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tourcea nnd made money abundant, has left a ?rim
In his striking Utter to The Tribune on
tbe dangers o? immigrati? u. Consul Byer?. ot ? inoli, as?
serted that 8wlss commtiuo? not lufrcqUHntly relieved
themselves of a son?os burden by shipping pauper? to
th!? oonntry. time by a comparatively amali iiresent eat?
lay esci, pi n ? a continued expenditure. Tbls atsteaseejl
wasiloubted by many persuup, and oecaslnnally denied.
one een*?i?oii<lent, In a letter wli.eh ???? ?????'?? Ulti
not ptlnt. SBBSi so far ss to say (bat .Mr. Byer? ?lid mit
know wbot lie was talking about. Tbe tun h of the Con?
sul's assertion is illustrated in a rec'Ut issue ot Tfi? Sicist
Emigration Oaze'tt, published at Berne, in whu-n an ac?
count Is give u of tbe expatriation of an infirm Swiss Iron
the Commune of Ruaolflngeu, In the Canton ot garleo.
The money to defray theexi>eiiee9 0f emigration w_*c ???
lected fr?im various source?. Prom his BSBtfel r the eiit
irrant received 60 frauc?, from oae, of hi? antera 80
(ranos, frota voluntary contribution.? of hi? fellow Iowa*
raen 08 fraucs, from tbe town itself 10 bases sad fun
tne poor fund*25 francs, altogether a ?um of 188 frsocs,
or about l?3G. The emigration routrad wa? nude!'?
the aiithoritie? of the Cuiuiiiime of etetMlageB wl'"
fcfessre. Scaneebeli ? Co., of Buele, tor !<;?>
franca. The emhmition agency in Ba*!e ? ????
tarm 10 francs, lu casti ani the fassatatns 18
Gp???? 'be wms to receive %y draft In ?
"?ork. It wa? perfectly well known that tbe man did -
ataud a gbiwt of a ebanoe to ?upport himself cuutOr. H ?
In tbiaonimtry. He bad been In the hoenlta! tor neu?
Bract, and )md been dl-.eliarce I as Incur.ih e, ???? ? ?
eyes were in ?neh a condition liiat he could do ven? lit le
Work. He cHine ro New-Y?trk. and .'ventilai:y. wi'h much
pain aud ?'.lflicultv, ?jut to Olilo. It- :<?????. I ?.? ,r); ..?. ?
a? wer, but after ouly three hours brake iu? tool mi 1 was
Beat t?i tl?? poorhous?? in Ot-okre, ?veere he l? t.;?iii to li ?
Bt present without money und ?vitb no chance tut em?
ployment, though his foot was soon eared. lie long?? to
pet b?CK t?? Switzerland, but tuer? 1? un probability that
hi? longing will be realizzi. Ot oousac h ? ?? a ?aere bur?
den lu this country wbcre be ?loos uot belong, nut that :?
notali; bis banishment was a piece of heartless luliu?
tiutii'.ty a? well as an outrage upon a friendly natii u.
There ougiit to be some way of pre? entu _? nuc?? importa?
tions of pauperism.
Wo the Ed ? tor of The Tribune.
Su? : You can have no idea of the harm
done to sick and nervini? people, young and old, by the
report of " tbe world coming to an en?t" the essjsaertea
pf tbe different plauets. Mother Shipton's pn dieti m?
and Profexsor Smyth's book entitled '* Th.? Great Pyra?
mid." all poiut.ng to thl? year as the Termination ot ter?
restrial llie, I know you buve printed an artici? on the
subject, but do, I beg of you, say soinethiug to ?tissure
three trleiit in id children,and obiig??
aV?e- York. Feb. 1,1881. AN Anxiocs Mothkr.
lAstronoiners of the highest reputation have pro?
nounced the predictions based upon planetary eon?
Junction? as arrant moonshine. Professor Sm.vt n's
?book oontains no prediction that is not base?! on
approximations so elastic as to be little more than
lystematic suessworlc. The Pyramid weight? and
pleasure? can be mode to prove anything which nn
Imaginative calculator wishes. For example, one of
tbe latest treatise.-, after interpreting a verse from
the Old Testament ac distinctly foreshadowing tlio
United States, with the National flag accurate: v
symbttlited, makes one of the Pyram.d measures tho
base of the "Dollar of the Daddies." Our corre?
spondent proltaltly reads her New Testament, and
tan And in the Gospels ihe distinct dt elsrsl n?n. " Of
that day and that boar knowetli no man ; no, not
the angels which are In heaven," aud oa"h surely
latisfy herself and her children that Mother Ship?
ion's prophetic Intuitions are as uncertain as
the aerial flights of the old woman in th?? nursery
rhyme who sweeps the cobwebs fiorn the skies.?Ld.\
fo the Editor of ""he Tribune.
Sir: I noticed in a recent Tifine ? e a Cor?
respond? ill's protest uguinit the popular u-e of tbe lera
e American" a? applied to cltiz ne of the Unite,I -1 ite?,
When it really belong? to all the Isnsbttoota of the Con?
ttaent. Tbe thought bus ????? ?? curred U> me. The
rriticisui ?e< rn? to me emu-civ |u t. Canyon no! -turt ??
reform bv ??vcldlng- tbe lndl??-r!mlniit?? us?? Ol ? in- winl
" American" in your editorial eoluuiu* I Mi in.?, r.
Brooklyn, Feb. ?. 1881.
[Not so fast. Tbe Constitutional title of the coun?
try is "Uniteti States of America," and "Ann-ii
??ann is as legitimate iu derivation a? " Columbian "
from "United States of Columbia." '"Atne.ic,?"
does not now form part of the official title of any
Dtber nation on the Continent. Our people bave,
th?r-fore, in a sense, an exclusive right to be called
?? Ajoericaus."?Ed.]
to the Editor o I The Tribune.
bin: In your notice of Thomas Carivi?? in
Sunday's ?aiMSS yea Blata that he lumie a ?l.oit vi>it to
Ooe'ibe ?' at Iu? home la Germ ?nr." This is an error. At
pages ttO-tSl of his "Life of Schiller," library ?d:li?jn,
London, 186'J, Carlyle, in as apnemlix, says, With refer?
ence to the introduction which Go -the wrote for tbe
Germau tra i-lution of his Life of ScuiUeri "I was
one of tbe more salient point? of ,? certain Individual
relatlou aud far????! peivonii lnieicoui-e, wbtcb bod
?Vitas soni ? years latrare, with ?th?? _rea1 nun wbon we
bad nev ? seen aud never a-.." As Ibe statement
tlist Carivle visited G etile in Germany baa Oten made
elsewhere, It might be well lo make public tina diHtinet
Itau-meut of ?.is own to the oontiary. Year? fal'hfiilly,
Davo? iitn.iii- v.
Wathmt/ton, D C, Feb. 7. 1881.
[The poiut is well taken.? Ed.]
a* o the Editor of The Tribune.
Sib : Have you ever noli? oil tbe fact that
men who t-lt-n their uuiue-t as follow?; J. Hem?, Boatta
pr W. M? Oreifor Brown are crooked In their live-i I Hav?
ing-been all my life connected with flnaiicinl institution?
t bave bad tbe fact brought to my attention. WtAave
always found tbat men who opcued accounts ????? es
signing their names as above needed watcuiug. (??
course I kuow there are enee pilon? to tbt? rule, bat ? he
publie chu ?et It do ,rn aa a wcll-eetabllthed fact that
auch men woiili better bu c ??loue lu ninne?? mi ' ? ?? h.
Brooklyn. A*. G.. Feb. ?, 1981 BASSES.
[The ciase whose financial stability is here called
in question is so lar,'e aud fashionable that we feel
constrained to repeat Thackeray's pious? juculatiou :
"Pardou tbe horrible pleasantry !"?Ed.]
?General Garfield had l>est make hi* Caltim-t
?to ?uli bimaell. Ir tbe peuple had ?anted it Biade in ?nit
eomebody els?? ?her would hare elected that somebody
JrYestdent.?|Buffalo Express (K-|>.)
Sunset Cox is the popular hero of the hoar,
Jf Mr. tJox could ouly euiveed m uiviug snoB-sartisafl
apportionment bill posoedat tbi??e??loi> he would bn
entitled to claim must ot the honors of bis party in tids
?Congres?.?(Philadelphia Press (Kep.)
Senator Butler, of South Curolina, conti ?veil,
In hu? plaee in tbe Senate, to ?poil a very good eu?e fur
bis State and section by bad management and by a dm
pbty ot very bad temper.?fBrouklyu Latfle (Dem.)
???? G/?? IndUmapolU Journal [Pen.)
Vice-President Wheeler is reported as pay
?? tbat he will retire from the ob?curlty uf the Viee
Prenl'Jencv to private life with consideratile satl?ta?-i inn,
and thai he ?huuld strive to be as exemplary ami e?, d a
elii?en as ixtaaible after tbe 4th of March, 1 ssi. v.ce
PivsKU-ut Wheeler is an houest mau. and we itelleve ne
m> aiis what he ?ay?. Tue fnct that be bu? flii? d th?;
pffl'.-e uf Vie -Pre?id> nt iiiurnt nut to lio laid up a^-ainat
him If be ?huws a dupoNition to refoim.
/Vom Th* troy Tim?? (?ten.)
General M. C. liutler, ol South Carolina, an
?banged MBSjl and une ul th. Ieailiiig?|iiii:? m Ibe Hum?
rg ma?sacre. yesterday aseaicd BSaator C nkling In
? true spirit of a bli.c?Ku.?i ii und lir.iKg >rt lor s ?pec? Ii
taade last Hepiemlter. lie piled all sort? ?if enli Bet? upon
Mr. CunkiiUK'? head. New-YurkV Heuutor replied ? lut
Ibe vj?p?.r,iigiloUb? South Carol, ni.ui old not ?.nein
mm, but if he had ?lune any ui|ne'ice to Suuih Carolina
be would take early o. eaatna t.? c.rn-et It. It ?? ? ?ai nie
Mr. CunaUiUK will have ?o.teiu?? ?nue tu ?..y l?l.?i.
?aa??G?? ravivai ?? plsatatlea manner? lu tbe Hanaus
Simply esile pub.io atniitiun ?? tin ?liurac.ter aud aeuieve
rueiii? of a man who. S Juatlce d??t ikhiu dune mm, would
today fill ? trwltur?? grave instead ul n seat iu the benaio
OI tbe Umted StaUs.
A ^XF'W f,ro,'"lN'; WB RANDALI
>V?on Th*Sew-Hrltant l,e?v<rat (Item.,
Of course it was to I?? expected that Mr.
^mtxelJ. lw?u?lall would opp..?e tin, tan? ?nip railway.
H.< has uever yet failed u? i,ppo?o unyiblug ??lile!?
pointed, ever so indlr.-e.tiy. to tbe bciiettioi tiieS.utli
weet. sud It was not likely he would mak?? au exe. ptmu
In favor of U? Tabsasiapee in? jec;. oar sp eia! dio
patches from WashiiiKuin dlselose rh? f.iei m ,t i;, lull
W working in thl? case ? he did in that ul the Bias luii
niail ?uiisidv-using bis lirflueuce, bis patronage, in?
talent for combination and const? i.?cv. ami u?iug ihem
lavu>b;yag.iiust thoTebuaiitipvc Ba Iwsy ?en. me. llii
inbred Im-unty to anyt'nn,. p.omi.iiig to lavur .a pru
ruute tue Ini create of ihl? seciion ?? revealed Ululili?
original vigor. It seems to have lost mitbin?? by ocr, I
it, neither sated by succiae in ibe i.?.?, nur <li?coura?:<Hl
at tbe pr tspeet ol btiug rendered Imp iteni In ihe lutare.
