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n^Ti.Y TKIBUNE, tjreat.?.?.'
Laily tbibube (wFtboutSuudayai, lyear.... 1000
n >i>AY TR1UUNE. 1 year. *
AOUltaa S.u-York.
V?\?iiin..i.in-No. 1.322 F^t
j)lS,?,N_.>o. 26 Be if.'i'l aU.strand.
- -\,,. 9 Rui Scrlba _^^^______
Foreigx.?Tbe Anglo-Tnrklab military i
tlon baa lieeninforn?llyaia^ed.===ArabiPa<'ha,a
troopa aregrowing bolderand are engagiun ln ?kir
- trith General Wola ley'a i liera
Btepben J. Meany, au American, ia going to test the
?\ ol bU arraal-=Cholera ia mak
, . in Manila_= Thare la a hitch intbene
lotiatiena between luik.-y and Greeec in regai l to
tbc froutwi difflculty. - A Boaton ciea
..-.i.ii.ilraceia the Halilax regatta yeater
li iMi STIC ?The Bocial > iem e A- ?
I Hioaa yeeterday al Sara - Au
i ai paraue to >k plaee al ' ineinnati, and the
Eipoaition waa fonuaUy opened. = =A train at
11..ii, N, V., itruck a Tillage omnibua, and on
wad killed and aeYen peraona Injnred. =
National Telephone Excbangc mel in Boaton. =
A , trra i i" a paaaenger train on th-.
BeoningtouandRutland Railroad, neai i.i.-' Dor
._ FiYe veeeela went aahore a1 Ga rea
I ,,?.. : --- Tbe Ooean Houae
ampacott, Maaa . ed by ttre. ?
Therewaaa loxnado ln Florida, bnt oo daa
? il.
City axpBcbubbam.?Dr.Tl ?.reYonng Kenny,
of Fateraon, and George L. Davidaon, were ai
yeaterdayloi malpracti.n Dai laou'a wtfe, who
lain a crnical rondition. - = BriUiani recorda
, .,.!, by botb ritle teama; tbe Britiah wi
aahaad at the eloee.: - Etf< i - were made
to :.i.ii Cbarlea Reynohie, who la anppoaed to bare
Dordered Albert Montfort at Keneico. ? A
liuii'iu-'. paintera on the Eaal Rirei itruck.
=_:Goldralueof tbe legal-teoder ailYer dollai
(?ll'-'Lj grains), 87.80 eenta - Btocka opened
actixe aud bigber i latei they were dull, andatiU
latei thi \ declined, aud geuerallj eloeed w.ik.
'Jiii Wkathkr.?TRiBVXE loeal obaerrationa io
dic.'iti- fairor oleai aud warmer weather. Tem
; ..,. yeiteroay: Higbeat, 78?j loweet, tW ;
av< rage, 70 UJ.
It is delightful tu obaerve that the cotiKtant
eontactwitfa the baae and depraTed whioh tbe
natoxt) oi their dutiaa impoaaa on onr police
offlciala haa nol in the leaat eloaded the alm
plicity and innooenoe of their fraah and iu
?tained nataree, When eaptaine talk without
winking about deaertad rambling-rooma in
tht-ir precinvta, aai aaaaic the Bnaaapecting
jii.iniii- thal faro aad ronlette barebaenprac
tkally anepended iu thia city foi weeke, the
conclaeion ia ineritable that aach guileleaa and
tmatful bainga itre outof placa in atation
heoaca and abonld no longer !><? kept trom tbe
I ?? life Bhieh thay are ao b?11 flttod to
jk1i.ii u.
Oneof t!.e Aiiiriiiun Aictic coloniea haa re
ported progreee. The expedition to Point
Barrow laal yaax attracted comparatiTely little
ntU'utiuii, aa tbia headland ia a favorite rendez
Toua lot whalera aud in riaited many tirnea
every anmnior. Tbe corpe of obeerrera bave
paaaed a boay twelvemonth, doing the work
whicfa waaaaaigned to them, and .remainiog t^
azeellant health. The arreek of ? Meam whaler
gare then an opportunity oi reacning, feeding
Bnd aheltering the crew. Anotber yeai of
?eientifte obaer?atioaa baa opened, and tlie
eoloniata Bill not be prepared toabandon their
atatton nntil the eloae ol Beptember, 1883.
Tidinga from the eolony at Lady Franklin Bay
will be nwaited with more anxiety, aa the poai
oecnpied ia many hundred milee further north.
The Btnch'Yexed qneation of tlu appointnteni
?f the Deawcratie eleotion inapeotora will be
up again in ? tew daya. Police Coumiaaioner
Kicboia, of eourae, Inaiati thal they abould all
1h? Tammany Bten of the atraighteal aect, while
Mr. Mattbewa ia eqnally poaitive that they
ahould e.u.e froni the ranka of theonlylocal
orgaaization recogniied by the Democratic
Btate C'oiiveiiiiou. After the Yotea al lbe laal
election lu m.-t be Um bmm! anflinchiug oi
Connty Democrata who maki ? thia !att? i clairn.
]i i- elear enongh that the reporta recently cir
eulated that >Ji. Matthewebad bowed the knee
to the Taaaaaaay Baaldid hiaa groaainjoatico.
Bntwhatevei raia thinga eithei Mr. Xieholeor
llr. Itatthewa raay imagine, the Republican
Cotnmiaaionere are nol likely Jto exall one fae*
tiou nadnly at the expenaaoi theother. The
luore iuarly they halauee, tlie bettBT for the
UepubUcan party ia the <ity.
The followen <>f Uanry Oeorge iu Iretaud
rind A'uenca liav,- ucmi l.ieu able to dintera
uuv eoflimnniatie tendenciea in hia writinga.
Miihivel Daritl adTaeatad lor a aaaai a hia
Bcheaaa oi "Idkod Natioaalii itiou," but v?hr
meiitiy daaied that theie waa tha aUghteal
tr.i<?- of eontrnnnieni in the idaaa Bhieh ba i?or
rowed. It waa oaly tha Land bill, hanrged*oi
Mr. Bright'a doetri?ea earried to a logical eon
ciu^ouaud cllccti.ily toBtBlatod. liat whcu
Mr. GtaXft unfolda bia arliemo wBtoW u ?><'"
don audieuce tl:ore aeems to ba ground for
H.ii.ms iniHapproluMtKioii un thla aeoce. Wben
tlio locttre U conclnded n revrrend auditor
tjmidly axpreaaaa tha hope thal ttwill not be
taken for granied thal Butwdy la to ba mobimbv
uted foi lan.l BcquIrBd by tlio proplo. K.
