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V01" XLII...N0-13,197.
The inauguration of Mr. Cleveland as Gov?
ernor oi this Slate took pince yesterday in the
Do?tl) Chamber at Albany. Many spectators
were present. The ceremonies were simple*
After the oath of oftice had becu admlui it.'-d,
Governor Cornell delivered an i*c ress
of welcome, to which Governor Cleve?
land replied. The latter praisod the
admiiiistiiVinn of his predecessor. After
these cerem inies Governor Cleveland held
a reception in the Executive Chamber.
At tho cain us of Democratic Assem?
blymen in the evening Alfred C. Cha?
pin, of Brooklyn, was n^ minuted for Speaker
on the second ballot; Theodore Roosevelt, of
New-Ytuk, was nominated by thc riepubli
Irin.MTIir. RKliCLAR COilHK'1'OMDIE.srr OF TUE tWKtWtKB. !
Albany, Jan. 1.?"1 Lope there won't be any
nilen nltnau, tbe organization of thc Legislature,"
MM On**nrn*n* alecs i'loveland to Governor Coruell.
. "Win tor anni Hm Inlten
?' t.ceiuisc 1 have my message, ready. Ton had some*
elitiicuity las' year, didn't yon. in getling your mo.->
6a.je lieiorix ili-x Legislature?''?"Yes. 1 had to
wi.it s 'Yeral dnjaj tlio A?sembly didn't organize.'
The p ilitieiaus to whom thi* conversation lins
?San rc'ie itcd have smiled nt tho SHiiulicity of a
mw 0>v rnor who, although tho virtual head of
haS "KatatinSl party, Sud that party in poss'-sion of
both H"U*es of ?ho Legislature, fears that there
may lie "a hitch '' BS Its organization. Apparently
he is unaware of his own political or ofihial power ;
that s ox re I a. from him would do away instan?
taneously with any "hili-li" over the organization
of Hm I.e.;i ! i ure that mifck* .ice.ir, ns it would oc?
cur, fiona a (mariel over the BpoUs among tbe Demo?
cratic ?asn.bets. It ie not probable that this sim?
plicity nf character cm tie long preserved Onfen
tuti us exhibition of power, it, is plain, however,
will always ba dis'as'eful to Mr. < loveland, judging
from kin course whi.e Mayor nf I5u!la!o. Certainly
Sn haw aaanaaed the high otlice of Governor of New
York in a quiet way. ilis journey fro d I'lfbdo h re
Was Baerentful, and was ? ide eo intentionally.
Tki same no:e .if " the Minphcitv of the fathers"
was struck by him in tb- lnauiriiratiou ceremonies
of to-day.
There could hav?? SSnn no bnght-r day oi which
to be inaugurate.! (i?.vernor. Tho white walls of tin
Hate Capitol akone tn milly In tho mnshine,
and from its wtadnwa the snow Stanit covers all the
killaidea could be seen In btw v direction flnamlna
with light. The inauguration entsasmiM I
took pia o pro.upMv at 11:18 a. m.,
the time selected, ItefotS that, h"ur many
persona nan Raiiiereii in tue Donate iiuimucr,
wkezstka cemu .nies wets to take ninon. Three
years ago Governor Corn ll trna inaug-nat"! i-i t'et
Aa-einhly Ok unli.T, a room ol' larger bize anu |minh
I utted for such ri ceremony. Workmen ans now
isaaatriainisaatoaeneilin**, na that it could not be
usrd. Hm dcaka of the Senate Cknmbnt bad
kassi mplnsnd Brita* eatnlrn. Thero was na
other eluate * *:(!?? in the room. It a
ineufd in any tnn&ner. Tiie Bents in MM of tho
cl rles ??ere. ks rv d for women nnd those in ike
otiif-r for men, while tho seats sn Ike tam "fere
kept lor State officers anl th'ir f*uniliea, nMmbnra
of the Legislature and others,
'Hie wife >>f Governor Cornell tann early ea
to a seat on thu floor by Colonel H. M. We'., of
buffalo, of tbt- <;>.vernor's staff. General John V.
l.'athlmne, of this city Md his daughters, ae-oni
j anted Mrs Cot mil. N arly all the m mkernoftke
legislature were present, many of them with their
Wi Ten Attomey-G' neial lins ell and Deputy
Attcriuy-tieiieiai Dennison, nnd Superintendent
Dulcine of the Public U'nrl.s, were pre eat.
Among others atensnt wsre ez-Cnnal Commwion r
Waira b. of Caunstota; v t. Clair il cKelwuy, Bditor
of Ik- Al in,, Aiijua; ex-State Treasurer i
ol bb...'lum 0:1; ex*6nnntor Charlea Hughes,
of San Iv Hill, and John Hampden I Jo bb, ol
N-ix-Ynrk. Tho inauguriiion may be ania to
mts been notable for Um few dMtinguiaked p rsoua
pananai, Then- waa a little knot of Anti*Mo*
nupolis a in one coiner of tba room: F. 15. I'hurb r.
L. K. Unitteii4tt-.it an t S.-iiiti ir Boyd, ot New-York,
and ex-Senator O'Donnell, "f Lowville, their oatt*
dd.??? for Railroad loiaoiisaioner. 'lhere wa* also
11 Cunna i.v " coutina-ut," under thc leadership of
Senator Grady and General Bpinoln.
1 he (tour space tx as comfortably tilled, and tho gai?
le! n n wite crammed with people win 11 at ll o'clock
the policemen made it lane through the throng
to ike nain doorway. At 11:12 ike pron aston ol
officials entered. First appeared Jame* \V. Eaton.
tbe Superintendent of ans new Caa.lol. behind
him came the Chaplain cf ike Senate la his robes of
office. Then came tlie two Governors, arm iii arm;
Mr. I omeil at the ri^ht aud -Mr. cleveland nt ike
left; both men clad iu black Lom head toluol,
with their coatt buttoned tightly in front, as if
ikey thought they Would baie to pass
thronnk a crowd. Mr. Cornall's lace wore a
Ci erful loo b M though ho was glad thu tbe
labors and coins ot 1 thee were over; while Rr.
1 1 velubd bad a Striou*, alumet gi ive, look. Holli
nie men of lartfd Luild?laure beaded and Uti ge bod*
led?with the same full lace and broad shoal lera.
Although of thc same tvne physically, ii was to be
observed tnat Mr Goniell was tin-tiller, ike two
Governors uar.ed before the President's dank and
Sasendld into it from opposite stan eas. s. Unco iu
the derk they could be plainly seen by all ni tho
room. They bad been followed into the Senate
Chamber uv litenlfeiant Ho rsm or Hill nod Mi. bis.
sell. ot J tu (lalo, Mr. (level, .nd's law partner; .Mi.
Abell and Mr. Lamont, tne pdfnta acwntattaa of
Governor Cornell aud Governor Olevelaud respect
lively | BtMretanroi Mate Carr and tlepntyfeeere*
tary of Mate wood, and by tho Members ol
the staff' of the two Governors, nn-se staff
Othcers all wore brilliant uniform.1, and couti ibiiieii
the only showy feature of the cereiiionics. 1 lie;,
ranged themselves iu a susi circle ixion- the Pxest*
denl's desk.
The ceremonies were at ouco bagu, Prayer waa
fij-st offered by Hie chaplain of tba Senate. Secre?
tary of State Carr then walked up to tbe step* of
the IVetdem's desk, handed Mr. Cleveland the
Hillie nnd read the oath ol obiec. .Mr. Cleveland
listened intently, ana when tho reading was ended
put the book io ina lips.
Governor Cornell follow with nu ad-ires, of wel?
come toGovernor Cleveland. He read the H.ieech io a
char resonant voice, whteh could bc heard iu every
part of the room, lt was listened to with deep
attention. His reference to Mr. Cleveland^ large
majority caused Mrs. Cornell, who is well informed
lu politics, to smiK The speech was as follows:
Keixow-CITIzens 1 The pooplo uf tbe Htate are it*
So\erri|(u ruler*. Those wliom they dent to perlorm of
tidal Iru.st, 10 make l.i.xs or extent- tu. iii, ure nit tue
anaeoeouof ii.eii vii'.ws,thecu?iouuu?oi iselr 1 meriel*,
ann tiie iiKiruiuciitc ol their supremo will. Holt wise,
th>-rd re, w.o hi anv reprteoutatire. capacity reoojr
nlaaakuU nt-ey* tiie luflueuoe or expression of ti,at xvi!!.
lu lue*? cu.eiiioiiiai foi nix lo-(t.ty ls presented u SttlBS
lliuBiration or tim mat un tbul thejusi yetti raof govern
Inetii aro derived fr.uu the ooutcni or Ibo governed, a 1
tcaeetsful uoMctee emanate from eiiliKbicuc.a public ,.??
limrui, uud whatever ruo'lve or StrlfB attend* tnsehoioa
ol ofiieial *i>rvaiii?, thal will only succeed widen tins for
lu real aim ul luiate obj. eiilio iiiuiiitenaueo aad pro
niotloti of g mu aud tiotirat gt,vbi"itmuiit.
