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women iu the country, including .lulia Ward
Howe, have taken part in the proceedings, 'lim
tither conventions of the week have l?een held hy
the Rec-Kee pe rs' Association, (he Illinois Social
Science Association, and tho Illinois State Board
of Health.
The eleventh season of the Inter-State Industrial
Exhibition of Chicago was brought to a clo.-- to?
night. It has been open to thc public forty dav t,
Tins alU-mUiice has l?wn over 370,000 larsons, ami
the receipts are estimated ut between $hO,()00 and
f*H0,(MMt. The-e figure* show a reduction as com?
pared with those of last year, which is
accounted for in part by the fact
that Chicago had the State Agri?
cultural fair thia year, and also the Railway
Exposition, whit li attracted large numbers of visit?
ors to the city. Late crops and business depression,
hew ev cr. must share the responsibility. Thc build?
ing ia to accommodate a huge fat-stock show in
tteresabar, tho biennial musical festival in June,
and Theodore Thomas's regular Bummer concerts
beginning hi July. It has been spoken for by a
prominent local Democrat for the Democratic Na?
tional Convent iou in the latter part of June but not
by authority.
The only dramatic event of cousciiuence during
tba week wee -tbs production of "A Parisian Ro?
mance" hy tbs Union Bonan Cesapnny. Mansfield
Beads a hit.
[ai ibibbbiib totiik maine.]
R'1-niN. in t. ?;ii.?R.itier'.s nsscbes being ofbnt
sjaiansn than that bj BeMnana,e (fer Robinson is
Haicely lest racy and spicy aud he docs not indulge
in the bl,milers and fictions that keep lintier
apologizing and explaining, tin- bulk ii tbs work
is bein- pul in by ls.!h parties in getting out Un?
vote; that is, in registering and teeing that taxes
are paid. Bow it stands thus fer ia shown by tho
legist rat kui M ittStios supplemented by thc private
aanraaeiagof tin- Btateeosnaaittoce. Neither side
is inc lined to "halloo" mucli. It will be steady,
close work te the and. Tin- Republicans will poll
an old-fashioned vote, as they must to win, for
Butler ssenu likely to increase his vote, too, shame
to say, though the old-time Democrats headed hy
John Quiney Adams, I.evcrett sultmistall, and the
like are to come out in an address denouncing bim
next week.
The event of the week has been the dedication of
the susi ll rh new building on the Rack Bay?
lor tho Harvard Medical School. Dr. 0. W.
Holines's brilliant address turned, ns does every thing
else here now, on Rutler and hia demagogic
onslaught on the dissection of paupers. The doctor
did not mention the Governor's name, bnt he flayed
him and his base appeal to ignorance and supersti?
tion in thc moat scientific manner, holding him and
his work up to scorn, coSjVmpt and pity, in contrast
with the services of ?otsasa toward the alleviation
of human misery through thc knowledge pained in
Harvard is about to perform a pious task in rais?
ing a atatue to John Harvard, ber founder. The
model hasjust been completed by Daniel C. French,
the Bj ulptor of the " Minute Man " of Concord It
will represent the founder in his English university
gown and flat cap. The singular fact has como out
through Dr. George E. Eilis's report to the Massa?
chusetts Historical Society, that next to noth?
ing is known of John Harvard regarding
his birth-time, birth-place or lineage,, the port
?whence he embarked for New-England, on what
BtJBBlj in what companionship, pg wh -n he arrived.
There is no record even of tho will bj' which the
modest young udiiist. I in said to have left his libra?
ry and ?' half his estate, being ?500," to tin- college
Whseb took bis name.
A bulky volume bas been losnsd by the committee
of the creditors of the shaw Brothers, the buisttd
hido and leather Booaonottete. lt alphen out an
hadoheedataatf ffl.1l 11/100 and sante nf fl.ftno.OOO
But there are black-looking corners into which this
report casts no tight. The flat refusal of the
Shaws, and especially of the Montreal branch of Hie
house, to help elucidate their condition, together
with tin- tc -nd of largely laen us.-d p. aa mal drafts
from tlr- linn's money (luting the Beet thies
and on the very day before flu- rnsprsislnn. si weJJ
us transfers ol valuable real estate to femels rela?
tives, Betka the when business wear an ugly as?
Boston's next literary Incident will bc Dr. I!
oration ou Martin Luther, pn p.-mdat tin- invitation
of the HiatorJcel Society, lt will I..-, perhaps, tba
crowning etlort of Dr. Hedge's life-labor in libnal
izing nilgen
The Ait Museum exhibition of contemporary
American ait is the most inf-resting for years, lt is
principally of work of Rust on artists, and of a
high ardor. Bergont Beads two portraits. Picknell'i
great landscape, which had the Salon honors three
years ago. ami Charles Sprague Pearce's, which w as
in hist year's balun, hold the Beet es nf honor.
(FRO* AV OrCVM<?NALCol;l;l.sH?Sl>KNT OK III! 11:111 M.]
PlIII.AI El.Fill A, Oct. 'JU.?'Hie I beatle which 11 :i \ -
?riv ha- leessd ison Broed-st., directly opposite the
A ??adi -my of Music, and v. as built by .the ].
fer spectacle dining the Centennial Expoaition. It
has hiid a ' tren of raried fortune, but In the main
H baa net been sneesesful. The leaaee whom Hav
sg|yenseeedowes Jooopb Murphy, who wanman
agci tm Mi-. John Dnn at tbs Aub Street
Theatre win n it held high rank BS I -? ?? ll house.
Keen >1 hlr.Heverly was negotiating Coi
Bbs I.vi inn, but the annis, nii-nt-loviiig public here
has confidence in him, and it is expected that undo]
his control tin-theatre will be am.mg the best pat?
ronized in the eily. It is a pretty and comfortable
lioiiM-, but still capable of being much unproved,
Ilaveiiy aaeaabaaasany ehangeail !?? jean secure t
loni; lents.
Extensive arrangements en being made lor thc
rec pt ion of the Colore.l Pren A--..elation whtel
Ineets in this city next month. Several of thc
newspapers here employ intend men as editors or
reporters, and the Solered people have their ewe
paper-, lt has li'-n -ncastieally asked of the
Journalists' Cl ib ii they propose to give this as
sjaebry aa | reeegaftten, bat the elnb han made no
Atiew-tvleof streetcar witha lurnstile which
founts .! luuiil, i-viiy peSSSUger entering has
baan sx^nrhnaated wttb thie week na tbs Market
Bt. line. A second advantage is clan... 1 tor it in
that it will have no mom for riding iiim.h the beek
platform. This Aould BS a reform welcome ta the
people, Ik.ides relieving the horses ot the heavy
Weight so ol'.-n Sensed upon the rear of the eal.
Vhat is known as the Union and Ma: km Steel
Oyidicite i- extending il- louie Caroni bal
phihul-lpiiia and atatmeai ss sstdhfnh evil
Bs employes, much after tho mylo of thal built ey
by lbs DSSStOns for then working BeeaM at lacony.
J The incl- i-e in thc number of all-winter residents
Ut thc iashioiiable hotels is notubta, \\Cn iel w ith
thc annoy alices of housekeeping, many wei! known
families BM milking their homes in hot. ls. The
apartment house has tn rt* met with favor m l'lnl
adtdphia. So far as 1 cnn learn there are only two
?f them in the city which are occupied, and one
v inch is de, laud to in- very bandanas has long
ttood tcii.uilless.
Mrs. NV. B. Kelley anil her daughter BBnang in
Europe, asMissK-IUv desires to niter the Zurich
Lord Coleridge has been the social lion of the
The dedication of Penn's house, which has beeu
removed to fairmount l'ark, on the L'ltli, the an?
niversary of his )?irth. proniis?-s to lie an interesting
event. Tho Hon. John Welsh, ex-Minister to Eng?
land, will receive the house on the part of the I'aik
There is a movement looking toward tim piohibi
twu ot oil piocea?k*ua ou Chestnut-**., ow ing to the
narrowness nf that thoroughfare. On the dava of
long pai .nhs business is necessarily almost wholly
susiiended w nile the line is iii motion, and tho coin
p!:.mtsoi m.Tciiaut-s are loud. The idea is that all
preesesBSBl -hmtld bs made on Broad st.
Dr. Still-. <>f the I'ennsvl vania University, bel
annouiiecil that tb is. is tile teat year of hut lectures.
Ile-ent iii his resignation ol the chair of Theory
und Practice four years ago, but was prevailed upon
to noel] it f'?r live years.
