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IJ o the Editor nf The Tribune.
' Sm: Ia a letter that appeared Inn recentninn
jber Of T)IK'1 nilli NE ot. ??CeiiHllsStsllelics of Illiteracy."
?an injustice is done- to utah Territory, i he writer Bays :
J*'Not one of the Terrttor.e-or far ITSSlrrB PtstHS. Bete
i_Hab aud New Mexico, have *,7 pernuna te. the HM) nie r
ten v ear* e.f BJ* unable lo write-, au I Iheise IgniSS SSS
jthe average of the Unit, t Mun ?? rn.'mn, ial "(e.iii
peuiliitin of the Census " of 18**o (page 1,0 IO), supplies tbs
following details:
- - ... v- *'? We*.
Paaeaataee of whita persons e>f ten veers of
i ag- aud upwaids re-turned hs unable ti)
J^tibo. U.4 8.5
Jlative white pam us of 10 jears, Ae., tin
able to write. H.7 59
Foreign white persons of 10 yrais, eke., un
j Aide to write. 12,0 __.g
Thus showing that lu all these cases I tah is lulow the
ave rage e.f tin Ratios lu llliteraev. Kespeelluilv,
Hall Lake City, Wa*, April fl, UM, i: lim in.
I - ?
the Editor ef Tho Tribune.
: Rm: To what extent have thi* educational
provisions of the Ooveruuient treaties with tbe Sioux,
-Javtejeee. Apache. Ute, K.ows, ( omam ne and other in?
dian tribes been fulfilled I How inony Indian schools
are lhere! According to tbe treaty, tht* tribes "pledge
themselves to compel their children, male and female-,
between tbe aces of six and sixteen years, to aiu-nd
School; and lt ls mode lae duty eif tbe agent tn tee tll.tt
this stipulation ls etc.eily compile.I with; snd tbe United
atatea across ihat for every thirty children between said
ages wbo .ian be bul.iced or compelled to attend school
a house shall be pioiidod, sud a. teacher coupe-tent to
teach thc el, in it ,i> braiioies of an English education
Shall be farwiBbed, whe will reside among said ludians
audfsifj.ri, ? ,i. ,.r he- duties ssa teacher."
Aceocdiug ii ls theta ought n-w to Int aSUM 500 schools
ta wbieii ie r ii,,l l*e taucbt also the baudicralts of
Civilisation; sewing sud housekeeping tei girls, and
fMasaagt li lng, stock-raising, ales, ta bara nu
Tbo total estimated popnl.ition of children of
. school ano in Scotland is 1.1*9.94*, at whom 555,
000 are in tbo elementary day-schools.
During tho mist two years tbo Kunian Catholics
of belgium havo built in every district when a
government Behool exists a free religious Behool io
oppoaition to it. It was generally thought tbat tha
experiment would prove to he a failure ?, but tbe
contrary ta ths .ic. Oa December LS, 1880, the
number of pupils st tend ing ths Roman Cs bolic
schools wai 580 ' On December 15, 188--, the
allen.lance ha i risen to 622,437, an Increase ..f
42,037. 'i>c Boman Catholie aohoola sra, there?
fore, in a mncli more flourishing condition than tho
government school! th" attendance in which In
issi only amounted to 840,118.
Mr. James V. Croaker, Bnporintendeni of E Inc i
tten in Buiralo, believes tbat there should beonlj
two terms in every school. Ho regards il ssawsste
of time to bave tbree examinations' in the c
'n school year. "Hut," s.ii.l be, M the three exam.?
nations yarlv are not tbe only evil of the piesenl
system. The pupils havo too many studies forced
upon tbem ut a tim.*. It baa long been my convie
tion tbat thc beet way to edneate tbe greal nnmber
of pupils in our pulilic schools mu*, to endagrthem
witb sound practical knowledge on robjecta which
?will I.( ase to them in busiuess. Nu el? iv-r emit
of these who enter the tenth grade never reach tbe
lina. Where do these all gol Plainly, oul into the
business or working world. I bare a?'u tb
i-tVect e.f overcrowding pupils, sud of demoralizing
shena by frequent fever-creatiug examinstiooa 1
huve seen tbe good results of p..mal chang* a in thc
direction 1 advocate, and I believe the change
?would bo attended with the beal of practical ie
1 he Baltimore Duy is un earnest and persiateut
O'lveeeate- eef a system of lei 'mi eil >r trie lc '-.111' Ut ion.
and irom time to time it hus thrown ont HOM valu?
able suggestions ou this subject. In a recent iasdc
it pays a hir_!i tribute to Peter Cooper's achema ol
practical education, lt eilis attention tee the many
experiments now being made in giving hoys a man
nal cihii'iitioi). Such an education would bc, toni mv
hoys, an incalculable blessing. " Instead of best?
ing.'' it says, "so maiiv Bseanlngless platitudes
uttered by pim fm m otatotB or oflioe seekers, eager
te> He cure the' popular VOte, witb refi-i? 'lice io the
dignity of labor, it is a pity that such men. and even
those who are continnaly advancing new theories in
politicalccoiioiny. do not sb'.iv that they properlj un
iei aland the real worth and valneof labor. No matter
lmw tiiucii ni"u may have differed as io tbe ultimate
eeoaosalc vain.' of laborsaving machinery, only one
opinion fa aever been expressed ss to the benefits
resulting hom aohoola which furnish a purely prac*
Heal education and a training tbat gives clearer
vision tei tin- eye and Increased skill aud vigor te
the' band anel ann.''
Ten years ago the Legislature ol kfaasachnsetta
enacted a law establishing free evening drawing
alaasss In tho larger ntiea when they aright be
needed. They have been very successful wherever
they have been established, and have .lone much to?
ward encouraging a love of mechanical arl among
working people.
Tht Alban,/ l .ipeaka of the two greal <
American schools, everett wdiug ami overteachiug,
ninl makes the following anggeetlve atatomeni: " lt
is a f;n t which Ana rioans mav .t>* well acknowledge
Int aa laat, thal their educational system eontniua
some ra<lieiil defects. Dur school children ure tiir
fruin strong, m.nt illy and physically, and the edu?
cation given ts often far inun practical. Any well
considered plans to improve Ibe system by remedy
?g tbeae defects should meet with careful c insider*
lu n recent addieea before tbs fe ai bera ef Atlanta,
(lu., the Kev. G. L. Chaney gav.* aome Interesting
facts in reamed to manual training. In Pans there
are forty primary schools lo which workshops are
[attached, and in Whieh manual instruction b
?at ten years of a;--, "ihe competition," be said,
'" of tbe niling powers of Kurope to-day is not mon
?for conquests of territory and balance of political
ipowcr than for Industrial supremacy. Already in
our own country the peaceful racket ot tuc loom
has -silenced ths rattle of tbe infantry, and ihe'
booming of caunein around Atlanta has lound a
better and mon barmless substitute in ibe boom In
le'al estate. The triumph* of the conting genera?
tion an on that line, and thal people ail] achieve
tliem wbich believes as Prussia belh v?. thal what?
ever yon would have appear rn tbs nation'., life j-eui
munt pat into tbe public school-e, and thus believ?
ing nuts manuel training there."
' The English Commission which waa appointed te
examine the irene h system e.f todhniea] e-.lucat um
has Bands its le'peeit, in whicli tlie following BUggeO
tion a| pea: -: "The instruction in the BBS of tools
during ibo elementary scboeei age>, besides being ol'
service to i \ery child. whether destined te become
<a aaeebanicor m.!. will tend, in tbe former caae, to
[facilitate thc learning of a Inda, though it mat noi
.actually abott, n tin necessary period of sppnhtice
'.ship. WC should I.e glad to sec this kind ed nutt.ital
iiisiruction introduced imo .some ol our own clo
lasentaiy rn h""is *
, The spelling reform in Germany is not meeting
with ibo sn,, ess which it deserves. Kaeli Stale iu
'Bistson ( airy :n-'(.ut its ou n i.leas, ami all oili< inls
|of tne (.ioveruuieiilare obliged to con form to tbe oh'.
'method. So that il tbe scholar should learn tue
hew metlm.I at school lt would I.e ot little use to
bim. A writer on tbo subject questions why Ufa
should be made so hurl for tho school children
through teaching thom a language which will be of
'so little uss to them outside of the aebool-houss.
(Still it is stateel that in A].ni, 1883, nil schools
throughout the laud arc to adopt the new orthog?
, A newspaper has been established in Washington
to advocate " compulsory edin .it.ca supplemented
by generous appropriation* uf public mono, for
common achoolw." Ibe chic! argument of tholen
who ure behind tins movement is, that ignorance
begets crime, ami Ibat virtue and education u'o hann
'in hand. Iis PhttOmVphbt Masoni denies thia, "Wo
read in Garnets," it -say*, ? tbat enma came, i.it.i
tho worbl with kaewledgo, and nil history proves
that superior knowledge lias neVOl inevenled or
'abolisheu it. The wisest antipas have (reen and
are tbe wickedest*. As education mlass the grade
of iutellee t it gives a keener edge to misdoing. Hut
if nieu were made goad as they uro mano to read
and ".nie, why should the Federal power be ex
.eiei-ed for this end' It is ibo Stats tbat deals
wiih our family ties ami onr homes, thal supports
poveiiy, punishes Clime ami stands in un almost
paternal relation to the people. I be Toilet ul power
lins been puipos'ly and wisely excluded from anv
nurtielpntwn la the local government. Many of
the Slates, it is ttue, nave gone sn lar us lo proi Ids
mu optional education in the common xe-tioois. hut
even they bevs hesitated to interpose witb lorre in n
matter slucii is Insr nml toremost the eoncorn of
pareuts. The Interposition of tbe Kadara! Govern
anent would be an intolerable usurpation. 'lhere
are too iii?nv Federal of_t e-hol-lers already with
?ul eetablit.li mg now ones in e.ery echool-honko.
"Wo are go veined too uiucb.:'
costs so much more la bunt a troublesome savage to bis
dentil tbuu ll would cost lo civilize bim, whr is not tbe
latter done on tbe score of economy 1 Kwon'dtake far
les- money ls need and maintain the full number of
te.tellers among them thou our soldiers and I
nze-nts eel now. Fifteen of Ibe twenty yours of IS8
treaty have elapsed, and Whet, I aguin a?k, haa '? D
done i A Kl-Al'Llt.