Mr. Randall (roes ?ml ot i.-.wer iu ihe ?aim? ?pirn iu
which he entered open It fuar years ?go. Nu bi??lus
Midlcal ever sntagonizi-d our Material w If m ? nun e mi
tei ly and ?tubborniy than he .aa alwuyadoue. N?? man
Wbo bos hele tho ep*mk rsblp ever owed but pomtiuu to
?tBtafeiy to ttie Sonia. _
Cutting off a ben's h? ail will make her a
ehlokeo. There Is no other w??? ??????????: tor lue.'uei
tbat broiled hen? are at ver found aa restaurant bill? of
lare.?fSew-Orloaas Picayune.
?????.??? scansa im thk acauvmv ok music?
* ?????-? A'. US ? NT.
The pietareeqne feature of quaint, old-time dresses
was lacking last evening at the Martha Washington
Reception, but the bright modern costume?, that
lillil the Academy ot Music with its rieb decora?
tions, atoned for tbe departure from tho usual
Bastoni. In some olher respects the reception (held
last mirili for the seventh time] presented changes?
Il bad been impossible to ???? tbe ball on any date
closer to th?? ???? of February, wbtcb iasopposed t?>
oc its sppi ?priate time. The IToatia? Hospital baa
lieen pud for, and tho profit? of tin?
reception are to bo applied directly to
the work of St. John'? Guild. Then? were
no tableau?, snd tbe reception therefore, without
ihecbaracl iristic feature? that have heretofore <li?
titigaisbed it, became in a se ? so s uval of tbe
Charity Ball, ll.it tin- person? prominent in fash?
ionable society who are usually seen at the Martha
Washington Receptions were present Issi evening in
unusually I..rue number?, Tbe ball waa eon
?Idered superior to tbat of last year
'Ihe attendono? was lari;.?, the toiles wens
beautiful, mi the music, Ho ?r, ???,??? r sud err?nge?
minis ion? un.ori wer?? all thai could be desi red.
Tue guests weie very late m arriving, rhedoora
Df tbe Academy were opened nt 0 o'clock, but for
Home time the policuuien and doorkeepers were tbe
only occupant? of the lobbies. Tien carriages
rolled up one by ono, and the stairways
and dressing-room? beuan to^ present. an
animated appearance. There was bustle m the
dreOsing-rooms, The tubers and the members of
various committees showed ?inns of lucreaeing ao
nvitv. Btill the interior of tbe Academy was par?
tially' in ?K'.iiu. Ten o'clock brought a slight in?
citane in tho arrivals, and in the opera
cloaks and gorgeoua toilets .'?sinaye. 1 iu the boxes.
Then the lights were turned on. By 11 there ?a?, a
fair representation m the boxes, and the lobbie? were
well tilled. Tho seats in tho balcony contained a
lari,'!' number eagerly consulting tbe order? of daue?
rn?;, and anxioui for the daaoing tu begin.
It was lt'ii.irded as a hopeful si?n when General
ami Mrs. Giant, with U. 8. Grant, jr.. ami Ins
w?lu arrived, and beitifr received by General Aspin
wall, wen? asoortod to the tower right-baa ! prosee
inn in box. A movement was noticed among the bril?
liant uiiil.uins iu tho upper gallery. T. W. Wornig
waved bis baton, and the lirst notes of Ros
miii's overture t<? "William l'eli" were
beard, A promenade. Wsuuer/f "Invooatioo to
battle from Kiaua?." followed. The sound of the
music drew the tortoren from tbe dreasiair-rooioe,
andattructed the idlers from tbe lobbies? I hen a
inalili, Voikniai's " iieeepiioii," began. Thi? waa
beaded bj General Henry >. Willen unii .Mis. Bett
iior. loilowed by William II. Guion md .Mrs. u-u
eial ihouias Francia Meagher. ('beline, compara?
tively r>!uall at first, rapidly in? r??se.i a? bite arriv?
als cime m. ?oou it long prooessiunstreteheuaround
i,i?? Moor.
Mippe's "Boccaocio * was beard from Bern?teiu'a
? t? ? atta, and the sets were formed for tbe lancera,
The door w.? - not uncomfortably crowded, for ? here
were many yol to ? " ue, and many, too, wli ? prefer?
red watvbmg the upeuinu nom their seat?, Strauss'?
" Jiniia:a "vaine next, a id the eiraiua ol ? : ? wails
brought a real mug mum thai ine ball bud
really begun, I'be next wal z. coming at
midnight ?'?owed tbat tbo ball was? urceas. The
ll nor waa nor? than mil. Tho interior of ibe Acad?
??m\ pi. .sem? ? e li.iu'iiiil siitbt. Qroup? ol richly
ili?-seii ludica looked down from tbe proscemirii
bnzea upon m suimsted scene. Loohius I rom the
ataee, abov? the lieavj i.lue ?ravenea of tlie from
row ot boxes, w.isa in?.t Ol l.i ? luces, brighi ?.not-,
and fiuti?ring tans, fnc in? z/niim.? an.? am is'
DUX? M Wei.? li'le.l, ?uni lloin ll > ? to Celling tue
A.n..?-??? presemeli a beautiful ai^bt.
liei.? were twenty -five dauces upon tbe pretty
buie pi??.,..inline, including aevetsl new walls ? ui
mi.? ,-s. bupper w;is seivod in Nil**ou Hall by
i'ui-seii witn I ne Usual ue. .impanili.ruts ol tinWeis
und colored lampi?. The bail at 1 o'clock bade ?..?
to c liiinii-?-? ? later than the Charily Bail. Ibe
receipts and the profits were considered aatislactory
b, t..e ma. allere.
Tin. ? ??G.?????G? am? UUKSTS.
The Esecutivo Comuni tuo w.ih us follow?: I?r.
William Thuruiao, chairman j Lawsoii It. Hell, vice
chairman; John P. Paure, treasurer; Jasper 1.
Goodwin, secretary; William H. Wiley, 11. II. 1 ru?
inan. Joi.n W. Wood, Francis F. Vandervee?' inni
Jotiti G, ljains. Tlie eliauinuu of tbe Floor ('.in
mittee was Arthur bberwood, and Ibe vice-ebair?
men were (>. M. spier, jr., II lUguwoul How.?. Wen?
dell Goodwin and 11-r.uri G. Brow ?. 1 be cbuirinaii,
,,i ihe Ricption Coinantieu was <; u?-ral Lloyd
Aapinwsll, who was assisted by the vice-ebairineii,
Erastu? Brooks, L. M, Baten and Cecil* C. Higgins,
Amoug ibo-oiu hoxessud on the bail-room lloor
were : ?
(in. ini'l .Mi-? U.ft Grant,
,\?- und .M???. ?.S.UraulJr,
<i ? ??,.? ?? -. SsplUWuU,
?; aerai Wallen,
.1 im ? ??.
M .voi an ? Mr?. Orase.
s irrogate "ni M'a. Calvin,
Captain ? . ?>. Biultli,
<; aerai 1.'Wie Richmond.
Mr.uud Mrs. A. E. Why land,
? ?- ?? ? - ? ?u.
William If.Guion,
Mr*. 1? .'. .it.
Mi. inn Mr?.W. [{.Andrews,
Lawsoi B. n? Ii.
slr.aud Mr?.La tei Walla k
W. C Biotti,
Mr. and Mr?. ?. ?. linker,
J. II. II. ink.
Frederick K..111K',
ill..lam s I.. Utile,
iii-neinl mnl atre, binder,
j. a. Montent,
Dr. J. II. ?????. 1 'm,
Nap Lou Barony,
w. 1.'. Ululili,
Di ????! Mrs. Eg ?eri Onera?
Mr. ano Mr*. Ensene Kelly,
Mr? ?J l?. i'"l! '?
? --?-. I,. und li. ?. Lelanil,
Jnni'sH.-.t .
James 6. ? irr.m,
?lioina? P. Sii .w.
Mie. C. M. IJoiueiDltT,
j. t. James,
Royal PSelps,
T... Misse* ('aneli,
Mrs. liiwiisli.ii l,
Mr. and Mr?. C. B. Bosra?
Fi.-.i? neh Batterselo,
J. B, Bai er..ft,
Mr?. K. W. ?ott,
Mr?. U M. Luilew,
Henry B>r*S,
William M. Lent,
Mrs, ?. V I*..htu-y,
Mrs. B. uiK-r,
John a Wilson, Jr.,
William H. R.ym.r.
Mr. uni Mr?. C. ?. Martin,
11 A Week-,
Mias U, u. Weeks,
Mra. li. T. Babbitt,
Jo epli Navlor,
li Dun. .m hiiift" n.
Mi. and Mr?. J. Hm-rwond,
Mr?. I tio'iinH L. llrnwn,
CD. J..it??.
Mr?. F. P. .1 ime?,
Mi?. 1 . il. ??in.??pio,
John W. Wee I.
Ml? Fannie Boes?,
(???????. Weaver,
????? M o ?ll,
U or** l- l> ivulMon,
W. I* tn Moielon,
Mi-. Willi mi I.'J'tin,
P. CUiul?,
Wan.ni rlln,
K. Aunt'.n ? 1. ready,
i' u ?.? Bailer,
A igu? u? Eiuefy,
1?.. 1-. L iivr.n? ?,
L. is. Ciiarlier,
A. M. I?i;.'l'I ??,
i?'. Olma in,
G.?.1 on . J'? IIS IU, Jr.,
Mr. mu 1 Mis. I'liiiinjrt Cliam
bHrialu, jr..
F. liray ??: ISSTOld,
lie It?! Sll'illll in,
W. < . I) m;."? f,
N. 11. Won Iwi ?Hi.
c. Adaui Coouibe,
.1. Kel? m Tappen,
Jona G. il.m.?.
A Irian I elm, |r.,
Dr. F. II. II itinlton,
Dr .MniiH"-' A. l'alien,
U.U. Heed,
li. 11. Binila,
Mr. aim ???. T. D. Atiratiis,
Tin: i)KC'oi:\ii').N-?.
The deflorations ol the academy were rieh and
tasteful. Il.avy banging? draped the prosceninm
box???, the first from tierof box-, ami tbe gallery,
1 he low? r row of nrosesnium boxea was bung with
garnet over light bios plush. The fold? wen? em?
brouille I With II-??? is ami vnos in
mit and fringed With bullion. National flat's
nearly oonoeaied the coa's <>i arm? ??( diflereul
eountries, an 1 in gilt eagea canary birds warbled
until the ball bogan. The front row ol boxes was
draped inbuilt blue flush, relieved by ?old Isoe,
whdeabtwad band of eardmal i<lns ? With? bul? ? n
fringe waa strotebed sroand in?> upper gallery. H
low the prosceuuun arch, to ihe rear of the utauc,
Wuitlirop Parker,
IVll ? uu i;. u?lni,
1. K. S (4*.
JllllU H on.icon I,
Mr ami Mi.?. Joan M. Pink?
? e . ,
Jll'ICi' A. If. I.aM r nee,
Jllfhtr I'll.?: li - lini II e,
Mr. und Mra J. li. Town?
e II I.
MI?? 1 1? < '. 0 niBtead,
l.iwie e D 01 malead,
Li un? M. < ?bu,
?Ila? .1.? L Henney.
