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ficeesses to the deeper tragic parts where her atn
itii'ti lies. Hardly less happy in her companion
abip is Mme. Nilsson with Mme. Sembrlch, a singer
Vho bas won a reputation as adazzlmg vocalist, and
>Ime. Vallerla, in whom Americans take a patriotic
pride as ono of the constantly increasing baud of
Voroen-singers who hava won renown for their
eountry abroad. The list is so large that it his
caused England a few jealous pangs to re?
flect that for years sho has dep ind( 1 ?o
largely en American talent for her best oper*
atio and concert peiftiissaacea She has
pobody to place be-tdo Alhani, Kel!o_*e, Hank,
/ntoiiiftte Sterling. Mist Thomby, Mrs. Osgood,
Hmo. Vallerla, Mlle. Van Zandt sud Emma Kt
to lav no c'aiiii to her who is the quoeu of all?
Adelina Patti.
Tin-re witt be aa American singer of ripe attain?
ments at the Academy als* to divide the patriotic
interest of tho people Josophlns Yorke, Mr. Maple*
? e's Brime danna contralto. Miks Vork" has for
ten years or moro h"eu a member of Mr. Carl Kosa s
Company, whose strenirth lay In its American mem
ters. H.-r home is in Cincinnati, to whieh plneo
elie n-t urned in the spring of 1879 toeing el tbe
festival of the North American Saengerhund. She
hsdlefl it Miss "Jo-re" Jones, about ten Vear*
hefore, with a fresh, tuneful mezzo voice that bad
al! the cultivation the local teachers could impart.
A few years of stndv and singing in Italy developed
Its alto register snd strengthened it. and whet Issi
shs saner in this ('"tititrv, four veers ago, shs h w a
Superb voice and training that fitted her ielntnrahlv
t<> till tin-Irving parts that fall to an opera com
].any's principal contralto singer. Ot Madame
Trebclirs fame it is needless to speak, ami thais.- of
the men of the tWO companies WBO ure* known an*
ao well known that tim* require no commendation.
In the department ol the ebie! singers nothing
rnorecould he asked thaiiMe-srs. Abbey and Maple
jon have piovuled, anti the lodieatlona are plentiful
that ail expectations based on the theory wal ? few
jirinci nils can make an opera will bo met. As for
tin-ether elements, wemuat await tho pertonuanci s
before wo eau judge.
?rm: PHILHARMONIC society.
The preli-Binary circular of the Philharmonic
p.itioiy whieh luis Just betn leaned convey* tue informa?
tion tuat Its orelie*;? of 100 iuiisle!au.s will cive tins
apeasoe six eoBoene, oe Batoiday i rveutnm, ami h;x puo
llc rehearsals, on tlie preceding Friday evenings. Mr.
Tl.ouias reuialus the conductor of tho society, ead lm
portanl novi liles will be (tren doling the seas m. Ai
has alreinlv lieen ininnuni-el, Mi-s Agnes B. Hunting
t"n. ci'iitralto. will make lirr (..'?? it at the grot eoaet i'.
The date of the concerts are ;is follow-,- November 10,
Jit'cemli-r 15, J inuary l!?, lYbrnaiy 16, March 15 anti
Arm r,t Bubeerioen ol list seaaoo elehlng lo
tbelr Mata oan secure them ut ilie Pbilharmonl
office, Acaiieiny of Mualc, en trance on li*vlui;-p.at e, from
M.iniiai, October22, uni.i Ootob r _'.. mt inure Atti r
i rr er dato they will lie u.-,.n-i*J ol to leu.-r.o*
Ocr: Ul is.
HIE FIRST sn;ht oe or:
| . POUTAS "I'. i:.\ Hut si; SCATS SOLD BT AVc
Abonl 300 persons attended the auction sale
of sears uml boxes ior thc ru?t nigetof italian operals
ttie Metropolitan Opera Boneo ia?t mimi. ]
took piiue in Steinway BaQ sad wan eoadneted
by.!.,im ii. Draper, who wasted ao tune m .abounding tbe
penises t>: the wares he wai eftring. Ele had a boaleeas'
like a'i ri -rr . In iiromiiient plaoes sat moot of thl
ticket tijii iriiater- ot tin* city-- i.. - tn, Ki laura, Brentano
? nd Mihi ul.?uml tliflt's WetO Hit) larj-'cst ].i.ia
Iks bulli; uk was set very spirited) u." " upset" pries
being ie, i lu al witinu twenty snlantts in in aiiy e \t iy
department of the Kale, Md though all iheorebe ira
chair* uinl a.l tho tone ware Fo.it. there ni.
D:.5, what the baa- i.i.: ti, between 1,0
1,500 Mats to b* disposed of at the
box lilli*. Md", v. hu li Wa" li',',ii BOX! Mo- 'lay. lu _l\
80 boxes ami 580 seats were sold aad the ame i
was r^s.-juo. 'I'hjs rendl was somewhat u --
appO-nting te Mr. Abbey, who lt lu sun!, in the ffie
?oon rt)t-rted a peopoaitloe mints bye speculator
to take nit iii* bando all the orobestra seatsaad hoxei
UtaaOahoctfbod Ior at *.;o p r ?*at ami glOOpei box
lt this otl'i-r was rerilly made la .good taila t..e COO) to
hlr. Abbi y ot th- va-'i. Mle last night waa ta ihi
borhood nf $10,000.
Tho Metropolitan Opera House auditorium has
?divisions as follows: parquet, .000 ebaire; balgnou
boxen, 7- chairs; parterre hexes, 216; first mr.
|2S j sseoei ter, _-i; beleeay, T.'n); tam*
I'.y iiii.e, '.'- ). nabing 8,06. cbalro In all. rp tn
noon of yeettaOhT, wh^ the sehseslpsluBi
. i. USO seats had been subscribed for, four ol thesis
lia.ni,i bone and elgut of tht eeoand Uer i>uxt?. All
ol Iii.* pai lt i rt- un.I flnt-tler Innis m.- held
by nie stockholder* of tm- Metro poll un Im
fnwvoaaoal ? nuiiuiiy (limited). Tba >
uk m ' - ainl t..ii.'-- wore ihooe which wen
offered lor sale for thi Bret night Mr. Abbey, wild ins
faithfulllentanant, Mr. c. itaon, and bis manager, Mr.
Oran, occupied an unobtruei vi poul loo li
the lue a re ai i a.- ? members of tim slag wera
soattt id abonl the bal , and M. Capoal aa
listened to Mr. Drip, : lui mi limn*. In.
npoetjprioe of tho parquet chain ra* announoed tn i>?
Silo. 11', limiest ioi ms i ulce was beiwi
lalor* Cy bob a I Ku tuan, aad .Juan aBcboeffel, Mr.
A'i'i'i i'n iii.-;?'!. ]? rt forL
Barrett. Tbi. g ?!! ai -r 11 aad ng up
rapi j ' - ".. ???.-. M , - ? a txiug i wu .
Mr. sc.nu iii ? made tbe s eoiid p ?; ,'ia-c for Mr. Bar
reit ut three chairs - i - , . -? ilmpped
to ^l s, then fis nmi tbeu PIS, at
a i- ? r * ur iiiiire ot pun iia-i rn wers suji
jiiiiii. Wheo iii" buy ma began to la.
Fredi. I 'i... i ? were forty er
tlfly -t-ars left.
'? w.. it - au will you have. Mr. Rollman!" asked tie
_ meer.
" A ." -.1 1 trie 1 ni r
ip, culator e u a liked J i ??.1. t.:
i ao balgnou soi
end **Vio, tue up-.i price being 150. lin*
price ot i-eeiii.ii ilet boxeo. ? ts - i
ailini-s ons eaeh. havan ii* r-' All the
liux-s ware taken. A. \V. hotscblld, who had buugbl
two parquet i 1 be would buy a box lt bc could
I ... In- -eats.
"Wi i voa laka Mr. Rotsebild'i Malo off bis ii inda, Mr.
