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'Tar W TIIK OUKAT KEBE1.I.IOK 1 *?-?!?
Bv OiomiB H. Ookdoh. t^rjiS ocuvu, pp. S70.
With mar*** ??d Illustration*. Boston, Jamca R.
Oaatcod A Co.
This ia a valuable contribution to tbe history cf
tb* civil war. Tbe author waa the Brat Colonel of
tbs Ssoond .Massncbuaatta Keciment ot Infantry
nnd einrr(,'id from the war e brevet Major G.urral
ef Voluutee.ra. Hi* impressions snd reminiscences
of the memorable scenes iu which he wi" one of the
principal tutors haro benn recorded from time to
time for Hie benefit of his companions in tbe irgi
ment at their a ional meetings; and to tb.a series
nf papen* (iesijrued for privet** eirculati<*u here Iweu
addi! trra Tafaaaaatilt ihe aa*?*aa] publicaaade*
voted mainly to ('cnernl Pope's diBastrous e;.m
psiirn in h.a retreat fioin Cs<Ur Mountain to .',!<?>
andria, sud ts*' other t<> sub**-, in ad events from
liOS to the close of the war. Thc earlier papen ns
collected, rev.e*d mn! c'..)..ri?tit in la* pica* ut vol?
ume, Bo that tho three volumes now form u contin?
uous history of tho military aaskrsjainai of which
the author bad peisonal kuo\vled*:e. ('Oiier.il Hoi
don's varieii experience impart* to this record a
peculiar value, and Ss at* is a niiin of marked nidi
vidnnlity and forte ol diameter ii.nl ts master of aa
Incisive atv:*.*, he has sm ci oded lu -.. latin; a mci irs
of Ix.oks tanti arc at 8*8* minute mid accurate In
detail, ami viuoroi.s nnd ciitirtainiiiit* iu BIB Bael
aul mst ter. Ho ia an outspoken attila, arba doea
not mince bis word*, Inn he is thoroughly h"i''**i
ands ueerc sud Lea a conscientious regard for fans.
Tho present Yatana ts u record oi th- military
aer.ieo nf ihe **"e,on.l Massachusetts aad ?t th
brigade of Wblekil i??rinod a Dart, irom t* tiir-t e :
r.iin|iiuei)t in the ail tania field ol' Bmak lat ni at
Wael Roxbu-y, to lae disastrous day nt .c'.ai
Ha Uiitain, vi.it) it ret led, shat'I'litl, liolieu Bad
rxlisustotl Irom a contd in which it had hal ? bo| I -
lcsiiy ovsi-m.itchel by superior Bambara, Tte
regiment's earliest service was tendered at Martin -
aajH| and Harper's leny under Gaan*tal 1'i.Ucin.m.
to whose laaaaaaaHi aaalaiaaiy *tae ta* tnt giaal
reverse of tiio war for tbe Inion aim*, i lan****
?luently it ti ol* pail in lani merion of mai tbe* and
eoituter-msrciies m the MiiMiandoiih. following t'ru
eial Hanks iu his lii*iht to .Vincliester. ul ii after the
tall ta taara, across Ut* Paaaaaaa to WUllaa*apara.
ft is the author's avowed puipo.se, aa hu si-tii ila ut
ih* outset, to 1'iovt* thai .ho aannraanfal aiaanata al
Cennai Monow all Jackson, in the Valley were .lue
in larne measure to the hlundeiinir 'stupidity of
political aaatantgaia la Washington neting upou the
incapacity of their favorites la the lield. While his
narrative m brightened by many iTaphio incidents
and occasional tun his of >rnm humor, the vital
etieuirth of this volume Ilea ia the nr*rn:teiitat; ve
portions aaa its incisive military criticisms. Tba
fantastic dawdling nf Patterson, tho t>recu>it:ite re.
tiertt to the Potomac alter tho hattie ol \\ lucie tar,
aud the criminal Ulundi riii**, and reckless Bateman
sgem ut of e'edar Mountain, form ii climax of mili?
tary incapacity, which is presented in these pa^es
in a stroiiji Iii-lit.
The account given of Cedar Mountain is a most
vivid batlio picture, nil tue strictures which ac?
company it are based not onlv uoou accur.it** nansr*
ration at the time ami auhae'iuent reflect iou ami
prolonged study, bal ala'> upon an eihaaatim*l
BUiiuatioii of the documentary history ot thc c-tm
paiirn, compiled fr"in Northern and 0anthem
sources. This battle vat fought between (.eiieinl
I'.u.ks's corps of 7,.*>00 meu ami Gtneral Ja? kson's
army of *JO,tH)it frosh troops, (ieisetal Pope with
heavy reiuforccuicnts haBBg a day's march in the
?aaa*, Tlie Ininti forces left a ati-ou).' position id thc
woods, anti attacked the enemy, who were not only
judiciously poet eil, but in aupenor numbeis. The
assault wah mane with reckless audacity, lint as
there were no reserves, the Union forces were
eventually ovorjtcwered and disastrously repulsed.
The followinit passage desi noes tue meeting of the
commanders after the defeat:
The boom ot artillery that echoed hack to Cul
pe;ti i- t.'iitiri Home iii the inorunie, ami continued
nt intervals until it hroke out into tbe heavy can?
nonade which I bave describe*!, made il at last no
ioniser douhtfnl to Pope, nnd some olllcers ? 1 his
sti'it, tbst a hattie Im tween our .< "toa ami Jackson's
army was iocpendinir or in prourea*. I "nt 11 1 "'cluck
in the stternoou i'ot"- sat, quietly reading and
tuiokiuk,' at his tent-door iu Culpeper. At thia nour,
us peal .titer peal from cur artillery tell upou lii-ear*.
besprent: into hi* saddle, sud cannu.' npon lu* alan
to follow, galloped rapidly through tbs villa.'.' in
the direction of Cedar Monutam, l'olloweii by
a-iancee. of tenor ttwm Inaeistasas, whodaria* tba
ti av bad listened with anxiety to the combat, (jen*
oral .McDowell, who s< Companied Pope, iravo tn
Rickett'*, division ol his earp.*, a* he came up to it,
omer* to form and move for sard unman lat ely. As
}'u|ie naasTed tue hall Se-held theosnuonade became
more ami more fnri'm*, the troops nf McDowell
were Beuaaad on through itinil aad fields m -t'liarat"
ooluiiiiiB ned with mciea-ed rapidity. Boen a
(-'?luiun of W'luni'eil with a*sistants was met, some
OBI foot, ?mule oil horseback or in ambulant s. wboni
i'oiw-'s ataii. aaJataklna tor strnaaiote. v?llnntlj set
npon sud thns endesvaied tor a tiu.e to loree naen
men whose blondy hum!au*?*t sud stout eountensnees
and arms, to whicb thor still clnn*;, dannlwl, up.mi
s closer inspection, that there were no cowan!.-)
among them Aud new the sound <>i camion ceased,
aud thal pitr-ou** mil ot' musketry which 1 have de?
scribed was iK.rne lo Pope's ears, ? while the lot-2
jiroces*ii>n of bandaged ann blood, soldiers snd
dripping amhnlsuces (vntinueil." Then came ei
"k*n<*a, for Banks had been overpowered.
Vl'it-e, or attended ly a bingie ail. iu the twilight
niter our defeat, Hanna encountered Potts. Tney
met univ a few minutes listore I came upon them,
t'encral Pope brieily inquired of in*-as tn the con?
dition of my coram ind. "1 do not think I have
now," 1 said, u more than three or lour bunill*- 1
tr<*or>e logetber: we have be.ou very much cul aa,1
? I'siieral lionlim," t'oin* replied,'" ,\on will a ave,
as soon as relieved, to the right ol the pike and
lorm the centre of a new lme ol hattie 1 don't ex
]*ect mucli of your troop* to-morrow, but von will
in.ike a -Irv, and can *-upi*ort s battery. you will
not have iuj' Ii to do. I shall have twenty thousand
flesh treope te-nvnrow morning."
Th's wa the lint sn)*ear;iuci- af the imjoi aaasaal
cornmaudiug the Army of Viriziuia u|on lits dis
Bstr.nis battlc-liel'l of Cedar Mountain, lie hal
come when diBsster could md be averted, lo talk of
his twenty thousand fresh troops, all of a baan had
been available ta flv* us the victory at least to
lave us from defeat; he had come to pro|>os(* sup?
port.n: a battery within) brigade on Hie morrow,
anti 1 wa* anurv wit al. In an instant I rejoined,
* issn* ral Pope, thia battle should not buve l-reu.
fought, siiv' To which Poiie a* rromptlv rejiiiod,
11 never ordered it lou-jlit, sir.'' Andlotnisi-rneril
Bank* mada no r? ,ily, uo rotort or remoasir;iiice,
th"ii-'b he w:is staudnig by Pope's sxl**.
i hen larainf lo Hank*, lull of iudixustion at tlc
Mime, tho bliiuiler. of the bittle, I en?la.i ,et|.
*<,eneral Hanks, 1 disobeyed your order received
dui ina the tight."
*? What was it, sir?" relied Hanks.
"Au order brongbt by au otlicer purporting to
rome from rou. to cbarge across the held where ay
tro ?,?.** w?re then figtating."
*? 1 never anal vou such au order," retorted Hanks.
" I am glad to know it," I r?piied: *' it would
bave resulted in onr total deatrnrtion.''
:? > .iiiiioitaiii, au order ami so direct a denial, de?
mand that tlie circumstances atteudiiiK its iseep
tion sho.ihi be erven In full.
When Major Pelouzwas attempting to move lha
Tenth Mame forward rn the wheat Halli, an officer
passed him. saline he hud orders tor (.onion's Inv?
ade, tb. n on the i ight. lu the midst eg* the rtru*.'u'?
of hiv 1'iik'inle with Hie ci.em v. au oitn-er, BBasaeead
lng luniHsIf as aeut by Hanks oumieg through the
w-mhIb. rode np to me, aavitiir, "i.enersl Hanks
wishes you to (-barge across that field.*' With what
B?*t transpired already to my front the ruslotiiah
ment thin order caused may well tts conceived.
" \Viiat field T* ! asktsl in ama/ement.
