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vol. vi ii. TV0-13.228.
In the Chamber: of Deputies yesterday M.
Tahre'e compromise bill was passed by a vote
of 349 to 163. The bill prohibits the Princes
from flllini* any civil or military pees, em?
powers tho President to expel them, ami im?
poses a penalty of from one to five years' im?
prisonment for the violation of a decree of
?expulsion. The debate which preceded
this aetion was eharaetcrized by sev?
eral exciting scenes. The Prince do
Leon xviis censured for ft remark, and the
words of .M. Piiul de Cassnjjiiac created an up?
roar. The bill will bc submitted to the Senate
as soon as possible.
Tin: vu ws ot m. fallierfs?m. pacl t>f. cas
Talis, !al>. 1.?In the ?Chanter of Deputies to
dav M. Fallierse, President of the Council, being
absent. M. I)t'v*'lle, Ender Secretary of tho In?
terior, read the conclusion of tlu* Premier's speech
on the bill for the exclusion of pretenders from
M. Fa'.liircs nr^noil in favor of thc Government's
proposal*, tBat Ute Comte <le Paris, hy BBOOfal?B|
tko (.'oinic ie Chanbetti, bad reaflrned the claims
of the Bourbons. The Ecpuhie. tlnnforo, was
justitieil in te?9g precautions. He did not BakfOfl
thewhoksala expulsion of tho princes, as sueb a
violent measure would aft'ect some iiioti* iisive per?
sons. The pr* st nt measure did not threaten the
Army. 88 it waa aimed only against a syd "in of up
pointmeHt by virtue of royal hirth which was
d'io.'.ilory "> the roles of promotion, lt ssas un?
necessary tint the hill should provide against thc
event of a ooognn of the two obanben electing b
Brian a** th-- Pieaadeat <>f the Bspoblie, as ,t aimplj
enacted preen u; ion.', and did ind aim at placing
ul)., in jes in tho way of any mutiif(station of tha
popular will.
M. Ilaoter dc Montjau, Efc-mbHesa, urj*ed the
Imiiiediati expalarai of all tn nut-.
Tbe 14tii1i.il debate eatha ilovcitiinoiit's proposals
wea theo declared eland, and tue Caanber *lc
cnlel. hy a vote ol Ililli yeas to l.'ll nay,, to BBS. to
tbe discussion of M. Faille's compromise bili M.
Andriana, Repablieaa, propooed an aaMadmeal
suli.titiitiu.: for the first clause of tba hill, depriv?
ing princes of civil rights, a declaration *>f tho
ri.'lits *>f man, i-rociaiiiiiiig that all citizens of the
ateaabtte wen egaa] before the law, nnd eligible to
all often aci'onlinir t*> their oapaeitioa M.
Andr aux ssas loudly int* rrtiptetl by iihiiiIh i - ,,f
the Left. Ha- declared tiny li.nl no light to iutcmint
in the assn of beatty. The lui!, he sald,
Was iiniaiy au ad vert i--mont of pretenders, of
whom tin- iTuiiii'v would otherwise he ignorant.
He did not allin.re the little Bobnpierrea and st.
Justs who parodied Ihe bloodstained page of his?
tory. M. Ainlncux withdrew hs aiiieiid.iient,
which xvii, reintroduced, slightly modified, bj M.
Curieo tl ouiaiio, Boosperttet, bal the Chanbaeie*
jected it hy a vote of 289 to BB,
M. rdletau, amid the protests of the Right ami
acrimonious dispiit-s, urned the adoption of M.
Flr*t|i,?f s proposal. I ho Prince dc Lt in, LegitiiniBt.
said ha wondered that a general could have liccn
found ni the French Army-Hie !? main hr of tho
ssateaee was deowaed in the uproar which iwre
vailctl, but it syas understood to refer t-j the td ??\>t
aucc of the Mimsiry ot War l?y Oeneral Ti.ibaudin.
A formal oeusuro on tho Prince *ie Leon was passed,
M. Devaa, Minister ti Jaettee, declared that the
..ue-t.oii luy between M. Floo.aet'a Bcopoaal Bad Ihe
bill in which Um Gaiveriinicitt United itself to
placing ea record the power of thc Republic to pro?
tect itself without mees-arily exiling all the
The lira*, clause of M. Floiiuet'.s proposal WB8 re?
jected by a vote of 352 to 172. Sc vi ral notteoa for
au adjournment were then made, hut thc (bamber,
by a vote of 383 to 115, decided to continue ihe sit?
ting without any suspension until thc proposals
wera" disposed of.
Geearal Thlbaadia nid the question did not wi a
pr*-* -lieut for Bopillillg oiiicci-, of their rank, as
toe sn eiders would bc placed permanently an th**
ratlrsd list. As Minister of War, he fi nosily in?
tend upon ihe sngaasoBent te ?carry oul tba lass n
B --d. No disloyal inline;iee, ha said, need be
fearedb. the Army, svhich ssas wholly devoted i"
ith duty and would, if necessary, energetically de?
fend thc Re. lilllie.
M. Baillie's pro|s*sal cashiering thc Orleans
Princes wa* then rejected hy 1177 nays to I'j'.i yeas.
ki. Fame's bill was Mated bf a vole ol 349 lo Kill,
ami the Cbambtt adjeariied fora week
Bilnri) a division was had tbe three clausen of the
bill weic separately passsd. Tba lirst elaan pro?
hibits punies lrom tilling any civil or military
post, the secon'l empowers tho President tai daone
then- exptilaioii. and the third easels a penal'v of
from ono to five years' iuipiisotim nt f..r a violation
of such decree.
Ou th*" (juestion of th*- whole lull being pat M.
Delates.*.*, Bcaapertiet. explained that he and sev?
eral member* ot the Extreme Left, having thiaiii
eelves BSaa proscribed, could not snp)ion the, bill,
and he urgently appealed to tho mem bern of the
Chamber similarly situated toahstaiu from voting.
Tho debate in the Chamber of Depnttea lasted ten
hours. A noticeable feature ssas the Right's organ?
ized system of obstruction. M. Pani de Caanguae
i .united! e Callina t with having been unable to
find a Minister of Marine. He objected to the
statement nf General Thibandin ihat tbe Midlers
were devoted to tho Republic. " i he army belongs
to France," he said. "When you tell us to go cit
billed lor France we sha.l gd, but not for the Re?
Amid a storm of exasperation and ali-approval
from the Lelt, M. de ( assaguac dcclarad that the
anny was demoralized hy the piu-inptioual mtiBB
ur--, arul that thc turu of IBM) Pi-mca-h' liiemis sv*Hii*l
soon come.
The Expulsion hill will lie brought before the
aSeuatc as cjtiick ly as possible
Prescient Urevy oontnan to nhfiiJBh the heps
that bc will soon have occasion to dissolve the
Chain be rs.
M. de .Mahv, Minister of Agriculture, has been
Tirovisiotially intrusted with the direction of the
Ministry of Marine.
LOBMB*, Feb. li.?A Vienna dispatch te Tht Daily
Ttltgraiik says that Hie conviction is gaininggiouinl
that the French are on the eva- ol limb trouble.
The position of alia, ia is likely to gio iv worse befon
it nuiii i is cs The crisis bas throx.ii Frame's rela?
tions with the European Powers into confusion.
lin SlatttlanPt Fans coiri-stioudeiit says that tho
debate in the French Chamber of Deputies yester?
day was poor and tame, arid would liavo been rii'i
iHitoiioii-, but for tbe tempestuous scene at the
Un Daily NoWtft Paris dispatch says: "Dif?
ferences between MM. Fallieres aud Dsvn
Ttrti* the cause of the latter"'.* not
muling the remainder of M. I allures s
ai?e*xli in the Chamber of Deputies yesterday,
aa was expected. General Tlnbaudiii explained
that the Exptilstou bill md nait strike the Princes
ofl tie army roll, hut removed them fnun active
service, leaving I hem their rank."