Buliin ni I'' u-kcl Mr. Dr
"i i ta,i.>," cann-ta. t beery reply, Til relieve every*
a* ioi w ot eeate were marked "tf tn the balcony
and im lu tbe in .i div ??
was a' PH, tr..* aweood .it $7,amt tlie remainder tba
auld aero ttoid ut ifi>. raero wa- i.-? bid abovi
tke upoe prloe, S3, for iii- -.,i?. la ih'* fara j a
The ^ ibeoripUons nnd sales auarant>ee a bri lin ut sud!
en?f oil tin- openiUC Qlcbt. How muon money ll Will
i i the inaiii.er ii it bard io say, for ibu
would require an averaging of u
tin stue, ii .iiiii-' iiaymentafor iiieu hox>eo; bin it niii
. I ? a
J. II. Mapleeon, Madame Kt'-ikri Gereter, and
and tae vera] members ot Mr. Mapleeoa's aoompo
np. . *.a(l to urrlre early tu ii.i.ii nw moiwlag m the 'iii
t?f Kin n. aVstealiiliu.it Will leaVS i'ler No. 1-, ,\'ui;li
Klver. with a eoininiUei- tu wei'nine Mr. Mapi.-u
Among tiru-" who will go to m'*<*i ike steamet on ex
postmaster-Ueueral J,tine*, I'ostmaater Pi irson, ex
Mayoi t.i.ttf, .hibn.H. ,-i.uni, ex Julfi Jml^ei
i ndeaoa, t.ener.i: Hickies li- i~ t'attlBft, I a
* a ;-t anj ii, b. Le Boy.
A p nea en gee in one of the Bridge Rai I wa j
cai*.-.-' itti.it tar Bridge had boen stnwa by
a tbrc* ?malted vessel whooe Basts wenahatn
thtslioei;. 'i i.e i.i ni.???; u said iu a Talarm
rejiulta-r: "About llr-'ni a. m. a Urge balli lunn .So?n
ftcotia intined the (inn. i attempted
to pa.--ini'ler the liril-*i' iMlimiit Ium-iui.- ii, i t,,j,. .,.
limt in.i.-'s, and her lun-aril nm n iimk- wen
BWay. Tin: balk inn-! liny, i.i, lt light alli high nut ol
water ? d not lia\i- Struck, 'lin* Bridge I*
built ma ui'iiiiis to the opeelBt t .I a aol of Congress
requiring aolear height of 139 foetal blgb water, tbe
: toing 130 toot, Ther io no law requiring
au tower tilt-ii appel in
Sboooe i" laka the n-k the) ran du ?-"."
lt. Y.. \ali Killin, our ni Hu ulla ei> uf tin lu ...
Ill Un-fal iii.il was p.i.s.-li.i: vt, .ira llir.at ri il" nt Im..
j i irter " i '? ri- iii;:.. In a c
Brooklyn lo New-York, and beard a noiaa ol wnw
?napping loudly. Kverj -aiiieii by it, but do
? 1 lt with Un itu emi- . In-eaiue ni'piuently
no oae bad noticed the I iu-Ii. Then
atioui sixiy people In tho ear, bnt no one wa.- ii r^htened
T)u- Exeeative Committee of the Brooklyn
Young Ki pultlican Club me r.i-t OVaOBing at So. 201
Mawtngeo-el. to Slaeaos Iks course of the dub la ihe
C'liiiiireaoipelga. Tboawmbers a>rafnoed te is Uaotbo
a. timi .ie, id.d upon, aud ii will he laid beloio the club
br xi v^
At s int'etiiig of tlie Teats Wsid Dswsmslls >semis
tion iu iirookiyu last oveamg te assslaslo rttlogaios to
to the appi'oael.iiig city _i>,i county conventiouii, ? ri'-o"
lutlou WOO iidi'l'ted pledglag Ibe dslogSlSS to UM < ,t)'
CoaveaUoo to vote f..r Jeoepfe c. Beedria fur .Munn.
ahUi- ti.,- ii rs i ulllcral aotteo lu regard lo auy of the
peagooad Democratic eaadl
Th. Anti-Moiiopolista of ll. lion County, N. J., held
their ',.iinty Convention at Hie Court lluii-e lu J-rM-v
Wty on Thursday niicht, mid nuiuliiaten Tfe-OaaS V.
Cai or io State Senator, and Thomee Aldridge fm
inrr.ii r-at-Large. llie?e mis the aounuit. ol lueKc
paolicau party.
CeiCAOo, Oct. 12.-Alexander Mann, wbo has been aa
extensi-e slock dealer ai i'aru, III., ls leg ailed io bave
eonveyad aU au proj^arty, luuludiug #3uy,U0O worth of j
and and $70,000 of bank etock, to meet Indebtedness
ncurred by ?peculation. Ula said that ho la still heavily
Lawrfnte. Mass. Oct. 12.-Abbott B. Dnvls & Co.,
proprietors of tht: rraukllu House, have tiled a petition
in In laaorfOBey. Liabilities, $17,700 ; of which $11,50<J
la eecured. ?_________??________________________
iii)HHam's ADVOCACY.
IIIT TKI.KfiKAlH td tub nUBOBB.]
Washimit .v. Oct. 12.?Govern..r Camelon, of
Virginia, aniv.il iu tVaahington to-tlay. He ad?
dressed a politioal meeting at Proepeet, Virginia,
yesterday, from the pl itfonn of tho railroad sta.
After lio concluded his ipeoeh many persons
preened forward to lhake haoda with hhs, and ia
sit piling down to nieot them one of bis ankles
?nfferod a sprain, winch is extremely
palnfol nnd will probably prevent his meeting
Judge Christian, In a joint discussion at Han-Bon*
ruir?, next Monday, ns be had intended.
<: vt rtinr Cameron apparently does not feel so
coniiilent of tbe success of the Readjuster* as he did
a .hort time ago. A Virginian win. eoBYerood with
bun to-day came .wuv impressed with tho balief
that not only OoTernor Cameron, bal some ol tha
oilier prominent liberal leaders in Virginia have
begOB to ted that the championship of their eanae
by Mr. Qorbam and ln> aewenapei lias done it morB
hann than good and thal be ia a aooroeof embarrae
luent au.i weakneaa rather than ot strength to them,
Wasiiim.tiix, Oet I'J.?Thc following .-state?
ment luis been iur.it.!:ed br the glgBBl i dBi e bi raaponaa
to lniiiurics ia regard t.i a storm aaid to be moving ap
HM Ailitntlc coast : "There nie indication* that a Storm
ls moving slowly northwar.! nfl' tbs smith Atlantic C"'Jr-t,
and vessels eullliiR south towai-.i Oap* Hatteras would
probably encounter iianircruus chics od Baturday sud
Bundar. This siorm mar, howerer, more aortbeaai
frouj Hatteras sod aol be fell ai northi ru stallone li?
ll rta aro not sufficient te warrant til poalilretpri
?f a cyclone, but the Indications* look in thut direction."
"There is something Kolbtf on of! the cm-'."
said ibo oflicer ai the Signal Service OBoe yesterday,
"audit looks mighty like u cyclone. Still, wc enn't loll
yet. Thc, Da:(.meter la (ailing Bl] along the cot-ir."
Cautionary Big?Bis Wets ordered np. au.i lhere was
evt iv mil.cation tli.tt the cyclone wt_i_.li has b.cn di .
porting itself off Battema was sb mt io p iy ai a visit.
'Mic sen lias been remarkably beary (or several ilat .
altbongb tbere bas been aearealj b breath ol triad. Ob
Thursday, winn aa attempt was mada to sall a nee be
twees the Bedeaia au.i the Qraele, the aaaeeae Ib
great glaaay rollers from tbe soatbeast, aad oonid oa
in ard thaaderlng oa tbs akora tire mllea away. __
time there wu. not wind (iu.tii_;h Stirring to till tile Sails
of tbs yachts, lt bas been the Bama for a week; heavy
r winda or no wind at alL Yesterday morn
lag tt bega ' i-iiniiia.', ami .21 or an luci of rain d .1.
