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V??- Xl ..lNo-12,10f>.
.._ i
, I . I / * V I * ' I iv'
I t..?,. ..,rr,*,,l hire ve-tenliV. MN] wl'Henv - tO-SS V tor I WRATH iv "ai'lV 1 I ? b' l-'lll.' RARVfTlff
,,, ,A,i ? WBO I EPECT io OK ki.Ki I i !?.
Polks) I'l'iniiH-siuiit'i Sinitli lust Bifbt issue.I
dm.'ti.ns to tho pobee to exeeste all war
ruits ol ??**?rt pl'teed i" their
bandi to-dsy- This wa** ia direct eonflic-t
Witta >n".iH.t.ii.ltnt Walling/s eonrfl nd.
AJter midnight tho Snpennteodent issued
. *Bpeond ordei directing tbat bia
g <f .|?,,i!.l i'<- obeyed. Hie members
nf tbe BepBblicBB Butte Bad National
Committee* saw thu bob go down
l.iM Bight sd-11 tba coi?fortable satisfaction
tbat b ?-'"'? ,!-',l W:*** Besrlj ead id, and
I * thi y. tviuiiit enjoy the ro?
of their effort! in r RTeal
?fjetorj foi Garfl ld and Arthur. The
, . rasa just Qnlaht-d is declared ry i ic man
asen to lu.vu bi n one of the tn 'st thorough
, . ;u ide. Every Republican feela i
iu t'lt* aoeeeaa t?* du" Repub ii'iin Na?
tron ii tic.-., t. Tbs only <i lestiou ;s in
1, gard tO tbe I Be Of in tjuiltus.
Im regard to tbe local eandidatea ranch eon
- ,\'],ss,,| by V.i ll-illl.?!-Ill" tl Illel!
t:..u Mr. Duwil will be elected Mayor <?t this
, . iiu'.l tbat ii'i.-ivtoiiiii -.li'.'I* will
1 iuii!!( imtl. No doubt is expressed
i ii tl i J io:-. Roeiell'a m jority will com
I j l'.,i ?. i . IL I'liiux.
. | , u ? i tv -iLLINO DIBI CTt 'Hi on IC !'>
, -, I, ii.. D' v IKE N" ARHKSn I -I'tY
,,v, .,. HAS il D 1" HI' M Bl
,.l - s - ' ,;vl. -mu li I- Cl -
1,1 Ali-. I TS Ml'SI
u i .mi ,,,.; B HI HU Cl'i BIN
1 I N
S, vi ? . - visited tbe ( ei ti
* i Rion ol the loll
, , -, .ni! by Siijionut- mle-,:
\ be af tel ovei tbe polii e n ires :
?? || i, ,i;:, ? ii, eu reported t" i
: ?, ? u*o iksiit ! and p :??1d In the
) . v um are i"'-n irel. foi in.ul -n
mg n arran(i br* n -lit tv yon
i is, anti ure dire 'li .1 to a ititi
lil*' Hit , ? I- if Vi Ol l lilli!!!.! ll . ' I'll r.
?i.i "? ...: W. \ . endent."
! | ? ni nt Police He ul
, . ., tbe tin?. d all a ho t quin J
, iu thal the ordei was roiTecl aud mus) i?'
, rd. I: ?! -Mi. 1 renell lett tbe Central Office,
vcr. I out Smith arrived tn a carri.ige
ri for tue S>i ent. He waa told
U bad Roue home. General Smith
i i nm stairs to I he lelosraph i in e and
. . . b ?* ni "ia to .ul
; ?.
ol all nie,i,it, is ni the pol 11
cl to tbe i : ? of tbe Board ol r ilice
. v npon In-; > i-i' is.t.'..|ii:i ui ..mi ."ergeants anti
: mm lice torct to make diii
.-..'??_- :? i. ? , .
warrants mai Ix ig-sued for the mr st ol such per?
sons. lt is Ihe duty of everj police officer lo serve
ii., warrami wbioh may he planed In lim poem - ou,
ami i. ;? el exists rn nnv one te suapend tins
rrant, I be Judge tanina it
maj I'-.', i i : I ul neitbei tbe board ol Po ie< noi
Hep rtuirni ut juntified in order
i a delay I ? i riug. Wm. Y. -mu ii,
" Commisaioiiei of Police."
Wbile this ordei was beings nt ont, Mr. French
1,1: Police Headquarters wit bout seeing i. di al
knuth and vi thom berna ::vt;.i'- of tbe direc iona
which tbe General waa issuing. Geneial Smith
tli re away [rom Police lieadqnarters soon after
v. ard,
Presider"t French aud Superintendent Walline
il .ii learn ri tbe action ol General Smith until
i midnight. Stioitly before 1 o'clock Hus
luo.-.ui!.' they drove to Police Headqaniters in com
pg i vv 'li ex-L'tiriiiiil-sou-i, r U beeb r. and lt, lil a
to inJtmtion in t ti?- Superintendent's |irivata ru"in.
A* the luise of theil en,, i.r. nee the Superintendent
to tbe police captains tl,o fellowing general
i ?
" rbe order promulgated by toa on November 1,
?nuii iii-'.ir.l to serving warrants must be obeyed,
ami von will itt- held Ut a sir:.-i aeoounbability il it
is di-ooeved, i ie Superintendent of Police lieu,,'
tu. tully legal officer having tho power to i\*u.'
t: ra in to.- poliee force.
"Gannon W v\ ai.li.nc-, Bspenntendent"
I., ii icm m. reporter Suprnntendent Walling
said that il evidentlj '.tu** ibu intention of tuc
De ? ,r, io .stii'iiivss many li- nu ilican
v m iting men on charges wbieh could not
I < i.i ui. I d, and be would uot li.ive tm* police fores
ut 'i i" -'i li n end.
? eu characterised tbe designs of
tbe Democrat! u- those ot desperate nun
were ready to im tu i.nv extremity
tu avoid defeat. lieu plan, lie *ui,i. wns
i ita to tba j."iee ut tin* poliing
i s and ti.us take tbe officers away from
ju -!-. If inch ii plan bsd succeeded
a aid !i"i bass Leen policemen cuouo-li lu
run; i tbe ballot-boxes fruin itu- possible attacks ol
1' eratic repeaters,
General Bmith, it waa said, wu Halting police
stallone inst nigbl and et?teavovina to persuade
' . i io! io ni,ey the orders ot Superintendent
11, action ?! tj. neva] Si-oitb occaaiooed much Kur
pri * io b'th Republicans anti lleiutK-rub* lasi night.
-' conversant witti tba ra lea winni govern
tbi I"..-1 Board were unanimoua in declaring that
ne one i?ember of the Board bad any ngia
to rescind the order of tho BuperiBteud*
int Osly a rti;.>ority of the memben of
the Board could do tins. Ex-Police Com
i is At Dm and Wheeler agreed in this
i Commissioners French and Maasn,
isserted, would no! Mtstiil ans] allow their
Democratic colleague (> usurp ihe functions of the
'?ii i.u. tv i v"i,li'A TBS C'iMiiii.M B8TIBATSS
inn BB Will. BK MtYoC op BBW-TOBE.
Th. work of tba Uepuhliean National Committee
tv v.- m hhimI part closed ap yesterday, ttaishall
J"teii atarted fur Conneeticut late in tbe day la
tue," to be os band early la the raoraiag io vote.
Ht will return to lins eily tu-.lav. (Jol<>n?d (ieurgi*
W. iii.,,e,r DU ?? weired" with a Demeerat ka Ver?
BBont,and will remain at the beadqsarteBi in tiuj*
Lu- fellowtag tHegraOM were received at bead
sjsarteri duriug the d.iy :
? ,, OASLABS, C?l., N,,v. 1.
<B MABBUAU. JEWELL, CAaO*aian tl>at,luan .Sutmiiai
' oittmiUrr:
. (?' '' ? ? ii- itui.iir:,., ii> .-, i-,r^e majority. Tba mhete
alive, ii.., .-.jud j-..mil .nu no-in: Ii iii,I th*.
bu'1"""- IIBBSI M lil ,i.i.,vt
, ,. DSSVSS, Cot, Ber, l.
J" Mail-ii vu. Ji.wu... j
*"U m?>- i,-ij on 1.,,- BtStC fur tu.rfl. l-l niul Aiiltur.
