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ggssfteei on New Year's Eve are common
inKnrouean countries, but thia waa the iii t ime
they uni e. vcr been .odd herc ho far as is known.
Now Year's Kvc v?:is oboervod at St. MurkV-in
the-Bowery bv a wal h meeting which begun at il
and cloned five minni"* after tl ? ur was
bom. 1 eetnueted ol aelaoted petitions (rum tho
hook of cou mon prayer, hymus and collei is A tow
ndnutea before mi night ino congregation preuent
ki'elt mi silent prayer, and when tbe < uh*';*, h ru^k
lUii Join d in nnging the "Gloria in
Excelsis." A snort diacnsaion waa delivered by the
pastor, ihe Kev. Dr. By I ana
vt the Seventh Street Me bodia) Church awatea
?mil ll ll J W .s held, consist in ? of smgi lg, a aennpn
by tin piisior, the Kev. Mr. Lightburu. and Iii ? re?
lation of exp rienoeuby members ol thecongraga*
tion. Jual belora \2 the eeugnajaiion j? i
silent pram ami then .-aug tbe hymn, "Again Our
Journey We Beoew "
Sion Church, in llleek'-r-st., last night wa* wll
alt- dei! at the African M ?thodiat Episcopal wa eh
Service. The congregation exhibited all lhose
Signs of emotion that are peedhal
to color d congregations in ovnneuta of retif
ious excitement, swaying thei- bod en and OBoaulns.
aaderyingaa parts of th? oervioe affeotod them.
Tho aerrice beaan at 0 o'clock and lasted until thc
New Year beran. At Sr. Mark'* Church in Thirty
li th-st. as the hand of thc clock apptoohed IV
the knee.lng congregation sang tho Covenant
J tymn:
The rov'nant we this moment mais
Be 9 ie kepi 'n iciuil;
We wp] as iiioi enan i's! forsake,
di cast Ilia wort* behind.
Wheuj the New Year bad come tbe congregation
rose a ul appiopriutcly sung. " \\ bat shall the har?
vest de?*' Bindiar scene* were vvitno~.--.cd at the
Bethel in Snilivan-si., where tue Barrioes did not
begin till II o'clock, and at the First African Inion
in Twcuty-sixtb-st., snd tbe other churches up?
Wnteb-nigtal services were held in the Eighteenth
Stree! Meti. dist Episcopal Ch arch, of which thc
Kev. .fames M. King is pastor. Meinte rs of the eou
E rogation related their exporten ces. Appropriate
faina were sung, aud ii* lsX'J glided into the past
thc pastor invoked tiod's blessing to nat upon bis
At the conclusion of the regular service m the
Union Tabernacle at No. 1119 Weat Tbiny-flfth-st.
last evening, tbe pa-tor, the Kev. George J. Min
gins, invited the congregation to remain aud pass
the last hours ol tho old year in prayer and exhor
taiion. Many pastor* of", be winnis doini oinatmiis
made abort addresses, appropriate hymns were
sung, and as the bell toiled ihe hour of midnight,
all knelt in silent prayer ami adoration.
At the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, No.
6* M-vcn'ii ave., a w atch-meotiug was held, basting
irom 1? o'clock till 12. A Long programme ha I been
arranged consisting of ten topics. lu th
consideration of ibes?, there were rospoav
sive leadings by tbe leader and tho congregation;
remarks were made by different mom bera
ot the church and appropriate hymns were sung.
About 11 o'e.ock tho pastor made au address. 1'h.s
was followed by a prayer and brains meeting which
lasted till the new year was boru, lue taste?
ful Christmas decorations bad not been re?
moved, an t made nm church look vcv pleasant.
At tot. James's Methodist Episcopal Church. Madi
eon-ave. and One-hundred nnd-twenty-ntath-ou. ihe
whole evening was giveu up to services, mid there
wa* a re iiaikitbly goon attendance, os acc.ally at
the coiiiiii'iinon. From 7:110 te ll o'clock
thero was a voling people's prayer meeting.
Then followed the communion, whian lasted till
half-past io o'clock. Tho pastor, the Kev. Dr.
Vail, tuon preached on ihe tooti "Gold and
silver have I nono, but such os I have
give 1 thee. In the name of Jesus
Christ ot Nazareth, rise np aud walu."
There were also BUTTioes in tne Asbury M. E.
Chuicn. The pastor, the Kev. VV. ll. Ferris, at Hie
oouclusion of the regular service, in a short a t
drea*, referred tu ail those who, during tbe last
year, pasrfe 1 awav. As the year p issed out the
who e coiitrregation knelt in solemn prayer.
ibo Church of tue Incarnation, at .Madison-ave.
and Ihiijy-hf.'h-.st., waa crowned ai ito " Old Year's
BervKe." The choir under the direction ol'Fred?
erick. Archer, rendered the following selections:
"On Ui^n the siars nowaie.Shining,''Kn-iulH-rgcr,
and tbe Ange's' Trio from tbe oiaiorio of " Elijah."
The Kev. Aubin Brooks del ivied a akone.
address upon tbe lessons af the old year.
J*t. Coin's Methodist Episcopal Chun b, at Fourtb
ave. and I weniy-tiist-M , was will tilled. Ile
Kev. fr. Chapman delivered a sermon upon "Cross
Bearing.'' Tue musical service consisted of an
orgau prelude by Wu lt r K. John-nii, a ol tho toa
lowing antuema: "Above, below, where'er I go"
and "Gracious Sprit." Hie servite WU* followed
by au ?xuerience mee iug. At 12 o'eloeh
the organ chime of hells was rung*
and tho congn gatton joined in sinning
"Prates God from whom all bleedings flow.*1
Watch-night sarTiuesX were held in many of the
Brooklyn cbnroheo lani evening In thai Academy
ot Music soitlee w;is held from 7:30 p. m uutii
midnight, coodoct d by ihe Ber.U.F- Penteeoat
and others. Mi. and atra. Btebbiiu sang and thew
was a larg.- attendance, in nt, Anns on the
Beighte tba services began at ll'30 p. m., aud at
undinglit the chimes were rung.
Mr. Bewohet pruuebed reaterdaj uiorning in
Plymouth fiiurch upon tne need of living in thu future
and nut in the past.
If any mau. sahl Mr. Livelier, had a rlgl t to ll ve in
retrospect, it was Paul, yet be did not dwell there. Man
Should not live lil m.-inory ml Hie past, hui Just between
the past sn't the future. M hiv lived almost exciu-ively
by retros pi chou, hut the Christian plan was to live tu
hope. Hope aud love were the twa winga ta bout men
Into the bosom of Oed, We Bhouafl resur?
rect many things from the past, to get
O kindling tiro for the future. If th- knowledge ls sound
and good lt should he kept, hat much snoulil hu forgot?
ten. What wo leam hy passion shoiil i not he di sen
tom tx d. The light of sin was ihe ptaeophomenoul light
of decay. Many complain this year the sauie oomplaiuta
os last year, forgetting bow tney were disposed of in the
post. Do not recall tbe Bael to rene*) grief Icit univ to
renew courage. Many per-ons sat tn grief as mist rubin
fowls alt on addled eggs; the more they sit
tho worse they are. Use the past not for Its
own sake, hui for aspiration and tho future. Live In
the c.iinln-', by tight and not by backsight.
Live by foreseeing and loicslght The day when
Christ was horn in a man should hu his Christinas.
Tuere waa such a tulug as au ignoble couiontment
Willi 1.fe. The mun who felt that he had done enough
wa* immoral. Much should he ti.rowu Into t >o pasi and
be utterly torgOUOU i uevcr forcer au ebkgutton, bul al?
ways forget oil Injury. I hu c.outllcl of tau ages was be?
tween bate and love) hate wa* the Hevil, and love was
Cod. On tho last day of sha year, if any iiad gilangi e,
vengeance walling, or any on waurn (ind's ours, a wer?
Invoked, let them be forglveu and forgot.en. Caet out
on the wide ocean of oblivion ult hatreds and revenges,
and have the soul pure aud clean.
Woe to the mau who said he wa* full of knowledge.
It was inc ours? of many that they kuow lt all. No mah
ever yet learned enough. Thero wore men to whom you
could tell nothing. Il was astonishing what noona*
mental kiowlcdge there wa* in fools. Tho wise never
Ceased to augment the liol ls of knowledge. UTbaBOTe!
concerned Qed should ooneoru ama: an eveslasttag
hunger for knowledge should be kept up. (jotting BUI of
oohool was a mere learning of gas a phau!. if the do
?Ire for loaming ceased lhere wa* u> more hope. Charl
tie* and kindnesses should never be renie inhered. The
niau who helped the wui .d to forget lt waa heroic. One
should never count what lie did for his friend*. Kuough
could noter be doue for society, lt did
more Int each man lu one round, roav day than he could
return lu a ll retune.- How many men ?oemed to despise
society, wi!bout which they would bo nothing. Gue
should not rest content with what be has done fur hu?
manity aud his country ; lt could never be enough No
man ever lived but Jeans wno did his share or the
World. When a man kindled the fires of conceit under
the golden si.-il.eit lu which he stewed up his virtu s,
there wai the end of him, and he went up lu smoke to au
lll-condtitoued odor. Many men thought they wore won?
der* for doing so much, but God's c.ear light would
Booreh their conceit.
