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p? ? uro ?pp m u ?.
On both hi -
heia. ? 'y
Bret of : ? whs ?????
Ironica '1"u'",,7""
I i ?,. ijoae it. x?''-;?^
It'Ul IU 111? ?*'.'?.?'?* ? ?-? - -. .
, ,,,,,,,,,,,?,,,,,??.?,',^,,?G,.p?a?^
?,? iir.,1 ?wtep maws ti.,? astricta repOs*. Afte*??
IVw.i iti.aarv WerOOTeral member? of tho tninlly left
hueetui and ?eUled la Central Haw-York. Gene
father, abran Qarfleld, was born thera la
rj--r ii. lived thera ttll ale eight isnthyaar, oh? be
went m gswburg, Ohio, and neon altee settled rear
Inrr1"- Bewmated,rottosi yeang Wlow.efveay
, ? aura.?, -a, but :v Band lorsse
I I of bia wife. Be bail a
M r, lik:? most BBSS of great jRyetOal
h.wsBsgreat farortta with iiis aaaeolatoa,and
w.i ? a a darai ??? mor aai ? euer of ta? m M eh arsoteli
. ?? be waa thrown ht hat tercet clearing wert
- Um ? Ode OaaaV Bla ? l
?cattoa osa ooctfaV i toa tew torna ?a tha Otoreestor dl -?
G ,, ?., 1, : ? -. ?. 1 ti:?,? only tWOaPO nue. 11 O? Bla writing SX
? . ? fi ...-.: ita . as ? 'ii to pive Idra
nute!: knowledge ef tin? aotonoc <>r orthography. Be was
??ii.i of reading, bai ti.?? bard Ote ef a poor rasa ta a aew
. gave Idra Uttla tbne le rea ? books, It he had inni
BnsBBoae) to tag mesa. I aewapepeta and a
Lar t?! .? ? borrowedtaran Biilgkhoia formed ato tatol?
?antoal ?li.t
Ou lin- Biof February, ?S.'O, Abram OatOaid und BtM
liall.iii wet.?? ? m ?? >1 in tbs vlllao? at /.an-<\ illn by a
juste?? of tin Peace ie.au,? Diehard B. Began The
? . urne montas of betag twenty-see
year, of a ?,'??. nuil the bride was only ? ?li'hterii. Ell/.?
Ball a'a rather was a conni? of Hosca Ballon, Cha
tasador of untveaaaltosi i? ttda auna try, eu?.?, was
born in ism. The Bafloaa are ef Bagueasl orisi?, and
are ?lirectly ?.esconded from Maturili OaBOB, who Bad
from Praaea un the revocation of the Kdiet of Nantes,
and wiih o'he.r French Protestants Joitu-d Roger Wiil
IrmsrBmtaay m Rhs?a lahme.tha only American ma?
ony founded on tho basis of full rettgtom litierty. The
gift o? etogaanaa wa? nndoubt?<?Uy derived by General
Cini li Id from tho Halloas, who were ? race of preaoherp.
Tin? newly wedded pair went to Rewtarg, CsyahOga
County. ORto?new a part of the City of Ctevetand aad
hagan Bib fea a -.mall log hame on a new farm of cichty
BBM In January, ISSI, their fir^t child, Midiitabel,
was aerai .In October, 189% Thomas was born, and
Mary m October, Is'ji. Iu 1826 the family removed to
BSW l'Ino?,lelph?v, Tusoarawae County, where the father
Lad a contract to construct thtOB miles of canal. In
1827 the fourth child, Jame?*. B-, waa bora. This ivm
the only one of the children that the parents lost,?* He
tlied in ls:lO, after the family returned to th? lake
country. In January, 1830, Abram weut to Oran?e
Township, CuyBoga County, where lived ????? Boynton,
?M halMirother?the ?on of his mother by her mvoi?iI
husband?and BOiagM eighty nrref> of lami at $'.2 an acre,
The country was nearly ail wild, and tha new farm had
Is bo served eel at the foreet. Boynton parsOaaedal
the Mane time a tract of the same size adjoining;, and the
two families liv?vt together fora few weeks In a lor house
built by the Joint labor? o? tbe men. Soon a BBOOBMl
Cabin was reared across the road. Tlie dwelling
of the CRWOeMa waa built altar the standard pat terti of
tho house, of poor Ohio farmers in that ?lay. Its walls
?were of lega, ite p??G was of shingles split with an axe,
snd its Hour of rude thick pl?nkln? split out of treo
trunks with a wedge and maul. It hud only a niable
room, at one end of which was the bis cavernous chim?
ney, when the ?Hioklug wa* done, and at the other a bed.
The youu?er children slept in u trundle-he I, WfeBBtt was
poshed under the Bedstead al their garanta ta tho gay.
tiiiic kiiti'l it out of the way, for there was no room to
aliare ; the older ones afeteahed a ladder to the loft under
tho steep m if. Tn this BOOSB Jame? ?. Bargeld was
bora. Novellier 19,1831.
The lather worked hard enriy and tato to clear his lend
snd ptaat and pather his crops. No man in all the
legion around could wield an nxe lido Mm. retired
floMs suoli took the ?).e?.? of tin? f.ifisl ; an ??rehard Was
planted, a l.arn built, and IBS family was full Of bepc tor
: ile Whea death remove ? ?: ? BOTOOg support Oil?
day in May. 1800, a tire ktofes out iti th wende. Bad
Abram Qorgl Id, afl.r Beating bk blood and ?nertiiiy h:s I
Otraogtk to keep tu?? Baaaaa from ?as taau esami lettta, ?:it !
down to rest when? a cold wind blew, anil WSSBBtoed with !
? violent son threat, A country doctor poi a U'i-ter ori J
Ma seek, whteh aeeaoed only to haatan bla death. Just J
? Ire.? dtod, pstattag to Ua eMIdrsn, be eald tohia
wife : " Ottaa, ? iia\<? pleated four aepltaga na thaaa
Woods. I have them to yourearv." Be WSB bVTted m ?
eoaaersTawOesS-Oeld aa iu^ f.irm. James, the baby,
wa? alghtosa aaaatm c.d at t.i?? Haas.
?;? eaJIdhood of Jatni'8 A. Bargeld waspaaaed la al?
runs' completo leolatioa from so ? ?? rethi ?
-a in?:, i" s ; ? hum ti ihorm el hta mother aad that
of hts mi,?;.? BeyotoaL The tama ol theOargeMa and
Kapatsua were psillarij aaparatod tram the aettted
oeaaBtrj ara rad by a larga kraal of forest as ea sui? und
? deep raskjr ravtae on sasahsa Par aaaay ysara aftor
Abram OstOold and his balf-brotosr Osj atos imiii thrdf
loa esMon. the aaarsel asoaa osa astas rattw diataat,
aodwBaatha oosatrr bseame weil seiti^ii thenumsd
?liarieter of th?: surface around their farms kept neigh?
Ostasi??] masi toe great tai the eOttdraa of tOe two
\ tatafltaBtoflad saaoetales among taeea, aava at the dia
/ tiict Hctiool. The (iistrlet school-house sto.i.l Opon a
?Corner of the OarfleU farm, and it w;ws there, when
nearly four years old. that JaBBOa OOBSed his ? Noah
V'ei.sti :-s SpefRUg Moi.k,".iiiil Isamsd hi. ? a-b a'.'s."
James Mraepol tofana wsah aa asea as ??? arsehli
esmogO to be el rmy nse. The family was very poor,aa<4
ahoaaeihsr oftsa s nrks4 la theOelda oil ?i the boj -.
epun the pars and wove tl??? ?,???? forth? ehlldrsa'a
essahee and her ewBt aswsd tor the Beigi ours, knit atook?
Oma eooked the abnpla mirah for Oto household m the
big finiplSI e. over which lur:.? Bfl iron Orasi f.,? t ?? ?,,?
books, helped plant and boe the eon aad gather the h*?
cron, ami even ?u^isted the ol i> *t mv toeleorsad feuee
liiiid. In th* lnlilst of this ta?SSBM .life the
brav, litt!.? woman found tim?' to taatl] into tha miada of
herehndraa the rangt eoa aad maral maxims or hur v. ?
? lai .?? .?.??? try. Bvsrj taf earn read toar shapters ei ]
Oto Btalc a prsettoe she keeps up to Onetime, aad hat I
n . ? r in?? rruptod 'nr ? Ragli day aai a ohea lying upoL I
aetokhed The ehildrsa Uved fee aa atmosphere or re '
HgtBoa Ihaagkl and dtoeaaeton. l'urie Bojratoa, who I
?wan a m ?'.nid father to tin- Qarfleld family, Bavored all]
in-1:,??, with Blbto guotattoruv Be carried a restamem f
lb ata poskst wherever he neat, aad would Bit oa us I
ptongh-hi .'? ut Oto and of a furrow to take tt out aag
rasd a chapaer. ftwasa Usm of rettgtom lermea
BaathwaOhto. Bee aseta iiiiod the atr wtth their dee
trinai erira the OtardptaBj a sert founded l-r the ? I
lngof hi usadar OOaapheB, aa etogaaal aad dsvoal
Of .?scotch dr.,,.nt, who raagSd over K-iiin-ky.
