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v<?>. XL..N0-12,382.
y\-> \ ? I -ti: HA KM M ri i NT rr 1.1 Y sf! I 1.11 lt Willi
MON RI PO* THI 1'KM.M l.A i.-.? ht M i i:\Tir m
R r *; i \.
* Ex-Senator. Barnum went to Indiana with
tWO nu n, who guarded oni< fully h\< baggage,
a icfa i- understood Io hsiT? inclnded ready
cash for nae in the election. It ie eatimated
that iliic arc Too Democratic repeater* tn
the State or oa their way to it. The Repub?
lican dnnoiHtr.itkui in Indianapolis yesterday
waa racceMful, and irreatly excelled the Dem?
ocratic dil lay. Benator Conkling'* tour haa
been a Irttdmg fcatnre ol the canvas*. Iii-;
?peecbea hare been timely and effeciive.
HP' C'MAI MULE l-l Vi K "N 111- WA\ tO INDIANA?
4 \l:i KILLY OV \i:r SQ Ml Pl Kl D WI -MONEY.
Richmond, Ind..Oct. 8.?W. ll ^Barnum passed
i mi New-Yoi r sall * d*)
. RI . i'l M llidl I"' 1 ai l
i , He v. u .!? i oropauied bv two men oc?
ean.' ii a the opposite section, who at Brat ai ? i
b?, to i iib in.il and no acquaintance
lt tu owevi r. thal they wore
, . Oil '' - |' ? - 'I, ll li
? ?I usual. AU l.<';.' care
fullj .ill i be i in ? in his secti m. K
, i :-. w v >i
? ii tween New-York and In
tl evei y
ate. and ? ot
.,. ol I ' otb< ra reliei
Doe ;ii" sal up * ile 1 he othera slept. 1 h?
thal ii-- ' ? 1 ld ?
ii . n il ?.
CL0S1 SG 1 Hi. * il \
-.LY lol; l li CTION HaY
Kl ri nu STBATION? MVLEfl r>
? ? i ? ii -.. i
-Til Di mocrnta tare rely- ,
: ? ruffians th<
Evidoutly thej
... iev can v in ob a fair
roto. 1 ' Boater* dow in the
re ii in .-xi-.! by
lt ,! , ? : 7<n?. Dispatches have been if?
ni v il during the iasl lwen?y-foui boura from New
'i l*luia?] Ipili'. li iltimore, v> ilminetou,
in and l'ii I thura, wann ni: the I nub
i ml.i the d< narture from 11 ? ?
I ul men kno*ii for tl en
Democratic ward polil cs, all bound foi 1 i
anti is, and furn abed with tickets to ko and leturu.
The advance guard nf tina army ol rascals l-a- ar?
rived, and they aro disMibuted aron nd among low
taverns, wheie tlu-ir board haa been paid foi un to
1 i the bo ird bil s run < nly t.t
i -i i Iii -? fellows
Brill ntdoubtell.vbe pntoff on the early moruiua
'i the State. Some may be
ni, t lo t !? una! , to \? : ? h place they iu;iy go mi
tbi ' rain leavn u here .ii 4 a, m.
\ - bal |t vi atch i? being kepi mi the movements nt
ill bi -.indrela by men detailed forthe purposes,
assisi . ; di etives I rom he east. Il English bi d
Bal umareplayiug ibis repeatei business as theil
I ? tramp card they vi il be beaten, Home fraud?
ulent votes will uo< tobi be gol into tbe boxes by
' champions ol il ii -' " Ire* vote and fair
,' bn1 the Republics ia ur.- too vigilant t?>r
I hi ni to <1 > a gre ii deal of mischief. J lie f? eling on
t ? ?:': r of this raid on the Indiana ballot-boxes
by hired striken and thieves from Eastern cities is
bo strong here that there is talk ol a public mi
of citizens lo protest aaaii si theoutragi
A ..I! \NH I I NA 1. KALI V.
T - 'iv th*- great dosing demonstration ol the
!.' campaign took place hore. It linda
donMe character, for it waua national gathering of
veterans <>t the Republican soldiers belonginsto
the < rganisation known as t li- ji<>v~ in Blue, aa well
(]??.! mass-meetin* of Itepubliean voter*. I he ait an
waa in all maneela a creal sacee -. Among the
ve'crans i?r--> tn wet* visiting delegations from
Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oh o. Penn
ly I vania. New- York, the District ol Columbia, Ken?
loi y and Alabama, Michigan sent over three hnn
tired men. The day parade was never l"; n
equalled in Indianapolis, Tba proceagion moving
nt a brisk walk was nearly two honrs passing the
new 1? ??iiii-.i.ii lin: e. lt waa about Ihree
li ? a> long a> the Ileum-ratic procession
of last I'ne-day nm! the eflncl was much
i Impressive display, Mr. Coiikluig
e wigwam: A. A. feeney, of Nev..Yuri:,
ami Postmaster General Maynard lu the circle, and
Era ry A. Storr* in front ol the court-house. The
sj ? ; aibv of the business men with th<> Republican
cause was shown by the manner in which their
blocks and bnildinga wet* wiih few exceptions
handsomely decorated with flags and mottoes, llio
Sir.king li a,una ul : lie procession were the loni;
linc ol veteran soldier*, all middle aged naen nov
marching with thc firm steady ste;is which tin
lapse ot DI teen vears haa not csused them to
au learn. In addition to Ibis lest ur* were tb*
in rsemen. the handsomely uniformed political
eli bs, and the diaplav made by tbe manufacturing
industries of the city and the stock-yards. Bar?
num's " seven mules " < ansi il a areal deal ol laugh?
ter, and an i um un ia- * li it- Garfield Ball, a> big as
atwo-storj house, kept "s-rolliue on" loth*de
liglit of the ape tatora. The torchlight parade to?
ni btistln ti ? t of the kind ever witnessed here.
Showy den.atralbuis art* not an assurance of
sncci is in apolitical campaign, but tl io Republicans
feel eui ouraged hy today's affair because
nf i;-- contrast with the Democratic effort on
Tue'day last, Hm! because they remember that
Mime years ago tbe D nocrata snrpaaaed them ni
tbe demonstration just before the election, lt. i*
eu ?(?marv :n Indiana Va each party to hold a i lea*
lng i ti', at the Capital, sod t<t try t.> malu: it as im
pnail g ;?! aft ur as possible, Tbe sm cess or fallon
of Hie effort nukes c nsiderable impression on th"
roten \\(n> aie waiting to see whicb way tbe
political current ia Bettina. Unto ii no
change ba tbe Indiana sn nation. The Demo?
crats ar* confident, thom li perhaps a little
;? iso 1 han a wt ek ago, Tbe Republican* aw hopi
fnl, and a great deal more s > than at any time dur?
ing tbe past mouth. Kverysid* ?* straining everv
nerve to wu tbe nee, rb* contest, though les*
demonstrative, is moe*, mete closely fought than
wa- ttuYi "f 1870.
sjeentary Doney lias recovered and was ia tbe
prece**ion to-day. Chauncy Filmy, of st, Louis,
:tiui Georife C. Graham, of California, :mo still ks re
assisting bim in the v\oik of organising. Thomas
V. Platt, ol New-Tetk, M also here. General Bancs
arri red l o-day fros* Obie to iii! three Indiana ap?
pointment*. Ea-Senatoc W. Warner easas ftmm
Alabama to attend tho meeline <J th*Boys io Bin*
There is no distinction on aeconnt ol color at the
as I': un i sun House, where toe RennbUeeii soraken
ni. i v -'uj>. A idii^ ftiB gn**ta at the Dennison an
T: derick A. Douglass,ex Uougrvaaman hiliott, of
Nil i (' ,i<? ii i. ji.il t^o other colored gen tt*in*n,
Kx-Goverimr Henry S. Lane waa In tb* proneamon
t amtfiug tho badge "f tho Harrison voters ol
tBOWM fAijI.R T') SEC. HIM?Allt.K BMBOagf Tn
gi ^ I,
IffaOM A STAFF 'Oltr.Efl'OM)l'.yT OF WK TkTIir.NK.)
tamaxaeou*. Oct, a.? Mr, Blaius/a Bt**wa**)a
lear wa* the aaeet stnkisvi ftatara of the Weetara
?"?taiga of IH7U. Mr, OonkUas/a stumping tour
??tar? tho ?um,; relattotl to the campaign of 1??<J.