Mr. Beecher then spoke of what he gamed lu health
and care from his father and mother, and said he
thanked Hod more for the fact that at the beginning of
hts ministry he chose tbe sile of the weak and unpopu?
lar than anything else. But he never exulted that he
had doue anything for thia land In thc. death siruggh-t of
slavery aud tbe birth struggle* of liberty. He only re?
gretted that be bad not ben more f?.rih-putiiiig. He
who Barred mau most served Ooi stoat.
One soon d keep young, and be born over again each
1st of January; take up one more bole iii the buckle
or 1st ono out, as best required, bal live m tbs to-ne
pad are-to-be. One should not -li dowe to prepare for
heaven} OOO! wanted BSen to die in thu races. All
Bhould work up to the fit I measure ol Uh stmngta. Tho
beat stream* were those which lau tull to tho ocean.
Men like Holme* aud Whitier, who lu their th lila still
sung aud worked, were worthy of the utmost
honor. Thu Laureate still wrote, and .s
work was kicked out with tbe words,
" Will ho never know when to oease I" Hut he wa* hon?
ored lor s'UI trying to cu..it his words to the race and
time. Ali honor to him. Ihe mau who oould-earn
money sn md ny and earn lo ins lat' *t day. When he
buiuiougn mt inuise-lf and family be ahould work tor
the commonwealth in suUool* and elecmosyuary i:i-lllu
tlon*. Ii was u gloriou* thing for a mau to draw a how
over th. race, tull of beiiieou. Ills name would live for
a thousand years. (IBS ?aould not m .jr. ?' Lol a younger
Baan fake m)' place." Let no one say, "1 have taught
euisigb. 1 must tuke a vacation." Tbe only person who
toa* a right to give you a vacation 1* the seaton. Hork
OB lo the end.
The K'V. James M. Pullman preached in hia
Ohutoii lu Fifty-soveutb-at., naur Bg ala ave.. y( alerday,
Upon "The Oppoiiunity of the New Year-liioom or
Bbgut." He told the story of a young mau who sold his
soul to Hie devil, bul who aftsr ho had beooine rloh a:d
honored became a prey to feelings of remorse and en?
deavored to ttnd somebody to take Ino contract
Off bis hai-ds. He said to himself, "burely I con
find somebody among those lb prison, er amour tbe
wretched, sunken outcasts, who will glatly take my
lome r, youth ninl heal! ti snd give up hi* soul." But he
was unsuccessful. It is the wretched and the fallen who
apart eta te tba! they have a soul wor:h BYta ?. lt ls all
that they burs to care ter. If you want te buy a soul
you ,.? ii il le fc'o to those lu high places, tba Huh and those
sirmnnded by every luxury. They hod their souls
cheaply, aud hero you will lindi lie lowest niarhet for
purchasers of soul*. Thoso who have risen
lo wealth gaul places them beyond the
temptation to be dishonest are often the most
Btarettsea toward anyone who falls uhllo In the very
po il1 ni from which he started. .
'? .".any him,'' sai 1 the speaker, "at thc eomins of the
BOW year aatarfngtog a golden opportunity to reform.
That year of whioii this ls the last day hus passed for?
ever. Than arc three hundred and sixty-live days like
this ta th.', coming year. Put they aro before everyone.
Thoso that are pait are go io forever. The oppor?
tunity lt bi /or-- you alL lt 1* ' bloom or
blight,* as you choose. I would suggest
more attention to the service. You business men would
think very ti idly of him who paid no at lent iou to his sit?
uation and had prepared no statement of his' transac?
tion* for ten or more year* past- If such n plan ta so
Important to enable the business man to carryon his
at'.'.urs successfully, ls lt not of some buportUUee to look
b irk and see bow your spiritual account Btuudst Any
marked day bi a good tuna te refund agaa the past nnd
make good resolutions for thc future. Let each one,
before coming to this sanctuary to worship, spend half
au hour lu preparation, and tee how much better fitted
you will be to receive the teachings from the
preacher aud be liumoved by hi* conns 1. Re?
solve to do some good act each day of tho :p?.i? some?
thing to and to aoine oiii.r person's happluese. Bu
lenient toward the faults or others and seven in Hie
criticism aud correction of your own. BeOBOOBkat jour
own struggle-! in the pas! ; ami, it prosperous, iniuk how
you were a^sl*led by o iportunlty un I good friends, and
winn vmi rind others fighting the battle, ns you ant, lu-ip
their effo ls. reread thc glad tl ling* ol tho new g is|h-1
and the Kodeeiner, who dud tor all. alake everyday
ming some additional bloom, and keep off ihe blight."
Tba Ber. Robert Colive]'* subject yesterday morning
Iii tim lauren ol the kessiah, ai I hlriv-fuiiriu-st. and
lurk av.-., waa "lu Memoriam, 1H8-'." Mr. I oliver
spoke of ibu Change ihat had occurred ia church cus?
toms since tiie old times lu Mew langland, when
every household was a chapel belonging
to the emu eh and when nil children were
baptized, marriage banna wert- announced end tbs pray?
ers ol tue pu.-(or aud of the church were requested for
uti. ten! invasions. "If hapH-in is necessary to make
children Christians," the preacher said, " tbeo Bearii ad
toe chii :reu in my parish are heathen*. If you an- about
l-l atari on a Journey yon do not ask for int prayers, aa
church people did of old; you buy a travel! r's Insaraoee
tieket. na bimg a safer nives'iiieni." While not astana
his parishioner* Hi keep uti sd Hie old customs, Mr. Coiiyer
said that be would himself hold to ono tii.it tbe pastors
of thu olden time kept, uud would in his sermon at Ino
close of Hie year ?' touch ihe memory of those dear
iriends who bau gained tie divine disnucilou of death
ortiata the year." He spoke of Hr. Kellows first, and
recalled hls'liie ai.d character in terms of nfleeiionst*
praise. Ile then referred Briefly to Caroline Lum-.
Francis George tihuw, William Wiiialcton, Orville Dewey
aud ot in ra.
C. C. Leigh dellven-d an address upon "New-Year's
Ciii-," at t ne monda Jt ot tba Ooo*! Templar* luton ta
lien.i lij'1 restvrd ty afternoon. In the course of bis
remarks he sud: "lue custom of ?oking BnBS
on How-Tear's nay was Bronchi tc Bew-Yerta
norn lloliiiud by our sturdy Hutch anoe?tors.
Il grew rapidly In publio favor and at lust
became one of the re gu ar festivals ot the raaf
Washington approved the eujtoin and etpre?sed a hope
thal lt would slwa.i ? be Oboervod. Marina Washington
threw oi?eii her house on New-Year'* lui and WeaOOSBOd
hnsts of fiieiids. dbe offered her guest* not nmg stronger
than tea hipi cottee, rte of to-day rrg.trd this eas.om sa
a great Bteestag. Tue iioluL.y give* t*o busy asorehaai
ur inahiif.iciun-r a chance io ciilnvaie tho Berts I atsBaoal
of his nature. Krieinls meet each other aud exchange
kindly gn-eilriga of feluiwsulp. Wlththeadve.it of th*
custom, however, a daugor lo aoelal hie appeared. The
alas* of Wine presented to visitors hos in maur lu-tanct-s
forged tbe first link lu a chain which bas Urawa lt* vic?
tims dow n to desi ruction."
Al thc Central Congregational rhumb, Madison ave.
aud Foriy-scveutu-?i? tue Kev. Hr. Winiam Lloyd
nroaenadnaarssoa an the New Year, ile, noe a* ui*
leii 1'allippl.ihs m., ll mid ll: " Forge.nug thoae
tuinga whic. are boulud, aud re.iculig lord, .nun those
ihings which arc h. lore, I pres* toward tao
mark for the pi ito of Hie high calling
of (.ol la Christ Jeana." After pteturtag Paul tn pruoa
ana dc-c.lbiig tba cir. iim.stauoe* which sillrouu ten ,1 i
trtaM he wrote the wni.isol tue text, lue preacher salt,:
" Vt'. Mund ujsiii thc i.io.cof un ii inn abbi sea,ibo
surges o. which bring io us fair hopes of lb fat ires ld
ro.l bank Wltu ihi nc uioi ,es of eugnisll and g; lef Vur
Ute lt merely a snooesalon of resolutions, and lt lo oalj
fruitful iii. iiirv an- o boorroo. Ws nate lae past year
bl.tckeiieu and blurred i>) errors of Judgment.of * Ul and
of conduct. He nay. -it wm ..s n e would have loll na
said, aaa dowe utauy tbb pi we would undo. But th
ot thia Uti are-urra vooaoia Bod oaaliug oalde u
f the past, ali d ? "ins of bured yean, we should
siana form resolved that ?Aim tue dawiuing year our
e.ms el...ula lie higher aud our fall a In (mil D
Wc must torn norn lbs oast lu lb* poeal i ::.?-?
fill ll le and BOt Btakel - me .sn. c ot mi;
the mi Mine of our ambitions. Lei in p.rs, lei vr.ir.i io
tko nark, with unit ta mon,eoundenoeluChruM." In
enuc i...-ooh Dr. i..o,ii si.'i thal mau/ times ut tao past
year ne nad lion ail uudersiood bj niciiiO rs ??! li -
glegalloii, lill! ne t.tanked (iiJ Illili BO bS I ll.cd . :
ivio io bis listeners oe d. If ne had vonadk laaj pei
oona bo ooked theoa to 1 ;. I lo Join with
tu iBsiiSfnlncss fur tim opportunity ot beginntiig a nan
nfc .vi!h ino approaeaiag uar.
