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The electoral votes wu? counted yesterday
by the two housee of Congress, and the re?
sult was declared by Vice-President Wheeler.
There was an absence of the dramatic inci?
dente which marked a similar occasion four
years ago. Further r?ports of violence and
intimidation have been received from Colonel
lHsbee's district in Florida, and tho United
States Marshal has been instructed to protect
both Judge and witnesses. It is hoped by the
advocates of tho Hiver and Harbor bill that
they will secure it? passage without amend?
ment. Secretary Schurz has replied to the
speech of Senator Dawea in regard to the*
.killing of Big Snake.
Washington, Fob. 9.?Probably never bofore in
tbo history of the country have the proceedings at?
tending the declaration of the election of a Presi?
dent sud Viee-Presidcut of tbe Uuited .States beeu
more coiuiuonplaco and un interest ini: than v. ere the
incidents and routine which preceded the declara?
tion to-day of the election of Gartield ?md Arthur.
Or course there was an immense thron ? of specta?
tors, as there always is on any unusual occasion; but
if tbe visitors came expectiug to witness anything of
a sensational sort they went away disappointed. As
early aa 9 o'clock, porsene bearing tickets of admis?
sion to the galleries of the House of Representatives
began to pour in. and at 11 o'clock, when tho H mise
wae called to order, nearly every seat in the galler?
ies was occupied, and tlie corridors wore tilled with
a disappointed throng of persons who failed to gain
The hour before noon was ?pent by tbe House in
Committee of tbe Whole on the Legislative, Execu?
tive aud Judicial Appropriation bill. Not five mem?
bers paid any attention whatever to the proceedings,
ami at last the confusion on the floor became ho
groat as to drown the voice of tbo clerk,
who was reading the bill by paragraphs, for
amendment. Several times Mr. Carlisle, who was in
.the chair, was obliged to beg members to keep quiet
so that tbe clerk eonld be heard by the chairman of
the Appropriations Committee, who sat a lew feet
away. A few minutes before noou the committee
arose, and, amid great confusion, a resolution was
adopted providins for tbe admission to tbe floor of
ladies who held tickets but had uot been able to
secure seats in the galleries to which they had
Tbe appearance of the Capitol at 12 o'clock to-day
was very different from that which was witnessed
four -years ago. Then a double line of police?
men iu uniform guarded the long passageway
between the House and the Senate, and an
unknown number of detectives, out of uniform,
watched to prevent the assault upon the custodians
of the electoral certificates, on their passage to the
Representatives'Chamber, which was threatened,
and which it is now knowu was prepared. Then
such portion of Henry Wattersuu's hundred thou
eand unaimed meu as would come were here, and
the arsenal and barracks abont the Capitol were
well ailed with Federal soldiers. The correspond?
ence between Oeueral Sherman and General Han?
cock, published for tbe first time during tbe cam?
paign of Imi summer, disclosed what the presence
of tbe troops meant.
To-day there was no doable lino of armed and
uniformed policemen in tbe corridors of tbe Capitol.
Tbe regular force was ample and had little to do,
and there were no soldiers sleeping on tbeir arms in
the In. h k-i. At five minutes past 12
the Senate arrived at the main door
of tbe House and was duly announced.
The members of the House arose and remained
standing until tbe Senators had taken their places
on the two inner rows of ee.it*. Heading the pro
cesdou ot ?senators as it advanced came tbe vener?
able doorkeeper, Isaac Hass-tt, carr.vine the ma?
hogany boxes which contained tho electoral certifi?
cate??. There was no display of force, except that
four uiiuffiformed policemen attended to protect the
The scene was somewhat impressive as the Con?
gress of tbe Uuited States was called to order by
the Vice-Preeideut. Few members of either House
were absent. Senator Maine did not make
his appearance and was said to be ill.
Another distinguished abseutee was Senator David
Davis. Senators Logan and Lamar sat to?
gether and conversed amiably. By the aide
of Senator Edmunds sat Senator Wade Hampton.
Senators Bruce and Jones, of Nevada, came in
together, and Senators Rrowu and Hill, of (?eor-cia,
wa'ked ami in arm. Soon after the proceed?
ings had beiruu Senator Conkling appeared
at the door of the House, and after a mo?
ment's hesitation, strode down the aisle iu his most
impressive manner: stopped to speak to a brother
Senator, and remained stauding until a chair could
be brought for his accommodation. Tbe members
of tho House oecnpied seats wherever they could
f ud them. The last doubt that tbe election of Qar*
held would be constitutionally declared was dis?
pelled when Mr. Springer made his appearance with
? placid smile, and seated himself at Senator Coke's
left hand. Many of the members surrendered their
seat? to ladies, aud the usually sombre appearance
of the chamber was relieved by their bright ribbons
and wrappings. Among the distinguished visitors
on the floor were Secretary Everts and Attorney
General Devens.
The convention of thetwe houses was called to
order by tbe Vioc-President, who then proclaimed
the business to be transacted. He banded the cer?
tificates of Alabama to Senator llamlin, one ot the
tellers ou the part of the Senate. Mr. Hnuilin read
with great deliberation the proceedings of the
Alabama Electoral College, omitting nothing what?
ever. His example was followed by Senator Thiir
man, who read the proceed'->gs and certificates of
tbe Arkansas electors. It was evideut that this
mode of proceeding would consume many hours, and
Representative Reagau. of Texas, moved that the
tellers be allowed, upon ascertaining that tho
certificate of each State was in regular form, to
omit the reading of everything except the certifi?
cates. This was done by unauimous consent and
greatly facilitated tbe business.
Whan the certificate of the Georgia electors was
opened, Mr. Springer, who had remained quiet for
?ometime, demanded that the proceedings and cer?
tificates be read in full. Thi? was done, and the
Vlce-Preeldeat then announced that, it having ap?
peared that tbe elector? of the State of Georgia had
east tbeir ballote on a day different from that fixed
by tbe .it of Copies, made in pursuance of tbe
0'?'-"? M H ? g? IMm 8frtm the tellers would
WSFiSSS&f tb*? Bttte UDt11 the remainder
mult recomen. Ko Question was raised at
thi? annouueeroaat. and the business^ n?.
-**-?<* &"??<*? Edmunds, who up "?o tb?s
folut bad been very intent upon the procedine*
ad carefully noted the result of each cerni?
?pon a tally ?beet spread before bfi? ftSSSdhta
rigilaooe and left the hall for a ?bort"period Sena?
tor ConkUng opened a newspsner and became in
?rested in ita contenta Mr. Cblttendeu and Mr
?beeon ab? began to read newspapei*. The buzz
Of conversation m low tone? was beard throuchoiit
the o bam ber, and tbe Democratic members of the
Boa?* generally manifested less interest in the re?
minder of the proceedings than they did several
wuk? mo in the Morgan-Bicknell electoral count
W?w?ls.nnn?, as? much leas than they did in the fate
??W? Riser and Harbor mil last Monday
rBtetsUm did tbeir work so expoditiously that
?? Mlf Mat 1 o'clock the last certificat? had been
Ma?V Mt ato sastdt bad been recorded. The tellers
proceeded to Oot up the votM east for President
and Vice-Prcs.dent. Senator Thurman then said :
" The tcl'ers report that the whole nutubsr of
electors appointed to voto for President of the
United States was 300, of which a majority is 1H3.