Goorge'a acheme, aa tha id.-a waa txHaYejetl to
liis iiiin.l. eviiently Unplied the apollation ol
tlit? laodlorda aad the divisi.m ol thair prnprit>
amongthe tenant claee. Vna thoe^wbohad
waa to ba taken that wbieh they baa wd
divided among thoae who bad not. rbla
aeeraed to bia benighted mind a queer tr*n*Jf"
tion. and bc oautioaaly diaarowed Bynaputhy
amiIi - i.iitul Xationali/atioii" on thoae tanna.
Tha aadieooe promptly oonghed him down.
Wapablhdi tliu morningan auaaaally intor
eatiog lettet frotn our emrreanondenl who la In
veatigatiog Pennaylrania poHtice. n"' :l'"
counl wbich he giTee of the eflorta iiiBde by
the Cameron aad AdminialraUon machine to
defeal Congreaaman Bayne'i reoominaUon for
niahea tha betl luaight Into Boaa metboda ol
politica whksh we have aeen lor manj aday.
No leaa tban aaYonty-flye Btate aad Federal
offlce-bolderi were In the fleld working W"*1
Mi. Bayne x%itli money and threate, and the
principal reanll of their eflorta waato aoenrage
tbemaasegol the party thal they tarnedonl at
the priuiariea in auoh foree thal tluj YoteactU'
:i!ly exeeeded th.it caal for Gartieldfor Pieei
,1,-nt, defeating the boaaea by an o\enrhelniing
majorlty. Otir correapondent girea alaomncb
intereating Information about tbe gaina of the
Independente, and ahowa that while all aym
patbizera ln tbe movemenl agree thal the in
dependent voto will boI fall andar 100..>,
there are many wli<? think it will riaa to
160,000, Tbia laentirely wlthln therangeol
probabililr. Aa we have aaid before, it ia im
poaaible to m ike anythiog like aa accurate eati
mate of a vote of thia kiud. A great many
tbinga may happen to aweU it <>r diminiab il
between now and election day. I! the niachine
iamanaged allover tha Btate aa Itwaein Mr.
Bayne'a dietrict, the Independent rote will riae
far above lSO.OOOeron. The poople are nol
in the mood to endnre thal kind ofjBterfer
ence. Boaa Cameron ought to bare ahrewd
oeaa anoagh to eee tbia. VYbother he haa oi
not will baYe greal infiaence npon bia chancea
fcr pnlling General Beaver through. The
barderhe puahea bia machine theamaller will
be bni rote. _^_
-/ ?S1C a i STBACVSE.
VYhoever anppoaed thal the Tammany Deirro
crataofthiacity weregoingtoconfeaa jndgmenl
in the Buit foi ejectment from the party bronghi
i.v Mr. 3amuel J. Tilden and othera made a
woel il miatake. It' any of the leadera of the
County Democracy were promiaing tbemaelvea
the aatiafaction <1 going into the nexl Btate
Convention aa the only " regnlar " organization
ln tlu* city, nndiatnrbed by uppoaition from
Tammany Hall andwith no boatile faction to
contest theiraeata, the action ol th*- Tammany
Democrataon Tueaday night mual convince
themoi theii delueion. Hai ing.aaappearafroin
Ibe recordol theroteal tbe laal election, a ma
(ority of thi party, tha Tammany leadera do
not pro] oae t" play the garae of tin ir opponenta
for them bv throwiog down the carda before
thedeal ia floiahedand the trump turned. No
matter if the laal Btate Conrention didgivc
them the cold ahonlder, call them "boltera"
and "traitora" and tarn them from ita doora.
gouue tbinga have happened aince then ; ?>m- ?>t
whichwaea popolar election, and al thatelec
tion the "boltora'1 and "traitore" demon
atrated thal they were a mafority of the party
in thia eity. Thal fact abeda,orther think
ougbt to abed, uew li^nt on the altaation. In
tbe oew view ol aflaira thoa bronghi aboul
they propoae once more toanbmil to a Btate
Couveution the queation n hether <>i nol nndei
the dictation of Mr. Tilden it will kickoutthe
trly choaen repreaentativea of amajoritj
ol the Dencocratie votere, and reeognize tbc
minority aa the only regulai organization.
There baa been foi aome time paat a doubl in
the niiii'ls oi many concerning the real purpoae
ol Tammany. It baa been aaid, and tbe Anti
Tammany people weregladto believeit, thal
no delegntion would be aenl to Byracnae, bul
that tbe Tammany men would probably aend
delogatoa to the Anti-Moaopoly Couveution,
openly caal ln theii lol wltb thal concern, and
abaorbthe motley crowdcompoaingit Xoth
ing woald bave pleaaed tbe Anti-Tammany
factlona better tban thia, for they woald haYe
Inaiated that it waaaflnal aeverunceol Tam?
many frcm the Deinociatia party: the end to
whicli all their eflorta bare been dlrected. Mr.
John KeUy, however, aaa nol by any meaoa
born yeaterday. Howaatoo weU aware of tbe
eflecl of aucb action, and knew too weil bow
imii'li bia and Tammauy'a enemiea would be
pleaaed by it. It la oot to be anppoaed thal the
idea waa aver aerionaly eatertained. Mr.
Kelly doaa Bol all on tbe oator end <>r the
limb he i* aawing o;i. It waa not denied, hou -
erer, that the defection oi Tammany Hall waa
poaalbla, and ln the manner named. VVitn
great ahrewdneaa, Mr. Kelly permitted it t<> l?c
diacuaaed ln tbe newapapera withont oontradie
tion. The eftect haa been what henodoabl
contemplated and deaired. The Demoerata oi
the Interior, who*will have eootrol of the Con
renticn, have been brooght faee tofaoa \vith
theaolemn faot that they are liable to loee tbe
aapport oi man ooiapoeing a majorlty of tlu
party in the City o New-York, and tba still
more aolemn fact tbat wheii thia happena the
laal chance foreacaping aa overwhelming de
feat ia goue.
[natead ot leaYing it to ba nnderatood thal
Tamtuauy would aend delegatea to Byracnaa
nnder any eircumatanoee, with the baference
that they would aapport the tickel whetber ad
mitted or not, Mr. KeUy baa permitted it to x<>
ont nucontradicted that Tammany wan liable
toact Independently. The eonaaqnencc ia thal
the conntry Demoerata, inatead ol engaging u a
heated debateoYertheqneationol boa togetrid
of Tammany, bare been bronghi Intoarcliec
the mood over rln- qaeation, " Wbat ean we do
withont Tammany P1 Mr. Kelly'a eonning
atiategy baa aucceeded. For the paal weak or
two there haa been talk in unexpected quaitera
of conciliating Tammany. \'.n ioaa anggeationa
lookingto the partiaJ recogu tion ol Tammany
iu. il tlu- ndmiaaion oi apartof ber delegation
eome from Albany, Buflalo and elaewbere, aml
i' :- rumored tbat aomeof tbe party leadera
who bare beretoforu been bitteieat ln their
boatility to John Kelly ai.d Tammany Hall not
only admit the neeeaaity for couciliation Imt
are actively engaged in piomoting it. Tbe
inaiii difflcjilty ln tbe way i? thal tbe organiza
tiona witb wbicb it bi aougbl to bring KeUy and
Tammany Into barmonyand cooperation bave
noreaaon for beiag excepl tlie extermination of
botb aa politieal foreea. The aole purpoae fdr
whicb the County Deinocracj waa organized
waa to make an end oi rammauy Hall. Doubt
laaa manj of Ita membera aio quite in earueat
ui.oiit it. It will ^'o IiiihI witb themaftei an
exiatenceof only one year to join banda with
the i.n tion they ael oui t" deatroy. Bul thal i?
wbal tha preachera ol eonciliation propoae.
