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VJILJM* 13488
A IgM is rcporti'd between Uio Ilovas and
gakalitvits In Madagascar. Much destmcttoi]
hus been dons at Chios and in Greece hy serin*
flake*. In the former pines 1,000 persons arc
reported Ulled anti wounded, and in the Uttei
120 bodies hnTe been reoorered from Tillages,
Twenty persons were killed hy an explosion b
a colliery near Barnsley, Eng. A bundred mes
vere in the Berero Tunnel wken if was iloo.li'. ,
nnd they barely sseaped being drowned.
Midhat Pacha, who was Implicated ta Um aa*
Marination of Abdul Asia, has been released.
laaMiaiN.Oa-t.li'.-AI'a? dispatch to tho Er
e__nge Telegraph Company naya that a telegram
...| ft.mi Zan/.ilmr reports that a
coml.iit bad taken pUoe la Ife-asaee-i
between t'"' Hotm sad BskslsTas. Admiral
Osllber, wfco ked srrhred at TamaUTe witli
trsnaporte snd troops fross Tonka, wee preparing
to-r-Mumeoffenelre operations oo theessl eoastoi
lladagseear, whees the Boree lune reeentlj re
Motored s.vinil pisces. The English naval nu
thorit iee are dcecrPied ee being hostile In ts
titinl- toward the Flem h.
I.i.Mii.v, t?. t. 19.?Lord QrenrtUe, Foreign Beere
tan, Im- receiveds dispatch from Lord Dnfferln,
tbs British Ambaassdot si Constantinople, sayina
thal the Brrtieh Coonil el Chloe reporta thal 1.00C
na on the mainland wen hilled .'mil wounded
bj tin' ri'.int earthojnnke end thal seaiateoce i.?
.i. Lord Dullerin alao reeonnta the
. of tin- esrthqnshe fart the Arohipelsgosnd
Anatollo. Lord Granville hoe eenl the dispatch tc
the Lord Mayor of Loudon, who bas coneented tn
,,,,*; unit eubscriptiow reliefol
- il'u !? rs.
\iiti.\-. Oct. 19. D Grecian Gorernment hoi
tent two men-of-war to the ic. ol the
t irthqnake in the Greci in Ar I . th inp
plioefoartbi . It ia reported that 120 bodlo*
lt -vi- seen re< orered In the i1 I
* lia. whit li were mini 1 bj
'Jin' eaiiii opened oear Atlat I I
L.'ii>t??- and people.
I. ? ..??-. i' t. H1.-An ' iploeiot) ii.*t-iiiii-il at
midnight in the Wliiiriii-liiU'-Cai'ltiiii colliery, near
li tm !?>?, yorkshire. Five meo roehed to tbe
bottom oftheehofl ofthepil end were drawn np
. All tin- other men in the pit, numbering
twenty, were ln.-t. Thr." bodice of the victime
liavt- been recovered and a large force ie al wink
t iring the mioe in eeoreh of the reeta The fall?
ing in ul the roof "i the pil haa delayed the work nf
,hal the explosion
bj a hill rt i
l.'aMa.aV, Of. 1 ! >. ?\Y l|C|l till- ttlllllfl tl'llllT til'
rivi*r Severn wan flamtliil yeetordoy there e
hnodred mea in*-itlo of it. They barely otu aped
being drowned. Two of them fell off a ladder on
which they were Lng to reach the enrface
ami were killed.
t n\>i ANii.NDi 11:, Ott. 19.?Il ii reported thal
Mnlli.it Pacha, wbo wm isnteneod to exile In ! -
l iplicity in the eeeaaaination of Bnltao Abdul
Aziz, in May. 1881, l.a-a been releaaed,
Mamiiii, o.t. 19(?The i in ular nt" Gent ral Lopes
Domiognet, Minieterof War, tn the Captain?-Gen*
eralof tli*- Anny, which it wee snnoonced on
Wi dneeday wsa ebon! to be Leaned, is officially juili
Uahed. lin* War llinieter dwella ujxm the great
neceeeityfoi eztenaire armj reformeand se
rn rally rtiuinl the King. IL i
lia>i?* that tli*- Captaine-Gt aeral will co-operate
willi aim in perfecting the organization aaa die*
iv, by which they will earn the
gratitude of their country aud Inepire foreign nu
uona w itlt ret ;at 11 l.-r Spain.
? -?? ?
Wansaw, Oat. lit.?Nihilist procU?natione ai>
pi ar here :i 1 m<-*-t doily. Annmberof peraom
pected of hoing the antbora, tnclndlng several
students, hove been arreeted.
I... vu., v. Ott. 90.?Mr. Lowell, the United Statt i
Minieter, will be nominated a c ir the
Rectonhip ol the Scotch I oiveraitj ol St. Andrewd.
I ..\imv, Oct, I!-.?'.'if lessees <?t the bill
l.t'.iiat- in Lcadoe rt toa* t.i poel plaearda eniT' lng the
leeton nhieh Micheal i>a\;tt is to give in St. Jamec'i
Hall i'll Oitailin Sa The Mi ml- of Mr. Davitt it III MM
ti.. , ..i-intuai. i tai t. -i tin* legalltj ol tmirrefusal.
Lom>oif, o.t. m.?ai t!i?* Sundown Park
Cl iii autu?rn meeting today the Corinthian handicap
:. bj -\. .v* ? I tun -?* Donald,
dbetwjrod'ethree-yt tr-old eheetout gelding Beale*
eai e tn second, and P. Lorlltard'n tbt
tilly Tn ti. i M -ii attaint There were no other ?tartars.
The betting at the atart wan 5 to 2 again I Donald, 7 to ai
on St al-*-.. ami ti tn lu a.* iln.-t Tuiii-ii-.M. .s .t. The latter
ii ula* the running tn tin* d-ttauoe, where Donald dn
sod wmi eseOj by twni' ngthe.
Ci."i:\ii.i .kn, Oct, 19.?The Folkothing hoe
idopti ti ? proposal tn anapeod tbe diecna don *.i all
i sterial bills on their first reading and to
thom to oo?_oittee onIeee the Mln_itor i
I'ai.i.HMD, Sicily, Ort. 19.?Twelve brigands,
WhO Wt-Iaa llll|ilitT.itl il ill full! aa-.-Il III Illa lal-, aoillllllt teal (il|r
llia! till* I.t.-t (IX Jiiiiain tha- A n im, i,I DtetliCt, J'to\ im I of
Iii-n.-vi-iat'i, h.tv,* ..I tn death, end eleven
?ere oonrtcted a
ci-iim -, hove heea oondemaed to hara lab u Ln pi I
AutZAMDniA, o.t. nt.?ti,.a village in the
out-kirt-i of Hil* illy itt wait lt it wit aim.min* il
ti.iy ciitiii-r.i iiuti ii:*.?k.*ii (ait (uh heretofore a taped tin
^ifrction. Itiebe_eredthatthedkeaae there dow m?h
i hy tne liiii?ration into the canal running through
the Vlll.l^'l- Ot W.lt'T tlaaiil till* j|i| l:i<a*nt ra Ina 1,
wkicli obolera rlctlmi hare bet n Intern 1.
Cm ov Mexico, Oct. 19.?Gentian Rs
hnn Marted ter Xc\.-York te arrange tor the loan ot
Sin.ooo.ixHi fm- tiie afexteaa Government Itleundei
Steed that Beeny B. Hyde, ol the Eqmtablc Ut*
klara* S,,, |a ly, _ OOndU-Ung tin . |_ tfeW-Yoi ]i.
