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Thc White Star it?-MJ.jp Britannic, which
left Liverpool on May _4 tot New-York, bat
returned lo Q_oe__tow? with bet erank-aban
out Of order. 'Twit UKMUMUMJ trench
troope have left TooJon 1W Tonqain. A Brit
i-!i tloop-of-wu hM been ordered toMado&ae*
cw. 'Hu* Cw reeei-ed farther eongrattila
tioM ob Iii* r<>i"iiati<>ii Yesterday. It is re?
ported tbal Um Nib__ete are t?, ieeae ?.reply
to tbe inin.if.-Mo of tho (Var. The Parlia
Beatar. pwfta_waeol Mr. Gladatone for the
preaent teeth*, li onilfaed. An emigration
'....?nt in belaid bat been threatened witt
death. The project for a mom Suez Canal is
tak mp shape. _
Qiekn-kiwn. May _0.-Titt Whit.* Sim Line
(t.aiii.slnp Britaaaie, wbieb left Liverpool on Moy
_4 ami Qaeeaetowa oa Moy 26 fee New-York, hoe
(?tonedtotbieport with bererook shaft outol
uril.T. Herataiie. bore been loaded rad willi"*
taken bv tho steamer Kepul.lt.', which -fill sail
beset to 10-ton for New-York, which .teamer will
also also t:ike some of the Britannic. B-OObBgen.
S viral of the pononogtrt have proeeedod to Livcr
P*A tiaw waedieeovered in Uw eben af th? Britannic
lan sunday whee tho woe 800 miles weet ol root?
let, __
William lt. VaiitliTliilt, ott. iii* yoaegeel son, George
\V., and lui untie, t'aptaiu Jacoii H. Vanderbilt. WM 0_
Im.ml lin- Hrltatiuif, ou which he Crowed the Atlantic
??.viral timi-i. Ju>t before the sailing uf tito ship
on Frilay lie sent t'.i.-patc M to -Whew
o'Ins lauiily in thi-* t-ity. in whteh he OUKNUeed the foci
that he thoold s*>il Ol iii" I'.ntaiiir.c, an lie had planned
before he left Xe-v-Y.irk. Be stated in tbe dispatches
that lie aid tt* otha rs vritli hint win- in excellent health
ana -couti spirit*. The va?weaeee of the flrel
dispatches received hrr.' veter.tay afternoon In regard
tu tbo return of Um veeeel ? netted wornt tUghl anxiety
atiuut Mr. Vanderlin- ninon, lil* Meade In this city.
l_?y wen taeliaefl to thi-h that the patttag hoeh wae
due to some accident to tiie vessel. Cornelius Vanderbilt
??aid early in the eveotaf that he had received nu tidmps
from hil fath.r since the diepetebet of last
Fi dav. "It i*> the tlr?t time ttiat mv fattier hal
tn. t with tue ?lt_nteet acct ten' mi the Atlantic,"
be anded. He bea Ween m. fm inly lu.ky before
thin, iii.ii l nally i ousted on eeelng bimbi re nen Bator
lay. 1 nm mi y surry, but it Mill be only adda? Of a
few i'S\ , I silliao-e "
All doubt and anxiety -oro remo*/, d later In the even
ii.it Nv the ree. pi ol ? aaeoaage from Mr. Vau
froin tjiieeimtown. iu willoh be Mid that the vesael had
ii., n obliged io return to port on aeoooat of o broken
fu.i':. _
Pa rim. May 20.?The Tempt estimates tbe number
of troops who aw to be tent to Tonqoln ot ooee
boot L'ot-hin, China, Ot 1,200, lins fuTOe, it toyo,
will enable (JenoraI lionet, the French commaoder,
|0 maintain his position at Hanoi until the arrival
of tho fort'tn lo be stilt eui from Fi ance.
Aiit.ut 2.000 troops have eo_b_rked at Toni >n for
M. litton, BOW PrCOCh Mioieter to Japan, ie ex?
pected to ainve at Pekin shortly to rep,.i.e If.
Booree, the present representative there. The Chin
es-- Enabatay in Paris, m accordance with a req iesl
ol M, CbaUemol-Loeo-Ti Mimetcrof Foreign Allana,
bas telegraphed to tue Chinese Government hoking
that M. Triton he roeelTed without awaiting the
arrival ol hie eredeotiala.
It ie reported ia Loadon that the French Govern
nient has aatO-Od Croat lint niii ihii it doee not in?
tend to annex Tom-tun. but that it will uphold its
treaty rights ami exact fill tatiafoction fmiu the
Emperor ol Aonom at the capita! oi thal country.
Loxdon, Mav 29.?Lord Edward Fitzmaurice,
flit* i m ere i arv lot tli<- Foreign Department, etated
iu tho Hou.so of ( illiniums this afternoon in
resin.use |o an ini'iiirv thal no protest had Leen ad
dnooed by t?e Government to France in regard to
tbe reeeot attack by the French on the Malagaey
f'-ii'-- at Maj,inga which resulted in the captore ol
that place,
'1 lu lo itiah aloop-of-wai Dragon has left Aden for
Tthtatave, Madagaecar.
Moscow, May 29.?The Emperor aod Empreee
received the congratulations to-day of civil and
mibtaryoffl lola, mayon of citiee ood memben of
the iioiuiity. Lord Wolseley, the repreeeataliyeoi
the Bhtieh Army, a*id General von Weider, the
Genna Military Envoy, attended the roeeption.
M>;r. V.iimutelli. thc Papal Nuncio, was pro?
ton I ed to their Itaieetiet to-day. Goneial von
Bcbweinitz, the German Ambassador, will (?ive a
bannm-i tu itu German prince*, t bio evening.
St. i'Kii.it-iHiiii. M.v 29.? //" ino crime ?'. kft
titan aunouncea that owing to groat throng, im?
peding iravi 1 on the main street-, illuminations
thia evening will he prohioited.
l.t.viitiv. May mk?it in noorted thal the
Nihilism are preparing a mauifeeto m reply to that
ol the Czar,
I.tiMioN, May 29.?Al a meeting of the Lihcral
party to-day Mr. Gladetonc anaooncod that it
would ne in 11 Maun lo diop lor the pieseut eeetion
the Gorenueent'i hill lot remodelling the Corpora
tion for the City of Lurid m. Ile nani ba could not
expect that this would lu- a brilliant teetitio, bot he
tboagbl it would he a good and not diacreditabl.
Lomox, Mav M.??('?mut Zaeboroff, ageol oi tbe
Allan Steamship Line at (.alway, has received a
letter threateniag hbo with deoth unless he iimts
the i ay. He has heeu t-iigaginK leeton girls to go
Dim-iN, May 29.?The letter tent to the
Qu.-.i, hy t-t mather ol Michael r_tao, who was hanged
hereyeeteedoyferthea-nleral Mr. Barbe, ia which
Mrs. Paaoa pcateelei tue hmoQeaee ot hereoa, was re
fcnedtoE r.-|i neer. the Lord Li ateaant, wbo, how
evcr.rei_aeOtotaurfeniathee.ee ol tue eoodemned
Lokdom, May 29?The London oorreopood
?>r"": ; " '''' '? -" Om rtihm -ar. i!?- Popehaeeoa
?riu.ai the apaotatanai ol tat Rev. Tbeau J. Can.
rector .ir M.vnnoiii Oullege, ;.. the Biiiioprie. ofQalway
?fur heiag Moored thal fee mm mot ooaoeeted wi'h um
?gMotlea m InbMd. Au,it:,er o-cyeboa! letter win
shortly be jotaed by the r..pi lot'.e tu tnt,ii ia all paru
o'me world denouucliiK sect-el societies. lt w I ., ...
?i.j.ii:. pria-u to r, ;,i,, tbe ft-crameuti to all pei tool
ebonee eal w;._ seditious uoveni ute.
Cn.A_o._fay 2b? Toe moremeol to hold
*euog ..f nu- irish(-.bolleeol ihil dty to protest
um*' tbe Pope's boll relative to the parin ipatmu nt
ei-ope an,i clergy ta ihe Parn.- testimonial fund in
erasing som? stir among Irlsh-aneric-ui citizens here.
Th. re exists :? difference t,t opln oa its to tho w Isdou ol
?seo a eourse. A meeting will bc held uezi Tuesilat io
WelUe whellji r a iii_sk BOetlBg "hall be called.
