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Lt.cihcos r^oitcto.
"ALPERNEr Uit \ N" i>
i?n mi* k.
I - ma.11 uu- ?"?? ??-?-.
. .Hiitb-aTcaadl I ai
Itl00.000 north Furniturc Covorii -
. .,,.,.,,1,11,1,,. nowdeatKuaandcobirUUTa
BRAKI H OFFll E8 OF l'lli. MtlBUKB
W48HI*4GTOS- Vo 1.'?-"-' F -'?
j<iv,.,,v_ >,. 2fl .;.? Iforil at.. -trii t.
1-AKI-- N" '?? I'*1'-- - _
Jfrnv^ork Paila Ktifctaw.
TBE XEW8 V///v U0RX1X0.
r.nii.it.N -Tbe Sultan ha- iaaned a proclnniotion
aWar.na.Axab Pacha a rebel, and calling ou all
Egyptiana toobey tba KhedWe : ??? ???'?
from Kaaaasin u Irnpracticablc for the proaent, ow
|b*j t - tlu* Inability oi ti. aei - lo -"t to
getii.TMirti.iiit Bupplies. - A thouaand Gror-k
troopa a.re on their wny to the frontn-r. ii?
Dublin anthoritien nnd tha diaafiEBctetl policemen
ar.- aettlina their dlfforene -. I artherfncti
an* Kiv.-n relatlre t.> Europaatii crops,
DOME0TIC -1' a lui ni Commiaaion mel y.--t.r
daj la Cincinuatl - - The Rev. A
Kelaer, oi Pnttsville, Peun.,waa arrerted for brt- ich
0f jir.u-.i-.-. Enocb Strother iraa nomlnatwl
lor Goreroor bj tha Bepubllcan Convontion ol
?lerada rhera wera B?rentr-acven new
,.f yellow f-vit at Brownavllle, Tex. -
I. - -,-;,-ii--.. Aaaoelation condnned ita aeaslon
ftt Sarat.'iri. :Tho Yonng Amei i tClnnwaado
f .it--! ttt Phil itlelphia by tlu- W-patern AKaociatlnn.
?- \ Beaidou "f tl"' National Telephone Amnoia
tion waa bold ln Boston. - = A eolllaiou occunwl
bftwrt'ti freighl traina near Baleigh, N. C, ou tha
KaleU'h iti'l Augnata Air Line,
Cnv ANi' srui'liitAN.?A brntal mnrdei wai
ruit?*il at Kensico, Weatoheater Connty, on Snmlay
nlght-? Fellowplay, Magnatc, Tom Plnnkett,
Girofle, E'hvm A.. umi ReTonge won the Bbeepa
li.i.l liav Mcea yeaterday. -^=^ II"* Aroort
runaii.; Bntisb Rille Teatna practiaetl a1 Cro?dino..r.
-A ..?>??'?*im' i.f Iron ore prodncera waa ht-ld.
a-=-=rAwedding al Trinity Chorofa recnlled tl"*
fninnus Mdiamosd wedding" of mnnv yenra
aSo. ?-_The rammany Conumttae on Organlaa
tion ilf.i'lt'il to Benddeleaatea t" the StataConTen*
tion. -~~ Al.I 10,000 worktngmen paraded.
r ; xha oontrael whichgivea tbe Emigratian
Board the eontrol of Irurnigralion waa aareiMl
to. ? ~? SanatoT Laphnm took teatinnray al <'" u-v
Iauutd in regard to the preeervation ..f ),-<"l flslios.
:-f:..:.l M.lu4*4?f thelegal t.-iuler BHvor dol'.ai
I4121*] fraina . 87.80 " at*-~ Stoeka wera more
oonv,- aud lower. bul 1 it.-r un'l" a p irtlal reoovery
aml than * -1 ???*-. 1 wi- ik at <1 nnaettled.
'ini. \Yi Aiiii i:.? 1'itir.fM: locnl obaerrationain
tluiit.* faii u.-.'lir with atatiouary .>r lower
temperatnre. reuaperature reateruuy: Iligbeat,
?*i40; it.v.-.-!. 69 ; arenae, 7 l'-- -.
Tho qtiirt wedding ai old Tiiniry yeaterday
traa ia auurkad aootnal with the aplendid cere
Bjaooyof twenty-thnae yeara sgo in the Cathe
draL If diauioada weie trumpe thcn, it lookn
os if ht-ai't*. iniiy hare turnod up al lant.
It la diff.cnlt to nnderatnnd wby any aecrecy
io ut-t't's-iify in ibe Inquiriea of the Bnnnle Com
niittei* nowal Coney laland inyeatigating iin
pt.rtant queationa louohing the Intereata of tbe
flahermen along tbla eoaat. Plaiuly aometbiuM
aliotilil be done to prevent tbe deatruction ol
th<* iuonli.lt ii. arbieh furniali i.I to tln*
food fiabeainour neai watera. Tbe flaberuicu
aay tlny uugbt to bave a ebance to bear wbat
the argunienta <>t tbe meubaden meu nre,
nnd we thini they aro tij-'tit.
Tlie aetlon <>f tbe rotera in tbe llld
Diatriel ?>t Oneida County in aelecting
delegatea to the Stale Conventlon i" aiiit
tbem.selvfH :unl nol tbe Stalwarta,
will bo a mortitication t<> tbe Ma !-im*
and Mr. Conkling. Sm-li n rea.?sortiorj ol tbe
lodependence <>t laal year, eapecially after tbe
Kational Adniinlatration lui.l m.,..' <il to manip*
nlate tlio Fcderal offleea <?l tba nelghborhood
latltebopeol crushingit out, niual hare been
tiiioxporii.l. Tbe ii'\v Stalwarl poatmaater
La.** hai.ily fulflHed tlie bopea -.l bia trienda.
The American Eagle Im- been cleanug lii
tliru.it preparalory i.? acreaming witb exulta*
tion or.-r thedefeatol tbe Britiab rirlt'iuen in
tlie rnatch al Creedmoor; bul thal Glorioua
Uird Iia-. pauaed and U now looking intently at
the Mon* which tbe Engliah team made :it tbe
lai'^o yeet erday oa their flrat practice. On tbe
firat atuge, compoaed ??t tlie three diatancea tbal
will ba *-li<?' tbrough oa the firal day <>! th.
aaaetiag the bome team bad a -i-on- of
1,273; tbe Britiab, V-'T-'; on the aeeond
?taje, tba Englialimen had 1,1 U7, and tbe
Anifiifiiii.*. 1,102 ? 93 leee, Tbua the
?Tftoati were 94 pointa abead. li ia plain
that tln* Bngliabmen are well-traiued mili*
tary meu whi underatand theii i>.-?,?-- and
Who Will.itHii'Jti.it _
If the Ctunerona are men <?(''lt-Ii<;.i<* -i-ii?i
bilitlfri thry r.il: li.,l<!!v lilnl il Jili-,i -an t to be
witbaolittlebonorin tbeir own conntiy. Bya
latter on aaotber page it will be aeen tbal
in Danpbin Connty, Ponn., tbe bome of tbe
Camerona, tbe ludepeudenl moveiuenl darea
lodaoa itaelf. Ereu ln iiarriaburg, iu the im*
iiii.li.itt- aad a.siul preaence <.t ;.,.? Boaa. aelf
reepectiiij.' rotera nctually bold up tbeir
lioiula. ln Btleetoa, cloae by, wbere t'.- i"'j>
alaiion is made np <>f mill banda, tbi re are t .*.<?
