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The tbiwersof tho gorse, says Knotrfrihie,
form it* irront attraction in tho eyes ot the
World al la ive; and, Lodsad, they aro so beauti?
ful when tully out Ural out* can hardly wonder
fit I,inni ns, "ho, winn ho first beheld tho trna.
n all thc golden flory el it> bloeeossing season,
fell down rm bis Knees ami thanked God fer
Veutly for the creation ol bo exquisite a plant.
just nt |.resent (in Englaud) tho flowen an
unaly struggling out by twos and threes in li; ile
patches inn) the branches are covered for the
iiioBtpuit withsonall browu hairy knobs,tbe
raaaaentvl bads, vrLieb an only watti og for s
f*i ell ni inon genial weather to burst their
dusky sheaths and harald Buring inline its
tune. This hairiness ol the calyx is nae ot the
Vest Rims. Dy which yon caa tell the gnater
gorse fruin its dwarf congener; while ali lie
burne time the two little bracts which protect
the l>a*c sn much larger titan in the summer
flowering species. Jhith these pecnliaritiea
show that the winter hlonsaina gorse finds some
special necessity for protecting its young
flower-buds, which is nut c.jually felt hy ita
Slimmer neighbor.
The wiy tho gons ? laoagei its fertilisation io
extremely curious, and nay he followed aa the
humble-bee bustles shunt in his burly fashion
from flower to Mower. Ile lights on the keel or
owcrnio*t petal, which hus two little pits or
<leineK>ituis, ono on each Bide, fitted exactly to
receive his feet] anil his wright then presses
down the keel, so that the stamens within fly
Top elastically, and dust bia breast all over willi
their golden pollen. As the stigma (or sssiai*
five mn face ot tho ovarv) is inclosed in the
stamen -tube, it also romes Into contact witta
bis breast ut the same time, and rubs off it
Soire of the pollen hi ought from the last
flower which lie happened to visit in the course
of his rounds. Yon can push down the keel of a
gorse Moscow for yourself witta your rinper, and
you will see the pollen fly ont in a little Blond,
like spray from I child's ai nirt; only von must
take cine to experiment upon a fresh Bower,
toot vet v isited by the bees, or else you will find
the keel already depressed, and lbs pollen shed
before your antral. The hers themselves
know at once which Bowers are fresh, aud
Which bays been prevyionsly rilled, by observing
the position of the keel \ and thev iii-vi ir .vasts
tl.eir precious time hy Bcarcbing for non-exist?
ent honey in an exploded blossom.
In a article in _Cao***k*o\~? on scientific cook*
eiy Mr. VV. Mattieu Williams called attention
tothe daagerof using drinking water tall of
organic Imparities. Such water, he says, sup
plies nutriment to those mieroacupic abomtoa
lions, the tnurocucci, lnniili, bacteria,etc., which
nie now .shown to be connected with blood*
fKiioooiiiK -poseihlv du the whole of the poison*
ag ouaineaa. These little pests an barniles*,
and pin'.'.illly nutritions, wuen cooked, but in
their raw and wriggling state an horribly pro?
lific iu the blood of people who an in oer ts in
Hates of what i*. called " lcccptivitv.'' They
(the bacteria, <tc) appear to be poisoned or
soinelnivv killed ml bj tue digestive seen
?f the i lood ol sunn' peo| le, and noni ished lux
toiiitiitly in the blood ol tithers. A* nobody
can be qn te sure to which class he belongs, or
Hiay presently belong, ur whether the watei
?supplied tu his boasehold is tree from blood
tnnaoniug organisms,cooked water isa mier
beveia^'v than raw water.
MKellertiug on this subject," says Mr. Will
Snni**. -1 have been struck with a eui iou*, fact
that has hitherto escaped notice, vi/., that in (he
country which over all others ci moises a very
large population with a very small allowance <ii
eleanliuesa, tho ordinary drink of tbe people is
tanked water fiavond by an iufuaion of
eaves. Thew people, the Chinese, seem.
n fact. I t hiive been Ute inventors ol boiled
Watei beverages. Judging fran travellers1 ac?
counts nt the state ol the rivers, rivu?
lets, ard generaldrainage and irrigation ar*
ran^eii. nts of China, its population could
Bearceb bave reached iis present density il
Chin ut. n wire drinkers Of raw Instead of
Cooked water.''
According tc 'Ihe J'niblrr a durable find inex?
pensive method of employing papier-mache as
ft substitute for BMtattngSL carpels, oil-clotns
and oilier door earnings, has been introduced,
the simplicity of the process being also an ad?
ditional advantage in its favor. Alter thc Boor
fens been thoroughly cleaned, the huies and
cracks are then filled with paper putty, made by
aoakin*: newspaper in a paste made of wheat
flour, vvuter and gnund alum, that is, tonne
pound (f sueh flour are added three qusrts of
"eater and a tablespoonful of around alum,
these in hil' thoroughly mixed. With this paste
the Hum is uniformly coated, and noon thi* a
thic\nc .-of Manila oi lu rdwaro paper i*;
or if two layers a'c di sited, a second covering
of past, is spread oa the first layer of Mani a
{taper, and then the second thickness of paper
s pot on and the whole 11 lowed to iiecoiiie per?
fectly drj ; on thia lu ii1, accomplished another
suitv.ee of paste is added, succeeded by s layer
of wall-paper of any style or pattern desired.
On the work's being ? ntirely dry it. is covered
with two 01 inure coins o! suing, made bv dis*
solvii o one-half poandol white glue in two
Unalta ol hot water, and when this has lined, a
coat oi ?? hard oil finisfa v.-nnish," nothing mon
being required after tin Luier haahadtimeto
become iiioroogbly dry in every pan.
A correspondent ot Th* Dahlia t?xprt*? thus
describe* the moving of an Irish bog caused i>\
ftxeeaa ,. rainsi About mid-way betweeB I as*
tlereannd Bellinagar. ?a distance ol six miles
??there i^ a gently sloping vale abounding in
rich meadow aad pastaro landa. The road nt
thi-; poiut is somewhat higher than the adjacent
liebls. Along this valley the bog has forced its
?way. < >n reaching thc road it was held in check
for a considerable time, but eventually it burs,
acio-s. and rushed with amazina rapidity, co**
erini; io its course upward of 120 acres of fine
?* pasture " lauds. Uno farin-bonae stands quite
aurrounded with the mud, the occupants tiaving
bad to flee for their live-. All communication
between Castlerea and Bellinagan loy Una
route) ix cut ell, linir*- masses cf peal with
?wether nmsining on the road for neall] s
filial ter of a mile fully len feet deep. Being
aiixii-iis lo view tho Booree from which il is?
sued, I -Luted ap the field toward the bog; I
found I' began about half annie from the
toao, baying formed a Large subsidence of
aina/.iii;-'extent, from which a Stream of mod
was std forcing ita way. ihe gigantic masses
ot bog borne alon/* in apparently sportive mim?
icry balle description. Ihe matter has forced
it*" Woy into tho River Sink, and mn,un ?
irunntities are paasing toward Ballinaaloc.
Tiie BriHtk ami Colonial Printer ami Sta
tisser gives these directions lor splitting h
sheet ol paper: Get ii piece of plate glass, aod
tlace on it B sheet of paper, then Iel fe latter
? thoroughly Beaked. With care aad a little
dexterity tho sheet can bo split by the top sur?
face being removed. Hut the best plan is to
paste a lime ol cloth OT Mroug paper to each
{ide ot thu sheet to be Split When dry, \io
eutly and without hesitation pull the two
I daces asunder, winn pint of the sheet will be
ound to have adhered loone and part to the
Other. Settee the paste in water, nnd the
?ic( e.* (.in be easily lemoveil lrom tho cloth.