Were the votes of the electors for the Btate of
(tVonria east on the second Wednesday of December,
188(1. being the 8th day of sai?! month, to be
eonnted, tho result would be : For James A. Gar?
field, of the State of Ohio, for President of the
United States. 214 votes; and for Win
field S. Hancock, of the State of F.mn
svlvania, for President of the United State??.
150 votes. If not counted, the result would be :
For Jauies A. Gartiehl. for President of the United
States, 214 votes; and for WinfWd Scott Hancock,
tor President of the United Mutes. 14-1 votes. Jn
either ev?'nt James A. Garfield has leoeived a ma?
jority of the votes of tbe whole number of electors
Senator Thurman moved a similar statement rela?
tive to the vote for Vteo-Pretidenr. "Wherefore,"
said \i e President Wheeler, "1 do declare that
James A. Gai fieli, of the State of Ohio, having re?
ceived a majority of the votes of the whole number
of electors appointed, is dulv elected President "f
the United States for tmir ?reara, commencing on the
?1th ol March, l&^l ; and |<!0 iurther declare that
Chester A. Arthur, of the State ol New-York, having
received a majority of the, v.hole number
of electors appointed, is dulv elected
Vice-Piestden't of tbe United States lor four veal.
commendili? on ihe 4th day of March." This dec?
laration was received with loud applause m the
toileries und on the Republican side of tue chamber,
The Democrats did not appear lo ieel like cheering.
The Senate then retired from IL?; hall, and Ilio
visitors who had been admitted to witness tho pro?
cee?linj?s also withdrew.
After the Senate had left the chamber, and order
had been restored, Mr. House, of Tetines-ce, pre?
sented to the House I be report of the tellers, signed
bv Senators Hanilin nini 'llitiiiuaii and Mettra.
Honte nnd Crowley. Mr. Crowley then offered a
resolution red Una thai ?he House ha<l met the
Senate ; that the electora] votes had been
opened by the Protldont of the Senate in
the itrcseiicA of the two houses of Congrett
and counted by the tellers on the part of tin two
houses; that it appeared that James A. Garfield
had received a majority of tho votes east for Presi?
dent, and ('bester A. Arthur a majority of the votes
cast for Vice-President, and that the .same hod been
declared by the President of the Senate in tbe pre*?
enceof the two houses, and declaring that the two
houses an? ot the opinion that the Constitution and
laws iiave be?n duly execute?!, and that no iurther
declaration of th?s?; tacts is necessary. Tb? resolu?
tion wi adopted without a ?li vision, but not with?
out ?lissent; for, when the nettai i Vt vote was called
for, there etnie a loud response from a single mem?
ber?Mr. Thomas Tomer, of Kentucky.
That quietly and experiitionsly were conducted
the proceedings which enile-1 in the declaration that
(?onorai G-rlield is President and Chattel A. Arthur
Vice-Pretjiileut of the United Slates for toil r \ ? a is
from the 4th of March next. The declaration made
to-day was, after oil, only hypothetical in one re?
spect, and it is fortunate thai the result of tho elec?
tion ?lid not depend upon the vote ot Georgia. The
resola!ions adopted last week ami ine proceeding*
of to-day emphasize the necessity ol finding some
m '?Inai of settlinif disputed qncttioni relating to the
counting of ! he ? lectora! vote.
GOUTniUKO \ioi.?? ? ix ?.??.???. i;? in i.'s i>:s
IMC1 IS FLORIDA?? ni: UNITED mails mm:
int TRUORAN t? mi; minis?;.?
Wasi?inotor, Feb. '??The intelligence received
from Moditon Conuty, FliL.cont.inn?-? to bo of au ex?
citing nature. Late last night Representative Bit
bet reotived the followiag ditpatehi
MAIiISON. Ol?., Fell, g, ]s^l.
To t'ir lion R. ??-?\?:?, jr., W?***iMgton, l> 0.
Ravage attacked m our presence m room taking te-ti
mony. Assailant killed. Boeri*, cune, locked the ri oui,
returned with posse, with miliils. tans. Some pointed
st Katan's heud with threats to kill him PbernY pr??
t?s? ?illuni, bul in dancer. Many witnesses ?leuHtrslized
m. l-iiii?? imiiie. Ttotnk most return nnd lake evidence
IO JtrktOOVllle. Answer. II. Ji.nkiv?. jn.
This afternoon tho lollowm^ Uxpatch was re
I ceived:
jAcatomrnxa, i'la., Feb. o. i~si.
H. BXtaXR, JR., 31. O.i
Fn.uk Fat tei ton killed by Btvajre, at Madison, ;rester*
?lay, npon beariuftin your tttO. Kant In khting mei
daii?."-r. J-iikin-? ite. ?'wu oorupauif* with Uovtrratr
liloxlutn at >ia<lison. Ureiit excitement, inniiiie
feared. Will tdviee you furttier.
W. W. Nicks. )
A. A. Ksiiiiit, SCotuudttee.
William i.i.h? mi. )
Representative Bishee ealleil npoii the Attorney
(renerai to-day to see what can bo done. General
Devons, ii|?ou hearing the lads, Iminedittely sent a
dispatch to United States District Juin? Settle re
ifiie^tint! him to go to Madison ami take the t?*sti
inouy des.red by Colonel liisbce. ?lodge Settle was
mfornietl that-tbe United Staten Marshal will also be
sent to the same place, and will be empowered to
use such force as may he necessary to protect the
J udite in takiug testimony and the witnotttt iu giv
Colonel Bisbee tears thai, unless immediate mete
Ore? are taken to reassure his wltnotOM and con?
vince them that, they will be protected, they cannot
be prevailed upon to testify in his cas??. Colonel
Bitsbee is also inclined to believe that in several
other districts In the Southern btat??? where Re
publicans have served notices of contest the same
tactics of intimidation and violence towards wit?
nesses will be resorted to that have been out in
force with euch etlect in his own district. He cx
pre-ses the fear that no protette ol protection
oil-rod, except it be by a committee of the Mouse of
Representatives, will so far reassure Republican
witnesses in many localities that they will fe??! sale
in giviuif their testimony, which it Is tbtolutely
necessary Republican contestants shall hive, in
order to secure the ends of justice.
There have been symptoms of difficulty in
Louisiana. Alabama and ?South Carolina s-'inlar to
those which now prevail iu Florida, and thin? ai
some reasons to fear thatthe Democrats are deter?
mined to preserve by the intimidation of witnesses
the fruits of the victories they won by fraud and
the intimidation o? voters. Thesubject is attracting
considerable attention amoiu? Republican represen?
tatives, and tome of them alieadv exprott I he fear
that a called session of the XLVUth Congrett will
be canted by the development of this new crusade
agaiust Republicans in the South.
lev ?a?a????? t? thetribl-nk.i
Washington, Feb. 0.? '??? Legislative, Exeen
tivo and Judicial Appropriation bill passed the
House of Representatives to-day substantially as
reported by the AppropriationsCommittee. Probably
not one member iu ten has ever read this important
bill, or knows what it contains ; but probably every
member of-tho House is lamiliar with one or mon?
item's in the River aud Harbor bill, which it is ?x
ptcted will be again brought forward to-morrow,
unless its friends bhall bo outvoted by those who
prefer to discuss the Reapportiotimeut bill. There
is every probability that the River ami Harbor bill
will be taken up, however, and its friends are
sanguine that it will pass without amendment.
