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Vl, .a,-, .Ill.O.M). I'AIIK AM) ItnilillTON* III Al ll ?
? in'v. 'f ?'v,'r* ?'??,* Daeotatloa D?J in aud about
?ear-Yett ,'"1 s" ?I"^,''t* "?*??' KSSts -? ?*??
kinds m was yesterday. Tho turf season wax
Maned a iib greal spin! and display at J< rome Turk
ZUtbere was racing at Bnghtoa aka. Baveral
laeeball emnoa ol Bouaaal int-rest wore played,
]-ala defeating Prraeetea by 5 io 4, and tha lletro
poliuns heating the Cincinnati" bv 1 to 0. There
vere gamea of erkkel al varioaa polata In raeht
| there iva* mont activity, BO atm than Imir
c'uiis tie Atlantic, Beawaahaka, New-Jersey nnd
Jersey City, having regattaa. There were rowing
contests..!, tho l'aa-aic Kiver and there were ath?
letic games in WiUlaiaebarg.
onaniio day at jerome park.
A RFMAltKA.'.IK kmm%\mt\%kSm Of WKAI.TH. Ill At TV
AM) I.VSHl'iN?<?<?<>" ItA.TNi;?(IKOntlK KINM Y,
l-..?n.lA< K. STRATHSPKV. DAN* K. ASH LILY M<>1'.
aoa thu winn aaa
At DO Otk** rnet-tnuk in America i? thorp
ever siioh ? ??'*-Iie presented tis that at Jer?
ome Tai. yesterday. .Sheepshead Bay, Lon.
Uratieh and i-arutoira oiten gither larrc iiuinticrH of
spectators, with a koo. ream matathmof -mfaahtoaabla
element, tint never in their best estate cou'd they
piam ul xuch au arrav as that seen at Fordham. Mun ay
Hil fceins to have Bottled u*'0n Decoration Day at
Jereme Perk as faralahmg aa aduiiramc opportaattl for
au open-air festival baton the annual nodus te
the seaside nurt thc mountains, to thc springs and
to Karole. To attend the ruces on ttiat day Bppoars
lo be regnrd. rt more ami more every year in tho light of
a raa-iraaVT duty. CartanUy there was never quite so
eataaetvaaa assembiina of people from thctiucsi ajaartee
of ihe city at Fordham in any pKCrvoaa year. No less than
a round dozen of four-m-huud coaches -.vero ranged in
trout of thec'tila-houso, ono more than appeared in the
ii-ieiit annual parado of tho luacliin. Club.
(in and about ttiese couches, on thc slopes of the
clulfhouse bill, on tho baloonUs of the buddinu, mid in
the lad'..-' SC HOB of the grand stand, was a railiant
hos? of lovely faces lind graceful fl-rures and a varied
and deln-htful display of the daintiest and most elegant
of summer fabrics fashioned lu the freshest styles. I:
whs a noteworthy spectacle. Little showers fell st
limes but Ikey did not daunt cr drive to shelter the fair
h?'arcrs of bi'lB-t-liucd parasols or thc fair wearers or
li.Ut-liuted (-owns.
Tue crowd of mon vi ns of course very groat. The rail?
road facilities were overtaxed Uookina.in. was car
ried on freely. The track wns In excellent condition,
pood horses ran and the s;tort was unusually iittisctivc.
These ?iinwd avd lucky owners, che Dwyers, waa tha
U'.-ft race with their gue coi* George Kbaney, and tho
tireat .Menpo'lfan Hniidicnp willi the fleet bootjack,but
in the thinl race their Carley B. was breed to yield to
Strathspey. Tlic stceplc-hns'.' abounded in incident, for
three out af the rive riders fell.
First Race.?rame 1*500; all axes; speeisl weight
conditions; l's miles. Five starters?Dwyer Brothers'
colt George Kinney, by Bonnie Boothind Kat?lees (S
years, H)7 pounds, ridden by J. McLaughlin) jr G. I,.
Lon.lard's colt Marmite, by CHoaslg'SfllU ct. I'l. lin n
nanj; 1*. I.orillard's colt Gonfalon, by Glenlyon?Cor?
delia (3, I'l. olney); J. E. Kelly's celt Carlyle, by III
L'seal-Caro:!,." Ci. it-41-.', DaBBl; and Babcock's jteidlng
Gol I Mag il.'.)"), M. Donohue). Bettlii.?Qeorge Kuruc
1 to 3, Gonfalou 7 to 1, Marna'.e H to 1, Carlyle
1_ to 1. Gold King 15 to 1. To an even start Ihe has
fell at ihe Hrs: attempt. George Kinney took the track,
hut quickly gave way to Goutuloii. a::d Carlyle raa Into
?eeead p ? . Magnate showed no speed, aad w_s
nei er near inc frmt. QonfaloB reasalned laadvanoeen
enft'eranee un to thc last quarter, warn Qeorge Kinney
moved Itv uni \n h carty iud: _?. reine. _,,d came _g ibo
wiuner in ? gallop, never having beea pushed. Qsnfalo i
troaaed ihs Hue two leut.*, behind the winner, Gold
Kin. third, n.x ougths beiiiud Gonfalon, ^I_.
had fourth, and I lilllie la-'. Tune 2.QP _.
Bet.i l'.aci?i,re,u Metropolitan Blakes (handicap);
$1<)0 each, na l follett. deeUrai iou Conditions,
added, g-00 to second; l'-j allies, Llrveu starters?
Dwyar Brothers'geldlag Bootjack, by ii.ouie Bcoiiaad
?epari'tiw^rass (5 years, 1^0 "pounds, J. .McLaugh-U) ;
G. L. Lonnard's ^e.di_? Munlloi, by Glenelg? llmx
(?ged, 120, i OOM lo), and thc same owner's colt Trafal
nar, by Kin*; Alfonso?Aerobic t3, 100, 31. Donohue ;. P.
Lonnard'* gall-Bf Parole. by Leamington?
Maiden (aged, 1_4, Foakes) ; Yonkers sta
tile's horse Ge.terai Monroe, hy Tom Bowling?
Minnie T. Morgan (5. 117, Pltlgpatrlek)'; Freakm-as
f-tao'e's coll Macbeth, by Macaroon?Jersey belle (4,
ll'.'. Holloway*; Littlefields coll 1 ive c.o.it.by Bu.liou?
Kilty Fido (4, 100, Waller] ; eueueker's BUy Miss Luw
icijiv Leonling on oi Belora?Lad/ Lumley i4, mo", vv.
Donohoe): Bhrewebary Mattie's gelding lonni:, ay
Glenelg?cronniel (0,118, iiu|-_e?i; M. J. Da Cs coll
Hilarity, ly ninnie Beo?and BeaulahUL lot), Spar
li: . ? j ind (ar.:i_::r? e"ldlug ILtledon Ur Kin-,- La-ar?
Kino** io, no, -ireuuau). Betti ag?Meal tor u io _,
Bootlaea 7 lo '-', General Monroe 5 to l, mus
Lanoey 8 to l. iii,amy 8 ;o l, Free Gold
10 to 1, .id 15 io 1 BgBlBSl un., ..to-i.
After two bi< .avaya ibe c-z .ai w.,-. tivanto
siiuic siart, Macbeth ti-ing Tcit at tbe post. I
Free Gold aad litlarity were lo thc front uivi-:.in mu
Monitor, Parole and Miss Lumley iu the inst. Hilarity
?et tbe pace at a rapiu rate, closely attended by Free
Gold, nit.'i uara?lr aud isootjack well up. ai the end of
lie arel ball ?ole, passing lht* grand ?i~u.L, Iii.ail y was
a tieck bt-f. ur Uorsaii', with Free Gold third, and Soot
|B - lourtta, MoulUu Ultu, tteneral Mon
me sixthi mile l'arole, Miss Lumley kud
Ttatalgai formed the rr_i ^?r l. In Ihe next ..aif inile
ILlarily eUiariccd til* lead to three la ugtns. Monitor and
Bi io i lack were no* reatrinag ti"- teeaa i plaoa, bm
MOBHOT .ave way before the none streich was , .. _
Bo.itisek had apeei Baanga ta aatraa Utlaritv easily tu
thc unai lark?g and le wm bye length? wu h HiiarHjr
?eeoud.halla leaathbefore CreeGohL kloultoi foiait;,
half a doses lenjrias hack of Pres Gold; Parole a poor
fifth, Gt-iicrul flhmroe sixth, <o:?air r,t:ve_tb. Miss
Luin.e.i e. gbth, rtafalgar math, and Maledoa
lai-t. Macbeth cantered ore; the eoUTM
after Ids muli.i tune at me start. It had be n thought
tU_l Hie -.rr IJ la Cc Wtln a t,UUl Ur Hint tao U.,lc.i lo. I.o ll
jack, but he Las Improved gr atlj narc last -caisoij, aud
can uow hur.y aitnost any imist. Pare e wns _? ror
promlneul In Ute mee, Agi hm natural y n??-? ned ?? th
i.- -,'ini and weight a ?! a_ capacity. Monitor ?.?
tot equal te hts heei fora el las) year, and* ????on . M mi tc
waomrbeiowl -. Hilarity aad Fr?sGold saeta t?
become mueh better tuan in :--.:. aud a .... ii tupi ive
um'fal. i ha. niue ?us fan loi u.e welgut aad tue eoji i-,
i. ml li.nc?i'm-<? $900, free handicap, all agaa, i ]a
nu.tai-. BeVeaatarten O'. Dob -? Mtrat;.spv.y,
by ia lent ik-l^t Fulka |b years, llttpottnus, rUdeu by
Iso owner,; Dwi er in-ui.!?:?-? (j Mui<.ai ej li.. ...
