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voi. YL ??????548.
NKW-TOBK custom nonar, thb mission to
austria, and othkr position? providf.d for
?oknk::ai. carfifi.T) tub i>rksidbxt of thk
WAS BBCrivrn.
The President sent to the Senate yesterday
large number of noroinatione, among which
rere thoae of the Hon. William Walter
Ins for Minister to Austria, Senator Rob?
in for Collector of New-York, and Col
_ Men itt for "Consul-General at London.
?Tb? appointment of Judge Robertson has
given great dissatisfaction to the New
flvYork Senatore who were . gratified
? .f by somo of the appointments made on Tut s
I jay. The Treeident has decided to make no
effort to please one element in the Republi?
can party at the expense of another, and his
recent appointments are said to be in pursuance
ef a well-considered policy. Sketches of thu
?? badine nominees are given below.
.Washington, March 'J3.?The President sent tho
fclloWihg nominations to the Senate ro-day :
William II. Robertson, of New-York, to be Col?
lector of Customs for tho port of New-York.
William Walter Pheljw, of New-Jersey, to be Min?
toter to Austria.
. Edwin A. Merntt, of New-York, to be Consnl
General in London.
Adam Badenu, of New-York, to be Charge d*Af
tsirce to Denmark.
Lewis Wallace, of Indiana, to be Charge d'A?'iires
lo Paraguay and Urnguay.
? Michael J. Cramer, of Kentucky, to bo Charge
? fAttaires to Switzerland.
William E. Chandler, of New-Hamnehirc, to bo
Samncl F. Phillips, of North Carolina, to be Judge
of the Court of Claims.
8. A. Sheldon, of Ohio, to be Governor of New
Thomas M. Nichol, of Wisconsin, to be Commis
| liofirr of Indian Afidirs.
Edward S. Meyer to be United States Diatrict
P Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.
George W. Atkmson to bo United States Marslnil
far West Virginia.
> Bryan H.Xaneeton to be Collector of Internal
Revenue for the Fifth District of Missouri.
Ellis G. Evane to bo Receiver o? Public Moneys at
Ironton, Mo.
George B. Sawyer, Collector of Customs for tlie
District of Wiscasset. Me.
PottM?ter$.?William F. Osborne. PittslMd,
Mase.; Michael P?geott, (?uincv. III.; Daniel Snvre,
Webash. Ina.; George K. Gilmer, Richmond, Va.;
G. Morgau, PnloskJ, Tenu.; Charle? M. Wilder.
Colombia, S. C, and Hamilton Jay, Jacksonville, !
Washington, March 23.-.Tnere was much exnl- I
t?tiou last night anon the one hand, and some !
depression upon the other, in political circles, bv
reason of the evidence which woe supposed to
be found in the list of appointmeuts sent to the
Senate yesterday that tho administration had
filially determined to .ebognize ono branch only
'. the Republican party of New?York. Both those
roo Were clieerod and Uuwe who were depressed by
this supposed disoovery bave to-day learned that
their rejoicings and their fears were equally groond
President Garfield does not recognize any branch
er faction of the Republican party at the
expense of any other portion of the
party. As President of the United States
be nude the recognition of factions or of partv
divisions unwise and impracticable. Evidence of
this is found, not only in his public utterances, but
in the course which ho bas taken in regard to the New
Yorkappointments themselves. A fact which has
been made most conspicuous to observers here in
Washington in regard to tbe whole subject of
appointments in New-York State, and to a laige ex?
tent in other sections of the North, is tl.at
two great armies with well defined limits
have been .exerting all the pressure whieh
they could bring to bear upon the President
to secure each for itself tbe monopoly of Executive
patron,?tre. Compromise bas iu most cuses been
quite ont of the question. Either class was as bitter
in its denunciations of evciy candidate put
forth by its opponents as it was laudatory
of it? own candidate. Tbe President, therefore,
bas bad a most difficult task set beforo him at the
SBtset of his administration, since to follow the ad?
fi?e of either class would be fouud to give great of?
fence to tbe other.
In the matter of the New-York appointment* tbo
President's most intimate friends say he determined.
as tbe conree best calculated to promote harmony
in the party, and most consistent with bis
? present position, not to heed or-win any way
enconrage those who sought to give often e a
fo (Senator Conkliug. the recognized leader of one
strong portion of tbe party in his Etats.
At tbe same time be was fully determined to rccog
nia?? so conspicuously that all reasonable ground
for complaint should be taken away, those who, at
Albany and elsewhere in the State, as well as at
Chicago, stand forth so nobly as tbe champions of
freedom of thought and action on the part of the
individual member of tbe Republican party.
In General Woodford's case nothing derogatory to
his character as a man, a Republican or a; Htpnb
Boan officer worthy of being heeded iu reaching? de?
cision, was urged against him, while bis political
servies? in the campaign, as weil as the strong and
positive support of Senator Conkling and his friends,
?ade it highly desirable to rcappomt him.
Is the ease of Mr. MacDongal a similar |
condition of attain prevailed to somo exte nt,
with tbe additional feature that tbe selection of
his principal competitor wonld be taken in some
sase as an offene? to tbe branch which calls itself
'Stalwsrt." In the Buffalo appointment, each
?branch of tbe party bad united in support
afa new man of its own choice, and neither braneh
arged anything of consequence against tbe
it Ineunittent of tbe office. This con
of affairs left open a middle course:
ely tbe reappointment of Collector Tyler, an
ex-soldier, with an excellent official record, which
action could set be claimed by either branch of tbe
' as a recoRuitiou of the other at itsownex
Of the selection of Judge Robertson little need be
nM. Hi? eminence m a nan and a Ke
pBBhcaB, together with tbe conspicuously
iBtapeedent position ha baa held for
PM^ia beneved by those who are nearest to
5* X^**?"' * "?*? hi???t*ct'on for tbe position
? ?2??2SL *? ??"*?i ?* ??*-*"* "eh
a repugna of ni, Branch of the party
a? envasa eet at rest sil fears
?Aat?ajr wat? ta be overlooked or in aBV WftV
*?*. Htatodswatton will a*?? ?l??
?T!j ?s!?* ??!? exet?l,nt ??nagement of
25o??WSL?K9T??offlCM wla,hi th?
pw o? tae freedaot. At the same time, the m?.
jWon for General Marri? abroad i. consmereJa
*heed of the whole party, will not nnder any lit
J""" ** ?*? the advice of tho*
jWjbaij? ?.?, their io6amM ^? h,o
"?"If ? humiliate their opponents. The appoint
^ttftadga Bobertsou as Collector has areoaed
iXStSfJif* "" New7?* eenatora.
"Vff"? ? <?? ??*** /iiffa? not in ?utttr if
they do in intensity from those which pro said to
neggaea Vice-Pr?sident Arthur in regard to the samo
subject. ?
In the course of a conversation with a TitinrxE
correspondent this evening a gentleman,who reflects
the views of all the gentlemen mentioned, said : " I
ciinnot regard the appointment of Robertson
M a rational act under the circumstance?-.
I have reason to know that it was
made without consultation with either of the New
York Senators, one of whom mav be said especially
to represent the City of New-York, or
with Vice-Prcsident Arthur or the New
York member of the Cabinet. To cverv ono
of these gentlemen the nomination of Judge Robert?
son was a profouud surprise.
" Upon what theory do von account for the Presi?
dents action ? " asked the correspondent.