.f s-pii !.. Pi 11. ?I .
i?r. W ?iter 1.. Rnioey,
li IT, '? !.. .1 . Il-I ni.
Mi- l'Olle Hol .1.?,
Dr. 1. m- W. ih biilUe,
M sa ii.i m?.? Ili--, il,
P. m. ?.. r? ? n.?-. u.
lue Mi-?. - Mom II,
I" u 1 ai 1 ). 1: n iliiig,
11. II??!! W.il .
1 .1. ni).m lander,
Mis? svilii p irse,
W All IIS II 1 l.ilke.
M aa Ni n?? lir.wii.
Mini?. Il I! ..-.vu,
Mi?? Mai ApplesatO,
W il?. 1 u <? ? .-11..y,
??/ei s. ?; ,?-???,
L n? N. lin ?a-r.
?? I N I li l'In 1 pi,
LolUa N. l'i.flpg,
Mi?H (?? .1er S.? ke?,
alia? 1.11 l'iiim 1 er,
Ain? ..m Brown, |r.,
II. 1 li II G A 'Il - M?,
Miss His ?
Waller H, Pre sott,
t; ?or?'.? S W.illen,
H. SVilllloek.
J. Murray MUe?ell,
Mlaa Aluni 'Lit:.
1 lie Mi i>i ra. Weivtr,
Tin? M saea Quidet,
Willi.on N. t'olieli,
Lu?- ?. ?.???. i .
Misa Bums 11. ?liiriirr,
?.'.niioii (?illieri,
l'une ? l> ? V e.
Ml? l. ully Fieteiier,
i'. ? laier,
mi?.? J..-??? Wilincre, ?
Cuarle? C. ? 1er,
Kiiw.tril b. 1 lurk??.
Tue Misse? l'on.in-,
Mis? t'onl'ir.
Wasblusion Content,
Miss Leu 1 R.ii>l?i*ou,
Harold B. Ws 'a???,
1 n ri. ? B. Boyd,
1: nini . ?, ? hv'.'.
It. il. Ejun-st-m,
W. t?. H .0 ...
W. M. Wli 11. n r,
Mollilo. rO? "Tii,
... W I111.I,.,
Ml?. Ili. J.une- R iniiiy,
P. K.?. I ton Webb,
11. 1. Drake,
L. 1'. Holm ?,
K. A. Aiitli.my,
?. G. 1 wer,
licor? Beilin.
1 e m ase Kim?,
Henry Hilllard,
G?.? ? ? ? - - - s r iwoaead,
? : Huir liitteii,
?, T. il. ? ?,
U.C. WhII'iii.
Ml.?? Ili in- L. Joy,
J 1.m?. 1!. n k.
Willi un Km nur,
In?. C.inil ? limiter,
Mis? ? mu? ???,
i mi.a ? w 1.0-,
III?, nini ?? . I).uriti,
i;. M. Oreei ti .?I.
|>r. ?? rk 11 uni ntiial,
Mra .lonii l. II? ffmao,
Tue luv. Jona \V. ?? amer.
were tin? words, "St. John's Guild," in gns-j ?
Underneath, on the platform at the Ita' k
of the stags inclosed f >r tbe u-e "f the mai asen bv
a broad, white ribbon, stood ? lar?.? oil esimine" "t
the l'Ina!ing Hospital Starting on a trip. below
which ?ml?? a placard bearing the words "Tbe
Floating Hospital of st. John's Qulld has carried
171.s h; sick children and motbei ? on 210 tripe du?
ri ? ir tbe past seven years."
Around tie II sir si ?od large vases contamine tulips
and jipanieas peeping out From ferns and clusters
of green leaves while long streamers ol
gray Spanish moss hung gracefnllr over
the sides. Hanging baskets filled with vines and
flowers? r? suspended underneath the flrsi row ol
boxes. In the lobbies, bv tbe doors ami stairways,
wi ie m a etui ol ferns and palms.
The experiment of giving in thi? city an
" Arrltt?* liall," euch u? H held .?ri'iiially Ib Ibe larger
cities of Europe, proved a great soecess i.?st irght. Tbe
iini-ii c?n? of ? -w-v rk and a lug?? Bomber of aeforsaod
actresses, tbe m >?f ol wbom sre roaneeted ??i;ii iii<- two
(?crmaa tbeatrea In tins city, some turn? ??;.i determini il
io make BiTaBgements f * ?? ronrse of festivities ?Imller
?u ihnee held in tendon and Paris. The "K?nstler
H.il;," ili Ural of u ?? m s of ?imtlsr entert .limn ni?, was
in-ill !a?t ? leht m tbe Concorrila As?mbiy Rooms,
Ko. 2? Anilin-A. The ball began at a
Ime Iniiir, must ?if tin? ne pie wlio liad ?igni?
?? d their williiign ?a to attend being detained by tbeir
ilmleaatthe different th aire A.ne ttatise presen!
irere: signor Sulvnl, Lu ter Wjdlaek, allas Ueisl net.
Ol tin? Tlirillu Theatre? Mi. mu? Mr-. Ilin'o?f Ills'. Mr.
un! Mm Ur. L. Daiuro?cli, M'?s K .??i.u'. oi the Thalia
linai.?; Uu'ael Jo?eSy, the piaulai ; .??- V??B .lu n
lehofskV. nf lu Germania I Ciri?'? Ml. inni Ml-.
Joseph Keppler, F. Kitrlmy, S". Km:/., Mr.lt berg.of
me T.i.ilia Theaire; Aduli Neuetidurff, Edwurd
Kiincim, ibe violinisti Hr. Leopold Behenek,
Mi?s Bensbdrg, ?ti tini Uerinaula Tin. ??;
Me-?r-. G? ici aitd Viereck, the exm-lled Boeiahetl?
inen; lier- of the >'? : m m Reicbatsa, who iimve.1 recently
In tbls eouuirr; Mr. sud Mr?. voD li kowHsa-Sobe Its,
Albert II d.U. F Harper. Mu Treuman, Frin -t ih.
Mr. Btlegnti. Mr. ad Mrs. C. I. douoenteld, Mr. and
.Mr-. :i. I. ,-i" ?v:i/.iic?iri, M. V'Cilch nil I Augn?l Wil?
li, lini, ibe violi ,? ?. 'G?- douoiii* continued until a late
hour lu tlic min tiitiif. Supper W ??? ?fTVeU al buIf-POSi 1
il FDDkb AT I III IU ??DUE*.
Felix Buasak, ?>f Sav.'liliali, Ga., and Miss
Matilda il uri?. daa?bt>r of ibe ? ?tu Henry Harria,
ver- married Tuesday afternoon al Ihe bride's boose,
Mo. IT Wc-i Plftr?? en nd -t.? Tn?? Seramonv was per
formedby the Hev. Dri-O.Oott bell. Tas brille ?Aerea
dress of white satin and iunu???* trimmed with pearls,
tbe neckbe'ng cui stjuare and ti it? ? in ??uh ducbess
I ni?, lier veil was or lolle fastened with orange
bin ??un?, ani! aer ornaments were diamonds. The only
lirnftVni.il I v.ms u twl ? einer, Hiss Paallfl ? Harrt*, ?Int
wore ?? ? ostarne of white ?ilk sud dama? 6e, luid earrled
u bouquet "t whne r?es. Tiie brute'? motber, Mr?.
Harri?, wire h du??? of block velvet. A 1er? rece pt ten,
beelnnlngal '.? p. m., followed tii?? wedding. Tbe erre?
m iiiv tunk place lu the front room ob ibe second !>?
b-nratii an Immense marriage bell of white ros?s. Th*
?rasa profusion ol b?ant if a? Bor_] deilgn? tbroaghoat
?:,?? limi-. ?. Tb? music was furotshed by Xaver, ibe rs
fresbuienls by Pinard, and tbe Biwersby rhorley. The
folding ?1.- ?? ? '.ve? n ibe poi or? oa Ibe llr.* "
ti.? ti ??. ?
, tuli!?
IUIIIII.I. ii?iim n. ? ni u ?*?> a?*? ? .?. ? . .?? . ??.- ? ? ?-? ? ?
ih i.wii neeii. limi t?? ?upper wo? spread up ?? a tsbli
r .?. ? n,?. inrouab Ibe infln ?cigli of iheroomaand
cullati e ol -mIiiii? ONT Imi pei UBS
capab e n! --?-. ? 11 ?? ?? ?? t ? m? pei
A none Illese or ?? . wr?e Mi ,
Mr?, ?:.!!?, ni Lini? kttek, Aili
.iiu'- motbei : Vi:
, ni Macon, ?? ? ;
Mrs, ? lai ??, tas
.? ini groom ;
r I.I..IU ?? ?,??? ?,? ? ; f? , ? .--???.. .? ni ?.. ? u. , ?....... *
Mr*. I'm? . "i ? m ?? ?? ?, ?? : v'? M. K. K.ag. ut
Culcii.??; M. C .ini. ?. Jacoiiv. ? ???-.??\ J. ?sell Ru??
'?. I, 1. | u ? ,. I I. ..Il H, .?.? 1 ? ? l'I J . 'i '-. l'i
li \\ .1 . .... \.' .-? ?! ?. . .- ,8 II. ' - Idi ?''. A.
n.ifu??! ?. I. s ? ?!?- .? ? '??. S. lt-i!n ? , t:. Herrin .ini, A.
I?. end. in. li A h it ?. p Simit-u a b. U I? ul rb.
!>? vni 11.in ??, ??- u Harri?, nani .? ?. .,(, ... .p bui 11
II .ii-in;iti. ?. ??-, ???n. J. lUacoVar, lie ?.-?- ? ?
liura?'!'. ?? - Albert, M ta Cobu, Ml?a F ''lieiine.', <? ?
Liclilcti?ta ??r, Mia?? H um. Miss ' ? ??????????.
Mim I..?,. Misa Ja u . "??? - Uorwiit, .??.-- <?? iti.
Mia . 'iw ??. ibe Misar? Hscbt. Abraham ??ap ? acted
U- llsil' I
.. .?.'inu, lot lowed by a Israel reception, t??u
lu??-. I iv ? Kill ??' -:?''?' l'i!?" t? ?I the i.n 1? '? bu in
W, .-.il ? ...\?.n. uu Cummin*
story, ?f th ir.v iiii.i.1- b ?.I Caa , L-laml S ?.?., ????1
llie bride was Ml*? Uli?? ? ????. dauahier ol >t? -, .1.?
II ,n A Ii ,?. ? ?. ? I' .1 ub -. ??.?? man, ul ? ml?
Cliurcb, res? t'ir ?eivicc III bndi ?ore .? dit??? ol
uiiiii? aaliu (.nd a veti ol polui .?? <-. lb? u?h?-r? ?fin
it,nun ?-in .1-im. ?a "?? .? e" .uto M- unita l'or?
? ? , ? : ?? 11 :. '- ? u ?? . ?- ?.? ??? ??, IV ?) ? ? ? ? ne? .
Uli' Il ?',,! ?. ?, ? ?. II. '? .V..II-, lu. V., ?? ?.?. <?? ?
,i;i V ,?, ??, t -. ? ?, . ? ? . .Hup. ???.?????( iiniiw.i- ? -
wards Li ?im . Ibe brine ?? ? sTHtiddaii?uicr ut
ex-Mavoi Stephen A ? n. ?u ? ol J?'i e? I'm
nu mi .? ??? Colliri ?. 1. ?? ?uppci ?? *
CI ilk. : U alni Tuo ir. ? illoU?
foi the n ??? llou.
fui li lain . by
weis -
MRS. .U..i-?'? ./" -/ss HALL.
