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IL l.aotil Pictet, tlie well-known chemist,
recently devised a steamboat from which great
things w?n* expected in the way of sneed,
the main idea being that the vessel would rise
out of the waler in proportion to its speed, and
that tlie ordinary increase of faction nt high
speeds would thus be avoided. This ve.--.sel has
just been Hied on Lake Geneva. With a
length ol about sixty-seven feet and a width of
thirteen feet, tlie new vessel is peculiar chiefly
in having a bottom that is of parabolic form
lengthwise, the concavity downward ; trana
Tersely the bottom is nearly straight; the sides
are vertical. A keel reaching from about the mid?
dle ol' the length incloses a screw shaft. Among
other results IL 1'ictet show.-, that the force of
traction of this reese] is always leas than that
of an ordinary vessel of the same general form
and going at the same rate, 'lin* advantages
of tue parabolic curve only become appa?
rent at a certain sppe d, depending on the
width, length, and tonnage, and tue parama?
tta <M the parabolicCUrre. 'Hie lone ol trac
tiou passes through a maximum, at a certain
Teloeity lor each vessel ; beyond that point,
the work of the motor, and so tin expendi?
ture of fuel, diminishes, though the speed in?
creases. Experiment has yet tO decide the
limits of this second period.
The emergence ol the vessel* very small for
small velocity, grows very quickly when a
speed ol' Ive menes (say 17 feet) pet second
has been leached ; anti it converges rapidly
toward an upper limit. The recoil of the
screw for different velocities increases to a
maximum, then constantly diminishes nnd
lends to become nil for an indefinite velocity.
Tbe engine used proved faulty, anti in several
nf the experiments the vessel was towed hy a
steamer, at velocities rising to 21 kilometres
(say 17 miles); when this last is readied, an
economy ol one-half is realized (growing from
16 kilometres). _
It is now recognized that there aro iu the
Northern hemisphere two poles ot cold, or two
placet, when* the lowest temperature i.-. reached?
one in the northeast ol siberia, tue other in the
Arctic Archipelago of America. 1 hen geograph
leal position has not been exactly defined, bul
it can be atlirmed?according to Hie Aatur?
that the pole of Asiatic coid is to the noun ot
Yakutsk, and that ol American cold to the
northwest ot Parry Island. Near the Siberian
(Kde, which is ml..nd, and at a comparatively
ow latitude, between 00? and 70J, tlie climate
ol' the continent is characterised by a severe
winter and a hot bummer; at the American
pole, in a maritime region, between b> and
8b? lat., the .lintel is mihi er and Hie summer
lill recently, Yakutsk was thought to bc the
coldest place on tin* earth, its mean tempera
turo in January being?45 ; but then- have
beni lound near Werkojanuk, in Silten, al a
latitude of 67 . pl ces with s mean January
Bssanenturc of?SS . The pole ol enid is local
i/.i d ut thiantace during lour month-, ot <ht
year, viz. november to March ; but during
April aud May the pole is displaced tow.ml
the northwest, returningafterwarus in the di?
rection ol Weikoj.iiisk, which is thc only place
always Inclosed in tha isotherm of?40? urning
tho mouths ot November. December) January,
and Fe br nun ol' eat li year. The mean annual
temperature of the pole of Siberian cold is es?
timated to be 2?. M. Klu'sthak. a member ol
Lieutenant Bchwatka'e expedition to thc
Adelaide peninsula and Cockuum's Bay, be?
tween GG? and 88? latitude, lound a plac
colder thau allotneis; the temperature in Jan
uurv,18t.o, tell to?72?,and ia December 1879,
auu February, 1880, il readied?68?. Tue
menu temperature ol December to Fe.mian* is
?4b?. lt d lifers veiy little Irom that ot
Wari.-dani-. J but it is lower by 18? to J1J
tliau mat noted previously as the coldest in
Having explained the scientific principles in?
volved, Mr. Maitieu Williams gives in Kuoul- J
edge these iiiiections foi boiiingeggs: lake a |
aaacepaa holding a pint of water and raise tbe
latter lo the boiling point. Then pul an egg in
tbe boiling water, place the saucepan on the
hearth mihi leave it there wita the SKI ia it len
mimili a oi more. An egg ao cooked, lie m; s,
Will ba tender and delicate, evenly bo thrungli
out, no part being ha.il while another part is
aenii-iiiw and slimy.
The same principle may lie aiq lied to a lei; of
mutton. Fust, in older to seal the pons, the
meat should be pat into boiling water; the
irater should be kept boiling lor live or ten
minutes. A coating of firmly coagulated si
bomen will thus envelop the joint. Now, in?
stead of boilim: er ?' simmering'' Ihe water, set
the saucepan aside, where the waler .wll retain
a teinperntuie ol about lbO?, ur :?_ ' below thc
boiling-point. Continue lins about half as
long again, or double the usual time given in
the rooken--books for boiling a leg of motton,
and try the etlect. The usual addition ol salt
to the wafer is desirable. It has a threefold
action : fiist.it directly acts on the superficial
albumen with coagulating etlect ; second, it
Slightly raii-es th? boiling point ol thc water ;
and third, by increasing the density ot the
water, the ** eior-niosit* ' Of oozing out of the
tuices is less active. These actions an* slight,
mt all co-operate in keening in the juices. A
leg of manon tm houim: should he fresh, and
Uot M hung "as for roust ing.
Experiments aie at present being carried on
In belgium, says Iron, to preserve s.eel, and
steel gnu barrels iii particular, by cot-ting ihem
thinly witta copper by a proceseof whieb M. F.
Weil is the in \eutor. [tani cu inn ity consists in
the composition of the baths um tl, In which the
usual aud al Mais dangerous alkaline eyanores
aie replaced br uruanie acid* and glycerine.
According to M.Weil, these baths require no re?
newal Ol oigamc elements, and can bu used
Con!inuously, when they are saturated with
peroxide of copper. They possesaalso the ad?
vantage?ouing to the property inherent in or?
ganic alkaloids, of dissolving the peroxide of
iron, without attacking the metallic iron itself
?of cleansing the steel belora the commence?
ment of the coppering process, and more per?
fectly than can be Hone mechanically. Tho
Goonaring is effected by putting poiotis clay
vessels, tilled arith caustic soda lye in which
einc plates have been immersed, in the basin
containing the organic copper base (alkaloid)
and the sled. '1 lie zinc plates are connected
with the steel ardelis to be coated ."-nh copper
by a thick copper wire. Tba ainslie lye may
be aseSl over and over again. Should it become
saturated with oxide of zinc, it is snfflcienl for
ita regeneration to treat it with sulphide of
?.odium, wlien the oxide (of zinc) will be pit-tip
itated, nnd a valuable by-pioduct obtained, by
which the cost of tin* inness will beeonsider
hlv rei
lill, ocr
ui>ies but a very short time.