They are prepariti? this treeing for a ?Teat parlia?
mentary stroke, by which they hope to succeed in
ruling out on points of order every amendment
which proposes to increase the amount of appropria?
tion recommended by the committee.
Under the new rub? of the House, the Committee
on Commerce has the same rights as to the Hiver
and HarbOf bill that the Appropriations Committee
etijoys iu regard to any otheiv peueral appropriation
bill. The Appropriations Committee has been uni?
formly sustained In its poiuts of order against
amendments to increase appropriation-, uuless such
amendments were recommended by the committee.
The Committee on Commerce expect to be sus?
tained in this position, and thus to prevent the over?
loading of tho bill ; but such a course as this is
likely to excite bod temper, and member, who want
appropriations which they are denied will be likely
to malie as much trouble as they can. If they should
unite In opposing tho hill with those who are op
t?oeed to it because of its extravagance and other
vicious features, they can make the struggle a very
lively and interesting one.
There was some talk among members of the com?
mittee to-day in favor of accepting several auieud
mente to the bill in order to gain soino votes, arid
this plan mav be adopted, although the Commerce
Committee profess to feel con tide ut that the bill can
be patted to-morrow iu its present im in.
TOR StCKKTAKY OK ??? I.NTtMIOR to senator
Washington, Feb. 9.?Secretary Sch?rt hat pre?
pared and addressed tu open letter to Senator
llawet, iu reply to a speech recently delivered by
that gentleman In the Senate in which he reflected
on the conduct of the Interior Department iu con?
nection with the killing of the Ponea clnet "Big
Snake" in 1879. Secretary Schurz relates briefly
tho circumstances attending the killing of "Big
Snake" by one of the soldiers, who, without orders,
shot him in a senili?? which ensued nt tbe time the
odi. it in command of the troops attempted lo arrest
him. From this plaiu statement of facts, the Secre?
tary says, it appears clearly that this deplorable
catastrophe was only the result of a sudden impulso
of a soldier, sud that no one else tlinn be him*elf
could l>e fichi responsible for tho murderous deed.
This will be the conclusion of every faij-ininded
man, as it was the conclusion arrived at by Senator
Kirkwood, who was convertant with all tne facts of
the case, being tbe chairman of the committee ap?
pointed to investigate it, and who expressed that,
opinion clearly and unmistakably on the Hour of the
?G?.???? <iK ??G. FOURTH (il'.VV.IIAL MKKI'IN?: ?
WaSHIXOTON, Feb. 0.?The fourth general nicet
Ing of Ilio American Library Association opened at
the. Army Medical Miisfum building, in this citv. at
10o'clock to-day. A large number of oflieers and
member? of tbe Association, most of them gentlemen
connected with tbe leading librarie? throughout the
country, were present.
Professor Justin Winsor, president of the Associa?
timi und the librarian of Harvard College, presided
and delivered ati address.
Mr. Melvil Dowry, theaecretary, preMntedhi?re?
port, prefacing it with remarks "ii the progress
rnadeiu library work since the last ineTtin?', inau?
gurating ti.o publication of The IAbn'.-ij Journal.
He recommended tiie establishment a graded mem*
bersbip witii au initiation fee running down ?i< low
?a $5, which would lend to the accniaulation of a
fund 'aree enougfa to cany on their artijeeta.
The recommendation? made by the iscretory were
referred to the Ex? ulive Committee.
Professor C. A. Cutler, librarian of the Boston
AthensBUtn, read an interesting paper on Shelf
Classification and Ins experience in the claastflca?
tiou of autbori alphabetically. 11?? had adopted
tne movable system by suhje? te instand of tbe flsod
location by ?helves, and ihe librarian ol Hai vani
University bad adopted the cum?, method. He was
glad to know that (he projected National Library
all'Hit to be constructed would adopt the system nt
cla'Miic.tioii by ?abjecta ll gave an aecooni of
the van? ils systems of classification of bonks in
different libraries of tins country and ihe experi?
enees of librarians, and concluded by saying thai
there Is no perfect system ol arrangement of liookn
nor ni librai.? catalogne*. Some discussion followed
nu? p .iiliiik.'of ? in* paper, after which the meeting
adjourned to nitvt again tomorrow. Aller the ad?
journment ? li?? members uf I he association called on
President Hayes al tin? White House.
:n> nil DBA m ro mi miai vi ?
Washinotom, leb. !?.? \ rery pleasant dancing
reception was given this afternoon from 5 to s by
Lieut? nani ami Mrs. Craig m compliment to Min.
General Hazen, ?ifo, of in? new signal odi? er.
Among tbo guests were Ueneral and Mis-, Itachel
Siici man.?Mrs. Kicketts, Mr?.O.K. Habcock, Captain
and Mi- Story, Captain and Mm. (Miman. Mrs.
Hingbam and her guest, Mm. lint 1er; Colonel and
Mrs. Morrow, Colonel llacou, Mr. Unode, Mis? IV
lonze. General Hazen, Dr. and Mis. Maeruder, and
Lieu tenant M ich 1er. Mrs, ??a??-? ia a daughter of
Washington McLean, of Cincinnati,
Ex-Senator and Mrs. Thompson have Issued cardi
for an "at hom< " (lie 17th in- ., from ? to 12.
Great pleasure is ;.nti< ipateii by those included
in the list of invitations to the Diplomatie r?ception
tobe hehl at tbe White House, February 24.
Dr. W. 0. Leonard, of New-York, has accepted
tbe rectorship of fit. John's Church, one of tbs old
eat and most, aristocratie Episcopal Ctrarehea iu
Washington. Ita late pastor, tbe ????. Mr. Norton,
als.? from New-York ^lutc, ?a* obliged to resign ou
accollili of ill health. ??
Mrs. N"diliofl. wife ol thesnibor, was "at home"
iufiiriu illv to friends this afternoon.
Mrs.O. K. Hancock w.w in charge of the luncii
rnoni.it ine Art I.o.in to-day. There was a shower
ol good tbiuga gnen.
W A-lllM.IiiS. \S lim ?ilai. Fell. 0. ISfcl,
1 lie popiila'lun Ol lVnii?.. !v.mn im 4,28:1,78(1; of
Arizona, -lo, ill.
Commander Taoasas II- Eastman aas ?.a ordered to
temporary duty st the S?vy Yard, i'ort?uioath. ?. If.