Our.' were obliged to anchor In the
,, sad many luward-boond ree
? to I niel [HU t. Tte I
Merida, tthr.ri arrived, wa. two days nv.-;.lu- (rom
Havana liecause ol bs I wt itber and dsnss 'o-i. si
tain Keitlg and First Mate Beauval. ..milly
on deck from M.uni iy. On timi day, to the tout swar i ol
havannah, shs i .i ountered a levert galt
mean, whieu broke over rle- decki with great
IV nen og ii ittera ? s tempi stn nu noi
witn bolsteroui ?? as walch threatened t?? awann the
lo OB
i ? anea until ?
re iched port. 1 '::?? : -.1 ll If-tri
t . tbe captain and offlceri tor tnsir c. refal managt went
ol the 1 ?
t ., .i.i,, i. ? reek ol Ihe t
English inila Nil ins;... andum aud lbs N ra
barta Pilioaoll,Urtenie and Hearlck Ibsen, lin
poi.. rn a.. ... . -
Wasuixoton, 0 t. 12.?The President t >
day approved tbe i utenee o( dismissal In
Lieutenant-Colonel um.lo llgea, I8tb Infantry, ulm ? ia
? .
. _. ti.
te nett ol .li-.nm-tl lu iii C leeol ' Spt uri Iel av ip! il. ll '?
bard of tbe (jnartsrmaster's D ; i tried
Oil cll.il. '
Be diaapproved the aeuteoee I
l is- Lleutei ant V. Simpson, Sid < evmlrr. ar bo ? ,* iri.-,i
on a chan - ,..nt * \ ott ?
. , baring< arrlod :i lavprlte wrns in wlib wbotn he
na.i boen ii vin. .ts da mtstreea H. .. mdlaappi "?.-<i tba
aenteuce of dlamlsaal In tue casa of I I I.
R ?- nh. v p. g., I on seargea el
dUpUOatlag his pay account*.
.Y.\sniv''.Tn\', Oct. IL'.?A Ininti nf ot
r, or i. rad ! ? n . . i ? i
York heritor, on th< 1 .- i ir., or ? soon tl.; i ,.
. . for i bs pm poe* ot i itali
(or tbe new barracks, Ao.,
i. h i- retui irdta
Washington from sn ? t
et ir. ..! aV ii Ibis :. ll
h. iv to lill f HUI - ..' Ih" ' 'I um.
ine di i'll ol Mt..rn i.. li. uria
I Slat! tl I .'? ' s , I ,.i tr,
will pia Captain i
master, t . be M i|oi and <_ i ei isl r, and ?
vacancy lo the Quartermsaur's department to be flited
lit Hie i'l. -.Ll. le.
Commodore i'l.r...- s i: ? ..is beeu ordered I
a. itoreroorei the Narai Asylum ii I'bll ulrlphla on the
:::-!? _. C.Itblud,
i oas
plicitiiona ol Hei- \.Imi! ila ditz ii ? ? i ,. ir
mr ii i are grautt I Ueion tbe 31 ur. roamin.tor? Kb i
bc prwtnoieJ lo be a H
?..\ li. ctt*t rhomaa H. Loo .. i ba -
. ue Via ? r ir oill ??. W ash union, li. i
V.,y lie CtOi llichard W as lingi in, wbo Ii
: ic . u m.. pl.. id "ii ??*.u Ina oi - ? ... lob ii
' .It-re i lo I... rn ula ,., I ..I t :,.? Vivt
Yard al Mare lalaud, Cal.. Novemtter 1, bj ?
be will baTt been promoted
I . i.Hi.i ...? i li . : ' -, ,,; I br
Suva t-iainlntng Hoard, baa a rel to lb?
Mare Uland Marj -Tardaai iptuin o( ibe Yard.
W isiiiSGTO"*,Oct I'J.?An Executive order on
n ni nc: ti a I ic Ktliem mt ot (f.-.i.-i ..? -ii. : -ii iii ti-..,.
dui) .No vein ecu 1. atnl the ubangi t Illcldl Bl lin Ll... val !
soon be Issued. Itlsuaderstoedtbat MaJoi i
c eU Bill SUI ' f 1 l-l. Ul'": tri ? , I il, iu mu,.
ll et I... Mi s.,,?!., ;,,.,; . ; | .; i,,.,,,. ,,
i'.ipt- av,.l BUCCCi tl (.liri : ...
Ill of lbe i. j si. Itli'1 Hi Hi M..|,.:.. ,.-n. i... -il,..n.
remain In c nu ma od ol ' nt
ii mooch was u udei i .1 Lieuti
. ai, unu it uud raiood |
i h.
? -
Bl : Bl : .cac.I |.t iii,. I KIHI
Washington, Oct. 12?Another army oili
eor, i- ' iib 1
? By i ourt martial for duplicating b . 1.1 aceonnti
iu du | lu lt on tau t u
? a Issie i o iti er in g
epii tint u ,
i i.i e ute u .nt ni ? .r.r army Julj -'-, t-ut;.
: H-' ur iauk.
V.ASiUM.ioN vu
)N IBHIBOTON, I " ' ??. ?, ? l ?_', \a h ;
APoarHABTaaroa A labia dater W. il -mun baa
been appointed poaia tilauta.Ua, rlee Benia
onie/, euapei i
I is . I ans AM.'a-, iiii. ' ? ? .Li.
fm nd .v Beraeanl .'
? i-t-nlght t ntitlod tmoog
ri. --i i
?im Baaar'aooou firs I ?? bk abera -.f
tbs ' "?? .n i i way called st lt
ni im ? ??? . ....
n-i,t. lbe 1 i ? ? -i-.ttM tta ij111__i-?i? on Monday
or Tm ..,....- ,
Avs' .i. Bi cniiis i Bi ai ar OrriCERi Tbs pa -
era ol tue differem
drpar ... i , tUoa uutil W
1.1.ali : .
.KU f '. itt Lie 1.1.? Uiil
Immioratios tri : ,.r tba Baraaa al
llnt'il.l ot BC pt I ii. . ,
i --1. .',i. arrived in t??? . eta ot I timor*-,
li.mini), il trnrt. Hill ni. .'lirrr-i'i, N ? .T 11, ira u ?,
Y. rk. l'a i ii ? ," "I ? t"hl i
lit,'.dt peasesgers, e whom lu,?i ) a tula.
II:., i a- ll i ti. l> 1-. mu: ;iii. i 'i vi i. si. e. vu g il ii >.?. ?
H i? ..ii if: -' td thai Ut I .: -?..?. ? ? i euron ...n bait
... ' iel . _ --..il. a,nm of
amp ? s i . i ...-..,- ii, bring
wilma tts opsratlon of the Clril Berries mle* a <
employee wu ? .. ithaii gO_N)p?ran<
Ullin, ll lt lil lUSbl I U.i I t Ut- I'i-.ii, oe tr t Win iou .,11. r H
idt-atiou of euployea who are n -.tuan
|1,20U pct junuui.
/.'//. POSTMASl KR "1 si io ITS.
St. Louis, Oct 12.?Postmttter Bamael
?ayes,el taiawty whose, tem expired laat Fehrnary,
..mil.ui'iccs tu, ir,-lieu io retire whee _kragr? -
reoaa, anleaa his suesesser saonM be apoelntad before
thal um*. Mr. ?'??*"? k'"""* amphaUc.deuUl io tb.:
Jlorien in cucuiatio.. ___feoOng lu. n.i...jciai eOB-BlloB.
"When (lues a tn ni beoomi BBeamgtn
.Wbc, he., ni- and haws.- "ge." " Wa ia oe tureada
in mmv" " Io." "Wn-ri bango and Uara .*. ?
