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Torfe and Philadelphia, rn < hangi of otflcen) <let died from
Hydrographle Ottlcc. The abbett have been established at
tbe Mainline Kxehani.es In those citiea partly ut the
solicitation of the Board of Trad, ami shtppiag internet...
By this means the ___SB-Saom received at Un- central
ellice In Washington In slamd within easy reacliof all sea?
faring nico. The captain itt an InenitdnK vessel finds an
ofllce at hind wherechartn ami saiitm- iBreettona for all
parts of the world an* kepi mvteed HceoiiliniMotue latest
luf.temnrit.it from forelen hytlrntrraphlo offices, and
whens his own charts Baa be correoted t>> fUUs end iu re
turu bis own loir la ex unlaed and the. fa.-ts obtain'- from
his exiierlene-e are made available Ht once to tho whole
maritime t-omniunlty. Tin* new movement will bo of
dil oct Is-m ht to tbo'uierchant marine.
Wa-iiisi.tdn, Oct !_!'_-.?Thc liiiul c.Tf-e of Qm
Bout beru Minnesota Ballway Extension Company against
Aiii'ii-ins* Kufner wa* ti-Jay decided Bf flu- Seen*tiity .if
tin Int. rinr. In l**7n the. Undulant of Hie ruilr,,ad wis
certltlsd to lite Mate of Minnesota hf theLtnil Depart
meal fertile hem ht of the tUilroad Company. Kufiier.
however, reoently nindi-entry of a ir_*t nt Ihe land and
hi* enlry was iceeived ny tile' *n.missioner of the Land
(Mlle.-, w!fi held that the _BB_tSS_Bl ol hinds to the Htato
w?s lrr.*irul:o* and that th.* eoititleativ. h.ul not the fun.o
O' ikBteiita.
Tit* He.rt lary holds, that by virtue of ihe grant and
ltutt.tr the act nf July 4, l*ttUi, a* mnt-iiili-d, July lil. Ute
title ti Hu-lind in i nilli >t p is,i -d tu thc Mate of Miune
entii foi Hie beaeUl of aanl eouip.tiiy, w Ten Hie lr,id was
Certified to Un* St ile in IS7H hy Hie Liti.d liv i.iiiiiient.
it te,ni, r hulda, that, it having baeii deelded
Department in Kiiihat rm* land i'is-t to the Htxde
I'lnlei ihe *.'rsiit. mid it bavtag beea aa em Hied, aol an dor
am h ullin.i'i atiiiii the landa having been gt mt tl! * s*'lil t"
Innot . -.nb >i -i inuiii eauool new be changed.
tit inti rlor l> |ii:Tii:ei!i thal the dec! lou ol
the Cit niii'nntiiiiei if -u-t i!"iss), witiililhivert .lilted tn tbe
teaa le i *. railroad rumpaiilea ta Mtant~ota el _i?i"i
1,1-Mi.iino acree ol tend, ami I
un -tt ?)?.' the title te .Ti.uin,.i aoreeof land i ertUted to
i...i!"i' myanba la nth er tn i* ?-.
? *>
NAVAL l\ll ll.Ii'l'.M'F..
\Y ISHIBOTOB, Oet. Tl.?'Vhf Si-iTft.'i'.v bl tin*
K.HV I, ls |. e. he.
eotiim neHa| IBS V .::? -i it.mi. SSW-r ilat"' Bl TOkO*
Bbbis. fr jnlimil nr TT1 re seam of tim
I t*. Ila! s i:ii..li"ii -iii'-i" I i-t repert. ll ? BekBOWt
sigm las mcstptaftaa Dngmtmaafa mlegrnm to nba
??to iuT.it. -i- far the pi 't* I:.f tm ne.tn in'.-.
(Tiliiit and. 1? ne.-rs-.i:--,, ti linlea tn*- arrival nf the
ju-;i.iia .uti i.iiiiii... oa tba ii'i'ii" ii.'did m.; !???
? 'I .* *l inf'.rtii .li.<u o! Hm ri"' Bl C niton un
tem' i- il. kl Ibm M?aa tba Ki,-timon i waa tli- Med aad
etmU not b." neut tu cmt.>u. Tbs Paka wdsred
there .tu I will leo folli-red up sud laUeTSd bf tbs "ir-t
vessel thal arrives.
. telegmm hail been mesHad Baas bbs Oaasal at ^inga
j> ..it s, it in.; tliat tin* ,i i nin t.i wonld leave B sm vin te oaee
for lli.nir Kom;. The liuterprlse wai* tinily expecieti al
Binga) ... Th** Mom a, v wa.n niippn...'! to be at Obefoo,
Bbs rn - m.'! i on.ei - tn pim 11 d ttl Cona to mltova thc
Baa**-, which vesaeTwas te aa le .'..t-mnsn to look after
aome Atm rle tn tattara reported lo is- nu thal Island The
I',ilo- am to atoll. September _?">. torlhe Larnock Islands
lo luke on iKi.uil the party wilie i had ham watfluiij; Ihe
wreekol tbe Atiml it, aad th n gs to Caatoa. At soon
lin the I*, ii-ui oin tiitlveil (Wt) (en n fable dispatch I BJ -
ww an October 10), Admiral Ctmttry rapseted ?y ito to
Phnttsbal 'u tho Bnthmond uuie?n tit prassom w.v* nama
Bary eteew here.
mander fl -rrtngton, oommandtna* Ibe Juntala, wbOe
nt Magnpme ssfemdThe aervtem el Ibm vassal te isk.*
supplies to the de-ntilute at iSitnvla, on the -.trait), ol
feiUisla. but the offer was ilecliued.
tVAsHixf'Tos, Oet 82.?Al ordai wm I_wm4
t>y tue Wai D put went to-d.iy grant mn Major-'leuor.il
Johu Nga one month'.* leave of atiseut 0 from November
1. t* ism the depart ure of MaJ"l-f ?ein.'al K'hofliTd Irnui
the i'i ? -link of s in Pnmoteoa. to aeniiiuti coiniUi-Utl of the
I'ivtsiou of the Missouri, tiie. QaBBGBl of Hie Army will ne
eume command of the Divinion of the Pacific until re
liewsl by Ll. u.eliaiil (iflit-r.il Shel ld,ni, November 1.
I.cu.:.il Mundill will conmuni1 tba Division ofthe
PariSe until i*eneral Pope, Ibe new ennui.,miler, entera
Bpou his duties m me expiration ol bi.n leave of nit-** in-*'
WAsiiinutoX Non:**.
WA-siiiM.isiN, Monday, Ont ?--, l***.;..
AlT'..l*lM!iN1 Bl HU. I'lll-M I'?..*...--Thc IT . -ni,lt lit to-tlny
aamsj?tadC*bariesT. McCoy.ol Dakota.tobe -Mrteterol
IL..- Land * lillee at Aberdeen, : >,i!;.. * Im Stephen *.?..]? m
ioiiiI..-, tb Beaned.
lu ii KMiM ts t*> llvvr Iii- BaLABI I'oMtml- -inner
Kvnu- received a telearom thta atcanton reporftn; that
Ivput* l "ellet-tor Ponton, at Tucson, An/., !? fu-* - i.i .it ?
Bvei . ...* .1 nu, ut property to bia bucci a oin until his n?l
i.... . i nd.
t*Ai.K ni Ai UiiMt l.i\i>'-.?l'iul."i the act of I*:-'!, i1'?
cliirlii- the nubile i ia la In tioota-nanry Oountr, Ah-,
to bo mineral landa, the Coiumleaiouer of tbe Laud
1 i advei ii- 'I tht a roi , I tini.tr> 15. Tl <?
?ikIs tn tbe llniitst pie i|i,,.i i, muulloued ta Ihe
act, "a 111 ItlrO be n.lvvi lined ls.) sale.
Hi."-u >t nv), k. ams tiik Timi si..i*ii.!,. T':, afBeera
fst tbe Bli iii Service iii Waahlnaton bad a conti reu<*e to*
Itu a Mew to ailsspl.ii.: : vi >,.. ,i ii __
fnma which to reckon time, ta aecoid move
ami t" i.i\>- a unitoi i tun.- -i md ird ",i oil t1 ?? railroads
in Hu-l 'in. il-*t t* n. i.euiTal lia/., u aays thal tia* new
ul will uuiloiibte U* la- ul.ip.'il in' thu -*u.,il >ij
B?-TIMOll, Oct. 22.?-Pools were sold t?>
Btght ea the rosee el UmMarylaad Jockey Clab, t *
to-mori',*v. Tut- we.ith,"* , atetag, A
fold uort'.-ast drtelBag ram bm ] - .ly all tl n,
l.u.l tia t. I- nolnilii-athiii t'. tc..
Xfeatmeh i* not heavy .un ret Tue pooh t" iii_r!it a
tollown : Ciiitr.il si. . - .*.; Waldoa'a pur.
Velelei ami Tola, ij.ll); lila-t, S.I1 | I*t__jaj_B?, gSB |
J., u ul.!. r_".'; and BB it, -tl t- Wttb Ben Uerborred, W ,'
den's piiir, Kio; Issamilna. *?_;.".; Ecuador and !;. il -ii
each ; m..! Mint. -.a. Dixie ttl kee George Klnnev.f 100:
IT/..uni. ni'i; and 1 ia!, il.ai. .**? l tj. Oriole ll..mli. .,i* I'a
Ml.-. .?* iv.; Hi'-.i. gil: li-ll i. Kr.; and l.uii.i --, * I.'.
With I'ai laban , a, grvo; Bella,f.Tj and Empreas,
?.-" mere were uo j.is sold on the two-mile hen-, for
Which Bella ami Nettie are named to -tart, nor ou the
itt t-jib base
LU ISO 1\ /Vf;/. I SI).
Loni>MN, Oat. __.-ilic Ncwiiiarliet H.kti-h
ton BBBSStng 1 .t-ran to-fl_y. Tue race for lbs (Titeiion
tntskke-t, lot' twteye.u-nl.ls. was wen iiy Count K. tin L.e
gTttU^e's iny coll An li blue. L-SOOM ile Bolb_____b_r*S buy
colt Tulisman came in stumii. ami J. II. llniililswortii's
Lay colt Boya] Fem Hurd. There wet.- five -inters. Tbs
Borang at toe Mart waa I to l ._.,,i I Arculdue, 6 lo 1
uk sm t i il.-,m.m. .uni 9 in I on !:?,>; 1 I em. Arehidue
Won i ?
BosroBt Oct, 22.?The unfinished race in
the'.'.. i trotted al Beacon Park thta afternoon.
i:.nl wa- iteioitieti irotti hoata. Vi lon taklna aeoond
looney, Ail.?.?in uv Doy il,lui uml Westover fourth. Time
T : -:-..1..
fnr iBimisirn io tu" numnm.1
Puiv i.ton, N. .1., Oct. ti.?A fame <>f fi)ot
BsH Wm played BSm to day, on the Cul .cr-ity (.i"lintis,
lietwecu Hil'1'riuceton I'liui Had tba Lil.iy.T"- OoOaga
Ob'Veu. The home players were pluinl] tbs VtCtOTB lunn
tiie rtart, ami the ifiime prnvetl ral In r uiuiileri-slliu,'. It
waa imirketl. however, by aome brilliant pl iy, il uri- tra
versini* ths whola length ol the field ta ons stretch, ml
makin,.' a toot?down, ri.*- neile w.i.-: Princeton, l)
, _? touchdowns; Lafayette, 1 goal, 1 touchdown; -
A bfiipfit to the veUirau triiintr and atlilite.