Meaatime tbc Kelly atrategy baYinghadita
eftect m bringing about thia deairatot paace
uud buiuiouy. tbc Taiuiuauy pcoplu lucct aud
rote to Hcntl a full list of delegataa to Byraewaa
m nenaL bj tbooga nothing had happened.
And thay are aot gofaog, miad you, in any garb
of pflgriai penitenta hnmbly confeaaing their
fanltaaod aaklng to he reatoTed. Tbeyknock
at no baek dooc and they ask no fiivoiH. 1 h'V
go in nrootawion. npttn n apeeia] train. with a
bandof imisir, iu old-faahioned Btyle,ai they
naadtogo befoce IrringHaU waa htnltortho
Connty Diiii'uraiy tl.ghl of. They will aend
aptheir oardi to Qm BtataCoBTeBtion, aodil
tho Conveiition invites thein np they wiD
march in with jnel aa mneh digaity a? froni
the aame place they marehed oul threeyeara
BgO. Ur. if the Conveiition shut* its dootl In
their racee, tba band wifl play Jtial aaaaefrfly
oouiing back as going up, and therc will be
mneh more eheerfulneea in their ranka than in
the fmivi ntii.ii aeata. Howerer it turna, tbara.
will be muaieal Byraenae.
The aupreme aim of Lord Beaconafleld1! di
plomacy waethereatorationof Britiah Inflnence
in the Cei ni.iii napital*. PrinceBl marck, dia
cerning the two Qoartera from wbicb the peaee
of tbe Rrapiie would be mcuaeed in tbe fntnre,
bad endeavored io ci onteracl tbe torct ? ol race
antagonhuu in Ruaaia and national reaentmenl in
Franee by eatabliahing the cloaoal relationa be
tween Berlin and Virnna and giTiuganea di
rection to the ambition of tbe Hababnrgam
Bontheaatern Europe. Whnt Lord Beaeone
ii.1,1 anceeeded in doiug waa to foi m ? nominal
rntlici than aformal alliance with thaGerman
capitala. HeeYincoda wiUingneaa to work with
thezn on whal the Jingoee termed ? give and
take principlea." The alliance with Franee,
winle it waa not openly abaudoned, waa re
garded aaa matterof aeeondaryimportanee.
it waa tolerated, an I, ao tar aa Egypl waa con
cerned, nominally atrengthened, bnl diatrnal of
Rnaaia formed acouimou gronnd of aetion be
tween London and tlu Oermancentrea of di
plomaey. Lord Beaconafleld waa foraeeaaon
theonly European atnteaman forwhoaegeniua
Prince Biam irek aeeraed to entertain any ieel
inga uf reapeel and admiration. They arere the
leading flgurea ai a Congreaa in which Prince
lioft.-. bakofl played a anbordinatepartj andil
waa Lord Beaconafleld wbopropoaed theoccu
pation of Boaniaand the Herzegovina, thi
promoting the German Cbancellor'i Favorite
projeel ol givingthe Hababurgaeompenaatinna
in l. iropean Tnraey for the prorinceeand prea
tige tbej bail loal in Italy and Germanjr.
One of the firal tiradea to wbicb Mr. Glad
stone wiis ezpoaed from the Tory preaa after
h. boenme Premier waa canaed bj an nnni ccs
saiilv candidletter addresai l to the Auatrian
Miuiater iu London. Certain paaaagea in the
Midlothian Electton addrcaaea had wounded
theauaceptibilitiea of theCoortal Vienna, and
to correel niiaapprchenaion, made whatwaa
enrrently regarded an n formal apology for in
disereel campaigu ntteruncea. From that mo
menl the Tory preaa deapaited ol hi< diplomacy.
I.,,,,! I;,-.,, mi-ii Fdx policy, it waa charged, waa
reyersed in thia aa in other reap cU. The
, .iniiii alliance waa rcnounced aa a Conti
nental intrigue. The rivalry with Ruaaia waa
allowed to cool; a cordial undewtanding with
il?. Knii.li Governnicnt became tlie aupreme
igarte al the Foreign Offlce ; and tbe old linea ol
European accord and diplomatic inaetion were
clo.sely followed. Vel aingulnrly enongh, now
that Mr. Gladatone haa been in offlce for thirty
montha, the alliance with Franee baa prored
inopetatiTe eveu in reapeel to EKyptiau aflaira,
and tbe relationa between Great Britain and
the German Conrta are more cordial than eter.
.-ir Cbarlea DUke baa declared that the expe
dition to Egj pl haa receive 1 the bearty ip
proral of tlie Foreign Oflii - al Ib rlin and
Vienna, and the ntteraneeaol the ofticinl jour
i, itala |.'".i- tl ? i an
,. . ? -.. !,,?:_? .;- tlu !? w.i- ,i pru
,,i joinl interveniion on the poi i oi Eugl nd
imd Franee, the Auatro German preaa eucour
:l..,.,l tho Porto to ofter reaialuuce to the pre
ti>uaiona ol the V i:ateru Powera. A mh n aa
Franee receded from hor luwitioii aud lefl Eug
|.ind to pursue h reaolute policj aiugle-hui di 'I
tbere aaa a c implete change ol toue ou th<
Continent. Britiah influence i-. uowaaatrcng
iu eilher Gi rman capital aa il wna in tbe palnii
eal daya of the Beaconafleld furon ?
Ii || t-,ij inii- to o!.-,-i re the reluctance ol Ihe
Frencfa preaa t-? face the lacta. liere i- the
Tempi, one of the beal luformed journala in all
mattera ol foreign policy, maintaining thal
Geueral Wolaeley'a expodition will be of more
beuefil to Franee than to England, becanae il
tenda to Iraaen the imporUiuce of Germany,
uini-i- anpremacy in Europecan bereafter be
opjioaed by on Anglo-French alliunee. i be <>li
vimi^ reply woold be that, after the eollapae t?l
the acbeme ol dual diplomacy andjoiul iutei
ventiou in Ki:yi?t. no dependence can i?c placed
onanalliance with aconntry where Miniatriea
,mi. notorioua foi inatabilitj and whi re tbere ia
un iitter lack ol continuitj in foreign policy.