Virginia and Psaaaylvanta? from kla besas at Bethany!
tatas " i'.ii' Baadto,whad a ? ? ? ? gn .? prog tea Tkoi f
asRrdtad ail araada m aaade by rasa, aad deobtred the I
Uibte to be BUseadj rato ef Uto. attooktagaU Om older I
denoniinatloiis. tli?y wen? viiforoinly Sttasksd in ? ? I
BaSBBSni iiitiid was fllleS at an early day wi'li the ooatrs- "
Versiesthi^ new see; excit. <l. TbsgOastoal Bis motber's |
bona? were mostly umvetttag pnaohara, aad the tali rd
tlieuclgliBoihooi, wti-u imi Bhoot Otoerspa Bad turir
latxii.., was usually on NdlgtoOB topics.
gg MM distriet school y BOMS WSS known a* a ggbttag
boy. Me foumi that th,? largar haya wen ?
to toast! and nhOJO a lift lo fellow w!io hau G
no father or b1.? bi ?her to prol ; teio, ani be'
resented such imposition with ail th.? fore?, ?.? ? m lalttvs
Dature baeaed ay ? hat tamper, Teat psjaleal eonr
age-, and a BROagtt invs? al for hts age. Bis U| brsthsr G
Baoaraahad aaasasdMa BabosRngaad was aaashawar
from liom-?. working by the day or rnnutb to ??p? BIOSBT
for the support of the family. Many etsrtoa are ti?ld In
Orali!:?? of the pluck BhOWS by th?? f iturn Miij . i.eneiul
Id his aameontara with the raogfe country tada m dstanes
of hi? bsytoh righto and honor. The? H?y aeaevei l
gar a flght and n*v?r eherislnd BMUOS, but wheu BB
raged by tesato er lsmitb would attack beys of twice
bia slie with th? fury and tenacity o' a bui: dog. \ fSs
feurs after the death of hi? father the huuse w? enlarged
h? a curious fashion. Tho lo^ aohsel hunee was ab*n %
?Oneataf a new frame buildlnir, and t!i?i old BRwetttN
??-*? bouKlit ?.y Tliwwa? tiarliclB for a trifl.?. .?nd he ana
laines, with ?ha bStpsttha lioynto,, ?,.,/?, |,;,!:^j lHowa
and put it apsgata?a a sii?, a r?w?l?ips in tb? rear of ihc
OarSeld dwelliag. TUua the family bad two rsoaaa ?ad
Wer?? tolerably ooutfortabl?, as lai us heuselmld an om?
tno?ii.tions were esoesrsed. in these two log bnlldtag*
they OveS asRlJamsa *?? rourtoss, ?.hen u?r boynsuUl
? ?mall frnm?. ?o?iee for then? ni .ih. r It was ?
rod and has tbm? r?>oiiui below and two under the roof.
Jitmes oft?n cot ?mplny meut In the haying and har
restlUK season from tli? farmer? of Oruni... gfhso he
Was sixteen Be walked Un miles i? Ar.rotu, in , ??, ,
Wlvb a boy older than bJaaaeBT, looking for wort Th. j
bSereU UieJr aervieee t j a fsimar ?. ho had ? ^?,,.? m?.,) ,.;
hay tjcut. ? 9raatwsgseseyoaeapemr*seBedth(i raan.
*? Man'? w?K?? ? doflnr a day," roplled ywu. opratili
glie farm.^r Uiougbt Uicy were not old euuugii u> earn
taM wan-aj " Then l?,t us mow that tlel?i byte* aere,"
Bald Ota yoanff man. The f armer a>:ro?<l; U3e e.iwu.uiai j
*irlee ver aere wa? 40 Mau. By A o'eliaik tu tho attar*
t?e hay wae down and the hoys carne J a dollar
entaoe. TBsn Hie fansor angBgafl them tur a fortnight.
Jnti.is'e Brat wagSSWBflt earned froin a merchant who
hadanaebery wkerehs toechei sales ami made black
Halts, Wldei were shipped By lake and canal to WSW?
l'liric Be got 99 a amuth and ins beard, and stuck to
gas smatassa tor two sientan, al the cud of which his
hair BCiOW hie cap WSS bleached urn! colored by Ihe
fumes until it assumed a lively red hue. Afterward ho
wont ta Newiuirg, where an anela Ih ed who had ? ptess
of o.ik-timliered land to clear on ?he edge of I ? ilo-j
pei.il. noe toWnaatP? James agreed to chop 100 corda of !
wood ut ">? tanta a fitrri Bsbeardadwlthone of his |
lators, who was married and lived nearby. HSWaSB
good chopper, und easily cut two cords a day.
Tin rtoW of I.alto Krie and Ike passing sails stirred
?fresh In htm the ambtttou to he a taller, widen timoni
?very sturdy tanner'.'. I.oy feels WEO reads talcti of eoa
ignis and atIveatnraa Is the qutel Moaetony of his in
luii'l IiotikV Be n??ol red SO ship on one of the lake orafi?
land with this paipiai he walked to Ctavetand and
; a aohoener lying at tho wharf and told the cap?
tain he wanted to hire out as ft f?iilnr. Tlie captain,!?
ratal, dronkea tellow, waa aattaaed at the tmpndeni a af
? country Lad. and ana wared him with a torrent
af profanity. Faesplng ss nutnatj as he could from tho
??? lad Walked np the river along the docks.
iosa he heard himaelf called by naaaa from the doek of
a cirial'.oat, sud, turniiig nrouml, recognised t OOUSln,
?moa Letcher, who told htm be eouunanded the orarti
and proposed to engage him to drive horses on the tow
path. The would-be tailor thought, that here was a
nhonoo toteara awmisiilng of nisigatiou in a hmnbls
way, preparatory to renewing hi--* application fer
aarvioe on tho lakes, Be aceepted the offer and the
a a . -if?? ten dollars a monili and found,* and icyi day
the boat started for Pittsburg with a cargo of copper
ore. It BBS called tho Evening Star, WM
open amidships and liad a aabio at the OOW
lor the horses and one at tho stern for the men.
On the return trip the Evening ktar stopped at Brief
inn on the htthonmg Btvar, sad loaded w i;h ooal at the
Minna of DavM T?d, afterward Ooverner af Ohio, and a
warm friand of Uarflcid, tho htajer-Qenere] and
msmbsvetrosngreae. The heating episode in ctarAeUt
ad through tho season ofl-US. After the tlr.?t
trip to I'il ?-'lar,.; the boat went back and forth between
Cleveland and Briar mil with eargoee of coal and iron.
Late In the fn'1 the young driver, yvIio had risen to the
|iost of ?te? ?".smaii, waa seized with a violent attack of
ague, which k"*pt htm at home nil Winter and in bed mosl
it the timo.. 'All his summer's earnings went for doelor'.;
'?ills and medicines. When lie recovered, his mother,who
bad nevar approved of Ms canal adventure, dissuaded
htm from tanytng out his project Of shipping on the
takes. To master one passion sh?' stimulated another?
?hat of study. She hroueht to her help the districi school
atnohsr, au excellent, thoughtful man named Baiano] D.
Batea, who Eroi the boy*a aatad win? eetaohrettragood
education, and doubtless changed Uie course of his life
He \?i nt to the OsangS Aeadeiny, at Chester, a y illa-;?' a
few miles distant, and began a new career.
lie repulsed all efforts to serenade him to Join the
church, and Ythen pressed hard stayed ?way from ral at
luifs for several Pimdays. Apparently, he wanted full
freedom to reach toMltaatona about religion by his own
mental processes. It was not until he Yvas elghtei ? and
had been two terms ot the Chester school that ho Joined
his uncle's congregation. IX? was baptised In March,
1 too. in alitile stream getting into the Ciiagrlu III ? er.
His conversion Yvas accomplished by a quiet, awect
tcniptred man who held I? BOrlCO of meettngl ia the
OShOOl-hettSe near the Oarfleid homestead, and told in tho
plainest and most straightforward manner the story of
Ihn OllOaol A previous perusal of Polloel.'s " ?"nurse of
Time " had made a?leop Impression upou 1dm and turned
aie thoughts to isUgleuoonhjsets.
FIGHT G?? ?? ED?CATI01?.
? tir country schoolina-t? r who helped Mn. Oarfleid
OEM node hi r son from gOtUg as a s lilor Ofl bO lakes la
the spring of 1 Mg WM a student at loan .-1 Aoadi my, a
hw win Bapttst tnatttuttoa in the village of ehester,
ten mile** away from the home of the Qarfleldi in Orange.
! The argument which finally tura ? the rohest lad frora
his ch?ri-lied plan of adventure w..s advanced by his
I another, and wna Bust? If ho Ittsd btmanlf tar teoMhtag
a few terSM in sche.'l, !i ? could ic ich ? Inter? and sail
I enmasare, and thna have emptaytaeut the year roand. I
in the month of March, with B17 la his po? bet,got '.?> I
lather by bla mother and bis brother Thomas, Jaw? <5
????nt to Chester with his oonstne, Wiiita.a and Henry 1
PojntotC The hoya took a stock of provlokmi along, I
? and rcnt.vl a p??:.? \y it h tWO bed- and a Sooh slov? m an E
oh) unpalnted hOUBO Where ltve.l a poor widow ?uiiiiin, I
she nndeitooh to prepare their renala and de their I
| tacan ab.urit?y sanili sum. The aoedeaaj WM I
a two-story bulUUi '?and the school, with about a hau r
ire ? paptls of i??>tl? sec.??;, drawn fr.?in ili. farmingooun
tr; arenadChester, waa la ?? fiourlahlngeoudlUon. It
had u library of perhapi one hnudred and fifty volumes
-v.,?,? books than j ? Id bad ever aeeta before,
g venerable gentleman named Daniel Branch *n
etpal of the eebeol, and hie wife waa btaebiefa
At tho end of the ?p? of twelve weel ? he weal boms to
.?' bei baili a bara tortiteli mother,
and thea worked for day wage and barreal
mg. With the money he earned he paid off ao ? un .?
of doctora' billa left troni bla leagUlneaa. When li re
turned to Chester In the fall he had oaa aUvei il
in bla pocket Doing to oborob aext day ha dropped the
slip. ne. in (he son! rihiiflon-box.
