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^XULJi* 13,19ft
- ?
cufiRKxr Tones IN distant capitals.
IPhcw was a cbauKe for the worse in the
' Mpdition of M. Gambetta )a*t evening and
Al 1 o'clock this morning it was feared
tfjftt a crisis was cominir. Maceo, one of
th? Cuban refugees, kM writt<>n a letter
p7t?t?8tiuff apaiust the manner in which ho
?mis arrested. Speeches of a Bomewhat in?
cendiary character wero delivered yesterday
at a meeting of Irish Nationalists in Bray.
Mr. O'Bnen, the Dublin Editor, will be ur
finned for seditious libel to-day. Thu failure
i a London and Liverpool firm of shipowners,
jose liabilities are placed at ?300,000, ie
tf. Gambetta pease* ? ieei night last night, but
i raftering from faticriio arising from conflue?
nt to hod for so long a time. Tho exterior inflani
, ut ion dhows a tnadeMl to disappear; nevertho
,t s, an operation i-? bettered to hp necessary, and ii
? ll probably bp performed to-morro\T.
rMi,r.?Ur. Lanneloiigue, who left M. Gambetta
... 7 o'clock tafe evening, was recalled at 9 o'clock,
.. ({haime for tho worse having occurred.
is, Jau. 1.?Ai 1 o'clock this morning M.
ii Babette was much' woree, and sn imminent crisis
? feat ??!.
joONDuN, Jan. 1.?A dispatch to Tap Times from
.tri*, dated 2:30 o'clock this morning, reports
i.uM, Gambetta ls dying He is surrounded by
^pairing friends, and his stato is helpless ana
bop : _
PARU. Dec. :>1.?Count von \Yimpften, the Anette*
Da< girinn Ambassador lure, wno eommitted
suicide yesterday, partook of an carly breakfast
yesterday norning, and then leaving his
bo;,N', p..id Lo would return for raaeheon,
Count Zichy, Secretary, and Colonel Bonn.
Military attache" to the Auatro>Hnagariaa Embassy,
nn-kc thc newe of tiic terrible d< ed to Countess rea
Wiinpffen. Lately the ino?t tittling annoyanees
s*s-asioned the Ambassador the ut most nlwrrsa Ol
Thurs .ay mst he tore np a diplomatic dispatch be
SBMise a comma had been omitted. His body lies in
the graud saloon of ihe bu ldjog occupied by tho
Emi> ssv. All traces of th.< wouud are eoneealed,
?*> ,; i tprt'ssion of the face is calm and peaceful
ffKKXi Ihc. 31.? ibe suicide ol fount ron
Wi iijiffen has caused gi.-at consternation herc.
'h his death lie ad Ires* ri a letter to
Couiil K noky, the Imperial Min foreign
Ai;..us. The letter is dow od Ihe way herc, aud
Der perhaps furnish a clue to the cei hf.il i isordei
th .viii b th- Conni was amii t.-a. 'lue deceased
* in ha ional tronoiea.
lb ? ce 'detonation of If. Bonto n. presldsat ol the
non <?? ; . . aita i i hud bad
caniarr relations, was one of thc latter's princi
I (rmhies.
.. hu; .ly deplored herc.
'-* Drni.ix, Dec. Ul.?A National League meeting
was held in Bray to-day, at which Mr. Corbett,
Bomber of Parli me nf, presided, afr. Corbett said
. that nobody need hesitate to Join th I
Mrr Trevelyan, Chief s.torsi rv for Ireland, ad
Trdtte'i that il wa* a legal oiga-aization.
J lr. Lalor, member of Parliament for Co.mty
Qoceits, and Mr. Harringaiu, Secretari of tho 0t>
gepi/i ig committee of the National Leagna, ad
4Vm '1 tie nu eting. Mr. Lalor aald ho was glad to
ob?-??-.?? thai ii assembly stan asalnrj aa
af lighting-men, by whom he always liked io be
surrounded."^'ie. was certain they knew tho dav
sal-'ht come v.-h> n they should havo to u-io thal
for, a by which everv other country had ohtaiHOB
fr-i ilo-ii. He urged orgaaiaation, if peaatbla, in
'>pen da>-. Mr. Harrington said he would show the
i'livernment that it could not intimidate bim. Ho
-. as willing to go to Jail, where be could study the
,.<)! len whether Iiish pol tics should be carried on
upon the pin foroi or in some other place, H.< had
a shrewd opinion as to the conclusion at which be
would arrive.
Mai?kip, Dec. 81.?La Trihi** publishes a let sr
from the Cuban refugee Maceo in which he protests
against his imprisonment at Ceuta, daming that
he is now a poli'ical prisoner. Maoee nial f ?
tlrcumstidices attending his arrest in Cuba.
Dm alleges that be stipulated with the Spanish
(federal, in the presence of tho English and Franco.
< <n-uls, that b" and bis companions should be
rdonedon condition of their voluntary exile to
in lira. A< cud.ugly, tiny embarked on board an
nglfh steamer but th<? vessel was stopped when
/(?or miie? tiom laud by two Spanish gunboats and
rwe Cubans weie forcibly conveyed lo Porto Rico
ai il aftei ward ro the. SnatTirhM Islands oil Moree,
co With reference IO bil surrender by the lirltish
cl Gibraltar, Msceo atiirins that the Spanish con
ei.1 ashed the Liikflish police t<> arrest certain non
yi:ts who had escaped tiom Couta. He protests
aaaiiibt this violation of the extradition treaty of
Dublin, Der. 81.?Mr. O'Brien, Editor of The
Cslfad Inland, who is to be arraigned tomorrow on
* .-barge of wditious libel, based on au article pub?
lished in that journal denouncing the conviction of
.' e Lough Musk murderers hnd the recent execu?
te ???ns, has had 230 witnesses snmmoued for the de?
fence, including Mr. Jenknoon, i).rector of the
Criminal love tigation Department, tho ( hief
gqperintcndent of Detectives, Crown Solicitor, and
? ?'?arly all the special jurors in the Lough Mask mor?
in a speech at a meeting In Mallow to-day Mr.
O'Uiien, who was accompanied by Messrs. Mealy
and Sexton, said he would Justify tho Bftiolo n Inti 1
in The I nit<d /relauuL and prove that th* prisoners
in the murder trials bad been conTietod by packed
JUtl' ?.
London, D?c. 31.?Francis Carvill A. Hon. mer
chants and ship-owners, of So. 126 Gresham Ilona*.
Old Broad-st., London, also of Liverpool, hare tall?
is*. Their liabilities amount to ?300,000.
London, Jan, 1.?Haring BrotiersdV Co. to-day
announce thar the senior partner, Kaanell Sturgis,
retires trom active commercial pursuits. Tbe bu-i.
new will be camed on by the remuiuing partners.
rToRONTO, Deo. 31.?In the Court of Queen's
fSench yesterday it was unanimously decided ihut
'there is no restriction in this Province ou the carry
teg of passengers by land or water un Sunday, over?
ruling a decision ot' thirty ye.ri ugo, under which
lt han bc n held illegal for terry boats to ply on thal
Cori, Deo. 31?A detachment of soldiers from
loreign service lauded here Saturday evening. '1 bey
were insulted by drunkeu civilans, and a abort cou
4let ensued, during which the soldiers defended
leuiselves with knives.
