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g^SYL^l N?-13.346.
price four cento
? -
A terrible disaster occurred yesterday after?
noon on tho East River Bridge, by which
twelve persons lost their lives and a great
*B_ny othern were injured more or less seriously.
While there were no less than l.r>,000
larsons on the Bridge, a blockade was formed
cn the footpath at the head of a
flight of steps niue feet high extending
from the masonry above the anchorage to the
fh.st iron true*, the same place at which block?
ade-, of i*eople have occurred heretofore.
A panie followed the pushing and struggling
liv which men and women tried to free thein
?elvis from the crowd. In the midst of
this rush, started, lt is thought by a gang of
roughs, either thoughtlessly or with mischievous
intent, several persons were carried over tho
tdf? of the steps. They fell on thc landing
and at the foot of the stairs,
ethers stumbled on them, and BON
than forty persons were trampled under
foot by the punic-stricken multiuide. It
was a long time before they could
be extricated. They were then placed
in improvised ambulances ami taken
to Chambers Street, New-York and St. Vin?
cent's Hospitals, where many heartrend?
ing scenes occurred. Great excite?
ment prevailed in the city and Brooklyn,
aud exaggerated stories of the' calamity were
apread. Tkiiuxe reporters last night
vi-itcd prominent Bridge Trustees
New-York and Brooklyn and other offi?
cials, and obtained their opinions ns
to the cause of the accident and the
means that must be taken to prevent similar
occurrences in the future. The accident is
attributed largely to the iuelliciency of tiie po?
lice system and the police force of the Bridge.
Vntil the shadow of a croat calamity settled npon
' it yesterday the great Bridge was the most
popular thoroughfare in the city. Tho
few sprinkling showers of rain whit li
fall about noon dui not seem to chook thc ardor of
the thousands who had resolved to devote the- holi?
day to sight-seeing from its height-*, and the cheer?
ful sunshine thut followed Lilied out many nora
who till then had remained housed and snit them
on a siir.ib:ir*erraiid. Until the latter part of tha
afternoon, when overcrowding caused diseoinfoit,
there was no moro delightful place Imaginable than
tho breezy pathway from city to etty, and
none that commanded so magnificent a panorama,
.onie of the brilliant features of oiacuiiig dav
mott repeated,. for th? houser- In tho
Tiiinity hail not yet dolled their
gay decorations, aad the Hags on the shipping at
the wharves fringed tho two eltiei with color. At
inti rvaK daring Hie day processions with bands of
Maia crossed tba Bridge, walking in tho wairo
n av and thus allonling a better view of the soldiery
?ral uniformed civilians than could be obtained any
Ta'liel rise.
'lt: ie was a fatal fascination in all this. It at?
tracted tliousatid-i ami kept them upon tM Bridie,
Tuc Superintendent knew that tba crowd of visitors
to the structure would strain its aeeomaiodotiooa
much more aerioaaly than they had ever baan
?trained before, a.ul lu* mads what Mero suppo-oil
to he aionle preparations for the atm*-. He buiit
additional toU-boxea at eaeh aad and gave
oideis that in eas- ol OYeierowdiOl the title
af travel should bc turned into
the wagoa-ways. as it was on Sunday. Tiie poUoa
foree was nut im r..ised, it h"iu^ supposed tbal
tweuty-four men would be aide to direct the
human stream into proper channels at the
termini, anti prevent loitering in the
mots whoie the temptations would bo
?trongest. lt, was knowu te ba extremely likely
that between 10,000 aad 'jo,ooo petaoaa would li?
on tin- Bridge at unee. imt it was not anticipated
that lim conduct of a small trac'ion of the Bamber
would bring death to a dozen (.mines and su'iern g
te many more.
Th" natural eft. ct of the great crowd of visitors
Md the attractiveness- ol tho Bridge waa steadily
to ri, iv,ise tin- numil,-r upon it. New-York has
always contributed tinny more foo', paaaangera
than Brooklyn, and when tho retwaing
tale met the stream of fresh uriliaN
lin,:; New-York as tho afternoon began 'o draw to a
close, the leetway gradual ly grew aaora and more
ermine 1 and the crowd moy d more and more
? Uggishlv. The iemili was inevitable. With only
cue footway tho Bri I ge is a saunteuug pine:*?a
promenade, on wi,icu ont can spend all day
going lack and forth. Still it WM aol thought
mee.gary to th'.ow tho wagon ways open te
P'destrians. As 0:1 Jinn.lay, the s:t*h*-.o"rs be?
came blockaded mitlway batwaso the New-York
entrance ami tho north th towoi. Then
th" maota! of a aaetton al railing
ead thoopaadag thereby of aa outlet late tbe aide
?eada .ottered tba pia?m Fe terdajr, before thia
was done, there came the panie which raoalted in
-rOrriblaaafMacaad death.
The scene of the diead.nl oecarreaea u just al oyo
the anchorage, a little more than half-way between
ti - (few-York aatranee ami thc Bret tower. 1 'p to
ah-l place the ro ..dways are all on a level, but lu Itt
benin thc iron trusses, which aro lifted above the
taaeaaa.ageeblee.Tht! wagoo aad traaawaTaeoaUnue
od theil e;i,y prado, bot tha footpath is tuddeuly
lilted neatly lo feet by a broken Hight of fourteen
?tapa The path, which is 10 feel and 7 inches
a.'!-.'. is narrowed ?tightly, bal bardy enough to be
Ptn -ptihie to a trowd. ihe aaeeot ia divided 111
thc middle by a landing about. G feet wide.
Tho steps aro nf wood and rather marrow. A sturdy
?tull of m aai ie exteada hon the station te tba Brat
truss on Mah tide of the walk, ana giv-i- linn foot
?h-r-' to an irou lenee that meets the truss
at the foot of the ht airs. Beyond tho
auib is the roadway, twelve feet oi.ht inches wide,
aeataialae the railway tracks, which are laid on
alceiton- and ties in Ihe ordinary aarface foahioe and
ballasted with rubble. In this part of tba
Bringo there wor. vorfcing yesterday a
few riveters'. riggen, machinists and
laborers, A few Illidge pohcemeu
Wen iu the wagonw: is near bf, WaOtt thara aaa
abo a steady stream ol havel.
About 4 o'clock tho crowd pre.t m dense that a
blockale was formed ou the Bridge extend
feg from the load of tho (tatra
hack several rods to the tower. The number
Ol persona who were faced toward New-York was
eoflkit'iuiy large to All the entire width 0f tho walk
and tue comparatirely small stream going from
this cit* hail for a long time been forcing
lteelf through tbe serried ranks that
met lt at the head of the sta! ra.
The oauiw ot the blacliado seems to have
been eulelly the slow movement of the crowd down
tbe stops. There were man** worooa and children
Who made the descent slowly and with great care foi
there ia a suggestion ot .auger lu th* narrow ness ol
the et*pe aud the ?uw--.Iw-im of the wood. With
the teen lona tudu*, from Brooklyn and th.
rapid movement along the uninter?
rupted and descending pathway from
\ the tower, nearly 1,000 feet sway,
the slightetit Interruption to tbe regular flow was
bound to cause a difficulty that would grow greater
with every movement. This is exactly
what happened. beginning with a little
crowding tbat at first caused only
merriment and some Kood-huinored Jostling lt
grew until women began to faint, men to shout and
children to cry with terror. The danger of going
over thc steps in the midst of such a crush dawned
udoii those near tho flight and they began frantically
to push back and shout to the advancing
thousands: "Stand back!" " Give us room!"
and other vain expostulation*.