? brilliant ball was given Monday evening bj
Ml?. M;i- ? J lies loi bel K'SUddSUifliler, Ml.? ?1?? ? Ms?
? ? Jones, ?.? ?,? ? In une, .vi I. isl ? ? ??-?, reu lb il. Mra
Jone? i? ccivi a tin ?>u?m?, ??ei mi ?? black ?am il ? ai
p, n? uni.m. il with Lui. Mia? Jointe ?oie a n?? UtiiS
of white tuli? tiiifiiiil ?.ih l'ini?. Tbe Binale ?na
lumi.?.? d by lin ?? ?. inni tbi Bower? by K iiinlri. ??
rodatimi waapnpaitd b? Tb< lu** Trusiy, Mrs. J.m? ?>
? lu?. Ti.?? ?lincili; ??"?? place In Ibe ??.ni
bail .. ? m ni Ibe ?.????-??. Ibe col lUou ? ?
H_ .di by ? ? d'i? ??.? ? Il laeliu Wllh MUi
Jnl.i-i. il.c . ne?!- iiiin.l.i n .. :?!'???? 1 ??>. ,?!'. hill IWeillJ
?,? ??,? m ??? im .?? unti ?? r?ntia. 1 ,? ??oven
years old, and her Vigoi und ?piiKiitnneU un ?
in.. Bin? w.?? .i-? ?ray and aciiv? ni anvone lu?t uiabt.
iilnl Inni ? ]..?.?-,ml ??? nl G?? nil. II I? ?.Ver ?II ? c n
Riitco I hi? liuly irave 1er bisl ball, In 1-1 -, m ? ... ?.. !?. ?
ai., M ? nu ??ih ??'*. '? l?an! il .?- U| -.???, u.
,Mi.mu. Um ??? ??? ?? nt ?? ?????'? ? .mia.?.' ??.. I ?ere
.?, Will ?m \- ?r. M ??? A-ii.r. Mr. uu?l Mr?.
Philip ?. Van Pinaselaer, Mr. and Mrs. Mil.um
OutiioOl, Mr. sud Mrs, Lloyd ?ryee, Mr. and
Mr-, John .im ' h Asini, Mr. aud ?? ?. WilliamOihon, Mr.
and Mr . ? ? ' lb bi ? w u eu, U en I uinl
c eau? n. Sui - Appli ion, V iloiiH siiil ?1?-. G. V. H
,.,., \ii ami ???. Maiurn l.iViiu-?.??ii, Mr. sud Mia,
i\,;? ??.?? it..?? ...n. ???? M ) Itoi.bai?, Mr. au-? Mr?
l'ilici- ?: ??????, Mr. and ???. W ilium l-.in, Mr. a il
,!,? i,,,,,.,... |;.? .-.???.., Mi. inni Mr?. I lumltu? WO.
i im. ??-- G..-?.m? ??-, ? - G :ei. ??... ? M: ? li'? ' ??
?, ? -...?. ? ?,?- ,???-?? ?-???..?.m--?? .? eu, -H- I'd Mia.
j.iiiii .1 Kan?, Mi? ?"i? smittt, ? .? Mntsea Webb, Mr.
?.,,! mi- \v.r it. Hiivdam. ?h.? M c? < irridi. Mia?
|lc??li .il?, -un. ???? I :?! " Moraan, Mi ? tianuy, Mlaa
????. Kaue, , ? , Urini? on,
M,?? Jerome, Mi ?? Uul-b-y, Miss P.*h. alias
n-cKwili. G. J? Uakiej Itbinelaiider, l. lieb
hm??!, Kerriek Kiaos, Mo;.!?. Hi.m. 1 ??.
?. ^ ?.n?. ? ?? ? -i?' ''.? dp sein ? r. da ? ti
V.iii linn n, Jame? I*. Kern i-ba . Mainuta Koberi m
-.m Ma /n.??, Auiru?iua ?chernierijoru, r rum-l? S. Uri?
wo.?!. O? raid Uovi, II. n I/viuS'Utn, ? Iseliu, J. W.
? .ni", l'invi? l . A' ? I. rea. Alti d I :.?.-??- v. il. ?. '. 111, ? ? ? Il
-:? ??.,??,, ,?. ?. Cram, ?..n.n..m tipe cer, Ceaier llm-b
?? ., U, l'i .li.".- O.d-ii. li. in? < Inimici ), |i.. Ibe ?l.-n
?: ????,??. ili- Misses ??. k??. Mi.-? May McCbbon,Nom
.? rus, Mia? Hamilton, ? n?? Mtaaea V?m Buren, lite
Mi??e? Hlea Pi. Ward McAilteisi, Mia? M< A.li?i>r, im
MI ?'?? 1'? n cm i'. Mi?? d'Un m eau. Ibe Muses Sewnrd,
PirUliiand Ht?Ucbordl. Jr.. .?l??? Kl ?r. ???, l'ine.?,
Mis? lius?e|i, Misa Tail? r, Ml?? Wtdli?, Muai I??? Huiler,
M.?? irai ?, tbe Misaes Pi II, Mia? luminili, Mai L Koy,
Mi. inni Mrs ??.?...?'-i ll.ilinllnli. J,., ul.d ? i.ii.icl i?U l
Miss l'IIu?'-. ,^___________________
Knr new-Eagiand. womvr,elowdy un! raloy weather,
?outlii rly win?.?, falline imroiui??? r.
1 .?! Uni Mn.d!. Alianti? -?a????, cloudy and iiinv
?e?i!?er, wann sootberly winds, Islll.is inir.iiiiet ???
aenerall) followed bi clesrtnc weather, ?????? barome?
in, ami cni'iei- westetij wind?.
idtitioniirij .?I'/e-iM
<':.u lomiry ?U-nn!? eonilBBS from Jarksoiiville to
BsndJ Hook _
^l rrfRITVK l.ot'M, OBSRIfVATfOifH
t?i UOnKt?: M ore :ng. NUht t???
1 '? ? " :i 4 r. s 7 s ?? in ?.? ? *? ? ? .i r t ? nini. ino.J
;ih." ? ? i ?o.?
?.t. U- 20
I ill I ...
' 1 2?-,
___ 1 ,? ,1 -?_, ? ii?l *"*?
lar a?a. far " -u. -?.??.??.? iia-i, inim?
.rnrillit? uu .;< .? ? ?- -'(i ?' ' . ' ? ?.? ?'?'???.
liyl?-.i.-r ? ' ,'.?, ,i,n..? .m. 14MUIM If Ijll'l u? u I????
, , , ,? . ,, .ral ?? .? ? :. .1 ?, ?- . ? m ni. ??? i'1
tui.i? .*: n?? ?. H: ?. '.I ??.
Tsiai si. 'uni.. G ? 10, I ?. re.?The moTcmrnl IP
ti?. i.ni.iiii 1.1? yesterday was ?t ad'ly downward.
ciniiily w ????ber pi vailed, ???m liu-ln rula nu ibi Ihe Ioni
(tssurior. ite? lemp rature ranted hetweei? ^t1 red
43?, the a, t.!.??? i:i:i V;, li-ini-? 13%' Mataerthau ??> ? ?
corrr>?poiidins da) is?i rear, and r.7-,- bisher than on
In - ..??.
Warmer, <?'.lyandrnlBy wi-Btlier, p???lhly followed
late m ibe duy bv colder and olearla? wi-alher, ma) be
expected ii day In iin- city bu?i vicinity,
I'oiir .\ mini,' rubiana entere?! the lanudrj kepi bv
a Chiuatuuu oained James Johnson, at No. l*bl
Cliatbain-st., alanit 3 p. m. yestetday. 'Hie in
trniliN wen? partially lutuxicatcd end soni ?ut??
e. ,?-il m provo ..n?.? a Bs'it. "n- of til?n ' ? ?
Uial the proprieti ; ol ih Inn idrji had failed l"
?? nil-it foi sumo linen which he liad left to Ih?
washed. G?? accusation ? ? Followed by hot Ian?
guaito and blows, end iu ih ??' ilemanl m.G tue
? ,,??? u. m.!! uitaiiipted lo ral I lie < ntents ol the
money druwer. I wool .1.wui's assi tant? ?a???
lu Ins aid and ? sonerai bebt eneo d, Ilio Chinamen
armed lliemso'Vcs with hammer? and clubs ami bwal
their assailants seversly. Ihe four rniliniis lj*it I J
laundry, braised nnd bleed in?. A crowd cjllet-tejl
B?il tura ????? n?? mtes much eimtemeui prevailed.
? ??? a? ?? ?.its escaped before tliu ?nival ol Hie
police, end ss arresta wem uiade.
???.??????:, Wh.. F, b. 0.?Ben?h? Pliilctne
(mwyer, Ez-Menstor Howe, Chairman of tho Re?
publican State Central Committee Baker. Tlmmns
?. ?? hoi and prominent local Republican politi?
.mu ? hare been in consultation le-r.? for two day?. Il
has be.n dbwOTPred that tho meeting bad refere,iee
to the probabilitv of Wisconsin being tendered a
t ablnet position. Ih.? general belief istbal tbePost
raaKter-tJenersl'sportfolio will be ottered to Wie?
Vi'";"' :'1"1 "l:'( tne recipient nf the honor will be
Postmaster Henry C. Paya?. Of Milwaukee.
Tim committee representing tho Coopcr
Tbompson-Power faeuou of the D?mocratie pam-, com?
pi.-?? ? of ?me aA-aber from eaeli Assembly Diatriet, met
on Tuesday at the Wi stammer Hotel. Emanuel H. Hart
wa? chosen chairman. Tbe eommittes discussed at
length the reply to be sent to tbe circular letter of tbe
Commute?! ol one Hundred, asking tlie body rep .??
?anted by tbe committee, In common with other
D?mocratie organisations, to disband its Assembly
District Committee? and eu ?aerate wltb tbe C >mmlttee
oi on? Hundred in reorganising tbe Democraue party
111 till? city. Tb? reply of Tammany Hull
iia? sin ad\- been received, deelarlns tbai tbat Is the
only 1 th mi re D?-roocrutio organisation in tins cliy.
Most of ih?? delegate? abo met Tu ?day favore,? s union
with tin?. iii. r Democratic bodies now represeatedla
ibeCommlll sot One Hundred Tbey wen? In lavor,
bower, r. o tie? Assembly District Organisation aa tbe
unit, while it ? undersiooi tbat tbe. majority of tbe
Committee of One Hundred favori a central body coa??
posed ?u delegates from tbe ? rlous Assembly Districts,
as lin- been um c?.?? beretoforr. The sdvocatea
of lbs Independent assembly Dtstriet organisa?
tion ? contend tlun till? ?? tlie only proper nan,
uii'i Huit n ?- tin- mie everywhere ihr usb?nt tbe State
ex.? pi in tin? < ue? of Us? fork and Br. uklyn.
