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Thc jury yesterday, in the BBBB of Joseph
Brady, charged with Tho murder of Lord
Frederick Cavendish and Uuder Secretary
Burke, brought in a verdict of guilty, and lin
prisoner was Bf! IT fi il to be hanged on Hay
14. Brady protested hia innocence. The
charge of the judge waa against him. Tlie
examination of the three men arrested in Cork
WM continued. Canadian detectives are in
Buffalo watching the movements of Fenians.
mnrsacBD to bk ?mtbbt ob may ii bob thc
rama park timi an raiMBtr*mta txtsto*
Dublin, April 13.? The trial flt Joseph Brady
was coutinued this morning. A derk named Ken?
nedy testified for ihe defence that ho Bpoks lo
Brady, who wis accompanied hy a Kiri, in Domi
nick-st., bBtwasn B and 7 p. tn. on May 6 last, the
date ot the I'humx Park murders. He recognized
Annie Meagher, who tesiiliod yesterday .bal she
was with Hrady cn that evening. BS Um girl in
question. Ihe witness said he also mel lira.ly on lhe
following day. The latter (lochiel ihat tlo. mur?
ders would ruin the cause of Ireland. Kennedy's
testimony closed tho eaas for the defence.
Dr. Webb, i}. C., tha leading counsel lor the pris?
oner, pr.'t -tetl against any evidence being allowed
in this case which would bear upon thc existence of
a conspiracy prior to May 9, even though evidence
were excluded by that means which would throw
light on a ph.t existing before that (la:e to murder
Mr. Burke. The only exception to this principle
woultl be thut evidence which concern, d Um
words and acts of the prisoner might with
propriety and according to Uie rnl-sof evidence
Le admitted. In support of his position, Le
cited various authorities running from the time
of Kdward 1. down to the. present. Ha said: " ihe
prisoners were lirst arraigned bafsN this tribunal
on the charge of conspiracy; this was follow.,I np
by the more serious charge of murder- I contend
that such a combination of charges is unprecedented
in lue history af criminal cases."
The Court lure interposed, reminding Dr. vVobb
thai the present indictment was not oue of con?
spiracy and murder, but the bingie indictment of
Dr. Webb, co itinuiuj, said: "An indictment foe
conspiracy to murder, your Honor, may only be
based upon evidence g ing to show that there was
a design lo inurdei spine definite person"; Le de?
clared that Hie law remilating the evidence of
aiders and ahettors in cases of conspiracy could not
be linnie to apply ia the present BBBB. Mr. Suiliv tn,
in his arguineiit lor the defence, supported thc-**
Mr. Porter, for the proscenium, replied that ihe
evidence given by Kavanagh yesterday against
Brady was only of a kink which related to lu*.own
doiiius prior to tho muriler. In fae', it simply
ehowed that Kavanagh received bis instruct ions as
to driving and waiting from Brady.
Mr. Adams, lor ide defence, declared that the
charge in Kavanagh's evidence yesterday, his suel?
len discovery that it was Smith and not Delaney
whom he drove to the BBSM of murder with Care**,
waa, as any one could eleni ly nee, a sion Bowood d
between him ilvav.ni.igl>i nnd Carev. There were
other diserepiinci'-H between the evielence fleet hy
the informers and tbat ot the ot..cr witBOSBSS bj
wtioin tbe counsel for Hie Crown sought to ba- rn
up their perjuries. With one solitary exoeplion
none of the witnesses for the Crown hal ever set
eyes on Hrady betas May 0. Yet they Boa aa*
eeited with one accord that tiny w-.re aide to
recognize him as a man whom they saw in Pboeuix
Park on thai day. If the jury believed these wit?
nesses to be mistaken, then th>e eas*, lasted solely
on the suspicious evidence given by Um informen.
The doubtful character of tLeir evid-uc* wa. t,?,
thar to he comuie.ited on. If the jury would st
the evidence of tue innocent girl Maaahet against
that of the infamous Carey?a liar anel a liv;
jib, a liar and a hypocrite and a murkier, too. by
profession as well as prac!ice?they would un?
doubtedly declare, in accord with th'-* theta, the
probabilities aud lhe ev lenee, that Hrady wa- imt
The Court here said tb ..c points raised by Dr.
Webb against the introduction of evidence could
cot be sustained.
Mr. Adams, in cloding for the defence, said:
" Heaven forbid Hot I should ever bi arraigned
before the tribunal of public opinion ua tlt.
defendant Brady has been, in advance of the
regular trial; Brady's BBBB h;is been prequel ged ; his
guilt has been piesumed in a manner the nn.-t Maa*
dalous on record. Let ne>t Um jury Ito le.l away and
prevented from doing justice, -because the .rime is
awful in its nairne: hm let them consider solely
the question, whether or not Bra<ly is guilty. Let
them bear iu mind that the chief evidence B|
him comes tram persons who spoke to save t iu-ir
owd necks; Mi. h evidence must ever BS regarded
with gr.-at suspicion." He went on to say that the
principals iu the conspiracy had led to the United
Kcitisand France before Carey and Kavanagh had
liven their testimony in the K:lnia;iihaui examina?
Mr. Naish, for the Crown, in his repel said: "Th"
circumstances of thc crime are not doubled; it is
equally conceded that il was the Iruit of a conspiracy
aud was uot ii maller of personal revenge. For Ibis
reason the Crown has bce-n able to adduce 81 idence
of the existence of the conspiracy. The account of
the organizatie.il, and itu objects and plans, given
by Farrell, wa* midi as c..ubi never have been con?
cocted by the most skilful lawyer." Thc ooansel then
traced the cou nee ting links of evidence ; it has been
Miown tbat Brady was abseut from his work on
May 5 aud 6. The book of the timekeeper e-ab
li-he.l this tact lt Lad also been proved thal he?
matic inquiry for Mr. Hurke ou May 5. 1 his appeared
from the undisputed and iinliibit.il.le evidcin ?* ol
the lot!g keeper's wife-. Ihe fm t that Kavanagh
aim ideel his evidence did not discredit that witness,
but proved his veracity and fomiied his previous
statements. If Carey and Kavanagh Lad been en?
gaged iu concocting evid-uce tLey would both
have sworn to the same sfeiry in minor as well as in
tnajor details. Mr. Naish took up the evidence
treudcred by tin- various witnesses, who testilied lo
liavii. ' wen lira.ly lu I'hu'inx I'ark, analyze.1 \t
carefully, and maintained that it furnish! el the
Hre.ngest possible prool that Hrady was there. He
held ihal th. re was an utter failure em the part of
Uie defence to establish an alibi for Hrady. Tbe
tv.di nee of Little WBI so entirely at variance with
the actual facts that il stood alone.
This closed the speeches and Judge O'Hrien began
liischarge. Commenting on ihe evidence aeleluccl by
the defei.ee lo prove an alibi, heeaid there was noth?
ing,so far as could heiliscovt red, to lix the particular
evening of May 6 iu the mind af Annie Mcaghc.
Lvitlence tending to prove an alibi waa frequently
resorted to or invented, especially by women, when
Its production would asoist their friends. lieview
iua brielly the evidence of Kennedy and Little, he
dwelt upon ihe evident desire of the latter to mako
the time at which he saw Hrady lit in as being be?
fore 9 p. m. The taetliuony of this witness waa open
to the same commeut aa waa that of tho other wit
Besses for the defence, namely, that he was declaring
that to havo occurred on oue day which did actually
happen on another day. Peening on to the evidence
fiven by the informers, he said that, although
tarey had every conceivable motive aud induce?
ment to give in his evidence statements cal
ciliated to servo his own purpose, he had
told a straightforward story and one which did not
spare himself. The iury were exhort" I to consider,
beiwever, that, if he bael been deie-cted in testifying
falsely, the Crown would be' Instilled in procee ding
against him the same ne against the other prison?
ers. Tho saino general rule was applicable to all
the informers. 1 her,'was no evidence to snppoit
the suggestion made in bis speech by Ihe tem ucl.