?Ladylike I, l:'.?, J. Mei. uirh In ; O'l tiers i
Imp'., x, ov k % i.r.i.*. oi M-carooa BcBu twa,
gnuiliMO; O. i.. Lonliard's ,'. .o.ui Vulusla, :.. Pal
? j vsuda ii il. ll., i ralj : J. I
fl.iy I..a K., hy gina a lonso Leran ci,
t?j. Riley); Babooo_rs filly Lisski M , h.. Alarm
? Lauy Motley (S, 100, Breauan), a.i l'hompeon's coll
J. tl. Sal by le.iincia. Kuuna 14, 100, Gerard.)
Beting Btrathspev 8 to ?. ? i I, 5 io 2, Duple- 7 io
1, V o:,id;.i J to 1, Ida K. lo to 1, ..,//.ic Wc l& lo 1, J. O.
laay 'ja in 1. implex m.ii LUisl. Mc bc-av-d badly da
lay i u j; Un-st; i.i i utiiv li. si n , fl'.n lin, , bu V iln-ua
?a a lillie ii.ranee after' luuinn;; a quartet .-.
tte nen rfaansr Dsplei -lim away umi
wm, ui^t ny two i.,1.-':,-, in pessliif
thc e.luu Lion-.. farlay li. umi .tmthspej were
MmmnghlBihs dm the) a mded thc south Beld, ai.a
Le-oaiijbnieiniu.il. i or a f ni .un. I.',. n l '_riey ii. nud
mi ithggoj ij? i ? a.ly even, out ( arley B. ha i a utiUj
loo ii.i.ca w, ixbt and Strathspey ca m- away in the last
hundred vant-i, m mina by two lenjrths In i::l l!
ti. ?eeead, - leuiitb ano n bait bi loir Volusia. Duple/
?<- ir. nu, custom, .pm in tee last Quarter ami u as ? bad
louriii, ibo oi-t-i . suvagliag home.
...uiihMace?f*urec ibOU; selling allowanees one
nu.c. liv.i starters J. W. Bell" neldim Han .-., ly Bon
aie.se. tia:..:-.lei,ni-Jorie ...- o. 1 /') |?,.:.,..-, ,\ . ljon
OLUt-i, mid P. il. Dalli ? i,i.i. ? ii. ...jr ',. - |,,,
tic (a.tu, io?. J. Betting-Dan K. 1 toft,
Bsby-1 io i. Oas K. won easily ft V.oOit Ihon nut
B" bailor Um.
iiuii Baoe- Ilaudlcap steeplcchu ; purse iowt
DOO W second; lull can-,-. Pivc starters Yonkers
mabioae jf-Uimg Yoakerw rfdraoerlj Wooleuch) by i\?
Hanm Miss *..},, Uumd, l_o, K.m. ??); Bradley's
0^ur> ' ;. '. 1-ri, ll I.r.-a ,a:r Um U__UOWn (Bgod
14J, Green); l. Ge-hurd. bone Bil ni, by bonnlt ->' ai
mas?Glenrose urned, l.J. Capuuu Uoimes); M. J.
l)ar,'s nia.e l,?.el.. I,- V gil M. K. li. fi, 186,J.
atoaay); and r. Adora's feWb-g Ltuie
My-i_,i, bictt!..'i. uia-uo'iu (a^id, U>;>, Alloidi.
Bttliii. Lily MoflMB '_ to 1, I.nelila 2 io 1,
ltiak.ru 4 tn 1, HIloXI 4 lo 1, Little My-tLall Ultu I.
Ih)* * aaa race luU ol aocbl-qus. Iuh-iUmiuu in advaaec
Uiuil sba- Kut lo luo water lump, ii a rt -u.- _____ down lu
a ht ap, tlimwiiiy M?*aiiy with ,-it-at VoVOC Out no. in)iiriii>.'
him nu nitdiy hui tb it bc was ame lt, limp a war mui a
time tia me ann of a friend. _tr_a*e to
aai aha mai aaeapaal severe burts. Lm.e My?
an?0 a Un wa ur tui? hgag over itt thu watti,
bm boin he i.nu Uis Jock ry nat iii- ?.-.uni on mic
to escape itrepa.'sole daina.e. These lnelucnts left oi.:y
laly Mm ?nit, Vuiisi r? aud lill, xi lu the raa-a Ii.it utu-r
e.'uiuijf down tue bbl as he **as oruaMagtbaasarm
Biloxi stuiubled and spilled the distiu^uisbed . ai'lain
Bonnes, wbo rolled n,?.-l .rmu-lv lu the dust. ll..ni
?int led up Uie hill after this exploit. Uoluies picked
hiui-rlf up, run aita r the n-asl, n-iuouDtcd bim and ilu
Isbetl tue oaiurso annie lime aller lae race Was over.
AAlj tlursou nain- lu Uv wm ncr a a un. ii ".1 yards belora
Xoiikt rs. Tuen Ibu sites-taiois retire? for dinner.
Followinif the example set by their more
ansiocratic rivals at Jerome I'srk the gfetgMea Beach
Kaeiog AseociaUon np?ne.4 their sprtajr raciuK season at
t-'om j Island yesterday.
ITlist Uaco-Fursa $'.:,(), f_0 to so omi, for kll
?asa, ihrev-ijuarici's of a mile. Them were eleven
Buners, pools soul; Lillie Miucb iji*>o. Ixmdoii SSS,
Hula Dan $i!0. tteid ?50. Lillie Minc- waa lue favori;,'
tn thc Freui'h pools. Liitb- Minch icu all tbe way .'nm
ene to iw_U--_tus and wwi the race with ease by three
lenatim. Iiaaka was second, a length ana a half before
Little Katie third. _he time was Lld. Freuah poofs
a t ond uaci?i'ursc *ri;.'-o, ff50 io maaag, aattaa artea**
an ??' s, one mile. There acre atght staiUrn. Fools sold:
sUetiheliu OM, Juliet IMO, Ulfl $'20 aud Held mil}.
Mary Comet wort tbe rice by two lengths, Blenheim
set-oml, a sheri half length lnff.n* Mt.uk tbird. French
paoli paid |M tO. So b il for tbe winner.
Thirl RaM Curse tgOO^ | "?() to sc'-ontl, for tfcive-vfiir
old, revcti-i-lghtb-t of a ml.e. Eight started. Pools sold :
Tocsin, flin: Tennyson. $170 ; Klug Fin. $100 | Lena
$0(1 arid llrld |8& Tocsin held the lead np to the half?
mile post when KiUK Fun w. lit Into tlie lea.l, lin 1 holdti)?
lt easily to the end won by two leutrtba. 1 loutit ful was
second and Peseta third, The time wm URR**. Vtaaaeb
paoli t-iiul |tl 75.
Foui t h Boes? Purse 9850, fBO to s eead. teraUagse*,
m miles, iiiere wt ie mx starter*.. Fool* SOU : Little
Fred $100. Aritouio $2b and gold RtA\ A qu.irjer of a
mile from Ihe lltilab Ihe jo okey g iv Cromwell his lifitiL
ne horse stumbled, hut reoovrred blaaaelf Inratedia! ly,
snd won a eloei race bys short neck. Ar-cme woe eeo
enri rni'l Lit '" I'"-.I thirl. Tito time waa'J:Kl. Fr.-iica
pools paid 9HS i"
pitta Knee- I'lii-.eft'j-.o. $50 to second, welter weight",
1'4 tnilei over live bardic***. Eight storied, Jim Me
Gowan won easily by iwo lengths, Bonser seo
li.L'v third. Tlie Mme wac -J.Co. Fri i.th pools paid
?t'.i -to.
Lui is\ ii li , Ky., May UO.?'1 lu-*, wus the
seventh.e_y of the ssatng Bssettnc TM weather wm
sl.ovvcry and thc track heavy. Uf the sixteen Boreel
tliiit started in tm* Ilrst rate, u Bellina rate of ono BO Iv
Monticello, abe sold eighth ehoic la thc poola, ttnlshed
lind, tallowed ny Vanguard, vi ita tbs tat ni Ito, Metro** t
Itsilnni. Time. l:ls'?... Trie Club parse, Rte furion -.
for two-year olds, wio* token by MIm Brewster, neophyte
second snd Flank ai"l Lock third. For the HraDhants'
Stakes Ave horses came to tbe post, cheek mn to, iii fi
vu!!!.', vt..-v.- : vin Mi lia; ?>:?, Bond "i'.v tidil. Time,
i:&2\. The fourth race, a purse of 8250, thri*e-fourihs
of a mlle, wm won by Pope Loo, willi Highflyer *?*
and iiii.-iitii**.-it livid; lin- favorite, Bots B, !>.)-.?* un
placed. Tune, CM'-i. The mlle lu-tts hod only to i
ttoriers; BufusLwon in straight beau. Time, i:">"-"i.
l:5714. Mistral was BOOM?!.
Then- wast n large crowd of college students
and t lietr friends tit tile l'olo Uroiiuds yiHtcrtliy after?
noon at 1 o'clock to hoe Yale and Trine,ton plav MM
t.ai!. Tlie super.otlty of the Yale mell WM ideally seen
throughout thSgBmSt The ?yttlthlBg Ol Jones fur Yule
wm af a high order, ia fact t<> high timt tbe BHaeetoa
linn ton.tlli't r .t'.'i lt at all. The result WM thal Vav
WOU by a st (tit- .if 5 tO 1. Appended ls the seore.
r tAt foi a j t il /*r(,.i ' r bi
..... f 1 1 .1
.( _. -i -i ~onarV . ,, 0' 0I 0i
ti 0 o (i ii I Harlan. Sb. o 3 "
0 9 0
l, 0 lo jj o |wadletsn.c f. oj ll ll
o o ii i it Moffat!
U uhlm-rd. c..
Hopkins, iib..
Julies. Ji .
t liliils, lb....
I'??:? r, .'!'
McKee, r f
Southe, cf ..
Luri'i'iiter, l.t. _
toui.rsrsii-i-iunii toui~. .i hi^a
1' b\ I 2 I M. Hail Ul..' 1 0111 1 1
Ol Ol 21 lt* 1 BMW, t. f .... -' '*' HO! 1
lil.' 0 Antrim. 2b... o '
I 1 _' O 1 l..l_.jr.ls. ll. I 1 ll Ul 1
Itt Nt- ll OBBB I tl ll I*-MM I.