Jl'Amen, Wit., Aprils, 1993.
Tho Military Rei vice [natitation receatly
offered a gold in.dal ' ?! tlie li. t essay on Imp
Impiofemeiila in tbs a-.- ol war darlag tba part 1 wsuty
yean and tbalr prabSMa effect on future
mlumry operations. An essay by lieutenant.
Odo ? i LaasOs von ino medal, ami
me by Cap! da Praneta Vmteo Greene, af tba Bagjnecsa,
? .neil to hs second best.
Ute essay by Captain Greene to the toadies
The Journal of the MUUerry awatea tristtSmHop. tt
current quarter. Atler showing that tbs present Billi*
titty -;. '? nu of rn- n ,!? >ns of Continental Kirup" reader
i: rr. saaary that those p iwen abould mu:nt ila rt
expense of auddon expaastoc nnd
rapid m. vemeat, Captain -
temsannotneed ri by tbe United BtatesaadBai
?mut e.f tin-ti:, 'il.ll .1-1' IB Of ' ? bl ll
, tm i Item other great nations i aud that, while
i ,,,r,i:id tad telegraph have enabled
the "spa ra of crimson-milled war" to
BWCep act..-* e ratine iit * With tbe rnp'rtlty
of thc whirlwind, ne -meii rapid bbc ina sf hsadnag men
by ass baa Ot en Isrslope i. W nu Conttoea
? laslbesborl and terrible, Attbaatampof
aa Ktin.er..iv fool i.u linne- mus! spring Into b lag
ed for cmilli t. und ri-1 wita rapid BtrMea
tonar.! some gnu! b? tte, aueb ;.- ibal which
closed the Seven Weeks' War al Sadowa, nnd
destroyed forever Ibe Influence ..f Austria lu W.
Europe, in :.- ..ic 11-, iii.- iii.ht.ri ;.-.;,ini thi United
Btstes be says:
?? If we -:..:i i g2A.000.000 ri venr on m.r present armj
for io,) yuan, and b3.*">00.000,000 for a war, the
total is $0,000,000,000 ii) 100 years: whereas, lt
wc i' mn sin-ad b lore, costing like thal of
Germany aud Prance, (ilOO.pOO.000 a roar, sod
bud n war costing#l!,0Oo,0O0,00O, tbetotal would bc
$12,000,000,000, fl ole ll iring for nfl of ffl.000.000.000
iu uioui-.i. t-e suv ne.:iiiiii ..! saving tn-- lumen e loss
caused i>v withdrawing sneb a ur^e. number of men
f-oin produci Ive cinploj incut."
i'be safety e.f our preaenl ayBtem bc sssuinea
from tbe difficulty ol transporting men rapidly
by Bea; but a ic k trill auflea to erna Ibe
Anni,,ic ami who knowe, should icesslon
arise. s nb winn expe -', tlon some j ol unknown Kapoleou
may precipitate so sruij on those* shores I Captain
Or ? ne binieel! sbows tha! it is never safe wholly to
Ignore thc nngramm . leal s led .tn of tb - couple .
"Thrice la he armed wbo hath bis quarrel Just,"
Ami lour uni, i lie who gi t- bia aloa In fast."
jw. ir .w/ nc
Tho Grand Conservatory Publishing Com
pam asnd rn a ooaree ..; -indies for piano-forte In twi Ivs
numbera,arrangedfnmtbe worts of various mart t-,
and provided with preparatory excrcli sal auaota
iion-. i ile aertefl i- a Uted by Mr. Erne) Ebor lard. 11 ?
also semi tb. ir coarse of twenty- our toetUises, tn two
books, by Paola Ls Villa, dedicated to Qui en M irgbt rita,
ot [tidy. 'I ? ? bbtte bave Issw t a i
Denni by Dr. Will! un ll. Wal!.-. , i ballad ? ?
for:c by Carl Arpad Doppler; a '.'
. tad ?? Viii.- dee Dana ir hands, bj
Ado.pb Ke.e llliiir.
Vie have received from Mean \ Pond A Co,
ki \ ral works of Mr. Vee '
e.p.;.-.'; Gavotte, op. 53; Toceats, op. 54; bia Drinking
Bong,"Obaern when Mother Barth ia d v ": ??!'
a madrigal for mixed vob ["Tsntura
for s .lo, <pia:t. tend oborus, and "Tbe Sai.1
n ballad* for mixed cboi i-. fnm tbe Q rai un >.f Uhland.
Mesa . 'it ? tufa o Broil ? fl vt Iwo songs of Mr.
William K. Baasford?'?U aa I VV ? ail tha Wm I Io
Yam," aad *? Thougli I Leave Yon Kow lu Sorrow " j and
tb,- Vaaonl Polka Bong, aud Walk-crt '-My Juliet"
V, ' ii.- r ' ? ? -?-'??
ll. Scbie sins r. pub! Mr, ( .ri 1'iii'. r, ol i
M. - ?-.->? ir a li b b il pu bl i i>h n rt
Mr. Harrison Milla.,;; 'Mi jailor Boy," and " L ?
III Lile."
Messrs. ;?ii-.I*, a i ied it." foiiowina
?? \ (, ..i little (. i ." bt Mt Kl inn! M
?? U'atcbu s, Wultlng," bj P. I a Villa; ' Mi - illoi I
by *-bi .ii < oim : MTtdlmrsof Comfort and Joy," bi i
M.Hi: ?: oi ? i ?? I, >v ? fiuardi racii !*oldler's Gnvc,"
quart t for I'..atlon liay.bvJ. W, Timer, snd tbe
" Alum - (.Milan1 " Po le >i .!? bn .!. I' mod i K H rtpeu
der's "Ardmore Polka "; tlie ?'i lilniesof ct, I
Edward i offinau, and a Wagner Fuueral .'?!
00 Tamil.In^.r m? ol >?-.
Msosn l wai I Bchnberl h Co. hsve pnblti
American *-? 1111.?n of "Tbe Bealmo! Tones." a i
tuen of mel biographies "i eminent musicians wltn
concise chara tel o notices, serotnpanl'-d willi ?
ur.ip.ii, hk'-ne sci 1 ila ed lion baa sn spp n
i> P.L. Hitter, containinguotiMOand pori
past aud present mind, sus of America, whicli ?
and so m..,!, rn ss ld include the best-known ] i
Uie oi chest ros of ibis season io New lotk.
_\cui Pitblicattotta.
PinNTKD DN HEAVY >(-i'.;ii ( Ai.KMif.m.:'
I AP! ll
Contains i.u. li l I'v.i.- stthe l.t.- I lllnstratloaa
best ast-tato aoS EIUI11 PAUKMof thecbolceet Utersry sal
ter i makin:; tho ?OBI coai;,:e i- aa | | , ,? ,i?i, ,
MX1L1.N PA-UK* OF ABT AM) l.l I ill A 1T ,:J;
t.ei combined In bim -, ubUcstioa. it*
1. .f. l.l P v.i:
BTJBPAMfl AWY ever Issued by a ?? Bkly pspei -.n tither uld.*
of tba .Mini.'! . The lUastrsted World preei I
clisserof Nunit.or one nit,a BPL1 s .11. ric; i ul , sa
Iiemiine.l iii tin-m..-t , I ai Ir,,: i tin- painting li
Mids..1. Tbscepisian soflm i itoaukelldlf
fl-nll tei elisliii-iilfl.il tliem fran tbs mi-mal, .ililli is vanni
al mt tn in .In -.1 ?
With Kamber Two will 6 fives e espy of Qsbrlel
celebrated pa i
With ft amber Tbi ee, a ebaradsg plctnre ot coaatry :if,-.
galslrl by T. w Weod, Pn i Ssa! ri tba M bim i
of Clew-York,. a:i*.t
Wl'h Niinliir Kian, mir at! [l.t.- WlU bs h Sae SSpy Of B
painting by !.Beymonr day, ... tbe N'atieaai tnsSsmj oi
AltiSlK. Bf >. w-Viii ., entitled
Il ispraaaata a bright baby-bay bb ib goer, ttfUag
kittens tent e.f a baBhel, ? hilt tbalr aaslooa mother wstehi 4
tin- n. 1 rattea with mt. ni tote res! OUh r robje eta will be mi
nenne.-.l In Nam ,<;i 1 mir ol Tilt; II.1.1 -. ['KA lill
WO It l.l>.
Ari is eek bb wt* aged '" ti" itu bmsi terrible teaebsr, as
well ai Hie iii.hi ?. leoini-f'li n.i ..! Ibfl .In, lill. Il, I -
TEATED WOKLD, Mspspalai asper, laiaalgssd to bring
imo nie- hflaam o' ju ri lases tba t.'-m work i.y ihr i.cst sttists.
The Arl eef lt BBSS r will ht gtVeS :i),iin,l?nt Rfiuce, an.l I .?
ie.e.ilii(r columns will lu- flrisp ami full nt in Braal.
THK IU.l>! KAIKI) WOULD ls lor salo by all News
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pu .nile, win a ll. _l ie, may cliai-e. BOVSO or light Cent-, tfl
cover the cost of. ipi, MBflBt bat when I* me. I wf|, nappie,
uc i.t Ait Plato* Bia lirlce will I.e uniformly Ten OflUSa
aabaertpttflayates. Three i?.iiutii per y*ar, i>o?ts<te paid.
gpaataaanaapp, with au Kai* asssttoa-ysaswemsmrseelte
af lan Canto Aeieiress
PahWahm " n.i.trai iiatkd would."
a aautributtaa totiie iiisteiryuf Barapaaa amrala asm ti.e
time of the ?SBBSn I u.;.lrs to tho elute of the Fourteenth
Century. By Ueoife f, lort. 1 roi., roi si mo . dolli; pp.
600. S3 00.
J. W. DOUTQR, 7U0 Broadway,
am. ali. BOOKeaixnun.
L "
lvllle-il I.y
Kdward McPherson, r.eik IIoiihh llepitseuiatlvwi
Priss S6 cento a rosy or S s csstos tsrai. ?> l ?"???" ves.
hem ny mail uu i-me'lpt ot j.rlep.
Tho ea.nu ,.f tij"y.'?r |gg| as iriven in the I'olumns ot the
Daily 'I (SUBS, arranged Bad SI T_jdi al ileana.
A to.
A Kiuiiinaiy tt LlOals. ?liius'lbe Woii.ls Ii i-Utiy UurlBB
lo- _ lu lille,. * m
donn-rslpt M i.rlce.