.Milwaukee, Feb. 1.?The testimony in thc
?alilwauke,, lire lnve.tiga'lon waa flnished today. Hcr
iiiau Strauss, i-i ,,.,-[?i,er of th* lire Department, who
reseuetl many lives, said that tbe extenaion ladder waa
badly handled, nio.t of the crew Bever having been
drllleo. The laalder waa in bad coudiiioa ?a*i broke. It
bad not been haudled for years. A number of witnesses,
among them Dr. .pnnsea, were exainiiied, sud the
|ury w.ia Instructed tu rslan s verdict upon the follow?
ing potuta: "Tiie manuel ; by winni., If known ; tbe
cans*. If ascertained ; if by ttie neglteeute a.f iiny person,
saner or oecupsut. servant or master ; the Mme and
place of the besluning of tb. tire, aud If uwidcntal." Tbo
Jury Ueilborsted several hours uud then adjourned nut)!
9 o'clock to morruw.
Bciaeilor, who wa* arrested fur sitting the hotel on tire,
pubiiBl.es H suienient today, emboJylng a dental of
ttVv'o^,,r,',',,'.,,v:',,l,l^ l"lli-',t> ????*". explaining the ro
10 ihe hoi , V.1".'"? "" lM;,u? ?^mOO hy wain of room
tl.I J ,^',,'lYl -V""--*'^! ISe luauriiiile waa not more
ten ,r Ll ^ **}*? !>' "',>c** TBe rtaia-iiient waa wril
TL ir?, y'r'.V ?~rl" ' ?''??'Hetatton, Lu Jail.
me rt.iua._i* ul Ucrirude Douabu*. Wile ol John Ute
bert Donahue, the actor, were sent to her father's homo
at Blood's Station, N. Y'., to-dav. William E. Cramer
and wife, who were Injured at the time ot tho fire, were
declared out of dsiigcrhy their physicians to-day.
London, Feb. 1.?The Queen's Bench Division
to-day granted a rule nisi for a criminal informa?
tion for libel against Edmund Yates, the proprietor
of The World, at the suit of tho Earl of Lonsdale.
The allegodlibel consisted in a paragraph published
ni Tht World, which the Earl of Lonsdale contends
was intended to indicate lum as tho person who re?
cently eloped with a young lady.
The pararraph referred to in tho foregoing dispatch ls
probably the following, which appeared In a recent lssuo
of The World :
A strange story ls In circulation In certain sporting
clrvle. coqfernlrie the elopement of a young lady of very
hisii rank and noble hirth with a young peer whose innr
riaee was one of affection but whoso wife has un?
fortunately fallen into a delicate state of health. Tho
elopement is sahl to have taken place froid the huntmg
field. Tho young lady, who ls univ one or two-and
twentv, ls a very fair rider aud the gentleman a mastur
of hound*
The Earl of Lonsdale succeeded his brother, tho hus?
band nf the Lady Lonsdale svho bas been talked of so
much as a beauty, lust February.
Berlin, Feb. 1.?Primo Bismarck is indisposed,
and svill probably be confined to his bed for BOVeral
La ter. ?Prince Bismarck's ueuralgio ailment is
London, Feb, l.?Mr. Chamberlain President ol
th--Board nf Traale, at a banquet at Bwanesa Iaal
evening, said thai the next nealon of Parliament
will be an tntanotlog, bal not an exalting one.
Matters relating io Englanai ami Scotia.ni deasaoded
consideration. Ho believed that Ibo reseat
aiaaanieo passed weald halag aboal a s tittled stats
of affairs in Ireland. " We could not,** Mr. Cham?
berlain .aili, ".-How oanelvea to have b poland
within fonr benn of ear shores The Government
have done all tin v ps-ilil\ could to legislate for
[roland, they honed wi:li sn rana. If a linn bead is
rtiiiiir.d, it must be exerct ed."
L?)ND*>\. Feb, 1.?ihe lies. Association statis
that several warrants pro still ont tn Inland
against annhere oi scent erganisations, and tba!
inronn.il too in nlation te ni lama oonttnitted eoa
tinnnteeoaM in freely.
A iiimmitl*?*? *'f li i-limcn has been formed in Lon?
don to collect a " fair-trial fend " f*?r the benefil of
tbe p-teonen charged xx it li eoneptracy tamnrdsr
Ca va rnmeiit officiate dow ondergoiog examinati* i
in I ?ti'i| in. An appeal whieb is to be distributed at
the doon of tbe Catholic chnr Irs. cs Us npoo thc
lush to find fonds arith which t" combs! the testi?
mony of spin and informers.
Brr.i.iN, Fete L?Tht (Vats Garnette says; "'Ila
favorable impression Which the visit let Vienna of
M. (!?? (liiTs, th*- Baaaten Foreign Mini-ter, has pro
doced, ls clearly nttected In the geaeial cain which
ensced whenriwMpe*rori*t*edthal tbe Poweiein
ti'inl mahing ;m effort to preserve the peace of
The Vienna Prfttt statea thai no agTemnent has
been arrived st b tweeo Austria and ttonniania in
i 'ml to the l'aiinbiiin *iui"stioii.
l.uN'iiiN", fob. i.?A diapateb fiann iii*n to the
Exchange Tclegrapb Company aays: "Tin- Caai
and Czarina svill proceed in itu- mi.Idle of April to
Moscow, sad will in- nlemnly oonsecratcd :ii the
(lurch <al our Saviour by tito BMtropolitan arch?
bishops, a estated bv aboal twelve bishops. Tbo
al ita-aai the coronation ia finally fixed lol Maj 27.
BoanAT, Feb. l. --Twenty-thief) persons wero
kilh-d nnd twenty-eight Injured during a panie in a
wool faetorv here to-.lay. (thc 1 by dust blowing
into one of the rooms.
Cahiui k Fail. i.?A Mboeaerand two ait hit venels
iiave hsan sin-eked off Landy Hand, 1'Jk* enws
oi tii*- three resoels won drowned, assistance being
? 'on'sTani in'di'I.e. Kel). 1.?The (b-rniaii
military ollicer* in the employ of the Porto ha?e drawn
up a plan for the reorganization sf tba Turkish Anny,
bV Wialcll treat Improvement* svil! lia- aita a-ta-.l hy retir
ins- a swarm of iisi-h ss ofhVi-r* arni dSVOtteg Muir pus lo
niora- iisa-lui poy poses ll I* understood tBS Sultan li.i
ex pressed his cullre approvsl aif the plan.
London, Feb. 1.?'/'/ic Daily Neus in its
financial article says:" Tim St l'ela rslmrg hanklug
hoiisi- aif Jacobson is report' (1 a. -AVtng BBSpendsd.
Small provincial caplialists will be mainly afleoicd."
UliiLIN, tom, 1. -Hw!--. MWBfSpen aiinoiliica: tli.lt Mm
firm engage 1 In Hie Iron truale at Bnle, When fhllare
was reported on .Monday, ls I'.hhvhtih m Ca, nrul that
their liabilities amount lo several million francs.
London, Feb. 1.?The Madrid eorreepondcnl
of The Sttnulurd says that tbe cilium incinbcn nf thc
Clnuulter of l'epulli-s and a Da-mocrallc Da pilly have
proposed iin amendment to the. Tariff law so a. to enable
thc most favored nation trcatim-nt to he grBBtSd,
provisionally, to nations which show a ill.positiiin to
a-aineliiile tie.'ilies of commerce. This ll liitcudt'd fa.
ciiHlile, the (iovcinniMit to renew negotiations wltb
Esgtsnd and (he I ima al BtSteS
Bkiilin, Feb. 1. ? In th*- Reichstag to-day
Herr Hon Herman n a*keal whether iu cous(s|iieiice of Mm
disaster to the steamship * linhrla the Government pro
jmis* al to i, uko any internal Ional arrangements to pre?
vent collisions at sea Ile advocated the intro.lucttnn of
(Iii' el- firle light for that pm pose. Herr Scholz, reilly
lng In his capacity a* Federal Commissioner, said that
tho (iaivernment felt tba same sympathy as the Nallian
svi- ii tha-. sufferers hy tim recent disas'er, and had also a
sense of lt* respianslhlllty. Tim Gnvariiincnt aonld not
Immediately aaswn tea ls! t pellsttoa, but would keen
the suli)eet lu view. An oflleiitl liiapiiry hail hain iiihii
I uleil.mul nuiii a result is reaciical tue (int cl uinent uiusl
reaerre it. decision.
PICKED rp AT ska.
St. Johns, N. F., Feb. 1.?A dory contain?
ing two men got astray from the schooner Grace L.
Fears, of Uloiioeater, silty mile* west of Burgcri. last
Tiiursday. and was picked up on .Monday at Little Uiver.
