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I have rarlv intimation of the dawn of that
* awtet dav of rest which ssw the Lord arise.'
Juat aa light, pale and cold, comes struggling
through the closed shutters tc .irrest my dreams
grave or glad, and to make nie. considerine how fal
od the hour of hroakf-st is, fearfully wide nw tiki
and hungry, a little church near us begins itt* gar
ralous pother with its linea ineflicient. bells an?
nouncing morning muss. Though it is not mien ol
a chime, thom, who work it rvitlently coimniet iii
tintinnabulation important. So they make up ir
persistency for what tiny lack iii souorousm ss. ]
push Myself op, and get one eur out of the pillow
for the sake of listening. H lt is no more." I say,
? than a paaedl of the triple Hob majors which 1
once heard in Kngland ? but doubtless it mtv es iU
purpose." i'ar oft there is sweeter and better man
aged campanology; more than one belfry is doini?
for pond ( hristiaua whst the muezzin undei
KasUin skies, an the sunrise glances ac;.'?lin
palms, summoning him lo pi ayer, does for thi
sioslem. I make a picture, with closed ryes, of thc
people ereepten ibaaagk tbs twilight tow,-mi tia
mystery of the atomnient and the mu:,ile ? B411 ot
the pnaaamaa They come from squalor uni' muller?
ing to the splendor of the great sacrifice and thc
rich eon-ml at ions of the lat!!) lite silk for hen) mg,
the weary lor rest, the doubting for awsur mee. thc
friendlies tbal they tuny once more, if onlv for I
little while, ba near the F.ti mal Friend. For tlir
liuugrv ts tin- l.reinl cf Life: for Un-opulent an
'.he dreams of eternity' Puring an hour, al
.cast, they will forget their torrows. Ucwcvei
eoor. all tbreegh that pie,ions serries tbey will
tie tbe i-neals of Hie rich and citizens ia tba Beam
>f Hod. Tins 1 think, as 1 listen tn the bells; and
.hen. Brandering till mto a asaseof uyeentetiaii, I
fees ll wini t the pWhaeapMM have sufi af s'tjHTsti
lion. tbe great asfa-da which have stood up stifl
tiid inns ulm against itali; 1 glance at Leibnitz..
who is over there in the book-case, with Voltaire
md (Jibbon and Hume and tim rest "f the
loubteea; bat still tho bella ara calling -. still thc
limtly invitation is BSleaded; still pitces the pro
session of ihe worshippers: and 1 feel how little
Ibe ginal hooks, saturated erith temporal logic and
luman learning, liavo ilene to tempt this weary
ind siittering world from the faith, winch mav be
Beak in plentv and prosperity, but gTVWS BtrBUgei
ls tbe tem posts assail it, and every thing w ,nu all
ilse is lost.
Coming ont into tlie street, we know tint it is
tuudav. Considering tuat the day is not
icligiously observed in our city, it is curious to
mirk how it assert* itself, and has. son chow, sn
.tmosph. n* and economy of its own. If, after an
jhsenee from this world, however prolonged, one
acre to drop into it suddenly, he would know this
lay cf thc wei k without fail, ne eboga might ba
-pen; the cars might be running; the paasrrs by
iiighi lu- aa nosseroes Beever; yet he would feel
bat lt wan Bundey. No noise can nltoirethci spoil
is stillness. No persistence m the worldly buaineoa
Iso uiitl.e it other than a holy day. No matter
low many mav he abroad, they have a kind of shy
leas of the temporalities. Tlie populace, spite of
emptatioiis. is upon its BOOd behavior. The
Bsarvaaakeas are not noisy. The excursionists go
Haag (inndiv. The beer shops put un their
liutteis, and the thirsty enter at thc side door,
veil known to all extierienced imbibers. The
Imps in ihe avenues are open, and the retailers of
Vadv-in.ide raiment tlisplay their goods largely;
lat oas I ,ls that not many buy coats and vvnist
watsnnd nether apparel upon Sunday. It is on'y
die Hebrews making up, as well as they can, for
lie Sabbath closing enforced ages ago from Mt.
Haal. Beiaebedy may drop in and buy. and so tba
Jae of the Nazarenes will not BU altogether lost.
Even if wa would lie as worldly as ever, thu
.Lurches and the ebnreb gnata an* a perpetual pro
le.st. Have tbe naturalistic philosophers ever
drought of tba persistence with winch people wot
ihipT I have spoken of tho early attend anea
. Slitcli is BMOtlv in Catholic chinches; but between
n i i,',1,i-k and 12 iu tho muming. Protestantism
/ lomos t<i 1lie fore. AH the sects are upon the side
Salk. Al! Lie bells Ungle and Ungle then ; and if
ainu Alexander Selkirk, who lamcuted their ab
lence fp"ii Juan FernHudez.. WON with us on
fund-vy. be would have htse.-irs full of them. It is
lihilai.il.ii- !?' walk up and down, if only for a
light ol Ihe i lean slniUS. A p-.pul.it ion la IIB bad
/lothcs is worlh looking at. foi it means prn
lence decency, and a harmless ambition. I like
tren a cad se arrayed. He ts cuing his heat to be
not oniv respectable, but even an aristocrat in a
anal! way. His hat. which has been auiCSUl-ud in a
box nil ihe week, is resplendent So ure his boots,
which , at ttl" expense ol livcjience, have just been
Blade mirra like by a small boy at tl:e corner His
Becktie is a little variegated, but color is always
pleasant. His studs are ol glass, but still tbey
gleam like diamonds. Ile has no gloves, but the
beatboi is warm, and be has not vet riser, to tba
ostl.eli al leight of gloves in wann weather.
What 1 entirely sympathize with labia conscious
Maa of being perfectly well dressed, lt has given
elevation lo Ins shoulders, lt baa given p'Tpcmlic
nisrit.v to ins legs. Thara la nothing wanting, for
his hair was l.inshly anointed by his barber, out
of whose leathern chair our triend got not lifteen
bunnies ugo. His w atcb-ehain is of ournie?but
beter mind. His watch-but no matter if he has
bone' He aaa done his best to be properly clothed
tepon Hu Sabbath ; and when, some hours hence, ho
tails upon tba voting woman who has won his
tit-art. she will th,uk him more nobly costumed
than cv i I',,-.ni Hrummel was?that i<4. if she knows
anything ol licau i'riiniiiiel, which is not probable.
Wi- must b" sb arl tabls ia regard to each other's
feibles. Mus round world, morally if not physically
Bonsidered. is kent spinning by apiHiarances. Bat
fer clean shirs on Sunday, I um not sure that we
a;.ot,ni not sisui be la a areli an el Barnaby,
They will go ont together. They will be join*,
snd several cynosures of tim Second Avenue, that
street which is to such it-jy the Fifth is to tieoplo
with uiore inonev. I like lo meet these couples, for
I know bow proud each is of the oilier, and how
nappy they are. 1 air glad 'o ive the chamber
Bauis bo brilliant, and far br it from me to growl
at their cb.vp silks am! che aper laois, their
brooches of dubious imbi, and vitreousOMI-Uga I
lo not BUV half 1 think .??>mpl*ii*ently of nil this
gay cly, fer I am afraid; ol the economists sud tho
moralists. Hut if all elsa is to i?- condemned, I
Sake n reservation rn favor of the feminine huts, if
ily bocause they oller opportunity for a pinpa
U'tie study of botan-. Ba inany ditlcrent kinds of
hat* for women have 1 seen in my dav?great
Iprawling leg-of-mutton leghorns, thc sweet Lng
lif.1, cottage, tba sugar naacp which my (har old
tr.'iiidmolh'r used lo wear to Ihe (junker moling!
lt is best to like s fashion while it latta,' and if it
I asia long aoonah. wa creataiea of habit are sure to
ike il. The young women ol' Second ave. certainly
Bo go abroad on Sunday in a head gear which is a
frille splendid, what with Howers and velvet ;m,|
fibln n.s: but I have found out. by looking iu al lim
ebeaji shop windows, that it anea not mst nindi,
ami that the wearer gets a superabundance of glory
for her money. 1 know, too, if being a woman,
I washed aud arru binni and in ide beils and
cook,.!, if J winked at any minuit.wttire for six
Un ular days, that I simula be tenanted ba go abroad
On thc nev, nth iu all my gi try with everything on
me which 1 happened to have in my trunk, or
Whim suv friend might lie ma-mammons to lend
me, and dr. s-a d a* much like Solomon, or the ij.ui ? ii
Of Sheba, as possit le.
