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At the meetina; ?( the Dacie Commi * sionere yenl'r
?day a petition ?ae received from O. B. Maar*??, J. __.
Mitcati?ay ami J. .1. Murphy. asking the Commis
?toners to grant tbeui a liotnee lor a term of ? own to
tn tor in tbe river, facitijt tho battery trail, between
Smith Ferry ami Caat-le (? arden, a Grano Float ion
I'alac ,*," ?? be itectl a? a place of general resort and
healthful recreation, bathing, etc.. and as a landing
for excursion steamers. It wa. promised that the
?tructuro should combine th?? elementa of *'orna?
mentation, eleaau'.-o ?nd usefu'ness," and should ????
fitted up with three fointains, a music
stand, electric Inclite and other alt ? action?*, li en
eiated that the structure would rest upon two
iron hulls containing watertight comp.irtnients. Mr.
M.uuoj waa promeut with one of In. associntcs, be?
tween whom and tho Commissioners a long _h__M_
Biou followed, Conimi ssiouer Laimbeer began witb
tbe remark : " You propose to make this a
rendezvous for ftin and frollo f
Mr. Massey?That is one ot the ohji-cts. of course.
Mr. Lain.beer?1 move that we pive a simple de?
nial on the part of tbe Board, ?is it is out of the
question to grant euch a privilege. Wo have no
right to voto for any such enai-cbrauce to that part
of the harbor.
Conimi?isioner Diniock?I don't thiuk that I should
Vete for it.
Commissioner Vanderpoel?I certainly shall not.
Mr. Massey?I would like to have a'hearing, hs 1
thiuk I cau show you its adyantages winch would
overcome all oh'octions.
Mr. Laimbeer?Your petition a&ks us to take
prompt action, hence my resolution. ..But if von
?lenire to lie beard, I am disposed to give you the
Mr. Diniock?Tbis is like a woodebuck?a littlo
too fat. If we were disposed to gel a revenue from
that portion of the water-front, we could get a lai. ??
one. Tt has not been thought proper to devote that
pa?t of the water-froni to the pumos? of reveutu*.
and vour plan would simply establish a depot for
collisions oe! weeu steamboats at that point.
Mr. Miisaey?Myidea istoshow votittiatthis palace
will uot b?'? an obstruction to navigation, and 1 will
present facts which will change your opinions.
Mr. Diniock?It certainly has length, breadth aud
tbickues) which cannot be got rid of. We are will
ing to eit and listen to you, but I think it will be a
regular college prize debate aud we will he the uni
???""*8? ., -,.,
Mr. Laimbeer?If I cau see that this will ho of any
possible beliebt tu ihe people a-s a place t?f amuse?
ment hy which we could properly consider it above
the commercial r ??iiireineiiis 1 am rea ? y to listen to
any argumente.
The coufereuee was appointe?l for Monday next.
An application of the Iron S teainooat Company
for the lease of Pier No. 1 North River, for a ptu-iou
of teu year? at 1.25,000. with the privilege of re?
newal for ten years aban advance of $5.000 a year.
w.u. relerred to the Committee of the Whole. The
company also requested that if the application was
not granted the lease be sold at auction at au upset
price of ?25.000 a year.
A complaint ug.iiuet a platform and other encum?
brance? on the bulkhead, near Barro w-at.. provoked
considerable discussion. Mr. Lanubeer uttered a
resolution tbat notices bs seut to the whartingers
that all encumbrances upon the new water-front
along \Vest-_t. must be removed forthwith, and that
if tbo owners fail to comply they will receive the
full penalties of the law. ihe resolutiou was
Captain Gnuner aud Detective Campbell, of the
Twenty-eighth Precinct, accompanied by O?iccr
Chiarii., of tue .'oc; ty for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Children, eiier-i tbe Yorkville Police Court
yesier.ay, bavng i ? charge Thomas Smith, of Hicks
and Centre-sts., fcoi.h Brooklyn, tho lather of tho
boy named Smith, v.-ho on Tuesday night fainted on
tbe track at the waUiug match iu the Anu? it.in
Institute Building. Ihe captain said that Thomas
Smith, jr., who wne not yet lifleeu years old. had
beeu eutcred by tlie prisoner, his father,
m the amateur " go-as-you-please" con?
test which b gat! on Monday night
at the American Institute Building. At 8:30 p. m.
Tuesday the prisoner half carried tbe boy ont ou the
track. He ?vas hardly able to stand. Wbeu the
boy was in front 'of the scorers' stand he fell to the
ground iu a faint. The Captain arrested the father
and sent for Police Surgeon Cleiumens, who pro?
nounced the lad's condition to he dangerous. He
had him sent kennet. Captain (.miner asked thut the
prisoner be remand-das Dr. Cteinmeus hau not boon
able to appear. Mia request was complied with and
J ?elective Campbell tooK Smith bue ? to the Fiity
uiuth ?Street. Police Station, ?theer Chiurtlieuid that
?tepe would be taken to cause the arresto! the mana?
ger aud judges of the walking match.
In the atteruoou Smith was again arraigned in
the Yorkville Police Court. Ho claimed that he
BTiously objected to hie eon walking over fifty
miles, but that the bov himself insisted upou going
on tbe track alter having walked that distance.
Justice Kilbreth asked Dr. Cleiumens if he con?
sidered that walking iiinety-ei^ht miles wee in?
jurious to the boy's health. 'Ihe physician said
tbat iu his opinion it was. The Justice then held
the accused man in $500 bail, and paroled him
until this alien,?,?u, wPea he will produce a bonil.
The agents of the steamship Bristol City, which
ballili from this port for Kristol December 2*?, ami
whieh has uot been beard from .-une then, fear that
nil hopes ol her sai.t.v must be abaudoued. ihe
owners of tlio vessel in Ih?stol still think that she
innv yet reach port. The vessel v. as commanded by
('?iiuiuii John A. Peters, and she had a crew ot
twenty-eight. She carried no passengers. The m? in?
here of the crew wete mostly married men, and
their homes were iu or near Bristol. Ht r cargo was
principally provisioas. The liristol Citv was an
iron vessel, and was built in Stoekiou, Kuglami, in
1879. She was what is known as a water-ballast
steamer, with live tiiwartship bulkheads. 1,134 tons
burUien, 300feet long, and was owned by C. Hill &
Sons, of Bristol. Kuglami.
Ihe Norwegian bark ? hor,commanded hy CaptAin
Thorwaliisi ti, scaled troni this port with a cargo uf
rye for Antwerp Qctobwr 2, and not having b-en
heard troni, fears are entertained that she is lout.