One of the men nann-d Thomas Wulsh was dual; tha
nillir, Alt*' it Blackmore,was Badly frozen. Tiie dory
filled several limes, but Illarkmorai hale I lt out. Ile
bad*u* fotsl all the time, ami his sufferings wen-lu
tense. _
I.iimios, Thiirsalay, Feb. 1, 1R83.
A largely sttended meeting was field to-day lu the hall
of tba leatttah Corporation IB tinselly. Among those
present were Lord Arrblliald Campbell aud other Scotch
tiolahtliiii-s. A resolution was unnulinously passed
i-ecnliiineiiding the appnliitiiient a.r a commission to lu
qalntatS thegiievaucCBof thc crofters BB the Uti of
bk vc.
Tnc Government of Denmsik, In Ita representations to
Prussia In legardto the position of the 'A*>(jO Danish
subject* in North Hchleswlg, I'russis, jsiiut* out that by
the Danish law all Oerm tn Schli swig Hols'eluers liihat,
itlog Denmark are epeclally exempted from mlliUry
A dispatch from Vienna says: " The Pcnsl Code Com?
mittee In tbe i/ower House of the Keicbsrath bs* derided
in favor of the maintenance of c.ipital puulabmeut."
A dispatch from Neiichatel, Switzerland, aays: "The
Cantonal Government haa Issued a proclamation mu
demnmg tbe recent attack* hera) upon the 'Salvation
Army' and the consciiuent tlisuirbaiices, and exhoris
the citizens to respect religious liberty aud the right of
nubile meeting"
A diapateb from Berlin says that the President of the
Keiehstug acknowledge* the receipt nf a further sum of
r*0 OOO m*irk* fruin New York for (he relief of the snf
foi'ers hy lbs Inundations in Germany.
tht Dublin Eiermun't Journttl says that the Land Cor
pa.rsiion ha* reconstituted and will oegin operatlona lm
The Portuguese burk Tlde.Csptali* f-ouricro.frorn New
York December DJ. for Oporto, ha. been wrecked nun
Kapoieudu. The crew was saved.
The Herllu eorreapondent of Tht Tim-t aaya : "The
hull originally orgaalzard to eolcbrste the silver weddin*
of tue Crows fruin is W he held ou the WU iu.t., when
tbo court will be out of mourning. Most sf the distill
SBBhed guett* who were prevented from coming here
st week by the death of Prince Charles will bo present
st thc ball/' _____________________
MoNTfiOMKBV, Ala., Feb. 1.?The Legislative In?
vestigation Committee will not report on the em?
bezzlement of State Tro .surer Vincent before to?
A gentleman of this city says that he took break?
fast at Nashville on Tuesday morning with Vincent
and that (he latter ?ant he was going to Ncw-l ork.
There have been no developments hero.
Frederick Wolfie, whoa I narno was mentioned in
flin letter left liehiiid by the fngitivo State
Treasurer of Alabama, sent the following dispatch
to the Governor of tins State yesterday :
I desire to correct some misrepresentations regarding
Mr. Vincent's transactions through my Monteoavxery
otha e. I have never had any transactions with Mr. Vin?
cent except such as ari" on the book. In my omeo In
Montiroiiierv. No remittances were eva r maila- by him
direct to me, nor did I ever borrow an* monev from him
nor have anv Joint trim.action* in cotton or otherwise
with him. Mr. T. L. Gillon, who hascbarge of nu trihi B,
ls Instructed te iris." jun or tea committee any Informa?
tion you desire, uud my boote aro open, to you anal tho
a I'lnioltlce.
Mr. Wolffo sent a still more eiyHeit dispatch to
W. W. Sen sss, Becrei try of State anil editor of The
Montgomery Advortiomr.
In further explanation of his busbies., relations
with the defaulting Btate Traaaoror, Mr. Wolfie
saul: "I have inver bad any joint BCeeBBl with
Mr. Vincent i I never received from him a reojaaat
for financial aid. Beepecalatcd In cotton, but all
bia Hillls.Idiom With Hie WIT ! caalii'lHteal tlltoiult
my house ut Montgomery. I have asked a full ac?
count tren there, bot, so for a.-* I con judge from tbs
papen In my poesesakra, Mr. Vincent's loaon
in cotton tpecutetfon did oof axeeed |60,000,
if the profita which bc reeeived ho deducted.
Ile Bpeoalated ssuh oilier linns, I am told, ami
iberefon may have lost altogether much moro
than that. Mr. Vincent ssa. reputed in
Montgomery ta> be wealthy, anal nothing tn lu.
dealings with me led bm t<> snppon thal Imssss
uaiag th. State'a monev, I became acquainted iritb
Iii, in IsT'l. ss lien, I think. In- ssas private BS*
ir ns to tb* Governor. >Ir. Vincenl aasalwsyas
' bull.' no ma ter what the price of cotton wa he
alwaya though! that the price would ira much
:. I have not seen bun stine October, when
I m i la Munt '.'oii.ii c."
Two firms r. i.\ Koberteon d Co. and Fai!-\ I
Co., Mila, ami bough) c.inoii for Mr. Vincent, bot the
orders esme through Fr. tl nek Wolffs, lt wm nid
ai their olin- 4 K -t.-Kii,', that all the transactions
. d before Mr. Wolfie --;.I an office kn New
li) lil BOBAPU Iaa im
si, Paul, Minn., Feb. l. On tbs nveutb ballot
in tba Legialston to-dsi l?. M. Pablo,ol Stillwater,
a niambar ??! tin" Mat.- Beasts, wss sleeted United
States Benator, receiving 81 ont of 135 votes coat.
The Deaweratawenl to bim almost nlidly, aadid
?ha" s.,p;, it. is of Donnell, Kindred and a,
Wisdom's fri ods sion,I bj i!i : man milli the last,
and ssiiei it In a.Tiii." end ol lhal Sabin weald be
elected, they nada a dnp* ;. but vam effort t<?
M'lille lill a .Jollllllli III.
Dwight M. Sabin ssas born in Connection! In
18-4-1. At aa early age ha weol to Illinois, wh.
bis father sagaged te farming on un extensive
init lu* health failing, in- returned tel tans, t
nm. where bmw ol Dwight's jronth waa paaaed
and when bte father di a!. A t. ts raara Inter Mr,
Saimi, baying bc -n obliged by ill health tai abandon
lu- .T.-iiiratiiiH. i'i tba legal profel . eaate to
Minnseots aad bj business brewdnen n B i a
trio tor Mum .uqiitT" 1 n larg" fortuna Ha haa at
? Prison i-outr irts anal I* saul to
!*<? wortii nveral Ultana. Abut a year aga* a
Northwestern car-m.ifsetunng eonpany, tba
inn ? Imporlanl corporation in tbe Btato, was or?
ganised. Mr. Sabin being the |lll!ll I |-a I St, ac lill" li le |,
president ani manager. Ile baa *--i veil nveral
ta-rm. in tin- Legislature, Tbough Dot noted asa
sl.ii' niau or an or.ito-, lo- is om of the Bttfewdest
ami tiio-t successful i*, .111 j, *J msnagOM in thi' Nor th
ss. ,t. He ls s very genial, pnposaeaatng man, ami
extremely popular a ith ail els
Dbtboit, Mi< h.. lei). I. The firel ballol
for Butted -t ita s -J, ii iii,i In Joiiit esaVSOtteO IS day re?
sulted as follow* : li i iv. I'.*: Palmar. H; lliirrows, S;
Willet*. 7 ; si .m. i : ?*. I.. WK a i, of (irsii't lUplals. .'I ;
cu'cii. on. .': Lacey, 2; and Hannah, 1. TBenasadend
Hurd biiiiaats siiaiw.ii io lint iiii oban-rs.
ii,.- i. s.aaitioii paaate hy ihe lower Basse al tea
legislature se,i ral si cal I ni.- ter aa in i ? -tiiiic nm of the
charges nt bribery In Moneetloo with te* p mding Eh sa
tm i.ii i aili ta si an adapted tell .raina by tbe Senate.
Annapolis, Mil , Fel*. 1. M.i!leii remain thc
.nine sf Hie Nasal Acadaiiiv ns they closed l.i*at tngiit.
This muming tBan Wan satSOg UM usual orders tun
with lists (d thou" cadet* wno tte.e i-haiga-al with trnill
iious a iiiiiLu t ami nile otha-r bsl of thiMte ebal ir.-.1 with
ill-i,rderly condini. 1 hair nama", raaulal uni to nhtalna d.
