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SlsaajaMleoTMlMeWMaTl III III 111 I
SEPTEMBER 21? 1881.
7T?lr'--? r-rari-eeji
The President's body was prepared for|
burial at Elberon yesterday, and At?
torney-General MacWagli made all tlie ar
rangements for its transportation from]
Elberon to Washington and then to Cleveland,
where it will lie buried in Lake
View Cemetery. The surgeons examined
the body, and discovered that the
president's strength had been depleted byl
internal hemorrhage, and that lie was also
putiti???.' from an abbess and weak lung's. A
letter of condolence with Mrs. (?articld v7M|
received from the Queen of England.
THE 8CK11EONS?? ?.G.G.?? lNTP.llNAL HKMOlt
Long r.p.ANcii, N. J., Sept. 90.?The antopara no
the Pie-.pient's body lasted about three und a half
hours. One of the gentlemen ?arenan? makes the
following statement in regard to it:
The ball was not found until the various parts of
the ubdouuju were explored and cut asunder. The
ball in its course broke the eleventh rib, fractured
the spinal column, bal did not touch the spinal cord.
It lodged two and a half or three inches directly
to tho left of tho spinai column in
tbe mesentery. Tbe channel which has hitherto been
fu"?u'sed to be the track of the ball proved to be a
nus cavity formed by the burrowing of the pus
The eatbct'T usc? by the surgeons is believed by
niy informant to have bent upon itself, deceiving
the surgeons in regard to tho real depth of the
Wound. There was a large abscess between the
liver ami the gall duct, which accorditi? to
the same authority was met asta tic.
Taieahaeeea wan mot connected with the traekof
I nd or tho channel formed by burmwng.
On each of tbe kidneys was a small abscess. The
bun;*, especially tbe light one, were hadl.i
? d. A large amount of pus Unwed
freely from the bronchial tubes, while by
cutting into the tubos ? considerable amount
of pus was discovered in little luctustatic aba
there was purulent infiltration of both lungs. This
pus was healthy. There wer?? no abscesses in the
liver itali, luit those in the kidneys wen? nu?
tastatie or | J ITI II?JTf There arata adbe-mis
O? tho liiugs to tbe chest wall at
the upper part of each lung, showing a previous
pleurisy ; whether if antedatt d the shooting tbe e\
auiinatiou did not show. The Intestines wore very
adherent one to another, shearing the exi.steiit.tl
ot former peritonitis. The ubscc,ss in the I
Ticl.t k'.Ocy was not Bf -ned. Tho riRorsI
iroiu which the President has been su fieri m; I
lor a few days were probahlyAvaused Uy the abacessea
between Uss liver and the gall duct. '
The authority from which this information is
gatb'-re.d says that it proves the pr?s.nee of pv oji?la
Dr. BlUM on the other baud says that while, there
were septic conditions then? wats no py.ernia.
The following official bulletin was prepaid a!
II o'clock to-night by tbe surgeons who have
been in attendance upon the late President:
By previous arrangement a ? id uuu'cm examina?
tion of the body of President Garlic Id was matta
tins afternoon in the $8388)0008 ami with tho us-i-t
uni?.?? of Dan. Hamilton, Agnew, lilis?, Bornee, WoocV
wind, Rt-yhuru, Andrew H. ?Smith, of Ellicron, and
Acting Assistant-Surgeon D. S. Lamb, of tbe Army
Medical Mus ?mi of Washington Tho opera! ion
was peiionued by l>r. Lunik It was found
t?at the ball, after fracturing tho light eleventh
rib, had pai-a-l linough the spinal column in front
ol the spinal cor,!, fracturing the btcly of tb,? liest I
lumbar vertebra, driven a number of sitiad frag I
incuts of l.one into tho adjacent sott parts, und!
h)ilkiug below the pancreas, about two inches and al
half to Ihe left of tho spine, and behind the perito? I
beimi, where it bad become completely encysted,
ih.? immediate cans?? of death was secondary I
hemorrhage from one of the mesenterio arteries ad- J
joining the track of the, ball, the blood riiptin ing ]
t!.e peritoneum, aud nearly a pint escaping into the
ab luminal cavity, 'ibis hcmorrl.ai,?'?. _ beli veil to
have heeii the causo of the severe pain in the lower
part of the elicit complained of just be?
fore death. An abscess cavity, six inches
by four in dimensions, wa.s found in the vicinity of
tl.?? ?all bladder, between the liver aud the trnis
v? $88 cob ii, wIih h were stiotigly adherent. It did
not involve tho substance of the liver, and no com?
munication was ft Mimi beftsreaa itami the wound.
A 1?.tig suppurating channel extended from the
external wound, botweea the loin muscles and the
right kidney, altana, to tho ri^ht grain. This ? ban?
nel, now known to be due to the burrowing of pus
from the wound, was supposed during life to have
been the track ui the bail
On an examinai ion of the organs of the chest evi?
dences of severe branch!tie were found on both
?idea, with bronchi, pneumonia ol the lower portions
of the right lung, and, though to a much less ??x
leu , ?? ? be left. The longs contained no abeoeesi ?.
funi Use heart ?,o clots. The liver w as ciliari,' d ?nul
tatty, hut nut from aiisce ,-???. Nor ware any found
lb any other tfgM exc? pt tho loft kidney, which
eaatslued aasv its surface ? sniallabsoceaabout one?
third of an Inch m diameter.
In reviewing the history of tho case in connection
w?th the autopsy, it is quite evident thai tl"? ?.ih.-r
I ..?uniting BBfffaoa ?, and eape-eiaUjr the lrac
tnrc.l, spungy tihsllo Of the vii ,t hl'if, luiui-h u Bttf
lassai explanation of tin? septic condition whii b $*?
D. \v. Bute,
,J. K. llAUMS.
J. .1. Wool?.'. ALI?.
Roni.i.T lip.vi'.ci.v.
Fbank ii. Hamilton.
i>. Il A VIS A(-NEW.
Avdklw li. .''.Milli.
I). S. Lamb.
?btSClUniONH Of IHE 1'Bl.lnl ,. - I I Vili -STATE?
? 1UE 1,1? ,[ ? .'.??.I I lilK BEDSIDE?A EL'LOUY
1;Y no: '? ' ? niK CAJSIMBT.
