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N. L. Dukes, who was recently acquitted of
the murder of Captain A. C. Natt, cashier
of the State Treasury of Pennsylvania,
waa Bhot and killed by the latter's
bod, James Nutt, at Uniontown, Penn.,
last night. James Nutt lay in wait
for Dukes near the post office in
Uniontown, having previously been observed
practising with a revolver. Wheu Dukes ap?
peared Nutt fired several shoU from
a revolver at him. Dukes Awl; but
had been wounded by the bullets and
fell dead within a few feet of
the place where he had been shot. Nutt was
m ??
Uniontown, Peon-* June 13.?Tbe slayer of Cap?
tain Nutt is himself slam and now lies lifeless in
the same room in tho botol iu which tho tragedy of
December 24 waa enacted. Tho slaver this time is
James Nutt, Captain Nutl's eldest son, who is now
in jail.
The news of the second awful tragedy came upon
the couimiiiHty like -a tbundi rclap. It was the
the work of but au instant Just as dusk was draw?
ing on this evening, aud many people were passing
along the streets, the sound of live pit,ol shots rang
out ou the air in the direction of the post office. lu
a moment every one was running to tho sceue
and the word quickly __M?6d from mouth to mouth
and ear to ear that Dukes wa* dead. The excit.d
crowd ga th "rod around the Post Office and there
on tbe door lay the ioauunale body of the mau
whose deeds had cast a sha low over the Whait ot
Fayette County. The work was done so quickly
and so puszliug wa* its effect upon those who wit?
nessed it tbat it was difficult fer a time to obtain
tho correct storr.
Officers "Frank" Pegg, George li. Hutchinson, Al?
fred Collins aud others wbo saw the occurrouco,
describe it as follows:
James Nutt was standing against a post inside
of a room that joins tho post office, and
fronts on the main street. The room was until
lately occupied by n drug storo and the frout was
taken out, it hoing now titted up as an office for the
First Nanon.ii Bank. While Nutt was in this posi?
tion D-kea carno dnwu tbo street from the
direction of the Jenuiugs Hotel, walkmg briskly,
with a cane under his arin. Just as he tamed
the corner toward the post office door young Nutt
stepped do-vu to lb- outside, and, as thu bauds of
tbe cloe k omi n I ed live srtaatM past 8. ho pull t-d a
revolver and tired two shots in rapid succession.
Dukes looked around and started to run imo tbe
Post Ofii'c door, whereupon Nutt find again and
followed in close pursuit. Just as Dukes got (aside
tbe Post Office his assailant raised his arm agon,
aud two mott shots sounded on the ears of the by?
standers^ As they ontert-d tho body of Dukes, be i
fell heavily to tbe door upon his face.
loan instant E.A. Liugo lushed Into thi-office
and stooped down to nick him up. Dukes tried to
say something, but could ouly ga-p and in a moment
he was dead. By this time Officer Pegg reached
yoong Nutt and laid bis baud upon bis arm. The
latter struggled fiercely to free himself, but when
be discovered it waa au officer be quietly yielded
and was t.ikeu to jail. Dukea's body was
removed to his room at tbe hotel
where Coroner Sturgeon Impanelled a Jurv, consist?
ing of A. J. (iil.__ri.-e, fore,nan, and Wilhai.-i ll.
Miibr, Dr. L. S. Gaddis, W. L. Robinson, George C.
il; r.Nnall anti Jr.ho N. Dawson. No tMI___MM_y was
taken, owing to the difficulty of get lim. witnesses,
ami ;be in<ju*-,t was adjourned till to-morrow
mi mini, at il o'clocV.
On examination of DukeV* lindy it was found that
th ri e of tho balla eiiierod Ide hack aaartlM sub-, iu
dei the left nrni, and penetrated towart! the heart,
lodging iu tte h.-ea*-t ve,-y near kat skin where tiiey
?were cat out. All three entered within two or
matta isabel Of Mah other. D.ikos's old pistol, with
w! ich he kiil*d Pl fia hi Nutt, WgB found on hun
aa was ai.-*) a villainous looking iiirk kure. Y^ung
Nutt's pistol waa a 42 calibre Smith Si WokmWU, BAki
he a'mi had nuother pinto! in hts pot-Let. The
fourth ball grazed DuBcs's leg,while ihe lifth missed
The inoV'-incntB of the two men immediately prior
tothesliootaiiL'have since became known. When thi
evening trains came in Dukes was heeu
-standing in front of the Jennings
Hotel, chatting with somo of bia ttjeuSt
when tho moil wan distributed. Dukes start?
ed down to tho pout ofllce, as wan
bis custom about that limn in the (??ening, for his
mail. Thc dsstanoe ia only a scjnare. A short luna after
the trams came in Nutt wo* seen walk?
ing up Broadway toward tho poet
office. which ia abjut half way
bet*, ecu that street and the Jen?
nings lietel. He Ipokg, ta friends as
be passed along, and nothing unusual
?wae noticed In hi** Baener. when be reached tbe
well-known round corner building in which the
l'ost (Jliic is iocated, lie stepped up un the inside
and was standing there when Dukes ca um walking
PirrsBCKU. 1'ei... , June ly.?A dispatch le I lie
i*oef froiuUuiontuwii, I'enn., says:
Junie* .Nutt, soi. ai Captain A. C. Nutt, deceneed,
who was cashier of tho btate Treas
ur v. shot nnd kll-tl N. L. Dukes, his
father's murderer, this evening at half past 7
/clock. He shot fe ur ti men, all the balls taking
? Q'ei-t. Dukes died instantly. Dukes had leen
freq icntly wained of his danger lu
remalli.ng in Uiiiouuiwn and ho
laiely said that he would cither stay there
or in fhe eeou-frrv. lt m ski,I that ii? had expressed
_e"?r of the w>ii ti t.'.ipt.i.t: N*iM.
After nightfall tiiilav Juin-H .Nutt wan seen pr.tc
ti.n.g with a n vol vcr at his home, and thia
evening at about 7*30 o'clock he waa ttandinf
near thc. pott I fS N when Dukes came along. As
Dukes was ps**, il', he turned his henl and noticed
young Nutt ju?t a? he stcpiiwl from the
doorway und Ure 1 a ."bot, which took efb* t |g
Pnki-o's s-.le. Dukn-i gttttti to run, when
Nutt followed and shot again. Ry this
time Dukes was on tho Post Ofllce
ateps, when ne received am tin r shot ami fell nunile
tha door. Nutt followed and Ind two more
Bh'.tn info bis prostrate holy, one laking
eft-ct in ins Beak. Dukes mis dead hafen
wiy one could get tu 1 Itu. 1 Ba revolver with which
the shooting was dunc is the Berne that C
Nutt earned on the mut nmg ol his death. Yoong
Nutt gave liii.naell up uinl ls BOW IO jil. Ile waa
culm, but .is palo aa aebeet. live sbotfl wera Brad,
^jrof which look ailee:. The Oorouer'e Jury is
w kitting. l-.J.. tieuacnt ut-ie is i inning high.
tup: imrrofiT of dukp.s's crime.
T^BBt taut N. L. Dukin, rt Member ot tho
Penasylvau a Legislature, was a visitor it the house of
Capt&iu A. c. -a'utt, eaablar ef tbe W li , i. asary. Hutu
tuen were oi noemi t^nl petthketl Bes-*B*-Betiefl la L-'uioritoivn.
Vorly Inn: tii*efuiD?r Dukes wruto a lctt**r lo Captain
Butt, lu wine it lie neul up ni* (tailgater mo rn tewtl
Woman, saying tuat lie bad himself fallen before ter
temptation*, lu tills letter be made a rile suggestion to
Captain Mutt- as to wbat lie ought to ie to prevent iii"
Open disgrace of bis daughter. Un called agalu at
Capt ida Mutt's house before malling this
fetter, and afterward took occasion to
te absent fruin town when be knew tim tatter would be
at home. As soon aa he knew linkes woe avoiding bim
Uaptam Mutt auawered Ute letter by mall, speaking ol
Duke*** Infamous conduct In strone terms and saying :
- This Commonwealth la not big enough for both of us
under existing complications." He wrote to Dukes that
on December 23, at 8 p.m.. ??you can see me quietly,
peaceably at home," and declared that if malters were
not adjusted by tbat time Qc would precipitate a meet?
ing. Dukes rep! tod In a long letter, saying
he could not marry a wanton woman and
addle.;, "I don't onre to walk Into a dcaih-trup, but
if you want to see me you eau cati upon me eLU_cr at my
office at 8 p. m. Saturday, December 23, or st my room
ut tlie same hour, whichever you may Indicate, ami you
will And me quiet and peaceable."