Id tho new alloy of copper, iron and zinc
coiuddciablu difficulty has been experienced in
securing a uniform admixture of the iran. A
London experimenter is said to have overcome
this hy his method oi Introducing tlie iron Into
the mix! un* of zinc nnd copper. When ordi?
nary wrought iron is introduced iuto molten zinc
the latter readily dissolves OT absorbs tho
former. The exact point ut saturation or the
proportion dissolved or absorbed reties with
tlie temperature at which thu molten zinc is
maintained during the precess, and it is by
carefully ascertaining and couti oiling thii tem?
perature that a perfectly Uniterm product has
been obtained. The metal thus produced, and
to which the name of Delta metal I as been
given, is stated to be as much superior to brass
as phosphor bronze is to gun mt ta), or as steel
is to iron. It posses-**.-, great strength and
toughness, and samples cast io sand give a
breaking strum of twenty-two tons lier square
inch. _
The direct photography of sound vibrations
lias ree-ntlv -*_**n effected bv Professor Boltz
mann, as follows: A small, thin platinum
plate wran attached perpendicularly to the
eadie of a thin iron plate, which, as in tbe
telephone or nbonograpb, wns fixed on a wall
puce and vibrated to sound. With a solar
microscoiie au image of the platinum plate was
?eOMBsed on a screen. Then a prepaied photo?
graphic plate was quickly moved across, iu the
Diane of the screen, by a stiong spring, while
the mouthpiece was spoken to. A bounding
line between light anti shadow was so obtained
ton the prepared plate, formiug a curve which
Mosalv corresponded to the sonorous vibrations,
lo the vowels pretty wmple curves corre
?pond, often approximate!y curves of sines.
often interference curves of two or three curves
of sines. The consonants give very multifa?
rious curves.
i A gieat improvement has beeu effected in ac?
cumulators, says The English Mechanic, by a
combination ot the Fnure-^cllon-Volckiniir pat?
ents. The Pullman train on the Brighton line,
which formerly was lit hy eighteen incandes?
cent lamps, supplied by seventy Faure accumu?
lators, is now illuminated wit ii forty incandes?
cent lamps, the eui rent for which is supplied hy
.50 Faure - Bellen ?Vdckmar accumulators,
whom* total weight i6 less than halt those for?
merly employed. According to Professor Ayrtim,
the old accumulators weighed ISO pounds in
working ot dei, and nave a curr* nt equivalent to
one horse-power for thiee-ijuarters of an hour ;
whereas the new pattern weighs only about
seventy-five pounds, and gives a horsc-poWCT
for au hour.
Spectroscopies who liave studied the solnr
protuberances uilirni that the matter of thees
rises with the tremendous velocities of ***", 100
or 120 leagues per second. M. Faye, however,
who has been lately expounding hi*** theory of
solar phenomena in the Paris Academy, ex?
plains the appearances in the following way:
The gas forming the protuberances expands
in space, is enormous!f cooled and ceases to i.e
visible; hilt presently the solai radiation, which
smoontsto 1,300 tc 1,500 calorics per square
meter ami per second, heals it again and
renders it perceptible. The risibility commences
at the lower side of the cloud liv hydrogen, ai d
advances upward to the top. M. Faye holds
thal it li this phenomenoa that is propagated
with the high velocity juM referred to, a'jd not
the gas itself.
The action of very diluted nitromuriatic
acid (agaa rtgta) on meat and other animal
substances has beni recently studied by Signor
Paves!, who linds the substance an excellent
preserving agent; meal in pieces of aboul
one keg, kept in the liquid in wooden vessel*.
remaining unaltered and savory lor years. The
meat treated may also be dried at 15 ' to L'ii
without undergoing change, apart from s di?
minution of volume and the appearance of a
brown color. Pol for I few hours in water,
the meat recovers its original softness and nat?
ural color. _
THE At lilli's STORY.
Fruin /our.
Charles Dillon, who was horn aiiout th** yr,ir
18-0, sud who first commenced bia (beatties! ca?
reer ailinn ten y ct fiji ;i ter in t ht* " Mist lotos Bough,*1
may ho said tu bsvs I stooged te tbs psst geoera
tiof. il is earlier e\pei iem *-s were gained la t buss
good old li mee Wheo journeys were loag, tedioai
ami expensive, and tin- mt*- of poetess ho wrieoa ?
consideration that bolas out of un engagement waa
no pleasant prospect. Mme than uni' tragedian of
my acquaintance bas beea known, nuder corer ol
night, to liuii> into eome rloopy little town with lui*
small amount nf properties iii bia earpet-l an? inir na
al in* .st i-v. ry t liim; else except ambition, I havo
often In*.ira ( 'harles lilli*.n describe bow. wbeua
young mun, lie bad to make un** ol tboae tool Jour?
ney*, lb* bad accepted aa engagement to pla.) lead
in ii small country town, an*l ??iv o .?as tin* pao per?
iled state ot bia purse t imt he baa no alternative
but to w.-.lk. iiml un l.i* s.*t out at OBOS. I hr
weather was not Inviting not Ins sppoiel <>vr i wann
tor the season ol tbe year, bat ae was Twang, en
thusleetic, ead, as he wns sooni tn play trad foi tbe
lirst niue. Hie poverty of thr* present wse m-t in
thegloi^ of Ibe lot are I Arri rea, eompletefjr won
out, at nis destination, be outamed lodgings at a
quaint little abop,owned bys plump little babel
?.iio wa* nut iniii!.*" tin* plomp little loaves exhib?
ited in bia own window. Tbs baker waa h.sown
master, .journeyman. errand-hoy adi all. Mit li.ni a
round, fat, aoed-humored face from wbicb twin?
kled a pair ol large lacgbing eyes; wbils bis wife
BBsaperteet little dot of swomaa, v> 11 ti slmosi
tin* san,** riuiuil. nerty face auil tbe seato kind ol
even as the husband, only tbst Bow and nguiu the
merry iook eeftsara into s motherly llgbt a* abs
watcln.il. oassea, tba yoong tragsdisii In iii ? most
?raotieal anil napeetie way dessoliabing a per*
feet tow roi toast nml limn ami sags, to ms) noth
iii__r of many n deep rein -.lud^ draogbl ot lea.
Voung miloo soon li.uml ibat tue tasatte of tbs
place was lc oked n eoe by tbs iobabttants yeosr
ally al a sort nt bOBBtod glBBget ami iii.it it mum
loft aocordiogly t r.-mk grass, damp arnold aod
oebwebs. in lbs day tims it was shume u. nutal
uigbt no sapersl Itioaa peosaat ever svoidsd gaostly
tower more eompletelj iiian withs lea exception* .
?dm Un* |n.li* ot thal lur-iioliiuil Uie-imo little
market Iowa Tins w?n not a bri|bl pruepm t Inr
our "ti.i? diana ol tim t'ity," si:! 1 they determined to
(?erse ve ie in l lie* bops Ol even I.la I ly ^ roi iii: mi
lui. Dillon was very saagntae j sad ootu the little
inker and his wifn beli*ed linn to look forward to;
better tiuns hv tin. cheerful \eny in sr bleb ibey |
?poke of tbe futera, kt last, however, bebegaato
li mo h**srt. Ihe huh be owed I bea (or boat U aud
lodgiug w iis beginning io look beavj let tbeir
mamu i to him never ebaoged; tbe aame fare waa
pin* fD before lum willi the -iain* geuial mulls from
till* lillie tai <llii*U. while Hie Laker always greeted
him vi itli the asBM good- li ti nu'rr >1 grin anil i mn ira I
nod. Had tbe) o*. ersu in tu* eligmest (rum tbeir
g*-n ral heating, innl tbev ebaoged fit-n fur a mo
uient lu* woahl liave bees better pleased; Int. in
?ieail ol lins. Hwy wi-rn al vs aj s tl.** same, ami sui h
nevaryiog gooaassa of bean made him tesl tbs
helplessness ut bia position all tba more.
At instit seemed th if tbe lu op bedes of better
htisiness were a non t to ne fuitilleil The manager
hail, by seawpscBliat genetsa known only to bim
aslf, found ti vnlui'ianh' Point in thr* Msyoi -
niiietl ui nior. ami a bespess aaa tbe resat t, I ul lon
ii.nl in Imagtaatioa already paid hm hill. .thi. after
tiaielltiiK iiliiiut tim streets evenm ih** various
sBoparlndowa, hail infamy, to show the falueas
kinl gratitadsol heart toward his landlord and
lamliiei . uoagbl them i*;u h appropriate presents
Bat ea the arrival of tbe Bight in qoeatioo, lo! the
snell i\,is hrokeu, tbe di es mers were roused (ron
their gcldOU alsop, fur, viitii tho exception ol tho
Mayor ainl bia party, tbe boose was eves worse
thau Bsaal '?and ti.e play chosen f?r tho SOI saiou
was a comedy '?
