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BBB KMn.KOR IV moscow?m.. PBBBT WOS Vf
In Morvcow yistiflay the taperer vvifu^d
the ceremony t*f bloeaiac tl"' tapwl*' fl:1**
Tlie rtt-cti to thc D*il?y Btakeg ob Epaoai
Downs was won by Sir P. -MuMtOBSft CO.!
Ht. Blaise. A newspaper in Tralee,
County Kerry, luis ?>t en MUttd to
aeiiitious utteranees. Much excitement i>ie
Yails iu County Mayo over the niiinicr con
npiracy disclosures. Fintlu r eviilenee baa been
anured against tlie liverpo>1 dynamite con?
ni,irator*. Ateiibislio;! Coke linn Bl lived ifl
Dublin Irom ..onie. The hi. r vest prospects in
Flame are favorable.
Mos. our, Mav j;t. -The sssainony of blessing the
luipi rmi lag was p-i formed rn the Kremlin to-day
ia tho presiit'* of the Emperor, the Empress, tho
Impimi family aad thc Enpetor'i military boiise
lioi.i. The Ema ku aii'i Emftom drove from the
Aletandrtivvkv l'iihice totln- Kremlin in au op.u
carriage without au MOOVt,
The l?ukv of Miuiipv'.isier aad the Puke of Aosta,
?vv'io me to represent tbe Spanish and Italian Coarte
ie?:u'C.iv. ly ii. the foi oiiioon, have arrived lier**.
The Kiupitrot bat mal a telegram to the Emperor
William, niltiriiiiiiu him al bil sale entry into Mo*
cow. The latter ha* in tatara telegraphed his eon*
gratiilatione to the Emperor,
Tin' stNsaas te be gnated amnesty by the '
Emperor on the oocselim of hie eornnation will in- |
ilutje civilians exiled to Archangel and soldiers
iliaiiviil to disciplinary comps ism,
Cae OJIoiol Mesoeagtr, ot st. Petersburg, denies
i!,v: an explosion occurred In the t*n asing-room of
tim Emperor before his departure fot ibi* city. Ii
h ivs, however, that an exoksion, whkb was tine to
au eeoape ol goa, did ooctti apposite the palace.
1 he sticfi -ss of the r.itn.ff. Ts tn rance into Mos?
cow on Tuesday has had a good effect. Greater
t enntvis felt, and the value of money has risen.
'Hie weather bein is Imi uiul nimwary.
Tue fiitiit' European prom speaks in praise of the
The Empress was Hie only lady present at the
ceremony of i he blessing of t be imperial Hag. < Inly
nev eu of i he wit y--?*v eu newspaper eotrespondente
were able te attend the e r-iuony. owing IO re?
st ri.-1. tl sp,,,,', bnt tho Director of tbe Press ordered
the. assistant editor of the aloa iw Gtutttt to anpp y
tue other journalist-, v. it li a dca ription oi' tbe oort**
Tbe Russian Government h.??. given preearepre*
snntaiivea ?20 each to p ty carriage hire during the
lesuvilii.s. _
London. May 28.?The rue,- for tin: Derby Btaltoa
on F.p-om Downs to-uay waa won by Sir F. John
stone's fin stunt colt m. Blaise, Lord Ellesmere's
hay colt Highland Chief secured Koond place, and
Lord Fnlmonth'a hay or brown colt Qalliard third.
Tho weather was beautiful. The ron shone
brightly, but the temperature was (airly cool. The
oeasM4|aeaoe waa that an immense crowd of people
loft I.on.lon for Epsom Downs te witness tba rat ?.
ThoPrineeand Pniioem of Wales, the Duke aud
Dacheeaaf Alba.iv ault'ae Dake and Iii:.!, - oi
Connaught were among the spiecl atora, lhere were
nuun'rous Americans ssjvaent, looladiag Mr. Lonl
lard. Mr. Toa Broook aud Mr. Walton.
The starteis.iu addition to the threi* colts already
ti nie.I, wen* C. Blanton's bay cort Tba Prince, C.
Hairi-on's biown colt G "hIfield, Mr. Lefevre'e bay
colt Lavislas, iaonl BasSainga's hay colt Hi au Bmtn*
niel, CL Harrison's chestnut c>lt Splendor, Lord
Biudt'ord's chestnut coit Laocoon, Mr. Carew G.l>
son'abay colt Boojoar, and T? Caitiion's bay cit
Bilfinopli. ne. The betting at the Mart, was 7 to li
against {Hillard, ff tit 1 ogtianl The Prince, 8 tel
against Goldfield, Ti to 1 against St. Bluf", ll to 2
n-.'.vi.t Ladialaa, 10te 1 against Hean Brummel,
10 io 1 against Highland Chief, 2~> te 1 against
Splendor, io te l as-aiaal La seoSn, 100 te l against
bocitiur and lol) te 1 against Siginophone.
li nj mr sande tho roaniag al tue start, attended
bv SK'oiiinplioiie. they ha.|:t clear lead ol La-tisl; .
Thc rn noe, Bplemloi un<l Goldfield, Um four b nv;
bm,vie.;, i.) i..i: 11:1.1m Corner, where St, Blaise
took up th,- ruuniug, closely followed by Qalliard
ai.tl <? old field to tue di-t un, ev).,., ? Ih tr hi a nd i hef
took second plas* and pa-ePaCd St. HI;,i-f wry haul,
lint iii.l not quite succeed in t stabing op ?>? itu linn.
RE, Blaise won by a neck. Qalliard finished hall s
length behind Highland Chief. The time of tlie
winner was Sz4ti'A-6. Goldfield finished fourth,
Beau Brummel filth, Laocoon six'h. Splendor
st'vin:h. Lodistas eighth, The Prince ninth, Bonjour
tenth ami Sn>i.io,)hone last. After the race Wo,ul.
Ht. Blaise's Jockey, was sheared loudly as he re
turiied lo be weiglwd.
St. Hliiis- is a eheetnot colt, by Hermit ont nf
Faa %t. As a twi.year-;.lil be won sever.il raes. In
June, lhsi.', in, ?,,ii ih,: Stockbridge Biennial Stakes
at the Itihurv Club uici-inig. At tue Stockbridge
meeting he bad n walk-over for the Troy stu',., -,
anti mu second to Mai Ir,uh fol tbe Hurstbourne
btaltoa, He mn a dead heal with Kl/vvii ntQood
tvii.ul lor the >lol'lomb Sukes, anti won the Troy
blakes ai Newmarket.
AlCIio.N'KIiK WINS 1 UK U1G1I-WI 10111 l'l.ATG.
Tin- lace lor the I. j.som lligb-weicht i'la le diaudi
sap) was won byT. JonningsPsthroe yam-aid b:own
colt aVnetionetr, willi It. 1'c k j three-year-old Little
Cl.ai Us second and Mr. I en Brooch's aged i-iio-mnt
h. i e Chovroaol thirtl, 'lhere iron no othei -t:,t;
ssa Tho hotting al ihe start waa ll to 10 against
Auctioneer, 0 to 4 Sajrainsl Little Charlie and7 to 1
sgat. st Chevron.!. Auctioneer won hy u i.eck.
Chevronel was s liatl third.
TiiALLi:, May 23.?Thc poltoe have wised thc
rluni of fla Corri Sentinel aud prrrented tho pub
lif at mn ol that ?ewsaaaoor, which is tue property ol
Hi. Harrington, saembct of Parliament for West?
meath. Thc fmsc Sf the sfi/uif, it is Mi;>;u.H-d.
WBS ihe pnhlicuticii of a in.lue in lite tfsafiad ot
la*t Satiii'.lay asking persons desiroas of (otaing ths
?va>?ib*es to attend it meeting which waa to be
he'd last Stin.i.iv. Tho nuilee was a seditious)
placard, sagiasing, "To hell with tbe Queen r
Dunns, May 29.?Two moro srrests have been
made at Castlebar in connection with the recently
discovered murder conspiracy in County Mayo.
