons, ff. B.. July IH.?Tho schooner Mala uta,
hence fur Bootoo with a cargo of sleepers, was totally
wreoked on John's Island Beef cn the night of tin- bia
lust. The ere w had a Barrow escape from eirossuiux m
Ute brsskers. Tee vessel whs tuilasared.
Mlelia, i .ferguson, one ot tim crbw ?f tin*shin Bombay.
nosy al this port frmn Liverpool, fell from the Jibbooni
sod was drowned before assistance could nash him.
His parcuts reside in New-Yors.
MriKAii.. .Inly '20. -Chanel A. Bentley, while
tins li,it ,i :,,ii i e,t hav nt limul.iii k io tluv. was oniclii by a tel
t'la-i. iiih sire Hit tl linos-, u lo tho around, fracturou" hm ?kuli
ti t. il/.
Ht,-ion, .lulv 20.? At lopsfleld. Haas., yesterday
I-rwli), Mire ten, ttie item of Albert BlBMOOa, willie hat hui* icut
h ? eli I toa iii lill., mnl hi* tallier goUty lo al* NSSBB, bailh
MiKri.iN, l'e-nu.. Julv 90.?Lucien Louder bru?
tally beal his wife thia merninie, and -lu- lt uow lying um-eiii
?cmos, tiie ilu. toisdsspalriagol bsr life. Louder ia aaaas iu
real. The csuoo ol (he gnari-d lu iiiikiiuwn.
A M-.\V*->I'A_'KH BOLD.
ToLii.t), <>hi)>, July 20.?Thc Doily Commercial
newauaiK-r (.atsbualiuiftit haa beeu .,,:,! by J. M. Bi twa.
a-ienn.-p. to A. SS -???un.-li. 1j1>- ut 1 tmli,? lou. Din,,, vi ho
H.>siii.: -,i tuntxol of ihe puper today, ll ss ill rtu_i.uu lu pub
1 itali iu pollilia.
Lona Bbaboh, July 20.?Micbel Carroll, n nar?
ri,n-nu Ur. liney a llollvwi/od Park, it ip ped od nie sooth.
Lound ttSlBJp trent Si Ihe i.ul'll. le.mi.tl exult-** li.un Una
mornings! wast Bad siatin.i, mud ott cut ui two. lie wu
toity )tan ot mtv and married.
Wii.MiNciitiN, N. C., July 20.??tcuhen Kicliard
n.ii, . - ei. I, eau red the imuae cf lcol>t-rt ltniint. v, hia (allier
In law. lu lit* ne-rtlieiti pcut ol tho city, Um laat nlgtit, mod
liat I Ia uceihri lii-iaw, Lucy flilnu.-y. to aesth, sud ali wife,
1'iiuny li -tiairunn, and luibexi Vluuuoy so Mvetroiy tbal lt ls
Uiuughi iMith - iU als.
rwti PABTtaa c ,M'A-n:i)~-\ViiY diiNKiiAl. (UB
ncr ii m(..i i.n it:: fm cilk.
Tlie campaign in Indiana waa opened at In
.IlaBapotta inst Bight by n BapaMlaM
Btaaa meeting at -wliich Bombi Rf
Behan spoke*. Di e-lai'iii-d that
tlie present Administration had eenuin, ted tim
Ini-itir-ss of tbe country Seic-et--dully. Ho
Illustrated the atraage incapacity of tho
Democratic party, mid un id that it would
Spoil BB excellent Oeneral ttl t.i -Ki- ii p e>r
President, Business men, le f-uid, would
take a (UUBMiog chance in fattag thc- IVm
ocratie: ticket. The record of thc two
parties wus contrasted, and tlie alnlity
of General Garfield to lill the PmMmHU
chair was shown hy his recoid in Conj.reM*.
Tho bu.islam c- ol the speech is j,'iv. n below.
Indianapoli-, July 20.-The Hon. fail >> Inii)!,
Si (-ri taiyul the Interior, addrecis-.d an imnn-use as
Hunltliige of I'. niilil'ic.'iLs to-mght at the-\\ i/waui.
