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A/^n* ?*rr M lin FI t
/ _._?__r5 -li-^f ??Hir**^'
\>K Ll n*..-\?- 13,191.
jp- -
i-iu:parations in tonguin.
There are 10,000 troops in Canton VttoStVtwi
fora French attack. Trna Vict-my has cu,u"
pluini'd nf Thf ilrpartin.- nf tin- PortagMBe gun?
boat, aud thc ni'KDliiiUDiiM may leanll in trouble.
between China ami Portugal. __e_?rt* wnceni
iiiK ?SSSataaaa K-vcn by China to th-' Blaes
Flairs are conlirinotl, ami it i* hatton that tin
lattas will hogts aperatic?S Beat Ha-Noi An
action between timm and the French troups at
liiu-Niiih in experted. Admiral Courbet is in
etiminaml of the Crt nih. ThB tXntda "*'-t
Tottqiiin arr flooded, hilt the French have mad.
nevi ia! .1. -.flits tm tiie enemy's fun's*
Ililli ll,NT. Bl WATCan-O I* CANTON ?AN 1N< Tl' I. NI
W.TII I'oKTlT.Al..
T.o\T)"_*J. Oft. 22.* A dispatch to Thu bmOmtmn
from. Haag K.'i'K states thal trustworthy advicei
in.ni Yiut-Naii i.iuliiiii the report tliat tbs Chinee.
m.- ii-s'-tiuK th*' Blaek Flag* ia hosm. who Bamba]
8,000 nun, exclusive ol tln>M> in the gBR_B0_M ul
H.H-NTtiii ;mti Boatay.
\ ,. ro- "i I'uiit.'i) t.liji'fta tn foreigners tra*?
If the streets of the city. Hs luis lu.ooo nun
iti.i.patroled in tin* viiinity i>f Cants. ..*-ts Bsibljr os
h..'inni ol aBtieipated popular eomniotiou, bul
dimbtloss rnallj ia maiUniria ii. resist an expected
Flem h .titufk. Ths Viceroy bas asked for a loan ol
l.ooo.ooo t.i.-ls, winch be alleges la needed tartha
li.iyin.iit ni lnnnt-n intiiri.-sl iniii*' recent rioting.
iii - ,i -'ruts un- ni**., Baking for innis.
Hi.- Vit-.-i.iy ..Manton somplaiasol tbe with?
drawal ol iii.-fNatagaaaagaabual baviugou board
iii.-w:it. h ii.m .vin- wus finn ."-tl with drownings
Cliiiiiiitiiiii. tbs m.t.lent which l.-.l i" the riots in
th,ii titi lust mimili. Hie Viceroy bus demanded
Uml lin- .Mn. lillian be hs-Mled overto ihe British
i-t.mis for trial. Tbs Portuguese officials iu repl'
r.,i.i ih.it the priaoner wa* nt Macau. lltheChiue**
wished 11..-i could prone, ute him there. This in
culoul inn ii .ul t*. trouble with Portugal, as th*
Cbineee Iwre aJwaya objected tn the preeeuoe ol th.
I'm tugw st- .it Macao.
1,. i*.*iis .-i-inniK an approaching war with
foreigners are circulatingin the mt'-ti.r ol ('luna
umI th.' \>- nple in Vii'.i-N.ui believe thal the Chinese
..i nv m in |.iiin_; in wugf a war of extermination
ag-iin - i'i a
Dont. Konu. OcL IC-.?Adricea received t<> day
( r -?. Ttkiit'inu. say th.it thc .residents
in lear nf an attack from a thi
pirates who are encamped hi the vicinity. The
French garrisou al Hai-Phong ia sinall, but it i-- bo
lieveti tn ii nh!e io repel an attack Ly the pirates.
l.'e iii,.],. n.-'iin isjr the garrisou, however, are aux*
l.ni-ly nma
There is greal activity m ths Chinese camp to the
D"nh ol Ha-Noi, and lt bleared thut the black
i ll n assainr irffimsiT-n operatioua in thal
(.**iiANtiiiM. Ott. _l*L?The Chinese Admiral I ?
'i . li.m ..iii.rtl herewith sight guulioat-. Bu
George F. Bowen, the Eugiiafa Governor ol 11.>n?__
Kong, h is :? tt Pekin ami is nu tbs --ay to Hong
K .'. niel having hail a aatiafactory interview
with Prince Kuug.the ChineesMinisterol 1
HO.. K"N .. O.t. -"J.?A ilk't'ltlVt- ,n li.ni nf thc
French foroea bom Ha-Noi against tbs Black Flag*
ni li.is Ninh is iaipeuding. Tbo weather is cool aud
i.tiiml N rapidly tlryin_;. Tba Praacb garriaou
at ll .VT.i :.n nunn.manly ex|*ci 1 lng .(.DOO nm
f*si.f,uuMits, which will fiirninh ati available force
tiler*- ?il 7,1)1.1) m.-n. Admiral Courbet baa takeu
loniinautl aud 'Mil iiniuetliiitely be^tu an active
faii'ieHfgn i
Iii.- pirates who were niomtcma Rai-Pbong were
driven frotn tbs eoaaal by French gunboats.
rite tocal uewapapora stats thal thc French have
discovered tliat the farta al Bae-Ninhare uiounted
with Krupp guns aad laat thej* are too strung to
. I), taken bj aseaaltt
I'Aiti-, Oct. --.?Otlieial Htlvift-s reeeivnl from
Ttui<|iiiii state tbat tho roads are still Hooded, bul
tin- weather lin.- improved. Several raids have l??-*->.
Blade by tbe Preuch forees tocal ..tl tbe enemy's
supp -..-nilli nf the Preueh troop
(Out. Admiral Meyer lorwardaa report thal the
Cmm ?? i., which wera eui amped ,,xx the I nm tni
in .*i Mun i\,ii have returned tu Canton.
1_i>n_h'\. OcL 22^?Mach snxprlss has beea
.?i.-.iti'.i ben by staSauaaats in certain dispatches
reeeivad bom Aiaerieathal thaCanadiaB detectives
haw mi.ai theil an iiiiinislal.alile flew tu a pint nf
dynamitoaiB to monler Load Laaadowae, tbe new
Governor-General nf Ca.ua.la, when be landa at
Quebec The Colonial Otlice kuows nothing ni the
ru un >i t-tl disco*, tay,
Dis|i iii!i"n ir ri veil from QaebBe say thal tin
repost eaased the peaasrt exciienient there sud iu
the uilj!)ii.iiu 'ssuntiy. Tha polii-e iafunaedLord
Lome ami the l>.<minion M inisuu ? of their discovery
uml ii ( abiuet i i.uiii-ii was hastily saa*_at>oiM_, It
met oa Buaday and dlseassed th** ?eons lo bs
taken te prevent any hostUs dsaaiaiaUsiiou ugainMt
the uew Govi-ruoi -Ueneral.
a. nil. '?! Till'. STBAMBB CnifA-siAN? I iii in
NAuoiKAL oaBMomaa.
Qraaac, Oet __.?The uewn of the alarming
statements respecting thoraportod appieaenaioueol
troable ooacerniag ths Marquis ol Lanaaowue's ar?
rival eaased aouas exi iti-iiieut here to-night. It in
aol believed that any att.-mpt has been uaada in
ti.al Ihe ! line ni his lautlliiK amt the inaugural
eeremoaies. Tiie party will probably lau.l atabout
I'iiin ti-iimrixiw. TIih new (ioveriii.r-Oeiicr.il aili
boaWOrn mat 10 o'clock, and ths party Will Mt.irt
lil nomi los Ottawa by a special tram.
A I Tem li papt i *ii-nii_.lt..nays that it ia reported
tin! -nilli, lint-hcailcd lritnliincn will minlc adoaion*
i-i i it inn hostile t>. the .Manjuis. It B-Teeta, however,
lint to believe tin* rumor, and Hayii Ihat it hopes
that itu Irish fiienils will have BBOSBBBBSBi lt innin
over tails uiMin all Frciii*h t.aiiadiana to rally
ai.id the new Governor, whoas mothar, it say**,
i.ii* a Pronefa woniaa. 1'hiH la tho sole reference
Biada ihn* fal' In the city press to any anticipations
cf trouble. Leading lii.slimeii ridiculed any fear
Ol trimble.
I h.-Minims nf Lansdowne* arrived at 0:10 p. m.
?Tie tlifraeaian was lirnt wen around the point ol
lilian Cots shortly alter H o'clock, but au hour
sd befii-e abe reaehed har wharf at I-evis and
i...ide fii-nt. The Governmoat bteamer Druiil, with
all the I'abi.iet Ministers oa boaid. pat off to meet
ber, and as saoo as shs wan Biooied the Min taters
i. saniiMl the rennel. Mic Muniui-n nt Laasdowas wan
? ittl tn ths whole party, all of whom, with the
irnnptlnn of fhn flinnnnii Qooiiral. left lbs rs el
iimi is-tuini'il to tho city. Tho Governor*
Oeaeral lemaiaod tn aaahs SRangeiuenta
fur sweart mr la to-ruorniw and to talk
o\ er nllit i;i] _N___S. The Man liioni-.ns
and the ladies of Ihe party had retiit-d for tbe
Inght. Loni Lansdowne lliatikod the party for
Biet-tiiig him. I'*- will not laad tn. 111 to-iii'iriow.