Xo Engliafa stateaman duriug the prea ml gen
(lation will make Ihe aUianco ol tbe Weetero
Powera au iroportanl factor in hia diplomatic
problema. Bnt oven il thal alliance bad nol
[oal ita value, tlie revival ?>l K'ull-h iiillu. Iin
mi tbe Continenl wonid tend to atrengthen#
rather than to weaken tbe relationa ofGreal
Britain andGennany. ilerearetwo countriea
bonnd together by thsa of blood, dynaatic re
l.ttions anl tni'litional policy, wilh OOCOnflict
ing intereal - In any parl ol the globe. It Greal
Britain acquirea Increaeed preatigeand power
by tba Egyptian expedition, her diplomatic
allianeea In fntnre will bewithrather than
iiirainst the (trongeai (Jovei imniit on the Con?
tinent, ___^^________
The glad tid inga are wafted from Ulinoia thal
Darid Davia ia bopefnl. He ia hopelul in tbe
lii.-i place of being reelected to the Benate, aud
in the aecond place of being nominated for
the Preaidency, Thiaduplex annonncemenl
will not excite anpleaaantemotionaintheboaom
,,! iinyiiiiily. W? donbt il there ia in Ihe whole
l inte-l Btataa another man in any Baycon
Dected ?ith politica who haa ao few real
enemiea aa the Lone Fence-Bitter of Iliinoia.
Tbere ia aomethiug alioni him which exeitea
auiuaemenl In all obaerrera, Heantagonizei
mii.oilv in other partii a, and a> be baa hia <>" u
party all to himaelf everything ia hurmouioua
and loiely tbere all the tinie. Then, too, the
beneToleut caal of hia couutcnance aa be aita
upon hia heloved fence ia couatantly niakins
him iiicinls. lielookaarcund upon the membera
ot ull partiea aitb i ucb ;i fathcrlj aapt ??' ol
?? i;ii--., on, my children," that it ia inipo ibh
for nuyone to n?./ ird him .i- .i polith al ? nemy.
Tbere bave been timea wben tbe kindly amile
wbicb tbe coontr) habituallj beatowa opon him
baa ino.nl, iii'd into a roarof laaghter. Tbia
bappened when be w.i^ aeon acrambling baatily
back iii'on 11 j? - fence aftei be had deacended on
the Demoeratic aide lo aa) a larorable word
for Geueral iiancot k, and bad diacovered tbal
tbe Geueral waadeatined to bedeteated, iiui
tbia waa only amoiueutarj demouatration. A-.
?oon aa he reanmed biaaeal tba langhter aab
Ii Ii:im been auppoeed thal we ahonld b ae thia
fainiliiii and pleeUttttg flgUie lio:n the pnblk e.\ t
uilti the li.Ii oiiluicli ueit. llia tcim il the
Benate expirrs thcn, aud it has IBBBI announocd
thal be would retire to hi? bt-lovod town of
Bloomingteaj aad build a botaL It waa not
Ihought poaalbletoT him to ba raadaeted, aince
ba cnntiot voto for hiiirnHf, and thero i? nobody
elaa la his party to voto ior him. Kow the
newa eoxnea thal ba bopoa to ba roelected, and
tbinka the temporaace queatioo mayinaome
way bring him votea. How that lagoing to !"?
done we are nol Informed. Tha Denaoerata oi
the Btate an" on the romaellera' side of the tmi
peranoe queation, of .oui-... Bome of them are
muefa exeited aboul it. In I lUeaaro on Tu.-<!av
tha Democratuj County ConYentioo adopted
a rattling reaolntioB deelaring prohibitory Ibwb
to l>o a *groea Inanlt to peraonal libertjr and
theConatitutiooofour fierrouiitiy,"aii<la--;k,l
ing the Republiean party for having the "an
"(la.-ity to dictate auch aviUanoua meaaure
" and expeci to reeeire the auflragea of a free
"and enllghtenedpeople." In anotherpattof
tbe reaolution the prohibitorylawiareferrad
toaa "iil.omiii.il.lp.'' Thla vigoroualangnage
kIiowk that the Demoerata hope to gainYotea
by oppoaing the temperanee Intereat, and il
may be thal Judge Davla e xpeeta they will gain
enongh to enable them to dlyide the !.'? ia
Utnre eqitally with the Republlcane and tbna
makean opening fi i tbe only real Indenendent
8i 1. itnii.il candidate ln the Stato,
Thia looka to ua like a very alim bope, VVhal
the Judge - temiicrance principlea are wedo nol
remember to'have heard, butweahould nol
Imsgine thal blabriefaud memoiable cruaade
aaa reformerof f.land drink Bl rYaablngton
would make him frienda among the bnngry and
thii.-tv Demooiacy. IVhen li<" waa elected
Preaidenl pro tem. of tbe Benate be reformed
the managemeni of the Benate reatanrant w
thorougbly thal nobody waaable t<? g< tanytbing
eitber eatable or drinkable oul of it afterward.
It the Democtata dodividi tlio control of the
Legialature, thereiore, it la hardly probabie
?hal they would tmn to the feuce for a candi?
date. Bul there la verj aiight probability ol
their dinding the Legialature. Iftheytake
the atand which the Chicago bn thren bave
taken, they will bare a amallor uumber of
memhera in the nexl Legialature than they
bave bad fora good many yeara. VVeareuu
able, tberefore, to aban in the Judge'a hojie oi
returning to the Benate. Regarding nla Pree
Idential longing it la too early to exprcea an
opmion. The foundution t?t'<"i whleh he
lmiiiU it bt not viaible to the naked eye. Bul
whether be realize ? it or nol he will bare the
conaolation of knowiug that he will paaa into
iii itory aa a nniqne Bgure in American politica.
II,- ia the only man wbo baa founded a party
iiinl kept it all to himaelt.
There waa little In the parade ol Tm
[n thia city, or ln any ol the many di Bcriptioua
which wi re yeaterday publiahed ol it. or iu the
...ir repoiti 1 ai haying been
ntade on tbe fK-caainn, n hich gave it or them
tbe character of o labor demonattation. There
wan ,,, iirj - m the ajipcarauce of the raen lo
itidicate thal (hcj were aull iring for good
clothea or were wcak trom long (famialiing
They were nol only ueatly and comfortably,
l.ut in many caaearather extravaguntlj dicaaed.
Aud tbey n.ly nutrehed briaklj iu tlu--uu
foi many tnilea, bul a greal m iltitude of them
danced briakly aud liatem 1 t-> rather dull
apeecbea for the better part of the oftenuMin
There waa m> bread, bul plentj ol Iteer, pro
\ ided for them, and tbey bad I'hiinge to paj for
i;. Thegatbtring bad nuiie ol the aapecta of a
I.,, ,,,i riot, bul every aemblance ol ii pi< uic oi
a politiral barbecae.
