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.Amusements anD meetings Co-Xijlit.
Bi.uu ctiiiv ll.usp-'J uni s : "Dreams: or, Run in
o Photograph (Sallen."
Itstn-lf- 1 i.t Hilt: --" li'.i- i's "
DALY'S Tnt Mia a Him--" Ont-Fn?: Katu':!"-."
Rum At im t: lui m. J ntul 8?" An American
Ham liv's ihfatki 9 and 8 "La Plus tm Tambour
M tar."
Maci-cn - ,'t mr Tm iTiu -j ? i- IO?"Hasel Kirke."
Nu , . i.iiis. ' In81 '.ir."
Taks. lui tun -J mi 8?"A ililli il 1; ii'ttv."
Pan 1 .tv- i-'i) MiNsTkt.i.s?J SIM) 8?" Pleasant Cuni
1 ? HI-"
Ptvnii; i- .ttiATLt- 2?" Cloetaes de Cornevllle ?*?8
?? 1 I'M,l Du."
I'M"' -.' tut: iii 1 vic 2and 8 "Deacon CrankcM."
Wan 11 k's int- uss-1:80 uui - ?? At Ton loka it."
AntUMV "1 My 1?('mu ,-rt.
Am 1.,. is is-iiriit 1 vi,;.
Hi ir , roLITAS t uutri ll v.! L?Concerti
j,iii<c\ to 'AOtctnocinems.
Ai-n-niti- ;ii/ /,,?? atti romnu.
Ass. a Ni 1 tn sr- ?'.'i rape- ."?' ? :" umn.
BankiM. Lui -t.a.Miliitll ;:?? ~rtt rm f atti inluain
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hsOABD tn, 1: '-is- V. isiti. .'./ F096?4 li coiuniu,
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Rhinos- Notices Ii fact l?t eninsii
CitKiiii.Aittis Non ? 1 mn.
tin Min BoAKD?2d t"? -;!i ?oiumn.
Dasi um. Ai it 1 .ni :;?/ fair m somme,
killtM' Si'lltr- Tr'- rat ?"' ",:??'
Iimiiit 'i. ii-" -. -" Vu if .itu oolosaa.
Fxuh.-ii.t- SR roo* 8tn soiutol
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IL 1-1- isp Kikvms Wantkh Pats Itb salama,
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Ikstki t . i.t - 3d /ase? 1st, 21 and 3d -otamns.
la* pcbool* ..<' r*o* :i 1 roinnis
lamins ami Mti un..- ;:<t root 'ita eoinma,
Lon sin) Poems 24 foot Bl soiaasn
Ratlin1- pi I m a TBI MS Putt 4th i-oiiituii.
btisiM. rp'' Pap* -lilt i-i'insr. .
Ris< ri 1 ?\vert -Jr/ fiv.i'?l'Ai cuiiiiMi ; 8A PBRS 5Ul
ttl I'I lilli I'l'.lllOII-.
k?? n i|i,i.,.v- Asl /'a.-' 1 -: -rn I -J 1 1,'nun I
rici.AN sn imi i - :<*' Trna* 5tb column.
1*1 III, Al S'lTICKS ?'' .1:1 titll tailnint.R
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I.i,! 1 v-i ai i- Ssl ' 1 ?' 4 li ? minim.
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Iau.s Bl Alii!"-, 6th Pafft -J 1 in lunn.
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columns: i-iuvi- Sd / s t Itt) ul ams
frill.- -,..,ii. mi, Tao* Sib ??' ?-.t.
fTiiAMinu- AMD BaiLBOAM ~'h l'ngi - .'nh anil (itii
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1 ur lilt 3d P ? ?61 a pom
jr. \\ 1. ?. t. 1 Rat coNCKirs i'll';' 2d eommn.
I li snr. rs 5 .venues
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" At f! ..: v ;.: VNU"
< ' ? XllBNSMi Mv ia
Wilbok's Cod-Liter On. wu Limp..
Tl r. .: upiivii p ir ill .a
ls alone attributable io its 1 triutde worth
: scrota
in ? onauinptivtt >i mut ins 11 hi ?
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I n-- ... furn
A. lt. 11 ; u. -?'.: bi .
S OF TUE Tllli
. 1-1 nu
9 1 1
PAIL? TRII . i:. 1 ir ir.
DAILY IKIPl'NK (willioul .-.11. .at-;. 1 -. 1
UNI" .."V ci CM'.. 1 v ii'.
Vt I 1 Kl ^ I 'ii I Ni 1 .
Fl .
Rem t b 1 1'. 11 ?.
_ Tort.
ii on ices o ? -t:.
Ni \i-'t 01 k?N ?. 1,23!* i liirtv
fi--t- i.; So. 30H West I .. il ,-i iii !-t.. corn ir
Eighth* iv--.: Sn, 760 Thir v .. , er 1
li-st.j No. R2 Knot I'.un teentli-st., 1
I .??? ; \". 2.3 -''. Emu 1 l'-ai <?. Harlem.)
W iBHINGTon?No. 1,322 I'?:.
. ?n So 2(5 Heill i . - .. - '
Palis?-No. '.' Rue ^< 1
lu ui'tjoxk Pailg Qxibtxtu*
BAT1 :: A .. Ol rOBER 9, 1880.
tue v/;n s this 1/ >i:m\g.
Fobrio v.?Germany vi ill refuse to aid In coercive
: 'I urkey nnless all : be powers I ; I
i tn. ? ? nea ure pi uposeil in the
: iC rtes.