Mr. A.ians, thai tho persons present in the park as
principals were* now all safe in France or iu the
Uaitea Mates. The reveres was the ra*e. The
evidence went to show that those- men who were in
th" nark with the object of mardo! were litvinci
bl es, although some persons who were cognizant of
ths plan and were, nm there might not have been
members of that brotherhood. In concluding his
oharas, he asked the jury to dwell on tho evidence
witta that solemn considers! iou of ile
points which was due, and lo decide
whether or not any reasonable doubt existed as to
the guilt of the a-cuaed mau. lu making up their
veidict Ihey should set aside all prejudice, all tlio
weakness t nat Irequent'v influences the indgment
aud biases one's words. He expressed the nope that
they would ba Lnfaeneed by Divine inspiration.
The jury then retired. They did not remain ont
long, for after about forty minutes they sent word
that they hid reached an agreement, aud, halag
summoned back lo their benches, announced,
amid breatblew silence iu tho court?
room that Joseph Brady was guilty of murder.
When tha verdict waa read a deep bin suppressed
murmur went round the coin t-rooin. and Hrady,
who ap to this lime bad Leen angularly composed
aud Iree Irom emotion, turned ashen pah". Dr.
Webb Btatted av to m ike a motion, and alter BOB*
plete sih'tice' Lad been les tued,anti before the Judge
had pronounced the sentence of death, moved i..r
an arrest of juugiuent. Ho alleged thal under
the Climes act the jury winch had hear I
the BBBB and bini just given iii
its verdict was not legally formed;
ihat tiio prisoner had not received notice that Im
was to bs Hied before i special Jory. The motion
WM denied OJ Judge O'i.iien. who then said to the
prisoner: " Have you anything to say why sentence
ol death should nol bo pronounced upon you T"
Brady responded ia a loud, clear anti linn voice: "I
am not guilt v cf the ciiutge which the informers
have isw,. in on nie : these men would sw car away
the lilt- ol any BM IO save their own.-'
SI MI'.MII. 1.) lill HAMllD.
Thc Bf-ntenre was then protn-utne 1. Il was that
on May ll next Joseph Brady hs banged hythe
neck till dead, After Um ssntanee had been pro*
Bounced Brady, who mean tims had recovered bis
composure, r se in lin* seal and with solemn tym.
bemence protested his lanoeeaes of tbs crime,
Atior making tim last disclaimer, he was harried
from thc court-m un by tbe officers. In the street
the announce neill oi ihe verdict bad been received
w iib m.i; Bi o' the ut ni...-.; diafavor and condemna?
tion. Qreal crowda of peoplo had wattotl impa?
tiently abonl tbs doors ol ths tribunal until the
conclusion ol tbs trial, aad now wera packed etill
closer aboat tbe building in hopes of getting sigh:
of the condemn.d man aa he was taken I i the jul.
There wan, however, ii" demonstration beyond
the ordinary display ol sympathy witb Ibo con*
denned mau and discontent with the result of
thu trial.
Cohk. April 18.?Featherstone, Carmody and
O'Her ii hy, the three men arrest, d here for conspir?
acy to aaarder, wers before tbe magiatrate again
to-day. Evidence was prodoced af the Badingla
Featheratoue's possession ol a document headed
" A Cure le.r (mut,'' but which was rea!i.v a recipe
for producing an explosive; also a letter ia O'Her
lihy's writiag, aakina Featherstone to forward two
< ai b i??, s of mttic acid fromUlaagow, li wa. ashs1
thal thu pi is. .uer be 1 uri .icr remand, d.
HiiiiLi.v. April 111.?'lhe .Nord,/- eteekt .'
nrais' a tin* promptness with which tbe Hu iso
Houen of Commons passed tin- lull in regard to ex*
p,e ve. and compares unfavorably tbe lengthened
debates on tbe Socialist law in lhe Ifc-ichst-ag wita
the pto.upi action ol the HoosS ol Commons.
I.d.viniN, April m.?lhe Metropolitan Hoard of
Winks hi-e ree' ,,liliie||i|e el, because of thee .launer lo
be feared from explosives, tnat workmen ci.:'
the Bewers ci London bs cento Hy watched.
Ottawa, April 13.?Civil servants nr>- now re?
in-, d a ee.s to ofiii ? s in tha depart-Meal btoeki after
ofllee hours, mil.-sh they have permits from tbs
deputy heads, oa account of the recent dynaasits
Bl l i Af.i, V. Y., April 13?Two Canal: ci i
lives have bean in this citj for ovet a week, li is
tumored that tbey have beea shadowing members
ot Um Lan i League and looking fer member* "i me
gani; linit recently attempted to blow np Bideati
iiali. lt is a!-,, iiiiuoie,! thal ihe. have disoovend
in.ii Fenians are- eogaged in the- manatee! ure ol eiy
uamite here, bnl tue later report is discredited,
m.p..in i.i an-Ain.mm ro iii.'.w ii- rea siaii-.
nKi'AiiiMarr?tauru oi tom orTBasnBsa
nOBAL DIsl'AICHi S i.K I 111-. HAY.
Ibt xauMaara ro rna nuanna.]
Wamiincitos*. April 13.?At dawn thi** -norning a
su-Kuici.iu.i looking p noa was sten stealing away
from i lie-vein them porch e.f th.- Btate Department
building. Thal part of ibe building m occupied by
the chief olli-em of the Department, and in it are
kept the Dooks anel papen relating to the dynamite
leads who i-eck a reinke in the Dotted Mates to
plat and conspire against tha Britiafa Government.
It has bOBB lor some time*- -suspected tbat tlt-ti.i < I
Information waa being forniabed hy Miniates Weal
to the Anieiifan l.ui.'iniii nt reapecting tbe plans
of the plotters, and thal be has hean urging theta
arrest. The siispicio is looking mau hefon men?
tioned Started inward the river at a brisk pace as
?ooh ns In- scv that ho hail been discovered.
He was panned, bal managed to eaeape for
the tune being- It wsa Botioed that be i.m w.th a
Blooehiag, Irish Rail, aad thal his Unfitting clothes
were plainly ol Iti?*h I ut and make.
Later in tae day the detaeUvss wbo an employ -
eel by Minietet We** learned that a man who un
s?e-rs to the above deachptioB attired In vVaehiag*
ton iift Monday and walked to one of the hoteU
when-he registered biaasslfaa " Terence OfBiaagb*
Deesy, Dubliu, Inland." This, it is believed, he
ilid to conceal his identity ami liatioi.aliiy. Later
in lhe day also an examination ol lb.; parch limier
which Ihe man bad been hiding, reiealeel tnat au
attempt had been made to blow up the Stato De*
partme-nt. A black rubber bag about twelve inches
in length and depth was lound, lt ie supposed to
contain nitro-glycerine or some other BX plosive
lt hus bBBB Baffled to tha Arsenal, where a chemi?
cal analysis of the contents will lie made hy u (Jot
eminent officer.