Mr. Blaine is again on tb* stamp hi Ohta ami
Indiana, and draws large audience*, aa bc always
does wherever he goea; bul be ia not a novelty,
and there ii bo National Convention cb)**
st band, so the newapapen do aol describe hui
progress or anni his speeches. Mr. Cookling is n
eu ii t i mi't v, ami people an eager to se* bim and
to near or read v. hat be says, ile nus raraly ipoken
befora In a politic*] canvass outside of his own
Btate. and public curiosity is on tiptoe, His meet
lugs ara immenae, People meat theme Ive* around
linn by the square acre wtien he Bppean on a plat?
form. Tie eager multitude would take complete
possession of bim and occupy bbl antin time with
serenades and handshaking raids it he wen as
.ma. hie as 1111..-! Weat*] ti oraton, hut no one I
better how to bold people off at arm's length and
stint tb* door in the face ol a too
demonstrative crowd. Al the hotels where
11 ilona be let i on v tbe men
be wishes to talk n itt), no ' be annot I
lo speak from car platforms ortonpli totbeconi
plituents ol lin-* ian ls sud torch-licbl clubs.
Tue famous Ns ?-\ Senator ii mid ubtcdly
doing the Republican cause a anal deal ol good in
these two Mates. 11,-is almost tbe only stat
ol National reputation with whom tbe masses in
? nd [nd:ana are nol a tn ?? lia) familiar. Hi
exeep ? mem e in Sal io makes
want to know something ol bia
pet si 'i i'll v. hw ideas and bl manuel
ol -|- taking. His kiii echo i sn i>rwl I iu
lull in tin di inc n il new ipan s, a i i e icad b;
limn ianda wiii. \,ould u ..i n i ? li h
au h .vii*-.
i i 10.000 ii i pie vi Bo lu .ni hun in Wi rrn, i lie
.... i
? i who stood in the cold wm I mi a < iuciuuati
ip, (ne 10,00 H amid yest er
dai ,ani .... telling i ' him i s-duy
at. Terre lia ? i lion ol me
tx , be baa ?? .
?; oueu ;?' i ? cul ire iiew -??.?-( i
: v ci . . ri . i ii. - arc i
I.i. I hey n .
! . ?'. ely Hie i
issues rn lb u. 1
shown hi ..
bas i,iii I
i hmoii v. in ii be li ? np ? ired bel ire at
.Nraily .i.. i'ii,;....! stump ora
suet cn for a
ito, M .Co a rn w one io pvt
:. nth le. I h.' ; i
as well sa.iafied wini in* btiiiupiuc. ci| m
i. ?? v- ? cms Itelr a?
in their can v.iss be wi I prooably abandon
own bl i. ??. .-.
III I 4 El 1 INO.
Portland, Ind., Oct. S.?benatoi Blaine
add ri --.-ii nu imnieusc mi snug bei c to-day i li
also si a - in | ' rge i ? ?_ Ul*
volt e is siios effect of si' ? nc I
. ,.i ..... i
day tb it lie would uni he auls lo Ail 11m remain
? ! . ol tm lum m.! i', kid
? ? ' D Al MENTOR,
wonna of wt uomi ro vocno votebs?thr sov
luiiiiNtv ol i ni: N < > 1 i n- nu Pl uti oi tua
!' Ml OT-BOX?THK (Iii KV ll! III!' I! I
Ci.i vi) wk Oct 8.?The J*u-t Vm:-,' Garfield
nn.i Atti.ur Ital tainui, ol Cleveland, went to Men?
tor ibis afternoon b> a ? pecial iraiu ol six csi rn I
called on General Garlield al bis home. I'betrain
stopped al 'li" farm and tbe battalion, beaded bj
a band, marched a the naldene*, when Herman
W. Grannie, president ol tin organizatien. ni
brief eulogistic address, to which General <?..
responded ;<s follows1
Mb. Chaibmak abd Yoi ?g Oebtlem b?This Uno or
it'ii:.rv event in t ? bister) ol ti i ni u?indeed, in tar
blstory of sn? people?when, aa I um told, then sn ion
i bal e made i toa .) mi ney, upi for
say per.[purpose, bm n> exuross thai creal, gen.
et ..I. i .'i ni -t i in |..>-e iii .t arises iii I ne bear s of ..elive,
Iniellisent youtur men when tbej flrsi crappie wita the
great qnesi ons ol I bell country. I s.?. ol i
i|,i'ti like'lilsIn our blstory. With all lite plea i i li
brines I hsb ii.iund to ?ay il brines a IHUs disenebnt
ii- i>' lome In ibis Always t. tbls time I tiuvo leen
. , tl ii.' ll Ul I ll -1 iii ? lliysi ll ,| voil! L Ii: .1!. 1 I..?11 f Iel
.m.: upi hm-, j jf before ?'.!! arrival unynody bod
raised i be question, I should bave tsertcd. witbscood
deal of indignation, if un.' ' "ly bad gemed lt, Ut*! i
mi -i i w i- it ronna- nan,
but tiny tell in- -"a an''o i-i-i your ili ?. N.i i :
it s Presidential el-ctiou. li that ia ? , veone man
.s I .ne. I roted before any oj jrou were born,
: itel and app'ause.] i, ron arc j tune, and
v . i-, burros nc iii-- language nj nip yan Winkle
winn !?? HwoKe, (rora thai lona sleep, "Who
ii ila- world am lt" 11. m.: m-r sn I appian |
I niuo have passed Ibo v, ii flush ol youth, al least,
R i . you |( cern emen, 1 bave not sn .'.ir tefl ibe gussi of
j un io I ravel Inland but I bal I em yery well
i?? u,. luiie; tm. state ol ronna manhood, t om sn
,-x;it i mee in u ol tomi rears, nnd there ii uotblng
to nie iii thu world se Inspiring ss ti
possibtiiiiei thal Ile licked up in the bead and breast ni
ii yoitug man, [Aitplmim 1 His hopes thal lie br lore
him, lb*! areal nus iround bim, the great aspira
lions al ovi him. a I ibt -e things, with tbs untried path,
wai ot ur,- opiinns un ila difficulties ano dangers, tn
spit* >. to courage ami loree sad wore. I*
h a spectacle tlisti Ibe very gods would lo k
down noon In ancioni Rinnan nays with more iban
mu m.,r ii ie" -i | lpplouse.|
Now, iel w -;:* it stacie w?rd or two In answer to Ibis
tt...! ? illina, md c niijiiiineat of yom ? niiiig Iv mr
:, u . .? Kl ll .-? in '? lb ll;. Igbl ? 'nat I know gel I I I
i he i.c.uK iii \.niiii: men and inspire them, sud sum. uV
loaioiis that aro likely to set into ti,'ii minds. LH me
-ii. .ii, of one delusion tim Iibink, rrom t'-- remarksof
your iTnuiii.il:. von an nol Ikely io have, lt isa d biston
tba* affects all men more or less, particularly t eyounc
men?tbs delusion ihal ?^< ?<? I things and creal tiling's
anaomewaj off yonder, away ahrual. Tbntiaoneoi
ibo delusions il ti I I tpe yon an But living tn now. To
iii:, irate tins. Where ( sp.ni mr ehildbood
tiirre ii .a lon- ir little brook sud ii gocre
when we need le go down snd And
slate stones sad whittle ibero uul nun pencils for onr
st yes thal were better than all oilier nrneils inst we
bronc ht from abroad. Bul If any boy ever bronchi Into
out bi hool w ii t is not m suv English dictionary, un: in
<?,. M'booi-boy's dictionary, ? ?? bouaiiten " pencil,
could i ??' a who e handful ?l onr ooine-oia I ? i* nells for
ll, and yet every one ol oars waa helter than Oi
I ho I lie uro iijiif ir..tn abroad, Tiler* waa a th lus on
..m.,1.?.. a-1-i.*t ouis.d'- ol -a-, jii.i, :in!ii a*, v.si glory.