The Menate In executive sevi.m In-day contimi??'! the
iiouiliiatioti of Ellis L. Bierbowcr to l?e United Btatei
Marshal for Nebraska
lb? bill Introduced by Mr. Wiiidutn In the S-nate t"?
day re ..tu.- to th?? constiuctlua "f a bridge over the Rio
Oraademverauthorises tin? " Mexican {tallonai Rui?
way (oini).my to I'Uil'l mil tumularti a liridire to tbe
centre of uu? Km (jraiide Uiver, nr to .the boundary line
betweea tin? Usiti d -?i.itcs aud .Mexico, at u poiiu within
ten units of Laredo. 1?-x. '
The Hi-oate went loto esecutive session t?ili afternooa
on motion ol Mr. Bsulabury, wim, ?? la anderstood,
thereupon verbally reported the metkods employed and
tbe negative results tbos far attained by th?? Privilege?
and Elections Committee in iti lavesllssttoa, under
orders from the H'iiate. of the incili? by which publicity
was given to tin Chiassa ir altea
Chicago. Feb. r>.?A diapatch from 8t. l'ani
lavi? Major Hire.?; hex re..t tbe fol'owlag from hie camp on
the Poplar River, under date si PetM nary 3 :
Culhertrion ami seouta returned l*-*t nlsbt Tnev
reached the line on 8at urda) last, ? in- 30th alt., harina
followed *iltiuK Hull's trail up the Porcupine. Ils bad
crossed the line aboui ila ?luv?, prai loualy, *-1tt ng bull
had ? Ith lilin foi ty-threr lodge? und man ? horses
Major Brat bertoa sends to deaerai Terry from Fort
Buf'Td, Dak.. February 7, the following ?
?????? arrivd yesterday with 3?.'G> of th bos*ile Bloai
goder Crow ?-???. g,?-cu Ragte, o md n-.tr and ? .???
I????;. They surrendered their anus and ponies :o nur.
Crow KuiR, the hasd aoldb-r of HitntiK llu.f, In the Indian
to wlioui under Iho sun we are most Ind'-liied lor Ulli
?urrenOer. It Is irii|Mirtatit fruii the fact that the people
were not Isolated from Witting- Hull when the movement
toward surrender besau. It wan mad? while tormina ?
poi lion of his camp and In spit? uf hi?, opposition ,iud
BotTOlfi Feb. 0.?l?. ?. Staples, of Worces?
ter, was to-day nominated hv the UoV. nmr aiui (Oiuicil
to fill the vacancy on the Heiicli of the Superior Cuiut
Ciiuied hy the recent renlcnatinn of Judie? Dewy.
? - \ 111?II AMI Dvllill G Kit HI:i|\VVKD.
Fokt Smith. Ark., Feb. 9.??While attempting
to cross ihe AiUmiisiii River at this pomi 11 ? night Imme
Carter and hu daughter ruda, of tas Ohostan Nation,
?ere drowned.
HI CUVr.lllNIi FKOM r\RAl.Y-|S.
Lacrosse, VVis-i Felt. V. ? Kx-Governor
Wuithbaru, who hua lieeii HiiftWIiii' (rom u stroke sf par?
alysis, is improving in In alili, and Mill prona1?!? ;,'?' to
Mluuoaota lu a week or ten days.
San Frani uoo, Feb. l>.?A dispateh from
Csrsnii City, Nev., says: The 8tate ?i-natu today
adopted a m'? m "rial to Congres* to pass tbo Kcaxun
Interstate Railroad bill.
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 0.?Mrs. Charles MiK
1er cut bei' hu hand's Ihr..at this uinmlng, while he wul
at brealttnat. ?he went up behind him sa If to embrace
bun with one arm, while with the other baud ihe drew
a knife sciosa bla throat. II.? cannot live.
NKVAPA ???G???????? WITfl IRELAND.
8a> Fiia.vcimo, Feh. D ? ? dispatch Irom Carson,
Nev says : "A ciueurrent rrsolullon baa pawMsl botb liou?c>
?(tbe Lfs'alaturt? cumlolliis with the In-.U aufferera,"
BllKFAi/i. N. V., Feb. A?The .Ma?r? Lithograph
Cnmrany miioi aetbersl aaawbniFbt today to C W. Mel .'are,
of The Cuurttr. The anac?a ana haul Itire are not reported.
???11?? THK COINAOE.
Pun ADi'l.PHiA, F.b. ?.?Tbe annual test of the
crinase of th?? I'inted istates Mint lu this cut, tbe Sao Fran?
cisco Mist and ine G? aou, Nev.. iilnt was Deifuu to-dajr in
lini City. FAt?4 0F A floor AT RUFFA LO.
Bl'FKAl.??, N, Y, Kell. 1?. ?Ihe ?Jjiiil door of tbe
old Miller Bl.-rk suddenly save war to-ilay. 'lheUnorbad
been too heavily lu-dad with oa ley. I Ua hfavrraasii uf (pain
earned down the -?-oomt an ? Orsi floor?, sud wi-ui Ibroiiaji to
the b jeiin-iit. The tir-t ti???; and baacntuat scio iKCupied as
alablea. ana uirae oiulas ?SS?? kuuo.
riOKRs and Loan heavily?grekce showing
General Colley had a stubborn fight with
the Boon on Tuesday. The latter were re?
pulseli but, the British forces suffered heavily.
The bill to authorize coercive mensure? in
Ireland was read a second time lu
the British House of Commons yes?
terday. Greece lias become less warlike. Tho
RussD-Af^'liau correspondence reveals some
Important intrigu??*. The proposed Copyright
treaty was ander consideration in London yes?
a LAROK vnri: in ils FAVon?a LKTTEX to inn
1'iil'i .
LOXDOX, Wednesday. Feb. 0.1R?1.
In the House of CommoM to-day, niter a
nrlsf reply by Mr. Kursier, Chief Hei'et.iry for Ireland,
It tbe varimi* arguments idvtnced diirlnir the debate,
tho lull tor Hie protection of life and pmperfy in Ireland
pa?j; u to it- leeood reading by a vote of 3?9 to .*?*>. The
eoi ?:<!' ration or tin? bill iU Committee of the Whole 1?
llxed for tiMuorroW.
The Speaker presented rules wlileh, he said, he hones,
while promoting tbe basinets before the House, will not
unduly limit the rreedoa of debate.
A dttpattt to the Dmlii Snrg irom Hern" ttyt that
llie IN/Vffl puulbln?. t^e r. ply of the Archbishop of
Dahlia io tue Pontifical letter eoMernlni ?p??? agitation.
Dr. XcCabt, la th?? boom of tho Irmu B'saopi asuenabieu
at Haynootb, expreso ?? their trat Hade for tue palerntl
Ietterei tii ? Pa|ie. ami proeeedt to lay that evil ?ml
perm bnuUws ;<>i centuries bsvc reduced their flockt
m I he extreme nf misery. Heir oountry. thuush
naturally fertUe, lies often been visited by famine! sud
me population, 11:?-n^'ti m Uve ami InilustTtirat, have been
thro?uon fo*?-lgn charity, ilio Archbishop tssurts lue
i' pe thir the sccountsor Ireland hi the engtisa press
m? exnaterati d, tad contilude ? vv.tu renewed ex presstous
Ol Vl'i'l I Itlll.'l.