Yale.0 0 1 1 D n 0 "
Princeton.0 0 0 0 ti O HOI t
Hase Mts?Tale s. Princeton 7. Hir.t boss Lv srroi -
t, H,Ll. rt,.11 ft, -It-til* tl.lt -V.ile s frill. . ti';. Tutsi left
so bsoss 1 al.* 2. i-i ni* ti,,u ?:. Tb ree-bass hil -..nt tn* l.
Double pis; - rv. lo es, Terry. 1. Wild pitch?Moffat! 1.
Hassell L.li Hnii'Mm !. empire, Mi. Jil kion. t
(oats I boon .uni lOmlnntsa.
A league Mme between thi i Kew-Yorh
lillie, wan pilled On llief.Htolu liortluli of the P
GroundsntB.50 a.m. T t New-York nun n...k tbe
lea I In ttie nrs' iuiiiii*.'. I .wi iiiein ,i-tl runs being
off hits by Kulin; and Cassias aad errors liv Hadboiirue
and Trott. No more nuts were scored until the
inuitifi. when errors hy Catkins snd D -v .'....-*l
three mai to t>e sooted by tbe De trot ts. In tbe laei
lniiiiigtho vlhitiua tenn lucressed theil lead by t-**v->
r in., nanok mil Mansell scoring oh on error by ?
wh,. threw the ball wild to tbinl base. Tue following nt
tbe tcoro :
Detroit. 0 0 o 0 0 ii" 0 1 g? 5
Nev-Yiiik.2 0 0 0 0 I) 0 l) 0? 2
A closely-co i e of baseball was played on thc
American Asi I . In tbe Polo Oro und*,
.... ie.a ii,vi;, net wei ii tbe Metropolitan oad Cia
? nines, i be Rame wot * itly conti iti i
that not a ran was scored on either side until tb
inniug.wbso il .lbert mods the ouly mn of i be caine, i be
- : bel ii si til.- bal a i.l lu I .<?
Held, Hie pitching er Keeto and catching ol Hoi ertwere
f" exeelletu. Tue leon of tin* g.iiuo ni *,ipo*.
Met. .-".titan.'0 o o 0 o O 0 O 1 1
( m. luu.tt. 0.i 0 o 0 0 0 0
Boos earned?Metropolitan. 0; Cincinnati 0 Pim
ru.ti- MeHepuiv,m. t ' m. noun i. -track oul Mel
' ion l ' i laciBuau.;. ru .. Isti na lu.r. ^.* ,i ia .
QDStl, '1. rim*.* La--- b!U -Kl t(
seilus. 0 ; Cincinnati, 3. Passed balla
i. t luime Mr Was t lat?- td | u Bad
lorty-lli emu.nie
Tbe New-York leura retaliated lu the af-ornnon traine
witii tin- Detr ll niue, winning by rv ? toora of i io 4.
The hom.- olne fielded wretchedly, nmkiuk nina errors.
The score was a tlc np to tue llft'i In al ii--, iv Leu the Kew.
York team made four runs, toking the lead. The Kew
York team wmi the irani ' ? bm eh ng their Lit..
Detrotto played tn baa look, hot tara left ob
tho buuel. A tummary oi thc score ll append, d :
Detroit. l o o 0 2 o o 0 l I
Ne w-York. 1 0 o o 4 o 1 J o s
i:.,r:io.i ni'-*-?Detroit,Oj Hew-York, fl Plrttl
errors Detroit,ei Msw-Yorh,a. Struck out?Detroit,
2- Hew- York, 6 Total lott oo bases- Detroit, ll; Kew
York, 8. Hollie runs? Welsh and Ewing.
bit--Ewir.K. Two-bane nits?We,eli. Gillespie, Troy,
Hanlon, Bennet! and Trott. Umpire, Furlong, Time or
game, ? houri and lu minot) ?
rho Metropolitan nine had a complete walk.'iver In
tbeirafternoon gaiae, tbo Colambui tr nu being their
opponents. Tie liam.-.-.'it. tonk h.. lead In tnt ??? ? >?!. 1
Inuing and held it easily to the end, anally winning bj
thi More "i 13 to o. ihe Columbus nine played a
wretched fi Wing i-mnc. being charged with -v .
errors. The following is a ?uuiiuar> ot tu.- seers ?
< OMT-lHllB . loin 0 o .1 il ll
Keiropo-tea. I ? 0 0 I 7 0 0
gOOoUgOOtS WM plated it' Ute Washington I'mk.
Btook yu. (irounUi bertwi en me m toklj n ma Pol
Interstate ni'i. ? 1 - Bl . i,!i-!*i li la* Lad in tit
first Inning and held lt tkroughoat, winning hy S to l.
1 ne SS ire by .niling- ll op* soded ;
Ofoaklva .2 ? " " ? " " " ! "- ?'*
Hull.vu.* ..0 (I 0 O 0 0 0 I 0 o 1
Bast-hits Brooklyn, If); Pottsvtlls. i Errors Brooklyn,
3; Pottsville 7. I iiipne. Ml l*le;i,liu(.
IhePolytechalo otoo, ot i!r,,.ikirn, ployed the Hop
kins4.rammerBehool,of Kew-Uoven, umi won by ;*.>
scot. ii to5.
I'mijtosi raia, Kay 90, fids moralng the -f" i.n-a*..-..
elah d.f sled the Phfladelpfils by s leon "f IS io 8, aad
the Athletics won s be-fl from the < i bys
score of 8 to B> lo tbe afternoon tin* ( blcsgot again
a tue i'll' ad I phis . lie i . ?? to I. Is
,, , ,.- -i! eleven iii;iin_r? Ui I " in. ..mali moe lou a nun
ir*.:i. Ul ? Athletlos bj a leore ol IO to '?'.
i: ?juno, i'i nu , Msy BO. -In an azhlb lion _.- ase hers
to-day tbe Harrlobaig Blub flefested Ihe Actives by a
,,', K to 4. havirig in tin- uior nu ' Ui teated the name
,?;:,., ,; narriah irg '-y a f ore o', n io -'.
i.i.i/ iin.iii. R. J. May :<?. -Ths Lafayette Coller.
Club dofooted the uiae of thoKUasb .. i a??o
.-.j inti lo da* h.. a HH-Tc oi 27 to .)?
b. j] i.n i i*iu, N. Y., Muy itu In s game ol ...
tD-.lai l. I't.ion College nine defi nei the represents
ii .milton i.y a More of in te 0.
\\ h.vi**., hiv Moy RO. luau exhibition (.'line ti*.I,iv
ihe QuioMtepS d i.-att .1 .li.- in. ri i.l ' lab, 16 to l'A.
i:,,.i,i\, Msv80. Univ tm dsfeated Ambers! hereto
dui bj a seor ol Bte n
lln-inv, M,o ii '. Tot Boston Club won two vlctoi ?
lo t!vv, ile'eiill'JL' I ti"' ' I' veLial ll!-.t la tue luor.-iiii,-, il
to I, sod the Buffalo ame iu the sftoruoon, 2 io 1.
lUl.TiMul'.i:, M iy 'AO.? This ra..iiilrij- lao Eclipse, *? I
Louisville, de.Vit.ji Un* Baltimore otes bye seore of V
100. in the afitanoeo tbs Baltimore mea, In s ij'u
Inningsgame,ttefeatedtheKcllp* byascon ol -ia..'
PBOTIOBV! L. >lt) '?!"? lor i'i ivin. In 1 .1,1V Bogalo
sines played her,* to-day, Provldeuos wiaaiag hy thc
moote ol 1 to --*.
Watbbbi lil. Cona., May BO. Tbe Yale traebmen ne
the Mt.mi.ut- placed 11 S*i:ii."f h.is. (nil here la
frevlinieu winning Wtth a ooore Ol ld toft Dar! ie
giune ihe ci n- tlu'ami, which wm crowded, gove way,
canst uv irma I sclteawnt. Otto Costrop, a barlmr, was
serlonsiyInjured,oud oilier personsreeeivedsligo! in
PnTtBuao, May 9ft ive gt Loals aud AUegheaj
eluiiM played two gBOMI her" toil iv, tho 111,u ulai; ggm
:? 1., t* ni. tl ai ll) ? eoaiuiiiii ol the fifth iaalag. 1 Lc
BOOM was : Bi Loutit, 1 ; iHsghSBy, '2- In IhS SftCiaOOS
tin h .me nine won, 10 lo 4.
'iiiiMiiv, M. J-, May :io.?Thisssoralag tue Treeton
Clobeasily <'? *? ? i*.- Brown University uni" bj s
seore of 12 i" .'s. in the afternoon tue Brows ii-iyit were
. ? I,, bootoo, iu to '?'..
-ii tu OH.vv.il'., N. J. May HO.?Two Karnet of ball
wore played here to dav. The Alerts iii f-at. d Itu
UaloltH. iii to H. and SltM | ie burr, by a score or . to ft
A cricket match urge played yt stet day ut
Hobokeu bstween Hie ll isl eleveiiH of the sutton Uland
anft Ht. t.eori;e'M 1 iteio-t eluhs, and remilted In an euny
victory fm tba former. The Ki. QooTM'l Wen all illt
poeed of for ihe BBB?I total of M, uml their opponent*.
scored Ti before lotlug a wicket. At the tamo time at
thii was hajtpenluK ai Hoboken the icc.nd eleven of tho
Staten Island 4 lui. was ouga','ftd In winning a tlrnlUr
victory at I'roapart Tark ugalntt the Manhattan second
team. The latter only noni od IU, ihe hutt two wicket*
felling lo J* Ky re on lue Ural two balls he bowle.l. Tbs
Htat-ti Inlanders tm-eeeded in potting togetbtr 100?A.
E. RoberUc->ntribiiti??v;i)and ti. K. Moor.. 17 u.h out.
Tbo New-York Hiiib, whie.ii waa only formed .1-1
season, woul to Tremont io p;ay tbe Claremont club and
succeeded in deifatlli? llieic Sv iit) ruut.