"Well, Twill lio < Maritatile ?monili to sav that [
believe bis reanpaintiuent of Woodford, Paya nnd
Mcllougall yesdidav stirred up the "scratckcrs,"
and that they deluged him with telegrams from all
rjuarrers making him believo that he had
raised a temno?t which must immediately lie
stilled at any cost. Ho thought the
appointment of Robertson ns Collector
nnd of Merritt ?s Consul General would quiet the
stoini; but he was never worse mistaken in his life.
He would have don? far better if ho had allowed
matters to remain as they were."
" What do you think of the other appointments T"
asked the correspoudent.
"1 think the apito.ntinent of Mr. Phelps a very
good one. lie is a warm personal friend, aud I think
he will serve the country with credit abroad."
'? How about Mr. Chandler f
" Well, nothing can be said aitainst that appoint?
ment on the score of ability. Ho is a bright lawyer
aud au able man."
BBNATOB BOMeneOX coxguatu?.atk??ms own
VIKWS ON Till? ????????????I'l'llUC OPINION
1IIY ???,?????? TO ??? ?????t?.?
Ai.UANT. March 2:1.?Privato dispatches from
Washington telling of the nomination of Senator
Robertson for Collector at Mew?York were received
here early thin afternoon and created Intente ex?
citement among the politician?. The first dispatch
in regard to his promotion was received by Senator
Robertson himself while the Senate was in tension,
"out with characteristic modesty be pocketed it and
eatd nothing about ita receipt? Ho was detained at
the Capitol alter the adjonrumentof the Benate and
therefore did not reach the lower part of the
city till loos; after the news from Washington had
there gained publicity. Arriving at tli? Ken more
Hotel he was surrounded by fonrecore members of
the Legislature aud personal friends living in this
city aud heartily congratulated on his nomination.
Throughout the afternoon be attempted with ill
?necees to cairy on the work of the .ludiciaiy Com?
mittee, being continually interrupted by the en?
trance Into his room of happy friends. The con?
gratulations caino with equal fervor from Demo?
crats and Republicans.
In mi interview to-night with THB Tniin.si: cor?
respoudent (Senator.Robertson -aid: "This nomina?
tion is especially gratifying to me because it contri
to me unsought. No friend of iniue, to mv knowl?
edge, has solicite.1 for mo any (?lace under President
Garlicld's Administration. This is a complete sur?
prise nnd a very delightful one to me. I have been
?really touched etnee the news of the nomination
readied hero by the kind words of congratulation
uttered by ray friends and acanaiutaoccs. This trill
be the lirst oilice that 1 shall hold by appointment.
I bave been twice in the Assembly; once in Con?
gress, twelve years a Judgo and twelve vears a Sen?
ator. I have never Bonghi any of the ottona which
I have held, and 1 have followed the same rale in
this case. Men bare cone to me in the past three
months and havo encgestod to me to apply
for this onice or that; I did not take their advue
PerbaM it would bo wall to state, also, that I have
not been to Washington. 1 have reeeived a large
number of congratulatory telegrams. I have no
doubt about my continu?t ion. Many of the mem?
bers of the Senate, indeed about half its members,
were my friends when I was in Congress. Among
I aty personal friends are many of the Denn "ratio
members, so that 1 shall receive support from both
fides of the house. I asan ma thai I shall have the
support of bath the Senators from New-York. I in?
terpret the nominations of President QarfteMag an
indication that he intends to reward the men who
made possible his nomination at Chicago."
President Garlicld's course in nominating for office
Senator Robertson and other members of w hat may
be termed the independent wing of the Republican
party in this State aud elsewhere, is very gratifying
to such members of the Legislature and politicians
adiare acted with that wing for several years past,
it is the general sentiment among Republicans to?
night that the President's policy is to harmonise all
the factions within the party. Such a policy is uni
ver-ally commended. When it was thought from
nominations yesterday that he would favor only one
wine, the result of such a policy was foreshadowed
in the displ.-asine manifested on tin-one side and
the satisfaction shown on the other. Senator Mc?
Carthy, ouo of the Independents, expresses! then
sentiments to-day, when be paid in regard to the
nominations, " Well, it evens things up?" Nearly
all the Senators were of the opinion that the inter?
ests Of harmony in the kepublican parly in this
State would be greatly si rennt lie ? ed by the nomina?
tions of yesterday and to-da v. The belief was also
exprejised that the leaders of the two wings were
satisfied with the representation in offlee proposed
by ? esident Gai f?ela, and that ull the noniuations
won id b? continued at once.
'Il?* Albany Journal save:
TIm nomination of Julire Robertson for Hie Important
office of Collector of tiic l'ori of .New-York ?? an Indica?
Hoe of the purpose of the President to h ave nothing un?
done ?> lu? par! to harmonise the differences watch crist
In the Kepubllonti purty. Judce Hotten pon was anione
the foremost to organize Um movement ai- iijm ? Unni
term and t herelry rendered (Ietterai tJ'irfleld's nomina?
ttonitusaibie. 'Ibis recognition of lile courag ? aud services
will give pleasure toa very large e:*etiou of (he parly in
tins fciate, wolle It suould give effence to noue; to?by
his nuiulniiilons to oilier important offlees. the Presi?
?lem has very litorali ? responded to tue wishes of the
"etal wart" wlrgol the organization
Senator Robertson's rinnu at th? hotel were
thronged to-night with callen, congratulating hint
ou ?ns appointment. Congratulatory lelegrameoon
ttnue to como in irom the leading men ol both par
tice throughout the State.
The news of the appointment of William IT.
Robertson as Collector of the Port, "/a* 'reefived at
the Custom-Houso with great satisfaction, winch
was tempered only by regret at the retirement of
Collector Merritt. The nomination was not gencr-'
ally known among the customs oftoera until near
the close of business, but in the afternoon many of
tboso who had been informed of the proposed
change called on the Collector and expressed their
soirow that hie connection with the service was
about to be severed. Itwns the universal opinion
among his subordinates that General Merritt had
beeu an efficient and faithful ollicer, and that ho
bad done mucU to elevate the character of the aer
vice. Collector Merritt himself was unwilling to
talk about the nomination of his successor, or altont
Ins own appointment as Consul General at London.
Of the nomination of Mr. Robertson it was said by
everyone that it was an exceedingly wise and proper
The Hon. William Waltor Phelps mis born in
this ciiy.Anguat 24,1839, and was graduated with hl?rh
honors at Yale College m i860. Twelve yesrs later ho
was made a Fellow of his Alma Mater. After graduation
be pursued bis studies In Europe a?dgator at the Colum?
bia College Law School, where be was Valedictorian of
bis elsss. Ho then entered upon the practice, of law, but
bis csreer as a lawyer, thou ,r.i eminently successful for
a yoiAg man. was brief, as he retired from active servio?
in the profession in 1868. Governor Penton offered hi at
the seat In the Court of the Sixth Judicial LKrlct, made
vacant by the resignation of Judge Barrett, hut tbls ap?
pointment be declined. In 1872. Mr. Phelps Was elected
to the XLHId Congress from tbe Vth Congressional
District of New-Jersey, bis opponent being A. B.
Woodruff. The District was naturally D?mocratie.
Although be served In Congress ooly two years, bis
career wae to brilliant that it was said of him that no
man, m many years, had made such a mark In so
short a time. While he was a strong Republican ho
was Independent In Judgment and action. He voted
against the Civil Right? hill.aud gave as his1 reasons that
it was ?eeonsUtutlonal, aad that its policy was a badane
f? the colored race. la 187? Mr. Phelps ran for Coo? ?
gres* again, but was defeated by Augustus W. Cufer by
only seven voles, Mr. riielps's vote being ll,G70,nna Mr.