Ba bad raade an arrangement with Bi man Wood
??forth, a carpenter la the village, to lire at his bonari
ani have lodging, beard, washing; fuel and Ughi for
?ii 06 a week, and this earn he expi ied to earn bj help
itig the carpenter on fiatali BJS and at o.| I hours M
sebooldeya. Th? aarpoater was bulldlag a two-story
heuaet ami .i ne .'s iiro work waa to gel ?mi aiding at 3
cents a hoard? The first BaUudaj ha plaaed i? ty-ons
boards, and i-o ear.I $1 O'J, the mosl mon?-y Im had
?Ver ITOt for a day'a Work. That term he paid his way,
bought a few hooka, and returned boras with 99 lahii
packet. Be now thought himself oompetenl to teaeha
reentry eohool, but In two days' tramping through I
Coyaboga County tolled to find employment. Botaci
aohoota had siresiy engaged tea-Mera, at i where tuerai
.t is -o al a raoaaoy the trustees thought him to > young, k
Borctarnoihomo oemptetely diseonragad and greatly I
bmntltatod by the rebut?s he had met with, if m il
leaolutloB that he wwnli never again art for u <
of any sort, and the resolution waa kept, for ever] pubi] F
aplace be aas atoo? bad ?? oorae to htm auaonght.
Bert BMrntag, while siili in the depths of despondency, ?
he beard a ama oall t<? bla aoether from the mad, g
M Widow Oatieli M (a local corruption of the name Oai I
. " whereto your boy jtm ? ? woadi rtf ha wouldn't I
like to teaeh oor aehoel at the Ledge." Jmn. s weatout
and found a neighbor from a district a nule away, where,
the eohool had been brokea upfoi two wlators by the
mwdytsm of the big boys. He said he would like to tr^
the sein...?, trat before deciding mosl consult boton?le,
kmoa BoyntoB, That evening there waa a tamil* ooun?
ill. Duels A moo pondered over the matter, und finally
eeid,M Yen go end try it. Touwillgo Into that acboel
aa the boy, ' Jim ? lafffc Id, ' aoe that ,? on ooiae oat a? btr.
Id, the 1.1'im.ii nvsiir." The young ama ma-Hered
the eohool, after a hard tussle In the aohool-room yy?iii
sue bally of the district, who resented a Hogging and
tried to brain t?o teaehsr with a billet of wood.
Mis wngee were Vi 9 a month and board, ami in: "boarded
are tad " m ? ??<? ramili*? ot the pupils.
Be bad 949 In the oprlng?more money than had evei
hi en in im? possession before?. Before returning to Chi ?tei
in? jmn. d the Diaetptea' Oburoh, and bla religteua expert
enie, together with i?is new Interest in toaohlagj oausad
him io aliandoli his ho;, hood amhilion of beoomii,- ?t
sailor. During his third t'iai at III?? aeadeiny he and his
eoiisni Henry I'oarJe.l I hcin'eh .s. ?? tin? end of sii
weeks the hoys fnuud their expi ises for food had been
tent :u eeuM per weal .?pnce. Bearj thought they were
ii\ lag toe poorly for good health, and they agreed to la?
an -??'? their outlaj ? BO w it- ? v,. ,? ? apiece, .lameshad
up to this time looked upon a eollegi eoi;,??.e as wholly
beyond ins reaeb, b ? be met a oollege graduate whotoM
bhu ho was inisi.tksn in Boppoalng thai oaly the eons of
rtoh parr.nt.s were able to take such ? course. A poor boy
ceni?! get through, be aali, bel it would take a long tuna
andyery heed work. Fbeaa al time was torn yeara tat
preparatory studios und four m ?um reg-tdar college
cu o .,? Jumes thonshl that b" Werktag pari of lb?? time
aseara money beoouM gel throogb In twelve y ? ?an. ??
th?s resolv? t te ? end .,?? bla inerglea to the one p
ol gnttlng a oollege eiueatioa.
Erna this rSSSratiOS he never swerved a hair s :.|. adln.
Hutu it was aeeoaaprlohed li wae tho one overmaatei ug
idea of hie life. The taaaeltj aa ? irtoinesawith
which be slang to It and l h? aa? rtneea ha mad. to ruaii/.d
it an ,iie?tionably cxerte.il a poweri'iii inllaea.? in ut?ul?l
ISg aad eaUdlfjIng lata nharanter Ba bt esa to ?:uSj?
batta, phtleaophy, ?sad botany, tfboa the aprlng torn
??? led in went homo again and worked tbn
m.r at haying ana carpi Tiering. Eczt fall hi >.a.s back
.?? ? at ate* for a fearth tersa, uno la ih?? ?t?::???? ba cot a
? school lo Mach lu w urn us\ lile, al $1U a
month an?) board.
lUtnrnlng te Orange In the mmnmr. he decid.-d to go
?m with his otVaoattanut a new anhoal Jnst estalillihi i
hy the DtaatEtSS at Hiram, Portog? <.'#ui!t.r, a Betty
?.?roK?-i'oaSs ?illage, twelve inilois Irma a lOWS aad a rall
rtrai? Bla raltgltma footingnatnrallj uollwl lim to the
yoaas inatitutiou or bis own lllfflOllllliaHini In AOgOSt,
IBit, he arrived at Hiram, end found u pialli bri? k 1. uhi
un; efaiullai; hl the midst of ? esra-gsld, ? ltb p.
d?iz*ni f?trui house? near ???????? for boarding pia? I fM
the ?f iidratn. Uo lived In a room with four other pupila,
Mndtoi har?ler than ever, having SOW his eollego projmt
iviii.v saettarsi in hts mind. Sot ihrnugb his all hooks of
s-'auiar ihat t?jrm. ?n4 m?du *:i<oU vnuiiea* m iitobk. la
me winter he arata taught BBhSSI nt WsmeosvOte, am
carne. 1 gl8 ? niontii. Next RJOtagha ">',?. | I? ..
ami dorine the ??????t va;?.?. ion be helped b did a bo ta
in the village, ptaatag an thsakttngcittdahtagiii
roof. *
At tin? beginning of bla l?eos I year al Bin m, GnMloM
wn? raade a tutor to -dam or one of the o aata m who '?> "
ill, andtbeiMeterward m taaghtandstndli .1 al r
time, wmhtag Omaeedorarty ta Ht atauetttorc
His future wife mota .1 io ali 1 two reara la Greek, and
when he osai to ooUege aha wont to toach la the Clove
land adhoola, and to wwl pattanti] ther allsatton ofthi Ii
hapea. When he went to Hiram m hod ttudtod Latta
onlya?k oeeka and badjnal begaa Ore '?, and osa there
fore just in a condition totalrtj beata the tarn, years'
preparatory oanrm ardlaartty token by attutenti
Botortng eoOege in the fraehaaan eia ???.' v.t In ithroo
rears' tune he Sited htaianlf to enti r thejui
foarafurther along, and al ti??' samo ti.m? earned ala
y own living, tini.? c.'o.v.ling ala years* atad* into three,
'aadteaohlii I apport?t tht same tone, Te at
DompUah this, he -hai the ohow werld out from bla
mind save thai little portion <>f it .viiiiin the range of afa
studiu?, knowing nothing of vottttoa or the aewa of the
any, reading no Ughi lit. retara, aad cakragteg ta as eoatol
reeraatlooa thai took his Oree from oi.r. books.
In the npriiig of 1804 h?: wrote to tin- preside itasi
Tale, Clown ami WUUama, toUtag atta* books he bsd
studied, aod asked what olSM lie OOttl 1 ? nier if he pBSBBfl
?. loi.?, nTBMlBBtlTm in llieiii. All three OrotO ??Hit
be could enter the Junior year. President Bopktns, ef
0 PUbom, added this aentonoa to the boataesa part or hit?
lettori " If you come here, OS "hall do what we COS for
you." "t,,;? aeemed like a kindly hand held out, a id 11
decided aim to goto wOUams. Be bad been urged to go
to the i'i Btptoe1 College, ta Bethany, Virginia,
fssndedbr Alexander Oampbett, but with ? wisdom
bardi] in he Bxpeetodtnaeountrj laddeiotodlyattachi i
to tin tool repreeented by the Bethany Bettosl, he Bought
the wider erdtura and broader oppsrtnnltlm of a Row
Kurland Bottega,
?.?G? ?? COLLEGI.
