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VUI"XL!..IN0-1-2 72K
... ??,?????!?*> ??&;?asAsiumjiW?wm?m
?Aoruag raaaota away.
??,????tp QaNUdd la ?li-?ul. His death was
unexpected, no previous i'oiiditions baring
-?rea wattling of immediate dissolution. Tin
Cabinet had withdrawn last night, and tini
|i|i\ sicians hgd retired. ? severe BR?O m tlii'l
heart wag followed almost bnrnediately byl
di-atli, which took pia?*' at l<h30 p. m.
In the flkorntafl ha weg attached by a lerere!
thill which greatly weakened him. Toward]
noun, however, he rallied, and throughout tin?
aftexnooohe rested and shot. Daring the day
he called for a looking glass, and having
a/aged into it, observed that it was str?ng?
t't tt h? could look so blight and be 90 weak.
Shortly before 10 o'clock hist night Dr. Bliaa
aaked the Pgggjdent if bo felt uneomfortable
anywhere, ;iud ho answered " Not at ?ill."
The President thou fell asleep, and Dr. Ulis
withdraw. About fifteen gainutea alter lt>
o'clock the President placed his hand near his
heart and said he was suffering great pain.
Dr. tTMiBj returned bnmediately and found the
President unions? ions. The pulse and the ac
tion of the heart were almost imperceptible. Dr.
B?RI Bald that the President was dying and di?
rected the attendante to aand for lira. Gar
field and Dis. Agaew and Hamilton. The
President remained iu a dying condition for
about twenty minut?is, when life was declared
to be extinct.
All the members of the Cabinet except Sec?
retaries r.I.iine and Lincoln wire at Elberon
at the faud moment. They ????
imm?diat?, ly a dispatch to General Ar?
thur aaldag him to take the oath of office at
once and proceed to Elberou.
The gad news of the President's
death spread rapidly throughout tin
country, and caused a profound sensation.
Beul woa tolled, and pceparationa were Biade
to drape the public buildings.
Tin: END.
A wasp flair otri apean our faJrrsrl son.
Ami stmi^ bin in tin? ?pink witli poisoned shaft,
Tin' while bachatted narnlasalj aad laughed, [
Ami knew noi of the fateful mischief done.
Ami si. tins Ufe, aii'iil our love began,
????????????????? iiy tin? insect's hellish orafi,
Waadramh by Death InotM loag fe reriah draught,
Anil lie was Just?our precious, priceless one!
Oli, Btyaaaty of blind, reraoraoleai fata !
Ob, cruel ?tel of u lini- ' ????????? hite!
That lii? so nu -tin <i.nil?! lutinhi lit?' h?i ?? at!
?\ i.at is tin re lell to us who think ami le? I,
Who have no ienu il\. anil tin appeal,
l'.iit ibaum the waap uiiil crush him under heel?
TH ? GROfi* Anuir TUB PKKsiiiKNt's ?????? WHXR
WIPB 991 Bit ? am? DRRT or.lKi?IHK last
[by TKLKoiiAiu 90 ini. Titilli sk.1
Loara Brauch, Sept. it?.?On? of thoae praaenl
in tite ahaanl at of death at the fatal Btoment thus
deaeribaa the scene to me :
"There arataptcaentwhen the Praatdeat awoki
only Oaaatal Swalaa aRd Colonel Rockwell, hut ail
the attendanta wan apoodllj aatauBORad. Mrs. Qar?
fleld, Dia b'iss, Hamilton, Bojnton, and Col?
onel Beakwell and Prhrata Secretary Brown
reached tho room within a few moments. Mrs.
Qarfleld Baa upon the bedside holding the hand of
bar dying haaband. Dr. Hamiltoa stood on the op?
paalta side and others were grouped about the
President, who was BROORBOiOBa even.before the
first o? those munitioned reached the chamber. No
other g9ga0R9 arete in the room. Mrs. ('olone]
Rockwell with her daughter and Miss HoUie Car
field Hat npon a lounge in the hall. The. colored
servants of t?o FrmcUlyii Cottage wero grouped
outside the door of the sick room peeping in.
"The President was hraathing haaTilj and at]
increasing intervals. The doctors wbiapt red h
each other two or three I?BI09. but aside frm,. this
bo word waa apakee. Twe or three aighs and son
BBppaeaaad gabbing wa.s heard froaa groupa of
aaageaaki the door. Lutali tberaat were silent.
The heavy breathing of the President continued foi
about fifteen minutes, and tinti flanead, (uhm i ni?
?eas did not return. Death was absolutely ?..nuli ,
When all was over Mrs. Qarfleld quietly withdrew
to her room. Dr. Hamilton smoothed the t.ii
of the dead President, .mil the oilier pliysi? i.ins and
aMaadaata Btaalghte-wd his limba,
" Mrs. Qarfleld returned about half an hour later,
and sat .sileutly upon the bedside, the tears running
in iloods over lu r ahecha hut her whole demeanor
Manifesting tier heroic spirit and self-control in tin
tin? Bastea hear ai hat grief."
riiK ? vim; geknk.
A DKhCiiUTioN i?y attoiimylkvkkai. MAOVE?OB
? I'KOMISK Qg A QOaWJ ?1????????? TUKSIOKM
AWAKK8 in' pain?summonim; o# ni'; PHT?
m< iw.s?DiAiii ?? riiK maaiiigirr.
IBV TKLK?UAVU To Hit. Hill'.: M. |
Binano?, 1140 ?>? 9sy-?Attcrnejr-Qenera1 Hae?
Veagli has just come from the Fruncklyn Cottage.
Bud dictated tin? following:
Am 10o'clock I wmte my dispatch to Mi.list? ?