'lie pmcess is generuUy demonstrated asa
matter of curiosity, yet it can be utilized in va?
rious ways, lt we want to paste in a scrap?
book.*, newspaper ai tide printed on both sides
of the paper, and possess only one copy, it is
Very convenient to know bow to detach the one
Side from the other. The paper when split, a*
niuy be Imagine-, is more transparent than it
araabttfofS being subjected to the operation,
Bini lin- printing ink is somewhat duller ; other?
wise the two pieces BCBsaat the appearance ci
the original, bf again brought together.
If ThtOlmjo (New-Zealand) '////irs c.n be de?
pended upon, applications of dei tinily are
Banking rapid progress in the Southern ttemi*
Bpheie. '1 hus in a recent address ihe Kev. Mr.
Gilbert, of Christ Church, told his audi
Sjuco thal it WIS now proved to lie
{-Maible to con vi v bv means oi NCO*
ricilv vibrations of light?not only to
apeak with vouruistant friend, but actually to
Bee him. The elect nee opi?tho name Ol the in?
strument which enabled us to do this -was the
very latest scieutilic discovery, and to Ur. Quid*
rah. of Victoria- suid Mr. Gilbert, belonged the
{iroud distinction. The trial of this wonderful
nslr incut took place at Melbourne on the :ilnt
of October last in the presence of aome forty
scieiititic and public men, and was ? great suc?
cess. Sitting in a dark loom they saw pro*
reefton1 on a large disc ot white burnished metal
the race course at f'lcminirton with its myriad
Of entire baines, Esob ininute detail stood out
with derfect fuleliiv to the original, and as they
looked at the wonderful picton through binocu?
lar {-lasses, it was difficult to imagine that thee
were not actually on the coarse itself, nnd
moving among thone whose actions they could
ao completely scan.
One of the encouraging signs of tbe times ia
the fact that the South is wakiag np to the
raine of its timber bind*. "The lumber in
len-; i,, the United Bl at**a, and in fact of the
c hole world." nays 7/lS Southern. f.iimli riwn,
'"h.'ive assumed ci eh important pt opot tiona thst
lt is due to the people that our Blat'e Govern?
ments sbonld establish a set its of Burveya and
Investigations, with a view of determining the
exact amount ot their forest wealth, and that in
time tiio general Government, through it*
proper department, Hhouhl i ubliah in siansiical
torin th.' result of aftch State's tiinber ie
anureea. While thia authentic report would he
of (rrcat value to commerce, the pres, nee cf tbe
botanists and their assistants in every portion
of the States and Tenitoi ita would arouse tho
people to a sense of the Wealth contained in
their forest possesshrUS, and would perhaps
stimulate them toa mon economical nsi of the
timber, and make them mon careful about
lieservini; it; at any rate, the timber, its ex?
tent, variety and vallie, shouhl be made known
at as eat ly a date ns possible."
YA'hero p. mi.inta atroBm and lirioht swords glance,
Where M.ailed warion in irritii array
At tilt or tournsmeat, or deadly fi ny,
Brandish the battle-axe or conch toe ance,
Would I were there ! My steel heart panta
(nu en n >rc to inin til*, lambie melee I
From knightly hresstto ward the apenr away,
And guard tbs warrior biavc fruin fell mist h.un e.
A Budden bright, onro. with her sufi ?Into bind,
Lac, tl tnis si, ?'! norse el nn bei lover's back.
Made fast this pinned casque liv boo band,
And placed her favor there, liny kissed, aleck!
And parted.
In this corner dim I stand?
kly gassy piuat. I'm only uiie-a-bi.ic.
T. J. 1!.
From Pkt Britltk Medical Journal,
If. Delauuay, in a reeeni eommunieation to tbs
Biological .sn<i- ty, observed thal medii ina, .i> prac?
tised nv sm mala, ls tboronenly empirical, but that
the same may l*s said ol thal practised bv Inferior
human rac b, or, In other**ords, by the majority of
the haman sp oise, animals Inatinctiveiy choose
such food as is best suited to thin. M. fDelaunay
maintains that tbe haman raes slso sbowa thia in*
Ktiiiii. anti lilaim * in, di cal m -m for aol pa] ins auffl
11 nt ifii. it tn t lu- b kc*:;i h. I il isl i kt ?*. 1 the patient a,
which be belieree to be s guide tiiiit mav be de
jieiiiied on. Women sm more ofien hnngi
men, and they do not like tbe same km.ls.it
-. in aai luina for ai ed poor, men .< .i
women are nut on pt. ri-eh the Bameregii ? I
:.i tascaxci 1. wi un. il are nu en i
ili.li*, meal umi wine, w deb Ihey dislike
ai il w hil h I)
thia m "-ii "; in tb .-(innis ul
Parla, :ni<l sscertained ihsl children do not like
meat before they ari about five years of age. Peo?
ple vi b ... mum to h.. ii low i :
in * .n fj i' eil ii-.. I . ru ? I ah ,a laugh I
vMtli regard lo lood, peiiple'a likinga are tbs h -
gable. A large i umber ol auimaia ? .ih themselves
anil bathe, as elephants, stags, hirds andante. M.
Delauuay lay a down aa a gei ? al rule tliat tbei , ?
not any sprnns ol animal which voluntanli nina
t ti-- r sk ol inhaling em in itions arising from theil
man excrement, mihi* animals defaecate mr from
tin .i I; lui.ii nu*: "iii i - i.ui v theil .
others 1 i ry to a diaiauce i be i i I then
young. In llii* ivs; . , ? i ,?-, ab -.a more I I
(ban man, arho retains f<n yeara excreuien m *? i
tionar.v c< spools, tim* originating epideo - i
na lui n "in :ii ? Dfion to t be qm
di aee thal their
young, kt-t-p tin-in clean, wean i em at
proper time, ana eslucnte tb in; bul these ms
c.'im. i* are fret] inrnfary iu women oj
i.ivili/eii nation*. In la t. man maj Uki1 u
ni bj ai< tbs lon er an) Animals gH
mt nf i .ieir j ni n-i e* by aa ng Oust, rand, claj
Tbose sufleriiiB lrom fever matriel ibt-ii
ii .nt. *? 1. tl any places, tirmk water,
sou sometimes even plunge Into lt. When .
bas lost its appetite :t e its th ii
known aa dogs graea ?....'?/, wbi b .1 1
smetie ami purgai ve. i..:>a!-.. eal gi 1--.
Bud cows, when 111,.k out certain herbs. When
dogs are constipated the] eatfatt} aubatanre -
11* oil and butler, with eviuiiy, 111,1.1 1
inn purged. Tbs same 'hms ls
lerved ... hoi ea An animal suffering fr..m
chronic 1 benm iti sn al
In tba ann. the warrior an * gularl* or?
ganised mi.billillie, m. Latreille cut tbe aitonhx ,i
,-mi ut, uinl other iint* earns and eoveri
wounded part with a hrsnaparenl fluid lecretrd
from their mouths, li a 1 In ,[. .:.,-?? ? lie wounded,
itstopet&e h.e. ..in' by placing cs bsud 1
wound, or dressing 11 with I
au :,lum il Im* a aai.tiu ? d eg or arm 1.
lt completes Ure amputation by maana ol ita teeth.