M?.mk ku., May 29.?The meeting ttl' .riah
anon ta. cnn at oeaoeratagthe afllllatt? with laeXa*
?'" ;"* e bea hoes peatpoaed tutti aezt week Tbi
bu. i_ ..I tiie ci.-i'.yw.n ik .}? r.-..it ia the formation ol
a * ii. lilian lAtgiie.
Atoms at os* rf.joohasbe.Mtead aaoog French
faunal ??,... chiefly Uherale, t.,r the widow al De
tataJ ,, .r.'.;;'"'"1^ ' ?? ???"?? hie portidpatloa
Ottawa, May ggu-Tbe tlee-tegal p_ny r,n h.,
Chaoilien ..i.i .ona crib ol UwMt lo-4ay aadpe**sed
gnwfh ?he flaeg-itot oip wtthoat aeotdeat or aU
? laaiWO, Ma, . Mit 2D.-k ?Oka-Hi who cams ir,
lawn laat tot u, tuen. a float bali la e swaaipy ?,
? fi tv un.e- ii.an ihebiuallpoz llo-pit.i. Ii lk h,
to Le ilnu cf a young maa named Kuts.>n. who. few
days before e?citpc(l from Ibe Pmi.llrox Hospital while
delirious. _
ZeBBS, May 20.? Four mem Vis of the Black Hand
society eharced with the imir.ler of a publican have
been leateaeed to .teath.
caihh. Ms/ ?_'!?.?Hicks Pacha telegraphs from the
Bondon tl at in- is preparing to march to Kordofua.
Lo* DOS, May '-"?- -Ia the eh-ss tournament today
Blsekbnras beat Skipworth, Wlaawvt beat TseUcotta,
Znkertort bea! Bngllsoh, Btetafta heat B rd sad Bell
mann bea! Mortimer. Mason ployed a draws game with
Ztm. ii. May 29.?Tbs people of Zurich have, by popu?
lar vote, saoetioned a tiill puivliling for thc restoration
Of capital iMiiilthnient.
Cam-, Moy SO.?The Bael 4'anal Company anti tho
nrltisli Qoveraawal havv arrived a! an understaurtinir
In regard to tho construction ol a seoul canal across
the isthmna The arrangement must reeelve the ap?
proval ci the shareholders of the company before lt caa
bc carried mi!.
Loudon, May SO.?fae Ettnmg Nines pabltsbss a itate
)neiit, whleh I** probably witiiout loaadatioa, thai the
linke <>f Albany offered hia lervtcee for the Governor
Ueoeralshlp of Canads before tbe Marquis of Laosdo wai
y*.u appolBted ts tin- ollie".
LtiXDOS, May 20.?John Pender, member of Parlia?
ment atnl chan niau or the Duvet United States Cable
Company, speaking .it s mnsllng to dsj* ol tbeSabme
rlaoCable Trust, sold that tin* Atlantic cables were
probably Bble to perform three KmeR the unonai ol work
they me doing nt preseat, oad thal tbt lr cop idty wonld
be in exoees of tbs reonlremests for some yearn He
-,iit that IbSIS wus lillie fear of cuiiipeiilion in the bus:
Him iv. Mav -Jf).?The Workman's Sick I'uiid bill passed
its Uni i rea.hut; ni the llcicbtiag to tlnv.
Albany, Maj 29.?The Governor liltd witb
the Secretory of State Unley, tbs Oeaeral Street Ballway
bill inisipiK il. Attached to Ibo bill was a ne iii'laiitliiui
in w lufii tba Oorernor ..ave ins was obi for with?
holding hu Btgaatara fran Um bili In the
course of his comments on tbe bill the Governor
I have rio doubt that a general law providing for the
eonstrnctloii of street r-lir al- should be enacted, bul
the provisions of tbisbUI are inch, aod my cont lellos >>f
Its questionable designs ls ?.. weil settled, lbs! 1 have
determined to refuse lo approve the same. Prom ns
title it appears to be a oobeme for lue construction of
street railroads In eil the el les, towns ami village! of
the Btete, and yet, whoa nny streets are excepted
from the i-pei.ci..ii of Hus ad they are
streets rn tbe etty ol New-Yoi k. Whenever any provis?
ions are made fur compensation for the use uf streets
they apply alone fo lhat elly. Il ls only m thc city ol New
York timi corporations operating street railroads may
by lae terms ol ihisbill be obliged to pave and keepln
pt mimi' n. rcpt r on* portius ol tbe street between uv!
along ihelr traeki; and oneoi thc limit altona of thc true
wilbla which, in a eertnln eas-, a railroad is to bc cum
mema d and completed I- confined ta railroads to be con?
structed in t Ji.it ct v. Undoubtedly tbe pin visions of tne
in.I-.\ tildi sre tssoeeted or obscure were Inserted to
meet th.* wants ot Sew-Yon c irporatloos, sod In a 1 fie
discussion ro winch I bare list, ned thii measuri iva
been treated ts though Its opetailon eoooeraed sold*
iln- cny "i Bett-York. Perhaps tu.ne of these
thins* render the lull nader consideration invalid,
and yet ibey famish substantial objections ami give
rise to questions of mach importsoce to other cities iu
ti.e Butte.
lt cannot be difficult to frame a bill which n spirit ns
w< . is ia strict oonstrnotlon would bi *t gcoeral law,
protecting ail localities ainu snd aroidios t ie evils Mira
to follow a iiii-tivs ..tteinpt under the guise of s general
stilt ute :*, answer only private and loeal purposes, t he
Constitution ol tbs Stste proiilbits nie passage by tue
Legislature of any private oi local bill "gramme tia any
corp ira!i"ii. ossoelatinn or individual the right to lay
doa ii railroad irarka." It otoo declares th it be Leglsln
im. shs i past -,-? " ral laws required roi ? ich casi ?
1 have aot overlooked the fad i hat tlie sis hood -event ti
se. tunis ut tins bill speak of railroad compauies and
i t.i ads, while lae previous scot lons 't i1 with stree!
? . I companies. I suppose, however, lt wnl bc
claimed, if occasion requires, tbal the ra lina ls nun
lionel in motions0aud7 are street railroads, ami tbs
companies s, oken nf snob na stay c mal ucl and
malu lam ?tre. r ni lr..ail-; oi hera se they tun .* do place
in a law eaUtied " An aot 11 provide for the oonstruo
lion, maintenance and operation of streel railroads In
cities, towns ami villages." Moreover, tin* conara) ol
uwitfiH.i local But Bonitos isreqmred by the C.
tution, a- i.i. n-e.i io vi imt ii section*, lt appears en?
tirely proper la Ibe consideration of this bill i i treal tba
corporations mentleaed In these particular sections ss
street railroad companies, and the reads tin ram referred
io s* street railroads. Io any event, if lt ls proposed io
set auder the Coast it aiton, tbere sin ult! bonesi ?
rai riv be accorded to the people the protection wh'ci
tbe . .institution InteU'ied. I think no one cnn re.i.l tlie
peculiar provisions of this bill without beios eoavino4id
iBal Its design ls more lo further private ead corptu le
schemes thoa to furnish tne citizens of the btatc itrr*e(
railroad faeiiitlei under the spnit ami letter of tbe t mi
i-i.lution mn! w.tnin tim limits therein fixed fur thu
beneut ol tue people.
Albany, Muy 29.?TheGovernor,Lientenant
Oovernor ami Ibe Speaker of tii<- Assembly bm
art. n ..on as o Board <*f Commissioners ..t Pnblie Build
lugs. They s* iceni aaaalawosly CbarleeB. Andrews,
of Bulolo, foi Bupenotendenl ot Public Buildings, ami
fixed his sslort at 4)2,500 a year, the amount p nutted
to. law being Ir'.ifiOo.