Tilt* balanee on Oetoher i-'. thom ~ thal tin* rabaldv oo rjj
I0..1I Itali trill-laal lavt'ia* M' VI :a|, N,-f:a) a'l C.I!
ro tail Oom pani ?mounta to #6,100,000, of wbleh tfC'.IHK),
ill'*, la.ll ia lia-lli:' |l ill] ,,jf In cnn.-atl Ul'tlliU l I 1'
- .a tin- rate ol $1,000,000 per month.
ii'-nry u. ii>tt.*, pretddi ai of the Equitable uti ?
" letj la lu Europe, hut le expected to return ahonl
Kovembei 10.
Ottawa, Ort. 19.-D.L. McPherson 1ms pt>
?IkikiI ee PreaMent el the Senate uu.i haa been appidntei
-UmUterof the latertor. Mr J..tm a Macdonald laka
thc i?.-itia,n ?r I-...i,I,,,, p| ti.,. (??,?? ii, r-ta-alag the
offlwof rtuiK-rintt lulim c..,? ,,,i ?f ii?ii?? Af__. Ul)l| the
control of ti,. Veethweel Muuiit.ti Pottoe.
Mo.stkkai., Ud. U. A luaia.r lo cum*, nt ),vrc> tlmt ?
proi.iln, ?, .irv gooda linn U In llnaiiil.-tl tiuiit.lc. a.,
k im benken do ne not come t<> it? nhl en -Mlpiuicnl m lil
t*kn ,,i,?.,-. rheatoch market waa weall thin morning.
trrtnntheopeninxof navigation to October 1 thearri
J,^? ?[ Ht'a *-''''??? Vi*(t.a,-l.s nt t:,j? |M)Jt ,i,lr; ;|?; nUm_.
?.iU>-. lon:, a-.*.-.*,.)!. li;.), 534 t.allliic v. ,-.,]., I
period vrU i""'!il"" ?r liiluua vcav.ta during Ihe (uiii.t
Lima, Ot t. 1H, vin (ial\<*Hton.?A -Meting of
?U the "ortalffn re-ldenta wa- held hero to-night to r. or
ffuiUe the Urban Quard, wktch wlU enter upon tte dulitai
on the arrival of General Tglealaa, who is expected herc
on Saturday evening. The Peruvian flag wili bo boi.-tt.il
mi tin- nala'tc on -Sunday.
ina . ,ii ni-in.- - -- ........ -.
on the palace on Bunda*-'.
Yirvna, Oct. 10.? Two bands of mounted gyp*!** en.
eani]aitl near Wi't-entitirg became involved lu a fli;hr, In
which both women utni ciiihlrcn Joined. Four of tbo par?
ticipants wen- killed ead manj wounded.
I/ivnov, (ht. !!?.?Tbo report that Count von Moltko
wa* scrlouMy 111 ls denied.
BOW**) Oct. 10.?M?:r. Vannutelll hag been appolnta-d
Papal Nuncio to Portugal.
Capetown, Oct. 19.?A strike lian oeeurrcil amoni* tbe
miners at Kimberley and has a-t.-atitned a serlonn character
The men hnve made a demonetratJon end much d
bas been done to property. Oimet ables Bred at the rioters
ami ehol twa) Dative*
BSBLD', Octa IS*?-lections for the second clans of the
('aaaiiiii)ti Count il welt- li'-'.al to day anti reunited In the
return of forty-two Lilicri?a from all thu fourteen
tait -t. ions minna oimvr?a 8TRIKK Of
Pt. Lons, Ort. 10.?Tho ewitchmen held a
meeting nt Tunit-rs' Hall laat nU'ht anti ilecliletl to con?
tinue th" cti ike. a fur iiiorf eerione trouiaic le teared hy
railroad ina'ii. Five men, re'ire.sciitin_ the switchmen of
Santa? City, Atfhtinn, St Joeeph and Omnha, nrrtvctl
i lure yesterday alni (Iraalated quietly timmie the striker*!,
enoouragingthea ta their movement, and -dstingthat If
they lu id out two or three days longer all the switchmen
in thc plseei named will Join ta the .-trike, mdeea the raft*
road eompanlee agree to pay them Chieego wages [tis
further aetetted hy the stiiii.r-. bera that the yard-seen
re ll nf'-. Indi in ipoUs end other placet cn-t of the
tl ipi im- ih -contented, anal oould be easily Induced
taaiaain the movement. The Western eommlttee clairol
that tue men they repreat ni are determlnt tl In their pur.
mil timi if tin* railway ii do nol advance
Ibelrwage-i,Saturday or M.lay will sea them all ont.
ire 200 switchmen employed at Kanaae City, and
fifty at each of the uti.er places mentioned.
I I ll IIIt-|i.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 19.?Detectives entered a
* house ta this city this morning on information tbal three
' counterfeiters named Thomas Bohannon, Oliver I
non and James Bollowell were cont ealed t ii.-t '*. 'I hourn
Bohannon attempt! I through a windi
* ? ... ? ounded and e ipi ?red. The other two were weun d
in tbe house, ttl time were captured .
moulds, composition metel, arida, a battery, etc.. all in
use at the time of the raid, ind also lil eonnterfelt one
nieces. Oliver Bohannon ls supposed to be an ex?
tol merty n t-'
operatoi ai Fort More in \ ure il deal of spurious money
has bet n pul In circulation by the gang,
Dexvi . ' I., Oct. 10.?A dispatch I i
Tribune from D ta, CoL,says: "\ loniing
- it Lake oxpraae,on the Denver and RioOrande
Il.illt.. ' i Mel-lull- near here, wreck!i
locomotive, killing the engineer, E. A. Godfrey, ai *
ouslj . lall agent, roe passengers
escaped unlnj
KSW-ORLBAKS, Oct. 10.?A ron -I rti'-t lon |
Tern-aux i:.i af RailroadJumpt .1 tha- tm k :-. i.t.v, and ten
men were wound ?!, three fatally.
Chicago, Oct. 19. ?The Chicago Driving
a next
Titi sd " t, for a po ' - 5,000,
to beat the best trotting record, 2:10*e, bj Maud -
day's sport will oonclude with an attempt on the par! of
thc gn i J:l<?, lo i" at Int
ia bm, -j.11 . j.: : i. i: i j *.*. ii. t' * by Coma ? ira i. tl
son's Little Brown Jug, which stand aa best three eon*
- '
Iliaailaari- Kl"
' Hon of ti.?? tra
failure ol this trial.
dn< too? Oct. 19.?The -mcrieos Sporty m_}
sonoonoe to-morrow thai I
ili-eiaia*ti to engage for nexl ? laryteamof
ten or twelve you
amateur ranks, pul them on salary ;'Ti.| k- - * j> them ta
training under tbe direct super*, of Ca tain tnson,
with the view of develo
.il ,*i.|.*i;i iii*;. - anti lill i .t .ill.i
a in tho eouutry. i which
each club can rc-., rve eleven mt n ia to meka
gaged players scarce.
Washington, Oct. 19.?Al the n
of the l'n -hi. nt, t...* im tnt* rs of I
Bendee Ci.intiii-i.aTi . I tl the White Iimi-*
ifternoon and bad a lo
liiin. 1 *i the e.mil known and
tin* a* ai,.;.,i- i. uer; dot line to stab what total- (alu.*.*, i>..r
iiaiata ii. Baton, the president -.r ? Conn
? tba! In bl* Opinion thc Commission Would
foi promo
Min-tim: ni:.:, i ir it nu: talk.