It waa like trying to atop the tide, for back
of thc struggling bund reds thousands were throw?
ing their weight against tho ever-increas
inu column. Then roenbectino desperate. Tbey
foturht and straggled and added to tho terror of the
women and children. A policeman jumped upon
the chord of tbo truss and. waving his club,
screamed and gesticulated like a madman. Thu
crowd would not understand hun and
could not obey. Stalwart men wearing the
uniform of thc Grand Army of thc* Kcpuhlio
followed the example of tho policeman. Shunts
went up that people wore being killed, and under
tbo trsnsformiBg intluencool terror the report soon
spread lo those furl Uer back Unit something was
the mutter with the Bridge. In the midst
of the excitement the crowd advancing
from Raw-York fell back a short distance and left
an empty sp;.to at the foot nf tho stairs. At tho
same tune a gang of thoughtless rntban**. to whom
tl.'e'cru.sli v. as either uhr sport ot an opportunity
to ply the vocation of pocket-pit -k in ir,
ansivcreil^a command ol "Lat's give 'em the
grand shove," willi a concerted nub toward tho
st.tv. Au old woman who wss at the head nf thc
steps stumbled and fell forward; a younger
woman followed, and tho human avalanche
went OB th-ir ptostrate forms. Boon others
tripped and f"ll and within a few minutes there
were piles i-f crushed ainl I.L edlBg pieces "f human?
ity at thc foot "f each Hight of stairs and the pniiu
sttiti.'ii erowd was trampling them to
death. The scone nov-* beeime dread?
ful ('.ist description. Borne nun won
changed into maddened brutes, some intuit, a *.
Husbands picked up their wives, Straggled tO the
edge ol tho walk and placed their bardens all limp
and exhansifd u;>o"i tho trass. Others passe I chil?
dren over their heads until they
were landed ia a' [plaoe of safetv. Hats,
umbrellas and canes wen- thrown away IB order
thal the han.is might bl cit a: tO fight with fur lite.
A pcdler's pack was torn lr.un his back and ita
cements strewn far and wine. Coats were
torn from mon's backs and slyirta
and sleeves trers ripped out of woman's dresses.
Stoles of willina hands wore lout tu tin- rcs.'ie of
the fallen. I'tifortunitoly there were BO means
of communicating with Hie gait un n at cither
and of the Bridge and the tide of tr.ucl
was not cheeked. It was only from tin* si.le ol
tbe walk tbal the persons who wt ro piled apoa tho
stairs eoold be rene bed.
Finally the Bridge workmen carno to the NOBB*.
They took ont a section of th.) iron
fence next to tho iron trubs on
each side of the walk, re-ted planks
u;.' ntbegraaitecopiBgttnraadtbe frantic peoploioto
the wagon-ways, and eaabled willing hands to ex?
tricate the dead and dying. Tho most of this work
waa done bp daring nen, w ba had clambered down
Ihe irtvi trustee in order them .fives to ey ape death
from sutl'ot-atn.ri.
The injured wan carrie! into the division of tho
roadway designed far iho railway and laid down
BBoottbc sharp edges of the broken stone where
simple efforts wore made to bring boob tha lifeless
to life. It was h;i If un linn i' before all were extricated
and much ionizer before lnclieal nid reached them.
Wagons iiml trucks wen- turned into ambnlsncea,
and ibe wounded and dead ivor- placed In them
ami carried to thc polios station in the City Hull
and thence to tho Chambers Street Hoepital.
Eight persons w.*re dead or dying, and more than
twenty s<. seriously Inlnrsd timt they bad to ??<?
taken to hospitals.
Intelligence of the dreadful ealamity was
strangely long iu reaching the ends <?f the Aridgo,
but onie known to tbe BWeatmck
cnnv.I out-ido the gateways it travelled
like wildlir- aid grew tis it spread. An hour after
the uccideiit it was told in tin- vicinity
of Mad is >u Square that twenty-five
;i"rs')iit ware killed and hundreds wounded, end at
Forty'Second -t. tbal the Bridge bad fallen down
and l.DoO people had lost their lives.
Tbe following i- I ll-t ol th NS who wore killed :
liA/.AKlA.v, Ji itcsin. as* thlitv five, wus the wifn of
Ziieiiiiriiih Lot ulan, whoas home i- st Bo, '.i'll
I'lyiiioiitb st., in .irkini. He le a carpet-maker. Tbs
husband lu an Armenian. He arrives] si
tilt* (Ililli.!..: Street Hospital Mt uhollt 0
o'clock inst ev. nm.:, doing Hit'i the room where tbs
bodies '?! i lie ii.-.: i w r. Ij lug he look) .1 i srefally at
tin fuc.siieaeit woman natl! be reached ilu! ..f inn
wito. ile tamed sway without a word or soyezkl
tnt Um ol emotion bnyond the expression o: miser]
upon i.i? e.vi *t. nance, and w*ik<*d np st,ors nt tr lo a
dosed condition, then soddenly uttering u piercing
ShMt-k in* ruitiieil min the i.ireet.evuliml', La!! crated.
His wildness was snell thal it v.bs neceteary for n
police officer lo t>eUe bim umi put lum Into o hook
Bear by, whoa b-- wa* tah n home.
cnn i-, William h . ano no. ..r go. 4B0Orsad-st, wat
a ti.rk In the employ or Ridley A Bun, Heat irted for
Brooklyn yesterday afternoon, after the store had
sinned.to vt-it relativrt there, un.l to trout the
Bridge. Uewos In ihe middle of the erowd ol tho
Hine nf tin- neel.kui, nial sus taken out <!".itl
from undue itlon Hs was o native of COnneetlcnt,
ami bsa lived li. New-York the lae! thlriy j ru-. Hr
le iii- ;i widow ..ii'i four grown children
CB AW runt), Mai rv ape thlrt.i thur, wife nf t ! I es
Crawford, wbo ls o clerk, living In Thirty-seventh
st., in ur Broadway. Bhe wos crushed against the
milln*., then thrown down m.ni stamps i ni on. lier
huti.uutl was not with*her at the lime.
DEBBI MBV, .- ililli . WOS married null SSVOB wookt
ugo to John Ile .uesti-v, a wire weaver who i
employed ii fJalon-sve. and Alnslte-st., Brooklyn.
Be lives it Mo. 190 I'll '.ll "t. Ile: inalilt n inline
wes Tibbs, sod sbe wat'jj rears nltl. The husband
Hill Wife Wile lOgOtiMII linell till* pOOlC ... lIHTl'd .
An a' l'l.iit ha I oe, iir.-ed to the husband a seek
SgO, which had 11 lui, il in, left liund. He wu-i
holding lt np aad shvwt ug li io his wife when tho
ilr-t n sliriiui . "? tie_'nii i'm;, bodjutt reached tho
,i ji- vt tit* New-York aai borage ami were coming
toward Mew* York. He -fiir i lu vtif-'- aria with
Bis uninjured hand io protect her. J.ut ni that iiio
ineii! lie received a blow ...i IBs side ol bis tn.-" that
lolled him tu tbt Boor aad hts weal rolling io the
liol iola of the stairs He whs able to extricate Iniu
Bl-lf from tho crowd witli.tnt being t*r:iHln-il.
'lue blow ni" a ins foes separated bim fiom int wite.
When bt: bad eeeaped alter bit fail lie contd nut gad
Ber Bad learned notatng mon of ber until he found
lui drud Linly at Hie hospital. Ile I!'*-' tonghi for
her ot ber home, bul nol Bndiag ber there he weat
beek to lae hospital with her father and brother te
Hint tii.it shs lay thru- ili-j.i.
Kasti n. iii-!/i, sae -lity, retldenee Mo. \h:> (inftitii-it.,
Jersey Cit) Heijrbtt. sin-was sceompooUd i.y her
husband. Mr*. Kiiatcu was on old and feeble womau.