1 don t know," waa the reply. " 1 suppose this
" IV' ll, air.'"l answered." ' suppose ' won't do at
anni a time aa this. ?.?*> back to (ieneral liauka and
Rei exp licit instructions as to what tield he wishes
me to charire ever."
Theorhcer il had never seen him before' ilisap
reaied. aad before he could have reported to
Hanks the naawv solved all doubu as to where our
WMii'ii'iiiiler wishoil me ta eharize, by iIoil.u all tbe
charsing hunsslf. ami Kainins ihe Hank and rear of
nv turee Bajteaala, witn hia five brmade*. luto the
ouen arma of tbs enemy, had I obc\e,ltho order, I
Bhoiibl onset csrlaiuiy have fallen. ...
il.'i'!?0*, Hl."k''>? ?"? o'clock in tbe afternoon. In
t**l**af bw.laai<iw>|ifc*aaj*nahn laKatanh of
,,?, _^ _ -*? ?-"?vu nt ur*t | (,|,C * ra >?
Par*. teEl lr*Lm> i**ry *n'1 ^tinuoiia that
nm fibred a ger.eial .*ngaaeuieiit w?s*roiui; on
aad ao hurried forward t Had Uut u?u w^h7.
eatimateil orr,' nf 6,000 triop* nndoi taken t*. whip
Jnc.*in:is 25.000 nader an impreasiou that ho
?mia carry tbe lield T Had he not K" .^ ,7
noranci* of tbs nninh*-rs iu his front precipita'ed
c*w*V^?"dCrawf(inl,iibriaar'*8sl ami an cosapaaics
('. ii y Iilil \\ isi "ii*in Regiment, BRSinat two whole
bmradeeiu j*??iiiou. sud nve of Hill's 04.lavis* iu
reserve f a?;d tlis)i when ev*-rv thin*! i oati..neil tu
Inform bi**- sa* tlw many tliou-amU as*-r?* iKaa hie
awn that v .. ? i'-furo him, had ho uol Mtnaipiad to
wnip tnero with the Tenth Maine, ainejle-hemle*!.
on fda right t Is it then incredible, when the
enemv had poured int<> abe woods In my front a
Iritjade for each ont of my small reitnnents. ana
two to spare, that Ranks, so long "as be ? feared the
opiuiona of his friends" (as he conceived them)
more than "the bayonets ot hi* cueinioa," should
li ive hesitated to send aaa the order I received T
('eneral Jackson intended to push on to Cn Ipr, per
after the battle, bnt after advancing, a mile atti
a half after his forward movement upon ('eneral
nantes's line and mealing with a vigorous attack
upon his batteries, he comadered it pmdent to halt ;
and lieconiitiR convinced by scouts that ('eneral
Pope ivniibl fcavo iio.ooo men in the Mela, h*' snhse
iiuentlv retreated behind tho Kapidan ThestreURth
ol tho Union forres ama magnified bf Ita Ooa
f derate scouts, hnt Ibe fad thai snch reinforce?
ments as were broncht forward after the battle
wire sufficient ta eaaaa Geaatal Jar! son to retire,
landa tba aatbertaeaaala ie that ifOeearal RaabVa
coljmn bad lu un atiaaitliaaaad Tinfinra the lighting
bagnn the dt*aatat would have leen avohleil. Tue
liefective t*t< Mea and cross mismanagement shown
lu lim t.-eneral conduct ol lb* Union forces ta this
battle are dim Baaed la minute netail iu this vol
u .. Ibe rriii nil queslioB of personal responsibil
i;y lat au ei)Ka?emcnt which, as (ieneral ('onion
i,ia I, ny tobi I Ita anMwaaillaff pan raia na tba alfbt tl
the leptilai, otiKlit never to han- been fought, isex
niiiiii'<l with critical intellia-ence and painstaking
tur. (ieneral Pope's (Science bas been: ?* (ieneral
Banka was neither ordered nor expected to attack
tho enemy.'' (icueml Hanks'** renly has been:
"I waa both ordered ana e\ peeled te att.ick tho
iniiuy." Pat ween tho two, tho nuthoi's judpniciit
is unci|uivi)c:il!y expressed in favor af 0*88188*1
Pepe aud in conderiinnlion of Oencral Punks. His
veiilict is thai tin- latter, knowinit'that ho was not
onlerod to i.tlack. ran the risk, liopiuu foravic
;ory. ahtab he heiieved won la silence pnblla criti*
i '-tn apoa tlie aandnat af his command at Wbv
lu conclusion, there can ho among lntHliusnt
men, ninong f?ir-m*nd*d men. bal one opinion of
tie dickier, ot the crimo, nf (Je.it, r Mountain. I en?
sure amt cotiilcmiiHlion must fall anna the com?
mander who. in tha ptaaaace af all thal transpired
iu hi* front from thu murnini, of the'.iib of August
until his tinni fatalnwaanM upon the aaeaay,aaade
ihatassnnlt with lb* knowledge that in bis rear,
B diataac* ot le-atbau three attica, there wm a
whole di vial a af trana* resting leaamely by Ihe
roadside that lie could have mr tho Baking; and ii
thai was not enomrh. a ccv ra tbat! ad srohshly
found the load to (Hlpi j er could be ikuIci!. When
lian ks. with tala kanwladga* planned lat* tani
abyss nf horrors witbunt ealftef fal these letnforce
meuts. he comm,tied a blnniler that e.eu a poli?
tician might shudder at,?a crime thal bec;.mint
transfer to I\?|>e.
tfeaa pnblicaaons.
rRori.R PRIDE.
An i'll! BBB*** ?Aiitiii).'ut il call*it "Tlie li?*i novel you ii ive
I uliiililli*, lu Ut
IS Titi li TM" KOVRX KXTtU No. 26.
ran i io ci nt*.
aaaneaa nus ikiiunk.
\V ALT WI il TM AN.?Bv Richard Mau
vv lc eke, M. JJ. Just nat in Carlviwt i'lililutie t ber
plica, 8'J, Uy DAVID McKAY,
aaa*.'iiat**at. Pbiisdsipiiia.
For Bov3 and Youn? Ulan ?City.
SCHOOL POtt i 5 ?.'-*.-l"nv.'i ? ta'n.m.
?*. Thoma* Kc ve* tab, 148 *".SSCh-ai,
381 a eui ii vt.
Wertneailai-. issn '-'". at K p ni.
_ ( lupe! tia -ii *i . near ina ave.
FOllT \VA>HI.N"'iTON, N. Y.
1 MBbUaasd 1864.
Pnpoi.ntenilein?J'lIlN' ll. ilAY-*. M. IX,
?ii ur.. **. a :pt. i. lae*
A Rs-u-!in?-t. t.ti it IU i r i e grata, 4*111* tv*
i,"I. .ni i '-i caji 1* v loiiowitJ. uti Mil ' ta ' ? i ' ?? * **.
Iheint* iatA *?/ .-;? ,-.. i
taetaatlasa t- rttnloA; n?..?r *? , i*ir*>> ?r.\.;
regulait. *.i I*-'-i ?: >??, li* i ,.? , *. rall ru a, ?vinii lilt*' (>.'
? . mini.
Mittiatolou'.S'jv*hlairton It'-i?? it*. ?'? > it ts i
i. 'tl* ?nac-i*vt >>v iv- Ixis ?iv ii* Klavats-1 Hasd i
163th it. OSrrtagaa ur- imi-i ii Brants*-, a Br ' n I*
notiflcatlon, it., vip'rinte i aral ta* ?: *.if
A mntvUeiutlfnl vi . hstittlV Blas 'ii .in
mandina; Ute moat 'l?li?'it( i ? -,
roontllaga. ara a-rt loasJ iiaat t'i> t*r-t**av*I ttaak* >l in
H nilton. It* '.-ni.titir* .ie i i n i. i.- -i . i
n**ra sra astir aaret nf iaa-1 ot .it t ?ni?i.i. .
ttraaet***] by oak g-iovus, .Jf.iriliii,*; atuitle *,'*?? i lor ola,/.
Ula 111,1*.
i'rench, Unrinan. an l *t|ii ii* i t > nix
APPLY WOU ? A I-A l,i)i iti:-4.
Vi'll *i.-DI 1* A KT Mi ST* OPAllTS A Mi kV 'Ii. Nt I.
IN-Tftrr-ri'iN J- Li.i
The next entrant-* fiiiiniitvitliin* will u? Itel'! in i!i?? Di *
any Hutmill**-*. Wa* iii.-ti.i assam, aa Tu nattai-- Juno it*.
ano on T-.i?*?'l ir, sep*?viiti..- lt, al ni a. rn
BBeaut niuiiHi-t'iit vin* ii.i.e ssanvai lana aaa* laiiiaalaiil
ailou.mi* in din appsrawu anlnt'i-r ineii'.* nt I u-ttralluif.
wl.lcli will lie leady io; u*cat t.'ieo.ient'ig ii Hi ..i-.t i illeft*
ate year.
University Ominmir ScHi*)!, l.tsi Bro vdvrtiy,
near tsa-M. Il6li\ Mir.) Prt-uarr, Com u*r,tS! ?ttt
Ci**iic*l depart u'*au. ta . m. i| ., >r. .V. U A tin. frtJt* j* i
For Youn? Lilies?Citr.
CCH00L Poi* (ilKi.s-Miss ARABELLA
1 ' KK1 ll UM, haviiit retDeve.1 to \'U t.sri i-ili ?l , I*
ht* ie:,tl, in tu.**i,. :i, (or winier "f i
Miuitit-: limltod. loyi iitiiei nu jean ol an*' ailui.tu 1 I"
piiinaiy cUnae*.
MKS. LOUISE lt. COLVER trill nive
l<>H?<in* In set al (last t-k'-li-Innir fur tm.
itt '? Ifeadflw Point," Lake
Bartie ulai* atltlio*.* No. hu Mu.li*.m aviv
Music lL
JtA. etty denn*a poaliloa in . .-,-,. i .,, ,"w Voiii. it
nitv ; term! lavmali!" ami .
1 Voil-, llr-txik
...tl gnn l referent}..'. Ail
iir<-?? Mr. Ll Til KU, Box 1 (. 1 .Kain** utiki*.
For Bov* ant Ytii? M3n~-3->iTi':r?*
LEXANDEB i\S TITO IK-.M-lititrv llonrd
l iuk *eiii**?i, 'A'ui te Pially V. V.