Tbls correspondence waa followed by a visit from
Captain Nutt, on tbe morning of December 27, to
Dillies'* loom tn tbe Jennings House In Uniontown. Hoon
l after he entered Dukes'* room ibo noise of ? scuffle was
heard, and triends entered lbe room. Tbe two men were
separated, and, although Nutt was making
no threatening movement, Dukes cried out
?' Ml shoot you." The report of a pistol
followed and Captain Butt tell unconscious, dying ten
minutes Inter. Ah the facts ot tbo case bf came public,
tbere was groat indignation against Dukes. The latter
was tried on a charge of murder, but although tho evi?
dence wm strongly against hun. the Jury brought in a
verdict ol acquittal. Judge Wilson was amazed _____
?sill; "'Gentleim n of the jury, I suppose the vurdlct is
oue that you thought vou should render under your
oaibs, but lt is oue that gives ilisiiatlsfaction to ths
Couil, beoiuse we thought the evidence sufficient io
lusilty a dlffemot Verdict." During the trial Dukes
otTeied m evidence the letters Bald to have MUM
between him and Capialn Nutt. The trial was followed
by indignation tneeiiiig. nt whieh tho Jury?
men and Dukes were deuouueed In strong language. Pet
a time there wax danger of mon violence against Dukes,
aid lie tonk tim pie. joh nm io keep out of Unionlown.
Once when he returned mero quietly he was ordered by
a meeting of citizens to leave .he town within twenlv
lour bourn. An eltort wot made ni ihe Legislature to ex?
pel iilm, but lu tote Mn- t ommltiee appointed to luvtsll
guto tho matter cou Iii take action Dukes resigned.
CoLtMBfs, Ohio. June 13.?The Greenback
Labor btate Convenliou met to-day with about forty del?
egates in attendance. Thu platform adopted charges both
of the two great pattie* with bribery iii carrying elec?
tions; with fostering monopolies, and with an extrava?
gant use of the taxing power. It demand* tue abolition
of the National bank system andthe substitution of legal]
tender paper for the present currency ; insists that rail?
roads be required to reduce their present rates: favors a
postal telegraph system, and demands the restoration to
ute peopio ol POMta lands appropriated to
corporation*; declares that nil men have a right toa
part of the land, amt that general prices depend upou
the amount of cun-enev In oin-uta'lon, and call* for tem
1 -emilee rcforuiuiloa sud itie.-iboltilou of the convict con?
ti le-t ti-stcm.
The following ticket wns nominated: For (Jovernor,
(I.ur.es Jenkins; LleiitcnunH'tiveriinr, Billian baker:
Huprrmo Jud*;e, short tel .ii, BL A. Chain?-?rl.i'n; Supreme
Judge, long term, James EL Qrnbmi; clerk of the Su
ireme Court, William Beats; Attorney-General. Lloyd
I. Tuttle; Auditor of the Htate, Colonel J. H. B
TrMau.u sf State, Jtehn Belts; commissioner or Public
Hcliools, J. M. Case; Member of tho Board of Fuiulo
Woikt, John J. Scribner.
(Joncoiid, N. H., Jun? 13.?A largely at?
tended lnloruial conference nf the Republican members of
the Legislature, to Ummnmt the United nt,itt I mBBBBrtti
quesMon.was held here to-night. I omnlor.i >b? opposition
was manifested to the caucus nominations, and aim to
the nouim uioi, of more thau one candidate to bu fleeted
bv thu prt-scut Legisiat.in-, ai.tl lin- u.eeiitig dispersed
without lakloi; a vote a-s to wi.at or how many candi?
dates be iiomluuled. lt ?>u also left uiideteriuliiMl
how rnauy would rei use to bc bound
bj tbe action of the minis The usual ilaiin- v.er.)
mode by the friends of ihe canlldrncs m to tl.eir
Mit'iigth, but la the opinion of ihe beal |ldfM tl--* rr-nnt
ls prnli'.c.iiatloal. The regular caucus wi.l bo bold to?
mtit ru w night. _
The F. locative Cominittco of the County
Democracy met last evening at No. 1 Union st.uMO,
Vice- l*ri- idem Slitciiell presltllujr. Commie-toner
Hubert O. Thompson ol! red a t-solutlo.'l that a eon.mu?
tee be appointed to ast eu al n tbs status of ihe tUnttm
Assembly district organizations, snd to tak- such a< -timi
a? lt may Boom iHtnM M sip-ngthen Ike onroalMtMn
Ile said lt was necessary to Lake such action aa would
convince the State Committee that the County Democ
racy ls the representative Democratic organization tu
this city. Thc resolution was adopted. Xh-t conn
will consist at one ttmm ? ach Assembly dia.nc I, anti UM
ofllct-rs of ibe Executive Committee, ami nine _M_abCIW
to be chosen by Um rii.il: uiun of tin- l.xct utive OM_-_.lt*
t.t. I x-Aiibinna- Btrack moved thal tbe ti.auks ol Um
organ izai lon be trnderetl io the mom bots of tlie lin .rd of
Aldermen who had had lin* o_nu_um io vote asama! a
Kt-publican liomin.o for presitletit of tin- Dealt- Hoard,
thu* l-tlttk-DC " li.tssi.rr, " ri:.tl a combinali ?n ts.
]tubiicaii>. luis maaotomtmS,
ASY.W rilASY.? K SY.tiY.t) AUUKSTED IS ullin?(III
Cincinnati, .lune l'.l.?Publication wm m-rde
here today of tin* an est mi Mm,doy ttl i'oliiininu, ohio,
ot William Direly, a negro, cbargod with tin- murder Wt
the Gibbon* children a? A'hl'iti I, Kv, on lit IBBflBbSB 24,
l-i-U. Waiinle anl II ibMb Gibbon*and Kinma (torte
w. rc to.it,il il. ml In a barnine ii-m-e. Turi-" men were
uiYCted, Oeotge Kills, William Neal __at Kill* Cruft.
Kills made a c.mfe.-ialou, upon wbleb h<> wai convicted
and sentenced to be banged, lint was hanged- by a rent'
Neal and Craft were also sentenced to Ihi batig'd,
and now await tbo decision of thc Governor as to the
day of execution.
Tbe arrest of Direly Isnpon a long train of circumstan?
tial evnlence. In connection with a statement made hy
Direly himself. Two other colored men, Duliuey Jone*
alni Beebee Kaudull, are Implicated hy Direly, and war?
rants are ont, for tln-ir anent. A shrewd color-d dclre
li.i- Im* lu en employed a long tlBSB in lb" c.vtv, und bo
el in. s lo liars hadatutementa from Direly In tim nature
of a confession, which ore con. borated In several points
by orcuuistitotlal evidence. Cue of them U the (indict;
of a bracelet beloiiKliig to ono of thc iniinleied _ir.it
o.i tho hand of a colored woman wbo says sho
teceiTiail it rrom Direly, und who huts he told her of the
it,i.torr, mid (hut hi leant the bracelet, sonic mot,ev und
h ii- ii -in i be tl-t-r, H.-ir.ive I ne i no; lo uiiillici -..loir.I
W illili who IllSO lilli linvle a SW-UU *tulc;i:ci.