Hit Aurora, commentine en tbe lettor, peta It out how
nue n ii.ibiiiiio itu? Pope nil?-iit bare exercised In the
mutier li.ut um Vatican been lu direct relations with
.IuiIhj Filzzcrald bis ordered that the live ofUceri nf
rae Trotee branch of the L?nd Leajrae, who tore com?
Ulilte?! for trial, be admitted to bull.
? -?rum-1 ucounter bos t:t,k< u place .it a fair bel ? *n
Knkeely, m which tho people stoaed ti: ? pom e.
An encmnter h lalto occurred it BsllTbaunls, where
the ? iim rbsrgi ii tue crowd tl the nouit of lbs hsAonet.
Loxdor. Thortdtr? Feb. 10, 1--1.
A crowded im Mint, ot? bald ia-r nbrbi ai Mtncbetter
lO tf nos! snlnsl eu ilion. Jlr'-H D.'.'iiii and A. M.
bullir?n, Hnii.e Unte members of Parliament, inaile
? Jif'Tlie-.
A di?p ?ti ti to Ihr Time* 'rom Botst "ovs : The ??? rum
Itele* tti;it u I- reported tinti tll Ih?? Uomini ?.molle
m-!iii|i?. in ??? ? nei v. in ne convoked by tbeu Arcobisb
,,|. t., ? imitier ibe new land bill.
Mr. Parse!I u?* returned to London.
??TI BBORN ???????- lir'M'.KAL COLLI?? IV liAViiKt:.
Lumi ??, Wednesdty, Pen, u. 1?8L
General Rir George G. Colley's fun???.- yea*
leli'i IV .iti.ekel ,ilei ilefe.ilei! Ule ????? between iftW
? untie mid the frontier nf the iBtOgo River. The Brlllsh
lostwtt 1??killed tod wonnded. Tue eitler? xtiieii
?ure ?,?? ? .? i.-ir. of IDS RuCiWNTS, win? v\ ?. ?l.-iii'.il
t'uiii'i'- privateseerettry, <;r?<??-. ol the Artillery, and
?ii unni li umi Qtrrert, both of tho lOtb Regiment The
Beer* loti he? ily,
A illnuitti li fu the 7ui<r* fiorii Darbau tayti Th? re
?alte of the Roen Is a guettlonahle nucoe?*. WrO P.
Koilr) ? .a ? ? ' ws? tu escort tbe inaile over tbe Incogo
Itivi r ami tu ?? ? ei the coavoy fr un Newcastle. Th?? lim-r
Ilion w.i- so ?rr ???_? that deaerai Colley had torrid
fui ? lire.? mule compaoiet uf troops tu reinforce his
orlatasi fores of Avi compiute*. ??<< thus left only 3<K)
BMI m the tamp. The lloere got lu the
p ?r "f bin fulvo nini Boatored s nuil?? train
of embala c ? end samt tonda. He wa? fur
a timr uiia?li to SdVSDeC Of leireat. Btlng totalled
on all ??u ?. the Boers, stronglf reinforced fumi L?in>??
i.i-'k, rrttiur between tho ?impuri* ami th?? column.
Th?? eoi voy il .? noi start from Newcastle. Th?? um im
leaos (run. ?? I leu ioni bren ileprivRil or the inule?, had
mil lieeti bCUOA li? III up to lati ulj.-liT. The nur*, thoUKh
if!?!'.1 iU. ?re mill tliic.ileninK. Militar?' cilIIce fell lo
ne viti ?? hot beca awned by to eoatly so operation. I be?
lieve thai Ine? a: e s ?.um her of (Iran ?s free ftate Itoci ?
??un j nib. it. ihe Hier romiiandor. More reinforce?
mi nt- .m? ii? ed? il a- Mie Boers uiuy Invest all the inaili.
1 in ? ttusstl ? i? expected to arrive si Newcastle to?
(iimrsl Sir Evelyn Vood i? expected to reach Natal
i.eit .-ululai. He is mm h needed.
The tran?|Hiu stesnier Palmyra, with reinforcements
troni bat?an I, hs? hi rive ? ?'. Cane Town.
The e.iri ?-?mmirili uf ihr Sttirulnnt ? urn nnriz??? the
situation hi? folios ? : " >?? ti. i'. Coll y hat sttflered an?
other defeat. IL? aosltion ?? ernie il."
Much snxiety m u> inife?f*d la Mm ban as ti> the actlnn
or ti,? Orante i-'.i??? s hi?? v??lksrsa?l, wbieh will inept m?
tiie 17m in-!. Itidepemleuce Day occurs i.n tin? j.i.i
lost. A laic?? party la likely to propose to ?ivo sctive
help to the II?.'??rs.
Lost??, Wednesday, Feb. if, lili.
The tuo-t important document?! in the llusso
Afghaa corri ?pondi tue ara ae follows: A draft of a
???. ret treaty signed in Angust, 187S, negottnicd by M.
Btolletog, by wbtefa Russia hound herself lo perpetual
friendship with Afghanistan, and umlei took to assist tho
Amr-er agalasi rorelgn enemies, and by win. h the Ameer
ngrced to eommnatcat? with the Russian ??onerai Kauf?
mann on "?? matters of Importance, In October, 1*7-1.
it. gtolletofl wrote from Livadia to tho Afghan Foreign
Minister as follows: "Tho enemy of your
famous rellKlon warn s to make peace
with >i.ii thronen tin? Bultaa of Tiirtey. You should
look tu your brother! on the other sine of the river, and
malte peace openly, bet In secret prepare for war." The
cm resp?ndenos also rereali a pian for Inciting a rebel?
lion among the Mahometans 'n Inula; a letter from the
Ameer In deserai Kaufmann, tu NoveniliT, askng the
?Id ot 93.000 troops which he had heard were ready to
assist bun, ami ina reply of General Kaufoaaa that the
troop*could oof besentte the Ameer In winter. The
datesof the doedmsats ara Important a? being all sub
,.?,,. lent to the date* of thS ?lunature of the Treaty of
ll.ilin, Which professedly ??: It led the differences be
iw.-en Russia Slid l/igland.
run. .? l iibanoff, ih<- ? isslao Ambassador here, u?rges
thai M. ? ulieloff wrote to ihe Afghan foreign Minister
lu Inuiranre ol the European agreement
?hr ?Unti say a: "Ihe publication of the Bosso.
Afghan correapsmdence fourni In Cabul after Hie
massacre of the Itrtil-li Kuil.aasy mskes it rteer nevoiid
doubt Hint Hi. Invasion of Asianismi m ?,? was ? be
inevitable const-quonee of area*. iire?n:u.r, am! crowing
danger upon the tronthit ot our Indian umpire.
L?anos, Wednesday, f. b. i?. IMI.
The ?f are ll**$e of St. Petereburg an?
nounces the followlug poinU of tbe Governmeni's in?
ternal programme : The abolition of tseesstr? central
iiartouby ike estsbtlshmenl in the various provinces of
( orni-Ils coinii.Hcd of representallvesof the (iovernnieut
IMpartassat? and Elective aseamWiss, whleh shell be
competent to dei ideal! qaestiOBI affecting local Inter?
ests, municipal and rural. 1 he ? dice and g-ndarmerle
an- io be salti d ander th? ?t? ?ri of the ??*--?? ????
