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bok.ks?jnr. mai w' 1* or ripon uk my to
Arms mid itiiuuuuition winch were on board
the ship Juno in tho port of Limerick have
been seized by thc British Government. The
British military force in Ireland is experted
to he :tO,lK>0 stmnj? on Jimmuy 1. All tho
Powers concerned have iK-upted ti.e arbitra?
tion plan lor the settlement of the Tureo
Grcek dispute. A negro conspiracy was dis?
covered recently in Cuba. Two hundred
soldiers Yvere killed in a fight with the Hoers in
South Africa. It ie iuiiuiat-ed that the Mar?
quis of Ripon will resign tbe Viceoyalty of
Lo.VDOJi, Thursday, Deo. 23. 1880.
A MaaNBBIBBaB Dublin tintern that tho customs
authorities yesterday sc ned tba Norwegian abip
Juno, Captain Carlson, in Clare Rivr-r, near tb*?
tuoutb of the ShannoD. Uer cargo, consisting of
arms, was being landed. Three wagon loads bsa
slreadv been lao-led. A fore*) of marines aud artil?
lery have charge of the vessel. rift telegram also
stales tbat a number of young men recently arrived
?-ora America are nuder police surveillance.
It api" ar* from later details that the shin Juno
on wmch the arma Yvere found, is from Cork for
Baltimore, with railway iron and arms, mosily old
fashioned carbines and revolvers. She w-ts taken in
tow, disabled, by a tug and brought to Limerick,
where she ia now under repair, lier cargo was
necesaarily removed. I hs arms snd ammunition
were tafcen to thc Queen's stores under a military
guard. The Judo is apparently the same vessel ftoiu
which arms were taken on A ugut-n 12 hy a party iu
Buckshot is still being minufaetured for the Irish
constabulary, lt ifthought the military will also
be supplied with buckshot.
The Pope has addressed a recommendation to tho
Irish bishop*) urging them to use eflorta toward
?effecting Ihe pacification ot lreluud.
After the arrival of the Grenadier* Goorda, the
lri*h garrison will comprise len butteries of artil?
lery, seven regiments of cavalry, three coiupau'os
of engineers. ? tv.-nty-eigtit bat:.dion* of intautrv,
and rn nie companies of the Anny Service Corps.
The garrie.>n of Ireland will number 30.000 men
of all arms hv "ie Isl ot Jauuan.
Lord Derby hat written to the chairman of the
Boycof I R"li f Fund Committee expressing romps*
tin tnt!) Captain Bayann and commending the -or?
ganization lot his relief.
The parish priest Mfa he intends to bring a libel
6nii ag.mist Mr. He-to Jones tor saying that the
priest had induced thc laborers to quit his employ?
The Dnhhn eorreispondcnt of The Times say* :
Thc lufraiiu, non of 1B1T Ttini IiSSgiltl into thc Si.rtli
et In-l ml tms nad thc 1 if ct ol setting tbs exist-as
ten.iii'-rt^iit tn,idcr-*i*, wno inid Ona*] nt totat lime
qniettiont, a pa rn In nuin n in tome districts, sud two
f.'lieut 1,-ti t iiinvi-iiicii.* are uow iii ptogr -a. one of
winch in disiitit't fi inn the Lea<ru -, aitiiniitn aarsstaa to
tonie ext, nt arith ll* iirlnclp e*. rio MtoWta ol placards
for League ui.-etlllk's t lil tiiiiillnUt Ihe oonutry hal, Ii
reived dim-nou* to ailed rue tnal of the travers?a
id,I tc produce ihe onlem for ibe public ttioti of the
A company ot toe Army Servic* Corps, with com?
missariat and trana 'it. has started fur Irclanil. The
entire garrison in Ireland does not now iucluue a
Bingle distiiiCLively In.sb regiment.
LaBBBUBtj rtiuiaday, Dec. 23,1?^0.
The Standard's Berlin correspondent report* ihat
all tbe Powers have adhered to the arbitration
si heme, ya liich has been t uinii utiK.itt ii to the Porte.
Hie correspondent of Thc Hint* at Athens says ;
Tn an inlervi->*? w th M. ('? iTvuni'loiros. President of
the Ci'ii'tei! and Minister of Burowa Aft'airs, the latter
sh td. vr ii.1 out nu*',,11 ? iv r.*ru.*lnirailiitraitoti before know
111 ir itu-tenn* and ninnes uf \u- psaossB aa lia! in ..I
I oaetMj :.. Ot 11,tin,led ,,, (ii, i ce,tn- ci.t,,tl.1 uni ,-.*itatiLirly
r J , : uluti alion aa re .pei.mn .in- tin stion nf limul r*.
Ile said Greece had prepared for w..r lo, .ht alu thc mri
t i.y ii-tlgutd ber, aud would run any ri st involved
thei*. m.
Tko Greek Chamber of Deputes koa passed to a
I i d reading the bill to leona the subsidy to the
QreOk Navig-ition Company, regarding it as a war
uieas.ii.. Tin Chamber also paused tx vote of thanks
to ihe Pi,i.-Hellenic. Commit ti*,;. M. Turf, tke deputy
wi.(i nmve'l IIM -.otc. stated that tba committee, pro?
posed -studing uieu ami money to Greece.
Uwoon, Ten rae sj. Disc. 23,1880.
Donald Currie &. Co. have received a tele
grim, taiei tt Du i>;ui to-day, uh11.'ii aa}*: " It ii
it P ried that an action has taken place willi tile Boera
st -I itt.:'-tun tr. and tnat 200 soldier! Mere killed amt t>0
taken pmonem."
A loleacram to Tht Time* from Capetown s?y?i " Addi
tint..d torres raised to suppress this Bssntoa are now
?tattooed nt various pomison the frontier." A sreat Dart
o T'ci'i.niiiud liss inti cleared nf ratals.
I In- Q-overesr of Baial telegraph* mm Pletermarltz
bure t-tiay thal tin* nutuber ol Boers in the ll ld is esti?
mated at 4.0O0, but lt a th,ms: t liny cannot hold lo
Hellier. Ii l* rum uti! first me Ri ie rn made an aitack o'i
til,- |;ri'ian c?np., ut I't.t'iic'stro'iiii aud were repulsed
w tit lose
The liner* have It-sued n prop I a mat) un In t tic name ol
the (; vcriiiiietit aud the Vollr.gr aad, and barr wrilten to
M Jor Linton, cxpre-sittir reapMl Iw the (-uren ..nd the
li. iii*., fl a and a dca.hy to ut old war. Pul <I*-I i-r*,. lnut tt.rj
l-i assert tin-ir independent--:-, and rr anesttns Balor Lau*
yna to wi mail itt the Gnvernnteat wit.mut routs taner.
Major iiMiiyini hus eninl a prut lamanon, offering a
puidou lo all tv ho luiui(<*iatclv wi :litl raw iruiu thc uial
content camp.
Ptandenou ia being hastily forti?td bv the loyallats.
Ev-i t hour tirings new* of the extension of thc natao.
ii.-- Boera titre lieu lo ailick Pirro it, Fifi eco lovaliail
si Vy,ilk unrooir, aud five at Utit-cht have boeei threat
cued will, death. ______
London. '] nnr-d.it, Dec. 23. 18?0.
The Time*, in a leading editorial article this
mci.inu;, Hint* that the Marquis of Ripon will resign
the Vice royalty of India, owing to his Inability to stand
t>n cl mate, and recommends th* Inimedlntr* appolnt
menl of hia ?ucoe*aor. The Tittutt auirgeat* Lord Duf?
fer, n, at ataSN Ambassador at St. Peteroourn, sa tho
ben flited ler IA* it ?itlou.
Ike Pall Mall Garnette ibis morning aaya : " We sec not
Uie ali-iiitsjist r. aauu io liol ie ve lt n iv*wai'> lui ihe Mar
s, ii ia of llipuu U> rt lum from tuuiu.'
London, Thursday. Dec. 23. 1880.
A Berlin dispatch to The Haily Telegraph
etates that Mlcht-elott, the Nihilist nobleman whose ar
rvr.; yftt* announved n-ur.Ut, was an as-.iive participa?
tor in the attempt against tho Uf? of the rimoeror of
lluwii** at tho Winier P.ilasv, on tbe 17,h ot h'elirnHry
Issi, when ten soldier*! of tht anani were kuli ri mid
foiry five wons !'"T, tome of Diem fatally, by ih, ex plo
Sion o' aili nam ite linne in a celiar under Ute lu.pei lal
Ai ia u c. hall.
Paris. Thursday. Doc. 23. 1880.
