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dcsti: ed to win wnrld-wide renown, Lssb Gam?
(niora is the seal of a seimrnrv governed BJ the
1 ..(?-''. To ii, ni a ti ii,lei' a.:
*.vac bant, m. I v.,.i ...i soi .< time ,i pupil .>' the Raf.
! sr Turfier, wno *a be Pana
Commune's victim'*. Ai eight] ?? he boy
?was ;:? !:t ta il-e Bominarjof Uontfaucon, from
Whence Se Stat, nd tab lafOi um nf (.' Lor-. 'I ben he
beoat ai diatlngniahed for bia arntonoa] powena and
for his i.'ti'iitive uie.noiy. Althongb up to
his intrv into tlc r/eetua belia! b en ender
i it' bstaasca, with a rlawof bbneelf baetwiiing
apina!, hismiuil had been steadily deparSrngtnr*
r 1; r sad ii.it'.er ba i (?? i ks I istk ?.' doatrtnes, lie
WttS fl( ('U'.litly guilt** of JiiMi'ioi'llnaloli, Sfld So
. h.t- el. rieal rtl*'*'ttri that Bia uncle, the Abbe
Mae?abie, e.xelaiuied m despair: "Yon can t.ever
make a Sties* out of bim. ile ls un uiierly undis?
ciplinable character." And so tho luton oneiny of
c. i.e. s.nUiu, liku Rattan, Hug i and Roeta fort,
having began his can er undi r ihe auspices ol tbe
Church, ike them also abandoned its laid
and entered a purely sscnlsi institution. His
studies th'-re were 60011 Ul lm tapani, bow
ever, by a Battons accident?the loss of
of oue of his eyes. According to many, this injury
Was self-.iillicted in a lit of rage at Being forced to
atudy aontetJaing he did not like. According to
Otb. r*. he d alloyed his eye to fulfill! threat lo that
SBaSSl made to induce his father to remove him
from school. A third vondon, grfSB on lair au?
thority, is that ihe innt.latiou eyas the neall nf au
accident wlilo playiin, tn a catpeuter'- -hup. Q .rn
betta hi ui.-.elf always snhboriily nfnaadta sante
ivhuh of tho stouts was tho correct one. What?
ever amy bo the truth of the mai ter, the total
ue*tniciit.:i of his righi sysSfgasniasd an Importna!
lnlluencc over his fut uro career, for (luring his con
tlneuient lo his bed at that tune be resolved to
abandon the study of in dniue, iu which he had
been engaged, and to anTOte lum eli Ibnaeefortfa to
law aud politics. Continuing bis studies, he was
graduated as Bachelor of Arts at the age of eigh?
teen, aud 1:1 the compeii.ion anion/ the tlve 1.x c
nins of Toulouse Lo won the lirst prize for French
He Ikea went t? I'aris, and tonk up his lodgings
in the fain his Latin Quarter, iu order to parnta* his
studies fat admission to ihoba'. Thero ho was
"hiiil, fellow, well met" ninoug his Icilow-st'deute,
ai d stient his evenings nt the cafe's, drinking, smok
iug, plaviug cards, but ultove all, arguing am', dis?
puting on topics of law, government and oociety.
From ihe lirst he was an ardent R>publican, aud "a
good hater" of the Empire and all it,; works. His
harangues in lin* cai'<5* and onstrcet naners atti act?
ed inue'i nt.eution, ami bmught him moro than
once under police surveillance. However, he es?
caped aerrst, aud did not allow the.-? nightly
tuuousals and fulminations to interfere will his
Studies, torin 18.V.; he was admitted to tile bar with
honors, and enteiel the law office of M. Cld*
mieux, biddiug it ir to become ono of the
ab.esr advocates in Franc.-, in 1803 Me tal Brief
was given bim, when he acted as Crouncux's assist?
ant iu ihe defence of Greppo, who, with ufty-tbree
aocompiic s. was prosecuted for conspiracy against
the Emperor. 80 ably did Gambetta sp*ak on this
occasion that the Public IT<*ectitor privately con?
gratulated him, and a (vised him to put him se f
at the service of tho Empire. The
youug lawyer, flowerer, would not do
tbi*, ttl lomjh he little svui.euhiz.'d with
such fanatics as Greppo a ul his BOlBltBIll ns, aud he
threw himself earnestly into tho eleoioral cont st
of 1S03, when i'ans cho-e all its niue menin is
from the Opposition, and thus struck tl>e iii st note
of tbe Etnpir 's deat'i-kn H. In the 110U year he
was ne.iil.y implica'i d in tho trial ol "the Jiiir
teen," a prosecution br >u^!it ngninut a siealy-KO
iug club of Liberal-, who wee absurdly suspeoied
of revoiutiouii y ooospi raelee Gambetta raxianed
arrest, but at once volunteered to defend his .ess
fortunate eomrades. mad again di*.tinjjai*hed him?
self as an cth-c'ive pleader and a brill.ant orator.
At this time he waa longed up ui
Mid described asa jovial, le itii.-r-i untied, b iz 11
Toiced fe.loxv, who would tread lu tho steps of
Danton it occasion served, and yoi never lot himself
be gui.lo lined bf * now Robespierre.
Tits tamana tjftirt Bondi* eatne np in ihe fall of
180**'. When ih- Emi. n- proaOcntod tba Jooranla
whose Editors lad opened anbaetfiptioa ii*t* tor
funds for a mouuiiieiit to bandin, the victim of tho
1 iii.il Napo!eou'sctmpa*t*ial, Gambetta was e
to aafend th ? Real. 1 be pa ipte nf I'ans had cov?
ered the tomb of Baudin with dowers 01: All .saints'
li.ti Pu- tantra and BtnuBtltened the Banda of
the p 'lice, and a conflict between the people Sad
their oppressors was seen tn bo iiunnieiit. i'hen
came from Leon Gambetta a speech that .shook the
thrones oi Europe. On a dull December day li
Steed Bf In a stutFy little Paris police couit and
poured forth from his bot Southern heart ai attack
upoa tbe Empire, which for beana**, tivaeity, power*
ful invective. aDd bitter denunciation is almost
without a parallel in the French language.
For two Lours and more Judges and poiiceiu n -ai
awed and spell-bound, HataBmg tn rank treasou,
that, elsewhere, would have consigned the speaker
lo a dungeon in a mouient. Through the city rm a
whisper, from mouth to mouth, that a areal orates
was preaching revolution, and tradesmen locked
their doors and barred their windows, parents
called their children home from school and from
play, and the city awaited in breathlessa*aafjtrnaa
Ibe throwing up af barricades, lint (or a time Hie
atom) passed by. The Government, learful, pad?
locked the telegraphs, oat d**pit(- all piecaulions
the speech was within a week circula'eti into the
remotest Departiuents.aud a in ur nj ur arose througn
?ut ""lance tbat meant death to the KapntoStalS
N'-xt spring Gambetta went to Toulouse to defend
anoihcr Republican journal, tiie LvmnciiKition.
Th'-re he spoke slill moro freely, and still moie
openly declared wai against the Eunire. He
became the idol of the men who sought tn edom
from thc tal I uni yoke of imperialisin. And while
nlarius, riot* and rumors of ievolution prevailed
throughout the Nation, lie stood for ihe Lea?ta
lature as the caudidato of the urt.sa is of Be*Ue*rille
Bud of the excitable ie millican* of Marseilles. Me
went through a terrible campaign, always present?
ing himself as an " 'ircconcilable oppositionist."
lie nearly worked himself to death, and aft r tbs
election was immediately prostrated by a serious
throat disease; but he bad won, polling *J5,117
Votes iu Belleville aud 4'J,bO.'i in Marseilles.
He entered the Corps Llgislatil tbe central figure
of a group of men sworn never to accept the Em
pire nor to forgive the Emperor for thc ina-on of
tho coui> d'etat. Hut ho indulged in uo revolution?
ary raut iu tue tribune. He spoke boldly, but w th
moderation. sn his ti-hi j-icat speec.i lrom the
tribune he exposes! thc follies and knaveries of the
vWii*cite. This made a deep unprc.8r.ioii everywhere,
and imperially in the large cities. wantana aalfMssiBI
-tva* ignominiously rejected. During ho trying days
preceding the decli Item of war against {'russia,
Gamb tta was a prou.iueiit liKure. He v.aa not our
of those who would purchase peace at any price.
H.-did not have the wUdom aud general knowl?
edge of Thiers nor the mad BSSbleSBaasB <?l thc
Imperialists, but he had an abounding faith in tue
genius of Ins countrymen. He believed the aucit-ut
military prestige of tho Preach would re?
turn the moment they wire planed lace to face with
the redoubtable Friiakiaiis. When the fastens
majority demanded tho declaration of war, Gam?
betta made little effort lo prevent Off lo click thom.