PHnslpaJ Ot K- willis. Pfc. u
|?.\;iv\VAi:i) and invalid
l? nit willi iMsuv, I.vin-. Oona., .
sae***aayaielssaa8tsaehar, ?afcaa tri" ea*-n*n.l iu*trurti"u
i,i neil i,ny-i 4 ?;.-e:..itv. LoesUos lelis*ttsL
BOYS iiiid YOITNG MEN priva"!',- Rttod "
toiie.fi*. (i.eiliii'.i'tl t- -t ?? -I ililli.*.-, (iMi'lie.1,
amumw ur winter Stocniirlil'ta. M.w, i-'. ll it-'t-M a.n.n.
A.Ml Uti tsu.N i-.i Vi.it i\-I ITL'I L,' Uvt-i-ack. N.V.
?Tin A YKAH.
ma boy* forall COI. LM)K-> ami Jilsl.
Flinch, (.eriiian, Alt niel M iii trtfjalMtBt
ll Departs****!* i* limirnetor*.
11KV. ALO.NZii FLACK, Htu II., fllialiliBI
kv UM ra < i student* ooaohed ts eats. Maivani
or tuiy e-tilit'.'**. l-erm*ea*v. Ailtlr****
fllUK. ll. B, AVA.NN, A.M. Harvard).
V/ oiNKKBinaaSCBS BaaiBBiaar rntrtsaaala ii,?iiint.-r
'irov, .N. Y. Hie tHileat en*niH*-ihil' a. hixil nt A
Next tei ui lx!*iu? St-p;, uil^r 18 I In* r.-.-Ut^i Ir I -*.. e..11
tain a li*' ol thc giailustsa for tlie pa*t M ra**B, h.ii
tlit'.i l't,*llti>li*; ano couril* of Study, lequlietneiil*. ul
; en mo*. .Vc. AAmttm
_ DAVID a lilli- LNE, lui..
( ?ORNELL DN1VERS1TY?1983?kntrn-nee
\J i-\Bii'l'iiititiiiH I.e-fin it a a m. June 1 * uuil St pt ?iuIh-i 18.
Ft Un* t'niveiaity Kt-xlMir, wah frail atstrisenls rerardlns
li i|i Ir'-inenti for a?1.ni*>*.|iiii ti.iii*-!-* i.f mu'ly.tlevree*. Iioni.r*.
ev|*n?ta, iroeat-liolariliii.-i. Ac, ami apeeUi iulomiatlou ?|.>tly
to i'll *:ient of Cu-eell i i.tvernlty, Itlue. .N". \.
COTTAGE ifJiaTrscTlijbL. PooiiHKKEP
SIK. .**". Y- -ir*>B4ro* Hiv* i-w Co)!**;*, j ni ts lt flu aa* <>??<?
arauieul-*oa,Hil iiiidfii- li i*. j t*i. lou , SILKY, fnuctotl.
X V. - A tint euuw uoartlin*- ?<,b*k>i : iriiilnale* in-l in**
rire* fur coi ave. 1'or paiin ul*. . .Milieu u, rri-.n'l?*j ,
\MI .. M lt ..iJAKMi). A. M . Ph. II.
Woreaate.r Ma**. ITiarssr. Kuri iii, i i sal
ply toC, H. MUT.:AL?. A. M.. S i;i >r!iit ,
I'.iilM-Kia. Maa*.
nat rn *??
A BTBILTLY htLKCl' M11I1.Y **i lltJUL.
Ailuuti boy* trotn etiarbt to nft?*rn
_M.C. iii H HI.LL, A. M, Prln.
A I'lmter, lVuu. J'ml i-aigluoei lax, cboinlaur, ClaMio*-,
Knsllnu. Iitifrt-i oo.irern*l. foi. rilh.i>. IIVATT. PiawiJ.
I 1>EL:;.SKII L iN'.V.i Miiitwy A-aateaar^.Kor
X drt-aiariH.i.iieia i .*i. f.j. w Ki ul IT. .. M.. Principal
KEV. JOHN il. CONVERSE'S Scavool for
I'nj *, al firlilol, l(_ L, uuaber Itimtrl ts IBS , *? ml f..i
ts? New lerasr. ALKKSD NKWKLL FLLLKK, A. li
illatvat-tl), Prim-4;. i. I tuan tiru... lilian.- Mlu*-Hu.
I .'itM*joitti *t*r*c TeruM. ?Jti pur nnwUi tue Korie* anJ
CWlTliiN i:. sJlOUTLlOGE'S
al KUI A, pl
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For Younsr Isulle*-?Country.
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lam?nplytj ML*? ANNIE E. JOHMsO.-*. Printipai, BraO
ford. Ma**._
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cular. Sith fall paitieular*. QKOKuK V. rlMITH. A. M.
/"?ROVE HALL.?Mis* Mun Hort's school for
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HOME INSTII TIT, tor yoan* ladlee, Tatrr
town. f. Y.; homo care tn ir i i .*?i ?* > ire* ?)? *.:tl1r. ra
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aiiilre** A. ti. Ki.N K.iii-1,' linton, ti. Y.
BS. R. L. CADV'S Boarding and Dav Behool
i"i I "nu.' i.i Ilea. Wi < Eas IaaX, Ne" H*r**n, conn.
Fifteenth . eu roniniem-*, sept. '-'7. Semi for I
For particular* add rai*
Mr*, .-i. j. un
I LA Ul Ls, exp*-.'<-ut <-.i teacher*: iiiiuinet's limited.
A*ttl*aaa Mi*. I, I-. Al it
_ New Canaan, Conn.
For Both Soxoa?Country.
ji bt**n Wsw-tort; chlMrea raeaiva a int.Uier'* i-aio.
Mis H. C. MUKlti.!.i . Mai - - U j._
Al.F STUDY dnrinetbe ramoier months,
toryonnr t.- t n. it
ll (l i Iv !. A S ll ' " I. I. BO BL
Hyack-OB-lUe-11 ndaon. w.n. itv ... M,__
S>V1'. N. Y.?Bradford Manftiori School
tl M'Hl? tiur. (.'. J. CULLINS. l'rln'-lpal__
DOCKLAND COLLEGE. - N rack - on-tbe
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BA.NNi811-.it. A. M. _
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t I.I. THE BUSINESS ? \fluH~
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m . titaining
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A. LOVELL ,? 0
AMERICAN .Mil Fuii'mi Ti t ' :-' Agency,
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feaaura, ? woka s> 1 * -, >. - aa I -tim
Bulled. I'uil n.i nra Hr-** Mr*. M. I VnfN-iV i I >*T.
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C. T., TrfSsaa oates.
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(tutor? nf i.ie.-t ? from ttl'
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_*."'. Waal 44th it
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IiNGI'IST.?I I 'nt roi lent*,
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i kidway.
Miss Haines and mlle, de
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; '. liLi i. kui- Improve.! i ??.??h.-l* ot
?I .N.t. ll) (il
-""PEACHER. i:> n Bradnato of ;i military
I . i:-t, .|. ?i.-ri'-e ' L. willi t wot ra year* ixi-eilene* *? a
"i .* . ?..-?.. - .i KAl'HKK. 8i*0 We*l
Yr A LE GRADI ', n. i
ii * . ?
' . . Drool.
I \l . Tl
n\i.':v"?r. Jim** 81 CBBBBa il'i.l MlOSIt-ir*. lo**e :
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Winter,(1 ?? fiaiaJeaof rennin t,,r*
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fairly ? ? ? .f l ?
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with pi - -"i i.i '-<. blcferi : 'a-?, vetr tin, ^i for
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ti.iii'" T?')'ii aiahlssa.es t>i*|
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81IMS81 U4-* Jun*: SI 06 **??! 06'* Jmr ; |
Au*"*' fi ir, -, -iitt-1 ??? i fl in "a ali tao year, Ns. a cai.
ea*-" *i*rin?*. Bl 'i:'***.! n*1*. Na . n... Site.: Ha. 2 Heil
Winter, >1 Ua-a 'om n:i*etl,?*l an.) Ittwer at
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6i**ailV. Au?iui . . sa*, alt tfea yass, mu
lower, iiTSfC. cain: '<.' s, . Ji.ni, i;i*.
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V\ l.-.i'. ' .i . . Vt U.,
i,n*ii. int-. ...,ni busfei Barley, l.i'(in nuiti. Bhi*nnt ut*?
llour. Wi at. ..nu; (oin. it'll no., i,a(a
Vi.(xi" t'.te ? n ? i l;..i. r, .i BP.
' Bl IB SJ TI, I i ne 81.?Vissi linn ; rnmn;. *t ,bay, io
l"?nty. %b 'ibao.t -,b. v. nant gulsi: No. i lt. ti
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fi I ! 'v Ani-ii-t Kept., 81 l.t. H* sass. *.tno'
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11)4 Ini-r i.i .',*-. Hiner tl-ill . Kura No. il
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1* voe. Bslkmess* Inan i **i,nuiiiii* .f.: Clear lu'*, ?-*??
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81 11.V*,, July. Si 07'4 . Ad) 1 s*.,;^,!,,,*, ?.) |-,i^
er, Si 1 i-a; No, -.* U'liii ? 1 4I1. 81 >.,, .Nt., j Hod win.'
ter. Si Iii** Iteui-tpla, iu.W-l *>na!,. MiluroeBl*. 8*1 i).H) I,lilli
1.11, ,lnii; KS -', 67c. 0?U ililli; .No. ?? Willie 44"
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?toady ( Bie?a BSasarf. I **r* Hoaoy. Kecsipu
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lititUi .t.-a.ly , Hairy, 'J--'*i>r.; i leaoiory. loaTtO* Lorn
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aii.i.-i. UuinmeatJi Qraei Lana (isac, si.lO;**hirt Mltv
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Barler. no.*. ?.-np oent* - FToar. S.OoX) bbla.i ' Whta
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b?n?r - tmak ^^ '
lot-rtK*.. .hid** Jl.-\VTie*it lo-iror : No. I Re* Wntoe r?%H
sim ii.., SI 1 .'* J'i!)-. 81 14*,: .vasaiL il lin*; e-aatsas
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ano' Aa j ca?ti sod june, 8&c, Jai/, Au V*. Aasaat, bas
september, es****, oats now'sel MfiB^Ml*] Ii,?".llfl:
tine lwvcil.ni VVneit. l3.00e) bu*l?.: C*f1""[/,?f ?"? ?b,?,hB|
nat*.-"bmh. KtUBinosti-WIieat, 4.000 uu*li.i Com,
Cb.OVV bulli-; Oat*. 1,00(5 buafc.