In the billiard match to-night VigBBU
insde 837 points and Siosaon OOO. Tbe total aeon now
stan *??: Blossot, 2.400; Vtiruaux. B3B4 The tuatch
will close tomorrow ? rea?A.
Havana, Dec. Ih.?A negro (oiispinicy was
Istely iliaeoventl near Waning8 de Cuba liv ihe utitBorl
ti, *. Tin ('overn_e.ni seized about 200 neirroei and
tent tin rn BB board tin ironclad AlmaHK.s, de*lRitlii? lo
tranaP"it Uieiii to Afncu. Ii wai alaied that tie negroes
ltili lided to poixou or otherwise till th'- tv lute*: but tho
Ssa. rte a th.t -If*) "f llKii. -.ont as .nu to tue uiouuuiin*
lad'!! lbj tbs Govs ui'tit, which sayi thal the at*
l> min st a new diatarttawia has proved abortive and
Hutt order is reestablished
Mexk ), Dc;-. Ih.?Journals which formerly
uc'.i mb '1 Prt sidciit Diaz are now attacking him. i.ti
denily hm aiipoiutaitiii io tim Miuistry of Pultiii; Woika
rtsnsea diaeouienl.
Ci* u? ral Mens, wbo waa a])|K)lnted Minister to Berlin,
baa sailed for Euroi*.
The Executive baa ordered two engineers, three oft
ern of ihe stall aud one phjslcian to a.*-on,puny C'?,t.,_
>arl* on lila hurveying lour over the I-iimm* of lilnun
tppttmt Tho expensos of ihe OoamlSBHim ra wUi he paid
y ibu (j.rn riiisi. i.i.
Ii_ t-uicuie Cwurt has fodud aa intiameiUt aguiusl.
ex-Onrernor Teran, of Vere Craa. for Ihe onanOkat?Bi
execution ot one of fhe Insurgents of Jane SA. It wa*
rumored that Teran, under s fatso name, had embarked
on sn American iteamor, but the tantra*, needs contlrma
Uoa. _
11amfa-, Deo. 23.?Diofessor Hinds, who
says tbat Canadian atalisiics were falsified to make ont
a drong caae against the United Stalms when the flahery
claim came up for arbitration, announces thal tho
pr tit'-tl record eiuhodylug the proof absnlute ls snli a
prnfoiiiid scoret to all but thc iinneipal oonaolralora
uud iu verv luiited t anatliaii md English elides. Hu
promisi | t,i send a copy of lbs document to ihe Untied
Slat's dov, nmieiit If uot forbidden to do so by tho Got*
Panama, Dec. 16.?Lute Pei mian advices
ititi* nu material chanire in the sltua.lon. The ChllUn
invading funs-, at Plsw had received n reinfuroe.me.nl of
2,000 men, but had t ot udvancod, apparently wailing
u.e concentration of their entire strang!?
Panama, Dec. 16.?The intelligence from
Tarrangmlia contain! a report of the exp oslon of one
of the li.nl'rs of Ihe steamer Isabella, br which four
perenna were killed and * yeral were wounded, two of
the latter naring aince die?
Lol?on, Tliursdav, Deo. 23, 1880.
Mr. Edwin "Oooiti ia to play hertuoeiei, in " The Fool's
Revenge," Monoav niirht.
A Paris telegram layitbst an Influential International
committee ha* tn-eu funned to endeavor to suppress
gaming at Monaco.
The Bolton aod Oldham operative conon -pinners have
applied for an udvauca of 5 per cent in their wages.
Four thousand oo bara lathe Ashton uuder-Lyue district
st i tick today for ali fd vu nee of arage*.
It last? ted in Horns tbat in a recent sitting of tlie
Committee on tbe Abolition of Forced Currency, the
Minuter of Finisooo announcer) that Italy had taken th*.
initial vc In prc.- sine tin, asatiii',im_- of a tresu inter?
national 'lionet ti rout- rr.re.*
A dispatch fnni Berlin to The Time* asrs the state?
ment that Herr Wettendurf, the PniMlari ofn-lalwho
undertook the reform of Turkish fl t moen, has given up
bis mlgtslo.i a* a hopclea* taak A;ul that be would quit
Constantinople shorilt, li unfounded.
run.aTm lpiiia, Dre. 23.? The delays occasioned
to trains of the neYv line bel ween Washington and
New-York are in noYvise dinnniahing. Yesterday, s
tram to New-York, while blockaded by _nicki
(rains on the disputi tl milo at truck in this city, was
run into bv a taattly-ladsn freight train of tbs
Pennt.vlvama Railroad, and tho nar coach dam?
aged. It yviis lille l YYith poaaanajafOi who. as a
mutter of ( our.sc, wat* much frightened. 'Hie car
was so badly wrecked dat it had to lie re?
moved and the pnsseflners transferred to another car.
Last night the pilot eiicme of the train passint*
through here for New-York was thrown from the
track by a misplaced switch. Pilot engines are
now run over the road ahead ,if all tho night pas?
senger trains. Tho train trott; New-York tbltmorn*
lng waa delayed twa konra and ten Bunnies on one
fneceoftr.ick. The train tu X'YV-Yuik WU (le?
aved by the same pro, eas nearly a* long. The
tkrongk trnina oro ooi delayed td muon, owing io
Hie tact thal lost tiiiic eau be made up on tho main
General Grunt, ihe clniirmaii, Senor Bato SOO,
Thomas Nirker.-on, Edward D. Adams. C. P.
Huntington. Jay Gonld. Henry G. Murauand. Jaka
S. Kennedy, J. ll. Work, F. S. Pond and J. II.
I Lu.s.n., men, Hers of tbe committee on the
organization of a railroad system in Mexico,
niel yesterday. Mr. Adams read t li? report of a
majority (f thoanh-roniniiitee appointed at a pre?
vious meeting to the effect tkal tke rob-eotnniittea
found it impossible to harmonize all the Interests
involved. Mr. Adams exp'ained tl.at IbeMf-Xicao
Central K'lllroad Company arid the Sonora
Railroad Company were in favor nf a substantial
union narong all thetntereatnlikelv to bo sffeeied
bf the org.tni /.iitioii ot a general rai way system in
Mexico, Init th.if tin* persona interested in the Mex?
ican i'(instruction Company nero Indienoosd to
sgrro to any aaab nina. Jay Gonld bnaned In .1
minority rapori, winch proaaatt thu tollowiao batta
lei BB ucreetneiit,
final Tkal all the panics who already hold charters
from Mot.co. roifi'ther aita 'be slatters of tho report,
?.in l tgret joitiiiv to Bonatrnei anj road or reade re
'juird by ihe neeasBttMsol Mexico and by tlieir own
iiiU-rcats, each party hat mg t (juai rtgBtt rn all reeds
bull' under thi* Bgroaneat. Ia easa oi iota
agi .-?-ineui, work to be coin inned on lite tttft-e
Hues ot railroad* now building under ex st
j, sr Mexican charters, in Hocnidinoe with the
'erma of those chattel rt. until the pi ope t minlltli-,ititi .
tif those charier* aeall fniv.- bern asked and obtained
fruin the M* xe in Ouvt-ruuicut, wu u a view to make
them ad t'iiftiim io such uth'-r *.iauts ta tht nev tum
liinallon mat ask aasl oht-tltt tr.,in Mexico. AH te let
mteit tts aud all txueudilutes already made to be
equitably provided for.
.sr ru n J?Thal Ihe present -Battered irterersts aliall eon*
llnue to construct their ft-v-ral rasp eenie roads, arid
thal each of the sumer* of tin* report may obi.nu the
i i.-'it io timid and iniiy build eu li lino or Hues or road <ta
in Ibeir |U0';mculs may lie rog,i.licd for their respective
lutenists, binding tin tum,v, h hoi to build lines iron, u.e
tonie pasts attOtbosa already seastraoiing oaths
fruit tier of Mexico, and also to iii y it ge as l r irom lhotse
Uni s ihrou^hnui thc nveral loute*. as tho tepograpoieei
ii a I ii res of ihe country, tsliuaiio'i of Un- ireiitreS ol popu
iaiion and the course ut coiuiuerio and cluiaiic. csmsiil*
(rations tt ill .nil:..:.
rtbttO Bartlng t>"ih of the above propositions, tho
ttgnen ara disposed io entertalu and will aatenaloa
i'i',,. osillon submitting tlicli' lespcclivo ol.iiiua and
i.ifleteiicca m regard io tbsaa Bestoan ral Ima Qa
io tbeir chairman. General I'lvssea ttl. Cl ant, in*
.1,-, is ou thereon lo be rendered In will Dur he
1 ire tue 1st day of February next, ami not
1.Her, vt men decision a.tall he BOOB pied by nota pental
uud oiiii'-.i'ioiis thereupon exer-iitcd to carry it out.