Park Policeman Bell heard s pistol
In Central Park al -j p, m. yesterday, He
f.iinial a lnaii lying ai Ibe Nlnety-flfth-et. and
t ave. entrance. ff. ,,,,,i
blood trickled from bis mt.nih. A revolver lay bj bis
thence to the Ninety-ninth Btreel Hospital,
ll waa -' '< ' thal he h.ul il-ol hun- ir in
tbe month efl , Ism ll'* recovered
?t?Ilcicutli to il'?iilM-i,iin-i*]f as Solomon H. Bch twines,
?*. lit.*, of No. HIT '. | ii,, wife
and al.. . ' i bim,
hut would say nothing ut to tb probable reaaon of the
.it;, ii.;.* Ile may n i over,
A fire, which canoed mach unnecessary alarm,
broke ' ley, ta Ibe basemen! nf
Mo. MT Ma ' ?*'*i -I., the d-iimal btllldlug h.-lia-.v ] ii.
ii.*.a.i.p. 't. ra. M i pelntera1
supplies,oecupj the iii t floor and basement, while on
the up] i Wt ni
? mir a.tm. i \i imp lu the bands
of Jaeob Beer, one of Kelgel's porters, set fire to a ipian
Mtv of alcohol in tbe basement, and the flames spread
.. to eaeki or oil and varnish. Ho rapid was tbs
il Beer waa scotched slightly
.*,' ont ni' face ? nd ii ind i while be was est
fi mo the bas mint. An alarm was sent out In a
anni-, andeven before thc nearest cnirlne noni- ai
riveal ll tl |uurtt i -.
firemen i ir-- a, rited ??- bal otboi
ni-.i would have proved to tie a large fire. Brooke lilied
tha- iiiiiiaiint.' and frli ? uiployei of Alexander a
Wi*ini.. il'. a,ii...i..' whom were i n bl women. The- . u-aiied
? a.i ni, i. it without lulim*. In the building
No. 1 lu Mt M ' l-.oci unit tl li \. id ral* _ Bon, di ult i
In fur, then wen more than a hundred employ*"*, Di-iihit
'!? -I np Ihe -'..:i - to -craig's -.wuk
.* |a.Ulla*. | ii. Hiljaitli*
* lui ti, -.fairways, bul (lustat * Urrala put himself In thc
u ti, .uni order al them lo lt i tbe women pass
pul n. Illscoolness prevented a dangerous crush
on the stain, aud all Un. tpautsof the building were
nbleto gel ont without Injury. The flames, heft
. tctingulshed, canst .1 n damage of about 11,000, Ute
llili-I io-' lia 111-' 'Ul UM) StOCll Ul the ha-. Ulltit.
A collision occurred ob tbe North River Issi
night between Ihe Pennsylvania Railroad fen
New-liiim.-av.it k an.I the Brooklyn snd ? ?? anni \
i?,.,t Nn. :i. The annex boat bad about ten feet of tbs
tai gnard-ratl of the **entleraen'e caWa torn
away, wniie ti"' New-Brunewlck managed to
cum without ant ..' than a broken rudder.
A- haili hosts were running slowly the collision mi,
?dight, and there a menl on either boat. Tbo
. returned to ber alln and her pansengen
transferred to another boat. The New-Bninswlcs
found no difficulty i'i reaching her dtp Cad, alter dis
:,,_- lui im* fiijit*-. i.it-l up for repairs. Captain
niuoinsuurir, Inc Superintendent ul the Pennsrlvanla
to a reporter thal the ot Ll
A certificate of incorporation of the Postal
Telegraph and Cable Compaaj wm Bled yeaterdaj in
the office of tbe C.tty Clerk, Tbe company anuonnet a
timi Ita Unee wlU extend throughout the United
*uai Canada, alan tnt.. Mexico, ? id beginning near Drat a
f)lni. I.. I., will extend across thc Atlantic to London,
Ivcrpool and Parts. Tbe capital to
na ,ii*. ided Into flfl with the pi
remains; lt. Tbs lueoi irdiier.
Luther li. .Minali. I. Il Duimy, Andrew w, K-n. and
Dumont Cl?rk, each holding Utraa sh?rea. 4
St. Loris, Oct. 1'.).?(Jovcrnnr Crittenden
thj?morning to*tlllcd U-foro thc Urand Jury In regard lo
the detelewuents in connet-tion wltb tho police and
gamliliug iln^n. ^_
TIIE pnoniBItion vole in onto.
[from a lti:ori.AR OOSBBSfOSWri OS THU TBIBUSB.1
COLUMBUS. Ohio, Oa t. 17.?Out-sulo of five eons
ties in Hi.- Mad* the l'rolnhitory SBMSMJIBSBl had i?
clear iiiii.lority nf all rotes CSS* ut the lute election.
Itt ths 88 other counties 383,36. vote.-, Were osst
fur tim amendment, while tim numliernf foti I CSS*
fur Stale ?(iii., en hut not in favor of thc sBsendment
?whetherSSJS-OSt it <?r blank?was -78(001. Hut
tho Ats count ia h excepted OSSt a v. ry
heavy majority Sgsi-Sl 1'rohibition. '1 hey aro
llainilt.iii, is hich itu duili - tJin'iTin.it I, thc ollicial
vote of which has sol yt boen doelo**ed I Cnyahoga,
which Inelndee cleveland, sad sjsts 13,084 voton
for the amen.linen!, hat 88,438SgSinSt it or I.lank |
Franklin, which Includes Col unibus, and essl 6\20_
votes for ths alllellllill.nt, hut 1 1,70*5 SgSfaMt lt
or iilanki Lucas, which toelndst Toledo,
and gSTS 4.IU I TOteS for tho nnieiul
iiicnt, hut. l?,:HM> against lt or lalaiik ;
and Montgomery, which InolndOS DsytotB, iitnl cave
8,138 Mit. - fur tin- amendment, bnt l 1,647 ?
it or 1.lank. The estimates given by Tha CtnttnastU
Commertial Gareth make the vote la Hamilton only
B,043 for the smondment, snd 52,347 sgslnsl lt ur
liliink. If this le correct, the tots! rote In the State
wss 830,60- tor the amendment, snd 891,083
iiL'uitist it or blank, the totsl vote bavins beop
ti i.tun, Including Hamilton Comity thus esti?
The vote against the smendment came mainly
from three large blocks of en.mt'. -. i (ne block of
. ight- .-ti iniiiiiiis lie-. ii_.iiii-t the weetern 1.ler
of the .State, reaching fruin Cincinnati to Toledo.
Attached to it, a wing of ail oppoaing count jes
, down to sandusky end Manalield.
Another block of seven counties reaches
win th fi.nu ch ? eland to Voum -down end
beyond Alliance, A third "i ten eonntiea
li.i'lnai, Licking snd MuHklngumeast of C'olum
lall-, Blld till iain Of a a.Tllllla*
., nilli alni In.ni.m. Two Other Ct lllltiee a,a
Ohio? Wiisliin.'i.in. whicli Inelndee Mai
and Mourne, the adjoining conn tv -voted ni
ineudment. Hui th i an In all only forty
three c..until-, In which the oppoaing ann blank
Vlata-I lllltllllllllta fa ll tin- ll 'Xl fill *l t i I ' * VOtt **. A llllj.ir
Ity nf the eonntiea In the Male. \ j.., fort
al.aillalllla II! lt t la *.ll* lll.ljaillly ni U
Among tho conni i Prohibition, too,
aro eleven tbal hum* majoritiea fur Hancock in
I ?--I i, while among I hone (riving m tjoril
. tha I gave majorit i fur Gar?
field. Evidently, the l*mhibitorv vote v. n- drawn
I na
third of it woacasl lo 1
i ral -.