A lieu on being muni: in tbe mossie by a % ip
observed to plunge its hi id repeatedly for -
days into rnnnrug water, ini* an
recovered. A sporting nog wa* run over by
na^e. 1 Un mu three weelu iii winter ii nu
K mg ii. a bi 0 ?'..
animal recovered. A trriei dog hurl il ?
il remained lyi g nndi 1 a counter, m
ami beat, altbongb habitually it 1. to tbe
in... li adop ed ;i general reatn ent, 1
stet ie e from lood, 1 be lo
rn licking tha uppei sui lacei t r e p
applied in tbs wounds lt- . ,. the
paw when ii 1.ame dry. Cala also, 1
treal themselves bj tbisaiinplctiu lb. il ol co itium u.
irrigat on. M. Delanii . ? ii? -* the cai
1.,inn;,, ,1 for sou e time li mg un tbe bat
sriver; aiso tbal of auoih<*i cal which bad tun
si ui.nl ar for li mle 1.umi tor forty-eight .
n ider a I". "I cold water. An nu
traumatic fi vi r treal ibeiuaelves by inc c niiinnod
app I..'it is?n .11 ' old, whi h M. I '"i.i.ia poi
lobe more certain tnananyol tbcotherirn
In viea intereetragfacta, weare, bel
forced to mimi thathygiene and therapeutics, a
lu.ict is, .1 1.j animals, may. in the interest* "f 1 \
euoiopy, be studied witta advantage. H1 oouln go
? a. 11 luxtber, anil -.->y that ve! nu 1 1 11
ji. inn... ni ii. tin me. could gather lrom thurn
some a "lui .mn.-.at,m.*, preci
, ..illy instinct, ?
pp-MMVut! u. or the ic*:tu iii mn ol li
Prom The !., nd m Daily \, ira,
Kaney, MiasBroughl ! hermiddle
au. il w tin 1. among other thing-; that she accepts
bun, i". .ni s " I did think ii would be a nu -
im tin- h ij -; bul I like 1 "u lui If, b
thia arden! roniesaiou ii" " ki--tl bel with asorl *ii
diffidence." Hauy men would buv< prelerred to go
out ainl ..111. " tbs boj ."
Mi. K'.i 1. - 1:'-, iu h." il to Jane Ry re abonld bs
read in tbs works both ol Urci Harte sud o( lian
r.iM.1". VVeowa that we pi lei Ure I Harte'* Mr.
ttawj-aler, who wearily ran tbe poker through bia
hair, and wip d his feet on tbs dnas of his beloved.
Even in ths original authority. Mr. Roc beater con
inn ted in Him-ll rather like a wild beast. " He ground
bia teeth," be aeemed ta devour " liias Eyre with
bis "flaming glance." Mis* Eyre behaved with mose,
"1 retired io ile- dour."' Propoaali of Ibis desperate
aiei homicidal aBaraotei an probably rare in 1. ul bis
ar at least out ol lunatic asylums To be aura afr,
J,'iii:,.e.st r'* boUBS WSSB kind ol luiuilif u*vluin, in
which hs kept Mr*. Ruoheatur, unfortunately In*
aune. Adam Beds/a proposal to Dinah wa* a very
thought!ul, eames! pi 11 ponai John Inglssanl bira*
aeli etiiiitl not have bean less like that victorious
raat-ai, loni Janna. Colonel Ja. k, on the otbai
hiii.il, " used ie1 gi eal ceremony." But < alone! Jack,
)ik" lbs womaaof Bamartaia ths eveotcb mimatei 1
aeiiiiuii, " bsd snjoys 1 a laiL'e snd rich rostrlmonial
experience,''and went straight lo tba point, being
mariisd tbs very day ol Ins snccaasfnl wooing.
Munt) ons in a story oi Mi. W i.kio Collina'-, aaki tho
fatal question et a oroqoet party, At lawa-iannte,
a.s Niuiiml aaid Ionic into, 'tim pace bi too goon te
Inquire'' Into matters of tho affections, h.
(Sir Waitera gobion jinnie., ur rather la
tim Forty-flee si Bir Walter anderstood
it, ladies were ls no burry, and eoold select e sgaaj
Bsprssaiona, Thus did flora replj lo WaverMy. " 1
can Imt Stplsln to yim willi c.unit. 1 tba let bum
which 1 now satertaiO ; how they might be ultarctl
br a train of (in uiiiBliincea too favorable Mthaas
to l>e hoped for, it wera in vain even te cfuij.act 11 re?
did v bo aa*uritil, Mr. Waver ey. lim. Sitar mr
inutile.'-, honor mid happiness them ii none which
I shall iiuue sioeereiy pray lor tiiiin your*." lim
love la Indeed wiiat t^uney baiith beard tbe Scotch
lady cull "Love iii tba nibs.tr.ict." Mi. King-alavi*
'Imu llmniali sm?show ssoposad, WMBdMPtSd, anti
waa M eoe Yened" ali ai ono*?a umro
soroplez eroiiiihsolegii iii pe* foi iesBos was
iit-ver heard of before. Many of afr,
AI tell'? thu t> live easiflu ora selected lunn SOVelistS
of no grunt mink ; u wonld bavs been nore lostruo*
tivr to esiimiue only thu traalmont ol the great
inaatera ol ro*_aoee. Bat after all thu is of Tit tis
oowseqiiennei Ail dav long umi ovary day novelists
sreteaebing tho " An io! Love," ami playiug lbs
Ovid to tbe tuna, Tbai katey say a tua! in writing
ibeaa paseages be nsedtoblnsu Mi rou woola
think ba was going i"1" au aiMi)ili*xy. Bstwnat
-ow novels witsout lovel Mers wa-at? paser, waly
nt to bs reduced to pulp, ami restored to a whtta
uosa and flrmnsssott wnlch ssarelovs bi<?..i.M umy
bo writieii. __________________
"Ves,v s.'iid the Veinioii! clergymsn, "leon
al.ler ll all n^iii fr a ululaterol 1 trade
bo "s bat bb a matter of policy b? iho.ild 11 it" wub
iuUii-'oue oaiialie Lia own con#re},'atloo. 1 hinton l'uat
? Bpikii d \i " Worship*?A writer in Ila
Nete-R a wen Palladium says that not longago
be went to a certain church?where, it is not
Btnteil kim-, kiln spiritual consolation tobe
derived from the devout worship nnd praise of |
God, especially boping to le lilied np los
higher lira by toe fcm;,'iii<* nf Burna grand old
simple hymn. Judging from iii*- account ho
waa appal Batty dissppoiated. l*Ws hadbeen
Bitting," lu mts, "ia tbe richi] upholstered
pew and staling al tbe painted windows bul ?
lew moments when the organ anddeuly bashed,
and in :i <li?tanr corner ol the church loni laen
ionabl* du'.-sed billies and ..'eiitlemen aime lind
s.-iti.'. And this is what they sang: 'God ian
Spirit ; God isa Spirit ; and they thal worship
Hun, and they thal worship Hun. and they that
worship llini moat worship Him in Kpiiii sud
in lilith. God ia a Spilit: and they thal
worship Him ; God ii a Spirit: must worship
Hun: they most: must worship: ship Him: in
spit il aud in truth ; for the rather aceketh
such; (tenor) for the (all, loud) seeketa such,
aceketh such, seeketb such to a or sh ip
Him. (Very softly) God i* ? Bpirit:
(waxing binder.i God i* a Spirit; and
they; they thal worship Hun; they; umi
they; they that worship Hun, intiat wor?
ship Hini, mus! worahin Him, and (loud,
yellendo) I ni.V Hint worship Hun; and they;
moat; that worship Him (tenor, softly) most;
(contralto) worship; (all) Him in spirit and in
truth ; (all bm tenor) tor -, (all) tbe Father seek
ethsucb; (lia.**) seekoih such; (all, softly) to
worship rum- to winship; (sort tr dying away)
in spirit and in tm-n-n-th.' Aa tho concluding
(-ailence* softly died aw ay BBDOrg ihe Vacant
pews, like 'the still, small voice among the
dills of sinai, we could not hali? wondering
whether those much-tortured wot ila had any
mesning, and if bo, whether thal meaaiaghad
any application to the perfotmsnee Just ended.