The whole affair waa kept as went as possible,
but Um aeeasaltf ofooosalUag ths British M hi titer
was imperative-. Be WM sent for, and the whole
plot was laid bare bctore him. When he left the
Department he waa observed to be greatly agitated.
ami to an .nieipnsing journalist who accosted him
ba wss aawillina to impart any Information beyond
thal ab ivs detailed. Inquiry at the hotel where
tho man stopped wbo called himself O'Bbaaghasssy
dist loses lhe fact that he left WlthOBl paying his bill,
and ibat in his room was bunni an miMi ti-v-ineiit,
evidently dipped from a Dublin newspaper, giving
tin'dales eil the sailings ol slcameis lunn QaeeBS*
teewu. together aitfa an empty whisky Hast wrapped
ni a fragment of lh Irish Wm ld, these tell-tale
clews leave in, elniibt iu tin* minels eif !*e.Te-tarv l'i>
Liagboysea and Munster West thal 0*Bbaagtaaeeay
waa not lhe mysterioufl stranger's real name, lu
tact, th.y are i oiivinted that he was an Irishuian.
BoBM "' thc Mae Department officials believe that
the man was " Sn, 1/'
Every clew is lieing followed which can possibly
leuei tee ins airest aaa iris identification witii the
man who lilt rhe black bau under the ju ire ta of the
.State Department, li may he thal the rivet will rn
dragged in order to discover whether willi true
luih cunning he has hidden hiiusclt in the we* le ri
ol the Potomac.
?Tlo foregoing statement labors under the dis
advantageol being entirely uniouudcii in fact ; bat
it is iiuitc aa true as the sensational dispatches thal
have oeeuseiit out In.in Washington ou this sub?
ject for Borne weeks past.
Johu Walsh epeiit yesterday in paying' visits
to lile. friend*ami making tbe acquaintance of Hie leading
lr_,_iue_ Lu. > cw-Yura, lie visited the ir Uh World
r.tTiee In the afternoon In company with Frank Byrne.
His nio\euic.nts lor ibepreeeat an uncertain, tbeonly
programme he has marked out for himaelf being to make
lils hom.- in America.
lt has been stated in the recent dispatch^
from Ixindon concerning lhe dynamite conspiracies that
lhe Hank of KiiKlautl notes foimtl on the prisoners l.e.re
the rui-itie--?> stiiinpnf James H. Colgate BOB., New-York.
At the eiaiiilnatiuti In I.oude.11 on Thursday, the counsel
for the Orowu repeated the MaSSBM nt. Janies II.
Colgate, tbe heatl of the linn which is etBBSWtsdgafi to
he the leading dealer In foreign money, said yestenlay
tint Hie fact that the notes had bSSB StBSSpSd WM not
rv. ii |iresiiuiptive rrldence that tbe prisoners b-ad ever
been in thc Unlteel Mates .
? I she.niel bc very happy," Mr. Colgate salli, ? If our
?tump .should lead to the detection of crime and the prc -
ervatlon of order, bul unfortunately In this ca.se. p"r
hai>', lhe stamp ls not a e kw. We j.ut our stamp, wlm li
includes the ilate. on everv Hank of Kngluhd note which
passes through our hands. We do not even keep a
record of their mimi.! rs. A person conies In here to buy
notes-wli.. we ilo not a.k wlm it is or tee what ase the
Holes an to be put. We stump UM notes mer. ly us a pre
Ciiutioii, anel that ls the rmi of til*- transaction. I ?p
pees that a greet many SOteS idinUurly stamped are
afloat in England and Bunpe. They pan tram one per
son to another, aad the notes found on tbeea prlsonen
auty bave been in the possession of a doesa penens be?
fore tney reached tbem. Bnl If tbe prisoners bad
bought them directly fromes, we eoold not Identify tee
men probe ly. wc could Bleapty cay whether we essa
the notes on a cn tali. day."
OTHER lill:i'.KlS SEWS.
LOXBOX, April VA.?The Slumlord's Herlin BOtTB*
spondent says the condition of l'rince BtflflSarch's
health ls less favorabtSL a)id it is not likely that he
will appear in the BeiCBStag again very soon.
i.i.MinN, April 13.?A telegram from Hong Kong,
dated Um lith instant, neeived here, says the
French Miaister ta China hail Btraaged tlie Tonqnln
affair satisfactorily ia December, bal the m a
li- eh Ministry reeded the BttaagSBMnt. The
nsolt, tbsdiapalch soya, wfll probably be a long
gad . oatly war for Franca Chin i will aaa ber i>. sr
Iroopa, which will probably ba eoininanded by
European leaders, a-itl will pei haps have the BanSt'
ance ot ;i Entopeao ally.
Bbbi ib, April 13.?Delegates have bean ai>
|. ?, i-i to i. -pr. s.nt (leriii.eiiy a. IBs Ualvenal Fishery
Exhtbttteo io tn- ie hi rn London. AltBeogk Qsimsaj
lui* in.! de -i?n ile- I a special eoinm: ..inner I . ilttend the
t oe, arden have been Beal to ti.e Qermaa ' lon-su
late a London lei fumier thc tnteresta sf tae lirnnuu
BOBDEAI \, April 13.?The lo-s by thc tire
'a tin- ui>.u,r. boBo-Booeo ben yesterday ls xio.'shj.
lt supposed tbat tbe Bn was started by sa loci ml ruy.
in i.si, .\|.rii ii. Reports hue beea reeslved h. r>
iimt lbs rtllagM "f M.ve-Hire', i'iciiio sad Balratsrsi
Ituly, BR on :.
I.dSixiV, April l.t. ? At a full Bleating held
. ' : .? I , ral !? ? nb ??? of Ibe li" i- ? '
mons lt wss resolved io args apontbs OovsraoM
. ,' of uiul.-rt..k.nf without ,.
I'wM', April 13.?ArcbdncheasMarie, wife
of I ? \r. i,ii., i intber "i tl
? .'.id.
AicihI.k he-- Marie, who hid an annetta! tntt!)
!>er of other names, even f..r aprme. .-?. wa*, tbi ,ia igBta r
of Ihe late IT.n." Mn lia.-1 or PortSgal ead wes l".rn
.at iel 24 IBS Bhe becaoas the third wife of the Ama*
tink" ('barlee I "ii;- July 33, 1873 < two
daughters, ?? ? low >? an a d.
I.-.sims, April 13.?A tew bkniUis ago large
ipi tr ? aa wheal were bought tor forward
delivery, lt having been assessed Bj - .--ihat
lin-eontlnii- .- ?. -.. r ?*? nt i fli'i-i- j,?:?.. '.I t'.a.
i '.mir.irv io I ipi ? lotion, be ..rt. .,,.
e!ee lue of 8 -Ml 1 l'iir? a >|il.irt(-r. I),..e. ,,,..... ,-,
of failure * aie pre,.,ul,le.
i'i mw i. April I3??The water ia the Rideaa
Rivi: ? sol o idly, sud ii N f..
easton greet loss of pnperty. The track of tbe Bl
Min .. lallwaj I'' tilt \ i Hilly I. lill, mi ik-. ?!
. ll ts reported that fe.
Patrick's Hr I wai ?
: ., 'i abet Comadags's Bridge, fm her np thi river, ls
in gnat danger.
Thia allen.i tba les sa las Btdeas Rivas earrie.i
away a beag.Bcaptsd bj Mn. Lafraaboia, wbe t.it
eroabed lo dea h. Phe , Balee! i ? it prevail
?tons tiie banks ol tht sin
. :ti'i that Ikey have deserted their hi
I li.- .aler r ??,? tlir, e -i i I iii tlie ni i,
il. One.. Apid IS Tbeleeln Ike Richelieu Uiver
A-.i"\.- tnis town la breaking np, Hud Hie
eatei ? una-i.r.l.r bleb. Beporta from tba upper perta
ef tbe river aay that the wa | ir feel al nee
t- aler em tae Yemaska River la ei
-1 ? ?:... :.r huh. Orave apprahensioaa an- fell for Ike
safetr of the tl? t m ibe harbor lae bruise ,.n the
Nerliewes'erii Illvli.ii.li of Hil- -..mtue.tste i :i I'.a In j
carnet away to-dejr. in- hnd-g.ai between S'Jo.ouo
Htni 135,0001
Br. iiiieiMHK, Q'ie , Apnl IS.?Tbs Taasssks Rim
lse-tiii rla.iiL* rbe dam aad bridge ben haw i.etn ear
ay. i he- 'la'iia.-'- a:, i iv Bnioonta togto.ooo
I.Still . oailtiK dowu kui Bore duna.- - - i
|e- tod.