That Bight li,Hun. u :th tho rest, left the thsotrs
withins bopea ao completely crushed sod btuken
dOWS tbsl I e < .Mihi lint ta* e his lunni*. Tim tbongilt
ol Wsw chesty aspect ol the place ami tbs uncom?
plaining pat lenee ol tim kiodly ooo pla iras too
nm. h tor Jinn, and sn he israeli bu stops abe re
wsillog night winds, snllr.li blaeh eiouila an.l apee
ti al trees ottered lum eoinpsnionsbip more auileols
to tho haggard 'it its of bm Iseliugs. W lt li Ins teases
in a Mut nf stapoTi he wandered ui> aad down
ronda ami cmsa loads, lanes ..ml by-lanes, till, w.
out ami flambed, the Bl Si lt res S ol tiny '..uml him
leaning upon tin* low parapet of a little nisin"
bridge whim arched tho noisy llo-.i of a _>balh \>
stream. Yielding to the mesmeric intissace tiiai
wiiifi always bad ever bim, be watched Ibo eil dy
ing current ss it leaped along sad save hansel!
eompletely ap to the grisi jailer ot his Iboogbts,
till at hint a litlul sad realism alsop seised upon
bun. This alsop, however. bfOBgbt no (innt liing
balm to Ins mind, for as bs leaned tbera wltb bia
lieail bowed ea his creased arms, tin* vision nt'ns
lanilloni, ami, woisl of ail, Ina landlady, r iee belora
tiim. rterooodiBS witta angry vioUnoa tba payment
nu** t u i hi-rn. I in* umif he pleaded 1 lu-imun they
rnvril it* il beeped ins bind wits aeornful epithets.
'llien the aarroaodioga suddenly ebaoged, snd be
wss Ib a deep aud loeely ifll.ilail.iimi gloomy aa
bia owo thoughts. Again thors esra tbe reproach
fill la* es nf his liin.lin.: ;inu lutiill.ulv poem
lum Irom the gratlBg. At length something
tom hen him, ivheii, viitlt a Start, bowoka, ami
found linu-itll in ti i* hr*.an daylight wltb tbs littlo
bafcsr standlog beside bias, ile hail been bis moro*
ina rounds sod unexpectedly coma npon Ins nu mt
lodge!. WitUotita word be twin heil Inllon bl thc
sleeve, ami liotn tut neil awuy, liiliun walking by
the Mille ut his saptoi witb all the mr of a culprit
cLiiffalitiu ne well na he i nulli the gyves upon bia
wrists! Not a word waa utti-u-il hy either nil,
rem Iniii! hume, tho little baker enteieil the cosy
kitchen with ts bright hearth an.i g nw sf oom fort,
and notating to when* Ina wno sat, bel face pals Bud
sa<l ,'iuil her eyes wet With tears, sa d : " Novel been
tn toil nil ii iuii t never cried no mm li mino we lust
our in t le one ; it was emsl to treat us like lhat. sir,
cruel." The little haler, a*, il poor Dillon bad bean
a refractory child, len him to tho wannert coruot ut
the roiitn where tbe table was laid with his Issi
Bight's saprer. "Never mind,' sam IBs little
woniTii, withs joyous iaiii.li. ss abs dried bereyea
"tho luui hoy's seam keora again, sad please to
reineiuner, air, thia is four li nu-till a hst tor oin*
turns np. Bo saying, eke brstled nhout with tuo
coh.r once agata in bel motherly (see, and as it her
sutidf/i How of spirit was IBlSCtlcBa tin- whole room
aeemed to I inion's imagination lo I ok brighter ami
boomer. Tko aaa was anea spluttering ob tbs hrs.
the kettle twig, the cottee Stsamsd, tho toast loosed
more niotiiitaitiuus thau e. or. a. poor inllun wu ii a
'* Blass you, mother," ijuiierinu on hia lip, fslrlj
broke ami v. e,*t Ilks a baby '
Many voars after, wheu fortune had chain.'cd and
be waa tba soessssfal lossee ol the I..reen in, he was
ons ingot -dipping through the usual crowd of
idlers and tbe corinna into his bioiignam when a
voice, with more emotion tbsn grain in ur, Dried,
"That's bini!" Sometning iu tho tone of voice
took his mijil iiin-k to that otialut litt.e couple I
havo attempted to describe, lie turned, and there
befon him, with their neat's winter, imt thfir facea
kindly .ind geuial as ever, wero hi* old lannlotd
and landlady ! Dillon drove to the end of the si net
and got out and waited. Hoon the p.rn passed bim,
and he followed in tbe shadow. For a long time
they did mu apeak, till at hint tho littlo woman
aaid. In a sad voice, " II** didn't know na, John,
aud yet he aaw ua." Hut aiuidenly th(*re wai a
nish, a ?i|iiee/iDg ut bauds, and uttering of joy ons
? _i lauiati. ns; and that night, in one of the best
rooms io au hotel iu the Hiram), three people made
merry ; the old kindneas ami love were boru ... -in.
and when they parted the same tnotheily voice,
I hough lu difleisnt tones, said, " Uud hleaa him, he
badurt forgotteu na af tar ali!'
Plain Vi awi Of thi. Mivistiiv.-?John R.in
croft write* a letter to The Clnistian Union
git iiii; tht* reasons why ho did not
enter tho ministry. "I felt,"' he say*, ?that
I could do exactly as much couti elsewhere.
MiuipteiK themselves told me so. They
complained that tho influence of (heir words
nml work wu-i largely Deatrallsed hy tho
prevaleat Idea t bat thia was merely a part of
their profeaaiooal duty. 'Oh,' it mus said,'it
is all very well for a minister to preeehsoand
so; that IS his luiMiuesH. Ile in hired tor th nt
very thing.1
" ll the people refused to set toward a min?
ister a.s toward oilier nien, they taajsted, in re?
turn, that a mioistet should ba aolike other
min. They expected liim to adopt a peculiar
ami distinct style <>l conversatiou aod conduit
? u hellier natural to him ol liol--because they
deemed this miaisterial; and it seeaied io me
that miaistera weie too willies to fall in with
thii idea. The result wasalacaof Freedom, a
constant restraint aboal tba ministerial life,
which was veil repulsive ton young man.
*? 1 was prejudiced bj tin* ila-* ul jronoc men
I saw entering the ministry, Ihe brightest,
keeBesti in*i*-t sttiactiveoi mv companions,
with one or two aotoble exceptions,* wera
choosing other professions ; tbe duller ones, ti i
odd .-ticks ol' the das-, were destined to fcc
ministers. The ?erj sigh! of a theological Knn
inaiy seemed t<* prove tbeiolenorityol Its
mem bera. Cootraai the faces there with tbose
in a law or medical achoo!. Ilie keen eves,
linn mouths and powerful chins that bcotover
Blackstooe wen* very different from the weak
faces, unkempt sud unshorn locks ami thin
necka of the students ol tbe Septuagint. 1 dis?
liked to take the latter for companions.
?? The in ninian aid nml coddling the Church
gives itu theological students both explai&ed in
a huge degree their infci unity ami u ns an nh
stseletome. In any other profession tin* Mu?
llein is thrown mi lue own resources, nnd limling
his way full of difficulties and obstacles, speed?
ily abandons it unless ho has trae gni ami
stTinina. Hut in a theologies] aemiaarv tuition
is tree, tilt hooks are supplied, board is fur?
nished al costa ami gifts of all sorts aro so
aliuiiilaiil that the weakest brother ne. il not
despair of support. And ai ibe ead ol the
course there is promise ol a church and imme?
diate compensation, instead ol long years of
waiting ami slow suvuueemeat.
" I hud beea tunned lo believe in il special
call to tbe mini-try. .lust what thai call was I
had iio clear idea: bul it uiu-t be express, dis?
tinct and overpowering. I cert.linly had not re?
ceived it. I lelt that thc ministry was a noble
work, one wbichl should enjoy and in which
I coull) do much good ; hut I did not feel
1 Woe is onto me if I preach not the gospel,1
ami fm that reason 1 ilaied not enter it.