John I. Hool,
Chalnsaa >'.^if I enuuit se,
Tbi ebairman ef tin* Ur-r-gos Hei.iii.lican bsats
Committee IsIsgrsBha thai that iS'.atu is sure
?? ?'? Kepabhoan, un.l the ehstnsaa of ih?
**' w",r* Bavpshlieaa Btste Poianttsa aa*,s tbat
tn. n- .,* n.jiii.ui.i i4i)()?. tllli; >SlaK Tpiaflij will
?h'.wihat it beberly BeBshHeaa. oilier adrksa
?ow tbat the Paeitt Coast is solid fur ihe Be
PuhliCAii ticket. Thc chairman of tho i'enimjl
The mem.*.? of tho Young Men's IlepuMi
Orak BOM a meeting laat evening st No. 67
vania ?eaabHean Btste Committee teHJgrapDs
Hutt las KevBtoas state will give not
lesa than 80,000 liiiiuitv fur Gai?lb)
nnd Arthur. John C. New. ohainnaa <>f the
Indiana Bepubbean Btate Committee, tofogrsoha
that the declaration nf the Democrats tbat
thov will r irrv ilmt State is nnfonnd *u. Indiana is
good l ir0,000 Increased Bepublican majority over
t i (ctol 11 election.
At the Btate Committee rooms Q neral Arthnr was
engaged all dat and hist evening in consnltition
with hu* lieutenants, as they came In lr tm ib( v;u -
ons Aaaembly District*. Ali bis advices from the
interior are favorable. No one qnestloni tint ? iere
will ho :i v rv largely Increased Rt*uti .1 cnn i ?!?? In
all the counties of tba State, One ol tbemostea
perienced Republican politieiani in thi Wtutede*
el.neil is h In Mut tbe Ut'!, ii'lti un luke! vt,ui <!
comedown to Harlem Undue with 110,000ma ii '
an ' ihat tbe I,'-- h le in li sj. i ll J ii til Stat*
be not lem (ba 10.000 In this city the ratunat s
r inge from 76 OOO t1 ?s'.iimii Repnbliran votes in I
total of 200.0(H). Ihe Dr. ratic mnjoniv is hy
aiime placed aa low us 12,000, while no oui will
i oncedt io r than 50.000.
Tin* headq lartera of \\ illiam l> iwd, .-ii Ko, 1 Wist
IvveiU v - i.,u ; b-St., W 1- luis;, ve -''-1 tin V lllul lu-t
evening, a, large force of clerks was cons mtlv at
work folding and sending oul .i irumenta, jndgi tl bi
Im- nf the kind likely la i. lim.e voters In i conl st
ol the nature of the one that ls too nnght to-d-i,
* I -t Mr. Grace and John K Hy. lr
wit** :t steady stream ol eal .; day and
lu-t evening ami every man can tl i ?!
neweaboiil the state of public npl iii in the neigh
boi li oi vi r li wu eh ii" was best q i
Iii Dowd waa present mot me, In ihe
afternoon be stated to a reporter ol 'lu. iiiusr
tl st he ha ! passed h.-v.uni tbe nomi of n.-r ?
confident, aud bad om ? te have no doubt wh nev t
? li otion, " W ? . v iu ? de il ' np in the
nilli i *?-?," Mid ho, " ai 'I *.'? b I I at
?jo (Sj i "
Ex-Police Commissioner Whee er an t '! -ora ? W.
Lyon, who were with Mi. D rd, i I I such
e rt oe rs ts had decide I to rote foi Mr.
Dowd bb to make them very i afldent of his ?
?: ,
General Anson .!. McC mk wa lent a
ros: Dirt tb V,Ui ? (lu- 1'. ;? i '. ' We
hat e i <? n rn "ikiii:'.'' he aald, " <> u the "i' ni ol 187(1,
whou i! o |t lied vote w i * 20,00 >: i i
813, '*< Irle I llden carried tin hi levera!
hundred ma] Y I'
unitt il Dcmnci icy, ?? me ork I " ??.i
tn cu v ihe i! -;i e ? hui I I'l iet |si ;,,' ', lt
Mr. 1) i -. Evert; [bin ? li v* ni king I
itii'l ii li ii in I ai renal' ."
Levi p. Morion waa found at his bendqn i ? ?? li
the Wt ii ill itel, lui: nrd to the >? tu v a is In
the XL.i I'- ?itrr,-:-iti'i:i', District, he said: " Ihcv
are niiiki ra nar.l f'urlir ? bul Rftei i
? rul n i-.'!i r cai t - | :i ., u t', ? u di**, tvei in
what t)iii!t i Mr. c,i oi will secure the roten
cl du .-ii by i is ti hind i, I I: iv" nu dotib of my
el *'!i"ii hy . sm int ac tory maj rity n
I her.- w.-is great activil ra ? ? I lie 1
"f .1 ic ib lb i-i" ul io- : : i; ire,, in 1
Nicholas I! . s .Vl.. a| ,...!;. Mil," ly i
in nrepuring ballots and nding them to the
several Vasembly district*. I i ins wer? flooded
v. iii callers all dav and last Mr. Hess ia
-ui'l o li ? iul-l lo,|,?'ful of uis eiee'
I lt ? ei. i iv- it tin* headq mrteri ti l> ?? : O. R I
l'ii *. at No. 1'? Union- un ire, - . i*t
Many * <r.: rs n ? i
manufactory!- and nsi'ne*a men ?, -
I.- 1.1 was I.-.- vd it,. Il ie ? ; if] I! & C '. I is
ibouahl t ut t'ie greal business
m. ii "l i llueiice will uti ? t i ie r. tull to-day te i
sui prising ??**. i '.
Jo I ge Russell w.s ur I,] || idqnarlera In
the Gi -ey ll *.? nil dav. fhn v ho ra ? .1 hi n
mus' encourns ng repoit*. I he feeling is preva en!
Itt 111 ,! ,lillie.? !. ? I Will ?
is opp neut, Mr. Ti lax, ll a ? I lu I
of soli;** persona veatenlat thal Ins ma
j ,nty would reach at leaat 30.000. A Republican
said lin'! many Ti mmany Democrat! hail exni --'.I
to bim their determination ol voting tor the Repub?
lican candidate. .Much ei itiia disaatisfactiou baa
arisen from ihefact th it Mr. 1 mux naauol paid
? . . asst em.
V. i ., n v,. ,\ -'"i > u ; ut rc : ii-.! to bis i
the Vllth Congressional District: " 1 i ?-. . <- ti
dent that the t ;? i s ??! iltia ilia-rici feel ibal it ii
to their advantage to bit well r presented in Con*
gre**-!, and I gatbei from all that hus been said ut
their pnblic meeting that mr course in the I.* triH
liii 'irs- uu- i ,,:,i:ie-n.leil me tu I ll un. I Iiuv ? gOII ii lil
n from lind vc*ot limy understanding
vt - .veil the iliffloullioa attending t-he canvaas,
hut fi-, mg from I e li at tolerably confident of ulti?
mate Miced-a, Mv friends aaj I can can
tin" i.v 1,000 ii. i"iif.v. What. v. I ie i -u t may
I . I bal be glad lit, I entered thc come I
ilitl, i 'i. :<i-io i..I-i h.- diatrici l ?; (he pun. in
whicl I belong. I have nol attempted t?. i
personal cam uss, nit bongil tu wor * lins I.ii well
conducted by ineansol document . Ibaveal n ut
i les-,..| s.-vi-iul large meetings, I think the uomin .
tioi "i Mr. io !.?? for Mavor wil i llueu >? manv
German " voters who ohjee to a up macy over
( e!u "1 the i.lili-L. I Holli elton, I. ii lim 111 .., v
Hal .'
afr, A ? t- .I*., s:u,i that he hbould look for ;i ma
j ,i v of 0,000 for i '? gresaman Levi I". Mm t.and
be f'-i. ct nain it wo lld liol fail below 3,000,
P80SP vis or lin: BIBCriOB ? PEW II.LKOAL
ton- i xi" i'll I>-WUBBB Tm-, lt: ni.ss vvn.i.
lu: i:i:< urtu.
