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V0Lv i' 11_J\*?- 13,190.
5** _
Thc Secretary of tho Navy on October 10
?wrote lo C'oiuiiiiin.ler Wildes, of tho Ynntie, ask
iiiK for explanations ol'hi.s course in tba recent
Git ely Ki lief Lxp.-dition.which a-ft-ad so com?
pletely. Tbs 1* ttcr.iroiii tho Secretary and Coni
___derW_des,o it-ply ara {riven her* with. It
i-. -tated that the Seen dury of -War is by DO
means satisiii-d with Lieutenant Gsrli-gtons
defence ot his conduct of *? expedition nnd
an official in venation jo ttely to bc ordered.
ki- r pac with the phot, DB.
WaBB-ROTOR, Ot t. '.M. -On October 10 the Secre?
tary of tin- n ivvii'l!!' mai to Commander Wildes,
st tba l'. s. Ship Yautic, aa oOolal lettor aakrai for
furtli'-riin.l fuller explanations *witll re_;ird to the
ipp.ircnt failure <?f tin* Taut? to oo-operate with
tin-l'i-.i:t'!H.lariiig the voyage made hy tho two
diips n. Smith's Sound, for tin- purpose of r. lieviiig
Lieut.-ii.mt Hr. .ly mid ll..' Big?al ."-ervin- i> u ty at
I.rely Franklin Bay. "The lettes is as follows i
" Tear report noni st. John-., N. F., dsted Beptem
lii-r 7, 1--*. "f your cruise in the Yautic tu the
west ooast of Greenland, aa a waarre ship for the
. y Relief Exp dition, wa-* duly received
nu.I has Leen carefully eooafdered. Tba
rill, energy, and general good eondnet
cf JOT?Bl !f as som?landing officer, ami of all th.
naval offloen connected wo li the relief expedition,
are not donhtfni, snd <-:ill tor the sincere eoauoen
datha of th- Department] hut tbe failure of the
. io accomplish au.\thiu?' for the relief
of Lieutenant I'l.-ely uni his party, who are, there?
fore, forced, if now liri?g, to oontend arith the
hanb-hips and perils of B third Arctic winter,
ar-.usts the reasonable Inqniry: Did erery member
of the relief expedition, whether offloer, seaman,
moldier or civilian, clo Us ??scsi to accomplish suo
ititl tc snoeoc and reecne the anfortunate
explorers for a hom he went In search > It is proba?
ble that tbe Greelj party will be saved, ia spite >>*
Ihe failnre you have recorded. It is possible it
i I h iv-- li-- ii lost, notwithstanding the wisest
' ami most en irgetically oondnoted efforts for tts re
licf. Hut those to whoa was committed the recent
expedition must to-day be judged npon the hypothe?
sis that tbcir - l have saved the leo
honndband and that their failure will lead to ita
destruction. Nol bin : which good judgment, fidelity,
persistency ind courage on the par) of any naval
effloer ndghl have aeeompUsbed, can have been
omitted, withonl the condemnation of the Navy De?
pot?sent and of tba whola anxious American
MTe_r instructions, nnderdate of June 9, -were to
'proeeedto the northward throogh Davis's Straits
.' earns ttitk the nteaaner Proteas, if practicable'j
but uot to p. heyond Littleton Island. It appears
that the Kantie aud l-Totess were together at Disco
lalaad, oti Joly IS, when tbe Protoai -.iib <1 north
Wiutl. hut thal th.' .antic ilitl not linaily leave
that Uland until July 90; tho l*rut- u-i icu lied
t;oey Island, .Inly *^l>; the Viinlic not Until Augusl
2; the Proteus passed Littleton Island, July
2'-', a'.tl waa BTU?Md in the lee July 23;
the Yautic had not reached Littleton Island
until Augaat a. Between July 23 and August 3,.
Baa?.ly, aa July _<' and 28, Lieutaoanl Qarlington
and tiie whole party of the Proteas had eoaie to
Littleton Island and Pandora ?arbor, and, icu lin.l
Ing th.- .antic, had continued lo tbe south in open
boat* in search of her, notwithstanding tbe orders
of thc Wm Depart meal given for ouch a eontin
tttngc?ey, to land with their stores al <>i near Life?
boat Cove iii Littleton I--land, and to prepare to re?
main until next yt ai.
Had the Yantie, however, hern at Littleton
Island July 28, Instead of being twelve days be?
hind tbe Proteus, Lieutenant ?arlington's relief
party would have remained at that point, with
asspe supplies, keeping "th.ir telescopes on Cape
Sabine aad tbe land to tho northward,** and waiting
for Lieutenant Creely, whoas riders required hi?
lo endeavor to reach that vicinity not
later than September, 1883, and who would
art thea have foond awaiting him, as is now th.
ca-.-, .I a* '. illy obeyed bis orders, neither
ho ii ??* nor provisions, hui only the rei iml of tbe
complete failure of the mission of tbe Proteus and
the Yautic. It does not, therefore, in the present
aspect of tin- facts, seem to the Department
that th.- .antic properly fulfilled her duty
as a tender to th. ! sith which she
hud l.<-ii ord. nd to proceed in company, while
keeping twelve dav*, behind her, and thereby de*
feating tbe object of tba expedition. You will make
Bach full explanation on this point as you an able.
KAILI'..I*. VU I.LvVl I' (All B| I ni; OB BLT.
"Your attention is sin called to another point.
Yon had been famished with copies of th<
instructions to Lieutenant Darlington, and
' ? aware that In* wag ordei 1, in
tbe event of a failure of the Proteus
to reach Lady Franklin Bay, to establish a relief
station at Littleton Island, and Lieutenant Qreely
woald endeavor to teach thal point in September,
expecting there to ind a relief p?rt], a house, food
and pie foa were ai Uttletou blandon
Aagaal 3 und humed that the Proteus had been
crushed and thui Li. ut. nant Darlington and his
ivli le party had gone Boat?, leaving nothing for
Qreely al Ut?eton Island. Yon could have readily
haded there prov?kms and supplies, li il omitted
tn do .xi. You will plea-, explain this omission, and
will furnish Um Departmenl s schedule in detail of
tin- jfOVlsJO?S Ol all kinds arhi* h you th. ii had OH
Wad the Yunta; and u similar Schedule
?'f those you had OR hand vhOB you ur
rivi-d at ,-*-t. john's on September 13,
lathe last i bi I brno iii tbe W.-ir Departmenl to Lieu
u-nant darlington, dated Jane i, 1883, iatbefoL.
lu** inn t lanae: '_ abip .-1 ths United States Navy,
thr- fsntie, will aeeomimny yon as far as Littleton
Island, remh rmi.' you such aid a? may become
ioososary and as may bo determined bp tho cap
BJ_ of that ship and youiM-lf winn on
?he spot.' You will inform Hie Depart*
bmbR whether or not you had knoweldge of
1 .us.-. Inclosed yon will also find a copy of a
sMsasfaadua starked 'Incloanre I,'containing in*
?tractions for the guidance of the naval tender and
I?i Proteus, aad you will Inform the Department
Mother during your voyage theos ot any such In?
es aol kn_ were seea hy you oi wara orally eommu
BBBRed to you."
ihe n_m1oobto I" referred t?. in Becretary
Ch muller's letter is B copy Of the -.o-calli-il " BBpple
Slcntary OgdoTS " of Li-uN-muit QaittngtOB.