Tf.iikran, Dec. lil.?A letter from Meshed,
gated tbs Itali Inst., atatea toat Afchanl'ian haring; de
Randed the extradition ot Ahmed Kami, formerly
governor ol Tana, who took rerajre on Paraian territory,
-the Aiuf-er ot Karita, who aaalated lu Ahmed Khai.'g
Saeupe, baa been ordered to aurrendcr IjIib tn ths
ttrghaut. Itlasutsdtbat ibo Afghan Government bad
troops In readiness to march Into he-Man sad seize
Abm nd if Ita demand bad not been granted. The rum*
wuicb reoeutly ocoiumd lu ibu nsigbborbood ot Cabul
Ass benn auppreaaed.
Halifax. N. S., Den. 'di.?The past year
hag been one. of great ilKa^ier to toe shipping ot Nora
hesua. I be buauaeaa ol ibe llaiUaa Marine Aaaoclatious
during the twelve months Just ended bsa been amonj
the most unprofitable of recant years.
London, Monday, Jan. 1.1??3.
The river Raine liss ceased to rise. AtMayenocthi
waters of the Upper Rhine and tbe Maine have com
uk a i il to recede.
Earl Spencer, Lord Lieutenant, attended etrvlee yes
terdayln Dublin, In Christ Church Chapel, which bat
recently been restored at the expense of Henrv Rowe
Earl Bpenoer was hissed nt by a boy, who was arrested
The Porte ls endeavoring to eneet a reconciliation be
tween Aleko Pacha. Oovertwr-Oeneral of Eastern Roil'
mella, and M. Krnbel, tne aciPig Ruaaian Conaul-CJenerHl
ai Plullppopolla, wltb whom Alcko Pachu bas broken oil
The Obserttr yesterday In Its retrospect of 1332, re
ferries to the obituary record or the year said! "A
year wblch has witnessed the disappearance of Charita
Darwin from the ranks of science ; Tait and Pit"ev from
the Church, and Lonjrfelrow, Rossetti snd Trollope tresa
literature, bus eort-.'nly levied tributes from us wltb
none too sparing a hand."
Mii.wai ki:e, Doe. 31.?Early this morninj,'
afire broke out lu Friend Brothers' wholesale clothing
ealabhsiunent. It originated lu the basement from
either an overheated or defective furnace, and worked
tts way up through Ihe elevator. The Interior of the
building was burned out, destroying the Immense stock.
Friend Broihers' loss figures up fSOO.OOO; Insured as
follows: On bnlldinK?Phanlx, of London, $0,000;
Pim nix, of New- York, $10,000; Union, of Philadelphia,
$">,<MH>; (iirnrd. of Philadelphia. $2.!H>0; Gerinun-Aincn
can, of New York, $2,500; Rhode Island, of Providence,
?5,0001 Pennsylvania, of Philadelphia, gsVOOO] Western,
of Toronto. #5,OOO, mid SJMMMO in oilier companies. On
Steen?IfOadOO and Lancashire, of Knelund, $.~>,iii><>:
National, of HartforJ, gflkSOOl New Hampshire, of \?iw?
Hampshire,*-',SOO; Pennsylvania,nf Philadelphia,*:! OOO)
National, of Hartford, 08,000; Insuianci Oocopaay of
North America, $3,000 j Detroit, of Detroit. 03,500 j
Howard, ol New-York, $.".000; (Talon, of Philadelphia,
$:!,0O0; Citizens', of New-York. 16,000; Metropole, of
Franc*. $">,oo >; New-York Alliance, ijo.iniO; BoylstOO,
if Dustan. fnOOg 1 Irvin?, af New-York, 9SJB0O) Pke?
nix, of London, 13,500i Efanotar, of Wow-York, |6,0 I I]
Aiim rican, of New York, ijO.ooo ; London aoOOOlaUon,
B5,< H i, Firs Assoolstkin. ol Pkllsdelplila, 95,000: Ooss*
m? iclul Di ion, of BoaTlond, g5,000j imirlosa. af I'lnlv
delphla, gS.OOO | Home, of Hew-York, 9S.000I 'iinrdtan,
of Mew-York, ga,000i Merchants'. <u Rework, 05,0001
Manntaetarers^ef Heston, gO.000; Continental, ol N?>.?
Yark, 05,000 j I'mon, of I i. 02JOO| Cttnton
Of New-York. 9US0O', Lamar, of New York, 00.500*;
Kannattaa,Of New-York. ?5,0001 lion..-, of New York,
?5,000 j Fu'cmcn's of Vewark.gB.OOOi Plaanlx, of Hart
ford, fsVOOOi mogera, of Ham Torfe, 03.5001 uar
ssasua, of New-York, 05^900; isoyls.fi.n.ot Bootoa?8,000j
gora lek Union ofEi 15,000; Imperial Northern,
of England, t-'.'>''?'?> I i oe itlon ol I
Company of Pennsylvania, 0.1,OOO;
Commercial I Dion, ol i <?; tfsresm
Manie', of B ; 1 I
Aioein.iu, ol Boston, 05,000: Flrcini i's Fund, ol caii*
tcini.i, 02,000) Nortu in ll id a id St
lund, 02,500; Paoaalx, ol London, $2,000; Common
we,ni!., of B lork.
-?j 500; 1.1 u rm m's, i f Pulled I]
luau's KiiihI. ol PiilladelphiSi I ? aScbostsr, ol
Ni *'? Yoik. S3, .; North Bi HU I
?2,joo : i i mu uwi ell i, of Boab I; Na lot al,
ol New-York, ?7,5oo; rbmulx, of New rora, eio.ooo;
Lancashire, of England, 07,500; People's, ol Newark,
I: C rmSQ Ano ii. 0,000j
[til ld. of Maa r op '* ol
Newark, 02,300; Rhode Island, ol ri..vi.I'm ,*2.500:
Britisu American, ol Canada, $2,500; Mar, of
New-York, 02500; William bum City, N.
\.. 05 OOO ; Queen, I . !.
I.ol'tll '
I, $.\<njO; lin e rial, of I
Palm, of New lurk, ?2.500; Royal, ol Knjrland, $li
Lonliard. ol Nen k*< .? Ki; ti milard, of Nei
#2.500; "i Milwaukee, $5,00(>;
Northern, of London. $5,o0j; Home, of Ni s ? mk,
9 .'.ooo; NorUi in lindi uni kfeieautlle, or Lon.nm,
93,000; ktorohaota and 1 N'ew-York, 0J.OOO j
American, ol Now-York, 05,000; and Firemen's, of
f I . . r X Co . who'
nooda sn ? hotions. sad -" iw, I
. ? eitel
U iOSS eOOO, bUUdreU I -il ? [-. ivuunu
in ouu itm rs are leru* n out ? f
Booton, lb*'. lil ?The dry gooda stock of
A. Lawrence AOa.otared la tl i luPeartat.
| it, v a< dam lg I rmi/ ft
It wa/! v tined ?t 0230.000 and is fullj lusared.