?*?? BBaVKCn, 8ept 20.?Judge Advoca,e (i.?;,
?al ?waim, who was with the President when In
sinking lost nik'bt, gives a description ol
W'Jt }? the Pi? .id.-nt's last inouieiita o;
*? To-day be said : '"It was my Bight to watch
?"'????!! ? ?. 1 had been with bim a food
J*??! "f the time from .{ ?'clock in the afl, p?.,?,?. ,\
?winiimte? before h) o'clock I left Colone; Kock
*''d, will, whom 1 bad been talkii'ti forsom,? min
I: ill and j.rocc' ded upstairs to the
ut'? room. (),, entering I found Mrs. Gar
<?dd siitmg Ly __? |,(.,i.,,,[,., Tlu,re Mereuoolhei
Persons ,? the room. I said to her, 'How
?v?rvtk.ug going 1> bho rcplkd, 'lio m
sleepiiiK nicely.' I then said. ' I think I
you had better go to bed andrest.' I asked herj
what had been prescribed for him to take during!
tho night. Slio replied that she did not know ; (hat |
IBB had given bini milk pimeli at H o'clock. I then)
Raid, ' If you wili wait a moment I will go into the
Doctor's room ami seo what ia to be given during]
the nigbt.' She theu Baldi 'There is beef tea
downstairs. Daniel knows where to get it.' I the?!
went into tlie Doctor's room. I found Dr. Bliatl
lasts, and asked him what was to bo given during |
the night. He answered : 'I think I hail better
fix up a list, aud will brim? it in to you pretty
soon.' I then went hack into the surgeon's room,
and had som?. little conversation with Mrs. Oarfield,
she ft it of the Prssldeof? hand ami laid her band I
on his forehead, and said, ' lie seems to be in a
good condition.' and passed out of the
room. I immediately felt bis bands, feet
and knees. I thought that his knees
seemed a little cool and got a flannel cloth, heated
it at the lire and laid it over his limbs. I also
boated another elotta and laid it over his rirrht band,
and then sai .Own In a otaair beside tai? bed. I wasl
hardly seated when Dr. Boyntoa came in ami fell S
ttas President*? pulse. I asked him how it. pasmad ?
to him. He replied, 'It is not as strong as it was
I bis afternoon, hut very good.' I said ' He seems t<
he doing Well?' 'Yes' he answered and passed
ont, He was not in the room moro than two min?
" Shortly after this the President BWOko. As he
turned his head on awakening I arose and took
hold of his hand, I was on the left hand side of the
bed SS he lay, I remarked, 'You have had a nice
comfortable Bleep,'
"He then said, 'Oh, Swaim, this terrible pain,'
placing his right hand on his hreast, about over the
region of die heart. I asked him if I could do an\ -
thing fur him. He said,'Sonn? water.' I went to
the Otbet side of the room and poured about an
onnce and a half of Poland water lato a glees and
gave it lo him to drink. He ton!; the glass in his hand,
I raising his head a?: usual, and drank the water \ cry
naturally. I then handed the glen to the colored
man Daniel, who came in during the Urns I wasl
frettile.' the water. Afierward I took a napkin ami
wiped his forehead, Bl he usually perspired OBI
awaking. Be then said. Oh, Swaim, this terribli
pain?pro's your hand on it.' I laid my band on hi
ehest. He then threw both hands np to the si<l<
snd sbont on a lino with his head, and exolaimed, |
Oh, Swaim, can't you stop thief And again, Oh
Swaim !'
" I then saw him looking at Ufl with ;' al SI lug Bl
pression. I asked him if he was Battering much I
pain. Reoeiring no answer, I repeated the question. I
with like result. I then concluded th.it he wasl
either dying or was having a severe epasm snd I
called to Daniel, who was at the door, to tell Dr.I
BUss and Mia. Oarfield to come bnmedlateljr snd I
rjanoed at the small ?dock banging on the ohaudc-l
lier nearly over the foot of his Led and saw that it jj
wa ten minutes vasi lOo'elook. Dr. BUaseameinl
? i thin t WO oi thiee minutes. I told Daniel to hringB
tbe light. A lighted candle habitually sat behind a"
s( neu near the door. When the light shone full on
the President's face I saw that be was dying,
When Dr. HI i as came in a moment after
I said, 'Doctor, have you any Btimulatlla
bo seems to bodying.' Me took hold of the Pre?
dent's wrist, ?is if feeUng for his pulse, and said :
' Yes, he is, ?lying.' 1 then said to Daniel: 'Run
uni arouse the house.' ,\t that moment Colonel I
Rock well eamo in, when Dr. Bliaa aald : Let us rob
hlsRmbs,' which he did. In a very few moments
Ml s. (?.irliei.l cam ? in, and said: ' Wlnt does ihi
iii-anf' ami :? moment after exolaimed] 'Ota, wh?_
nu J BBMB1 to ???'G.t this eTWSl ?. i DOgff \: I') :<t I
p. in. Itac sacrifloe was compii '? d. lie breathed h
la?.! oaltnly snd peaeefully,
" At the final moment the following pen ' ?
presenti Mrs. QarBsld and Miss Molli? ?
Ois. Bilan. Aguew ami Boyuton, Qeneral Bwsim,
Colonel and Mn Rockwell, J. Stanley lhown. 0. IV
KuckweU and Daniel Bpriggs."
Dr, Boyntou gives the following foil account
nl I lie death scene :
.lot before lOo'elook as the cottage waai '
';;, \> . .t up to th? President's room and upon I? ? 111 ,?
the President's pulse noticed it was weaker, With?
outswsksning the President be celled tbeatteo
tion of General Swaim to the fact, and then, thil ! -
ingschsnge was Impending, he areni overtotbe
hotel tiseiil some dispatch. He wasalmoal Innv
diately summoned. Upon going over in haste am!
entering the room he saw clearly that the Prosrai nl
wss dying, M??st of the family had arrived in the
loom, all the surgeons were found in time except
Dr. Hamilton? Scarcely ? word wasspoken by snj
one, as it was char to all at a glance
that the President ?as dying. As those
Ululimi,ed came in they silently took theii
place? about the bed. Colonel Rookwell stood at
tin- te? ni, General Swaim Bret to the. led, next Vis
darti? Id, win. gently held her hand on the Presi?
iteat'sface and breast? Next sto?.?! Mr. W. Rook?
well. Dr. Boyuton stood to the right of the Presi?
dent's head, next Dr. Agnew, and next to him Dr.