?? \\ hither my decision a is right <*r wit ul*- I
leave to others. Bul I mn sine that reason, lite
siine. or similar ta these sra keeping i iuy
oilier vonna men ont <>t the profession, id
must he .naen Into account in answering the
ipie-tion. Why do nm i.ur young tuen hccoiue
ministers V"
D-SnOXI ST I'll RIS1 Ml B. - Hie London Scir8
a ti i\ dais iiu-.i pobished a liner from tim Kev.
Aith.ii Vv. Hutton, a i'rieetof the Uratotya.
Birmingham, in wbicb s very grave charge is
made against twoclergjmen traveling on thc
Continent, lt is in fact that they ha.e been lu
the hahn of palming tbemseves oil' a- Catholic
pi ie-is.aml in timi character asking tobesiloaed
to celebrate mass. Ile is corroborated hythe
prior ol tbe BeaediciiBe Monastery al fc-iosie
deln. who niakes tbe following statement:
"During the summer of 1 *-**_' lhere came herc
twi i\aglicau clergymen habited in cassocks.
Thej Mid they were Catholic priests, BBd
wished to say mass, father Gabriel, oai luna?
rian, who had shown them over Ihe monastery,
then asked to see tbeir pupers. Learning tiros
that they were Anglicans, lie n Iii 1 lie iii that
such a iliim* could ;mt be permitted. There?
upon they -aid thal on a foi met occasion
Father Joseph had allowed them to -iv m .
the altai-ol S'.lliniy. Agata, : bout t lu* ind
ol < ?? tuber I. i-i, in perhaps in November, there
came aaotber aentleman ol diicnitied appear
an re, with s loni, white heat d, ami .iso wearing
a cassock. Hi* brough) with biro oot oaly bia
anblii*.iii letters of orders,bnl also a ante of in
I li..Iml Tin to the righi H-reieinl abbot, in
whick it was Raid tlmt father Joseph had
al i* * iv eil tin- be ti el". 11 iel ni- t*i -.iv 01040, BBd il
was asked thal thc saint iain: wight be shown
to the bt mi lum-ell. The righi 11 .?lend ub
liot wa-away from home whee thia gentleman
cum*, uiul mi tin* lettel was delivered tn inc. M\
snswer to il ?> iel com n plain, bal the iu.it
-teri iu asserting tba' rather Joacpn bari
allowed bia frieoda to sat ma--. Whet bel thia
he une or not I rio not know, nor caa I noa ss
i *T 1.1m. since lie iliad m B< pt. inlier, 1 *?**?* 1. lint
ol this I .itu i iijitidi-l.t. that il be brOOghl them
into the -a* ti t) it was Imcaaas betook them
tu lie l* alls I Stbolic intents. I'm the faCtS
atated aoove I caa vouch. Aa to .tlie teat, the
popers a huh tin -*? gentlemen cai ry with them
are ao well calculated to mislead that oas
might easily supp-u e them to be wbal they pro
le--. A-a i uh-in sm h cases one looks only u
the name, the st,ii .uni the signsture ami in
tiiith I must confess th.tt li ni mit Fal ber Gs
Uriel called mj atteBtiou to tbe cate whicn oc?
curred in Ibe summer, I certainly fear ihal I
should have beea deceived by tlie aentleman
who eame in the autumn. I have nut kept the
letter be brought, and Ibe name* I have for?
gotten, il imbi il I ever re illy knew them."
Jottero Cooa *is Si 11 i.m.i . -In the prelude
tobie lust lecture Joseph Cook nave some
i>trang argomeots in favui ol limited female
Milli aire sin h a- is pei mi: led non in mani Stales,
" 1 bis is a i atl-i"," be saul, ** in u hu lt the u hole
wm il i- int * rested. I have lu.iked on Ibis tub
jeet from the <ither side of the sea, aod rn
apesking of it here, I have in mind Mi .mu,rm',
Sydney, Calcutta. Bombay, Parisaoil London,
ami the multitude ol municipalities which are
drifting into the same deagon whieh threaten
our greal citiea. The right maaageiaeal of
greal town.- aili be sn absorbing questioo os
aufliage broadens into the twentieth ceutury.
Let America remember tbat oa thia topic hei
responsibilities an woilil-wide, lu view of tbe
growth ol representative Inatitntions on the
earth, in view of tbe massing of men in cities,
in view <d the general elevation ot women's
condition ic Asia, in vi* w of her enlarging io
rinstiial sad education*I ami legal rights in
Europe sml Amelita, who dares predict theta
century heine thru- will not be something in
our iiii'net.sely nu 'uvcrnetl cities like limited
municipal an Drage for womeo 1 I believe l hal
tins reform i- coming, sod that it "aili come io
stay. God grant thal our fashionable society
mav ha\e the wisdom to lida in the chariot,
:iml not hi'd ra ?.'?/ed behind its wheels.*1
A N'lw i'm in ii mn lli.i.-nr.v.?An appeal
Ins been circulate il lor funds to bini,1 an edifice
lm St. .John's American Episcopal Church in
Dresden, Oermany. The sam ol STt.OOO i- noa
in hand, and an additional sam ol .--lu,tun *.
required to erect such a biiildiug us is needed,
I'.i-bop l.iithjobit in bia indotaemeot <?f the ap?
peal says: '* No one arqaaiuted with tbe fact
w ill qaeation our argent need of a church edi
lice in Dresden, li is bow more thaa twelve
jean since Ht. John's Parish waa organized,
aadduriagall that tune its usefulness and ia
lluencc have been sorely hiiitlered, uml, moir
thaa once, Its very existence imperilled hv itu
lack ol a duly Sppoioted ami penoaaeOt house
of worship. We lune no other parish ic Oei
maui, :ind this is the only 'church iu ad thin
great empire that, for years to come, willan*
pe.il to Anni nan churchmen int help lo build
an appropriate edifh ?*. Haviag personal know?
ledge ol Ihe ninnuslaiiccs ami also of (ho
urgency wbleb they have created, I ariah it to
he known to all who are likely ts be inllnemcd
in their opinions or their contributions hy my
official nam tion. thai I hereby formally ami
eui nestly imbil -e Ihe elfin ts mus belag made to
secure for st. John's Pariah a suitable babita-*
tina ot its oimi; mid heartily approve of all
proper and lawn] mesas that may be devised
to accomplish thin end."
Im>i\\\\ l.i-itoi'-Ki.hi r.?It is stated that
the Hes. Isaac 1.. Nicholson, of St. Mark's
Church, I'lilladelphia, who has just heen elected
Bishop of lmli,ma, is a prayer-bunk church?
man, without nny ritualistic tendencies. St.
Murk's Church in oue of the leading Episcopal
Churches in Philadelphia. Uv a chai tel pro?
vision morning and evening service is ueld
everyday in the year. The key ot the door is
never turned against the public except nt night.
Any penon can enter the church at any hour of
the ilay for private meditation and prayers ss
well aa for public worship. Tho mutnheraliip
is so large Unit hely communion is celebtuted
st 7, B ami tl etalon every Sunday morning,
upon eveiy Thuraday, and upon ull of the Saint
days. In addition to thu worship of St. .Mark's, ?
its charities are extraordinary, lt maintains a <
hospital tor the sick, and numerous puilds
among the men and women for tlie poor and
needy, und for missionary work at home and
abroad. Dr. Nicholson superintends all these
parochial charities in pei son. He has four
clerical SftsistSBts to attend to the daily services
and to nid in ministering to the sick and .sor?
rowing mombersof the (lock.
Tra Bible a Russia.?The English papers
"tit** that the well-known converts af Lord
Radstock, led hy M. Paabknfl and other mern
hers of the aristocratic circles of Bt. Peters?
burg, will not ba allowed to continue their
Hihlo classes and pn_yer-*meetings anv longer
thia season. These Evangelists have heen held
un to ridicule ia several orgoas of the press,
7hr MOteOW QtUtttt calls them the '? Pssllkovite
Anns ni .--al\iitmn." The Miuister of War,
Senora! VanaofskL nas followed ihe example
sf bia colleagues of the Ministries of the Inte?
rior and Finance in regard to prohibiting, nuder
tho strictest penalties nf the law, all connection
;>f persons lerviug in the army or in its admin?
istrative departments, with tue Russian press.