Independenl Bepubiican (!ui>> uunibering :i7">
xneiubora. Wolfa'i vota tberewaa 11 Ap
Iiitri-nily there li nol mucb fear <it ? broken
down taiiil in eaae al the orerthiovi <>i ma*
cbine rnlo. Tho elder ('at.ni.ii'-. il. I.tul
Mophaey aml tha m a'a tootbacbe tbreata
geeui to ba of litth* efteet The ex-Boaa ol
thia istate, wlio wa*. ao Mainlully siiuhocd iu
his owo district in Oneida Counly laal jear,
?boBldtend ? noto of condoleBea to tb? laad
log candidate for n-tiromcnt to privaielife
ln PennayWanla. Hc kBOWi beal bow Ibe
graal l'.?" i.iiist iu- fealingabonl thi* tnne.
PerhajaiMaJorPhlpprt.of Phlladelphia, ahould
nol be oondemnedai gnilty nntil he haa been
proved ao, bnl atill bii frienda mna! admil Ibal
circnmatanoM areagainal bim. hi hia elejjant
Biiartnienta bare been found arthlea of all
Kinils iutended for tha oocnpanta ol thealnia
liiiu-c fromcboice winea lo blanketa and iine
tootb ooraba. Tboy made a Large wa ron lond.
Stealing i* alwaya wicked, even when lt ia al
tlie expeBaa of tboae who Bppareutly cnn iiftord
to spare whal ia miaaing; but when atealing
takea away from bim thal b?th boI ovob thal
which be hath thron-fh the beaevolenee of
other*, there neeaiBto be a eall ror latenaifyinR
...ljci-tiv.-.s. Certainlyil ia aa aggravation ol the
,-,?.,., TbeMajor'a tliettaareof tbiacharactcr.
He st..1..- eventhe blanketa which weroro keep
tbe wretcbed innintea of the almabonae warm.
Tbeaum ol s.-.?n? rewanl fortbearreal ofauch
au offcuder leema inadeqaate. Tba aatiafac
tion tbe pubHc wooldtakainaeeiflg himweU
puoiahed ia worth more than thal amonnt
Tlie i.Hii who took part in the labor paradr
geacrnlly appeared to be peraona of no amall
iutelligeace. They wera neatly dreaaed, and
ciirrie.l themaelvea well. It ia lobe regrt
thal Ihcse niencan be governed by Buch peraona
aa tbelr pn wnl leadera. The latter aredctn
ii..i,;ius of tho woral kiod, wbo peranade ibeir
'olloweraintoa.l kindaof acrapea, They areen
abh'd to do thia iu greal meaaure beeanae the
.ntclligeut and aenaible membera of Ihe elaaaea
whicb are employed at mamial labor keep al
wotk ii.ul have no time to acl aa leadera.
They nofortnnalely delegatethal dnlytothe
la~y fellowa wbo wonld ratber live br tbelr
wi! - than by houesl toil. lt ia n pity thal the
workinjrmen allow themaelvea to beBoeheap
eued. Even Ihia parade eoming at thia time ia
open tn auapicion. Ii waacertaiBly boI a nien
ace to (?:.;?it.ii; nor was it needed t<. impresa the
publie ivith the power of the laboringman.
The atrike ??! tbe Ircigbt-handlera waa
niore eftective for thal purpose. Butitianot
al all nnlikely thal certhia demagoj-uea aml dia
liuiicst leadera thongbtil a good time of year
to showtbetwo greal politicalpartiea thal there
are teu thouaand ballota in tbia city in the
huudsofmen whe, ifabrewdly maaaged with
oul their being conacii na < f it, migbl be at tlie
diapoaal of aomebody?for a coaaideration.
TBE <>::i<> QULSTIOaS.
Tbe Repnblicana inObiobave takenawiae
conrae as to tbe liquor queatii n, and have
taaen it deliberately. Tbe alarm and keaita
tion nf their opponenta prove tbal they acted
wiaelr. Bnl certain timid trimmera, who tbink
tbal lha party anawera the onlj < nd of ita being
il it elccta them to ofl.ee, are alarmed. lt -. emi
to them that they may be defeati tl, in certain
localitiea, uulesa the temperance queation can
be eliminated from the canvaaa aatothem.
Hencethe propoaition thal the vote for Secre
tary of state, aml for thal offlce alone, sltall be
?? conaidi n 'l " a tesl of the wiahea <?! the people
w 11 ii reganl t" the liquor busineaa.
Tbia --11_.-_r4.-ti.1i1 is quite lacking in practical
-en-i-. Tbe large sumaalready contributed by
the liquor inteical have nol been given to defray
i \) i-i sis ?f tbe campaign for Becretary of
State alone. Thia money will be uaed wber
evertbe Democratie manaitera may tbink iii,
and they wUl tbink iit to nae ll ln doubtful leg
islative or Congreaaioual diatricta. Self-decep
tion w ill nol doai j food to the Repnblican can
didatea anvwhere. Tbe recognized repreeeut
ative man of the paity, especially Governor
Foaterand Benator Bbarman, havotaken pub
licly ? well-deflnod poaition on thia queation,
natbeoneot grealeal immediate tutereat,and
tlir people a ho are hoatile (?> Ihe poaition of tbe
party, aa ahown in it- platfurm aud by ita lead
vag. men, will vote ngainBl it no uiatter whal
niivlnnly may aay be ia going to * conaider " the
result. The nakod faot la tbal the people who
want free liquor aud n<> Bunda. will vote
agai iai the Rep iblican ticket, and no de* ice ol
iii_c:ii(iti.s politiciana will prevenl them. On
the other hand, if the Republicnns ure manly
and earneat, the people who want n deeent
Sunday an.l ;i reasonablc tazatinn and regula
tion ot tbe liquoi trafflc will beveryaptto
vote for the party, but againat any candidate
w Im triea to ahirk tbe queation.
It ia no new thinj*, tbia appeal to tho moral
and patriotic convictiona of tbe people by Re
. ii,-. They are encountering only tbe
vi i \ s.inic obataclea tbat they encountercd when
tlir inaoleuce and aggreaaiona ol the alave
powcr forced thal queation upon the cmintry.
Then, aa now, there were funda raiaed by tbe
advocatea "l existing evila t.' defeal the Repub
lican party. Tben, as now, tbe Repnblican
party as auchpropoaed only a fair expreaaion
ol publie opinion, aud a reaaunable and prac
ticable limitation ol the evil, bul waa foughl aa
-i. ,i. 11>. from tbeatart, aaif it bad pn poaod
abolitioo. Tben, as now, there were timid men
who wanted tn gel offlce aa Repnblicuna with
outoflending tboae wbo were in favor of the
anliuuted cxtemdon and rirtuul auvereiguty
ofevil, They were geuerally beaten, aawaa
natural. Binccre and earneat men of all aorta
diatniBted them. Bul the Republlcan party aa
u whole had tbe courage to declare ita convic?
tiona, and the people ultimately ua?"e it uure
itricted coufideuce. For yeara, a aettlen-enl
waapos-ibb a'any time on tbebaaiaol area
aonable rcatriction ol the evil, but tbe defendera
ni alavery were intoleraul and intolerable.
Thej remeraber tbe reatilt.
The poaition ol tbe Repnblican party on
thia queation mual be jndged from tbe condu. t
..I ita niajoritieaand iis leading men. We infer
that it ia Iu favor oi a moderate and rcaaonable
reatriction <>i tbe trafflc in liquor, aa a kind ol
huaineaa ln which abaolnte liberty cannol Ik
iinluLid witbout barin to tka pnblio welfare.