Uy tue operation of tue Coiittituiion tho limit of an
executive ,01.11 un, again uei-.u reached, aud we .lund to?
ll ay iu ibo picBonco of rightful ou.noriiy. etireKsnt ta
Ia x ful oiauuer, td wiims** the transfer of lue uifc-u otne*
Of (Tiler Magistrate of Hie Stale to one who b..s bet n
"lo-cu to bteeute tue ropoutiido aad trying duties thal
"?elotij; lo H. Tuieo yt-uis Bato lue trust, n >w pa?*ed io
my cousiitutloutti ttifMimtorf WM r*eeeptea wnh
B duo .eu ho of the responsibilities Itixolved.
?y Pi'dire xx-a* tuen K|a,?, faithfully and Impartially to
Olxonarge itieub iKttiiou*a**uin?-d. lhere wa* un ri* r
Vattou of nuxpoee m lesieetn tnai pledge wini vigilance
and Udellty, una ll hoe boen my cmi.taui aim io moot
treirr leuuireiueni of ju*t aninonoiuieaiadiiilulatratioii
Ol theaflalr* of thoMtle. *sieitliet- prix -ai. mu U cat nor
as-aortal t*vor ho* beeu permitted lo tiaud in tao way of
public duly,
lo laking leave now of tbs scene* aud labors thal have
/?Coupled mo Uct turee yt-ain, u nfloid* lue profound
aaiisiuet,ie, to collei ululate the pixopio ot tal* uiaje?tic
C"ifl!iiou.xc,.Jth .,i, iB0 jji^h degieo ot uroaperlty and
peuto that prevuile wltlilu ile liorder*. Our punlie debt
Uiienriy exiiuguiahed; tiie rate ot taxation QaS tx tm
BttateriuUy reduced | sud now sourree ol nubile
revenue have been developed. Tho public work*
hnve been conducted with the utmost economy
couslstent wltb safety and efficiency
encroachments on privnto rights have be?n staved, and
important Steps have been taken to soc ii ru Just accounta?
bility lu thc management of corporation.. In other
e**entla) respeetn, also, ibo public welfaro ha* been fos?
tered, ond frugality lu public expenditures secured.
lhc*e and like rea>ulU bave been accomplished and sus?
tained by tho old of advanced pantie sentiment, and
they will be derelict who lu tho direction of affairs fall
to respect tito demands of enlightened pub.lc opinion.
To you. Governor Cleveland, Ood speed in every
endeavor to asama to this peoplo tbe richest blessings
ot beneficent governmeut. It ls your (rood fortune to
come tn these important dulles by an oppression of tho
pu bl lo will almost unprecedented lu tbe history of tbe
elate. 'Ibo om pi) asl* thus given to your election ls
clearly Indiratlvo of public expectation In thc discharge
of your official functions May tbe Infinite Kuler endow
you with wisdom uud strength equal to ibo gre it
responsibilities which now devolve upon you. T. e
faithful discharge of conscious duty will be amide sat i*>
faction and reward, aud whatever clrcums'onces or
events occur, the public, whoso servant you are, will nut
be unnundull or tum away.
Governor Cleveland responded, apparently speak
big extemporaneously. His manner of speaking
showed that bo had committed the speech to mem?
ory. His voice was of tho same good quality aa
Governor Cornell's, Heir nnd powerful, and every
word he nttered could be distinctly heard. He had a
lnwyoT-liko manner, once or twice rmsing his right
hand and making a gesture as though ho were
addressing a jtny. He spoke as follows:
Guvek.mjh (oiiNKLL: I um profoundly grateful fat
your pleasant Wonts and kimi wishes for my success.
You ep" ilt in full view of labors that are past and
duty well performed, and no doubt you generously
suppose tbat wiiut you have Barely encountered ami
overcome unotber may i ot fear te meet. Hut I cunno!
be unmindful of the dillie.dtio* that beset tint path upon
xxnich 1 enter, and I shall be qnlie conteii' if, wnen tin
end ie roached. 1 may, like yon, looa back upou au
official enreer honorable to awaelf uud uicinl io
the people of t.h.e State. I cannot forbear at tins time
also to express my appreciation of the hearty kindness
and eotisi'ierelioa tx nu wun-li you have at oilier time*
sought to m ike cutler my performance of official duty,
l'elloxx-i Itiiens : You'have aaa ?milled to-day to Wit?
ness tbe retiiement of au officer, tried and trusted, from
tbe highest place in the hi ate, and Ute assumption
of it* ?lillies by one yet le be tried, fitts iv lemony,
simple uud unostentatious, as becomes tim spirt)
of our institution*, la yet of vast Imports ra
lo you uud ali tbo people of tods meal
Commonwealth. The ntteteata now transferred
to new hands nie yours, hu 1 tho duties here newly bs*
tamed should be performed for ymir b nelli
and your good. Thlayou have the right to demand and
catnico ny the meant plue. d in your baud*
w.dcb you well know how to nae, and if tbe public serv
uui aliould always know tInti he is Jeaion-lt watched by
tue people he Bu.-cly would be nouo tho lea* luiibful io
bia mist.
Tilla vigilanc* on the part of the citizen and an active
Interest und punieipation lu political
ns aro the safeguard* ot m.* ri^ht*. Hui BlugaTleb
imiidt-reuoo to political privileges invite* Ute iiuici.ina
tioiis of those who want to be! ruy tbo
l?e.'ple's trust. Tuns, wheu thc conduct of
public affairs receives your attention, you not only per?
le: ; your duty as dttiene, but protect yotir own boat
In crests. While this ls true and waite those wbota yon
put lu pl .i B sim ld bo held |. COUUt,
instr opportunity for nsoluluess ahoui l not b im?
paired nor their (flori* for Rood tba tried by na onnded
ami queruloat somplolat uud cavil. Lei ns tot
but In oar different pisces, take pun in tbs r~**;uiatiou
aud Bdmlnlatratlon ol tbs Govi rnmenl of our Sta <, und
Urns become, not only ins ki 'pert ol our
ow a Interests, but contributor* to tba proa
ress umi prosperity winch v. ni axial!
ne. I enternpontbe discharge of tbednticsof ibi of
ilee towhiob my fellow-ciutent li.oalledms withe
profound sense ol it-spouolbllityi inn my hopi ut tn ibo
giudiinee or u kind Providence which, I bc .Vc. xviii
uid anbouest deolan, and lae forh ? aoei of a Ju*t
people which, I trust,wul recognise BpatrloUe endeavor.
Tko speeekeonninnVdtba ooremonieo. Tbe ii<iv
cruor*, with their st.ill'i and tba Otber ofSottt, itv
tnrned to inn Execntlve Chambers where ? neap.
tioii waa iu id ny (taverner cleveland for over an
A ii'iN or un: o.kmocka'11': a-si mih ymi.n?mi:,
lou'kvi.lt N.wn i> nv un. i:ihti:i ami.
t i ai.. .;.**? n i'i nan 1 ami ..ru
Aluany, J;iii. l.?A.i.e.i fj. ( benin, of Brooklyn,
xx a* eieeiedsstkeir candidate for Speaker by tho
Deuioctat.e hmm bera of th<! Aa embly to-ntght.
Tins challenge v.as reaponokd tn Quickly bj tbe
Kt osbtionns. wno nominated llMOtlore Boobs veli,
Thc yonng v cn ikna i ho
? i New*.orkeiUi i rn well < dueatedj
sis bani workingbnainnssnu i. and aio in sym?
pathy with tbs recent movenaenta to r.f. rm tbe
government of tko cities of New-York and Brook?
lyn. Ifr. Chapin as Speaker, bis election to ina!
I aaanxed to-uoxi iw owing lo the
ii. .iK.tT.it" kaviug a majority in tbe
A i-*;i.My, can give efficient aid to tneeffortsof
Mayor Low, ol Brooklyn, to give thal tdty antill
ne!tci ajevernment.