Albany, Muy 29.?Professor Martin B. An?
derson, willan Dorsbeimer, J. Bampden Robb, Shi rman
B. Bogers um! Andrew H. OreCB, thc Niggers las Park
coiiiaiisi-loiiers, niei in the Secretaryel State's offl a
io tiny. Professor Anderson was sleeted presides! aad
Mr. iiohb, secretory. The Commission adjourned to
meet ar Niagara tails "a Jiinej. cal reit Vang. John
T. Gardner nun i redei ii k i.aw Olmsti d are io be Invited
to accompany thc Commissioners lo Nisgsra,
Hakbisdiam;, Hay 29.?In the Senate to-day
tbs House bill abolishing tbe olBee of Reoor t<-i of Phila?
delphia wat pas-ed tliiitlly. Tho Kailruad Anti
Discrimination blil passed Its third rea.liiiK after an
nu ffi-ctiiai attempt tostrikseal Ute clause lo Imprison
lu the House the bill making twelve hours sday's
labor for street car employes was def. ate I un final
pas-age. _^_
Pb \ mr.v. I*. M.iy 29.?Tbe Oeneral Assem?
bly met ut Newport tins morning. li,iv. Uo Q Jlilson,
of Woonsocket, was obooea Speaker of the House, an.l
the clerks Ol last ytrOT were 1. -.li ct*-il iii holli in ale in ".
This afternoon tha COBBtfng Committee reported that
A. o. Hourn was sleeted Oovornor by 2,141 majority
and Us associates on tb -late ticket hy smaller nmjorl
ties. Tbe eomntlttee escorted the ofleers rleel to Um
chamber ami the oa!h of offlcc wita administered, (.ov?
en, or I.inlt titM, the retiring Uovernor, then warmly
wei owed Oovernoi Bourn to his plaoe, In th.- i-enate
u* rei nor Bo ira appointed h i personal staff. Ooi crnor
it* urn, though sulfuring from a rheuma'io attacs, l.-rt
hi- hons** Iii Bristol ali<> i! - u'clool in a s < iiiu launch,
and reached Newport in tune /or the Inauguration. Tbe
Legislature caucuses to-nlt/ni pro|toaed few changes la
th. civil jlbccrs lo bc sleets l t< -mollow.
Booton, May 29.?A wooden flag-staff, fifty
fee! in height, on Hie store ot lt il. Wilie ,*_ Co., WoSB'
tagton-et., was blown toto tbe itreel ibis for.noon, it
lee! upon a passing omalbni containing five mr sig pas
soiigera, crashing a and kuui-kmg tbe driver te the
around. *i en a*-ti poss d over thc driver, Injuring ni-u ie
iiiiusly. The passengers wi re not burr. A j.ort ii ni of tiie
corelee of a building was knocked off and tell, stHklng
an unknown man, cr tabing tn hu skull un.l InfllcUng
rery serious injuries, a coupe standing In front ol iue
store wa? wrecked bnl tbe occupant v'!'" unhurt. Oos
or two ot li. r pei son -. wert slight!* Inlared. It ls thought
thai none ol thc Injuries wu) pun.- fatal.
Boston, May 29.?Ai the annual meeting ol
the American Academy of Arts unit Selene, s today, Jo?
seph Levering wss elected presldeot, Obrer Wendell
Holm, s vii i -pu * vi. iit ami Jo-cpu P. Cooke correspond
lng secretory, 'i \...;. perewere read by J. W. Mallett,
of Virginia, innl Alllt im (i. UoVWOod, Ot UOOtgtO. The
Ku in (uni un ti ii was conferred upon l-rofessoi ll. uiy A.
Hots load.
Chicago, M.:y 29.?Senator Condee, ??f tliis
elly, v. hi.e <*t Maui nominations for Chicago Jostle sol
Uie Peace were last week pending la ibe Mai- BeaatSi
ina.lt) an om rtlOB tha! JOStlOS Prendiville, who is seek?
ing renomin dion, was nader Um co itrol ol l vc' bicag .
gamblers a ..I was ? tool of Mike Mt Don dd. Yean cia.
til-, t online wu* accosted by McDonald, while watling
in uie streets ol tm. elly,and arni- some wonts, the
latter spat In the Senator's Inoe. Bj itauucri assert i ti.tt
( undee f.iiii*a| to it s ni ii.c ..ct.
Sos .'or Candoo isaerts ihat " Mike " McDonald em
I tho language ol a blackguard to'.ant nun, bul
that ho woe guilt} of no othei oflrout
Annapolis, Md., Muy 29.?Thc orders ?Iik
iiiiHsiui; cadet uowt.iaii norn Um Ravel aoaisaM wen.
read today at 1 o'clock. He left Annapolis this after?
iip.iiii:i; ui'TAiLS ol tiik. iiattli: with fllOTEBfl Vt
II II Nt (I I".
CO-tCWTItXK, May 20.?A special Grand Jury
inn been eooveoed at EdwordaviDe, hy Judge
Snyder, for the porpOM of indicting those who <?..in?
posed the nob which took possession of mine. No. 4
and ma In weted the men employed there. There
hove been no indications of mob low in this vicin?
ity to-day, nnd from tho expressions of eitiaooo of
this locality, beard on all sides, it woold not be well
for a mol) of any kind to aaoemble with the idea ol"
violating the low again by attempting to interfen
with tbe liyhts of others.
Abbev mine* Nos. 'A and 4 aro working with a
full complement ot men ami no trouble is antici?
pated. Tho men at wink, nany <>f whom have been
In the employ of tbe company for a number of
yean, oneatieftedand willing to work. They arc
paid by the day at wages that wen* lixetl when tin
minen wen receiving :> conto per boobel at the
other mince, and tbe wagoe an entirely tatlefac
loiy. While tho wages ol other minen hove been
reduced from 33 to 50 per cen! ibe poy of tba men
employed ben hoe not been reduced at all. The at?
tempt to stop tbcae mince waa merely an effort to
atop tbe supply of coal tor St. Louie, and then won
no demand*) for n crease ?.f pay.
I'Allll' i LARS .F m.inlay's: m.HT.
BT. LOUW, May 29.?The stiike of Tho Illinois
minen which culminated yesterday in rioting nnd
bloodshed has been In progreot for two weeks. The
militia which Governor Hamilton had ordered oni?
on 1 bundey wen placed nuder command ol Colonel
Barkley, ol springfield, who received instruc?
tion, to take in*, orders from the sherill'of the
county in which tho tumps wen stationed. Yee
lerd i\ morning Colonel Barkley was informed that
the civil authorities wen powerless. Ho immedi
diately started with his three companies on board a
tram, and arrived about tinco and half miles weel
of Belleville at 5:30 p. in. The tram bad stopped
in a ravine between two high hills, and nota -lulls
a pb covered with strikers, tba women baviug
taka'n a position on the summit. Drputy-8hcrifl
Anthony mounted upon a hoi ou tin- depot plait..rm
nnd urged lin ? mob io oi ? i ?--1 si | if at eal iv.
Before be bad concluded, tho nport of o pistol
rang ont on ibo air. followed bv two mon shots
li.un Hie summit of the hill. I h.- deputy felt a bul?
let whistle p.i-t ni* ear, and noticing when the
smoke cam from in the mob, drew his pistol and
Iii fal iii t hilt mt ea- [ mn. Tins was tin- si_n.il fora
ganeral fueilade hom tbe nob, and ono ot the
soldien who was jost getting out of tue can fell
Willi il I til 1 I a-1 I!.n*n bis km c.
Two-thirds of tito militia wen Mill in tho cars
wh. ii IJeputj Sherill Autbouv ordered Colonel
Barkley t.> ki*., ihe word tai fire. This order was
uot given until eeveral pistol shots h.ol been lind
bj the strikers, two of them aimoil directly itt An?
thony and General Keese, who wen standing by the
side of the train consulting as to what si,uni.i oe
done. Tba Colonel give tue commaud to hw men.