!.\ i-tly ao, and for theaame reaaon, tbe part}
waa in favor of tbe reatriction of alavcry. Bul
a cbange came v lien tbe pro-alavery men delied
andrebelled againal tbe law. Tben itdid nol
take long to decide lhal a law-defying aud ie?
lielliouaintereal mual ba extirpatod. I lie liquor
iiiti-n--t -ci-in- i.i be iloinff whatil cantoarouae
Lai 1. ?-liiii.- ..I loyal iudignation. li would
l.r .i tbonsand limea better lor tbal interei i t.<
!>. beaten iu Ohio, by Uk- active reaialauceof
1111111 > of ita frienda to uureaaouable and inao
lenl demanda madein ita name, than for it to
-iu i. cl in defying law aud preventing reaaon
able aml moderate re traiut Ii any doubi
thia, they will !<? couvinced wbeutbe Obio
Lcgialature meeta auaia.
//// Di VO( l: 1 ll< '.iai A88.
Somehoa tbe Deniocrata of thia State do nol
si i in to be takinfj theii accu toraed zealoua in
tereat in politicc, thia fall. Theii couveution
for tbe nomination ol Governor and oiImi.uii
portaul oflicialaia lobe beldon tbe -1-: oi
tbepreaenl montb, audyel to-day Hndi tbe
inaiiiiiv of tbem, leadera aa well aarank and
iili-, eomparatively liatlaaa. The) bave uo
idea wbom they are going touuminate. Ilalf
u di./.i ii oi more irantlemen bavabeenHmen
tioued" for tbe baad ol tba ticket, but tbe
ll.di.i-> ol uo ouc of tlicin uie pU-illliU lliiugu.
Wliiiii* tbe maiU'i 1 VYhjrthia abaoraaalaa*
pineneM I
The explanation ia fouad la twn aaMenl facta.
New-York Democraey ia hopeleaaly divided
and ia handii appc i i>;. lt* " ??"?'??? '? ?"? m*n"
agerarealireonly t.... well thal the party minua
Tainmany bidoometi to certaia defeat The
people realize tbal the party plua Tammany
w.inhl atill be t<><* wenk aucceMfn.ly to cope
witb the Repnbhcaus, by reaaon <>f it-* corrnpt
imbecile and ludncenl coutae dnring tbe lual
winter in tbe Legialatnre. Nerer didapolil
iial party have a het ter opportnnity to coro
iiiiiitl iisi-H tn popnlar coufldence than that
preaented to the iVemoeracy of New-York on
tlu* cotnina, Inof 1682. For thefirattimein
man; yeara i? fonnd Itaell in control in both
branchea <>f tln* Legiabiture. Whal <?"> II oto
with the opportnnity 1 lt threwil away *<>
abaoiutely th il tbe hietory <?f ih<* aeeaion makea \
a eapital campaign docnmenl for Ita oppo
nenta. In riew of thia the noble aentinienta
wbicb the Democrata are anre t" place in ilioir
platform will merely excite tbe derlaive
laughter of all thinking rotera,
A atrennona effortii being made?and ii la
aboul tbe only really lively thing oonnected
with their canraa?to IndneeJohn Kelly and
hia fellow Tammanyitea lo aay or <h> aomething
iudicating adeaireoral leutta willingneaa to
be forgiven by Mr. Tildcii. H la rerj evident
tbal .ili tbal the BRegularaM deaire, notwith
atanding tlicir Berce dennncuttiona >.l Tommanj
dnring thepaal year, ia to be abown a foiror
o\i*n luir to middling excuae for adniitting
111 reacntatirea of thal orgnnlration to tbe
Syracuae Convontion. T.> beaure, the u Regn
la.-." in the Legialatnre abaolntelyrefnaedto
admil tbe Tammany Senatora and Aaaembiy
in? ii to i!,i ;i cancna and placed their refnaal
on the gronnd tbat theae Tammany legialatora
were nol 1 leniocrata ; to be anre,alao, tbe oi l-:uis
i.i i!.,- "Regulara'1 from Buftalo toNc< -York
applauded thia abut-oul and hnrled at Tam?
many all tbe "oi-t adj< "ti*.?- and aul>atantivea
in the rocabnlary <>t denunciation. Bul all thia
nnpleaaautneaa i-* a thing uf the paat, of the
winter and apringand early aummer. Thia ia
autumn, and aul.i tbat bringa the State
Convention haa apparently wronght a ohange
of li.att in tbe " Regulara." Thoj begin to feel
tbat, after all, Tammany may not bave com
mittcd tbe nnpardonable ain againal the party,
or tbat, al all eventa, tbeir revenge mighl <"n
M-i:t tn ideep long enongb toallon evcry Tam?
many liiaii to walk up to the ballot-box and
iVji i-i! a vnti* for TiM.il'> candidatea lor State
lt may lu* that Jobn Kelly will conaenl to
be forgiven aud tliai Tammany will Bend a dcle
gation to Syracuae that will be * recoguiaed.'1
Bul it lanol probable. Kelly, who bad a niem
orable andcoally experience al Syracuae n lew
yearaago, doubtleaa "t--.n> tl"- Greekaeven
when theybringpreaentar?tbal iatoaay even
when they offer "recognitioii." Tlie uRegn
Inra"areiikel3 i*. i?? Kon witbonl theirbosl wbea
they i-iiiiiit it|"in wlnning witb late iieuitential
tafly tbe Kelly wbom t !.?\ drove out of laat
year'a conventi.ind thia year'a cauenaea
wwU curaea. Bnl witb him orwitbouthim
Democraey ia booked fordefeal in November.
lt baa diligeutly aown Ibe aind. lt will
gatber ;i tini- crop .il whirlwind.
Ii M ll> A. II ELL8 FOR i 0XGRE8S.
If is reckoned ;i ;-r<>"<l ?ign bj Connecticnl
Republicaua wheu the Democrata begin talking
ui" ut uominatin ? the lion. Darid A. Wella for
any oflke. Wbenever tbeie'a any .-!ni\\ for
Democratie auceee* there are alwaya plenty
ni laint-i aml hard-workicg Democrataready
to take niir.iiiiati.>h-, and nobody wbo ia nol
a ?? wiiKir"' baa tbe aligbteal cbance. Mr.
\\,ll~, it |a hardly neceaaary to aay, ia not a
Democratie "worker." Being aomcthiug <>f ii
tbeorial and poMtical reformer, he naturally falla
iiitd oppoaition to tbe party in power, wbicb he
liolils reaponaible t?>r all exiating political ei iia
aud adniinintrativc ubuaca, A free-trader on
principle and one ofthe leading ngitatora ol
whal i- called '?revenuo reform," be ia by
reaaon tbereof atill furtber drawn away from
hi< old aaaociationa with Kepubhcana aud Pro
tectioniata. Bul he flnda ao little in tho pro
ti---:,'!i- < t tbe Democratie party to cni ourage
tbe bope <>f leform from th. m, and bo niucb in
tbeir practice to givc the lio to tbe little they
profeaa, tbal .- n |u'lni<'al reformer he can
hardly perauade binu-elf i<> caal in hi- lol with
ih.-iii ; win!.- tbe uncrrlain attitudo of the party
on economic queationa and tbe diaboneal tn at
uienl tbej bave given tbem alike ropel bim aa
a free-trader Ironi auch u conucction. Intbia
state "i tbmga he may be aaid to be a politi*
iim witboul.. party. During the paal ten ye ira
ue prei mie li" baa oftenei voted tho Dem?
ocratie tbau the Republican ticket, but nevei
c\ i ;,i npon wbat he deemed a choice of evila
altbougli be baa aometimea been a del
egate !?>' Deiuorratic conventiona, he baa been
noioriouisly ao little in nccoid with tho pnrti
or in syuipatliy witb the leadera tbat be baa
ozcrted m> iutiuence wbaterer in thepartj
"i 11 be haa been u lalked of " a- a I 'emocratic
caudidate foi rarioua oflicea, two oi three timei
for Membcr oi Congreaa From tbe llld Dia
triit, m which he reaidea. li is couaidered a
aign ol diacouragemenl on t h<- parl of tbe Dem?
ocrata when he ia * lalked ofr: it would be
tukeu aa a aign of deapaii if be ahould ever be
nomiuated, VYe are gratilled to lcarn from a
Connecticul letter iu a Democratie coutem
porary that be la again M talked ofn for tbe
Democratie nomination lor < ..*i_-r? ? in bia
ili-tiiri. We h.ul it aa an indication that Con?
necticnl Democrata are in apropci frameof
tiiiml to encounler defeal aml thal tbej an- nol
entcrtaiuing bopea deatiued to !><? dinappointed.