Mr. (h ipin (iel not s cure the (-.neus nominntton
witnont n atrnggle. lb- lobbyists worked witk nil
tkeir strength to preveul Ins eleetlon up io tho
iii hour. General Splnoln nlao annoaaded
in hjuding togetksi tue Tammany rote
against liiui. John h'< Hy last neck
told i he Tammany Aeeemblymen in y
vote as ilioy individually pleased al tbs Am
auc is. Qenernl bpinola and Beuntor Urmiy,
bownver, Uwngkt that tiley tsynld make
ihe Tummany Assemblymen a balance
?f power, as they did a year ago, and
'xtort valuable commit lee position*. They nude
thc attempt nnd failed, afr. Cknpis wna elected
svithoui tko votes ol tin Tammany 'aaomtiljTnfln
and, tliciefuic, is not under the ahghtesl obligations
lo Mr. Kelly.
Tin- ennena was held iii tbs Assembly 1 lumber.
Michael C. Murphy, of New-York, a Chopin
nan, cailcd tm; cum ns lo order, and
was made its chaim,an ou the motion
if .Mr. Maher, of Albany, another ( hnpln man.
Hr. Murphy appointed sa Men lanes Mr. Welch, of
Via-ara, and " 1 itu" l .implicit, of Kew*York, two
;ti.er Chapin uk u. Mr. McCarre i, of Brook*
yu, tho tender of Um Ohnpin forties, u ed
.hat a viva voce vot<- be tnkeu lor
jnen.er, Mi. Bpinola thought tbs! Democrats
ilwaya preferred to vote by buhot. Ho moved aa
ni amendment Mal the vote abonld be taken by
jailot. lboNcidt method prevailed,|lr, bpiuola'a
notion being adopted.
Tin* silicon, raised the coinage ol Mr. Chupiu's
tpponent*. Tho nomination oi candidate* lor
* pi al; .-]? followed. Mr. McCarren Doimnntinii Mr.
bspin, .Ni r. Keyes nominating William A.Poncher
?l Us u.go i i oi ii ty, Mr. < lim ca nominating Ematns
(rooke, ol Kicbm did. umi .Mi. De .\ itt nominating
Mr. Benedict ol Ulster. Am every one exp oted,
be 'luinuianv void xx as east lor l-.rastus
iirotikb. Uenarnl bpinola plainly implied, however,
n his i.peech accomling Mi. Uk.ok '? iiomiualiou.
hal tbe tammany contingent mtgbl be iiansfcir d
io Mr. Poncner. ItWMnrnted broadly by Mr. De
iVitttuai the Dentoerntttc machine bad labored fas
Mr. Chapm. Thia inatnuntion wna dextronaly r*>
leiicd by -dr. Klee, ot (iinario, wno declared thai
io Ind como lo Albany futilely uncommitted al
ind decided tliat Mr. Chapin was die worthiest
laiididat..-. An lufoimnl biUlot xvus then taken
Ha ava, Ligii.ou aud iJouahuc a. ting aa Milora, and
t bat serving as a ballot-box. Secretary
"Tim" Cnmpnell, witta his prim white eravat,
resembled a clergyman, but, taming um nans
bi- ballots while tia;, \xore being counted, he waa
uud!v wa**ned away by Cbairman Mnrpky. One
niorinil bullo', on which were WTitteu toa arorda,
'Allied V. I iitiiciiill,' Mas dist o\arno. Mr.
dighton r rased to count it or to snow it to
dr. Winne, ot Albnny, wno tboagbt be had
nntten it. Ibe eancna **romitwd j<>r sevarnl
noments to dusolve tn s aenernl scrimmage, but st
ast the oiiii-1 was laid aside bs irregular. Tbe
rotc wMnnnonnced to be ss folio wa: Cnapiu, :i-i;
irooka. 10; BoiMdiot, 10] Pooener, ii); Uuurchi:*,
. : Welch 1 ; i.i.ink, 1 -total, SSL
Mi. Ch.(pm's supporters v ere now conlident of
?lectuig lum. One of 111. tn, Mr. Mabur, ol Albany.
noved tbat u viva-voce vote sliottl i be taken on the
ii xt ballot. Heal'.vavH aaaneoted men who came
o Hie pills wi h their h.,Hots in their pockets,
iciieral .Spu.ola ag.nu Oppoi ed ii viva-voce vote and
gain his argiiiucui pievaiied. Ike motton was
kn-at od by a vole ot MioSS* Mr (bapui's enp
?jenora during thia tnaalc seooiednpixMutae,how*
ver, o/huiitcieni rotea tonominaMkim. beere sry
Jumpbcll took cr. at panis; while tho ballots
tere being counted tn keep Ina himis
it-mud bis Snot and tn watch the
nova*,* at a distance, lie lauehingly sud to a
null: "lt (Skas lue boys to (1. tbo voting, but
be old men to run the min bine."
i J.e. se (did baiiot was us tollu ? s t ( hapiu. 43j
Irooks, 10; Pouuber, ll; Ibnedlct, lb, aud
:bureii.ll, 1 total. blf. Mr brook* had
jut one. vote, Mr. Henedict iwo voles,
nd tho man who bad anet a blank vote before now
oted lor chapm. ll requited just lorty-two voles
0 nominate and BS bal secured tbs uuuUer.
letsr*. Puncher, Brook* and lleuetiict moved tani
is nomination should be ina e uuaniuious, umi
be motion xx as adopted. Walter ii. nunn, ut
iisego, was uoiutnated by accJaiiiatiou for oierk,
nd ot uer minor candidates were chosen.
Tbe Kcpubiifans ut their caucus had a clo;*.' oon
est for the u-mmation lor Clerk, li. 1). (.unuiiag
ham receiving 18 votes and Edward M. John.*oi
lt* votes. Mr. Johnson was nominated.
Albany, Jan. 1.?The Demoeratlo Senators held i
caucus at tho Kenmore Hotel late to-night to dc
tcrniino upon the advLsabillty of taming on*, o
office John W. Vrooraan, (ho Republican Clerk o
the 8enate. Senator Grady was mario chairman. 1
was unanimously re?oJved that, if there are no lega
obstacles, Mr. Vrooman should he deprived of hi
offlee. Senators lloyd. Titus and Lansing were ap
pointed a committee to consider thi Jaw on tho sub
Ai.bant, Jan. 1.?Hank Superintendent Hep
burn hu* granted c-rtirloates of authorl-atlon to thro
new bank, to badn operations on January 2, Tit. 1 Th
Ht. Nteholas Hank of New-York, with a capital n
fr>00,000, converted from the Nnilnn-1 staten* ; the flen
board Hank of New-York, capital |JJK)0,000; and th'
Bank of Clayt n. at Clay lou, capital iJiViO.OOO, chariKei
from a private bank.
- m.
Alhany, Jan. 1.?Charla- P. Brown htw re
slmicd tbe County Judgeship of Orange County to tak
a position on ibo Supreme Court bench for tbo Seconi
nunnet. _________________
Boston, Jan. 1.?Samuel Calley, Mayor o
Salem, wilone term of office expired to day, commlttei
suicide tble afternoon by hanging biMBCl", Ilo hoi
?erv. d t x o terms a. Mayor.
Mr. Calley waa present to-day at tbe Inauguration oi
Hie city tjoToruiueut, but Spoke to liardly anyone I'roir
thete lm went to tbe house of bin son In law, ate dinner
and went mutant, otten* bly for Ida uaual afternnor
nan. V/lien btattnngSter, Mrs. Noble, went iiptoawaket
him tho foiled that bo had hinged himself.
Ue was lu hi* siity-soooud year, and owned consldera
bie property, ile wa* a Repreeentetlvetn tho Lagtala
tnretnl870and 18*11, Mayor la i*-7.\ ISSI and IBM
andOonunoa Ooaaellman for a Bvnhst of te: ms. Hr
nae always na oirjn'es.ive Republican in politics. HP
brother will ism Bummtited tnlolde several years sro
Tbe flag On tbe City Hali, whleb was Bj/ina in Bosor ol
:h" hwntTBrnilen, was lowered le hair moot when tuc
suicide i e ? mn- known.
i tie snlolds waa mit nmeh of a aitr|>rl*e to tbo in
illume frientleof Mayor Cali 'y. Aim it a yi ar is* be
lori 1.1.1 Wife, lo WQotn be xx,ia (Kvoiedly all oh-I, Uni
teeoted to recover (rom tba ahoi k wttliiu
a fexv month*. La it winier tie aral
appointed to ree ive nnd sonni the ballots nf the enuci].
io mouin (Lt upi. m. uta: ix e., omi wo* MbeaSQBeB iv
cbarged wi 'i wraugl 1 Dionlpulatlou of the return*.