Gnat excitement exists over tbs arrests, and ?.'(*()
extra inemht rsof the Royal Irish Constabulary have
been dratted fa the towu, A man nauied Nally, a
brother ol " Scrab" Nally, one of tho defendanta in
the state trials ni Dublin, and several other prison?
ers wero examine.1 to-day cm a charge ofbSeUglSB
p!'.:t'ed m the COI -piracy. An ilifoffmer iiameil
Coieitian testified 'hat be received ?20 to shoot
landlords. They wiro lom and od until aextWedoea
any'. _ _
LlVKitlooL, May 2'A? i'he tly namito conspiiatura
Dsasy, Flannigaa. Konpsdy, * iTltiliby and
O'Conuor have been comnutied for trial, 'ihey
reserved their di ft ne es. Kv xlence was adduced to
Sbow that tho explosives found in the [Kts.srsaion of
tbo-ie win, were apprehenden ia Liverpool were
piuihar to those ussd In tue attempt**) to destroy
buildings in Londou mid Glasgow.
Duii.iN, May '..'.i.-Aiclibislmp Croke, of the '
tnoc-a* ol ('aube! aud Kiuly, arrived lu KluK*town to
Ssy oq nu return lium Home, and received au e-nbuslaa
tlc WvItMaiv.. Ia replying to au BSstfSSS preaeuted to
Sk?*lS ^?.w.t!"l, h" bad "? r':,,ou to bs diaaHtistled with
tue reatilt of Ina vlall to How*.
JoUuHilioiiuialiiier lo The freeman's Journal od
a,,'ri ..*Ir|s'11""!"8 ^'make the Faruell Imi.l am la a
beVi?.i? .'i'iV 1::v'\v'^ rcaP/e how r.r!evo,i,|y he haa
Dee , deca.l?ed by the KngUsh tioverti..,. ?t aud the tiiis
aralile pauper landlord* who lulesi ttoias.
MoNTKEAL, May 2S.-A belief ia em nut in
msti National circles thatdcapitetUfaouon of thc cit igy
tn? local Irish societies will form themselves into
Justus blanche*. A leading member ol tbe
Montreal branch of the Irish i.and League
??ra they will probably abandon ar-y
?oberne for sftlllHtlou with the American Leanne.
?*?6oldaoot)VvD!lon and form a similar organisation
-11 igy._
(BY in): Cl.NTKAI. AM) SilI'TlI Ailinn VN CAflULl
'li avaoi h., May a.*:!.?Last night the enciiiv
ca:.ie wubin Hie raiiius ol the luitilic.ilinii-, un I "*'''
"ts WSSO flr.'tl ?? both SMsa The tiring wa* kept
up until 3 n. iu. to-day. flier '- great , xe't 'inetit. as an
attack i* hourly expected, President Ve! ut I mn lu wm
present at (lie tiring ilium,.- tlie night.
Panam .1, May li!.?The last int of the Dictator Veluti
inilln Iuu* been to plunder tlie Bank of Ecuador, a
privat'- I'erporiitl'tii, of g330,000, despite tba pr..tr-t-of
the sensals sad ibo laptalia af lia ula, s men of war eta
tioncd nt (iiia.vaivvil. Be has offered !i!s men B chance
to '.".cl: ttie place. An K:ii.-llrt't uni .-tn lt illan vesel are
constantly stationed in ttie river for the protection of
foreign Intaresie. Trustworthy repnrts state thal many
soldiers were deserting Velntlitull i, tbal the cnn,munder
nt u fen below BB) city tied after spiking tbe guns aaa!
r-tutivui'f ttl, mu ti, ut vino, iiiul Uta! BBOtlier otlit-er on
(1,1 v nu ihe liver Ul niil over Ilia cul irv f.uuiiiuutl to I lui
re ba la.
Panama, May 12.?The Haiiloclii Pass, he
tween Chill ami t li" A ignatius territory, wlilc't hus been
t.-.'. utly discovert ti, will place the i'ac lc *vtlInn seventy
miles, by an rasy rand, af thaextresne weetara Argea.
I nie outpost at Lake Nulnii?lhiispi; and lt will now be
p.-it,ie to c.ii.'i."t ii milroad from Shs Golf of ^un
Marisa, Patasosia, on the Atlaatlo, acrosa ths pampas
and tltrottgk thia pasa t>. Chill on the Paeine, wiiicii win
i,e less than cae hall the length af that aow building
from Bnsaea tyree te Santiago hy tray ol Moaitoas, lt
is inn,.'nit te uv rtwetsaats the raine of tin* fUseivery,
sa lt will bastes ths doveloameni of the vast plaina of
Boothera Arg( stins ami Patagonia
Rad cotton i.iiv'isi) prims Inparted bate Chill have
lieeit found t" e.i'ita.-i 2.11 crauiines of white (train C io
tue sipiaie metro. Their Importation has Peen prohib?
its I.
Tlie 1'nitcd Sluice steamer Basel left ral lao on May .*>
fer Bobo tala wil i Keir, the abeeoader, recently arrested
in i.iuia,mi Board. At Honolulu Keir will be transferred
t i a I'm ill; iM til -te i'm r. which wi.1 carry liitn 10 **an
Francisco, rhe Fsa x bas been detached from tlie iv
c.tlc Squadron and attache ! to thu: rn Chinese waters.
During tho mo.till of March s.s,r, I. l'.s |vanda of
iii;:.:!,' were ahtppe I from Antofagasta, saahias a total
<>f 'J4.i".s.?_'-,; pounds for die present year. The miscei
lant "ii* exp v's were: 116 bara or silver of the raine of
?lo: 308 ags of s iver .res, of tho rall!" of
$12.()0O; 40.219 poaada ol -."> per cent copper ur.--., and
1,895 pound* ol salt
l o sit)!., ol Montevideo says that there toto be seen
a' Graooros, Tuc un v. a girl tin.months old, who ha*
the figure ol tue ioi.it marked on bar forehead. Tbe
ii.o'.iu i attributi thc pnouumenou tv) ber havlai loured
io i intently al thi comet
Oaaraatlne regal Itlona agalnai th!* port go late foi ea
at New-Orleans tm Jane l.snd al ia mers thence, whick
ure inst seeming a profitable trade, will save to aiop
i tn,mug.
li li M. a Mer,irv. i.l 90 ton*. Captain F. It. Blaek
li uv. arri veti here from Unayaiiiiii os Ihe I lt i inst. Tue
? ., ;u.o sailed bettoe fur Central Ami rica ou the I llb
lue Creeeent City has been chartered hy a syndicate
wtiiih is tr.viug to corner the bauaua marget on ths
l-t'iinii- and along lue *.mf.
- -
Toronto. May 28.*?Referring to thc mw
Cov-mc: General of enunda, The G'vbe suv.,:
There isCTery reason io believe thnt our DBXtOor
erinn-General will Tultll lo I.n- Liter the r.ijiuie
nieuts of a beau Ide i oom i!'iti"'iil rei entai ve
? .; the Crown, Judged apoa li i eord; there
ks int tho it asi reason to doab, tbs! he
will bold ia. seal - vv! ely n tween parties. Politically,
we can look fur the jr . .. ? of another Uoreruor,
young in ycart bul mature In lodgment) sad socially,
thereit the besi ground for sniietpatii g mst durlog toe
term ol the Marquis ol Lansdowne tlie example ot life
st t ai Hi.i?i.ii Hull win hu .ni in mu ii u- iii gb. be profit
ai.ly followed by the nation at la i
Qrtaac, May gg.?The dry-goods linn of Fyfe a
Wright bsrta msde Ba asatgnaMBt Their natalities ure
r.-i inki'i! at 100,000.
.Mu.viiiui, Ha] SJ*?The Rev. loather Aaaett, eura ed
fo)cope.li.i. I" ow tj.ii'liec, pub.ishesa letter stating that
be was eurea of paralysis by rlali ag tiio shrine sf Bi
Atiiie, when iv' v sjv,i to tbe Virgie :o be r eyed from
hs Infirmities .'im! iv i* ful v re-! ve 1 lo lieu ..
By, t in: vitl.M.'-, Ont., Mit 83.?Mr*. WUlhttn FouMe,
Bge t'nrtvu ni', coiitiniltei! sui. e.' iii thc prc ace ot h. r
children ahoy and girl ages nine and twelve years ra>
-i . ? ? . IgbL ta this ri ty, by salting ber I
She first tried to tel berself on Ure, but the buj i
gulshod i he :l imea
iii.ii-Aj:, Maj 23.?The stem rBmbletee cleared *.?
? i-i- :or I.Iv iu,',, wv h 20.000 b ishe - ol ur nu, the Ur*;
I O'gil ? '??? lal. li .lull,.);, vu, BUHSUHir.