Wit" Helaine frlfhtoOOd when tie hist onlifuniini
annie. Tho ooapie were loosing ai the hosts oaths
riv. i ut the tims. B/aen th.* crowd pressed upou
them tho hashaad tried to pr .tool ins
wife, hut sbe waa thrown dows sod trampled upon,
whue ne wes newerleea io itrln b.-r. -sin) wos e ii-rteo
out ii it di.iidriiiiy iii.iugie.l eondltlon. The uusban.1
InL..in I hei tn lin- hospital, but liho was.I.iud Lei*. ?
bel body wi." leiiinvetl ll vin the ittiiliil'uijfe. lin
BOSbuBN i.enl home, mil S00B aftei wu.-il hld Non
mn. to th.- hospital to can* for ins mother*! remains,
Lino, ah. ul*.' fifty-four, u < hlnossaa, wtm boom h> Mew*
york (rem tin- Weet Indies ahum ton ? .-ur* uo, Bs
wu' iii est.:.1 In dark tout, anti i\alslcn?! anti imi'l
trousers, nit hom.-wu* in Baxter-st., and bia ooeo
?allon mi" peddllUB tObOO) '. mn! minti from honse to
iiiifie in small .purnim.?. Ho was trampled npon on
the BrMxe, nml Ills fare wan horridly dlaflglind. Me
Bad aa relatives la thia eoaatry, lon ho mn i.ieuit
lkd by ti Deputy .>h.:iifl lom fx-o.
O'lHiiUN, inat KM, age fully live, employed as a delivery
clerk at Pier Nu. :in Pi-untylTanla Itailrnatt, llvsd at
Bo. w* LaiKbt bi. lu eompaay wita his daughter,
Elizabeth, who it omens tue injin. d,and bis daughter
Mnry ne wn? seonlog the Bruise inr ph anuri sad ts
suiut) bis curinsiiv. Mai:hew Welch, wini also whs
Moompauled bi bntdoogbier, waa wi hMr.O'Bnea
- when the dltasiet tit ure-!. II' took the
dead man's wife and inoib-r to the hotplnil.
flt. Weleh hlniteif narrowly nseaped death. Ul- taco
WIS bruited and his StothSS turi). Ho taw Mr.
O'lirtiu, who wai wulkiu-. uut-ad wuh two lime gila,
owr'.?U awuy by the p.iiiio-sirickei. erowd, Hosea
oeedca In reseuiLi; Kv- and look her homo, mni
Wsut hScK with .Mr. O'Bnsu't wire to find him. not
bavlug boon aide to set any Huco of lum imme?
diately ofter the occurrences
RlORnxv, F.h.e*i; arti forty-five; married; llred at S'o.
3fl Montgomery.st. She was In company with a
woman friend anti one of her sons on the brid.e.
They were separate., nnd the son did not find bis
metner until tie recognized her inaii-li d remains at
tbe hospital.
Bl'i.i.iVA.*., Maroaiif.t, age fifteen, residence No. 137
Munros st., was identified hy her fattier, .fames Sulli?
van, at S:l*j n'cloek last evening. Ile lia lahorer.
Ilo was with Mnrjraret anti Ka'o,a.vouui;erdnuirtiter.
Upon the linage. In the panic he fonnd
that he could not save lioth of them
unaided. He passed Kate over to
the care of another man. Tbo latter, however, had
another woman to aid and he imt Kate Into the
hands of still a (bird man and tims she was t-ken
out alive, although badly Ul Bleed. Tin* father mean?
while was striving to prevent Margaret from being
crushed. He failed. 8be fell under the feet of the
struggling t lu -.ni. and was tnki-n out dead, lier
father tlrst lound her hotly at the hospital.
SiiritwiHin. Emma C., wife of Caotaiu Sherwood, of
Bridgeport, Conn. Bbs was visiting In New-York.
Her host, whose nsme could not be learned, with hts
littleiboy, was accompanying her across the Bridge
when the crowd lugan to press upon. The man
BmrM his hoy, lint Mrs. Sherwood was len sway
Iron: him. Uer dead body was carried to the Chum
bersStreet Hospital tracie lt __terw_rawaeiden?
Smith, Gf.orok, age thirty-five; tntek driver, who
worked for Baker A Clarke, grocers, No. SS& Oreea
Vleh-st., aud lived at No. gi Watti st. Mr. "mtth
was wal Ititi-* a Tass the Illidge accompanied Dy his
wife, nnd bad lint resetted the top of the step* at the
New-York encase ?gs when the panic occurred. He
Was thrown donn the step* and Was crushed
by the people falling upon him. Altlnni.h
alive nh, ii pick-d up In- died soon aficr
reselling the th.nubers street Ho*pltal. Ills wife,
although overcome by her gr.ef, had MOOPed almost
uninjured from the disaster. Tin- deed body was
taken to th* undertaker's shop liv romner Kennedy.
-, unknown hov, apparently 18 reen
old, with !l?'iit blue hair, of slender build and dreMed
In dark ilotius. Tickets were found in hi* inn kef nf
the Mindai-'fliool of I'ie .-.nilli se-'oiid Street Met ho
dist Epiaeopal Churoh, Brooklyn. He was seen by
one of the lsrltlge work men at Hie lime of th" disas?
ter. He watt il*It'd fruin his liar' lu tae pressure of
the crowd ami ivan sque ted SO timi Itt. lu calli lett
Instantly. Hie face wee area to express great aeooy
u:i i i lian p I Dolores I ile pu suire be e.lino greater,
Tin: i.viniF.n.
Tboae known to lie injure 1 ar-* as follows:
attin'.,i.i:, Baobab., age 18, of Nu 443 Blxth-ct,
bu.lilly Injured about lae bead BBd body; Went la.mie
Will mil alli.
Bakkbtt. Fkancm, age ??? ot No. 19 Mott-et. ms left
legend arm wera broken. Th- hay wot t ikea to
Hu- ? "ban :>. i' Street Hospital, and was subseiiut-nrlv
transferred to Um New-York llunint.il, and wot
dollin well late '? a-t night
Biacuorr, Oito, o: Wo. 7 Maabaeaet-plaee, Brooklya;
?lightly Injured; wei.' bom qnaeslsted.
Bonni i, Air. iiti>a. Internally InJnrad?eooreyed to
the ('bambers Btreel ilospit d aud subaequentlj io
.v ir-York Uoepttal She Urea at No. MwDlviaioo*
si. ,
i: ..ii. Maa Manama., age :u. o' Ne. l.l Willett-et.
Bbs -.ins i i company wi h Mnranrei Ooll taber, who
Waa killi I. .-lie lt a .11 ll 11 ..tn I e tm '.tl I.i ui .t:,d
tefl HI m. 81 e it a- taken lill-, th tn lu r li tatt.
< III Mil :.-. M .:?? Dal il1. - A lui il.ei !i!i r Emma age UL
Mi- i '.tab ri wiii 1: Jure.I Internal!) nu I
I. rim ;i "i i lie iii.i: i a i .-a Mn- Chiiinbt-i- bad a frae
lui -ti.. ..uer Umba, rbej were inc-jmpsuy
wah Mr. Coomber . a
dent convoyed I beui In a carrugi to their borne, No,
lin King st.
l>A!',r t. ..;:*. . 79 Henry-et, rec Ired aUght aaalp
l,. i. -es. iii wri. able nt tr,i temi a
I'u.i.in, tum ci. age :i I, ??! Si >._.lo W* nt T* mty-nlnth
n.. ese ,| ? d \,'.::; il islon of t i ? back sud
was taken to the New Vo.k Hospital, nbeoi
.,,, ? I,, lu- if-iiitiii'd 1." in a i,, e il 1 I !?.-, si U'l lek.