**J?ek*' limildin_; wm gtVOB ai the Nb flniumln yester?
day afternoon. L. E. Myers boot all ytOftOWt meSSda 1"'
0 mlle In four heats of *4 mlle t -ac li. The fl rat tjuarter
wus nm In M '2-S secnnds;the set omi In 5B| the Ihlid
lu ->'.' M| and Hie feiirth III tt M nf, olid-. T!ie feat has
et lilom Is-en attompted iH-fnr,". T. 1*. Murray, the present
err.at' ur ehampton walker, in uls mi exInliltli.n mile walk
la 0 iniiiiitcn and 3ti-_ ssesoda, tim ls. t
time of 'the year. Thc Sn.nl.i tlvti yiirils |
l.iilnlle,t|. iiiii was won by H. BbOBblaad In T la sei-imtls.
A nm nt aalte beale, heal Iwate three, between .1. Wet ne, i
ot Knvl.i'il, itiifl t'leyt le uml a trotter owned by L. lil/ |
"Bntiiek. was wini bv K. em m two ttratehl tie.iln Tune
i;15!:-.l ami 11:13 i-5.
Tin* Nittional 0_BBTOBtiofl of Inventors, mon
tli.msl in Tin: Thiui.m. on Suulay, m Im'.-iiii lu Lyric
Iinji, ut .-Txth-ave. ami _*my BIiijbbS -t., yt .-It nlay nunn
ln_r- Is-o ll. SUrvoik, presld' ,,t "' tin- Am, iii tn Cn t .!
| i.ijih Ctiiiipauy, lu.itli" a biief iellie.-, st ItiiiK foillt
tiie t.i'.'c tn of Hie coiivel.ti'.ii uml c illina utteiiti.iii to the
|mS Of thO bill lal"-I) n.li.slui ed iii lue ,*>t nile, Un iib|ect
IwlUK to tal inv.uiionn anil pal* lils so heavily an to pru."
_le-,uy eiiiise liieir cxtim lion. A Mr. Prl . tri !'? ?
Sin, W?n i-lii ted l?>riii:iiieiit eliinrmau. Coiumlttes
jen apiHitntesl to draft a iiui-tlt ullim.
WHY Till i , V 1-AMi;.
/Vtort I lie ? li urtu ?' 1 rilli, i.e.
Thi* i~. not a Booie ; it is the jinventivo of a '
panic, m.,i thom istmiy uue taiag awma to i.ike mun i
icurive. Tlmt wouhl he the poota itsclt. But a t
ImUIimiii tuat ll*-, been lasing n in fur tn l-l Imo \,\u^ in.su't
the teiiMon le 11 tat U SU-taioa. A panie is au |
etsplosiou. That tines nut mnv sit-in tu pe
oini'tiK Ute posslbiiiries. lint Mich a tedi non
may rot, and that ls Just what appears to be tin* untiiidy I
tbat ls attMckinx our -jus nlatlu* ballooo?a le.mi ?r tn
rot. Tbe moro tiiotmij-lilv this i.T in jx-rtnlll. tl to tlo I
Its w.trk tue bi lt. I for tn- country. H.int has
air-early been -m-nmipluklnsl hunt aavod us Inuit the
borrors ol a kcu. i.I pani,-, et.mineiel.tl ami ,ii,l'i-li, il. li
the eoiiiitry Lad kept ou for a few manilla loager in lin*
mai ami reckless am OB lin which lt was sleaiiiinx altiiiK
In i st so aaJm lae atatetm b-ad of ta? ajmdi< ts mut
were Imhiiuiux lion, ml, eotUm, wheat, pork, alocta
bonds we should have bad a Imrst-up in a year or two
mat would bavs made l?7o look pale by ootupattooa.
SvRAfTsK, Oct. 22.?Thc Qerman bi-oeot-a*
nial wan celebrated here thin afternoon with moak SO
baa?BBB. The streets were _,iylv geeks I. sad thsm wan
ip.irafienf military-au I t-lvio sn ietl"-t, with BPegoHoal
?tul tra le displays. A letter wai rail bom Andrew D.
.Vnite,DrsSMsotof Ck-n-ii Dal ratall/, sal larmer Min?
ster to O rm my, expren .m.; ri-_**ret at belan SOmpcfl *'l 1"
".?call bis areaptanec of aalnvlt .Uon to he jsmsot
Mr. Whit** aaya, in part:
"Tiiearea) walch yoi :ni yo ir Bjssoelatm sommsm***
?neln mn ni roly af hlatoriaal latarasti it has a deep
MB?ondsoetatatgaBtaas sa, Tbmgrem Bteoam sf km
olgratloa wbtah begaa to Baw Dram 'kenn.my upon our
.ho rea two hun ired yoart ngO has ornujrht elements to
Amerioan clvill-atiou vivsl lu Un tr Iiupjrtanoe and wide
.|?rc.td in th'-ir action. First tkt tliem I w.mld uaiue that
love mi I iiiii-'iuK for liberty, oivll a)?d rellg-oua, whirl) hat
user lieeu oue of them mt cliiu*_"U-iistin marks of OstSMB
'iiimKritntH. Next I would u;uu? tao love aud lBSB__Sf_BB
N ilii'U.il uniiv. An tbe experience ot -Mammas lu la"
"Ll world hail t-uinht theil! to nat-" di-npntluu ami lave
liberty, -olt had uu^ht them t<><???? thc folly of di-riding
aitatitniinto p nv aovarelsutk t,-Beh loalima ni evory
otbur, all log tiber lnt*-m-hteof any real national mil ien< a
up,,ut,, in farther I name the Inatlneti ve dis?
trait ol ie gre il uajorltyof the Uenn-ui-Amerleans for
poUtical ipia, k. i v. In I i' *. t. . . a.v e.liu_; our Civil War.
? li ii charl al .inf it of vat-ions aorte appearotl likely t"
sweep tba coutitry. when Bortala dreamers nnd aohmaara
m.u^iii to iii.i-f' iiiiuiii.il cunning take tue piaea "i
nil. ui-ht'tirw, lld tin ti,ei.il li'inei'.*. , sluitly ti.un.ii ima
milli aaswa wm maud t" he ai-rayed iguaal all
i flints, and was ni ia.ni teneUI in cheekingaueU wikl
lull. Which ,' Ililli oul/
bave > uded taoarnatlon.il baukrn i y and -lah
SOCl vi. ni Xl ITS f BOM TUB fl ll >l t!.*,
" Hit, boaktei i mae and ol ier,. I
(mmGermany, thors Barn '".'u ssrU ? i . *
i.i neills-. Aa tbs Brat of thees 1 ion ia tbs B-saiptee.
iteadyl b hm been given by our Uer*
min ft-llow-cirir- -a -.. Heal I M um* ia ,t n > rm ol reis?_n
i-llikit. Hint, atulil.v ,*. ,i ... 1. .. I ii. <?'
Uilnklng Am ii*, n die i" bo o i
,si the w .in-, or Aiieiii ni nt.-; and elo?e1? roi
.-t.-d willi thin is tba (.ennui ability te en',.'* i ?
pie l-.ll-e.- Ol iii WlthOUl ri t .ll lll-l i in 1.1. Ii.lt tuite i- a
Uigbel 1.1uk" ol nm I.il -el i lee tv ne,, I.e.* ? 1 'I ii ,,i * I
han lend. I. il tis lai- en nil ry. nnd ut lld- 1 it cu ? u.-.l.
meir di witina to m lenee ana to the -earth rm irulu In ? ?
ems*, feeling i itt. no matter what tao timid ta g tent u
- i.\, lint ii a I"nc ni lin bm-, mu ka .-ale. Ami ii m. I nam.
tba _taV_*ts_r_n I" lit Tamil) , klt*l Ult vt a, i il.ti.n
appcam wnera donn ma . i rres it*, n > m dior bow iun< i
tue areal toaeeol them mai be_t>vot*?dtot-epa kOlw of
mat. rial 11 taipei pi. in > im nmuy ibe *? areal Bab) * >.t the
hl_inst i. um. ni t fiori Lave bf' n innis lint lo couli'ioul"' io
ni ie Luxury, mit ti en iii! ii ll volupiu trias to kid time.
bill tnt") lia ve ussrne . I Ult in I "' e. M J -_. Ufo Of toa p.- >
pl.". and Hit* n-siill tia-n been uni lo wea*' ii ii ni'm kl ea u
u; Ter but lt. sj it-n Lt nen lt.
AlTViri: l's* mis i;,:i:_i\N-AMK!;ii'.is.
'?Ami bam all nv mit, at au A a ?ne.in aa 1 In tho
mterastof thia Ameriow repabUo. to utter ona wont of
ra.nest advice tn mir IH'ITU-U fellow-, lli/.*-nn. . . .
Be j-'""-! AmsfSmsai yon cannot tm a eu./-n of two
t-'kuutrtcs; but, while voa ni kk.) tim st riv or y.i.ir linties
lmie ytiiu ll: st eau-, it" mst OOOa ? t" ?-Oltafa tie- literature,
t.u- m i.-m-e and un* urt ot ni.- ol i ei.iiutiy. Bring up jro ir
e nhill ll, inde.isl, lo lie Amelie in palriuli. to bs laibaod
uiln me literature ot i_u_ii-s lop-atlo. atatoaa;
bill tl" lltlt lilt them n't tl Hill tile illflllellt e ts'
lue (,eiiuiii language "-"th li-* teeasnrea "i uti.
si, ni', amt lit. Tulon-. I_**sin*s', (koetli. .md Si hill T aro
ll prit-lfss li'K tty, ali'l. V* "t lt ll in S" >'U*y lo keep up a
kuowlttilxe ol Hie l.eiinau tongue iu voiti families, you
li ivt* no righi to allow Ul!* -SOWteigS of the lieriu-ii
tengn ige, whleh ls tbs key to so |g*eoioua a Ittaratura mid
mn prieefoaa a body of tboagBti tu tin* out aasong your
nlill' ll til.
?? Peeling thal Gorman edeooa, literature and ari te their
hil-teni lumms uni tu strtui-tieu Hiis reputilic in ttoO-B
iTsuuenU Wi.i.-ii hiti ltio-l BBOdod to OOmhol tue lnati riae
lsiu-(cull ml-n nf a new country, I trust that tue tudu
euee of al! lierruona ol all parties ami all eeoeda win i>.*
niiviiiiiy tarown -nauisi lim amlnston or Qetmaa tnstrno
ii.in from ourLiit-'iiei puhlloarboolaaoadaanteaand toiii**r*niv
??The i .etmian-.N mei lean who bu_, 1 baas two great -tun; nun,
the Buglteu and Uie (.erm in, lias a vasl advautatfe ?*?* n*
(..u.U cuium i-i-ial euicipri-i; and Im who can inul, on
lue one bond, tho worlu ul Hnakeepeare and Mllloa. end
on Ino other, tnooe of Le dna, Uo toe and Ifoulltor, haa
au advantage nut ieee lu bia bl i r InteBeetual, moral,
.tlnl ls UgtoUS ikMlnpllielil-"
(tll.l.MT. lililAN Vll.l - M..11NA1..I' !\ i || .*...(
I'l-li.lt 1 IN ml ra (4 ';1 I" i
The RepoMleana ol' the Xth Senate Disfrivl
nut in tiiiiuiiinui at N ?-.. *< i..- i ii Llaali
to tinlnliiii't ,1 Mite **il! lim. .lallit-r. Mum sid Wm BUMta
eh,linn in ,md .l.imi-s i.ii ? s i,, i- ? | ll I
Barnum nominated Colan I Ktban Allen, alaUaa thal be
,t.i- in .1 ti nu t,i,,,iii,'., md would h ?
