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{ind, I may any. tbaasaet hopeful niuo. I do not
ooh asea America aa ? foreign country, for we are
one in language ami almost in sentiment nre wi?
no! t Whenever one of your acton tours tn us bit
is received with open anna, and Judgadou his merits
alone; his nationality. 1 Basan you, not being
taken into a. t. nut in any way. I fl ci, on the othci
hand, that the Batar, treatment will be accorded me
at vniir banda.1*
"Ju it hiiion to those sctsrrs.yon ua.nraily Baw
mon t I Mr. Booth than any ether, did you not?"
" Wb v, viss ol ililli*. W e Beted t'.get her. hs you
know, iiml I never played snsh a siM-oeasrul two
weakstaisaylife. Ths prices were raised and the
?matre waa literaUi packe*- 1 have the highest
apasneiation .d Mt. U -otha genius, mid think that
a i-ircciaiinii ta -hin-l by ray eonnirymen at larg.-,
ld?. t .'- ti i ' c ea o i a 1 th nk.u u ii itedly Bibs
i?mr.and i nt aaaktemoetaiieoeaafu i .parao_atkm
in K.igi iml, -' i s*itli.4 ? to the pnblicaudthc antics."
??Ii was cabled hera that his .','kaela*-was ra
le-Afd mun- favorably."
"1 am surprised to near that. 'Richelieu'ls not
a popular p.ay In Knglnnd, and it did Bot strike me
tbal it t<*ok a - well ns his Uhaheapeai ian parts.''
"terjkakes -earsmureappraoiai 4 tban formerly
in Knc,ami r
"Innnitely more so. Any ador, if his reputation
is at all Iii;? fi. who plays a Shakespearian part, will
draw gi. ni h ,i es. Some vars age a canstia mau?
HUels.ltl that - ,!.,keis;ieuTt' Spell baukl npU'.V ; iiow
adaysitsp* s. I'his is due, I think, in some
in -.imho, to the prevalence ol bhake-speare clubs,
a.id tue gre.Uer extent to B inch lie is read by I he
public \\ itiou ago. bo one read t
spe.ne; people went to see fa u tcted, it ia true, but
Bowed ays tiiey read him and thea want to sea him
?? \Vli;ii is your lav.,cte part f"
" H* I 1 y ; bul I lind i' the most f.i
tlgui 1 i" n t feel the Beets ol i
that to a mark I -i ? ne. Uah ."-, in I be
BX. rt ion, i bo l| u I an,on
thestageii ? I ie tune, io-is XI. is a favo
? I'M. ti mu:- . i ti"U_.. il i-. a ? md v i.tt.iist.
I nae Mr. li ? v im.but. strange to suv,
le baa not yoi toiil m. now lougiit toact it. 1 have
ne doubt he w ll, iii uigb perhaps the old King with
a tine lu ..gm womd bo too niue- of a novelty, ti
cieau.:. however, ia a very clever man, and you
uiusi md lake ii e quite iu ?Minuet."
di dram vile ai: in im.i.a i>.
"Are y.'ii s .1; i. d iv of .Uuniallc alt
in l.nglaud I"
- How ean an artist ever be i tistk-dl I feel glad
le think that in tbe last few yean much bas been
d me to raise t.n- pro!, -sion iu mi. ia. .standing and
public estimation, but al the sauia tune lhere ara
many grave ami si Olia evils, J, i iv inch 1 fail to BM
a epeedy eura, Ifoa suffer, I understand, ia your
c..unti.i from the abolition of the stock companies
S 'ii-cijucut ..ii ibe introduction of what you oall
i ne ? i mob?tation sv.st.-ii).' ni da we; only we eal]
lt the'alar sytitian In the last generation every
provan .u, town ol importance bad its Block com?
pany, anti the BUM 1 Ll on. - vv .iv nu a ' t ii nit' aud
wi re visiit ti .it r.g,....r intervale tea a period of se
?-i.il months by tu. regular conipiiiiy. A star set
ant ti-oin Loutit.u anti at every place be visited
lound .1 well-trained company to support him. They
knew theil business, om- rehearsal waa sufficient,
iu.?i a round of playa waa gooe through. Ima
those stock cou.i>..ii.cs Um ne lin) o .tan th a e<>
drew then re.nu.s. A niau..g.r vu ni the 1> untls,
noni i.ivt-ip ?., t...,1., ?_.,". ,,i bom i.ii-itii to mr
??' a . , sel i tel tlie prt.uii-.iiig young men.
If they failed in London thai went bach to tbs
ju..v..a e.-, ii io,-, _iceeeded they themselves, per
i_pa, became stars, rims _dtuuud Kean was made,
tuns Kt inbie iin.i lillis >, oung. .Now all tin- i- altered.
There is no school i<u young acton, and they uiver
gt t a i lian. ?? of playius iu?? rsih.-.l puris."
?'I'oyou th_? too much attention la paid to
scenic effects *"
*' No, 1 .io not. I have Mikapa myself fallen under
this ace neat ina, but I taxi to eec its* fame. 1 aim not
at aped ac ul ar, but ut harmonious, effect; stage
liu'liitiig and groaning a n-of more consequence than
at seery, though i tool that, without descending to
minute realism, the nearer one approaches the truth
the better. If you have to abow New-York, don't
paint Saint Giles's, Lsmdou, and vic rena : bul all
the Beanery aud al) tbe elaborate mounting in the
world will not ot themselves make a success. You
Banal have aomethini more, and that tbe actor alone
can supply oi fail to supply. I may say while upon
th?subject that I fear you will be disappointed in
my scenery, lt seems that yov. an all expecting
Bometlaius: very elaborate, Nov., tins ja not tm
case, ju'!;,,? Bella,'for instance, then are only
three scenes?two conutry inn interiors and s c ?urt
room. ' thu ns I.' also cai- (or little scenic dis?
play. Tb* ni"-! elaborate setting level hail v.as
for 'Romeo and Juliet,'bul ih.it vs.,sii,,t ,
success artist cally, lam :. I the man toplaj
_B_B". and should have intiaitely urelernd er
eui.u, hail i neill ubia to SO cast lt; bul ll via- im?
"What do yon think is the sect of successful
stage tuanag< uient f"
" Un, 1'iii.eimt??, and attention to details, lt is t ba
little touch, in pei. .-i.i i..., ul itself, pei imps, io the
audience, whleh reallj tells. Ju?1 ;is an authoi
drafts his rough idea, then, on re-working it. adds
u Li. h mal
work of art, so bi r io bocontinu*
ally polishing and touchiug np his conception, lon
leiiit i.iixi aislet's criticism on theplaj 1 Ibero is
aline lull which I think might be adopted with
advantage aa ins m..un by even eetoi a-nl by
every manager? Anhonesl method, aa wholesome
aa sweet, aud by very much mon handsome than
line.' 'linie you have it?au bones! method,not
tim- cuber with the linen em of extravagance ot
??c ligality, bul haudsome."
'" Much nat ' b os to the thorin guncat*
of your .?'? n '.1 am mon than
I- .1 tn h* ,n a. 1.1 l. nu wit.iou! vit.mv ? ii. thal
atrivo with all my miaul lo be paiusiakin'
thorough, tdr. hootb paid me a n Ucompiimoul
when ;.e rn ia , , bundo i. li- ? ,l bi bad nev* i tal
ont a tell, ai-.t. k? fore, bul thal from onm be could
not tear bili?elf away. After his former experience
he said it was a nvelation to him.''
" Whit li flo you i om?it r the most i?it< lligenl por?
tion ot youl audiences in England t"
?*Well, 1 eau only saj thal 1 attach tlie most
value to my pit. Like ever) other actor, applause ia
la ta me aa bieath of m> nostril- VVaa it uot youi
own l'oin-i viiio stopped in tbe middle of a per?
formance and said he wonld not ko on anless in
au.liem e applauded! Bo it is with us alL Noa
the oi eupauu ol the stalls lu England may appro
eiate, bat for soine n aaou or another they prefer to
keep that appreciation to themsel. Ine gallery
istnol.il a iv av to help one n in h. nml it is blt to
the jut lo give thal i ncouragemeql ije nndsoneoes
i-i.iv and bravely they give it, too, if it is in any
way (lesei vt .i."
a Ki vv v. OBXH i rom BIBS 11 RBT.