: A 1 ?: inn null I..- been burned at lley
I' iicsnt .?William H. English bs 1 trie 1 in vain
1 ? ? 'ti: ml p
pyrue it ol a Wash
1 ,11 .ii '-t au in ide public to-dav, 1 he Re*
;i ri...-I l t!i uoustration in
ladtai ,."i-. rho Commercial Convention al
i ., lias di eli r.-il against " free
Presidi nt Hayes 1 to receive
: in u ifi 1 - on Ihe Pm ilie alone,
M -. Ralsl n has begun a snit
. Sh iron. ' n failed t"
I. . nt VYusbi ton yosterda .
(; '. ifield -'iiiKp at Meutor to Republicans
ii i ? ti- 1 ;,iv
i ir1 sd 8cm in. ? rhe io for Hi"
i". tv on Moiuluy nurltl we 1 1 1 yes
ry Ward Beet her spoke in Brook*
lyn ii,al I!, ratio - \ iipiiii in this city. - I e
1 . lees nt ih" democratic factions failed Ul
ulm aili!'', "ii ' :i fi city offices. ===== The
\, . , Corni til Inquiry continued its sessions,
ss= The Episcopal General Convention metal a
! - Republican primary 1 lec?
tions ti ? Quid value of the legal-tender
?Uverdollar 1121?grains),67.48oents.= =8useka
dull and drooping, closing quiet and weak.
Tri Wkatrrr.? Triruri local observations In?
dicate warmei and clear and partly cloud) weather,
with chances of light rain late in the day. Thei*
iiiiin.;i yesterday: Highest, 62 ; lowest, 46 ;
uv rage, .i.i:ii .
li.,ir .'a >:uni(iiiii Folley Virginian.July29, 1380.
" Ci 11- a r i\ hat Lee and Jackson would do ware
tie-, alive. I'm- cn: 1 ni: - viii: puincipi ls ku:
wwi 11 ihkv I-niiii 1 roR FOunvKABs, Remember
tte aaeai who neared forth their life blood on Vii -
finis's s .il. .ml tin aol abandon tlit-n now. Ra*
isen n- r thal upon your rote depends the ? tei eta ol
tin- D docratic tn-k.-t." -1 Weds Hampton, al the
mi'tii' is (Ai ii rmi "' Democratic harmony fas I <Y
pnup, ai itannlon, Jul*'20, ls-^ii.
/Vcan ftmtrpremintnt T).si itio/Mauatos whe 1 it on the
rm uti il. ll 1
We, the 11 ,? ? i-'i-u-1. heard tue sae "li nf Ueaara]
N\ * in, Uolivered in Rtanntea, on the 26th
of July. We have also re --I t ie report thereol pub
)isii"l in Iii Valle* Virginia* on tbs 29 1 of Jul y,
ami hereby certify that tba! report was -ult-i:i;i
ttally carreet, abch bald O. Stuart,
H. ( .TlNBLKT,
A. c. (ninii iR,
I.I 1 . I.VI.K.
Staunton. Pe.. Ana. 26. 18S6.
llnl'si Off Kt PRBSI N I HIV 'RB, (
Wabhiboton', la ( , April s.l. 1880. \
Drab Stn: foot favor wu- dulj received. I
?aonltl nitist cheerfully tntrodai ? wini urge
Hie p.iBSlltfi ot a Lil . mu 1, n- 1 mi -u."ji.st. Inn TS it li
? br pri'vii-ul IkriiioiTiilii' timi-si- MSIoloai
bi 11*, do liol lum-iiiiK-ii luior. n , .,- br?
eon ?? ;iiinii-i inipossible Ut gel causidi ration ??
a nil at ail. and whee eooaidared, it> chsnes ol
aeseing the House is very 1 ?-1111 ?!.-, snd lin* Bl?-lii-t
Sai'iKi-sil \i bu is ul Hm- lie.'ici ol'lln- !*? i?.
slnn <i>iiliiiillii- ill lin- ?etBStte ivs t.|i||
Biorrini-rtr tu it I Inkling liny vnili bills
III puss, ll I ii'." I,"! liv ic all pi, ba ls, titer
line, tli.it tin hill viill be lint tbrongh. 1 ml
Cdiilt-t with your brotber. if be thinks there hi
anything in tho matter ] will very cordially act in
the nini mr. Very truly, F. K. Brlixroovkb.
E. W. Ci it li 1'in, liq.
Three liiiinlifit ;iik1 t\vent> -nine nu un - lisa
th.ni (?i)i--!inii tlu- mimili 1 ol repeateri im
pOftlki bf thc I>eiii(ici.ils into Iiiiiiami.
Mr. Conkliiie' is nakina] ti DOtobk eROTRM
iu the West. A stall eurii spuinli nt fiTCR :ni
iiiUn-tiDK il* script ion ol the cuiiosiiy lo see
him which seel,is iiiiivclsal, alni of tho clTtct
ivfUCOH ol his .s)m:i (lies.
A gain of 17 towim by tho Ripul'licaii* in
Comx'cticnt ovi r 1H70, and thc, loss Ly the
Jjt inn. mts of 28 tnwns, make an j min -at mn
?if giuwing Republican stieoi-'th which might
isilv mean n tidal wave in the Middle State-*
i November.
The emphatic manuel- in vrniefa thc Com
lercial Convention at litisiini (leeland venter*
tty in favor of legislative ciicouia;.'einent to
itiicrieiii shipping, and against the admission
i foreign ships t,> American registry ought to
rt at rc.-t the nutidii that the country i- go?
ng tn tike liny step backward in it-- national
olicy on this subject. Tbe decision of so
iliifiitiiil a bod] as the Convention, aboard
f herded before oar commerce ii still mon
juicd hy foreign competition.