Hut enough of the street- and of their shows I
Only as we stroll home to Sunday avocations, or.
maybe, to .Sunday indolence, ae must not forget to
Observe how clean and neat the anxious and proud
motbeis have made their children for tbs Sab?
batical tea. lung. The time has .boon stolen from
household toil to make the little ones presentable
and otmnte il faut tot tho Sunday school. Seel
they aie gathering at the door of tbe church
already. They aro entering to be told who usda
tbom, and who wiU care for them through the long
lilgriuiage which is possibly before them. Hilly is
'a. tia clean wbite collar, andiwbat a eon-ay oi
ironing is bis'sister's snowy gown I (io in, huh
ones, to safotv, to loving watch, ulnettt, to pre. iou
instruction, to teaching which, whatever the doc
trine, cannot harm von! Wi have not forgotten
who it was who took little children in His arms am
blessed them, aud said " Of such is the Kingdom o
lieut cu." ______________________
From 'ike Academy
The leaf is red?the leaf is sere?
Sere as a rotten shroud:
Gray winter gems hts icy bier.
And folds his pall ot assad ;
For drifting leaves and clubing days
Ho ind!.-, hid sullen lun'r.il lays.
Thc le.f is red?thc lea* is sere?
Soc yonder mufied tram
Of dismal shadows creeping near.
Ol'! ."ue, and care, and pain ;
T.i.-v bid ms ?it!i ilii-in tell int beads
Fei plexsant dowers and bitter seeds.
T! e leaf is red?:.iie leaf i. sere?
Av, teddi*! 1 h a ii the -old?
A royal splsader emwua the year.
In paaap ba a -xeiii old;
Ile bundi-, inn! jovial riches yields
I:, in puipiti brunch and yellow li dds.
Th.' lenf is nd? be leaf is seri?
Think you mv sun is set f
W.tn wu,e. at tl -"!.:', and litendahlp here,
Anti in,mv a hhs lng yet.
I'M live to nobly spend the store
Of hoarded joys 1 spared befof '.
l, Poncnu.
A (TE H.
From Hie Hour.
Senator Oonkllttg WUB hort ls_".i?t Albany, when
his father, Judga Oonkling, then resided, il,
received au aciideini.- edui ati'Ui. studied la.v, un,I
went to Inca m let-lti. lhereian ban resided OVM
JudgeConkUnabed taree enan Ann linn, hos,rsv
ami I -roderick. Tliev all grew te be men of lint
Bfipearanee ami neat physical strength. Ann-ban
w;is tin- largest ai the brotbera. beiacconsiderably
over six feel in height, broad-ebon Idcred, and ol
powerful tiiiild. Lven in early life they were all
men ol strong character, of remarkhbb* self-reli?
ance, sud inclined to be disputatious. Tln-v were
politicians before tbey wen- tot cia, sad, aa they
never agreed about politics among themselves, u
used to be saitl of them tbal Ibev were n n iadepea
deni to belong to the same party. Aurelia- Beted
with Un Democracy, while Roe oe wans Whig, in?
clined toward Sewardlsta, and Frederick a "Stiver
Grey." Anrelian lied many years ago, Roscoe ls el
tbs bend of the Kt-publican party, ami Colonel
Frederick A. ((inkling, afier attliataug with tba
Liberal Republieana, ia now in accord with the
li'iiscoe Conkling became proininent at fha har
when quite a young lawyer He Ailed tba offloe ol
Distriet-Attorney in Oneida County in I8AO, when
only twenty one veins of BgjB, He was Mayor ol
the City ?f Utiee eight years later. Bs u aa always
au ertectivc speaker, and look nn active part Ul
polities His boldness made him popular with bis
associates ol his own age, while bis diguined style
and sound sense rccommc||ded him to those of more
ad van i cl years ind widei expericn DO. On one oc?
casion, w lieu lioscoe was .|iiiie young, bia father,
Judge Conkling, was announced lo Speak iii a po?
litical meeting in Livingston Ooonty, When he
tame forward on the platform tbe en-drmau in?
troduced hun as "Judge uoukling, the father ol
Booooe Conkling." The Judge's dignit. v ss
olteiiiled, and. after the meeting, be tool; the (han
man to 'ask mr Hie milliner ol the introduction.
The old Baying " like tallier like son,'' 11 ti ai lily
holds good iu tba else ol the t'.inkling family. 'I be
old Judge was proud, lasorvod, and ntieoneeined
al out tlie good opinion of others, nnd his sous in?
herited this disposition. Am. li in was tbs most
companion.ible of me three, but even ne had .iii ap?
pearance of liaugbtiu'-ss which was repellent te
strangers. Koacoe i .inkling's lofty bearing has
been often criticised, yet his s-, miny SITOgsnCe dis
apnears arnon., bis friends, and he possesses IB no
ordinary degree tbe qualities ol a charming com?
panion, lie is ii sinrd.v haler and makes nocflort
te OOUCCal his feelings when he dislikes ft person.
" Expediency " is a word net to be fonnu ia hui
vocabulary. He would not conceal or repress bis
true feiltugs if the gnat object of his smbitiou
were the ,'tsSlired price of dissimulation. His
friendship is ns steadfast and loyal ai his enmity la
bold and uncompromising.
He makes it a rule Ol life never to aceept SUV
favor or attention involving tbe expenditure of
money, i x-v-it In the way "f iba! social inter, mrs ?
which isnaael among all classes. Not long since,
on the occasion ol a viiit to this city, be wm down
ou Wall st. in company with a Stele drncer and
anoth. r friend. Tln-y were going opto the Fifth
Avenue ll".el and *ln- Slate offeei .ulled n back,
mane a bargain with tba driver to take them tor a
dollar and a half, and when they reached Hie
hotel paid tba man thai amount. Mr Cockling
drew 50 c-nts from hi- BOekd and lian.led it to the
State officer, who expressed sn nnwilhugneaa te
receive it. "Sir," said the Benator, " I al wara pay
BU own hack hue. Von will be unod enough to
take thal ninney." Tin tone waa nnmisl ikahle,
and the silver coin aaa Quietly transferred te the
Btate officer's pocket. Mr. Conkling earriea the
principle of "paying his own waj " to auch ex?
tremes that when attending a political meeting he
will not allow a hotel lull, a railroad fare, or ev,-.,
the price of ? conveyance, to be settled, except om
of bis own pocket,
From Ihe VnHon.
The publication ot Tie Tall Mall Gazelle in lKGr>
marked a new era ba lonrnaliani. li baa alwavs bad
a thought and a range ol ns own. aid the influenee
has been visible from the beginning ol a real!] pre?
siding mind, ihe editor ol t lit piipci In lu ita c-in
liioiiceiiuni until thesprlugoi tue pres ni yeai was
Mi. Frederick Gieenwooii, who bad previously been
known ss b graceful, gossipingessayist, sn saree"
able versifier, snd tbe author ol al leasi one meri?
torious ii nol very sacecatful nov, i. As Editor of
Hie Lull Mull Ginelle Mi. Greenwood snowed gnni
nowei cl origination and ol orgsnisstton, and a
very Barked literary capacity. Ue sine eded io im?
pressing bm individuality upon the paper, a.ul upon
a group ol very able and scholarly writers whom be
gathered about linn. 'Hu Vail Mull (luzitte luis al
asys been more remarkable tor its induenoenpon
opinion than for itscommeroia] success, ii is a curi?
ous illustration of tbe jooditkms on which tbe popu?
larity ol a newspaper depends thai the stroke wbiefa
lifted Itu 1'ali Mutt iiuzitu im a tun" into prosper?
ity was the publican.ui in it ol BB article which
might have been thought mme sulla bis to Hu Daila
Teuoranh than to a Journal affecting a faatidiuua re?
finement. Mr. J.iutiw Oreen wood, toe brothel of tba
editoi al tba paper, took n lute his toad io person
at- a "casual" at ono ol the London workhouses.
ll,- vc,ni through all ihe diiagreesbl experiences of
t halt Unhappy order of bsseaB?Ihe duty beth,
the rouge clothes, die abominable, nightly
associations end daaeribed them la The fall
Mall Gazette. The impresetea which the iini
cle made was memorable la the history ol Jour?
nalism, ttiitl it dui for las Pall Mall Gazette
mon- than tho best w ri ling oi the editor and
ot any oilier of its tbougbtlnl ami eultlvated cou j
tribntora waa able io aeetMajplian. one elem,-ut oi |
weakness which marked it* utter days was Hie over
powstina luflueuce winch Mr. Qiadsloue gmacd
over the mind of Mr. Qteaawood. Tue attraction
was the atir.ieiioii of roimlsiou, tbs fascination waa
one ol terror, hut it was overwhelming. The dread
seemed io become a monomania ami to draw le it ,
all the.forcceof Air. Greenwood's mind and ebaracter.'j
\V i. ai Coleridge says of love appeared to be applies
hie lu Mr. Gleenwood'* caa.- le the peculiar feeling
ot m. ii_:;. -d allrac-lioti uml aversion willi Milich Mr.