The insenptiona ou the bunncra i an acarccly
l?. aaid to repreaeul truthfulij the aeuti
pnvailing amonghoneal workingmen. S.?
oi iiinl. w.-n rathei old un< ilioriania ;
uthep were pro|K>aitiona which noimd) ever
in?j ; w bile m urly all were |h>
litiral, tmdii in ijority were i ib inagog
;, il, hie w< rkingmen are nol liki 1;- i > un -"
:,./,. im !., dj on the propoaitioii thal "All mcii
.ui- iioni alike and ei| uil " : oi th? aeutimeiil
-i. ;n.,? Cniiin '; and tlu y ? ?'>' bave uni
. BUpp -n . " l': '"
!,:!,.! Ci, ld Labor " and pul ::!l "'
Solioola, nol iu iiu lorii -." Bi
.,,i thal " l. ibor buill thia I and
; Bhall riilr it," and tli il " I iboi i a
i,,,,-. " and shoubl " i'.i ? no rcnl ' aml thal aa
- \,, iu ,.i i- im ,ii tke lun I, beuce no
-iini.lil ow ii n," tin\ -iiinl. rniae up donhtera
. ii , ,,, .1 . long theii t>a n ? la--.
il,,-,- aeul in ::!-. aud aimilar onea ?'??:? b
[utiud di iplaj. aie 10I mlj il aml
,|, bul they do nol liml nctcptani i
more th in one In a>rer i ? . u ? \ erj biiu
uinl. aml thal one ia more of an i
or demagogue thau itnythiug elae. Bryoud
tbeae > itcd tbe iuacriptiona were purely political,
and -ot a very i" or -oir ol |K>titic? al thal.
I'be cartoona, too?aud then were aeveral dia
played?bad nothing in them otuei Iban
aiiggc dioua oi o political natnn .
I ln- apeecuea were lacking in referencea to
the impoveriahed conditiou ol thewoikiugmaii,
bu( couiaiui (1 a groa1 deal aboul bia political
poverty uwiug Uitbe Eualavetueui of Labor bj
Capital. Monopoly, Saiional Bauka, VYealth and
Politica, all with i>i^', big capital b ttera, ?? < >r
ganization aud tbe Bullol " were uientioned
:1> (it<- only " I rue Remedj." Politica uol pov
,ii\ n-aa anatbematizt'd as tbe cauae of all tbe
woi-Hoi tlie workiugman. In ahoit, tl.fina
gogue diaplayed biuieeli and wbat be bad to
?cll al every atep. It ia one tbing tu orgauizr
ii Utrge foree ol Idle workingmen, even of thoae
uboYO the general average ol intelligeuce, for
b public demonatration ol utnnbera wben tbey
areled to beliere that tbe demonatration ia
parely non-i?artiaan ; bol ijulte another tbing
io lead Ihem into a political oi g-aaization to be
uiauipulated uud aold oul by aeli-appoiuted
leadei -. I'be so-called labor demouatrutiou of
Tueaday waaao pal^ably a political orgai
tion iii.it even the leaal Intelligeul and tbink
ingman ln the parademual bavediacovered
it b] tbia time.
Curioaity waapiqueda fortnigbt agobythe
pubiiealiou ol a briel cable diapatcb ann ?unc
iug thal a hundrad women ln Hungary had
i,, in accnaed of pobtoning their huabanda.
Tbe detaila <>t thla nniqne conapiracy are
inn-ilv recited by tha Yienna correapondeul
,,i Ike Lomdon Moadurd, and are ol pbenom
i-inil intereal ln tbe raried aunala of crime.
rbe uupreaaion tbat awomea'a aociety bad
i?,.? (ormed for tha ayatematic removal ol
i!,,u biubunda l?) c?ldpolaou waaeironeoua
Itwaaamiply one womaa'a antorprbie eftect
ively adveitiaed bj aecrel agenta. Thekla
Popuv, a gypay bag, aeventy yeara cf age,
carried on a wboleaale trade in murder aud
li.nl ;i btrgeline ol emtom in the neighboring
? ountry-aide. He. ahop waa ln a little village
uamed Meleucze, but ln order to maka buainnaa
livelj ibe waa ln the babil <d aeudingout
- or druumera, wltb aamptee of poiaon
and ready tonguea to deacant upon tbeeffl
eiaacy <>r h. r raetboda ..t diapatohing huabanda
wbo n-iii-id to die ln the ordiuary courae ol
natura. Baatod ba ber arm-cbair, hin- u.i
ready fot euatoaaera evary day, and auefa waa
thei z?nt withvviii.h h!ip plied ber trade that
bho waa ucver Uathtoptatlepoiaonaanddia>
penso thom even after tho close of regular bti-d
nesa houra. FFer chargea were inodernto. A
fee raajfiaff from fifty to a htindred flot ins wa?
aaked for piofoaalonal adriee and aaaodieaai of
poiaOB, If a WOtnaa were well dresned nnd
had a distiiitfiiiKhed air hIuj had to pay u littlo
moro for the rcaourcea of the hag'n urt. Ahout
thirty-five dollur.s WBI an nverago f?o.
The gypey'a bnaineBi anaageaieBti *ero bo
adroit that she eacapod aaapaeion foe a long
perlod, althongfa tba tocreaae in Btortatity
among tbe Buuried nen af tha dcinage waa
BrOat nlarming. Even when a tirh peBBaBt
Bamed Kukin died in the rillage nnder eirenm
etancea ao anacconntable ai to render nn inreo
tigatlon titiavoidalile, the iiitiinations of foul
play did not afft Ot her reputation. The only
precaiitiiin whicb ahe negieeted WMthaefieet
Ual reinoval of her only confedirate?her own
daughter. It may be that thia fatai witneaa,
naving aamatteiing of bermothePa pmfea
aional knowledge, kepl boraelf crammed with
antidotea and conid not be killed eren atter her
life waa threatened, Poiaoned ahe waa not, if
the attempl were ever m ide. Slie lived to
quarrel with her mother over aome property
and to denonnce ber betore the rillage anthor
Uiea. Bhe confeaaed that ahe had taken a bottle
of red liquid poiaon from tbe old woman'a
band and given it to Kukin'a wife; and eub
aeqnently idie had aeen tbe poiaon poured into
the good roan'i coftee. Kukin'a wife and
Thekla Popov were immediately arreated.