Cutler'a 1 1,877. Ill healt? and tUc demands of business
Induced Mr. Pnelps to remain in private lire, although
the Republicans of Ncw-Jerscv have repea-'edly desired
to avail themselves ot his services since then'.
Mr. Phelpi is a director in several railroad companies
stid other corporation1). Amine them are the Delaware,
Lackawnmia and Western Railroad.ths Morris sud E^ox
Railroad, the International and Gteat Northern Rail?
road of Texas, the National City Bank of this City, tho
H ?assi National Bunk and the United States Trust Com?
pany. Ills home Ik near Enirlewood. N. J., on a larce
estate, whlc'i contain? l.ODO acres, and stretches frntn
tl:c liminoli Hiver to the liantes of the Hackensack. boon
nrt'i Ins graduation ntYale ho married a damrbter of
Joseph E. aiaOieKl, the founder of the Hhetlleld Hctentlflc
fchool at New-Haven, and lit? family now consists of his
wife, two nona anil ? daughter. Mr. I'hclpa was on
earnest friend of Mr. Plaine laut suuiiner. and was one
of the New Jersey deleg;ito<-at-largo to Chicago, where
he sleuilfosily labored for Mr. Itluine'n nomination. Ue
aceepted Qarfletd heartily, and worked for nini eft"? c
tlvcly on the ?lump until, in the middle of the oarapalgn,
his health, never strong, gave way completely, and his
physicians peremptorily i"'|itiri d li'.iu to give ui> work
of every kind and go abroad. He sailed in Octoti. r,
si-coinpinlcd by lila wife ami tioughivr, and Is now at
Nice. He has not been an applicuut for this or uny
William 11. Roborteon, the nominee for Col?
lector of the Port, wa? horn In Bedford, Westchesier
County. Oc,ober 10, Im'.m. jje was educated Bt the
Union Academy, tn Bedford, after which he studied law.
He was admitted to the bar in 1847. Ho has held vari?
ous palificai position?, serving Bret four years as Hu
pcrlntcudctit of the common school of his native town,
thui fmii? years :is ?iipet visor, during two of which he
was Chairman of the hoard, in iMlu ho whs elected a
meatbet ot tiie Assembly and raaleete ? la iw"i>. in 1*51
he was ih>,t elected to the Suite sonate. He was next
elected county Judge, a position which he held for twelve,
year?three terms, Mr. Robertson was then a proni
Beai Repnbtieao, and although ttio OMgreaatoBal Dis?
trict in winch m? Itved was clalssed by the Democrat?, be
was nominated forCoaoTesa sad sleeted. During tbe
war be wascbalrmaa ol the Militar? Committee to raise
nud organize troops iu his district, commissioner lo
SBpenutend the draft, and otborwiss rendered ralnable
servie?. He was for six yean brigade Inspector of the
7ih Brigade ot the Xatlonnl Board,
Bo reentered the8tate (fenato in 1872. since which
time be bos been rrgnlarly reele.'fcd. la ? Ti li ? ? ?ih
????.?? no iii'iv elio? ? president pro leni. Ta.a piace he
u is held lor sevei ?! reara ?lace. Il?? bas Msrveil as eliaT
man ni the Committees on Comtoerco. Navigai loa end
Hie .ludici iry mid other Imporla?' placea, ami bas breo
l'iL'.'.rU' I .is'oiie in tin I vol?is Of llM "title. Il'lis
been a Presidential elector and addogato lo nil the im?
portant Kepubilcaa Cunvenllim* and u meiobci n?i
? m.al vus of me RepnlHIean State ConiinRtee. In
l >7t) he w s tin? le ? Una can ilduts i"? tlovrrnnt in oppa
mho ? to Mi. Com li. .Mi. Robertson was a delegate to
the Cbleagn ivuiv n;lon and tbe II at one from Ih' H ite
Who publicly announced that be would ii"' follow Wie
unir rille 111 0P|MI III i;i to Hi. WKbeaol III.? eotislituenl'.
Hi? example was lollowcdhy others In m: ? ? und
rVnnsvlVania. Totola action ine lollowersol ?.euer.?!
? ii.iiit largely attributed bis d 'feat at Chicago,
General Merrill amis nppointed Collector of
the Port l>y l're-id nt Hav.??, July 11, 1*78, on the ro
mova; of Collector Ariluir. At tiie following srsslon of
Congresa lae appointment wnaeoBflrmrd by the in ? it??,
;:nd Ills lates* commission h. ir'da'"? February I. 1-?'.?.
I'm Me -I y be lias Ir Id his pr??.? nt ofli'??? SSMetttlBg "Ver
two y, .h ? i.iid ? half. altbOBgb under h s eoiiinii? ?ion h s
t.-rni of office has little mol? thnn half expire I. (?ruerai
Merrill wir bora at Btsdbtary? Vt., February 20,1 MSrt,
Ita removed ettrlj In life to Rr. Lawrence coanly, Jf. Y..
wbicbbaasraee been hu ho.ne. His lest sontsection
with pnhllo affairs was asa member and clerk of lbs
Board of Supervisors of that county, in IBM lie we?
slertedMfl B-?pabhean le reprisent his district in the
Mat?- AsoeasMf und in tbefbliawtog year bs wasrectectcd
i>y a largely increased majority, III- Ibflnracs a- a
nieinii: r of ?i.i? Aastmb y a is 1 irrr. and In 1 >'<l he iras
a leadlas ?apporter ot I Mr. Qreeley la the aasaaorable
tesatoti il ? ot -.-? of that year. At the begiBBlng of tua
Civil War.Gcncral Merritt entered the servies ?? t.ni.irter
inastei- of the fMi'h Regiment, (few-York Volunte r?.
He served with the Army of the Potomac until aft'-r Bat
battle oi Q> MjsBSMg, wheo be went IFeet wlUi Conerai
Hooker, parti ? 11? ? f nit- in tbe Im tie of < h.iltstloo.M and
iu Hliorioun'? <,ri>rgia campaign. About tin? lituo ho
was f I'lonilssloiod Coiouil-snry of Subsistence. W!.eti
Mr. Fastos was atestad Ouvensar. Oenstal Merritt ?an
appointed Quartermaster -Qeocral, and served in Ibsj
capacity for four yean, il?? was eireted to the ? ons.ttu
tionai Conven???a,? wbtcb be beM rb? Imparta?! pasttioN
of chairman of iiie Couiraliteeon Organisation of the
lysgialainre. Be Waaal this time ? Icadlug iu< u.l>? r of
tn?.? Republican ?>iMie Coraiuittre. In Mari-b. IHOii, lie
was iippoiiitcii Naval Officer ol Iheportof Brw-Yort,
ituliii ihinii poMtimi two years. In | *)7?? be Joined t:ie
Liberal movement,aed was aasctlvc Bicssbcrwi that
party. He was noiiilual<d la 1(175 as tbe Republican
candidate for atole ?p?????? r, im was defeatcO by
Charles ?. Ross, th Drmoc ?tic candidale. InOetoltcr.
ls77, he wi? appoiiiic'l lurveve; io aSMCeed Ucneral
(,.ui?..? ? ?. Bbarpci and Iroai itala ??? nun ho ?.?- up
P?.intu? Collector in the follow luti >??;.!-. ?? Colli . tor,
Ucneral Merritt IHM taken a deep personal mien???.: ??
politie.il Qlntlcr?, but at the Hani* t me hai KfraiBsd
nom all active particip?t loti lu partisan p? I Rica.