Qladatooeiuap-tedhi-B. "Ali .noughts, all pensions,
uti desires, whatevt'i thniled" Mi. Qreeuwood'f
"moltal frame?all wera but mtuistore" to this
peculiar sentiment towan! Mr. Gladstone, "and fed
ibul saeicd flan.e." Mr. Uh turnwood has UZblblted
bniiself in the attitude of an avenger, ll was his
biisiiics-i to exposs and defeat the sini-der and mi
chievntis policy of tiie present. Prime Minister, who
was to lum whal the J. suits am te Mi. Newdegate.
Ile mw his hand and spirit every whore. Bs did not
se, bal be himself waa involuntarily and uncon?
sciously tbs most striking example of Mr. (.lad
stone's iii_g,ie;ic power over weaker minds, lin.
conversion ot The Pall Mall Ganeit* into a pspci
winch wss simply witi-Ulsdsteneau, and the treat?
ment el .til tojucs from this naimw point ol v lew uf
perse mi alana, paednaad, as the subtle was in?
formed one Has moraieg thia pear, a rum ira "t M *,
1. reen wood's ciineclloli willi I lu- Pull Mall Qnntttt,
Mr. iJ.orge Barite, ihe proprietor of tba paper, a. o
smbodms in hm earn peraoa tbs apparent ij plural
linn of Smith Elder & I 'o. lMr. Snniii being bun -eli I
Miiiib Elder aa distinguished tram a realm au pp -J
s.litmus .--milli Young, r, aud then- bang RO " ' 'c"), |
dismissed himself 1 rom the propi ittorsiup ol the
pm r, ni ordei that a means might be lound ol
dismissing Mr. Oreonwood mun tbs editorship of j
it. Mr. Henry _*ateaThompson, th ? ton-in-laa i t
? "lilith. !"?' ams ostensibly tue son- pro u si ii ai;.I lu i
pm the real inon-tetof "f The pull Mali <?
1 brough his mstiuim mably the eondiltoni v. un
respect tothe liaetobet-keub) The Pall Mall G i
in loliius wine prsssatsd t" hts. Qreriiwood?eondi
tious winch implied a revel vii ot in ? a mrs i h> bad
been foi m mv yean pursuing, and which, aa a nutt
ki ot personal honor, ii w.is impossible that In
should M oe p. Mi. UlBBUWOOd ntl.el. and .Mr.
John Morley wss annotated his sui .vu. fas lum'
sod paney of tba annei lave audargona tu Mr.
Morley's hands a complete reversal, ll is not only
Liberal but an-lit1 j not only radical but di Hi?
eratic lt* vigorous and BtTeigbtforwarJ wnimg
BMka-.it a aew element of newel ib tie Ld, rai
party, sud its literary ability is likely lu hu I ti ru
an entrance among tuc aaltiTsted, bul ra'a.-i timid \
alaaaaa. who am aBt te shrink from puia apenaing I
ead ford bia tbinaiag in politics. Mr, Louts 8-r
scant who was ai om time IPs taditorof Iii" f.xam :
tner. 'ia Mr. Mcilcy'r aaaictaot-edilor. Among ins I
wntsrs who bare 'me i BBOSt pr mum nt an! nctiv-l
since Mr. Morley's accession te the edit, rsluii wei
may mention Mi. Leslie btcohcu, lrom wnose oou i
Ihe papers entitled " Confessions of an Authur an
a Peripatetic" have proceeded ; Mr. Anthony Trot
lope, ulm is tbe writer of tbe sketches on " Londo
7Ae St. Jame*'* Gazette, which appeared within
few wealla ste r Mr. Greenwoods retirement Bret
the editorship >,f Ihe Pall Mill GaxeVe. is slmpl
the old Fall Mall Gazette in somewhat different ton
and with a new name, with an exaggeration of il
antipathy lo Mr. Gladstone and its dread of what I
calls the latter-day Radicals. The intensity of th
langa-g. iimi s' nt ineiii ol The >t. Jamet't Gaxrti
hasted a profane wit to nickname it " tho i'w
Benny Damn," a phrase derived mun a favorite oat
oi the I.ile lb i.e of Wellington, who was accm
locoed io convey iu that form of snei ch his dispel
jiging estimate of pefBOBB and thing' which he bel
in slight account, occasionally descending to th
lim i lonni v.dilation of " the tenth part of a twr
nanny damn." Mr. Greenwood's fore? of charactei
thougii wasted iiimiii a sort of craze, and tho pel
souai liking Which he awakens and keens, ar
shown by the fact thal bs transferred with hu
from Ina Pull Mull Gazette to thc ncwsp-ipcr wine
henow edits almost Hie entire IhkIv of writers wh
had been aaaociatod with him on the elder journa
Prom The. Keho.
Having spoken of street trailers, I ought not t
omit lim " bobed polnto" men. Many of th
owners ol the steamers which are familiar to us ii
Tot Um hum-court.-road. Gray-mu-road, or on th
BartU] side, are wall tads tradesmen. Two 8
tbrea that 1 know ol are iadnatrteua mechanic!
who, winn tbeir day's labor is over,supnkunau
tin ii iueOUM by retailing "hot murpnvs" alon
halfpenny catii, butler included, ut a BUM
Corner mush more sensible of them lim
tn squander in drink whal they BM
ali can, ? aiiicd. ihe hui notato business require
siitnc c ipilal. Ihe can ll-cl! may on.y cost a contd
nf guiness, but thora are asea who have spent a
much 'A-- ti'ti guineas on their rheumers. The avel
;i-ejiic, ioi a very fair ., thc can of tm am
with brass mountings, ia about ?3. The patetna
are, of course, baked at tbs baker's, tor they talc
some I ima to cook thoroughly, and tim tin avails t
keep i lie tn hoi. There uri' all classes atuoiiusi th
baked jiol.i.o men ?tradesmen who have been bet
ter oft, mechanics OBI <f work, and coater B-OUgCI
wno iii tile w mil r lind it mme |U dilabb- than I
haw k fruit. In Ibe summer nearly i'i ol them,will
the exception ot taoflrst clusa 1 spoke of, t.,ke n
chen ie-, st. ,iwo,'rues, and green gages. Tin
Customers ol lbs baked isilalo men cornhill,
:U eleaOSB Near a theatre the actors wil
semi oin between tba acta tor bet po tnt eos sad pot
tel. I in wm ki ii ginan rei ui ni uu home alter a day'
toil will "pull himself together' with a "murphy.'
Tb" huiidreil-a-ve.il tieri, will pop Oat to the slice
corner.and from the potato-can bung ins tutti
vi ile m a let -;i|i) er which sh,- mn enjoy after sic
bas dona stitching far tbs baby who ls in bed. Bvci
bnitnr?wl mell, when going birnie late, will (if thej
think nobody ia looking) bus a potato ami munch i
on tin i wa. te their lodgings, lin re sn mao,
potato men wh,, make a eoaple of poonda a wick i:
tao season, sud tbe ariel eraorof tba bush-ess ba
boen known to roll up li. lt is tbe custom witl
1.11 msjorit] to be nation sry, and atmanyatree
coi di r- in inc metropo ia I be baked potato man is a
i. ' an institution ha tba big tavern with Ita Har
m- Eaalighta _____________________
From Tbe Cull Mall Gazelle.
If. Barthelemy M.-liliane's appointment is j
I cause ol hilarity I.any newanapera. Why, thej
j would be at a loss te atv. I often need te wendel
why If. Barthelemy st.-Hilaire wan never proposal
j for ii ni*! < .ii^s embassy or tor the neal bo now
', hoiii.s. ii ia i in- drawback is that hs bas bo wife
, and is no longei <d an age to take one arith bdvan
tbal be is only live years younger tl.ai
i our octogenarian century. 1 inver met ahumui
i being wno raised himself to a bigter sltitude ..