The principe] arguments of the freo and on
Lghtencd Democracy al this time appear ti
ii- Moiie-ii lowing Rt Republican procession*?
cc tim dcmonatrationi at Belvidere, N. .1.,
VcsititM, N. J., ami Honesdale, Penn.;
nd the showing of rein! Hage?see the re
infis from Weet C eater, Penn. Ii t!.<- I>e
nocracy will be kind enough to continue those
rguments np io thc day of election, the Re
utltlit a!i part) can real on if- oars, and leave
he work oi making Republican voter*, to Ita
ip,,nu nts.
tor Beckman, of New-Jersey, a niem?
ur o! ilie st. Linn- Convention of lsTfi. and
atr:,il lint vc.its in,'" tn tin N w-Jensey 8en
le us mi Iii lcivi in 1. ni D mocrat, declares I is
n tent ion or voting lor Garfield. Mr. Beck
Dan is not a broken-down politician like Ihe
togns Republicans whom Bogus Hadley h ,s
teen bringing ont for Hancock, bul a niau in
lu- [Toni lank ol the influential nun ol bis
Itate. He still retains much ol his Donio
Tiiiic feeling, but, like mauy other Democrats
rho are alnrmed al t ie prt sent tendencies < t
lu ir party, docs nol desire to soe ii in eon
ml ol'the finances Bud Governmeul ?? i thc
The account given in an Indiann d spalcli
if the way the "inri" waa receully trans
torii d to In liana by William H. Barna a is
inc ul tbe most <lt mintie pic! area ol the
?;i..v.;--. Baggage usually goes in tbe bag
? ir, bul .Mr. Burn um puts In-, ii ? < bib,
n bis sleeping ear section, and i; takes three
niii tn watch ihit baggage properly so thal
,t I'.-.i-t one of them shall a! ??.? ays bi n ith lt,
v.n while tbe train h.is stopped for meals or
he passengers are asleep. How it mnal bar
vow up the loyal 1 i ii ina Democrat tu know
hal tin- pic inn- i"'i ll ol Mr.
-the new Reform ark? .viii be l.i\
?ii in.ned voters and men who, nnlikebim,
ire nol amiable enough to vote the Demo
?ratio ticki t foi nothing.
1>! VOUHAflC SH I ' -.
. ? nth-hour repentance commends il
inly to infinite wisdom and Infinite mercy,
IV ill the Aim rican people forgive the Dem
?cr..tu' party its many sin-, because ol
aiily and enforced ri peul mee ti- to the pub?
ic credit, the currency and the tarifff Possi?
bly, for we are a long-suffenug and ranch
. ag 11< pie, bul for tbe fad thal iii
Democratic party is striving more desperately
han ever, at the Smith and at the North to
- cure votes by fraud, and at th" Nor, ii to
alaine votes by gr? misrepresentation of it
linis. Tuc party which tries to cheat the
on one point will cheal them, if it
[?an. tm every ft her.
To-day, the Democratic party is trying to
rouvin - thal it is now and ever haa
hian in fiivci td ".letti lion, li vt n such ;: free?
trader aa Mr. Dorsheimer raises in New-York
Ins well-drilled voice for Democracy tu
only party which can be trusted to maintain
the protective principles. General Garfield,
this free-trader objects, is not uifficiently
protective tor him. Mr. Randall is going np
and down in the land with the same plea. So
in Ohm, and m Indiana, tm efforts are spared
to convince the Democratic voter thal bia
party, and his alone, i- tealo is for the protec?
tion of American Industry. Um what ii the
nae of lying about this matter? Dins not the
whole country know that the Democratic
party has formaUy resolved thal it means to
have "a tariff for revenue on ly " 1 What thal
phrase means the Democratic patty continued
to show for fifteen yens ended with 1861,
for it then demanded " a tariff for revenue
"only," and, having thc power, maintained b
level or horizontal ad valorem duty without
any discrimination in favoi of home mannfac
tuns. Ls it in it marvellous thal tuen fancy, al
thia late stage in a political contest, thal they
can pretend to be supporting tbe very cause
against which tiny arc committed bj their
platform, and by all the mis of their party for
many years?
Boil is rs to resumption and specie pay.
nieiits. Less than three mouths before re?
sumption was Rccompliabed, the Democrats in
nearly every state voted that specie resump?
tion was impossible, ami, if effected, would be
ruinous. Now- the same parry professes, in
certain Eastern Slates?Imf not elsewhere?to
be most anxious for the maintenance of the
very measure which it Stubbornly ami malig?
nantly opposed. It is not yet one year since
thc ablest and mo-t extreme InflatioRist in
Ohio was supported for Governor by more
Democratic votes than were ever given to any
oilier candidate for a State office in that
State, and at this hour the Democratic part]
is doing its utmost Rad worst to elect, as
Governor of Indiana, the most reckless repo
diatoi m that state. Its candidate for tbe
Presidency has just coRgratnlated Mr.
I'liii-tcd, the Greenback candid,ito in
Maine, upon his supposed election, as a
"glorious result." And yet we are told
that the Democracy mnsl bc- trusted as R hard
money patty.
lt ia in the same spirit, doubtless, that the
Democratic party tries to pass Itself tiff as
the party of free and pure elections, lass
than om- year ago tint party was threatening
to stop the wheels ol Government unless it
could strip the United states Supervisors ol
all power to prevent frauds, liven at this
hom thc hotels in Columbus sad Indianapolis
an- crowded with thc basest aeoundrels of tbe
basest slums of Eastern cities, who have gone
Wc-t to m.mage gangs of repeaters in In hull
of tbe Democratic party. In thia city, too,
Btepfl taken for the prevention ol fraud ex?
cite unvrovcriiablc indignation toward United
Stutts officials, and men wini know enough to
bc thoroughly unnamed of themselves talk ol'
using lone to stop the discharge of duty bv
those offleei . And yet the Democratic party
pretends to be ba favor of "a tull vote, free
" ballot and fair count.''
Tbs people of thia ecu try are bj no mood
to be cheated. They know what the IJepiib
lieaii party wanta?honest money, a tariff that
protects, ami a free and lair election, They
know that ihe whole ln-tory of the Democratic
p;,itv deinonatratea its hostility to thees thin,.-,.
It na- hostile to honest money when it roted
iu lsTs that resumption was Impossible, un,j
m 1879toni resamptaon would tail. It rtri
hostile lo pioletlioii winn it voted, faur to
,,nc, for the Wood t,ni:l bill in ls?'.-. It waa
hostile to purity of elections when it tlncat
cned. within the last year, to break Rp the
(it.vi iiiineiit Unless lt was piiinittcd to repeal
or uullily the United States Llcctiou law.s.
he people know that the Democratic porty
as not ehanged its mind, ('ncc more it is
yiag to cheat vuiers with a pretence ol
eventh-hour repentance ; that is all.