Thc Ilittlsuii Honiing PlffatM Club htitl its
third race of thc itrattuii 1. si'-rtlay. 'Iln*,tirt wat raatb*
at 7:40 a. rn. from Huiitln_;ton, Penn., th.- eiitin-a lu 111 g
lilxtyloui- blrilc. The return)! at aiiudi.wn were 'sn
bird', and IhSM i*ot lbs li -t B pu ti ion I rafi s 1!ir
niore, ls as follows: P. Wlitl.i.v, el Ne-Aiiik, one hird, al
1:42 p* m.; f'l'*' f"' '-'()I ""-?' ''' ? -peed 1)7*4 yalda per
minute. J. K. ll... uv. of Nov York, 01.c lur*. at Mg
p. m.; tiut-_.il':* -ju iiiu; flsllM] speed 07H yarrta ll.
Kiivci, 0. Wiilia.i s . , in bud, nt 2:2i', p. m ; dui.nice
USeimiles) ?. ' -I '.1,2 jaiiU. .*-. Va.iM.u'M', of Hrook
lyu, umi e.id, at. Bi gi lg p. uxa ..iMui.ic'Jio 5.10 miles; J
speed ?78 yards. The speed r..a le hr t-S other hirds
was 7-0 and 7u7 yards.
home Hhodu Uland hirds Were tweed i., Una city In
ooiiipetlihiu for valuable prt] f offered ht thc -'U' BS
cicy. The LtaN was ma ie al 7 o' ina. I e ur*.-*
winning mtaraa wera i One bird to Provld uo . \StH
nnlt-s, Tu g_g minutes, aver, cc speed 1,043ystfda lev
linn ne. Another IO 1'awli.l.t, lJt; uuit-s, lu -titi
auantee, averaaa speed LOS. yards.
oran olcbs ns bav peta, ot ctwrs.
The yiulitiiijf hi-a-riaiii wa-, opefted visUnliiy
hy the Aila ,t..', lnowB--_s. K-tekerboeher, Jamey
div ami othir,-Biuullcr dillis. Tuc waters of tie UPfC*
aad Lower Bay* weN eovared Ihroogaom the day bf
wmt,--aiiL'cl v. Beela, funning a fler-t which f. r number*
and f-xeeilence of ynchts cnuld probably be OSSeoded
only by tha Beyal lhaaam Tachl dab et Lu...null
At lu.:;,; a. m. tin Ila.- of the Allan.ic Yacht Club was
ran np on the elab-boaoe ai Bag Btdgr, and a* it un?
furled itv, |f ni tin- lue ce a mfatie ii as fal ed from each of
theyaebtcof tin Beaf,*aome of which wire lyineat
anchor and some stainllii* OWr from Stat, n Island. The
duy was u duy lo bc idle in. A In .uv nu-.; haag over the
greea heights ol gtataa Ulsad ead Bay Bigge ?adamde
tii Beet of merah?ntaseu etaadtng ap taranga the Nar*
r<n-,-K look Uko ph_Btoma ss they gradually evolved
themselVM from the obscurity below, a itu c\tiy sall net
ta catch the aeamely perceptible breeze that Mew from
theasatheaat TBettda wm on tue run and the wiud
had tle.t.'.c'.ie I and uti .1 to Ile soi'li when at
IO: :'i a Lim man nie i lab-ii nae gave thc signal fm Mai I
\t ihe Min:..) fi.i v i.n !.!<.. al! livia:; tie Bag of the
Atlantic Yu ii;. .ii*i. iprea i t heir white wines nnd fl-*-"
toward tiie Narrow h. The yachts sta.; I la ? hun.h.
tile schooners Crueadcr, Mon ? Mk, ? ?? s and Varuna
being ?laosg i ic ian ne .st. The Qtm le had stood evaf ts
the club-house from Staten bland mid wa
to the leeward ot the lest Tba Mlechlel bad
not troubled h. ra ??' :<> come over to the club
house, but was ttasdlng away tor ii.c Bontbweal ffptt,
as not a raes, but nieitav the opening eaU at tbe
a. most of the yaehta earried only their working
-trill-, ll hleh li as i|UUe _BOBgh lil Hu* -'.rota Ott ' M. 1 ?'?
'? . . a or ked rapidly to wtad ward and p_sand abend of
the ii.c: bj ii..- time t'...a the yaehta were fairly tin- ragfc
the Narrows The dlsmuoe between IheOracI and the
rest of the (let was steadily Increased, tin- beaattfal
Sloop making a long Stretch On tin part tack for the
lino/ on ?!:? Bontbweoi >i ;t. and sailing remarkably elem
to tba und. M ne than tao nelle* lay between the
leading ysehl and the ?ck.1 Crusader, which led
tl e real et tin- Beet Beal om Bag ..f tin Cru?
sader Bew tbe signal of the -i '?? ik. I'u!'..iv
lug her wa* Hie Un- ,V,o iii-, and ai.oiit sixth in tb?*
? ac pretty well strung out, wis
ti.e Barb-talked ol ttrayUag, wnnh bad been hairledly
put in nmeelon Bar away to tbe south wm
theMlscblel which, *tn iptic ol the difference la lbs
start, the nr-.a lt wi- eve iran lag, l tn- \n-i bu f rounded
the buoy at the South t ti-en st.,cul sway
fur .san.ly Mool;. The real or the tb-et rounded ead then
started sheets and the wind for home, 'the
sloops rai. up theil ba
sci ihcirolub-topes the i
topmi .- running up enormous pl
. lina-ii ir hld everything in of the mainmast Tin
-'aile.I at 10:45. r . ided ll buoy Bl noon aud
reached the pomi ol in-' Bay "tt the a*' milo i Inb He?m
from nine.i she clarted, al 1:10% ItWMeoiac tlaobc
I..n i ? -ii', tin -' boom i Cmseder, Inls bed.
Next io lbs Cruaadet came ira- Bag-ship ol the Beet,
lotb [Vi rn [Aa . -... rn ia
? o. t e Moi ta ? behind raine th"
.lui a. abc md behind hm Ike
? r ;, .in,-. Thea cam.- tl , ...tl the
i Mt of tbe I iw. ? : m b -t they
ml) li' a fie kb the time)
?.r..- e nols "ii. tin- u lii.i pa i itally tl ie. i ...it and it began
..' of tht Bet I I lie
Monlank cnn.- In - i Oiled w.i , ? i
r-.iiiiii -tind. | u idi r ber foi
k U rn lum at ?? ii Lt the it el ol tbe \
- ix l"
- ?
i net Bedouin, Hu
Sloop* tia Kelpil ,
. I. \\ HVi . Va :k . r, \ V ll I -I ??' :??' I he ? |
tiie Beet cu I aud headed for Ibe
Mouth ? ....
nil ii Ho ;i ea m.- f'l ? Io .'H.- I'l-lora- t ii c w ' ? b
lal s .- tito o o' balloon Mils and spion i ? -. .
h ibe ..-si out, and whi
iii- wind, after i ?ndluf, rn u.-rii.: ?
lt, ia taro other calton, tbe Olive aud toe bedouin,
M ;.ri int. rest ass e**nl . irr'-w
yachts unmeiiM spreaJ of Maras, bu;
Maur | Beet afti" Iut ng eau
of inc ? ub-hoUM put aboul aad to li a runthrough
- - aud back. The members of the Heaws iBs
rina b .,i tu ? et ? ? Pavilion n ? ' tl
Hrlcli!rn in Hie evening.
I or nu- .mn 11. .-,
*i... ht I i - ii be
-..a the ? . ?'. lum ?? around (tanrwaj
?ad muru, tbe stan belan i flying oue. SI 11:. m.
I aa tnt Ind pron wm ir. i i he
'a of tl.tber class followed as tBc signal sotnidi-d
- nf live wini '
.,,,, ,u , ips a- io tb. nu ? i be wind
ami in?- squadron ran iiefcre it lo Kort Bel
m. -u-ir. ai, ? lill yachl
-I parl of i.rr ina minimi and WM towed I
tiiiei. .-eula: others withdrew limn t:,, .
? ?a. a:. ,.: . them i be *? aim I. s. a , ,.t .
lng lo . L'ongatry kfter turning tb. -
lb. rac* WM '.et'A'i . :..? I'.. "p .ta.iii nf
. and Hie III
IS' III of th '-*? I O'' I ' bel, ? lo-e !
-?ai nc I ill call) nu the 'ii*, .e thu: nu in- Ural ball ul the
I r pa laing i
: heft re h fi
past i p. in . tte lira- ie
.-. ni,,i, oue iniii..:?? and thli ti 1 bi
look i br Hrsl pr re, navii - - -
in . ? lu i boura, .f minutes .uni .n seconds,
:111c. in- lira a toola thc ll:-! pil/i- ol ..?
?? third, tn" 1 > R. of the
fourth, lin- 1:.en-"i 1 tn- tirt ii. uni 1 ti
? uni,
' *
-rm t-edgwinb followed the rare aiid
lhere w< re even I h indri d pei - ou
l arniiik regatta!
