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Bmunv I-oucK cGUmvstaovtxn
Tl'STl-iiNY t?i H k\amint:i? gfcrOM in
Ml IM I Vis CAN BK DKA\A N si. | M ? ]\ M
?jUACK's llFIHK.
The Di-trict-Attiinioy hag not vet draw
ImUi'tmnils iiiriinst the l'uli??' Coiiiiiiissi.i
but will tl? m .im NN M !i*' km liai! fini
l?7K?k over the volutninou** tistiinony tuk?'i
the Gnuul Jury. Co~U_bmM?CT Nichols s.
ghowe?! very lni?l taste on tin* part <>f
Grand Jurors not to wait until the trial b
the Mayor was t'mis,n?l. Tin* |NMMdf?.
the Mayor'* otiiie were ?if th?> MM? char;
ywtertliiy. Mayer Grace t??ld -lit' l?WJ??fi
tht*y ought to Wlmve IxtUT.
The indictment of tin* I'l-iico Caaaaaiaaiaakrn
the auhject ?if tiiti. lulls? ussii'ii y?st? rdaj, bat n
tion was taken toxvard Ike prcpitration of thein
nienfs l>y th;* I ?in? ri? tAtt"rii?-y. Tli.it ctVn ? i
probably consider the testimony taken by
('rand Jury to-day, ami xx ill decide ?>n the f..r
the indictment?. Oaaa_tieaiotbet Nieholt said y?
?lay to a Tni?>i ni: reporter, la afewMag of Hal
" I do not think it was in good taste la Ivsliel
rolice Commissioners until the invi*<tiirati<?n
going?in lie?oro tin* Mayor xxns < fated. <lur del
will bet mini?? th?Te, ami will lux the i
on the trial which tx ill follow tin- in
nient?. I Bate little non to add to what mv fi
an?l t<illisa?rne, Commissioner Maeon, In.s said in
TuiBt'.vKof to.(i;:v. Th.i.itt r? ti,.liits. after all ?
ment baa been einsiistsd, thai the Mayor ?semi
??rinp to jirox" that we should .1?? for tf.tlO.otH.) x
he au?l hi.?, friends a?lx *l,lKX?.(M?<i to acioi'.tpl
and C'Ttaiu w.-tall??l pu'.Ii.'-spirit? .1 eitiasua an
deavorina t?i convince the rammuuity that
have been very remiss in our ?luty. bee
wo have in.t oeea able to give tin m ?
afreet? at an expenditure of only litt!?? i
than one-half of what tiny demand shall
given to tin-p. rson <>r peraotie to wbosa they '
the tank aa cleaning the attesta to bshttnu
Thi? slrik?-.? ti? a? very iarorwiatent, and we arc
Ma?kaa at the preern1 tiaie to feel the full for?
the inr<in?ist? imv. lloxvexi-r, xvo think, n? tiie
ve stiiratioii irois ..n, :in?l nil tin* faits are brm
out, tlmt MB lie opinioo xvill nndtiiio a mat?
change. C?rt iinl> xvi'luxe ex? ly ???uiii.li n?"-_ iat
justice of our cause, mid aro xxcil ?-.iiisti.-l with
pnhji?ity tbnt will !>c given to th* invraligntion,
pthloeoa on Isilh iiiiha being fully reportad a?
hearing g.? - on."
" Then 1 inf.r that you are not anxiona t?> i.
the Street-Cleaning Hunan in vour Drjmrtraenl
?' No, we have nevr bei n enxiona wr it. It
been it Mouret? ?if ununyutice and trouble to the
lice Department ?ver h?iic?< it ha? beet. unil?T
control of th? Police Boanl. We propose to ?lu
whole duty as Ion?, a*? the Hincan i? ur
our control, but xxc look to *????? the 1
ialatnro place it elaewhere. As to the
acrtion that the .?iioxv and it?? should
cleaned from the street*, do the??* people eret ?
to think what woul?! be the eoel of remorina,
luuow and ice. even if tin? neccsxarv force ?if i
mid teams ? oiild l?e obtain.nl f "?Ye an* all."
UtXOOO a year for this service. W.U. to rem
the ?now and lee from all the streets weald re?!'.
mi expenditure of iimre than tfl. KMI.00O, .\? I .
hefoi?', we knoxv that xxi hav? oonc Dothhig xxn
wo have niniply be?ii a.ski',1 to perform Impoanl
tie?, and Incluse xxe ?uiilil not meet axpectsti
with the mean? at out coininanil th?' presea! ?tafi
thiues haa eomi* topaaa, Wohavc faith, bowet
tliat irtatrj thing will etwae out riKht.''
R?:U*> OK |_g UxW VI K.S? M.Wiili IlltALK
Bc_r..H mxk
There wah a lnrire ntt.niid..tiee at the Mayor's oil
ye?t?'rday morning, as the tits? a I aillllialbill of Ji
lloran, the diseharite?! aaaaaore ? I the Street t'|.;
inp Department, prsaabwdta make the trial of I
srcuMNl Fattea OaaaaaiaaioaMra aaaaaallr latetreatii
Cowniisaioiiei-H Xiehol? ami Maaaai a?as not ?ire?'
when the Court opened. The defendant'? xvtrer?
reaent?*?l by Haras. Hli***, II iril.tt and Kant M.i\
(.race waa calm an usual. Mr. BUaa said that he a
not ready to iro im ImanmHattili xxiiiith.- eraaaH
an.inatiou of Moran, and baaahasl that some otl
witnraa ?hoiihl he tal!ed.
Frederick L. Tahott, <.f No. ?h'. Waa? Fifty-tinJ
at., then testified that his ?fn'et ha-l not Inen tin
OUK'ily cl.'anc.l siin ?? laat autiiinn. William ('. lin
of No. 57 Clinton-place, elated that the Mrect
front of hi.? bOMM had n;>t 1?'< u eleane?! thi- xvint.
The aahre and irarbai;?* had lni'ii r.nn.xed twice* 1
onlerw. of Capfaiti 'Williams, ta Whom h?' had in.i
complaint?. Ha had paid the l'uli? <? Dtn^artm.
cart driver? several ttaaea to mnora aahea ami gi
baije. John H. W.l.sh, of No. 829 Weat Thirl
tlnrd-Kt., ?ai.l it xi,is ?.ver tx?o xear? -.inee bieetrc
had be?i? ?Icancl by the Police Detisrtnient. T
reeidenta !.;nl Im-cu ohhwad to combiae and hire
inau to ke? |i the strct .lean.
Martin Hildehr.ind, a porter, at Mo. lSSChambtn
at., teatitiiii that he x?;is in th<> habit of pay i i
the enrt tliixers of the Stieet-Cle.inint; I)
?iartmeiit lor removinfr the aahea from tlie uto
? which he waa emplotred. J. K. Morris, a irr?K'
at No. 188 C'hamlx'ri*-?t.. waa also in the hahit
nayinif to Lave hi? aahe.-i taken axvay. The aslie
ne ?ai?!, would aotaetini's*' acenmrdste ?o thai
would Ik' almost iuip-issibli' to gwt irooil? into tl
atore. Charlea Batter, "f No. :i?i7 t.nt'iiwi. h -ei
t?'?tifie?l to the tilthy ?ondiiiou "1 that atnet durii
the laat wiutvr.
Adolph liobiiison. a ?ro< k< rv dealer at No. IM E
aex-at.? Mtwaaa Hester MM Ca!ial-st>., wan tl
next withes?.
Mr. Audnxxn?What ww the condition of K?s. :
et. iluiiiikf la*t xx interf
Mr. Hoot -I object t?> that qaestitm. The traeati?
oiiKht to rvf?r to t-ume ?pet itii- time. We had an i
lustration of the .vil results of su. h queetioos ve
terday. Kviileiue xxas mikmIiknl hem xvfii?
Waa In UralitV us falae a? anv that waa ?-v.
ititruilLi> .1. | riiuiniiiiiit hi? hand upon th?; table
A general QiX -timi \\;uh a.sk.*?l of the xxitues? It?rai
who waa?li*?< h.'tr?te?l trom the Street-Cleaning I>
partnient by thres r<>i:iiiii*?ei<MierM, which bfoaffl
forth an MMwet ftom him that he knexv <if min in
ployed in thiStieet-Cleaniim; I)? parliiuiit whom h
never knew to do a day's wen. This stateniei
went into the record mid into the pablial prints. ]
Was fal*??' and untrue. [Thump, thump.j On t!
croe8-fx.am.uati.ru it ? ame doxxii to this, that he ha
put men at work i,n the jiay-ru?s an.I iliat bed!
not know whether the? had worked or not. 1
acema to im that the C>>uu*?el for tho Corp?.ratio
liuiself must aekatrwlislCG that it ii very unfair t
Sut such 'ju'sti n?, wh'ii tha etoaa-ezaminstio
oca li't ininiiiliat?lv fallow. These gtwatios.
ahonld be mm [?r in law (thump]; the
sltould point to ?lelinite facia fA ?lelicsl?* tliiimp.
Th? way in win? h the xxiti.es? Monta ?vas examine
gave him an opportunity to cant?in aeuutiag xva.x
ao that he ?nnuot bepioaacsted f?u* pcrjary? un m
?.iitstion on the ('..miiiiasioiieis, which xxn? in fax
thump] falae. [Thump.]
Mt. Andre xx s .<iiiii*tl> )?Tlie learned geatleaisnha
made a IWaeh Which would not he tolerated in an;
rourt which had the right tojareserre order by liii
?UK the I'otltlNt'l foi contempt, lie haHuJiarifed the xxit
?OB with cuiiuimr and xxit h |*eriiir.v and aim..?t ex? rv
thinitelse, while he is yet on tin- xx it lies? stand. Hi
objection to the aaestioa i? frirolooa to tha la?t d?'
grtv, and it i? not made in good faith.
Mr. Beat?My friend ktnn?? that he baa aaada th.
