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Thc Italian opera SSS ?" Ul ^o opened to-nlgbt
.iialtaneouely at th J* ?J of Ito* sud tho
Ltropolitau Opera ll ? T*>_-rrow the gossips
chi. meet and Ight fa ..tloof the houses ut tho
claim and elsewhere. Though nothing oat of tho
onlinary ls promiBftd by eitlrr manager, tbs stagers
will doubtless give out tin ir sweetest notes, each
?MS?4 woman will surely put her best foot fors
i , ami tho wslso_?lg smiles ot the managers
v,ill illumine tho corrri.l<>rn both ap and down-town.
The s.-euii- splendor will nnt;ue itionably be greatest
at tho Metropolitan (J,. ... il .', where ela
p.,,, ar.it I ii ns have l-een in .'le to meet the I
m ats of "Pausk*-1 The distribution of pei
t!v opera in a*> follows:
Marghartta.Mme. KU?son
m ih 1 .Minc Se i!**h
FjllSt.Big. C.nii'.'.'-aa
? -.le.SI-. N ' ' I
x.ilciitiue.s^. UelPnente
Ai the A**?demy al Music the opera ********* ill ho "La
t DUtunbU?l" with the parts held thus:
.mina .Mme. Oei-ster
( . .?. ...MUfcYaliiM
Kivtao..'.Bbl- v";"'
aiee-s.H,?j{I"'-i ?'1
lu Moura.**?J>" K m
The courts will .le, i.i- to-*day whether _.- I-'t
blaehs shall be Mart* at Thlrty-ntath-st snd Broad
Hay, or TSTSSS at r,.uiteetith-st. ami Irrtag-plaos.
All that, brilliant MMeeM IO Berlin find \ i
enua, nml till mat velutnlnnus foielirn erlll l-in ut.tl
Itasiliisa lltlgsllss rraffl **" to bring aa operetta before
thepnhlli. In this city, vere lavished ii|...ti Mi'.l.W-ker's
??Bettelstudent'* before lt was ptainSed at thc Thalia
theatre Krill ty evening. All that tin- vivacious an.1 vcr
mule, m.iomasfls?ttaaer, in the tttls rAle, with the help
ot a uniformly exei-llei.it eompany, a well-i ondit, rfc"I ,>r
Dliestra iniJ bSSB?hal SlSgll SOtllllg could tin to DU_C thc
?foes ii ssaessi ls Hew-Tsrli was Ism at the tirst night's
performance. Aili S SMeeSB it was. a lii.-t .l.cl.l .1 one.
rills w?s mado SSSalteet on Krhlity lilirht, im.l lt WM
abundantly continued hy the performance of Baturday
Oftenth?t Tho theatre vviis crtivvtletl from Hie archest! S to
the un.) row of tin- highest -ral?ry. Thc au?ea. t fi?lowed
the performance with ah-otl.c.l ntlention uinl dealt oil
tht* reward! of hearty ai planes aad appreciative taught
With tin- utmost lavishness.
The pi, ce thoroughly il. serves its N__?tah? -
?Tlii-stoiy ls told with dramatic force nial fotei?tt_UJ|
Chillness hy the libretto af Z'-U and (..-nee. The action ls
Spirited throughout, tht*. dlslogan is vtvariot?. It
?par*?t-ii with playful baatOt BS? Witty tunis and the
Scenes deserve well the brilliant stage set?as wltb which
they ns parinya? The musle, too, ls In MlUockei-*! Lest
rein. It inappropriate io the a-tion aterery point It
ls airy, graceful and pretty where grace and light
He needed) sat tl ia abundantly earnest and dramatic
(There those Qualities ate 1 . ?' I.
Tin- story _ oompara?Ti ;.? idmpto. Thc n, titlttu lent ute
lashing .voting Peltsb student who l-iinn
lb.ui U l.i".'.*ar, SBd! ''thalia cun-le? qi
nell. D ? 1709) SI? :
?nsref the tows isehhnif hewlUsld Ina
slot te hean wc.? and ri.lie_s on an imp..-.
B letttwh f J .In I :'::? In tbe pl a. i! lu lutroduc. d
|i the Count* _ and ber family as a titled mllllotu Ire. He
sins tin- heart >.f Limo, the eldei daughter, In a
trice, ind hui lupposed secret iry, a bosom ti lend who was
release.; to hrlp in thu plot, has a like lltocesi wah the
naive ;. lui .-? i .' .' Tie ','. '?-? '
I?ls that he actually love* Ihe tnt-' i , . and tn
lave her from ignominy writes a letter to bel disclosing
tile pl t. T J ts i|. tV '
Sane believes th il Lou-, love; him d. spit* I
the iii un.'' takes plae. . i I nuptial
"pomp ami lc i-t and revelry" the Saxon exposes thc
I ??iiml. Then there i ? troul le. 1 is -i;ii
ful'.y ravelled by the nfs friend ??
jrho dupes tbe Saxon Governoi Intoh
k fortune on the dasi '. and all goes much nicr
Ber than the onliii nv marriage h. ll.
Mme. Oei.*tliuaw ts at her i>.-- ???Hv.it
h| ndent and rtaehiug wo r, iud took ber uudivnec bi
Norm utterly h.itu: ' th thc vivacity and bril
Ssnceof lr- neting und singing. r> ,'.1 ns
ti..'" won frequent aad hem t j applause, and rr.ml,'in
I mptlvuted all In.ttl by her clnil'liiiiiilv ,
portrayal of ihe pretti /.' . ielatea't !ov* for tot fl i
Itt*''".'"*.i Ht rr Pel lets, ;'- thc.-..* ?., Hover
nor, mul lien Prices ai the Beggar Stwlent't friend aud
lecroturj received wcll-ni rited plaudits mid were fre
ju-iiily recalled. Th. . u ? .iii
md mustcally, weal smoothly throughout and every
i md _u,sii'i.iu contributed to the meccasol the
->i, se.
Tii?> lust I'ciTorm'iucesi ,,t M The Princess of
nile," lit the Casino, will take pl ?- thia
? Next Monday it will give place to "The B
Itu,h nt.'' bj MUlocker.
h - won of -.ix concerts <>f chamber music
tainiai.l i-ii.ti len.- Clul.. The phite
hil be Pl >;k Hall aad the dates November 20, ii ?.?,u*..-r
i iry l '. -I ireh is and apiti ?*.
Bcaerved Mata and prosceninni boxen for the
?on, Mis ol the Philharmonic Boci. ty of Brooklj n wail he
cid br sui ? oe iti-iiiorii.'.i . t, olag mtlie ball ol !.,? tri
' i Inti.
Oppoiiiiiil,ins will be open to persons \*>fobing
? Lc euc .-i*i;? 111 ?? mem era ot the Rea Soft i
.. : taste ii-, i , , . ??
ray ii..li To-m .n.i.v mid Wrtdnosdaj afternoons sn I
ivium-i. Members of this society arc Ht ao expenne
ll ls ant,linne. .1 ie. Q| .
rill be bivi a bv a t bonis i. aud lui
sa of tho i'm!:..'nunnie Boci von rhiU?Uyei lings in
j mian '?'"' Ai'' ?'?
Th-- Britannic brough! ;:inou^r her pnasrn
,-er-v. ?:? ,,lay, ileuiy lu e.. Mi - Ellen Terry, M
di- tiber! lin?r-t-.lt. Ah ' Milwaukee;
dr.mei Mis. George ,;' cheO, A.. sad M
kh'ii, \Vi.ii.unSwart, M.P., Mrs. Ewart, Mr.ai
LA.aie'., i-liii, Mr. mid Mrs, Geoiae Barlow, Mr. and
dr-. IT, i: (nu 1,. i, ll. .?;.(..!.a, J. Il. Cop..-st. ni, Andrew
Wini! ., ". IL vy F, (JiiliL,, Mr. and Mi . Jo ph ll ,t
nave. Mr. and Mrs. James Jarrett, Mr, uml Mrs, H. L
J. Militia's, Mi. sad Mrs. Jo pb Milbank,
tli trna Mrs. Felts Mo*. h< I ~. Mr. and
?dr. and >T:- Ranford, Mr. ami Mi C. fi
falcon. Mr. and Mrs. li. m .min u. Weeden. Mr. and Mrs.
lit ail uml Mn*. .1. A. /fit m.