Ile bart been overtasking bima-lf in his struggles
concerning- tbe intt-ni.il policy of tba country, Bad
?when IBM aaaaaanj for a dBi laitttioii ad war came lie
bad neither all his pindi nco nor his nany froid at
Command. Ho was Biiroriscd wi.eu be lound the
Kmuirc was powerless to protect the country.
but he turned at once to do all he
could to save his uutive laud. Ho wel
00med the Revolution as a dawn of a better era,
but, witii his eyes fixed on the tuture, he recognized
the necessity for honest aud regular a< timi. Alter
Ei?daii BS Waa tl e lirst lo demand that eveiy uicaniire
fon.v -i turning tbeexistnggovennueutaiKtlor pro?
claiming the dowufall of the imperial (l.vuaey
nbould h ive a loael ohuracter. In this he wa* not
Ou 6eptember 4. Ib70, tho populaice invaded the
('nn.s Legislatif and Gain bot ta was proclaimed ono
ot tin- UToiniaaat members of tbs Government of
National Defence. Tba new burden thus put npotl
iii'.i Gai., letiai'orcuobiy ami faithfully, (iainbef.u's
...c* m.ide bini Minister nf thc Interior, .-.iii
.a.ned at bia i Hst m Pm la foi tom*
f wat sniroiindcd by thel'i ittneni
int. a. He wished, bowerer, to he in tbe thick of the
?n 1 on October 7 his c h d to
b him to the delegation hi thc provi
? ttaatonoe left Kans ina balloon, reaching
louis nfter many adventures. There be was iu
with the portfolios of the Miuistera of War
ai..; the iiiicjior, and bent ones entered upi.n an
aatouisbiug career. He netrotiatad loan*, named
irene als. raised anni'-s ann qui ll. d dissension*, and
lu* roise ana lu..ju svaiywberu in tba wuibern
proviuces. never sounding s retreul but alnara in*
vu na ?? ivaaee, Und be known how to handle an
army bis country might have be* n saved. He lett
tue olin-:?..? iu Paris liiilaiiicii with hope lone: nfter
all c!i.'.!iee.( ol vp tory nnd vanished. When Thiers
began to Banka overtures for pc oe and
.tu armistice, Gambetta oontinnally urg d an in?
da tiuitc prolongation nf ibo war. ile denounced all
'?tl"i'i- looking toward peace, (p ci,ned a gi n
eral eleotiou at timi time (November, 1870), ?M
likely tu endanger 'he ohaaeeaof th- Bepoblic, and
ottered bia remmtathm, to take effect tba cay tbat
armistice a nu idee lions should be decided upon. He
bellen d a aiguai victory over the Pruesi ins would
I. snre tba umi foundntion ot ilux Kepubiic,
and he loudly landed that time mil ex?
pel.cuco would make good troops out ol
tue raw p. as.mts who wen brongut logetber
by ins magnetic words. Even after tua
tnliof Meta be wrote: "Never was tbe situation ol
Prnmm gienri never waa tbe reaolntion to ttgbl to
lue i.ealh ino.e clearly maiiiiest." At tim BSBM
time ne issued a pa*ooluination branding Baaains aa
a 11aili.r. in ibe bloody untiles ar mud Url. ans be
was a mo I ci bataatly SO the held, and in I'ec'hi
b. r ueBueeet ded iniainins tint Brims* todeleud Or?
leans, even af tar tb< toiiiiiiaiidiug gen??ral bad 00
cldtd up.ni .' lclieal. He stuned lor (Tk-ilUS Oil
l?eceii:u*-r4- ina s.ecia! Iriun.ltut could only gel near
cuougli ta hear ihe Munoaadiag. He wm forced
to n torn to ltuiis, win re late m tho ? vening ha ri -
eeivi ii a d BPatofa announcing the evacuation of Or?
leans, a weak later ne wrote io Petra tba! the
dalegalion in thu pto?mesa had ntnatad n? Bor?
deaux, and thai ne bimanil was trying to jun ute
into ii. uroaixi nnd hm army. Cai.mona con?
tinued bis s.i Ua-glea In the provinces until infortued
of thu .inti.slice cone,lilied by the Govern?
ment iu Tans Uijiinn the entire period ol the
wai he w as nnnriaamglj i.etive, and oven the
German bi*;oriee of tue eonfitet u.tcst tbe grant
work done by hun. "He gave .ill tliat he
bau of tsvariah and tfffaf seiitiineui," says
Jules FaVii, "to the callao ol deliverance;
lind ii ls really aa puerile na unjust to suppose tbs.
in tue pioseiiL-o of lin- supreme perils and tbe den
i date uhnaaa* which he (leiied with sucii reeblem
teni'iitx ue shoiibi have towered bis spirit to tiie
riuii n ons eon. i piton of a supreme authority wbieb
count oiii.y nave eontlncted hun to oru< iiixiou."
IMAI.I.isllMKNT (iK TIIK li IC 1*1" ll 1.1 C.
When sbaN..tum il Assembly. In February, !s71,
wassummuit tl tn iJoi'dcaux, Gambetta found him?
self the clioseu Deputy torten Departments, and en
t red tba Aaa mbl*> as tbs representative ai tba
LaWMST Uhiue. He fought desperately nuuinst thc
concliis.on ol nene wiihl'russia, ann wiien. tat lust,
his counsels tran isjesiad, ami the Asl -milly- roted
to giv*- Alsace a ul I.on.uno tu ibo victorious
iuvudei*, he haughtily withdrew from the bull,
followed bv bis colleagues from tho ceded pn?v
iiKvs. He would not oven remain in Fran-ta,
dishonored ;t* abe wa* ni b.s sight, but retired to BS,
Sebastien, b**t*in, wberafae meted aad ruged ka quiet
a^.'ins! the Gerin ms ;iud his oxvu fain'-heal led
counirymen. The new nlaetinna of .Julv, lsTl,
however, suiiinioned hun hack to Fran <?. ami sine ?
thea he has been ono of tho most prominent leaders
of the BofOhlioan party in thu! Nation. His his?
tory from that timo to the day af his death is the
hisiory of Fiance.
" Wiieii 1 ?atw him for tho first time, in 1871,"
?araaa English political writer, *? I anrns away
profoundly disappointed, lie had thea vaga**> and
Ill-defined notions on everything : the laws and his?
tory, uno and lnsriulions, ol Europe seemed alike
little familiar te bim. Ile spoke of everything nnd
everybody with ability and elrounispeetlon, iii*
ready and lively intelligence touched notniiig uilb
oat throwing a fresh lightest it, untune i<;t that
ne ! tu r study nor reliectmn bal yet matuted bi*
tuKid : th i! he najelocjuent without weight, umbi
t'otis wit bon t *ul?;. inf.-1! title ; that tin- caprice < l
ex outs had landed hun in power mt ia the caprice
of (Be wetea ditties Ballon a shipwrecked man, a
wail capable ol i rina, '"it needles a lallot in "ru r
to lireciit liiinsi-ll ii-tore til" worPl. VV'befl I I
fii.x him two yean afterward be tree, to oontiuue
thecomparison, nariel;.u-ly clad. Iseaing from
tba (?'?ndict, oonfronted t?y the calmer duns
party leader, be had fell the absolute neoe-*siiy ol
lm nial i'ii _' ins l sou intelligenee with t lie (lot ti in j
ol instruction; I enan seen, rend, duel ve |, I: -.t .-ric,)
studied, au red. Ueuoefwrth be waa til ii'
for the pa. t he bjmI te play, nnd bud so rapidly
ripened tnat 1 exutwieueed tim surprse of a man
wtio bad sean a plant ju-t ptercina tbe -oil itu.I wno
the next day lound a tree towering above toe soi
rounding forest. Ai ibeaatnetime, moreover, I bal hs
bad grown intmunily, he had grown in Pnrlinmant,
in public inter, st. and i.i popular favor. I he ds>
tion. juater then M. Thiers, had borne him deep
gi atitnde fur having beean'/va Wirti ,' foi bnrina
mai'ly led ber in ? dee eerala resistance, fnr bu v lug
lii'i'icx ed in her and in bimmil at (lie moment when
otuers desiiHireti ot lit*-meei tea ando! I ranee, tor
baring outvoted ber loabww Europe thal Frsnee wu*
capable ol every folly exeenl tbe gloomy folly ci Heil
suicide, and nf burins rescued her from the shame
ol nat loni xx ho alter t lie lirst revel sis -a rifioa their
pride to save then money."
1 'NHYINil KN'MllV TO IloVAI'AltTI'-xi.
His hatred of tba Etnpirs Gaunbetta elaeiiabed
long after the Empire itself was (had. In his public
speeches he had shown tbs Bonaparvurl do aanoe,
m. quart sr. Wbnn Bonber. la June, 187*1, tuted te
divert allention lrom Intperinliel Intrigues by
throwing mud upon Gambetta, tba fiery orator
sprung to tbe tribune nnd thundered dennni
until tho Ansemblv was tnrnad imo bedlam.
" Wreichcs, all Wle'ches!'' he shouted, with il
sweepi g gesture tow nd the entire imperial lal
dologattoB. sud whnn st Issi the preniding offioer
reqneeted hun te reixaot tbe "outrage," be retorted:
" Tbe woid I hay.- applied to th un is mora i bun an
outrage?it ia a brandt and I m mn tin ii!" Gam?
betta ;ioil his trina IB \xero in the majority, and they
carried the day. Hut that evening, tn tim ex-Die*
ibUn aatetnd the V ital ll** B lilroad ? i it en on his
wav Iiome .nun Fans, it Uoini.au ol thc old impe?
rial Gua (j Struck him,crying : " "rt?>it call Bonapsrt*
st.s wieie.es. Well, i'm a lion..p.(iii -t !'' Ihe po
Usa mil i iel il, and tho i wo wera separated withoul
injury to either. Next day as Qnmbetta want tn
Versailles an attempt wna aaade tn mob bim. and
again in beeveninna Ibirdaai ult ar made upon
hi h. Bul his composure wa not dis!mbcd, nor bia
c.tura?:e drntunyed,
lhere xxas a similar OCCUrteoee some thirteen
mouths later, when Gambetta charged tbe Bonn*
partiele arith 'Mmondeut andamty, and rafnaeti io
withdraw tho wolds, 'because they a a in the
laligun.e, niul lhere ure people who merit I hem.