The New-York agents are C. Tobias _fc Co. She woe
a wooden vessel, nuiltiu l.usver, Norway, in 1H7:.,
and was owued by I. W. Prcbensen & Co., of l.us
The brig Henrik Wetgelanri, from Progreso, Jan
narv *__7, houml to Pulumuth. Knglaud, arrived at
this p??rt yesterday in distri???. 8he encountered a
eevere hurricaut? lebruary l.l, lasting twenty-one
hours, which caused u tremendous sea. The vessel
was hove-to for two days, and tho seas swept away
her btai board huiwarks lore and af I, aud strained the
ve_i.t 1, causing a serious leak.
The men who committed snieido in this city yes?
terday lelt leticia stating tbo reason to he" long
coutmued aud hopeless illness. A stranger who
regisUtred on Tuesday ?its hotel at No. .'17 Bowery,
es" Mr. Harris." wive found dead in bed in the morn?
ing, shot thiou-h the head. A letter tbat was fourni
un the table explained his reasons for committing
suicide. It stut? d tbat he was "u..ab!?> to get along."
end bad no friends.
Joseph Emilio Audrade, age forty-live, a Cuban
cigarmeker, hanged himself in his room out he fourth
floor of the tenement house No. t?13 Etti
E'eventh-st., late on luesday night. He waa found
dead by hie wife when she rose in the morning. He
had tor sontt? mont lis been losing Ids sight and had
been told that in a tow weeks ho would be hope?
lessly bliud. Unable to support himself, and too
proud to beg, he grew despondent aud took his life.
Among tlie prisoner? arraigned before Justice
Pinith. ili tbe Ess? x Market Police Court yesterday,
was Antonio B.irty, a Chinaman. He was arrested
by Officer Simmons, of the Court bqtUMl, on a war?
rant issued at the instan .e of a fcliow-countryman
named Lee King, who is one of the proprietors of a
restaurant aud boarding house at No. 11 Mott-st.
Lie King alleges tbat Bai tv witb three others on
Tuesday night, or early Weilnesday morning, forci?
bly einen d Ins house and took therefrom two trunks
?containing silks valued at $800 and $500 in gold
coin. On the warrant which bas been issued aie
the names of Barty, Lee Sou, ani two other* who
are known at* Riclmrtl and Joho Doe and who have
not beeu arrested. Justin?, Smith adjourned the ex?
amination uulil next Saturday aud paroled tho
prisoner into the custody of his counsel.
?_> ?
Walter O?ase, of No. 420 West Fifty-eighth-st.,
called at the Park Police Station Tuesday night,and
?aid that his eon Walter, age eight, waa missing. A
younger sou, heaaid, was one ol the four boye who
broke through the ice in Central Park in tbe after?
noon, who were r _Kued. The cap of hie niiaeiug sou
bad been found lying upon the ice. and there was no
clew as to where ho was. Tbe Park was thoroughly
??Arched, and a description of tbe boy was sent to
?11 of tbe polico stations in tbe city. As no tiiliiiif?
uf the missing lad were received, Captain Beatty
yeeterday morning ordered a search to be made in
the lake. Tbe body woe soon found near the spot
where tbe other boye had broken iu. It is thought
that in some way he rolled under the edge of the
toe. The police yeeterday ordered the lake to be
closed for the pr?tent.
A meeting of the member* of tbe Produce Ex?
change woe held yesterday to consider the proposi?
tion to delegate to tbe Building Committee power to
(elect the plan Max tbe proposed new building.
Franklin Edeon, Mairman of the Building Com?
mute?, nade a statement of its ?mon thus for, and
taha ??? of the eighty architecte who applied to
?temp?*? for the award ten were ?elected. There
Brere aeren other? who volunteered to eend in plans
Jrithoat recompense. Of tbo eeventeen plena,
thirteen were laid aside ae unsuitable. Ex-Proei
Eent Hlncken then offered reeolution? which were
Mopted : That the Board of Managen place at tbe
lltjpoeai of tbe Building Committee auch portion of
tbe sum of $300,000. in addition to the 9650.000
originally named, as is deemed necessary to be ex?
pended in tie erection of a new building; and that
the Bnildtmr Committee la empowered to make such
changes in the plane aa it may deem beat.
After a recess etnee last Friday the Whittaker
Court-mnrtial resumed ita sessione yesterday. Cor?
nelius Russell testified to hie being employed xx a
policeman in the cadet barracks aud to hie being ou
? duty Hae night of the alleged assault on Cadet Whir
taker. When entering Wbittakei'. room in the
morning he saw some blood on the floor and nn the
wall. The fragments of a looking-glnas were eeat
tered over the flior a few io *t from the bed. The
pillow was lying ou the floor, and there was blood
on tbe Indian club. There were sonno spots of
blood on tbe ?loor, ahont five or six inche . above the
knob; it looked as if it was lresi?, anil had the same
api*earance as that on the flow, ? hero was also
some blond on the hand-ba-iu.
Cadet John II. Scholk'iihrrgcr snid tbat the door
ol bis room was about lorty le?'t diagonally across
tho ball into which Whitlaker's door op tied. Jle
was in hie loom on Ihe night of April 5. and heard
ncr"hoi.e and do disi urbane.?. Cadet 1!. V. Hodges
tosti lied Ibat his rmnn was on the Hoor below that
on which Whitlaker*? urea. Whittukei's room was
in the rear, bis in Iront. He heard no noises in the
night. 1 he traiiHon, ami ventilator were both open.
Cadeta Britton 1) ivies. Ouf Cai let?n and John
Millets ?cstili?-d to the same ell????".
Cadet Charles A. ileiinetf statedtbat hi*room was
direetlv below tnat of Winttj!-??!. 11_??? ? WM ?
small opening in the ceiling ?. here t tie sit -ani pipes
connect..I, Re could ordinarily hear walking aero??
the room or the placing of chairs, but heard uonoiso
that night.
? In? Court adjourned until 11 a. m. to-day, when
Lieutenant Burnett will bo called asa wn tiesa.
The Weher piaiioniiikei., wbflOa strike has lasted
lor over live weeks, have finally gained tbe object
which they sought und have decided to return
to werk. The committee that ordered the
strike called a meeting Yesterday at tin? Assembly
Rooms, Third-are, ami Sixteenth-st.. to consider re
ceut communications fn.m Mr. Weber. Light days
ago Mr. Weber oft'red to comply with the sinkers'
wish that he restore tho 10 |mt cent reduction in
wage?, but n* fused to discharge men iu hia employ
who had not joined the strike. Tuesday Mr. Weber
informed the strikers' conimi! lee that Mies?? men hud
voluntarily resiirncd from hi. employment, and
therefore he requested that the men should imme?
diate!! return to work. Before agreeing In this a
committee w?.s sent to address the linn on prelimi?
nary arrangements. At the meeting yesterday Mr.