Ta. i in ..f M..i,tren! i.toii'.-hi the Rev. Dr. John Lord
lint Ml - t. .ul, HI?noi Bell I I Mrs. I li* ll,
ar. itu,i Mrs, M. K. Bi I .vii -.
t C ler. ll. li. P. Hutton, Mr. and Mi . I., w.
Iteiirhtner, nd Willi un la
Tin lei..'- jiii?t ne, r- lui lulled Th away,
and Mrs. A. J. Hu
T. .lt- Bary, LtooU oe Bary, Mi-- s. d. Bid*lle,<
i ... i) . . ?
Dd (al le hi.nd-.
t Gul) <>\ OF Ml. .DEL S /...V IN THE CITY.
Felix Mm-'..-Its, wilt arrived here yesterday
ii ths . :- . il
. | i try vvitii th- In! .?(
takin_- a loiin' stay uni pursabuj bis Sit, ll"
Hewn in !, m km m Sety and artistic ?
Ie ts a /ol on "f Merni I bosom Ii
tdf-r Moscheto! was, Mr. M Mcheles saul to i Ti mi sb
Shorter: "Theughe??roosta eosmopolltaa,thia i- m.v
Irstvi lt ta Uaerieai batt do aol leela il i
rt' r only s lew hours' aeqaatnl mee trith yon:- eli
Wt s .m alli- tit Views, | ee,i- ., - the il.h".'.l" traill Hie
tin"ii-,. ly to th. convention ol tbe I
? ? . erlll bc held In W
on next month. I have" i,..? ? for year ?, ion 'i,,,- t .
?rent r. ie..,lie a r> al i ? ; Ile, I rn
"llllt'l ol Ul.ill ICJillhlle li." I linne.
ia t 'i v iv.ik. itu 11. ? i- i--.il un til*' I
I nun,I. i nt my rod 8 mit ls-..mi's i, ,,.!?.li-!e d
ie ir iu-.lilt iu k* and editing of whleh I can lull a-t
Sm i.i my own."
Wyatt Kyan (pronounced Meeatl K> ?? . <>f
?assen. Barmah, spoke last ulgbl at the i
Itris-i R pt t i Lurch mi t - belief aad t
I itu i. suadS .a i-., m. abor of
ps sf the four tribes ol K ,? ns. which are en* ivedby
?J K ? it, upeskr. I ni ll* "i blufrularly nell,
??? Kai ?j,,-.,n co tu: il I hires I S ttl llb Bl
San lUtin ,,: the i.. re oounli ?.. lu the
S*.I VVI.i.-ll lie . , ?'. lill. I,S .,: ?
O'lits, VV. 1, are CHlelli.lt.'i lo til .HIV size ot Ul., tM-lUg
jstblnicbut a.iiK Mtripsol ll* ur oilier -tn!!-, whit li we
Wily v I,,' t. u ned byd
A .numil,; ot? gentlemen, repreaentinti the
?hsaaay Hall General Committee, went down tbs Boy
?Merila)- tuoralng on the police steamboat to aelemne
?**? huxustaa i-chi ll. who bat been absent <ever_
??"tii?. Ainoi.K thee were Joba Kelly, PresMaol I
?tts Board of aidemeai. laiwniii Kearney, !;?
fW.'it-ty. i t.ii'c ju-ticf ii.nti, r. n-i QUIespie, < ???
K_jssk?omi Brennan, Police Oumulmdoner Klebols.
jw-nuen Knk, rltspairies and Huiltb, mut Willi mil.
Rmasy. Mr. ?..hell w.i- ii. ?eod health, liltboii
_f**j* hud lu on .. ? ikIi mic. 1
J^**-"Ue? ul welt onie, aud U lum li Wa .i ? .
Richard Denman, ak'.- seventeen, of No. (50
PjT-st., ('omuilUcd sithhi i shortly after 5 o'clockyes
~**sT afternoon by shoot!..'' hluiselt through tbe righi
r*PJ*- Re died within four minutes arter liitllrtlns Ihe
y*"*- Tl?i Coroner niaulf nu exmnlii-uioii of the ...n
??*? et bis rooms, bot could lind i.o_.lug* to bb?eal it?I
?aa ie of hts suicide, and his parents, with whom ^ jived,
auld ik-slgn no motive for lt. He haa l***-_-.n troubled -with
mil ula! fever, and yesterday ?5*5 the time of his culelde
ie Was In pain and tras linallie to eat any fond. It waa
Qm observed that his eyes were nd v. ith weepies;. Pm
nao told his parents that be Intended t<. Un down, and
coins Into sa aajolnhuj room he etoeed the doors, A tew
ninnies niter hts lather le Al the report of ? pistol, SO 1
-untiing Into li- -''?'- room round him stretch***! upon the
Hom, th im.- The physician vi ho attended Denman daring
_h Hlrliness attributed the lad's ?cale to un- pulu auu
lassitude whl ch were results of Tal d
Tn the Editor of The Pristine,
Sin : The *_?ina-enuoas retort of Mr. T. B.
Dounsry t? my roarteo?i sympathy with his m_foilanes
rebukes me for my forgetfulneM of the sdags tiiut you
;? ..limit make s _tk pone om <>f s st.wv ear. Indeed, I sm
thal 1 sm Bot the vi. tim af un intii:u- le bat t
him restored to his posit?_ Ons nevei knows what
?ottre etd servility and nurtured j. sultry majr uni have
in de-;.eriite siiuatlons. Mr. Council hus too often ht cn
theImppUaat tool af his master to abuse innocent men,
many st whom be prtvotelj sdmired, to draw aaj ol tbe
ili-iiin tiuiis of rhlralry. Motbtag eau be ezpeet* d In thal
way frau tbe agent ol sa absentee laadlord. I eaa tattle
at h's niin-!.ms to my " Niiir. rh.ks " : I nm lumy mid ever
i; you cannot shahs the petrel from th.
seas. Aud I hssitsts to say tue eiii.-;
aord to Mr. Bennett thal i rather thrive m. uml enjoy
these anon* ls. How else eaa I feel when, wltb sd*
ins nt 80 *?< si -;. line, I get ? whole eolamn of Uk* //. i aid
fi?-nothing,seat,they say, oj t thiel Truly, when 1 thiuk
of poor Mr. Connery not haring euc Hue then forton
months after he retiree, I eau say, with the child looking
on at the picture of the Christian martyrs I "Mamma,
th.rr ls one poor lieu that basal gol even a little pteee."