Whom l'.'pu bli e 'll- tsf nil I iel ls m. i " ll I ? olouel
nominated A-semblj man l-1oj I- -
i tii.it I, , i i
ills lllUs r-n f.'t UM Olll.'e. Wilde his p? .p I
ut the ! I r, In ord-*, t-.
t c ui-, iii.," ii,,. - ** " t o.ii I get oul
\ .iii s, an i Br. Croue waa oertaln to do Ibm.
A pt,timi Irtuu th- .ming Al' n's .
the X\lf!.l A-s.ii'lily 1)!-I:M \*,m ju -. n!,i|.
ami W, J. Moilun stoved te i> ll i lae
ll il : "? I pro
.-?.liimt anek an un Kapui a R." Tte
ii.l.tit.ii to lay nu the tai,!, wan voled down aud tba peti?
tion advooallng Mr. (i -'H.'.- in.uiiii,.i un wi, road. Mr.
Mull ii erith ? ieiii.nl, ? im
iavorable toMr. Oana Harbor-Master Willard Bollonl
then ie dh 'iil'l ls* un*' '
nominate Mr. Crone a toe ol rated railroad* would iii
tullun it bin ? Mi Ona ha i triad t..
up tbe p at] u' ?'>** xxiii*i Dtetrl i ami
ti.ultl mit J...11 the fun Bepoblteas roto, Mr. Ballard -Ui
made other minarka tbat augered tba aapportesi of Mr.
Mr. I'.iinn m,ttle an ex. Ititi r. ply, lu whie'i 1? n.u.t ?
? gash talk eossss with bsd grace from tba mpportem of
a man who b ir* n->t voted ...r tbe teat four BepubBoon
.. oa f'.n IT'- : i a. i rn ni *? bo bid la aii
(Ivan bim aa . I lemo, i il - * nuts winn.- district .i bbed
tin- lit pu,*. . .ii-Tile I,e ,ei last it-ar. Aller ti eli.muns
or Mater Balteid ii will i*e hnpnaalhla to steel (Moimi
\v. h. Bpooaer, nf Ha xstnd niall lid, aaai i ?? rite bop*
potten Ot Mi Cr.ie? , .- n >t linell- mir* relit-, tun un .Mr.
Allen. We eame bera bopinn fm harmonjr. air. BnUard'a
. ..ii.- ,,t tuc in" i uni Him.it"11 .
ev. i miltie."
Major Bull n*d- I don t think tin :? ntl - m a i
"CXI t ni-Trni win toke sap han_aaa_p teaoom Ima
X.Mii.i Matriel.
Th,- r,,:i.% , th. ii a ill al md Culm '* . i ? .
rotoaaod Mr.OnaelB. Tba wini Aaeembli D
t ,_si il mi. ifw Mr. Alien, wuiie tbe X Vto -
lor 1.1,1,. ;. nit lie I i-t ei, * 1 lae S in'.' I: mi I.e KXIIId
cue from the Bsjrm H-d A iaoolaUou, mil rob
tba ...lim, and otbrn dtelrtrte. Mr. Crane received tl
vines tm a Hu \X UM uni al! lae vuien fe.iii In,. Xiii,
8 fiomtlie XVIIHi. 1 fit.in t ..? XVIIIlli nu! 1 from toe
xxiM. Aamag thom whs voled inr .Mr. ai: n won
Bernard Blglte, DeWtt. 0, ffbselm, Joan K. I_ydeeker
ai,d Pmnk iii}mond.
w. k. ei-ootii-1 bbMi ? in spite of the eftataamds to
maka it hapmoble fm m to do so i movs
tu make tho nomination unantmoua." Tbe ehalnnaa pul
t,.t gueallon to toU , and only one ?? no " w.is beard, and
thal eame lo a * Igoromt way from io orjre lill -
Mt. Ali u v as brougiii he ore Uie convention, and made
a lew well iTiun- ii remallin. He sal,! tliat ll Voa tue lil I
tum- liiai lu- wi.- ever ii i-intliilaU* lor an "Uli-e. lie eup
p, irani that he waa preaentod an Um type of th.t, ? ;, ,
Ileana wno, bavlna opinions and oonvtetiiintt, are Icm l
ili in,un 1.1 mi ni; lue m. .No "ac li,ul anlcd a ptedgeol unit or
Inquired uow oe would vote B bowen) to Aloauy, and If
? ? a.- wu HIT i'n toe i untrammelled, and with Ibe
pur*l>o-'- "t d?hg Wbnt w.m beni nu lue nuic and Ho
pul,,), an pal t.k.
an ah.-ii was horn in Bew-Jeimyta l*<.'f-*. ii
A.-s-i -t un United Mtuttts l>i?lr1ol An..nay under I
Uolaflold Baalin, which ofltes nu Ka_g__od te ItMte. Ile
ctrgaumed a ri glmeoi Uur, t^ toe W.u. ile nus ,4 liberal
Bop ? un ic in iu 1?7J. Mt. Allen iloer* liol uuw Hold
tuiy o a ??? lb -til |?r.t ni^ut In an-vt i r i ,
yr. Blina iiit he ?.ilia BepuuLeon llokei rn IMHO,
i i.uilim linnie Iiuiii 1..pe purposely to vote fur UarUt Iii
uml Arthur and returning .uni un- ( teettea.
CiiNVIMK.*.** IN Ililli,K lil-ll;|ll,
Tba detagatm ta tbs BepabBean tXmventten s.f tbe
Viiitn Beate t in tin BisiinSar *******s*H*ig lu
lil. e. mr -1. 1 :.lie Wi'n a ill,! litteti.l.iite,. M our tVuii.m
II. i.ors.1, uomiuated lor meu.itoi Krt-iejirl. n. Ulbba lie
nu,tl tliat the pail) Wm dom utilleil, rei.inl lu ||-B stiont;
vu.i uolted b> Mr. Gibba two jr. ti- ego, w uta i.i re wei u
two Ki i'll Tis au i .iiislai sit . inn.,.? n i , .liulUi i larrit tu.il
Wlt.l plsl.n I I l! ?! I mid lu l li i |. ll. .11, ,
nan nuaiilmtriiiilj' mimili itod Uo nama beiore me eon
Mullum t ..iiii.itl tu i. . .... I.- !,,,h.ii eoufoired
UpoU I. un. ki-kl Ullti XX u..-., ph-., ai le UlflOd i lie p.,, li .
linne uni!.-.1. .mu ii Um Be p...iiiiau vou-rs ol im di nt i ni
winiltl uni.* ? '*," "in ai T i lu, ,-, a ?
iilKI IiO !e..r ni the It-sun. Mr. UUMM IUM *ne,' !"i
y,.u art dent of thia ell/. Uo te a deoter la pumpa rn
du IT ut-, li* tum nt i, loi M*vcr_l roora a member of
il "? tm * llltii A
in. i. ? w.ut a uanoi Lat. lol .-, ii tor.
i.uiiis.' iss ii..--? ns,un- willoh Int n n-1,-,1, .iimi.. , i. ,.a.,
? '"li.I,Of. '.'"I Henri ).. | - ,,, du,
in un ie Ut Mr. ct ???* i
I .-tl ; ami Joist, Vt ,,,,,, ,|
lil uitn i.ii ie i audi tel , 10,160. i
aliij wm "'?? '? i bi
wiin pinpi i * lull roto.
i a );.xl) . ... i al Bo. 1 '.ii l't.
and I* 11 .i M innate .?)>?..|.... ?Q-nlraian and ii,., ,.
M. i'ant-r-et'it ni. On motion m C.mfi*, i mt i iiiii*.ut, e
l___Utlil Alli lui.-I Am ji y, Ki.ie.s M, ??
Halton, .imi' ? i ii i. . i .?n i .! \. lit.-,.- u
p.,.ni,<i and in.uri u d i mi.Jeci i..
Ibe chair.
,'IUl In-l-i'T (ohm uti,ni tm' al iSo. _!'l ! :
I .. nt, lilli ilUjullllll.l -UnJ... t lu tue , .,!'. ,,
luau. 1 ne til I e I ,,l ,|,. . D0
asmhistlim wiU ho sande till ton Itemoerata nave made
up ti.n iiiimln ui egms or di.s.iKi-i-c _uifl put a iMuTlii..!.- in
Um Held.
i VllUi Dlstritt Cntiventlon met ?t No. M
Avcuue-A. Andrew Co.itu waa rle. Uxl chaiiui.iu ami
Charles Dtemoad se.-titurr. After M*_ re" nf ffe**4 1e
gotea hod been called the eonveatten a___tert-**d to m**M
tm Thur -dav rvi uiiitr ut Hie esme place.
The Xltii l'l?ti1it brid ll* eonveeli ... t"
Ki.11 \-sen-nth-et. Ossim W. C-rcillel- m. -.?.. ???? -
inamiit ehalrmnn, and M. K. Clair and i . n
iHccietnrlea. Thf convent lon 1 .eli a l!""ii... ni nulli '
evening, to enai?ie tbo __4egntes to wm ft t ? rc*i-'i.iiigtho
eiunliii iten foi - nomination.
Tlo- IXtTt n'strlet ConvrntliMi m-t nt Kr** Mil' n ill.
Ko, 127 seeoii.l ive., nml organll-I with Jos. ph P. Perl -y ?
in the chair nnd Menari feagan bj aeetvl i_rjr. Tee l-itt.-r
stan il thal iiiii- wsan te the seine Boodlttoa m hu.
nt.t two peon mm wltk en euonmma Demoeratw nuv
jority agalnat them. Ile thong ht lt would taswell I
wini} their opponent*) Intended <l ?i'i*-*. and alee lo lt"k
lihou! arid eec if thc. eoul.l SOI a ciudidut** lo run. ile
did not mo that at preaenl Inej ronlrt take any action and
coiineipientlv moved thm tberonvention tu'ijouni, inhjecl
jr i ros un 'a ii m i c lnfass,
11<>\V Ul, ITUI'Mis Alli. WnKKIMi-ll l's l*lil .'- I.Af'K
ul t'l VI il ICATIOKS.