Tho Lin ;mn au had rough weather, with .ntis.ii(_
eustciiy tales, duriiig tho voyage until ths la ttwu
days. Tne Vi > Ki -;al party wore prostrated mont
of thu way over.
A UurgM iiuiui"T nt rocket* were fired from tho
urnid aud (-ircaasiaa, uml from beth sides ol th*
rivn. No hostile demoustratinii of BBjrUudoo
cuiT.il, anil a larue crowd on the Levis Wharf
Sheered lustily as tue ateamahip came to her uiuur
Uigs. Ih,- paity returned to the city at Oil.,
?-*Bat ala ii.m in IMUBS IMBIUBBIBI SS in
malta and |b_s_,
8MVKNA, Oct. '_??_;.?The people in the cart_H|itake
liatrict are afraid to enter Uieir houses. Addi.nu.ai
mooka have taken place, causing great alarm, but
doing lit tl*"- damage. Two EnRliHh mcn-of-wnr ;ir
rivcd here to-d.iy to render assistance to tho sutVer
crs and aimthcr P_ni.!i*ih vassal has gone tn the
island ol Chins. Bevel? f..reign Kim-boats have
gone to Chesmeh on the same mission.
Malta. Oct. 22.?A slight shock of earthquake
iras felt here at '_' o'clock tlii?* morning.
Tuiksik, Oct. '2,1? An earthquake shock was felt
1b this ******* al 8*30 o'clock this morning, hut WBS
hann less iu its ellet ta.
Lishon. Oft. 22.?The foUowiag appointments
have BSSO inade in the Port utilise ('abinet :
S.-nhi>r BarioTB Freit.*i*> Minister of the Interior,
vice Senhnr Ribetroda Fonseca.
Seobor Lobb Vam, Minisicr of Jootiee, vice th**
Marquis do vilhna.
Bonhor Hints Kibeiro, Minister of Finance, vice
Sculler de Footes Pereira de Melin.
Benhor Barboaa Bueage, Minister of Marine, vice
Sculler ile Melli) Goovea.
.senlioi Penbeiro Chagas, Minister of Publio
Works, rios scuh'ir Hints hibeiio.
Loudon, Oct.92.?A Paris diapatob to theEx
otmnge Telegraph Oompamy says that General
Cainpt'tmn. Minister of War, will dcvo!-'all his
energy ta lefona lbs sjateia of ssobiHslafl tbs
iini.v. 1 'he proapoot of a war with Genaaay. th?*
dispatch states, appeals t<> be sppesiuosl in his
l'Aiiii*-, Oct. 22.-*-Advioes haTs been leooirodfroni
Tamaiiive. Madagascar, under datoofOet, ll, thal
the French Bma-of-war Fandeuil had left thal port
with or.bm. it wan reported, to biiinhard Mnhan
glOO and nih* r southern ports "f tbs island.
The final "t aajra thal Prince Jerome Napoleon la
determined to publish a political manifesto.
The Government has determined to oppose tli<*
demand that iato be wade In the Chamber of Dep?
uties foi the expulsion nf Hie I 111 eil us I'll ll fi -s.
Sr. pi i i. ii -1 ?* i i: i;. di i. 22.?The lir-st Bamber of
the _~.xiah.nt paper, Wi'l of tnt People, which la
printed ala.uni. baa reached ilus eity. ItcoBtains
a lcttei iisitu the Nihilial prisoner, Notscbajeff, to
tin* (Var. _\ct^ h,-.jeir was condemned len years
ago. iimi was supposed to be dead. The writer
complains ol the Inhumanity "l ths prison officials.
Ihe journal athis lint the letter was originally
written in blood on a printed piece ol paper. The
letter ha* created a sensation ainong the Nihilists
iu..(. Petersburg.
Tr-MTSVAI, Hungary, Ot. '2J. ('smut St.'fan
Battuyanyi ami Dr, Julius Uosentx tu fought a duel
with pi tola to-day. The Count was shut through
Ile- temple ami killed.
The police have arrested Or. Rosenberg anil ihe
seconds, lt bad been arraBsed prior to tbo duel
thal tbe combatants should advance Ave paces bo*
lnii' iiri.ii-'. Neither nf the men, however, a
himself ofthe opportunity, but each >_rtoo-i In his
"i: dual poeition. Twoahota were tired hy each man
\% it inuit effect. At this j n ii it ui.i (be mii ii nin inter?
vened ami attcmpti il tn pi... i nt a continuation <>f
thc duel, but their efforts were fruitless, I In- third
nin it u;m . i, il ami Count Itali hy any fell. An eil- it
wan made te extract tbe ball from the virtim'a
brain, bul withonl avail. The Conni had married
a lady who had previously been engaged to Dr.
Ottawa, Oct. 22.?William Miller, Q. C.,
of Halifax, bas been appointed Hpeslier nf tin Senate In
plana el D. I. '?' xi Pberann, n ?i_"is I
Halifax, Oct. 22. Late ad iii ?? 'it the fl-h
ei-ti-- nu tin- Cape Breton eoast. Save, ._* a whole, aol
proved pi"tii.ii'if. Along tbe northern part of Ibe island
-? ii m nit.h. I.-. 1 ih.- cimI Babe lies, bm
all along Ute mi-t, Uie berrina flatter) lia* pi .-\ * .1 a tall
Stipendiary Maalatrata Prior bei m aa laveeUgatton
to-day of ir,line* and Bracken, nud i char*** of I
.!., i, _e. ,m- vi*.-: - e. sad unlawful - ..'',-. i ?
-i-s.Moit, arith ui.iiit'iniiH mi-lit. Detective Power aroa Uie
.,u!.v \* tl I.--I-- i-ill s| t , -1 .v. .ni,I li1- ti.-tiiiiniiy was a
repetition of iiln -: itoineut* already puhllsbeiL
','i i ii i. ...t ii. rbe Rei Dr. Smellier the Ap
deli's ? . waa rei ? Ivi .1 'iii. ..ft. 11.ii
yt ??
ni priests.
Berlin,Oct.22.-?The hint performance of
? * I. ,ttit-i play.by Devin nt. representing mi ne- from
tbe lir'nimci'M Ute, took plaee at Jena, rn Bazi Heirn ir,
un Saturday, and waa a greal auceeaa. Abbe lia
ClUiBTUaiA, O* t.'._. lia- trial ni Minister ol
."-.-Iniii iitntt-1 itttit len ol lin|M ,i. nin, nt. lum ln-i.'iiii.
Babxslbt, England, 0 t. 22.?Ano) im explorion of
c.i.u damp baa oecarred In tbe S i i it - m mino.
Several ol the explore**! were lid-red and it is fear 'I in it
issn vt-ai' killed.
Hi.Ill iv. i.et SS IT'-<,(,.,?! Dake viielltnlr. lirollier Of
tbe Oar of Bu la. to expected ta arrive here from War
rita next week, Us te to bare aa toter rte w wttb tbi i ?
perot William.
Bairn*, Oct '-"-*? Tba formal exehaase of rattflcaUon
nf uie < i i'i ",?? "' **i**. ??? -i: ti ?' ? of * * imii* i* i- occurred to
Li.mhis, Oct- 22. -Aa explosion took place tn t1" I
PH Colliery, near Btoke-upon-Treut, restefdaj
miiien - tn extinguish a Are. Six men were
hill,,I ..ml tim.'nin. ra injin. .1.
CtlSnlAMIMll ll . Ol I. '-"_. Tba ITilt.nl rf;,tr- I,.
in.-iit barina u--i-t.i1 to t ?, n,, aaa law, wbtet a iii cowie
Into force In Mu.ii ISSI, England in now the ont)
I'ntwT Unit lum uni niven it- i--.-ni t<, ti, amman.
I'viiin, net. ?_'.'. -Tbe Municipal Oooaetl ims adopted a
reniiiiiii.iii tbanklngtbe municipal aotborltiea ot Boaton
for the bospll ible n nention at ? orded br then lo tbe del
linn) tbe Part* Mualclpaltt* lo tin- Uoaton Kaposi
RAILROAD ISli.lil.sls.