Bars is the whale rsfsrenss I made to tho slippery ?nb*
_1ei t of this dispute. He ctiin.>l,ilns Unit I suhl it "alter
llewen! to Kuro|>e." That only Shows that he never .v.ts
in my mind at iili.n'.l the srotdtll of bli ^'tnnK ats months
Ofter bc wa- mired recalled him:
(..un. ry tba niaiiaxltiK .slier of Th* lfrrniit formerly,
?ailed for Karons leal wccit. it wm never known why he wss
1 : lt .? halal ,,f HUltrr-lh|,e, si sll ili.'itlcsl!V
pnl -el hi-te.. -. s li, the lower I.mire Ol -lie, '*, Slid Sl'Ut
marked copiet to lien.cit to excite iii- Jeslouw. 'I lils pre.
supposes soch a small tm an nit ur,- in Benurtl thal I cannol
', ?. ,1. If lt shoaltl Itt- litir.the tullen,., musI bethal
sot.f th" i.i '?:? ??:? ??! In governing th! wot ,1 hy news
papers, minot govern themselves. Other* Itmluusto that tne?
wel,. Iiii.iih-?. Mt Mr.c..tu., rv A man who lari
..??av fromin? >.rep,Tty Fen tnostbi in tie- "rear until nol Im
surprised if bs L-.cls others n.tn temptation, rte ie ought
h.ii.l.i tohe li iii?n la Aniericii lil loc.lit /',*? Uemt li. Ita Ml
).:.. ! r;?,'!..' M) a yeal
not auden).t ,.i respvet bli own property. /?.. ?../?,.?'., t
li mei. Tm
tt ls plain, I Udah, thal the master, not the agent. Mt
the Instruction lure, and eva ii to get even willi niche
only had the rn sona_unity to say: H Mr. Oom?ry, ta me
can.. av ni another,a ia bonorablj connected wit
BeraUl at least twenty _i yeal ' Kow let us bear whal
Mr. Coi 'rv bodj vi ai !,?? t
I ????:*!. 1883.
ii" DI . ivi ns v BONNI ! KV S, T. ' I
TF.RTAtNan BT Ul' isum-U MIM4TEB,
[ar ii i egoaph io nu Ttini'M i
Wahhinotoh, Oct. 21.?Among the pl
s.vuv. nil's ot bin -.:t ' ? v.-.. ddn ?? in, ?? !
i :. e vii.. , ,,i:, i,.with illili, is a sonne! ?
bj hil gi tel, in Ihe album of tin tn ?
i . ii ho
. ? . - nerei b* D ,
I ! ll
Tami ?
Child .'1 "v nats-' I tn B
. room iiiiil doubly free '.
c..,. ... li Hy i-o inti > in u
Billi .
Look i" the maid ??? I.. brlnj - the* from afar.
Be I b ttie itot ? ;
And I' ! ' th. country vvitli u brol
Lord . Ice tliis me
E)>iphany Chun b. In the aftei no >n be drove out, accom
pauli a ie, j,, . I, of 1 h.c. iu.- Com '
Lit nant I Uau, and left cara- I
lll.eliUV-ell, C
I ll.I
the IT, .'.1. : :. tl thc. visit* ?
ll! Inlet. -- .Idlers' III.I.ie l.t. .1.1: !?.
In th a and I.I i
M I Hun dined witl
j ".ii .? irlj i" morrow foi .'.
Oliver P. Tweedy, a dealer in hatters1 ......ls in
! >anl ui ry. Conn., li as boen confined bj iii ? IriemUin
Blooming?ile Asylum. Mr. Tweedy wn* in lins
i'i ."*..w-Yi.rk mme year.* ago, bul Ibe greater .mri nf
'..,.. ? , .- i mn*, He ii
,.'.i.ut fortj >f.ir- old mil lin . wife awl . s..n.
For some mouths post Mr. Tweedy'* ?
I,, en -nt li a- to s'i'.'i-'".! to Iii- friends .i (.tinily
tluit In- v.i.? lu i:!_' Ins I,.ital. Lasl v.!,*,. violent
_, i,,litmus - ' Tliiitstl ty
nielit hi -"ii g it his pl 11 om him, !
lh.,1 lie might d<1 it I i Idi ?
ina Mr. 'I weedy Uml lin traiufoj Sew-York,sn
that lu .v.. ii.:: tn 1.'lillie. Samuel li. L.UW1
a friend ol Mr. I .ly. vim liv* - lu r?. Dr. I
of So. 1<>'_' Ks I l*ifl I., and the i
ta.iu'- hr* ll heil ??>. Accomi. mit tl
l,. |i ',?. tn, Irviiia tliei went I,, the I irani] Cen
t; il. |iot und tool !: I ? di in cn -t."iv a* he
was leaving tlie train. Polic* .In lice l',.vi?i .
mit t, ii t j,.- i i. .? i. n to I le- ( ..tan,
a. Ul tl alie! n ?
a: iiiintiiui lie was -, til t" Uh "'lr. Tuie.l
irrent di satisfaction ath ina delayed on hix re
to Europe, lleialtclievodtobe h"|..l - I in-.iin'.
Ile is uti wealthy, 'mt is well to-do. lt i- not
a herc win titi r or liol h. li tl his
nu: ni'MiMi i "i: HIS Wons iv iii' cot , ..
Al tli" bookstores anti el ewhf re. one of tbe
cl,i<-t toplri ' thc la i I, .
liol *I.lille -v Arnold, ihe
??-v. 11. r. The i- -ollection nt Mr. \
i The 1
turn on American Clvlllzattoa, or rather on Ihe lack of
itlon In America, is still fresh, and bis adm!i
wtngsomt anxiety regal?ag bli reception
t,,nu ol tb* m lade, d, ii the gossip lo h
-ul- fo to I
?? tall Into the wrong hand "and on aanUnu
thal bli i
America maj b* a favorable as possible fi om theoul . t
uteri si f, i' ie the v: itt ol Mr. \ I i
, . risitod lim bool im,- ..
n.illan tt Co., bl- publishers, na .-satin u iy, lu onlci to learn
something abont the demand for hU boo G irge K.
in, ti. In r* . " ''? di ni ind foi
: i- -lea.lv, null I. In. 1-en
, i] him to i n lon th. i
U one vol'un. ?
toil market, au I Iii
nioiio.e laat vi" have -ohI upi
V'ou must rem
. in the
-en-li; I th. work ol '
tl i.i ,?? ll":'1
tv,',,' -i '. Mr. Am - lu. ol pc
I ?
i, Kin
,-. ? i In Crli
Mir ti. -t Uni with ' ('od?id th.- liihle' and 'I lenuure
a lid I',,-un.'
lUbed lu this ' " "'? hui Ihe plat*
f.,.,,,,1 ti?ii ni i ie''.."it bandi..
, "invl -. ? the visit of Mr. \ uold lo ll country we
, shill,. ' '?"'? eoem
nu oared with lil sanction, i
: in _'ki51 'I':".'' will a,- -
i . i, on * i ii" '?'"?' ?" d lb*' "' '.i'-' ld-*
Hritin ' . ,' .i il. : ol ? ? i cal, literary and
other topics Th" books viii bs houud lu rod iclliitn
cloie, wltb the tippet edges "' tho I ??? . it,
ill. ol.-l.il! < il to get out a
111 with I I |....
t.i. u ? domuud for bis eomplute work mi..- rorm."
SiuiiUf v, .:itii- liotn thc third
,, .-..,.. i-i aad ,-. i. .. i, ,. .?... s hu. i
ii,,-, i., ,. .i " polic
w, -t 1.: '"? nd an ?
minutes were wasted before tbe Srcmei.weded lo
Anding tbe Ure. .""J thea I
a headway ?ll"1 '"" ?ddlttos eal Ml"'
ii lore the Hw weege! un l? i ? on th.
thlnl , ? d< ?troy.-d. .
ulistlbyHtriUissburgt-ra *'? , manu
Ln-if-liMS U nftJ5,00X?, covered bj lumirauco. rhe iccoud
_??W? ,' ,T, il' "I" 'c.-.aa*- '. *l. ii-.-a
wTiosele -.I ' ,:?,"'.?, l?-0''
?Ml 'lue lill.i's -I..ell ir (HI . I.?
??;., t?e uropertj of Ktlward tlrubbon d 8ons.br
I _i was a-OXSi
. M. Htmii?l/urirer salt! tbat there Was uo fire In ll
1 , .it,',; I. .!.:.il.u*.??'"- ? ?_?j"*
: stan on Hal I ' u*a*
. jel'?uu,i..(i wlmahoeatarsdtlmtefi I
Wasuini.toh, Oct. 21.?Tlie uuiui il report of
Mi. H.,tioti. tbe i ii t -wist -t 1* trna tcr-Qi ddt?, of
the op* i .it i . . i the ti sal year end td
Jun,. 80, im- bi. n made te the Po tmi -!? i 11* a* ml Mr.