Tho ( it-Seas' CV Tiniittsf of i.n.f.!.!*. ;>, wUeh
IsmmmmdnaSBd Macro* bow,la _taSannl___d t" tel ns
gtasBglO- umler Its lei I in Uta pio-.*ciition Bf an BafttVS
Ba4v|fssaaaoBa*|a-gB> Mayer how. sal rn arvsaattea
against I,M-i |WB_-_ltlB.I hus In en ksedsd, mid I lin I
Us pulilliaim as mil an the BM piiitlmin I'.ej.iibllc'iim mel
I' llii.er.lls ,*;,,. Joined ill Hie t ii Bad WOt-i Of HM titi*
zens1 Committee, till imt re-l on their Bon Iii tba li.'ls
that the il '-..Ired li utbor -rill be re " i.i'l "ii eh . ti, ii Bight
br men. drtltteg. I'.rT.irT- oem mode .ve-t-nliiy wltk
linieli niu-eesn fu rt.sure M I llgS B I** "tell ition M i D
lu ardor to bs la 11 sdlni ia r?r voUm?. Pbmnrda were
pill up ,,i,,l I,,, .li ,I- i ne,il.it.-tl i ile .lated to inline nil
nu! men toa teamas, their dui) n ihey had fatted
I.?! ti,.li n linen mid wen. theivlnn* "im.lilied
Mt ul iii.-n hai i im i"r'-_" wm "ie -
-., n:ii. ..i t phn
tba neal t" tbs I isl weeli bolte
lion wai opened teat evening bj a.ir,.- m adraeaeyol
.?I i.M.t? i.e.* iii Tempernnee BslUondal No. MOColum
bia st.. m -., un Brooklyn. To n-i,i Mr Low nnd Gen
? lal stewart I. Woodford wll apeak ta Prr*a|*eet ll
Hail. rn, I Nm t ???iib .1. and a '?
ii.eeliiu' v. ill Ins BOM lu li"' BUU nt Tt-l-d ave. .md
I VM Ul- 'lilltl ?t- 1*. silt-.- .Iil.-tlee M .. .e ' .1,1.1 o'.,' In .Mil
.-.Ka-. I.iirow svoala a moan meeting adi bo held
.1.1 si. . in lin tilecltp iliil piiltlull ol
. >, uud mi i .,,...... Itali, al
iud North Nmtb at*., wlB booeeupled. Mumu
?rn ?ii .eitiie-n a ne-,T.iii,- ii- ? ? i tbe aaaploea
mi .? I;,,, i , ;, ni i i inp ?! n ' "uui.itt'-e ta Ibo Bink, ot
I ftjiupl . ia deriuonl av,-., mi Tburad .-?
* idoajrofMnatenu t.n. willi.i i" utej i*veu
iii_i rn neal ?e.-ii. and on t a- tum.>*>i:i. -i,muli.* ike Baal
. ...lt Will lake |.| I-f III Mllr.ll" ililli.
i.e 1,,|,illili, ,nm Ul,I li,.III,mile I Mri lilt ALi
Iii i iii euell ie turee tli-'i If le. t.J
Pu.Ul lan.- ami Iwateaaa men ''"" 1 v? u i rnases of |irr
nun- in iiu.,. ?ii ii ui"-i Lntoreated ta assail tog a Mayor
tim. in mis,, i ia j,,,.it ie, and familial bj a lona rourwi of
itel.I.li Wu,lt Milli hll-Iie.-i. III -li U-n lil tall* ll.lM liol ) "t
, r langi.mk.* ..,' tte) utin uiisiis iiiiiiiiiiaiii.il b.i lUr
l> ii,,,, i.i's ,.i ., inn, altogether and i-ouapleuoiialj mel
lug in both i|miiiiti'<iiifiita. A .I,-*:"mn .,ri..ii I-in ikiii-'
lo gel up a" boom ' i"i Memlrlx'a baa ia *. aiialittenUon
hy laying sii.-ss npuutba facte that his father waa a
hauser, eourealing the faotetuathla hank "waa a small
en,-in ,-,,.,i,ieiii ul.,.., iii ..li.-* ni i -i altar the war,
..ml i.,at tue 'oung mao never had nuytblngto .luiMti:
lt A l-.tllllllllli-' Ol I'-llli- lillie." Ill" Il I lill' 'I li!'"ll Mum
UtW les"el,,.,, tu |_el 111. V IC VI n ll |M ill I ll. t ll 11., e. Ill' ll t ut
ti,, e s,i,e lewana noa ."i Im* nH-tut* In...I.-. A turing
tie eiiiiiuiitt. ts -As'ie In.- list Ul .-llb ? und the Kev.
Ur. I -i.it m. Mr. Low said that bs al.InpunhU n*tn,i*i
uinl m.nilli ll"! inul*. ? foi .... I .1 ,!? M.Ik.. I,'
iii- ii .u.s.iliiieli nee ..len Mr. lit lulu. w.is..-km! mr
bte vmwa bo temOlp oawwamd Hutt tn wau ll n.?ir.t ...i
tiie eui.sui ineiil ul ali lams. . ml lie lookl .1 i. ii, ... .1 Obeli
tne i .uiiiiiiit. e hadgoae. Loud pmfesalona son ______
M nit III.ll lli.it pn-llllm lt Ililli Wt!! kl."All ll. plllilli ..I n
would enpport Uandrik, bulaBthasa atol.-nts t-oi*.*
uiirtupin.i u.i i*i im* aaioea ol tue Itepublloana.
.-lal.- .-? ii.uni j.ti t.i.n iii aoeepttas ?? Imm-eralla r*
uiati.'ti -mi tool be ?upporicd nen auU monopoly
iiit-iinun iii tim l/ngtatefure. Th* reeord sh,,\\? it,r- ...i-u.,
ol lids nt.il.Hit.Iii In eb) en v.,te. a-'ilimt -mli ii,?-__.,ir sm
in Ititi 'n-i, aud Ulallie "dudg_m" m.Mig lu -emu
.*, i Mn. -i \ in ni i hm. c in it BOOB.
Ma.oi l_t)\v ..iltlits-*ctl a i m.*.tl-il lu i,i.-i> in
|, mpt, ii ll . allum ***-. ..ni h., s- nt , Bm *_
I'll. Imi Bight, iii a ntriiu iv lt. m.., i ,:., woid?tbe
Twililh. II, wa* LUI ... ,1 t.. ;.,' kl r:i. ..ul fi. ,),,. mli mel
neill I itv ein-ei.it. Iii my lb nt/, i .'..lillian ul Ibe 1 . ,*
|H lill. Ul III IIIIS ute ?
I, Ired Mayor I
I i ri rn- ? ll
prut* i.
Hi lull.
lissi Mlp|*U ?? si ? ...il I ,,i .
pit kit ? ? u-n ..? aai , ho n.
Br. 1-"** sp.T.e lt, ll ,,,:, ? ;,, III.
ii' t!ie HUI r.
t.i.u. il. - ... iii * it . t iii !? a I., ,i l . Bru
,: the lin re
Bot ta th- tai levy, I e-i di
the iii) bad tuon i.nisi tu (1,000 mort
-?..uni- Welt- ? *, itli 1
in. nt i *
. ? '. ni (peril , ..| .ii.-l
paid. ">. -
m i ie -i in" mon eoreiul.
no improved liml ? \ *. li m >i
i . We e li" ?
es 1 be ntl, els ,i!,il
ll fer ,?!?!, mi.I ii,. ' ? I '.''-j |s r
lin!. -..Iii.lliiiiu- tu | ,i I,,,... :i?. |(r
. .*? Tl.tvui'- i, ? of de
p.iimi, nu without i..,,;,i tu party, and mi bu
lam i, |.--. ami - ihi thal :? rom|*el ,, pu illa emphijre to
. bj .m.n in . * . *- .., ,., ,,
would not muk nd'i m* opinion to bo M__yor, w <
r ? i.e. r foll 11 M ? I ? I ft Uir
Tba eommlttoe ol lea aiipotnled bj
i u-t Hick io nominate < andi
?., Mi.."... , ,., |.,
? ii tba v "vi" i] of
H., fl. Arm.tt. O. I. Vox, Ju! ti MsKsOB
sad Oeorge Blnkla ta tarve, u.-.i tba frround
"f |,|e-nll|e lit pilMltl- l.ll-l '..? - l'l.- ,
were iJilin-l \ I W. B ?? I ,| V,*r,r,|
(Bepttbllean)t Joha D. MeBenste, of the Twtnrj
Ward iBep i -oon)i I.u, ? . ,, .,,,.,
Woad tiree _ri l)j and Sibeal l: Maa, "? c.- 'i di-i*s*nth
Ward linn.o.-.an. Tbe au ,,,-,, ,,f
.biiii.v. TT.eiivaii.t named an < lor mona,
Tm- i-e|iii*iii ana la th (Il I , ttAmi nt
? ,, ml * me'
if tenn-on, mid nominated .1. Lou \
i -.', ?. .
N 1) I ,.n I.
i kcinncmtl, Aldin mani' n. ? I
bold in liioo.l.vii teal .-.'-iiiii.. in i i i ,
I rlet. Al I- i'n Ju . . ii | ,
) 'ii!.m' and .Imii I'li-'-i' were nonilhnted, in |j.e
b'l-ollil I'l-lii. I, wiilen I* stinii.ly |{..;,. ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,.
nation* wen made, and the eouvenUon ,ii.iil,,,i unui
row, In Un Ti.ml HI til, t tee , antllil d< - n .,, ci
w-efeAld. ini.iri.liTI, i on Ul uk. As*, nit. iKitrle
William A. M.ill,I.tm, and John Boer-lb. Both toe rirat
.mil Third Ul 'rn i- in li mo ratte.
In He lu inn .-??! ,t ll sdi, t tl,.* Il-t.iibliea.n niimiii
Ilteil bi NC. I aili ilioli I mt evening \--*s III l.| *. inn, |l,n,le,| ll.
l.iusl.-ay foi Ben ii." t" oppoaa Sea .tor j i
lfi-i.ii-.eiit.Tii.-is nf euell Aanamhlj District
mel In Tamman> Hull l.i.t evening ttiileet.l.s apOB the
,|iiest!"ii ul tiiiluli in Hie heintte In tr|e(? A|,., , |,,,,K
lon In regard lo mndMatoa lt wa* denMed to natte
witii tin-Ciiniitv Deaaoersejr apes Bm tu-u that Tam*
maii.-i sh.mill Imii! lin tll-tri, t- wbteh lt . un,-,I In |^s]
mid lim| Hie (.milli Ikemuerue) stumM ,1,, n?. Hume.
M l Murpbjr, however, la to he nominated te tbs Viii
UUtriel tm- i--mi! it, t? :.i'.ii?,-,i?n t,, Indng Hall,
though Mi. Murphy virtual!*, wpreaaau Hubert o'
Themis. in the viii. Matriel Hennloi (Indj i- to ba
renominated and Ibe IXmutj Demoeraej i_ tu auDnoii
Lon univ. itli-.laiiilin_- flit* iniiiii-i. it "inti,.,,, lt |,,in
|*im-.-.1 ..lLi.-l.lii.' bte item.! in Hie I ...isiat M(. -t ,,,t ,|?
mmm-lug him .? a" traitor " md the tool .si iuouoo?il?i.a
ll . i ilxgerald and Rruwidng are Ut be re
iinmtuatod tn the Xtfa lu-fiiif iennt.tr Knell nlll
pronaid ne renominated, though lhere in much dinn-iiis
i.u-n.ui with Mm isii'ths- nari nf Tammany, fleoi i m
l'.unklit is tu i.e uw liiieiiiiiie lu ii,,, xiii, Uutrirl li
wu-iel) Ui Mr. Nelle lo earrj u.it the terms nf the
IT,i,it, un Auli i imo and
eoiillm IiiIimI, Imt it |n imt | i ul...!,!. t?. t || -?,,, ,?
out |fl tn,- mu,'..lilt ol tm
Ll WETS OF TEE (Hilo il i i TION.