?tatenicnt tose? tire for the pi ?>m cut ion thrasnirtanr
of the viib?e prints. JI? kn.ixv.? that his no-cull <
arsrunicnta arc not tho??' of a laxx xer luit of a dem
sifoi/'ie- They an* unworthy ai a lawyer or a mai
Mtaiaetodwith the torporation ?omaael'aoflice o
thi.? peal nix. ii?- is trying t?> boJator up tin??' pro
?sccdl!!-**? by the vulKar ?ty ut an excited popt?aea?
rag MAtuit'.s rirtiTgg
The Mayor (with dijcnity)?t'entlemen. I woul.i
like to aay to yon that I have basa isrhetlv
williii? and pee-betly patient to ait her?* am]
listen to Mrpasaaaaaa and attempta to casi
reflect?m.? ni?un my character becanao I fell
tbat from the position I o.?n they were en?
tirely unworthy of my notice. Hut when I End that
rciitlemt n bctwe? n umaaalrea ?1<> not maintain tliat
dignity and decorum which I think you oui/ht a?
between lawyers, I lie-i to reinin.1 you that I have
riot the power to maintain order in theaeprocitilinK?,
being informell by the ( orporatioti Counael
that I have not the power to commit foi
eautetupt. Aa I Raid bef?ire. 1 have been couipcllotl
to liaten to lanpauce which, I am ?un?, would not
hare the approbation of any men claiminn to be
rentlemen, in their cooler momeuts. And I would
now beg that you would, in your relation*
between youmclves, modcrat?* your language and
?list?se matten of law on purely a legal
Usais. I do not pretend to nave any knowledge of
legal question?, only anch as s busineea man can
Eather. J am consentiently ?fuided to eotne extent
y the arguments which I hoar before me. I must
?ky that f think if you will contint* yourself to argu?
ment and leave declamation aloue. we can get along
mach better. It would lie creditable to ad of you
and would lead to an earlier reeolt in the investi?
Mr. Hoot (smiling)?I hope the ?jonnael for the
proaecDtion will profit by Uta Mayor's admonition.
The objection of Mr. Swot waa then overruled, and
lir. Robinson pixs-eoded to tell what ho knew
?hoot Eaaer-st.. which was that it had been during
the winter very dirty.
Mr. Wia?>-W-arx* yon erer indicted m an inapector
m ajeetionl
"N'otat the last clertInn." answered the witness.
cs he winced.
" Were \ ou erer indicted T
*'Ve?.-' "
" Raw? von ever laksa rom|ilaine?i ni fur obstru? t
iiilf flu- ???j? v.nik in front "1 muh store T"
" Yi-e.'* Aft? r .-i paase.1 . ?
"That bau. Ws will have thai indictment m
? Court."
William H. Met nrkle. of No. 1<K) EMridffrSst., was
'?(\t called. II?- palled mit a bogcroll of manu?
script, from vv In? li li" firoi-ri'?lril (0 Had bistort!
iiionv. He made mi ?viimitintinn ni tin streets III
K? hruarv and found tin m in S \? ry bad eouditiou,
tin- pal titular?? of whit li be< gave. At Lp.sa.are
erss wa*. taken until 2 ??'clock.
At the afternoon session Mr. M?Crklo continued
hist?-Ktitiionv. Many ol'ji-rtioiiH arete made t?i the
<itii>ti?iiis put, but Mr. Andrews asserted that tin y
wer? not mull?' in good failli. Mr. M?-< torkle said
finit o-rtain a ?li-1 mrre i s liail muai rtl . ' tsac place
for t"iiitv-four liiinrs. Mr. Hoot ,,i.j, <? lotkistai
tin-"Toiiml that he (oiilil noi possibl' . i ?Tel thai
question fr?>m bis own ki.ov.lcde;?>.
" I SBBfMJsaj," ('um-liiib-.l Mr. Boot liiruinit la Mr.
Aadtwars, " that you ?l-.n't raaaidri this <.'" >-. ti.n i"
Im- liiiiih- in good faith f"
Mr. Audi.?wa? I do act,
Mr. lilis? (?rith great delibcratiou Tour Honor
tin? asoraiag advised the counsel to Hi
more jmlii'ial in their remarks In each othi r.
I should advise tlie counsel for the prosecution
t?? ?toi? m ? naiug u? of lark of e.(failli iu making
objections. Pna n ? 1 i 11 tr from n man a ho bason npicd
a position for yean in a IVionrratii Orpin
Counsel's ofltee, and who has been liegstnit a Judicial
position from the Republicaa?, I think it i? ont of
place. When h?* says here Iraising his voici ami
repeats that we are not art ins in ?'.1 faith, il is
1 i tu?- to be stopped. Itiantterl) wrong, ami show?
tbaeonfusion of ideas wbii h prevails l??re, Hi? Honor
exhibited the same confusion ol ideas ? b?*i be
criticise?] tin- conduct of the rounael, shoa ins that
In- has taken the i ritirisms we bai ?? made upon him
a? u pToaccntOT m tebWtingupoti him .? n ?u<Il-.-.?IIi?
Hotiur has eren consulted with the t'onioratioii
Conuael to see whether lie ran'l shut us ?.;. fin
rising oni right?. We wiah tho Mayor's adviarrliad
been ol the opinion that we conltl is- lined
for eoatempl ol court. We don't expect
idi -liaiitlyi to gel mir rights her?-! bal
ws do expert to it"t onr objections rreordiHi. Tin
Counsel ?'ir tin- |.i-(i?i-i-ution ha? < linu'- d OS with not
acting in it.iimI faith. That is a i:ia\?. < h irge t.. make
against a memls r ol tin- bar.
Mr. Andrew??1 don't see say oceaidon t..i tbia
oration. Mr. Keo1 ask.?, mc it I thought h<- waa
a? lui? in iroiiil faith. I felt coustrainetl lw ssj that
1 ?lid not think in- ?a?.
Mr. Hoot (with i ?an astii sniilel I f.-. I, onstraine?!
|osa> that Mr. Andrews did not saj ?liai bethought
when he ?aid that 1 wss not ?cling In g?aal fsith.
He is lending himself (with imliguationi to .i con?
spiracy, whirli is not only at work bei* hut siso in
another building news the aaj ipninting to the
Court of t ??iit-ial S.s?in:i? . :i ml Ibrougli 11.? vario ?
avenue? (looking at the reporterai by which public
Bentiuient is Influenced. It ?a a conspirai'.! which Is
busily endeavoring to breah down the?* public
oilii.rs. i Looking at ( 'iinimissinm i Mich?
Mr. Andrew? (smiling)?1 don't know a i>
wm\ to break down these officer* I hau the coi
of their counsel.
The ohjf? Uon ?ras overruled, and Mi. M< i 'o? Irle st
tacked his enormous roll ol man.i ? ? r. He pro?
ended wiib great difficulty, bowevi r.ss iImiuI everj
third sentence of his teatimonj was ??!>?? ? i??? 1 lu,
Mi? notes ?row tilled a nh opinion ? ? bit h hail to Is?
?ti ii ken .-ut. and be had ahwexamined a li'in '
streets not covered by tin ?pe ?Oration?.
Mr. Bliss und Mr. Hoot acconliugly nlijc? t?-?l t.,
every street the witness inentiom d until Mr. Andrew?
pointed it ont in the specilirstioue. When the ?? i
uess gave improper teatimtsoj and it bad to be
still ken out, Mr. Hoot would a?k Mr. Amlrt-w?. w ill.
a pol ite ?m i Ic, it be was a< ling lu go?t faith. "We
should not," ?aid Mr. Koot, addressing tlieMaj r,
ait? i Mi. MeCorkk had been overwb? lu? il with ole
jeetiona for about an hoar, "put your Honorio en
much trouble, il wi had uot previous!) ilett? led tbe
i-iiunscl Ior the pruaecutitm endeavoring to |rl in
e\ idi-nct- not covered bj the apecitivatiu
The BToeecdings were so dull tust tlie Ma*
copied a part ?>! tbe lime in writing, i iimiuiwoioner
Nichols J'Ul oll?' hau.I in his [f. x? I. and tippillH u|>
hi? i hau and resting hi- (lead agjaiunt the wall,
closed hi? eyes, looking tbe picture ol peace ami
innocence. l*omniissn>iiii Mason struggled -.?i.
banl to keep awake, but be ?ou h I uot n pr?s? an in
clinatioii to yawn. Cummiasiimi'T rYrurh tied in
despair. Finally tin Mayor aiajotirncd tbeCourt
until lia. m. liulav.
m BKXATI JUI.t. 1\SI?IIH i,S HU. A??l Mill V
Mi.MiiKKs in ri;ii|'..?i: ?m\ii mi?ASI i.i n.-.i
I.TKK l?i.V(.?.|lI>.
im latvaaaara i>> nu: raiat ss
Aliiasv, Ajuil L'ti.?'I'bo ('?uili-riiii-i- Coat
lull tecs mt tin-H? nut? ai,?l Aee. inlily M tin s. -a , ,il.
Ktr. 11 ('.tanin/ mils nut .uiiight. Senator IfcCaitbj
was minie ?-biiiriiiuu. He ?tut?-.I thai tin Hesate eoav
initti-? wne ? illilt lu fai.ir tit tin- Senate In.I. other? ?M
kaswa as ktaywr Oraee? mu Mr, Carpentci as I
that tin- Asatelnlily itiniiiillt?-?' Ini.l not \ i t <lc< -nl?-?l
upon its i-out??-. A vu!?' wu? ttnii tuki u by
tin- Aasesabt) sat n. Mesan .attrsws bu4 Browulag, tbe
ll< llioeriitle liu-liilit-r?. VOtad in f.il.ir ?il lin- As?, ml.)
matilBslleg it? MU ami asasptaag Um Naats bUI, Messrs.