BB 1 Kl -i Icim-v yarlu ClUM
The spring opeu rejratt- ol tin* Aaaociate
An. ii. in 1; .a'. 1 .'i'.. ..I in- i'.. - iii i:.i. wm ru WI
icitlay nu 1 a 1 eui ? "I I IB I Ul Un Mi,I
laud i: 1 Ka Iroad bridge
tie! ween 6,000 snd 10,00
from i.n ii ? ..' nhs Ibe trial : In Ihe
morning,and tb dual beats In . 00a. William
1;. 1 a, .... ll. m. Uarfleld Um. keepei IJ
W0..11 id imejud 1 al Ihe -nish, rn th ir.a. be its for
senior singles tbe * nnen wen Im tn doaahan, of tbe
Albany Ho wi ti;' I'l 11. Iii 1 2:1 :'-.'. uni I'. A. I' p t , of Iii
I'ennsj ' Inb, n, 11:00. lu Ihe trial heal - | n
juniors Hie Winners -eic Janie* 1 ol ni rn, ol tbe In-: r,ri?
ll al < nb, iu r_:in. Thoaus Wallan, ol lb. Bsmi boat
(.'Hill (UO lill. I I .a : ll
luoillh Kat.. 1 . im. 111 '.?: .'.I s li. ihe tl ul pal
oared gigs tbe wi aners wera- T, i..p- i *.i ,t
McU. ary, tinks, of thc Institut* Boat < Inb, an 1 grill ia
B. Mpeely, bow, sad kbram Mull, stroke, of the Mutual
ito.vine 1 tub. The Ulai hesta for foul -ie 1 -lulls men
characterised by exceptionally good ttaae on
tht part 01 tin- Princeton crew, ulm
won the Brat heat In Tloo. 'Ihe ArK'ona'i'as
won tin- second beal In 7:67%, a;i the ina! heats wi ie
rowed mia Wind and tide 111 lalor.
lin- ll aili- il . l-l r. . Sf 3:3<l p. lia 'Inanii: 11 won
Un nial '. eal nf thi , ? idol -in.i - rn I !:',:.??.. ? uh Kel 1
1 - sutton defi. : .1 1 obum
in 11 .i't. ila ' in 1 ra ... : r pair-oared gigs tb .
Hon li: l'.:-l .'.. ?' lb Ibe Ml.Usa C los. -ei amil.
im .-ne: fu?i\ tare J gigs was one 01 tbe most e_eittcs
eautestaever wiiuessi l on lb. Paesalc. Pour orews
ulai i. uni.'' ,?? t III. I : 10: . .,: I %| , ia 111 n i.n! Mea York,
.ma ta Artels ainl Eurekas, ol Newark Phi
aria?1 won In :4<i, wita the turakaa seeand la et43 la
lin 1,1 ? ..,1 . ? ra of the In.-! \.i' .?. \i Iel
ami Naaaou coalested.tbeNasaona winning kn -:?;('?< Ihe
Mum tU, bi ,. ai. >ii_. a iii-.it ? a anal Argonauts*
appeared lu tne Baal heil for foul
?bells, Tin- Mutuals Mon in B'-5_,
ihe albanya sec md In _:.._. Poor crcwa were eutered
:u tin-1 ij-'ai ..,.1 1 . bi . ? 1.on tin I'nivi-i, ii, m Pennsyl?
vania, Colombia C ::?-,-, u.o \i-rn fort AtnletlM and tue
Me. 1 op. lilians. 1 ne race Aaa li. : Seen In? coln _r 1 reva -,,
who took Ute lead from t_e start aod i, pt sell In ed
ranee of the Metro|Milltanssnd Athletics. TbeColnmblM
won bv four feel in sriill; l'ciiiu) Iranla I'nlVeiitiiy se.
onil in **;ii41._.. .be concluding race ol lb. ri'gs la was
fm lom .onie.1 sbellebetween cn-weol Ibe Alh.inys and
Artels, windi nus won by the Albany ? In <i:. tl.
N~aaal aaatdaata aeemred. k reporter mt* burled
hean.on* late fie water by a collision between tbe Pn ts
boat aaa a pier, bat wm rmeaed. The sit oared gir ol
ibe Atalautas was urokeu hy a call.sion ann a stean*
lum and the crew sprang lulu lin- ai.it ir I und Wc I .^picked
up 11.1 rowboats.
poataoaao un aooowi ut boigu wai ku?a
si.oiir ra ra nun*
IBV IHaOBAM tO lilt: 1 iciiu.nk.|
liosioN, May 80.?'Hm propotad race ba*
tween llatiluu and Kciiataly al UM 1'oinl of 1'iiic-, a
? Hole n mu I about icu tunes fruin BeOtOB, mit. hoi roivi-al
Int aile: i.ooii oiling lo roagh water, 'lin- lune hil lol
tb.- race .un lielwecu 2 and SOS, bit ul no li air during
that period could in. rase han- inen rawed, owiag to
b atraagnorthoMl wind rue cawse selected wm ax
Well-helier, d M BB BM h, but after vni!lri>;
iinMI Bhoat 8 ii'i lot k i' *) ri' W e.ded to po- poiie UH race
nulli lo moi rmi af c in nu.
narwa m the tm t thal it wa ? general haMdap au ten*
Uieiifc crow,I i-ilm ie I ul and ie :,i I.e t mu -?, ,i ni i,* tbe
maa had beea rowed H anald ? > md ar
aboul _o,ouo pii-iiir-, hun. Un share aaa la aaU*heftll
BodstssmiTSL Not far from 23.000 pcrtont etch paid fl
?er tne mts ..ii the cars from Boston, and admission to
thc n?t?H p tamil sae water; au J uuturally there was a
good deal .I grumbling over thr failure to row.
mi i* " ? 'u L'0"' "tnoC'lve persona waa passingthrough
Shirley u.i: tim. u'trrn 10:1. going Iq tbe Point of Plnet to
i Wiiaesa IM !hih! race, her mum boom was struck by tbs
? teamer baloy. Bad I he sloop wat capsized. Thc oceii
paate were thrown tnto the water but were soon rcs
cm d hy a boat from the revenue cutter Hsuiiin.
Tin- fifth ilium.il sprit*.'; K.iracs of tho
Wl-HaaMburg Atklette duh were held yetterduy after?
noon at the elui, irrmindt In tbe pretence of a large mim?
bi! of -ler-iona. Tho ri)iiiiin-<and walking were excellent
and the record for a mile aud a half walk wat lowered,
lu tin-loo y;,r.lt' nm hamil, ap. J. J. Brown won the
tl -Ih i.t..I c Anotis the third, ty. Holpin the third, J.
0. Msbob the (Barth, r*. 0. Moor.- tho fifth, and
0. tA. Holton tee sixth. Ti.e Anal waa won hy Bolton in
lo'-g leeougs, with llolpin second. It. Sargent won a
100 vatils' nuiiill, ap f?r emnloyo* of Sargent Ac Co. in
11 -'-". MOOUda In tbs 1 Hi mile walk, V. V. Murray lin
uhed th, mile m ti BSlautM 45*s ""' 'nd", and Ibo mile
Md a half In 10 mteatos 21M meoadsamld great ex
clleiiHiit ant! MthuBSSUt This lowen thebes; previous
i.ci ti rm thtedtatanec hy BRR rn.eda Thehotf-mlle
run liut;*1,e.ip .v.,- iv,,,. i,v j, j. Murphy, tiiesoriitch man,
after a bard ;.,,?,. ,n ._. miuiiio, ?_ i-.-, seeonda ft.
Webster wos tho ooo oMle bandlesB 'or employes nf Bar
genl i (... in .-,iin. .ut, a Ig-tsecoada The Bnl tent iutb.*
250 j ar I-' run waa tokes by L H. Mri rs i solly." J. P.
Thornton won th., second be it und w. ('. Rlchartlson ihe
Hurd, rhe finsl fell to Myers, without sn egort, in 27
1 ' *.? s. \\*. 8. Y.ii.s won the nvie nm m 4 minutes
29*4-5 seconds, with T. P. Delaney leeoad. W P.
Hen nan in a ? _'_'(i Tar s' Mrotck ran ,li 2f, 2-8 MMBdl
mid i half mlle handicap nm open only to employe! of
nt A ( h. Tbere were twelve eu tries rm- a 220
ranis' hurd race, -. a. Boffurd taking tbe
Dist he.- ,,, 29 j seconds, and J. C. Austin the see
oit'l In ill l. ads. The nnul waa won i.y Malford. A.
M. Pmi dntehed brat In tbe two-mile walk ofter a close
snd excitlns roos with ty, ll. Week, a io "I m eond. Tho
Hine wa. 11(71 .", ,,*.* inda, iii. re were len etitr-.es for
t*'i" Ore-mile run, which wuh woo by D. r. lirokaw m
29minutes 34-9 second*, with E. Cunningham t close
? , ?..,*. e cloned ?* .in b ' .vi. in; o bicycle
moe, in which lt. 0. Bood, ty. H. Anti in, lt. i*. Poster
sud J. M. Austin Marted Mr. Bood, I tcratcb moo,
?outheracoIn7niiuu.es 171-5? a ? ft. il Auttm
CHILL IB -??eiiliil.
'lin; BROOKLYN ARI BERY (I.i'll.
The ann uni opening celebral i<>n of the Brook
lyn Arel i n c nb took pl m i ft iterdar afr. moon al the
dob grounds In Prasped Pm*. A large nnmber ot ladles
and gi nt Uni. n ibm fortin- vannin. BBettolfl and prtSM Tho
vuiiiii_[ooateetenM sn rs O. W. WoMburae, Mrs. Wash.
Ii.ir.it, ii. W. 1 Hi n.y, H. V.. M. ll*, anv ind J. M. Pratt,
of tlie Blchmoad I ty (States Island) Club); Mrs.
? illibes, J. W. \.it'll..I. S. I.i.i'.*' a .'I lil". II. 1" I
ottbe Kew-York Club, sud Dr. W. Clodrh. ol tbe Bah
way (lub. Besides Hmm were ii. a. gteoteahorough,
0, P. k Pearsall, ii. a. gosh, '.. Bte) 1. lt' v W. .-hort. A.
;-. Brown, ll, ii. ii. Potter, u. v. Bonn ll, Mrs i, ,
Mis. KmB, Mra Bouddi t sad Mum .-haw, of IM Brooklyn
? 'mi', iivu i-,*i. . u.i,. ibo! for?tbs Constable
Medsl for gentlemen and tbe duh medal foi ladles ind
a Urge ii iniii i ii' spot tal prise* in re added. TM ladlt *
? iv v rds ni'i : i'- n iuIi im n .n .: i i..ni . '"i
v .j tn euell..,., The following sre
Ute prti they mods :
Beera lint.
'V's . - Kl
M'* - vi.a , ;,iL medal .