: monti araodeur than M. Parti.cb my M.-Hilaire
| whom I w :??, in the habit of daily seeing in tin
I most troublous and entieal pened of M thiers,
' reign. Hs waa then staying, ns if in a wsysidi
j inn. ai the Versailles Presidency, aud was tue ear,
j the eye, and the right hand of Hie Preeidi nt, whom
, he assisted BS a friend and served sss patriot, with
j om hope of emolument or a ly zither reward than i
i satisfieft heart and conscience could return. He
| goi taronga the mosl i maning ta*!.- with the regu?
larity and stoicism of aa old soldier, nml neva
1 seemed fatigued or out ot temper. Hi* rourtesy
| was never ut fault, and be was scrupulous in keep?
ing nih.n. i luau', nu nts and promises to rendel
small services fi iras he who received tbs Am
bass i.lois when Thiers u is indisposed and he ainu.
a i.s in tbe secret ol 1 bienr'a financial designs m re?
lation to the great three mill lard limn, its mode ol
emission, ami tbe machinery by which tbal sum
v, i.til.: be V,a i,.led ovrrjto Heirn'iny ?f it hoi t cuisine in
France a disastrous monetary perturbation, and weil
the secret .vns kent, as M. Leon Bay the other dav
demonstrated. M. Barthelemy st.-Hilaire made a
rule which, like all his rules, was rigorously kept
? never te make use nf his knowledge, when be
Waa at Versailles, to enrich himself :it the Bourse
or to serve tin* tortnm* ot any OM else Tlc
dignity winch he Imparted to the public adminis?
tration and tba austere front with which he mei
corruption, in a great Bteasurs contributed to pince
the Thud Repuldic on a solid basis Tue Royalists
in tlc Ass milly, feeling ol what advantage were
the moral ooalitiei of this citizen te the Rejmblic,
nropoa d a law to exclude bim from the presence of
M. Thiers bo long aa the latter remained chief of
Hu- Executive power. M. St.-Hil ure waa then st
tacked aa being what it hi noa tbe fashion te call
the ."-cult power al the Presidency, where be oc?
cupied s scantily furnished bedroom.
Tbs nen Minister for 1 oreign Affairs is In address
an il I , sring a ;:r:iv ?-, , ourteous gent lt man. lisiking
much younger than bis roan. If eungai ia a
shower of iala hi raiaes his collar, button-, his coal
acroaa his chest, and aralka on quite unconcerned.
Nnliody ever heard him, 1 believe, complain ol bia
bodily health. Ha is of I strong frame strength
cn. .1 by t he stoicism of bia mind and t he aobnety of
bis habit-. Pronneariy spring tc autumn his life
bristled with asperitire. He waa pool on leaving
- bool,mid couM onlr obtain the function si aa
[ i.i paid ? 'erk in the Ministry of Finance, Mut be
found Hu re business drill, [shelter, and leisure
io st id. Greek, Oriental, and (.uropeaa hnguagee,
cml to work tor newspapers ol Republican ten*
denciea One "i these ionrnalswas /.?- Gtoht .\?
an Orientalist M. St -Hilaire rank* with Bournonl
amt Max Muller, and there i- no more aroora
plisbed Hellenist m Prance. Cousin, of whom bs
was in his youth tba private secretary, left bim si
bis death his library, which bl tlie only luxury M.
Bart be lem y St.-Hilaire in his life en loved. Il,
Empire tossed thu -.ivan! oul <>f the College of
Prance because he refused to take tbe oath ol alle
jji nice to the Emperor. Pinding it impossible to
support a great-aunt who reared lum in Paris, bs
betook iiini: i ll t'' a patch ol ground ai Meaux,
..ntl lhere became .a market-ganlener, living with
In-- aged relative m a cabin in the midst ol hts beds
oi turnipaand "t cai rota Portana baa sinee fev?
ered him in a BUMtcrate degree, ami enabled bini to
live Iii a suite ot looma OU a thud ll.'Ol in ;i gund
street (Boa d'Aatorgl, and to k,cj, an elderly
women-s nant to attend him. The mornings are
d,-vot.-d to Aristotle, bis literary idol; tue rest ot
the day to the Institute, the Senate, and tba elaasi
ficati m of Thiers's papen. In tbe evening he goes
Iodine willi Mine. Thurs and her sister, and quits
them at in o', lock. 1 never knew bim to dine any
wmtc else except at the Merman Emboss. .
M. Barthelemy m.-Hilaire gods much pleasure in
sdrairing great men. His face, which is thal ol a
QrerV statue hewn oat In granite, lights and warms
up when oooveraation with bim tuinsupon au il?
lustrious object of his admiration. Latterly he
baa coma la iee la Bismarck oas of ilu.se great
?entases ? bo determine the character nf the epoch.
in which they live and mt : and he Hunks the ber
man Ansi nun alban, c w iii be a mighty initrumeut
of civilization in ihe barbarous ami of Europe
lying between Hie Hanni,,? aad Gretta*. I have
heard him sustain this View with animation. M.
Barthelemy ut.-IIilaire dseirea lbs arowta ot
1 renell influence, which he opines could only be
coneiirreiii with increa ??.', murali!., and tbe spited
of education. But In- is too familiar with the lit
eriry work Bceompliahsfl by other nations lo wish
tor lbs pinna., v ol ins otra sountry ; and he would
rogard with appianeuaioa kerlaatstnalaggrandize
From I hr fr Intra nh.
foneh'ngupea the naeetten whether aaaanbaraef
tbe I Ten. n . ;,r shan lil bs permitted te grow tbeir
hearne, a writer in s Parisian coatetuporory gives
boom particular* anowina how mary meu amiuenl
in van, ii" wars have been devotees oi tba rai r.
li ? begins hy , luilb-turing pr not Hint, apart from j|
very tev. , sceptiooii, ;t great eratm ovei wore board
or musial in*. Among eminent Preach Speakers
and statesmen. Mirabeau, Danton, v*ergiuaud,
Berryer, Poy, llaaael, Chateaubriand. De Broglie]
M.dc i billion I'eirrot. i ssimir Perter. Guizot, Thiers,
aud Montalembert all shaved, rho must m he is
thought to be a distinctive military adornment,
.vet ii aaa aol wein by Hesaadar, Caraar, Pompey,
lr. .m. ur Niljin:-on. 1 lie great maitliaU of thc
1 -ri neb Monarchy disdsined it. iand not one of tbs
generals of tuc First Empire permtttoa il io sprout
upon his lip. Revolntiouieta arc poaalarlv sup?
posed lo bs marked bv unkempt boa fda. let
Kobsapinrre, Mai at Buln! Just, timi Hdbarttwa-U ss
carefully shaven as the Grane Mummine bianself.
ii: Preiich wrireraand lMieis, Moliere nml Corneille
Wore the Ki' bellen muslin he. but i.'acim-, I'ancal, I.s
I'oiitiiin . Iloileau, La lim. ere, Voinnre, Ii'tinsseau,
Diderot Montes 'iiicii. aud all Ibe Hunkers ui id sa
vant' of the i ,-i.i' cn Ht ci i, tn jy indulged in a clean
Shave, >" dui Halite and I ,-trarc.li. Itv ron sad
Shelley, PBpe and Addison, Siierniuii and t'old
smith.'.Sw itt and .Johnson. Pield'lUg and Kn bardana,
1'ilt, llurke ami Cot.. Aiming eminent I 'rein bunna
efveryreeoui timce, J.un:.niue Ds \ignv. Victor
linn" Ititi Ins etilei. Mu m-li i, Iimii<- de i.ir.trdin
Hu rel. Hind, ism-. Loma Blanc, sud Saide.
lu vt' . or ?rill make, an niteompromisiug BBS of tbs
rarer, kn tins rs sped following tbs exaassle of
Haydn, tllnek. Moxart, Pie-ini Uimarasa, Mebul
Welier, i h'rii.mi. Herald, Beethovea, Bellini,
Kosaiui, Meyerbeer, sud Auber, There i* saeie
ll,ii'_: I" BS t-id ou Hie olbel Mlle, lin iioubl. "Ut il
would * en, aa thou ;,, .| ,, . vin,! . . ,,,,,., , ,,, u,,,
esc.uu-.heam af genia- im _ ii__oi sud - bu rm rs pois
The New-York bntehnrs are beginning to grnmble
nt tho large shipments of fine Western beef. The
English buyers select in Chicago tbe fiuest speci?
mens, and ship them direct, paying larger prices
than tbe Eastern bnteher can afton!. In this
wav I'be Nuw-York market duffers, whilo tho
Englishman smacks his lips and enjoys hu flue
jury American beefsteak. Prime rib roast in sell?
ing now in the markets at 20 Baila per pound ; best
porterbonBe steak, 21 to 2d cents ; tine porterhouse
roasts, 22 to 21 cents ; sirloin sells for 20 cents per
pound; round and flat bone the same: fresh rump
Beef is ll cents ; corned rump tim same; help roast,
14 cent's; corned navol aud plate, I 0 nantab Tho
veal found in market is exceptionally nice ; loin and
leg selling for ld cents per pound ; breast, 1 1 cents ;
Teal cutlet 25, and shoulder 10 cents. Fine hind?
quarters of mutton bring in tba markets 14 cents
per pound ; in tba uptown shuns thc", sell at lil and
18 enats per pound; forequarters are a little
Cheaper. Lamb ls selling; for Vi and 20 cents for
hindquarters; 10 cents for forequarters.