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l>er delivery. W^a : ao. 8aoteuir>er nail october delivery,
t***-***.. do. October aan Noveiub-ir .isilverv. '?***}4'"-: fl0- ""*-?*?
rasieat and December delivery, M'lad. Future* dull
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dav'ne-i'<iM S.i'.l'i Laia* Ataar.r.**.. ?,.
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bolt* sro**. I"7 naiei- atporu to drear Britain,
bair*: to Franca -bale*: to Ui* Contiuan*.-; Baie*-.
to tha i bairne,. ?- baie* coast**ian. - baie* salo*,
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to urear Ilntaia. 3.44". nan* nie*. 600 Daies; l?*t even
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lmlo*: to th* continent. -baie*, to Orval btiuin. - ?
bile*; gale*, ao bales: last eveulnx.-bale*; *toc?. o,-lM
Kaw-York. Tbur*'.1i*ir, Jnuo 21. 1383.
T.10 followm*? wiles wen Lvftid at tbo Ex
chi.t)?e eulearnoru to-day:
j?*/ Sn.ti <*? Myara,
5 4.*tt.rv tenement* wifb inti. Nu, Mi to .TUT! Emt
*i. * *. 211.8 fie ol ?.'.l-aTM, e.irl'' 1 18.8
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9 ititi,ir bau***) with le** n.h 8*9 ami 88* Kaat
St, .3. h 1st 19 I*.."".II: I A Lr4illey. ->3,:!70
Ry Jamet U Weill.
ot,,,, ? . Baa*] ">.*it ?r. 138 ft SOI ia -i.e. earl* lot 25
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ciao, p M.'iitTm. 11,909
2 It'la wi I lilt nve. ?.1tnintnir above, each Int 24. -t
vltii.i1 L.I l'liiil.,. .... 7.2r,n
U lo'* H-Iii-lmi; 1 -Hl'Ml. IL M tl
llier . 7,0"0
2 lot* iillolnl:i?ai*o>e, ni h Int 94.8x100.1 1: neoriro
Wnsv. . 1'J.ooo
3 Inti mi lat-SVS, n e io- nf 43d *t. etleh Int SfSXl 0
Edward ,". .. . 12:250
4 IM*. N" M- and v*?4 Weal 41?t -r. : O'rr iv of 1'itti
av* . ? M outran . 1'J.OiiO
I ' nek I,.-til-* with ? ? ?? 1 ? I
ft *?'.' Ive \. |, . tof lind IMBI M I ? er.
i-a-lt 4.401
1 ilmtlar hon*** willi Int, n.V. lot I-'.'.,x
|."lr*.tirir.. 4,7.-.'J
'.ti' I' B V. KS TAT "J T.tVNsr-7'tL
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l'ilh-ave. ai, 49.11 fr n nf I******. MM-t***, ?tf
Cos***) rt at exseaasre* to A Friwilaadsi . 0,900
cu.-- * i. 98CI ft w of Ara-D, 1 i?. !"?*". 0 Inila --mitri
t., I'et'-r -TNa-tnT . 4,500
? s'.'(M ft w of AVS.D, 8.8x70, etOj M l.itt'-il
amt ant-i o r tn**,*j?. .
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114th it. tis, 2W fi a of as-avs, 29x100.1 li Ann Me
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? ntl w'.f* I.. . Sl.tM 0
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l.eilnrlon ive. aw co 101x100 ll; I
i Meehan and noaband to AMetti ... tiO.OOO
,.' nth-are, I8.3i ?-..': ( harlirie
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, 10.3, <i ?
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101* *?'? ?? *. ?-"'??'? f ?"' -*t4ili ?i. ?-? ?? ' Wm Kelly
4:!" to I. i oom i v. 4.000
7*tli*l Bl I28.H tl-'.'' 1 *??-.-.-.- 18.4x10*3.9; I I!
tilneeldem and wire In fl I Werner
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ar,i ethel*, i wt ntoi- eu-, I" I" il Iiiero anti au
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1. H Kipp
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toa i . n ? i 1
ll M Henty, irfere*. to J
miali W I'limek 1.098
. ? lu** ft*of 1998-as i .-.iniiou; J
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wit.-ioc noreena*. 80
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an.lwifetoi- l*"reniiii ... . 1
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h:a*n aol w!!e t.t I' Ii*, lillian . 1
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ll VV '.,it.'l lill anni!!*-!, nut liter*, to VV U
isBSBMBI 800*
t ert-ln lui khnavd* and water rislit*. (' FCn.?lo lo
il I.i no nor .... 1
Kim* I.inperil, i.e.nn- I ? -'t ' , i lt* alni
aUol:... 1
(Dff.iti Steamers.
ANCHOR LINK- r. H. Mall Pt^rashlpa.
r Tor*- ?vrv **?tnr.l4r f >c
i.LA- iOW r.4 L".'. .*.'M)i;?tlV.
K.. n I- i ll re
IMA J ont* J livia.Ju r 7. 7 a, in.
v -.. .; i ... ? , ?? ii . t \ . . julj li. 19 m.
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. /-. i >.n 'Ar l. - ' fro i*
UVthPti'il, AM) Di : ? -.(.I ?,
PFL'irtlV'v 'if* JiivJt. a t 89.
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(a "ll, ?! -i :-. ??? ' ' i ?! ?". J ???!: .' '??? i i ,i n illt,i HIV
. IV*.
i aro I'M I (roeif
cli?;x-- in li: i-i I. - lr* i i I.
? tua, idMkof 1'' ii???. te.., anpiy ti
ii * s I IK It-si).N Itlt'il 'I
AM Killi'ANS coin?r Hl>r.>.).| and ili'*-iiitiir
iireetou* ?|itnt-? -'i.tt. * le*-'iT. '.r>n.?<>* or Hie lato*l
lloTefl r i ? - \ i. .17 AVeuUO
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I>->i.i>i;.\rx lise.
V nltiv AN1> IttiitHKAi \ ni RKirr.
i ll.VI: VI ! Mi! . VV"1, Jone 97
CHA .'KAI I.KiiVtt i.K. 4,'iHi:,. .- I n.-t.. Joly 94
i I' -ii -Prentice' - aofeiyn.
"Tra. 11 lia.r, Prraosaa, i an,
Mt ? ' . will **ve lim* ml
I al,:., ii,, lu USS Wins), *-k), mi -nr.i< -. |J.>.
1 or , * .4/" 41tpiV l'l
I LF. BO ULA I BR. 4B fieaver-st.
Nt il lt 1. ?LA.-.,. BO] ,
ron *.
'iiAl.ti-.Wedai ,. lOiiiO*. m.
li ll'.MA.VI etir.eKilay. Ju.y A. 4 p m.
At"BAMA. v. J i.r li. Ki a. ui.
BF.RV] a.W*daa**t*n. July 18, J JO u. iu.
..- t 'lo ii"i "jr, i aleorasa.
UBSta ,??-1*?. Wt> and SIiM.
Mt'i.i:. ii. J,." r i bb<1 frotusll parts of Karon** ?t v,-ry low
late*. 1 rt;- il .lu.l |" . '. I I'.tiwlluj ilrmtL
LO., AS**ut.V
AURANIA, 7,800 Id.vs,
win nation wt. un i bo i Y.jt li IL Qaena*woaHBa
ar*' now var out.
VliUNu.N II. BROWS ?t I'"., A-reiit*.
Mi.A.MHI I !' LINK hl.Hu.i . -, I .W. Voltl**.
BOtTTBA viI'luN AM) )illl..,ir.\.
? I I' 'N M -jin 1.1 jr. Juno .'H<
VV . HRA Wal. ju,- .'Ti vi- iii A I . VV e.iur*i*av.J nlv 4
RAI b-AOF I'AH-*\'.il'.ti.*in Nl-.-vV ViMll. ?** -mt 1 HAilP
ins. llAVn**' or UH KM KN.
11 HST (AIIIN-. sic" I till USD CA-JI-'* ....860
till KItA'iK. ?:in.
Retura tl"iet*iit re,ii,tvo,|rai i, l*re|*al 1 rtteera*o Cerlltl
eaton, a-'i eiii-.a-'upr* Mill fniii Pier bet.w*?u Meoond and
'lillu'.Hit. Hobokuu, ."?. I.
BiCHM **. co..'J Howling (;teen._
a t BstWSSnaew Vina ami ll.iw.
i oinpany'iplenii-wi. ttmxti N.trtti III rr r,.f af BfatSSB lt
ira., lae av ji.) boll] transit liv biiiM-i'-aii rail
w?> aiwl iiii'di-. "intuit of croaatus the Uhannsl li* i imail
boat* wi'ifial train'eat.liur tlie rompany'* dot k at Havre tu
ii-t-t fm rn!* on arrlv?l nf ?u*aiiiora. Baa^aKo tUookoil al
New Von tbi'Ufli to Paru.
MiHM.V Mill.. -*.itr.iu .Wwlnisoday. Jaae J7, Ila ra
I AMi'i. I 4iirff iii.VV,.iloe*,iay. July 1, (la. Bk
FKANi K. ie-1.-i tlHant.-tli.- VV-e.tnt-.,tar. July Tl. ll*, m
( bei-kii iliyarne at *4itlit. In anionnui n ault, ou tho llautiuo
1 r:iii*aiiaiitii|ut- or Parla
For '.I'islit *nd anne* ipittrn
lui ls I )F. K KUI AX. Agent. Xo c, llowUng Oreen,
/Minx KINK. '
fok auaaaarown and livkupoou
Leavlus i'lor iti. S. IL. root of Kins-**.
WlatCo.thlN.l-imidiay, J ono ii*!, i* *, ra.
Alli/' i:NA.TuBMlay, July H, 8-iHip. m.