Bagan, who has presided at the uieetines siine the
beginning of the strike, spoke of the succ?s., of tho
movement, which he attributed largely to th?? moral
and financial aid given to the strikers hv th?? Piano?
makerV Union. He doubted if the strike could havo
beca continuent to a successful ending had it uot
been for tl.e suh-criptions ol the Union, whith in the
live week. Im?l amounted to ?{?7,01)0. James Lynch,
prcsideit of the United Order of American Carpen?
ters and J nine **s No. 3, congratulateti the strikers
on their succ?s?, saying that it was a victory for
labor thnt would greatly encourage workiiigiueii'e
organizations in nil trades. The committee u.ai hat)
coutorred with Mr. Weber then reported that ?ill
arrangements bad beeu made satisfactorily, and it
.*>a? decided unanimously that the striker? should
return to work to-day without ceremony.
Tbe Postmaster-General has issued an order, under
date of February 21, 18*1, revoking boetion No.
232bf the Postal Regulations. Under this section
it was permitted to send all printed commer?
cial paper filled out in writing, such as
f?apera of leiral procedure, deeds of nil kimls,
nils of huling, iu voices, and tho various
docilmente of insurance cut.panics, etc., at third
class rate?. Under the new order all partially writ?
ten mal ter must be prepaid nt Ihe regular letter
rate ol 3 cents for each half ounce. The following
exceptions to the rule are made :
Corrected proof-sheets ami manuscript copy ac?
company log the sain??. Date anil name of the ad?
dressee and of the sender of circulars, and the cor?
rection of m? re typographical errors therein, Upon
third-class mat tor, or upon the wrapper inclosing
tiie aau.e, the Bender may write tax own
name and address with the word " from "
above und prceetlinir tl),; same, and in either
case may make simple matks, Intended to
designate a word or passage of the text, to which it
isllesired to call attention. Then may be placed
upon tie cover or blank haves of any honk, or ol
any printed matter of the thud class, a manuscript
dedication or insci?ption, but it must be continetl to
a simple address or consignment as a murk of re?
spect, and it must not partake of the nature of per?
sonal correspomlonce. Upon f?attb-elaaa matti r
the Bender may write his own name and address,
preceded by th?? word "from," and also the number
and li?mes of rhe articles Indoaed. He muy al. o
mark the article for identification.
Tho change in the regulation will increase the re?
ceipt!) of the New-York Post Office, it ia eatimated,
at bast 91.000 ft day.
Several of the principal property owoera of Harri?
son. Hudson County, N. J.. ?ue agitating the qu?-s
timi ot ai>|,l.ving-to Jinlue Kimpi) f??i ilio aopoint
UU'iit of a receiver for ihe town. 1'he bonds of ihe
town are going hv ?lefaiilt, and its finances are said
to be in a deplorable condition. A writ of ? ertiorai ;
has been issued by the Supreme Court notilyiin/ the
Town Council that Treasurer Belli? must appear iu
Trenton on the tirsi roeedax in Jane to certifj
bill of "fl0,52? 42 which be haa preeented again?!
the town for extra service?, The treaeorer, it is -am.
has beeu fourni dfflcienl In his ??.ceniints aererai
thousand dollars and the claim for extra Berrioea
was put in, it is held, as an ofteet At a in??? ling nf
the Council a resolution that Re illy he prooecntcd
as a defaulter was tabled. Th?? treasurer ?vas per?
mitted to speak for biniseli und pruBonnced his
accusers to be "?feoiMiituuiate liars.' He said be
"sought no notoriety ?md area noi a carpet-bagger.''
He did not propose to run away. I be Town Council
has given an opinion that the treasurer's claim is
illegal; that he is not entitled to ? xira compensai ion
for services which are ntii 1 for in his annual salai??.
Reilly has held the office live years. His prede?
wus deficient. $22,000 m ins account?, and the town
has proseeutetl its claim against him for several
years, at a large expense, without meeeeding in
getting back one dollar. Rei I ly's salary is $1,500 a
year. Ho has acted as Collector of Taxes and ol
Arrears of Taxes. He had never petitioned for or
demanded more pay. antl never asked to be paid fur
extra services until the charge of d.ticieucy m his
accounts was ma le.
The annual convention of the (.'hi Pal Fraternity
was held yesterday afteruoon at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel. About thirty delegai?* from the ditter? it
chapters throughout the country were presen!, rep?
resenting Michigan I'nive.sity. Williams, Am bei t,
Hamilton, Rutgers, Wealeyan University, the Uni?
versity o t Wisconsin and tne University ot Minne?
sota. Iu the eveniug the New-York chapter ol th?
fraternity sat dota u to a dinner at Delinonico's, ai.ti
the members of the convention wit..? their guests.
'Ibe following officers o[ the chapter wen? elected
for the ensuiug year: President, Elbi i?lg?, T. (Jerry;
vice-presidents, Robert Karle, Will?.m Ast?r,
William T. Month. Sila. W. liiiri, David H.
Occbrao, Chailes White; secretai y, Satinici I'.
Blag-ten ; treasurer, Frederick 1). Tappanj ex?
ecutive cominiit? e, Mario?! Stiliti). William i'.. Roe,
R. H. fcinith, John H. lhtts, Eugene A. Dike, Henry
W. .-??Ullrich and Waldo ?, Pratt Aller the tinnier
several toasts w?-!?? prupoeed by tbe president of
the fratcinity, Mr. (Jerry, and the loll?,wing iru.su
resnoudcil : 1 be Rev. l?r. *??. II. Tyng. jr., Horace
M. Ruggir*, General Henry 1_. L? avies, ji?., Profeaaor
?Sircly, Professor ?. H. Cochran. of tb? Brook
lye Polytechnic, Institute, William I*. Pren?
tice and V. Whittrcdge. Among tit?? member? ol th??
U-Sociatiori present were : F. I). Tappan, Francis 11.
(iarrettsoi), Ambrose Morell. Profeaaor 1?. ,1. Bast?n,
Edward Kirklautl. A. C. Kingsland. Robert K. >tuv
vesaiit und Samuel P. Ulagdcii.
John G. Clark, a clerk in the employ ?if Jeremiah
B. Wuds.-orth, cinese manufacturer, at Lennox,
Madison County, N. Y., tied to Kngland recently,
Upon the discovery thai he ha.1 for years been ??
teinatically robbing bis employer. The amount of
his peculations was found to be $3,500. Recently
the police were advised that he had taken pftaaag?
on the Cunard steamer Calila for New? York," ami
U|*on the arrival of the steamer at Qnai antuie Tues?
day night. Clark was arrested. He was fully Iden?
tified, and was delivered to Inspector Byrnes an?i
hliori-t Delano, of Lennox, who last night ictiiiii.il
with his prisoner to tbe scene of his crimes.