Mr. and Mr-. C.. W. Childs will not return to their
city residence from Wootton until Christmas. Ed?
mund Smith, of the Pennsylvania Railroad, also
remains et his country-scat at Bryn Mawr until
near the holidays
lt is announced that James Wilcox, of thia city.
will ii? nen bul to Miss Teeny, gnaanaamrtsr sf
the late Chief-Justice Taney, at Edgewood, Bwat
gomery CountV, Md , the residence of Joseph II.
laney, her father, on the 2"th inst.
A daily Banar. Belled Ute Morning Journal han just
appeared in Camden in the interests of ueonAO
b.-tt, Democratic nominee for Governor os new
Jeney, Camden has now three daile ??
Thc transfer books of the Northern Pncific Rail?
road Company dosed yesterday for the ?pedal
meeting of tbs rteelrbelnen onlled to act upon tbs
ptopoesd i?"?? "f sssoad asartgege hansbv The
preferred steoh has been iu demand lately
ut tbs stick Biabnage bseaane tbs
aeseal ol three-fourths nf it is neces-ary, under tin
plan of reorganization, to author:/.- the proposed
mortgage. A difference of 3 to t per cent between
regular trensactions and wDeVs tbree-dey op?
tions was made on Finlay. The option eorered,
piactic.'ily, mer ly tho closing of the books, Bad
? -.pii ss, d thc opinion of the "been'' thal tbs
Bcereity of the stock wnedns only to tho slosingof
tbs books. Thc "bears" expected that, ns soon li?
the requisite three-fourths were obtained, tbs
would be loaned freely, and that, OOttSequentl] , the
preiniuni for its BM vvniild disappear.
The same diti'ervnce in pru es was mad.- ye lenhy,
and the loaning rates fm- the stock wenedvaaosd
ti*nil I to ll pei-cent ii (lay. Before th" close of the
delivery hour the tlittereiice had risen to
nearly tl per cent but only on small transactions.
The chairman of the Stock BxehUBgO hud received
notices, however, to buy in the stock for the ac?
count af delinquent brokers. His tirst purchases
were for the u<.mit of William Heath ft Co,
i, too abates, and the first price -was fsa. Man
Ibo elene Of business tho chairman had bought iii
under the rule aJ.oiit S.IRX) sluire.s at prices ranging
from til te 78%tbs last price being 75*1. Tbs
exact amount of the transactions tinder the nile
mid the names of the brokers for whom tbs pur?
chases were made could not be ascertained olliciully.
At a late hour Secretary Ely bad net received the
report frmn the rostrum ann ho showed some
impatience ut the delay. The attention of the
Stock Exchange WM centred upon tbs Northern
Pacific shares, und aside from these the market was
dull. Thc purchases of the chairman were watched
by a crowd of brokers that completely sur?
rounded the rostrum. Excepting a few gnupa, in
which there was done a small business, tin- rest of
the floor was deserted. The excitement in front of
the rostrum was irrcat, but William Heath, for
whom the bulk of the pu rc hosea was made, wan?
dered carelessly ubout the room. It was
generally understood ou tae Otinet that his
customer caught abort of the Northern Pacffle
stock was Henry N. Smith, the specu?
lator Bgalnat whom Mr. Vanderbilt recently emptied
the vialsof his wrath. Last spring Mr. Smith was
credited with hoing engaged with the ron
Vanderbilts In efforts tn advance tin- prii et of cer?
tain stocks.
The exciteii). nt at tbs Exchange led to t greet
deal of gossip In Wall Street. It wat
said that tbs reason Ear tbs oztreordinery
delay in reposting tho olliiial puxcl
to the mci11 arv was a mistake on thc pail of ihe
chairman, w ho had bought 300 then I ol lbs
In uruna nf tbs sasnunt nailed fer bf the aol
That, the Mock Exchange was "long'1 of 300
i of Northern Peeifle preferred wes remark
aide enough, but the error ted to eonfuel
to the other pnrebsees end the pines at
which they had ie en d ade,
persons ventured the opinion the! the building
would nevi lo be mortgaged te pay the loss, while
(diren. said that th profits on Monday would i
a handsome addition to theGratuity i'm ul. to which,
of course, the] would be devoted.
It was related ns a feet ihat a member
of one prominent linn received sn order
ou the Boor of the Exchange to buy
."..(inn -han- of the .-Lek In the regular way and
that he overlooked the limit of B87aal tie bottom
ot the order. \\ hen the price bad risen to (il be bad
obtained only 1,000, and he hurried to the
to ascertain whether be should continue his Imv leg.
lt I-saul that he mver speke when the naturi ul
bis order wes explained to nun until he wes again in
the group on the nour of the Exchange, The pine
ot tbe-t..ck was then BS and be nob! out the 1,000
-bares at a profit of 03,200 which the cnaturaer of
the linn probabh inver will tee, lt wee eba told
of u gallant Philodelpbian that having borrowed
"flatv rome 1,200or 1,500 shoreaol the stock In
the city of brotherly love he hired a special train
tor his meoaenger who arrived w iib it os a'un it the
best time ina.le cv .-ii liv the l'enns, h ania Kailtoad.
The Geeerel'a eeterprist is >hh1 to have been re
aerded with a panatana profit. Another
broker was lc s happy, who early loaned
a few hundred thant et I I^r cent, bul
afterward n ceived s telegraphic ordi i hom hit cus?
tomer to nil the stock tor caeh. Hs executed the
order, iiui sile e bes wondered where his own profit
was to be gained.
The "coiner" seemed to be perfect, but it wes
not known yesterday whether it would lie torten
? ?
ann aucajrt si aa ro steak oems rn nra i mr.
nod deal of interest centres in the election
of m. miiei s ot the Legislature fran thia cttj
ui iu tin- i:. p: alli .ni portj In 1881 d
nu mbei "i tke Bes ? eted n St ??
year tee Republicans expect to elad al leael turee
Beavaten hen lela atty, lu tko Vllltfa i
r. B, Olbka, wlm vat defeated In 1881,
will ptebsbtj bs renominated, end tke
tina he will be elected. JobnW. Brown
lug, Um urea at Ttmnanj Senotoi tram that district, baa
Imm'U luluimisl liy i.i.l. :? of Mr. Keg] thal tic cmii.i! BC
rctioiullialeil. Jiiipi' s Dunes ls to lie Un Hem.ii i mic can?
didate, iii tm- viitn Dtatrkg Jeane Duty eal presenty
agate be tba Dnaeeratk taaManste it is ttnaxM timi
tiie BepuMleaas win aomlnate tr fkunln Perdrai id
l.i.linaii. Tbe Repebneani bein ie. ikera i- a |.I
clunie- af BSsryleB tin- district. 'I lie Xi). District bl Be
pu bl leas and baa ttwsya bssa laiihwf ekon Ike nnlj
tan mut d. lats ress then is as ot ital us niki dbi
trict?_( nioucl Lilian Allen ami BttSBtibtJ man l/ioj H.
Chens ara candidates for Un- Domination. Tbe prevent
Deiuucratic N-natnr, Joseph Koch, will praboMj
u- the Dnaaneski senteea His ?easel ia
aka i/ri-i ituie whs mo Bsd, bewever, Uni
tin le ,- ana I. opj u-iliuii te him cnn in bbl own parly.
lu HM V Di Incl "M:*. ?? Murphy w ill bc tkounlted
liciiin. r.iii. nominee HenaSer Grady will tx renominated
by Tamm.my in Hie Villi. The Cornily In hum racv timi
it difficult op. niy to naanrl BraBy utter blt seam *i
opposition to Hie (eivciiinr. Hut Hulieit O.
Ibtnaeon lt sain SMtsnsbni ta Mr. Bragg, ?asafc
lie cannot escape, as (indy suppressed the
liv. -tii/atiim Into tb* liuinai" m. ni of tb. Public
|> partincut. ll bi i il . Jd ttl I thro . h Mi. Thump
sou'- ii:lnlenee, John Galvin, a " straw " candidate,w iii be
Iiollllllaleil lu tbe \ I'll Wi-Hld l'.V tile ( OUntV li..cl;,, v.
The IMii D:-li!cl ls n ,.re s, ai eil l.y geoatol I
gerald, who i- Mr. Tfcnupeea'i paneul rc|i
.tive in Um fknati. lt th.- Couutj H.
iDoiiai.v trna st (irfe.it Mr. Grady, ??! Kelly
promisee to name a cmleUie in the IXtn District who
Will defeat KHceeraM lu ihe Mill Dtstrtrl I iin.ii,i)>
w ill no. e 11 ia ie (.ei.i;-" W. Plunkett and the ( omit j I Kino*
racy wlU prabeehr sapper! bim, as it lean to abo* ii
i. M I he: e.