WiNMiivi. Mai... May .?:! -A deep*aeh fr..m Maple
Cffaeh, tbs preseal terminna "f tba Canadlaa Padflc
Ballway, states thai on Booda morning a bead of
pie ans from across tbt bonier swooped down se that
place sad stole l" > bones. Maple < i ??<?-: is t!;e he,t i
? ililli tn - of a i.nm:., I ti! e .n'.i ul',rs ani na, a mount' U
i o:ic *t..iirn wini.; troop ol thirty ut n.
BiiaASTorofa, May 33.?A dlsaatroiia fire broke oat ta
th, Bnssiaa Navigation Compsny'a balldtag yardsoa
tbe 80th iu-t. uni d. -i: ? ? i ti n. whiner*, mt Sela sad the
workshop tor Iriux lids.
Maoxto, Ma-. 88 ? T'ourieeu thonsaad troopa paradi ,l
lo-da) iv bootu of the visit of Hie King of Portugal
ii,.-, mon ii vi.-we.i by Ku,g Alfon tx
ivis... May 23?Ey ooh Pacha, Mtotsterof tba Interior,
bas resigned. Kbatrj Pacha wiusuoc.I bim,
(.im.va, Muy 23. Chnnl run Molthe hus arrived
I5niti.iv, May 88,?nero appears to tie s dlvisi st tie
tween the Germen aud Prussian MiahBers s* to the
inanner in which the Inhabitants of st.iblesu <.? Huould ht
I'll.;*, May 23.-1 he harvest proaprists in Kriimc are
favorable. .
London, May 83.?Mr. Kennard, at the desire of thc
le ..It. of ihe Tory party, BBS decided te ti bandon tor tba
present *. m-ioh iii* luutmii offcieti lu the Hfll?e of < '...ti
Bsans ta relation to the diapoaiiiuo of ths aarplus of tbe
A,ul.,nut award. It is thought that (he queallen eal kc
ru 'ul more conveulently st th' . xpiration ol Ute n-iii ry
treaty ba 188*1
l'viis, May 88.?Tbs Bttel Canal company has an
nottue-d that lt propnes to begin Ide euttingot a parallel
eanal acroesthatsthmns forthwith, -sal in* applied te
the English Ooverameat for tbe latter'a aapport la eb
talntng the necessary em.salon of land from the Bbs
lliOVSTADT, Muy 83 Tl r t..,l Of a great case of fraud
iii eoiiiieilioii willi the failure of ii savuics hunk, Which
basbeea ptsassdiag hera, has remited In two of tho
director* of the hank being sentenced to transportation
-one te Archangel, tbe other to Tobolsk.
Mn.:tni, May S3, -A sserel soetety vt iib ano roembers
baa been discovered at Acres. Thirty-four of the mem?
bers have been ane-ited.
Chicago, Muy 23.?Tba National Railway
l-.'xhitiitioii wlii hi'opened lu this city to-morrow night
anti in tho character and casaba I of lbs exhibits ui-oin
Ians to !>o thc greatest aft air of tuc klt.il ever under?
taken, in tbe main agsahltbm bailillag sui lbs tigalee
exhibits, comprising everything portable which euler*
Into tho t??instruction of u railroad or li* equipment. lu
tits yard a:e locomotives, lt ..fbi cara and passe u ger
iou.be* sud water-tank*. Ia tbe gallery of
tb,- ulam hiillillug, ntaalBg etitltr.y around
lt, 1s a track for the, eleoino railway,
lim n,g the exhibition twa oars capable af essllag forty
psiaaaswill ta raasaantt. Olbinfostntmsismteta
tine sUsptag ami dining cara SSmsistS lu all liielr
dei ails; tue btlgCSt, the aimilleai. mik! the oldest locomo?
tive in thc world, arid a luaiuuiolti aiiuw-pluugh used in
tbe Honky Mountain..
Thc . io ioi, lu in- n. vu building will he moally tn
booths. Tue latter hav,, been Brightly d. cr .t?tt. and
inlicit iiigeiniiiy baa Baas disband in thu arrangetn*nt
nf their BSntaaSB. Tlie oiiiUllnii ia to be lllumltiatetl with
electric lights. Atuo).g the yard ex!.nilla which have
aiitady uriived it the totter Ba tim "QHaBhlldgS I.iou,"
the llrst locomotive ever run In America. The "Arab!.ni
Bat,"which wert tate service on theBaittsBtwaaad
Ohio Lui.road lu 1834, ia also Io lie on exblbuion. Be
side !t ls an o;d cen.li of tho TtSga road
One of Btephensoa'a loinu.otivea. bulli lu l**_'?*, will bare
a place lo the main building. The managera ass,-ri ih.it
the exulblloiH of loco,...., iv ea vi llldiap uv a largtv aasoi t
mont of work than wsa e?er exhibited ra ;. i preview
I'Xiilhiiioua ooinbiuetl winch lune ush-ii held lu Londoo,
.Ne.v-V". a. l'aiis, Vienna or riiilailelphla. Tbe Pitta
borg and rori Wayne Bail i ?( Ctannany will *eud ita
n.iiiK* eiiivio'.s to the exhibition al tue expeasc af tin
coi poi al mu. m>_
Buertofli Maj 23.? I be hrij D8apsjn(Iis*JiaaX
(.apian) 'i.e.uto. lroiu lim noa Av rr* for New-Vurk,
Which foundered St SSS), baa a c.ti.,) of India, sk.Br,
ostrich fiutm **.. tc,ami wa* seaaignsd la Rlchsrdssa
A Deiiuie. of lio-t,,,,, and l'lindei Turd i J.tittey, of New
York. BIshsiaaTi a Daaale bad aUOB.000 bmm*saoj ta
th* Inauiance Coiip4uy ot Barth Aiucilia, wuich they
retrtenred down to * 10,000. Putnteriord A lenney bad
0 Insurane*, om -ball in t: e Boston Marine ir.sur
aiice ( cinp.my, which they reinsured down le fl3,80B
A fire which esuassd the death of a brave woman
nml placed eight mea in peal danger, broke ont at
!*:.'(> a. m. yesterday, ia the aid (ashtened three
stery house. n,i. 1:10 Greenest Mrs, Louise <iue
dan, :i I'retif hw..111.11), carrieil on the manufacture of
ari iii,nil froii I and .lowers there. On the top floor
Mi*, tillellan bad her living rooms, and Mr-. 'I'. ron
Tranchard, I widow with four children, nl-o liven
there. Mrs. (in. alana only rotative in this count i.v
xv us :i mar. ntl daughter living m BcLShwick, L. 1.
Eight workmen, two Italians and six Freuchmen.
were 011 tho a conti lloni when thc Haines stetted iii
the basement. Their first information of the fire
WM given by Mrs. (luellan, who threw open the
door of the work-room. The hall then was full of
smoke, and tim lames were spreading rapidly
tin.mgli the lower part of the hou-e. Mr-. Hue.lan,
who was MXty-one years old and lanie willi rhsBfls*
attatn, wont on op tho stein to tbs top floor, prob?
ably vviih tim intention of warning Mrs. Tranchard
and lu r children, Mrs Tranchard had gone 10
Brooklyn, however, anti the children were at
Before the workmen could pet to thc stair way
leading to the lower ball it was 00 fire, and tbey
were obliged to open a front window uml climb to
this root of the low building adjoining. No. I**"*
Oreenc-st By sssistlns, each other tbey ail es?
caped without injury, although the retreal was
difficult and dangsrons. Mis (iiieilan was lost sicht
of in the .moke, 'Ihe lireiiit n extinguished the
liam'sm half an hour. Tlu-y found 1 Im body of
Mr.. Cu.'lui on the lintis nf the u.r staircase.
Every perl ol tbe woman's clothing bad boen de?
stroyed, ami the I,ody was half burned up. Or. -I.
r\ 1iii.11ve1.il. ot No.' 1:14 West ilottston-st., took
1 ll ng. ol ! lie 1 .-in:, 1'.m. Ile ll ul I.li il tli"Ild fo thc
wollun for many yesrs. I'he Sames destroyed
property in tbe house worth about 82,000, and the
bouse wu- damaged about 81.000, i'he losses were
cotei ?. by Insurance, I he tire is supposed tn have
originated in an explosion ol dy ? that Mrs. Gunian
vv.,-1 n paring.
Hii-i. ... Hay 2H.?The dweUtog-hotiae and
fuiu'.iui. of Betury vv. Moody, In Lynas, H. 11., waa
bunn vi yesterday, Lyataa Moody, aga eighty, wire
burnell to di ut 11.