'lin elect ia to-day promises t" b one ..f Lie
warmest contests evor held in this city. The polls
will be opened at 0 o'clock a. m., and closed at -l
o'clock p. m. Ihe vote will he the largeat
by many thousand! ever ens- lore. Expe?
rienced and caret ni politician! estimate tbe
total vote ai not less tban 200,000, nor rn irs
than 205,000. Tba Republican rote ia ei-tiinated
hy the s.iine careful calculations ,.t nol less than
78,000, while they would nol be surprised if it
r* acbed n< uer 80.000,
Ii Ut not believed t'mf there hive been mauv il?
legal votes registered, Both sides luive scauoed tbe
registry lists closely, and where there
was a doubtful name it has h. en checked and full
Inquiry lin's ???? i made. Hie rote "-vii probably
he .me nf the fairest at iiuv Presidential election
held in this city iur many yean,
There are two Conititutional Amendments to be
-roted for to-day aboat which little hus been -.ml.
O-ne authorises the Legislature to make proviaiun
for detail I m. Judges of the City Court to bold cir
etiit*. ;?iui .s,i,-i'i.il terms of the fnpreme Court in
Kiuga County aa the public welfare may require,
Tbe other provides tbal every Judge of tbe Court of
Appeals and of the Supreme Court who is forced to
retire nt three score and-ten years Miall be entitled
bi his tull salary during Hie rt-t ol the term nf
which be waa elected, provided bs ha** served ten
yean oi more as auch Judge.
lh' Mite and heal Republican Committees
bops thal Republican! will gel their balkHS in
eitrlv, iu order tbat Bny effort te delay the vote by
emili* nu's op tbe part of Dt-mocrata may be ren?
dered iruitleaa, Tbe Campaign Union, compose'l ol
;k large number of Republican clubaaud ludependi ul
orgauiaatiuna. General Lloyd Aspinwall president,
will h ive in..*! ot its inetiilier** i* the polia in tin :i
rt pet ive districts working foi t'u-suet <s< ot tne
ticket. Ihi-Centr.il Campaign Club will be ropre
leuD-*! at the janis hy ii mu Uv.- to ten .icnvc work?
ers in euell election distrietr,
I lu* rc l ur us from ths van,mn states will be posted
ea Iuk Ikib'm- bulletin aa boob aa received, ami
tin* arill le ilium.nat'tl hy im ans ol a calcium
light Tbs I bibumb'b aieetkm return* have alwayB
h. en full ami wirree*, and tin-ir reception l"i* many
year** ou election night baa been eng , Iv awaited H.
a great turon* until lung alter midnight.
The Lei. ii,iHnn National Committee has a ape uni
w-iie and will display the rstorns as faal us r. reived
in fiont ot tn** beadqiisrtera, No. 241 riftb-sve,
Ibe Male Committee vsui resetve returns m.
aapeciailv from the interior ol tbe -state .Cominis
nonei H n i> lum F. Maui*it'- bas secured Cn,.k.ring
Hall fur uii- evening. Wrree bava bees led into tba
lu.ll. niul Hi.' returns vt d' he tra.i as fast as re?
ceived, boort addresses will bs aaado.
in riie iHM.I-ntouia y estel dal ami last
evenilu.' ths helling WBS $1.(100, to ?400
that (.itihel.i and Animr would be elected
.hui ij-Looo to BOOOtbat il.c ,>(aio al New-Tors
would t-e oarried ny thc lUaubticana.
A oorreepoudeot wisiu-a attention ealleil to the
far] ann i've, tn make nun! preparaiiona mm ???>
rori at tie pella t,, i ,,? pg , aaStoaa ti ive beea ifti<**ti
o prerent any Republicen iruin Ptain ? Ila von- through
Be iniieiiitiutiiiii* atf Bemoan .<? omelets. Ba vera! law
era wi a ra mt tn'-r- ,, ihe club a n meal to-dsj i
>'". Hi's rlmiilwg , mil lu,lil Mteinae'v.-a itt t el
" M ut ie driven io .uv inri of tba euv where
In-ir sc. ,e. nay n,- needed. Tbs arab will
m v ? a eudi lent number ol ell / - it the police conni
iig ve ii.iii ?.>r (iie k ....lilllie ui-tvn . I'-ny bu arreated,
ml i lei wei be ,-u i: -I tiiici. ii t!ie -.milt* mil tie ui
iructi u :<i vote i"o|> rly.
-? ?
the following telegram waa rete've.I lad even
ng ai the headquarters ol tbe Republican National
lom mit toe :
Ism v*- vi'.u ia. Nov. l. 1890,
o th- non. **. W, Down i
Ollllook il ll s. , tv, I Ml - -, : well :"? If ! !?
s.gi i - mt", tier people alive :i ul worklti)
!i.rai :ii\ Un.mt ,!./,,?,i ii ri autumn bop*'. Demo
tutie ||,;, ,j | ii-tera nearly vari \ few D
mv,- I, ' " || i. m the ' "Hi'. ?' fi
County rn i1 <u ian >. -\ ind will
ill lill o- i , . gie
.1 Bill ol .!.!'? untie I. M fl .s Ul
ur favor dally Nibs igatnal ui rae
ne o' tin- . ? ? -,. ,,?- i. i*
ll" le I, ? tl | ,. ... . pa ,.; r
lovernor P rn r, .1 c. Sew, sail rn my tu n
ree with tn . ",| in my let lei nf
10 h. Bela i 1500 ii ; -.-1 0 "i l ive Been offer.
7 :, u m.,| euv ?,,!? t; irrleld. Bo takeri
Ul I ! ' ? -fie 'Il
he ion' t?. p , Itu ib, '" ile ? ve . i > ?> ?? Bmldoi
us- "i ii 'gi ?Intended, .I.
'!(> PREVI M \' V [-ROUBLE.
In ur.hu' io prevent am qnes lon ol I being
?i se ?!. t':?? I'.li'ie.'ii I' f this State who
, ld any ? fli ?-. eithei Federal i Sta ??. <?? ? re
i ii- iona, l ; . benn tb on: il b;
oine that thc directore of a N donni B uk may be
"ll hy the I' n.ntic ll ? ie >.) I. presen
alivei io h ? i......] ni ... u nfl] . - . li pro
1 llll(|U lilli il I" -. I V >? i- i' .
"1 * ^ ? .therefore, 11 iii i
I John Jue.ih A ' i "i - "I
ne lit..!*, of Cum m.ti , Ex-(i<,vernor Morgan also
eu from ili World*! I ur Conituiasion.
ie,li" u k I "vv ii tm a A i -
u . ii i ..I ? : i ? - . i jj . i.-.;. All
Iicbi' men bis ou tbe Republican elet toral tit kel ol
his feta .
I i.l". \ III INS ORO ?: Z N ?.
The efforts mad* by M. Colne and others
ii ' n z u dm * tiin "l ie Aun : lean Bi imbi i u
... All < Ililli!
ii ?? ell ..:'ei,,, u nu etina arin bold lei n li .
t Ho. 1.1 i ? ' P ? , --.' i
i.u pr. -i led, i ii a ie rpe* 'll.
. fal ,o red hy I be Donna i tie
ic galil, a ? il anil
uti i"'lc i i < i'm.!* nu ' i u" cotton uti-'.,. ?
.I i .ui -ii! i iv ? ii be
? ii j rei 'v to put f- r". iir.i aa lin t u ?
linen Iii Coun ri I''! :*i' .?'?il fifteen veils in,,.
n apeaklng ot local polttlca, be -ul that ht liellevediu
iota: - p ir.tllttn it'U'.i. ii. it 'In Ca boin
iii! :, il , I, ii, I al'v.i', - ai i em | I iii io gul u if Ol lng ill tilla
? u,iii v ut a,-1.K-i,- un ei lite public -I- ..". ; iid tbat
ii p po ie ti t o any ie i
Ah, ut fifty min 'in -s, quartered inthebar
ii In I ii I SUI - Navy Y tr,l. H iii, vu. reg
-ter ti in ti.*- 'I i.ir i D.-i iel ,f the Twentieth Ward.
ri. ri inti ; "i lb. li arreai were lian ed bj - ;n iv mi -ol
:iee'iu \ ?. ? ? ?.-. ou tbe lT' -i id thal
md illegally r< -'iii g, thirty-five wera
I, tbe remaining Biteen being off duty, and nol
ii ins found h I ? Mates Mai tba ilario* , and
rc ie t ii k en before Comnl-iio' ci I Bine of 'hm,
? ? .mi. wee ? raid ula *il Iii il tri. u- di fi om
lieu ' ci ii.iu-ie.v of ou iru ia in tl nd I
? elf ri ll " lia v.- ii v il lng
|. : e lu j.ii*.'1,1.1 ii OU 'I.I .:: OU
pr ivhtli i ii it ? rv '? ?? for ot" United - ?
letiht r I'.i 'i- nor In ??( io
ole, and releai di i pa
lili'VlitM, I i VII! s) ll I I i,AI I.V ll i,l-l I lil u
pl I fi,*...? pu. Ml PAKTIfS IUVH'IM.