Willi,im E. Cliandler, Who lia- lutti ninniti iteti
for th?? o fil e o? H< .1 r ???ior (lei in 11, ???.. ? im? ? in Courord,
K. 11.. Ileeeinber ? ?. 1H3S. Al?? r '.' ?? ? ????? a couiBWB?
scbeol edBealton bs ? ir red ta.? in ilepanjoeiit of
Harv?inl Coltegc, iron wbicb berecetvctl tbedrgroeof
I,I,. ?. ?? P.Vi III'wan Mlmlllod 10 tlie '. ; r, and be de?
voted himself to tbe practice of law until isti",. From
Ix.vito 1905 be was reporter of ILe Puprenie Court of
Ne.v-II.??npK'.ire. si d ?.?. n rlceted to tini B'ateLegisla?
tore la l-i>H. l^l?l und 1"??, h?.!.^? lue- ? lio? H
Hi>i :il?er. In I8H3 Preatdeul ?.??????? npp'tlutcd bim
Ju'Jgc-Advoeaio Ueeeral. and s on after be was mide
a anstaai Heeretarv ot tbe Treaaary, iroiu wbwb positloa
be ??.?????????? in IHB7, Be was acoro!ury of IhoBatlonal
Bcimbilcan Comoutt 'e, and did activo ami ? Sctpui cam?
paiKiiwoik in lstls, 1h74j .mil ]-7i? Afir the ? un?
pasmof 187dMr.CbanUlir took a proaila*al perl m
pu?ventiti),' tho Democrats tr.uu eapturi >g tbe Blortoral
votes of F.nrlda und Mouth Carolina. Hn was also a
witness iu the Cipher iHspnteb Imiutr, in 1^7? and
li7il. and bas since frcqacnily cxpraaaed hi- opinions
un polRbMl questions tbroaab tbe columns ol ?'???. ibid*
nt und other Journals.
Gcuer.'tl Lionel A. Sheldon, of <?hio, wlio
was noiiiinated yesterdjy to be Unv. rnorof Ne.w-Mexleo,
was horn at Woreiider, Otaego Coutity, N. T., ABgusI ol),
1890? Waea he was abo? loar years old hie pareat?
removed to Obla, Duriuii lini youth be wotked ou ?
farm and am/ilred a common seboei educ itlon. He
taucht school for several years nnd uleo studieil law.
Ho was ndiuilt'd to the bar In 1851, and afterword at?
tended the Law School at i'outrhkcrpelo. QsWSral rdlel
don ssTTed one term us Judge of Probate In Lenta
County, Ohio, and In 1H50 he was a delegate to the re?
publican Nslional Convcutlou. Wneu thu war broke out
(SeneialHheldon entered the Army as a Captain. Boon
after (?eptemher 0, l?fll) he was ruado Lieutenant-Col?
onel of tho 42d OjIo K-gnu'iit, of which (ienerul (oar?
fleld was the colonel. When UarMaMwat ptomoted to
MM rank of Urlg;MJler-Oen:Tal. General Hheldon was
glvsncimin.mdof the RfL-itnent (March 14, 18??.) ??
served with his R'-giment until tt was mustered out ncur
MB? Siseo of lxdt. The Remnient nerved In Eastern Ken
luiky. LonUiana, Arkansas und Musisalppi, took liai t in
the < ????G?? iiind Uep and Vlck-burg expeditious, und
was pn -ent at other osttles, mi lutliue. thoso at ('hlelia
?uw Dlufls and Fort (iibson. At. Port Gibson Ueneral
HUeldou was WOOBded. At the cto?e of tho war he re?
ceived a commission as Urevel llrigadler Ueneral of
Volunteers. Wuen peace, waa restorod, (ioneral Hheldun
settled lu New Orleans, where ho devoted MsBaeti to his
profession. In IHU'4 he was eleoteu to tho XLIst Con?
gress from one ol the New-Orleans districts as a Retino
neun, lie was also elected to tho XLIIdand XLllId
Coograaesa. Darlag bis throe terms la Congress, Gen?
erai hheldon served on many committees, anu waa chair?
men ot tue Committee on Milititi. Tnere was never a
whisper agaiuat Uls integrity even amor ? bla most bit?
ter political opponents. ? few years ago Ornerai ?bel
don returned to Ohio snd engaged m farming.
??0??8 M. NICHOL.
Thomas M. Nichul, nominated for Commis?
sioner of Indian Affairs, was born in Obis, and lived
there until the outbreak of the Rebellion, when he en?
listed and served as a private In an Ohio regiment.
At the close ot tbe war be went to Illinois,
bore be taugnt school for some years.
Ho then went to Kansas and remained
three and a bait years, working lu a
foundry at first, and later serving as Editor of TA? Fort
Bcott Monitor. It was in tbe latter position be first be?
came familiar with the theories of tbe Oreenbackers,
which be opposed vigorously. In the fall ot 1877 be
west to Wisconsin, and bel?g la Racine one evening, be
attended a leoture by " Bam " Cary, m which tbe speaker
set forth with some effect apon tbe minds of the
worklngmen tbe heresies of the Oreenbaek party.
Mr. Nioliol, though an entire stranger, hired the same
ball and at bis own expense, for the following evening,
and mane so oompleU a reply to Cary that the Repubn
cau Qntrsi Committee of Wisconsin engaged hisser
SSfiSsw aa ftftb Fage.
It in supposed that one hundred Uvea wero
lost by the horning of the Italian Opera
Honae ut Nico last oveninpr. Prince Binmarck
declines to submit tho cost of including Al?
iona in tho German Custom? Union to the
approval of the Ueichatuir. The French Premier
declares that the Cabinet will take no part in
the debate on the Depurtnieut Representation
bill. The Boers have agreed to the terms of
GftF.AT Loan of urn?ma bch.pino destroyed
AT Till; ????????? OF THK PERFORMANCE.
Nice, Wedncdny, March 23, 1881.
Tho Italian Opera Roane here has been destroyed
by a fire which broke out at tho beginning of the
opera this evening.
Fourteen persons who were sufi'oeated havft been
taken out and their bodies placed in the church op
DOHltO the theatre.
It ii feared that a hundred men and women per?
ished in the llames. _
Nice, where this calamity ha?? occurred, is tho
noted winter resort for English and other invalids.
It is on ?? narrow plain between the Alps and tho
Mediterranean, and was ceded to France by Italy in
lfeliO. ^
LonooN, Wednesday. Marcii ?:i, IRSI.
If in stated in H Win that if Government
declinen to recognise the righi of the Belebe tag to is;
temutiti a .'?? tbe ?tal of including Aliona lu tu- ? dlver
eiii, ilio l?uJaet ?' nimiri '? will annuii a resolution as?
serting Ike ri'.-iit of tbe LcgMatnre to Oral with the
matter. A majority in favore! sucba resolutioa ha?
atrrnd; been secai il,
?*???:,?! ,?, tii^t negotiation* wltb the Vatican for the
?e?i'iiiMi, of all dillereu es are approaching a tornine?
in it.
? '.e? el \ u liti .ili- d ? r- : 4 ?ported la The Timm"
It riti di' ? ?te b : ? (invilii: loti foi [?remen and l lamini ? ?'