?,v?.iup." "Serat, Vibe eau Belg 11'-| OH city
the ur ibm noa ot thi: rasTT t>> dbvbai nn
i btubucam?i talk with rai avitiiiiNA
|nr TF.LEitMPn T') tue TRinr.vr_i
MuNsriFi.D. ohio, <>'t. ia.?Ferdinand Bebo*
mai Iit, wbo was tbe Prohibition cantlidiite for
<?'ivi rnor, md in ', nighl: "I understand that tbe
Bepubllesas are charging us erith their defeat. I
hope tl,ev Will come to believe lt; that ls what WO
intended te da This talk abonl oar tivmir tbem n
serpent's sting ie nonsense. We owed them noils*
iiiw. Tbey submitted tbe probiOttlou smendment
simply because 157,000 psopls Ssked for it. It WM
not to please mir little party, bnl i" meet a popular
demand, ir. after submitting it, tiny had
given it tbo slighted soeonrsgement, then
Would lime been grounds for complaint
if wo bad taken votes from them] 'mt tbey were
Indiflsreni to us, snd passed sad sdwoeatcd ? tax
bill to whieli we were not friend'". Governor Tot?
ter in an address hist winter painted the evils el tbe
lirjuortrallic as vividlv as any Prohibitionlot wold
bave done it, attributing seven-eighths "f ali crime
to it-evils. Had bis party been brere enough to
live up to tbat doetrinO tbe> WOOld b.ive bad tbe
1 Ti,dod or 20a,000 votes that our ti. ket
is saul to havo polled. We beat thom Us!
year. We Iiave beaten tin in now, uml it
tb.-y want a t'.ur.l whipping wo will bo ready to
Klve it."
"Do you anticipate a repetition n?xt year of tlie
recent temperanes imitation V'
"Y's; .inly we will be Stronger, Revolutions
never go backward. We shall carry tho issue into
National politico, where you will find it asserting
tself all over the country. The QUeetfaM bu olten
iieen pul to mo by Bepoblican friends,'Do yon
want an alliance with tile RepubltoaUSV 'Nol uu
leestheyseek ii.' 1 bave ai waya replied 'But,'
tiny .say, 'you can't oxpeol 390,000 people to
Ko to 60,000.' 'There wu-*,' I reply, 'only
one Aimhtioiiist originally; tho whole Nation wen',
to bira.'"
"lin you look f..r legislation in yonr direction
th ? winter?"
" We can'! expeel much fr.'tn ? Demoeral I Legis?
lature?still no one knows what may happen. I
think the amendment would have cairi"! lt
eithei party had printed Yea on psrty tickets, leers
lng roten to ecrateh ii il they wished. I believe
it fell iborl 100,000 rotes in tbal wav "f ? d
ste expression of popular feeling, lt itbadci
nc tru-r pm i n ni li i l, <>.- ii:!":'led te Ignore it. Wc
w ? nih. i fun la lt required a greal
money t" keep the i onntii - ii led v. ith speakers and
1'iiinoiir printlne, \ few ol us paid In tbe blood
linnie', -ive,I in lal ll :"U "f lb" -. ?' i
law, biitottn I lona,
Ioi ttl" wal
shall be ready i"i another i il
lin: gi row ie.*. D nv i nt rm.uv
M'i\ i mi * r? nu. w -"I. t't't V.
Mansfield, CJ
il ..s DOt believe I :. , D pi
I.et ri burt by tiri" deft it, \t lu
entirely to the "Th
election protea," he sal I
t afford t pro?
hibition measures or incur tbo suspicion nf
|t I'. || |U?
? bul if wo b il i "in" ti .
foi them, vi" woulti have lu'e'i l.uru-il
30,00 I
cannot by legislation preeonbe what p
cit or iltitiL. \ re gol on tb
tor thu ty law w hich,
alni.i-t linn) tin* day ut ila enactment, baa
ll' e'i ' IT. It r* 1 ? A I..
iis to t" .i r lt, and tbe
ll i\ no nra' r tbe l'ro?
lil!.,In- ;' om
lake ? uti t! mg up
the liddle ami hov. I ? ?? tb
' '
" 1 bo wm! iii*' neston I
.?it. et ur, tl." result, and ll lou bi '1 oulj i
everywhere. 1 d ve 1,000 roten ?.?.?i
eh ililli OS "i, Hi ? Wtl .i :- -.1". Muli ri
: -ni i
i * is for I be 1 'ein'i
ll foi .1
I ute of ii ther I lo ii poini in
I ?" I" m I l IIOVT ,
them to make good inen professions in Cm
i il hun Io ie .ie I* lilla i- |:.,I ,, |; ,
i an ? ? . roto,
bowerer, l"i it. I Illina a tue
io rei i ?? the doty on wo
i ,ii mum si i ,'.v a" i*
I ' ^
'"I I'M BUS, 'Hil", I ? r. 1
N ? n.in '--'1.11.1' ruy in tb<
? ?ilie ;?.**.1.1. Nu figures hav.* been i eired lo
cliangi r ites made on the Legialai re, Tbe
uiu.-il vote bee b red from Ashland, Dela
i, Wyandot te and Aug
These giro thc prohibition amendment*
18.2071 - :i"i7. The total > ?(?? of tbe ox
i iin,r ? eired
orer hall tbe vue. , ,.? jg ?),? ci.nnti"
-? t!-" -1-ii - i it- ni m.,j xii .-,
witta "J negatire rote of 7.1,000
in Hamilton
uieiil ? by S0.O0 i
? . aili tic
a lopted bi H> OOO.
/ lil lin ims /.*, ion I.
i \ i HU ; \ "Vi i: 20,0110 * PBOIIIBI l"'.
l in im ; il.
lei ni irn Tt? tu
In ? v ii- Iowa Oct* 12. Returns ft"ni every
fd".lit I Ul lb* ? upi, le, alni finn,
till , "lie ( - opie te, Am I
mil irv ut. !. ne will be from 20,000 to 27,*
. lin- Senate will bave IO Kepa - ?
Oppoaitlon j the llmi-e ?ill hare; I.
B2j Democrata 30 ; tireen back era, 7; Independent,
I. tin.* district ii* tn doubt, although returns yive
H ask in -, of \\ .. t hree mnjoritr.
i ? un bas
a mi ii 'v in tbe l. ! une on the I: pn
TM Hotlse Will lr.ive ii, r i.? ri, in
ional iiia)iu , hill.
Il liv- ol iln -c.. ii lire. noa. ! ei ure Prohibition*
i ls, ne pledged, lhere will be fire voles tuon-.
,. . "lill, "I VOlr , Will li- IU.-1 ul i. Xi ,\.
Sl.llsDI. tLERS IS M ivs Ml I n .,,.
? hali.?sri ?
UV Jull.N ?W1N I" < ASD ". I
l? -j'ait* lil ii i- j wi attn i the pni -adi ni th.
I a.ai. |,l WMI||ft|
ll f ll IO Bl ' Lil ll
Wu" tull aU I.u ii i.i md Mai ir
H. sullivan (are t ?? word t" stan io ? ?? ? a.
Tba small anni va- fully rn i. j.j.-.l vi ll li a
snd ll marched in
' . ? ie .1.1. a. ul Ilie
. There they were mel hythe down-town ttte*
i and a deli . : \ i,,,
Brooktj unsbnrs sad
Brookij ii m "< lat lon , u ? ? ihip ". i
i.a I I
of iio pr opposion apiiearod .i il.i.u .,r re.-i,. ?
romaa-eaadli I and the buuis struck
no it martial air. The BiwAlya .?--., saturn ir.i tin
? -i.u ap Fulton**!. . when Hn-y
timi into tm- imii, lu.mir cia i reil by Ibo au ir..
'Ililli- WtT-r u.i \ ,i mill ililli.ll. .* Of |...
. thal De gerald i
? ii il tm leas than ?'? i ? nt -. Among lin- moat p.oiiiiii. nt
werai ??int tim wv. the sewsdaoalera' friend," sad
"WOWS " 'in a,,,.-,,i iii, tinii-p,,ri n.ie-i
whh tin- pietiii??? ,,i ? woman ut m nowa .oman, witb
tho Inscription "Oa rights ? M he maintained."