Lowell. Shortly before that hour Dr. B?99 had
??en the President and found Ins pule at 106 and
all the conditions premising a favorable anil
Quiet night. Ho nske?l tho Presidi rit il
he was feeling BROORltOftabhl anywhere, and In
answered ' uot at all.' Sliortly after the. Praal
leii aaleap, and Dr. uiie.s retired to his room aorew
thehnl!, while General S.waim and? Colonel I,
**U Attained with the ftarfdant about flfteea
?niutes after 10 ?Veiock tho President awok.
?nilsaidto (ititieral .Swanu that l.i. wagsuDiiin-,
great pain, plu, ?Mg his hand near 'lisluul. D,.
Bliss was called in iuiinci?ately from across the
??ill, and when he entered the room ha found
the President unconscious, substantial!.
Without pul?* ?,,,) t,?. Mtioa ()f ihi,
Aeart aJmnai; undistintfuishaliiaw lie i?ua
it once that the President was dying, nnd directed
the attendants to send for Mrs. Gariield and Drs.
Agnew and Hamilton. The President remained I
in a dyinc condition until 10:35 o'clock, when life
?raj pronounced to be extinct.
"I have informell the Vice-Pr?sident and I
h.nvo tried to inform Secretaries Blainc nnd|
Lincoln, who are on their way from Boston to New
York. All tho other members of the Cabinet were
at once suiiiinoncd from the West Knd, and they arc
ban BOW. We are in consultation."
QEMSBAL s\v aim's DlscovritY OF THE PKI-SIDF.NT'H
(HY TEl.KOK ???? TO THF. ???????'. I
I.ove. Branch, Sept. 10.?Nothing can show tin?
suddenness with ??????? the Blow in the President's
cottage fell more clearly than the fact that just be?
fi?re the cottipe closed, alunit 10 o'clock, telegrams
Yvere directed io be sent to the sens of General Gar
held that they need not come, as their father MM be?
lieved to be better.
General Swaim wastheflist to notice the change
in the Preaident'a eonditioa. He felt the President'a
hand and diacovered that, It wae cold. Heplaoed
his hand ???? the President's heart, when the Pie-i
dent - nil "that hurts." General Swaim at once
scut for Dr. Bliss.
??? TCLBOBAPH TOTOU ??????G?.1
Long Huancii. Sept. lib?The character of the
first disilludi, s after the evening examination, and
the Mithh'n annoimi? Blent of the President's death
before they were fairly off the wires, best mIioyy bow
Like a lightning flash the ?>??\? of the President'a
death fell. AU the surgeons within thirty mluutei
of the alarm, and within lesa than anhonroftbe
? ealdent'a death, predicted a comfortable and quiet
night for him. I>r. Puss bad given the press an
in ? ?? YY in which there were some good grounds of
encouragement, and bad then given Attorney-Gen?
eral MaoVeagh sstme views for his dlapatoh to Min?
ister LowelL Dr. Bliaathen retired. Dr. Hamilton
authorised a statement in hU name that there waa
Kood ground tor encouragement.
Dr. Pliss had retired after bearing from the
Prealdent in person thai he felt entirely comfort?
able. General Swaim had spoken with most ?le
??id? ?i hope just as the cottage closed at 10 o'clock,
and Colonel Rockwell had als?, spoken emphat?
ically In the same way. The correspondents at
Biberon, .sitting yy?iIi?h a stone's throw of the Pre
Id? "it's room, only heard the rumor that the Pr?s
dent was linking, and thai bad been discredited.
The Urei news they beard at that short distane
was some one calling in a low, mournful voice oui
of the darkness toward the President'a
cottage, " Associai? d Press say dead."
Half the correspondents had gone to the Weal
End and were writing their Ural dispatches baa*
m the hopeful signs of the evening, and some hud
lUed their matter and were starting for Elberon b
make sure there had been no chili.
AP was ready to be quiet tor the night when a
telegram came that the President was sink
Ul Iroverapidly to Elberon, and the first to ai
i?y? found persona sii:ii,'.r quietly on the porci
wait ini? for the latest news and wholly nnconaciou
uftbe grave situation. In fact the famil* I id ?
time to rash iiitn t! ? ? p Aft? r the tronbli y\:i
flret discovered, nom bad time to rally from their
amasemenl antil be was dead.
BTI l. Ai ZMJ ? .:> \? 1.1 . ? ? .? ???.?.
?B1 ? ? ? ?" ? in. ri.Ei ?.? 1
EUSEBOE, Sept. 19 M I I - " :. - I Bei ? are 11, rl.ap.
fifty people around the oline and porches of thi
Biberon Hotel, mostly Journausta, The nigbi Is In?
tensely dark, and with the exception oi ? ringl
buht in the Prancklyn Cottage, nothing is visible
'ml Um -tu.-. from the hotel.
There hi no iniise.no excitement. One would not
gather the slightest indication, from appearam
that only tYYo hours ago the linai seen?? in a tragedj
whicb plunges the Nation In grief was \y 1111 ? ^ ?- d.
Guard? ale doubled about the house of death and
all passes are suspended. The presence oi tin
gUarda is unsuspected Until one venture- to gO in
ih?? d ?ree ti? ?? ? of the cottage, when a sudden "halt!
who comes there f oomea out ofthedarkn? ? and
the would-be visitor Is tinned back.
The single wire from the Elberon Hotel has leen
retained for Government buaineas exclusively. All
press dispatches are seni h.v messenger to the West
End Hotel, two miles distant. At thi.? hour not
mor?- than twenty people remain at the Biberon.
1 he members of the Cabinet are still at the Franck
lyn Cottage,
- ?
pbi:hi;ns:o\s on a?.e SISES un. si ROBONI)
l'Olii KD l'i Dl>PAII{.