'I he Hepiil'llci.ii. ur" certain tDifaiu two ur three seats
in tte Assembly. In the X Ililli District Henrv I. -j.
wno was coailie.I ont hy Ihe I), inihi.t- l:..-l .
also Ts of truhungtwo Aldermen. Theytosl
the XX ll bi Di-tn. t lust yeai Um ease Umn were twe Kc
public Bel l. and 11 i
tte Xiiitli District. Tbere wfll he eely one H-j..
? this year, and that win
Republican gains.
.1 DEMO I' HU i// , T \i, ATBBD BANK.
Leon Abbett, 0m ih-inocratic eaodidafe foy
GOVatwea SSktnasetl an np?-nuir meeting .it Ked Hank
.V'sterdav afteiiNxm. (ireal prepar.iti.u;-. I.,ul
for a Kiand rall) , but tuc efforts were fur from bell
11--lui, a- only about BOB pSSftt wnw ptSStet. Tla<
DeiueuMa Ssel Oeaaaartened, ns tbe ,n.-. tm.- h.ul i>< cn
ntvartenlfor t Ung nan, anri lt bad been EateneaUto
Beaks il one of tae laii-tst ratification uieeUujj.i held ia
tbe Bute Ul this cain pal !,u.
Mt Mic-nr.MAKKs ok unman w.n. ams.
An enthnfiiastie meeting was held Buri night at
the Music Hall, Urnoklyn, umbi tbe auspices of tim
Young Men's Republican Club to ratify the nomina?
tion of Seth Low* for Msyor. Tho hall was crowded
fiml in tin- gnDery were a itreat many ladlee. W. H.
Nichols, president of the organization, preatileil.
He briefly extended to the audience a cordial wel?
come on behalf of the club. William Williams then
moved the following resolutions:
Whrrrai Ibe following are fundamental principles nf the
Brooklyn Young Bepnolbne Club, rta: Thu National
and Htate politics have no proper place tn municipal af?
fairs ; mid that candidates for municipal offices should be
nea cf huh character sud capacity, ph d^eil to eondnrt
the cit i's basteen according to essentially the name
met hints Iii. v would employ tn their pi iv ate MUllMQS. ami
under no other obligations expressed or Implied to any
man or -et nt men; and
BTttiail. I lie Hon. Weill I>ivv was uniiiinated uinl elected
to the Mayoralty two years sine- ii|h>u a platform em
IhkIv-Imt these principles, and Iih? diirini: his term of office
been their faithful defender and exponent; and
Wirra/-, He ls now ll candid ile befoie the
people of tan etty for bm nans oniee tan
upon the Hillie platform, and we believe set
only th erf the rael power sud responsibility of the
lilith oi:i< e will be Kab-r In the Imiids of it mun eke hu*
I.Ire.nil been tried mu! proved true, mn that his rc elec?
tion would be a Utting approval ol his gran and faithful
public service; nw!
Wkmui The nrmnHarntrilttirn of Brooklyn among the
of ti.c c..uiiii: in n in el to ia ? ..arni i
iract.sl lo ihe miiiilciiml election about to bc held Ihe at?
tention ot the cullie c.ii iv, und the def eal ol Mr. !,<>? rt
tbe present tune mlgbl be regarded na defeat i
principle of reeprmsll le local -
v. nh vi iiich, to tin- popular anJemtandlng, he.are than
uni other nan, la Identified; therefore,
..' the Bro
Young Kepuhncan Club individually am' collectively
pledge tin lr eu ni .t supporl to the euudldacy rn the Hon.
Beth Low for the Mm malty and wllluae all bono
nu-ms to secure hi - eic. lion ; and,
nu, Tbe Hepublii n piny of tin-city of Brook?
lyn, lost year and ai:.un this .Mar, committed itself nn
. ,11. iliia -div to Hie priaelple or reapooalbta local
si I; -ie,. nina nt tor tltlea by a smc> bead
the Mi rm ?'" '"1 by the pe..plc end rc ipoiuu
ble din,-liv to thc people, mid of ii tmn pur
ttsan iiii-ii.e--bse adnilobgratun ol Ibe c*ty*a again;
and In Ita City Convention./recently held, nominated ai
Alileriiieri-nt l.i,rve hn-lnc- men. I > Mnoerat* and Inpale
th an- of high chaiae!, r pledged to tho** principle..
..I, Tl.al the ll.I.l.vu Vouna l(e|.ill.iii an Club
apprnvea and Indorses trna action on the part of tke Re
publican City Convention tn reepeet to lea Aldermen ii
and vuii work beertU] tor it? success at tho polls,
n Manga at wii u vm wu.liam-.
After reen* hog tbs resolutions, Mr. Willi.nus ed
dressed tbs aw ting, laying la pail:
His oliiiiinnlBiifin saner whick we sra aento-nlgbt
ln-iirv us Iii icgairttag thhimeetlnr i? an Important ev. nt
in tke history ni tnt i mt', lin"- yean ago* wine tat
ennpalgn for which vic bad eulered re?
united In the election Of tke Immortal
(iurltcltl, thr qurntloii BTOM whether Hus orif iiil/.atiim
should coiillliii' .el v, lelher lt -liniilil bc conti nt vv ith the
laiiii I- won. lt Was decided, however, that a very lin
portent field for labor existed m tba oondaloo af
municipal affair*. Thal wat te extend Ute prluelpbi
pf tin- dui. leal notional piilth-s bare i .? place
lu the conduct nf municipal uir.iir*. I n.h-r
tilts bum.cr WS bOVB fought, and to-doj
wc have tin- satisfaction of seeing the chief council of the
Kcpnhin an party in inls city radorslna thin priaelple la
the platform wita which it invites the nuiliago of tbs
TbeRepenttcan party baa ania bad tbe emirageoftta
convictiii-as iu ni,.cnn: in tioiiiin.iiii'n nndklsSn chosen
not because ol the party t" whli b tbej I. long,but because
they sn- cttl/.n- pledged t<> admtnleter tbe i ll i'- .itt.di - in
the' ntanrt el Ike ettj ant eel ts tbe batatas!
of imy orgaaiaaUm?UeSBoeratte or tteaabueaaa Betk
Low ls t<>d.iv tin an anim ni i cine o af tes
representative- of a tren pm' s wttkool reapei i ta porty
applications. Let na rally round mu standard. Lal us
pot forth tbe etreugtb of nea who bettere tn tbe right
mid arewBttng n work ftw lt, tesl ww wBl sw Un 61b af
November roll up a malorlt} for buslai -.- pi tm Lutes, home
rule and Seth Low which will convince toe world tb al
Itronkh ii .1.Boteonsttka ship ttist h.ia breegM b?-r
safely to Un ? '. lovttuw st
1 be nsolutioos were si-, oaded b.. Vf, J. Costens ?.
\l i. I au amu-iiik! sp.-ccb by II. A. BlskntlSfl Un
resolutions wen i irrie duneniunuslj with neck
NV. H. Jill b, 1,lovel lli.it B i Klin,lillee Of lt
appointed to requeet Ueyoi Low's presence. Mi.
Nu bola appoint! d Mr. Hube ami slr, li. ll. 1 b
Muli commit!...
Financial reports were then celle I for from tbs
','? ai. I i winn itu* ?. The n ports showed t li.it ell the
w< re prepared to p
aud n bute from 8200 I
camp expense*. 1 B. \
|)ee ater wat then lal i n Ible
? mill
be continued In ul . ? ir. the re;.;
of the Democrat ii i ooklj a sad <! -
1 be mistral I d.
m wm: in-'- -ii. i it.
Winn Mr.Van De Wal
[>rw stepped on the platform. Iii- appear?
ance U u- ::'?. ti il vv iib ii -t"i iii of appian- 11
drowned tbe muaic of the bam! which ana
playing "Mail to the Chief." The entire ami
ru to their feet, the women weved their han
chiefs, and the men not content vvitb the nanni
"three cheon and ii tiger," cheered again ead
again. When at length then wot Ifeyoi
Low ail va neel to thc front of the plat loll., .ml m i! li
iii nc li e., i m stn - ? and il lum it v, and more force t ban
in- ii-uall.v d poke a? billows i
l thank you for this very pordia] reception,
foo listen to -nine nd ht tbe
entbnstssn with which voa greet sn find Ba
exptesetea tren But Ben aa tn baud work.