Till. RH'l.V "i . . RAROBB WIU 1. ,
Oaanaander Wikieora reply to the becretary'a
gttsr b dated at New?Yogk, Oetobsg io, and la aa
follow* :
"1 havf, to acknowledge the receipt of the Depart
Meut'H fetter of the loth mst., mqaosting m
?BRatioaoncertain poiatsio conaectka arith tho
?t* eraiae of ibis rossel to the Arctic Bees. Mp or
*>** dtaaeted unto 'proeeed to tho aorthward
through Davis's Straits, ii,i oompaay with the Pro
*-?? it practicable . . . which shii?. being
atti-d for cruising in th 11, will probably take
Mvautaj'i. o' ttpportmiitieo Io n_.li her daB-Ba*
"""i. Which poa wt.uld u?t foal HUtliori/.-d
? Uking in tho Yantic , . . You will
?""on board at ht. John's nil th<- .-.ml that you O_0
-"ly carry h<*iow and *.n deek, as it ih rory dasi ra
_* ?-?*> yew ranch your destination with an saaple
r_o*_>y still remaining for use, lt may be possible
retain a small supply of coal on tbs coast, of
"talana, but lim caunot be relied upon.' 1 sai I vd
1 from St. John's with 197 tons of coal below and ou
deck; the Proteus carried between 500 and OOO
tons. Tlie Yautic, steaming with six tires, BIB-OB
au average speed of U*_ to 7 kuots per hour in
smooth water. The Protons steaming at full speed
(wh;ch Captain Piko told inn seed to do) made
about B*| BO B knots per honr. On tho run to God
havn, under sail alone, I kept well to the east?
ward to avoid the Labrador ice. Tho Proteus,
home sixty miles west of our track,
nader steam pushed through a stream of leo
for live hours, which was of a heavier nat urn than
they ate an- BOCl?tO?ted to nie.-t OB that coast, and
which tdie officers stated could not have been pene?
trated by UM Yautic.
" The boilers of tho vessel were in an unreliable
condition when she was ordered to tit for the North?
ern cruise; repairs were pushed Bight and day to
hasten bat departure, but not being fal?SBd on sail?
ing day, tba aaaliaial tm umiiphillin ibm work was
put on board. Repairs were cuiiliniied in i*t. John's,
but on our passage to QodhavB they wara discon?
tinued, as it was desirable to have steam-power
ready to use in case <>f necessity. Having arrived
at (lodhavn, and knowing that from thence north?
ward onr iniin dependence would be on the
engines, 1 determined to get the boilers
in lair condition before leaving. Thia
took six days. One day was then taken to gel
coal from the lui*? Peru, which had ju-t arrived:
then thick, stormy weather set m. which delayed
onr departure two days. I arrived in Qodhsvn
with 170 t.'iis ol e..i.i. In these narrow sea- 1
thought th.- .ship able t" carry more than when she
left M. John, and deemed it prudent f..r future
operations to provide a.s much as possible. For tins
pnrpnse 1 went to Ritteubauk, wnere twenty tons
were procured, and thence to Kndliaet, where the
mij.ply was completed. Our bnukers and decks
were then full, aud being now aa well prepared us I
was ulile, duly -'?> wc proceeded northward.
"My uistru. ii .naalso stated thal: ' You will rely
to a certain extent upon the Information which is
firen yon by the li.iuish authorities al Disooand
Iperuavik aa to the probable movements of Ice,
eic.' 1 visited Upcruavik to obtain this informa?
tion, arriving al u? i>. m. July 23, By.minga
: in, ..nd continued, with slight ifl
i-rmis-iion, until tbe 31st, when it cleared, and 1
'...lt" sea.
"N.i time waa lo t, aud no unnecci ary delay waa
made at any point. The Proteus, carrying a large
supply of coal and steaming al full speed, had only
to delay to obtain the stores Lit at Qodhsvn last
year, and a nativ. dogdrivcr from Disco fiord. Bbc
then went north without stopping, Had I sailed
(rom Qodhava at tho at?oe ii, te as the Proteus,
[es being unable to keep np with ber, Iabonld
have arrived al Littleton Island, 1,000 milesdistant,
with my coal supply reduced t" about seventy-five
tons ana the boilers In a leaky, precarious ooudi
ti?n. . . . This is without taking Into account
sny detention from thick weather or ice. whieb
cann..1 be .-..unfed on, as the normal condition of
thia region appears to I..- t >g.
A M.si. I'll'lI-iN ?.l' Ml !.'. ill.: BAT,
"The bo.lv of water known as Melville Bar iaao
little understood generally that a short des. ription
m-?\- not be out of place here. Prom Cape Shackle?
ton, which _ ly be reg irded aa the mihi ii.ti.
Um eoaat trends northerly ISO miles i"
Walk, r, th* i. a westerly 100 wiles to Cape Dudley
Digges. Tbs eoasl linc is ene vast glac!* r, the rocky
hi';;tlhi:i.N Q_| f pr. j' I Dg, win. li
diaehargea multitudes of icebergs, maur ol enor?
mous size. These, drifting to the westward and
Rounding in the shoal water -..nih ..l Cane fork.
Frequently hang op for a whole season ibo vast
li> !<is of "ic: which accumulate during the winter.
When not SO hung uti by bergs, the "main''
or " middle " pa* K, u li:, li is nut <>t i be indnen*.f
tin- current fr. ui Smith's Bound !?> 1?i\ is's Bti dta.
? ii [ts back and forth with the prevailing winda, ai
limes leaving open water between it and the foal
Ice, and again closing. I'he N'..nh Mar ?a- caught
in August, 1840, and luckily broke out
'ha?breathescapes,' on the _.'.0i of September, ai .1
i;:ik i:;t>> Wolsteuholiu (Sound.
where she ? ul red. The tii-i Liriunell ?-xi**-> 11
tion, in 1 i ' ?. ' a- caught In tbe pack .arly in Jul],
aud not released ant il August 15.ru 1X57 lb* I ?
caught ?.utii i.i Cape fork, aud drifted all winter
in iii.- p.ok. In 1st,, the Alert and Discovery ".??[
the pack Just outside the Brow d Islands, near i i
na viii, and wt-r-1 thirty-four hours pressing tn ir
wac through. On July 22, ls7ii, tbe Pandora was
benet for eight da - In the tieck, and
only snecoeded by great exertions in freeing
self having lieen in iuiniiueiit danger ,f li
crushed. Many whale ships have beeu lost in this
bay. During one year the (jovernoi ,,t Upcruavik
states that he had liOO iu. i thrown on hts county
w lc,-.- shij.s had been crushed In the i< e."
After nuntin-*; from Corni iand< i Markham, of the
Ah-rt, iiiitl Captain G. G. N ires, < omiuandei Wililea
i'.niinnes: 'Io view ol -, I should
have felt justified In delay-ins to a still later
d.ne the attempt to eros Melville Bay. or
even nol making the atti mp1 al all. Bul I .lill nol
delay one moment after I considered my slnp
prepared and tbe weather had cleared, bul
pusued a. I., . to . ai',- *i urk, : tain
li,,,ii the tin. I- foggy -seath. i
of snow and smooth nea, thal Ihe middle pad
uot far diatuut. Pandora rlarboi wa- reached si\
days af lei the boats had gone south.