It hu.* been rumored thal the Polo Orottnda.
Were to be divided and a lenee, nih taro.iga tho ,
it waa stated that one aide wanto be u?e<i by tho new
League team and ihe other by the American Association
A game of baseball was played ou leo at
Columbia, l'euti., one nay la-d week. ftS Birren WOTS
skates and lhere were many ufoiil?," but ttO bOBBO uni".
Nearly all the mus were made off passed bel's.
Tb'-small pitcher of the Chicago I Ina, Ceroomu, teeta
the lead last BBaaoa in that position In the League. Bad
booma o' rtotidanoo. wa* soeoodi Mccormick, ot
Cleveland, third; Ward, of PrOvMeOOO, fun th, uud
QoldssaUta,afCtaloago, itt*, lt win ho tun that tko
club coining lu ttrsl and second furnished four of Hie Hist
Ave pitchi rs.
1 he American Association Club at St. Loul* are again
griiuibliur, aud tni'i-atou to withdraw irom tba BS
Hon. The presout trouble ls ransed hy?
the refusal of Whitney, of the Boston Club, and
Uadboiirue aud Henny, of tbe Providence, to tullli their
COBtTaCtS 1 "e H. Louis leam Will also have itolhuig lo
do wita nie League, ualeoa ibo clubs thal have engaged
toese dm ii lo id 'v with iiieiu, rois iee them, a- du
go to si e baseball malone* In St, Lo .is, tba
A merle .ii Assoc;.i lou o ii Hiv aOord IO lose Hiern.
A oew ?eiui-pro(es-ioiiiii nine neva recent 1] ls
i in tm- city io bs known a- the Manhattan <Hub.
fi wui bs under .he u, ui tgeiueul ui tbe veu rou'lb
Crone, ead will very probably Jeth the totermtate Asso?
A. Il BodeO h .* been reelected pp-Hilent of the Huston
L as'iio tenn. Ai a recent mei ung of tbe club, tba
tri as i. cr'- report shOWi I ina! 1m' for us fi equeul visit ?
lo New York ii won 'I have fallen in-hind issi ?. soon, it*
Bet receipts were g4v,224 43, ned expenses f.88,473 ">o.
the iniie jilaj ed lu Hie presence of 1 lU.'HX) people In
the season. _
Tho Lirlie-lli'iiiiiiclier Trio gvn a musicale
on Saturday a'teriioon. lhere note violin, pl no mid
Violoncello solos und titos, and songs by atm ISBOgooa
Hrown, Mis* Howe and Mr. Kaufmaiin. Among ItaoOO
present were: Mrs. Joan Kigelow, the Margin* de leno,
the Marquis and Marquise do Lan ia, Lady uud M's*
Hardy, Mra. Bavage, Judge and thc M.sscs IkeOstfea
Count ii} BoaonUk, Hr. uud Mrs. Henry, the Misses
Moni?,oiiiery, Mrs. William V. Chaplu, Mia. Beary VII
lord. Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. and Hr*, is, L, Cohen, J. 8.
Am c.i-si-.Hr.i h.irles P, good dor, Mrs. Charles H. Homer,
M. Marra. HIM r ri lUgtO i. Mrs mid Mum fis le ii,
tue Miaeea Charboaaler, the Misses Woods, M t, I:
Mr*. Uorler, Hr. and Mrs. it. Hall. Mr. md Mis* Macdon?
ald, Mrs. Qoorae tracy, Miss Merlan, air. and B at uh
k.niau, Mr*. Jorunu, Carroll Beckwith, Mis. a. tta Neal
viLe, Mrs. Lawa.m Valentine, Mrs. Lnokerman. Mrs.
lt iiiieiaudi-r, Mrs. Frank Leslie, Mr. und kira. Fraser,
Mr*. Kipby, Mrs. Lcciestoue, Mr. tfOid.sfh.nidi, Mrs.
huaiuion, Mrs. Amory, Mr*. 1. Levy, Mrs. Laue, Miss
Lowell aud Miss I'uiuy.
While thc Brooklyn contingent of thc Salva?
tion Army was holdiug its m- imi.iiT Hun .ay aficruooii
services OU ttaa step* of glB < t. Ball yesterday, lu that
city, one of tho attendant sinners threw a silver
dollar towurd the tn usurer, who was
lustily sluging lo tum1.narine accompani?
ment with hi* associates. Tbs com passed over too
head* of the audience, but fed short of the ticaaurur,
rlugiug upon thu steps. A wild soi amble ensued for lt
on the part of the " blood-washed" members of thc army
corps and ttaa nuwontaed Uatenase. one of tue latter, a
grimy bootblack, g nun l po m-siou of the coin mil fe tal
cued iroiu the victniiy ut bl* utmost slice I, wittie tho
o'ht r? started In pursuit, rho bootblack, howevi r, bo
caped, and (he isalvsi iou Army resumed their service*
suer the unseemly InM maslen,
Some excitement was ggBtaefl .. tatt) iday affcr
noou lu thc course of ihe Uospei service*, conducted by
the Kev. Buang1 F. 1'cutecost, in thc llijoklin Academy
t f Music. About 4:;i0 o'clock, while Mr. Penlee, st Wu*
preaching, o alueli ol *uioko wa* uotlocd lu tho faiully
oirole. Those who detected lt quietly rose aud walked
om, but no serious panic took place, those In the other
parte of the bouse knowing nothing of tbe matter.
Finally nearly every oue left that pan of tbe house and
among them was oue man from wuose clothing the
smoke arose. It was then discovered that Boats nuncios
in ul* pocket had ignited and sui his ciolu.ng oh Ure.
He was cared for by the Janitor, and alter the smoulder?
ing Ure hod been extiuguisheu ne went home, firuily re?
solved to carry marnies lu a bot ber. af kt and ucl nut
them lo 'Soiy tu his pocket. As ihe holding was nen ij
packed lt woo deemed very fortunato taat thc exeito
mcul did bbl oomaiuuicale ItsoU to tho entire audleuoe.
Mnyor-cloct EdaUB will not revive UM o'
diatom of holding u ionnal ri eiption In thc Ci y ila 1 (
New Year's Hay. Like lils two predecessors, he wi
take pooaaaatOU of his office today, lind welcon
such aatten ns obenua to come, lau Ikon will be ni fn
lunch tU enii'it thc "great unwashed'' multitude th
thronged the City Hull In the ?' good old tune-."
Mr. L'lanh some days ago prepared his message, win
ls about the'usual length, la far a* tbo viow< of ll
Mayor-olect In regard to the manner In which the ell
government abouMl bs aaaduated are known, they t
not please, the politicians. He will favor a reduction I
the 1.um her of city officers and vi gi henani denni
inrnt*, with tbe responsibility concentrated to a min
greater extent In gas Mayor. Mr. Basan di e< nd fsvor
continuance ot the present system of appointing brai
of depanmenta BBbJOOt to the a).pu.val ot the Aide
men. He will have an early opportunity to try this ey
tem, as Hie charter requlr.* him to make nbniinstiui
to till existing mOOaOtSS within ten dat a after hi* taMM
ration The placet for which be will have to make noir,
nation* are those now Ulled hy Fol ice Justices llixb
ottcrhoiirg and Gardner, i'm i Oeaaudsotauun Lana sn
MacLenn, and Police Coinuilssiouer Nichols. Tamulan
Hali ls putlniig Meoam Nichols and Laue for renomln.
Bon, rind asks Baal P. <L Huffy be made a Police Josi ie
If Ma.iot gawen reins** to conciliate Tammany be wi
find himself unable lo control i.i.y appointments *m
the beginning, as thal organization will have central i
tbe Beard of Aldermen. The onlv appointment* BU
t! I Mayor will have at the beginning Of bi* tenn ar
those of the clerks In the BiXeeatlVS LVpartiueni, tl
usual number employed hiing about twenty. Ile lia
sin adv appotnted & II. BlUUt bl* private a. cretary, bu
will fm the present continue fie clerks now employe
by Mayor Grace.