Other prupoaitii ns rind BOOM ariruiii-ii t followed,
1ml no .iel iou was I a Wen.
__BABT| Dec. 23.?Tko lollowing railroad
H port* ha.c been reoeiveo by ihe Stale Kiigiuccr i
Rocbeale? Htate Line-Paid can ml. 8SSB04 20;
funded and unfunded debt. $?_' 426.607 SO. .V n. r ot
iloekholders,47. Bee*lnta?From ,-Re----nger*.e83 070 30;
from freinhi. $181.08?10; from mails. ift>.<i53 20 ; lr,.ni
nlliei (source*.. >..i.(.ni.i uti. Pay?cuts?For io ai expeua
tre, 8-231,188 ii9.
i,i>ii ia, lloiiiell-villc and Pine Creek?Paid capital.
$'dv2.l7o ; uutu.d. d debi. A14.000.
Luke Cha?BUla and Morlan- Paid caret.il, ?TdOOOO j
fonded (lt-bt, 1-8.000. H.t ? lp:*?F om BSSSeoa i -.
$270 IS : trom freiulit. f l.MI.HHl ii:]^ iron other sourer.*,
?4,907 00. Paymenis? For rousi ex penises, $H(i,l?)n M :
foi,, uer it.,1,:-, *?;'>!!.s'r , 25.
Ulaler amt I), la ware ?P ,ul capital, 01,162 Inf!; funded
de>. 11,038,000 J uii'iiu .cd dent. $111.515 19. H -
SSiBti Ba"?stew $?5.917 19: trelgul, $120,841 ll;
oller SOnraeS. $15, ti\2~H. Pit ni-iit,. ?ilu.iii ,-jii?;iiae*,
$170,OOti Od; im. rs ft. t.lH.C'*', 13.
Nevi Yinl ami Con, V I-tlaud?Paid capital, $80,000;
number of atocknolders, 7.
Staten I*laad?Cp.lal, f 210.000; funded debt,
tUOOOOOt iintiiuded deni, t.1 ?>*5,imni. ll ceipts?P ia
aeni-cr-.,$7U 107,0-j; tralcbt,OOOi.189 i mails ?,(ir,..ri7il ;
ferry pssSCBgaTS, 0200.811 'iH I'ayiiieiiUi?Bxpeusea,
0280.808 38; inter-at, #2<i.tt?5; dividends. IM'^OOO.
Bew-Yors and Rea Beseii?i'.ud eapitel, s-'jrn) (Kki ;
iiiieieti dr-bt, 0411,786; oslm-de-i debt, B80JBI8 08,
K ceiitts?Fiom paasengsts, ?39,400 BO j otber onroea,
$1.37.0 92. I'annems?Uoad t xpciise*, $'J-j,l)7ki ?j; iu
lenat, B148B9 -'.-i.
Stn e,.nlieati li.t> and Cooey Island?Capita! aubtcribed,
?2.'),so0i paid. 02,680.
i'ii.- and Gausses Valley?Paid capltil. $144,000;
fund'd'letti, $ 1110.000.
pr,sion, Mousse iutitiol and Btttern? fal,I capilal,
?r470.O(Sl; unf'i.idel dbl. $1.540,498 ?3. H. BStpCS?
Fl in pasae.nK.-ra, -MO.-iliO 63 : ire gh ,e**il,70O 50 ; oilier
soitrt.s, *M>8,051 2'i. l'aym"ii_ ? For road exiic?*u*,
*J 18.206 85.
Ali -leupold tn Elevated?Paid capital, $(1,500,000;
fiunl-d debi, $105,550; Ullftllidrd -lem, fl.Otil 22H ,'!S.
Bec ipi ? Fr nu reata, $l0,ooo; from iruar un-'- se
Sapital Btoea from ihi M.muat.an Company. BB50J000\
do., i ti [Mamu-, >."ilii.i)OOj from i.nercsi, |i4.5ti^ An. Fay
?nents?Fur interesl on boinia. $54e.oiiiJ; for dividends,
1*150.001'; for oilier Items, ifl^.o-)'.) 86.
Fishkill ami Bswbnnr?Paid sapital, $1,000; antbor*
In .1 caiiiia', 05,000,000) autmr'ii'iod cajutai, $16,000.
Ht.i..Ultu fi au li.mtli?Paid oapiial, $iO,OOJ; un
f,iii,ltd debt, *(i.?94 38.
'Ibe butte B_gtaoroaad -ti'vey r ls preparing a Hit
of Un companies whbh have "fiillod to comp!) with tlie
law lu omitting to ar-nc lu I heh* re |M,rta, lo bo au', mitt xl
to the Alfniui <i -.ii.-rui fur |>roai->cutiou.
L".mhi.\', Doo. _3.?A BMOllBf of bond and
phau holden of the Pul adelpl.ia snd Beading llalln ad,
to^lay, lifter suine opposition by the iiipportori of Mr
PoyycII, paarsod uiianiinouslp the motion uf Kir Henry
> t .rr, expressing ooiilki?iee in Mr. Uv?en.end sdopling
lu* scheme.
Inn? iiKLaiiia Deo. 23?The following dispatch
ha* titx-u received fnim Br. (lowen t
I.i'iV'i'i/t. Dee. 23?Crowded meeting?perfeetinsoeis.
L. t du-ioua approvlag ot tba def_red lnoomt- bondi sud j
the new 5 per cents, and exrreaalng entire confidence In.
an.l n-commending the continuance or, the pr^ai-nt mun
agcment. were enihuaiastlcally adopted, with but one
sln-s-le dissenting vote.
opposrxo tyiv. canada pacific line.
WiNMin.:, Min., Dec. 23.?Captain Scott,
Member of Parliament, recently telcirraiihcal to 8ir Johu
Macdonald to ascertain If it were true that the
syndicate will have power to eros* the American boun
dsrv with their railway Hie to welt nf Hie P, , hlna
Hraneb. Slr Johu anawcred that the syndicate had
power to build branch line* anywhere. On the moneta
of this the local LesiSlstare plussed a roolut on condemn
ln? th-terms of Hie contraci tn tlil? reaped, nnd sug
gt-stlrg nl-o Hint the cyndie tte aha"! not have the r,prion
of c tiioaing and "cleetirie their i,Y\n lands, hut iliad tie,
BOB!pt?sd to take alternate *t*ctl>ini or townahlpa for
their laud granta irrespt'.eilve of the quality ot the
land. ______________
Washington, Dims. 23.?Treasury officials claim
to have assurances that the Ways and Meeos Com?
mittee will report favorably upon the bills which
propose to repeal t he statutes that require National
and other banks to pay taxes upon capital and de?
posits, and which impose s 2 cent bank check stamp.
The sub-committee to which thissiihject wat referred
is compose! of Messrs. Carlisle, chairman, Morrison,
of Illinois, Kelley, Conger and Donnell. Ol these it
is said that all except M trrison favor tbe bills. Of
the ivliols Committee of Fifteen it is believed that
there are certainly eight, constituting a majority,
who favor the bills. Ibes-e eight are said to be
M. esra. Wood, Gibson, Carlisle, Kelley. Conger. Frys
and Donnell, and probably some ol the ramaiuiug
se vin members. In the House these measured wili
have very strong support..
Ibe amount if taxes collected from National banks
on capital sud deposits ia $1,41)0.000; on capital
and deposits ot State, banks, *r';l,:l00,000,- from
check stamps. ?1 , 800.000; making a total from
thtaa sources of -JO.SOO.OOO. It Lt also proposed to
mose! tho tax on mandles and medicines, so that the
aggregate of Ihe proposed repe il will amount to
about $1.".(M)0.000.
There is no serious expectation that the tax will
be taken otl'tlirt circulation of National banks. Such
a proposition would not be iraciicablo with tins
Cougrcas. Treasury ,'Hidala, however, think that
if COojunat shall removo tho tax on capit il and
deposits, the N.i! Ional hanks will not be as likely to
ralinnniah their circulations, evon if thu Three Per
Cent Funding bill shall peen
i uiiiiiiissioiiei Kanni believes thal IBeteaaarhl bo
n aron extensive reduction of taxes, and nonie even
favor a reduction of forty-li ve millions, remitting all
llltct Hill rcVellUl* taxes, except tbO I BO YTlilnftey.
beer, tobacco, cigars and Uta toed il lieeoet laxes.
mMIGRAN ra FkoM BW1 lzr.Ei.AND.