A fire broke oal af il o'clock leal nighl In
!?.BoyQjoa AOe.'sokeestore, ea Market at., gos uk, on
thethini tln.i:, niel ?pi-:.d to thi fourth Boor. The Dre
waa barning at mldairbt, hui wss nuder eontrol, lue
loi" is ssthaaieal al ?15,000 oi 0JO OOO,
lire waa discovered yesterday norning in
IkOafore No. 645Btstb-ere. Oao?ball el tbs atore was
ociiijii. d by 07 miana Henderson, iiort maker, ami tbs
oilier by i. P. blum, a Jeweller. Heuderaon's dumagn
wa< 01,600 sad Blum's 01,000, and tim buddina-, waua
waOOWbl 1 DI Mis. Oarnor, of No. HM J ak I sui.'
w sa damufej ?'TOOO.
IlAKirortr), Dec. 31.?Wilting) H. Bulkelcy,
llepiililhmi Candidate for <w.v.i...r of ( 00jB< ? lill
tue Hlale election, bus written a loller to dowies J.
i ole, ebulrman of ihe Hate Republican CoOSSsrtti
fusing under any BtronmStSOeSS lo BOOept Hie (,.it. rnor
skip In ease tko Paosooraile blael balletoef gow Karoo
-ho du be rejsetsd. 'the lotter is dated ut Hartford,
Peet saber '.il, and 1* as follows :
My Httri.il.ni savina neon oallen1 to the various dla
citosfains walch Lave appeared u the i.uime prints re
iatingto -biack ballots," so nailed, 1 desire to aa.t fer
myaeif that,under tue cJrenmstsiioes,no mattel what
doubts may exist In regard to I i? legal election of U i
arnot Maur. I do hoi entertain, and hare not lol one
molbeul eutt'i'iatio d. t lie. |.i.-u I nat ll Would bo p
(? bo d the ottMS Sf OOTOrnot nuder lae nlsllng
ciicumstaneea, 00 malle,- what Hie General Assembly
tua/ uo or d. . larc, sad any aetioa they may taws mint
ne wlik tko knowledge taat tn ou svsni will t serve, ot
take tba poalbk-o whieh I bollevs ll waa tao talent of
me electors le give to aaotkor,
XfeS luw ot which the black ballota dei lire 1 lb-gal by
Chief Justice J'ark ure a violation, was eliminated by
the i'emocrats, who claimed that lt would Lu a pioi.<
lion le lbs laooiing moa against attempts hy employers
to coerce them. J he opinion ls (julie general among
lawyera bern thal lbs black balloia are technically
Illegal- The Desaoorafa elalm that tbs Rapabtlean bal
lois, which had snarree bonier around tbs Barnes, aero
also illegal. These wei e. However, snbmllteo Ul sigh
legal and Juill lal authority belora the rle. Inn. unit S ur
declared Iraal. Too letter of Ucucial Hulk, lev will
probubly prevrnt any couiroveiay lu ihr Legislature
over the mallei.
Huston, Doc. 31.?Elizabeth Lambert, nge
thirty, living id Camhrldgoport, who baa been bed
rm.Lu, entirely nimble to walk, willi dlseaae of tho
aplite and other affection a. for seventeen yeaia, ls alleged
SO have beOO Instantanc nisly oared through the medium
of Banyan After she Hud intered lier prayer she at once
Bands un (flint an I found BBS could walk and sugared
no pain. Wubin a few days, beWOTCr, SB4 fell walla
dossing lb.'loom and Inplied ono ot her icga, bur slir
baa oouUiiued tu walk daily, though lu a limping man?
uel. _
Louisville, Dee. 81.?He Xonajfffls Pans.
merdai, for tull teen years a prominent Republican
newspaper lu tbeHouth, begins to-morrow a new volume
strictly independent of alt political parties. It will bo
rcducud lu sl/e and modelled after tho Lantern two eeut
Jouraala, at which price It will bo sold. Ibo cliun.ua la
Ibo Staff are no! yet a anon nerd.
- sas
IIaktford, Conn,, Dec. 31?Tho rotiunilfeo
appointed at the recent Tobacco Growers'Convention,
m ihis city mei on Saturday at.d dratted a memorial to
Congreaa asking for a duty of 01 a pound on foreign
tobaooo, excepting Cuban, and for a modlfle winn of Iri?
ta rna! revenue tax on manufaef ired tobacco The
memorial will bs presented to tho a Jour ni d convention
on tue second Tuesday of January for approval.
WonCKSTsn, Maa*., Doc. 31.?Nelson Bay
uiond, aixiceu year* old, tb-tlay shot and luaiauily killed
bia brother Joseph, tan ysors o>?l, while playing with a
revolver. Tho boys wero less than three feet apait. The i
bullet passed through Joseph a boort.
8t. Louis, Dec. 31.?Latest advices from
the Iadlsn Territory sre taat Baloohes'a forces have dis
banded and that tho trouble ls over for the present at
least. Tart of the hand retreated to the reservation ol
Boc and Fox Indians, but they are now scattered and
not likely to come together again. Chieosce's force have
returned to Okmu I kee, with t!i*> exception of a lew
scouts, who arc still on the Western border.
Boston, Der. 31.?Tho residents of Poilhnm
doing business la Iioston aro dissatisfied with the nrw
passenger tariff recent ly adopted by the Boston and Prov?
idence Railroad Company. After expoaiulallng with the
railroad officials In vain over 400 of the regular passen?
gers will, on Monday morning, buy season tickets over
the N.-w-York and New England Hallway. The latter
road will bring tho passengers nearer to tho business
centre of tho city, and lt ls believed that few, If any. of
tioao gentlemen Wall return to thc Huston and Provi?
Columbi rs. Ohio, Dec. SL?Thc old Agni be?
tween tho Baltimore and Ohio and Pan Handle Bailwaya
over thirty miles ot Joint track between thia city and
Newark, was renewed yesterday br the former
asaktac an affidavit that the Injunction of laat
Annual hud been violated by the latter In refusing to
pay ibelr proportion of salaries sud Interfering with tl >?
maascement ot the rood aaa trains, rae Court Issued
an order, returnable en January rf, to show oonoo for Hie
procedure and whr ihey should not bu bUdiu contempt.
A free light in which several actors were cniraged
took nineoyaoterday afternoon in Ike othes el the
.Morton House, at I\iiirice:i1}i-st. .'ind Broadway, ami
resulted in tin- nnest of QoOTgC W. Morton, na Eng
li-.li ado.', WHO wno locked np in tho Merer .Street
Station, Morion ano Osmond Tootie, of Wailaek'a
Theatre, arrived in this c ty renterd iy morning by
a European st on moa and went together t<> tho Mor?
ton Bowns. InthaofBcs was i group of men talking
loudly. Aa they peaced thorn Morton, who was nv
toxteated, nutde some, rcuuirk at which an actor
niimeil Abbott, of rftnotott's company, tooti Oafcnce.
The next moment they elinehed ami were rolling;
about tie i!nu of ino lobby. Others took part in
th.- tight, and several eves were blacke. ami
bruised. I be police were flnallv colled on. and M ir?
ton, Toarle ano Abbott were arn-ated and taken t<>
tb ? Moroer street Mai om. They r ere all disehai ted,
however, exi i, who was loeked np over
uight on tho charge ol Intoxication and iii rderly
Cull'lin t. _
William H. >'afew. of No. 21 sventy.
fourth*!., received fatal I Inrieaoa rnnradav last.