I'lii" slightest communication to the puss of
toy thing tbst is goiBg os in thc now doubly
iccret htueaus of thc Ministry is to be severely
Hi "la; .muan Missions. Thc latest news from
Bulgaria lmlican- thal the rising Bus kian
power in that count ty would lu* (.'lad to put a
stop to al] evangelical missionary work. The
.chool of the American Board at Samokov Ima
lu en seriously interrupted and what is to come
next no one caa tell. All tho jouog mea of tbe
lebouj sven* nial* lied oil into the village with
refereuce to being dratted into the Russian
inns, hut only thieu passed examination,
["here seems to lu* no dengerof personal v/io
leticetolhe teichei - and I'i otc-tnnt woikeis,
bnt the missionary outlook, as wei] as the proe
iiei t for ns il haedon and ladepeBdeBce in
Bulgaria is anything bul bopetnl st present.
Pope Lao and Mexico.?Pope Leo XIII
recently pave audience to a commission
chalga, hs the Archbishop of Mexico, two
nher archbishops and s bishop ol that country
[o present to ins Holiness s Large sum of
money, collected in tin ir dioceses for Peter's
pence. In thanking them lor tbeir ottering he
expressed his regret tbat be could not jet re?
establish diplomatic ties with ic important a
(Mit Of I atbiitu i-ui. Ile kneu ss hilt |u olollllil
piety existed in Mexico; nnd felt sure that its
rulers, even in their own interests, would not
liiii to renew those coruial relatioos with tho
Uul\ Sec Mhich had heen interrupted hy es
cptiuii.ii circumstancea.
Mi:i?i* ai. Mission'aries.?Thu Ber. Dr. J.
M. Scudder, of Vellore, India, wishes that
Bvety missionary ia thal land were a medical
niau, ainl ut ?_:??*- the home societies not to send
nit ans worfceis who luive nut, al least, a lligbt
knowledge of medicine. He visited two towos
lm .eseial years in succession without gaining
Hie least hold, apparently, upou the people,
i\ lim a slight surgical service on his part
[?pened both their hearts and homes. It slso
ipeiied hisr.se- to the value of medical kuosvl
A I. i:< *? ik i.vv rumen. -Oo the fourth of
l.i-i February the Kev. Charles ll. Baker cele?
brated tbe tenth anniversary oj bis rectorship
iiiiiu* Church of tbe Messiah, Brooklyn, lin*
sermon sshich he delivered on that occasion
was :i noteworthy one, and told a storr cf ten
fears of stendv groirth and prosperity, ilya
ri solution of the vi stry of tin* church the ser?
mon has been published in pamphlet form, and
svill be *if Intereel n> maoy no) connected ssith
lin- pariah, becaoss of Its reminiscences **t
ronner pastors, saanyol whom were widely
klims ll.
The vestry of St. Peal's Ch ireh, .'syracuse,
bave made choice ol a new church ediiii e,
M hi* h will lie kmiss u as the cathedral church of
ihe diners*' ot Central New-York. The] have
uited nuo.OOO lor the erection ol the new
building. The present edifice will be vacated
immediatel* after Baster, as it bas boen sold to
he < lovel iiinent.
The Australun papers shite that tho Ht. Kev.
Iii M . 1.1 ii. I! un ni < ';i'In lie Mt-hop of I inned in,
i innl, hil- atinuiineni himself oe a caa
I ida te rora seal in Parliament, bis object being
o promote th** movement in favor ot denom
national ? dneatiun.
Tba Church Congress held at Melbourne,
luetralia, was quite a eaccesi. Papers were
? ad iuid speei bes made on tin* relations of tue
.'burch sf England to tho other Protestant
! burches.
It is said that the Kev. .lame*. Freeman
Harks baa prepared a condensed Bible for use
n the In me, tie sci.I and tho ch.inh, ami
hat it ssiii -oiin be issued hy i Now-York publ?
The l.t. K* v. II. Pinckoey Northrop was in
'tailed last Sunday a- Bishop of the Hom.ni
Catholic Diocese of Charleston, S. t".
'I his is the season for Methodist Conferences,
nans ni which are being held in various parts
?I the country.
Tbe handsome nea edifice of the Firs! New
lei Malera i -burch of Philadelphia was opened
sat week.
To ehsrgs llccotloasnsss <m Preteslaatism, st Dr.
in ii'ii-H. is tn lumire tim wei I- koo stu statistics of
?urals. I IH'liTstilV I- tho roiiimiiti Hill ill Kiiim:iii
s!bo!l< I iaine .md lt..ls. while dustily ls tbs
iStlOOOl v 11' rn- nf Protestant i *it lil..ny mid Kng
iiml. nu tin* oti.**r hand, rm lian New-Englaad
ipeears to he rapidly degsaeietiag In morels, while
as i.'n.iiiin Catholic popnlstloo of Aamiicaspasei
o ne chaste aad toprwwevs Invmlats tin* family
elation. Neither Church rsa costs inst nt nun ni
tm oilier iu tIns matter. Thfl dootrias tuat inar
iacflisacivll contract ia a natural bat gi oh res c
.nu flinn the eucrsmentarmn Ibeoryel 'he Multi lo
Sir-... lt il inui rd a dis mo nrdtnanii*, and i'i|,,ally
liv mo whetiier tho mamsgs ceremony bs per?
in ii.ei I ny ii hisboo. bv sjusiicfl nt tin* psoco, or by
ia- parties thsuisslvm. li. inm?*.nl of attemptiug
i. vet i.sall min thu linly UstOoiicChurch. Dr,
Dix woold ioaagaratfl a moveineol utorsl, relis
iooa Imt in.n ecclesiastics!, founded on the Hilde
mt md un rh in r lu >* rei*-* to rr i uti i thfl 1.1 wi for thu
minnitinni)! 11cautiousness euphemistically called
- Divorce laws." In* w-iiuid Hart ready tu follow lum
moaaS men ni all fal thu, .iud lorin**, and creed - tu
tfive .Tillie SVeOtaol hope of BacCSSa?1( hrintiuu
Mr. Conk crhUsllSfl thfl iitulitn.) So*n;ij becBOM ** it
tu* uot inhibited |io? rr Io ilelivi*|-iin-ii thotouithlv
loin lite lose ol din.'' lilli ie fi severe tint lo put
my religious nms etn.-nt, loo, ead lt is a very pan
in i st In li I ly that nu stand lt. Mont I I ir: nt Ul un
un uni " I le non _;li I v' delis civil Uoiu thu love of sin.
'.ut it. i? iron that, ni the theory ot Christ as only
ture.it prophet, the greotaet of tbs prophets, ilie
tewtr li lust svhirli Clin-Iianitv linda iii 1 'linet.
in* uift ol ?aeclsl inens* sad isoeneillattoa sent
nun inui lo man. Iii.* hum* ('bunder Sen. tu Ins
I. ii'iiie isarsb utter IBs trim s.tiuli bo may rall
mt ot nil rellgioaB, hus lound muflt in Cbrtstisntly,
loTi'loii*. his inliK.oiiui tho Nesv llispousstloii is
ba puirni and highest torin of natural religion
iver ollerod to the world : hut it fai'a nt tull power.
I hue done Kiniil to some souls, hu* it dom not
ippeitl to tne many. Tho sBslloBgfl svlneh a uni
nonary uiiiilo, thut ll show a do/.eu ilrunkurds cou
STted, lian not been puiiliely met, possihlv hecuuae
tappealstS traits not, found in drnnkurde; hut
lr, Cook ulm'.**! thut it hal donn muoli nood and
nnKt he lesaidsd as oi.e of the happiest mk'ns ol the
linea in india, -llntlepnadent.