An explosion occurred at au early hour last even?
ing iu DetwtlleFs Are works manufactory, in Green
ville, Jersey Buy, in a email building need lor dry?
ing skyrockets. The Inibii ng waa partially
wrecked. It was reported that the oxnlosiou was
caused by the carelessness of James Killcen, age til
teen, ?>l No. 68 Pain.it -a v??., in licet.lent ally _.?__
tirig hie to soiue rockets. Killcen was badly burned
about the head and face and was taken to Ht. Fran?
cis Hospital. Four other boys were slightly burned,
and au old mau named Po wley was also eligh'.ly in?
jured. ^
H. B. Roheit.?, the marine news reporter of the
Associated Prese at City island, who several
day? ago waa threatened with bodily barm
by the Hell Gate pilots, continues to be
a victim of bate. Because he waa called
ae a witness before tbe Committee on Commerce of
tbe Legislature, and gave testimony in relation to
hia knowledge of Hell Gate pilots, they have threat?
ened either to have him removed or to " make it
bot, " for him while be remains. Mr. Roberts sent a
letter to hia superintendent yeeterday, say mg that
everything waa quiet last week unti-- ?Sunday night.
He went to Let his bout, when be fonnd a largo hole
had been out in her, and a note was lying near, tell?
ing hfm that he would au?er mure if ho did uot
leave the place.
Fifth Arenite Hotel?D*rU\ A. WeBannd Nathaniel
Wheeler, of Convection!: e v?'tniirri?_-?ma_ Qeorge, \V. i'.tu
Ae*. ot Vermont ; Senso L W'll,i?m_. ?f _-?irt \\aynr. In?!.: ?nd
Si_neT T. Kv.'r?.|t. o? <?|?????!_??<1 ....V.James Hmrt?lOuirjnon
man *l?_ct Aiiitirw ?t. ?'iirtln. of l'ecni?ytvaniv...'r.'*?_?//<?,?.
?K?-Henstor l'owell CI?jrlot?, ?? Alkan.n..nettiti flc-tvl
Ueotge B. Htamti. of Oaw.jm .flrrroort l_i.u~-K.-nrv H.
Ssotord. ol Florkl? ; Captai*? '?'??. ol Ilio m?? ????|. ?..ailla ;
?mio W fcaDo?!}?. ot no_._?n. H.niUoc i/?tr_ ?_u>i__?_.l
Mutua H. Hi?a, ot Albany.
Ombre ribbons arc Ih?? newe. t in mUliiie: v.
Ink .tunde cut out of eo.il arc for ule iu Kollon-st.
Hicvcle riding in M:i disou-sqnare ie becoming a
The street cars carry annually a hundred million
Hand enihrnii'cry in colored Kill?*? bii._h.cii new
black ixninet..
Point, d'Anr?l?ic is a new silk lace that promise?
to become popnlar.
A daily coach will ran tins siinnnrrfioni theII,?tel
Branawick to Tarrytown.
(i,y Hall Turk seem?? ? o lui ve beeu appropriated
as tli?? puhlii' dumping grounds.
The Excise ('oniinis-ioncn. yesterday rcjeetetl two
application? for lieeuaca to ?ell U-peor.
Onlv about one-qu'rier of the f.milles living ia
tins city inivir st penta dwelling hou:, s.
Ti?? ?tinn.ii dinner ?f the afaditon I'mvorsitv
Alumni will be hehl nt the St. Nicholas Hotel to?
The lirst annuel reception of tbe employee <?f tbe
American 1?->???_ Exchange waa held laal evening at
Irving Hail.
The funeral of the hile Oliver M. Bradford will
take place al Ins late ' onto, No. _.'??_! West Twenty
fourth-.??., at 2.30 p. m. today.
Anorelty in garniture is . h??wn in the n'.iap?? ?if
?txtiny '.-?rs ol torn, tlirce red and three white,
bound together with :i wiapol ribbon-gran?.
The New-Haven ateameia bave re?ed (heir
regalar trim?, leaving Peek?alip ai '1 p. m. and 11:30
p. iu., and .V w-11 iveii ?it 10:10 a. in. und 12 tu.
! ?*. ??? ?? ?? PICAL sil [,1 VIS.
Examination? for the degree of M. D. wernbegnn
yeeterday in the Medical Departmenl ol tbe Univer?
sity .?t in.? City of New-York. The examination?
thi? year aro written and will occupy four day?.
WAITING FOB a ???-.sr; R,
I'm leogeraeomplaiii Ibat Un y bave to wait aomi -
titnea twenty minntea at the Thirtv-fourth-st.
atation of the Third A venne Elevated Raad bet?re
thev ??'? get tranefern t ;?, the Second Avcvue Line
autl Hunter? Point ferry.
a MUCK CAP! -IN <?N t ihai..
Captain Byan, of tbe Twenty-first Precinct, wns
put on trial bet?re Police Commie-tinnei Mason yee
ttrthiy on the chnrg.? of insulting Mrs. Maria Hoiao
"?her own house. N,,. 130 K.ist Tweuty-aevcnth-et*.
rVhiuar.v '?). Declaion waereeerved.
? G??? Tlill? ???? HAVANA.
The Un vana steamship Cits of Alexandria, Com
modore Deakeu eummandiug, reached port y<? ter?
day, baviug made the trip in tbe fast tune of three
?lay?) and six hours lrmn Havana, and healing the
Niagara, with the mills, by several hoirs.
iNjt'iti n wiih,r. on ?V'i?ii.i:,
Upon -he arrival ?>? tbe . team-hip Ancona G? tbia
port, yeeterday, W?liam ?. McEwen, ?? paaeenger,
who on the vovage had been dashed against the
ship's bulwarks, ??as removed ?<> the Chamber?
??street H?pital. *ui_l.-rnig from a fractnred sku.l.
?.',?G???-DiiALEBfl si:nti mid.
Reeotder bmyth, in th?* Court of (? maral Benah-na,
yeeterday sentenced William Smith, of No. 224 !
Qraud-at-, to the Penitentiary for ten ?lays and fined
him IPS in addition for having Hold a lottery policy
to George < ?ram on January '-'l Robert J. Leigh, ni
No. 100 Broome-at., was fined ?JUKI fur a like ollcuce.
oratimi his wilt?? t?, ?,??t??.
The Inooeel m tbecaeeol Bridget O/Donnell, who
was found nnconaciooa in ber lini In __ighty-aixth-at.
?? week ng?,, lufiering fr'-m a seven? beating ami
?nbeeqnentlv <11_-?l in the I'rcabyterian Hoapital, ara?
held yeeterday. The lory found WilliamCrJJoonell,
her bnoband, gnilt? oi heating ber to death. 11??
a as locked up In toe rombi to aa ait trial.
AP.ni -n i' ?,n ni). < ?????,? ?,? .irici.u:.