IT . ? ? ^Iall?l on r. rsli.t ,.f price
For Bovs and Youn? Men?City.
A SCHOOL FOR BOYS.?PHrato tuition,
afternoons. Thomas Itcevea A?t>. 145 W.l-ltb-st.
INSTRUCTION in readinp, elocniion, st.-iiro
snd general dcllvrry. mattum .tn c. Luellan. Professor
uni uTO v 1 WI Broadway, ? -
I -ll. 'll-'."'il IBM.
Hui" mil M lt- HAY*-!, XI. D.
I PT 4, ls--'.
A p.o.? bisbesi grsds whose tlir?e.fni,i
ell.l. illl.l ser,l|,i|,,,,|. V I,,,il>.."l. Ht . Ill "I I ll -
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tbe feel n. . ?
.... while Ullin,' tee
Him ,,,,? .,., i. ishlnrion Heights,sbonl ten miles un tbs
li a.i.-..n. ii i. ie., neel a,' th ? i I i
l.i.-.ll.-si. r.. .,. >?a Hu-', or, tty '.. u lc
meets ibo annal ot tny
a inun. tie'iiitifu: i "l bosltbr i> ir- -on sa era i i
lunn,lin-, tue inosl ile,,elm i . ... -ur
?i.illiilrn [8, at-- aol lo iii I ....ar.' t ie fi' . . ,1 ta i
Un,ls,,ii. IU in Un - ne i iu-ui.li- lin:.:
i:.. re .iv tort! acre a of lan
lei m.-ted by oak i (er play.
A Pi I.-, I' ni . I I M... ,1 1. ?_
Univc ity Grammar School, I.Hi llroadwny.
?,.,.- ,,-iri fri n iry, ' ? ii n -,,-i n n I
1 ... ii Uta U \1. ll I'./V, W.L Akin, i-.iaaiia.i
_1 , ll V ?'
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P.I.MAl.N-s ,.1'I.N lil B KNTIIll VI
BP] l-fE-fC-KO.
Art Scho du ? CJitv.
l_f RS.LOUISA H.CULVEN will roeeive nunns
_t I liter Mundill rn '. In. in Mit \ a I vi. OIL sn 1 WA . I 1
tri Al lr-.('H I"*-- I PA I <i: I'I s , . ?! I '. . ' ).: \ ri )*.'.
DID, Nu, s.^ 1 \; '.'.,
lit. n. IICNTI NO TO N. Mr. VI U.l AA* ll A el 1. Alr.J .VI .1
Id. Illili, Mi, A. 1 . .1,1.1. . V\
For Bovs ani Youn r Ksa?Ootratr*'
Pl dos, LY.
a,i (ii ?;. WILLIS, I':.. i>.
I) I .i, ,. Pi ,, ," l H.. \. a bs '.I . . I' . il :
ll th yearn. tn ita.asl
ness i ni mn un'., m..ne.i-. na i , . it ii"-'.i-. ____
IJOYS nnd \ul\u MEN privately titted for
I > e..i... e. . iu lltione I >,r re] ,-' ? I < ind iel , . I,
summer ur a ter. -???. .-ni.- -i -. i lluKt-.Mann.
1 M.I'M's Ijx.ic'iiiii--i i- ti . ii'Vs prepared
> i ?
POTTAGE HIEle sr,Idol, poughkeep
>_/ al i. N. V., ,.r ??? - ? ? -i '- I'S
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1. Jl isel - 1 .'ll IIU . -
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I I ?. i 'I mm. 'All I ? ', .'I ' ' ...ii'. >:i ap?
ply toi
IJEEKSKILL iN'.Y.i Militar. Academy.?For
I,. . .-...,- II .. \. M.. I'i i
1 . : e-i, . Ivnti
1 R. I'. N. V.
K>i I . .\. V. ?I'.niili.iiil Ma ? - 'f"l
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Wl'M.MI 1 MIL I UH \< VDI MV, Stimuiit,
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lad. .. - aspen , i - ? ni,.-. ' nit*i.
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For Rofl aexal?O', litre
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_ii.ii.- i .... . i ......
MRS. V H. ALDRICH "ill otwn h.*r awond
ft at -.ii i i alu! Kii.,1 : i ?
I.u turtle I iiilm:., I Ml Msy 1 Si
I.i Ul i ave. i.m ni lut.is a. Penn.
OOCKLANI) COLLEGE. - N- wk- on-the
ll lin '- ? i 11 ? . , i ?: i ?. w il.
-,...?: A *?!
J\ vcitK li'.ii li'- ST TU I
lip.'. i ? r ? ? - Nu i.'. 3-- llrnselws-r. mrnei ihi u.
Hr,. e-< ? r ii. a. .1 3 s Weal twenty ildi.i I
>i i i i ? .. li-I asl rourteentn-st., rornei l*nloo
,,. . I |SI li.e ll Alt
t ?? e, i . i - Sos :. i" tasr
e..., . . u.ty.tlllli St , Uptej ti p. ),..al lej,.;
I I- _
\MEIIICAN uml I'.ilii 'll I'- irlie-ts" \ . 11. \.
3 : I'e. iM pro
ll .
i, ? e enitiirr or.
i sli un ... .mui ? m Mrs. M. J ?> ? .(IPI LION,
A m. .? in .,,.1 i ?h. i -ii Teach lilt I' alon ? i
V HEM ililli lie e nln]ili-lii'i| lc.nit i-. piotc
Ire lint- reis lea
.-nut bona k. ? ; ' i linoel ul I.i Ile conni 11
prompllt "lille ? l ? - ?
lui. .Ml i. IA M ? . i'i ill Kill. .VIII.
Ul I...-.: I .il, ? ,i
MI^s HESSE, '.Hi Wi ii '-'1 Dst., supplies
. (impelen I t, a. !?? - tm... -.?..: ? - ,. ins
et*. 1,'fl-i
,,| .'.,.,, h. ,,11't 11.111. Hanni un I i.h .uni
i ?? re I- lal . i . .tts
tegul Xoticco
l.A.i.A.. i'i CU BM - 10 lu.!, illari.
? ; t the .. tn dal ?? he .,? .,,:? ... I)
, : Its ' n.t.,,ai ll.I,I.e
IS l,-!r*
? ?e. all.l Wli.le.i4. 1,1 ||?. le, n,. .lt h.ll OtOtlXUI " SSlS
. .I Na.I(al e, .,.?
i" ii"- .1 ...'? ? -i .. ... il sain busts, te wit
he .Sud i ........ ? I ..' Ar,,.
in- " 'i i "I db m.. ..:. I phi,' and u?
',1,1'iv .,. ,? , * u . .i .'i,. ..m.-.... ,ie- Units, Vox .
? Al.,11. I si ? .
I-. - .. ii el, benia ',,;-. i mil ra Sto.es and itponr
icasmss ",. m. ni'ni, ,,i la nea nins
"i pertslulos lo il.. c....I nevorsl stestnb-Jals, ur
bm ... t ..-in, h.,ii else a.i tbs right, ui,o.
?r properly, t . sever, le sal er
''Jil i",e. iii un- *ul I e . In..,,aa I am Na rlgattoli e ,,., ul. lu
-i ...? a a i, |a : i?, 1. ,.1, w. I h : lu- a, |uin. .
IU Ililli Ul -.111' Ul ?.:... || I,I I.'., t .Mi ||,.,,He'. ,
boll l?.i! tile Sala t , ..lliii.tt - .1- nu .N Bl i- iat_.il. I H., . A^ll lol USS
i.i .lollara, h uiua date Anj psyshle twea
". ? ? ? ? - rdate, .... ,.-..: at tue rstea of Ssvsu pei
. ? ul In.ai .1 ,r. | I ' 'aijii.ti.lv un tba DIS! i.a.s ,,!
uuy am! Aucuat In ascii year, Ba per i .e'.i n.
?al,l a"'.t> a. bouda and,
Mr'HKH am Sala mortrase proridsd tbat la cass Sefsall
sbouldbems.ii .nil. parmsal ol ,... aMSer. ai ou aslu ti.nnla
Bt tbs times tits Ssas should '.i.e el,..', ami limul,1 is,le.
liane Lu il,;i;-,- ii ,ja tbureSlMr, ili.n ,li- lum, ,tim nf tun
abets .,f said bonni Bbenid, ai tlie apUOB >,f lae. and r.
sigurd, i.um.'.iluli' y hr, oum ami I.e .lue ami paysnle, stul lt
a io i.,. be I...- univ af Ibe na l.l I olumi.la r~ir.nn Navijfjii.ui
,, , iln,-ie uri Un 4i nu! pus* aalun of a?l I ht. am
nats ii i?- sadstslgned and.
i -. i...- inni ? ul imbin Mi-sin Nsvtjratl.m t'o.
Lbs l-l eley of October, A. ll. lOoJ, until/ tim
il . detent! aa aloreasid. ami .ill. by ita wilting
- .. I ana ian, 1 then- '!. a- ele.l lo the Un. Iel aisle -et. . eli
lass! -. iiialilllty le pay anni inline at amt i.in.i nsrsiSil. fl
aud charges to ie Incnrred la tbs ears ul m. aald
"i'..lulu.al-.. aaS Ul,, I ur ii uni I..eau ile.Uti n. 1 uni |,u.~?aaluu
of a.. Bad alURiilier tlie aaaI .-loaiubuala. loiiribor with their
spparsl, t ickle and fnrnltnrs, tn the aademgaed , snd,
WM I-. lu a.-,-al.l la-il nam il iBstmoiSni o' wi lim* (iiuin
ersieel ee-italn it^-uia ol Imlenie ni.?a lo rtlvrta perauua acute
gaittiK' annul Ui-.i, y ll ve the Hi SS IMl elu.iaia Wea am! flirts
.,11. I 'I .? 'I ? li IO be enllle lille li ll l-Xli.-ui.l-. Suntu ihe 1 uu
Bing and vats ot aald In,ats, ead rrqusateil the uuderalgi.ed
lr,iat, i-s <o put lu po iseaalOU eef Ihr pi,.pei ly. le. nay thr e,?u,e,
an.l I" tin il the .aiila aial pin,.etty afoiesalil ms aecuiltv'
tnrii'fiir, ami ? rcatlug s si reine lien upon am h piopetty ao
lu ilueii ynsss.siaa tor al, mousy, so i.at.l , mei,
\\ iii-..".ka?, lu and ny site! laiieiiturn of ruortir??e it wss
pru i.le-U that af:, r isallie puaacaaleiu of aalil -Uah:,...ita mel
pi pertj t ? ? nin. lairin'el mlatit pro. rrel to aril the tame at
aucii.m. baviug Biat glien rrkaousme ami pul,Ho nou, e of
Uie time sud i.lae.e-nf sUn , sui,
Wi! l-l lt tv Ai., Thr .uni lulen at ami BXpSaSBS an.i tAnnrrt
atl.i remain due anti uupunl. aud the uudrnl_u>-d truatres
Ii er e e-i i t-,l, Miraiiaut t<> lue pin Uluua .1 -a ., ni,.i t__ks lo
euaaldrr Hi-principal sum ar.eitel by aaM bouda auU mull
gaae u. ba aew Uar amt paysbis i
?OW, TUSBSV Ht! , pul, 1,- notice ls hareby j1?en thst
theuiidarsl^no i, Iruateea uu.ini said ?ertgace, now being lu
poaaras.em nf s,l ot Sud ale uni,nata, at ths perl of Nra Yu k,
will provest! to aeil lbs ssuis. UiS'llii-r m'li al aut alii^alar
Hie Lui.a, luruai es. bwilrra. bi njtilu>-ia . ., aals. a..ha. ropea.