Tbe election which in about te laka ui.i.. in tin-city af
ni nab Ij a. in my mind, is lbs non snsseateea alaetian
with whli h this coiiiniiiii been faced, lt l
not benanee en ?>u, sid. t., the advantage el experlem*
a.el ob tke oihcr Un d of Inexperience;
lin! that ohc of the i ai d',.lat. ., baa hi ill Illili
ntid proven mid tba Otbet I. yet untiled
andunproven, li...-ci., ni ? bave their Imper
tooee, bat the fight wu* ii this elly is ti. m-nt this fall i. a
gund deal ??"- ? i "' ni i,..ii. and rs ii ol be eva fined bi ttteta
I .inp..il..ni Ik
?I. hi ale the tl ||l N ,-.
ll as I- ll"
Sonne wnufd defend Urnoklyn more Unui ber pie, nt
vi ijol lunn Ihe unpin..,!...', lu, I ll,, ie li null mu mull In
her mi.i-i wbi I bel allan- creilltublj .
lue td ? I'ilJ : . . |.i nu
two ve.n . un,, ihe i !,.?!.. '. i o. u h. oi typical of au Idea.
"f c.it.on ,,,?!
thc hi.-ii'lleaitce ' I , lu this ih.tiou I.ul.il
tuore titan ll
.1 ll i.e re
llsBlbjve that H.'-ciiv will lie best Rovermsl wilta thc
men wno are i-uui ?>?. i... rlty, from top to liol tem, will
? ki i .es nu:, to till . in i. i ,,,, ,??
lo ( I
oilier in (lil h. fol* t.e- llej.iil.l.e.ui Conn Bibi
idoveol Hie elli ,!,,.- Hie .Lill 1.1| WUifb lie |. p.u'.l no
..I till'
- ..nie... ir ie does ii i| do I! i, .
nv? rent li man ?ho repi
oilier -ute, to wbol i I gladlj col,, ,,|,. I
? .1.nm. il lor bim, -lei!- Into the c i
il . lei lum ol
ii iiiiii- al marine. To Um common ?,, ?
rn cm- al ic. . ,1 ?lllu> .? i,^,
1. . I.oliiiv- Ul hi I I'hudiln ?
Bo m.m wno eaten Into tke oOot with Uni
-t'lril, io men Him enters tue Major**
nih.. In ic-|mii,-c io tba! spirit aud that cry, can imiM- to
adiniiii-t. i lu. .ill...i . of lu, eil . ? ,,, il,,,
I ll.I .ihllli, ur lieu Ul lue , Mel .-.-I of | lie elli III -I. |t Hie
P opie oi Brook I j ii iii n spense lo tbal 111 eli. t thal ten
ii. man Mayor, laka m. -.Mud kw lt (and I
an woree te bare all ibo wu. ut tbal ? rpi
Hence cn titre them), from tbe Mayor's omeo dows
to h.. .I ..i : I i;. .I. partmi ul ol tue cltl tool
I ,' ll .Hal flctltloU
'i- i. vu,i I i.ii,k you rill find that tbe rmploi
lue cit... in~le,i4t ol lecliiirf thal I Ilev -t u..| or tall m i
lox Ui H.. duty m.! m. > il.i io Un city, uni feel tbal
Uley stand oi ralloccordlmi to tho duty ttaev do to toe
tbi h iltt, Ihi.l ihi^ roll In
Brooklyn tue mimlrlpnl -pi. u ..nd the parn -pim pu
eoliigtebea UeUysbara: nw omi or the other, and no
i aiiiihin., hui a haul H.,,, || ;11M
I there Isa] liefore
h" henel, in -il.ul I s-r.ui.i for, they have not Hie
ll eniicc|.||i,:i of the pUWer of pain-in.hip
'" Ibis country. ir tbej thluh thal infiuc.
i- anoll, u i n.cni take ag woad for it that i lei
? - ni pu. : . . thal H.. ,c i. u.iii
i a
le ?
i * mt io m. iieertfj
"? !?'" nu lek. I willi
the c.iiul;, ll kel. Willie ?,? rmint a.l nut Umt
ihe <n., ti. ki i appears better, I doini! i,,ml, n Isinilnxtoo
forte ay tbat lt is tbe old iniagi wilb a fresh face
tllC M. IV. ll - olhc ? in ikes
?as well as fie nd-, li, difference between such
enemies and friend ? i< tbal the ennmles are ,,?,, ,ll1t .?.,,.,,
whlli the mu -ii flin, f hopetuntyou,my friends,
?dl not -lt .-lill, [l^iud cries of "we won't I"!
Ou thu field ol (iettysbarr, abraham Lincoln [cbeorsi
stoo.i io take perl m tuei xi reta* - attendiiui the oin-uIuk
.-.,1.11111 Ibu! ic crion he
Said il was thule ,h. Hied [bal a l-.imiiiIii. lit ol Hie in opie
by tbe peotde ami ter tbe people should not perish irma
,? i.usj le, non
? ?.?Uv ii le lust tola: Wbttbei a
-'I.I>ii and fur Iii
ls a po- -Hum . m vu,, ri, .,n life. Now, geotlenea n jon
? ""mi n.-i,iii,i; mr. fighti
? me you will have need for every em uj mai von
have, and du aol i aaaeyaar work uaul ara .
1 I I' 1 I' ???:.. 1 .ul ?. ,.,|., I;..,|
IfnyerLea win. hflewed aj Besaes B. Desshag,
ami alter a few oilier br iel sjieeches the meeting ad
jounieil, after giving vent to several loiiniti af
easen tor klayn Lear.
noxs "' i ni: ? as>
The Iii >.illili-nus nf tho HM Di trid ol Mnn
uju.itii County nomtsoted \\ Uilam LL oraut for thc As
scmbly at tkrlr convention held at Eatontown yesterday.
(karissa A. II. Htmiey ls#the Democratic nnuiinoo.
The Wwtcheeter County KcpubHcan Coniinit
tee met at White rialna yesterday and recommend?
ed the holding of a convention at Croton Dam to nominate
a candidate for member of tbe Assembly In place ot Cyrus
lawrence, wbo. being a postmaster, ls Ineligible.
A TICglCT N .min \tkd WITH NO F1UCTI05
-hl.l'-ll! M ur TUE <_ANUIUA.TE.s-.
The Itrpuhlicun County Convention of Kings
County met at Music Hall at FUtbush and Fulton aves.,
Ure>k lyu. yesterday, at 3 p. m. The convention waa called
to nominate a county judge, attorney, superrtsor-atr
largc, county auditor, two ooroners, and a justice of tbe
se--lotis. Francis M. Edderton, of the Twenty-fifth Ward,
called the convention to order, and was subseipiently
mado pennauent chalnnan. There were, no contesting
delegates. Chillies W. Cheshire, IT. W. Himlres and Kd
ward Schleufcr were, made secretaries.
Nominations for District-Attorney were flrit called fur;
J. A. Baker named Knbert Payne, of thc Twelfth Ward.
George F. Elliott and Colonel John Oakey were also
nonilnsted. Tax Collector Jame* Tanner spoke In favor
of Mr. Payne. Tbe candidate, he sahl, when little more
than a youth, ran away from college, joined tbe 1Mb New
York Cavalry, sprang- Into the saddle, and wert to the
front to aid In crushing out the great Kebellfon. As a re?
ward for bravery he was made a serge i: . Bl repre?
sented the Kaotcni District of the city, and
lt wonld be folly to Ignore that section.
( m million of Justice (Jarrett BnttU tin- vole ?* n called.
\V hen Mi. I'iv ne had rOeOtVI d Bxty nVBB vote. Hie <>i.I.-r
ot lui-lne-s nas -n-p. nile,!, the other eamllilab s wttli
dr. m und Mr. Payne mn oomlnated hi acclnrn itlon.
in Bupervlsoc at Largo annan B. Frits was re?
nominated: Jadjn Henry A. Moore w,w approved for
County J.nL'", and Fraud* a. Uriggx reoomlnated for
County Auditor, both by acclamation. Por Coronn
several nen were tn tbe Held, bul after discussion they
narrowed down to ur. Benn J. Memiim.-er.ni tbe Western
district, and Dr. Hean J. fie--, of um Eastern dj
i vi ie dei laren to be the nominees of the conven?
tion, For Justice of thc Cessions, James Savage, of Hat
il. Mr. Pin I..- md Hr Fritt come
mi.' the hall and briefly returned their thanks to tba con?
vention. Which then ail.tonrneil.