BXA1 I 'll RI ??*?' IUMI1 l"V i'
CixciJ-i nam, ?? *. 10, -The total rote i I
In Hamilton Comity was 00,3d0 ] foi the prohibi?
tion aliitii'itii* Ut, *>, I"'-'.
I ll All* , I * I * TAI.I V l-.'I.ti V
li BAT I'
Coi ciiBCS, Ohio, ii. t. in.- \ Dei... rath i
utatircs "f the party from the
different parts of ibo Btate was bold
i-i the Hall of Representatives this after?
noon, there being about :?mi present, .*?;>-.i'm *.
!?? ide bi ' .
I*,. I . Willi. |i..,,l.-.t ..lt. ,
Other*, li it the eonft renee dec I neil tn adopt reeolii
? the i oiiiing J/ gialuturu na to il *
lol ll Aill.ivi- MADE?llOUnTON t NABI 1" 11*1 '?'
fur ni i...it ii ti ro tiik Tum ?
Ililli.a,| |*,.l, a , ( nilli., ( Vt. 10. ? A T>.
I'.uki and Md li i-l M.'N'unii.i, of Tiuin
:li. ir*-" * I "ltd na- militia,' t 'hail.*- II ll
nh. ti ;. l. otter an
The compl I I
.lull, and
II 1- 1|.*|.*.| I'la l-l]" ir.lt-ar-a alf f.
ja luntli ?*. Honiton, tin- victim,
ii.I. to( . til,Ul
l it i.i- li.nm. mt tin i, .
'erred to, -relied and conduct* 'i bim lo the ii*
ar and reuther*). Ht (bink* Hey were ini-'ail wnit.*
a. n, i* \s conni- ni Un .
1 i ?!?? tin
i li mel ini opportui n f lo l.?ak upon
I"-. IV Sept
M..linn. V minny
.im kin t *? ii. in* broutfbt mit at
m.* uni.
/ 1/'/,"/.) 7 '/i/.v.; < ///// \ >.
..... ami SS ARK -a . A l/i.l' N i I -
iv ni m.- i: g IN I I l-.l. |.
Ul ll a I .11 tl ll lu ntl I..HU M..I
Boston, Oct. 19. The Journal says thal the
United i-t.ti.*-t'.niit ii
a tbU city la dot ii*. ? uk. At tbe Court Ii
ilia, mmniiit: tin re arrived a Butler p**-'i*n of ebool BOO
nen from Fall Uiver, BunbaUnd liv \v. ,i. Hurley hn.|
timon M. -n. rm m. i- ..iitii'iti leaden of that etty, ll
?im..- been explained thal naturalisation papers
? in in- obtained in anj Bl de oouri ? ?
ia by coining to tbe United Statee oourto, bul tn
I. ul nf .i. . Iii * BUp Hut* Couti ll.
n.er, fur ??'.:n i .ia ti,,, Bullee
Him .-"i-i paid tbe fi*..-, about --j.'.ii i
I them to 'in* Clerk's ?>iti< it ef the United
li. nit c.uri in thia atv. Mi. Hurley . ? maced
* ..* natut dilation fae tn, i..
fit cull -which la allowed the Clerk of Court nteaara.
lim Ly .ami -in rinaii nil', red thoma Ieee ss the legal a a
i ai li ikc proportion of the eaeoe. *?*?**?, i,,,, th. se
. timi be bea knows thc app
? . ?? years ia thin . i
i Ri in I ty Committee aod a corp* of skilful de?
rra linn.I, anal a.Ma na a* ? ,., _ I,
u. .ll lead tn urn -I- In a fen d
i ? United Bia) ilt< tri thia raornlng Jud re
I . bul ni nuntin 1 I.linet of
the nulli, ll i Lilt WU Tia.aklllL- eltl/.elll ... I ,-t ,, . fl..- n.lilll
llled fOtll lilli raalllal III* gi ..tl!,. '11,1-., 1
ilulmed, fulfilled Un- ii*a|iiii, i?!. iii .af tin. |_w, thal appll
nulli lippi -ii before .a Iud * . ?
ire ia* im- taken In wea, nml i in? bindi
aa mi.' it
a gentleman who \s w< li Informed on tbe rabjei I
lo-daj : "Tbe dauReni cf Illegal n ti .tulum will not
lilia,'Ult linnie tel.Ill tftttt 111 I Ile fl ll Ul I-I III ll Tl I III . 111 / 11 la Ul
i. in * |.i .j., ti :t..iii, thc fi lt ai sc,i. - < I,*, nit Court
triuitl* are outran.i-, n i. iioaltivi'ly dUheartenlug .
I.lei ,ill tbe tall*. ,,Illili,i . Ti .Hil tilklllC .11 Hii-atam ti
lbe law evaded tbat the clerk of a court may reallti |3on
?i a m.in made ? 'Hi., u. li lu ?? tin,m. il thal
J.("Mi men have been naturalised In both tba i
rt ll lilli ,'t Ta-W Ul
Mit. r.lcAiH.i V i.l-a.i-iiii mk BBS8IOSS ABOI I l"
in -a Mm sainAinu.
Bl Hil ORA! ll lt) rilS lltllicsr 1
int, i?, i. IO.?Assemblyman Bradle) I. fl
tin . ny for ids home In Cati unugss Oountj leal nigbl on
Hu* il p. m. train dlreetlj ii t.i tbe rerdlel ia tl
l.iiil. Ile wan nm, ij r_ifu-ted and
?aid that a munbee ef blawltneaeea luwi abanged their
hews -ina a* i?-ai. "One ol theee," (.tiai be, "le Ingersoll,
ii- bas married s nleee of Beeakme'a, sad be son fcrtnttlHn
be lilli nol tealify to III (lie lnvi-tl|. nt liol
f'oiiiinitiee ni '-1. There are a sumberol them wbo did
* thiUM. ItV au Int. nnil t_U?SS Unit Milch ll *u
!...*.ii.I l..* ttdrull l .i, for
lii-iiuici-; be actually denlen tbe accuracy of the -teni,
.'l.i|H.I:ie note* III 1--I. II'- a loll BgS?ISl BM, UouO)
!? * . ll- ? II* 1- III ll.''
.-?n..ta,i tte -imi- left fur li.mii> mi Un* tl jt. m. Wt
lanni. He la.i.l lill..* Iii amy talion! lin* M nli. t. He Int.ml-,
to run for Senator again unddoea uni tina,ii that be will
', I bj an iii.ii .i-eil in .Jinliy.
Ni:a -i ii.i.i:\s-. Oct. I'1, lu tito lluuhe-i niaii
? i Wub'i-a, j
ii taltra nu?
ll i un iiM tl ii..; in) ttili eu-al oj lue elly Ini'lKct (tit>
A 1.11. I lill. UV i.'HANlKI Milt SI
Ithaca. N. ^.. Oct. IO.?Chancellor Slma, of
-1,.,. ,- ,,. 11,1, (ti ali
iT-llilll.1 III- -
1 it lit-i n t h.m.I, ii. in to UM Wu-illl uitl C'uituio nf till
linn- "
I'.Ki'NH.v OP ??'i'*. ii ROBY VOLUHTUBS
Tiir.Mtis. Oct. li'.- rbe survivors of tho Uth
Ititfin.int N.-? .lei ev Vtiiniili'.r- bold their julniai t
lu iiiuai-iL,) lu Say. Isa -.me pu ?vui.
TBE ni:\y-ji:rsry central lease.