Then orders ara' n<,| tBOVed to bc 8880 anal it I. u,r*iii.t
order* te speak teo esdai Taara wa. un abssrtag to?
day ?, that much aif th ? uni!'nv bu. bren iioppcd.
w.si'jmjihn, k?h. i, tma Boomery of ibu Bery ex*
BBBBBn In* opinion of th*- recent traaubles st Annapolis
as follows: "The dlsim i.anccs and Insiitinrilliiiilioii
among Mic cud* t, at Auuapulis ss HI doubtless subside If
Hu supi rlrileiideiit is allaatrod tai wairk oil! a result with?
out inO-i fcra-ni.-c. Hut II the cadets arc ena-oursired to
persis! hy (loir parents unit friend* the dlimlssal of fnriy
or tidy linty result. TBS Steal diftii'iilty IB tee uiiiiiairi
nient nf Hie lr ideuiy is thal Mle I) ale lilia! tlielr rein:lons
fall to leaUn that thc sclinol I* nallan ordiasry seminary
of learning, where tin-.tinli-ut. pay fur Mic cdm-atlou
which tiny r-anne ir ths teWS ci peet Hie same |,Mri
Baas, IH-eitles unit e.iay lita- sshirh ii:* y may nave lu au
au dinars academy teary aBauld rssign sad let their pteen
he ruled nt atoota wnimy annssrvsdtartes.mit than
ni tn tai thc nrivui.aiiis umi labors of thc Aa sonny. f**
lara* tin' !>? p.n uncut new unili-rstands the alllttcolllrs
at Ilia- Academy ll vr 111 "il. Lilli Ihe hupaii inti-iidi-Iit, a-vtui
lo tba extent of diimisslng the larger pail aaf one of tba
cluisa'B." _
I'lioviDiNcK, lt. I? Fi-b. l._The, Naval
Cajurl of Inipnry, aif which Captain Italph (Tialiallt-r ls
president, assembled st thu Torpedo tsTallou, Newport,
today, at (he nipicst of PBBBBd Asilslant-1 uymasier
Hli'plien Kunai, Jr . piiym??ter at the Nlatlaui, wliooe dc
tachini-nt from *luty ha*l been asked by Captain t-eif
rlalga". Hie commandant. The Captain lind aevrral ott,er
almttsst testlgH Capnte tolmoa-saisles' tnat Kauo
haa! (eil Hied lo prices ni certain ginni, aa being lanae nf
tho anuru! marist. Upon Inquiry h wu. teano (hui tba
price* cerllfleal tai were in aia'c* of lathers aihtalued liv
Hie nu jul lor a,tin -er. 1 lie i ii ,| iii i y will be emilliiucil tn
morrow. _ _
Boston, Feb. 1.?Emly I Iii*-* morning awheel
mill of the American Powder Couipuny'a works, at Ac?
ton, Muss., exploded with a terribie crash, snaking tue
dwelling JBSSan tor many Stiles, and lia-uinliiUing tbo
wooden framn building m wmcb tue mill was situated,
aa well a* damaging other huildiugs of tue company. No
workmen wore killed or iiijur.il,
Haiiuisimuc, Tenn., Feb. 1.?Tho nomina?
tion of m. Dava. Page to be Controller of Philadelphia
wss to day rejected hy (he Me n ate after being reported
favorably from (he coiuinlMeo.
TitLVKiN, N. J. Feb. 1. Samuel ( uslriisn, of
New.i ..wini pissen Kuli) r tn s a bug* si passing counterfeit
niiine.v dais lieeu nt.'iitencisi tai Ihe **ibUi lilwiu lol Bl. mimili*
and to PSI * '"ie ur ttttx
ILl.KilAL rail.I.Ki "TI ON (lt' KKK.-*
THLNTON, N. .1., Feb. | I* BOW .M.TtUillard, ("I
J tulla e air tbe Peaaa-, ut Wl.hlllKlaall Towns'il-i, IO the Olin.
Hill ( mul HsiUy pii .ul?,| kuiiIV I.. Ile- i inti s-a- nf ('tillea Hug
fees from Hie cassi? in ila Huom i iluiluai canes purituiUng to
Iii. a. basil Hla-d In-line him Um >0.,,.
A I'l-sllONKIST ( LhltK A UH I .HTML
Wn.xtivoiaiv, ii?!., i I.. I.?Mania tt. Cala, oas
nf Die liilludcliilila Oaa trait clerk! a hargeo with tergety.
wai aria-alert tnis luaarutuK at thc ll^litha.usc at Hie mouin ut
the i liiistiana,
Si-iDMiliH.la. Mm. I.b. 1?William Carroll,
a fielfiit liisla-iiiaii ian Hiv Hiis'nn BDi) Allaanv I tal! mail, wai
k lilli 111 Haa I. ll .1 ?'" ' Ba (S|.l 11*11-1.1 lllls BflClTlOUli 0> fall
u* uiMlt r Ult: a beal* al a U alu.
the ntiw-vork and BBOOBLTB AgBB?BLT?Bl
Alhany, Feb. 1.?-Tho New-York and lirook
lyu Assemblymen have screed upon a hill to regulate
tbo sale of liquor In their cities, and have graciously ad?
mitted tte neat li Its beneficial provisions all the other
cities In tho Htate. The liquor-dealer ls not to bave
bis sensibilities shocked hereafter by summary
arrest for disobeying tbe Excise law; If he
dt.ohcys lt tm any day except Snualay.
For under thia law a policeman on discovering thats
liquor dealer ls selling liquor on Sunday can summarily
arriHt him, lint if tho same dealer violates any of the
commands of the Excise law on a week day, the police?
man must obtain a warrant for the arrest from a police
This arrangement ls the result of a compromise bo.
i st a en ct.rtain Sabbatarians now here and
Assa-mlt mam who represent tho llquor-deallng
tnta-re?t. Fair a month tbe New-Yairk aud
Iirnoklyii As-eiiililynten havo been attempt
lng to draw up an Excise bill which
wooli toestteteeteryte them, to tbe Mean rtaalen, to
Mn- tsnpatann societies and te fhn Sabbatarians. Con?
stantly what BeeSSSd Irreconcilable did'erena-o* of opin?
ion arose. Two suh-committees have labored In vain to
rea amelia' thasaa dtgltresen Ob Tasadsy a third sub
I'oiuiiiitia c, coiisistnig of Bowe, Campbell ami Millar, nf
New-York, ami I It-nry aul Taylor, of Brooklyn, ssa- ap?
pointed. Tha Rev. Dr. Attertnry, of tnu "Sabbath
Caiininiit. e," of N.'w York, ami ex-Judge Arnout BB
peared before Mil, cori-.uilita??? ami uiaile BrgBB88Btl la
laver of iiialiitaiiiiiig IBs Isw tn as strict a fottii, so fur
i- -iiiiiliiv I- ciici-riieil. as at present. Assemblyman
"Tun" Campbell iirgai! that tl.summary nrrc-t "
ciniisa- aif the Excise las should be abolished. Mr. Bowe
asked Dr. atterbury if be would bentlsBedU suuiuiary
a iii nie only on Bund ay, and r eelved a np r
In tee .minn.ilise. Br. Bowe then told Mr. Campbell
timi lu- ought to accept tin. compromise tn
behalf of ibe tlqnor-desJcrs. Campbell finally
ace* i-i- ii the ??.j>.-..:...-.-. I here ssa* theo a ananlmooa
Saa| Hilt the ' l ,|ec l,e,| clause " nf tbs Exa'lsl" law
-1.ld be aboll.ru d. n oat al.ra lived teat the ' -m.
.iiiat inne Hie power ol trull.
lentos any lieenset .ranted by them to -eil liquor, fiann
am*- pillia to soot tier In their Jurisdiction. This
is un aim Linn nt ni tbe Exoiae law longdnired bj tbs
lllllll,! ,:.
tpressed In a tail! wbleb *sa
quently presented t.. the entirebodj aaf Assemblymen
from Se* -York sud Brooklj n sud sppraved by tin m. Mr.