Cargsater, HassUHaa and iir<Hiski \,it??i in Bsvst sf tin
Assa-inbl.v bill nml ?if rejcrtlne; the Senate MIL Mr. C?r
BOaSSt then said that In- WSS SawQItBg 10 ?.'?ve MaWSS
t.rH??- the sol<> iMiwi-r of aiiiioiiitnur a bead to the .-lieet
? 'li-iiiiinif lH-iiarti!i?iii : he had BSSBf, crude el,,,- ,,? to th?
psapsf diipositliiii ?if the spa?tattag power, wbisk in
ha?l imt yet ha?l tliin- to fully exuiiiuu-. At a future
uieiiitig of tin- (?uimiiitee be wi.iilii peaflhl
??nui- auii-mlnii-tit? to the two lulls. wbJeh M
thmiirbt ?StgBt hannoiil.c them and bl i?. . . |.!all. to hi?
fellow tiiiiuIh is. Mi l'.i...lsk> ???nl that h. ? ae ?till In
favor of ha? im: a . .m.mission of three .persons ooatrol
tin stret-t-eleai.ins'. Thl? l?l?-a wa? not reeelred favor
ably by say stass siambsi of tbt laaimlttee, and Mi
lir?sl?liy ?lid not iiroe.it. I'nially the follawlas prop?
fitkuis wall iinaiiiinoii.lj adafged I'lr?', 1 h.?i l' . I ? ft?
latiin-should In argeg to BBSS SOOM Mil wtt ?
scsHton for tbe Iiii|irnvcmeatof street-cleaalag lo ge?
York city. Iseaad, That th.- l'?i,,. Departan si at Van
York City should ha ?h |,mid ?J the sir. ? ? ,'? ,i..
r?-au In any lull on ?tr.tt t l?anlas thai nilgbl lie pawaed
Mr. < arpenter tinn stated thai be and but ,is?.mIsi< ?
who nalatisl Ihr ?rr rplanor .-t tbe Senate bill would br
ready with sanie propoaltloaa m regard t>. in. ?ptrolat
bog in.?cr to-morrow. Th? conualttees tben ailioarn*?)
till tli ?t time. Me.sr- ( hiim nt? r. tlaiulltotl and ?!r..d-ki
state that they have not coiiaidered t???-ethei ?-\.
MBxeated saiendinents to tin \sM-mbly bill ? hi? h silcbt
lead t?> a eoaiproeaUe. Th?-,v ?tat?- that tin >
bare idea? on the subject of nn Indefinite d
One of the Idea* 1? si-id tob? the I oiiferrliis' 00 tin It..sr.l
of Health of tbe power ot amKiiiitui. ni John l < I'Hrten,
tin ( -lili f of the llnrcaii of l.lc.-tioiis ol tbi ll.nr.l i?l !'.>
lia.-?-? who Is here, state? that President Preach orin?se?
such a iiaiisf.r of power, as in i? a in. inbei of tin Board
of Health, and ?Iim-. m.t ?ie-,r,- it. bai i ?ni i bin? s
do with ?tiTi-t-cieiiiiiiis'. Another pr?ipoaiUon is to iri\?
the Mayor the auwer of appolatiiaeut and the Uoveraor
tilt- power of riuio? al.
The Ccmtuiit?'?-?if Tw< iit>-one, having m charge
Um ?v'tiatc Birsel'Ckaoing lull, nn-t ut No. tu
Fourth-.'ive. Moinlav. The i mittnittc?- decided
that the Hiil>-conimitt?-e of nine should v" to All.any
la daj. or at? so aj ua word eashe that tin- confer? -nee
coimuitt?-?-? of tin-Senate and Ans? mlily WOOJd nn-et
to i-otisultT the ?ahjaet. Chairman Jssaea said after
the meeting that the coBunittee had confidi nee that
the s? tuitc bill, or the principle involve?! iu it of
nndirided rMponMbility, woaldbc aeeepasd by th.
Mr. Jbbms has addressed a letter to Heaator Mc?
Carthy, chairman ot the Benate Committee of con
fereooe, expressing tbe hope that no action ?ill be
taken adverse t?i the Kenatc lull or to the prim iple
tbereoiwithout ?fl?irdingthe committee an oppnr
tonity of being board. The MHnmnnlcatinu ?a\?
that the members ol the raminit'ee ;ire pre?an .1 to
attiiiilany formal meeting of the romi?iittee on
conference, or to go to Albanj at any moment ? In o
then presence is deaired or can >?? prodactivi of soy
C?i?4,-t. _
The Pnividi'iico EhhM It.ill dill? dcfi-ati ?1 tin
MitroiioUtan? ataln yisterday on the l'olo (;r,.iu,,l?
lietr?i?>i:tan u. nil li"i A. ?. flci iiM.er, il un ro'a. ,K.
?:~rjl"?l ?: r Mcrieilan, as,"? ~i "l,"!,".
n o S| 1 o ^tart, lh ,n u 0 o i
l1 1. ?I n U lllaaa, ? I 1 : I o n
l g 21 :? n Parrafl, lb :< a ? j l
fiai SIM j t 9 0 10 1 its?limni, r. f 1 t o O? f
K??ta.rlir'k. lbi 0 lili li 0 W ?nl, p. .. ] I ol 1 o
M il?lu??n, ill o 1 . 1 1 drosae, e.In o *. 2 1
Kruuedr, L f.. 1 llnn Heim?, ab ?. 0
IlrtacoU. a...., o 'l 1 '-' 0 York.!, f 1 n i ? l
ToUl.[il b?*?ll6? e ; Total .7 - . .. ,,,
hodiu: by ?nanos.
6 ! 7
ktetroixilltao .. 01 1 1,00
rrvvideiiee.' i 0 0 0 | 0
0 0 i 0
8 0 1
1 I
- j 7
Umpire? KU hard Hicham.
Tluie uf (.Til?n - 1 hour sud 43 minute?
The Atlantic Km*-Hall Club, of Brooklyn,
Klstteil Troy yeatenlay, and were defeat-wl by tbo Troy
Club by ? acore of 7 to 2.
The tit Lo?la Brown? and Reda will abortly open the
Bradley win not be able to play with th? Detroit Clnh
next week, and lla&ager Bancroft Is trytag to cofr?*??
Leery to take his t?la? ?-.
John O'Koarfce l? a bae.rajreniaater on a train between
New-Haven ?ad Bridgeport
.< A great b4taohaU arar la looked for at Washington.
tlii? ?eaaon on the ?treti-rtli of r???itbiit ??urf.f ld> paf.
mnagr of the pun?..
A HIW lioKTii ii/rrifAi. HALL.
Aiiout fSO/MM baa been teliarribed toward the
bnildina of anee hall in a central alte fur the ear
of the New-York Horticultural Society, and it it
thought that the -fino.iMMi additional that will be
needed will anon he obtained. If the ranvaaafor
ralisrriptiona i? aueceaaful within tin time antici?
pated the building will probablj be eieeted this
xear. The hall xx.il! rrarmble in certain details the
Royal Agricultural SoeietV? Hull "i I.?.ml?.ii anil
the Horticultural Hall ?>f I'luhal. Iphia. reeentlj de
str.'X.ill.? fite. Itxxill Ik' built lannewhere in the
m?iiihborh.MMl of l'ointe, nth and Eighteenth-eta.,
ami xx il' be the h adqitartera foi the monthly ?pi ng
and fall exhibition?of theanriety. Samuel Kloan,
Jin -id. ,it of iheDrlawarr, Larkawanna and .Veal
em Kaiirnad Company, is tl..- president of the
aociety. Mr.Hroan Mid yeatetday that he was not
I renared t.. un. the detail? "I the projeel for publi?
cation xi i. He waa i anraaatni. anfetlj f"t anna rip
tion*. ami when the matt, i had advanced further
be i?.uihl Im- willing t" talk.
An mu.,!, i i dramatic entertainmeul x\.i? given
a1 thr M,nhsi.il s.|iiaic I h. nil. v? it?*rdst aft? ut.'"ii
I..i tl. I., in tu of (he Summer II..m. ..i th.cinlil
i. ;;'- ?till Si.? i.tv I he . nt. -it a in n.i lit ?;i- nrrailged
by Mis. .lam? ? Hi..?? ii I'tiii-r. The perfonnnn??'
>i .'h l',i..h-..n Howard'? . min dy. *' * ? 1 ? i I ?va
l.itt.i-." The -??. ..I'll piece \?;.s I'h.iiles Dance'?
drama, "A VVumb-rfnl \\ ..man." The primiiuil
i>.-ii-inner* were Mi- Jansti Hrown Potter, ??Ii?*
| . , ? ., It:-. 1-..M. I. i.'li:? i ll.-xxard, Alexander llilll
. ,ii. .1. I'. I. mi? i. II.?!' m I? Wesks, and Artl.ni
Twombli x. of Ibtaton. I In \ ?er?; III? rally i.?
tv.:!.!.,I x. uli applause. In llie iiudieiiee sen* Mr.
and Mi-. .I.'l.n .1 i"'- V-i"i Mi. mttl Mi ?. Hoxxtird
Mi. ami Mi-. M.iiuiiii l.ixinffnton. Mr?. Wil?
liam \ loi Mi ami Mi-. Clnrk*?? X. I'otter. Mr.
and Mi-. I.!..x.l A?pinwnll, Mi ami Mr?. Kida-H
Mr*. VVilliaui : rr SI? ssrt. ami
\|i-. i i|.?. :i (.... let. II? I'' s ill ?I ??!'" ' I '
formaiiie al ihe -ni' I.'".-' t'n nil? noon for the
sau , iii.j.-, t.
II. .,,, h.il m?i tin?/ ..t Ihe ?hareboMera "I th
New-Yoi k Nu let v l.ibiai.x era? hehl laat evening in
the Libran building in I'nivi rail? plat i, I
.insiii .? I lafx oei upii 'i the 11,.i i and th
atiendan? -. I I* 11 ? ?-'? i - report ahowrd
thi! largt ai!?liti?.ii? had Keen made
ti> the lilr.tt \ ?u Ihe past
The bank balain - 741 12. and Ihe rvsl
...? Iie.1 I.? ' tin >"? '.' t\ I- ? -till i.it'll !.. he X- ..|f !l
?li"'?. !"** (??_'. There wen> Iwo lickcla in t'n txl.l
i..i lite -h. n.t tiu-i,.s. The r?gulai ticket,
k'i\, ii In r. xx 11 h, wns t*le? t?*d by a 1.1 ran in. i.i ii ? ;
I redi i" I ? l ' ' ?! ' ' I
Htmnc, l.',''"!t I eii.-x Keiiitedy, I.<l??ail Schell,
sti pi, ii I*. S'ash. Fnileri? k Sheldon. H? un I>i
i , . I . \. -i ,' I . i. ,r.l T.