All those who have taken ootna anti ttllei waru rio*
lated them, abo ba-, e lied to Frnnes arith reg ml to
Koine, tn Mexico, to Sadowa, wbu have Uod abonl
exeivthiog, are shamelessly audacious, creoturos
v.hen they talk about political probity."
On 'his ne.:,tiir,, too, Gambetta anni d bis point
and befited his foes.
Natnr.iiU. lie had little love for Ma-Mahon and
hi- lioiiiijiiuiist Cabinet. At Lille, m tapiamber,
l*<77, In- in ide a public addnaa, eloquently di i mr*
UMt the sentiment-, ot the bepnblicaus ol Franee,
aiul sharply critioising President Mac Mahon |()r
placing lu* Bdadnintration in oppoaittou tbaroto*
For tins he was arrested, indicted, ti ?eil
nt a half aaoret tribunal, convicted, ami
sentenced te three, months' imprisonment aud a linc
of 2AJQ0 francs. Ihe charge against him was. in
anltiug tiie preeideni ot the Bepublic, and lite in
sajt Wee alleged tn have been given in flu-clo,injf
sante tesol the speech, which wotens fol Iowa:
'? When tbe sole authority before which all must
bow .shall ha .(? pu.liouiiccii, do not imagine, dial
any oin. is strung enough to oppose u. Do not
imagine that when il.ee, millions ol French |>eas
an s, liihorciB,cai'italis:s.elceior*oi the fr. e Fnuch
soil, shall have made their choice, precisely ia the
terms in which the QUa-stiou ht?nropoaeiii de not
imagine that when tJieysl.a.l ti.ixe unheated tin ii
preference and made known their will; do not im?
agine lltul wh'ii so ii.any millions of French shad
baie spoken there will be anyone, at what. v. r
io.md i ii tin- political (ir admin lat ra ti Ve l.uidcr.whn
va iii dare io oner resist BUIST Wh u i't ance shall
have u.ade bel m?vi l'eig ii voice Inaid, believe lue,
gentlemen, all mnni cuber aahmii or tali-"
This pro.sccu:ion only endeared Gaiuuotta to the
heal ts of lht> Fl i itch people.
srrai.Mi: IBftlagggllf
M. Gambetta's best qualities ns a 'eader were
evinced in the memorable .strugirlo which followed
Marshal Mac.Mnhuii's civil <ouji d' tint in ls,77. The
Fiemci itnil Ministry, who wire in perfect ai a "id
with lbs IJepuitliciin m.jorilyiii tbe lower (. hani
ber. wen- dismissed by the blunt soldier and a Ke
nctionary Ministry in which the Duo do Broglie
aud M. de "Fourlou were master spirit* was ap?
pointed, lt was a oriois iu the history
ot thu Kepii l>l m. ami M. Gambetta was
the coolest man in li- (.'bamber. Aci mg under
his direction the Deputies by a vote of 354 to 1."el
declared that no Ministry which was not Knpubii
eau would he acceptable to the Cham uer,
and tuat rospouaihiiitJ/ to the majority
was the aaanssB of tba Cone! Button.
When M. dc Fourton sought to Intn ida'e tin*
11 : n... bv ni1 rmbatitute they Beard
ur ride*for President MacMabon il wi
ito M. i bb " I""'"
.'" When !
v. i'll th" consent of n narrow majority ol th<
ate, M. Omi
th ? el. Otoral OB upai | - peace
and mo<leration, demanding the retnm of th??
:t;;:t Repnblicnn member ???
and in tue supretne momcnl when M. Thiers
Stricken down bv death, hm.nug ss bla
sn beti tu te ut nie bend of Ibe Lt
party M. Gi*e*vy, the safe man, a
nene! ?* woul ! nol dieri
PU IOU! tbePneidei
.st it ute In attempting by fraud and lutmu lation lo
wn nell sd ? ? ? inaji* ty oi b '' ?'?>
? i thorout-bfarea weteolosed i dual Ibe
Fies... max ors .'uni fief, .'ts Were di?in '? and bv
every devine known in tim dnys ol Napoleon 111.
the influence wno brought to twar noon tbe r-let-t
II. Gambetta hims If, fm declaring nutt tin*
.nt must (itli-r ga ont or go un?
der, waa prosecuted in th" courts. ont
nixing, to ibe euoeiio Ity ol tb lr or an
IxaMon, tbe Republi ana carried everything
before them. The SOS did not go back 400 as mair
tender bad mediated, bul the reooJi wMnernahlng
dc,cit tor tue reaottonary Government.
rho period which enan d mnrkn the zenith of M.
Gamin-*) ;'s ranflttcal indueoee. The Repnblieana
intrenched themselves In the Pr-ni
ileiii'Viiiid all the gruel ollie.-- el the state; but
M. Gambetta from the Preaideiit'e pia! foi m ol the
< bamber of Dimities practically go
Fiance. lt. Waddiligton, M. 'lo Freycinet
nnd ht Ferry wen Preminra who ooald not
govern wituouthia nousent. Thia period ni Irre
sponalble rule came to an i nd tn bc auttunnof 1881
when, ii tel narrowly e enpin . defeat al Bel avUle.
iu- was I'on ..I to t ike office. His l mmlerablp hu i d
only Jin xx eeks, bia downfall be ul' voled by tbtee
fonit.is of the Chnmber on the uneetiau ?>: tba
H?" i in de i.istc Itwaaa downfall not without
dignit,'. aa he bud aol suerifle**d any political prtn*
cinles, i.ni ha. bnmght forward a saeaaare with
winch biaaUHBSwaacloeelj s-auciaiad la tbe lani
s-euernl election, since hf* retirement he has 'icon
u.iii. le lo regain hi* point al prentige in the Cham?
ber, although the pr teni itinaatry la tananiy aaaa
poeedoi bl pereonnl fnbowerat
TBS OBATOB, Tilt nuioit am> THK Mi'.'.
Guuibettii as an orator was thus daaoribed B few
years ago by a writer familiar with liiodern Ir. rich
Isadore: " flam betta's ait***na***os baa been often
but never adequately described. lhere is a
wild passion bj the man which is al?*o
lutel] iadsssribablai his ohnracier is like
the onana, whose might one deas mit stop to
consider a bnfl it ia tranquil, but which bSSSmaS im?
posing and awful in storm. Thi-orntoris inver
c 'hi nnd stately * bia hollow and rownnrhng voice ia
(ike that of some furious warning prophet ni doom.
His fiery sentence* follow ene another with such
rapidity that ahem is little chance for interruption.
Wi.ere sean* nol-v n emiter nf the Bight sneers
aloud, or liing* a bitter taunt at the oiu'or. B start?
ling and crushing icjoiuder is wedged into the mi?
thra; .and while Gambol a is whirled along on the
impeteons euri ant of bia sp mah, tan nate*, raptor sit
dazed and a*haiiie.| in silence, QaBSbefta likes de
bale; Jie revels in tbe excitement of sessions where
angry and passionate rheeoaaieua anent bntwaaa
th" pattieai; he interrupts olten. although ha ('ou?
tlives Ml to be ilitelTiip'ed. Soiiietiiue- his intense
face will spring earl of the maits nf litiericr* on the
Left, his arm will b ? outs' ron bed, and he will cry
('chant conlradiciioii. or hurl tho ho in the teeth
ot it Honaparfist or Oncii.'s' Mcptity. When be
mounts the tribune then i* arneb whispering, there
are ninny ?T*at*f*eupprueeed basan nf admlrntieni
tba ladle* would rat Mer heat hun in one Of" his Imp*.
tlent meeds than toaoa the bes* .-..no d', at tin Fr in
cale j ihe priests frown on, but admire him j tba
lawpetts. Nit*, ii.>it. \pe.-trna tow.irabrola, with
victims for a new guillotine, carmina round Ihe
corns w hen be au . i ito tbe itreet. Now and th >n
indicions members of th I fl teri Gi betta hy
h's ena'-tail*, and attempt to hold ht back, when
he rushes al the tribune, d-aperatelt spurred on by
nw m centric ".ill |
tine.. But all Bttempte of thtl natur-* an v I
nol bear ebeekinn; hie bean wonld bunt if he
coiihi not pour oin hi* thought J i k<- a stroan* of
tu 1 i a !.. -..-I from his volo** ? . Wi,, ,i n .