Dei ? ixte, David, sgt tah . Ive, of No lu \
II.- tell . i fie fu at .f ibe si ;?-umi received
e DtUSlOU ol Ibt slue. Iii- Was I.l-.U U) Ihe .Se 0 Vol k
I! .-spits!, n.ii i.e.iv. n i ?e inai be wm able to go
howe ? ai jj I ins evening
D rr, _i*waai*,ai .. tr*, of No 152 Fe *ry-st.,
N A.tila. S. J. II-' was taken lo 81 Vincent's
tlos.dtal, wbt-re be was fonnd by bis milli
in Hit Injuries were Dwi ooaeulered futai, being
, ,,.,':?, I ' i ali lo ir I,) Ire- -;. ,i
El ?::-. 'ii* LEN ag? ll. of No. 331 lust Fifty
loarth- I., bsd bis riant le< fractured ucnr tbi
snd received a < intusi.ftbescstp Ile waa taken
1,1-.. Vis mt's h..,.i:. where bc wm doing nell
la t un l.t.
Erasa, I. e ii. tit Ka 7 Manbass L-plaee, Brooklyn]
tlj lid ired . went ,'ei o'- irltl mi ? >Uts
i, a ii.a-, u ik. .d? ie, i km. a widow ag 'i'iyi ir., ol Mad?
ison nea ?
Strict Il'-l ' lj lUoVetl t.. ?
Y. rk llospll a.. M. ii a - 1 .ul;,, ll I
n- elvin, bei i i] il
C.v.; i ' . Jl'',r, ?: ' ' I I'u,- .e.- ut is
tbrongb prostration, t and :-? >i thi ?
Min-; Hospital.
1Ian*"'>. 1. i'i Url >g al -
i brystlt -t, wm wi u aei rn 'i", oa the
I . re. ii...a w. rs ?ii.*;.iu Injun d.
II_i:n Ena Mn., a tr J ;. nf In i! ? ?'. ? rd st.,
h. . iver, working for Riobard Walter m
Forty-slxtb-sl ll. wm bri?oed aud *irui.i about
l b< lt
I.i it.-.i i. \, .: n ..... UO of No. 100 Monroe-si In
lured n.!? in ?!??? i ? ? ; ' ? ' i. i1 .?
la! and ? ibse . e-r ll..? ... Sew \ "ik ll. -,
o'HttiF-i, l.i.i/iAii; ni.agell. daua ht i ol JamM O'Hrlen
wno wm kiiad. Injured Internally nad probably
will die.
i rim: bm, M kBT, "_? -, ? a* with b' r f_ ber on th I
wheo be wm billed, ind received several bruises ? 1
scratches. Bbs wm sent t" u i bon . -' No. ss
(a'li .sui as. Maui.i.f No 2.12 i 'berri st. ti.lured Inter*
nully ; was taken to 'tri ni'ht -ii tats Hospital.
RBQl'A. i.in.N. of Ku 02 llorailo-si Ullgfi
su ile M d f rom Mphyatn j weni bonn uua ? ited,
ii. in.v moNAs; of No 30 Moutgoui i> st.; mi ir. 1
. ly j t ;? not sd fruin Cbs I Hov
-..M', wh ri be was at first taken, t> th Non _orl
llospll il
Kui Ma lt. .Mrl.l, nv'e ;i". Ol No. 230 ' '. : ll was
ei.iin ted to I ,. tin'i. r. - |. '?; Uoeptt?Usugoi In ' fr,,in
eiiiiTid-ions and ..- phi il >
BMITH. MlKNil ; lives ni No. 308 UoMUm-OU, was Injured
Barra. MaaosWET, ac* twentr-flve. Bhe via? on th.,
lilian'- ll I. b lier hum) nial .ml v, ..a 111 niall iluaii lbs
steps. Bhe wm t.-?ei...| with il illy and Issup
pus. ii te hare reoelvi d some ,.11,,-tif internal Injury.
Bl 11 ta, Mum 0 . "I Vi 267 '.nure rt ( Jersey i iii ;
Injured i,11 i a.' ii,-ei wai eared for ai tue Uannbei
l JliMpllj!.
'in.mI--..-s. Mawr.age8, if Wo, 113Monroe at.,had her
?knll fi ne tu r. ti and nu nor ? un ina i huh ai nair, tbe bead.
BOs wm .am at Bt. Vincent's liosullal lu an uncon
Minus condition i.i-t eil :ii:in. and ii is tii...i;;.t will
probably die.
Tu.i.nkv. i:i.i/aiii ni; a young -iri wim Urai la Bt
Murk's piece, Brooklyn, nant borne wltbout aeelat
Voaau v. Maa < hmm aa -lives ut \o.::. Wool TWeuty
n tutti ?t.; Internally lutured; conveyed to Cnaaib is
Birect .
Tboae reported miasing are as follows:
ItSKWI' K. Ill WI ) , 17 V'.llS of r.L"-. of HrventV Sllttl Kt.
and liri uv. Ells father la sexton ol Ibe Meihodurt
i nun ii la Biaty-thlrd-ei, lita lett home early la Um
umi nilli.', aol saying where be wm going.
Murk-, i.i.iii'.i N. Ra la Married aad has a family.
iii- imme is nt Fourth aad Thirteenth eta.
Mi*, i.i IT, A i'i. are lg, living In Eighty il ir ti-..t., a Sliter
ol Mrs. Henrie Suilth. \i lione husband luis ki led;
It-it lui linnie in company with ber slater un foi tbi
purpoMof walkin* ueross tbe itr.i|r;e. Bhe had not
returned up to a lute hour l isl ni^bt.
Mr ? i I , t : I ii . age 2-, a Sister of Ada Minley, wim lu
OOaipnilJ willi lu i and is also Blteot?g
Brauao. William --uii.man, fourteoa .urns of ago.
employed at k. H. Macy's store, rn Btzth-ave and
lulu ii-i nih st. Ile lefi borne with the Intention ol
going to Rockaway wltk a ni-ml. Ile nus inquired
tor h., Ins tiitber. V,'. II. Strong ut the I'huiubers
Btreet Uo*i>it.t: nt 9:40 p aa
Ta.MMAM, iCl'WAIlli, U|,'e ll, of MorilMiIibi. Ile left
boure ut 7.45 a. in to wall. OTI r the l'.ilil_e. lie had
not telurned ul 10 p. m.
I'lBiN-Ri .'?Am ri, righi .ve.us of a'.*e, ol No 48 Kldrldge
st. Ile left home ut au curly boar uni nad not re?
turned Ui lop. 1.1.
It waa reported thal two aooaofjoho Unmmell,
of .Vu. 109 Kldrldge-et., were misaina. and had
probably bean ou tbe Bridge. Inquiry at that
ti ti in tt. i failed to diacover an.\ such peraotia an
aooonntod for, and none ol the boye In tbe Innis,?
and there were bum jr?had baan ea the Bridge,
CaIIH.iI.I, .lulls, ai."' 14 : lu,- la la' Twelfth st.
i u is, i.nu aud, of 8'iuth ? vent!, i., Brooklya; n
\ eui n old.
f ni k. !>*% in, sire U years. Lives at No.
J ei soy i ny.
Esr i i.n uuii. Rica abd, IS yaam of aga
24 Mtgh-st, Brooklyu.
i .nt io n. .J, i: iv, o' No. M6 ' anu'-St.
Hassaokn, ih.uki,i, ti yean. Lives ui No. l.r>7
O'N'i.ii., Anna.i-i.. laves st No 023 Wiishinton-st.
O'Neil, Kiumi-. Llrraai No,271 WeatEleventh-et
Minn, Mu.i.s, nf l-'urty nr-t si., tour -sououtl uv.., 14
years 0 d.
Vi ni it. MICHAEL; ega :i0 years. laves at No. ti
nu Eighth -at.,
laves at No.