M a Terry was al.sn by the reporter. "lam
so ?-.\ IfeelmDabl. thing worth
tbs s c. bi -? aid -he. " I am delighted to be in Amer?
ica, but whai a wrench it was to leave horns for thc
first time! | wasqniteill when I started bul the
\ ? ? bas restored n e wonderfully."
iking ol ber rapid rise lu ber professioi
**aitl: "1 neverwiabedforauythiugthal 1 did nol
seem to gel it. often nol altonetnei lui my ..\\ n good.
Yean ago I need to heir to piny Shakespearian
lian-, ami now my wi-l> _ gntibed; yel so Incou
M-tt ul un we thal 1 sometimos lo k back with re- t
jg-1'-1 to ti,- 1 oilier sli-iit parts of tl,.'
Mr. Irving will be entertained ai a banquet by
the Ls tool .ii', n* \t batu day night.
ACC.I'.**: IB I." i.i>i\ . -ii:.is, BROOK
LYv, DUI' T>> st Pl B li: VHP si AM,
Aa explosion ot a boiler, naniting in tba I.
one lite, oo* linell yeeterday afternoon near tbe
Gewaana Canal, Brooklyn. Tba bolter *
upright, tubular ..ne, of twenty-horss power, ia
l ua'a moulding milla, at Nevins and li.titi.' sis.
It stood -ii a .li.i .ug sin ,1 and the steam from it was
need in kilns for seasoning timber. For this poi
foam, u was kepi going on Sunday. Shortly alter
noon yesterday Charles Bmitk, the engineer In
charge of it, went away tO duiner, leaving it To
ic ol Nu-1.ol as i.i-k, the iv at, ninan. It ls sop.
t bat he allowed the water to gel too tow, tot
at 2:90 o'clock the boiler exploded with terrific
loi.e, killing l.isk, demolishing the drying shed,
and sending huge masses of non 300 and 400 feel
noise of the explosion rould bc heard dla
linet ly foi half a mile, and the bouses in t be v loin
re si ia kci i. I.i -k was foii ii ti iib, mt twenty-five
feet from the site of thc boiler, horribly mangled.
Ile was th ad wb. u picked up. All around him wen
Bhait.ntl boards and timben sud rent fragments
of iron. A pie.cot" the boiler weighing* 4 H3 pounds
waa thrown an entire block sud rrs ? >! Into tbe
aids of ibe boot shop of Tliomss Stepliensoa.at
ami Baltic ats. another piece was throw n 300
into tin- lumber yard of Boas ? Son, ai Nevin-, and
jbuthi >ts. (Mhei pieces went Uses distances.
_ad it been ob any other dav that) sunday a
much greater loss oj life would have occurred. As
it was the only man in danger was Uah. His borne
.! No. v.m Waru-n-st. Be waa one of tba per*
who escaped from the Brooklyn Theatre on
i nu ber 5,1876, when 278 persona perished. He
left a wife and two children. The lon caused by
the explosion was eat ima ted al .-*-'..',"',('.>. Tlie boilei
was insured in the Fidelity and Caaualty Company,
The engined - -ul tin- explosion wa-. im- to ilie.-'i
perhe.it<-d steam caused by the lownem of water
fn the boiler. When last inapeeted tba boiler was
sound ami in good condition. A great throng ol
Eipn- gathered about the aoena ol tbe explu
.fit wasa bundey sensation foi idle men and
js Whose time hung heavily on their li
Pkovipenck, R. I., Oct. 21.?Au iitt'-injit to
vrtx-k tho Worcester passenger ti.du wUob
leaves tkls city at. 9 p. iu. was made last
Bight. A 6leci?er neeureit eu the track was
41?eoveii*<l by thei-nglniscr on ? frc.iilil t. -i on emmthat
Brx-k, sud the danger signal wtm given. Ths pmMenge*
train struck Di'- "i.flnicnoii, but uot wita siutk-itut foroo
to cause serious u__iIBB.
The Rev. Robert fullyer preached last night at
beChureh Of the IfeSS?? BB "Marriage and Di?
eu >?," and the large and attentive audience which
atht.rcd lo heat hun furnished additional evidence
f the profound public interest which is fell in tho
ul.j. ct of divorce, and which has boen lnrgcly
wakened hy recently published articles in lui:
iiiiiim:. Mr. Collyer took for his text Exedns
x. 14, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Ile
poke in part us follows:
The question of niau! ure and divorce ls one on which
0 mlnlst* r . an BS BUenl who will watch the drift of onr
loders ltfa Bl tillB good land o* ours, and Bete, M ho
lust, bon < asilT the moot saei'Ml promise ls broken a
ian and wsmaa ssa make sean te t_ oilier. Wo must
eh tan as Httaa af the maniaaa aatvles if we cando
Obetter, and make room, as I have Bl en BBB?I to do
net, fo: t Bia Play of this ribald fancy, or ugly fear, as
beeaaaami ix*, and iiiVcad of saying " 80 long ns ye
.t.tli chall live," say "Ss loner as lt suits you to d? so."
In teaching this qticl.on lt will be of no use fo
1 b tba (Beta and figures that ootne. to us from all quar
ers to show how th- greata?- ls growlag tresa ysmr to
-. ar.aiid bow ?_ aurea leapfaaa_ujthreagh tba baaaesef
mi nat: .n niid innyi.no dav sap IBS I" ni l.u lon.- of its
ile. For von must haw notl. ,-,1 Unit the
-ill lu not confli.t-d to the frs?Ber, _ ls the
ind ball vvi'.l greet lt la here in the
: ist which Baa oom*, ara ii;: .-'ne, t,. j ear. af discretion,
ind hi,..nhl knew By tidal In t a bal ti. _ things me.m. li u
i return to a lower and a meaner hie. i?.th civil aad nil
? ??;. li tbtag done, eave tot reaaoaaaacred aa
leaven or cinel a.- ie'i. tn b ti..vu of a IBsbbbihI
B "I1," little pil-e.l t-pwk III L'.tr
tered fruit, whleh eating Inward slowly moulders nil.''
rite thine ls done for som. li ir hi rsaaoa wbb hsheold ?
aetgh fm a bm_mal wmi those who takeeaeh mber for
i Uer and worse. TBon aaoti rnaaona 1 I BBka
a-ni on oi hers who ti.m'l emt along tog et Ber anita ai
ixpoeted abeu tba days wars not leageoeagk fm 'Mem
to talk of th< ir Impendlag fell.div, or I lu .r inolhcr league
tied easagt te Bapply lerms or aaatmumeat?aBpaelaHy if
i n ir odooatloB laeladed tba iteaa_ Be thej ts-in rn
!..,.k ask un ?? at tin vokBtbej thought arm te bealwaya
Cupid's twa bouad about with reaea, and le aa] ls their
Searls "I Bats t>> think ol it, but if we eaa_ot
bs t? erich other what an have lw*en we had better part,"
ale! linn, a- UM lii-i Step, tu plot lol such a |.arlina.
i vii. cti.v -: y. ? i i s. iii v r rou w div. us.B.
IK) tiley know what they aio about--tl,I* niau and
woman, winn they diilt toward such dlsirrnce and shim:, f
li , ii e kiinw vvhat we ure iiliont when we. make light of
;t. anti welt om,'ti..-in willi sn,iles winn th.;, SSSSS aiid
-ny, "We have tumid another man or won.un to our mind
and want von to marry us imnln"! They prove liy
-ie h a -lip, (Ut mo not miine tba
matter Bad pick my ui,rd-i. thal lt was
BO true marriage thev adveat_reO on Im fore; thnt
tin y twain wire not one at all bal twa, and, tai a for UM
law, vv l h may -till proteet them, their lunoeeut children,
if tiit-v bara any, are aol tine born okildren. And we
wi o arc set to guard thees sanctities of nature und ..f
loni, nay I'.' nar aiTiou, '-That ls all 1 pre
nuance the benediction on what they have .lt.nc when
th. v conn' 00 the sumo errand Mala. This la t l
timi great fatality i ths second i? as bad or worse.
The new generation begtns to ooaal marriage a m.it ..'
itoiickiiiK I"'liday, niMiiit which thev need f-. l no neat
ran. t rn, bet?as*, f tba) do uot Uki-ii, they ai.-" can taree
ntt th? yoke mid i un (roe
I note nutt- more thal in the discussion of this qaeatloB,
11 ir in unit vein out. three remedies arc prop..-, il fur rds
itliJOBSfl Thc lit si I.- thal Ibis ls a Ira.' In-tlml which leads
ineil and num. n to st ck a lamed! hi the divan..