.\l lue cul r.UIC,' ol iii, llall W.l? IT l.irll .1 -laud .-. iI -
mounted by a tra neper kloof il wss i
'. u Inn Bennet! ot a le
.trudging ibrough I tins tm iil*iios?of
Hit limit,I ar 2 Bontl I'i lht? baekgTOUad WSS USS
Rei old bullulug WU- Iht C.mu "lu .<.;," BmAUBBttmttt (
picture-, representing the Jeannette icebound, the Ka
mouna nt randed and a garoo of polo. lu one corner was
a woman with a child at a newaatand on whloh ls a
copy ol The Ururlil marked " 1-3 of a cent profit," At
the top of tho cartoon waa the nba'le of theelder Bennett
who la naylbg.'What a doiu'd fula." On the oppoelte
eldo of tho iranrpareucy, ">'o U-cent Ueraldt iu Biuok
Oorperal Jemm Tanner, taTeollootor of nrookbu. was
Bhasaa nbalrmas at tba maali ag lie mid that the andu
?nee evidently believe.1 tho oil mottoes, "The laborer
lu worthy of his hire," and "Live and let lire." Ameri?
can,, he aah], do not believe In the economy that pinch, a
tlio.o atruggllng for (IhIIv bread. BesoiOtkMM
unanimoualy adopted anting that as lt ooau tbe news?
men more numcy In limo ami labor to bandi.. 100
Heralds tlutn it doc. to handle alu TaiBtraBS,
Timeslot Worlde, Ihe Herold *houhi nt.t b. enid tor lesa
than _"0 cent, a week, t.r A seale a nuiKly copy j mnl tbs
bi-li> of the reading pub.le w.ta nni.f.1 in thia '-tli_ht for
a.lf.j.rotrctlon again.t thc attack* of luimenae oapltal
and Inaatlate greed."
John8winton denounced the cutting of tue dealers'
pruBtaon Ihe llerolil intone of tbe Kfputt-at crin
I ilust poverty. Tbal of a cent, ho
Mid, ha.i aterted a in..vetuent thai i orerod t he eoatlnent
luiriiiir the apeseh eries of "up with int limn BB.down
witn //.- Herald " wi re beard.
Congreaaman Roblaaon advocated a mild but firm
policy in d.aiiug with tm. question. He eoagratulated
i their coaacrvatlve policy so far, bal cal -d
on tht-ui to Htund Urtu lu their fi^ht for "fair wu-eg for
lailhlul work."
"CBXkT ('HMM (Mst-."
From fstUrdOWi .V. ,.-. y?rk Tiinet.
Oar esteemed contemporary 'Hie llcraltl is
guile able to fight Its own battles, but tue cheap dem
tu or Tua Timr m: In enc ur'ting the aldermen
ti. refuse penn Mien to Tht Herold to araet aewe-stsBds
will uie_t witb hm. approval o il lida ot thc long-h dred
Blass of uipu whom lt ft vic., "our l.e-rt clllz.ni.." ilie
news-dealers having refused to sell The Herald tori
, tao propnetoi of Tht ll--nhl obtai led permlsalon
trom 'he Ai.itnilen to t reoi n iwa-atands lu oraei tu sell
Thr ll- ru I tl lot J criitt-. Ths BOB B-deali in have now iii -
fiuee.i thc Aldermen to reconsl l-r their action, and Tm.
'lit i nt.?.?., In aiipi.tvuiK their coarse, hi vie* tho effort or
the proprietor o( Tht Herald to neil his paper st hu own
price un elton to break down " worthy retailers by the
cruablng nae of areal eapltaL" There la aol a word >.f
truth lu thia ThtHtrala haa made uo effort io break
(iowa any ni sss or retailers, whether worthy or mis
worthy. . . ihl* lg thc aplin of lbe inn-it iguuraut
i ls tn.
UOBACB i.ni Ci.l.v .is un ? mik ruo
To the. Lil it or of IOe li il, tine.
Bibi I dou'l wan) to bore you; imt a** you
sra bored so often by able oerreepe-idenis, I may as ws I
t..K. my i ui ii a. .rnv ..I tbeethen -promlsla --, howsrer,
li. do it Wllb nealueas and dispatch.
i ? ' au Bbsurd to weeli over
the grare o( Adam remlndameol myself, ferlpropoae
tc in1.' . (and tossy you entirely
derataod ma ii), an.ns. I don't want to know how
tn helli tho Bep ty, hilt
how?and, particularlr wbsn?tht H pub m ?
_,-..i:i_r toholp.e_opt.ranc > I Herein Ne w-Ji racy tbe party
"helped" in ths worn by titting down os -fohn HUI
? .
I it i ta aays IheB publican party la ?'helping " the cause
by M seeking to all) a tu- liquor Intereatla
view ol
l Imo
i laa't willing to
: ,
. bo va a.lil io ll..: i
ht- tr..- k.
n box. t
? .
.'..??? lila ne
r.r u trick."
. party caa pul ..ni help
.. ;. ..r
? ..in ?
o' LU).Iii. LU." '.
l lt V I
Washington, .V. J ,
res, hu i .I. nt and another va ho w i :t< -i n . to complain
ii IttiuiN.'- Bttitutle toward tba Prohibit
i lon . .' rn bli h Mi. Greeley took.
. .ol Colors, '
>, ML Wi being a little tn
g told th it Tue To
tion 1.. 1 be
tiona is: . i .
li i 1 lie-n
? ?? Ith i In- i ''ito election jul the
to he
ged i . im u I ii I linn
.,,-.'? ? ...vs :j
1.1'^i -ii; IN VDU l ll i.
?remy I
go A ; rn Liquor
r r.i?... md more
. pol ti fiiari oT an)
v, ,[.t,
party, lu 11 r i of
.-?-., i i . ade ni Ali i
,. i | bt p
ititom ila : no il.-y
i ?. n: . i bolla iud - ?
0 BO ? . Kill foi lt
emin'. i io ti., -ii.ii mlgbl have leal m ?.#?
iidt i lng i a :? u
? ia where poll! i >? agi i ion lu I
ie anti I. nip
mi..uh uti.ni in .uti i.i i.na bern t e work <u the
. lt -.a ll n ? io . be end "f '? '?? inpl i
Wt- do liol c..nu. du
li.im gol up a (Mee lo siva
? >- , l hey
in i .ei | hundred .u them
tain bia lal,. ,1 lu.ai un 1 IL.tl
in- ii-inij. . aa i i bu atrengthened la
UrOpOl ll.ill. lt I . "HIT U'
I , ? I
kel la iii'iire a Demo c
. a- .. 1 ..ll ii) ol .? .1
ol tua movement; pernapa it it
the t io I' vt fi a, We gu i hs 'tt ler wa
for 1'suip.
MlDSDlltl WEAlUlit* HE PORI.
? ,,? 'ir past (i lura
VVabbinotos', Oct, 12?1 i. ni.?The storm
meBtleBod last night ss od th
anrod at aouie I ? ? ?
,,n in a north ? . b irom< ter ti
gun i" risa in thal dtali ol i ? >? ?' h ia risen
iniu Bonlbern portion >>'. lha Middle Atlantic
.n ii i. .w.i i.ik.- re lon il ba falle i In Nt a i.
I, , ii,---..-. :i. .., i Val . Upper Lake region and
Ml i IIMippI V ill.??, ria wind. |
n, ii,.- m:. die ? .vi.i.it
? i lim . ii ., int. Ohio Valley, thc Upper Lake r. gtoB,
lbs Upper Mlaalaxlppl and Ml aiorl v . I
fallen Ib all dieu - i ? 9 la i th feats! (lull
Indi to ..a ' yr to ' ty.
i gi ? .England, pan ? Bher tm I local
mina, aouthsri) winda ibidlug Io uortbweaterly, ra.g
I ... lg I. tri
, ibs 'tm I??? v raina followed by
. ? i rtalug barometer, rlalug followi
. ftnitt.