On that dar, while during, the hnr.es b
friabtaned and Mr. Nato a waa thrown from the
. ai n in- at Madison ai i, and Seventy-ufth-et. He
waa t koo bo ne, when rtain d 1 bal bl ?
skull bad I" 'i. fi io i h.. <|. H lingered lill -am liv
win:; he died, ll" wa* feats of Bge,
ll known lu the bnainei th:s
A ? oiiian who give her name as Catharine Kip
pen nt tempted to commit sui Ide ebon! noon
t el .lac le. I In its 1111/ l.ers If from t lin nial flinn ol t ba
Elevated Ri hen nt Felton ot., mi front sd
ii mowing train. Ever sines tho tracie late of Juli.t
Aldoona tba employee of th" Elevated Railway
have beoi on the alert topra em th. repetition of
snob au act. The womon yeatorday tarong to the
i platform as a linn approached, .<n<l had
thrown hen If over the n her clothing was
seized v i r. ?> ol Ibo ; lat lorna men. I li- i
pu I Ind bach just as tho train ma by. It waa the
narre le escape from serious injury and
r-nulli, of the First Precinct Police, was
call.-d to l.iki' rharg" "f the woman. Ile'
telegram upon h>-r l.eiirint: tho mil ala ' <' K."
stating ti.ai tho perimi Bondini it would aol return
Moonal Tba woman saud Ibat ber h .si...;.
i with -i
'i. She fe'' ?> Ci old not . ir\ ive the
io : boneo wanted lo die, I to bc
i existence.
Tba worn ni e
Station. < i pi a in i'.iMi cy i le-1 n-d th .t t 'ie facto IO thc
boos sbo lid iou ? r ni ide poi ll All Information cou
IUsOd al ills station. ihe c.,m.in
is a lianne ot England < ut has hv.ni in tfrookl.
some Illus Mir appeared lo eiiiiis five ot fort]
fears of age. sim was neatly and laaiefully dre seed
amie- lunging to ins bettor elans ol su?
clety. lb ? ?. 1 lu ss .lown
lown a: d ii io laid thal i.' is known to Captain
Lalirey of the rust Precinct Pobco Htatlon. Tho
iee lo surrounlod with mystery, lbs general Im?
pression onong the railway udleinls ii thai tim
>\ oman had bren era /ed liv lealonay .illd she believe I
that tho telegram she bad received irum bel bus
band was a lu.l oonflrmatiofl ol hoi ano| .cons. I bo
i, will be loki n to Hm rombo 1'ollce i oort to?
il.n. Ike attempted smcids oreal tl moeL i i
? Ihe 1 ult on B true I Station, inclining na il
did al a Illili! When tho place was ClOWdeil WU li
people. _
Mil-, il i. ir my, age fifty, of So. '?< u Eael
sd suddsoly ea saturday algal, nod
was attended by Di MeOuire,ol go. 688 aooond ivr,
abo refused io ti ve ,, deatii obi Uuoaie,
Dexter n. Noyes dr ippe i dca i lo a rests irani al Ra
??!? Roosevelt st. >rslrrday
A niau droppi 1 dead at Pearl and i hath.un Ma jroOOBf
dav. Ile ie was li. il bin g In Ids BOOBS IS lo Iv I cit.- ha
name. He was fifty-five year* old. bad llgkl ? M i
loo,sandy bair, moustaoba and whiskers. Bi nil dark
>!..<!.,.? I ,..H ih.,.i ? - " - - - - * -*- -?-??
M1?s Mary li, fkomSS, age twruti Obtka, WbO -ta
Vlslllug Mrs. Anna lire!:, of ga 105 OOOead-eVe., WM
found dead In her bed jester laj ?OfBllH
MtosTboooaa boa boon aaMaotod ts tbs babita
e.liing opium lo* bm rears ? i oa latordoy algks obi
took au overdo?, which orovod total flat iiralbai la
feuded lo coiiim lo Hi'- Olly 'Ins week, to Blane her In ur
Jon n Hogan, ??e fMtf f. was arrested In tbs f'lirlp. eatl
Pre. Incl on - kl .1 lav BlfBtfot intoliealloii, and WBJh
strting In too book toom ol the station waltiaa for ai
ambulance he glad. Ho Urad al No. ila Last lil
leelitl. ?l.
rairiel n. Larkin, ago Mity-ttre, of No. no gea
Twenty . ct, I i| , iii .f ped dead In u chair at his huiui
On Matin.I ly t\ om l.e.irl dl.easc.
Mis Mary Byron, ogs sixty, of ga 909 Beat Thirty
si vcuth st., died00 Kinlay from gasirula following lu
? : i' alie ii seed by oaUnsateeuits hohodby boraalr. .1
spceluirli wa? tallon lo the (minnel'. oiric, and us oin
or die coroners said. "U was as haul as a hake,
Honors Moora, aga seventeen, of No T.\ Jackson st ,
ami atlohaal Uolaken, ene forty u te, of Seventy luhdm
and Avenue A, died suddenly yralerday.
After a litigation extending over BOTO than
eight years, the Court of Appeals, by a decision handed
down last Weduesday, made a final disposition of thc aull
of Mia. Hanmer A. Mason iigainat ber mother, Lydia c.
Libbey. The judgment of Hit isp. .Isl and General lei.rn
in favor cf Mrs. Libbey ls sustalneM by (.be Court of Ap
peals. Mrs. Mason ls thc wife of Or. humnerA. Masou,
of thia city, flue sued ber mother to recover BfOffOi 11,
leal and personal, which, she claimed, her mother lu ld
In trust foi Inr. Laeb of tun three couria before Wkleb
His cause was brought nat sustained .Mis. I. '
defuuse -tbai tko proparty beioagod io ker end taat abs
purchased it with ber own aaoono, 'Hie aeatef inn
property Intuit uU consists of lim..kl in real estate, worth
about $no,(M>o. The prbclpal point undi r diorasal un
before tbs Court of \ppeals was aa to the noircotuuss of
?Tuatice VaD Vorst'l ruling al Special Term, ls refusing
to allow tn. admission mle si keenes sf the oouteots ol a
totter alleged lo have boon reoetved sr Dr. Mason bram
Mia. Libbey. Tue Court of Appeals decided di that the
conicals of trw burr were not fully staled before lt was
ottered to svtdsnee sud (Sj ihat the ipirstlou whether
any saab letter waa received at all. wat ono or fact not
reviewable tn that conn.
Ld wards A Odell and Humiiel Hand sppearod for Mrs.
Mason j Ohqnasay li. itlpiuy aud tuophsn P. Nash for
Jl;a. Libbey.
A probable nun der occurred in the lodging
linus.; No. ol Mulberry at. last, night. Two Italians,
iniiiied Joseph Mabel and Michael iiatemark. quar?
relled, when the former diew a large dagger
tn m his pocket and plunged lt Into liatemark's
abdomen. The wounded man was taken to Rt. Vincent's
Hospital, where his Injuries are considered very serious.
His assailant escaped. The Un'fe was handed over to
Hie police of UM Huth Precinct by auoi lier Itali.tu
named Josepn Rich, who claims that he wrested lt from
I. out said ho could give no account of the origin of
the dlftl.iilu.