What is ' worship in Spirit and in truthT'
Tm: r>i'ii:r.w or IIissiobabies.?The
Advance has th* following, wbiefa shows thai
missions ara aol tis sncoessful ?* they oaght to
in-: " ihe Rev. Josiah Strong, secretary nf the
Ohio Home Miaaionary Society, delivered an
Address to the students of oberlin College,
.bum,nv ll,on 'A Famine In the si in ia try.1
He called attention to the fad thal the demand
for niini-ti r* I'm home missionary chnrcbea was
pressing and increasing, while the number ot
meu preparing for the ministry is constantly
decreaaiBg: 'one year ago tbe various home
missionary fields asked for200mea; to-day
im? ate heeded ; nor i-. ths ilemsud confined to
the niasionsry churches, Massachusetts alone
has eight sell supporting churches noi supplied
with pastor-., and knows not Mhiie to gel
them. Then be refers to the foreign field, and
sn\s that the American Board could use 300or
more ordained ministers lo great advantage,
makings total ol 700 men now newdell foi
borne aad foreign missions. Nor arewealnue
in this decrease ol niiiiisterinl bu pol v. Tho
I'loiiv terinn i mil h v.-ry oem'
same decrease, sud also the !.;? acopulian. Thc
l be iu ,i powerful rev iv;il
??I religion in "iur c diem s. 1 lie 1st ts -et forth
are painful!* Imo. rhe remedy proposed wo
I ie I ie veil to Pe the " il* one ahirn "ill he ? lb i i
Ive. Pray for o "i i -ol'- . i * and for our young1 I
mt ii th.il their ciliic.it-nil may I il lo
the cause of Chi
\ Ooni i w Pilli i ? Arcbhi dion of
Paris in his Lenten pastoral speaks'
lori phy of the present dav : ?
* l lie mind nf i
the wulla now beingatieiupieii ol constituting
' I w ithoUt I nit'. 1 ne V\ I .dolli illili
b ol age* had tonghi thal no society itu ld
if it did not acknowledge the authority
inn me .laster and legislator, the sa
of all hiiimiii authoi!'-. Bud Isw. V
society n i.?i n tbe doctrines ol Christianity,
sud, in perpetual testimony ol ir.-* origin, it
tbe years ol its ? tiatei e from the bu th
ullin- , Innovators, however, nbli viona
rn the 'nene ii I- el., i-ie.i i., ihe (io* | K 1, ignoring
tbe lessons ol sn extierienci a- old sa ths
line) i ibu miali fiom aoriel v
ideas I I ? ill dm ia, that no uncial in
in and nopublii ? ' i ? ,u tbe slump
of religious belief. The school is to he wi I
God, uinl nothing in the asylums ol the poor
atnl ai,i.i lt il i- tn iiill i lie i?? nonce ol a
Li.t.v. ra theil (.i ii ls | their
sorrows Neither i* any affirmation ol the
immortality ol thc soul to il ed ? n tha ???]? .!
ni the dear) ibmre mya ol in pe which con?
sole the saddest moui i
Tm Rot m ''m < it mv- ? World
boa the lollou inc mil.rimitiim about tha royal
? I ... I it <d dignitai lea, ' anpointtMl
to preach liefon ? ?' uh aigw d liv 1 ni 1
Sydney, the Loni Steward, and liol li) thc Lord
Chamberlain, who ie.nl> controls tbe I
.-, :n unlei ii .- io; lie the auacei UL
ol lim -e l'i..'i -Lil!' a -.- lin h -nnl
nu nt ol a Rom in Catholic a* Lord Chat
-?'? "ii ib ""I inn. In le,du>, ibe
n hole min ? ol the cha* ? ls i* m thc
haiid- ni Ilia Dean, the liialmp ol London, who
arranges the lisl ol preachers, and whore
Kxcept in Lent, the
? .I lu- the ? h ?;
dinarv in rotation. He on] real
duty cf tin niberlain is nee..
?niml ch rirymeu a* royal chaplain* , bul
- a mattel ol nurse thal his
recommendations are attended to: in-eui.Ti
? I late years (for exninple, i mon Lid?
don, nnrainah -1 bj Lord Mo ml ! I -?? m he i
th"a hav e been decisively ignored."
'fm. Cm eds or To-1 '. '
aid tluuka that the truths ol vital Christi
mo very different from tho cxiatiug rre.
Anni ii an Cbriatiauil ?. Ii ;t
creeds are worn ont and honeycomlied; that
iln'v ure n lice ot the past and net the rounda
tion-atom * foi the building of the rhiiirh ol
(be living (iori ol to-day. They only auhiced n
reiitur* oi two ago, il rontinuea, ?? IracaiiMfl tlu-v
were then sa inn.ni sa tbe issues thal tin n had
to Ire met, bul now the* are as dead as i i *n'-,
body, longH nee turned to holiest dual sud coro
n.lay. I iv could not do work that they
hud no power io do. Narrowei than thu Nicene
and the Apostle** creeds b* the uubridge?t gull
l.etween u statement ol facts nnd a congeries ol
opinions, Mn y could do 'buy tor the generation
Uiii demanded them, but not foi thal winch
lui lo wed iii m.' rheas slut' nu-hi .1 vmII be rig?
orously ileuicd by the great hotly of oithodox
Chi tatiana, who believe thal a settled aud ii ,i tl
en-i-ii ja necesaarj lo the pieaervutiou ol thu*
i i.i i: i r y.
1 in; English Chi bi ii in I'vin-, lin
('linn kw ni ~iuies that the Anglican church ol
tbe Hue tlarbreuf, Paris, the first and ol desi
place "t wm ship oj ie n ed by the Church ol l.i,:>
laud in that city, is to in- taken down in order
to make room rm improvements. It has been in
existeuce slrunt hail u century, ami is noa
almost a min. On Mii.ibiy, Jiiiiii.uy 28, tba
Ibv.Iir. .Mai kay, tim iuciiuibent, Blade sollie
appropriate remarks with reference to the
deniolitioi ol the building, and tho oonsequenl
movement for providing another place ol wor?
ship, requesting the sxertiousef uiacongrega*
timi for the Speedy erection ol! the piunohftl
in-va church in thu Uno den Uassius, A pim ol
ground has been purchased thora, on which s
teiuporai \ iron church into be placed eiulv iii
Murdi, to sarre until ? non permanent edifice
i;in he built. The oommlttoss confidently he?
il vc thai they will be able to raise the neces?
sary funds for thu purpose, and, meanwhile, the
congregation will assemble in ihe American
chapel ol tba linc de Herri.
Prob vtiov.?The subject nf probation is now
being generally discussed ly tin* religious pa?
pers, and Joseph Cook in Monday lectures, is si ill
devoting much attention t" it, Thegeaersl
coiiclu*iou appeaii to be that bo ons ano ws
anything about it. Many nie charitably in?
clined tn the. belief Hint in BOOM argy m other a
probation af ter death will be granted tothoas
who navet not heard tbe Gospel ru this lit-**, y/i.
Examiner ls conspicuous in its advocacy of the
oiiur nioie restricted view, lt Baye: "The
idea ol n probation in this life does imply the
possibility ol salvation, but ths possibility muy
never be realised. Ak a matter of fact, wa be?
lieve thai, fm- ibo vast majority ol the heathen,
thia possibility never is realited, and arc sever
yet beard ol an orthodoi theologian who held
anv other belief than this." Ile Christian /,*../.
leter commend* it f(ir jt? I rankness, and adds:
?? Now lot ii print Its weekly edition ob black
paper with s small margin ol white, and ita
coior a?ill coiie*i,i,ml willi il* dost i inc."
Hobbs ai Ci bi ?j>on.?a colony of Francis
Ban monks aad innis in about to settle at
rici edon. Tbs largest hotel in the place has
lu .-ii bough! lor the new BIOBBttsty. and a rills
with cxteiiMvo noonda has bean aeenrad foi
the uuunery. ItMalaosmd that the plans fur
i rebuilding-Clevedon Court, Sir Arthur tulluna
*i"b!o ?M house, beloved of llnll.im mid o
I bsckeray, bare been complep d, and the wort
bl lobe coniineiiccd forthwith, luckily tin
1 ir.teii Run- poi lion ol' the ancient manor
house eacaped tho ravages rrj me recent fire
A great deal ursa lost, but much thal was iu
valuable waa a**ea**rved. lt is not generall*
snows timi rbackeray visited Clevedon sbm tl j
belora he wrote "lamond," and the wlmli
nb a oj thc lions,, nt Castlewood wai taken fron
Cleredon Court; bnl since that time it has beei
restored and ?nlaraed.