(.'ame and poultry are m good supply, and tba
Briese for game are growing a littta easier. Capon
pullets wen selling iii the markets Saturday morn?
ing at 25 rents jier pound; chickens, 20 cents;
siring chickens the .same; in the uptown shops,
however, norina ehlekeannell aa high aa 22 and 24
eeehij deeba, 20 cent a; mongrel ducks, 22 cents;
turkeys,20oenta| fowia, io tn I1* cents; mongrel
aeere, 20coats per pound : Minah sell (rom to i"
?3 BO | er doaen ; gnni-c, $1 38 par pair ; partridge,
Ir.'in !fl 25 to 11 50 per pair; plover are 88 DOS
donen ; teal dock, 50 oenta per pair i wood duck, fl;
mallan!". $lpot pair; redheads, $100| English
anipe, 93 per oonen i woodcock, ^l per pair. Bpi
CUteS never have these last birds diaWB, bal alter
having rlii-ni nicely plucked, and Hie skin taken uti
from the head aid neck, they trnaa them with the
head under the wing, twist tue legs af the lirst joint
and mess the feet against the thigh, lifter which a
Blocs ci ba bob rn tran around each bini, and a small
inm skewer run through. They must bo hung mi a
miiii ami roosted at a good (ire. w:ih buttered alicea
ot toast placed m a iliipping-p.in under them to
eatcb the tr.u.iis ti fads. Tin-y must tie roosted
fifteen minutes and basted often with melted butter.
Sweetbreads --'ill foe 23per tteaeo: pigeons, $_'
pei dooeni small birds, go pents, and hue iced buds
$1 pei donen. Venison in market ia 23 ce uta per
pound) terrapin are $1 50 apiecei boga, 75cents
l>er donan,
The bes! buller in the mai kel sells for .'IS cents
per pounds uptown tba Bama butter is ll) and 42
cents; dany butler from 112 to 85 cental agna, 26
cen t.i per il'./.i-n ; and bett basket BggB, it Om Long
Isla, d, 36 cento
Teas and coffees remain at, the pricei quoted leal
week. Iii" li ii cm sugar ls selling for ll oenta;
granulated, KU* cenis; powdered the aa dm ; light
brown sagan ni 0 cents per pound, and dark brown
HKi cents.
vegetables ara plentiful, and pries, with few ex?
ceptions, ara muon the name us last week. Cauli?
flowers are growing more eemmoo, A lae large
head in good condition can ho bad tor .'Kl cents.
whits dowan a little tamed rall as eheepaa 15 ami
20 cents, tireen jims are 50 cents POT
peck. Lattaee, I" Her than any seen in tba
marketa during the summer, is from lt ttl 5
I oenta par head. Cranberries, plentiful, 10 cania pet
quarti celery, 15 cents per bunch; cucumber
pickles, 25 to 50 eenie per hundredi oyster plant
and agc plant, io tents; taratta, 90 cents per paek i
Lima beans, 50 cents; tomatoes, 20 oenta; line
large whits onions, 50 eentSj Strung benns, 20
cents: green oom, lo oenta per oenen i potatoes, 25
to :to ceiiis in i pack.
Ibe cn,,liiiiie. line cut' baa of lisli keep the market
pratt] steady at low price-.. (Splendid large bluefish
sell for 8 cents |mt pound ; i: ai ki" I, 18 cents ; bass,
'_'.?'chis; weakfish, IO cents; white perch, 15 cent.-.;
green turtle, 16 rents; halibut, 18cents; haddock,
ii (???nts; eodttsb, 8 cents; blsekttsh, l'2l> cents;
il.-umiers, lo cents; saa-bees, 15 eenie; porgies,
io eenie ; lobsters' l<> oenta ; sos Imps,
B] BO per ga.Inn ; sdi clauis. 40 to 50 cents per
hundred, oi the fredi-water tish, pickerel is selling
tor 12^2 cents; whitefish and salmon trout, 15 cents
per pound. Marti crabs, #2 50 per hundred;
and nof i-shell crabs, $1 50 per dozen.
I bs prices of fruit In market no not seem to have
changed dining the past week.
Mi BO.
Bau O. sters
Aluin 1 bi'UJl.
Baked I b b. Cisow iaaea
Fillet of Isicf, vt-1tb Musi,ri "tm. .Miis!ird Potatoes.
Quail on Toast Jelly.
BO-aU?Tomato Mayoaalaa.
Clieese. Wafers.
1 ' i i'm!Uimr. ? ollie, lt?<?.
Pears :ind nra; ci?.
Peach Poddiso?? Una a nuddtng-diah with a
moderately rich crust. Peel the peaches and pot
in w-'ioic, with sufficient sugar to sweeten
thoroughly, rut a ernst over tbe top, and oaks in
the oven. The top must bc nicely browned.
Cocoa. ? Many different kinds ol coco i an-now sd
vi Hi..cu, but when the nibs ara properly prepai d
there caa bs no doubt thai ths cocoa made from them
is less bea v. sud more digestible than that ob?
tained rn otber ways. Bruise one fourth pound of
nst Trinidad cocoa nih-' in a mortar, add two
qoartaof wa.er aad boil slowly eight boura then
strata and pom into bottlea It will keep fresh for
severaldaya. Heat tin> quentin required forbrcak
.nd serra in a Kettle, with a.- pun I lamjnin !i i
ii4-.itii, ;.? it m most importani that tba
cocoa ibould l*e bot, Boiled milk should
be served BB at the same table. lui-,
method of preparing tba cocoa ens les the house
kt-i j,el Mi have .1 airt.iV.-. li .I,, a! hill,il io li. Bl BS
required in u fee minnies, (.heil cocoa ia cheaper;
it must ti boiled rory slowly, tbs proportions ni
v.aicr benn on ? qu ir; to n breskfa ?! cupful ol the
shell, Af ter * training let lt gel ooid, tbi ii skim ? _
ell tbe oil. snd give it another boil before serving.
Another economical way of tasking cocoa is intake
three bandfnils ol shell cocoa and one ounce of
pounded nins; boil them in water three or tour
boura theda) before tba ooeoa ia .ranted.
I'iikki s I i 11 ii*-.-Kemnve the breast ami leg
bones ol two obiekens. skin them and eui into
CUtlelS, -cison n ji h pepper and salt. Pul the temps
nmi trimmings into a Blew nan with a mut ?>t ? stet,
adding two carrots, an onion, and s. strips ol
lomon peel. Stew tor an hour and a hali. Ktrain
Hu gravy, thicken with butter ami flour. Add two
tablesonoufula ol mnsbroom ketchup, nnd nn ega
weil beaten, Btirovei the tire ami simmer without
letting it boil. Kgg abd bread-crumb the cutlets,
and moisten them with clarified bu ter. Fry t hem
a light browb color, aud keep tanina them. L'isn
them seat ly and pout Ibeaaaceovei them,
rn.iici of iJiii', wini IfoaaaooMa?Cut into
Ilii e small rOUM-S, being careful to remove all skill
sud gristle, end see thai aach piece ie of tin same
siz.*. I'lattao them with a beater and srrangs tbern
in lae pan, then season with sall and pepper. Hell
n iiimp ct buller atid pour over them. Let them
i (uk over ;i lu i-k tile. \\ hell duli" un nee side (lilli
I hom oa the otber; drees them on a dish, putting
Urasnulleel pieces io tbe middle, Tick and wash
toura mushrooms, tiree pal them into tho pun, nnd
do ilii-ni in tbe same seasoning bs the (illeis. Add a
lum,') ot glaze the si/.u ol a nut, a sp tonful of bron n
sauce, the juice af a lemon and a httie butter. Mix
ali together, cover tbs fillets and am v,-..
Wurran Bala a.?Take two Bnnninh onions, well
boded, and when cold cut Iheiti into si I COS and ar
rangs them neatly ka a anind bowl, rom oval a
sauce mmuoaadol thick cr:-.un, a Utile vinegar,
mustard god rall,and earaian round with luci root.'
wbwfa has bc u buileti, and when cold tut lalo
Coupon oe Api-uu?Take seven ftne annlaa,
tenn .ve tba ' ors and pe il ; pnl them into water witn
Hie juice of a lemon Clarify bstf a pound ol sugar,
throw Ibe ap les in tbi lyrup and boil them gen Hy.