I'lJAU l-)<>*-, B. C., Maj 23 -The team I ,,';, ry a::<!
manufactory of j. C, ir. Ctattsseu .v Co. wU"
l.uiiiel toi. morning. The los., 1- itiiout 840,000; il.
auranc* about **25,000. a colored ssas vwe hamt J
Lah,a-iti:. Penn., May 23.?Tho Key*
Lock Warks, l-kiscity, saned by Fralm Brothers,
! in.1 in,* muriiing. Loss, 830,000; inturauio,
Ml'KiM.l :i vi kl ass-, Ma] 28. tha Kv. re tl Hi,.- .1'
lui. a land n .iviireil uy the Eve!
wu.. I,.:; nt il 1 u ? stu 11.oiin rae loss ii 822.000;
nm'.::- ? i ??.r guest* In the boase wen tbs
inn.uv ui vv ii i ,:n m. t ari . uk.
TKoV, B. *i M.. _' 1 .'ole ?Tile three linc ud.arv
greeta Wes! rroyiaia morning, within onehettr, Tbs
heavln t i"-- SM ibotl *?',""'. li..' fora*! Ure* in
Clio too and i *-?? x t '.um.' - li ivt burne i ora 50 i a
des! rayingl . si. i ,. aa and ;.. a ,
uuce to thc val.
u.vii.i.'i.ii, Lanottga* arrrnotn rav poa nong
UIA.N nl-V I..V Wgggg.
I'liii.Ai'i i.iiiit, Muv 23.?Ovei -.'(?<' Italians
ampi, v..I hy ibe I'liiiii'i. p nt h..1 Weast-bester R
thia m< rnli g di m.f..I.-.i p.iv mei! af ws# * du* th* ? for
april and May, rae seanpsay'a sinai la I
I.e.let.-.I hy llifli. The fault, lt ls fid, USS Wttfl
Cheater C. IrocUoa Oosspttuy. whica t)a? the eontrari
to bulli the r.'.d i.i- 'ii'i' l' Work, s broker, ls tre *.
ur< i ..' ihe ' t.ii-t? ni 'lon ' ; ' - lem
Lau 'i-.ii.vi bi* baa b**en seam* io eootluui tbe pat
i.ii i... i ? iii na .ni
ainu.' Vi.'..non. ) io . . diaper*. I Oj the
('ni. too, kia) 23. An incipient riof*j grow*
tag oui ' f .? atri ,? ol ih' brick.*] In tills
cit) ) i tv rv... ...t.-i un,lil. Aho.it Illly Stlikera ." 'f' i
about a bulldiag and attempted t.i jntimtdnti thi nun
at wi rk. Brtcka were freet] sa i ;. i.i ;. v i ii Kaoota
w.t. tire.I. it i? eonteeord that the man Using I
vt,vi wa* John feulllvan, preaidrnt of n.e Hnrs
Caioii, vt im, .I i. i, h.ii. i i, ?.i- molli the n.e. o
ll?t nor. Bo one wita s. nui-.y Inplied.
Sil.I.L WORKERS NOT .-A il.-iii:I*.
PlTTBBOaUi Mav !I3.?Thfl wtukiiifii io ft
number of iron and steal tallis present* ls aagss
io : in pi' p. vt.'.'* 'O-. la) , an. 1 i m. tirui lu
tlie Weat will bars beea nflletslly inr..ri,ifl or the rs
fn*,: to sec i'f lae proposed reduction "ii red I
manufacturer*. Onli ..oe Brm, Hussar, How*
steel manufacturers, here so iar signed the ??.. ?
Richmond, Ii.'!., May 23, Wheal wai do,
damaged b] Um tate cold spell. COra was halt plant* I,
and wa* badly damaged, lt -.,,, have to lie partly re
Lara yarra, ind., Muy gs Then wa* ? light fro*!
bera hts! night. It did no serious darna a to growing
vegetation, '.'ora wa* serious!) lujarad, sud u lara*
poitlrrn Will have to he u ;>.anted.
'ii kid: Mai ii. Ind., Maj 29 COTS I,a- beea SOBN
wha', damaged, and all kinds of vegetation save been
seriously luluted bj ths (raataud uu:avoral*ln weathei
w Leal vt ii- um tai eaongb sdvsaced to be n,...'.
lviN-vuii, Imi, Muv 23. Tlnie wans light fros!
?awe early this morning Cora snd wheal have not beea
Inline,! liv ibe cold weather.
I.vNiui'.t so. Vs., May 'i'i.- Snow fell ban Dight a fool
ileeponiiii line sf thc ni'.'un omi and Allegheny Ball
in.,,i, between Lynohborg amt fllftoe Forge. Tbs
weather wa exe edinglj sold, and coaaMlerabli damage
wa* done tofnip'.
Ry. lau l". M ? . May Jo* -Ile ivy frost m mirri n:<
Mondiiy ami Tuesday sights throughout lae southern
aad central p rtaf Missouri, ami particularly la thal
section <>f 11 ll nola swept ny tornadoes lust Friday night.
(.ni ly veg) tables are alino*! entirely deati .ye.i and fr un
and grain ludiv iluiiiairrd. lee lr.tn un elglilli to a
quarte r-unii thick foi meal tn moa! lot slities.
Dav i.m-..m. Iowa, M.iv 83, A fio.i last uigut did
?nuiii damage io thc small traits la this a rt les
DKwr.it, Col., May 23.?Thc Tabor-Hush
babrog ka .hmktat Home time ugo ai Beasliw Ts bat
pu..,ned nu ludi.tu.i ul against Williuin Ii. Bash, In* l Q
paitn. : in ihe WtotUMC llulil, uml 1,1* former tritthd uml
eotitiiteiiii.il adviser, for the alleged embesalemeal of
88,000 while manager al tbs Tal.et (.rand Open HottS**,
and ut l!:e BMM l!uv Inst,lund u ault t,, n.over .ni
alleged IlKlel.Ie.llIf**..! 830,000 Ol, I Ile SI ll III ll ul I 'lilli',.'.'*
Hush waa ti.e,! pram] My iii.il ,ici|ii:'ti ,|. th his BUS wei
to tbe aseead esaaptstal ii* deaiss apeciBeally a1! the lm
poiuni items, .:? .1 acta up ceonter claims, af which the
'l mi|..ml : sT'iiaii) dania..* tor
113,000, fi'inuii,.ions iinpuiil fol
,.. IV... _1 . ... ....,
Tbbbtob, N. J., May 23.?Philip Hart, ?
,1 ; a .1.u i *ut cm Nunn w.,ir.u-;., in thia eily,has
kassi missing for ne.ni) s *.?,?* ?uii great anxiety la
manifested ut hts ui.-i.ue. n,. tv. mt,. Bew-Torkos
hii-iiu ..., ia, rbursd < aud visited bis parents, wbo llvi
la) .iici.it ..ii .v. --u.i c thea nothlug aaa been ia j ,i i i . ?;
Na.-iivii.:.i;, Tt nu., May 33,?Thc competitive
drill was began this sftetuoen. only two sesaj
drilled?the Lawreaes Light lafaatry. nf Uo.,'.oii, aud
IU Muo.II. 1-ii.iaa.
ur. MABB8 a Pointed iutly TO Tnt: IBCBBTaiBT OF
WgasMBOlOB, May 2'A.?Lx-Congressman Dozen*
tlorf shows :i disposition to lend the Secretary of
IBS Navy all the assistance he can iii the proposed
investigation of affaiis at the Norfolk Navy Yard.
Mr. I*t/,vi,lorf suv* he ha, in his possession and at
hip disposal a larje mass ol testimony to support his
snaffles that the otllcial power and piitMiiugc of tho
Navy Y.uil hu ve b**cn unlawfully used tor political
pm po.es hy the adherents of Senator Mahmie. He
asserts that a thorough investigation will show
that them abuses have existed for more than a year.
Mr. Dsaandorf h.ta written a reply to Mi. ('handler's
letter published in Tbi Tbibuxb today. Mr.