? ns greatness.
Now, as to om country, lat us notgetanj mob dela
sion into our heads. I know all snout abroad ?
what lt is u? enlarge our minds by u. Bm J
n .-I in thndcpibsof lour bean I bal Un ie i- iniabro I n
all lu- world t ? it is nail equal io Hie clory o heine an
American here ai home snd to-day, [tlreat applause.]
Right In-te ni lins yuri! t- ii splendid ipt-cim u
(?? ai is u .1 sovereignty, th* root sud emwno u..^
Amil,! suv. ii'i.-m v. Enlarge it low lha million ol
men who vote sod yon have the grand, i ucu?l soi ? re; ru
n! tm- ht*' 'Uni 'ii s' nulli ol time, l.'ie A Item .ill I: pub?
lic. [ \ ,|i1jii-i-.| Nowtuatlba sovrrsitrn aball benn
macs u-d forever, lust tua: sovereign mall benupnr
chasuble wken be eli.mi- si tbs bal
io order the suprsms will o' iii" N
timi ibal soveistcn shall be nan nmt
datod by mortal man when hs nilen thal Baal nuntin
word that ooromaadi th* continent?tbs! is iht ?. i it
parpose thal ail tran Amsnoous should ksep la their
minds, ('.nat ApnUu?e.|
Winn I kee SUeh .: li lill nf lill Desi Vi BBg lin ll Bl Ineil
nil in re io-.isy I fen] eerialu tbatll they could ditploj
tbemseivos ss a illw-boi guanl lo dsfcud
ih-pin ni nf ibe American ballot-bos |applau? |, to
stand ann nd lt sa around 'i crs>U? of om st i -i hu
eui o'A merles n sover lenty, sucb guardians, such de
leaden, will keep Un lb p itdle pure snd keep il free.
Vi,ni l- cenl emen, youi vi-.it io me gives ma * coin oil
h.i nt ol in- blaasst son, and while it dlseucbsais me,
as I sold a little wnile ago, lt mil reaches tue bsnd ol
yoma out to me, which f take with .iii cordiality and
ranieslneasj ui.il foi y..ui leudered mpporl tu tue,
wbieb u t.'.t tor my sake, bat for ike saki ol
un liuis.. of viimii l h.ii now (lie representative,
I i.;ie ron Bl! the tm.nie of ivbie i my lie irt I- cspalt o.
|App.a*se.] flie Souse M small, tbs farm .^ small, toi
Piw.isbiii is small, tbs eennty ii .< smal one, oat nil
tuen u la li i" giveol generusity, and nospliauiy and
ti. lu ..ne - all that ls In mi bsnds loglvi - is roora wbdi
i UStS). IA|.p:.iii.e .ii .1 el,. < :>.| 1 !uil jnu Welcoum
to all then is ol os, x nib men.
Devveh, Col., Oci 8.?A report has ranched hero
that a. s. j.i-ksui. tie. ni i, wbi sbst sn IniUss s les divs
I sae, wasr.aui.i d adatiai .take, urosi nr.imisiit piersiU,
sad tin- c.uaciis iiiieHieii rengssi ?
khcapk ami BauAnr/BJt,
BoRDEBTuw.y, ...J < ii . h.-;,.. i.- P. Conover,
SHtOM l'r.?>u e.Oiivi. ' ]:iii,;il f:,:n u triln DSSf 1 liirniici
M. i li.i. vi i?i ia) altai uuiootioj, bishsau<-'itri liv Ul naas of
s UHiibp.vn. Uswasesngbl after a eases ol two attics
i iii. BOU i ti i *n niivi Hun.
Mfmiuik, Tenn., O t. B, \i C.ilia. Bolivar
( onntT M.hs . i.i Wsdssadsjr. n i. Owsa. smstles, sod J. n.
(?lovel, wuoni li* baH miti led i.m.r a u lt, tile.* pot tis SB I
?li a soe , inlier. ov.u.i (??! tina.!, SOC u.ovoi die. eicui Inn,ut
aller ,unl.
OPsUUTIKfl tH new york AM) CHICAOa
Cnn *(i". <> L * ? Ar inn Will-n, ? young man
was wsssrresisd ban aa senoras of sn^iinc from hu rm.
j, iofi. ifft ledsytst NaW Vstft, w.iere ie in cliargnl mh
(uv mi ?-ii'l>?4Z nil ? ouiialilciaule siuuaul lr .m u.. uriu of
buuel. L.Spiy & ' ?
RlCRMuRD, V*v. Get. H.?George Lowry, a few
il.ii - h.n.'? s-o-.ii.li'd s iwuioir; iiiuimI M?-?--, In N?Una
('.muli, wittie Davsd 1 tm':.*, los 'unlink in i.iw miltie,i bat
a sin Atier srnsL seedy ss srassd uiisvns o>erpvH*rwi
tl - guam sod husg bulb euloma nmn*
OB tmi: imnniMi m-i i.'.ri'.i-i ? Ria at
INGTON | Xl'ns! lt I I I.Al. MRAKI UBI-l> Tn '
it i. him to PAT IT.
William H. English hag bnrrledly put for
ward explanations of lii> parl in tbe pen
siuii fraud, winch are shown m tbe dispatches
appended to be utterly valueless. I' Inproved
by hi* nwn letter timi be claimed to har* re?
ceipts on hand which be did Roi gel until
long afterward. Ii ls also ahown thal Eng?
lish, while .1 nu nillir of the R sidenl Demo?
cratic Committee al Washington, refused, un?
til compelled by a law anil m.my years ifter,
10 pay a widow ^7:>1 due ber for thc ase <?!
committee rooms,
A WliK lui KO mi !"?? WARD IV EKGUSR?
M \ i ^ SHOWN li RAVI DEM ll HIS SI i
111 Bl iiuVAl?' Ni, l-il PROVRD lu BR BELT
< un tn ADP I ?: V.
i . 11 ,.i...i u ,i ro . .
v, \ itiHOTUN, Oct. 8.?lt is not .*ssary tn
i-l.it i .i' ? ... . 11-, ' - ami ol ?
pan' i ? \\ hn-li hiv.' been i I rom 1
di.m..|i ilia . - tbe defence ol' William II. 1
i i ,- ch ,i -? - m.i'le in i'm oflicial papers ot
Ci i,l, .i Polk's Sr, ml i ol Wi . 'i
li ne.u! uni I ti i (m :
could bo ia:. 1\ made from thi
11 ,.- ? receiots th? i and from tb rael
hu :!i by tbe high I' um* ral
.. publish -il. I'm sci ?
genuine they h. in means meei tho ense, Thej
scan ely better ii iu am pat
ami in some p iniculara they ra
I.un. ?, ibow I bal t lie ai ii lin
which lu- made io Becretan Marcy in Jan nary, j
l-i't. .. s false in the most material part ot it. I bi
be kept ;-i uiud in e:
1. Hts papen ol ad rai ni st ni ion wen illegal.
2. With 1 , ?
Marcy the pa i non du ? to his i
and tin-' '? "1 ber sisters and i tn of her hr
l h -. ? 11, i s s ta tei
in- darcy, w for the ext uni nse ol these per- !
n h mn- being nairn d.