Dolhrirwai loAuieiira, 1 ft (Imi city on Monday from
luroiai.w.ij ttaiiu ?oa.y. T?w rmlcraitm is so large
In il lie? t ? in?!???> itilAp.;:m? ? :,i" 0? i;.'?? 1 t iCUuttcr ex?
Il ? -l, Ilia : ?.
A ' .i.i.i. f: o I. .Hates that coptes of the
?procad? lire; il.iiNo V ? * ??> II ? r II i-*>\inat;. tbe
bocmii ' m? i.i . ... in.? 1. ivii-tpir. bavebivn distributed
le tu ib ?- ?dial, pz! , and Ibatseveralcopies of
Hie sp. .??? , ???efe loll:, I lo ?! ??.?G?' klIOpsaC?N lit the
It.iTue...i lUI (v.
DIBMMh ? t ? ?? : INO.
1 r.RI 'v. W. dlt< ?nor, Marcii ?2.\ 1**1.
? ? ? ir.1.? ir. h me?.ber of the Rcleastagi ha? ea>
de.v.'r?? i petrattali* logain over l'rtuca Ulsnaarek to t.'io
tie?! li.at ih-e l of th.-m.:il?i"n of Alton.i in ll:e Zi!l
vereia ? u ?? ?| ? ..? the appi?.v.1 of che ll.-ichstag, bol be
bas ? et '.\ I m :i ????? relu,,,!, l'r IM5C BlSUMtrck dcel.tr?
io?; ilia: ti.? .iili-ijil.il l^y il ilmi I I. >? rights' of tin (?uvern?
meiit agatnSt tbliand .mur? Parliament* without eon?
? nma u usell alani, apossible diarnplIonotpolitical
pan lea.
Tbr ?-, ? itloua ? lib tbe Vu i an have recalled so far
lath*com -em of aererai potata to the la'ier. Ite
panting the Hialtoprics of Trevi?, Paderborn, (."na
bntecs and Pulda, winch an? vacant ttv death, the
pfCSMll ??|..-. .|ui arinilnietni'ors h iv.? ticen Informed I'V
?LJuVeii.liK nt 1'iat Ih V'ire itl'pen-e? I from Inking the
nate? abd will bo allowed lu.i control of the dluceaun
fonde, ? ..? law s.oppinz?tat? grants forsalarfeeof ti.e
badwpt andciergj v? it? ::?? repealed.
baavm. ?Tritassilay. Itaseli It. IOTI.
A l'aria dispatch to The ?tnibj ?p?? wye M.
enuioctla liifurii.t-il M. Jul??? Terry that It? would not
speak la favor of tho Departmrai Bt presentai toa Mil,
provided at. Perry ?l <i m>i *?> .i?? eeainel It. IL Ferry,
wfeoleea totsseef ininiiaie frtradsblp with M. (?.un?
ii ??, v.u. irmi to comprimila ? a the beala of bota
rema meir silent,
TfeeG?.?.ai'orr.?pondent of Th* Times saya that the
Oovrrumeai, it may bi ?npfMwd, dal not wi-li by a de?
claran ? at Ibi* preliminary m.-?? ut the Department
in?,, e-"li l'ioti lull lo li.-iiV.iK.j a . ri-U, lillt the <pie-thin
remain? wbrther, at tie dtseussinu in the Chamber of
Uepotle*, they caa retrain from intervening, If, there
fore, a crteia may be eobatdeted staved eg, it would be
pressatura to ione u le mat it l^ altogether averted. One
of ili? nnmottias Hrpublican portiMo? of dwtrtot elee?
itrtita m certain io aumiuon tbe Unvrraaseat to ?tate im
opiiilou, ?imi II is .??.ir.-.-ly ????????.? Unit iill.-r?iteliaihal
?? ?,se th ? <i .v.-riiiiieiit ??m:?? dei ? ir.? itaelf acuirai. If
III' li?.V. 1 . lo ni li tote..I to lille? fire. It eaiiiiiu pro
nounee In tuvor of Uepartioeai Kepreiieutattoo, aa M.
Kerry, who l?? oppoaed io II, would have to h|i.?iU tu |??
??-i..u. I? tin . im > ?, t;,et. fore, ni?? to racapo tu lite
(.p . li r the shock l?ev bave earnp ? In tbe euDsmlttec,
il ir .e ?...?? luit-il lie I. t.till?? I. Nr.-|y ?.Il lh? K.?
|iuli ? .. ? (..iti nal-ili.? immoli? io H Voi ? ;? ei >l-, an I lia ???
? (!.i?r.l lor ??????-,? rial ii'-iill -?????. : ?? I ill accepting tills
V ? W ibe * .itilnel ii.n "in.?, rilud io v. It it itnoeared to Uc
tin? wmh ?? .? great majority of ibe Kepublicaaaj
G?. ?nur Perry inn.i.? a ?taient?.r tu-dny to the Com?
min? .?? on ih?? 1>.??.?\ nient (?e;ir ?- litilloit bill, lie ?lid
incili??: thai lu !h? Inirre-is of .iirmonv the I'.ibiuet
bare resolved ? r nun ncatral uurin?' iii.<<eue?iim of tli?
IbuC'i !. ni. lie.?, afuif bearli.?: M. Perry's sta temen t, de?
caled ?? favos of cluettons by district?, thiii ?????????? M.
liai.il.. Ma. _
laiMHiS. We.lnr??. 'av, Mareh U3, lOSl,
Ihr l'aiiy A'fiw say?: MWa mideratand thai
Qcatral Mir Evcljrn Wood's main object lu the negotia?
tion?? With Un Boers wai to Obtata adequate iniarautees
fi.r |aei trcatmi at or ine aattvea, ami that the chief daty
of tt.e Ri yel CointiiiMtion will be to devino incantin ? for
???????: fall ci. et le t.ii* iwillcy.
?' A vi tv iiiiportuut part of their rrorli will bo the de?
limitation or the te.rilnrtt and saetera frontiers of the
Transvaal, whereby tbo tnitr? which the Boers bare
Vainly iriel to miIiJukiiIc will either recover their lnile
?.ilem ? or in|oy the protection of Kurland. Tlte
llriti-.li Iteetdent will Ite Invi-Mil with the Important
luneilou o' the protection or the natives ??.,..? wiiluii
the ilmiUof the ictritoty. The Goveramont lave thus
tiled to socoro |n?tlee for both races."
It tiler'? Mount ProspeOt dlxpaicli says : " At today's
conference, at O'Nel's Faun, the liners .letinlllVely
aeree.I to nil ihe Hn:i?b terms. They will reurc from
Latag's Nek to morrow.'*
IX)XDO>i, W.Mlnesdav. March S3, lfi?l.
The Daily Acir* ea.v?: "Wo undcrstaml
that'lurU. ? is willing to cede Crete If no further demand
Is made on her, hut d?chues to c^io any portion of tbe
The Christlsns of Crete demand that tbe Governor of
tbe Island shall be chatised.
In the debato lu tuo Chamber on the bill for tbe
abolition of exemption from military service, M. Tri
coluti* deprecated tbe amasare as unnecessary. Tbe
present system, he said, ?a?? ??,??? men aud enabled
30,000 more to be oil.od up on a declaration of war.