Tbbbtob, N. J., Oct. 19.?Bofots tho United
Maits Cbsslt Charl Ctee_, in this etty thin morning, wm
began tho taking Of testimony tar th-' defence In thc suit,
tay wh!i h wanara B. DtasosoTO, as a tteeatla_edateeh*
hollier, -.eek*-; to have annulled tin* ISOSBt toSSSOf the
('? uta il Itiillrondof Xew-Jersey to the l'lillaal. lphl.i utni
Beading Baflroad Cntniiaiiy. Then wcro present, of
a a.nu al f,,r th,, Beedtagj rrankiln II. (lowen, _, ti.
Klein y, ex ('hamel!,ir W-hSSBSSa Sad Knhert K.-arclni*.
Osi ea se Seward, BooooeOonkltagaad wayne KaeVeagh
appeared for Mr. Dmemore, aad r.aiw ard T. Green for the
Ivsnla Railroad fj-eapony.
Thc Mrst wltnc-s was William B. Hewitt, who -ulai h.* was
ii (tock broker in rhii.i.iiiphit. Mr. Gaw-abegaatoaaeo
tlnti him ms to nn nlllilavlt nf his which wita contained In
tin-hill of complaint iri fte essa. Tba *-_davH waaestotbe
vataa of certain etoeka la the Phliadelphls market sta
iirtaln tillie, and Mr. (lowcn's effort wa* toshow Ihat this
wasons?* for ths purpeee ot showing thal the stocks
?j-aaraateed hy tho Beading were worthleaa. After .1
ipi, -ti. n of two Mr. Conk?Og ark. il ; " What ito you pro
, alu hy nil this I"
"If yalli Wl-Il tunta .,*t fn fhe ipi! .Hull Jh.at f.l I .
noted iii the record," radd Kr. Oowt n cauatl ally.
M We an obliged to the oonneel, bnl ero have not eome
1 ties this norning to be told thc! we have a ri-_ht to
? rn the eouneel'i queatlona," retorted Mr. ConkUng.
?j'lii* nhl. .*t h rn- being noted tn tben cord, thi exemh
rimed, bul Mr. Oowen eoold gel little sat?-aetion
mit nf the wilna -- and Hon dlamlaaed bim.
Willi un Henry Patterson waa nt \f ?? .lt. .1. if., wan tho
. (ililli attorney al wh.request Howitt bad '
Bed that be made tbe affldavtt. He laid thal John C.
i ila, bed told aim that ae a prepara?
tion fur a en I (ted by Mr. Dln-muro,
tho teeming nf oertaln Information waa seo
ima; oft red to get for him the wa.rk of getting thia
C ap itt) lng to do ii, Bu_itt
Introduced him lo (lt rn ?
??WI Cnnkline
" H nv, rei, iior it ii, of eiiai*-..," retorted
(lowell -Ililli-, v. anti Un ii Baked tn* witneaa, " Waa the
iiiroad, tba ('nit. tl -t itt
? I"
" 1 don'l know, hui I mppoeed Mi it be ?
t *!.. tic 1 rt in nt, ?! 1 ?? We did mil ex
?'..'iii . ii. .! *
h.ul i.. ? 11 i.iii.i-ie .1 bj .-. 11 isa -tm.i willi part
< 1 th<>
iii. .1 lu the ?
:.: .1. hui thi
ll I tn lend tlniii to .
' .11 ,?, and egret al to do
? i.hjt. ted ?
ll nf hia -
I for Mi 1
- ? nntiilli.al III
lilli. He made it at the rcqueel
.'lt' ? ? told Illili
Willlld Ilka- 111- lltll
', -Lappa al ..
. ? ?
lt lt.
"lt I l Mr.
?* i't.? ? I
\ .1 1 nevi r benni
'. ? ad l td * ?
? - whi. ti be
1 .-.lt un 1, t.-llli* ..
* Iii. .1.
II. -I.I. it lbe 1
* Ml I ?l.i -Iii.-i.- had noth
ii:i> tl
IO NiW "luria
[D? Il I I ' ? lt A lit Ita lill IlttlllM ]
st. Pail, .Minn., Oct. 19.?A dispatch to
,ll a.f a Iii H rallrtl tl 1 "Hap.alli .
md a*ortbi
.iinp.i-.'l of wealthy linn. The capita! itock lr.
ita* right of t\ . -mn of 11 *
. Hal flaatii -aain, j,,.
. 1 -, a i I...knt.1. and
- nf l.ii ? ??! .
Bptnk, D ;?. Brown, D
, ... ni. Tin- length of th
tilMI Ililli \ . * Ila* a \ Dela _.lte K.
Ml'ldt*. ?
...Ill 1*
an 1 lin,i- flinn rt.ni, Kalle Into Central Inn ?
? pit t. .1 111 the Cal ll*?al p
'.???1 1. '
1 tn Dakota :*> Inc m.ni- noa boldlng control ol tho biiai
? ompauj bas .- and i- In
1 .allit-l.
Ai baxy, Oet. I'A.?Thc l.'.iiliiiinl Commiiwion,
; on the apptleaHon of eltlzena ot Hebenectadj mr
improved . 1. j>- ?? faetUtlea to be fnrnlahed bj the Kew*
Vnik t-.-i 1 and Delaware and QmUon Ganai Com
p mia*- - uot it tm ti e fur nee. The Com*
llilMlon iii-i.ninnie! thal lin- I WO in el-, ,w -"-.li BS plat ll
| *l ? ? V I- le 11 -lilt.lille lie-Kit.
C-j-cimuTl, Oet, if Rrprenentatires of tbe Toledo,
: ? i. ? id bave be< n in
in- tit Ind In Milli tn agree upon a aetttementof
tberari ?.,,-tn .-,,. i., ? Hon. Decidion** upon
...me of the points tM-fiaia tin a mi. t-i an* expected to-mor
run im 11 nu, ila t. i*. il the "tn.f the
Pern r/li tala Railroad Company thia morn?ig elloltaan
Miphatic end poatttve denial at the rumors thal the rood
to me. t the eui lu Weetara peeeenger
mt- H umala- i.\ ihe Delaware and Laokae inna Comnany.
[t waa furthermore atated tbutthoPt aiuylranla lialIre ul
1 hy the pn I meiit.
v.... in-, in.- t;.-* .1 .-.nt ti i\ 1- of tbe Sfahaeh,
Cl llllitl. I I ia .11 ?? "e.I I .'-teni I
n<. .it>n nnd Evan ivllle, aud Terre Iluutt I
KviMrtvUh* railroadrampant-?. ooniprt-ilng thc Unca in
*.ii in (ul.mi 1. ..an- vin.- i.n-iii. -. mei here to
l.it and decided to co-operate with the Ohio Kimi Rall*
m.el ? mop.ur. In thc1 m.tinten,mee tat lin tr DOoL -V com
illirie,- on ratee waa appointed to meei hereon Tharaday
le Vt.
Edgar Hurrlutl lins resigned the position of
Inspector ol freight fer the iraak lim**- to be anent
'ur tin- Pennsylvania Railroad el Sn 9 Broadway. H.'*
v., k Central road, haa
in en appointed general inspeetoa
\.N OLD HIP lt HM-l WI li HU M.i.lil.-'"?ll KM.I KI".
A ii.iMA, tia.. Oct. m.?A dispatch from For!
jaine* lo Th* Oonotilnttoo myst "YeeterdayB. a.