I In- hoops Hied rapiii.y out of the can aid pound
a volley into tbe striken ~nii deadly effect. In
latter nrnate i bul nturne l ibo atm, wbereupon a
second volley waa Rivet] by the militia, I'be mob,
men and women alike, scattered ami ran through
Hie i;ullevs iind i.ivn.iH. After tne smoke lal
cleand away it waa found tbat one ol tim strikers
ha i been instant I j i> il led and another aboi : broug i
lin- hind -o Mia! he cann.il recover, A
third was shot through tao Inp-.. Several
-, leaving bloody traill I i
iii?m. Kollowiug is tao most authentic liol ol thc
c j.-aila 1 it les mil ai io- I al pies.- || .
oi the strikei - 1 rodent k llaffmaeter, ula.-.* hlon ?
er, killed; sim (brough tbeboad. Ile came from
Pittsburg, and h.ol been in Belleville two weeks
The glaas-hlowen in Belleville are on strike, a'nl
some ol ibeni wi re with thi striking minen resift
doy. WiBiam 81 arkey, shot through tho bead nad
hip] will di? J sines Blanch ird, wounded in -nh-:
u ngeroualy, Martin Carroll, wounded slightly m
lett leg.
tit u.e miii' a ! liner James, ol Kflwardsvtlle,
was shot through tbi Hesbypartol the leg. Ibo
wound is nm daugei ons,
I went t six of tue mob wen ma?le prisoners, and
arc now neill by tbe S"ldieram their ramp, Com
panj 1. ol Fdwardsville, uumlienug forty-live meu,
ii 1,1 .in al la'i 11 lek with il..- prisouen
Dispatches (rom Belleville, ll , atau thst every
thing was quiet tuen this morning, Tbe Keinick
lilllie, \N bCI '? t '.?* 1 IOI ." ll .viii ,t
lng Hil" tooruiug undi 1 tn.- protea run ol tue rm l.t. 1
1 a u a ?? mine, a ho li ?.,. ? 1101 ruiploj n .
ulai minen, .. id was aorli ng yt itentav uuilcr au
stir* cnn ut made with ihe m n *" mc days ago the
bnei ll reports all quiet al pi's in this immediate
s'l UPATUV Va 11 ll lill mi*(I
_T. Loci . Mav _'*. Latei oisp itches
Be lie 1 ile - iv thal ibe tone of tbe
td.1,1 th.s mi . favorable lo
striken, and man] cititena an on their
ii.-.i- vni'i tba) tbe militls at ted
ha 111\ a id -.ii wrong in ftring ou Ihe crowd.
prisoners, ti.it . two in um.r. won brought into
town about noon and a gnat crowd mei themat
tbe depot. I'be entire police lone nf
tbe .!'.' airi a number ol deputy sheri?.
were present te maintain order.
The men wen taken to Justice Medart'o office,
where the! wen nleaaed ..1 theil own recognt
tance, aftei wbieb tn" great crowd ol striken
present took them in charge and paraded through
Coort-Hoase Square.
pm a
Ji;<).\ MASTERS ASH ll Ol!Kl:Ls.
Pittsbi it... May -"?'. I be Protet live Aaaoi io*
Bon of Iron Manufacturers of the. w?it was ia aessloa
ban gvo bean to-day, -be laeetug, as usual, was held
with closed doon. Attar adjournment ,l waa
le.iii.-d that a reeoluttoa had been _.lo;.r ,1
leaving all mattera pertalalag io a set*
Ueinent of strikes rn tue bands of ia.' Kaeeotlve
Committee No decided aetleo waa taken In relation te
anything ci?e. Kotbiag was done la regard to abutting
down, aa tbs manufaetunn baye been preparing for ll
fm tbe paal taree weeka
A piiiiiiiu.il' tater said that no offer of compre
nuaa will ooase From 111a.m. They an tnt, aad have pre?
sented tbeir ultimatum, li the Am_Igaaatad Aaaocia
tloo wont 10compromisetbei wi . nu,- ta coobo to .he
ie 1, 1.1.1 11 era in si,11,,r 11,' Un- Billa offers bare boen
tuen nu,ii pi nm tho mills conditionally, but nu
sueii pi.witton I* koowa io base been
made h. re. As the Int nf June, approaches
tbeluterei In the rondos strnggb Increases, ia, tn ht. na
appear ss Arm as at tbn nra) cooterenee and rae a i? ?_ii
lug foi ibi otiier to glee sign* of we ikneas
Am ng tbe wills which trill probably continue op<ra?
tion 1 ire glrk|*a'rick A Co., I.-. obLun , I.au If nun ,v 1 , ,
a.1.1 the Apollo a mi 1 un ..-ha 1 f lum 1 umpaay Limited
C'im inn \ 11. Ma> 20.?Workmen in tho roll
lng mills ber* have agreed upon a seale of; prieet of fd a
Um w.iiia will ne presented to the manufaetunn to
morrow, The tuanuiactureraare unsntniouslu taring
thai ia, > will agr e to na bill ul prh ? s nut in accordance
with the sgieentriil maile wiiu tbe men a year ago,
wbieb wa*, tu abide oy Ibe neale agreed on at Pittsburg
t'IS'lvNMI, Mav '-".1 - I lie till ol Hie Mme-milkers'
lockout does pol aflect tbelockoui sf tbe booUmakcre
l in- 111 ii makers la six ol tbe ten Factories here were
locked out because, os they -:?>. t.'ie\ refused to agree to
sn 1.in 11 the 11 neilh,ii 01 wages tjs hoard of arbltra
11.1, l-l ill A I'll SOU'S.
KOBBBR8 1.1 \\ ls'.; NO TRACK.
1 11 vi'umi, dav-I*. Home limo hetweou Ratur
ii.v i.iiiit au'i Monday aioraiag lace wortb about tl ???" mat
aioleu ii. Un wei ,-. Ills-ee'a alon mn tatra waa aa
s._M uf burglar* bavins brakes ia.
N'liti'.isitiM s, l*. nu., Mav ?_".'. Home railroad
laborers irrre burled bi s rsra-ls oa ths Philadelphia, Sot
nato wu anti fboamsvlils Hail road _t I'snshobucken Una
i;,.,1 i.,ii.. .ipi Andrea Murlecb \iiei Jobnaoi aad Ucorga
.1 OWpgOU wi* .', il l? ''10 ililli, fatally III) Ul I'll.
Boston, Mav 'AV???Inthe H uaw to-day a reeoln
I lou In ta vol ol sabai'tUng Ibe question ol tbe abolition ol
tho |>nll la lu lin- p oj IS was Sftsed to by a vole ol 17 to tl.
O: -M \ 1.1 rn \ PATIKNT.s CONV I LB** i.s 1
Lancantkk, i' ;ii.. ia> '."? In.' small!pox,
whh ii iu b -en prevsleul In thc Laneeat-i County Piiaoo
loi - in ?? lune is noa ?,.! Itu we and I .).,...>???
u.ur..wu' tbal hey ba ? toll auder contrail. In ail
fuiiiii-.-ii prisoners were enacted a ! -ni lotti "i obos*, ere
now conrail oaul una etea pro . a Istal.
A NI V ( H M'l.l. \ 1 illii'-- fill.1.1 a?K.
Booro**;, May _'.?.?A lui.leiublauc witnessed
the dedication of tbs n it lioddard Chapel al TnfftsCo ese,
homet Till*1 lins uiornlug President I- pen, la Ida add rena,
sara tn., ilnce thi latins >'f th- I I 1 tons ..I tbe 'lu'
t .niall 11-; lo | s'tii iii, hil i, -a i.u n, ,ii- Important step ls
tim histor? of I i '.,? lt. v. lu. -?. last, of I
?'a I pms, iii a.wi ,-,i a.i sddn ? ?
an M'.M. Mi.i i i.s.; ni' K Mull IH TEMPLAR.
I am \-li.u, IVim., Mav '_".'. -lin- thirtieth tn
Dual conclave, ot tbs in au ! < i ni mai nh tr BBlgbtS li ii. liar si
I'VUII-I) ll.iUll lill I in lill, i it, lu ,l.ty.
Boston, M.iv '.".'. rho graduating ezeicisee of
". n ioi H. ot tbs lu-i.M'e oi .eekaoiegy, ..I tblsctty,
tootplseoto-dsr. Pu?i.eui Wslker delivered aa -thin, as,
i-. ?? ? atritata lo tbs i?Ui Pint?lavr I labia.
The BTfiunent on tin- notion tooontinaot-O
temporary i)i|uucliou obtslned by Joseph ty. Hurnham
restraint!];. it,,, central Railroad of New Jersey from
ieaslug its lines to the Philadelphia and Reading Rail
teenxCsssasay wasaajearaed yesterday morning until
to-morrow, but lute in the afternoon the ln.lunctlou wat
dissolved by an oilier matle by Judge Ingraham on the
BBBSeat of the parties ta tbs suit. The counsel for tho
plslntiir staled tltst the ma-ttor In dispute hal bscn
niii1rar.lv arranged.
It is understood that the railroad company cave tho
plaintiff an irideiimi'j im.-bon,| for tho pay ment of any
part of the back Interest on the Income bonds wluc.'i tho
llii.il tl. termiua'iun of the suit might show to bo due.