Home Intend* rt to present the bl I io the i sae nobly ? bi n
-it fl ral met thia morning, bul noon niter
ritui at tbe Assembly ('bamber no learned thal Mic As
-a-llllalt Illili tram (lia- a,||,er Cilia, llf tile -lille l|e-irel|
ti.iii ii - provisions should be spoil I ? mo io theil -
tin additional se tlou was therefor* written In (ho bill,
makins ihe act apply te every * ty In I hi Htate. lu Mos
shape tbe measun as* submitted to ths Assembly. Ba?
ba . ampi* 'a- Lill :
Mia ims l. The respective Boards aaf Commissioners
ol l.x'i-. si. li, if all m." ntiiar reipairetnenta of the
Lia have been a.>inp! i?-?t wita, grunt i ?? an I
person or persons tu sell strong or spirituous liquors,
sar, io in .ii nu. un tiie premise*,
i aai in,! tu, \ keep oi p upon te knp an ton,
t (SITH Ol la.
-i ,s iii !? ipectlve Boarda a-f Commissioners aif
Excise shall h-sa- tbe power to trsssfei any llcenn
ed by them, respectively, from * mother
within Hm i re?peetlvejur1*(bctlon,
-ii No person or persona having a llcenn te sdi
[or spirituous liquaars snd ru a. or wise*, ste and
iia-ei. fr, in >i ! ..mi of coinmlsaloiii rs of exoiae or otha r
body "t person or persona authorised by law to Kraut or
laa-iie sm n jci-ii.i .. ur iii. i , saen ta or other em?
ployes of such i ? i - ?! or persona -.-ensed, shall be
iiric-lcit for any s)leged rio.i aif the exolse
law ur ic.*- by aai peace ntl! 'er ur other pt mo vitilH-ii!
i warran! tin-ra-fa-r based on oil las it daly issued sccor I
lng to '.cs. exoepl between Mi ? boura "f I a m. ami inui
ni?b( on -iimia\ -. ss lu ii tbe -.ii.i i ii.:.inam thal] be msde
in tin- pres* nee aaf -u, hofflcei ol person.
lon si i aaf said .ul of April slxte.il. litll'l' ll
li ii m. 11 ,i umi ni: ?cs ? ii, ? ni;: ? i 'Ah iel to suppress In
teui|>. ia if,lille ll,,? sun ..f Intoxicating
lia|u.ai,, ' ii. ii. ra ny rape ?
bbc "i. rbis ni shall apply to avery etty la this
?-i a i. sn o'- sad piris o. naif inconsistent wun
t ara- herein ri-|ae,i|,-d.
Si i . 7. Hue aa 1 si,ali lake i IT. cl iiimi.-dUta ly.
i I ml till: III ..I I lil . a .lim -I'., \|,|.N I ill' lill- I III HI'S! |
Al.DAM. Fd*. 1- The I'liiiocratM of the Leg?
islature ara grabOteg 'attie -, nutting up salnrie* anal op?
posing I ie abolition of onlen oflton; ma .ned, ahas
lag all ts* a '.i.irieti ii,tn-* of Mieir party. Testerdsy
tins tsstto s grsb ls the Assembly for sll tbs pationage
af the Stole bal ld Inga ta Albssy; to-ttey in tba asms
ta,.ii i.ii !? a- i the -a,.ir.i a of tua- policemen oi
Pew-Tot -.? ti.iMM) p. r s'lmitn. ami m tbs Beasts they
uili ri d a stunt reaiatean te Senator Pitta's lull abolish
lag tbs unless oflli i of Casa! Auditor.
Mr. oakley's lull nun j,.a, lu, pmj tt New Ya.rk
p, alleen, - -i w.is 'nirly rushed rhi'aaiiirh the Assiinl.ly
BpeakerCbapio todeed throughout thc morning, hy hi.
di -in- lo a If .Illa BUSiUCSS, pl'iv-lltcd Mia; alf taut I* SU*1
smeiuimciit of aeversl hnportaal 'dlls iliat petaled
.tin. in! uioiif. Mr Bowe, of Nits' Vuik. refused to vote
faar Mr. (Malay's SUI 00 tba gTOOBd tesl lt ts.is iiujiitt to
pul clpai ena it lind llnilli ,| pa..l. .Tile li nu tin- same
I. vii so f.ir a*. WBgn are conr.-riia-il. Hr. Booaevell
deland Unit flu- Hill sviia il c.aii-llfiittiiriiil. Maire.iver,
Ibe Police Commissioner* of Bea s.,ir* themselves "'it
ll-la. .1 rim! tin- pm '." p.Ula a men slue||i| i.e :n 11 ii li .cal til
Ti. i"" lin bill would at once lucreae* Ibe exnenaea aaf
Hu- i'aiiu . Departm* bi **7 i.ooo nnd ultimately *-.: lO.OOO,
Tbe tell Waa passed by a vote ol HO tn-.M. Mr. Mur
phy'a Mil '.ai ihe iipi.iaiiiiaiciit of two polios matrons for
a n -i ;?. Ira s'.illaaii loo|.a- iii Ness S. ,uk St.IS pa-scil lay ll
sad.-i,r iii.i I,, a.. lins will Increase tin olly eipensn
*T(,h,ih8i -early.
In tee -flint.- the bill ol Senator rut* abolishing Um
olin e nt a nu,ii Auditor, useless -nice the nasal* wera
maali- free, was opp*.i in ic. i) i.v Senator Roberta, the
Democratic chairman of thal anal Coaunlttei Tbs bill
na. im.illy urdered tai ii third n ailinn
mr rat aa ot rn in nu. raiaoaai
Aili tsv, Feb. I.?Siiiiiiii F. Lansing's bill
pmhlhlilug Mic sale of Ihe iain.ooo .uris of lan I ossni d
by the .-lute In tin' Adirondack Wilderness ws* dehateil
hy the Assaiiibly to Bight, BSVStBl nf the AsHernlilynieu
representing tbs cniinlias Ohenta this lanai ls ai tua teal
Bttesspted tai iiava- ttn-1r easattn essnptod Beat ita
piaisislniiH. Mr. Poynton, of Kana Cunnii, e-peclally
Insiilisl ii|ttiii tba adoption *at an aiuunilmeiit covering
flits point. Ile drew upon himself thc wrath of Mr. De
witu *>f elster, who taite sand fha- Asssnbty that the
linnhe run ii of Mn- Adirondack, bought tba 1st Hie land*,
Shipped them of valuable t inlier aud then
neglected tai pay talc, ou t ie leeds It was
Mic object aif than men so tu amend thc bill that they
inulacuntiiiiie tm- practice lix Judge taite, ol Beru
Ilia-!, ilaiiviieil Mu- inns; e.nquciit umi practical ll-i-ei ll
of r tn- seaton la desertption ol' Mic hesoty nf tbe Ashen
dack tereala At ibe close sf lil* soeeob thu Assembly
broke forth Into lund uppl MMO
Mi Taut nu ii I, nf ITUeS, iiifaiimcil the Assembly that
than Wen BSW nu (Ile ut ths Lund Commissioner's oflteo
iipplicalliuis for .1 l.irtM) iicrt-s ul I lu- .-tate's AilirtxialBl I.
lands. Ile Mun lead a letter lunn lix (iovcrunr Bonito
He> ininir urging Hie poSSSga aif tba' lull as a measure
of the highest State policy. Mr. Si'vniuur ileclsrcil
Dial the rapid deatruciliui of the state'* fnrc*tH was
sa iltiiialy ufl'ca-tliig crops. Karna st spca-iin'S ni snppoil
of the bill wen- ulnai linnie by .1. Wiliou lliiiuk* ami Mr.
Tiie lull w as nidi.red (o a f In nt reading witboiit amend
iiicii 1 bs au almost iiuauluiuiis taite, its lin.il passage la
assured beyond questloa, sh it ha* alreaaty passed the
bena!*-. It Will, therefore, BOOB reach tile Uovtruor.
Ai.itANy, Feb. 1.?Iii tlio Assembly to-day
the ((allowing were muong the iuds passed' Authcru.
lng the ('.Tunion Council nf lirooklyn to construct a duck
at tbe loot of I'earl-st. (yeas S7, nays HO); und for the
laying out of a new strict fr. rn One hundred and
Kif ty second st. and Ninth-axe. to Macouih'a liam laue,
Anning the bille Introduced were tbe following: Dy
Mr. Clarke, Increasing the salary of the Interpreter of
tbe Court of General Mt-aslons to gt-S-OOO s year, aud by
Mr. Hums, to strike out the provision of the exiatlug
law which limits tbe amount lo be recovered by a rela?
tive of a person killed in an socident to f.'i.OOO, and to
allow such a relative to sue ss for the loss ot a limb.