:;. Mi English drew t mi ? ? 9 er S, ;
?i. two yean end three months then
Commins oner of Pensions ri ported to the Seen' in ;
nf Wm that Mi i Ingli I. il taken mit letti
administration illegally, sud thai be had nfn ?! on
the ground of i solvency to pa) tbe money over to I
thc bein 11 i- -?- ?? U irej, aft. i
lion, also rein rted i" the Attoroey-Geiieral.
5. A lawful administrator \;tii full powen and
evidence thal tbe pen ion mn,,ev had n I, :.
paid over bad appeared in Washington,
all the facts had been < a trained,
and it h.ul been decided by I ie Attorney f!< u ral ol
tbe United stans thai thu.ly i imedy for the heir
was in a re ippropriatton of the money by ( ??
l ?? drain tratoi had mumed lo his clients, and
they bad become aware that I lt u v hope "f
receiving auy money was fran English. Ti ? iras
nearly three yean aft*] be had rei ived tin ..
for their " sole use." Mr. English h d also in tbe
meantime been pal oul "t the treasury Department
because be could not properly explain tin transac?
tion when ? died upon bj 8 cretary Many.
Under these cireumsta.?s English had returned
to Indian*, and naturally began to settle with tho
h tin for tbe penal tn money wbii ii be bad bald for
their " Bole us" " i<>r three v an.
At this point Mi. English's letter of i xplanation ft
Secretary Marcy becomes pertinent. It tvis as fol?
w tsntnoTosj .i,., 23. l l.t.
1','hr U?n. Ww. 1,. MABCT, AVciWerfO/ Kari
sn: : In relation to the .-ti. J it u?,iter ol a couvei ?
linn I ad Willi "I n itt ,.a - -i ? 1 ii.i > to sa] :
m,i qutvoculh ilin' ll i ? n '? ii , . ..?? has li
you, .hal I inn i ? i ? i r. fused tosetlh with the bel
i tundra.i i', i , ,i I iss ap.tia led up u,
the suojec tty a certain lr. Cooper, wnotu I knesr tn ,?
ii iiime,..nm.il .i^<- il snd fi-Mi ?> noe barnett i I ,,,i : i i
erv reason to bein re bli only ob|ed v.... . ...| ,- ... . i,,
snap ? ol .-.:.. nt ?? ?>. <? e. ll" npproai bi d uk i
ii. iu,p. i, in ; i mat ,i i sud w en 1,--.. u bim fn
nuthoiiiy bc .ii,, il io pr, one, auytbing whali-vrr, indi
:,-., non satisfied that betbeu iliittriij
If b? hail au vicing al di from tho heir-, i appn
vi- .id I. I ti a. .- iii attorney nu: burling hm to
pr.i-i-i n!i lin- i Linn sgalbSl Ibe < i iiii mm m uotlllug
lin'- . r lot in- ??? cireumsi inet - I t 11?? bim n
tiri h. and tl was then be poMt-doffto Washington,
null. taking sdi intnge nt my un lenee, pn lei i? t ona ses
Ug.llur.1 iii". A- to int ;i , in - ,... li . I,,- |, ..,', ,. ,1,.
i upon ni I i..n e ii -;i I bal i bi capet - and
.1 pertaining ? In-i t ? ,p- nu i,i ? in Indiaua willi tbs
e.,ar; gran mg tue aut loriiy, w.dcii I , i ,u.ise.i was I i
propi'i- place for them lo be filed. Willi ilicpapcrs wi I
ii" ? eu mi receipts iii fail in mi favor I rom t ii r. ??
of tbe bell-, sod ll yo i di u,- i w lt i ip
deavoi lo withdraw them In order thal
Ikey mai in exhibited ta yon. Mr. Cooper is
oi.ly mad because be wss cul om ol mir nail ? I Iii
claim, wlticn l undentaud is t te au mi ,t ni- ? g pee ted
to receive, hod ue procured the all wance.
[loping ii-i wu..t I have said nil he - itlsfaetory, and
wi nil," i- uranre lb al .i *>di sfforl rn- pieasnre to
make any turf uer statement I can. If ll tn* Bot, I
. i i ililli- my*"!!. Your- with respect,
vim.nu ii i:m:i.i-n.
lint lim Becratary was nol satisneiL Mr.
Many knew in the Bret place thal Mr. Cooper bad
full legal authority, snd every panel nee
;., - ow it: and, further, that the bein wen tin
bim their lawtnl attorney claim ins thal they hud
Iml lei .'iv il I heir 111 HP-V 11)1 lu Nol ??nil"- 25, 1818,
ii pei i, il ii or.- than i wo ra t I I nil re?
ceived it for their "sole use." Ile also kne
11 ie re were si] ii" irs nm i u in bianwh urdel fm pa)
meut to English, ns tho*i to whom he wa* tn paj
Ute moue., amt iii.u from i ms ? a;.i?n ii on ol Eng?
lish himself, written two roan and righi mouths
after ha had received the money, he .',< i nol i li un
to bav* receipts, exi sept " from three or four " of thc
hu. i in- whole explnnalioti.ini sw ol tbi
fois disclosed to the Wei rei arv in tbe record, waa fsa
fro,n satisfactory, *nd aa a consequence, in font
we. ks afterward, namely on Mareb 3, 1840. Mr.
English hail (juicily left the department in dur
ai; r cisvic i n.
Tbe receipt* which be now prinl - .?? Indi
sbow tba! tbem*terisl declaration in thia ettei tn
Secretary Marej wa* false, namely tbe o dm thal
be had i-1?ipt* from ? -. i " tl ree or fi i ni th ?
six bein It waa tbe f*ct that ba elaimstl to hue
oniy three 01 fem ihit weighed most beavtlv
sgaiual him. But tl now appean from tbi
of bc nm ip-. he print-, as a de lenee tl it
be did nrt have a sinai* receipt al that tune from
: ny ope of tii'tn. rbeonly paper ol a date earliei
than the letter to Secretary Many from any one >i
t ,, .. named ia tbe order foi paymaai nf th* pen?
sion to English thal sr tdd tren answer for a receipt,
li lin- paper from bis motbei making over bei
.?Inuits in tbs cs:nt? of her mother to her son William
H.English, Astothose ro-eipts it i- only oece*
s.in tn aa? farther tba! tbej an vague, and do nol
name a-'V -nu, UnR iliey ar.- in pul fur settli
nt sdminbrtraast of tbe estate ulna thai pension
under tbe law did not enter as assnts ami seed
not have tieeii included, and tiny do not e vet a
set tie m." it of the pee non ***e lor ni 1 tie bein,
A>- m .vuat hitermed adecuwon ol the eas. ky the
Comnus ionei ol Psosions ila'.e.i October IS, 1848,
on wno n so much Stt*ssi*l*id it \saa rmreiv a
general Bt*temenl of tn* plain ami well-known
pension ij? in "ic e**e. ihe quest iou which
Euglisb thusask*?i*bc?ttbr*eye*iBand a mooth
attar b*ree*ived the m >a*y wu* stated in Un very
order bom Secretary Many, upon w i?-n he urew
thc isoney 8ept*mb*r 8,1846, ra which the only
surviving cbildwn, "wno wen ki receive it w"m
tiiiiuea ami th* money m>uio parable fur
tho B"l* use nf ibo** sn boin," Again
11 should tte remembered thal the t ommissioowr
of Pensions, wbowrot* bim tins miara! letter, bi
me ssine one who B*d nporSsd oBsWially te neera,
t.ry Many " tba! Mr. Ragbah aaa illegally ap-1
lioiuted ailmiinstraioi. and no^ te.'tis.s to paj OVSI
the uiousj." and IumI also muled In a report to the J
Beeratarf thai Bugiisb " baa Rot aaid it over *nd I
r, line, to do so, :irnt i-< w'm'iv Insolvent, ss he says,
and the seen ri I v i i inst Detent snd not liable f<>r tim
mn um t." Neither of these opinions wsre ever re?
cs led or modified bv tbe CsmmisMoner of Pensions,
\v' oe cern lal le! er on a pom ol plain lan. Mi.
