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Sta*T)ART> TftriATRF.?-8?" Le Coner et Main."
wallauk's Thbatke?s?" Mt.tlis."
5tu AVEME TllKATIlF.?8?" The Dake*! Motto.1-*
"lint stki et Titi- itrk?S?" Fedora."
i'.tDKiKKKi Thea the?8?* KU helleu."
?JBBBl?in I-.sim ti- I.th!),Itlon.
B*?LT Bl ROU'S Orr. BA H.usc --Minstrels.
Cabiko?R?" The Becfar Hui.!, i.t."
Dili's Tm*, vi K' Mt I B* u .**
(iRAND Oi i it v II'.t-i **-".M'tis-t."
BB Av i Nil. I iii vim ?**?"r-c-t ol lee."
Mausus B441 vin nu ati ibe Rajah."
"NiHit.'s (. viii.i *. -i --? Excelslor."
rab Tm vu;. 8?"Charles tke First"
Thalia Tm mi. -0?**Bettelst?lent."
?im .ii,, t OMKiua?8?" Tba Mul?tran Gnard Picnic."
Um..*. Rotahs Thkaikk?8?"The Cilctet ou Hie
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Aati-emi'ti'. 7 Ii 0 Horse Blaaketa. 7 .*>
Ami,. ,i,,',",,<? tts. H 4 lt,,t '. . 7 .1
.Bankin*; Ilona, a. 7 2 Instruction. ? 2 11
. 7 C Ia.mr, s & Meei mrs. 7 .1
Business Chances_ 7 9 MHiTimr.--. ami ln-Hllm 7 fi
I ???< Noti, es.. .. 1 1 MiaoeUaneoua . 8 4 0 0
7 4 New- Publications.... 0 1 3
Clothing .7 4 Co'f -?' .' 'is. (J 4f.
? ..paitu.-rship Nolloo 7 U Political Notices. 7 H
Ji_na.it Ac...; eui es . 8 is Real Cstat..fl 4
*n*rn**w?1 Notices 7 alMtustionsWanted.... 7 R
ik,u?;. 7 h *<i.t'cial Notices. 7 "
oat . 7 c.-teiini.'.:it?Btid R.B. 8 C
_ x'cursmiis. 7 61 Sommer Bsaorta. 7 o
J*.nun,nil . 7 'J reach era. 0 8
Fun-Hurt. 7 8 The Turf. 7 8
BelI'ttaiiiei. . .. 7 8 To WT?_ Concern.... 7 4
Cneinces Notices.
Aktificiat. Tekth.?Continuous ti um. Plat?
ina Lined Porcelain Kimmel!, d (fleeb OOlor), BB0 pt r M t I
tenet.d price Sion. BOD and f.tl annie., (tout Invest coninr
_lll'.st. DB. Mf'l'KMAAM. _
In mat varlotv,
nialiufiKtincil ...
T. O. SEi.t.Rw, No. Ill lulton-M.
Fuani'i** ?- LotrntB?, \"> Maiden-Lane,
PUtloners, Prlutera and Blank Fo"k M simla* tun -rs,
_bellett > our custom._
jjs"ir>0 will bnv Genuine Alaska 8e_lakin
Bactjtio, r.u luciics i.uyi;. sim vf. Mani?scturor, 108 Prlnoe-st.
Til*- most delicious Cigarettes out, " Sweet
Bonijuet." Try tlo-m.
?? ?
KesideTits af thia city BB?lal Ttis Paii.t TB?*?ntdellT.
ered at their linust-s may Lave th-lr ad?(BBB? ;tt n-iy td the
tirumli nflitt s iiaimsl lui,nv, or they may older l,.v peal il
card. Ho lapel' will bc pr...nplly Barred hy Um
Peemea/rmih flu United Stat**,
DAflTY, willi sun,'.av, jier year.$- ?'???
HAILY, with Siiin'.iiv-, HlxniOTiths.
HAILI, willi si. li .av, Un. -e a i,, a ths. | i -.
DAILY, .-1th ur Blt?ari sti.iii'.uy. pei '__ith.
PAILY, without Snnilnv. per yeer. |: I ? i
DAILY, wit!.ont sin,,tay.', mululu. li BO
DAILY, vi li hon t suuilu> e mon thu. . 17a
TIIK simuv TH1IMAK. peryear.
Krinit Ly Poetal %,,;>?. :-:.y order, or Retl
Hy Poul? Koto, tht rei ItUn aili please wii?ou IL
"lei mi. .Nni-VuKltTHlltL.VK."
Advert.*>CT:ifnts for imiill'
for regalai a?hmy al the daily paper, wail i>o rt oeli --.i .:t ? be
follow lin; branch willies ta Kew.*! ort *'itv?:
-M?ii t . ? m. t-. ;. p. BL
Ha, MS Wt ri I i-t iit.v-ilnrtl-st.. in ?. iii. to ? p, iii.
No. 760 Third-are p, ,,t.
No. 1..H.7 rh i,!.tv,-.. i: araiztteth-st., 10a. ta. to8 j
No. '-'Os i ,i-i iiiictiuu'ltnt un -i.. 4 i,,
tmnu s,|u-.t. ..v.n t.u i t., io u.in i? -1.. li.
iv OTB KB i rri' s.
WA6iiiv. ITO .-1 Sn K-st. ! I.-.-.;???> .. ; ];. if M -='..
Now. Yolk.
^teK^crkDaUii -Erifoi i? r.
NEW-YORK, MONDAY, ocr. 2 '.
Forkh'N.?A tn ni.. . _e.,e between Chi
Peru waa si'.-tn-tl on Saturday :n Ancon.
Tker m re l.'';.; anffen rs fi oin ti
lebeu, Germany, yeatt-rday. Daniel huey, rn
mt\\\M_ iraa fnnnd ilajurrrni -Iv wounded iu Conntj
Cork. Tin !?
iiu-t. ' A barailesa shock ol eurth*i_ike waa
felt at Tangier on Saturday.
DoMraTi. ,?A pr n "i'l.-nt ll?wachna ItsD*
predicts 90,000 i?!iii :;i:.v agalual Bntl r, A
fonng lady .-ii Black I;.\? i iniis, V^ia.,narrowly
! burial while alive. Mr. Wi ?
British Miniater, entertained I rd Colerl.
dinner yesterday. = In Baltimore yeaterduj the
Bar. Alfred M. Randolph wa itedAaaUtuul
Bfaatapal BLshnpol Vira*iuia. The anuna! re?
port ad the lilt .\ Istani Postmaater**t>nei
mmle juill'ie. W. I). Hall,;. aaerehanl of Lan
0?Mar County, Ya., Ins dhappeared,
paperehai i ? tbe good conduct of i
lea etM.l. ni- .in- denied.
("itv and m r.riiiiw.?Ileiiiy bring and Miss
Elka Tarry arrived yeeterday Uv the Britannic.
i Robert Collyer preached on "Mani...