...uri, when they Udah thai ure nuamated, and "tart
.-I si.mt snebwu a? I bara painted out; and thal
any ethel course woura be nawortaj tlioae wbo dare to
think for then..selves and make that which s.
straight, lint i s.tv this ls free lore over again under a
v.iy poor mask. 1 know vcr}' vi.ll there mai tie a mar?
ring*! ' st lt ls more aa_ed fo dissolve than toni .lulah.
a marriage which ls not only haprlnonnw-i.l
fur IBS iii it dungeon, i.nt impels..mn. ni viitn
lorUl -. Bul thu! ha- ii..tiling to do with lin- easy*
s ','. hi, il HI . illl'l
shan.,- of our land and nation. Th j mean, at tho bent,
? . worst li ii
? better. Th*) mean, ai tbe Bot -t, *
lo ll line.
The -ciniid reiiie.lv i- to "bear I ' ireh." This
m. n like lb*' preacher In Tr lilt.! ('li
ni .md ' T I think that In ?
looking a', ti.is que*tlon thej al?
uin,un sud ti,-' pow. i to i?t .ree it.
nut v,,u .-"I work WoOiten* ol ic,I nnd evil.
and ara mn io .i > '..,: ?? B i hara bo
Chun h. m.,I i trust n. v. i _<all have. Tam wml.l In?
bud enough ol thai, and will have i i more In our time.
ir cnunT-'s of the refonned faith and communion
c.ill tie ' a say WC ll III li ?: ? ?
ev l-i ).-:
.... hurt.
I -I ile a revolution by stern!) *n
sist?g .rn ti." -a'l.ntyuf the main.i ra tor
i ? -i , mei. ited.
Our ii,'il-' s; it ii i t , I nt
puliuve forci ol public \ui?:?-. li i ? -
grown -lu.'.-i-i. and stagnanl In 8 i
linnie I li., t divorc* h.u- cullie lu he shout as
? ae lin noni
tn il.!-.-Ii,ie of ours lt can provide for.? licet
court, iud give tbs cent in .uni ons n t to I
lie n-c to those who are under i .?? |. ?? .- i ,i br
,,t tin un,'.
? on this pu ?
ninny those * bo conic to them w ithout sui ha ll
111. I i im il i: Ml- HY.
Rtill the primal rei.ly for onr tn.ni.lc ilea not tn the
i of tb. Ciiui'-'', ur In m.il Ing law- we sbonhlei ..<i ?
lt they bare no il ? g grip oa tbe pabtle vtrl I
in Braining tba new graerattim to feel how geep
and sacred and enduring th:- m ,l
he, nnd how nu _ mb ba greater
tiii.n to br* sh lt when lt 1
. ?. Whit h i -
a lottery a- thin** nie drifting noa ; hut wi Ile tbi v lol
let', twill heall- will alsO ll-e lh.il' I |M all
vv. ddll iron- Which ii
anti a tell JulIrinei.t.
I it-?ember a weddin* I attended f-ightoen yean
rn .-. leh the young mun waa n soldier J.u?t rom.
the v.,,1-, and the -.vo'n ,Ti WM. ' be lil
mut:,er. lie b -1 ' il-ti tn-l..nl|i and wuliil'v In
wltb her so, tnat I think I nev. , lin tbe
m. 1 tried tu r-' ison arith him, li ?? ?
us.-, and In- wept when I hesitated about it, solgsv* n
tu tin- sui.ii. r*i tears. Tba rad, as 1 s e ll now, mn I
leen tils, i-t. I. I I., Ile V. I li lu l " .li li: -t l.'h!, hill I ,h, I. ,t
Iii- hertel lu ii i mind
? of munt '
?iii. h ha- ripened tS-t., ,. :i,, i t..,,.
vvlieli we hale K'"*?-'t tu in nih,, el alu] v
In mil. Tiiat, I -.i|,, . |M
OW i- li ls ? . .elli: | ;
when ? of ark .t will bap]
appeal - in th
? 1.1- up t
Bul i lie -v.-,i,lit,:- whirl) holt? good foi ., Iii lime i
oin In which both nides know what the.i are about and
; Mild al the luei. bidding
Vaartnir i i I n di* In* < I..ni in lt, h
there i- a di', lue r. aeon tot li In nor bum in eon i tul on,
and i- ol klu to a tn
bindii - lu .-, pu. anti lot Ins nu,en. lr
,1 be, the blt - In
within that un v. bleb w< pi av lui il
, to Ul) m.lal, al
tn, tii-t atep I- t"
th'- I, nut ii mete i a .,c
-, and the -.it of kaine al thal in whit b lt is ni tue
tn.-i iinji.,ri..a, e for tbe play, rs nol to
what con nu i H a TBUE wj;i.i)i ii,
BO '.[ BU that I- ned. ll lo make u lim Wedding hun. I ,
ami reality aad u sw* I and pun
Band amoag tba first ?dags. Wedlock rhymes
sadly indeed with deadlock, If wc arc nut
rory tortaaate ulan wa leave tho qualities out,
Toa truest wedded life caa bloom oolj oat of tbe trues)
iinwe.1T. tl 111.-, and th" m.n inn t tie. ... pun
woman. The women wbo bi -tn h.i thinking whom they
will murry, and cud by wondering Wbo vv ill many the ni,
had belter make up tn. ir minda, I ? the mm- -ai, li
I- nul their vocation. Tm- lulim.' mali who in Uta
on seeing life, as he *a\ l befVire be i, ,
may end by seeing the death of all be wi ii tioldmosi ,i ?,..
elna h ?' '" >' '"? Jusl lbs bul . . t t'.
hold tb sk?eton when you make a hows and win a wife
I bid . on fl.-.- youthful li ir i on
woura vi in the purest and most pt rfcel i. hui ?, caa ? \ ? r
vviii. a ifissl wife amt a ?.?ni home.
ir marriage bolds a noble uml beautiful troth,lt bi
nobb) and beautiful to marry whoa ths true time come*,
ir all trix map hes un- nmtie in Beeves tiny sra most
happy who say, 1 will tiy io bs worthy ou. "t Ibu
matches I li la only to tu.- pure that all tbmgs an-p.nc.
The Hov. Mr. Taintage panned for a mornenl
yt-sleitlay BBBITllag InfoM) BSg?S?Bg his |||IIIOB BB allude
lo Un- pulitlc- t-u tu say i of thc 1!'miklyu Tah, nu. 1 ? I'
appeals I b it there le?or a bi tbs - iii a
Baa sf a Beard sfTraateaa fae?mal iptril rea
Ks?rta foi hanni.a.-. ...1'i.d t> sara imbi ailed, sa the
j, .-tu, ann.uni, .tl thal H tor tl? ' -ri-tlauity WS
have sgmad to iiwaiiow ali tinBBrenesa and thara
will be but om- tick T Iii the ti ld nt '
next Hat inlay, le twe. n *< ami <) p. m." He then simkc
finin first CoriiithliiiiN, Kith clnipl. I, part uf 13th v.i-e
?? fm m..i i i--a a gtaasi ti u*_j, I
to face."
?> You m ist a.imit," sahl he. Mthat, although I?
dark. .hill, aiilniiiiial day, I have agBSd wan. tc\t. old
lu. i.i.diow, my preakaaaf al lhaotogy, ns-.i ia my to tin
BBBBS,"TSSmg m-litletnen, when veil B?Cg?BB BS pivnch.
tir-t >.f al ifet a ir.MMi fut r-xt I' Mast eertalaly thia tem
cont.tlin-iintiiiinTit BM* all oar soul-. Th. BB?Sls t?I
?Bat ftireeflll of hut.ks, hilt this text Wil ll'-**.-* t_B lls
lnissi,,!, I-eeliiR to end. that Ills, at bt-sf, a dim mirror.
Tl.. IS viii!, dtin'eti.>-. I,. ll ?
wm be ebalnafl Bs tbs svaalaslBag tawne. Oarvtewsof
tjt Illili) ne* iii.-dun and ui.-.itl-tf.e tory, but th. t ai '..
cud in a co.npi-'e vision, our slew haas mt Ch?si bis
t-i.le vb w. Iii Heaven we-ht.ll hnv.- a fiill-fiicc piel-i,-, .
There are repr.-.',t, | m tills bSMSBt?MmmiSI
thal we cannot explain. TU? ls not thu world for
ezplanntiou. Tbe time will come when thoee
who huffer here will know why their lot
was hard, and Bartlmeus will thunk 'Jed
that be WM bB?ll I?naru*, that he wis eoieiM with
sui,'-; lianli-L, that he vim rtt?t lulu tile Hon'* dell, sud thr
i.our winnall that uhr got low wagexfoi- makins.- ganaeW?.