Halton SS] - ii i- |.< iicvcil Unit it. in. pi. c. .'lim.' year have
fewer complaint! been made ooneernlng the tneompe
tenry er dishonesty of postmasters, ot of delay or con*
fu-ion in tl,,- ilellvery nnil >!! patefa of tm.ll matt r. [0
thc year there wai an Inc reese of slghty-eeren In ihe
number ..f pool ..iii.es established ns eeaipared with
tin- preeedlag year, and >.n laereaea <>f 174
lil the. liuiiil.cr of i illit es d's. ont limed, fla- whole
Bamber ot past oflees ra June 80 was 17,863, an In
of 1,03- Pi tm-.viv.Miia, vi ii ii 8,710, had the largest num?
ber of any State or Territory) Wew-Torti came nert with
8,082, and Ohio stood third with 'ifiin. Thc ferg.
erciise _ my State or Tenitory waa la Dehota, 178, snd
thc smallest wasln?bede Island,which ihowedagalo
of one offlee. Thc nmnherof otBoeslnCoiii.ttool was
detreased by ona Laneaetei County, Penn., bad 158
o_oee,the largest una ranty In the United
parsivaaTiAi or Picas,
The increase. In the aamher of Preeideatlal offices was
liu?a largei number than la saypterlo?i jresr. Tho
whole Bamber of this class ol o_* es on Jone ::" wi it,l '''?
The larfsat Inert sse was la illinois; {tow Veil; ha- 207
Presidential Oflieee, or mere than any oilier St ite. Tin'
number of money-..riler a_e_ was 5,887, aa morea* of
421. The removals nnd siMi.fiislnns numbered 816 lem
than for the year before, aa ladleattoa of sa hnprorement
in tin* el iraetei nnd habits of tbe ??? rsons noa mn lng ss
The t,Uni e\;e ti.lltnr.' on seootmt of po?t offlee
Htiji.iiit j, Mei ns seeks, eoaee__g lain, Wanka,
etc., was si ll,'.i-.'7, leaving an u.ic\|.ea.lOt bal?
ance of |73. Aii In. rene of tho appropriation
fer i>Hiittn.- snd binding a iii be n.asar], and sa spa* <**?
pt??OD -ill,Iii,l be 1.,.ale to r.lll.J.1 V f. ,111 I!' el I -s OtBCM
wtth propi r. iiml -ii itt _- spparatas, Us k hov- an la us*'
st 0,700 post ..i'h es, the nt whleh hold In
trust an segregate fond <>f 83,000,000, deposited vvith
them bj hoi reat* i - to ie. ure t ii.- tafe return of bos kays.
i'h 'jill - al i, .-ul.il,, ni- upon thc si|i.|. . I M..ui.i*. it clothed
with thc muli..nu ..flaw, t,, protect the imteie again*!
the loss of their dena tte. The dat?s of the -.ti.iry sad
lill,,Willie ,||l I-',,,ll lill e lil ell Uttg ? -> III. le,.. ,I In
quence of th* change of tao rat* >.f imstage aad by ihe aol
of Congress requiring sa adjustment ..f the salaries et
lit ill. nilli! Dost?Mtel I "I til'' III-! lillie Iii tile 1.1 ?
tot] of the Departm at the i?aries ol President?J poet*
in a '??!- vi iii I. pqnaUi. .i and | the ba I- of
th.- grose n reipti ..f Ihi lr offlc. -? An
made bj thin dlrl lon w.
s.veii hundred snd Bftj i
ting $4, . 35,481 for rents, light and fuel
e.:,. es; s..'.,,,, tn tor furniture, f ,.*..7-i roi foi
tbe Presidential (Uss; "*.77,i>7"> ne - larleslnvt
Hie iitiuisii. em of salaries of Sill lae ?M-ut:al ,,?>?:n.
ll, IdeUll? :
clerks In post offices, and tl Ihe same Uno*
tbe lim.t> d appro .1 il tn, tt ?
? I
lu l!..'. nfll ? .latter of I
11-, ,| |?i
lt ls bo. ? .
1,ih. ? ? 1 , nm -in
Will, li
this |Hlll
: ?
,1 rivi ipts.
Ililli not t>r..vi.| ? f.u ]..,.
I ?
foll! le
this gradi 11 ? i-t.
(Ml-tlll..-!, l-l
1 \ 11 ],. . i 1 . I'. ' iv Bl 1 1..
I . of
I it* l 1
1' ? 1
th. prl ol
Ing 1 .? Ing fm th. tn
wiv, 1 ? Il . l.u
f\e, ?
fie. drill ci j tl 11 llu
fa 1 Iiml , ' lion lo
ti..- r.t
? ?
v I'. ...?'?" 1. v I lot I IV.
t If* ? 'll si ,t| III. '?
soc* .1 nfl ' ? ? -' ? ??.'. loch
;:,. .1. nv. iv .:.. ea I .1 ibe d .1 thej must lie
to n .1 lbs .1 ??; th. . ai,a,ani.-.iii..11. int ,.r this
H an! el ll to.,I. |...l.i deliver) have e/lottti Up, In I
ol tbe large 1 1 enter]
itrtcd la coiu|n litton a I tit . and are di
I 1
.als of dllll .
ii;??... Uiriu 1 ;.Ij
? ' .\.1
ll. ;, af! ll t, l letter, .ne Ile 1 lindi
ail,', ll -a ttlnji, -li.il! Im. i.
lill.. Il ill,,- Ile I. lt. 1 Ul Ililli .
sp.m. To |>iu .. ,,,. h..
'?-'I .I te
"in.- n-eclptu rtom tho partj addressed 01
.Mtil.,1 I/. .1 |i. 1 ...ll.
I MO* IN I "I VI. l-l l-i \l.l .
Iii vlea ol lbs exe* -??,,. rec* Ipi ?
m.tit. 1 sion. '?< Hs .!? nv. 11 {Al,wu,H
til .1 in. 1 1
??'. 1.. re tbi . si rici sj it* tn fo In
lon ' ??:. ie 1 , lt '! fl Ult t .1 e. nt . to -,l
8 ,, h ii r, du. lion ??? iii surely n ulI In .. larg. ? I
leen! bil li..-- tis ol the li,.;.. , t-a- v. te. :
hil tit ip a -ii ? it tin
I.. I' titan .,! ll. of ll
li "ll .,;.i : oin I h.)Ix lt.
li j 'I lu. lit, gullied bj lin ll p .1
'. \ id- '
? would 1 ? ? ? , ?? in iiu-i?..
mi ? 1 I e '-V wi veil bj
In tn. bul! "??? '
.?ii.i.itit - me nt ie. ?! t >i- i.s on 11.mt ..r 11.1, ,.r
, ll l,OI ItJ IO Illili.Ila, I I,el Ollll '
riu? 1 ,...,? t ,.
- calen. ,1 nv ( ni
.1 to " iii vol er wolli 11,au
rbi 1 ,w ,
In Ibo
nee In
1 I ls. Hu itinti .1
1 ? 1 lie nillir, i-o : of
tn. 1 ,'? ir.'
' 1 !
ll il |i| '. un ! -lienhl Ih ell
'"lt Ililli I, lillie .1.
m;.\< ; 1.,. 1 ?. ;..'??.. w i uiyoToy SEWS
Ill' 1)1 I'l.ll ll V
AMI 1, Milli.
I il. ill! I 1.
? Wini s .a
[Bl ntl?* i: - III IO UH. H.Ita
WASHINGTON, (l.t. 21.?" 1 li.-.tr from Demo?
crats mci c.alain le a .... .lie le v. ip tpci ? .. greal ilea] of
nonsense te tb. edee! 1?st tbe tim. bj tomewbeaao
I politic ii I : when
the people demand a change." ?ld u Western Hcnator
Ie . Ill : .',. "tht i ' I
V IS? I I l<e el' ll r, ipb
t. .t |be l>. ' '.. isl lt: I'l.iii bas becom
party h uugut ev. ll
1 il :? Imp hwlbte. 1.1 y
, w ill
? du Ins itiii ti ut um.' ,.i. 1
.n,.': 1
.a tn a- '?? In relit ii aad
bari .1, hu', * ?