Direly told ber lt be.on ged lo ibo murdered nie I ur iv.
ui ti,-- tune tA the Bunter, waa eaployed ta a bi leb-j ..rd
Bear (Jlnbotis's house. Duliuey Juv.ro wu* (hon ctn
rloyed lu tie BortOB lion Works neur by, atnl butti
?ireiy aud Jcnca boarded in a sbaatj eeer tba mer
b.iiiW with two ciinic.i wooten, owe at whotn reeeired
Hit- rin? fi -nu Inn Iv. Alu.-.kt iinin.di-iitiy utter the
Uaiirdcr Direly le.lt Ashland sud wa* for a lunn lime hid?
den. Ile was then beard of ul I'uitaiiiouili, Dino, and
wu* finally naen! to Columbus, Ohio, where the airest
wa* made.
jx iie-ai-.itch to 'Iie Tin.et-St ir from Ashlanil (-ays tout
nd much wnghi is given te i M in lest of D.rely, tin-Una
tl e -let ih* iijhiii wiiicb the urreit was r.,,i(in are uot yet
tully known._
Piiii.adi.i.I'iiia, .Jinn! KI.?Michael (Joiinlcy,
who was lieut.-ti |,y mr. air ward of tbe atctuuShlp ll; ll Nb
Crown while on bl* way to this country on May <?),
Maraby aeaatag Beaaasatoa ot tim brain,
was Hil* morning forcibly removed from
tlo almshouse, wbere be bas been for the last
few days, atm placed on board the stoanmblp British
Prluoe, whieb sailed this morning for Liver
pool. It w.i* not until lalo In the after
roon tbat any of his relatives or friends knew of
ihe seearreaee Benaeeentbaebbv seiwef IbeOflOB
uitsiaioucis of luaB-gratton. abs Biella to have outed
m.der a ri act law pa-s- d hy Uoaertea tn prereat Ibo
a.-rlvtl tu this eitv ol Imbecile*! or pauper*, lil* rda
tlvi* have dtU-riulnod tn pio?r, ute U.e nl.-umnhiji roui
Loris ville, Jr.no IS.?Tba .Southern Ki
ji.isiti.in otfi rn picmiuins of pl,OOO for the bes* bale of
long etapM cotton, .$'500 ld tnt -?? uti-l best and f_50 for
tbe thinl l)f*st. Thc Katina premiums are duplicated for
the In nt thc-e hales of short *;aple. Five hiindrt d dol?
lars ls i,flT< rid roi the bent ci..tint of sea island cotton
ai.ii >|SBO 'or tin- .'coin! | at. I'he oth- r e-itton pre?
mium-, i,t^eted linke the Hat, 01,180. 'I ll-- I ical lotion
li.,11-. a will Increase ttie amount to $10,000 on cotton
IIakiiisiu'ikj, June 13.?'Hie (iovernor dened
to-Bay iwaalj suet i-nu. among Mea t.ie following:
To abollib tlie conti uti lu un ,e elem in unsona uml in?
form ult rv Institution ?; providing payment to miner*
for all aleen Beal mined; for the republication of supreme
Cniitt reports; for tito better security and safely of
I,il.iiiiiiio'M c".i! miners; io pri.nldu polit,,al ps
from iteWBBBlBK lln.'i olII"iai-> ciuurihiilious lin lei,it,, ai
p jrp,isis, aod preve.uiiiig thc *aJo ol incut.o tickets on
the Biretta. _ _
Huston, June 13.?The Senate this after?
noon, by a vote ol tb to 1, killed tbe House bill io in
erca-e the salaries of leglslitors 50 per cent. Ats meet?
ing of the Kxeeutlvo Connell this afternoon tbe Gov?
ernor's nomination of Kriward Hamilton to be a member
of the State Board of Health, Lunacy and Charity was
rejected for the second time.
Myhtic Biiiixje, Conn.. June 13.?Ahout 5,000
persons witnessed to-day the ceremonies attending
the dedication of the soldiers' monument, which is
a granito shaft, twenty Teet high, surmounted by
tbe figure of a soldier. The Governor nnd staff were
present. The li let.irv exercises consisted of tho
reading of the Scriptures, prayer, tbe singing of
patriotic bruins, and an oration by General Joeeph
Hawley. The oration occut)ie*d aiiout forty min?
utes in delivery and waa listened" to with marked
attention. General Hawley spoke of the prosperity
anti growth of the population which had followed
since the" war. ami predicted a growth to 01,000,000
bv tbe next census. He closed by referring to tho
beneficial effects of erecting monuments to soldiers,
anti read tho Gettysburg letter of Lincoln, which
be said should bo apart of tbe litany on every
occasion like this.
While a salute was being fired In honor of the
Governor by a battery of artillery from Fort Trum?
bull, the Williams and Sedgwick Posts G. A. IL,
which were passing at the time, received the con?
tents of two guns in their ranks. Tlie first disc bargu
was received by tho Williams Post, but tbe eecoutl,
wlin h was more serious in its results, was received
by tin- s-tlk'wick Post. Eighteen men were injured
BUtte or less seriously. CoBA__M___. J. C. Hrewcr,
of the Sedgwick Post of Norwich, was peppered
from head to foot with powder, OMI- than thirty
pieces of coarse powder entering his side and limbs.
Lieutenant William (.'am thora, assistant postmas?
ter at Norw it-li, li jil Ins beal bruised from powder :
his injuries arc probably fatal. Clinrles Younga, of
Norwich, hui sn artery rut in the leu, which bled
profusely, anti was peppered m tho face, head ami
body with ooma powder. The injuries of tho
oMier-t are lette nerious. Tbe Injured me.i were taken
to private, resilience ?-.
BOrWBTBB, ftSVOM to votb fdr C'>ntib.ma
I It IN,
Thc Tanminny niemb.ra of tim Hoard of
Aldermen were not tn a pUO-Ml HMM Bf mind yeater
___f, TO'-y kai ic.eive.i g - request " from John Kelly
'ur i.encl..1 .--j i r tut ptuBdmat Ut tho Hoard Ot
ll. Atm. Three of the eleven Tammany uieiul-an. in
spite of tbe " request " of Mr. Kelly, tototmt tn vole for
t't-lerol PliMler; two nf ttirm iinji.; U mnl
the tlitrtl lieeausii tilt- nni'iline lu a I-Opilbllcan. One of
'.!.-? I .iiiinniiy AMcriii'-ti, who conic.* frntn a strong _>iu
.trj'.ie tli-iir. t. ?... a/t-c I 1 ow lo would answer lo Ills
constant ms for vining tu put a Kepiililicaa in soft-tod a
jilu-e. "Wei!, jon see." lie said, " it ls a Jtretty biller
Bumbt ?Wallow, Mr. Kelly sent for un-amt asked tin?
to vnte for iiein i.il Pmmh r. If 1 bini refusetl lo do so i.e
v.,u'nt In.ve been iluwu on me. If I huvo not to take my
eli..iee I w mltl rather hs ve the old BBB and tlie orguiil
____lIfJli wltb Ilie Dian tim jhnple. "
Tbe Aitlt rrurii mr ptweapti, ralle.l to iir.lt r at noon
bj Vi, ?. V.sery iueui!?er suit In bin _--?_.
The Crst baslness of lnjjiiirtanco au-the eniilinnatliiu
uri. -..:..-:, ..' Q - -vral'-r. Clerk Twoiney M. MM
nomination loutit- by tho Mayor. Alderman O'Neil
ii ounly lei-ui ?>, r n j ) ino, eil tbnttlie nniiiiti.illoii l - .
on tn-table. This waaaeemmBmi by Mr. K-mmjt t Tam
u_-iiyi. Mr. H'S. il MM tb.ii l,e bail 1*? ard \urt..is
ruunors Ibal u piirtinn nt'- I t I ...'Hie
l'oarl bad Leen beag_| BM. Ile asaaib .i
_-_____fs war mm_, anil 4eetafed timk Iks was i
tinto fur toe oloo-l sited in the Orange riots. V ..-ti a
Vole waa lit.eu Mr OfStkYi ', mull, ni sui hut by a \.tie gt
li !o 7. This wa* looked iijM.tj ms a ti -t vote.
Mr. Cochrane then m..
Hum.!. 'I .es-i't n .nil. 'I ns follows:
I rs In* O'Connor, ien
maii, Wait.- and Wt .:_. lieu
t-.tipt. Kirk, MeLougalln, Bines buff, _)hecliy aai
**? Ir.II I.. : 1.1
Nu>- li'i,;., yiisuatiieb sod Boom,, Tniii_m
1 li t ' I Daffy, :....
O'Neil, t'tnitity Drinoeraey ? ll.