Thi* ebarge was Sealed bv bin botb la punH
and private, and wnen it eras understood thal be
wa* lu paei baal tb mil bis memory wo* tai Muk him
a ni'lority of bis lelMwettii as (neltned to rle?
charil ps em raletak-s in tbo retnrae. Thees
ebargea, bowerer, i?r.-x ed noon hu minti, ami ne has bi aa
cl.ox- and deatpuntlanl .,-. r .Min..
I . '..re inc city eleeiioti tte wa* urgad to mn ac'iln for
the Mayoralty,Tint learning that these o bar ai iwo d ??
i .tem I'vciv i ii eula'ed br bia tipppaenta ha daxcUDed Vat
tbe peal i wo week he I USN and di*
- . ?
Bd-Ti'V, Jin. 1.?A letter reclvctl in thin
.liv Irani an oilier of (be Ut..: ? WIBI tl AlasSS
gtvea an aeeeanu nf n Metoec vhteh wns sees from the
ship en Um *v. 'lim? of December 13, I
few ssmatee ofitr enoaet m lomatia '. .i .
longitude 184* "'? All a: once a ljud, ruatilnf* no!*- wit*
in ard, tito UMt of n taegu rooke! iTtrrailag trees the
in ne.m. ixitii lanai aee t ri i unj reloi Ity. it proved M
be u meteor,ead when wilbla ta u degrees el the bertaen,
lt CIplO'l-'l With iiiueti BOlaS alni H?ii,r, til* fr
atreatnlag do wa iu-o tba ocean Uko grant sparse and
*. ol :!re. Tin- lin.*! wonderful yurt nf th*
paenomeuou tb n rollo wed, for ut the petul
lu !. e. Iic.il . n? x. lull toe mell ... ld a
I gun dl.taft, all aelov. ?
of Intense brilliancy '' ?ept los ronato
p imo two minnie*, whoaH began ti i upward
ui .i inn ,i. ? m inn.m.-. Html nb
breadth un I
..' I. _
I'm it, a di i.i nt \,.lan. I.?The ;i:iu uni report <>f
the is.'.nil ol Din ? i ? ip* i u
tendi at of the Girard, esta) sestets kt faa
prosperous ooaditloo. i. ? roaods
und bolldlngs oeeiinled oy iii. i-l i .. ! jr
. kin,* bonees, dwelling*, stores,
wharves and faun in tim etty, asset 14*900;
real M
ai -l Dll.917.aad ocher p**aperty, the whets slued Bl
? _?' i ???; i bi s res I I. lu
. ! .. v fund fr nfl
i.. . i. .:? ? I ii ld. of i tonal
inc io * l".,(n.l !IJ Xne Mu ute il '.-j rt (
allowa icu' the receipts tm un'cd to fl,
r(|i.:i | of ? ? ' ' I'-, and o' .
*? 1117,7 ill I'., le ,x iii ' . le. n.In ile- ire isury in
31, 1 sj ? -rjs.rr.' (I I. I:..Hog i noa oout tina 1,11(J
p ipiit, villi i. .' applicants for aOmtsston.
CANNON Ul charged IN < fl' Rt il.
Kl win';. l'i nu., .Inn. 1.?Shortly iiliir miil
x atab m. (tiny sen I ea xi... bi ag
the Reform* >i Evangelical Choral bare, a lat*.- .
tiled wiiii atones ant powder was Slaeharann. The
front wall waa Iteve tn and nearly ell the window pane*
?hat tared Great excitement waa aeneas, ant forte
no ..nc x-. ia liurl. Sight ai rent* bave bi en n el. .
and warraate nra ont fer tho apprehension of arter*:
oin' r pe ram.s.
ibtmunnam iq mc ram ni- i
IIiimuv, Jan. 1.? Anotlicr indi, tint nt has
ttocn fotmd ngam*t lien jun, lulu picMdenlnf the 1'u
lille iff annual liauk. It charge* him xx d ii miking fitl?o
retarns M the Controller of tho aenthtfonof the
Ile renreecBted it 11 iho taaS report wbleh he leaned to
ie in a Soonsblnn condition, when in r*nllty n wat
bankrupt. Benyonl believed to ha lo hf rxieo, and lila
rumored that an effort will eooa be aandeto arreat hun
and bring bim here fur ld..I.
Halhax, N. s,, Jim. i.- Betwoen 11:30 and
18o'cloob Mel night, wniie i\ un ii Night service* vera
being held hi Mfornl af the citr eharehaa,a Mig:,t
itarthqnahealtmtb iva* felt tu theeonthbrnpettlenol the
city, biHtiiig ubniit thirty seconds. Many bnlhtlBgs
were snaken, ana in several of the crowded churches
ii |i.ui!c xx a. Beatty canned.
Jen ixl a- n, M-., J.iu. l.?A th eeg of eartln|ii.ike
WK* felt thinughmit til!* eily it ni vletuity uh,mt 10
o'clock !a*t Bight, followed two hour* later hy u ISIBPOSt
uf launder and light nmg.
Kingston, N. Y., Jan. 1.?Tho city is cut*
sitedevern eSaflag eoetdeat whleb ec irreSal BendV
imt Creek thia afternoon. BtofOfnl hundred p.i nus
-rcift slating, when Anns **jantes, ahuaghtet nf a.m.
- a pretalneat attliea or inls place, broke threngb
the iee. Niue young men, while attempiiug to Neena
ber, alao (til Late the water, aad nanaway eeeaped
r.itu their lives, A young mm named (.ol. tn-supp.,tr
i'd Mlesntnpleefor ttrent) minutes ii. aoslly tsstoned
i rope around ber, and ran waa polled otu by tho crowd
In un iiLCouitc.i a* com!.Hun. No iix-m were. lout.
FATALLY Ilt'l!!' WHIM. I n V- TIM;.
Booth Bratwicn, Me., Jan l. Wiilii butler, aga
:wi-lvc y. ara niel a Kreue'i lad obOBt the .ame ujre. weto
.lally injin e.i wiitin com.Ins oday.
TWO DOOK liliMl.K-x JHtdUM I).
iCOCKLxM), M"., Jan. 1?ii. Il UliL' and I'reeman
ll' B, ago aevcnteeil ?ial lif'i cn, 'X bile DUI Snob liilntmg this
dternoua, ams drowasd by uta iipeeillBi ni tatar beat,
SOnrhV Tb.D Oi-' HUH liiKriiu.Hs M('iiiij:i:.
UitiDUKi'oiu, Conn., Jan. I,?Al the investig ti Ul
if th" ll: iiiii :. foti, to (lay, lui light Was tlirotvu
ni .lm i .*? -iu.ipic.uu iiuliita to a i> ?.ei ol thedeceaacd iuon,
Julia l.llueit.
I.V.NCJl I.A'.V IN rtdlllTI (JA Itol IVA.
('HAIll l.i.d -, S. I ., Jan. 1. Dive Lober'-., a lie
tr.., cuuuiKsiia too Aieievil i idi. tal* -tate. i'a a aborg* et
Ottufl Laalmg a..', .i.iiileiuu* ila.a Ut, xv** IlLni out OBd
yu. tied ta.' nlclit.
A DSfOf IC alffrTaUt flilf-ii f:i> TO i'KAUi.
lim iiKiTMi. N. i., Jan. I.?Moase H. ilurlliert,
: depol uiu.ter at the Coittntl etaUoa, waa lulled tait
Il inn ie. In* :,,- el iielng . ri I .ira eu
lo: rant mall In,uud c.a.t, while aiVjual.UK the oir-btcak Cuuy.
WiMiAMspiitr, l'.nii., Jin. !.->I''x-i,'ontity Cotn
olH*li>i,e;a Mi Kinney Snntli. Uidiam C. i loiei au.T I aniel
lomon wera te bats hoon iinxir.uUv fur portarr. emil
jeni aud ciuaiiliucy, hut Mni.tn botlag 11---U t.i-4 ball sasd
Ltrodforfstted. Tao olleir Ino uictOetl gaiii1' uf iinhi^oio
OxFOHD, .'*.. J., .lan 1.?Du ihnriouy last Charles
'oav ami bia wife, who kept a lupin, .hop at lhh place, nuar.
ailed wine luioiii .nod, and Fit cy atiurk hu wife with a
anni insii unit-ni and tlieu ti..*. In r down alair i. Jajs.