Da swim oa Missions.?Mr. Darwin waa no
regsrdod n* ? Cbnsiian ; hat he had the great
j : ie.peet for nil that wis-nod in Christian
itv, aaa wsa great enonghte acknowledge il
'I ni- is the way ia which he answered boom
shallow ( rilics of foreign miseinnni ies i " Thi j
forget, or will not remember, thal human bm
i iiii e?, ami the power ol an Idolatrous priest
hood ; a system of profligacy unparalleled u
aay other pail ni the world : infanticide, s con
seqneoceof thal aystrsa; Moody wara,when
the conquerors snared neither women nor chil
dieu,?flint ull th res have been abolished ; am
that dishonesty, Intemperance and licentious
liesa have bet ii greatly reduced hy tbe intro
duct ion of i iiiisi iiiuitv. In a voyager lo foigei
these Ulinga is base ingratitude; forHhouhl bi
chaine to be at ihe point ol' shipwreck on tomi
nnanown coast, hr will most devoutly pray tha
the lesson ol the missionary may hare extendei
thus far." _
Kw iv CBHIsTIAlff.?Tho number of Chris
tim believers connected with the Ongoli
chnrcbosof the American Baptist mission iit Tel
ugo. India, ia nearly 21,000; sad tbenomina
Christian comm unit j ih estimated at fros
B0.000 to 100,000. Tba baptisms, in 1882
from January tu I tetober, averaged not lens t lui
200 ii mooth. Tims work that was begun i
few yens ago, when thousands ranouneei
heathenism and became Christians, has no
suddenly stopped as it began, but in going oi
steadily. Those who are received aro aub
peted to n careful examination, andalthougJ
some of them may be expected to fallaway
mont of tin ni will continue Btaadtaat to thc end
AxCRBfSIIOF BEKBOIf.?It is nani that tin
srraogemonta for tho enthronement of tin
Archbishop ol Canterbury.! will be of i
Hillie complete character than oa an;
pre viona occasion, and already the denium
for tickets ia very great. All the Bishops wh<
hold provincial offices, BUCU ns 1 lean, lilian
cellor iiml Precentor of the piovinoe, aro ex
peeled tn be present. Mendelssohn." Hymn o
I'laiKi-" ia tobe mihi* in >ho cathedral in tb
evening. The new Archbishop "I Canterbury
will make bia Aral Mate appearance In tha
character cn Calm Sunday, March 18
when he ia to preach ut the Chapel Boyal. Si
Jami i*a Palace. _
Bishop II vim..?Bishop Hue, of Niobrars
who waa sued fm hiu-l io this, city last aprini
bj Hu- Rev. 8. I?. Hinman, one o! hi* m
:n ies, hus lui ii upooding --'ime time iu I'hiliiib 1
ph ia, where his father, the Kev. Dr. George K
llure, lives, lt is stated thal the Philadelphia
friend ii ii.-..up Hiiro will raino the amouut o
the damages swarded la Mr. Hinman, inca*'
th.i Supreme Court of tins State cou firms tin
tb i i .ion of the lower Court. Rinhop ii i
uuiformly declined to say anything about th
ii, ittei sim e ths nial.
- Stat; i? rho memorial ?( i!-ti
of the martyr William Tyndale, the firs
translator it Ibe New Testament into Eng
li*h, is ahoilt to be J.l.lt i tl OB Hi
I h. nins limit.ml, im-iil. I. ? inion. I'u the ped
ratal .till he in*, i ib 'd the Dames of auou
t'M i,' counties, towns, universities and
ti ?* iii i ;ie;ii liri i ai ii. tbe colonies and tbe 1
Stntra, contributing to tin* expense, lb
% di *.-ned bv Mr. J.? Boehm, represent
I yin!.ile in his Dor-tor's lobes, with lilarigh
1. nd on an open M ew testament.
'lhere is a minor that the Bishop of Han
lei and Sir Percival Heywood --i'I come t
n cuiiii.nm,i*e. *<> :i* to avoid niinoua am
lengthy li'i-itnn as to the vicarage of st
.1-,hu. Vile* 1'hittm,*. ll hil* been *aid that Mt
L'owgill will Bale tbe patrou to withdraw bit
nomination, and that the Bishop will notb
tun i ni kui* in examining into the opinions of i
strange nominee. _
Ike Pall Matt Ga cns the authentic
of London forfailiogto protect the Hal vatioi
Army from the attacks of the u Sk e le to:
.." u hit h, if - r.s, is composed ol a "
. ol hoiiliiedt Lu' * 1 d liv ;i "| ?rt' li I ii
'.ll t ol' bia teena, who bnt tlie ollie
? fi the ranks of the Salvation Arm j to bern
thu lal Mi ol its .-.
? is much speculation in regard loth
.rn ut b bishop to succeed Bishop Tal bu
ol Ind ana, recently deceased, ihe Kev. Di
i lim in l.m i.e. rector of Grace EpiBcopa
I 'huii h, i Im ,i- '. i ( pi uno neut ly nu m.i,ned a
a ciiinliil.ite._
The proposed meiuorislsof Hie late \rch
hinhop of Canterbury are monuinents tu Cunter
lu rr i '.-.tlu di.il ami nt. Paul's< sihedral, a me
n.omi lu Westminster Abbey, and the rc
lion ol tbe chapel ol Liimbsti I'..lace.
Principal Tulloch bus written ? rigoron
lei tel to Ht /'tW/ ila . ? ?
the opinion lhal tin Scottish Ch ireh van
loou bc di seal iblisht-d.
Mi re than ? 1 .r?,0(K> ha vc been raised to en
. ? ? II ni i -e ut . which is I'
Ito erected out ol the Diocese ol Litchfield ii
it il. __
I ?? Wsaleynn Methndi la of F.nglnnd havi
et|M'tided ne.ii!;. lTi,00(>,(M I) in the err
,,a dui iujs thu lost i w
Ii i* itated timi Mr. Moody has l?een very sui
ul in bu i\iu p list ic woi 1. ia t kforii ni i
ridge. _
Cl BRENT REI.in lol t OPl VtON.
Mr. c. H. Tey, Proftssorol ilehrew In narran
? a.iv. li* l-l ii ;ii"il ;i " l'i iu,i-r, ulm ii i* nu
tha old ..ea Knglamt Primer by several Uaguea u
rance, li ia publUlied hy tim Cnitariau Mun
u,iv st initii Society, ami Dr. lc. P, btebbioa, i
i uiiarian divine, hus rayieWtfd it, and prououncs
ii mi tull of ?? obi... ii il isea thal it-, chief use
aa ba thin ka. must i.to ba a a arniog amt a guld<
Pi 11'ir av im shall take up lits i inn poi ii mi ni nmu lie
1.1. ot th" sunlit kimi." lim " I Miner ' ls un ut
tempt I" loWi r doa n tu the i uuipretiSBsion ol - .nil
rlren ol twelve veara and upward" tbe rou I lao
tim " I hillier l nt.i i*iu,'- ii* -{ivan bj itu moat ml
v _ ii .-1-1 ie i vu ate* Dr. Stebbins objects 111 that Pro
[i. in i., v . iii *, the Supreme Using " Yah we '?";
Dams children never beard, ami which Boonda ti
thea aa barhaioui asthsnams of sn Ojlhway.'
lin nu i-r! * J tu lin- li .ti' li i UK Unit it ia "ulm,.
i ii :u ii tba! .vi ii*f * 'lui nut a nie tim len command
monte." ih-ni. n; i a i tuihe dictum that lt wa
nut ut Minuit Mum Hint (iud gSVS Israel Ita lBW
Hu (iliianl*. i 1> to the -.lulen,rut Unit l./ckinl um
I'./r.i wurta tho urinclusl compilers ami oomoo sara o
tim pentateui h, and gives it s blunt di ulai hy aa?