??iv..ree." - Mi. Dee. Lei prea bed t.. a large
conjjr.-u'.iti.'ii in l'lyinouth (lim. h. i eur boys
?were ni-nrt ,1. (.ne ol | I.Iv filially, l.y n.i
expl(.s;?n o! giant powder, A man was ki 1 !<??!
by a lei!' r exploeion in Brooklyn. \
Blahap Poitee preached in tho penitentiary on
Blackwell's bland. - A man trying to get on
an elevated train fell Into the stn-it. Mgr.
Cura-l j.I,-.i. bed on "The Mod* I <>i Woniankind.*<
T_l Vi i.Aini:it. Tiuiii si. local obaervatbaia in
di.ateekmdyweather, with chances train,fol
lawed by fair or elear weather and alight chang*?
In tt-nii" .at,nv. Temperature resterdaj : li
4U*'; low* a, ii'- i average, i"',*-'.
Mr. Jl. my Irving-, who arrived on the Britannic
rcsici.l.'v "i-.t nin^, received a hearty welcome
from u few iiit-nila who went ?1d-.vii the Bay to
meet him. Wc oller liini ni. equally sincere
greet?ng in b*_tudfofa wider circle of admiten
both in and out of iii" theatrical prof csa j. a, wi o
kopethnt tit- viiil In thia country may be in
every way pleoaanl and profituble to bim.
Tl.i- t day of registration in Brook
l.v i., the boora being from 8 to ll a. m., .-iml
from 1 to 11 |). m. lt ia to be hoped that every
Republican in Brooklyn who haa Failed t'? have
-itiis<-lt lcyi-ti ri'il heretofore v. ill nut n.
thiaimponant doty to-dny. All the Demo ata
_taj g?re to regiater. Their leaden realize bow
much depend* on *be_tg able to gel oul
vote ..ii .lu-ii.ni .hiv, niitl ii,t \ hope thal the
Republican*., being aanguine <.l aiicccaa, will
fail lo tura out in atrength. li is precisely in
over-conliil. ncc that the dangei lo Republicans
In Brooklyn li.-s at prcaent. By election day
they will be interest* *1 enough in the success of
Major Low. The deepeal intereat, then, bow
e\. i, will be listless if they tail to n gUter now.
? ?
Aceordin.i,' to thc report ol thc Tir-t \ _gtanl
Postiiia:t.i-(i(i!ciiil for tin- tis,-;,. y,.jr , n,|(.,|
Jun*- :'<>, 1883, the) poatal1 aerrieeof the conn
try continues to ba in a antisfactory condition.
The -Mvcnaa In poat-offlce?s> since June 30, 1882,
hus been l,GA2. This i.s.-jkIui -m-vi-m Ieee than the
increase foi thr jinn it,us twelve montha. The ?x
penditures and rev. inn ta WI rc about what wu*
expected; but reduc*sj apptopriatioi? rendered
fteceiwary reductions in the Milari*ai ol clerks |_
195 ofJic*-M. As none of tlie lower-grade .-ni
ployes ill the service have ever !?? ? n ov< i-paid,
thia reduction can only be rcpiid.-d as a painful
?necessity. Mr. Harton has n number of Itefbrma
to SUKget-r- He wants local poataga- nilucul
right off to one cent. There is I gofn\ deal to ba
gold in favor of such a reduction, and also M.m.
thing against it. Prudence suggests, however,
that before any further reforms tue made in
rate* we -should wait to BM exactly whero the
list reduction Irma three to two cents lands r.s.
Last week Mir mach political work bmooi?
pliabed in ttiii < itv ; but a groot deal remalni to
be done within tbe next few days. .-*?. nat ?
Assemblymen are t<> be nominated,and 1
not least, members for a new Board of Alder?
men, The Democratic faetions here an- likely
to Ik- divided in respect t.> lome ol the-.
position? Herein lits hm small advantage
to Repnblicans. If good men inc tielectcd by
them aa candidates for th.- Legislature, and if
vigorous effort ia pat forth in th. ir behalf, ri '
can send to All..my next winter several more
represent.'.this than tin- Republican party hail
there lasl winter. The importance of choosing
proper can lidat* - for Aid. rmi n i- also apparent.
Most of tin- abuses whii h exisl al pu si nt in the
city governm. ni are primarily ihe result ol' put
tingdishonest men in the Common Council
Chamber. Thev have seldom voted to eonflrm
good nominations which the different Mayors
have made for heads ol' departments, bm have
invariably and easily voted tor ihe worst The
Republican candidate! for Aldermen, therefore,
should be .reproachable. Then they will cer?
tainly win much support among upright Dem?
ocrats who are disgusted by the recent scandals
vvhiili have disgraced m> many municipal de?
Mr. Robert P. Porter'a letter from Mulhauscn,
Alsace, is a capital one to dose his series ol
communications in regard to Industrial Ger?
many. The history of the ootton manufacture
ol that town illus!rates well the effect of the
recent protective legislation tor the Empire.
After the annexation of Alsace this industry in
Mulhansen languished anti! 1879, when th.
new protective tariff of Bism ireh was adopted.
Immediately, despite many hostile conditions
which resulted from the war with France, tho
con,.n spinning of Mulhauscn revit ed, and since
then hus steadily improved. Now tlie pu.lit ? of
the m.u. u fa. m.. rs ure satisfactory and the wok* -
oi tin- workmen have _arreaaed materially.
Throughout Germany, as Mr. Porter bas shown
in this series of letters, industries ol all kinds
hiive been helped by the adoption of the pro
tectivi tariff. Factories which fell toto ruin
under free-trade rule have now been rebuilt,
mills mid spindles th.it had stopped running
have been mit in oi>enition, and wages hnve
increased. Such results are nol likely t-? pre?
judice eithi i <..?:"i a "i American v>oi'
against protection.
There aro thousands of men in this:
arc nen!.. : ? ll
.-nt Democrats. Hoa they will vole ai am
given * lection tl ; lids. ? hi y ? arc littli oi
nothing about party success for the sake of
i, rty, their sole aim in political action bc
promote thc con re, Tl
electors thal gave tlie State to Clcvi
fiiil. Wi,, j going t.. do Ibis N'oi
her .' Are they intending t'> supjion tho ticket
headed b.i t ?? n. ral Carr or that 1 Mr.
