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IRCtMrNrs M\I>K AGAINST ??? I'llulMSlii ????
?????? S?*.
Tiie letral aspects of Senator Schroeder's bill
to prevent telegraph companies from ?iiiisoli
dating were preaeutcd in the ?urfMooBtl iniiile
at Al'iany yesterday against that measure.
Tiie miruiiient made by Dr- Norvin Gieen 011
Tuesday is Kivfcu iu full herewith.
Albvny, Feb. 0?Further nrcuments on Senati r
Sehroeder's bill fMbtddloi the consolidation of
competing telegraph companies were made toil ay
b?-f.?rellie Senate Commi!tee on M eccllaneoiis Cor?
poration?. Channce.v M. Depew. es?Judge Jolm K.
Porter ami Everett P. Wi>?ler stated with treat
force the many objections to the p.-istage ol such ?
bilL It wotilil, tbey argued, be an interference
with th?; freedom of commerce, and would there?
fore hinder tbe growth of the Biate in wealth.
Senator Sehroetltr and ivstemblyroaa Wan eu. in be?
half ol the bill, argued that if it becam-? a law com?
petition between telegraph companies would bt a?
Btiieil. and persons who ??nt ?oettaget would
therefore not be compelled to piy nu?h hig-h rates.
Tho text of Doctor Norvin Oreeu's argumeut be?
fore th? committee yesterday is as follows :
MR (UMltMAS AND (illNTI.l MKN ??F IM (?iMMITTf.F. :
yilsl. I li ?? nt lilt tide committee for tin eeoftetj extend
?ed us liy allowing ?'-?? lull dl-iusslou uitd heiirmc on
this itii-^tlon, I propose, with the Indulgence ?>f this
commit,' <?. to mate s lew remark? on the practical buti?
lici?? Mveettol tu? mutters .??might to be reeebed tad
effected by the bill uow umler consideration, leaving the
legal iirgiiuieiits to the t-minsei who repreeent the
tev? rul interest? Involved. We are here to try to per?
suade tin commute?? that tins legislation ouebfnut to be
liad, but imt because of any effect It will bave on the
particular transaction at whicn it U probablr am.?,I.
Webn.iev andare solegi.lly u?lvised, ilia' a: no time
would itsooiissage bave affected In the least tbe com?
pleteness ol the contract ,11m ie and ia:iil-i by the
requisite Hi.'Joritv oi director.? und ??nckhuldors
of the compauie?, according to the law a.? li
stand? ; secondly ? ? iv we are hero
to try to persuade tbe committee that what 1? propo-ed
is bau legislation; and thirdly, because of tOeaalmwi
which seems to have prompted it, being legislation an
tagoulMic to tbe great lotet? st wnlcb we represent aud,
?We think, without suffkiout esose.
? ?ow, Mr. Chairman, it y??u le:? ve the stock speculation
out of consideration in tau matter, thu el? absuiutely
nothing left to complain of. He? ause there 1? one man
who is said to have mad? a great deal uf
money in sttK'k operation.? conn cieii wi 1111 In? 1 run suc?
tion, und a number of men who have lost money.
0 furori? of indignation 1- bulled up an l suremi all . v, r
the country, and all sorts of aiiuutonietie ???,.??.?????? ??
S romp,eil. no doubt by the beiiet that Hit re 1? general
?-.maud for it.
Kow, thu sum and sulniance of that *tor!r ?peculation
tssimplv ibis: An opi>oslt!on t-elegrapn line to the com?
pany I repre?ent was projected, and, with a great deal
Of talk and flourish osto ?but they prop.??? d to do, the
stock of our company was thereby run down to a great
deal le- than its' Intrinsic value, a? all hum? of
threat* w?-re made und a war ol rutes and that
tort of thug was being ci? ?tantly made, wnich mat?
rliilly uffeeted ibt stock. We cut down our expanses und
trillimeli up our sails tor a long flgh' ; the larger slink
Bidders uf our company unlu.uied what t.?y could
afluid on speculation, aud Kept only what tbey could
to keep dorna the tight. W?? expected toother year's
warfare, when, to our Mirprise, it was ascertained
that the other pai tv bad sceiiiuu a cl a
large port of our stock und ilici; announced
to us that they were ready for un ?? Mum im nt. We were
token by surpris*. If we bail (Oii?idered o in h s?cenla?
Uve sens-, we had only to M>-we were not toady, and
thereby compiled a rteediat of? the m.?rket value of
thesUx'k. *A e were prepared for another year's flsbf,
tout there were 2.000 stockholders In the country who
were not speculators mid who?? protierty w-iuul In. ve
been rundo mi iu iu market ? tin??, and tu? ? would bove
been induced or compelled loseil It at asacrillie. Wo
Could no' nfford to forego an opportunity so multiset
edl> off??:?. .1, and we aoc'ploU toe uugoliuimn. Tout was
the whole uf Ii.
It ?o bapimui'd that a number of sneeu'ators were fol
lowii g eluse on the trail ot tiie gi at leader, helping him
to sell tin--toik dowu by selling ?hares tbey aid not
own. BV rjtlnug was gol ig iuveij_s>itl ihey w,"rc ?june
persuaded the stock was g 1 d tor ten or t ? eut) j.oint?
more decline, when th?? wily leader doubled on hi?
track? ami thi? whole pack ran liv, so ? t.-nt apon the
ol?ase tin?! they did not see him as he passed back, pick
log up the cliLken? they were drooping, and before t.iey
had found tee trail in the direct loa they felt eure be w?s
runnii g h?? wa.? cosily eoteooeed In id? den enjoying id?
Ciiickiu -?, 1?-r ssuctid mi Ii a hundred tl.ou-aud el.ares.
Then ul t>iur*e there ?aj? a great howl,
and they put forward Mr. ilulch to procure
lujuueiioii-, and tb!> Court tool them that ev? ryiiiing
done was s-.f ictly legit. The.? caini? before tbe At .'?p?.?
General and be told them tie had no author.ty to act 111
tue mutter, ?uat what huil been doue was airtetlv in
accordance with the law. It Waeall done and completed.
Now these eomplaimilit? remind in?? a good deal Of a
friend ??? -euulor Bright, of Indiana. Luilag tbe M..r
Uiou at.! : iu ios were SOBl out to ?Uni. ci and iism~t
the Oov? ino??. ?? eooroe i-o-itrnrie for Mii.plu?? ?vi re to
be fun i-lnd. A l?rm- Il .111 coutiact wan .0 be SWorOOti.
the ari? 1 le wot itoin I nil ifn? wont to see bis Senator
about bellina the eobiroct, Hewos 1 little late, ami
some ? utr ai Dili ant? ? bo were a ?? ud,?, ;h r?? ? ? ?? bim
aud told h.m : ?' Doo'l y??u pul In a bid >e:. We ar?- no
Ins to I ave a meeting aud arrange this thins sots to gel
a good p:ice for the II nr." l.ieyput Uia? off aud out I
off tro-ir m.'.-iuig un ii one morulug tuo paper?
ODuotii). cd toot the oontraet b.el been lot. lie? |
Benatoi am t bis frie.nu and soul, " I tee that c uiti u-t lia??
been let. i> faut ail right I" "It is if t am in, but it i
Blu not 1.1. .?'? ai-wlud'i ." A'.il now that 1? it'ouiil tbt
way th?? 1? '?Ide who arc ? ?re uu<lurlhiast?*'k elieoulatiuu
have f. 1 olroot t.
to to?? iii|iinoUon rose I believe It wn? in proof that
otter th- -u b r of injniic.iun ?j? obtsin-id Ute geutle
mau who o'j.amed it cani, d 11 in his pocket au d_y try
lug lo gei a bio to t^ee what they "would
give li m If be would let lue matter drop,
but toiltofti that bu served It about ? o'clock lu lbs
Often???? n. Take that -el?? ino out oi the tote, what 1?
left t l? there anybo?iy complaining ab .ut tue te'egrapu
Service l II is remurkuMe that ail that has be? MM,
and ad I Bal has been written. Iu all that lot* tppeated in
tbe ptossoottOs ?ui'.i'C', not a singo? newspaper or a
single Votre bas been raised tiuit we are iiutfeiiieriug a
good su? ici at fair und iraient hit ?atoe.
1 stat? here, a* an old and practical tcl"grapher, that
there is not such a telegram? servloo in the world h? we
orereuderhigiu the Untied State? to-dav; and there 1?
not any .?here In the world so ehean a servire, except IB
tbe Djiiiintoti ot Canada. We ?end a me-?age 3,000
miles lor .?l 50, and there Is not another tervlct in tlie
world where message? ate ?ent that distance at those
rates. T-.c uniform shi ling rale of On many and Frunce
cover only small area??, a-? WBeo yon ,?.???? ? -nut u
tneseage 3.0O0 mil?? ander their service Computing
Oil Charge?, you flud th?? rule to be about ?4. We
send u message fiom Portland to can Francisco for
91 M?, o?d in less than half the time a messo te can lu?
sent tiiui dist.iiice auywUiree'.?? lu the won l G?,? wie.?
legi?lu? ? u niel law? of this Hlate have enabled the com?
pany to ? -nil? oliiiaie compauie? reaebine an over tbe
country, s - that biumees eau be hand led wltnout repeti?
tion m h lay. There 1? no rdayiug, uo recounting aud
entering, or traneterrlng fmui one compimy to another,
but it is all upon the eoniltiuou? line which has beet
studied to bring it In harmony, so that there snail
De no frioUoo ond no del?? ? and I assert
that the telegraph servie? m tbe United Siate*
bos been brought to it? present UM-iui-.eM? and
partee1 ion. and the present low rate? ?,.? been
mode imi.? ?ibie by means of consolidation. Win ? I went
lato ti<e tiuiiiics? in 1854 ? message ?cui from How?York
to KVw-Oi lions ha?i to ?ro over the Une* of four differ? nt
componi s, ond no one ext?ecied an answer ine some
dsy. They called our line the "Owl Liu??," because w?
bod to ??>rk oil night to g?-t the busloea* down mer? and
Work all day to get what accumulated lb? re up. If they
(Ol their uie?-age tbe next Uay after it was sent tbey
bougnt they were doing remarkably well, Row, if a
cotton linn send a message to New-Orleaii? trem ib w
York and do not get un answer withiu an boi.r tiny
raise u mw about it. Our company has ?jient over
(?',???.??? within eighteen months to meet ihe luereosed
exactions made bv tbe public upon th?? company to NO
der o bett? r service. A ttrvtM thai would SBtbrfVOOr
customer- two years ago tbey Would note a row about
now^ I 1.ave Kiiowu BMSOOftt to be sent over our wile?
from Mm I'rotiuce Exi'haiige Iu >*ew York to tlioagi? und
the an?wer would come before the sender had left the
Eler, null if they do not gel an answer within half an
at Hie most, they raise a row, and it is becauxeot the
H?e(i facilities obtained through the mean* of illesi?