As bot.ii M 'lie vnte was nnnn'-i.re.1 Mr. ___!_ M0T*4
tb it S enuiliiltti-e. nf three le S| j't'lii'*.! lo LttVestlgl tC tim
eliaivesttf Itrlltery liirnle by Mr. O'Neil, mid OtBi
? n iii| fn.iii SUflag tn Hie cello,iltiec. Mr.
t)'Neil pi.ii,.sti-,1 ti.tt be i,.ii h..ni. amameObheeSatpm
and ha-i no iiif.ini.aiain lo gi*.-*. T'liere wu-i a long dls
ti ' ti Hair witii tba adoption of Mr. Kirk'smaolu
tion. lie : I, i.t lill,ly i.,,).!,mu .1 a* the i a,mantle.*
i.a. Crant ut,-I -.I til-. Tli.?e m. u limn
ti,.- a ouinilttaOe no's miraged lu InvrstlgaUnj t..-- Finance
I ie part i - n tit f r.in?i -. Mr. braal aaked io be rxenaed fiom
Berrina on tin- eommlttee, and binn reminded bj - reral
of Hie I , utily li tina racv members Hint In had lieen
' tillu dei iurlni.'Ih.it Mr ii'.n li's di ir,*.*--lound
lia lliVCati^MicI nu.! lliut ia..lit lint t-i rill ' t" e. ie,
.tia.- ju;,) aaiii declared tbat bo woald ru ts tba
hotioin of the I nm ri I-.- lo pa lineal mid expose ll uud
Mei eoald laaa Me eonsenaaacea Praatdant BelUj
ile, Iliad to i huii.-e the co.:llec.
SKIn it ok OBJTBBAI, kiiai.i ft.
-fleur ."al Al- lander ."?haler, tin* new pi. -(.tent of the
Haolib in pat ii-.-nt, w.i.- for Mvotol fool i befbrs the war
a dealer to building antei-tals emt patttaw stoaee. Whem
the wal broke ont ht w.:. a ?:.,? tutu In the Ttli I'l-gnu- nt.
and went with the eniiiiiiaiid to Wii-thltigtuii. <inbl?
return be u*.lated Colonel John (oebrtiiic lu raising the
First CiiS'ieiir-. MM N. Y. V.. and ac,*ouipii:n,il the
regiment to Ma flout a- , tent, nu, it -obilKtl. Bulb ('li?
onel i oehiaiie sud i.i,-1'..-null Colonel libeler became
brigadier-generals before the wai closed. titer bis
return linnie Oeaeral Hbalur wm eboaen by tbo KepnV
liian* ii nu nili-r of tba Board of *- ip.-t a i-or*. latter ho
waa made a i in- Commtaaluiier and served as saeii until
legislated ont of olllre l.y lin* , !,aller el 1878. Il- wenl
to < liieaito In I 878, Hi" J eal alter Un- (Toot ilia . uu-l re?
organised Ibe i in* Department of that elly br Invitation
ol MB ll.Ul Iflpil lllilnol Itl.a-t. -tillie 1-tl.l Uv lilla ilevol.-il
himself to Insurance andotlier puraatta Ile ia Mai-ir
lien, ia! roiiiuiaiuliiig the Pint Invn-ioii National iiiuid
of thc Mlltc.
The Information or (ietnr.il .-haler'* neall BBBlloa was
well received In tbo offices ol thu Hi altli D-partm-nt
ymsmetiay tttmtumma. De. John T. Nagle, tim deputy
register, who was one of thc Tammany cimlldates for
MB ORhht, SpOkB fiiv.i ably of the new pri-aidi-lil. Colnnel
I .ni riiiiti** t lal la, who Imt known (ieneial flbaklf ti.any
jreeni Maaitorj Bapertnteadeel hu un-i i?r .hiiir , ibe
ie', i ni Aaslataat rta perl otaadeet, ali axpreased *uti*
faetlra srMMeappoiatmeat Dr. cbHiidlcr st ip. m.
weui to til- roenae whieb ho hu* occupied aa prsi_l4eal at
the iioiir-i oi ilea.iii for )? n y e.ii-a^-iii beean te pnpoia
tiiitn for biaBBBBBBser. Boronl or^naeM aaamilatos in
tin* Inp iitmi tit thook liuu-U all li him and exprenmil
tbelr wena rcgai-i ior bim. To eTaiauB a reporter Dr.
I bundler haul Ilia! he Waa pleased With tin- appointment
nil.floral Hiulct. " 1 li-lleyr," he hhI.I, " tbat (?dirrill
Mllll-l Will kr, p MB lleulih Depallll'llll out of t ?
bauds of the pulu: Iii- I Ie- cr-dil which tin Depart
meat ha* obtained la the Kooli of hurd work ncrfnn.I
liv many capable im-l tallinn! ccu. It would I.,
lion-to turn thchc. men out te iiiuke roon, tat favoi ii
of Mb local politician*. I regent General Bbaler bs Mb
beat niau vs bo lia* BOOB named lot the place."
Cincinnati, June l:i.-?The (.'iiiciiiii-iti Slim*
Manilla'turing Comp my, If. ll. Eckflnmn, pre-nl--tit,
bas ntutlf an atslct-nient la -auiuel 1'rllz. No stn:-ti.-t.t
of the asset* er liabilities of tbs firm has bren made, hat
au estimate places tbe liuh.iitit-H ai $10,(100, in-- ny in
(liirlnimti crediton TbeaasBtS are regarded a* sufll
clenl lo poy tba dOMs.
BooToa, June tl Reeat-rer prhtm, or thn Paet-fle
National Hank, lia* m.nie in c-iiii;? --'ii i-a- of Mo bank's
claim-*, aaalnal Ooo gelt. Ka ot. I tin bank will accept
BB Ber cul ou flIetaBI amoiinting to some 771,000.
Haltimoke, .Jimmi 13.?A meeting of Ilie
dire- iota ot ll.o Chesapeake nnd Ohio Canal was held In
tint city t-i-iil-jliL Tin' question wus a reduction of tolls,
and at a lap hour lt was decided to reduce tbe toll ou
cosl from BO I" 4(> cents per ton between Cumba rlend
and ii orin town, subject to thc, approval of tbe Board
of Pablle warka "late, ll bi experted, will be followed
by a reduction of freight, wiitch i* now IH) cents per ten.
Hcfkai.'). June 13.?Franois Thornton and Her?
nani .solan wut* amata, tn day for -tanina tickets to a
ii.i ll,.eal Tala illa-, lina Of Ma in li Ciiiiroi-uoil lint ' i-Teiall.l.
I ,,i, ,i? aa.l ia; lur WaaitDi u calita liaiU Iieeu "worked" In iii*
man _Mea( t.
ill I 1,1)1.VU AH-DilATIONS IiKKIl A C UKI).
Ki'.aoimi, June IS Oamnnd Qeier. secretary of
tlc- Amoila a. ii mmIwIII uni Lafayette lluildlug lUSO-'Uf.ona,
Bad i-rnpilettii nt Pan-new Yoi*, wan srrealeal tal* af ic .noe a.
Gaiargetf wlM rta fra n il leg ibu aaa**).alluna. Ho mot Boot la
at.ji.o ball lur a lie.-nug
a urrrBB this? captured.
NEW-OHi.KA.'aM, Julio 18.?Post oiUiu Inapeetoi
(Jaorge A Dice an ired here on Morgan'* Louisiana and
Ttl** Railroad to-day wirti W. VV. Ti- a-Twoll. wbo la .turgid
willi iiilitilng a poatal car ou that road ot a i?ij.e uuaullly of
vs.liable mail malt*.-, iuaj.actnr Ilium tecovwed Ibegisalai
pon ot tbit alolen laia-era.