'oreverr lear, everv puiic. every boart-aehe. voa will
get tbe wanka af Ooo. I have beard of a great many
maa wheaag whattliev would like io du In lb.nea.
would like to sit with the martyra and ama. look fur
1,1Kb seats. I cannot look forward to anytuliu<
of thnt Und. My o-ily anxiety U lo ge.
BmMethente. f do not look mr n htch sent, t emmet
expect aa high noni- as miine of uiy friends. Pv* bad ll
here and they've had li hard. Thev hive Leen-lek,
whli, i have be* n well. It I- promised that. If yen - if] ? ??
on earth, you shall bc tl.trifled In Reaves, U7e are only
in tin - inoniimi of tba ObrW?H dispensation. Tbe num?
ber ol these who vv ill miss Heaven, who win oommil toni
suicide, ls small compared to those win, will get In, Mo
oni* can be perfectly hnppy here. Happiness?a Bower)
{int h vs Uh the liiiut o' a serpent Rid it g aeiu.-m it. It ht often
waged by a river, bul thara ure no pun river- un earth."
Mr.Baec?erwbb welcomed upon his ntiiiii
ye-i.i.lay tu I'lj meath pulpit, after ali abet BOC of tn.illy
Unee niinitlis. l.y un amIieine l'.Illili ??very pan of the
audi. ne. -ri...tn, tiiativ uf wllntn stood throm-buiit the -.er
viei?-?. rp..ii the p.ii;.it platform Bowen wsw lavtBhly
ria- ebotraeats wen all filled and tbemaala
lo the standard ?nee paM stag Na-panaed
Mr. li ellar lenKell M i! i'la v.iciilmli had
I ii;
Min ill
.,-,,,,1 viith him. end preached a fhari.C.'.U.
i->, ?ii bi. nhl ttme riger an..tem. Before
S-rmoabe referred to the work among 1.Uwed
. n tbs "".Uh WW ;. bs l,:.dl.,t.:v...n.??.l.he
I.. 1..M-1* u.-..ha.*linen tt. Wad. . tl.-*. 1. BB
..,lfe,,,,,,t:un. New.httci
rnellhir-tafterednit:"... Ile i-'.-m-.l .-1- cl di
th. -I "1.,,'l.u.l'l
.",**. .-.ol I. anm np t.v.:,' I
..hoolsandthe normal sci.slnere.
, civilisation. .. _,
C'it eeriann ? ??. Ol*B Vrre. 1**^
___aa of future ur.-. Ia H Mr. Beechar
I -.' ..w.iie omar ma* am I.|
..;eorl,inof,1:er.m..! **^'????wbZ
lotion lt v.ll! i,e wi- tm m te ,t th- w(...'<
? h. Isgrm.n.u, m-l ____!__
TV -..now- and h..!! I * ?' "''' ^
, ntl. all P "'* H" "?"",
? n.ii-is ihe New i. lament pblliMophy rec*
. ;.;,,, of manUia..-iv :?.?-. N" rCidu,, .au**
teaUons ar. needed ir thia la aol ?-? M* ? ???? ?'?? '.
,,??, when the have h. I ? >?? ??*>?. ead
v,? h_r_ nt the beal endel theil _vee,w_l
Mioeeaa, Iii n '" I ' "' '"' , ??
,?..,.. Hvmp .thy. und l,up.';l....in.h, - .tun- 1..".,"-.--uf
life ,,|, _,,.?? I- nutbal BM-I b> pn... ..nd -UBBOtSr, Il.i-n
?J asad ?mmferl sad tsaislstimi, a n-.lc vh-w
? mis a.,.i *i. nay. '??" ?-"???"- ?-**** rr*
.,.,??,,?.? am ntnit-i. LIA bi tl..- beg-olag
1, a comc.lv. bul lt ?'?'I*
-m __r* mm swine to (ut, dtiuk. nnd run
Epienx* ..,.,, ??;.,
*",**, V J., lt -.1' ' t would
' *"',', el, ..ll-rn,,
"', ' ' , i -i- ui-.li iwotrutbs thc ui.iv.j-al love i.u.l
hope. .'',,? idliet t-rnal ?
-VT.'V.'.vM. - I ul '....ian, .h.
-r ",:4r,rt^iv,tv;,;.;;iV,. :i:
&*%*&& , | , .
^T"\l S-rin e l'?..m.-u .... ol
e, ntic luri.lvlu.Ii "'*? M iu ilM |ipt
feUP& lur*^ rn "?*"* ??'*?'
f.?\\, '"" " . , apparatus i"i i?lover
-lei art t. ' , _'
li.-: from tc - - '?"', ,l: ,?/,:?., Nature
.l.v-l.'pn,. I' _i.ll.-d ta IL
tl.... I ?
;'H '" Itriekr.e..
I.',<'Tl.I " ll '." n* " ' . ..
? Wu.'ld
:;, :.' .
on.-*.! of priipii-l '
. for them!
i noll H. " hall ul I
:,'.' ,,Vne iii llieliilni' t
';;'":-' hM.n.u
.,.. mau)
1 L repaired lurev. I Aa 1 '" "'"
hutitli and how mai ) g. " ilious ol ?p|
? , *.i ! I. I 11H.1.-..1. what .
i wei"
u hiv ? '
_>i from ' ''
.,?::,. Ut - lon.
.ni. ...ul..
- TUB MUD L Ol <?.../ i \RlSD.n
.Mun .i-.-n.ii Uapel proachi .i to a 1 itlier Blender
ith in
; .,i vv..u. ?kind." ll- wo
; call nu- bk med," b*
e ii,.-Min.- ol .!? ???"' mt i ls
... thal this due
-. v.'av ii :
,v -ii, i:, ii i- bath ili'in
nv ti.,- iioiy Obs ibe lo Im- .
; ( Vi hat gn : . .t lt
i ' .I.. In ' -. " a be ii -
,;,,!? | J I., fore, oi ? la..-. bas'" bb, m
cm be j th* verj Bon of Ood da riling bi ber, partaking ol
ber own natur. ; admitted to a onion with Deity as uni
m ile bi thal <>r soul and bod] wi il gi ? ? eo lld
li,i ? i r.ni there .. an] " " apoe earth
than the nnlonof mother and childi li la so intimate
thal the but* t partakes even* rt* m.,'li of tbe nature >.r
ormei. Hume persona are shoofced :it tbe words
Mother of Ood, because they Bill not h-ok cloael] at dog
trntha. Thej t iu_ ol * bri i oat) rn .an, and
1 nut aa tbe very God, it wm Ihe v.n Ood which M.ny
i i., ani , cannot possibly lie termed
uti.i t!i:nj lbs Mother el Ood. Imoag ama
: bolder of a dignity ls treat t ii..'
honor belonging to thal dignity. Mai]
t. thc highest ii: n.i.i hy vtrtae ..r the sob she bore.
- fitted to i" lb* M.nh. i of Ood bj ,n endowmeal
I of marvellous virtues. Wo angel eonld compare wltb her,
' and it ww no i. un. h'i thal one saint -I bei with tl ?? ?? ord ?,
, fullof grscst' Vbglatty mm the brightest Jewel
, in hu crown: itu n bumllitj. I he Inc:,mi.ith,a trembled lu
ti,. :,.| ,i,,.. walting for bel lowlj answer. 'Beholdthe
handmaid of Ibe Lord, Ix-ll uuto rio thy word.'
? ? t ,.i .,? -pi... d for woman, that wt re., obe
; ill :,t i, .ta i.i uinl maa, the eouipanlou of mau
do ,,. itlo life vi Im
. nioal i-l! tl. I bought of. In the?* dsjrs, when women
eto what tb< I to call ? woman'* rights.'
t,. ait , I neal lon vv bolly mased tu , m employments much
. lu mau. lu thl ?.: I U prop :
or wuin m, we ash, can snell women,
1 i i.e Mother of God I Woman's sphere ls boms nam lo
<.',.1 an.I ia. rn.m the ?.nhl. Purity, humility, retlre
ui ut?iould characterise bur?the \ery oppo? b ol **-..i ? 1
,,., i, most admire n ?w, (i"'i foi md th I
< tthollcs should ever sdepl sash baneful
Bring up ?"" i-''11, w Imitate I Virgin;
! ni ak. th .a the .1 .ur Lady, th ,t I io hut
li?a> -.inn. - they may go forth aa lights to bleaa mankind.