?onto!.dation? thai a survie? ot tais perfect character
Ott been ,?tlui.ud.
There are two pointa of general eoiunluint entends, 1
?,?y gay. ?! tue uiitueoiiUiu und iu.li?.-n?n<>ii r.U.U by
atock t-p cuiatl >n. Oue kl what Is olta-ed to bo termed
the Inflated capital and It? other au apprehended in?
crease ot ratea Now, on the subject of capltallz ition,
the com pan iee came together in Iseo, at which lime
some flfieen or sixteen companies weio consoli?
dstod into ODft. The capital was #41,073,410.
With that capitalisation I pn-snme we can have nothing
todo at tl'in date, whelliiT to., iniieli or too Utile, Its
dTscm-sion is barred by limitation, and I presume this
commune doo? not care to go into it. It was made up
from tin.? to time. It waa considered at ? he time a large
Caolielie itl*?n, but when we looii back and sea the im?
mense vulue of the pat>nt?-:or even the ?fone patents
fiad noi ut that tiioeex]?!red-it waa not a largo oapltal
lation But ic BSJMg??* ? on, -.?me of the compatite? bav?
in? suiik ull the money taey put iu, many mat never
Mid mining t-xp>-uses. In sbi.n. this capital
Kpreseut. d monev that hH"d ta-eu sunk, but which never
Shelet* muet be represeme<i ; aud wheu we aee th?. im
&o< ria?? growtlrot tu? ?iumii???* In tlie future, uud the
irsluable patents then held, a? ?t pr?tent, I think any
one wi.o will examine the mnj ci mil realise it was inn
alarse capitalisation. Butto the line ot pioperly what
end it represent I Tbirty-eev? ? tin?u?und tares hundred
nd elKlily mile? of line, au I 75.000 mil.??, ot Wire, und
250 ?flioes. We hud on lie 1st ol July last 80.?4?
?ties of line and si.u :>.;? m es uf wire. .?.?
Som offliea Wo bave t<vUay more iban 300,000
Eollesof wire In the united companies, end im re than
0.0,000 ctUeee, Therelore If t. al *>41,<iOti Obli wan in
aaywiae i? reaaoueble capital, ihen, wi.u lourfold tlie
aasouut of Hue aud more than four-fold the amount of
Meines?, th? double of ine capital Is not a large capital?
isation, but we are not going on suppositions.
When tfaesftoompau-as were offered to us sold to us, as
ry hj?fV right to oiler them, and we bad
right to twy them, ot oourse U was a mat
ter of bargain as to what we eouM
get them for The American Unien lisd a cavitai of
f 10,000.000 an 1 $.\000.000 nf homi*. Tliev would not
eel? Unii prtrpertyf'M'Ss.-si?d tlieque-t?on was wiietlii-r
we could af? rd to refuse tn give it and ?nluw our itock
> holders m go witliout dividend? until tiny were
eou.-ezcd into ??? n g up their Mock. It would haveb. en
ta ta? Interest of the speculating portions ol Interested
partie? lo have declined the oiler, bin ron-'.d? ring that
other and larger class or stoekhoiders who held their
??oik as an Investment and not a? a speculation,
we did net deem it wise to decline. Since the <? ??-?>???!:?
ti.m of IsOO we had acquired a surplus, whli-ii mc had
paid ti, of $1b\'l?!M>00. of Wltliln a few dollar? ot
?17,000,000. W- did not capitalize the Whole of that.
nut lo piv tr.e mie? we agreed io p:iy we in-nased nur
capila"?f'l.'i.tioo.ooo am', ?omething orer, repr.senttng
that mudi ol rurp ns, ami cave It to OS? ?tocMbolders
before we what tato the new partner?
ship, w.ie there an> thing asreasecable ?boot
tua' 1 Now Hie artifice of assoeistlos to
wli iti our attention his been called in tins bill, sud
wii.cti I confi s? ? bad ne rei looked nt ?? uarrowly before,
ami w;och w n? til?.1 arilo an 1 ma le ? p-ir' of tu ? errili!?
liit.?..' incorporation of the Mississippi Telegraph Com?
pany, aftrrward changed to the western Union Tele?
graph Company, in those article? nniiiniicd right to
hicresse in.? capital ?lock i? given, and for new com?
pantos and I neraasen linea ani ibeyshall be provhled
for by usuine sn Ulerease of capital iri.ck
and in no other way. I bat was Ihe ? lpulu
noii in ordir m protect Ihe stockholder*
It was provided that n-w property sbonld be acquired
by th-w capitalisation, ? think the comm?tes will hut ??
with m?? mat inai effectually disposes ..f hhv reasonable
cause t.Tomcry ngiiusi the capii lH*al 0 I,
l?ut. ?? is sun), it is u great monopoly, whioh ?in op?
piceli tho people nini Increase the rates, Whysbould
tn.it b ? sol In the tit -?t ? lice, if the patrons ol the tr'.e
gi-i.p.i baslnees have three compai lea ???? three organi?
?aliona to maintain? each win have to live ami bare
io mske something on Its capital. Then will not
? nple necessariiy have t?? pay lusher rates to m ilntalu
three separate organ?? ? ; ions than ibey wnl to maintain
on??, whiu in most ease* the work can bo done by one
office as well as by three I I assert, I hen-fore, thee in?
nany can afford ?u and will lu Urn? make ' ie ruten lower
with one organisation than Ibey could .itr.nl to be made
with three orgsnlsatlons In exlstenne. bach company
will bass to make enough to puy exr-ensel, which arc
viv large, or else tiiero Is nolliing lo diride.
Now I Lave this to say, thai no single com?
petitor of I e Western tl lonlufom eenyears?and there
have been four or Ave?uot a ?ingle noe has ever paid
running expenses for ? s igl? moi.th. 1 do ? t ape ib
positively as t ? Ule A?U II'.? ? LOIOII, G?G I l?ale liad lio
opportunity to ? ? name l?clr hooks; bill going bock
some, ?Yen t? the old U died States Com puny, whlc? we
to? k up iu t?OC, tiiero lias not been a single competitor
li.at for ? lugio month during ita etlsteiios earned Its
?Xiens? s. Now, what is to become of culiipe
tinou of that son I If you preclude their being
sold to tbe only companies that can u-e mem, tin?
must lu tune do great il image to everyone Interested in
ib.mu. I assert, therefore, ili it tue rat' ? <? in an ?. will be
moie reduci il In the long run ander onr organization
taun Ibey Will Ululi r a iiiimb r ot I Bett.
I have before ine a taiiie BhuWlni now the rate? 'ave
ron tor leo years. This table rum from 1863 to 1878.
The average rats on each telegraph message charted
und onUecled 111 l--lit? was ST <> I'm- In lM?tl
the avi rage rat?? was 80??? Mats, In
1871 tlie average rate ?u? ??*?? wntsj
iu lh"2. eeS|ftcenti ; In 1873.028jo cents; in 1874, ? 8-*ip
cents; In 1875, M cent? : .n lb7v.SO*io cent-?: in l-.7i.
43S]p cent? 1 iu le78, o>!,u, <? nt?. In ? ..-annual re pori
of 1*78 Ha? table ?- in.? gii ? ??. but I know whai n Is. It
hi 88*iocents for 1878. Thorite wa? in 1879, after tak?
ln* up me Atlantic u d I'ac.'le, reduced lour mills to
:i8"'i,i cents, and in bid ?? 88iio.tbe reduction being
pi? ci?ely Him ?auto uln ? we u . I r. k n Qp Ine Allunilo
and Pacido that It was stier tbe American G .mn was
itra.'ie I. and up io Inly tost. So yon ? ? there
bas ".eu a steuiv reduction until the
av?ra*?? rate Is Bow ? ? ? om-iln .1 what
Il Waa tea years ago, The r?duction baa been effect? d
by systematizing and ciassiiyiug the business, aud
operating It wore cheaply and by lia large increase, us
you can ??? a reti mach larger smounl ol busiueaa
cliiapT m proportion than yon inn ?lu a Smaller "lie,
keeping the operators bus) and m Using al tbeir time.
IMPHi'ViMiiMS l.MKiiDL'C I?.
But there Is another element which h.is entered very
largely Into inducing a eonstaal > it rt to perfect tbe
?.(?tv.ee, ali'l wliu b, in ?uder to ?ei in; li.-li II, bss b-ii
iiecoinp iiileil with ifldll.o .ul expanse ?mil outlay, and
that is tbe Increasing sad oeustaai es ictloni of ih. pub?
lic for pi?iiuptnc-s. Wo send on an average 3.000.000
of measles a month, or 100,000 for every day in ili
month, an ? 1 \.oui>i ?-ay that t>.> per ceni ol those h ??? io
bedoae diiiiiiir llv?? b .sin.?-?. b??nn "f Ih. day. If we
had twentydtfur hours la whicb io .io ou w irk ac ronld
do it a grrat d. al cheaper ? bui BSperoentol ourbu?n?
tie-s is couim rotai, an ? that requires ? hat busin. as s..a.l
be done binila badness lours and all messages
answered ?1 iring I boss liitir?, and It* takes mure
operators, in ir- wins und ? greater i-xi-sn?" io
do li, mi mat Iu point ol fiel Ccniaolldutloil
baa uot resaltad in incrrase?! rules. W neve bad opjnn
sit ions from time to lime civ nug ilargeteri lory quite,
as large aatbe last onpoaition, lor tins late opiosiuoo,
witn all its energy, rim and pat ade, onli reached ab?mt
tinny ? in-, er .'-it .1 mu business, I In-y oiily reached
ubou. Jin ? lilt- s ou: of aluni. vUMMJ AlllioUgb many-?
llioar were among ine Urg? , Ibey Were, in fai
about ils in r c-nt or tbe * nolo, or, a?? l ? no, ab h* ?-i ?