M To conclude this part. I .iel not Intend to ran
the veaeel under my command In tbe hap?
hazard, happy-go-lucky fashion which Anally
brought the Proteuato grief, bul to make snre, so
far as poa ible, of < verj t*,? which 1
took. Had the Proteus been ord* red t.. keep
company with the Yautic, n would have been
vastly It'll'i I'.r all coiiei-iiu tl. I sailed from New
V rk having n ship's company ol r_'i enlisted men
aud twenty nth. <is, with eight m..nth ' pi .visions
for eighty nmu on 1.rd j every avail?
able space was utilised for their stowage,
Oil our passage northward the usual ration
was found insufficient, nnd l'-'*> rations were
issued, On learning of the loss <>f the
Proteus, I considered my Brat and par*
am.iniil dilt.v Was tO pick np the boals
which contained thirty-seven men, Having done
timi it would lie time to < on ildei ???? hat next. 1 had
im doubt that I should do (Iii-. and
hoped to find them al the Cary Islands, or
fMning there, soiuewberc uetweeu Cape Parry
R1 ,| r.i|>' Athol, Hhould they have reached
uinl entered the ice of \f>-l\ill<- May, I
UlOUghl lt ll.ipor.si I.lr to till winn lllc\ wolli.!
In. Kain- took eighty flays to go over
the siiine ground. Tins would necessitate my re?
maining vt-rv late io ii.f season, ?-, it was qnlte ont
ni tin-11 m si ion to return home without them.
wrillt.i I ANT niiM.lt ALTKBNATIVB.
"But the psok prevented ary nat lum:
Cape Athol, and having worked through
on August 9, \aiious faultless attempts
were malle to timi an opening between
( apt- Dadley Digges and Cape York. On
(I,,. pilli a heavy pack appeal til to tin
southwest, the wiud waa northeast, and the ice
moving off shin* down on us; there ran ice behind
it-, preventing our -return northward. I had no
?,11, i native bul to proceed lo I pei na rik.
"Intaking these steps I was governed by whal
I have previously stated in regard t<>
lin- possibilities <.i Melville Baj and Un
probabilities of our being beset lu Un?
pack. One- involved in it .? I knew we would be help?
less and our imprisonment <u indefinite duration,
Ih..il no fears hit Liouteuanl (Jreely, who living
in ;i regiou reported well stocked with game,
bas economised hi- provisions. Should he
reach Littleton Bay, b* - i?i ? a tbe provisions on the
west coast, thc rocks and waters between thal
i land aud tlie mainland abound with walrus, the
i from their ordure fouling tbe ali for a long
,,, ?,.,.,,. on the neighboring niaiulaad reindeer
... r* port* d numerous."
? ?
i.,..v ....- ?-.'? ii ia boi co*u m. K..1'-ahs
I A. lt ll'.V.
[itv Ti.i.i.'.iiAi-.i io im. tami ?
WaBBIBOTOBi Oil. 21.?The inure can fully
I.i.-.il. nilli Mallli.'-'loN'.- .1. f" liri I- slil"ll..l, Hie lilllie BS
-ni i~r.il t ni > doestl upi', nt., iii- BSpei Bria. Anisadlm le
trustworthy tata?alton, tbs secretst] el War ls fur
iniin h.tii-tii.i tri?i tba reasons given by Lleuteasal Oar
llmrton, erst, for alf failure tc land Rappues al Pandora
Harbor or Uttletoa Island on hts wa) sort?.and, second,
r ,i in- pri-.-ipiuiie iii., ai from Pa_lora UaeBsreaata*
nani, afi'-r tbs laaa sf ta. Ti,.nus.
Ia aubat?ice the lieutenant says bs retreated because
.;, rt.iliua Iii. 1 the V.nili.' .uml,I bS al'i.' lo
Pandora iiailinc ss seconal al tbs beer) l*-?iin
?delville Hay. Il tais waa Lieutenant .Jiulin-tea's
opinion winn in- returned i?> Pasders Harbor, ttmaat
Bare beea forasedbsfarebs i.-n Ifests aad attempted te
..ii i, asrthward tbisagb tbs les la BmHb's .-..mai. Bs
knew t<?>. is_t if aa bbsb_ ba sMs loraaeh Lady Pias-lla
Bay bewsell m.ii plenty of Miippiits Basts asd Us i>nin al
IbaacaliaaritBtP '" ***** ""' bb assisi, Dasptta
t-esc tonslder-Uous, his heUct thal the Yun?.c could
afford no succor to his party at Littleton bland ST-Wa?
iora Barber, ssi tba Bael that at ana af tim*-" alaess tte
bulk nf his IBpp?M woulil Im FiMpilns-l In tuictiacontin
gesey, ba bel?y pashas] northward, loavin| imaaaeaf
supplies to whir-li lie multi fall bask In SSAS S* dis-ister to
tin- Pretest Hms in- li.-.l lils ow n baaifl uinl lriiiisforTUt.il
his retlt.f t-iK-diUim Intoapiiity which Itself needed !??
?* ur. ,
If he believed that the Yautic could not rr-rich Pandora
Harbor, his tlutv lo establish a relief Mallen In that
vlt Inltv would appear to have liecu ns pl tin wit lieut as
with ord.-r^ to tlo so. A Bamber of Oarllngton's party
sahl that when they were al Uni.-nm Island and Pandora
Ii nb'.i animal life wa* iii.iiii.i.iiit. Walrus swam.. .1 upon
the roc.kv Island nnd t*-*0_?ode pf seals ami bini-wire
seen. Taara Bsssasd le bs no daaaer of starvation, tiicro
fnle, even though the party lin.I rations for 0_J IOI\\J
ilavs after the retreat to the Oreenland shore.
It la probable thal an official Investigation will tv* onterru
nftiTtiim,-. ipti.r ti,.-.-xpl.natl..ns- whleh General Hn/.n
ban directed I;i.-iiti-naiit' lalUngtea to submit respecting
certain mattera? his report
( Kl ci inns AB_tOt7fl T.. KN't.w what BAB B-CO?B
OK W. I) BA1 I
fnr n_sosAra td tim- nu bubs.]
BALTIMORE, O.t. 21.--Som.-thiny of n Be-BB
ti.ni has basa . i.mi. ti in bii.ini?H t ir. l.-t ben tap tbs e_?
appearance? W, i>. Batt, a wett-l_a*wa aterebaal el
Mi'iieiibiik. [_neaater Oounty, Va, Ba I* Baaxtaaarra
maaafactarer of tUh-ofl, having two lane ta ?
Wilt.n's Wharf T.?ii- ii ii _-. nu the llappall.mi.BJ River,
ami th- otb. r st rai-i-,-t. Vorthamberlaad Oounty.
Resides these be swna a 1 uga fruit ? _nta?establishment,
a sssasi saw nilli aad ? stars .? HTii.*iii?.-.-u. lits ba
liasssKliiiiB bain bunn larne being nuitaly wltb Bal n
BMre. P?ladl-lphia and BeW-YlW- His ci. .lit was good
and he was -nppn-.d In be malibu.'muli' V.
J!.' was last BBSS ? Fl cd. I leksbtWI "il Sept*
be was smasrklag ea s bala fur New-York. De wm
known to have quite a anai of money with him, ai
poin,.* ostensibly on bm Im ts. Bothlon ana b* i :i he nd of
him since, and his friends supposed si Bret that be bad
m. i willi foul play. Eight itu ta* -ii thrown on bis o_ap?
pearance, however, bj Hu' fe i ehlch baa become knoa n.
i.,at ba was in tl!,i rn rarteos persons la
Vtrgtnta, Baltimore, Rew-Yori* and daewhera In
?oms Bagn WO. "'? ,i" *-*>
Vickery a Carroll, Tu. ker. Smith 4 Co., Hurst, Parnell t
Co.. A. Bra-aaa, ll. ft. Webb, 9 D. Matthew, G
Rookes B Bra . Bol* - B i- e. n aad others la t?