San PbaBCIb 0, Nov. 1.?Their will be ?
general cpeui n of buatnei * t* m
.V ? I V lt. Cl lill' Ot il - lie.lt i. ki ll tl,
ni honest ballot. The United states officers
if elect * ri 38fl warrants for ibe arr--' .,
teii-i persnua, s number of whleh were a
neil oi ii!ni i,i;i- toil -iu here nv buperviaoi John I,
iav. i "' . ' *' r-Tork. i ? ch it nany other
. .1 pal , - a' '? in the p. - - oe ,.f iae
'iii. eis. and liv bi tempi at illegal v ding will he de?
co ? I. Ai the be uti! in is nf liol i: i rt ie** Ul rea cai
?mi lin uii ?? i- exons*, u I, tbe regnlt in tbe Suite, ami
bs v ,t" w .ii uiiuo'iiitisl i be terv o.s -.
'HU. trfSflRARI l-.Ni'.n DEMOCRACY.
Tom's River, N. J., Nov. L?The Demo
Ti' lc KB I I ? ? Il i . I ' ii re.
,i bough nuiii wui" uri tr un all sect lons of Ocean
'??.i'l v .in.l portions of Mui.tmiir ii. I a town ac med
I wita drunken men. rhe meeting waa fnni
n Its character, rhe centra I between thia meelina sud
bal "f Hi" tb ;u dh . i ?"! tlie Kith ol Otu ? -.
ui.', if general femark. Oe an I 'en tv Hann ? 1:
in, ai,lotu'ii tn Democrats ara Goading lae
"iiiiiy vv u!i ii e
Pottsville, P< "?? Nov. I.?Samuel Calvin,
it ll .,h.) iv abu g, P i ie, o i. w . iii" . a i drer to : -
v ileon, ehatrma "' tb. Kallona! Qreenbask-Labor
Committee, lecepting Ibe nomination of Judge of tbs
Supreme ?' un
Mil A ' VLLER ON <?! s i.i: \i. ir UfCOCE
General D.Tyler waa erroneously mentioned
i, gu ,,i iv gg ..ti ol tae I ' ' derate - hire ga o !? v
tailedo .. 'ni i ii ii in - ' -ldand. ll
w i. in (he Unio \ ny i ?? , . . i i i ion rh li
I Veil IU A ilium I vv i- nev , : ;i l'.i!l,i-i|i',,l[, .111-1 .... Int
aili ii ni' Ot neral ll ii r ick.
The Lt-i ui di um n Campaign Club of th*' XlXth
A-.eiui, y li si i,o iici.i na ia I meeting n( tbe etniueJ ra
it the Grand Boulevard Hotel laat even ?- i i re wea a
arse attendance and much enthnaiaam wa< ni ti! ned
In , h.- "in i.e. Die aui aken a ai n (li
i'll i ii md II rtn . and !? hn L Hunt, ih< Kc -ii, han
an.lui ut- "i '"'i "? -- -n i i" ix li Dian icr.
\ -;i t o . ff.it t- ii j g mule to defeat ih-j Democratic
?ilidi'l ?!'". I.u-na: i!u Au.. I. nu,, ail iii": illu,l< ui 1.1 ?
oratora were 'i m td toward tula t mi.
0BK OF lill: DEMO RATIC trick**..
Myer B. lasses is tin- proper wsy to write
uni gp* ll Hu- name ot the Republican een
llii.uc for lu '-.-,- ,,f il,.- Marine Court. Tarot?muda
if ',-iilot- barn been p Inted by Ibe Demoersts and put
mt" cn eula ion fpelnug iw Bams ktcyer In lead of
M)tT S. ls,i.us.
IN lAV.il; ttl' ..ll;. II!.---.
Dis. Egbert Guernsey and Alfred K. Hills.
?ititi-, r* al h-' Ho:'.e.mai nie ll.,-;.ila-. Ward*! I la I.
1 ' . Hie I lia- , es tu i :?? 1 .1 . oh li,--, ll'IU! Ul ? ni
rtntihlate foi Rei st r, baa b aa lui-ile to tbat institu?
ppr PPoporatUni* to Prerent Fraud mart "fur L.,cji J'uliHeal
,i ; lg,
lill. WOBB OP nu. M 'it? tliiii-1 OB B0OBBB Of
RIOTKS8?TBB i il v grin.
DSBTSB, Col., Nov. L?iu.'-rv tlnnif was owlet al
midnight Isa! Bight, the mob using dasperaed, bul
ii Ijri-i* police forceeontrnued pa**Tsiiag the Bttseta,
ami t le militia remained ready lor a-1 inn at a nm
Utelil's BOt-SOS,
Tbs report thst a Chinaman's ears wen* .-ut nfl"
was ;i B?stake; mi; several Bad their sjBsnea eat oft
Allina Bajoooa a*"1' eh,***-,I, ."inti "nhl s BBSS bena
"rives to keep them closed until after election.
lim rioters gutted avery ? Inna hon*-**, wah
iwo or t?rsa s_esptioas, in the town.
Ons < 'hiiiainan BTSB hanged over lui
front doer, and sev.-r.tl wen* badly beaten anti
wounded vt ith ?.tonia ami other B?BBileS. lu neatly
evert I UBI BB OS I he police renell-*! the ChtSSmBB
lluuii'li baV ;> a '.'I* vilule the limb was fore;ng thc
(rout doon. Ymir ur live n,.tew wero slightly
wounded, and one waa sermuLily shut ia lim right
Earil tihl morning Btme of the not SIS raiseal
a iliaturiMU'e. bul within len inii.iiten ulxmt a
thousand Bil?BBB, nearly all artn-d, mipeared, and
the. rioters were arrested ami aaa! to jul. .Set, ral
tiuudied warrant" ***? ,MH" ****** *41"1 bstWSBB
two ami ahree htindre.t arreai.n lutve lav*n BUMS.
lite city ia BOW oonatdeied BBSBlBtelt se- ure
aaraimtany revival ot mob nil*, ami the tedignatioa
iTno.ig ?H claaaea ia iBtsssB and earnest Hhould
litw eseoeaa alu.w iteelf m any form, lt will he
chocked by Wm ateruoai ino_.iia..
BOBbSB BABISO t -muru. fo*Tl>r WITH Tim
lll:iris|| cuoil'l'iv -A HEW SMiVltN MINISTRY
I Milt.
Rowell led iii the London walking match nt
noon yesterday and Ind scored 152 miles it
i o'clock this morning. Dnbler'a seun* wns
IL", miles. A protest luis been afgaed by
Msrseilloe merebanta against thc expubdon of
lin* religions commooiti s. Tbe funeral of the
Sovernor of Whydah in the Wist nf Africa,
was to lu* l-l I* hil,te,I I v ;, niBBBBflTI "I tim BB*
lives. A new Servian Ministry has beOB !
lui nieil. Mr. Pm nell Ima made on iiiijioiunit j
ipi nil on tin- trish litn' 1 question.
BOWF.IX ABD li.'lil.iRB BIIOW1X0 i.irtl PSI D.
Losii'is. l.oi.iuv. Nov. 8, 1880.
In the ttx-day walking contest for tbe
v . Il li, wbleB Began yee( rder it .tv-i eal tura I
- i bet-Bag ..i ih itart Bras 3nil against Bowell,
? ? ?_? igatasl Browa, B to 1 Inst Dobler, 5 to 1
.. . -ir ram, 8 to 1 igaiual Qoa ird a d B to 1
.nun I. te, -iv, ..ii. rue mea started si a trot, I
Bart there wm a gre! raes lor tbi sad between Bowell
md Brown, tbe form u sci omi lb?tug tbe nop i
- '. ? ii * ::s oi nu'*? .
i :.- uer I luipi anon in the oioruing waa that Bowell
weald vin. witta Doblei ?ccnnd Brown fell sick s
(be track for good al 12:38 Bots Bowell and Do b
id i,e iteo nv wmku_ teat nu record. \ ?'?