VVeabould be very glad to -i-.- Mr. VYelUnom?
iuated lor Congreaa u-* well aa ?* talked of,*
tbough we have Riuall bope tbal he will
iu-. He ia, a^ haa been remarked, a free-trader
on j,]iuciple, a tborougii believer in the doc*
tiiin-, and <>ni- ni ilii-f<-,.\ whoadvocatemak
ing it the leading iaaue in American |?olitica.
Aa delegate t'? 111?? laat Democratie N.iti.ni.il
t'.uivi iiii.iii, be a--i-t.il Mi. Iltniy W'.iili,-i.i,
in carrying tbrough the reaolntion deatined
tu make ao mucb diaturbauce, committing Uie
party to the upporl of a " tai iil for revenne
i.ili ": a reaolntion wbicb be bad the mor*
tilit-ation to aee repudiaied a little lati-r by the
caudidate*, and to wbicb a great niunj Dem?
ocrata ain ll.tit. d tbe BiiliHeqneul defeal ..I
tln- ticket. lli- li'.iiiin itiuii would prencnl
ui |j ii. i < iiii-iiiiitni -\ deeply int ? i ?
in tbe - tbe pluiu i? no >>i l'i. o Trude
vcraua Protection. lli* reaidence al Norwich
i- iiu i rntii* i.i a large mauulacturing diatriel,
aud tbe two countiea compriaiug tbe Cou
aional diatriel ure lurgelj devotcd to mauufuc
turing fiit.ijHi-c-. II.- rould bardl) bave a
li.tt.i field for au uggri n campaign and a
Oui of tlu reaaona oflcred for tho cuudidacy
ol Mr. VVi li ? i- tbal it would exprean the Dem?
ocratie oppoaition to Ihe Rivei aml llarbor lnll,
for wbicb Colouel VViiit, wbo i^ tbe pn
in. mi.. i aml \m!I andoubtedly be renominatcd,
voted. It aouldlieaaomewhal intereating i?<.
tacle to aee Mr. Wella runningaa Democratie
caudidate for i iugn - iu a diatrlet where he
had no cbance whau .. i ,,i an election it|i<in tln*
tjiounda ui hia Iji iiio u iicc-lntdii aad uu uy
j ponent al tbe Blvef aad Uarbor appropria
' timi-a. It migbl si'em queor to people who re
i.ii.cr tbal Conneetienl Dea-oerataeenl Mr.
1 William II. Darnnra to tbe Booae uud Senate so
niiiny yeara aml are atill rcpreaented by hira on
the -fational Committee, ol which be ia chair
niaii,?wiili Ui." full knowledga thal be waa
andiaa Protectionlat, And other people who
know tbat tbe only Democral from Connecticnt
iu tbe preaenl Congreaa n<?t only voted for tbe
Riveraad (larbor l.ill bnl aeenred in it tbe only
appropriation of the merit <>l' whieh there la
any qneation, migbl think it strange tlial tbe
party sboold l"- runniBg n candidate in ? hope
?eaa diatriel on the atrength ol hia oppoaition to
that bill. Btill atranger tliinga are bappening
every day- mucb atranger tban thal the Dem
o.-raiie part) shonld be on both tides of any
qneatioB, and it in nol Impoaaible thal In apite
of the manifeel loconaiatoncy ofittbeDem
ocrata of tbe 1IM Diatriel of Connecticut
maj nominate David A. Wella 1 or Congreaa.
Tbey are liable to do worae.
They bave iuet emerged froui a very aolemn
time in Miaaiaaippi. For aeveral houra ? gloom
bnng ovi'i the State, and men went abonl wlth
sii.w atep aml v. hite racea aaking one another if
tbe threatened peril could nol be averted. We
are bappy to aaj it waa averted, and as. rted ln
am*_ner honorable to all concerned. Letua
briefly ontliaethe momentoua incident, which
is certain to paaa into hbitory among tbe tragic
eventa which migbl have been bul were not.
Brigadier-General Cbalmers, late of tbe
Confederate Army, and atill Inter ol Congn ---.
wbence be waa ejected for occnpyiug n atolou
aeat, is running foi C< ngieaa aa an Antl-Hour
Ihiii in tbe III Diatriel of Miaaiaaippi. Lel
ns remark, paionthetica.lv, thal he la running as
an Anti-Rourbon bocauae it no longei paya
bim to run ns a Rourbon. Againal bim Colonel
Manning, alao late oi tho Confederate Army,
is running as the Bourlion candidate. The two
atateamen, who are endowed by uature with
extremely bol heada, mel foi a |oinl debate.
TbeCoIonal dipped freely into recenl political
bistorj aml gave an enteitainiug accounl of the
manner in which the General had aucceeded in
atealing a aeal in Congreaa three aucceaaive
iliin-s. Thia waa more than the General could
Budnre, and beretorted witb language whicb
could only beanawercd by a challenge t<' mortal
combat. The chnllenge waa aent, was ac
cepted, aml a pltv e for meeting agreed upon. At
thiapoinl the gloom we have mtntioned hung
it-elf over the State. " Suppoae," men aaid, and
gaaped at the bare mention ofao dircfnl a
cnlamity, "suppoae botli pistola tdiould be Bctu
"ully charged with balla and ahould bo well
"aimed! The State would loae two of Ita moat
?? gifteti atateamen ! lt mual nol be !"
And it was not. The State did not know ita
atateamen _o well is it thonghl it did. Tbey
loved the State too well to deprive it of their
i rvicea. The niatter waa reterred to arbi
tratoi - and waa " adjn ited on tcrma alike hon?
orable t" both " th?' valianl Confederatea.
Peacehaaaettled overthe Btate, aud tho two
gifted atateamen appeai amicablv togetheron
the aame platform amid tbe ahouta of adrairing
tnouaanda. Whoaaya tbe age ot chivalry haa
|.,i--i-il .' Some croaker up in the cold-blooded
Noitl. aaya ao. lle reoalla tbe facl tbal Colonel
Manning gol into aaimilar "aftair" aeveral
yeara ag ?, an.l inaome way the autbontiea were
"iiiloii.i.il oi ii and the flow of bb i d waa prc
vented by anarreat, Tbiaia puremalicioua
oeae. Why shonld any man ahrink from
the modern Southern duel 1 There have been
:i dozen of them within a year, and nobody haa
been bnrt. Still tbia aort of busineaa appeara
to amuae the South.
Tbere will be an old-faabioned Thankagiv
ing Day tbia year in town aud conntry. The
, ui, of proapi :.'.. is already brimming. < ln
every aide the aignaol good tlmea maj bedia
!. ln the citiea tbere ia activity in the
atreeta and on tbe n barvca ; buaine_.a i- atead
ilv increaaing iu flow and in voluiue ; and, w bal
iathe aureat indication ol aurplu* wenlth and
capital, tho building tradc is atraintug ita ener
gica iu every rentrc ol population to mcet tho
unprecedeuted demauda thal are made upon it.