Camuks, Ni J.J Deo. 31.?Starr's extcrn-ivo
Iron foundry, located here, ls soon io li. sold ai Master's
sals, owing lo business 0OSBDfleailOaa,J caused, ll ls
said, Ly dulncss lu trade.
|bv Tri-ECRtrrt to the TRinnmt.i
Albany. Dec. 31.?The millennial period has not
arrive!. Thoseberc whothoughtit had.when Demo*
eratic nicinbers of the Assembly seemed about to
elect by a unanimous vote as their Bnaakat a man
of Irreproachable character, have revised their
opinion. Thor<s ia to bo no Mich union of the worst
and fha best men in tho Democratic party npori ono
man as .Speaker j anil Alfred OL Chapin, who it
seemed likely, yesterday, was to receivo such a
phenomenal compliment, is not, apparently, to have
it bestowed upon him. His election as Speaker will
be stoutly opposed in tim Democratic caucus to?
morrow night hy the worst clement of the parly.
Tb ia element suddenly revealed itself to-day. It
oonslsta ol' members of tho Canal King, all the ? biof
lobbyists, thc corrupt hangers-on about the Legis?
lature and thievish ntombera alert of the Assembly.
All these tuen have ;i common purpose to defeat tho
election of Ur. Chanta as Speaker. He ls ap?
parently tho most objectionable man to them
milling tho candidates. The opposition cannot bo
caused solely by lils moral character, as thero aro
other candidates for Sneaker whoso character is
eggaUy above reproach. It ls, perhaps,
explained best by a prominent Democratic
politician who said; "There will inevitably
be iiitiih disappointment among tho Democratic
members over thoir committee positions this year
owing to th'ii largo majority. There arenot, enough
good places to go around, Moreover there is a largo
corrupt clement antoni the members. As the ses?
sion proceeds ill-teding constantly increases among
Dtembera. What I foresee pi that late in the session
the corrupt members and tho lobby will attempt to
take advantage ol all tho acotiiiiui.Vnl disappoint?
ment and iU-feelingand wring the control of the Aa*
Baanbiy from the bauds of the Speaker. A man of
indomitable courage, keen ability and with B back*
of iron is needed to make a
stand agaraal and ooaqaei onoh an oneal aa thai.
I till ul; Mr. Ch a pi n is tba only man a mom,' 1 be OMI"
liidaii ? who has that enamel ir. That is tba reason
I am supporting him, all hough I think tho character
of tuc oilier enndidatea for .-'peaker is equally as
Ash isb"! ii stated, tho roembereoi the old Canal
IMng, who. it was suppose.], bad been buried polit?
ically beyond recovery by Mr. Tilden in 1*7",
?idd.iilv app arel here and arc attempting to
unife the un uiln rs of tho Aasembly upon some aaa*
dilate for speaker Other than Mr. Chanta, Chief
amongtbeoomea is Willard johnson, of Oswego,
who,*) exploits as a canal contractor
on the I ri? ('iuiil ware described
in iletail in Titr Tutnt'NK in 1875. Now that the
eanata are to be free and ar" (<? be maintained at
tka ai panas i f the State, Mr. Jobnaon may bc look
inir for sniii" flesh contracts. Ills chief lieut, mani
irl ? Daniele, another old annal eon*
?m tn ba aided ky every member
of tho lobby, it waa an iteration spectacle to old
poliiici'iis tn the corridor of the Dclavan House
i v.- these men going ra'iidly
from i r ' ? member urging thoa to
j lin In a combilla'ion against Mr. Chapin,
Arguments were need supt.1 ta bo suit?
able to the member addresoed. Borne were
told tbat Governor < loveland waa i.ns dtbatMr.
i o.ii.ii kati been roprooontod aa baa candidate and
lind aiggested thal tome other candidateobogld bo
i . thora it waa eaid tba! Mr. Ohentti bad
i ?'.mimili.o p. Mtiona,
.vero informed thal ail tko patronage of be
Iready 'ecu parcelled on! among
Mr. Chopin's frtarjds. Mr. Chapln'a supporters, of
i i'. i no-ei a-, in..i ii ay could.
I!, ) denied i hemently tbnt Oovernor < loveland
had ssid anything about the contest to-day, or thai
. du biid made any au.tiu it tho
Nai siinor candidatee for Speaker took
eonrege, Mr. Barned iel, wkose leaialative record is
as l du!, hi is ih:,i ol Mi. ( h..pin. und who num?
bers among bis supporters som,, oj thc inn of high?
est i li nailer in 'bc Assembly, annownoad that ho
should stay in the roos to th" anal Burragate
Pinker, ol I'l ter County, the manager of Mr. Bene
teased confidence in bis friend's
... Ur.Parker thoaght that Mr. chap n's
supposed strength bad bean fictitious throughout,
\\ lieu Hie memb atoned, he mid, ii was
hs. ovated tbat many who bad bOOO BUPPOOI il to bo
pledged to Mr. Cbnplu were no) sn pledged ll?
tbongbt thal fore would be a concentration "f the
apposition i> Mr. I bi; in on .Mi. ll, inflict
mid ihai ' ii.- .iiirn atlil bs old bil. I h'le would
ernl bill te io tb Bi na i itic eaueus, be
thought, ending io the el., timi of Mr. Bouediet, It
-. rioos thal tim min.... rs nt the opposition to
Mr. Chopin are now attempting to ge; vole* for Mr.
i, bul i' i~ luana* te I ib.it they may try to
.ian ii ri tbeoo votee afterward to Mr. Poocher, wno
would pu !'?? i'n io be t r tor speaker, i'olitii in
m. ..I ike upiuiou tbat tho mass of Mr. Benedict1
supporter*cannot ne IrauafsrreJ io dr. Pouchei
tbai th. i nouid preter to vote rather for Mi
icber. who alniool concluded yeoterdayf
wiihdiaw os a candidate for Speaker, waa a fire
candidate lo- lat. Illa trleuds Baa rf thal BO Wll
bare i! considerable support. Mr. Higgins, o
Niagara County, who soma time a.-o announce!
hm:,..11 as a candidate, on his arrival hero yestex.
dav withdrew (rom the contest. Mr. Haggerty
a ii io' ot un-1.) .I.ii i, has resolved to supper
Mi. Chapin. Kr is'us Brooka another candidate
?. usiouavoiio support, lt is hinted that tbe op
I i may gi vs their votea to bim if tn tbat waj
Nlr. th.ip n i .in oe defeated. Politicians say tfiu
lue -peake i bili p con te-1 Ul now pl ot ic illy g i ont cv
between Mr. Manning, inc Chairman of the D rn
ueratte btats Commitine, who bucks Mr. Chapin
m.d Ibo " lobby." liny picdlot that Mr. Mauiutli
Mill "Ul.
Daniel s-. Lamont, of Albany, was appoint* d pi i
rate secretary I.venter I loveland io?nigbt> Mr
Lomon! waa origianlly appointed military seereterj
by Mr. Caarrelaad. bot it is now thought that thc
lill ter lu l ended all thc lime lo make Mr. Lamont I h.
chief ( i,ii'L of the Executive Denurtnaaut, 1'niit
teally the appointment wiU bo considered as indi
. ? lg that Mr. ti'\eland has formed an
alliance with Samuel J. Tilden. Mr.