Thc r.ii'isii steamer Ailsa, Captaia Saasom,
left Kiiii.*.ion, Janalea, for tins port, nu the 'iib
and arrived yeaterday, brouahl fiiriiii-i- new* ol Ihe
: ii... H. to ths bBi i thal General Rover
I ? uni nu ermv e.? Insurrectionists bsd i tutored
tine.- towns inside Miragene.
Tobobto, April 13.?There arrived la Illi?
li .ii im M?i, a **.:,'.?-. ]ii.ii,li.raiit?. uml in ii.,- ili.t
thie bmbIBs of tbe year 90,646, against 30,191 la 1683.
lhere r. ni ulled in the liuiiilluou 11,690 luimigritiit--,
against '.',-1 tia I - -
si 1,1 ofl Ol , Oat . April 19.?6tl mrs of n tntghl train
nu tin-1.rai.d Trunk Railway were precipitated ever ea
eaihankmeni mar mis slatloa last eveningaad maahid
to nt.mis. Tne loss is heavy.
lUlii-.l. V. 6., April 13 -The Wiiid.nr knd Ali ai.o.ls
ftecniiiiuiiii.i'on tum wbteb tefl inn-on Wedneeda? *a*
tbi ow ii fi.,m in-1 ra i*. eoe ellie wi ital Beauford. ?>??>. u
care loaded wit ii j.-rne n.i ii er, iiiindls" were tl.mviu
lon t?.-t down an embankment. All the mrs wero
aaa ashed. No .ivea were lost, but the- daaagB is. on
n P tnhi*.
Ottawa, AptO 13,1693. Itteleeadenteod ibsl the
Oevemncat Bee eooseatad net te Iiii|m>sc the prepeeed
ea ra iiu'i's eu iaaerieaa sgrlsaltaral Implements anni
Iii I' session.
Pill.asm BO, April l.l. The wound of gpongS. Ihe
italian hapUSBSBd Ifl the uiiirder of Count VOA Mn;Int li
ron Bsekbely, who shot him*.-if yesterday after halag
arrested, ls ceiii-ditftc.l i.y the physicians te BS flMrtal
in m.is, Apm m. a regulation is gaaettee to-day far
bidding the importation Into Ueriuany of Aim in an li,.;
I...M.'..v, April 111.? The Kxchanite Telegraph (onipanv
atinouu''.'* that a ci.iiiiui.hoii biix li, "i se-ni from that BBS
Und t.i labs po?se*?ii.n of thc Island of .Sim daniell ns ii
depend! un ol QnwrnshMd
I.uM'i.s, April IU.?This was lhe fourth duy of tlie
Nt t mai kel l i ann BBBOttag The- rue fn: lhe Wpm mur?
ki 1 liomin ip, fur lliie-e ceur olds ami upHiiid-, was sou
hr the link- of Hi au,i,rt'* eoll Kmnth u Hail.iith. I.m.I
Harcn'a ii.iy AJlioa nas seeood uml Oeaeral Owea
\\ 11 tia ins's i-i,lt Oobort third. There- were s< rei BtSlUBS
Bal aa-ira, April m.?Balsa Manerteb, widow or
Celeael Manovlea, wae attenpted en Ostebet i'A inst
to shjoet King Milan la tba cathedral here, haa e?Itted
suicide in prison. Helen Briiuanu, wiiu wea ender
?KiIiii? Iiii|.risiinuicnl in cotii.c. lon wllh ti.e same nf
lenee, took lier own lift- in pil-mi some lime a,o. A
third wi,inun impmm. d lu ihe altair ia lu a madhouse.
I'akih, April Hi.-M. fitz.it, who was Minister of Jua*
tin: uml, r M. (inulecll.-l, has heen appoititeel l're'sideut
of the Oeart of Cassstten. Thc appetof eui ia refried
as au iiiipo-taiit lu.lh itlnD of thc Icinleuclea of 1'llUli:
Mini-lei Kerry.
IlKitLt.v, April 13. lhe censua of tbe live atoek In
I*ru?sla, just comple'cl, shows au iiiipoilaut Increase In
the-number, witb the inception nf ahnep, as cuinpareel
with Ihe nuiiibiT lu Prussia st the time the lent census
Was taken, walch waa In 1473.
AXTwuitr, April 13. -There la K**cat excitement among
tbe oort laborers hero over bu attempt lo Introduce an I
Improied system for unloading irrnlD, whleh la favoreel
by tbe mnnlrtpal authoritlna. Tbe laborer* strenuously
?unjoi 1 to the uew sj situi, aud are ucUimiucei to preveat
Ile adepiluu.
An act WM pegged hy lhe Wisconsin Le-*i?
latureahenit two weeks mri., which authorize* Hie Chl
cBRe>. Milwaukee and f>t. Paul Railway Company io Issue
stock to thc fulleeest e)f any railroads which it has bought
or built or may buy or build, uud of any coal lands which
lt has bought or may act-uln*. Ofl Tuesday of laat WSSk,
a (lay or two after Ita passage, the bill waa signed by the
Governor and became a law. Tliere la ?.aid to have been
a alight oppoalilon to the first section nf tho original bill
which auihorlr.e.1 the building ami operating of exten?
sion and spur linc* and the acquisition of rlghta of way
and ground* ii"c?-s?ary to such linea. This section was
made a r-n.-ral a*t und, with the special bill, was pasecd
without furtl er hindrance.
Tlie act relating to Ihe capitalization of the St. Paul
Baflwsp Company ta as fe.lbiwa:
ll' i ion 1. The Chicago, Milwaukee aad Ht. Paul Rail?
way (flompeny is bcrchy BUthorlaed io issuu capital stock
in addition tei what lt la now aulhorueet tei iasue anil iii ad?
el iii.in to Its present capital In pnyinent fm any coal
lan,ls hiTctoforn or beieafleer piireliasert, and for any
railway heretofore or hereafter bvllt or pu rc Baaed by
said company, at Its par talue. to au amount liol ci -e,-d
ing Uii' c-.st of tbe coal lends "r rail wa. so built or pur
ehased, provided thal ti.ls act shall not appu to any
raiiwav fur lhe construction or purchase of which stock
has nlrca.lv beon isHiied to the amount of its cost.
BBC 8. Tins aot shnll bc lu force from and lifter its
j.a.i-ag. ami publication.
it was not known In this city unii Thursday that the
bill bael become* a law. anel then oiliecrs of the company
expressedigaonaeela regari te) it and Us fate. Alex
aaalBr MltohsD.psueMent of the epmpauy, gaul that he
had re tmni-el freon Kio; lela ?o recently tliat he really diel
no' know anything about thc bill, or what had become ol
lt. A friend of the rou,I remarked:
?' lt the' eompaay wanted tho mu passel, the Legisla?
ture pea* d 1* ; t bat I am -nie of. I KUOW mn hinj-c more
lt, 'ni' I gueefl the- 11>:npanv took advantage' eif tala
fi e ''linest of this Legislature to fain so nethiiKT which
lt tm lit h.ive to tl-'ll* for ile.(li"nt.-Iv Ul Millie' elllier."
a p :ran., r oently from B'toeoaata laid: " Ves. tiie bill
ls a m?-, inn tnt- most or iii.- aten wini vo'.cel mr ii do not
kuow mc fun amening of ii."