? m ?? 0.000 offices, and many ol ibes? .tu .-m belo?/tue
ir..un ol he husmeas, m y ?lid u.i?.ut ihniv
fout per < .nt of thr whole buslue?s. ???
the iti. .t was to mali eie y low ru -
between certain prominent piac -. as New-York and
Chicago, iu?? rule waa reduced lo 2~> ceni- where it n
now 00 cent , bai on a great many IIuea WU re the coin
P'-iing Hues did not reacb tbi rates, Ihe ral . bad noi
aeeii e irresiHin Imgii' rciluccd, and Wb.- d. ? r.-a-e I
lb i rate to Chicago and 8'. Louis below erbat would ??? ??
paying rat.?, mere w??? no decrease to outaide pouts an ?
tne Mira, distrlota, hence tue ill? ot tins nvn.iy
was io iii'U.'Ui the peopl ol Chicago, Res ?n
!. n? s, Hi. !..uia aud other ?list .nt pointa ..? tin
oxpfiiae or the rural dlsuiela or Ihe H:m.
?.? wlncli tin- rival lini ? owl ool exu-ml.for win-i ??? ? was
lost in eniupctlllon be; ween ? nose points bad ??? he made
upaud borne by the rural ilmtr da. ? w nearly all mir
?-lockluu ier?. nie I< f-i.il???:, ? ol Ni W-YolS Stale and llnn
ioiir-ll.-. of lliein in ? mi n t ?'? - ??!? io he COU II tn II
Thej miv put i.iirirt'?? money in Ih-eonipaui :.-...
inve-tiin.nl und it ?? for Un'in I K\><-.t\i m?.;?? particularly.
I bave ?aid another teas-u why Ibi-? nil! ?In.ubi nut
li c< ine ?? low 1? that It 1? had legislation. Voi
c.u.uut prevent u ninu fruii? soiling in? property.
Tbe rlgbt of alienating properly 1? onnol It? greoicsi
? icio? nt- ol vin?. Prevent bim m? a company (rum
s Ullig to th?? o ily partie- thai eon ?.?? I it ?: ?-e ?:, moi
yon only deprec?ate it? value, for ? prove? a lo?? to
him. h -u it be mu tend will lo some one, nnd w at I?
the?ffe? 1 It Uto afford Urge capitali?!? Ilk?! Vender?
hilt ?unit,, ill 1 lu i.uy I in? Otopei ? al t ? ? in?, ?. ?? lie.
'You take two large ctitopetiug systems, by runuiug in
opposition to e.ien oilier and by a war of raies thev are
a bur .eu Instead of u ???? il' to in,,-e intere? ? ?.
How u yon prevent tbe one ?eiliog out t ? ti.?- other you
unly permit tneee large capitalist? i. eoioe In and nv
up tbe Htoek? oi botbot tneir own tl--oi.? ;;?!?! lln-n run
tnem m titeir owu way. 'liiey may noi unit? ibem or
consolidate ih. m, bal iiii-j ??? urna gamate Hum. and
the cutiijie itioii ?oUgUl .<> be suetalued ny legi?l liuti Is
a?, 1 Imi.' I tliluk It Unlikely 'hai tin? till ...m d .e :i
voluble lo our ? our any, lor I do not think Hier; S'olllil
lie half as inauy oppotJll.ine- projected. If
: ev d.d not have lu m.ml. if iin-y eould
boi ma??? money they could make tbe WeMern Un on
bov them up>and If you lake from th? m that privilege
I ?? mi, it would ra.her protect lb. Bat llie system Is
bid. You have u mo of M?'Uiin-r> ou t le tlUltstiO Kl Ver
run.unii fruiu New-York lu il'inioiit. Borne une nuil, un
opposition hue ou tie route, ? he Legislatur?' -ays
nei tuer potty sball bay oat the other. Fhe uppoaitioo
compel? both Hues to ? un Bt a lo-? unid one nf ilo in
w.u.? to ge' out. Tiie only party to.?
eau use their bums iu their cooipeUUir,
und the law doe? not allow thai; the
?o?r alternative left is to run ine boat? on at ?? soorttte
or lor suuie lari;c capital ?is to tnk?? slVaillS r of then
condition, buy Up bub liaet and make theu ov? ? ti un-.
Ii wo..hi have I be same effect upon telegraph ent?pa?
nles, for I attore you not one of lie-si opposition cumpa
nle? ?ver ?III make a profil, ikuI Whl.e I liav?? Seen il
stsoried ot ber wise us to tut American Union, toe
records ut winch I be ve not examined, I bave m? douoi
it will turn oui like the ?. ?i.
L'.NllhllCllUl'Nn UNES 1" .< iMltjKI?.
You Will excuse me, Mr. Chairman, and in titleuieii or
the committee, for going to another feature of this mat?
ter not liiiforeTliis committee. Tuer- la a bill beloni ? lie
Bcnui-lo compel tbe comp.iuy to put its wir. s under?
l'ioni il. I thluk that Wimiua year ibis will Ih? licioni
pi.slieo so far aa practicable, and I ?lenire to nay We aio
now ms king every posatole haaie and arreagStteut to
get tin- wnee m New-York City aud other larga titlet
under ground, bul a law timi would compel ns Input
our wire? all under ?round wlibiu twelve montus w.uiiil
be cerialuly u vet ? tmrcusouuhie law, and we ct.ulil in.t do
l?, ceriainlv not iu ? way mat would be lor the Interest or
Mellare of the public. Only ?tOO mile? ol tbe 1,'jnO mil. ?
ot wire in tbe I itv ot New York are on UHub lines;
threc-fourins ait-cross lines iiii.ini.ii..? aeoomuiodution
to privine offices, winch would ueeeaaarUy be eu: ol h
we Inni lo put Ibes,? wires uuuer irrouu.l. When 1) ecu
or twenty wires are running oui of tbe city weeould put
tiieiu Slider ground wltbout a material incrca*o of ci
peose, although the poling would be eacnnSed] but to
pat a single wire und. r ground, at in?) cosi of
$1,000 umile, would oueoaaarilp Seuy fseidties to all
??mailer boiein, private counting- rooms und hrauoh
olbces, <if which we buve IKl m tu?? fit ? ol New-York. 1
remore to ?to n would m-c aaurlly iuvmt? m?? entuna
ol? ol Uir?. e ?iii-.i ?. rs or iLuii? branch oflBoea, uni <l. ny
toc publie uu ..CD'.iumoiiaiiou wnlcii iiiev bare grown ?
feel Hiev cuti liardlv'il?? wn.ioiit. It would be in-Iild
worse w it la in?? t?l?phone mid tbe American IiUuiet
sysieiu. Tnut useful system would be alinosi entirely
iieniroycd. You can put tiling lilies m?ler ?,on:.?1, ami
I tbllik tbey ?111 bo nul Unie |ust as aoou
as it cau he doue, with ino permission of tbe
city to do It, but to compel all wires to be
put under ground is to cat oft tiii-ee-ioui ths ol tbe bene*
Its et the telegraph and a great deal aaoreof th- ? ?..
puone und Aiueriuuu LM.-ii ?-? syaient*. 1 would augxesl
liait the binalo gel iliforuiaiiou ani gosWW before
snuotioniug ?u?m a sweepiug measura I do not know
that It would materially damage us. We should put our
truuk linee underground aud abandon tbe reel. Bui it
Would be a great ?leirlinetil to tue public ?-ci.bjtion,
There are aererai loba in the tl iu mat bare n.r tbeir
?iurpoec th?? ? curing ot ul. um available li.'ins ot way
or an underground ay ?tem. These are ? ?. ipeeulatlug
J.abs, Inai haie for their purpose tu? se.iiili> of some
llniig which Ibey thlll'a I'lay .lie Velila ile to aoOM om?
ets??. 1 villi ..ot detain tin? e...ululile any longer. Tneie
are other parties*representing the variousoompsmes
here wlio are r?a?ly to give you the .e.-al aiata* of tbe
? he mailer, and thanking you, gent.c??.??>. for tin coin?
lesy you uuve estende ? to im?, igne *\a> to llioui.
It was 8taU:d ycHtei'iluy that the mnftiniog
$'90,000 -iodi ot the Merchuuts' Ten graph Company bad
in .my all been subscribed, and iliat blue-tenth? ol it hail
been taken by members of tin l'roouce Kxehsngu Many
offersfor tut stock, It was said, lud ana?? from geuilo
iiit-ti not ideutifl.d with the Prednas ITsirbsngt. but bad
been decllued.
Htirnui, Feb. 0.?The subscription books for the
stock ot ibo new Merchant's Telegraph Coiiipauy weie
oueued here to-day. aud it la exjjeoted Una the amouni I
allotbil to BufTiln (?.."?O.??!) will be rendl'V teten Its
morrow, l ire.? protatntoi bo? ne?? men offered to talje
tbe etuire amount, hut n? it 1? rtesir ?1 thu 't be ?U-nrii?
uieilln hi..! 'ksinuiiing ir a ti.MKl to 15,000, the boojH
Will bt held opcu to iiinrrnw ????G??
BOOTOX, Peb. O.-T?-r .tornimi thin uftrrnonti
np<t,c ruhowlrx specitl from Montreal j TBl Mm.mal
Btoeh Kx.'ii.itiL-c ?? trealiyertettod overtaaaaooeoee
nieiit nf s lie ivv transfer of Montreal Telegrafiti ktoek to
Wilson <;. Hunt,ot >?????? York, a director of lao.Wtttorn
l'ii?oti. Tot moverne:?.; t? thought 11 foreshadow the
absorption ol tbt Montreal Telegraph Company by the
great rnnsnlidsiIon. The Montreal Compam basacs l
tal of f2.000.000. It? system oovoratiheCinadloU I>j
nuBloo, and ? xten.ls tbroturb Northern New-York.
Philadelphia, Feb. '.?.?At a ronferenee
in ?,? ln-iiay at tin oiiic o' tin- Pennsylvania Bollrood
Company, In wbieh JayOoold, Orner?! Tbomaa T.
Eckert mil D. H. tatet, representing toe consoliditeli
; iph rompantes, ;?? ? the off! lertoftae Penasylvti Is
Railroad Company, with their counsel, partlerpated, "
w ?? in filici in suspend all operations In tbe telegraphic
litigation for the present. Thi* setI?m ?? intended io hold
tbe prescui ??.eding* In sbeyonci an til now termi
ran ??? agreed upon. _ _
It lins been decided bj tbe directors ?>f tbe
Mutual Union pelegre,>b Company to extend Us Hues to
tu? ?? Bt nt as ? ari? a date ai possi
ehqkkttk ai what poikt ????.???.?? bt capii
im: AiAiiK.Mv?LiurjTRXANT corruf't ???t?