Lamont for inuiiy years has bron actually the
secretary of tho lil.ion Democratic state Com
?Utteo, althouuh merely having the title ot
"C.eik." Borne nienaber of the eommitteo had ihe
honorary title ni "S.cirtary," om Mr. Lamont did
all the work. Hy his DOnnOOtlon with tho com?
mit!, e, year after year Mr. Lamont gained a larger
aeguntatanee with politielaaa than mnooseaaad by
iinyoilici Democrat in tho State. He has a remark*
uhle memory for laces and the part ieulars Ol a poli?
tician's life. As one to introduce politicians io
Mr. Cleveland and Inform him of their
relative Imper.ance. Mr. Lamont will bc of great
value lo Mi. ( loveland.
John Kelly, however, will bare good reason to
think that Mr. li.d.-n has pipped un agent
very cIikh to the throne of the reign?
ing Democratic, Governor. But.Mr. Lamont will
in ni lai mom tilue to Mr. i loveland no kia sonic
rotary loan as a politieian, Ile learued how to work
haul and willi thoroughness .is ohtef ul' rk of Secre?
tary Ol ?'stiilc Bigelow, ,-uncc then as 111 Hinging
editor of Th* diwan drung, ita has labored Duoeaa*
ingi.y to baareasetne prosperity of thal paper. All
wno may have dealings o nh the Kv. alive during
the neXI tune yai-t will also be gLul io know thai
Ins private, -.ecretaiy i ? a man of Integrity, lt la B
place of great temptatlono. A mau ol stuuly hon?
esty was n-iimn-d and wu, seemed lor it.
Perhaps in eoeeoujueooo ot Mr. Lamont's anpotaf.
aaant, Mr. ttelly'a rsateeuntativea bare are showing
?tanaof rebellion. Edward (kearney, wno especially
represents Mr. Kelly, it is said, win attempt to hold
th tiiuloeu votes ol the Tammany Assemblymen
as a ubalance of porver" iu the Assembly caucus
ta) mo I IOU night, lt ls said that If none of
(hr candidates has a .lajority on the
(irst baiot Mr. Kearney will trade ott Hie Tammany
votes bu commitiee positions to some of tho uandi- ,
dates for Speaker. Ho will attempt especially t<
cast their votes against Mr. Chapin, who he is salt
to suspect is Mr. Cleveland's candidate for Speaker
Albany, Deo. 31.?Ooveroor-elect Cleveland ha!
made tho following appointments for his office:
Private secretary, Daniel S. Lamont; Executive
clerk, Goodwin Brown j stenographer, Irving F.
Cragin i messenger, Charles A. Earle. Mr. Lamont
will also bold 'be position of military secretary on
the Governor's military staff, without pay. Mr.
Hill, the Lieuteiiunt-Goveruoieleet, has made t he
following; appointments: Clerk, John B. Locke j
messenger, llama A. Carrel le.
Albany, Dec. 31.?Tho report of Adjutant
General townsend, which has been submitted to Gov?
ernor Cornell, states that the present force of the
National Guard of the Htafe conslsts~lnclueive of gen?
eral headquarters?of 11,608 men, a reduction from
IfVaauduring the year. Tho Attoruey-tioneral renews
tbo recommendation lu bia lost report that the now
separate company material, exclusive of New-York and
Brooklyn, bo combined lu rcglmeuts. Tho hope ls ex?
ponent! that the Legislature may soon pass an
act providing tbo moans and the method fur
the lunn diate supply of the servloe uniform,
which has been decided upon, to every enlisted
mau In the Guard. Attention ls called to the
fact thai the rifles in us., are of different calibre from
ino.e ot tko General Government, and the Adjm.int
Qenerel thinks that in view of the cause of Hie diver?
gence, "tho General Government shnu.d.fn common Jus?
tice, adapt at Us expense IBS State flemington rides to
tue use of the army ammunition hythe substitution of
new barrels of tho furty-tlve-hundn -dtli Bolibro, o. li
should exchange the Kcmlngtoii fur tue same kind of
rides lt supplies to Its owu troops, namely. Hie tipnug
tleld Hiles."
Minli of the report is taken up with remarks on the
work done last summer at the State Camp of Instruction
near I', ck .kiil. I ie-.ru I'.ioti of flic camp ls described
ut leugtn, sud reference ia made to ibo work timi was
mo ossory t? make lt ready tor occupation. The daily
programme, the report says, was as a rule faithfully end
lot tally carried oin, ami the luauu'uvrcs and ceie
monles "were for tue most part creditably,
:iiid lu some Instances, na lu ibo
oases of tba 924 and 2gd regiments, most admirably
executed." The result of the Inspect.ons Utterly refuted
Hie idea entertained by seine, tl.a' tba camp would h ? a
failure. Tba toto! expense of Ibeoampt isg81,20378.
lids and toe omer expenses of the year wore lae* leav?
ing a balance on hand to tuc oredli of tin: miuian appro
pt tai lon mi the j ear ol 077,638 Sd, as an addition to the
?Hilliary appropriation ol n?c last Legislature for the
Bscal year beginning on October I, tgfdC
Tuc to lu iol-General toinks that tue state camp was
a coin,.i. te sip cess, booeOliog the troops bo
j ;.i expectation. In conclusion the Adjuiaut
iieiieral saysi "Now that lull esotp bas
? ?"fully started, I trust lt may bot
?oem luopportuns to renew thc saagesttonof rim pur?
chase hy the State of tba present site, and co di romp tue
ill'or! In the direction of a SOUool for the
National Guard, lo o? kept earreai during tue
usual vocation months of June, Joy and aug
coen year,having a eoaunaudaat of tao post wno mo
raak and pay of Brbtsdiei u aerol, with two lastruei rs
hut Hil' . lie rank and 00/ of Colonel a I'o?t BurgOOO.
i i k sad pay of < ofoneL sod a Poet Adjutant iud
Quartermaster with rack and pay of Captain At tala
school leotnroa siiomd bs delivered, shu otllcers re
quired to stud* and recite tin- lucius to tM dei Sloped In
we neld eaoh doy aa laid do wu In Um orders of Ina
urganisotioa should rentaio at th.< auuuol
for a ler.s period thea eigbl d lyi rn any ons year."
i...... ,i..i.
nateogooers, end various stalom soto Ono of the must
Inlerestlng of thean ls the report of Colonel Bodeol
Assistant Inspector-General, relative to toe worn noni
at sba Camp of lastruetion, uu tina topic colonel Ko
den ii.>urg says:
'rn. principal lmproverasnl noted wns in nintrers of
. e. rene tiles
and In dcld administration. The lour or il
it wai, teated eommaudlng officers, tdjutauta. Quarter
ind First Sergei nts Tho oppor
t iiiiity waa a guidon one, for ull uon-eomnrdasioned oiii
md those ti,..wi. brought ta ofhoiul contact wltb
ten r.A. A. A. i?. and Foal adj .
lu valuable Information as to their di ..r
this icneer waa of areal benefit to all the Adjutants 0 1
io m.ny of tko eotiuueodlnc ott! i
red. nidi li were aof matwlallj un
njcted in eorag, ?r>- ?? follows
l.luu! sot-up of ; . :' i!.,. rmui:
siio, t, I In the
' lie arin. ul..I
Pm iioK h at Un- 'carry;' Uicei . hberetofors
-p.. '..i..!, tin re s i ? a noticeable Uti k ol compet?utJuttt
ln skirmishing thora was hut little accomplished?