?ii, '...,.'. . -:. :?', C. \\\ ?lohn M, Kli'.X.
I i il., t VVanl, Jam? M M l.'an.
I'.Wi.i.i.'tT- 11 I .r.i.i: \i II wiki.s
One of th?- t. h l'i i|.ii sin? iiowsingtb? Ikiserj
. : Hi ,-i.m -I. bn
ul i Ii. el?vale?! railroad sa? going uptown.
I I.rille . .ill'. .1 lh< Ii reit '??I ?:i
f. in.I oil tin'oilier ?ide of tin -l i. . t. Im a -li.o I -Ii
mil it -ti . .- ?>??.? n
|; gi i...! t . I m? ?' In ads mu? n irrow It
lllls?. .1 the ill IM I , \? )|ll Li ,ll i Ii.? I \ ltf.lt tu
insult ui tin- car, A- Ihe driver, ardotl I?) Ihe con
ductor, ?ti trxniu' lo ?liaa-niaiigle the sin a large
? r? ? xx. t hi eil in <',< lueailtiii i
mih rav down
insu ami ?it it? inrn laUing up tin win threw it
xx ni? sin h f..it. around tin ?*ar lirios ;.- t.? !.f. .,k
Ihn ?? x? indovx -, I lie ? :
it I:;kI gather?'?!, but Iwyotid the broken glas??? and
tri_* 111 ..n Hie part .-I the pi.t- in the
ii damage x? as done.
I . ?teaiuboal llarl. m, ..f lin* i;
1 omttsnv'? line, waa charlen'?! !<a .i f? > ?lay?
?i. ?initln plaie
..i ihe pr??r* Her l '? ?"? ? ie . ?i hi. Ii \? .i- un
dergoing rvpair? in New-Y??rfc M?m >? afi?'rn?M?n
al.i.iil ."? o'clock, "ii it- tu-' 11 |i to Y?Hikrr? '
iili|H.?lt. lilt I.i . Hill ..? t'i" ?!l ;,||| pi
the II,ill. ni bles ..Ht. NtMill tilling III?' '-lit xxith
?team and causing riiii?i?lcrabl? ? \. iii .m nt among
leaengen Ii n ? nain? ? r afi?-r n-?. i-n .
eng. ?pruna I" los anil y
Ihe place ..f the lin'iUAii, who m hi? fnght had abai
il..m.I lu? ?...?t. He rec?*iv?'d ?light itijuri?'? ir<>in
. leSl & a a? hurt. I In? l.'ix. r
.i.i ? . ? I.i li pi . - I., t ui. ti N. a .ork ami l'<?'k?kill,
saa silhiu ?ign.illing distance, ;?;,.! conveyed the
llarl i i"a paaacngi . - :?> Yonki i?.
IAIN i ll"l'l - ?H' I III' I UK.
? ui.. titnmitt. ? of the r.x? ? ulive I
nf t lie \Y..| 111'? 1 ;. t I iinillliaaioll i .
Onlay. It *x;i? expected thai a i? i?-? rt sotibl be
:.. dai t.. Ihe Eserutiv? t ? i- t..
wlirtlH-r it wga If?! I?i go on with tin* ?*iilerni
o it, Th. i.nuit' ?? x? hi h lias I*-, ti m
??? Uli ti.. n ; |. - i t.,11. . s n( tin
roa.l? \i-ill lf.t 1?. i..i.|-, !.. r< |M?rt in dai nul I
Dot therefore |in?babl?- ih.il ...? ?I. llnitr >. li ti
be taken, ? lue ..i I In* lead g ?| f the lair
. -!???.!.r, ; " We .11
llinnigh. Aii ? nil 11 ? i i-e shieli his oui o, i. m. i ..f
ii? capital ?.iil'si tti.i .1 m lite ?lioii ti. s-e have
be? h ?t ?x.iik i? m.! l''.i!.'-' !.. fail. I i i-, Iiiiwi ? ? i
. i mu ful lliowe \\ h., ixiali lu n'iigil In g? t ?nil.
Lr'.OlSLAI IM. I "I; I ill lITY
The I!.,.ii.l ni Aid. unen held n ???tnparativfl
important ??>???. ?? ? . \i i i.-.,
im.\.il thai tin* Commit I.n lYriica ami I
.?II-.1 r<-|M.it ui Ihe next iiieeting ?? h.?t act if in it
had taken on lite ?.t.??>..-..i ordinance in ?>atabji?li i
atafP r'.iiii' from tIm ferrie? ?m Ihe lower part "i
the Sort h I.'" . ihm :. < IiiuuImt? ?t. t,, (lie i.
on the Hast Hiver. Niie wa?carried .u ?mliuauee
making il .i iiiia)|,*iiii*an<?i lo Ihroxt or plae? aux
?iitniT? run? -uli-i;?n. ?. in. Indu
?kin?, on anv ?Klewalk ?>i en?? walk \?.i- t.i-i i,
?ei t..l. ami th. h Ibe vole n i .?n?i?l. nil and Ihe i. ...
Inti.m laid over. It wna n*Milve?l thai \\ .* -1.11, ft ? ??? -
place and W? ?I ^ i?hm rl? I In r?-..ti. i
Is- knos h ;i^ VN anhiligtoii-pla. i .
ii EUUISUS l\ i m u i //// s
The weibling of Misa Emily xll<v Rite? and <
x ?lle Kane i.>... place it St.'Iiartholoiurs'? church
\.-tr.l;i\ afternoon. A large aesembh nil? ?I Ihe
huildina. Among tlntme pi. ?? i.t ??, i. Mi. and Mr?
L. 1 ?'. list? -. Mi. and Mr?. I'. It. Ilat? -. Mr, ami Mn
Charlee Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. Edwanl i ....;?r. Mr.
and Mr-, \rthnr Stimimon, \\\. ami Mi-. Ilelanei-v
K.ir... Mr. sml Mr?. K. L. Cuttins, Mr. and Mr? I'
l: i ..ii.l. it. Mr. and Mrs. 11,.-...i<.i.- n. Ilsveiuc\?*i
Mr. ami Mrs. j.o. Khinrs Mi. ami Mi-..l. s it,,L. r.
Mr. mid Mra. Eattene V. hrugei ami Mr, and Mr?
Sinclair A. Bat?
1 be Church ..I Ibe lllgi nus. al Rem?? n ami I!, nrx -
st?.. Brooklyn, wat Ihnmged xxith o faahiousl :
aemhly yeaterday il ti., the oeciaioii taring the
marriage ni Mia? I'll, n Bsyli? loHamm-l H CrsJg, of
?iiogue, L. L Misa llsvli? i? Uh ilaughtet ul \ It
liax li-, of Nu. 7?| i;. ,i.~. h ?t.. HriMiklyn. Tl.
Dion) v?;is p.'lf..|lll?tl hx ihe RcV, I If. I', g, KttltTa,
??ri'.inism;iu ?v.%? !?r. ,f, It. Har.lltt, and I lie
uah.r- sere Meaora. I oater, Colgat??. Marshall,
Mn.i. i an.I ( 'iin'il.ell.
Trinity Epiacopal Chnreh. Newark, wat rrowdrd
yesterday al Ibe marriage ol (ieorgi (IriawoM iYi*
linghnyeen, ami nl nx-rVnatni hYrlingliuraen, and
Mi-.- Hara Linen Ballantinr, daugjit? i ..i Pi U i Bal
lantine,a brsweijol Newark, rl.Iding took
lilac at 2 p. m. 11., ii.lnr.. Ereliiigbuvaen, a bmthei
>.f the naem, P.Uray flriawold, ol N.?? >?,TU |ir.
Arrhibald Mercer, "I Newark, Char lew Brmilej
Herbert B. Hyde and John Watta Rtuerll, ol S
York, acted aa naher?. The hriileamaida were Mia?
Louisa < '. Ifowcll, Mi? .lull.) 11.ill,ii,I'm. ;, ?i?t,*roi
the I.ri.h. Mi-i Carrie Condicl and Mi-s i.i/m
Mi Cirt.r. 'I be bride wore i>- ul . ? U-red istiu and
a pom! lar? x.il. r'nileriek Erelinghu)'arn, the
eldcat brothi i "i Ihe gniom, a? letl aa beal man. 'I be
?enrieewat read by the Kev.lir.J, If. Eecleatone,
ri'i tor of the church, th.- bride bring given swat bj
her father. A reception followed al the house of the
brides parente, No. 'I Weal l'ark-st.
A largelyattendeil wedding took outre yixaterdaj
afternoon in the Warhurlori Av< une Bapli?i L'hiir? b,
Y?inkera. Tlie bride ??as Mi-n Kittie Vau Kirk,
daughter of William Van Kirk, >.f Youkera Tlw
?rroora waa Charles Ripley Uillett, of thia ?ii\. At
9p.m. the bridal marcli from ''Lohengrin" un
phixiil, and tin bride all?I in....in **;iIImi| up iln
ai-f.' i>.eil.-.l bj thenshers,Williamtiillett. Aloiizo
II. Vail, Ueotrge Bailej and <?. Huntington Nichol?,
jr. The errrice waa prouounced bj I lie Rev. H, M.
s.iiimleis, pastor "f th. i bun h, and
prayer waa offered by Ibe Rer. .1. h. Rom
any, of Harlem. As ihe party ii.ft the
< hurch, the " Wedding Man h '' ..f MendeUaohn was
played. The brides araaawaa ?d bmwn satin de
Lyon, trimmed ?xith ambir paaacioenterk ami
ttucbeai Uc*. Her ornamenta were Jaeoneminol
ami Manchal Neil roat ?, gold brae? lets, the gift of
Mr?, Horace Thayer, a bartwd aold pin, the gift of
Mr?. Harris, of New-York, and gold earringa.the
gift of the bride's loiiMii, Mr?, c, Huntington
ni< In.ls of Him.sii k Palla, An informal reoaption
Wat held after the t en iii.iliv at the hoiiae of tl?
bridtVa parents, where many pre* ate ?x. re d'fplaj i d.