Bmneef blsBslttmor* eredHon taavi anne to MlUcabeck,
to attaeb hi- property, ..ll >.f wi?eta ls estimated to ha
wortta univ ?>.;,.,niMi. 0. E. Maltby, ol Borfolk, -
partner In the canning busbies* snd C ipi, in John fl.
lindon is his partner in the Qsli-?ll-manufactory .1
WU?m's Wharf Landina, rueae iceni doth
Inc of ts end lt ls l? llev. ?! th it
haa left thi- eountrj un. med name, bi
t retina- him. - '? urta.
Hall I* from Conn.* Uf nt, where lils family 111 * lt ?
-. ;,. ii ll iii. i- in thl- .at ? -ii.' tr h, ?! ni'.
Ihin? ,.: ni- I tiber's rn iei i . , r ? Halt's I
it h, iii,thin:-, -hm -, h.tl-, ile.
I'll, vt CID **'T a r rm BOA1 lOt'Sfl
TO < M i VNY I"-- "1 I IK! .
[nt TBtaosAr-a t?. rsa ramtnrc]
Boby-ON, Oct, 21^-Tbe condition of tbs Btu
d* i.t ? ? ?
v.'inl boat boose, os sows thal tl
i 1 ll rdwlek, 1 li* Hinder ? '
fat illy li.lil'.
ll, I -
pneumonia ? mid ?: In, hr will pro ntlrrly
red m a I ii >* tait*, a av ni-.r, re?
ported an ? -I- ii' .1
Ix, willi tin
Dil ni I ll I
H itt i-l. . i ?,-,.'- ? ? .Uk ubi..ii Ui i . -,
lliMiitrb tii'ii ??
vi- td, s hose righi
eh. -i ? .- h nil) br,il-.-,I. ?-,..
and there are recovery. '1
from all nu trt?-rn foi i
allowed Ihe ' ll -. sin I, ? _m
i.-, r, .ii condition.
Tu oi ? tbe fall, ti in ..- of limber,
mont . * I willi
.i ? ...
? ?! a Tl.ll.. M ' .ii i?--;m.miI- ii. bl
,1 I.ll.11 -?? ii<, Ililli- ni lin- lint, i | ,: I .'? I
n ii. -> avie - "V a a to na i adi roan -
l R pl fl.
fur tn i ..I. ?i ii ii ur
Mi.,, k I.iv ii.- Falls, Ww., Oct. 21
n of Un- da] la tht return I
wbo tn all appearance* bad been dead I
i ? ? . r. .mi. ii,.- .I,..i?.'iit. i of a ,. ta >.i
t? tai v. ry kick f.,r tome wi-ckn and died, ii- ? a- -;..],.,-. ,|.
Ii.i b..,i, waa prepared foi bnriil, a ban ii ?? i
.lld aol Indicate di alb; bal on the ta nth .1 ij
ucl 11.. - ?'., i. li. ,1. VI In!. H..
lu. 1:.. vi- .
1.1 i'" I-.-. '-I.- 'I Ibiil ' .
??I.?b for hlin tit nttempl i
don?, snd In
M. u t,n ii* 'I pale a ttli borroi . wow
and il
HIM] . ni.k'i ..lill .!? . ? ion, U?
lie In .1 Hat..
,'.Illlon, -In n.li/..I with Ulmp??ttl.'. ,i..in ll
wan I,, in- pi, p,i. ,1 u,i t?, ^i a io, bul could nol np.
VB a D Dist ni BB D IN i,>i>Ai TIRE,
[BT Tl l.l ..nun SO un. limn si.]
Chicago, Oct. 21.?Tbe prompt action of
Hon..I ll ink li a- Slppt <1 In tbs bud <fl Ii I
same in tr ta Ina a fla tatt \ ||_ to
that ..f a .-. pntablt bon ? .'vi I
Co., was ad. | nu mb i - .,r ,. fi inda!, nt Brm
wbo represented themselves .ut <l. alias in batter and
Hon. ? nb..- direct ,,r .rn cm .iviiiin nt. Their plan wan
.. atvs u thirty day*' not.. -, ii thc
i rt with ih,- pr,hs ed.,
Wit- KO to prob -I. I'll" rillll.-lli li ul beeill ,il,||-ll..|
nb.,ni inn weeks winn tin- 111 v ?. -11 _ . 11., i, of a draft bi
i in io i?- tra?lui. rn i in i KU|
arith tbe value Cf 1115 barn-la of n.,n,
[BT Tl.IKf.HAITI TO TIIK lunn si j
AlBABT, Oct, 21.?Since tin- \ eulie I in lin
Hesslouscaae, the District Attornej nial fnnixriwmsn I.
Tn,mi,,. Sprigg*, or ti bu, oana?il tar Unto, t noa Pl?lim.
Ike .iii.-.'. >i lobbyfata, bavi bad a consultation, and ll was
ni-i>-i ti io ii.nt tin in-in im. n: again tBarbel ami PIicIm
?|ii..iad. I ..i mill iii ,ib,ii lo quasi i will be modi Iii lil
mi Attorney Henieta at tlie Deewnbet term ..i tbeoourt
I>A.MA'., \ li -Ilil.lllNU MUM PLOOD IN All
Mau.-vii i k, Ark., Oct. 'Jl.-Tlu- Whits
Riva'bas been rlalag four lashes un h.mr rm- th* last
forty-elahl iioiir-, InundaUna al least 13,000 acre ? <>i corn
and toiioii lu tin- White River v*sllay,tli? (Ind. pend* nee)
county. Tin- da BMft le tie- hintll f.irini nu thai i her lu
iiinin-t Irreparable, aad leaves a larne number el pewai
in a -ililliln> noni.-..iii,- ol whom ?iii aol tae abbi t.>
SUTVIVI tia >'. luti I i,lija,
cedented rlne for tbe season, the water being higher tnuii
it,i ti,.' i;t-i ten .iBars, az* opt on Mai ??. i --,_?.
Bab Fa ut* t>*.., Oct 21^-Attentioo la *Ii;i\mi
lo tks fat I thal .nih -s inoic -Inn;', nt m. a-iii-.-ri ar.
adopted t>. prevent tbe *~"inr**"ff if TTitaoan soroas Win
, c..;.imbi.i border tata Washington Tsrrltor) tba
Ihoaaaads st Obtaaes sow aaapiajred sa tbs Oaaadtaa
i'm nie Rallwai wlll,as mob .i-s tba aontraets areeoai
pleted, which \*.li tae M aa earls data,and their wai
w iiiinut ilui..'ult> Into tba I nited etatea. it Ua fact well
kiiiiv.n in in,- i. ni, ni-, ni HiTUhIi Columbi?that at the
ll Min.' t'talm m. n ire , n, lnK i ii, Itorilei In li
ot twentf or tuni>. lt hun wmiu HUKi.'<siiu-,l linn Um
revenue cutters nos l.ilu^ nil., berauua*btbeemplo>od
in prevenl thispractice.
CHICAGO) Oct, 21*?_ mutch i/:i""' <>f -*?
pinn bet ween pltked teiinn. from the **t. _BS_ ami PklOSgS
BowBag dabs was ptaj ed bera ia day. i ii
btnvli-d, re ni ll lii^ in it \ ni,ni fur tin- **t. ?BB? lt BBB, B/tlk
a total of .*>, iii poiiiii. i,i Oiilraajn'i L74B. Taeretara
gnuie uili bi pta) "d at M. ltu? ? nu Thauksj-H lng tli^)'.