the tun.' waa too aborti bi many caaes time was wasted
lu tho "school ??: ihe soldier " over things which a . I
linvi been learned In the armory.
experience gained in the eon .! bas
continued my opinion, expru.1 ii. previous 0 |
that a camp of Instruction oanuot produce results ade?
quate to tb* trouble mid exponao withouts permouont
i in i. nu niiii ei and i.up.t of Uutrueloi a, \t iib two or
in.ganuatlonscucauped together torsi leos! ten
day a inc 'cueiit of mixing commands was Uluotrated
? lii-l.inliiii o,i-.lt In -th
al ttith two separate comp
Boerox, December Sis?To Norember '.id,
? tl ii port of roan ta lo tba
? trade were OftU A nu-rican, ttitli a tonnage of
>0, sod 3,077 foreign, wltb a tonnage of es:;,j4t!,
au Ineresoa of ntl Amertooa anal a bV i renes of and foreign
vessels. Tba total arrival! of American vessels were
M3, sndol foreign 2.103. Theau included 1 Amettonn
and ^77 foreign steamers.
I In total t.tine ni import" nt tula port for "I n,., k* In
r7l.:;-l.u.J7, in ll 767. The
talus of et poi I . ',.r I e same period was .?3t;, i
decrease of gl8,198,9 ? I
lin ration ? lu His cite fer the year vrere 1U7. the
liabilities amounting to 00,004,400, and the assets td
r.i,-. iii.iiu.i
lh. lo-iic, Bres io Kovaunber 30 wase\t-ju,4ll. with
iuauruuee umouuiing io ? I '? 12.8'JL
St. Aikivs Vt.. Dec. lil.?On K.ntnrilnv i's,.
town and Village of St. A bans served upon the National
Car Oem nany, wilie!! has ifs principal pl ne ol bu Iii ?s
here, a petition address*! to tuc .supreme Court of Ver?
mont praying for a peremptory writ of maa damns, com?
manding :hn company IO p O' forthwith the hu .iMessed
upon JKiii7.-!?0 worth of their stock held by uon-ivaldenls
Ol tue State, an.i subject to taxation nader the law
i.Inls ' . ? upsiiy have heretofoie dt-e'mud
to pay. Theru is 09,330 due tho town, fkVUl< due [he
villain-, and shout 08,700 of BtatO, oouuty and school
I,in < mi* on thia stock. Tho pttitlou iii returnable Feb?
ruary Bk _
Salt Lake City, Utah, Die. 111.?lu Octo?
ber, 1981, two vagrants entered the t'tali and Northern
liailioad station at Franklin, Idaho, and pointing a
i ii ki i pisioi :it agent Biaekti >, demanded thc oambtna
lion Of tko safe. Hie lils.ul '.Vent nil and killed llluek
ley. The VOgraatO Qed. hui were sooo caught, and
Michael Mooney, ina ons wno held the pistil, waa
hanged ai Mal.ul last inlay. Ho mo I game. Ile re
ruted to disclose any thing respecting himself, his family
or lue. It was claimed that thc plnfol went off by acci?
dent and that they did not lutend to kill Hinckley.
Hallston, N. Y., Dec. 31.?James P. Smith,
a farmer Of Bonita Hailatou, m.ide aa assignment vaster
day to Henry Harrison, of Hallston. Mr. amish "'as re?
puted to bc worth $76,000 and he owes about $20,000
above his assets.
Jamestown, N. Y., Dec. 31.?Georgo Hall,
of Kaiidolph, was killed by au eugine on the Kris Kati
load at aabUUnnan un Saturday night. He was a ma?
chinist by ti ad* and waa mai ried.
Portland, Oro., Doc 31.?Thia morning,
near MsshsTflaa. Mont., three Chinamen were Instantly
killed and three others seriously wounded hy His explo?
dion or a iiuautity ot giant powder, which wat being
thawed out.
Wm \.--haime, Penn., Dec. 31.?John Craw,
a flreiua. I the ll .rifoi .1 breaker In Ashley, fell from a
loeeaBBttl laat tironing aud was run over and instantly
killed. _
CllN'.Mio, Doc. 31.?A tiro this morning In
lbs non.i- furnishing department of H. Guy Bea's estab
Ibhmcut, in Wabash ave., caused a loss of f 20,000; fully
Huston, Dec. 31.?The now pilot-boat George
H. Warren. Captain J. ll. Jeffery, waa lauucued today
ai Noah Weymouth and towed to this port.
Boston, Dec. 31.?Reports from Chelsea
state that the condition of Bcnjaiuiu P. Shillabet (kira.
1'oriiugtou) la improving.
rasiiio.vAnjjr, r? op-mi nor to urcaivn callkbj
One of the most welcome of all the dave af too
year?the day for good wishes and good reeds
tiona, the day tor the dedicating of uew diaries and
the discarding of old hats?was ushered ta
last midnight hy the ringing of chimes,
the blowing of whistles, and other
noises whose echoes had hardly died away when
Tine Tribunk wont to press. Tho " new fae* at t ito
door" bears a good deal of resemblance to the ono
that appeared a yeal aero. Indications point tdw
guion observance of tho holiday, as tbero will be
little to distract people from toe comforts of home.
The average man willy* not, read, eat a
good dinner mid probably call on a few
friends where he feels sure of a warm we!
como. The atnie'ure of the eltv'a government
will be changed from ihe shoulders of one ret of
men to those of another with quiet ceremony.
Workers In tho Custom House. Rub-Treasury. Poal
Office and ntliw Government offices will be niven a
dav's respite from the routine of Ia!?or. The Cus?
tom TTouse will be open from 0 to 10 a. m. for the
clearance of vi -nels. Ibo thoughtfulness of or?
ganized charity will also mahn it certain thal
no one In tho Jails, almshouses, asylums and
other Instl'utions will luck a gool dlnn.T.
Mayor Franklin Edson will receive rails at his othes
lu the Citv Ball from the heads of Hie different bu?
reaus and others who care to meet him. The new
Beard of Aldermen will met at noon and ejong ?
president, elers and ?i-rg>:int-at-arms and will
then adjourn. Tho Hoard of Coroners will
also meet and organize. Afaynr Low will
receive calls at the HrooMvn City Hall.
If '- af the theatres will give matine".