The saint* gonn henna are still one wttbi? m heart mal
hu., ruej nan- |..,iv.i lo help u-, lint who among
ll.i ai h i- -u neleh pow. I to .1" ,n ,-.t\t
nil. 'e.
BO lid nol -' ? ell he kim'
1 Like Marv rn ml thc loveliness of purity nml virtue."
BB01 ' .' ' I ' '? ? ' 'S CHURCH.
A large rangrega?on attended Um *t,
- Church, la ButamBi
I-ni.iv mui ii in i.'. Ail th.- pewB in the bed j ..rib. .
i \\,..\. and many SCI Sted In the ,
ll. L
.nt reeler. A (Muir of -I*.:., rn
I.,,, s III .-i, ,,.h M
partt?sated ?>,
.iajounced, BOB ld lu ea.; ol ! uf tae
(?burch aaa-?SS* Th* Rev. MT. 8. _B?SBSffd, thc rector,
pSBBBBBi from the sixth chapter of Isaiah, which relates
lo the vision of the MB?B In the rent ihtd Kln< Da??
'll. .1 "?' he vi .Inn/' the I dor *uild, - WM BBeB hy Isaiah
when he was yet a very vonni; mun, mid ll WBS BB him
whal tue Inn nliiK luis}, wa* lo Moses. It drew hack tho
veil, nm?Jink* him ta beheld tho Hjnnbois nml rigns of an -
ai,,,n. in th? ls to be seen OodYe recognition of the tadt
i hiu.il man. eclenee, bj shun big the vastuess ..i tba ant
renal pi-t. pr.-, nt and lu t onie. luipi?a-ns fhn student
with thc llt.h ne-- of -elf, but the teaching of < 'lilliI ami
lin-Ht-rlpturt-s devehip nu^-rie of individual et ri-up th, of
purity anti _i:?u,.-.."
FA 1 WEE OLA /? K /?: 0 v *G NOS TI CI S M.
Tho Ii'.-v. li. V. Clarke Editor of The Ia>i\
<Ion meath, late Fellow and Turor of Ht. John's College,
Oxford, delivered lani night Ihe lirst of four lectures on
" AfriiOMlU-Ism " lu Ht, Frsnels Xavier's Church, Wt>t
Sixteenth *-t. There wae a Kirov SUS?llBBB
" Truth la Immortal " lie eaid, '? j ct error ha* a ?ort of
llanelli alii/loo. r> he has rhaiured her lt.ait now from
what BBB wore t,f aid. runnel ly lt waa dogmatic l'i?
BN???BB that Bfpssad the t'.itiinllo tnilli. But most
mell are BBJBSSi th it duirmatie I-rod"SBBBBBB Is ft thing .of
lin- past. Ann.Mtti Ism, ls not htummn, nor Pantheism
tier Mat -rlali-m. ll BB?M for lte mut to the pa*nftKe lu the
\, t- . 1. ra -t. Pani sam, ' I saw an ultar to the unknown
Ood* -whi-ie the vinrd also means the nnkuowable. A-j
BOattt -----1B a ?lillie- thnt vie BBB positively know nothing
of Cud. li wondd eliminate Ood from tho world, and m)
leave ll Wi?tOUt hupe.
" ,\ .cu ie-tit 1-u Baa three great allies. *f_e eoaeap_eenca
of the tit ?h. If there wera na deeba to yield to tba mo
in,:i-,,f the flesh, there would he bo atheism. Agnostt
.I ii, myal ? I off? jrou full apportaatty in enjoy yonraeli.
Vuu ti' "i not fear tbe ey* of Ood, amtreaalita al tba itlU,
small vuae vilthln. Yon may bii*k in the Mull, i
oi Beauty, sad give fun ssat sa your wlshm
without fear of future Judgment.? So I
ci-m undi, lu baartfs?I adhereaM bi tba brothel, tba
,1 mc .ni.- ?doon sad han nts of in'amy. Thea lhere i- tb*
c..:iciip|scciire of tbe world. This (tosses when theare!
frc.inn-- of youth la over. The love of money-making,
th,- p is-e.ii de .I. -ire to be r,,h. Bul
n ore id hen nt- from thc pi le of I fe, beei i
Bira who cannot ts sttucl - ldc of naa-Jou.I
ithaca peculiar bold over noble natures.
M.n i".mit) ml.- have a fatal tendency to II It auks
. on. luatons ol a lenee ta the rejection
, to iw tiee, .iiiii refuse the tiaim*..* them
i- nu luteUt, tu.il tubrulssion.'*
A reunion ot tba finnier paatOTB uinl 'lK-tn
bei ? nf tba i fli ,t.v -fourth street Methodist Bplaeopal
church wm lnid yesterday. T. e set ri es were, like those
of lbs pi. iiuii ? .-iiml ty. i ommemoR?Ire of the rt op
of Ihe tTi ii, h Which vu tTu?d d_T?g Ihe
-iiml,. '-r fur repa?a In tba bm*?ag the Ree.
It. j. BT. Betllck, nf th.- Wbfts PUtas Hethodlst
RpUeopal Church, ones past sc sf tbe Twentj routh
I Cbareb preached from ReTelaiioaa m.rv:0. In Ute
a tornoon s platter? wieetlag was held at whleh sd
?... md. by th. Kev. Dre. w. II. lurk of tbs Aaburj
tUl 1 plM-un.il Chlir.-h, nf (lil. . liv ; A. K. .Sandford.
0. Uariland and J. W. BeUIek The Rev. W. V. Searles,
Ute pi ? . ... ,ii,,nd the pu I nit In the cv
during Ute daj fll'UlN was contribute*] toward deiTaytag
1 ia s; ?; SHOP OF rlUOINI t.
ECBSTIOI Off nu ur.v. ai.rr. i. m irvsr-.ipii
BA-Tniorb, Ort. -1 .?Th.' i-iiii-u-* 'Minni nf the
I..I M. Kia luipi:, of thUcilv, ,t? Arwislalil i
of Vii en,i,, : I ii.i,,ann. 1 P, K. ("bur. b
III the prr*< me of a lurg.- ...iic.urse of pr--l.il. n, clerc.,
Bad ?tl ? ,?;,..,,,, du. ted I,;. ?
Ui alfred Lae, Blahsp at !**_ewms*-aa ti?- mptaaseSa
t< e . t thc b ni r bl bop. Ita ssrvtsss '" can ? uh a pan
, formed of the v. u\ nt tbe esssrah, the newly
? h '. 1 . -: .p. f I nt!, n lim; pu |B?B nnd t;
u. Tin- praia?a aram Ihe Rt
lilted ix e. uf i: ,;ti.h.ne; the BL Rev. V. BT. &
rollaa; the Rt R* r. BT..-. Pi rry.of
lou a; tb* RI Har. (Jeorga \v. Peterhlii, of
RI K,?-.. Dr. Bargees, of I
.nd the R. '.. T v.. ii. i; ., ..- Ri ?
m. ii prow i.i i I. Ai ?strong aad
load . W '.-. n ?
m, '..:.; i rant P
cratesi Bishop, ol Vlr*_is; O. ll. Kln_tiring, Phil-lel
. , V. . V. . u
t.*? iowa.
. ll Vi IV
?ons vi. i |.. ,- I nv i In- lev ' lolph M.Kim
? i ni front ..' i, ?.uri ? -
ll ?
vr 11 lom: rr i Ken,
VV M V, I' I '. i .
I. itiu ','?.? .??? .i, N. -I.. <h !. 21.?The vv ?
I ?
. . i",I. un.I v? nie
. - alni ale
. to the
be know ii hs tbs
ll lund ha\ B
s. N. vt nu re to be
ll .11 he ll, .-I
drive* 'll be
i ? omp mi h ,- the i
. e., ,i a his, foi 1 i- ... t . . ? Um bantu of Ute
., i i nun,., r ii III lu bulli Tui ll ?? t" il
?I 'I- 1""|. - I" 1
1 '
rporatad Undi o i
Ht i,
Th, . ll I
?uni <>,* nap i. 11.. ?... the la-t
, I .V.s a'.- il.le M I i
:',- due
I a lot
{l,l,.-. .til.
I . . | . Oil .1-.
Mt -id I -. il i
ir.'. >s. ll tie
lol uf William ll Kind. I, lu eic lee i ivs., i"i fl 1,000.
iioi tn l ur. ni /; i Qt, i si ison.
\ivm'.,i:i. R. I.. Oct. 21.?During the paul
l of the minni i lui ludlu - John ll
Bra i:. i: Oolg de, Hamnet
, ri. w. M Irs. J. I 8.0
i .it Br* ? i R. Robbins, Mi H. w*.