Irv them from time lo time with a tink to see it
they arc lend r, Bud when sttfHcientb dune remove
them and srrsuge neatly ia a dessert dish, linn
reduce Ute BJ I ll J) ill.il poul lt over tlie apples.
Jam Sandwich!>?.?lillie tba neigh, oi two or
lillee eu'J- .ii t:n--:eil ol butler, ll Ul and sugar,
bevm le lanie, roll the p isle out very nun, aud put
it late aflat nu and hike ia the oven, then cul m
tv?o. Lay sonia lura on our-bslf, cover lt wltb lbs
othm iiali, no.! em imo inly shape ron Ilka,
Boeroa Bango lb ans.--ivu ..yr th ? beana, rn*
ji e'.ii..'a!'. Imperfect on as j soak them over night; in
? ii" m. ini ia parboil them till th skins crack open
dip thew from tba kettla arith a perforated Skim?
mer into ll g! Bed earl icu pol. tall to taste, pin iu
ttm top of tba pot a praea of fat salt perk nith the
rind BBOied, cover vvitii water, pul un iii'iivi-rnl
dough OS tm and hake in an nvc.i onH very hoi lor
erg haere. If the even is of brick tbey may he (mt
in at iu_ht ami r.-iuain nit mernina inviter or anet
may beaasd Instead af iK>,k. HoaraaiBBsaa table
spoonful of molaasi's ts put in when the salt in
'lu Km ViNKOAit? 1. Bul either corn, wheat,
hanley ev rye, anani om* pm ni the grain ra a gal?
lon of vtater, strain, ami to tim liquor thus obtained
mid syrup oi sugar until pleasantly sweet. lat stand
lu a warm place, and you will soo i have ned vim -
I gar. Tbe istiongei ami swelter the liquor tue
[ stronger will be ibe tim _\u and (he longer ni mak?
ing. _- l'.o k in a ja! the .km-! and ooree of apples
made in preparing ines nnd Hailee, and cover arith
boiling water. When anuther lot ta made, add
them and more hot water till the Jar is full. Ju
warm weather aet tim Jar in the sim, carefully
covered with a cloth ; tn cool weather in a warm
placet in tim house. I lie apnles do nut rut at nil. lu
i an or eight weeks the water ls lurnea into excel
I. nt vinegar and of au limb r color. No yeast, nor
spirits, nor nenin, BOC Banar, nor tn ol listen ar*- ue4<dttd
--limning whatever hu: tho skins and corea and
lu Rs . linus.*. PawU.?Tb cverv an ou-u-u at \
corn take one ounce of tartaric acid dissolved i
bm I mir water. Cut tbe oom from tho cob and pn
tn sufficient water to cook. When the corn i
cooking nut in the acid water snd seal in air-tigh
cans. When yon wish to nae it pom off the ware
from if, pnt it in fresh water nnd a small quanti.1
of soda; let stand a few moments before cookirn;
When nearly cooked, say shout ten minutes, au.
cream or rich milk, butter, pepper and salt.?|Aun
Chappkd Haniih.?" Burtle " gives tho foltowlm
directions for keeping the bands smooth durlm
cold weather and curing timm when chapped: Waal
them m buttermilk in whioh some wheat bran lia
bmui stirn-l i wen ty hours hef.ro using, and dr
them over tho lire without a towel, rim renmd;
is most effective if Med at night judt before rctir
From The London WOOOO.
Oysters may be generally classified into native
and deep-sea, and between these there aro severn
varieties tba sheila of moat of which I have in my nm
selim. The deep-sea oysters are as different in tom
ami fashion from the natives as a Clydesdale cart
borea is from a thoroughbred race boree. Hike horses
oysters hilve their poin?s. The points of in oystei
ate?Arst, the Bange, which, to be perfect, snook
resemble very much the petal of a rose leal. N".> t
Ina thickness of the sh. ll. a first-class thorough
brett native should have a shell of the tenuity ot .1
thin ('liina or Japanese teacup. It should also havi
an almost metallic ring, nml a peculiar opaleseeni
lustre on the inner side; the ludlow for the meit
of the oyster should be BS much like an egg cup ai
possible. Lastly, tbs tii"at itself should be whit*
and finn and nut-like in taste,
lleing of a very delicate, tender nature, the oystei
baa a great many iflfBcnfites t<> encounter. One ot
his worst anemiea is th. ? five-finger/' commonly
called the star-tlsh. The five-finger entwines thc
oyster In his deadly grasp, and bv protruding bb
clastic siomai h eats up the ojster, leaving tb"
empty shells, known RS "clocks.'' line would
hardly mulgine that tba flved-Uger bad UUV sense,
bul '-till t.ic.v must have some kind of intelligence,
or, aa a dredjrerman aptly nat it to ara: "When
these live-fingers lindi a licet of v-ssels on the IO)
of them witta tbe dredgse, they doubles tneasselvm
up unii are oft. They are not going to stop to ba
all dredged np." The next worst enemy ,s the
"wlnlk tingle'' or ''dog whelk." These reseals,
although th.v look so innocent, have the power of
boring into ihe oyster she wirti their rasp-like
tongue, The tmle this creature malua Iceni very
eleni, as if bored by a Jeweller's diamond, and they
often destroy hundreds of pom.ls worth of prop?
erty. He who would Invent a trap to catch thara
dog-whelks would indeed be B benefactor to oyster
fishery proprietors. Periwinkles are friends to
oysters; tbey are largely empmved to keep the
beds and the - cub h ' clean by eating up the slimy
green weed that grows so anon 'antly. .specially in
hot weather, Mussels art'no friends te oratora. A
colony of mussels will, unknown to the proprietor
of tbe oyster-bed, often settle npon the "spoin
gregisN of "half-ware," so carefully deposited, to
grow ano fat. Tlie Bassets Immediately on settling
down sum I In ir curious. Silk-like webs, as BUBB
under pu rs, atc by means "i wbieb they are en?
abled to anchor themselves so firmly. Th? run of
the tide then brings mud, tbe wei.-, of tbs mnsaela
collect it, and thc oysteia Dnderneath, nu brae ra
leased liv the dredge, uro smothered like tho Prin?
cess in the Totter.
It will be remarked that there is no real " fat"
in an oyster; to fallen oyster , therefore, is an ex?
pressive, but uot correct term, tine thing 1 must
advise my readers to_do during {Hu- present state of
tbs oyster market, and thal ut, never to allow tbs
oyster to hf served to them on tba Art abai] but a!
ways on the lound shell, wit ti the natural liquor
lett In the hollow. This liquor is not sea-wat'T,
but contains much of Hm same chemical ingre?
dients as the oyster itself This hitherto for tbe
most part we have allowed those who open oysters
for 11-to throw away as useless. This hint, if the
oyster-cater is wise, he will at once adopt.
From The Examiner.
The troubles winch Mlle. Jeanne Samnrv, tba
charming socmratre of tba I'heetra Francaise, aaa to
encounter before she can be manned to tho man of
her choice, have excited a lively interest among
Parisians, sod will probably inspire her professional
siiims iii London with deep gratitude that the
intricscieaof french marriage law are unknown on
tins side of the Channel. Mile, ternary, whose
speciality ot Joyous laughter lins been signalized in
iunumerable pbotograobe even daring uer stay in
London last year, baa naen the (teases' ofu young
gentleman, m .Maru- I__garde,fdr a twelvemonth,
and, aa both parties would be considered to be in
possession ot independent means in England, there
Wai nothing ttl prevent the course ot true love from
running smooth except the coda doll and a most re?
luctant father-in-law, M. raul Lagrade. tbe lather
of the Would-be bridegroom, pronounced himself to
be utterly insensible to the happiness of having such
a daugtiicr-iii-law iib the vmsome socittaire ni tbe
" liret stageintba world," and ab-olun-iv refused
his coueent io the nuptials. M. Matin I..'.grade
is mora than twenty-five years of aire, and so there
waeuo alternative but tosorve Hi" ob lura'* parent
wit li Hie requisite number of rasMMfioaitrsspectasassi
at the proper legal int rv.ns. At the last moment
If. Lagrade senior challenged the legality of tba
doonnionta, on the ground of misdeicriptieu of the
residence of his soo. Itu* cats came sen matter
of urgency" before tho Civi. Tribunal last week,
mid the attempted objections being overruled by
the Court, ll is i" be hopi .1 bal tba fair uc'r ss and
bei lover ara at tba end of their annoyances; and,
fnrlber resistance being useless, tbat If. Lagrade
senior will h.mien to welcome the yoong couple to
his beautiful ebatean of e?inte-Claira at Coni
Fmm Punch.