M< ?.N ?.
Tbe Interett in tbe Wbittaker roiirt-martidl
coi tilines unabated. Bo ??? No. 11 iu toe Armi Building
wasrtowded yesterday a? usual during the session of
ih.? (Olir,. All tbe setts outside the railing were ??ecu
pled some time before 11 o'clock, and soon there was no
st tudlnjr-roum to sitare, boterai ladles and a few per?
sonal friends of tbe member? of the Court wereadmii
led'villini the i'iii'e Inclosed by tbt railing. Ju*tic?
Morcan ond Commodore J. A Dickinson, of tin-? w
TorkYiehl Club, were among* tbe visitors. Tbe roll
v? :?-? roiled soon tfter 11. The testimony given
00 Tuesday ?v.is re,? I, nod Major d.irlner pin?
ce?? led with the examination of Cade? Ostheim.
TI is Wtlnttt saldile was in \\ nili.iKi l's room soon a ter
theontrtge wss discovered. Tbe looking-glass In the
room woo such tt oil uts codett were supplied with, a
few pieces of broken gtsss ?rere eosltered abott It. On
th?? table were a che? It-book, another book und a pair of
Tbe Judge-Ad vor ate banded Osthelm s pair of tel?tors
:? m I a l> d: ??Werethots Hi ? Si?ls?or?t" l'In? wltOrst
WtS lint pmlUVi'. bui IboUgbl lue? ?ver??.
Ez-?oVcmor Chamberlain then proceeded to ? he ero???
? tomlootion.
" When you saw t'.Kiot Whittaker*? condition, ??id you
r. 'e im? him I"
?? I diil not."
" Did you nb trvi any notion on Mm part l"
" I ini imi tee min ni..ve."
" i>,d von while al West Point, avoid Mr. W.dttskrr'?
ueiplsiutslice V ,
" I bed no oroa?lon to moke hi? acqnalnionce, 1 sire
pose th il I ma) h ive BV iidcil In in ?omewBsl ou ne, ?... ?
ot ins ? nini : irut Be wat lo tbe ciao? above oie, nod an?
udv.inet! should bove como from him."
** Can you identify tbe i?olr of ??????? ibtl da? l?een
?boon you si tot samu Ibtl jmi saw in Whit taker's
" Tes, sir."
"Andyet at tbe previous Court of ???,????.. yon ssld
you dhl BOI th.?!; tin y wort ih?? itttii .'"
?? I said s...
in ?n-w r to question? from Major <; irdnertbt ? Unto*
exploloed that be bod thoagltt ntmiii It oftrrward. and
?m u e au I ot tint peculiar ?bat*o ot lbs point ? bad ' ten
led t.. change ins opini ???. As for hi? m qu ? ?tance oil?
Whittaker, II waa not the etiquette at . Academy lor
fourth el.. ?met, lo Itareanything t"?lo with lix a
ila- ???, and ululi !n? entri il tbe t lil lo*? hi h.ni u ?
reason lo encourage an? odv nu ? ? ou w mil ikrr'a pari.
Colonel Morrow?What Was ? ni. ? Whittaker'? sorta!
il n im si Wed G???? I
" i he csdetsbsd nothing todo wltB I m ? ?? il?."
" C m you ? Apl.iin the reseou ??<,
" I sneak on ? for mj -n II?liier? ? a.?? no nun? d action
m the ici, ? t. 1. o h radei cai on il 11.? righi lu a -.o. lete
V, III ? bOIU In? |'l ned."
" Did Mr. Whittaki ? parittipati in ? ? a mu omen It ef
the Ac id. iu] I '
" No, I do n.t tl.!:.!< be did."
" To ah it do )OU attribute ttil? rompi?te nttrurlem of
Wbltl tke-l"
" ? ? annul ? xpluin it. unies? ?. cones be ? j? of Afridbo
" .Now. Mr. <) -t Inni), hod you gone into th? ? ? on of s
while ?? ici ami lound him t ? lo lit? bedstead, hl?
pillow suiesreil with Ido I, a e ib ? ?:.?????? with ?.?.
??-oli? him. wiiit ail ile- mark?? ?? vioiruce upon him,
WOII I .mi : oi h IV?? ri .??.>???? I olili G
Major ?. mi ? on| c.d m tb? question, si ? the C??u ;
over, uled tiie lib] rlloli,
T???? s I lies? - 1 ? .? ? I Hill k I should l...\ ,n led t
a aiuti cadet in buy otiu-i w.?y n. ?t. a-? did toward
Mi. WnitlaS ?
?? Ii ?..u ? ? heard ????.? Whlttak?r ?? ,u foi
Won ? von h u.t.. UU :t-? -l en ? '
?? ^ s, ? r, I sin ?
G? . . -nr ? ir.-i ? r?Wosl! on accouut of hl? rar?? thai
you ivold il Mr. V, u it.?? .?? I
" I do I??il II Ink 1 ...? ? ? - loL In UVoid II Bl."
" -noil il JFOU nove ... . . 1 , :;n u -,?, ? lind Ila !
?imi I"
" Ve?, -ir. I think I -le ii'd."
" WoU'd Uli? lui?, ? I? -en "li iti emiri' of III? rnlor 1"
" I ?Ujip.i-e It Would . v.. ?,n iiorthilr ????."
'? ? ? ?ltd \..?? .Ulli ?,? instead ol taking tu?? oat u t"
" I . ,??-nb-r an ulllruiHlloll and .in o ti ? of quai f. ??
"llivejiol on? ItdlgMU? ?empi?? agallisi taking eu
oat ? i"
?? .No. OOt US It I? idiiilin-l nil lu ? ."
"Why, ? m? n, did ?no ? ?? lake Hu oath t"
" M> people pi? ?? noi ?,? .weir."
" Who nu your pfOldl ?"
" I nil ? .1 w."
"lio you mu knot? ? hai the ?sme prejudice exist?
aguiiini the Jew? as again?! In? negroes f"
" I nui itw.tr?? th || tun is -??."
" Unk'??! ?oil no; In-ol ten vom aversion to Un? colorid
tace t
" Ido mit wish the question o* m ? rate, vr hielt sani "t
iu no? wo? n ai up m ...?-evidence, to be biought up m
i.i.iit.mu! William p Coffin, ot the Mb sniih-ry A-?
Mi.mil Ilialrnolor In lai. ?. ?t?? iu-n sw.,in t'ausi
\No, i.iki. he said, was m bl? roiupany. li.? ??? ?,.,,?
on tie mummt of Apri ? to? tamii e (nie, Wiiiiuker'?
nom. Ib? ?? limi ?,,???.? r, . ?,.-,.f nor ,1 |..in?,. ., ,?. k ?,.
and ? pair ot scissors. A! another ihn? m- w?u>?mii?v
ino Coiiimsudaur, apparenti? ?witti Wmtiaker*???,?? ?
?? evolu?.,?? ins pnv.ile ? ?,?,-. f?, IP ? tulli?
that muht Hs-Ist m?, Inquiry, Ile f,,,i?,i Bot""
in? ol unici ooiiSeqOeiio-. M/hltlokei tt one
tun?? hooded him ike m. o ?t wsru'ni The
witness identified the envol,.,* and pHpei wh"? were
?ho? u him ,,* ||,e one? be had rxeelved from Wuitiaser
in.??., wer, ??,,,?, incorporated ?run ???..'?,-.im,,,,,, ,,. ? _?..
hilnl No. 1 A CraVat ?v..? shown to I.)?,!,,, m C.Pi ,
??.? li Wim like tin? ?lie Be had seen in W ? iriaker'a room,
but ?.? .-.mid not aweai ? bal n was tun suma WbittaSrr
at ?..?? ? mi.? told iba Hitases bow tne outrage waa a???
coiiipilHlici ! Three lie ? ialini into Ids ? ?. in mi nignl.
He woke a< the noia?, and one man told him li.ut II be
Iliade a -Oliti I lie w is it ileml Inali. TtlSV StrUOI Inni ill
tbe luci-, iliaggcil him troni ti.e ned, -lit ?,?- rat? and hl?
io?, ???! ? G? iiliii lied lo Un? bedstead, nulling u lui iiw
limier Ins lieud at Ins own ri-ipn-st. Ile did imi nail oui.
t. r fear ine? migbl corne bac?. He ib-ragbl ibe blow
upon bis lace w is giren by a lisi, bul Wa.; sut.?.
lu-1 orni mi).nini ?? tu min m ?? ?. m. im, morning,
Chicago, Feb. it.?? dispatch from Paon,
lib, saya a fatal aeeideul occurred on tne Ohio and Mi??
siMippi Railroad, ten mi es from Ihn ? city, near Owanekn,
lust evening, by wbieb three lalmrers were killed and
aererai others wounded, a eoustruoi. irula, wltb
twenty-?? e men in acab?os?, ander Conduetor Lockhart,
waa baching toward UwaiisS?? la order to un ana aide
truck tlieie. In let u parawssW '" ""?. un.irr C.m.iii, ?,,?
h liijr, ?ni.li was runo loa fast lo malie Up fur lost tune,
pais, mid the latter baring no notice ot tip., oitatruetlou
train on tbs track, a colisi?n .neun d. Tue enfine al
the passenger train tore through tne crowded cub?os?,'
puaiilug ihasi? Inside oir, ailling three uienoutngui aud'
?oui..ling tin or twelve olbera n is remarkable umi no
m ii> eaeap d.
i'ne following ar.? the names of ibe ? Ictlmi :
Killed?Allen J..I. nl OwaUcko, und W. \\'. Tat lock
am? 11. McPberson, ol Pennsylvania
Wounded?L ?uls Bel by, ol G nn Ivanla, con luolnr of
the paaseuger train, ? mo-lv lulur 11 Inierualli ; j.u-..?
G idi. >, lea nial.? ?? ; G???mi .s V.n leu, :. ir broken ; < h .s.