The Committee of 'twenty-lour in? I again ve-'enlnv,
ami mads s few cbauicea In tbe replv <> tb? C m .nt ?.?
of one Im .?,?,| rue Ciimmlttoc agrees with Um Con?
ili '"?? Oat: llumlred tbat ibi?D moerats of tu?? eu?
be ?lulled in ..ne i?rgaiilZ?tlo ?. base I upon th?? pro?
prosed elan of boidiUKprimaries broad enough for ibn
Minili- pal V. nml nmlei elicli OrnVUlOllS a.? WI i -ei uri? Io
lia fair .mil honest representation in if? comuiltteri
and conventions.. The moos ot holding primaries
ander yie m w plan ? ? aerili ? si lenatb.atid ? ui,>li:?niH
?- ? ild m "? ?. .? luci inni more D mi.,em: ? voted si tness
piani.? ? u?-? than n m ever bel?re voted al miv primaries
in ibis e murr- Mo couoty eominltt.es bav?' been
eli..?.m, ?? eilige the Ak?uiI>U lli-'i.el e ? ? mil lei"- lui ve
iieian-d doing -o n tbe imi'? tbat ? un ?u of tu?
limo ? e, woiilil be ?fti-eiel. Ti?? Ouininiitee of
liv ?? your la wllllnjr to lo luto un iliilmi ni ue\,
''?m ? ?'?? a, with un- nodi??? represented m the Com.
nii'lie or Oui ???????'??, ?nul SSet-a to l'icuiiimaiid the
?1.?Umidi.ir .1 ol in pie-ent ors*snliatlon.
Tb" t'.uutee of On?? Hundred met ni?t ? venina; ai
No. ill W. -t 1 \?. n? , -: ? mi t,. ?r. ?in.) ?.elil r? ?I tli?! replie?
nei ?? ? G?-..ju t .? Various I) no na: le lio li???. Consid?
era, ile ? mi'? u.i? ?:?????. In t ni? ninni. ??:, lui , Inai tlitj re
pile?, ioni iujrL-e?tloni< wire discusse ? ?? ?freni ?.??.????. A
tetwiiuiion '?. n then adopt?-d ?tiitinL? thai ? ?? t ommlttee
01 ' in?? 11 ij : ? < I r <?? 1 ??.?? re?.| with renl'el Im refusal ' l'i??
Tammauj Ila I Commute? io consult iipuu ibe aubjoct of
eli?n? I ini ? ini un ul the party III Ibis ? It.y Upon ?? pi),ni lar
nuit imne-i l't-i?, mil expresse? ii?i<ji.l-liiin nt that
tuta refusal ?? l>a-? ?1 lur_.lv on tbe cl?.m tli.o
? immun?.' Hull represents the l> morralic party of tin?
city, in view uf the get that It has not recently beea so
isc ?.???/.-.? by tbe p. nun nr either ol IB? Btate or ol
ll .Villi I. Ill VI? WO 111" III.Ill' III ? llteilil -III - III I .
comiiiuuicaiioii.il wsa reaolv il timi it be seni bac?i to
? ?? ?.n,p.?.? ? mil tctloo ?it inn deemadriaable,
li ??,.? uri bur n -ni veil ? hai tbe Dem erano ornen?
,.??'...? of III,? L'Ili ?? el < ?.????: ? uf N.W-Ynl?
.. ..? ine Herman American ludi peudeul Citisene' A so?
...??,? e ? ?luiuumca.td wlin wn.n ibe pian ol orgaul?
/iti.ili IS ? : ? liiv.l. A'? tlier resolution Wart ? le II
adopt.??) netting-turili ? bai lue i.'ommiit?? of Due Hum
ill ?? ?,if,,ii .on-n.??.m ; 1.1 1r ? lue au ? |?|:? ? ?v :. I eon.-nll
with tbe ? ??unit if a who bave rciN-lved the invitation
lo unite with ihem, and naming Mon lay evening nest
.?? ? tbe beailq ? ?? .? ? -1 if ilie sommili??] ni lb? nun- ami
place ? ?r tui it ? onfi i. n ?.
Ifl.llK I . : 11 ! ? -, iitixor.? 1 -.11 II! g?1 DIM? I I! VI Ml
.m -?., ? ?:? ?. ui ? MIVK imi in:; m .
The meeting of the Board ol Alilerineu yes
r-ul . v.. rather more lively than llauel. Nothing was
I ? mpbatietl, bui a ?ray .? il ol tbe dilemma t?y
ni.iiii.il itiiilat ? Vi? Interference" wsa plainly foresi id
i.we.l in a r? -niiiT'iui offered by Alderman Perler, aud
? blent) ? in rvadla? ??.ili mu ?? ililll ?????,-,
owing to tbe ? fl ris of tbe temporary chairman to pre?
venl I. m. I ? II ..ml was ? ?'' e?? to order by tlie
it?-ill at uoim. ? ? un n Co: gey and Walte were i?b ? nt.
AM ? m m Auteur* ? waa cLoacu temporary pr ?i
.lent, the roll wa? called with the usual re-olt, me Re
pnbilt-siis voiin, f??r ?>ne of then uuinber, lud A 1er men
McAvuv ami - mei dividine ti.. Democratic v.in?.
. nun G .I'm tien mm?.in.? .-.1 lti.it lie Wished to
, ? ? ?? ? loluilon. Ai.l lumi bsuer i?l?J . t. .? .m ibe
(round tli ,t n,, oiii.'r l'inni???? eoiinl ?..? einei rtn?-d*lbun
?. ? ?,f n.i; .tm f ?r presid nt.
?? Ulis ?. ? .lui m." -nifi ? ..innati Pi rley. " ali ?Ctl Ibe
ora-m liilfl.I Ibla H ani, .noi I -a. It oiwbt? "
The Pre-iilent directed Alderman Peri?/ lo come t?
.order, i?u?l ?ml tint be would refuse t.? nei he
ibi .?? -.ni.ti.m m- entertain any motion except for uu
a Inurnment or a reeeaa lie ordered the clerk locali
the r??ll f ?r tbe ? ? hall '. Hie roll wa? called with Ihe
Raman? uit es beior??? ?nd s (ninth l?ml?>l was ?nu.i.l.?
11 : ?? - -
llilitm ? Perir y, whei hts name was called, endeav
,, il ??, e_plam lua vote '" Tbe c.niiiiiie.l failure nf tin?
Board in organize," he ?aid, " will resull in creai injury
lo pu lie nn-.u?.?.. ??. present appearance* ?? .? ?_iu
m ? ? ki :?? In ma I l??l n g ??? ? ?? le let. Iteeau?c ??
??-. ? -?. .?- ?? ? v m ll I Ion to liffl-l Hi..- le ..in ion." ll??
?.,? ? . re ii.iir.il?: -? ?. ?? eiui m S.riln, u ll.) 11, elm e I
Hi ,t be W ? .ml i?f ? ni r.
, . ? ?. . in o.-ei.l-.l tlial Ibe point wa.? well tito-ti
aun m,? red Aid riuauPerley I?? talte hisaeat. Meantime
-, ?. ? ? II...II I rl?v hau been re-io nig rlgbi long, aud Un?
? id hi? in ?.? .ni Li-i?, .ino. aield ?hoiita of
"Ol n?, |" I nui lue lle'iioer.i ??? in??.?,.? . - Old tllS l'Olitili?
u ?u* pollini mg with .ib u .? I by ihe ? ? linn ni. The pri -
U- ali?! li timi the fai are of tin.?
I!.: \? . m en io m . ? ? ale for
.m itiileHi.lle penol, ani mat tie. ??? ? ,?.-? ??
jiirj mi : n pu , ? ? ? leu ?!?-; ill 1 a?k Ibe Ivgta aline .it
? : ; lei.y providing tutti a plnriilliy oi in?? v..ie. m
Ihe men.I'.n-ol the 1?.?,??.? ahail iuOJci) to I'lect Ihe ofM
, . ? - .. in? Hoard.
? uol ber WNini?lc then ensiled. AM un ? sfeCI ?
ilei.led r ? e ? ..m. of tini i-m ; ..; ??? ? ??.??? inali locali any
??. e to m ? ?. 1'he chairman decid 11 ? lint nil were oui of
oidi-r. K.i..oi?. the chairman auuouuoeU tbat be would
noi daten to any uioiioi i.xcopi to adjourn or take s
alderman W. u? b?d a resolution ready to ?.ft. r bad it
Dot oeeii prevented i?y the rubug ?>f the cbatriu id. Tina
KSS I HIM on m er? hie.I III ? ? le ????? ibeir renig?
m tinn? ?? tbe riera ... ll?e ? >.<rd, tu ordrr tuat a n.
? ne mn mi:.-..t In' lo ??. The ll.iafil in.ji.m m il to Uuul
.Moiiilay, ^
????1?? ll.\l;M<?NV IN UltOOKLYN
? meeting of tbe Ceni ml Democratic Asso
criiioi o? ? :?..? Couul)?tue body ???? ci lo ?'11,-,"
M I. uuiiiin?was bold ut Adams ami IVIdourbby-sis.,
Brooklyn,Tuesday evening. An lionj Barrel ,oft ie com?
mittee appointed to c r . witn a Uke rommlitee from
tbe regular Ueorral : .mmit ce on ihe sui>|eci uf bar?
moaning tin- party ??? reu ss, ?aid thai a prelimlu?
an merlins wasbe.d Saturdsy evening, hoi au conclu?
?ion was an Ived in.
Ain.iliei meeting would be held B? ufd ?>' ereulng. Tlie
report? of i.rif ????/..itl mi lu several of the rdaattiwed
ilni ibe work waa retarded by anxiety as I?? what lbs
result ol tbe tonfereuee would be. Tin ? ? il business
of tbe Dieefinc. Hie t]Uestbrii ol Increas ue ibe k;seoutire
G??????????- ? .? ih eon,apptSuiod hv tbe chairman, to
ODS fioin e.n?.? . own. elected by tli" delegate?,
IbeO ??me Up. A ? ?' ? WM m?? ?* ?" "-??' 1|? Hie
amendment to tin couatitution. a,i amendineni to ii?v
u on m tame received a vote <? l'? m ??; b? chslrmaa, I
William Marsball. roted tnen l ? ihe affirmative, and a?
? m- in e w.?.? a tie tbe ameudmeai was lost, I hi re wsa
?oui- diaouasioii ni Hie proposed ? hange lu ihscoustliu?
lion, lar Uusliy ibe.lion w.i? 'ani ?.u ibe labi?,
Ili.W llll I 11)1, -' m I II IV lull IMi. I.Mil.-.V.M. M
ni un |, It OK SLUXANDBU, VS., I-IM.M'?
IMi Mb MILAN rUKlll'IC 11 .-I ??.
ll BOM IM ui ii-li.?. U ?:.:? T iSIlKNT ?G Ttir. SBIBDMK.]