'lin' Hcrrlil publishes a telegram from Indi
oapolis, embodying Mr. English'a defence
gainst tbe pension charges, 'lins consists of
?ct inls signed by persons alleged to be the
ving heirs of his grandmother some vili?
fier the pension WM obtained, a:ul his dis
large as admloistrator limn the Probate
mill by which he was appointed. These
rove that Ur. English did finally settle with
mst of the persons named in tint pension
riler for their share of the dead woman'a
-tate, but the payments seem to have
ecu nindi' only aller a lapse ct yeats, ami
oder pressure. Nothing in these papen
?ntl- iu the slightest degree to remove from
lr. English tile odium oi a d. lib rate fraud
? on the Government, laid upon bim by the
tibial correspondence oi tbe distinguished
? mocrat, Willi.nu L. Marcy, then Secretary
! War, and J. L Edwards, th n I? mocmtie
ummissioner of Pensions.
A comparison ol dntes here is enrious, to
iv the hast. Mr. English received the money
eptember 8, l^ld. He was discharged as
IministratorNovemlier ll, 1846 -barelj two
mutha nfterwards. The order of the Corni
ttl tl. in the ii-iiil tenn-, th il it appeared
:u his acciimus and vouchers thal " Ihe
e i.i e v ns lull ,-ii d in allj m ttlt -1." Mr.
li bas pol shown any rea ipi rrom the
eira dated lieforc the time of bis discharge
s administrator, at which time tho estate
.; ,.,d io be *' fully ;ind tin.tilt settled."
he cn ii >al luci! I. which is really only an
ssignment, is dated July 25, 1847?i
i niths .int- the administrul ii ins dis hal i il:
receipt Octolier 1~>. I8 IT -eleven
ion tbs afterwuril. Neithei ol these makes
nv allusion to thc pension, but simply t" Ihe
-tat". Thc only one which mentions tht
ii in vi - given Angus! L'T. 1849, ne.ii ly
nee >ern-.- iii: ? ? mini tin'or,
? months afb i thc scandal h id di iven
nu out ol ii- Ti ,-u: v plac -. The other
inc :iai-: i 11 .t i . ii ?, ii ed three or
our y.iiis after Mr. English received Ihe
i nev. and declaring thal he ha I " ncconnb. d
for the peosiou to tli "of f he t" i -
me I. The 1 ure of tin
In-. - tli.it a scaiid I ol some -mi had fi
. ith regard to tl They denj tli
ms I- ? ul improp i et: :; t. nntl dc
thnl 'lu hi.- .a lb il w iib ii ? i i om
' isfaction." It i- diffii all to iee whal
tasia there could have been for such a .-can?
al, if Mr. Engli ih had n
ike in noel 1 id over tin moues to the bi id
i hi n lu received it, i . n id ni Mr.
i.-h has presented in 1 ' If, i
tu- pi csuiupl ph thal iu othei nu .1
iave done before?paid up when lie was
iiuinl out.
Hut the main point, ni i ir nil, i- i hal Mr.
ted on indisputabh ev .
; upon thc (io-.> iiiiiu ni. No
ITOOi of t.., '!;, I ; - lilian ta 'il- lt!.-I iva
?lt av that -core. ' hi the L At ti of D.iber,
[k- IS, uiorc than two .
mil received the money and more than two
ifb r he had b . .- alni n
strator, thc Comnussionei ol Pensions writes
ii Secretary Man
e.ir rrj '
,1 lin V,
A - iu thc (' - fl
ii ith the legal admii
statement to S M icy :
R*. ll.
.. imi!
i-ul u
; I . n-, |,|
Secretarj M rey, in his
id :
Mr. ('"in rr :i :? ii
p mk iu pu - nuns' ?
11.at '" ' ? .
i in i ul srlilcti Em li ii i mi li
trallon. I I rats.
tl lil I ill . Billi) ... I i I
paUl tht mom .
illili ol Mi-. E . i. DU, !? . Isa. .ii" i .
- ? . ry Marcy, in : i- letter . skiug
the opinion of the Attorney-General, saya
"tbe following facts arc admitted by thc
i !iii--ioiicr of Pen iona and Secretary ol
" Wm?- :
111 1- 15 I1-. H. I -!:?-'' 1 - a I
tit.: . at appear*, fraudulently, In Clark County. lui
eu tin- i-i.nc ol i ie -:t I 8 ii ia i. talon, sud sa melt ad?
ministrator save bonds in 1300, und afterword, ?m
/.?/u,i.-n ti tli, thildren eft r/, pi . cntsd ber
ll'-nsnill t ililli f. r ill ll-i nt I" 1 i I,.. .;. a. ;,. IQ 1, ,,.|
miuisirstor, snd obtained tbe elsi i an mi of upward
i,'sj.'"m. a -I kat nut paid it oterla the thildrtnen
titled to u\ for whoa hm he reeeioed il; und it nene, o ht
tat ? in i"i ri nt and refute* to pay tl lo thote thildren en
titled lo it li,!-i- iii; iii,ti (lam in.v BppLed tor tbs
? lino tn a new application nnd ran adnnnistration
legally granted, la Jefferson Countr, Indians,
(ba ?'.. i" n-i'i rt-ki mt and died, and aak tts allowance.
It must be borne m mind thal Mr. English
waa all this time a Government clerk, and
known to these officials as such when they
put on record this scathing indictment of him.
A letter in our Washington dispatches shows
Mr. English in tho act of attempting to
make to Secretary Marcy the explanation
which he lind di mandi d. It was so far from
satisfactory thal Hr. English blt bis place in
disgrace lesa than six weeks afterward, lt
Mr. English can show a certificate ol character
from William L. Marcy, let him produce it.