At -1 .:*.""? p. m. Hie alli titnan ol thc. pedesl i nins in
tie- City Hall Park and tha poaaoagera In tha horso
eara bwi log uj> and down town was attracted hy tho
si.lit "f three men liorriedly oroaalag Chatham-at, h>
watdatboCit] Kailatatiooheartag botwaea then
th ? body ol a woman, .111 ned ia a nary-blna Banael
ooetuioe. Bhe was tpeechleaa, her face was covered
With I'l" al and lier dress ami hat wert* torn and la
dieorder, Tbe men stopped for a moment ut tho
fountain which stand* at tlio easter
end of the Matta] roadway and used tho v.utor
liberally ot* r her faee and rapidly ehufed her
hands. l)..iui_ thin BUNBOUt'a paii-a a dowd
closed around tboaaeae not 'he party toaaddlf*
licuit.v in raaaarfagthalrprogreaatowarda th.-police
nt ut ion in the, c.ij lUi., In reapoaaa to ii"'
cxiitod inquiries of tba Inflowing thrwof. Ibo saaa
hi'rricdly uusweied that there huJ bega au awi lem
on the liridge and a great many people bad neon
crushed and injured. At thc itatiou word had just
hem received of the catastrophe from a
member of Inspector Byrne's staff, and a
little boy, i,till unable to speak, but
only "nightly injured, had boen brought there
In a earring,- hy a citizen. Sergeant Conlin, who
wan iu charge, immediately dispatched the reserve
force of thirty men to the Bridge, with orders not
to allow any moro people to pass tho toll-keepers
under any pretence. At the same BJ instant
word was sent to the Chambers
St r..it Hospital, and to St. Vincent's, New-York, and
Bellevue, for ambulance* and surgeons. I.x-Alder
man Kraut, who happened to be there when the
1ir.it intelligence arrived, ran over to fhe Aitor
Bout for Dr. Farrington. He found tho doctor in,
sud tbe two men returned running to the station.
By tbis time, the ambulances with sur?
geons in charn-t) had ornvdd from the Cham?
bers Street Hospital ami wero receiving the
wounded and the dying, who wore now bein* car?
ried In by citizens and policeman in almost un?
broken successlos. They were tirst taken into tbe
rear room of tbo station. ThstO rastoratJTM WOW
applied ami everything was done to restore con
scioiisness to those who bad swooned. Those who
were badly injured were transferred as quickly tis
possible to the ambulances, and tho more fortunate
wero carried into the front olHce, when, tiny re
mamet! until th.ry were tn a couditiou to be sent
As each new victim, wounded, maimed or dead,
was hurried aeross tho square Into tho station, tho
pitiable light was billowed and d walt OB by il crowd
ol men, WOBMA and children, and these constantly
arriving delegations loon swelled tho num?
ber of people about the entrance to
tho station with a luging crowd that
fought ami struggled for an advantageous place to
v.cw what was going on, an 1 theos WOW only kept
in tuiiiv kind of order by th ; v,g >r ot half B-OBOB
policemen. Mea and boye forced a passags to tho
bured windows wbu!) open from the ser
geaiit'a o'liie, and gtaad theil cheeks ami foreheads
against tho iron lu their eagerness fo catch a
glimpse ol tho awt ni and heartrending sights within.
Ths Menes hr.-, between balf-pael l ami bili past
,"i..'... eh, were certainly snlBeient to make women
tala! ami strong mon turu palo. The doctors alni
aiton .a,.ts belonging to the anni,tl in. tt wen* bur?
ry lng the dead aad Injured from tbe bach room toi tbs
- at th.- door. Thors were, bloated faces,
and eyas circled wuh dark bins rings, preternatu
rolly swollen; cheeks and facet were covered with
I'looti, ami hair w.t i matted with tl; foam was exud?
ing from blue lips tu I olotbes wer.) torn and shirts
anl dresses wore in tatters. This prooession
tin.nigh a group >f pale-faced men
anti women, wh ? wen snffnaed with
. t vi -. sad who..-' hp- sro*** tr.-milling -,v itii i..? _-111 los
I to for vi into words.
II. .' .... .. * | s ;. )l ?? vu in elaspiag I pl. Itv,
blue-eyed babool eely to bli uniformedooat, Tbe
child wm daintily dreatod ni pink and white, and
the rocgh policeman wat trying to soothe its fears
by gratis w ltd*. As he -r ol there a stout
Qernaan Biade Ins way frantically int.. th.*
place. Before lie could utter the word4 of inquiry
liol.! hv hoking i i.t" nt' h - Uar lilied eyes QSUgbt
light of the chill. With a irv of joy he sp,aug
toward ber, tore her irom tho officer's gr..-p unit
budged ber to bis own breast. lu another porto!
t!i r i'ii i -. oung i > -mian girl, who bad liven badly
i snd trampled on .nd was still un?
conscious, was shrieking ami groaning,
snd moving with pain *<> rapidly that the at
tend i it- f.'ti ni ililli ctilty in k. eping her on a seat.
Ii, th* hack roo io large, beavy stan who hod been
a nder the feet of tko crowd* and tl..- lower part ol
w boes bod) wm terribl] mangled ami crushed,
.- "Hiing piercing outcries to thoa of thc girl ia
i h.* .'th.* i snort ment, and these shrieks of pain and
"ll added .IV el' Ul* III IO (lie hi'illlll*
wbieb wi.s thrilling.
The wounded snd dead that win- thus taken
through tvu suanye assembly of noises snd people
trew pn into tl.'- w ni ti ns :h il.iiiui.,. e. tiiat were
rspltljv 'liiv'ti swat to tne vonotis hospitals and
uave place to sii.'i i i ij, ii _' aiiiliuiatii'-s that were
i 11; ? at I. vi t.t I ute rt uis. to t' e
disturb ut??*? snd di-i o.uiitiiio nt t!i" ((in?
stantly collecting ct"" H. All toM. t'. :
v.. re Mvents. n ired and t?..
? leal tha' wi |-,* t'lien ,'ivv.iv Iroin tl.'- Cit'.' Hall
Station to the hospitals. Tie- dead and twelve ot
mi' Injured wiri- taken to Chambers Street Hos?
pital, loni injured pcreooi weie carried to m.
Vin. elli's.
Before tbe dead and injured had been all remored
and while the room wm still tiI'? ? 1 witb wounded
people uttering .ties nf pain sod noxiously in?
quiring friends and relatives, Detectivc-Seraeant
Maguire, ul Inspecloi Byrnes s stall, pushed through
lbs crowd with his bands on lbs collars of
two pickpockets who hal been tungin
on tin- Illidge plying linn nimble trade
among th.* crowd *l '*? . il t th.- ca?
la troplie, I in ir na im s vv. re William Harrigan and
< lOCar .Ne|.!|e V ami t vii' Iva! Ill ea ,IH- 1 1 pl .eli! c-d ll)
tue Hogues*11..ul. ry.
Uy a tju.it ti-i past tiv,oi three quarters of bb hour
ofter the drat injured person had I.n brought to
Ihe station, Ibe hist victim had beenMntowoj
to tue ho-pit.ll or had gone I,nilli'.
Tbe ..Hiv* wi- i,*ft to tin. policemen
who bul hail au hoiii nf such unexpected hud work
and excitement, ami io tbe fneudi and relative, nf
those w no were on fhn Bridia? ?r who wore supposed
to have I.n there, wbo coutlnued foran hour
mon h. cullie in an ol mool nnbrokeu procession:
-ti,i,i overwhelmed with lear ol Impentliug mn.
lortune and scaroely aldo to speak, end others
csger with hope and counting all the
iiiui' < s of ii favorable natcome. Ai balf-pastsix
titer- wei-.- few ol' them left. I hey had g.nio lo the
btM-pitnlfoT were saliotiod from dergesnt Conlin's
information tbat their fears were groundless. As
tn the erowd outside, from hall pool iiv>- on it
rapidly .im,h.i bcd Manv weul over to the
Cliaml.ts Streel Hospital and in any others
repaired ta ih'r Rridgt wuh s morbid do
siie io inspect the sceue ol tbe iii astt r. k tew still
lingered, however, and talked witta tho groups..f
friends and relatives thal wen* constantly coming.