Columbus, Ohio, Oct, _."_'.-s.-,,, t.u> \,.w.
m,n m.iii.he. tin fiiBliatei I.,iii-,,r I,,, vate fm
i nh "t tbe l..1. el ?? te.n : Poi
?.i . -? iiuinu ii. i. -.a.! , .). ,
total m.i v.i..i,i; h< adte*-, _ufotti
?" T.llit; et.nd ami udtui ut t, ll
"?""I ol u m .y, ;.:?. ,,,, ,.,,,,??,i,,, _. -,,
/-'/./:/ \'CE.
Al ll -NTi-i-A'N, P| BB., Oct. Tl.? Tlie('t)!,iTli:'!ce
en Htlktl-tlesuf the ,
180,000 io* ni ei>.i.ii ii a., ut uv. r In,*, il) dm-e
alnowtt, 1.800BrtBtemtsiina in-i .-. .u i .,. i
180,001 i ? ?
>,000,00 ' I
? i tual inn .
? ii! . .m.! i .i , ?), ,i:,,l
I attention M.is afternoon and evening andltwm
? > :' ? e -ii oe rill Ite.'.lnflf t!". tl" li I rt lili'lll Mild
i i, ,:.i n-t ut ., _t booka mr a neram! eoaam clem,
.VT !: !o\ ').? l.l ?; Og | r.;>. /; I IS.
ll'l**: OPAl ( f.NVi'MTi.N .
Ai.uas., (hi. Tl.?In t!u? House ot' DeBOttsi
l -.Lu I'm* rt imt of tin, c . uuiilteti ou Cations recoin
latanBagle dteeeaaB eeevoatteM the haportaaos ofre*
ii'iinii'.- tliat mme but eoinmiinleonle Aboil !?? ohnroh
v.uni'ns. mid Iimi ventryinun al.nU conform t" the d!*
clplliit sn the rlmreli, was adopt'-1
BJ -I,.,itlon \?. 11 of Um (-oiuiultlee ('unoiis, r. Utlng to
an., ntllni.' title 1, ranon 10, " of nilnlstont BSdslBSi In
for* I n r inuit ric*'" WM tvtojrUsd. Report No. 1 of the
Ciitiiii-'tte 'OB Ivlm ttlm on Ute resolntlnti of the Rev.
Mi. Il -nkliis, of I'uiuey, mletlBg to the establishment of
a Seiiool Ito inl wltli u e c.lr .1 of $1 TO.OfrO.iViO waa taken
up. Thc BsmmBtm had mpsrtoi adversely. The report
Wat utl.ipted.
The sider of the dey was mkae up. rta ; Tbesoaatd
erntlou of Ihe n nuliUons ofTnetl In the Baw. Dr. Ilntil
taglBa, of MasSSebOBBlta In mgard lo referring for ml,i,i
timi or riiieetiiiti by the n*\l gem-nil con .-euilou, tho
aller alums nml mlilitlimn In Hie Hunk of OsSSaBSa 1'rayer,
Bal that they I* iniitle Itiiown to the convention o* every
.I I..-.-, mi c.-it th,- itltniulli.tis maj- Ire acted upon. Tho
ptii|Mi.t!ti*.u with certain iniu-n.linen!< was Illili ou tho
Tho Kev. Dr. IIltiiMii_.-t.kii moled to Uko up tim repot
af tbs Committee of the Whole, revolution attttISBQlB
t .m. Tblswessgmedlei lad tbe leestotteai wen* read.
? -i. i 1 Hive I,, tin- Book "t Common ITayer, w.w ap
? .'ii,'.' Ibamal * nt u, tin*, dleeeaea Tba
o ul inii-ii ris.,uiiiii,i,, a- iii, aaa I. "i arem adopted. The
Rev. Mr. Leesa, of Mlaalaalppt, og red au seaeadawal te
-???ii.m i;. i.y m__tot_g i *r tho praeeel sltsn
deelsreltee ..f Bbaotattee the ami edeplei fm evaatag
nrsyer agreed te. Tba Rev. Dr. gillum, of Mhmnnil. sf
,u a ase od mont te tbe burn laotian t*> the third ream
Bri tba i 'i-i ? . rallj " ? Q med
M that the propoaed nltemtloBs be levemllj mule _,.va
: ' d '., In ui'lei Hut they tu iy ls-adopted In the
m \. <?'atii coiiM'titinii." Thu om edeptod. Reaoto*
ti,,ii I a .n imii a,,', ,| nd adopted.
i I* evening tte House w, nt int-. Oommtttee of tbs
? ir of th" lolut romOlltl.
11-\ l-tiiti nf the pr nt r-lmo'. Resolution 5, whleh wis
.-'.? ?! I. I"!, ',* i-I'mI flu* nu- ni ii rn iv,) noni lined In Cm
hook annexed ? i*t'tl.-.I the Ile tipi.i* - "f the ' t*s***-l be
i. the Ha ii< tc Ciiui'iiuii IT issn- 1st Ih- pl es si
di id ly alt.i tl.Mir inr d uh evening praver. It ?.-*
ii.-r-e.-il tu ie ut Ihe russ,I,ttlnii lu tba HOUSS wit li a
ut nd ii! ei th i 'i lie adopted.
I-,--, ! i*i.," c., relative io ohangeo tn tba Litany, wan
I il.i>ii ii|> Section* A tni ll w re i.-i'i"l tn.
Tin* Boom thoa BdJo.irn.ed autfl morning.
The Beam af Habeas mel mu smralag. Assistant
Btabep I'utier wan telradaoed by Btebsg BIBI ama. of
C iniii-. -lieut, who Ind lin Intro li * -l linn mVOBlem
years imo S hen Im wa- ataOSSd ii-sr*-Ti?y of th" ll nit-* of
in.hop-. Bishop putt i wu aim tamedaeed by
Rlahop Howe, o' c -ulr il I' ??unsvlv ml a, nae ot bia pre .-iit
rn I'i. Kale I 'lp i, tlc li iv Iv e.i'is .or -tod A sn: niau Bishop
of Vii into, waa In'n lu ??? I i>. ht* pm* olen, the I
nut lil.imp of Kealutiky ml tha Blahop of W*-t Vii
?late. Th" ?' ?Inn vt sn i*. eil led m tu- .ititi I'.itlon nf
lin !? i. o' ol i i" '' k'liuiitti-'" .ut c ttin-t- Tb Kev. William
D, B'alki t, of c liv.n . c i ip*,, .v.vv York, taaa o * ulmtied
?.., Borth I) iHat v.
Ei-I'.-liv'iitc Canoon, of Utah, ?___] ,\ BBinbei
of Marmon mU i ie et Ibo dread Control Rota)
La/. I" a li ii" Mi u-ixii l-*r IBS fiiimsi- utl'l:
? Part of my bunine** ls New-York to-tlay la to nee a _____
in r "? neiitieiei ii nil io Kuroiw. Tueir dopartanased not
alarm tim upiniii'-iit * nf Mm in mil nm tn tba United Btadsa
'Un- tmmlgrettea t" Utah drawn t.y lbs I thom af em mi*
Btanartea dooa mat i \ ^ ?-..-< i 8.000 persons au nu.til*, but aa
ii...it agaa tte dntj el wsralag the '.mu hi aa au Imperative
"Hut tba immigranta your miaulueartas gsthm wv
?miaI* i e.* ? who win ie useful tu b oommnalt) org-nUed
Un un r? 1*1"
"Ye., we karn Hem* urti-.in- In proportioB to ps.pul i
lloll lll.ill . Hiv , lilli ttl 1 he Vv ol ht. limul
tu Hits.... inti. ce, I b a ? e. aa a nil l; b it
? i tn un ure nut ill ,'?? and
children iisiii- ? i tnd.
"You mind flaw, ll baa worked pott
-I. i !, uni t ie ???
fro ii lt a * ".I it*
v* ? a tn- pro , ni in ti..- I tw w t
o ir -t imlpo ii. H it i .'a
..imii ?
lug uni vt,, .1 I ? lo lie ll*-' .. , .'? Iel*.I
? ? ttl ? I co ..? I ot_, whleh
V ?t III it mell like
' ?
PFNW *1 Ll I ***/ l /' lt Li TEBl INS.
I'i 11 - :t '-H. ? (* - ".'. ! 'i Ihe I': ? ??'? '
;?*. Ill I t.* -
? i th it
. n pl I men led for ii
a g lld ut t il for H..* in mi ii.- *. a.ni
I be r ti ts i.rm t
IQ Vie: ?, tl! kt tile I' ? 'Ul III
1 - I li el r ...mil,, ll, I. tl J. I/ml ll I. I :, ll 1*1. ll I el .el
pei -,-?! tm ?. in nu I a ti rn ii .1 Oa a rn
le ens..! iii -tn - lunn, Hun candid.lt.) not Uaviugpa
lui um li ul in ? ii t. i.en laths som ut Jabe W. lol **
1 uni. lue te.s.rt wa- .ie , i... .1
I,.uinl't-. ,* i . "f Iii ?* ll i i'.I-i '-I ei I'ret
*?,,,. t. ?! tu *t tm* I1* ..,v i rv erred I dluwing tba
ni **.' While tu withdraw fi., i r
vmiii.,ii- nen ? ? ? i.' i ' ,n I ii a a ?
t. i ; ii a m _re pron
, lld li IV,i booti Ul ld" III
dispensing with hi. ir tort wm neeoplod.
mks. JOHU I. r**-ii.i. vor.i..
Habtpobo. I'.kiiii.. " i. --.\ privets oable
si Inp: st c li from I' um .nm" Ul ??- I 'ie de Uh lu I'eil eui thin
in llu-oell .
,, . i ii. rn ? lo. imoi
illK RKV. lin!.'A* i; BATON. D.D.
I'm mu: \. N. V.. D t. ll.? rim Rev. ll.si.i.T"
... , i- the ii-im
i ?,-.,-, I i - l * i s ii , in
I-ni, ami pi .: Ibo r ail.,_. toudinny,
? .i.|,e. er, Maori, fl lad al U u Uno iib
1 .1.1, ? lt | . ? i I .' . ' I !,. ' . l s |'J
? ll l'l lbj tl 1 i.ia ' ,iilie... .' ,s
lurk Clly, st? y ivar t; ol the IV si Pie ns t nm Cha nh,
I' . I: tl . ! i. I Iii I el -,l t l ? IPPIJ tl I ti lim
11 ? w.in um. ii,... poopl Ila
bad i'm.i more Unto 1,100 people anti bad mani, il
uearij aa tn mj .pi *
Cliiitl.s ('. li t-1-iii.iii. ono of the oliloel Raodj.