In ihe iii'.i. iiliuial belta tlie evideuce of won
derful cropa ia univoranl. It ia now thoughl
iliiit the wlnat crop will be aboul 1500,000,000
buahela. California yielda n aurplua ol
28,000,000 buahela, and iu < Iregon and \\ a-li
lugton Territorj there will be anexee?aol
1 1,000,000 Im -hcls for export, the > rop h.i\ -
ingexcoeded the expectatioua evon ol the i.i
aanguine <>| the neu - ittlera. Thu niid-con
tineutal prniriea are more fruitful than they
have been foi manynyear. The conntry vlea
with the town in material gaina and Btibatautial
progreaa, Each ladepeudeul upou tho other'a
eood fortune, for bountiful cropa li!.'' tboae ol
tho preaenl year not only curicli the fariuera,
bul a.i l to the wealth of tho citiea bj .timulat
ing every departmeut of trude.
VVhile the prairie mayjoin tho town at tbe
annual feual after a year of exceptioual proa
perity, it givea expreaaion betimca to ita good
[eeling and satiafaction in a cbaracteriatio way.
, in,. nt the in.i-i aignilieai't evidencea of the
re .md progreaa of tho fauuciaia thein
tcreal mnnifeBtcd tbia aeaaon iu county uud
State taiis. When the timea are dull and
;r.'iiciili.ii.il proapecta all look aabluoaatbe
(li-tiint Inii-. thaae rurnl inatitntiona langulah.
When tl." tarmera are exceptionally proaperoua
they take an boncal pride in their vocatlon and
make every eftorl to intereal themaelvea in
couBt) and State cxhibita of farm producoand
agricultural Implementa. Thia year
luiis are belng planned Eaal and Weal ouau
unprecedented acale. Enthuaiaam ia ulwaya
inli-i iioiis. l.vcn the Southern plantera have
cauKhl the fevor, and agricul'ural ahowa are
i,, |?, in-id in sciiiois ol the Cotton Stntea
, ;!,,-, have never been organized betore.
ln inuiii oftbe Noiiiiii'i Stutea tberowillnol
agle county In whieh a falr v\;;| not l.e
beld, aml with verj few exceptioua the prepara
exceed in animation . and magnitude
Lhoae of prei ioua yeara.
Thia ia n aign ?f' I"' timi ?? which we are very
glad to .-(?.-. Ameriean farmera doool have
many local Inatitntiona, audauch authey do
bave ahould recelve beai ty and eutht'aiaatic
support. The ability to organizeand direel
publie worka and enterpriaea of utilitj laa
\,ink".- talenl which shonld bc cuitivated iu
villagea as well aa in citiea, An agricultural
tiotild be mado un annual ahow iu which
every farmer'a family in the countj can take a
genuine iutereat Nu paina thould be apared
to multiply the attrai tioua and to ui><- thi
liil.it aa couiprebenaive a cbaructi r aa poaaibb .
II..1 le-racing ahould nol be made ao promineut
a feature aaltuauallj ia at theae rural feativ
|| I.,.. 1,, Boine n.-t.-ii . ? it oci ni.:. -a in the
li.ind-iin-nlais aml ahow-billa ao lurge a place
tbal theeaaeutial chuiaoter of tbe fair ia loat.
Ilorae-raciug ahould nol be allowed to be
come tbe uppcrmoal idea. Tbe falr ahould
leinain a rural exebange, wbere exhibitaof
farm and garden produce nnd farm-bouae iu
dtiatr. .-,in be compared, and farmora maj ln
come Bcquaintod witb uvw toola, new ideaa,
and new methoda. A farraer abo ia conteul
lo Ull bia l.tiid by Ihe _wtat ol blti bruw will
not got on in thoHoditys. Whal liea l.nok of tho
brow iboold not Iia fallow. Tha famierjiiust
plongb his fuiin with good l.rain aa will an good
mnaele. Hanaat keep abraaal "ith tiaaaathat
ara teamlag with now Ideaa, He naat gel oat
of tho rnta iiinl aaake themeatof every now
proeeaa. It labeeanae tha connty faira ara ln
atrnmental in impartiag to tha farmernew
ideaa and adding tohii indnatrial efflcienty tbal
wehail with aatiafaction tho wideapread ari
dence afforded thiaaeaaon of their popnlarity.
l..i tha farmera tbrongbool the eonntry gel
all tbe good theycan ontof their annnal ihowa,
and ilii-n they will joln the town at tbe end <>f
the aeaaon, with addad intelligence aa well aa
fervor, in ilio Thnnkagiving grace: B For thia
'ere alice of Inek, lel us -a.lt aay Allelnjah.'
/'/ R80XAL.
Benator Lamar laat bla bome, Oxford, Mlaa., M
joylng excallent bealtb.
A eommlttee of Bfteen baa at laat been organized
in Boaton to ralaa fnnda for tho araction af an
eonfetilan atatua <>f Paul Rerere.
Benator Miller, of Caltfornla, ia to iu- nivn: a
>,raml pnblie roeeption In Bao Franolaco In token
of approciationof hiaeftorta lor thepaaaagaol tha
Cbineaa bill.
Mr. Laurenoe Rntton and Mr. Jamaa R. <>l-o'"1
will aai] for li.'iii" iii'.tl .-iittinlay, .S * -;. t ? ? i. i L ? i '.>.
ahoard tli<> Oallia, frorn Liverpool. Mr> Jobn B.
Clarke iaonbiawayto atnorica h>r a bnel viait
on theatrical buaine s.
Tho widow of .luliti Brown haa iici-n jirosontf.l
with im appropriata addreaa by tbeCitizana* aml
1 adiea* Commltteaa of Cbicago, aml witb tho re
(i-i|ifs of tho laanefit-recention lately ten
bei iu Farwell Hall, amouutiug toaeveral hundred
ii"ll ira,
Colouel Prederick Robie, Onbernatorial eandi
date of the Maina Republicana, i.i making no
Bpeecbeaduring tln* preaent campaign, but <?"
his alectioneering oflorta to riaitingQrange meet
Inga and ahaking banda with farmera at i.ui.li"
gathennga, Moal of his time laaptntat bisquiet
bome. .it Uorbnm, neai Porlland, where lu* baaa
fino f.itui of 200 acrea. II" iaatall, well-built,
rol.iiHl man, with a good-naturad t.i<". a Bbarp,
c'.eai eye, and a quiet, cultured air.
Qeneral llarrii M. Plalatcd, Pnaion eandidute for
Qovernorof Majne, liree witn bta grown-up family
aud young aecoud wife in a beantiful bome in
i. Ile i.i tleacrlbed as a man of medinm
heigbt, witb a thick-aet frame and a fuil, round
I"', 'i"t altogetber pleatant in exproaaiun but
iieuoting meat eouibatire qualitiea. li" la not a
ir "-"ini orator, bul baa a bomely and \<
inninieruf npeuking tbat aeeuta to bo aatiafying to
th.- an ta..'" i ouutry audieuco.
Dr. Lorenzo Montdforv, ex-Miniatar from Goate
it Waabington, aaila for Central America to
ilay. II.* will l'o to ? oata Rlca to attend to bia i?n
vateatfnira, wbioh bave Buffared by bia long and
? I..-.* attention to politloa. l'r. Moutdfore la r.
anthorofa '? Hiatory <>r Central America," and ia
aiiii.luiiiii.it' Wiilk.r, the filil.uater. Hereoently
- ii,I tli.it when he ik.iiu took ti|> his pen it would
bo for the conaolidatlon of tlu- Central Amerioan
Upon the suggeetion of tha (iomr.il Directorof
Telegrapha <?( Italy, tho mnnioipal antboritiea oi
Rome bare or.liT.-i] t<? ba placed npqn tba bouae No.
17 Via lel Prefattl a tablel nitn thefollowing
aelf rxplanatory Inacriutioi : ?? s. P. Q. I.'. Iu tlns
Iioii-i- lived Samtiel Pinlej Breese Morse ii im
l'l-iuiiii v 20, IW30, to Janaary ... i-ti. II" waa
the Inventor ol th, ITeotric I'elegraph. Born in
( burlnstown, April TJ, 17U1; die.l in New-York,
april '_', 1872."