. X .11
dictivenemupon lt. his lang't Bud senou*
ons: all Ibo c lora ol Ibe Nmthei i,
. ,i ne d ni il ; ,.H ihe lea's, tie sudi rn
sIlOWl .-I the
il BJ ii aid. ario
M.'\- of his snatches are flll**d xxith del
imagery, worthy of e no n- um oua
adorns his bar test
sith the vince sud r.? of the South j bein
Minc! i lum to till
un ut of ile- ui' I I hore l* iii.ii.mg
in; he .ilv . * i ..il
? '
in a hui i i ... ; n u" ; .i aud
.ii l -Ti he I anded . Ls /.
/ i-i
journal ha- . . own in iutJueuce and ta.
ol ' ?? .'ii lc li has b .-.i, ..I
to ( ta's political inion -f ? A - off.
shoots of 'Ins. -.v. ral mli i papen liavi
st ai ? i! in Fit and iu lbs provinces, some ol them
a i tai liing speedils an enormous circulation at
cit ng great pol.io i indues . I i .i,i*.-n
has directed tUeil . ilma ar l
rles ol political topic* ol tm iori ii ve \< >- - il I, . *..,
hat lc na- in QUI nil- coull I hu tl lalla
i. . ;. p li.
he man himself, ho waa of lather more
than oldman stature,and toniowbal inclined '.?
embonpoint. His lace wore ihe rich roioi
(southern complexion, a id bia lu urtani our fr]
back i i '?? axes li on a h.as.iv.- brow. Il.s noe I*.
cnaiir ng eye wai bright and expressive, In.
aqnilino, hia chin promineul and adorned with a
poi uud ii ard. Il bad aauperh baritone \ ??: u, ol
great power and tl rJbility. Hi* action wu* i
au a: Ide!e. Ile has lived .li Paris iii ll pla'li-h ?
bm luxurious!* luraisbed non >-. sud in tito ci uutri
ni ii nm t imposing cuateau. lieiore li. poli
? I be .-nie- lamed mm .ia-u o
in public ..I os in Piii-* and
No.newbat m. re ihan i ie:r ago be r xi-Mcd
Cabor*, and was accord) la flat ten na ovation ny
his loni ci lu aged mother
di d si Mee. ll" lied been di ? ol d to
uer. and it is said t uni lu-owed much of bi* mee**
iii lue iii her .'tin um.n i.i ins l> hail during Ills
t iiiiii.mi'l. ni-, litie i iug, supported in
.us ..lu .ind ' eb- ' ? grcaiiul Count* ul
his illustrious .'.tn.
Illili.'.BPOBT, < em., .lan. 1.? Tlc qtried old
. xx . - i.i. uti. i ki ?.!?.. ig over
tbe tact oi murder wblnb was osnimlttnd Ibero, rbs
\h i;in ol' the .-iiio.? was lira, rim n.- Uruna, am
ai;, al..nit ll.litx I.xe. lotti r all. i noun I
?oa 8. Ayers, a Baptist pu... ami Mallbew Ja
ami Mis. Bpeer t colored), ..,:.. .i upon Mrs, Braab sad
ti.incl timi she had le i ii billed bj an n\o lu
lae hands of someone ulm bad conn: ap be
j,,mi her and Mun*, h. r while tbe wee mi
tins in a chair, Hexcu gustie* xverc fomul In uer bead
mid in ck one "i um, h ? ,, ,| ;|?. 1m ,?| ,,,,m
tin- body. .\o cl.-xx iii* m.* vet been obtained as to the
perpetrator ol toe crime. Hoe had lived apari from
her buaband lor several yean and bad never hi
(.minn ii dix on e.
I xi.xi*, .vie., Jun. i.?Mr*. (;irr, formerly of Ifirnm*.
chi, x. i;., wna found deed UUsaaenuugeutbe floor oi
?i '".un ix , n j... .1 hy T iniiil li-,' 'lu..mt \ and Mlle, xx h.,
bara been ureatta! an suspieionol bermurder i
head Kial fa -e of tba dead xx ninan ix i lo hailiy I>1 ui-< .1,
and n large QUnntatj of Mood hud Moved from her
mouth Hiol none, Tbe room, when entered, eoni
a I...1 iiicl a<>xe, holli of which xxiic Iii ii di,uni, I,,i
stale, the htoxe l.eiiii: ii,, i I aud tbe -lox. |.||?. Im-Iub
taken down. A penknife ?talned with l?l.Iwiisfouud
Ju lint lonni. 'I ..olney BBTa Ililli Ml**. CaiT caine to thc
house Inst i ii- lil lui. lng Injinu- In her pu ? ? -ii.;, i.n I m
a Iii I- il dow ii umi hh -il to death. Mi- i....,,,. '-. -. i,,.,,
mit steti. was 1 areiooted. Sbe dec's ,xx ned
tl.. ilocklll"-, bill B pilli ?'???? re Iii III! il lu Ihehcl Ink willi
hi.I -Ia'n - i.n Un :ii. i?11 j.|...-. .1 .,..,., i italnt a. alon
found on Toomey's elotbfna. Tooutej n.i urre.ted in
thc lioii*c Ii; triupoaed timi m a druuken iiuurrel
Mi*. Carr received blow* rupturlns a lil.I x.-s-.-i umi
hud in death. An lui'in-at will i,. .n u* a
coroner arrivee.
Morvr Vi.icNoN, Ohio. Jun. 1.?Mrs. Still*
XXill, XUIe of J. V. t-tlll Mil. CllijN.l <tl on Ihil
Burllaajton and tp*naey Bellrtaad, ubi atads a oorifejs*lon
an lier di iiii,i.eii i.r thiel iiiiiiihis. shs kt et tbe boase
of relatives In Knox (oin,ti. The hist ema itcujunilii
ii. ber Hist hriaband, whom eba says sbe ail
Maixx-iiie, Mo., in Haren, is,-?, with Ute uni m i. r
inolliei lind Olotl.ei. in, n,,,,n ,| m as ii st 11 Sgt I xx hom
t"*' si.parties killed for lu- jotouey, while BUipplna ut
a boarding bonne. The tiuni teas ber owu uau^iiter
ll-' f<.lille, ll. xviii.Ml sile st I ;i || tried III t ll" pi e e ,,,,? , ,f
ber rnoilni al Hide, Bab., in Mai, I*si>. m,
couti -sell thal ene nit. muted i.. i,in h. , i
band tlu*ee tune* to obtain h
conic.snit.il* ?ere Oral Beads to bee boaband hikI siuce to
ot nam Bk. ka dying oi. onqi.n.iii n>...
Boston. Mass., .lan. 1.?A liinl hus lu-en in
anagram at Bbs lapi nor ci vii court al fast rawibslBge
aVantng tl"' past ut, I., Inx'.hieh t?ii.-,itli-iiil,!e mt, ri -l
ena Mt it wu* as Batten oi a.*..mit *nd imttury,
hioiis'hl hv V. il. Hurd B?:iiiii-t walssr 0, li,.t, i!,,'
hitler a teacher hi Hie pul.in- sheels at Baa list I pcm i
fella. In June inst the plalaug was wliippod by Ute
d. leiniiiiii, xx no nhassd tue phUatlB out ol tue school
house into tuc blgkway and to Ute latter** home lukiiiK
bim bH'k io school. Thc jun to du) ltt*ougbt lu' a vttl
dkit foi Ihe jyl.iiiiUil, BatSastng thu fasSBBBM ut t>l*,7.
\ I'F.vir.w or THE city govi:i;n'mi:nt.
UM, K.'-iON J1AKF.1 A I'KIV B*g1*PSt*ltff*rf, BLT BB"
"S l.Ii: Md!..: l.'ll'.il'.IANf l:l.C<iMMK*xl>A
M.i.v.i 'Hilson sent his uro to thu Beard
of Aldermen nt anna **u*terda**i soon after
.1 mu of that body. Tho Bsaatbara
t,, the nailing of it willi
? ii, ie ny expecting that it
would in eotae wai' oreihadV.v the policy of the
.'.Iiyor m regard ti apptoii|.m lits, but in tnis thoy
tnmppointed. Ona thousand eopiesufi. wee
i 1> inn tl, which is tho only aotio'i that tho
Board < rai tal MU*es~nnltoaMayura*nat*NVB,fo!
ihe lens ni thal it has no (lower to act upon his sug
ns, ov n if inelined. lu a general way, the
tm u beni rp maand thomaaivaaaaaatiaBod arith the
Mayor's utie.au i's y. sierdiiy,because, so far as they
eonld see, there was no indication that ho would in
tsefsn will their privileoes of putting uieat-niekrf
Sud hnrber-poinsOB the shh walks. The following is
tba message:
Mt von's Oi'tict;. *|| W-TOBK, .fanuary 1, 1883.
/Vi He Honorable the Hoard of Aldermen.
'.i.'-'ix: lu ileferetice to along-prevailing custom,
and lu eouiullttiico willi the law reiiuir'hg the Mayor
" ttl communicate tn tho (ouitnon OBUM ll, at least once
it year, a gsneael stutomout of tbs Bnenooe, geveeneaant
mid l.np-ovcincu;. of tho city," I uoxv respectfully BBB*
init tor tho ooeaeSerutioa of your banaaabla t?siy n. brief
statement of the fin i ices and a general view of tho
K.iveiminuit mid Improvements of the city, together
xxi'li BBSBB sagBeetlena relating; thereto, rcsrrvInK for
Barty fiiiuro co,iniih r tiiott many Important matters
WbleS ntjuir.; more intiiu.ilo olllelai knOWladg* lu order
io nuder uatanMe any neomnaaadattsna i might make
eoneernbta thea*.