' Blatchford,
? ii. Btusen, angus! Beb.t, Rob rt ilarrett,C.
? iwm, o. Henry Warren, George Banci
, John w i Illa, r, I < u-in',, sad .i mn ? P. Keino
Dhan closed th. ir cottages and returned to th. ir wlntei
'it Bepul Ile has 1 to Hr.
barres al Olen Dove, I.. I., fi r 020,000,
The New Ynik sic .tu ? I np ai
this iiml fur th.- winter,
Mt-. I). A. .shepard, cf I'ruv M-n-e, '. iBtOCk
ton Cottage im thc season ..r 1-.-.4.
K.tch ti I L Ki um dj , ul ROU Y.u k, ls nt the Mm-n
ching, t ' I -pt da l>. P. Heap, United Bl itea
M lil culla ;e nt this pla,'. . . 1 lie nt N.
t oi ?', baa arrived si bl
,i ..ullin. W. W. Tucker, Oeneral R. B. Potn-r amt O.
U. Bend, cottag* residents, soiled foi Europe during the
past week.
Thomas F. Cnshlag najl family, of Borton, who have
ju-t fin-,-ti Hie.,r cottage, ope early In becem*
? about a J i ai. IN ar IdmlraJ v l |
rintel Mai, -, Ai mi, mei t, uni iv lune returned to
lugtoo univ w iii -pe.ni tbe a ta?
ler lu Florida, aud sill brim- ll?li tttaaui yaoUt, Ute Hug
il ? ii .-.
1 Lu diam and family, of Baltimore, uml .1. (I.
M , ? n ol N '. V i>|_ .' at I '? *'.r CUta '.-.
rh, I- the ; m t >.r her daughter
in-law. Sirs.Hjrdaej Junee, ilford.
T.ii: PALL ' i. : i I Ol lin. MARYL!JfB ll
C I ll.
B i.iimoi.i., Oct) 21. rio- Cal] iiitfii;
the Mal V hind J,.. k.-V . i lill VV lil begin Bl I'I III 11.i i ie .
Improvsaaenl - bara b i n mads ria
meeting*. To d .> a large nambsi ol h,,i?'s reached
i'im: ci. tu tie in rea.lin,---, foi the contests uf tbe ootnlng
iv., k. ounds totia> w. ra tba
i i. ..ii;... i'i -I*, Drake
Ctrter. auma. narnia. Gonfalon, Leo, Daroa und
Breeie. NeBberAmason bin Breeae wUl beUkel) toma
iimiii- . I- lame from a fall in
,?i.in. .m.i Breem vva- badi) , ut in bu bun i
|Vj .lil.
i.uland, Pi ifalgar, Ri rel r
Bo rle Comp* naaUon, Rattle,
Bxpresa, Bald Uoruet, tea?ats ead
I ? ' ? M. ,
ii ami * rowulel i ". i
* ? ?*"? ? -.d Btu. r .ci. J. B. -.iciiii ui i,i.,T,
Sadie E. sml Palmetto. R. W. fTflHcn?flhost. Kine
rom. Chsiitli-ieer, Welcher, Tolil. Trsn-lt. Klynwaj, Utile
?hiTiitn-. Lulu H., iiacffoot, Hurt, Hair-h-nu, Wibi Hone,
('or-ilajid HsniMb. Mr. Keino?H?*f4-ao*l-T.a. Rio*;. Water
Mir, *A.sk!Ii*.i_hi? Kt lat. C. H. Fettii)i;1!l-K?h Count,
lluke of MoutuliMji aud Constanuna.
The Lenox Library, which ht? been clo?od nineo
rune, naa ojvened lust Thuraduy for tho winier.
Hie paintings aud sculptures may be viewed on
I im-Ways, fridays uud .Sutiird.-iys, between ll a.
n and 4 p. m., providing tbe visitor has prorioualy
?> iTildi tu George li. Moore, tbe superiutendeut,, at
So. 1,001 PHI-BTW, for a ticket, A Tn n
7VI rejiorter culled at tbe library re*
?ditly lo inuuire if there were anv new
it ti a. ilona or privilegoa for tho public ; tlie books in
.lu- libr.Tiy liaviug never boen oiitiiy use to viaiior**.
lil.one the author nf "Allibone'a Die
hr. Au-tiii Alli
Liotutiy of Authors." wbo is the librarian, explained
I i t he rejM.rti-r its he vaulted over the g.-itos to the
ilt'ivt-Mor iiuickly uiilot ked and shut theta, that
booka could uot be seen by visitors until they wore
[?utalogue.l, .-uni ho .mild not I. ll bow many years
that would ta kc.
"There ara BO many rare books in the lihrnry."
?id he, " for luHtanee, old editiona ol BltakeeBoaie.
Bunyan. Mill.ni and the Hilde, works of
Havel, history, etc., tli.it |0 BBB?a a
thorough catalogue and description of thea
takes rn neb lune and Mina I am engaged
iu tin*, work nil lin- tiiue,oat bb frequently inter*
rii|it<il by visiti.rs. Here ia ecatalougueol une-hun
dred pages ou old edi tiona of t hakeepearet?el 1 bara
lately innTie.I. lt ia ao min ate ia aeecription, ami
it *yiaa the hiatory, aaleaaud prices ol tue rarioua
edi tiona and where they may ba ft.I -"tully as
tu iiinl.e ii .'iiiitii .nt uml intereating for book*
(t.llet toiH who wish to aatiafy tbotuselves of the
g. luiueueaaof ..'.I editioua of Sbakeapenre. Koa
I In re are ii nt ny Ix mks bare I hal tin pu ht ir < un never
be allowed to handle, aa they .-ir? Um pteeioua, and
one generation would so thumb them ami mutilate
theni and tear them up that tba next generation
would h.. v. little chance to aee them even."
Am..nu th ? precious volumes t .at nui> ba viewed
through the giana abu- i Haaarttr
printed by liutenberg in ll.<o-':,:, uml w rtb
115.000, it being the Ina) bea- p. uted
willi movable tyne. Ibero ii alee a Hilde
'I lr..ni Itl.x ks iu 14*40 and tlie brat
. tl it um of tin- "( Hillel loni Talee of Chaaeer,
dedication copy tn the Ducheas ol Bichn?>uu aud
Suxouy of Captain John tjinith'a ''Hiatory of Vir?
ginia, ia auotber ourioua book with u beautiful
irontispu-ec engraving. A copy of the "Bay I
lim,k," tba iii -r v.ili,him printed in
Anas ri ea, is ure. There aro also collies of
i ini-tt.,..iei Colnmbna'a Ont lotter about
Am. ina, printed In Borne In lli)'l, :iud au
old map ol \ t ti. ii, dated 1520, abowing b number
oflal.es aa lin--oiiii <?-..if the Nile. Tue histor} ul
the I,i-t expedition to Virginia under Baleigb.
l.lltH's Illili..Il lilllie illili tin- inst Ioho edmon <>t
Shakespeare, printed ia lt?3, ure a lew ot many
tiili-i rare booka.
Among the noted paint?iga In the gallery are
Muiik.it s7v's " Milton l>n tuting 1'aradise l>>st to
lii-l..iui'l,(. I-." I. E. Church's "Cotopaxi,'1 Bier
st adi 'a "Valley of tho YoeemlteJ1- Turner's
? mi anded shin of Wm," Timma- tole's **? Expul?
sion troui Paradise,*' 'ruiner's "ihe .lld I Y-mer.uriV'
I'dnbraudl tVale'e "Portrait ol IV Bebington," and
paint uga by Edwin Lands* cr, Oilberl Stuart, Juba
Tr inn bc, I, C. _. Leal ie, Hil Joehua Keyuolda, (,'op
ley. Huntington and otbera. Thara are among the
sculptures* worka of Powera, t'lawford, Thoniaa
l'all uud ot ht i-,
tm M_B?arr Qtrnrr and pricci ron n.
i am. b?aaiii? i on tim wi r.a.
Tin- real estate market last wed - dow
length along without developing uti} new I. at nus.
? |..n t liiii.tlurc w us nu prom*
iee of future activity siloam In the few deaUngs.
The iu irkel bi rob!
holders of property ure confronted with the que*
tem: Shall our holdings be sold at a aacrifl.n
?vnnn uiensor shall vv i- wait lot a future
lent and cal i > t be taxes n ents I
Ihe demand for vacant lota is light and lue niove
linllt in lliil'l'.ve.l plnpeiH d')., inls el. tilt l\ ll].