Tho Prtnceaa Louiae of England a'ul bei hna
iian.l. tbe Marquia <>f Lorne, hava been <??
immeneelj their riail to Nutgara Falla. They mal
there tlu* Hon. L. S. Weat, Brltiah Mioiater to tbla
eonntry, and Mr. Albert Bieratttdt, tiu- urti-t. At
liitu h ..ui* liuvili" Princeaa expreaaed an inlootion
to riail the Yoaemite Valley ilurinu her V.
tnur, when Mr, Biemtadt t-! icod at hor diaposul ilu?
uaeof hia bome in tho lu-.irt of that wonderful
n-... on,
It jh aho.it time thereport wae!revlved, andon
thia occaaion it appeara ln TheBottonA&emrtUer,
whoae Waabington oorreapondent aaya: "Tlie
White ll.iii-i) will bave a miatreaa next winter.
Preaident Artburia nndoubtedly angaoad, aad tba
marriaga will take plaoat early in tho falL The
naiii.? of tbe lady iafor tba present a State aacret.
I lu* engagemenl waa made la-t apriog. and tbe lady
lias tln-. -iiin:ni-i, at .liiiiMvnt wutering |.lacea, beeu
tl"- lecipieut <>f the ehoiceat il? >?*.--r-j froui tho VVblte
tlouae ci'ti-"i vatoriea.'
DaTBorr, 8ept, B.?The Marqnla of Lorne and
party lefl Niagara Falla thia at:, rnoon, and i?ii ?^.-.r
tbrough Detroit Mii-4 evening. They will reach
(Jhiragn to-tuorron ruoriiiug. Thoy usetwoPull*
mau coaebi i -j- eially di \ otcd to tneir aen i
A"Swnllow'a Reat" of remarkable aize at
Weaterly, Rhode IalnuJ, ia attractlng tne attention of
hirdlovera. Itlanltuatedon tbe fann of Jamea Ii.it.
cockln tbe nortbern part of the town of M'eaterly. A
ove of maple tn-.--., urowing on iwampy ground, Ib
aaed by tbe birda aa their "Beeu" The blrda are tho
e.itnnionwhlte-brt'aated born awallow; altnougb aoune
iiiuit.u atvallowi ar,- oa en ituioin; tbim.
rboir iiuinbei t-. whal ? iiih - i itonl ibi lenl 0 ie ?
i',ii,i intvly .-tiiii.i'.il tbat there were !i,< 1,000
?.inil... rove.
Appli.iiuiN toaecure aafety t'<>r theatre an
ilii-iu-.--atilleuaage iiu- attention of Inventora. Hcrr
Ht-lnrioli Umller, un unglneer ol Kottbua, l, rmany, baa
|ual patenteda " penetrabk aafety wall." Tbe waU la to
bt* m.t.le of papler-maebe preparad after a pa
niotbod Tbeintenor wall In all parta of a tbeatre
from tbe pit to tbe galleriea bi to be uiade ofthe paper
Hurb a witll wtll liave nll th.- nppearanco "t a ma*>lre
atoiiii wnll, but l.t !> , auit' apou oertain parta, wbere
tlie wonUan i 1 iu luinliioii* lettera, "To be
li:,,k..|i lli|,.iit-ti IU ,.i- ..! !?:.," BCOesrj |,, tli, ,\t,:|.ii
corrtilorH I.* to be obtaiuvd, wlienoe oacape lo tbe outtr
mr t*an bc ui."!.
The Shakeapcare Mtiaoum at Stratford-on
V\..n baa bitelj (uffrredaevereerttlclam AUr.G. iry
declareatha inauy of tbe rclloa are " ebildlab aud in no
wa) iiiitru.'tiv.- " U. M, Ingleby,one >.f tbe muaeum
i, roplioa In '/'.'"? l<>h>i>?i Time$ tbat they are nol
Ignorant of the Inadeqiiacy of the uinaeuni nor ludiffereut
toita iiupr.-vriii, ut. Ueulao Btatea tbat Mr. J, 0, lialli*
wcll-PbllllppBi i ti.- weli-kaown 8bakeapearean ci
. I iiiutiy weeka hi*t ar to lai-paratlon of tb< i -.
t, ni - ..I i!i ? mu -,-uiii, v. :iii ,i \,,-iv ,,f reuioring every
wulcb iii-u" bearmg npon tba Ufe auu lliuea of
Sbakcapo ro.
A notabl.mference of Cbineae. merchanta
Im- ju-i ii.-.-u li. Iil ui l.i'u.iuu. Bealdea tne London i'in
i,, -a. mrrcbuntfl tbi re were prat ut di legatea from Man*
cbrster,Liverj.,1/iedaan Blrnungbutn, and Cbineae
troui Callfornia, NeH Vorli aud Bouibay. A aeriea oi
. . .,- |..i--i-it. One <>f. tbe reeolutloi ? , \
Iregretattheaetlonofthe Oovernmonta of the
iii't.,1 .-i ni - iiii'i .juii u-:.i:.,l with reapeel t.> Cbineae
iuiuiigratlou ; Chlm ae Immtgratlon t? ( j prua and Kag
laud iraareconunendod i ie" oDlam ,trade," t\ ,-. con
,i,n;i, ,i I,- ih. . i- -' ol' lilua, aun a li -i"- waa exoi
io llritlab i., \. ii.ui'iit would i. fore with the
ii.itii.-. ii-"I'luiu iwin lutrodnoed t.? t luu.i bj Urltiah
iu. .. Uants.
Bpidemica ??t' 8uperntitioua terror are rery
,-1.1111111.a ii, i lilua. Dr l) .i i io mi i i, tli- llealtb
of Wenekow, reporta thal iu 1878 there waa a
uulveraal panlc tu couaequonee of a ?
tiirul olipplng of qiieuea, lt waa tbe theorj thal aoroer.
raobiaiued poaseaalonof theae cllpplnga ?.f bair, ,i d
urth were ublu to t I'okoat will the h >ul >>. the t"r
hii-i-,i\, iu dled from tlu> l"--. ol hia apirlt.
Tho only cure waa for Ihe aufferer toeul "tf an Ini or
two more of tbo reinaluder of bla I keep it foc
tkingiu aaluk, thuBaeverlng Uu- myate
rloiia eoiinectlou betwoon bla bead and t n* portion ?.f
i. irli.po ? -.-".ii "i tlu- -."i--i-ii. i.iiiiii.' tue
tu. i.- were :? w I, 'iii-< .1.-i tii.it wi r>- ii" ptott'otou l.i n
,:,.iiiii.i ttumleUj li ufterward waa .:i-- .verod inul
the uu ii.i.i-r-iif a aecrel ravoluiiouarj aooictj out oit
poi iif ai. sF.n \
Cbief-Juatice Jamea Jaekaon i-i propoaed
aa tli.- -ii..-. -.' ti"' late -?
-i.ii. ? -, u.ii, froui '?? ii i Ui aaya lu wlU .i.,- u.>
peim.iiitl .'.uu.i ? t,., iu.- poaltlon im! wlU aooepl ibi
? ...in.