sni.bora, eSi.lea, tackle, spusici, beiala. os -, luuilt,|>|,, atuua
and appuii'iuane.-a nf, m. upou. oi in any er lae belonging or
I srlslulus to tbe said several - tranii.uatsi ur any ot them, sud
alaoslltlie r'.Kbi, title, luierest. Properly, calm sad dei,'Sud
wfestsssTsr, legal er eqaHable, of tno aald i uiuuii.is . nam
Navlsatloii l eeiiipany. nf. In. or to thr asms, oi any part
t'i.-ie .1. wllh the appin u n .u. ra. al thu I ieh.',?r Haa aro ina
.Nu iii liuisUway, lu tMa I u- ai Kew-Tork, sst hatuiday'
Anni VS .A I). 1&s;i atr.'orloiii neon, Ihiniiuli A.lilaaTl
Muller i huns, au, iionreia, at public auchen to the b.gbrsi
til .dot tot cmmIi ami oul of ihepioeerda. sfu*r eieelncllus Ibe
rxprnsea of advert rruirat sud sale, wi,I pa/ lhe Said eSpMMBe
BM Bdvaneea BM thr principal sud lt ten i ?t of said buuds sc
euresl in hr | iti-l hy .al I n.ortrsge
rm psr.iou *i rni.i.ui.-ut of aal.l Meatnbeiala under Art of
(oinpiaeo! Hie I nlt.Ml ritsn-s reference la msde IO UiS ro
cn dril mortp ,(tr In llir r s. . n.t..ni luina, atm,..ant 1'er.
nuts Io exaiuiiie aald boats will ne t,:ven t> pail.es wishing to
pur, timaa thc saino ou applicsthni to either of the uuarr
a,.:.n. J,,11 , KNul.l , J lt
JU11N K. UO.F-IIllie,
ULAI lt. B.IOW eft. I'.I'DD. TrusUsa
Attorunys lor liusless, 10^ Brosdway. a. X,
Detartmk*-1 or ms TNTraiOR. 1
omn or UnuAS ArvAia-j, Wass-SOTOB, >ran-h 1 j. i.-aS-I. I
tihAl.KD riKIPU-s.tl.s, lmie.raesl '? PropoiBls tor licet,"
iiii'l* for Beef moat be eui.nutted tn eparate envelopes.)
ison. Flour, Cloth-Ins, or Trstuportsflon. .ft ,. <aa ths sass
iii av be., au I Urectisi lo th,> Commissioner of Indt.in Affair-.,
Nos. ti Jami 0" Uno.tel at.. New.Tara, Wll tie rri'i-ive.l until
I imii. ?f iri-siiiV.AI'ltlt -i. lss;I. f,,i furnishing for tho
r ? pounds Bacon 40.0(>0.00e(pounds
beef on tbs ' sri, 183,000 pail!-, li.-aii-. 4-0.(100 t '.un ls
flaking Powdor, _-.I poundl furn. M7 ..()'"> bounds
,000pounds Flour, Bii.OOO ponnds reed, I7n.s,),i
? Iihi.i iii? ni ls llotnltiv. ls.i) 'ii p , ni,|.
Lari. I,-.'..', barrels meas l'..rs. KS.000 pounds Klee. ii..;, rn
boun.ls i a. is.ooo ponnets i,,i.i, ???>, 17 '.o.><> no.nula wait,
lSll.OOO "I |.i.iiU'Js Soils, 7i!o,.)uj pounds
t-uear sn 1 1110,000 pounds Wheal.
Ulanketa, woollen and Cotton Doods '<-nnieii>ring in
? 11, k.ii-'. 83.0 Kl '? inls, ? ,ii 'a 'I CaU. o, a
larUsi Drilling. 20.000 yards Dusk, free trow all aiiinif,
?, 1 ,.i-". vnr I.. ulna?stn. 60.(100 yards j
ns,'.s.OOO yards; ( heriot, Stl.ooo rardai Brown
i,.\. rania: bleached sheeting. !MMN)0 rs la
lu sn y 8blrttBS, l.'.eM.ei vsiiN, t alleo s'.liUtiK. ?'?.?)".) ysr.li;
w im.-v :; ooo yan i . ii, ri,
...I Booka Aow snd a long bat of
ii snides, surb sa Harness, I'I ,
l irks. S-C, sod tm. tons required len tl,
vii., lu A ri tons, Colorado, Dakota. Idaho, Indian r
Minnesota, M -.?>?. Xevadaand v. toousln. lobs
delivered st. I ,.-?, . ? li snd Hhrai City. Also to
mu i '? adapted to tha eil.nat i ot
sst with Cailforula brakos, delivered at Han
-lum -, ?!
Also ti anaportafton fm snnh of i'm art'em., co-nda. aue! ppp
- mired i .oi to ba delivered al
dui ..n Oovenunsnl i,lanka
? ids m..) .|iu.i.(iii.-., of subsistence
Suppl ? ? i' faire i lor , ? ii A ., icy, ami tba kln.l-e and
In', lu ri,,--. ,,r Sli nt'iei (Ond) an.l III Ile Vi, together Willi
-,. rounltlons to br observed hy bindera,
and ph.f delivery, terms of eonirael .ml payment, brana.
in ..I ion roo tl,ina. w.:l Iii)
. ,, ih iii tu (lie Janian i.ilii'i. lu Waahlitij.
lou, M I ."' W n.ulei-at.. .New. V,irk : Wm. li.
l. on, io -4-*: Broadway, New-York; tbe Commlasarleo oi
.. e. Phi, igo, Le iven worth,
. -am Louis, ria! nt i'i,i|i. Han l-'iiuel-or snd Yanktnni
the Poalmsster at ntouxCity an I tu tim Posimastsrs ,.t tbe
A ri...nena e Itv. lin rilli .j-.
Inn. i al,lu-'-il. [lodge fur. i-ii,!.'.'Ia, Kur.lta. Qrest Benet,
Howard. Hui. iii. Uti neel, UoPberaon, Mini,nt, Medi.
?*o-Uu, hlo.iiuK. Topo'aa,
W< m.?..-? - ? .1 Winfield,
> -i it i i, bom sad 'Ly Mime atatoil, aud
- .no lie vite-1 t.. ne nr.it ai t ie ops
i lin.I) . ll I.(iv-.
Ail bids must be a '?, ,1 . Ufled sbeeks npon
Sonic l nlie'il -latia Uejoaliui , I ?. eeat of las
u pilli i.. ( omnilsstoner.
1>R0P0SALS t'..r building a Btontn rossel tot
Hie U.S. COS I amt ... .. 1. la' -ru vov.
L..-. i eA-i ...ni. ..I. ,: ie i n. kv our k, i
vv tsiiiBuTos, I), c.. Msrcfa lo, l?8* I
Pr.At.~D " ile. wl.i ba ree
until : J m. ,, i J ins i lo-8, a id spaned Inunedi ito
l> ii.ei> sn. r. fut building s wooden a. tar thia
i ii a;.;n,e. rn a-,* one hundred end seventy.
ld tb ?
?. ? in 'i ?. depth, di ipi ?? ne.a
: md el ah 111 ?
toms on rbleh propossts must I -. peclflo*.
tiona .ra I i, iv n , ?-, r,- I ,t in on sp.
u to the ilyd-ugrapbl. ? I roi the tfurvei st this
ll l LU Mil. - ? lr it
Ul III ? : 'UV,: /
wa-iti\,,i,.*. i. . . \|.ii) ? )
-. Ll II PltOPOH \ I -. lt?l?,e.| " 1",.|. - .1. tm
Rupplies." wll hen Bureauuutll 1 o'clock p.m..
? ni opened Imnird alelv thereafter In the pres.
.f li deli i? loi ti i - pph ..- the fo lowing article
rel al the n'jm V.u.I' i:?.. .kt- ti. JI. Y., within ninety
.(i. i.. .-? e niue ' "tn :..r 1 rousers.
i., .' .. ?? ? moor's i's ?? t A ss, two linen
Covet. ?
- ?i I lia rr-1 ' '? men
The ' ' '. t""! peas
an.I n reset vail."
? . . ? f muli
ti,, ,,, "i a ? a, ni i:
ut. i,..t I., r nf I't.e l li
? ? .
thu pieper i lank loi
tht toi ' sny propos il
ir .1 Cona ,,,%,'tli'i.i'li-.
J \ -MITIl,
I - "..evy.
<Toruar.itu:i -Notice".
rjAS COMMISSION.?Proposils for estli
" * i. imps wnl i." .red .. -
a. oi ks until a ,
??IV Itl.i ORO, foi
Ka - . .
NOTICE. T!i*? Mlowinir-mentioned proiiosalu
? ; ? ' a. 117 Slid
IIKDAY, A in ii liv 1 -? l, at IJ
O', I.H k Ul
. kt.i-a.l at the-feint of
? i I'la! form si
A '
f.H.t ,,[ .
(OT sn e at No.
?-' . ,I\ il.i_
Nlllll':'. - Si .ile (I ;i|..li..-;i'-s will lie re ee ivcil ll!