Whoa Baraeld reaohe?l Williams OoUsSO, in Juno, 1854,
he tad attest filth*! ohlnh ha ttad saved while tosohlug
in the Illrum se' noi. With this money he hoped to BBSS
afre to (cet through ? year. A tew WOSfca rrmumeil of the
atoalngeehool year, and lie attended tho raettattoaa of
the Bophomoro cluse in order to got familiar .
with the m?thode Of the professors before testing bis |
ability to DOM the examin?t ione for the Junior year.
Th?? axammattofl for antsrtag the iunior class oaapaeeed j
without troulile. Although sell taught, hi? knowledg?? |
of the books pre?Tii>ed was thorough. A long silumin?
vaeattoa followed bla ei amtaatton. and this ttaae ta em? ?
played In the eollege Uttrary, ilio first large eoUaotton of
books he had ever seen. Blaaboerptlos in the double
work of tronlrtng and titling himself tor college had hilh
| ?srt-o left him little time fargSBWral reading, and theU
brary opened a new worUl of profit and delight. Ho he.'l
uover read a line of Shakespeare, save ? few extract?, in
the eakosl reading haskBi Pram tha whoto raaga of fl??
tfSO he huit voluntarily shut bAmsatt ?<G at eig'it'eu. |
when he Jatead the etaweh, haolsg eertoaa rtowa of Oto |
bnrtaCM of life, and imniliing the notimi, then >iiin?>?t ?
?rdvsraal among rsttgtam people in ttu? esonOry dtaorleta
oi the West, that novel ? osili ng was a wit^te ol lime, und
lliiTnfore a sinful, worldly sort of intellectual Minis?- !
unii:. When turned loose in tho college library, with]
oeskaof totonra to range m wOlovsrito shelves, im be I
gao with gaaknapsara, winch h?> reed through trameevoi I
indurr. Then he went to BagUah history and poetry?]
Of the |><M'ts, Tennyson pleased him best, whleh is not to I
be wondered st, for the tattnense of the lanraata wa
then al its height.
?. : ? ? il..... ? simiied I.attn and (Irceli, and took up German j
as an etoettve atady. One year at esUega comptotad his j
I'lasi. al stilili??!?, on which he was far BdVaaSSd before j
aa came to Williams. Herman lie earned on BBOSassgOttj I
mtil ho coulj rea?! ??oethe and Bohlltor readily, and nr {
guttedosnetdseabtoftaeuaj -athoeonvaraattooal use if!
the laagUagO. He entered with ISSI Into II,u liti ran I
work of the sohsel,totaed tin? PhllologtsTi Beetaty, was n i
rigor om debat?s, and in bit laot pear wsaoao of the odi. I
iors of 7?,? ifiliiiinm (?i-arttriy, a OOO? ?< periodical of : I
?????? oril.-r of merit. 1
At tin? cud of the fn?l term of 1^"? en me a wintert
ransiiim <?f tw?? months, ohfob Obi Pulii amplsjOd ml
leerhlng a wrtttsg oohool al Berth Pewaal, Vermont I
lie unid a bold, har.di.ome, Isgthle han I, not nt nil Bke |
Miat in rogue sowadajre la tu* a/etoma tooghtls the I
asmraeroial ?oUei is, but a band that was strongly in j
h linai, sai osa the envy ol the tuns and glrtowbol
Otad t.? Imitate II la bla 1 ormoni olaaa li ? ? mid that a I
fear ertwebsfora Qarfleld tau gai his wrtttag-elaea in ?
Ule North l'owii.il seliool hau-e ? Bjoetaf A. Arthur ta
tin iii-itrut ne Bool in the e,.n?- bofjdtag.
?\t the ???? of the eollege pear, m Jane, Bargeld wen! j
Imcl, to ?lino and vi si I,?? I his molhi-r. win. wss I In-? II \ In?? J
with a daoghtor laftoloa. Mi* mone] waa sxhsnseod I
and be had to adept one ol two plane, either to borrow I
aamigti to.takohim through to grsilsattfrs at tha end I
of the lu.vl year, or ti? eo to ?r ?.Hung In order to Bam j
tin? money, ami thru break the continuity of bis eolleg ?
Bourse, 'il?? then I,ii upon the plan of in
and ? rnlng th" poller an seenrity Tor a loaa Bis]
brotherThomna undertook t?? furntab the finds tala f
?tabnenl bal boeomtng embarrassed waa noi able t,? I
do es, aad a neighbor. Dr. Bobin?os, seiamad the obliga I
tion. Oerfleld m?i? his ? ana for tnr loan, and regarded I
I In? tran-.nt ion as on a lair business basis, feSOWtSg thai
if be ii?. ad be w<?uid r?-.????., the raoney, and Omt if I ? ata
hisiiidii.il would be eociwe.
His ?? ? mid winter vacation Carili id apeal in
I'oesti-nkiii. ? ???'?'? fork, a country nel tiborhond
about six miles from TNy, sbere a ?
-sinister tram Ohio, named Btreetor, wa? presea
inir, and where be boob m renlf .1 a wrtttag-aehool I
to employ bla Omo aad bring him In a little mooey, O !
m loa iiiv Qarfleld prese bed Is bla rrtoad*a ehurah. Dm I
lag a viot to Trop bs bosaam sognatotod olththeteseb S
els and direi tors ot Oto publie BShOOiS Of that <lt> , ui.-l 1
w aa mu day aarprlaed by the odor ol a poaltlos Is ? aso t
at a aalar] rar beyond ala expectatiosa of orbatili esuli I
earn after his graduation aad retura to onto, li oaa ? {
turning-point In bla Ufa If he aooepted, in- rould aoon
paj bla debts, marry tbi rlri to wl. be waa engaged
and ll\ e ? III'.? of ? oinfort m :in ntl ini live Baster? ??? .
but be could not finish hts oollege oeurss, aad be oould
bsre to sever the Res with bla friends in nido and oltb
the 11 mi glia aehi ??! at Hiram, to ^ hieb be osa deep!]
attached t Bad he takes the posit., bla ?hole rnbae
ipn-nt iniior rro?ld no doulit bove ??, --? dji'.-ti nt.
During hi ? last term at William, he mad?- hi- lirai DOlit*
leal Bpeeoh, an sddresa beton a meetlsg gm bared la en?
of the class romos io BUppsii the nomination o, .lohn G
?'???????, atthosgh be bad paaaed lus mrdoiity aearta
tour reara oetora, he bad sever voted. The old parttm
did not Interest aim ; be bettered thera botti eerrnptod
wiih the rdnof alaverp? but when a new party erosa ti
oombst tao designi or the slave power it enlisted nil
earnest sympathies Hts mind oaa fie?? from ail bias
eon. erntng the pai ?? ? aad ? toteamen or th?? pact, and be
ciiiid ei|iiiii\ admire Clay orJaekeen, Webstsr ?ir Bea
toa. Beta the first msa aoa?natod for the Presiden??]
whose political convictions aad asUvtttea begaa with the
binh of the Republican party. Be waa erad nati,? tnguet,
? s.,it, with aelaee bener eetahUsbsd by PresMumt Bop?
ktasandUghly aataeaaed la the eollega?that of meta
phyeluB reading aa assay on "The Been and tho un?
HS ?) I
Mght j
Before Bargeld gradaated at Wlluama rangea the
Iru-.lc.iH or the lliiain Belectic Inuilut, ataotod him I
toaohsr st aastest laagnagee, and tao post was ready I
for him as soon us he got hack to Ohio. It was Betel
professorship, Because the lastttntton oaa Bet a eollege, I
and did net beeoM* nee anttl i^'?i, Hing after bla cu S
neetloa arttk it ceased. A year lati r, oben only twenty S
atz years old, be waa placed at tha bead of kite school I
wiih the lille of Chairman ?if the. Hoard of Instruction, 8
the Board walttag another year before osnforrtag upon 5
nini the run boBoNof the Prtadpolaklp. Ba continued 8
tO hold the position of i'riueipal until lie went into ihe
army in 1861. il?? oaa nommai Principal twspeara
langer, the Beard hsplag he would ratura and manage
Oto rabos! after the war sadsd. a/hssho ooht to Con
grcss he was roa le Advlsrag Prlnolpal au.i lecturer, aad
his liaise w.ih holne BOOB 'he natiSiOffllOl Ut this ? Bpscil
nulli Udii.
Boten in? want to oollege, Baraeld had begaa ta
preschuttttlela the osustry ohurahea arenad Una.?.
aedi ,-:. he returned bs atigan m flu the palpo laths
Dlsciplea' Chorea la Hiram otth coasldorahle r? gulsrity.
in uis dssoashisttofl no ordination is rogaired to beoome
smlalsMr, Anj Brother having the abUlt] todtanoume
on rettgtosa toploi to a sonare retisa is oi ?, emed to Om
pulpit, Bis tame as a lay pms ber extended thron, li?
ent the Couattoa of Portsge, Bumratt, Trumbtdl aad
.. and he \^a.?? often Invited to preach ta the towni
?r mat ragtoa,
Ons of his former pupos aaya of his psenltartttaams
te uolicr :
" No MSttSr bOW old tho pupils wer??, (JarUeld always
called us by our flisl ??, ? : ,,,,? himself ou the
most r.iiniiinr t. nut -vini ili. lie played v,;th u? treoi?
aeugtai with us aomsttmse, talked otth us iti
wslhtag to and fra, and wa tmatud him out
el the Class room Just shout as wo did ..in
aa other. Tat be was a 'most atnst dtactoURaitan,
and eutareed the rotas Uks a martinet Be oomblned
aa affi. ?.?.?.. ti jihi ossfhttag inauiiei? otth rcapeel n>?
oidei in a most asocosafal Manner if m onntod to
Bpssk te e pope, ottuse tor rapeool or afmtsaettaa, at
o sold ejaoaoaOy aaaaogs to gm eoa ana arenad aim and
??.av. una atan ap M bim Ba hadopaootaw i*aj <
ah ahina UuutL?, loo. glTteg a t*i..i to roar arm aad draw?