. ( Kl
Mist Mud) . . ?. i bi
Mra. V . lt
H"7 e>4
A. s. Brownell . ki
1. L M iv,.*. it."*.! To
. . soy *.
. ,"..
Tin- prises were dlsti buted bv 0 f - P
preskl. t ot tbe chi i ? ?? \t net were ahot for
in mi"*', of th. Hu ... aud were won by J. W. Ant n, of
/'" i 'o m n,, i Tennis Seers, I d i. G. reed, of The
. RANGE **/"/.'.' ni a BOBBE! ).
Rc mth i. ip.irfineiit hourn
Ko, -I..7 1 -' - ii love been oe. ;u
by ll * ; .Valdri n, i variety si tor,
.'ititi In- nt \. .-. i ni. j e.ii i Lr. the alor went
to the i illy iniiih -ii*.! I'ol ice M at ion sud Mid
thal :* ?? ' had be. n roblie ! sn h mr bi Fore by
three men who entered the rooms andu ed vi. ?
Ile upi.".-red lo he undi r tin- inliticuce ol liquor,
lira. Waldron told the police thal al 4 a.m. she
li st lbs hall il""i ami sun
her busbaiuJ i ad conic home. Wbeu ibe opened tho
iv il I. t and ti "K v
tlon "f t;,,* i ? nan behl her am! put i
to hei Iv ul to ki p I'i Ii wi -. .1 .nullo'.
while the othei.. who apps ired to know where all
her monet sml jewelry were Kept, took ., satchel
containing flfWJ fr*nu nader ber pillow, i diamond
bi.h v."r!ii 1 *n from ber neck, and sev.-r.ti othi .
? i value from .t bureau. 1 here tva-,
.iL'i-v | iii a front room, and in th" room
Mrs. Walaroo woe bold, elie told, tbere wm
lin'.n ? hough to .. one ol thc mi u
clearly, Ile wm fall anti bia features were of tbe
11. ? l tr-- w t vp.'. (C. lil- ling) rt i nd "ii Int eh ir t 11 ? ri t
ibe *..** ls. Ile held be) ..ti the tied, anil
when om of tbs men -..ni, " Sheol ber if sbe
i tn * id :. n iivhih dirk, like the cock?
ing ol a pistol in h's right hand. Bhe did not see
tn.* otber mi n plainly enough to desi ribo them, bul
the thoui in they Hi wore darb clothing.
rho police were not able c> roi auy evidence te
iv ni i: i tu Mrs, Wabli m's story ( I ;:.. allsgod robbery.
A milkman, vt h i i,*it the house si 1 a. m., Mid hi
. ins.-.| the front door after bim. I bow vv .is no si i
??ina: ibe door bad beeu opened by force oi
v. fake keys. ' liner ii mat. - of tbe bona
n I anv an usual noise, and a policeman wbo
pis.rd the'lioiiH.* aboul I 0. m. aaiti Int taw Uo
umi Iv street si ili.it noni.
An impressive rcreuiou. w.is witnessed at St.
Teresa's Kunian Catholic Church, ut Henry snd
Kutgers tte., yeaterday. Little Dougherty, who is
known in religion os Histci Ma y Cornel s Josephine,
ftf the I'a- wi, took the li na I tu i ? i and Hil i i 'Mai \
ile rale*. .Ins. plilin*. ol ino .-iiii''l Heart, bet .tine a
poMiuiiint and received tbe white veil.
Bobtok, Hay 30.?The annual meeting of
cur i ntversobsl Publishing House wm hi id herc i>.-day.
i ut- rcporu "f Ike let etorj i d treasurer show that
thej . e H.. ors in
Ixatlon of tha bouse, the total i.pit being969.500
an I ncreots of f7,4r.vm ..,- r.a.. lin h* u-< nub
'. i i ? I : ? ? md n ? ? i... eopyrtghl 'fl ia
different t*"o<_. i ti- - tot I. and .... istonnl to
.fl'.'.-ii.i. I ne rollo ted: President,
v \. mi m i.i' ii. i. I. Uv directors,. li i rs I' ' 'sr
penter, ol Pmrldeuc. . ti. Bet Ueorge ii.ii, "I Kor?
ti.1. M..-. - ll.vi, Ol ( SUI .rd. V H.; ( . M.
?..mi. r. ..i nilen ll *? .d Ki * v.. ll.
ia l i.ie i: An na,nh i. oi Boston.
R\U,ll I - ll 'iel ti: ELECTION.
I.a**, i-iiii", Penn.. Maj 30.?The (?rand
Conclave of tbe Knight! romplor ol Pennaylvanla to
* ried tbe following offlcers: Grand commoad .,
? - w Batehellor; deputy i,i..:i'l eommandor,
.;. Marlu.: grand genera leelmo, Joaepb Alexan?
der, In. groud eai'ii.lti i. v.t i a', George .-? uta.uiiu;
1.1. uni pi -... te..:- iii, ii . grund tvnlor warasu, I.
- -.; grand Junior wanlen, W. W W.Allen; (.-rand
treasurer, M. Blcbanli VI tick le; grand sword-bearer,
P, Wills; mad itsndsrd beur r, William I*. Mellert:
grand wara o, John J. Woila worth; ni uni captain of
?marda, Benjamin Kaufnu i grand marshal, od word
Kulti Wathe, I ml.. Mav 30.?John II. Wort*,
the Lu email of lite Tm, Wai in* QOS ? uiupuiiy for I.n
past twsatj yearn, this Morning entored i nail brick
structure containing the main fl Boterol IhMcom?
pany with s lighted mstch oe a lour of Inspection. A
large ti nan ti ty of goa, ? steh bod eseopt I from the met. r,
Ignited sud tbe bul.ding wat blown lo stoma, thc eon
rut on L.uf a unit distant. Mr. Hon
received Injuries frotn which he u unlifceljr to recover.
Wi i iv i.eiiaiaii, a tsamater, wus alto terlontly Injured.
TitiM-.N, N .J-. Muv 30.?The state Com*
mute.* ,,r till Kattonal putt) ol Kew-Jener* to-day de?
cided ifi toll tee Oabeiaolorial Oonveottos at iieeun
Grove on August 8 and tl, and to admit delegate! from
all orgoulsolloui opposed to Uis Iwo leading political
Pitt.in nu. Penn., Hay 80. -Itt E. Howard,
of Franklin. Pena., wa- BOBMaated today for state
Treeourerb) tee Mian* OoavsotlM et tho Prohibition
lltiiiii iTntectLiti party.
N i.v. i-i ti; i, R. I., May 30.?The fiiiiiTiil of
Maj-.r Doorie w. Draamr, watek look place h.-re n.-dat,
wat nlli-iiiled by cary member of ibo Boetetf of lias
Lighters ol Mew Tork, and bj delcgolloua from the Kew
York and New l.uvinii.l Una Kuyiueera' A-soetnl lon.
Bauuxa, N. A., May ill*.?A ?i>?*eiiil train
from Jet *_ey i il, to day teoaghl lo this [Huco about .'ino
pitsi'lia lo the foruutl Opening Of thS Ho.el (aitelil.
MK rv,il.nu msde a speech ol welcome, which wm re
-piiiided tn iiy ( .merest-mail Bardoaheigh, Innner wus
served to Hie wilora.
m ?
( o.\l LRUS' is OF FRIENDS,
The Society of Priends in t.i'iiiiicrcv Park
semptstod tts baatesss ysotsntoy oftoruosa uml a.i
jii.iii.t i 'iu'1,1,1'1' itv,c. in ihe evening laaaeBborp,
au linnllsh iuu.* L'liitry to ^Msdsg** ST, "I'I: lied *
sudlenoe on the result of bl workSthere. rio n
af ttuth. i lord l*srk wat engaged durlug tnt Uaj u. u .,
I, pol' ? lunn val.oa. .pl.niel i.t lin*
tin .i.i rn a "t. ? -in-cul m mun eat bold ta regard lu
.- .U .-. * .a'Ul ?u. ?.
Nottingham. England, M..,- 1.
Nottingham was a town a thousand years before
Christ. John Rouse at least thinks so, and I have
no desire to question him nor space to enter into
spoculation on the subject. A later writer very
aptly suggests that, if there be truth in tho legond,
one would liko to know something of the manners
and customs of the old ami young people ; how they
lived, how they made love, how they did not dress,
how they cooked their hips and haws, and what
good li.'iior they swallowed with that primitive
.lief. The old city was known by the rough British
name '* 1 iggocobawc.*' Tho ngn of Alfred tho
Great han been credited with founding Nottingham,
but antiquarian- now nay that, he founded half of
it, uniting the ancient city of the aapgaaoaaceabla
linnie by it bridge with tho new city he had formed.
Qa founded what s.nuo have called aa apposition
eily, partly military, partly commercial, to iwe
Bad to stimulate. Tins he dill at Nottingham. He
.if tried m many Danes as Salons. " Enemies.'
anya Dr, Doran, " then became friends; we cannot
doubt that the old people entered into partnership,
and tiie vonni' people followed the example of tbeir
parents, lue shy Olga leameil to raise lori -'lt blue
BJ m .n trusting love upon the straight-limbed Saxon
Ed wy; and on tba btoadabaat of the Daaiab Baiold
lay tba fun bepd of bis young wife Ltheli! da, 'like
Hebe in Hermits'*, arms." '' Of such an.c-tiy (with
a .-ross of wholesome pagan blood; comes thc present
Nott!nghamahIra race.
I'nlke thr-cities which formed the topics of my
last letters, (Coventry anl Worcester), Nottingham
nus never stormed and tiikcn by an invading army.
It came aearaal to it when the thrifty Yorkshire
Royalists, not oaring aboat making those "clotti
mg towaa " the seat of war, persuaded (,'harles I. to
ru to Nottiagbam and boial Hw royal standard.