' aupplying tb* Coal sod Wood inquired lor
... i Hail.
N'OTICK.- ll .I-- ur c-iiin it. > lui euell ul the?
il ? u ,n.e.t ?oi I.- :
unii to - . . . ... and II ?,..
l .? t. ltd Ward) will be revelvsd by tho 1'e
partner it of I : ? ivi ion -n.
lllltll IO ... .? k 00 ' ? 1 -1 ll .1 iy nf A|e :
I nt full iu.i,in.anon ?.. i iti i.e, nu!, tm aisle al Ni .
Vol il I.. 1'|o|iii?..i|s mil li-- Miiivcil III lhc
.1 irt meul ,.t Pub lc < li.riti. s snd ' orrsc
Ilsa So ..?: laird ave un' I At,ru 13, |s-.i. f,i ^--,
pr.ii nm ?. .Irv Vlsi.,. . ste, I'm lii.l ii.Ior
.ly fa. ord, !? i >'?' .1 No J i uv Hall.
\i)||; I., -inlcil proposals mil ix* received
? V ,? . , | tin-, n.ini,1-.i,hut ot Pnblle Works until
Apti i ,- n t" p uan a,-,i ior luruUhlng ths mater-sis
sud palliltu* the niue Pres KloSting Hatlia lol lui Hilo. m..
H'm a.. ll -?? - Uty II '? .
Situations tUiintcO--females.
. - YOKK TltlBl'M '.vu.!, ni: RBCr.iVI I) el I UH
I PTOWJI ul Kl' i - - Broadway, e omer tinily
1 ? -. OS H--r 'I Wei I'll!,l-l. ...Ul'T I I- Ilt lin Vft
, .omer ( nlon-aqusre, 7oo t rd
sve., ce r io IIABLI H ul Iii I-.,
,00 arel .'.lill, ei One-huii ire. t au-i
twcnty-Bftfc-scnp to ii ir., ile-.* i u-*-?
\ NV KIND OP WORK.?A wonmn to
.'v ark by ihi av : t. -t !.?;, isncea Ail.: ?
!,e>..l , re'UI.
t ii-piet.ilel" uml responsible -sreutletnnn
,'\ in I sile i,'v addens tudrvsi
I I I -.-' I'.' I S?l 1 t'i St., niven's 'lue I ntl. e.
VS'M-.llsli l.ilnllv WI -li ti) I I k> ? lille eil ;i
prlrsie in u-e dunns ihe summer; willi reference.
NII.--...V Ne. -I. top ll ni
t I MIJ.K. KK< l'i;<)\r> .*?,? Iisli, Kicni'li ,-inil
. \ li- ? . , I li i I, e- t 1 -I . I I, ?. vi i i I ? i , . ,' . i, -.
vuit. conks, 11 . . ' ....... -r ..' -e. -i e 11.? ut! U eal
ir(ii?f": i as work i 11 oils son ml'. ti ills i.
ILL . s l it. i 'I. Na. 174 I.-i.
ave ...... Va lc.
4 I CARLO RI MSKOLD'SPreneh, Swedish,
.'rn I ? derm r. i I liludl
in dds ge bi ? ii , sid ? mi n. ni ile
h. ji ru ? ti a : rountry v-u rican cook-book, piloted lu
dish sud ' .er n neiiit. ,t
".? i ?- ?'- ipplf Bl I,IIU I maetwav. lieu -ith.-t. e'.
UKIM-K"l.l? _
pOOK and WAITRESS, ftc. By two ex
? o lent ir i -., tn city noe sood.k andlanndrsas the
nt ir ,1 w ,it rr-ia : wt i do the work
I iel e. ? el' III' ',, , lilith o' .Iel-I ami tt < ll IlllStnSS. BIS I
ot work bones) sober, neat aud obliging. Call at _7_ ..tn
ava . :.. imo.. lTtlt a.al . -th .ta.
Cmiiik.-Hy a iii-i class French cook who
t timi...I'.'',iv m..lei-i.iii.is ber business) ls well rt on
. nv ol , iiiiiitiy. Lsli at OOJ (ilhavc , l.elw. ? .
and ,l.,il. sta _
(K/OK.?By a 6rst-class cook j understands all
' kinds of baking and psatry i .my beat cit) relerences,
bs Eaat .(.'that. _
\ i.iinif. intelligent girl, nest snd smart shout the ubi. ,
li: <|. i-lamla i ..ir ni rllver. glSSSSS, e*e.i Willing lu as^iat willi
ch i in i ,e i Work i ouil .itv i elm ruin's. Can be seen a, tl l_ Otb*
? a . ma. .1 itb l\ I \. wt I N'H IH'IU- Al'.
( 4IAM BERM AID, kc?Rv n yiniii^Aiiiericiiii
V_' -am.au, in i private fcamily t<> rta up stairs work or
lane < au-nf i I.'I I . n ...rle. linn to Country. Call or addles.
HI ni M in POX. ,.' ? Baal -th -t
V^ Welsh l'iot?staut Kiri: good elly rvlercnco; no vsrds. 107
Kasl -.7th St,
/MIAMI'.KiniAID an.l WAI 1RES8, bc?By
vv a young worn in, na ebsabermald sad sarimwaiiii aaat-t
In tin- washiiut i Beat .ny relereacea. ' ali in the bakery, i-iii
?d ave.
fMlAMRERMAID.-Bva vuimu' Ci mian jrirl.
V> aa , l,aii,l,eiuial.| and help ISSTOWtU dill.lu ii, good .'Hy
isferoucoa. tall or address Na lil w.--t Otb st., resr house
( J ENE RAL auUisEWURK.-Hv young Amer
VS mm Protestant mri, b-uat illy retereacee; city or
tniiud). 5^ Kaet l-^ih-st.
VJ io prlnoe at. third door, fi ..ut.
I |0U8EKEEPERT-By an experiencci. iind
1 I prael eal bOBSBkseper thoreiughly uiideraUiidlng her
eliiti.a and with %,h?1 , Ity lelnieiur. I'leaseselilioaa or OSU em
ll.u ^I.Ki.l'.l'I.ll, B'.l .'.ih SMv. present employeis. wboio
tbs lailr ran bs ae^'ii from 'i till l_\ S m Munday.
MAID, BEAMSTRI?: SS, tic. Mya Protestant
t.iai.t ami aeamalie-es . goehl die.amaksr i will sealat
?si, in-Ill,,iu-n eu- i hamlin! wink , letersuuo. itu West S.d
st.i second imii.
NURSE?Ry ii Pro'estunt middle-age wnnian
ss first class infant muse, rnUro illari." ol bsby, city
eu ei.uulrv ? g'asl roleiriiue. Call or address, liol West
san si., fuitii io to* o'cioe-k.
\JUR-sK, &r.?By a eompelent woman ns
Xl child's noise, or would wslt ou sn el.lnrlv laely, has ritv
r.-feiei.L.. Appl] BtWUIhua Aruolds .boo at, rv. ss W-ust
2.1.1 at.
1> A RT I KS in want of lirst-cl uss colored ht'lp
_can Obtain th. in al 1.4 Weat 3-el st.. wllh ie fi uni ev
Um BrOSdWBVBsd 37Ib-St. A BBJBbSI of llial-clssshrlp,
While anil colored, au. li a. .o-ka. irliaiiihtrni.il. lt. WBltrSBSee
Isiindriviaea. general worke-rs, wallsr men, cosehuieu, garde
ners, farm hands. Ae' , (or e ity and country.
CEAM8TRESS.?fi* a icspcrt.n lc v?)iui?r irirl;
K> willing Ue take . ate of growlug ehildren , na otileetlou to
the rounny , good city tslervncs. t'sll st 70a lid sys, Dd
Osur, tiuot
Sitnultons WaiUtb--famlet.
CEAMRTRESS.-Rv a German dr!, apeaking
Vj l-.ngllahi can do all kinds nf family sewlutf; no objection
to light chamber work. 449 Wost 8MB st._
WASHER sod IRONER.?By a smart, Ml
v v ah!.-wo.nain to go out br tbe dsr: la a gool washer
ond Ironer or clean uuusc; well recoiuiueudod. 15'J Wost
2rth-st., near Cth-ave.
KSEPINO?A r')S|e.-ctat)le woman wtabes ladles'or
gSntS*Waahlns*, In tho house or out \,y the ela.-, nouae
i?le-.inimr or hoiiaekeopihif. Call SOS Kial, J-Uh-st.. Mrs.
cr.\-.MM..n.\ ii. . Itjr._
WASHING.?A first-class colored Isa&dress,
with enaurpsssed facilities anl first., liss ref.
widi i g.-ntiomeu's ami tamil les' washing by ni" week or
.in/en. (.all or address jl.iUY i . QOBDO-I, 128 Wost
mah sf.
Summons -Glinted--lllalcs.
YOUTH of im desires ? position with
banker or broker lu ur near tho vicinity of Wall-nt. A
?") A . Jinx -a. lil niuo OUlc
CLERKSHIP?Managing preferred, In lnw
J oflSe, I lr.rifle.I IWO
best or referent es i small salary, ot would do work oui
hiile. A. ia.x Mi). Port Itnihiuoi.il, I- L
\J MAN.?liv an excellent Hwedtab man and wife i ?
:.I cook and linn, i aai Ims bee! reference* mr boo
?ohrtstt ? Dot afraid of work sod ai S
wlttiieK to stu by the j;j ,,th ave, bet-eve,
17thali.l ISthStS._^_
CH-ACHMA-f. fcc?Aa coachman and to make
I himself generally u efnl sro ind i ge itlemsn's plane ; im
, is the em" of horses ? ?( ca rlagea: gooil, t
iiu years'ex.-ellent ree. ouimeudstlons: eau milk. Ad?
dress r. ',i.. Boi 10, Tribune Uptown OBee, 1 i__ ii toa.iw.iy
pOACHMAN or (JROOMi -Bj .1 young col
v> ure.1 mau. 1 nu,,:, ithoroughly understands
hlsbuslueu ni e-n'iy ies|" .i - .vi bout ' ere.?