L-agyeUtrtghtnptoBES*. Thin sympathetic manner na
helped bim to sii aiinonsfint Wen I wae janitor ha
?;?(.: s..avi? ues lo stop me Sud ask my opinion about this
,,.., .._ , if ..,.,.- radvtatng wWh asa, X nan see thai
linneouM net 1:.iyc been of auyvatas, and that
be probably asked me partly to tnoroaie my self-respect
and ? ?rtiy i?? show bm that ha bsE an Botarsatit lue. I
?tattataly wnshtoMsn I all ? he (inner for it."
S? ?Te cast hi?! first vote in ls?O for John C. i*Temo*nt, Ids
I own political career thua beglnalng with tho first ?n?
I thmal ftampalgn rif the EspnlMwaa Bsnrty. stafssn tas*>
glllfauns College he made a speech to the students
| sa the Sueattoe of slavery In the Territorio?, and during
the fall, after he returned to llirun:. be spoke in the
Disciple?.' Church, ta reply to Alphonse Hart, of Ravenna
who hud delivered a Deateeeatta address there a few j
loightsbl fore. Then a Joint debate was arranged ?it fiar' ,
lie, between Bari ami Bargeld whteh atti-?teia
mod deal Of local attention and Is well remembered to ?
thBj day by the older farmers of Portage County. This!
tenete launched ttoruekl as ?politicai sneaker, nt? I
repetattaa asastnmporator wtnenoi atasaVLy from that j
ii, an! ii it embraced Brat the state of Ohio and then
the Nation.
A year after ha took ebarge of the nimm lohool Ose?
Bold married Imeretla Budofphi his fuiton ?ludent and
5pnpil In former years, to whom ho had aUgngei himself
beton he went to Williams colicu?. Their love had stood
?the tesi of ti ?p?? and absence, and now that ho had made
?hie piace in the world and fell that he could supportai
IfamQy, tberewaenottdngto hinder Ita eenauminstlsn |
The UMW/rttgS toolr pluc? at the house of the brldc'/i par-1
Mrta, Nnvi'inhiT 11, IBSg,
His labors upon the stump, be-lnnlne; in 1986, with I
perhaps a SOOTS of ???????? for I'romont and Dayton In I
leountry aehoolhonaaa und town-halls la the regioni
M srnnnd Hiram, wars artonded In 1857 and isr>sover a'
I v, ?der ar. a of territory, and In ISjOIio began toSpeak]
| nt county m Oil IMlfltlngB His first appearance at a big '
meeting was at ehren, where his name was put upon the j
bills netaWthatof Salmon P. (mass. There the young J
te:;??'.? rmet for ? he ?1rs' time tho errat anti-slavery leader J
whom he had hoaered ani adsatrei from his boyhood, I
and a friendship ? ?irang up betYvcBU the tvYo v.hichen-?
diirerl until CfMaofa ihrath.
in January, inno, he went teOotnaahna, nnd took his j
Beat In the Stilt?? f-ennto. The cam pit i m of Ihi'iJ made!
him widely known throughout th?? slate. Be found time f
:o read law aaaidumisly While he was in the ftOglhlStWrO. ?
In 1S"><< he made up tils rotai that his future career!
should be af the P,ar. He therefore entered bfS name as f
la lnYV ?taient in the office of Williamson ?- Riddle, In j
|i"lcvclan?l, and trot from Mr. Ridila a list of books to be ?
studied. VAS 1891 he applied to the Supremo Court In I
OStumbsB for admls-don to the liar, was evaniined by a '
I'Oie.miltce BOmpaUSi Of Thomas M. Key, a distiniroishcd
I lawyer Of. Cincinnati, and Robert Horrisoti. afi. rword a
inlier of the Supreme' Court ( '???????>??????, and ad
[n?ttei. His tatentlon WM to open an office in Cleve?
land, but the breaking out of the v, ar obcngod his plan?.
The nio~t completa and comprehensive nceoniit of
tOeaernl Barftoli'a mlTKary career is found in VThitalew
K? id's "<i!iio in the War," Whteh was Written many
reara b?fete Oss*fuUr*s Botalnattoa tor the rrosldoaey
(When the ffSUS ?'amo, eaye this account, for I
appointing the officer? for the Ohio ?.p????, tlie Iscis j
J ?ature Yvas still in session. fl.trrleld at once avowei
ils lutenUoli of entering tho ai rvtcc. He via., ofihasdl
he BeuteunnVeotan'oley of the 4M Ohio BOghnent, but]
it wa? nol mini the 1 11 h of December thai orders for I) ?? "
Held were reOOtved The regiment mis then -dit to < .
Ictts'iiirg, Ky., and ('arflrld, then made ('?.Ion ?, J
was directed to riportili person to li? ne ral BEBtt On I
the 17th or Deeembet be soatgaoi Colonel Qnrftali t<>9
ih?, eommaiid of ttieiTiii Brigade,end ordered him t
drive the rebel forces under Humphrey Mttr-lutll out of S
Sandy Talle] . In Eastern Kentucky, t'p to this dale no ?
[attivi openUtona haiheea attesnptod in the great is ?
[??p??? ut that lay s..ath of tin? nino liner. Tin? apoU ol
Hull Kun BtfTJ hung mir our armi? s. Bars t??? ?aun
peigna la Weetera Virginia, and the nnfiwtnneta ertati
by Qenecal Oraat at Eolmont, not a sun.-?? -imjagriiaM*!
had oceurrei orer all the ragion between ? he ineghenlca
and the Bteetaalppi. (?tonerai BneOwaa preparing to ad ?
ranee npen the rebel pool otan nt BowBng Oreen,!
vTiiiii*iio anddenly found bini ? if bean pored bj tweeo 1
ipiin'iiiL- toreea ikBfallyplanted Y'.iihin atrthing <i?j f?
taaeo of his fisak Oensral ZoUlcofler Y?as advancing]
rom CnmtM>rlaod Oap toward Bill Bprtng; and Hum ?
pare? i. I ' ?. mov! ig down the flaadj Valley, waa I
in ? ? p un gaotora Kentucky, Till Un e]
... .: heck, aa adraaoonpoo Bowling Qroenl
would be p. rildus, if not actually Impo tibie. ToOeneral I
leorgi u Tb.as, then Jast raised from his notonelej ?
.'? ? , ? Er tenet il ibip ..f rolunt? ?
eesnuartted the task of repulalng ZoUleogeri to the!
imtried eel eel or the raw ?-'?? nao, the ta k I
af repulsing Humphrey Bon-ball, and oa their aueci ??
? partmeal waited.
Colonel Qarfietd thus found himaelf, before be had I
p a gun tired in action, iti command of f" ir ???? L
no i.e> of lot ml ry, and seme eight eompealoo of ? ai airy, r?
with tb? work of driving out of hi- native Stai ?
er reputi ? the ablest of those, not educated toi
war, whom Ken! ickj had given tothe Reballi-m. Mar G
sinn bad trader ins oommand aearly 5,000 men, ata S
BOaedat the ritinge el Patatrlllo, atzty noi.? op the I
sandy \ alley. He was c\ ?n ct.-d In the rebel authori 1
:n s to adranee toward Loxtagtoah .unto wtth goUic-cttTor, F
ani eotablMh the authority el Ihe Provtalonajl Oeven ?
u. i.i at the Stan oapltoL Theos .hopes wore fed by the I
co,,, ciio.? of ios greet tatatteetual abttlttaa, and tin a
?oldtorty reputation ??? hai berne ever atece he lei the I
,'ttinoiis Charge Of tho Kentucky Volunteers al ?
Milena Vieto. But <? artleid WOB the ?lay. 1
a?.,? ' dl ha? n s abandoned bla pii*dtioo**Broihfc* osmi I
qulp ?_?. p. 1 Itare?, ami heran a rolre..ii wiiioli was tini M
???? .? idi ha hai reaohod Abugntan, Vrlrgtoia.1
? freeh paru, howeTor,now beset the enie fon??. An ?
illusili.:iy ???', ni ? .?In storm brake out, the mou :i lain w
:c,,!:!.h d, and Ilio S.tud?, r?..?? to such :? I
belgbl that iloani boatrtnoa pronounced it impoaalhlc teB
s., ini Ine elicili With supplii s. Ihe tioops ?, ru al ?
Jl.nl l'ili ol I,E.ill . .Uni I i.c I . ? li; ; Il, lie .11 It I a 1 llo.l h etc? ? |.:
r> waa u.c.?j..?ii?? of Mippoiiiug them. Couool Oarfioldl
... ? gone down the river to Ite mouth. Bi ordert
sail itoamcrwhich had been la ? itijnartaraiaet
lee to take on a load ol .applies and start uj
..? tata di ' ?.?red ii wa ? Impoooibto, li.ioiLs wars made I
u get otl r ?..'?'. ?. but ys Itbout aiMoeee.