It is probable that the settlement ot this
question W;ii u,. \,.(t to referenco ur
arbiira-ton. Tbs Injunction was no sooner
dissolved ihiin tj,,. i,.*,.,, to tilt* Pleading Uailrund was
formally executed. Late veaierdav Htteruoon orders
were tsoued by President Little, of the Jersey Central,
nnii President (towen, ot tin Beading, annouaclng iiiat
the latter eompaay hal taken posses-don of thc mail
under tbe terms of ihe lease.
Tin- lolita wing notice was reaterday 1-sued frttmthe gen
er.ti oin. e oi ti,,. Philadelphia aad Beading Coinpanj :
"inc I'luimieipiiia and Beading Railroad Company hos
rbis day lui..ii possession of tho railroads, leased linea,
ferries, rt ul estate, property, plant, traine, and business
ut' the L'ential Railroad of New-Jersey, lintier a lease
niel contract executed tins day. The Jurisdiction ol the
various heada of departments af tbe eompaay la hereby
extended over the eorresponalng departments of the
lessor company, and each will assume control over, ami
> i * ? - ii h directions In, bia particular department u-. win
secure the most efficient and economical working of the
iv v, sj item."
Franklin B. Gowen was asked yesterday
what troth them w?s ia the frequent dispatches from
Philadelphia to the cflect that he would Soon retire 'rom
the. presidency of tin* I'liiiadelp.'ii i and Beadlag Bail
road. Ile rep.te,I wtih ageiil.il smile ! " My resignation
li.v- I** BS t'llketl a limit a good .leal in the lust three var--.
' ere li no new foundation for tho stories which have
creiti lam the newspapers. I iball certsluly resign my
posit tua winn I nav.- restored Hiatling to Us proper
poaltioo, bal uot anUI thea."
? ?
Philadelphia, May 29.?The ootioe irom
the N.tt-.i. r-i y (eiiir.ii RaUroed <o ap lay teranaaUag
tbe contract wblch permits tho Peanaylvauia Railroad
aay te ass ths traeka af the New-York sad Loag
Broach Boilrood Company was reeclved i.y President
Roberta fruin a private BMSSaagor lal'- t .st.'tl.iv after?
noon. Ali ottii-er of the Pennaylvanla Railroad
Company, ipeaklng of the matter to-'lay, said: "lt
hecomee a legal qaestlen whether a contract between
two oompontea matte for a period of mneij sine years,
and tin.) iii! lb 1. eau lie bl 'ken by Uie aluijile BOttOB Bf
eoe of Um parties wttboui any ether forataUty, Ths
New-Jersey Ccotral people cams to us ut s time when
?e conti mp ate.i butluiag s Uni of mir own to sompets
wuh ihi!: -. aad tht- rei v Mr, littls was one oi tm* mea
wu.:i .u**u*ii ta* .. being Braal lollcltous
rontract ihould be made. Now, without a word
ot formal. .mpialnt, or even without a charge thal aa
are Birt living up to our contract, a** repudiates li aad
demands thal I iball bi so ii ul led. If the Court doea nol
sustain om posttiou we will quickly take advantage of
? vi milt sltrrnatirc, and build a uew line. Iti-als.)
won by of un mi'tn tiiat lu vn-w of un** traffic agreement
tbe Nea \forh anl Lons Branch Company negotiated
Ibrougu Drexel A Co. a loan of gl..*>U<>,(XK) ta put ll m
et imi ii-ii c. ror i's men ist 'I business, eu I now thal a pan
of Hus ,, ia , i nfl ir WO lld be I r- :
estlag 'o know whal the bond ho liters tin uk of Mr. Little's
liol.I V."
At., tbe ie.i- of Hie Jersey Central to tbe Ken.ling
hod brea !'>rui.i ir executed to-day, President (lowen
gara verbal orders to i**upenuteudenl stearne, and tba
impressloi istbs riv (lia: Pennsylvania Rai rtmd train
oat of New-Yon to iii un-*.' morning for l ag U sn i
? tv- laius Bram > . I. It Mt iavn* ,t
by the .I- - v iv nt?1 p *, a tha I ? mn
*?. Uh t .? Peons. .r i,, ki
i:. ii i i oul} conditionali that la, lt waa lo
g t rrsuip, bul whe:, nut ol thc tisuds
"i i tn :i eivei ll would have lo bi ratified bf the Jersey
i enl. ec lora tue uttir at their meeting I
i ::,!? fuel thai the* wera opposed to on*
?ui-u ti*.:, oft nu it.
- ?+?
I'IMM. < Ai;- mn HIE CEN I KAL
Iiiniii*,'-. it-* gre '.'i be added n> the 111:??11_r11
tr.ii- ol tin Kew-Yotk I atral Railroad In a abort
Iliac. Two car- "f tit- prepuac'l pa tern
i, ii. isl i- vi received Irom the llarlau anti
Hulling i ? f Wilmington, Ls
i. a! ul" -i a ' l ippllt A with
?i lb platfortaa and Wei 'ir..rai tt*.- brakes.
I valve la ht ga I t.. tu.- i*r.ik.i ail of thc I ?
ti .i. s |i..-.i- ?-,|i..m i .,..::. ? ? \ ins-ii-every
vi .a .,i tin* i . vi. Improvi ,u' ol ia iii
it ti le.i to suppl] a )?? *t nv* ol -in-' an Idle mst ot ibe
ii: brake Bl WM UM p. unary GOOK ol lin SptiytCO
li,i, i ii diaasti
ihe new cars sri dil d with torty-two-lueh steel-tired
wheels, with wi ugh I Ironeentrea iron gates goard the
i .... i , fed by a com rirai ce -
throws a w.len c rer over tao steps, rhifdlnlng-room
? - ii side, a' i u uuiodating foul
persona eai I ts shut np to afford ready access
ions toking Inside olaeea rhera lae window op?
posite .mit si j', a bevelled mlrroi botog placed ba?
leen ii, ii window. Tbe curtains are nf Eng?
lish burgesa ami there are Ire double
eeatre lau pa ka the dlntug-rovm. The intoner
le Snlsbed lu malm my, with bronae trimmings, rae
ceilings arr ait ..jk bnudsoineij ornamented, lu ibo
rear ol the ar are. a large wim locker.su lc. bog, a btei
rio*ct and a marble I ? ti id. rilera is * Imur
k rhi-n u tiie front p rt of the car, equipped wllh are
trtgtrat.tr, a wreug _ ami. natta sud every
other fi it. ii rangs will o rn sal aud wood
ih- dum-a wi l be passed to tbe waitera
front un* u (che t ireusb windows, bnt the kitchen
is screened from tbe view of tbi dluiug-reom by a hand?
some buffet, wits p.uiaage ways on 1-00:1 side ul it. Bul
ii*.,ti co. i waler are supplied lu tue kitchen aud tbe dill
lug-room aod is heated itj p.pee running from a heatsr
in .. :,r i.t ap ii tu sal * . the rear ol lb* > *u. '
ta ill h.* se: vt d fio.11 the restaurant I la carte.
A I.AMi (.l.'AM DEI I-I"V
W t-niM. uu*, M.iv 29, llie S' i-i,-', nv t.f
Ike Interim to da j decided ??? question whit's came np
m. Hu* application of the Cen r.u Pocid. Itallr 'ad t ow
pun.v fat Bateau lo eeiiain i ni'is lying oppoaUe lea
; u ted and acceptetl pair ol Um read. Ai ihe Cen?