Misa Private Secretar? Brown stood a little in tbsl
real ami to the left of Mrs. (Jarli.id. " Dan," tie J
colored man, waa a little way from (he fool of th I
bed, Mia* MoUis Qariield was near the door.
All stood silently in these positions watching I he I
dying man. Once or twice there ware low whisper? I
among th o surgeons Dr. Agnew held the pulse, I
and Di. Boyuton listened lor the hear!, hut could
bear no souud. The only treatment attempted ?va?.
to give a hypodermic injection to allay pain. The
??. snicei lay perfectly etili aftei be (irsi called f<u
Qeneral Swaim and told him of the pain over !>N
heai?. Beabnply gasped slowly and at Intervals,!
ami thna watohed he passed quietly away in about |
twenty mlnntea ??? ? muscle moved except In the
gasping, end then? was no Quiver or expression toi
tell of pain. At death, the eyes rested half closed,
as if in palliai sleep. Mrs. Oarfield was strongly al I
footed, but asid nothing, snd did noi break down.
siici death she loft the room quietly, but returned
in about half an hour and eat by the bed, scarcely
?peaking until about 2 o'clock. At that hour Dr,
Boyuton urged her tO retire, which she did.
One present In the room at the linn- ol the death
says .Mis. Qarflold bore herself with surprising forti
(ade, Her Christian courage did not forsake her
for a moment. She remained s short time after
ih.; death was Sppareul to all, then withdrew
quieti) to her own room, Miaa MoUie Oarfield waa
on roome from the momonl of tbe sudden Bnmmon.
U? go to her father*? bedaide, and gave full reni to
her grief lu spite of every effort st self-control. T<
moal th< re, si to all outside, the sodden and anfore*
peen new? came mors as a bewildering shook than
as an event which could be measured ox realised,
11?nils after men walked and tallied of it us of a
mailer scarcely tangible,
Secretary Windoro, Secretary Kirkwood and
?Osimasi? ?-ii. ?.??.?I .lame., bad jus! returned to tin m
,,?,, and retired. They apent the time after theii
arrlvsl st the Francklyn Cottage In discussing the
preparations for the obsequies and kindred affairs,
but took no formal action sxoept In regard to tele?
graphing the \ oe-Presldsnt. Secretary Wlndom
-aid thai he bad been trying to convince himself,
and had almost BUCOeodod, that there was stilla
Ohanes for recovery, when lie wa? suddenly r?
qaeated by Mr. Jsmeson t<> open his door and the
ptartiing annouuosmenl was mads that the Presi?
dent was dead.
"i bad bees dsptaaued aU day," said Postala tez
? ?cm tai James, " and could not gai lid of the idea
that tin?, end was near, yet I think it ?hooked ua all
more than it would have done had death resulted
.(..m after the ahooting.''
"I was in he.l," said Secretary Kirkwood, "and
:!i<- BUB niions came like S thunder clap out of the
cleat sky. I have had little hope of hid recovery fur
esvara] days, bat this was a Burpriso,
?? ? holier? ht was reedy Ces death,'' mid Mr.
[jsaaBSj " uw u,i^ was better nieparod."
" Yes," added Secretary Windom, " he was not
afraid of it. He has discussed the matter during tbe
last two or three days with his attendants, and his
words have shown that he was considering the sad
probability very calmly. Yos, lie was ready on the
very day he was shot, when he expected to die. He
said to Mrs. Windoro : ' That is all right, all right.' "
No w?>rds can describe the grief which the tone ami
BUbduad manner of the speakers betrayed. Bandi
were clasped at parting as if in this common sorrow
they fain would sustain each other.
The suddenness with which the news of tie deal!
came can hardly be realized hy one not at Biberon
The cottagi? was closed at 10 o'clock for the night
The two doorkeepers, Kicker and Atehison, had
strolled down to the he ich for a short walk he fore
going to bad. Suddenly Richer said to Ateluson
thai the house was all lighted up. Thev boti
started up. and at tin? cottage door met Privai
Secretary Hrown. who told them that the Pr?sident
WM \eiy low, and asked them to call the surgeon
ami tin? Attorney?Oeneral and other members ol the
Cabinet, Dr. Boynton was talking in tin? hotel
orfico St the time. He hastily ran toward the cot?
tage, and in a moment or two returned and an?
nounced that the President was rapidly sinking
and again he returned to the death chamber. At
torney (onerai MscVoagta was in bed, but he was
up and dressed in two or three minutes, A carriage
was hastily dispatched for the other member? of
the Cabinet at the West Km!, hut they did not ?it
till some minute? niter the sad event bad oc?
curred. The first news of the death of tho ?t???-?
dent which iva he kthe outside of the cottage was
carried by Warren Young, one of the White House
? leii.s. 'He carried in his band some dispatches
which had been Indited to relative? of the Presi?
dent. 11.? was asked about the condition of th?
President and replied : " All is ove.''
Besaras aboi ? t?? ???? ??.?? corraos MBB.
i?ai?i ir.i.n's ?iiunn di.-i'KK.si'.M'E OB I'Kksi
DBMT ai:tiu'i:'s ? ?:?? BDg _.\ uitiVAl. OB 0??
OB QKN? ?:\?. <;??:?; i.u's BOMB.
luv ? ??.aoaarfl ro rasTsranva.]
ElbxBOB, Sept. 20, The sun's face wore a dee).
coppery tint as he looked up over the waters ebbt
morning and threw his earliest rays npon th"
closed abuttora of the cottage of death. The wind.
which for a week had been earning from seaward
and at tiine> blew a gale, cum now from the WSSt
and wa? hushed to a gentle Bopnyr. The bUlowa
which for dsya had lashed the sands in anger now m
murmured aoftlyof that eternity of which they
were the I'ltle^i symbol. Tin ?? was douilles-,
bol a mellow base bung over tbo ocean obliterating
the horizon line and blending sea andakyinons,
A single orafi miles distant, Boating aaltaeomed
u (.un nothing, like a sou! j usi parted Iron ? time, WSJ
making ita slow way with all sails set to catch the
br?ese tow aid the nort h.