Et gliah now cite* aa s vindlc ttion.
As'i!" lt un these fatal de eel - lt ls nol reasonable
ti, ,.| api '?"-: hat un ti' ii i lie ability and a anding of Kee?
le tar j Many and Attornev-Oen ra To i ?? wonld
bave Miffed aa even* judgment as they did ni
clerk wb' m i bey ki ie iv to he at i and nnleas ii
called for it And on the ether hand, when 'I
English knew, sa be himsell sara, thal tba fact of
bi* paying ovet tbi pension bad Iteen disputed, ii ja
not reasonabh to suppose be would baveallowed i
togo <ui without full explanation, which could
read ill have been given if it had been an bones!
i ase. um ,1 it forced bim ont of tbe department.
an nfClDENi in i:\i.i.ism Lin:.
n:\iNf, nt i \ u> lavi-.t; a WIDOW n?R IHRRRRT
si I il l i ,11 i LUM.
lin ii 1.11.kai it TO mi. rRIRORR.1
Cincinnati, Oct. 8.?The UanetU will publish to
morraw n orniuu i he tollowing mm its Washington
i n; 11-p. nu. nt, General ll. V. Boynton I
Wa in-.i.i'.s. Oct. 8.?The records of the Bu
!?niue Court ol thc District nf Columbia, contain
si ie against Vt illiam ll. En indh idual
muI in hi-e. beN itional Dcm
i ti itu: lb ? i "ti .milurie:', which exhibits him In
the role of lailii i a dow a sum of r ni
annuml mg i dttee
?.d. Hu was theil a t Congress. Hi
sue i w ith tl i hers of the comm
snd : i tel ' fl m. .a withdrawn from
,. s ho a., ? !? ip tnsible
I,, a* I ii . "' th? committee for this pm pose,
m 1 Pu .ul. i ? ? ii to n ly
,m r ipi.OOO. I I lui due with inti
and no i .
? . n in fie Circuit <'";nI
24, 1801, under tin se
I . ! I Den ic Co
li ?-. npp ni u a; i lie Convent or i i < Jineinn di tn
- ||< tel Dei - 1851).
un ii! it \i ii imes ap
p.-arlti ited i tn
i English be>
t hi ti b
ben gives co] ies ol ; he
, ,,.'?: :t ' .?? i ' i bllieUt ll ils I --Heil.
Fimn ' ? lie moms were ri
[rs. Al. A. K . - i um -and a hall
who wan tu reccivi lol their use $120 a mi
i i o up- m: ii t a. ? i . wa ? thal an at tat
,-- led i .E the couimiltm-,
English being among tu om. 1'ho corr spoud ni
? -ii., inn -..i i ? m -.
Upon ihi ? i in- in" -hal si teched l
.ii.ii .il "-1 ,l io this Cit) appin! "d iii a nour
$1,600, bur a* nothing more i- beurdoi tbianrop
iii, ililli;,i these proceed inga, it mis probably
[on d thal Em lian h -1 transl tm d it. At
.ti , te, v lu oj - ? . ss Snail.! recovered il
,' tl . ? li ted in Ind
This suit con inned on the docket for several vi ira,
andwasdismi jed hy the plaint ill against every?
body hut English, showing that be was regarded as
.Iv i ponsible, it being nndentood ben that
In- was t.ie treasurer ol the committee, i'm'
ol these continuances was based upon
iy English May 19, I-*;--', whit ii
ony ? i Met 'iu-kv " was reallj
. thai McClusky waa then ai Memphis,
Lu . j but owing to tbe disturbed um
ilttiiin nt i.I .. and tbe const quent
i. ,i; niptio i ol its ni iii fae lilies, be Eng?
lish) bud been nuable to communicate with or
rom M ci i-i \ for months past, but that Ip>
ic tatton ;iud belief that be
iv,.ni,I it,-ah'" lo pill, ar M ?< I mikey's testimony by
Hie Oe to! tel of tbe Court." McCluskey was al
thai time a si in thc rebel army
..mil. ii - by ins ow ii statement to
b "ii in cnmiuiinic ition with bim. A trial waa
tbe old Circuit had heen
, il au . be ii 'w Sup erne Couri instituted in
its p.-.it ,ii mb r 24, 1 s'i 1 tbe case
was tm ii i l Iel Ju-tice t sitter ami a jurj.
timi a jndginoni rendered oguiuat English tot
STU! IO wil
ii '. .,??:? collect iudgn int here, a
i nu : he judgment-roll al [ndiana
?inl and pi eiu"tii was ?? fained ngamal Eug
lisli i a ii !> i IT, 1 HI ., \iiiiei ja.m,ii tit was not
. i un.ii Marci 25, IB70.
J;. WUl I'h >l i CTi ITA OHIO.
M 'Jd .. . -, \ i i Ml . ? ? ! AL'D DK1ECTKR,
|B1 ri.1 UUAril : i tm. nilli' KB
Clv.vkland, ''(?:. ^-i.'ie political situation in
0,iio da ,i ::n wi ii tn snd more interesting, but is
Hy so to thc Republicans on accouut of the
to n 'iiee thal members ol thal party generally
f el tu the r> ku I r. Estimates to-day place tbe
majority for the Repub lean Mate ticket In ohio at
I,,,.,, 10.000 ti; 20.000.
Oovcrnoi Foster, who U actively engaged in cam*
and has bad excellent opportunities for ob?
servation, ut V"!. sanguine, and all prominent
speaken from East snd elsewhere who have visited
th , state raj there is i it i .nise whatever for alarm.
I he Mann' election awakened Ohio Republicans
? the light, time. Sim ell,", lie : I il nen s from
that ? tate tiny have been buckling down to hard
'. Brat Garfield sndhisnsar ft enda think that
theoolj possible da ger is to be apprehended from
rep'a ten and thenseol money, rhe former continue
lo em, e hen from the East in large numbers, some
pi- ,i," min Indians others remaining here, Tbe
il i Mt io .ire es elleni; mncb better than in tbe
other Suites named, and if the jimls sro carefully
>il lu Itepnblicani as is intended, the nilli.ms
linn Phi a IC pa. a ami NeW-York Ml li si a lui no show
i. i itel ? ,'.
I ," i fl ct of the free nae ol Democratic money
? innot ? -v.iii m.. u ted. To-day Ueuersl Oar
Held received information of a Democratic plan to
yore 400 Italians who annoi ipeak s word of Eue?
ll ii. hui wera tn receive asl uruba it nm papers tram
New in s. i t.io Democratic towns in Portage
("tm r. The Italians an employed on the Val lei
Railway. I i- a,e;o sav now that means will Ins
I oki ii t ? pii ve i then voting, Cmiirnasiiian Prank
liuii ii. i i- ,.. v.-il over 950,000 to uni his inin?
ti,' , in Lin i- (','11111' District. Hccordiug io a prow*
lunn Deni ti..t.
Cities io, Oct. B.- Mr. Thom is Hughes in?
ri il, ll , ii ? e. ..- i,i-ii.. hi i li "I ? i im cl SI a ill ii ii" I al
ia i.i . d P.k a .1 .given is his bonarby the LU
i . , ' . . : which i'ie Rev Brook lieretord, whose
gm-st Mr. Hughes will be during bli stn' ben, is pres!
n nt A; ii imo im,,1!" i i?'o| r sal down to the din?
gi i, ii ii . i si i i i ? ?? at' . Shir.
nu: rt.! md a <IAl iwui r.