Boban Corni ls about thirty eight years i I
No. 'joli Hewn -t. lu the Nineteenth Ward, ls
a practising lawyer, an red with honor during
the war and I- a sim in-law of Tbomaa Kinsella,
la Iltur of tin- /; ,,,, , I ts a p."ml.ir mill In tin:
vv. A. Frit/, wno U nominated sa bia own anet
livee tn the Twenty-second Want, !-, aOermanbj birth,
and te engined lu business aa a confectioner in I
way, near l wenty ttxtb st., this etty.
i in; I- a Riggs lives In tbe Ninth Ward. Be kat
aerved one term as County ladner, lt active in politics
and known ns a UarBeid BepabUeaa.
Judge Hear) A. Minne now si.m.ls aa tbe nominee of
both parties, aa he baa ai.1 before. Tba pi nain! year
, 'us, ? hi. s.cond bi in of seri lee.
Dr. Mennlngei ls tho Alderman ef the Fourth Ward,
which lu pi.lilias yean baa usually benn held by tbe
ato il. 1. or German Hirth, bul came to this
country e uly. in the late war ke served in tke dilon
Army, ron.-to thc rank ot ooptotn, and during the rreon
-tia. dun permit waaBccrctarj of State of worth Caro
Una, ta tbe I'rovi-ionai (ioverium nt, ny eppototatenl of
Preakteut Grant,
Dr Hesrt llvn in ti*? Sixteenth Wurd, ls a practl-ing
physician, iitnl Htiu-t. d in po
anrteon In Ike Kostera In-.tn.-r.
Mr. haviige isa well known caterer, living in Flatlands
mill dotes buttai aa m Brooklyn.
cnn i i.ar op Tir.t STATS ( hmmi itkk? riif BUPtm
U( an i'Aiin un rviiiv Bf ntl' Bat
lhere was unusual activity at tim rooms of the
RepabUeaa stile Coaunlttas yesterday, ami then
wen many cv nie.ices that tho canvas* waa being
penlan] wita bensaed vigor, ihe Executive Coan*
mitten was ju w-ssion fora time, OJul lsemd the
following asairsoai
AN Al 1I.AI. To Iti;i'li:i.l' UPJ PO Kl.-l-ilU AND
\ ' >TK.
Krrri.i.icvs .-Titi: Ooam
Ni >v Y"i:K. ii, i -jo. 1
The appeal of the Republican party to tba roten of
(Ceo Tort d's s not real upon Ita p iel san k < -. unmatched
a* th,,-.--.-rv ice-,-t,r in tie ' ny other porty, nor
upon tbi i-l. nm ibat all us a, ts h .v.- h.en lirrpi one bobbi
nor nil ii. ii.-'-tits pure, ii chum nmcli no pori
trill ? mt m.ike. ii- iippe.il reeta upon tbe
? .re uer.- lu aetvfl ,| with
lions ..f the co.mn
other party, and lbal lt baa prored itself to be faithfully
Hu- pul,lie deni and for progress and reform.
t,, K. put.Ile an di- olifent ; not to nm.
lb' ie V ' '')?
of p lillie opinion
ll ans h o e li
Uopefull) uni'? d aa Mew.
? . ref,,; in th.
.upon td. ri
Hon ,.f the ITe-lil. lil, has
.1 1,1
I.. ii. s ral
ii pu,.!: ? il, - ii. wldl
mu* ol ihe Democratic party, Ibi Count) 1" ...
I comiilutiig
du ide inc s|Mn!s of patron ure In 11
I pcopl -? ile to
rb-pubUran puru- bas taken i
: tbi p ut.v in toe -
whhU remove* ju. i eaan el com
puini and In-ur- - fret aomlnotlona bj
of tbe whole body of
i party, on the ol ter band,
-for sacceas upon Its i I' nruuii.i
Hill. I- rumin hiv ll ni tbe nanon o (ra uttmorj
.... i u.n- I .Vu- i.'foi m. i eouoiny and retrenchment lu lie
, i peeled from web an alienco I Dui;,, voters u
Votk i" 'a V' Heil.i p.uij milch U subservient to Tam
m un Hall I- one vi ni. ii will e\|s.-.- ami punish cerrup
tum, puilf.v tin ' .un us, and rep.-, . meei
?. c'i.i i e?u it In ohio vi i, ?i,i. io...... - which do uol
iffect tbe election ta Mew-York, and whlcbdi aol Implj
in the Democratic poi ty. no u dion
ll I'.lll.l Ililli' il.,11,111.il ,,.ul . I ol neil
lt I* conceded bj l>emocrats that in tbal conbul
thc electoral vote of Moa York la Indispensable bi Demo
,||l|, sin I ? -?. lill le-llll ill Hie |a.ll-, (lils
. lilli Ililli, therefore. Will lleie- Mill eXeO ll , I ll Ililli
?mee upon tbe Presidential eleetiun. Phil foci should
u.,ne.., iv gee York vent wbo, upon a turvey of tbe
w hole-lilian.ai, tin-history, prim ipi - au I china, ter of
i.uiii P oi .-. in. ir ic, ni i-oudu I ami .au io
rf i.-ni- of tbe hour, prefers Kepuhlloan to i
i, mad who bebo vee thal lae treal lol
,,( lilli. ? ', ll,, I'S ol a I . Ul uni
; oe safer lu Itcpublb-an hud .
intent I undeniably el. There ls hoi ? i ?? for
I:, pulu public ni de
leal ; ali i le pal.I.can di leal cn he desired IMltj bj
wbo are persuaded thai Ute llemucratic portj is .
pain, au i a.- i. ?
publican. I:,';, .hu; timi th ls not Um conviction of a
, .e-k we can,
of tbs imp. I :
and exertion lo lu 1 till , . u 1 1 lil
lllulilj.Oil ul tue poll-, Blld We , ii li, illy lilllie all good
i Ill/all. to i.mle willi iis lil ?, ? min.: thu
Which tilt) il" p.ll,In un pill, I. hollnl.li'll pled*, ll aid
which will I" ll il-li all ii bj II. ?
J i ,u - JJ. W i'll i \. (,'liall muli.
ninia.! Il .-,iu..i,< bains iii Kx < tm
Jl ids VV . Vi..M.ll ,
Ea, m J"! ? in. Bu n
IU Mit BA ih i i H l< I ? . KPT.
Theaub-cortunlttous of ramnutnj Hall, the
County D.uio ia,} and li vine il iii Oeuotj CoavenUona
mei i.i-i areola - Bl tbe Hnftm Bonn bi formallj ?
the nominations to thc cuudldatiw, aeriel upon
by the i.-.p.i ihe oooveatiiMu. iiuh.it 0. Tbomp
am was chosen chilli mau, mid J.cu I '.i 11 ul i .ill mid
Angil.-1 il. T. D.i.h.iit' , seen tulles. A c.millee con .i-l
mt- of Alexander Thain. Daniel (i'll-,Hy lind Bbl ill
Davidson was ..pp ,mn il lo Po.um ll.ludidaic- thal
Ihe siih eo'iimiltecs were in ntl, nd.in -c. Tin- committee
-non returned with Corporation Coonta! andrews
and JSaBS Van Illilllt the ciuul
nu (adana of the Baptnat Court, Joke
BSIlly, the c iii,li,lat., for l'.,;i-t r, and Charles .1.
Ncin ha. and lalward I!io-.mi. Hie c mihi ates for Judges
of the eily Court. The mmiln.itl.iMs Wen formally ten?
dered to the candidates and nec-pt d liv them. Judge
Van 11 rn nt (poke of but n tord for tb I p I il foorb* I
ns au einii-i or what ntgM ba expected of
him if tented. Hr. dod re wa said in. eleven
Would . '!
deevor to do ta the new position if chosen: John Bellly
?old be would idaataletei tbeottloeol tb-glsb-r In u mun
:. v.oiiiil be acceptable to the purdie, and Messrs
.Ncin na- and Brown abm pledged themselves to perform
their duties in na.li a minn-r tu.it tu.-ii cou-t nu . nts
i ..aid ha vi ... ., ? ? ilon to regnd b r m^ i
i em. <'oiiiinu.sioiiei- Nulli,ls ,,poi,,?-ocd inline absouoe
ot .Mr. Kelly, A prc inns eiig.igcinonl preveul
coining. Hpeeobeaarorenedi bj UexondarTbi.abe
hall.,, r.iiiiuiau.i Dill; ? Hilo; 1 u/gei aid fol tile ('oimly
Deei??. rai .i. and I',. , i' i. .1. < i?? iinci- lor Irving Kail. A
? ol'.Him waa aftorwaN partaken ot.