TBegrawlbttf tba city during the psst fortyyenrslu
eommeree, tnematrtaa. pepnlntleu and wealth baa been
unpreeedented In the history of this continent} and, in
the ahseiice of i alaniitles, ll* Bgg**egat0 growth during
ihe nett four .leen.lc* iii nil that ?:oi'? to millie a (treat
city should. In thu nature of t limes, he far truro rap ld
.. .-I oring ? Bke petted la the past. Aa i view lt, there
is nu, him.' more essential to un llitellli'cnf cou Ideiattnn
of lia pceeeul meda, ami to ii prepeenttsn for isnratwlng
this fii'iire jjntiti city, than it thoroinrti irrat-p of tin
suirn fuels of lt* coiiiouia ivcly roei'iil history?funs
willoh should cerve lo instruct 1 luise Into whose hands
tin people have committed tbo cay's linaine.., govern?
ment and Improvement*. 1 aha li attempt in this rm
riiiinio agaa ta refer only to one or two mutter* m Bettor
to illustrate my inennl'ur; perhaps even this reference
is uuiieiMsMary, since tint simple truths may Ik-gleaned
from reeortlB within tin- reach of all.
in 1812. wheu the Oretan Agnedaet wo* aaaaplased,
the population of the ch v nu rn ne red :i:i(i,04IO. Dur com
iiieic-lu I mail-rapid Rt nile* ailinn the completion of
the I.rc (.'anal In ls.'.., hui oar luanufaeturiug luterctta
had not yet uAsiiiued aollecililo prnyortlou*. 40-day tho
city lia* a re*meiii |><ipiilati>.u of fully 1,Jm,od > ; und lt
husbanaass tba Inrgaal Btanataetarlagatty bi tie United
Ht at .?*, ki ?l mr i iniiloynietit In such Ind ti-tries ti 'J17.!?77
:. I aaa un issn,, ami puBduatag imiuufui lund artiaam
la nie sains a* tVUffTf HS.
Meninxbile the lulvuuettmenl tu BeaBBBaTeS and trade
trna Beau mt Ira* mai Med nikI Important.
That the Inipioveu.eiii* of the eily hexo lamentably
fulled to keaf PUBS wltb thi* remarkable /.-rowth I*
BbaadBUltj untied hy hu lnvc*(t>cation at to tho pre*
. ni .... .:,(inn ot ci't'taiii primo requisites to a oo.itiuui'd
11, r uf mir e.. ai i ne ree, trude uud iiiiihufacturiiijt
inti nat*. Bad to ii promotion of the hen it ll nut! eoinlort
pf OUT Cit ISCUB. It xxtd lu- otiaerved Hutt our wi,nixes
and pier* anteadeSjaatC ta thr occn'MduHtutioii of the
tomlin ree nh ch sei BS 'loin; thal the supply Bf
Ia xx holy i'l-iillicicnt fm ('oun-slic a:.il manu a. tm iii;.'
porpoeesj thal the Foreeand faetlttiee fer extiugul
Bree sm iee I raited la nany pottloea of the etty ; tkal
tbe po,ne BOC ? .moil (lion* n, -eve,ni districts .(tel,i tn
beni I bet tl on ode
r tbe rta j> loo of i boee nile, ted ? nh
: BOd
?I -x it li just p
I ' . lon, 1 ie fae: xx I
boob*- in abundance las b an pi
from yeai lapser bj om*tttapapen wits wbieb to make
all nabUe Improventeete. not eely pfaptntlaanss t. the
oliy's i ? i, bat *afl io
i i.itnr ? an i greater growth. It
Uterefon bi Bl thal Ihe ssganlsaUon aad
.* of our . i.ul na radii.,
t? i:.,|.lox omen!.
|i, pro NlTtlonl ;:ate with '
!-, 1. i.i io make saliab ii,,- rn
- .? aad no ;,',,,,!. it
?? t mat de
Dot unix' s*l ?
nut xmii secure i > us toe ri rbi oi * j
prevailing nnitt ..f *,
' e.n I .r .. f
.iel Unlit Milich Ol
if.i/e ot ' Its nilled ?
?r to .?|l-e.,|l|pi.*!l SOI '?! I ll, . el , .
uni ha mi ? well uv. my dan toctsiperat
xx Uh 1 ii.il !.? 0 ly li) tao I .. ... tn)
The finance Iteparraasni of .beet." anvernment lu*
.. ni.il?
lly, ?o tar a* ii* nmnaajtmenl ha* been wtthm Ibe aentrel
ot ii:.-. llb tbs I duty lt should, bow
over, he borne la mind lu oonsldenng the ailinn of tliis
.lemmie M that SLmi is -retrain ?
lu tho
??ny of Nee *i..:k... ol lo tba |uda*mentand
i *au<J \io..,i...inn, m or
I lions uf law.
luci s *:a euii-iit of the present ilnanemi
-!. .xx a ht , .. luo
? nv ii ur.
The nc ,t tate omi. in'. nf atty Sleeks niel ha
?Undina i.' Ihe clea* of lui yoe. i*-: was 9130,474,
.: ir 07, md di da Ui i tbe uno ml i f tbe bTnkl i
un Dees bi r31, ll -
But ins ? bs x, u i s . j
nt JJ. . . i nus paid off . lol cnn
il from Un- sm on* revenuee of nio
. I niel, t .'? ?: UM sun, of ri.'.'.lu '. ttl i,Ui xx.i.
paid fret- laxes ra ed ou tbe purpose unitei ape I
,.t m. Laglslatnra
'in.- i.im.icii debt of the riy, aa la well knoam, hud,
toronna n parted of shameful Blsfovrrament, -
to tin appalttng amonni mum leeortwe i
and, dunns the eommi relal umi laaaelal depteaaioa fol
lowing*.* rem 11178.111 . i larne amonni of
lae debt Imposed a b evy (auden upon the taxpt
I lin s, uh nu ul of the ll'Xtt lliir deli! and el dins |
Un- ait) inetixred during the period af a alslmlnl itrntlon
reg rn d iii. ami ;i,ei npitniiitiircfoi' earlene putuic norna
nullor... il and ?! neild bj ucts ol the tn'tfldilluro,
eanaed ibe i.led debi to In-rsase snnnally ontll tbs
I ? .. n it uni..ni,i.-.i ui r 11 i.o'i-.iii i 78,
..lie.- XX Ililli ll.!.' ll h.IS leen |, ,1,1, rd, us Minti I, .IhoVC, IO
luu.l :i,'.'i fw,
i a- '. er estimates taat the whole present ex*
iii i uk bonded debt of tbe city oan be paid ul nnd ena*
.i. ol ll* l? d..( I Iii I. Indi, prov Hied for, In lt.* dian
twenty xe.I*, nt means of the sur|tlus revenues of the
aliikiiia-1 umi, shish are iili'.-iidy v.-i i large; and, is they
mc rupiiilt accumulating, lin uuuolj bore
ind upiu lo Bitamenl la the future proportional' | to
tin- no-casi ol io- popiila.ion and xx... ii ii of the olty.
v. mle ne old bonded debt maj um* be cxiini-iiisiiod
thrtmab the iifiu-iicent operation oi thi *mkiu>< lund,
unit lax ii ion fa-1 be payment ol tue principe, wean due
be ave: ted umi n odored unnecessary,H mnst be borne in
iinii.l I ii., t tc xx ililli |s i un*:,nih] oeiiit; incurred iiiul
ell ali il ny llir ISSUS ol omni* lor Various ncee**..rx
works, such as additional water supply umi other pub?
lic improvements. A* the boat to < issued for snob
pu pu a, luwever, xxiii proiamly not bear Interest at a
i?'?'?' i < i ni pei uiiiium, latalluu on ao
eo'iiii o, mtersat w iii in- matturlallj ki -, ai .1.
Bjrt'KM'K bl) M?S.
This ciu*? of non.is, bel ns aterelj t.-iuttorHry m o Barna
ter, is not ii,i iud. d in the feregoiug statements relative
to Ihe elly (Icht. Tho utiioillil of revenue lt mils issued
tnantletpnttOB of taetnsaa af 188Swaa.*.'ii?.'Ji7.:i(Ki,
of wini li Un re hail been telle, moil uud ciiiicellcd
10,700 mi December 81, 1---J. Tba averane raw
of ml. real paid on thees revenuo hondo Waa uhuut J's
pei c. ut pat nanum.
Thc tux levy of lh-4'J waa *J7,(i.'*0,3."7 7d, and the rate
Of tat B.BS per cent on nil llssesseilxuluilllolis, aXOBptea
the personal cotute (but not I lui real e.-ttatci of liiaurauce
und oilier BempaniBB WBIeh pay late* directly to the
Hutt, m.tl ure eielupt Iroin lucid taxuilon theicon for
Siam purpose*, nu- proportion of taxee tea* 1S89, ce*.
ii. utd bj in. Be solver ot* Taaes np le tTneenihet Bl, 188S,
wu* *BTa.SBg,*?OSBB, ItMaVtag Bi,BS1^4S SO sllll duo.