As these grew less in number, tbe crowd Mtl" ?"?'
th ttli-i tressed, until ti noll] a bond pashln* along
Broad war attracted Hu- rewosnt, who quickly dis
appeared oorom tIn* Hark,
ibo bis! Injured persofl bom the Bridge brough]
lo th.- station was a little hov live years old, named
Andrew Dougherty. ll" wm caught ."it ol
tin- .rush at Hie side hv .1. rv .Morrow,
..I No. lu centi-r-st., who witta bis familywM driv?
ing along the Kia.Iw.iy in a Carnage. Ilotei llve
8ergeant Maugtn, ol luspcctor Uyroee's itali, had
preceded Mr, Morrow I.y a few minutes, snd had an
m.uini.il tbe catastrophe al tbe itation. Bul it was
m.t unt-I sir. Morrow's arrival sod that uf Mr.
Kalitcber with a tv..man dieosrd in a nnvv-olue
eo. inne iha: tbe tiiglitiui i-_.i--.ii <?? the dis .stet"
\t as made know u.
g) l lui.' were, "i coons, many touching scenes when
tin- friends ami relatives began to come In. A sad
faced willow with ochild a! ber mle tremblingly
asked if anything bail been beard >>f ber daughter,
Henriette Soar. win. bul been on tbe Bridge witb
William Weaver. When as-utud thal uo such
name appeared among tin* list of dead or
wounded sbe breathed a sigh of relief,
and clasped her child's hand moro closely. She had
B"tit one child away io Weaver's business addreet
to leam whet..er or Hot he had gone on some night
duty wbieb bis business makes necessary. Bbs had
hurled bei husband four months sgo, she explained
to tbe sergeat-t, witb a sob, sud bel dangbtei ??,
hei only support. <*i coane thew were numerous m
tjiiiriet tor people who had been absent from home
a f.-w hours ut the time of thu accident ami yin"
Inst M .iiolial.lv at some other poiui as ou the
Bridge, A Jewish woman was looking br her boy,
who had been awsy hom homo siBCC ll o''lock lu
th.-m..ruing. Thora were even eom_ incidents tbat
supplied a some what gum humor uud
stiled to lighten the otherwise pain?
fully soinbie tints of the general pic
lime. Tbe mau who sswilled thu! h.-rescued tho
mulatto l.viak announced liuns.il' us thurles
Wurley, the popular comedian. fc-VSok'i injune*
consisted of a lather badly Ida. kati eye.
When tim news of the accident began to spread
among Hmm about to rater this Bruigsaad from
ihuve quickly passed to IboMoo tbe sidewalks and
tho passengers in tbe cart, a scene of tbe wildest
excitement OOSBedi Tbe street wns soon blocked
up by a denn throng ol people, the more active of
.whoa Interaaptad thom coming fiom the crush aud,
eagerlv ouojtioning iliem, littcned to tha accounts
nt vviiiii tiny hud passed through. TUsmBM wasouly
broken bj tbe arrival al the Bmbalaaoes, whoti
Slanging b Hg wera now be.nd n.ii,gi.id
l libliUUl tl Uu -i i til.il Villi*.
Ottawa, May 30.? Colonel Do Wiuton, private
secretary to the Governor-General, says that the
reports in circulation concerning her Majesty's
health ara -xagfaratee. Talagraaaa have been re?
ceived since the Queen .arrival at Balmoral stating
that with the exception of a continuance of the
lameness from tho effects of her recent accident her
health la unimpaired. Hor Majesty goes out twice
a day iu her carriage.
Moscow, May .'10.?The Emperor and Empress to?
day received the congratulations of tbe Grand
Duchesses anti the ladies of the Court. Tho sceuo at
tha reception -ran very brilliant.
FABIO, May 30.?No B-.iotu lighting is expected
to occur in Tonquin before tho middle of July,
when tho French will bo ready to take the oflfeu
Tho transport A ii n.t. mite sailed to-day from Tou?
lon for Toaqain with troops.
Dtni.iK. May 30.?A meeting of the Irish Na?
tional Leaifue was held hero to-dav. Mr. Harring?
ton antiouncrd that 3Sl> branches of the League
had been formed. Mr. Sexton made a speech in
which ha referred to tho success of the Leanne in
Aui'iiea. Referring to the Pope, circular, be de?
clared tlmt thc interference of tba l'opc iu the
Parnell testimonial indicati.l perilous and iutoler
abie intervention io the future political eoaraa of
the Irish people, but that the pri s's maintame I a
dignified mlenee with which Kr. Parnell's admirer*
wei'.- nalistii-d.
li'.vj I'.. May .'10.? The contributions of rotor's
peuce have oontiaued to decrease so rapidly durina
tbe past few months that an appeal ada rewed lo all
the bishops is being prepared bv thu Pope urging
them to awaken tba faithful lo tbe n.mty of
providing funds tor the needs ol the Holy S c.
London, Mav :u>.?in Un House of Commong
thin afternoon the MU empowering tbe In *.i! authorities
in Ireland to Improve tba dwelling* o! laborers aaeeed
it- ?eoood reading.
LivbbfooLj May 30.?Patrick OTJrien,
Miiti.nl Ryaea and Patriot Slater, who vero ar*
t -i. .1 for printing and forwarding to Duello IibUmiihh
ira drawiag attention to Ibo trials wbieb bad taken
Rome. May 30.?Iho Journal de Botte, con*
Denting oa tba u.e re friendly stitt ude vhloh Prance na*
ihoivn recently toward Um Vs lean, soya a rapture
i ibe Valle an would deprive the r. .i -
un r, lu tbe face of Mic trl| le al lanoe, <? n gr* il source ol
.',.. Hhe must choose bot ween open mu wita tho
Vatican and breaktag witb atna Istlcal radlcalUm.
- ??
Madrid, Mav 30.?The Ceramic Exhibition
wn? apei ed h re to-day 11 Kli | alfonse, The King la
bia address said tbal the exhibit naa proof of tbeproa
perity which tbe Kingdom had ettatard Mine the clrll
wai i, i he i>: eaencc of ihe k ng aad Qoe *a of Portugal
wns, he tald, ?"pledge af sympathy between tfea two
emin tr
The Cuban budget waa nadda the Chamber of Depu?
ties to-day by Befler NunYr tlc Arco, Mtnister of thc
co, ric- n venue and expenditure are estimated
.: ru i.in H.- mi,;, b. rb surcharge on Imported
? I ir-an i"i per cent t" 22 p >r neut, mid
taut on i (pori dui les ni!l lie reduced from 111 percent
lo B per a at.
I Bl tin: i im it ii. ABO 001 ni am kihi'am rLi.r.t.HAl'11 I
(.i tTAQi ii., May 30.?Tbpw mu fig-ting in
tito river a little above Quayaqi?1 thia morning, _.
steamers of tin* contendingparttea Little Jaaia^e la
i. !?? . pd i baa been fighting at Malacomb, half a
ess bouses bare tn ea closed by the
a li lee of Vi intriiillla, the 1)1. iHtor.
QraitEC, Mav III).?A frightful accident OC
curie i ai iii-ieiuun, a miali village twenty miles below
l'otut Esquimaux, on Monday last, Fourteen mt
hud Jual returned bom tho seal tish.-ry wire dividing
two kegs of gunpowder la one of tr.eir hom sa One of
tiii-'M was smoking >t the Ihae, audit asqppeeed that a
r-i ui; fell into the powder. The home was binnu lo
?toms, snd two of the men were carried ?bom a hun.Ired
yards. Bevon or the party were terribly burned, hut
nobody was killed outright.