:'oioj tx** uiixu&aciuu* uulil eaiiU'Uty, xthxu aiiu mea.
rAliT'', Jun. 1.?Count von \\ iiiipflen, the Austro
Iiungarian Ambassador here, who committed sui*
cide on Saturday, had lately been In tho habit of
talking aloud tohlmself for hours. He bsd carried a
revolver about with him for a week. On Friday ho
fired it out of a window of tho Hotel Mounce
anaititt the blank wall of thc court-yard to towt it.
The supposition that his suicide wns connected with
titian- mi embarrassments trains color from tho fact
tbat ono of tbe letters he tefl is addressed to a rich
Ausfrlm financier living in Paris. Count von
Wimpiieti was known not to bo rich, consideriug
tho position ho held. He had intimate relations in
the Faubourg Rt. Germain with those who suffered
heavily from tho Union Qonernle omah.
Tho whole diplomatic coi ps havo offered their
condolence to Countess you \\ impttcu. Thc ftiucral
will tako place on Tuesday.
Kina humbert ol' italy has instrncted Count
Mennbrea. tho Italian Anibnn*ndornere, ioexpress
llin ?fajraiy'e ?viupathy with tho bereaved relativea
of Count von W'impttcn.
London, Jan, 1.?Tho British -teamer Wbeut
fiell, Captain Knudsen, from New-York, December
14, for Leith, stranded at Kt. Catherine's 1'oint at
7:40 p. BB. yesterday in a thick foi*. Tbe crew, with
tho nm tt.inco of tho coast guard, were saved in
their own boats. Tho steamer is entirely covered
at half-tide. 1 ho deck ii exposed to tho sea. Tho
mainmast and funnel aro gone by tho board. Should
the weather contiiiuo as at protein, the prospects
of chviiik tho cargo aro favorable. Hucks of dour
are now wanking from tho hold. The steamer will
be a total wreck. Tbo wind is west-bouthwest. A
thick fog and rain prevail.
LaTi.ii.? Tho hull of tho Wheatfield has disap?
peared. Tho cargo is strewn along the shore, und a
urea portion Ol it wi.I be loot, owing lu tbo want
ol lii'mr tu get it up to the el Hld.
London, Jun. 1.?Mr Dillon hus issoed an
adi re-* to the electors of Tipperary unnounclng Unit, tu
di f. re.ice to tb" wishes ff lu* Mends, be has a reed to
jins;| nun Ida retlgnution as member of l'artiuincut until
the fl rat ?rekof theeeeSBon. Oonsegaenlly there will'
a vncunov about thc end of February. He enermtlc tilt
ilenle* that he retire* ueeauao ho is UlSitusteil wbh the
l'arliaiueiiUtry agltallou. Ho says ho be ile voe moro
ilnnly than ever iii tho necetnlty of iirnyldltig that tho
Iriah representative! lu I*.ir.lament, .hall be an lnde
peadeai bod* ol Retteaaltets who wlU sptieee und nara**
ever*, OoTernntenl whleb denies ri.lu* to Ireland
Ile believe*, uiiovo all, in organisation In the " Inland
in Amecc.i," and wherever the Irish remain faithful to
Meir nationality, Ile restgoa. be say*, eolaljr becanae
i.i* teni, h I* broken down, aad labor will b<- unposslbl*]
to him for a i.sld( i able il ue. ile bi I lovat the National
c ,ii.i- Waa BCVer au.ee tin) Inion Iii ii alrongor pualliou.
I.ovioiv, Jan. 1.?Iii tlux i'li.init's I'olicc Court
to-day a wau numed Mcl'neraoii, who li.ul tx-en found
loitering en thc tongan Dock, was a**rslgni <i for sinai*
lantton. Ba tal*, ba bud eaeae from New-York Mean
London. Hi- wa. r? m.un!, n ii ponai] mr'her l:n|tilry lo
be made, BS lt WM supposed thal he uu?'iit bel jog lo
aouie SBCn t .octet/,
'?im:kal iit'isu vi'.ws.
Di ri iv, Jan. 1.?A Nulioiul I.ensnio mrofc
lru<, which ssasmbied at Balllaahowa, Kiana '.ninty.
i iv. in aVilanns af ths Oevernasi nt ptoata a itlen
forbidding lt, xva* dispersed by a large force of con?
In tho Police I'uiirt here to ilsy "tfr. O'tlrlen wa* ar?
raigned on a BSarge of ac Ittjoas libel ba-cd on an article
printed ia fha Unlit I I tnUivan tahtnlited
that ll lee to BB4TW tout Mr. O'lii i.'ll
er of tin- Umi.. ..a
the d il 'tin- il ;n le e. intel lim (I of i|'(n ai ed. 1 lie prOBBsn
I jr l..ree WI
. \i '- -v. J.m. 1.?Ih.' Polinb and Il.iii.'a
ria.; oraana attach Oeaal Kalaoky, tbe fmperiat Minis?
leroi ? sf Iud aup.i./scil Kua.lau
. 'lea.
Pi rn,Jan, l ?nen Ti.r/ia, EYasident of the linn*
ganan i oi'itcii, in 1.1.. , i, ?',.. -,. , x. ii*aetMgratn*
i of the Liberate tod could act eeo nay
i of diann b ines ot tbs pt ai a
IC aili, VI nulli eek BxlilSS, Uni tv.' Wai,
bat for inc un
I.rrO, J.lll. 1. A calli.- (tispiteli f'toin
..tug, to /'.. ', yat ?? lhere isa boxto?
ps foot te call a bu* lian holder, of mo
Canadlaa forthwesl Lead Coaipaay, to form u etan
ur.ttee to tavestlgate the pesliloa af tbs eotnnany sud
nen siloes wita the Caanna Pectic 1: tlrwa* Company;
also ta - ? reason for ins Duse nf Maaobes
i.:ient. Much Battery prevails mnongi me ol
the saan no dei.."
Ell EOT Ol lill, i LOODfl IV EUROPE,
Wil-i; ams, Jan. I.?The Lli.ae lloods have
(lo'irefi i mi rUlagee. Two bandied and nity hou*-*
haxi 'alica.
Vii xm, Jun. 1. '1 li* ram lng.tn tailing again todav.
The Danube * attain rising sud, lt la feared, will break
.. I. tbs l lortsdorf dikes.
BOXOI i LU, Doe, I';!. ?Arrive pit jiar.itsnnsaii
BMStaa for tin .ot.,; allon ?f Klug Tn* aha BB on J-'eluu
arv!-'. A gr?nd BBtpblthsetre which will seat over
4,000 penetvs ls beeag areeted la front of the Palana
i ba ? venation a resnonles wm take place la the Grand
lui len. The whole Hawaiian popttlBtlBn upi'ciirs to BS
united a* one tuan to do liounr tn King Kalukuua. The
King'* aflllBBteia rec( inly tn ide a tour Bf Oahu und weie
mi) BataasUattcally received i?v tho people. Inlet bib
i n n lia-1" en ran IVed that au gegliaS und a french Ad
inila:, With meir l'.ollie Beeta, xviii lie lu pur! al the
i.ii' tba ...lunation, ilia alan slated thar two Kua
.. ..! xx .it rill be lo port bi tba same time,
iinre me over imo telephone wires la nae in the city
of Honolulu. Bowe of thu planter* are Bow Cutting
their i rn ic ai iiigni xx ii ii tee uni of alex trie lit!*. Tbe
ingar crop for 1883 ia norning la rapidly. Ali min,
tbruiigitent the wup ne now grinding. Young ? . i ?
are In a Sr*l cJ^seoodlilon end gi xe promise of s besvj
erip In lCel-l Hu ar plantation sleek ls way up. lhere
ure t o fe.ir* elitei Bined aim it the renewal of the treaty
witii the i nltenStuiwe.