" Pre rank and wealth ; and, lady, here's my hand
And never si tall mi fa-.cy noni you ranga.*
" Voa : that'a an offer I ean u iden tend 1
B .; ?'? hui am I to give you in .xebani e I"
" Well, in return I :11k your heart.* " Ah 1 f ?
Knnl sir, I now must own my helolesSBOBOi
,Vk me for bb] Ibm? bul that. You see,
lt's just the one liing that 1 don't possess."
From Trie t/Otodtm lime*.
Abdul Hamid is a niau ot small iu ind, wlio has n
mania ror meddling In everything, mid v\ho would
feel very llliliappi if he Were restricted to the
limited Held of action of a constitutional Sover?
eign. In the secoifd place, he lives In constant
terror of conspiracies and aassasinatioo, ead fran
that if he entrusted any share oPmis power to tue
Prime Minister or the Cabinet, bs might ba sosa*
night summarily deposed like bis late uncle, Abdul
Axis, and Ins still li'v mg brother Mured. He keeps,
therefore, all power in bbl ?uti hands, and regards
his Ministers simply aa executors of bis sovereign
will Tbe Cabinet Councils are held at the palace
almost as frequently as at tba Porte, and when
mattera of areal importance ure being dienaaaed His
Majesty nol infrequently presides in person. In all
tessa lbs -donlee of proceedings are forwarded to
the Muhcm for His Ma|estya inspection, ami be
never appends his signature to documents without
having lirst carefully perused the eouteute,
Theoretically, it ii very commendable on the part
of a young sovereign to lire laborious dava and
examine personally everything tc which he gives
his sanction, hut in prat tu e lite system is found to
have si nous inconveniences. lu tin- first place.it
causes a fearful amount of delay m tbe transaction
of public bnainesa However great a mao's seal
may lie, his physical powers are necessarily
limited, and it ls physically impossible lor thc
.sultnn io examine aud expedite without delay all
tba pupers raul to bira, At tba Torte there an
plenty of il loin ti mate influences at work; bat. as
all affairs are treated according to certain formal!.
ties, there is always a ci Nain amount of control
In the Palace, OU tbs contrary, everything ls dena
in a ec ret, irregular way. and no Minister dune lo
investigate or criticise. Even if things were dune
regularly and in order, the introduction ol the
i'alace Hilo thu adiuiiiiotrative inac'iuno would
Bereena ri 1.1 inereaea ie an enormous eiteni the
i mini nt o baksheesh that must always bs paid tor
tbe heavy blackmail of tbs Palace pa-natesa baa to
be added to that of the Porte ofrioiauu
;///; a ikiic ni dp los don.
Frmm ihe Glube.
If "definition baaaM were still in faeblsn, law
mi -stums night rall fort li mme divergent answers
nan a request lodes nun tbe bouiidarh-a of London
?roper, lt ia not long since tba inhabitants ol one
d tba suburbs appealed, through the press, to have
he i tn radius extended, oe the ground thal they
arete now actually a purl of London, and ought mit
(i ba charged extra tares as "oil the atouea."
Probably fen greet cities have extended ?<> rapidly
>.s London during tho last fifty years. Year by
ic?r we see Balda ami farms traiisinrmed int,,
iitii'ts. and what was "country' n-n or Uftaau
rears ago is now the. heart ot a populous nei_.hh.u
utod. lt is not loini; since people hud " oountrf
muses" in suburbs now ns thronged BS the (in it
ull. It is i orlons, m reading history, to remark
,ho jealous dislike with which sonic of our former
no a feigns watched the tendency to increase the
mun,lanes of tbe metropolis. -.lisabeth and
lames I. strove Openly to combat it. Severe
itatutes wein m-sstxl to "restrain the building of
mw houses," and to iiuthoii-o the pulling dawn ot
nunniong erected in nefianca (it ihe law. in tho
line of t'barles I. these proclamations wore re
icwed willi mcreasivd vigor, heavy lines being
evied on country gentlemen who preferred dwclf
tig in London to residing on their country estates,
lt is di tlcult lo explain tho reasons for this
IBXIotV to restrain th* growth of laoudon. The
royal proclamations in sucoeasire reigns give, aa
theil snip, one.s. tin- inp.irv likely to lie tulla t,si on
ihe country by tl?i minire* and Tandowimrs becom?
ing nbnaniaaa troin their estate*. The pioUable
liHn ulty of tiititii.iig provisions for aa overgrown
mo rn i noll n is o._-_iiiui_,iii urged bi eouteixu-_xarj
writers, and one author quaintly suggests that
overcrowding leads to bb outbreak of peatilcuce. ,
From All The Tear Round.
Aye. wet the shattered edge* daintily,
rime them together in MB ancient ?h*ipti.
Match hue iind fair rtestefl with careful eve,
And Iel no fragment from your search escape \
So. puses the cup where bo keen suntighrs glsnery
Pshaw, does inch injured beauty psv your pain I'
Twill hold a ninnie waxen bud, perchance,
lint never waler for a nine again.
Uaaay Hie angry words; the charge recnll ?
Perty or plead away doubt, slight, or lacer|
!!? fore the outraged shrine for pardon fall.
Wm 1-nli f lie smile willi tim forgiving 'esr;
Tba happy " safely of a-betsoa " lost.
Trust au I ns frank free gladness ne I together.
Wa boote le feign lbs faith, to count the east f
Tho wounded love aili hear tho scar forever.
Ah, keep the precious poreebtiri in irs niche.
Groan < less tbe fragile aarUaaa of the t,?*r..
Oh. v.I, in lif-i's pure treasures plead mid rich;
The tiuit and its first bloom are light to par::
Dread one rough touch ; BO time ag nu eau give,
i in. ? gonn, oi perfect form ar fearless faith ;
In prayer and patience nioiirn tl while yo live,
And hope to wm it hack in beaven through
From The fS/SMpi.
It wns not very loni? age Mut a rc tag HUM waa
descending a steep bill in the neighborhood el Lim ?
don, iimi canie to grief bofors he, reached tbs bot?
tom. Hither he ran away with the bicycle or tho
bicycle rau away willi him; at all e\'lits lu* lon
control, and lynde violently own Ibo Jl-eep pince,
only lo lind himself pulled np it the bott un by a
policeman for furious and reckless driving. Then
Bnotable decision was atmoumod by tho Judge,
who liad to delea in I us the question whittier a
bicycle could be tailed a "carriage" or not If it
t a carri tgc, then it could not be properly
ju o'e. (led against under tba statute which forbids
carriagee to be driven at a ree klara pace, lira
argument of the rider was. that really you could
not cal! ;i thing . onsiating of two win els only, witu
a little hit of a saddle, it carriage! w?ilc, on tba
other side it was urg.-d that anything was a car?
ri iga thal nnd arboola and a amt, ead that was bb d
for carrying people. A subtle dilemma fbi-, liku
tbe great dispute iu "Alu "tu Wonderland" aboat
tlie ?' Cheshire t at " in the tren which w;t_ always
grinning?Ul fact, was entirely gnu and nothing
els.. We know that th.- King of Hearts waxed
angry, and ordered bis executioner to behead Lani
cat ; while tbs executioner replied that he con ld n't
behead a creature that bad bc bodyt ta which tho
Killi? answered thal anything that had a beau
eouid ba behead ed, and BS "wasn't lo talk iion
setisc." Mr. J Ballee Hush soon Battled the analo
.mi.-i bicycle ease, ann now it stands recorded iu
all our law books that a velocipede is a carriage,
" and nothing but it.'' as Mr. Weller remarked, and
iini-i be ridden or driven ala pMSOBabls pa< ??, aa
BU not to endanger the lives of ber -latest.*g ->:ib
jo. ti.