Imiii tte,nt lor i
. . - \ aurie
nd raina In Noe Kngland. (ol
;,...ii ou .-m.ni.v bj local ralua lu tba drat named dis
ni. i. I., oa i lioatetl lo tuc I, tke i
il udaj ms1" wita
I :
id - -30,6
', ?
!__, -a-LM__J . I___,___J ?"
,?. .Ktr**> ?*!?-? 'Hf n*r?r,nrlrsl i* .?tln_i In Dili _t__ t>ti-_
,' . I . ? . ,\,r .I...I..II. ? ( ll.l.f f.rtl.f 14.....M
M?CI.<ln?IP__lul_.t, 1 lr.' r'|rr. nt. t ......I. fal.oiu
I - ri.pro._M
i - rmrl*t.., - . - - l_.lt_.u_ kr ta* l?tr__-__<-t-i tu U*A
ttl. l'la-,1 ii... f, .la _tr.t_?kf -
Totm BO fi. : . " ll lt. m.- th.WgOl in
tba barometer yesterday wsresUgbt Cloudy ead rainy
weather prsratled,wltb .'in ot aa inch ol rum. Tba
ranged between ??>' and 'ci*, tue Brer*
? -". being U'o higher than on tbe coi responding
.- ., , id il* lower than on i 111u-.1l.4y.
Ws .... 1 and .1 ml] weather, wltb ooeaalonal raina,
followed ii- Blearing weather, may be expected to-day
in mit Bltf and vinni! >.
m. -
A I'm': baby waa recently stolen by ? beau;
ii.tl four niii.-a 10 Its Bea. The ehUd wes ri _
il .during io- ni.it.'ii;' ...' tho beal', lind wh-ui ihe
li. .1 ie Hint tl t: t.ilodad tbat it lived iu a blamed
U l_s__l!l-J.-__Uo_aUU_\-__.
Assis-ant Commitisionor S. F. Pierson has
decided le enforce tbe penalty for passenger rate?cut.
tliiif apalnst thrr* new roado?tbe CUloaaoantl Alton,
Cbk-Ago, Burltngonau- Quincy, and the Cbtoago, M1U
waukee ami St, Paul. Tua order to tbat effect wao
Isoned yesterday, to uko effect to-day. Tbe trank Uno*
have beoti directed to otop the sale of tickets to Kansai
City over the Chicago ana Altou by way of Cbloago.
The Pennsylrnnla Hailroa't bm also been directed not to
sell Kansas city tickets orer the Chicago, Burlington
iiml Quiney, nn well el tho Chicago and Alton road, aud
to impend tho sale of tickets to Ouiahn by way of tbe
Chicago, .Milwaukee and Bt, Paul from Chicago.
Kailroad nee aro not sanguine that a millennium In
paassnger rataSSWill be brought about br the penalties
enforeed byCXwnmlerlonoc Fink's ofllce. a trunk line
offli'tal said yeaterday t "I don't think we will lose much
bualneeo through thc order of Mr. Pierson." Another
u inh Une .ticket sgent midi " I aayaelf de not bollera
timi the p iy men to I eoitmlstlont by tti? railroads can be
entirely stupp.il. Hut one good result may llow from
the ilir.Ttloti tbot the puol penalties bc enfmoed. It may
cliei'k the spread of the rooonl irregularities lo un extsnt
tiiat wouiii cuii.te tbe general d>emoraJisattoo of pasnen
K'*r rateH. The payment of cumiiils-tlons of 50 cutt on
tne Mle uf every ticket ls not a strlous matter, but wueu
the aiiiuiiiit ran up to 92, ??.') and gb, tho praotloe be?
came threatening to the ronner peaoefnl relations of the
adi. As it Ts now, the mads for n while will either
pay smaller eommlaaiono or be more circumspect aa to
tu" person* lowborn tl.ev pay tee* roiniiil'Hioi.s." The
Dekat "scalpel V aro suii.-Ucl tliat tau proaeol action,
. to 3top cutting, will be no more sue
pesaful In tim end than tho previous steps t.tktu from
time tu time With tala end in vow.
Un* .Wl?tunt I'otiiiul.-.loner haa Utuert an order psr
nutting tue r.-eiuupiiou tiy the Ene and tho Baltimore
ail. ilm. reals of tbe sale of tickers over th?lr wsaturn
it lona to Bt Louts, Indianapolis and Claelnnatl.
tickets wee "turned io the wall" b*. ardor of Mr.
Pierson ui-out ten xl.xy* ugo. Their sale wilt ba resumed
The action of the Central Railway Time
itl'ni at Chicago, inadaOpling the unr-orm s'aailard
time system, la approred hy New-York railroad men. it
ls argued that the cxceiuloii of tin* propooed plau would
irreatiy nimpllfy the pre-nnt time schedules of the rail
roado. The xv,.rk lnvoltrod In esrryliir it our, however.
will be oo great ow ootna of tao roads In the revision of
en-tins: tiaro tattles that it ts eoiMderod doubtful
whether it Will go Into gem ral effeet us sion as next
Nure,iiber, U the dlOpatObOO feater lay from rill.\ieo ln?
die.ned. it tt not known her" how many ronda hare
pledged thomee vet to tbe aeeeptae w ot the oyatem, nor
to what extent their commitment wut made. I'aisungsr
men mild that the reform would uroiiui'ir be oeetm
-i- x lam ? f ni- more important
lines b li I [>ted tbe system independently ot theoooree
takeu by the sinu..ci* roads.
mi a-i BES SOB nilli; r;:..i I i MOST.
Bostox, Mass., Oct. 12.?C. P. Kittridge, Jr.,
who in preaentod tbe flrst morl I * .f the
If at the brui In?
- Batter, Drummoo
tl ni to tie* bill broughtby (.. - Bim in tori
pointmenl o. arecelrer. lnhli report to tbe bondbotd
i'i* -t.i'i* that the pro? ??link'- a unset,
who done not apps ar to lie a "bondholder or in anyway
- ? lodgment creditor a-,di.it the
iind, wile Instituted hy persont who, out Ide of the
record, claimed to represent"I i Bitty
ir the i evei been
The :? in the to hare heen
? I lu or to hare pal
.-Imu-. I in Boston, Si xv ' i I Mr.
f examination by tbe Court ol
- cu:.tan.di
lu the iud ?' te ie Indi ;<?.; tu : h true !!.?? pt Utlom r bad no
W llloll
. Mr.
? ;
? le uiaai'i til ? r nd a il ii ? md i?
throe yean
i condition.
Thc ailing stuck ul-,. I- in net t ol tn my t.-;a. I
ile thinks there li do raluable Interest to protect ex*
*. and the
sooner tboroi leUre meaaureo for their
. lt Wlil bo fur them. The -lues ami
junior *. itu ol no real raino and are
ila.; |.,i-_li:ii u.u
dora The action noa t.I ike la tu ion
t.-in nml li .ir une le. . iver appullite.l fm* ti S whule. .iud
? -) - el,, __
? presented, .v.rl
nf Mils 1-]t.n t N neut-*, Will,
- ? tal KS
if fbi lal -1
fl iring Hu- |no
id to tlie detriment of tbo flrst ?otUfoge
;??!. .