The new Hoard of Aldermen will meet foronranirsrlo
to-day at noon, and liston to the readlug of th
Mayor's message. John Kelli?, a '1 annually BUMBBU
and the proprietor of a liquor shop, will BS 00)0000 presl
dent, and thus become a member of the Hoard ot Kat
mate and Apporlloniuent for ls*:i. The present oli
sud efficient clerk, F. J. Tuomey, will bo reel < fd
while some wan! pnlitirlan, WfeOOt name has autbOU
i. reeled, will secure tho sinecure 0fibM ot tli,putc clerk
There will be eleven Tammany Dotneorata, OH Count;
Democrats ead ooren itopuhiioin* in the m-w Hoard
wbiekwlli oooatot ?>r tweatr-foar Bsombera lasloon s
twenty-two oaalpreaeuu ihe president of thulloan
reeelres a salarr ol *J.?O0 a year, wullo th. other mein
hers receive rii.OOO ess h. The par of the clerk I
14,000, and ol the depiliy 03,500, Hm inemb. ra of Uu
new Boord, with their poutloal afgUatioaa, ar* a* fol
Fin.imany-Mlchael Duffy, Edward T. FTUpatrlck
Thomas Foley, Hugh J. Braal, Petril k Kenney, Uilllait
P. Kirk, taus bael F. McLoaghlht, John Bellly. W. P
Kun knoll, r.'lNai'd C. nheeuy aud Aletander H. Multi
Cnimtif I?morrary Thomas Carroll, Ki.bert E. DeLoey
Edward nully, i'atrick Farley, lleniy W. Ja.unr, Join
o's -ii a
/.>/>?'/1e?/ia -John Cochrans, Frederick Fink, AuguM
Flelaeubela, John C. O'Connor, John il. .seaman. ( hsr.ei
H. W sile and Jalur. 1* We U-7.
Tho new County Cierk, Patriot Keenan, win take po*
Session Of his of! ce today. He i.ns bean sick foi
some lillie, anj ha* Mt coup!, led hit Int nf appoint
Ul '? Ihe pal roaago ta Hie ofa.e Will bs Url.led an that
Taatmaay will get ana I tal id ofthepUee*, ih* Coantj
Dotaooraey oao-thhrd. aad Irrlag Half ob -third. Few, ll
sny. of the peasant otorka in Bm *fiiee win in
tetuintd lo.'U'r man a few di) a, and co
regard will b< paid, either lu this OOOa or in thai
of Ihe Bbl nfl. to UiO < iTi B, rv ic ll?f..im plclg' -
In the piutf. rm* adopted at ihe comity conven'loni
ahlnh neailaatad these fill uer*. ?bertCsdeol Daaldaon,
who alto take* po-sfts?p>u of lils office tu day, has
already appointed bl* deputise, the nama* ot win.in
bato been prlatod In lin: lunn.sk. isnim.my
got one naif of the petronas* in this office ? ,d
; he ( ouii li Hi mo racy His oilier h..|f. T ,* Mbe fl and
ronni, i fork an paid by foes, ihe receipts of tue for
mer offlee ore abou gSO.OUO a rear, while i hose of the
i oijiiiy Clerk's ottlci- are much grra'ei. Il .h. He.attto,
formal lr of Ue Cor oia lon 0000001*0 olllee, tti.i bu
ty Cleit. Cha. les 6. Heir lalee, who
atpreoaol mis ihat orrie'., wai be appetatsd attorney
lor tao ' orrear* of Personal lairs, tao oftlc*
lu v.: lob 1' ' lats 1. 1'. na.* stole laige tutu* Lum in*
i .ly
Ka lot' I (>''???! man an I Qeorge L. Ingraham, tito two
,i .???..f nu- -np : tin to draw
their 115,000 aslarl s inch per annum today, am'
-Ju i_''S Al no.lt :? ' i.
Ferdinand l> * r, J: mord i. dar (lu and w. ll. Kea?
ne ly will supen v and il- rr
n.ku tn tala) ies ol 06,000each ' bi ir dept
ih j have ibo appointment, wi ucj.
In the Brooklyn etty oVpurtntentu no reij
Impoi - will occur with thc aaa year. I | tte
City Hall the m-w offlotals will bs In
Auditor's "11!' ' ? In the fotui'-r Ho ' ,iv..iu.>
lion in il..-( Ivil nertie* la oboervod. Contrail r Bootlat
boluc sui oeedi d bj
Bnakerkeot ile ba* ap; irtney
at ono time a hood clerk In the
, bit i p by, Fi w attaef i
expected, aa betta UM ret ring end the BOO
trolls rs ate Democrats, Ott Auditor \
ofter ooo term of Dor, retiree to give piece tn kogo*
. I L-l , vp,[ I. ms In pul.
expected to BO a lin p- IgUrS lieu.I in an office which P
ii d ns of ni ll ai 'luipi .rial.????, and he will pi
make fw changes. Mr Vncge univ OOOOptOd UM BOOB)
n i lin aler lt ha 1. !?.-? I olheii, an.l
after ano maa* Beary HonooloiBB, bal b. rn u..n
ad afterworddeeliaed beoonoo he though'
of sh ;"ii. Only the tidal wari
Democrats lo sst are tin I sr lo i
lunigc llii-te* ex ulll lo, am! he, together w
Maj. or aud Auditor, will have rn* power of appointla|
tue soeeeesoro of the eight pu sent Brooklyn bridge trna
teea who bold olBea by appointment.
lathe couniy court Hom., th-in u Boglstor,Coleaol
Bmool Barnards, a Bepaabeaa, willoaeeeed i e.maa
Carroll, a Democrat Oomaal anenardafa leeg expert
? Clerk sud Deputy ? omsslsolo sr if ute Pe>
lice Ii. pot 11 ' Witta lU'Ullci
pal elli on business ii- p ? attend lo tba work
Ol bl< de.un ' us" ? llb ii tl. pat]
III* ( h.ef Clerk. lr un li Hoyle, ttill be
uomln.il y Deputy Regteter niso. Few
chances will be male lo tko 0 ' Ia the
c.i,i:,; . ...
. ? IL KlllotL I li ' i .tali-' I ll..Hie, lt! .
"i.em.nt, os both th into Ina I lat uning Clerk*
an '>' . i i ? i .;. i
n il \ i..n, ?, n d ii- both sis )<? lu
. I boy univ ' ,.. em?
ploy ii i fore ?.
In the Boord I ol All.
wiii gam control
of Aldermen by taree majority, and io the j;.
Supervisors by eoe. lu tin lormei i
dent Dinton (lope r p,,
sn. i ? i ilea by A* lennon, W. ir (D iiioerati, In
tue Hoi.id of .-noel M-.us t il.- I'? leo-? i s y
i.iiUe, a Hem,, in. is temporary
chairman (who apiioints tbe i
. .ui Indepen-lent i publloan, vue
V U . e ett d O', '.I :,l .elulle Mites.
om- of tbe pie..-; ' luersof Charities ami Cor
reeih.n, Jomet Byan, a Denuleroi, retire* t
.ul MtonerS hold mer, no '
exp. ci. ll.
The total ituiiiigtaiion to tho United States for
1882, at all ports, waaabonl 739,00(1. rbis eati
Hillie I-, based on ( il-iloiii House official rel iii ns lor
all months excepting December, the arrivals io
which month an placed ai 30,000. i ho tot iii immi?
gration at nil p;is f..r 1881 whs a little orel
719,000, showing an inoroooeo abonl 10,000 In tb'
p i-i year, l ba countries Iron wbioli the Iramigraoio
came and the number eonl Ibatod by anoh nan us
folio wai Uermanr, 232,0001 England and Wales,
81,000; Inland, Tn,non: jeotlanil, 17,non; Bwedi n
B9.0001 Norway, 27,000t Cann la. S0,000| ali
other conniries, 100,000, Ibo arrivala In tho last
three iinuitiis s ,oi\ u liaeided falling off, thooo ol
1>.inbei showing a decline ol about 20 per cent.
I hose who hui ( naen does obeei ran ol inunigra
tiou tor lnauy yeaiM think ir has renobed Ila maxi?
mum, lt is be tared itc-11> may be hu Indus ol
Knsn] ms in t io preaonl year, and they ure tba most
enierpnaingp opie whooomc,goiug fun.llatolj ta
the West ami i tia bli-lung new homos. 1 heir po weis
of eui. il I alp cate WOndei I ul. 1 he nie ol l mm iv I..
which has set in iruui tue mountain distilctsof
Hungary ls beginning to oocnpy tbe otb utlon ot ibo
Hnnganan Ooreruiuenl Many laka advantegeof
the tlaiiciau frontier to get across without puut
pnris. ju order to prorant tins the Hungarian
ant hm it n-r, have, roqueotod Ans.na to aires th
pasaageol such Hujigarians as are not provided
wiib proper documents, and esp totally of thooo who
have not performed th. ir militurj Berrica, ibo
immigration trout Uermaay showsn material falliug
oil us comp ired wnb Um arrivala tn lh-u.
The Kev. I)r. John Peddle OOndueted kia farewell
myesterday in tlc- Fust Baptial Church, at
fiirk-ivo. mnl I'la tri wiinth-si. In ihe morning Ins
subject wael ? " I u io.iof Diaappointment," and
bu eve ilii;! sermon was appropriate tor the List
Sunday Of the year. A bap! sui t illoWed the even?
ing sermon. At neither aervioe did be refer to bis
nest pastorate m Philadelphia, when he wi.i begin
bis work next luudey. His purtlng words were
sahl at tb.- prayer ?Meting on Friday Braning.