WA8BIBOT0B, Dee. ?"?J.?Mr. Hitz tho S-vis* Cnn
Niil-lieniral, sat s ih.it BBOO alter (Jenora! Qntftstld is
Insngarated ba tatendt rn sall the attention of tue
Administration lo the question of the immigration
of Swiss io this country, with a view to framing
i in refotntioat tatiafnetory to muli eoantriea,
(Ictiii'tig lbs coiiditiniis upon which natives of
Baritasrland may obtain citlaeaabip herc
Mr. Hlta called tbe attention of a Taroona oorro*
spoil,lent to-day kl BO editorial it, u loading pa|>cr nf
Zurich, Switzerland, in which ihe chief features of
the letter of Consul livers to Thr TBIBOBB aro em?
bodied. The a*)tss*rt innts marlo bv Mr. livers are nut
di-tinir-d, nor aro his oonolnalona nftltoteert. On tba
contrary. the> tom* of tho article is ono of appro-/al.
It says that, the adveise criticiem which has hpen
.untie in Amcnc tn pa j a rs, on acennnt ol' Mr. Rye rs'.**
tnpposed opposition to further emigration, is exug
(-?rated and isall the mure mit of place because Mr.
livers luis rendered material sid in bisofaVinl ron to?
ity to immigrants. The opinion is eSPfOtara in
conclusion tbst tbe disensaion raised by Mr. Byers's
leitt-r mil f.rm tbs imsis of n, yv treaty regnl tiimi
c'liicei-ninir em i gmt ion between the United ?
and tho countries nf Europe,
W?aaiBOTOB, Dec 23.?Mr. John D. Defreea,
the l'n tills- Pnn'er. IB Inn annual report to thc l'icnidr nt
of ihe Senate shows that th? actual exp ? iiditur s on
Seeonal ti th'' printing, binding, cngiaving, llttii'cr.ipli
lng. etc., tor thc Government ot the United Kline* for
theBssalysarandtao JnaeSO, 1880.aa asrontedal tin
Government printing attest BaaoeTOod to 08.OOa.7M
The aggregate ..h..mai of exuen.e.a for paper wa
$*135,7U0. The agni'g.tte anioiinl paul for lithograph?
ing Mid engraving wa- s-l U>,.*ill7. Thc ninoiiiti SfPSQdl d
on aocount of tin* public b mil g was 8456,803. Liurmg
tii,*s.(y,nd tsaaatnel tfeeXLTIti OanarotaiBaro were
I tinted tor the H. nate 1.04!) bills and Juml resolutions,
810 'XeCtlliVe ilocilitleiits. 1(1-1 nilitcel ancona OaSMMBtB,
735 report* el committees, 18 rawletlona aedSeonfl*
d Dita! iiocnmenta Pot toa Bonn there w.r,- ,-rinted
8,hoh i lils mid lom' resolution*, 00 ezeeatlTs doea
m n ?.sl7 mis, ci?,ineoiis riociiiii.?ni*. 0 resolution, and
1,7.1.1 report* of conni, H.t.-.
li g Ming the enlargement nf tho building, Mr. D"
free* nays: "Tue anunMna inercaas ol tBa nunile
printing ami biodiaa ia tost nin require lbs ealarre*
n,en! ol lb- bull ing lu Which tile Work i? done. 1 il y
thousand copi,* of the laar annual report of Ibis Ctr rn iii's
siimei of Agriculture h.iv.i been prtatrd; bm foi arant
of itoragc tm- prlndiiK of the rem doing 860 OOO eoptei
ha* been suspended until the edition ol 60.000 ava
priitleii un o li .tinil alni deliver d. Oilier lublic dosm
iiicu? are delayed ior the Hann* tcaaoo."
tTABBBBOBOB, rb'inday, l>"e. 23. 1*>,S0.
Tho flsletatlBs ul ute.vc .sioux induna, anted ami
head-men it "in ttie Lewef Hillie Agency, win, li reached
f/aaOittftea u-t stoat, visited thc Proa altai la day.
0"den< have been Issnad closing the I)-purim -nt* on
('In stm.is hud New Year** Day, and directing i ,;,t ofllcc
hour* nut mg C.irietmi? week anull bo fruiu Du. tu. lo
18 m.
The Oo*Timl?-1on armninud hy th" PreMdent to yi?|f
rln* Indian Territory for the pnryaea "' conferring with
the 1'niea iii.e el Indian*, will, 0, neial Cr .ok sayi,
leave Washington carly next wesk.
Tbe Psparf tot el Justice building wa* draped In
mourning to-day oat el re*prci to th" meniory of ex
Attorne.-General Akerniiui, wbo died last evening. The
tic|.artinctit will b** fisted aa thc 9 iy of ttx-* funeral.
William R. l-otitill, of Grand Haven, Mich., baa been
ri moved from hi* position as Hupennteinlent of the
!. en mil I.fe Hiv ii-' D lill kn, Ile hat subuutfi- I to the
ib purtnn i t fl'-' t ons voin*hcra for the purpose of
obtaining unaulh"! ir."'1 aoppllee
Washington, Dec 23.?First-Lieutenant M.
C. Goodsell, Patted State* Marine Corns, has bren de?
tached from the Saratoga, ot liallimon*. ami ordered to
ret,on to the (.'otiiuiandisiit al tbe Washington Navj
Yard for duty at tbe Matine Barrack* ; Kirsi-Licutemint
v. ii. Barr?etea, now at tan Marlin, Bamako, Baaa>
Ington. will relict,i Flit!-Lieutenant Goodsell co IBO
Saratoga; Have ol ahaence tor two \t,-eks ha* l>.-.'ti
grautstti Captain II. S. Collotn, oomiuandlrig thc Mamie
Barratta, wroMantoa. Tue peps rt in the i.|
Colonel Thou,.(-. P. Pn-ld, mmmnndins Ihe Unitetl
State* Marine Carpa at die Bmnklvit Navv Yard, retard?
ing the ch ,rge of " Boanda IPS! c '.milli I," eic., c'.
bs-cii rtseeived at lin- Nat I lie pat trm-ui, niiil, are and r*
going examiiiftiioii of Jodga*?dvooata Berney, Lieuten?
ant F. II. Mon Baa Iieeii ordered lo tn'* Natal Qdbbi ni*
ton*. Jtiiuar, ii Hiiigenii A. r. Prleehaa Been detacBad
from the A ai aile squadron aud ordered to proceed borne
and rtprirt ai rival.
Washington, Doc 28.?Tho loora of nb*
*e,,c- panted Captain K. M. ileyl, ti li ( ava r>, baa boen
extended ten day* ; the leave of ab si* ncc, SB surgeon'*
sattrBaata af dtanMlty. tronted Btrst-LlanteeaatT, W.
MoiTiton, ' Otii Infantry,aa* iieetn-xieudi**) three, uiouma
od aurgruu'* se.rttllesie ol disability.
BEPAiniNn Tin. i.on'i imAitrn mt
Lona ItutM'ii. S.A. he.. 2'. I ? I to- Im ken end
of tin ocean iii.ri la treing repaired In resolue** (ur uiuro numb
Pbbrhou). M. -I . Dee. 118.?lite ene w Bas drifted
fnsn r-irt.t vt ten tel lu lhAciits Binns tb* Batr-Ydtt tn.I
l,reel.olil li._itr.ttl, lini* d.ug travel. 'iSersilriHMl *tauupii*3
was l.urUttl t?l of aigbl
Baitimork, Mo., Dei. 2'A?Capiain Kldredge, of
tb' ft*-?ti!*r Il?l?lao rwporta thai on lb* ililli tn.t. hr* .in ted
the nt-li* Msusiu. of New Vork. og inpti ll*t.-r*ss. H.. . i. n
lia-rluf a - loud exe-itt t^uui aa., lest Caf HUB -.l?tdiiu ?uu
^Utsd Qt* Ung ttl? food.
nr.stiT- op tammany's UVOB'IBBOW?ro'iv km ly's
BFOOora to Ofoorptrna ms dbboly roi?ow
BBB DBTA1U Of wkdmm-ay'.s KBSTtBO IN TAH"
The lHaBBllafacilBJU in T.immany Hall is saiil
to bo apfOBtfllBI widely. 1 BO inquiries of a
OOBUDittee of twenty-four anion'? the Dis?
trict aaooolailooi bavo bioBBkt hi ligrht
tillich (IiKloyiilty to John Kelly, anil
some p.ilitiriniis pro-iirf that in the next meet?
ing of the organization tho " BOOB* will have
hird work to hold his leader hip. PosfmaBtor
G neral Maynard thinks that Hie result ol' tho
OOBtOCt over tho St-tiHlorship in ToBBOOaOO is
nneert.iin. David Davis preferred to talk
about tho weather yesterday rather than about
politico. _
The Democratic politicians of tho city were
excitedly comment.ng yesterday upon tne charge* of
treaann made tn Tammany Hull the evening before at
the meering of the Comttilttee on Organ itatlon. Aa'hie
committee has been the actual eov-ntlue body of the
Tammany U?ll faction for aeveral years, lt was tint
veraally believed that the etormy meeting indira ten a
r-omlng revolution. John Kelly'a intention to deprive
several men of power wno have hitherto bci-o his
truated lieutenant!, lt was argued, waa also pal?
pates from bia remark*. A minor went about
tbat tbeae men would resist removal atrennon.ly
at the mesting of the General Cnmmiltee Tuesday next,
and luigi t In their desperation eurea vt to depose Mr.