Mick piinin, iiied.it i o'l I,, ? yeetordey emrnlng in tba
*? alluln' Baas llalbot,"! B-B Brighton, I*. 1. Ile Wits
nl.xiy-two y.-.irs obi. anil for Uiiriy-eiirlit years lu* hu.I
been te tbe serries sa a pilot. Be wm sam of tbeewnera
uf tin* first pd"t boat thal was equipped, tba Mu aa H
f.nu'ieii Bo. I Illa teat nell ve dat j vv .. on the
pu,,i limit tlerouleo. whleh bo lol, en oeoount of aa _SW
Hull nf Hie billin twit poon ugo. ft,,! un,ii.; of thc brain
wu . Hm ! rn medial e ian si- of death
Sr. I.di ii. Ort. Tl.?Klieliii I'imiIc, liitlitir-in
taa ol t*\-t'ii t 'i ? tn-. Bsmtem Boodanoo, sad Detnmla
slulllT llf I'illi Ut < illllill" I ie ll.llllllll.sll .itllll llf A11 11 I- W
JtiliiiMon, died ol heart dnmaea toto morning al the home
ul his nm, lu law.
ennui.*,, I let ll.- I lie wife iif (ielienil Alison ll.
miai*, i ,ti. ,i . are i me. t tel uuuii.
M.rl.lil sitr.v n, N. .1., n?|. _.'. Malhew Mlleh' '!, ii well
liiiuw ii resilient nf Hus city, tia *i jr aa lord aj BJ Ctevelond,
ii io. ii.*e ei ? iv iii ir. Me wee e dlreotor In Um Waobtag
ion I,i.e in.,,1 M.- Ooinpaui ol N a Ifork, aad was*
piuiniin ni iii buataeaa und ruligloiia mallen ii
/ WEB H. ol' ll LSD' li'. OWINNER
I'iiii Mn i.r,nv, Oct. Tl. - Thc rt_U?_i ot Hit
1 it. H. airy W. Hwiim i pr, , lil ot I'i' N,Hui il Hall
wu i'iiii!!eiii,,in Oeaapoaj sod sf tbe Hole Maaufaotnr
lag Comp.ut>, who committed sun nie in New-York un
IT ulai, were lii,iu_rhl Hi ls mornlm; lo th", hunte of Mat he Vf
Kn ben n-i., auditor al tbo rent, -Ivuata Baltroad Oocs
liiinv, te Weal I'ail.t'l IpTia, fl* I . vv, le il lil,' f il. el, ll tank
piui thia afternoon, a tenta arrived from Bes Tort
milne, having on boitrd m -ul* _O0 fri ml. ...el
iel,niven uf tu- duce, ,.i min, Including o number of
r.ulit.asl offli .
:iu hotue were condor ted ii> the Kev.
,i ile* Wainui ? iies't Pnobytt
i ii i un h. Al \v . , i i ? ron ??'?II
: .ler M.l to I tries
i. .'-si ir. James Mel "rt i-'lilon, J. N.
, W ll Wolverton,* If \u* -i rn I k. li. Wei-n.. lb
Till li VI l: XL ul' Ol SSH il STEEDE iv.
Tolbuo, Oct. W.?The runoral nt tho Ute
* ? i wea teddi hi ? aHaeaooe sad
? I by 10,000 peraona bamng the ? ?
wn-t-l-,.- I ni lines, ii in r,I ll. 1'. Hui"_l:ui'!. H. ii?
.-i il A. V. li fl
. .1 W. \. 'III. ' "il I H "llef.il
I'.ii i.li,li>l, ol NT,. -*"t M-. ii, Chal t.oioogal
ark . .mi H i.u un li. u.ii. el
Utttautc. Arar-lood ot Sowers trom ii'.'-atte ai Bow*
Mbsbs arrived to-day. ThefbftemlStn naloo ans mom
thaBBrai mlle* long. Tim aerrh-m WSW Ueld St IVs I
tatra (''-nu-: r. .
Ul: t.i TS A . . SB'S IMi-illHiiNMi* i un ? I LBS Of
Matinee Mc Xii tn ti ra, tbo polli-emm vim was con
vi, ted laat week of aruumlt, was arraigned resterd iv
heron Jndge Utldersleeve, in tim Court of Geoersl
Sessions, to reoelve seatetioe. The testimony oo the
trial showed that ne McNamara wan taking .lunn
Sini'li, whom he had nrn>sti>il for Intoxication, to
Um po.ice Mut.mi, on August _*?, lie bSBBBJB tenaty
al tue eotiduot of nie prisoner aim struck lum two
Seven Mows on t!i? head with his duli. Smith f.'II
down inul in a few minutes waa dsO-L McNamara
waa Indicted for iiiiiiislaughU<r, lint the jury hmnvlit
in u verdict nf guilty only of a**;.ult in the*th>rd do?
gma, Driller thin verdict the greatest punishment
possible waa ooo year's imprint.nment and a line of |
$*k(_H), while und* ra conviction of maiudnuglitor he
might have beea hnydsooed for twenty y**>ar*.
Winn McNamara stood at tho bur of the court
yesterday his heavy features wen* aa st< lid a.*) ever.
the l>i?trict-At.U>moy in iiioviiik for mntenoe
railed attention to the lenjency that had bm n sim.wi
by the jury aod aeked for the heaviest penalty al?
lowed BJ law. I'iie prisoner WIS iwke.1 what M had
ta SB** io i''i'.T.iic,e Ui Bis SBOBBBSB. Mc.Niiaiaia iii
a elear i oie ?. bot with warn appearance nf fooling,
?'"i.'.i :
I eii.'lil not to li.-iif leen noOTlolod r'wsa In ti had
neighborhood sud Captata i'*"tt> warned nae tbm tory .la
li-'.iie I left the station t.i keep dl.-tord rly person., fifftuo
poet, smith was restating me, winni I caught him with
mv right band and hit him with ur loft if I hivfl beea
allowed to go on tho wltueaa st imf I would have ta lui I
Hun r univ etruek rimlU) ones,
" Bat tbe trouble was," said Jndge Oilder*nl"cve
quickly, " that yon swore in fen- the Coroner thal
you did not atrina him at nil." The prisoner sa;.I
uothiag, .'uni Judge lllldereieeve oootlnued:
. .s i ii ive ked t M ii ii tl' *kt able Dwyer*, a I??iil**ut jury
allil, iu. 1 bell 'Ve aft -i mu i.l,.;aii"ii, au impair,ai I I
liv, ii If yon had no intoniton ol killing, Ute aol reeultad
la tho death of Bnaith. li appear* th ti be waa waining
-,:n im. ll- tm lied . il" lilt, fsil tv ni purim-, mi
noi appa ir. bnl he .lld not aoem to ii.t. ml any bm m. lb
wa ? a ...ii Tl mm. nud uni-i tbe iiitlu ? u, li i mr, and
i ii l,-ss i,. prudu ei I .. woa on he a is ta no wm
Under lui-'.ii iii,ii I do uni feel Justified in extending
any tn I inul shown by toe Jury, lt rarely nap
penn, uni Cale jj I t ? i , ,* , || ,, i . ? -,,,.,-,. ,| jH*ii,llv
I it) I i v. Until- lent *?*! i.;* pu ilic i I
-.nil, V*. lill Hu* Itlltdesl fm-! ,l Hu. .'real-.I fr
?pool "I I i" loren willi wun I voil Were emin. fled. lil
which I have often hud oct winn to commend aa I
.m.! ni ii. iriuim aorvoate of the people, poorly poid foi he
uduou ? 1 . ' ?! ? iiey have to p**r; .rm. I ni isl nevorl ielm
t in,, ti te the rail [mu li.. r . >uti ooo of too Court ta lhal
ur ono yooria n," I'ealtouUar--, -ml
pay a tim- nf |
The Aqueduct Comiaiaoion yesterday gave aa*
"Dun hearing to citiaeas waa am upp**_t?xi lo Um
lludeus Uiver lin.- ol lim proposed new aqnedu.t.
l's.i,lb.in Borrie, who appeared fora number ol the
te.siilt-iifn alone the pi-.sp.isetl lino, saul t Imt nt. e..r
."ii ul tss.iv Im .sale Iliat nf this ,Sf,iU) ol' NeW
I "i it. liol it'll lie.'ii tl.Tiiitl wiUl snell BOWm as
'hat given to ti"' Aqueduct CoiumUoiiouors. The
building of tim Hndeou Uiver Railroad dy damming
np tim Lav* awl pr* venting the ebb and iinw t.f tim
titlo. lie saul, hail liiiii.nfoiinesl the locality fruin mit
*.f the healthteal tuto a broader of nuuaiia. rim
coitalnu i."ii "I the proposed aqueduot, tin-it lum,
sin hi ld le- treated with .i Kraal dual of caution.
?? ls it ne. .ss U-,." ho Bakod, " thal the gruiiuda of
ill,HIV pel sour, sin,lilli lits cut Up V tittil aJllllllel' Inuit
eau In- ns modi ly selected f Dm saul tint the pro
I?>h?*<I Inns |g tim ls.**t uue from an engineering pom!
nf vn-w, imt a* Btmiaem mea tim dm-mmmouon
-In.ul.1 (ooh lo t III" COS! allil ( nile.ivor tn liff ullil.llsji
the same result with the Ional oz pondi tum and the
Ional annoyance t.. tim propertv-owoeta, Nothing
hat* been maid iu tho plan a_* to tho amount nf loni!
'lomani**. VVew_.li tn know what is I.. Beouam ul
tlie.l.Tiris which ;s to l>" take fruin tim proponed
tunnel. I* ll Wi U- .spread ovoi the adj..nunn laud
aud scatter the eeede of dion?sn aroaadl If mi, (Jud
bolp Dm neighborhood. (Jueat-oaa nf Ihu* kind
have bonn broughl linfuro tho ronna snd ijeulerwl t<i
Ixi lit subjects tor dam_qma. We wwii ts know
a bother om highways iud to bs preserved."
Mr. Murna thoa road the bids fur Ibo proponed new
lue! in Wimhingts-ii tosboia ih.it thc oatiinatio
of tho cost ol lim j i .p. >*.-. I aqueduct for thin eity
for e sen vating aud brick casing wera li**-. Utan the
work * ii a Iel I.- doue for.
( li ie I r'ugiueor < borah, who \* m examined by
Mr. Morriu, -..n! that it would aol ls* mate lo con?
struct aunt her aqueduct l i.1 aqueduct.
In en- Uh "i a tii.lliei wuiinl i mst
.l.ii.ii -s.-.n. iikfiii leaa th in liidnpli*-. lo Higb Brid ko.
? lui, ..i tim Iteportmonl "f
I'n bi tc VV ..i ?s, ?... ,,ii. st em. .1 ai 1-iigtb relative to
I the I ? .'. th pi >| ?? 1
Hud ? 'I the upun'.ii, In s.i,,|,
, 'I.ni 11.ul.I I,.- limit '*. ii Inn the nal
..ii .-i".| thal Di" Hudson Ktv.-r
I'll!' r \8E OP i t'l \RLKS A. li) /.'.VA'.
i ie, A. I') rn*', who ?- .
limul, i "i,i | ?'! i ??
Iii" i .'