Thc State Railroad Commissioners resumed
the bearing yesterday In regard to tho extortionate
rates which lt ls alleged the New.York Central and tbe
Ilarlnii roatls charge tn their milk trnffle,
On behalf of tbo railroad*, n. J. I? Hyden
*u|ynitted a statement of tbo operations of tbe Harlem
road last year, showing a loss to ths New-York Ce;itral,
the lessee, of $464,596. nc said thnt with all the efforts
made to develop business the net earnings of the road,
after paying Interest on tbe bonds, were equal to only
3'_ per cent on the $_*,4..0,000 stock. Tbe tonnage was
light, and moro than one-half of lt was feed
and coal, moved at low rates In the Interest
of the dairymen, and lee and ore, moved
at low rates over short distances. The passenger
rates averaged lower than any other railroad
tn thc country, erc_pt the New-York Central. It was
practically carried at a loss. Tho milk trafflo gave 36
per cent of tbe freight earning*, and 24 lier cent of the
total transportation earnings. Mr. Hayden denied that
the mils rates were unreasonable, on account of tho
special character of the service rendered. They wero
tbe result of a reduction of 'iii per cent on
tim rates In force for years before 1879, which
had In no way brough', compensation by increase of
revenue or even of slrpiu nts, hut hal boen followed by
a lo*-in both. If the price ot tntlk was not controlled
In New-York, but wiws kept down by competition, tho
benefit of a rc liit-tlou In rates would go to the eon .inner
Who h id uot complained. If MM peta was controlled In
New-York, lt should ho Increased nd that the Harlem
coubl charge ouougii to earn a rovi-nu i of 9 per cent on
Its stock, which was ouly alair return ou capital Invested.
Under cross-examination Mr. Hayden adiui'.ted thai
be bal not Included in his estimates the 2 per cent
earneil on tho Harlem stock by the street car lino.
Kurt her testimony was taken without developing uuy
new facts ot Import* nee. Chairman Kerami said that
oue of the Commissioner* would make a personal In?
spection of tho methods of doing the milk business on
the Harlem rossi.
In the nf iel no.tu the complaint ol the grain merci ants
against tne charge of ono ceut a bushel upou grain
passed directly Into ship lr.nu the elevators ni C
i ..I "oiujiaules wiu considered. James Thompson, of
Kn.it-r ? Thompson, sppeuroj as counsel for lue un r
cliauls. George C. Martin, 1_. K. I.lverui-ire and W. 8.
Wallace w-ie ju.--cul for Ibo comii.ll.ee o' the Plo lu co
I* x chilli ge. Mr. 1 -timpson Mini Unit the New-York <'eii
tisl was tho Hist rood to o-itjbiih clc.utors ami by
Making Ce delivery of grain free into \e..tcis br
?t.iii.m.le lt aorot In ebiirge-t '_' ceirs a bushel
lo t t gr.i'u Interests Of New York. I
inls t, stein, tile number o' V.-Sse't Mat .'.in Iel ,|i tile.
Iseraaaed u-itd one-third of Um grain trans*
shipped at the pott wm handled In thal wit, lu July, |
1 ?*?*.'. ttl.- charge of one cent for loading au.i weighing |
wss suddenly announoed* The result iras tbal no suips |
went to : ie- railroad elevstors,aa, If ibo. vere U>be eu
js-lled to pay tl.e iniiro.il t ic Bains cnarg .-s an the flo
lug en-vritois e..ice:, lucy might as well
at wharves down the river ar.d
coiiijicl the rullroails lo lighter thu gram
tim*ii to tao ship., .hs charge
nf Maternal of tue Philadelphia sm) Bslttmor
- ?. ni...nub the elevator ofeargos ut thoo. |n rt- an
(CSS lt WM Imposed heie. Mr. I ..on.its .11 .p ..omi. eo no
- n? .tn nu).i-t dist nt..in i.i..ii against 'he g aln In*
. .t Ifew-ioi k, wuicn fit 'i -I io benefit io um nil.
, bal rati.er cou,i" died ii.em lo pay '\ cunts jter
bui.ii' 1 Ior lighterage down t_M riv. r.
Muiii .1 groot length notated sm
C.- biir.ii.i imiios.il ii).on tue gram
trade by the extra charge of one cent for railroad ?
lug. Ile s_ld tn.it tte elevators were owned by |
IU_UVtd____S. viii) mionlii Pe ailowe.l lo U_ tr e!r own
?for iiitiir servieee to tho shipper* Ueeoul lided
Sf time pia. tb aliv .ti tb.- ti.nu ti.n.
si iti," il ii. i ? woiii i have hw a hat.id direetij from UM
r.sifj <? Ito tbe ships. Ile tboogbi thal _4ew*
Yolk, willi thc net elm-ge abolished, c, .
| lin and iLililiuore, itt li slioili'l lue latter
Mr. Ha..'. ,i sis ? i thl ek roads woultl t?e
g. t i to return to '.ht old ly ? '.tin nt trot eb-tatlng. lbe
removal of ibe eliarg. wooltl bring bach Ih
ra:ors. (be mads, la loohtug ovsi tot whole
beid ami considering Ibnif relations witb ti..- other
made, h.ive rtuns what tt best ft
York and it* rom ls. If they hal abs
ths i lunge, only '.io nar anni ol t'.???? grain bandied
. -.- im beneft. If the Pb I I Bal*
limul,? roads bad aboi: le li PS, 80
|e: cen t of Hen York's gram wiiieii cu* lightered doau
lui river aad bad to ma) -i .nie Boauug
. rn >uld ii .-. ?? b cu
li fl at . SOOijitietl With tl.O gl.till _____?
ni. .I iu un ot'it i ellis-.
mian Kerr.iii-Did yo.l eou*eli' to nuke this
. isa j mi (tare1 a war ol rat. s lt jim na 1 not
Mr. Mayden?Tbere wuk ri jio*_'.tiiiity of snob a thing,
lue t o_im.i?.iouers aijiuruel to iii.el ou Juue iii.
NBWB1 nu, .Jinn* 13.?About 120 feel "I :!ic
Weat BaotB lia,Lo.1.1, ii-at lona i- ted, swak ?u bel
yeaterday, cari) lng do t u bott Ire k?. The sinking oc?
elli nil w.nle a i ma: rne tuiii Bala ?.".-1 u ii. "a-1 mg gi ave I,
ami a po.-tion of tin ear-i ft ii into MB ditch. Tba .'nuning
nf traits ?aa* Interfered with lasl night, au.l today
i .-ie: ni ii Ute pot ni - r
, wimrg express wa- abaedo *.i t,,r to day ? Uti
eil-e.ted Ibat tbo track *?*. i I le r ]? x : I I I inlay gad thal
ira.in Will be running as ti.na. to tu rrow.
(., ii ral I lor IBS I'ort. r. pra'al-icut of (he eon ,) inc. In*
. BrtOBBlBg Ms Kruduatlng ex. rclacaat ti.e Military
Academy nt Wen: Point. Hi ti'ut to d to Nt a Y. ri. yi n
lelday linn lillie. 1.1 '.la^ oyi i th lireak lu tbe Hue. Ho
anni nf it, on h'? fe! urti I * 'lin* -inking of the track 00
ai.- 'I lu a soft pljco which wc bare bein Watching
carefully. Wc had loafed it heavily with rock Lalla*! to
tent it und th-nm *W nuder thc roadbed ylehled as we
< xi>< ned thal lt would. Now tbe natl rests on a sand
fun,,di.lion. I ?iippii.--* thal it took about two bout* to
lill tn-lilli ii v,. h gravel and to retime the track*. I
], t ted ,.ver in-- -.pot st IO o'clock ; bf boob aproOaMj
the ti ?flit wi i- in iiieir proper (maumu. Paaaoni
ti.- luo.i.ttig darna were forued to gu around ilia break,
but mere waa Hardly an interruption ot travel, lue
? it l* not worm mentioning."
i ' Weet -it'-tc road vain tia* opened for bostaeseto
Kluuat-in on Jtiuo 2ii aud to Albany ami rtaratoga on
July li. _
M".'.v-.ii:i;sr,Y chm hals m:\v 0FFICEB8.
Loxa Hk.inch,.linn- LS.?Franklin M. Qowen,
preanlenl of Hi" I'l.iiailelpiiia ami llta-lliii; Haili - .nd
( oinpaiiy, ha* laaiicd an order hy which the Jurifliitii ti
nf Un' lie da ol th?. a.-vi ral de [tart mint* of I hut i -om puny
ia i rt. ti-i-d om r the Bsrrespeae_ag dspartaseoM ol tba
Central Balli lied cf New-Jersey, which wa* recently
leaaod li, Un ionner company. Jobu K. Wtniltco, | ti
cral iiiuu.igi r of thc Kc ad I tu road, 1* thus made general
manager of ibo Ceutral. lie baa lamed au order cutting
tbe Centra', reid and Its leaned lines Into illvialous.