William Sun!'?.,? negro, ?lied in the Charity Hoe*
fptal on .Inn ? *_.*;, iu?;:i :. fractured skull, ll?? had
icea taken bum Nn. in < ; ? .-.? ?-- .i.. ?uni it waa
learned tbat in a fight wnb auother negro. Odcll bj
naine, on Juin? 7, be hud I, -, ? knocked doue, Y???
ter?lay odell waa -m? -'? ?I m W lliatusburg, U?- ??as
committed to the tomba to await in? ? tines;.
Till Al:? i * '!'?? ?? ? _??)??????\.
The Arci ?fili?..'? ? Ins;?,m.? ol Amen?e yesterday
sent a repr?sentai i??? io inni the Arcbttvilogiral Ex?
pedition now ??? rating in Outrai America. ??
newe na? been received from tbe exp?dition ? ?r two
inontlis, and as it was ah nil to ml?; th?? :i.a_.'??
country ol tbe Lacondonea ?.a>u laal beard from.
stime ten1? un? ruten ?lined as t?> lb?? safety ol Ita
?Altilir SIKM.IM-, ??...? A MuSIV Dlt.Wl:.
Siynucl Carroll keep? a dry gtn>?ls si.u-?? at No. 53fl
Tbinl-ave. In the las! thr,??? ??,,????- _*2G.? baa been
stolen Ihiiii Ins money-drawer in small ?noia II??
siiHpeeteii 1? un ?s Worden, of No. 647 Firet-ave.,
? bom h< employed as a clerk, ?md ? bom be ranghi
in ili?? net ??! <>??. inni; th* ??ruwer. lie ??? ari.
.?nul in tn?? York vili? Pollee Court ytwterdav Justice
Kilbrctb held him in fftOO bail, <>?i Ka t unlai
Mr. Carroll'? store ?ra ? brokeu into und fttOU ",,? a
gold w.?!? ?? wen? stolen.
li ? ?: a ?. Of ??) WA RI) li. Ain ili lui D.
Ih?? lunera] "f Kdward II. Architi*!?!, tb? ? ni
of ?. M- Archibald, Britikh l'un-ul-ti? m-r ,1 m Mus
oity, waa held ??-?rterday at I'rinity Cnurcb, Iben.
waa a large attendance. Among thoee pi? ent were
JobuG. I'll?? ?ud Francii W. J. II,?ist. .cpir-entina
(lie Si li, urge's Sii'iety ; I'l.-11 ??|????! l'A M .il os, \-Mi?
cia!?? Britiab Confali KrancU F. Marbnry, J imea
Tbompaoii and .1. It. Cuddiogtnp. 1 he -? rvii e. ar? re
acted l?v ih?? Kev. Dr. Seabury, of the Church
nl the Annunciation. Dr. Uowland.of the Church
of the Heavenly Heat, and the Kev, Mr. Friabie, ol
Triniti Church.
The ho)ir_> of Christian Wolf, No. 13. Rntlwlge
it.* wa? nid,?? I early jreaterdav morning ?,? Jewel? '
ami money amounting to ?1U8.
I?r ,?,.??,? I.or.l leeitii'-l in the Hall of tbe I.-mg
I hind Historical ?-????? v.al Clinton end 1 . ir? i???nt
hts'? last eTeningoo"Cbarlema__iie.J
The land given by fiisAre J. Beney. m connection
with the-uni ?? tJi'D.tiiH?, ?" f"1""1 :l noapital in
Brooklyn, is-iv'? n lois ... -Jeventh.ave..rnnning
from Uni.? to Fteei.leiit-ata., within two bhtckaol
'lo.iieei l'.iik. li has not been decided whether
tbe bnilding will be placed there oi in euana otber
'Ihe secondonanceeaainlattempi ?o rob the Poal
Office Hlation in Grceiipoinl within iwo week?, oe
mrreil early yeeterday morning, ibe biirglara at?
tempted ?? bore ih ugh the rear door, bui fourni n
lined with elicei Imo. Tbey Ihen bored nom the
cellar annmbei <>r I olea In tbe Hour, but went away
before effecting an < ntianee,
Application was nada yesterday In the ???? m<
Court lor ti?e appointmenl nl a Commhwioner lo rie
? termine whether Tbomaa M.Tbomneon and ? be "lore
M Tnompmn are capable <>r manniiing their altan-.
They baye been initiates of tin- As-, limi lor I lie In
aane al Flatbu-b loi Iwo reara, and are pronounced
bonelewlv meanehy Dr. Bbaw, tbe anpenntendent.
Thev are each lorty-live rear? nl? age and are
kith.-Lus. Tha rece?? death <?? tbeir father led
them Inns loa large amount ? ? t property and 'Ins
application is made fot their eteter, Mrs. A. F. Heal,
oi No, 241 Bchennerborn-et. Judge Prati granted
the application and appointed Arthur Beckwith
Judge Dotiohiie. of the Su pieni?? Cuiir! in N'ew
York, waa sued m th- Citv Court r?stenla* ??-.
James Lynch to recover .?'?..Idamagea fertile
denth of 1rs mother, Mr?. Julia Lynch, who. on Sep?
tember 4, 1879, fell down st'iii_ at No. 213 North
??l'h st. ? in? pi,m.nil iwore tbat the fall produced
death and was.Hi' to 11.?, negligente ol tlie owner ot
the property. Judge Dounhii?, who failed to repair
the Mairwav. although warned of Us dangerous
condition- Ihe counsel loi tin? tlefenee moved 10
dlsini-s the nui, on the ?.round that no negligent??? on
tbe part of the defendant wm shown, and aleo by
reason ?,i the contributory negligencia ol Ine ilecoaaed
woman. Jodge Beynolda diamiaaed the oftaa.
An affray ?,ecnrr?*d at the l,illi.iiil-ro-,ni of William
Wiltshire, No. 733 Weat Newftrk-ave., Jersey City
Heights, at 1 a. in. yeeterday, in which the proprie?
tor was badly injured by Vincout Culleii, a warrant
for whoso ari est was issued.
A nigli?-w.itcliiiifiiveu'ly yesterday morning dis
covei.-d th?? body o?an Italian wpman m the canal
near Lexington-si. 1 In- ???nal had h??en drained of
water, but, believing the woman to he dead, he did
not touch her body. An hour afterward two men
saw the hotly ami carried it out on tini canal bank.
Tiny inumi that the woman v.us still alive, Bbc
waa taken to a neighboring grocery more ami eared
lor until she could he seul t" the hospital. It was
tumid that her feel were frozen? Tbe baaband of tin?
woman stated that Ins wile bad been out oi ber mind
for several days, und ivas in constant Ini that .nine
person would take her life.
l.iVKHHKAD.? Superintendent Wilkin, of the
Brooklyn ,**f)ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty ta*
Children, yesterday mail?? complaint before Ju-ti???
Btackpole. at Kivcrhead, against Uosa and Henry
Miller of Manor. .Sullulk County, for cruelty and
neglect toward William Huiz. ago nine, wboea feel
were frnaeu so badly that thev bad to be nmputated.