?mora assisted bv t..e above named Council?. I os I en?
? ?lG??,G. . p'i.ce Administration will, nowevei? re?
main ai at present. Th? press rogata?*?"*-? -*???
nliced I'V other? providing for ihe ? rial "I pr. *t om nei t
he ord?, arv tribunali. The Agtntt li?*" ?.umiliai
&-!, ili. pr!!gn.u,m? a- " sppWVSfeeBt, in consideration
?or locai rc<iulreiueuts."
LoanOS. Wednesday, Feo. 9, 1881.
? dkpatch from Paris to The Timen says
that ihe method of the negotiation* on the Oresk que*
lion st Constantinople will cornisi lu each Ambassador
learning for himneif tbe Int.niloui of tbe l'orto. Tuo
Ambassadors will discus? tho replies together and draw
unan identical report to their respective governments
tnonler thai tho Towers may -achango view, on tbe
document. m .?.?.,,__
Greece, owing to the declaration! of M. Rirthelemy
St H.lalre, French Minuter of Foreign Affair*, bai re
c-ntlv ramie?, emphatic in ber tbreai. of Immediato
UOJdviee!*reeelved bere from various sources agree that
anaudorAlSan.su insurgents have taSea psasssstssiof
MAn?oitoi?i'ian deer.??? has been l.aued authoring an Inter
An uiion ai i . Dlsstrsa to be contributed by
"*' '"nl'n hie toTl ? l?ud lux ? sud also a poll tax of
roro..eVob,?vVmcd?dVs ou the inhabitants of the
Capital. ?-.
??? NEW SPAJIieH 0??????.
MAinilD. Wi ducsday, Feb. !), 1881.
In tbe Cortee to-day Seuor BnfMt?, Mmis
terof the luierlur and 1'realdeut of tbe Osaseli, an
Lunciu? the'lormattou el the new Cabinet, -toted that
tee Ministry would follow tbe principe?, they support?.?.!
from tbe Opposition benone*.
ZforertsisniDr.Benor il* Eiduayeo, Minister of For?
ehm Affaire, signed the ratifie ?non of the treaties of
commeri.-e witn Paraguay, Colombio end Veoesuele.
It le reported that the new Ministry tutend to chunge
all tbe Susolsh representatives abroad
A royal decree dissolving- the Costee was read at to?
day'? eutinir.
Beflor Oucsta has declined the Ministry of Colonies In
the new Cabinet, and 6cfior' Leon Castillo hts been ap?
pointed In.-uad. It is rumored that Marshal Conoha
will replace the Marqua de Mohns os Ambassador st
Crookhavkk, Wednesday, Pet. 9,1881.
The ?e-'ond mate and the other sur?
vivors of tbe Bohemian crew bave gone
to Liverpool. Borne blsmo is attached to
theeoast ?maid for delaying th? dispatch of tbe rooket
apparatili jo rescue the two men seen on the rock??. The
cook'? account of ?he ?lixa-ter corroborates th? state?
ment? inaile by the other survivor?. The two men res?
cued from the dainxe-il boar, who were mentioned ns
bavins died before laudili?;, became raving lunatics be?
fore death.
London'. Wednesdsy. Peb. 0, 1881.
A meeting of tho Copyright Association at
Murray's, the publisher**, to?>k bbMs yesterday. Aothoor
Ti'ollope tnd representative* of nil .h? leading publish?
ers beinsr prestai, pamed resolution gonercllrapprov
lug the Ami ? ? an proposal for a copyright treaty, but
advneating the extension of the time within which Eng?
hih hook? should ho puhtiaiied In Amene.? to six mouth?,
and roiidemniug the nigge?tiou of the ??p???? ?? aid of
Trade that Arnerleiu reprint?, witu the author's con?
cern, bu freely admitted t.? Kuglaud.
BSRUR, Wednesday, Peb. 9.1881.
Prince Biatnorck presented iu tbe Federal
Council to-ilay a bill providing for tiie inclusion of
Altoiiii aud the Lower Kibe in tbe Zollverein, and sub?
mitted an luvltutlon of Franco to participate iu tbe
Electric Rxtibtiioa at Patti ?if-xt August.
the hmt -tate? that Punte Ibamun-k hi* conveyed to
Herr Reunlgseu an expr?s-don of deep regret at me
wrong done him bv Herr von Ludwig In charging him
with a breara of hi? oath to the King of II mover, and
lull ? coiii'uriiug iu tbe eo.irite he ha? taken.
London. Wednesday, Feb. 9.18SI.
The remains of Thoniaa Carlyln will be <???
viyed tbls evtotag froii CRcltSt by railway to Dumfries
for burial in the Iladdin.tou Cathedral by tbe side of
hie wife.
San Francisco, Feb. 0.?The steamer City
of Tokio srrlved to-duy, bringing tho following news :
Hoxo Koto, Jan. 13.?It I? almost certuni that rall
Wtyi will be tutrothieed.
American tncreiiant? do not think favorably of the
new treat)??* between the United State* and China.
l'iter think the United Otates gives tou mm n and guts
too little. Foreign nnweuai er? lu China and Japan re?
ga?? them vf UK iiu.-_ti-fte.tiou and characterize their
negotiation an a farce.
Lonikin. Wednesday. Feb. 9, 1881.
Th- damage bv the tire In the Victoria Dock* lost night
I? estim?t- il at rJ.-O0,00O.
It in run.o'ed at l'ari? that a rise in tuo bank of
France rate of dlteooat is inevitable this week. Bince
the lost retui? ??.G???.??? fr.uics in gold have been with
drawn fimi tin bank.
The Preach tenatt has adopted without discussion a
bill Batted by th ? 'lumber of Deputies, removing
shoos?, all the retrrttlloot ?itbcrto hampering tbe right
m ?.'j'ihc meeting.
It i? understood toot Germ,my has been for some time
dofiroUl that a p.eond ? it?-ra.itioii .1 monetary confer?
ei..? be rilled, and that she regrets her non participation
m th.it of 1?~7.
Ine Boyal ComnOtifoa on the Parliamentary election
in Boston, Line ?inibire, which on i>eutior? la July last
was declared void, and no now writ lieued, reports that
the tew n it corrupt.
Kir Charles Lilke, Under-r^relgn Secretary, said in
Parliament U>-n!gbt, "a French iron-clad aud dispatch
boat leni been ordered to te-v?e Tunis, and that o British
inn-clad aud dispatch boat bod received slrpMar ordere."
Tin? is evidently to avoid the spue ?ranee of Govern?
ment participation in certain ?quibble? between a
British luMeei .nula French company relative to certain
estate* ?U lui?IS.
New-Orleans, Feb. 9.?The Morgan Line
ttnainrr footipilRin. fr?ta Havana, fouodereu yesterday
iimming off S jip Island. The. pasxenters and crew took
to boats and were picked up by the tugboat John Bacon,
uf Mobile. All Were saved, but the eteauier and eargo
are a t ?tal lu-?. The iteaioer w.? valued at $200,000.