He added : Both the Government and tbe opposition
consider war Inevitable, and we ore aware that tbe above
numbers will be Insufficient If Greece is unsupported ;
but It Is Impossible after the publication of tbe last Eng?
lish blue-book to dnabt that England will abide by tbe
ileil-ion tuken at Berlin provided Greece remains true to
bersi If. Emtland certain)? will not assume the Initia?
tive, but If (i recce takes tbo lead Knaland will assuredly
irlve ber support. M. Trtooupm declared himself per?
suaded that It Gieeee went to war sbe would ?blala tho
bouudary line fixed at tbe Berlin Conference.
Tb? Premier, Id reply, urged tbe adoption of tbe bill,
bf cause though war might not bo Inevitable It was very
near. He could neltber affirm nor deny tbe deductions
drawn from tbe blue-book.
The bill woe then read a third time.
VkiOM, Wedneaday, March 23,1881.
The Minister o? Marine has received a die?
patch from the Governor of Denegai, West Africa, report?
ing an engagement betweeu 1,000 natives and
100 French Infantry, who had been detailed
to establish a telegraph line to Futa-Djallon. After
sharp fighting the natives were repulsed, und fled, with
a loas of 100 killed and wonnded. Tbo Frenen lost tour
officers aud nine men killed aud nine wounded.
Loirooif. Wednesday, March 23,1881
At the Lincoln spring meeting to-day the
race for the Lincoln Cup for two-year-old colts, fillies and
geldings, distance five furlong*, came oil, and was won
by Lord Rosebery's bey filly out of Mahonta. The sec?
ond place was secured by Mr. C. J. Lefsvm's chestnut
colt Bree do Fer, and the third pisce by Mr. J. R. Keene's
bay oolt North 8tsr. Beven celts ran.
The race for the Lincolnshire Handicap, distance one
rode, also came off, und was won by Mr. W. 8. Crawford's
fonr-year-old gray colt Buchanan. The second place was
secured by Mr. P. Loriliard's four year-old chestnut colt
Mistake, and the third place by*tr, Y. B. Graham's four
year-old brown colt Post Obit. Thlrtv-slx horses ran.
Tbe bottiog Just before the race was 12 toi against Bu?
chanan, 25 to 1 against Mistake and 16 to 1 ?gainst Post
Ohlt. Mr. Loriliard's horse carried 100 pounds; the
winner Ot pounds.
8t. ??tep>????. Wednesday, March BB, 1881.
Tiie G'ofoe prints an article from Professor
Marten?, the well known wrltor on International law,
strongly urging International cooperation against con?
spiracy. If Kussia. he says, could seal up her territory
against plots eiininillng from Paris, Geneva and Lon?
don a';c could ?oou settle accoouts wttb tbe Nihilists.
Everybody knows tho ?pot in oeneva where Russian
emigrants mature their devilish schemes of murder.
Yet tbe Swiss authorities leave them alone, because con?
temporary International law forbids their extradition.
It has long been time to do away with the Ideas which
rule in Swdz ertasi and some other Stato? on this subject.
Colonel Uurjlbkv, who was wouuded at the time of the
assassination of Czar, bas been granted a pension of
It is stated that peasants are flocking to St. Petersburg
from all parts of the country on a pious pilgrimage to
tho spot where the Emperor fell.
Nicolai Bsssaki ff and his accomplices have received
conns ut the ludletmcnt against them. Sixty witnesses
arc being summoned.
Paws. Wednesday. March 23.1881.
The ?(r?i<ti li</u/> Frnnrntf's Rerliu correspondent says
the Coii-ervinivii Russian press urge as measures of
reprisai against .Switr.eri.in ? tue itipturoot diplomatic
relations, g. general expulsion of the Swiss from Kussia,
a prohibitive tariff agnusc Swiss merchandise and ea>
COUl'.iii.'lUcht to ','Unan y lo uiiUi-X ?- Wlizerlaiid.
London, Wednesday, March 2.'L is*?l.
The Paris corn .somident if the l'imr* says the exemp?
tion from ni;, isolimi?nt of M. Koehefort, who was luod
1,000 Irani.s for articles paaluMied is tbe lntran*ig>-ant
applauding toe ossoaslnatiou of f? Cz-tr, isutirioutod
In am in no: to cuuance his popularity among tho
lu Paris two men bars been mntoseed toeirht months
ImwrtsontaMUi for placarding addresses congratulating
tbe M'l.hs.s on tbe assassin itlon or tbe Czar.
l in? wauagrr of Ni Dieu, .VI Maifrcbas b en sentenced
in default ot appe irance, t?? ?i\ montas1 ha pris os sis ut
and ?loo fia? for a sminar offence,
?Iavana, Marcii 23.?The Spanish Bank Iiere
recently retired about i liLOOO.OOQ wortb of bills wMeb
had ????n Issued on its own accasai Yesterday a notte.?
sas circulated that tbe bask had received from Spain
permission to reissue that amount of bills. This meas?
ure, if cuiiteil our, would do ?ntlmte harm owing to tho
Iririre contracts pending to d ? ?vr go'd at the end of the
? re acni nomb at cheap rates, gold bavirg declined
etc ? Illy in ei nseq.icuca ol tin? r-niivnient of the biiN by
Die hank. Cjptstn-tkvieral Blanco, tberefore, bus or?
ii iid tn ? siuponslJfli provii?! anally, of the reissue of the
ai2,vou,oou aorta of bitis.
????????? ANY ??7????8.
London, ?1?darsilaj. March J'J, IMI.
the Morning l'v?t -aye tliat it hears that Mr.
?tlaiis'otic will i.f'P'MC to reduce the in.'.ome-tnxfroni
il I, to ? ?. In the potimi in the course of his approaching
Un 'inlal Stattetest In Ilio Houe of Commons. Mr.
Cla ii;one will take a trip to the .Me.liten anean durlog
tue Lasier r reas of Parliameiir. Mr. Bradlaagb's up
p".ii in regard t>> bis seal la itio llouay of Costbwbs will
bo Ucuril ?? st Wednesday.
LciMHiv, Wedneadav, March 23, ls8f.
'Ihe. World stati? that the Be?consfldld (iuv
erssarat, Iti con Menu luti of ??'??,mec not opposing the
acquisition of Cyprus, undertook to stund aside should
Prance .In Ide to take Tunis. The Daily XetN says ; ?? We
i,eiie\i? Hi it iioeiiiin nt.irv eyid'iiee proving '.u? state
incut of ihe World is lortheoalag.*'
HALIFAX, March 23.?In the House, of As?
sembly today the bill providing fur college grants
passed a second reading almo'i unanimously, Mr.
Kenny, of Yarmouth, alone votlag against It. The
I'liivcr-ltv ol Halifax, which has bean In existence for
Uve years, now virtually
LOSBOX, Wednesday. March 89, IBSf,
In the Law son-Lain nicher? lihel case Mr.
Phillips, bro'hir-ir.-Uw of Mr. Lawson, and Montagu
Willi uns were on the stand to-.lay, Tbetr evidence sup?
port? Mr. Lswaos'saeeosatsf his assault on Mr. I.annu?
lier??. ? ?,.????. o :.? ???? tun begun his addle?.- to the
Jury. _
Lonikin. Wednesday. March 23.1881.
The new Relgluu exp?dition will go to Western Africa
The Irish Land League has this week received Ji3,."0fi,
which la the greatest amount oiualned in uuy ono week
linee the l-cacue was ? atnhbs?cd.