Washington, Oct. 22.?The aggregate sum
tbat will bave to bc returned t.. lbs aubaldlaed Paelfle
liuiiioiitl(iniiip-.itv, ii., tbe '.ms i nun nt,in iii-t-riiiiiiit-f willi
Hie recent Uectelon of Ibe Controller of tbs Tieaaury, en
account of niall tnuuiporl itlon mir nu-uti idlxed branch
m ii- imii lim n ilium, ile nm ii rear ended June 30, i ??- t,
i--rT.-.ii.i IT. There wa* ..,, withheld from these rail
i.i, iiinpinii."n during tbe sn inf time nader tbe Thurman
Aft, *?",,-s.M, uti iti-'-nuni of malla tranaported over an*
t-iii, Idlxed purnim*, of their main linea, and t?.i ? ama vii
alan have to be ptild over lo the coiupanlea. Iilr.i-.ii
mated thal nearfj SLOUO.OOO will be required lo pty r**i
?nell mail aervlce for the it-, .il j-eai*. ol IHH'l nun ItiHit.
r-fi-iiiiih linn,ul- lulu lin im-!.,! r. .en,, . are therefore au
tu ip t.-.i. li*- in ii'.i portion of tbe nioner to tx returned
tn lite m...In will be ?<?. mr ! bj tbe L'nlo i Pm ito Balli- t
Cuicaoo, Oct. 22.?Tiie inli-ilo, Cincinnati
ni'! Bt Iroiim i: ult*ia i ie i part within tbi Juri_?tetiou ol
Judge Drummond aad part wltblo thai ol Jndge Baxter,
of tbs rntte't State* Clrcidl Court la Anga thad
Judge Di-unmond, -*uii 11?** eoo-nrreoeeef lodge i
appointed E E. Owlarbt iweelvei for tbe rn.nl. Beeentlv
lu* imii a; iiln-.! to Judge Drummond for au order rt in
Illili!,. '.i ' '.I ., lin, is i|'i- nil tliat (I il! n! III." I.i.l't
within .lu*lu. lia-t. I'* Imin'iii -linn. The matter eame lo
.1 .'I.e I:. t V! - l'* K!.l,lll-tl|.'f. ililli 111- Instit 1,11, III I , If.M',|
i ti.mi ii..- receivership within lil* inn*
diction, aud appointed \v. ,i. Craig. Hil.- roiupll
c,ii * ii mattera, uml lo-da. e. unit., i from I:*?-tun, t Iin-inii.itI
and i'l..i", nin' < i.:iii-. Un ? i". miii. :?'. i- "i Ibe rood,
appear ?'? heron Jndae Diiiiumi.tnl, to auk lil rn lu iii- mi
D. 'tr'.ii and .ti.punit i raia will In I.i- taHNdictlon. Jud ???
Dliiinli.'ili'l f?-1 ? 11 - tl thal lie nw ImniillltTi nt Hvmiii title
for, Lui io lin- lui.tc-1 <sf the creditor* he would field a
isii, iii to the extent of nppolntliuc Craig Jolnl reeelvei with
Dwight la bli (Drummond.) i. ninny, ii Judge ll.nit i
Would hpimut |)?-l'IiI Jolnl ti..lvtr willi ? r,ii|_: tn bia
I Bax lei : i lt orr. Counae] will arge Hun tmiponlUon
upon Hi*' ? uns-dei atloo ol Jmlge Baxter.
Lui invii.i.n, Oct. 22.?flpedal Judge Pirtle
! ii a*, rtii.ii r.-.i a .ii'ciniini fii-niiii.--.in_: tbe sppllealtoa ter aa
1 li.lunt timi re-tiiilniiiin the Slimt BOBlS l-.n li **? - I OSSS
piny irnm i-nii-n u* Hag an elevated rallread ainag tba
lim. nf tin" river treat, eonaeetiag tbe Bboat Boote Bail
Ilk m.* brid ??? Beran* the oaki Blver al fiiii^giTtitli
i bs iiiii-;t-ui-ti'?u wUl bs at ..ne'- rssams?t
imu .\N?rtii.ir*. n.t. li ?Tbe Central Trosl OOmpeayef
{few fort in tiny lied In the United Btatea Oonri a-nit of
rorecloanre ,i+,'..in*t tbe Toledo. DclpboasadBnrl
Kaili...el sin tin- in lin Maa from foledo t" Koli".in...
Con s-.v.n, ii.' -"-? bl s ni 'iiii'-'h.' tbe Based of D
iccti.r- of Ibo K.ntiiiTij- I.'* utiii liiiiiri.ni tin afternoon
at i -.sinu.-!.m. Ky., nie lealgaattoa <>f Pnaldsot M. i:.
I Ilixal-* wa* pr.-nentetl ini-l ... t- pt. ,1. Vu-Al'i t-.1. ,,i
- Unnit* 8. cunulnaham waa elected pre_Sdent sadQsastal
i John Kohola rioe-pieaWlent.
Fleminosbluo, Ky., Oct. 22. ? Charles
MeCartnejr wu* ntl?H'ke.l on H t.ttirtlny nlurlit Sf James r.
Fenw ell KinI " Frank " L Thompson, who were ..(.erlevil
by pu Mle bU-OBB In _sO_tB0|*-* BBWipaBer. They BBSd
Htones iii. ?acnpons. McCartney shot them both. KeniviTl
.lietl ve.nti iiLnv morilla.:, anil lt is IbOUghl Unit Thump-nu
1* mortally ..oundell. McCartney has BSSB urn nt.-.1.
Tin: WABBING PACrnoM tn- tut. kutsiana
NBW-OBLBANS, Oft. '-'2.?Tiie Diniocnttie
Mata t.Viitral Committee met here this iifti-inoon, with
niaMuBl Joan ntaaarrtot in Ihs stair.
l'revi..ii.s tn Hie ineeLlna the MelCnery ami f ...len f n
fitui- nf nu- I'liininitti'. iniii asaasaa The HoBa-sy sasa
claimed Unit Uiey had r. ntnjnrily nf ten, nti-l
ile.Ttiiti tn east Mr. Pllspatihf-i whe is ssa*
rtl.ler. tl liiimlrnl to Mcl'iicry. ..ecniillngly bl
the convention Oetientl __SrS0BS_, of Mitton K.'U.e,
inoveti that Uie soaaantttea roergaa__aa. The chairman
sahl Unit he Inlil ntllin*" until the next Mute t *oii v*-ri r i? .ii.
tlierefisrs- the mBtVlB wa* out nf order. GtiBMSl J-St-Wa*
ski ?p|M illili fruin the tiri i.-liui nml fiillftl fur the yea*
misl nain, witto the following lesult : Yen*-I-', ll.<
Tba Chair deeided thal uie maslen wm. tesl, s two thini*
vote betag r.-'itllrcil. Mr. Kimi.In. k nal.t ttii'.t tin* .!ecl-!on
nf tbs Cb?lr WM revolutionary (wlileh was rent Ivett With
si,nuii. ami t in ri- ??. nml Unit it** weald nut sbida hy lt. Bs
tin nmoved tb tt Vice Prealdenl J. B. Bwataes bs sleeted
I't.-ni.i.-iit. The nifitif.il wm santaa Mr. Enamel thea
! ttH.lt tile ill llr.
Mr. I it.'j..il litl* lure said: " I hui i-linlriiiiin, uinl saBBOl
he run nut liv a crowd. Thtoto r, voliitio.inr.i, ami I de?
olan tin- aneetlag of tbe Mate Central Oommitl.i
. imiiii.ti." .Ninr-i- aiul ronfu inn prevailed. Mr. Mcally
? s.i ni : ?? i .-un a i lem. .e i ii i. nml i in wi wluieaaed anything
! nt i ila kind before. There is bo precedent for eoch pro*
; .I't'.l.lll.'s."
A country n.her here n ?? t? bed the wert I
I purvis, bul Mr. | n /(sui i h :, ii. cl h. -I thi'i were tbepnip
.n. ot iii.- .-.iiiiiiuii'-e. Mi. Fitzpatrick and twentj live
? >i- ililli) mimi., i- tin n with.In iv. ITiin.ii ?m ni Klug,
hy pt nm -..lim. _|*oke agalnsl the proeetitpi.
ile willi he tlnl not tliink Unit Mr lii-t.ii. wa* elected,
and wunted a committee of Sra to watt iipon
tbe brothera who bad it ti and endea or io eBeei t
n-. nm illation. A committee waa tin..liv appointed t.> In
form the abaent member* of tbe nun ol nu tims-' s,r the
eiili.iiiltlee, se lint tiny COU hi lt lui ll nml l*e pl* s**i,t.
The meelina then adjourned amil te morrow.
Tbe bolting members held ? meeilnir. ul ???
timi w ia adopted to draw np so nddre - to the eli liens of
tin- Male n, Mini; f..| I ii til* pim t. .lillis.if IbC t "llllliltti 0
uml lin- it \..Inti.maty action.
.1 UONNl IHI I < 'i' ... / V I FIX,
I., Kl D hit <i!' Tin' < ..i i; i-ii. m. i wi 11 it ii l
AM> LA. kim; I BB i un i B 11 SI ?
li iii! ..I.MU in lill. ll.lin BB*.
Newton, Conn., Oct, _."_'. Pur _legril vio?
lation nf Ibe Sunday liquor Uw Mn. \v. I.
of II, k's Hotel; ll" lillian, nf !'
Edward Taylor, Edward Troy, P
bell, Min. Patrick Callahan, Patrick Carroll,
Glover Warner and one CUrk were arreated on October
IO, ami nave booda i"i tbelr sppearsace in t mri on
October 20, The coori vs.i* tn h.*" been held In tte
Tiiwn Mall, bul li having b iked oul tl I ll
i tn obtain evi'!.
ti,,- ,,n. , ttomel odj t. ?.!. the ti >uhle t?> loi k
tiie il...ir* of tbe h.iii.
Mottling.-- '
Hld .11 the (nin,.lilt,et* ni , lil u'.ilie
tbrougk wltk
ted thal the i Utol wltne*a wu* i
in ,i , ii,ii.i i I -in ni., and
, shim adjourar l foi trouble
li it. i in tue .ill ir--*- waac!