Lonnon, M ateey, Jan. 1, ISM
afr, Barrington, who ssehi Meetnhllab a ts adas stead*
p. i xx e. n i: ngia nd and Rone, bas arrived ia Koine.
a dispatch to fas Ttmet front Calcutta anya: "The
Rxhlbitloa here will open In December next. Qoods la?
te dod fer lt wiU he aeniltted free of dui* "
a aiapelob fresa Ualre says that the Kgyptlae MiaJtrtry
will uece|ii (ii nei.il fir l-.vlyti Wood', anny hellenic,
w idell idox nie* u force of (1,(M>(1 Hoiiob with 25 Kugllsll
Tahe Malagasy s*a*re**a hnva started trnai tfaaeanataf
\vii ii the AsBertona Oaaenl 'or Mathtgaeear.
A dtspatob to Tin: D*UI? ffistss frost Ceastaatlnesie
rleVaraa, tayai "Tue Bnltea 'ma prohlMtedall the
minister., except Hani Pacha, Ma.munni Nc lim Pacha,
Actviu Pacha, and OBuiaa roana, noni ri rn taint tho
bi loge bet seeaStaaabenl unit fen wimout bl* ceases*."
I .i i Battas Dilke, Under Hecrctury for the ftWOtga
Dej.aruaeiil, lu a ?|'ecch at (nelsen to-day, (mn led out
that Hu- peeeeful eon di Usa ol ihe British eelealee and
en eiieut relation, ol Be gi and xx its foreign nations gen
oral!* . neild ,.,io .? the .. "iii lillico: i0 tUrn Itu attention
ti. ii..in -tie rsfurusSi
A niiinlicr of blooded BSVBSe, late tho property of F
(in-itii'i, deeeaaad. wenisetd al anetfan ap the Keasts,
luttei?a!l io lay. I*oiioiny xvat boagut by Mr. Craw?
ford fe- tt.ooi guineiia. iiie ether blgbesi prices ob
turned were for AorestlC two \ cara old. 1,400 gomea* :
(icoiogiat, four yeera old, l,l(W guinea*, ucl rreeion
piu*. Bra year* old, 1.000 gunn bs. The j.rue, eda of tao
dui'h Mule amounted I" 10,0118 guinea*.
HaMMMSMUMOi IViui., Jilli. 1.?Tho Dcino
crado i uucii*. of uieiiiliiTH of i ne Doune tonight iiotm
. ian i. linnie, of Philadelphia, for gpeaker and
1', li. Meek, ot Cnilinl olin ly. for (Ulef Clerk.
Philadelphia, Jan. 1.?Mayor KitiK, ia lil**
Uiei?iio> io I ouuci x lo-ilay, Biigttealn the apgtll allon to
('uiigrcHi lor un uppropria'luu lo inprove UM uailga
tlouof the Delaware aud Hehuy kill livers, lu rtfer
euceto the Seetlne iu the niauiifaclui lng luled.ta of
the eily a* ahowu t>y tiie United "hate* ceiisiie report of
1880. he states that, upon the reipieat of u
number ot ctlxeu*, he began a retuuunlnaiiuu
of the*o Industrie* through the Police Department. Tho
Mayor says: " The results already show a very larne
Increuio over the reported figures made public a short
time since a* the cenau* of 1880, there bein* over 11,000
Industrial cstahllHbuic.ii** In-dead ot 8.300 as then re?
port! rt, and about ".I'.i.OOO persons employed In the**
establttbnients lnttcud of 173,000 as reported for 1830."
Nearly all tho paintings in the art gallery on
the first floor of No. 1,160 Broadway were destroyed
by a fire which broke oat at ll o'clock
last night. Mitt Bullio J, (jibbon*, tbe proprietor,
was ttandlug at the door of tbe gallery,
watching tbe falling mow, when the fire wat
dlacovered. There bad been a reception during
the eveulnc, at which about 150 cucats were
present. Tubles.on which refrethments bad been served
etood lu the front part of tho gallery. Evergreens
were hung about the walls, and many
wax candles barned on the tables.
Flames were econ coming from a closet under the stair*,
which led to the upper floors of the oullding. Miss
Gibbons wat dragged ont of tbo building, although
she straggled frantically to go back Into the gallery.
It took less than .alf an hour to extinguish
the lire, but by that time, all except two or three of the
fifty or more palming* on tbo walls wore ruined
Tho canvas''* of tunny pictures wore burned up com*
pleteiy. win o of uer*, wore c bari ed ami blackened ao
badly that no setnbl ince of color remain'd. lu tho up?
per portion of tb? building, owned by the Paran Stt***aa*a.
estate, there wu* very little los*.
.Mi*s (ilbboua said that the paintings were worth
about $00,000, and were Insured for only fn.yoiiu.
Among the moat valuable oue* destroyed were a "I orest
Bcenc " valued al ifl.'OOl " Militant by Moonlight,"
S.VjOO, ort lat, H. Pe K j "ARuaslau PeasautUirl," artist
unknown ; -Landscape." 1A2,iiOO, Lefevre ; a iorgo paint?
ing "It ipturo," worth *'2.000, unknown t " Heparin.neut
du Cravicr," ?"jyHKi, F. M. Hogg*; "Scene lu tue Alp*,"
til, ot io, JouIim; two comiianiou pieces, repre*
tenilng cadfurnia U*b and fruit, ijsi.ooo, Beeeberj
" Apple Hloaaonia," by (J. I). Nelson; aud "A l-tu-.ai.iu
i'taaaut Hoy/' unklioitu.
Flames broke out late ou Suniiny night in
No. 76*S L'utbarine-st., one of sevcial frame bjiidings
imed as stores. Ile fore tho firemen extinguished liu-m,
the i 'joining bonnee h ut been attaehet*. lu tue atoro ot
Vletor Stelaberg, where the sra starr ed, a lose of SI,ooo
woso:u*ed. Loots Orobard, shoe dealer in No. 70, biet
niemt gl.ooo. ibo biiiidiug. owned by JAmTitus,waa
damaced 1*3,000. A noa ol f500 iva* oaum-d oy wail r lu
No. 78. occupied ny M.-vi-r Brotbers, dealers in clgara.
iii tho biiacry ol UernaiJ Uxl:a0-i.tr, at 71, tuoro waua
lota O! $1,000. _
A *li;'lif fire oci'iiin il st Sp. m. ycalonl iy on
the tentu story of thc Hotel Vendome, In Fuity-Urst-rtt.,
near lin ad way. It wa* tensed by a defective Joint lu a
stovepipe tn tho servants' laundry, and it wui extin?
guished wi'h a fe xv buckets of water before thc Mn-meii
arrived, the lire eanaetl little excitenteul tu tin-hand?
ing, many ol tbs > e aa unaware of the Hame*
nulli the Itrttiieii w.n. tuiougU tue nails to ilia.,.' auio
tnat lhere wa* no ne.il of their Service*. I WBSSSld
li.at i he lo., itv tiie tire would not exceed ?50. JL>. L.
Todd i* Hie o truer of the bundill**.
A On; broke out la-* Broiling ott tte second
floor of the th ree-story Building >'o. JO IValkcr-at., BBC I*
pu d by Kahn it i 'o., manufacturers of clonk* und euilu.
htock valued ai *-'J,0 '?> on that tloor xvii* destroyed. Ou
iii., lep floortlamnel Stolt, wafifeetBrer**f *n*p*B<*r*,
susiaiaed a los* of 11,000. A dawsge of aiaOO wa*
euuit d by water M the restaurant of Joni Moueary on
tim lli*t floor. Tbo damage to tao uuildii.g wa* e*ii
maud ul *;joO.
a> -
Pittston, Penn., Jul l.?.\ >. io breaker
of tte I'lnuaj iv.ini.i Coal Company ?.i bnrned aswntS
o'e!.,ek Ititi m irulng. Ihe origin of tho tiro la uuUuo-xu.