- james, tiox . - ? town oflioe, 1.33d
COACHMAN and GROOM.?By a thoroughly
eiiinjieteiii 1 good handler ol hetssi nilling
-.ml a il ?? ..'inn bl ? ?? ile . ha. mst
?.ty ri fere ce Call on T. C _
COACHMAN, ?tc.?First-class ; disengaged ;
?m .rt 1 -.1 j nofneumbrance; eight years' city reference i
t mil: nico, useful, mila BOWS IX uunervd. C ail or aUelrerss
i lu. MA.-. Hs i:.,..| U.l.) st._
coachman.-Uv an Englishman, single;
vv eit, ur eouutryi t?esl .'itv re' ten si gentleman snoot
? \s .;,.(,.,, , .?. _
COACHMAN.?By a man and wife, no lam i ly;
mun sa coae lillian, .vito as nurse or vi
sdi best of elty refcrenos. Address CO AC UM Aa,
I'.,,, 1 -I, 1 r lr. ni.- I ; tOWOI *IB< ". I '}'._
\J Bv ? tu .ni',: ? I' rec?
ition from la IPply St CARPENTER'S,
IDHtithsve. _
pOACHMAN A\I> GROOM.?By a reliable
V-r in ,ii a .. , ? -ule'tly
,:,- ho >? it, willing and . ..iicucc. Call
. ? ?,- lt. -' . .\ Bat 47th st._
C'OACHMAN.?By s resfiectable young man,
i In the country, to take ear. ol sams a ? d m.ri.o
- ru or addrees,
.,., .M..ti -i . ld :i-?.1.1 a ... _
\j r-i:ni, ma j years with -jo ,1
r. commend itio iud obliging. Apply at I 0
Hie.. i,,-..r '.'Ul it.
pOACHMAN and GROOM. "? ? i Protestant
V> Berried mm d ces Irom present
en plo) .re'.. . i -vt.
v/ I . '? ' igHsh,
.ml (I( tm.iu. I* s , Lui 100, CptOWB Irlbuue (
(CARETAKER.?By a brother and sister, to
" ' ' . ?? fi . Call
Ii: in as con ba in ind groom, ami
alfe aa lirst elsa* cook i thoroughly un i.t.ta ni ti esr bust
area .!,. i and obiig lor person tl I
lum I.,, i a ? , i i. .
?eu lu tu 1. at ll.>Allie -- . -1 Al.l.l . .-I.: Weit-lSt*
it, div,_
Il ANDY-MAN.?Rv n y. . an-Ameri
1 rsnstsnyku -re the -ml.fshsndy
i ei Lated, Ol ie "ii .1 ?W.: tu le
'.II--- I5U Weat 6
ClHPiMNi; CLERK.?By a joan* man of 20 j
i ? .in.!, r-t .'i :? - .:;.; ag Sfitl lu irking; willing and oblig?
ing. *.k,.i . m : rem..-. ii. m., ?jit \v. il -jIsl it
1 i man | American ; inge .li medium-sited, strong
a '. ii ? .,; ...ii mt mah satisfactory reference.
A.! lu sa WILLINO I > WO UK. Tribune eifflou. _
UNUTER.?By :t Fiench waiter jus! come
f-.,tii i.,,t:i, n ss fl*si ',-.'.- waiter , Irsl
nf. -i, : (rout I_
VVAITER.?Hy n respectable young niau ns
v T second s aili t ? | a to mike 1
' . \ is W. A., ? ?._
Ur ANTED?Chm re nf gentleman's residence
ira. t :??. r - Address I.NT Ku
RITY,Tribune I'ptowu Ofll - leva.-._
'Wi ED.?Bv a stroug, young man of
nt,-, ss porter srll ins snd ob Iging, Beterewess.
\\rAN I ED My f he dar, or ont imvnyiBSSM
lt idles'own Sae siaterlsl to makeup sad
u ai iii Hie ui.'-it ut itu* Parisian styles i no papers eoptea, nut
. md maurpaaaeel deeigu* nv a Prem-h highly reeom
[ :-i,i Carl i diessoiasln*
- , i:.iit. MODE*. Ill-, Tribune CptSWO Ofl ,-. 1,_'3S
Gtciimbo.tts nub tUilfOOH.
Rea peanuiee "t the splendid steamers nm stol suet
PkoVii ...si ii. These stench sudelss resow
running on ibis routs ani sid remain In lervlee uuiil lui
lln-t noti. e.
I, ,%-,- fies V otk dali) sundays included at ft p. m. from
I'ni 'Alt North lu-ei. I...U ol Muna. st. . oiiiies imus i.y
Anni \ ' asl trom i rooklyu st 4t30p. m, Itrsey city 4 p. ?
tickets stan re.iu- .ve. csu bs obtsln.-d at an niiueipsl
hotels, t at. e ami ticket oili.ea. ai 1 ie-r SS N. ll. amt on
? leainei ie.
freight, r ls lins has a tVef ol steamers enern-sel nrin
IbUS fi*.' lng prompt amt lella
bleuiovetnenL ..->to? .* lowasotbei
nu inn. .*. .'. LOVELL, Ascots.
OKORtia t. COKM0R.
(i.u, rai Haeaeager Agents
CH)R NEW-HAVEN.?Steamers leavo lvdc
1 -ii it .: p tu atiilll-j. bl iHundsys sseeftted). Up, in.
steamer arri ves In time foi sat ly ti... u - North and
l/uK Kii.Mi'M'i AM> KINGSTON, landing
1 at . ranaton ?*. iWest Pon.1 Coi uv , I, n.-..1 u k. Mail
t iiinn. I'o'keepsle, Ksonus.coui cling frith I is er amt
|., i vi ut sud Me. ny Clove Rsl] nan-,. Mea ooost Escort leaves
, in *,lay. I'huraday. S.tturtlsy.op. m. li .tu foot of Hs rlson-st.
I EHIGH VALLEY in I i.l.i ? ad. -Pnvtinger
Jj traine leave tlenots fool rn I ort andi and Ueabrosana ats
si T-.ji. i rn . ..:(<> .um 7 ii m inr Keaton, lieut -snem. Allen.
li,., ii. I: e-en i,i ?.:. Mau, h i li ii,, a. Wilkes e. e, rowstttta, A'aver
ly, I Un.I,."., i.i. i v.. is Buffalos Uh West. Pullman
', ,..., ti., um .l.iilv. I.mal tral.n at o I.) p. iii Ior
I-as',m. Beth ellen, ami I .,
i ui,ri. |i i> ni. j snd I'p fi conned for .iii
I .'ii is in m.ih ne iv an. t Hazelton eos ? sumter train
local for Minn Chusk, H.lfl ...m. Leave Mau. ii en uni. ai
1 p iu
in-i.eral I aateni oflnc. urmrnf i lnir.ii un I rortlainlt ats,
lr_ li. ni im. ..i.s. u. r. A.
il RIVP.R tl 111 KUM' .mero. lOAi,
tbrougb iialut wilt leave Or ind Centra Depot
Ha, m.. Westernaad northern Bsnivsa to Rochester ami
M..i. fen i wllh drawing-room cara also to Karatogs,
M io a. ni . >|-i ciel l.ii'i-..-s for . lu. igo, dally, stnpntnit only
Ht A l.illiv, --yi.ee l.-e. ll'.' lie t -r. Hutt..., I',le. I I.'Vela ml ami
'I n.i'iln
Kl tut a. rn, Cl . ' Exnraaa, drawing r.-oui cars to fsuau
elair ia. Rochester and Butlslo
l i bi to tl nany snel troy, with connection to I'tus, isaia.
ills, i ike ?? '.I re and RutlaneL
i id Troy ipi i.u sal ir.ia. lonly.
S p. tn A.,,.tiim.slntli.il to Aln.iuv and l'r..v
Hp m.. HI Louis Kspreea. with sleeping esra i..r st. lamil;
riit'inii-' ihu.nifh every d.?v iii Um Breek; elsa sugars i-aii*,
? wi He'rolt.
H mp "i. K sprees dally, exeepl sunday, with sleeping esis
I" -vi,u ne an.l to Aulitirn Uei_<l a .-,. lo -saratoga and .M. lil?
lan., r.i. nie Express, daily, with tiieetiiu-i i-a-s f,.r
Rochester, llutlaio. i levi-,ai.,I. roleelo, Detroit, Chicazo snd
la. wv Ole.
II p. ni. Mum iitiire.a. with sleenlng-caratoAlbssf am!
Ti ni ruii'u i ia willi uuu nlng tiaius tor ibe West ami North.
I n 'kelson sail'at Nu. i liOWllUI linell J.J and tl) Uro eel.
wai, ami at WealeoU'a KspreaaOlBoea, UPark-oUoe and .'u
ami D4_ Broadway, New-York, and SSA w.ia'i lutou tu,
brooklyn c. K. Mi.i.Ki.it,
J H, I'lit'fllY.Ovu. Wup't. (icu. PSSSSBgSt AReat.
ll To Host.ni, Wm, eater, Nashua. Portland and IhSsTSSi
l he new iron Steamer
Without ex.a pUiiii iii,, mostelegsnl boat nu the Sound, suet
tho favorite CIT* ul- mw ydiiiv.
lune l-ier No. Kl, North Uiver, lost el Walla m.. next pier
ab..ve- U.-si.rossei. Mt. Kerry, itally,ext-eptsundays.at6 p.m.
It. r-le'siuer .lames W. Italelwtti Icaee. every Monday, Weet.
tn lu ami Irielay al k O'Clock tnuu tout Mai alson -ai . making
usiiai !aiiiiiin;s and conuoctlug with Ulster A Liclaware sud
Mony Cleve ll. ll.
Cfllie. l'ter 18, N. H , foot ot Cortlan.lt v.
i ConBlirnmsuU of frslgtu lorwiudsd pt du -vied to auy part
ot the worid
Orders icenived fsr dsllvsi v ot mik kluiis ol fr?lgiit sud msr.
rh., in Uno to .ny part of the city.
Prelglit of svery description promptly llgbtsrsil to soy point
In tbe hai heir at leasouali.a mus..
Htesuiars John li. durln snd Rrastas Ooralttt foe NEW.
ilAVi-.il. lsava tflotlt, H.tk,mttp m. <UUy. Ustsrdays
MEriiOPOUSKXPansSoa, between Wew.York au!