Elei no?, >...)., Seot. IO. The President pa
vary comfortable ? ? r better than was ?
pected?and at 7 o'clock was sleeping quietly.
The President bad ? ? igoi at *?::i<> a. m., y\ hi? ? lasted
nearly twentj tu as es, and ?\.? nei;?? severo, li
? a.- followed by a febrile rlac. The President siepi
?.on.?? after it subsided, but was awake aboul 10
o'clock, when hi took a small quantity of :
?,?. Thi n? ?? '" ? oi the . bills occasioni d gravi
anxiety. Dr. Bliss waa o? opinion thai if the ri ??
continued for forty-eight boursthe Presidi al could
not ??
Dr. Boyuton said that during the prevalence oi
the rigor tin Presid nt'spuls? (rent up to 143 beats,
and WSS VCTJ feeble. The l tient \Ya.s (MU; ????.
Dr. Agnew sail at p that the situation was
riecidcill" gloomy, and could not well in? worse. Thi
President had noi rallied as nana! from the effect*
of the rigor. Much excitement prevailed, and ih
I worst feai ? wi re entertained.
j h. guards about the Freooklyn Cottage rere
now ordered, in the. event of the President'", demi-:?',
to extend their picket lines, so Unit no one could
approach the house without express authority. II
waa also decided to monopolise the only telegraph
wire thai runs to Elberon, althougb press dispatches
may hav to ?,e ft- ut two miles by courier, I be office
at the West End Hotel being the nearest point
whore direct communication can be obt lined.
Soon after noon Secretary Hunt came ?nun
ilio Franoklyn Cottage, He aid the Presi?
dent was sleeping quietly and that, then
was no material change in Ids condition.
in the afternoon Dr. Boyuton, in conversation, said
that the President passed the most quiel nig it In
had experienced since he was shot The Doctor
r then explained the oecurresoe of the rigor, l. ap
? peats I:,.it til? chill cani.? on ??, bile lue inoli.i Q|
ilitswlnfl was In progress, and that thi
bad tO be, slopped on a?
,,' ? occurrence, The patient
m t oomplained of feeling cold and iduiost
bnmediatel* bewai ? tacked yy?iIi paroxysms ol
shaking. During the time the chill prevailed, Dr.
filias says vomiting and lever? retching occurred.
The rigor was of abont twenty minutes du
After it pai ? d ?,. the patient became comparatively
comfortald??, and partook "1 ???? G?&? ihmS U, and
: .d.s.? fell about three 1. ..: to i I",
lu eonvsrsatioi \y?.!i a jouruaUst Dr, ?:?
there was no doubl bntthat the rigors sera the p
raltof the extended complications iu ti it lung,
aided, of course, hj th? exhausted condition o? tht
President) which has been ? mied lo blood-poison?
Dr. Boyuton expected the patient to rally Erosi
the efteots of the rigor, but be admitted th.a then
??;.s tan';?' tot the gravest apprehension.
it was now agreed by all the attending)
that the ri. m??, BJC Ih?? ?? lUltS ot I he i.?
aud the uvwiuic SOnditu? of tho pulieut'ti biood.
At noon a correspondent had an interview with
Dr. lUisa.
"Doctor, what is the President's condition at this
honrt" he was neked,
" He is more comfortable. A reaction has taken
place," the doctor replied.
" What are 1 he figures nowf "
"The pulse is about 118 and the temperature
about normal."
" Will the pulse be likely to decrease still more < ?
" It is very probable that it will."
"Do you anticipate further rigorsT"
"There is danger of another occurring toward
"Do you know what tho respiration is now, doc?
tor G'
" It is about 20."
Much anxiety was enused by the f.iet that the
temperature did not rise, above the normal range
which indicates that the vitality of the patient was
growing gradually less. All the inembcru of the
Cabinet excepting Secretaries Maine and I,incolti
were on hand. They went to Biberon about 1 1
o'clock. They expressed themselves as being ex
ocadingly anxious about the President's condition?
Seil, tary limit came from the I-'runcklytt oottegl
about 1:30 p. in. and reported that the President
waa comfortable and had been sleeping. "Does he
realize the gravity of tho situation," was asked.
"Yes," replied the Secretary, "he is said to be fullvf
cognisant of his low condition." !
A gentleman who paaaed the Franoklyn cottage I
aiiotn the same time saw Mia, Qarfleld Bitting in theI
window. In response to an Inquiry regarding herl
appearance,be said: "The good lady exhibited al
caini and peaceful expression, and the usual SXpree-l
aive smile waa visible upon her countenance, ?
The Presiden! rested quietly during the after?!
noon. Dr. Hamilton arrived ai : ? ' ?. > 111 5:20 p. m.B
The President had rallied from the effect of a chilli
In a manner toaurprise the physicians, Ria mind|
waa bright, the dressing of the wound did not fa
tigne him, and after it was ?ver he asked fot
a hand glas-, and after examining his f?
said he could not undera and how be should be d?
weak when he looked so bright. Dr. Bliss said
after auch ? rallying there was hope, but the trouble
wa - frani of strength. The aurgeona did not, in anj
? vent, expect death to-day, and *??.<\. after the
elo ? .-.t ob ervation thia morning, it wa.s possible for
t'n patient to live a week, even Errantii [ thai
present condition? were ?? carry hi a u G,
[t waa announced al 10:10 p. m. that the G?- ? ?!??> ? r
had t h ua far passen] a comfortable m? lu. Il?? was
tli'U s'e eu, , \> 1111 a pnlse ut 120. ? In re were no
Indicai ions ol aine h? ? chill.
lu?n Intervie? with a correspondent. Attorney?