At kheoottage the quiet of death prevailed, At|
alitile distance on all sides, armed sentinels with
Dxed bayoneta paced their heats in Bilenco, guar?
diana SA it seemed of that holder line bstWSSD now
and hereafter, beyond Which the living might
never pass. The ll.ig, which since the arrival of the
President at Biberon baa been floating from a pole
thru?! out uf an upper window oi th?? cottage, wa*
dia|>ed with Ida.!., hut beyond this no outwanl
?ign of mourning was apparent. The firsteosaeri
were tbe journalists, hut Lu tbnir demeanor the en?
toman oagorne ? ol competition was not apparent.
fifty million people would before night read th??!
truths they had conn? !<> gather, bul tbohr rnl I I
Inquiry was death ami mourning, ami decorous!
propriety befitting .the oees uhi vasalwaysto bal
respected. [
By balfpssl 7 a dosen peep'., had gathered ini
groups npon ihe porches oi th> hotel. De. loi ? BU ?-.I
Hamilton ami Agnes acre in consultation sta
that portion of toe hoto! nearest tbe cottage where!
???? ci i ? ? ef l san rua ? -who .?..'! oc. '? lor clcv?-ti
?? ,?. ' ? the oh]eel of tin ir ??licitud. .? di LUI. TI..??,
talked of the ?.?eut?, of Ih?? niiilit jii.t past. and ol
the nights and days which had preceded it. They
talked ol the coming autopsy ami agreed that n
?? .?Mel-j
mou of theii- W'ushiugtou aasociates iu the uisdii ij
mini Ila upon tho esse ?
Hr. Bliss said in reg ini to the Immodlsts canee ol I
tbe Preaideut'a death, that be believed it roaultedl
from tho coagulation of blood, which tbe heart ini
iti? enfeebled condition was unable to fotceott.I
Donerai Swaim," be -aid. "hol evidently not at I
tirsi follj appreciated the Imiuinenoeol the criais, I
? n? had cali???! l?r. Kii-s Immediately. "Istoppsdl
? st onoo," asid tbe Doctor, M and ai s ray of lighl I
Sell serosa tbe Invalid'? faoe I said, ' My (Jod. he i->|
dying Send foi Mrs. Osrlleld.' It ??as virtuallyI
? pololees death He suflered at first, tant ? neon?!
lonanei enne snd with that bis sofieringe were I
at an end." I
At hall pest io Secretariea Wlndom, KirkwoodI
and Hunt and Poetmesfer-General lames arrived st I
Klberon and wero invited at one?? to tin? Attorney I
Qenernl'e cottage, situated sbout as tar to I be I
northeast of the hotel as thi Pranoklyn cottage In I
which tbe dead President lav is to ihe poutheast. I
l here they remained during tbe forenoon discussingI
th- d?tails of the events w im ? had |us1 transpired,!
which they weie ?ill ho deepl] interested. Al
hall hour later Cemral Qrsnt with his son andai
.?lid drove np and the e\ -President spent an hoill f
m gathering Information of tbe l^st hour? oil
l'i. .nielli Cannili. ,
M eu ? w loh? the undertaker and his assistants had I
arrived sud were preparing the body of the Presi !
??nt for snibahiieut anil burial. The bod?, I
Rhowed the loss of flesh to a degree painful to lookI
upon. Only ihn face preserved anything like the I
apnearsuce ???un m health, ["he bearu lu a mea I
Mire coiitrihuteii in this, Barring to concetti Ihe h<>: I
lowness of the checks. The hod? was laid upon!
ini.iicr clotbs placed upon tin? fioor to await 11 ><- E
autopsy, ?vim h \< a - io take place In the afterno in. I
Dlll'lUg the forenoon several hundred people ? ?
sembled upon tbe pore lies at ?I boron. They were I
for the most pari people who bail no other object I
in coining than to see r.tie place '?here Hi?? ihadl
President lay It was an orderly, quinti well I
dressed snd well behaved crowd.
In the afternoon the verandas of the Klberon!
Hotel were crowded with visitor?, while the drives!
wen? thronged with carriages. ? good many inti-1
male ine,ids of President Arthur, who returned!
with him to Now?York on his special train, wore!
noticeable about the hotel, Among these wore!
I'olice Commissioner French, George lili-s, .lohn?
Lydecker, P. (J Ven Wyok and other local ?
iana from New-York. Among tbe others about|
Ihe hotel were (ieneial l.ralll. Ionici.il Horace!
?. Porter, Judge Latiirop, Albert Daggett, ex-Con?!
ssm.iii liaise?, of Newark, Congr? snnun Harden?!
gh, Governor Ludlow, ol Nes Jersey, t On ? m 11er j
Wright, tienersl l'errine, General Moti, K.J. An? I
deraou. Seen tary Kelsey, and other Mme olncers -??
New-Jersey. Colonel Frederick (?rani, Mr. Re?d,I
navate peorotary of Qeneral Arthur, sud many g
ithers. lu the early part of the afternoon the in-1
eresi centred about tbe cottage of Attoruey-Oeu-1
irsi MaoVeagb, where President Arthur and the!
Cai.inei were in consultation, Later In theda/l
the autopsy occupied public attention. Numerous!
reporta as lo the position of the bullotrhad been put I
? cu culai loll.
Much sympathy was expressed by all tor Mrs.I
larfield. Letters and telegiama of condolenceI
??nue from all parts of the country and froml
Europe, rhose win? had soc?se to Mrs. Oarneldl
.during the daysi? she bore up bravely under tin ?
severe trial. Stories that she had fainted sud that I
?be was utterly broken down were In circulation, I
but they wore untrue, Sbemaintaiua theaamede-|
niosnor and Cbriatian confidence that she head Is? I
played all ahme. Of course ehe was unutterablyI
sad and iu her race was written tbo fact that fiel
light of lier lile had gone out. In ber .le me alien she I
bore up like a brave Christian ?.ornan,
inning the afternoon Harry Oarfield arrived
from Williams College. Ih* first intii view with
Ins mother was ver r affecting. His brother James I
did un come with him, being detained on account I
oi sickness. The youngest child will remain atI
Mentor, and probably join tbe funeral corti ? st
t'!? velami. During the afternoon the sei va ? is wen?
gaged in packing up the furniture and other
things brought bore for thoir commit. By night
tin? aork was about completed. With the excep?
tion of some few artiche belonging in Washington,
the personal property brought here by Mrs. Uarfiehl
?vili be forward! a to Mentor.