Tha aewly-B_uried couple atartad toi Albany on the
5:1*0 traiu.
Jacob Reuedenn, a CfCrinan, ?.ire fifty, jani?
tor at No. t?'J Ilruailct., attempt??! to oomiuit ?ni.lilc
tr*t?*nlay afternoon bj ?b??otlngliltii?*Klf In the right ear,
itil? tin?: a ? I aii Ke.ro ua wnuiitl.
The man who attempt??! to ilrnwn liltnn If M.n.ilay
nltrht at ilic li.ircluv Htrn t Terry illcal yeatcrilay lu the
Cbantber? Htn*et Ilisapltsl. tie ?nt Idi uttttcd a? J??< ph
Blum, ?p* tfiy aaten
Patrick Iirlaool), ua?e twenty two, a boot-black, ?if >',.
M Franklin ?t., while tlerwitfrcil Munilay atn?iupte.l to
ronniult ?itlclite liv ihrowlutt Iuium ',! tiinlcr a HU i'.ki.r at
car In Klin ?t. He?M ams?te?l by an ufflia'r, ami mi
beintt talxcii beforu Juitloe Wunde.ll yc?tcr?l*y, at
the Tonib?, waa ?cut to the city ph^ ?lclau for exauilDa
tfaaaW Hut, I ?Count Fcinainlina, of Spain;
fonal in i nil \. ..f l'i un . In Is I Ion mat II.
II I.t!..,l.l, of II, flt.lt rulh Arm:, II, I, I I lie I I .11
\? ilil..l,'l IValtel 1 ':, Ilk?, ' >?'? W Chile?.
?ml A J Dreirl of |-Iil!?.l?l|.l.i? ; ex Seaatsi 9) II. Harmon.
..f ('..iineiil. it. : nal J. II. Ii, n -u. ,f AllMiir (iarr.ni.m.
iu:,' i .o.n...i i .. i lutin, of Praasrlvsala SBM1
Irr.ii.t !/? ..?? Heir Admiral ('. H I I'lrtt-ria
il, hi John Kin?, jr. "f Haiti.re Ertrttt Horn** Pro
ft ?Mir ( . V line?, of U aeliliu/toii
' ? I .. i ?!, UlsuO lint. hill?, "f W'a-li
Tin- boalevards sre being rsrefnlly repaired.
Th.- princesse dress is revived foi short street
Itlack is du- favorite colot this spriag for band?
Millli- toilets.
'I be m v. Post ' rffice 11, valors are run much fasti 1
than the old ones.
rails wen laid on the ?tr.-et i at Inn ki in Bat
*. rj plane yi sti nlay.
Small in?.?!.-.! ? raps snd ii. bus ? ill l?i much arorn
during worm weather.
The Hamessmakera' Cnlonlast nlrht deciiled to
make a n? nera 1 demand foi l<? per cent advance in !
A fog hung over the rivers yesterday, bul it wss
not lieavj ? iioiiL'h to .h l.i> ferry travel. It cleared
oil Is fore ni'.lit.
Tin- sunken lots si Ouc-hnndrrd-aml forty-thinl
an.I One-liuiidred-iiud-tiftv-liftb-sts., b.iirblb sud |
Niiilh-a\??.. ai' I" l.c (tiled iii.
\ crowd of immigrants was seen in Battery Park
\e-tt -?.I., -, i-.-i /i-.-.- nt i hi ' : .? ?ni th.- i h \ a te?l rail
ma i m o|" -i. i, i i wi.nil. i.
Mill on mail} houses have n w?n am! ?.ear
nnd many luniilords urc romiua sad h to the ? n
si.m that they have la-en too hast) in raising)
I I : I' ! KO?. Ill' ?i In ?I I I 1 lilli?.
The tn-.i? n. i ..| il,.- i. liel fund fin the Hi in ?nil. r
.i. i - ?Kirt s a total of mu*cri|itiotis amounting to
?\x I'.i 74. Th. am..uni sent to the Constantinople
:, Ii? i i iiinniitt? - i? L'l.iKMl.
IIS IV. Till I llRlil It, AI ? M M II I? lu RAIL.
William I'. (?rav. tin foi ter. ?ho has la?en in the
. |m7m, w .- ii ' 'it--il to bail vt ?tenlai in
41, his hondsti un Is il f I mus It? - ad ilil, uf No.
m ? i tiiii.1 ?n&u.ouo.
? 411 Hl:'\ F.bV STHIKF..
"?h-ic i|iiiet ami order sn reatoreil on the
- a lu.
tlj ?tnicV foi i l- dlli i;..;. of Un- i.umh. i lit
hiun? m a day*? work bave n-siiuicd th. n p
mih the exception of Ihc foui I- a -it i -.
imi Vi \?t? r ,-l v i , su in .
1 17 Wi t Fifty.
? ? , Dionth? slid
t. n ?lav?. ? ?itatis
i t? :il ly. I' mtii ? ,.| Holland, .uni
h id lieiti in tin? ? ?II I tt.t fort 111
? ? , m
?Mil III I ? I IK 'I ... I Hill I - lil-l \?l ?.
?| I. i. -, 11 of Hi - ?nrs rinteudenl to tin
that there wen
i'jT - nil j? i-..:. aufl
typhus fe? . tul. lu i lie
I ? ? ??! suiallpoi and
KAl.l.lMi IM?? : Ml lll> ?M>l: '?11*1 I.
' ( ( i \. ?I, live \. B1
-.-, |Hirl r'lal .'in West litu stitiud.-t..
aas playing on tin llunl idsir o| tin- liitildiii
? s at,.i
HIS II, r*lll ? , !.. look lit" til ?half.
hut felt to the Iniitorn. f?ln ?a? killed instantly.
; IV., ?I ( lil I I'M". I
Thi F.si ? ulive foiiniiitl
lift? 1 11 ?... I ? at \... T".
I. I
an leu ii n i 11 that ti.iin? will In-flli ; i ii. in n.- to Creed
lli, ,.; \| ? i en l,.r prai
lice. Thin l( In - Ma? 7 1 i. l ' ?!.?
Alii A ?. Il i II M ? I |l 1*4
11 ' I ' '
?1 ill I III the till ?1
?!. ,,t. the K?-i .1 I' lb iiitl.-M? ..n "An as lariated
lit. I". His >...--. !? i l;,,ni|..
sou and William I -i?-u?. "' I ??-? mil
? in w
III? mli r? ? ere ? 1. . t. d.
I MilN., i 'III I'll V.
I iis?i| i,.in linun . a? Mi it
a\i . and < (lie hau " I lioilt to
tarinni t..i ]...? i
,!.. ||| J ,11
. hiltln Ii, and i? in', ruled to !.. . i.'ii. I) fn .
Until th>- |. hm l'\ ?huh It is to In ?nppail t.-.l ?
I led .? ' ? . III il loi || I- a'l
ii ..f i hiltln n.
1M I lit ..I I I ..I ?II < 111" Kl I M.? H III ?.
I.. gate? nit). < 'olumlda,
|*i ?m 11..n ami i ' of Pi im-? I? sitis mi t
i..-, at the I ? Ifolel ami formed the
" Im?-), till? priai? <n- Ml mat. lies
i,t? |.!.i-,. .i a.. ..idill- to th. ruh ?of th. Man -
. John II r.of th
? il |iri ?oh nt.
ami \N ? Kam-. ,| II.n \ n.I. ???
l?S 1 III' l ?V \l ?.
'[In . '.!? r ?if the I H i Mali I '.. m. it m| I i-l in a, ,,.,
Vainilla, rvdlli in? till lilt?'? on the VVl 11.1 lu i I anal.
ha* ..ins?,I colisiili-nilde I'otUIUclll in the Produce
1. v, l.aiii.- . and un -ni., i ? halt ? ?pn a-d then
a- id lenntni il to ?..-?? - . urina the
?i i? ,l-. o| Hie consul nt m..sine I
tin N. ? Vorl. ? mais fre? id loll . ?hi< h ?...?!
;,l.|.- I hein t.. i ?H?lste with t!.e l anadian ?rater
l|..?...'> rn Till I'III'M II I llXSl I.
- i\ >? a iliun r to
M I I.lid I'l 'ill. tin I i. in Ii I'onslll, at |l. I
iiioiiii -.'- lasl iiiitht. in
II.- I a? sen .! i ?? Ive
years in Ibis co nln ? en in Sau 1-i.m.ami
ii\. in this cil v. and is no*? entitled to retirement.
M. Hi. .ni. M. de I . i.
ll. I. i m <. ' h ni.? Ki aaud, I., on
? bn'.tcaii ami I., rortwi ngh-r.
Ill I I. I .ill III! -.? I'... Rl II l-l I'll It
The charpe < I II ?? nl Ingi rsoll, ol N .. fl
. lai - ' 11?-h ii M. (?und er. f.-r thru ?
lily ol red |. |>|. hi? eyi ? I?..-. ml,, r 1 I.
Inwi, was iiH|iiireii into In .lustici Wandell vi
Mr. I ? ?? 'In di ! i -
: h) collecting inform?t mu against the
?i,II.ill and I?.. Illt'll ?lei i i.||?|i,le 1 With bef III
Ida. I.m.i.l Inii'. I. I i mon) was givcti on ImiIIi ?ides,
ami tin woman In Id foi trial in default ni .t.'.imi
SAB 11.;:" -i Ml m i I'.-1 I'i.vi I?.