Seuator Veal of Miaaouri haa couaeuted t.?
iu ti'nt .-iat, ii ,i ? ii i
-)...... ii II i im tllUe,hi* fornii i bome, ou tbe '.'".,
A-tii. i, i uo uartlt'iilai ured of aouudiu*. a keyuote ui
,, ii,.- Heiiittor U ex|H*eted I.li(,'ht liia bearera
,,t llln |,.--1 ,nl hlllnl r-l? . .
l'ho urUtocratie Kepublioaua <?t Maaaachu*
aettaan t".mlng iiueaatj over iiu* *.i?.'"i' ofthe con
teat between Mi > i ipoand Ui Blabop (or tti" Uover
:,,,. ,ii|>, uud a oomproiul ?-i Km ueltbar ona
uf iiieui vioaicleoii.nui iu Utke Uu aaeoad piuoo uu Uio
tlr-krt thn only fca-IMe plan mr-ntlnnM I- to r-eelr-ct Mr
i tapo to Ooagreaa nnd mak. Mr. Blatiop Qorerua..
Tbe flghfl for tho ftYpuhliran nomination to
Coagreaa ta naa WttXk laaaajlnalB Diatina aaa ? Ib|
l.y tli.- . Ii.il..' i,f tfif II"i,..I. N.-wtnn Kvmn. CongrftMt.
naa Oodakalk witii.ir.-w fn.in ti.o laldbetoia tha laal
hallot waa tnkni. li.- n-iiiiii'?? i-i, pbrafclaa _TBM
f.-ai,,,,, w;i- I, nu-ni,. i of the Xl.Vtn Congreaa and la
preaidi ii'. uf ii n.iti'M.iil i.iii.k.
The Congreaaional candidatea are neartj all
latbefleldla kn i. Tba Bcpablb ina !.... ,,i,.,- m
more n> hhm and the !?
battwoor three vaeanel itoflfl i R, -.. .-:,?.
ill.lnfi'H un fullv i,|itut|ii. ^tuiilinl of Io . .
iii. ,i. wlit??? tli.- hi'iii... r.iti.- ;!-t. if Ik rl.4iin.il, di ,
MVCraJ ;.l,',- iinn.
The ProhibitionLata are aetlvely at work in
Blnneaota ni..1 antronbllng *',,- poUtl .ii watein, aaoai
totii..dlagnst?f tha polltloiana. Congreaaniaa DanaaU
thal tl;. .i.lt.ill.iti wtll liiv.- .ai.iiii' i-lT.-i-t i,|?.? ,(,
Illll!-. Il]l of tlir lux' f.._'.-.;if'ir.', Illlt Wlll-tll.T .-I. ? ,
cr tbe Renuhllcan ma|or1ty Ir la t.>er1j retta
l'1-.-.ll. [. Tli.- Illltl f..?l|l. , 1,1.-I- f 11. II 1.,-lVI- fillll;,) ,|
,i-?t'" iBtlOB nl,.l wUI OppOM tli.' 111<ivi? Iu.? 11r.
The New-Hampahire Bepubheaa State Cob*
?rUI I..- ootnpoaed <>f ? ?< <>f tiii-wi
..'-i r 500 hiivi i? ,i, ,-|,-,-t. ,i, ut..1 y.-f tlie oonti it b
Mr Elaleand Mr. c.irrl.-r f?.r tli.' OoYOrnonhlple u?.
.!.i|i|'-.i Both eandidatM an ronBdeat, and N ?.u
.--a lie. ,| ,-i bollol Iri tl.-.- <"",.?..-,??,(.,. i.,-,
rjui'Htion i .nt aittendlng tbe canvaaa haa
llAl nl. it, ,l
Congreaaraan John I>. Wbite of K.-iitiw-ky
l? .. rtiii.li.liiti' foi .'in.itlii-r fiTin. In .-un "im. -ln. lilican
\:.-- r..r ii i-> inonulnatlon, ii.- takea ...?'-.i-i.iii tn inabtha
leadlng RepubUcan paper ln tbi ? i>ift rrtag to
>prtetur* n- ?? ti,,- i.i-. ;i.i and bnttar (,,,.
>Tr Whlte :- tl. | I: Ri ??? - ntatlre !:i.,u
K.-iitin-kv Iii tli.- pi, ?
party ehaU have uo Uepreauntutivi frmu I
ii;,- ne\t < ougn --.
The Qreenbaekera of Ranaaa are makiag
?oma wUd Mttinatei of the rote th. n- candld ite f,,r
Oorernor will rcoelre. Their calmlatlon i
If the Denocrata Indom ? 0 enback unuiti |
b. t? .-?-.\?--. tha .ii--..ti-il,-'l Bcpuhbcan rotee h<
of un .', \- ti:.- i>.-i.mim- \..i,- ln n.
li.'V.-l- >.-f ,,:l. Il.'i 60,000 illi.l ..- Hl. '.!? ? '.'. .!? 'k, I
. 20,.i. and .- tbi .
II"...i. II >->-..-\ tn "<?<? i.i, vvlint un iiiry l
UreenbackclV bopei n -I.
Tbe Kepublicana of tbe XVIth Olno Dia
,i,:i;.:t...i i i.i.iiii-iChurehlUfor Congreaa; bal ho
.1.-. lin, - tbe li.'iiui- iu ii 1. ?
ti. be inii'i. t.i'l wlth the re*pon.lhlllty of d .
? i itm .-?? r ; I Pod ink, and sd I
c.iiiiiii't..- .? !mr_r- <1 wlth tho dutj of auu.'iiii.-lng tomo
.,ii Jiiia ri'.t l.:f Iii.iii,-. nr..- f li, in to M
truuHuortHtion, reruaiii by their Hreniile. nnd k
b . ak tbe newa "
The Rev. Father O'Donaghue, Chancellor of
the I'niw ralty <>t Vlncennea, and an Influentlal Catholla
man of tbe Dio.. -?? of Ind ? ? ..f tha
viee-prci . ?- ? ... eeting adili? -1 bj Beoator
y. Wli.-ii ,|iii utloui .1 :i- tu ln- i
? 1 ln favor "f tbe Bepu
|.;ui>. I-. replled that be bad been lufliii'mt-d t.ytlio
? i- . \|.;, --i,,i.- iu ll- |.i.i,f,.i in ..ii ti??? l,:-li ,|,|.
tloii uud hj ia- bi lh f that I - tbelr
jii'l-ui.iit ifi-inri-ii aud not be claeeed loiidlj wltli tbe
i', ii i, i.it;. party.
The Democratie Greenback Conventioa in
Mi.-l.iL-ui: aaki 'l for . ' li..ii-.- In the Btate admlnlAl
on the ground thal "the i)....ka ibouid be exautined."
But.rnor Jeroino m< >-t- the demand witb the Inrl
tatlon to exarulne them now and not delay untl
.:., ti.'u. ll,- -im : "I adriM ii.,. DemoeraU t
Qreenbaekera not to wall nntil they t-.-t n,r.. .,iii, ?? t., ,1,,
it, for they may nerer fetln. l -;... to theaa n..ii. . \
.,,;-. ? . i\, ry Au . ? :i and cmne
down to tbe capital of our Rtati nndaay tbal ymi ?.,i.t
,,, ?. .? ,,:;r I ,,,'k- 1 1
. rythlug mo
have doae aud are d. -
now TO BEI t-i:i. RKPCB1 ICAB f\ITY.