One reason is often urged for a change in
Government which is sometimes a good ooe.
li might be good now il' circumstances wi re
different. Thc Democratic press attempt, lu
their feeble way, to RSC it when they say :
"show us tin- booka?the Republican party
"bus kept them lor twenty years, lt is time
"they were examined. Von cannot trust any
"itaiiy too long. Appoint the Democratic
"party s committee to examine the accounts.'1
1 here have been crises m this and other coun?
tries winn such a demand was legitimate.
I Inn ip vii was a time, we venture t<> .-uv, in
tins or un.v othei country, when it was so ut
itih without reason or pretext as il is now.
It is trui that the Republican party has
kept the bo hs of the Government for twenty
ve.its. But have they been shut 1 Every cit?
izen know* that for Ure long yens ih,> Dem?
ocratic party has had its committees swai lu?
nn.' over even pRge ol them, Ir the hops of
finding blunders end fraud m the arithmetic.
r.u 'ive years the Deasoerets have controlled
the popular branch ot Congress, ami for one
year both brain his. They appointed a legion
of investigating committees. Sinai,ir Wm
tloui, in | hp! edi delivered inure than it yi-ar
ago, dei lan d that lhere had been thirty-three
suth committees. More havo been appointed
since. The fXl?en-e of these inquiries was
enormous. It wus estimated by the Senator
just quoted to range ut that limo any
?here from a quarter to hsslf I million of Aol
us. Tins does not seem a high estimate.
'he Senate contingent furn! fol tbs past ftmt
iowa an expendltu-e for sueh eommittees,
rtweeu July 1. 1879, snd May 1. 1880, of
49,710. Tins is ton months1 expenditure in
ne boose.
Ai-I with what result T No Democratic com
littee bas ever leen able to produce the
nine of a aiRgle BepnblicRU defRultor by
hom the Government lost n dollar. Ii ls
in- thu in thc period immediately following
it war abuses crept toto the^Administration,
ut RepublicRRa exposed them and Bepubli
ins oorrected them, ami the Republican Ad
lini-tiation to-day la the pures! ami most
ii-iiies-likc the ctuiiiir. hu-* ever liiiovyn.
lu- loss by defalcation lintier President Hayee
-supposing for thc snke ol' argument that
tc lo.-s tails on thc Government, ami boI mi
a- bondsmen?-bas been only one-third of one
?nt on etch $1,000 of revenue, a ratio never
clure reached under tin- Government, ami
ever, we vi ill vein ure to say, under any
rovernmenl witb transactions of equal mug
nude. All lin- Democratic drag-net commit?
tee have 'teen flshtllg ll.il tl. No ORS lia-llill
einl t tn m. Thc very oilier- whom tint
ave accused of dishonesty hive labored haul
? help their investigations, aa ni thc case oi
ciiatoi Dtvi- an.l 'he Treasury. Tiny bave
ad greater freedom than pnblic interest per
ui's jual it'nii. ina ni " tip- BepRblh in inti
anted flic people to a e ilia' its whole rccoid
ns open to the world. The < i man i i -
roved nothing ex topi a rain -t I > iiidi
lu c:v ni " s ,ow ii- tin- booksn simply re
liuds the conn tr* ol' Democratic stupidity
ml extravagance; of the D n c itic failu -,
mugh the m.iuli w,i- ci., r, iii Bud li publi
in coi ru;,ti n. lt w nulli b ? R isc b di ip it.
wi I
an !
i li
? let
I If
I ll Ik'
Iii '
I) i
n n
li .
it fir mr ?? i: i rs* i. ft.
f'ur Democratic Iii' mis are not, a- a ml ?.
.urtuul,nly hilarious ovei the accession to
Inn- rank - of -uh I! 'public ms a- <;, u ral
Intler, "Bu ? " ? be] hi rd a id Mulh lt. Some
I t in-ill do not mem iou it nt all ; otheis
n re I j give the names w thou! , e ititi it k "
ccompauy them with the announcement thu
lu .. have go ie o\ t bi c iu ?-? tin j ure I o a. d
c irruption in Ihe lb ? ub ii un pm ty, for
hey (an rea 'ii; iee n ti it a g taatly j k.
- ; bul hero mid i icre some ove -zealous news
? iously, and actually
ai !? mis to think theil parti the gainer bj such
reen fore n i nt. These ia t have cv ul
ml had thc ext ei ience of Bi p
ui ly pm of i he war, win a the it of
'.ii V. . on's Zouaves from tb
nd fi!, kim,'ai 11 oi thc metropolis i ,
: i t'i lt- a great advaiitn ire io l he 1 Inion
.-ni-", uni il u was lound thal tl ?
v'iiiltl not flghl tn the ranks witb th tn, ind M
bat they tb
? of .-ii aling ti;.sn from a stomach
'rn fighting. O.'ie of these journals, ive
ibserve, cries om iu con pe iou with t ,<? re
i tt ul l!.t ir defection, " Hats lei re ti
I ." S r it in iy b ? ti ut- :
ike t'i' -i- . ' . i- a -Inp 11
i.,i:| sin kr-, but th ;? ire more fi ?
i iven tut in Im ai: n ion, ai in this c
A Denver, Col., J
ni iis in re i
.v 11 li a t w<
,vith Mullett, tin- Great Aniei i an 111
n w h lill that picturesque person is repr nen ted
king out " from the shot Ider," "
ip G trill Id's charat
jiving "a]
c., etc. '1 lie tm'' . t-v il
!! introduci !
tleman wli -?? of pol
- is ns will
u hicb 11: Ti n m it ion b is derived from
lie had said his il
ni the Ti- i- ury was us w dc a tin
it-- lt' he would nearly lt ilie
ni n k. I'; h'm -li lu. one tuan ia
i* am! ry haa cost the J i i j so mut ii ii
in ot mati
cull mg ? f granite under villai
lind the piling up ol oul i igea ".j mi j
a. Mill li it. The di nick - that tl .: .1
to he pul up all ovei til i tutr;
-.mi rvising Archil iel ol the T i i
coal more than enough i<> have paid lor all
the public 'muMi iga that were erected, had tbe
w, i i, lu en d me umbu' ho ieg| coutraclB.