? ? lotici Oarfleid ordoroi the naptalB ami ores I
,u boai d. itotionod o eempeti ol army ofioer on deck to "j
t. r*aH
tu. ?
tbat the captain did bla duty, and blinself took th
wheel. Tho captain attll prateotod that noboatoonld
? m ? be ragtagenrreat, bat (?anioni toi aod bes
beert npthi troamaad began th?> peritone trip, tu? 2
water In the u aaU*i Bhallowrlver was alaty feel deep, I
..?,, th< ???? lops along thebanh were auneal anhmergi d a
fho ltttls veeaei tremblai from atea to atara at every!
motion of tbeeugln s; thowators whirled herahont as M
If she were a skiff ? ami the atmest ipesi that stoaml
. ?.uhi give bei ?^a?. three mites aa hour. When nigb.H
,.?.????. saltala of the boat bogged permlaaloo totlenp. I
To'.iltemp! a.?. cu.iing that Ito.ni la t lie durs, ho do?dai I id, I
Will in.nines. Mill Coloni?! Oarlield kept his place at III.? Pj
?heel. iMnally, in one of the endosa bende ol the river, I
? hey drove, With a full head of steam, lnt?
the ?pneksand of the bunk. Kvcry efTorf to ?
back "d was in vain. Qnrneli at laatt ui A
darei a boat to be lowered to tnko a linei
across to the opposite hank. The crew protested I
ii.alli?t Ycnilliiug olii ill Ule Hood. l'ho Colonel leaped I
tato the sont hlmoolf and Moored It ever. The feres of M
?h? euri cut carried ? hem far below the point I hoy ??ought S
tu reach ; tait they finally BUSSSSdsi In makin?,' fust to a
lice and rlggtag ? windlass wtth rail.? reJoCtanUj powi r
ful to draw the ves,? l ou* and get hor once more, atloat.
It wat on Saturday that I lie beat taft Ih?? mouth of the
sandy. All night, all day Snndi?.\, nnd all through Sua
iay night they kept up then? atruggls with the enrrsnt,
Oarfleid leaving Uta wheel only eight honre ont ot the
Whole time, and that during the day. By ? o'ch.nU
Momia) mornmg taey reaehi ? the camp, sad were re
BBtvei with tnmnllnona nltaoring (iarfleld bliasolfoould
c.incly escape being horno io hea.h uarurs on the
.boulders of the Istighi ad aten.
These operations In the Baudy Valley hai bson ton?
liieU'-d with such energy and skiil as torOSSlVI Ih??
ipeotal aomaaandatloa af the osanmaailag general
nul of the (lovernnii ut. (onerai Jiiull
uad been moved u> words of snwentei proles
the War Department had oooJarrei the -pegs of ung
adiar general, the eomrataalon boartng the iato of th?
Battle "f btidStaCrook. And UMSOantry, without untler
lianiiiui; rerj weil the detalla af the easBgnlgn of whtob
.Imeii, BO salisfaclory lucount wan ???1????,???<1
?? the inn? --tally appreciated the latfs
iiciory rci-ull. The ilisimniliture of Humphrey hfar
Mall was a source of spi dal ? hiwrriii Io the r.i.ml |J sipa
I hilera oi Kentucky, andel aaaaaement and a-lmiratton
threughoat the ? ?yel Beata and Barftald look rank la
? .l.'ii ei,Limali? li uui
? o ingor ? olnatoer g? aerala
On Ids arriv?t at i.ouiiviiio, from the Bandy Voltar,
? ?encrai (?ai ilei?! footad inai t lie Army of the Ohio was
already beyond Nashville, on Ita autres to Granfa aid ai
rittabarg Inndtng Bo h Batea ai aitar lt. rapinici u?
..iiiii.ii UiicU about thii'O u.iii s BOUth af ?.'oli.iuluu.
????, nnier hte order, stonot asaumad oonunand et thi
aun Brigade, then a perl ol tha .??? atan ander G? .? ;
riioimt.1 J Wood. Be recabad the field of Plttabur.
teadtag about ? o'clock on the teeond dey ol
_lic Oui lie, mi'I Jiarl lolpai I ?! ill It? OlOaiog .?, ? lies.
The eli tendsns) to tot ? a. m, coatraotad ... ?:,.
d*v? of his Ui w -?aUmoi Y ice ou the Ohio aSStakVSS ?m,
ro-H, ami irarnoM took rank in in. Q
mg ho moil pilMlllSlllfi of ni.-S
ISBBBjoraJgji In the malarions ellmate of the Booth,
?nd General Garflold wss fln.r'y sent home on
Si sick-leave about the 1st of August _ Near
(b?same Mrc the Secretary of War, who seems at tbis
? ?arty ?lay to have formed the high e?tim.ttc of (iarflcld
Ohtoh he continued to entertain throughout tita 00*
?ent orders to him to proesv>d to Oiimrwwland (?ap and
relieve General George W. Morgan of hi? enmmnnd. But
wh?'H they were raoatfOt he was too ill to leave his bed.
? month later the Beeret a ry ord? red hini to report tal
;.erson at Washington as soon as his health would per
?nit. On his nrrivnl It was fonnd th.it the est?mete I
;iln< cd on his knowledge of law, his Judgment nnd his |
Oynlly had led to his s?taattao m one ol the first meni?
'?ers of the court martial for tho noted trial of Fit? gotta
i Tortor. In the duties cotmccud with th
1 most of the autumn was ????????f, I'.arly in
3 January he was ordered out to ????p? 1:
From tho day ofliis BpOotBtflBBBt, ??????? Ba
jrirac the Intimate associate nnd co.nlidentinl adviser of
2 hi? enta*. lint he did not BOOOpp so cnminnndlnr
? B station BS to be aide to put restrslnt upon littn
ri'om tin? 4th of January the "Uli of June Ornarsi
BOBBI runs lay at Murfrei'fboro. ?,t???.??, Ave BBOntkO of
tata detay Beaersl Oseftokl was with him. The \Y?r De?
partment demanded an advance, nnd. ORSO the spring
opened, urged It with BBOBBOl vein mom MR l'inai!]
(???lierai Bnseerana termaOy asked hi? corps, ?
and cavali]? generals as 1o the prnp-iety of a movement.
With BHagBtef ii.ritiiuiity, though tor diverse G?????,
l bey Oppoeed itt Out of seventeen generals not a
in favor ?,f an immediate, advance, and not one was ,?.?
wining to put tdtaesU ?m record aa at favor of aa aaaty
kdvaase. <?< aerai Osrftold ooOatod Ota aevi nt< ? ? letter??
sent In from the generatela raplyta the questions of
unir commander,end tairly reported their aattetanea
.' ?d with a cogent nrgutneiit against them and it:
3"a\orof an Immediata Bmeemaaa lata reper? oevm
j ure toproTMoaee OtaaMaet aaltttaiydeoomem known?
Ito have bees Betonatasi ay a Chtaf at ?-?iati to u.? \
I rapaatar dartag the w?r. (?encrai Beraten atoad ?
lately alone?, every General eemmam having,
is we have seen, cither openly eppoeed or failed to ap?
prove im agvanea. Bal ins atatootenfa wer? ..o alear and
'?is argumeoto so ferri hts that ii?? aaotod eenvh atoe*?.
Twelve daya altar OM raoepttan of this report Om
moved-?to the great dtaaattofaettaa of its ?? ? ?. I
?rais. ( >ne of the three corps command ?**, Major-Ger,- g
-ral Tlionias T.. ?"ritt. ?.leti, ?????????? Ota Chief ??'?
? -t ? ff at the besdgrtai tere on Ota morning of the adi I
j ? It is understood, -ir," he said, '* by the general officer- I
J ?f the army, that Ihi. movement in your work. I wish ?j
g; on m anderstaod that ft la o raaR arsi fa al move, for
.vhicb you will be, liald responsible." This r^sh and
fatal move was the Tn?ahoma BmngOtaR -a BBSBpalgB
perfect in Ito eeneepatan, ajcssBeat in it* gam ml
lion, and only hindered from rusiiiting in the complete
leetraottoa et the appeatag araay ay the detaps otstak
Badtoolosg postosned Os esaameoeeaaeed?. it mlghl
irsnyai bava ?lest rayed i;r?>fT ; t>ui ?>? tha tentala aaa
son of ruins which Ml iu BO the nnmingof the advance
? ad uontliiaad aiittileiiaptedlj lei Ike exeatar part ef
I month. With a week's amttog start it would have
tided the eare?r of Itra'ig's army In the war.
At lust eeaaa Ota battle et GttMkmnangn Buch t>y this
time liad cune to be Warfleld's inlltioiiot? that lie was
BssrlyslwageseeMaltodendedtaa followed, lie. waeta
3 rary eresi tamed tant ?lay mm anh/ ooeaptod. This ?