Bar I': .ii- ti, Oct. h.?a dispatch (ron
I,, !,.i','. ti -i -Mi" iii ti I'r ? idem Msyci mi Ins
rein. n. iii ? , ii a a reception by thc Behool ebtldnn
..? v.m !? -"a ren '-tv ii ? also vlsi led
un t ., i.??., im. ul" . land. On Saturday morning
the pally Will s.irl fl . Pl ' -mm,tl.
Ai.n\ y. Oe . M, I ii? IM'.-n l .1 I aeetrie fom
i - ? ... 1 Ibell ,*iiit*i Mess from S00U.01KI Ut
Bl,ooo ii.ni
AN I'NTINI-illl n BRIDUR nit:. H.s.
MlLWAl'H i ill*.. Ot. 8. Kim We 'thrown
liil.i Hi- ii.I Chippewa KU n t . ila.-, by lb ? ticavv tin, lier
|aUln| Wld un Brawn del timi ms u,j,mei Hie otU.ii
?? . ? Mal without .?? rt rn- injury
( AN Al LS BO Bi lt- 8TRIKR
I! BTnN, Oct. 8. line ii Wired workmen employed
sa Um Oars Oed Ship I'aaal stra i. thu swsrotBg bsesateef
tbe .ii ? sans i" iinu i nt beta Thu is tituustu u> tic una
bi-giiiu.il- of < | in i n n,n?n.
Nsw-Oki. i >*, ? N?:. H.? i m. gi tn i- i . "s on tin
titree ?i^.iiiut-H. k inn s. ->t ig mill Rstialls. wrseksd ?i ?
rn it.iti. l sui es . e ,o.j.,i :.,i | '.-.no la lbs Easters* aad
Trada.1 .-.on mm.nv ,?c?i.l sail Comaum loturauouvuui.
Di IVRR.C.i.,0 .8. I.asl ii.g.ii. while return
in "lia ., iii < ot iltur ('otu flu, > lr..in a ly ralina. J SOS* i-u ,il
h a I.i- ne, k 'i <* en lu tin ii-11 ti sr lim liea.1 tnt ni a esr
win.mw 4n lia. il ram< ut , nuUi a willi t rraUrbl oar lunging
nt t ie . i i > h.-ni il,, immv dlseiiarssM Undi ir.
nair , indisiinsisssslr. sad a ssasm asa aaa wuuuita tn
i..a isa.
ACTIVE whim-; in ami ABOUT THE CITT.
PAR:nu tu i in ROTS in uri: MON DAT RIORT??
ARRA*ar.MR.vrs madr poh a ORRAI DEMON
Ol i (iii pixs?j,; HOt'RATIO ' ill BRI Ri -?
The arrnngenienta foi the '-'.cat parade of
tin- Boya ii li'uc. to take place in thu erv
Monday night, arc now Busily completed
and promise a display sn u as bas
never yet been seen In New-York,
Mr. Beecher made ti rousing speech iii
Brooklyn last night, and Horatio Seymour
spoke in Cbickering H..il. The Democratic
fartiona y< sterday ?11> 1 not re: ch ? harmonious
conclusion abonl tbs city offices, Republican
primary elections for the Dominating conveti*
.ni, plane,
PREPARA1 ll St ' ? MP l I 1 i?i al UK OF TH* OOH MRS
in: in mm.
The pre para i na for the Republican parade Mon
?\ w ni li: oext were complete! by theUarfield and
Ar tb ni t Ulnb ol the Central i'">v.
i . ? r.s of the
; ? nmg with pet ted in tho pg
whom ;- ral Bainutn, Genei il
< 'ai let m, Col I, Crtimr, Solon B. Smith.
Alderman Perley and Alderman Jacobus, i,
I i nw li I ? , i tba! there will be over
10,000 column, .tums
1.1 ? or ni", i un n
v. ., I ? . I . ?
and the head will itarl from Seveiiteenth-st, and
Fifth-ave. Tbe line ol i. anh will be aa aire I
l'it i no ne, although there h is
; oi li" i consult hiil'
the large bodj ol men that .nil
t ii.! .i re ll is '?? ? a ? tv, i
lo thc prevailing dtstet I nnm
i,i i ni I"" ? . i un uni ul! of the aid in
the 1 i.
. ii the -lil ? r for a dis
tam., oi .(vi r a hundred ni.h ..
i io three divisions were di completed, and the
po il ions nm igueil i" - ? ' Inst n i gi . I hi firsl
(1 v. -iou Vi ill coi istol 17.'"'ii i en, md will ??
General Horace Portei I tn will
form in oi' around Union- qu ire, a- (I wili he 1 <1 >y
mount "I pol ii <. : more's hand and
corps, li o', a i ?' cscoi t'.air,
: me ul i' mimiiui er uud B'aff, Oem ra D
.??ii stat!', fiiaiuil ?'- Bind, tink Exchange (
a! -? ,d, Inllowed hy I t tin
i rgaiiizatinns from the Isl to rbi \ Ultu Dis r.ct.
i he -. cond div ision w ill ? onsi ? I 2,000
the streets bi ' Vi nt h
and Seventeen) -sis. The hdad of the division
mounted pol ce, loot noli se,
i'.iel .1 iel W . Mason, i >mmai der and - ft",
Product En Itauge ( lub, Ce di I impaig i ' '
ii .I Btnel org-u 12 itiou ? ir,nu the Vlll.h
XXiV-u Distpeis.
Phi rd Division will form in tbe street!
of Fifth-nvo., Itetween Keveuteoitth au I I ?? ??
r ii'.-si. Ii will ie command tl by Gei ? i i
Winslow, and will consist ? f about 12,000 men.
The principal p*n of this hiv.-ina will be fo
ol the Brooklyn Boys in Blue muter
General Fowler, who has reported 8,0 0
men. Gem i .1 Ramsey ol Jet ey ( ny
uiiliii large number uf nen. will also take pan In
lins division, os will other i mztiiens,
li wili take several bonn for the procession to
pass a given point, although the column will move
ai quickstep. I he bouses along t ie line will
if illuminated sud Dreworks will be displayed
ai rai ions points. I he ctiet-r will elan if
n ightened by electric and calcium lights; the lat?
ter will he liberallj icatl red throng i iho rn < ?
-ion. Thc thirty or more bands of music will en?
liven th ? >". asiou.
Ann,in,' thu organizations reporting yesterday
wen the following, with their commanders: I1 -
t nhoofer Legion, Wm. O. Irving, 2,51*1) mens Ar
fiiii Logion. John ti. Nugent, "fit; Fin
Guards, Major I-!"-ither. I75j Rtchuioud Cmmtv
Boys rn Blue, General F E. Martindale, 1.500:
Second Dui-.mi Boys in Blue, Brooklyu, General
E. B. Fowler. 8,000; Chester A. Arthur
Boys in Blue, J. C. J. 1. ingbein. 100;
l?i . . r ('amp Club (colored), \11r ? I Mills, WO;
I. ocoln V.ii. M. B. Whit.-. 800; XVlth A-i- ,i bl.\
Distri T, Michael * regan. Too ; Ke tuidican luviuci
bles, J. Clayton Erb. 1300; Philipsfnwn Club, II.
Fish, jr., 150: Bo\Bin Blue. Xllm A-octnblv Dis?
trict. Colonel ll- nv Fisher, 800: Boys in
Bine, Xlih A?nih v District. John ri. Brady. 500;
General Henry A. Barnum Batterv; f'olonel Wm.