'Ihi' -nit bronghl Ly tlie Dt'iirer .ind N'ew
Oi leans Ra ir..ad (taupe iy ag dasi tba ateblaoo, Top. ka
danial-. BaUroad fer damages eonaeqeeel upon the al
ie.nl felton of the latter to onxry ..nt thc giwialon e>:
Judge Hallett against diaerlmlnattoos in farer <?f the
I), mer and Ki . (.ran.it i* .Icc:.ucl io hs unimportant I.y
tbe f nen.t? of ihe Rw Grande, in* friends of tns in aver
sod Bew-Orleaas repudiate this view. Tbs sui! ls for
9L000.000damages, it i* eharged thal th,- Kio aranda,
lu onbr io aaUtfy the egos! ot Judge Ballett'a decision,
sgrved witb thc Atchteou Company to act pt
5 seato pei LOO pounds as Ito proportion ol tuc through
? . ? mo from Denver lo the Missouri Biver,
. nader Us oootr ie ? with Mi" Al
ned would be S3 centa ont of -i rate- ef pa ic it u
a ie saserted thar tic Kio dreads hat been mr, epilog ~.*>
cents as Its proportion of tiie Ihroneh peseei .- ; rate,
eben tu contract propo tlon will be 96 60 out ol a nie
ot 12." . e> result of a acre -meal haa bi ?
mr ii, nvi i anu .Sen Orleans Kaiiroed to bc. cpi
in portions Lin tola basia ll i mid nu eempeti
un Hem. i ..mi Kuii,...1. p. i n. [>rnvi i and Bi aM Irleai *
people assen tba! thia arrangeiuenl ls a coutiuuatl u ??',
" thc original ooospi ac*, it I leir tn ni. and la
in they ask thal tbe 1 Biied Btate* Circuit ?
lu Coloradotlefiue wual tai- dlvlsioaa of I
rat.-s - . . . . ?, the ??? *? ral roads. 1
t j.ii t. ? Bing sway 91.000 a
. - "U Hi. local I' i.ine.. ii. uo it*
.d >e a-' ir.e-aiia.
Ilo- Railroad Conunitl a "t the lb.iud of
nea beard ai - eaterday in regard to i.e
rutiiii: gol steam dui ? i eada In the eli
S'i'.te ? , - ? ,
r i ll t ,v. li and i ;. ??? er . U
ii of the i orporation < u mat l thal ir."
V .- I .. ,,i Ha,i-,,n . ,d thc
npy the streets in th.- i..
of, .i ..1 .1, ..,., I I.,.,. .! ., |flit ;, ii i
? 1. i..t ny lum toma tni" pr- viona il
? . . .:., ll ..
'I ? . ni th.*
traffic uf Hi. . on p
-: i., 1,(Ak) cara pei ?... ? were < mploj ,t. i. t
l over thia pori ia of the route
II. P. Johnson and 1 I I iigwe-deleu aubuil
obi ii aroii] l , o-i
about p4,0Ui ? l be bulli .ii two yt
Abs il ml I onei Ph non, lo i
of the ia-- . ? Impertinent of the tra
.e-t. r |;,y t ,'
Beea out ol Nee fork ta " l beea neeivi 1 by
liini, thr ai :.... oil iu..l bj I m.; b.eu
? ;, ir. The propori ona of the several roads
entire . aathe) were tn tbe pre
ce ding 11 uni - ? ? 1 tral rea far ahi 1
? . ? ? . . .end Hi- oilier :
of ! I."
......"-fl 11 .... . tr .i r...nt? la 1.
1 bj tbe ir..uk lines, bul lt la arahabli
further teat ol the 11a ural rouree of emigrant trail
tbe .it!, nut roads ? e made before permsneni pei
? a.r I.i. d.
Jodge Wallace, ol tbe United States Circnil
bea d argot ? rday oe a motion for thc
app"i .(tinnt ef a reeelvei "t thi Kew Orleana, at. Louis
and (be k'o Kal.:.1 (oin; i!,y. The ccu p .1:11 ,:i!i.
or in a. lula and T. ll. uibson, In their affi Ja vita sc!
fortii tbat th.-v had recovered lodgment ncalael the < ..m
i>-iii f,.i aan.OOt 11 The attachment wae retnrned na
,;. ? u was f 'iiml thal 113,1411 ufi, a bal.I
mon.- ? - forthi payment of coupona, was atm in
the heads ol K. 1 \ ,v alexander, lhe Danker* Judge
c grant, d ia. ? a ree elver, but the
moory lu thc han la "f 1 hi 1 .au kera waeel led from
?-- is .,1 windi ila- r?-ce ivei is to tak- chai^--.
Mi?rn 1:1 N'aii.ii. Iowa, April 13.?The
liena city an i Pa Balli .1 i ir.it r ?" ei.-.y be on opened
f.i 1,u*- Bess to Val four miles weal <>f Pori
ra. thirty miles south e.f Bosebud Aget f, 119
nu .s BB t "f PiW Bid fl Ai.*' ; ey, an I IB9 SBal uf R ipili
City, la the Block lillis. Tb Klkhorn Valley Line, eiart
lim irom Mlaannrl PaBey.wben it Inti neeta tbs < hleegs
ami Bertaweelern Ballwej. runs weetward, eroealng the
MlSh'.inl llllel al Ilia 1. .1,1- 1 ?", I- lhe I 1,lou Cacilie
ol iit Fremont, eutilng ol' ibii
tween Chicago and Premont; thence up the Elkbora
,, ?. lOO 1... 1 ,,' '1 .
Uovcrumeat laud, open to homesteedlng and pre-empt
The mw Board of Directon ?>t the Statea
bland Kauwiiy l.pani las appointed eeoflsarittea io
arrang1 t.eii.r Th. lue. fer the patrons of the railroad
ami .'my. Cheeper fare- and BMn fiei|iient trips are
Pun.smi.ritiA, April lg in iho United Btatoa Cireutl
Court io lal the jury rendered a verdict tot |5(M bl
favor of Iho plaintiffs ni the case e.f Bobe] I>. COXO and
wife against Hie West Jersey and Atlantic Railroad
. oi,i|.,iiv. Tie suit WM t" receive r etitniaiTe'S Tor lo-s
auatalm <i n> tbe plaiotiSh, who owned a traci ol land on
the line ol the road ? nu a rt.i" itaaMgOd by Ure ranee d hy
a spark from au engine le tiling iu some imth 1 lu uah,
BBW'HaVIB, Conn., April lg?JudgS Beardsley, of
thc siipe-nor cei.iri. rendered a deehBau le-dai la lbs
s-iitsof the llartfoid BBd Harlem Hailroad and others
against the New-York, OsUBBBtiSUl ami Air Una
Juagfl lb ardsley found Ihat while defects existed In
the organisation or thc road, or when claimed, they
were not sutlicieiit Io Tltate the legality of the OrgaatSB
tiou, ami Ihsi?fwe dhn?ssed Um ..hus.
I'iri-lil no. 1'. lin . Apm l-l Hackett * Hnfferty, coal
e.pi rat..rs. entered four suits ajrain--t Hie Bellmen and
Ohio lialironl Cninpaiiy tfl tba County Court h. re thia
afternoon, to recover gM,00U daasages for the loss of a
targen'laniiiy ofeoalsbippsdfroej their works t?. the
l'ltisDurg Has Company l ie delendaat eempauj ia
charged with negligence lu tts capacity aa s common
cai (er, which raultod lu the damage ef theptalailg to
the an.uuu I stale-.I.
inr 11 ii...linn IO run rBIBBBBd
Un-ms, April 13.?Thi qiriag bwheti ia
ViTinoiii arc mu, h lighter tala season than hatl been
ISSTSd. The large hoely eif snow on the grouud it win an
?I'ipa'c.l weald cause dliastrous flootls, but ilma far
those feara have not been raalize.l except In twei et
three directions. A ell-patch to lhe Jottrmml from Mont
pe i.r anya that the Icc lu thc RlaMsatMl Hiv. r above
Bwauton Falls broke up ou Thursday morning, causing a
andden rise In that stream, tba WOter lieim; higher tbau
for many years. A portlou of the Swuni.ui .l.nii was car?
ried away. Wannr'a saw mill was tloaied down str.-am.