'ol. ? .. Rowe i uni ii bl i " .i 'ii i- cord for loo
- i. h ii un. - and I:' v. h lit loo. ?? ?
? 'i lhai P. . i.ui, iii ; ii .i i" iu -illy
lot) .oil s me ii -t day.
o mile ii il .
w :
luu IV ll I
Fur oil.. rt* ? I ,j ? 7* T,ije.
1'vi ' . -...?. 1. 1 80.
Fifteen hundred leading nicrclian
I;.!- hal ii. expulsion
f the rel ?.- oui i. i et it >na.
i nie uti r* ol tbe municipality of P ms
ni- " . io io u -i ,;-, - pi 'I'-et nv wblcb the twenty
1 incl Mayon a al I be < ad ol appointed
ie. i.i" Ooi inn m. Thia would rend r tne uni Iel
p ill y i "' .v in ie.. '.i i uu oi tue Un veroni nt, ? du
- :: lot ol eomninn tit* p pb -,.
I Bl ;' . : i ll ?? i,cen tempor.tr V I e-r
, \ ii I i to Adieu* "it W slues
day, aud fi ie iu,..' ii , ,<? w ii i ei nm 1 ere aa noon is
bia he th pennil lit tue .inwhlle, M. Bulnw, the
: nu* tn- mau etui ia?y, wu! act us
in.uv,-. u' Attain,.
I.'.mion. M md iv. Nov i.i si
The rorr.'spcniil ni ol' Un- stintAiinl ut Te
!? na, t c riphmg belo i ot Ururai
ii--.-, fr in (Jruml iii Informed tbs
Il v. M . tu lu lull -.-nt
ii.ui uni 1 uii-ili Ililli- Ami-' iv.tu tm- i.ll.i! |.-s in Tin
mlah retjueatlne them to lioiat tbe Ameriesi il _?
iii ? mi-si ut i". tat ii may be recognlz ?!
? ml n- oe ted .. lien ile eil ? . ino
k i -1 ."
v .I-,, ?'.? , f un ' ?./,,.'./ v ?v - s: " it
IS g. Ill' ll ' I
I l-l'
ri I..1."
lt Mle ll
nu end. lt la .* uier. in iraudlug in
I.umi s. Mondav, Nov. 1, 18S0.
Mr. Parnell viaited Limerick to-day. He
: , mi '? from town bya rec pt I on committee and
ibe Corporation, sod wai eacrtod by ? prooesslon ..f
50.000 n luding 3,000 boraemen. Measra.
(>|| i. I l"s....u ;!i .. '.: i I'-u l.v.lll. Mit 'i :?* "f
p ii", t. ? i u ?? . ? nu i ni i tm :a, There were
I ut x I niiuary vv, re e iu
: o theil tiarra eke.
Kim Laid I gue neetlng-i were held in In I
ij ?
In lita ?.pccli al I**merlcli Mr. Parnell galil Parliament
wollolo i i.-ii" rentg, nut when the farmer* bad re
? ii era ii- n Pu.' mn 11 w ul l Int' rfcie and n oder
Continual! i: "f i!u* . .'i ll ue, us, u, ... It Wis ti's-.uv
tere i-i rn neb
i- farra, r- i ,i ,.-ot i ni ul ruo r ai pru
iirhiora -ii Prance,Pmi in ai .! Bi lum, eb] nol in
Ireland I ll o.v i- .1 Hf l" "i'l" 1" if r a )n I r, nt to
prupnetora, nun tbe qi.eati ii tuigul ??? letti -I (big
'M I .
In ihe ease of Meaen. nealy and Walah. charged willi
?i n tin- ni."i uti let it'.i ii.it v* ui u be 'l -
!*? ,i ii ? I tuning they I ?! I lim t lal hi
..?ui be ' 'i i" roi if ihe farm w .- aol mr
r udereal, rhrCrowi meka to have tbe defuudanu oom.
ii i id I"i- trial.
Ms.;-, nealy sud Wslsh bave been committed for
trial. _
I...m. .v. M 'U.: iv. .*.'? v. 1. 1880.
A Candahar di patch to The Times says:
"Thee i om Uer.it, bal t >" preeeuce fere
of Ay ob K in li ? I'sn Img n bb iee I i "h- trantpitlllti
ni tie cou try, sud musl r.i*' the hopes of tbe dtsaf
fi,] VU la k "" t. IO lt ive lt "i v: ell il C ilnil *,t ()? -
? i. I':..- '.'? i. id tin ! ir .es tn,, ,,, ni,,, ure
" i!.. i. -? i, ?--. * ? .- iv ci a] s rn .. .1 . s fuii
ii ip. i' : I : !?'??' ni .ja week of tb in ir e r of
: I,- tine , uii tn .i ig n ot ung - ay.
London, Uoi da: . Nov. I, IPSO
Now*, hus h :u received from th** \\. at
Cou or tinea oi the dealb ?f Cbaca, tbe Oovemor of
v, .. lab lo funeral wa* t > b<? eelebrated by a ma nacre
if [nu.vu-, ult r wine t I snnounceti bia in?
tention of hnldl l- i..-- unntial el hr ti n in memory of
i -?,!.! 1 ? h. iu in ba, dui lng
ll u- beheade I. I be
Bngliab i f..-i il togo I theeel rsi on.
UlXOOS, .Mon,! iv. N.v. 1, 1880.
Thc Premier of tbe Capetown Government
u ie rspbi iiuu nie position , critical, ike Poneloa
baring ? ' Tbt maglstn te at [solo ami Oat
n. rg are In imminent dancer.
taOSDOS. "?!.' iiuv. Nov. 1. I.*-.**!).
I>;vi--.li Pacha, the newly-appointed Gov
. i of Albania, roached Dulolgno on Baturtbiv.
A mw .*-? rvmn Mloiatrj i.a* been termed, with If.
Pir n ooh'' neb si Prealdenl of the connell aud Btniat* r
,, u dee. M. I,--r. j.iiiu. Minister of War. L'.e Young
i oiiw i va*, vc lum lg predominant in thia Minlairy.
Athis*-, Nov. 1.?The Prineesa Olga, the
young-eat daughter of tbs K. ag, dletl tc-uay alu r a few
duyt il ne.-i.
I*, .lui**, .VnUldilV, Nov. I, 1880,
Mr. Lefevre, th- Kr ii' li .-port aui.iu. baa Bold bu itor-e
M irtimer for PJ6.0O0. logo ie tbe Aaaarte n market.
iiiete w,re l-,; British nnd foreign wrack! reported
lust vv. ak. Of Hue 101 vi'mi ls were lout ou thr Iii i-i -u
M ri ? Van /. iti.lt, ihe Ameru-an iiuir-r. BBB made ht-r
ri a pi ur inti'* at the Opera C unique, ami has agata vin?
dicated Ber poaitton *>? a publie favorite.
i ba Brtuak at<- inn r Bu petema*, OBptaia Plakbaat, from
BBB Tort tiel.in.-r 1 1 for Nc we,inti.*, tia* pot iitlu I'al
iii'iu li BBS l"-t -ntv hutttl ut .utile ou ino |..is-u. ...
riu-re i? rsossu t?> kaBsva that Qeaesal Oraigh, the
Kiuv-lan Minister of Kiuanee. will a burt It retiitn ttml be
WI noel dad hy M. Abu/.a, member of the Counuittee ot
lin American bark ChaiiBS Dssrlag, I'aiiialn 'arter,
froiu fckgsk* Uritlali burmah. May Bl Itir PSlBSOUth,
wi*? ali.uitluncl at if a ou October SA The crew bul
landed at F.l.uoiUli.
A V.ruuu .In*i>at4*i IB The l>ailv Sew* ?ava: " in l/*m
herg, it large Kt aiieo -Toll-li BSBIBSBf Bsa b. en tented for
workiBg on Um Ametteaa lystssi UM laruslemB wena 0f
tia.hi*, Welch liavv .ii?brrto bisen Uliprtiil?ble."