. - ol 'I ill I ; ii'.ini do ip.i lu-etl rn Im
told th it we bink u .ni his defection from the
paiiy ? i "i ly .;- we did upon his removal
iiimi niii a?i- un Undisguised blessing, lie
ii urged to ^'o fm ih i??.-' live oi si\
, and in stand nol up m the onler ol Ins
going, llouncctl from In- offl e,
ovi i natnrall] enough to thc 11 tn x raei.
Most oi ihe capital thal the Democrats mad ?
from 1S7J i ' l-'Tti uni ol the extravng
ami corruption ol the Republicans they owed
to Mullett, "Bo -" Shepherd nod General
lilith i. The nixie intel:...." ut of
understand thia and have the sense to
see thal thej actually lose one ol' their best
arguments against Ibe Republicans winn these
? i ts" come over to them. But the Denver
enthusiast doea nol seem to appreciate this
circumstance." He paradea Mullett under a
half column of di play lines ns though be wa?
it.illy an acquisition to tbe Democracy, wheu
any leader ol the party ol ordinary shrewd
ness could h.ive told lum tti.u the coming ol
such recruits was a calamity, and thai tbe
Democrata could well afford to pjj someth ng
handsome to have Mullett, Shepherd aud Unt?
il i kepi in office by t ie Republicans as a
standing cause of ofti nee to hones! men. rile
tile- ol Tm: 1 aral ni; bear whip sa to dui
willingness, and evi n anxiety, to par! c un pan]
with iii ie three persona an) tune in tbe past
-ix years. The) u-o bow because they have
been lound out, and arc convinced thal they
have nothing more to hope from tbe Republi
can party, The-hip it aol sinking,bul it ba
bein fumigated. I hat i- what ails these par
tit i; ar " nits."
l io
The folly of very young people teni mi narrying
ip h.i i" and repenting at leisure san iirobatdj
lu-Vi-f bfl e rai I ii atS i SO lu i ' a ? People C Ul! lillie tu lie
lunn young .uni thoughtless, All tba preaching
sod moralising in the world wm aol preveut the
repetition of such domestic tragedies bb that Uia
e ii i-i tl in a police i anni on Wwi m s'lav. ni the case nf
Mr. ami airs, VVilusJex, aged respectively tweet)
mn' iiiul se.eiitien. who ii.ul married andes as
-uiiini names, li doubtless seemed liku a fares
tu iiiti-t of those who reul it, bul io
the helpless and abandoned girl-wife, and
tu the bnprlsonsd and disgraced boy-buebaud
ami the sorrowing parenta of boin, tl was ? uagedy
rall of gnef and bitterness, ls it notposaible rn
tlirnw arouii'l sm lt i>' opts tim protection ol Hie Law
in.ii tbs t lid ri- li. in reatrteting miniaters fros, n u
tying peraone wno are straogera to tbeas t
The itiiiiuati-r lu tins ease anode no losjnirioa as te
tin- uituitity nf tiie rooas people, their rotations t"
others, ur tlieir SssotsJ Btaeaa for murna ire. Fur all
bs knew, the Mosses given were false (sa il appears
they a-nully vero), tho parties bj iv bara both been
al reed) ststrted m .ali"is, ur m.iv hu vi- sees escaped
lunatics. We ORgRt to have it lav* rSBJRiriRg a ll*
cense to marry and itleiititicatiuii, and Beasibly the
i .'ii.-ti-iit ul tho par en ls,
A D'tnucratic BOBieSRimdeat, tilled with adinira
lion fur tho vreat iitule-liuyer, says (u.u liiixuuui's
are watched with roora intereei than
?e of any other man in f etJnii d States. They
undoubtedly?bybunsry l? tuoorale.
he country hobls ns breath till Wedui da)
tiing?and weil ll may.
emocratic repeaters uni Democratit money ara
ring into Indiana to procure by fraud and
bery a nm tun- for a "change." Thal shows
n -mt of a change it would Iss.
be English pension case ls a good desi like his
cogo lire subscription. Ile did a mean thing
when it i rated a pubiio stench be tried to
ii i mn ul' ii by paying np.
lu- personal compliments of Gran! forTfaneoek
nut v. imi iuirt Lim and the Democrats, lint the
il a ti a t um given of the linter's na-mis I ur -ii rn ti?
mi" tu tin- suliil Benth when he wi nt lo Lon si.
. I hose .-how that be was eager to sui un it to tbe
ah ut order to make capital fur himself usa
sidential candidate. It was this willingness to
tula. ;i Hontbern Rmi wh i m il mool striouslj
nage hun ni present. Wan the Soi' li ft
ila in I. -tui il Ol . A '""! III.nil' Well lueailillg
SOUS hali- lin ii ],ci-nullilla I1" ll.selvea (hilt Man?
ia: wmihl bc -linn'.' mungi it ic t asa check
,i, an at tem ni .? hit h mi lit lie made to rt (tore
tu ii ulam tu the Soul.' ,i it existed I ie fore
war. The) must ' convinced now that, in?
st! of liebig a cb ck, Hancock would Iss a will
las tinyltody discovered anywhere a Wi ing?
a's liam auk ("llb ? lt v. ' .' i 'ie a tunny lp C
!? tu sees w.it-'a. 11 - r r ? i.-: 11 shonting for tho nduc
i ui m's it.-, ii w
u min e.aii 1111:11 ? a si ailie risk in electing Oar
! i'i ' sp|"|il
:i.vur. 1 utiil Belmont h lia- r r I -.'.uilt ineii'1-.lv
n tbe h. i-i dean task, which they undertook
iiltaneoiiH.y, of prov iug I il
ty Iiiul a bard-mone) ina ul. Ilelmont was
cl and hooted into silence, and liayord was
1 ,1 m i'h a st'titm V. "tt< rn
. iu ?? shut 11 ..' 1 he, : " o 1*1 im ' and
Minmi mon : 11 mo ruin should nu * 1 and
.?ul in ,lu rue I 1 lint) t's
,1 v. ' 11 !*,.. , hiv hooted b 'a down :
mi i. (eliott ? i zens, Iii ' Hued of
1 '
Her, 1 "rn- y, Bo tl and
ill .1 II.ia, ai. la i-i. rans I i.'i'iml'
, l in a
[anruia ' 1 ii ii " free
lot, a fn - band
1 v. li 11 Wi itleii ovei : the i'lula
1 ? t, 1 1 rei eal 1- ? ho hat 1 to vStc
il " 1 llailL ."
ere Black s a rampant in. and if
han ni were alive h v
. .1 11 : 1 h 1 ?