Oeneral McVe r!i ?aid trial there wer?? no new
grounds for hope, and thai the Preaidont conld not
iii Inn- in hi. present weak condition, lb? waa
weaker then than at any time. His mind had been
11. : ? ? ? iv clear all dny, ami there was m ? reason bou
to believe thai be would have unotber chill, Ihe
Attorney-Q< leral said that he understood that
every precaution had been ? ken during 'he Am) to
pi ?. .ut a recurrence of : Igors.
General Grani made hi. ouatomary visit to El?
heron m the morning.
Lona Branch, Sept. 30, ?^:?_'.? a. m.?Attorney
General Mie\ ea.rh has just ni.t the following to
Vice-Proaidonl Arthur :
" It beoomea our lawful duty to inferni you of tin
death of President (?urli'-ld. and lo advise you to
tal.e the oatli of office aa President ol the 1 nited
Btatei ?.'. itbout delay."
"If it concur with your judgment are will he ver)
glad If you will como here on the aarlieal :..;?ii t.
moi row morning."
V. i l.I.I? M WlMniM,
Seent.? ? Oi ih Tiva ut *,
W. ?. ?? vi,
s .i.i.i .if the Wavy,
Tnonaa L, Jana ?.
I ?>-. .??.. - . , .? ; ?rr.il,
h. .1. KiRKwoon,
.?-? et. ? h?, of the im? rlor.
l.i.m (RON, N.J., Sept ?? 0:15 a. m.?The con
? 1 ? t khi of the President thia morning continu un?
tavo] ible, Shortly after the Issue of the evening
bidletinliebadacli II lasting fifteen minutes, The
febrile riae followinn continued until 1- mil night,
during which time the pnlse ranged from 112 to
130, The sweating thai followod was quite pro
fuse. The cough, which was troublesome during
the chill, gave him bul liiil?? annoyance the remain
? h t of the in ;n.
? hi^ morning al 8 a. m., the temperature wan
38,8, tin? pulse ?lili and fei hie, the l'espilai ion 22.
Al 8:30, another chill came on, on account of
which the dressing, waa temporarily postponed,
A bulletin will be ? ?ned at 12:30 p. m.
D. \V. ?? 1.1 ss.
D. EL.YB8 A.i-.r.w.
12:30 p. m.?The ehill from which the President
lu*ring at tho time tho mornlug bulletin wa
laeued last, d about fifteen .
low .i.i . a f< brile 11 ? of tei .??? ra m '?
mu'. He liai siepi m neb of the time, bul
ii hi - not ma ei ,: changed
Tempera! ore 08.2, pul ?? 104, ri api
D. ?,. :?,! ?
D. ?
t? ? ? Phi rb the gravi! ol I
condii imi contimi Hi
ptoi ' a bullet
ha ial pi moel of ? lie ? Ime,. Ilttl
with na* . The ? ill '. ?
-Il ??? ' amouiil ol no irishmen! baa been
.imi rol lini il Te periture, I
piration, 18. D.W. ? ?
I r ? ? ?. ?? WI1 ???.
D. ?' .1 :?. AONRW.
Elberon, ?. J., Bept, ?T.?11:30 p. m.?The
President ?lied at 10:36 p. m. ???-?? the bulletin
waa leaned al 5:30 thia svenine* the President con?
tinued in much the same condition aa during the
afternoon, the puise varying from lo- to 106
with rat lur increased force and volume.
After taking nourishment be fell into 9 quiet sleep
about thirty-five minutes before Ida death, and
3 while aalet phia pulse rose to 120, and waseomi whal
moli feelile. ?? (ell inimit?s alici' 10 o'eloe!. he
awoke complaining of ??? ?re pain over the regioi
! of the heart, and al.ai immediately beoama un
ooaacioua, and eeaaad to breathe al n?::?.r>
I?. \\ . I'.i ?
Frani ?, ??? - ???',
D. ?at?? Agni i .
?? CHETAH? RA? VI '.' ? "ELI ? Pli IH ? ? AN? E
01 m. ? ? I VI. M IM ? ?. G.
Blu] ro? . ?. J., Sept, ?T.?Al 10 ?'? lo
< ' b to Minister Lou ell h At
lome?, -i ?ein ral kl OC ? ? ai'h:
The Presiden! had another elidi of considerable
severi! so ion af?
ter! he ,?;,?? ? m, evening iefi liitii \. rj weak lu?
ll "I. I li . pulse he. time u.? ? ri I feebl
that kl aus' ? .nie ii. bo rocovci
m.?,liai.? anook of Hie ? i.iitu!, .-nil bis -
. me ition .e alni min r during t ! e day.
Hi? j tern lias rea* teil ti. ????? ex! til und I?
J ?las.-ed the al eru maud evening comic tably. At
'j ihi. bot quiotly, and no ? ??? bance
d lit.
Tl.? been no tin \vha( ? lb, and
ti re iati refore nod ? anxiety.
.\: ? vi Ulli.
DL40NOI 1BR ?;, . . m ,- ? -??'?> CAUSED
ElbbboNi '?. ?>.. 8< ? . 1'.?.?Dr. DU ? this morning
? j tin? following aa the diagnosis ol the > n
"Alter he wa voi?tuled the limited area of lraa>
I matea trouble in Urn lower uoi'licu of the loba oi the
right lim?? was found due to hypostatie congestion.
This was eansed by proximity to the inflamed dia?
phragm perforated by the bullet, the inflammation
being aggravated by nearness to the fractured rib.
Thi* congestion increased m intensity, though not
in area, awing to the long continued recumbent po?
sition of the patient. There was no difficulty in
breathing, and no cough at that time, nor until the
parotid trouble. When the latter became aggra?
vated the pus froni the gland found its way into the
mouth, and the coughing efforts to throw it o(T be
i-igdil??cull und emit muons, induced an inllamma
tion of the niueous membrane of the mouth.