M. Phelps ami Colonel George Becker, two com?
panies ot 'Jim men . ia. Students ol the Medical
Coll. C. s. li.ii-diet. '-'(IO; Il.-ys in Mac, Colonel
Ch.trl"- H. South worth, 500.
\in Assembly Distnct?Colonel Jsmes Duncan,
Thc IX-ii District Corps, umler Brlgndler-Qenerel
John W. Jacobus, will have two l> ads and 300
mounted mon. This is one of the best drilled nod
equipped corps in the citv. lt w ill (o:i?ist of 2.000
uieii, inauv of whom were army veterans, ono
peculiar fcatun will be a company composed of
men wbe have heretofore been Demos rat- and mem
ben of n Hancock snd English duh. hui
who yesterday rame over in a body to the
Republicans, and, nnoei General Jacobus's in?
structions, wen organised into a comnanv.
lin following arc simm of thc members
ni ilns compauy : Charles 8. sh nv, John B. Welch,
.Ins, nh C. (luritigtou, Matthew Barb ur, J.W.Lng
den, W. J. Delaney, James Pike, Hour voeipcl, W.
Fowler i. Ai iran. 0. Allison. A. Allison. John
Voelpei, John Kenney, .1 imes Barber, F. L. Matches,
Andrew Tweed, .laities Searles, Hector (J. W. Souse,
amt gila* hear.
Genet al Grant, who will review the column, will
be al tended by Governor C mell and taff. General
(irani ii i,i arrive in Jersey City this evening ai 10
o'clock, and a suitable guard of honor will escort
hini lolli" 1- lilli Avenue liol.d, where he will rei mr ti
during ms siai in the citv. A hauqncl will le
given itt ' tm neal Wednesday in 1! tstou,
at which Ex-Governor Rice will preside. \
committee t instating of ex-Governors Bout well
and Talbot and t'olonel Herbert E. Hill, ac m
p inn d hy Sn perin teudent A, A. Folsom, ol the Ilns
iiii ami Providence Railroad, will leave Boston
M ni li\ ! ii Kev York, and on rnesdsi the com?
mittee and General Grant ami party will have nus
I nv lor Boston. _
nt* Y'tcso kbk'h iiAini : i> ami aim iii k i a.m
Tin-Young Men's Csu tr si <? rall and Arthur
(Jlnb of Brooklyn last nielli held a mass meet?
ing in tho "lng tent," at Fl nt bush and Fifth
av**, Tl?e announcement that Henry Ward Beechar
would preside attracted a large enwd. lin largs
tent. Which Beats neat ly 4,0(10 people, was iiilcd to
ita almost capacity, and there wno also
many people crawdad abont the entrance
who wen unable ba gain admittance. Mr.
Beecher ari net! shortly after ts" o'clock, and
wa- greeted with enthnaisstie cheers, which wen
renewed Basin snd again as ba mad* bis way
tim, mil tba dense crowd to take bia place on the
platform. Manus Peterson, president of th* duh,
called ti." meeting ta order, and tntndocad Mr,
lt -collei sa chairman.
Mi Beechal was again warmly greeted, as he
aro e. Bttd tbe \ .1 -t SUdione* followed his temarks
ni b close attention. Hwspeeoh, la sabatanoe, was
as follows:
[hareheea so ion? in pnblle hie, and hive ti>e-i
pi rt'ged so lone lo t ike .n, aetlvs part rn Nat ? sal
alter-. Hillside of pa rn a lin -, mat I tin no: nuuk lt j
i,., -..ia io spotoatiae in any woy lor ourself, a < rrgi
i, au. ia? si Hui i.t a Kr^ai ooh leal meeting ol tm iel
low en,sens. ( spinal e.J But In behalf of ten: lenin.
at tn* profOMior who ore ottentlmes rr. it u i for
i,,i gttng in poililei I ii* v.' a word to say. I'h pronltar
relation which tie pastor sastains toward but peophj
n tU'-u indlspeiisible chat in iii n n du, i rslauag lo
political ?n, I rs be should emptoj cutta lodsioe i.gw i
. , pee snd good seton-; but that be should be nu
barred from exrrUns direst innuci.ee ia pm,lie sOau-s
u tu sat that he shall be tutawa oat sf bis oltissasSlp.
Ile lias ii- Blush riuht ss aujb.slt el-e bus.
[ApplBvav ] li v ut ones sstabtssR lb*
iM, a n mi ti." eb -ti; nu., ii i? <n enfranchised hom etmwn
snip, tbs be is m*eam*ehi sd ******* be ts a eaperior
person b*lm kw* io a rapet mr ? Lbs*, vmi uiafcs nie most
odious of a aristocracy--a sptrUoai erwtoeraey, ?
nirr art snape.' laen ; tiley au elir-as, aoi-uah ii to nil
loo il ii P - alta ? -poi kl Pl i's i.f . o'iiiii.i.i etlSSOS)
If y ti deny tiieiu thrss pr,?ip uv*, au.I bat' iiiein
i rom (li-ae ctuin.. anil Ml tm'U min u irina
class bl iu-utael?es. saynis "Ye urr ho.ler tfesa ether
in u and uni't Main! spsrt fruin them," you rreats rn
dill,i.ik li.crar, ai Wln-n B uiiulkttt' of lin OwSOai feel*
tnat a* R) *shVd *y l^revieeties io sn**k e* public oem
rion* tu regan to ankhs) satan, non that hts parish
nant liltu io ?peuk. li ls i ebodv's eire BailnsSS
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I sm very hsnpv to preside st a meet'iijt conaiitu ed of
So mu ny yuline m- i wini are lu -f BegianiB* l(i";i esner
sseltttvsa 1-Hall eiiiiii it au ill tia, inr this Republic
win ii puutlcs h.i-a tallou luis such disrepuls ibat ?
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ll U Imf. nw . ,
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tin un ? | i
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".n try wlin , . , lb. A ot ia
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I" ll 1 ali oath Ill-it he . ? , I , .
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piesflotil ul me lune, ai,iii. ,,: | i
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Affei pei king ni Oem t .1 <; lad sd
itt.n k- made upou Ins .
inned :
, men. I will eb I
tarty sIuoiImti d and sb pl. s
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ifm', im.tn the In,. ',. i
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he n-.iUi'i ol Hi. I.osli . .
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nu a ,| ii,Mi I..-, ir i bail !
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Horatio Sej monr tn de an i
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locust Delmont,
I. 1 i . t
H. ick am, I'
in lt . -',. in." i. A-i.ii-ii.... i
). Ia.-, , ? .' , it. 1). tia
Ely, F. F. Vs M
'otter, John k . \. i \ , i
?i ... Dd nd McAdam
. ? i tesl a
i, im" np. a,.
si s ta about fi a i
k, tm
Hr.I named ,, . . ? | ?.
lr. ( os mad" I lui i
a eas* Ind D
? oi iv nook i down to
? rath ess. Il
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tarty. If ll l"' Into I ov tr, not I pres Bl
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rarmly gr eied. Bu fees ? is p*le, ? - pi.nu
a .i In- -i oks \i ' . ' on sid
litton excited stilt ?