3??? did r:ir?!y as an BB. unis, but rather |
?n the suggestions of his own Judgment, afl?-r j
oard aattmltttag what he had prepared la Beaaaroaa for E
ipplOlal 0Gattenga The one order which lie did ..i?: ?
write wns the fn'al order to Wood which lost the battle _
??.- aasaaang wa? eerrset ; th? verde, however, did m t \
rtaariyraprasent ofcnl Bsssecana meant, and the divi
atoa l'oiiiiiiaiidri in quosliou so interpreted thetn as to I
BSatroy the right wiiig. The General eomuianding and I
ids ? hnf of Statr wer.? aangta la the tido of ?lihVlrr i.n.l 1
bans ttseR toward CbaM mega. Itta Chief of Bl I
sent is eofluaoataate rtth I*asmaf?,s ails Ota Penarsi pis?
eaded to prepara far the reception el the rout.,? army.
-mil at least were ta ?? tas reporte, end, ta
t, teobntoe! ceeee, they arara tros, it ritontd aster he
forgotten, however, ta Oarfletd*apraise, Otat it waa m
bfsown ?arnest repr?sentations that he was ?r\ ,
m aast? he raahm paeonnd pormtetosn to aa H Ihonue
sod es honk lota the hatlto. than rneorred Bed ? t?, de
o. Be mfpaad to be leve ti.at XRaaaaa areatested or Ota
battta lo-t. *Be fesnd th? reed ??? bw?d *?> .t)i da
lame of bis poco ri aerei ?. <
? di nth or BBptOfO. ? il he bStS tS 1 ????? Ota tfOl BSWI
iha'ot? or had reeetved of the dissetar oaOtt gkttaad
avi Om Ini ??
.us oommsnd, hi 7 ? ? look ; bat <?\.? ? ? ?tr. und? ?
-ouai euperviaton of Conerai G md bata
. ? ?
ato the waods attor Ota la ' ? mg S
?:'tits. Ittaywera th.? b?-t - botila ??, 1
d ? ?. . and warn oastaB atttta Ontoo Army I
? rasala orottttsaVaM. Portai tOnetttssnea^re-ridenUyl
; ? Md btSMatf as re, OOt 1 : M
[night,aadbaaalsrayaataeeMatetataa ? ?a?
s no iionoanitT for th?? lumi? ?iati rclrest on Uossville.
?1 t?? 1
G??, m ? !.., ? lie r, I
9 urni\ , w no tool e ? ' '.
l?litury !? is th. H
ed. Ondar Ota I eli? I
Praetteally. Otta ^is the atom 9f Beaarol a.n
Seld's ni;',ii..rj osreer. A | * befuea, oafta hi
vas abet at in tho army, and without any
n on his part, M had
, ses from the old dddtage <0e
oded. Be w w. nsw, after a few weelcs' ?
BoBsersaa at Ch a itoaooga? soni ? to Washington ?- ?'
aearar cd diapatehea Be there learned of in
?.mu t-n a Redor Qeo< ralahlp of '?
Mst aaaataartans eendnot sl the batOo of Chi I
BTaa-Jght bare retained this pestttotB te ten anoyi ??i..ij
? be military capai it;, be had dleptapad, Ota hi .-u I. J
? in, 11 in? ?ras bold by lin-i torerament, and the eertalnt? J
if his assignment t<? iui|?..rtaai oommaade, seemed t.?l
uigurabriOtast futur??, il.? osse peer ama, ?
theBtajor-Oenscnl'saslaej oaamora Otasdo blethal oil
the (Omnuwimi, lint on mature rellootion he decuiL , {
,hat Ota iilioiiinManiini ander ohtak Ota , ispte bad]
sleeted blm taCoagram bemad bfaa up to sn .
attej their wlahos. Be waa tartheraaore argedte antera
Ooagreeaby the effleersof the army, who in.? e I
:?.r ani U procurine, such
?ouiili y und ? ; iquire
tho path of ii . aln M te the country lay In the dire?
[ion m wbtob ins eonatttaeata pointed, he -.
ohal si? mi d to in ins peresaal interests, and ea the >ii
..?- ?'?:!. metgned his eeaannoaton, aftt
' ? brae ) cu???' serv lee.
( donerei Serfleld oeotlnoad hlaatttttary aetvtoe np t?
Oto day of Ota aaaettag sl t*?mgn'.sa. Bven Otan hi
I sartoualy gaeogfet el raetgnlag bm pedalee a? a Bepai
I tentative ratherthaa btaktatoi Qsneral*a oora
andwooldhavi donemhadnel l?asela urged blm i?
j eater Oongnea. Be ttaa often ezpreeeed ragtet t?iai u< Q
j dui not bghl the oar through. Bad he dene bo be ooosd
no doubt ha\e ranked at BsotoCC SSBBOgOta totemsstol
ihe \ ict ?? ? oils ?. ener?is of the BepOtttta, fot he ,1
in b;s gandy \'aii??.'. eaaapalga ami !'t Ota batta of Chtok
amsuga the high at qnallth s of ? ai ralahlp, I
apanino awattad htm ta the Army ?if ? he? ruin.?
? ?? lierai l'humas want,?! him to take ?'??minami of a OMpe
Pnaktom -insola t???i atta ta greeny sssdsd tin
inllili nee in the BOOM ot one who had had pf
ii.iiuaiy ????t???? to pus ? through Otaoaedndwatl
legislation. Bs yielded, end m the MB of Beo '
|geg,anreoplOagensrataktoaBdaaak inn aaM m th? ?
Be wee appettata! or aha Military Committee, aaalra
OM ekatnaanahlp of deaerai aehenek, and om al irrea?
MTVlm in ??irrying through the ??????? ? inch r<
Malted the aamsta dnrfag fdM staetog yean of MM v?hi
In the summer o." lijlil a breach occurred lictweeii t Ik
l-resident and sumo of the most rodMOl of the BapottROm
loadsM la Oengaeaa orar the geaeReo ef Bm m
Mon of tho Malm of difcanam ami Lonndaas,
OBagrem passed a bill providing for ti:.? ??
gaaliatlen ?>f loyal goveraMoata within the Bates
lines of t :-.sse, States, but l.iucoln \ BBBSd it und Bppstatai S!
military Governors. Henator I: r Wad,?, of Ottto, ?nil I
Bapeaaentatlve Benay winter imvU, of Mailand.
anited, in a ktter to ru*. Bbw-Toor tiubi'nk, aharpli
srittoiatag the Pnatatanl for ?rdeoMag the win of bee
|tesB, 'T is lettor became known as the Bade l'ivi
BMBdtataa, and croa' d a grsat ?ensatioii iu psRROOl (di
les. The story got about ill the XlXth lbslnet that
..eu.iu; i;;.i (leid had e\?iicssi'ii sympatliy with the po
Kithiiiof Bado end Boole, fils eonstOuonts eoiideiim?H?
Otadoeuiiioui,and w.i. irrsaglj atapeaad to eat Mm
aside uml nominate ..not her man for lOugresv- WRBB
Om Coaveatteo Mot Ota tasRog sgntaet (?artieid was s?
?????????-? d ...il he .".?guided his ? nomination as hop?
less. IJ?: was ?allod upon l* explain his eom ?, ?:
asm upon the platform, anJ evoryliod] ?????????<?(1 mom?.
(tttag in tho nul lire of un apology, bui he lioloy it,
tended hla peettton, approved the mamfosto, jusufloi,
'?> .nie, and said iie u,? ! noi Mag ? ? itr.wl and ? i.ild not
?nango his BSROBt convictions for the sake of a soat in
rjengBRR. Be had grant mapaoh ta s:4id, tor the apta
ions of his coustitHints, but greater regard for his own
? he could serve tliem as an Indtpi-Biieiit re?sreserifa
,w, aettag an ids owe yoagaaent ami eanaaaanaa h<
,.?,,??? lie |lad tB ?1<> so, but If not, he di.l not want their
.,?.. lasBtaa , ta Would prefer to be mi independent pri
??eu. Prebehty ne mon orar anPtad m Otad wa?
tetan er amm ta a bad] ai men ohe toad tus ? lOUoal
ata m Otatr hands Inartag taa ptaigaraa, m atrsds ?>o
g the iniii and down toe stairs, loppaetag Ond ti?> hot
, ?'.dually eut his own throat. ???????] ????? m
.?? '.lien olio of the y.nin?e*t di !<? ;.tte* BBraOg "?1
?.? 1 iia'l *f/TttC man who has the easosgO to face ,
?." ' uta ?na' damrom a aaflBRnataa; ' ?hon<
ii.r.iJ i.ii'.'leld be nomiiialed by uc? I auiatloi
ou anseemtad otth a iimui that nmettad Oi
^?...i uta Cou*frueeioau xu? 998BBtad Uitu un lue ala?.
walk ao he waa returning to the hotel. ?* was ,*,
elected ray a majority ?.f ..?,< r 12.000.
At the beginning ?if the XXM . DeooB>
ber, l>r>5, Qenernl Car?. .? ^
irntetor Um from the Cos ary Affaira te
ti at of Wa; s and Mei.ns, say ine , near future
I i oecupy the attcfltlen of the
country,and be fMBUBi 10 he in a position to stud? the?
?nrefully in advance. The Military Ootae-SUw? Savtag
.? Ba haaMn the work af 1 ,; arat?
j.onai!'ii.-cliu*?K, wii'Hiii'iiiiiK. imix.ri.ant of the tv?, tt
?e, bot Oarftoktatamoew tttaatorm *ud
l?citisi.,?? g the doM and the M
?Aas non io b;. uk upon the country, and Wteaby ?: ? partii
He began a
' ?
ihr. w li:;lit on the SBBSBtSI
?t gave the oleas of ra and
atatoamen of all nati? ??? on . ? ?