It ia reported upon apparently good authority
hut a certain l/OHOOn aooiety lot tho snpjiression of
ilasphsOMHM llteruttire lui* announced its puipoae
>f proaeeiitiuK llnxley, Tyndall. Sponcer, .mini
>l or ley and tho piildnuera ot the works of the lute
niiu Stiiurt Mill, for hsviu*- **sewa svidesproail
inlieliol, and in aottie caeca rank uthcmni." I lin
oeietr could not do a mote foohali thing. That its
ntl.'ism upon the worka in qiieatiou h.-n nome force
i true, hat. even If lt ionia prove that thone mu hon
md intended to teach unbelief ..ml atlieiam, na
nell, which m_?y not lie ooay in every cane, aud had
minted law in ni doing, it iou ld uot Mired world
mle atiention to those gmtleuion sud ttioir hooka
a any otha" way no electively. If it really deatrea
n diminish their influence lt ahould not force them
ute the position of niartyra. I louhf less they would
e more um tl .ed than minos ed hy stn li a persei ution
ml would welcome amii un iidvoitianiiiont. whilo
hf only piebalds result to the society ia me ridlcu
itii I. lilum of ita art iou. We have no sympathy
iitb miiileln v or atlieiam. hut we do not svinh to
ee prof eaa. rt Cliriati.ini reckleeely defy the du tates
f common aeisae.?ICounrssationuliat.
fins, no.
Last Monday Miss Parloa bSfM her morning;
lesson si bei Behool of Cookery hjglTiag dlrstillo-S
for linking heans in the BostOB Style. A untu t of
beaus hail been heed of stoaesaBd dirt, washed
iIctii, sad soaked over Bight ioeold watsr. The
waler was poured oil nml SOOBffa \s arm water put
Ib to cover the heans. A pmiuil of rather lean salt
pork wss added, aad the dish wssallosrssl to hod
nodi lately for half sb boor. Ths bsaas were lesa
turned lotos eolaader, and thr*"' quarts or cold
water wets poared over them. Hall tbs beans wees
put in a bean-pot, then tho pori;, with its rind
scored, and thea thc rest of the heans,
ami os ii t Inui iras poured a mixturo
composed of a teaspoonful of niuatanl,
it tablespoOOfol of suit, a tablespoonful of lilnlns.se .
and ii cupful of aster. Eaoagb boiling water to
ju.st coves tin' bsaas wss added, ard they wste put
Iuto ii sloss- oviii to cook *low!y for tea hours. .Miss
Parloa sold that lt is this slow cooking, with tho
ni-i-asional addition of a littlo water ho os to keep
thfl lieana nearly covered all the tune, which makes
the ili-li nice. Tbe BBS ol mustard lessens the lia?
bility ol distresi from eating of tho beana. Where
pork is not liked, tsvo pounds of corned beef can I) *
sub-titiiU'il. When reads* for serving, the heans
bs ve S rich brows color and aro umist and whole.
In this instance the testing of tho dish was post?
poned till tho next day. because, as already re?
marked, many hours wen* needed for the cooking.
After tbs dispositiou of tue bsaas attention was
fives to the roosting oi ii ham. The ham weighed
tea pounds. Previous to the lesson it had been
wsshed sod boiled gently for thr. e hours in just
cumuli Willer io cover, 'iho skin w is removed and
the in it was put la S largs hiking-pan and place*,
in ii moderste orsa, When it was takea eal it .voa
s rosy brown. Part of it was served io the ladies
with champagne Hiiuce. made hy this recipe;
" Mix thoroughly a tablespoonful of butter with
OOO Of floor. Set the MMMeeaaOfl thc lire, and stir
OOBStBBtly until the mixturo is dark brown ; then
pour into it half a pint of boiling gravy (the liquor
in wbieh pieces of lesa meat have hoi.ed until it is
very richi. Poor in thii gravy --lowly, sad stir
slowly iiml continually.'' After the tooee has boiled
Bp OBOS, season it well with pepper and salt, sad
strain : thea add half a cupful of champagne or
For it.'us hniitillv Mis. Parloa cut two mushrooms
into line and Med them for a minute in a table?
spoonful ol batter. Sho heit together half-a-dozen
taws, ii teaspoon fol of salt, s little pepper sad half s
cupful of crcssi and pat them in s laneepsn. rho
mushrooms aud two tobi*- pooa fals ol barter were
added to those Ingredients.end the mixture was
atirred over a ne delate tiro until ii began to
thirkell, it west bea taken from the fire snd beaten
rael ls until the egos had become qaite thick and
creamy. Slices of toast watt toread iip.'ii a lmr
platt**!* and the mixture wss beeped open tbesa A
garnish ot points of toast?thin sltees eat into
triangles?wat sdded.
rmiled I'gK*** proved to be s almple but palatabls
dish Tbe essa were pat la a warm saucepan ami
covered svith boiling water, and were kept br fen
minnies where they remained ho; bal dla not bod.
By this method both tin* whites and volks were well
t ooked.
Eggseor rs pint, {ur which dishes sre made i*x
pi'e-sis'. were prepared la this wsv: A little dish
wss bested and battered, sad I wo *'_i:-- were broken
iri'o it. i -ir*" beias lakea mi to brs k lbs roi ks.
Afterssprinkling <>f snit snd pepper,hslf s tea*
spoonful of hatter, broken into small pieces, was
dropped upon the rgra, nod tbfl dish was kept In
tl.ron, in s moderate heat, until tbe whites **f
the egg! Ii.iil Iiit itue "-it n egf liv., mi oates Miss
Par., u sdd s dish should bs showed 6*r saes see*
?oo, in ' thal the ilasor might bs varied by sprln k
huif ii hit> flnely obopned hain or pursh*y npon the
plate before breaking tli" ?vifs.
still ain.tln-r mod., nf serving eggs?in cream?
ss.i- -liens ii. Six egos were bolled for twenty mia?
nt* s. I'i Tn a MO I of muk half a cupful ssas taken
ain* mixed witn ii geoerooa tsbtetpooofBl of Hour
until it was smooth; aud ss soon ss the remaining
milk hui been In* ited to the boiling point this mix?
ture ss.is stirred int* it. Pepper and >_dt were
added, ami tbe sauee wss boiled for three minute*.
Six alicea of toes! wore lani on :i hot dish, sod upon
each waa ai reed a layer <>f aauce, th**u part of th**
ehitee of the en*\eut In othin strip-, .md then
uart of thfl yolks, mobed thro.ntha sieve. This
operation was repeated, ami Ansi Iv a third layer of
?am e ss 11 ipreso. The dish was placed in the oven
tor three minutes, and ssas afterward gs rn ls bsd
ss nh parsley.
At th** Tuesday-afternoon lecture a fresh beef
tongue was WSSBed, and a trussing heidie,
with strong twins attach.-d. was run
through tbs roots and end of it, the two parts
being drawn together an*! the twmo tied. Iho
toogae was covered with boiling water and boiled
gently tor two hoare, after wbieh it was drained.
Bis tableepoonfals of batter were pat in a braising
pen, snd wb n ih ? p in wss bot, half a small carrot,
halt a small turnip and t WO onions, rall cut line, alao
were pol ii. They wen* cooked tis*** minutes, being
atirred all the while, and were then drawn to one
I H.*. I he tongue was ra lied iu llour innl jilli io tbs
pan, sod es soon as u imd beea brownell aa om*
_ide, it was turned and browned on tbe other. A
qnsrt uf the waler in whieb it ssas boiled waa
bdded, aa were also e sm a 11 piece of cinnamon. acl**ve,
a bouquet of awert herbs (two -prigs of th.ni-, tsr ?
bis leaves, two of slimmer savory*, taro leaves of
?oas aod tsvo sorta of parsley tied together!, sad
salt nml pepper ihe toogae ssas covered mid
cooked tsro boure in n slow oven, lt wai frequently
basted sstiii the gravy in tbe pan aod aita --.it,
j.i'ppei iitut Hour. IV ben it hill b.'OU i.l.'iig sn
hour and fl half, the juice of half a lesson ssas
added to r be gravy. When the tooaoe ssas eooked
it wa. taken up and two spoonfuls of elase (ooo
tommi bin'.id tfowu) were melted aad poured over
it. lt sv.is then pal in ? beater while a tablespoon?
ful of enrustsrefa was mixed svnh a little cold
water aod tined into tbe boiling grew, of wbleb
there ss ia i p nt. t hia gravy wai boiled n moment,
?trained at"l poured over the toogae. which was
lina ly garnished ssit'i patsies.