As regards the present condition nf velodpeding
in langland, nc yeral nev lnventm-is have latelj
com- out for making the amusement safer. Elderly
genth Bran?yea, and la-lit s, tan. ebkarly or not ann
step aa into a BorafoTtabla seat, soiunlhiug like au
arm-chair, lean back, work their feet up and down
Bs il Hey were at a sewing-machine, and glide
along tba pound saa'ly and safely. This is the
modem tricycle. Nothing, however, quite aouses
up to Hie two-wheeled pinitoin, .tin; dainty and
del care ?'ritter," OB one of which Mr. CcrtH, an
amateur rid'-r, has inst Bi eompllsUed the asUi nsli
iiiK feal of ten miles in less than ttiirty mm lb |
rather faster thiiu twentv nsilesaa hour. For sosa
bined ease and spewi ot locomotion not liing can
beat Hie old bicycle, with its many modern im?
provements, except a railway train. If is perfectly
easy Bow?a yoaag man from the merry Midlands
has just done it?to mount at Birmingham, ride
through charming English scenery to Dover. Ink
steamer, and mount agata on the eppootta Benet,
raul all the scenes ot the fTBBCO QaraBBa war,
bedan, Meta, Strasburg, and mil home agau
through Pana-arriving at nis Eagiieh habitat
after a fortnight's boliday cl good all-round ex.
srciae and keen enioyiuciit.
Bicycles have to a certain extent laban tba plaea
of coaches; they freq Beal all our .Teat main road*..
and gladden Hm hearts of innkeepers, who took
out for the tinkling bells which herald tba ad rani
of a "club" of wandering velortBBdieta, inst as
they anticipated ot yore tue gladsome tootling of
the hom thai beeueua tbe approach of tba Kn tar?
peian, tue Highlyer, or some oilier well-known cou*
veyauce ol the old coaching da. s.
Prom The LtonrnmOt Mrreury.
There was once held _. grand mei ting of ScottNh
Bong. The date thereof was some time before or
after tin' year " Auchty-nine "; the place einnor bs
tined with Hie same exactness, but it was probably
mar "The banks an' braes o' bonnie Hoon.'' iu
honor ot tho " Led that area horn in Kyle." -Mac?
gregor's Qethenug" was nothing to this. Bongs
(?nine pouring in from avery gaarter. Hera bbbm
"Jolly sli'pherds that whistle thro'th'glen,' sud
"Brew, brew lads from Gala Water"; and there
abundance of national music in th- Bhape af " A
hundred pinera an' a', an' a'," accompanied br
"The pibroch o'Donal' Dhu"; while yonder in gal?
lant arny. "The Campbells are coming," "Th
b nnets o' bonnie Dundee," nnd I numerous com?
pany of others, ti was moved br "Auld Bobin
Gray." ami aceonned bv "'Hm Lairda/Cuekpen,1
that "Logie o' Bneban " take thc honoredplace ia
"The Ola Armchair." Tue repast thal followed
was not what mariala would be ant to think th"
choicest, the delicacies being such as " The ll
o' Danbar," "Bannocks o' Barley Mi al." " < a i
llerrm'," and * Cautd Kail in /-berdeen." Portals
meeting, bowever, "Willie Brewed a Peek of
Munt "; and Neil OtrW had nut vet bade " Parenna.
to Whiskey,'' so that after all they might nave
Bung Borne thing else ou tbe ooeasion tuan "Con?
tented wi' little, an' entitle wi' mair."
Among the Indies ot high rank present were
" Annie Laurie," " Mari Morrison * " doo nie M asia
I.." " Hoy's Wife of Allin.illoch," "Highlmd
Miry," "Beauts I'-nn.''" Tl:-- Lassie wi' the Hint
White Hocks.' "Maggi. Lander," and "AuldJoe
Nicholson's Hotline Nannie"; while nromim-iit
among the other MX wire ".John AndersOO, mr
jo, John," "Duncan ur.iv," "Tam Olen." "John
tJiTimlie," "Wanderin' willie," "Jock o' li
dean," "Thc Hanlin', Noami' Hula!'
"Johnnie Cobb/1 "Alister MWi-dcr," amt "Thc
Soldier Laddie." The chairman gave an a con.i
of his w.inderngs, Bbich had cxiemted tree
" Maidenkirk to .lohu o' Ureata." Ha had
"The bennie wowla o'Craigie latta," had wandered
by the banks of " Afton Water," n-nmg " Inc
Braes of Ballochs-yle," and "The Biran ol Abet
tellly." Many hours had he spent " Anning the
bloom of my alu native heather": ba had pim kui
mam " A rosebud by his nany Walk," and knee bl
name all "The Howers of tim Fun M." Hui
wherever be strayed be bau never forgotten that ba
vi .cs," Woo'.! and mari H'd an' a," and tlnit. " Hoi
Hie .-.itke ?.' somebody,'' ba loved Im-si " My um hie
side." ai avery point of Hu* coaa.aaahe had um
soled liiuis. If with "I'll awa'lo ll annie. O "j and.
indeed, hr hoped they Would all be able to s.,y at tile
close of life, "Happy we've been a' thegitaer.1
" Duncan li ray," haying just been reiectad by
?* kfaggie," was in a vere aseieaa asood?wished bs
wits "Where Helen lies,'" saul " She wits fair and
faust- that caused his .smart,'' ami lo i bet r himself
up, sang "(Mi. me ye Bicepin', Maggie f at tin-end
ot iviiich "Maggie Lauder" requested him to
" Heh.ive luufM-r afore folk."
"John Orumlie .swore by tba Hebl o' Hm aaeen "
that "(luce he wished he'd ne'er I iee il married.'' Bini
that bu this purmsM ha han "Ham* o'er the water
to (harlie." but thal now he had learned that Ins
wile was" A Winsome Wic I hui-." and that as she
" Lo ed him best BVa" ile shoiibt henceforth go
"Marching Along.' with the mitto * Hame, Sweet
Hame'' At tins stags entered "Daiatv Davie,"
in i ompanied by "Jesste, Ibe Flower of Dam
blane"; and ? When she cain' iu. she babbit, shs
hobbit. Kn viona a little af her aiatar, "Annie
Laurie" whispered "(Jana doaa tba bnrn,Davie,"
ami then *' Wlnslle ami I'll come to ye, ii,\ lad."
Davie took bei ai btu word, ami in pang hnawrad
" liiiiii.i Hunk, boiiiue lassie, I'm gaea to leave
you." Tim " Laird o' Cocknen " thought there s aa
"Nae Luck aboot the Hoose," where such M-nii
mental Mum-* were sung : he didn't ( are for " A kita
ahinl ihe door." " Come under my piaidie,1" liimnt
ask me gin I lue thee." ? Mv Nannie,O.""0sunk.
I witli funev stray,' ami auch like. Ile preteried
something be could Hutch! for instance "Utems
a lavs with I lump o'laud." " ile) tor s lass Wv a
tOCher," and ".lenny'- bawbee." '* l'lie lillltlli'.
ruaria' Rielanman11 sugseateil that for tba n
laainderof tba eveuiugtbe lu.rd shoubl betted an
in " Kab Ivorrison's lioniiei." bul Rab laterattsrd,
saying. " ll fiBBBB. itiaunna. vvutiiia be." Ail.i Ho.
IhaM waa B daine " .11 iii ii Anderson " Im-k.hi lu
play "Within a mile o' I..I111I110' I01111," w hen ho
was iaterranled bj "Jack o' rlaaeldeea," ?i?
wished bini to play his! *Qog save tim Km."
"Never liiliul the Kin.:," cried ? BoUUM 1'rino
Charlie.'' who was iuiuiediatel. knocked down with
a branch of "Tba Auld Oak Ire'' by ".lolniiuo
t'oiie." As he raeevensl ba gruuibbsi out thal ha
didn't like "A'I hat and n tii.it.' winn he was
poiitalyreajnsatadte**Whistis ower lbs lave ni.'
Ho Hie evening passed away, ml (be i hair itali IB
timaiisl that, its In " s.iw the linnie, and keul lier
horn," uiul a-, some ot Hii'tti bad sv iden til ral isa
linne than "A won crappie tn then ec, il WM
tune m break up. beeauaa it wits m.! beeomlag for
such (-elelirilii's as tin 111 to mii_ - Wc ll nut go hollis
till morning." They timk BBC hint, bul hefo.-a
leaving bast a linal chorus to - Meet anani muns
nhci niclii for tho days o' Auld Lang ftvan."
Tbla ia the seamtii nf harvest festivals, but
Clergy mea would ito well io bn iii meir gu-rd agslusa
bathos In their pu..nunnie- of tue .-.rue. Wo bete tees
s notion ironi s well-known Liverpool clergy mau wiili-B
raeara to err tii-niiy iu i'm. reapeei n ..pp. .1. .tnt
next Hu ut av there will bs m lustihureli a li in. ai las
Meal sud eh 11 ic ii parsde, sud -pedal surviees wine.
will be lin.1, ss he suuouuea., " li ivtug relemticu 11
Hod's (real Kiki Ines, la -ending s tmuullful hums',
ami lbs fpostal vlfll ul Ute volunteers."-[fall Mail
O-astia '

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