\S'il.Pim W. tttetar, ha* been mai-.- superintendent of
th- '* (cut r.. 1 I):\ l-il-in," ci.mpond of th" nulli lino from
Kcw-YorktoPailllpsbarg_.lt- *., Mb Newark and View,
V-.ik Kallio-i'l. ino BeWXOrl ami Long Branch Lu 1
ri-iui, the amita linnell, running fruin Homi.rvlllo tn
ll'tnlltgton, and Ma ('Healer Inatic.i. Kufus lllmlget
bas lieen mule dlvt-lnti Hiipcrliitend-nt of the .N'.-w
Jeraejr SooM>ern Bailroad, .ami W, rt. Folbemna, loporla
leudeul ol tin* l.eiiig'i mel Mi-i-u. li i:uu Du i-uoll, iuu
bing itom l'liilil.iaiiui'g, N. J., to I'roviuauo..-, 1'onii.
Chk ai.o, .lum. 13,?Tfce iiiietiiiK (>t gfiiorul
passenger agents of Ibe railroad Hues north of
the (.linn __eot tut <a*t of tbe Mississippi, witb
a vlsw to a general pool on through bunt
ness from points west to the seaboard,
was continued to-day. The chairman was Instructed to
forum.tale a table of peicentagc-i for the various
lines on a plan similar to tbat now In
operation among the trunk Hues. It waa alao
det'ided to preparB plans for subsidiary pools betw-e-n
i I- -, eland, Detroit, Toledo, Indianapolis, Columbus and
St Louis and seaboard points. It will take two
or three days to complete these details,
which will tbon bo subject to the ac?
ceptance of the lines In Interest. To-morrow
a meeting will be held lu connection with the passenger
sirenl* of the Missouri Hirer in:SS, IO Confer utioili tin
proposed pooL Tbi-nuttier of abolishing the payment
ol street commissions lort.ni Francisco will also be ton
There were no new developments to-duy lu tho antici?
pated trunk line war._
MosTUi.Aia, Juno IH.?The Grund Trunk
authorities arc a-ctlrely engaged ou a new time table,
which has been rendered ncoesiary by the late obaugo
precipitated by tbe Michigan Central, lt will be
published on Monday and will take effect tbe next
Monday. Through service from Cbtcago to
lt Bates, via Montreal, will be abnrtened from forty-eight
loforiy hours, anl similar Hui" will be adopted lot* Ibe
return trip. Wlu-n tueir nev line, now lu eonrofl of con
atru-,iou, ftom Uairoit ls Unlibe.1, wbtob will bo early
this tuuniacr, ibo limo will bc still further skoitunod.
At tito annual mm-tiutf of tbe Kant Uiver
and Connecticut Kail way Company yesterday, the fol?
io **,ng Um olola we.-; tlc. ted i Lewis M. Brown, W. rt. 1
Hoyt, F. O. Brown, Oeorge D. Davis, jr., Ernest Hall.
Clarence L. Westcott, Phillp Allen,!!. l_. Oawtry. Samuel
J. Young, P. Gardner, W. F. Van Pelt, Charles B. Hall
and J. Thomas -teams. The board wtlt be organize 1 tn
a few days.
rim.sDki.i-iiia, June 13.?The Board of Dlrectoi-s of
the Northern Central Raliway Company today drclar?4
a semi-annual dividend cf 4 per cent,payable on July 10.
1'iiir. AiiKiiiii-, June 13 ?The directors of the Phila?
delphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Company
to-dav also declared a semi annual dividend of 4 per cent,
payable on July 1.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jnne 13.?Tho attorney of the Con.
Motton Valley Hallway denies the report that thc com
nany will sell the road to the Pennsylvania Railroad
Bobtobi, June 13.-In the snit of Charles A. nowe for
$50,000 against the Fitchburg Railroad Company, the
Jury this afternoon returned a verdict of $1_",000 for the
plaintiff. Howe wss express messenger between Boston
and Troy, and was cripple 1 for Life in a colllalou oaused
by a conductor's disobedience of orders.
Bostok June 13.?It ls announced tbat tbo new ar
rangement between tbe Eastern and Maine Central
Railroads, whereby St. John will be brought wi thin
fifteen h"urs of Boston, eight hours shorter than ever
bef-.re, will go Into o|iet-a'iiiii on Juue IS. The time
between New-York and Halifax will thus be shortened
to thlrty-seveu boura
Monti.--ai., Juno 13.?A cotitracl has been given out
fm- t'n -building of the Oatliieau Railway from Ottawa
seventy miles up through the district where the atm -
pbate mliie* are situate... The cost will be fl6,000 per
Denvek, Col., Juue 13.? Tho litigation
whlch ha* been pending the last threo years, and which
in vol veil the right of tho Wells Fargo Express Company
mid Adams Express Company to transact business over
the lines ol the Denver anti Kio ('ramie Railway
wa* amicably settled to-dav. tho express companies
withdrawing all suits. Tho following is the new arrange?
ment ;
Tin ouch express matter of White, Furgo .. Co. will be
earned between denver, Pueblo, ogtleu aud Salt Lake.
tbe Kio Grande Express Compiiny to do all the local
business between thoso polnM and operate the balance
of tne Rio Oi amie lines exclusively.
Tkkntov, N. J., Juno 13.?Thomas Culletor
?nd Michael Hawk were Instantly killed by theexpto-toa
of a rubber viieani-cr, of which they had charge, at tho
Trenton Rubber Worit*. this muming. The vulcaiil/er
had I/ecu filled with paus of rubber, and boforo removing
these the steam should have boon turned off. This the
men neglected to do aud be^an to unscrew tho bolt* of
th-door. When a few bolts had beeu freed the strain
too heat. Hy on tho others arni the explosion fol
iizwetl. fhn door blew out and tho men were whirled
witn terrific force through a brick wall twenty feet
awuy. Tin- r_Uee_-iBcr itself was tli'uwu backward fifty
feet through two brick walls, in'o tue car-spring shop,
whom a monro moa -ere employed. Tue sseaps or
tfeOSe men Seems almost mil senhWS. 1 he holli sof Hawk
il alinoat beyond recognition.
Tin y both leave families. Thc loss to the firm ls about
iii. Coroner's Jury ihis afiernoon rendered a verdict
thal Culletor ano Hawk crime tot jeir death by negli?
gence and exonerate i ht: coiuji.iuy from ail blame.
Colimiii.s, Ga., June 13.?Jordan Corbin, a
ncfrro, enti-etl BtO house of Bc nj a min Cardet), at. Kock*
ford, yesterday, and shot bim while be was lying t ii Ins
b-tl. i u.lea's wile Jumped iiji and the negro shot ber
down.' Ci: tit h'm ton started to the door to glvo an alarm,
winn |,c also waa shot. All IklMHfMM were instantly
killed. Mr, Caitlin's daughter, fourteen years of ig;-,
ri.ale hr escape and gave the alarm. These Wal uo
pi ol j ' i::..n for the murders. Scouting parties are built
in.?; the -ouiitry for the murderer.
ruiLADKi-i'iiiA, Juno 13.?The Chief of
loin, of ibis city wasntentlv it.,ui*ied by the ?ter._f
of ( oiirtlaiid ( oiinty, N.-w-York, to arrest four nieu for
swindling. 1 he mun bad by thice -card monte and cou?
ll :.?? ee games iwlndled various persons out of between
#3.000 anti rr*-t.i*ni uno of tbem was arrested tbi* after?
noon and committed to await a rcwtlsltiou from Now*
York. Ho is li.llei sd to be lit iTi_e niau hope.
IHtrhit, Mich., June IS.?Nettle Lyon,
eight years old, encountered a vagrant st tMrnhBTpm
Inst evt-ntn;. hy whom she was sm wilted and then
tl tn toe loft luug. ahe was i ,t discovered until
flits morning, when sl*e was found lu a dying condition.
. iteal exciti-meat prevails, and cltuens ate scour*
lng ti>o country for thc wretch.
BO-TO*- Juno 13.?Tho Cotitim-ntiil (.---ir-ls,
of Now-Orleans. arrived In this el ty this moruing anti
wi-ie n ce'vetl by th ? National Lantvr* snd Charlestown
Cadets The oo-opanle. marched to lits City Hall, wnero
the visitors were welcomed by the Mayor.