After tbe toogae came nu orange pudding, for
wbieh these Ingredients were need; Six egga, six
|:irt;e or eight small sweel oranges, ;i eon and a half
of grsunlaied sugar and ali tablespoonfuls of tbs
powdered, a quart of milk sud half s package cd
gelatine Thegelatioebad been soaked for two
hours in a cupful of the milk previous lo tbs lee
lure. The remaining milk wss put into s double
boiler, ami tie sulks of tin* eggs ;md the '-ttiiu a'r.l
augur were beaten together. When tbe milk began
to boil the gelatine wai atirred loto it, ami then
tbfl beaten yolks snd sugar. Tbs ralstan
was stirred constantly tor about live
minutes, when it began to thicken, ami
ii w aa tuon removed from Ihe stove to a cool plaee.
The oranges were pared, divided into eighths, sod
freed of seeds and lough ports, and were pul into a
large glass dish. When ihe cu at ard bod cooled i'
waa poured over t bern, and the pudding wns pal in
scoot place. 'Ii would hove been Allowed tore
ni.i in there ns or eight bonn if tbe Isdies bsd not
wished to taste it.) The whites of tue eggs wera
beaten to a st>il froth and the powdered ingar grad?
ually added and beaten, and the puddin.; ssas cov?
ered with tins mixturo.
Several kioueof muftiu* weis made. Tbe recipes
arr subjoined t
(lUAXI LAH D WllllAT Mil ITS-. l's.- one lilli 0.
half cupfuls of line, granulated wheal (sachaais
prepared bv the Health Food Compiay), t .so table
-po.uifulsof sugar, one tesspu-inful of cre*m?of
tartar, half a teaspoonful of soda mr one ind a
hall teaspoonfuls of tmking powder may be ittbsti
tated for these lest tsvo Ingredients), half s tea-*
spooufal ot salt, a cupful of milk, one-third of a
eiipfal of water sud aa egg. lin thfl -try ingredi?
ents together. Heat the egg till light, add tho
milk iiml water to it, and stir mco thfl dry mixture.
Bake ia battered malBa-psas ia s quick oven tor
t wenfy-tivo minutca. A doz***u Mullins usu bo mad**
with toe quantities given above. Flour mads <>f
wBole wheat bv the Franklin Mills COB he used in?
stead ot groaalaisd wheat.
(ii: sham Mt'KKiNS.?Iii to a sieve put half ii pint of
Hour, two tesapooofolsof erosm-of-tortor and oue
of laleiatiis. Mis the three ingredients thoroughly
uud sift them into a bowl cniitaiinng OBS and a halt
pint! of graham, half a cupful ot sugar sad a tea?
spoonful of salt. Mix all tlioruu-thlv while dry, and
iidd two well-heaten eirgs and a pint ot milk. Fill
niutli11-<? ups about two-thirds to the top, and bake
ina i-uit'k oven.
trana vbobtabuh and miiwi-* ecsBfnr
ok romain mm osavoa in nan and
There has us vet lieen too little " ethereal mild?
ness " to change the apcctacle which thrifty house
wivea look upon periodically in Washington
ind Fulton markets. Spring remains coy
u spite of the winniug words of poets,
iud bas sent too few of ber bat bingera
From tho kitchen-gardens to affect very violently
.h. lurette sontiiuouts appropriate to Lent, tireen
peas otu be found for tbe searching, aud stung
-*eaus, asparagus and tomatoes, but tbe long jour?
neys they hsvs uken hare not added attractiveness
to their appearance, and they bave not lieconie
abundant enough to tempt tbe many
by their cheapness. lbs strawberries
continue to come with provoking .slowness, though
they are contiuering place after place upon the Mils
of the hotels and restaurants. However, it is com?
forting to those whoso enjoyment of them is yet a
lucie jiicisure of tho un lunation to know that thu
b* sf that h ive appeared so far are mero suggestions
of the luscious fruit that ls to come. They can Ins
booght for fr*>tn BO ts 7.*> conti a quart.
Prices of vegetables do not show a material
chango fr* m last week's quotation--. The suiplv of
esbbsgSS has ha 1 to ilojienil upon importations from
Europe, aad BBS dealer is said SB h.ive received
51,000 heads from Denmark last week. The pure*
range from 'JO to 35 cents a hoad. Il* its are'25
cent-;i half-peck, carrots 15 to 25 cents a riss n,
turnips 20 to 30 cents a half-neck, cauliflower 50
eents to $1 each, French arin hokes 25 to 35 cuts,
Florida tomatoes 40 to 50 cente a quart, Bermuda
potatoes BO to 00 cents rn half-peek.
Poultry is growing scarcer, owing it is said to
tbs high prices which prevailed last summer
BBd which induced the farmers to bring
their stock to a very low ebb. Capons MS
Belling at 35 cents a pound. Philadelphia
elli, kins for roasting. .'IO ci*uts a pound, for broil?
ing, !|_ a pair; eeslded chickens 20 rents a {mund,
domestic ducks 25 cents a pound, mongrel ducks
28 eents a poaad. Huston geese 20 ceuts a pound,
wild mongrel geese 30 cents a pound, turkeys 28
and 28 cents a punnu, Philadelphia fowl 22 cents
and sculled fosvl 20 cents a pound. I he additions
to the game list have been a few frenh Knglisb
sn ii ie at "fl a doz-n, anil a fesv brant from South
Hav. L. I., which are selling at 70 OSBIS apiece.
Oinr prices of game are as follows: Plovers $4 a
dossa, gras. plovers 75 cents <*ach, Eughsh piieas
nuts $1 50 each, wild geese if-l, teal duck*
80 cents, wood ducks 50 cents, mall..id
ducks 50 ceuts, canvasback ducks $1 50 each,
led Beads 78seats, black ducks 50 cents, w il'/nniH
30 cent!, broad-hills 30 cents. Wild pigeons .fl 50 a
dozen, tame piucons $2 25 a dozen. 1'hiladelphia
squab sell for $5 50 per dozen.
I bets has heen no chant*** in thr shining hf.aps on
the tish count rs at Fulton Market. The cold
weather, and the ice have deferred the coming of
shad, winch are unusually backward, and
then is a continued stringency ia the sappty
of lobsters. Nothing new has made its appear lin n
iind the prices have fluctuated but slighrly. Murket
i ul ssas sidling, yesterday at 10i outs a pound, had?
dock at 8 cents, white halibut at 22 ceuts, larne
bass at 30 cents, eels, which are very scarce, at 20
couts dressed, lobsters at 20 ceuts, frozen
salmon at 30 cunts, flounders at 12 _
cents, tom cods at 8 cents, fmz?*u
Spanish mackerel at 35 cents, white perch at 18.
s nail nd snappers at 20, larne at 10 ceuts, Lons Isl?
and "-melts at 25 ecu's, Canada Hinelts at 15 ceuts.
Of ."-out hern shad the bucks sell for docents each
and the roe for $1. Frozen bluefish bring 15 cents
a pound. The v.inef v of fresh-water tish in the mar?
ket is uot great. Hhick bass are wort li 22 ce.its.sal mon
trout IH cen.***, whitefish 22 cents, pickerel I'S cents,
Cisco 12]9 cents. Green turtles are very scarce ami
the price is now IS cents a pound. Tei ra pi ns ranga
(rom $10 tu $30 a dozeu. Thc fact that the storms
of a week ago threw myriads of clams upon tba
benches does not seem to affect the price of those
shellfish. They rai.ge from 40 cent.-, to $1 per 100.