lng that there i* nut a lins of .historis aviilsnci
timi" Esra wrote a word ol tim Pentateuch." bim
mei at inn timi a mi in hpr nfiabjai ti hum, lin diawa lo i
conclusion by taring that Un re ought to he a Primal
ol Ins old l "-.lament, but objects " to going to sn
other lieiiuiiiiiitttiiiu for nu authur " ol tun Pruner
the titliei denomination being tbs Baptist, ni whicl
it ls nuderstood Professor loy ingulla tmvuti
iiioiiilmr. - [ 1 ho 1'reshyier.an.
tBloekiag over tbs lest number of The Ok
wr were Hirreeiiiily surprised By tbe number of TB
tituI* of religion mentioned. Prura Bftsea ti
twenty ?ere racunleii with reported accssaionsti
tint eiiuicli o' ten or more, un io one bundled. Wi
sbasrve, aloe, that other papers nail attention ti
the mcness of ?.stlrala in many parts af tin
errantry. While thara is bo general outiiourin.ro
tho nolv Spirit, it is cerium that there ls a BIBI KS
aihlltiuii te the numbai of tln-ae swakenings .'-omi
of theae revival* have hean in pi ogress for BS V OTB
iiitinth* pass, hut most nf them liiivo followed lin
Weeli of Prayer. 'Ile fuel ought IO OB a StlUinlBl
ami enoouragernent. If say people have fallei
iuto the hiiiiit of tiiiukinu that the day tor revival.
Lu BSMBSdj Mini that we me not to ex licet th.
(hm eli to he advanced by their ageney, let then
remember thal thu- mutt he revived, ll thar ari
now cold umi ifo'esH. duce "reviled niraiu" ii
nnswei to prayer, by allbwbbs let them -.tay so i
in.ssiiiiit. and never lone their warmth and life
Vat whal they asea now, tm themselves sud tb
i hun h e. ;i revival "Awake, thoa that aloanesl
iiml arias from the deed." "lu* tune tn n wake on
of rtii-eji.' ii i.e.Ne.i Kort Obssrvsr.
A I'irife shiiieof tho objections lo what is c.illii
"dogmatic theolsgg" are verbal aalbbhuv wblol
loos all their tatra whee sae lu ..rs those doctrine*
pres iit-tl with tba oratorical fervor of genuine feel
1114 I heite lunn* of thotiftiit have been full en,m. I
flt meaning Br meta tbs world, lt ls basia?a wai
experience Uso narrow and shallow that we de
mead Maa alsar snd somprebsnsivs statemauts o
doOtriBS. 1 hu lank lu lum na ol Him geuaratiou Ls
Botte bringeui doctrinal statements down to Un
level Ol tim e .. neii-ni-e ul a world! V ni i lilied aye
hm ts sn I'leai'ii stsinal I mt as Hitit tba ex lament i
sf tba ase aimil tie Brought np te tho level ul tin
old lui'uiui.ii. ? H'ho Ailvan, e.
a anton or kiti ber uauan with dbxos
?nua bubla 1-Aiii.oA.
The work thai is being (lune- in Mis* Pail..!-*
Cooking Behool, at Ho.283 Bast FlriTinlerath st.,
la szeiting Increased laterest bothaawngths im;>i!s
of tbs Behool am! SBISBlg iii.nv oilier* who huve
watched its progress. The number of .'iticmhuits
hus grown steadily, mid the Mopaaf the ucl,mil 1*
gradually broadened. At arasanl tbavravk
cou pr.*,-* ju i. ats elsa SSS and public demonstration
leesons. Tha several private elasssa, which oro
taught lioth by Mi.-s Parloa and by hst Ba latani,
lira Webb, cuiitiiiu nix mem hors each. Tho m
strnetoc gives the reeip-s fat the uWereeA
dishes to lie mado and the scholtrs pre
1'iiro them under tho Immsdiatl direction
ot theil teiicher. In the demonstration'
leaaona Miss Parloa rend* the r cinea and prepares
tbs (lish?s in rs-if, explaining every stag in thc
different ansssses with the utrnoe't care, and in a
tnanner that arrest fails to interest her bonn rs,
whether they know anything about methods ol
i.i,oking or not. 1 bass lMBS_S are given on Moiulav
and Tuesday of euell w< ek. TWP. TkIHI'NK lina
nub'arrangements; with Miss Paika hy which it
will bo utile to give to its renders in cadi Sunday
lases the malpas for the dishes prepared at tho two
pr. i e.ling demonstration lesson*, together with
alias Parloa'a valaatds Ina* meltons aa to the exact
manner of applying tho mstpss to tbe prewar 'ion
ol the dishes. Theso lessons will bo publish "d as
a aeries of article.* under the general title given
a I io ve. BabsSOjaSBtly they will bo brought together
iiml issued as one of Til" 1 itiHUNB Extras.
On last Monday Miss Parma treated ol the making
and uni 8 of puff paste, and this subject drew tbe
largest aadiensa ol the season. After prefacing her
work with the itatemetlt that tbs liauds should list
bs Vfasbsd with BBSS and waler, aud then dipped in
extremely hot. ami MbSSqBBBtly iu cob), water, Miss
Paripa brought tuber table aquartofpaatryffoar,
a pint of buller, a tablespoonful of salt, a like quau
tity of Miuar, aud ono aud a quarter cupfuls ol lee*
water, ami I dd I
"Fill a lurg" pan or howl with boiling TTS TIT, .".nd
b moment later substitute oold arater, laariag tha
bowl dually only hull full. \\ a*h the pint of but?
ler in this water, ami srotfc with the hand* until
light and waxy; this action freeing it of butter?
milk and salt and lightening it, aa that the pastry
will ho nene delicate. After having shaped the
butter into two thin cakes, put it lu a nea of les
. to barden. Mix ths Hour, sugar and sall to*
i, and with ths banda rab a third of the butter
J into th- flour, Add thi nat withakiufe;
and continue atirring quick!* and vigorously until
1 I tho pasts liff,inns a smooth hall. .Sprinkle the
? moulding-board lightly with Hour. Turn tue paste
on tbe board sod pound ii qui* ly ami lightly arith'
i tbs rolling-pin. Ba car tm not to break thc
Roll from you ami to ons sids) or, if
i jun prefer to roll from yon all tho while,
j turn the pasts around. When it has bean
ro'la 1 down to tba ibickne ?
| sn inch, wip ? tba r maui i it into
hit* and spread thees on tbs pasta. A light sprink?
ling of Iltur should follow, sod tho paste should be
third from I ll tue edges
meat. Neil fold front tha (inls, hut do Bothsra
theaa meat Double tho paste, aoand lightly, and
roll down te the thickness of shout a thiru of an
inch. I'ultl a* h. tl...vu again. Repeat
the operation three timer it lor pica and six if for
patties or tarts. When it hu* B86B
rolled for tbs last tims place upon lea It should
., bI least .in hour In ths loe-ebesi before ii is
used. lu hot weatln-r if the pasto sticks when
being rolled, put lt on a tin sheet and na ies. As
sm.n us it hus bs n chilled it Brill roll easily. The
smaller ths quantity ol flour need when rolling tho
- tbs pasts will be; Indeed, no matter bow
liv all the work i* dune, the DBStS viii not
lu- goutl if mufti Hour bs seed."
i: ,\ mg bad bi r pas'- chilled, Miss Parloa mads a
i-td-iiu-i'i nf in this manner 1 The paste was lolled
into a ten-bach square, plaeed ob a plata fl*g
mri i i iii diameter and cut around the ed.;e of tbs
plate. Another pl.id', about 7 inches in tba' i ir.
wat plaeed in tha centre of tho pasta, ami then a
nile. Hut bad been dipped into hotwater,
v..ts used to cut two-thirds throngs ths pasta
around ths edge of the small plate. The pasts w.is
put In s tl.it ba king-pan sud Into tba oven. lu
about t |D tl t of an hour tbe draughts wno
I, to alackeu tha beat, and tns sot-en utut waa
? i aluna half au hoot loig'-r, Mis*
i in lug careful that it should not burn.