Ma.** nard I
i '-n- can be but one logical a--- iii1
questions. Tb. of eon* id* i .ii ion '
induced thc Independent voters to awl in their
lol with the Democrats in lSS2will consiraiu
then) to contribute to Republic '. micci *s in
1 ****'. They are )?' 11< i ll) well av ire th
Ki. Itficid Spring ? < lonvcntion was run by d?-Ic
gab i represi nting thc people, while lb. Ilullalo
Convention v.,i- run by bosses representing
merely theil '.a ii proti udii i , or al
s.!t!-li clique. 'I hey are perfectly well ..
timi the nominations of thc llichfl 1*1 Sp
Convention were reallj made by those, conni i
tuting the Convention, while the [lulTulo u
nations were grrounil oul by ii I "I re- !
iiini-i 1'-- a mai l.iec as uv vt suppliiiilcd the
popular expn don. They arc perfcctlj well
uware thal thellichneld Springs Convention
adopted a platform which contained a direct ami
nnequiviM'iil pbiuk concerning thc 1 I while I
ihe Buffalo Convention, in Euee of the rael th ii
the tai?1' is the gn il issue now bcfoi
country?an issue in which Ibe bu in - in- i
Iciest s ot the e. I * ol laboi
.ne both ui' ? - .: itv in voil cd - hud Ihe stu]
ami cowardice altogether in ignore it. I ? ?
arc perfect!,) well aware thal thu Itepublic-ui
State oHicers who are candidates [or i-e-elc* lion
lutveadministered their r_qieetive (rusts with
]ierfi-ct fidelity and with mark .1 efflcien.
.nil thnt the Ut a name i,H tlie Ibjiiiblieaii
ticket ia borne l>> a trust wort bj and capable
mit. win., so l;n from !?? i11? n place sceki r, ti.
dined even loatU-nd the Itiehliebl Spiiugt* ?
vention. And, on Ihe other hand, they ari'
perfectly well aware tlial three out of tht: Ave
Democratic aouiiiie* -!..; State otllci - have been
pbtced on the defensive and that one of them
stands charged by n responsible newspaper ol
hi* own p ?1 itical household with being party to
a scheme having for ita object the *li\t
of a portion ol Ibe interest on the public funds
iiitu hi- own pocket.
Such are th. cogent reasons llutl will induce
tli" ! id. pcudcni vol '? publican nexl
mouth. Bul they onr ii to themselves to du
more Lb?a support tbe licpublicun ticket ;ii the
polls. The Republican light ihi- lime is em
phaticolly their tight. Let them, then, tak*
au active pori in the campaign if thej would
the Democratic machine disestablished and
1 'emocratic I. . laugh! a w holt lime and
much-needed 1 - on. Hy work in ?? zealou.dj
for the election ol the Richfield Springs nomi?
nees tiny will not only be helpiug to put thc
!i-;:i! nu n iu the rh/hl places, but they will be
s'ti-il.lv promoting the cause of political moral?
ity. They shown] their power, last year, to
defeat tl Rep iii. m lick, bj n iinpreec
dented majority ; and bj doing so they accotn
plish. ' in fo inf* the di-- itabli li
imni of the uinchine, They can non shoa
their power as emphatically, by elect ing the
freely and fairly chosen R< pnblican ticket, mid
thus servini" notice thal they and liol the Denni
.DiK, and could '
it the ... Im , .
The difficulty with Assistant Postmaster
General Hatton seems to be thal he i- nol a Re?
publican. If his remarksabou 1 reform ol the
Civil Service hiv. not liecn misreport* il, he i- at
variance with the Republican party on a vital
point of its policy. Tlie last Notional plal
torin declared thal
TIM llejeil'liCitil pally, li lllt'tili.- ? Hie |.lill' l|,les
1 ll -. QtlOU Ul le I , , t f0|
ti... ..ii-titiitt..uni mi., governing ap|tolntiuenta t..
..ii:.-.-, adopts thc de*' -ration ol Pr* ld | |
reform nf tia- Civil s,, ,;,,. ,t..,_ |?. u.,?-,?,.,.. .
atnl cniiijil.-te. 'I'd tin ???ml lt il, item, ls Hie ta, i,|?- alien
of tbe lag?la?re with the executive dei*?-tments ul Ibe
(juvciiiiin m. aad til n Coasresa -ii.iii-,, i.vM,.te n, ,t
fillies, n-e, italie ,1 bj [.Hillel j.ia, ti, ,,1 t, .;-, ?!,;,|I ?,],,,,,
tl) lin- public - 1 1 lee.
This pledge -.'iv. ii ii. the people was nol mis?
understood by the people, bj the President, ot
liv Congreae, lt wai In pnrsnanee of efforts
c..niintenccd during General Grant** Adminis?
tration, of pledges made' prior to iii" election of
l're-ident Hay.s, mi.! ..f eil;.its repeatedly
made hy him hat not adei.it it. :.\ aeoondod by
la*g_a__on. lt was wall _ade*ratood by ('"n
greaa, becanae the majority choaen at thc alec
Ut>u of lbyo ou this plat?ano jt_t footed took
care to enact tho law now in force, and that hy
an almost unanimous- vote of the lb-publican
memberi of both houses, it was umbi-t.1 in
tlie sam'i ?sense by Pw__enl Arthur, who not
only signed Ute act, and promalgatod admirable
mles im Ita enforcement, Ind ai.pointed the
author of tli-bill aa tlie chief of the Commla
sion empowered bj thcocl to carry out ita pro?
visions. Vet Asaiatanl Po*t_ua_CT-Gerjeral
Hatton ls reported aa saying thal the Civil Ser?
vice reform is a band and B humbug, and M BX
Ith much freedom hi- contempt for a
[lolicy which the party baa adopted, which a
I! publican Congress eiubodii.! In the act,
which the pre* nt Ri publican Preaidi nt has
thus far shown i rerj di p* itiou to faithfully
carry ont.
lalla! Ti.-id-ul Ailinn is a fraud anil a
humbug, or Nir. Hatton .lor- him gross injustice
. \ en hom that he remains in his present posi?
tion, applying those terms to the policy of his
official chief. Either thc Republican partj la a
fraud aud a humbug, "> nun like Mr. Hatton
are at war v. ith it, belong outside its ranks, nml
li.ive no business lo hold high office a- it-, chief
agents. VVe aesmme, of course, that the word
attributed to Mi. Hatt.m, without contradiction
l.v him so fal as we know, w.ie actually used
hy him. Il ikey were not, thc tim.; bas come
u ht n a public denial of them by liini is de?
mand, d. ________________
The visit of Mr. Matthew Arnold to th.- United
States v. ill excite a much more general popular
interest than his positive achievements in litera?
ture would seem, at first blush,to Justify, lb
is n poet whose fine qualities have never ap?
pealed very strongly t" th.- popular sense, and a
critic who has addressed himself almost osten?
tation?y to Ute lvfined and cultivated few, No
one has ridiculed moro effectively than he the
ignorance, narrowness, Inaccessibility t<> idea-,
and provoking complacency of the great m;i**
of educated people, so-called,?the powerful
middle class of his own country and of ours,
lb- ha- made the British Philistbie proverbial.
Ih tai ? nut spared the depressing mediocrity of
America. And yet. although he his taken a
daring delight In shocking popular prejndic* .
jet-i ing at popular idols, and shoa ing contempt
for th.- popular intellect, Mr. Arnold bas been a
? moral ami inti Ile* tual force. It ia
iionj lo a man's hold upon his conutrymru
. i. M i, I- i th .a.-. s li.,-,. become part ni tbe eui reul
coin ot literature and conversation, ami thal his
ideas, travestied and distorted, lune beenup
propviatcd lo- fii\ni"ii imitators a- tin ii
in little. An expression which Mi. Arnold
adroit li i|iiot*-*l ft-otu Peon Swill has been so
p tl t il is tin
i ,, , -
1.11 ? vv Iii.-ii he ha- _? I . ill -<> mu. ll
neilin -- I,.- ls -I ol
nu.ii,,. ks like \\ . ami i an i. |] i,,
.'ill whi* li
mai k.