Ni *. HA.*-Mtiir'iUv.Jfulv7. 7 ?. ux
INIA. .Tneavlav. Jniy lu. U a aa
WV iMlNt;.'I'tif-vitav, Jniy 17. Sn. m.
C*?" fiieao sieaiwr* are buUt nf mm. in walov-Hcht i*an.
painui ni*, ami .ur ruruiali**! wltb every leqn'ilie lo mik*
iin paaaaaa a< maa las Atianut botii ?*fi. amt aareaaels, hav
Inf balli-iooui, aiuoklim-roinii, t!ia**in?iiH,iu. plano *nd
lunary, alan eiDetrleiieed uirae-m, Mewirrteae ami eaterer nu
o*t li *Uiiiner. The lUterooai* aro ail up|i*r rtexk, thaaln
?ann* tliiav, rti-at-it of all luxiirie* at i.*.v, nerfeet ventila
Ui.n ami iii-bl. "^
CaPIn iia?*ase jofoi-iliu?f lo *!at?rt>>"ii, SOO, BBB anti 8100,
lnt*Tme,l!?t?-. *in rtt.-wrajre at low rat-*
I rORUlIKKM8TOW.*l Ufb Ll Vt: ll I*, it j L.
? I I "'* 'itf ' IIKHTUK.. - i i i uti*, v .Min- ?-.. tl 30 a. ts.
i i rv of un um'i nh.-thu usn vr. j,,-,,,.-i\ ii*. ,0.
i I IV "F UKIU.tN-. 4ATI rtUAV, Jul.-7. (i;.IOa ra.
CITY OF PA (tl-*.Til U HSU AT. JillT Fi, 10a ru.
-,. ?.Jt()m rlor *if N"r?,- Rl*'?*?'* '*"?*? <?' l*rov-?r?
^^^VA..;r^i^r-,psld;;,:fl',, '?'-?? ?*?
. I"! pillia-,.!. t.*..nppiT lot'io I MM AN MKAM-HUP Ca
Llnilte.1, M and ':i Bro?.lw*T. .**". /.
I'uitaOeljybi* Unite. .No. 103 Hoattl 4tli st,
(Dcean 9 te a meta*.
fsTATTONAL LINE.-Froin Pier 39. N. H.
HELVETIA. June?% 7 a. ra. i tipAlS. fart 20, ISO p. m.
GREECE June 87. IO a. m. I HOLLAND. Juir 4, 4:80 a ra.
csoin ssa to ST7*ft outward ucifet* S-Mk prepaia trsoras*.
ticket,**) F. W.J. HURST. Manner, flf* and73 BroadwiAy.
N. V._
dlii'Stcli flrst-cla** lion ate users from Plti 10, North River,
every ton dav* for
HALIFAX. N. h.. _n1 9T. Joli.NS. NF'Dt
BiesUeal paaaaavraa m-nimmoJatlon*.
I ot circular* oonulniug particular* *Vi';y '?. ?
_Pier 8, Karta Biran ^
Kioi.i New.Yoi*, pier fool ('anni-.**.. M. lt
For-an Praa04*00 Vis the Iithtnnaof Punaina,
A< A I'I'Li'niall* Matin dar. June 30. noon.
Counee ti nf for Central amt Boatb America BS* UoxlMl
From Han Prsnelaoo, lit ami iiranum ats.,
For Japan au 1 china. __
O. and h. ss. AltA?ic*aits Thuradar. Jan,* -". ?* P- ra*
Exciu?ion racaet*'letwenn S4 i rraootico and Yokohama at
mei lal ran-*. ....
ZIM.AN lil \ **it* sainiti.iv. June 80, 2 p. ra.
or on orri val or Lon 'o.i null* al -A.-**, Krui'i ''*?
For freleht, |ia**4K? ami general uifni jiiitioii, aiiniy at Cou).
paiiy'* Otiicuoa th'i pier foot*canal--;'., Not i't Hirer.
li. j. BOLLAV, Barsermtasaaet _
RED 8TAR LINE. Por Antwerp ami'Pana.
sailimrfroin New. Vniiiu i Aiitworoevorr Mat unlay.
v.'.'. i -lAND .saturday, June-J. 7 a ut.
M-.lir.i'.i.i 'ii...Haioma ,Jnn< W 1:80 p. _
s lin .ni, .tut i rmtaaa. inwk'.n* and bats-room* ataidStusa.
First rabin,
rabin. BO* i sxcnraisn, 8180 **'*?ra*".? 8^** r>i-|i?l 1. fid;
, linmdwar.
Mtaaaisralear* Co.'*pier Ion if * lues-tu. Ju.-aayci./
POR AM?1 iii*.DAM
8i% AuiV.enUn), Jun.-.'/ ,i ?**. ? _ eilan:. Juiv 4, (i ti.tn
feR. VV. A. 8CHOLTK *..... . Inly ll, l.:30 a.tn.
lattAiiin. s-J.1: tstorraao. 8 j:, nrepaAd. *is.
li. CAZAUX. (ieneral a,cut, il tsi.uiii WlUlaui-ar.
fl..' i co., i..-\'. Mukki J,
27 s. Willam bi., Kn-.tl.t Vat*. SO R'Sray, Kin. I'aaa Agt.
,M Kitti?, iiaiubiti'u Am.-iiian PasksS Company*
I ? i . ' lt tSRBOURU d'ailm,
sud M A.'di it'll'* Satui-ilar Rt in-'-1 illari:.' llreoC.
HAL... I .iii.tiint _ihur*.. .tulv.i
BI'-*! v. "' i -'
Rat** (to Pan* extra): Fir** Cantu. SID** ItaetmdCabin.
? Iii-*'.
C-aliln (? "it.ir-, Rrranirri. 8d*iand87(t Basawla*rassa
greata- re in, ,-i. - ,-t , -, ita'Oaastt*."*
RUN i. Art*. No. ia li. ilsi.N. Y,
C. ii. Rf ii a itu I IX)., Ooo. Pass igu.. iii i: nv, A. t\
i"i: * ii.!:.*-.- i own a . .1 ;.i\ .-.Ri'joi*
BOTH i ? tko 11 ? I-*"'' Boats
rt. ".ii'iie-,|.*t br Mi ' try, P.*. A., OB i")ta *u>
out want au,I homowsnl vo.*ar*av
it, l: i > i 11 Iw In l? 30. 1 B.BB,
Ai) u ai ic. Cse*. f?n Intra .i ba ? l i?- '"
BRITANNIC. L'SDt Porrv.Ratal Bari Julj>14,B0**
? ? P
i BLTIG ''?nt. ri'? -I.." ?? tl .- ' '-' -. '???
-r. ' *T* ? .
n*s*e*t*ain4>n *re ani torin lu -i/.-rrl itnvu n?'l In ap?
pointments rim naioou*
roo - ti ? ?: i- ? rt** ia t 'i ?i ' i t ?
UMTIO lllIAliaiaiill >
ki .?> i.
KATr:-i.-*;-iionii, wo ait 8100. Return Ue*csta oa
ron nu -Jil'>iitutr/, fJJl. liou
Mew Yorl
Tbe,e ite ini?r*oarrr n**it*v*- - Attie, ?hesp n ir il -,.
Forui?)>4i'ti'i.io* nuu, ai 1 other ? lal/il bil
? *,.N-n. ,n Broad* ly, Row >
K.I. C'jRl'.'S, AUjat*
CL BAlTTLETTaco, Asent*. Boston.
liAKKiIT St CATII.... , A Bil .' *.
Stciimbotits aiiJ) fiailroabf.
a !IZ" 11
4 _i ii-'., ?IVEK BY DAYLIGHT.?
?-. VIOBARDil ul . ? ?'( Baa
.ii'iiv at S i mi Veetrv-aC pier
ind Weat JJiLlt. 41 '.I i. ni. for Univ, iiiilinr i
.*. v "-k ao*l Tiri vi in
?-ith l.iater uni Delaware R. it..
a" it*trill wltb catiklll Monntaln R R., and ai v:na.i
I ll ai i WERT ami wltj. SFi
J\? NELL, for Weat Point, Cornwall, Newbarc P*ai_
* ' tor
id llytlc I'trk.daily
. . i
ile wi;u ev.-tiiii*; traine lor
Un i ??? til
?rn . \l IE*-J BAOOAOE lii.t'I.IVKIi ATMD-8T,_
J\ mi kw n- ?! --I. .imi \ sara dum il. X ic, fast
j l*J-?t.. ev ?!* ' .
bau lay BWralUS IS* ll i -vii i nain* norib. weat anti ?'a*t
A for
L >Mt)\ Al I? KA ST.
voa world renowned ..tanner
rn ii.i v. -.ni
1.1411' N... -, tvvi(snnd?r* un lade li at
ftp. in - -.', i i River, fool 4 Marray-at. Co*
aa by Ann. i Nut (rom Urooklynat i.M y. m., .lerxey
i Itv i :?
rr (.??!*. itate-r i n i*. .1-.- - -iwl at aii i?:
-. iiaui:*j- uii'i ticket o ea ai PM * n. it. aa* oa
? 11* a fleet ??' v.-i;.'.l exe'e
?lit-.y ni Ci" tr?i<l.i *.-i ,i,-i, tnni lu?unn? yr-rii| i and rein
? t ao otln-r
liitltlH !* * Liv oeoroe l. connor,
*na*_ _ _ '? I'aaa'r A?:t
1~JH)K i.'.i.x'hTiil'I' and all polnta on !IO('
-.v rca ic aa* na i.o Ai n a' Bllfanana asaaaaaii
? at 'I i. "a, AM ji. m.. .'Ill, ._,**>
s.i r, 8:4* n bl Par* tower thaa br aarotner routs
,m|J BOSTON. The latest evenintz tenn.
:'ii"'uli I . . ? . u-al lie
ll 84 p. I - * ? **ii'i'U/*, ll
Inn in* i rmi ii. lu ?.'J. Woel -1 .v*. 0>>t tti-ieu na
rot ai i: ia p. i. . BaaaVi/s, 10.JO g. tn.