Hem ?? there ia nu om
- fm i] ia n to*, n bu lil
m bon il iu aril -cn I. .1
,, ut- In fuel ? -av thal
nea tn lie the same st rou g demand fol
lille, ll,,never, I
- for the si'
I '
ah .ii! riiern
? m. don hi ? ?: s of I be pi >i?o si d eu
lu- h.aller
Arnot.-.' t li
be mint "ti "'.v iug: I 'hal lea li. B
il.v.iiil? four iu - i
??iile builder vv ,
?. \i uold I . -
,, ti .Ired nd-t wen
i ?? hiindmd-and-twetit) llfth-st. fmui thc
I e I ..npalli . I.an,Lei
ts in One hundred und
I oi Seventh-ave., for r I*;.ri*i?i lo lb. n
r l'.t." I' - 12
? ii the uortheu I
ami l-'iftv -c ..ml st., fi.ni, Austin Abbott. I :??<?
lota in .-.V.t.'tv I,l-t -t., Vlei ..f I' , ' a', e., li.'ive
1,,-t ii uold bj M .ril ? llaimr foi ? h. A phil
.und. 17M by loo feel in gixty-ntntb-st., be*
? . rhird a. es., v as -"ld by Maa
h I.. Maschke for ?fTiu.OOO ll..
aia ll. id Teni h ave.have been
Ij St* in hard I bas bought the
plot at- I irs) ave. a'ni .-I.ill Ililli .-.I. niel Bil Ulljoill
ii.t* plot iu .--.vt.-nu li-.st., i..i $t_i.000. .
and i.nol, xaj i:
A ... 'aineil
vi lt ii i - ".. ....it divided lui ' :< i
?...si . w i rn Noble, Thoms* C Van 1: int ami
woi li ,,' Iii. pan) will lie th. i'
ip n i.i lieu te now undei ^ a) it I ?? um
i ? ii ?i , whleh
will be completed bj Thomaa < a bas oom
li , ned lu build Hie' ?? tine. It mai be o', list I
u |) i ? i Mr. Ot.li
' mli iii in tm ii .uisiti
. III..!,.
i -iii:. ,-.t acI l: ...,l.,.n't
Hm, 11 ai. t Iii hi, ,,t |?,i al,, - ni Hie I:
th, (-ulupaU) will ''?? ... pur, li,,-' ll and
late fur ap? inwut liou ?
/ /.' / /'// >N Al Mi. >INAI ll Sf! I Al.
11 doora of Mt. Binni Hospital, al Sixty
?I l.tMii^nm .ive., were thrown open t"
tho public yeeterday, nnd from ll a. m. to 5 p. m. u
donee throug bled through tbe warda. Among Ibu
i wore J I uinl -,
I.H.rilli.'.- T. Gerry, J ?? Rcllgnian, .1 ii e? ll. Hoff?
man, (3. A. * I..I.is. Inn.,lt and Km,inn,-I Lehman,
Within the nisi eighteen months many imp
iiieuis hnve been made in the hospital building,
.-ii. h a- th,- ri iiii.val el impregnated partition walla
nml the building uf new onea, i nd tue uouatnu tiou
,.i an Isolation house for pat ion ts \iiili contagious
disenaea. In tln-s.- renovations .?**.".*??,ihmi hasooen
expended. At I p. m. yeeterday tbera was one
empty Inti in th.- hoauttal, the number oociipi.il
being 100, Niuety-eignl tier ct ni nf the beds are
li. c. fifty-five p?r cent of the pulu nts are women.
Il I. rc U no distinction as to race, theonl
lion for admission being the need of hospital at ten
lion tm the par! "I applicanta. The dispensary de?
partment I. n I.e. em.- ati important feature, over
40,000 prescript iona, exclualve of tboae to the hoa
ldtal, barina bwn laaued during the tiacal year.
1 he I.a, lies' A um linty Society, of which Mr-. Si. ll.
ls president, has auperviBed many del
Itu- man ag -luent, besidea proi itlmu au ample supply
of clothing iiml other necraauriea, Jiu- nura**a in
the hospital are all taken in.rn the Mt. Sinui
training Behool at No. 802 Lexington-avo.. where
tliey am tangbl In all the brandice uf hospital und
sick-room duty. Gifts received yeeterdaj amounted
I,, >::, non. There wore two addi ti ma to the roll of
perpetual heda; one from the children of tl
Aiiu.l.l ll.I;::au, 82,500; the other from Mis.
i'..ii"'ta |{c<*K**naorfer, in memory of lier hueband,
Joseph i:> ? kundorfer, $2,000.
In the l'.-sex Market Poliee Court yesterday
Julius Km ii waa arraigned before Juatice Gardner,
(?hurged with having aeaaulted, on the night
previous, Joeeuh Duakv and disturbed a rel
gathering of the Anacner rh. ul Hem i Kovna in
the avnagogue No. 101 Heatei at, Ibe prisoner, il
seems, in t imjunctk*n a ith *t.>tno otbera, is nnpooed
to the continuance, ae officers *.f the society of
Israel ?. Coben and Uharlea _tehn, reepeei
iir.-iileiit ami mm rotary. I he administration part j
learned that ut Hu- election which waa lt. have
taken place on Hat urdaj nighl the iii sat..tied per
.sons iv",'id. inn ii,mi iii ii |ilan, endeavor to aecitn
control bj aaiuing poaaeainn of the booka and the
charter, they accordingly informed (,'aptain Al
Iaire i.i' ih.- proposed illegal acta, and a policeman
waa detailed to be on lian.I ii required, [mme
tli.ittlv nftei the meeting opened, lluaky, who acta
a- wrgeanN it-arraa. w aing norn about to approach
the speaker's platform, aoughl to preveul him,
whereupon Kora Btrnck hi?i in the (aee. -police?
man arrested Kotn. ne waa lined $0,
? ? ?
A for. iuner, win) "uishi's tu lenrn RngUah,"
? I.a us bow a ana_a caa i.verj dradly. Any
B\h lliul that OUt bj e\,caiicc; lust BB al,v "ne wno
Ui timi taulta wuii the i agllak huiKUHgn uued
naval t," ttu fur sri ext-u*!.-.?[Loudou tlluho.
___VT*aj I*. COB, ClKTAl.NS AND rOBTlERM-?
In fine upholstery, runlet*, draperiea and
inge, thc anne of ma-rail?aaec eeeus to Um re been
reiichcd. Then- on* roy ul velvets mid plnabca, the natl*,
nnd Tm tum tn di ilperle;., the pale (lobeMn tints of tba
heavy tapoo.it.* contracting with the flowing scariatg
MBIpnrglaa and poid, _i-tcra olive and cition sbad ea
Mli-et (lielliii't il.-Uiia ni-e nl.aiitloij. d. The <_rueU sra
limply la-da of finner*. r:n?dlsb Aimluster closely
imiutee old Eiiglbib et} les uml coloring. Over a ground
>f pale terni cotta gnrlunds of trailing roes and
p..Iden abeavaa of autumn n't um tlito.uth the daig
Mingo of dummer with int -low rtuM.-a and wIMwo'Sl
rt,di tte, Over a dim, Nufilyr tinted irriiimd thora-tua
tosses scarlet lw>a?ca of bloMoms with the fe ni bc ry
i end a snd s wllrteriieaa ot little Inlrbt newera. Avery
lark blue (.'lound ls covered with itch eoinhra
Bowers of dulilla red, lion ns and btiKht brunted
?ai. i., i ,.f fi ru ?id dull gold Imll? Houris ubi.ded Into
ajaara. Anetbeegre_alel i> waaaj Hat baa B__aara
iver lt of |uilc ri .1, . Itrotl, and Minnied (mid. ?tniiy willi
ii1niros4 ?, i,.?i -, |ml vvldfe and purr-b* Host?i itnd -oft
rrny(croeu foliage- A aiiperh Iii.riler, ilnt?I. of mn.
?round U covered with htraiiiiC foliage of tlc |.,.-t li
.11'..is aud dull pink* Baal i'd-. Tin *n... a
viih twisted tinneal. bbb?ext, el _aaraaqae kyle, bm <
ii t v.,, -lia. les nf a color, lhere aaa alaa aren with >'
1-d yt.ni nd-, ? o' gnalnl i
i of pal* pint*, tilinea, nnd a tender M i
mo blaek, a art ht; "i thia i ? ?