'I he mt* or taiaMOU luis decreiuod slnco 1875 troiu '_','.?1
per seal i" ".'J"> pei cut.
As np,,nd ny the rtuniiilaaloiiers of Taxes and A?
uut, there waa an Intimate lu tbe amonni o( aa
Beased valnattona ol real .uni personal estate In Issjiif
irT7,.->'.'8,-i?'.? 87. nu real eainto lhere wu* uu laorease of
4,617, while on pu*oiiiil esiute then xx.isude
creai.e in Bssessnd v.i!iiutio,,*oi *jlu,Ul0,;il7 tij.u* showu
in tun feUewlns stateuisnti
Pr, I,rr';/
I lulait.
Total Veins
nsna issi
|l,l?f.,l'4?,UW*i l,^J..lTU,ayb|ad7i.Jtt,.Jl,Uu,olo,J17 I
ll. ci coan
i'. i *.a.aJ
I .iiii.ua.
The flual estiuiate for 1883, nd >pUd by the Board o
Estimate and Apportionment on Bccemhur 20, omounti
to *30..":i:t,5J5 70. Thlo lt un liierei.se of SI ,180,704 2J
over BM tliinl estimate for 1882, udopled December 31,
I -1 The difference ls accounted for hy an Increase ol
BBB 1,983 VI In the Stste tax to be paid tty the city, and
by appropriations of utrirer amounts for ibo redemption
of rhe illy d. ht, fur the Board of Education, the Boord
of IUnlth and tor otiier pm , ?
Additional appropriations for sneelal purposes may
oleo be Bade, a* nattai, by acts of tue legislature dm tun
u* pi' ??!. hut tho late of lax ror 1893 will
probably not ho ntatiaTallj bteceeaad thereby, aa thors
will ulan he nu luci ease lu assessed valuations of urop
erti siihjeo' to taxation by reason of the erection of new
and oilier imp,,v. BB Uta iu tue city.
No Department of the City Government has supervl
a on of ao much that Imniedmtely concerns tho comfort,
atones and health o' citizens us tim Depart mont of
Tu'.ho Works. The more Important of its duties aa pro
aarlh d hy Mutate mo a* follows:
"TieDepurlmont of J'uhlic Works shall have cogniz?
ance mid (-.intro! ?
"O', all si ruo. ure* and property connected with tbe
nupply and und uNtrlbiitlon of Croton water.
"Ot opening, alton na, regul tiing, grading, flag-iDir,
curbing, guttenng and lighting streets, roads, place* and
" (ir theenre of putilic buildings, I ucind lng the buildlne;*
known hs t.ie Oountl ' 'oort House Building*.
"<m |.iih ic sewers nnd uvntaege.
"()f puvniir. repairing and repaving streets, and keep?
ing t ho same Blear of obstruct ions, .iud of the relaying of
pan uie.'ii removed tm- any purpose/1
Beterllag you t" the exoutiHtive quarterly reports
Reade hy the oomurtuaouoa ot public Work* to tba
Mayor, the la?t of which will be found lu Ihe lily Ricard
ol Saturday, December 30, torn statement tn dotall of
the management ot the multifarious affair- o! this de?
li, .i tm. ni, J shah at this time cull your attention ouly to
one or iwo mattera ol puiauioiitu Intereot.
From tlmo to time for several years poet the proper
educen of tho City Government have called tbe atten?
tion of the Common Council und of the State Ia**'su?
ture to the necessity for un lucrcoaed supply of pure
water for domestic, mauufueturuie and other purpooee,
and in doini* so lin ve stated tlielr nUMM therefor so fre?
quently ami so fully that I? bsocbs unnecessary for me lo
repeat them to you. Moreover, tue experience of our
oltizen* in all parla of the elly respecting their supply of
water ls such that no argument is needed to oonvince
them of the urgency und iuipoii'iiiise of the aubjoet.
When it ls retiieiiilMtied that in ihe Hummer and iiutunin
of 3 sj tin-elli h nely .-.-aped the onliiinky of a waler
fiiinliie, and when if ls horne in Bated that thn dwelling,
manufacturing catrtbllt.hindi's un,) other structures
built and commenced since tbat time are fully eu,uul lu
t-Tt.-nt to live thou-si.d house* -which thc city under?
takes to supply with pure and wholesome water?tome
Idea may be shined of the present position of the city In
regard to ii* water supply, ami possibly some concep?
tion of tho magnitude of the dl-itslcr width .vnuld be?
fall Ihe oily with toe n euri once even of conditions no
woree then those of 18*11. The city Uovernmeut hus no
non Important nnd pteeabtg matter lor ctmahlcrstloa
than ibis.
In view of theap circumstance., prooipt and vigorous
action lu two dlreeUone is luipi rativc.
1. Ile ini's et;..; v.- mn Benns to suppress waste
should ne adopted and t brllautly enforced.
*j. Tne icKisiatioii neceesaty to the eon-traction of
such work* um will furidsh tin- eily au abundant supply
of pure water should be et sured witti tbe leu.t possible
d'lax, ami en Increased demand should be aattalpotad,
far lu excess of sny fha' ha. occurred within tbe lotty
\ cars of ihe < roten OJIUMdaot'S i-Xl-telicc.
the i oiisii uctii n of the dna ouu aonedaotMContem
plated Iii ihe r- port nf the Commissioner ol Public Work*
ta UM Mayor. F.-i.i nary 'J.'J, 1*1H'J, would involve lb-ex?
penditure ot u larce ninouni of money (f-tlmslsd nt
S14.04JO,O0O),sad would teqnlru mveral y car* for com
pletion. This pim, indorsed by many eaalaentengl
IS probably inc he*: that has been proposed, aud
ll that can be devised. At Ihe sum,;
nun- it xxi'iiid. in my opinion, be wloe. before Bnally
adopting any pinn, io have ihe opintouof lau ino** men,
os well BS ??imini e:s, coaccrnliig its practieuulliiy. the
probable ooo*, ead tba Ume required fir t .instruction.
the execution ul whatever plan maj bs adopted aaould
be -in loicnled with proper oafctruardt ogamst eiuravav
. r Dum ces* u ? expendliure ; io tn .,. .,,i i |,
you will lom me in ibe i*eoommendatlon that, toa eon
t mil lu .-ex. i at. the xx otk be sunei vised m mea of kuovtu
Integrity who poss) ss some prat Licet knowlealgs of ouch
mat ten.
OUB HP 'ion (.'ii Allis.
n . mu. Ineonvenlenee n.i* of la e been eau
travel ead t.; ilnese hy the gen. rai distal bonce of thn
In or pad sf tbs atty lactdeal n> the lay
tiaas7 "t steam pipes by stesia-haallna eompaaiee. lua*
inucii as these eorporatl n* bora received taeirtran.
Ill-eellv from ? lie city, they oin be held li -?
bis <>ii!. for. ina i'"'.i work and
- toa ;?:"i" ? ondli s i tv the
: i ? i '. ? ' I a il QOl pl.-pur. d lo
ol tbese respects they u ve nraue
| i tani i|iiia
II. il ll:
' our sheri"
- ' l .tx el a. bu ill ea*, 'na;.
;.te-.ci ?.. il. Here would BSSIB to be an Oj
ri .-ii of (mi re rivets
'orporntlon to mstnre i pian tor underlay ins ihet
With n ? .. .'lon xxiii, i -h ll piot,,' no
alu pipes, btu also lot t. b>
public I I'.UV. The
? il . thus bi i olin ,w* *'!-.-i p.i
iii .. #n. to Ht to tue eiiltens aa rapid transit
Bat bl I bars 'teen al | io af
n .ie .it tba numb r of otn
?eis nint me -i.tthepollee lorne of thai etty la
:.T'ji, umi thal mo of the th.in lix.- preetoetelate
.!?. mpatled xvitii irritants ac
? 1.' the eily. Borne, however, (not*
I eighth. Thirtieth uud Thirty.
nth I'n lim ts) are
. el xvfthout regnrd to ihe
as to locatlona, which roads aa fol
lee l; 11; I 'f To; ii- max. with the authority
ad approval ol the Mayor and Co.i.mon Connel!, from
late to time, ant wltb speetel reesreaee to leering tho
ame in contrail] m preeloese a* possiuie, eatabilah, pro
,dc, uni furnish ita lons and atatioa-benaM . . ."
lo also pressing need of a stoper gter nnd allg on
bel iver front i"t the ezolustve use of tho steemhoel sad.
? d xx ita polo e servies and sapen Islou over
!.. waters whleb oonstltuts nm Twenty-fourth Precinct
f thc etty, wiih Ihe a.-*oiit ol Me Department of Duck.