Evidence waa rapidly eolleetcd until itwaa
learned thal aamany aa one hundred women
had been aided aml abetted in murdering their
huabande. Fndeed, tlu- Ihrt may be materially
enlarged, aa then- are many bodiea atUl to be
di interred and anbjocted to cbemical analyaia,
Forrunate i* the widow in thoae parta who
can proretoner neigkbora' aatiafaction that ber
huaband'a diaaolutioo waa the moat natoral
thing in tbe world,
A great majority ol' Thekla Popov'a cuatom
era were married women arho woretiredof
their huabanda aml were anxioue to be eman
cipated in hohip expeditioua way. Kukin'a
widrv, wuaorerheard while gtving thia e xplan
ntion of her crime: * Well, I am young and
" pretty while he waaold and ugly. Wby abould
"he not bare died t" Thhi waa a concluaive
argument in her eetimation, and bear
ing of the cione'a magical preecriptione, slie
couaulted her in her gypay'g booth. Afewof
tbe poiaoner'a patrona were un married women,
who were benl npon arenging their own
wronga. To auch exaaperated and Jealoua
memberaof tlu.imon aiaterhoodof woman
Thekla Popov fieely oftered hei aervieea. Bul
ber beari woa not in thia branch ot the buai
She aftectod the title of the Married
Woman'a Beat Friend, aml the bulkofber
putrona were promoted through ber hideoua art
;,? the lot ofwidowhood. Hownianj widowa
lbe in,ule during ber medical earet r will piob
aldy nover l>* known nnleaa ahe baa kept a
long mi ing oi' beada Even tbe dead men wben
pxhuiued do nol invariably increttae the count,
for ahe peatlod her poiaona with rare diacretion,
The ilni-r- acted very inaidioualy, the man dy
ing by luchea unleaa hia wife irrew impatieut
PEH&OA il..
Mta. l..i'1'ir-. will leave Livcrpool for tbia eity
on Septeiuber 30 by the steatuer Alaaka.
Mr. .-iu'-r, tha reteran flnanoial editor of Taa
c/pai'a Vublic Ledger, who reeently rel red
from thai podrion, will receireaaao bonorary pon*
.-i. 11 hia inii -..1 n.v f * hfe.
Mr. Guild ord Oualow, M. I'.. whoaa death haa
jaat been announced, ia aaid to bare apenl nearly
$40,000 in bebalfoftha licbborno cutiniant, wiiuso
nu\ in :t. ho \\ an.
Mr. Jobn 8. Clarke, tba well-known eomedian,
,-,?:,, i,. j piul idelplna, imi !i:? return from Europe, on
Irita. Iu ahuui
?\- h,. ??ill ng un ...nl fur England.
rleatb i now .1 10 ' b< m ly 9X\ eeted of tbe
Id, , Tniroati *>. ifounglove, formerly Speaker of
? v. u !m uaa for aome
,.ili, al hia b
.11 .imi \.
A ,.. ii of a Weal rn pap? r 1 1
fomiil ? brotli -i ..l Misa Km.ua
littli liouiH iu W ,;il.i:-lri.
'.', 1 .. ? : .1 , llit) IU tl Vi'.i
..,,,'-. . bul in v i:n.
? 11,:;,, i,,v;... UltlOll il ',),? li'it lu -????> k almil! ll T
? 1 tbe . Id 1 l.ilv. " I thiuk the ia \.tv fool
1 '"I 1 her that n.wou ,1 tuaka
ii, |',,iit .1 0,. m ij,. il 11] i,.|- tha : , 1-. I will
,11 v?u, how v. ;. iJ.it ?h? ul yc ira of
;.. ...... Ii r yoicu girea oui on
;i. , niiiil nl
Iv 1 . 11. II, ?.?.in ni. of l: h !, I-l 'i.i. DI noia, who
1 igency, tn
iIIiiii 1 errii iy. *ritea in a private letter: " My tline
1, ,,in, -i .'i .11 , i\ 1.1/.11 al Paw
i,,. aiaatani d. 1 did nol reapond to tbe aaseae
ment, tliiukinu I hail a rigbl to direcl my m lana to
whorn I tboitithl 11 ;? v 'would do moal good.'
Mi.i....v.-r. 1 li ,'? v. 111 keep n? our tri ifiea with thls
f,.(.|i|i i'..|k witli riicoroua tidelitv, ii liaa uot been
, ,,n ? with 1!,.. I'liwnees. Pnrhjpa I bave beeu a
ihuru 111 tlie aide of thoae wbn ougbl to know and
correi 1 om Nutioual 1.hc ioii,"
?'ln tha cafe on the Place Mi 1 aaa Deau
vi 11.-. i-'ranci. 1 01 n - oudent, " llenri Uocheforl nitn
Burrounded by lua frienda Heia full of aneedote,
ferro and ruady wil wbicb made anamafot
him un lei tbe Bmpire bare nol beendulled, and ln>
liua the aame reui of ?area?ui aa wben \ illeineaaant,
,,( ho t'igaro, took the youug cterk fr. the Hotel
i|? Villeonbiaataff, ond mada tba fuileriea Uugb
.,(th;. . il ul the xpenae of ? lie Imoei ll
(uini N'ow and then hennliaoul a atumpofpen
pilaiui nnotcl.k tojotdown Hnmepaa>iniz thought,
. happv I'" I, "I .'?'' uiekua. wlnrh ?i.l
r;iim to Ins politii'iil ojii.in aa the eobriquet ol
, ;,, ul :i 11 'I -' ? 1'! IO M". I !n ia."
the \ li.iiit,.,. w.ii. .-ir Oarnel VVblaeh v re
eciv.-.l aome additional lettera to in> nanw and a
Pailiamentary granl of $125,000. lle ia m.w n
Kni.hi i.iiiinl 1 roiai of tbe Orderol the Ba
thai uothing n?maim to ba awajrded to bun ln
ihe way of additional honoranve ? peerage, I'hia,
if ttiven, will bave to be acconipabieii bya large
Kruutofmouej aud i peuaion if the diguit) tatobe
siirttained in the ma inei traditioually deemed beflt
iiiil', and all the more ao in view ol the Queen'a
uowudhdiketocreatttui a poor manap ar.
w. II,. urin on.t waa pro atblj al moal
?.iin,oon. bul lie n ? eived granl - of B3.500.000 from
parlii.1.1 Nelaon begun life poorer atill, and .lu
lli it he aud lua lamily 1 cen ?! unn uuted in
",,| |o aboiil one-iourth . 1 thoae given to Wi-IIiug
ton. peverul of the otlwr naval and uulitarj i" r
,',l leasei ll.than ili'??' . bui, uevertheleaa, 1
iiil^h diaiiui'tion, reeeived peuaioua for tlu'iii'-lvi'-.
,u, : 1,.,,, - ;,,,- 1.1,; i.tl'.-iv .1.- in tle caseofLord
,ih. the hi i" "i U ? tual enatoua, lt
,, uot bki ,. .mi ?u li grani - aa thoae made tu
U . iliiiaton w in evi i "I man- again. Tlie laal 1111I1
i:ir\ |i,,i waa bir Wilhain Manaiield, Lord Laud?
hurat. ln ln- ? iae, too. thi n 1 ul adaquate
11,, aua tn Nupporl ihe uigtiity,
(in. 100, sept. 6.?The apecial train bearing the
M ,i.iui-i.; I.'.iii-.. Prtm eaa Louiae aud party arrived
ubout in?.n al tbe Kock lalaud depot I iiej vi 11. d
l'niliii ui earl) ln tbe morning, and on reacbiug tbbi
, 11 \ s\,i<- dnvea din ri t-i tbe hotel, wher twenty
,,ii,- I,, .in- were re erved for in.-m. Ibey apen! tha
ilui uiuell) in the uliy. I hev wtll proeeed tn San
u.i> ul lbe li'irk labind road i"
111..1 li.U llllll 1.I11-.