. l-.-lL.il I bj "lie '"I UM 'I
ii.at ti, ii I bc ? fur a meal I I
ii lutltier | ,i-!|".i.. un ni i. ilist nt
v. iii,... ."'ii oul nf '?
a ?p; in n.ip iii,- ie'i. 1 ki. i'
the --niel .1 lilt. 1 l.llinlllK th.it le
... ,|, -i, i, , nrted bl* ,t. ti.rn t<> tbe I
tn t ia ii 11 lend , -fi i il- *l linn u *? i) .tl tin- ui"iii, ut
ll.l.-t *
... , ned I
./.' DOE EOADL t li KEINO WI M Ul.
HOI -lilli- ?, i| tn*- HI -i II* 1,1 lill lilli,,
n i i l|..?*.
1111 '.iiai ii tu ran raiarwi ;
PHILADELPHIA, ?'it. ll.? I Bilge II..ailly.
(io.en. rta? ?! in itu* i tty . n _
Ile n.-.-m-In far li.-tt.i 'ie tit I, t'ian unni lie wa* Lint In
?? 1 I*. I better,"I
alli Iii..' i I
h.tfi?'uiiie now ol itlon "
?? ii.ij.11 Inti ni taking a trip lo Europe V ?.is Baked.
?? Ko, I iliii.i. lt te verj improb ible, "
lng tbe waler weald be simply for tbe Im n.flt "f ?
itel tt,t. >, tint I 'lo mc think i
lill 1 - Cit Inert- )n .,' .
eii.tiii.-' ."
??v...-ii,, r>-ii ou a aurpctee to jr<
?? l i,.. , boa i" aa*a. i u u I,,.. -:
:, allin ip il, neil Inti itel, -iinpli
1 *', ll. !.l, I till- ll'uel -|.|e W ,|- ,1 !|,f.
I ennui.) -.,-. J u*1 pt e. ino- to thi *t...e.ti I apt ike Iii
n i. i ii"i... Dayton and Handunky, nml I I
d ii.,ai,i nf Um r? -oir of the vote In
I hOBe pl..- en. Ill lill* tSllllltV I [ll , -ll I,,, .| l||_lll
II 111. -|til ll) "I 1,1**1; lt HW l,.,Osl. lin ?l_i|n grOWf-l*
added tue st rona weight to our murnea lu i.
in i Uta*., i ...
"Whalan yuin plana for the future. Governor I"
M They are enUrelj unfonneiL rbe recover) .f mj
he.lilli I ? I,-. Ilr.t consideration. 'I tait ii,-.,, mg >l|
Mn.iii feel tin- pni-s- <>r the Mala and deculi
iilion ui. , mi. **? oi a, i.,m. go, I , aa
init-.it,I* toyou al pr--s nf on I I hope to rc
ll,,.1 tl lor -tune little tune 111 l'lill niel,,.a.,. ,11-1 1,1 ?
of . ?, iii iii.-i.i. 1 , " sider till* uue "f Ihe am
m tin- world 1 "i n !"? ?". I am lu i i ..i.'" in hu air. Ut nt
. 1.1. iimi a portion of his pren. I lpn.tu In lu. I,titi iui.1
limllly :?
MM.! I Alt Ill-Ill OB A fill IU il i,. ,,ll|. IN
MW- ll I hi V.
(nv TBUBOB u-it n. mt- 1 kihi ni ,]
Newton, N. .1.. Oct, '.*_?.?I h.* squabble in
wim ii the Mt tin.iti-t Epteoopal(Tiureii nf Wallpaeb Can
ir., in iiu, . slimly, h.us been engaged fm Ibepaetlsn
vi .ii , li.i - tl.-\.T. ij. .I a -iii -iii.it-1 ui. i- -. Win ii the el.'I
waa built Miine tew years ago tbe church people were il!
lided tm iii*- -tii.jt et ,,t tba ataa. l.mUt Hun abolr bnoam*
tba ti Iiln- nf Iii. .illari. I. A part nf tin . nn.-ie..limn
v..ur .I tte m. uii-i .h.tl atasjera nf tbe cholee, while
niin n .*. ie opp wed t" lie-in. rm- a few weeka ten k tbe
feeling haa been getting mine sad mure littler. A tam
wa* to havo been a ape?t_ aervlee rn lbs
finn, i, foi widen another orgunUl wa* engaged i lu
amii, tn a waa am anni to Snd on gathering al the church
ihit tome oue bad entered lit* church, uni,
daubing I lie .11 .-,,11 in-nie ami mit ?IUl lu. i,.?| nprlnklfd
mi a .ul. ill ii|i|ily t.r re,.lui.. Tile Whole in.'.m,
, mt i, keyboard, ri..|.*t, juli.Jn .in.l avarj part, had rn
eelved tin dtmld. coal Tbnrn te _rie.ii excitement tn the
elllllllllllllt.V lill -I Hie life I, tl,e lilllie HI, art Iii, |e i il, l?
ii,ni.ii iimi, -,. lotte peipatialof of nie aingul ir ai timi.
A .si \1>A 1 1 Hill I SEAS A tilt IK ll.
hm. M.*.*, illili n, TWO .inn. ii MOBTALLY V.i.i .*H->
I P AM. AS')! Ill ll lin.ll III |..
Al '.I -I \, i i.i., Ui-t. 'Sl.?K bliitiily fl- l.t oe
eiiin-i y. iterday near HeBeaa Chan h, in Barba Counly.
'ni .inul.?> .iiifiiinnii iinie waaagoarrol betweeatwo
young imii inn,ntl sun. ami Bogata at ttar-a-eball
monads, whew Byma sM Bsgsrs in tba hand Afim
'Tniifii yt tenta] morning Um njaansl -.Viut renewed
Tbonaaa il. Sj ms sad ala *>>im ?? frank " awl i bom m srere
ahol bj T. i;. Hoir-1-. .1. M. Bogara aad Warren I
Kulan Mi v.mil mut John I', f ,,x Thomaa H. Hy ma wa*
ni".! Uv.- I.I m.I.mil., killed " I , ,n, " ami
limul i- --', wen mortally wounded, .uni .lunn 1
?1 ni i .?? face i. one ol bi* fri. mi*, ti,,
family, ll la re|*ort-*d, were unarmed. All tbo men aro
re-|i.ei.iiiiy e..nnet tett ami well-to-do fanner*
Alu,ll,i 1 li, emili! "tl- (ll,il I lu- Byma I.unlit Mile I he
..In alli! pal I iel putt tl III (he ahootlttg, Both Ji <! I !< .
w.utiolhe chiircli anned, evidently for the uurpose ol
-elllill- Ihe .Ul.i' ll*. Tlnl'' I- "I. .'il ext lit ni lil Iii lin
.l, aud Ibu aad __n_lr oreato* profoui
- _???
-t.it ! v. i 'n: ii-.-, ii< Ki.i-n iv N!.'\.ii.v<vir**iiir.i .
K'.si ii. N. ||? (l.t. __. Klialia lt. Mar.
hf ii In ,.| -.ii ni_l ;. i neliim; lull. i> ii, ,. U fur Ul
l-iiiie Bavaaa UMlecy."
TO 1 'nin',. i iii-: mai Ki.i'.ri. .*-( li'iui |
<.M'iiT>ii.ii. Muss., Oct __'. -The United Ri
'??ki nh.llini- Allitili- . ,.
iii'iriiiiii; to f .inn. tte mai karol a ;, ? ?
I - IPI i- -t ? ?. i n . i tOAY T.AW
Watertown, ... v., o.i. _?_:. Warrants were
!- tl le ll,I 1 I,,
hi llntl Uni ni,, ?,ne forciUS II I
il*, .Iltumlse.
I \ BO K lt \ QM I I I M.
All AMA. (I. I. _"-' I lie III kl.if tim lUllkS CnllllH
''a aiu , i, .,,,,. ,,
lo Ul" ,
\ H ? BB ot vm Nt. ooi . ? ihit I r':u*n.
Bbatti aaoao, \ t., <>? t. _"_'. rbe pol it e have, it is
stull-il on _it,.| am ,1,lilt, il, e.,,,,-j,,I ll,. , iKi-IS*
Ut ill . , ,? ln ,,f
?lilli ll UH lr.,.,, , , -, Jil, lu I,'.ll
ll,Ul.le..). J kai J,.1, Vnl|,l'lill -III 1'Itt il till'Lil. _U.l,,L. UU.l
lecurtls. il ls ?_lu, have l**t.a avl-wl.