Ihe bill appropriating $.Tii.oon fur Mic adult blind In
the city of New York was repotted.
In tbe Henate Mn* lollowlng bills were introduced : Hy
Mr. Alien, aiiuiia-luK tin- name of the Chautauqua Lake
Munda* school Association to the Chautauqua Assembly;
by .xlr.Hoi/d,Incorporating thc Cnlveralty Medical College
Society aaf Mia- City of New York ; Dre. John C. Draper,
Alfred I, Lan.mi*. William Dm Hug. William ll. Thomp?
son, (ionics lilllie I'iiralee. J. Winlaton WrlgUt, William
M. Polk mid 1-ewts A. MBBBMB are named as the lu?
ci pan .uni *, sud the corporation ts authorized to pur?
chase umi holli rca) umi persamal property lo un amount
HUI a- in aa lilla.' *?'-">.""" . by Mt. Kiel Ililli, 1UTII hiing Ml* t
nu tiBiiklug eurum lil loii organized and tining hilliness
under laws oi the United Mimes, otha-r than New-York
State, whleh shall be taxed upon Its capital
by the laws of the State where such bank la
netted, .hall be taxeal upon its capital bustueasor de
poktt* by virtue of the New-York laws, nor shall any
assessment of such tex noi iilri>ualy paid be collected ; oy
Mr. Drowning, providing that hereafter tho Captaina *>I
tbe l*i.i-t a*( Ni w York shall receive an annual s?l?ry of
85,000 mid (ne Harbor Masters $1,000; ll shall be
a misdemeanor for siu-b official* te receive fee*; also sp
pioprlaitngeiOO.OOO for the erection of un armory in
New-York (liv for (be Sta Itrgim.-nt; and by Mr. Hoes,
the Eleld Civil Code wblcb paaaed tbe Legislature last
year bul waa not signed by tuc Uovernor.
Thc Senate paa.e.1 the bill granting to tho 1" irs of Na?
llian c. Winslow eartalB lauds under tne waters of tbe
Niagara Uiver at Buffalo.
A communication from the Regents of the Cnlverslty
as Wast sn of thc State .Museum, iu answer ta) a resolu?
tion of the Senaro asking what additional accommoda?
tions are necessary for tha- collection* on the Natural
IHstory of the State wa* received and referred. The
communication recommends tue passage of Mr. Lan?
sing's bi!! to regulate thc state Museum aud to provide
for its occupation of the State Hall.
Mr. Drowning offered a resolution requesting the
Committee ou Canal, to ascertain the extent to which
the line of the New-York, West shore and Buffalo Rail?
road has been or ls being conatraeted upon and along
the canal property of the Slate near Fort Piste, by
whom permission was given for such construction, thc
authority for the same and the considerations,
pecuniary or otherwise, given or promlseal for such per?
mission. Tho resolution was tabled until next Wednes?
Tho Assembly Committee on Way. and Means reported
favorably to night the Senate bill depriving thc Com?
missioners or Emigration of flOO.'iO) of tho $200,000
granted them by the legislature -f 1.883.
Mr. Clarke in the Assembly tonight Introduced a bill
extending the time *or the building of an elevated rall
road In the annexed district of New-York to January 1,
Ai.hant, Feb. 1.?Tho Railroad Commission?
ers held their first meeting to-day. John O'Donnell took
tlie oath of otllco yesterday, and obtained his coinmis
slon from Governor Cleveland. John D. Kernan and
William T. Roger* followed Mr. O'Donnell's example to?
day. The Commissioners did nothing st their meeting
except Inspect about s thousand applications for the
post of secretary of thc commission.
Alp.anv, Feb. 1.? The Senate Committee on
Miscell ineiiii. Corporations will report favorably the
following bills: Mr. Italy's bill providing tor the laving
Of electric-light, telegraph SOO telephone wires under?
ground; Mr. lloyd's bill Incorporating tabs Culver,ity
Medical Colbee Society, of tile Mate of Nev-Yolk; Mr.
Mutti'-lui: f.,r tue relief of the Society for the Relief of
the u dows umi Ch Idren of Deceas* ai a lergymsa or the
Protestant Bpl*copsl Church, of the State of Bew-Yctrk.
Tbe Jtsaeinbly Committee on Commerce sod Navlga
tlon will report adversely Mr. Hailey's bill doing away
sviii sompnlaory pilotage In tho East River, sod will
report favorably the bill giving tbe Board of Aldermen
anal the Mayor of Brooklyn power to construct dock*.
Ai.HAST, Feb. I.?Ia tin- Semite to-day a
cumin in ll aluin WM received from Mm Attorney-Men
eui! anal Controller relative tai alleged cvarlon of thc
BtSteISWS requiring ihe pavuu-ut ol Lite, hy corpora
id referring partteuterly te the Western Dates
iii Company. Ths natsannhailoti. which wa*
read sud referred, i* ta BObsteon a* follows)
Under the low nt 1880 bs amended la 1881 thecon
troli* i i- aurii,ari/rd to collier fruin corporations lloteg
business within tbe BtStS a certain percentegB 'ipon
? poi i iii of dividends sbleh ii would pay upon
ita eopttel steefc. Thia fatwas das ls Kovembn, Tba
Beelera ii'-'ii Telegraph Company si thstttanhsd
not, it i. alleged, paid Ita tezea, sad, according to tbe
dividend thai ir la said te have paid, lt weald ewe tbe
Btete about |125r000fn tsxtt aad would bo Itebte te
|, ,v 810,000u i penalty for m-t paying teem trbea das.
introller repasted to Ito wii'IU'S Mineral that
ibe Western i'm, a relegnphCoropiuy bad aol paul its
Lases, and requested tm- -\ t tor i i.-s -(. a ri ral tu bring it
suit ii- .an.-, i.i i iilorce their piivmi ad. A suit WU
brought to recovei 1130.000 back texas aad penalty.
Pap ri were served upon tbe officers ol the company,
ah.ant tba asms time application wm made nv John
Moore to dissolve the Wntern Union Comp my, alleging
sn illegal tnerrsna*f cspltsl .tock to *8(),<jw.OOO. ir
lb aa i.i to ic ot. r -*t; a i.i* a* for tens, etc , is allowed ra*
ha- prosecuted, and that amount ie neon-red. ir ls
questionable wbetber tbstwlll bo! to .rn adjudication
thal their iapn.il Of *?'-n.i.iii.ikio i- vii.i? I, and tim. pr. ?
veil! (lie Iliiuill Ol Mr. Mnnl'e. Tile Slate nil'hair! I les ale
si ri- 'ai know whether or Bot they aball euter lodgment
0,000 Hack laic* and u-k teglslative letiou.
The counsel fur tba telegraph eenpaay Biska the fol
laiwiug arni* nu ni: Tba sppltesttes a>( the Attetaey
Pea etsi lo Hie laglalalUltl for lustructlon* ai to his pro
cced'.iig agaitis! tee Western DstoS * ump.my lu the sutt
ni tee pcopie of the BtStS, Bte., to recover smile *l_T,000
BIM a,leged tO bc due on tim capital stock of
r-".*Hi*i,iHX), is bast tl upon a misconception. Tho
suiumuiii ami complaint were served un the company
.la'ii ny 4. 1--.'. and the appearance uud answer of thc
SOnpaau *-?****.*?* nave been followed In regular course ou
Un .'."itti aif January. Hy a simple overnight tbs com
piny neglected to appear In time, tbe piper* having
been mislaid between the company's office and thai of
Its colin,.'.', nu tue an-.-iii-r--ii?-t- of this default tba Al
t.arney lit-iu rm supposed that ll ssa* Intentional on the
p in -ai tin.mp.ms, amt d< signed io bung about a ntl*
acation a r itu whole Issue ol stock i-y iniferlng the State
ta) (ail a t ISM lipaiii lr, Hint i.eu-'ai hit request
lair Instruction* ile company hu nnt forward atti
alas ns ibo* nu. the fact of ii* oversight, ami aaf its Inten?
tion to proceed willi tile ll. felice of Mle actnill III the
usual course. Bo Intention of raising any question el
du- I. nd siigga -teal, existed or ii a'a" ii rici I tai the comp mv,
Slut lt I* Satl'lsi ll liv lt* Counsel that a gO'iai abicc.Cc ii)
Ihe tax suit exists.