? ?nt nf VU. i t:.ms with the pLpii
!.,rut a daily and of s .haman, paper, ol arneb
ht* wu* tho editor, rho de te ml.i ii I *a.i - ni . ..url willi
i !. I'uwneend. Am - it li
-, tn w hun t be uapi is in i ie- raine
?iveu by the 1>.h1 .Attn ?
ho Inul intended to try Ibo eoen, hut found tint his
.: i ll. ni lue aome t nurl woul I iiitorfera.
Mi ii,, id urn lon uue<luU'trial.Miyiug thal
lim pl. -e... e Ililli I"-"! ilislsfetl ,, , . , ., I
Vttitmey with tim iimlerritaiiding fh.il lin
.I hollow* take VD. t) llvriif'aphu-e
ni I'.m ll., a..I directed thal the trial ju.i.
After a few minor sentences lind boen indicted in
"tl.ei , .-?-. (' .!. r-irin-'l to the .1 i I?.'??,
ami with in .ir ot perplexity, nani: ** Well, I
uu aol prepamd to ti. the Myrtie ease t?* ?
? ii mt h. . -ip..*?! with ol uer neat ai thal I nave
uni lawn aide to give tiie papers the iiwcr-aarjB ono*
tnl.-r.it mn." Judge i.il.l" i .i.-.'M* adm it toti tn.ii Mr.
( ) ID tue ll.ul lit-i ll hutnil.l ni * Upi.-ti ami _"l I I'-'l .Hi
il'ljii'l! ll' III ul to the ?*?"! Olid M"uni IV of I let ember.
Mr. Townsend then aiiggeated thal thrre wtw a
i ...ii Mi. Iiy nura bouiUuu ii uiigbl liol lie
" t any longer in thai capet itv. The
.iii.l.e ppuiiin.-.l in thal naae to take rare thal tho
ill-tend.mt, who appeared reed] for trial, thou ld not
i.s* t-'iili.i: i i-.e.l. lin- I..*tu!si.nu then surrendered
Mr. Byrne, and with the eon-fen tot Um Distriel A t
i.'in.v Du- bail waadiachitrgnd aud Ihe prisouei te?
ll mi Inn own recogiiismice.
? ir.iml Jury begun resterdaj tn lui -
tho light in Drupel j li.iuor-store in which Ihecrun*
Irving sud VVateh iu.t their Iii *. < ?? bi
vi. !',:i waa a ? ? fl ii the papers in the lr* i i ;
vv a.sh i-,i -i wen ready, and he returned tohiaof*
m. .: id -ni them t ? Mr. McK? m. 1 he latter
neill li.?!?ne tim (.r.ri'l Jury with I "' pm -i's
,-rul ti" pistols ami bullets tliat lal hoon
exhibited ls.lure ih* i'un.mr's jury, ('..r
iiiiei Martin \..m summoned before n.id
.1 . .-* i.i. ut .* ...I to i be inn?
nun, |'oliee Detective 111< k ?>-, who ar*
I I'orter imiutxliatoly after the mnnler, wan
niauoxauiiued. Ho gave evidouco sim . ir u> th.ii
given I. il ue i be I rn ? mr's lui v. [nap ? i ir ll
I the Distpet Attorney** ottl e and the
(.r.tud Jurs room.
II ni \ t . Ail.n, af the Di .tri.-t Attorney's ullin* in
a lett. it.. I'm I'm bubb nays, in regard to tim
I s-Yelsh Lnque t :
With regard to tba i Unctions whleh have apps
.?"iniii.' iimi me reepeotina Coroner Harlinn oiheltl
l a ive ti -a- i'm iii tm- Jndgmeol aa
a lawyer, HM ('.ironer. Ikeim; Invested wita no
milli.ii iiiiietions whatsoever, had na power
? tbe law to ar-.iitiiit b> the ut lit.n ol lils jury lo Bo*
ii ut auy poison nr i" di ch woo f,""i''" tody any pmara
u with homicide, uotwllhstuidlnii tm |ury exun
. i.ite.l lilm. Ill* duty eii'lel when hi* Jury tel llieil by
i.u-n *i nliet tm- ciiu.sei.i death mid that they were im
ahie io Implicate any person therewith; md the im
leaven lt to other otHolids to determine whitier a person
In 11 <? i "stotly of tue polioe on a ohorge of homicide sh iii,
innis r tho.? fii-ciunnt.iiii-es, ls. Longer held or .lin. huged.
f: 1ZIsn A T THREE illl I IO v v t ?/,?/.' t,
A wei Di I rinsed, era. -noartlcil man entered tli?
Common Pleae Oonrti-rooin, In which the Metropoli*
imi Dievut.-fl Uoilway i tunpaii.v'M ntiit againal lim
Manhattan ami Now-York companies t*. sui aside
ict-iiiciii of Octobw, 181-1, wus bellin tried
before Judite Von Brunt, yestoroay, and :nk.?l an
ntiicei- if .lay (tould wouM he praeeot. On being
answered in the aiUnnatlvo a look of mtiafaction
lover hi* face aa he mid: "1 haveoomelUO
uiile.s in i_et a inti,, a-t him, ami um mighty glad I
ara aol going to be dia_ppolntad'.M Soon afterward
Mt. i,,mltl cut*Titi the eu irt-nsiin .uni Umk a scat
ia .,i Tim i -i.iin.nei "f tbs Man hst ten Railwai Cmn
iiauy. A lew ininiiten later Uuaaell .*..r.rc auil t lyrua
W, 1- mid . ame In and ^at by the Bide iii Mr. i ? lld.
Por two boors the old man wiiti'heii the fives of
lue mi I linn 11 a ires with tim clu, c.s! at tent mn. "1 eau
icu linnie satisfied now," be exclaimed na he left I m
room, " for I have seen t bree men t hal a g 't money
en.a.rit tu Im.* the ? hole ,,f New-Jei tey : an I then
have ooonah left to iniv peannts for the orow I."
ITit* cs.uiisol |,.r lim plainiiil am Ueueral l-'raitci*
C. Harlow, .Iiiiiias C. Carter and Uobert Sewell ; for
the dofem ?-. H.i-> I Du Hy I'icM, A. J. Vandorpool,
vviiimiii M. ID arts and william d. Dam. John B.
lindy, the treasuror ol the Metropolil _n Ueuipaay,
?.lied I., i We stand. IL* aubiiiitted t?> the t'ourl
Uie tripartite agreement of October -'-'. l-ttll. Hu
Uni that toe ngramneut had aa rm beoo soh*
mittod tooroilieially ntttrnied l>v the NUn-khnlilors
of tbo Moti 'pi'lit.iu Company. The lint dividend,
v, hicli wan doe ou .January 1, 1882, nuder tho new
? ut. wu* md pani.
d shoal 3:30o*a__M-t ymtordayafter*
i ? ii nTtt.-iti'tinil llmir ol a Irani.' dwelling BOOB
pud by several Cemiliej in l'*:r.i-si., Passaio, N. J.
'I'wn i -innlit u nf William K, Poet won* alni.' in tho
room where the Bia broke out, aud Charles, i-."
liv, ans bnrnod tai death, while Hearietta, bob tsfo
and u hall, waa u__en out so terribly buruou that j
she wig die. Ike soBoeaitiBO ls ihat the childreo
wf-r." playing with matches, and that they set fire
to the Mid, near wliic!! tlu-y were found.
Alii ueeidfiit ooitirre.l ut Hmadway mid Nine*
icMith-et. ahortly he_*o_rc boob yeeterday that nar?
ro..-D' escaped lmving seri, tm resalte. Ar the north
wwd .?inner nf tho eu-tut a ucw building |s iu pro?
cess of erection, ami a sch.I'.iIiI, supported* by beams
j* fl. brians passing :..o",f_* the Broadway sidewalk
beneath. At about 11:48 a.m. the northern section
!.rthiasf*oflf.l.l, ten f>r iw.dvo feet in length, gave
way, williout nuv waning, and fell to the sidewall..
finnie heavy blocks nf granite falling with it. Mniiy
people wera passing at tim time, but no one waa
directly nuder Dm falling planks and wino one waa
injured. There was a gomi deal of excitement for a
few minute*), however, fur the crash led many to
believe thal the whole scaffold wm. eomiag flown.
W'unieii rushed precipitate!*/ iuto the street regard?
less of the omni lui ie* and ot hoi vehicles.ann several
li.ul narrow nSBBpsSb
Hernani Co'tkliri, a staMetniin, enii.love.l bv C. S.
Hiirgi'i*1. thc map nianiif.Hclurer at Dark and C'li>i
t nu aves., I ir'mk I vu, iiiakoa two ti| i is daily from thu
factory in Rrooklyn t<* tba ofles of the firm al No.
Ul Worth-sin this eily .carrying tim mail and pack
ng-vn. lie risien on borsehaek, and is a regnlarpatreq
of tho Brid ire. Aim..st dally w-ir h'". the pom meath
lu* his ins-Mi waroai aaoiasi driving rapidly nero.*
ths Bridge, snd no ttotordav. when the regular ad*
lunn -timi -.in, give'), lie toM the lilli, cv tu .,,.,.:?
wanner cllmato. Yestorday ho repeated li
arrested by 0?em Dislmp.
- ?
Ai a meefit.fr of the Board of Managers! I
Hoc let y fur the I'reveiiltoti of Cruelty to Allin
he (1 ai Fourth-are, oed Ono-hniidt*f-d-aod-i we
.n.l-st.. yesterday, ll. B. Clot n in I
Koyal Pbelpa aa i lected vice-presidi.nl i" .i'l the
vacuney caused by the den*h of Peter I
Joaeoh ll. i'hoafe and Willina Loiml
I'leeteil meinbers of the Kxeentive C
m i-fTarv reported thu receipt ufa lt -
Ja um 81. . and gifts of .fl JO from I
c. J. Welton snd |_ IO fra -i J iliau Hallga
'in, nt, uth,
mvnfo to i-x_%ce an obstinatb mayor.
Mayor IViini'i't, of Dat: ison, N. .1., recently
"?in., ted to the mateiiii m ba <'s*d m ptpeeiatfeacea*
nt nie thin ..f -<v. rd iif *v _ went tillered by ti.- Hoard'..
Aldermen, and refused to sl^u the contracts. The 1 il
advtam ftf the Fii'iird tllscovrred that the Mayor"- sig
imt un- wm- not seeeSSaay, and Uh* fonlriu'tn wert aa -
i ut. il. Tue I'.,. ,r*l then aft. t)ipt--t P> Insti*' li.,nd* for ti,u
li.iyiiiMit of the contrite lt,!**, but tho Mayor refused to
*igu Hmm Thc llu.tnl tlien voted that lily Counsel
),.!ui W. (Mgga shuni I apidy to the Supreme Court for a
iiititilailinn to i ump I Un* M iyor to slim the bonds, lu
ifi-onluliec with tills, s|iiilli-iiUoli wa* ni nie to Jil'l.s
l.iitiiii vu ti nt ii f"r a ruie lu show BOOBa why ?iic!i a
m.,ii lulim - shu titi uni laaam Tito rule winn KT-int.*d, au I
s it-tinnuiib ?t tbe u.-xt tenn uf Ute Etaprame (.'unit. The
Mayor, who ls a In-mu. rat, ls at adda wita all ! :.* Alder
nen. Ueiiiu.riitle nnd Kr-pu bile,in. with one cveption. in
Nu.* ili-t'iite um r I:., sewer tiue-nt'nsi. Ile pro t-rs vi ti litest
pilie or luiek sewers, .md lue Al linnell favor cement
Duviil ll. las. ii. the inuniigci' of thc Madison
S'l'iire T'ii.iitie, thrangh in- ssaamfc yesterday, obtain d
Bom Justice Barrett, In tbe euprtuiie ('?uni,
Chambers, a temporary Injunction rest ral lim.;
liuies A. B-CBS from selllnir or B?_??*?