.li ter waa going to bia hom" on horseback winn be
.i Un* in ,,i hj B. r Dudapeth. 'i bi re bad ?*
t. .1 .i i. nd h. tween them sad tbe quarrel waa renewed.
iimi-natii -ei.Tui ,i pi.,,. a.i t.tne rall and itruok .feater,
Ullin the halla i .pian*, fi. lil.- Inn -.- and Itublied lil
a-,.,i:.,iit iii in.* renton of tbe hear! lind-p.-th fl.Irew
i pUtol nml iimi two -hot-, one "t whiob -drack J. -tat rn
-in im. bead, the bull mu* Itu muli r thi skin to the bru k
ii the in ni Ji dei I witb hi- rnouiy and
(tubbed Illili lil th.* rla/Ilf Ina M-t. Vain II Hil"l-l" Ul tell nil.I
t nun.i iiiuii-iy aspired, .iiat.i bas nol been er
Dosroir, Oct. 10.?Before the Senate Bnb
"..tiimiti.. *im i.ii .* ead idn.itimi to tiny John Keogh,
timm iiy n well-known epenttve al Vail uiver, com*
[iiain.ai of tin. reatllattoa el the mille sad
sieee eon-aemenl of the operatives. B
Howard, of Kuli River, p-f-iiit'd anni.. -
Hes showing that ths smaaal "f dally
poid the mill operatives la the State avenged B9 teats
Mr. Williams, of Maichi-tar. ftlgtSSSI, praised the
technical -elmol- ae nneurpaaaed mywhera itt gurope.
lon they were bot, In- sit ld, ?Ailinn the reach nf the wmk
lns iwople. ?'hi ried ll. Dalton, cotton maoufact-n
be waa not aware of any eaoaea of dleealnrfaetloa eiint
Ing tu-oujj wot?Ina i" "i'!'' si pt. -cut.
A-IIIUY I'AliK. N. J., Oet '.?.?T. Hyei WM
tiie.1 imlay IsrassaaWag Hcnith InspeeSec tole-, alka.
. irk, while the letter wee Inepeettng Bfsfa pro*
In lila ,-Illira.*' t? th.* tiny -IndgB WaUiiid mild that
lliv Luaiid of livuit? hat! uo ri_Lit to uppol? I ku luupovUir
nnd that after a proper complaint btu hrcn made ama
tortty.of the Boara of Health mu-t make the Inspection.
Thc jury iieiiultted Hyer. He will proaeoute the members
of thc Hoard of Health and InftK't fur Oolee for false im
prieomneot The rulinc of JuiIko Walling affi.*cta every
Iocul Do?rd of health lu tho bute.
srurs as a wmnss.
tfO-RUTOW*. X. J? Oct. 10.?Samuel S.
Oray, a New-Yoik printer, who attempted last Monday to
kill hl-t wife re,ir this town, was captttn-tl at Meriden fOB*
f' rainy and hrou-rht here. He wai traastHISd yesterday
BMcsisg to tiie ''a,indy Priam at Mnrri-town. Ills appear
SBee li anything but that of a ilt'--per iain, for he ls small,
weighing about 115 poonda, and la about thirty yen-nf
aga Bs saldtothee?leer who took kin toprieoai "People
ni r. talk im they pleooo, hut I wouhl never have at?
tempted to kill Moiy If I had not been provoked." This
lt regarded asa full cotife-.slon. It was considered that
Mr-t. Gray was sufficiently recovered to be hooded over
toJooUee te the srttaeea in tho case, ami holm- unahlo, tte
give bonds shu was locked up Iii a cell no near her hus?
band that ha reeognlaed her kyeterleol shrieks. Be
*"?_ '? " " ' and passionately begged tho
guard to ttiiow him to tee har.
a 'lunn-,!*. reporter mund Mr*. Oroy in an excited
condition, weeping and Bobbing hysterically, tine said :
'?Mt husband was jealous of nie: not of other men. but
Jealous that I di.I not hue him as he hu, ,1 me Be ouar
relled with me beoauae I did in.r pet bim and 'fondle Vim.
w hen he lott td-, place I -aid to him that I could not make
eiii.iii.-h for two. Then he went Into the hospital on Hl.uk
well's Island, i of the rheumatism, and made
me ko too. When we came oul be prni.ii-.aii to go lo work
Inarnme between Dover ami Meriden, when be had
worked before. Tben we went to Dover, end whi
walked together the trouble occurred Bot tefl me, eau
they compel a wife to give testimony aga?isl her una*
hand l I thought they could not, and that tbe law aaid
?"'. I don't care. They may keen me here until I die, bat
f a ill m-ver .-ai one word against 'Sam.' I wouldi
illa, a thous md tiina^ th.in .ha an viv anything tbat would
hun hint. Ha- la my husband, und l could uo\vr hurt
EPISCOPAL I mw rsiinv.
[st nilmit nu to mn rum***-,]
Pun. wu- irini, Oct. 19.?Toe Prm will print
the following tonio t correspondent In
New-York t
Uonalgnor Capel returned yest rday from Utica, x. Y.,
where be haa been paying t tl.iiui.-vi-if to Senator Ker
tim. i M nor la .at wink nu h pamphlet which
deal heal-.
ill iwed with considerable ra
tho | * pal C'aatit. nt lain now tu
', Mt.
" Mj - ort and to the point,*1 - dd
i iyi "ti.n Americana like to
, hirds eye \ la n of a subject, s.> [ 11 rtalnly -linil oot
*. aiue, ir lt ' any, by
giving you the content*) tn advance. You can lay, how?
ever, that iny desire i- to pul before the american
true nature of the Catholicity
of n My pamphlet, which I i
? ? k. mil be eii
ital quality and necessary mark
of the l : un appeal tu tne e.,""I tense of the
1.. i by the recent ali-*
|. ? ? ; tilth,, title ?? I't.it
ildtx changed to
lill: BKPOBTS 1! lil.'- I.' !') 1IAVK 111.KS EXAG
i,. RATED,
Dim iii, Minn.. Oct. 19.?Interview!* with
Duluth grain men show that lt ls tl.pinion here that
the rei ui i. from _ i win it are
i. nf nil ih** wbeat ii*t-t Ived bete thia
. ttl. re have been
only till,. bu-?beli rejected or condemned, nnd Mr.
) illt-'Ilahllt ol - til ll lint lo,nut!
d .nt .if frtt^t, though
ninia, haa been dropped ? grade or two on that aoeoa?ta
i..- Munger, one of tbe managers of tim el
tal iinaiutit of wheat raeetved from tho
per a*a nt of it bas harm fl
Very little \? ii-at fi om the province of Manitoba baa bi i n
tion of thal li ' w ia
L.J ? iwyer, thinka
? li ipfl ntl. -t Illili ol 1 . . poav-ihly ba* dOSU*
?j llll-UUiJ.
-i vi:.:i i.y l jiu n.
Oalvestox, Pox., Oct. 19.?A dispatch from
Til.-rto t'i><- Netti mysi "Intelligence hus been re?
ceived here of e wreck owing to o tornado
on tt... I Lint gerroa Q -?*? Railroad
li-t night, ii few miles east of Sulphur Borings. One
li.lv iuni tts,) children were severely Injured.
Ibero were a number . >f other pas*
ou board, several of whom were badly hurt. Tbe wret ked
train was moving al the r;.t?- >>f elghteeu miles au hour
?truck bj the storm aud blown over, being
? .llllpletel.l di Ul.ill-'li *1.
Tbehtox, N. J? Oct. 19.?Ono hundred and
irviviii-nf the l it ii Regiment, New-Jersey
. i -. held a reunion In thia etty to-day. They were
welcomed In a speech hy General I. t. Campbell, of
TBE Mi:run: OF uk*. 8UNDEBUN.
Carmel, N. V.. Oct. 19.?Counsel for tna
ii .. iition In tho case ot Riley, on trial for tim murder
of iii*.., smith ilia, ol ? V- v, neted theh
ta iterday, and Winiam i\ Tayloi opened for tim defence,
The t. itlmony was si] in at - t/doc- sod Br. Tsyloi
summoned up tor tbe defence.
ll li:!.niT DI <T. IRED INSOLVEK T,
Si. Albans. Vt., Oct. 19.?The bearing on
Un petition of the Barton H itlonal Hank te have Bradb .