Cixi inna . i, U . Ll.?Thi ? .holders t>t
I to i "fe for
bret ur ci'tui -tu-' j li of the
lpn igtteld 1) Ito, wi,en "!!!? lion was
-.iiscil by Ur, Dimpfel, ur iiUtlni.,n (In the
uti reit of Mr. Smith In opposing the I ictlon .,' Itoberi
on a i? a: is e-1 ateousi lembla
? I to Ute In
-.-, ;,o took li undi i Urisemeot
i . tter of taking thn rand out of the banda of the
I'Celver will probably h ?unt ol this
At anv [.
ttl* done uni lt I ' ?" imi '???* mu
: rm* the pm pose,
k's ii'iuri ri.i*.mi. t taat tit.* present
*V.I il ., Pl -,??- ? ' hUSllll --.
n amply sufficient w warraut iLc taking ol ibe.u.. i
rom i?e ii.. ,i- ol -- if these tanita oma _o
: lij placed. _
lari i?-l
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 12. Colonel Clough,
I for tbo Starthern I'artttc, lays, regarding tbe
a fruin Iii /em ni S allon, thal ri1"'.'""J worth of
lena boro been Sled ajpitnsl tbe ootnpaoj ur contrao*
mn, that no InlormaUon i1 rtatnlag to ibu eStlt h.:*
,,.,.,, r.ired ut tbe home offleee. The oui, wai be
. . itj ? e. ?.:. i* .\ i tl ai iiie-e
I beea Bled by mea employed bj some of tbe
,,i i.ciuu. Ii wno do ibtful, lie said,
A publish I Ji p iteli from C. de, N. Y..
r - I -.| U, \V?-tt
moro and Huffs ? ? ?' be a ?n mutored by aa
krmed force which disputed their ba Ungot themed
uctooi coi near Ibero. Bloodshed waapre
llcted eoi '?"? V. tt i >?,
? i|. I ul of ' '!?? r 'a I. -.ai i : '? i\ I
? i
Ul r. I ,.u .
,,,.,,. ,|,?-r -
. .nit pitHV"
i m.* t,.-.' i -t t'l,?The Tribuni otto ley says j *'tt
I reaportod Ibat Oeneral Manager Hue.nit. of
? Ililli IS HO.'ll IO lll'l'Oliie lu
n-.-i.i. ni, nod Mr. Wheeler will be plied in ehargeof
ba om aha Railroad, lt la elated ti.ai Pi
.f tbe i tuc.ni" uml Northweotern, Intends
inna, In order t" woko ? fe t" Burope to secure mueb*
i,ede i nit nu I ii*, reatloo. Mr. Hue ilf wi liken fi rn oe
iro__oted lonoy, but will continue aa geueml
, li, bow ia : ti otbei
. i timid, lin* Laka Bhora and t ?
laisof the northwestern Raliway i
i, re ih ur t He nun i*T of PrtOldoa K a-,.'< coutfinpiuied
tin, ilii, Oot. IX?The Mli'Slgui Central I;
-. wbleb vot-d yeaterday igaiaet Um sd ipi o.i
,f mc uniform limo oehedal ? adopted by tae railroads ot
i.e soimtry, ba? iiguiflod it*i intention to oonfonn to ihe
MW nils.
Pi-,i.I II. Risbte, nt No. 26. East One
.i]i,dici..r.itl-tvt-l:tli?st., WSS earned to '.lie I'lVabHe
lau Ho-i'itai lani night tn an Ineenotbla oondltioa f
loee of onlphate of morphine taken with intent to cum*
ult suicide. Ile died some twenty ininmeu after OBS
ii, wt nt to ih** l'ark Ronae Hotel, al Wlnotloth?at ami
-ifth.-iv.'.. on Wednooday night lode r.n.
lay nu.rniua ha did out i-iuie tluwii to bieaW itt,
uni in tin* eraring Bdwart Johnaen, tho proprietor,
urceii int war into Ibo 1'uuiii. ann round lila guest iylus m
. arni UnCOnsdO IO. Word Waa
cul to lin* police, uud he wan removed lo lin; liuspt.il.
tm ti in ntl) et Iii a baiidnotno tin: rou ut ile Land were writ
?n the following oontoooooi
*? 1 nniiu, do you believe uow that th" e id has COOM I
" Lei Mi"* lan't lawyer know. -7.". -1 t"i-*i-e.
?? ihit is tue iinl or a weary lifo without her.
?? I). EL Ki-uiiK. 154 Kum Uttts-oC, etty.
?? \'o imiiient. Morphia dM Hilt. Mother, keep tho peal
MOTO*, lt not for my saki., Ior bsr's. [Tt-O WOOS WOO
icmtfhed out ami Kin Hiibii' 1>avk."
A hollie was fiiiiiul on the tublo tu the room, labelled
"ennpualo of Mor^U xx
.- ????-? ?? -1- - - , ,? ,m
Svcczasfvi Efforts.?The production oft
the beautiful new atock ox boya' and childrens tailor*
-isac suite and overcoat- br Jessup _. Co.. st reasonable
prices. 746, 749, 750 Broad way, Near 8tt__at. V
One Cold After Another will, with many
constitutions, securely establish the seed, of Consump?
tion tn tho system. Those in need of s remedy will Hud
Dr. Jayne's Expectorant always prompt, thorough anl
C_tOTV_t Collar, and pom anti Momabch HiiiBTi,
told by leatUug tithers.
( olente ? Co.'m
Viole. Toilet water.
For the handkerchief and bnth,
Out To-.llorrow.
Orr To-Monnow.
Jon.. SWI..TO_t'S PtrKB.
Bold, Lively anil Free.
Throe >nt__
Unmen'iiKHllNdiii s ,;., :i,,[, . |,.ar.laud allays all Irrlt*
tlou caused by shaving.
Ill hi US.
r.-Va-i.iN.i-in j-.rookiyii, MMdsp.OsssBSB U_tB___, to tbo
wife or J. II. Tatt Hiik, u wm.
nno.yN-WFST\vooi>-Oii Thora day, October ll. nt tho
reaUenoeof the bride's ii.ir.nu, Richmond, Va, by tba Bar,
Dr. John l'i.,lHi.l. jr., William A. A. ltruatn, of Fiutbusb, L.
V. ti. I'la, dauithterof Wllllarn J. Westwood.
COOKB-DUNLOB-Oa Thiintday, Oe.a_._e ll, at Poumi
Presbyterian ('inn,ii. Paterson, S.S., by Di Charlea D.
Hhatv, Fred W. ('.mk.-to l- ? ? liBBI-f
DODOS-PARISH?nn Thnraday. Oetsbsr lt, ISM hythe
Ber. \\ fu.tiuj__-r.iii Choate, ni ihe l*i -s.iivt.-i inn i
irvliiKton-oii-lliiili-tin. Cleveland ll. (indite amt tirace
I'ariHli, daughter of Ileary Pariah, both of thu i Itv.
EMMET?PHELPS-On the nth tere! october, al N.nr.
Rochelle, liv tin) Kev. Henry C. l'ott. i, assist,,! |,T tin- lt. v.
Mr. (linn...Iv niel tbe H.t. c. Highc-v, 1.1, ntenaiit Unbelt
Tt mple Ilium, t, V. H. A , to ll, I. ni Vam ..in thin.ll I'Ltlp*.
ilani/literof ll. (.ry I). Pkslpa, .tt.|? of New-Bei Li.lle.
NEWMAN?TRUBLOW?OnWedBeaday, < etobee lu,aft*..
reaMsnceef the brldu'afather,by lh? lli-v.Jauieai-.Uay.
D. D., Agustna s. Newmaa, to Carrie Head, daughters!
William TtaslOB. ena.
VAN AK KN'- DEDERK E?Ob -~0_____a____r, i).ift1.er UL
i ? ??'. r.i ihe residence of the bride's paronta, by th
Winiam V. Morgan, i>. H., William Van Aken uml ce.oluio
Baot*, daughter of Zai . lc, both of this etty.
AU tottan of mai ria,ii.i gumti he. iudontd with full
nam. and udili'tas.
rviiiAi.-r.n Thomasa;, o.t..her ll, 1883, I
E. illlUiltlltlllll, M. I).. M.. I). "
His Manda are invited to alb nd bia tanara! en Bandar after,
at 5 o'clock, from his tata i,-.;... ??, Sa.bl Wast
uosTwir-K-In v.?.Mtif,ir.i, Otana. Oi-tor. r ii, lahBBsa __?