De/.ciiiloif. reply, which latani data of May 'JL',
reads as lol lows :
lum rejoin.! tu know that my < orifld, n e in you as a
friend of i ivii nervine Befortn was not misplaced, as is
uviiieiieeii by tao alacrity with whlohyoa have otdered
sn Investigation lute the souses complained of in my
litteruf May ll. It ia true tuat the portion of your
it .ter pei..,).,al iu luysell ls caletttated to carry the lin
1'iesaion to the uiiiiii;iaie I tu.n now are nol really lu
rn iii i ti, nut i know v. io i sn,,', ri j ;,,, i, therefore, hasien
I" ?*"ife you that never during my loag lamillarity
withtiie Norfolk Bary Yard, to wbleb rou wera kl uti
onougb to si Iud ?. hare there been such flagrant and oui
r.iveo.i* souses a* bow exist, and which maha u*>ii*
grass to tb.- public Mrvtee. I wu aol reiterate the
eaargsa heretofore made, bnt trill avail myself of )our
mrltegtaa to furnish suggestions foi inc suppression of
shiites, ntiicu, a* you sa*, ?? wlli.be ci idly received and
tonalli.-re. I.''
I euargs that In the la.t half af October, 1883, Xi D.
Bottom m of Tanner's Creek Township, J. >rfo.k County,
??vu* borne upon in.- roll* of tue Con-gractloo Donalt
ii" nt OJ lita Ni i lolk Nat v ford BS tjuartei mau, or ltud
ii.i: luau o. in olia, aaa waa paid roi the tull lime, bc
beingabscni from the v ird continiionsly fn tn October ;.
lu .Suv.nil.fl 8, i nd lit.it during llmi enl.ie Mine lie did
act perform sn hour's labor In ute raid, oi spend any?
time tnere; uml tu.it in* w ,i? done tor nigh thc conniv?
ence ot tiiffiiief clerk io ni,. Naval ? ouaixueior, James
Kobinsoo. and wita ibo Implied oousent of tha Naval
.atructor, Br. Verney, [ name i* altne-n-es, i. it.
Bo lomas and John Lisner. I **k that tm* oh tra ? m ty
ne ma.if inc -rn j, .1 ,u investlgarlor., aad, ifprovt a, that
Mr. Bnstuson aud Mr. Nanci- may m dealt witn accord?
ing to tue uwB Him reguiatlona of tbe Navy Uapart.
ll' fenn:. tn Ihe lust Batagtupb ,,f your
loller, l lui io .-tr aland to hay youl uien.oi v tu-eda
" roa.ijii.stiiu nt." from time t>, time during my term In
Congress, I bsd tbe pleasure of ca .. ii attention io
stintiry abuses Iii no- Nat y Yardand . ?> lite many wrongs
h. lng pcrpotratt d un Ut publicans lu . irgiola, io a bioo,
l roan I i -.... you turnuUaceai ear, a* did tue fi eal
dent, being, ms I Kin bound to believe, oomwltted to inc
-lippi.rt io .-nit,,i Mun.me ny m, arraogemem which
? '.ii .-.I. Tuning toget inut ie, uu ?t ttie banda
oritie.viii.il.. ir linn whtcu taogtavlti >.f the abuses
sod wrong ii demanded, aod wid. iweuad
a r .-nt t. expect, tue Kepuo.loani no. lura tothe
peopii i . ias, imi if tits menonea of
ti.e Hepuotlcan press of lue Mortu oan tm tagon as a
annie, tee orj baa tmen uearJ. if aitch ai ia i prove to oe
me uaae, I wm n.iecd feel mut m> aotlou hu* been "a
:.i'- ooiam o peifi.riiiaiieo ?. u public duty hy a
pilvaie oitlicn."
ri'.axicioua im i.i i:\i i - oi rosaa playing: in
vv \.nr.'.i..\.
c. i m. janal ii o nu. i kihi vt.;
\\ A-uiS'.i .v. May L':i.?It is vi ry probable
that thees) are of Colonel A. P Morrow, of ths .nay
Bsadejuari ead to an toveotlgatlau and ftu>
tiierri|.ti?uu*,'.vli!' li, lot rn. -.ike Of the mi vvy service.
eughi t'.iiav hean ntnde wag ago Tor two tu
? ' ' II"' to
bare seen dlai ere la
. no Hug, and it li i ?
. I evei nd over sgalt, ia army circles thal inuit military
sod civil i taunt! i knew of tbe ei amil.rated lt, In
Blend ol performing their dufj and suppressing lt llb!
uutl. i*i.mil thai poker la the game which has attracted
ami iinncii store tiiin 'iv 'lim1, oii'ia-i* in Washington
? ullin the . ??; . ? nt ..r i?th.
ll I* I."f tOO LU .... 1 i- no?
where played ?lth pr, *'. i -klii then at the National
attain ??? of high raak and others.
lt should be uaderstood *<i.v dlstlartl) that neither tbe
. i. ol ti., .tum no mu. nrii of 'he other i
mbllng , ron d. Viuons
m mors o' w I, on. ii is ic.:u ed, am mi nibei ? of th, staff
corp*, ami as such cbBrged altfa tbt dlsliuraement di
nit.n, ?? Pai
, ! ,..- nf the Aiinv ! ?
" If any dt.shtir Inf offleei ? , . , fame
of iii/ mi. lu- <?. fi, rr snail anspend his funa
ti,,:.-. require him to I , ? ? ai i ll the public funds ut iu.
keeping, ..n.l-lui'. ,,,,,ii. ,i. ii.-.y report Um ??? to the
properbnreaa of tin-War Departiiicat, Inevei
wiie,f ?? trusted with tbe rnre or dlalm i rmrnt
al puiiiif funds shall rlatate thia regulstlen hewli be
brought to trial before n pen. ral court startlal by the
.lei'.uti,ici i commander, and will act tie at-slgned to
dut] ur iii'.tiu put In pot-was un ol public luiot* -ul,
. -ipieiii to bi* trial, wi.a....i the approval of the been
i,.rv el War."
i usa lbs onie,-1- alladel to there areprobsbl* -ix
ur eigbl "tin i mlUtarj meti in Wu.vi,..t n wbo are
: |i lltCt | ?
During the last congress an oflleci wbo came tare from
lbs vv ssl was ?? Ladled eui >.f all Hip money he bo I, sn I.
in hoi*-.,: re overing lt, he pb ,? l uni:, be bs I given bia
? :.u fTv.ii on ii < lt) bank vv h, i.?, the neal moi nlng,
|| *T.,- ii-.' I lull, ed lie hud i.o louis The wm I !,:>? vt
elie. I,* uot Ult.) tl.e hand* ul .ot,Uv opel ult,r-, and Hie
Identity of some ol the uiiier ptayera Barrow.* fara ped
the knowledge of ihe pul.,v. K.? el I he ni. it
-. i titi have nol br>l tates! to use fl ii kl ii ledge ni tUi'ir
superiors' -lion fun,uni I., oil.'Hil,: lo control tnelruc
tnm. tn niipuii.it i mattera ol public duty, mali . la
eases where puniehmrui for offences should bave been
mnii iel bj these nipetiors lu r i?. - discharge oi their
Tlie gaming erowd appears to have extended Ito In
l*i.. net >il. alu ti! V. Ol'! il lilia- liol f,.iv lu-1 .one I il, linne
ol a t tu v vi, ni V. ,i- ii i n v.- 'on ii i.ii .i -o.ii.I great 11, ii, Mi?
lli luexpei:,-lu edotllrCI I Visiting till t'apltttl. hui lui* ulan
drawn Into lt* roe-thea aud compromised men high in
author! tv, and Hui* n, .ii iii- Vi... ti v.- to am ir dist ip vue
ii lat. of the worst features of [hr. chow Dillrura
wbo value their own reputation* and hold nlTlctal honor
in kntgbtl) esl, en cou - ?.' Ilj keep, .,: ul Ibu uel ; hut
they i.I not hut suffei Indirect!) , ? i?e ul lue lax?
ly ol discipline shleh has affected the whole army,
.....I- it waa hard.) practicable, ll indeed prudent, to
punish si a frontier pis*t an evliwhi b was allowed te
Ho irish '. :'h Impunity ai tbe seal "i authority.
i h. ie ..I. m.i,it rumors aiinat io iiisi.t 'o tin- efii'i t that
tartllua development* may !>*' ??? mi exp.-, "-'I. lundie*!
lng tile ti tuliltiirv and civil au tl.Iles lu tho gwntltllng
practices which have existed line foi -onie li bm and
maa) ,-t ti-.itI'.iiiil .lull.'- i.ie tolduf thc aitioi utsoftitonej
won and lost by vatloua fortunate snd unfortunate "nen
of blgb rank snu posit iou. ah these -tone* appenrto
i - mere ra mora and nothing moro tim* fsr, and lt ia to
i.e Imped for the honor of the army, al i> avt. ti.ut they
alli tun. mit te be destitute ol foundation.