, .
Hon 1..a- 11 : 1 ? ? ;?
ad ot .. ? from it
'? la j il. .. I th* .U lt iio.l Ot
imerlean lnim-try as they wore tvtr-n their leader?, ntyled
he people ot thc North 'mudsills' and 'greasy mechanics.'
'hey will probably elci t Mr. nundall Speaker of tho House,
lid vi hy I BJnipli bSSSSaS lt>' BS istafl they hope to
inlet mi ap|a, hen.inn unit lit inoci.ilic stn eSSS next year j
.?ould bs _Jt_loos te the Ini-iiiess interests of the coun
13 mala blow to Aneri.'a, IndUS-tOS, And If I''
a _e 1U___ Speaker, no day v. mi pass thal they will not '
lenonr ? did duringtbe fear years ta Whleh
ie held the office before. lu ti Uksmaad wayi they will
nc. ? ? tl in -ia...- lng before thc n wi.ads timi In i> ipect
" the tarts he i- not i Democrat.
"1|".' o ? mal Banking lystem, mainly be*
fll-e lt Was u pt,wei fill auvllii.rv ol tho govt I nuit-nt
luting the ?ar mr thu pres?ration of the Union, and
lav will gleefully do all they cn to cripple lt. and refuse
,. .I., an vt lilli,-1.. strengthen lt. As the oaarass tn ide by
.ni ii.hum; thows, they are almost nnanlmouslyop
- "1 to m.-. -t. 1.1., ,1,,, W er -top the ccdnage of dis
mneet dollars, whleh sn sa aninltlgated nuisance to
,yrrZ ?JP??? ? n workingmen, rn* chanlcs and
-etall dealers, nnd n menace to ..or tnt?re Rational pros
yiity. In behalf of honesty and eeooomyin publl
ninlstr itn.n, ti,,,i- ash to be given oharge nf the National
">?ei iimet, t. This ls a modest request when onf* Itopi
o neall what Un-v- hare dont- lu the states and
*'!l i vi h. ie thej have guim ,1 control. Th* f
night to 'point vvith pride,' 1 uni ali tO the
word of tbe New-York .-md Pe__rlran? Lt-g-latareo
o the ?laudcn v. Mell , ndanger th. lr supremaej In Mut v
.a.i: io th. repudiation of Qmuiclal obugationi in North
armina Bnd Tennessee; to the embezzlements bj State
titlelals la Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas. tUssonrl mid
.ihcr --tilt.'-; to the 'Swamp-land rltn?' lu louisiana,
nd thc fraudnicol lund sales In Texas) to the roruin
lont lu the municipal govcriuueu'bl of New-York, Sui
<.. .uni M. IaiiUh.
"Tin- Democrats have made a shining ret-ord for
honesty ' and ' economy ' whenever mid wherever they
iavc bad s ? han. i. and I think thal when it ls nil rpread
sit for tho inspection of the voters next year thev will
...t ii..tl lt .iiilic.iii to i boose between tho two p'irtliis,
veli If no 'great 1--iif.i' divide theta."
[bi ii ia att.nii id in... raiatm. 1
Washington, Oat. 21.?'rim Director *>f tho
Oat has prepared n statement ihowlngthat tie* speete
iad paper tnooey of the Ualted Btatee, Oetober 1, ih<i.
nts tSl,7:t(i?V..7,is-j:i, of which thia Treasury hehl
*i:i-.-*rj.l..'i, th.- Balsam being In the hunk** or In tbs
1 tti.is ,,r the _,c._,!,.. 01 nu-aiiiouiii lu thc Tn sin ry,
1,816 WI ? g?d I.nillon end -JO. 1'>",*?'ll WBS
airer bullio? Tbe total ai.int af geld ooh
?;.i i..-.r.',ii'..'.*, of vi,., h the Tmsasij lu -l-i s-i 1 l,*J 18,726.
Against th'-, gold eertlflcatea te Um uni.mut of
?s'.', ia-.."io bad been Issued. The total amount of -liver
lelia's nu- |154,370,SP0, Of Which 111" 'I'leasiuv held
*1 1 l..".-7,.*.7', . Ins) v.lilch Mirer certificate- amount
*e 1,400,21] bad been Issued Thc total of trae
?????'. I'.'l, ol winch |A4,170,263 wai
Shea]? mid . !,. ul ,tl ai. in th!- tin,,.lint was liii-linle.l
*6,000,000 (estimated) trade donara, Ia bania nnd geo?
ff?circulation were 0309,??S'ioe la United States
loire, *rti..::jt.'.i.;i lu .\.,t!.,nnl beak Botes, sa?
ll le
ipi, 'tv. i> .?;. i.i,.;-i,.t|u, -?r,.i,:i 12,071 and -.;.'a.'J.-...'.i.
V .-ll ? |< ilH l" ' I :
Ibe ,1 lb o' thc lit t pilbl
? ? I .'1 11.1,,',, I 1 ? (If '.'lilli
- ,l,in.ti,.HHt ; of sil
121,130; of United
hank notes,
? '.117. I he
HU le hi nv thc pub
IKH3, respect! v.
net.t,l I *
??1 :? 17.11.1 7
'. 1611 ;
??.?jnii; in fractional -uiver,
.10,210; ind In ill*
. - *Y ?ii,.n i ami in i" 11 pis ri-.i
V. |) M 1! I. I" I.
I I -I ,,\|,i NI Ol 1 ll! I ililli' I |
I'm-.- i ins. N.,!., (?ii. 21.?An article -
? .'..,, t- ?? ?? ,i
tfc r.
Ml.. ' the nu ii in il -?- I ld thin after
noon io a ') sn rsa com i tn positive I
i , m. ni
.1 report* r ben, <>u lb*
t,, t* ?? %? ??:
rs, I
lng I.'' ' 1 ?'? 'I I'.
? .... ' il.,i in,; ' ii.mt of . a, mandi -I a
told him thal Ihrco
taken of th.
' purchased a It'-kel. Tlc r.
had I.-. n i ?
.s f il: Iv ile
i hi. d to do ko. I hare na
lill ..III
' .
pond* nt call. ?! on one of lb*
' i. un tl meuifa ultj. Thc 11
, a. utter ha* - im ol under
i-ollcge. I know of no terms In whir li i ? >nij
'? s|?,i;eii ,.r I
i iii -. ii sil,, !?? , \ Mitton
-? ? ,1 III ititi, ll e IC lilli. I
foi v "t ? (fcntlt n ?'! U a rah
il. I .,). li
1 ' ' nd I- even ii heeled lo sud from
hi-1" li alon-. I du nol tltluh i
i i ? ' ii. Mr.
|.,,| ...i. ..f I'llll-ll Iphl,i; Ml. ..I.haitu ol Kes Yorl
, will ict ,tiiitdi|ul.' ?? t" 'i
led I ameotifld. nt ' ally viii! In nilli
.i i.ii. sith thu students. I r,,i on, wi:; i,. uau'l. ni
' lill e."
?: at ..f the
i ? -
mid ot), i lilli
l? md .uoiiiiced utie-iv r lleman
" I never
h. n,l of lina.' Iii.ii .ut" person tu thc -, tainui In the
with In ? l**d wttnoul
V . ' ,!. aleI gat I
,.,,,:,a, i thal t ? .,? mut i I'.n, i. ni sud ru I -round foi
r . ICIIINU h l US 1" '?! I OM 11 \ t OJI DI
W I l's I l.A ll.
-lint Bl iliup Potl il ju- a. in tl Iii- Iii si
-. rn un, aftet bi it?n, In the Penlt?*Btlar*f ""
i . i i, t ni.ii. ii the cenmonl il ol hti
un with tin- Kph. upai rot bel ob
Hat uni iv aaa rem wt . which vin
Brst exercise of bin tu ?' 1 nol
-nil.a a, 'i srh.il i ?! "-I.' "? '
i noi. a, the a..
h. in Ifl. .1, in,.:!.-, nie o' ni. a and ?