1.1 ,\ 1 1: ll. hV
Owing to the large number ol people Iravel
roiiati "??'' BtaklH Mountalna, Ibi 11
Bul wUI 1. ui ' "? ,? ? ?" "' I '
rhe uewapapera of Kanaaa are proteating
ag n.i-i ii.. ? I" 1.. 1 "u of uoaej in 1 ii ?- 1. i-t 1..1 '!'?? -?!?
P ,: ,,r 10I .. : 1.1 ... 1 1..in tba -.inii B?a in I
ikr baawawarta Haiai aaya "tba ' tba
?ufferlnga ..f tbe reroaw* mi?> ba aal lowa aa .i"?
...tn. Wa aa) un- i-.iin "ii thal peopla ln tba
?y be m.i.ir tuUj aware ol tba aaaaaar ta wblab
the) un ii. inrf uapoaail npoa."
Baiiroad buildiag ba tiexico i>\ Amniian
rabwa) ompaaV 1 ba 1 raoaadhia wtlb>aarprbaag ipaaa.
fbalr uttaat aobbtvaiaaal to tba Inteatag 4a thu liuo of
tlir M. xlcin Vnflmi.-il Xarrow lifinip Kallroad betwaa
MuTif.r.y aml iiu> Kiii firande Rlvpr, a dNianoe or I7n
nillca. Tlie tra<:k waa ln|,i almoat at tbe rate of tbree
mllea a day. Tlio laaxraad eeaaaaay hurrM forwaM tba
track tmll'llnn for th? pur|?,a?. or liiTlung tha d'-tea-atee
who atteadad tlu- vtttii Geanrreaaaaaal rii-frtot OoriTan.
tion of Texaa.nt Ijtredo on Bepteuiber J.to take. a Jouriier
ovi-.r ttie road to Monti-n y *
Oraat nfapatatiorai ara making loc a Caajjaaa
?atlve d.'iiiunstratlon ag;un?t tlio Itritlali Qaaa. rntuant
it la to fakn ateea al tofamaaa la Oataaaa Latg Paiia
Iniry iiinl Btf f faffi.rd Nurthcoto will ten.l their prfa^n*>
ninl their roasee to tiio ofoaalon, and a g.-iu-ral arraljrn
?eatef thaOevafBBBeatfla poiiry may ba exnaacaj, aj
N atao atatei faaa utr Hufford Bactacata w in viait oiae
gow, wii.-rc be will be eatertalned at ? baaqaet r,r tha
metnbera of tha Oonecrva'ivo Aa-uclation. li haa'been
auggeated th.it tbr Town Couucil sbou.d coufer uja,u uiia
ti.u freodooi of the elty.
The Boeta, like, th? Irisli, do not coueeai
thabrhatrad of tbe Engllah. In a lato anaalaw af tha
raflaaa a.tbaobtafaaaapagaral baa (raaaxaal, tiiera.
appeara aa Bdrectaaaaaaal aaaded "Waralag" and
atgoedbycba Voi.it Oaaatl ?f the dteurlot, wbiei et
ajcaaaea frankly tha feeUng of enmlty ??> the i
Thi.adv. rtiaaaaaDl raadai " w.-,ti..- aadoiBlgmifl i.urgn.
ataoftaaWard Aaptaa Btrar, baeebi wara a
pctaoaa wbo have reglatored thaoMelYaa wltb the Urjt.
Idont tbat they are not 1.ma Into our
or Intoour farma, ana atill lnaa to off?r t<, abake
i iq irreetai a Itel iboc ?>: tbe i<?*<l liu-e Ktfli <
thoae who act oontrarj to thbi notbje ean
r. lOll "
Tha fourteentb reunion oi the ?
the Araay of tha Caaaberlaod wlllbeheld in HU
on September 20 and 2L <in-.-iitetni.rjo, afn
addreaaea of wab ome, to ? feleh a raapoaaa i IU1a
byO ara] p. ir. gharldaa, tha praaldent of tbe -
tha aaaaal oratkai will be daUvered by Geaeral C it.
Oruannor. nf Afhoaa. fthlr Tba arathw will bi | -
l.nv.-.i by a ealogy of tha Uue Pi
i-tii! Jaeob D. Cox,of daetoaatl. Tha annu
of the aociety will he glven on Beptembrr 20 la tm
Soldh ra' iii.iuf, |ual ouulde the elty uauta,
Tha vVeatara bntehen who are planning ti
?npply Baetaro paopla oith ahaapai bael i.y
abaagbterlog eattta In tha Woet aod aeadbig tun
nteal Baatwacd i.i refrlgarabw eara, ara aaw
aeourlog marfceta aad rafrlgerator buildJ
Eaatern otuaa. Theflnaol Bwlfl Brotaera .v i ?., of
Chlcaga, bave baltt a marfcel aad rafrlgerator '
ln Ktddtebargb-et,, Troy; whUa Baouuond & < ?. cr
iiiiiniti'.iiii, tnii. have laaaad groaad m M .i t
gom :) it., tlbany, on ahleb tb
reirigi . it get, The c miln -
i.iitrii'-r- haa excitadaoiaa ularm aiaong tb., X
deail i - (>I Aihiuiy.
Temperance In the nae oi apiritaona I q
baa aoa Ita thouaanda al adroaatea la Oreat Bruaaa.
i:.- ?? Netlonal J. aperanee JabUeeK.-t<," whichi i
been iuii ln the CiyataJ Palaoe, Loodoo, oa Bea
.i addri aai d bj delegataa hroni
all the great temperan<.rganuutttoaa ln th. t
k I,, ii.rn. It waa aunoaaced thal exeuraioa I
would be raa to tha < ryatal P a thoaaaad
towua la tba proxlaeea. Cardtaal Maaaing la alao glr
bxg hia earneat atd to tha teaaparaaee moi emeat in aa
...ii.-- to the Leegxie ol thoCroaa at Leieaatar aa Aa>
gaai ZB he deolarad that tha driah traaaobia
DBtloaal abane. Ia? igbuid etona, be aaid, then
200,000 pbtoea for theaaJeof Intoxleanta an la< reaae of
toiirtoul aiuoe IS59, while tbe populauon bad n ;
doubled, Ibe] liaal to grow up la their mldai
t'te un ui- ??', i,i,-h ini.i. ? ..i - ? I... mal a ,-' b, ?
were foa erl ig thal wuicu uilxbl i reate ao
tb* Cu L'aria. I i the < - i
uiioiii auelter troui tbia tcniolc aoclal and u
Benator Plumb in Iii- apeech opening the Re
i t-i.'ii, t i. - iry Ul due and ?