- ?
Tba QBaatii Ceantty Deasocrntie Convention
v. i- In ld nt the Town Hali, J.llli.u, .*, J i-.te|.|,iy. I
hm lng i a Hilldale- lor count v ellice - w. lc noni ilia I. il : Tor
lUslrh-t AHornev Jokn Heinlm.', or .lim.ina ; for Comitv
Hii|wriii!eudci:i. Janus Minalton, ol Lom; l-uiii'l City ;
tor Justice ?r the Mcssious, Thomas Law renee, of flush?
ing; nu (..h.m rs. Dr. j. W. Hayward, ot ii..
., of North Honpssead, an i Valaatlns Hay
lia. rn u.v.-ter Bay.
'i a.-tu.l"i? iiihat Dem,., bm had been
elcliiil, ,1 fiolu the colivi ii. a of i.oii- I!..lld (ll> held
an indignation meeting al Teak's Boil I teveulna;. Coi
poialli.il Counsel Payne ilct ..ll. d the In-din. lil the Imle
dopendriit di legub^s had received ot tue County Conven?
tion. May ir Piny nisi addreaaed ihe nu
JA sTi 6 o BMi A / m. i. '. '-ll.ti.
A BfcnetJag of (lu leaden of thc Jamni O'Brien
1 ! i.-1 ev. mug
at tl c headquarters. .N,,. l.U.ili v
ful reports nt tue cumminin ot tim rssfens sassnoty
-rn a^tJi ease
District organizations. It waa decided to hold a man
meeting at the Cooper Institute on wednesday evening
next, If the hall could be obtained at that time. If not,
another evening will be selected. At that meeting aa
effort will be made to namo a ticket with O'Brien for
?? ? o
Bostox, Oct. 20.?Tho Democratic State
Central Committee thia afternoon, by a unanimous vote,
nominated 8. A. B. Abbott for Lioutenant-Oovernor, In
place of Mr. Prince, who declines to accept the nomina?
tion. Mr. Abbott la a eon of Judge Abbott aud te well
and favorably known In Boston.
Albany, Oct. 20.?The Republicans of the
lat Assembly Idstriet ot Albany County, In convention at
Coeymans to-day, nominated John Zimmerman of this
city for the Assembly. Tn the IVth District conven?
tion, al.io held to-day at Weet Troy, Junien Forsythe, Jr., of
that placo was Dominated for the Assembly.
Tho Democratic State Committee having induced Sen?
ator Alexander R Banrns, of Sartitoira, to accept a re?
nomination, by promlRlrvg to aid bim In the canvasa
aculnxt Wilban K. Arkell, tho Republican candidate. In
thu XVlllili Dtetrivt. he was formally pat ta the field to?
day bj tin- convention ut Schenectady.
rianSTUB, Pet 20.?Thoms H. Trempcr, of thte city,
WM rcniiiiiln.iteil to the Aswmldy by aeelamatloii by the
ItepiibllcnnBof the Itt Cl-ter District this afternoon. In
oppsstttoe to him the DtnetrtsS to-day eseskneed ss>
Oommatnaa Wlilliim Louudicrrv, of thin city. The Ko
puhuoont of the lld Dtetrtet today aoninsted C. sfeeek
Wooteey, of Marlboro, for the fl nniiiblj
ll tens, Od. 20?Tho Democratic. Senatorial Osuvea
(lon for tin- XXVIili District ha* uoiiiinalcil JeifS J. T.
Milln, of Watei loo.
.\VviK, ff. Y., Oct.'Jil.-The Democrats of BooMsed
Count/ to-day BniBlunnd Mn w. Fciter, >>f 11 rrsrstroWi
for Kember of tbe Assembly,
OswaoO, ff. V., Oi t tO, F. kt Maker WSS to-day norn
tested for tke Assenbty by tke Penooiets of tke 1st Dk>
Tiiisi.'N, N. .1.. od. 80*?Today'* iiistal
nent of tba tes^slsttve reena of Ieee Abbett, wktsk si
sppeertag ls fat Trtnton Tunes, snows that lu is7t> winn
11 lilli a es letioikasal le Ike nanson snfdtaf down Meer
1 cut the ten iroin which tke Oink ki Oasneoryeni
clerk of tke Hopman Douri h "i boee resllrlag sa taoosat
ottlnoted at from BS5\BO0 to f*30/XMorear, Abbett
waa tko only Senator wko mule any open opyoatUon to
The Gserk In Chancery whose RMS were reduced '?
bili, lu pjiiteof Aeeettai sppeattloe, wu* Henry h. tittle,
the head and front of the Htat.- Hume Kin ir, whom Ab
Im ll i. now dciiouuciiu' al! over tke .^t.ifo a* au extortion
ate plunderer, grown nek off ton wrung from thc help
? eple.
Thr Kates elao ikewa that Abbett wiw the te aaar in 00
poalUoB to tke adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment,
timt he trieii to prevent colored totdtars1 wtdowafron
Ins the anne penatoaa aa tboee of wtate Holdlera,
anil llml Iii a aplin h 011 rubi mi j 1. 1870, lu Um ft strm
lily, he mild :
??The fact i-i, there 1* no ev Idence of the bravery ur
fighting of colored troops,"
WHAT H. it Kit.
[hy rauenura re hie raraoan,]
OtTJOAOOi <><!. 30.?There was ono little fail?
ure on TJksaen to day, Kossrs. 1 av lor ,t Luton. The con?
cern formerly did 11 MOBesrfUl bu.-lne** st (Jrand Rapid*;
tilling- Untrsrans taronga other seeon kara, Recently
it moved litre to Bate SSStnbatoee It had office* at
Brand Bsnldt sad site st Leehwfne. The concern waa
" loin,' " on lMrk and wheat. Tin- ?BeptSaSSn did not
ansel the market. TrTinat tnday waaotyptaal Soturdoj
m.ul,.1. ff wat s day of evening up. "Shorts" filled
and '? Imap " -old. A-i tb. I-, en non- '? *liort.i?t> " than
concentration,prleet Wen moved mi J1 wt a Uttta. Tbs
volume of trading however, wm not taree, Il
even very mn di in provisions, bat lids wet st lt bes boee.
wi,, itel.1 d night at te cent higher tann teed eight on
natl of the npttose. Bevenber at POtj esntaj Dsssatket at
. ? t'i ? oerk aaa set nook
.11 tr. rent, tull ihe feeling waa a trtlle tinier. Tho fl
narrow that a -
? I Ii .ar,- of till
not \ ecru apart.
rda 1 ''tort
2,000,000 buehete ot wheat Be bougkl all af ht ta ea
cc|i! ;a ? ? m min
u ho ha-, been nm.'.
nil liln :i ccu!-ol tkt hoi loin, ll in iy be ou the bottom. It i
1 it boa ever been in tote market, toking into
con.lib-ration tko level of oe. an and rall fri l?tht*. People
w ho buy May wheat at th , a, sad put ii
and give it no thought, vvi;i make lot* of money. Tee
mi u a Mo have Bude tin- moat money In tate marl
ol thu way of tntakti
nu Miuio-it lin,.Ibis to Sud bro re dill
advising leBtag. Tke feeling here apparent
ou th.- rory poul of barnieg. Conusbadon
: a n wno fear to nU al piesse! Banna, bel wko bi
- ta lie I lotjg
* peen Uti 1% wu! b ? writing ?
Monday night if an should appear u.1 \*t
mi-tint buyer*, or ir h number of braden should
imyiiiK with any apparent nanon
of action. Theil, li one other considera?
tion wklch ls keeping oomo broken from advtetag por?
ing iiiiv lng by the great operaton bat svtdi atty
Buob luivine, ir i bb are to bs
followed, te likely to be preceded by a rani. little peo?
ple might be wiped ont, while tho iirofc--.iou.ilii ure
?Imply getting la position to buy.
Tbe receipts of all kinda of (rabi won lilma! to?
day. Of wheel then wen- -ju; euri*, ol emu 43d, ot
oau 159 ? dumonte of vvheit happened to-daj
toexoeed tbe receipts, kui the stock bas tacreeaedfoi
this we< k ucl mi li 1- the itocb af eora.