.. k, sgt .1 77 yean.
BLMENDORF-At I hi. .icu. 111., 11th in.t., Fr..brick W.
Kum mlorf, formerl) of Millstoae, N.J.
EWER?Entered Into rest ai Monti.*-, oa BTedaaadar, Octa
bel lO.thoRev, FerdinandCartwrightEwer, B.t7d_, i
-i. Ignatius's Church. New-York.
I services ht ile iiiurc-n, ll a. m . -.tiiir-lav, October IS,
i'll. Reverend clergy an> invited to bring their surplli
r. 111.
HOE On friday, October 12,Thlrta, dsaxhtar sd ll.'., rt
Hoe,Jr., hii.I nih!., iv Hoe,
Flint ral mi vue. at Lui.; SS a. rcabllC, N. V., on Bundar
Boon, l Uh .. -
Interment la . .Renwood Cemetery, Monday, 11th inst.
JORDAN?At : loton I ??Wt. ?"-? "t Oat lo. rBilly Junlr.n.
? p. iii.
?i train fi na I
LYON?At Schenectady, Od
' I ' le i I ??....'-,
William s. l.y.m. ... New-York.
i li lober 12, al 7 :(n p. m.
iniii m. i.t ni Woodlawn.
1 ' ? __WOOD li. T'arry
on ol '?'..'. : i; W. and Ai i rood, ia
the In'ii yeal o'. '. ?
urday, tn i..in i 13, al i_.-30 p. m.
Thule d N. Y..S. ll. a;. 1 II. v.. lt. connects at
Ma raf ord f... '
. "i.y.
ll. in. frederick 1). I. ur.. in ibu I
Furn :..1 iel a. ard iy m.i mus.
i>. i 13, on and Central .
iiii.i*ftii lurer H. r.., al S am.
' 12:42 o. m.
I I '? i - iilii_-...n-IIti.:
ll, lu. 1 -i..l. ... thc (Will yt-ai uf bia
arrival ot tba train leaving urand Central Depot, ll
P.. Limit:* ti ill Spring nt 12:43 p. m.
HEMMER 1/ mi Wednesday.Oct . '. Christiane
lt. un.,, it.-, in tbi son. >. ai nf h. t ?_;c.
TIIOMPMON- \t nomernile, N. J . ?? abes it. Basal "-f.,
vit.-.f Lewis \. ;....-.;.-.in.
??I, it I. inst ; ll i m. al - t
in I..in...11 i. ula.
Special -N'otic.3.
Aril .tlc "Memorials.
Th* NEW-ENOl VMitiliA.M IK WO REM, ir.irtf.iM, Conn.
. H. I.
Fuii" otonnu
uinl ? sin,..il. . (lilli slit.! tani,i, u ,
. -. B'way. i ? W, ' INFIELD. Agt.
The lle?l lt 1'ond't b___BSB_
Cnlfom qnalltyi i ll aevar aa Bsaad
n Ue Ul..
Congi.-??. U ucl'.
A apel ? ?
Bil in,|.ur iti-.- "f He
? . ?? ol Kau*
ami kidneys. ________________
Home- >l I le l'ir-1-i res.
I .ll.I i.\ , BPI! i.D AMI Ck
Killi I-i, JAM-, JELl IE8, PICKLEH, BC
ii,.n? ? ? the shots arti 'i o'.t
1 li ir. . lia -
HA KA ll - MCI LltA. M.
s an. sr, v.
ii ,.'- ? t
s. Ill .Cl | . _
1 I.. ( tie:i;..?l ls V nd'* I'.xtrn -|.
ir, e.. ree oi four tim. ? it* volume wUfe
ft Std
SB-das belli- Illa, "sn e..'as ul " _______ ti "
Sw Inion's
BTO R v ? i i; 1.1.1: tt.
AWSOklj ?!.'< llfilCe ('ililli.''te T.l>>.
Ml 1, ul I I'D-DAY,OIN IAIN-;
atna .n> Ed l Brand Bala
.By liuriiet rr acotl v
T_m Jumping mg ol .Bf" H-rkTwaaB."
Bedln.By Alphonse BeaBal
Two "Parda".I!>' A- A- tiapm
ThsCaak of _____o_-ttUa_?..... Bl B*___rA.fea
liao-lres News 0-_a_-ao| Bali XfmmX
iio Lafar tte. - 'ioik city.
. iiiiincls NasTs K.vtrnrl.
d lo bnfl aai-..
i kc ? ?? lui i
lluy tho gcuutue aud you till ?? t-el Im .li.-a,., .mtett.
lt ian aurst '.ire _
For I*-*''1 ' *'M ? ''ItiN- HKMORKHAOK-*. CA1AT11.1T,
" ' I UKI '. \ IU-M, Nil KAI..IA Bl
Have yon araetl-ally teated ',"''.,l" lVll;"!V'
dibbs lt n.M.al i ; o.lou, bobblu
... s'.iiil!.'._
Xiiinleur I'Uodiai-itnbcis ip_____a4
ItOi'KW. : . 17 li,.
Iil.nt.,_rrnehli- VIciVN Of NCW-Yl 'I'll
Ju I.,!"- i ?"?I' Lmoa
Biiuare. -
Kauai -Tarraalas ead i?n-bj linn inn.i.
MihIi 111 llli'l til '.. Ul i
ll KUM AN 00.
U...IM' is Ca?, Ne. 1 >y.
-'! at anet lon
Monday, Tueettai aad aa edi
ComprislDS nu in ih Mn rature,
Ron ti... tusush poetry ae.i i'l
ral V. ..l r. -.
French Booka, Ac, many ot tbt votnasea la ttne bladin* i
ANoat tdlix tutu cf KV'. KA VI v. I
MUMIC ta score and separa -, BB.
Thiirstlav mil Fi dav,Bl li.HU'O. Oh
. \ a !. LIBRARY.
? u.nks m Itn'ory,
Travela Americana,Tiieoiosy.K-leutx-, l'
_ Nita. ON l.XllllUHoV _ _
Pom Maa Noii.-e.
Fut. inn malls fi, rh wash tu.liug uctobi-r IS wfll SSSSS al
this utile- ;., follonrs r ___,
8ATI ? ? . . ?' tot Germany, ct...;? r Hm. IUbs
i.iiik. tia ist.uib-i.i.i.|.)i) and iri.in u I tor ''*_*!
liiii.nii iind t.u.ei inn..- ..ii . iBiitrlts*mini . .m.. i.si
"oa-r ilal,..l.ing 'li at li tin- m '"I fcunipo, I?i -?-? ll?_
Ulallie, Via gi.e. li- '"' ' '?*'* '!'?**> * ? '*- *'?? "'" '' '*
finefUsi-i... Oc-rmaulc")! rn vi m.for Krauce dliwct.
i?i Hs. Nonnantllf, via Havre; at 1 p. ul for ecouara
"ilift t, per Ka. Ao< borla via Ulassow ; at 1 p. m. nr ini
?lum tiir.ci. per Ha. lirigfuiaud, via Antwerp] ai I ao p.
in. foi cuba and w lagani, via ll amalia.
Mails foi Australia, New-Jtaalaad, >au.t*i.h sud iiji i?*^**_
uer Ba ZeaUutt), tia>an Pnmclsco. Close
?l'.aiTp.-iTi'iulr. f,.r (bili., aii.ljai.au. per Hs. Rio de
Janeiro, via sau 1 rant laco, cloao Uciu tialui ? 'li s. t o.
-The hi-H illili- of riasBBS of irans-I'sclflc rosils ls arranaed on
th.- presumption of their BnluUHTjiptad '*'V^'' '""".'li?
-?? ia,?i.sl... Malla from tho ^ "___*<>________
l i rn,, l*. o ou tin. day of sailing of steaiurrs are dispata nou
turu.-. tbe?uae.iay. pearson, vosuuaatar.
Post Office, New-York, S. Y., October b, le-S.

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