Kelly from tho leadership. Senator lindy was named
sa pt'isib'y the new ** Unas " If thia plan annul.i siicsies-d.
Investigation showed that, If there Ik urli a acheine Ita
supporters yet conceal their Intention tn tho mar ter.
The f.isi la now made public ihat for a fnrtnl"ht a
Committee of Twenty-four, composed of Mr. Kelly'a
friend*, had been engaged throughout tbecitv in ascer?
taining Un* political aoiiiidnesa of thc various Assembly
District orgaii'iutions. These |ni|niTltt have disclosed
great weakness ? some districts. Tlie XXth As
seinlt y District association! were reported
to I.e especially disorganized. In some dis?
tricts only s few men wrro lound to
be ajaaBSated. Wiriri ft Halt, lift hadar ft tat vnith
Di?tr et, upon In tiring thal he won! I not hold that noni
!lnn In tho contine year, sen! word that In that case he
did BOtOBiaatra IO nea delegate toTanim.-iiiy Bali Hcat
tr red ihri'iicl, Ihe district* men -vero found who have
tan actively at work so-king admittance to Anti Tam?
many orgin .zation* Fine* Mayor Cooper secured ao
11 ree an .inion nt of patronage lor thai f u-i.lo-i. The en?
tire retsii t of tlie investigation wa* a r aolta to oriraiilro
ttie (Jeiieral Coinmittee lor ISSI, winch will
be elected soon, tutti nen of tried loyalty.
lh' Batten of the Coinmittee on Organization
Wedaeedaf was tin- first step toward accomplishing
nd.* purpose. At thc meeting, as slated In yesterday's
Tu in i tn, it a a* re.-o v.,1 " toilit-clp inc," the VI th, X Vt h
ami XXili tsicmhlj District .rg.tel/.ailmia ; or. in oilier
st..; ii-, to iii .vt OBI "f tn em all *u*pectt d mi in I,cl s. lire
chief of fi ,.* off miers is Blehard .). B orrlasoo, leader
of the XXdi Aaeembly District, Exelsa Commissioner
mid manager nf th- campaign of Mavoi*el*el Grace.
Mr. Mo ritson ia thc only '1 ammanv Had , lliitai ih.if
Maror Cooper, wbo had 11?V* power, did sol remove ar
the time of the rei t nt app-ulnttuentl 10 i Bi e. i his mi
iiHintty from reinoY ,1 li i- boee ri carded wot*, anapislon
by iln* 1 an.m.hi . Hall leaders, nn.l tlie ex?
planation of Br, Bomsson'i friend! ihat lt
WM only a pier* o' '? mt ty un thc part
of Maror ('.oner to Miivor-el'i I (ira,-'*, has sol I.ti
accept, d. Indeed, tba* rxolaoeiton hw boro cited aa
ii.I lilt on rsl lt roof of * au* icloii that M.iyor 0oOPet*B
Bppoiiitinenta were not displeasing to Mr. Grace, as
tl.Hti. nini.* of much tm td'- .si.nt 'iii-ln.-ss.
i baller tbal Br. Brace la taking pert in rho govern?
ment of tbe cdt In alvin.e o hts installation tun
streasttened .vs-, rd tv ny ?'ir> statement that within
tue las! week ae bas seot lot the Tammany snd AaU*
TiiniiiiiiY Aiilernti'h eli ct, aird mi'-.l tliem to elect S
Di tn,,, rat as presl lent nf ttie Hoard ol Aide rm. n
Il had been niiiioi-iI that the recent
BlUnnea of the Republican ami Aati-Tammsny
tn...uii-rri of IBs I.otr.l on tho Mayo-'* Bomioarlooa
might in- eon tin ned during tbs ccu ng tear, inc
np rial plea nf Mr. Gnu ? for Dirts ooloo on tbe qoea*
tlonoftbi presideiici' of rae is.-i-l ol Atderme
that i mis maauer another D-'mnoratlo member could
bo cured for tbe Board ?' Estimate an i Apportion
mell*. I ls ?atil tiinr Br. Kelli waa ooi nleased with
tbls e. nun ii ol Br. Grace *!tb the Tammany tiidi-rmen,
nini iii 't in tins nat aaotber *ui>|eel of discord baa lu*-it
lair..dm i'd lo 'I'.i tn nra,'*. Hall .Ynleriiian Ka'iin.i, wno
baabaenreelected.il ivldeaily swoacloua tbat ut- uui
be nrompili pomaded tor bia telba tvnu Br.Orace. Ba
" I um lo be dropped from tbs Tammany OentralCom*
mlttee for tbe norning yeal ; I tupposa Ihe* wUI expel,
expel, expel, until lhere ls do one lefl In tl c Ba "
Ba-Alderman ( B vanes h. agata a Tammany Aldermen*
, .eel, I ?SOt" I" i 'Xi lld,al ll.on I il, (i Ile. al (..innot
fee. Aldermanfll-elis, wno \..t. reelected, bl i.
ol tbe mos! loyal ump I immam Hall, was
reported jresterdaj to be di.,,il ct ed. roe itv immy
ami Anti I, in,in" tt dermen hart already held t
meet mg, al Mr. Qroee'a rogan atlon, to eooslder tbe sub
j cl ol liic j,ir sldi ne . of Ute Hoard. Al 111.: meeting
Um Tammany Aldermen presented tbs name ol Alder?
man Nanci. nu: tbs Ahti-Tan ninny Aldermen bad not
y.t made any selection, A singular fsa! lire ol tba ll
ciitl ..niau nt i. tbe belie! of many pollticUna tbat
Jnii^i. Dotti di ne. "f the 8unreme Conrt, la tat i
peri in Inirlgoea to rt cpi I ve Mr K Hy ol bl < - lp,
!!?? ii oredlled, In company willi Exctae Commtsiioner
Morrliaon with maplr ug Hgyor-ele t ni nc- in nis policy
toa rd V. ,vor 0oo|* i's i its, snd with
gcSllltg 'so tal- -lei,tl tn Of me HIV I'l-H. I it, i,? ti |' h the
D it.mre Aid nut-:.-cl ,;. .Ia u-e Donohue waa tbe
Miiij ii .f i rood deal of remark at tho turbulent o*i t
Ingof ib-'lam uiin ('omi,m.ce ou Organization WM*
neadaf night, heretofore r'-n rredfio. Furtbt r . it
ol thai iiit'-r,.si,,ig meet lon were rev aled yesterday. A
riroailneiii in, mi,er of I aniiiiany ILiP gate the follow*
lng ski tel of tbe m-etti - to i Tanti ft reporter i
?? 1 he ar.lein ii TA* hen iori,- stet*, signed' rbeMso
on the Pence,' a n- t I- lir-t lubjecl or discussion. Pui*
rov ril'l -pittnlll DOth ttl.trie ?p? -riles tn r'-l.iy to tllii
letter wilier, Taen tbe Comm ttrse ol i
whir ii baa i,e, ii i ? in of tbe or.
gav*/,tn,ii, reports-si in '<-. ir of railing :
ev* ry hm r ol t \c pl (be vin,, xv ti to I XX
Div Dim r.-ta. Georgi .1 Knits moved aa aa ameodment
ina' Jnini Kelly, Bldaey P. (ilobob? sud Henry a.