?buttiIn Ihro d b with ii mdi on
of th ? one rn fros , an 1 ls Ml no -.
, ? i. tbe clanking "f ? lette on a dragging foot.
i rn ur nu ti cloth ..r : old, n il erea ?
Bow. r Hom one ..r the .ld* a rs - th tl d.
th. .anie. i ..r tin- clim, ti iii Uroadwaj tho daj before.
There was a Barro* rtrtp ol wora carpeting,
.. i a nadia - desk, covered with i red
,h,in, a i.-.v cl.ales tor Un- ministers, and behind tbe
raised platform a grated wladow befom whleh hun- s
in ,i.i,a colored .ullala \- .Hi n it" '. sad the word
tn - . uii,r..iii. red bi dei lt 'li.'' room westons,
and aarraw. ll I al b parallel rows
of loW I'.hl'S li. WM? M il SOUP plate. 1 ile
?Ulinga bad ao books or fool tools or racks to puta
,.tal.t I.'son. 1.1k. Ute I:.tiles, th.) wein of pto scrub?
bed white. During the service swallows fluttered sn
lo Ih. te mete IMO
,,, ;, .nd iw. nu live woman in ii..i ;- ?' ,,:'' They
, conf. i ih. a,, ii, - i-t.Uni 'lt"' Roman
ervii ? v..i. ,it piu a. i rn another pail
,,f t,,e bini 'itu live pei omi of ti"'
,.,male, of itu- Penitentiary prefer to won-hlp
lins to the im nm ?f thal church.
. limn th" Book of Onmmon Prnyci tio*l ls
,|.I ml I nu?i pres. ni (olinil lieurtllj la lb* re
. .. i ,,, ive p.r i. ni nt th i: en and SOperoenl ol
l?e V,,.III. ll 111 tile 1'. .l.lelllllllj cullilla lead "I """'?
Wi '?" .- ' "ahlh"
.1 1,1 the ||| nf
walch loci foil..weil the in.-'.the pap* rspread bafan
lil?op Totter wai i ? -'"' In the Berrico bjr th* Bet
V. .u. I-cu.,i .tad iu. Uer. J. B. It-set ths termer eaea*
lain of the Almshouse and thc latter of H_ Penitentiary.
They wore black surplices, Bishop Potter had ona sur
pll<*o of black satin and lawn sloe ve** with lace
tufflos at tho wrists. His raannor was grave
nnd illKiiltietl; Ititi words wen few but well chosen. He
wart listen.'! to Willi the closest uttellttoll. He SOloCtod for
lils text: M Jesus SSl?I Onto her, Neither do I coi'domn
thee : go, and stn nu more." He said, In substance: ?** I
tha_k Ood for thoprivilege of b< ginulug my work as a
missionary. The tempts?ona or your ma sm mine,
my id ar brethreii, aro the same. They may
not oom* Inti m, hut they conceal the mime evil
spirit. No one ls exempt from Its approach, whatever the
conditions ol his lite. We must lill stand souio day at tbe
lg of the wa, -, Confronted with a tempter, bo it niau
or woman, who hals u fm sui,.- the Kood und choose the
evil path. If we 11-ton mid ko a Ulfle with him, saying
thus fur aud BO farther, wo lind lt easier to
Iv p on In sin luau to retrace our Steps. Hut
we i,re never beyond the reach of Ood'i mercy. His prom?
ises nml aHuitraneo of help and comfort are'slways held
out toils, ll knows our weaknesses. Why shu?tl we
feiir the eondemnntlon of man stnoe pardon from a
iii_h. r power avails those who truiv repeat sad na?
lly believe HI* nob (i..-;..!! Iwould not bewilder
jilin iniiids nv tlicolOKli-iildlstiui lions ui to tin-, way by
Which j uti i_ay iv lui u to ulm.
An explosion t.iok ploos yesterdsj ofter?ooo
within a Mock of OentralVark whleh will in sll proba?
bility result tataMy to one of the Iniuicil hoys uinl iniiitu
three athen for the remainder of their lives. fln.rtly af
tor 4 o'clock ii party of boyn composed of John Burke, age
eli, of So. '-isl West l-'itly-ciKlilli-st.; Michael Iv lou, iijro
H.ven, or No. 239 Weet witty-eight]Mt,ami wiuium sad
John Oottlngham, sgei respectively tight and Ax, of No.
I rt w.st rifty-eiehth-st., mitered ? lat at rifty-cigbth
s . niui Broadway, where aaearat?os sn bstaf made and
t on hi, nihlc hlnstlnK fo being done to tmike room for thc
foundation-: or ii tlre-eiigliic house. Daniel Sheridan ls
tin? Hitit I actor, and lias hetti n_Og what ? known Os
"helogaa eartrldgee" ofglaat paw der, a Urgivgralaed
explosive BOOta_?lg nltro .'lycerlne In lfir;;e proportion*.
lie moally keepa maeartridges winch he .iocs not intend
to BM iiniiicliiilely in nu Iron lined chc-t, wliich is pined
some disfanes from ths excavations. Through toms
carelessness on the part of his employes when lucy nott
rorie lasl Saturday, they forgot to collect ali thc
} min ed cart!?get aad left one lying en the ground.
for a long tlow tbe Mas?ss* in the neighborhood has
I been a source of wonder to the ohOdrea uni yesterday
the boya, while seareblng ai.mn the ha forpieeeeof
quarts, round the eart?dge. One nf them, ii. h.- Tyioo,
I suggested to his oompaaloni that ir would amuse them
? ' to play blast?g," and thej ni! assented. They saw a
tia dina, r pail ataadlag near the place where thej (onad
tbe c.ntii.life, and appropriating li, they plaeed the ear*
tri'iK" inn and carried it carefully to a partly linnhetl
j bi_.din to c. n. Weeks, a etabl keeper of Va
?-'ir V,',-t Flfty-clghtb-st., al .**".*. ?-"?! and
'. Thev fOUnd . pill of
and nnwlndli t the fu ie whi. li vt - attach. ?'. to the
cartridge thev- placed lt and the caa la the midst of the
'(-.'hun boys n:i .
tl" ir mother was -gan?lag sad Baked ber for
- , IthOUt toil tor I ti uncut
i what ii*., they would put them te, gars ,!''*
matches and ber children ran la urning away The
; lniit. bes ware banded ta John Burke, who itruck one and
I held lt to the short fuse, bul before be ooah! nm, ns it
rion to ?! ?? I a ,i, buriing
ou t * ,
? head by b piece of rock, which tore his -alp .,;?? |
fra. tur.ii ia--kin. lils arm ind bi ti torn.
I he t ..) the
blast, and l ? ? lied -? vend gralmt of powder In th* lr left
nnd p.
, 'nii.i..I wood ie ir by, and received deep
' -r. -.f thc T. '. was
t Fifi
'?ii.. Kc
i. :..: had Hi
i the
I io ?. he rai I. uk.', who
in i .1 t from .vii- r. (he
1 , ' |
? mid nt. 'lie e itUm n m.
?I. in Ko,, e
v.li I lonni i ,i, where their .v I their
v o.tnd.1 tin wed. I ' iv ion v..,s taken :
hud ld* Injuries atti nded to ly a physb-lnn.
?athel- ..r 11 >yi ?! by
-.hool, and '.i. re
U who
' e hil
, , . ...
ni i itel lo wind
I ile' tl bed with tl" irsou
, would, in ..!! prob ihilltj. have
i , I was
!.,,vi,.,\, ii,-, 22.?-George Philip Stanhope,
CUARLEb .1. Al.Ui.i..1.1.
\n, Oct. 21.?A dispatch to lin'
i ii.au Cambridge, ? " Ex
i Charles J. Aii.mnhl was stricken vi.tii
: di .1 .a 0 o'. ? to
LocuroRT, N. v.. Oct. 21.?Jeptha W. Bab
In-ti 1.1 oi Niagara Ciiiui tv iiictl beru tod.IJ ?