Alrxanduia, Vii., Feb. 1.?A sojourn oi
sevrral week.? lu m ? I Viral la lows gives excelleui
opportunities tor observhig me lastale werslugaof s
charitableeuterpri ' ?' ''' ander tbe aus?
pice? of tbe Ladies'Kcief Asaoclatlou Mum? ix years
10.0, ? a ii ni the Bmplo] ia? al H ni*? " had it? erigili in
ibla way ? During lbs winter ?easou there are Urge
ninnile.-, of m -, rvmg ??? or who could not live bul lor aid
recsivi u rioni lb BeUef ? -? mal " ,?fu tal ?Ics of ?? ?ber
rem. tabors ?? ? ter ".mi. oyaiee-hoala. eia, ???io cao
?i.i.i no amployiiieut. Por many year? it was tb?
rule ?>r Ibe assoclauon to iak?; im- name?
ol all applicable am? Und ?ui by visiting and luquinug
whether they were rraUr in need, and ?nieve tuem a.?
conlingiotiieirnecesaitisst but ? was fean-d thai ibis?
nlghl u iv. a demorsili Qg tendency, ami it waa ??borne
In upon lbs minds" of ?ou?e thai a iruer pbluuUbropy
Wi III ? .1. ??? empiimi.ein 1er III* ? idle hall I.?, ami I.ill?
in !,. Hain io earn ?.tuiug, however little. - ....ii
proposition? wi re die? u ?;?., and one osjtwo plan? tried,
onl) to pi ave ?...?? nui.-. 'Un Ullles Wrrc Iu lbs ? > ;
,?.,.,11.1 n was deeded to ir> wmt could be doua
l?y nuking Sugi lor plaater and graia. Tbli idea
?Ullillialeil 111 .lie I?. .Ill Ol * Ul ?t M IVC aBd fili
m moir of the aasociatlon, auU one not easllj daunted;
?,. when vanni? im?.".? way it Mould soi woik
mi.m lorwsnlabs was ready with coontei ?
mu?? nil?? it abooldai less! be tne.i. ? ?;. ntleman fnead
of ? bo cause Jn?i nt tlua lime dosale?! *100, aad w,,ii
n m.it an Capital .? Bsginulug wa? Blade. Added to
?.ih. r diacoarageassnw ? ?? lbs difficulty ol eoi Ining
iii'i'.erui ; a (vtritof Jesteosy sad ?eiiseeklog aei taed to
be iu tho way ; at la-t a bouse in Baltimore concluded to
letthe society bave one bale of duck, induce 1 to tbia
iceneroelty by ihecnviciioa thatthe enterprise would
fall, and no mors be wnuted. With tbls one bole tbe
Rastet* ?rent to work, the ladt?? themselves daini, the
cutting Bad counting tin; bas* When nivea out and re?
turned ; two cent? api-co wa* the pries flx-sd upon fer
the makiBW. end tau bac* a week all tout could be given
to one applicant.
There were many per?ons who leokcd a?tanca at the
un,lei taking, u.tl ?hook tb-tr heads must wisely, eayiug
to tlit? battles, " Ten will have ymr trouble for your palo? ;
the?? people a:o willing ?auess to It? ?wiped, but they
went think it worth wiiile to work lot ?.?J eeata a ?>cek ;
tlifv win ?'id ?inn?: wnvof gnatlng out of it." Others
?aid,'? What will you do with your bassi You can't
compete wltta lews ?estabU?asd soases Tost wont make
?invili.hj.." But. to do rood, uot ? tret train, was tho
Obji ot, ?n the ladles worked ?>?, aided by two gentlemen
who espoused tbe cine ?t the lipgt>ui|ii_- and have ?Hielt
to it tbromrb th tk aid thiu; the oue undertook tiie ?ale
or ? in? bsgs, and silowed the ?ociety ?pace in bis ware
linii-?? :??? aa inaoy aa ? bey choose to ?ecnl : the other by
Interesting btmself to set material at the lo?vc*t price??,
ami in other way? has done lava nable servit-?.
Tie poor won en ?rere unire Iban ?lud to get the work,
and rame from far and near, and mua?? bad to be seal
away disappointed ?very week. Of ?mure?* It often hui?
ueiied thai tb?9 work WSS li!d;ffer??_tl?' dune, but tn?
ladle? examined every b ??: and never ?ilia??e.i nos to as
mi it ni unni ?lime properly. lu t no course ??f ?tx
iiinntr.? the inercbaut? ducevered iimt tue bass mud* By
ti.e Employment Bocietv were ?iinie as ?rood bs those
made else where, and eould be had ??t tu?? ?ame
rates and, their patroneare SNored, nieladle? negati le
?anuir e bow tbey could obtain capitai to pmeeed on a
lauer scale and in n m inner to do most irnod iu the wie?
ter statuii when the neoes?ltv lor Aura is most .elt,
the d -in.nul fur Inn.?, connu?? m tiie euintiiT. ao<l there
belo? no return? from salea astil then. A liberal-minded
geittleuiBB realdiBglBWas of ihe n.-iKi.htinuu coutitit-a
be nna*of_thedilemms. determined Botto let the *??4
Wort conn* to a ?tan! ?till, mid ?aned thu ?ociety $1.1)00
?ut intercut fur OBS year; wita this they
?vere (nab ed to iriv?? ciuplnynocut to from
truriy to seventy women, and made upward of 20.001
bag?, and at tue ????? ol rtie year had tbe money ready to
pay ink; perhaps tiny boned 11 would be retoraed h? a
donation, but If so, they wen disappointed. However,
noi bin r daunted, they managed Iu son ?naos tea gentle?
ninni tin? iuip.ii ni?ee of the work, and as a proof of
Ihelr approval e.ien one loai.e-1 the Boctsty 9100 without
mici 1 -1 iiir six months, aud in tin- way espilai na? been
secured irom time io lime. L;?' y 'or $2,(K)0 were b *>
rowed and all paid.
II ????? tin- writer's privilege to be present un m?e o c.i
pioiiut ihc r. ?mis ..r tbe association at tue time a >pointed
lui r. celtTiiitr mid g>\ ul .ut the weekly sappile? ; and il
was ? licit interest 1 int ?cene. In tne ostursoof t^e ?ix
years the wm-k h.is .n ?????_' on many ?llill
eulne? have disappeared, and everything I? u -w ?n well
??-eii..ii z.i.I that perfeel eider Is ?? 1-1 >? in .1 .named,
mid til ere 1? no contusion whatever, tlimnra many ot the
e.? errat Bros who come fir work are frein the very
lowest walks ol life sad er* ?adiy depravett Home m
tiie women, wbo are w.? 11 kuawn to iue lad 0? una harn
??roved thewoeivc? competent, now do ail the cuitiUK
aid Counting I tor ?nice th?? wm-k BBS assumed
sen matuuude the l ?b >r ?? too meek
f.ir the ladles. The Battere go to the rooms
on Tui-sday moi Bings, cai ml the material and tie It la
liiiiid>? ot teu lian? each. I lev ire paid br the Sav. On
V?'? dnestbjy the ladies go.and Brai re?oive to?? !m?r? ?;,tcu
ont mi t.i? prevlatu wee r, a strict acoounl itemg kept bv
ih?? secretary, and nay wua" 1- du ?; then tiie women re?
ceive auotber supply. Ii 1? un iniere?tiua study to waten
tliediflVreiii fsoes ?OM? oi old wnine? win. .?uairely seem
able 10carry their If.tvv budines in my children, wh??
con.?? t?? t;*i work for unir mothers; others, yeung
women ?ini bopi ful faces, ready to loos 011 th?? bittlu
?ile of all that 1 oui? ? to them, uot ????? tc
tin? Impresaloa ibst many of their ?adder,
more hopeless si?t?ra do, test poverty aud
SIB SO baud in hand, lue room 1? provided with seats,
mil atier ail tlm busine-s U dispatched aCari?tlau
?? ai-iier, one el tbe clergymen of the city, ?peik? n few
linn, eat ue.1 words m Uoepel truth; then a kynu 1?
aung, aud they are ul?mi?sed. u.i Thursday the rouat
11 ? and markers ?tn again to tbe ro mn sud with a ?ten
ell cad? ?? : I ?tamped, " Mild" by he J, idle?' Society
fui Ine K':i|i .nyuieiil ? if III? Po ir, A eXjiiuria. V.l."; I hey
ureiieii lone up In bundle?uf iwcuty-Uve each to be
l-?nl ?,! I c ,? 111 im I-'?.
bui *ljr Beut Bern enterprise Is not entirely dead when
? in .1 a work as ibis la going on *u<?cs?*fmly. All tioaor
tn tbe uni?.e Southern w uneu ?? o on ? ? ? I, ai ?? in tua
1.ic.? if dire ?ibcoursf? ?ment perleuicd tu.? plau fur giv?
ing .-uu er to the nee? r.
ri>tTT OF BTXW.YOBS.AltUIVKI) ??? 9. 1831.
AltU?. KM
su- Pranr? ? Pr?, Trini? He. Harm la 1.11, with ue!?e and pas
?eiigel - to Lile U?J tl 1 1.
.-11 II am ??, ?.?..!-.! li. - on ??? I!i uiilsi ?cl p?s?eiigei'a to
II r" In cm ?
slim 11 -, ; -. -?.m? ?p?, Kohlet-, 11 ambara ?0 liar* with
old u ?: an ? , uply barrel? ?? ??:?????, vessai to Fund?, Kivi??
? n.
run ??.??.|?????. ????> '?'?arrived. ?ir? PottavtUe,Strata, New
Yolk I'uiiuwalida. Mherni 111, I'r?.? .1-11 ???.
? s . ?, ?-?..?/iii?. ?: .?..m. Santee, Crocker-Fall
Klvi-r; ritirai?, sailili. New-York, rlnneii, 1'iall, Kick nun l;
Y.i 1 11. In ,ir.??, Cliarle-iea.
s 1 .? ? ?? vr.e?, sante?, Fiorila, ?.randVirginia.
I oar ill ?a ? ??,? ?-, I-? ??'- r.? m. -ir luuc,erum.??:r.
Yeatenlav. In ?: I? Yi-sl?ida?r.T?<tav
A!?ha. a-? 'i1*? MarnaWbite.
.?u?. l'i 1?.' I-?e;*a. i 7?
Batcaei . " ? W?*.l-j
rMWI ???? Heii'her... 1;?. 6*t Ni?>.iSaV . -'s,
r-.i.ii?.'? 1 .. n ?im ???? .1_". 1
1. 1"? l'a ?Oriftuai Keystone., l'e
llli.wel._. '.' ? ??,?.?.I. I?
l'ai turnia.wu ,4?? ???.I:,.u
iinilar . i'4 1 ? ? i'vemiaa...?,.??, 2'^
Lui:?- Caci'n:. -'.,j i'i.i??i. ? '?
? ???. Viruni?. ? ^ I - s,.,.,. ia4 _?>4
? n.? ? Ci. 111 . ? -? mi >,?. ululi . -'.j ..
r-Liak? ? ??:.?-'.? -'' ?I ? ??au.'a .'. ?,
??.1.1. ????. 1 !'? ?imrkini....?f_ 19
uemunsw..'?ai ' 'a '? ' '?> ' ?* . .T? l*.
????.!.??? ?ni. .... '?j i?*! I ich a! ui a. ??,
. .m, rna? .?.- li i7?i :.n<e ? ????.ti aVU, ? ?1?
Il ?,?.???! ??! il?'??. J'? I ? . ?? 1??>?. it ?
Ga?.?????? IM.KIR?At All saint'? Catbedral Chapal, Al?
? ,.?. ?. , . ? In ???. ? ??. u?? - lu- Ibe Klulii 1:? v.
?,.1 .m r?.???.. p n . 1. n.ill. T k-.iit.ol Naw-Visrk,
?. ??. .?? m. oaugbiei 11 ? ?.1.1. ?', faiga, ul Aibaoy.
insanie? imi issi
IH 1 h
CAKHAilT?On rneeuay, February 9, William l'arhart.
li, ih?? ? ?'? I ?ci? 1 In? ? -"?
lu?.late HM.iei,????. ! ? 1 mi -'<???.. on FrWar, llth
in?!., al . ?? ' i"? ? f. ni l'n a??? uinll Boweta,
Iltil.I.I?*?Muiideulv. al hi? home, 128 LeBerts-pIsee, BMok?
lyti. un Mimila?? eveuni . Feb la.y 7. \V 111 .ni li, .-uu nf
?. ? ili.. ih? li?. ??;??1 SU ?.'