New-llswu. Care and illauatcbgusrautseiL
KietgbltorpoluUou U. l_ ?_ W. K. a. r?j?ly?d atPlsrlA
lor New Haven sud uoluls ICast at Pier 18.
mu; i il .-.ll.ililli. BflTAT_UI Island.-Klorsn Mllss'ir
Ten Couts, via oUMuaers irom liou fist 1, _ it., la.e st
OKR IRALSUIPYARD, Communloaw, N. J.-Drv asoka
Msclims tai Hotisr thmpm sveryUiiagappsrulaiugii^lAs
ton.u ucttoB and reepalr of vssssls
1 steamers BARATOOA sud CITY OP TROY leave Pier
No.44 N. H., foot ot Christopher st dstly except ssiuiday std
p. m., connecting with nmrnlng tralus for all Doluta North.
-unuaj steamer touches at Albany.
iliteamboath anB ttailrja}..
fA DREW end ST. JOHN leave mer 41. N. R? foot of Cs.
.al ? every WEHK DAY st ? p. m., connectluist AllMar
laniiday morning excepted) with trama nortb._we?t and sas-j,
Tm...,V|? Philadelphia. Haiti more and Waahiaiwa.
lT_r"?T?-frs's Penssvivsals SR. Depot
7 nm .J.i'Jtj'filtv.for VnllnrHtl ni ?l I -ni lt I Wilt
'fr.".'.;*. '>AtLY f\sr BXPRK*in,thr-nn il ? rfu< sosshst
WeatI**0* (-'l!?,'inn?tl. -fl-kLitii. Onttsot* tor ?U p Hots
lliiw?S>0?Wf,,r,rIP*,?tlNS?1 ?MMl West;
anti it '. .* '" rickets, SI...il ?v H'.rrie,-,! ll.'..rs.,
?{! iW.iciyu.''*'Jy ??uUc*- jnMl Jl B"vtWoy.tMfa
~|ENTraiTkailroad of'new-jerskv.
,. -Foi I- ..?muston. Hrh midge Brass*, i
Mountain Rudd's UksUki li-.tuiuwu-/. Kn-uoiAllewowC
iie-sdiinrHarrisburg inns. WltUiunsport, ram*
Qua, Naaticoke. Uooer Lohlirti, SonafcTo v*
1 p. m.?Por Piemlngton. i . \ atm-rn, Bnsdlnn Hie.
riabnrc. M i-ie'i Chunk, ll islotoo. Wilkes , irrs I
i( 1 , *.. -h.?:??,,.? i-; ninn. Wind Un-i. Hsunh 'itu. Tams*
qua. Dr..'to i Wilkaeh.trra, -minni. Hallston Ao.
4 o. m?Por Flemington. High Rndre Brtneb, s<*\n il iy**
Mountain. Budd's Lake, Like llonateont Bastoe, Ao.
4 I'll., m. ? I -.r sn um vl.le. Flo-ninruil. (fed
.'r:''iriiii.-l-'.ir Kasfon, Allentown. Ilea lin, H-irn-'nr-r,
HSU. lr i-'t i !,. Wllite-s'urre. frc.
Kuntsvtrsinn ssvesi ftSi u, 19 Bm 'or Heir! Rn>o<
snd in ter med i n itiont it 5:30 o. m. for Beeton, Alieatsviy
lliirrls'iuror amt the W.M'.
For Newark it ->, -. r,. H fi. 'if., 7:1., T.t). * SilS. IiMJ
P.O. I.V l':l-.. Khl.V 1 ?): I.V 11:1'. A. m.. I.' tl.. ll: th, lil), JJ
2 Ail, J. 1 :.l ). I, i I ). 'e. 1 IS. ... i ). i-f,, j, ijai. J: il, /. 7:JJ3
bil:, ii div in io ii-i-.. iii m.
For tm is io ?o.-.l loi-i'i s'.-.i rn u t'i. .ii it?" i".l nv
Fur New ip ti and Perth A ".hov at 1 '!. -tl",, 11:11 ??. Oki
For Pre olds! i. *1-V UttSa >n.. t, *? o. m. e
For Keyporl al V StU. tit-, ?. au i*J. i. 4 'J. eu- 'a.
POOT KKiTi.lt-si-.,
Commencing october J t *
lor Millaa,!., -,,., ,,iTit, Monmouth ilelc.1 an.l Lon*
Branch 4 .. .u
ForAtle itl ? H-' il ti li. tn. m.
i uefn! .r Liberty-s-Mcl-J* m.. Mt. tn. m., fir Lstt*
WiHMi. Raoebsster, roma Uver, Htroegst, ko,
1:4.'. a. ni lor Atlantis City. ViuoUiid, UnUoon. il.
Silo i. iii. h>r 11 i'.-) i iflgbiau i-v.
11:43 .. ii. iii-., iii. >. m tor-Hattons to seabn-f ss,
4 p. iii. for stations to -tm tr Hook.
Lue Kew-York irom -tatton (1. kit. of N. )?
For I'hi ad |.iit.i. Math ami (irooti-st... at Ttl, 9 '?'?. ll ' -
a m.. ) .rn), 4.4 A i. r, :t i. 7. lil p. rn ini sunday at 4 13 > -o-J
630,12 p.m. Por Third sod Berks sis., st 7:41. U;1j a. mn
1 JO, 4 1.). .'. Hi), 7 p. m. (lu-utiday at s f. a. tu. . ,, -I
For Trenton. 7 I'., tl SD. ll-.U mm. 1-0. t, 4:3 J, 6 JJ, 7^
Up. tu. em istiuelay, &4oa. bl, ?'? >'?? 1- f, ni.
Return trains leave Phllsdelpbta tot Me .Vork:
(?i..rn .-talion.. PhlladelpblSBnJ Beading BB., N.t:i sis
Green-els., at 7: W H JI. ?< AO, 11 a. m.. lil ., S la. J Ut, 'ii*mt
X'S o. m. un .-linday, at S HO a. m.. ."> 30, I- p. m. j
From I'hlPl ant Hork-st.. at. . io. H ."I, ti 15 i. m.. 1. A .mj
., . ? 1:30, ) flop. m. bund*/St S: 15 a. m.. l.:i.'i>-m. _|
From i ii mon. li-ja, (i J'., sii.i. ?>'>.., iiiiui. lU54 a. m.. Tm
1 22, f. ii, 7 j- p. m. Sunday. 1 Sb, O-.ltm m.. ?.l??. '"? |
Connection ls mads at Jersey city Sutioa to ind frons.
Loni hotelaori.-Hieleu.'.! tod. atlnatinii. ?___, I
il. P. BALDWIN, (jen. Pass. Agent. 1
W. W. ?VS' A ll \ * lieie Sun t._?
ll t pennsyivs ila R. H , :<>ot I seuss
Suttons In New.York < st.snd Desbrosses-?t.
t'-<-utrat lt. lt. of S.A footl-D'erty-it.
For south Amber, vinC. it. lt >.f N. J. >. SilS *? "'?. ? "?
l. .? |, ni i v.a Pena ll. lt., 9. 19 m.. B p. in. sundiv, '?? a. m.
For Mat.iw.en, a-i-.. ria c lt lt. of v. J.. ?'?? Mrl-5 ?? ").. \}*0i
A el p. m i via Pi nu. H. lt.. | a. m.. ll m., ? Wi J P- "?? ?SSi
dav. a a. m. ._ ._. ?._,
Por Red Bank. I-f ns Rnine-b, One in (.rove. Anbury fi-lt,
sea (.Itt. I'm n I' assent, Ac. via c. ll. H. "f h. a.,,0, Seth Sa,
m.. 1 45,4. Bp. m.. via Pena. u. R, 9 ?- m., 12 m..:' W ba. n.
ping (it ue'eati lirovoor Asbuty Park),?
Foi I SkllSlieS. Torus BtVSCi Ilani'S'at, Ml, vii 0. il. R. of
tt. I . ?* ina. iii . 1 45 p. m. ... .J
For Freehold, vtott K. il. of NJ.. V >?il5. ll?4? a. in .4,*
p. iii. Por Keyporti ... 1:15. ll 44a a .1 15, 4, mi, u p. m.
! .,r Atlantic (Ity, Vin.- anl, nn,,it"iou, *e . 1 4 , p as.
.. P.A..O. R.R.QCR.J. P.P. A..P.R.R. >.|. t.^
IfKIK RAILWAY, now known as the NKW
A)iaii--emeni nf ir.Uns fn.tti Clianii.er* -
I ?. m.?eiii.lniiatl ami chicano Kay Blores*. Mawing
room Coaches to Buffsioand suspension Bridge.
. J. in il>ailvi -Fast et Louis l-lit.re.t.. arilvnig at llaBUS
in *a m.. .-..tin."'inr wi'hf Kt traills lo the West and-?ouilv.
It Unwlnic-roo'.u see-),mu I oacaCS !?
i p. m. (Dallv?Paciflo Kipress forth* West. -le-'i I'lA
. di Ul Hail..le. Nia-rifl.4 li... ' li':-: ?? ? "t
(.1,1.-,iao without . hssge. Hole, coaehes through tBCBISBS_M
? m. ,n.i.i.mt train lor Um WasB. . ,
Ruthei oulati I l'.i.s. nc. -l.TJI ?. 7:V1, ?)?!), Mri'. .., ll
t, ...li. ill-.. .(, ,l;-, 1. I I'). Jil), '.ri), Ult ). .i. 1). "*. l'? ' ? '>? ???
1J mi.lnlitht. buudayi, (J, H.'M), ld-.-'O *. m., sith, MO p. atp*
PMefaou.t>Si IHO. 7 ,V\'.? :lo, 10 'jil a. r,i_ ltassa,l:4Sti
i '3 r, in 5:30, Still, (i: 30, 7f25, ri, l";.iin. tn and ll
?. Bundaya, B, f*.s<>. lo-ju a. m.. U*t\ (.::>'>. IS SM
N.-waikand Pateison visNewarlc. (> lj, -silo, ll n a. ul
lt in. i .ti. "j.j...'i 10,7:3Up. m.. ai?l fi midnight Ootoi tt_\
nietta only, bundara, li: 15 s. m.,..: to. IfcSO tt. ut.
-nil.'ti. d, 7:50,10:20a. m.. 1:43. 3:5a 5, Se IO, '?'? P-"?-*
am! 12 mi.tni..!it. suuuays, (j, B.-JO, i(J:J0 a. m., 110, ti.Ah
p, in snd 12 ni''iuight.
Warwie k, 7 -, -a. m.! SOP. en. ?_?__?
Itewburgand toinwail. 7tS0l ? S, nu, S.'O. 4:30n. tn. HnaJ
day, H ki ... m. , ., ,, _ . ,.