Dumbleton i-? appointed ln*peotot*i ;,, auperv?c t
primary in tlie VI [lil Distr..*-. Ex-Aid?mali Hit
apposed me mot ion, ind applied an o ipn brtoos rpitbet
to K ra us, who retorted that ba tboushl n ga
wasn't mush helter ihaaateief, Be all thought lhere
woiiiii be a tight atoaot n, tue hall, but thu men were
quieted down bj their friends. Bdward McCue, Ciert
of tbe Hp,ai.,i Tr rm of tim Supreme Coori,
an appointee al Bil lam A. lintier, opposed dis
cplitiiiig the Villi District lie s,,l t:,.it In
hail assumed tba leadership agates! bia personal int--r
1 .in? nt tba time em plot ed in an iVntl-Tamiiiaoy
i ti,, ; md, that, altbooab Coogreai mau Coi -? .it ulfa ira
had given money to dereel ibo Tammany oomlnee'or
AaaemMymaa laal rall.tba mac bod ion ,i,t. dbya
large BBjorttr, Blah aol W Bowan, of tao fid Dtatrict,
? i* i that in- could not vole to discipline tbe X\
trier. lie hail koowa Bxelae Oommissioner Moi r,s?a.n fur
? au> fears, asl com li c tl, snd
no gteei reason hod been elven . n bis mntovsl.
Mr. O* Bl IBO, editor of I Ar neddy Union, Hated
Ihat hq shuni,I md ron io depose Mr.
Bor*iaaoo, for ha felt that tba mao badbonostly per?
formed ins iln'ies aa Bxelae fjommiaaloner, an,, u
leoard in tue <*.tetrict was a line oue
"John Kelly ihen said Ute!ll menders wanted to
knotv tim reason why th aa teni lemon Bsd been dropped
I, nooJdteiltbem.it vat well koowa that Br. Moma
sou waa Ihe liiiima i-fi lei d and adti-sci ol Wit iain lt.
Oraeai tbat ba must have kaowo everything ni.c. ** is
going on tn ratatloe to tbe lute eombt
aation in the Board ut Aldermen | thal
ht bad lie'-a retelufl la his poeiiioo as Bxoiae
Coiiiiolssloii. i j thal it tt.i* his duty to report lo lam?
ina! y ll ill sh lie Knew about i he eomi'inatnifl before u
wa* aeoomidlsbed i ciat it hart been reported that ht
noa to be the ebief clerk ol tbe M-uror-eleet j and teat,
n.cn,ii lng Hint post ion, he ooo id not ba trne to Tam*
man-. Hail In iv ira id io Mr. M. ('ne. Mr. Kelly said that
i: na ia we 'i i.ii'tvii fact that ihemanneii
limier Ibe inflii'licr* ol I high Imliclal olllccr In thu. ell),
an.i thai thai ju s-'..ii oatoat bad noaa more to
brm g at> tit til-- la t- .a,i. i , f" ti Iii.ti nu) ot-* ; i,nd
thc rc fora ii waa tut tafe to eutrust tiis distriig io Mr.
"Inr latlon ii On x Vf. DiHtricr Mr. Kally aaid tbal
lt was In a ne nonil.tic ', , OtidltlOU ; .itu. ihat lt the le.id. r
had in. deaerti ha wonid d hw m bi aaki a itoni a foi i ha
Mr. Morriaaun m repl) to Br. Kelly said
rays been tree to c a gamsiitioa In thc IVih
i t wa.*, dna to ,o n th.it i...
ol i *. ? nt)-.kiiir ?iioiiii! have aooantted hun befort
bogioolug a leerel Inq > > sta ul
tiis, nd. .Jr. l-l. ;>, at ? ie ? ir i i . .'i of Mr. Mon
remarks, i ked Mr. Morrlsaoa to ataad ap aad ooi him
allalglil I" fl " i i ? :t'"l I
whether be (Moir,-oi,; had ooi dona mora i ma anj
n'li. i living mai, :? .i.i'.i
tlOU a* I , .'ll, ''.lal. foi v. hu
?t..1 t .t il.nc .. in rep i ira tbal bi
In favor of Mr. Grace'* norntuaiton, and hoi
ver i hatti to sours, thi no?mutton
-W,.li.Mi A. lloyd, -..ni that he .,-.
that any ul a ll al * lo D. Jam?
el.il . im. r, i.n ihat bc foll ii ..i '? ? ns di
tbl! n lilli neill iel ill . re II IM I
In ito t ..m 1.1iin i. ii* ii b whose ??-..'. 'I.- i asa ibuvo rn.
pm.li li ; . ll US i t , I l.rt par! lit .
sole i) Xor the pun os- of isaisilitg a iHioi man to prut* it ri
laimr. Br, tiwi then laid tnsi tor mou
eanitiHlly advil, at-d tie n,iiiiiiaioiii ol '?!-'... i
?aw uo reatoli Why Mr (ita. .DoUl-l liol nate bren
nominated. Mr. Berrin nani yu Ki-'u wei
respenetbla mr Mr OratVi m mn, t'.i.i, fm no snd
OlU. p , !' ll a I , I I 'I I
"Urary V. Purioy said thal thc high Jndiotei oil
fen-cd lo hail h ?*?? create,] hy joim Kdlv, snd when ne
"lipOM'rt Mr. Kc ly tn anything li* opposed tho orean x?
tfon. Mr. Pu rot further said 'li t he was opposed io
nnv man ** ho was ot>po*Pd to Mr. Kellv ; 'tint Mr (ii re
had not aa yet done anything against Mr. K-lly. but (hat
If he did, H. D. Purroy wou.d bs the dist to crush him
"ii', his nationality, CO bolleUv snd nil. Francis H.
H|iitir,i? *;,|,| ti,a, j,,. |,?| ,|,,t umiwn op to thst time trio
mon tliea|.lora of Mt Orate; teni he had not aroi
told before teat Mr. M(im?n,u and Mr. lloyd were the
spoils, rs ; and Unit Mr. Oraee Rad gone hack on Ibe or?
ganization, i'urrov Interrupted Splnola and stated thai
he thought the so'-aker wa* inUtalteii about Mr <'r.sc..:
that Mr. Oraee hid not done sunning
a? yet against thc organic ition. and that Mr. Kelly h. d
in nie no -ucti st item nf to the committee,bot had only
stated mat Mr. Grata hid remited to do som ? lime
fi uik's, WBleb, I they hail (teen duli'*,Yt-otild hmo br K,* *
up mn combination. The cad fur the h"ldin/ of prl
inanes, except in the Villi. XVth and XX.h District*,
was then adopted. The Com inf iee of Tweuiy-four w ,*
aluino tii\ (?? caine the Inspector* .uni tne pisces lot
holding tbi primaries in the disaffected districts. Hui
all this action will have to be approved by Hie
Ocneral Commit iee of Tammany* Hall on Tii'tdav
nighr. lt will be one ol the most exelrlup* meetings ev- r
held in this ciiy; for many men who were anent sr tbe
meeting of tba Commit toa oo Organization wnl then elvo
their opinion of the condition of the organiiitli:
The! o will bo Borne very plain speaking by mun wbo
have the courage lo express '.heir oplulona."
A meeting of the XVIItb Assembly District
Republican Association wsa Ueld at the church edifice,
lu Weat Fiftletu-aU. near Eight h-ave., laat even- i
Ins, tho president of tho sasoetation. Joel W. ,
Mason, heine lu tbe cha?. Besides the nsual
routine business, the association expressed
Ita approvs! of the appointment of Solon B. Bini'ti to a
police Jnsileeshlp by Mayor Cooper. Considerable dts
cu*slou arose over tbe application of Samuel P. Wm
linn' ti, to be readmitted ai a member. Whit
church took a prominent part in the trial of
Captain Wilhama for the clubbing affair In Med!
?ontqtiare last year. He tben claimed to
rei.rcsciir tho Taxpayers' Aaaooiation. Attbetrlal.lt
was stated by those opposed to bia readmission, be
swore ihat be lived In Hast Forty -fl rat-st., snd hence
uutaidiiof tbe XVIfth Assembly District, while to the
association he dated at thia time tbat be lived io W at
Forty third-st. For tbeae contrud,oU>ry statement-, his
name wu* dropped from fbe roll, and tho Association
last ev 'tiing refused to readmit him.
A special meeting of tue XXth Assembly District As?
sociation ivas held at Bn-voort Hall, last eveniiu-.
Schuyler ?. White presided. Resolutions, express n-/
the thanks of tho Association to Hoion B. Smith, as *' sn
ablo and sagacious leader, aud au upright, loyal man,"
and to William Ketlock, chairman of the District
Kxeeutivo Coinmutee, for bia etticlent scrv.ee*
In the district during tbe campaign, were pn
Wntet, John E. Flagk*r read the presents: ion addresi,
Justice Sunlit mado a brier address tn reply. Brief ad
dr. ss,*s were ni.ide by John I), f?wson. Charles N
'1 ami or, Justice I.angiie.in, John K. Brodsky, Cowuii*
.lonef ile**, ]). C. Wind, Colouei Lansing, Aldeiuitn
McClave and Burley, ami Ju-i ice Flammcr.