Tin i .? i. i ,? hard to
A -i .il'' i elinor, ai.. il i-t. lu 1. -
nev* rth* I. -?? I. i 'i in u*. ii. i.,l lie. ord w ith the
intellectual mu ll
alni,,- ? i.i H.
I tn I lu pe rf erl
harmonious life, thal culture which consists, aol
io ?itt, ?! I.'.ie . I,ina. I.... iii -? krui
ila- Lest th il li i- 1-i ii thini -lit and SO id ill
world," is a wunl profound!)
ion - : ;tnd ii i- pal 113
iii..! lin- literary ai iii ity <>t om
eratioi . led t*
te 11 mle] rn iii. 11,..
? 1 .1 it instil, bul In- is bim*
-'?lt one of the t..l<li|..s| 1,1 . tels nf the ait.
Tll*T< i 1. ? I '.--li -lillian vv liii luis ,1.tn 1 ;
mole exalted ith a ol 11 ins ol the t
>?' h> .it tim ? faithfull) in '. i. '.1 i.i- nw 1. 1
ill ol tin lm-iat --ol lilt*critical power, "mail
?? branches <>t knov 1, 1 "phi.
tt history, art, Kcieiiee, lo sci I lu* object ns in
?? ii rcull. is," or e ii-rcis* tl that pim
more ? . a linne t '
And lu i-;i m.uinl bi day liol on I j in hil per?
ri pi; ,11 ..i , - i?i*3 mi .I ....d d. -m .
v. 1.il I- a -lill limit |in .-lil l.u t-.l in hi- Ullin
i-i.* c. in his cnmprchcii ion ol whal hi ha- will
called the-Wt-d'riff, tbe '* linn Spirit," which
govern) the stream of tendency in routcni|*o
i.ny ihiiii-'ht. The boldness with which bc hos
followed this lentil in \ into tile region ni tiitt.
.1 -picul .: i.itt. ami applied to llie hi cb.
problems ol C'brislinnit) .1 criticism not eww*n
tinily different from thal by which ho would
.1 Itt W pm III, bus ." I lil. ..'iv liol 1 nth .111 ti
him to churchmen. Hut this is uot Un- place tn
ii-.I. rn t." m.jiitt. ti,t,, tht ground ?
for hts belief (hal '?lratlitmn.il religion/* l*oth
in 1'.:.'hu..! ami America, is destined to give
? ire iliai progressive lilni.il opinion
win. li mi the Continent ha- alu adv declared
tl. ? i uvely against < liri itianil ..i |. , t R
.1 ul \ 1 now undi 1 :. .1. lt |,,. ?|iouhl
see lit lo lecture on this theme, In would lind
pulpit cluuupions in pl. ni v in dispute with
him; and we hope thal be would bc met with
?ni um ami polish) ll civ ilttv ,.| which his
ow n wiitin neil (Inc exumpl
A WC* 1. Ilf.ll- spc ihlli.hised nu
Sa tu rdio amid unusual excitement in several ol
Ihe markets. 'I he -ah - of nh. ul 1,1 \,.u york
alone were 01 ni I2.(MM',IMX) bushel - la-t ??
and of cotton O.**?7,000 bales; al N'.-w York
alone lH,.r>78,t)<K) bumls of oil were sold, and
the sales of stocks exceeded 3,170,000 rthaivs, ol
which 1,200,000 ir. re on two successive day*
Illili _', 1 ]."..< M Ki till li.ill sue,c-.i,. e dav s, ,| ,,,| .etl
lu ii -?? . i Iii tran actions ni \,.,. .York
outside of the.Stock Kxchange were nearly the
I of the year, bul the week's retui n
'??. speculative dealing), iu pnxl
li- I -. iilnl lin- vt.liiliie.,l h ?iliin:"e I mile wa?
lli i Iv moderate. Thc dry--roods bu inesH whs
spicuously light w ith agents and importers, ami
in tbe Jobbing trude there was not much anima?
tion, though the distribution of goods was of
fair inugnitud . A lui gc auction ale ,.f blank?
ets on WedueHilay, nnd another of ."iJIIMI |iiic|.,
ol heavy woollen ? on I hui-day, were lurgelj
ut tended, bul the prices obtained were ven
low, nnd it is believed thal the manufacturer**
.?su-iiiineil a large loss. There were some addi?
tional failures in tbe clothing \..u\v, ?r,.{\ rnih< r
dincourufriug report ? a - to ti., c.lil iou .,i .,,,..,,.
of tlie linns ; li.it had previous!) failed but
Untiling oren! ted lo cail-c appleluu- iou t,| v, q.
*i;il disturbance. Iii short, lin- markets thal are
not controlled by speculation were generalli
*lu'! and dragging, but without .... -; ,?_
ol iiiiHotindni - oi panie.
lu the cotton market ihe t cuddie j sos down
ward, lan lin- decline mi --.-,?,.s "* was ,,,._v t_
e. ni lui middling upluui?s iiii.l iii toner options
cloned very lit th below the closing pi lees of lust
week. Then wai a fuirdemaud foi h.uni- con?
sumption, but very light dealings foi export,
ami th. receipts at porto, exceeding those ol the
ponding week in any pn vimis year, were
attended by exports cotisidcrablj smaller than
lim-* t.l iht sain ? week last year, In tho oil
market prioea ranged between B] n?H .,.,,.
|1 O9I4, cloaini at$1 H'1*., while the refined
1 <u.tinned stmng. 'lhere WM a reduction in ibo
price of No. 1 Thomas pig-iron to $20 50, but
the rcport-i from Pennsylvania and New-Jersey
are tri luridly more MM**0_ragi_gi and thc chief
embarrassment seem--tn bein .'natters win re
aiithratitt-i-us.ii for fuel. Tin- Eastern coal
(rode is exceptionally dull, and the deliveries
to tim and of September exceed thone of nine
months of 1 - >-' by 2,257,273 tons, so (hal, ii ia
?tated, a large excess baa i<? be piled up aome
where, but the operator.s have not been able to
come to any argnalsent aa to pi ice or the re?
striction of out-put, Thc wheat market, on
the Other hand, is thought ill Chicago to have a
much better appi aram c. Rec* ut purchases and
settlements are thought to indicate the termina?
tion of the prolonged struggle during a hicb the
price has been seriously depressed, and many
ore noa expecting active pure?anea inala turn
in ih.- murki t ai no distant (Ly.