Lima. i)ei.'Ji.-.v Hp,-, iii bulletin of tbs Dlsrta
Otinni to-tlay BBB-OB?BBB the KiKiiini? of the treaty of
peaca lust Bight at Aucon between the CMliaa
Government and QsBSBBl YglnaJaa Tho bulletin
adda thal aa Lima and Callao wiD within two .lays
be occupied br Peruvians, tin- Mario tifinal will uo
ioBgar in- pnbuahed,
nrrr-BBYKB dtbabr?nts mr ohksmb, in asia
LOMBsOB, Oct. Ml*?Router's! Teleprram Company
lias rei tive.l the follow inn dispatch from Const,in?
tiimple: "I.aler details conlbra the statement that
tim lii'st, saeenata of the earthquake ta
Anatolia wen greatly enggerated. Al Yooria,
aear Smyrna, where 200 Inns were wrecked,
only two pei ,. were killed and seven in?
jured. Hm- thousand inhabitants .-ire quartered
:n lonir tents outside of tho ruiner! vill*ni?.
i.-ti Int in 1> I m near Chenille sn Ile red mon- or liss.
Altogether 57 p nona wore Lilied ami ISO injured
iu thal tli-ii|< i.
The foregoing number of persona killed repre
aaste the total loae of life, although 14,078 persons
red bomeleas. All ur-- being fed by
tbe nnthnritiea in obedienee to the Sultan's orders.
I o aicb are being placed nn-ler shelter and are
.iiti-ii.i..I by doctors anil surgeons. At
?? iulj 'J'l p r cent of the houses sustained
ll ill lim.I cl-es vs., -1 ,.'|l."
Madrid, Oct. 21. I severe shock of e irthqnake,
Instins; three seconds, wm felt on tat unlay in the
I'rovinoea of Cadi/, and Huelva. Nodatuugewaa
dob. Oct. 21.?A hannleaa shock of earth
mil . waa fell ;il Tangier on
>..lui.lav uoruing.
Lombok, n.t. 22.?Qeneral Pryor, O'Don?
nell'* American cooneel, in aa Interview,
Bcd thal O'Donnell
in self-defence, ll" said
that it would be proved beyond qneation at
th.- trial that O'Donnell went to ?Mea
^'i'li DO design t.f killing Carey, mid was
unaware of tbe latter's presence on board tba
be embarked. Carey, ac
cording to fl Pi -beery, Boding
'lim elf discovered, provoked ii quarrel
In order to Mow a bi* li
? peet* fl O'Donnell, as an Irishman,
Manslangbt. r, In c> a -rai
I'm'.r's opinion, was the utmost O'Donnell
ind guilty of. Rvery effort is being mode
tn brina the w ilnc-ses from < 'ape I ow n t?, Kngland.
" I lt- lieve," Mr. It yoi said. " that O'I Kinnell will
I iiml that there ls do
pre!nd I bim. I do nol expect i
? ,'.? a public purl bul limply bein
the nt lu r ct ni'i si | hy consultation and Ruffliest i<>n, 1
sIih.II i i iii,til the trial is bnisbed.
| I bal ? seen I ?'! 'min ll, and I
' inu a sinipl'-'iiiinl. ,| in ???' imus irishman, ant I
hm nti as- ssin. I li, ti al will occur In the middle
of .No vc ui li. r and los) t wu ur three daj S."
Till' RESITLT OF MI-'.KI IN*..- IN Cl -ll.'.:.
I --niue, as < Iran.I Ma tr
i '; . m. ii..- a .
to the newspapers calling attention io tba serious
? >'i Ulster, il" says thal fa
forth tbe "t ..f" Orangemen cannot
li.- reckoned upon ; tbal only tbe atm*
biraaelf ami other leaders prevent* .1 the Oran ?
? ,,mi.' tin* hill at Knelesj daring the recent
? in ? tlng, li tbe <hivernue ni, bi
cb ?! i - ??. v. ? I im-Hui's ut continue ii, I
lah.-il .md p rb ipS civil
Di hi in. ??? t. 21. Dal el Lucy, bailiff to Mr.
v' . found dangerously wounded on
Mii-ii' ia Mountain, ia a a ilddtstri. t u< ar Macroom,
Count) (..il. lins is -opposed to be an agrarian
., i.
\ i RI8I8 IN mi; PORT! Ol l KE CABINET.
Limbon, Oct 21. a er?ia exists in the Portu
. dca connected a ii Ii i be
tching muni. i| il ? I* i tiona. I be Minisb i ol
tbe In-ii i a I tb Minister of Marine have re
Si nboi de Kout* i Pereira <l" M* Ho, the
a. of i he i 'mini il, ha ? rea Ijnstcd the I
ni. No change of policj is involved.
I'm:!-.<?, i. il, -The Tempt d. nie* thal the I nu b
.. ... linn, ni baa arrived at any decrsiun regarding
lb* amount of indeuulitj tobe paid to Missionary .
trihnw, or the aource from which tba money will bc
n. d.
P?Bia,Oct 21*?M. Ci'tlii-ri. Minister of Poets
and I'l-l.-'Mph-. gaveB '.lu.pu-t Imlay, in bia I .
pacity as President, to f..itv--i-c delegatea to the
International Conference fur tba Protection of Sub?
marine Cables. Am.oil' the guests "ere Premier
I .in . Mr. Mt >i lon. Ih ? I Ulled m at '?? Munster, and
I linn h, Japan, e, Meijcsu and Portuguese
r mu-. Oct, 21. -An oibi iul return relative to the
French wheat crop haa jual been publiahed hire.
I h.- M.l.l la naliaiatod al l00;H4fl 210 bectoUtrea.
rh* ireaaowa Ih 8,728,640 bectarea; the average
yield i-r hectare, i LOB hectolitres, and the aver
eight per hectolitre, 7ti.Ui kilograiua.
Bl BUB, O.t.'JL Two hiin.lreil and sixty-six p'T
irere luffering from trichinosis al Ermslebeu
(..-day. Only lilly out of Hil houses an. free fruin
lim il Isman T_totaonihignptoO '.'.luck twenty
three peraona bad died, lhere hnve also been sev?
il, il fatal oaaeaof the diaeaaa at Aken.
I! ni.IN. Ot -I.'_'_'.? lin- I'ii tn . ss \'i, luria, daughter
.,f the Crown Prince Frederick William, has been
betrothed tu the hereditary Prince of Anbali.
I nv cua*nu_ ano Boera amour?a o_n i.?]
CiIATAQI IL, O.I. 21, viii (lakes!.m.? Tile
r,,in,"ti,,ii Baa elected Joes Maria it.loOaamaa i Pe
vl-i?n.l President of tbe Republic
J ii.tii Hallen BBS Leen . ,, el. il ( Tiltll Ol POUOS.
TOBOBTO, Oct. 'J1.?Tile Hteniii'-r CiicTssian,
barina on board the Marejaia of Lansdowne, tba tew
(,,iu uinl . ..ii.i ul, passed A nt booti today.
Clim.i.am., Oct 21.?The Forcat City 00
w.iiui .ir. nm. barning.