A reporter of T_B Tribune called upon
Beaatai David DaT? at. the l"iftu Avenue Hotel yea er
day. The Senator yvus fouud seated In bis room, enjov
t'.ig u i ig.i: and a mai: /.me. His age has bi gun to tell
upon I mi. and tt cost hun an effort to n*e to greet hia
v.s tor. Hts manner was coi dial but elusive.
?? Beanfoi," aid tba reporter, "do you know of any im?
portant imti.ic hii.*'.ucss likely to come b.-foro tbe berna le
nt ibis atnalon af Ceegmeat"
" The newspaper men have belter means of getting
Information 00 tani point than I possess. That was a
rory tavare item wa had Taaaaay,audit came froat
the Booth, too. li was remarkably severe to come trotu
tbat quail,,."
" flow di) you think the question of counting the
?* In Diiuois tlieie were few days in November
Yt hen Ute m. miry got above tero. I do uot remember
to boro leen mora sever,* weather at that aeasou."
Tlc reporter was no the point Of taking what senator
Davi* tiiriiiiiht of tue probable complexion of the m-xt
Senntf when tbe Senator sold with great graviiy: *? I
Botlce tbat tea wada te aoaaa pana of the c-'ouiii havo
beeu b oohed hy the snow."
The reporter retired.
Pootmoster-?enerol Maynard was found at
tli.- Brunell House yesierdiy afternoon by a IBUBIBB
reporter as he was on the point nf leaving the city and
yv is asked what he ttionzht of the contest for tho United
Metei Beoaiorablp fro? (bnnessae. Mr. Maynard said
that be bad i.o special Information on tho suh)cct, but
thur lils advices wens teal the B-pilblio ina are very
hopeful of electing tbe flt gator. "Bbs," said be, "so are
Deni' crits hopeful It i i i doubtful matter and the I f
tt ii ion m f beau med uubgsaylaa tbat hutu side* aro
hopeful, while neither i* conti.l> nt. Ni thing can be de
itiiitciy prodioted until tbs Lett itetore mee!*."
BOBTOB, Dec. 23.? Messrs. linell Allan Sc
Co., owners of *he steamship Waldensian, lo-ttay libelled
tbe Canard ateamshlp Marathon and her Barge In the
: Btetet I'si i, i Court for salvage, claiming
?6,000 ls reckimpenee ter tuning tba Baratboa into
tal week. Til ? Marathon nr*ik.* bei prope lei
?a. iii kt-1 on the lfirh Inst., ind was mei by the Bal*
> t for Cusgow and brought back to Boston
fm repairs. ? _
Ai.I'anv, D?e. 2:1.?Governor Cornell has
J istici ? Boardman, BiK-kes and TaleoM Aaoo
Otete J ?-ii ices of tbs 0 Booral 'Dim fur the Third De
Governor Cornell baa aopolBted a tpeelal and exfra
ordioary Ooortof Oyer and Terlniner.te be held nt
l:.ester on (annaly 17. Justice Frsnelt A.
Ms.thor,ol tbeOupreme Conrt,bat baan designated
to pr?ldc.
jAXCSBTJBOi N. J., Dee. 23.?Some. lime a^o
tho Chinew ttorkera In the s'nrt IBetorlea bare struck.
Tire fm tory people repl icd them oy AmattetB lahsctaa,
aad now In tho factories there ls uot ono C'llnamrin.
Tbt faetortea ero aatd to at proapirlnt altb imaftnaa
Hun, 800 men anding employ m.nt ttl them. The
(. nil leqnartera outalda tba Iowb have been abandoned,
all Ibo ,tjs.-iipaiits leaving th': place.
Ni vY-O'-t.rw-, Doo. 23.?Tho offleefi of the
steamboat Clara 8. report tnai oe BJeOneadao ?arolao.
Yt !:? ii thc boat wea a..out making a landing, four colored
roastabeata took a position on tin- *Yvlug1ugS'a?t**, whleh
lilted, and lin* tuen weft tfrown Into tho river aud
drowned, slthonga everr effort was made to save teem.
ib' bodies have not ict b'en rccovcied.
Au*..vt, Dec. 28.?Tho Franklin Electric
Light Company, of No*-York City, tiled anti'cn of lu
corporation to dav. Yvlth a capUa>Co|^U(J,(y')0. -A pro
lint:Tint v certltle ;i.\ ut liicorpor il ioiToT OM fMbmu Klee
lil, i.'imt Company, nf Europe (limited), with a eapltal
of B2,000,000, yyis aiso tiled wita the rk cr ct* ry of Slate,
Kaucb Chubs, Peon., Dee. 23.?On tho
Bi aver Meadow Div mon of the Lehigh Valley Kalir-n.td
thu toronOOB Bollard Hherry was killed. Jasper fay lor
fatally hurt nnd William Conner and LanitnwMoOtnley
: i. mi explosion of giant powdar cartridges
during tho burning of tttcir work shanty.
s? .
COLUMBI?*, Ohio, Dee. L'3.?Tho attorneys
for the Bell l Oompenybaro sawed tfeai
sary s?ps to lie taken to tra nsf er to Hie United Staten
Supreme Conrt tbeeae< min nug mo piecing sit u t< i.
phone in lu u (fl -e tn which tho American futon Tele?
graph Company (lie 1 nii-it taa
? _ Penn., I), tat! sa Mover
' '? ! I the iltur, ler u( til, V'ticu Knit-lei'. Iq
LIBBI si ii' rOHB-30.000 DAMAOBO.
Cn J. VV, Brookway
? .1, i anil todiur, 1st is thu t' tm aires nt f30,0 0,
mi : i -..ii .s 1'iiM'i, ron icbbw,
Foi" ? ni. Va.. D ? id I.- Brm Pranero
' ..irivttd
rOW *l,,l nc.ie :, isl lo tin I Hi?
lt I.N ST. lilli Isl.
-i. i. i .-. l> .. ..-1, im inutii ball ol tba
? y ts- i. open i. t. Tbs
. IS) tl.-fi, I,"
a I-iii* ' tl i : K'l.i i 'i nv Y lol.I-OB??JR.
i ian William
ti -rests dar,
,iiiii.,n ti,., . . t isk, t i. e..p. ira flub frrnu
lilli." i 'ul tu U.u ll nu Jiu
...au aunt, luuyir i* liiitiur aiival.
Jii-ft uri y ur t'ak in Ctr* io.
Ml VI*.
Orlando B. Potter appeared before tht Hoard
of Intimate and Apportioiiment. yesterday
and criticised tho ni IBBBB?M nt of the
city Departments. He thoinrht ti.e
?BBB) principles should prevail in tlie in.inage
nient of city nffUirs as in business circlet.
Thora were foo Briny clerks, he declared, md
there was too much money paid in natalies.
I'lesitlent Walker and PM? lent Koiir, of tho
ll turd of Education and the Fire D?-,iiirtniit-nt,
explained the items of their cs'iniafes for
1881. The Controller said tie should di*-un<t
more rlerka from his ollie January 1.
In tbe Park D partmeot several salaries
were reduced, nnd several employes weiedis
clnirged. In the Doek Department Commis?
sioner Laimheer startled the other nu in bert
by his 11 nj ii i ties and methods.
The meeting of tbe Piirk CoiiimiaMoners yesterday
was marked by tbe subdued manner with which tba
bnsineiis was for thu most part disposetl of. Al
11, ur li on many questions there was du??
Kferiueiit, there was little show of tem**
per. After some routine business it
was resolved, on morion of Mr. Lane, that sll of
Ike CominisaaoaaOB should hate power to sign per?
mits and requisitions until Ibe next meeting of the
Board, aud then a motion was made to adjourn.
CoetatteBiaeMB Oreen, however, said that the matter
of reducing expenses, for which the meeting had
been called, should bc tn ken np, and the motion was
withdrawn. Cominis*.oners Wales snd Laue, who
yv re appointed on tlie Investigating Committee,
said they were not ready to report.
A communication from the Board of Estimate
and Apportionment, requiring a statement of tba
ex|M-nses of the department for 1 fe80 and an esti?
mate of the expenditures for 1*81, was presented.