Win n William I . *?awyi-i ??a? ..ii lignrd f.-i
tt -m e m tin < out i id (??-lierai >t ??i..ii? i eel
ha 'i i L i.. -.? t..I ut a f- Ion ijsin
In. ria-opbilm KI.nM.l.i,. William S H-a. h.
mi?. I. m.m- l I..i a ne? trial and ? stat "t i?ro
i lI'dillR*. .lud..' i illdi :
Sa? mi ? a- n m.ri il.-. I :.. tin foi Frida) .-..n
iliu'. all' i th.- i:,.\ li id i I if.1 ., leralii t . I I , i i r v
s.i" \. t broke do? n i ompleti l> and ln?d i?. Im tak. u
|.. I lie Tmiil.? m
* KKI.l.l MV IN A II?. K I ?lie
Arthur Clarke, a lalam r, cmidoyesl l?idigupthe
hu? k yanl tl So. 71' I .-t I. ufth -i -.. ?t? nlay
m ? .n th-(I a human skeleton, wbirh was al.t a
foot ami a half u nil?-1 Ihestirface, I In- lowei
was crusbeil as if In a Ido? wilh a eluli oi bamurer,
or p. i hiin? In i1i.-;m,!.. lie presrnceol tin ?kcle.
ton conta not In-a.nte?l t,,i ami thi (?dice were
called in. The people who lived in th? house a \cir
i.i two ago have moveil away. The I.?wen gath?
ered up ?ud lak. n to ih. Morgue,
M A.I. Hi ?.Ali LM l ?? ?SUM, I ?. III. i nil Ill |i.
At the Wbittaker trial yestenlay. Mr. Stuupann
concluded his long direct i-saiuiiiatIon ?rith the as
serlionthul In-had ulrrad? poiuteil nutovei U4NI
ha?.it? ?huh distinguislicil both S'o. ~l~, and th?
author of the not?' ol warning, and ?In. h
amply ?ttfticirnt.to identif) the tau ?tit.i?. Tin
.i..?.'..- ination wn ,. ec ted to prove Ihc in.
rs it n- \ "i th ? itm --. ? let? ral Miles idiji i ti .1 to
?he Juilgi idvocatc i vailing himself of tin sumfe*.
lionaof Mr. Anns, who pr?*mpt??i| that oftleei from
t.-to time. Mgjor liardlier rontcndrsl tor hi?
lilil? to ask such advice a-In rv?|nirr?l, and tlie
. .mil ntn id to at L'?le Ihc point, reniai ni n if ?Hit llll
Ul it was t line to ttiljourn. The Court will m?-? t this
111..nulls' at 1 1 e'cli., !..
\\\\y.', Ill . ..IM It-sIllM ".ill A VI ? CIUI'I f .
The cormr-sloni ..ttle-m? Mi-tluslist Kp
Chapel in Scventy-tirstHit., Dear Ninth-ave., was
laid yeaterday afterniMin. At the preliminar]
vices, held in the old rhape), al Drnadway and pinty.
eighth-si.Idressc? were made bj the ](? \. Pi?.
John P. Newman and M. I)'C. Crawfnnl,
At the ?if.- rrf the m ? ? han. I, J. M. Conn II
presided, ami bishop W. I.. Hani?, aaaisted t-\
the Kev. Dr. M. >. lerrv, eonducled the s?r\i..?.
Among the things placea in the corner-stone was a
ropy of THI Iihihm. The new chapel is to Lea
twte-story brick building, 31* tWt by ?-n f...-t inside.
'I In- I..?, i flooi ?n ill be aaeil as Hunda) ?
rooms, and the upper as the auditorium, flu- cost
?ill ot$M,WO. C. VV. Mi Pharaon is the pastor.
The Hov. I'r. .T. r. N? ?mini btubeea eagaged to
rmppl) the pulpit n, the Lafayetti Avenue Prosby
t.iiiiu Chun n mini Jalj.
The l?? v. a. ,i. (iiiiiiehl, of Chelsea, Mass- hasac?
eepted a call to the Lnieenialisl ChnrehofOur
lather, to succoed tin- Rev. Dr. H. U. Nyc, bow of
Th?-fiim ra.1 ..f th.- hit?-Tunis Q. Bergen was at?
tciulcd by s lar?.- Dumber ol penons, including
maiy Brooklri] poli?riaos, yesterdsyafternoon at
his tu.nu- m toe 1 on n "f Ne? -I trecht. I?, solatioos
In reference to the death ol Mr. I!, rif? n bave been
aalopt?-d t'\ tin- Bt, Nicholas Hociety. of which be
was president, and bj the Board oi 'lo?u ? ?tin? r?of
'Hie trial of John Murtihy for manslaughter, in
killing hi? wife, Alice Hurpliy, at No, H7 Baltic.
st..January 8,by sti ikinu her on tin- h-nvl with smm
blunt instrument, was begun in the court (f Baa
skroa yesterday, sforphr sod his wif?> Brete both
drunk and aaaiTalled. Those .?In. went to tin i. ou
to separata theaa f.,und tas woman tylag ?m th.
rlis.r with a wiiiitid m lur head. Bhs was taken to
the hisrniul and apparent 1\ reotrrsiad, hut tenda\?
afterward she bvcauic aick, cuinplaiuing ui her head
and Boon died. The defenee is that the woman ?iied
of eryai|H'La.
Tlie trial of Christian (i. S? lmx'dcr for the k?liiiR
of JaeobG.Baeaarr,at Ihaiaa Hill, xxn? continued
yratenlsy. Goflrih Baemer, a brother of the ?b*
??.?.-??I man. and Martha H?*nn* ttmtUkd in n-trunl
to the shoot in?/.
I he (?rand Jury luv? decubd not to tin?! any in?
di, -t.m-nt in the rase of the men rharged with atnfl
Ing baiiut-boM's at the I nst Tie, im t while Ihey
xx. ;?? in charL'.'>.t the polnion th?) BMCning of the
charter election,
Tlie Clint.m Str.et Ifetlmdial Epismpal Church
binldinit waseohl by the ?Sheriff yeatertlay under a
f..re. lusure -uit bronchi bj the Mutual Benefit Life
lusurauce Comnsny. It waa bouirht by tha coin
I'.iii.x for f IT.iKKi. the amount ..f its elaiiu.
A rotarj mawhin* need for dryinc cream of tartar
exploded In Ihe Phrrnix Bakins Powder Works, in
wuKliiugtnn-ave., W.leide, Monday afternoon
Edwin \\ illiini?. the inventor of the machine, bad
ins |ss fia.iuiiii and r?crire?! a Been wound.
I honias M. in? ?a? injured in the al.tinmen and right
leg. ami .In?, jib Winter?, the rngineer, receive?! a
aralp wound, the building waa totnewhal da?afed.
HaI?I'1-..v. The liexv C.iuni il met Mondav night
and eh t -ted i.du era for the enauiug tenu. The new
trea iirer, k!. 1'. McDonald, was instruct.?1 to make
a full report oi the financial condition of lite town.
Oit-txiii . -A large raretinn "f the?eongreaatloa <>?
-i l'reabyt' rinn I hun h '.x,!?hi hl Mi.ndaviiii.ht
for the i in [mm?? of reCeit uil- the ilecieion of the pas?
tor, Ibr. Mix. in reference to hi? resignation. Irr.
Mi . ?tat? .1 ih.it he had rom Imled to teeh the mix ice
.?I th. I'ii-sin 1.1 ?, in ibe Quitter before coiningtonuy
?le.'i-i.iii. and In it .|in-ti .| i he t iiiii/ri'L'alinn to ap
puiut.. ...i H--...m i- to itj.i.s. nt it at the preeby
. ' ting. I his ?as done.
i.<>\<; I8LAND.
Jamah x. it the charter election for the ?Tillage
ol .lam.h. i. i-ewt, nia.x. Saunt. 1 s. Aymar y. aa eh*? t.?l
pi. -i.lent : tteorge !.. l'owell, clerk : James.!. Bren
t. n. trea-iir. i ; ami |\ |. r \x atts, ,I.,hn Adikcs, John
B. Il m. y ami Jertime ( overt, jr., Iruete? -.
I.i.**... I?! \m. City, The hotly of the man found
llontitiit in It.,??. i\ lin . n.-.tr l.ik. r'? Island, I'mlav.
a n. I tiki n f.. I Li- 11 t, - liionni" at I,.'iii; l-laml I'itV,
:; id. utiticd a- thai "t Henry Drink? r, <>t No.
1041 trne-hniulrwl-auil-ch-veiith-at., Xew-York. He
left hi? limiie li...ml? i in. h-ii, inirii .?ahina:, and
wsanot s , -, ,,i>. r-.xai.l . The oew Boanl of Kn
i."ix ts.il? ni I Count) ir. i at the ('.t House
x.-iinla'.. ami ..rem/' ?I l.\ ? lerliug John II. Brink
erhoff, of .lainaiea, [resident, ami I'ierponl Potter
ami l?'?.i? it Ne.nbury clerks Mr. E'otter i- in the
t ikIii x -s? \i nth year of hi? age, and baa been ch*rk
!:...1.1 foi forty-atsv. n year?.
s|\l ! N ISLAND.
' h??ls 11 -1 Hath h..? been appointed
sotn?' , "i. ?tat. h- m i 'asthinn in the place of Henry
I'ark.r. Th?' latter, who wss elected to theollice
1 i? I fall, ianow in jail in Vew-Jeraey foi a rubber]
. ??tnmiiti <l ;.i Bergen Point.
Ni xx llhi.ii i..s. ? Patrick N'.onan. arrest, il on
-?i -fni.-ii ..i having caused tlie death of his wife,
ret, who woi found dead at the foot of the
ataim in liri home, nI NVw-Brightoh, her rollar h.me
and t ?x.. rib-1 ?ii m' luck? n, so? .11 se ha rif.il yeateiila.V
l.\ ( ..i..tt? i H'.il-i i. a ? du- i videucc v? a? nmullb n nl
t., hold l,;iii.