Vlnrt in* train, lo Mi. wtt* t ,v*. Dei tti-ieu ria
\III -I INlAi.N- -jnniuirat ( tu. itrni'i, Cornwall,
Mewl M*i|i ito, Milton, I'o'ki roaasetiaa
-I.r ar.t Deiawate a. ' ?U .lu
?it rn* spnt-._rlel.1 traves Tuesiaj, inuiaday, *-atmtUy,
i ;;.mi li. ir'i.in nt. _
tr. YORK i"A---rNi.i.:its r^srs James slip SS m-ii
tn .i ii mlnuto*. iUtt.it., I
toreLons lalandCllT Urns, VNN EIC BOAT Iroa Plsr 17.
f,,,' t.f lin. *L. Kilt itlver-T M. - Ila Du, 8:00,
? in
jame* sin. Kerrvan.t Annex Boat i Co t.ot ninon *iunilar.
M. l-t.A.i.) t I rv 1- K
XV ' J. 4:3 ., j..13, 7.05
p. ni -nu lay -1 SO B mi a. ni, 7 15, 8*00 p. m.
III. ll." .f li-*- il.i a. :n.. j. i .. *...., :,.:?, p. BS .-iifjays
ti Bo. '? ? '. m.
Kai; Rm K av. a \ --"'.VI""., lin.*, a m.. ? o\1t M. i-M.
SSH. tliJ5, .' ??' -ti. til. i.i' ulsl.t, Vtivlii klaj mal -aiuiday
onlv -
t- vu ll Alt If ir? 1:.-:js m., 8 ?Jj. *t,av J:*,*, p. _ ?*tinil*y?
'.i a m.
? NT'MllT (8BBLTBR l**Lvvn-8i8l i. m.. J.JA,
I ? I'. i>. iu. .Si'iidar* .'a. m.
*l.iinit.*i exproa* parior et' mia
if -.J". 9:03 ? m.. 1:38.
:t .1*,. i n, tn.. Vilib nt/tir. Wedneadav an.l *-atur
a Bl ' ...ni' E - ?*'. 0 M
OLEN i '"Vi:, iv CLrBT, f.'">?'i'**T v ILLBT, OT8TBB
HAV 14:86. 80S a. m. 1:8*, 4:88. aVsS, li sb p. m. .-.iiii.tay*
m., fl ?.'.. 8*,IS p. nu
lIUaTINO'POX. rfORTHPORT-8.08 a. m., 4 iii. 5.13,
(J i ? |i. Ill ? :'. in.
!'i::t-*"N-.' ni a. :il, 1 SS p. m. BOBdajBl):03
a. in
lt"NK'iN.Mi,l V ---JbA. tu..330, 6.JJ, tj.iljj,*- m. Suaaay*
lf.00 m. BV
Lona Hi-Ai'ii
e* Ll, 10.08, HOI am. | '-? ?.V 8:81, A:3A. S:S7, C Db. 7:05,
8.28 p ra. Mindayi 3 SO, 8:8*.*. ll a. nv ; 1. "J, 8, A. b 10, b:l5,
7:15. Uy. Ul.
il RIVKR RAILROAD.?Co-nnient-init .liint- 1*, i*-.i,
Uiioosii tialna will liavo Urasd Central lirpol
a a -.i . \\ ,*! :-i a: 1 Vu-" -. ti Ji.if hester and
Moutn-aJ. willi drawiuj naini rn*.
.. in, .-prfli*l I jin.-*, fm- i Mi-aitn tUllr. wirti l>imns
C*r?. itivi'lng only at Alliany. t: i* , Lo, iuitir,
>veland ?nd lole?to
y v -.i, -arst'iK-i --in'rlal. dall, eii-i'*it Suiiilu', 8188 Laas
OeorB i a "? ?'" -
lil io a. ni . i liii*aa*ii Lxurea*. ilrawius room car* to Canan
dalsna, lin. li'-iii ami lUiua.,.. a *.. Ult Ofield -;irin/t?.
II a. av, lo Albans .mt! rtor, >rit)i aoanootloa to utica
8?r?to?a. (ilona lal* Loki UsurfSSS*! ICitland.
3.inti m.. Miraiog.. spadst. I'uily. ext;.-,ii feBAMtsr, Buna
thronstito Lake i.eorfi- *>atuttlay* nu v.
A a m Afftirniiiotlaiioii to Ain.un 4Ji 1 .
Hp. m., m. I ania fifi aaa, alia aTaaBlin isis lin *,t. Louis ?
running thrtiugh evny rt?y lu tba) we?a , ano .Nu.-ariA Vail*'
liiitl'aitt, ciiu-iunau, Toledo anti L> trolt,
(i 30 p. m., i-.xpreM ilaJlr, BIOSpl :*uiiilay, willi slaej/lag cara
tn Myriieitie and to Anbiirn Loni, also to Saratoga a...: ..'.out
Bp m., Pacific Kui!,.** dally, withaloeptes rare for Rocla
aaisr, i,un*io,cis-vtaa**, iti.cio. Uotroit,iai.a_a ??ti clar?
lip. ni.. Night Expreae. with atssnlnn car* to Albans sba!
Tr it. i onu'-ri* wita morning train* foi [he Weal au., iori I
Tfi-ketaou *a.oat No. b BtowltaarOroaa,86'isud li:i iir..ua.'
way, aiidat VV'catvott'a Expro** "lil'*'?- 3 Park-place, and '**>
ana i)AJ Broidwiiy, .Now- Vork. uml 3.13 VV?*li.u.'l,'ii :n,t *)?.
i-iilU.u-Ht. iin*okl>n. i . H i i.i: .
J. VI. I 'i ' IV. i. ni.-uii't lien, l'.is-tti.t-r AsenL
liiHIite point*. Hfeimer* leave t*.or No. 2.*). K H.. at I p. ta.
and 1 I p. m. -*und*ya axoeatsdji notiiit^jtlas with trat>i*at
P1BLD, .ti-. Tlckots inti amt'laaaase aBaMSed at IMA
RroBilwav, N*. Y., an.l A t'otirUat, UiojAlrn. hicurnou lo
>ewlla?*n aanl retnru. $ I ..I).
1 UoAloii and tin' ESS*, All rall from Ci.ami Central
liepnt Three exure** li-stnn daltv (snndav* f \f-nt?'d) to
Bout "ii ot?** s. m., 2 p. m. (psrlor oar attarasli-sdi. uni Kip iii
i wit li paiut*. lici-pltig-i alu. sunday* at IO p. m. ?with palate
ileeplna i?r*i. Newport exprees leave* Utautl Ceuttal
I input at 1 p. m ; arrive* at .Newport 7 A.-. p. ni I'irlor ear*
? turtled._W. W. t/oi'l'I.K, At-mit.
Ottctj, Plsr IA M. a., foot of Oortla?iK-*t.
Crm?1*rntneuu oi frstghs ie-rwaiaed s* uiio,n i to any p_f
lol the world.
A>dersrA*-*aveli*rdaa^*rrai aaUsjt*8(ikrei?UAaawtasBr?
Mt)aadi*a to any part ox tits slsj/v
BMtiapS ol svsty *la*urlDtfon proarpllr llghtarad to any Bj8j|
ts Ilia Uaroor al rsaaonahla ratal
suauaer* j okn il atarla aad Brast-aa Oarstar to* Vim
HAVER, leave Plsr la. ti. ts, ass t*v as. OalAs. [ftsBartajra
ex oe pt**.1
METROPOLIS EXPRBaaoflL, sstwssn Hos-tor* aU
R?w UavrjL car* sail illssaturA fturaatood.
Vrolg hitor poluu on 0. L. 4 a*. U, E r*oalv*tl At Plat IA
Tor Mew-Iiaven and sclat* East at Pier ia
.NO UT ll BU ORE. HTATEN WlaA-Ha-Blsvsa ailsstsr
Tan Cerita vis atesiusra ttaia Iron Pier 1. E lt,, feor, al
LEM RALBMIPYARn, Oowraanlaaar. M. J.-Urr oeska
Machine aud JJoLer .11109a ai?88888*881 msaOni mu<?*>>?
SAiaiWuvUos tAAtvOtit _ ItftAt,
_0Uomoaot? ju^ JloUroada,
Via Philadelphia, B*IUmore snd WMMngtotv, ?
Train* leave from Penally I vania R. B. Depsti
lp' m^ except Sunday, for Waalilngton and all point* Waar.
vp. m., DAILY FA*iTEXPRI*"J^llii^arhileepln_eij?v?j2*
Weat,'11"0, Clnclai"?'4* 8t* Lott-**- ConneoU tor aY|S9
12 MIDNMHT, Dally for Washing "in and all poinU Wi
For Tlmo-Tsbloa, Ticket*, sleeping Berth* anti nM,
apply at company'* offlee, 313, ? saw riSoBroailwar,
Fulion-at., Brook, -v ^"
dally iexoept rtnndar*! from Pier S3 **Torth River. *t .1 p _T
Three looming train* from i team wi" i?n.ii.t_ tor Miga A
Uoetoti. Tickets gool on any tra.u.
For Providnnrtt, Wor,.eaiter, and Now-England uointa.
Steamer* NA RRAO >. NSKTT and *'i*0**M NOTON Iron. Pi**
'.'ii .NoUu Rlicr, daily, (extent Munday*.) .lu, m.
E. W POPPLE, A'.-.ngOe.eT Pan Agent.
_K_l__--_r_'',w yi?rk
V> -Station In New.York, foot of Llherty^v BUtloa'ie
Brooklyn, foor of Fulton-*!., Jew*ir* Wl.-irf. "" **
v '.'iiinttnclnsJaniiaiT***!). 188;!, Lesre New.York
..'?'I.8-, ">.?ror Flemington, Easton. Wind lian. v.._
t'Pr L^h!*^ Tttma<-U?* H-^K-toa. iJriftoiv^cranto*
R * m.-F-i: I'l/'-BlriTtotv Hlrh Brid***, Bra-ictv BaB>___
M oua tut a, Build'* Laka Lake Itopatennf. Entnn. A'len'ow"
Reading. HanUhurg. M?i*.oO chunk. "vtll!*:,?uUr, T*__i"
(jua Naatl'-oke. I'poer Lehurf, Scranton. ?o.
1 p. m. For V.t liilnirton. lunion, Allentown. Ke-vd-nr Hm
? .Maufhcaunk. Ilezleton, Wiik.?'.?arra .te
.il", p. BV?For Easuin. Wind dan. "daueh Chink,Tatnti-ii.'