Mr. Wales sod tbat the estimate wbled had .>een
mu.le appeared to him too titree, and tic thought
areal cure should he taken in the matter. Ho had
undon'i od thar an opposition was forming io treat
rxnenaan,and he .-..ts g nd that the departrnent hurl
been called upon to show its hand, aha people
wen* liberal enough iv it li their money, but it waa
aeoaaeerjto show looa* ibut t bey were, gettiug value
n c, ?.vcd.
Commissioner Green, who had before made some
reference to the removal of UnpQTIBteoOoal Hal?
loran, saul that the people were liberal, but they
didn't want a lot of vagal-rmd-. in the department,
doini* milhun*. He then offered a resolution to 00
iin,ve (superintendent BalleffSB from his position.
"This proposition bringa us down to business,"
an ni Mr. Wales. "Whetber the fault is with Mr.
ll Horan or not, Central I'atk is in a disgraceful
condition. I aili constantly seeing timur, sroiiiu on
iu Central 1'ark that I do not approve ot There it
n ti -oat?work being jmt up now over arneb is to
be moved it piece of stone, and the part is ben*
ti:nd up with I niblin.*-* and structures of one kind
and another. IJaleat WO Ott OVf fntOB a'.(inst such
Irrelevant structures, .ve will soon destroy ito
beauly. If KapertDtendenl Halloran can lu* j)roved
to Bi fnt| fl nat nltl for the had condition of tba (In rea
ami walk*, I will bo in favor of removing bim."
lt was also urged hy Mr. Wales that it should be
ascertained if this removal would be attended with
any legal difficulties; but Mr. Green said that any
amount of talk about reform would imf result in
anytbioo- He know of no other way to inform thaa
lota?oyo aaeleaa and incompetent meti, and to cul
down salaries, lin* r-Molution wat adopted.
Commissioner Groan made a motion to remove
Julina F. Munch wit? Superintending Architect.
I his gave risc to a loni* discussion. Commissioner
Lane contended toni thc Superintending Arebtteol
i.iiti .-.-iris in 'iiiiidthat could not belaid down.
ComiuiBeioaara Green and Conover urned li.at
$10,000 wea paid to Mr. Muticktfitt arni hisaaalat*
note for work tbal could he done fer 92,000. ihe
position taken hy Cotnmtestener Wales waa tbal ihe
removal should be deferred until the mat ten la ihe
undine d's hands were disposed of.
At this juncture Mr. Green called a man out of
ibe crowd But bad gathered In the room, ami asked
bim ii Mr. Mnnckwita bad not naked lum lora per
11 utage ot' bis salary tor the use of I am.nany Hall.
Wmlc Commissioner Lane WM protesting against
tb.s proordoro, iba moo, wbeea nam* is l'atrick
Flannigan, told bis .story. He said tbat Mr Muuck
Wlla bad come to lum BOOM time ago and asked him
ttl pty a party assessment, as lits position depended
on "tn.* success of Tainiiiaitv tl nil, He refused, how?
ever to comply with Ute mqaaaf*
Tlie result of tho vote was Comiiiissiouera
Green and Conover for removal, Withs una
Leno against it. A resolution by Mr.
Wales to reduce ibo .**.upeririteii(liug Architect's
salary tn 11.000 a Vc,ir wm theo adopt.-d ; al>o ono
to tbe effect tbat Charles Joboaoo should servo aa
Actina Onpenntendent uutii tho next mectiug uf
inc Board.
Un motion of Commissioner Wales, L, A. liisee.
aattstani engineer, witta a salary ot $1,800 ; waa r>
moved ; Henry Bsrtboht'a salary was reduced from
$1,1)00 io 91,000] J. ?, 1'crcz, salary tf-l.-UO, waa
removed; (Jato ?beth, drnnobtamon, salary fl,'-'00,
'.-. ts ii moved ; 1). P. Carpoutet. skilled laborer. *jvJ n
day, I.. K.Osl-oiueand ThomM J.Coleman, inspector**
?4 a dey, were removed, li ya as also agreed lo re?
duce lite salary ol ll. Herlholf, a bridge-tender,
from 91,000 to 01,000 a year.
i sse of Wulla u Van Vulkeiiburgb was brought
nob) I om mission, ri. ni,*, wini claimed tnat since the
omeo of 1).*b.using Clerk bad bean abolished there
yy ins lin ic tor tum to do. Mr. Wales said In* hail
ni nb- au iiiYeMiitati.iii ol the maller, m.d Ihat bo
Hun!.'lit the three clerks iii tlc bureau cotted do all
thc Yvork. If Mr. Van Vaikenburgh's services were
liisp.iirvcil with it would reuuee Ibo expenses lrom
90,3SO rn 92,300, Coma_asteoef creen, who
in.iiitit sil\ il.ii not YYant Mr. Van valkenburgfa re
moved, (ill* rsi! a rotoioUon io discharge Willuitn K.
Kinoalann, the head eleffc. lina is as Htrt-nuoiisly
opposed by Commissioners Wales aud Laue. Com
misBiooerLane proposed lurther removals, but Mr.
Waics, WOO bad previously protected atauini Mr.
linn n's method of reform on tim ground HMM he was
uot si.Mi.-.cn, ly in'ijiiiii!?'. n with tbe department to
act without makin-'nome examination into lin* indi?
vidual eases, said thal the committee siiould beal*
loYved to makei ile InvWUflatMBB first-. Mr. Green
flindly yielded, althougli ne said i e had severn*
tuore removal*) to propone, After diapusiuii of bolus
lmil m. b.i-1111.1.1 the Bi .till adloni nen until Monda/
at I'.'IX1 a. in.
>n:- i ino OB rm DOO OOMMMMBBBO? inqi I lute
AM' ICKMAKKS (IK YY lil I i.Yl I.A I Mill I IK, I UK Mf
Ml MiiEit? BBBSBM Ty) BBfttl un; ^AUiBT
Li.-, rs.
There WOO some bickering at the meetiugof the
Dook Commissioners yesterday. Commissioner
Liiimbcii made ii.tiiiinc** which thoot!n-r tYv,, Com?
missioners sci mt d io think were nnuut.i ul, un.
necessary, and dui' to iiiisapproheution mi thc par!
if their new associate. 1 ho superinteiult nts of the
stied railroad companies appeared aa a delegation
lrom the i..uii;;gei'*t ot Hie linea YMtb a petition for
piers to be act aside for dumping snow from ihe
-sr., *. It was olaimtd that if uo imo inion
WM made lor lb? purpose, and heavy
Snows stntild come, tito i oi jK'iat nins ami tbe nublio
yv.iiibl aiiil'ci irrcai Inooe fontenot. Mr. DitaoeB nro
posed ' nut inc ptefB allotted io thc I'olice Depart?
ment .or tin* pm pose ot dumping shoiy coiiitl be Hied,
by iim ii reel ratlronoa, bnaerintettdent Hui tutsi,
ol tm Sixtli-iV". nniil I mir' -d that the siiKgesv*
Bon would give no relief. ->? ma police weena uo|
allon anj raropteorooratloacarte aa those Natal
und ii they (lui, btaexnerieaM taught kia dui .ie
si ,y wi i k oi "liv em ploy et would obet-nei. con?
tra, t work, Mr. Ibm. i it oben il ,i iosoluiiiii io p,-*?
mit tbe railroad oomponies tu bm tba Bama piers
1'ni ?' l1 hu im ni. Ilton Mr. litiiiibeef
..ii .ut i ii rn, ni tint i lng thai some pier
s'lo.ilil bs tel apart tot tie cii.npauiea especially.
1 ins iim. ndmeut yy a* defeated bi the votes of Com*
iera Dunoek and Vanderpoel, ami tho rt-ao*
lunoi. wm adopted ny tbe bbbm votes.
Mr. l.iiiiibcci itioiiejlii (tut it-riaiti iiier* -should
be deotgnnted for tbe UM of tba rai.roads, sd Uiai
uld bo no fear of police clubs ; and tbat a
dc pamden! waiobmau should bo ptaoett Ibero to
pu Yent tiny obstruct: i'. ll I qOBBtlOO wik-; left to
ll.i C'liisHlelali'ili Ol Yl.-s-.-l si ubCOf iiud \ .llliler*
poel, ibe former renal kino, " foud tietter not leavo
a io ni", foi IM giv-1 \ 11\ (actlity fir tba purpose
fMttirod." " I'li.tft-'u ito no iliilli nltv batwaoa you
Hint un ."said Mr. Vanderpoel, te tvuteli Mr. Ltim
beci roapooded, " Hint's iiiKull"
An ..|i|iloat!.,n Im tb. I.* ii to lutlil a platform to
laud hunte.- ou a buikbu.-.d, Mr. Diuiook buguest?xk

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