A liol,MIA V SI W>\\
i v ii i.i...iiai'ii iii rm; inun sn
Wa.-iiim.kin. May 23.? Thc Presideal in
lahtag another hoii!ay and all flu* ?embersof theCab
inei are tsattatlag stoexsmpto. Tbs Uecretaryof War
has gone u lahiag; the Becretary of Bute la In Bew-Jer*
aey ; tlie Hferelary of Hie Intel lor lina gone to visit the
IiiiliuiiM.li.ini at furl bile: the Secretary of tho Treaa
ury, tint heairelury of tlie Nuvy, UM PestSt tal ci'-' ISSBUal
aad tue Attorney Qenorsl i.em pealed thc Pceeldsn! to
New York,whither Mcvernl ISSSssT uttifl.il.i have iil.o gone.
The hesinem ol sll theBieeotlvs Dapatttuents ezeent
one waaia Uta banda or "acting" beads today. The
Sateesstlonwaa Ihe Wariiepai-t.-neni. the sesias tamre
tary or which- (aksaeral Sherman le la Baltlmom
(Jeneral Parhs ts "letino" cli'.ef of the Knslneer Ilurcuu,
OeneralWrtghi belag abeeut. rbe ehhal sserkeof the
i ,: Land nillo', Indian iluieni uml Di pat lim nt of
A;.'r.culture respectively nre " neting" ;i* ' ouiini<slonars
of h.o*e hi.r.itus. in thc absence "f the proper bsads.
Oeneral Haaea to abseaf%nA Captain Powell la Bottag
Chief Htaaal oSJeer fhe Becond Asstotanl Postmaatei
Ocli'tal. Mr. lilmtr. bas K.? to see tlie fcu-t Uiver
Bi Idge oflctally op, ned fir Hallie She Commlsstoaei
ni tnt Internal Revenue nure tu lias not jet arrived
lu if and the Deputy Commissioner i- ?veting. TiioT'om
un am.er nf Killin,.ul*, Mr. Artaetroag, tosbasot,
i . , may be other abaeniees, bm thc foregoing lui
is s.iffirii'tit to .how tl ;.? the Prealdenl an I thc members
oi in. Administration are not, al tbe present Mme Kf
toast, fair!) tubjecl lo ono of Herbert Bpenccrs shargssl
criticism* upon a murnane
Wasbiboton, Muy 2X?Tha s^rnpaaraaoe ai
eoatagtooai plcuro-pncumonta sasoagoattli ba lin* ri*
ciiiiir i* eausifin idhi h ssissameM saaoag ttatryssea sad
stu.kmun. 'iiuis far saly Ire eases sra positively
kno'vn ta have in-' in led. nil al a pi, ?'? called Bennlne*s
lliitli,'.'. in UM sui,ailis af tbs fi .i . hu'i.v. ral a
),.V' i.. ii ie|?,rf. d 'o the nut!,..rules. !'?> n of the In*
r.,;e,i null,,ai* lu tho sasas abor* referred rn bave
died ..nd tile llfih lia* JttSl nt-rn l.iuov. ,1
to tho ixp,,ia.itiiii. vi'eiin.n-, station reeentl] i
ll bed lo . undi ii. A.' cultui I
p.uiul' .! iv; .ii,:' ... ,1, be made to prevent tbs
i oi ihe .1.-. a-e, lull lli.-ie I* milch au vi. ty a ll..
li ,, . [or thi toni a ?bi , pis iro pu a nonie
sypiiared bera ia a B**t*tset/ siuiilai wu)m if,-,.it
spread to Maryland and Virginia, nnd was with difficulty
stamped out
Washington, May 23.?The attorney for
the Florida parishes of Louisiana to-day tiled with the
Secretary of the Interior a protest agaiust allowing tho
mortgages of the New-Orleans and Pacific Railroad Com?
pany securing land bonds ss assignee of the New
Orleans, linton Rouge, and Vicksburg Railroad Osss
puny, to bs filed and recorded In the Department of tbe
Interior, no says: "I maintain that Hie fail?
ure to construct the road hy said com?
pany east of the Mississippi River, aud
their waiver, ns per deed now on record in the r>er>art
ineiit of tbs Interior, nrt-Jng frmii such default, ls an
estoppel on their part, which forfeits thc grant, ai under
the provi-o of section 'i'i. Act of Marci) 3, lf-71, Mhnt
auld company snail complete the whole road.' I ui-o
allege that a portion of the nroccedit of tbe aalea of the
aforesaid bonds to to bs applied to the payment of un?
lawful services in obtaining legislation."
WaJBIBOTOBi May ii.'i.?Major Guido N.
I.leber, Judge Adv..cato BailedStatSS Army, Ima been j
ordered to proceed to New-York City on public business. |
Leave of absence for three mimili-, with permission to I
go beyond sea, hu* BOM granted to Second l.ieuienaiit I
Henry Kirby, 10th Infantry ; the leave of StaeaCS
grunted Cap!alu Robert II. Montgomery, Otb Cavalry,
Maret) IO, baa beea aitoaflod five mont ha; tho leave
of absence granted Malar Edward Collins, 1-t Infantry,
May 8, hus bsOB extended (Ive months ; la tho tempo*
naryabssaes .,f thc chief ur Kagteeers, Licuteuaut
Colonel John O. Parke, corps* of Kagtosers, win takn
charge of the oflsOS of Chief of Kngliieera ; tlie extension
of leave of Sbeeaee "n account et *-"****BIH granted First
Lieutenant Alfred M Raphal), 11th Infantry, May'Jd
i --.'. ha* been further extended one year on secoanl of
aichueea ; leuvu of ansswee for four months te take effect
ni Jun., baa in-vi granted Colonel Wlll'am lt. Boj ttl,
i'ii Cavalry: nie leave ol absence granted Captain
Charles vitrelhammcr, 13th Infantry, Juty 13,181*1^, has I
en i i.ended len .luya.
Assis.uut Engineer C. A. E. Kim: lia* leen or.ivied to
tbe Alliance; Chaplain m. D. Boonun to tbt training
ahlp Minnesota i Assistant Ens-loner lt. T. Ball ima been
detached from the Alliance an l placed ou smiting
iii, praotlee-slUp Dale eal led from Norfolk yesterday
fi r .Annapolis, commanded bj Lieuieuaal Alfred
Reynolds wtih ulm tv-?vx *. amen on board.
P so Vi ni ni i I: I . Muv :::(. I i ? c ? fainer
Albatros*, Lbutenani Tanner, from Norfolk, cm
ployed by thc i isl) Commission, arrived at Newport al
it.ou to day.
BavsuiaoTox, w's in-- lay, Mav 23, 1883.
Bl iv i SD i" I'i i.c. "(in ir 82,011 .o.iDiti Catted .-talcs
no es Sttd amid and Stlvet coi tu,enies wei, nd noil Lo
pulp in the Treasury Ucpartiot-ni to-day by ihe macer
-atiiig process, lina ia (really in excess of tbe average
amount destro* ed.
Cnn ) Boobs Not i.ns Aiome The Beeretaryof
War bM authorised the commanding officer of thc De
parin..'nt of ttie Columbia to seud i aleta Ltreopkiu aud
Kouu-kt't io Wsshlngton with Chief Mose* ii.isis lo
givu the liiMDiug Indiana a i. pre-a-uiatMin,
A*.- i:iii mn' Laas I'lii.-uii.v i-i.am..?thc Light -
li,.,i-i Hoard bas made arrangemsnts lo erect slower
with a Ural ..for electric lena at the station on Staten
[aland with ?> view to testing the dkffcri:nt systems o'
eli utrtc v.'u;* which can h.- auTtxed in ugh! souses.
Tm. )tvnivi: ii..-1'irti.daarica i'm- lecretary of the
Treasury lits satberised tho Burgeou-Oenerel of thc
Burins Hospital Service tu mast rettuiaitioo iruiu lime
to time fur auob sntna ss maj Im< necessary to carty into
efftet the purpost ol tho Ubi tppropriatlou for the pre
vcutlou Ol' the Spit' ii! of ' !? ....
Bernes r.> Nv rios si. Basks -Thc Treasurer to-day
: aotloea 'o Bat ion ni lum ki thal In pur ., c ?,,, ,u
upi,.ion oi tbe Attorui -Uencral no return oi o> posits
aud capita will nereafter be reiiuired ol Salton il ??. ...
;. .... -..ol ii m.. rt pea ed >. me aol
ol I . tuted with tbe duty due and payable
January, i *?*?.(.