1...mioat aud Kingston. 9 fc BL, 8:30 p, m. Sun<iar, **:'' w uu.
I.,,.,.;, 7:->". '?'. to -"??>. ") ? ?s30. A-'i't, 4.!0, I, 7:15;s std
Hiti'tiv. .i. - i... lo -'.ia. m..ti.iO, 7 p.iu.
Mniaelown. e.. 7:".0. .', ID Jua. iu , .! jD, 4 30, 7. 7:15 p. ?.
suir-lav > ?, -i.oi. Ik i.o p. m.. ti ??!(). 7 p. tn The il a. m. aud I lip
ix m. ti alu-" unmeet with M 1,1 and Kaia n.idat Main nf
iori Ie: vis. ,:-..). ri, IO: JO*, m.. 4.0. 0, 7 7:ia;x in. Hom.
dav. s SQ, I'):.'"*, m.. 'i. '? 'tl'i sift I !>? Bi.
iie.it.- .av,- 2Sd-st. quaitei ol ann uuirter aft.^r ea. li hon*
fiom ..-.lr) a. m. to0:40 ?.. tu. au.l al lu IS am! 11:44 p. m.
ii sela for passsgsand forapaitaents m Urswiog-i ?? nan tl
ied am! .euler, for the t .?? king!
? ? iijj-nitf iiuv ii.tt .it tl.,.' nins.au>'* ' a.
etoo 261,401 m 057 Broadway, 187 w,?i-.t.. m. V. Msk t%
llt'H.k vu. or St tbs looipaiiv'- Ol
Kmigisnt Ageney. Na j Bsttery-plscs, l
Express trslss from tbe West arrlre in New-York ll 7 2*
snel fl.vi .. m. and l'):l.)i>. m.
.IN'i. tt, ABBOTT, 'ien'l Psas'r Acnt. Nen ^ '"-ic.
li Trains lesve for Kmriewooili'loster. Piermo it sn t HyasK
7.M iti, 10 a. m., 1, .!. I. 4 '. >, .".: i<). ?i!0, A.AO p. Ul.. U dui
uUlit. Hundaya, ti a. m. and '145 te. m.
?t,rtPnng Val.er and Munsey. 7, 10a. m.. 4 M f, ml
eu mia vs. '.' a. m.
JM) tt. ABBOTT, (len'l PSSSfl Agent. New York.
Jl EAsT. KAHils RKIil'('ED,|:l lei Heaton. Lowe I ai
FilChborg: *J to -Newpeert ant Fall Rh er; SJ 7o io Nsw.
lieeltoi'ri ; correspon.Uug roduclious to oilier p.nula. steam.
er* Blt!KT il end OLD CO-LOMY leave Mew.Yet* ea aller-.
n?lo dav-., Bundara enepte.1, fr.?ni Pier 'J*. North River. f*>8
nf Murra) m . .". p m Connecting bv Aime*i best froeu
Brookirn footoi Fnitoti st. i Mp.bs)i Jersey Cttf itumefsus
ol Kx ham--, I iee- at 4 p. lil.
1K> it OL.N A LOVELL, Agents.
UEOROEU c i.NNOR.iien'L Pass. *.<?>?,
SPEC! vi. n. i Ki .
sf N DAV TRIPS will tm ki si MED OU the 15th ..-'_
WiibPnllmsn >;espet? )e*ves Onutd Csuirst Depot -.H.t4
p m.. scea dav, uetueketsvu
roll BRIDGEPORT nnd i-.ll point-; on ll-iT^
I - \ liiNU and NAlliATL'e k RAILHOADS-liteSSHM
,. a\- . at In one v lp al 11 .,0 a. m.. 3:00 p. m.; .:.'.?--.. Mssl
Elver, lilli p :.. Fare lower than li) my ot ? n ro ito _,
1 ian .ir.,1 after Mar,', S. 1 ?< !.
Traine .cave New York vis Dvsbi'osws and UssrttSSSu
bireets Perrleeas to iiwi
Uariisbiirit. i'lttah.ire tin* West anl SOOtb, ?!'! P ti?S
? ? at san ,, heil. SS. tn . "lan I s p. ut. dal.v. Nen fettt
au,! ( hi.? aw Limited "f l'.n ior, DiBiBft hmo-xln? an 1 si-sopa
Ins tiers Si l'a. m. cv-rv .luv.
iport, i.. a Haven, Ss. m.**'. tm. Oerry sud KrMM
(* p. m.. i-eunMilngst corry for Titus -i le, petro sumOsfls
tu-, and t.u-oii BegiouA
lia,tn,,..te. Washington and lin* Routh, "Limited Wi-iiurUSS
i \ sss " ol Pullman Paisee Oars dally, oxi-ept Suwlar. IR
u m arrive Washington lp. m. Regular, via B,a .: ?'. R.
lt af '.I.-, an 1 s rt.i ?. m.. :(:4D and .i ti m. snd 12 nlghl v-? ,
li. ami (). lt. lt., 1 and 7 p. tu. ..ml 12 nu lt
Bundar, vis B. snd P. B. lt., S a. BB,. 9 p. m. anl IS D lil
vii B. im! ti. lt R., 7 ti. ni Bud 1.' I
For AU'-iuiie e uv, ,'x,','|.t -'int iv. leis i. in aaa 1 p. ,.. >>?
Kundara. 5 a. m. Tliromrlic.ireeu 1 te rn ? .
leo Csoe May, ctc?i.t sunday. 5il5i ll 10.U m. 'lo "- n UfS
? nlv I p. BL
Lone Branch, "av Hssd Jusettoo, aa I IntarflsadUte -itstls is
via Raliway ami Aiulmr. 0 l tn . 1-' noon, l-i M and > ix sk
on sim, liv. .. i. m. i linea ast step si Aahury I'ara i
Boats of ** Brooklyn Annex" eonaeel with Ul throu hi ..i*
al lui am rill sSilldliig a speedy au I illreot ira.' ta*
Ur,.,, .vntiavei.
Tralna srrlve?Prom IMtteburg. 6:20 su.111:20 i. m J Ut tatt
lo 30 p. m. daily. From W'aalilUftoa aol Bait! mote ?; t\
I'l-iOs. m.. H -.VI. 5:'<0. D r.la. I-.:?!.'? aol 1" ."?(> p. m. -uuday.
6:30 il-".." *. m.. 10:35and 10:50p m. Kt.un BsltlBBX) I M
p. m.. "ii simd av, t'-.i'i ti. m. Prutn PhUsdelobia. 3 al '.
I:.!!), llftil. te: Ll. :) l), 1" Mi 111) a."... 1:20, 2.3 41 ? Up
8:20,7 u s |U) ... :.-,. iii: m. ld .l.l and 10:50p. aa. -m. Uv,
S:SO,S:_0 il-m. tbt, 11:10 a. iu_ MR 7.JJ. 'J.Ji, lO-Afc
10 31 .nd 10-50 n, m.
DAV, SRTATIOMSIN I'lill.ADi.Ll'illA. J 1.4
flhiENi. AM) nu: PahTRmt inii: ioN*>iai_Ni'
Willi AJMOLUTR sajm^iv
BUS BBS Tl BIBI ie'eve' Neev York, via 1 ea'uoase.i snd l ourS
lamil st. Pet-rise, as follow*.
llj, 7:20, S, s-JO. Ill sud IO Luillto.t>, ll a. m^ 1. 3:22, I IUL*
4, &, 0. 7, H and f p. tu , am! 12 nlrb!. -?Sunday., j it
ttl Limited), auel 10 a.m.. 4, ii. /. 9 ueui il p. uu. aol'iii
Express Trains leave Kew-York dniv. exeept sumter, as
, J,'.1. 1U. Iiud4 ... al., I.l.l.uii.; tbi'uugb VUI lie.nu., ia I
Lemming, trams lean. Hroa.l streat station* Htttl.l loloiiiifc;
1201. ?i06| 3:20, I '. otiti, t.n, O-rAO, -.1) aim ll .x iu.
(Lluiile.1 Express 1:10 p. m.). 1. .(. I, ... ti: jj luuiiiod), ,,.
tl no, I lb, >* an.l i* Jo j., m. on suu.lsy Um, ll:)d. A-iol
3 45. HAOm. m., 4. (4:25 Limited). 0 JO, 7:1 j. S au I a: J.) p. m.
Leave iMillailelphla via Camdon, 'Ja. m. sud 4:Jo a m. dal if
e.ospt rtunelay.
Ticket Ulttces, 4! J, ?4'Jaud D41 Iii net way, 1 v-t-u llouM
anetfootof Dealt rosee-I aad loiirtleuli at*.. 4 Lo.n l-iL au ll
brooklyn Annex aurion, foot it Kiini-i;., Broeklyu < s.??.
114. lin au,I UH linds,.u-st.. Hoboken; -.cition, Jocaoy'ciiy |
EmigtantTicketOBlce, >o .*> liaitery Place aud Csaile -.ac
The New-York Transfer tompany will call oran I casoR
hsscafte fi om hoteis auel I -SsSOBOBBe
CHARLES E. l'UUU, J. R. \\\, ,,),
_OCLsra) Manager. Ooueiai Paas'i ..en!
ALL 1U1L thom ORAND CEN I'UAL ...I'oi
lillee Kvpi. ss Dams 'lally (Sunda, a exe., lsd) IS BOOMS iS
ra-m., 2 p. m. tpai.oi var attached), aud lo p. ,,i >,..,.i .... a
?:eeplutf caia). euudajcat ID r. la. IWIts pour* atespBBf
?ars).__-_____jTw. PoPPLR. AgssS.j
Itedueeel fare. $3 to lleisum for Srsl-cUis tic tot.. x'-olo^If
ss apectdeel on their t-u'ee.
EloKnut st-esinot a leave daily (Sunday- exoepi* D. at I p. nu
from Pier Ul! North River, foot of J..-, -t . New York, arrlvlBf
tn B.?ton at ? a. m. Tickets tor salo st all principal MSSR
ofllees. *
PllOVIDENCB LI NI-; for frelifht onlv. Hleaineis leavj
from Pier ju North illyee, toot of warren- it, 4 .ii p. ul AaiSSJ
IbUudBJfl rxiopli-iU, lur liosloli via I'mvi.lea ?" un et.
V. W. POPPLB, Acting Osueial Pasaeugci A_tl*

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