When it w;is removed from tina oven the
knife was u*. tl to lift lbs centre-pieoe, sad the
| unca ? was removed from thor Uau-ctut
{ with a spoon. Then the eenti
. i. place I. 1 "tl that at the
I lune for serving, the rol-as-rest should ba bested
1 through, ml ! with ohickc . i rsetbroads. lobster,
! oysters or something rise, aud after Hie cover had
, hull replaced, ri -ve i hut. AH tbe work
pl this last part con ld be dime Ihe previous d;.y
ll inuit1 eoiiVeni'ilt.
1 or patth i M is Parloa rolled a quantity of puff
? down to Ute thickness of thu e-qnarteri sf sa
laking patna to have ths thickness even,
i cut mit w.th a mund tin cutter
three and a hali Inches lo di ame ter sad plaeed in
pup*. Another cotter, two and s half Inches in di
dipp i! Imo bot water and planed ls
utre of each patty, to ha pressed abont two
thirds through, tba motion of pressing being rut iv.
, i centre-pieces, Miss Parloa said, wera aaail*
s parated from the rest of the patties when baked.
: The patties were baked ten minutes la a rer? hut
oven, th-"i tbs heat was reduced, sad they nets
, kept In the oven twenty minutes 1 ager. When
, ; they wcie removed tbe ecntre-pieeaa wera bfted
I Bnd tbe uncooked paste taken out, leaving space for
meal oi bah chopped flo id with pepper sad
Malt, and nanned iu a cream Banca; the seven
be ng ti na' ly replaced.
(?punish curls were next made. The trimmings of
pun pasts wsrs rolled very thia and eat into long,
naitow strip*. These were wound around small
coates! sticks sad baked a Querier of an hour. The
removal of tns sticks gave a place for prssarved
strawberrii i ami whipped eream.
?Thia waa the rule furnished for fdfass ChautlUp t
Aller tullun: puff peate very thin, places plats apon
lt aad trim the edges sith a sharp balfe ea a Jag
ging-iroa. Plaea the pa*, te sn a tia sheet ami bake
lill-eu or twenty iiiumtis in a quick oven. It takea
t wo iniMi'v ciikos im- tim anawa, Pat half a pint of
rich cream into a bowl with ono tablespoonful af
BUgar Bad two of wine, ami whip to a RtilT truth.
Cover one side ol each of tho cakes with strawberry
prasarve. Plsosaeaksoa a plato, tho spread side
up. anti heap whipped cream anon u. Pinesthe
other oaks apon ths first, tbs covered anio down.
Sprinkle sug.r over the CakSB or heap whipped
cream apon them and servo?a delicious dish for
From sileas Chantilly Miss Tarina turned to tho
tilling for tho I'id-iiM wat, winch she malle aa fol?
lows: Moil a quart of oysters tn their own Innn-r.
As som. as scum arises, skim it oft. I hain the oye
tera ami return half B plat of tha liquor lethe sauce
pan. Mix a BOBBI tablespoonful of dour with two
heaping isWsspooafBla of butter, and when the
mixlure i* light and creamy, gradually turn upon
il the boiling ovster liquor. BOSSOO well with bait
and pepper and possibly willi a baro suggealion of
nutmeg ur Baaoe, After bailing up once adi three
tablespoonfuls of cream and also tho oysters. Stir
liver IBS lire half a minute ; theu lill the t-uf-uu-t int
faa tetro immediately.
Mis* Parloa impie*acil upon ber hearer* ibo bn
portanesol using i>oid-nroceash flour for null pa-te,
nud alto tba need of working tba batter properly
i,ntl attending carefully te the baking. At tho close
ui the lecture tbe diahsa ni,nie, during the morning
vane served lo the au.lien. e.
du 1 iiesduv afternoon Miss Parloa opened Iur
lecture by giving thees recipes for eclairs: Pata
capful of ho.ling water and half a cupful ot butter
lulu a Urge H.iurt -n in, .-inti when Um mi it uro bolla
np tura ia a plat of flour, beat well rrithavsaa*
lable masher, and when n is perfectly asnreth
and velvetr tu the touch remove from tim
bro. Break firs OMS mina bowl, and when the
DBStS is uisrlv ri,hi heal the (-uga iuio it wits tue
li ind. Univ B small part of tho broken eggeshould
BS mbini lit one Hine. WBOB the iDUture baa
been tli,,roii?hlv beaten, say In twenty minutes,
spread ou bu I temi studs tu oblong pieces about
four inches looa and ei^ -,-,.| g half wide. These
piece* must l... laid nh ni (tao i
must bs baked in a rather quick oven fur uhom
twenty-five in iii ii ti ia \ - aoon us th Vitr"l.;i!.
with chocolate oi va ul.: icing, i nd a *
co l. ant th ? ip .t ... ui ,1
Ciiik -.1.11. f
milk in a double bu.lei. i; .; r _> t
of a cu;iftli ? .,',, ., p j ,|
nf ilmir iiml one-tmirih . ni ol -slr, and
s'ir fir* :u at i
minutes, stirring I reg mut Iv. When sold, havoc
wnii a teaspoonful ol rnnilla extract. 1'ut, two
iq nares ot scrap* tl chocolate with Ave tablespoonfuls
<?; powdered sugar and three of boiling water I
stir ovat tbe an till smooth sad glossy. Dip tba
lopsel the seisin Into Ibis coating a*
fm n the even. Win ii tin- chueolaie iciuir is Sr* , eal
pen lin1 Belair* from Hie sole air! lill with cold
cream. If achocolate Havoc bc desmxl with Hie
en aaa, add a t.i! U pooafal ol dissolved oboeatate.
Vanii.ia Ki laibs.?Maka aa king with the whites
if two ens iiml a i u.iful and a half of powiei.-d
sagsr. 1-lavnr with a Isssi.nful of vanilli -at?
tract I rust tbe eclairs, aid. uh.-n thea uro di v.
open anl lui Uiun. Theymav bl Ulled with eiei-.i,
sweetened, Barursd with vasilis, aad whipped ta a
still [Nth,
Frosting ?The white of an egg, one tevmnful
of powdered sugar, a tableepooaful of lemon juice.
1*01 Ihe white into ii bowl inri add Beeac giauiiuilr.
beating with a spoon. When ad bm Leen added
stir in Hie lemon {alee. If tho white of the eg< be
burrell will rsqntrs a gooilly cupful of sugar, and
U ii bc small a "taut mphil will suffice. Ihe egg
must not be healan until the sugir has bean added.
Hus recipe gives a smooth, tender frosting. Ihe
same amount of material, prepared with the whiten
of the eggs unbeaten, will make one-third less frost?
ing than it will it the eggs be beaieu tn a -tin fruit
he tore the gunar is added, but the frosting wi.l hu
enough smoother and suiter to pay lor the u*e nf
mullunna) material. Half a teaspiiouful ot vanilla
extract may be used fur a flavor.
( I'.k.am C*.ki-s.?Make a mixture like that for
eclairs, and drop id spoonfuls upon buttered tin*, eu
i out ibo ekes may ix* run ml instead of dillong.
1 hs cakes should he allowed to bake tilth a mug.i
Burfai e and should be tilled -villi a mixture liku
that for chocolate seisin.
Afier the Eclairs ami cream cakes came queen
fritters, for which a paste like that f >r Eclairs wau
used. I his pasts was drape ed hy tablespoonfuls
iuto boiling lard, and cm,kel until the fritters
cracked open. Wine ami sugar were the BetaUB
BSBiBBiBts whoa ths fritters were served, though
sugar alone u.av i?e ssad.
The chief ,li*li of th" afterneoB was the gdteau St.