But it WOO a stormy ti.iv aud thc wind blow thu
standard down, and when after a few days it
it was finally act up again. no
one paid much attention to it. To an tba words of
Clarendon : " There appeared no conllux of men in
obedience to tbe proclamation; tbe anns and
ammnnitioB were aol yet oobm from York ; ? gen
eral eadne_e covered tba whola town, nnd tin* King
If appeared more melancholic than ba used to
he.' But Charles eoon lsft it, [bara no doab! to
tbe (real joy of tba tnbabitanta, aad th.' Pariiaamnt
kept poaaeaaioB of tba town and tho
till tho close of tho war.
1 ho castlo, long before the days ot
thi Bl i his. had aeqeirad a gloomy pre-eminence
.?ii seconal ot tba procession af royal marderera
who, in Mime way or other, iveie oonaeetod willi it.
- originally baili by an Illegitimate son of
William tbe Conqueror. Poor Edward ll. brid a
feast within it.-, gray walls, drank wine
and laughed at tba joete of Ins mbseqaen! murder?
ers. Hi. wife, the tititit Lady hebel, wltb Mm tinier,
fled into thia stronghold, and for a time defled Ed?
ward ill. Tu. Queen, ir ia aald, ridiculed their
efforte, and alepl aonndly, with tba keys of the
castle under her pillow. Tba young King tor a limo
was obliged to bim bia lipa and kick his
h"cls in tho market-place below, while Ins
(?afire mother looked down (rom tho
high parapets ? castle with scorn upon lier
eii? mies. But through treachery admiaaion was ob
d, and while Mortimer waa hurtled off to Lon?
don to adorn ;i gibbet, the Queen was taken to
prison, where abe ended her days. Again, I have
Nottingham ii ole I, for royalty rarely
\n. ed the town bul to perpetrate oi plot nine
ci mn .
lu Nottingham Castle Richard II. planned the
murder of bil um e, I lor, and for
ih:s d- ed Kent, lint!.md, lliintiii.lou aad Somerset
won il t ? the peerage, while Thom is Mow?
bray, for ruperfntendlug the affair, waa
rained to the rank ol Duke of Norfolk.
Many diatiogniabod priaoaera have been reduced to
? ma lathe dirie, damp neils af Nottingham
Castle, aad thia reminds ma that arbon tbo grand*
father ol this Richard H., Kdward lil., was old,
"a year or two only before his death, wbenAlloa
Forms was aaaauoy ami imperious as ever tba Du
Marry was with Lons \V. ami his people, there
- h carru-l through Nottingham, ap t, tba Castle,
a priaoner at whom the citisena stared in reapectful
wonder; bul ih-v felt much Indignation at the
woman who was tbe caner of his captivity. Fora
-: rn word uttered to this Alice, Petrua de la Marc,
-peaker of the iiiuisi of Commona, or holding aa
ollie" eqniralent to thal .ailed ao now, waa thro wa
inti) the keep ai Nottingham Castle, where he
lingered u ooaple of yean."
Bal lh.ol utmost forgotten a memorable event ni
the iii-i'iv oi Nottingham, which took plaoa la
1480, when, no donut, the magnifloent market?
place thc lai.cs' iu ihe kingdom aaa "alive,
trembling or rejoicing," at the mustering hosts
Richard III. had called there just before tbe fatal
battle of Bosworth Field. Tin* Bilrer Hour, it is
Ht ii iparkled ob tbe bannan. Th- gsrers, at bia
-- through the streets, tlting an their eapa or
held tin ir voices mate, aeoardtag as tbeir Jadg
meuts, caprices or impulma prompted thom.
I bare bo doubt, us when Chain's l. tefl
the town, the g"<Kl people of ancient
''Tiggooobaos''breathed freer and in den
bearia rejoit ed.
Tbe Nottingham .r<?ik hair- always been noted for
their capacity to enjoy good ber, and oentui
tbe town waa noted for im ale. In olden tim.
j.div laborers "aft.r dinner s;tt and drank, with
liberty to leare the hall three times and retm i aa
often to drink aa mach as they could carry under
their girdles." And then, in Joyous pico arion, they
were allowed to carry away a hue kel containing
eight tia.nus of beer. .he Nottiagbam municipal
corporation, noted for its hospitality to guests, never
feastsd iteelf, and In this wa. exactly opposite
to the iieiglibonu. City of Worcester. Aitei tho
. I'leiiiniii.s I nangu rating the new .Mayor caine a
frugal bouquet, iu which ure,ni ano cheese satis?ed
tbe appetite, and pipes and tobacco were added a>
li,Minc-. Nothing in said about line old ale.
Nottingham to dav has inuit- than a thousand
public houser, and beer shops, nu,| at ni ghi tile.', are
crowded. A recent eily ofleial sal 1 to me :
" Nottingham hu-* the reputation of heing ihe most
drunken .itv in tue Kingdom** While I think this
rath. r-11;*11*_- statement, i iniihi i.itmit that a
tmaeadoaa amount of heavy beer drinking is going
no, not only amuag tho inen but th.-women aad
i-v.11 gills. There iicic about 1,300 convi. tioas
lae! rear for drnnkenoeaa againal -tu ooanctiona
ni Bradford, a larger town, but containing Uga than
half ih<* Bamber ol drinking ibopa
For alx centuries Nottingham aaa beea a inanu
factitring town. Liko Dundee. Scotland, it has tried
many things, and at last it has undo a grand suc?
cess. Ihe industrial procession of the past Weald
lu- liea.lcl by woollen clod (the matiulacture of
Lincoln green cloths in King .loliii'.s tiflBO), followed
Itv mult mg, hardware, tanning, bone lace-worknig,
framework kuiiuug ami laee?_aakiag by machin?
ery, which latter torin to-day IL. great industry ot
the place.
" I'd say," says a recent writer in BJaekwtott,
"that the tina and oenc-io machine-made
fabric which falls in so:* folds before our
windows, or forms the graceful, cloud-like
.hann of it ball-dress, owes its origin to
Ibo useful but iiiibeautiful stocking, may at first
sight seem as absurd aa to attempt to tiuce tbo
descent of a huiiimiug-bii'il from a frog, but that
hosiery rn the parent of iaea is nevertheless true."
lt was by the uianv varied nio.lilications of the
stot unig frame thut machine-made Ince was first
pm.lilied, l.lsc, Harvey, Hammond. 1 indlny.Frost
and several others tor ream everted tlnir ingenuity
in perfecting a macbrae for tumult*'turaig a
machine-made Imitatioa of the cosily and begAofal
ai ti.do known as band-made or ooabion lac ??
The love ot beer, whicli has been shown
lo bo a Nottingham characteristic, is
san", to baie been tho 'hst incentive- lo liam
inonu's inventions in thia direction. He had been
refused entertainment al a pabito bnaae tot want ol
m.,mi. lusulrad by a tissue io gain enough silver
fol lue piiit'lia e ol Ins cuvelcl he.'i. lt., nun,ml
went lui'ii" ii'i'i appli'-d bi tneelf eagerly to t lie pro*
du. lion ot wii.it le- euileii " V:-I'tieienucB lace." It
soM well and quickly, and euubled bim lo wtisfy
il. i nd for winch ne nv ited it il. -p ul mool .il
Ihe m.iu?y lt lii'Ui.lit hi ii in drink. I, . Hie .real.
invention was (ht lumo lol um-ing " uoublu-uoi,"
a machine which would produce twist? I and tra_r
versed meshes In ne.. Until tbis object could bo ef_?
ie.tttl the mesh was'uoither durable nor secure, anti
its utility was seriously imperilled. It ia sai<?
that nearly twenty artiaaus spent tbe bet?
ter part of their life in this varch.
but iu 1808 a Derbyshire man named Heatbcoafl
achieved what for years had seemed an iiniiowililo
feat, and produoed one of tho most complex amt
ingenious inventions of modern times. Heothcoah
thus has tbe credit of having founded the man?
ufacture of machine lace, and helped to rabte Not?
tingham to its position of importance among tho
manufacturing towns of Great Britain by the con?
struction of a machine which Ure describes aa
' surpassing every other branch of intlnatrv by tho
complex ingenuity of its machinery. A bobbin-nefc
trams is at BBueh beyond the moot curious
chronometer ns that is beyond a roast?
ing-jack. ' A groat check to the then fast
in."Teasing prosperity of Nottingham lace manufac?
ture waa given by the Luddite riots, wbieb for
?several years discouraged industry in tbe Midland
and Northern counties, and au account of which I
govs in my Huddersfield letter.
The next improvement ou ilnathcoat's machino
wai ma.lo by Lcv.-r. It is described as far niora
delicate snd conn.l.-x in construction, and wuiled io
the production of fancy Bad ornamental work. Its
movements are m rania that no eye can follow its
countless evolutions. Gr.-at skill is required in
managing it, ami a tingle machine ls said to product*
annually 100,000 worth ol gooda. Tho fancy varie?
tiesioi lace goode ate constantly increasing, Badasr
oralhundred varieties of nets arni laces hive been
When steam and water power was Int intro?
duced in 1820 it bad tue elliot oi putting down tba
small frames worked in cottages, uutl tbo operatives*
Socked to town. Large factories sprang up rapidly,
snd the suddea m.mia resulting from this change 1.1
tims graphically described:
Money hegsa to pour Into the town like n shower ot
i. iii, itiiil the excitement and anticipation o. tia dazzl?
ing prospeot opel.ed o.-fore them raised tho minds ol tho
masters uud opemrtvas te the highest pitch of lntox'ca
H >n. In fae! tt was a regular manta, locally knowu at
"tho twist-set fever," uua for u.-arly a twelve?oath
? (??? and cannon were thrown to the winds. East
mous-peculations wore indulged lu; mechanic** who bad
never studied the working of a lace machine were en?
gaged to construct frames of tiie most compile ned char
setisi in eager speculators us Ignorant as thmusslves*
uiul tho lug., wsges .fr.red and received -tv. re-pen,,
with iifiijfbtful prodigality. (ornpunL-s were quickly
formed and building* erertt-.l, never to ik; unod, for wne.i
in the following rear, tho oontequenoos of tiiis unnatural
inildtioii took plaoe ami the bobble burst, tiviniivt-r-.il
despair and consternation wee very su-ar. Thousands
wore plnngod Intoftbe deepest poverty; stony MinaHir
flied of starvnilon; Borne len tin* country, sadotaon BOM
in peleesty tassne or Ji.il by their ona set
It was some years before-ths lace lr ide IM .vered
bom the shook. In 1882 snottier period <?! distram
occurred and frame-breaking wasonce mo.- revived.