Tbe Millers were arrested last evening, aud will bo
exannued aa soon as the boy ie able to appear aud
give his testimony.
1'??t Washington.? There is considerable ex?
citement at Port Washington over tho disappear?
ance of Edwurd O'Brien, a young man who has
lived there for the laet four years. He has been
absent from bis home over a month, having left his
wife and two childreu. A few day? after his disap?
pearance bis wife while sweeping fouud a lettor
? uutler the edge of the carpet from him ??.dressed to
1 her, in which he atated tbat " wheu found hi? boue?
would lie blenching on some fc reign ?bore." And
it is uow biln.-r.-d Hint bo hns committed (.ourde.
LnKCI Islam? Ciiy-.-Mh-hne! Qeigley was ar?
rested -cailv yeeterday. for bi caking into the
grocery stori ?,f Jame? X. New at Verrion-ave. an?.
Tlnr. -st. Iu his posw?ssi.ni were found $145. a pie
toi and ? loaded club. Hi. confession implicated a
ciiiii"?ler_f., William Fi-tclnr, who was also ar
i Beted. The formar waa Beat t?> jail to await, the
action of the Urand Jury. The latter will be ex?
amined to-day.
N:.W-Bi:i?HT()\.?It i. renorted that a bachelor.'
lall ie to b ? held at the PftT?ien Hotel, Xew
Bnghlon, after L iat.
(?^t?,?.t??.? The Excise CummlaalonegB of Castle
ton report that between March 1. ISSO, and Feb?
ruary 7, leei.J-fty-three liceoaea were graut?d, lor
which ,f 1,500 was received.
CurmR.?Tbe Ber. Dr. fSccleeton, of st. John's
Church at? Clifton, on Suiulav nexi will celebrate
th?? twniy-fifth auniveraay of bu pastorate at tliat
chun Ii. He ir i 11 preach the aame s-rinun he deliv?
ered on assuming charge of ? he i>;-.risii.
OniHNTA.?Tl,mnasii'iyi Raabmoit*, aonof Tbomaa
L. Kuabn.o_v, of Orientai after participating in
stune severe athletic exercises al ? gymnasium a few
day? ago, became ill and ?lud suddenly,
??. WILLlAMs'.. SLTT.
TIIB Q-jemos OF mi' KXAMIXATIOX nnm: or.?
In the Miit of William S. \\'il?nins against
th?? Weatern Ualoa?? ?? graph Company and its director?
??,?! ibe Union Truel C np my, to reatram by lujoaetloa
ine in? na eoi ihe capital atock of the former company
fr.-iu s ? ?,?,???,? 00 lof 0,000,000, Cbk G-J ndce BedgwL ?
Erntiti d aa order for tbe examination before trial ot tbe
Weatern Union Company by Ita president, Dr. Norria
Breen, and ef lb. U ilo? Trot Compauy by its president.
?! King, and of the dt rendante, Edwin l>. Sfonmn,
Norria Oreen, W?tia_\H. Vanderbtlt, John Vox Borne,
(,*?,incliti?; ".underbill, Mojo Taylor, Wilson ?;. limit.
barine O. Mill?, Auaon Stager, Jay Qonld, _tn*mell Bag?
aod ritorna?T. Eck.it. The order aa-mad. retnrnable
yeeterdey tnotulDg Al balfpastlO oOlocIc, Bt wblcb
hottr Dr. Greet?, Jaj Geilld, B-uSell 8_ge an ? others ap?
pear? ? before Judge B-d^wlck in the Superior Court,
Cbembt r?.
Bz-Jndge .lo'in ?. Porter, on behalf ?,f the d?fendante?
????? ' d t ??? examination and aaked tbat tbe order grant
u.i; li be rat t ? ?. Tbe d_ fendant?, lie ?aid, vere obarged
?Aita a eonaplraey to defiaad tbe stockholder? of the
eoupany ol wbtoe they are director?, wblcb, If eatob
? 1.1,1, would ?..r??-?; tbem toan Indictment in trun.nal
praceedlnee; end tburrfore tbey ?? aiid n?>t be *i.ldccted
to mi examinatloo umler o ? 11? m ? ?peel to tbeir alleged
oonneciioD with It, aa !i?eir anawert mlgbi baoaedln
evidence acatnet ibem la a anbeequeni crunlBal aci?n.
Tbla would be to deprive tli?? defendant* of tbe welt?
Mtatmabed legal privilege tinit no one could be eoa?
|x lied to iruiii.i.ii ? blto_elf.
Mi. bewell man,Utlin ?? ti e rt?__lit of Mr. Williams to an
examination of tbe d?fendante on t ?? pronod tbat It
uu-1.Mary to enable luo to drae an entended com?
pianti m ins action, il ? duchdned any intention of
proceeding ? ritmo?, ? aaalnal the dlr^otora of ibe Woet
? ? u I* ,'on ? olili any, mid admitted tin?! Mr. Williams
cullino! Iti.-ist npon tl.cif ?'Xiiiiiii.atiiiii II llley .iioiild
nielare that thev coiilj tint tittswer an ? questions In re?
nard to tue alleai il e ?isplrucy williont eituiimitiiitt
iD-UDMlTt??, mu? cu?? t|itciiii.r claimed their privilege.
?? Be wed denied, bowover, tbat tbe eonaplraey would
?object tbe deft auauta to aa nuli itment, or tbal It was
m any way different from tbal alwaya eel up in timllar
billa in equity. He Mid that the tiefen,i.nits were
obanced in tue compi? nt wit ?? conaplrluit with certain
otiier |??G????_ wboae name? men unknown t<> Mi. Will?
iams, and that without ihe examination asked fur it
would he Impoaalble lo amend ine ? ou?plaint by hi ingtng
m iiit-so iiiikuow? perecea, who wore bi eeeeerj defend
Jndce Bedgwlt k ? lnurn-d ibe examination toeonalder
whciui-r or ool it waa a prop r cas?? for sudi relief.
Tbe ?liic'tius ?,? the Weatern Union Tele
grapa Company aiel feetentay and, wllhont dolna any
Im-ii . m-, ?ol) iiiriteil until tO-B_OITuW. Tue piirposo of
lln-e f|iii:le!lt In, . 111. i_ s Is t?? ???.'?'??:? l!n? enuipali? '?
irausfrr book? whenever tbe Injunction ants pending
anata?! ili? coiiip.iii) aitali be determined, Tbe Hearing
in lue nulls ot the cal,!?? companies will late pl.icc tu
day. _
Pan Fr ixit-? ?,. G
the eloilng ofll il prie?
);?. a.?.
? ? ' ?
lirio ?nil Brillier... 7??
ll.Ktif. ??'?
UB-tuar . ? ?
? mir. l'uri ?lo.
? mia Vu n nia. ? "?_
urewa retai. ? *?