Pull AIM! rmi, Feb. 1.?Thc first issue of the
MO Use cent glean was made fraim the Mint to-day.
Oas billum d ind twa* thaiuiaml four hundred pieces
wan pat tate elrsulsttoo. The mw nickel* san eagerly
BOUgbt and for (Ive hauir* a constant BtTSSnsf pur?
is were u( fha" ilistrihuiiiig (leak. Thi" supply was
eui.lusted 1,,ng lufaira' tile rinsing hour. Tilt- new co:u
will be Struck Offal (he rate of *,.'t.*K?u per day.
Fi tlk.-im ito, Va., Feb. l.?Dr. -George E.
lil vis. a physician, and an ex member of thc Virginia
L'gisiiiiurc, wn* arrested to-day ter uuemptiug to buy
votes at tba- Uta' election. Rives is a pronounced
(llvilam*. Feb. I.?The Millers' National
Association t" day adopted a reaotauou instructing the
Executive Committee to -asks s settlaatenl sitbclsim
atit* ol patents a hen lt ssa bc made for a noniinal sum.
Df.nvku, Col., Feb. 1. At Socorro, N. If..
naterdsy, MhciifT Btetpssa lirougut to Iowa ,i mangled
Melli .ni hs a pnsonur. He sod anni her Mexican, wno
m.uc rivals, lucked themselvc* lu a room uud fought
with axes. Tba" man svho wa* brought iiitototsuli.nl
Shopped lu* rival lu a horrible maimer, severing hts
head from lils budy.
A VKItl'U T AUAIN-TC. W .tr K. I'A HUM Ik! K
Chu Kio, Feb. 1.?Tilt* suit ol P. F. Ryun
against C. \l. a K- Partridge, ibo dry goaMl* merchants,
wa* io day decided In Barn of Byan, tnt* Jury nsrar.iing
hun i-l 1,1.1(1. iv) in tm thc manager of Illa- linn's West
hull- Sinn-, am! sumc years ago wus given a oiiarier lu
terest la the pnflia Be was also te dna 888 a week
and nave tue eton-rent free. Thc dim tried (o deduct
thc SBA per week mid charge $4, ooo * year reut for the
store. ________________
I'm Mi" ton, N. J., rab, I.*?Tbs fol owisg football
director, wno clea iaal at thia Ballan (at al af: Look anal
illili kwell, alf thu ic illili class, llaniuuii BM Higgs, nf Hu'
juniiai clui*. and Kemptcr, of the liosliinen. MuUat, aif thc
junior elliss, was chnseu captain for next year.
Thknu'V. N. J., F*-b. 1?- Tim stat*' Hoard nf Ed
ii. .i'la.ii held lt* annual meeting hare this aaf teriioon. Uovernnr
I ii.liow iiri-hliling ofllrers weie ela-ctcd a* billows i PresL
al'ent (lenrge e. Ludlow i vice lareslaleiit. llilllsui A. Win tc
head stewHaosrlalsnasn, Bul*A Apgsr
Nrw-OKMCANS, Feb. 1 ?Bamnel W ukelield, col?
ane.! ' s state -enstor tu IS74. sud deput. narai oltlcer
"int li Stat II tuft IT. when he waa dlscuarged. couinillttil
.mellie today.
I ANC.HTiit, I'enii.. Feb. 1.?Tbe iSafe Harbor Iron
BV_ka owned amt DiM-ruted by the Phuiilx Iron Company,
cio*.sl to-day The opsratlvea will bc transferred toother
woikuf tbe i-uinpauy.
Pun ipfii'IIIa. Feb. L?In tbeCBM of James F.
?',",, storekeeper of (he Almshouse, ca,nnt*ted of for
?,,i Jiida''''"Pb-'-T. lomtt Hare ls day said that he would
_Udistu*'b (be verdict
Piiiladklphia, Fe!). 1.- Itmlolph Muib, convicted
,.1,-niiaiiiiaiv to cheat the Flreiuni'a liiiurniice compuny. or
? i l.'h to wa* sec rt-Ury. was Oils mottling ??nielli ed to prison
mr eleven mullina, toilate from the lune ol BM camiautiueut.
widen gt? ills' one month yet U> W1B
CBOSBB PO in-; t.BAND commandk.h.
WlI.KKSIIAKKK, l'eilll., Fell. l.-Thc .V ut'" hlii'limp
ma-nt iii the Orana! Army ul the llepiib.it- today elected
iicuersl B 8. usborne ut Wilkesiiarie, UlSSS I ..luinauUsi.
l'lTisiiciKJ, Kenn.. Feb. 1? IJeorge ll ie mi lier, of
Allegheny etty, waa srrosted yc?teralay for cruelly treating
Ul* wile who Wa* sb k with I) phuid fever. 111* alleged ihat
he kit ked her anal brutally abused bis luiitnl Mrs ItieinHlcr
died last night, and the attending physician gave ? certlflcale
of death fruin (ypiu'i-l fever
Ho-Ton, Feb. I.?Judge Allen, of the Supreme
coan _nnssestoeatong Tu the sasnynM of the New
England Ti tut and other companies agaln.i t'ar.*line ??..
Usia',Un, dec larine; the rruat toiU. The i ie i>t>adrut. a bu*
b?iitl nnatate n> the ooiiipanlea fiH.ooO Iii traat for blt*
minor chUaiia-ii. lu pr. vent lils wile from ..l.tnlula* payment
uf *_o,U'J0 lu uottsa which ba bad given to boc.
The call for a m,i.*w-mee ting of the friends
of Protection issued by the New-York Assoei
tion for tho Protection of American Industry
was answered laat night by a largo
gutliiiTii'.' at the Cooper Institute. Petei
?Coopee presided, made an address and intro
daeed Winiam E. Dodge, who assisted him in
piesiding. Tlio principal speaker was thc Hon.
William M. I'varts, who spuke for more than au
hour. Dexter A. Hawkins, of tins city, and Pres?
ident Cyrus Hamlin, of Middlebury, Vt., also
spoke. Resolutions reeoniineudiiig " Ameri
c.iii-built ships,'' " adequate promotion to
Ano ii, un industry,'" and the enactment of
laws ant homing business corporations to pen?
sion faithful persons who had been long ia
their service, wero adopted. An addren to tho
people waa ordered to be scut to every gena
tor and Congres-Tiian.
The meeting was BB 8ll.B8lll.B8ll om- in point of
size 88 well as in tbo character ami couiliiet of the
auiUence. It is selalom that mo large a number of
peadons get together to listen to argumont.it iso
addresses in tho absence of all political excitement,
ami (-mle us seldom that sn larg** % gathenug. met
ender saekaiasBflBetBaoaB, phewa n -Mah lateti.
ge.ice In appearance ami action, and so much
Lhongbtfulaen la taaaaaaer, A largo psoeaaaaae
Beeased ta ba skilled ?eebaatea, bal lases wen
BBBOy per-oti.of we.iltli ami prominent positions in
BOCtegy, ami a tliin sprinkling el women, who
lintern-*! to the argument ol Mr. Evatts with unllag
ging interest from beginning to en*l.*
< 'vcr tlira'e thousand people mes le (he hall when
lin- Hist Mi-,1 tums of opeuiug was reached. Every
chair was occupied, and knots of men were grouped
.it eeefa door and at thc heed of each aisle. la t ? ?!
on tba stiigi" auiong others wei rn tht foOewiaSJ men.
toany of whom acted a** vb-c-prcsidcnt. jf tbe meet?
Peter Cooper, James Wutson Wa-bb,
II uni.ion Pish, Juatga- Nn.iti Davis,
Wi.l..un M. Evatts,' l?. - -Mm In.
WilUam I.. Du iga-. o. D. Bal late,
Wllllsm M,Titer Phelp., liiiniisIL I..-..-,- .??*,
LeOrand H. Cannon,
Frederic A.!*--'!-. Penj tl. I'yn ?,
Edward h. AuiiiiiduwD, A ii i rc tv piatebn,
Lciii iniiii 0. (lurk,-, J. I!. iiruiHitiadc,
-nloii lluiiipbreyi, nelli M. Milliken,
Mi urge li. lintier, Dwfg.n lu ?