Pn i-p.i ru, o.t. 21.?Tao Kev. Dr. l>. A.
' th. v ilton Mi tliodlni Epl icopal
I vi i-i i rs NCI Of i I Ol ' ' ' l-.i. ? v DIStiRACKFt'L
:?!?'!... lt ML I DIN I V I Cal I'.
The lilia I lipportltllit) I.. 1. isi.l' 111 r.l..'li!v ll
thc np| '. tching *d< ctlon alli be I
places of i...-tn willi.pen from 8 tollu, ti i I
fi.un I I.. 11 p. m. ?thereon
vote. - In the city, ? arl) attend ? ll the
Moah! i,c voters would n? >r be In the ll l
men ii hen tin-hour of dual ns eomes. it is _ ..I upon
iu partisan .
wi.nh sill n g a,I. int the clio for
tl,,. Uexi twu i d then vate :..' Mayor
l.t.h. ,?? v. ai- ol iruti and tried dd* tl to Bi
Inti i. ts ia. constdt r. .1 the be I proofs ..; a. st the
.iii ulla the pn s, ut a, Iniin l-l, allen
? ?ii or the
eratic party, with Its cry thut** to tbe victo! belong the
j upolu." ls realized bj the party li idere i- ihown bj the
idoptcd. In notu
...i ol man, pith uo
' th.-pl.ive that be votcl for Mayor I?w two yean
! nico. In opposition to " Boss " McLaughlln't
tr, all tin- ula nine
,.,.,.,. , rlug will b ? resorted t,,, mid ii h
nd l hat tbe iniluoiiiiairi s nho un-cnn v anil nu . ii.
. tu with thc .ai.,!: I,I--an aol avers. ? : luise
iiiuoiiiit of monty lo earrj the election lu the bon--of Ifs
I . otlte a olio v.ai lu n. e.
,. iain to lbs Horst : .il thc llelll
? ,ii-. Ibe ? lt
I - Jil.J
ny, who -.-.ks |.. I..- District ut >rucy,
hip -.uta mus' ... ic .< ?' ? ' uu
., |ii*tlee " In Kins' t'ouutj uml i
i city. Heh?i defended thom In thc c..ans, ami nlded lu
.' . Ill,,es U'hell ill.ll. linell!- Ill?
,n lt il ' i. ii
|>i niel Lake thc candidate for < oUlitJ V allier, ooo John
li i|,i, i,heil.'. Ihe no nun. ??? tor .-iiii. i i a il Liirjte,
! .,,,. Uevoi.-d licncbinen ol "Boss ' Mci? iijfbllu, wno
I,,, , . ::,i,, a.?, tii.i.i i,, i.-alii a i.n^e a tu,,a n' ul putron
. uiil o'. Ufo conti .',. Cor. I . *hot.ii
eniOl llevelall.l tll-u-laee.l I lie clllitv hi a].p..I I't lt. ?'
IO -nc. ...I S llCpllllliCIIU, Who di' '.I. u.lilli tl ll lllo-t linell
liotolli li III Hie llo.il.l ol A.. I i it.iii. lu ?
lin.-Hu ti. ni couniv ticket uoiniiuited bj the ia p..iiii
-.i..i. ulta the besmirched ons m. neil by
tin- In ni... ian. purty, thc ..ivan foi thr latter, Hi' Magie,
a.innis licit thc former ls the bl It'l.
.eek Villi he Ulled "lill pol ll.Cit! UH till fl I'H'I tllS
eaudtdates may I.ipectod to express riews upon u
Viii'lely ol lubpi'ts. I'he Dcmocnitic no.mi.., for May ol
i |,;,** uni iel foillld Hun- to give hi* opinion! upou Mlbjccts
ichilinu lo Itu...kii ii. lishe piouiiseil wben be accepted
ia,, n,ii,au..in,h. uinl ii is though! th.il he li...- nene worth
r?the public. Tht Kaglrhat uot yet learned bis
. hi Mimi in,ne .-tull vi -I. ul..! .-poke of Jacob i. Mond
iu I'ce.iitiv it .-ulled lum James <'. and Thomasa.
iieiutiiv. univ '-I .hailee stumbling upon ale real aaam,
Vi lit a l- .lt's' ph ?'.
l.cttt-1'S leeched ut Hi*' Rt'lHll'lic'ili Slate
Celuliilltic lt.l-l Still collllllllc to .-iM-ak lu tlM lilll?
ie,petal I?RBSOf the tomlin.in ul the M_Ta_ lu ths State.
Nu ai..? u c.- are reported, and the -reaeeal oplnlonta
, ., ,i ii,,i .nth prouer court imth houses of tho
ailie Will he Kcpill.lici.il.
Th*- vurioiiH ileleniitcrt to tin- \ lilli S. miloiinl
Conv.utluu iiiiicseuUiia- I'tiiumauy Itali, tho t'ouuty
Dcmocraoy and Irving Hall, met yesterday for the puts
pone of agreeing on a candidate. Senator James Dali
was presented by the County Democracy and Peter Kent
by Tammany Hall. Without reaching any conclusion the
Convention adjourned to Wednesday.
The Queens County Republican-! will hold t lu.-: >
County and Assembly conventions at Jamaica to-day, and.
their Senatorial Convention on Wednesday. At tho recent
Republican primaries, delegates favoring tho nomination
of William J. Youngs, ot Oyster Iluy, forDlotrtct-Axtorncyi
were selected. From prose?I appeanmees. James M.
Otis, of 8uffolk County, will receive the Republican nomi1
nation for Matu Senator.
Washington, Oct. Ol, l-.^.
For New-Enirland. partly dimity weather and looa\
rains, northeasterly winds, rising followed hy 'ullina,
barometer, stationary or rising temperature, pn-ccded by
a blight fall In temperature.
For the Middle Atlantic States'. ! .ealratnB,Wt__ Bi /
et?tcrly, a slight ri.-e followed hy fullln,'hara?ct'.-r,s
slig?l fall followed hy rl-Hi'.' temperature.
TM ;nOUllSt Monniig. Mi?t.
12 3 4 6 ?78ei0 12 12-14Rfl7>* 91011
- -e-H
nut'i P_??ey, 318 Br?tlwey.
TaiBUVI Orn'T, Oat, Wt?1 a. m.?Thc movement la
tho lian.m. t.r.v c-i. id ay WM up-vntd. Cl.univ weather,
prevailed. Tli" temperature ranged belvia-, u IJ- ami
?Ills', th(l ,.,v,.r.i:e (49*4*1 '''I"-' tty mam llmn on the
corresponiUng day hut year ami ill* lower than oti-at
C_ody weather, with chances of rain, followed by fair
or eli ar wenncr un.1 -.ljiftit changes in tempentan, may
he ezpeoted to-day in thu city aaa vicinity.
Ai i.fnt'iws,r*-nii.,Oi-t.*Jl.~Tlie new Ba___
Cathollefhuri Imf th.- In,in... slate c. incept lon wa* dei 11
I?ted to-day. Tl.ou-aii'1-of pi opie wen present. Tin* tb ill*
eation mi vie... vi.te ?perform?I hy The night Rev. ___p
Shanahan, of Harrisburg, and solemn high mam was
eeh orated hy the Very Ber. M. v. Walsh, assisted bj the
Ber. Mr. Mullen and tilio Rev. Jain? FltzuuMutee, 'ina
edifice cost ?fto.oOO.
Rough, wintry, changeable tri?Utter pf?>
iin.e. - Catarrhs, Oolds, Ung DI.len, fte*, whleh Dr,
Jai nev l.\| teeter..ut ii. promptly cure- vi i. a ta.thtully
ll<tUll!ll-!t led.
Di LD.
M ody Cummliigs. bte of Nsw-Yoi
Fail??services will takepli . '? ,. '.'-.7
Alei . itt Haven, N. i., un . -..
at ?> p. i-i.
. atti .tr,- r. -;
I 'I "ruin?.
line?t . .
Funeral ?
Int. nu- ni at Oreen wood.