Crayfish Srs $2 50 |*er 100. hard crabs $4
a hundred, and frozen scollops $1 50 aud green
scollops 3*2 50 a hundred.
Tho retail prices of meats in Washington Market
are unchanged, though there bave beea slight linc
Illations in the wholesale list which may befell
hereat ter. The butter market is showing in
? lietinna of increased liniiness, but fancy
grades <*f creamery are the only ones tba' bave sold
mr 35 cents per pound and a cent or two above.
Tin* other t/ra ie . range down from [hal price to 22
coate. Eggs h:ive fin tbs influence of Easter's ad?
vent. Jersey eggs are uow 27 cents a dozen, or 11
for 25 cents ; btate oms are sold for 25 cents, wl'h a
prospect of a slight advance dui nu Holy
Week. Fruits were selling iu Washington Market
jreet rdsy ss follows; Apples 30 t<* 75 cents a half
peek] h matias 15 to lo cents a d zen, lemons 15
to 2.5 eeatfl B do/**n, oranges 25 to 75 cents*
dozeu, pears 50 cents to $2 a dozen, lady apples
50 to 75 cents a dozen.
MK M'.
.Iuii. uni* Poop.
Raked s timon Treat
Lamb Cutlets with Frenrli Rcans.
Braised Rib of Beef wita Macaroni.
Banool Reansali Bratoueo.
Kunst Duck. Currant Jet'y.
lettuce. -MayonuaiKe Same.
Krotnage ile Rue era** teri.
Cr am l'l'-. (sponge C'jkc. Orauge liss
Figs. MaBV Raisin*.
Lamb Cirrurrs with Fbkncu Beans.?Trim year
outlets, toss them tn a saucepan with fresh butter:
WbeO done place them ronni' un entire dish, aud HO
Ihe centre with boiled Freuch beans, to wbicb yoa
has e ."nilled some hd -hamel sance
?BOMBO Kib*- Of IBM with Mai'..kum -I! th*
and roll tho nbs of lieef. and. braise svith s?hite
win**: when cooked, re Blore tbs beef, pass t he sauce
tbrooch a tammy, skim od ad tat, pour into a
?aucebost, and add tho ressstatag half to some
bolled macaroni, season with s? t, pepper, a lump
of fie.sh hut er, and grated l'aniiesaii or gm.ero
cheese ; pi.ice on a dish, aud lay tho ribs ot beef
on it.
BOAS! Dr* ki.int;.?Clean, draw nnd truss your
duck lins, sviap up in slices of ba* on aad roast.
Berra svit.i its own grass-.
ll.iKii'ir Heans a i.a I'.hktonn-.-.?Minco half a
poaad *>t iciioiis, bloaca aod drain, Brown la tivo
ounces of butter, sad svhn a good color add an
ounce of floor, sousa salt sod peeper, leafs ea tho
tire for five minn es : inois'eii with a pint and n half
ot stork, and cook for twen'y minutes, stirring all
tin. tinto : then add a pint *if haricot I. -sos, which
have bei n wed boiled, and an ounce ot nutter;
ss arin, and servo.
Bakbd sai.mun Tbovt,?Cleaa thoroughly, wiik.
cnn tully. :ind iuv in a dripping pan with hot water
enough to prevent scorching; base sioisly, bastiaa
ott ii sviili butler and waler. When done have
rents :i rup of sweet i-ream into whieh a few
s;.ntiils ol hot water have been poured ; stir in
two tablespoonfuls melted butter and il httle
cbopped parsley, sod heat m ? rossel sf boiling
irater; odd the gravy from the dish and boil up
once. l'l.u e the tish in a hot dish and pour over
the sauce.
('KD-jtENiiotT'iir.?This name io given to all large
set pi.s tor din ?? rs, sueh as nun's ughs, nougats,
cakes, oranges svhicli have heen cover.-.I svith sugar,
boibd to the snap so ns to gi ve a brilliant appear?
ance The real meaning of ern) ne n bo tic lie is
"crackl" in the mouth."
Cheam I'i iuuni; ? Stir together one pint of
cream, three wooes of Baser, tbe polks at ihreo
eggs, ami a little grated nutmeg; a lt! the wHl
bea'eii whites, stirling lightly, sad pour into a but?
lered pie-plate ea aBien bat bsoa sprinkled tho
ct limbs of sta B bread to al.out the thickness of au
ordinary crust; sprinkle over the top a layer of
bread orombs, sail bake.
Fl'oin The lluur.
Dr. Dis d es bo! dud wosssa's srajrsaseeeothsy
Men*, .nit bs ill tl i'i i tos lbs chame t*> rust SOS
wbicb sveie aol In rogue when tbenererol trinity
formed bis fin) im. i --inns <>f women. Pr. Dir
mistake-< I.-'pll'iiis for the rub': but he eau In* tor?
in ven for this, for in s <iy ns isrge as Ne er-Tera
the exceptions nie numerous ono .gli to hav* nea i
aioned siTTinis loin-ein lo many circle* loos before
the Lenten lectures of Hie season began. The tirst
cause, if wi* except the tendency ol humanity, even
the better part of it, to improve nlraost every seea*
sion to do those things it ought not to do and leavo
undone tbs ibiaga it oaghl to do, ls tbe enormous
locresse in privntn fortunes within the iifetuue ol s
generation. Nino-tenths of tba people svlm now ure
riih ss*, re m only moderate circumstances stIii-ii 'los
recent civil ivar beaus ; their means have hut. ased
fer toora rapidly than tbeir knowledge oi how to
use money ; sn extravagance ami display h ive be?
come t lie only uittht of the combined energy ann
uumey of many people who sro lo BeOtiuieiit and
intenti n as good tis they ever were. Money re
nuires, <*r is sapposed to r* quire, special Btoaaers ia
mose who poss rsa it. and SS many bars had no tun-*
noraliiltts tn acauini iiianners ot iheir own. tony
boee eagerly and hlunderingiy coined those ot rich
people atonal, availing tin-nisei vi s sf wbatSfflS
models mit*" Hoist prominent, v.lthout leg .rd to up.
proprlaleness. I.'iehes implies leisure and wars of
enjoying it. and as the homely mettodsof the last
generation are luauflcioot, others have BOSS adopted
haatitv sod wiilmut proper inspection. There inver
was a time wb**ii tits majority of mothers io lal el
di I not wish their daitgiitcrs to lin I rn li husbands,
so girls aie now hui ried into society ia order that
tiley may lose uo opportunities to tie admired by
rich bacnclors aud wulosver-.
The social results ot ml ibis are to bo deplored;
but they must ls* iracrtl to ihe cause we havo luiii
cated. and not to any inlluenee that Pr. Dix his
mentioned. The thirst for general knowledge that
many w.'iuen manif st. le tin* great regret of tho
preacher, is far from being an evil. VtBBBtB Britt
never cease to want to lie nerhusilajd'scoiupanion ;
but if she is to succeed ste must know-far more
than siittii-ed her sex a generation ugo. The men of
til-nay are much more intelligent than th ir lathers
were. The newspapers, timuka to railroads MM
telegraph sTires. are now daily records of all that is
going on in the world, und as all Men read tln-tn. &u
ail women follow the examples set by then lind-*.
If, instead of Judging ail society by that ol tlie
metropolis, amt instead ?f estimating all women in
New-*iork by many who aie prominent only because
they bave more money than sense, Dr. Dix bad care?
fully studied family lite in all paris of his owu
parish, bis lectures on womanhood would ha vs SSSBJ
very different in tone, ile would have foiled the
groat inspirits of women ss pure ami winiest an those
of any other generation, aa fond of home snd all
that home embraces! aa full of eon] uga I aud malur?
us! aeutunent ss their mother.* were.

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