PoETEdwaBD, N. Y., O.t. 2*_\?Train Xo. 78,
from AI lui ny, of kBOGlSOS Fulls Uni nell of the Dela?
ware aiul Hu,Nun gallMad, went through tim
l.n.lire o.,r tin* (ileus Fall* (Seder tn tile Champlain
Canal, alnuit slghtj mils nnrlli of Fort Edward, at
?I p. m. to-day, Tin* i'ti_:ine Biassed the bridge but
tim I ni _.'ira _re anil BflSBSBSJ-- -BIS went tlnwu initi tin*
water anti were totally v, re. ked. Al.ntit twenty
passengers were aboard Uta train. The lint of the
killed leas f?.Unwm: Dalia* Crippen, of Oleos Falls;
Mr. Wiiicnp, of Ulovci't.ville; -hu Michael Mouoliin
.?I Oleos Palin,
Tbewoonded are j. h. Thetas, fatally Intered ;
Xhonsas F. Conaore, of Oleos Pstts, lefi brohea sod
*li. .ult lei -sp inn ml; Patrick Howard, Kroman, badlj
Injured internally; iiinma.. Bradly, brakeman,of
alene Fulls, lix broken nod Internally Injured)
John Jenkins, ooodnetor, face uml lieini badly eat;
I Edward Deal, engineer, ontabont bead) Mr*. B.
' Th. ise, nf Fort Edward, arm broken aad bead badly
out; Mrs. L. m. HaoilsBd, af Fort Edward, head
ati.l si.ie iiijiin.l: ll ia. Anna Tindale, ? Whitehall,
alightly injnrsd aboot tbe ebest) Thomas Loomis,
baggageman, sboolder sprained: Charles Scbeffers,
expreesman, aboulder dialocatedj Charles C '? I
timiii, fmit bruteed and bead eui ; .James Loomie, "f
Sandy Hill, i>nii-n.-<i aad sol; Janies C. Mclntlre, of
Ticonderoga, ii _? brokera aad Injured internally;
Abrahan] Wing, ol Port Edward, bead and neck
cat: Mia. CW.Carr,of Port Edward, cul about
the bead snd body braieedi N. Ooldstein, pack
pedler, of Glens Palls, badly eat aboul head ; Jacob
Uoldstein,slightly injured. .Inlm ll. llesiek,pro
pi letor >.f tin \ii,in Hotel, Saiatuira, bead and cheat
Injured] Mt-. ri..rente st,..ld mi, nf Port Edward,
injured aboul limbs and bead) J"lm Caahioo, ol
(il. tm Kalla, coneuasion ol spine,
rj person on the train waa injured except the
new-boy, biddie White, ol Lake George.
lilli! K Mi V DBOWNKU ll*.Ill MIN' Mlh-IM.
.*. I -I < Kl II "-in.iiiM j;..
Newpobt News, Vu.. Oct. 22.?A collision
" .-ni ri'.l "tr litre un* afternoon bi tween tbe Bloops Sally
Hie | itt T \. - ? I | in B_p I/. i|, in.|
i.-. ii \*.r. drowned. Ths Bell* anatalned little
lt lill.lite.
Vinni Min if v\ i -. " \:i nakBown
, ,,,i ni h.mn, r sunk lu Vineyard -? mn*I. off OsdarTree
Berk, durlna ?) agnail oa Salurdajr ntcir. Ona min
i lung lo n boat amt drifted nanon n t mv Head.
I'.. i.i -M. 'I iii. V ll , fi* ' .'-'. Ul" nil.'...uer William II.
lin inn.', from Bew-York for Bangor, with ooo!, weal on
;-i tbe harbor venter,lay _norn
big, and te a total wreel Her ere w was sari L
BASUWICn, M _ , lui. ll. V ,!,*!> \. as fiiiilnl nu
-, li. wh thia morning answering the deerriptton of
the one lust from the aehooner lt I- i. M. fi.-;... a dill
i-i joans,N. P., H. t.-j.', iii,. Kbooner Ponai Belle
r ut ..: el lu i attie a
n i .. area ona tared.
i. . N 'i . 11? t. IX?Tbe ' P "?? waa
P . k.ti it [ ? ti> ii tog ott iii ir! .tte tiim morning. Au banda
were aaved, four other bargee in eb
? i all broke aa m In the ?_? de. One la
.:,. don n .*. ll ..
a \-t i.yni inn.
I'lii-in bo, Oct. 22.?-The telegram from 8t.
Bloting tii.it - I. found >n Un*
i .. ia been oom led by eal klement
mada bj ii .-. rn lem tn lor. tr.un Wyoming Territory, wini
' ii il. mi Monii.i. a i.r.iiiiei ur Hie ifoaber oho ad?
el in., kidnapping of cii.triie, **._* lynobed mar
m. Sve weelu ago, IJuahor hegged thal
I bt apared twenty-tour boura and aald be would
i mr,,i iii ti. iii tor a bb h lt bad l
ir ,?!?.,. ????I having bad In custody a peraon held for
, fi,i inure tu.ni a v..ir, and add be had In. n driven
In ti,. , . Ihe imi pun - elive*. 1 be
trna mu allowed him. and be died with fin?
nie foi wbleb ht umbel waa lynched w_w tbe killing
? i ii Went ?': and Ute murd.is an mil nn**Jlm"
E night
liLll ISL I M.ll Iniii li.S I Iii El '*'>.
Osweoo, Oct, -".'.?Trimble has arisen be*
'ne '1-uiK-imri ni ui'n Union uni E.W. BatbbunA
I.*., kamber dealere Ot ti'is ettj ? Aboul a -n-k as'..
M. --ir*. Batbban a Co rou bl I ibon ia u,,o, ****** *H*i n.
v.mit in fii.-i .! of iheir foremen arera
appotnted special poll.tea On Saturday nlgbl rna <?f
. p..in.-'.I. ii wasatrnekon tte baek with a
atone, and I .-t algfal -bola Mere rtr.-.l and atom < wars
; it ibe iniutliii.' in win. a nie Canadian laborera
live. The f.in uh in- r. munni the III*, Imi li" "lie wan
Intered. Thin morning i hotly "f 'louanboremen waited
upon thi fail.eil,in i itxirers and aome of them agreed lo
r nun borne, So Immt dlate ixoubta is bow looked for.
/ur. MEN BILLED ash ino WOl sith.
Macov, Qa., Oct., 32.?"Joe*1 Holden.a negro,
i_!.lle oat hunting ill Wllkl'ir-i.ti ('" utily, dleOOVt H .|
aiHitiiet negro butebsrtag a bog heleaglng le s whits unui
n imitl (Tay. lltilileii ri'tHiite.lllie !... t I** City, wt..*, nilli
ll.ii.leli .uni lita 1% lille men BIBBSd v. lill fOMO, went t" thc
ii.iiis.* of tbe thief, imt fail, ii i" lad ate. uh arils
rette d t.> tell aban bs wun, tad C_aj kaot ked Ina down
willi a stalk of siik tr t-iiiie. Tbe Bsrty then left for their
bim ? .wo anna ol fte negro n.an, aud one Uooiier,
tm ,x fi.h.mt, ptiiHiitit citv and bia party with guna.
Overtaking them tltej Brwl, killing Holden InaUitUv,
Clay returned Ute Urn, killing Cooper and wounding bia
t tm negro ? innpanlritas.
Ti:"!', N. Y? Oct. 22.?-Daniel Shaw wus
kilted iq tte ? i* Kalla yt U I lay. At Munnin
Umea three wella bad eared la "" kim, sad bs was taken
mit HM* .Mint. Liu*. While miff. lim.' Iii* ho han l.e.ll pulled
fruin lin- railroad trasks n mnnb-t of thnes. h." wus
lim e llUtea nt ULT. bj tram*, :m<! Iii ,,ne nf these o.va.lons
hui an eye ku...kid out. ('i>..n bte return hume arter
that ... ? i.i ni. h.- waa aclied .sith a ut aad fell on s rad
Imt ntl,ie.
,l COAST Si Ul i v I SSS! I OA a SHOAL
Nr.w-l.i)M.i)\, Oct. 22. The United Btatos
Ooasl Harvey aohooo? PaUaniua, altar Ivs ?ootha' work
luutfi.aiplelcil Hie sin .,*y nf Minim ,tun HaiT.'.r. While
running tot tba wert harbor al i lshs_r*s (aland sim went
aniline nu l'eie,'iilii Mm.ils. lu iltOalBglna liarl.or. Bhe
u.i-ll*, il. .I ..ll al Ugh water iiii,| i.Ived only sUi-ht.
*i .rn . r* it i.i.i..feti nt..rni??? thal while their aurvej
nf tin* harbor in in is* ns,vi aa an otBelal guide, tim aurvey
ll ls tl, ellis, it, , ? ere th.-. Hist tn I lill on OM of tile I" -I
kuoWU I'll .(Itu Innis.
Chat .aboooa, dei. 22.?Two morden wore
ooaualtted iii East I'.-iuis---si.->. sis-i'iiy. fTsslej (rouen,
a lenin-. laid.* > ..un . min of BusaeUvllte, waa kilted bj
two Iniillier-i iiauie.l Woody while l__MMWtn__ag willi
thttiii for t.eiii- dleotderij te adiy gooda af-ire. Al Jobu
.mi eui. n ran in.l."*** ..ls.ie, WlUiaiuCarroll, while re*
. Mamu,tl il..|e, ..na-hut ami killed hy lill?
ian, , a tn.!., .*?' I vti lily two.
nu: TRIAL or *'. __. SEEBWIN.
Aiinsv, Oct. '21.?Tho trial ol Prank I*.
In mi .ni Indi ulm Still tar soak mp!i,f toon s a ? ba
gUB lins iifii-riiikitii. A moilun IO dtellkBIBJB 1?0 primmer
ira pending atbunoourl adJourned.