- :i 1 ". 'i
r what flamo
a 1. r ? ? 11 ? ?.-1 ' Presi
icy ou a ticket with an 1 II
ie nominated hy n |i rty I v
; I iioiuina
u." In other wm
V iii- II. mpton i- nt i 1
;i Dei tarwin. 8. C. "ii
ute! and tan- 1 :n .' .ali.mt ?' ai -I (.-louds of dust,
- Red Shirl
Ito 'ht
an I un ? . ? - ilnl fm
tiagood. and i: ?
i:; s, it is stated, "el
. ': ?
"Mr. , 1 min
.. sal -mu" tim.1 that the
.; le wi i
isi-ii lu Wini Ul till
?1 .ri t- nt ilil?
li ? h. I '?- in',
a.'". I i; -
u\ : ami I
' ?
m, When s
s I did to
: let it he ?' ' lie
ii,'" 11 ti" [tai ty iu i" :- ? i :!?
o's it the rate 1 ,1
lanae that.
? h - with the
ur, h t lint h.- adopt - it m. In
, ti. 1 t 1 Joh 1 B. Un ? -sp :i'.
, als " niel " ' u!' 1 ,?
I ?
niter intu ?? h?titutcs M li 1 Vaiil
Tl ut TJ ' al lcm 1
atic joke, (Inc eflectn di of I it is tu
ti a ia..' ? 1 in
I F.n dish paid that 1 1 -. r t" Ita
.?ht:ni owners, what
indence al ont ' Puritans li
? wail d till it h . bc i ould
..it nu liiii..'i r.
/'/:/.'-? 1 \ lt..
Mr. Koberl Brovvni'tii b nefl'
om lon 1 . ile. He
Mr. Jim -: ill irria
irg w Ii uni' 1 -ni' ? the ri '- ? ul ll - ? .?::! "il'at Ip r,
inal " J e .1 ll 'orson,1 , 1 famous
al -tull ? e l.,,!i.!,Ul (let ma,
ftl, toward the end of I
ilitlo ' speech s nev hts siel he madi
e I, u ' ? inner eal ly in N.iwmli
Mr. Peti C ? Lair be,
Bal 1 inion*, I nrnveil
ma. 11, ii er ired tho Ul
til m..:" I 'tell it;
Bli. \
ire'al ear I 1 0 Railway will
nivey 'nan I. ere and b 1 k.
I ? Ma* quia of I, i":' ind a 1 ? ni hnve
"?n duck -. ' . it 1 days
ie fourteen sp 11 un bs ? 1 1.1 12 (tocks. I be
mil iiai-t teoernl ho red - i ., he not mil?. 1 1
It-pi in t ??? ni t " ? .' r ict im; 11 from
mushing tr," but hIho u crock shot, for his score
.1 l la illicit-, tho I VJ ,! hill
JndgeOruren s. Seymour ami wif*, of Litchfield
ill, Conn, celehraled their i-obl n wedding in the
? I homestead nu I ! .1 1 , ?. \ gong the a -1 -
ere ex-Governor Horatio >- a, mr. who la a
ni-'t- : Mrs, Roscoe Cor.lina, who is n menin r nf
1 N"w-V irk br im (jo*, -n,,,r
ndrews and ex-Oov trnors Etiu-liali ami Ingersoll.
Tbe kindly intention nf providing afr. Franois
Int p v. Ihe tempers.leeton i. "1 h a home In
Ipbis wo th RR.UOO, I 1 not been realised,
wins to tbe failure ol the Committee to ins,- tbe
ion v. Mi M 11 ph 1 ? ".or .- oft th 111 lt f ire, ll,.
aa been turned ont of the house after advancing
1,500 1.watti the purchase. Ol this 61.200 h:i>
'?en returned hy Ihe Conni Utee whit h I a- niven a
un-nf h.inti fur the rem in ur $300. ': , he loses
lu rn (? si itu w hull was expended un nu, 10 ve me ni-.
I he -imi th.it the I.:,i' 1 1 .. 1, Intended to
sire England and take rp ber re Ii c mrJwitaer
11,a i- Rented b_ fae Lanie* Morning Pesf. whick
n . -1 s lt i-tju ti nuiiu'lii the Farnborough Hill es
ite, ut Hasspsbire, eltwe te the bor -rs ut t|?.
'minty nf Mirny, tm |2SO,000, The estate WM
beproperti ol tba late Mr Longman, tbs well
nown publisher, and eonsistsof ab mt 257 acrea
.iib a im inn;stunt- mansion, erected bv ibe late
anni uiiu-it eighteen years ago. 1 be I inpress will
ut aa iuii possession in ni Junnsry, aa Mrs Long
inn, the wnlis ia vervauxrona to spend another
Ul ;-!UI;is .ll I'lilllliiiruiiuli Hill. | n? Klil|tress in
ends te build on tba propert) a memorial chapel to
eeaive tbs bodies ot the Emperor snd Prince lm
Pori au-PbUrou, K,?(.t. ty, .The fsaststsRRRn Ceav
11I lins pseseatsd tn President Salomon, iu the name
if General (Jusiuau lt lam o. PrOBaSMRst ol V*SSRsSaeta,
1 gold medal hearing ihe iiii.ikv of Bolivar, iu Unit
iiuiiy of the friendship eitaling between Uenerols
.'ni.,-- -sn and Blanco, wi en I Mil f
In ii ia- ;i- an-- Govern ne il n Psi .
mu sm.