I! \,'. vi::; - Al EIL ibeth, ST. J ifti ;
.... .
Nulli e Of 1 Ul, '.ti le
il.'1, fe Of tl ? ' ?
N. V.
Kiiti.-i- ' ? ' '."il. m.
O'BRII N On 0* ts U.i)i!i|.-i.i:i Hi" : I
ol 1,1- ll*".
Hi lativ,. mi i rn,",'.-,,.' ?';?? family are respectfully lnrll ?! '?!
attend the fuui-rai on Mon --, a, ii'.i. tn., lie
in. : ' 1,1 "1 .'.1 ale.
WAltD?In l lu Wheeler, trite
. l. .. ant Uld ll?U_b( :1 ol VV I., nu A. .
ia -t. P. t* i's i .i
.V . p, III.
Obi marj'.
Ski -. >
? .-.' eris i-s.i, I
At a meei - if tho Boan]
ttl" foll. ' .
whereat, Through hu Inscrutable, slbwise Providence, oar
i H. bl ul kia -.
rab ,1 from u< by .!? st?
? ,'. n.st in tii.-iteath of Mi mem I net
ti.i- Ito ird ol i
ii ey ni'.li ., .iinili.
I ,. 1 ll ie ., Ult/,
reptloosllj ? ucl .'I,!--!? 'it tire! ? v.i.i
ll "fal, mt ? I.
? .ty ivtiiai'l ' . ni en aim for
; om ui i i profound io
. .i.'ssao
tl t!,l- B ? il'! -'
I. Il
.',-.., ford, i hst ii" - to the family of tho
.1 .eu deepen! lympstby In thu over* ti
tb. b ak '.> .1 :?,:. ?! to -
them a ? i py ol these pro e. diog".
Ji nv I) v
|Jo!tlCill NotlCff.
A .Helling ol llu-l ill/cn*' __S?B?BB Sf ll VII? Al
?, ml a ia -:i.it sill! ?? 1,1-iii this er?ling, Ocfari r S3, at 7 M
o'clock, at Mo. $4 mmtfe Wsshlngt. islaem atm*
? be transacted. PR. ii. i.. nu BAR?SON,
i . , uv es. Secretary.
Ibe People sl'ilie ? ii? anil t uuuir ol .>?'.?- 1 etti eppaeBd
.t ni-. Ited to ..ticii.l
i .,. i. Wi lu. tiny,
- i ? ? . ? -
? ney requires, bate?it speakers will _ ?
the tte , tl
All In.'.'|.cu.lent OT| - iiltseadvo'ittr me-'
sith lilt ii ?? . ( 'I tj
, I ?ls y._
I ni.at uml \ iciory.
I tilt H lal I-T Kit,
G coal Xoticet.
AH??i Memorial*.
I.,, n :, .: ?*;,.! ind *i ham r_ works. Hartford, i dma
Pine inii'iu neilla! aa.I *. ll
!.:?' 1 l'.'ii.y. t . W
Henry V. .Merry. A inti.meir.
OKO. a. i.i: wi ir .'. I
S ' MUM 1'ION I I 'fi IXTOS I! ll '
Pt v
? ? k . .
i ,\ 11: i - i
rtisiNu some i nun v !.Ai:.,i: .v.
I'l I i M.. .
rnER with n mik man rivi-: bund i
V v.ii.rv oi-' si/.i;. e..i *k a v d m. ?
timi Hi,,, ni,; .y SI XX SI ?.'?Sup. m.
, i* aa,
le li,ivan, Itu I SISli,
?, Arm i. .a. Ksi
...... .'..
Hnve vnu p-tirti,' al ly tested tbs -,v .?
Olbin vi uivl \ I I. . '? nix 'le tlon, i
ti,- shuttle ti-'.* Broadway, >???*?'.
Itniitui-e UudhctniIv Cared hy Dr.
I'oit Oili.e Noi ice.
t, ", i j,- Karope m . d ? tel for dis.
lunion, ss sU transatlantic malls are ,'. . I
n> tut ? ? ....
'i .,;. . wo?; t Dlllllg . -i
til). ..iii.
11 i : \\ -: - a. m. for Enrol , i
? . ie.:,c.i n ; m I p, tn tor I'm ?
at l h. m. 'cl : si < .
ni i ii. m. ...i ll ,.t ii pel Ss. ?
WEI,V- KHDA1 \. ll a. ti,, lol Eliro|
HoUlbl ml'Iou - - lui 111. ir ,. ...
at 0 h. ut. fol ?
~s i ivtlll , i ll tj.e ? li. ,1 (letters . a ,'it.l
title I l.arni.c.iu c..nulli, , must I) di ie:.ii "pel
Ilia' I, lit .. ll. Ul. lol I l.u,ci- ll.I,st. pei - ? ' ?: ., .!-?
lt,.i, .at Ila. ai. for fi.- Netherlands direct, i
(-iiiiri.in, vis llotte.tl.,at i al 1 p. ui. lor tic vi ii. h. id
i -
lilt'u-OA V-At lo h ie. f.,t i-c rn,',|, rS? City of Montreal,
\ 1 t tj,|e. Il .lim ll I,.-Ile,- lol lit?ll lit, aili Stitt .. ti--1
Kurop^so countries noi-t : , directed " uer Cit) >.
tttiii "ii ni il au a. m. tor i nep", p,i >it. Lr?tus. v a
r;> un.utii. Cherbourg sud ll. ??? p. _, lu*
i ai; m sud Mestca, per Hs, Url?? I?aplrs, v.. ii
al -? a. m. mr Ss??_l.lland, per ms. .-. ..tis.
IT. il. Vv -Al i p. ui. en Porto uno direct, pot 8* Aades,
BATU RDAV?At ID a. ni. ft.r V.n./u. !a snot urtu .,, ^ i SS.
v a . ie .? ; at ll a. at lol (Jenaany, _c.,p?rB? N,.ar,
vis Soutbawp?a aud linen iletten nu 0
and oilier b.iirope_i rouuirtes must bs dln-otod 'rot
N.. kai'i; at illina, m. foi Europe, p, Ss. uij oi ?mm,
Ttl Ull.'.'llst.el ll (lelUTS fol ti. I'm lill v . _C? 111 ll -1 ?l?
directed "per Cit/of Boa?"); st llitKI a. tn. Io: Karep*,
pei Ba. britannic tm *jin-i tiutimn i .
inuit ti.- ?reeled " |>rr li.iit.uu. "i. et I i>. iii. i.>r
Scotiand uti ??? t aorSs. iX-vouia, r?Olaagow: si 1 p. bl
ter liclKluia tilla et, perH*. \l iuslaii.1, vis Ai.lM.-ipi St
1 (i p. m. lor ( uliHuii.l l'.ulo ta 0, per >B. Banitus '
lluviina ; st ; :a.p. m. for Imxiilo uml lituuu, |?'. ne, _
J. > "teri. Vin .Neil , ni. a-.s
kialls tor i linn, Mint Jspau. per Sn. (Itv of I..-I... vis
i-.ui itmi. tm.., t lin.,- lei. t ii-toi?T -:d st 7 pin. Malls I -r
Anatisiis, Nsw-7??_d. Sal?wleb suit Fyi l?l_i.t? p"r
*-?. (. lt > of tjyduny, vis bun I'lauu?o, clou? bore .?? ul cul?
lin *lu, st ip. m.
? i'in- -imegalt of nl_mi nf neat raelSn ui?u.< ii amBMl on
Hie pr.-?i.in|.tl..t. ol iii,tr tinltit. rriipi.-il tiveitHnl transit W
S.ili Ililli, Ism. MmIi* lioiu lilt-lani ?a. vliiif VM OMS ?l -s?0
liiiiu Ism na thr iluy of si.IIUiko! ?u-_iii-r? uro dis pMSBM
thence Hie i?lue il*y ?
IlENilY *). PEARSON. I'o*tu_?lsfc
Post omeo. New-Yolk, I, tn Oct-iw- IS, lSii

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