Two miles below Hwantou tho river uutlermttitd u-uriy
UiOrodaof Itoiiae.'s I'ulnt branch of the Central Vermont
Railway, blocking the passage of trains for twenty
four hours. Moulpelier, which la situated on the
Winooski Uiver, ls SBflJset to sudden aud sometimes dis?
astrous freshets. The bed of the stream ls nari ow, and
If an ice gsSBJBN formed the stream rtaea roDldly. A
forgo formed on Thursday afternoon above the village,
and this afternoon lt gave war, lhe Icc carrying off
about 1<X> feet of the bridge of the Montpelier and White
Kiver Ballway, breaking the beavy Umbers. The lee
moved down on the Sabin treatle bridge, earning away
IHO feet of ihu structure. Large trees along the banks
of the stream were cut off, and other damage was done.
A dispatch from Bellows Calls, vt., aays that some
anxiety ls felt respecting the safety of the New-Hamp?
shire end ot the liam there and the abutments of ihe
Sullivan Railroad bridge. The river began to cut away
the bank, and a large force of men la at work, wiih a
prospect of stopping the break.
Norfolk, Va., April 13.?The Bte.inipr City
of Merida waa towed here to-day. Her eariro will be re?
shipped to Ncw-Vork by the Old Dominion Steamer
H. L. Demarets was a passenger on the steamer, aud
arrived here by war nf Baltimore yesterday. Speaking
of the eol'ision he said:
" A thieli fog act In on Tuesday evening and Captain
Iiettlg ordered tho apcet* of tho vessel to bc slowed
elown. The whistle Vfns blown nt lntervala of one min?
ute. This eeuiUS was rigidly followed up tei midnight,
when I went tolled. About an hour afterward I was
awakened by a areal maablng Oreselng myself hur?
riedly I greened my tiny, Harry, In my arma und rmdn-d
on deck. Life-preservers wen distributed to the pas*
lengers. Every preparattea waa Bands ta abandon the
ship. Many of the pflOBSBflBN were eieited but on being
assured that there' was no dunner they became uuiet.
" When I reached the* deck everything was lu confu?
sion forward, i learned that aa unknown schooner had
run lnio us on our port how. Captain Itel tig called out to
Hie schooner and asked If he could asalat theta. lbs
answer .nine beek that thev wen bedly damaged and
wished wi would remain by them imtll morning. Cali?
ta! u Bettie replied that the steamar weald remain whi n
sin- was so i.mg aa she could with safety. Tben was a
high xe-a running at the time. The e-euiduct Ot the nlNeem
wai deserving <>f eveiy commendation. It was poon
seen thal tbe vessel WSS rapidly lining and that the only
way lo keep her all MU wa- to work thc pumps. The ship
was beaded for Norfolk, whleh was about loo miles from
tie- eeene of tin-e-oih-ion. We passed Lamber! Point
Ugh! ai hight, uml BB we found the water was nearly up
to th.- Urea. Captain Rettlg ran the' vessel ashore, where
sin- tiii.-ei tn leas than two bonn. It ls not tree, BB bas
been it.it. I. that some of the carim wu-, thi own over?
boil rd. iii. re i- un reason to timi tault with the officers:
on tbe contrary, too much cannot bc-uni of their great
Conine-- and lu avery lu the perilous situation."
Link- Harry Demarets,a bngbt,black-eyed boy nf seven
yiai-, when aaked about bis experience,aald: "My
napa wu* with UM and I knew he would take care of nie".
1 ?jw lats of people mulling around wttti Ufa-pre
serveri .m. bul w.-dui noi put mi any. I waa a little
frightened when 1 saw bow scared the 'others wen, hat
after a little while th ship wen! ahead agate and pepe
put me to i.c.i. He told mc that be would call bm if
there wu. any dat ger and m I went to >:.-. p. for I knew
n.v papa would look out for n.e. And then Caiitaln
iked inc too. aad bs would nol Iel aii.ttLliiy
happen to mu. But I'm glad I'm ashore asjala."
Spinsiiriiii.ti. III., April 13.?The situation
at tha rolling mUl ii hooomtpf Tiny bciiIuiib The niiii
hes beea flliiagnp with aoa*nalofl iucn lupl.liy of late,
aad tbe admiten ol the BamlgaoMted tasoesattou nea
iniie ate. Janella na the ana who ben
taken tha pla""- of tbe striken, arc of elaiiv e... mit nee.
ll of Hiern have l..en badly beaten. Ye-tcrday two
or thr.e '. ft the mill for a walk into the reeuntry. They
wei-. : i gang of Strikers, and when about tw'o
ndlsa distant, thej wen beaton aa l thrown off a bridge.
Two of the number han not returned and are sahl to be
ir. .1, nml two or three' physktaas started
uut night to attend thees, bot, becoming alarmed, re?
tained without reaching the sped. Fume of the- umkinsn
Ightlcft the null ul.,nr 7:30 o'clock. ile 1
outside the ii.. !'i-.nc when a gang o( ths
strikers opened Bre on them with iitlr*. shot-guns and
-..I tin.I lilt.-, sin,f* wen-tin I. John
Waldron, a young man a ? irrtved from Pitta
burg, len de.ni. uni ll waa auhse)(iient!y found (hat
thirty four backahoi bs , ?! kia able, breast,
aad face. Brainard Mulhearn was shot la tba
'. ?? Ill* wounds t*re -en,m.. out ll la
will -urine, r-aujiiei liriitau received il
in thi Up.
Forty laborers employed on a pier of the
mw Chemical Works near Newark, or. the Passaic Kiver,
Struck vt *";? le. at. ir .am alni t lirei'aneil Ibe eon*
tracton A reservj squad of polio! wmscq: io i roted
thc latter.
('in.isnaii. April 13,?Al a sleeting <>f tbe
*ti ?.i._?' garmakera to-dsy a committee "f the wann
fnctiir. ra presented aataieeaenl thal tu.* d imaad for el
icreaae la wages would ba granted. There
an Mill two other ubi ttlei demaada, and work wili uot
I.,- le-iiic.i .1 until tiley are settled.
Cnn \i.i i i'iiia, April VA.?A meeting of edten and
woollen maaufaetanrawaa u?-id to-day fortiie purpees
oi mk Stirs te the prop..-' i ri IBs Sf the
hearne r*. Be eooeluatos was mashed, except taat the ta?
mana* ot tot itril r. wonld not bs granted t
beamer* tn the down (own mils not receiving tl! a
v,,i ,. will ge on a strike to-momw.
im ism aa, Paan., april 13.?Ths attempt to settle the
ditierenc'-s existing bstwses lbs mal inn., r- a:.d opera?
tors by arbitration has failed. The lloa.d mc: again lo?
ila)' a:,d, a tor B ie?sieei of several rieiurs, a.i saned I e
ii,e, wlihoul having cobbs to sap agnemsat, The
e'omtultt. e appointed to Smogs a SCSlS Sf wages
rep., lt el tb tt lt had beru unal'le to premire.i s ne. Hie
iniiiets then made a propoail on to work f..r the next * x
niontba ai .''t eeata a bushel, which ts i| ..f a eeat ?.-i
ilia, the prcaeul rate, hui theopentonobjected and
uttered A 11-uti.