Many of his parinhion rs liutic bim banwell after
Ttnou tesl night The hov. .Mr. Htewart, -if
ioroiito. wilt pnuuta in tho ebnreta next Sunday.
James Cronin, who am vi-d here as an immigrant
iiliout tn ce years ago, is now an Innate of thc hos?
pital at Ward's Mum;. Cronin weutona " iKiriodl
sal spree," as hui cousin expressed lt vettterday, on
the nigbt of Dei ember 73, and was assaulted earl
"ii Sund.iv morning iu an East Hroodway liqnoi
shop. His head was lernhlv rut and bruised an
be ela! aa that he uns beaten with a dab by th
hallen ler. On Frulav lie applied for treatment u
milers Street Ho pital, but not having bc
live years in ihe country be was linne.I over to th
(tammi sumen of Emigration, and wis treated b
Hr. ch n n itt the ('aile Garden Reception Hos
piial. upon sxamination Dr. chapin found Croni
iiileii.ig fran erysipl-is. ani that be was in a pie
carious condition atherudee, Nm having (aeilitie
Coi iii" Ireatm m ol sn. b Barlow canon Ur. chapii
ll i i.'inn to Ward's Is! mil, and, while lils coudi
lion is i,o' hopeful, the dretoy thinks he may Pt
cover. Cronin is a giadnate of ihe College of -Sin
geonsin 1 otk, and was.it one Hate a wealthy bank?
er iii tbat ii ty. bte caine to this country hoptug t
'!' atroj hw bnbrts of intoxication.
Christ Church, Bed/or l-avn., Hrooklvn, E. D.,wa
the scene of au bawooing Maaonic fun ral servic
v's! rdaj at 2 p. m. over tba nmaina <?i George T
liaiiiilion, o prominent ?ember of tbe fraternity
who died an December l'*. lim namban nf 1*
Witt Clinton t ommandery, Ko. 27. Knigbi
Templar an 1 Hyatt Lodge, No. 20."5, wita otbe
members of the Masonic fraternity, tool
part In the ceremony Tho church ser
vice and the Masonic ritual were both road
Funeral orations' wen- delivered by the Kev. A. H
Pnrtndte, tbe reetor, and the Kev. J, H. Darling
tun, aaalatani reetor of th" church, nnd the eloafnj
addres* was mode hythe Ber. CorneliusL.Turlug
chaplain te Da Wiri (linton Commandery, Mr
Ham linn waa a nMsnber of Hyatt Lodge, 1". and A
M.. No. 200; aeeretarv o' De Witt Clinton Chapter
NO. I42i tnoinneroi De Witt Clinton Commondery
Na. 27; De u nt linton Lodge. K. of H.. No. 2,099
and also of tho Masonic .Mm mil Ucueiit Association
W. If. Stewart, a member of the State Board ol
Charities, who Mvei at No. I'll Madiso -nm,, went
riding with lils mo) in r ya tcrday in a coach Whilr
driving through Kighty-sixth-si., nour Fifth-nve.,
tin- horseM look fnglit an I ran away, uud the coach
man. I bonna Kelly, was unable to con'roi them.
lu running around the corner ut I'H'tb-ave. tin
horses turned quickly nnd anani tbo ooanb abler
rolled over. Tba borneo feli ni the anna timt
and were unable io go any furber, The ginns In
tho na11lego was antaabed and picone of it struck Mr.
Stewart in tba fuce, outturn bun in a btw pines.
His wribt w.is also nprained. Mrs. Stewart was not
injured. Theeonchmnn was thrown on lils face,
Mu injujiee Wen corinna nnd be was taken to the
Presbyterian ilo?pituj in an ambulance. Ooo of tbs
bornes was badly crippled aril the i oneil was lunch
damaged. Mr. stewart went with bis mm her iii a
hack to her homo, No. '1 Pifi.b-ave.
The 'longshoremen's unions of this city and
Brooklyn held their quart riv convention yester?
day attorn.i at tho .st. .1 uuus ll .li in tho New
Bowery. They at once went Into executive session.
It it a> li .imo.f af lei ward that the principal topic of
discuaatoo was the course to be pursued by the
antons la regard te the tim- iteoed prosecutions lor
biiii km.iii by tba Maritime Exchange, I be eoneln
alon reached waa thal while punning a policy nt
watchfulness, the iontahofomnn should awnii tho
result ol ibo conference between the committee ol
tba Maritime Exchange and the stevedores, befon
i omni tin.K thauaatraa to any action.
In a fijfht in the lower part of Second-ave. last
night, Constable Carberry, of Nu. 994 1'irst-u.c.
was stabbed bi tho region ni the heart, liewa*
taken io bm home, At 11 o'clock <>(rl' or Bnrnwod,
-.1 bj ilii". other policemen, Bueneasted, alter
a desperate reeiatanco 'ron a gang ol rou .-hs, in ar?
resting- Willimill K. o', ulindi, tho assailant of Car?
berry. He was taken io tn.- Fifth Mm et l'"lioe >ta
tpiii nan locked np. O'Connell is twenty-two years
old and a gas litter by trade.
lin' e'-rviics at tin* Piuabyi ruin Metnminl
, at Madlen*!ara and Fiftr-third stu af wi.icu tun
l: . ' .!? .s |;i.ii:;i?..n n pts'or.were conduct*'!.
dat BJ Hie BOT. Bl Bf) Ita: ri I Jri-aup, tt 'io fur t weill y-fl ve
>ear? WOOOrootdeol of S>rl;i. augagad In iiil ? lotiuiy
Bret k Mi J fesup ntaraed lo thlseooatry within lae p**i
year, nad was neontly appointed by President Arthur
i ted noe Choi ?at Tehoraa. Potato, lia ls
la Ibu pilate of lin. B la I - nd heallkBad
la bli kong i.-I.iTiee In the Orient ha* OOQttlrodOS'
. . :i:i< inahaastonndenotooaaof
it. h t* -i. atood ttaaappohttakoot ot rr**
Ideni s.. bar, bo add yeetorday too Tumi se reporter,
? n io tbs Baal ? n apt to continue lu
mary work,
na Bantu j wara tu rslalion ta Ms
ern experience. lu lb* aiorulna hit tnbjecl waa " Rgyi t
tot rlth tbs pi
?.* M
I IB tue I. l-l
- ill the duUcultles eulml u lag in the late
war In ) yvpf. A rabi aol elita Ike de
o il.I liol I nh
I h. li pur,.
nut all 1 ' "i" ? * ii d ' . r ?.. I i"s. aid M r ?
- of nt t in
ul Li.,:
hm In mi skins- ip tue Paa-lalamte Lea ne. and
.:i. nc i.i ii again of tbe Mahout
li* reaai da md re>
Isaiah'* | ? dillon of t..i
lng lbs blesslnga of the
iii us taloa woik tu
He is oo ? . I. .1 tlueiii
Biog many personal lacideuM.
The Kev. T. IfeCanta stewart, paator of the
\ IB Mel i si Lpbcops.1 (lunch, who ha*
| h.?i. .h. . ' t '? --or In Liber: i OeHsCO,
madel ? talk to tbe dnareaatlou lao' eveulng.
He siiid Hui his pastoroto bad ta ? ? > rj pis mom one
ind tala Inborn won not nlttaoul reoab which
.lill tl.ail li tll. to '.od il'I I I. I .ll efl 11 to til- Ul elli hers
.inda wan inn!.petaled orita h'm Dnrtogtats
postoroto of two roon ead a naif neal rms feed
boon added to ike ohonta, lae eddKioos havlai
. I. mik, tin-re hnvliis' In-eu no sp. , t J r.
rtroL gearlj Ut8.000hod I for all pur
pams i ab sat 0/7.000 and b sa paid oa the prlaelp
ItaS alinu.il Ililli, t hui
1 tr..iii 91,020 io ar.si. md tba nts inuii il
: i en! j I lie clinch lind Ihe Pl
ly leiiot ned, aiiil nea Iv * 1,000 p lld
I. k. pl I
ajilrti u.ti condition, tho n
(??ni le ? t ??' no ? as.ci n'.iy. noller Ilia siiecessor, the
. .ii p..;.-. :? ??? ird ile rc ol
? n ile.' I i . ip. H.- lo \ I . ? . I .
flinn htabopa, ed I lora, law rei ?. .faasors, huslno * men
and pniuilunnt ulvlnea, all of un owe moo. Bon
letb r from the Kev. Hr. Blydeu, ahowtng thu! twrntj
si t.i. ? ii t .un.- incii, now lc -"ii bi ru ro I'?(,''???, will go
? i' :???'! '.'?', to comtdele their studiessud
ul v.ni l*.i South for two
aud will a.til for Liocila lu H binary.