III.vim i. Mn.r.. '.. J lie Carl :;pp nit--I to
rx...i, v.. ??, n.!;..a ea for a pp lutment aa cadets i itheB ro?
gue tai lui -'it:" i- ii ?c -mi. in i ut* city. < lui o. ueati ly
Uity appll ams who have bern examined, tumi bave
ti ti fount! physically qualified, aud ordered lo appear
'ri- Ullina i' -it as :o Lour mt ulai Ulm -j. T nets are
eniy uv u appoint) icuta tu or rn sab .
vin Buncti alor iti.vi.v Vii -ii,.5 eototalttec ap*
potnted totiiveal gate the affairs of the offie-i r tbe sop r
vuviii: A,, hiteei oi the I'reasm v mel iii ? m irniiissnu or
gauiicd Mi Mu li waa prc*, nt. Mr blurt i sal J ue bud
made a requisition lor additional papers, widcti ne bad
Just reel Iveu, and be would ilk*.'Xamln them
opt",ing ins t i.e. Ile nullo ii.' d tua', ho **.1 bc
reedy io proceed to tin.now.
BIDS i mt Cm.n wim; I'.i.-i vi. Non - Tbs Peat (UH,-..
liepai i received tom proposals fm i<ti**.-*vlttg
i postal Boles, i wo of which rei i iv i uv
in atol No ,.tv I..-,- Hun. Coiniu'i'.f-o: N' v Vi.
ila wert.'opened to-day. The award will Ik uia-ita
hy ms Postmasiei Oeucrul Biter tue mid pi of ihe
report ol nu committee, iv.,;cu wil piobau.v boeotia*
'.. he baal ol this ?
im < .-. v i ? i vs .,i i ..i ..ki n Mis ?The eomsalttee,
Of which r*rt lerlck Dougla.se ia chairman, appoluicd to
ii rungrmeuta for a national.rention ul ti a i u
ui<ii people ul thf United Ma'c*, decided io.Nv ia
..' tue place for thu proposed eooventlon fro u
Wusulligtou lo l.",ll?vllle, Ky, I...- . ,i| vi i I
meet on tho day ptevtotialj sgt oed agon, B ptembertit,
lu'Xt. _________^.^__
Koniioi"f, N. Y., Hay 23.?Tba steamboats
Emita, ol the Hu. lu o ii Line of Aibaay, ami the i -? s I.
Of Catskill, cunt' IB SOlllSJOO ililli' Milton, al lill)', lock
tost Bight, rhe collision waa caused by a misiuk
mil. ii.o Emus sunk In half an hour. Tbe members ol
tue er- vv were pu kl d Up bj i US Escort. Her pilot lt ui
Milton, and ifiv-ic, -?> oi ike a statement.
Tucson, Aria, Muy 23.? B-sports of im
rnense gi.1.1 dtorovertes tn Low r edit oma. iweaty
miles inland from M ile) ?. have reached bera, aud several
pin ms have start, d t,.r thal r. gum.
- ^
HakrISBCRO, Penn., May 23.?Pending fin
discussion ot the bill lo (ax oil hf fore ttie Legtslatttre ll
vv on c barged That the Standard Oil Compan* patti very
little tux to the Slat". An luv es'lgatiuu ?r tha Audit r
UeBcral's booke shows that tba lazes paid in lh-'J by
, n.viiiii.-. owned hy Ute btruidard amount io
8183,700 41) _^^^^^
W(.)t(i>n Et, Muss. M;iy 23.- Esra II. [Igy
wood, of Princeton. Hut., wns before tbs i-upenor
Court th)* afternoon on un ladlettnent obargteg him
with circulating obscene liteia nie. II ? wai heb! in
81,000 to appear on Kinlay, ile hu* often been before
the Bow fora courts on similar ehargea ?
Hali i Mt nu., May 23.?FotU jnisoiiPi.-t
in'Biiinmora c.uttity Jail nt Totvboutown, V/llllasa
Willow, Joifplt Pstrker, W. H. Beck ami Ci anet* i-tcvous,
a col,ned burglar, e.-rupeil thia afternoon. Tue Jailer
had ihe malu door op")) to release a prisoner whose time
had expired, when the tour saan, who were mi ttie ear*
lidiii. ni itl<< ii rnsfi for lum and after throwing him dowu
made their escape.
Villi.API I THIA. Mat 2'A. Iii.' drat annual meet?
ing of the, funeral line, tor*' ssa... uti,ni of Pen nay! vania,
on oriiauUatlon ecapOSSS ut uuuciia.cia, hrj-aM hate this
AstsiHTi-T) BsnonaNTS AT RUSTON.
BoSToa. stay TS iii- ates.r l-Tussian to-dai
hr.uiglit l.otio steerage paasengera. Most of theiti ar..
' .1,,!,ted" iiiiigr.ints.
riiiLAHUi'iiiA, Mav 23.?ibe ttapretne Court
atti i ms ih" decree ol Hie I'oniuiun l'l.a* ( omi, vt huh oual.t
I -a vl.l ll I ann tioin the offlce ul Ile. euler of fbi, cit v.
t 0 vi p K \ SATIO N PO ll vv v i.'f ? lt BTANLIV. ?
BoaroN, Maj 2A. -i'he LtMiUlaiiveCoirrmitttseon
i I nins fi,,lav vu,eu tu r-poit lue bill lu fiiviu of Waller
SLaiil.iy, ,-i.iiipeus.iliug him for loss,'* inruireil lu I'ouatriiti
Ina lue ll."isa. Tum,ri. Tit* aiuofint will riuhaluy uul he
far Lom *1S ',i*oo. Tho mluorllv wt.I .Uss. nt.
Ni.vv iiRUNawit'g, ti. J., Mtv 2'A.? i im defaoltlng
ai ('.ninty Collector Jarrard ls now io Pennsylvania, ant h .,
nit.it tl io settle the tleiu lem y iu his aecouata, --tali l rea*
nrer Wngbthas agre. tl ta lend hun tio.uuo io fuah.e hi.u io
pay the dell' lt.
Booton, Maj -"t. at a meet mg of the Kxecutive
Connon this afternoon, tbs mun mat too of Kdwa*-1 Hamilton
aa member el tn- Board ol iitntii Luaaeyaad Chanty, le
auiif.ti' lui'..'* S Denaslly, wasrsjsstsa
\ViYM-ii"i'i). Os., M;'.y 2'A. Judge Boom
expertenciBM diiti.-uiiy it, appuihtinu a iii amt jurv u, the < asa
Ol I lu' Male aaalusl elahie, ii tlu/.tuis, v?i,o *xa accuawl el
Imving expelled two Cbmsae shopkeepers nun Wayne uio.
A (ill'T TO VV it.I.IA.VIH COU.KU h.
North ADAMS, Meas., Mav ..m -The tt-nstoea of
WilliamsCodssareeavBdU-Ssy aeheek foi Soti.uOotrsai a.
li H. 'tuen, nf Albany, to luanda professorship of .Naiuial
Theology lu memory ol Bia Bead toa, who was a .tintern in
Wi..i .ins i ollet-e.
Itt 1 i.n'uvir, l'eiiii.. May '-'.'I.?lin .-tafe I'etti
persnee Amendment Asserlslhis ??thora this raornlai aad
wu* -.,'11 attsndsd, koeettragma reports wara irati tresa ihe
.line:..ul i "uuiie*. ami ii Wa* tvolvni to coaliau* lbs wu,a
with te,,ewell vigor, ilei.-ial It.-atoi amii et r.l t Iv i en nu..
lion, A ' ii.wilatl maa* uia.alua wa* hvl.i lu tlie i o.m liuaae
tills evsuiua.
Tho formal opening of the New-York and
Brooklyn Bridge will take place to-day. Tha
President, Governor Cleveland and other prom?
inent guests will bo escorted over tko struc?
ture by tho 7th Regiment to the Brooklyn
terminus, whore tho opening exercises will bo
held. Vice-President Kingsley, of the Board
of Trustees, will present tho Bridge to Mayors
Low and Ellson, who will respond for tho
i-itit's and orations will be delivered by Abram
S. Mewitt and tho Rev. Dr. .StorTt*, Fire?
works will be displayed from tho Bridge at
8 p. m., and later iu the evening there will
bo a reception to tho President and tho
(.ovcrnor at tho Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Elaborate decorations and illuminations have
liven planned in Brooklyn.