The chief pointe of his ariniincnta are as follows :
Fkllosv CirizKxs: In rctpouse to thc iuriutlot. with
Whieh a large n i: iii her ul cit rum of ImliHiiapoli* havo
honored me, I -hall speak to you oniy BB a few of ths
f aeottoae which wm ba dlaeBMBd in the ptcscntcon
tsst) on thone, I mean, which como dire liy home to
you. I Bhall a-idres* myself to the ctmst rvatlve busl
Beseasanof Ihecmintry, whose Interest In |o.ltlc4 ls
univ tbat ot thc public ccood. I a all sppsal mu to your
pnsslnns, but to your reason, and v. 11li.,,.t tiny ifBBSt to
the artifices o( oratory, give vou a plain pra.-tlcai talk,
lu ttie Hist pi.ice l-l ut make lt cicar to our own mindi
what sse want. The answer ts, In a eeoOtai terni, Hist
we waaia (food QorerBBBsnt i thal if we have it wa
must endeavor to keen lt, and tbi: if we huvs
lt not wc uui-it e.itleiiv.ir tonet it. As I ? inL.-r of tim
present Administration now on the pt.Int sf yte'tling Its
liower Into the hands of a new net nf public sci vants,
I nity bs permitted to appeal to the candid Jtidirrue-ii'. >'f
the American people as to the manner in which Hi- pub?
lic business has tuen conduced duri.ur Ilic tu lasl yc.tr*.
I think I .tm imt i-xainri -rating when I a ty that tbo 'sir.
instill- d men of this cou.itry will admit, and no admit In
their lunns tn-diy, that OB the whole (he- pointsI Wb
nena bus BOOB conducted by this A-linrii-it'.if ,-ti, io far
;i- it ss us in its con tmi, hone-tly.iiitellii.'oiitly uud sucreas
lully. I should Imi the la-t man to cia.m p-i.'i ctinn for
ll, for as one nt tlmse who hid an oppo.-i unity to watch
nlTitirs lu detail, I nm well a-.vare Sf e.'.ms committed
and of failures sutf. ii'd in tim.md that respest. -Voad
iniuietiiitini) of goreraaaMthasersrbeea ur ever will
be ftee from them : aud witb respect tn tli. in I claim no
larger nu-a-ure nf charity than would be claimed bf
au- tm iiilnr ni a (it.veiumeut ticim.' upon correct mo
tlves of eluty, and Wllttag to have the Beti nrnl tlie gm
aral saaeeao nf ths Administration unpart-allj faggot
asa whole. It lins maintained the public faith id
raised tho credit nf the United Htatt-s to a lo'.nt never
reeled before, lt luis with cont latent energy follov.t .1
a policy relit*vine the country of the evil* of au irra?
tional am! danu'emus money system. BBd fleetly pro?
moted th.- pro pi riry of the people by t'n- restoration of
(?Dccie p..)m.-.I--, it has finn'..??! en-assent ?assss ot
tm- .Viminal i.i'i ni- daeSS nt a lower In eta -r, and thus
saved ninny millions a y. ar te) (h.-Lu,.nye.". lilias
faltnfully executed tin laws with a e-cui-i i.-ntious ob
ssrvanes of soand eonstltattoasl prlaalpton itv tts
tiileiiiy te) thee ? eonstltotic sal prlaelpls li has r. ssotni
ninny OBStestSS ss in -li ,-ti B 1 IB the way ..t i f t l-mlly uu
dentaadlBB between tbedbBBteatssstlensel the aeaB>
try and different ciiis-e a nf people. It In.J, un,I, r try
lagdronflutaaeos, whoa the pabtte poses was dSsisehed
ny riot ami vitiietci* .ii the part of BBBBBetOBI elisa of
ciiz tis, irani iy sided the leatstntfen of 'eider timi se?