? i i.i ri fern i obi
peaking IL waa
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st bar th in ap ia bli .; -. i little
bal ass sew er thai be ba* sot
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0 tbe questions under discussion win I ?
inuit: ne for tbe Presntensi ss bi ll staiB sfRSP
sent which be used against tbe i: ubiicau partj
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ml uti.rr oil'., asl dip ir aients of ii" i sal ai
Cusbtngton, tb powrnaml rlsbts wulch la ongal to
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SOS li"-t BBS a Cl li.par 'li B I i in ti ?? '?
ween can'a: Garnet* sud bitnseH as ra**x*
bites. Lk? himself, Be mM, General curt i?i
> .,- ll .? Itu t ti till in ll,lluiled ; like illU'tf le ;. '?
pi ii lu ,. durlns fi" rlim .omi H-ni ike h.ma"lt be a sold
? de fest ed. Fne sudlenee msde ihemi i trtf
trer this sadden turn of ins coaspsrlion. Psil "f bu
pta eh a- .?< roi IO WI:
wuii sit -"Vt ritint nts nader sll rom
sri i il in oni ii iud ut i ??--.. ? ti
ni ,h other tl'.ii He Om mei ? :, n i ???up
lon u ?troy ir~.lt On Ibe
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? , i . imi n cur i ,i t ' i ? : ? kepi m
new i -tu in.t .i l' a-. Io ;??? t in
;.. eal .ni the bless ... - ? ?'? i "<"
dei over onr bruod dors ? I
i ? -a-, i from ia. .oi? ?:,? I. - .it, . ? ? - * " *
be l'i t.. med in Uov-i inn eui | ? ? p>*ni
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pr. -. ri, .1 lt' ? mi -. I .iv tn; UUtoll
:. i. . a -t in tun md I i \ ? ? '.? i adi a*
trol ami direoi all tau rs tho re-au-i !u-i um s
ur.- i v, nh lu mt eon amt wisdom it. , deaned los
(urtsdicUon ol General sod State liuveinau tis, Us
tl lier il. pl!:."ll i- Iii III" ? ????' I '
1 br Si ma reuei-s ul.i I" Us ll-, l-l. Ijl. iSf*
:i mts ? .-.is tu ! ot esses 11 to las safety sf
, m p iii >? , Inst 'I: 1 I. ?
S.t Pu -lu- pru!', . ? ? ' ??- ' ." Irani till
px i ie me iii ulm i' sometimes ii ilks our t. eee>
tSStS. ll IS a liiv.'iaiui lill ?
.. promote nie wt tare ,u mi nw
Oat -.i i "ro.-p Tit). Lt Us I i .1
ilir inst aaa'- '??'' rn our I ul perilled
el-t tl 11 I ? "- 1 i-'i ???? ?? ? ? ? '? ? outset 1 ' il
contioi 1. -\ . ? ,' ' - ? ??
ti.,, iti-viii-ii-tl - 1 -I
ol tuc \ ..ion. Bul when ? ? . ? .1 ?i. 0
OBI Ma* wss tir.-.t ui~ ti. 1 1
di .li -,,.;,,11 Min wi; tor I Bc Will k Ol OUT lill
lai.ett ii .? 11, r ,i. 1'1 ?? result
lll.lpllal ! 'a.,I ll I 'll
Ibo b Bi M. WI these d ? ? 1
1 I -l-l. .." I .1 tl ? i ll "I ll tl !".?
true t. ai ia eseb Instaoct when tiny hal 1 t
|H l i loll ll h ll l"'"H a ? . 1 . 1 . , I I
-h. ul. lae question sow 10bi conablered ls be
lng It.e excitement 0 ii e pa-l n>. a i' 1. rs, .? :hs
e ilitrol 1 I' nu IIS , .1 1 "i-i 1 ' I
11,..nt-. .1! 111 d speculations, ;, - o 1 Kout t
drifted toward me oppus.tc u tno-r. 1 ?? me
uti, situ our dun. With 1 ll 1.'tu . . t . . I 1.y
ul compel launs 10 ? bel
1 upi iou 11 rt sui bal ? bet n - ..; ti ve
Men wi 0 11 ld powi r tor loo* t they
li ,i- . sUied 1 est ed rights. Lbej re lem li 1
psss. tor power, foi pall ,1 1 1 ??
main lbcs< ; ' ' 1 11.1 1 1 ..iii si lal
otu .-. nu, ta" uta by ?? . n 1 ii 1 '., it ? - . t
Ussil pi"-. 1 on-, ll.". 1 il a .: : rini Mt u,.
I -, ? riley lee' it kssrlb 1 ivel n
iin-11 r. i.len i!u Kepi ?, 111 . in .
tte vast pollUeal ma. bini., sb ...
is . a ? t i.u t V ? m. lr 1 in ada |
eiear, strong Urn deu.aads mi 1 < 1 I'
bis Itieile of dOttJlBg wilt tie fUPSIItUUOB IS
io served be mai 1 rig* la upbetttitig '?? t-'i ?
Ol. Mr Ilalii.lt ai. ll uflii si ? poWSf
ludt ii 11. ly, I .- in ., tu 1 su.iu 1 o 10 by v 1 1 a
CilaU B ai ts* ( IBM .Ul. I".1. ai.d liol lu tbs 1
lil,unoi u d Usurps ? Wi. 1. du WS g* I Wt 'll
in ipa. ,1 - * ii i ii aim tv ex vii 1 tin ai 1
un knuth I lt bi a law of muli asl las lbs mm
Who li i"?. alni inn til" Inti tun. . I. ? till is m.?-! !ioio
um subj passions, f rem ne fleeted luteresii ral* law
basils good as lo eui.tun,', iles. We i..n< 1 | k
. i imi of lin., HU I. W .; io Ul I'""'. ' lal . '
iii.ai ti,1,nie satiated uv 1l1i.1i... ,.,! 1 ,,,? ol trie -,".111,
ii,et ii rs nil 1. uiced inc leugih 1 Uss I 1
lum 110 oi inti, pursuit*.
Wu protest, -.1! Mr Sej noir. BRSlSSl th***** 111
(.., ruler ni whteb will eashu ,i ... si W*ss>
InSlell le Hied.lo and llitrff. re * Hi i u- pliSper. Bl pur
suns of iou pewple. Ws an eemhaitias IBs iBeettts et
Mr. l,,l, tl'1,1 t .al lue Uki VSVe SSS Bl ti t ..li.'iu' inti
1 Ililli iuui^iui'. la, l>. -o rain pa;.I plo.,*, igslBSl
Hil- ncitan, uluru Unsettles tBS puui ol oin U kui
assail uti.en taree fa i sbeiurbsuca ti sll 1 - >s
pUTSUllS, t') li IHUIL' "IIUllOl li lo t I I- 1 . "I....
ki. 1-ii less 1; au , ui , 1. /. ,'?> .; ? ti i.. 1 .I-'. 1 igolis. Wo
rebuke toe theories of M. 1.. ir., ui wuk wents inn ta*
farewell sstarsss 01 W saki natos: "Let th*** bs se
CitiiliK*e l?y u-ur.iatloii. !oi iii.al.11 .1.1. li oin lu,taino
tua) b* UM ll,-timi; ul nf ."".I. it ll the <?:?:.aual/
weapon bj 11 ba h ins s* 1 s s s**ts ire u??:ri."
THE r.xi'iiAM.;:s FOB i;ai.tu;i.i?.
bARRRRI A:>'|, n.:'tki;:;s' (lin DRRMIORATrI
CulMiill-?JVI.Mi.si.i RR lill. I'rttil'ltl. IX
I 11ANI.K.
llroat ?i thnslasni ts manifestesl by the meuibrrt
nf the H.tukeis and Brafci rs' Kt publn au t lix ts. VBSRss
diilv iRcraaasa la numoeis. Ataaasslsaaj ot tba
I Xislllive ( tiii.iniUee. Ibnrsdav. at Ilia lillee of
J um .mui. Sii,uli A Cutni.g. amulet ments for (ho
naiatlv of 1 lu- dab, Monday evctiiiitf. wire
nearly 1 oiii.ileie,!. James l>. Suiilh. piesnlelit ot
(Im- 1 lull, w.n. eu.poll ri,d lo aiaai ga ...itali-, (it ue
rul (.. ll, 1. Collis, loiaueuli ot l'hilauelphia, a a.eui

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