1 ii. i ike purt ui i.i.- oanvaaa lu thal -
Many chaugea are beiug made iu the VYiacou
r-iit il. i.-nti.in t.. < ougn ?? I Bi
u renouilnated only one aa oi -1 ol thi
. ..; ii, I-., ?,.,,, tbree uuw uieu bavi been cboaen. ln
tbe i.-ii..i;iiiii- dlatrh ta tb.-i n, iii'h-i - are uot Uki
t,-I-. i ,n- Oeiuocr.ttli: in -nii????> li
more foriuuate uuli
a.-.. at.
II. nry Cabol Lod .-?? i- receiving aome il itter*
Ing iii'loi--' tuenta :-. foi tbc Bepu
- :n tbe Vltb Maaa icbu* I - I
Uu baa twocouipeUtora, Mr. Ci id Mr. Davbk
//,, Uot onlra . "r i'1
| |,i,-.. -ii the Vltb i-.-i
1 tli.il 10? l.-.ii''ii.ii:"lll"'- i' --' --?"
Tha Ohio Demoerata couoede flve Cougrea
alonaJ Dlatnota to i"- H aod ebUaa
, ber are evld. utlj beodiag tn. ir ehh r eoei I
the.il'-l- for foii.-i-.--Mii.-il. Ihr Cuirintuili hi"juurr
mi., - tbat " Ii ii bi , . i- thal tha
ii [uor in n aro takli i id putoug >
lli.ii.r'. .
ul r.llill...i.i,
.1 lv\. IIU' ,
Prank Uurd liegan bia cam aaa foi I on - i
i i uioul I i au i ?
protei ii" i in.i. - l
ih i woi and K. pl i
rupital oilt ol '... .-.,1111111-. Ui- pwaitlou "ii Un ?
l '. IIKM I.ii II! "... . |l ?
ii.i.i- d -? Ibe pbili, - ?
| -.|: , 11 .. I -' I- kl* .-.. il" ? Pl 'Iil of
Judge Twigga baa au.mced himaell aa
Vllltb LHal: ' I ? ? i tbai the
ara aa
. ai .1 thal ih. J uu
ident Detiou ? '
ii, , , -. i . ... "iu tue i>< li
. - !.,.,t .1 .-.
la i. -i"t
Tbe fund aupplied by the liquor intereaU a
Ohio io tbi l'? ii". ratie eauipabrn ni ...
. i,. v .-i t,..-. . up John '. i boii i - - '
. . ? . ,,,- ol it to Uld : I
i j,,,i!i\ owm aud to furtber tb
D io Ibe ueglect al tha i
. ? ? i n ........ .???.
ui,,,, i.i.-i I'orruptlou fuud, and the /? .ii ol tb
u.,iM ra Uu* bi .ii -t.ii.L.ii' 'I i ) tbe proui
i . .,i .i.?!??'.i.i;... ul they ui' ? >i" ' ?'
ii...v i- i;i i-iii. :i 'i... .,.-..".. Matatbw abea laa
..ii.]. ii ,n i ? jual "i -
Amoog the promiuent Demoerata iu [nduuui
grbo i. ..- i" bi party'e poa
l-..|ii..i .(iii-.li...1 ta thi il. :i. .J".i:i ii- li-i-t- I" a -i- 'ii
ui liloouilugtou li. di n:i..l bia poali.aa fo - l
.'aii't -i.it.,1 ..ii in.- l>. ino.-i .in- i>:ni:..iui on in'-;
tiun ui.i.i.'Iui.nl-- The pbttforw bl i ? aUp>
ji. II. ui..1 too u.i. ? .11
ii.i in. i-.i iin-ri- toou tin- pbtukol our platforu
aa .i Mibuitaaion Deniocrat, l aball baYe bi aak t a
in. k. ii ..im, au platforui nu-. fall, aa it ia deiim
aud .i.i l ' au prounee you b t*> vot. I
biate licket, for tue w blakey riug aud I cau I d
. ,.,,?t tb aume leut.i ap eially *hi u ?... ? puil ? '
,v, i ,.ir ni un-. "
Tbe Republican Btate Conventiou in
neetbiut aUlmeotbj two weaka, bot thaa fai bo caa
., m.oii- iii ravor "f .iii.v nian Ui a< i
Ucket. Xbe pi.tblUUea aoial t" the aomiua I
1.1,-IItl-llillll l."M-ni"I BU
. .. iuii agalu. Aod the i?< luocrata, I
aUen .,,i,..n, bave been engagedbi rlngingtbe,
,.i, un iiii.-k-.-.l I'iiiuiiiu iiiiulf iii I--". ?? a-bieb tl
enioraliip waa mortgagt-d tn Mr. bul eU-y. '
however. of it ii.-iii.-.i.-it aml drieal agaii the |
tion m Ukell I.i li. on. ol to.-ui"-t uuli.iiiiiii'.."! I"-??
.i.i ii.,i iu tbe btate.
riieapechea ex-Secretarj Blaineand Gover
-i.il in the M.ru. eauiiadgu partake :
,,. Ilr, , ,,;,.. ... :, i.,.iit ii-.-u-i.iii between them -
ni' ii. '
,;, the Uoveroor*a euum thal \->- b i
r.-in,.\...-. rtain ultli ? tbe conaenl ol ll I
utivo Counell and In dedaure W a deela.I l
ju.-in. ? ..nit. Mr. PhuaU-datb upted to re| I
tbai he waa aupi rlor io tbe l
Iii.lll-- .'! ' ' I
? I
,,..-,::,,;,, aud Biakea .
Tbe d.-..-i,.v iimi reul elevatiou ol tl ?? ?**
! ,.. i, ueyunddiai.? Ibe lud. ihm ?
. ,(. ,?,,, ,M-.'f....v worth i.i ii.. BepaWi
oi oui m thbi i....iiu>._
Partl nl.i'lon- mr loii-iil.'lai'lv dia
ly,.' i' ? i'""i "e ?'? ?Pi -
? ?. in, u uiiiartalut] I - iu.
,. ,, reuew u- i.o: I ou Ibe peo| I ? " u
toinake the?? avaiUoluty"* ? oaadblaaa aaaaaaaaaa"
thuig eba* tban ahal U aoa ateaaa.
' '\ aavaa
Baveral ol the niuel promiue d i ogjunj
I-;;,.:,'! TJi
Vuej ?
;::::'(,:,-r;;'.:;:h,:;lu.,o.o'-. -
,,,m.i;i-M\n BAYNI - Pl v
\\l tba
?? 1 ii,? a Republlcau, aud brheve m ? " "
caia.i.ail'iu'uU.f uu party. i laxlam tm tbaari

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