"The pus continuing to cause this cough, the in?
flammation extended to the throat, then to the
larynx-, und thence to the bronchial tubes down?
ward. This inthuninat ion naturally extended tothe
riffhVbeeouae the patientnearlv all the time lav on
that side, and when it reached the neighborhood of
fc?e atmeten lung was naturally morbid in that di?
rection During all this time the septic condition
ol the blood was doing its work, and when the Inn?
and bronchial affection at but met, they found
a deranged and enfeebled system at a very lo
irradi?. Mill, the blood lesions wer.? all repairing a,
this time. The conjunction of the two inflamma?
tions came at. the iie-t opportunity for the dia?
semination of the combined activities of each, and
there was a spreading of the united troubles. The?
healing ot the lesions \\ :is stopped at about this
! im??, ami the rei airing ? hoc. -?, nraa arrested.
' We do not know ret If the result has been a d??
posai of pus in the luiu-s. If any pus is now in the
tight lung.il isi.t indicated, and the deposit musi
nave occurred within the pad three or four ?lavs.
? tid the amount would be oxtasmely small, If there
was noi innutrition the patient would beali!? to
resist the successful operation of all these causes
even yet, but (her.? is Innutrition, The healing pro?
cess is atopped. The blood cannot furniabthe con
atituenta of repair, and thi re Isnotbing to build on, ^
nor even to support what vitality Is still left, and :
that is being continually drawn on and diininiahod."
fnv TKt BOBAPB To run t?????\?;.|
Lomo Beamcb. Sept. 19.?It yvis a message thai
a messenger took tothe Cabinet that the President
was sinking thai caused those at the West End '
to hear of the sudden change before it was known
by the group kit!m? on the porch of the
Kitteten, elea? t.? the President's cottage, A
eorrsepondenl who had ridden to the ??:p>.?,<
from the West End and who went directly thr mgb
n *nii??t crowd at the hotel to the point nearest the
President'a cottage met Mr. Brown, the executive
clerk, coming out, who on being questioned re?
plied : " It's all ?? er," and then ss he approached the
hotel porch the low call was made: "Associated
Pram say death."
IEOS DBAPKD IN Vi'I'Bnim;?sutoNi; BEl.H'.r THAI
?'I'll I YE YMLL BE l(EM(>\ 111.
IBTTBLEOBAPB M : l'i. Tallirvi.1
WAsia-iOTOE, Sept. 20.?The news of the Piasi?
dent's death v.... received here at 10:50 p.m., and
shortly alter was confirmed. The newspapers at
m ?? ? sued an extra an ? ? be dismal ery of the news?
boys thai the Presiden! was dead waa the Aral warn?
Dg the mi pie had. Ina little while the belle be?
gan to toll ami Pennsylvania-eve., the ehief thor
ni;.? libile, filled UP with people. Still there was noi
eroYvd ami no excitemenl The event hss been sol
longi xpocted thai aurprise U impossible. Yet thereI
Wen a feW loyal hearts which would mi, BOOe] t the J
worst until the event yv;i-s confirmed. At the hotels]
.md even ?? ih?? telegraph offices there w re noi
crowds ?md little s'ir. There is son?? Idle talk of ani
atti , I (o lynch (he a-sassi ?, Quitoan, but It is n< ? '
id..T. loresiill i-i action. Vi excited man in front I
if the office of The Republican, has 1?????? haranguing]
the small crowd around him withaview to raising]
a company of volunteers for this purpose, but not]
much attention la given him. It is possible that a]
bw ill-advised pei ? to I be j'1 il.bul auch a ?
? t will a 11 sotli ....<:'. ? lilitary i ? I
?? ? ? eat! ? ? ' I
h.? made. There la, however, .?? rtrong belief thai
Gultean will be removed from the jail to night, and
? ? ? be t here all night, airead
arationa ar?? being made to drape the public build?
1 ucea of the city, and ? ? place
all the fing? it lialf-mast. This will require a good
leal oi < ondition of the Pi?? i
dent for some weeki past haa enabled the Depart
menta tomai ill the arrangements, so that noti Inn
mt the actual work of arranging the drapin is re?
mains to be dono. The p., irti ente will all be
closed to-t orrow. Attilia hour? l'J ;> theatre?! |
. [m ' ?.', quiet and thi utmoat good oiler pre-]
ills. '
?? L o'clock there are large crowds In Iront of the]
.,.,,? olii..'.. Thi ' Il w huh was ftrsl tolled
io-m? in was the old lull of All souls Church,]
al L and Fourteenth-eta., which has announced]
the death of ever] Presidenl from the time of M adii-!
ms, Oeneral Sherman bas in-si mid that the pr
caution I BgaiUS) a rosCUC of Gultean ar?? ani!>le, an
that In- hasno apprehension of difficulty, 8o ft
inly (? most meagre detalla nota Long Branche?
M* 'eam ?. _
Bl ill' ..?. ill'. ?! nil. TlillU w:.|
Elbbboe, Sept. 10.?When the President began
, . ??;?'. sent to Biberon to take a
? ?.? o rive for Ihe members ??! _ih? Cabinet.
I ami no carriage, as everything was quiet?
for t e "i hi. and so he ran 11 e w bole
? mile ??? rl ? half.
. v. \\ Indom, .lames, Klrkwood and
1 be found the? dro* e rapidi- to E lieroti
.' the Presid ut h ?1 really di ?.! I?? ?
.? ,,?,, hi ?! tl V . ? End Hotel Beote! rio?
und Lincoln w 111 arrive to-morr >w.
1 ,v,, ?;.??(?. Sept. Ill l'ho following telegram
.,.,;,, iv sired by Attorney-General MacVeagh to
night :
I have '.<>ir I de -ram. aid the Intel I -once nils me
ivitli profound sorrow. Express t?? Mrs. Gar! !