The steamship Bristol City, which Bailed
from New-York for Bristet, England, on December 29. Is
twenty six days overdue, (?lio carried a general cargo?
about 2,000 tone?and bad a crew of twenty seven men,
officers Included; she bad no paaisugers. At the office
of the Bristol BiessBSblp Company's agents, Messrs.
Arkeli A Co., No. Ila Fearl-st., no newi bad been re?
ceived yesterday of the missing steamer.
This li ber tenth round trip, a member of tbe
Ann iai'1 yesterday to a Tbibcnb reporter;
?? her bist voyage was made In September,
187!). Her commander, Captain Peters, is a well-known
aud experienced sailor, who always spoke moat highly
of bis craft, which he considered a most itaunob one.
Tue uauieiof the officers and crew are not known to us.
The rteaas??*? coal supply may have given out or her
machinery may bave broken down. In that caso ?he
would be compelled to proceed under sail, and there are
olili hope* that she may reach port."
The steamship Regulu?, Captain Masters, which left
Elvadle December 2'J. and had heavy weatner, arrived
m port yesterday. On January 13 tbe sea was ex?
tremely rough nud tbe wiud was high. Both booby
bate nes were smashed and considerable gear was washed
overboard. A seaman was violeutly thrown on tbe deck
and his shoulder was dislocated. From January 17 to
February 4 a heavy lea prevalici!, the vessel riding hard.
Her ?tecnuii gear was carried away and thi? steamer tell
?.ff in the trough of the sea ; but the crew tiuaily secured
li mil brought lb?? steamer to tbe eca again. Tbe mate
sad that It was a wild passage and that the veasel was
almost under water all the timo after leaviug Gibraltar.
Cincinnati, Feb. 9.?A telegram from St.
Louh says ihe M m tas Mississippi is exi?eoted t? break
above that polut at any momeut in tbe next twenty-four
hours. Fifty vessel? In tbe St. Louis harbor are pre?
mute?! from seeking safety bv flight down tie river by
the gorge which holds at Arsenal Island. If th!? break?
so.u they are safe. Ir It holds, and the Ice cornei down.
they Mill he in daugi r of damuge aud destruction.
Imports by telegraph from all quarters wltbiu ?00mile?
ladiue. with CiueiniiaU asa ceuire. represent a riso lu
tiie su????*. "vrtl'iws, tue washing away of bridges,
and gnat dau '-' impending, priucipally lu Oblo and In?
Pass Mancha, La., Feb. ,-A terrific etorm
of wind and rain fiomfte sont ?..et struck this place
this morslng at about half-pa*t tb.ee o'clock, sweeping
sway every building In tbe place, Including tbe depot
aud telegraph oillie. No lives were destroyed but tbe
Illinois lost everything In the wsy of household effect?,
! G??.? ? ' Jackson Road was submerged fora
v u ? ? .-hii.iuf-ince near North Pass, hut It 1? now all
fSa??rS.r,? moving, without further
delay. ,
Xfw-Orleass. Feb. O.-The water in the
rear of the city ?? ?till rising. Heavy southeast wind?
nrpvuiled last night. A Relief Committee has been or
?auTzed to suppl?? io??? tu the peopio in the overflowed
Un\niiCT N. Y?. Fe. 9.?John lerwilliger, of
Mouilac? uX waa frozen to deaib la the foreat near bis boina
H.imii-NToWV. N. J?? Eeh. 9.?Cuarles hvrem,
formerly of thisrity. was drowned In the Delawari. opposite
this cliy. on UoUiUT uiglii.
HrmLo H. V.. Feb. 9.?A jurv has teen minan
?a'ed and an"lu\ tatlgatlen lot? the cause of the fsHlnr of ite
riot .'>t the New- Y or? Central .utlou yeaterdsy wUI be be?us
ou ?G??,?^G??,? nmt A PEJJXBYLVANIA JAIL.
isrviiL-itY Penn.. Feh. 9.?b .ve prisoners, in the
Vorlbumbi-rl?o.l ? mul.T ???-? wane in aliaci oo t?o? keener
?m, moirmag, ? ? "'m nsdly sad escaped. A rsward ol ?124
la offeied lor ??-eir re ap.ute,
a you no ? ??:, dhownbd.
1-K..VIHKNCK. K. E. Fei?. 0.-In Warn-ii. last night,
?arlst?iibei? McKenzie si? ?r.wlog Alleo? oyle, SM ?Uteen.
.. .,? ".il T'tivi-i wh.nooUi broke through. Tuo yiiun*?
u?an ws? t?kea ou? alive, bui tbs girl wss drowned.
- ss
KLBCTED. GlVCS UP thc fight?mil grow auo
The Senatorial contest nt Harrieburg iu ap?
parently near trie end. The twenty-lirst bal?
lot was taken yesterday without an election.
Last evening- Mr. Oliver, the nominee
of , the Republican caucus, wrote a
communication to the Republican mem?
bers of the LegisI ture, in which,
alter assorting that he felt himself entitled- to
the support of every Republican member, be
said there was no reasonable hope of a solu?
tion of the difficulty ?is long as the principal
candidates remained as contestants, and there
tore withdrew hie name. Mr. Grow followed^
his example. There has been no agreement*
upon a candidate.
|BT TF.LKOKAPH TO TBE ???G.?.??'.?
Harrisltrg. Penn.. Feh. 9.?Th Senatorial con?
test assumed a startling phase this cveniiiir, hv the
withdrawal of Grow and Oliver, the two leading
Republican candidates, whose forces have been held
so well in hand for twenty-one ?MtiaM hall?te. To?
day's hahot was taken hefore a crowded Cotise, and
the interest in tho proceedings was intensi?
fied by the action of twelve Democrats, who
voted for Representative Wolte, of Union
County, the anti-Cameron candidat??. The ballot re?
sulted as follow?: ?. W.Oliver, jr., 79; William?
A. Wallace. 72 ; G. A. Grow, 53 ; Charlee S. Wolf?,
12 ; Daniel Agnew, 1 ; Andrew G. Cnrtin, 1 : .Jame?;
?. Reaver, 2; Wayne MncVeagh. 4; Thomas Wi
I'helps, ?; Benjamin I* Hewitt, 2; George Sbiras,
2. The following gentlemen changed from Wallace
to Wolfe : Senators Gordou, Gruff and Nelson, and.
Representatives Ackley, Ammennxn. Roland, Cool?
baugb, Lockwood, MeCahran, McNully aud Wood?
ruff. Mr. Bier ley changed from Curtin to Wolfe;
Mr. J. L. Brown changed from Wallace
to Curtin ; Messrs. Hazlett and Yarger'
changed from Oliver to Beaver; Mr. Peterson
changed from Wallace to MacVe.igh. During the
ballot Senator Roberts refused to vote aud asked
leave to give ble reas n. He said he refused any
longer to particip?t? iu the farce of voting for a
Senator. Ho was interrupted in the midst of an
eloquent appeal to the Bi tmblican members by a
point of order, and the balloting was proceeded1
with. As soon as the result was auuoiiuced th?
convention adjourned.