Havana, May HO.?At a meeting on th- 23il
?nat. ol the Chlefeof Bureau! of tho Cuban Treasury, lt
waa resolved lo ask the Captala-Qe-eral for a saapen*
r all proceedlngelu the mutter of Boee Imposed?
imt -tm unpaid -mi eiipt-ina of rita mari ami sailing
ii ?soto, until i be Judicial pcoooadiaga lm-titutcd hy some
of the ooaaignoee hara beea terminated.
Ile . otifualon arising from the depreciation of the Mes.
lean Uiver dollar ls we'd Illustrate 1 by thc fuels that ut
< uii...i ii ii itin wholesale sserohaats reoelve it st lu nom?
inal value. Hie rel iii sserohaats M cents for and thc rall
roadoflea fur BOoaate, Willie at Komi-illos some take lt
for 00 cent*, and others for BO cents, and at Cauiajuatn
it peases tor BS e mts only.
On tbe eetate of Sonora, near Puerto Principe, wore
lately foued the dead bodies of Vaierlano I.o__da and Lu
wife" Isahel, barbarously mutilated with machetea
.hen u no olew to tho aaeaasloa
Mum tii.M.. May 30.?A lotter hus been re
ia tia d from thc preslili nt of tho Ilrltlsh Association
ui.ti .ii.i. iii? that 110 nu inliers have entered their names
?a Intending to doom to fan merttag af tte laoola?aa
lire, at which I. nd Raleigh will preside.
i/i i.uti , Hay 30. I'be stostuer Otter has arrived b i
m;ii un. i u of Du-1 row of thc Norwegian hark _l__.au.
??bore lu 'Wully Hay.
ll.iui ax. N. B . May 80.?Her Majesty's war-ship -Tal
lard, ivhuili MTlTed hera" to-dny, hail several cases ot
yellow fever on board while at Jamaica. Bhe bud tho
yellow Hag Hying wiule coming up the harbor.
A large life tiuov ut uked " Kobo, Portsmouth." wnt
picked np al asa in-n Sunday by the keeper of the HgbC
linu-ii'on Unites Uland, Prospect.
Mum ui: n.. May BO.?Aa attempt wss mads to-day by
released convtot aaamd Mercier to assisi
_ companion who was lu thc St. Ylnoent
dc Paul penitentiary to escape. While scaling the walla
I tm latter fell and Injured his legs. Warden Lynch
coming up at th:- timo shot Mercier In tbe hand with a
revolver and ..curri I him.
br. .mis. N. H., Mav 30.?An Informal meetlna ot
ihe stockholders of the M-irlng Hill Mining
Company wa* hold to-tlay, at which lt was
resolved to dispose uf tbo company's stock to the
Montreal am) yin-bec syndicate, which recently nur
cbased the Parrsboro minc. The price ts understood to
be 9801,-00.
f.'iMiiiN. May MK?In th" Cbeaa Tournament to-day
steiuli/, and Kugllscb played a drawn game.
? Ional isnwi'i i., May 30.-Tho Porte, replying to a
note, maintains its position tu ngari to the concession
lor a petroleum depot,
LOBOOa, May HO?Thc Government's bill relative to
the Agricultural Holdings In Knglaud passed its second
reading lu the House of Commons last evening.
LOBPOB, May Mb?It is announced that tho Duke of
Mnrlhorougb has tleelded to sell tho celebrated collec?
tion of Limoges enamels imw at lllentieiui iiuu.se, the
seat or his Grace iu oxfordshire.
IUtLssr.LS, May HO.-The Ilelglau Oovert.ment bas in?
troduced In the fliamttor of Deputies a bill Increasing
the Import duties on tobacco to 100 fraucs per lOOkllos,
sud the duties on cigars uud clrar-ttus to .oOliuucs per
LOOOOa, May 30.?It ls reported that Lord Derby,
CMoutal Secretary, will not give hts sanction to tho au
tiexat'.on of New-tlutnea hy queensland. It ls stated,
however, that he has agreed to allow the establishment
ol hug.li-i) stations on lue coast ol that island.
br. l'i ii Hi-iiLiio, May 30?A Hr* baa occurred in the
I'uuloff Iron Works here, causing a lo.s of 300,000
rcunli'S. Among the workshops destroyed were tiiose iu
m!uc i mil" were made.
Hd.mk, Atay 30.?Throe of tbi- prisoners ohargid wltb
participating la thc Obeaaaal dstnoustratton have been
found guilty and sentcucod to imprisonment for one
year, ami io pay a Hus of 600 Ure. Tho nst nave been
IUkt-cmu, May 30.?The annual ordination
exercises at lt.* llrrkeley Kyis-opal Divinity School, at
Middletown, occurred to-day. .'oui leen students wara
ordained as deacons. Bishop Williams, of ConneofleMi
Hlshop Huntington, of Centra! New-York, amt Blthof
Faddock, of Masaacbuscttt, took part In ttie exercises.
iM.tAXAPOLis, May 30.?News of a verv destrno
tive tornado which passed over tho counties of '
Clay, Owen, Johnson and Shelby on Monday even?
ing was reeoiTefl, here to.day. Tho news did not
reai Ii here sooner on sccount of the smaller to waa,
which suffered most, having no telegraphic comnto
At Clay City, a town in the soul hiv-astern part of
Clay County, tho bank of I'Loiupson, Jett. *
Wiltse waa unroofed, and '? .Ue " Burgess's wa/s
rooni was destroyed, ns wor,. nlN,, several smaller
buildings. The sttirm passed over a portion of tho
town and destioyed John Cuttt's fariuboiiKe, kill?
ing five inmates?Mrs. (raft ami child, Mr... Wil
liamsou and child and a yuri;, mm named Pft-istsc.
who had stopped there to take refuge.
Heavy rain arid hail accompanied the wind at
Patricksburg, Owen County. Th) path of Ike
storm wm a mlle wida. Oreti bama wa. madei*
the town, two saw-mills and a dozen houses being
destroyed, and a large flouring mill being unroofed.
Coates & ."-'chuialtz's store was badly wrecked, aad
tho propiiotors wero badly injured. Tbo houses of
I):-. Richards and Or. 'Stowe, anti the Christian
Chinch were all badly damaged.
Tho Flat Kock Valley, in Shelby County, tufter*-!
from high winds,which destroyed timber, orchard.-,
gardens, fencM and house", aad rendered many af
the roads impassable. The loss to property is maty
thous iuds of dollars.
Cincinnati, May RG. Begorts are still coming in
cf tho storm on Monday night. I'p in the Minni
Valley lomat?lng like a clo,id-burst occur?*.!.
Hooding booses and driving people Irom the lint
Boon of their dwellings. At Freeport, a lumire
BOMS! ihe Miami was torn from it*) piers ar.-i
wrecked, iiiul Stubbs's ilouriiij.' mill was unrooted.
In Shelby, Deoatar and Bartholomew Cana-sp
lutana, tho flestructioii to barns, fences, tini-v*r
and -.rowing oops is almost immeasurable, yat est
mi' was bart. lu Butler County, Ohio, a family
BOM Wast Cheater, were badly injured by fallug
willis. A greal number of hems were unroofed and
two or three dwellings wero deinoUabo I.