. .??,?'ill ? p? in:,? ?. ??:???< B.
' New-l'o ''. ". id. 10.
General Grant seni the follov. ing di ?? itel to ".;? !
toruey-General Mao\ igh early this ???? ? :
Pimi Ai IL'B Hoi E. Ni'^ ???e, 1
i ??t. ?fl ? ?;; ? a. ?. i
VVAVNK Mai Vkag i, Attornen-limeral, Long Bros '?.
p\, :' i'unvey to ? he bereavi d family of the Pre?
u . heart fell aj n pal h\ m il sol ow I ir Ih un
m , lieh? ilt.ii lion, ? in N'iitioii will ?
them foi the loss ol a Chief Mngistrate
.,, i. eullj called to preside over im destinies. 1 e?
?,?in to L?n? Branch lu lie ? I ? ill t. ndei
ij ? rv h es in any ?vaj d< ?lr?*d. U. 8. Gbaet.
? .v,: ;?,.? \ . .? -.?;. . to. En u Brit ton,of Long
!' ?, Mm Coroner of M<.ih County, will
I? ,ol ? ii, ? inquest over Ihe bodj of the late Presi
I [eut. He ? ? yet made no arra for the
.'. an ' as far asean be escori lined b ? ha ? noi
.,., . ,? of the President's de ith.
I LB ? '.l:\li.\ G G? TAKK PI AC ?.?'?? LA .TA
Lo> . '?Q.?? ? ?? body ol Presi
l will I? ? ml ? ?? and ?
| ' ? ,? ?!??.?. .. .? ?.?. Dr. Earn . ut W
. ?. . era in ? ? ?
? ?: ?.Ir. ? ..ma UlS ? ' >,
m ,?, : ? ? a Uta mu
li ?? .:'??'
I ;. .. Li :?? . Isnoe with
? Nothing li ? .'?? ? in :?
U expected I '< U ??? ?>?' ?< ? ?
; w.- ineaday next for W-u-Jii on I
kef th<
?reutet .lui IngThui ? ? lay.
? (mir. ? evening the body will probably ba it to
;.?: \.itano, where tt. will Us In state
an ? the foni ral will taks pia?.
j.iM M.eelny. 'lie ???? '"' inti nuci?
? win be Lags '. lee 0.
??? ...? a In ule Bll) ? '.p: e-s??.! V -.'? I ' -? " it in ..e.
[Ufe ? ..? m oourss the atrangeniSBM aro auideet to
Although not unexpected, the news of the
President's ih uth caused the most profound
fioca ?nid sorrow in this city. All day long
very great anxiety had been manifested,
and the ggavnat apprehensions weie e\
eitod by the morning and noon bul
1* ti<Mi?. The fact, that no more unfa?
vorable conditions were shown by the
evening balletta caused ? Caini gjaaai of Iioih1.
ami this was increased by the dispatclx s r<
reived up to 10 o'clock. After leading this?
many pcTCOna went to their homes in a some?
what cheerful Crama of mind, only t<?
Icaro the sad ne ara by the solemn
tolling of church boflo and the lu arse shouts
nf newsboys. The announcement that tho end
bad ionie was all the more sudden lie
cause of the comparatively Cavorablo char?
acter of the litter reports and from
the fact (hat the jihysieiaiis had said
that death would probably come gradually.
Genera! Arthur heard tlie news of the Presi?
dent's death from a TniUUVB reporter. He was
unteli affected. At L2t2ff a. ni. ti:?? official no?
tifie.itimi was received from the Cabinet.
At 2 o'clock tliis morning General Arthur
took the oath as President of the United States.
mo auocg a?onan when it came?e? ? ? a
arruffi nannrrr ? p ? a bich rm. anwa wrrao
?tiii: BTBBBTB again i ili.i d with ?e???.e.
When the a'mo'ilici au at of the Presi li at'ed? athl
reached the city it was noni' theleaa an overwhelm-l
iog shock to ?til who hcunl i that Rope had beaa
previously gives up. All believed thai the aad
moat dome Boon, bat aesreely anv om aRpeeted il
laal night. The Pceaidenl had haea so Bear death
before and had shown so arooderful'iieetae ?>i
power, enabling him to ils?? a little from th?? lowed
depths of exhaoatioo and w? .?l.m-.-.s, that even th??
alarming diapatchea of j eeterday did eoi prepare the
publie foc bo -uiiiii'ii a eloaa af tne atraggda. It was
generally thought that he would lire at least a lag
er two longer, and tin atateraeot of the Burg9aaaoa|
telegraphed from bang lir.mcli, ami tin?
?tiionn.it nui ?riven in the bulletin la?
med ?it half-past C o'clock, tended I
U> strengthen thia belief. la the foreaooa th.? oat
look was so utterly hopeless that not 9 Caw tin ? be?|
lieved that the mournful news whieh all [eared ti
bear would ooroebeforeaaidnight, Bui ?is th?? any
advanced and it teemed evident from the dispatch?
that the pat h ;it waanol sinking so ra]?iillv as tin
morning announcement? indicated, tl
came eomroon that the fatal remit would be d??
Nothing carne in the early part of the evening tt
disturb tins feeling. Hour ait? r hour ? ople ?raited,
dreading to hear lhat another rigor had s? t in, ?u
thai the Presiditntfe deader rianalniai stock oil
?vitality wan ebbing so last that death must ha
looked -for in a law hours, or even minutes.
I'.ut us 10 o'clock caiiic with?.ut .1... BOwa
gloomy than the diapatches rat tin?
afternoon, the group? thai had gathered wherever
Information could be obtained, dispersed, and th?
hotela and bulletin boatda arem deserted, it arm
almost 11 "? look when the announcement thai the
President was dead reached the city. It spi. ad to
every quarter and 1 < ? every attest with wonderful I
1 ipidity. Before the neunboye with their "extrae"
liai! arrived uptown, the sad tidinga had (rom bi 1 ??.
tinn?. The performanom at rasai of the theatres
were over, and in many e asm those who had Biade
?11 the Audiences heard the new? aa they wen walk?!