Honan'. Thu also demanded s paste like schuit*,
Miss Parloa saul to butter throe sis plates, audaiti r
rolling pud'(Tchnpp tl pssts '? iv Hu., to cover
tbs platt-* with it. She thou cut uti the pssts shoal
au inch from ihe edgo all round the plates and
spread a thu lager of Um ooohsd paste aver tba
imit' paste. A tube aboir bali an roch in
nismiTST waa put late what is called a pastry
bag and tba remainder ol the selah, piste waa
tuned Into the hag aad pr,*so.l th rou uh hat tu'ie
mi to the edgar, of the plate, whees the pull piste
bad beni eat-ob. <ar? wss taken to have tho
border of even thickness allround. Helsa -rem
1 with a fork in tba paste in the teatr* sf the
plates-, ami tin D lu" (Indies were put in a BWdsCBSS
oven tor half an hour. Ths remsialag pasta asa
mads Into balls tbe -iz-1 el eommo i marbles thean
doz.'n. These wnw dropped lota a pea that hu*l
been batteredligutly, und wera baked ti.i-cn or
twenty minutes, while they were baiting, bait n
cupful oi tau er ami hall a eapful ol sugar wacs put
bato u small aauoepen to bu.l for tw<-aty_ve
ni; 1.ii*? sj. Wh n the lillie balli and
Hi- paste ii tba plates had bera cooked, tbe
balls were takea ap on the tip of a chewer, di
mio tba syrup, which ma.ts th iii adie sive, aud
. on .ie: border of pasta,shoat two nu nea
part. Mi*s i'ailua a lutioned her auditors aever to
-in tba syrup,elss it would beooms grained aaa
worthless. A gund plan is to pour part ol the svrup
Into a small cub and pince the cup in hot waler.
lliai v, liirii re ie.ins in ihe saucepan should be kept
hui-wiih m boiling?until a.led. Wheo all tia
balls had been me-!, lour dotea liench esajbert
cherriss were dipped into tue syrap and plated be?
tween the fails. Ai out fifteen che.ri-** -ni
red to gn.iisli me ceatcs af Hie Blah.
I he remaining nari of tha recias was as folio w si
Whip a iiml and a half of cream to a froth. Boas*
hun a package ui gelatins in halt a cupful of ui.lk
foi two boura, Poor upon thia eompotiiiou bili *
cupful of boiling milk. Place tha pas vf whipp d
creamin another of iee water aud sprinkle over it
two-thirds of a capful of sugar ami nearly a i*-t
spooiiful of vanilla flavor. Strain the ti int me BBOB
(hispreparation sud stir g-ntly from the bet i
i.n .. i thickening i* perceptible. Wheal! will just
pour, lin tue three piatas with it and set them us
tho ice-cheat for halt an hour. Garnish the lou
with Hit; remaining i.berlins.
Ml. NU.
Oyster Houp,
i. l/ilistei -
lievllled <'rulis.
K..B*t Beal Mashed i'.itat >r?.
ii; ii*.. ,h Sproata. Celery.
i Plover on Toast.
11 ?luce ami Watse-Crsss, "tease Dressing.
i ,i. eae. ' r.icUei *.
Iflaoa He. Granb rn Tarts.
Orsa*-**. Ii'ttl Cakes, j
Otbtbb Bouf.?Pal sprat sf ayatccs with th ir
liquor into a oalandet ..ml Iel them drain tor liva
minutes; then, s ter removing tbe oyster liquor,
n .in a pint of bodies imi;- run tbs oysters, I'd mw
Hus wnii r away, add a runt ol tresa bon mg water
to ihe oyster liquor, and ht ii in,ii \u a s-ueslals
lined bun,-e-pin nulli ali the m uiii iii.* nasa ami
bean skimmedoff; theo add a puk ol' fresh null.,
oas powdered water cracker, ii pines of hal
little silt nu! pepper, boil tee minnies, and just
before the soap la to be served turn lo the oyvtors
lr..m the f il.ii,th . and Iel them scald for tbraa iota
Oyster soup prepacsd in tala way will not
disagree a iib lavs
Boast Pwtbbti.?Plush and draw the bli l* :*-m
son with pepper and '.iii : arrange them ls a drip,
pan, with a tittle bot watei ni the bottom of
? m to keen ilwm from ultea
with the hoi v' i ? ted b itter,
thcin cook shout twenty minutes, herve on lint
i t
Vivi, t'rn.c.r* a iv Mn will::-.?brown some
atletsquickly is hot lard, then nike t.. ? ...it,
pan sud th csen thc bot lard with floor; stir
un ii the tia mi i bu. i ifficieni boiling
m.i er : ? ? ah mt the ti,
; Try stun' nuely minced onion in but'er,
then add it to the gravy. Pul in the veal c i
..-ul "lace round tnem abonl sis *1.1 tomat
.*e ton io taste, Simmer geutly about two boura, og
until tie- cutlet-i are tend ir
Tomato Hash. -Chopcold er broiled
IOMATO hash. -: .e. im.ii roaai neci or ;
lu-.-i st e.r. verj Uno. Puta mint ? rf onion and ate icap
f ul of tomatoes on to h ll. When the otitoa bm
tomatoes sra th irougnlv done, ,i ld tin-1?- -i, a small
piece of butter, p pp*=r ...td salt to taste, berra
scaldl ig hot.
Obamos Punntxo.?Two la ge oe inges paced and
cut iu piece* ooe me a sqaaro, put ia the bottom of a
podding uisii, pom uv, i i ii.ui one inp of wtnte
i nen mane a plain otu itarch ps Idlag u nii
nui sugar and pour u over ibo ocaage sad bubb*.
i ..t .i ... i ,, ?
l.rt (tau I sud i "?''.
Prom rhe World of Wundaru.
If the "bail," or i usliion-llke BBI_MS of the too
joint ot Hie thumb, be examined, it caa BS SBSB that
in the centre ?as, iadsed,in the lingers alv>?ia a
kind of spiral foCBBBl of IsegrSOVSSla Hie skill.
The apiral ls, hosraVST, rarely, if ev-r, quito |ier
fect?Hiern BIS irregularities, SC places where lin-a
run into esch other here and there. Kianinni g
both thumba, it will be seen that thor As set exact?
ly match i but Hie figure on ?adi thumb is the Hain**
i in<iii_l. life. If the thumbs sf any two pensons are
('?mpared, lt will further ba found that no two sra
alike, lhere miiy be, and generally is. a " family
resemblance' bet ween uieuibarsof the same family,
as in other feature.*-; there are also national charao
tenstics; but the individuals .bib-r. All this is bet?
ter seen by taking "proof nupresiious" of Hie
thumb. This i* easily done by pressing it on a slat*
covered with a ttbu ol printers' ink, aud then pr-sa
ing it on a piece of while paper; ora little andi.ie
dye, Indian iuk?almost anything-may be BBSaL
Ihe ChiaesB lake advantage of all this to identify
their Important orimlnala ai least la some parts of
the Empire. We photograph their faces; they take
impressions from their thilluna. These are stored
away, aad lt the ajeJiaeeaat sbeald avesagaia tall
inlav/tho hands of the police, another impt?astOB BS
tuite affords the means ul comparison. The I .'hines**
ny tliat, considering the atterauou made in ino
Countenance by hair ami heart, ami the j *? wel?
man, men have of distorting or altering the act al
features, ole., their methoti affords even more cer?
tain ana easy maana ot kjeotiieatioe ihaa oar plan
oi laking the erinn mil's portrait. Perhaps we might
with advantage tags a leaf out of tlit-11 boah.
" I (should like to lo excised finn jurv duty,
your Honor," -.aid an old Kcutlouian ia Un nd
i'uurl ypsienlav. "What excuse have you te offer I"
asked Judge I'n-lpa " I'm noi In good hcaita." 'llav
you :i physician's certificate ioth.it effect!" "Nu, reen
Honor." "Then vmi'll have t> serve." "Rut, Judge,
tueio's aooti.T massa." "What ls Hi" "tsftaa cei
oraaky." "Clum cg ina name," commanded the Court
iiiiicli'ii iiiMi-l. The olii iieuti.-iunn liobhiad out. aud taea
was a iii-or in tbe court ruouL-illaluuiaiie "an.

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