Mr Wu km Williams, member a; Tai Intraent for Car
iinrvtuiPline, MaeaSSS Sir K ? tieri ?MB aa one of thu
Jiintie*-? ?f the CitlH uf Qaaam's BaMMh on rdr lUibert'a
BppOtatmSUl aa a bsH JiK.ee .,( ibe laiuilol (,,;?,
A malt-li waa uiadu tu dag between tbe Aj.**u*:tJiari
BaaBar, Iat.troek, gild Btbiy, of baralok-a. N. Y.. and
lb. li rrprcg'niatlvci went to lauidou lo ratify the *?cree
n en'. Two lo olio are f-tWv laid ea Laynock, the
Ati>tea Inn o,r?i!i m. B im" luce mth BwaBMr*. tue oara
hi m. ?f liumuii. Ma*-., oiui.-a off lo-uiorrow,Bevember
?j. aver lbs Tm?tea Besffaa, teem Patssy to atoa-Uaate, tor
Sl.i mu.
?tio.siai.4L. Qa,*., Nov. 1.?Tho llarvanl Pout Ball
Ottawa, willuri tliev p ,
taloumbi Willi tbs Oiliiwii
a nutt
?linn li-' BldeauHall
QBAST, jrt., and MI s < HtFP i
General (.rani ami Inn rwn, Colonel liranl, BCCOm*
panied h the Bev. Lr. Newssaa, paid a viad to
I Ulai, v's yesterday morning. With tba view al pur
charting gifts to present at the wedding ni 1 - s
B. Grant,jr.,to Mis* Cbs?ee. fjeneral Gram re?
turned to the Fifth Avenue Hotel at \2, amt nv
ce rod a number of visitors la tho afternooo, After
tlie wedding ha dmod at bx-HenaAor Chaffee's bouse,
in Fifty-eigbth-att, returning to ths hotel about 9
t.'el ck in c.* evening.
The wedding eeremony to.ik place ahuut 5 p. m.
Tbe bride UMimFannie J. Cha?se, univ daughter
oi \-.> alor Cb See, rhe esisinooywBSperformed
hythe Kev, Dr. Newman, al the reaidenes af tba
luiil 's father, No. 38 Weal rlfty-eighth-ab li waa
ii n rv private al?jr, there being only sixteen persons
i" mt, rbesa wen Gasses! and Mr*, (irani,
I.i ntenant-Colonel Frederick Grant and wile,
Jesse Gran! and wife, ex-dcnator Chaff ec, Mr. ami
Mfa. Ki iv i ii.-,. .Mr. utul Mfr*. II. .milton, kira. Honore
ami t.mr u' ikt {neeta, rhe wedding presents were
cosily ami numerous, hut wera n<>; displayed. After
the wedding adejenoer was served hy Delmonico,
i ? bride aud groom will meka a trip to Mexico.
Amoila those vi hu eu .hil on lt.-i,i!ra i (? runt and bia
p.tr;y ye ' rda rn tte : Mr. and Mrs. >? kuy ai Ham?
ilton, Jr., Johu A. King, Dr 1. IL Hailey. ex-Senator
anil ,!is. Doraev,Professor Bartlett, lira, Boneti
1 ul. .'Ml*. DeWltl C. Wite.-iel, Mrs. ,.Tl V.
M< Kim, Hrs. Arthur H. Blaney and M m KotoAokt,
i ?'. .lulls.'.' a.,ki. ol' tba Supreme *.'<nirt ot
1 be ex Pres dent, it is enid, h is decided t<> retain
his I,;, - :,. ,| artCI ? 111 I .'" I' ititi A Ve ll Ile Hotel ll li?
ll, ' i I,- wini i ?
(ii nei ii if 'i 'v '-it the State Committee i
?ly .ii hour la.-! even:.*, [n cou vera tion
with General Arthur and others ie dei lared thal bs
w, iiid ,i mt u mrpriae i ll tbe Kepa ilioan in i d ty
in tiiis State wits lena tban 50,000. li" liased this
Itcliof on the large .: ei - ol ttepublicun** be
li -I -e. ii in ins tun-1 .1- ui.'h the State, ami from
conversations with Itepubliean tenders.
Li ka, Nov. I.?During last week many inti.ie:!'*
worthy of note occurred in connection with the toni
of (!? bera! ti ant through Central and Woateru
New-York. Crae, especially, will l"iiu be remem?
bered b.V ill use vv uu le i Ul I.i- Sin; IT .'lin! ell "Ku '
iu ipeechon the cara, while going [rom i tics to
Kyra* ti-.*.
Ihe "Utica Republican Continentals1* tendered
their services ss anescurl to the General to Syra?
cuse, and also took part in ih..- parade in thal citv.
While mi fie ti.-i in lui ile-i General Grant i ime into
i e ar tin.', nc nilled it-ii addressed them as fol
lovv ?:
Major Miller and gentlemen of the Republican
Continentals: [ aui very gra if ul foi iourc mies.
(o nu-en t:us and other occasions. I hiv** oulj to
gai thal tho aniforms you wear and tbe ba
> nu i .nv are bettei titted to make a 1 g.I citi/eiia
think .uni vote as j "ii do, than red shirts and sb it
guns. _______________
resumptions of < isAL navigation.
Pout Jervis, X. v., Nor. I.?Tho rain of
Pi iday aud Saturday ena .- i I .. i O la wai
Cuual to reiume navtgatloa v. t---.i.y. Bcven bi
tb 00.000 toni of coal were waltina; fur water.
lt he water inata, B.otiO tons will reach tidewater Salli
iiiiiii tbe i ?? cl ?*'?* uavigaiioo.
*'!'rn s\ ii.i.i;, Penn.,Nor.?.?Has TituerilleHer?
ald gives tbe number of completed wells for 0 tuber ai
,8.351 - . ? ?'.??? . i, :;**<;
ra up and building, 388; and dry boles, 9. I ?
pared with tn* Bepie_iibei oporarioai ibero is a silent
(ailing "U iu development*.
l'l.iiiivis- Mobeoe, Nov. 1.?The Naval Bri
gade, 1,500 itroug, landed this afternoon sud marched
int - ti,,* fort, and was received by Beat Admiral A, H.
I'ouiinaitil'-i'ni i un f "1 th.- Nm ih Al.aime
v."! an,
Ma' lou.
Ci*.; ,\ tn, Nov. 1.?Tho President mid
Mn ii. '! ai Fremont, Ohio, al 1:30 a. m.
tu lay, i President will goto WasSlactoa protMbly
mi I'hursUsy. __
1 he American Bible Et 'Vision Commitb e baa eom
pleted tbe revision of tbe English veision of the
New Testament, aud baa transmitted iii<- result of
its un ? rs to Kn land. I lie British committee will
in oe' iii November for final action, and thc Cu ver
si;v -. ta s il Oxford and Cambridge are expected
in i-.-U'iii" levis..,! New Testament in february,
l-si. : ie Old restaurant will be published two or
years after,
Tho A nerican r.-vis-rs have gives their time and
labor rn eight years without comp ut-attou. Ihe
expeuaea have been provided for by
voluntary subscription'*. Any friend of tbe under?
taking vv im will coiiriionte toward the expenses
,*in or more before February next will receive a
memorial copy ol inc li..si University edition of tho
revised New testament, handsomely bound ami In*
s. ribed, i he money must bs -'.?nt t" the president,
il:-' Kev. Dr. Bc ari, or the treasurer, andrew L.
taylor, in the Bible, llouse, New-York.
Tho following ara tbe amounts allowed by ?...?
B turd ??( ts ti mates and Apportionment for conduct?
ing otne of tbe principal departmenta of tue city
for thu year DJW1: for the Department of Public
Work ,$2,409,430; Department of Public Parks,
$310,381 20; bira Department (including the
merited Department of Builiiioin),
*rl..ii;*-.'.'?">'.?: Health Department 8/25:1.303 32;
'..ui b*t cleaning, $800,000; Board oj Kduuatiou,
$ 1,020,005 : n-v lu . .-. i. uu :na i one and i lui ru a bio
i-i-i ut ions, $1,020,018 32. Cue total amount ap?
propriated waa 831,524.744 70.
A BATOR Kl 1.1 RD.
I?AN\ ll I K, Vu . N"V. I. in,' ll ci. .I.thn T. K'- Ul,
Mayor ni North Danville, waa thrawn fm? ina le.tgtfv yeater
<l?y nun n? gad il ed t tua m -i Dlug.
CONVICTED OP K-lill /./.I.INo fuO.i'iH.
S. i:v "\, i'e ut . Nov. I. i'. K. iii: _? ir. for
niutiv vr.-us* e?ti!'nico in! rlerl of Illili Ii*riiv:i? aa, to-day
(UlltJ el apel,i(i lal.ii" toll.ll ll to BM uv* ., BM
IN COMB V 1 ll. KINO -IM. uki so -.