Thc mai kel ioi stocks ha- h. en more excited
than any other during the past week. People
who had sold di i-i y Central or Northern Pacific
preferred that did not belong t<> them were sub?
jected to heavy loaaea, and th.- difference paid
for om- day'.- use of the latter Stock on Sat,inlay
was altogether unprecedented. The outside
? public, having no sympathy with either sido in
i the gambling game, in nevertheless glad to see
severe punishment administered to those who
s. ll property that they do not own, because, but
im thia practice, excessive speculation would be
altogether more Infrequent. As the-* raiders-1
h;ive had theil own way fur a lon-,'time, then
is a general public willingn* ia to have them
compelled in their turn to bear part <>f the
losses. Bot there is no reliable indication as
yet of the future course of the market, and no
one eau be -un- whether thc nu-n who wert
beaten Sat urdu] will be beaten <>r victorious
iiii> week. The one thing that seems certain is
that the recent violent fluctuations do nol icm pt
the public lo take mut h par; in lin mar!,et, on
i iiln r side.
Money did not become stringent at anytime,
though tho surplus reserve ol the banks sud?
denly vanished. A part of the looa of i
hiid i.-all3 been effected before the bank state
mint of thc bitli, and tluise vi lm had observed
I , sury movement.*! were prepared to expect n
decrease in thc amount lu 1.1 by the bank-.
I be -hipiiu ni - ot silver eertificut* s through tho
?in amounti d to * '. 100,000, but ?
ilecidi .Hy fiii'ti ii tiffing feature, on
hand, U the arrival of h -mall amount of gold,
.*, 100,000, iii the Neck..r from Europe, li is
?Iso stated thal a somewhat larger sum has
I., i n shipped bj tho Bank of British North
- ill rec* iv ' tl.t- u. ck.
With a more hi ulthj movi nu ut of st; pie prod?
ucts, such as might be promoted b.v ii collapse
imports of gold mi rbi h
p. ct. tl to continue, nnd tbe re ult would bc thc
if a -Mon" tl. m.mil for Am. i a .hi seemi
Ml 8T THOMAS -i.
lt 1
(hui md Ibe other I' o for
to ihe
.1. fl'ei sou ian stan i nd."
ti .- .1. ffei il If
dal. ol a fm I nm p public
nol to
A a.! -.,.. too. 'I'!i,,iii ?- Jel made
-p< e,'t|, - iii n hi.!, h* ? he ? , pun* ni of
applied political pict) hoitlj oft* i In- n liltion
tocei - oi public tuitii: tn ii.,tl become
ti public seand il.
billilli ; in. i< 'I hom de a
-- [lil '...' I .' .. niel Idp M.lte
ill w hi' '. Ile was to,apt lied to I al L-e,
|.i i-fern il by a reputable fellu -ll ut, iu
\ul. ing hi ? Int* il.
ii I iel! cd i" b. li i that in th
iiinl the Democratic inannirer** Thoma**
?Ielb-i-on .I...-, nol rome up io
il lie long
hat I hom.i- .b ll< i on mn .1 go,
Il'lll'.t l.ltlf lieu sp,ipi! -? III.tl llUVP llfll
? - il Kn r .-?.'!. i oi it
lol n u.ov lug his |I, a,-,, ,., i, tl. pul . .',. i,
? I to read il comment
| ul ihe
lb ? ' i! h. . lem . I lleptlti. imply
in lin- inti ii s| nf (he tiffi* it-Ill admin i-l... lion of
his office, I he work was i iliiiiin ( behind nuder
Mr. Smalley, and if he, wa* retained th. end of
Mi. Seymour's i.-im would probably find n poi
lion ol' ih. busiuusMof the term unfinished.
i ne .ippoinitii.nl ni Ur. Foi in Mr. Hun-ley's
place rested onareaaon cquall.i sensible and
Mr. l'o\ h id -- rted under Mr.
Seymour in o minor position in such n manner
a to com mc ml bim for promotion. Hi*, chief,
lliidinghim faithful, elli,;.m and evincing an
aptitude for the duties of thc ofHee, natiiiallj
ciiotij;h ad van. ed him when !h<- time came,
Ii titus ttppcurs thu) Mr. Seymour's course in
the m.ititi was not only justifiable bul posi?
tively commendable, li will Im- -.. regarded by
every man who believes in conducting tho
State departments on busincxs principles. Hui
Mr. Si i mont -foes further, lu ordi ri ll. elua Hy
io di-ptisi- ol Ihe charge thal politics hud auy
ihingto do with the removal, be mentions tho
nmclu Ive fuel thal he ha- retained in tho ser?
vice of th.- Siiiie on ihe engineering corps
many Democrats, the force mulei him "being
about equally divided between Ihe two panics."
Mr. F.vei lied, who ran against him lw-o years
those l el.iiii'tl.
lt look** uh if Mr. Seymour hud pn'** nted his
i ii ?. ul ie ci ii i, i- ith a lilt- vv illili they ? ill
in t om.a lied tu '?uaw'tim in, lill i'< -I of tin
canvass. _
/' 1/ VlSTM t V/J //' UBI tl,
H. ll.. ll -* ,. ll' el li- [till III . lil-l |,111.elliie- o! I'll I ?
lu-..11In with lim broad tlicMii* i inn there in s -mil et
iiinli ni all religion*, willi.ii whii h they could
licVet hiv t i-M.lctl. Il ! -'. I h..j-, leav I ie ill I It'll still
or. At van uti I in thc e*< i
Ul Sll|ielllal III.il '. ? i' eu t 'll leal,
:: !.. li from time (uti, . !i In ..pi ci
again m snot her century. Tbs lil.cl in n,, i ,
n>.nu v. ni ulit.-t''. in witchcraft, in chiromancy,
lia at one | lint helli |'e, , r i|. .\|r, it i..,( Ue pug.
?ihlethal them was som* minute arain >.i truth lu
.?in li, combined with iiiiich -.iu ii,,.i,t, without
winch ll could nevw have ntttij gated bnman be?
lief! One of ih- te t tr l science* w Inch i- m presenl
suil.'i ll..' Il IfVIV.ll ls tile " -."elie. " nt p. ililli. try.
Xwo works on.tlie subject, on*i pupil Isrstid the other
more ? ?nopl. tc, have i'.--nllj appeared, Tb-m
w,.'.il,l ii"' have appeared bsd there nol beeu adi*.
i,u. i rei i al "f int re il in the ml |e< t. Buss
1 ? author of on ot th ttbet
in Psii ? ...? the bandi of Vi,- dr
Huaii, Dams . I?.martine. and other French celeb?
rities, and in all ths lines sod mounts sh. wed ii
.ntl-, tbe qnslitle* whiob tbe owners i> >s- s- u.
I : I, . - 1. V. IttlV. e ye|. |i, -eek Milch I tllllil ||t
li?lane* s. A gittoes ut ones own han.ls, ur i.i t boss
nf ii ttov hr?0 Im willi tluv inrlileiit-t ol what* livei
? ia-un it-ly iitiiii mile.i. will alnsosl invar! *
alii- deinon-*! mil til.- ii nih of Hf iiroati prlnotplns
of chirti.ilaney. Take foi exsmple tue "mount of
.'?winch is sapposeI ta occupy tbe mass ol
tlc-in tissuii at tbe bas of tba thumb, lo a person
w lin a/ii .m.', vigorous c institut loo the blood v.-.