M.?(?inven, leg Inn.k? n j I' .ni n Ut eu, rO lai
broken and iia.Hi bruised ; Owen Ul? a ?? n, hack lu)i re ? ;
Charles ?Iill?, foot inaalied; Daniel Dmi.?, bru.ao.'i
aud oat aboui ibe heawi John II. i-nim m, be id . ul and
arm fractured; Charles Watcher, uf Owancko, ami
Tas wounded, < seept Belby und Wal. ini?, am from
The blame api-f ars io attach to the ootidiieiot of ? in?
constru? il ? irai ?, for boina ou Ibe main iras? ai.? um?
wueu II belonged io the passengei ?? la
Hartposd, Coiib., Feb. 'J.?The iron ????.???
on ibe l'anal li.n m.id ?.\?? ?? Pormington hirer, a
siimi distance north ol Pieluvlll , idi ibis taorumg
while a freight train was paa-in? over l?. The eabooae
went dowil Wltu a l"i>'. Who Was on it. No luti WBS tosi.
???a?t, Feb. 9.?-James llagan, ot Ainsler
?lam, was run over und ?..?!. .1 on io (Viitrul Huilmad
traili al West Albany to-iiuy. Ho sieppod froniutiack
I?, avoid mio .traili aud ?jot iu noni ot another ou tue
other 'rack.
imi: i:i Ki'i!M> which in?: BCOGESTa Ol IHK CITY
O 'Vi ItN'MI'Nt-llIS Vir.Ws ON SIlM G. G-CI.KAXIN?
??? Till: MAVi'll'.S Af I IlOlllTY.
ipgOMTM m:???.41: <?(?iiKKsro-jpKS'T or tp? t???t??.?
Ai.r.ANY. Fe?). ?>.?Controller CiiinDiiell. of
\ ?.? -Y.rk. r-oulinued his ci Incisili of IM McCarthy char?
ier lu G?? lia? UeCarthy Bpecla) Couimitt"0 this morn?
ing. II( gave v.? y interesting te-tlmony. He ItBtob?
iecil to the consolidation of the office of tho Water
Keglsierof the Depm tin nt of Puhllu Works with the
Boreas of Assaatsasat. Bs atated that this would lead
to gnat coii'iision Sttong the person? who had biisuiea?.
wltbth? in 1 ?11 in cut <f l'ubile Works and was wholly
nnntceakary. Tbe D?partaient managed tbo Intricate
buslneasof the water rates, well] bul year.it oollected
?1,700 000 for Ihe city.
?? it is charged -hat von had too many engineers in tho
Department ol ? ihllc Works/' .?ml Senator McCarthy.
Mr. Csmpbell?I un amase I SI sudi a di ir???. I oogbl
to be acquainted with ii.c needs of the department, and
I ?or?.y would not employ too many engineers I .1 n'i
tulni>- the pr iposed ? an of re? rgauizln? ihe D?partaient
of I'u1' ?c work? in tbUattarti r is ? ?ood ona There are
-o ? feature? which are rood, the consolidation ol tiuee
departments into one, for Instance. This 1 iiav?.? reeotu?
1 ended. You cauuot reduce the number ol clerks, their
isoor Is ncedcsL I suppose the Idea II t.. diami?? the beau
of some inn?? an. The prop ?altiou la to make two uuieau?;
there mluhi Just si we 1 be one. I cannot iee why
tbe Architect! an I Engine r-. Department ? could not be
consolidated j divisions sometimos arise. A bureau ?*
merely a division of work. I think this is tosraulcat?
reduction. Tbe Bureau of the Croton Aqueduct isa
Urge n finir. The -ewer Depart men may Justly be mads
i\ ii u by ? elf wltb an engineer In charge. The
Burean of ?; is i- all right! it requir - only one man. Be
.iocs his work esssedingly well an 1 work- ? -ry bard
rbe Burvsu of Supplies an I R'.'iwlrs s also right. Way
. ven iu-re In A 'b.m.v t hoy li.iv a Bureau ol I.imp? and
?? is, and ibis la an economical ? ace.
air. M Cai thy?la CTerj voucher certified to by the
Chief Engineer 1
Mr.Campbell?No.air; it I? not a fad. He doesn'i
certify anything as to lamps and ims. or repair? and
supplies, lie Im.u't the time to attend to these matter?
imi? uglily. ?I ?hink there should uol be more than one
bead to an ? department of tbe City Government. The
only oh! e lui !s to Ibe Hard of Police. It iiinv.? tne
Board of Kl??? turns ani then yon can have it. It Isa
?insular fast that rua cannot get one man
wiili a in/ e non u'1 inai in manage
department alone. Look at Washington. Every
.?.? ?? tiin-e department? ts ruled by a single
cinei. \\ ?,y tbe Bri retar?. . f tbe Treasury Is at the head
ol itie.'.tei affairs than all those of New-York roiuMued.
1.00k bore In Aloaoy. All tas brada of the .state I) part?
incuts are ? og r-b? id d. Tbey bad an Idea ai oae nine
that three men could manase affairs better In tbe c m
department and In ibe prisons. Hut they were woefully
Ill-managed and expeuatra G r executive department!
? .ni want on.? head : you don't want ?lire.- Ornerai? to
an army. I in? people say tma, and molo only one nu?
li nntendeni of i'lis.ms and noe Sun? nul.ml 11' of Pub
icWo ka to um age lb? csnals. Bee tbe result. The
co-i 1,1 aupporling th m is vastly reduced, ami the aer?
ricela web dune. The Be r t .ry of,be Treasury gela
ilongsu well by m? an? ut bureaus un.? by aub-diTlslons.
t- i.uii.r ioiiij ? llave you auy opinion on -irict clean
? ? 1
?ir. Campbell?Mayor Grace seot aie his bill, I sug
gr'tedc, m.??-. I am in favor of dividing the city mm
twenty district? under prop r contractor?. \V ?are this
woik l'ione man iu do o e? and be ucraino Ibe master
uf ihe city. Un diioi bis th.? matter .e warmly at
m .? ?. 1 as id 10 1.1.u : " Mi. Mayor, you do thai and you
? in un noi tal hi nor." 'Im. bill i-inhrai 's both ays
tern? ; m ??? ' | Il u fl. r on n hu or uudi-r twenty.
Tue Mayor b 1 rami up aiui-iidmi ita to ibe blu. 1 .ouid
give bim pretty good latitude. M ri bim Igln. P?ir
m anee, he ?..,,? -??..??.??) ?,, ?.iv powerful ?
entri ? ?? s ..?? 1 iw . in . - OUI i" 1 a : wi.v nut ?ne u
lo nini I W.i 1 We waul II Ul ::??! tu? ?tree:-cleaning
a u- of spending ??0?,0?0 and no
?? Ititi? :. e ???????? ??????? t
'?? . ?? ' ?? ... ? n > n get tbe garbage and ashes
?. n iruii . 1
Mr. 1 iii.pn.il ? Y??*, I t ?? ? ?? U lin? can b .lune. Ilio only
? i-?. .. u . iu . - I.?. in?? li .aid o.
Ile III end.1 ?? ibi. lu*-* in lu", tel eilielit-bouaea. \* t
m??-..vin.ii I nope m n. .mi are y --ine bills for um
? ?. n ion aill nui ?.? bui foi ai u.irtii. Por in*
-1 1 u '?. ? .ni a\ " .1 lull ? app 1I11I a e.un.u tu 1 ir.
? I"'? ' - IIS I I .? Vi . ? .1 - '? 1 OUI?? Ili Ibi! "Il il ?,?
baVen'l a ?? ? riment 01 Publie Works f I hud piepared
I?? 1? pai 1 al irei la ?? ? ai. I"l a a? .,.1 ., .?, i>
? ? 1 ? 1 II.e . 10 ? ve ?ir??. Is ibul badb'l hai lly 11
. ?., ?. '..'?? s ni l'ini- \.?. pavol In ? gr.iu I
-ili . ??? ??>? pslliwa.i from ib>? parka. I am tryiug
.III II. II nil i-|. lilt 1 I,. III. III.
.-e 11 . ... -.? . .... II???. ..!? . it .1 -, . .? .?'.?.?? ?.u ?
? (?????? ?? ? .?? u:.... dtlou ut spnug e c u in-G
have nevi ? inaili ??.. my m un a Mini ??. I bave I" en told
, ?., ? ? ou 1 .u' g.'i tbe tax payera' uu ; thai rou can 01 .
. ,. in? in ni lu?? lull. Inn it 1< Clear M.ai I us? ? i- a . I
? larling ii'iii'iii cltii us, But as for u ?priugclcr?
Mon m i-ssi tn.ii 1 .on nil?'.-, il m. 1 think II would lie
v? it uaataa ml u |u?: lo pusb Mr. Ora.ut ol ? 111??.?
|u?i Du? wbeu . 1.11 .lii-l g nie 1.Ill . I btve talked
.1 w 111 t ... o ... .uu purl I ?and iuvy are ol ibe
S ?lin ",.,11 oll.
Ml. Mel alili) W llM \..?? bave the Mayor lippolll
Ihr lu ul ... lb |. .. men . Willi ini . by tue
: Videi I
??. 1 unioni .1 1 ; und ! think I ? M lyor -?. ? d
li i?i" ???? ?>???>? u ? ?. ?? .< m v..1 and a ?poiui
I ... lor in.king In Mayor ii-i" -, 1., ior ihe govm,.
u? cl y III M .* ol < . 1 '?> I UU Ibe <;..i. 1 11
liilMl id X-a-Yuik ?.M .? In.? . 1 .,? a . II goVeriiUil-Ul
li> tne oui is. I aoilid ? ?? ?: ? M .tor In n un v? a
III II I W.I 1 III II ii|? ?? f Si ? Vi I U In..- ... ., unni
?Il ' Il ' U 1 ..!'> Il \ . I .'.(.Il ? II..',? t. ?
? il teli lej-i.n tur lui ? in?.. I ui a coluiiii-s'o'.u r.
1.1 . . ??? .Ilk?.
(,l M.i;\l. ?.??.I LA I IOS.
lilt: PH ' G...-I.l" I ..\ ( "'? ???|--?.?\ ?', ? ? !.,':! ?.?????
?? . ?"? ? \ s -?? m. .1
ini n 11 intarli ?.? in iridi ??
??.risi. l'.i>. '.'. The Keimte hi- ilnwdleil
'?? . ?? :- ni ol il Ih? A .1 .111 . un/.i.g
...munir '..in .1 ?o up,? 1 .1 a 1 ' 'iiiliuss on for tue r?