Lox*, .*.l.JI',U0O.
iViiiiT.mi.i., N. Y., .Ian. 1.?A bttfldittg oe
? n.i.i il bj i:. f, rein, i.ioecrj, tad Qoorge K
narai - sd this Tho maa ou
BtOttk mid twitting ia altou - ired.
ru-'ir.iv, n. J...Lu. i - -ii i Betel a/snag
biiiiliin's. machinery, stnixv, hay, nu' leunliiig*, ate., at
Trine ion Basin, Were burned yesterday. Tile lo.* i*
: i,U()(i; iiiii; -
Moim l'i i. fin. UL, Jan. L- Fire today, crigiiating
in the real e i Hf) otk) :C Of J. C. Harbin, from a del
Bu '. I' -'roil d pm pi Ity xal.ii d af 123,000; partially lu
? ned. Women funned bucket linea aad ma erlally a dod
lu mc wok ol overcoming toe B i
J ti-K^oN, Mich., Jan. 1.?fire leal night In the fancy
dryguodsand mllUm i> store ol A. L. Bolton materially
ged tba at. ck. worth 118,000. rbere le aa insnx*
? 1*16,000, whleb fully e iveri i ht
Richmond, Va- Jan. 1.?Ill tl mid Susiili, B
itnbhodand IttliedCharleaKwser, ayenni
man, af PasenweU fJoarl Hones os i?< ;n uti'I. <m
j buradajf uighl a noa too* timlih from jail aud *hoi hun
tod. alu.' _
BOSTOW, .Lm. I.?TttS nhl South Sncioty to?
night a,'proved in.-aeiion of the fthareb ut calling tho
Bet Ch erge a. fjertton, of Orseawleb, Cann., M become
pa-tor of tte church. The salary of tte first year will
OOO, xvlth ieee BBS ol tilt- |
I.'.II.t'UL Ol' A I'l.ol'UINd DEALER,
Chaki i --mn. **. C., .lan. I. -Henry Juoohs, i lath.
in? dealer, tn* mode an a**l*nmeut, Hts llablUttat sreeeU
? ? ".
T, am ,i?i ru. Penn., Jan. L-l ie I'll I ion Cotton
'iip So i< "f nd. i Ity, operated by tn r.-e . abler, bat tut
peuilnloperation* owlo*'to Me dum.-a In tradet About'Jud
operative* um ibrawn sal or work.
San 1*1! vs< i (."*'. iii.. .Lu). I.?Frederick A. Mee.
the Chines* Vlea-l'onsul,denies His report er tne cilutof
rtureiintahle ( blue** women Into WatOhifton Ten liory from
rotuli ('ulundi'.'. Uo report* ibal st nen ihe lestrictiou bia
w,n( Imo (?!!??! uni.' l.t..- I.U Cl '?? trrivsls ami
?..ooo in porto ? -.
inisii.N, Mtuts.,Jan. I. ?lb-- Ford Brothers, wno
leeallie luvolled itt 8 hoi Bl 11 el I:. ll I 'I l. ! ll.ni nu S.iuihIuV
il.,I nol wt11 to be ar e?i..i tn.* muralug, hut left
heil) en the Mund .y tr lin foi -(??> Voik,
BOOTOX. Jan. 1.?In the I'.Hie l htstea Court, in
the min' nt tbe brtxtutlne Soo ('arlu*, ol Port.and. valaed Bl
., i .ooo which xxa< ran down and tunb by tbe fat
Bli'Otieltu. Jtl.lu'" Nlic'll lei* lt .Iele.i a ti,-, lion
,,..|i? l ha .. tanara or I lin San ( a. I... ttl* v..n.e ol thal. ?
SI l.i.ilHN'ti I.N BAN fRANCiaoO.
San' I'h a vt i s( ii >,. I .?!a. I.?A heavy siiow*at4*fin a
In line u'lmtt a.n.n ye-t. iil.iy and runtlnueri With a tat tl
leaceiorove Rmrboart. knot? (ell ta ibu d suth ot nv?>
nore Inches, a nnrabst ol sh Ighe, tho rh at evoi tssa in il.
elly, uro cut oa lae .'
A KKDl'i'l'lON Of WAOEB oriDKKK.n.
Rxaoino, Fenn.. Jan. L?\Mlhain M. Kaufman <
Co, whoupi in'o luina.e. at Tunton and KiiUtOWn, toa.
a .ian lu. Una nt io i em i |.er i.iv In tito WBgee Of I
their employeeon sevountof tit reductiou lu thou lo*
lieu. The men at the Tomoo furnace atiuclt, bat tl
Kuutown ranees i*still w orama.
lIN'i;. Al. Of Tilt; ll! SK liltorilKltH.
I'llil.UiK! "TUA, .1 ni. I .?ll ld e"l:m ucl thal full
6,tKJOpereoaelooBeSupon Ms bodies ol .ia. en sad Wui...
Hnak loiiiiv belora tbey weet batted. Tbeyooaa i
acids to avoid arrest tor fslselotu assault ujiuu ui
eel Jan ta
Nr.w-lUvi:n. Conn.,Jan. l.?Citv Clmk James I
riautl ..nd Auditor John W. Luke, who wei* et*ct*d al tl
Jaie citv election, *tut who** i lection wa* contested bv joli
...i clalauxt the. lort hip, and i tuttle* Elm i.?
iv. clalmtngftbt position nf Amiiiiu on eecoanl ?f the " biae
baiiui*," wi (o la-day sworn into outee withoel oinio.iut/u,
Kicii.Mo.N'o, Jan. 1?Ibe United state*. Marahi
fur t.is illalrlct hu* seized the millah steamer Klpia. of Hi
( euianr i.lu?, loaillior ? <utou at Weat Point, oa a libel for
debt of ?((.no-., i iiiiiu-d by W. H. Tboatpsoa a Co., el Nun
yara, o be dna iiuui im mi,i|i11i?, provuiuna, etc., furui.iu
thc .leann i Pieatou of the sa n UM
Macon. (Ja., Jnu. 1.?A inrtli-iKiuiid p
train fi oin Jacksonville. Fla., WSSdHehoit at lu wu'* etSUoi
ci?;hty-*eveii nub'* below lure, yeaterday morulug. ion
taxaiollcd otftlie into*. MOSSM waaliijur.il.
BoRDKNToWN, N. .'., .lao. 1.?An extra beigh
Bad coal nainTamped tte trait; se tho creeewlck's Cwel
hitiisnoii th.' 1'ieuton biancli of Hie Penusyivuni* iUilroa.
till* mot nina. caualiiK delay to ti avid.
CoiffCOBD, ?*-. H., Jan. L?A meteoi of remarkabl
ai/e omi brilliancy aro* ok*?rv*d from Weet Coooordlatl ola*hl
lt wan a bull ul lue. lu thu lOBtbeatt, Hei iniiij,iy luur lucile* ll
itiaiuui.r, whicii Mint tbroagb lea* than adearree toward tn.
anulhwc.il and expiod-l iiKit a tee.et, nut tx litinul Uulso.
i'll E MAI BJ i-, BTATS 00 Vi'li n m BM i'.
AUOUS ia. Mc, Jan. L?A large number of Rep.
reece tatt ese "lid Senator* arrived here today and thi* *ten
mg. Uevernee elei t Keble arrived thia eiiniiu*.
A l'.wroll CALLED TO LOxVi.i.!..
Boston, Jan I.?The Joho-st, Cougregariona
. bowell, liesa, uii.iiiimnu.iiy voted to-nlghi ute all
Un. io x iltury linne, ut MilWHU.te, Wi*., at a ?*lary Bl
g., BOO.
Foor nur. iv boston-.
Boston, Jan. L?F. VV. Hollian, of Danvers, sud
V J. M i (JulJ-Ran, nnmnsied In * iioo.yard* fuel race a. Ilea, or
Park tula alivi-iiuou. ileyul^jjai iv.ui by a hulr-yaxd lu -iii*.
ax conti*.
Hai.timoiik, Jan. 1.?sunn looa ts aala to bo vert
III Stales I lu tim ea.'eiu out ann lum part* of Hie oily
.tliii iron aiu.ulpux were ic.ortod forme
ates sBfiisgitalrfainrfiny in-day * e*.e oeearred in th.
elly jail, aud dtiUiiriavuuiacutUlued tut' luiuoi' udauoet wart
1 arr hr rat*
*? *> i
Paris. Jan. 1.?M. Gambetta dieri at his residence
at Ville d'Avrav at midnight. His great suffering
end"d before the death struggle, which latted two*
hours, Deiran. He died In a state of unconsclous
ne*-, but in the course of tho afternoon he ex
claimed i " Je sula perdu j il est inutile de dis-'
sunnier j mais j'ai taut souflort que ce sera une de?
The physicians who attended M. Gambetta -tate
tbat bis death waa due to pyaemia, camed by sup.
pressed erysipelas. A clot of blood walch had
formed In the heart siirfocat-d him. For nearly
twenty hours before M. Gambetta became uncon?
scious be complained that be was tortured with
pain, as if a ball of red bot iron were iuside of him.
Ho had recently become asthmatic, and lt wag
tberefore not permissible to ventilate hi* roora'
properly. Several times durbin his illness he spnita
to M. Bert, Member of the Chamber of Deputies,
upon some matters weighing ou his mind, bul
always briefly.