Barton declared Insolvent, wae held before Judge a
to-day, and Barton wae adjudged Insolvent Harlow
makes tm t .mi' tl against Insolvency.
Pittsburg, Oct.10.*?County Controller Speer.
wini baa boen examining Clerk of tbe Court Bowend'i
hunk.-., baa completed bia Invt itlgation anal reports a tit -
ilthmy of (J48,ooo foi a period oovering two tonne of
office, _
Mobile, Ala.. Oct. 19.?Three new eases of
the yellow fiver snd one death were reported st Brewton
to-day. The wife of the lute Kc . lt. I'. Maker 1- .putt- Ul
of the prevailing dist om. The contributions for the re?
lief of the sick are liberal.
Chicago, Oct. 19.?Judge Anthony will ren
ih r a di i i-i.ni on .i demurrer to morrow ? blob will bring
th. .*.i? - nf tin* Uqnordealers directly Into oeort Be
tween B,ooo and 4,000 dealers are ooneerned ead
$1,500,000 ls Lnrolved,
I.: ',\ enwobth, Kim., Oct l'.>.?The Federal
QrandJ?ryyeaterdoy found a trne i?tii against i'.l
Payne, bettor known aa "Oklahoma Porno," forconsplr*
tog to violate tbe lawa of the United Steteo hy entering
thc liidian Territory.
BOSTON, Oct. lt).?Captain Hooey, ot tho Hntish
schoonel i '.vite, which airiveii ha re to .Uv from saiin.ni Uiver,
ff, || f .,.*,,,., i..imia ,.ii Hu* ii.i--.ii*. and wanSxowned.
I'm, Ainu rm a. Oct. IO. I'ho caae of William ? -.
il ti i ,*t t cleo rn il with snibeKllni SJ3.000 aa broker and sgent
..f i uni itu Aii..'ii-tn* Boyd . ame ap before Jail ?- allison thin
j, i'hi pin n. *i ???,,ai. il rn aaa war tbs cbarga of mu
a-iuni- y.
Pun. Ainu. I'ttiA, Oct. IB. Anthony Hale and John
W Kdmuutlson, who are charasd wltb coasptmcy to Minuter
felt in.ii.mn ii.nney. were tinily n loibfe
vi'.wouoii u wrli ol habeas corpus and wale rea*?naas for
Little Bock, Ark., Oot. 10.?Two farmers.
Charles Ford aud Joseph Sntherlsnd, bctw.i-n wtnain sn old
timi ..m.a.al. met near Newport, Ark, na Wednesday,
;,,,.,, - ,1!., I Slid li, . ... i , lin .1 *
i ..nial thaw lils pistol, shot a?d
Lil lad UH"
Nliwilt IHi, N. V., (l.t. i'd. llmni-a- I'hcmiiey. iv
hstcs n*.- waster un Ihe Erle Ksllrnad, tell during thu i
ru jri .(ie ul ia unit l'i*. el viii t nj ni I'S uboat tito -Sad, IroUl
* . Ill Willa ll 111* tlieal Ililli Sltt't?HMM.
Savann ni, Qa., Oct, IO.?'The schooner Scotia,
Keys for Phlla-elphla, has arrlrsd ?t t,inti-Hntiiie with
niMin unit i.oi.eu iiiidia t'.u flul uta.iy. rh*British bark John
Lefursay.troin ''' isaeolafoi BuanosAyna, -?-???i'i ? mruu ut
lu id bi r, went sahow on _ (IntuUoii tliat?ajiit!i end ul lybee,
uti lliiuiuLia>- sllwuoain. Thu crow tacit) s?maL
[nv nUMUII SO tiie TRinrsi.-.]
Washinoton, Oet, n>.?Tim ssssoat ff National
Dank notes oatstanding st tbe sloss of baataess yee
tcnlay, Including 0766,334 <?f fold mites, waa
$302,837,991, showing a loss|of circulation tluriiig
th.-last eighteen days of |504,780, and a steady
Contraction since January 1 atiiotintin-,' in all to
Tiiat th.- oatstanding eirealationwill dlmlnlafc
more rapidly daring tim next ninety tiny* than
?daring th- taft three months seesas iaeritable. Tho
statement llielltiailltil in Tilt: TiilBt NF. of y< Mt-rtlay
ns hi ooaree nf preparation in thc Cootroller'oOCoct
mpleted to-day. Uehowa that the And call
br $26,000,000of three percents, which will mature
Deciiiihei- 1, Sflhetl bondi to tho alii'ililtt of
04,037, IOU now held hy the TftlSIOIj ii- -t a aiity in
lt inala- aal 111 [a;i| f lill" the I *i fl 111. tl inn 111 1 U B Nilli.Hllll
Banksi ami that theeeeood eallforf 15,000,001^
.vina ii will matore December 15, sCsote th'- seuiuiiy
lepoaite nt iii National Baake tn tia* extent of
^8,100,400. Tims, within tia- next sixty a! .vs, the
uesent basis of nearly f 11,000,000 ol' cir. illation,
sened by 200 os sure National Baake, will bs vs
iniveil, ami they will Im required to -uVtitiite
112,137,850 in tither Government sm arith i or re*
Inti' their circulation.
Probably sosae of lim banks thus sffectedowe
ither three pet cu's which hays sol yoi ossa
ailed, and a few of them may have four] . eeatSj
ii bar and a half percents, that they can deposit iu
lentil' tin- tim*.- percents celled, and rook bareki
ivill probably in- ready tn make tim substitution nv
uni..I in fidcr to keep their eirealation. How
nany ol' them s iii be able to tlo so no ..in* t ni' tell
it present.
'lin-. Sect "I' th'- Hist two rall. r,,r three per neats
I -m li es .tn offer tin* hanks hut ilight encourage*
to Imy those bonds anti deposit them i .
dodge fur their circulating Dotes. Already tben is
alk ainnni; Treasury ofBeialeof Snothci call for
lint- percents before the end of the year; and tbs
receipts from customs and internal taxation sim*.)
lu* beginning of da tobi r seem to Justit} talk ni' that
mit. While thc costoms receipts tor lani month
howetl u tolling off of 93,650,701, and thi- Intern il
-evonne recoipteehowed ail.. 717
-compared with September, 1882, the tut* i
i for the lust eighteen daveshows decn
? 1 onlv * i mm'.h. .1 w ;tli tin- i .,1 ii jun
? ?I !.i-t year, and the internal revenue re
leipts are greater hy $?4,381, Tbe receipts from
iiiscellatieous sources were $1,280,310 morethfUl
in lim inst eight*** a daysof but October, the ia?
in tins item being mainly from pmlitaon
.'nilla*,'!*. Ill tallier Waalals, tim Ula lill,* .-'_'??.I ?.",( l.'Jli 1)
if tlc- Government for tne Unit eighteen dava in I tao
? iimi, l-*vi, exceeded by 11,210,160 the revenue
fl ri.nn 1,004) for the iii-i eighteen daye of t >? lober,
It tim Secretary of the Ti.* 'snry felt authorized to
In sn, he milda buy four per cents Instead nt three
aa*! cents inr the siiikmn fund. Ii that policy
ibould im adopted ihe reduction of tbe three ont
mt h..rn wonld he le-a rapid hy Mum* $ 1.1,000,000
i v-.ir than at pu sent, and to that extent would
uid stability tai these bonds as a basis foi National
tank note circulation. In his last report iSccretary
?nk't-r saiil:
doubtlees good policy to extinguish 'li- long
i..tiiis nt tha* Government rather thou I *i..-?
it its pleasure; for the time is at band when, with
ho present i.it- ni receiptc nml tin- present rate of
mi meiit ot the public debt all tin* ha an al-, sullied tn
tiltia. I i.i | timi- ni payment, will have I- en called ia.
lien* ii.* a surplus in the Treasury, there
nil h.- im outlet i'm it save by parchu
iremium of long bonds, or tue disbursement ol it
In a i ii lt ii appropriations forpunweee beyond theos*
and economical needs of the G Lit
s. therefore, J ? ie to consider tbe proprii
>fempowering thin Deportment to buy lim long
mints ai a high premium, lt it shall dei in ii politic
ta make general pure)?Mea of bonds at inch pta*
i,i,un inr extinguishment, it should hy law givetS
ii.- Departmenl '-\|n<->*a authority so to tlo, and
luis aalaajit thal I"*. ?