\ mu or lln? lui law?. -.. peral imitai?*? Ibe dilatory
m Ilo . ? g.irdllig lidi ?? ulU ? e ? lui II lab ?inning lo
n. ,u-,.m t d limi n ?- ine pino. -.? ..f ? io s. nate t.? nost
? un? ah sei uni un tbe ?iib)ect. su that the Couiiiiissiou
m ?> ?. ? nu. '. ?? o? repon this lession. Auoiber obstacle
lo Ilo ? |'i-sag "f le I .???lull tils -aldi, le a demand
by ?olii.? ' I the (?eli lor* thai the ? ?hall limn ? on mem?
iM-rolibel.mi?sion. ?.ich ademaud.lt laappareut,
will noi be compiled with by Governor I'orneiL He
i-aiiiiot mil r? nie.i-r tbe kind ol ne u selected f t aleni
beraofallclliieuuiuilssionbVliieMen.it. of l-7'.i. irbeli,
silera.il ?.ni rUfbt boura, in uuas J. (tv im -r,
imeni fweed'sti Datore, was put torward aa competent
for sin li a Wot k.
Beaatorttab r today moved that the resolution for
? c iii'i'.iui iu ni of in-r ..u.voi su und ne referred
foranicud.ittothejolni Committee ou ratal loo of
both ii"iiseK. incan? udiuent be lagcested was that II
mould b ? made . learly evident whether tbe <; ivnruor's
l.oiuwiss. ?.?-in work, IU cooperation Willi lbs Jolul
? omuiittee on Taxation. II? urged imm?diate sotion on
bt? mutton, declaring tbai tbe soiijeti wat tbe moai Im?
portoni ?me b'-iore ih?? Loaisltturr. Tbt uiotiou was
edoptod m ?? aucun! wey nv sin? ???????<?. anything for
.id ?j apiNtra illy being tin? laoughl of tbe sou it ,ra.
Brasimi itr..ok? has bt ? trontbliat with am sty over
Hit? lute of hi? bill tlempttOg the Se? York Nur-ery on
?tillen Isl uni frmn laxatlou. ??? attack ?vas in id.? upon
It last week on the ground that it was Impolitic to In?
crease Iurther lbs nuutlior oi Instilnilout rxtiupt from
Ir tallir?. Therefore, when ihr nui ? eme up G?? a third
ni unir lo?lo? Mr. Brookt beard with alarm Mr. iiu t.?.:
ilei u?? lh.it the in, BSUre woiibl require II? l|
two-third? bill 7!? rotes, Instead of the
usual I'''1 Mr Mimed mile llie ? mil
that nil h li? c utptiug proport) f? -m tax?tmn-were in
Lut iwo-thirds bills, as they Indirectly autUonted tin?
expenditure m public ?.ey. Mr. Brooks holly ?Bid
Inaili?' lin u,hl kl? Hill? Olli WOO lucrimi; Willi ???? ex
iraonliu ir.? oppi?, lion. Mr. UiisU-d ludiguuutly rei li o
inni bis -nuli meni a ...in in,? lull w ?? only exir lordi nary
m rww ni Hur? ? tbsl n ?vus lu incori! with lu?? L'on?
?????? lui Mr. brook? shorn?' Inni the ?.? ?.?I.?cl Ion, how
,??? ??. of BOT n? bl? l'Ili |? c-. il. It ne .?'el Jo?! lin.
rrqub.ll? tiuoiier uf ??.?.?TO. Mr. l.ow, or Miae-ara,
p..tu i.? mi or?n o I he ? ?? mhiy ? hat Ibi ? \? as re 1 or iti
me ine dilation laws Iswkword.
? he Assembly ?? in farnesi in Us desire to secara Ib
soliti? oilier pail of tin? new Capitol n loom for nn
A -.rioii.v Chamber. The present Chamber la obviously
III ? on?,inend im- the purposes ul ,i deliberativi a? ?
binge speaker 8h? psappoinied the rollo wrng ? sein
i,h m. ? is ,t eooiiu nee in roBsuit with the new Capitol
r.iiini' --Ioni is ili Ilio subject i Me? is. IIhvcs, AlVoid.
e II. Bussell, ?? ter. Draper, ???ok. Bud Mol.ei.
A pio?'?,? iigalnsl lb?? compulsory pilotagli at Hell
(,,ile. il ? .1 Hiver, was le, ,????.? in ??,n Ir.he LeglilO
un?? ?,. Ne .1 t-??. Mr. 1? ri ick, ?? ????, Is ???.ilo
httid.iv newspapers aud especially lo being awakened
,,?, - nulla? looming? with int cries ul newsboys, ?,?- lay
,, presented a bul making u a misdemeanor to offer for
?, paper? mi -uinlav m any city street, Mr.
Kugle, ii Brooklyn, luiroduced a bili dlroctlug tbe
Board ol l?i m a imi ? ? ? hat cuy lo provide books for a 1
? in? eblliireii atiriidiut llie public schools. Mr. Moller'?
bill requiring iiiluiug conip*uie? to make quarterly re?
port? ? tbe aiate Bugiuoer w.n reported favorably
lini Inlrodnoed m the Beaste ? Bj Mr. Fowler?
1,, rtteiid in?? il.tlnlili nf emp o\ eis. (? in ? .es in rood
eo ; |i nue? lei|i.in Hilt) lot I he lives Ol i.e II' em |ili ? ves.
jiy Mr. Ilogan? ?.? ?oabie railroad eoiopouliw lo acquire
land!. IB Kli Union 1 Cullili? for railroad piiipo-c?.
?.il io ??: olili tbe ?va,??? of I hu polt ami harbor
oi New-York wiis pasted lu tatwseuote. ,
t.,, bill n? .nue m n,? idioission ol tttomeyi nt law
??vu- r. mi ?? ? lui ?1 timi, ami passed by g vom ot j , as, li?;
uayt?, 7.
.n ? in- Aaaemhly Mr Dayton moved Hmi the Ootutuittec
mi Cities lie discuoi ged troni further oooaiderol on ol ? im
mil relative to ani ars of iissetsmonn qnd Outra aud
Croton watet reuts In Kow?York, and that tue ?ame be
I'.liilitl tO the Commut?e of Ilio Whole. Ilio umliou
Wn? lo?t.
Tin? billowing hills were pnsserl In tho A-fmbly :
lte?iuluiiug ? he sel, ci ion o: ?lint Iff.' Junes in tin? Cil y ami
County of New-Y?.rk| providing lor the pavnj 'it u] m
isdn uwaids tor widcuiug l'ro?putt avo.. Orouklvur ufo
? vidlng for an udditional public bath in the City of New
The bill for the better protection of minority etock?
holders in manufacturing corpoi alloue was reported
favorably m tun Assembly. ___. . __
Senator McCarthy roe to a question of privilege In the
a, nate ro-dav, und said that his sentiments hi regard to
????? York iistl beep misrepresented. He t.eeiarcd
?tronglv that he I- friendly in all respecte to that city.
'Hit? .TndlclBry Committee of. the Senat? wilt r-port
favorably ti-moirow on Senator Bobcrtson's amend
ment to the Constitution providing for an additional
generi?! term of lie Supremo Court. Tbta amendment.
if adopted, add? twelve Judges to the Supreme Court
bench. Ibe additional Judaea will be distributed a?
follow? nmong the judicial districts : One lu me lid,
Hid. IVtii and Vlth Distucte, and two in tho Isl, Vth,
Vlltiuiiid V.'IIlb Dl'tnots. . _._
The As, n.b.y C tnmitteeon frison? amended Eni?tu?
Biook?.'?. lull providing lor the hanging of all persons
convicted of murder at King Sing Prison. The amend?
ment provide? that murderer? aliali be hanged In the
State Prison nearest their place ot conviction, 'lue bill
will bi 'reported fovorabJy to-morrow.
The ? scmhly Committee on General Laws resolved to
report fuvorably a bill permitting corporations to hold
real? itote to the value of $2,000,01?. ?.
The Asa.blv Committee on Navigation, by s vote of
j ?. 4. bat rt?olved to report favorably the bill for the
abolition or compulsory Boll o,?te pilotage.
? '
Albakt, Peb. 9.?There woe a joint session
of th??Committees of Coiniu-roe and Navigation of both
hontet tins afternoon to it-ar tbt opponent* of Hell
Gate pilotage. Captala Vit Brunt, of the Vessel
Owners' and Captains' Association of New-York, tlret
id In s id the committees. lit? argument was mainly
the tame at hat beta nudo before Leglelattvt commit
tee? for severa! years pott H' told the tax ,'ell upon the
?mailer vessels,w lit tue larger ?uee, propel'"! by
?team, escaped entirely. Thomas P. Ball, ot Evans,
Hall A- Co., ?hipping utcr laott, New-York, foBowed,
?tying that there ria no nceeMtty whatever fur pilot?
to take ? ?eel? tbronah Bell < ;????.
nu: si:\v.ji.usey leg?slat?BE,
Trenton, N. J.. LI* t*. '.?.?The Sewell Rail?
road oil. wnicb j/a-s.il the Senate yesterday al'er much
opposition, was reroasidsted lo-dayoa motion of sena
tor Sewell, si d I ?Ub-tltUte v/.n introduced which re?
BlOVettbe ntj t'tiioia'le features, so that ra li'O id com?
panies miy on y condemn land? along tbelr rootta.
Tin? substitute w.i< pots? d with one vote In opposition.
When tbe Jersey City Bridge bill, which wue favorably
reported bv the committee tins owning, carne uu on
?. cool reading this afternoon ? member to? h the
trouble to declare that no corporation owu.-d him,
??Idle he glared fiercely upon certain meaiber?? whom he
teemed to think open to that imputation. Tin ? chi on
t e bid began at ouee, and the an Id-bridge peop.e succeed
e?l In ha-vmir it dltporodof tortue pieseut by a post
pnnement until Ti.esday. ,
Tbe House ?pent nearly all of it.? morninir-scssion to?
day In debate upon the hill fixing the tenure of ?.ffice of
police nnd tie departments. The bUl received the ap?
proval of ihc emule of pot ice o! le ail y all tho cities of
in? Slot??, but was especially desired bv Jersey City. It
was opposed by tbe l.< ox County nn-tubers generally,
mid was Dually amended r-o that it would not apply to
Newark, in which Shape II passed to a third reading.
Uu? Ii uni es bill, atter h??. in,- bi-eu cut to piece? by
ameodmeBts in the Benote, wot ordered to a third read?
ing lost week, but to-day v.as lactmttdered by
unsnlmou? consent tad placed on second reading agate.