Kurr?i ? ?>?:.'-'?'? ?
la. ..? . 1
??? Carry. it
ilraaa rnsa . ? '?_
UO.-l_l?_w. **|_
23.? Ili?*'following uro
iniulog itoeki to-dat :
_il?i?l??v.To-<la v.
M. il? ?n. .'?'_ ..?-,
Mon? . i\ l*.
?.I.ir .. . 1 li.
??utilera Bell? .IVI-i H1*
Hex alose.. .. 1 U
, nulli!. 4 ? .*_
I'??!,?-' . ?
sit???. -
sifiT? .-????. ?*.
Mirar Km?.1,",
? . 1
III. ??F..-..
ta ." , j
I I.UIU ? .,II..?l.l I it' ?. ', 4
i ) ????- ? "?? u. _*,
to Hi
?- ?
?? ?/? ii IN'IELLIGKNCE.
M I ?-'!-l? ii ??- ? \? \ t
In !???
??,???? .... HI' BOB tl*. ., ! ?! ? ' , ? H f ? I 1 ! ?? 10.-G
y .... p?-.. . I ! ? . *_??<" -? itti?? H ? ? ? ? - dte.-Uy?. '??'?'?
I.? ?? ?? ? ?: ?.?-???) ? ?.
?? p.?.. :.r. lai .ae.. ?:001 it?ii 'J?te. feto
Ill .il WATI '?'? Tul".)- ??. M.
Hao'iT ???-,.... ? .? ? ..?. launa.. I II 1 lie.! Hit?. ti.Jtl
oui. ? ??) ??. l.l "??.tr IN- a ?1 ?? G???? Dt-WWCT, {
'"' :? ? [ti ?. N. V? I '?' -?. l'Oli. >
t?..? ?.??...? nu?-?**?< ?? - aearrW
wa !,, ???? I' ??''' >' ' ?... G?-.it..?
* II, ?. ?? ?????. ilei.? ...Ill.ir.ll ? ??*- s
I.ii?IiCi.iii??? 111 s?, ? It I au I Dialtitfb
?)* UTKBHOOI Bt ?????-???G a?????a.
r_-nr|r??:r. I? ? 9 ?*? U
1TN M;::..;.:?. ?$!.
,.,.;: ?.,.?... ?:.??-!! ?ira II?
, , w |*__lter_r. ?." ?""' '?'"
, Mr ?? ?-. '?
\Ti*iW Mi-K?ioa. W? li..?,--?... w.., H
V,,'..- llalli?, MlM II v.,.-.,,,!.. I
?,-,p u| ?,,:,.i, il? ,1 ' (???,.ne; Ml ? ?.
Il? '"' U." .. Ms, - ?,- ??, -?."?!? Mr? ? ?
?Vv.aJa M.V.:,?,,- Tra ? ? ? ?.-..Hl.. Ann
? ' -?, I .-,,i,nei. Ml?a I. \??.?????. WlU
" : ,, Mr? ?-? MreM '*?? Vitan
?,? ,?,.?'? a M??! ?m vit R0MB_.1B.-Via
."",?,', ? l '??-sM.ii \ Mis ill.u.
Armila? , ?? " ,? k M,s ,, Hein. A,t;.nr
ui? Pervj Mra Murr
."!,;,,? -.I- MA Ann? ? an?! family
l?'", u Mis 'f Mi.-I.eton Hei.ry ? ?..-??. ...- ?;
h Mr ami Mra I t,*xmf
. ',_, .uni lidi: ?- ??, ........ .!.?
' V ,\ ?l? Im.i.is. ?,??; ???.?:?. . li.?;
?'?, 1 M . Mary 1 ? .1 ilnlsii.ui
Utili " , ? ?,,?.. 1 W
n _._. I,,lui " ?? 1.1 I ??e. I. ?
' ? ,1,1 II?.Il u I. .Manin. ?Ina I?
ie'?V. ?Ie?- ?'.:'!?.'_. W...1I ???!-*.* ?
,',,.?. .n i'?.". >v"' ?*7* ?'??M
; , ,'. I. J.!aott.AII ??'tain! Mia
-J?, ?T.".- ?*- II.???.??? and tamil)
?.?, .m ?-. -? Vick?? ? ?- illa.-riivi?. ?leo
' f? MrlM."sOB7AleI ??????* Ml*? A
, utli. iurbard Hurt..?..1.11 ."""'? ,":lvc'li
V.'.-lyi';, J?? u Talbot.Joba Jackaon. We
r|;,iM I.l\ l.l.l?? ?? .t_?>t V KTB AMSilir .G???
Webber < ?1 C n Bebte an. P**H r Tnn_tail. JT
1, _ ?. I .*? S*"" :'?"> M" V ' ''??'
,"? ,,' 1 11 M) 9 TevV..r.Joba
.', "... .?.?? Mis. lem") Je.-ka.iB. U10
'"..!.. ? Mirnlei v \*>i kiiimni I
?r, _!-.'.-?..? ????5* *w"'.\aW
?, / ta.rnii ?'''-I'?' ' "?** , M' ?""' ,Mr'?
L? ll J M Mltc'iell, I. I! to IB-OB, Ml ? M
ii ,0.1 Mr? IlilUilrrt. 1 ? Ham.? ? ? ?1
... _ r' ' *?-' I,..,Ms.J...ii lltirr.-ucllffe.Mr??H
?, ,',??.? ?? ????! Mis Carne 1. Mr?
..... -. ... Mr? *v'?
.,?,,? MaxbB.Jo'iB flair. Mr?
pour ?ir ?*-?-?*? ???.?: ???.-.?. is. mi
A Itili V ?!,
.??r ?. vnnn? (lin. Teen?, Peb 10, and Menu?
. , , ,,, '?.? nml I?*-?? tur?is t? 11. n.l.r ..... Uri...
'?m. il!" i,.! mu? . ???".?*. NeiM-.sti,? Peb ?,?? ballet te
??"'"?.""?'iirii'^'l?'^?. Tritici, ???:?1..?:??1 Cl'y'.: .Ut?-?, wllh
c^pwcbV ?., i-t.i-s ??'? ??mi Uavaea HI, ?it* ?dee and pea?
?5,?^|??^?^?[?^???_??? l?, with nut'? ??_ pai?_en?
* mV ??. ?nnra? ??*_?*"??.,??.?_... with mina tai ?.am a?
J{,,VV"''.'_'i???- Crook?* ??????.????1?.????. fita mate aun na. ?en
'"^'.'-ei.' l?'a.'V."i?-.?i.'_"er.. Lew IB*.-marnate to old
''-...?..iHMr.?!.,!. Ingrani. Wilmington ? ?'. 4 ?t??**?