Ar Lancaster, Owefl County, Ind., .V. R. VV .1
lame, his Wife and children ind four brothers naiced
Craft, w.*re killed hy falling timbers ami ci-versl
(.thor people wore Injured. Reports from varlets
oilier points in niuo ami Indiana, state tbat BtA
wintle and an extraordinary st omi of rain, biol
and lightning prevailed.
a f .umuna* Bri ..mmi'.nhs a bu-ts kui gnp
m. I.oi is, .May AC).?Thc foinmittee tg
potol A by tba Belleville Hoard of Trade t<> consider rm
relations estating between miners ami sstas owners io
tli.it district snd see what e- Bid bs duli.' tOWSldS settlisg
the present dlSeoltles has Mads a report in wmcli B ls
rvnmuieiid'il tmit ail railroad companies carry iutt ta-Jg
to St. lamil furnish copies <>f fie Weights sf SOB) producst
by han I-vvoiki'jg mines to (hariet Nesbit, pie-.dent sf
the Miners* Union, ob the Mk and'-0th days sf ema
iv m h. amt tLat Nesbit furnish a copy ot the came to
emh lunn ; tiiat a uiiHi rm ICTea-SlgMhS SeMCO he i'*)>
totolllhod ai* ml haod-WOridng tnluet uni tba owat-rtaf
moehtne ottaos bs allowed to operate them wlthonl sty
reference to legals!loos governing hambasmtagi ton
euni'.vitti i* also re.-y tn tue ii i lu tho State Logislat ire tojt.s^
vnlt s Committal Of Arbitration, to whom all dinkuuon
between operators eng sitners shall bo su!)mitt?d tal
whose decisions nhill be dual. Tbe?e rt a oamendssamg
?in* limply wtut tbs ninon ur* eentendmg Ur.
Whether thc nilnc owners will agree to the lerins ?l*$
*.'?, ed li not knowu.
No trouble is reported to-day tn any parr of the dist*et-,
ami there will probai.it no be nay stove. Two i n
paules o'militia at Decatur huve licen ordered to bab]
themselves In readiness to start tor st. Clair County st
a motnent't notice.
The funeral of William Anderson, the winer who nm
k:'.*.| by the tiiitir.tr>'. took plats* this ofterooon. 0*sr
1,500 nitiiers st tended thi' faneral ile- inanestasa
continued titi- morning. Several wltMtaea, ttieiu<?*
Di ity Bherlffi Psgioad nnd Anthony, were ezamuwl
Tbe testimony was conflicting as to who began Uta
Deputy Mniill" Hauland stated that beta* a
man pointings revolver at him and ti_cn aboii were ka
niidialely tired.
HV TLLI! itMIII lo TIIK Tltlllt'NE. |
N'a.sIIN Ii i.tc. Tenn., May-M.?Hie eighth ancial
Coinmeiicentent of tho Vanderbilt luiversity wm
ho'ul to dav. During the year just closed tho wsik
dnuo by tie .students has been the'nert ever d_oa
in the history ol thc institution. The dogVW ol A.
li. was conferred upon swen applicants; thatot B.
Ii. upon three; that of U.S. upon six; that of
Bachelor of Sacred Theology upon the Kev. J. J.
Tiger! of Kentucky; that of CIvU Enginasr BBBg
C. L. Thorn I mri*, ot VVest Virginia ; ami that o' B.
L. upou fourteen candidates, li. 4'. (.ncr. of
Taxes, won tne rounder's Medal tn the Aoh<1*s_hi
Ibpartnicnt; J. K. **-.t'iiire8. of Missouri, in theftb
lieai Deportment, J. I'* C. Walker iu the Mai'34
Department: M. C. Willis iu the DopartsssaBai
Pharmacy: C. W. Baale iu the Law Dapartjuati
and 8, ff. Tally la the Dental Depaitment.
'ur TEi.EfJRAiii ru tui: niBOBB.]
BogTOVi May HO.*? Delegation! from mxnj
of thc branches of the Land League to Bonton and r*~m
ltyatteuded memorial icrvices to-day at tbe t*?w_iaf
Fanny Parnell lo Mt. Auburn Cemetery. The ( -ural
Branch of Button tent an elegant round tower -tl \rp
and a barp In brlf-ht oolors. The Irish HMM BalS ".toa
Of New-York gave a heart of Immortelles atti Irish rryg
sudtbe ladies of a New-York bTMCh aa (decant warnM
of lni-uortellee. Atilk.n banner, wtth n punted r?*m
by Fanny Parnell entitled " Post Mortem.1* bunt, ba
one side of tbe tower. Ths services toelodod iln-nog up
a male tiuartot, addrettet by P. A. Collin*, John Baylis
O'Rel'lr and F. F. Doherty, and the readies by Mr. T. &
Loxa B-UNCU, N. J-? May 30.?The sarre.
of the Methodist Episcopal Church at beag Brauet Vil?
lage, which WM badly shattered by lightning tatt aro*.
ll the molt promlnentlandiuark on tbe New -Jersey taunt
bet ween tbe Highlands of Navettnk anl Iiaru.--.at Bay.
and bas been used by fishermen ever sine. |M er.-cu?a
at one of their tlghtlng points in locating the meena
tithing bauki. Tho Board of Trutt.es him decide*sa
tikis what lt left of lt dawn and to erect a .small belfryr
ln Ita pla/e. Tho Ushenuon are entering their pr..r.*_0
against tatt dcelilou, and a committee appotiii.nl ty
them hal offered lo hirulth a portion sf tue wittr
Dteded to rebuild tho tpire. as tbey wnl be unable os
Hud the flahiug banks If it lt torn down.
At Port Chester yesterday afternoon about 5
o'clock a well-dretsed man apparently ul nut tlvirty
' yean of age.and a strnti-trer, committed M-dde by MBBBf
b(t throat with a nuor. Ile had with him ii panel ad?
dressed to lllchard K. Jeukint, of No. 0*2 Klgbth aStog
? ?
KmiXVII.i.k, Teas., Mav BU.?Tbs Know,Ha
Water t't)iii|i?iiv turned (hts water lulo Uni luauit to-day tM
everything oorkagwell. TBswolor works, wuh t capacity
of t.Ooo.ouo gallons per day, tia vc he-ii roiuplri.il ala cutt sf
$160,000. There are twelve isliea ot water in ai na.
PlTTBBUBQ, l'.'iin.. May 30.?-The steamboat Jack
tiii'iitifrt, plviiiK between Monut Keespon an.l Kit r abets.
!'* nv , -trut lt a rock lu tbe rue. thia aisruios au.l stink ia
' t tm minnies. Then* welt) about tnoivo patsi'iinert ?n
boa il, but all wire re... neil
llAl.TIMfin!". May itu.?1 he oeuteiiiirv celebration
el the organtr.atlon of the l'rote?iatn Bslseopsl (ImieU nt
.M *u ju i was . niitli,s-t) thia tuuruiiig at mi. i'vt.-t'a HhuicO.
Aftei (liomin* set vi. e ihe Her Orlando Hnttm. .hilve eil e
tr rtnoii.ou the luatoty ol the ihui.h In Marytti'. siace l??t
IlAint-uliH, Conn., Mav 30.-Tin* Oru-i.t Fire In
tnrance 4"euii.auv elected Jolin W. Btoekt St pr.-si.leat la
-.lace ol B. C. PlOStSO. nagaM. -Mr. Itruo.s ia luanraaeo
luuiuiittiuner of thlt auie, hit iturn entlmslu July.
Kt. Looia. Mav30.-"Mstt " Lewis, who has Inym
convicted faur tlrnat tor murdering his wt'*. sad who Uso
bean three tliuet aeateureJ to ba lui.ged, hat bren gnuie*
aaolhsr itay of steeinion fruin J tint* *4 to J uue IP,
ArBCBN, Mav 30.?John Hetkuian, ti moulder, at
teapied lo oommlt aoieWt rettstdav hy cullins ii'iriMTll
hU tna. He was -urottod tad *ltcUar?.J. Lain bett.
tempted to thoet hit wilt wA? t*5oi gun and lbw eui hld
u. i oat with s iuut s?T?_risg tM Jaoaiat vsla aod dying log
tsw niau toa.

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