Tin Senate posted the Mil providing for the payment
ol a bounty t?? growers ol sugar-coos aul manufacturers
of ausar tberetrom In tbla State, liiere was lutiooppo
?HI oi lo the m? .innii and It will ito luto ? II' e at once, in
all probability, tbe ai-eent of ?he Hou-e belog pretty well
a-.inv'l. A I'liiiadi Iphta tlrm has airea iv began experi?
ments In this direction on ??.??? acres ?! wi.d land in
Cape May County, and there are thousauds of aerosol
barreo lauds In Atlantic County which will he expert?
m? ni. ?! u .on. 11 is claim? it that |180 an sere can be
r. il .?, d in this crop y proper man ??reineut.
The bill?Introduced by Donator Franela, Which made
more tlrlngeat the provtslo--? of the low that tho
Het*retary of tbe State ihall re? Pive no aompeotatlon L?e
vo'iil the ?alary of 16.000, were passed by tile House lids
afternoon wit boni seiioua opposition.
? ??- > ni e t ils morning passed rn?? House bill vesting
In the Board ol I? ?holders ol Mo mouth Couotv the
et lu? ve ? tir. di? ti?.? o?, r B lark Biver for 'weiity ? ears.
l'In? a? nate h ?? posatoi tu? Seuale loini resolution g v
ing .-i.iiio toward ? monument it Spart au ou .-. Souib
V ???.un. lu liic'.url? of the Ite volili loii.il'V battle ot
? itwpeu?.
A t'ilut meeting of tbe two h ni?, s to elect a St ite fit
?? 'tor of th? United Ballroad?? and Canal Companies m id
Ik lel'l lux V?. lues 1,,?.
Mr Mai.??, In ibe limisi? to-day, tntrnduoed a gen?ral
Uraniane bill pr-pared by the Miao Hoard ?? Hit...
? lie Seuure udjoui m d until Monday eveuln .?. The Luna?
tic A.-sluin-. Committee Will ln-ulu Us iiiV'-stigatloo of
tbec'iuoij ??? lune? on Tmirsil.ty, beginulogOl Ciiiuleii.
\ ?: ? waa bit ? dined lu the iiou-s- aboiUbing the pres?
ent II mrd of Hipar?an l'oiiiuiisstiiiers ani appointing the
(invernili?. Controller, Trca-uiel, Allome? ?>? neial all!
S ,,,',??? of Stole to take euoi'go ot mo riparian lauds
of tbe State _
I'M IK 10 AM) W i:-l KRN >?'"(??.
At ii ?netting; ot the Executive Committee of
I!?.? Sew Vu:... u ilari ? imi We,tent ?? Ir? ni Company,
resierday.ib revised report of tbe mgineert wat read
smladopi ?. ? .,:.?. -now . t ut th?? r ???? tfoiu New-York
?.? liiiff.rio Will be toiiiii'e- d -.vilsln tbt Bel two years.
? d .ii ? ? ii?t lunch In low the orig u il Oosl of any irunk
in. ??? the We*t. J. V. Seligmon tint otherOerroanbank?
er* boutrht largely for foreign a'?,?, mit. owing to the On
lai lo and B'e? ern sii ?restai ? ring with them t it r't'ln of
?l.h-i liplloll III I ',?? Solili Kivr CC?I? niellili ?.mi,?,HIV.
? pi ' unii,? ?? ??? pereeol w.,s bid t r the privilege,
?? Ich Is nini? lenti 35peyceui mi tue Sortii Biver
.iii.tno Company' *t??cs. ih?? reason thatthe
prtvilegv give une abare or Coustrucllog ?tocktoeacb
? ? 3.:.iiis u, Ontario ami Wesiern.
l'in ?.ahi.?,?'????, G??1>. ;>.?The si?? rial Hasten
In tbe ?ase of the Philadelphia . ni Beodiag BallroaO.
who were ordere I by Judge McKennan 'ast January to
lake testimony ander tira politl?n of the MeCalmonte,
eoiieeruliig ibe deferred Income bouds, Died in tbt
finid States Cutirl thl? a?ternooa a printed report
covering !?3u pates of testimosy. It is prefaced by a
slat, nint allowing that upon the cloiin?r of the evi?
ti' ne this ?????1. it was si ?i"d by the respective coun
-e| niai it had been aure? ti hv them, with til approval
of tue Conn, that Ibe Masters should moke no report
up ill Hie ? 111 Itili teuer than a return of the BVldOUCt a?
Ku iimon'D, Va., Feb. B.?The cute of the
Ailaui? ,Mu*issipplAnd Onto Ktilrood,npea the petition
ot ? he company to Iw allowed to redeem the road, ami
a-ikiut,- for a ? ? poueineiit oi the siile for ninety day? in
oidor to give limo fot us redemption, was resomod in
tbe United States Clrcall Court tin? morabas Judgit
?:.I and Hiigbet oree Ided, and Oenerol Bei^jauiin i^,
liutler, if ri ouisel tor lb?? petitioner?, having concluded
In? argument, llie Court toot a r c M until 1 p. in. Cpnii
reasseiuliliug Judge Bond read the declamo of the Court
den.? lug ih< prayei ol tin? n? mi ? noi s. aim oooDrming the
pievi..u-. order of tbe Court for the tote of the road ou
r'ebruary 10.
Huston, Feb. ?.?It it ?uuiouacetl boro thU
iifuinooii iu_t aayudicaie reproso?ied by Ueutral Burl
has -. ci'ieii tin? rontrolling Intenti lu the Bo?t<m,
UooatoTunnel and Western Ballroad I'm?, in eonneo
tinn with tin? Syracuse. Cbeuanao and New-York Ball?
? >a ?, tu?? m ibawk ami I. tke Er a Railroad, and the Trov
ami Saratoga Spring? 1? illway, ?Till ??? consoli lated luto
one coipoiat.ili, ??ilh lite oo|eet of c'iii:roliiii< au lude
pendeut through line from Boston io linda.o.
??????, F?'l>. 0.?G??? rbiibo) ?ineiiuj,' of the
Boston outl Aiiiaiii 1: nir.nl stockholders was held to?
day. The lollowitig gtiulleiuen were elected directors!
UimrgH i>. I'roeker. Mooee 1>. Kimball, Uoory Ooult,
id?? .ini li. Olllett??. .loiin Cuuiiuliia;-. CUarlv? ??. Sar^eut
unit Jan.r? A. Kinn: ill.
Fai.i. River, Moon., F.b. 0.??Labor trouble?
nr.? hu|>endlug bere again, the mill operatives domaud?
leg the resttftttou ot tao l?? per tent taken irom their
w i,:?h ?,-? October. Im- demand ?? stade on
tiie ground that prlcee of pnut col Us lus
iify It. Lai ire moetiugt of weaver? and
sminu?-? were held last mgbl to plan a Bourse ol action.
A deputation of weavers wtlted on tbe spinners, aud it
wa? agreed that a genera] strike of ibe w< overt and
spinn? rs shall ml??? place, and that on Sunday tbe time
? u ihestrikeaud the name?ol ibe inllis wucre ?Aork is
to In? ?opped are to be alliiiillnceil.
Lbwistok, Me., I'd?, ?.?? letter troni Swan,
th?? defaulting town treasurer, to his rutber-ln-low, tinted
Toledo, Ohio, ?as icci-ivcti Saturday. Swan, It ta tttd,
make? n full roufes?ioii thai be is n defaulter to the town
??? ,t?,???, oiol mat he hat raised03,130 on Ins personal
ii"'". i.'.'o'ii In him to persona Woo ibougbt tliej wert
receiving tue town'? not?'.?.. S woo ?ays be ata led into
ambetltlUg Hie town'? uioiic? bj his losses lu ?took b1?cc?
illation?. ^_
l.MiltH AMI? BUADOWa Ot ?'???????-?????
INU. V.inty iv. ry pl.iin, .i.cootp.i.ii d !?> a ? rj Pretty
'?And now. bow msay siUinga bin? I y^u r? ?nur?
of my aioci, Mr. B|?arkt 1 " Our AHi?t (a modest uni
musi Inflammable \ outb)?" Db, boi inoro itimi thirty or
lori ?, ??? perhaps Hit?, ? ne will say ?i*ty, if you like, or
seventy?at ail oVeatt, eighty or ninety at tue utmost,
or?" Auuiy?"JUomi lieiivem?! Why you palmed me
iu nun |" Our Anist?" Noi Dui 'U really, though 1
Ali, Inn 1 can ?ee at a ulaiice that your niece'? ? xpreealou
will ha uartloularlv diftlmili to oatcO. you know I"
SECOND jure ??????? bpTHK ?G?????t??,?^,'
school STATisncs and wka* pt-scsa is t?G
SCHOOL SYst?H. ?' .
Tbe annual meeting o -iie Department ot Suns.*,
mtendence of tbe Natio Educational As*ociM?n
whtcli beean Tuesday evening, was continued ri
terday at Association Hall. 8noerintends0- A p
Marble, of Worcester, Mass., occupied therha,r ?
view of the small attendance, the chairman said |?
calling tue meeting; to order, that the body was ?
small and deliberativo one rather than
lame and p'.piilar%me. owing to th? lon[
distances many superintendents were compelled t?
conn. There were about seventy-fivo persona at
tho mornine session, which opened at 9:30 o'clock.
several of then, vere Indies. Anioni? those present
were J. D. Philbrick. ofll<>aton ; J. 1?. WickershanL
J. O. WiNon. A. P. ?tone, H. S. Jones, Supera i
tendent of Schools, Erie, P? nn.; Ii. G. North?*. \
Aaron Gora, M. A. Newell, State Superintendent of >
Publio Instruction, Maryland ; A. F. De
State Commissioner of Common Ncliools,
Commissioners Pellew and Katzenberg, of thin cityr
Ellis A. Apgar, State Superintend nt of Publie 1
striiction, Maw Jstatf ; ?. A. Calkins, John Esto.
' .imi Junes P. Slade, ?Superintendent of Public In
rtnittion, Illinois. Tbo exorcises consisted of the ?
l-eudinfof papers on stated subjects, each of which
was followed by a Renerai discusi?n.
The first paper was on " The Unification of S-bool
Statistics," by Andrew McMillan. Superintendent
of Public Schools at l?tica, N. Y. The spoaker
mired the need of gettiim accurato statistics relat?
ing to the public schools in the scver.il Sut.??, am?
pointed out the lack of uniformity iu the present
system. He recommended ? plan which bethought
would obviate the existing dinscultie?. Kv
marks on this paper were made ' by a.