At nt BX, Od. Tl.?John ___Q-_*Bn, Bg? tw.-iH**,
w.m fatall | nhol wlill.-.li.k Iniutlil- SH S-n. .a Bl VST ySS
t.i,i.a. ImbIsI v.iwrf.r, nut* thiiiy, -1.?'i drowned lu
Like, while. huiililiM iiut.k?,>e?lold.iy.
Bab Prabcibco, Oct. ti.?W. \V. Kedson, the
BO-rneJ it Mi n HUI In lier iM-tlon SgBlBBl Hen,il.li?
lt i-, mi lu. own lief.unit. Hied etiuiiilaiiil.-in the.
?Sii|i.-.i.iri .nil to reno* ur *l'_!0,_)t)!l lunn .*-. u.iloi Hli.uiiu
nu ..iii gt ti tender.
Uniter i.u, Mass., oct. ti. -At thc annnal
un,Timm; Of tbs liilnH Ul Alli njuai U_ HOCtetJ io A.i\ lo
aid L>u.u-.i ol BSksSBS vera rc-ch>_**t-__ wiih StrSBhSB *.a__i
Dury prestuenr. 1 ne principal pupers read were one Dy
f 'eor*_e Daaamfl SlglnlBlag tho withdrawal of Alexander
nainlltou from V.'a_.hlugton'H military family, and one by
ProreasorPutnam, of the Peabody Museum, on "Tho
Nature ot tlioITehlstorlc Molinda ia ucoruia, Ohio auil
A five-story brick building in the rear of
Nos. iso and UM WottnmtfntM occupied hy a number
of portion!, engaged lu making pwkinir-iio_:en, was found
to be on Uro taut evening and within half an hour the In?
terior of the building waa entirely consumed. The cauue
of tho flre. ls unknown. A. Peixotto At Brothers, paeking
I'ox rai-peiiten, lout |13,000; H. Freidmnn. manufacturer
of fancy wooden boxers, ifc).OOO; Craiiacher it VoLltraeteL
.i.liliiei-miik.rs, 15.000. The Iniildlng, owned by Mr.
(.hill, waa damaged if'-'.OOO. The low.ee aro all covered
by Insurances.
Wliile Sheriff Brown was ilrivin*. along Rich?
mond road, H. I., on r-undny night., ho discovered flamee
iimi asaska Baning timm tha door or a -mass kearn sn ami
by Joseph Lutz, at Ki.hnioud road anti Vnnderbllt-avo.
Hs- tn uki lu the door ami waned the Inmates lu time for
them taessaao, Tbotrasstsadsd la tine.* alb ar homes
on tbs siime nhle of the ntnei, and all four were bumed.
J,.,__,'.' ".,' "",.;" ,"!1"',"': Joseph Lute, two bouses,
"-l.lrlKl ; flu* Oldman estate, one Iioum.-. !?_ .fwi ? [,, ,|.
Bats, om- beana, 5.'-',.'(t*o. laauraoes on all about ^7,000.
Thc house ol' Motel Smith, of Baatpoct, L. I.,
wasberaedyesterday morning; together wita tbs sat*
building-, Tbs lom to fB,000. The oro waa oaaeed bp a
lt. lt ?clue lille.
ABBAPOUB, Mil., Oct. 22.?A Un broke out
hereat 4 o. ai. tmiay lu Lewis C. Clayton's grossly stew.
M.* ks-pt a coal oil lamp burning, aad it la Buppoasd le
have exploded. Another exrdoetoa of eoel oil oe |s>v..icr
followed, which awoke ail tbe persona la the aelgbbor
i.i nml sim.ik boones twa aqasiesaway* TkaVaval
Ae.iiiemy -ti nm tiie engine, maimed hy Ballera under
Chief L, j. m. Boyd, rendered eflbetlvs aanrke. Ten
ht,M ?? - .ii ..I niue BtOlt moma 'Air., ile-iii,,,-,!. T''\,i [m i
iona were burned to death?Ohartea Legg nf.il bia sged
aunt, Mina Lizzie Watkins, whom Legg -itel
ot the house wool bark tn san*. The estimated i.?
imouul to * i.f,.nxi, partially Insured.
1.1; wu Rapids, .Midi., Oct 22. - V two-story
brick banding ai mm,!! ?-.tu,, Barry County, owned .md
occupied bj Captain Sidnej B. Smith, waa burned yt
day, sith Ita conti ita While trying to save property ta
it -he,i adjoining the building, Captain Smith, Charles
Bundy aad a boo of Thonua (Fatah, aga fourteen, were
Ibya wall falling upon tbe abed and crushing it.
Hllas (lear, a clerk, vai bailly ta 10I expect"!
iiilive. Georgi Kelman waa niau badlj hurt, but mil
Bt. Paul, Oct. 22.?Last night the livery
of Petes Burkey waa barned, ri..-looa is ..i-.ooo*
tasared. B?tetbe Pim Department area engaged at this
Dre another Ure broke onl inf. BTburaton *v .*s.iua' cai
11 int amt fai ,n uni.;, ai- ni wai
wi.it ti wen destroyed. Thumtoii'a lom in ...lj.ixh), fully
l)i ni Qua, Pm.i.. o.t. 83. Tin- Sour mill In oufrenburg,
owned nv o. I-'. W\e ', waa bumed Saturday, Loss, txto,
'sm, Inaura
Bia Kuti.-, M. h., Oet 'JJ. -Al Pish Creek tbs barns
s.f tbs Orand ll ivan Lo si ned on
Satunl -,. T,i) !m.I,,Tri of
[fort] ,1' li iy were d< ti ? i Bo rn ur mee,
LOUIS, OOt. 23. \ life il -.--,- e Hl'l -t. p. .I.e.
- .1 r.'irnt.n ... - i: 81 Lou
I4ulltlugCompany,#37.000; JoUnC I'lemeyer, tobaeco*
ra, |1,800, all
* nven tl I'hs" i'n i are owned
I.-. Willina l. ''il *u v lal., auil in*.ned, wert) damaged
is'i tiie extenl of 140,000,
ii liitis.i, m., Oct. 'JJ.?a. K .ii*', eheeea factory wm
di itroyed by tin- ken tni* ?*******-lag. Loss, 110,000.
I'unuMi,' '? t. jj. - rim teaa fa art* at tbe
l-'uri-i I ny oil Works will nut saSOSd a* few hundred
BBW-BBtrmwica, N. J., uer. j:.?TH" tiintiii-ry aad
linn of Jam'-- il i ii 11 ns!, if Dayton, waa deatroyed by An,
oamdug OOO. Cbartae Bell ghbor,
to iiio bulltliug.
Mi MPflls, Oct.'_,'_'. -This iras the Oral day of
the fall im iiiii': nt tba -I tupul - Ju ibejr Clu >. Tbere w.m
,i goo l attend am .-. the betting wa.. Uv< ly aad ths ir-ek
dry iimi f-t-t.
1 i.e t!r>t race, tim Introdnotorj . fur .ill aces,
f!irei--t|ii irts-r-s,f ,, Mer, Fellow
pl iv se. i. id. Ai et Ino third. Time?1:17%.
i ie- si nie,-1 ie.-,. ailie, wo* woo by Annie G., I
s. ...ml aud Roche inti .1. Time?1:1!?_.
T tillil i io-, I. ell. -' Makin, f..! Issi car "ld tinten,
ti,re.-.in.irfen* nf a mile Har. wun tit Zamora, Lady Loud
ii, and l.ul.. ;y third, time, i:l:"-_..
.rtli i.iee, tm- all agee, ,i;isa ,,f ,,ne and one
elgbtb tm'."-*, was won bj Statue Rapture,' ita .mer aecond,
Apollo ll,lui. lune. '.''J-'.
iii til" iiiiiniii ap si. ..pieehime, full coane, all ti>"k rho
luiitp-s cletelj until tbe lint one waa reached, where Flora
Ti tupi' fi il, sen-n T.\ Injuring Red mond, her rider. Tar?
im [fan-ton won hy . length, Katie Creel ascend -nd
Bell Boy third, rime, Tan.
RbaDIBOi IN mi., Oct. Tl.?-Anni*. H. Mailer:.,
a baebebw, aga Bfty-twos, oommltted auldde hy shoo ll na
ilium, ir in a -st.ii.it*. ai Pteetwood, tesl night Mr. Haden
waa worth gllA.OOO. Be wm sn acOve obureb-worfcer,
aiul iu a note whleb he wiDte lu gave ? iOO t" tbe i hui h
to wbleb he belonged.
A l>o<: I H. Ul OA /".v., ISLAND.
A largo number of Now-York and Brooklyn
aportlng men vmiteti a resort la tbe Immediate * lemtty or
[.aurel HUI. LOBg I I uni. la-t night, for Ihe purpose of
wttaeestagatghl that had besa snsngsd, sams tour er
th,, .liv .-" _etweso**H-_r_y" Amer's brindle flo*. Jmnbo
and John nood'owbimdeg Boalp. Th..* UkIu was for
BUM a side. Jumbo wan mu.Ti tin "laiKer iW, Welgbteg
:i7 im.iin,i... winie >,..lip weighed only :> I poonda, .bo
iieiiniK ww*) lo favor or Sculp at the atari, bul it aoou
,!..i, ed when the tioga enter. I tie pit. Chark- Coyle,
ol s, a Vorh brindled Jumlw, and william Joneahandled
Healp. Joaeph Boiu-y. <>r n*-.*. Yoi lt. wan referee.