en-.iy by a c iiiii nud moderate i-mplos BM nt Bf ths
United po'tr ut its command, wuk set In any
ease ressettag to ? 111)1111(1111 stretch ? f aatherlty. it tins
icfooaod many almsrs in tbs public servtee, in "used a
higher ssBseefdnty bite tts tiiffereitt btaaehae, raised
|M IBsral tone, itu r -ase,I Its ttUfieucy, | utn-ht-i dislion
1 -ii inul kept i lie service ut.sullied by the -..iii.I ila nn*
|Og bess Ins notions ot olllcliil liilegnty. lu say lint Hil*
I u 1.1 nm unmindful of Hie fact that tbo iclo.iu ol tte
public servile hi-- not overcome. In st) I I.-lt .. ilt-givc 3*
waa intended aad a* waa BsstrsMe, the sBstaetes sppoo
inj; it in the sliiii-e of iiivcteiati-politic:-', li.-,it ..ml au
tagootatielateresti thatttsrefeie tue highest staadarfl
has aot Beea roached; that esses nu*t_tLi. saes ines
111,1(1-' ,11 UM seieellOII of persons for pilli.ic position?
point-of whleb i Bhallsaf ames ? tbe .marie el tin ss
r -rn ."lie: imt )i is e. 11 iin tv inn- that tte B rrfc ? ls now
ibowtag a grester dagroo of ?dosey, a Ubobo bmbs!
Bporlt, uud a aleut." lht-U't* of i!u:y th;tn ha- pit-sailed
pt rhaps i-.i ;i'iy ttmt Blass the period s i.. a lha ukaekan>
iratlTC iiinchiiii i.i w.is tb mondia- d liv tbs inirodiiitios
nf tao spoils system, lt bee la Maw of ns braucbasho
trod aced iii- - and tn th.n's which hare horns Bsestlsal
trait, sad ave espable of tts smsI bu.:;. it d.vciop
tilt-lit :f fur!lier tallied BB by coming iiiliu.iil-riiittoli* IB
?sympathy withtbtss. I think icun aaj aithoal ta_#
nrattoathsl thees saadavsmsatB will itaad BBejaso
lioueii In history bv all falr-inicuied nun. W.thul ths
cotinli.s ts ou the Shole in geed con litton. TBS people
are pnspsfoas agata i knstnaaela BtTlrlagi our mdns
irie-ure acllve; litii-u' linds ready BBd r. ninti-i-nfiTS
eiiiDioynis nt; theOoTomaMBi enjoys tin- sonfldsoeeaf
the husines, ciiti.iii.iiiily in a rare degree, aa our fluau
eial Bsa-Bsgessent aaa wea the eeafUsaes m* tba wb-;is
WOBld. I.soiyho ly SOI - ren-.,n to Inuit hOPOfalt) into lbs
luiure. proviled thc couduct of our pul ile ud.iirs r?
iiiiiiiis us good BS ii bas been.
TUK I'.i:- IBS *M> I ll LI lt CANDI I" . I . -.
Wo have to deal with two punks un 1 h., rt ind I late*.
Tue Itepiibliciin party. Witt James A. Ol .lied at Its
heed, unil iin Dessoeratle party, with Qi narai BaaeeBB.
I do not deem it nc.-, i-sarv lo dist ima (he poiiiblltyof
thc victory of tts Om B BB k party uinl tlieir imuiim cl,
lor tte simple mason tbat their sbaaees al snasseasaa
BOt pereeptlMs to the ordinary eye, and tint th. Iror
KSUlS it:,.ii in iy bs l.-i.e.c-i Ut-oa Ano BBSCS ttiul.rto ttio
>',)\v I desi-' jon to put before your tn':;,1 ss i- li ltd
p.irtial euuilor lc .iiieatlou. WBOttSC tts DeBMSTBMa
candi ldc and too puny bebtad him eau 1 ?? b -' ?.- i-< n-te-l
upou tt preserve tliut wll uh ls good tu tte prSMBl BBS>
illit-'ii of ttiagS, mi'l ihselop lt lu ti.e dirt ction of im?