Nels wiii it ? tull. Tiicie will also 1.1 a tali deposit ?.f
nuiti.r, asking as ii w.-r.t ii son eosbton oa
mis part ol the pitha. Doom it rt illino unytbiug
supernatural to divine that such a nature will be
naturally strong in ita affections and iustinctsf If
tbe form be aooompauled by a sensitive tempera?
ment, ls the gift of prophecy requisite to foretoll
that ouch au individual will undergo and suffer a
trrrat deal, an?! form som? attachment which will
domtnnts tbs whole life.
luke another Instance. The can-crar.! employment
of the hands lu violin and harp plavins*, lu mould?
ing and other artistic work, spreads tho point, of
the augur and makes it "spatiilnus." L* there any
blaek art lo laggestlag tint tho flugor ls generally
Inherited from some sjioestor and ls accompanied
by tbe relative tttlsntf That much of tbe system
like tbe mount ou tho loft b.?c of tho riant hand?
the "moiint ot the moon"?is mere BMonsulns, ts pos?
sit*?' but that the hand Ul tin relisa of th" hrain so
l.ir as material objects aro concerned is doubtless
trill*, nnd if is only where lt has been attempted to
c.'irrv tl e theory Into the sphere of psycho!
attributes that thc system seems to bie.tk down.
fet even in thens a negative law may oporsto, It
is Mid tiiat ii narrow thirub indioates a weak.
Indecisivs oharaotor. Several generations of
hard, earnest work, will undoubted.lg Increase
tbs size of the hand and tiiuiub. But BSTSrsJ
generations of country life teud also to
produce a powerful, earnest character. Th* two
roi-ri-it. indicating each oilier as they proceed from.
;:n identical canst).
Another insianco ls the "mount of Jove,"
whirh ls placed at tao root ..f tho first
ringer. Now, on the hand of a DUB who doss DO
maniird labor and who eats and drinks laxuriodsly
the .?in will become soft and ductile,. The blood
Te.saols will be overfilled, the tissues will be liable
to swell frome?os?i ol stisnnlsnts in the blood, sad
these CttllSSS will increase the natural pad cr
cushion which nature places at the root. <.f sash
floger, and especially the llr-t, wln-re tbs counter
SOOS of ol using the hand is leask. Turning to
-'.-(?hologlca! sids, wo ask what effect will an
nile, nrlf-lndnloent life have on tlie individual!
Will it not produce s self- sekina, dominating and
self-willed character, a teodenor to command, a
dislike of control, and it disposition to rsgord evcry
tbing from one's own point of view! Y.-t titi-* is
precisely what tbs oblromancisl professes to toad lo
tao''mot?it of Jove.* Where snob aoborueter ?
combined with strong comba iveness, areal energy
snd viaor. ts there soy occult science required t.>
tell tbat such ? maa will rule or ruin any o?ose
wini wbtebhs maybes .latedf Again, take a
dry, skinny hand with little flesh on tbs I
tbs product of ii slow i',r. ulai ion mid weall
assimilative pnwe*H In such a lui'id WS DDSV read
tbat tbe mind will most likely rule tbe body be?
the passions and spp ? iles will he feebl
easily controlled ; snd Ibst the individual will
i e.iiiu and dispassionate view of Ufo. Whal
" science" la required to foretell thal such un kn
il wi I have an equable existence sad pas*
, ainu i .nol quiet ly lin..nu . life ?
Il may he fairly argued in all th ? thai the
name* msc baaprodu.1 a mental and anatomical
et in tbe in Hvidu il, md tbal tbe
-not can ??
*i i i'l'tl -
even v. hi ii . ourcn
of los*?on the gn not to
make money, bul to further the public good by
making the distribution of Intoll On
v. bal ground, then, * ni tbe carrying of inerrha
in the maila at lower rates than nen --
papers be jnsi !:;.? i ? Why, I liould
s..iiie newspapers be carried frc*, and not all ?'
1 lt.- slut,lld I. ' pul he!')',V tli'.se dil
merchandise sectus toa plain foi argument: that all
-1 ...ih' go free if any .1" is only fair; .-.
transmit newspapers free would be directly I
with the spirt! "ti which tbe post 0 bee h is I
mts dis plausible. Posttn
.Tal III.WC le. ..Ililli, ll.!. .1 lt; Illili B st.'
might -et are s great supp
A . nrrespoudenl ot Tl ' '
duet ion in New -'
? . columnsof ..did tv |> i, Iii ?. "ic ' .
seem to be that TinI Taintxa's Sunda]
i he L'i,.>v I li >.f i be penny papei - <1
i m H. --.fe, .ItniTi, w hu ilj.-d nntimely tho other
day in Toledo, waa one of the rough diamonds of
thew m. Ile wi i i ile* Democrat who always
hud the good-will of his I pots ? a rol
imteer soldier, who won Hie wan .1 sud
eoiilidenee of the regulars; suds man follof contro?
versies and .lat igonisms, who had hardly an enemy
In the world excepting himself. He was tl:
who, in s ihsttered m.nv. in a broken country
w h. re no one ki,cw th ? way, marched las eouim I
without ordera toward tbe sound of the enemy'?
i-nnnon, and so helped isvethi day at Chick unaiiga.
.. and roiimi v "cd in bis pi . ???. bul
? oppt .
\. Cal li,'ld.
The Bennett, Conner)*, Townsend controversy
vv.iv.es vviirin even bere lu Kew-York, as may be in*
it."a Mi. (Townsend's letter, printed this
morning. Bul thia is nothing to tbe Philadelphia
p.rt. rbere it ls blowing a regular simoom.
i'dh.-r tie-.-ii'..rt t" administer offlIce dlselpltne in
public to old employe* seems sometimes to have Its
pd tv drawb lally when tko
wblp-bub hos tbs louder cracker.
Tbe foundations of ths world ? a to b
thing but stable nowadays. Not only have there
terrestrial disturbances In in..-i of the pro?
verbial!) sh.ikv places mi th.- globe, bul evonso
?olid a -i'"' a Uibraltar has al length been ma de to
tremble. That favorite stamping-ground ?.: earth?
quakes, the western sud northern coast ol Bon th
america, however, bas thus far escaped from lb.
unpleasant results of the globe's Inti!?isl disturb
Bul considering tbe way in which other
ns generally considered os subject to l
visitations have suffered of late. Un- South Amer
. nt \ well shake iii their shoes iii ,-t
of what they will probablj get before tbe euri
again quiet inside.