-?-it liriiiniiioml. t.f ilie If i il, -
I'oiinlx I'olue. M.la) uiL'ht, arreste?!John
Mi t uffrey, age twent) i : _? i ? t. ? ? 11 a i liarle of burglary.
lb? |.iis.,ii, i who i imeiiiher ,?! the Rocky 11<?!
box ?.'am/." on Chi 'it.it i? all.'i'.'l. broke
into ihe bout? ..! Mis. Kli/ala th MeDermott, in Ma
pleloii, and ?loi?" valuable ?bawls, ?ilverwan and
uib i property. At ihe lime of the rnhhrry the
p.ilii. Mi-|>iif..l McCaffrey, but lie went away*from
I--1 nul lu fore tie \ ..?iiltl am-?! him. tranter.
he H.i- orra giu-d bef?ire Justice rsylor, and
? iiimtri ii tn tin- i ..mi! ? jail to await the ac
turn ol tin i.i mil Jury.
Y?iN'KT*.ltf?.?The director* of the Next York and
Yonkrr? Rapid Tratiaii liai i" ,1 Company hare?lir<
i.. ti.'. ? m?a?rf aouie buildingaon the aite uf
il,, pi.,|...-i .i terrninul dation in Yonki re t-? va? ate
Ihe.lll, a- the xxiil k ..I tealiiiki lh> in dow l? and erect?
ing ibe new de|?ii i? about t?. l.e begun.
II?.i-., ?i v Cornelina Khangbrae, of Hoboken,
riiti.itt???I to ?ail yesteniay foi a brutal aaaaull
on hi? wife, lb V ti", k. .1 In i? dux? n, ami beal and
kicked her until ?he woe unconai'ions, she i- now
Mar* ?II? ?pilal ?iil?er?ng from?*oncua*iouol
tli. brain, ami tii phyaii iana liare little hone of her
rt,,.\trx In the com ,,| Mar) ilc'tauley, ul-o
xi .. - Hospital in a preeariou? condition from
ibe -jtc. i? >.f injurie? iui?ii led by her husband, I.'. ?
ronler Melainoi?gh yesteniay decided I" take her
.ml. iri.it. in -'.iti in. nt, >lii charged her bus).and
with throw tna her ?lown atsira, ami xxith ?triknni
luron tie !.. .ol with a water pail. Mciianley i?
large. _________________
MIMAI I Kl. Al X| a V.X.
m i.?>.
sIln ?, |.
? X' ? tosUM 11 Id M.s.li ?a?.'. ..lay?, '.".?
III.. II ?x ?in: |. |.?t ?. W
i . .;..?? I ?Use!.. 7 is inn o
III..n N ITBB T" 11*1 I' M.
Hook '. ? ??"* lalasd 7 u Hell ... i
;.x\ x i.UK ?APRIL M imn,
at? ? ? - v ?. ? ? ? it . lUirtir, i?T??rpeal \\ir\\ 14 lad
17, ?ui? in.!??? ?i .1 peeeeaaere t" amiaoMi
. lui? m
-t.oi.ir \i:.ii.|n. It Sauf. Hi. Macro April ?1?<, ?lili
- .1 in-liui'.
-t. un. r Sank III Hi . ' ??-?? 'li. X ? t it rot Xpr! 11. I"ii.til. r?
. un i? ?i hi-It, i" 'ir.. ... I ? iiii?l ll?x.ui?-l. *?1taBrfaa
...i..'.;- !?? I 'Al. ? ?clr. A *-..na.
.... s. ? in!, aii? i' bSJ ?, ?llti iml...
? till | ."-? I "f?*l * la, ? latk A -. ?
. i . in .,( balll?. Hi??. J?. ??en', lile, I"? i-r> ? i. ! ;..i ?nd
P?trt Uni a! I .l?*r?. x> lU. u. '? r? !.. f II Mull.'iy
m. .un. r Mashaltaa.Kellr. Itl.hittaiisl, Ulr a?MBl an 1 X?S*.
' ? ? ? >l,| IL.till,I,..li s? , ...
hi ,. x; ni. **?ift of M?.t..- ?! N-. Uawell, si v?. .
:? ?. . ...; t., t K Wbltsrv .t .'.,
. lue*? la .r K ? i. :.thai, llauilmrir 71
il? a, Witt, ?all Mini . nipt ? b?rrela I.!?? ?t. r.
/laf? l.n.-t II- t if, .-.i . x?.1!mi:. I...? x> r.-? 71 ilaya,
.-.?.In- ?.Iti a.ilt
...I ?It? .x- i n.
., -, ? iili t.:ar
, . Hi nli.nii, rick,
iiaik tramiaui Noi I ? asra,lahallaatla
I II. I. ,
r \- .',.ii.:i Aalwerj tl 'i.i??.
[xict i. -?? 11.. ?' x\ ii. rtaut
llarl laye, with eall
fu i nl. :
lio. I'l...i ?...!?. i. **..t mi-t.. N.'wry 17 ?tar?, ?Uli iien
Ui I ,)'.. !.. I ?!.?? .X t"
i i ;. i.. *?!., liable ta days ?alta ?eqwr ta
ti - ? an S soil
nu* i?*..- i. .fs.? n j? .n. ii?nnii..ii.i, r..i!if .i iMf .'.
? t.. II I |.,.,.,r..|,-..'.? -.. I?
!?.. ... - ?I II? "?? x|, k'. nil.-, lit, ?Un.l v..
i,. -,? \| It, with trxitu tu ut-it? I ???-?< l i.? i .1? anl II ..I
I'l..!. K..;-.|- I??' -, , ?.'laritu l'J .Ui ?. ?.'I. -nifiir
? ? ?mill ? . ?,
-, i,i i,...... in. ni. t .if at..'. It ?l?)? rcntn ii.,it.ni Vs. ?au
,. ...i..- i.. ?.? i. i?im- ? .? seaeltol? Bliewoiia fo
r?r.ii.. '.:..? an: ?.--..? *rn>.'l ? ? ?n r.l.iy. I.nt ?.r?- nut
, ;
si. ?m. i t :tt .,f M.i.. :,. KcMptAB, sa??,,n?ii 3 iajr?, ??i[Q
r> ? !?? .
Hti ..m, i . t, . f X :...i, I i, I.. ? kw.aal. t1l?rte?toB '- ilSf?, ?l!h
n .;-. ?in! **a?trp? i- !...! XX ?ji :.! ir.l .? I u
(j ! ',. lollualiit ?rtfaael rise ? IBM up le 'lu*
. .1) !..
?. , Batel .irr ... ti
- .ml? Hunk.
-i \-! T w i h.i at *-jii.iv ii-.. Heat, sxv, ,:,..|'.? _?_
li.? I XI' 'i I ??:,'.. . . ' '. s . lui.!?-.
. ' 1. XKI.I..
? ' v -.n, a Ur . . Us?es*
?,i ..m..n Ktlsurrnl Ki , 'o r ei. H.i? ???.
1 nula ?!. m '? an "*. '.? : nlam, Kui.t h,
II?.'.1 Ut .i'l-.?a. II. -! L.lut?. Xi., il,-. A.|ti?
.1.11?. Maraeiii-a ? i nul*tbrl?l*n .x < ?? Hautlaun, I'lni
linn ?auI ? I xx ,?r.l .x t u
i .'.:.a.i? l|.hii?, x* n, P CItS? A (.t. I
? ii , :. it. i,..?i..ii. n l' |....... k Jeaayhla? lli.tiu
aim It.? m. III?. Itaxii in urr, I *- k i
*?,... -la. l.iHil... san Fran. ?..?>.. ?BttOB ?t Ce
UuMi i, l; ... Ht ?Ht Pier, un. t? . mi -?.'i.- " . ' n. I'at
l.i, XX .il?.n .f i .. ,,.,..ii..,i \x iliimf , Ur . J..|.iist.?li. Ant
arrri vl oi? IBtlS 111??)? Ko n. Aiij.. t.
Ja?.?, f..r ..nil i? Hi i-i. in i K.sip .v* t '.,.
Bark? Juba I. Ill ' il M ,-.|ii?a!,MI 1I...V.! .?i
Hin.k.i. -?? ?I i Bri. Murray. Havre, i V\ Parker?.
lliaujtli? III. lBdel?x?n, !'."> Xitli- Ml. !-?
HrvM ... i?..t.., Keses, i?, AssUsUaUwla
Bnawllarnr aetl labre? (Brt, D?ias?s BridiretowsRsr,
I.m-I.! A r..?tt l?o? x.!- l to-. Latkrap, ...?film. t'li.
. Hrltlsftuwu Bar, Danl.l
It ..?I.I li!?? \,|,l !,-.? I-: . I I. .ii.".tl. ' llllflll'K"?, J ?? ?*
lUtlaA MU?. ''i', ""?'tli, -t Jul.ua, M'. Jt
w bile? i .....,.,
(5rial, l'..rt II ?wka'.nr?-, I I!, f.T.T'. I-,
|| |? HlUtB a ?'< 1 :?'i,.? Ilr , ..Miinii. M J.\n?, M AT
II, ?, , Plorase? I *-, brpp, blcklBiam, llur?. m. Jatm s x?,'
I'la-rliai'u I'm !? "' ti., i art, UiriL Veracruz, Mexico,
? teslf A Co AMI..?*' .Hi ll--.it, si I..fin. Ml,
-. ai. .ti i'ii III"- Im |.i, ... In . Mntsli.?ll, Beliz?. I load,
: ,:t a i ,. .uil'i ke, ?.rl. ut, l tag l?
lan.I. Itsrkelt m Bni I r. >1 -it itli, liruWL, Hlu Ilia lia, l .->
t , 111 ?-n.itli .V ' . .
mi M'.x i xii.N r*g OF stkami.;:?,
luiti.iiiN i'.t in*-.
I I*. f?Kt ? - i . IBTIIM xnu..!, ..tiaini r? Illvrttn (Br>, I'M
want?, fpip. Ilotton, Lake MaulMba iHtj, Matt, loin l'urt
gltrii|..?x', April'-'.; Irtivi-il, ?tc?mer Olymi.u? iltrl,
\X'?lkri, fii.ni 11..?I..n
Iiinsn ;. A|.in-t. Ahm.', at.aturr Ualiitia, l'r. *K.i?'i),
fr.sn N? ?* Vori
Ul ?-. ?I \|iiil?il Anlrnl, att anier Yosfunl .IJr.McaJ
..?.. iiniii ItAllliiiur.'.