?i..?.!!. lir..a?water. Wllb md*' nel lailieflll ?? M ni 1*
1 .Lini,,.? as dar?. ??u. m?!"? 1 ???*-?, ????,??? v.-.-l t?,
*BiurkJoba*itB-berterd et s. _.,i?, ni?? ??????..-...?!?. Mar
... I.Witti ?????.??1?>?? 1er, ?-???-.?! ", l'ini, ??. I ??!. ? ? ? <>?
W?!.A KaiBlKl'ls Uta'?? ?*?? ??"'*.?- H?ll,?,? _Uit.._-, la balta?
"nS?atMabU? o?'?'-'? PMieetaa. Mo_raner_e 8_ dar? witb
-tSktominls,,S?r* *-?'_?::,;?'?'?;?"'^",?.t_, ... _???a? to
Hl.'i_.u ?'.'.??, Vtanyan ...f neonaart), Pntaara, (Mataeeeee _0
rtays witb !? ??. aft lo Uro?-' ?>*-?- * ?*! -"?-?* l" ' Ul ver *
?'?firtClachn.cu.MIn (?I In V-sr?.ee?). o _.l.?y. ?io ' * ra.,?!.? .1.1
N^.r? t-atl-ruial a^iur?, ?!ui,?:uI,uii-,.C.,rk .1 day-, ,., ?.,1
"?S H_-Srt_* WereoUnd (Nor). G. temn. l*rogree_ __ ins?,
Ne? ?uveu BOW Mill tei v.???-?! to ?' L ?Joie 4 to.
(???The loliowing veaa.U arrtve.1 yeawr.lay. loo Ute for In
%-1?_?.?'_._??aG-_),?'???. ItetMttUm 00 dare, wltli m.l.o
t0i_ng M??df uuTloViloicbeoter). Buck.OardenM.11 darj.
wltu?uiM and? AapUltuui to order; ve__-?l to ? I -? _vlu_l __
, "ling Alle., H?n_en. ol and 10 U?)? from Bein? will? log
[ mood to VVuj J ex A Co.
Bark CaateUr (-.or)?
SI.NSKT-WIND?At Bande II ok. fre*b. ? N W, clovtdT
?bo haxr. At City I ala en. ?trun*. ?, clear.
filia ti_n>
Htr? Heel? (Br), Hill. t-Terpoot, V_tboo ? B_bwn A Co-,
I ti? reti _ ? tl? '. Grigi, BorrtoaBt, Fun eh. Ertye ? ??. ? Ul?*? <"?
M?r-nile?iP?.. Noivel?on. Stettin L il?. Bobt.u. !/>_*?? ?-tar,
Canifk. Neir-Orteanx, im_-.rt A Morgan. City nt t'oltim'.u.,
Flauer. savannah, ?ieo Yoiige: Manhatiaa. K-ilr, ?...-folk,
lit} l'oint ami IttchinomL Old Dominion BaCo. Mom??Vaetie.
Read, Char!?? ?.ou. J \V Qulntard * ?>>. ?-aronde.??*. Beca,
Matanza?, cub... Nassau. NP, via Feruandlna. C U Maliory
AC?. ___ _.
Ship? Or??t emin?? (Ger). I-eetl?* Antwerp, ITmo Rng?r;
Palmy?. Mino?... Portland. Ore, sutton ti'O; I.udvlg Hoi
berg . Nor), sto'ta, Uavm, Fon?.*?, Y.dye A Co.
Barka Alerai? 1er Campbell. Hunker, C'adii. f?n?'n. sl_ap?oe.
Clapp A Co: Nicoli? fluii. OIiVBtL Cotk, FalmontD or Plv
mo'ith lor liniera. Beager Uro?; Northern Chief Ulf). Orane.
Ilatnliurr, Ilnvn ?t lllnck.cn Amar.nth lOer), Killern??,
Bremen or il ambititi. Wa,|??n Toe? A Coi Veneranda (Itali,
l'oli!?!, Mal'., -?carpati A Co: ??ronvaeriNor?. Jackson. Dotto?
enburg. Fun.?i. K.lv.'*C???) (Iforga H Gordon (Uri. Ktbby,
Hall, l'a?,G F tt-rliart: Domlnn-o (ltal>, Gassinio. O;iorto.
Lawrence. ones ACo: Ondi.?? (l'n, Galinau, l':lbo?. *-apia.
Rov.l A. Hlncken: Nilo ? lin. it?.?. Port KiUab-te, ?'Oil Al?
rica, John Norton A kob?; Kliza J McMauuinx, Fer.uioo,
Philadelphia. A Dayton A Co.
Brigs Jo.eta, D?"*.? Carden??, Brott, .__ ?? A ??: Houpur
(Br). Cro .by, Onorio. J W Parker A Co Rageala, Vent: A
Cfiifnrgo?. R C Lood A COi Waiter Smith, \V_U.ley. li.cn*
ton. Jam. H Mr!) __ir_lairt
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New v?rk.
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Oiioglna, Philadelphia; Noptuuc. llerry. Nrw-Yoik; Britik
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New York.
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Wilson. Rotterdam: **taa_NM (Ur), Wiiaou, Antwerp. Get, II
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Cleared.atra Pottsvti!.?. ??.?:,?.?. Ri.sIod; ? LGraw, Pierson,
Baltimore: It Willing, Lei Baltimora.
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Hot,i.e. I.uuiiwall, Newcastle.
savannah. Feb -'_? Arrived, str* Mayo, Port Boyal; Juni
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Natirk's Si.ricF.-W.Y.
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Pilon nue?! l?v BsoWB'fl Tvi.lf.ts No. 4.
1:1. ,? 50 ,. nts. *??;?! by H, Joues A ?.'o., __. l'ai k row. N. Y.
Tho Solid -?nulli, to n wninan, aro for Hop
Hitters, ?,'.?^ them as their onlv fanely indi. in??.
~B0YS, look?er?G
?Boy?., that ?tv Dos -.?ncSl*. a Dead
?fan'i B?oo.l!"
NOW ????)Y in |aj0. 17
New-York Weekly
"Boy s.tiiat 'ar Dog smells a Bea ?J
.nan's Blood V*
NOW READY in Wo. 17
OF G??
New-York Weekly
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Railway's Ready Relief.
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Warranted to effect ?pOM-lV-.;.ne. ?'?,????.?.??? per tilt,
_ul.l by ail dru-plat ?.
?a Let from May 1, 18 81,
THE Titilli Ni: CO _ NTIN?i ROI, H.
din nrmu u ?'in? ?'. io .?,,)_?__,. jaoaii,,., ??? .. ruu??.?-???, ??.*???
day*, .iii-i .'inlay j, ol ??. il? week. His book, wlib ph'ito.
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LX)K SALE.?Fine oil i?:?iiilitig.. Applv I*.*?
JL loro 10 a. ai., or after 5 p.m., H. Ka? S?that. O. KO G?,
Royal 8?

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