Tho following suit icriiitioim have Ivcen re?
cs! vt <i by Leeyeruf! A *'>>., trooonron of Hie relief min
tu il'ne, lu ul.I of Hie sud. reis by Ihe lin in Kingdon, Ju
in ii t. BO I " ?eeiubi r 11 inn! 1 J :
I sn. .ill .t Cu.f.'ellli.A.li. I .tina AIM. 100
KliLlainl.M. Iniii,Id.t i ,i .'0- A .il.i'l .t I'n. 60
il. H. 11 <-.. i v A Mea . VI'" ti.tirio. T liullsy. U
A li. iiii'ua .t Co. 960 \ M ..ililli. BO
A. B, l.a/.?i us* Cu. ito i William raison.. M
'.int*. ... . gt I Hull .t Cn 60
I. ilsiht m.adi Co.... lOOtJewell MllUngcompany.. 6o
Knapp V du ord. jun W. T. Miirtin. *-'A
Pilli. i-'mwtMMi .v Co. ... Boo lease H. Heed A Oe.. .. M
Atina ~i. ., n.liip Co . 7 "i 1- M archibold.
Mal'laml. Tin Ipa A ' ? ? skin . PO
(.emits V Alfie..or A Co. 6iSI|i( W' t ?nieri.u .t ( ti._ US
I il Hummel ly. loo Miller .t HiniKhloll. 23
'i'niiji s. M?ner A Co ... 100 K.I ward Ulnar. 60
T il Van liner A Uo... I'S) lieory Warloba. 25
lUlste.nl .V i ii. ".Mi Mis* lula lleiidiic!.* ,. BO
J. P. Hobtaaon ... i " mu trick*. Bo
iskldilt, Mii.iltinl A Cn. . loo; - H. lonje. 60
i i |...t; i.ii uh... i tun,.sn/ iisuieiu.t Ouekei. 2A
... 200 John Wakeman at Oo. 6o
Nesiuiib A Hons.. loollsaoollemlneiu. "6
il.?mn. ., A Bros. i00Oeorg*? Hart A Co. 1>
in. i < o. a?'i|T. W Lewi* A Oo. 2S
I oiiiis.i .t Ktmip. loo iiuitiiiiin ur .s . BJ
Maiciat- si Co. BOiW. ll. LovaU A00 . V6
John I> Jmie* . i&jll. A. Unbeitsou .c (JO ... 25
Cha* M. Hy. 2o|
On Hec ni her'Jil I^-ayeiafl A Co. sent by cable $1.
thiciiiRh the airehts nf ibo Colonial, Hank to tho roll.'f
ctuiiiullteent Kingston, i'lnvlous to thu appoliiluieut
of treosotero, Pim, Porwood BOO. *?-nt by eabl? $t.'-'!M),
mei A m. l*.i*ms .v i i. ruuiiued fniio toih* relief com?
Tho sliiiiitiVul Miiiii'iiirr of mtTCiititilo fail?
ure* In the t'lulcI Hiate* an I Canada for IHH'2 aslmtl.
anted by aVuuuuwafa ol friday's date show* 7,^74
failures In tl... Chit, d -lilies diirlui{ the twelve months
or I.(liri imue thin In Issi. Iii* fal lure* dm lue tho
I aat year wan distributed as folio wai Bew^Eoglaad
Htate*, l.HKJ; Middle Mtutes, l.T.'i'J; S.HItueiu .siutea,
IJUtI Western etaisi, J,J40; I'aolUo rtiate*. OHO; Ter?
ritories, UH. banal dlvlaiou tux nuiubsr of failures
Was lar^.-r lur ls-IJ than for 1881, lue li.tali.iimi.fi
nt fill in a m l3?ll wa* ."i,t'-0i lu lian I' wu* 4,a..U u..d
lu 1879, 6,60'J. roe actual osseu In 1883 amounted ta
847.267,0741 tn issi 035,004 1-m; in 1880 M .?f'JT, t:ii),
(';?;: i 1879 to f48,eod,i7d. Ibo geaeral liabilities lu
1883 wen t'.':i,.".'.'?',!??m i lu 1881 UM) ?(i ? f7?,biil,oiJ7;
?i tiny w r-i 957.120,903 uud lu 1?70 Ihey wm*
.v'.):i.ii.|ii,sr.r. ihe tullin ea us i, poi. ul for Ibu lim,
a i omi. ihn I int I foin ih iiuarier* of tho luat your wore
1 ho per
centaK* of asset* to Uahilltlet was 50 per neut In Ibtill
nepaottrely, 3,146, 1,50J, l.d.id and 3,367, ibo
centals of ussci* io llublntie* was 50 pei cn
agalnal 47 lu 1-si, 4b in 1880 aud 49 In ld79.
M"M VarWIIY IT 18 NEED. 1).
Washington, Deo. 3l.?Secretary Chandler vril
?ead 'o Con cress, prolialily next week, a letter re
questing further appropriations for the genera
maintenance of the navy yards for tho present Isca
year. This appropriation covers the expense of gas
coal, water, horses, watchmen, eta: and tlia
made for this year was $L'20,000?Just one
half of that made for tbe year liefer*
The Secretary now rinds himself with only$24,HOI
on hand, which will last until the middle of Feb?
ruary. He will ask (Jonirress to apnropriate ab.uii
the same amount for the time from February 15 to
March 31 as u deficiency, ou the groand that the
1.aval appropriations of tim present year were not
iivullalil" iiniil aboutthe5th of Angus', until which
tinic the expenses were met out of last year's appro?
priations. For the ;emaining three mouths of the
liscal year from March Ul to June 30 about $75,000
will be iioeessary; and the S-cretarv will give
notice that, if this appropriation is n<>l made, he
will sh. t up four or Ara uavy yards. Which
yards he will select to he closed, the Secretary
dei lines to say, hut the statements in his annual
report loavo little doubt that those ul Pcnaaool 1,
League Island, boston and Por siuouth, anil pos?
sibly Nortolk, will he tho ones. If nil rive should
ho closed only tho New-York and Washington yards
nu the Atlantic and Mare Island on tho Paciiic
would be left In activo operation.
It la possihlo that s me of tho yards might have
Leen dosed before now had it not been for a
clerical blunder in the Naval Appropriation hilL
as the House or ginally pa mad nie bill, it provided
" that ii the Secretary of the Navy shall bud that
WOak at all tbo navy yards now maintained cannot
be carried on during th oumul n.scal year with ad?
vantage to the service and economy to tho Govern?
ment tor the amounts in this act npprop'i ited for
the maintenance, and civil o-ttahlishmeht at the
navy yards," he should close the yards vrbieh could
be best dispensed wi rh, and report his action to
Congrean Th? Senate struck out the wurdi " for
the maintenance aud civil est.abiiohment at the
navy yards." leaving it at the discretion of tho fcjec
r turv to close any ol' the yards if ho thought they
could not be carried on with adrantage to
tim Government. Tho conference comiuitteea
aureed to this, hut in engrossing the bill
the House provision crept back by accident,
and tho closing of tho yards was made to depend
upon the condition of thean minor appropriations.
Tho appropiiatiiin for civil establishments which
covers clerks, writers, etc., was ouud su/llcieut
with eiuiioKiy, and the question thou was whether
Cengiuae Intended shel the navy yards should be
closed merely gauuuau then was no BBaaaef for
gas, water, etc., and tho Secretary felt that be could
not 1-0 hold.
Ii Congie** would deal with the navy yard rques
ti Bj on the basis nf the facts brought to its atten?
tion in his annual report, it would accomplish a re?
form whit li would reflect credit on the Republican
party. While preparing his report tho Secretary
sent to all (be navy yards for a state?
ment showing the number of naval o'lleers,
se,c.nen nnd marines, and of civil employes uud
workmen engaged in the uaw yards on tim lilt ii of
November, rind ihe pay-roll for workmen Bad ant*
paOJjruo tnr that day. lt appeared that in tlc-seven
ynrdo there were 326 narai "Hi era, -.."Ol enlisted
lum ai,tl trnnnes, alni of emiloves and
workmen 4,462) nuthiugutotal ?f 7,'_,ni0 perenna
tad with the navy ynrda, gad a pay-roll
fur the ? ii..! ves ami workmen alone of ?! L816 per
ihe only work in laoiioaa on ubina al wai
wu on BBTOU ships. Tue nsf nf tin-work being
? entirely "nada" worh, wiucti
('ililli bare L< on doue much mon cheaply in ship
\ . outn lion ia now looking imo tue advi?
sability ot -eiiing Mane of tba j iris, the
pr. sent mirabel of which, the Soi returj plainly
toys In lis 1. port, "will not be regnireo by any
present 01 proapectire wanto of thai >ai I
1 Le naval eothnntos tor tbe coming year hare
1 j clod io -1 >.m- i:ii ic is. 11. ev pie, ti through
misunderstand ug, 1 baa been ofsted tl
P27.00O.000, and it baa boen
pointed out, that thia ann is 611,000,000
in execea of the appropriatlona for
toe pr.-eui \e.ir, the Inferei. being drawn that
Mr. cii.ti.tlt. 1 is growing extrar.igant. I'ba facts
the bun- ms lunns,md the
Secretary with their eotimatai us required bylaw,
the time being too abo t to allow him to 1
1 u 11 ari thi il. he : reusinitted them
. 11 tall to the Soi n I irj ol tho treasury tobepnuted
. ol ? -Cine, sj bul in l.i.s report
bs lovi-ed them from 627.042,678 down
to $20,830 ' t the estimates nf last year.