Jumbo waa the Brut lo lead, getting Scalp right by tbe
back of the neck, and winning thi' Brat to -. Scalp aoou
I,, avered aii.t i" i-e.i ou, bul ll anon became et Ident tnat
.litiniit. wa- tm- heal dog, snd beta ?*< re trot ly .uTercd of i
in i mi hun, wini h.. takers, ii..tu dogs were apouged
down, but se.dp turned loll aud tbe flight was givou to
the Jumbo people. Jumbo i* a recent Importation from
,.,|, mid h.-h.I.* ali ead-, won four fight*, killing tWO
nf lu.*, antugonlata.
In ii letter published yesterday in Tkt Brook?
lyn Baal*, which would Bil nearly a page of TbbTbibi bb,
.1.inns Melrtruiiilt. the HiiKiklvu politician and BSWI
paper man, wbo a aa ebarged with bdag aa informer and
au B"gw*.i? agent, .1. ui.s with apeclleatlona all the
obargm against kim. Us denoanosa O?ouovan Boam
uud Robert Bunan m Uara sad daatardly Informen. In
concluding the bitter be anya: "Anymaa whoseyel
have ever been aa informer Ima rn hi* tbroat Mil's:
mott ih wppoaed t" bs ta Porte.
DB, SI .lilli lilli out: THE COBON EB.
Colonel Titi', fit' Minuit Vi-num. laal evening
uoallnnad bte tavoatlgatloa of lbs fb-atii of Kudotpk _Ng
tm.mi, mi itiriint, wtm .lied at the Baal Chester btaaoh *'f
lin Ns ,v Vol li I'll.mt Asiliiui. TTie only S Bases ex.uiiiilt d
w.m Itt, i.troline lr. .il iii, UM renlileiil pliy-n ian of tue
In..Hillturn, winne le-lliiitiny hits all-B-J beeO gi vc!) Ul
lubatanos. _* _
KILLED BI A Lot oMnIH /.'.
Andrew Btan_laua,a laborer, li*rlog at Coo*
stable Hs mit, V J.. WSS Mun!, bj B Ot_B_? KalllD.ul
lot-iii.mtn f yesterday uioriUiiKaud Idlled.
\\ INUINli A lilli.illili:- Ml'KDl'.U.
N .-tiivn i i:. r.iiii., ?).t. __'. vt the eirene hew
i,,,i?v i;,!,.., ,ire!,y -."t and allied Koberi lilies, lea
i,.,i uatea kiii.il ini.iiv'n brother, uml st, rea _i? reals
IU IU" i -',""?
Hi 'kui.au*. IN WATERTOWN.
Watl-uit... \. N. Y., Oct. Ti. David Henni
f luiiine wun* tit.re.1'ty bu_r_rlara laat B-ftbi,-od tim un uk. fi)
tlllalll -T-'"*"- "* kn -I,i.ill. i.u,-i..>? Ult" I.i.llliieiies
i tit nus i in .mi ila ilaj .n.iii. ney .I.,i uiiicb aa ai aga out
? only mil sf.*** ilmlns.
>lllll AM. BILLI I" IN I I nlilDA.
Jacksonviu.b, it.., ??-i. '-"-'. A dispatch n>
.',,?., .' ,'t.i",n lo. I!) 'ii' " 1 u Mini .Kt'irto.1
ut ii.,t i. luie, t "lunn* i.t fi.mity, *>ii f-?lurtl.i> inuit! !*et*".*'*ui
iii-iii. -- itiui?fe i..*\ ?u*l ...ir ii.iil.-y, - i.s-si" -uhiikIkII"**
iii,|?l tni Uulley lilli ,,' :.l . -I...e. Mu.,.:. ...nt .,:!., *?uitl s.m ",t
. iii, i,ll, ,1 1.1.ii mil ,,f a caulk **l" re ?"' ttm. Sburiljf
alteraiu-dahota -**-.'? Iteanl, nodHlrliii reii.iw ?sui found lying
ou tiie gi'.-inl tmimt, l**ton ?*?- Uti ImlaSot Balley -.od.
|BT TEl.Er.RA__ TO I UK TRinCT.*..]
Wasbinc.ton, Oct. 22.?There is still somo
myatery about the ao-cailed "supplement.! rv in nt ruo*
tiona" to Lieutenant Oarlington. Speaking of them
to-day to a Critic reporter (icmni Haren
eald: "There never were any supplementary
Instruction!., and I never said that there wero any. The
question*, of supplementary Instruction* will Ike looked
into and Inquired after until more ls learned about the "re?
port that Uley existed. At tba time Hie report was . Ir.-a
lated and when tho tirst t-lc^Tarn was reel, ed here I
wan In Wilmington Territory. Some oue In rid* ottice mit
SesOSBBSti with the facia (rave lt ont that there were
supplementary Inatructlon to Oarlington, ta walsh BS was
" The paper referred to ha supplementary orders was a
memorandum made for the Secretary of the S.ivy, at his
maasst, sad to aid him in making hts sedan for tha
convoy. Tho history of that P_SMt ls corn. (Iv gtraokS
my remarks to Secretary Llucolu acooni pan jinx Lteulen
ont i .ai iinftoii's report."
Ou the afternoon of the day that the dispatch unnoiino*
lag the Ism sf tbs Platans was mesivednS ti.uu m. cor
resoadeal Balled at the wi_*ti.-iI 0?m sad asked for a copy
nf Uentenaal Qartiagton'a instructions. Capl da Oasl ir,,
to whom the application wm made, gave lii'U
B copy of the oiiirtnal Instructions, with
the remark that there was a aupptemenU-TV order
tliivetlmr Lieutenant Oarlington to mad tbe bau of Ms
Hiippit.-H nt iii near lifeboat Cove before proeeeiUns north?
ward, lt winn lute lu the day, and Captain < '.i/aii-e - _fl
tliat, an the cierka had Kittie tamil, be would not ?'?? abb io
lui-ulab a copy of the uipplementary order anfll tho
next m..ruin. __e m-xt forenoon Captain i iamm
gave the eorreapondent a poper which he aud arasatras
e-ipv of the anpplemeutary insfrin tiona. It asa punted
tn FlIBTBIBUKBOl Sept. in'i? i 15.
At tii.it tune etit duly Captain Cazlsre believed tl at
the siippleiH, nirry tnatructiona wera i- ledfo. iheguld
auoe of Lleaitenaut Oarlington, and Becietarj Lineola
then spoke ol them iu a inaiuier to iiiuieate r!i.?t lie too
thought so.
somi; RECEK'I MI-?*?.'.VII.Ml'Nl'S.
1 ll i i:i:-ii.i:m i.i-.AKN-i sn.m.rms.; OF BIS OW|
Mn\T.Mi..s rs?imM.iicuili.Tv'.i.
;r.y iKi.iKiii._rii to tiik IBIBBBB.1
VYasbibotob, 'in, ti.?It must be es ls* tttk*
I'llT to tin* I'le-ith nt tn i ii.siuiially to leam bu-tl,e tli ni
ti toa through ih.' n-wspapara sir bte owa doing*, or hs bi
tlioii^ht lo lie a man arba '!.mit Uka to be teg titled
aa "alow." Tho othes morning, ns lbs lataat atorj
lie rene with tbe lark and net 0 it ii[sm a t" I
Igatfcm to ascertain ".vii. tiler or imt tba clerks, ssas*
uni asrvnats shoal tha Bim i o anj
early rteeraaad nromptty al their poota ol duty; sml.
ile-stiiiy rillin. Im found th it they Wen teg* *"l.
lt te pteaaant to ile told, hawovm, that ase maali 'tua
i.li-i uti i i.stii complain, d ofsmong tu*: empl - it til*
White House km ? i-t."
Ths ntnarksbte thing shoot thia affair i- thal -".-o:-i
tagto trustworthy tafomaaUon, tin- trot that the Peeal
-? "rotary, elerka sad otte remi toym
know aliout it, they l'-irni-il rnim the news] Thia
abowa what well-directed Journalistic enterprise will
.1 eilllljlllsll.