Shortly aftar noon the process of embalming tl
President's body wsa begun by a man named
Walsh, from New-York. A solution o? arsente was
Injected luto the reins, ami the rest of the work
was delayed ti?l after tho autopsy had been held.
Later in the dav sulphate of /ine was Injected in!
tin? venia, ami the work of embalming.WSS then
unshed. Beuediot, the undertaker from New-York,
arrived at the cottage to- ?lay ami made ihe noces?
C'uulliiuial ou 1 lull l'aite.
Throughout the civilized world tho now? of
the President'?- _____ was received with profound
sorrow. The ti ist news of the Had event reached
London nt 5 o'clock yesterday morning, and
the morning newspapers published it in later
editions. Queen Victoria sent a dispatch, OX
prossing her sympathy, directly to Mrs. (.ar
field. The flags on many public buildings
were at haU'-mast. The Legations at London,
Paris, Vienna ___ Berilli were thronged all
day with visitors and sympathizers.
London. Sent. 90. -Tho news of President Gar?
b-Id's death reached London ?it 5 o'clock in the
norning, and was published in the later editions of
th$morning papers. Though not unexpected, it
created profound sorrow. The death of an Enfilan
Prince cou'd not have called forth expressions of
deepersympalhy. It has l.cen tho siimle topic of
1o-dav's conversation. All felt the National
calamity. 'Phis is not only ? tesimony to
the personal virtues of President Gnrticld, bnt
shows the Strength of the friendship existing be?
tween the two Mattona. Et er? l>odjr hopea thai im
:. of polies may oooetr. If any fear that Presi?
dent Arthur's mlvenf will be projttdieia] <o harmony
in th.? Cabinet Preeldanl Arthur's bearing so far la
aomniended, bnt the Infloenoe of others is aaoat
The ineeaage of the Soja] family and the (?noon's
telegrams all tahrangh the illness wire eagerly
watched. The meaaaga uUreetodto.tIra.GartteMu
OB illustr?t ion of lier Majesty's womanly feeling.
It truly expresses the popular sentiment and
touches ull hearts. The Loildoil evening papi
contained talegrottia from all pans of ihe thlM
Kingdoms. It has i?. .-n noticed that the cathedral
and chnrch dignltariea of ? .??.? cities ot*deaad
mnffled peala Among tho American colony the
blow is regarded as LiTeeaiable, Minuter Loarall
labeaieged withInqniriea Many cards havo bee
left at the L?gation ami at the Ame
ican Exchange, For outward siens of mourning ar
rangements are being made. ? great meetiag el
Ameiuaus vili bo held, as in I'ri siilciit Lincoln's
mi i\e\'T DOUBLT sai? api e?: sen agmiwi
Ml.l ?...?.?'. ? 1UTLD1V..S DEM'EI? IN 111.A' ?
TI Iti.M E ? ?????? -i.ll ltlVS 0? Solll.t.W IN
L'tVDiiN. Se|it. 20.?Iitim "tliat'Iy afier Ilio Ben -
ot the death of tin? Preeidenl aras r ceived Mr.
I.,. ?,.. ?? Informed the QueoD, the Prince ol Wales, Mr.
?: < ?? ?: ? ?.?e. ! ,, ? ? . rstory
The Queen has telegraphed to Mr. Lowell aa fol?
low ?:
With tlecp grief I n ml my chi I.In ? tenni the se! lu;? t??? ?
mo ?pot led news ??? i be fu'al termination of the
Inga of the Prealdenl III? lo?? 1? a great misfortune, ?
bave learned wltb deep aorrow tiiat tin? Prealdenl baa
? asseti awe].
? T.e Prince of Walt s telegraphed t.? Mr. Lowi II :
Tbe Princess and uiyeel f beg you tt> otfes our .-m, rn
on,I,?!, not a ?. G aid
I.on! Qranvllle, Secretory of State for Foreign Af?
fairs, tcleirrapheil Mr. Lowell ! "1 am dceplj
grieved?* il?? hissent atable message to Waabiug
loii retjaeating the Secretary of State to a ? ?ne Mra
Oarlleld an?! the Government of the grief wit!:
\. lu h the En ' h Government baa reoeived the an
nooneemeut, Parliamonl not sitting prevente it
from givingu formal express on of the sorrow end
sympathy nniver ally felt, which is deepened by
the courage aud dignity displayed by the sull'ere
In London the opinion expressed by all classes in
? oliv? nation In the sti????!*, on railway trains and at
place- of public resort, is thai the event is doubl)
?od after the tallant struggle for lite inode by the
President. The balconiee of the American l'.\
ebange are draped In black, and the flags which
?dorn ui.ci.v pin? ? of hnsineei In the west end o1
the city are displayed a ? half-maat.
Tin? hells ot Chester Cathedral were tolled, end
also thi.se ol sume ol the chilli lu s in : lie wc-l cu?!
ni London.
The Lord Mas or on taking bis seat ai tho Mansion
It,use to-oa ? , -xpi. ?? ?I ni he h.. 11 of I he til i/.-o, ..I
Loudou the deepest regret al the Bod news ol the
President's death. He said there nevei tvsi a time
i. hen the ?real ?????????f?3?1????communities were
joined in closer bunds.
At the Methodist Ecumenical Conference to-day
the B< v. Mr. Jenkins, ox presidi ut ol tho Wi Leyou
Conference, moveil the following resolution :
This Conferei. aaaembled on the la .1 daj of it.?
.ses?i..n. baa li m ned s Itb tbe decneal grief nr ? li- decea ?
uf ?,, ,.:? m (?.ca. LI. and exprcaae* Ha profound aym
nathj with tbe American dui Ion, aud ? ?.Ij w.in
Mra. ?.? rue ?? ?, In this treat aud sorrowful ben ivcutsnt.
Mr. Jenkins reminded the members thai an the
fu si day <>t the < lonferenoe they bad seni aerosa the
ocean $ m? ?s age tt> the w iie of tbe late Preeidont.ex
preaaing the lei veni hopeo! the ipeedy recovery other
husband ; and .n this the last day, they wer
?.re a message to the widow of him whom Got
In his Providenoo baa taken away, this deep sor
row would, he i. u ensured, unite mora closely the
American ?uni English nations, ilio resolution
was carried amid deep silence.