Fio.crai ?t?i rices al suiuiuerii ?1 M. R. Ctanreh, corner nf
Wa?blUBtuu uud Uii-eu-area., ?di Tnniaday, lOtb nul., al 1
Baitiinore pap ?? pleaaecopy,
MALI?In iirnoklyu. 1?'.? .run?.? T. Amr, ?rife ot mppslyts
Mall, and UauKltier of ihn ate John M. Unk'?.
ltd il.? 1?? ami ? n-.ii ? ? ?? ? ? ? . ? ? .0 ? ? I li.-r funeral trn.n
her laterealiieaoe. No. n.'i IUvk?-?t,OB rbunday, iVbruaiy
IO, .il -' h in.
im ini i-i ii'?h it itniUK?, ? v..Rebraary *.'. wiiiiimo.
nu: li? rf .1.1, m Itili ikal il, aafd ?G yema.
Rnneial al Hudson, Fi iday ?? :'? a, m.
sfilivi.i:it- In Ibe ?City nf Negleo, Jann^rv 12. IRm,
ol tvphu? lever. Ad? 1?? Amirel, mil- .? lUehi.r nf Hu??aril and
Faiiuy K. >r .ny 11, .???-? l '. ar. au I 7 inuutli?.
WOI/I'-Mililiieiily. Bt tini! n?. S. S? OO G???1?. ?'\???:??(, of
?-?limi. ...? ?. ??.un eil i.it ?'??:'nt l'ctcr and Mary ilcteu
\^ nil. Ill 111 I 1-1 li ve ir.
Ke?aliTeaaas Irlanda arr invited tu ertemi the fnuer.ii from
tii?? rraiili-ace of Ber paren , iinc'i-t.. Orange, ou Kri.lay,
* lin? l lili ?? ?I , nu aiiiv.ilef llirjijo p. ai. train fm?i Now?
Carruga? m *.?it-.ng*it depot.
?ufruu ?Not iti.
y ci i-i ir Bronze?, Clock.? aa?1 lleeiir ?tire !*???,? lain,
m'?:??[>< na; i?. -rvitii,
Nu, SOS FIFI'il.AVlv. .Malli?.?!? ?quare,
BStWSSB - ?th and Jdt.i-at?.,
orT?r? a vere eo*nptete nut amana ?tos? of ?p??/?6?,
ll.iirK's, (?.???.'? Si.IS. ,Vr : BUM ?liniii?! ?? ?-??????-??? nf
in.? ???.a ??\ ?-, ??..;? lain ?? tn ? " Wmi-Mie Unyat,"
? '.p?." "Itoyal Utrrby." and the best French ratirica.it?,
all ul hi.- n ?vu latest Importa km? au.I ai
M'iiiKIlAI'F l'Ili' ?:s. ?
VtStton iuvlteil to luepoi-t tbe ?tock.
\tn ?li-ctlita oi the .Hannseraof the New-York t>o?aety
foi tbe ledei nf Un? Itiip ni ?? ?B?! ('. i|ip ???!. Ii.-id at llu-ir
h,..|i ul. corner l-d ?t. und l.ciiiiKi'tii ??'?.. F?hin,iv S. Is?i,
iir. ismea Knigbt,surgeonInt'?iet,prvs?nted bi?qnarterij
reiNirl Ibe iwiowinal? an abstract, l'howbom nnmber m
ne?? patient? tieatedtlu uiu ibequirte: euiunx Jauii.uv :il.
isil ?.??- ?. it ,01 winchuiimpei Ioriv-?t?wereIn-natlenta.
ru, ?????'?.nu ?ervii e? wen? re,irti ini ?,'.'? ? tune? io eoothiuad
palleub who ?-elle ? a' ile nflu??, and thirty .tbree vi-ii?? wre
inaile ?? ? he dwellings ??? llc-e unable tu illen.l ut tbe nnv
iiital. -m,ni -iin.il ai 0|teratuin? w.t?? prrioimen for .he
ni i?f nf ? iii'i I ni, ..Il of Wide ? Were ??? eu nt With the must
Riatitviug resulta I he whoie number ol In-'?alleata trosted
w.is .1* ???. iv ll p?? li-, alifii.s wele i.-nn ven nr.ili?
i ii.i;,;cl. I lie sex, ?kc ?, n.iltui, ol |ntieii!? arc BS lui.own I
?lala.?.I OSO
IMu.ih's. . ?IJS-TOtal.IJWB
luii-Jl ????G?.. BOB
From Uto?I year*. ?'i
Under 14 yeais. On-rotai.l,5atl
Native? uf foreign parentage... 4_"?
?""?'','.'.p-?'?'?.??-.'?'. '..'."".V...'.'."..'.'.'. -S-Total.1,330
Vane ??.-!.' .m I - vint???-. *i
\ ,ii,?.,?.? ?e in . 1 !
?:.? n?' ; ah .a. to . l ;
Weaa. ??"'?| ?nkies...,.n?
Bowumand luiuca>aBra? . ?4
Liuitiwl. ?
P?r?i.Teia. \9
Spill I. ?.!-'? I??'.52
?i une ???tin ??. -*
?;.- tdu?.... .V
laiteial iiirvature of ?pins. -a
II. |.i-ia-.?. ?b?
im umatic contraction. 1J
inner aiiuieuia. '.??-Total.1,330
? ?,,-,,- ,?? ? iiiiiiini^ un ??t inatiin ut ITU li'-patlents end
?tin ,? ? '.'? iiiit-i an. ma iniin. ilia past year I hen ha? h-eu
v.r, ?erloilMil miUUlloilin tie SUlouUl nt annual comrihu
inni. ("? ? ?upporl of ihe hi'-ii.ri G?? diy mi county
,,., uuiy about iwo-tblrds ot tbe expira*? lor the tie?iunnt
uf lite III?! Ill Bt? ? ni iioililn r ar all for ihn ??????p of ihe
?,Old . ?' ?G??'? Itili III, tu Hill' h .l.c ? III pal l'Ut? II..Ill all IllO
, m c and m ? ?aim han t?of ?.-cuy of NeivYu k. early
- ?? ?? UBW pallrul? ne'e In .teil I.?-t ??!, allunai ul! nt ?Vln.ia
a? ??, oi ?urcicai apparalu?, m.uiy that wmtie
eo?l eiaewheiD irom # 10 Iu 10. ?.??re noi oulv lurnlnlieil
rann ?? ? u vi.?-?. .mi ? pi lu c .in? nit re a.r bv ih?? hospital,
, , , e III ..n??? , ??? ?.-e In "iir man ? OturlOS dttBSItSMB)?,
;?. ? ii,.?i,;ia. m dispensary u me riiy .iwatiii?. _
ileury ?. iliuio.?. il.:*,, ? ? , ?. <-? ?--? ? i-arj-Jj ir iJi???.
, l? in, ? > I a ? ? ? . ? ?
Ai iiilnm ti ." ni ? n ?? _
l'ile? 1er m-ieatlr er.ili?? usi'Titilli ihr ?* wiO??. >'?>
u m .'me vi. ? ???.???.?? 'Brit Oiroa
lai? noni cuiiutuiug ralarsnas* ur. u-j ff, Ji ?VtMt "i Sta st
???p?? ??jtirej
' ? Powertul Detective Starr
TflK roLORAl?) DBTKOnTsl
? E W ? Y ? H K WEEKLY.'
Thi* Is a most exritlnc Detective story, full ot Dra
mi: a?. Ine, tenia. It waa written expressly for, and ess
be rua?! ouly in tbo
? B W ? Y O It ? W ? ? ??. ?.
tie?* ?. Leavitt Se Co.. Alienine p
. Vi XI.VU.
Stilla LKAViriAitr UALLKltlli?!. S17 BllOAIlWAY,
opinions of ran pubs?,
[From thn Rreminr Miel J
"Oueof the notable aileaot tfu-sia-iei will he the colino,
ti ?. t r un; n?? belonging 10 M r. TU ma? liei, wlio sello ni?
em.p .? ueoau.it) .?? couleuiyl ?tes a pio ii.iji? 1 j??.;nco In Eu?
[From the Wiiiill
" Therooina will he crow tei uniti im ?al?, for the pictures
araex.'eeiiiug,y iiiteraatiux . ul the nialn.ty ar I 0, (as BUS?
popular p.tiu ? r.? of me ?lay. "
[From tlie Fvenlns Post.]
" Mr. Thsaus Lent's ? o ..?. nun ul uimiern puntini;? In the
I.i'svitt Art lialieriea ia a'iuirabie. ?.'bariums aiaaipiss nf
Cl aye, Constant, li.az. I'.iuuaiiili. Vib.it UotiKuereau, Us
Neuville ans ether?. G???<?? .mo ot lb?) m>?t inipnriaut col?
Icl'uoii.? ?xlil'>ii?el lu ibi? city. auu Is replete niji pcuui?.
giviug iiu.ii.ti.?.?. '
{From the foiiirrlsl Aevortisor.]
" ??"G ? I ? noi ?. aovas in in.? superb urrav uf thn molem,
miwn ilial lias But tueilt ; It la aa a wo:? une nt ibe iu,.t
cheerful, the be-t aeh-eied, tlie wont une. eitini ,' m <u.... 1?
ami ?-????.? t.mi of any ?-??: ??eu m ot ita ?,?? oJeri I tu ihe
public ?luriu? iho past ten yeirs?'
Help the Poor.
The Inclement waathet baa __ e.l ttmisiisl suffering
siii.iiia tne pnnr, aal um ileuiai <1? upon tie Ni w
^1'ik ???,,? ialina fur the liupiuv. ui.'ni ot the (.'ou?
illliiin nt |_s Four for relief ?ere never ?rea.?t
Hun at prssSS? Tu G?) Is an nrgeuf call lor fuel, loud
au.) elii'li.ug ti ?ni hunilreia of applicants Ually. suo Ibe le
s urie? of He ? 5.-0, la? mu were ut-ver mero seriously la t ed
to meet tlie in e ?. -s, many uuwortny person? ai?? appeal ns
lo the bountv oi the charitable that ills again ueces.-.try tu
uree th.? eiai.n ? .?( th?????-van are really ?uaVrtua ?ml raallv
... ??., rv. al.I. Duina-th pul mo uiniit';? over lluiteou Ihun
?aii.l person:, OaVS appaisi at Ihn ?viitral office. Sn. 7t*
Fouitusve., lor relief, ..nil iu atlillil'?? au .iveraice nf over one
hundred totters SdaybSVS beea Iseel ved from ?nlm r.bers U>
tue a-hiii lafoii asking thai the claiuis of a, plir.iu s be uiVim.'
us it-.i a .i report??.
? oniriaut.oii? may be sen? u? l.obsrt It. Minium,Treeaur er
NO. 78 ?tutti.?t., ?? m eitier ?t me uiuL-r-mmi.
It. ???G.?? ?.?????. -Su. ?) Wall ?at.,
JAMhs \V. ?I.K.V.lNDI'.lt. No U-l 1'roe.lway.
JAME?? UALLATl.N, N?. 30 Kasi Jiltli-st ,
loiiiniltieeof A a> ?? nul il-ailj.
_JOIlN BiJWNi;, !?erretary, Xu. 7U PourtU-sVC._
Foal unire Natie?,
The furelifn mills nil IS? ?eel nil \i -* ? I" ? ? ; ) v ?, Febru?
ary 1'.', Inni, willclo?e allais oui.:? on WKD.VKsDAV. al
Ha. ia , t?r _ irope, nr ?? -> a? n.t l'art,??? t?.? 'j ? -oa?-.???_
(. rrespomiene. tur maoa must lit epnualiy andrns??*').