Tito labor of foin teen Titan In bridging IBS East
1;iver is practically complete. Appropriate open
111)/; ceremonies have been arranged in both cities,
snd to-inoriow the public useof the Bridge will
begin. It in said Hutt if tbe ariah of William C.
Kingsley, wlioio-dayvMll presentthastrm tine88
behalf ei thotrostase to the slayers of the two
cities, hail been rim-uited, he would simply have
had ;i si-rn [tut up, ?? Thc Bridge ih Open,'' to show
that lt was tread*/ for public ute. But the counsels
of the other trustees uiul the city authorities pre?
vailed, and it was it. culed to have an elaborate
c!ein.11ioii ;ind fo make tho day of the opening ono
ot' niiiiiicii'iil jubilation in both cit a-. As tho
I.i idge sasans tuoie to Brooklyn than it does to this
eily, and ns thal .ny pays two-thirds of the cost, it
was <leifimiiie.il to have the exercises of the formal
transferal tba structure hy tho trustees to the city
authorities at tha Inooklyu terminus, piecsdod by a
uiul Hi across the etiiicture by the distinguished in?
vite I onests.
The BiiiIl-o trustees of this city, with the invited
L'lusis. will ni, ct at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel, and
simultaneously tlie Bridge trustees of Brooklyn
and the invited guests of that elty will meet at the
Brenklyn City Hall. Escorted by soldiers, tbe
trnatsau wBI eondnet their guests to tha Bridge,
and after the Brooklyn body hus tnet tlu.se from
tn te city all will proceed together to tue station
building at tit.'Sands Street termini!-, which baa
lu vu made i.'inly for thc exercises, i ho marshal of
the dav i* ??'iittiul .laities .lotii'.liin, <.f Brooklyn.
His aides aro Colonel Samuel Iii'lund-. Chief Aide;
Lieut. iiitiit-CoIoii. ls J. Henry Story, John Y.
('alger. J, Lester Keep, Herbert S. Jewel'. Albeit E.
I-.iinl,. Henry Ailinn and William B. Overton; ami
Moons Robert Herbert, Walter K. RessltST BBS.
Hassan H. Wheeler. The 7ih Regiment, under
C. I'.iiel Kuiviou - (lui I., will be the csoit from the
Fifth Aveuuo Hotel. Among fha guests will la
President Arthur and several satuibsrs of bis
Cabinet, Governor CttsweJand .uni ins-fail. Mayor
I'.itsoii anti Ins Cabinet, tho division and brigade
olin era ol tao Nu timmi Gourd, iiicltieuig lietisrals
Sh der, i'll/g. raid and Ward, tho other city
ellice;, and litany gttasts from abroad. Iii' column
will st ;i ri iu lime ta reach tae New*-Tori, tower at
).:((? p. m. Ths regiment will thea foi m inline in
tim roadways, and ptOSSSB arin- as thc procession
Bsaasa along the elevated promenade in the centra
of the Budge.
Ia Brooklyn tho'-'.ld Kegimeut trill assemble al
tho '. lennont Avenue Armory, and ttssaes msrch to
the be.i.li|uurters ol tho Stuoud Division, at Conrt
a.t JotnlSSBM ats., muli r cominan.1 of Colonel
rtodnayL'. Ward, ut Hs/slsah. With them w.ll bo
a battalion of Halted 8ta8sa troana. stadof Major IL
II. .laclvs.'U. uiul a battalion af United Stale* ma?
nnus, under Colonel Charles Hov wood. They will
torin ni lino la Kiimseti-st., tho rignt festing in
Clinton st., ami will es, oil the tollowin-; lirooMya
oflicials: Mayor Low. Controller llrinkerhott.
Au iltur Voi'vr. th.' Brooklyn Bu.lue trustees, tba
ricardo ol ..Mei men, Supervisors, Education, Asses
?ara and Electhasa. henils ol tho elty departments,
tni'inbcrs of Congress aaa tbs Lfsjlriatnm. Units*!
St.ifs ottieials, tlie Societv of Old I'-rttoklynites,
Collin.o.l..re Hsahnr and stall. Ceneials (hri-ten-on
nnd Bro wt,ell. and others. The column will move
so that it will arrivn na tho Bridge at l.p. m. Tba
Brook lyn party aili mn.no at ibo Brooklyn towsr
until the ai rival ol that from tins city.
As the President reaches tho New-York tower,
the gunson (...vernor's Ialaud ami ou the shipsof
war of the North Atlantic Siiuadion at auchor ia
tho East River will lire ths Presidential salute.
\\ lien tho bead of the column re ac btv. the Brooklyu
towera similar salute will bo fireti at I'ort Onega)
.md at St.iirg-st. and Busbwick-ave., Brooklyn, 'lbs
L'.itl Regiment vvtil sAort the gueals lo the station
building, which will tte ie ac (j ed at, li o'clock. The
Ttti Keuimcut will then put out a lute of sentinels
on the west ro.iilir.iv ot the Bridge, and the 834 will
guard this east roadway. Tho elevated promenado
will bo putiuliod by sentinels Iro:n balfe regiments,
wno will pi event the gaihenna of people ia sask
erswds ss will hinder auy oue bavins a right an tho
Bridge to raff Hie banda of botb rogimeuts will
lepoif lo Colonel Jahn V. Culyer to settafss tbe
m.isic of tho opening exercise*. The gue-is will ba
due. t. .1 to tlier si ats by ushers dc ta .lcd ti um tba
?'.itt Regiment
i> ia'nicvi'iMj IBB BKOOBLTB station.
Tlio station building at the Brooklyu end of the
llrulge has bsaa Aaoaraiail lavishly with festooned
lingi, the coats ot arms of all tho States between
Ihe vvniiti)ws, and nina velvet banginga with gold
embroidery overhead. Tho railroad tracks have
been temporarily .loured over, aud ou thou upward
of -l,ooo th.tils have been pla, ed. Tho sis-akers*
platform is near the no them end. tow arti tins city,
and ibo building ia open at Lotti ends. A place
moir) utiiittod foi ora'ory it would not he possible
to provide. It nsssabtss as much as |tu>i.-.il,lo a
section af a tunnel BO feet wide, open at butti ends,
and nearly lill feet long. Tho voice oven of the
moat powerful speaker will ho lost ami inaudible
except Wittiiu a very In w feet"! bun. To most of
thosaaithiu the bttlldlng the spsaaars will simply
ur pear to Lo gong through the motton - ut deliver
rig orations and Beatons ut tlie New Vork cud of
tba Bridge will Lave .ts good acfeaaoaaf I.e..nug
what ie said ea asset af those who hors t hs win io
tn Leta of a lunsMoii to tho bailding. Tbe ouly way
to hoar the -.ped Ins will ho through thc nowa
For convenience In seating the guests, tho seats
ate ilividetl into sections, msoi ved as fi Hows :
8eo. D.-TUo ITcslilent uinl ('..Linet, (...vernor and
staff. United States ttoualors, Itomben ot dingi eas, Qov*
I'lii us ul oilier Mole*.*
BOO. Ii. ?Meitil.t i* of Hie l-egisUtiU'C, ( uiutnou Ci.un
clUof geo Yoi it uiul itiooitiyii, eily uni c..uut> ofiuiaU
i>r New-York un I BtOOkl* B.
-.1 il -Anuy iiuil Navy; Nutloual tluurd.
Isa J. Tress.
Bee. K -st..uHy invitedsnests.
I lee. M. KxciiiBively reserved i..r "inployes.
IBB (iiiin u (U i \i:i:risK-.
As soon as tho gu, sta aro seated the opening
music, will be stayed by' ti.e '_':t,l Bagtmsat Bans.
The exercises will be presided over by Junes S T.
Siitana!).tu. After pravel' by Bishop A. N. Lillie.
;t,hn, ot ttie l'rot.'-taut Episcopal lu.t -es., of Long
Ialautl. Vice-President William Gb Kingsley, ot tbe
Budge trusi.es, ni behalf.if Ina fellow members,
will present tho Illidge to tl.e Mav m < o! the two
i ii.es. One u ii rn heil guns will then bo hied iroiu
(.viveinoi's Island, the war ships, lort tireeue uud
Btagg st., announcing to ull within hearing tho end
ot tho work of the trustees. Mayor Low still thea
-pe., v, accepting the trust for the city of Brooklyn.
uud Mayor Ed-am will siuiilariv accept iu bel.alf of
thia oily. AUei a comet solo u> Levy, tbe ora ions

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