? i Th* CUvelatut l-si.r Ktp,
What the Kepubbcau parti ueeda to-day ii
ln ..I i tim. uuitj ,ai -i tnln ? an
llke Bew York and Pcnunylyanla by t .- people
pai ty uit.ii: ? Into tbelr own bauda
It is sjiiii tii.it .Mr. P. P. Ingalla, who h;i-,.
tii. ,| from Tht l toa Tribune. <? >? lin
iMilK.-.l oui of tlie I w itboui .. I
paj -i.i lt. givtng it up to |. i.v it ? ii. l.r- li :- ii
iiv'tli'si- L.-iii to l.iiu, tbat be -u-.i. all of hU luoney Iu
tne hopclcMe cAuifl ol tbat parti and iu that III
p i.,,-r, and thal be pai Into lt, in nia tm pui| i
iu,..,- it llre. tbe i?.i large farm? tbat beowui I, . i
tliinily hl- ii'.vn u'.iiir-'.-.-i.l. No Dewspuper niun can - i
bow, ln twoyean, on a weeklj paper, ~.i mucfi lueney
OVOl a-.'.". OIHI .'./.ll.l ll.' .'? l,'-.-|| ? X|M-.,(ll-.|, ,.,-1-\ .,| -.ju'iu
l..|-...i. Bnt If it ta tnie, tbere will be l- ueral r, grei tbal
ll is n.>. I'or, in. ililt't-r ii. i.' ii..w u i,,i .- Mr. I ,_.i[. :n.,j
uave been ln poUtlca, uoi h,.w unjiut to otbera penoi.
ally, there U no oue who wlU not feel genuiii rcgrul il
iu-.liiiii.-.i ...si !,i? property, boiui nu ad uu i uu, Ila
will irn, it ia -.n,l, tn ttml a iit-.v ho.ue iu tuv s,,,it iweat,
probably Bew -Mexloo.
_lni;kai. uc*ei kax?_ chabmibo fki.-hmas,
Doea G-eneral Uoaecrana expecl to "takein"
,i'\i,,,ii wbo baaluti'liigi-noe euougb to rote,
"I'r.'.iii, ii..-,:.?--,-.-" / Axe i...t Miuursotii, Iowj, K..n<
..-,,,.- nnd tbe r. -i of tbe -..,. Bcpub
"produo,: a " i Or, 11 ni inufa I iut, will uol
the Kepuld.cun fatatei o: Mn-auciiua i -, t'oiim-cticul
uud I'.-i.i;-.. i ...uu comparc favorublj witb uuj
tbal were eurried "> tue !? moi'i i- :?.. \.u- .. /
ih ..iu, : -!,l.? ..I t!i :--i. , .!?? - U.ucral I; -.?
,,i u;,i..iii that ire >>u the lt.;. i ,
- ,i,, or tbat thia -i.ru ot ;:..,.- would ue pai icu
?. i . tue I> uioi ratic ,..i: i) il it were tiuef
Mii.l oi t ? ,- ipttitlmte in tlila otiuli) are tbi
i.i their ow u loi mes.Ut.ien 1)
, ,.: nuti. e w hicb uiu
for one w h i yote_ thal ii.--..-; to . u
Mr. li,.!' i, ii " pro iu .1 '. I ? i
buuded .-..ii "f loll II - ?;?..,
I, ?_;>._ to im :;iiu:it ln. for nfllee 111, ui ?, i - ,,
" produeiug . !aaa< -",'.- i i i
Bhotudu'i .. iu in- .l.-ui i-.... ti'.ui i'i.iiui_ Bearu Ui?
can au , a more deci-ptiv. ,
m.v iiim; BoaHiaB in wew-yobk.
Owing to ihe ili\ aiona iu the uiterior i
ti. -, il ol ol tBe i: . i
tiutiol tbe ..it.i uiii ..f tBe krpub.icm
.. ??; autl of tbe ritiite oiji i i lub t
b) lli. i-i |.|---rnt.it.\. - I! ?
ii;,. ,,t tue -y- .ui "I i'...'
n -,,.!... l out. Thi-n i
ll. i.li -i ui
h . :. i be i. ?'? iu-., '.. .?? i,.. ? : tbtir
... i. it.iii icruep -i .......
the ui. iiii.'T-nii> ou y -i. li !'? !?-<> iaa? wi l m
I!, |40 ?
,,i,,,i,i; uiiii.. tor p i ;,.,.,:. 'ii iu partv attatm, .-. i uu ler
tu. pr.w 11 niu-.i -;.!ii t...it pai ,? ?
U. |i.n,,', tu ? ?: i... - i
powi i ,. reforuili . and r - i .:: h- , .. l
li ii tutlli ?? .Udll lou iu tbe :.,' ' : ipoll ? ; >
ilo-i.'in,-il-ni. ' iii!..'l.i.ii--i...--'- i. tba ci
l.-f- iu tue .......'?:. . , . . )
.i ,ii,,.no Kepublli iu- >.- Sen Vnik wu.i
L'UUdlUUt. - ; .1 l ? ? .I -i.i I li, , :.
;, ,l t,. i, \ oll lu l < un .? I..i....i*. .:..-. v
,,\. :i IU .N,-v. . l'_..y
revoluiiou be u?.-. --....i. i.<. it...
MUSIO AND r n. DR I.7.I.
Tbia ia a Surrej melodrama, made by Mr.
Couuuoal and Br, .'-i i rtl toi
pla} going publlc wlueb h kuownton -
thunder, and pleuty of lt. lu Londou, .a I '?
irptod ". ii itelight. Br. n.i y, pro I
,: i.:a ui..it!-.. h is ii Idreaaed a klnd ed ? '
play^oera, un.i. i>" itoaht, bowUlmoetwl
i,-|.,,iis,. Hia theatre waa weU ttlled on t .
aud Ibe ol - r\ uil ipeotatiM i ? .., : i , :
iiiouuinl tba i'i... .,n.i "reailatt. " -? norj i
taperb klnd. it baa ; I
\t wortb dolng at aU la wortb doi gwelli und c
laplent dootrtuobaab en ?erapuloual* -. -i
ln uu- i iai ,:.? \ iewad aa ? aerieo
,:, . preue itatlon i- one ?>: eona ?! i il. tru mlu
?f umi. -.. Br. J..IU - Uol erta, tb. o i
the .-..ii. rj, ban i?". I 11 i bi
,, -,.i--i.i, pl ...
i.. ?!.?. -i.i Bqaare, m Paal'a Cbureh) ? ;
tbe riiauiea Kuibaukui ni wlth good lecbuloal el I
wnli inii.-.i leaa BM-uraoy. I ?
... un. ..ii" .. aud ??
, ttorj and tbi i dal ilTe .- mipauj of ,,u i
u.tiia which are luciiieutal to t cm, ba the
,? ?? M ,;,,.,. ,| " - , di i.t.il l'ir ??,-?? t I
, ?|,-. , { lituatloB, and i\< .\ ib n- .
iu Mi.-ii a pl >>'? noi ui..atnra
? '
iii.-iiial |.;is-i..i.- aa ...'I n a aud .< ...
, i Lu ., di . ? -'..- ..mn. bul
the niiU ugot uroi ' ?? "?in
rapid au.,'. - lou, wttboul t -okwaenw .
blllty, .'i auj uiathod .?! oomaou -
ll.'i.lll. I-wiii.l-." M nihl.i.l ? l. .-li il.'a tt .loi't."
a ,i ,,. ?i.;.-i.,. pooraud blu ablUtj tbat to cupy. aa
uloeelj ..- Hi.'v can, I I r
boundina auburbau goa?, ?' tenem u ' ? ?
Uon, or bai roou row. ? '? '
,,: ,??, irrenoe, : "??' ? ''"' ??
tonature,"a-idtbaatofuidl lha parp
i.r,ii.,i,.,.ii,-tit.i..i.i"-'?'"l'"t- ll '" 'to*a "
inii. ??tt.. -t.titii..' it prodaoa- aud II i"?
puDUoB .-i-'i'.- a*. : ' " ^""':' '
tcrerahitbil .allj aaarthetolt, iiioh pU ? - ' :'?
|, ?, fM .,! i ,.-. . Ih. l...l.-l..a..f II,.'... ' .
mwof ui.r. iii.r.r.v m.-.'iiauio.a, wbo bavanoaool u? :?"?
Into tbelr work; tba wBartaaaat bardana ti..?i tha ? ?
pcaCaaatoaettaBu_fla---?a4tae---B by Ihe ?piui oi

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