S?sal l'i in., lor Franc.), bv ?leaaislii.? F. ue l.o?,ep?. tit,
??.?tG??, OB THI ?-?1?? alila, in., tor France, (jeruiauy.
ile. iiy ?Inaniship Lesatug, tu I'.ymoutu, CUeroeurii anil
il . ,? iiiiK icarre'poii.irm? fur Urest ?Win ami ihe . mi?
tineat must bu ?p.-eully alliessei), au ? ai 11:10 ?. m , ?.ir
Europe, by siea?suni tialUe t.a ?j i-e ??"? v.? Korrospoudeuco
|..r .,. rmauv ana Irauce u.u?t bSapeasUp adurt-seea ? : ?a
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mi .-onianuiliUia au.I Hieiuen louriespooSs?MS lur <>t.al
liiitain an,? Ihe ? on ? incut must b- spedsliy a.l .resstxl). ami
at l'i es., le-europe, uy ? raiiisliiDCIty nf ?telila t?:? u leeu*.
Iowa, anit ut l'i in., tor -e tlaiil. bv stcaiii.liip Bolivia, t,.?
UlasgoWi ami at I p. in, toi ?>?????????. uy ?teaiusfiip Vadi-r.
und. ila Auiwerp. lu? uu stoi Porto it co leave tfsw.YurlC
Februarys in? mails lar Kasasa, N. P., leave New-York
Februar? Wand ll. Theiu?i:? fur A.?piuw?i, uinlsunli i'scitiu
iiav.? New-York February la The mu.? lor li.ivn .. uud
NSeslIli'.iea leav?? Xew.Yurs Februar) H ami lu. li.siai.i?
for Mexico leave New. York Fenruirt ?????? l'i. Tua mula
fur .?.ifouutl and unii M. In ir.?, M?i| ei.iu, leave KsW.Yocfe
February 11. lu..-mai.? i.?i sutiraii?. .t ?.. e.n.?^ Saa Fesa?
,.??.? Keuroarv iJ. in suUsfse lui ?ai j.?.?? ? itaru -?aoi
? laut.sta i-eiuuary J?.
ritOS. U /astea, Fu?taa?t?r.
l'osi U*, f> XeW-Yers, February .?. I--I.
" ? /-?' i: ' ?M ? A S O SEW t Dl l!<>.\ & "
Xettrt:teU lo SSSSS ??''/?? fu' MkfW mmtki jnlty adetrtuei
l^retui'ure sa iht llirirg iia.e.
CHAIlLt;?? Mt'UlllNliR'"? ??IIMH.
?' ? . ? ? ? J t ? ilr.is livav
The Person ol i'hrint.Tbe Mlrstl ni 11 ?turi wiin a llip'j
tu irsuas u. :.? isn, su?l s U"lleeUon irl resUiasaias f cu?
?? ? vere. By Fhilip ScbaC 1>. It. 1 vol., l.uiu. A new eoi.
nun. #1 la.
Chinese lmmlariillon, la Ile s.,clal orni Rsa_M_SSl As?
pee ?. BV ..cu ?e fc\ -e ? ali*. I \"... ?Vu. *'J ni).
TlieJlemnn ot l'iwnpiice. Being l'ait I. of '? The st. ail
Huas?r BV Jules Vel lu . Tl'ali-laie.l by W. 11. O. kiugslau.
l vol., l'fais, pi oui.?.?.>? lUaatrst??. ?. 5u.
OKOICUB tV. CAK?.I?TOM ?V l'fl..
lindi?m?? ? uro V V
??nini toi- ?lui ion!? : ? \???t G??'??.?',?? ?.?lin? Aluni.
?? elf i.r.iiiu ? lim.? vo.uiui. pSjisr euieii.p m ?iliiiua, ami
cloth u una SI._
HAKi'r.K &.? limi?.
? - ?? ?????? ??, ? ? ? .
Keil- ?m?: A Tele ?: ??? ?brist. : y Lew. Wallace, SU
timi ot " ili- Psbr Usi.' Ionio, cl ??h. SI ?'i.
?'???? llmitmi iti?, eau 'Other ?eriiinns. |?, eje'u? I at ( 'liei,
lenii un. ?'* ??? l ami liint:mu. Hv Un- mie UeV. Fie letlck W.
1 ObSlSSUB, .11 A. l'.'luo. ci. 111. ri EMI.
lini? rCeaa's Lite Letter?. Lecture?? and Addreasea. ?a
one \oiuine. With psttralt. ."Jl'i ?,.. Lui.', eloiu. .'.
llobert?ou's M-rmoi.s W.ih pnrttalt* bau pp.. Uni?
lllllll Si.
A Century ol Oi-lion ?r. A -ketcu i.l tin? l.'iiie I State?
?invi ninnili?- dea. tua? with aoms ol tbe I .? lui) Tribes. BP
1 11., will ?? l'r ?....- liy ii.-noi, M :.tii|.|e. an l uu lutr.-luc?
t.,,n ?? ??? ??,?. ut isoelys lui .<>. clotb. t? ?U
l'nilrr l.ile'a Key. ??? Other Stsrios. By Ma:y Ocil
Hay. ito pspor, 1.? ?eut?.
?08*??* ulti???.. ""
Don .lohn. Price, #1.
lir ??-mg Inning liunit?. in ? .?Hier Essaya By Mr?
Abbs vioi-ki a'oolaoa. I liais? elusa, l'ice, $?.
li Km ?['-..
G??-turi? from Ireland. Hv Terrenos MoUratS. l? uu
la laura lio ir sansa. ?1
Itoli, ul Meek*? Foeni? As colleetod anil revisml by the
auHiar ?boitly before bis death. 1'isao.gUt, *.,?,.?.
Inder Slieveilao. A \ ???.? in _WS KastS, By ILK
j. ?. uppiNOtvpr * oa.
Fall t.t.-l'ji-tl t.
A Ilnmly Huok ol -?m unie? ol tVnrd? In ?.? lierai
Dae. ? 'intuii u< uear.v M.llOU Wurda, . -in/ tu.e eiutb
fjiieents. Fun toan, gilloagja?. 1$esala ?
Kelle? 'ind KiilgerN. A Rum.ine.? Hv ir.?w|ev ."mart,
aiii?i.r of "t.'onrtaulp In 17S0 mn isiiu" St, l.ino. eitra
elut... fl : paper < ve-, 6'K'eiits.
A Villnae I oniiiuiue. Uy " Dutila." l'Ji'.i??. One elotn, 91 2i.
Fap. re ,ver, bu teuls.
-I .11II>?-.!? ile WlvLFllitO,
y ? ? ,: ? ? ? t ?
Fra Anwlrln and Musacele i-.auv FloreeUae Painters
nt t ??? Win t'i tiiuiy. l>y ? ?lu -nue Mary l'i.iiu.nor??. lila?.
trate- Uaas, i-uio. ti :?.
Fra Hiu-iuloiiioieo nuil Andrea Del Harte. Flore- Hue
G? ter? o? Hie ? Vili Century. By Lrader --coti. Illustrated.
l'-'iuu, ill -j._
: ? II ? ? : ? ?
Tbe Life ? Work Iu Ireland By W. Bmice Jones. Of Si?.
Si- ui l'.IU), *J.
MiwVIewaon Irelsndt or, Irish I.iml lirii-vaniea anil
1.1 ?nenies. Uy ?. ..url.-s Bussell, Q. ?' , V. F. l'Joio, ? 1 .IU. 41.
? B. Pfcl'nll"??? ?V rlll?lT.IF.K1.
Fall l?ela ?ila.
.Madame Rovnry. A Tale of Proviniial Life. By Uns?
IBI e t- uaiiei t. ? rn.'e 7S Beati In paper cot. r. or il In ciotti.
Caulllei or. ihe Fate of a >'o<ju.-tte i"Ls Usine Aux
C'uiUiiiiKl.") l'aper, 76 ceuta ; Cinti., SI ?i.
l-ti >'b-?vn
Inbeaien Traek* la Japan. An .? --nur ot travel? ?a
the iiitern.r. in. lu.iiu.? visita to the Al-r mn e? ut Hm and
tin? ?lirines of Mas.) ami ???? H l?a elu ??'.??. .iithor?!
"A Lauv's Bids In lbs boeS] Motiuuius." j vuis.. octavo
witn toriy .ik'iit lUastraUoas, iv
The Lo?i Caakei. By F. il Hols-obey. Trans'ateaUbr H.
I..???. Iraas-AUasUoSenes Ma ? liim?, cloth ri ?paiKtroUe.
JIM It it. ????.???> ?V III,
Life, ?im' e? and I'eenisol John ilrou?bna>. Oat col?
Tim . l.'tw?. il.u?ii.ii.'i ??-' Kiii-,1 by VWl.iaiu wSM r, Alt*
? rtialt. fe -un , ?m-i ksa, .i.
iiritNh ??iihliu?. V/stst Flk l.or.?. lair? Hnholoiry,
Leg, ?it. an ? tra ni.ni?, ili win - kes. liiltr.l st.? u* Cou
sul for Wales. Il,.limi la gold au.l ' __?. lliualraio;. I voi.,
evo, sili top. Tuce il.
SASHMH >l?t LI Uli ? CO..
.lluslc Study in tlcruiniiy U.? Miss Auiy lay. 12mo?
pilo. .-1 ss.
Work? by l'r?lc??itr ?Hing t'lnb KsaafS, 3qu ire l'imo.
Price?!. ???.??' s u, I.if?? ?.|.ui'J l?ui'?. iTlte Si.
n7- itrjadfvay.
The laies ol ?Suiiimeri 0G? Nassau auu ?ac Bahama*. Of
Charlea ive., il. A Free SI 7 ?.
History oi tbe f oiuiu ?t ol ??palli by tue Arub-Uoora,
Witn a .ketch ??! Ihe LiTI'|a?tion wun b ibey aclueve?l md
iin.iarie.i to Kurone. II,? Henry Cupix?. 'i v?l?a. crown Sva
Liu u, *y
The liurlerln_, By Dt Ant-.tai? Magui?. TriusUl?sl Jro?
Un ?'rei?, li b?- ???-???- K. eiernbeig, M. D., -?uiifou U.S.
Aiuiy. MO, C:0tu. *? JU.
HOlt,HTO.?i7'"I-"-'LI> fe C??.,
?il .V-.iiir-iil.xee.
l?i-neare Kliot'a ?reat Fee ??. ?"lue ?i]?ai.iab Uipsy." X
?ti ,U.
The Lile and Correspondence ol Mir Anthony l'aniul,
? ? II, Iste riu.ll;'?? I..umi?iuuI the miusii Muaeuui. il/
i. m- Paga*
Thirty Venn?. H. m?,' l'oems X??' ..ni OU. By the ant boj
St "Joliu Uaufax, Uruileuiau," a?. 1 voi. lbuio. gUt lop,
*i li_ _
t. v. mnn\.
ria n-?? ? ?vi t
KermniM ol Tbe City Hy llinr> U, loiter. U.D.. Bailor Of
Oraco ihuroh. J?ew-York. l'i?o. twenty-two Ssnuons, ili
page*. ?1 ' o. _
8. C s.r as? 4k ? o..
? Han
Wluchell'a Frc-Adarailea. or, A lu-uionairatioa of Oi?
Exla?enoe oi Men Bo urn AiUun. By ivue-jur Alexander
\mi che'l, il. d. 1 \ol. ?tu, with Ktbu-gmpnio Maps sad
l'iiaieious llinsiiatluu*. $& SU.

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