Tnt- iTe-ifieiit in iil-ii taformed ta tbs i .tuner
th it lu tbs Ti.-.wiry Department "peiaoaa are on be reit
at round nalarine M who du no wolfe whatever; that" a
-inul.ti- ntate of things saints ta tbs PoatOffl
t'.tnt"; that "theasms evU la roiled In tbe Wai . i
Navy Departments." and that ** the Interim Depart BOOS
ls notoriously a atnnar hi thia way.H Tin- author ol lids
ireful uirt to ipeclfy a atngleea.i topi
an kita pf evidence la support of the change aa to eBbas
? ? t..e Depurtnienta, 'i..- benda al tbit a ol thom Depart*
remarked today thattbej would I* _ dtol I
tho Individuals pointed mit srho oro drawing -..linen for
win,Ti they lender BO si-rile.-..
it m probably true tii.tr among ths "-.ooo or 0,000 .____?*?
eiiiim-nt employee in Waahlngton there om a few ?in*,
iiitiiooKii ii-sn efficient thoa Um ai - etalaed eu
tiie mils I nt ul* iu i oimidei allon of lOOg snd faithful
..i li. .nu, partly l,,i tstlit-l n.t-.i:,.*. In tb Poot-O?kO
Department, for example, the chief clerk In tbe office if
tin- Pira! Anni.-tant Postinaetei ??? xv ,\ lathe venerable
Timer* ll Mni. I.*!,.;,-- han provided thut *" i"ii_; .ia
Lethia office he aimil receive 93,500 i.rear, g_HW
iii'.ie ti.ni the regular noinpenaotlon, Another clerk iii
t,,e -ame Department baa i.-n iii tbe postal aervtea
moie il.au half a ceutury, Probalily neither *>t them
in do as lum'!, work u"-* <- - . lld de
ill tilt ll pl.I. Ss
iii tiie Interior Department a clerk r*eeut!" di *iv.!io
ii.ul boen employed Iii. ..rt;..- hui* -:.?/
yearn, tn auotuei |)ep rtiuent u ni *! el eena*
ant ol' t;.gi '.- I m.?
nmif agu, it ".rn understood at thc toilet! itloi.BM i"
)* - ii. un -tu k aud t.i ii.-i s u un km s of ht i and
iie,-en..iii.-n. lu the War Department las at-iiit ..Ieee ol
Ks.-'iii-ko. lt i> ai,'I, i-t.I Ula* ex i.,..' un .'H'm,
wh" tn tie. ply I, iii ?ii'.-tesl Ul lie*. Wei.' Ile, aCCIU'l I liol *l|k
iitiiiiiiiit-iit. In the Interior Department 1- , uplovntfa
great _,-!.nulli .e. '.:??! nf riromas Ji-flei-.-ou ll, i Inila
tater, niipptnt-ii.-i- agi l int In-alld mother, who ht tba
l.tr-t n'.ll-Vl.Ui-'tl.ill.'.. -...'I "i .fe'l- l-'.ll. It ht [Slr . .elli lt
iii nome in tm e ,..-in and pi'ihiips in a te*' other Uko
ouse* tbe pei otis upteved an uot able t" do .,- mush
work foi the moue' the) receive as olhen* tlo; rel they
,.. riiiiin their duties to the -muij
of th*ui reeetvea a large salary.
WASHDIOTOB, Oct. li-.?LieilU'iniit-t'iliiui'l
Thoma.-1.. l.t.-.;.. tiipn.if Ku-'Ui-ers, who wm chirp d
Wlltl the t-ieciHioii of the '"inf rCSOlatlOU of (' .: 1 _' I - - -.-? p.o
vidinic forille erection <>f n m..mniienl over the _rr:ivo of
Thomas Jetft r-oii. it M .uti,-ell". Va., has 111 nie B MgSBS
ta tbs Seeret.it".- of StOtS "ll-1?lng the et.'iiplct'on of
thal wi ilk. TT11. iiiiiyiu r-I'l'iitifl U M ? ri ?? ' la upnn a
'itiisi.ie in .1 ______ gram sf meemi imwth pms-. seka .iud
? ittii-i ile. Muons tresa, tba ss_test _CoatJee_Ja, exessa*
tag tba fiuniiy giavayerd, arith fun seesmtotba tetter, ls
?oa "wiled by T. .1. Levy, of New-York city. Tha -round
was -unollii.led by 11 WOOd-B feme, nml the old inonu*
nieiit In Hr, J.'tel-1.11 was luin-h worn liv the 1v.1t !i"r ami
ilteflgumd bs mUe__ima. lu Um tao?mars tn n a num.
ber ot other grovm -ot Randolphs. Oai letts, Baakhsads
uni Oana. Tbs work fetal som steted eaautemd te Bm
grading, _reedlng sndaoddtagef tbeoarfBesi Ifce lean-B*
tagof mt of the old-.'raves; the erection of a BOW iiium
meii! over the grave of Mr .Is ____B_m, in.l tba building of
a Bt-oug and baadaom t. soo aboul the burt in. -*i" tod.
Tbs m.muui'iit eooaiamBmtof two tout:.tat!"- sana
the loam twelve lam aqaate aaad the text tesfet-ksl
mpiare, ati'l eif'ti tilm> ImTii'.n In height?wTieh cover tim
graveof Mr. Js-knoBsod fear of Ms _tadred,wheafS
buried al his head aad feel sad either aid ?? rheas foam
iiittf-.ii ttonea are lunuounted by a 'lt'-', lour feel nquare .it
the baae and three feet aeven Incbm In height, and Mils
hy a granite obelisk three feel two taebe. Millara at tbe
i..t.seaiiii twelve 1. .1 eli vi xi lochee high. The total height
i*r thc iiiomuiient above tba inouiul ls. therefore, n.-' ti a
feet, Tb.-In ?? itptiim ."i.iin.-ed liv Mr. J. tier-un uni, lu
a. timi nu lt willi lil* ilui-etloi lr*, pl. efl "ll Iii- t.bellnk, te
aa follows: "Here iras 1,oneil Timm.i- Jeffemoa?
Antoni nf thi* D-eteroOon of American [wtepeudeiice, of
tue M.ililli- ot Vr Oula f"! I'tTltli'lls fl 1 e'loill?itlid
father of tim I nlver.nuj ofVlridnla." Ami noon tin-the,
??BornApril '_. 1843 " 8.?Wed July 1, l**-.'.;." tn, tho
upper surf aces of tho lour aktea "l too tewei fomidottea
-i< p nie Inscriptions mai kui-- the four gmi * - *.i.ifi
tiniiila- siniiiiiiulim' thal ur Mr. JeSeraou, via i The
giuve of Martha JeBteraou, !us wife, thom nt Bertha J.
Kautlolpb mni Marla J. Kinma. Ins daiightorB, .iud ol Gov*
erinn-TT:emi M Raudo kb, bl -mi in-law.
Tin- total expenditure far the ?..u* waa >-*.T'*'.'. lt i\mg
a balami: ol fl.UlHof the iipprnpn.ttiou still un. xp-'ii'lcd.
? ?
[BI ru.mit it'll rn EBB IBIW I
Wasiiim. i..\, Ort. Tl.?S -vi ral I'.-iii'KTiitio
.-tatt-Miu 11 are m Waablngtoa'Sthla week. Ex-Beaatas
T'hiiiin.iii eame stier . I .lui > i_," to attend to MOM lu.-i
i,t - - in ? i.si-f lbs ?-tiiueiiu 1 slim, iii i-11 th. ,,t tu, to ymir
in -,tiiii neveial utiln-ti i.iim * mit 1 \ .ewers," np..11 asm*
palin, uni. n after attempts to dnsw him eal, agrae that
? oi.in ama tor the lb anneals bi ?'? jreari
tli.lt iiielet HO ellt illii-l.ili. -es will he e|i_i_e in the ohio
>i liutoilal et'lltt-st, anti Ilia' he thinks Ml- I'' -dil tOB B_l
in bia o* 11 rm oe boot.
BX mutator Walline, of I'. 1111-1 U .111I.1, la al.| Ihrt
11niilin; nl.tteitiiicn. ile is nani to itmiiil Mel)":,aid aa
tbs eoadng maa tor tba Prvaldenoj mid to eounldcr lum
tl,.- I.t av lilli lille iMiiiliil.it>- tin Helli" 1.ii - . I
beit-itor Vance, ol North 1'orolimi, 1* sleobei ami bs
,l,-il,H.- 1,'i.tt tl.e lill.Il,.III I >t Ititi. Lit- til H..it T.ile am
-..,,,1 :?i-" Mi Donald if.nl \ let.UV III 1*>"I'' ....teiimr
IT.11 tm Knott, ol Keutucky, havuig reached tiie ?ummll
fl lils _i-.il tit ul alieillU'li. I- tyemllllg a HW *! 1. - al I HO
Natloual eapit.il. where be f* . vtt. tn.-lv |topular. In
. t.n_..... liuii witli l.ll.i.irian Bp-Uord liel-en- - lilith.)
pu paiatiou of a literary woi . book on wit aud humor.
il.-in.ii.so i.Mikiiie after Dome claims of Bia -tale aa-lnaS
tin- N.ttiuiial i.tiveitiii.int mi iiceouiii of eapeuaeatar*
furred in Ula aupprfMioa ur the rebellion Ooveraes
Kiit.it'r. frieoda will ba glad tahoaw Umtbte hsoBbia
gi .iiu Lmprovod.
WASUIMOTOB.**Oot. Tl. -Slips liuve r.i'intly
ikis-i tukeii by thaVavy l-ssmrmmat to BalBf into u->uai
in ttvttj tnt- woiK ol IbS 'ii.h.s.iupli!e Otll.e. _ tinier to
iuiTUtato tuo aintiili.ui..ii ..r iiiionu.illoii to sliliuna-ileji,
biaiiijh ottleea have iiHrcntly baan opaued Lu Bo-tou.bea

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