The lou aii-a < . $2,080,000 lor building hulls of
the two uew oraiaers, and $1,800,000 tor machin
erv, Mi. i.iiu ..I both items to
-Linn' ia iii .? ie h. For completinovtbu monitors the
. d $'<:,000,000?reduced to 61,000,000.
Ki pairs and enionl nary yaroo wen re
i.u. ed from f.1,562,4-14 to fl, 1H2.S7L 0 this last
Item 6200,000 ls for the do k at Man bland. Un
doetiug tula, aud tbe 63,682,000 ailawod lue ihe
balls and machinery of tho enticers and axMUtoro,
1 mile-ari reduced to a little non tbai
616,000,000?about tbe appropriation for mis year.
[Bl 11.1 1 OBOTU io 1111: riiiin BU.]
Waiiiim.ii'n, Doa. 31. ?A rumor ia in circulation
tu night, too late to lu- v-niied, thal Byron D.
Ailsii ni'Ncw-Vi.ik. Chief nf tim .-.tlary and Allow
nnoe Dirleton in tho Pool lillico Depnctasoua, is to
beremored. _
W'.VsllINi. 1?>N, DeO. 31. -It IS UliliclstiKli!
ibat ma Be aa Bt or Pendleton civil hen ice bili
will t-e reported to tbs Boase oa Tu sii.iy or
iday, anil tile linn, rslai.nmg ls tbut lt vs 111 t>?
rlgOl of way" iicfort) 'lie appropriation
rViJBuroTOB, Dec. SI.?Powere dtWeight
mnii, clo ncc.ii manufacturer* of Philadelphia, iiiivu
vrlttea a letter to 1 a lea ola Pinnace Ooaoatlttoe m
> the duty oa qalnloo. attention UenUedtc
the fact tbat In July, 1879, the duty of BB p r cent upon
BBlpbon of t|iilnia wah numiiioril.v reiuovetl. Tbo Tariff
Commission bare inserted lu their reperl la tim oiiemlca
-: 1 M Quinta, Bulpanie of, suits of, sud clucho
ultllu," and tho foUon Og ei|i!.uiutlou 1* given I
Tue ann, li is been IbroagOOUl to plate all tbe mw
material usi tl '.ii thi ? Industry ni ihe fr. e bat, sud m.ly
to mut.' lt ilui labia when 1 ii mice I In Milli.- by (rinding,
lelln ug or other pince*, of mainline ure In widen labor
. h au glemont for couauicrutinu. a. lew oioaa
[lona lo both ti.e-c rul h may be found, but lu m-mi
cu*e?. asia lli.t of suui.it (u ra* maier.nil, a creal injury
would ii-uii (.it large number ol perseus whoas dany
?ubaiatenoe depends upon tue gathering- uud ?ending to
mai kui of tm* plant. On nie ethel ii uni, perhaps ll
might be urged thal tbo commission is minject to ibo
eborac u." 1 nee 11 Ui ene? lo leaving Quinine mu advaneed
pi .li.ell on the free list; hut lu vi.-w of lim iicent
,. . inn .11 1 loognss lu lnUilon lo tut article, no ohsugs
I* Ii eoliiuicutled.
Tue Commission ssalgns no reason, the lotter says, for
adding clnchouldlii to Hie free list. It 1* explained .bal
.11, al undilla la ono of tue cheaper slltulold* of tbo ciu
onona barba* and Ba tnumdnettaa imo general use was
inuluty ilue to tin- sttVrtS of l'oiv. rs A Welglituiati. Tlioy
now asl; wby they ms diacrimluoted against. Why,
tiley Inquire, ls the pronounced policy 01 ihe United
.stn,e? Government n? bo applied to ail mnnafoc hims
1, un iiiuin) (jtiiuiue I lue letter uiiirun
ib il willi both yuiiila uud oinoUoniilia on tue
lice list, and eouie of tba crude ni nerlai*
tiatl 1I1I0 mid l.iaabl ? 1000 as sola usn, luanl
eil mul aicoliol?With labor 00 much higher lu nus coun?
try tb in ui'in.id, uud wuii toe cost oi ali requisites so
iiiucli annie Hie iat??* in Kum,ie, the Industry will be
OToatnaUj destroyed. 'Ibo llnu say i "We uimincuy
malo nero timi 1: t|ui.ila euunol bc lu.nle bero al as low
oust a* lu Lui ope, ibu nason ls tuat we aro
handicapped h\ taied crude uiuleriaU and btgber
in iee* lol mb ir ami oB that wo ooo la oar faotorleo, and
I. ls not line ni .1 v.. nie letleicnt lu capital, Shill oriu
duairy. Portals tbs lesrornstsat i? responsible. We
are not. Under eoually tavorablo ooudltlous no real no
foreign oompetltloo u* mohsrs of girl ohio, eliboi us to
nuolity or oust."
lu 1 um oinioa tbey ask tbat there aimil be impoaed
upon tjiluna aud *alu of tjiluna, ihoiudiug the aub
pilate, a duty of 10 per cent, aud upou oluobouidia aud
li?*aii*aiiuiy of ?Z pur neut.
WAMUMQ/TOM, L>t'?:. 31.?Tito iiiiiiiny by the
nm riot * ununtaahuuuu into obargas made by a aBJaaaa*
eoiitinltlee thal eel lulu iiieiubcr* of Hld detectlvo police
force of tba* etty boto neted btoollastoa with tnloroa
burglars and Forgers, resulted yooterdny lu tbo issue of
Hie foiiuwiiiK order by tue OoutBhuBataan
OnUrtd, 1 bul the report nuide by ('oiiiinlsslnner Wtsst
of lb. UlvnUgBtioa Item by bini ol mutters-contained lu
memorandum No. 1, submitted by Johan I'houineeu
of the Cltltens'Committee reuiilxe, lu thu judnuiuut ol
the board, that George W. McJvUreshand JauiesA, Mc
1 lc ul I, mein ie ra Ol tUO dett lille loren ol Ihe .\le[ro|iod
tiili Polios nliiiiiid nu imbi to BUOWOt under lin- .??? jtov
Ollllng tbo police foree, nn.l lue Major of tho l'ollee ia
dui cn ii to nu.'.pend the soldGeorge W, lloailfreab and
Jame, A. BoDoVltl limn duty, nnd to prohibit Hiern H'olU
Buy intoruuurso or oouuuuuioation with any other mum
ber* of he poltco force of whatever rank or grado wifhn-*
the pormisnion of the Hoard of Commissioners. ,laoB?
Tho Investhratlon which bas boen lu progress nererol
days, Involves Hi* conduct imf only of then bat of other
officers, and has not yet been bought ts a conclii-don. It
ls understood that the adoption of thia order owl agoana*
Buted by threat* which hove boen mode arnlrist --""^
mombora Of BM I Ittl -nV Committee, at wl,o?, |,J," , *
the investigation was aet on f(MJt. ff> ^ cip,.,t,. i iii
Hie names pf Other offloer* will in u few days follow tho**
given In this order mid some members of thon.rui!!
police foneiiretheH.il.JfeUofehargoa similar to (bola
mode agulnst tho detectives. "*?
Washington, Dec. 31.-Sirjafor Van Wye*.
leainlug that attempts have boen mado In Kansas and.
Nebraska to work upon the fears of settlers oa Denver
and St. ,f?? Ital,road land*, and induce them to maka
ruinous compromises to save their homes, has tele?
graphed such settlers that uo uren* have been ta'sen by
Kneavals or others claiming railroad title* to di i.?,.*????
them, and that no such steps will be taken until the
(|uestlonsh..li have been finally dispoaedof by CooirrcaaT
aud that Congress will wilmiit doubt enact ?ne, iaw,
os to protect them or enable them to settle satisfactorily
with th* claimants. ^
Hong Kong, Dec. 1.?Enomoto, tbe Envoy
from Japan, was received by Ttung Ll Ysnu n on Octo?
ber 30. nis arrival was mode the occasion for a renewal
ot tne Inquiries concerning Japan's Intention shunt tbs
Loo Choo Islands. -The United States Envoy ls con*
Muiitlv tim ass. il npon the subject, possibly because bo
was with (ieneral Grant when the matter was Investi?
gated, throe and one-half years ago.
The Chinese Government ls exasperated st the action
of France respecting Tonguin. Tbe belief is growing
that armed resistance will be made to further French
luvatlont. The Chinese declaration* are unusually do?
ti ant.
Cholera ls devastating the cities snd villages In tbe In?
terior of the Kivsntung province. The American garey
bas been comjiellcd to take action a Kal nat the prosecu?
tion instituted by tho Viceroy at4 Nankin against tho
Chinese clerk employed by the Americas firm of W. 8,
Wet nore <& Co., at .Shanghai. Not long ago a factory
for the manufacture or cotton yarn waa projected by
this firm under the conditions of the treaty o' Tientsin.