The American delegates to the Methodist Ecn
iiionical Council mot to-?.?.? under the pre id< m y of
Bishops Simpson and MoTyeire, and took separate
action in relation to the death of Prealdenl Garfleld.
Mr, Arthur Edwarde and General Fiske were $p
iioiiitod seereinri'?.?, and drafted a series of tesola?
lions, which were ananimouslj adopted, Thereeo
luiions expresa profound Borrow al the blow win,h
falls the more heavily upon American Citisene In a
foreign land : describe President Gordeld a? having
been ?m abl istateeman, a pure emu, an honorable
Christian aiiilammleicttfsenisj mpatliize aincore'
with lb.ible wi:,?, who Uluatrated the bigbi
tonn of Christian strength aud wifely devotion, and
commend her children and tho Fresident'a aged
mother to the can ol Almighty God,
A petition is being extensively signed m favor ai
chi ? g ??? Loudou stock Exchange for s day, as a
mark of respocl for the late Preeidenl Garlield.
I be annoimcetni ul ol the deich ol the Presiden!
was received al LlverpeoJ with universal ? \
pivsiou . of pi itoiind regret. Bimcial editions ol the
papers published the news with heavy tnourniug
borders. The Hags were at ha 1 ma . ??:? t?<? town
11 ;. ?, on a large uumber of publie and pinate build?
ings, and on ' l" ihlpping,
A dispatch from Glasgow, Beotcmber '..'?>, says:
The tienili ill I'n '.-ideili tiarlield Is the OUl? tOpiO
,.f conversation on the Exchange hen?. Ine Hags
uf public and private buildings ar< at half-maet,''
Similar manifestations ol sorrow arc reported
from Preston, Dundee, Cardili'and elsewhere. The
nu, ?,?.,?. taken by the working ellipses, tbe way lu
which they gaxhai-i i around lb ? pi icardi ?? an
u ?. ? 11, cnici.ts ill Ihe si reel s ol the great LftUI isln'V
towui with expressions of ?yuipathy, being sspeci
allv noticeable.
The Town Council of Norwich to-day anonimo islj
pannriil a vote oi oondolence with Mrs. Garni Id.
The ????! c. Sept. 30.?The Pint Chomber of
the .slates General tn-d'iy adopted by acclamation
a motion calling upoa the Governineiil tu pr.?
io p.e American Government an oxprosaionof pgo
ionnd sympathy.
Pania, bV pt. 90, -Ineonaequeneeof the death of
President, oariici.i, M. Coekery, Ministar ol' Post.?,
?.nd Telegraphy has postponed his oiiicial rocep
Monticai., Sept. 20.?The death of the President-,
aUhougiJ. uui, iiuci-puclod, haa produced pruiouu?
grief in this city. Every token of regret snd sym?
pathy for his surviving family and the American
people is manifested by the citizens at large. Flags
are flying at half-mast from almost every house,
and emUam? Of mourning are displayed on the shop
windows. Groups of people ure collected around
the bulletin boards discussing tho situation with
subdued voices. The morning papers are iu mourn?
ing ami give long and eulogistic articles on the de?
ceased. Had the President beloneed to tbe British
Empire BOgreetst evidences could be given than
?ire apparent hereof the respect in which he was
held or of the grief felt for hie untimely end.
Qi;krkc, Sept. 20.?The news of tbe Presi?
dent's death was received here with the utmost
emotion, and flags are thing at half-mast iu many
|> laces.
Ottawa, Ont. Sept. 20.?The deepest sorrow i
?xprcssed in every quarter to-day at the death ol
President Oarfield. The grand welcome which wiik
lo have been tendered to Sir John Macdonaid at th
['ity Hall this afternoon, and for which
preparations had been made, has been postponed ??;.
ihe Reception Committoe with the approval of th?
Premier. Ibis action has met with the hearty ap?
proval of citisene of all classes, creeds snd nattons!
Hies, fla^s to-day ars flying at half-mast from
Psrlismeni tower and Parliament buikiinga, ??Is?? oo
ill the prominent hotels, out of losptna ??, the
memory ot the bats President of the Chutad States.
Halifax, X. s., Sept. 20.?The bows of Presse art
Sarfield'a death was received here shortly before
midnight,and caused much resTetsssssBjBkeee ?h"
were about, although the intelligence was noi sav
St. Johns, N. B., Sept. 20.?A public meetiagof
itisene will be held this afternoon to express t>ym
[?athy with the people of the I'nited State? Bt tip
bath of President Gsrneld. A meeting of Unite?!
Sta tes citizens, reaident in St. Johns, will aio !..
held. ? he flags on the public building? and private
residences are at half-mast. The city bells tuli
for fifteen minutes. The President'? death is th.
principal topic of convi nation everywhere,
#y? m the rail .v.?" osatosi rtnSrai.
? year acro not one Englishman in a tkcua-l
nini hail heard General Garticfd'a name. To flay thTTi
.vii? poan ei.v i?e one Englishman in a thousand arso will
not read of his death with regret as real ami us Beep as
If lie had lieeii a ruler of our own. A en?.?
nun ion et pama un i ? es ili-? neeau-simdered ?? ssbers "
the English race to-day more closetj thau n aaeevei
boon united since 1776. [bere is something; peet?larl)
touching in tiie pabaMeaoe of party reonnuaattoe as
???? as Uulteau's fatal shot was Bred, hfaofa as we m
icret bis untimely end. and much as mankind must exe?
crate tbe murderer, the rncid eat i? oh which wlllprwb
ably oontrtbate more to toe stability and uuity ol
tiie Republic Iban scything tli.<i could nave
beep effected by Preaidocl OarfieM'? administration,
another tie oi strong human intere?! lias linked
the Mai.* to tbe poliiieal centre of union;
another hallowed saemerv inn? besa added i<> th?
historical Inheritance ot tbe Bepublie. Tha Idealo!