Tin- rix-fran 11 od; I
,i ni . ott rs and designs, I
Oaeof tb* . '
d with t'ull Iml!.. n 'I | .
iii n h a in Wt" - ' ?
? ga, on.- ni i. ? ? / >.f
? in and iii',.- gold ...v. mi v uh Oriel
'i.mr*.. i r to the
An c.\,, bi velvet carpet I
paid and stirs vaaaa rti
? i a ai a a aad ?uh n. liing i i i
ll..wt r- and li di ia I i . sj ? vii
? ? ? >iri.i ol .'.in a i it nt iii iu- ?ori
ll m cups o' . r
luperb ? f
The lii'.-i.Tii- of thia manufacture uf- cpb-d fr.,-u t'?
Ftruss* U. l lui 1
li,ch. t! pal ls ol I".i Iv v.;lit Hen.
ind fawB groandisar la ataareaquet i
-onie of tlni-4. hnve a tanas* gruoud i
Front, aid rovared whli rten flinire* ? t
.ma r. ian -i.awu. All of tba hon?vs >* to
aaa <?i a ma?
li io- am, t'ir A l-i:?; 11 s.
__aagtbe raga la tba Kiri.. ,with Hali i
I "Vt lt "I V. lill ' . 1
md fi nta-tlc tollitgi- lt, di Ik d-d to'.'.-; tl. Vt
Ai.T;.,M.ivu:ii '
if a Mahlei and wlghlat aadat. a Tana I t
lillie Iiom.i-I'and |. Iiiilll:.Itt will- I" ut'f.tl rel.-I-. I
aw Band of various elsea for sliullos Iii the wa) ol
rlndnw drapery, pottierri., or lin- B?BT, na well ita dr
lag nanna tthrath ? mt nth*; pm leran
(ulawatylaaaf e_aper] an i'.t?- Hash
One ?ii^-iint a* I
ad divided -
,'i:,i dealgBB all oat?aed wi,l guttering awl ?
ipplaaaad fol hae??raarli af dee) red is
Helled la deatgaa of ?aaa, arith jroi.i aad lad!
lie dalli. '" tl vaiil it d a .|'Uir r .1-. ]i .if t! n K Mm ??
d with ? ml i|llMllil flower*; Ile I ? ??'? I '
?hash d -"'I I nwt. ..nd I.lue on ?anv (.-ms.IkI outlined vi'I h
ri.id. Thia dtalgn li rtupiii-aii-it in oti.i-r aataaa, lin*.
ippia arc ii faii'tlti- et.i !?-. ? i lu. ,1 - I r
di l|?l 1. . Hie ,,! I', le -' -
dire Hiiii.iiicnt.il colors with Borluti-d gi
Ihk, In soma sperheeBs, wun t
? : -. 1 wi tb 11 '
[.ulm, pw utlld t
i '
i I ott. i nd laid, ,li..|?ii.- ?!. Wit m ? 1
i-l. are worked la i
ii Bes il Ui -irita rn anal*
i!. .ir .',.? i1- ..; otb? lowers, ai d Bra
?' Roi ! tl read Tht
. pl.l-l cartalaa ai
,'.,Im?.,|i; <
I. tua, p. id lb* fern --
v I
-" wovaa vv ni, .:.
with pale plug,
? il,|in- g?fiure cnn:.h.- I I '
lei and forms the I i
rema, vine*, od all
tl,.- ..ii,, i .i--.it;? s an like '. ._?
ti?ed Will t
uv, ii I i I
i I
l.llltclfll. .i, ..I I?:? . !|l-|.-r*. Ol
II. ll, lill
bu. le id.
I'lMMN, i
ri ? ? -t
variety >>f modeU oi arti ?fl l
Intricate ? '
nf el- ", pll.I.atc .,|,i! le ,1' .
1 i lint lt i.nd la I Mle di vi I
iiima t lie new chilli j r
?t) te ? f,,r tlie autumn
la tbal i ? ? '
? ?
? ..ti m ?
pl,.|ii. , bul
mit "f the tem mir. ? I
Long, looae ?? il t. ,1 n, iii -,| et dre t
tl.n popularity. Borne ol those hav* i
I nu .V Co., Ai-tiol-l .
II. O'Neill, imd I
tl.auk- for nt en tlon.
i )-.'.. l.'/'s Al Ti ? 8 <r. *-v
A dozen a i ?! -ilreaa* tl and i
nut on ile- - lat <
den a dav or two ' ?
i nunton in*ci i ? ? ?
ulved. S'othlug ??. ? arr. ?! I" dial i ? '? f
-in. ev, piing now ail I i
u itt lt t" ll tilt a i -
..I " Alt Illili! " ' i
vi. iuu two minutia, I'h ? t
j. 0 "I si/.al ie . ll ?--. Aile ' ll
?mr, lather iii
Clim bal OS?li atilt and .lo'.ti I Moor* .
? * i.s t ii., prise ol ' I wt i
pillinda. IH, I . ll.nii I li ill
three-quarterpnands iiwutio'elo i. ? ?? n ? ?
I. .1 pent ,i,,-t "I t' -Tr '.uiie for il V 'e.. '
ii.ntl-'it, were marchi na In Mingle Hie wltb w
kata toward tbe elevated i ,..;.*. ,v
from The San /Vue
A dispatch trnjii New-York In /'he /?'
recently on the aukleot of fable grips foi wiri ? ? ?<? >
?hows how tue?aetaru peo| e ale tryh lu t
j -t.ii. of stn
lilli pat Itt nial dt-Ii e In ^lv,- ,i -? .1
la due. The -isp rn i- belug uaed ?u toe I I
? , but tb. _i -. ? n. t.. 1. ive beeu t '
n?*w device*Inatcadof thoeewbl n h
Superintendent Martin baa brough! al f
the "I ? " p.,t, i.i. Hut ,1 mil: brat
pr?e U exiireeaed that deep griNivea ure rnt In I i
ic iii.- cami. 'i :..? truth la no
cm fo ?
and soft iron dies 4 .cuts', un.i th.t Iron i- ratter,
hm im; be* ii adopted on
lenee with both Ul I
, mu moils stren th sud mn d bc enot n I
oable, walch lt al waya base tendency to nt Hind I
lenee lilla allOWII On OUr lOCal leal-: ill *
m.t near hm lund on the cables as the I,,. ? ' a
? bal Ing i" en tried herc bul Bhundoo. ,i ? i
ot ut upi uk the cable too heavily at ??? ...i-.u ; bi
the i.,.iT -in face ol tue a Iras i
Hull' pi- - and small rotten would windi
vviii.h tel* v. iii i. BJ
M r. .">; .un soys I
ans ..tilled un lugeuluiia u> licet '
Mile wm i from the grip, so tho brakea can stop the
'l be Ingenious device spoken "i is no doubt I
ment now In use on the gutter Btreet road hei . i *
has been running -dace 1876. Tba < j
pied .-vu Uv li.un Ulai. A saUcnl -Laped ? 5
,.,d of
i outside the rollers t.. throw the .
the grip wi?a desired. Uthar roada noa nieas s -iisht
track whl. bukcal
where they wautto lift tbe *;tip or drop I
getber, which la a simple I I ol wheu Ina
Btreetgiip w.n made. The stu??eat lbs! the
Cbloago road ls nol *.??-hil, un.I thal briakilowna
i.i-cui', Ls mu wholly ...neel Anv road bi ot i mn -r iisoie
I" accident, I.iii tin- tiutli 1, tbe ( Lien;., rt. at ii ' 1
I.. . n .siljipll. il willi p|.,),ci I.ial.es ll, ll, 1',. lo -I ' '
of copi mil the powerful track brake ni ..*>? on
roads, aaa which we have teated foi ten r< "'? ""*/
railed to take advantage ol this, sml relic*!."
brakea alone. T'lu-.v haretieen talkliuol ..ms,
other wara >>f stopping oarai vet tba meanu* ourw?,ai
roadsuaelaeutireb _Uafactorj t | i ustopaftva
tua oar moving eight mile* an hom? In tua feel
rheas people aeew to set their theurtea ak..iu*t I
rears' sip. i U-tao. of the eahle nnul aag_u i rs lu ibis - >" ?
Any one ni our local roads oarrlea more pa*-'.<.''J
every week than tim Hiin.kivn iiii?l^t- ha* mIik-** '
started. M. mn fully eight miles nu limn ol. *nnie "?
oinioada, 011 the Mulket Htreet, the ape.-d from end t|i
ead. Uichiiiiiix atopB which will average Uftjr?ia se??B
?id ouo-ball ni

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