Bobtob, Oct. 'Jl.-'l'he engine-houae of tba
Boa?a iin.i Unroll Baflraad al BUBsBas*, a woo?n
ire, waa boraed tala ?oralajr. aad t-*" looaiaollraa
vera destroyed, li..- bias lr- 939,000.
k. im., M.TL, o.t. -i i- i- ?bow'sboxfaetory, al
West Bwaaasy,waa barnedto-algal, Wita
nUi alice. *1!),.NK)._
AS E.UIil.y ,\01//\ . //"NV IN M.4GAKA.
l,o< ki'out, N. Y., Oct. 'Jl.?I'ilin P. Savvy.t
b niiBaliialail by iii.- BepeMleaaa af tba i rt Dlstrlol
?[ glagara County for member of Un.' -ssciuIjI}-, uud
a ,i a.ml noni Hm Uti D?tlicU
Worm HTi'R, N. Y., (?et. 31.?Ai Rapide, a raw
mti.-i ss mil tn Bas-sstsf, ye.-M-ii.iy ?endag,
Joli- Ki.U>- luui'n ni J.. ,ib Lau wUUo kc
lav In Ma be-il, anrtsortoiiHl-/ln,|ure.l Lutz'* son. who sleep*
with In- fiitlier. The only bbb .rent motive for the crime
mitti to ?eal *j10. Kelly haw lu tn arrested.
BOSTOV, Oct. 21.*?To t_B careful observer
there i-t mi longer liiueli tloubt a* tn tin' result of Hie <l.-c
tlnn In Hil-HUI.'on VOTMBb?' B, Tba signs all i?oliit to
lIutiex'H l_S_rf-, iiml ttbuut tho only question ls tis to the
size nf Mr. BoBtaaaa-B majority. Ou every aldo are found
Dssaoerata anti Hcpublleain who formerly supported
ll Ttl. r, openly avowing their (UterinlliHtlon to vote fur
lioblii-nii, and in immy h___BSS BBB?tal loriner friends
are actively working against his re Sleet?_
Colonel-, a prominent Democrat, mud to a reporter
tm. H ituinlay night, when anketl an t? )dn aa__m about
Butteria saeeessi " flomaal Bulba *BbmhwmI Wny, tay
dear tallow, bs w_ be in tho minority over 20,000 votes
WBS?1 tbs .-bit ti -ii n tunis HS all in."
" How is t ma i" wiw aaBad. ?? Ittaeaght you Deososrata
wei.--mc ,,r his election by a good plurality. What has
ho suddenly Bbanged your uiiiul I"
" My ml.ni i-t not ebaaged in aay roapoot regarding bim.
I am a dyed lu-the iv,.itl Desaowat I was born lu that
filth. BBd in ths lifll.-f ..f the dn.-t rim-, of 1 bat purry Twill
die1 bal I am m.t, nor was I aver, a Baller man. It ls
true llial I roted and ivnrkcd tot lils election last full be
aaeae he wae notataaa*sl by tay party, .-mil 1 Imtlsiud it
mi duty f. 1 work for our ci 11. li, lit .. laSBBO loVOT of Hie
b.ui. i.nd I tell you lt wa* a IiI'I.t potion
t<> swallow winn 1 secspted his nomination and pledged
mj - r. lr- sin ids behalf, N*. nv lt I.s. 11 ii'. n nt Thl* ls nerti leal
ID f.T the l>. inni-iatle patty. Minmi.I ba I.beted
tim fail, be wunhl, in his p_ati_?_ mann* r, appeal be
to ? ? the Democratic Oonreouon aad d an ind tba nomln 1
II ..ii Usc Ti.'.-Lieut of the Halted Bul ?-. Bia demand
wi.ni.1, of ooorse, be damed ; sod be, arith John Kelly, of
New York, and ..thers, would then bolt, and, running <>n
un Independent ttoket, beeome s second Breckler?ge,
Bad throw \ 1. tory once more to the opposite 1 arty, I tall
you tba sl'iiathm ls tOQ crave to admit Of
any midi shanes | ami ff you take tho pains to
t .ik with the leading respectable Democrats you win tind
that Um majority of them agree with na in this view-of
Ibe maller. _(lo<* |. H?M ichil*.Tt-> thin
fail, ne hare a bright prospect of i-i.-.t nu,- a Pres?eal
ir. Of course1 Butler's defeat now j.nts him ..ut
nf all r. tl aim lng any Democratic sopport for
il..- Ti.-1,bini ; and, wim a united party, windi we
shouM len have if lu- mixed up In tho matter,
bound to win."
" What do you thin!- the result of his speech* it hun f.u*
a 1"
?'I think that lie has Inlnrsd ?? ry materi?
ally by his atti, k mi Ctilii-,el .-,1.1m rn ai 1 "itu. Hil Hall.
Hi his minti?e In the Identity of two regiments he haa
of t.... bodies of m, n,
while, ir he had if,u correct, he would, perhaps, bare
mil-, ni?le enemies of one. although bis remarks were of
'?I ' Ide bl side with
both ? tl know th. m tobe composed of aa
inn ) men as any like organization sent from this State
"tii.r. Trui lt ls I : rah* s- were tii
like.l in other regimen? on account of their manner,
; bul wii.-n called upon to tight th.-y
d, ! :., :.... , is re. ont. ,i where
.ared the a bite feather.
1 ' In, in waa .mir lg. oil.-, 11* no
braver officer ever led his men to b ittle. Hut it ls u
fm m- to t Uk further on this mtijei t. as my opinions ure
toity ..| tn_??n with those contained In the never ,1 letters
from. .:eii were published the day following
iii.--ie., h. 1 have no more to say now upon the ques?
tion) bullet me advise lou. If yin hiw-'ai, beta on
Butler, !? in; for he will be da?
te .1' '1 ??? ",' 20,000 ??
HI- I INGRAM?E OF Till Comm RCS ..r li ISTOB.
[Bl .. LBOBAI li IO lill, lunn SB.]
ll.1-1 >B, Oct, 21.?There is probably nor en?
nuin nt public man In the country who mah iso
many misstatements, either from Ignorance or wtlfolly,
n ? *iei .-r.il Hull. ir. For Instance, on Baturday, tn one of
bis three speeches, while endeavoring i" belittle Boston
elna that ber forebra corni -1' aaa tailing oC be
?lld thal there were only two lim ? ol -team
theoeeaofrom tbUport Th-> mitti ts Beaten I 1
m l the I?ytsad Itaea te Liverpool.
:ii'- lui" I" I..e ,l,ii. Villi,'s ami un- Ac-,,,,r Uni-to
toa'* lo Hull, itel In w Inter the Allan I."v. r
? .-.ni itue, bealdes aformiirhtly
lim- from Antwerp, and n mal* nt itiiaimiis from vsirlout
l.ll. FATHBB'8 Vl-ir TO 11?JXOIS?STILL li.tl'isu
lil m ir 1- 1.-. nu* n.yin TBAOK.
(IV Tl I : ..I! UTI TO Tilt: THIIll M . 1
Si. I., ri-, (i. it. 21.?Th.- st..ry nf the finding
if ? in w . l. w to tin- (Titullu Boss lui-t.ii comes fun..
I.,l WardSVtlle, 111. where a convict milne. I linne Hy, l.l-t
sentenced lo the penitentiary, la aaa- te have valuable
fae? in hi- Yesterday Mr. Boss eras han
under aa Besomed Basse, and, being sailed u|.byass*
porter, ?..dd:
" some months ago] received ab tier' atlng
min,I'll, Hanoi-, slating thal n i rl.nliial tiler.- lt el nil.-red
ik. Hie in t. e of his liberty tn tell where Chart? MMjdhS
found. I paid no ntteiitii.il to the matter, bul reosatif
une Donnell) wssarrest* dal BdwaidavtUi ,aad told8tat-1
Attorney Yeager aad William Price* au amati nrdetet tue,
thit be knew somet hlag shoat cn.nu. Bose Hr."!