Tho Rti'ubliqu* Francine, nt which M. Gantt "a
wat tho proprietor, appears in black. To-mor
n.w it will publish tho followi'itr antin ntie account
of the passing away of M. flBBlholla " I irl*?
Sunday morning th'Te was a notable change for
tbe worse iu M. Gambetta's condition, novertueleaa
he was allowed to cherish his lHu.-ions of ultimate
recovery. At Jit.lO o'clock he was able to have hie
bed changed, without any great diiiieulty, with tbe
asMistaueeof the doctor, M. Etienne and some ter.
vants. The doctor, who up to this time had been
very cautious, wns unable longer?
to eon Beni his appiehensions. In the
afternoon the di*'H9?> had increased in violence and
Ute nSaaSnt*s strength nas rielitej*dhnlnishod stress
persons! friends who had becu warned n; time went
to Ville d'Avrav and il.cre learned that thpi'"\vasno
hope. M. Gambi'tla's latiiei-in-law ai .1 *>i.*t-r were
Bani fur; lino Home other friends v*ho had not pre?
viously irceivvij intiinatioii of M. Gaiiil.t-tt.is ap
prosehlngdisaolntten. Tba death Benni** began al
10 p. m. At ll o'clock tins patient lost
consciousness, and si 11.00 p. m., nfter littering
n Caw feeble a*nann,ei ired, it ma.' be nani, withe**!
annVrincsud without ineneeting thsl death was so
n-ar.'' Tbs eon notoraof the (Uptttiqtu frnaesitf
hiv.- reci'ivcd teb jri'iiins ol'coudoleii e fru.i all
parts of Fra,ice.
A plast-r c.-.tt of the fane was takeu this lttoruiug,
and ;iu antons}- will be held to-morrow. Thc face
has bee ame swollen sumo during the day ami ia
x changed.
'I be fnnernl a ill be conducted wit!i pun ly civil
rite*. The family are SBxtnaa tba* lin bunal take
place at Nice beside hs mother, bat ttisnds adrtso
that lt ba a: Paris'. At a meeting of thc Council of
afrnialera thia Brewing it was decided that the
burial .should be at the expense of Mat'.
In oonscqnenee of ruo high faaeti .a* M. (Gam?
betta bad tilled tho authorities have thoiuitf it ex
pei i.'nt to Bim e seals on his papers. It ls stated
tiiut be left no pnllliesl testament. He made a
private will nfl Saturday.
A deep impression iiai been produced herc by M.
G linoel ti's death, and (luring the day there has
been a constant stream of eatable Hepuhlieann
fthrongbtbe death chamber. At the Pre sta
dent's Kew-YesVa rc pt ma, which wai attended
liy the Preaidenta nf the Senate and Hm ffhasihaf of
Deputiee, M. Qnfvy eipreaasd warm regvetsat the
(leith of M. (J.nu: ?.( As thia wse s hoI|r>ay, few
newspapera weis rynbliehod, Tbe artielee pnbjjanadl
s.> f.ii do not l'-iie. t up.in tue political edsel of M.
Gatabetta'l death, b'lt aro confined to de?
ploring the loss of the state man who
did not despair alter Bedan The papers
i. r.iiii! his death wara sold rnpldlf in
neal Iv ev( ry kareel Thia afternoon a USS selliug
copieeoftne newspaper .Cs RtAMetl, coniaming n
si un ilona aitielo t*oneerning ii. Oaasbetts, w*a
aeizata bv til-' arowd an the Boulevard. Ili.s papers
were |dest~o**ed, and the poi.|bad are.it diiiieulty
in reaenlng bim from Ute excited populace.
London, Jan. 1.?A dispatch fr rn Fans to Ile
Pull Uni! t Lt;-tu says: "Tho Oppoitur.T party
anpenra tn ba "^tanned by tho death of M. (Gam?
Wasiiixotov, Jan. 1.?Tim Secretary of State
ant i.c iv. ii the folfowlng dtanalcb from Mr. Mor?
ton (la'c! Parla: "Tbs death of Laos Gambetta
baa caused profound aanantiaBi iu France. In his
death thu Govern.neut and people of th'? Cul tod
bare lnet n devoted Mond, ?hoes gnni sn***
miratloa for our coan'ry arid its lust'titions waa
- ad en ali eaenaianai His death is to the
menbrn of rlu-?. legation a groat loss and peisonai
London, Jan. I.?Zan rall Mall Gu. tttoi thia
s-reaingsnfSI "It is thought that the death of M.
QaBBBStta will not break np the Republic. It will
have minor effects of very obvious importance.
Thouirh far too iiuacioiis to be other than a cora*
vinci (1 partisan of the Republic, >i. Gambitta hts
always been very MS eettbla of the fe ce of French
tradition. Ile thouuht himself a new Mazarin or
Kit-in l:e.i. Libralina, all over Kurope swill deplore
tba b's-- of the gnni and reeaarkable litiure
of a atsteeman who n*--?i bia truly
virile mind for a noble cause, and who will live nj
French hUtory anions tt> most, eaarngeooa, snail
.iud effective roon lera "t the Republic. The m-aa
u re of bia loee is tbe secret or avnweil ittitfaetaan
xx [th which ll xviii he bailed by thc. reactionists and
t ;e i nemies el free government all ever Knropa."
JU, Stanford tort'. "An intimate friend of M.
hypochondriac Vt'earineea end disgust al thc fail
ur- of hUnrosneets mai explain n-noli thal isuiye
toi is in the life jual eioaedv'
Ko mk, Jin. 1.?Tue Capital*, tho Libirfa and the
stum/in, the only p.mers published here t??-day, cou
' nu o. if naries ol M. Gambetta, rho. lAttrm say8
bia dca li will feud toiucii a*e the conticf* liet*.een
the extn -mc political faust ions in France. I bo Stamps
s.a.s: " Ihe 'bc ?:see of M. Gambetta has left a
great voi I. Hie was a force which served bis aeent*
try in her hour of danger."
lt in iv, Jan, 1. -Alum t iii the n-w-Dupers have
mi les mi I*. Gambetta. Fha *emt-offlejal Pott
says the most eminent politician if Prance BBSda>
perted. He waenman 4 strong pnaatana ana ?rat
power, wild seemed Still destined to i.'i.iy afreet
part ni history, lt i*.i ilgnincant n.ueatlon wheiher
it would hive b.-cn a benelicial one.
Iiic yafleaai /.. Uung *.avs thai Gananny ha* lost a
ifre.it enemy, al. Gambetta kncwtli.it hs reputa?
tion in the future aa. boiuui up with a warof
revenae, and lu* x-.?o!.; enan- waa directed in
pr piling therefor. He may be Said tn have ((in?
stituted Himself B permanent.danger to the peace of
Euro pe.
Tue ftaattafl taja! " The mau nf inrnmnmmhnaaT
revenge is dead. Hrs deouasa afford- ti* iiettar
Monrity for peace tuan any eurt of elBanrae His
(?ru.ullv coiist.tu'e.l oharsjoteroonanMndad a certain
re-poet sTen from h senemiee, nut nov tliere i* no
inicssitv te eeoceal tho fact that the peaes of
Europa appeals to be moro lastingly secured than
tor a mug nu.e."
Madi:ii?, Juu. 1 ?Ihe aiiiiouiecuieiit of M. Gam*
bettn'a death baa caused a steal aensaiiou her., lc
rs h.,iv r.saiiy eonaidered that lruuee has sustained
a heavy loos.
Soon after the (all of the First Kmpire and tbs re?
turn, for a time, ol pe.ico to much-troubled France^
thre. lialiau families came from Celle, near Genoa."
and settled in the little city of Cahor*. on tbe bank
of the River Lot. and ni the Department of Lot,
France. Tne head of one of these, by name bap?
tist.- (. itiilietia, in 1-jlS opened au Italian grocery,
store in the main street, opposite to the cathedral.
Mis three suns, Michael, Paul and Joseph, Bren bia
assist nuts. A lew years later be returned to lui/
?ltli i'aul, leaving Michael and .Joseph in charge of
the shop. Not long after tuts the two brothers;
separated, aud Joseph opened another grocery store,
on his oivn account. About tbe sante lime ho wag
married to Ml.e. Orazio Maasabie, the daughter of g
well-to-do chemist. Of ta ia marriage was born, on
Aptil'A, ib'do, a sou, to whom waa given a uame

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