Smerieaacitizenship will be portled and derated t?.
the thought of his simplicity, devotion and patriotism
If it ware not for bis wife's sorrow teere weald i>e i.ns
regret thai itie Presiden) lias died, m> never miam could
he ii:i\ ?? attained to the ii^iriit in lie? Nation's nfl. etloi
to winch ??- lias ?. .? ranted, and aaj ? action o
after twelve weeks of universa! sy as patay, moved bj
lus 'liai ironnd, would bave ;- m v. ry palatal. Happy
in Ins lif.. Mr. CiarSeld Is *n:l more happy In the Urne ili
.-, i,ic?i be received 111. canonisation ef death.
? /y m rat Vend? ? >'??-? lave.)
The deep ijti ii-t' is attared in by all
? n ih ???? slung populations. Since the death of ta?
Prince Consort and the dreadful Illa, n* <>r tbe 11
?/alee, the haart nf tisi English rfstlsn as? sot basa ss
mot ? .i i??' it I? to day.
DIED wmi.i: Q \THr.lilN<; ms IIONOUS.
//?'.i-i The L
President Oarfleld died while he waa
? <-t ntheriag hn? boaora. He bad Bred i.-ri.?
enough to k?\>? proinUe of winning in.
rmik anioni; the al>le*t admlni? rai ors ari
bail preceded Ulm. Orlef Ih nowhere mora poignant then
m England, toward whom lu? m ut unente alni al
aerati soffri udahip and good ??.??.
Alll'.UOlV THE ???? I >!?' Till?; \\??'.?>.
? Watt.
Never, perhaps, v. as bo much sytnpathj
poured out foi Preaidenl GarBeld. Hi?
? !?! rrfulneaa, his i?atli n< <?. hl* . ourago, ids *..i.m? -
?tau ?, til ? maul? fortitude ???
.?*?? ? hero of btan il
from /V"? ? -? ? lirrli.t).
A sinister pall hangs over ? in? Beads of
!? ??? li nt '. "?'>? Ih been 'in ? Ictlm ?
powers whloh dealre the maintenance of s
G?, ( ?el in .?.??, ? ? menili, nue v. iieii th* I
William was sluillarfy stricken, eau with a fuller hear:
icere sympathy to tin friendly traaaatlaatie poo
pU In Ibetr nein? ol nial
\N |N\i ? IV G VICTIM.
F ? m fSl .'? : ' rtto).
?? Innocent victim baa Essen <i;iim.<l i>\
? ?,..li Corruption may warn the American people ol
? lie necessity ?? moral regeneration.
Fr. m The Berlin ? t.
President Oarfleld is a martyr to his endeav?
or? to resistcorruption. The crune agatnsl him has
awakened the consclousneae that it Is tra d itj of ..
eommnnity to struggle amilnat tbe oabraldodei
in? of Individu?is.
IMS NAM!) Will. SIMM" IN ???????.
??.)? ras rarMafi tasritu.)
President Oarfield's name will shine forili in
li itorj with the ?? - sea of Washington and Lincoln. Hi
m.ni. ' tue country Independen, or tbe dictatorship ol
Fran G? .Berto? G??????.
America should ?wear at the grave not bo
reel until the National .li?.?:?.??.? corruption?i? wiped
oui. it she does, President Uarflold ??ill not have died
in vain, '
Front ras Nere < HruteeU,)
Though not unexpected, the impression
created throughout Europe by tbe death of I'i
. ui ?Mil le profound snd uuivereat,
From The ? Bette ? Brasa ?
With Mr. Garticld diaapiieara not only :???
upri hi man. but, possibly, tbe entire poUoy ot ?
uess wbleh he Inaugurateli.
fVein //?- ?.?/o tit Parlement jBrmeeet*/.
Daring lii^ short administration Preaidenl
Oarfleld ??? ?eenred tbe g?n?ral esteem at the United
states ami bJurope.
? ?t te .
The death ol Uiemartyr i-, Cor him, ?? tuer
rifui delil eran. e.
Ar?? The " ntreal Herald.
Thecivilfzed world s ill be tilled with sorrow G<?t
the des?i, with sympathy for those deer toblma'bost
?urvtve n.m, and with ? for him \\
hi OUght IIUOUl Un> < SUHBitj ?
ENI ! AM) AM) llM'I.AM).
LowDOMi Sept. 20.?W. E. Forster, repljdng
la s letter so Mess ?. Dickson aad Otvaa, relattva to tbe
Imprtaoned asapesta, und Hr. attesasi
pointa eut tasi the Coercion Act is n<>t for panlsh
mout lor, bat wr the prevention ef outrages M.?
-ays the release of the suspect? weald he ha
mediate if it eoald be aens wltbout endsi
pabilo pesos. Hr. Forster ears that U the Laad \eiie
iriveii a lair trial flie rtatOOf tBO WIUll J BBSJ s ?
Improved as to eaabte the Qevsrumeal te rol ?
?uqpeot?, bat s? ret there are aalj partisi siga? at tm
prnvement Outrage?, be says, are stili frequenti ?
law fu siili nsi-te.l. ami ili'?..? in siili mini:
s>st?in of intimidation. HS rSj SS thai the Q
ment le enabled to reduce taoamabei o ,? toner?, bot
paystbat the state o? tas aoaatrj ieoa aotwarrsata
general liberstloa.
Hr Edward Qreer, I ~i->m?i Crows Botleitor of Count]
trina li, liai ? ipnotutcd Aesiataut Legal <
Hloiier under tbe Land Act. .Mr. Qreer ai
In e.!,? ige or Ulster.
The correspondent of The fYmesat Dublin says:
Sheridan was liberan ? ?> .? inse
In w hielt lie lives juatltied bis release. The ton
Forst, r's lett. r should eati?f.? the eountrj w
? ?.? hlndlj dlsnosit Ion of the Governi owthai
mere have to blame, not tbe wovernmeut, but
? in p? uns.- in?, mis for their contiuuod detenttea."
?,???????, Sept. 2<>.?Tiie sfethodiat Ecuroen?
lest Ooaaoll eloaed with the adapttas at sa ai
all Methodi-t-.. which WS? read ley HihIioo I'.ck. I
cuse, N. Y., Sad BlgBSd Bf a r? OT CBtatlV? of ?ve?.? W*0S
Lostdob, Sept. J.O.? \ Cairo di patch tv> las
. r tare? dsj s* examination tbe I
ell has passed regulsttoas tor ? military commb ? u,
?viii? ? will ba immediately promalgatod,boa has sates
thedeperturi .?? th( troops to tbe interior has sot be ?
ltxe?l. Until this ortler is given and oiie.v.ii. Utile eou
? ?. ,. -? ??a. ? ne n u in ilio an a?.?,, me ?? ?. which, iu auy
louoc, usvi?i tciuiioroij."
scenes in various parts of tub ciTY?t????