WTO? BM lo tome Went nt ..nee.
Mr. I'rl.e BBB? tO -""' BBO '.nd narrated MSeOBVBBBB>
fl,,.i. arith Donnelly, aad there wen- rireauiBl meaa which
nun in.??'.I in- that Hnre uiti-t be Home co-ineetlim 1h*
. in i tba barglara Koa Uer m.. l ii.mgi.isi,
who, while iiytng, Bonfeaasd to have kidnapped th*
Boy, lief.', eu, es were Ut,ide til fl -lu W III, ll e.nilli BOl
I,.tie bi ell obl.titl. d flolll lii'Wrtpapeit,. FriOS thought be
| and Ililli Hie boy from DoaBeUy*a description of
Biters bs waa Bbleb was with tntae negroes at
i ? ,, be - f nol on thc teun li, bul re>
turned, aud, showing ? pistol.?ol In hi- arm, claimed
I,, bara baal a tight with the Meroe*. Il
baa -inee been ascertained thal thia wan
a falsehood and thal he nh.>t bin?elf i and, now lt In*/.
.. nvi i.al ili.tt Donni ll) ubi.lined ;.is, ou
li >n from nnothei convict, who has bet ti -? tu, i I we BM
i ..und. ul that al last we are im the right track."
EH. li I ML \ " '? ' V DROWNED.
rna FBoviBCBTuwa ii-... . vuibtaravca uv*
I'K.iVIN'.T K.WN. UaaS., Oct. -1.?A ll.-UVV
.thees! aqnall straoh the hali?ig fleet off talsport tost
night, se.,iii u-s.Ts. are reported to have lost mBm
Bobbi aad doriea. las asheoaer W? ii. Y. Hackett lost a
-.t lin' bout emita laing four men, but the ne-ii wit- pl.kc.I
up mid lamb .1 lu re. The tn-honner Helen M. Cosby, ol
Oloocester, lo-t eight men and aeetaeboal sad dory, t'p
to c. o'.-lock this .oviitiig not?ag luul bees beard from
the mea aad lt ti feared Ikey wara all drowned, though
they may have bi -en picked up by sonm of IBO v.wsols
anchored oats?mb. Hmm men BU talons; on tbe Caps.
The sohooner 8. C. Noyes oame iu collis!ou with another
i.-s.-i. and did rame damage. Tbe sci.ncr Lucy K.
ie,\ ran int,.Small's ii-sii irelr,aamaajngBoaoooraeoO,
sin- wa* hauled out this morning bj the meamet i.'.mc
trllow. Two hundred aad tftyluhermes aro la tbe har*
bur to-day.
-+ -
HrirAi.o, Oct 21.?The body *>f a weD
i young lady wu<* found bi tbe Kiagara River te.
day. The body has not yet been 1.1. iitill'-d. A mystery
ntl. i nundi* the BBSS,
THE MILD; R ol' Zo li A BURNS.
CaiCkOO, Oct. 21.?The Coroner from Lin?
coln, m., who arrived hem ii.?t algbl with
the btn-gy-whlp ami part of the h.irne->s
Mnngliig Io 0. A. Carpenter, (dallied with what
la nippoMd te bs lbs blood <>f tba mardi rad giri,
/.ora Bama, retaraed home to-ol gat, leavta
tin- iiiTi.Tes with u BhaaaM tor m_lyato. Tue chemist
BBJS he has only given the s. obs a ciir-nry exiimlita
tl.ui, ami that Hiey apliei.r to be IiIo.mI. T. S
analysis will not be oomph-Bed before the ml?Ile of the
week. No new developments were ro|.si to-day
from the scene of the tragedy. A di paton to
Tha Intrr-Oet*ia advance* tbe theory thal the -inn- may
be tobaccojilb"<', as C'arpeittei- ls an linet.-rate chewer.
i ur. STEAMER decay ag mn nd.
Ai.ham, O.t. '-M.?The steamer Drew, ol' tho
lb-t.plc'H Line, was blown on to ?> ?'?"'. S B__ south of thin
etty, winAa aa bar mtny te Baw-Tort last night, ami ail
.Holts to let her off ba\e thus fair prov ed ill.-llc e?flll.
Berpaaaeagerawereaaatl iMew-Yotkaa a ?i.taltra?i
.at the Weal shore road this Morning, and bar treight wa*
... m io this etty on barges. Tbev_aol is m.i baueredte
be injured. _
" .lem'' Mace .inii "llaiiy" MonitagttB will
sall for laiglaud l.i-uiDirow by U.t* (iregnu, to ba fans len
Winn lu.-' r.'iuiu litey will Joiu i'ox's coiubli?
lion iud luakc ll lull of lu. . uiiiul j .
*-*-AOO0l__ I D ' V MISS fl BBT.
The pier at tho foot ni west Twenty-seeond-st.
is not an inviting place at any time, anti yesterday
morning ut half-past 5 o'clock it waaeaBB8__b/
cheerless. A flteuin Tntr chartered by Mr. Abbey
was lying alongside, the pier, and a few of Mr.
Abbey's guests, who ha*l either sat np all night or
arisen in tin- mmuM hours, were disposed in slumber
.ms attitudes about the cabin. In a few minuteo
the order to start wa* given, the moorings were
east loose, and the Isiat was headed down the hay.
Tlie party on board waa galvanized into Midden
life by the sound of sweet music pince.-ding from a
picked body of members of the new Opera House
on bout ra. Mr. Abbey for once cast aside bis man?
age ri al cares and chatted to his friends _ Signor
Viauesi explained baw aeeeaaaiv it ind Bsa a ba altbb
tho construction ol tl..- bcbb?B?a ; MawBag?b
Marks dozed ina corm-r with lin- hum:' ? of his
iiiiihrella fur a pillow ; Marcus Meyer hid inside a
hage ulster, while a tali, fair boarded bbbb. bbb
was Mi'. Irving's right Bani man, Bram Stoker, ami
ti short, gray-bearded man, win. vsas.lt *~ pg Hatton,
moved about saying pleasant tilings to every BB?
noan tbe ananiaa af ta? paddles stopp.ii, _m baud
buist Into the appropriate ?** Qed Sava tin- ? ?u- .?u,*t
a rush was mad.- mr tin- appa* ia* k. and .tlc- lingo
bulk of the Britannia lowered above tba tiny tug.
A gang-plank whs put out, giving
way to th,. \)ltr steamer, hut nV BMBBN.tiotl
fro-n one to unotliei was st'-rnly .1-tiied, as tho
doctor had not yet _ ..',? Iii, B-Mai-B-OB. 'I'll.- bul?
warks \s. ..; hneil viitl. cirlv-rising paBBBBBjaBBb bul
milln r Mr. Irving nor Miss IV rr, BIM BBBB ?<?? ii.
J. li.l.'tiple-ton laineinit and threw | p.nkagoi.f
papBBB tO Mr. Abbey; vv hi n t.ucl.on. .1 as lu Mr.
Irving he linnie a gesture denoting shaving, and
disappeared. Augustus fkbell caine ap aad wi i
Ins li uni to soine fi ianda on tin- tug ; lint still nu
Mr. Irving. Tin-steam jraeht .oomBite eaaaa in
sight andu boat pal BB?from ln-r, whleh aa it drew
mar waa asea to c.main Lawrence Barratt Mal
William J. r'lorenee.d.-put.-d, as w , .,1 i Monti u io
Marks, to receive the l.ngl sh aclt.r in the nun --f
the LotoeClub.