The distinctive feature of the dav will lie the
observance of the "(rood old custom" of in.king
calls. Hetwfn those who deprecate and those who
advocate thefoiiowingof tba about randa it isproba
blu that there will be a sensible honoring ol'the
institution of New Year's lalrt gun the day will
not differ in lins particular very arunta from its
laterpvedecer-ors. I'.ople who -vi-h bj IIUM the Psst
Hi .er to see their friends will not drive over the
suspension bridge in aoeordaaee with tb" expecta?
tion, of last Now Vein's Ij.iv. 1 he majontv of the
mos? ia?h!onabto people in the citv 'till taboo Now
Year's calling as they have for several taara, ger a
good-si/?ii Btinoctty uril] rafuea lahouoi the custom
lu t' e breach, and fbi re will bo many well-known
bouses la fashionable gaartenopeu, some of them
for the first t;ni'in several years. Thus there will
seem to be enoortuurtv for the young rn n who
wtahoo te Maow In the morn'' his sTow Ye.ir
card, and "nt evo hold not his hand"
Clergyman will rory suanvafl* he at home to all
whewiahteesa them, ETsryene el eouaai raflvu
and roamed teetea now dineonntenanesa the indis
crinunate entertaining of hosts af men, beni on
frolic ard wliie-drinking. whu drive fro-n house to
nous*-, toiiowiiig iinparenny no other guide than a
printed list of op n houses cut from some news?
paper. Bod as | day for the quiet entertaining of
friends who hare few ether days free for visiting,
for renewing old aeenalntenooi and ex. hanging
kind I wight s ind gifts, to-day will 1111
donbtedly bara no aannate ho |euloueef its pred
ecoasors ta tlie amount of honor u reeetrna,
The sale of Nev Ye.u'a cai is has been larger than
last yeas,
A livery-stabla tau WM a-l.'-d about, lite
demand fir enrfbageu to make calls in to-day,
replied that it was hardly aj* hewy aa
aha ire usually enaaged a day or
two ,i!p i. Peueiblytl menwbe meoadod te eui
gad due Breather whieh wuul I make carriage?
lessof a necessity. It may mt r.-st the ladics'o know
that a young man must pay for a di v's use of a
coupi* sn 1 driver, f'20 ; fora carriage, B2S, and for
?i "small tnrnont" with footman, 135, He mir
nae the carrlaae nntll midnight at three prioee, (
pret?v custom (or thous who ann aatbru it la thu
sending of bonqneta and baskets ot dowan to
friends, snd the. tlori-ts have BUtittpelsjj
this demand by g tiing un extra supply of their
fragrant wama Among the first oallen of tba day
will be the grocer-bOT. who will pac lin reeooobl
to the cook; after which th? epidemic of bowing,
scraping and couiplimenting will extend through
ul; the strata of society. So many houses th 'be beet
will bc ' |.i n that it would tko so
endless task tn enumerate them, .even if
the pennie were mit averse to the in format wura
being spread beyond tin- cir le reached hr their
caril-., lhere will tic many laities lu the coiintrv.
A put, ni \u mg people, anaauronad by Mrs.
francis White, wiil ip u 1 the day at th ? ll akawaff
Hunt Club H ml Par Boekawar. Another will
enjoy .Mrs. Elliott C. Cowdlu'shospitality al Mount
Kisco. Mis. Livingston's Weat Point i. eua will re?
ceive a sinai! party, and Hrs. Hamilton Fish, .lr.,
will entertain a few friends at Qarrleoo. W.Miara
Butler Dun i m rn di entertain a large eompanv at his
staten Island boase, a dance I >?-i -^ the enjoyment
of tin- en oing. I itnei eo miry partial bk given by
Mrs. I, avitr al Mount Kiaeo, Mr? Pranda at her
New 'ereey berne, and Mrs. WOtberspnrin on Staten
Mr. Bee ber announead yesterday from hu pulpit
that ho would receive calls lo-la.v ut .No. liMlIiokt
.-t., from ll a m. until S p. m. He thought air
hours long enough) if anvor.e believa other
wise bo wisooa mai tuoy wuuia rry ir. tvona uo
would weieome h'1 m na earn i to tee h.m. he part.icu
lally invited the poor, and those who needed ann
pal hy and succor. Ho desired on tho first day of
the year I > belp si] who wanted help, ami to ail who
wau tod to see him his house wuscpen.
PootmaataJ l'careou premired for handling an
unuoaally beery mail for Vow Year's, and ba waa
ont disappoint!-1, rho t ipeiintendent of the ci ry
delivery said last night thar though the annum of
let*ors greatly ex.dod rbatofeay previous veer.
tii'veitii l at sverytbing bad moved ararJh perfect
system, so thal th.ro had b. en no
complaint* and no Interference with the regular
heavy hu*iuo?s.( The ai/e of thc envelopes in which
tba New Years cauls was seui were a source
of unoranoo to tba clerks who hand.ed
them. ibo stampers were sometimes obliged
to obliterate soma of the add re sn ta cancel?
ling the slump and properly marking the
letter. The employes have a holiday after 10
o'clock to-day, and everybody was good-natured
last night and littleincliued tl gm nb lc at .the ex?
tra work-, ihe ca ri ids'delivery is to be at 8
o'clock only, hut letters "and mai] matter
can bo had at tba e irneiV window itntn IO a. in,
l lie (Jotnoes Sunday-sobool of the berenth street
Hethodtet BpiecopeJ Church held its New Y<are
festival yesterday afc ur a aaa, lhere were nbaotenu
Chinamen of tho arhool j,;re?cnf, and as many vis?
itors from another Chinese achoo L On thc platform
sar the Kev. P. G. H. Fowler and the Rev. ll. P.
Kidder. Ihn si iigiiiit was limier lim leadership of
Moy Jen Fuey. A' hlne?e solo was sung by Moy
Hunt Kwir.g. lue hymn "Jesus loves mo' waa
Ming hy the school, un flint line being: " Yo
Boooi ufjoh, ngoh .-..oh chi." lhere were alta re?
citations in Chlnaasand Eugine and addiuauni by
the eteigymnn present, rbeouboultaas an average
attendaueo of eighteen poon ben and hs been open
foi linne y.-ars. 1'be organ waa played by Misa
Mary J. toutant, ono o. the teachers lu thc chinese
Thousands of neople came down town in the
evening to hear tn ? chimes of Trinity, atel to wel?
come tho new year under thoshaUiwof tho old
Tho death of the old year ami tho birth of the
uow was observed by a " Miserere " ami " Oioria"
at the Church ol m. Frnneie Xavier, iu Wn-t &ig?
teeuth-st. Tho ciiuren was iiriliuutly lighted and
a congregation nae present that dlied tho edifice to
its utmost capacity. At 8 o'oioc*. a long proceasion
ol aeoly es, elad in wldte robea and b".iri.ig lighted
candles, euteie.l from the sacristy cluan mg " U,
uuauto qudia." They were followed by
the priests of tho Jesuit {soc.tty at?
tached to iho church aud tho Coadjutor Arch?
bishop. Tho proceatiou ouwred the sauciuary aud
look their station before tho high altar. Tue in,.e??
of the processioual was composed m the tuirtoe.itb
couiuiy by some now unknown author and is oue of
a collection ol ancient pieces m the noasevuou ot tba
Society ol Jesus, ibo " Adeste" aud "Jeaiu Dui.
cis " wore thou suug by tho choir. This was fol- j
lowed by the " Meuiona" ana thou came tba]
"Miaeree." The rnusio of the "Miaerere*'
was ancient and by an unknown cu nu
poacr. As the la-st notes of ibo "Miserere.''
died away al) tho candles on the altar wera lighiod
aud with a buist of Joyful music mm the choir and
organ the words lc ileum laudauiu*" rans:
thiough the church. The music of the " IU Deuiu"
waa by Dr. Wilt. Tho "(juautuni Ergo" waa
sung at the close of the " Te Oeum,' ami " Man
Dum huuicu bouiiui* aa a rsoessicual. Them

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