tral Paciffc Oompau j bas not .opiated Its satire Una
... it .ai ii the time prescnb "i by tba grsatisg act, tu.- quos
Uoa tbas presented to the Sceretsrj la like thal decided
by ihe Halted States Supreme Court rn the cnaa of
St bulenberg veraas llarriman, la wblcb i.n-. nan h. lu
tbal Um pr oi:-:,,; i r* r iii..apietlan ot Un rood within
u Bortala Ubm wss b soodlilon inbae-queut; that si
tin.ugo Ike Ume for balldiug the road bod egptred, the
grant remained anlmpalrea, and th** land did not and
(I'Ui.iiioi r.n i without the Intervention of legislative
orjinlicliil a c..tod wltboul such action no
whatever oould be gi ven to iti- forfeiture clause, Tte
tot rotary says lhat tn view or tin** decision, whleh na*
mole Bram than sigh) y.-.u- Bg >. Bad lia- Often b ? ti re
affirmed, aad nf tbe farthei fact that, altbottgb Us si
t'-iitioii ot i'ongresa has been i* p. ai.-i ? . died to tbe i f
[erl ol in-ue v-iiit. sud nouotloii hos ie n i akim by that
body, li un-i e presumed that Congress Intends ui
ii"i vim' companies sm 1 bars the benetti of tbe duel
sion; Hist at al i * i ?? - ? tlon as sn executive officer
ninai ba controUed bi the decisions of the Supreme
... r, wh.ih hat declared tun under such oireum
stances the grant must uol Im treated as forfeited: tbal
he ls ? ll ho: 11 tl In lei I li ol' p i Wi r ni I .le ina! I' i . a ml I il.i I
lhere ia no conran lefl for tue Land Departmeui except
to reissue patents lol c.a* binda lymg oppoalte the com
piela I pul ! lon Of I Ile Iii.ill.
i Ma di risloii tustaiiii mc reeeul appeal of the cen; ml
Pacific Railroad 4,'ompany from the refusal of the Com
in IMI on. I- o! Un* 'oin isl Laud (Hine IO proceed Wllh
Iha patenting of lands to ihe Central Pot-idol ntupany
un in. sine, .soi of the California and uregja Railroad
( ,,n,lunn, i,ri ilium va.
Tae original grant to tbo California ami Oregon Rail?
road Comp inj was made in July, lKlW.oo couditiou I ml
the road should be completed boron July i, l->, .. in
I-*..-Un* iinie witulii willoh in** read should i.om
I'l.l"' WOO ell.-lilied to -lulv I. I-->?*? Il'C eslllu.lle.l
uni,.uni ..r tin* gram -.vis '.M.'.., .-'> mri*. Pi lor io
July I, l--.i, 152 univ. >>r tlie mad had been built, lit iv.
in i.aiu. cs uncompleted, rim company bad receive J
i aleuts tor 1,337,919 acres ol lead.
Chicago, May 29.?Sidney Dillon, presidenl
of the Union rat-tile Railroad, passi I through thia city,
cu iiiui.. fm New-1 uk, thu evening, afters tow ui
Inapt i'.. n over th.* road Ho laid io a reporter th it Um
...nipan, '.ad uo Immediate Intention ol extending Its
Hoe weal from Ogden to Baa Preaelecoi that auchen
exteaaloa would aol poy,aa th.- road's earning! on
? uiiu business aere only IO per cent ?.f its
.nine i ain.n_.-. Aa to the extensioa of tin* Burlington
inn.I to Ball I-ike BBd IhS buUding Of other titles
into tbe Onion Paolflc territory, he told the* undoubt?
edly had taken seme bnslnssa, bnt tbal owing to tho
growth ol tha oouotrj i ie net earnings oftBoUolon
Pat itu- lian net t-rtbeli -- Increased.
i ic liner..ou of traffic via tbe Boutbern Paelffc to New.
Orarans^and tii.*nco ny water, be Bald, bad mu
materially ntl" ed ins line. He hs-ue.: that "uiy
about'iti |*cr oem of Ihe through traffic was i*arr_?n by
iii 1-. rente end the Miciunsiiip lines. He said Kostera
irani, lines could not afford lo oorry oul tv lr ibrenl not
to prorate witt; tue Paelflc road**, as sock h refusal
? .. .1 lalaa ike rate toiutli an extern tnai Uu'llii ii.ai
senboard to seaboard would be diverted to the southon
route tu a lance eiteut. Ile said that the romp'.stlon 0
the Northern Pacific would la tweet rather than de
croaae the hiislness of the I'liiun Pacific, owing to th.
truffle it would bri ag Irom the far Northwest over th.
Oie-jon Short Line.
- m
London, May 29.?At a iiu'etinp of tin
Mexican Hallway Company to-day the chairman com
plained that the Mexican Government had granted l
MboMy le ihe tnteneeaaie Ballway com pam* in Tioia
tlon of thc Mexican I'.ailwar Company's exclusive, rli{ht
Ho said the ?30,000 due fiom the Mexican (.overninen
was practically a bad debt. There was no reason to feai
h silhsidcnce Of the lute keary truffle tn railway material
ir, however, li did sulisido, ha said the company would
kare for compeusstto? the general development of troll
wbleh mast etc its linc.
Concord, X. EL, Maj 29.?At Um aumin
meeting of tho Concord Kailroad Company to-day a pro
test was entered ni-slust the reception of the votes upot
0,18. shene of steeh alloted to be illegally beld by tin
Northern Kailroad Compsny and to Le used to coutro
the uctiou of the meeting. The fallowing -treeton wen
elected : J. Tkotaae Vose, of Boston ; Frederick Snirtl
andBameelN. Bell,ofMaacbeeter; Benjamin a. Klee
ball and Qearr C. Sberiratae, ol Coaoordi Franklin B
Hayes, ol Boston, ami James W. Johnson, of Enfield. A
resolution was adopted declaring ll expedient to consol!
ii'ite with utaor Nsw-Hampsblr. railroads, provided ll
can he done on reasonable nnd equitable terms, anti
referring the whole subteel to tbe directors, to be acted
upon at ? future meeting ol the stockholders,
Biatttje, W. T., May 80.?k subsidy of |180.000 kai
been granted to the Non hom Pactle Railroad company
to construct a nad forty miles Inn. to tho coal Heida Id
KInxa County, 'lin* work wul be begua imiuediately.
CucmiATi, May ?_'.*.-('. k. Lord, of the Bal-asoei
and (?hio Kailroad, ls here, making arrangements fora
limited through car service hot ween gt. Louis and VOW
< ts. inn*. 11, M;iv'.".I?A contract has been closed with
Ih. Ohio and Mississippi Kailroad fora faH express train
of milnes sieepm., parlor and passeager can orer tba
? Urn and Mississippi, ihe Cincinnati, Bultimon and
Washington and the Baittmon und Ohio ro.uls be
?.'iniiiii. .lune _. Th:s will -,ive the Dino and Mississippi
a donnie daiiv line or thruu.n sleeping eats butweeu St.
Louis ami New-York?
t nu too, May ?-".? - tko semi-annual meetlag of Aateel
tan Kail way BuperiBtendenta waa held In thia city thu
afternoon, forty membert hem-' present. Tbo eteeelt
Voil II-..I, Veil tll.'lf Ihe USIle of f I er' pa'-i-'S to pi [SOUS Ul
the terrica ol railways ls not lufhclently restricted.
I'iiii.miei.I'iim, Mav '.".I.?Aiiieetingof tue stockholder*
of the ITeet Pennsylvania Railroad company was held
thia afternoon, at which a new ie,is,, to tin Pt-nnsylranlH
Railroad Company for a period of thirty years was ap
pr, viii, ami so laeue ot 85,000,000 eonaolldal d _Mrt
sage bonita waa authorised. Pori of these bou.ls will
h.- u?ed lo take up ihe otit?Uudiiig murigago ol
Piui.ii.i i iiim, M^y tS.?The acieement of mercer
and consolidation of the Philadelphia, Norristown and
pim nixviiie ami the Pho'iiixTiile, Pottttown aud Bead
lag Railroad eompanlet under tbe title of the Penney!
rania Schuylkill Valley Railroad Company wat adopted
al a meeting of tbe stockkolden of those companies this
nitetno,,0. rbe president of tbe consolidated company
ii J. n. Dabarry. The Philadelphia, Uermaatown aaa
i he-, nut Hill Kailroad ls uoder a separate management
?sith iii mr M. Welch aa president, aud will maintain its
distinct organisation.
Cllh v.ii, May 2'J. -representatives of the various
railway linea nianing West sad Northwest met hore
to-day to consider tke qnestion of rates on lire stock
from Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Dakota, idaho anl
Colorada ria tho Umaba and Hi Paul nad. Lasl year's
oa?is ? a- r> ailu med wii ii unimportant uodlScatlooa
( HCAOO, May 29.?Another effort wa- made to-day to
reaffirm tho pool on pass ogei bus?n aa int ween i hit-ago
aad Connell B.uffa, imt withoui success, as the Milwau?
kee snd St. Psal road laslstadon an equal percentage
\t Uh I he itt '|a*l 0, and tne 1;,, k l-l,Hld wo i il Qui e .iisonr.