It Is tdated that, ih'? calila Steasser Faraday, which will
Im engaged la laying the new Atiautlo cable, is under
orders to sail at tin? end of April.
A bomb, with ? ligliti d fuse attached! was placed out?
sid-the Loyal Theatre at Madrid last utght, but It was
disc >*'t red by the |> ?Ileo bifore it COBld explode.
The Corres, of Madrid, announces that the police luve,
discovered a seers! store of 1,600 rifles outside tbe bar?
riers of the city. Ttio authorities are luvestIgatiug the
The British stenmer Bri King, Captain Ferguson, from
New Orleaus February 84 for Liverpool, has arrived
(here. Oie seaman was dro-.vned. aud elio lost a quantity
of cotton. Bads life-boat and the whe'el-houao smashed,
skylight stove, and sustained other considerable damage
during a gale.
A telegram received In this city ?ays tbe Servian
Skuptscbtnn has nil ill hi au agreement concluded be?
tween the (iovernuirnt and M. liontoux, Chairman of
the Paris Union General, for a loan for the construction
and woi king of Servian railways. The Austrian and
herv?an railways are to bo connected in carry lug out the
proposed fcheine.
MuSTitKAL, March S3.?The stock market was weak,
lower and Inactive this afternoon.
sait: ok ?e?t???? ??.????? stock.
Cincinnati, March 2'?.?? dispatch from
Lexington, Ky, to Ihr Comma ritt sa?s: The auction
sale of " Abo "' Ruford's blooded stock to-day
attracted a lam uuniber of buyers, but with ono
exception tho prices of sixteen head ?old were low.
(li t s wav was said for $1.000 to Milton Young, of Kon
turliy ; Mdlenry. full brother to MeWhlrter. for ij<i:io to
D. L. Rohn, of Missouri ; aud Good Night for W?ii to
John A. V? luklo. of Iowa.
New Castle, 1ml., March 23.?John Det
wciler. forty-ulno year* old. was smoibered In
a boiler at tho lied Jacket In m ice to?
day. He waa attempting tn clean tbe
boiler. Charle? Conn, who entered the holler for tbs
purpose of rescuing Uetweller. was also overcome with
tue gas und died noon after. Two other men lu their ef?
forts to savo the two named uerruwiy escaped a similar
? St. Loci?, Mo., March 23.?? dispatch from
Kansas citv to The iCrpublitan sayst Tbe first train
from tJan Francisco over tho new liue nrrlved hero
this moriilug lu chergj of Conductor
llallett. The train consisted of twelve cars.
The couches were all crowded, and seveoty-?tvo through
passengers were aboard. The run was the most remark?
able on record, tho train having left Han Francisco on
time, and woe on time at every station on tbe long Hue
of 2,300 miles, and nrrlved horo on time.
Hartkord, Conn.. March 23.?The annual meet?
ing ef the member? at the Connecticut Mutusl Ufe insurance
Company was heul bere lo-day, and tbe ooarU of directora waa
Trovidicncb. K. !.. March 23.?In the Common
Pleas Court this morning. Edward A. Corbett, ot Tm ife?(
Aentt )ieraM. was convloted ot criminal libel upon DetecUTo
H wan. 8ent?noe waa detegred.
F.T.rZABSTii. N. J.. March 23.?Nicholas Fouigieser.
an aged ClorraaD, employed In the Singer factory, waa 1 tiled
laai night ou tbo Central Railroad, near tho factory.
Kkknk, N.H., Marcii 2U.-AII.ee, the defaulting
treasurer of the Wluohenter Savings Hank, was arraigned to
dar and plMdeouot guilty He waived exaiabuiUou ana was
committed to jelL
Boston, Marcii 23.?Dr. Daniel F. Kimball, made
notorious bv his connection with the Lynn trunk traassy,
died tn the ritate Piitou at Cuncord last nlgbr.. He was about
torty-three years of age, Illa sentence was far seven years,
Drnvik, Col., Marob 23.?James Orr, who was
arreste?! here ??vera! ?lavs ago on a charge ot erabesalln*
?fiJO.isM) from Hohaits, sootliwick A Co.. ot NeW-York. Ion
bere yesterday for Stai city, la charge ot New?York detec?
tive?. W
Oai.VKSTiiN.Tox.. March 23,?At ? wood-ofaoppers*
camp, two mile? from Houston, yesterday. "Jak?" Brows,
Metes, sRsroluttmg pleasantly with aoetber negro named
Adams, Ulddewn sao went so sleep, wbea I Sasss, wttb a saot?
guu, blew nrowa? Bead ebnest eaurely free Us body.
s? ?
Baltimore, March 23.?The following ia
furitlsbed to-night from an official source :
It Is announced officially from Camden Station that tbe
Delaware Western ? ?ad was purchased, on behalf of the
Bsltlmnre and Ohio Radroad Company, the dflv after ?
eonirolling interest In the Pnlladelpbta, Wilmington and
Baltimore Road was boucht bv the Per.nsylvnnlaRail?
road Company. The sale was au absolut.? one, and tbo
day on wnloh the sale was made a controlliti?.: Interest
In the stock was transferred to that company. It Is also
announced officially that the Ualtttnore and Oblo Com*
pan y now bas englneera in the Held and that the new
hoe between Baltimore and Philadelphia will be bnlft as
rapidly a? men and tnouey can build it.
ft Is understood that this Is purely a business onera
Hon. and m no wise affecta ibe restored friendly relatldna
new existing between tbe Penn*vlvanln ItarlxoaO and tbe
Baltimore and Onto Railroad Companies.
WiuirNOTon, L>. l., March 23.?TA? Etery Evening
newspaper publishes this afternoon au later?
view with Mr. Bird, connsel of the Baiti moie and Obto
Railroad, and Colonel ?. 8. McComb, giving the full facts
concerning the purchase by tbe Baltimore and Ohio Bail
road Company of the chartex- of tbo Delaware and
Western Railroad. The arrangement was practically
agreed upon the day after the announcement of the
purchase of tho Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore
Railroad by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and
the agreement was based on.the positive declaration by
the representatives of the Baltimore aud Ohio Interests
lhat tbev would use the Oeiawara Western charter aS a
part of the scheme to build a new road between PhUa
deiphla und Baltimore. Tbe engineer* are already on
tbo line, aud the positive promise Is made that the road
from tbls city to Philadelphia will be finished by June 1,
a?: ? to Baltimore as rapidly as money and meo can do
It. '11ns would seem to indicate that ? is intended to
uso the old part of tbo Philadelphia, Wilmington afad
Baltimore Railroad from Gray's Perry to Chester, leased
by tue Reading Railroad for nn.ty nine years, and
exiended almost to tbe Pennsylvania and Delaware line,
within ten miles of Wiludlgton.
lu accordance with nottue given on Monday, a bill wJlt
be iiiirouuc? a in the Legislature to-eorrow f? give the
Baltimora and Otlo Company authority to build a new
line down the Peninsula, to compete with tho road which
has passed under control of tre Pennsylvania Railroad
through its purchase of the Pniladelpbia, Wilmington
and Baltimore Kuiiroad Company's stock.