1 ii.i i ii BK B -l'MiV Of -i ah: ni lilt:
SHCHI. I'AilY til ni cnn, MUtVIOK COKUM
Wasoinoton. Oct IO.?Ths of
tate lia- ., -1 1 f. ?a . 1 h ciiimmililc.itloil tn W. 1
' in re
. ilia
nveral bureatulnthe Ms D partosenl -.viii mgeirs
iieei.ti examination under elasee i * r Csa .I'lniia*
Inii. h.. -1*. -:
" It 1- lill*|, IM.> a 1 tint Mla-'l Ollil*. TS BS tile llc.liD nf t)U
sans,translator,etc.,o tbls i' parfiocaf. sis net io*
aired to past eny examination. Yaam* gucrtton, thss?
ire, relates dm ? *?? if this De****_tm ut from
lin f*HTit class tn fhn fnnrth tinea, both Inclusive. . . .
** It ls nonesssrj thet mnet nf tho alerts of ti"- Popart
icm o'-t tte ibould have at teaet tatMew i.*. ? *.;. tige of
ne or more foreign laaguagee to read them in the ectg>
i ..i .in mmenti N -lt '* bo* eBss>
Itcl} nee, SM**? thal ev. rv clerk i-lmllM hate t!.l- a|.i.iim
atltiti, as his uiaility iii other dirtvtlous uuy BMTS than
timnen*?le for tts lack, n it it is els a^ ia.rj thal at
saettweut] employee of this Depastaesat shonld have a*
air knowledge of either French, Oeraaaa, Spanish es
" Further, iii, ia rksexeepl Iheeeemployedelmi lyaseopy-*
its (sad these ore very few ts minrim i, ehoold have ssrib
lentknowledgeoftheOonstttadonotthel sited St itee,ths
Manera of the dhrerent brae kee ef the!.nm.m. um
IU?dil?lea Ot tin* ililli -relit KM. lithe Dell utni. tits, of
nit ni.ii;.mal law, ami the prominent facts ol bHoi
nanie in. in in conduct .i i-orrespoudouoe, imi Involvtas
Uftlcult quustlous. lt ls ab.itely essential tbal they
ibould be ..ni.- tn write with i.n ility letten ur dUpatohee
lt tal in-tiiii lion* Hunt tbs Superior ntll- els.
??ih ru _ ao |.i un.nulli division of li.-- clerks ef tin*
uoug the bmt .ns. AU clerks ant suhjcot to
ila- allia*.-tl..li ie Ila* gt a la I.n . . Dd ,t"l*.Il'*it W illtt'.-rellS
rork acconllns to tbe denianda oi the service, aud ihe
alive ia a-,,' i 1, * | ? lalo .slllilll ill atllUll Ot .Ul) Ot?OT I'l a. tia e,
vere ii deslrul
?? I * I ?:? Ihe-e ilfetlili-tii'l.'. *. I -e.-.'.-! that 1 ' ? I ll
lamination be .given to all applicants who maj ??\i*ii IS
liter tiii.s Delia I ne al which .-hall ? t
*, lieretofore, al one tune t?
[Uireil in tin- ease ol I * for sett?la ora>les ol eos>
tl in th. case or Hpiilleimts for coat
ular clerkships, fbi* embraces such Keacral uueatlone*
ml tana ta*, little.ll ur llat;l.l, .1, 111 lel.ttloil l.l the IlllloWlllg
abjects, ss every is-r-aan of fair educatl.nay Ih>
0 .iia.tai ?: (ieui-r.il pruil-iou-iof the
The simi.;.. i* .'.i'l broader principles of Intern?tts?si
??ti,,.,* .liv- that ol foi
?? 11 an . Uon rt-an *?' l' asl one foreign tanara ure ;
"lae Mllttnic nf nil.-ni* III ile ill-p.lillias ol le Ll-, tbS
u i .et ta. i.a indicated itt tm* examiner]
?? a i lt inna tlc, toa -nthti.-iit extent to show that tlmcan
- utile to keep tin' simplest kind of accounts ; and
?? ih.- more Important facts of history.
?? Much stress should. In my opinion, be laid npon the
? ?tin- candidate to compose and write letters, ue
ia print Ipal duties In tbls Departmenl would probably be
lum.licit those ol a corresponding clerk. . . .
?? it is not expected that the scheme of examlaottaa
lin- out?ued siiunlil be poshed to severity or th it imitatl
- tel* -.|ae. Ula a ? lll-ti. His -il.Ililli Hate-..-.! 1 V I'Utlll
i: I ure, thu "??;. ? i aimed .it brina to discover i i
blUly of the candidate to become a com lerk,
iitii|H it tit .uti. teneral directions from s tm
elim* ni!:, i ol Un- Department, to condut t the tit tails "f
indence after a fair onportuulty In the De|a.irt
lanttaa leam the icithisls nf tiipiiiiuaile ami collin?ar
Washington, Oct. 10.?L_euteo?_t-Colo?sl
.oiiettH. LaMotte, Twelfth infantry, aae heen mltevsi
?om duty as a iaember of the gcaaral eeart-emrttal
aiitena*.! al David's Island. Nee York Hasher, byep^
lal orders ef October 13, 18SS. Captain Charles i.. n.*it*
i.in. Assistant saivt*.ni L'nlh -i States Aunt, from thtty
i a member of the general eoort martial at ('aiiiimbue
iin.it k-a,' nil,a, hy special orders of tame date.
Maj.n Dallas Beche, Burgeon United States Army, has
,,ieai tai pto ec cd tram PMtaSolsfcta- Pana., to
i .lint. N. v., ami report 1%person te ioe_ns_s>
i? a,111, el nf that Jin-l lol' ihtij ,
Tho t-xti'iiiiiou et leave of abeeaee on aeeei it si slste*
ees rn linell M,tj,.i- ul.l.t.ii v ti.eii.t, Pa)BSBSSSS
-tates Anny, Aprtlll, l-*:i. bas seen Mid
vtcmletl six ititi:.tilt mi act'oiint *
ia ave oi aia-ain ? iaai* rix Maths with permlsstoa io so
e> mi. i tea has haas granted ONPlrisi Wiri Davie, towtSt
Leaveef abeeaee ter tear sseathe te take effect on os
hom Deninlier 1, D**>H, has txtti g-USCd Captain Joha
J. P..i kc, Tcuth Infitiitry.
tuo lease of osaaaee gtaammi Ospts?i fitariei
i.mille. First Cavalry, August ii, 18*13, has been *S*
canted two montliti.
I.i.-if.-iiiiul-Coioii.*iJiiiiienJ. Dana, Deputy Quarter,
j-istur-UcueriU, Cliicf yiurtermastcr's Dcp^went 0.

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