'I'lio K. i.n ni ri..!-and burning ol Nottingham cassia
ended this season ot' want and misery. In 1830 tho
application ol the .laci.lani principle te l.t.-e-ii:aili:.
factnre gave it a freshst.irt. aad the progrem and
proeeerity?with one or tvvo lesser interruptions?
hos coe tin oed until tba terrible crisis of 187-1-78*
oaneed warily by overstocking of tbe Amer?
ican market, partly I.y the il.-piesaiou
in trade arising from a caprice la fashion, lu ttie
industry England luis piiicUcally a monopoly, av
the United States have not yet attempted 1 u.- mak
lng by machinery. Itii an industry that ought io
be established in America as much as th it oi tho
tnanufMture of fine pou.-lain. Bat the mom dlhV
eiiltv progeiits itself.
In Nottingham tho tine Qorernnmnt Behool of
Au alfords ovary facility foi tbe education oi leen
designers for whom there are special classes. I ht
effect of tins wiso provision bas mad.- its. il ft lt in
the wonderful improvement in tbo taite anl execu?
tion ot lace designs during the last lew years. I kde
blanch <>f taleut commands the rery hlgheetre?
muneration, Ih.* secrets of thc trade tire jealously
v from other manafactarera, and ii i- nos
wil boot some ditlhulty that ene obtainsadmittBUM
to the works.
Iho la. o tmde is almost ? exclusively
confined to England -o far ita factory
work is concerned, there hoing 2H2 factories In tba
counties of Derby, Nottingham aud LeicMter. Hui.
s good deal of domestic work is earriad on under
various forms, principally pillow lace, lo thoMot
Bucks, Oxford, lit ds sud Devon, while [rel ind tur
nishe*. guipure lace trom Limerick. Th.* number of
persons employed in the factories ts given as 10.164,
but tho total number ot laee-workers of all kinds.
nearly -ill womeu aud children, is ti*.37u. I visited
ol the largest establishments while in the ell f,
and am indebted to the oourtesy of Mr. Jasper
?smith, the I' it.-I State*. Coucal, for SCCOSSMV.
nying nv throng- the establlsbmsnt ol rho bi
Ad,nv Sc Co. i'he girls lu thia eetablisbmeo tara
avery superior clam ot operative**, weil dusted
ainl seemingly well cued- for. They hare
dsome Little chapel with stained bums wtnr*
nnected with t.ie factory, and every mormug
? i. og work a short sci vice is read by tba
ebsplain ol tbe factory. The lace-workers aro
noticeably fine from the stunted, half-fed appear?
ance characteristic of operatives In otber trades.
The lac" girl- "i Nottingham h.iv.* hull tonio claim
to beauty, a gnat variety of public Institut i
tor their hsolto, tustruction, eomtert end amu'*
metit have boen established.
In tin- evening I went te the theatre, procuring a
seal in the shilling part of tin* house?tin- pit. ill
m. English city have I S'-on such au orderly, well
I clam of people. Tba girls caine out.
la the buett "Dewsbunr -.ealikiu," i.ain.v
I...rough hats covered with sub ined.
shade* of " Rradfonl plush." It was
a gay scone. From there 1 visited the Talbot?*
large and handsomely fitted up music ball tr*,
quented largely by the working cln.-se*. rspeciatig
the gnN. lt wa-t is Hims! establisbni .it ot tim
kind I have yet assn lu England. A go...! deal of
<iiiiikni_: wa.s going on, bul nothing oil.ii.iv.*.
Kcspectable girls in parties of two aud three; and
man.ci women, some accompanied by their hus?
bands, but others without escorts sat down tn
Iriendly ate, or " a drop of cold gin.'' and bataaeri
to the really excelleut music. This is -., Dictum ot
the condition ol the operatives ot an industry in
which England has no competitors, ni which ito
bolds the market, in which low wages to.
nash out foreign rivals have not become)
a necessity, ls ii surprising, tb.*a. that wo
read tbe following in the l.ntish print- (romBM
Amen.-.in correspondent:
The lacemakere ol Wolli ogham may oongretelata
themselves on the defeat ol a sell ptaanod tlicsipt la
iha rival Bianufacture of theu* sped . ; Itt h ?
country, by a large ? Ike Import duty on t -.
iii* io ale in. e..itoi. i.teei ma t. ieu*. because .* ..iaie
i ii el-is liioie niau un lace. It was sought to romovo
this I in pedi mei tbe medium of tii.-ti.-srt'. Tau
attempt failed ur.-uh the oppoaltlonof -?-..,- rMag
rill, wno repeal di} declared thal thora wer noeoitoa
? . v '.rd. I .iivi'*'- iu.it
most ol iiio -eliatn;,.' wives cotliil lu'..' told Ike._*
the inoet expensive laces are inade > I itton,
aud unit.lima Lues are now mule that aroa rtli a dol?
lar a yard. However, tbo Senator's astitran'e lotta
c.lunary cai'.'icti lin* ii.i), mid i. i ehongS ll i:u..o. Vanes*
ROI ni ,de lu tile daly on lace*.
This is th>' plea-a .(?side ot lace-maklng. .T.ettlitT
: .i* been steqil] depicted by a recent Engtish
writer, wbo pictures Nottingham in times of bad
trade, wbeu, instead <>f dorking doable boora
in.iiiv lactoit.is stand silent and empty, and BMfe
have bul a - ? of niachiins w ?! .. Bg to lill
tim tew ardern which en eagerly sought for; w i
in place oi'tin- many gTOUpi ol' woik-mi is. in their
bugin drem at the tbe .tra and tin- Talbot, on.* tees
anxious, serious faces, ami tito look ol hopeless
gloom set ried on t i.v who cannot find work, Thea
tbe cry lei " iteai rn lu lp u ali; wiia' shall an i
If times don't mend f" Hut Nottingham to-day *
gay, thc BpadtouS lii-ii'ket-i'Ln 6 at night is thrOUgSdt
the brilliantly iUnminatod fin palaem glare with*
.nil as tho ir'as-et i i.iik within. Music IsSUM folth
(rom ball a bundred wno rt-plaeM chornssed with
peals of laughter; m..nev is being earned and .pent.
Lol us hope tilt* good times will SOB
unue.- There ure t-w more interesting pia. et
lu hiiglsiud than th'- line old H.vin
I have attempted to describe, it-* Barrow, winding
lulls nilly uioiiLti-tl by ltepe, ibo long gigi lg CtMUtB
with butting ijahle,I houses, all bespeak itt an?
tiquity. In the lOW quarters of the pla... filth,
tuu i or ami p 'Vt ii> abound m.m* than in Brodfor I*.
Derby or Leice tier. Hut for all this the boadttfnl
meadows whichsnrraund tho old town au* already
clothed in their wonted nh gama, end ere ' eua*
verted into a sMmiug lake if violet crocuses."1 I ? i
indeed may ihe NotllUgbOM lass lind " :l cliartn Hu*
tlie ey.' and a t liarui for the ear
ni tho songs of the Innis tint hang
enchanted above the macic carie*." lt im truly
and thal Nottingham im flower rewa, the English
Florence, for young and old go forth to coll sci and
cain away lin- uieeious triBSBMBol the ml is. iltnl
all return laden with iWMts te tim town, Joyona
bene.ith t heir double burdon ;iu.l rich tn the two.old
flagrant o ol' youth and Ot fioSMN,
|foaiiBT P. PoBTxn*.
Ai tin* anuna) meeting ol tho Pacific Mail
Btsasmhlp Ooa^aay yesterday, there was no opposition
to*tbe regular ticket, which recclvcil the total vote.
Hil,Iii.'. |h_ma ?fstteWina ate the director* elected:
Jay tloultl. Sidiicy Ulllon, ltussc-11 i*-age,~C. |P, iltinllug
lon, k. ii. rcrkui*., jr.. ?ear. Batt* Winiam Kimmi>.
lid wa: tl i?nti*i u.iti. aud J. li. Houston. Mr. Item-, ii,
the only mtv men,'vi* nf tho Hoard, take* the place nf
Ibo IBM Trotter W, Hark. Tue iiieetlnii waa a <|idet one.
Lu- Hie vote vims tnii;.'!' Uiau that . ael at any uncon?
tested election slBCC IB77. The first buhot yesterday
wat thrown iiy Hitch.man Houston, th>* eight >esr old
sou of Pretltieut UoUtUO, vi Uo voted on 1.000 nharrs nu
ii proxy given liitii bv Isl sard Lauterbaeh. rretl.lent
llouslou followe.i wuh votes on over 1 ul,OOO shurae.
iltnl Iletiiv Uart mi over ".|..IOt)*_*'han'H.*l 'Ihe|lsst ballot,
whleh wot cast pui indore tM closing of Ibo polls, was
on live nbaret. Among the large biooM of Stock *eio
17.:..s) .shares In ibu name of "lt. Knlekerback. rpi. Co.,
H.int) lu tba! o: BBStfll -""a-K-e. and 7..HM) lu H.ai of W. K.
t JUiioi.Jc Cu., _
A l*>.i.T Wavt.?Eligible young aspirant i
"Ami do wi ii '." spnroveoi aymaasiiot turyouog
lodie*,Mrs. I Pr_?ad_uoWtiwi ' l.o.in
ilei.-.i, Mt. Ml tl i. i, a ul ? .tv .it- :. ive. I ca ti* ur- yoi*
thal iherei*itui orien! nu .lii'i.i'.'.'.slhaicoa'ai.T knock T
UUMUUUU*.-.- -"U ?ll'uuoo.

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