The IToseoy donated tbat the undertaking wa. a viola?
tion of the monopoly (riven to the Chinese-company and
issued orders forbidding the chinese tu psnlclpate la
any foreign undertaking, aud decreed the ar?
rest of Wetmore'., native clerk. Thc alleged
aron ad of his arrest was that the clerk had
been concerned in tbe Talpi ag rebellion of a i|iiarter of
a century ago. The real offence ls ladle vt-u io bu bis rik
Ina abates lu the new company. Tau United State* En?
voy directed the Ann rn au officials at Shanghai to pre?
vent tue arnsat, and ia .e such rcpreoeotottooa to Taung
Ll Yamen a* will lead to tue cancelling of Abe Viceroy's
n dei-. Tbe diplomatic representatives at Teaing imunl
Btooslp approve tbe Aaiencau Envoy's action.
TeeWUfetH*. Dec. 1*2.?The Jsjianese Army ls to bo lu?
ci cased br aev.rHl Infantry regiments, and the Navy li
alco to be augmented.
A large convocation of Budd butt priest* was held at
the tantana Temple of Laynann, In the I'rovln. e of KU,
for ihe purpose of abolishing tue ancient mles forbidding
the elerey to marry ui to eat Ooah meat.
'ihe cholera ls rc'Orted prevalent in tbo capital sf
Corea and Its vicinity.
Baltimore, Dec. tia? The Sun in a review
of the trade of tin- eily tn l?s"2 says goat lt bat been a
y?ar of rapid development lu oreti, in Hie ex'cut of trade
facilities and lathe amount of buttneet doue. iliero
eelpts of cotton have been 200,393 bale*, a small la
I I over those of 1981. Tb* number of bales Bat
ported was 'Joj.636, sn li: reuse of 52,?00 bales. There
were 44*661 BOgBbanaa of tobacco inspected and '27,T2i
exported, a gain of 4,000 hogshead* in tbe former item,
aud a lot* of 7,000 In the latter. The receipts of grain
were XM43.176 bueb-1* or 15.000,000 leaathan lu l-s-<l,
the exports 18.31S.304, a docreooe of about 14,000,<IOO
bush Ola There bas been s slight foiling off in flout also.
Tbs .ectlpts in 18VJ were 1,30'J,'JJ."> barrels, the export!
MB*44I barrel* sud IBBBBI sack*, a gain of lu,(sro bur
rel* Jin! 'SJ,00i> *ack? c* ported. Thu toUt value ot
loreign exports in lc -JV. wu* $iX999jOSl, .un.nat s.05,
tj7,40sin tg6LtaweuaVn iou audaer dna nuuntp ta tho
price ot grain, which wat too high to sell abroad.
The volume of import* remain* about tbe same.
baa been ;i BO ole 1:.en ase In th* amount of
freight brouamtto tbs altr over the Boltlmses und Loto
. td West, rn Maryland i: ilroalo. The sale* of
aplrit* bato ahnootdoubled, Ship mid tig tuts le.-atuod
...og oi ita foi nae* preeperfty. i ier? were twoaar*
??ela constructed lo 1846. witt an aggregate ten*
i ue ol 8,103 iocs, nnd coating 6334*000. 1. u Hal i
wore furnaces turui d out l-o.n.si i .us of pig-iron, val?
li-il a; 65,U.ra),000. Two lruu-pla'e wzirks prod 1
tr ii la valued ai "-l.oOo.OOO, amt twsat^ausrs w >ri* en
gaged tn the manufooture of bot I ? -e{.-., turned
out product* vam. d ut i-s.OHi.ooO.
Providence, R. I., Dec. 31.?Y. st :!,i'
engine ."ill, with a wreaking ear and hand of Btoa, on t. ?
var tar Sterling over Ihe New-York an I S-w-Li, ;
Pa Un md. aaato In elliston, cast of Olncyvllle, with tbe
regular Inward bound IprlaggOtd fre.ght inca. E.dh
eugtuc* were badly wrecked, tho damage being eatl
?aotednt67,000. several Baroona wera i-jiri-.l, as fol?
low* i M. c. Lincoln, train dispatcher, lett kue.-p.ia
traotnrodj I aariesBriaassoagtaoea.right urtu broken:
s-iiiioid Howl an!, wi-.-ck'-r. ni um I and Bul Edward
1. .mli, tnreh.an of wrecsers, li tu lega bailly cnisied;
Liudes While, oar taopeetor, hip seriously li jared. T s
lirjur.d ui u were emi'ioyetof tar Voa-1 ora and Vew>
bugbiod Kail.oad c.uupanv sud ara rosldsntsot this
1 in- oool 'eui was due to tue BUgleel of Telegraph
Operator Ell ls, at Olaeyvilla, who alioul.l have ba d ,iio
hpnngdeld freight aa il tlte engine and wrecking tri.m
Bad yessed. He had bi-en fnfoi mill by sUna.s from aa
e.ii i.ird bound poaseager train that anotuer train was
to folio .v und had ibu ruht of way.
BOBTOB, Doo. 31.?The i-iociitivo conimi'teg
appointed ai ino reocut meeting *f ihe stivkholuer* of
tbe l'urlrio Hank have retained as counsel BUUUtaf R< *
Judge K. K Hoar la latoonod by ihe dlreo'ora, a
also retuln nearly everv emlucul lawyer In the
The executive committee of the ? locho'der* fat
wait upon tiic necttaa ead n-k him te sue Um dil
also to ask him and tbs Dt.siri.-t Attorney criuili
proaeeute then if they have violated the t':.i;.d
baking lows, rhey will firiher Inform th rs eirer
not to moko un- ninden.ls io depositors andi all tho
cn-niora of Hie bunk are poelttrely determined, and
thar ne will bo c ajolood lr un ?o doiug if .ue ait-mipt lo
rniLADLLi'iiiA, Dec. 31.?A dispatch from
needing,rona.anyai -The pig iron andfnnuu ?
or the I^uigb. and Schii. kill Valley have Usued a call
for a meeting ut an r..rly day tither lu Philadelphia or
New York, to take iiuhicdlate action on the Taint Coiu?
uii-s'oii report. Baeaul advices from Wosulugtou ltnll?
oat* that thero ls B strong probability that the a'.ivs aud
Means Committee will rodeos the rate for pig Iron pm
baldy if- a ion, und tie tbieot ot* tbe nice lng i? turo*
umnstruie against much ncttou, which the Imu furn.ioo
BOOB cay wilUiavc the effect either of OlOOlBg ev.-r, iur
aaooarof oauslug a swooping and ruluou* reduotlon sf
m i,ei. Tba meeting l* to be catlcd at once because the
altiiattua deuiuuu* liumedlate action.
Philadelphia, Die. 31.?The roniaiiin of
th niau found lu tbe cloaot of a I'uUiuau car on a New
York train yesterday are believed from papers found
on the person tu be Close of tl! bi rt Kaylil l'aliuu. a
teacher of music, on In* way to visit friends al Fndb
Ortok, Std. (lue of the persons whose Haine appears lu
I e panels in redpolls,. ;,i a lelegraui to-day stated that
Mr. Valma hud uo rcuiiives except lu Uermauy.
PlTIIBI.'KO,Pt'Uii.,Duc. 31.?The Wostc.ru Xail
Assocoii iou met again on friday, and after a long diaout*
Stan Unanimously decided to shut down nil factories timO,
J lunary 13 to Kcbniar.v li). T,,e mauuftcturers ute do?
anona of showing that they can control tho production
at a lime wuen ra.la aro most w juted.
From The London Spectator.
Witnesses know gutta well what ts and is not lying,
and are dreadfully afraid ot thc moderate, i it
spcily indicted punishment. A D.nm'.i Inlouul
Ussjatrnte, tor wanna exceptional obnwuneag aini
uiiil.iv we can vouch, once made a grimly eoutki eu*
pei iincot in tins il'.icit on. and upon tin. print ip.e.
Ile was uppullod hy the elidions imijui ie. eommlttod
in cane* oe I ore lum, di'iermiucd to stop thara, ..ml
dui. Ile, nf course, sal nothing of his un tho,!, hut
au English friend wated beside hun ou thc Ia-uch
noticed iliai, whenever a arltaen told a paipable
lie, Le Jumped, iio asked the nanon, aud lie
Magistrate, after a cuution, nruasod ht- Mii-et.?
"My ord l ii ?. innis b lii.nl the wi. nc-s. ami when?
ever 1 put my leli iiiiud lo my ear. mat indicutea
lLat tho evidence is la,??', anti he ruu* a piu into
him." lt is a wcil-kiinan lict lo the many who
will ree iginze tlusatorv that tho ''sting ol con?
science" in this muti rial foi in jim veil effectual, a d
Ihat the M (gistrat , who died h.dtoioil t'irough
nUt lli-umiii ... lu turee yearn taned au A.satia rmi
one ot tho most orderly und law abiding nf eon*
luiiiiiiies ile could in ways "rt Hu* nulli. I lie
ilevic ia not ouo io be Inutaaud, truiMniuguu it does
too closely upui tho (lomani ol tm Cue; bm ts
aocceot shows ue tba true law, thai swi.t, ned
eiatc aud inevitable putiiahmout will put down
pei j my.

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