I!. & C. Degener, shipping and commission
lams at Ko. BO Wall-si., waa reeesili aeapeeaed,
have submitted ri lt Itemoul of their affa.rs to their cred?
itors, their aaaeta an f?04,-4BB mt, aad thnr llabtlittn
are placed a! $77*.).'.Ti 3B,abowing a mrplua et fl 24,
*-'.l-i ul. Tbs Orm owes ij<i'.),(xii) for men-' aadise, let!
120,000 secured, its Indehtodnsn for seeaptaaewbi
174,000, ...iii" e.f win, h it is thought Will probably be re
'.ie,! hy thc drawer-. The balaaee af the Indebted - -
for paper m.id and tor loans made upon iiieiiiaadis. con?
sign, d to thc tl rm. Th.- linn purposes ti organise tbs
business Into a limited eonpeay to se known as ?? K. a
, i, . ,] di ;." with a eapltal etaeb el |390,000i
r-t\\ Iii.*.. I-'". April 13 -Julius Ahenlieiu.er. .'.riler
ni calf skins, hut made BB assignment !?? John BoSSSter.
Ulallabllineatoflrmeta New-York an abonl -.'.'.'..in.it)
and h's n-'ets are .mly fl&OOO
Ti.ii.!>-', Ohio, April ll I-. K. I'arks, the assignee of
c. ll. io) .v i "., banki n, bas nbmltted i stat. -.
th. iii lu's adhtn wiu.il sh rm total liabilities of S-i'.n.ooo
Ibo assets ..r. 1128,000.
Boerow, April lg.?The Civil Service l o-i-i'iiativc ged*
ciety, geaeral stoic, haa faded and made aa a-signiuent.
The soci.-iy ?as orgaulzcd on December Hi. !--(). wita
a P ltd in cir.utal e.f $10,000. It ran tie hind .f.'.iKHl laat
..ai. uni an attempt to inciease thc capital stock lo
pir.DiJ*! ft il througb.
JACK40B, Mks., April 11 Jtahtm E. Hob
lusa was baiige.l lure at 1 o'clock thia a'ternoou for
the murder of Adair. Bobtosoasatd thal his ssl was
Justiuabic and ihat the jury had treated him unfairly.
.rn- -
ri:NN*YI.VANlA CNlVl.ilSITV (OMMi: Nt I.M! ST.
I'lin .\!n>; i.r ii ia. Apnl li!.?Al the annual niuiuieiice
iini.tui tiie i nm ir.ity of Pennsylvania, held today, the dex iee
ol linet..! ot Medicine wss conferred npon ninety nluegra?iu
ates. I be honorary tte?reeof Doctor ot Laws was loulerred
,lj .i ? ,,ul|;e L 'I ill'lsuu.
-ai i; ok BHOBTHOBBB
Br, I.ocis, Anni 13.?A sale of eborthorn cattle
tims place st Abingdon. Ill . yestenlay. lorie two head fruin
the lien1 of BttBWther Olveaaauld foi anaKgie?-;?l. i.l*7,.<'.eo.
TUe cowa and heifers averaged fltO, the young ouils ll-lu.
WUIlK Al THK . e.Al. MIN!.-,
1'iiii.AiiKi.i'iiiA. April IB.?Tbe antbraeite coal in?
tel esls hare agreed to carry ea woik al the mmes M lui '..tue
Beal week.
?St. Johnbbobt. Vt., April 13.?Advices from va?
rious pai is of lae inapli'-augai teiritory iiietnaie Um! Ihe snow
ts m< neap lb tl many fannel* wul nut at.euipt to make (agar
and huts. m.il." Weather fellows, thc sugar clop wi.l be a
lal.m.. in toll l'trt ot tue stale.
liin.ADi i riiiA, April ll!.?Leon F.nglo, age fifteen,
ot Wael I'wt-iitv seventli st., sud Kills liiown, of West Twen
11 ., inni -1.. Sew Vork. wini tiaii mu mn; iiuiu linnie, were
captured to-uay at the circus gruundaou >outb tiioa.l st.
LAWBBBCB. hui).. April 13.?Tlie tlual arruuge
ii .hi-, inr nail,hug the Huh ni sch"'.! at thia place were cnn
., eted to-day, and .ami bought, lhe yuri iiase couststs ot JhO
acres. B?a mile south ol the e..tv Illulia
plans for tha builuiug bave already been
aplin.ted arel work Will bs began soon. the
imii,lin* will he occupied hy .'.JO Indian at bular*sud teacheia
Sui attendants. _
Nk will-ito. N. V.. April 13.?Patrick Purcell, ago
foru. is siiffeiIna fruin bydrupliobla aud will probably die.
Iwo iic'iuhs ?i;o. while sepaiaiiug lighlliig dogs.one nf them*
bu Ina Huger nu linns 1.1? uignt. Purcell was nuable to
dunk wan.-i.aud tho sight ot any tiuid whatever caused cou
Boston, Anni 13.?The clay pipe about mg match
lids afternoou between Dr. carver and captain Bogardu*
was won by Uid tenner, lha score BtoBdtofl ? Carver, vii
llogardua, Vi.
Washington, April 13.-In conversation with a
Tribune correspondent to-day, tho Chief of Engi?
neers said: "The failure of Congress to pass a
River and Harbor bill will inevitably entail serious
loss npon tbo Government. It cannot lie otherwise.
Take the snag-boat service on the Western and
Southern rivers, for example. The safety of navi?
gation ou those streams depends to a great extent
npon thu continuous operations of tho snag-boats at
all seasons when practicable. We have a number
of very large snag-boats on the Mississippi, Ohio,
Missouri and other large rivera, and a good many
emaller ones on the other streams. All of them
must be laid up and their crews discharged ou the
1st of July next.
" Then we shall have to discontinue work upon
a great many improvements which are in various
stages of advancement This will work great lesa
and damage to the improvements, and in some caeca
probably BBSBtfl in their virtual destruction. In
many cases too very expensive plants have been re?
quired and purchased with a view to carrying
works to completion. These will deteriorate greaily
in value while not in use. In general terms it IB
imo that a work BMB begun should bc steadily con
tiuueel until ita completion, for economical reasons
at least. Either that should be rt..ne or thc policy
of improving rivers and harbors should be aban?
doned altogether."
General Wright says that tho appropriations for
removing the obstructions in the East Kiver at Hell
Gate will be exhausted before June HO, anti that it
will therefore be impracticable to use explosives in
tbe rock excavations tbeie before the autumn of
1884. Amoco Um oilier improvement* upon windi
General Wright says woik must be div outiuued on
.lune .'Ul foe want of u.o:iey ure Caii::r.st? Bay,
Flu-hing Bay, Soanawauas Itil.:, Newton. Creek,
Dunkirk Harbor. Oh ott Harbor, Ticonderoga Kiver,
all in Mew-Yon : Kantau Kiver, South Ki wt,
Cbeesequakes creek, Elisabetta Kiver, Matauraa
** ??*??-?- I ? ?>?* ' ' S- 4 WA. I ,1 I/. 1 .'-. I ll IIUCI, .TIlllllVVUIl
(reek, Maiiasuiian River. Kahway Kt vcr, Wood?
bridge Creek, Rancocas Kiver, Coha.is.y Creek, all
ia New-Jersey j the Connecticut Kiv.-r below Hart?
ford, th* Hoaeatonk River, the Thames Kiver, ami
the harbors nf Bridgeport, Milford, New-Loudou,
Norwalk and Stonington lu Connecticut.