P. Stono. John Eaton, Jolin D. Philbrick,
James H. Smart and Jam. s P. Wirkersham.
< ?ii the motion of John Eaton the following com?
mittee was appointed fo review the paper read
by Mr. McMillan : John D. Philbrick, J. P. Wicker?
slip in, C. W. Van Collen. A. Parish. J. 0. Wilson.
Jumos Ik Slade, W. W. Waterman, N. C. Dougherty
and E. A. lliihbard. Tbe following committee w.ij.
also uppoiuted to urge the matter of uniform stati?,
tics upon Congress: J. H. Smart, A. P. Sioue, Aaron
Gore A. f. D? Wolf and M. A. Newell.
J. P. VYickersliam next opened the discueeion on,
" 1 he Weak Places iu Our System of Publio Instruc?
tion." His ?nl'iross was in part as follows:
Miinv bave criticised our school sysn ?. Gull flsmil.
ton has opi'osed It becaOse. us she term" It, bhs mir,'.?
then rs too much ? realisation, too m.ioli machiner?.
lint her strictures are not well founded, hhe st.outd rr
member that there is a kind of orgnniz uion flint buil.ls
up. It in.iv press beavilv, but there muer be a macht??
in education, as tu cverythiug els.?even In immic? Her
lunik 1.? weak, und seems to bave been written by soma
one who h.id 1 ibid to get a teacher's safa
t?llente. [I..m.-lit.-r | Tuen th. r? Is another
entic?Richard (?mut White. Who is \\*\
Has h ? iliade a isrsful study of the auh|< it In this coun?
try mi.I ubroad t We know .-orni tli.u.. ot him us a philol?
ogist ; us scoli, he lute written some ?.ood ? .pei s. ?.ut
?t li ut ex neri?, tien bas be bad lu tbe field of public id
struulionl While <.all Hamilton's book Is weak, I
have no hesitation In savi'i* that Mr. White's article In
The SorVt Smwitim Rrvie* is unworthy of Ito iu. nor
Hint of the piibiiualiou in wldcb It appeared.
Uui there uro weak places in the sy?t?in. First, sc?
cording to my . I? ws, the members of our
achool boards sad i-ommittee? do not
hive Pinuuii special knowledge ot ?elioni?
and achool miinagnuiei.t. They are elected by the p. olile
fi.uii ail ut ine u vocations ot life, and are usual.y int.-ili
???ut men, but ibey <l?> not poesesn auyspeclul kuou i-',.?
uf school matters. Tii'sisa source of weukness. YuU
and I know that t requires study to build a school:.. u-s
properly, und tust It isuot ?????G? a matter of putting 119
a pl.e of brisk and asertar without regard te'Sdleimae
principles. And yet we have buHdlim golu?? up all esrec
tie 1 .inn rv. apparataa and books hointbt at baas
hazard. Tbey n.iiflif as well select foo.s for
? dmitet. Tii'-u tbey areintrusied to sel.-ctinx ooaraa?
ot slu.lv-one of the uimt important aubjicia ot all to
.bal ?Uli.
Another weak p'ace Is tbe need of more experts In the
profession and closet supervision. There is a need of
mots inen who are willing to 0>T0t6 theri.Si-lVes to
sch ol supervision. We have ninety-two supcriire d
ents m i'eiiusylvants, and yet have not halt ?iioiifn.
There Is w nkneea la Out.? iu this respect, mid also ?11
M isaachusetts. Competent sup-rvlsiou la tho rifbt ?nu
of the -chool ?vstem.
A?a n. tin? -t.uusof theu-aclierisiiot vsry satisfactory.
It rcquireeb ich art to teae*i a child? far more even than
to paiut a inclure, or toc. d?cl a ntatu??. But bow little
preparali?.ur teaeasrs make tor their work; bow
villini: ?h V are; liiiw niicertain the tenure of officie:
how irequeiitly they chaos?? ?ml how low ?aUrte*. ar.? I
Ibe standard ouuht to be nil ?ed. The normal schon, j
Should be multiplied, and sal.ine? t?boui l be raised in
order that liett-r .cachera might ?>e ??-cured.
11. G. NonbroVi who sta? als?? ?\-?.??t?.?.1 lo this sub?
ii that li.? thought inellkieiici? "f Machet?
tue cardinal weakness. Tbeachoolssufisrad Irosa
rotation in ?ilice through politleal lottueuoee, irosa
which the?, s.nmld be entitelv teni"ve?l. As fu e 1
piilsory education, ? ha.? been a mai lud sueee*? .ti
('.unii ci.? ut. 1 he speaker said that lie would ?' 11
sider it worth a Journey to u reunite cunei of ;???
S'.ite to brine a single cliilil into the aohotds. Bin'f
?dilreases were also made by A. F. De Wolf and A.
J 1 me? fi. Smart offered a resolution "f than!, s ta
1 bornas H. t obb for lus effort? to secure su appro?
priation troni t'oiit?ie-s fol the public s.lioois lu lb?
District uf t olumbia. and for bise-tort* to sstabliah
u bigh school at Washington. Tne n-sulutiou w:ij
At the afternoon session the ?lisru-winn w??.*
opened by a pater on " I iie Conservation of Padt>
gmtic l!> ??-.?,'' read l>y Charla? O. Thompson, of
Worcester, Mesa, One >t ? lie principal usate?, a?
said, w.is ibe Insufficiency el the training iu the
primary department.- ?d the schools. Much of trust
was atudied aliouldbeaimplitt>d and some otnitted
altogether, thus eocouragin ? stente? ptohcioncy in
wli.it was ft. There ?? re l?y far too in-iny puniis
in moat cases, sa evil that could be partly conaxrted
by bavins half of thsn attend 1b th.? morning aud
the other half in tin? aiteni.'on. The ?cbool-rooiu
siioniil not be inailo a ?lay nursery.
Iu tbo discussion that followed remark.? were
niatie In II. 8. Junes, who objected to \\es? Point
being ???.??.? a model, as the condition? were different
from those in the public schools. Commissioner
Kim;, ?? Richmond County, stirred up a hornet's
i.est by apeakinr* despairingly of West Poiut. Mr.
Nortliron sprang t.? his feel and said he aid not liko
to hear West Point spoken of in that way, as ho
tin tigiit the (.?iv? ruinent bad received a rich ret urti ?
for tbo expense, ile-1.les, he consul.'red it a go "I
model m suine rest -eis, alt limitili ita um: was dillei?
ein fr uu that ot tbe hrgh sclmol.
J. G. .Murplr. announced himself as a " student of
tip? an oi tea h.uit"; he said he was sixty-lwo. ,t?|
had lie?>u a teacher since lie was seventeen Ha
spoke at KMue length of the need of tukiug imo
account tin? nataral beut of children.
The ln>t paper was read by H. r'. Hough, of the
Depuri ment ol Agriculture at Washington, on " Our
Schools and Our Furests." The sp?; ,k?'r sketched
the history of the schools of forestry in Europe, and
pointed out the necessity ot eletueutarv irainingui
thin country, Lecture? on the subject, hoi bought,
should lie delivered at normal schools and acade?
mic-, and oral lessons taught the children at tho
public schools.
Ilio meeting wiil bo cntinued to-day. f?enernl
(?ni? t is expected to lie pre.x'ut during a part ?>t the
alleninoli sCM-liitl.
In theeveuiug shout 150 members and invited
giieeis of the uasociation partook of a dinner at
lielinuui. oV. William IJowd presided lu the ab?
sence of Stephen A. Walker, the chairman oi the
r.oar.l of I'.diicalion. When the various courses had
u. lived ?Hie attention Mr. Dowd called upon the
representatives ol educational interests from dihVr
cnt States to make sddreeaes, Those wiion'ep.'iiiled
ht.? General Es'ou. of Washiugt.ni; Generai W.-bh,
president ol the College of the City <>f New-York ;
I F Uukorsliiiiii. oll'piinsi Irania : Var?n Gold, of
Colorado? M. A. Newell. ot Maryland ; D. VV0I1, ?f
Ohio? Dexter ?. Hawkins, of New-York: John D.
Philbrick, of MassachiiM'tt-, and J. Beassi PaCS, ol
Now-\ork Cuy- ?
Tho Literary Society of the Ymmp Men'?
Chi 1-1 lan Association is OtM of the heal oiganuation ot
un kiii.l iu ihe cuy. It ?? uot a school-boy debating cmb,
imi baa tor ns mosl active members yuan* men en ??-?
tu professi -nal or luercaiitilo puisulw unit uiore lua.uio
than ibose of tho aveiatfo liu-ruiy asessuea at the
siKiiti'srccepilou lu the Association ?,.? loi s Tuesday
eventos tin? sorci ssnewatmassara? follow? ?l of ? weg
? ??*1"?? of tea Illuse of ?lepreMciitativiH, ine aafefcet
for dlsiasetnn arimi the iteauuu lataestaaa com
un rea bill. l?:. 8. Miller was spcuker,
i?. A. WictiuK, clerk, und M. Orr, seri? an: at-ariu?.
fjiirtan Oasita vus cliuiruniu ?if the Committ?e of ihe
Whol??. 1.. K. Ondili, as tho member dorn Texa?, ml *
duccd the bill: A Firmln, fitiui California. W. ilu.h
son. from Vermoiii, and B. Wi.iuinis. fnmi New-Yuk,
BUppuHed Ule mensure, ami A. 11. llos-'. tlulU NeW-J.T
.H.v. 11. \>. Beckett, troni iihio, (i. W. tMiiueriiid> kc u.u?
Miissnclnisets, im.l ?. J. Hush. (Mir, ?Yniisylreina, op?
posed it. l'bcre were many ?ood hits at peculiarities ?>i
certain legislators, I'm? opponents <t the bill thouitnt
that ti.ey Hud earned Ihelr polnl by preveutlDklW favoi?
able upon to tbe House hv a largo majority, ali i?ugu
their opiioueuts ?????????? secured an adi.niru'oeiit before
they weie uble to strike out tUe enacting clause.
Ho wns just homo from dancing echool. "Did
von niiv.-imomliiuie, uiv little mau I" aeked bla faibcr,
"Yea. sir; a reul sood time. 1 dauoed every time ex.
cent the lasi." " Aud why not thea I" aeked the father,
?? ileoiuis? Mr. Papauti wouidu't let me, aud it ?iwrlMl
mean, for there were two or three emptj girl? G -\ft^
ton Trauaorioa.

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