I tor his Interest In two pl i.vs, "Hearts of Oak,"
and " Marringa bp Moonllsrht," in which tbs plaintiff lays
il.tim to luliit Hiitlittrsliip and liiUirv-tt. Ile al.no ankfd for
un rue., milng- and the Appointment of a receiver. Mr.
BahamaeHepmHal a note wa* given hun fm $1,000 In
payne nt for hts half luler-vnt in tim plays, feat thal I tt
li ul tint I.ii paid when du-. The defen uni,
i.limn.-.i his euun.sei, deelarad that he iu-i purebesea
be defend nil's share with rt nott* for *pl.?>?*?, tvni. li
he had vainly endeavored to psyfrntweyseia J't*ti'?
ll.lll.tt si|_-.-e-!e.| ! ? lb- ll lld bs- 'll ISTfest ll.
tim defen I mt - ,ml I pit' th?- note, with tnterer.t and
'!; I. . i .. ? ' ? tor BSSf
: with ins client, aaaertlns timi tbeatevehed
ii pu produeed alneeIfee aeto wm liven, ami mas there
ii ul beeu a verbal uadei dandilla th ii Mr Botaseofatator*
si iu t "? |.i ivn s io ii 1 eonOnae .uitil Mae aoto wmpabl
_ w.is sci down for to-morrow.
K-.-.ind.," ? Ai ii.nix, in behalf of Mi. Kapi* *"'i
In i nm - lon proof ed ' Hi ? I ''be, _soved
I tdge 0*_-ratsa, iri HmBapmImOSort, faalerday,
order be granted romi LsMaehe
In trna* '"i Mr. M ipi ML The Oeaufl refused
to gram Om Bider, on the ito,md that
_. i- ii .i ii.iii.tty in nay ."limi/ed ease
for siuTi ni oiiiei and proeeedtogs In tbe aaoe warn ad*
lu'irneil until ',)'.i'. sdny Later ex-Judge Irnoui " .
i. -i |.,.t ,i\ inn: rtlon in beh If nf Mr. Mani-1 ti,
from Jodi eO wi P _nj Cram a* t
t ai the Mel roi ?
i >!??!? i House, Bud a writ, returnable mi Wedueaday, to
I , . , '),..! al??hi n"t ho m.el it i
CIVID Mill's.
Tho trial of the action ot tli. M i Ni
:;,?!! i' Bank ol M. ilgan t _? ihisi um Bfortfeweatomllt*
tnd Life i.i-iutii ? Gumpanj waa end I yesterday fe
Jutlge Shipman md i Jar) tu Um United Blelm ObeuH
('".tn. Brwla D. OoouSoek, wbe waa tl . t.it?
li mit for tn mv year*, w m ftnind ni HTT to BM *
i! os ? I tbe b . iud J h el his | ..
i.i sir .1 tor .r-?),.>'i'> Twti ye.u . alter ('oiiiniu.k *li.-.1 aa I
t ie in>'ir m.-? .-<> U'unv rem " I fo pap tho 111.01 *v OB 1 *
I'. >tii it 1 i.ii.lssi'K waa ix eiiiiliriiii "I tl. 1111T.ti*l anti tiwi
deuled tm f .et 11.-imt- Ibo poOojr wsa tah 11 out. Too Jury
rendered a miIuT ;or tue plaintiff tor g__,BOB, tbs ' .ll
amount claimed.
A temporary injunction hag beau iraoted l?y
JusUct* Barrett, In the Hupreem Oean Ckeasbera ea Um
ippli.-ati.iii uf William h. I"'imy, an tre.i-urer of t .e M.1
L-ud Railroad Oompaajt af Vsrtb Oorollne sad sf the
Mullan.i luipi tr. -111* ul and Goa-Ira. ti*.u C*mip iii)', 1*
ntr.dllUI. Willi lill J, lissi, lin- I'lenl.l. lit III t luis.' i Dill p k
ine... fruin .1 n.i.i-iiu' 11, t en !i,t 1 ii '?' tooka ruop
url til ?; il 1 1 it u.ir *! too Mom woeld bs *!? *ir ij 1
is. iu\.-i a un*.iiiprsipiTaumi of tanda
Tbixtoh, Ott. M.?The nutt ! of the writ
sif habeas corpus applied for In tbs esssof Wallam A.
ii.iii.._, ei.ii 1 olerh of ti"* Om-roUer*a depe-tmesl .1
N"*v .rk, w.io wm SBlrmUted fruin 0 iiiii 1. lil'l sal
lutivl't.*.! Of to ,'-ry, au I In now lu tie I - \ I'-.linty
Jul iu.iKin .'nent.'ii.-.", e tue !>??'.ira Jud." Six.i.i lu the
United sic*, w..ir,-I ilii.-tl.in.ki- 1..1 I'.tewriiU
isked a A tbe oom eil u ? ti fer erg. ry,
bm ni iu ur ol limt? for ow * null
ni.in.nei fui tm* pii-ss.e. eu 11 ct ?11/. am Illegal- Pro_e_a_f
1.1 k of Es* r, iii"*.-! to *li-iu --Ute writ 11 1
M.- iri.iuutl thal ii* nrisoner's liberty was In no way In?
ri ni a. m.-. u h is ni nttl ? I ti ti he n is lea iiu bi d 1
. I'omiultmeot Jiidce Nixon -.ii t,,,u 1, araa .li
i* 1. -1 to , 1,-miss t,,e wrli, v-T i :. aa ti- tam ?
are pen hu-- Lu tue State Supreme Gusirt, He wooltl
i.iiiis. 1, however, Uti Monday to produce a preeedeul
lui the grouting uf 1 writ of u a..) ts corpus lu mob a . ._*o'
? ??
Trkmtom, Oct. 22.?lo the cast' of the ap*
pli.-iiiioii oi ..-it.liii resi.icnt* of Ooma Ommti taraalm
iuin tion sgataai the baUdtagefe bralge seraml *.? Imm
Uiver by the I'm! ?l l.lil i and L_?g Hrim-'i Mat
V .itipauy, Ih. Cham-.-llur In-day net tlown a tlual bearii nc
fal Noveinber I. lue e.inleiiipla-t*d Bridge ia ?) BBBl of
in a i'i- '.I -.. 1 mala BelBreed aafemas tokeea a gaape-*
lll, I lt. lilt- NeWjeln.ySuiltll.nl ililli tlieNeW-Ynrlill.lt
Lona Branch sysU-ma <>r the Beadlna Tbo oatenallile
1-i-u.sim for the a'ppiii-.it.tin far aa mjanctme ts tliat tue
l.ri.l.i will nfeBtrm t uaHKaUou.
TBBXTOtf, N. .1., O.t. 21? lu lli_ HM of
H.iui.t" mn exeeutora ngnlaattaa Mun:-i'm mi Oasaaamy,
I lav, w..'.e'.i w.t. begaa la tte state Snpimss
('..ult .ml ifliii ssid sm rsi te Ifee DBHed Btataa Oamij
jmU.s .Sivmi ti_.ri.i-d to dag Und n.e mamval
wis iiaiu-oper iuiiI lite en-is'munt be r. in uni .1 le HM tm.
praam Uoort. Wheo tooee*, ww. Bagna isitii p arUea 1 v. .1
in \ a .1* *ey, hui al t ie time ol realoval I ? pi .11.nu.
w- ,,, 1* 1 ,,,)r of tue on;,'iaal pl nauU, wau u.ul
died, betooK-ii lu UoW-YOBfe.
\ViHin\..T.)\*. Oct. 22.?The Limneilingis of
Ihe umtedBteles Bnpramo Quail te-dayweea a
Nen 1.1 n .mil _N H-J I*""*, p 11 i u H 0 ll ellar, Vtl IT-UCU
I" MurkiU t.i I ie .iel' Mell Hi lu ll ivju.e ni|le,.IIl.'il.
Bo. 1170?r. i". M. M .n m. appeiiai*:. .__,: Mr.Ire ! *'? rn 'inh
.ni,,niel-1 ,t|.|s...ii ti.mi Mapeaam Uoort al MatnatafOam
ina. ii'n-.-imi ind Um inlett wita t n-i *
No. lltl??Bl_a BrodoaS iippt.il.mt, -Kl the .fi'ulii-iil
p ill* . ji,,. a. Ii ,,.11 lint i neil I '' I'll ' Uf (.Ti!!- il t "J
lui .*o il ,.ru Instill 1 ., ,..-,, -.., l>tx_e.,nl sui ______ Od
with ennis. . ?
.v.. -.1.-a), li. Hunt ..ml utliets, apuollantn. _urt. D_urltl P.
un. 11. m... n ft* a ant .1 -u,,ei *,.1, .1.- anita
71il 1 nu,.. 1 si 1 nu.. - Ar_a_.nl _
No ti.l-l'li" Ma ihstliin LM liinirmi:.- ? ..,i>. mr. pls.nl'ir
lu .rr.ir. ,n;i Jottu O, BaSjblilB. ll Mail I el BUI Arsutml.
.?Sn. ti. -. im * min,mia ai Matu il lin Iii m -.in.* .* f___?mo/.
plaiaufl it. error, __kl iioi.*u Pu wm. l'.^,s ni un 1 tout 1"
. Ihe Onad In ten
spp.il tl III .l.l.f ?
rh aadotoerai sml N.k. BS7?rho Aiuutle Muiasi
luaoraowi Uo'up tor ol Now-Tork ?.. t aitlmrs, *ii' ! l";i **
tii,.'..nii intent r *? boatCotanaav aailoiher*i \,---.,.-.f
No. SS iii. 1*111.11 .Vi.tii.inl iMak of rhirsro 101.1 *>in."'*?.
1 lu error, aft Jacob wiUor. lusiuis*-- wimoos-a
por -lipilblllou.
A t.HAN v, (.let. 22.?In the Com I ol Appi'....4
to-d.'y Um MtOWtag business was transact tl:
Nu. mr, 0.1,1 s. t,,i-rm_n ,iv*? Kori, rt T'. Hi'.-. cXegneA
>-o j 7:) -David W. Bsiilwin sat Juan f. -laJntt-uU omen,
ImpitstiiaiL am -*u ,iuilus1. , ______
... mi -Isivi _*. Ilru*vu_n?;i H-)bert Sf. H**cai, _BJ_B-_---.-m
hu .in. Ut si fur ..piroitmil, ai _;uaiL for ii-tptiu*t* al. _M
No *_i-Alb_rl C. T-wme a.1. ek>Lo_)_u rural- -tignsc

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