A v.ti in ntes be rreon I uued iaoonsidered
among tbe probabllil les.
tii:< too, May ?_'.?. ihe mada interested le mtlneea
to) lilforuts met to-day and appointed a eomestttee to
eonfei with tbe hasten waboar i trunk mies with refer.
enc to the proportion ol tut through rate to be allowed
tbe tonis between I'btcei isourl River points
at i meettna to be held lu New Vork the date of which
'- .. ? to be ir* '.
Cnn a.'.-., Maj -",' A meeting of the general managers'
or tin roads ruaalag out of Pe ria, 111., whleb are inter
esied in the 'I- rn- passenger r ite w ir w is beld hero to-day
m. i ie.a ir i in au agreement to reaton ntoo. Ascots
wen al on , um to stop tbe salo ol
,'? ticki -.
Bostox, May 29 In the equity tall of Willard p
im ' s, trustees, against tbs Batten Rall
i . i i. . ? , ? ? ? ter from exec 'alesss
of the road to the Boston and Haine Railroad Company,
ll waa ai.i.o m. ed today thal .1 sttpnlatloa bad been
msdi bj tbe Eastern Railroad Company thal the pro?
posed lease ol thi road would noi oe signed till the
points raised could be taken to a full ?acb ol the Hu
preiui Cu url (or 11* decision.
11.1:1:1: Mai ir. Ind.. Mnv 20.?A double tornado
?wept by (liv City yeaterday afternoon, tbe ex
t rein i:n-1 being .1 nu lo apart. Clay City. \\ Iii' h was
lu the centn, escaped witta tlighl damage, but al
s Mill, on one tide, a lion-.* iras swept away,
,.v p.i-om weir Lilloil, a bridge w.i, destroyed and
ifoner.al baToc pnralled. <>i the ol ter tide, in a
little settlement. Btu persona mott killed, houses
tren blown to pieces and one child waa blown
away and baa not yet been lou.ul. In all, twelve
parsons wen injured, besides tboee U lied. 1'iees
have been blown down ov 1 a wide ana.
Indianapolis, Ind., Mav 20, Lust evening a
lorn.1.1., struck lin* town of Kdinburg, lid..
following a heavy rain-fall. I ho it. iui lasted ten
minutes and raged a it li gnat \ iolence, 1 be spire
ol the Mi-1 ho. li si Church waa blown ilo wn npon tbe
roof of tho parsonage, crashing through 11 to the
ground. South of the town, a groro of timber bo?
ll, gina to (leo, Cntainger was demolished and four
miles further south th. storm struck the farm of I;.
J. Denuug, wrecking a barn, killing Mr. Deming's
sou .'rank and t',u ,ll\ injuring a farm hand.
Little Rock. Ark., May HU.?A dispatch to Tot
Gazette from Fort Smith says: This morning ?
terrille storm passed over this city, unrooting
houses, l>!'ie.nu; down ihade In 's aud carrying
away l.iii.H. lin- trjOUtheiU Uotel was uni',...lcd.
No one '.ia* injured.
c, ES ri; U. 1 ROOF'S l:i PORTED BATTLE.
Tucson, -rix., Slay '29.?General Crook is
reported to haye had a battle with tho Apaches near
ll usg irepo In tbe Blom Madre mountains, rbe force ol
i, ? . Crook numbered 500, aud that of tba Apaches
pin. I :'lv Indian were killed. ' icm-: a! CrouU'i ,. ?
a , ,? stab '!?
I.tt'rr A dispatch this evening from Hermosillo eon
tr., in-;s the report thai Qt oural Crook bad ?.battle urttb
the Apacheeon tbe lHtb,saying thal li an engagement
!, ,i ,,,? orred tho authorities of tbal place would ban
haul of it. The fm-; la that (loners ('rook baa been
io maligned, and such abusive re,..ni* bare boeue**iit
aver tho couutrj from some ul I a .'.; tons sad t* ia
ps ne rs, that he is keeping hie utuvenieois ijulet and li
?rill ho lui possible to ?*?' any news (rum huh until he has
'i ,,'.,, \,i, bea noni tneir Stronghold and tho Indian
nm slum _I Alisona IS SOI tel
JackdoNi Mis-., M.iv 29.?Recently Judgeg
'anipb- ii au i Chalmers, ..f tbe Supreme Court, rorersed
,,\ i rai di elslons ol Judge cowan, ol the m arnn County
nanii t niul. k Vicksburg paper io day publishes a osrd
lij request ol Sherill Beek, In which Judge Cowan ae
?uses Judge Campbell oi having, rona- yeera ego, ec
lepte.al a ord. --',..>.' 11oni a railroad ? 'rai any, wnn-ii
charge Judge Cowan, aa Hts a Senator, wished to bare
Investigated. Uenoo Ju Ige Campbell's dooislous.
si Lol is. M.., .dav '.".?.-?( Lil ' Wade, of Mad
?oo. Monroe County. Ma. bau a quarrel trtihonet Mornings
inlay, wbeu wails dross I'tnmuluce's skull wi li so
roo I.i a.i.irv , shoi iii a-:.intit killed blah lins is
lbs liil.it iii.iii VS .ul. ha-. -UlajaL
Si. I.a.ri-, May _Stl ?VV. I'. Waller, a mail car?
rier In l'i- >:t< . Hint v, lins -Lite, hit li,-,ii t un in.Il, ? I to J.ill
,ii ,,i,a loi roll ina the mail ul regimen i | ilka***' the
.lin I ul I ie i'll .i,,l,T lias '?' -i ii al I, -lea _a all t SeSSO ? ?
a r v I Al. gLUMBEB.
Macon.Gu., M.iv ?_".?. a. L. Uudtotig w.'.s mn
)Vel sm! killer: hy il Hain I.'.nt Dlgbl wine- aile |i oil Ul*
;i_, k.
Albany, May _'.*. -a collision occurred al ?.m?
il i.l.i n Hi. nen'lime a el f,- , B ? "ii- ? i -u'iue suds freight
i j.I e.i?t. iinin Mig?i ?. were ? ei ?? il aud * aumber
ii ? .en w ie destroyed No uue m. Injuted, although several
it i -?? it h.11 wi> _errowescapes,
bciKliKNTOWN, [f.j., M.-iv _!' rho coroner's jury
d tbe cass ot charles t'lar tou, ..( t'loreura who wa?kiiiet|
iv J_i il, I I ::?? ii--, ja li.11'- wale li na no, i ihe k rn ii ie lia ut Mis.
ir.'.'U, si burhn-tbn, oo -niel.iv uigbt, renaereal s verdb'-t
ii ii ty Ih.tl the klltlBg Should lie I oiinulrluil SS BtSBSlSUgbtST.
Kn-ul ?as- yuiuiilicil Ul the i uuuly ._I wilUout U-U.
WAsiitMirov, May 29.-There is mueli specula?
tion ni Washington us to tbe prospects of a .bango
nf poltey I.y the Administration n regard to politi?
cal affairs in virginia. There are very strong inica
tions that: such a change ii soon to tokt place, de?
spite tbe vinlen. ravingsof Senator Malone's Wash
iagtoa organ, which bus lately been
111. .tlitisivi) than usual toward every
bedy whs hus eritkoed or tootool the pro
i.licty of any act of the Virginia "Boes." The
President, hus given many evidences of a sincero
ami earnest purpose to executo the Civil .Service
law in its letter and spirit; and there lo excellent
reason to believe that he does not intend to allow
Virginia to he made au exception lo the remainder
of the United Stares. One of tho
greatest di flic tildes with Senator Mahone appears
to be that he cannot be saltshed with exerting the
BBmedeglBSOf influence in respect to the Federal
ottoSfl of Verginis that Seoator Hawley does re
spectnij; those in Conneticut ; General Mahon.) de
tnanils absolute control of all the Federal putrouage
ot the State, because he is an "* Administratiou
Scnatar,? and the .east degree of lu si tat iou tails out
a threat that unless be can have what
be wants the Administration will lose his support.
When he was last here Senator Mahono do.minded
the removal of a Mr. Bolting from the oftice of In?
spector of Cu-_tom**?a small ottos with a small
salary?and backed up hia demand with certaiti
observations to the e.i'.'ef that if the Administration
thought it could get along better without
linn than it could without Ur, Betting
lie simply wanted to Luow it, but the choice, must
be made. In that case the threat appears to hara
been successful, for Mr. Moiling has been informed
that Ins "services will not bo required" after Map
31, lu some other matters tho Virginia Senator
has been less successful.