The grief in this city at the death of the
President was profound and universal yester?
day, although the expression of it was quiet.
1 :..gs vere at half-mast in all part? of tho
city, and great numbers of building?, not only
in Broadway and other busin? -, but
also in residence quiii'Drs, wore draped with
b!ick. General Arthur went t?, Long- Branch
'?'.?? ? special train at noon v.-ord.lv. ?.? ,
Cabinet meetimr there, and called on Mrs. Gar
laid. He left Long Branch lor the city at 4
o'clock, aiid spent ihe night at bis lem.? here.
He will go to Long Branch again tills looming
and will act un,?any the body oi
Gaiiicld to \\ aabiiipjton.
TUV NEWS HI -? ??????) 11V MANY 1 \ Til I
?A (.LAN. E AT THE P! A? ?S??? -I. I N s nl WOK?
Widely as the newa of Pri-ilice! death.
wae difl'use 1 Momlay ii i t? ?it., ibero $ra$B thoneanioV
of houses in the upper part? of the city ahoga tbe
r-leepii.ir bnaBtttes r.civtd no llltimattm of the
motirntul tidings until the daylight woke theea
?aataadagf Baatahnr, Many had bean aaaaai froa?
their slecf) by ti.e iinwiintetl sound of lb? !
kalaSj ami for more hi the wild ni i
iiew'shoi s who liuinel ihrough the - ? tiiuo
to Haas during the early Baataaxsj tari ?he
word 'extra " h : s become such a r aneas
woafca that even man?.' of theea who
broken by the sinn?: only turned un r
pi'lows, with :: diowsy growl at the interni; . f
their ili
Many good c as assi arenasi themselvea
I? isiirely y. atetday i..oru.i:g ? ; . ?
perhaps, of tin? sick-room st Elberon, but Baverai
much a drew oing thai ana short angas had turnesl
ii intot$ja presence-chamber of death. Ttt .-?une tita
beavi bla? !? lines ..f the morning m .vs;t:i,?er firet
'. onlirmed the fears of many others
who ri s,,rt t.? the m ws-stand for the moruiajjr,
journal gathered the situation from th 4
leant, Even theeedid not banish the hist eeetigaejf
?lojie. M Oh, perhaps it is a mii-tak??they wert? at
h ili-iiiist for t;e:i. r.il l'.urnsn'i go. H
mav he all a mistake." ' Sudi reasoning soon gave
way b?fete the dreaded continuation of aad facen
and the be? gee af Bsoavntasj. an ? an rya?osx] hasteoaal
downtown to gather such meagre partii niara ae vean
la ha had near anal ahorra fJaa amp. >f iba
The outw.ii'd ma:,if, stations of excitement in tho
? of a stai ? . ver ha
so great ana a?aya as vv baa ?very piece of new ? wan
; laiisn.itt'-il 1.x wor:l of mouth. Pittai of a clses
maltitnde surrounding evntynnhbe tiiesnsny
$p r, $ (?uiei tintili.' is 88 8? B8M waiting in SSB?a
BBsnaanee for the next thrill of the l wire?,
which ?? e;":,irt of their own osa
ment does m?: 1. ???
? minimal em s dosest
simultane?is bulle! ins ta I :
the lit w . 1 eSM w.'io saw the s r. .us facea
it the telegrnnh asneas yest???r4tae7
would judge that tl ??UMUonaSatt??
.1. lb.? bui taira
i.oaiits . .iiiaoe
i.ici t of tl?.?? ?
??.?..? ?retti ?ea?If
expect i dateci . h
moimi:.. -J
h. but the Mank va ?c ey whies*
ihawad that ? ini, .otean
say bronghl home tbe Nations to inaujr
hear'? tint', however wel' t' I ?1 Oat
feel that ? ?
newsp.ip? ? .- largn
atennon 1'? ? .ween
Wall-st. and the I littsa
more than a ?ft
pap. rs were
the boys made little ?
who w.:o indifferent a) br chsotsv
Everythiug that su2.?' -ted a thought > :
Garfield found an eager asai fall
?.f finish ' s
uttuihers, ami pb ma?!?
widow found slmosl of sror
land Blnek and white ha ? ?r. alt
?d the Pn siiba:, and "We USJOUU our leas,*
primed npon tissas, ?p p besnjhl la largt number* tn
be vi or'.
to the death ef il ? ?ceo
hawked ah ?I the
York fach! Squadron, while at anchor, will be
d at Imlf masi for thi I
AKtHN!? I'll E IE
The imi',. ;ivs nf r $ m
the si/.e of the ? fut the ('fire?,
?imi many ex ? s
family's b nt, and
of detestation for hi -n title which 't waa
no longer n ?ce? -.???> to ?p G toe with a " ???
1 : ',?? and to
I *,end
to Mra. ' ? '
Every particulai t wan
I. The m?''? r
? ini Bsnefa r waa
she au for 1 ? a,
and appn bation ol In- <????? . .??
seter ? f ?Inly
bui ici in prest :.1 houe?. 1 s for
tlu funeral were also noted with
rumor came thai the body was lo Im .
?'. with hi
Si world !
eise. The resol ut io
the bodi be bmughl to ' ?
met v. itii ;??
ond over ? with ui
m ? s, ) Dive 1
eel pi )
is that which
etralc th ? inni I
It* spi o. Iremtde ?
is hau
. ? ?
men read in the
. . . , .
lie Is CO
man. "In:, by ? ? *?
on any leg . woe
?? ? feci:
wa* hai .
? ,? ? . . ,. .??'.'. u.
A I I I.
1 be 1 ... ?cited
? had
? lito il
oi , VV .
ai. I the ..ir con versai ion was
? ?. were bui lew to en?
?unie liihi'll of sol. ?
; !:r Pr,-, :? .?'. Inueorl}' ah the depart manta of
iki ? exprt - I
the liUiveiisaiLelitig, and in n-osi. ul ?ioui Lioamosg

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