The traffic arrangement recently completed
between tbe Baltimore and Oblo r.nd Pennsylvania
It illroad Companies is temporary only and may be ter?
min.ned ou brief notice by either company. The
contract embraces both freight und passenger
trafile of th? Baltimore aud Oblo Railroad, which for
the present will be run over tb<) New-fork division of
the Pennsylvania road. This arrangement will be eon
tin a.?<1 unid the completion of the new line from Balti?
more to l'litladelplna which tbe Baltimore and Oblo
Cmpany infeuda to build. Immediately after the Penn?
sylvania R illroad Company secured control of
tuo Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore road
Vice-President Oarretr, of the Bui timore and Ohio
C ani.my. bought tho hulk of the stock of the Delaware
Western Homi. It u the intenti.>u < f ire company to
oigani/.e couipauies under tho general railroad laws of
Mary.and ani Pennsylvania to build ti.?? proposed
railroad. It is understood that in Penosylvwla advan?
tage will bo taken of tho l'Ini idei ? ina und Reading
charter, winch is ??aid to be very liberal. Meanwhile
the Pennsylvania Rii.roal Company tua lo overtures of*
peace to the Baltimore and Ohio Comparir, offering to
resume substantially the relations which had previously
existed be:w-.-en the two eompaiu??:?. It Is said that
Mr. Garret! telegraphed tho condition of affaire
to his father, who is in Unripe, and that
ho recivcd m reply instructions to announce
10 the Penusylf aula Railroad bis intention to build au
iuihp? ndeut line to Philadelphia; that lu any negotia?
tions for a tr.iltlc tu rangement With the Pennsylvania
Railroad tbe basis of tbo agreement must '?- the fact that
the Baltimore and Ohio would build such a line. Tbo
arrange.1.1 ut male by the two companies was in accord?
ance with then? liit-tructions. Tac coatee ct is temporary,
although it is uad"r-to.')d that more favorable terms
were offered by the i'mnsvlv mia Railroad lu case tho
air me m tit could be made permanent.
In older that the conflicting interest* in the
furuisbiitg of mans for elevated rapid ? tamii iu Brook?
lyn ???;;a? be harm inizeil. Mayor Howell Invited those
most Interested to consult intiisofflc: late Tuesday
afternoon. Those present were Charles R. Flint, partner
of Mayor ?race, and Samuel Mel. an, of tbe Brooklyn
Itapid Tranait Company, formed to build a road m Ful?
lea sag A. It. cniver. of the Preopeet Perk end Oooey,
Island Railroad, to whoso depot tbe route laid out by the
third Commission leads; Chartes S torre aud ?. C Mur?
phy, of tbo Brooklyn, I'latbttsh and Coney Island Rail?
road; \Vii!i:im Richardson, of the Atlanti.: Avenue Rali?
ma ? : Jesso Johnson, Thomas Kinsella and Corporation
Counsel De Wilt. Tbe various plans for rapid transie
?ere discu?sed. Mr. Kinsella urged that tbe molo route
should he In Atlantlcave. Mr. De Witt suggested,as a
method of harmonizing tbe interests of tbe compente?
which ato to build on the routes of tbe second and third
Coininia?olis (wiiicli are In adtolulng streets from the
Bndga to tb'M'ity Unii), that Ibe Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Compaov build a road in Adarn.--st. aud then through
Mynicave.. while the company to be formed under tbe
iati st ?'. :.? mi -i..? should build In connection with this
line from Myrt!.-uve. aud Pearlst, Tins would avoid
the use of Fulton-st. It was eontended by Mr. Flint that
the road should in: where the paxscUgvrs were, and that
Fuiton-it. was the only place. The same view was taken
by Mr. McLean. President Culver said that those inter
esicd in the action or the third Commission were willing
to put a cbeck for a large amount In the Mayor's bands
to guarantee that a road would bo built ou its rome.
After discussion for several hours, a committee, cum?
posea" of Messrs. Flint. Murphy aud Culver, -was ap
iioiuied to see If the continuing interests could not be
harmonised. This committee is to report at a meeting to *
be held next Tuasday.
' Philadelphia, March 23.?The Hoard ot
Directors ?f the Pennsylvania Railroad Company mec
for reorgau'iitIon for the ensuing year at noou to-day,
aud remained In session two hours. Tbe only chang?e
In the official staff ot the company were those involving
the election of John C. Slms.Jr.. a* ee?-retai y to succeed
Joseph Scsley, who bus oeen ill for ?iverat year* ; and
tbe .icceptaitc? of the resignation of L P. Farmer, gen?
eral paesaaasr ageut. The latter change takes effect on
April 1. and tbo vacancy will not be filled until that
timo. ( ?eorge ?. Robert* was reelectcd president, aud A.
J. Cassait first vice-president.
The statement of the bu. mess of sll lines ot tbe Pena?
svlvaniii Railroad Company cast of Plttaourg and Erie,
ror February, 1881, compared with the same month In
1880, show* au increase m groe? earnings of $1)1.038:;
au increase in expensen of ?^'J.Vllii. making a oeereaee
In net earnings of f74.078. The two months of 1881, aa
compared wltn tbe same period iu 18'JO. snow an Increase
in gross earnings of $25(1,70*.!: an l?crense iu expeneee
of if-l'JU.'Jl?. making a decrease In net earning* of
$233.515. All Unes west of Pittsburg and Crio Tor the.
two mouths of 1881 show a surplis over liabilities of
$525.030, being a gain over the same period In 18S0 ot
? ?
Galvkston, Texas, Marcii 23.?The Mum haa
the following from Dallaa: "Iu timbase of the,
Texas Express Company against tte International and
Croat Northern Railroad Company and agsmst the
Texas Pacific Railroad Company, in tbe Cutu-d (Hatea
Cnurt, Ju Jge A. P. McCormlek has granted a nrcitmi
i.ary Injunction preserving tbe pr?sent status, Vavtug
the question oreoaipenaaiion to be paid by the Texas
Express Company to defendant* in ca>c the parties cao,
not agree, to be hereafter detennlued by tbe Court."
? ? s>
Albaxt, March 23.?The Northern Railroad.
Connvui? of Loug Island have tiled article* of incorpora?
tion. Tue capital ia $1.000.000.
At a meeting of the directora ot the Wa?.
bssb, 8t. Louis and Parirlo Railroad Company yester?
day, the organisation was completed by the election of
the following officers: President, Solon Humphrey* ;
Urst vice-president. A. L. Hopkins; second vtoewreal
dent and secretary. James P. How. Tbe office of thai
second vice-president ha* been vacant sine? the r?stame?
tlon, last year, of H. W. Lewis, Jr., tbe former pr?sidant
or tbe dt. Lout*. Kansas City aud Northern tea 11 road,
which is Dow a part or the wabash system. The otees?
officers are tbe same as Jaat year. ,
MoRRiSTOWN, ?. J., March 23.?Thomaa
Koefe, gardener to Clonerai Botter, left the Oeoctal'a
bouse on March 17 to take aa early ?rala to Newark*
where one of ala apea was to be operated apea, ?* took
with him about 6100. andpeoml?ed to retata tea? day?
unless enjoiued by the dootor to stagger. Xtoaswaoi
a temperate man, and there U a poaattstrl? ef ale besa*
in some eye infirmarvi but a? no treoaag ?ha cam be,
foui.- suspicion of foul play U entortaros* Be ?aaj
?pout forty-five years eld and of stoat butta. ? ,
PrriLADELraiA, March 22.-At Um armiA
meetisgettae Philadelpai*. Society of ArttsUheldoaj
the 19th last, the following ratloses ?para s?sate? ?
JYestflfeat-Janlsa ?. ? word.
isstsatpptJ NewboldlL Trotter,
rrea*?sr*r-F. F. DeCraae.

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