Wu.km. .kkk. Juno 13.?The directors of the
Ptnajatvaala Coal Oenpaajr, nan-boring over tift.v, wit ti
tnt mis, sri-, veil bert- today on a special train from New
York. Tin- leading coat optttkott nt cn. citv tendered
t-it-ni a iiarniuet anti Uall al th. Wyoming Valley Hotel
Ciiicaoo, June 13.?One of the HM Ham in
Imihim*!MeangsrteInst night gnve birth to sn infnnt.
It ls thought to Im the tirtit sea-li-tu born In captivity.
Its weight ls between ?,x and SSTOU poumts.
Daring I quarrel in the P,-nnsylvatiia l.ail
roiul Depot lu Jersey City nt midnight last night, John
Cautwell.of No. IM Madison-st.. Newark, Blahhed John
ChU-ghnn, of Nc.-13 Wllliam-si.. ______ Ntrwark, three
times, twMO In tho lef. mle aud once in the
'iee. Cantwell, who was Intoxicated, was arrested nml
Callaghan wm smi to the charity Hospital.
iii* wounds sre believed to bc dangeroua Thc two uieu
are lrieiid<, and bad been on a visit to New-YorK.
San Ku .norco. June IS.?The British MencaM
Canton, which arrived here vw'teiday, brought 7-4 ca_.e* ot
opium, valued al SOil.'i.OoC. Tao .inti. * amounted to J.'Ji.OO.t.
THK PRICKS Of I'L'"-:'-*.
BAKATOOA. June 13.?At the Meeting of the
Pump maker*'Association of the I'ulted state* here to tlay
new prices v.eie scheduled for tho coming quarter. The
issoclstita theu ktljuuruod to uiest lu t h.cago ou _.ept*mbci
CHMTSB. i'eiin.. June 13.?lin- aniiiiiil pEtsTBrn)
before the eadsls ol the Pfiiiisvivania Mii.taiy AendeMf w.i$
aeiiveied Dili weeing by Robert J. Pauletta before a lat gs
HAl'.ni-MiMiinii Va., June 13.?Judge Newman,
of the Circuit t'.nitt, thl* murnini, tlellvereil an opinion In lbs
11*11 will case, involving ibo lille to Jli-o.-uu. Tbe docl-non
gl.es Hail's bei ? ouly *x,_i*t-.
Clkvklam), June 13.?Tho American .Societv of
Mechanical i-'uglneer* spent to dav In hesrtiir and gjsoasslng
if. hnloal papen, iin-ie wsss reception ol the sot. lo ly to?
night at the opera House.
PVBBPAM. oFciiKS'iKi: W. < Ha PIN.
SpRiMiiiKU). Mums., Juno 13.?Thc funeral of the
Iste Chester W. chaplu took plsce MIS ?ft_-rr,tion ?i Ihe Cul
Uriin t 'burch. 1 he k rmi il so1 is niel lelai Ive* of the deceased
mun. Including Speaker Alfi*. C. chilpin, of new*Y*___,
acted *? pall-bearers.
Philadelphia. June 13. ? Barrett _fc C'attell,
brokers, whose temporal r cuilni rossinen t ocrnrred on Mos*
day. linnie a full settlement with their credit-is to ilay, and
were readmitted to the .-stock Hoard.
Albany. Juue 13.?Tho Genera! Synod of the
Kefmrued Hutch cbnrch of A merles, In sessiou here, to day
sdopteil resolutions nr.lng a revival of lntere?t iii iomest-o
mil,-lons. I li* couiinlttee ou that subject reported lhat there
bsd only been lino __? churches organized lu Ulty year*.
lOI-sONKI) HY ICE till-A.M.
1'KTKRsni ito, Va., Juno 13.?This afternoon the
wife of K. ll. Kvaus, - cou feet loner on Didst, his ch'Irt suit
? PSnag wotiiin vt-tilng th.) family were pottom*! *na m-tln
ci'ltiiui.'. ill by eatlog ice cii-mi which hail been *e__ou*<l
with some poisonous iiigitditnl in outtake fur extract ut
I-ALroioBK, June- 13.?At ihe annual raes.ins; of
thi stui knobler*of the t auton t'oriipmy totter, J*tne* ll.
Co'sati*. of New-York. In lise chair, lbs following illreetors
WOT* eloue.l : le Vin HoITuian. Janes ll. Colgate, W_4__r 1..
I'utting. A ililniu list ll*, of Now*York . tieoin* ?- Brown, W.
n. ll.iuis.u, w. ll. tirsli.iii._-jd t u_r.. * Webster, ot _-t-.li.i
KiMiniii.-., N. V., June I'J.?A luseting ot proml
ui-s.' ciii/eiia wus lieut here on Tuesday evening to "ono *
civil-service Pelora A sam- tallou under tbe dlreciloa of Will
ard Ut owu. of tho -New- Yolk A.-OoUUou. lue s?*oetaU.a
w?s ii.1 med with tbe following urn. ei *t: President, U*n_i al
U i.Vuu liureuj viue-presideiita Augustus nchnouiaskcr,
C. P. ltldeuour ; seerolaiv, I*. M. Van Cl-Ssbsek ; as*l*t_?i
secretary. K. ll. Walker, Jr., iromunr. T. A. Water* ; s iee ti?
ti, e committee, lteaheu Hernani, the Rev. C. W. Camp, Ut.
u. W. i va.*. lt. J. ii. Clarks, U. iosopn iiuuUglwa,
Washington, June 13.?" Delirium tremens,-*
"Mania-a-notn," are hard words with which to
describe thc physical condition of a juror m a trial
of such importance ns the one which is now draw?
ing to a close in tbe Criminal Court of thc District
ot Columbia; but thoje wero the words nsed hr
Judge Wylie, by counsel on botb Bides,
by court bailifts and hy spectatori to-day
after Juror Vernon had fallen in a Ut ns ha entered
tbe court-room with his fellow-jurors.
For a few moments the sceno was ono of moen
excitement. Mrs. Dorsey, who had been a keen and
anxious observer of every movement, turaod cale
as she rose to ber feet; one or two women uttered
faint screams; there was a movement of spectators
in tho direction of tbe prostrate juror, who, ea boob
as be began to recover from tbe stuiinin.-r blow re?
ceived as he fell, cried out and struggled in tue
bauds ot tbe court attendants. Tbere were cnes ol
" Fall back and give him air," " Throw water in nit
face," "aScnd fora doctor," otc. Vcruou was placed
io the care of' a physician by Ju dip Wylie,
After repc.it/--i doses of brandy no waa
pronounced " all right " by the physician xml toole
bis seat with the other jurors. Vernon, if bo is a
liquor dealer, i i a heavy drinker and one* siuce tn*
ti lal began J mini Wylie was obliged to give him a
sharp admonition on that account. H.. promieeu tu
restrain his appetite, but within a week il bas beee
iipjmretit thal lie was nguiu drinking bea- lly.
irom the tenor of Judge Wylie's retaarkl aft*
the scene of this rn ruing it was evident that he
felt sorao doubt as to whether Vernon's condition
ivuji such that bc, could be trusted to perform bia
duties ae a iuior intelligently. .*-.?. .*, al lawyers in
coalmen ti og od tho affair afterward, in tb:- light ot
what the Court had saitl, expressed the .-pinion that
in the event of a verdict cf guilty, the defence
might be able to bave it set aside on the ground of
the temporary incompetency of oue of thc jurors.
Tbo g.'iieral opinion, however, appeared io be that
if Vernon is not wli.illy deprived of stimulants be
will be able to perform his duties.
Various inferences respectiug the probal.ilitv ot
a verdict ate drawn from the expre-sions ot tore
man tu Crane courtto-day. The defendants fa jd tacir
friends profess to derive much comfort from tbat
source, while on tbe other hand, tbe eoansel for the
Government appear to think tbat what waa aaid
possc-seu little t-ignilicaucc. Some of the friends of
tbe defendants predict with much s- eming confi?
dence a verdict ot acquit ia!, but it is qiiiteiiotioe
able that the men who are personally tbe most
deeply interested show less confidence than they
did under like circumstances at the Iirst trial. The
statement that Mr. tireen, one of the jurors.waa seen
engaged iu irieudly conversation withOeueral Brady
ai ihe Astor House, New-York, four or rive daya
iiiu, has excited some unlavorable comment, but
the Uoveruuieiit conns.;!, while they say the sta te?
rn,-ul in true, appear to attach slight importance to
tba teeta Tbegsnerai opinion in Washington ap?
pears to bo that the case will end lu a disagreement
of tho jury.