Republicans ol lt* uasela. r Ci.nut' i -.?:? mode
:. strong nomination for ('..univ clerk, lu naming
: l's ppr a. To tbe people of bbl county
Mr. I appen is favorably know n for his upi icht life
imp b lequlretnenta nnd sneers ?-, snd
'fill ni m; readers will r. uember his lavish h upi tab
alli tho l.ellt'til'ial'li s of til.' Fr* sll Ail I
He alv.a.l ? ll.lil rciulv lUb ! .iii. tl lil- .ikt.. I- fol tile
il.ililica wbo passed through Troy, and the I
tl,, part) Ibo more be enjoyed tbs work ol mpply*
?i needs. _
Madison Square narden has seen a great variety
of entertainments In Its day. The walking-match. -
Mid prize-fights were certainly tho lowest, ult hough
ih'-.v tlie-.v immense crowds. Tho dogshowahave
h, .-ti among Ihe bent, and la their rank must be
placed i lie exhibition ..| horses v, hi, h opens to-day.
-great crowd will probably bs attracted to the
irani, n ? I ii lin ? the week, for a fine horse i- an object
of universal admiration. Butasidc from th( nov
eltj of tbs show, and the interest which no lu
eulie, tion of noble animals must excite, the exhibi?
tion will doubtless do mn. h to improve the busi?
ness of breeding horses in this country. 0 i ?
in this respect will be a* apparent by it os
well a* our strong points. The own
stables In this country who visil tbe bow can
hardly fail I" am man] valuable hints.
Hir l.velin Wood OM?es ha.-k from Egypt withs
good wold fur a long-suffering race and terms of
praise for tbe army of oeoupaiiou In the Khedive's
y, The conduct of tbs British troops, hs
said recently, bas been exemplary and has hail a
marked offset upon the Bgyptiau soldiers. Of the
latter 6,000 lure been drilled and made to nndr-i*
st: id that they have the same ri i;ht.s OS British
tr.-'i".. Foroaerly they were driven, lsd, fleeced
and slttUgbered, and even their snpsriist i
were chastised on parade; now thev an- treated as
in ii ihould be, iiml sines tbs English went tn
Egypt not oue soldiei tuts suffered corporal punish
meal. This improvement in tbsb eoodition und ibo
ears British ofllcsrs gav.- tbs Esl iaassa soldiers dar*.
lng the cholera epidemic bavs ossa followed by
gund tc jul ts, but bu Evelyn tbiuks ibu English
must still wait a little before they insist on ___]4j0
children of centuries running alg_o,
General Henry K. Oliver, of 8al.:_, ll -, ne, >f
nearly seventy-five years of mu deal s.., .....
written at last a letter of farewell to his a -.
of tbe Salem Oratorio bociety.
Mr. Nathaniel Barker, a popular singer, is _[-.?
ously 111 at his home In Lynn, Moss., having r*.
cently sn tiered a severe fracture of tho hip?a L-l
iiijury tor a man seventy years old. *
Mr. lieut diet Aldrich, of Johnston, It*. I., ninety.
two year, old, is said to be the oldest VtSSOUSSa ia
that State, lb-visited tho Boston exhibition tits
itin-i-ilay, h;ilo, hearty*, and fully able to U_S cars
ol luius.-ll.
Le Voltaire dselorss that Prince Bismarck is n-,|
only a great timber merchant, but ouo of the great
ssl dist Ulai S III Ow ?any. When ho was only tim
owner of the little estate of W.-ndisch-Pud._g_> hu
operations in tl?I way wert; comparatively t>ii?ll,
uot exceeding sums tea thousand litres of ut_n
de-vie *'per month; but since ba has become pro
prietoroi Vuiv.iu bs ha.- gone into the ??.tilling
bi?biues on a more extensive seals, lb; has ronan ul
nil the plant, iiml introduced new and improved ;ip
ItantTiis, steam supplying the inotivo powor. At
\ aivan alone he now manufactures sometbiug liku
s.i.iiti.i litres of spirits in tbe month. Altogetherr
h.- sells ..h..nt dlMl.OOO gallons ol this product ini tlie
ionise ul thu yeal'.
" i went over to Bushey the other afternoon,''
s.us n writer in Life (London), ? to ?ive a look at
the new art schools whit-!' Hubert Herkomer is
building Hs really is S most energetic man. I
found the whole of his large g_n]s_ given over te
ths builder, linet; buildings, which iu sizo remind-:4
BBS nu.re of a 1 haines side warehOUSS than a studio;
warehouses wherein to stack easts and models
enough to _U the British Museum j ta fact every.
thing mi the most gigantic seale. If the pupils
come in numbera proportionate to thestasst* their
intend .1 h.>me, the Hash,-y sebools will truly be
monumental. Not only doss Mr. Hst-omer propose
schools fur tbs teoehing of painting, bat he has
built work-rooms tm engraving, ste?lng; wood?
carving, at,ti th. forging ol wrought iron work. His
band is ne cunning in ail thone hranrhni of art tia
in painting, sud he wields tbe hammer at the .smithy
almost as well as tbs brash in the stn?io. Tbs
force of tho oft-quoted remark about genius being
ll? capacity foi takiug uunm.. poins, is tait to p.-r
ft . i :.,n at Dj iciiiim.''
The new play at tim Odeon, Paris, ;t [_ Bel Ar
inaiid," was written by young Victor Jttunet, graaaV
sou of the celebrated cos/ it olsues, Pose?sr, the
Ililli.1 ai.tl ever nady hal.ker of __ ?_". - i -:i.. dy
Duuit?the elder. Mme. Po rc ber, who still lives to es>
j..y ln-r grandson's triumphs, relates many cut iona
anecdotes ol Diunas'e _ipocuiiioaitj, coupled always
w ith instances of hla generosity. A l.-w yeats I ? i
his death Dumas made In- appearance om muru Jug
at her apart.nts. -I vv.itit some lie.'ley, 'lia,-,
;; I went out without andl have not a ssa ls
? u inn.m." ?? Very .v. ll, lio.v muebdoyoa
want?" -* Two louis will do." Dumas was oat?l
wheo Mme. Porches reminded bisi
i..l han a hoi ile nf gherkins, >.a
lin- pickling .'1 which she I "1 il
Iel lb. girl pul it in the cab." "Very weil,
good uioruiMg.'' Ou ihe stain mimas meets th*
servant, wini t* IN him t done aa lier mie
ti'-ss ii,...'. . .. -> Thank you, my dear; here's s. ?*
youl trouble," .. - louis just bur*
iu I.. , .? ; ihe . , I
.. I lamas il. . . . li.iiinlii i
,.. . ? ,?? tuiici? ;t - he vv a- u iu.i- ?
a be came up .Mme. Pori I
gloss is gradual!.) beginning to
a I Iron In the coo*tructloa of
i . lavente out ea bia | , i,
lbj ll sjm i lal ii|.,.e--. In willli I.V lt li
Hiing tc ?'. ? 'i Tte szpei ?teats
:,, . I. 1. ,'., gil, ii HUI; lltS, Slid tit,!