Ciilihy ,v Htovons have reeeatiy boen buying very
largely of Joaaary park. Their purafcssn mast na
gregote maaj Ihonoandt of barrels. " l-m't tke eoeeorn
buying ter'Phil' Armour f te getting to be aah 1 io
rel iiioa-i between 1 1
, ,1 1 ad 1 iv te a brother of Ann ai Ii
bad ii len ? dd thai Ca ls tan mm .v. (.'?>.
have been on ilinVrent ables ol I 1 I rora
? ir el lim- he
? ? li Used ob tue m irkei ai Ike Ussa of Meit
"abort." ll ba been the tata caf tate aaarket tbal "Jock"
i iud iii.v ...f il du 1 the trigged wlonar lu
1 11 out, if ever the.1.1 el thia
, ole li written, tko! tate
betting " Phil" Arm.ni--'* money .mi not Ito own 1 that,
fc 1 of John di lain'm wtanlug a millern out of Ike
tremendous decline, ne pocketed simply tke cosunteslon
on ?? i' ?! -i. But, because (here have
been 00 mach goasip and *> monj aurmteea, tho reeeul
? ni..in hove Hill I
tine, [tierange of norh 1 only five eeota, bul
linc,-- -lain il al ali a,hal cc in I in- morning. 1 !.<? I
?are lu cents ai,ave teal olght'a Lard te l-'-j
ci n! - higher, and short iiiw ir> oento.
were only 9,000 bogs rc-elved to dav, and the
iiuallti waa poor. Thereoeipts for the week were (u-it
lOO.OOO, li 1 than anticipated bj at least 20,000. 11 1
1 i.waver, iii.it tills te -imply due to tbe farmers hold
lug hack Heir -lilpi len*-, wk ii .1 weather uext week,
tbe receipts will, it la expected, be greatly Increased tke
Min,/ie i.ciuecn thefamen and the packers, whick te
bound to como, the pooken evidently do no
ha.-i. h. The latter hove not >.?? mit tbs price ot bogs
don a low enough to manufacture safely, or Indeed io
manufacture al alli but the Bguna hove been Blithe
While dropping. October pork dimed at lf|0.i<>. Nov cln
ber al -,1" Ul); (let.>r |aid at ^7 7'>. Noveui
bei ai fi ttl Ootobot Mba ai ^ii i:>. November
ut Kt 70. winn lu Noveiniioi it in determined
werther bega ar,, bi eoet more or teas than I cents per
iMiiimi. then lt win be poeeible to tell whether provteiona
.h. 1.. no un 01 down.
te sane talk of HoOeoeb and Ratcktasoote gotag
imo.l.iiiiruv com together, it was atrong and afractiou
m.lay. October stopped al 16"i cento. Moven
ii. i al Id's .int-, cai.- were weak becauM or MoUeooh'a
Mgauleayi itrrdoi ami the day before. October du I i
Uvaeents, May ut BlSjesuls,
The boone ol Qeoro^Cookett,al No. 287 Ain>
iic -t, wa - nbesd of beddtag and rfirlhfBf worth Bioo te
the nlicht or OttObSt DI. On I'rld.iy aftcriiihinTl
McKciii, iiK'a fnilHeen, .J mic* Mn.ilelwin, ull.w OSSmSTS,
asa tweet] ttx, Jsnes WBson, aga reaetydwo, end taree
IfirlH who gate their names hm Kaile Smith, Katie Cain
and Katu- DOUOVOS WOIS ari.-ted In New York alni t .lien
to Isa Biaga Bte eel Btstten. Tko gtrto reveeJed tks ptses
wkere tke etotea geeda wert toned, and tarty iisjindaj
leerntng the pobce made a deeeent mum Bo. MO North
'?' and it. and captured Edward. Thomas and Henri Por
-oeeitvet)- twenty-alB, thirty-two and thirty
four, and I roderick Weteel, age twenty-tour, Heverol n
volvcis were found under their piiUiws, aud most of the
ntoii-u gooda wen- lound iu their boigie
Thc American RapidTetcajjvaiiCtaipuaj aaa
? mortgage opon Ita ptepertj and fraeektaaa to Ike
Bootee Best Uopessi aid Peel Ossapaay fur e.i.ouo.twsi.
I given for tiie ciuliv uinoiiiit.
peyaktsse sWaaaosbat I8\1BBB, The ki tn ni at I pot
ci li! U lo i>e |..iiil M-liii iililiually, coupoti.4 i ailing for Cic
liniment of pg on the lath of W.rch iiinl the 1 oh
of Si-pl.-t-ilx-i of cn h veal- !..SUf iittiu lied to each l.oiid.
The inoi i,-aee waa til.-u ta the Begteter'a offlee nt Wbrto
Pulnsyi.nilli. a copy af tao toon SBettaaun will be
Uh .1 in cull town Iii i inn-, ti. til through WOMB tbe lines
o: ii Bauld Telegraph company Bass.
kftobts to set aside the i.kash or tue Kia*/
I from A. eraciAL coRBcspoNDBtrr OF IVI TBIBtr?B.(
Tbestow. Oct. 20.?The complainant's count
ael In the suit ta which William B. Dinsmore seeks to hare
set aside the leaae of the New-Jersey Central to the KeadV
lng Railroad, have filed ta the United States Clreutf
Court here a bul of exceptions to tbe an<
ewer to the complaint, which the Bead*
lng filed on Tuesday. Ten excepUona are taken
to that part of the answer which ls the personal affirma?
tion of Franklin B. (lowen. They cover the enUre state?
ment of Mr. Gowen except two or three paragraphs. The
pointe of this statement, which have appeared tu Tun
Timi xe, are recited, and the bill continues: " In all of
which particulars this execptant except* to tho answer
put In by the defendants to the bill of complaint at re?
spectively scandalous and impertinent, and he humbly
Insists that thc same ought to bc expunged from tue
All of Mr. Gowen's personal answer that will mu i>e
expunged If these exceptions are sustained ls tho
few linea In which he states that the combination of the
Reading and Central will make a fompctliiK Hue with lue
Pennsylvania, tho paracraph stating that Din-mure la
the president of the Adams Express. Company, and the
following: "Xhat, the design of the Philadelphia and
Reading Railroad Company to unite its system of | ulrnaila
with the new lines [into Central Peiiusylv.ini.i] and witk
that of the Central Railroad Company of Nea Jereel hw
liecn publicly avowed for some two or three years, and
lhat thc l'ciinsylvanla Rail io,el ( oiupany.
ollie.?!-, Bavored shippen and irontp I
Mends kera been for some tune and an-yet en. i
inirto prevent the accouijilishincut of ti,- de-i/n; and
timi toBUESaanseaf tola sftonpt to ob truet Un i
of thu lines and to prevettttli.Moneta! romp 1
with which Ikey en tkreseeees, the P
road ami Its i oafStatUBBS have tedoeVBted I.- 1
brjen the eradu of tat Pl i:..,t
ro ni Company and to prevent the aeqofsrnoo of th
tr.il Railroad of Ne tv-Jersey. And tie . . uif"t
that thc couipliUuuiit'a hill is tiled in lin- bSkUO t "f ll.e
Pnunylvania Bsllnsd Oosaesay sad tts susnandssn*
fedwttesj and with ,i view af depressing Hu I t
i il i or the share, of the f
ase Jsrssy,ey tasessnuag tttgottee to hstnan wuk
iii.-receipt of dividends due tu de tlnnkeodan sf tbs
Central Railroad. And thc defend.i.it !,. ls in?
formed and believes, and therefore chartres and ex?
pect* to bc able to prove, Liol lue I'ciiu-.l
vanl.i Railroad, Its conn* 1, ugeui- .-?ml SSBfSsV
have liecn, fro-n Hen to lime, since
tkeoaoattoeefe leese of gea Cunlial huauroed Coaepaay
of New-Jersey waa first proposed, eadeavoriag hi .. .nu
tee at iloee of tone shareholder of Ike Ceatral k i
Company to lnterpooe objections to tke tease, to i
railing to aeeun any they have seed the influence they
- doici the Adnu- Express Company iud the
complainant to Induce the tatter lo Ole tbi Mil"
Anionic the .illida,Its accompany rn ir Vi.- a,iv
Of tlc- gi |,!iii_-, !., ? Iii. !. ?' .1
foregoing exceptions are taken, unana tho-*
?bowing that Dtaaaaotete itoek waa voted tor dlreeten
favorable to tke Beading; oed site tor tke reeetanoa aa*
tborlxtag the lei.--', there te one swoi d to bj Albert Poetar,
secretory of tte Reading, which contains the fol'owing
** fnatesd of Ita being true, a* stated ta the aflM.r ?? i
the complaint I, 'thal tbe Baysseat ol tl,.- rental andi i i b
loess hy the Philadelphia ona Reading Railroad will n - i.t
iu a loss to tue Philadelphia and Blading K I
of not less than $i,ooo,imh> pet annan* tee fast
ls that by re ison of economy in Hie nasaaentet of tke
railroad and the redaction et expeoen i laeeqacut apoo
Ito upwsttoe ss e Joint Uno le oonneetlon wttb tke other
lines of the l'lili.nlclphla aud Reading Railroad, the re?