_zpeeta_0B tingan t? wan.-, and hardly aay one
tba lookout, when a tal', span- man, bah?ad
li a abort blue pilot-cloth overcoat ami
vvaring a bioa.l-l.rimmel soft f-ll hat,
walked quietly, witji a peculiar springy -
up to th.- taffrail and leaned over. I
brimmed hat was a.. u to overshadow :i peculiarly
striking la,.-. Long gi ay hair, thrown .ir.
bach behind the ears, ctoen-ehaven features re?
markable for their delleata refluent* -.t, anit* il arith
the suggest?a of ririk fore, sad a pair of eyas
i patnasd mi vth" nither bob__m Beea.eosB>
liint.i to remove any lingering doobl that it waa
Henry living, tho gr.-aie-it living ? ;,tr.
bf r. Irving looked al the erowd gathered ea the
pad-ll, -bo*:, and a glimmer of a aaaila lit np his
i and intensified the peculiar dil pl. ii ;he
lower lip bb he aaw li" was unnoticed save bj the
" ('.M?d-mortiing, llr.uu," said be, ad?re * .- Mr,
ari " where is Mr. Abbey t"
Wt : i ' I ?.M nc*.
Then the (act of hi- pre ii,. '? ta.i
taneoualy known. Mr. Abbey obbm tu-bing up
(rom ind.nv stans, a miniature piece of arl
.ff with a pop, th-- band played a third edit bbb
a tbi yueen," vvinie hats wan waved
and a simultaneous "Welcome to An.. i ?
; an tba oeeupaata of the tug. Mr. Irv! - - (ace
Bushed with pleasure, ami despite Mi. .-'"l.t-r'a
1 , i.,' ol'" fun imi'iL do it; t's bb?luaB tba
law," bs etounbaaed with bsjlab Bgilit] over tho
I, ran down tba -
ahabiag banda a Ith hi- aid (Heads and hi big Intra-.
daced t>. his t).-iv. h.. bad hardlj aekuowledgad
tho many saint.it;..ns wi,eu Mr. Ba -??i'b
Mr. Floreuoe had clambered ob board lb? geaaaag
(rom tba otbar ride, appeared attbeepot Mr living
bad just left. Mr. Irving caught sight ol Mc Har?
li u .m.i bast?j retraced hla elope. [_stwoacteaa
gi . pad hands warmly and stood 1. ?? aslante haa
to face. I heir pin liles w.-re thrown into -:.ai;. re?
lic l' a.- i: list tba leaden .-ky ami made estriking ca.
nit. H..th are typha? seton* teems bal tho
r.ugiirlnnaii's aaaased tba Baan sasmttirs and
in,i.i, i of til, twa, Mr. TL.re...e followed Mr. Har?
ri ti in extending the hand of fellowship, and the
three w slked up and iou u the deck of th tte laser
urtu in ann. I n" occupants ni Ibo tug then be IB?ad
tne steamer and Mr. Irving disappeared below. Aa
Mr. Barrett had a ipec-ial iM-i..iit allowina tl
h.,ikat.,.u <>f tba vialtor, the Knaemiss waa brough!
alongside, and one.- aaotte Mr. Abbe) BBdhisgaaal
changed tin ii quart* is, this t
?elvt - bi i In-, a,..!, i^ius , at ht.
Affei a brief interval, aad |UagaB tia*- lint annie
herself waa preparing tn asovo ap tba Bay, i pro?
cession headed bj Mr. Abbey caaae along
tick. On Mc Barrett's arni 'ina
yell., iv Bernhardt glove,.. lu, ii belonged to one of tba
i,- it-knots ii - a ;li ? d..>. 'I .. i
tatty, As sin- stepped with a prwl.tb ibud r
over tho swaying planh apoa tho yacht _?.showed
herself poaBBBSad "I a iii.i-k.d individual.l>. ll.*
di.-.s eon lated of a dark greeulsh-browa eloth
wrap, lin.il Inride wi ci a jieciili.ir sh kde of rd: tbe
lunar dress, giri -it tba waist with a red, ls seary
folded saab, aaeaued a rmninternnns of Boase lg
e.utli century portrait, b bite tba delicate eomplas*
iou cnight ii ]..-> r.Tl-itioii fi'.-ui tin- Im ? tl.im<
eotoredred lear! tied in a hon ai tba Beek. The
face itself is a p.villi.ir oin*. TbOBgb BOt hy ?**">li
uary ..mons b.-autii.il, it is neve?belem one to ha
remeinbered and mema to have been nwd lied ea
thal ot aoarn pre-Kaphaelitish sslul .. ?!? 4
heightened by the aureole of Baft golden bair ea*
capiug fi mi under tba plain brewa atraw
ami brown velvet hat. Her only ornament
was a lurg', ela,...iuii-l.v-chased mI-.t p. rn il
ca.su hanging DRBB a deli, ale silver . lia ni
round tba aeuk. Mise Terry easmamced hmraelf at
the stern of tbe rem.1. hm gulden bah Ireamiag
in the itie.-.e, vv bili- -In- UMghed and seemed le sa>
j,iv- heisell Ilk--ii i ...mg Biri.
Mr. liv ing -tay I In the cabin talking to tu-I one
and then another, and then to tbe corapau) genee>
ally, his health aud welcome to Ann inn having
meanw hilt- been drank with all honors. Mr. Irv mg
siniwisl luiiiM-lf a ready and clever convai?*4i*msl?
i-t, tin- v my ing mea ni ni; of bia phi?km being < un
oualy mirrored as it a rein hto mobile faro. At tu..***
lal -ai re a a - expressed Ut a ot .,i p
which struck 1.ie like a whip-laah. llesooufor*.
sook the i lllilll, bowcul. unit Mood "U
Hie pil.il-ii.in.se c.lg.'liv Bl aiming lin- leat
aree of the bay and tbe tondumrka of tba
cit.. whleh li" -md strut k hun al lirst
ing au almost Oriental look awl ruuindiag
F Ina holiday apeut on thc Mediterranean At
teat the dook waa reached, the party dieembarl 1
aud found earring?i wai?tlg to receive them. Mr.
liv ing and Mis.s I. >iy tim ve hi-i t?. the \i Ii t<
rici io paaa their baggage ami tbeu lo tbe Br*
[louse, where rooina bad beeu engaged bi Mr.
St,.Ive Mr. irving nnd Mi-s lei iv -.'-ut i lu-if?
ni.under ol the day at the hotel iiii'1 nu?
merous visitors.
A TALK Wt Ml Hil' a.-rult.
Mr. Irving ooaveansd wtt_ a raiBi tnt raporteg tea>
moil lately on his arrival and altos wald at bte hot.-l.
lie said :
" We had a not unpleasant passage, though it
?i ,- extreenelj rsngh tel tin- tsai thn-s
days. Hie p.i-s.-ngeis ali sutlered, but tho
steerage paBBBBajaaB especially wen- terribly
pio.stiaied, ami their BBB-rings wen- pain?
ful to witness, ll was my lirst voyage across the
A l.iiittc, BB yOB I-now. but I BBB not BBBBBB} IB I !'
iug, as lanes hi I a delightful trip down lin- M?d
iieiraiitmi. llciore we started both Miss terry and
myself WBBB BBBBfaBtedy worn out, Miss Terry, In
lint, halal .|i.ite ill fr?un over-work ; but for my?
self I can say thnt I fed a new uiuii and I think her
looks show t hut sh** i.s completely mov-id.
" What chu I say about this long luok.-d-forwaril
to visit of mina to your country I I . .m only say
that 1 have the most ylei-uiablo of autiL-ipatlona

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