,i io n:..lure P. on made to the Le-*Ulatnn
H aniborltlug the centtructlon of a short pier to
h of and neil to Pier Bo I, North Uiver,
ur tbs uee of the PoUee Department, but without t-uo
:', elton ltd .f (',..-' i ..I nf thc T.nwunf Isiwiupro
? nIcm that pill io men appointed utter .lui -ii. IHeJO, slutU
ie ot til ree urie le- ; il.mentation of the tl rai i
. at l br rate of S 1,0 ?',? i au uni. of the seeoad grade,
. annum, ami ? :'t . ihim grade, SHOO per an
oiin, .. i . . lor to Hay i'.', issn
ire emt '...I io sti.jtst j.,-i- annum. The service* and
? t nil are ide ut io il. Tn i the police
OiOO Of the el ? .1 lo Ibe pc.ne uud h.ifctj of
mr .-it ./cns, tn'i he protection or their property, te il''
i ul lon of order m our otreeia atm natalie plsosa,
,n,| lo tue I Ol .-lalo la .vs nnd oil onUII
111 ,.i,ie, ii. -tc,h.. tue ie.pi.-ite Bud the bona**
,.i t lee or th i?c employed in nus department, Jual and
. do ti oj uioul ol both oin., a* sud subordinates bi
I e la xv ina Kl.ik and '?'< "ie '' .eel. ive p..xx el bj tlf DO lea*.
uiportance i ban proper i iffes ..r governineui ami the sn.
orceuient of strict duciplloe. I lhere tore .believe that,
un- regard bein i ii ol io intelilgonoe sad pin steal end.ir
nu c ia thc .eic. lion ot subordinates for tntadttpartment,
b uiii h.-not i i-s dui,felice in compensation for
he performance of Identical ?> rvtce* I also Mirv* ta it
n an pia-eincia wher- ?uch are noi slready eataoUehedL
omfortable, coavenleni, and iieaithiui quartan simula
?i umi owned by Ute etty.
un-: nm: ni ru;imk.**'r.
Thc Fire tJOJpartBBBBl ?' eilis lo bo in u Very etlicionl
..iidii,on, ns who xv n bv lliof.int tl.ut xxlille me number of
n ? n perted that faur baa been greater thna dunng the
i.i >??? ii, the avcriige loss suaiatned is abonl one land
, ,,c niue for gelling thcevernl kinda of apparatus
.un (or Bullen alee has baan stead!ly reduced ,?,..<? k | eur,
-om llt.o'J seconds In 1S77 to tl.71 soeondo lu l-*>-. A
tesnd lenttng engine baa bena provided, bo that cuch
id.x of tho city will now have thia valuable auxiliary.
he c ty ls always Hubie ta the dunner ul buvtauj eertata
onions lett xx itiiuiu udcipiuto pretaetten In tue event of
irge Ures occurring itt iinoiit tliesauio hour; euell wa*
lo eena en tba llth day of July last, when forty-two out
I the Hl.xty scveu euiiipaulo* which constitute the outlre
languishing loree of the elly were ouduty below Canal
t. ut one Utile. To meei thia danger the di p.irtuieut lias
mb n liken to provide certain Important siudon- with a
oubte set of apparuius, mill withs forcoof eighteen men
irti'ad of twelve i a work of enlargement that will go
u xx urti a* rapidly aa appropriation*; for the purpose
hull he made,
Two things in connection willi this i>iirc-ti are worthy
f special mention. Due lt tho admirable system pro
ailing here for keeping au exhaustive record of every
rticlo provided for the use of the department, irom tiie
line of Ita purchase lo tho time of Ha consumption, oon
,i?lunation, or sale. It would be well If the same
borough Stratas* BWrS Introduced Into every dopart
iieiit of tho illy (loveiiKuont. Tho other ls the miller
lion.(lions mid atnriling fact that tbe heailipmrii r* of
he Tire Itepui UintUl I* Itself lu UaVngM ot deiUIUOlloU
i) tile al BUI lune, tm- ct uscipif ncc-nt Willi li might be
llaustroiis heyoiul measure. Althoiign there 1* hero
iroVlded U duplieote act of tho (leheule ami BOm|*lloatad
iparatae by whleb Inataui eoiuuiuuicitiieii i* bad with
ni purl-of the eily and with every Station, yet *uoh
ippiirntus, if ?crtou?ly Injured or liestroyid, eoiiul bot
ie reproduced without much delay, and meanwhile the
illy udiihl ho the loser to tho exttml of mid,ons. The
lrat step should bo to provide u tri,.neille set of the
tOUUnUUieatlng nppurutus aud plaee ll 111 a secure (pot.
iud tho neal should int (o eruct u mutable Iiie-piooi
luildtii*-. xx uh piopei provision lull (or tho iinportitut
uni Ki'oelug lim (ian of tnspoounn uf l.uilJiiiga, xx ,,ich l*
IOW crowded Hilo ll single room of tins o.herw lao Oil
nlrahly urrungud uud mothodioully oouUuoied dopart
Theiiiapectlon of btilhlliigH, which was formerly ouu*
lueted bj u MpunM deiKirtuieiit of tho < (ty (iovoru
ueut, wa* lil Augusi, issn, ransfi-rred to tim Tuc He?
irn nm ni and linnie oue ol Its liuicuiis. li,.tn 1 sos to
o issy iiiciisiv, , api.iopiiuiions of SI, J 111, DUO were
iiudt- tor eoi ry mg uu thia aep.irimeu., uu avttragtt of
Win pren asyttxtm. Thee lads ar" s'et, d foi
ii. pm pose pf showing tuelmp. *.-ih,htv of propc, !v p,r*
forming, undwthepreeontapproprtatton, tbe wot* law
upon this Bur. un, especial y since ti e i utuio of
-knot only .alls formteblgentimi^slon^S'
demands that tho assistants wupmied shall be skilled
Upon the Health iJepuilujent the law Imposes Import?
ant duties, the proper aud efficient performance of
which ls essential to the preservation of the pubiio
health, to the xveltare aud oom'ort of the people, aid to
the commercial prosperity of the city. Great care sad
diacreilon, together with expert knowledge, are rei-uiaita
ou tho part of itt officers lu order to accomplish the ob?
jects for which the Department waa created, BBd ut the
?ame time to avoid undue interference with the rights of
citizens. Durlug tho pas- year the city has been re*
niarkuhly free trom contagious dh-ease*- at the pn sens
time, as I .tia informed ou tho best ail! kort ty, theio is
not known to exltt here a single case either af small?
pox or typhus fever, so effectual hat been tho work of
eradicating the germs of these disease* wherever and
whenever lucy nav. presented themselves.
'Un-, Smallpox Hospital uow rn use on Blackwell's
1*1.ti.dix to lie abandoned for one now lu process of en o
tioii on North Hemer'* Island. Ou thia island it ia pro?
posed aiso to locate building, for the aecomn-odattan of
persons directed with lyphu* fever and oilier con,odious
aUeaoce. With proper aspltaBON hen and sp iroprlate
means ,.f conveyance, atm wno ase much-needed u *eep
tion Hospital for scarlet fever patient*, which it is pro?
posed to< rcci nt the foot of ?nst Witter, utli-at.. Bl w
Vork City will be as well pi uncled iu tills respect ua uuy
city iu Hie world.
ii Uw tbe Ten-meat House aots the Ileslth Itnpaif
utt nt mnet epprove all plum for Ila?ting and vern hat?
ing nea tenement uud apartment l.ou.-oe. uad under ,lie
Plumbing Law of lnyl it must approve the ohma tor
plumbing and di i,iiiinu ali new bolo inna. The enuat-iul
surveillance wlncu hu* to be eaereieed over tiie veiiille
tioij, the drainage, t.'ie piuuibiiig, uni the ether lanftatT
conditions ol old buildings, n illus.racd by tue laet that
20,0138 orders for the iibati uient of nuisance* were
is-iit.l during liie yciretniiiig November UO, lbt'2.
1'iobahly nothing lu eo'inectloe wi Ti tue proper work
lug of thia drpaniui-u!. is more needed timi ealasTgaS
accommodations for the bureau ltsoll. It u .w oe upix*
u poi lion of tho lum.ling b 'longing to the Jiu.tr.I ol Po?
llen, .-here there is apparent;.. 1,0 npposiilBtll for un
St penal on to meei tue continually Increasing demands
made by reason ot the rapid aceuiuulaiiou oi va: shut
rec.,i.tn mid of the new woik ue?iinnd io the Health Ue
p.ii'tmeut within a few years.
No: only bas the increase lu thc attendance lu our p ili?
lli-acbnoJs kept paeev.-ph the increa.se lu population,
but tan number of Behool uttendants In proportion to
population ls greater than ever bo ore. Tile average at?
tendance In ult the day-schools wu, during the mn..ts
ot Qelebu, ivi9,794.
The aependltnne of the Hoard of BdaeaHon for tbs
year |gg| wei*" ns follows:
BaanSsBSl teacher*.?.. .BasftWatfJ nil
Milan.* o'Juiiit.es. lu'J.ooO OJ
n.laden of ?ntuTinta.ideni*. officer*, and clerk*
of (til) I'uur.t of laiuculiiiu. (!!?,0 O 00
Bul p.a sand book*. 140,0 on
Knel uud gua. lll.OtlOUO
. zu.iiO'i on
Hilo* . . iJinaxi on
K*Sttiis of bull Jina* liiritlBiilu* ann lioatlog... 'JOi.i o SS
-. Not mal ('uiiego Bud Trai'tlug Iiei/ort
nu ut. fv.-ii'iiK aa i color*** sk*hseii. 8,660iB
Incidental* ippliss x. chilli
. ,i pasts*- -?.; t---.ut- .nd labor. ih,o o oo
??oil tal Mi'biMiiautjd ? ..mi-ulao.-y tahicaliun.svoOu >>e
Coi PorateeeUe.il*. ID..' ?