; i F. April VU?AniTl-d, Ilrtllah ?tcamer? Am borla,
lledderwtt k, front New Vort; XX ?iUeualau, Mu...rf, fniiu Hot
ton. ..ii tb? ir ? *] t?i. .'ii?t;<'*?'.
Ma> i;k. Ai,in\'i.-*-?il.?t. ?tcamer Hucvla (fli-r), Praneen,
trmn II. nu!, .u? f..r .Ni? ?urk.
Hi i llixwi-l -;. Xiitl! .'', ArilM?!. ?t?anier? ?leiii'iai Wejit.r
i..ii, , hr ?!..:?? i ?. from v.-? x ,,ik nu lier way tn BleSMS)
?'.1er (lien, ! nJi titlrti, from N'en Vurlt oil ber WHJf to Kri>
1'. Bntst., April '.HI-- Ant veil, atranu r Toronto, HlbaoD,
tron i Uvat?eel.
Boetoa, aerUM Cteeeet^ eteeaMe ?oruiuiian, nr, iirowu,
ftn i.laafjnw
K?il.?l. ateamer Hooper.
1'iiliai.ri chu, Aarll -Mi < l-areil, ?teamer? Ann Ell??, War
r, n. f..r ?w Yi.iki l'.nllah Kltor. I.?.kv. fur Liverpool.
Arrtciil, ?Lamer A i HtUsera, Warnn. from NewVurk.
DBLAWaaa ll?K?AWAn.a, April .'0 fualiKl, ? tcamer Break
w?t??r, at LIA i. m.
It?! i;?i.,k , April '??l Anl?e?t ?learner* Bolivar, Imnn,
fr.mi KlasBWBj Triiub?.lo?ir. ? ox, from Beulsaf, laniiy l'ail
walader. ( lark, from .New York; Not?Hcotlau, Ur, Hubarxl
MS. foui, l.nerpnol.
Clear??!, atauuuer John W ?larreit, Kostir, for New-York.
l?itiiOH, April ?v-lti? Aowrlcau tblp CUarle? Demil?, Capt a
< '?mer, f root f Mio Ocl 3 for N ? w York ?ad Saa VT?nct?<? rla
ft Ileleu?, wliere ?tiearririsd Kr? 1.1, put tata Paral sa ta?
l.th !n?t? bsTiafiost ?ail? ?ait brru ?tl>?rwise badry rlaa?.
The French bark Tarpara, Ctuit Caro, frota S?a Krsocisc?
l'i li M, fur Uiiernstown, lia? ont lato Ht Micke??, Ahtm, wUk
lui liulwark? ?lama* .-.| and ?lu.ri uf provision?.
The llrltlsh lirlsTlllrairirtfi SI? I>sn. C?r?t aate. from ?"arSia
Meh W for st Jutiu?, M F, bas list lut? fit Mlrasrl. on* ?.f ta?
? Kirr? Htir lo?t two men, bulwarks sad ?taachlona, amt h^a
In I ?leek ?wept ou psasasr
\Vi?llt!l<!ToS, April'a1?!- The s?1xti?I l'??rp? Mt?1i<m tt th?
?ei in- ..f the wret'U halfway I?. tween Ufe M?rlii? .station* No?
4 ?nd .V Vira-tul?, report? : The lurk Dictator ftmitt ?i < !r?r tt
hitrli wHter at I a ui, ?oil lia? ?Urti.l foi Norfolk |u tow of the
wie. ?inn ata-suirr Kr?nlot#.
t.<it>c<f, April M ?SB?I.-.1- ?nth lnst, Mtttnv 24th ?n?t, Km.
tu?, Ihr latter for HaJUmorr.
Arrlvett llth last, *aji i.artSBti; Iftth tn?t, Flglio d' Italia,
lainlr. nilvarl. s, uttiln. W?l lu?l, Irtrto, Nstvlaf; 24tbiu?7
Apnr. Alex?titlrs. 1'ulrills i<?pl Aiitlersen), <>clll?, Vsr?
Krsiw-r. Marv h i.iiMvin: '.?.1th Hurt, Aller M rlsrldire, AtU&'iS
(i'tpt Sehafferi, the latUT ?iff .nclllr, ('?peuhiir?!, fartn.-f,
Charlea i barils, UlebaVaa, Csasal Pisten, Die Istler st Deal,
lalwanl I'hlnuty. KrsUi, KatniKiunt. .ian?er ltolf, the l?tt>.-r
at In.il. Ilal.l.ii, llauiimu Kl?h. Il???, Jans, John Foaa-hr,
Kedron, I-oiii??- iinmthra, laiw waott. Miaule M Watts. Tan.
maulan. 1'reniwr.t, t'uiUuute.1, Vainly.-?-, West York; 20th
In?!, Antrim. Aur.irs I. the latter st Deal, Carmelo, Hundan,
sl.l. r.-nln.Ol. u, II I'srr, Klinlinie, M?rl* Adelaide the latter
ut liovi r i.i?rl.,ir?i-.iniel?ler mu Winter, Tobluue, Toft?.
.' r Later Shipping Xetet, if any. Su FXjXh l'ou?.]
r?cntty's Parlor Organs ?ire- now ship'sil to
all parti ,.r the world The faa-ti.ry ami w?'eriK>m? arr at
Wa?l lagtoa, Warren ? ?unty, N J Writ?- fur illu?tr?te?l. at,
l'lillars arc dailv wasti?J b*M8 new ero? kt i\,
fuiiiitun,t'., , tint iL-.s-ht in-m?inii?imu? caaaaiua
Dr. At ?tin's PiKisPiiatine unlike anv other
art |.aiail.n ?,f Phosphates.
I>it. Lyon'* 'Imotii Tablets
Are prepared by a practical ?lrutlst.
Kwtr. ?% WfUOVH " V.. &r W." l.rniid of
- iii.-ii i..liar? are the l>e?t. Held everywhere.
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Hankitutoa Sti-am Carpe. ('leaning Work?.
a? ud fot. n. uisr?. i? Baal STUl st
Siiini tiling irooil at all timo?*? Hub Punch.
Women, from their sr-doniary habit*, are*
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reiiiiivi?! liy fija?"? l.lttle Urer 1*111?.
in CROCKERY aiirl GLAiSS-nin
ner Sets, Tea Bets, ? 'hainher Set.?',
Glassware andallgoodi rakable to
fiiniwhing a COUNTRY HOUSE;
all marked iliiun much below valu??,
and will be found very cheap and
serviceable. We have devoted boom
nt' our Fifth-avenue ?tore to this pur?
pose. Sale will commence Monday
m?'iiiin'r, arid continue i??r the week.
We mean to offer tome REAL BAR?
I l.WIS (< rlaLAMORE ft CO.,
?21 Broadway, cor. 21st-st, and loi
Fifth-ave. (connecting.)
For House
Koddac i? F.<iual to
No soap ii required and die work
?8 dune more satisl'actorily in half tho
time, but beware <?? imitations.
(or. Fulton and Xassau-Sts,
i.ru iii.uiin'1. ?jtoi'K QV
inn aturra tn hoys.
Tin: iM'i ? i totai n va okker AKE
i.i mi II QMaW AM> LOW I'llll K?.
Like ?11 enr chocolate?, U rre
Basai with ka* great?.-?! tire, ai.J
aaaaaaa of ? ?u{>?rlur q.uiuy of
ri?.ua ?nd *?ig?r, ft-..i- . with
{.urc vanilla t.-an. t?t rv. .1 a? a
drink or oaten ?fry a? M Batas,
tl.ititry, It I? a delicious article,
siiil I? highly reicutimuil...] I y
Sold by Grocer? mrywher?.
W. IIAKKll A. CO.,
1'rtiCtcr, H it?.
To Let from May 1, 1881.
?I \ I.HAl.KlM'.ilI'l'Ii i:-, S1M.1.K ?ill IN ?l III ?.
Al'll.V \V
thi-: Tttint \e < ointim; IMA ?
Irr I A ?-HKItM \N.iiol tl.emilv l>r 8HKKMAN, kuo.?-r_
tutlir pabllr lor tli- [ia?t n vmr? tur hl? ?oo-wwfrii tr.-?ti... nj
aiii1niii-.it Kuptiirt-, n sv, until fmllit-r noil"-, Ik rasaaaita?
??follow?; At prtnrlpal oBli-s. -".1 Hrosalasy. Ni'w.\..r?,.)ii)
-aiiinlai?, M.ui.laiaan.l Iue?.Uj?, aad ?t hi* brsiich .iljl-.s'
43 MUk ?t., I'.i.ii.r,. on w.-.i,??.i:.v?. Tliursdsy? aurt FrUtyl
of ?a. h ?.-k ID- bOOk, with pliol.-rr?].!.!.' llV.-l..-???-? ,f a.1
.??.? befure ami alter ?ur??,t? lusilcUto tbose ?!.u aaM 1*1
? *'? '???-*
H ,iti. ?.is?? IN
ktei'hen a. vaneaai
lar?.' line? of Tspf?try Bru??el?. 75c. aa?l up. __B]>_8n ?4*-|V
'?I 2:sud nui WM-tisi.-.osu.l up. Ai?o, __V?Jteaa ?au
?tais, OU i l?.th?. UiK.lcuoi? and liiraunia, ?uitsble tor u*
at?, at > cry low pnt? a.
^_-__ _____> m _____ SArETYHTKA?-? HYDRAULia
OTIH HUOTliaus dk tO^ ?48 Broadway, M Y-^
VKUVOCS DKH?I.ITY, tapot*nc?, Wt?J^
i.1 u?a? of tin- Ors-ati? of ilr-oer??;!??^..,??**IJV^ T^fai
csllycor.-<lby Wl*ii IIKSTER'S Hrt?'aMC VILL. _TwQ?.2
?ix Um?, ?j? u?n?lly ?uiilcleut Prtf*, ? ?_>"? ?S'V"^T
SO. Moud for circular. PrrMrwlb/Wl>Cai^l4?fl?i? * ?VI
LCUcaii?t<-'il Juii_*t? Nsv-Yota.

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