? 0, Smith, J. Becka-liiloi (? I.
William I. Strong, Chester Urtswold,
.J mea A. burden, Francis eetherbee,
Cornelius H. Hiles, ii ry P. Buller,
Alfred H. Whinny. W. P. Braes ne,
Daniel F. Ap;ac on, O. E. Burton.
jaiiiu Boseb, Jame* Redpath,
William A, Melli fly, Dr. Divi*.
-??ellg S. Fisher. (it-urge SS Dent,
Dexter -t. liasxkins, Jaime* E. aeriell.
Tba-a-u!r.iiici-of a iiunib:-r ot tliest- gentlemen e*)
a anting tim reparable Pater Cooper aaa the signal
for an enthusiastic outburst of applause, which
subsided lon_,'enough to permit Mr. Butler to pre
sa ni Mr. Cooper ns chairman el tbe meeting, and
was iht-n renewed with trebled vigor.
Bl INARKI Off l'ETEl' cool'KR.
Mr. Cooper, who seemeal more than usually vig?
orous, bowed bia BirB-aowlitd .gnana te. then drew
sunn' iiianiiscnpt from his poeksl and
iu a clear, stssdy voice read a? follow,* :
We liav." a-seinblcd, mv friends, tai call your attention
tai ann ni the mo-t I inpatient snbjnts test can now claim
tbe can ol tin- Auiencan people. The aalvocatcs of free
irinle with foreigu nailona ure trying to pal tu.ola-mir
tins eruint-iat and people that lt is tor our tutereai to
buy from oMht couutrle. all the luxuries they bavo
tai ofler. These advocates of free trade propose
that our owo meeaauics shall cither work st
the .-liirviiiii.ii prices of ihe foreign Is
iiaara-rii. ni In- forceal tai uiuii,dim their trades anduecome
competitors with the agriculturists o* the country, ll
me rJestn te bring u|*on our wlnaie Nut hui a fate similar
to th.it which luis (nilen to the lo: of Ii-eluud, Turkey,
Mellew and Htodntes, it is only neeeeeary to arrange
our tariff In a way that will Indaoe tua- people toben
all tba lr iiiauutiigluriiig done lu loreign countries, aud
pay tor lt with iha law motertela ol obi own. Basho
policy will, if I am hoi .mistaken, leeure for our I'nion of
States as rapid a ilea Hue anal tell as Hint watch feb to
thu ba, ol benin tv lien (he Moors, her principal manufac
Liiers. wert-driveu our of tue coiinrry. Mich a polluy
Bight gratify our thirst for all the dearly nought rollie*
ihloU ol European life, but it wmild bring mia
.ii d sntebesteen u-hhi baaands nf timur.main of me
luccliauii-s nf our country, who have untiling ut se ll but
(heir labor. To break up tin* dive rsin. d tan) meut nt
so vhs! a uuuii". r by aeuange of taiitf, and tuen expect
them tia flail liir themselves lither means of living, ts
about us ia aoOi,allie as lt was for Pharaoh to 088881 the
Israelite! io m ike iincka without strew. [Appeases..
In concluding. Mr. Cooper culled on William E.
I>odge to perform bis duties as chairman, and
mossed lu, seat in the midst of applause. Mr.
1 lodge aovaiiied. and remarkiug that
lie esteemed it a great honor to
taken the plan- ot his asteeiiical triatul, flic president;
of rho meeting, he oalled on Mr. Huller to reid the
Uh' of vi*e-presi?li>ut8. Mr. butler began to read'
tin- name, printed in The Tm hi ne yesterday, bus
stopped wheu part way tlowu the list ami moved
Mia> adoption of the hst as printed in the news
pepen, This was carried, whereupon Mr. Dodge
lt is time, fill sw citizens, that those who bellere in
the -iii>i> 11 of American luanuf.ia "lures and lu sustains)
mg t .ti laboring interest* of thia country should let tbs
country kuuw what they believe and what they Intend
to ilo. "(inc of (he greatest dangers of tbe present il na
;* rhc fact that the laboring etsi cs throng,mut tha
country are made to believe that cap
ital la opeveeatef them aud standing fn
tin way aif their advancement, whereas tbe true fact ls
tint the capital of the country ls nsteisteg it* labor
A gentiiiiiiii upproaclied me to-day ou this subject.
He said : " lt )* <i ai it-* time tills Nation should under*taiid
wu ,t frc.? tr.ule mean. ; time Mi.it tue rich cspitallsts
anal |iuu.iuf:i. turcrs should understand that they
siiotiid nu longer Ntanal iii tbe way of tuosa
who wish to lmiMirt from other countries
cheaper than we can manufacture lu tuts." I said ts
bim : "Mo with me *o South Wales. Mo witt tu- st night
into tbe goat iron furnaces aud ?ee th," puddlers work?
ing there sviib their clothe* stripped off to their waist*.
wnde tbe Welsh girls are wnea ling the hot pigs sod
helping.all tor mil a pittance of wh?( we give to moo lu
our irou works when sse dou't ciuplny wouii-n and don't
Inieinl le. Mo on the BobbsSb and
sec Muse people iii tbe same rough dress, washed per?
haps. Hut still the same working-iIre*. teat WS ssw tn
the furnaces. Theu go to some of the American Iron
works: go to Scran (on, wbeie I have often been?ataud
aau tbe porch of a hotel on tba- Sabbath und see ibo
laborers-Irish laborera, with their wives sud families,
well dressed a* gentlemen aud ladle*, going to their
(Trihedral. Tlu-ussk whether we are prepared to uko
away that prof ec: lon which enable* Mies* people to live
ili.is respce'sblv. When we come daiwn to free trsds w*
shall be a different country lrom what we are now."
Mr. Dodge ended his remarks by ssymg ihat he
hud the great pleasure of Mking?he would not ny
of introducing "ii*' ao well known?bia good friend
Mr. Evatts to speak to the meeting. The name of
the speaker sual lu. presence were greeted with
separate rounds of applann, which became speedily
.aBbed when Mr. Evarta prepared to speak. Hia
address was as follows :
Mu. Chairman and Fei.i.ow-ciiir.1 ns. I sta very
glad t ;i nu ni g.i.Uitiiou tuul knowi it-own mind and
ns own plan and (he reasons ot tue work that lt pro?
poses anal ita readiness to chaibmge all comara to gain
tay its purposes and ita doctrines and it* object*, is pre
t.-iiting now to tbe attention of thc rouutiy, ta, rough
public meetings, through pnbbn Hut'-uicuii. through.
Jrltuib- aud airgauir.tid effort*, tbe gresl (incition of
whither rh* labor oi tbis country shall be protected, aud
the vc rv simple aiua-stlou under mir form of Government,
wbcre till .political power ls r.al'y lodged In (ne laboring
r lasses-whet ber tbe laboring classes will protect them.
lelveal (Applause.) I am quite sure. Mi.Ci...irnian, that
lhere is noone witnlu tbe sound of my vol.-.".thai there ls
within the great number* of our population lu these
mat a 'ties no one In any part of our couutiy taut knows
?he relatla.n of meu aud things in tht, great metropolis
hat svill ever doubt that a movement which y?u .tuin
ng to Mr. Coop ri countenance, fdr. bv presiding ov. r lt
it your advanced age hus sny other purpose than tbs
ruod of your fsUow-elOiens. I Applause, j The vulgar
meer* about the protection of workingmen by c.ipltal
.ita, about (he protection ot the laborer, by the rich.
rave no effect over thc minda of thc iutelligcut working?
men of tbla country. Tuen- are no castes in
this country. There are no eiasaea tu this country.
Applause.) There i* no legial itiou iu thia country
thai Hies tue condition of auy mau in lt , Appluinjc J
lhere ta no impediment to the lsbortugman's rising to ba
iu- master of his craft, tbe bead of histudiistry,the Uer
truor of his Suite, tbe Presideui of tbe 1'uin-d Stat**!
Applause,J As far ss I have observed, toe nen men or
the country?nine-tenths of them?tUrreu lu lite aa poor
men supporting themselves by tneir labor. Ercu where
there has been in nen ted wealth their luheriune* dui eos
co far baxk to ancestry who Bad uot gamed the touaea
fion lu tbe work of the Ubortagman. We. lave, wa
know, no disUnctl ona under our teatltutloas, but suss

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