Teeni.*3,*.st.oi7 co
Il ls estimated that B fair market value ot tn.; o.t?s und
buildmg* belonging ut the present time to the city and
' te common school purpose*, ls do; less Pun
area mUUoB dollars. Tin-sc premises have been paid
for by tbe cit) wi*.:, money rmsed by siniiial taxation.
No dent hoe been leenrren bj tho city mr educational
purposes, either tor permanent tavee*n*e**I in ochooi*
house* or for sappllee and numlng > Kpanses ol the
The ann.nina allowed by the Iiouid ol J'* nutate
umi Apportionment to t;.?- Boord ot avalucadoa feratt
. In i icli xe ir from 1*476 to 1883 ha vi rm ed
irom --.i.-I'si(mh) In 187*4end l-7;t u, Bf.7*NJxtj*M in i -,1,
Ol whJOB i-i au, emt .s*4o(j.(xjo ti for purcuoaiiig and
for f.'i ? ".? ? ung u \v huii lui'.*, and
tar all* iiui;, flttln- Bp, ea Uar-tug and r.-p:ortui*tli"l?iiitO>
111,.* (Ul Hie premise*. Hilder ihe c .dig. ot tue llourrl.
itisebowu >. rec ntl t uleetlma iooI*
root'i B|t B0tl*>
Hon oi 152,030 pupils, allowing lo each pupU Ute BB di
i na .,f sitting rooiii und tlr spine d ?, ruy
lo* in oaaitary science: tm nv soot*.
? I iiefel'i , la mill' 1.'.'.." I.'-. . .lag an i-iir-.,>*
room ovei prc ?? ni rn ca seines i (jua
(dallon of more 'baa U-*,000 pupils. Noiwitu*
i tiii*condition of affairs iu the cit. ^?a xv. de.
.liter of eai.di'eii-..? i u'i.i- io ;.., istnuaiesof
nd of 1 i.iou?uiijiov .1 -a for in i st >lue
tc,uiui Word is .'> OOO, ii the fw elfie Ward 9,000, in tue
. Wald 2,500, rn i b n'ard 500,
?, i. i,i. It is rherefore eh ar
ki a ??? pi... ?: ...|:u?iie
as ol iuo any a*
are in mi d oi ti.eu,, and perhaps,
oi pol cv on the part ol tbe i.oard "t Educ ii.ou.to arrive
Mteptdlj ...s iair.:...e ..: a mo., equitable* iairibuUenef
thc seu.io, room p
I believe thai tue geo lb-men row oompostnjj thc Hoard
of i;.iiic.ii:..ii rally appreelaie the uaperteaos of the mat
(?(mimi.i. (I io their u..*, amt thal Uley poa* -* .uo
.ni i the disposition fa.ihfudy miler ihe law po
rtlaeuerge it.
I*KPAI:!M1"ST ('K PA UK*}.
gefaiikag ta Hie tamarra aa this topic made by my
--or iu his !..s* au'iuul mi-as.i^e to tue O'.lunion
i k <iot to han io sap thai thc emBgaaasntlMS
amoiiK thc ( .imuilesiouci'* sf tld* llepartiuont ol tbo
Cit* tJovernmotit Mm tin nure, "nc led, .'md that thero*
fore no organiaatlen has yul baan ataman*, lu such
uUtllSSBtanrm lt ta uot surprising that Ita air ur* are not
coiiduci' d lu a manner sstufucfory to our citizens.
Thea-uiia'de utlori.iu-ut of the city lulu park* aud
pnbus plaaoe la a matter ks which ali attSaana haven
da Wi'tchful'merest, as they have aloo in the
preparation and BBBtBteaansa of pleasure grounde
Within tue park*, 'lhere should BB Bam ?tblota Hie pilb?
il -, und, r peeper mgulattoaa, plait* of abundant astaaS
Where tin.se xx ho si-Idoui ??e ihe mass beyond the limits
of the etti not ol.lv mav BM and minnie it, but may ..-o
,,it upon il and bees Hun pleasure and atimrselattoa ea
- .-.-ii ti. ld* winch seana* be g..med through mere io,it
'allon from costly obaervatorlee orgiav--.ii.il walk*.
v. that the public interest* would be belter - uh
served by eliminating from tbe Department ul i irks ml
function* other Ihuu thone implied in UH dcaUnailon,
and ilini the duli.* reepectinj the streets, roads
sud ix linc* of Hie Txvtiiiy-third u'ld i wt ult -fourth
\t ila now devolving upon tbe Department nf I'uik-,
mould ne tcaaefenrtat te tho Depanmsal of I'uoiio
Prom tho tanewhsn uie Clsapeenttoa of tho city of
>"ctvYork lirst imi lind ntlo to (no water fi tut of the
isiiimi beyond tba original hlsh?wnterent>Ktuas*dla
aludlns tan year isTi, emanaej meat af tala Banal raina
ailie etty property wee such aa ta . eeafaaton
to ioma donut, andeeneegnsmtty toaaneh lltlgotloBre*
BBO0tlngtillea to extremely vuluanle porn,ma of the
r.v t trent
lu lisTO the |a-o*ialntnn pasted au aot creating a SBga>
rule dcaurtiu.nt for the control, goverinneut aud lin
nrnvement af the wharf property ami water front af tbs
city. Tula ha* n Milted tu tho ip'option of an eiaBOfoBB
plan for Heall Billilli aroliud tho whole of Nc.xx York
island au exterior river strcci, or aTchiic, xv hu li snub bs
of a width on the Noit'i Kiv.r of Mg feel. ..ii :l,e BmB
Uiver ol'JOO feel, aud on the Harli in Bi v. r of loo feet
'Ibis cxtoi'tor street, 'J'S*) fi et wide, has been co.isii'.ictcd
for iioiuly one half of the wuter font oa tbs Nong
Uiver south of of West Eleventh st.. lid for the dist: mt
between w.*t IWeaiy-thlrdaadWeel rwenty-ets*hta-sta*i
.t I* bounded ny a river wail or bulkhead, oonetrui te i al
grnnlte und beion ItlocUs, froui vvhlcli WOttdStB !'!??.* of
gr. ater width and lcniith lhan any pieviutnly eoi,?ii',it.t
t"| have beau built, oct,mated ny *!i|>t or suitable wi.Ita
lor tbo ai'coiuinoiiiifiiiii of shipping. Tho
progress of the work of the department iu carrying
out tile plan of improvement bi fore mentioned baa li BU
ami still is greiiiiy obstrucied by the Bellen nf private
olalmaats who bute, lu mary cums, inioiued ihe Cout
ulsaiom rs from proeeedtag Mtb it. I believe that a jaat
uud equitable settlement ?t iln-s. dalmo could be qui /
neoned by arMwaitton, aad thal tue beal lutecasts o. tue
city und of its comuiciec, as well us of Individual eh un
ania, would bc subserved thereby,
The total amount of "dock bm.il* " Usu..I by :he
elly since May, 1S70, for the construciion ol the |H.-iiua
nuul uni,ron nit-iil of tile wiiter-lioiit, foi tin ie|i.-iuiui|
ofeztettns oorpomtton wharf property, ami for other
(??.poudltiura, ls jril.liOli.oiJIi, wini,- the i, venue lo lie
eily through the Deportment of bork* during the
sumo penn.I hit* amounted to uhout *ti,7?>3,.'S(JO, be?
sides ifliJO.OOO reuts from terries received dirooily by
the ' uiuio,o r.
Thant Ls no sutijeot of so much Importuncc to the SSBS
inerelul Interest* of tho olly a* that of tho preservation
of ii* harbor, lt 1* a uianex whioh hos reooived the at>
teullou of ho Legislature, so that lrciiucut enact*
incut* have, boon made iulUuiug tines aud peoaiues la
ca?o of wilful violation- **ucb eunetmsnis, however,
havo proved lueffeotiial to prevent the pmotlce?curried
to uu uLuiuiUi' extent?of dumping dredging* aud sinvot
ref use lu tue tarbor, the Coiiiiuitaiouor* of Flints, who
aro charged with tho duty of protecting the harbor of
Kelt-York norn injury canoed tiy lllllug up ila chsnucit,
have seut to mo a eoiuniuuiceiioii from whleb I make
the following extract :
" Wldlo we are en.li avorl'ig through the United r-tatc*
anthillitlcs lo ut,punt- channels which were loll imper
feel hy n a illili . . . sumo of our citizens are indus
li'lously tleairoymg tho exeellout ouos whiou we already
huve, nail tvhicii ure vital lo our prosttcriiy. Tho laws
in tended tu prevent tula pio-.-.e pe,unitary iii,ea a* pim
lebmenl foi ihc.tr iufidotioa. Bui os itio.e abe actually
coiiiuili the otleiiees abe t.cow iL.'ii mid steamboat mell)
ure generally meu whose utily cu,m.il i* tm ir dully
labor, tines are of little avail it* against them. Thal
luc.t coiiaittuily violate the law ha* iio-u ptovoi. ujuiu
uni again, ami their pontiaicuoo iu so dolmr 1* provably
due i.i a weU-tonuiatw c\pet;iatou taat thoy will iu
most eoeeo escape deleOtlOu."
lu my opiulou this ls a *uLuoot wbioh should ougapt

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