Ing bornea ird. la Broadway from linon Sonare to
? hirty-fourtk-at. ?);'? number of people aa their araj
borne was unusually large, Word was passed trots
one to another, and ih?' news was received I
with expreeaiona of the most sine
sorrow. In Uaverly'a fifth Avenue Theatre :
third act of "Madama l'avait,'" which was pte->|
duced last night there Cor the tirst time, was In pee
greaa, when Mr. Comley ?topped upon the
motioned the actors to silence, and, turning to th
audience, aaid that the play would go aa bo longer
011 ace.unit of the death of the President, The
?hocked and saddened audience alowlj dispersed. V
moment later the shrill otieaof tin? rsewaboys wow
heard in the streets. As the mslanchol* ararda
?' Heath of Preaidenl Qarfleld *' wem heard people
came to the windowa aRd doorways to get the con*
Qrmation of their worst fears. The erica ef the bo j 1
waked f, ",\ fiuui sleep. It had been M anxious at?!
mournful a day thai deep araa not Bought early.I
Is the news spread erowdi gathered ai aomeofthe
b?tela and other places of resort. ?? batanar <
1 mi,,nit of the Brat ?la.\s after the shooting 1
Of the I'rcsid? til was absent. Despair li;:< 11
taken t':'x place of hope bifore th??
fatal news came, ?ml excitement had given way
? ? 1 ofound griot and depmaaion. The weeka
.1 strain, of anxiety, of luetuattng hopa
und f. ar, of ?head ami despondency, had
?. .1 the capacity for violent
emotion, If th. re were not taunultnoua out?
hurets of feeling, there was one universal aentiment
iration for the man who had fought m paed
;? light, who had suffered so patJentlv and nobly,
and of In ut nit Borrow for the Nation's lam.
. ? .1 ol uouruing. Every man had 1
of pereoi al bereavi tuent.
AT the Pimi AVi'M'i: hotel.
The eon nil's ;iiiil ,'.i V tuent s iti fron t of I he Fifth
Avenue Hotel were thronged last Righi with auTiana
eroe Is. G1 > bulletina in the early partof the even.
, .1 more Imi ?fin in tone than thus?
during the a ui aol aufficientlyau to ?lis
pel the gloomy feeling thai had settled ou all in th*
iminuuae throng. Them waa lem of excitement
ili.m characterized the pjathertnga al the rum
1 taday an lUBcaaarioood
ill" Ihi' s' . 1. ?II ' .: Uli ' '? , eilt l'el.llise. Me'.
spoke in low tones or in wliiapem. All felt thai (In?
[lite of tin li al of the]Nation hnag aa a thread.
ami tlnre ?ran a visible apprehension thai at aavj
,,10.m .ii ih ? inouueemenl mould be aiade.
?; [i. m. bulletin, 1 Pteet
little nourishment, and
that a little !
a as ?.? ? I -e ? indie : Ion thai
be had a bou in bla
of life. Al l
that th
1 began to
m.-.I mor ?-;
u ?., ? ? rido . "i the bote!
? 1.1, sadly d
!, aih in the cour? Igbt.
? ? 1 :
? row ih-.! to et?iboation. Y"
uiiuki .?> and mei
entrance .? La
!l ' ' .
? he Nation I 1 newel
did no! ' :
le bulb Tin from a privai 1 . |
, ; 1 conn I ?
[death. As the new .. laai edi
: 1 ? the ote] inqui
liai aud ? their ou a liai 1
ral impi'?? she.
-?nijib iiu Borne mistake, uuu very rnliuttoatlj
troth pted as reality. Then knots oC
men gather?'?! h re and there in the corridori*, and
whatever their shade of political belief expressed
sincere sorrow for the President's death. There waa
a universal (sentiment that hin death, after hin long
sufferings and straccie for existence, was peculiarly
sad. The name of (.uitean was frequently coupled
Yvith lynch law, although tin lessexi tedt>ortioii of
the crowd d elatn i tliat be should ban*, an early
tnal and then an ? arly hanging. Whenever a mia
of any politica! prominence stopped to talk a crowd
soon surrounded him and listened to any opinion he
might express on ihe situation. B] a very
general speculation a<>out the new Atiiiiniatrajaon'
and What nolo > <>. mini Arthur would puisne.
Many gentlemen believed that ? .ar?
liold's policy woid.i 1?? carried out in it? important
phases, and Hi;.? the country would continue toen?
Joy ito present prosperity under a wi*? ami careful
Administration. Ihe opinion was generally ex
BBSSSSd that, tal ?Tosideiiiial .h..11 nailer
these sad cire ? ni Arthur would not
make any ? m departure that would injar.? the
< ountiy or tin- I.'.puhlican pai'Y.
?o I . ' OB-BET at im BBS
General Grant retired to his room ai t o'clock,
and there the a ira of the President'! l
him. Her ??? rcpr?-seiil:itivi s of the press.
At midnight be came down stairs and nVrwly edged
hie way through the erowd. IP.? Ime was
i.T.iv.? and Ifconghlfl He BBsi to a Tkibcnb
reporter: " The news is v? ry sad and
um specie.;.' Being asked for an expression of
his sentimi he .. . 1|. N.uoaal ? .1 i- ,i'.\. 1. I
the reporter "No, this is not the time to
talk," thon h? .1. a.oeared in the office of Mr. Hitch?