Drlftoa, Wltkeebnrra. Scranton. Hazlet,,,,, Aro. *mv\*S
4|i. m. ?For K'.'tiitnaton. lilah Hrtlge Hr.in'-h.-L>*i*>(,,r?g
Moii-ituin. Lu .'tl a laho. Lak.> HnotUoong. Kuloo. Aa,
4 Mt p. m.?For >otnerr*.'le, Flemington, tia,
0:30 p. in -For Easton. Allentown, ReadlBA*. 'Ivrrionrc
Minob Chunk, %Vt keiimrre. .ito. ?
Munday fain* lear* ?t S4.r> a. m.. lin. m.. for Bo*!*] Mr?*
ai. I inr.-nn-diite itjtion^ it 5:*) o. nv for Ka*'n, Ailaa.
town, BTaeriin-i'ca.'i.l the vv*e*r.
Foi Newark at i. ", ii. n-1.1. 8:48,7:19, 7*30. ?-.-U.I.'Mi.
fl. 8-18,8-48. i":'*-,. io*a n 15 a. in- Wnju UH. lu. ?
8 to. :t. vu), a. A:ii). .1, B 1.1, ?,*>. 1:4i, 8, 6:15, U I). 7 7;j?
Ri Ll. 9. !? -1.1, 1 ():.?). 11:15, 12 p. -tv 1
Per freln* to Ioctl point* ?ee time tattles at sta:i itv
Tor Sawiren and "erth Atnboy St 5, 8. f*l:l5, lL-tJ v as
1*48, 4. IA"., (lom, ^
Fi i' ? o .1 st 8, ?* M, 11:45 a. ns.; 4, fl p. no.
ForK"?yp.irtst.1. **:15. 11-4.1*. m.; 1:15. 4.1:11. ih.%
via sandy noaa:.
eTKAMKK- f/EAVK I'fKRU, "ff. lr*.
FOOT ItKlTiMl. - I .
C'lMinenr-fng li*v ll, lf)S3
Tor If I***, land*, Seabrlr'ii. "fonminfi R*).!**! *.t| _..
Brandi, ->, lu: i.Va. m ; :45. 4:.t0o. nv Sundae. : ) _ rn *
Vnr At -inf..- (tl'Mind*, 5. 10:15 a ?n., .1 ll. 1 :.'W .?. ts.
Foi Lakewood. Tom* Hirer en-I R?-'-,e-Mt. 3:15 o.m.
1... niviantiiv", A?iiury 1'iirk, seaOli-t, <to., td.l? v a.
,* Aft. Ai.lft n. ?TV
la-avntoot of litany BS, R:15 a. m.. 1:4.1, 4p. m.. '?>: Laka
Wood. *.t.i;i.-iii.*r-r. -_.-u, i'- - ir fi irn* -at. .*>.*
IA Vu. Bl.for Atl'wrtei'ttv. Vin*'*-.-!. rirMy-tiv tv
I (5, 1 (?.) p. nv for lUtion* to susorlaht.
BtlSa rsv. 1-45 n. m. for -Cition* to -an lr 1
ForTTiKViON i,nil .'ll 11. \ l.l.LPHIA.
Learn New.Totk f.mi *-**u ' *.' J
For rtm-'tciii.'ila. IN-uth *ml (ir, en sta at 7 Aft. V .A UH
a. m.. 1:80, 4. 480, ftiiin, 7, !*>**. m. OB BitBilay si I (As, nt.
6::i0. i'J ti. m. For Third act Berk* rt*. St VAb, ll 15 A. _*
1:81-. 4'i(J, 5:80 n. ra. On **oud.iy ni 8 48 A .n. '
For Tr-nton. 7*4*. MO. il:15*. m., : 80, 4, 1:^0, *-.'i) 7 IB
p.m. ('i >und4V, H:45a in . 5:.i*i. Up. n,. ' ?
Ji..tnrn 'rain* l?*ave I'liladelplila for New-York
l"roai --tallon* Pbiia-I* pula aid iteallng RR, Nlr.'b sad
Oieeti it.*., a ? IO, ll *. ?; .;15, .1 15, fi *0, *J li
lila. tn. (m i*atid?v atR .0a.m. 5:3.?, l?p. *n.
li'ni Ihl'd ami Derk*ate. at 8:1ft, H.'iO, n a m , 1, 3 JO,
B-an, 8:80a. as. Sunday ar Ht 1.1 a. m.. 4.30 n. ni,
From Ti.-ntou. 1 _.,. li ^i, H:t\*. t? da, 1 u ff), 11:il a m 8,
4-88. 8:24. Ui% a. sv Sanriar, 1:8.1, WI8 a m.; 8.T5 p. a
I'ltAWINU KOIJ..I i IRtfa .-a"i. . -'to all di\ tri'M,
ant^LK!.l'IN'i)cOACUK*lo tnidiils**! triuii* tro:a .Nus.
York an.l Khllldeiphia
coiiooAtlon la mule at J?r*ey City Stat.cu to an-t frata
? ti alni Ene Depot. Je-.nay City.
Ticket* tor aaie at foot of Liberry.st., sad ?t th-* principal
hote's, and Annii i nh. e. .'ow-ll'* lA'birf. Brooklyn.
H. V. Vranafor Ciimpiny will c^lt foi-anti t ii - * aaigafl
f'oni hotel* or lta.'itnre to deitlua'l.i i.
HP BALDA i.V, Oen. Pvn A?*t_
W. W.HrFARN* i:,.i W.m'r_
_1 c Peiinayivani-t it. h.. footCtsrtlaaaai
?stations in New-Yolk < it. ami Dtwhrusaei-iL
(i entral It. it. ot N. j. foo* i.iiirrtr**,
ForSotitli .'nihoy. via C li. K. of N J.. 5, **:!.'. a. tn, 1:45,
I. Op. av, rta P. lt K.,8* nv, 12m..6 p. n Banday.3aaL
ii tte., via C. K. lt. of N J . :i, ti 1.1 a BL, 1:48,
4. I- 1- li:. Sis I':.i. IL lt.. BSaBS. I.m. b.M, ? fl ?- l't?'-*'
it tv. -i ,i. m. ? ' _. _
FOI Ked liaik, Long ll.siich. Ooun drove, Anbuy Park,
Bea i lt. " itnl Pli Besot, *? . via c. B. i . of N. J . 5, -*:i5a
tn . I 15. A. n p. m.: fia P* un. li. lt..'.I*, m., lim,'- .!??. "> n. ta.
*-i.ii.!tv*iiut iiv,.piij_at ocean move or Ailiuiy l'aaki,8
a. ss.
For Lakewood, (otu* lover, liarnegat dtc, vii Q, R. It. if
N. .1.. f : ?? -i. m
For l-n-i-liolil. via ". li. lt.of N. J.. 5.?:!1. 1? 4.1 A nv, 4,8
i,,., for K( 11:48 A m. LLB, 4, 4:4ft, 8 p. m.
Fur At.'nuile titv. \.i- lsd, Ktiilgi'ii'n, Ac.. 1 I.-, p. m.
II. I*. KALUW1.***. J. H WiM>i>, 4. F. RANDOLPH,
ii P i. (' R ll o* N" I. P.P. -..P. "? K. sup*t_
AA traine leave deweta toot * CorthAivdtaad DssbroieesAia
:.l -..il*, i.i. :4n in.l 7 |?. in. tor KmW'i, Hithie'i* n. v
town. Kr*- Ung. M iiir.hChillik.WiIkei'iiri-.'. Tow tn li, t
Iv. Illiaca, (leneva. Lvo-i*. IttifTai.i sal Uie We-tt. Piil'.fnAS
tnrooga cosohea rna dally, i.00.,1 ir** u . Ian ia*8*a*
, Relton. Rei ? 1 vn-l -'>*>Ur.
Train*, eivin* K 110a rsv, 1 111 vl> ?? ">? '?'?'?*?? ?r ?!l
point Inn lunn-ni MsAletoinU reno _ -nie -i
beaifst M-iiiohcli-ink. 8*18 a. nv Leare Mau.-h O-'iunk ,1
i(,en',irtAl FaeteraO.:. a r. rx ? of church sn I cortlandtitt,
(niierai l-wmu .c ru L P. A,
ll To li'iei.'ti. Worcester, Si.t ia, Pox:iau-laml the Ea**,
Tlie in w iroB ^t.-smer
Without eTceptinn the mo*t eleir.mt boat on the Sound, aa4
tin' t?M'iitt.' ( itv ott Boston,
. iii. v.ii 1 River, foot of watts-it.. nevt pier
above Deabroeoe* st. Ferry.dally.eaoei I Saadai -, ..i'. lb p cu
Oe uid after Jue* lu. I8M8,
rrain* leive Han-York v*.*, Detoi^sea siitl Cort'.safl
BUBBl Ferrie* a* |BB*H*WB)
IlatrUiiurg. Pitiibur*:, the Weet an.1 Hoath. with Pull-as*
r 1 set ' ii * aiue! ed, S a. nv, ii ami S p. tn. daily. N"0w York
?nd i lilia*'! I.'infed of Parlor, Otnlng, S:ii-i*.\:tj sal Hists.
ina < *m ai i) a. m. every I.r.
Wlinaroat'ort. l^irk Itavon. -Ia, m.. ^ r m.. Corry in-t Erie ?t
8 p. m.. coiuieonng et corry for rituivllle, Petroiena (Jes.
Ire ant (he OH lt 'clo.i*.
Rallimore. U'aadtnaton ?nd the *3-)ul,4. -Ll*r,lt*! W*M*ilaft*|
txpr.-wi'- ai Pnilman Par'-ir i.'4t? dat:y exeopt *juu!ar ll
a ui.. arrive W'4*hliitrto'i 4 p. m. Itegnlar. via IL a il P. ti.
Ii., at "i:l'?4nas in a. in., 8:40 au I 4 ,.. ai. arv! U ni tilt, vis
H. ind O. IL H.. 1 and ,' 11. m. and 18 night.
l*iiniiav via H. a* I I*. RR..** m.. w Bt m. and Vi utrht: vt*
H. ami ti B_R*,7B in and 12 night.
For AtlanticCliy, eic-t-i ..-Linday. 5:1fta nv aad 1p.m. Oa
*-iiinlay, ft a. m. Thi ouch car on 1 p. m. 11 alu.