Washington, June 13.? Mre. S. W. Dorsey
and ner sister, Mrs. Peck, were among thc persons pre*
ciBln tbe Criminal Coart ibis minite*. Sl-ortly after
IO o'clock JU'lfrc Wylie directed Hie Court crier to go tu
tina Mar Boats fury aud ask if a ver,Hot bad been aureed
upon. Mr. liliss staled to thc Court tbat Juror Vernon
tm! beeu unwell tu tbe night. Judge Wy lie instructed
tlie proper titllcer* to i5?re for Mr. Vernon. Tne crier
soon returned act Infertile 1 tlie Conn thu the Jury was
not reatly to iBf-OH One of tho Jurors, however, wished
to come Iuto court. Judge Wylie thercipoa scut word
to thc Jury tbat If any one of tbem desired Instructions
upon points ot law, be wss entitled to it,
and that tbe ..rr would be permitted
to como Into court for that purpose
Tte tees-age was delivered and tbe crier answered tbat
ibe Juror tu question believed tbat his difficulty arose
fn tu a question of law, but tbat the foro*nau regarded lt
BS a question of fact- Judge Wylie thou sent for the
Jury men, ami In a few minutes tbey ernie Imo court.
Before the foreman bud reacb-td tbe seat Juror Vernon,
wbo presented a wild and disordered appearance, uttered
several convulsive shouts, sprang Into tb.; air and fell
up-ni tb.- floor in a fit. A scene of eoe fn Bon followed.
Counsel hurried to tbe c-islstanoc of Vernon, who had
struck his head heavily against a chair In fulling, and it
was some time before order was restored. JuJ-re Wylie
ordered ibo othei- Jurors to retire, aud placed Vernon
uii'lcr tie care of Ur. aSowers, who happened to be pre*
eut. Judge Wylie refused Slr. Davi-ige'-t r-quest for
0 recces until the result of tbe accident could be 1- sru-sd.
In about tit (ecu miiiutea a deputy mat -I.ni reported tbat
Vernon was -stttlnifup and would soon ht ali right.
Judge Wylie said: "I Lave a -rood deal of doubt lu my
mind In n-gird to the consequences of ibis ot-ciim-ne-r.
Tins lunn las been drinking a good deal; be ls a bard
ort.ker. During thc progress of tlie trial on one occasion
1 bail to lake bim sside and give bim a pretty sharp ad?
monition, and bo promised to abstsin; In.t I have
observed tbat be bas resumed bard drinking, and I sup
puie tbat Hie confinement iu tho Jury ro-nn and tba
cutting i.iT of supplies of that kind resulted In this at?
tack. I don't kins what it ls?delirium trcmeas or
mania a pom? but be Is not flt to be on the Jury now. I
suppose thut the doctor will give bim a prescription, and
lt will probably ba br-sm'y or wbiskey."
The crier? He has given it to him.
Mr. Merrick?I nujipnae whatever tbe doctor pre
-mlies fur I Juror can lit- taifen by him.
Tbe c-itirt??? Undoubtedly, but facts of this kind ara
apt to leave thc mind In so shattered a comlnlou sato
create adittieuity."
The Dcputr Marshal?" ll* ls all right now."
Judge Wylie???TLoii the Jury can came buck."
At 11:05 tbe Jury came in. Foreman Crane said;
? Your Honor, one of tbe Jurors desire* to Ask a question
nf the Court. To moat of ua it seem* to bu a q icm 11*1 of
fa, t. bm we prefer to iel Mr. Horrigan speak for him?
Judge Wylie?The Court will hear his question and If
lt be a question of fact will uot undertake to peas
iipnii ir."
Juror Horrigan thm ros* and In a confused manner
put a qneiUon to the Court of au almost utunt-iliglblo
flail.i- lei, iv blt ti seemed ttl relate to lin- ilate* et ecrtutu
order*, tn ide hf Mindy and to the nature nt the "stumb?
ling block" which Hratly IBU be foun-l in tis way."
Jndrfe Wylie?" Those ure quern ions of f-mt and not of
law, mid it i* mat fur the ('nun to Instruct rom. Yon
have In tl a sick meinber of tbe Jury with you and a dis?
agreeable accident I-M'l-cntti thu morning. He neena
to ha la a mBaeare leatated, ead I bope be will b- ?oi*
uow to perform bia duties. I don't l.ropone tn discharge
ibis Jury v. ij e*?:ly. I'liK ls tue second taine ibu eaae
bas i"-eii tried. I don't wish to put any m. due ttreea
iipnii yonr minda, but the Court thinks you ought ta
apt co mi a verdict af some kiud. You can retire agalm*
i be Foreman?"Your Honor, we ban- nol aureed apo*
t ie qm antin of conspiracy. In case we scould ngrea
upon Ue guilt of any one of tbe parties, I wish to know
li wc ran MB) lc the Court."
J:il}*e Wylie-" No, you must report the verdict asa
Tht- Foreman? "Souio of th-? (ary think ?? "
Tbs Couti?"You hav.- no right to ?ay wbat they
ihe Fore mau?"My mind is In some doubt on tbe qu?*
tlon of ooBsplntcv.''
Tlie t ourt?** ino crime: ls conspiracy, follo-.ve l ty an
o\tr'. act"
Ti.e Foreman?"."uppose we don't t..-re*> so to the
?conspiracy, can wo vote upon tho que*; ion of g 1,11 er lu
lo fm - of suv of the pu it I-sa 1"
Judge Wylie?"The (.'oort will not interfere .itt*, the
order of your prut eeduigs. It will uot at.emt t to direct
yon ni yu.ir d scu-mIou.'*
Mr. Davidge?" I understand that lb:, ls a cburgo of
.vf r. Merrick?" And I understand tbat the Jit'i* hare a
right to vote as they please"
Judge Wylie?" According to my Instrti ?timi', yt>u can
ii?cltie upou auy i.otnt in thin in,iietuie.it lu un, .,ri.-,- or
time, but the verdict, when reporate-d, nins' l>.-n. ..mplete
verdict, not baaed upon a part of tin. InllrtBlSBI but
np-.a tbe whole. Tlnre ls a great deni of sur,il!iia_jre.
lhere are iiibstaut.ally only twoqu-dtlun in ti e uiitec
uiciit First as to the couspiiacv. On that von lure a
right to say wbeiher the det-udiuits or any >.f t-iein were
concerned with Kenlell In Hist i onspli .c.-"
"Or whether tbere waa a conspiracy," lu'erpolated
Mr. Ingersoll.
Tne Court?If von decide that there wa* a con?
spiracy with bini, you must say who nw engage.1, lu lt.
Mut that ls not all. You inuit Hud at lc . 1 one overt ace
following. If you find a conspiracy ami on* ovelt a -i, lt
Is your duty to render u verdict a* tu tbe pur.it a to
found, and that -covers the wboio ground. ..ni can ucl
say tbat you tinda conspiracy and no orari a--f. oran
overt act nnd no consplrae,-. A verdict of milty uitut
bet a general verdict in ibu', way. A verdict ut not guilty,
of course, covers the whole ground, and tbat I* tka rule
a* to the whole or auy number of aefa-ndaiit-i.
l tu* foreman coin plat ned of tlia|liigb tenqieraturo o(
the Juc ? room, and ?slted to lie permitted tu wade lu tbe
City Hall park, to which miu-ant the Court ncc.. cd. *.iv
tng tbat be would treal Ibejury well at prcacut, but In?
timating that resort ungot hf bsd lo (lie " aluino, .law
rule (de pm ai -on ofllgiit and fond) If a Verdict Mere nut
souii fi.rllicoiii.ii-Br. Tue Deputy Marshal wa? instructed
to allow Juror Vernon two drinks a day, bet tn pun cut
tbe circulation of a wblakey bottle a...ung tb- turora
Thu Court took a recess uutll IO am. to-m-now, wttB
lt* uuduaunuuia m*; u woula uieci to taoem Com

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