Governor C.1 :. ?I pass???! lbrrin.-h the hill on the
arm of his private off
the nnwapapia men who aurrounded him,
refusing enipha'i-ally to say anything to the
press. Aft? r \Yjlking a fcYV steps down
Fifth Avenue, he returned to the hotel. Hi- secre?
tary said the (' >verace would see the ?'portera,
cards wens soni up, but th? ? .as a re f uaa I to
talk at that lime about the President's death. ?
SenatorConkhng had not returned at mid : t.?
the hotel
1?'.?-Governor Pin tin, of Pennsylvania,
s.iid be wa by
tie- in",vs. He thought, bou ?v.r, that
tin? President bad not really been sagtet on
a single day since be ed there
would be no shock to the prosperity of the country.
??'1 rithatand .?. the loas of a beloved Chief Magia?
trat?? and thai the wheels of Government wonld
continue to run as smoothly as under ! ir
Beld's AdminiatratttrE II?? hoped ?. u ?. * ? ? - m would
hani: for hi.s mints, not by lynch law, bat in the
regular course <? trial ami asBtasMe. Kv-Judge
Dlttenhoeier was in tears on account of tb<? inns.
He wa- deeply grieved to learn el the Pp-sideut'a
death, but he believed that the business interest?
? it tin- country WSBaU BOB ?BBS! senous injury.
Sheridan shook si?ok?' with emotion to a groupai
?tu mis about lb BWWS,
"If Stenterai Arthur*" he said SOB TitiBi'XB re?
porter, " recognizee that President Garfiekla Ad?
ministr?t ion wa . -- ? tocoo
imue his policy, ?o well. If he should nut
. ;t would SS mist uiifoit?nate. 1 think, how?
ever, that be
A ? 11 YY :? E-"K HOTEL.
Tin faviib'u faces sf the Basmbsts of th St?k
Exchange. \y hi? h are alwnj s to bs ? en in the halla,
reading-room and billiard-room of ser
ll.it?!, began to be risible at be snrliei honrthan
usual Pisi mght. and tin ir att?n U
. il to the toh -?. ?;?'. ei ? '? In the grani haU a '..? m the
allietili ?\ lly
by al', li.il did no! appear to Hi-la aareassurii..- as
they wished. As the crowd ??-?
among them many of the promim I Has
Produce ?? r?
? roYvd?-d YYith anxious nsSE who satisfied
th ? *amdoWB hub? tin would Ite th eis? orbci.il
announcement from the d .'iit.
P.Yen then the) di I noi ? tth, i-ut
they Land the of aicth. : ri ???? nhOSg
-.lue boni as on Sunday night, and awaited
with great ? therbulietii cingthe
fait, which the) ? . -?st ????nand.? follow.
After reading the ?'.::'.<> bull?'in tin \ Bjathattdtt
Basali grewpa and call ly <'<u.in?-nted
upon the si,? ilici. Finally, al I :. uiiohV
? nil dispatch waa posted te Um affaci than "ihe
President ? inietly. 1 e has had no n-ror
thus tar. which lad-aces the 1 are
passili f?u the night.'' As President Parker, af the
Pro ilice Exchange, read this, he ?:; ?. hi/iugly
r.'iiiarkcd: "All that can BEaE
he is no worse, and all Bsay vDil for
that much," which se?-med to bo the f?cling
of many others. It was the general expression then
? but 11 ?? nOWS WES BOI very cbecifn!. and if the
President had not passed through thr. a <?: lour BBSas
crises. Chore Y\?iuid he no hop.? at all. Within a half
hoiii after the posting of the last ba?hliu the balla
were oomparatlvelj tV sertad, Hm m api .<ao
to their I o mes, hopii.g against hope thai Um morrow
Would 1?? a more cheerful day to the KntSBB.
rhen fore, when the announcement that the Presi?
sent waa deed did so bes ? great shock t?
those who were presami, ssdhtwaereooivod m deep
sii? awe,
The evening bulletin of the Pi on
was poeted in th lobby of the Union : .u.
afembcra as they passed in and out asnui
eagerly, and some s ? mod encoui ? \*re
it contained. Hut the general i< ? s^.^ ^ae
that 1 he relief lonld be bin t< mp.'i ,? ?. and that
there waa bul Li! hation of r every.
Legs disps oheawerei eeiwi I at the ? bib hause and
the m. early in search sat tha >a
as i? ? ' i\ ed at Hi? h<?:?
It was a little mor.? I I minnl s after li
SEMI tiaS hell of Old St. Paul's suddenly r.ug out.
People passing stooped and asked saoh <>tb?r:
" \Vlia1 loss thai mean ?" In a BBBMMS anitlSar
multi?.I peal lioated fro
? ? er Um <i'ii?'t church?, ari BBsi tlie
b ? bed afreet. Every bssesb>%w stopped
and svery <;.?? turned instinctively tothe nearest
'oidi tin hoard at J A? 7/?. G ' ,..h \
Beared with a large placar?: Dal
words, " 1 'h I doe
(rom il?".? ? the I of Trhsil
In?11 mingling with thai of I
Aii..'i."!i. ?s had '''ii l-i?' ady made by
the torpor n ion of Trinity to receive the earliest
now s of the I'; ' sed
? ? as ins?
- ? ? 'e
<t all the
cha:? '??'dfrora
7 to 8 ? ms morning.
When the bull am af tho
i in
t stallt, and ? ?.. I I ??
.1,1 lie Ii' '.erad
. lb ' bul et \- mes*
IV P. i. ?had," they passad
? :i in or Steed at a
l'I ?ii.Y
: ?ani
ih?' fi- m.- ? uni - and
eau that the end hade, ? as uo
axe item and awe that hung like a
pail ovei the littb
?' ?Is begun
Ilei and there men could be h.-ard won
YY hat ?
.?uiiutiicj on *? Dia l'air.

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