This eveunig, Mr. Oliver, in whose ranks tho
spirit of revolt had sssunied threatening propor?
tions, seut a letter to Mr. Grow lufonning biui of hit
withdrawal from the contest, and adding that he
bud addressed the following communication to tho
members ot the Legislature:
To the Kepubliean Member? of the General A*$embly:
Un? contesi lor tbe tjeiutors'hip ha? beta te protracted
and without reasonable hope of a solution as long as the
principal candidates remain a? couteslauts, that it I? al?
together titling in me at this time to expies? to you my
views on the subject. It is an honorable ambi?
tion in any man feellug that he has the
proper elements * within himself worthily to
fulni Its duties, to asp re to a seat in tin? .National
Senate. Especially is this so.-wben this ambition Is to
represent a grimi commun wealtn like Penusyivania. In?
spired by thlii feeling. I became a candidate for Senator
and received the nomination of my party. Political
parties bave existed in every ?tate of which we have
any ti story, and ibey ore necessary to tbe well-tietng of
Ooverumeut. Iu matters of party representation and
organization the nominating convention and the caucus
are as neceseary adjunct? to soeces? as the Individual
membership up???? which party is founded.
As a Kepubhear and the party nominee
I was entitled to the support of every
member of the Ueneral Assembly who had been nomi?
nated and electeo asa Republican,unies? uufltted for
tbe ofAVe by some moral, political or personsl defect- I
am unaware uf aov ?ud? objection, nor basMoy, to my
knowledire, been suggested, bur unf?. tunately tor my
aspiradnos ? sufficient number of Republican* have re?
fused either to take part lu maklog tho
uum-natlon, or to support tbe nominee or tuo
majority. Many, perhaps all. of the genti? men who bave
????. pied this method of compassing the defeat uf the
party nominee are doubtless actuated by upright ami1
conscientious motives, and Insofar as they are so actu?
ated they bave mv entire resptet, aitbougb as a Repnlw
U-m I caunoi approve of the step tbey bave taken. It
would be .'ugbly absurd to say that the laterest and wel
Lire of the people of ibis Commonwealth would be best
?ui.served by the eietclou of any une man to tho
Senate or the I'nuei States, lu a State as large
and populous as o r-, a? rich in material, wealth ?ml
cultor?, there aro uaay men who would honor, as well
as lie honored by the posit.on.
For myscif, reahzina* ibat tbepartynomii.ee cannot
In-elected, owing to the refusal of a large and respect?
able uuntier of Republican? to loin with their brethren
in the choice of the majority, it Is due to my supporter?
to ?ay th; I am no longer a candidate, and
that they ? free to select any other worthy
Kepubliean. It Is hardly neceseary for me to express lur
appreiiia?ot. of the manly and steadfast support which?
has been accorded me by a maturity of tbe Republican
members of the Legislature. Apart from my pei ?miai
friends, I refttrd this support, uot a* a tribute to myscif,
but a? a manifestation of respect for tbe rule? and cut-?
tome of tbe party to wblch we belong. Time will demi,li?
sti ?.? te that their action ha.? tbe approval of the Kepublt?
cans of tbe State. Tbi? letter, owing to tbe circumstance?,'
is, to some extent necessarily personal, but no mo e so, ?
trust, than a modest appreciation of tbe situation w*r?
rants. With rre-t rejpect I remain very fmlv,
Henry W. olive?, jb.
The message was taken to Mr. Grow by Senator
N?wmyer, who also submitted tbe names of Colonel
Quay, General Jame; A. Beayer and W. H. Arm?
strong, cither of whom was said to be acceptable to
Mr. Oliver as a candidate. Mr. Grow was mb
wholly unprepared. The day had been occupied
with conferences and consultatioos. ami ?; was
understood that General Beaver was the choice of
the mauagers. Mr. Grow acquiesced in tbo choice and
a caucus ot his supporters was held this evening to
determine upou further action.
? he Grow men heli. a caucus at which 31 r. O roar
was present and withdrew his nane, after present?
ing the paper coming from the Oliver men, suggest
inti the names of W. H. Armstrong. M. S. Quay and
James A. Beaverasavailahlecanaidatte. Tliecaucua
decided by a twe-tbird* vote to indorse Thomas M.
bayntiof Allegheny.into-morrow'scoiivention. About
forty Oliver men went into caucus aft.T Oliver ten?
dered his letter of withdrawal and decided to sup
tKirt General Beaver. 1 he choice of the rest of th?
Republicans is ol a general character. No election.
is looked for to-morrow, unless several b.dlots are
taken. Much interest is manifested to-night in th?
probable result.
A fire broke out yesterday moruiug shortly
before 10 o'clock In the packing-room of the Western
Kiectrtc Manufacturing Couipauy'* Building Id New
Ctiurcti-st., Just back of Trinity Church. The building Is
six nortea high, with a massive Iron front, aud embrees?
Nos. 6'? to 68 New Church-it. The packing room le la?
the basement On tbe upper floor? 200 employ?s, forty
of whom were women, were at work. They were greatly
frightened, although, there was little danger, the firs
hem* confined to the basement and th- floor above,
'ih,.??eraiubled down the fire escape, however. In creel
disorder. No one was Injured, and the frightened
women were taken to tbe itreet lately by tbe police v.d
Ureuieu Tbe Are burned for more than en henr, and
tears were entertained that It would extend to the ad
luinli.g otton warehouses of Isaac N. Devoe, but this
was prevented bv the employment of sn extra force of
flr.-mtii. who finally stopped ibe progres? of the flames.
The Are was lupposed to have neen caused by a pon ??
raneoua combustion, as there waa u.? Ore In the packing?
i?Sm " I? damage done Is estimated at $3o,0O0. wblca
? -???? oo'sred by insurance. The W.-aiero Meetrlo
G????-.ny I* sn offshoot of the Western Cal?n Company.
Anson Stager le the president, and U. M. Fnelpe, E, U
tue tuperintendent. The building belongs to ins
Westeiu Union Company._ ?
A block of ten unfinished flat houses on the
west aide of Third-ava, between eixty-aixlu and bixty,,
aeventb-sta, wss partly destroyed by Are yesterday?
owing to tbe carelessness of some lsborers who had been
cooking their coffee for dinner In tne eeoond story of on?,
of the bouses, snd bad gone away leaving the Are burns
log Tbe wood-work of the bonding caught Are, and the
Aimes were quickly communicated to the adjoining.
?rat-as on either ?Ida Three of tbe buiuMngs wer*.
eZraS out and a fourth waa damaged. HaCafferty ?
Bui-ktev builders, of No. 8*0 Kourtn-ave.. wSrw the
ow? Ttwir loa. Is ?aUmated at ?10,000, which wag
covered by inaurarne. The streetsw re In mei} a
wreicusJ condition Wat Kucine No. ?,. self-propeller.
bn k? down in Tuir.l-Hve. By tas fallii** of a soaffold
? ??r.l O'uTady. sge -weair-iarsc. a ??MkgS
?M E*at Tu.nyomtti-si., was fatally injured. His skull
wee fractured.

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