sult wi!! be that tu,- PbJtadelphla and Beading Railroad
Ckeneaar wm be enabled to par tke rental sf t?40o\oo0,
bs stipulated to be paid by the tease, out of the net earn
lints Bf the Central Kai I mail Sf UOW-JereSf : and thia
K demonstrate,|, in the defendant's opinion, by thc Beta d
results from the operation of the lease rroui June 1 to t 9
pr. -.nt tune."
lin also dentoa thal the Be tdlngte Insolvent, that <t Ut ia
dolault In lue payment of lutenist, or tll.it t.aWeu oau .ed
the mali i ii.-of :i . | natter of a million dollars" vortbof ii ca
ol toe( i nti.iU w^icli he-old in flu! ulelpina .md lil
the pro ? i d- imo tu,- Re a,lin, trew
Chu M.h. (?ct. l'o.?The following li ;i eoe*1
peretli In tons of all tbe aklpneata of n
ixith tkroogb an.! teen1 eoe) Catos] - !-:" '? *
ending October -O:
i i i
Baltimore ind i il lo 139 8,729 '?? I
1 1,030 "7
Chicago iiml m.m.I
Inink.i :, Ill
lt, Louis sod
.: 119 WI ?-. ?
Lake -ti.ire and Mu hi-:
if.m ?Southern .
il......| 1.-.- ?
New.*, ..rk. U hie a-'o
PittsbUl .r. I'll U'.i;. in
krui l'Ii.ci<,(.
TC ll .
7| lill
1 1-7 1.1 l'l
i'i\iiN\\ii. 0 '.. ?_'?? -\n application i"i a
- i' n ii i
was denied by the United at usa Coori i)ii? norning,
11\. invwi, o,:. Uk?las assen si
?.v re pi. ie ited to Ihe I
if tke T.,!.-,l... eta i , Mr.
Mel'arlimd. of New York, made a ni mn ir opposition b)
Alliert Vottor. The Court ,ii?|h,Jul.-1 \\ | lol- li,
re elver for such [Hirtion of the road as Iles in 0
quired lum to nie ;i hoad ta #70,000. Tks ??
autoorised to make sorb repali taryn keep
tks ned In geed coiiditioti.
Totano, onto, <?ct. -j i
? onip rn; iia- ny it- attorneys til") a non ;? Mttoe lu i'la
Common Pleat C >urt herc tn Tho eon of Nelson Rel I
g the Ohio Central Ballway Osetpeejr, I I
Trust Compaay, or new-York, and tke trustee of tba
-cm r.d mortgagee of the road, denying ?n. lt
has Informed the platatig that it weald refer lin- natter
to Judi;,' Baxter, at Cincinnati, and a-k for a di* barge of
tko IvcelM i
Map- ul' the proponed mutes of thc Kev*
York. Danbury und Bsssbbi ead nat (ssaastlsal sat
- de raUroadt wen kled si tai R
at Win'. 1",.::.- jettied Bf 1'Iie former n ai mo
under liie N, w-York. N'?iv-lia\en and Hart ford track it
Port Cheater ami tin-u keep south af Ihe
line. The route nf tin- latter passes Um u;b
?i belle, Petken Mamu to Brouxduta,
ai i.ns uv un i-i;, in iKiiux SYNOD Or t
ll IVAN! \.
Pl l i-i-.t BO, < ut. JO.--Tin' l'li sic. fi-iiati Bj noil
thtenorntag adopted ike report of tko Cunnii
temperance, lin- resolutiout aro strongly tn '
prohibition, and declare the sale and manors I
alco.loin lupini iasa o- vi race to ba i rtaunaL
fi;,elli. l)r. Hwlft submitted a report on tl f
I , . II.lilli!!-'lon l'r. ,li, 1.-ry. Xblt lllMlll.il the .
br. White, who wm i lonashargeol
uno, v..nu iii.- i i :,ii. iv .mainiiiuii-Ii roted los
him from the ministry, hud boen allowed io wil i
rio- committee though! thal the Preebyfc-rj erred i
snowing too inuch leulency. Dr. Uammcl said that i>r.
White lutd been diverging mon- and more fm I
I. lian iloeli u. BS nilli Bad lin.ill.V embraced ti.o-c of
Swedenborg. Several memh rs objected to the ai lion nf
ihe Presbytery in aol nuKpendlng bim from tin- ii I
iiml ii gave lum u ceiiiiicit. of Cai i
character. A notion to reconnlt tko report asa sd pt L
A number ol jrearaairo Dr. William Dunlop,
of toluol in Township, Ontario, HeparUd iii -
cm m.- tko following queer production as bis Is
and !.--!.iiiieut ;
" Iii Hu- mime of c.mI. Amen. X, William Dunlop, of
i ;.ui i.laid, in the Township ot Colbome, and diatnetof
Huron, Wcatern Canad i, i:-,| Ire, lieitig In.ml
.md un mind Just aa usual, which un friends who Salier
nu- -a , I - BO | do make lay
leal i 111 and ta aroeut, aa follows: Kevotanr, of <
all former wills, I leave tbe property ol Ualrbruiil I
nil other landed property I mav die posaesned of, tc I f
-i-i.;-. I.,.n Hoyle Story, ami Klizulielh Boyle Dimbip,
tbe I.I lu.-e -lie I- in lilied to :l lual-tcl. lllielll
(Oed heipi sh,- henpecks: the inter, because she te m.ir
ried to nobody, nor la she likely to ho. for alie te an old
maid, .md not market ripe; anoTatee I leavi lo them and
theil heil- lill -ll ile of I Ile -lo.!, mid llliplcllli ut- of lbs
farm; arovhied always thal the Iwlosore ann
oioihei'.- grave be reserved; mal. it eu.'
without Issue, then the other to Inherit the whole
later ks law, Loatee DautoPvall ai
of tin- household furniture aud such traps, with tl
us hereinafter mentioned. I lc:.ie nu silvei
ard io tin- eldest son of old John, as t. n nivscntalli ? ?
the latin I. I WOUld ieee ll lo old John, liinisell. bul ho
won',I melt ii dov.ii to make temucrauee meda l
that would be sacrilege; however,'leave mj ! '
suuff-bos to linn; be eau oat) ujaki n-uip. mho ??'
-I.-, with thur. I leave my stetci Jennie mj I
tonne, ii the property ot un gesat graadsaotbi'r. Bertha
rn, of Woodhall, wu when sne kuows as much ol
tin- -pnii.i- the does ot tbe tetter, abe will lie a inlier
Christian thau she i-. 1 also leave ni) late h
walch to my brother ifasiiljr. et hort lng bim st thc same
timi to give up Whiggery, Rudii-ulisui. and ..;: ... I., t -iu-*
ilia! do | leave mj hndbi
ii c.i,,,i med ii ii li. ls iathel a
decent rhrlstlun, swag hell;. md i (ollj I
nurwHi Che va* le's fiustiandi tbe small hit I g?S
hom tin Sarnia ii.i nail token of grutltnile for
the -cniee be bus e?ue tbe randi* io Iskina a-i-i.-i that
no man ol taste wmild have Utkrn. I li John Cu.liU-1
a silvei-;iea|.oi. te the end; that lu- mav dunk tea tliei-e
iioui ia comfort him under the ;.mi.. n.,.. of a ulatteruiy
wile. I leavi ni* 1.*- io ii i [irotl rr Ami
lie ha- In-ill io lollir a |alll(lV ?lllloll. I: ' " ''?
reed with them. I give my silver cup, with i overeiiru
in it. io Juint Grnnan Dunloe, bei '?' ",|
miiiil und pion-, und therefore Will nco---.oily take tu
horning, tad also my xraany's snuff shell, as lt Iimiss
ile. .ni lo .-.,? un ol.I woman tukiu ' sniiti lu wllne-S
whereof,] bare hereunto set my seat, the ;il?t dui ot
ABgtUt iii the year of our Lold oue thousand ? lyhl SOSr"
| di, il ..nd roi-o ivio. ~ W. 1m;ma>t.

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