.Virginian, who knows the fai-ts, says that uot
loni* sgo Oeneral Mahons became dissittstied with a
postmaster in Loudon County and sent lo tbe
Post Ottos Department the name of a new mau for
the plaoe, Thscewers no charges against the in?
cumbent, wilt) hud managed the affairs of the office
to the satisfaction of its patrons and ol' the Depart?
ment. Iuihe regain* course of sm li official bari
iiess the request Of GOMM) Muli.tue was first sen!
to the First Assistant Postmaster-!-.eiier*.,
hy whom it was no doubt promptly and favorably
acted apoa. It appears that the papers werealsB
approved by the Pootsiaotor-Geaeral, la so far at
least that Mahon.*'**! man was informed nf his ap?
pointment and directed to make nut and tile tua
official bond. Ihe Virginian saya
that the friends of the present, postmaster
found out what was going on aod
two of tiietu wen! lo General Gresham al.out it.
They carried with them S petition bearing the sig?
natures of every patrouof the otto?Democrat*,
Republicans and u.-adjusters?save six or eight,
praying for tbe retention of the old postmaster;
that the Postmaster-Oeneral beard them patiently
and after a thorough examination of tho eas*BB*
formed the present Inenmheol that hs would
nn' he di,turtled, and dilOCted th it the l_ew ap?
pointment in* revolted.
[I ia understood ttuit an Investigation of tho
charges against Postmaster Km-, of Norfolk.waa ha"
gun sollie time ano ; aud tt ls asserted that the facts
already developed aro sufficient, in tho opin?
ion of thc inspectors, to justtlv his removal.
Ths investigation is not vcr finished, and
until it ts, ot course, bo action will h*- taken.
In regard to the Investigation of the Norfolk
Navy Yard ths Seeretory said to-day shat it shall
be hones! snd thorough; tbat if them shall
be av leasoii to suspect tbe tboronghasos.
of the investigation now In progress he wi J
see thal measures ara taken to correct it.
"In regard to thii matter,'- said tue Secretary,
" I am sincere. So far ai falls within my pro-Inoo
I abell certainly execute tht* Civil Service law
faithfully ."inti shall not countenance or permit any
violation or evasion of its provision. Of course I
ti., a Rep iblicsn and believe io doing fll I tran con?
sistently with tlie law snd tbe principles of jost and
honest administration, to promote tbe to tervete Ba
the !{? publican party."
Editon Hatton un.l Gorham have gone to North
Carolina t<. be pre-nut at the decoration of soldienr
graves to-morrow, lt is expected tbal bel. their
teiiini they will visit Petemburg sod et ufer with
>? i a ni Mahone in regard to th-*) Virginia situation
nnd the prospecta of a change in the poliev at
Washington, both of which are subjects ib which
ail tho gentlemen mentioned feel a deep personal
'v 'ivest. ^^^^
ni u.ii ..ku ii ro nu i bim ?*!.,
Washington, May 29.?The Secretory of tha
Navy bas received from the Comatsitasnt of lae Maty
Yard. In Brooklyn, a report rtroaiaarindlBg a tiin.liflear
Cou of the rates of wag ?paid to ?oeBaates au'l laborers
In tbt rarlous departments of the Navy Void. Tlie pro
posetl i. les aie for eight lunn-' i.iltur a
iiay. ComsMdom Upshot mssatka thai tba
Lnab lltj io Beean mrtsla kimi* af BBsehaolM
i BCeoOBl ot the raUngs ls coutincl to the D' partmenl
oi ^ arda sud Uoeks, a lure the present raiiin.'*. are much
lower t.i;. in tbs other deporttn*ata ol the yard. He
tlie re fore recommends a material Increase m tiia; De
I'Uitiuetit in order lo equalise it m.iU tiie otlieis.
Washinoton, May 29.?The arrangemonli
;.. ne luii.i ai ceremonies whleh will accompany tba
iv inti nm ut of tbe bjily of Joliii HuWOPj l'a* i.v ar Oat
Hill Cemetery oa .lune 0 have Sosa rompl< t. d Tue re
malus "i the poet trill bs taken from the ir piesse! tcm?
porer) resting place to thc Csreoran Ort nail' rv, aad
aili bec or. -.i from them to the cemetery by a funeral
talon oottslstlag of detaeltmeatsof lnite.1 states
troops ami tbe District m.lit.a, thc Preoteeat, iin-m
lieia of Hie Caltliiet ami of Hie Diplomatic Corps,
judges ot tin* Called States L'ewts. ?ea
atois ainl Representatives, the poet aad too
orator of tbe occaslou, relatives of Payne ami Mr. for
loran. A: thee n iotj lhere will be memorial lervtssa
cuniistlns nt a i -.nil) i.v Robert 0. . nilton, an otattoa br
Robinson, selections of vocal anl lint rn ines tm
music uiul religious exercises conducted bj i;t-:io^
Pinokneyaatl ibe Rev. Dr. Leoaonl.of st. Jolma. Tun
Vocal mtislf to lie r.lei. il nj Hie |l'iii!!iji innii:''So.'lrty*
?rill include " Home. Stree Heme, sad ihe ipeeiatsm
it iii m..ic In alugiuf ue Laat *.< rsc o! lhat mag
Washington, M;iy 29.?Georg. II. Parkm|
Herman Kellerandotbmetttmnsat Uetri.it, mu*rested
In the selection of a etta tor s Pederal b-UMiag la tb?t
cny, .ui.- wm eu a letter to ths Beeieiai i "f ths Ifttrnp
mv. eitiiiplalinngof Uie manner ni windi Sup. rvisiag
Architect Rill discharged hia doty os head of IN com?
inis, mi to ?nv i thc a. leettos "f tin- -):<? ?a? lotmsmC
Tbeipcclllocharges amde ta the letter are .is follows:
"Weaccuse Archlteet inn of coming ta istmmlBS a
t-nestlon * > smmestoos to thii latia grewlag etty wita
i it .nv *|.i ve notice j of utter want of bOltM as BMthSg
m tbe inauguration and conduct of the whole pruceed
lu*; of undue, scandalous haste in tue disposition of a
matter Involving tiie expenditure "f severn! annand
Hm., .ntl .Illara, wini Hie lim.ol* of tile Culled .-t.itea
Uovnrnuieut for lair, square dealing vu'ii u. a vu cul?
lens, i. lin wi' no: t{iven a fair oppoMUOItJ lo If lieant;
oi \ na vi- tiv i ledge to vlsi) ami examine personally
ainl Inspect 'le' >tiileumt Looallttea . amt tnt pie |.. i_-n,-ut,
corrupt or not, amouatlns to u lureguae cou
<? itslon, ami making the proceedlnga of ibe ooauaiasani
a digiiltl.il farce."
Washington, M;.y 29.?General Dumont,
sapervisiag tnspeotor-geaoial of Bteaot-veooela, hat i?
sueii instructions to ths spaniel laapetitiws of toieii-n
iteam-veseels to great eertlOostee sf laspectloa te fm
elga ices?evessela tbai are fuily equipped, exeeptlag
the se i oonneettng pipes thnmgb the uni! ?f the vessel
for supplying inter to hoad Ire-eaglosa, prot lt I sash
pumps ai'* lupplled wuh goad motion hose luffleiea! ta
r.-in-ii the ?.i er n all oooditioni of tbe veaaal: it heasg
further provide l tuat Hie ptpm ibrou.-u thc unit -ii...i ba
tupplled ti.e Ural time tbe reesel stiali tie pal lu dook for
repairs; and il beloit further provided thal such uuck
'iii* shall nol iv de'erred bayoud a period "f twolto
mont lia from the last lockage ol the vessel pravioaslB
tue date ol thu < uruBcaie ol inspection.
VV ISHINGTON, May 29.?Colooel Frederick T.
Dent. .1.1 Altnlery, bas boen gloated turee months' leave!
ofabeeaee; Pint f tfintnasni Tbeams W. Miliuna, *-a
gtnesr Gorps, has Mea nritsved irom duty wita tba
HisslSSlBBi Hlvt'i lo'timifiiouaudoniert'il to lonort fog
?"a...- ?"t

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