HiN'oHiNti, N. Y.. Nov. l. Iii i ital turnings of
the Slate i-i i-.mii here foi Oetaber tt.Tioiiui.vl t? *i**.oU, :s.">,
latal cxih lulu arc* (14,861 ai , Betprt?t, aS.414 01.
iiir.H v. uii.k -i:r.i:i-io bi* puy.-ji* HAS.
M'.I'.U.. TOWN, V V., Suv. L- I'lllUUie-v V, lieeve,
ilxtr n*v< r. ,,i - oki, drem late Hlddletowa ina aioruiM la
?BC a '.Helot,ali I ile"I ol li alt BiBBBaa tu i.oulul Ina ,*ii|suoau'rl
li,u: r.ti.i.Y net TU.B.
R si:.v, Nov. I ?lames K Lu gmard, of I'?*:n
liiuUe. ni i.. waa-retain baslaw by liotieri t onnoii rseeaiiy,
?nd Ida reoeven la tubtfal. t.jmvteii la uow im.ni nail,
Pl ur ,v. I' un., Vt v. 1. v*. 1 .am I', tireen,
twenty HaSi reamaid,Arawee! luniaetr la the a_?jB__aaa
Hit.u th* Biter.thr JBBUB?! tniiu a tniilgu lotutMiotry
lg??11/ ?? ihu chu**
m i BOBBED nv l'BAB l's
MTot"i>*-ni itu Penn., Nov. L?The ImkIv of a
?. ,. . i ,*u vai old daugntivr af Hansel I'u t-oli.? .|?r wita
!? ,:,.! try it y. 'iu*i.*r Hst- r thu morelae, lu n,? IO?u.. hui, der
akuil crease? Uer uitii.l.-i la lani io uaui.s geaa lu tua
Pkti_sbi ko.Va., Nov.L?Yeaterda-i l'iiad<inus M.
liaiitl. it .-tnr-'y Uoiiuii i .ui i. u.-: .ie. ni-, at Bbl beeag bb
?honing i.in,ne.1 il.t. u, :i lue nea,I wah a ?aaSel A lew
fl ft ima i\' a. t.-ui|>i?i to ca* ii ui ibo Baaaa ac; t,y ciiuug
nu un,.-, wu a a raaer.
I'iiii tm i i-:ii v. N -v. 1. - tt ?_' .'ci,, k this morn
lag Mrs. naraB MiManu- eut*r*it a ilrliiu.i.- salon, to luok
(,,r uer tui.naii.l Kihh* CSkf lU ?1 ni- .1 l.i.tt i i.- iiu.su-uii! w_
llele a .1 HOM .0^1.1^*1 ... ii -I, . !.o lu MS BM__S? I'll J,^
liana a_jf nita uauuot ava
Sr. l/oiis, N".. L- I',* atora ol Han A Hubisch,
gt Warrcnt.Ul Mu., la whiv-tt wai* alan Dir* r.i inc l*'il>rr*_
oil),, anti I'-.nt "tltce waa r?0*nvl s_t?r,u? n fit o( g| J ,i.
? ilimiaanrl .. .'^-i *n-i i,"So , -u.i B-eeai nunn,* were
tagcti Ho- Out flat* Lian lal rliu lo Ula aU.ru, v?u,o.t Waa
BSJ?Igvd ui Ho- i it ru .,( tSrSBO,
( MU 'lilli's MAYoll BBOIMfl A IJHKL ist'IT.
t'liif.iio. .Nov. 1. -Btsyor HaiTiiein began nn
aro -i o' i.l,?l una aiamnig *_/*-uil "ta /.|*>*n' tor __ng_g
tli.it ka ouUMalaiKt Ilia 1-aiuurrata tu go to kia uu'it amt ,t,-..
Ute nulliarlly ot I lUUsl - tau-- r-U,?l*?l?or? aol Ht: ... ,
Bsaatf aliMlffa an*l Juilgaa or i-lnctaua. lue Ma/et c!a.u,a
u,*i nasa ? ii.i *? * ate wtiuUjr lalee, aud tua. tut aa?ago*, ie
uta au*?*_? ot taO.uoo.
rm: kkviiiv*, thai nu BteooSTKTJ MMOCBSTI
Alu; FBI I-viv, bob un ri: r m ni 11 i ?BOW
tiik shu, Bfrjrr ii vs pl *- - vic i p os.
Anticipating defiant, th" De,,,, ,?r* I,,*,,, bSflBBl
dread* bi i ly tba blame as Ihe r Ni . mal .?,,! -i h.,
rOmmltteea. John Kellyaswtbsitorm comma. I
nii'le early ;ire|cirt! ons to im-! ii. |'v i vv,-.*!,. - ,
ie made a speeeh to riot Tsmmsay Committee an
irgul.i/.tiHon anaignisgtbs Dei_*r>cratie *
uitt*... for ita lack of em-r.-y in proaecq lug tba
ampain work, i ftm was intended hw a
mil Mr* followers were not slow to take it Bp. Hi
'?as uni f;lii ly sealed V fore Me ia Tno'ii-y, ll.-nry
[?? Purni', ll nr. \. i, nn'iielon Md Otheff In
ii inv ii- ateaants ivers e imoring fr recognitaou hy
thechstrmaa, Mr. Tawney laid thai aol oalyths
"-tate, bat tba Nation il t mun io fl ' B Bl i ab >i'e."
ind that "Tammanyami Hancock wera ?sada*
?upped by thia movement,1* whatever taatm i .
3umbtetoe, Parroj aad athen a ? roo the .10
u 1. a- ni' their leedet by Bttee?tug theeommittes ai
'!..enui Detent." Mt -i this ei iib Imo ia 1 mern
.n Democratic viet.ri ??-, Mr. K I . bad .. ,. ,,?
np 'in."il to investtigsts li. U I,n..i's uinl Mr.
F u kinr's comml tees md ace ???? , <? aid bi lassa
0 bring uh.mt " a more efflcien 1
Of course ths purpose of this movement waa la
trepan for defeat. In a few days wheo I t fall ss.
et of the L pnbltcan victories ? on b>dai 1*
tuown. it M probable thal Ur. Kelly's eomm Ilea
sill bring in a report. Tbenatara of tbal report
rill be shaped 0 ?? * lat by the count, bul kt '-till
indunbtedly he framed u> thro 1 the r- ipoosibilit]
>f tbs l> moor itie >1 ..? n on the " ii lb ells ' N t*
lonal and State Committees. Should Mi 0r*< ia
1 fe re 1 the Committee a 1 ri thal he wig
1 dh appel " by tues,, mc ,
1 ot by Hancock, and thu* i Lt Uop-sd r.i *
.on will ho diverted : K r*g
aademhip ts bat >.: tba two Tilden e-< >i
nitee*, in vv bich le- baa no Tepee t*
mn. Although I amma ny wi 1 ul
Saratoga to name five membci . 1 ?
ice, they bave not been permi ted to take my pert
:u tin- eanvaas, and Mr. Kelly will he fr ie tn nu <
l il" Of del il',', I iel'-'l, Hui
?;,' comm it tee tbat sae i" u al In li ii inti
As tbe Democratic Com iii d ir.**-!y
?r.tit i/.-tl itv ni .uv Demo ratio 1, wepepeia and nv
Democrats gi iTbib er has m..tin
ui mv. itigal . -? r
Mr. Kelly'. 0 imnnttee to '?,-'? 1 i' uno
Vat ii n ii Co . 1 hole of ttm largs
li --;oiy iiiovvii- mi No. 138 1" ft 1 ??*. ??