\n Ii i i non ni mi i "i,
La I'i 1' ii ti i un loni ui a
eiv days i ? it lt .v. ri .'- i'.i'it" n"i '?
re by Leavttt'B EnRbsh Opera Bur rpi
of OH i, , ion
n m ,ny n-speets the weakest, I be mas
ir ghi ? i id calls I,, :,, nd .., , |
i mit her nearly every one of tbe oomn er'soblci ansi
nore amusing works, to Psi I f * in
etting, ? i- . ?
- lome vii '
it least sp.ii , id univ. In t ie i. I- .'I pre
" neil ii lu-Foil ie- a'h - ..- i . iq , of
access is pres
uv new ann brill sot, omi
\i ."lin ir'y bright. Bi n is aol a. e I, n
,ui"l". I n -. - lina I)" ur" as St Ila, Ihe I -
{' i r's daughter, bears tn-isl of tbe weight ?'
?. iv I" '"Us.
ind spi . tl Bbc c dei s heart ll into Hie iii
- witb tn neb
i - u i ' un- i Griolet md M . Kol.is
Im lim della Volta siso do -omi cl va m mg. E -
'cpl in tl -e especta tbi nee is not to os
? ?!. I be chm us and ur- I \ uv
tad, ami most of the fun "i tbe original has
if' ti out in ih- trana! itu
The new Americau opera *'Deeeret," by Ka
,V. .\. iioihit a-i'i Dudley bm-k. will be brought
mt iii Havel I-'- Poui ni mil Stree! ! h at re on Mee>
ia. evening, ih ai- ihe inst work of say no
sirtanoe produced '". a-warieana in 'in- vim m
vhieii Messrs Gilbert and sullivan have
? -u ussiiil witta "ll M. s. I'iiinft rt"
ind " li ? Pirates ot Pe isanes ;" !'"tii t um srsr i
re widely known, Mr. Bnek aa tba som.
.a ul the 'ii Dtenmal Cantata and of a lat ir- Bana?
ler ot songs and of some ol tin-i.e.t church ti i.-io
at ... , . , i Mr fr..lint itboTot fhn
? pun u ?? ll un hun lt iii ul -" it'"e i ly published in
lin: iuiii vi. the opera Itself deals with labfects
,vh eli ni tureli American?Mormonism and thu
, ? i ui.
:,?!-! r bait L I no proceed ?
?horus ni pr -.-? ti il . al ? l ' I
he ?!? i x cnorns lu I aban opei a, n
: ? . lilts il ? ? ? '
the bro! I Ul" of
a \ -,; . ",., ,, ' ?
. . - bet ter than i
./ J . . t at ibe p
tue iii t yeal a sa
L. ami
il p. ju in.'h -i '? aud
li ti :
Titi-li i :
\ :
1)1 t ! .. I
fi ' :
! ? I
. a
i \
i i" i
i -
masc'.! in in -ol
I i '
Bat as I ' ' .
f/( a, .'onie i
? I-:
, a.
I. i i ! How ll
i.i a
'i ll- i tl ll' li
'.i il.Hill ?
Ii .? ul.
I '. ' u.-ii a |IIB
I . lt ll
I ' l-l
i parlor
eu of which ft
i. - ?? - . - ?: ? -,.-I
each do
? . -
i :i ii nd- to i hat evening,
? . . . - . ?? " i ?
a'iv tvs ure t
[ot bis "othei
. .
ie, au ititi . ? t . \ u -
Ha lin home. I he) fall I
willi rapturous Joy, aud she promtst - i el?ip<
J t "/< I'-..i rei i u i ,t. 11' "tit r wives
th" v i-i ni -. ,t .iu ii-., the United Sta , ap?
pear, and they bave a dance mid some -
it ha lt the v i- !.!-''? p..-*. s m breaks the
.Ililli I. ?- ll.-- ?
i neiity ni li w i te, od is assail u n iib a
of alu se. lb itaires to escape, sud ibe
wives retire weeping lo theirs i,le:n inn ita i
r i in in dal tai. ? -, - ? > ? i i i ? i
in na un.'!, a window, ai w 111.?:i Jettup \< ?
i u . steppiti. into ihe room
liuilar, ha begins ,i sereu nie. Bm ? ? .. - nits, all ot
nie i in i . v (our i "fir
..... ai ii i ii i 11 iking tu - I-m..d-' si
: in hem lt, the) ail join in i
Jettup :
(i. (mr one. Booie mt iii i ? ' ty,
\i uere toe mi i bhmui is -a mus * lute u I
ill:- ll ll) 1 ll . .,- - ...l I ll ?- 'lit.
Anil lll< Hill.tv lt.nu I- W.. I.ll; ??!! tl"
tflaas; i>. i uia : i titi viii|
V . I pu ill,) I t, iii,
When nu- iii-i.e n .in is vatting oe laehUlt
J****** :
tl. W mitti'!-. lull I, ll , lil lilt'. M lieut Ca- If..-' la ill.Il
iiiul lice.
Ami m. ii .1 rn-- - u. . ? i i ,. rill ;
W in re tile .;lu\l w .lui lssllsbt, eke i sjnrit of lim
mi; -I
Anti du iiuue le un s ti diing mi Hu- lull,
ll.i.i i O, i vnii: i in ,v i wi.i
\.a v p) [ulll I ii i,:
ff i.i re tee luiiie saeai is vatting se tts* hui I
l>. liuslen, dorita ! i "lia ' i VM, .,1 "I limlil ,i liaiur,
Where ihe bvs wons tho uri nov itni du,
Rf aero tee twinkUng stars sRuvs Beeta m mu* lue
w.iy tu lt Vi ,
And the unite' HS,n ls VBltlRg BR t!i I i I.
lt ires :
o. I uni! ui|j| i ?1111
Ve v Itiyfuily I w.UI
\\ ii i-i ii. in ii.,- I.-..in ts n.utitit.'ott the Itt'll
In the thud act Jettup sends a letter i ? the fleas

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