For c*tn. May. .-xtej.t *Anii<lay. 8:18 A ni. ind 1 p. BV
Long Drench. Par Heeal Junction, anil tufermedut* ita
tiona, via Raliway anti Amhoy. tf a. ni., lil noon, 1 SO sad
ft p. ss. un *<u il iv. Da. av id-v"* not **op at A?niirr Park.1
JJoaraof " HrooHtvn Anim" counect with nil lhroii?ii tralnJ
at leney Cite, affording a *p?t-dy and tliiect iranife1-lit
Brooklyn trav*,. __ __
Tr.li* ?irlvi> -Fro.il Pituburt ? UO and lLaua uv. .:*)an*"
II 30 p. m. dall", and il*, ia. dally. ?*c*pl Monday. Fro*
WaahlVvrtaa sa4 lU.:.uioi*e. ri m, i'50a. tu. 3:.'.^ VM tf 14
108ft and 10 SO p. "i- aondsr, d "*>. 050*. nv. I) M sal
lOftlip. ni Fnnu Haititnoro, 1-" p. m.; on Huadv/a 8 31
li ni From I'tl.nleli.hia iiitk ti:20. HM. 6 50,8 (eicepl
ifooiUv 8*80, 8*4* IOttA IM*) *. m.. l.U3.ini I I \
0-n IBO 8t.V?, 8 .*V5j tOrao, 10i35 and 1U.-50 p. ra. .-)u-id4y,
8.80,6.90 8.50, 8-Oft. 11:83 ?. rn, li-'(?. 7 35. SJ Ji, iH;2i
l(J.3o aAbl iO-.bO :>. ni
UV ]
ag, train* learn nrnatl.it. **t4tiou. PtuUdelpliU.'.ll.O)*'
Ju, :itj, 8:8 1 (except Monday), ii St). 7:3i', H-.M, tfJOU
4-aVY. ?aiAAAON*i IN I'll I LAD*. I**** Jil A. 8a4 ?
ISL**V->'OKi*. v
Lol o^E lltACit, THE iloal IMPROVED ElaCI-t,
MEM-, AND 1UK fc'Aal'Eal ilSli GU.IslMU.M'
WI 4 ti AJiaOEOAlu aAe'iil'lf
.iilTf** TnaasS le*.<i...-w York vi* OeajiUMSS eal
innilt-*t. i erilM a* foiiow*
j-1.1, :-.m,o, Hoo .i*ud 10 Limited), Ila m.. 1, .1:30, .iaol
ft, Ai. 7. ** aim H p. m., and I-' mgUi. oaudiva 5, 1 ii Ii
llod'. anil io*, iu. V 8. 7, Hand J p. ra., and tJnlrhr,
Eipres* rratSS .e4ve .Naw-Yorw Jaiir. exoopt xtinday, SB
Tina a. ni. ano A p. u . ruuiunj through 11a liciituiiul
l .lutieu.
8.1ft, 3: J
li, sun 11:10 x m. iLli:.itod Express 1.3D aad ft: JO p. avi*
1,3.4, 6,8. 8.*!, 7:1ft, Sand4.it);v uv Ou Butnlav Vi OU
I.:!.*. 3.'<>. 3 43, tOO, ti.M A m.. 4 (.1:80 Limited. tiMXt
7:46. baud ii:-') p. uv Learn i'iiiiadclptiia via Cauiiao, *
;i : ,iui4:3u p. ui. dally eic*;.', siietUy.
Ticket udlce*. 433, 848 anl i*aa bioe-lwav, 1 Attor ilouta
inn (ont of He.*bro**e* an.l I'orttaudl au., 4 Court-it. sa*
iirooklyu Annex Mtalioa. foot of Fnltin-aV. Brooalyn. No**
114. Uti and lit* lludiion it- tloookeu: burloo, Jer*oy OUfl
Kuilgraul TlekoA OOtce, No. t? Uailery Puacs aud auls
-lh<* New-York Tran?fer Compsnr will call for sal ohMR
biiii-age irom hotel* aud re-iidSUviaa
_ Denara! Jlaaagor_favueiui Pan.'r Ar*n,
THE ERIS RAILWAY, now known aa tun
A MiWiiiiiti, la ki*; kihi; and weotern uaii*>
Arrancemeat of train* from ('Lant'ier* **tr.?*t D*?p ?'
J a. uv- Dally except sun-lav*. liar Fxuioa*. drawl.i< rooas
OasoSSS Ba l:!inrh:i'iiton. Ft'niri silt llnffaio. -??-..jg
tn*, ti *, liorueiltviila to Ciur jliuid, Cincinnsu anl cai.
8 p. m. (Daily)?'"**t, l4>m* LimttiKt" '?Cxprei** -Ita ei'ra
aaarse toi fa*t time. -I'ullmau'i *loe;ilng Ctuohe* ts nit
fain, arnviug 7'.'.la. m. Nlagaia Faila-A a ai.: ",.i. i mui a
7 ' *> 4. m.. ClerSiand 1:40 ii. uv: A'inci'iuaU ti.20 ?>. in -*w
I null x Ad a nv second dar. Couiitkting ti jim :ir.r*
In troll 3:10 p. m.; Toled-*, 5:28 p. nv: and luiliauapoli*,
II p. tu.
Ba.ba (Haily)?Psdflc Barpraaa for the Weat, sieeptns
Coac.'ie* through to Hu.Talis Nwrara Fall*, tlisiansii m\
Cnli aro wlttiout chancre. Hotel coaflr-ethtoagh to Chloas*.
S:lj p. ni.-Einigrstit train foi th-* tt'lit. ..
Knthorford and I'aMWie, ti, 7 80, 7 SA, 8-8*. 1> -'1 v ta., ll
noon. 1 4*>. 8, 3 60.4:41, fcl0,5:"?i fl In.'J Ki. 7 KA 1 J. I >?.<*?
Vi nltluigUL HiUKVAys, 8, ti.M, 10:10 A nv. LA.\ 6.M, 8 p. uv*
18 milln' rtir. ._ . .. . ?
l'?M>r?ou. U. 7 J.l. 7:10. 9:SO, l')-*i*0 a. ta. 18 no,tv 14*. ?.
SitO. 4*4*1, .1, 5:10, 5:30, 8 10, H:M. 7:lJ. 8 t3. 103,) p, UV 4 4*
1. naidargUt Siiinlaya, 8, 8:30,10:*) a ni, 143, o:J>, **.'
p. lu. 1 - uildulghL
Newark and H*t?*f*o*> vis Newark. 'His H:40. ll IO aw.
3 IO. 4.WO. 6 20. 6To.7 30 p. ru. and la* midnight SiAfurlap
ni?ht?oiiiy. wanasjia.fcl/a,aa.*tlt>.M?a.nv ..._._
Bnffern. 8. " bo, 6 M. 10.20 -a m. I A3, t a I, V MX 4_18*
HI j, 10 30 p. tu., and iii uildnLrht. *-nadara (V ?:3->. *???*'
a m., 1:4(5, 0 30, n p. nv. and 18 mldulsht.
Warwick, 7 SO*. Bi., 4.30 a a*. _
.Nawburg- and Cornwall, 7.40, 9 A nv, 8:3d, 4J0, V * ?
Bundey. 8 30 a. m.. 8 ii. nv _ *.**._!
linuitout sud ?Ingatou and Montgomery, 8 a nv, 3- li) p. ss,
"osUkSB, VI***?!* I"-'* a tu.. SiJO. 3:30, 4:80, % 8:1J B. Bk
^ulltlay 8. 8:30, 10:'-'O a m.. 8:80, 8 pm.
Nli.lVletowu. li. 7:?a. 8, lOiJOa. m.. 3 b<\ 430, 8, RU 8 <%
huudar 8 *I*3?>, 10 30 a. nv, *i:3b\8p. ai. Theli:*) a. .o. a**
4 3o p Lu 'tralM.-oun.**-! with tlldland Railroad st. *4alu-**?
The Ja. m. nain iuidi JAt Malmu only, _
Port Jorvl*. _ 30. ?.). 10.80 a ta, 4.;li). ii, H. 8:1 J p. nv ?-?*/
dav. 8 -to, lo in a m.. 8, d:3i) ami 8 ti. uv . '
Boala leave '23d-*t. ouarterof and ouarter after aaes sosa
from Ml s uv to 8:4ft p. m. and si. IO 43 aud 11 43 p. av *
TlctteUfoi p?ss*ge*:idspsrtnieits ia Diswlng?:'"OJ* BSBj
Sleeping etwclie* fan Oe obtained Bud orders for the "'?""*'__
anl Frvmier of bag*;**-* rasr be left st the f**m.pAoy*? 'J?-'?,*
No*. ?-'(,i.401orsiS7 Hi-oatlwiy, lt' Wnt-A. BT. v.. -** -%
ijSSII Bl llrooklyn. or ai the Cnupanv-i Oeoot*. ..*.._
Kxpreae .-alu* from the West ?rrlvo tn Now *i irk ?t7.-i*y
and 11:'JA a. ni and IS p. m. . ? _ ..?.?. *
JNO N. AHBOrr, (Jen'l Pa?*'r Agent, v.wlorx.
Traiua eave for hinglewooil.cio*t?.-. Pionaoniand -Jr-^"!
7il0, 8 60. 10 a EV, 1. 330, 4. 46o. b.M, lit,). 8.30 p nv. A*
mid' ight suinL *, 7, vj *. tn. and 7 1? p. m. *__._!
Niiaiuet,sprtns valley aad slonsey. 7:10, Ula nv. *bor.-m
amaV%so. N. ABBOTT. Peal P^i___t__^2!l^
?VHUX B0AT8-^1TIZEN?3". UNEj-Naj
A kle*JXi?l*aARATuOASi**lCl'lY (?> lEOl "*T* rJ3
iso. ..^N. Ai?ltHo: Cuii?loplier-?t.'i??y *-?-i|i *-?*?**' ___.
p. nv, cennecting with moiiung uaia* *a*a aa i?u,ia?*-?
*W at***SA*4*t li,)a*L*SS al AJJjS*t*A8i
p. nv, ci

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