Wasium/iuv, April 111.? Several weeba ago ex
Beereseatatlre Manta, of Mame, tiled with Secre?
tary Folger V'llii'iiinous written shargseel corrupt
ofllcial action against Supervising Architect Hill, of
the Tnaaary Deparfeat Owing to the iiiuensof
?Secretary Folger no action in regar I to the matter
Um yet betti taken. Secretary Folger to-day
permitteel Mr. Hill to read the papers, copies of
which will bs maeie and furnished to him as early
as practicable, lt is understood that Secretary
Folger will appoint a committee to nuke a thorough,
in res: igat i,,n into the troth of the accusations,
acm.- of whieh ar.; said to be of a very serious
nature, if true.
Mr. Hill wa? asked by a Tribune correipomlent
wim: ho thought of tho charges alter read?
ing them. Ho replied that they did not
trouble him in th j least) thal most of
tiie ii were vary stale and relate*! te Batten which
hail bet ii beRtof m investigated. One of ihem was
iu regard to tho Chicago Custom II .uso building,
wlm h was thoroughly Investigated several >van
ano, by fl commission; another was beSBd upon the
allowance ead payment of a claim some six yean
aga enea after Mr. Hill eeaaa lato efloot others re?
lated to the annulment of tbe "13 per cent"
granite eontraetfl made by Mallett vfcflB he was
supervising architect; another was a charge that
lie had corruptly favored a gritnit-company in
which several prominent Ncw-Englaud noliticiana
?inclutling Gove! nor Butler aud Senator Hale?an
largely iateiasts L
Some of the chaiges, Mr. Il li s-f.id, r.-latea to
liBiiBBillniBi whieh leah pleas -.v.i? ?;i Mr. Potter waa
supervising architect. A good deal of the iuforma
upon whnh the accusations are based,
he said, wits apparently furnished by
Mullett, whose contributions tiled with the
complaint uto described as very loose
aud voluminous. Mr. Hill expressed tbe opinion
thal Mr. Mun-!), who MflflOBted the* ebantBS, ia am?
ie.ti? 11 get back into bis old place as Mcretary of
rh ? -tone. uti. rs' Union*-aa uttee wlm li pani him a
salary ol aboal gl.OOOavear^amai only one-iifth
aegnat as be i weired while a Congress nan. but a
larder ot., tl aa be eau earn by working at his Irade
of -steeiie, ii ie i ; irui tliat Mi. Mureb probably thinks
tbe coming taveetigattoa will assist lum to realize
that auibuioii.
WASBIBOTOB, April lil.?Mr. lilias continued
to put iu evidence ol the destruction of telegrams when
tin star Rout" trial waa returned thia morning.
I.e.wla Newcomb, a New-York Foot Otlice ioipeet.T,
tee-titleel thal by onler of Puietmaeter-Ueuerai J a mea tie
tiu.i ro..u ?e 1 ll T'lell acroaa the ferry oa June ll or 12,
Mr. EagsnoO obteotcd to tbe testimony.
Mr BUsi' i )l..i:e.l tbat he prei pose-d to -how tbat Tor
rev ba.l tnatle a miastatemeut when he said that Kerdell
did not co te Doreey*a otileeon tbat .lay.
Mr. lilias aai.l tnat Be expected te pr >ve by the wit*
i... ca Bel i ?eut into Horsey'* otlice at io ./clock.
He a ltmttcii ilia! be hail ktieewn before of (ba *-x>tenee
Of tbe offered er ideoee bm sahl that ba! nut beeo put
in. nceeuBS net rr carded as Bssessaryte ibe ease. The
?inii,fl. ei.le-U taal tbe evidence waa madm neible. The
wittie--* wea therefore direeteU te Blend j-; le.
Jame* \v. I) .Hurlly, tlie bookkeeper wno hodiliaUtalMB
ed out tbs bosks, was af keel when he ha'l la?t received
money from Dorsey, oiucciion waa Bade by tue dc
fenceand iiutalne i by the court. Aicran et piper teear
.iiu some notea wai *bowu to ihe wltneien, wno *ild that
tue haiidwritim: was that of Kerdell ant ..f l.iti.*?'lf. It
w.,s .ul. red to anatola Ber leU'i tertltaoar reu.ii ling bis
corn pouUeoce wita I.urey about tho I.alai.ee aoecta.
Hie Wltueea iden tilled tue paper at ii memorandum .'rom
which entries h.nl oeeu made in the book*.
Dr Jiu- liddell, of SOU! ll t'ii-,)lltia, testi?
fied that lie wa* a brother ?,f M. C. Kerdell.
Kuew that tn? latter weal to New Yen In June, le-sl.
The w.tiiea* went with lila brother t<> the post athat on
Monda, or I neiley after his returu tr.u. Ba ?* teen, end
his brother rec. ned a letter. Tbe tlefei,.'- ohJecie-J.
Another aiuumeul I..llowe<l, but tee court Ilnaiiy de
ci.letl io iej ct tLe cvl leuce and the mam was ex
ciued. . . ~
ihe |ur.r wa* ihan tll*aii?*eil until Tie* lay c*xt, end
the Court proceeded to ematteat tae seateetet th* di-ei
sli.ii of lune io he silo* Sd fe* 'be cl .aiuj. ar^uuieute.
Mr. Kb*.* saul that the proa, eutlou i... ,'.il to cloae
ae.?u aller the i.iii meetm* ut t.ie t.'.i mt, anti he pre?
sume,! tnat ihi- dotson wi'itlJ uot take much more lima.
a if.-ueiai dlsfiussina ."ok alan laiegard le iw ariru
meul* iiu.l th ? prayers to bc autun'.itail by Bett aide*
No ..ctlni'e arraagement wa* unle, hut .i^ agrceuieu.ef
a gcu.-ml nature wa* intllcated.
Ihe Court adjourned until Tuesday m xt.
Washington, April 13.?A general order baa
been tamied from tbe War Depart in, nt amending fame
KrapU Us of Ihe Kef ulailou* to read os followi:
?? No civilian Will l<e permitted to reside upon a military
reaervatlou unleas be I.e in the employ of the Govern?
ment, aud hia residence t'lerc.ui must cease ui>ou his
fltflSBMg ? from lench employment.
?? No permission will be ir.vca any one to cultivate auy
portion of a military reservation, to graie auluiali, or bt
tnt |TOM iii'ie-m."
Tn.- .'?upert'iteudent General Recruiting Service bas
ben directed to forward flfty recruits without d-lay
under proper charge to Fart U. A. Il is*ell. Wyoming
Territory, lor assignment lo tLe 7th lufautry, and fifty
recruit! to Fort SueUlug, Minn., ti,' assignment to the
ad Cavalry.
The, extention of leave of aliaence on account of lick*
nea* granted M0"r William F. Gould. Payina?ter United
Btatea .traiy, October '2*. Iii!, ha* been e xt.-nded aix
mom ha on u ?count of slekn. ai.
The leave of absence on aurfeon'a eeriir.. nte of die
ability granted Major James W. Ouybr. Cori's of Engi?
neer!, Marca 1, ISHJ.haa beou extended thre- mouthe on
account of atckneaa.
Captain .-drpheu K. Mahon, 16th Infantry, having been
found by au Army Rotlrlnf Board lncapacltato-1 foracUvs
aervica on account of disability lncldaut to lhc service,
la by direction of the President retired from petita aer
vice, In conformity with Beetloo l,25i Kevtaed Statute*.
Leave of abeenoe for lix montha on aurgeon'a eerUB*
cate of disability, with permlaalou te go beyond aaa, haa
been grouted Captain William K. Kingsbury, Ul* m
"JS Lieuteuant Samuel L. Wooawerd. 10th Cavalry,
bow on leave of abeeaee at flt. Louis, Mo-, bas seen

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