1 Means also ojs
?? ?.: iiiieraal BBvenaM btaMtstav Ita
m??, ganged ?<? ...?? naestaet ;
lo confu? 111 to the .
- ?? hice
BssuntnsMjfedfi, MlneooMstaatannpon the t*ng
i.? never ?i? portad mm..
?ni iliowrtai I
about free trade, the interest? of the? .
r?tales re/piire a ?adorato protect 1
. 1 ?, he mud?' ..
gaeottan, and took stsung ground m favor o? a sBwoiy .
'? ??o . uy-ueula.
In . " ? .? I?
l'ut?.1"?. and male a rapi I MUT tl.i<i.i:h -ii.-i
of too mach brain work and ne tooh tins asean*
au'. Thla waa the eedy yew ataeehe ?....
lia BEI tu?t be had b?cu a
political campaign. Ue retunaei lato ta the tal
that Peniletumlaaa?n dansant fiat the pajasunt of th?
? n ii*rei?ttesnnhta greenback note??'tad rue
mmpnta taOhtn>nndlhni taken po?;>oe.sioii of nta Be
? .n party ;,s woO as af ihe ItanuN ,.
lion was g*VBU him at sfeffktUOE, lu Ids d.. . a??
sinned the form <?" u pubi.e meeting. Ue wa? ivld :
hS had better say in.ihin .'a'.">ii! ills ?li.a
ina constituent? lia?l made up their minds that the boatta
night to BO BBttasUMi in gr.-cuhociu-. II? , ,?S
? which hetebi his fri . .? ? .;,,.
thai th.t?, could be no honeet iuoik-t not redoeas?
.'?'?? iir celii, and uo ?????-s? payment of th< debt oaald ?.?
. - long a? ho was ;
1-ea.TitaiiYc he ??!,oidi stand on BUM grotTid, WhSBeOWS
might be their vie wa The speech producivi a deep iiitv
preasion BETengEseE t... at Juno the
Katlonal BepubUeaa convention took eotani groa ni
ti??m ilio deb? und ourroucy ?pioaUon?. ao4 tuest Kepub
Whohai been carriodaway bj ...ouia-rcw
asEnmai of their folly.
? o?
A ?.e???? EM finance.
fit the XLtB O?gBom Btanornl Oarfle?d wae pnt hack
upon the Miiltnry Committee and made ibi oh airman,
la 1-os be was renoininawJ without . , .1
chosen a fourth time to rrpre?<'nt hi? district. On tho
organisation of the X Lltd. Congr?-*?, in ix-texu???, IStM,
BEUtBtnl < .arrich? wa? made chairman of the Commuto?
on Hanking and Curren?;.?. The iuflalion m
j ?.'a; boring loree in the country, and raen of Nub
s i.1 Congress were ?wept tata it
? i.utr.s. A cry wits set ui? that times were g<ttiug
bard beeSMOM then? wa- ?, I BOUgh to ??? ?. ?
bu-in.'if. ni th?; people. The West, particola? iy, cl^iuorvd
tor nu.re tul relics
to inf.til in. 1 ina'.ly, after a ?ot? 1" fl.rht ta his coi.. 1 . ?
with the men who WBUtSi to throw out a ilood 01 t.. ?
gre?mbaohn, he teen BEI M and carried through OiMUrreoa
a bili , - Ki.OOj to thi
bank circulation, and giving pr^
meni 1 a which hod lam laaa
..." .. ".1 ' In -ttattaMS? This nioasurc was a
Btena : ae inflation mor,.njent. Th? mw a?-ito
wa> a epfse :...ir years, aud during ??11
mon? y " lui ?.: .tli'i.l :??!? Io the flMt that BBUrBWa cur
? nry for any one who ?v...i,a
after the !*.Vi,0?- ?p
. banking ir?n main pnrfnf tl.r fiaaa. The
tataHaukiug OoaaaMt ararnere
of t..,. Ho.i.s, , Ue conducted with great *a*sPBattg and
btotaey <.f the Ml u
,1 waa that the only certain . :be
a? was to be
found iu .pinci ?.'
?leb.. /cd leader of the hoBKM?aoney
>.?e.? ... Bonoeaaithe? ingtafactor a
I .11. loa. n 'dB
ihr.,... ;?.
irati? .ss, il ?* so ?n aa
was t. ?
i in* l'io , . ?
d w hioh lu.
Ini' t M the
itttaa ?>u Ai?:? -. a
n>u which made him tho tender ol the u.a.. ? -?
lioUse. ?, -
lei. it..ok with th.< 11:1 . .?de a 1?
. . ol 111? w .? IBB
u this BSMBtfryani af the ? ...?.a l> ,..?1 ?.
He tound .? gn ? tV ... af BBoaenom ?
BBnettoe eenees-ntag eaafmaaos in
'XjM-Ddcd batan . ?in-niat
lag to 9190,000,000, b .' ? c. vis, .mo; < 01?rea?
ilei MaOj -ci t?i the
WWW besides what were calhsl jv.-ri.iaa. m agpsUprtE?
nous, whtah can en traan rearteyeai ?
asi .ini???: u ?
1n.1-.ry. making all epftwogAtaSSsM engira at the
al the end of even .? ? ha
antot Of ta?? .cd ?*, run th?? (ji.v? . ?imal
much I
?I. rs cou.u Un. s to
i?e sarpasatoi. "? ? loor yetara of hi< cha ,. ol
ip-rtatioaa were
labor. H l habitua .la
..li e the n? . ?
ah pawl I?, 1 ? he Ho?sa,
bore a hMdtag pari ta all t
prim Iplee of the Bop f
oesaatiou a brave b.ttiie again
tion, ami ?'iiiiili-d uoopi^rtitu:; . . |
pilline 1, nid to a '
gltmUanaOha ucho-?en to repr?
-cut the oi'i Utadtagl 1.i-l.act 0 ilioai s, BSMH "i ,? I
in hte own |iarlj'. and Yvuho.it it bi? alh ol ?..
apo:. his p? ixotiaJ inte-? ,
ail li.s aoiuinalioaa had boon nittde by aoc'aniaijuu. Is
hie ?uxth canvas*, however, a st.ui.? of caluiiiii? ?
upon him, A ooniXTted :r r
the purpose, If poaelble, ol .111 in the Couve*.
lion, and hMEEg m that, to beat alia al the |?oii?. Ue
waa ehtuxo?! wob bribery aud oorruptioB
m assnaestten with aha cr?.i?t Batatar^ aiiair
and the Do Uotym p.tvcnwttt ?.
aud with rvKtponsibiUty for th? balary or?e.
??,s p. ",..<?, 1 a iiited the slnuiaes, aa ?
Convention he wan nominated b. u majority of ihr? ?? to
ou??. The opposition to huu did no. bftag .'orwajxl a cats?
t?l hlault nil?* Hu. cliuutita UteO
DOUilnaled u second Itopiiblic.tn candidate. li?? ? e ral
?,a? lb ?Id ?in 1 theohai'gaa agitine; hi 11 bOteCB BBS
. - ;?hI all paru? o' u,
sffveaking day ?aid ulgbt at toauahip luor*
tug?. The verdict of tho olootfaa was a
sssnplete rtadicvation of hi? character and aettaue*
aud p? ???? and is ? - nominated lu m Vf
?cet;.motion aud elected him by inoreaaed nvajontiea?
EEADcra nu: imrottTT.
The result of the elections of 1874 waa t? give the
nemoorai* control of the Hot??? which met in iH-tvitihaf-,
..... llu.iiiu? the hvgl?b>elYe work ol tieurral
iiuiiild had Uli? c?uii.;ru? t.v?v N<?w he waa
?tlied upon to defend this work againet the aseault? of
ih? paity which step by atep had oppo-t?d iu aooon?
BStahmont, aud ? h ?? h b| the aid of the belld ?upport of
the lata? rctKd elcmeut hod gaiaotl BSEfUrBtQ
.????- <?f the hist movement* tt the l<ea?ocrate Waa fUS
?i nunUMtr. Mr. Blaluo offered aa aunudni.JE
m ih.ii hill, excluulug .leflitraoB l?avia l*hen followei
???olauioiis d? but? about the rreataaent of prisoner? of
war, open???! by Blalae'a daahiag aKavoa. on lid!, eoa?
unued by Hdl's reply charging that Coufitaeratas bai
aren sUirvod iu NorUiaru prison?, aud closing wfab Oaf
. -pone?! to HU?. nastlata, br a Brimant ?trote of
,.a?? t urinary atratogy, toroed a iJemoenat to montfy M
he lai?.?, ?d Hdl? oh?rge. He ?aid that ta* Klaslr?. ??.
V.. fsat*ftet, WtnSS ?oa locatoli eurtugtho war th? prlnt-*?
^al pri*??u for captured ruBele, was rejttwaauted n? Ma?
ata?as by a muuoor.iu VfiS did not Icnaw bos?, but Ba was
?tilling to real hie casa wholly on ble teat*m?ay? ??
??ailed u]?on the nietabar from Klialra to ??*???? ?*0
lou?e Whether th?> torsi people *f bis uUy had ??*?????*1
derate ?oldiers In tbejr nnSet Ui ?uffa?
. .r waul o? loud, ?bcit^U---**?'? ?ame aopoadad U> '?-St

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