1. 1 .- ;,. m . :...- Hi Boor 1 1 p -i tot m
tabill .n reading and reception-rooms. Another
-', -:n I- generously furnished witb ? 1
? for members *?i tbs press. Hore dm
be campaign manifold copies of thc names al via
to:*, extracts ir m lattsi . genuini and forged,
-iKpaxed interview! sith al leg . teutD _>
-crate '" itiiu. 11 ' .'? "cit erin esta '
pronunci-tnentosfrom l>- r t Hine ? -. Kep .hi ?
uni other similar matter have b ??. <!.i ly turu?bed
aewapspai a ; 1 rb to pi.nt
the stuff. Anotuer room on tl 1 raaoe u
pied by tbe Committee on iSneakai . Ihia wis in
ut" C'"l"'ii 1 A. R. Lamar, late of the 1 1
tr' y, and tl ila mav perhaps a* uni for th*.
fact bo fret Ij criticisjJ Non bera
I I lemo* r.i'-. that the loy il 1 e pl ? of tbe N sth
ii,ve bean ne sllessty loaslted by having : omero :*
urominent ex-Hebeli sent to 11 au aa e mipaigu ars*
lon, l'wt otbet rooms on th ? Mme fl ->t wera assal
apparently as private recepl >. rooms, LsthSBB
rooms were aeen a number of prominent *>x*Reb ls,
including f au Gen irala and three Colonels, h liding
a consult:,! i'm probably ietoth< b I saytoearry
tbe country for tbe benefit <>t the tsmtii and Tast*
maur Hsll. Ths Baeea of theas mea wert
anything but cheerful. !';.?> looked as if
they had just 1.liven a ii.sf view of
the corpse, aad were now a bout to folios the rs*
mains to tbs cemetery. The spirit tbs! animated
i iou. 1 iwever, waa evideutlv one more of sager
Cu.tn sorrow, a-tu,* oily remark thit reached mo
ears of tho reporter waa " Itt a d - I "hain*."
? ? e stairway leading to tba sr-cond liooT tho
;: ti., rici ??'..- b -ti hi t. a halt by two ital wsrt at?
ti* ll da nts. "Forgotten mo alreadyf" be ssbJ.
" Now, don't sn,tr nu-, i-s 1 vv mil to se ? Barnum nghl
smart, so 1 eau gel hack to Virginnj to vote." Pbs
Smthern twang and the word Virginny seemed te
be the conutersign, and ih*- reporter eras allowed
vs: 1 1..ni further interruption to proceed with in**
investigatiou. rae upper Hu r wei.111
I'leil by husy clerks end ctimmitteemsB
and all had the app arauce of:; well-organ zul imsi
ii'-s howse. In a remote toona, approiched nv -i*-vi
outj way a, sal tbe well-kuo m head oj the , ominit
t " eve: .mile' 1 lu ll illili. A - I ?' lie Were af, ;tl<l
itiiu leven bia stenographers and private Beeee*
lary, int f**itr that they night " give hun away**
th.-e nee, s-.uv .-laos were in sn adj ming
io nu, Nu. Barnum w l- sui icu med bj c ipi* - -i ths
I.,!" .1 t'h'ii'se letter, plat*-*ol Ihe atolen Florida
(eli trams ami of ber similar documents which have
i" 11 a. iii.. I 11* ui i the eui n ur: u t durum ti.impaign*
i; [ors bim lay thc drafts ol au apparently imper,
tani turner which the ip >rt?-r ttank to Im
an address to the country (?> !"? kasseal
alter election, charging the Itepubliean! with
?? defeaiiuq Haucoek by wholesale bribery mid
fnu tl." .uni asking tbe ? >ui t . - > I I '??in
orrata in Consresa in "an bu *t i mit,''tbe ;>ur
pti e lu lng to nienaie thecnUutr} lora DeiuocraM
" contingent v,1 such bs Ibe cipl 1 -? nc-.hs*
clotted iii 1870. Mr. Barnum sm too maj with tba
(Chinese question, " ou winch thc inti - I lim
Nil inn '"li'-r' '?'? - -ul. it-give mile -. -lorn.
Ile could oiflj mm ibat " we shall cany lui country
l. ii .v.- havi n ? ngura 11 fm ui >h "
1 he (oliowillg P 111'- I ?
Literary Bureen, ii?*-. ??- t. pro,
P'.i.toi.ii of documents, third it or li, , ..vc,
.1,,-epll L. ll.ll.ee il ,.,. ,., ;? . ,, ,tp,u *. !?, ? .Kit
j, .mil. nts, iiiii'l tl tor, Cairl-a 1 '?' .. ...I.-,,...
I; ir. .rn ni Infoi io iu ' . -' tc sud ? n ? um i . *.
err npolideuta, * iii" aud ocal ulj oil
il. rback.
Al eomm'inlc.itlona muit Be signed by Ibe eba I rama
Ililli gu llllllllC.ll lu* iu ' i
l':is"ung to the L'ter,rv Bureau, the rep* rter Wita
t*tid timi a corpaof picked ru ? ipa. ??: men u.i*ler
the charge of Mr. Hanee waa eu .??! In compiiinaT
matter, writing etlitorinla Bm I'otitifiy newapap rs,
preparing wirreapoiidcuce, etc. A wi l**ki*oww
Democrat from North i at liua entered ths room
in .1 it viii-i auU that lo- *.*..? iu; tr
in te ba ?* iniervtewed.*' 'lins hureua baa
iiiini.slii *l a great deal ul mattel i-< the D' uocrmw
pre.s. but an i-xaminatuin "i th*.* pnateilsheets
rea iv for tratisiuia i" i hv ma I, shu tal about
tbe outy subjects I cabed v.- -re campaign alauders
atid paragraphs about tbe 320 ptiule, t i aries f
M. 1. an and his us-iurnais .-, ie eugiged lu riui.s
lalutg the sl.iinleis into li, .luau Bud Otbet
laugiiiigee, I lr* lum uu furnished " epeclal " *l -
-I in- to Dcm et i' - i ew-s'iup is, u: ii ,i clerk saki
tiiat ir?"ii glO.OOO i".*. I...imii it m been eXBeiiUesl
in i. letti.tpiiuus' m.nut i" sustain IBs Cbiueaa
hu.! forgery. Hits was only an < v.mi
pie ot the vv.,. Iv oi thia i,ui. ii . Ihe branch al
NO. I 17 N..-S!ill-si. Wits |[| ell.lL'e Ul Vt . "s, A| (H, Vt-.
who fiann- to have b aa lin- lila .>l tin Litetan.
lillie.ui lu 1870. Mi. A ..new - hus h.i'l anne
tw.-iiiv ii e men '.. atsisl hun in Bending lo ilia
ne wapa pen the Halter piepaied by *.'??? linen al
lieiuiqu irtera.
Lan nt the work of the "Bureau "i Infonss*
lion" wa*tfound !<> ba the uigauiaing of llaawork
and English clubs, fnrnuthing campaign ouifl ski
elnba and iimilar work. At the bradgiiaWMSB ni
tb is cl tv ami al the bureau in Na sau-ei. tb* re nato
beau about 100 mon employed during tba inn
nuign. du a table tu Hu- Lu ui ut tu: iu, I'mu
nt a ciMiilar letter, ut which uOOBIIsd ino
following iMigusgei "A veter, it pnaperly m>
preach d, iiiuie readily rommita bimsell at tim
opening "f th.- campaigu than in tin* heal "( tbs
ctnit-fst. Il-'tue the iiuP'Ttati. e rn being tarli m
il.*;iehl. Absoluts BsaVrgni ^a gnat BdVuataga sf
mir -> slem."
I he Nations] Committee, the reporter waa told,
printed sud mailed Ha docuBBeata bi A'.i.uiBnrtos,
w uere a large nulli'"'"f m.'ii s smployed, BB t -o
lt MVil poatagBS. 'his ha- lt-eli alu a?v e\p.,4u',cil
by tue uisoovery tbal tbs Dam .uala wore unng
irsuked aovalopaa lor their docuineuta.
1 h.- 11, tn-'f rain- ?si.tt*. ('oniuiii t. ?? ia ai !li*s,.
J un. a lintel, an I ia in ciiaruv ol |a*.,i,.r |( Pamknec
au,i vs Hu.uu A. Pow Mt. A eierk laid iu.h The* hast
fireuhtt*'tl a gie il inanv ilo<uiineii'.t*, u tl ht 1 kept
a "UH scv?*uty-tiw* men employed IB ? BaSpabCB wm g,
(?ii lie ?Med, BosdM?utudiy. vt,* gum the ad vies
ol Mr. 1 ii.len ami Mm Sid ot bMBMOSJ
As a matter ol oom pa ri*ob the room", af tbsRs1
p in.leau National CommittBS w?*r?* ftaitsd, where i
Itriilt dor.en cleika amt throoor hur ml,, . - *? -iii|ii ,(,???!
UM whole winking farce. "Wu re*-, nm un arti
aVrial me in**,' a?? Cbairmaa Jewel. " but aa the
-I iei,ni ii nf our caiidtda-rtea aud tbs ji.?Uiv ol out

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