provement I I wish to Stott the qiie-tl-m mildly, tor I
tun not partisan eiinuu'b?iiideed, my 0rtbodOZ| lu llu.t
rcspeoi ano bow and bbsb boan unssttonod?tt desi
in wBolesals sod ladlscrlmfBats doaaact itloa o. our up
poiit-nis. Xo speak la au sandsr, lt appc MttBMttafl
the Democratic puny labors uiitter hl-to-ic BS well ss
coiistilutiouul ditlL'.titles. Siuco the dos. nfali and dls
tppi traaes af the ci.ive sower aa a coin, aol peUMsal ba
li lest, fi nu Wbleb the DsBMSnttS pa.-.v, mon- tl.aa
tsseuty >i ars BK . dortTSd ita BBOtalS, Us li Rle, Us politl*
1UU lilli Sad SlBllH IBBBBlBi thal pulls lu- Bl ilo-JU
detiogaboat, out of laglsal aennaetteB watt tts sjssa>
Boas of tte day i aerer knowing tts tune ,,r du> ; ai*
ways looking f"r POBBBttttf to tun. up, i.ittl ss hen aoms*
thiuif did turn up, ipafttH N ; laim ly lagflBf iii the rear
or the events ami R u'llleiui ut* of tbe tiny ; always be?
lum!; denouuci-i-ius impossible things iii it WSCS nli t.niy
at -cotiipll- Ind fin!-; wm; a SttBBBB inc* ip te-ity it-tin ler
stKiul the pc sent nmt ti BB I'.-.m* thc fut: : | ... "...ng
Itself the re lpn ul .eitel rallying point fer n I cl iBBBfeoa
aud ob-tiiictivc .le-iidi'iicles aud el.tm-iris, ami ihns
com tn it ll nu bluu.lt i aftei blunder, wbleb ut the mon.eui
ot their birth lt uniformly glesled tu as ?rc:i! ai
polo-y. (rom tbo SSOSeSleB ni .sen:, nt lit h'-l tl-.wii to
tUe nomination of iii tiers! Hancock iu l-->
Looking back to the y in 1^01, the fo nth s-cu- of tbs
cis ll ss.tr. ? In u t.i ,s iiiiu rn Colite.let.icy was tn ur lbs
total exbau-stliiu sf ll tOBOSBeSBi we timi tts DsSBSeBBBB
puriy in N'at.ouiil Cnnvctiiiou inleiunly deciurimr that
the war was a ftiilur.-anl must be aban .oneil. A few
monika aiterw.uel tho trlumiib of our artus B -i d . I.led,
and Confedoi ;u y teUBBSBfli the,re?toratien of our Union
was uaaureel, and ihe Dc.i.nc-.acy was lone.! l-. ..cku .wi*
ciUe that thg war had been a *ui.,->-. rae Duiocuer
bad proclnlmod Ita despair of the Kepublif Ju?t si the
time when the trlumpu of the Republic wau ripe. lins,
came evident to est ry oms that, bael the Democratic)
policy been uelopieeC. IBB WSS would li is e- m.I. ed li c.t.uo
a failure, and tne L'ulou hive gone to wreck stul ruin.
When aiavn v bn-ailied lt* l??t snd IU abolition had hes?
eltine sn evident logical necessity, ISfBllttfl nothing
mon- thau the form of Isw, tbe Democratic party de?
clared that the abolition of s'avcry would lie the ruin ot
tbeoouniry. snd must by sU meBn* bo svt rt.o Who is
there to deuy now tnat tbe abolition of slavery sa* so
absolute BeeaaaSkf sad bsa turned out it blessing I Ths
Democrats sro compelled to admit lt ttCSM *lvei. Vbsa.
aamcaaurcsof aisttleuie ut, thethtrteeui.i, lom in tn ii aad
OiUioutb smrudiueula were pasaed tbo Dimooral!.* pf.riy

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