I .,,?l ,,1 il''ll. Me' !',
? itij.utii by in.-, ctn. u.." wood, nor
lin .e an- two families liv tag in ar ? 'aili, svillc,
ita.. Ute a.-. hii.it-tn vvin.'ii araee ??eh alike that away
..-?... ; sta ot tba r
? Xiie'. nra
?ii i....k sad .ires- exactlyalike. Tweerthne
l-i -i-ieis, wi... look sad .lr.-s*
... : .v.. cot?gee thal le .lt
alike, and eaeb lady has a . ;...'i ibool the sunni
..li lu ai'... ex.icily alike. A'.l ,
, . ,;, lil I., ai-'l. aleI r- ? '-lillv lilli Min.. I'.lliV iii,ce to
taut were i . y
ll lie |> iltllfl- tn tm- H]
??- -. .lilli ll, .
- .bully has been wiitin- to Tht J.
el, IlllilllH Ul'' Ilse of tile tl. lin
Itu*," whI calllug tor lu abolition, Am.Uni
? pete'e nt i.iiaistii-l) answers him tty writing a .; <?
ul tile li itel .nil.!.-. Wit bOUl >is|n_- ll. "lillietu| t.au
' ? reformer who coald propiM
? -ii;.11 - t.i ona* ,.v, r c i
..ii-. l>c|!...| . nial -.< forth
i brea
ni li,.I.-.-.I, mit nf ny?pnthy with . r
uni vv.iv public vvrit.i- kn.nk t.n in..1 .it
rite ?'?-' nee ?>! the tit'..!- In the k tter t?
? l| |. tetl.c.
People are so now! to bearing <>l tbe continual
:i.tlll-l..|l nf I.it'll IlltO Jillie's e.|?e|itllv lle-tu'll lt "I fer
Hem. ii. ti,at ibo other ?tie ol the quentin_ ls lo*
i. il .i . on.......ml.in ?? , I Mall Oat ?? ro?
fl Eng?ad there I
tbe i.iii'-ii'iii. In ip. thing ,<f ti..' i i
' I'lVl) Lilli.- Ililli. ? .lie se!
- ...un for ladlee only. But there
will not ga If they can help it. Lt?I Mardi a i.
. , ? ? ''a- sui,),.,-! in t'.u
complaint-book. AU they asked wa* timt a rule should
1 morlee posted up, thal the-en's reeerved
t,,t i.uiies-laen,! be tuted n,. i.. lava?_ ths
tuen'* table*. Instead, however, of rahel baring been
nivcii to tht* verj reasonable suggestion, mea sn I
Uinl. v, nen they catlin.: Uml ii wat iii tlc tr ow ii t.,
which verj frequently oc?iirs?some ladj will bs
o more, with all her apparatus ot bo
pei -, t.. "ie "i tbe kalli's' tablet, Ko mau, i need ?
nay, has yet been found bold eac?gh to dei?U? the > a
f.irc. ii. . inevlet?_ Aiul?nc thing wi
iltiuhi vv in,-ii ci .iv re uti r i
MiiMuiti must tiei fur the equally learned and cot?tee *
-? ip. nut. laleiil 1 .In nol think it ts fair that una. MHa"
. loom in the middle of Um any,
sh,,lilli ottell hilve the ulti-l nat 1V e fol, '?',', ,,|: tllelii either
ofhti?idluK about without a seat, or ol reuuli i
? -..ni<*, lb tl l. : oil ;.? .?? e ,,r tn.
it tin- im li. s- iiii.,. t, If. however, I
1. of.-ci I as 1 I, ,: a I'.oe -il ^. -t. .1. all M. ;??
? Ulalie III the case ol Lillies VI Ol kills' VV ItU
lilt ll, VV holli tile) Ottell .ii, 1 .ls 11,11 ti 'I by
Ila ll. "
lill, .si A il. CAN ? AS.
Andrew Davidson, of Cooperstown, the Re?
pu .In am and dat* rill the XXIII d I
c. iv ttl e the hearty support of ever) ttrpublt. au in the Dis*
trlct. .-on.- lillie :.;, the -1.1.- ol .Mr.
Davidson when be was a captain of tin l-l ? \ w-Yuti"
non m. ,1 their luton! I oi'?, i ..st iii, ,i' vo:,.. for blm.
I-'.-, erywhere in tbe interior of the State th* K- ?
pul.h. .at- itc tu?Uft ?tlnj- .i k. i n Int?rest In t
senator Warner Miller said oa Beturdaj In tl
?? People are going to be surpriseed with the I i
ll an vote in ' I
for.nj and leg?luttveoftleea, who
lu. ll Ol high .-tala,
Ihell' 0 '
number of Ropnblh ut rotes will be pol ?
The Republican Senatorial Convention tot
the Will Distil, l\. iii l?- h. Mal Poug_u-e|i
The District i- al ic--.,! represent*? bj a Dei
lieu,,r A. N. ison, l.ut for ic.ns ii .uni Re]
.lot-it-,' Illili lin- lt. pu!.I., ill Mill.lcli! ol Wi
,, I.... k. Lout I V .- . I Ul tes Mumbai
Ut to : '
Hean tl. li ?? ?'? s tn tbe m.m..tonal Convent?- itt"' **'d
, rob u.iy be nominated.
The quarrel among thc Democrats of Burt'*!*
te.. i (li,- tn n Tali vnf timi city grewa ititire uitcu-e. Jsa>
allum S), ov Hie, one nf till'cu..ill.l it.-, since Un- tWO D ??
octaiic i ut Ci.uvt itiioii- tren railed baa pabU*.'!) ? "
t ,-??,! the -el i.i i iii st iu i lou oi ins 11,.ii. Mu) ur yenning, tah
expressed the beUet thal be eaanot be re-elected. ',r
BeovlUe bas also said that bs wai not nonil.ltnt ot s i,'',n
. latte victoii lu the city this year. Meanwhile Mr, Mee
Dlnx baa disappeared from tin- city and I- belle red to
have none to Ali...uv npouastuuuions from bl? brother,
Daniel M.a,niin.-, the ebal nun ur thc timioct-ati*- J*.**
Cotiiuiittee, who naturally desires lo ead the ...nil.it ?
Mr. Shaiiiihaii, the Deiuociatie Sur.eiinten*!
? nt of l'lil.llc Work-, st'tius to lu- e\lli.r. .t.-aiit SS WSO SS
im oiuiieiciit. fasaiSatsyMoondmgJemrmei rsferts tt.si
"tin- eipsnsssl kasata*$m tamhm'heettem i >.t the a??
final. eS_ffB__f twenty nine nillen fr?>m luck 34 M ths
c.i-t line or (nu ida Cetinty, .linni?r aaejaal and ***sjt-sa>
lier wu- |o,lS] ML PH tbi- siunc iv-rt-vl In l-i**l the d*'1
was tun is,MM) SS, nml lu lssj, $:i,(;:u Ti." Satmmae
MiiniliiiK thc in. it a*sed cv|K'iiiliiure, there and oki) S*h? o,
tho I .nc I .ui? ls Ul a bud iwuillUou.

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